The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Eo. .rgp p ? moutgy PANMUNJOM, Korm, April 9 (UF) Unite*
Tuhe I o fi eWoIsi .) min t -tody on details ftr echf sick and
Spe ap ers and tIe signingetf a fime docume n
b un tap peairet t w e that we can lc
auIrport rerau- trom h ^ Ince-Bei fM !ra cem asum,". ,k ed likely tomorrow. .
li fn. there orrttiaeboi .o I t la my belief .t' : ff office e tge ffMr today's spia
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Thek lae. rMf heh a w eedom end rUS'. e .ceWming the m homnics of the exc~meL *
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Sof the erallUaimo ChItng t
N. atkoalist isand
2B Formosa and hi
Sto United Nation
held It I er F The United tates, go
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IT. H E'T .O O'S '134 PANAMA. MOP And
reLPteHNe pANama NO e-0740 19 LiNm)
'em en R1P" new erwrA.vLs, JOSHUA PowERS. INC. "-" t
S;s349a MADISION AVE. NEW YORK 117Com m N Yen
AANTN. IN ano- e* 130
S A N. M ,IN AVA,.- e so aIg oe By Victor Riesel
Into the small Parisian head-
ELt...rten's ofsone Irving Brown
comes a steady stream of vis-
THE MAIL OX who see his advice on
o how to keep from being pool-
tical innocents abroad. Among
The Mail lBo is an open forum for readers of The Penme Am- recent callers have been movie
ike. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly coall- directors such as John Huston,
iedl Im neMr. actors like hoofer Gene Kelly, *
If you s etribut a letter don't be Impatient it it 4dea't .q4"r the alor priests, professional men,
sae day. Lante. ane published in the order resvea i writers and special government
Plese ry to keep the tersn limited to en me li aents.
Identity of lster writers is held in strifest seaAuM .. From this yeung, b lac k-
This newspaper *ssumes eno repNp 4Etv f.r-ai.6.l q. e epi'iWt haired, genial ex-Bronx high
pesed in letter fr reader<. school football player they
wan special guidance before
they go deeper into the con-
THE PA TAKES A BOW spiracy-filled continent. They
Or. Harmodio Arias. Editor want, and get the details of
f'he Panama American., ., the Soviet's espionage, sabo-
ranama, R. de P. tage, political and toade un-
gear Dr. Arias: J in apparatus in the fields in
Before I taice my departure jrom Panaic.a. 1 nmust express to which they soon will travel
u and your able staff of workers, my veiy aIsete personal or' work.
thanks for the space which you have given to the worly of the But In the past few weeks
Balboa Armed Services Y.M.C.A. In these past five years there visitors to Irving Brown's spe-'
has never been a time when newsworthy Y.M.C.A. material was cla AFL European Office have A
siot given all the publicity that It deserved, found hin. out. He's been doing
Any community which Is served by a public spirited publica- some visiting of his own -with
lion such as yours, can consider itself most fortunate. The:A.e- P resident Efsel hower, who t -
ublic of Panama and the Canal Zone are toee congat lat ~ld i spent a preclo hour w h
having such a news medium available, and I want you know rowspent a precio the White
w much It has been appreciated by me personally. t rHouse. last m n the White
Merle L. iperVery ruly yours It can safely be assumed that
Executive SecL. Petarper Mr. Eisenhower, the first U1. S.
BalboaExecutiArve Secretar president ever to meet with an l
Balboa Armed Service AFL European representat i v e.
S Y.M.C.A. discussed the Soviet's new peace
r: neIt can also be assumed that
,rI note the article in a recent paper that no bids at all were Irving Brown briefed the Pres-
elved on the repairing of roofs in New Cristobal and that the dent as he has in the put, on
Panama Canal seems very much surprised. Soviet underound the R ns' abty to useh
SHowever, I doubt that people outside the Panama Canal were the R ability to use
d due to the system used by the Panama Canal on all their labor power to sabotage
bids, including surplus sales. A contractor can spend a the West with a general strike
in estmating a job and then it he may be the low bidder if Mosow's army should strike M, m
doesn't mean that he will necessarily get the job, as Is the case suddenly' --;'-" --
the Army or Navy. The P.C. only uses the lowest bid as a But as important as the de-
for figuring for the Maintenance Division. After the bids tails of this conversation are,
all in and the M.D. figures they can do the job for the same they are still overshadowed by
..then they are given the job. the fact that President Eisen-
The P.C. also usually puts Is a clause that they may cancel hower went out of hie way to
e contract' with10 days notice for reasons of their. own. o get expert opinion Brownl
I --Astill a sword over one's head. AF'Lnrepresentative. -W
As for lu about 0 of high bids are dejected and the ron has not only been thRUA
C readvertises until they get their price. If the P.C. wants a target of public and undercover By BOB RUA
riles for surplus material why don't they state the price quarters because he Is, in effect, --
sell It at that price, oi put a minimum price on the bid labor's chief diplomat aborad.
so bidders don't waste their time? Thus we have a RepublIcan NEW YORK. It is sort of nice of Ike and sultant'fr
Just Con Triator. president breal r preced e n t Mamie to revive the corny old business of letting boiled egl
and dealing directly with la- the kids roll eggs on the White House lawn. LH droopy ai
bor's expert In th common nothing else, it puts the people back in touch the event
E CGLANCES By C ight. with the throne, and they've been oat of touch and a we
.B C Mr. ilsen -- into ae. for quite a long time. sister inti
S.-----. en thea ya 'little gltri
men can work together re- Calling back to my Washington, days, I*remem-
Sardless of their point of view ber the annual egg-rolling orgy on Easter as When~
m I n i--so long as defense of this quite'an event. The kids looked forward to It needed a-
I nation and Its way of life is all year. oif the ct
the common driving force. Tne little girls showed up in their organdy bothereB
SThis bend was evidenced frocks and kid gloves, and the little Boy salck- mans acti
wI hen Elsenhower said he was ed down their cowlicks to go and roll an es anad HoUM u
Slad rrown w uld continue gain a grin from FDR and the miss 4ft
o w aroed h i w always e ,e a.racke going, too be-.
.1 ^- ,l IpLO ^ B ro han proved his ability There was alwaysrt-hd
tE BAR Ak~~hIs dynamism aut nsmnins eshhsa ..Mai~l

&",~ A-.

r~y ^*~il^UUIIW-lllWt-^ WI~


IK .
om a mbation otf clady egs, hard-
'sg and dyea. a id the fock was
nd bloUs lOhe next law days. But
was always. loo m# rd to rev
eek ofeparAi .._= Abto ou-0Ou
iohape.frcoartifl thb'e Or
Down tW1 .-0
the--W "
o ._

dM.watetfty. *, ; */)y.-

auppoueaoy ro 1
The bu'
or h ypoe to

Frst, itbo
of Standards,
Another difdr
bert Hovlr, er il
velt, Debocrat.

Seopnd1 It s ild
cafled tPOi"Ip .,

most bujHi M.An.
rhalifsa .inso-T. i

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the Bureiu ofta rd'

1U' UI:


oight fnecztary of COMlmeros 11 algued
iAth UatManstee 4anr.h. A=th'r Sum mM uann

t^ ^v.nwwSAQ

S' read the Soviet- to ag ood thing out of the restr
6 the-Moow radio, to learn that. d, for a quarter A hed.e
LastDec. 30, for example, the o curious grown folk into the Presidential yard
szovrietiled Budaet dy "Nep- I covered a couple of egg rolls, and remeam
lp ref, vled Irving Ufashion:i them with some norror. Here were u sili
i In international -matters an todly number of flat figl.ts and hair-pull. SO8
SAmerican trade union gangster, At&lng up a W ow for aw m. .l GersS o
'Trving Brown, is applying lang- teng up a h sicua yand for B am. o M eea
sternr methods. The modest suin dis was explicable by the fact that many
of one hundred million dollars slh wasn mpcable by the fact tha ur mny
allotted by the American gov shinon mamas used to take annual turns
m alotted b py tre A bne era Sinconvoying the whole neighborhood to the.
eanment to pay for subversive festivity.
( eI' activities --8pying and
mrdering the Peop :sDe- Thh ave the other manas a day awy f
oae reac.. es its. o,\s .... tinta- their brood, whuilt one m&tyr suffered for 9W ."
of Bthrouwn h the filthy hands lot. It set a heavy duty on the qheosn .iaper
%of Brown. T h sen ing pro- though, because other, olka' rgeny A re
SAmerican ad French anud I- easilly controlled than one's dwn.
t (ir aeroun-Vn) could not There was Kenerally a massive bellyache rem
without the .dollar a gistance of
Exactly N days later, on
IL.L. March 30, the Mescow radio
charged that Brown and hisW a er W irc
1. colleagues were spending
2 31:7 160,000,000. And to think I
"it* a good thing you saw the doctor coming. nurse- p kicked up the tab last time **
if h ever saw Ine not fixed up. he really would think "Nowe ho are row'n col- MAN ABOUT TOWN
I'm lrlo" league His h medlate supe The Lord .-tld Milford-Hav a UtaaIt
rlor on the AFL Free Trade unmendable, MISS to British6= .4m
i____U union Committee, wih em- here. tI eIl' t (
Answer to Prevous Puzzle loys the Bronx demon, Is one Rne aold 1 w t er l I".
Faying the Pipr nset E P l Jay Lovestone, committee sec- Ht wf i o eseI2 M ot e d4ivf .. The
a@YiRUt1r~ -V"' 'M PgHU C~rL etary. It Is therefore of the ut- Camini-a .r ekf id<
most Importance to know just Rule, the o"M ew'"Pml aa
WORMONTAL 3 Girl's what Lovestone thinks, not only Richard Ni?5i Lsh tit Lk..
iCpprcn nckname of Communism, but of Marxism Jones' illi e t s1. W(
I Copper 4ein 4 Warble and collectivism as well. wrote the go#"TheR obe. ) 4 s I
,Tpoundimd to pay in. |5 French~d conGin There is no doubt that the Unne. ... The. A.. ln ( iRL*
ud topayn *Hod been AFL Free Trade Union Commit- end of colma 9 uA ) I an
IFo borne tee Is influential in European (Sech proeefrds )
I or 7 Notion labor circles-and that as E 'uro- hIWet dw'
Slf t l Birds' homes pean labor goes, so goes the iedy reli i M
(. $Prx) inated continent. kicks froma
Pol 10 Wander Well, here's what Lovestone ea be had a .
Fl'st woma 11Poems 28 Intense 45 Entreatles thinks -In hil own words: er than taxes fta. 11 e l
ftt wn 16E Labored 30Marsh grass 46 Volcano "The collapse of the Europe- the heart, suIh eg
1 topel3 p 20 Passages in 31 Sea eagles 47 Pastries an labor movement (In the
the brain 33Baseball 48emov Thirties) is the expression of Christine Jorgamft nd JoBh Frildkn pubt-
taHn 22 More impolite teams 50 Of the ear the moral and ideological bank- slat, are Gett Cht
Itsical 2C VNin of metoe i i tpeas 51 Roman ruptcy of every tendency and Mr. Billingsley at...La i or flSe sIt 3

IsB ilam have all Ued. and swished os
24Vinometl33Ripapar 51Roanher lips, gave him0#

i.l Nlst and radical groups are you Over There, dian l"
ortMho essentially out of teauch with iwng .
|Ml Hir I American life and Its problems.
""They I ve in an artflctal Hollywood ll
() -L "M ble for th even ext. (her 5th or li

e itaot oatoh h

S. They aI Y e iu n i r N."

W se px. asali Mr T clingt a a I d
Sashuas -And the t gl"-ld a 4

MsL. nOOmseve
a btaopler eo
The Preside
lean. servant
bidding, hasu
where it WTou
Cogree are t
Mr. Roomev
dexctive daon
flo. M. Trt t



il futl&i


S.'- ~


a va ,'CaBp-lia

a da
36pao i of

V- JliakL -ul,



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N ."-' .
|.. . . . . .. ... ..... .. .'-. "-. t.

Scout News
^LUUJ fCir9 -. mtorre 10wfi
-- ^PS^40"

Vacanfel, O.c m yn
JURA For Camp lwan
food and lots of It Is
traad at Camp 1I Volcan an
tW 3 season will be no ez
cepton," camp director Russ
M. Jones asd yesterday.
. 1 Mrs. Ma .oe uawill be cae
c steward aagamt is apr. asost.
* by Mateo CWbi, a cook in t
x Dredging Divison.
SIn announcing these appoint
me -nr'oMth camp staff, Jo3
. ,, .


sw a I

d know
-tramue ad~o~

,^ *

Si, *

~ ~ t J"^ ^ .1 -
Ie em~bk'a uee nt
tMS I a *. wThede
ppm, toba- oro-ct I
0l~|t~t~il ()p d

B atA
.7 Eta



Whe pluto-
iAlh can-

,iun' jk^e

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ru sa buc.

e- The twoi
awarded 4W'
Hotel mp"
me bal41f]si

ats ***-'

*,~a- :s-~.

S~ ^^

. q

& OikbiRk. Atheson t
W w i n]
W ~rj. '. It ondvlduals o
InTolvd in tax settle
m.nt, of more than m5,000. H4
sli. sIrSweutu the names of at
toms repraentng such tax.
mu toeale .
F r atdJOWO In NW*
Funeral Services
At Corgas Chapel
For US Resident
Faeral maerve w ll be eon
G tti dor I-t 10 fa
T .o at th i
nThiw Wiot

tired shoe manufacturer, Wi- b
eturoed to lflwaukee, inr., oi )W: iw I o


of 6aefsu anil dresy itylN
In all newsworthy fabrics
and" lora of thf t s on.
.. W'v Junior, half and
emise siJel
." f.Ol happy while you're
[ ^ "'waltng" with our


4; t d -'. q:



Of. 100.

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* ,,, .':' "

<,,:'1 5 *. ., .: *
-.;-,, -
-,* AN ,
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It h t edetm"IN
watch is just "s samwwves
Sm..aUtomatie wmb.
The e.edii weight of th
mnatie movemet 331 i m
mpas mo lka umhoing l
shie, gthweby elimi"MtiNg h
*. opOf the asb therd esU*am
ad mMua weight I mi
I mi dianea ualywr m
/ Ih hbeaviMeesm f much waOlt
.' \quick wiad at the di sht
o. .f t\he ar. TLa meain *e aa
son of the mrnaipring, which
S fr peAfect time-keeping.
Ow to a pateted devitfe
ak m is regalamty in the
ST Eldom obied


ii ta. ifJL t .
-t..w's .t





4 Sets St.
No. 1 $556.00
No. 2 99.95

Louis stn"cut

$ g88. No. 3
12.92c No. 4


3 Sets ." SPorcelain
,': .;' NOW
8 place s settings 56 piece ..........$. $35.00
8 place setting 40 pieces .....,...... 25.00
*2 place settings 89 pieces ............ 65.00

Meadow Tree Pattern
S... NOW
6 paoe setting ........... ........... 9$20.9
8 plae ettins ..................... 29.95

English Dinner "Peablware" in col
... .NOW
6 plas-settings 50 pi ems ..,........$21t5
8 place .ttwns- 4 pies ............. 25.95



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er jewel.
ma tow

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within, the
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tei- .'.--


i POUDWI,,. F.


SITOW '"-*

- ----- -----.;

I ts AlAMA AmiaCAN .. AN

S ping&AirLine NewsA ePay Hre Dence Scheduled .L

i "Operation Zero"iBrugge; Benjaml r Buni At Balboa YMCA *
* myer Maw I m.-regular -sem monthly
.Velepa, Easter Weekend IMr. and Mrs. Jokl koferroll and Bh ierv iar ln by the Armed
t loup of 35 Zonians enjoyed,2 children; Mr. and el, Clar- A .o b o for r
i ueekend in the Intertorence F. Corner; Dr. and rs nd advance nart of the .MC.. o boa or
iu ne temperature ranged from James L. Crossley and 2 sons, Battalion Combat team. 504th b thfair wiveth s.
degrees in David to 39 degrees Mrs Nessn Dayan: Miss Jeanne Regiment, r.d Airborne tobe "fair with occa-
Iha terr Punts,. Dayan: Mr. and Mrs. Franklin sion, which ill take part bin eiT wll be fur ynished by the
bre package tour. w as under M. Dedsart and 2 ch n r. 'Operation Brush Bay," arrived 71st Army Band. Jlwor hostes es
t,- Irection of Fred Busch and and Mrs. George 1 ltI ai on the stnmus this week to to e
itc lided a trip through the Chl-daughteri Mr. and MuMi ld, make Instlal plans for the .r .d gonhand togive the party
riqul Land Company's banana Eastman: Edward E~. dek And arivial of the Battallop gta lamo. u enarey
plantation in Puerto ArmuelleslMrs. Mildred .d# May 1. 1addwht h heller
where the group was entertained The-advance detachnrent. con- r,, na
b steban Lopez, public rela- Mr and A u- Aiing of four officers and five G.uest aold be secured
representative of the frult bel and 2 rc. and Mrs. enlisted men are working in the in advance at the Y" secuprograe
company. |Walter Freudingham l-is. Mk- "Brush Bay" area, which is office from Abbe de Lnares ra
From here the group flew to rv Lucia Graff; Mr. and Mrs. W. located on the Fort Sherman proam io o Lnares
here a chartered bus'o. Green: Mr, and Mrs. Ienry military reservation., mogramdir__
ed for the ride up the p. Hannafev and n; Mrs. Da- After two *And a half-months Isthmus tbroul a porthole.
to Cerro PUnta t7,000 na Haines; Mrs. HdfenIHrt; Vr. of Intense winter training at An advance spokesman .
vioni. 'and Mrs. Moris-W.A dtat and Camp Drum,.L Y. the battalion said that Mf. Wtl O Cooper
rf good night's rest under son; Dr and Mrs. Ralph Head; Is now at its lime station, Fort wlM ttB o e Con-
t r '?ive blankets, a visit of Mr. and Mrs Dunbar M Hen- Bragg. N. (C: '-st of the mem- bat r du h eratlon. gIt
rt town was made and then rich Mr and Mrs. Theodore C. bers of the advance party have He also said he enlist-i fln T.i
t lp back to the National Ho- Henter and son; Burnice A. Her- passed through the Panama ed men with'-te ad6Va party. F"R .'I
t David for dinner. After- rina: Mrs. Alfred Holmes: Mr. Canal dining or before World "are the cream Of the airborne
another bus trip was made and Mrs Oscar J. Hourigan and War II, but bhtve only seen the crop."
the beautiful little town of 3 children; Mr and Mrs. James
ae, ated in a valley R. Johnston: Henry P Kilcorse; I
*t 3000 0f elevation,. and Miss Violet M. Klein.
9,shoppi for fresh n ;,
i Sl and tomatoes was Mr and Mrs. Dwight H. Ladd: .C '
bias returned to the air- Florence Latimer and daughter: : ;' : .1 ., ,.
nH & then off to Panama, Miss Mary R. McGinn: Mr. and I.* ," -
up a two-day jaunt cov- Mrs. David C. Mcllhenny; Mr. ..
ever 1200 miles. and Mrs. Walter E. Mauger, Jr. AEROVIAS ECUATORIANAS, A.
next Colon Chamber of and son: Frank Manker; Miss A
rce sponsored tours are Frieda Mehl; Mrs. Minerva Mera
this Saturday and Ja- riman: Mr. and Mrs. Raymond MIAMI, One Way .....$70.00 Round trip $16.00
rlenI April 18. IP Morse: Mr. and Mrs. Albert W.......
'your group is interested In Mosessner; Mr. and Mrs. John W. GUAVAQUIL, One Wa 80.00 Round trip 144.40
nlingatrip anywhere call ler and dauter; A. Be GUAYAQUIL, One Wy.. 800 Rond ip 144.40
Crlstobal 1961 or Colon 807 or Musson: Mr. and MTM Iurice QUITO, One Way. .... 86 .0 Round trip 154.8 :
Brien: Miss Mary R. Itlan".. .
White Nutrias To Be Flown Ernest M RH d. Sr.: aM Cargo rates a1io reduced. Consult with our office
lited States Via Braniff Ribner: Mr. rtMrs. James ..-,
The first white nutrias-a rare Rose and Dr. Ua MrI. Wulam at Per" Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your
and expensive animal-to hbeB. Rosenman. travel agent.
brought to the United States will HM
be flown via Braniff Airways Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sabbalth
from Buenos Aires to Los Ange- and 2 children: Mrs. Ann p
les April 24. Schaubode; Mr. and Mrs. James --
White nutrias iace one of the R. Shirley and 2 children: Mrs. .
rarest fur animals In existence. MilllicenlMiifhon: Albert J. S- 1 ..
An attempt willbe made to m n 'ena' UNIlEb "COMPANY
-6 R. Wafirip: Mr. and Mrs. Chas...
Dc6 De Walsche and daughter: Mr.
Swedish Freighter Sinks and Mrs. Frederick W. Water-
Ouatide Of Barranquilla man; Mrs. Thomas Whipnle and Great White Fleet
BAPRANQUILLA. Colombia. A- son: and Mrs. Madge Wilkes.
bill 9 (UP) The Swedish
ireghter Elsle Thorden sank veq- Lost Overshoe Department
terdav Pt the entrance to thi s; "NRW ORLlANSu s sm cm g=rR_ '
port. with a full cargo of 1 500 TOPSFIELD. Mass. (UP) ..Crtbalr'
tons. includinqt0 ieeps and a The F y dog, Buc y..
quantit' of woo t pulp. an ha bctor, of 0 *rSI.t11 !
The frpiehter had Just passed shoes. irsit .lly, ". 14
the mouth of the Maidaleg a Riv- find the owler of Bdcky'sjt 19 *.
er en rote to ths nort. a few but there arethreesl ghtly~i '....... .'... *".-
rmiles im t1e rir when its'ed boots still unclaimed. ***...*.. .' .'..." 't r".."tAPrl 26
-- a erin', er rvr,- t*I o rn its c"-' c c m
returion vond t"'o shrimp rpn New-" .
AlterI" P hc-r ine s p -

g av e tl '- o r 'e fof C ana n d iton er iv e s
The entire cr as saved.
Cristobsl to Sail r1" i x ,
With 122 Passe:ner. .- 'r e h...... i M
A total of 122 passengers are 3o6h.S:
Tenoked to sell toworrav' on the
Pr--- -a liner flrh1t-,vl on its l we .m a
return voyara to 'riti d Nd ew -., W0 CM I
York. rece-ding to the advance jA V_ M' -t
1ia&:E n-!r list.-v un ... a s 'e .".. ". -. ... .
The -u-' er of Canal emploves U"te
and members of their families. h.
sling tomorrow is larger than .. .....
that of the put several months........ CTO 211 AAMC LO 21
The vPcation travel on north- rthlwameV
bound Panama Line ships will be
heavw durtir the next few. We.Ot lJd i a Twi.Fto t yet, e wlM
nths as families with childrenSImil mmue
r. c0ool beg In their vacations. Us kt rnw'ftS md ftk
The complete advance assen- Ilk t VIt rNEWyo
ger list of the Cristobal follows: a t60h StW ONI:
Cecilia Alvarez: Linda C Ap- a iI l I- NM.
tin; Doris Billings: Mr. and Mrs. T M lE AT NANO CITY ChzSrOBAL2121 rpANAMA3P
4samuel Y. Boggs: Pauline Bor- Cabe Ad&=:.THETA?? I
neman: Mr. William V ____.___. Aah'_:_IL'HrA __

S "-'.r-I i
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3.;-; ~. :: 51. n

Ca18S WELKIN fafleter

Kent Means No Good



Power of AdverUtin


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S.- '--


Sthe ace of order to discard a heart from L
emWBWth gBete baeok to dummy. This Hmits the loss to "'
Vi z,'I tAfing another dia- one heart and two clubs no mat- /
ter where the high hearts and ,.
Wv lead clubs ID high olubs ntar. v -
7***-. '.; W_ ft 3^


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im. In
fI n

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1Utd to attend.

Cu* ita are
^* ': u^U*^ oi*-

r.. d .g .laraa

Bbe -on b, o-
embf t 1:30.
ritM> a-

and Mn
for a .
their -r

Dr. .:lI
of PaKi,

A s uus on
to return to

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mis To T aspe
1mm OJu.a .'la
*iwj *t b'a*UJMeh.

inqma wl's uni
ay by plan

vma er r I a t6
M..a. 0A

1kt, Mln -

W'aldor, l~Ss Stella

i"Dr. an

n.el Wood, and James
,-, g i,, .._ -- --

be me wateve
0IL ak,. 7100 p m. and
rn led by th e

"of .th C a-
SA ty 12dt 9: amit at the
]ho of J.. 1ned OGerhardt,
ou qenth Street, Golf
eti Leonard Brock-
,i,, wll r the. .taalon
on "0he $u ltry, of'chrtst,'to
one of ~4 mil at pamphleta on

Ton hder F ant4imal ortati

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see '' a so sea ^^-

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you aw could
nt matk e ie even though
the c j ao good.
I won lead In

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mond sl4li .a third
g.ub forne ruff. I
evea r6 a heart
trick athe hand
properly to avoid 1ing two
beart .. "_ .
"But O 't. that -burn you
up?, 'oSuba, wrong, both
hearts' ad the clubs 4-2
rather N oway to make
the h o. .
Joe wA iUris oi he uui'T hand Is ma
very eat line of
play. Ifr already
spotted ti take a seoad look at
the patd tfla It'.or your-
self beoSw you rrad4.o.
Joe _aie. thb correct play
whei the first trick in
dummyI6 the ao. ge of dia-
maonds. uit ilay was wrong,

tnhe thehd
howeIr.. right line of play

^^.LPg ea S relaydy
wheil htto wine t tric.

irm i joptwine earts, lo
t saSjiri.^ 1

I* MI;
cote Pepiodest's film mmoriags f6 .26**
Keep tooth decay away and keep a
b gt Soult-the Pepo&ews 5milelf TUm A

... a P
A complete 52-piee e ,vies" '-f
1jacludiog 4at is only l.9
W The Jewelry Uter W
1S7 Central Ave. 237 '

r "DI. sk fourIE**

nserasifr .4. ka sqwasm n "'
-- / I -H,






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0a w-ma ,a
IM P -

I a swcm so .f
eart acti-n
if Panama
blon to the
a gay ma-
. a bit of
n 'btes fl-1
v&S $U

Jh. b ski. ~
'ct-fly -mbi
-3s~ 0 Y~

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"RM-apo-4m* NoRTCoofL gives DAaOMN a '
Superiority io plthi values. Together, they ek at
coahiantlodihat peUhs ualiy such as you've Nmew;
before zxpedmisd.
The imparalllud -mits of DuPoNT's DAcmug Polyester
fil blmd wi th 10% vease rayon. camt a fare
that. remarkab tfor its restance and recover fref
wrianm; imape tention wet or dry); quick di
asmt n h adg ,aidiy; moth-proof.
TYo tide th fasu NoaCOOL me. and the'

34% pefsly fearic fjou* plug No*iooos.'s.
.. p :iphl of Pamr'-MmwMr Dupig. .. "
a. u ioo DAcaow Ii '
If b~la'Ht..nefi t a new pimada lo, ppulacy




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I 18 -5

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" ".' *-''* .



i W

You Sell'em...

When You Tell 'em thru PA. Classi'ds!

.~ ~~MWiie~

ve your Ad %ith one of our Ajents or our offices in No. 57 "'J Street -. aaum

No: 12,179' Central Ave. Col6n

.wis Service S,. elleaZ Americano
,o. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and ] eat 12th Street

4ritoq's Agenca Interacional de Publicaciones
%Pi. T

Caritop m g Store
10.l00 MMimloq Ave.-Pbhone 36 C

Propaga., S. A.
"H" -r 9s st.

S T urth of July Ave.-Phone 2-044I ti. O3 Lottery Faza PnuLe 2-31W rPone& aT

Household Automobiles b Fll bmt aurNl
Wt**- Alle.ib" so snle.fI
S1 SALE Van,ty'.er and FOR SALE -Ford. '46 model. 2-door 20<1 AGi T eei Rl r ly fund Su
A miror48inLEhes ron rr Ia V6. good shae, radio, be,t offer It
god conditon Liitobal 2 re olvers .38 S&W. 1303 Old DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clin icr "2 7
SCristobal room 123. Central Avenue & K Street Corner.
-!! Furniture tor liv ng- FOR- SALE -1950o Telephone 2-3479 Pana. u w t
ldningroomn and two bed- onet excellent condlitig. also a Travel via "AREA," "the Ro I N i
I complete. Prce $750. Tele- 1948 Studcbaker Cha on wth Good Nei hbor. FNO INCR_ Ce Iea se.
Both cars may be financed IN PRIC .FREE MEA C-,.t IILtL !a
S3-1909 ee g Prices set for quick sole. Call 2- COCKTAILS! One-way to MIAMI, nly court In w SitL Cf
SALE:- Refrgerator. porcelain 3269 or see at 1524-C Gavilan $70.00...NEW YORK, $114.00. O view frn All 51
nish, excellent running condition Area. Blboa. ...GUAYAQUIL, $80.00...QUI- 146-0 New Cristobal, phone M- $.U.NW to e-lh. Rck G iIrt
m- s 6-DNe Cen tbal, ph-one d n A- o- TO, $86.00. Round trip to MIA- bo 'ue d rfflebard. P
916 FOR SALE.-1947 Pontiac Convert- MI $126.00...NEW YORK em 3-17. Ma f-l
E mahogany su ble 8 cyl, new to and excellent $214 00...GUAYAQUIL 144. .
'- LE---. ece mahogany dn suite. 6e, condition. Tel. 2-4721, at night QUITO $154.80. BOEING 4- A
bamboo. 3 strand. I;vingroom -_ engine planes. For more details see
9 ft. Westinhouse refriger- FOR SALE-1952 PONTIAC CATA- PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE, 36 O M oil k Ib
G' 6 E. washing machine. LINA BW&UXE. Hydromatic. radio. Avenida Nacionol (Automobile
Mkfost table, 4 choars. 10-54' two-tone, 3000 miles. only 3 Row), telephone 2-1655. "4-44
2" Venetian blinds. n excel months old Duty pa House 160- MEETING POSPNID
S time house 8026-C. 2nd St M ar- 2984 hld the feltewing Thursday, 1 A0p ti, O IW tm
",q"erito. Phone 3-2394. _____tM FOR SALE- Citroen 6-cyl. sedan, 7:30, Chive Chive Club oese. All Rschges -ngers. *
'"- c guaranteed in A-1 condition. Sell- U.S. citizen federal employes ve.l- agt wek-nm
li SALE.r -25-cycle Frigidore re- ing cheap. owner leaving. MOTO- come. Local 595, Netlosel FedreN.t
.- at. 2 5-cycle ec ,379, o RI NACIONALES, LA., Automo- of Federal Imple. F R E
'o Md other articles. Phone'e Row. No. 21. PEI RENT
T j. Balboa Row No 2 SPECIAL EXCURIONI -
FOR SALE--1950 Studebaker FROM PANAMA TO MIKICO _______o
S. 1SALE:-Baboo eiv.. pgroom t .ati
Si. r SALE-Bamboo Ingroom Champon" soedarl, dvl*free. must one way $85, round trip 135 FOR RENT1--15 A5ril-1; May, i
e .rv reasonable; 6 tables, 1 sofa, sell at once. Socrrfiee fato $800.00. doy-limit), $169.00, gpd Orm year; nlhed 3-bedroom T. iue No I
*! ors. Cwes' Furnure Factory. vernment employee can finance. to LOS ANGL, ne way, $149.15. "Po efevre.
| olne -o3-1469 -- --Phone 678-L Colon round trip, $252.35, 90 d-ylu 3 9. -49 Bl. *ol evr.
SLE:--l General Electric re- FOR SALE. 1951 Chevrolet Power oeol Autoeb R ). Tl. FORt RENT:-Penthoueu in lln .
rirt ; chin .ert, Glide 4-door sedan, excellent con- Poenme 2.-i05. 1to. Information 3-0331. Panim
0'',1 Icncls 5 dition Seat covers and undercoat-
f tlIanulari. $25; 1 library table, ed $1500.00. Phone Cristobal 3- FIRST INTERNATIONAL Motor Show FR RENT:-F shd house, 4
.- 55; 2 studio couches with 1411. Canal Zone Thiing Ann. coming reonm. No. 17 13th Street,
tons, $40; 2 porch screens, -- soon. Owners of unusual tranlper- Francisco.
425-A CraSt., Balboa, phone FOR SAL.:- -94 lick. Siper ex tation willing to show sme, call RENT: -, AttractIe r
48. cellent condition. trr. Locora 23. Cristobal 3.-2324 BNabo4 .2, FRNKT La Creist. 5thrs
1 -5Apt. B..Tel.R d n 4. !!d Navy 3590 or Albrook 6191.
4,ALE: 5-piece bleached me -_n.. "' 4 N... --A1 Tio, T e -1 456, 5
hogany bedroom outfit, upholster- TO CAR OWNERS:-If, for a smell FOR SALE amO.
Sj d livingroom chair, bamboo chair investment. you are interested in R L "----
Ii a1tnd end table. Frigidaire refrigera- a new car every year of F R R NT
Str. 60-cycle. Magic Chef gas dealer's cost, write to "Advertiser" Misellaneou
Hi T',rtove, 2 bar stools. 2 porch chairs. c-o PanamA America, Box 134,
meet block, solid maple Dutch cup- Panam. FOR SALE" Tape recorder, good Apart1ents
,bord. small chest, Westinghouse condition; also modern mahogany FOR RENT_
oundromact, miscellane ous small FOR SALE 1950 Citreen, front desk: upholstered swivel choir.Tel RNT F pr
Phone. 3-848. Panama. wheel drive, in excellent condition 2-4902 "B" Avenue No. 99, Pon- GO w In etd *
MPrice$. $r quick Sj 5670.00. m with two bedroom. eutIe for
-GgC l Electric six cu- Leairt ui .nTe. Plei. CaU Te. 1- -3404, f
Bfee refrigteratr. Very good phonir Leol 4 51 Sealed bids, in trplicate, will biere- *:00 ae.. to f:0l,.m.
S iti on House next Raymond SALE: 4 ceived in thle ffce of the Englns Mnur
aic door Sedon. Good tki.0 Good m1 Canal Company. Balboa Height Ca- $175.00 per month; three b
We-5--. .. chanical condition. $695.00; 1950 nofa Zone, until .10:15 a.m.,AWN 20' yAp ''20'"
ANTED oNTIAC Convertible. R adi o. 1953 and then publicly opened, fo"
WA TE W-S-W tires. $1,300.00; 1949 furnishing all plant, tools, uis t,
-BUICK Super Convertible. New top labor, services, and materio excw FOR RD T:-.P-mI ed I or 2-b
S scellaneOUs W-S-W tires. Good conditn $1.- certain Panami Canal Company fur- rwoo m mnt. St. No
j' %JTED:--Retired Canal Zone :ou- -eda^n. Ver nee ___l_ for__0_l TN. 2 from I__r
& to ct as caretaoker and land ...Vn O a15 nj.=ni, o. n

4 ---Rn.. ilmli ." -dra ....... 'w in-gs T: wnlihbd apertmisto
IpeicOa tn andeclw.NI 4. 45th Stet, IUWJ.
nt~ '-- y m For34 6ees theO/odo w mod mechotdanacal coao the office of the Contract and In- u ..
SPARN mbossy employee needs 5750 00; 1950 CHEVROLEto- section Division. Room 336, Balboa FOR RENT:-At "El Cangrojo," fur-
rasidfce. Telephone Panami 3- door Sedon New tires, $1,100.00. Heights (Telephone 2-3739 or 2- nlshe -n.ce and coot 2-bedWaI
S1805. See these cars udrmony more at 2698). A deposit of $20.00 will be aParrtmnt, hot water. refrlgoretw,
AUTOS EISENMAN Used Car Lot. required for each set of pecifica- and ell conveniences. Available
1 ANTED: Three-bedroom house x TO n5 c r, pTd re 6 red Afo a at o pe fic cm cn n .e f
Sred next to the Coco-Cola Plant, or tons and drawings, Ti de t will .5 hn
S 0 Minfumishedi. 'Please call Roy phone 2-4966, Ponamil. oreited If specifications and, .
S- .-asco Davs. Jr., Embassy of the -_ 96 .__ _____ rI id
11.United States of America, tele- FOR SALE-1951 Mercury converff, drawings are not returned within 40 NTF 2- ed
:014o" 3-0010. ble. radio, overdrive. new ires, calendar days after opening of bids. furnished
motor F S and 9. Forinfor
.D on --FurFOis house. 2 baEd- ownA't r beks old. 3
"908^ in Bella Vista or Son Fron- .... Cnt ."n 1 -r^ Ff*1? tlk$ old.
f e. Telephone 3-0276. -sedan Cristobal 3-1675. 9 123 n Fi, delhOne
Ti e D ---er ---;-0 -e FOR SALE: 1949 Plymouth club Pana p 3-0314. FOR RE T
Dss. merican gent leman coupe- radio, seat covers, under- Sealed bids, n triplicate, will be re-
i oitres smadl furnishe apartment coat air conditioner good trees. cived in the office of he Engineer- OOU
tortig May first. Tel Pa in exceptional shape. See t ng and Construction Director, Pano-
g My fit. Tl. 533-B. Mindi St. Ancon $1 15. m Canal Company, Balboa Heiht, FOR RENT :-Fumlshed room In fo-
FOR SALE:-1947 Oldsmoble 8 with Canal Zone, until 10:00 a.m., AprIl ily home. Private entrionce
FOR SALE:-1947 Oldsmobile 8 withdthnPubiy e ,T
Help W anted Hydramatic. radio, heater & five or 9fur53n pl abl, lip ,FO rNT: Tm --l
gue see uood ti tres See o 2212-C, Cy- ment.lab rf ers, adttoi trial, N ;
.Usew sle oin or out.FOR SALE,:-1946 Ford Tudor S, nshng t .d tl6 e I 7, BI
yweek. ferrences required $500.PQ. Call Albrook 6285. boo and :Iwol, .Z, Forms
St 4re AMrotmenat, FOR ALE -1950 Ford Custom V-8 of proposal, specficatio. and fuifr
tree usto Arosemeno. dub coupe. Duty free car. Exm porticulars may be obtained from the I.
club coupe."Dut free car.-E~sc office of the Contract and Inspection
"r "o nI I ND n'", edition. See for yourset S vilion,"Room 336,t bll a e ti t
it N Telephone Ponoma 3-4459 af 2-37
eND:-Family fun at Picnic Fair m and l ll IIp.m.
S .rSund, April 12th. Church of HIy IMFO ALI NASH l- rilb ISued on a deposit of S 20 00 per set. C i The
Family grounds, Margor ta leiher phelme*er good EeM Deposit will be forlfted If specific.Tl
SBlack dog, cocker "spaniel .bi. S.A. .C sIons and drawings ort net Atturned tln
Telephone 3-2926. Mian F S 152I r I Ing of bids 4t7
for vlwo,Hausa 1402-CCal la culta
St.. Balbea. Phone 2-2438. FOR SALE:-1935 Ford coupe $75.- .nd
Say Dean FOR SALE-Pymouth190. Duty 15.00 House 0581- Ann, ~ve
tWell' For ,her extras. Tel 3-0848T, 5 th ft b lor
FOR Well' For SALE.-Nationol Co. and Col-gM n.
fins long and short wave receivers.' in a tA
p. triation WANTED All models an display, 45th St. No. ndat
t to3. Bella Vista. ter Reu -
NUN.TOM, Abril 9 IUP AUtoobile* Seale fortiahinbr
Co ilunist correspondent CAR WNceived in the, o office 0tT'l ngITneer. TBhe d
tod that a. Gen. Wil- w TED:-A 1941 i in otrui Dor
Dan is too We to be re- or convertible. Po'r d pefi'rrod. mA Canal Constru tion Dilretor. ana CIO elct
with oock and wound be re- Phone 2-64118 analCompany, b e He csutive iCce-l
__ __ w o u n d C a n a l Z o n e u n til 1 0 :1 0 a m I t e la te
.l9oaMers of war.23, 953,nd then publicly .m., he teo
[1Wfred Burchatt, correspond- W ted Position for '"ur i*h all l *.ant, tO equip- ss to
for the Paris Communist ment, lbr services, and materials trlt 1 u
nlte. tod N EXPERIENCD sh- retain materials to be fur. O Ot e
he did not know we- typist seeks position. Write performing e by th Gov mer constd for uctio uh i1o m o hCO, "
Dean Was among the 150 Apartadg 134, Ponaom. t'of Bu ildl ng. Alrte foor ,weId le.wu
S prisoners the Reds f purord
0rIta. He added: I nRainbow Citlla at Rainow Ci-ty in ,.o mnf t ,t.,
wud ben an xtreely Canal Zone. Forms of proposal l spec: would be i
i station of the a- N 1 icatons,d full particularsmo in t
iltp etaly quite wll"a N1 *tained from the office of thei C F 7"6 Tr6d ag



Decorating Problem?

RTLM0,it V.
A" Wml -e Gltd To ip
T"r Fho Of C u-


tract an. Inspection Division, R"o
336. Balboa Heights (Telephone 2.
3739 or 2-26981. Specflgimn
drawings will be iesed @pa
$30.00 per set. Depgsit Wa be for.
ei*ed if speclfication and dr wI
we not returned with 40 cAdM
"Ays after opfith OR SALE: Ges~i blonde iocku
Pu 83- 294, 538-3 Cuun.
du Heights.
:OR SALE:-A.K.C. reglsterld bld
male cocker puppies. Alo A
one-half year ld k
ClOR 86- 1233 Asiok.
two stoolss,$140,: 'en
5" 8 m.m. movie p ecter
new,. $70.00; one Tower
S glass movie screen e
$8.00; one II -foot I .
ing dinghy, fully d tw
good s01ls. $110.00. A
Rio Grande St., Pedro M
*1 -w 44lCaMlO lli

,' l


Mitdmum for 12 w
X 906 add~tnlo ri

am get moe
IF TIME Aluml- ev
.gatod Roebg
I Siding. Sbit Ciwgt.. 1.2U

4 for Great --
-ad Cty.. CO
K .^ SS S ^ L A~ ~ if 'law

U* FUfTU 5*--- -- W

We and raft ,or' 4 i ..r

"HERESr, :p*r,.d ** -- -
M. Ile h
"HEOSIm pro d cm

mb1 1


* AJ

t1949 FOrD V.8
w ~ w ~w "' *it
.4cw biu


. w l t
- *" n-lh 'i' -"**

1.' J-


.*( _,
".' i,

.. a .

*'^,o ftim,

^iM, *'-




kr 'A '%

N"4IR ,~reY

sb- m .... 3
e .. ..- .'". ,
. -

.,'i;, .,. -.

i,. ;. ,,.r^.

3. A" ,

~PO.e -

1 "

. w-,x F.


, I.LII/I/IIY~ --i-i2-'~---I




a Eow w
113 toetbe

Ma ~ U- ~ml
.jL e. s- ..5

* ~27

lta tnter). with a .22 rtU on the road to
SS. 7year" taternatlonal oo E xmW poditlon.
A" M d badly hurt. Th p to have. been re-
the ag.e under hib cate until the spoltlon.




Autl 3

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* fifefttf

Canal eaterss -

talking HAYTDN Vema LMDMoS
ulA -OfIlI, -w- m
,,., ,,u GO= TO ,,m.s.
JUnmr" JOmN Dvid rAFtAU
JMsk BUifEas ht. POWrns
ZM* MSON 0 Zadst SCOT.
Wva.U e"IA A _Ao
IrarkW GUANO= *. Caeh OOI 0nU.
mGm.B KI.YT Am
iw -mana"a *r 3o GRAmnw

I .

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*,' ..', ,..,, ,..,W

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* 4



LA .sowtH-

* RI%,j.Wt m.F,&

' 019.'. W
* Ef.N DMfW

ft-" .

a a n- hmian a, "Artes y Oficios School"
S..,' :: NIGIHT 3-I1 DAY 3-1552.
:...I'ASA RTST R. o IoW -

", r TW-TR A L

L ... SM W .Ir

Xj *"YTK-< I aLal
bree, Buh 5 ox- *
fsrn isnVO rNch a now frn "t to
hb wth unual D .AD
com.r.. "The Marrying '~
wuh JUD I
q.ALDa O aR


Lm lOm. 5.m in
ir. rfmu e m -

"T RDS" -

Horror and Myetry noto ,p .,. 1. .-
Also: A Shocing Crb f... f
with ow Clahk

WAHOOI 9:00 p.m.
$115.00 in PIlZES!
,,- ,,MOXT


,iroi.-r min
*aine, ,cowor*

VAUs .or woP
At 4:0U d 9:00

v I c__TC
ae lm"


^ ~ ~ ~ 0. 4 '* f- -fif l f.S- It'-
K ,l.. -,- ^ -*.i A -.. '**-

; '. ,' 4.
... --; !- -,- I



SDo. r6r.. "at

Why 0 rm t m :*,is

* "


i'. 1a.w a .

I- I

, .4

A ..

:-l, -

If (
k2 {

s. .





- -- --

- ~-- ----~ --- --r-

j~~CA L


uu DO bui


S- .

yf Ai
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40 .

I -

W Rogovin, rver hit um'i Te Hot "Springs

(it Browns Latest ChosenM aWo e3 s
) o r DAYTON-\ BEACH, Fla., April -"
SNEW YORK, April 9 (UP).- Nine of the 16 9o UP) Ru,)Irs that a "mov
Ma- r League opening day pitching assignments al- g ur rl" n nein r- r inturerat
fWdy. have been decided upon, with Saul Rogovin of baseball game tomorrow has
the Chicago White Sox and Ned Garver of the St. Rer id Herlon pretty worried
tiouis Browns the latest chosen for the honor.. is manager of the Democratic
Steam that mcf-ts the Republican
Porterfield and Staley tuned right-handed Rogovin. who had in an annual charity game in
up yesterday for their opening a 14-9 record last season, will be Washington later this month
day jobs with impressive nine- his starting choice against the Here for "spring training,", the
inning Ahutout performances. Cleveland Indians next Tuesday. teams have scheduled a warm-
, Porterfield gave the Brooklyn Fred Hutchinson, Tiger pilot, up performance for tomorrow.
Dodgers only four hits as the announced in Charleston. W. Va., Hetilong rechecked his 27-man
Senators won. 7-0. that baby-faced Garver has roster after newb of the "movie
fully recovered from the arm glamour girl" got out. He found
Johnny Klippstein of the Chi- trouble which hampered him last he now has one pitcher, one
cago Cubs and Jim Konatanty of season and will draw the start- catcher anzi 25 third baseme'."
*the Philadelphia Phils also turn- ing assignment against his old He's worried that a "lucky" OOP
e winning nine-inning pitch- team mates, the St. Louis hit into right field might win
i obs. Kllppstein edged the Browns. the game.
0Bans, 7-6, with the help of two In the case of Rogovin. it was
-home runs by Preston Ward and the opening day opponent which .
one each by Bob Addis and Dee dictated Richards' selection. Al- K
PMndy. Konstanty .itched his though Billy Pierce is regarded
third straight full-route spring Chicago's No. 1 pitcher, he is a
prormance to beat the Boston lefty and had little luck against
ed 'ox, 2-1, on Granny Ham- the Indians last year. Richards
it'as two homers. Rookie Gene figured that Rogovin, who had a
S lpens of Boston spoiled Kon- 2-0 record against Cleveland last
Stamsy's shutout bid with a season and is in excellent spring
-inning homer. form, is the better bet. eton e out, rnnr
The New York Giants receiv- In addition to Rogovin and Question One out, runner
d bad break when rookie Garver, the pitchers previously on third base. Batter hits tower-
baseman Daryl Spencer chosen by their maumgers to rd fy ta center field. Man on
s struck in the face by a start on opening day were Al. t rdtags up, runs home touch
pitch from Mike Garcia of the lie Reynolds of the NeW York the cath. He faols to touch
Cleveland Indians and suffer- Yankees, Bob Porterfield of the the plate, however. He cont in
ia fractured ,law. Spencer, Washington Senators, Mel Par- ues on toward the bench and ..
hipatea to start at third for nell of the Boston Red 8o, to n ttempt atuhr and -[. .T$ t.rfiffi,.L f
iants i be out for two Virgi Trunks f o the r s touch the base. Catcher secures G 6ATC-" iderwater lf,'r
ks he Giants won yester- Gerry Staley T of the St. LoU ball and appeals. Is It necessary of e Canal ZoneJSkin flyers fe-i
11-10. Ray Katt and Geo. Cardinals, Carl rskine of the thecatche r to to h te P dew Jed harpoowed m0esa 'w '
In hit homers for New Brooklyn. Ddgers and Bud player out? -Rex Ldgan. Ca lMannel d tadto towIt ... .
and Al Rosen and Dale Podbblelan of the CincinnatiU Aswer: No, the runner Is
ell homered for Cleve- Reds Awe o r
only ote a y Alex Kelner can clinch the out as soon as the appeal Is
e only other game played, Philadelphia Athletics' opening granted.
ite Box blanked Atlanta day sta rng assignment with a HwIa
te southern Association, 14- ood performance today against Q. How many Washington..
Pierce and Joe Dobson com- he Philadelphla Phites, ac- season pitching records does
to pitch a five-hitter. All cording to Manager JimmyEdarris. sl oS.
er Major League exhibition Dykes. The A's pilot said It would Ed Harris.
Mu were rained out. suit "his rotation better if he A. Of the 10 Senator mar
F.. ager Paul Richards of the could start someone other than iise A. Of the Ha1 o0 S enator market
t Box announced today .in little Bobby Shan.z against the stnder holds x: Gfame wright0
Sa a., that 29-year-old, Yankees, and Kellner could be It. n (1913); games rtf signal wrapped up the 'second thr te-'fourth
(1910); comple te giame. W round title In-the Armed forces t66e Stet
(1910); Inninc ptehed, T..4 Baeball League with a resound- hbatt tim0
(1910); strikeouts, 33M (II); li'N to 3 victory over the,M03d wM' d ito a
and shutouts, 12 (1913). A and will' face the -Albrdok hI'Msdrid"r re
r2yersl Lte play-offs foO the A efforts 1'-
Q. Who composes the 1053 league championship. The play- to. .c pt 171 is sa
National League umpl r n g offs are scheduled to get undet- ih. 1ee 200. Iat
staff? -Lee Meyer. way Baturday afternoon, with in ,Nina t It ml
the second zppie on,Monday and fa'neBd he. eTeond
A. BDI Stewart, Babe Pinll, third % if .ecessay, on neat him.
Larry Goets, Lee BaDanfantn Al Wednesday The"yeawnn
Barlick, JeockoColasn, Du*ty Ar alws wle played on play-dr
gessw, Artle Gore, Frank the 47b9 fad sis that la s -' f t I :Vat1ty.
Lan Wammeke, Augle tD e0a-

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.Y BOY 's Eaoy caoong taxes a as makes a spec-
*ular return during the All-England Badifbtom Championship
London. Unbeaten in singles, Choong has 13 Open titles to
his credit. (NEA) -

Wta w started In 1933,
bea> the league .the lou
S olloming the All -
,; whist was the fhi
no2 win-I;ms reTtd? -
,A. Perrno,* 'B
M5 pace, the Phl l
tionals finished the pen
race winning 52 of their
79 games. Had they played
slrhtly better than .5J di
the first half, they might]
won It alL



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S 1946


PONTIAC FORDOR .................
PLYMOUTH FORDOR ..............
MERCURY COUPE.. .. ...... .....
FORD TUDOR USTO 8 ........
IINOOLN OL OUPt' ........ .. .
DODGE CLUB COUPE ......... ..
OLDSMOplf.J nDOR EIGHT ........


S. 650


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^^ /H~lRiAar '~ mLaw Usi 0of Ka.

5 I.
PUN' .. .. the ION
N $ "N ,0" Na enterede S -econd i.t ending .
...._6-14 6 With Won e Le Wnt i gdPitcher:

aNR o wlutIn al4 po prob e m2 isted. aUmpires:
I tel abentry for A- Poter. Scorer
S toa l lsI* uich outfits u yTesterday's BReults game: 1: 9.
She Btthb ard. In.m 90rd APFE 10, Police 1 ___
Col.t A A gaL, and the ath Tdm s ame
VPa :1 1AA vWM fj i aS wsers&l men en-. remen vs El 1414 '
Mter i the eas rom tanxu
S'a.'Navy Ul l been .nS %:AoQRA 1 behind the tight
Al W th6 op .Westn.kW B an, ai d plPin g t to e S abe M arqua rd
Opf the evra l o oClo wol who have hung a 10-1 defeat on the Police L *
Sindate ~a i r to compete. ery afternoon. L title Lea
SA In7 to the Balt ft ard was stingy with base
Swrteboa ras fAbfook Air Fore sita g a it in five of the
S'rBseso ad ll b HighWll h1avealf aa retired three Champlonsup" 2M
tfor o a meet Mthe Bibo tdi mn-on strikes mnd walked three
Track on the nght of april 10th. Walter Brown Went all the way Fergtu La Bocaa 1
Sss This wil gi both teams 0 fSort the CQi wlktn six and Tin City Rookie 0
Ilkat s Wtheash a the leading NEXT GAS
.b'ban l'r 'e.I boys with Baturday, 4 p.m. at
ad two for th Bobby Bran- Wednesday, 4J p.m.
bj 1* uous gIa t IM r don had two a in two trim
k r to for a perfect y at bat. Alex Feris e4 Bees' 4, TMW,
n enter this should berens and Dave Reece also RWeekim *
chanc contact Co hn wce at helped the AFE cause with two Fergus La Boc
with madn trI the Balbos GYa. for four aplece. Dick Scott of the qpeer of the flV
t- on. tfw Thus far, what little is known Police led his team at bat col- ph series of
Sal about the ma from -the ervt lectng .wo hits i three tried ttle behind the
on tarlts, tblS lt to s rt deal T Elks and Firemen meet n Pitching of Win"at
S too oo d- od .d a. w-ia fqr the Plut-fiz d W.
oiut 0uan le ultTS1BafBst are e/e 0 mo Wodman of the distance fr theu
lfrom. Va tero WI 11 acas to th ix Voe the er with an eight Ii*ttr
afro. ',lone is fast V MSeId his. poi@et will inore The ox sere:
,,v day. I. t" 4 and several hoCt putters thankelybe Don RandeL Twin Citt Rekles
hWure w wo. And never m ys) I l I have been hitting dangerously The box score: B AS
i y,, ,never t4 ,oet dollan&,r. u ..n mas .feme h lse toe50 eet.In-the Ons, POLICb T. Morrell, b b
eehool .1 a x writw. sne of the bhi boys have been ab r h s a A. Reyes, s 3 1
the nnt in it wat i elk had td s delte ombin- warmingup at 130 feet. AmmLratti, 3b 3 0 0 1 auels, 3b S i
r o naste- leave bbet on hi a tdy's meet between Arook, Beot, cf 3 0 2 0 2 N. Porde, -' 2
wn Coonel r another rvi6emen B. ese 5 0 C.Bulliva. rf
beta on horsei. He just that ca to enter, .will five aPriest, .a, 2b 1 0 1 2 WUlliams, cf
touts Mhe fn't pro., much better nieture of what wil Klelhofer, lb., e 3 0 1 1 0 P. Morrell, f 2
moti^ f Wegt O the be in the offering for the Balboa RAe, U1 3 0 0 0 0 R. Williams. If a
SRelays pn the night of April 2.t bC, 3 0 1 6 1 0. Holder,.b 2 "
'e r. J..ares, rt 0 0 0 1 0. Headley, 2 .
will e ate nP. Corrflan, s 0 0 0 0 W. Maynard, o2 0
while w thie s -ubook. e Winning pitcher: Dobson. Losing Browder. 2b 0 0 0 0 0
..e1 loners Pitcher. LaSa .e. Brown, p 1 0 0 3 Total. 3
own te which to Brup0 0 0 0 ---
ofas hney. The mostM At Washington, D.C. LFa B
his--- Brooklyn (N) (M 000 000-0 4.2 3 1 5 15 I8 AS IB .
Son oniest A Toaa, Wash. (A) 00 041 OOz-7 11 0 AFOE 14 G aker,s
,3AM7 Vaes an ac- (Mn 307 10 1 Black6 Lee (e ( 4 oeback' (6); ab r b pI e.. Aldougn, 2b 3
ito0 o seAd- 8 fi i Iegray () and Campanelals; M n 0 1 V S.nelar, c .
up a w j Fai lel sad Grassoe Lost
ea hP "tech.: l..0L
At Little Rock Ark.
Sl. Loul (N) 302 002 012-10 130 Sn

bl W -Aid *141 s and D. ley Rice Rand (T T tl
touch ~ T~NL (N) 3 Williamso March (4),.1 0 0 0,0

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f*Let the people know the truag I the country is saole AbrahiJi



Pentagon's Red Tape B ted*e K

WASHINGTON, April 9 (UP~ retired U. S. 8h Army com- Lovett said this indicated heY rfuaed to ley rioli
Former Defense Secretary mander. had enough ammunition for [an ant IndtSVll, aghs a
Robert A. Lovett directly blamed Vart Fleet kicked off the am- attack. ,e n- n hith g the guided 5y jidgse on
the Army yesterday for recurring munition Investigation wth his Lovett pointed to "o t -te amml-r house. McM, .d d
ammunition shortages in Korea, charges of conttnuing an~ some- tions" in Van Fleet's ny| was in O- S3 h6 wa.wet to die, l EDTO3'3 NRA 3e-
For Korean Ammo Shthentld-^ .s
uo sl Marine who... for rortgt. months he ce*tfheNOt

but denied Gen. James A. Van times criticall" ammunition and promised more details er. to lhe then told ,tt. Itf lnne, potter D9l60 h who -
Fleet's charge there was a con- shortages curing the entire 22 Informed sources said.lthe De- P of 105 mil- aape electrocution. .. aveM ve ei
tenuous shell shortage. months he commanded the 8th fense Department chas poducedw00, 'fnt become ttM t l y. 1,
He also denied testimony by Army in Korea. secret records showing V- c Fleet, and direct r u gdt wt41=2 | U .g f I
Gen. J. Lawton Collins, Army Lovett sail "the facts do not actually advised against a ma$ore r "~_le ae. alabt tusMie ep .rt
ctetf of staff, that Defense De- support" that charge. He said for attack in Jmne, 1951. W ords sh *le Ado ra's- -uco i.
ment cuts in the Army's months ammunition stocks in Lovett's testimony wa Mbe wPai' fe ea '.l0. .tew .. _. bg- aelear tets at
?$get contributed to the short- the Far East were more than the of the sharpest public a t he "td". l deep.e-
ace ..Army aunorized. ever made by such a hl.* noe'.'a, t.X A T 1tS Ial i
I esaid the Army always had He said Van Fleet testified placed former offielal Mtasl .. -. 'i
plenty of money to bu ammuni- he had no reserve stocks in one of the military e m
tlon but didn't spend It fast e- Korean dumps in May, 1951, In addition to d tiCol- .L ... W
ip0ugh. yet in June he was cryingn to lins, he indirectly rapped former .t-tat- iuunlton :. : iar
In some of the sharpest tes- be turned loose" In an often. Army Secretary Frank C. Pace qu came up o early In ents are M lg is
tinony ever heard on Capitol give. Jr. defense gs t the aat t ir diatele.
Hill, Lovett told a Senate the Sea
.at&ed services subeommitteeI a at
,.1at Army 'red tape" and an Se r A aomO and "
A.B"ordnace. setup Secrecy Wraps Tighten -
e Uise shortages of five types "- --' O
4 rtllery hoells in Korea iIslJf nl tim '-^' ''1 N'r 0iiil ,e ; "
_-Vej* *S tmc to time." AE, April 1.
said t Round Weapon Showsua ft t
. adthe Army failed to. S, rov an-
| Acheduli production of enough N bat e renmoved in a CAM, M do Aritownl
Sa unnltlon after the Korean h bainand .. Im I, ab6utthe r
Sur besan, failed to set steady and tD s oebtta;
producton guals due to a lack WASHINGTON. April 9 (UP) military services to set up strict B AK, Cal. April -b pier completelY nt wetok:
reliable information, and The Defense Department to- new security safeguards st(UP)---peed plot oe de Bon.a ouAt l a nubier of place" The ii t of pa7 ona too t. be ai
from brass to steel shell day cancelled all public dem- unauthorized disclosure o Tikes off In a ng owned ., i i p, dcor.
"too soon" slowing onstrations of major new wea- tricted information. by actor James Stewart today in Ihe deelila to Ute 4eis a't
production further. pon in tne interests of econ- The defense chief ordered t e "an a pt o at .new crose fand al Ilu heat series t
aid after repeated efforts omy and security. previous orJe- enforced by mWl- coun -peed record for pro- e .as i for
te Army to correct that The Ar.ty immediately called lay court-martials againstjryv- peler driven'airerft,. w a n e-
tience became "exhausted off a schauld .emrionatration ice personnel. who viqlat its ta
i emer and be "took the of its supei-accuate Nike guided terms ani court prosecution a- _& 3al., Wt.of t I* tof.'
prol out of their the Army's missile. against civ a. al. trop e, rc li h ... .
ptl" and gave it to his own r
deputy, Hugh Dean. The tests had been set for A- Among other things, the phe- aWere for n a ..
.lh cmpril 17-20 at White Sands, N. M. vious order clamped a tight ,- orldl k:. ardla f.
e Salso 4 hecommunicat About 100 newspapermen and curity bI: on "policy" docu- In lx k, .
Sddirectly ~ th Gen. Mark W. congressmen had been invited to ments. This apparently went far -.
SU. Far Eastern co- attend. beyond matters deaMlin, i st1 ctly ll th e ,]a .Aa a.. ...
Slast November b.e- "For reasons of economy and with scientific and techn altal. al ..--. f .- *
oo n ebe was weI security, publa demonstrate o weapons progress, including uv or t,
..aefa m o impor'tn w* queaun of defense
abot 'o a mi- equipmeitarcia t i inuIi2, lii .. an .
I l Ca -. Interest at this time." the De- NI ike s aint-fJ
he authored Clarkfenhe Department announce- Cket which rides a raa_ .
to n eret o Meerpt sa of ment said. its tar eand then" seconds.
fit l to Vn Fleet, recently An Army spokesman said the int. It. It Is about 20 fee M long .e ..r
order would ot affect the an has a speed of about 10 ti b "" ..
scheduled test- i of ts new f les I anI hour.f t _-t a-

sit or 0de ar It-sh eAy the 'asmane canon 1 rr l bounced that W r an an or .
on ticT e r 280 millimeter atomic cannon at fCr

h publicrs onshstnwloanyway, citieS a" ,nstr^cr bat l targtuarda yg 'maot
here To Meet since it was not planned as a craft battateions adn ma or egue
public oMGM 0. to cities and norx ad I targetswth 84W -bat -. Me la!
tokie's va wMe e of e onps ve the new mse summer. o wts the
tuJInR~, April 9 (UP)-HoI- and are xpec te to view the""
last night by plane from shell bythe 'massivecannon.AAurch ofS
wras welcomed by a group of clampdown apparently ended
Sfilm producers, direc- any ho.e that newampen would
and actors, but not by b ll be permitted to observe the his-
Mario Cabre who court toric tests. T ce.
two years ago when she The Defense Department re-S e t r te.
it a film on the posta fused to elost Its ae brief
M Trrw. statement. But I apparntly was By Amy MeCurmack
Jl'lwver Cabre's friends not- promoid in part by a fear that
4 b00 dsa iGardner was trav- promote in part by a fear that Unfortunately churches can't
alone, without her hus- secret weapons tests might prove rn solely by sentiment. With-
m Prank Binitra valuable Information to the out loving care the brass would
,Two other Hollywood stars are Communists cr other potential become tarnished, the flowers
Bt 8 -Lana Turner and enemies would be wilted and the roof
Charles E. Wilson instructing the InOrder to fulfill a 9eoeuary
project but wh thisbecome
the caseI tlU* togive back
Sto the donos a reatdeal of
leaure 'and entertainment, a-
Church of Our Saviour in New
%1Crlstobal, the members of which
in a are planning a barbecue din-
S neor and fair on April I,' from
3 until 9 p.m. on the church
ine l the. apable hinds of Tex
Cheek, who know how to cookm
Sweet and natural powdelbase for delicate frem profess~ ioi a oe-.ce o,
complexions! Sheer, g rssless. Before powder, ranches in IWp l wh Amdongad
smooth on a light filma of Pond's Vanishing People who have donated
bsnpsrent finish that n ver streaks or & I fe
diseolors. Holdsp"l der beautifully. o t o.-u

cut, exet ety at ,Ot

oasetbzwte, tk-
y OmpalinCor*


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