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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Tr Driver ,Cfs Of

0*lh Arm WithPocketknife
i '''.*
**'^ -- 0 .:
HATT~te,. April 4tp fir rom the ioe
Cttp- 3uiroloyed wex-G.I tgkWU 1%. busted, so I ctthen
whd-tty am wiBth at_daa7Orw 81"i.
poc 1 te lmaelf from his left arm
an o0 Butomobile was ha bWA the writ -and
hero to wile today and aelbw m, 15 mntte, Crel said,
marvel 5t ;L. 1 "po is_ wa p.t witherle
. yale r lred Carl ba nlu!%db d a fe I e
Onel's f surgery, neet farmhtouse, where
"Jo *lderStiod to have ovswife made a tourni-
B ater of binllu ldy ... gazement ,-6-a
that" '- ordeal. 2eet he wa unable to drive
Stalh 4a Mis- 'hg#l't ,a, ., o Creel him-
sisalppi ,. y"said most se_ drove It to Now AugustaI
perwnag'Me ata r eircum- .iw the Wman baelde him t
stanes u hftvc pa"d out -
from asheqf. f o De Hamet who then
Creek a walmwlkeda mile t'"Oer for thq remainder of
fop h g 5the ragged tI"ldtarno to a hospital here,
stump UrL "- ttmed crel's ded. "-the great-
B e. Worried over get- eat- display of gtd I've ever
ting ao tda than he was se* IRe was aU cool a a cu-
Im t y alfthe exottement cupher."
ae producing. ,
unt to a one-
20h the MNw AlAUr au
di ked.r. "M n akaid t
tMggh on mY, i




BritiSh Envov:

'Peace' Gestures



il"E"Er Mk ,
OP. I,

, PromotioM

The Civil Service Comiston
eld fidera'l agencies
t> usea. procedwr
1d a to promote.
a ned aployee one grade
be to sti hllthf

hae tow'a. -
a m -prowoun vol
t 1wed tOva fral News
in Loc950 of the
aeration of Oevern-

oll =-ov asa
4 Me IWO-
ptrollpr Gen-
i. s udCom-
M .the_ ro-
nlot t
11:9 Vten I

May Be Genuine

LONDON, April 4 (UP) Sir
Alvary Gascolne, British am-
bassador to Moascow, has urged
the government-to give vigilant
cons deration to Russita's new
"peace" moves, reliable sources
said today.
Gascolgne, at a serit of high-
level diplomatic conferences here
this week, is understood to have
said that caution should be
maintained in assastni Soviet
long tern policy.
But It la reported that he has
suggested that the current So-
viet moves toward peace are not
mere propaganda.
The British government is re-
ported to be sufficiently Impress-
ed with developments to believe
that a step-by-step settlement of
individual issues with Russia may
now be practicable.
Under this program, It all goes
well with next weet's negotia-
tions In Korea, easier questions
might be taken up first, then the
harder ones.
Prime Minister W I n s t o n
Churchll and Foreign S'ecretary
Athony Eden are understood to
be ready, like Preident. .Elsen-
hower, to meet half wQ any
RuWlaa move to lesen tenion.

WASHINGTON, April 4 (UP) -- The Unit St"
stepped up its campaign today to warn the free w
against letting down its defenses in the face of'the cow-
coding "peace" moves of world Communism.
High administration officials expressed deep con.
cern that optimism over chances for on early aend to
East-West tensions was running far ahead of vents.
They emphasized that the Soviet goal of eventual
world domination had not changed. "
Their warning of the dangers recogne any "moral Ishibitions
involved in the Red campaign agalst the use of violence."
were coupled with a willingness OrUenther said Moscow wee
to encourage the Communiste to jablng "a major effort to-.19
mike good n their peace moves late the United States Oroa-
-If they really are that. &Wlies."
But President Elsenhower, 8ec-
retarv of State John Foster He said the current gg
Dulles and other leaders held move may be "legitimate or
their optimism in cheek pending may not." This ws, 4
tests of Red intentions in JCorea of the official attitude
and other trouted zones. Reds may be trying to
ea. W -W.) West, w Intoto pla 1b .
rflted the Bmneral mood ofDl a -
~ ag in commenthia on an- _DuUe and et ;ri




"l ts. r ,.,

pulles saw no Incondrft
the general 1h ladolop
Comjunlst words wl be
In "practical operationn"
He said the twit n to <
tactics had been broug .,
'chiefly because of the "1VI
policies of the Ew
ministration. ,


"Ite.aeV acts cannot cause
us to frget the Kremlin's past
actions and conduct," te said.
"We mst have more realistic
demoniatleons of peaceful in-
tentions by the Kremlin before
we shall feel a change of heart
has taken place."
Dules and Gen. Alfred M.
Gruenther, chief of staff to Bu-
ropean cownander Gen. Mat-
thew B. Ridgway, opened the
campaign to question openlY the
soft-aounding talk tramm n
MOscow and other Red 96taew ..
Dulles told a news conference
esterdy "nothing that han
hajNpene. or which seems to me
likIey to happen, has changed
th'e basde nation of grave dlai-
ger in whteh we stang."
He said t must be remembered'
that the Soviet Union Is a heavi-
ly-armed totalitarian state con!,
Uxolft one-third of the worWt,
its leaders ar "deeply hostile'r to
the free world -ad they do'not

.ld.-.ap-be ta ned -t
da49bfetl a pe9e here
Wodd be affcte laBmuch. as
w order, Q APpently de-
SlUMd to movee from Civil
SC 0ff s madanttalu and
-det* ng position at
e-.p 't Agenclea..
e Order wa r -
Sff11'^1by LOe11 M9 of
ttil ? FeeraiUon of
r"OarlJ WU from their
V4 a IWhgton.

MII^To-sp M

from Gascolgne a first hand as-
sessment of the new Kemlina
setup fallwing the death of Ao-
ef Stain and the succession of
Oeorgi M. Malenkov as premier.
But then came a series of sen-
sational developments-the Chi-
nese communist proposals on
]Care, Rugsia's promise of full"
operation in attaining peace
and numerous others. h
boo -" proved of great impor-

, a7bus Gasc olyne 'shas the nc
ne has spent the week in eon-
f rencea with Eden and otter
feign office officials and is to
teoe part In a full dress foreign
*Bfce conference on Russft and
I eEurope generally.
It Is understood that, tit his
Udo Qascoagne has told' the
upheaval in Russiaa 0
pM peet of early ch In
ssials relations with Its it"-

Anny's Nnoil

T7esledApr 1it
-Tbem Army's new faster-th.
Tnd guided missile, the 1"
glet its first public teodSa
-at Burlington, N. C., a V
$tacloed today.
. The Army said the n i
abtrat weapon, reporte4
cdeaft accu te against e
IM bombers. wu be
befo a group ofX"
and newmen at tphe .
Western Eectric Co,
Burlngton that Is
the misslle.
The same group wl l-go
Mexico two days later for .M
inx demonsation O th
against a drone plane nt
White ands proving I
The Army describes the Jis
"the best inti-aircraft
now available, .
It was diseloded
the Nike ,will be uwseL1,IM
units guardtin laige
industrial areas In the

pe been re
vwmentir w
to E. Dew
$on makwn

VAWlt Chec k
SchootfStoa rds
W 'wal 4 (UP)
-The Va Administration
annou a7y It will make
periodic to .mJake sure
schools_ eetir standard4
of the 0 bi. ., n
V Mthe oviaAns to be
ch j $ de minima ui
school rdsand tua
I tmits. -.
The aMcy noted t is reaur-
ed to Ctoff a vetexrjta Q.t,
ly allowsoe If he il
course whta famittl t
1stondards set by law. &A
allowance also may be sat ed
If his sehkql falls to comply wta
'.?eal standards.

hor, Dairy


ient Of War In Kore

t Bring Peace To Asia

There are osm o itaI will be faeed with liquidating cause we have to Uv to "
AA both private and al the rebels Inc atthe Com- to Communist Cna. .
- who fear the hlmse-ds munlt within.t borders of It was not U to bi
sa.tmn their attato that entry. "We would
Mfh of they can et a seae rt atu wit b trouble with with the West
t Korns. th OBs i n lt-d Hurks in the afford to rist the dthMu .
hilipinmend Obmunist dis- oar big neighbor,
In Indochina, om. Itre turbanies l other Far East China."
eonside.t they can ut area,.
o WO Ma d- a1 iMU the fighting In Korea Setlement of thewca W-
1 ores tr maf X- soae of the tension in Asia, Allied of
IaM that ba gripped Asia for sev- may clear the w y for l
erlelsewhere. .
0Ih t It will permit some This may pe tr
S.l"* of tt *-called "neutral" conn- r bve. espec
0 to take courses of action pe ool
agat i SeteM now are afraid to stated "n e = s la Is
Iget emlybean"".
iflc. 3 5 offinelat in Aeral A31an M IM to iue, o
M- ime their countri.es1.m uai h .meet
-' gneuv or-*'In- rems;nn- 4 .
/ : :'-'" ,r.' ., ann e./ .l ... i' ,,




Advise C

Till Good

Match Fair


g.L target 30 m-ies f ro-an:ti
Iaunchlng point.

1 he I -




* 9- -_ ..TWO- ., ....

Tr, .SU ND


_-b o -.. -- An,.+ '


-`.? -.'-P

Theater Guild





Starting tomorrow, theatre-goers on the Pacific Side
"will have the opportunity of attending a new theatre and
,seeing "Harvey" presented by a good cast, both for one
And to suit everyone's schedule, the play will be seen
- nightly tomorrow through Friday.
,. nkewratwhtre iswhat might be termed "intimate"
,;itktopIe for about T0 persons.
i' t opens a -new era for the Theatre Guild who anti-
lili.te great things with their own workshop-theatre, ex-

ey theirs.
At 6teryone .knewS.'thtat
water Guild is agbloup of
Lstic thespians .0a the
Side of the Isttaus
ho ha been presenting pro-
s quality plays to satis-
fled audiences.
the weeklong presenta-
1garvey" li their new high pol"t for
tUsts. .

This Theater Guild group
,.* has come a long way from the
0!< nucleus which met during sep-
',', temper 1950 to form an assocla-
'tion tof those interested In
"" theatrics. John Meehan and
G Oraeelyn ,ohnston formed the.
.'- guild and Jas. P. Roberts was
,* elected Its first president.
y' For its original workshop the
guild waS tasigned a part of
.ed the first floor of a barracks in
'.. Diablo. They had to vacate
.- when the building was demol-
ished to make way for new
housing construction.
SNext, they moved into the
fo r DiDlo dispensary and
u rdthI Diablo Heights club-
,. oe theater for their presen-
at the public.
rmerly a batnek of the
of Gorgas

..* 1P about two year
S/ 'asiWeLd to the

in a few days of being
U work parties swarm-
s 9 tbilding.
-President Douglas 8. John-
S tmn and production committee
chairman Warner Hoyle super-
iland the'to ng outA parti-


tions, painting the walls and
the roof of the building, mak-
ing stages, fixing platforms for
seats, arranging drapes, cur-
tains and lights, thus produc-
ing a theater which will com-
fortably seat about 160 persons
In upholstered theater seats.
You wouldn't recognize the
former clinic in its new make-
up but it's still in the same lo-
cation right behind the An-
con Laundry. There is ample
parking alongside the laundry
and off Roosevelt Avenue on
on the Balboa Side of the

Membership in the Theater
Guild is varied and represents
a wide cross-section of the
community. Some participants
are old (these are inen, of
course!); some are young (all
the women are in this catego-
ry I); some in school, in busi-
ness, working for the Govern-
ment, in the Armed Forces.
And there are others who are
"ever-loving, tolerant house-
wives" as one grateful husband
put it.
Their cunmlative talent is .*
considerable, with a few of
the members coming fremwid
the ranks of professionals,
having played in stockor on
other stages.
Others have "shone" nh high
school, college or other non-
professional groups, and there
may even be a "ham" or two,
'with interest and enthusiasm
as their forte.
Several with no dramatic in-
clination find relaxation and
fun in constructing and paint-
ing sets, helping with make-
up, working backstage with

HARVEY, star of the Theagre Guild show of the same name whi ch Is within a hare's breadth -or one day, of opening'tomor-
row night, is seen (white, downstage center) as a formally dress ad white vest, tails audience of local friends and relatives
(seated foreground) bends an attentive ear to his explanation of the guild's new theater.

properties or scenery, selling
tickets, ushering, making post-
ers, writing publicity qr any of
the countless other items that
go into a theater production.
A modest $5 Is the annual
membership fee for which a
seat to every production is fur-
nished and there are parties
and programs included.
The guild's fiscal year starts
in May so better make inquir-
ies if you are considering join-
ing up with this group.
With these eager thespians,
there is rarely a period when
some play is not in production.
If we Include "Harvey,"
starting tomorrow, the guild
will have presented ten three-
act plays and two programs of
three one-act plays in its rela-
tively short existence as an or-
ganized group.

Scheduled after "Harvey* Is
an original musical revue and
if rehearsals get under way in
time, the new theater may pre-
sent this new treat late in My,
We almost forgot to mention
that the Guild entered a oe
act play in each o the
Isthmla dlra'ma estlvals con-
ducted under the adspiees of
UNESCO and sb Ofsored 'by
Thespian Trobp 217 of the Cis-t
tobal High School. Of the six-
rtbbons awarded, the Theater"
Guild copped four.
You can judge the merits of
both theater and guild start,
ing tomorrow, Monday,
through Friday, at their new
workshop-theater behind the
Ancon Laundry.

'" -4


I -

The rar
bl aitdwn

to for ba
I .

ou*routa., want te

wiF tat o tM


EU' .


-Worcester, Bar;T4Milard ,Claude Ayeddk and y


li takes ibre th
with a gun to ft
Someone has tpc
give him meOdical
spply hima with w
amumakltka. That'

.Logisti s-Lifgimesd
|_nw TI" a + ." + --' .- .y- t 1
ian a man -the fosr4law-m wMt i K
ght -A war. covers al the he alir' I
clothe hb J Although te
I cars Gof$up*;

MwI rI DM, lf

s daon in 414own bed" Vet Dowhn (0''de Akok) plerds, as she h
y aud Qtney (Roy Glicksh aus) an4 ,M ter, 'yrtle May -M=ra4.
ler tlrowlng experience of bel ng mistalkhly fieldatC umley's Rqast a t
had gone to have her brother El wood confined, because he saw apparitibna (one
larvey" by name).

a's Primitive Choco Indians

STo Town With Outboard

town, they put
s ltMe imple-
sand arrows



U $0 their

Ms, a teat
iMtw tiss =e-

porting bananas down river by
canoe, Dr. Stirling writes from
the Samb BRiver near the Co-
lombian border. The natives
operate the machines skilffully
and are much preoccupied with
the b# fal ge

Twe other ipo ivenps,
popular with the Choco ae
moe uit. ett.r and portable
keronnU W. h o areC
great aor in uarge,
aly e hosesM, and al-
though oa ir are used far
blie eoo the ladiut fted
the stove Ieal for tr Mel.
One helmet of oilbas.
ike w1t1 e cOW eo mm ve
aer soaesptod 0 elMhes. They
shay dIast noad em,= ad

anything Ioerethan
tomeary G-tring as
would Interfere wth
trlbe's ft etat halt
lag.k A 'eeIer
black11i da ha



tbg. O*A *,. 1tn.yv
.. 1 .I
S4 a.K +9
***.Jdo ve Bt ..;-




99. *..


* .. r -


S fre.
rol a wt
Ln--cmr4J Rteim

effeeti 4
n fleakh


gr s .
We~r a

- emx! a- i a-... I

"* 1 sP^^il i,*"w


I vellia .o4g mpet

1- &

fira climbed

at swank A*
o twll a7 A
nmftod, thIA
DBierV #w
IxW last Do-

i* imn. umn every

mteun A'

.ts Murrow.
;Co tu and Frederic
A '&

Dlis said if a
P In the family
pf the
find all
Ir.q teaspoons.
@,a pointed
average person
difference be-
an and dessert

RN, Wa s.. M rch 11 WAhout b wtwton b d .
When Pamelb to landed Rl own a s 7a
old enough to go to eo struggled to free Wn p
he will understand about the wasot ucceful.
fund that will finance her e- Hao was awarded the
ducatio*. Right now she Is only rpauional Mel
tour years old. IfirstI as n W s
Pamela t the daughbtr of ed tor a sim AtM
ZunsIgn Jee L. Brown, te Na- %request, Dmwn at
vy's first Negro pilot. She rves for the presentation ame
at Alcorn A. and M. College In Washingston.
with her mother, who Is a
sophomore majoring in .MeW bai rr of AMb
economics. rn 32 wow d a at ndae r
Her father was born near would get the bet,
Hattlesburg in 1926, the son of opportunity asie, -
a poor farmer. He graduatedd the hat Mid
from Eureka Bigh Sehoo Which was l4 i M.O.a,
where he starred in football fund to be made' a
and was saltatorian of his Pamela when sbe eater.
graduating elans in 1944. He en- [ege. With it hAe will Mo a1
rolled as an engineering stu- text of this memorll n
dent at Ohio State University, aboard the Leyte In her .
working nights for the Pen-er's memory:
ndylvaiLa Raiaroad. Someone
told him about the Navy's a- "He was esd na t t
aviation c adet program. He ap- to the Na M uSt to i
m ed to the carrier yte, hG on
Brown few his first combat con for aU to see"
snadof eon his 24th birthday,
Friday, Oct. 13, 1950 and knock-
gd t t o trains. He distin-
on others mt
slons until that fateful day of
Dec. 4, 19M0 when his plane was
hit byprpoundfie as he and

their way out of the Chosia
Reservoir trap.
His lane cracked up on
snow-covered hillside andi
gan to burn. EBa wingnan
(jir) Thomas udner of 70
River, Mass., could see Brown
was alive though trapped.





aamal. t One Way
AM . w$70.00
QITO 6.00
GUAYAQUIL ..... 0.00
NW YORK .... 114.00
CHICAGO ........ 120.30
SAN JUAN. 134.00


For mwm Letais, vsit Area's offles TeL I-nl,.
at 3Per Ave 4r s say ef thse travel


"7 0.b
kaeift' Oobb

,=*rev AmpaiA 55eje
vsai repumatui am for t e Ii vmor
g madd- towea f 0te hA|
bees-~ nd t~ he ro-AGUOL
a- ad that the pres. A
h et tredlsbeing repMWid MA
on_ 4 aaes

alaUMA o. n5l5 '

*. w y 6 ve-afdi4
prifier and upeeh--weOlliWe
a rmdio, toleiww, or if-ds
lreo ad cn I k mw ed

bm wkhe4fl"h" |MIhu
Long awa-ed byy lne R .
music, the .TMVdpsC&-e h
bmuly of eppee.. a wldA
pefomonce. HendsoeM,.

mehoegeayI.t hMis i5


480, S0411, O
eofa VistA

w u I


- (
'." .




"f1 ._" -, ', *. ; / -. -. ,

.,ag",.r ::- .* "- ..'- -~ a "

S...... .. .........o.... .......

e,, **** *o**lrO r.f. oo, ^M =,, 1
...... ', '~, ,c, ..... 1

.... go. a. .A

;--h I. '9** ^1^ ^
;,.4,- ,... ..... ,io,, .^...t /
-^,.. ..... ... .,'4^...ji~ir u
'l *"* _.*: ** .

'TO 'Es

-., L -" B.EL

*iji ".. /-* L



Q t, _,,




* -a.
.. &-*" -.

.. -* .. *_--.^ -^ -'_

ii".... t^.^i'l i H
,; '* .'' "' *r-;1"; ,- .'', 1

M *'-. .'/ -: "



- .. ~ 198)


**., .* *-b. u .._ ,B ., r .
. ...,. ,
,- ..... .......
:-; .:.-,'i'-," ., .. :, '

:* it
99' :
! F.:

B. | Buddies ive Dead GF

- ,--- Daughter $3,000 Fund

F.- I"
*~'b It? ~ln
~ ml


.* a..

* woY

,., -(iKOimiaim .'" ;i :..

-- ---


I t

a- wvli- **f~
^'*. P^

. -it 9. a

-.pes A rllof Co/or

., *... ,

,I .
P- *I
i 4*-

-E ..,

e .,k

'9 k ,

I) h .' .

I.maginative Neckwear '..
~ 1r 'p
.5carv .( 4..r.

.Scave.1 --re -Jit-

Ax t. ."^ .

1.M A'a^nderlinins the contemporary decor in this room is the new woven- I
cotton carpet which has a widely spaced abstract motif design In'
k '01 Irreen and brown colors on a soft sandy-beigre background.
This Spring, the ab is an ae
r.. 4IYve just had a look at the plaids woven from wool a nd ad tiny tie to as aU-enfoldlng stole
* lnoev. zrng carpets and they're carpet-rayon make neat, prac by Vera to spice sls and dressed
er.-" to dazzle any shopper.: tical flour-coverings. Because soil wraps. Star-studded silk tie (le
eof us who wrestle daily and; foot-prints don't show up used two of them fot color ceatr
W zi! the family budget will be on their textured surfaces, thes. center) is used double here, is
S':id ined to throw same (the rugs are aimed to please the;
tt.ludgle, not the family) out of homemaker who must 'contend
A'!.he window when we're con- with the wear that small chil- NEW YORK -(NEA) A
-., Otbnted' with these new t e x- dren, together with their as- scarf this spring may be any-
-witares, colors, fibers and designs sorted friends and pets, can .thing from a- tiny string tie to
give. a huge stole, cape-stole or jacket
Some of the smartest-lookirrg*.'srbl
textured effects are optical II- The fabrics from which these
lusions. Moresaue \arns, mdil-scarves are cut are just as 1-
Svidual strands dyed different .maginative and varied as the
0 shades of one color or in salt- shapes themselves. You may
no and-pepper mixtures. %\hen wo- 'hhve your scarf In taffeta, raw
ven into cavpets give flat sur- silk. sheer silk organza, light
faces the illusion of depth. 'wool jersey, straw cloth, chit-
Colors rival the rainoow but on, jewel-encrusted or sequin
Z i' noteworthy is the strong show- spattered silk, gold-printed taf-
Ing made by browns and gold feta or a white pigment print.
In shades ranging from sand to I'g' a matter to be decided by
earth brown and froM cinnamon 'vgr personal taste, needs and
.hades. to mustard and brons budget.
Blue takes the spotlight with' In these scarves, you'll find a
aqua, turquoise, sky blue and ready means of injecting new
Shazy blue-gray in both wool'life into your wardrobe, With
and cotton. Green and gray are them, you can give suits and
always near the top In popula- dresses a change both of pace
rity and introduce such new and color. This spring's neutrals
variations as olive green avoca- -the wh.tcs ::nd beiges-are as
Seassnua m ed do .and charcoal., ideal as black In provl d ng
W wedsltask arpet. backgrounds for a dash of color. I
Tefem e es f en.- One designer has done a giant
Sue, t.0s0e d1l91m, cape stole th..t's the idea wrap
a ffor wear out under the stars.
.rcarly any family a car- It's cut from taffeta that's a
u still a major investment solid color on one side and star-
be carefully planned. But scattered on the other, making
ear rug makers have con- it reversible. It has a tiny col-'
r talents and pul ljar weighted at corners with
= and' luIur y huge teardrop pearls.

t' th-e so-callUe "pop- I
e bracket." This same cape-stole is show
ispMtbing to think: in a soft, cloud-light wool jer,
~ lsdA t r el practical sey. In pale pastels. This i
as,.' Will the dd- thickly trimmed with fringe.
isWcet away if the A third stole, this for part
Ib S an accident evenings. is a full three yards

th wendsr andI
at ethe wear and long. It is made of ombre-print
traffic from' ed silk in glowing stripes an
''lte door anal has ends finished with giant-
my husband seized yam fringe that sparkles
house tearing with sequins.
sesr the bill? There are lots of inexpensive

r. oef styling vieand the tight-
r of stylingSa little ties this year some
eep eSonrulaction ot thUis wool weighted with pearl drops ant
3 happens to a0d arpeterayon r. restat siel others glowing With big sequins
for rug ti 04 Pauret-ray rut re" sell'. These are just right for suits
wh Ib3 n a It IDrap cent the col and simple, classic dreses.
cotto 'in a ,
abstract moti.1
na sanzdy beige I
d. The designer called I"
a~lUditlonal floral designs are
in the picture minus their
aland saled d own to s ten i e
E suitable for todaes sn e ln edoeroe
And furmture. Vinyl yarn
Into wool pile give a
look to a floral damask American Woman's Case
t. This has opgs
ticolored flowers joined by o -
r, leafy vines on a beigei
r. oun. e a A, war veteran, who is now interning in a large city hospital,
rs abow up again in a'took time out to %rlte me a four-page letteriabout Aminrcan
I wove cotton version of girls.
waoti n r. the po- Hethinks they usually get the wrong advice. So here' the
in :kthin.-se are spaced in right advice as he sees it "
-outlined squares and four "The woman who appeals to men is essentially a 'Yes' ,rom-
caler. are used to tran- an. If she does disagree with a man she does so gently. baking
; *the arming old-fashion- it plain that even though she doesn t agree with him QA one
S .-sign Into modern carpet- !point, she respects his opinion And she always leaves the argui.
iment open by some such remark as "You may be right after all.'
* seckl and colorful; "Such an attitude can have only one result. Not only does
the man think her intelligent, but sweet and pleasant to boot.
He feels she is someone nice to have around
"It's the girl who is always sure she is right, always beating
a man over the head with her ideas, who makes a man want
to. get away from the sound of her voice."

The doctor had these words of advice for wives:
"It has been my observation thai the women who are so
individualistic and opinionated as to be constantly at odds with
their husbands are also at odds with their relatives, friends and
associates. Eventually they wind up seeklng'tnedical advice. WO
must prescribe medicines and sedatives to relax their frayed
nerves and suggest vacations from their husband *
"Were I to so much as hint that their main trouble stemmed
frcm their lack of a friendly, sweet attitude and their readinew
to express their opinions. even when they knew it would lead to
bitterness. how they would turn on me'
"Show me a woman who is 'nitwit' ernugh to.agree with me
at al times and who Is self-effacing enough to give me ar-exag-
gerated sense of importance, who quotes my opinions as mMMl
and is not concerned with integrating hr pe rsonalitywitk. -ine,
and I wil soon shov you a woman with my engagement ring mn
ber finger."
Well, there's the doctoespeecripton. Let's hear what y
women think of his old-fashioned remedy for what als the mod-
.__cru woman.

mary that hay rmu la' from
. We shm hero Mer a er1 e
or set as dayfue aW i
ft) is collar-mand-Me ln' a. We
mat. Neat UUle dewdrop te (left
weighted with pearl- drai. Pale

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ntlfleft-ibrhtALt Thkt

-ra tfts# Prodwe.Accue..ate,
. .. .. .

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I of A beltobe oa

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n Watches of thi Middle
-I (left) was madi Ina the
s (lower center), bh eiasi
center) t17th e mtury t
y Present4F fdo n (ri|
s .
l NEW YO r*N 1N
d Watches, a flu acm
- turn up Inl UUM
s arresting 67 I
e cuff llnk
Spael oae w
Sthe form t.
- rustic do
s hearts. i
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the Idea
really dewt a
been pu
cases manc
ngli wa
his front
gested to h1r i
Swis; they
said they co f'
in Geneva W'
done. So he
Idea of a
But you coal g
There's one a
slide rule for
that registers
eve hole an -
to for 18 ll,

wrist wath
Action to the
seond t ime, I
and the dayo

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ralp. of ',A' buffet

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iNwf Xhn n left the
the ame plane
i .m a van[ tr ev..
rl ti nths to be ct lI EuC
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,,. '. a -.. '- _i6_, -- -,.-, .---- '. ...r- I W:_ I 7-, .-.. .. --
.he a the ane rWnel M4ho

.f ce Lives And M oney Sday, Je21, m the date of
The' bride-bdilis a graduate games were: North and South-
of Balboa High Sqhool. CMas of 1. Mr. Ju.lia Loeb and Mr. W. .L
Tons. April 4- of iht teaut to find out the 1949 and ao p her Be- Gibson; 2-Major J. iHum-
dern ph defeat n the finished prod- nlot year at Coltrda tate Col- phrey and aptan B. F. Roll;
to onWill record t --Md -witout loss of life. loge of Education In Greeley. tied for 3rd Mia Jefane Do-
-spqag test data In tJ ana many other ways, She is a member of Sigma ig- ble and Mr. Harry Friedland and
-vive, the country ild -OMan Hahson, acting chief ma Sorority. Mr. Sidney PuMalalgue and Mr.
I r dola. ofe the photo sectiUo of the cen- Mr. Blackmore graduated from 0. W. eer. e M
Mabin Job of the new term's Instrument branch, the Colorado A. and M. College in "at and went winners were
I at t A1old En- development of aviation will be 19S2.where he was affiliated with -Captalk C. E. Wilhelm with
Sevop ntCente put on film by one of the finest Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity. Mrs. H. M. Scboelfleld, 2-Mrs
will be to collections of photographic e- -. L. Clarkk with Mrs. B. Guet,
mr ai, temages of qulpmeant In the country. Mr. andA Mrs. Monte -Mrs. Irl Sanders with VM. L'
Ouf d waver, not visible to the Ha1son a 6. thi picture of Introdeuced at Ccektail Pasty W. Buts.
SMak ed eye the alx e, iapand output of thu On Saturday eveonin Mr. and .
P% q ,r d waves sot labor7. M. 0 A. Diets assated W.A.R.D. Group Me otin
St laet et 1. n' M used by the Mr. Diets's mother. M, t- ..eTh W.AJi.D. Grup. of. th
e i ll tfie- .l wlU of recording gr Gemill, entertained Gatun Union Chureh Aur ar
San d a r of (00,000,- r of friends at a ect will meet Wedn l
eng* f Man, ( a s Pper is s the home at France ithe lihome of Mr.J Dr
.= .istorbe with Mrs. Gem m umaA
t cide l1r iv party honored M]. and and Mr, NaNodMl l aso-AaS.
I n theater, Mrs. Jaeesl Monroe of 'eu e
-AbW A.famesTennate, who arriving
ftadne taror a two-week vid 1 r" bykfmt e Cents*
.asev pie- pc.tuhmef t In" m oeget
tuE -to the vtrawere: Mr.and M. A. whclk is ben condu
lawn 2I. la 8 k, Mr. ad .Mrs. R. C. ry Active capao
F"wZ.r]P Cis. L .. ..e.... l_ i-
To te apid and Browg, Mr. andMr,. Frank iU with thae t th
ia n its CansgagtD,. Re. and Mrs M. A. tallot- at the Mar ito
has Cookson, Mr. and Mrs. C. De- Church at 6:00
e Bric the largest Young, Mrand Mrp. J. A. Dor- Anyone deiring to vot fr
eo .,5 thbe soey, Mr. and Mrs. A. (. Detas. any of the following n t
r d o pl.tan Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Everson. may do so by contactog the
d ct a Captain and Mrs. R. A. Fort. ensor:B ellr.
T Lh >tr he ro ntait hour Governor and Mrs. Jose M. Gon- Mrs. Gil
C oS a t 3e of ora male., Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Hasm
d me heO R, 3,3750 of phreys. and Mr. and Mra. A. .o c
the b3 0.- O et b 1tmm., ard, Mr. r and Mrs. P. R. Lerlt
S*. e of !W o wf et oig 8bmm. This chen, Mr. and Mrs. N. W. Mag -
Frggf Hwritten by 5 8t to rpltoxplnately ner, Mr. and Mrs. Albert MottB .
awitlt o Fanwntyr the 31.14 of Dloear film and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth NswlAn -
a.athr of r tealsn a t e 1811,711 etsl of cut film in an captain and Mrs. W. Parsadsi
wy author terlOa a1WSd average Werk day. Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Puller,
t iath s for whclh %M- Hansons aid that a high and'Mr. James L. R sell, Cap
ous from 016.- he h begaas n speed machine will oon be tain and Mrs. E. B Rainler, M, on the No Y oetag. a uh- addeg that procTases film at and Mrs. A. F. Raymond. Mr.:
Cnok ther te the speed of o rdnary and MrS. N. Stokes.l
t .d w t The complex lt hew bos machines the first of Its kind and Mrs. Craig 8 yser, Colonel
G- l-,tetvenworth e nthir v olo, i .ever to be built. and Mrs. H. E. TaylOr. Mr. a id .
by the L fa When the processing labor.. Mm. B. Tipton, Mr. and Mrs.
Ia os 'owl: tthbry is In full operation he D A.A Waddell, Miss Susan
S g e Oft real estat ad, e equipment wila Hughes, Mr. David ei ale ra, Mr. C
SA (UP)-ft.A St- lmi- d of motion picture film and nadr
0 6 0 41 A- M- have It ready to project on te literature Grop Meeto theo
S soreswithin an hour abd a th Mrs. Conley Many are
Sa spr amof-half. The Literature Group of the spend h Etaster holdays in
STCrp h Coartbbean Colle Qlub will meet the latr.
i- e0!are. No Turkey Diune at the home of I W R. T. Conley,
2Den; p01-A Duranta Pl0e. Margalita .A W.C.
V IeAn. Mr. and Mrs. W. The th o r-

of t a 34- The Atlantic 0rMge Club will A S at
b;MA*I nd A kgiovinn b hOld its retomor- 73 pa her
A lan.* f iner. lr row at the Marge Clubhouse. ookamlit 1

S ngM tnr e ,ently the The winners o f l t week's wi be, ven
!#% afv tatin th.,tt a and and be a!

M .d. ...- ,. i' I(2, t..

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tat we carry the great a
Od's Tru an eaand ins e
water palL Thia mauts
rapnt and u, $Metil
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Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P A. assi6 s
yVe you Ad with one of our Agents or our offices. in No. 57 "H" S6 .t arA,.j
K, ifl r'' ...i A.- __ C nlA

,': '~v~

'i: ~
-i '

No. I,I7 CIV nralve. v. -XN.
Lewis Service Salon de Belieza Americauo Carlton ,
No 4 TvUll Ave.-Phone 3-2291., Ia No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Ml...
I Propasnda, 1" April 5 *
-Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Plcau es street btudit 8. .dlAlt On-Ail 5 UInr
to'urtb of July Ave.-Phone 2-6441 No 3 Lottery Plaa Phone 3-1W Phone u d a
UlMUiV Ulai*

Should Automobiles Do y h ,e .....i.. p mo sno o,. .oc- PROFESSIONAL : _
__Wrhes' H eAlhol -ei-- Ailetauneuam. So conages. Eletric tr nces. s bo e
S -$ALCE-:-ece-Ro-pi n c' FOR SALE-1947!er Fleet- 2031 Amces C Z stoves. moderate rates. Telephone
.jq set, 6-strand, wit'h Q' ae 4 do d.CMEMBERS: Have youg poaiddou 6--I Gmbas. 4-567p lsedro M- p
,Y'rim ps. Best offer o se r .5-'-,. -", .cal shape $ 650 00 Ccn be seen M E Me Rs:J a v19532 e wyou.Iw l
1,-Ke n m ore deluxe w ,her. -- |from 4 p m to S p m Q Irs 540-B d com e Send du5 Ne o W illnt Ch ,ta-d- "e Bt 'rl l 'un 1 L-*.
j trs. 221-A, Albrl'.c. CoAE- od .. tobol-Coon Humane Soc.,,. Eox lOts. 2 bedrooms .retrgeration. at g Id LIPE E A B us <
or 2 oth Oct -r--. bedrooms. *Erir f8l 2u3l; latjpff2Tiwit^"f AI. Mit 33for
-r 2-cycle1 10 m2 n th-- crj tron ortot-on on's $7 ,O red- cats and kittens who wcu'd ap- E ses "week-endr -2 0 t'
00; 2 ma .CO .od slat screen for duplex. preciate a homeHelp those, ho PHILULPS Oceanside Cottages. The add Sidi -e e..,
ea.; 1 dresser with m ,rr., .0 17 cannot help themselves. only court in Santa Clara wsth an J '.
Schest of drawers $10 i ia'e FOR SALE 195 Chryler SraoogO. DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Cl,n.i, Oceoanview fro-n all cottages. Steps t .id .
$12.00; n 1 .brar, tbe I a80.hor.ep er. 7 000 miles. Certral Avenue & K Strcet Corner. to- beach. Rock Gis. refrigeration., ma t. A"ls
2.00 I enamel top 'ub'e and pe. all extra Webb Hearne, 83- Telephone 2-3479, Panami ba.-becue and shuffle board. Pan- WhIen't e '
rs $12.00. all" Qu Pa e nm ter, 42n -rIq 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673 .- ,
T 'urr'iture. I119-D Gomboa. Phne .--. ---- ---- SPECIAL EXCURSIONS, BO No, 435 Balboa.
FOP SALE -Ford sedan. good mot,, FROM PANAMA TO MXICO Box No 435Balboa. new upholstery $225. Tele- One way $85. round trip $135 115- FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond TY" N ,.
FR SALE:--K en m oe utorri -e por e 3-3690. PanamA. dos I.m t1. $169, good one vear; to Scnta Clara. Completely furnished. (where arkle g la a pleasure -- .
shing machine, 60 cycle. v FR SALE 49 Ford Convertibie LOS ANGELES, one *ay, $149.15, IRok Gas Refrigerators and Stoves. 279 Centril Ave.w-rTel. 3-0.40
ood condition. $100. Call Lt Co S round trip, $252.35 190-day limits. Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar T 0
Turtlelotte, Amodor 4232 during S.x. radio and P aor D oerdr,.,goodcon- ro D ipt chService0-r 36 Avenidoa 20. h D 2-0| ,,70. F. 3:.
!working hours. Other 1imes. Kobbe Cawln $1250.00. Phone Navy 3740 PanamA D~spotch Service 36 vi 2 0''_
Fco.___eIs_0 A Au. '"o,,hapel Ups 1r* :
S619t. ter4r .pme. .. Tel. PnamA 2 -1655. FOR RENT 4. s ha Upsmatri
F IR SALE:-25-cyclh LretrEgeraNCr7OUS L Apartments 4Ini moving, utouagK a alagho e L 4o
611-B. Cocol. -.-.-. Spanish and Lot.n American doncees M e llnou.. 4 FOR RENT: Two-bedroom, nicely a IPho e 2, m" .
FORSALE:-Red leather couch anrd for g.rls cnd teen-ager. Stud.o IsCellaneO us_ furnished apartment wih garage mnltijlg. 'Phone 2-245t, Il;3.-"e areatt aI o v 6. f rit
matching chaor, 2 corner ed to t-.ipoanro-Americarn, Tel. 1I 3-B. SAVE YOUR MONEY, buying alrro1st Telephone 3-0746-3-3099, Ave- 2-2662, PanamL Id
,bles, 9x1I grass rug, ao- it gra Colorn. new tires of o I sizes. ust received n-do Peru & 34th Street. Available r. 1001-1 llo e '
rug, abl for $50; w sh.r.g a chne MA0RIED COUPLES --Stort ycur c.wn by E,.enman U:ed Cars. Peru Ave. the 15th of ApLrd. rlt
lableApl30.Ga grcup, ro less than -5' No 8. Tel 2-4516. _____ 'FOR RENT.-Furnished apartments, #lD, A -
FORSALE:-2Veneiionbl,',db 35ix0 Learn Lat.n Amer.can Dancng -IFOR SALE Unusual Opportunity. $65.00 each. including utilities. nE
inches $14.00; I brPeakao' 'et., 4 R n-ba. Mcmbo Samba and Tango Complete set office dictophone Telephone 3-2051 Pahiami. On h a
choir $20.00; 1 green hooked rug Tue.dc.y ,c 7 0 p m. Balboa Y eaument n current use. Three E NClub
$7.50. Tel. 2-3310-1407-C, Bol- p:. 00 per couple for a 3 monih dclatng. one transcribng and one FOR RENT SEDFUNITURE .- t sa
-; Jon the Icn. Harnet i cy:inder .shaver machine with Pcorl b ENT W 7 A ie Row : Vrit
)-R TRADE:-.or 60-cc-,e 9-', I Du --- stands oand twenty-four new cll.n-V Rooms a-49 ..fd Relvlt iD
estrnosere,,e. FOR SALE o1$8000 Cash :r terms. THERFOR RENT:-Furnished room, cool.AND ELL. mo d Ot It
Spindryer. Tel. al. --a--. 2491, TEXAS CO. iPANAMA) INC. clean, beautiful locat.on..48th St ? *r, 5. 'W. f.Ipp'
FQR AL.E:--5-piece mahogcyy bed- Real Estate FOIR SALE.- N- Co. and Co-- No. 7, Bella Vista. :" MODERN I Wp
iO. P suite; 6-piece bom a i e o .r o r, 3FO R A L "- o n C oo -"". ."O RN- .... ..--_.--".. ..
Strand, livingroon suite; 25-cycle FOR SALE:-House at La Vent. one hrns long and short wave receivers FOR RENT:--Furnihed room, access' LIVING the Rom
*T:.H.P. washing machine rro.or, mile wet of Soent Clars.. Ceel and All models on d.splay. 45th St. No to refrigerator stove. livingroom. "HERIS"
'G.E. washing mncchinex b,'if:ko..l specous. own steps to beach. See 3. Bel:o Vita dnngrcom Be a Vista. Coll. 45 A to-.Re tBe ReWod (onlid.
-tcbe, n s; r:tecn ex: .-, owner C F. H. Hull On p^ .i. B.ds w.I be received -,n -the ofice No 34, Telephone 3-4625, Pon- 7 the V. 10 B
.,te* blnds; nmi-cec.ncu:... 1.- .- Apil 3-5 or tell Pnaoma 2-3330 Ihe General Manager, Commisc.ry a----- i W.AH.Vs-rt )
,sqj.opt cond.taon. May be .etn Ap:il 6h cnwrds. .. D ..., on at Mount Hope: Canal Zone. FOR SALE I heon Mu
.tig. Hcu.e 8026-C, 2nd ireei 31 SALE---Col ane bedroom. aon-.ur,, 3 00 p.m., Friday, April 10, F R SM L ,*.-
Phone 2-3279. i ng-oo-n, par,:r. 2 miles ot of| 1953. w'en they will be opened in
SSALE:- fRefr;gerator, 2-ccl Chorrero. sucled Cn 10 hecrares -bb.c. fcr furshng 80 gallons of 0818 OO' e t t "
Coldspot, bver 9 cu. ft., l ena'el. r ure Tel. 2-1945, Apt. fresh bulk nilk. raw or pos rized, F SALE:-Ko er Ats- A
FIn A-Icondition.Phone2-4 3alrr 1 Pinar.a dail e e- nd y g t .. oline Electric Plant 1 1-2 HP. in AND SLIPCOVT. A"
ca1' dt 0440-1, Anccn o next to R rcd A d. -16 to May 31, 1953. perfect condtio 40. Th -
l t 0440-1 Anco xt oIFOR~SALE -2 lot s tuoted in La Forms of proposal .w full partcu- perfect conds to. h44I.40. Tehes '
aortan's Greenhousel. Crrasou,il c'oae to school house laors,m b p o c Te xass Co. lPanam Irnc Tel. 2m 1|R I CTy I i. : ''OR
FQ4-.ALE.--3p. plastic uphol..tered 1500 enter. $3 00 MI the Supply & Service Director, Balboai- --. 0A I :. .
.-tilrcom suite $90, Frigidaire re- Tel 2-194 Api 414. Panama. Heights. or of the General Manager, FOR SALE: 20-ft. boat, 6 14 Dr. G AliPO lM
rn'erator 6Q-cycle $125: 2 bam- '- Commissary Division, Mount Hope, beom. new cabin, V-8engthle, wl- '
boo rums 6" by 6" $3 50 each, PERSONALS Canal Zone ter cooled manifolds. Near comple- s
double bed $20.00.. 12.1 VRa Espa- ... -- FO A --B- tion. $650.00 or best offer; Se et -oa r:" '. a, 1. 1, R4
ane 3.4697. ATTENTION TEEN-AGERS.- Leam r IS.,:- Bab r .c om -mboo Yacht Club. e O '.
bhf g f rtt; iGamboo Yacht Club. d- phesie .
oblme20 2VE s p,,-F h g iablo. Phone21 9-
w t Foettot Swing, FOR SALE F-'ob2ng hamsters (tap. M/fo d condtton. Atopuy mo-
.. 'dlm e losdson. LaVarsevienne, p .1 ,, o-;)__ O P,_.-,*.-.condalo. liry o. ~

$10, woode" --,-e- __nc lUo oror.j E v_ iem_,on Value ,- ',ndl ) Ha d( ( ) ,i a ,ffi .-n.*
px .oprtet My Purcdeal house a Re tl Bargan. I. r. Call Navy 45.

.,r' a is as is." 81la-A Many "m al half the.r regular r-lwl '
I t.Pa, ae. Mmarmi.a. hon :en Moeorless 239- Lqu. Pedro Miguel. **-Wt S
.-abl -1. cr en ellda at 5 pm Baf clbnee h$20nd-. 00 T it ".

pi..rlcoL 10 m r. ., bur^.'hea c r oua. LEWISBUROG P. P April (UP
$5, RC3 t A u ix7.0 n mo thscourse H riett uqupDunnARnNS ty S A t -PresiLent Elsenhower vor- .
inod attachment, $40; 10e OM For One Week Only A Conei t P
for, $15, native wood You will hm aBsal no
0cell, wooden fence for ih. -- I 65 E tmoO. OIstnd Val Good Fridueay:. -'.OM T -
Fe Pludynbo h m rc, oos-yAalealB vbeP W S a erI"P-ll

D Wsh aso mchne 5 about to board U. .-bound Hayden sent the P al ,
SP lo 374 ater 4ship. he got as ar as the AGO, April 4. -(UP) quetoaire and rece an T Ar
anpan with Jher baby dauur- nasance art treasures aswer from l1-
our months changed her mind. dra and recovered n a raid nyder' lth

Oas o jst o17x.10hand-quOutpnctunityn at Presi ent Elsenn hower tl s th I 2r
AllIn good conton. Hou Miss.. A nrvl 4 P at e o Ite books are the Bible, k.2 :dwr "
pbEr 7. Apt. numbird 6. Lole A ~~COR ,.An l 4 Cent a Ave.,No.. _o *TwI A Conneeielt e
,PO_. mrormed oh her latest vac brideon. Kin Arthur's n o r and the h o*.l *
Emmons had planned o mee The nine work s of hakespe a A

W ANTED ,ed, an p ,ex, -moar tho.d in BI Recoversed Ad l n 1 r:n :Vencr
,el tto ,. be S eS This -Thi sinforma'tl on Udi di: PIs O Of s avorl**oite 4'
i love ;b 'c. b today by Bucknell Univereity ..b Good Fiday,- at Your :16411-1
oorntle b automobt rol h rarian Harold W. Hayden, oho -(c0W
M iclanos deupdeO..ut I ssa bus driver.T asu0es Sfi0en I C s.r .oIS
cID.-- a aeri Couple,he Cri- couadrt ber ioltnd almou a. ria- preparing an exhibit off rr- al"C.- Neat -o'
l qu.drolS, Peifch ide reL- nelonme th hi n ts fe.m Doris. but'. I ltutei. I ite boies .of4 OPrtlled -ayI. S ." :'
RepIit*ObI-38 she backed out just as she was cen o Ue Holy G Ans erice ns.
-MD: -.Washing ach.n, 25about to board a U.S. -.-bound r t Hayden sent the Pre._do _-w 7. .
'a. Pho "avy3d740 after 4 ship. Qhe got as far as the CHCAGO, pril 4 r (Up)_ questionnaire received. anTnAU M
o. angplacmer bwiuth her baby dau iner l o Pnaisance ar treaures, answer from tt. Eb enh s,
o n ier and, for the~ third timeIn Sltoen from Kentu e cathe- assistant pres t M
.* --,h~g four months, changed her midfand. dral and recovered. -in- a rd Snyder.
i p mlon I "I Dins t homesick," she here by t -. Wncdnedtn 1 In exphlainri the Bible m the T nOur
said. may be -one of t.h- chief executivyfl, first selection,

tries. land in 1931. He sad theo were arrested in co ratron with tn y wro
r-- "Ehe's been kiJune of last vus,e antngs i the worNo'on I. Kreaske HOLLYWOOD: i. idI sum
Emnmons had plalrned to meetrI The nane rerl ... President wBast tep- r.e_ ri-r

o TilesO .- -,ru -,ed-Th eIni nd Gus Mn ot nad rasee a .TDY A 7
Wllery Services Begin cledher ,..Ib y tlremyshU i merr Ja dre u

feWmeth Art. Oelier In a a t rrca te din wan sr dsclo.r mres-Sha k ; .s '
fn re sto.- la se Y uoail e oue f an heta -

.....eWhicswteolor d rom uuon toal uenteiareprobablywrteoere r.e oL O
r at md Au band a thirdut. i me chlie to exmi thed pHa-
,ettofteri Aervics coyrtcle ofkthg rere podrailn.t- n 'nd 20,.t3aatl hn
Rbol'SO Art willery an Thererecdrreersaiddeha d.' re e-"h'rtInstitthew .
eon I,, t do smel of t he clnd to ld him days we aneido

AT laned ino 95.Hesaid they, unlerarte dnca .

m.te op ftea. gar moover. 4
v two days of the holidays will be. the arrests from Washington. ord pzi1 iunr r
AWO preses re- onduct ed by Rabbi Nathantw.. n a ..... ntify nth ,i wordel slao
Wtde' e painting Witlin at. ,.1 USO-JWB Armed od identify the New Acd. .o
`.B"This work he Forc"s Spr ce Center, La Boal The. Y Ro d ev.JO
roe and is the on- 'toad During. the last day of the The Rt Rev. James H. Wi.- suah.
1 ]Jkthmus who i ofL:ervanc o, izl Passover hole- let. pastor of the Bt Joseph ma.iml"
day. memorial Lervices for de- Cathedre! said both he and "Oive Say
w.a. arranged parted relatl:cq will be recited. hl parishioners were over- Shelton al.i
l of the The senedule for tle religiots.whelmed by the recover. He the dg'a mirmrr w'
I Hag il tad the arvle-s is as tollow: Today 7:00 said the rectory telephone co pree h f.g
Board Pad will pm Tuesd-v. 9 a.m and 7: 1) Ian -led nll with calls .wg .U
April IP. Hours ,..a. 7re 9 a I ., 11 a.m from "et p- or.' r o ho At A t'p:

W0p 4,


e* **/ ",. ^V".', !
.- w. I,t? *. *

-i .,

-,- -.i /K. *
i.' .*



S. ,

' 'Q -,J oo"'",
:" r~ :- L#,
~~ L"'


Cr r

. r' M i 111111


r1 ,** v' ?
.'.^,-, .1.

I 7 7 yNaW n Yn" n- *. .. .n
, ..- -.- -,-

MOt W Roles' Role At

did liratee? l
Aslimportant 1In Detinao -n.
"QLLMYWOOD, April 4 --Fem-
Ionne droeen stars who hesitate Through the eerie m e them to
h .at oegptin ..mother roles Rindm b and strange arid i u a
t hu broad- k a films can M take the word of lights of Asia's obi desert, fortheir a
Sf t- I rene Dunne that "a ood through restless nomadic Mor- JSane.
mother* a$t never deglamorl- I enam eats, Ohinese Casey A
ed t. u or hurt l er c oa- s Japane caHvalr caret n ree
'reer, .. n eat Century rax h~J c ",
Sthe movie a thAer aret sr o adventure that will delihtUl '
S-in Unfr ,ofv a Uni v eo ri a gdlt lteraily grip romance ath -
Sla l1G~d -~ ~- 'I "'. rows ping their eata with excitq- Chinese beqast S.,
a o. goil ma-Oj Dunne safs, ret. appears in ner-f
.s,4& "'I the mother of two "Deatination obi," which o- cast as a tuG
children a my first important peed last night at the Balboa maid. Murvyn V isI
pictre 'Cirmarron,' In 19 3 1. Theater, tarrng Richard Wid- lve as V t, the
bAnd aging as those chil- mark and Don Taylor, in the chieftain w
"4.. "I a vell nuer sidestepped. a detwehMent of the U. S. Navy sarian prov itsde .4
P mioterW ode In films since I in the last war, assigned to a acteri nations aswa
S. .e.o War.beg r b reer in Hollywood Gobi Desert outpost to repo prtps. .
et bxha Wh.y asou ld I, when that kind whether conditions from be-
-- ol l da ., I sm Of .t rt o art made a star of me 20 hind enemt lines. A sudden Jap The fast-paced aclton
V.. I tyeares agoe? air attack sends the small band ceeds with mait
SIrenes thother art In "'It of seven war-toughened men on mnder the det
G.rows. On 'trees" her fourth a desperate dash to the sea a- ert Wise' lo. 1'
&role o t lP b kind in the last cross a no-man's land of and interspersea t le
ofivet.yi ..1t b others having and storm to a final showdown dance and
been i. T- Mudlark." "I Re- n n an anc t seaport town in of red-blooded Aetas
FOV6.a.. member Mna," and "Life With a wild and strand story a- never let go tfh sease "
anWlON- ... .. ..i EDj S. Father.".. bounding with excitement from mor. The m ag
Sbeginning to end. te desert
.a.nfor Vth ist. s"Bomne starn refuse to play chard Widmark is a well- f camel earev a"
Ie dinpetMhodmn other gets on tlhe screen de- nigh perfect job of casting as tribal pceon, ma
A gl Orraspite the act that they are hie hard-bolled, A tura "trawt
S. .r o rafn d d.f lI real h fe,'" says boss' of the OamH i n altruly 5stii l
Sh nsnever get T e romantic role ed diMtaate for arssumn l h -
NOWn fook p s one Fni o niafterwar, i thag'rO seen as rity. Co-star Don Taylor i ex. on a story by imfud 0.
r own by mothers flm. cellent as the wise-ercing ra- which was prilte* In,
iol d-a o y aili t I I-:S. Stars like oan Crawford. Idioman who persuades the Navy ,and was adapted for the
wrot Claudette Colbert. Ruth Husser to procure sixty sale an by Evrett Freeman.
nand a few mho.,el as I do a-,
astagestzs with Chutes n Rdielteoes a laugh .Hied and photographed fea- anda few moreeel as I do a
WASI tote,,Troublelone- it his" worlkr length pictures, wita bout it, althbUgh they never.
rI'Infor tiaiaIsnga AIformer a nd euoaa pe hap- Itf as the star and with played mothers as early in their I
71 I hMIItat.Tre atako* fotrthe p. or-career m_ *wifeUGeorgia-and I J'*n Craw- 1 Of liftv
prodqedn ttyo Po.rnfinds time two tful,red -headed ford won an i Award V .
I "Dukl" likes, to. a for' n .sd innumer- rea, 4 and -Valenti- for playing Ann 's moth-
swim. ryw able arta roles. er in 'Mildred Claudette;
Chk us a small Colbert dared evera
football a b ,"rno r. a- CitIsy Ro4, "Kind of a active youngster'-ad carry on C n r v e,. ,
VlBthe, 41la aI k X City Ho. sma`8. adlsd" a romance at.tre same time. -
for0 6%4 _t.tao.. odte "-.aring ailing Of'TheClown' In Famly aeoo agnr ea The Broadwy play that ran of a...idd.le-agd 1ho
Ruth Husse brda great off with every hnor-awarded by to a ttWeand
amhit as the mother of a htow. atitw ththeevryther of.rasytn
.ga t eo= t .t because te a. the mo. o a o critical of the tlfAst theater ed by the Ps, a farm
onb u daughter in 'Louisa.', I was no-
fraelKt-own former mlnated for an O "Car for UI apd won pver.f_,i ..-a uual swadsbuc
RRememberor-ne" Littlbere sma fto.leing .a., ,a

V i kept d. p sa crew inmade a motion picture out oflo waited screen debu
I itte. A l thr 're vi- this highly successful Thdaterofthe first as of the
Ip~ra on- on the get,:he~n~iver fail- O&ild production and, as rele- = theater, Shir B
f"., od W t "a'lfwtaleave thm laugh- ed by Paramount Pictur.Wed- wax aWared the IM o
Spnesday at the Central Theteb. Best Actress of the year.
ce 0tIL v a a e b vImagination was used In-cast*o Already lallsheg with
.: _, ,fb Custr ans Poled "ome Back, Little 8eba," And awards o r be
WI. With Burt Lancaster Io L.role role inw Come Lifa
ot ,IF" to n New that is entirely different from b," NWs o rer
ISs la nythin he bas ever o*e In the magnileent m

the set I & OURNI, (UP)- tra-ust-*A
sIlWare eso e amleb 'on
r.h;t addIW. to "ood save IMM OA'rAOS Je n.
"A.,1- BHecht, 9-year-old daughter of
0b 1 ,A, recent Gallup. Bell asked: dramatist Den Hecht., has been
41,111W. a natio em ona suspended fro t her role In the
.j..T "'lBroadway production of "Mid-
ob s -summer." Author-father Hecht
charged several members of
c- '. the cast withovitimising his-
W S ue aid lta v daughter because they resented
go SS--AW t*ILL p ..a Lant a* her .success and accused Ae-
_01 %. Isthe 4t t evtornr Equity union of o fneend-
.. di_ e- e adlAli antk ,,al r eatigating behind-the-sce n,
plagh Ss 'o me *aW itrtt oc, ioduced, -. 5had n o lotlon, plotting.

40o' "2i-oe
n .t..-00V ,. 1, a: h 2* C4 t t o, ea,


'OON 'EM 0111Al0 LaS., oe

.. .. -::.W "'"THNDE4 T*"
log.710 ~ft ictue Tht Reche

-0"K, ..." t m

,wk & .p ..',S.
-, "4w 3 : 4''

a"a AZ
AA T.-.,
74:' '

" .5 '

Field In

-Coynes Edga'r Selectors Santa Cruz Sports-

hoice Distance Rae Santa Cruz City Sotball League
,. II l. All Standing (First Half)
a Teams W L Ave.
*, -- Butcher 6 1 .17
Six of the Juan Franco Track's best horses are Councilman Luciani 4 3 .5I
Bowen's ul-Jlnay 4 4 .5oW
u heduled to match strides today in the $1,500 added Rebels 2 3 .400
S"rational Police Classic over one-mile-and-five-six- Soccer 1 6 .143
: ,:gn~ths. "tesdav's Result
Coynes Edgar, a distance loving American-bred r iitd', rHoliday 7
five-year-old, will undoubtedly be the mutuels Rebels vs. scoccer
+ clice on the basis of his brilliant workouts and Butcher v. Rebels
local performances. In an 'abbreviated game
l p Butcher. bombers whipped
The triple entry of Main Road, same distarc The interest InlBowea's Holiday to cinch the
SLas and Viajero will the Great Game-Quo Vadis Class, first half of tile Santa Cruz City
likely be the runnerup in 'E' tangle bordered on the en- Softbot, League- Di ,k Weekes,
betting. These Antonio An- thusiasm displayed when bi starting his firet game for th1
el-oned Henry Wh ite- classics are in the offing. GreaI Butche, team, allowed six hits
ae* animals have also been Game's time was the second for seven ru~,, K. Wade, start-
Sup the track during fastest registered over seven ing pitcher for the Holiday lads,
'early morning tuneups. furlongs at Juan Franco this allowed four runs in the frlat
S the trio. Viajero and Hart- year. Great Came paid $6.60, $3 and sven in the second and as
'seem to rate the better and $2.20. relieved by P. Grant who, aleno-
of winning Main Road, Petit Pois overcame a slug- ,ed the .at of the winners.
returha from %two-month gish start to outrun Mingo and K. .osepa and D. Week*
tf IS'latter than he has ev- Newmlnster In the main event. homered for Butcher and W'
ae since arriving in Panama. He paid 75.60, $3, $2.20 Bratwaite for holiday., Umpire
inst Main Road will be The dividends: Barber sailed the fame at the
t assignment of 120 FIRST RACE end of the first half of tht fifth
.ds 1-Rsits. $25.20, 6.60, 3.80 due todarkness.
light weighted Hartley 2-Yosipongo $3.40, 240 HOLIDAY
nad VViajero are expected to 3-Colirio $2 60 Name-loo Al <: H
kCoynes Edgar a hard run SECOND RACE R. Sealey lef l 8 0 0
!B way. In their only meet- 1-Mirand $19.20, 4.20 L PAichal, Srd-ss r0 1
rtey Lass barely lasted to 2-Rosa B $3.80 A. Ashe s, c 34 .0 0
Coyhes Edgar by a half- First Double: (Risita-Miran- A. Browne, c 2' 1 0
length over seven furlongs. da) $230.20. D. Bowen, 1st .1, I 1
On this occasion, the bay son THIRD RACE P. Grant, as-p 3 2 1
f Penelon-Pennant Won will l-Ricky $2.80, 2.40, 2.20 H. Edwards, rf 3 1 1
Shave distance and jockeyship, as 2-Daniel $4 20. 2.20 G. Rowe, 2nd-3rd 3 1 1
S't al. In his favor. Chilean ace 3-Sinceridad $2.20 W. Brathwaite, 2nd 2 1 -
lo e w"Paco" Bravo will ride One-Two: (Ricky-Daniel) $6.20. K. Wade, p 0 0 0
Coynes Edgar. FOURTH RACE -- '
The highly rated, but thus far 1-White Fleet $6.40, 2.80, 2.40 BUTCHER,
S '.-'dappointing, Esplendor and 2-Piropo $2.60, 2.20 Names-Pos. AB .R H
9V to' weighted Royal Alligator 13-Tilin Tilin $2.80 T. Scott, as 3 1. 2
complete the six-horse field. Al Quiniela: (.White Fleet-Piro- N. Griffith, 2nd 2 1 0
Lventh entry, Pavero. was po) $9.60. K. Joseph, c 3 2
.' pitched Friday because of FIFTH RACE P. Malcolm, cft 1 2 0
ness. Pavero would have I-Porter's Star $3.60, 2.20 T. Prescott, 3rd 3 1 0
as an entry with Esplen- 2-Arkansas $2.26 V. Hosten, 1st 3 2- 1
'"'lor SIXTH RACE A. Guillette, If 0 0- 0
Both Esplendor and Royal Al- 1-Goyito $8.80 3.40, 2.80 S. Dryden, If 2 1 1
S ligator have turned in creditable 2-Escandalo $2.80 3 D. Wee es, p 2 1 2
Workouts but the consensus of 3-Astoria $3.60 E. Guill tte, rf 3 0 0
inion among the experts is SEVENTH RACE
that their heavy weights will be 1-Cara die Grto $8, 3.60, 2.20 Holiday 000 61- 7
to mbch handicap. 2-Pepsi Cola $4, 2.20 Butoher 47eT t-ll
Another factor in this race is 3-Rina Rol $2.40 .
l- forthcoming $15,000 Presi- Second Double: (Goylto-Cara BETTER SHOT
w dent of the Republic Classic. It de Gato) 122.
Is likely that several or all of to- EIGHTH RACE Boston (NEA) .*-Bost.O 's
day's classic competitors will be 1-Salustio $8.40, 3.80, 2.80 Bill Sharman, among the top
6 entered for the "Big One" and 2-Granero $3.60. 3.40 scorers in the Nitional Baskt-
will be aiming for favorable 3-Florera $4.60 ball Association in 1952 3,
weight assigninents in the April Quinlela: (Salistio-Granero) claims he was a better shooter
19 blue ribbon event. Therefore, $12.20. when he was playing for South-
there may be skullduggerv with NINTH RACE ern California.
the horses not giving their best 1--Great Game $4.60, 3, 2.20,
S efforts. 2-Quo Vadia $2.20, 2.20 RCH RETURNS
Another President's Classic 3-Miss Fairfax, $2.20
tuneup rane 18 the six-and-one- One-Two: (Great Game-Queo *EW YORK -(NBA) Al-
1 half furlong Class 'B" $$750 Vadis) $11. fred G. Vanderbilt's Nat (ve
eighth race. In this corztett all TENTH RACE D et established a new -
the participants will be goin, all .I-Peir Poi t15.60, 3, .20 4 r two-year-old earnings
out in order to wrap up a pdttn 2-Mingo $6.60, 3.40 in 1952 with purses and added
the President's Classic field. 3-Newmninster $2.80 money totalling $230,495.
l Since there will be no elimin-
ation races for entrance in the
j classc and since only "tn SELECTIONS BY THE EXPERTS
llr no are able to take part In
+ any local race, the ten most
1 highly classified horses in Class- -- o -
k the $15,000 added President's r
Derby. I- -Den Jenime Tepeeso Menolete Dies doe
tv.Te icassic in an "open" event Dies do Mayo Dies do Mayo Dles do Meye Don Joime
A hdses In the lower classes
gain entry only if a sufft- 2--Ka sn Comrn Lady Coren Kelsan
,4.-d t number of high class hors- Electron Kaisan Electron Lady Conn
are not entered. This could'
K g11 be the case because It will 3-SeW's Moon Sun's Moon Sun's Moon Sun's MGoe
$225 to enter the President's' Winseba Dolide P. Redondito lo) Dolids P.
at Jusi Franco yesterday.. 4-Okinague OkinSegue Oki ki
Great-Onme-Quo Vadia dueli i Composlio Lolito Let.e
aqoweUk everything else' 5-Main Rood le) Cpynes Edgar Coyne Edgar Cornes Edgor
he tfack. Ono Vadls. a win-i Esplendor splendor Main Road Ie .ein Road (e)
M'r of his last four starts in Lm-
Ir yive fashion, went off the, 6-Corista Pinte Bracmour Corists
wheg ttmlng mutuels choice Curme Cortate Black Bell Pints
B 1psuthe promising Great Game
S-- md choice with about hall 7-Publico English Mary The Dauber Publico
amoumo bet on the favorite. Le Chats Publico Publico English Mary
./1'1a the first half furlong t 3-Fl r Sir e Turf
ffiOliat that the race would Fin-Po nas n f LreTu FLore
i e a two-horse battle. Pen Welsh ox FlembrM Turf Ledge
m outsprinted the 9-Die.. Arronquin Pragonero Arenquan
r Qo Vdis to the first Maleays Goldm Fee Arranquin
Sa tizzling pace under
t with Quo Vadis going I1-(-Wild Justice Full a) Sismo Wild Justiee
also well In hand. Apretader Wild Justice Full Ir) Full (*)
down the backstretch, 11-Vampires Mon iell. The Both Road Maen ietal
ace Jose Bravo made Mon Etoils Prstile Prestigiao The Both Road
t move with Quo Vadisl
-the classy Great Game One Best-Vampireso Coynes IEdga Sun's Moon Sun's Meaen
od the challenge. Ro-tm-- ----- -
.-the bend mto the home-I
Bravo made his decisive
but Belloin Pulldo. up on
Game, went to the whip
his mount again responded
S--etwo Drltish thorough-.
battled head-end-h ead
the strten with Quc Va-
from the wire the horses.
even but Great Game t
hug aack under a powerful
from Pulido inched ahead -
the wire to core by a head.
7-fhe time was 1:28 1/5 one
and two-flftna faster
Petit Pots made in winning
features C'ass "C" race over

(A) 000 000 060-8 8 2
S sl 020 00-U 10 0
Wrle (7), Nixon (8)
M3obba, Zeiser
Letta (I) mud Smith, Wep-

S(7). -hme RMa--Goodman I
er-Werle. Losing

(it 140 210 000-8 12 4
201 06000x--4 8 1 -
L I;W5 l aond Wnatko BIG FIGHT POS fM The'April 10th hea)ight -
(3);o Wilson, AntPdete- oshlo boxing match between Chamilion Rocky Hrelarh g aod
CJohnson5 5. Clardette1 conteder Uersey Joe Walcott hAs been DoOPpoEJ u-1i0l MSO.*
C looper, St. Claire (5; time In May. Marecano rightt, Dos e bl-eding., Is bowa spar-
Walker. Snider and in. wif-t-P onf 1,q trftalitz prtneri in ChIc92o. It Vas 4
rujneI.- S-hr'~ n. L ._ i.. un,, c............. ... ....

$ ,500


-, ~ -.
.-~ ~ ,


... C, I ..On The Al .; ..
Juan Ftanco Grad
Ikaboa Reer %asm
kn te o encounter
-- 0 VIja on the last nite ie.
Aprll'1st, at Babo
P. Horse Jockey Wgts. COMeT &U e n stomped .on the -
lit Race "E" Native 7 Fgs. Pun q$Mi.00 Pobe lelmses. to ,he t ne o three
First Race of the 0mlblfe -in threeu-qulrter time. Led. .
i CunnLngham with a 1 .
1-Don Jaime J. Alva. 116 -DropMed another class < ran and GOlena Treffinger's 22
2-Dlez de Mayo A. Mena 110 -ShoM do better 4 phf Me over average the Ui
S-Taponuzo C. Iglesias 106 -Will st the pace 3-1 W en p'emed Id chamr
4-Manolet- B. Pulido 110 -Improvig slowly 31. pignahlp fashion to wind up the P
aO n In top Spot. one point a-
head of the second place Con- plug a
Second Race of the : Oe H1 1 g hig htuig a nite of hotly fi
1-Recoda J. Alvarado 100 -Noth 'to recommend 10- a c esed team play, the Beer- ar
Ji r inched their well deserved on the
2-Plola E. Dario 100 -Has in nothing 20-1nt bw hinR al ld foul s snapper
ar e1 Plast 2-4 -Oft tby wiu4rig a hard fuht snapper.9
--Martl RP omez 105 l- p aor last 4-1 ldut game by 17 pins in the sat tus severWl
4--Kaisn C. Igles 1089 lW ast time 31 trame. The Rumne led by Mick' more or less a
6-8lectron R. Vasque 11 s Kelse and tm orlan Ith side of Taboguill a
A-uady' Carel, Lrea 116 -le o beat these S51 and 504, respective ,gave that has been able t
:1-uscao B. B.Aguirre112 -410 hltproyement here *S-1een a hari t s but
8A-Con Vaor F. Hidl.100x-Nop e oI-e '1 1 e Ot-were not to be dnied. By The Vikin left Thu i
-o drn V. dBrown. 107x --m by rider u rappl g out a win the sec- turn Monday. Thi is i
nadafe J. Cado. 108- .done much men" --Juont same the wR pin -Just
anagMD d to etay eh third place herefla in
n the final sa.ndings.
Std Race "B" Native I7 Fga. : $50 Pool elmss: 45 n cnn dn a Our fishing ha been so
SONE TwoI-a htbmla Cna b ynructors ina
Olam-bang e ntest with lpan day and bad for a week orb,
l--Dala P H. RAyes 112x--pped saddle last 5-1 Ford eked out a three pobtt win, areas to see if this was k local
2-Redondita J. Bavoa 118 -1Re- rns from layoff 3-1 -s one shy of a, tte with the
$-Golden B nd H. Raui 97x --Ditenoe to liking .3- Baenfor lete champion- From Mexico we learn that 4J1. oaVg
4-Petite G. Sanehez 105 l a Improve ablip Jim A lle led tbe Con.- ton only worse In some "A---
5-SiXaola B. Aguirre 116 -% et ec unfavorable 541 tractors with 51s n thi ssle Tournament was, as you know,l
6-Winsaba R. Vasquez 112 -POOr recent races 10-4 In which Doc Ica's reheck of 37 sallfh caught in three day. o
7-Sun's Moon J. Bravo 116 -Aeeme best here Zie~ the scores in the middle game tournament every beat in Acap wan s
8-Amazona F. Hidal. 100 Appear outclased ave te second point to the fish they wanted. During the 4 *. a iho
S contractors be a lose pin. the same, good fishing one day
Foman ls week -or twp.
4th Race "F" Native 7 Fgs. Pn*I: 175. Pool, closes: 2:3. PordmanUo Miscle n o v a n
wound u in third thIce In in-
dividual standing by rolling
1-Okinagua J. Bravo 115 -J.liuWed from betting O t high series for the nito with
2-Flilon J. Alvarado 108 T orm 314 ames 0o 196, 164, and 1~n for
3-Kontiki C. Gonzale 1z102xe t ach time out 4 a fine .55. a oi'aM' last game
4--Villareal V. Brown 97x e disinterested $- revent~ed the Oontractor' from
I5-Campesiho M. Gue. 110 Oeformance last 10- tki all Io or Ch Would -
6--Lolito %. Sanchez 114 -BAqine consistently well havegven them a ie with the
S1-Proton J. Chuna 102x -Cild Win t price 20-1 Beermen for top p t.
Note: Okinagua excluded from L. Paturo k-Chpro-
S being let Driven by Deacon D ude Gor
Seous Borgis with a 508 maSaed
mso uag the first game in their
Sth Race "Open" 15/16 MIle Pui: 6$1.50 (added) Pool meeting with Acme Paints to P.ldJ ha been almost as bed, from asom
closes: 2:55 "Nationalt hiles Classic"s th p"nt neceey to.tie goid fishing, f=n other it's the worstI
c :No l Rummen for third pla*e. h been sed by high winds or th
1-Coynes Edsgr J. Brave 108--Me to beat 1-2 The Painters daubed the 1uick- ould of ourse affect the flhin any whoe
2-Royal Alyhator A. Vas. 128 -Too much weight 304 Ien by rolling a 92I second able to find.anyonethat could ~sl t s the,r
3-HRartley Lass) C. Igle. 106 --Cold win here 3. epae and 2016 aerles, both high ;h .
4-Main Road) B. Pulido 120 -a--ybe "short" 3-2 1or the nite. Painter Aupgey ...
5-Viajero) K. Flres 110 good she 3-2 Lyon bowled a 213 last m e, The Plfa Bai re has p i
6-(Eopjendor J. Alva.- 10 -A0= d a rae 5.-1 high In iidv 'l d tion during this period. How-evert.
.7-(Pavero O. Castill 11 110 t thhAe i. Auge1'sI" perdl i

8th Race "B' Imported Fgs7.Paurset $3".0 Pool lose: 3:35 L-A has f rom
First Race f the Doul e We 4 the last of his mpnthw
1-BlAck Bull K. Fores 1 er-Horse to beat. 2-1 lath. Conbt. 48 so for two severs. a te art wi FI
2-Pinta R. Guerra 102x--No early Aed 4-1 Carta Vlejr 44 40 58 lotep
3-Mosqueton V.lRodr& 10x-Returns in form J. L. Putaitro
4--Bracmour B. 'Auirre 110 -Good jockey u 341 Bulck-Chevrwolet 43 41 .
5-gQorista R. PAuldo 115 -Shoul beat these 3-2 Cop an
6,-Guruca R. VaMues 112 -AlU *
7-84 beer J. Av.rado:a106 -See 1 Aeme Paits -. "' P.
r J a G 10 -:We 15-1 Geo. F. Novey r T 47 mb ,
Wally's Bar 3564 46
7th Race "" Importse 7 Vga. Fuse: 137511P81 1cliew: 4:09 lane, latichian NG& be.- Own the-
ahCunningham.Won 03-7- to b unum
2-Th Dauber R. Gme 118 -ReO frr o l .W.. le- .f 3-1 H h,. ,-s,16
3 --Portal F. HIdlgo 107x --L0apm otSpeslblty 10-1 10-3 am 1k; r
5--Publtco Bae r. 112 --Alwaa-s"ec d. TKelsey, Carte Viei "159-7 A -
.-Pi0.,na ..TortenCarteVieja .

8th Race '",Biaported Fps.Pamrse: $730.80 Pool closer. 1:40

1-Pin Pon B. Pulldo 106 -Classle candidate
2-Sir Boss A. Ubtde, 101 -In eZxellmet shape
3-Cardington D. J. Alvs. 105 -Classy newcomer
4-Turf Lo'dge 0. Cmat. 11 -Horse to beat
5-Comodor G. Sanches 110 -Bad underpinnings '
6-Flambesre J. Brave 110 -Better $ ever
7-Welan Fox A. Vas. 108 -Impressve win .last

9th Race "DW ative w F ars: 0 Pool sleses:

1-Pregonero 0. Grall 118 --Distance to liking -.
2-Malaya B. Puldo 110 -Easy win last out
3-Arranqula C Igle o 108 -Improving steadily
4-Ta Lady Halgo 107 -Better horeg here
5-Tura I R. Oaerra 115 -Could win at price ,
6-Golden Itan A..Mena 108. -Will win soon
7-Diana .: l Agtre 110 -Droppe4,eclass

10th Race JMl ji'g.Purse: $4064 Pool closes:
1-Siame I-V'OL glitlllo 112 --n wlnnItg.orm
2-Full) ,'. l U 15y -Could repRtedwin
I 3-Choice 120 -Bad
4--Paquea f0, 1 .- 9tlued,
5-Wild Ju # a 115 -i wo1tet
6--In Time' j mx-u 111x forapot
i 7-Apretador 11 6g surp1e
i 8-Alabardas A 0 d.
I, ---Scotch Chtu t ". Bravo a10 WI WKelp
10-Mr Foot C. Il s 110 to a9

11th Race "lGU 3ftemPr N"t Plot wer
1-The Bathn iaw. 116 rse to bat





as II

,, I ii+
$*.5 $2

-" 4I

.A .:CC11 1S

" ; ". "'

,l .7 '. '. .

t- e

.~'i. ~4~*
~ ...q~



a c .ujurjr ursIuL iafrintO that caufcci his I uest o ha d I
bout postpofmed. i *
f ,
... j I .' ..
^..^.^.*~ *9,^ .. ^ f n



u m sim isma go age I


,-". ,, ..





.i^V. "1

.- -3. .' b...ow
."-. ", "A -,'.;,'-* '-.. .*Irw.

V.- It *
i w:^ 4p'' .:-~ "'-r. .

All Eses For Hiding Piat

._ -_''_ _.__ _._ _,_, _, ._____ -',

| ..... esReturn To Qld Milwaukee f

". Da h Most rImproved Club In N,

I. -_: o.k ,. .a l.ko,

,-E. .6 the6w.,J, .o j2v -akes
Sft NIS. Oth u t M ers Addedo

Makes"' .'1" .RO' it thi s 'sa d
lit Wid o ehanie in my train
c0-o4 Ise alter tfo

r o- o S y re fight. 3
Sthis ct Iit to four round
t.'C al-1 t0l a7 and nevr uelt bette..'

tpIdlie I oun he Is otfS
file .n-.a a ame-st n y othI .l

.na t atog Dae h scaled be
+,e'e, blea t latp ti0a a ,u.Y who .uemil f ormlr wDIh Coa, ik at.ea mu ce
. player sThis hs Mostofthe When R oges saib f It nh neavywe Them eetn ownr of the b
S S he atre" wFor o In teiufirss~~t fight ia ,,was got th out of osto"

bAN becaus D a te D ia the change. Onlj swiftest outfield in ba II, The service men,
h would send 15, e rs. rad of the d another one Asking to be t*d, Di I y with Pendleton only a step be- Buhl and Crandall, strt| ik
e a Refer two who h e bu e or Klaus, also up waukee, hid. Braves' player limit
calla a diaga. P la.ey ha O'Connell, R eaked a halt to the eg tbo Rub area, ex- said: "3d Msathea is gOing to
bama t4o le h ter t ruton, a Dft-hand batte, Had this edition of
ChuhatrIII I s re9 om. 'sbDi the Commiion 1n ltre ple ed tofor 1 her,. d w l l to makes the speedy Jethroe look remained in Bston it e- v
' Ql it if e let fa half down up h examined Davey to a live audience break up a combi ~atton e Lo- like a player in a stakes race, could have made some I Ofj
e i gan and Dittmer. There'a no starts as the No. 1 gent in cen- flee headway against thel.'4e
at t,-ed o tho eid foun aaWesyou c future for me here." ter field. Being a right-hand Box' youth movement. -
*aHIl t.isIR* Srd .eTS & I fr e a West Co Wto y oewer 22 uranvnj batter, Pendletond who layed
.nd i sysaatnthe ondo0t. brganIdoo1dazde on," See Grimn The Braves have Bily WI- shotatop for St. Paul and Mont- This I quite an ouutfitpein
laughtra bbtsS sun and D whe regeebles former a Coach lters r mllam Quartet in the outfield real, complements Bruton nice- Iends, and in MilwauMee, e
.ame into hl yI 8 Cnm G .f U transfer to in Bll Bruton, Jim Pndloton, ly. Jethroe now backs up Gor- going to b swept on b, --
*.M^B tigs l 4-1*^ f&fll n h yleagg matchdr in looth took a ere were de- Sam Jethroe god LuiO dn stAtes, nos r n-
1from the seco roud Tere g
Sthird tr3itred ...e..
f Isei g 4 l Lne1 ag taro Os cnRt bf t uth e u perin the ..

S^"i ThemnsP w brie de b..,"4 eo..j, Ath te For ti t connoisseurs....
,Ibarn B H.e aO h* Maye resu ".ca rOHd- :
00 4 .s c tI n
n, .La..Ihhe lck-l-a

h-aed bytdem- r Sonr

,m'. '. =.+..Rotterdam (Holland)
..., First Quality..

.Iatport hirt -me -tceae, .l u-SBottled by
.. 'CI, I."ib & UI RICH Sik

..4 .-Ibi mmn PANtheWr avInfVE .N. QUALITY PRODUCoOS

t.e. r a etsib on and t re

theina liftmost Ofn r in hit e debate. Xtber, Virgil jester, no joke.
.e ,E...M"NO YEESd

tw. .o.I.

S'Sibr y*$f .k.N Aute Financing pi eon.
S(with no hiddesnhargee)
wi your income. Yeu can
eMt Ino~iw a.4Raimae Premium in tn I In i.
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Without mAItldlohl
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,~.-. *v*

s hei i.ay from
PAN F 4A R A C A iB 0
A* E W Y 0 RK
Skih t 14-1 Lima, Port .of Sp

points of Vien~seu. ",
m I :

4'ETIqfi YreARS, 1949- Is'- 1,51 1952
S:e'iS e Tmtm.en sa 1 SO20 Tiyll Avme

1LD. a
r.' -:.. .. .._ :o.DATE

S.P- 9-~'






U.- -.



ml.,- ~;4

i 1i~

; ,,
. i

- ,..'.


/ -

^pB^-'^f^R o.^^
l ..ii / '..-

,-: ."'i_ .. .. ; +./*H,

ra ves



F R. Steelman

K ed $5,000
al Leave Pay
tASHINGTON, April 4 (UP)-
a R. Steelman, long-time as-
S nt to former President Tru-
and briefly a "special as- 9
nt" to President Eisenhower,
ei otd$5,000 in vacation pay
^ i hel t g meant at "Let the people knob the truth and dwh 'c0 itry is saez">" Abri
j, end of February, White "I. .n t....
o~sa records revealed today. TWENTY-E I H YEAR. PANAMA, 3. P.. .
deSbursing officials at the exe- "Y
'cutive mansion said Steelman W .
was legally entitled to the mon- '" '
.ey 7.
Mr. Eisenhower last week criti- |
cized.similar payments to other
man administration and warned
officials brought into the govern-
Mient by his own administration
not to expect the same treat-
The White House would not
oeetnent specifically on the pay- .
ment, to Steelman except to
make the statistics available to WASHINGTON, April 4 ( P) military fp ,
those who inquired. -The House was told today hat lips (R-Calt? ".
Steelman was the assistant to Chicago Indicts veter worth.up to 5 All sign
the ft sidentaundertMr. Truman. C aI ndicts "rea getting free treatment in an" ,'sfitay- c, nw-ktford
eWhet the Republicans took over, r l government hospitals on Ug dand private hspi t
he was askedato stay briefly to IJtiey iindot afford private 9ed, M il
help in the transition. In Frau lent ical car.l
h teelman drew a $20,000-a- There pEtients. and 'others a m'At r 1t
yeat salary, White House offi- earning up to $60,0ayear,40 O th att
dais said his work year was 260 were admitted to Veterans Ad- d-out 500 l WI*.flthe
days, making his pay $76.92 a ministration hospitals with all- eMed ikey to ha
day. He was paid $5,000 in cash CHICAGO, April 4 (UP)-Four ments qot connected with their .tM ..
In lieu of5 days unused vacamen were Indicted today on Re said 33(f f the
on time which he hays unused accu- chi4rges that they conspired to baR Incodi3 of from tt
on time which he had accu- defraud. a Chicagoan of about TV Owners Can Poy =o t-o
Members of congress last $11,000 through a horse racing t Owners 7 at ft l r ., a
nth disclosed that figures betting scheme in which he was Childrens'
onth disclosed that figures old to telephone wagers to For .uildrens T~
from the'government accounting Lou s tle, w a hi
office showed 215 top officials of Lo y Lunch, City Rules w 11orA fdlaw sirier?.an
the old Truman administration The indictment charged fraud ROANOKEVi., Ar 4 (UP). who aweerd heQn rd it
i ,ew.*700,538 in so-called ter- in interstate commerce through City welfare: dlrecapr J i pr vatelU, hay be a to
l; leave payments. use of a telephone. The U. S. Fal Citywel sfare: direto r fa.y VA bosital a bed SAval-
k BWj.e Steelman still was work- district attorney's office here Fallwelod a tl i -a fat able bed
Stat the White House, his name believed it was the first of Its can afford a television set P able. d te I
wsMjot among them. kind In the country. can afford to pay for Its ch ee, whillih pis m dl.m ubcmit.m -
After the disclosure, legislation In their operations, the Indict- dren's lunch.ned that 17 C rean lizr 4
Slnt*oduced to prevent accu- ment charged, A. A. Mozan. He recommened that 17 chT requests. aih uncoverW *
ted leave payments in cash Chicago, was told tht-t Charlese dren whose families own TV sets in which o ve n 95
eto ral employes making more B. Morris. or- of those indicted, be dropped from the city's free monthly for ahnont I e-l
aboutot $11,000 a year. was employed at a Louisville school lunch program. ability is rulng '
handbook and could get valu- -
Mozan was given a telephone i "
j'gV V.,' 13, *abloeac information. Ex- Presidents Hg
Number at Louisville, was told ,x = IIU...
m Mom s it was a handbook, and
given the names of horses on
which he could place bets for
himself and others.
1 Mony.y was obtained from him. A Unit e tIteS
9t Ala., April 4 the government charged, b re- "n
'enweeks of army life quiring him to put up funds WASHINGTON, April 4 ( ) ning and o
L 3. Hafer. who decided Named as defendants were UnitednStates have continued r the P lidl teduet. hto
an n school and eat- Morris; George W. Carter, 50, some form of public service after'o
cooked, food wi. not ,?& akmf yti,_; chsr eaj t d on If theh .-'.*
a4tkrOr 0., kth confies- Barne. address no iven. eVV ed in the U .. Com.
r auttbrities here r... wr e was Chief Justice Q4
at e was, not really 18, as he 'preme Court wand otte'
e .ehinhe enlisted, and pro- d HeM ev thae oublic welfare as
a birth certificate to3 Amer IWIl F private citizens. Dl at
it. The, Army promptly or- Harry S. Truman, now the sed- tt
hipm Ac harged April 8. n f ond. living ex-President Her- t
a y" like school so I y bert Hoover is tie ether has .,
1 e amy," Baymond ex- said that he ould like to serve
ind "Now I have decided again in the U. Senate where A
scfht *..' much better lor hi spent 10 years before becom- were
SI..m tn oe." BERLIN, April 4 (UP) The ing PresidEt. He indicated, as ears
a oi'a morner, Mrs. Thel- Soviets today arrested three a lesser preference that he would O W .1
yards Of Akron, had come Americans who wandered into "give consideration" to running ana
same decision after learn- East German territory but re- for a seat in the U.8S. House of boid f
her missing son's where- Itased them after holding them Repesentatives. put" S
through an Army publi- for one hour and 45 minutes. ,Mr. Truman has also discussed wasN a
keleare mailed to the sol- In the past, the Soviets have other possibilities such as the r
hometown newspaper. She held Allied nationals for day writin ad lectulring on the re- He ..
him to come straight and even weeks before releasing of citizenship and Court r
and he wrote back asking them. Todayy S. ift on-the-spot the operations of a democratic ,t
birth certificatee so he release and courteous treatment government. However, he has
'get dicharged., was believed part of the Corn- made no definite announcement
,-agetting tired of the munists' new oncpllatory at-of long-range plans. .
ft anyway," Raymond said titude. The decision on what to do .
f-ven weeks of rugged The three Americans were M- next faces every man who leaves
t this infantry training Sgt. John All.right of Osceola the Presidency since the U.S.
Mills, Pa., Mt Hugh Owens laws do not provide for his auto-
said the Armyv food Frankstoa Anderson County, matic continuation of public
too bad.. .but I sure do Texae,.and Owen's wife, Suale. service.
r some of my mother's Tlhemi-ad Juit made the 350- Proposals have been made to
mile ,rive from Frankfurt when use ex-Presidents' experience
-young veteran of Corn- they halted their car and walked and knowledge, for example by
L 164th Infantry Regi- into some woods in what turned making them lIle-time senators
repar0~ d to head home- out to be the Roviet zone. They at large with regular committee
th the Army's blessing. were arrested by a patrol of two ass14nments and debating privi-
salnl Raymond's un- armed soviet soldiers and six leges. Since tn.ey would not be
arge r. and a 'birth East German Communist police, elected to represent anyone, they
Syndicating he was 18 American Military Police on would have no vote.
Army ecrulters In Akron. duty at th., checkpoint nearby However, in absence of any
Heard of the anrest and inform- such arrangements, they become
SauL OW Tie L ed American authorities who private citizens whose future
'! W rushed to the scene and confer- careers are a matter of indivi-
13. 1:15 a. m. red with the Russians. The dual choice.
in. 1:32 p. m. Americans vere then released. Mr. Truman has a precedent
for becoming a candidate for
either the House of Representa-
A ties or the Senate. John Quincy
a d m a Ban k Bandit Adams. upon leaving office in
1829, said: "I have duties to my
,,. country yet to discharge." The
S a I n following yer he was elected
S I T rS 1 en to the U S. House of Represen-
Is1: 0 Y a n PWhen t w&s suggested that
0 this was degrading to a former .W
GlEIES, April 4 (UP)- Citizens National Trust and Sav- Chief Executive, Adams said
I1 Atata, the "grandma ings Bank and the Wllshire- I that no person c'uld be degrad-. -' *
dtt" today was sentenc- Westlake branch of the Califor- ed by ser' ini the people as a 19'
years in federal prison, nia Bank Oct. 17 and the Area-' Representative in Congress or as .,1
Sshe deserved it. dia branch of the United States a councilm:L,) of his own town. ,.
ata, gray-haired and 52, National Bank of San Diego last He was elected to Congress -.
Tobbing three southern Christmas Eve. nine time~s. here he served with .
bpaks and pleaded Mrs. Arata told probation offi-distinction until he died. ,
tp tw'charges of bank eers she expected to be punished Andrew Jonnson. sixteenth ~ t'l
*iM? t e0 r severely, and Tobin reminded her President. was subsequ ently ,.
to her 10-year pri- of this as he passed sentence, elected to the U.S. Senate but .
1 USB. Judge Ernest "Come on, come on," she told died within a few months. .
iaced her on five U. 8. marshals as she entered Presidents, on the expiration '
ploa the courtroom. "Let's get this of their terms, have expressed ."
over with." a variety ef feelings frequent- =.
bama Mms.Arata for Mrs. Arata. a four-time dl- y reliefL laying down the bur- ,*
qig+ late calme. vorcee, never was a grandmother dens of the highest office in the :, u .h I.
started your career but was so-called for her grand- land. '
1tiejudge said, "I have motherly appearance. Grover Clvee;and felt a di ... 0
Syon men before me Mrs. Arata at one time was tinct let-down. "I feel." he said .- .'

.-iby&4 ^ rad of your headed for a career on the musl- "like a locomotive hitched -to a ..
banditry, decided cal stage, appearing with the boy's exaresz; wagon."
Od Grandma" could Duncan Sisters In one of their Jeflerson, who vew '
coUld too. shows. After her father lost his leaving tne office of Preset
as you served as fortune, however, her life became as "shaking, off the shackles
for their crimes, one of disillusionment In four un- power," de' ote nis last yea! u to
41w4t" conceive of happy marriages, public serW(lee through vd uc&
t.rm, Tob in She returned to religion after li on, .
winning a fight against alcohol- "A system of public ed alion,
Mt, a for Broadway Ism and it was her desire to help al institution.q." he said, "Mas tIt
nd~ iapvhter of a multi- needy persons that caused her to was my ealiest ,o will it le the
MitadeVha family, rob banks, she claimed. Authori- latest, of all puLlie concerns i
Undnod 5ed her head I ties. however, were unable to which I shad permit myself 4
s threat spoke. find the persons who she -said take an interpI.' Hem I
ad p the benefited from her crimes. 'b, Unyesity of Vurgl .

,. .'

? .' -

IU. '
n thi

". ,,.Ya-'. l "-. 4 ,* .
,- -' ..j ;.6 ,

-' ,- ,


It. ~...



I, -*


a.,, ~.




*" .A .




&'; 4

- :4



+, Oil-



,.. -
*1' *'-

* 1
* *

...',-^'Jl ^ "" ^ I :,' 'MRIP 1 "F
gr ra^ ,i .-;>^* ^ i, _. y .. ..
:, : : o',., ,. ,- ; -, .
i ,-, .J.' dli~m ~ i~li ', 4

01r." If

i. e1sb lk

A' ~


' n ,


AFe 7Rs Sad"W s t. 18
a- -*
H,, .' m'd u Md ..

/This Mazerm

"y ^'2


I .



Umeyoule skin p to wdo sleptry
S t poer. If hap yoBe oonting jump
Stbence a1t 0ft of 10 in 10 minutes, how
S9 *Wi jnp o~- INa hourT You have to count
'aMi e hi a tie t W It.I


^ '*-^
B- .J'1

Dotograp h Mystery: WI

thee* M. s no wjS.
douN ~ tu who 2
hai4 t" .egg in
the drwing at Is.
right it you draw
a oWoNt HIue *-ne
frea dot to dot lb
In aoe dabr eo* e
wt ,ttt :*:w I ,
( |13
pltea 16th Agft-
urer. Afttr r *, .*
y u'v" fished. 1
colW asM drw- \
ingB, b colored
pencU w wray- 6
Wy should a
bald ala have no
usefor tey ?

Wvthta good a
Ume fr -yone 10 I .
to lg hisb tem- 0
W flo nv er
of any w paeUIsM
It la In a tight *e t-
place -?-

Sow, Aivatea Figures

13O07 037-

771 77/4 77/9

:0*o O773q

URB do not Be, it's .aft been said, but they
Certainly can delTve. Take, for Instance, the
sets of figures shown abuse. There's more to them,
of coarse, than appNrs at a glance. They contain,
In fapt, a greeting and a terse message. But simply,
without Involving yoqrseU In any needlessly complex
operations, can you flure out what they say"
poa iueone.n jews h d ampug nta no o pnm (uaop
*pEGn PMd 00 e ij 40 m g o UT i'aq-ifs

Solm a Cryptogram
A WI observation of Joseph Conrad may be
read by declphwerag this substitution eryto-
gram. You can do It by discovering what system
of alphabetical arrangement was substituted in
spelling out the seven words:
NWQ y pn. :
..*LotMsL JAno fl* np D PIJn Pus!ffl A4mA.. : o:fpog

Is It Leter-Perfe as the Saying
"I -

T takes all of
Ithe 14 letters
used nla this
square to spell
out Afve' well-
known roverb.
t1l poiMl e to
rea All fivet be.
glinnnfi at the
blank &enter
ceeding frtem let-
ter toletter

can you discoer
the pattern to


Ura Ias .hts. 1

"(marked by ar-
S. row), As I. all
.Rb thB pithout an"10 6oY"
'Wi OOfou r tft

.th a cs or cut It ea* 0
-' thi eaoard. tUm .a r
t ew *.

eq 1x1 oui J gop
man v W" tq
jao iM IIOop
iMJ **NtUld OW

n No
9"l c_ IMot
DogV ejie jeoMn

eom8 Jildl










s R^R *s Your Mom
W -mfyf^f .fM c O m -' -.i

au t. with Paul
-e tor lijah (Mat.

aghtivee u
S Inse In the


S9fmO in which Abram dwelt
S ( 13:18)
ai d er was ma o of Joel

wUderners (Ex. 16:1)


lpoU are some strange go.
S on In thisa chcker prob
lam. After White. moving m
(up the board), maks a ftw
mows Black's men begin to d4-
Watoe wins the anme In Ale
oe&w Can you plan his atu y?
V" DU%&
"Iqa 11:0 WO


Tony'Y Gifts

Moon 3 a Murder

poa tol tho tem
hftig., anppW
e*atty drutak. m
aft. The pepd.l m
, t thette has* h

pu* Mim anWdo m.e muH
tuet, amt, ,

WhIat ade tll yie of Siver
tato tried to --
maum 0 old fe -

Shad aot iilJa was 4ed. stabbed,
Uth1 lood aot theses| azer hus
fatthe rttP *
V t 014 aIPIi, rM sa1e, **ae w ast. gk taighL walked
paTAeo% jut al emoae aq and In the


. 7,



~S*dl~4 thfr
bm 'aS


*'. 'v*

is a.-
In I
4'-. g

- S

to the

p% *l __

^ '*' *'' 1 &
:sA :' -; ,

,- 3 .

.- .i.. .

'. *,'A- .. ,I I

B B S a '. .. .--.|
.S 2A .. ',-. 'I

II Qlbat, 1:10)
i husband?


*, 'I.'



ON received four Mrthday
I parent, three of which m
shown above. Find the fourth.
l0o mulam oWlM SnId "s eam

L ", ** ,j o.


.'** */- .
,'. riCh

._ .

." .

i -


,*-''' ,, ,' .

- ._.*.. ". l- ." ," ,

WINSTON CHURCHLL-(arrow), wife of British prime minister, christens H.Mt.S.
thy light fleet aircraft carrier, at a shipyard ceremony at Barrow-In-Furnes, I

WINTAI IS still 'here, 1
Wallr Seifert can't vait
thS crocus to pukh throi
the earth in, Nw Yoz
IRock eller Plaza. T'he c
cus masures two inches. h

HEE.IS A HAPPY LY in Wut Win iele, N.
Ella Eckert. Am thr 13 children (1 re at

I"flt* eiheris 2wati-*Young,;a iet
I are i*set of twins. bo0 yotAsO

y, Jimmy, Nancy, o .tle, I

many, few


~-. ~

,n .^ .,;r

. ot J




* A LONG-RANOZ tOn-Par pla to riMKWe4 Ca-
- l waterway wa aM wveek
mA Canal Oompaoy' ofd redtenA ap.
proved the project, et, m to eoat over
dollars. .
The two-phase construction d "subtantially"
Increase the canal's capacity alth "h-* work would
not in any way increase the size f the ships now
able to transit. .
'The company anticipates that tho moments
should be adfequate to meet the needs a&_the canal
for the next or more year. .
Funds for the work, It was learned, woen not
eme eat of Caftaesslonal appropriatlons, ibut
if m the co any's revenue.
At present sis are sometimes tied up five months
out of every 30 while locks are overhauled. Under the.
new project, the number ships which could go. through ',
the Canal: during these periods woulV be doubled.
0- -.-
The text of Gov. Seybold's testimony before the Beu.
ate Appropriations-Committee, which had caused such
a stir locally, was released by United Presg 40isday.
He had been quoted as saying that
workers were not able to assume res or
work with the Canal company. The tett
the Governor had said that PanamA ouLtrma
had not been able to assume the "quork*
the Canal would like them to assume. Beld, In
denying the allegation, also added h' has always had
the "highest regard" for the ability and skill of Pan-
amanian citizens.

A murder-suicide in La Boca shocked Z~nlans. The
victim, Mrs. Beryl E. Nedrick, 28-year-old housewife,
was shot and killed by a seaman from i tuna boat
tied up at Balboa, Alfred A. Connolly,- a "native of
Grand Cayman, then turned and shot himself. The
shooting occurred Just outside Pier 7.
Although the motive was not clearly established,
police, and the dead woman's husband believed Co..
nolly was suffering from a temporary mental lapse
when he committed the murder. He was a friend of
the Nedricks. A coroner's Jury was Impaneled to eono
duct an inquest into the deaths..
-0 o
Army private Weldon D. Farmer, drowned in the
Pedro Miguel Locks, while a Panamanian laborer who
fell 8 feet into the empty Miraflores Locks chamber,
was still alive although suffering multiple fractures
of both arms and a leg.
Farmer, a 22-year-old soldier who was stationed- at,
Ft. Clayton. fell Into the looks while trying to secure
a boat used to transfer unit personnel from one side
of the Canal to the other.
The laborer, Agustwa Pimentel, fell to the bottom of
the lock chamber when his glove caught in a kink.
ed rope on a clam shell btucket. Maid about IS Inehes
deep was attributed as one of the reasons who be.
was not killed instantly.
Attorney John O. Con will not be able to prae-
tice law in the Canal Zone for two yeaSE. The well.
known 74-year-old lawyer was suspended for the two-
year period by Judge Guthrie- rowe folowing an
incident in which Colina was sald to have ueaW
abusive language during and after a damage suilt
heard In curt March 5. The veteran lawyer gave
. notice of appeal.


I" *. -
hit 3*.e


Manuel fooautlul ,

Thie on o

Turf d
.Made 4/p

outS an

Frem Washingtmp eame news ef the aeeidhimo
of Jseb I. Knea, i s U.S. M ha ftr the Pap.
amA COrnal Zone, to mseeeed Joha R.IL.Haslug wbo

A'brook-based planes were thrown Into an airlft
to -*d two stricken IMuadorean tle.. e
'"he "Air-Bridge," which began last week between
Qv Ito and Cuayaosu has already traussotd a. .
cord 1i.40. nounds of emergency apples to the twe .
flooded towns. -
A Chines gardener who ran out In fro'f of a p -
In car died at Gorns as a remit of hea lajurlaM.
Pnlee however, atbkoed Matrice Kelebher. S-vewar-
e'd American driver, from any ,blame for the death of
Benjamin Weag Sam.
Caribbean Otrl StatewIllU be representd in WaOI. .
lWadn by Shitle Mlli on and Barbara 3Beay wh
were elected last week for the pofittou of Oofernor
and Lt. Governor respectively.
A Canal Zone emnploye, Lt. William O. Ias e-
eame the first Zonlan to witness the big b aa 4
atom explosion at Las Viegasn 'the Civil DMgae
. slied wa weetaeular thlag to see, bet tert.
ead the s.ion "Just another ig weapon" whh 3
id n sot are himto deatb." ,
Traffi f Bworke" verthee db 4te Na-
t .eal Bi.ny latter part. fa tn w6k >
hn-Nres of aSten, bmase ad statleo wa -
e4 for the Ibte1r1 towns l adedwfth i

had been 1t M f aw is wft
arrested tor R di the .aM limi. ".

died with a broken heart. .
M*i6 very end, JIm
re Athe Olympic trogies
t f-Vintathlon and
Stepholm. The boy, .
bls"of the Bac-F O
.triumph. One month
that often has been
history. It w le
fesasional b
money for his
a professional -- -I

".Lr_ ilk


I. .* -


^* '



,e. ...,,*? % .t. "


t. -

-*r *







r7 -.
a I,
a, I

.--P "- I' I miz-6 I !44- -i- .I.izo._ -.I.... -v -i. ,, -. -I I

t --

48-Blnde -i-Ridicules 41-Growing
S' "n P pieces 3--Avold out
... .t. &-Number 42--SupId
( T. ,?ortgtipCM U--eat in l 4-F11t fellow
L ehurc woman 44-Bind
S. -Ilghtjy 5--mises of 44-Rebuffs
Sa.. burden 48-Rm
96M--lddet --Burns pariot
i Iay with 4-Market
aoboam 50
96- a l6g5 -Aesen ---am "
I' n umet odent fairy
.~---St '--- 2---=,onalm
W4 --F! m m i fi .- w r o p e t o n

I.,.^ ^*; Il-. ii s1-SuuidL
Ie-Perfrm 53-Let it
11--Squanderer stands
-12--Crmggy 54-Diving
:. 14- ed ea
." .. > 57--Gentlm
1,n- 6--.d,-,. 59--.ourooo
fltie. 1 d 61-Mleswuan
T--aate -UtWis rope wAt
*8--kzeet 67 et

air 66-Obtain
115. theswaae outir

I 13-- of 38---Directsa T2Nuumber
e44t vehtle T4--Comcts
MWisiin ofelumtles 55aomles- DaglalbUaqi by King Pinare A*Udicate

- '


80-7 scendanL

r- .

M8 .3 -
m .

tnstr -- .n
o--ry wa, of

98-One wa o
a 'tiidti-
n ,
36-F ...t

103.a.. .-.a
1OS-Ro.-ent .

- -. .- .

n *

l ^ ^ ', 1 B *. ;. *' .
V ',* ', ."-- .I

. -, .. I .
, SI "i .' ." -'-. q '-,x'" "' -S "- A

c,,.': '.. y '. '.*'; it ?. "
^ ,,-., l..-. *.*.. **.t. .. ,.-.; --, .

. :$ i-.. '.,': ;. '. ^ -, -'^: :,-. ,., ; :.*';,. '.,-

~. I...




IE I I -


onmr A~w-.-,



.~ ~c2 ~ -

~day Croir-W~'






*""* .I
,*." : %


M fvLtc3S a^*i.''.gBJ'A/j._i
i'HF5- *f^J^
S- '*'i-; -A -'4i

*: afe?^.; f : laa

Schools_, !

Canal Zone chln are a quite ,enough "Of then to i
.privileged lot when sWumer- round.
zime rolls around. Unleashed For the volunteer
from school, they can turh their who teach the. arts
energies and interests to actl classes, the Summer
cities provided for them by the Program eart. 4 '
Summer Recreation Program, nIngwlt-1 nh.aag0
an organization with few coun- inh raoU OW te
terparts in other large or -small the children,
communities. Mrs. John J. Kenne
If not unique, the Summer Balboa will direct most
Recreation Program Is unusual classes for Instructors
in thd opportunities It, offers In both the U.S. and
all Canal Zone children for con- communities.. Training
structive vacation fun. for the lOcaQ rate
The activities in which they started April 4 on64
may participate are numerous side, of t' Isthm
and varied -ranging from baa- begin April 11 at
kJet weaving to scavenger hunts, and will continue over*a p '
linger painting and doll shows,. of about four weekk,
The choice of activities in each I A tlhe ,, i -rts
community Is dd e t eribined by ties. the .intriai
the committee of volunteers classes. will start p
.who assume responsibility for extend over a period li
the program in each town. six weeks la which the
All Canal and armed forces will meet for one two-ho
communities participate in the slon weekly.
program and all Cana Zone The abildren's active
school children may take part reaL, summer Recreation
in the activities." gram- Will start the
Mrs. Mdry D. Parker is serv- week in June In the locailrato
Ing this year for the third.time contmunites and extead to:14-
as coordinator of the program third weeK In -Juy. -
in the U.S.-rate communities. In the Ujs. -rate communmt
E. Stanley Loney, who holds the ties, the children's a=tivlties
;same position for the local rate start about July 5 and continue
program, will serve in that ca- to about the middle ot August,
pacity this year for the fourth Anyone who Is willingteyervi
time. as an Instructor for &t.apre.l
Real "key personnel" of the gram In the U. 8.-mrat e 'n "...
Bummer Recreation program are munitles may volunteer b -l* e L
the volunteers whb teach arts ephoning Mrs. Parker ...
and crafts classes, act as cha- 2-1412 or 2-2905. V -S .' r ,'
perons for trips and serve on strts fors f the local ra ..... .'
the committees in charge of munitles are aske& j to i W I I,4
the programs In each commu- DT.lman Clark. telepOneM 34M- ..
nity.- 48 or 3--2961-or H" a
The program could not. tune- telephon 3-3548 r ,' ,-=2 .-
tion without these volunteers und4afor the Suammer Iere*
and, of course, there are never atloa .rograi come from the



.I .: .

a-d tie.. .Irtd "terl ap the

H kb m io t m l:amo re-
-e r (y- tes to. TOpme

a of m ovr (bet t) MtB tebd in
wt li, U1A A4 11.T. BAMnMr on
)rrbu iit. Ya 15i mimate telecast

ra. w ft ggaoss I gso Lon
OF6 yood fc^*1^!" as youii
stweh at -w l bust pMod
Mu- o--* --f iwJ- vtW~ ^
BIoz Am a- -Mr..-ow a
Ow- sU isem aism .wa.. ads
Osrma these emg.Nq eMd Mer .~ (Du
row... Amadac wit r eate.IW. r- w atdl
a the GImfaht 'Me: Ateankgt is Nam knAly a triekf
MIfts- ft go-". 4ii1ilm Nrfmfo *agot *r ---tus
dtb panl s m"...ptmsw uMw ueemer
weem 7 o usr agso"r ro wriu

I am (a Orempth ViSler) opeoed.a rwtaurant
. an tee reeatl. anae it htrowing s ftrom

I iew roe-
* Oai theam.
- p_ w,--

I wa Meo t worth of
IA& Saese... Barah
ar m) such a bit In
1a2 wl, ape wh

F Wtigher l. dag. _
PeRf.I ase. as sm
ts u 4:4, ]m

no abub- & nMtbng
Sof the De-

souMfw'4asr Wee ha s1 i

mu 91 a ht huct I& aty-
p4 me bbs. brte uand
OtUJM put off te record.
HeDmblian cbinet wivim
soer t proud mwuts
aZ 1m mew secretary
aI to be one mt
Wife of the
t thAe l Wrce, Wt a chokr

e -heftveg o ntsum
m Me t n

ysLk yss^^

Is poimWng a let
thought it
butIt la
vmrPuimit of De-
4Ne ln< tais
so -rt~ am tiam

Rikfht M r tmUOIw
^Bfi^aaiite h U


r um-I


1. 4p~

I .
,-at the

ov. A


.. -- -.

'* ."- ...

... jr.

iri.-.. ',: *'".--, .:

."",---*. ..t -fa ^
1' .


__ I

agest .p,. ,._ t *
1w S
I 'iinlii kML a'QHtefmR an~


- '. ~.I

"wNMANmD PULIMusW S 34m warN. Mgm a

eLOA O@nqpic 1a.;T.S AL 1*990- Am I1 STim
Fea*sN mm TIM. j A1WA. P >WERS. INC.
PUI DoTMe. A3e i [ 'I 5L .
oee mu mo.fl -a---0-
am* y- MwAin. 0 "


Shine, Mtar? Shinc I fix your shoes up fine:
ThIt other boy in't do it can't make a Job like "ale.
I pelil 'an dmuty I make 'em look like ew;
You put your foot tup on this beo I shine 'am good for
Shine, Mister Shiner
M. Se6for I now get busy and I make dam shoe look nice:
I charge you twenty plata only ten cents gole. my price.
Fm best bootblack what you can find, hi town of Panama:
I talk Inglais and Spanish too make very much habit,
Shine, Mistarf Ibine?
My name, Seor? My name is Juan for why y"u Me to knwP
My mother? I have none Seoftr: she died lnemg tbe age o
My father? He's in Jail Sefleor they my Bo kil a man;
So I just a make living. most any way I can.
Sometime I sleep in old iarae; munetime I sMeep ta sItaed
Sometime. when bIulnes petty good. I sleep in regular bed.
Some day It rain and bulmem poe., I live on one banana.
But I never get discourage more bettor In mnfiana.
Sometime I go to Sunday Sdchool. omeUtimen I stay away.
I have no boan: sometime I works, somemte I stop and play.
Sometime I go to picture show, when I have got dinre:
I like to watoh them pretty girl and *em brave eaballero.
Sl. T like Amerlcanos. but I like the sailors bet:
They bawl me out and cuss me and amy "you dam IlI' pas
I shine their shoes up while they talk and drink a lot of beer.
An' then they give me quarter and say "Now Net out a hare.m
Them soldier "may bueno" too: they always been my friend:
They talkn' very rough nmetime. but they nly juat pretaes
They come to town on pay day and get very much borracho.
But always dig up Uttle change, for pay a peer madiache
Yeu ask me what I like to be, whea I am grown up man?
Well, I UIbe for be a fireman or policeman. If I can;
An' If I am poUikmamn. I tell the world Sefior.
I arrest that big bartender, who kick me out the door.
I'm always round this cernar If you want a jhia some more:
I am finish: est biuene; Oratnla Star.
Today. ear half a dollar, so now I'D have some fun:
I think I'll o Juan Trane and ee them haorm run.



I:. ~

S th -

ITaft air privately tUA he haoD 1inai
ri ghl torffe haave. oml
ly. But he lin't getI to distr o ,eg i


hi ~SS~*qb~

*km aju

"I always have two or thm hat nt h i.
keep one, it impres. my hmeband hNw Mei



l .
<-* .4

r '

S,I.. o


M -

. ..K 1
u- .; .. i
..-, -:-

-*** t.



V '

T-^Wgk^-- '|





:.K- ;'4


lI' l
*1 ."~ i*' *'


~r ~


S ." :. .. -* *.

WRN- Nl ^BH^^^^^^^^^


s "* *. Ar.* 1A w h" 2'd ** J'a. *'
\ ., .. .' .. .. : .-
. ,^i-t "*h .i' | 1.1,- ; in.,. A ,...i 'icj j iJ jn *




* ~

S.' -'"*'^
A .



,.I i

--;: :ri ""~~f


IN od IB I


?.'*''. .' 'r

i^,,- ^ **'
^***.'^..**rf'.. ii
;.'?.** ,._'' '"*- "
t^-^i"' .. '^
a ': *'*' -.

1 rrs 9




g- -k

-t .4 *S r. t 1 g

"" ." .^ .'_^ -^

~*. .'*

4 4 *., *- -~

*~~P~ *~~s~~r-p~l *


';*- i i

4& .i *

t, *

'.. -

- 1


-f. ~



* -. t.



..'*-:r' -



~-; .1E