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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Freed Captives

TOKYO,'AprH 2 (UP) United Nitions neg
agreed today toa .Cmmunist proposal to opem
Pohmung;w' M y 'ofn te exchange oikik Ui
ed. prisoners f' dir.
The Communits submitted their pm9opl. in
handed to Allied prison officers at the truce vkil
note was addressed to Gen. Mark Clark, UN. -
"' At the same tine, the Reds also formally aw
g Red Chinese Premier Chou En-loi's apparent C
VJL on repatrioting- atprisoners of war -- which u
, Te the wpy fqr g full dues anmNiic o t. k
and A U.N. spae nan said. aolr the Mn
r C. U.N. negotiating team wi l to PonmjmOiM
ta meet with Communist ldegtes. How1 r, i
make it clear whether tf U.N. has so notified t
munisLts. ;
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'~he four-engine plane was on
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I T AeropauUes Ad-
1 e got ita firat news
the plane was the
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SPio Victim.
Mrs. Gerald yd
P" Iwn To States

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Sto leave Albrook Air NOW BaE
aL- lot5.t pm. today, for Pwornd.
st A"e Angny her on tUe Iron-

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*; *45 MADIsON Avg, NEW VYORII. 1t.l N *
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SII OW VAt*r. IN -v- 'S 150A


o --
Panama, R. P.
Some dvys ago, the Panama Newspapermen's Union resolved
S of foreign newspapers In airing Panama's case for a decision of
I) foreign newspapers in a ring Panama's case for a revision of
treaty commitments existing between Panama and the United
States, in support of President Jose A. Remon's recent announce-
Fient that he would seek revisions.
Following is a translation of the text of our appeal:
Republic of Panama
Year of Golden Jubilee, 1953
P'Dear Colleagues of the Press
)ft the Americas and of the World:
S"On November 3 Panama celebrates fifty years of IncWpen-
klent life; of having proclaimed urbl et orbi, as a unified 4emo-
fratic and representative state. Exceptional circumstance
brought about the signing of a treaty between the Republic of
Panama and the United States of North America to construct
the Isthmlan Canal. Its unfavorable repercussions as tt our
sovereignty are still being felt. Under the Good Neighbor Policy,
advocated by one of the greatest Americans of this century, Fran-
clin Delano Roosevelt, we obtained in 1930 several of our de-
taddls for a reasonable and just deal. This resulted after three
rong years of negotiations conducted with the United States
government by renounced Panamanians solidly supported by
bur people.
"Today in this part of the Central American Isthmlt, a new
national clamor is raised strong and unanlmo0ls for the'
integral revision of our contractual relationships with the Union
S I North America. Unilateral Interpretations by the strongest
ation against the Interests of the weakest nation in this
YIemisphere are weakening the effectiveness of any harmonious'
ntercdurse on a democratic and international plane.
"The President of Panama. Col. Josa Antonio Rem6n Can-
e-a, has announced that he will personally lead negotiations to!
ring about this revision. The Newspapermen's Syndicate of
ean4 t firmly believing that 'the voice of the presh the
anors voice" has taken the initiative in a national and inter-
:ational movement of solidarity for achieving the aspirations of
rnamA. ?n order to carry out Its plan of action the syndicate
dresses itself through this medium to all its colleagues of the
reas in this Hemisphere and throughout the world, soliciting
m to examine the facts objectively and if truth and justice
e oi our side as we know them to be proclaim empha-
Sthat truth, and defend tirelessly that justice, knowing
f. ly In this way can a true and universal democracy be
S cording to the declarations made In 1904 by President
tiore Roosevelt, construction of the Canal did not aim' to
tabh commercial competition with Lte Papamanian nation.
ever, at present a company operates through which the Gov-
nment of the United States conducts all sorts of activities
ich unfavorably compete against us, affecting adversely the
mmerce and industry of Panama.
"According to the San Francisco Charter which governs the
tivitles of the United Nations. and th' Bogota Charter which
tes the Organization of the American- StaLes, racial, rell-
uq.atilonal and social discrimination are abolished. Yet,
S er ts in the labor policies of the Panama Canal Zone dla-
W tloa of treatment and wage scales tha#t.'eat non-04.
Sti~ ~Afversely. Citizens of the United States ielve a pdcea
and privileged deal and earn substantially high salaries; the
ainder of the working forces of the Canal enterprise, with
w expeptiona, receive much less pay for work equal to that
formed y North Americans.
| "The tp and financial assistance which the Unlpd
I' atesglv Hatit s of. underdeveloped econoayP, ortl
t e aide M 9t my .4ziLeO t

d, enter
Fl benefclo- is Zn
I hamaon of Democ
rrk1 the adequate and j
ident thpt a thorough r
F twen t two government
butlo o the promotion
to th welfare and hap
q "W pets report tha
&at& pultee and Under SBe
So Latin America a pol
Inter-American Friend
Sthe proper relationship b
Snthe "Republican" eqi
bor Police. Panama bi
of this Continent lo
receive from their big sl
her claims will not go
'"Through this letter to
S ieal for help to obtail
rmen of Panam
of the entire world
information pertinent t
and petitions that
tng favorable public o
ernment of the co
S"Cordially yours,

i TenneS Wait

. ,te"-.--
AL 2 Edible
1gsmee's rootstoc
,* itkname is 3 Arrivals
h e "Volhteer 4 Golfer's
NIb-ash-- s $5 City in
t h cOeital of Genman
Tf 6aS Balloted
alFat 7 Yellow
UAHl plant
uv IParts of
Tkinto 9 Dregs
U 1lOEssentia
Iwajse 12 Fxed lo
1 2us i 13 Turkish
ew*e preyer rt
Il prey 18 Anname
pC1 g oint measure
20 man
2 iGosders

-Labor NW 4lt

And r 'Ij

Comment H

By Victor Riessel

Covering some of the walls .
In the national headquarters of
John L. Lewis and Jares C.
Petrillo are scores of Irete edi-
torial cartoons framed and
hung In neat array, although '
these newspaper sketches scol '-
and lamooon these iron men. .
But the cartoons are hung
by them because they are proud
of the caricatures. Editorial car-
toons are traditionally whipped
up In moments of public excite-
ment over some major maneu
ver by powerful men.
When-last I counted those
on Lewis' and Petrilo's walls,
both mcn ran about even Now
Jimmy is about to be left be- ''
hind. Lewis,.at 73, has planned
a new major strategy. If effec-
tlvely Implemented, It will -
rouse the country. He has wor-
ed out a political as we llu -a
Industrial entente with David
McDonald. leader of the CIO
Steelworkers. '
Not only will they Join for e
aIlast the steel and cal
companies; they will use thet
l.50001-member coalition aU
a political combine also to
pressure Preident .Jlsenhow.
er, Congres, the 010 and the
AFL. Together the coal m.
.ra and the steelworkers ea n
Influence election in a ble
of some si large Midw est
coal and tell produelng stat e.
These tyo leaders then be-
come a powerful third trome In
American politics and labor.
Into the coalition, Lewis 51
ready to throw chunks of his
union's 42,000,000 tream7ry. Mc-
Donald will contribute orglmn irs
whom he is withdrawlng frodi' -
the CIO's national staff.
Behind an this la,.nore than
power politics. Thft% Is senti-. r
ment too. Lewis i -the last of
the great coal digges who hae
led labor for generations. And
he sees in the handsoMe silver.
haired, Dave McDonald the
chance to carry oa the grt
trndltlon. McDonald comes ont aid p'. ...
of the Miners Unron, Wbere .he -
was aide to Phil Mura'y, when lid all the g i
the latter was John Lewis' vice- I keep marveing at w a w aonwpa of
president. time, facift cav l t~
These men have still another en aw. _-
bond of significant interest to Her lfe embraced neat a hunl W ye t Of
the nation's political and in- the mot violent history the world hs:pt to re-
dustrial leaders. cord.
They both differ sharply She was in herear rt ""ury
with Walter Reuther's basic a- changed. with a a"s-uma-
vowedly anti-capitalist philo-r period.
sophy of trip-hammer a tt Skg #he lswitchegA AI,...
niic eee, and saw it f W to ic. _
SbTheir bin dc an .w ....a..t al.
Their personal differese ea e d .
with n either are secondary 8.,
however. They're o .. A .d
his leadersblp on A .. i-

rals so nwr tm mMrnmoam L workers' leaders nraflh.T =o"'h
ot reeetng r m the Ma5te dPaIT indIatr St~ a theti. t
racy and Good Neighbbrline' ,
ust treatment it deserves. It Is o These thundering athtacs are ax, o
vision of the present relationships remembered by the' p u b I I e si--tIhe
Its is imperative as an effective con- which has i d little. c to witht
of spiritual and material peao the get behintdthe seats n hotels, t1
pines of the human race. anks and even iiith homand
.t President Eisenhoesr. aeeaear.p oi of our nation'. Industry aI]i sor eery bo
cretary Cabot will inaugurate on be- where John Lewis 'arid Ph a al. Shebore
icy of "right through right" meaning Murray frequntly made pactUthat she or
ship is a two-way proposition which with big business over a grace-t h she raw w
betweenn equals. This is nothing more ful dinner table, even U the
uivalent of the "Democratic" Good newspaper were carrying Lew- t
sing the mirror in which all the Re- Is' blitei attacks on the
ok to determine that they may Pope glnnts of hi satry c em intord
water of the North, confidently expects Jim Crey, fI ecr ar under een that th
unheardA I taryunde n that the
ur kind Lewis, Murray and now Reu- At .P a
our kind colleagues o' the wrlq press other, teuM thd 3tory of one such took ovrt,' "I
n the revislod out'ceolntry see The nogatMatiai in which he accom- h Iok
will be deeply grateful to their col- panied Lewis. p acco p- o
for the publication rpr all doements Igson New York hotel huge
to this question, as Well as such con.- commNltth coal mine own-
can assist the cause or Panama In er and oa diggers were sit-
pinion and stirring the princi les o r d otn haggl wth ea teri
untry of Washington, coln and rom these en ereh drawn
sub-commiLtees which were
"Rcarde A. Lne. Preet." whittled down to sub-sub-com-
-"Ricatte -nd so on until. John
L and t it head of the biggest
SAnswer to Previous Pu orporatla of all met in a MAN ABOtM
~z downtown; bank.
S si 1 l'there Lewis and the industry. Rit
I N i allst reViewed financial records, her ex-f
L agreed on the cos: the industry has a V
k could bear- and returned to to request
(e growl publicly at each other. Dowling)
SA lut they signed. ...Billy
S Even now John Lewis is work- ine a ett
Sc e Ing closely with the coal If says her
y dustry in an effort to avoid Mrs. J. J
Qoll&ae fJust as he's alwa j Dery& Duke.'
bugle quiet yav d It get price in-. COG ...
creases to meet rising costs. Th y) pa
Sthe 23 Canvas shelfr 41 To the center coal industry has been working amonted
24 Bones 42 Type of only part thne this winter. Mi.- barmne
27 Bodies of architecture ers averaged 217 days in 1952 al
l water 43 Relate -the lowet stlnce 1942. o Lew- bealteoes
2 Church fast r 4 Exate is has oeen meting often with eek ony.
o 28 Ch h ft 44 E t the coal mine owners. fil, "Fer
k season 45 Mohammedan Ier a1" 1
29ason 45 Mohammedan Mush of the recent sheeting alph Me
2 Gaelic priest w in entuly and Cntral ti ed we
u 31 Street (ab.) 47 Persian Pe n tuckla, y ow unde heuoer'n JeU
se 32 Electrical unit tentmaker veaigation by a federal
36 Willow 48 Proportion Grand Jury has resulted from The Ga of t
37 Quali ed 49Drinks made Lewis' org a i sing drive Mr. Big of 1
3o Unit of with malt launched when the hih-wagep Sctary i
of electrical 51iFish Wn.on ai s" ine e made him live
apacity 53 Island (Fr.) planned that e suld nt Harlow Curtlee I
compete wth lb n-male pits day a form r Wf
5 6 and strip minnlag. for emplOymeant
All this doesn't mean for ,will ha e giterm
second that Lewis hasn't tried will have to give
-to equees every lat penny, he
couldout of the ndustrialits. ill O'Dwyer's
But he always stopped short of,4
t Pl urray's w
Itoa When he died, aMurray w as ie t
Planifg a s wing round the "
S1; rle Wth Bn Fairless, hd of Slsd f
Io. e" tal, to tell millions of

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Ser the t.o, -."
v'll! 2 p~- t an t : i3 .
*.c ,' ,**Mr. ot- r- Ub
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kv 46;flovdSqp

,A1pproes Taft
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WL Ats SA service

. .. .- -r.a. ,
;s 8 dnr D3 IstOf March i

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l "

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mf d4isaond and one trim
"odnr$tely for our 4dw, heg'
ver, I happened to piuh outa

AaiMsav tayk t wulr a*ih 1
kruvipbn with the-. -~nv
mrts luth, wa forced to oW
mtt With the ten of heart, at

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ateM W last clab.
rstr play of the
..Ywttbei' it with
mu lta e


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it V
.4--. ..
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; e-., ; ::: -,:'
? v '_ '" "
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*. -t.-ip "."- -- ^ '. "' "- *I- ;;; .

.. F4^^ i i.
... .n m .,. ,
t+r ;.-' ? '. -- .. : .' ,' .
,. "". .-. )".. ,. -, ". ,,,.". _: ..,.- ,v...' .. ,
"" JP..'' ,.. % N '' S .. ,,. ;h,' ..
.. .:" -' = .. ..Uk d ,
1 .- '..J, .',,, ; ..: -- --,'- T ., ,

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". ;- < )':.'
., : .- -*.
:" ':"

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..,; *M^
*-^ 'l'^ (-'*

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*.4, .' 'C

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11 '1414

All eyes on her baby
- .- .-:;'

*:. ,*. ..
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iC rl.."LD1

. 4


Our new bndix Washers that keep

ad I dches bright, white and like


my Diapers'



the washer

you must see!

.s,5. A. TAG.AR
y -J A -" "" ":'"'..-'" 00 -+
Ev-,r "



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-F *..-Ir j1

%W Gar ihh e thi th Mt Ie
Conmttee y amou yuan the Howard INlClal
apod the nminaut of Wl have had a daughter born vn
S 11=m Howard Taft IfI, soa the March 31.
Ohio senator, to be amfaiodor
to Ireland. The girls hae been born a
TaIt. 37, served three year In two-year nrV*, e tnt r
the US. economic mission to Lnltk Chif Ie. ith li I .
SIreland. He is an expert In Gaelic Second wa Cheryl Ann. In 191.
literature and history and has T eadiy's arrival welmd .10
taught at Yale University and pounds and eiht- ones sad
several other Institutions. atMll I not named.

Now Available, with easy payments,

Sn._*, for 25 eyclesl

No where can you gt ai

hand better washer. kIntatltion
kfnors, W p H free one year's freeser-
d and
Sbest vice. You mme your terme.
was a
i de-
ing of
t TH THOR a famous name in wahihag m miahis
i o is now available at:
a to
to o Cntral 3 m2 CaliaMl (Ext to Emennte Tbwati
Sor as ar oBraw -.Av. e, No,. ,, .* .
aa no *'-

. .. ,:

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11 [i .. i u ii-t ,;

-- --

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-- ..*., M. .9,- ,,' :

, .gi^ InyA,,. Ifea(y fi ,iaal,,',iillii^ ,

S.. -. n-

ipping &Ai Line News MAR N
esa Airline Gets Francls L. Alexaitis, b veer-*. '
nt Here an Health Bureau m*es on Accepting passenger or SAN FRANCS
.I. Andrade was ap- the Atlantic side, will maltomor-
ted special representative in row on the Pananm a Liner Pan-
Sma yesterday for Linea ama tomorrow following their
postal Venezolana, a Vene- retirement from Canal Service.
an airline which will soon Dr. Byrd retired, at the end of M S E "
flights to Tocumen Airport. February as Colon Health Offi- M Lw
hairline will cover the route cer and Dr. Alexaltas etretLd at
rm Tocumen to Maracaibo, Ca- the end of March as Quarantine Sailing Ail ~ Sth.
3kas, Havana and New York. Officer in Cristobal. ,
constellation n aircraft are used A total of 124 passengers have (All rooms with privMite connecting bath)
b~ the new company, been booked for the northbound
voyage of tne Panama, many of! A PPLY
Freight Service whom are Canal employes and
rts Between Boston. Cuba cheir families.
eco, April 21 C.
STO'NApril 2 'UP I Bi- A complete advance lis otl C.9. Fenon Co., '. I
nthly boat freight service be- passengers follows: FENTON BUILDING, ~ A ULDI0 "G
ten Boston, Cuba and Mexico Dr. and Mrs. Francis AlexaitUs' CRISTOiAL ..
begin April 21 from Mystic and three children; Mr. and Mrs. TEL.: CRI8TOBAL 1781 .T .BALBOA 1065
cleks in Boston. George Anderson; Mr, and Mrs,.
:1Inauguration of this service Herman Arenson; Robert J. Bal-
decided upon as the result of cer; Mr. and Mrs.'Gorton Bald-1
urvey b the Port of Boston win; Mr. and Mrs. Arle N.
orlty of New England trade Beauchamp; Violet Bell; Doris
h Cuba and Mexico." said Billings; Virgil C. Brink; Mr.
M. Bresnahan, director of and Mrs. Philip Brown; and Dr.
SPort of Boston. and Mrs. Jess. L. Byrd; Mr. and N
The service will begin with the Mrs. Guy Clmbria;" Ethel B.
sealing of the Congo of the Cana- Cannon; Bruce Carpenter ;and
dt-Mexico line, Bresnahan said Joaquin E. Cruz.
list night.
t n Mr. and Mrs. Abraham De- Gr W e Fl
a&ter Tour Into Interior Castro; Mr. and Mrs. William R.rea W e ee
ate4P For April 4 ai~a Dixon; Mr. and Mrs. Jack B.
SThe tour department of the Egoacup and daughter; Maye B..
~lon Chamber of CommeA't an- Eickenreen; Anna .. Fender; Ariws
uncee itts tour of-the ear Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fidanque; NEW ORLEANS 8ERVICE Critial
David, Concepcin, 2l Hato, El Mr. and Mrs. Joseh- FlMher;
lean, CerroPun~ and Boque-, AIison' Garfield;. 1r.a nd Mrs. l g.L. rAO' ......................
to see the Easter. ceremonies. Louis Qoodman; BirdieM. Gor-' .Sj CN II ... ............. 5
ded to this special attraction sueh, Mr. and Mr. William; s8." BTFJORD" ....... ........ ApSl-
the banana plantattior tSr by Gaudet~ e; Roberttmammer; Lu- "QUISQUEA" ....................... 14
oad of the Chiriqul LandCo. alleHearnl V 1t J ;Huber;
S in Puerto Armndelles,. -, G 1 ,Jd Mr. and c
th a chartered bus trip to, A -1 [ 1 sU 'eod rwxod, 1.
Volcano's mount a~tt.a- nd Alice -d Mrs.. .
areamand also El Boquete with The6dorU f LY t eve R.
coffee plantations and navel Mahaffy;Jessie ,3- P-(W YORK 5ERVIC ~ bal
Mane orchards. mons B. McConihly;, *t. a. .
A Copa DC-3 will depart from Mrs. Q6ege T. McLinto k. *S ag f. .......... ...,....,..,.Mrh 30
ocumen at 8 a.m. Saturday for aad MrS. William J. Miller; WillL- S. "L. .." ............................. S. 31
ert 6Armuelles where Vhe lian F Morton; Helen Moilton; .S. "ARI .......... ..............Apr 7
tp will tawte lt Fruit Mary Q. Muller lie Newman; .8. "FRA GA" ......................... l
r by s &tb u i M. ~ a Mrs. lam L. New- B.S. ARN ................................
the club at 'noon and retuar- ton and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. 5
to David for a stopover. Here Carl Nowell; Margaret E. Orison; rrwiat pe frsc agr* it **t
visitors will have a choice of Mr. and Mrs. Ralphl W. Pratt; wsn coat c tesa ma puk
g at the Hotel Nacopal or .Mr. ad Mrs, Jam a 1 ,heney;
g utp to the Volcan to Helen M. Rhode; Mr. id Mrs.
aiy there overnight -In t *ool Edwin L. .adeas; Minnie. Reoer-
IMate of the pension (tbailag, en; M dr.,v.- & NJol .n D_.3P teo e SS" 1:0 'at
omue) in Cerro-Punta. 7000 ft.; and ohn F. Ryan. __ _m, n_,r___________ : 'a
in the mountains. ........
Sunday knorning the group will Richard ," 8alto Ar' and S.S. "CHIRIUFU ... ............
oor down to Concepcion and ~b, David '. earWl -Jr.: and1 B "CHiIQUI .............................. 2
to David for dinner, after- 2 children; Mr. and MWr. Chas.
Sars-touring up toBoquete with M. Sears, Jr. and dahtr; Mr.
coffee and orange ranches, and MrM. Johnae l Jr. and 31 week lsailn on Twlwv-f- plM l P to New TYrk, Nlt *
turning to David at 5 p.m. for children; Mr anMs. Harry MWe. L" Ase ll a phrdm ndseae.
S ie.flight back to Panama City. Shaw; Mr. and Mrs. Charles P.
PFare, $35, includes all'trans- Shay; BWrbta* J. .hert'. Mary .
tatlonand hotel accommoda- B. Sherry; Mr. and Mrs. Charles TL
Solomon; Ifraens 8oow; Leon WNTOBA.tL *11 *Ai- -
For further Information and K. Sparks; M,. Tand Mn. Fred 1 -24 -
Brvations call Colon Chamber W., Steele; Mr a-6iMri .eaph.
Commerce, Colon 807 or 1436 Strtus; Mrs. A. 0. TerwIslger -- ---.
Fred Busch Tour Director and daughter: H.L Wailon R.
stobl 19b1. L. Walton; Mr. and Mrs. Max L. _____
Welch; Mr. And Mrs. Gordon .
tnama Sail White and 2 children; Martha B.
h Tomorrow j White; and Mr. and Mr. Antho- i
Dr. Js L. Byrd and Dr. ny^ YQ U% ,b, 1 a y MI a s

or, LOS


SMIAM 0W ../.. $70.0 Round trip $126.00 Sr..1.
S OUAYA-H ne Way. 80,00 Round trip 144.40 ATES fro
jQUITO, Oal Way ....... 86.0 Round trip 154.80
,* ..AY....... C., ItFeUKa f.
Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office tn DING
Sat Pera Avenue No,.Tal ur ; ON UL.DIN,
travel agint. rTA 1781


^THRIL 7th,-' <-O '"

Ml u4rious Sutls Avi )

u r .: a fx t-. .--
__^_ .^^.~~ -. ~,ra' .. ... a ....


m, aas ap. "I Surpri .. :

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uk ,A"IRA AN OT I a 0
r* ...

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-.,-, _.m
----- >

AM$ 4589088850

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.=:_; ..;,, ,. ,.; ,

--~ Ifniast e,


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__ ~_~ ___ ~_____

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__________ ~IY-IY- -


-`---L~r .r L~. ~ -1

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LYW~a~L.- ,~--~ ._._,.._..r J~- ..-~.-h.-l;-

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..1 hW u. 1 F W y t iFkts

x mlt Wma 1Ut

I .ru O -we-A m Web iue het
Ant~Ct i fori submmi to take the

*t.uW*- ^.* i,1p 1:0. a. wi n f 8 t O aid c.def Barld I. Ia Tph m u
Lst or ..out 02 trade wft rCoom

Sf oic wil.b Ot trade behind tb was egoila ti
of whoa aead ahe riatsY ln a lst af 1

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Se untz on* OD
lu on% bad madeo r

1 *** the mng" beasde lffltrtio ^*^ H T s-t alte sti ise s ta ed afat e

ot" ou the daielen that
k a mrniing APtB I.t r ed t1e t red. tono t-
7ft Fallee Group ofart 'Me ith' civol an .iC a dc-

wa l M wilr esm iln d-ftteIhs Doe.ii f an taat wo hthei I ohtoutt lat l oitoutO d satwhilea

,i '.an Thu weay .i nd a e'dl biea- 8 t' t t a i Bdapld B. anu d ft Ri -d "l i n ti u.
,i mak lien tb -i ui r oudatnThes hrtt. a-er n tlrW atr Dufters
V.Wk i .lja n .eCob yWW' bs 'the
li, o t e. i t-,d te thhat
SMr tet. tht he nted entered to the
etaut ean wfl de- Petes ch La Boea for an oo H s whether Dulled i.of, ltll which

nd ,te~~b r Colon arty tadio ,take n of head turcton
Band de- place arond the church prem- wetl The hen i aneutive."

ae io to make line -geoatiter Mo..night, st^ Igqu bx Danle lqft lte
t-h e. N othe. the oShalbu t tho s cretr e
lung phre no dw tidtt' Mee .
n o arthy voeenuch actt i Ofact 'ontray to
et ad a the onhe returned to W of Is is helpd

o w co wel t hl. he od. from d conduct
:' Attraa otedlnelude d "I neotatlots wowaeh d
dimg s go' d before th Ifi co ngresonat

Liff'JSn Lhdeh.h Colm b" .,
t6e re to e ftsIt Ci .-. he

0t 9e severe en-
t 9f4, 4.-

be 01r ~ ba


Miniseri to Alm Proetmstls
9:00 a.m. nd 10:30 a.m. EASTER SUNDAY
Sermon by the Rev. ALEXANDER H. SHAW, Minister
Anthems by Adult and Youth Choirs.

GOOD FRIDAY Communion Service with giving picture of
"THE LAST SUPPER" 7:30 p.m.
The Choir will sig '"THE CRUCIFIXION" by Stainer.

A' wr and cordiad welcome moats you at these services.


/ Reserveuyo

in the
"iuiM-for duan

Music by Ca

.Children's hi


r ab.lenow fr tie. traditional

alboa Room from 12 noon
cing by Lusthe Aw&raga's Conjunto
and from 7 p.m.
the Bella Vista Salon
us Harrison and his- tew Yorkors

fl-portio6n at hLalftglar price.

l .. -' .. 4

H~tPE~^^ -'"' ----.wj- --[n !_* *


1 ,.' L 41

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.. ,, ,5a ,r % .: :. :...


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- ~ .S 0- r- I


*~ 4' .
4-~' I
~~ F' 's k


If you to~r'Ied Forces 6r if ya liave a ready
job'ometo, our Si ou can choose your own terms
to Iy'on credit.

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eirOftR COS EN EL UGiMOO: .r Lem-a Ua. ma
.D-M. y egi-l imMvbNcMi iu graim.s achAm mes
ulapiwd a comort- iadwss mlMws.


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~;,~,..,... ..~- .,1. I

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I alu

- .--r..'~


You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifiedil
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or oer offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panauma
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Sal6n de Bellewa Americao
No. 65 Wess 12th Street

Carlton Drio Store
10.059 MeMuaIe Ave.-hoiane CoM

PropmPagaf S.A.
Agencla Iternacional de Publicacioncs "H" Street onm r eatudiantwe
No. 3 Lottery Plan Phone 2-3190 PhoMa 3122 and 3-279

fi M Air

S BONN. German. Am (W U )-
--The U and Fr
ed last night that a
w 1r vie itiiu o
d ce t"an tYe Invites i

corro4ar across Eastern -qtm
Upi jffs words. t1 uto free aerln.
to T2 words. A trench kesman said',d he
C. M'lritd l word. speed the onvesatlons to be i
d, with the Untted Staites W
ft e prance participating, after
..ruter holidays. u3,ade & a.hl' M
Sprli-eBS.,,t' w-rir tadov Ruag formally l as a

FOR SALE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUS RESORTS C E6CIAL & t.o' i asoin. t. .do l-"I .g. ,, ',
D rlbnadkl0M Banglo-8ovdh at o .Nety d "
Household Automobiles O a a ..s me b Wailnw' Snts Cara Camw cot- PioSIONAL cub s w extended noun s e
Wrtelh Aesheli A me, teag. 2- bedrooms, refrl n, by Vasily I, Chulkov, 8o- Robinslo W i~ l gIeI ,Ad 1l '4p.
jR ,SALE:-Completely outomatRc FOR SALE -1938 Plymouth, $175. 20l3 Amoem. C. Z. Rackgs rangers. Balboa 2050. t commander In Germany, In m. and tuOrll wsli t.,o tei a
washing machine. 60 cycle, Ben- 00 House 125, Chilibre, facing EE yu p ou PrY d letters tomaUB. high Commiaoner tody of Brdttu OtadWj d'
S.dix De Luxe. Excellent condition. Contina 8 to 12 m. Andrew Croll. MEMBERS: Have you paid your C es nant rench Iiul Gmt y. g.-* Ps
8crifice 7Ft9 Cl5oton 87- oronetdues for 1953? New members FO`TER'S Cottagu. One mile beyond Pss g eonnt h n mmsionlr l Ody. o .,-'
sacrifice $95.00. Ft. Clyton OR SALE.-1950 Dodge Coronet most welcome. Send dues to Cris- Santo Clara. Completely furnished. t T | ILi mloner Ia rn- Roblnsn w ll i
: e183. 3269 or see at 1524-C. Gallon tobol-Colon Humane Society, Box Pock Gas Refriorat and Stove. Reynlds FETIME Al mi P"o net. pe ba l til
'ORSALE:-or trade for 60 cycle. Coupe. Excellent condition. may 2675 Cristobal. Have several dog Bring your inen. Phone Dogmar's mTh Soviets proposed that the Embass until
trade 1be financaRo$1.350.a0. Callp2-d26 mn5 C istobal araged foral dm.o.
.'. nghouse refrigerator, 25 cy- be finance, 1.350.00. Call 2- cats and kittens who would Q -0170. 1d Roofing talks e expanded lt & four- arranged for
Scli'. cu. ft. excellent condition. Area, Balboa. preciate a home. Help those, who femil ,- h ns wr eduteh-r and Sidla". sin Ir. heIdquarters.
$125.00. House 90-B 6th St. New FOR SALE -1949 Plyvmouth Deluxe cannot help themselves. wta Elcticl gasm boea The b n Tue a ln at lo- i' I
Oltetaofi Tel. 3-297__ Fordor $945.00. Call 3755wr see DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic, tv ies edmerose. Telephone Ug W, Needs no Paint, viet ea sr. j -
-.ftSALE:-Westinghouse refriger- at Navy Radar. Farfan. Qtrs. 6-B. Central Avenue & K Street Corner, 441 M -bs 4W.5 W MI- epel Wte toUoweaad up t .5 "a
ctor $70.00. G.E: washing mo- FOR SALE.-1952 Crestline Victoria Telephone 2-3479, Panama. gu l. .ap mlBeat. by noviowe infIltl u r ll
chnt, used 3 mo. $125.00. Both hardtop convertible, radio, backup PHILLIPS Oceid Co The BOty ad MI ty.
Aycle. 154-A 3rd St. New Cris.- lghts, plastic covers. Absolutely SALEPHILLIPS Oceanta Clara with n na Nr
1 -perfect. Sacrifice 51.900. Cost FOR SALEO court in e.r itte. Clara with nsNOVEY, INC hi. div re h-Agency 5 Iff
7-pic Ratt living- $2.400 Leaving Isthhmus. 2-2491 MtoCI S ch, Rock Gas, refrl eroation, A e AtGON, Ail 2 ( )
atal- in a pleasure) o t e rtsoa, mt
set, 6-strand, with gross rug onytime IfMiseelhimeous b"k4 -}s-. and shuffle beoardPan- 27$ AnV.- 5-0Te3 JM WW 1,016i, .h ld. .WAnTON, APril = (
S Bps. Best offer over $500.00, FOR SALE--1951 Mercury 4-door SAVE YOUR MONEY, buying almost a e 3 No 435Maartbo 1The Soviets t ok the intiative t -pia Elsenthower
lnmore deluxe washer, $75,- sedan. 14.500 miles, radio, turn new tires of all sizes, lust reeavrdIl Sa No.- 35 Bpbo inviting th e Americans and aubid to con l a '1is-
Qtrs. 221-A, Albrook. sign. w.s.w.. excellent-condition, by Eisenmon Used Cars. Peru Ave. S. itanBh because the safety con- olganiion plan to tat
.SALE:-Bendix Economot wash- $1.700.00. Phone Cristobol 3- No 8. Tel. 2-4516. FOR RENT ooe was Si mt proposed by one eatral defense mobll
ai, 25-cycle. 10 months old $195- 133 9. FOR SALE:-Webster Chicago h tR ora. CeOulkl r tton aency.
; *2 be r mattress $1 0 FOR SALE:- 1952 DeSoto custom- recorder, 60 cycles with m Apartmente p nd ort or mov r t re t o would a th
ea.; dresser with .irror $10.00; made 4-door sedan, I.rk new crophonem immune to moisture ooM oNvoirpenteoee.a
Schest of drawers $10.00; I side- Equipped with radio, heater, seat temperature conditions, price $100. FOR N-Attention G. I. modem it. 'Pbone 2-2461, to $tat"undesible air in- NIt
board $12.00; 1 library table covers. puncrire roof tires and un- Phone Bolboa 2-1843, after 4 p. apWlOri t hot and cold water, P P namLl olt miorttn a r bto a three- oa and its ffunctio
~$8.00; enamel top table and 4 dercooted. F4(st offer over ~$0Q.- m. fu.mihWll,-iew. *Tl. 3-4941, Pon. p r protet an BoYt fghter into Otice
$chrs $12.00, all Quartermaster 00 takes. Tel. 82-31' doys--- m ,ttat on Brti g .la Defe MollaUs ,
.fiIure. 119-D Gamboa. Phone 82-22"13.nghts. FOR SALE:--9' Wtatta' To-bdrom nicly lr & oa Th Profn .
6-490. FOR SALE:-1947 Chvrl let- erator, 49 mode iMti *d lumbhd aprtment with gara. aor| ae woul. Tt tat to tdhe O d dDMrl
SALEt:-Mahogany dresser with master 4 door sedan, good mecha- dition, 25 cycle, 1-4 lelphow 3.0746-3-3099, Ave- ee flan Wl l bh lete
Mirror, cushion chair and nical asape $650.00. Ontb be seen H P. G.E. motor, 65 2cy- ni~ r 34th Stret. A ilable eALSN NEW AND "eo nta fr b
kan, 0775-G'Williamson from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Qfrs 540-B. cie '$2 00; dart S AprUl. URITURB UN Ready To Open a = o-
qlboa, Cocol green 9'x7, of' kn I-oaprtntfur
SALE:-Porcelain 9' Westing- edgESSOe, p. set 0 .' (CIV0. -U i infulfhoo WORMS Men1
ous refrigerator with 19 months L L S NS bo .- 6s a Inp t .i N. s or e *Albrook. Ptto ay a hoc-
guarnteeunit, $100; good tone Ap4- iMiu & conc Uon t.o rIeswal to s lsll Jl t.wr'l ?a.
Spiaano.with bench, $100; Spanish and Latin American dances FOR SALE: Un a irtunlt erma aQ e rLhile n re t an thanet
a bles to $4; .Kn or for girls and teen-agers. Studio C0o1rl E `ltSt tl on I Corea. ard mCisti KTorT le Ita lk os. Ch in.loa IW e eI on
t$50; o 5-ube radio Hspano-Americano, Fel. 1153-B. equipmentn ti'curfMnt 1sta n nS o-.M
rd otthment, $40; 10 Colon dictating. one. -0. W n":Ifr s ifV. L atnno- WIa. ..gIerty. br"la
antt 5m native wood $cylinder Shaver ram .ltl -a s. S o lI bz, R t IL M- Tmalo .art

fon,5.rr 15;o e wood me 50r ebecH -5 ;njrff orE FWOR.^ 9 RRprt
i 10 Fwooden fences F RS EJ_ _b ofl uEra atlao
ruitOi -' oportment, $30 ders. New u value over S2000:B F OR R ENT:-Fum-fthd a l
w a ." 13. Molorcycles $3800 Cash or t e r r THE $65,00 ed f Its o b
Plo -rgorit". PhonFTEXAS CO.IPANAMA INC. TTfone "-20I w, pow n ar e theo end of tr can be Mirade o
xcht.ngd for reconstucted tires. Bart bdep: the Untd rit O h1 Cluo or '

Crinte. .",en-n.or endN. N- re atn-tached by hGua Oe E lroIe VM. ** f*d n NB o
vi.s A." Nyl P e laon "74" cu. in t eeray ineFO S t AL E no M ACo. landCfEfT OR ,SAM fo 80 US W ieit I
e r.'g ....A. 0o.a diLF pu te over taxes. y D- FR SA N o C REN.To se o Ohle Wl U elong and short wil roles d Iee h.p. p a t
TED:-CerI.tuoimdU S. and The ofrde r affect lands. All models on display. 45th St. N .' 36tSh Streel oft and IB". 3i tan Ng% Nv.
i~ n4r con,' 0 cycle, very L t. D W.I Kells, Curundu Fire Sta- 3era1 -l h el Vista. lar p t. N, r tl l No:0 a l .i- .. i
r ition B 100. M,1B Lt. Coal tin. Telephone 83-2212.i.r
,.Ambd.r 4232 during -P'*"-m im. -^ V 1 s
tie 5300 00 or best offer; 3 5 mm. FOR Sa
S DB* o Mercury II camera 530 00; .22 J. MM .1bd
-lWurtn-*use t.aundra- C. Higgins rifle $18.00. H.R. Real Estate

here._ 60all bB _-ats mal | &erni_ 1onh&tt and
ulAtustafaf wes ro ntereic, 60 c*cle 8s_ an8-3__ Bot .B
l iT 8 1" __ e !FOR SALE -.PLQ$TH-' NTIoc'o+l a ni an

im TaxoDisr t olsnack-bar and n.l ua. 'o..J '
CHMiscellaneous t nbeaE r r private POR B"E -S. ASA a T,

eaeh rols in d b d.Eehllor-rech Foregeen Gnatet eIrg h ol 4e t I *r" 1
uitolem for ,reconstuctio or Central Amperia Owned. at n V Y! "l Bt I -i tm^ HI,-7...".., + '-
r n porch cletse knsotucty-p tels part by the Uned ruit o.,
d *R r were attached by oomhe ua, bath with rp.d -. AAt Ie eesT
dis2-0406. eIa dispute over taexe, we, s h i e t1 eau.. m" h '

nm cn wrte very bref lngs brthdes and w~ ter front i- Aps a ell Pmt e 0 re
ription. Box 4utful,72, Balboa, C staattons valued at about 825- Al 2b en wer.e. 4 r. 00,00.e ik.... 4 Iei dle It i o ,
.. hhbnBeach rights ide.Ele norerbinp V-8M ovine, 1r 40" n 8a '

INfo recont0 00t0 Thienq L dtern Bm eau ndth wes t or but offers

o NTE- -B AmeIcan couple, v- In taxes. i ca e o 4 H dI
here. Ca Crstobl 3-n56 Cityr tateri on to'he i.jB i cht C1l
Btires.- U i by th e United Frut M",. ..M.led.
Atlantic ward.Pacific ecrIUNo 1 La a E
S. A." N u Permu g tovemenayt a on ther (Py CdnFRT-
fle 2-0406. a dispute over taxes. spelow OWN tep to e it. li ls p.

eB-Cen old u were among Lare torderacts of land asbullq- -. P nt l OMrms E "
a"coeo write very brief Ings ctriess a

t epoes472, Balbo, added to t nations valued at about Ian2 "Al .17- 1P M
rate rolls of the Cancal or- the ragompanfetr o W 01
quarters, Pacific side any- The raiwa d. t heWs frTgg 9:00--Edue

ew medical officers tlant acoand 1cTots oaf -)t 1
GaatrePol 1-re6mala o nt to ayerh.' on thTe OG

wETh succeed Col. Bi -aul tWarns gIvehima ea 2.....-The T .
F a C hief of t FA T r
Besides United Fruit. a .

ownersiare said-toEIncludeor Your it :".tu*
,a e W members O oi reinst R us. sia
Sheo A otwreplacesglyPEOUR iSWR ,,-
Nose and Thro tracts a land at
te rolls oth e Canal or- area o western ae
adurisg the last two exproprnated by theRor Gogs
,of. Preoetnt iobo, Arbelizir

t te upe dent Bdaut cautioned t. west not PRO ist. ." r
Hoe sita a Col. Francdhr. eo ree l e tim a se a a.
e, who ha succ been Col. auntw because of Red
Strain t the China' "about face" in acce
quarantine kennels. r ng terms that nRusia'sv end the
or fougnir nae Chief ofC.Diault, in a sMe :ch at H tD A

,IanlaNose and Throath bou react to the Com C
D.p LawrenceM. Dren- NEW YORK, April 2 f(UP)- *Arrit

move cautiouesalfhewey. st e drh
oWhether we e wneommunism because of Red

s V eIM arn at the Chinae r'sd "abouldt face" in alest we
in Trantine kennels Richb takerms that mayend the ou w ,
IreCleveland Ohio, at
otur fourn the Compis-ea Bidault, n a spoke durnat Hg a
to e Cnal rolPceman. -remColleene Ma serday said the
n places o dubirth nghould react to the Comm
ooove cautiously.'r

tatc TloprtnHE NEW Fou r-Hour Fire ail

o ....-YO,,NiVER n KonsasCity" ,
Dred y."trolfr he said. the W oltn.

[ tu "should take roared out of con -London

meNe t budIng IasL nght, kill-
aRa inas 1ube taken in our w-- -- .

Three of the dead and nine iit k HN0-
O' '. of the inJured were tirem,,, ee ownu_.

.~f& C. APIKES f duty and had rushed to
.glem he scene to help flilht the I '.104 ;
"ire after calls for help wars Alp" er I Ah
P" rded. Cause of the fire has'
!/ l / ot been rf,-,,,,-d *- **...

Lewis Service
No 4 Tvoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

4. '" "...

- V

I i

__ _~~____~ ___~

. -...j I ,

* ',f

' ,
, .S""


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^^frE tiN*W
L-'le-eB i ** *t-
fe~iB*f.w Mws a

mai --

aL, Mim. Wunamw

Wmn l ,aml. ar
lnn: tea ea -,We. de Etoa'
4Im'Mn leaw aosrAprla 10 ad

"au.Ga o-s- e ..
a~.'40-b tL

Lieutenant and Mr*m Owdon
riems, the former MiaN.ces
Athouse t. i L-
t ...,.T D-2 &3
At thie ttae Dr. and ,re.

N Mr. BsNwe to Made

1I r (,. ,.iBolar-
. II Safttiay Irom
T Sato gsust a. the
S t trom l the
ak&O the Ctoea
t and tHe
ly hus been rdng In New
y fr wil auasmea the po-

um Ca lmlyLeadI.
rlpnsa To Safety

ir .. Al n ,P
Br'TL3Nr,. Apri 2

or ne te mm a-
ews o "sei ,,
- t Xat -L o r., -. '. "
)', *I:.

.S.*. .... ..
,w .vi tlopA ,lO o i....* .. .
'L .."aw"-'"t .' r? ... "l,' e I A :r .I

A A i b/dkLOn' iV. I
q%,.' hT" one6 537 .

;L- HIT,
'' ljI *

* I.
T ::

-'-' k

'or to vort Cacou
a4 9: a .m.
tE. ui ck N.C.O.

Scout News

Cub Pak 12a, of tatun, had a
Mwdi U t ta Treoil houm
..a& M nday with the fam
oU busthe u as Owrr gruto
An oa-the Cubs WmIft iop-.

tr ad R ed the eni
Ittiaui a duarch and the
"BaH. nail the Cn's
AllUHe aad the "Orand Howl.'
ng was played and rfreah-
ments were purchased with "cu-
bola" moneyanado by the boys at
thetr den mseetlng.
Mr. Lis Voat entertained the
gtop with several reading, ae-
copaned on the piano by Mrs.

Th roup took this ppolunl-
ty to bid farewell to the cubmas-
ter,'ir. ayne Hatting, who Is
lteatin t i 'to redide n
Anemadm 100a7& The boys
oriented him a ban voyage gift
i appreciation of tw wock he
haM done with them.
AMs sa9trlct leaders of the
Cana Zeone Council, .oy Scouts
of Amerwa, wil hold roundtable
mehetign the next two weeks,
tlWCtchfairman F. earn
mud __ t,.

-Ah o tBeme wim b
held 'at : a.p OLS B,
brd48~~lpe;;j .jSJDP1

.-cE AT LT 1

? ....-,, & A.lR 1

I .

.3 Oodfr, r vies wl be
Ild I Paciic se Methodlat
Wesley Caurch, Panama city:
Sa.. Worhip serve und ser-
Prechar: Bev. wmiam H.

' & Bil--l-^tuUk *,o 'jhV t ',d3k
-< ,Ct a 11.3 .jn t-
ten& PTxlm
erW: RT.Vp W. Arhntrdng.
Love east observance will be
held lmediately after the env-
peras, C.Z. 1. 2-3 p.m. Three-
hour devotion serrie will be con-
t by the Rev. Wollam X.






O&Tsranmdthalha Reod.
Beaa 'Atey Ofeles' Sebeal
DAY 3-153i NIGHT 3-1521
MIMT:A& 6:IS P. M.

:0.D A Y.

V ,


BALBOA Gin oa M m,


--u------' a"T.SrA"


a- 1 rwehnlcolorl ft': "Lr M- r "

6:15a *


Robert YOUN JA M-ae
Tiedncoll r M 'LAT W"


1:15 2:58 4:- 6:-3 P.0




orTW w

.' '-

I, 4t

1-" sL ea Nl
*: *If-mwn
* Nl

.Ism m no "aseemm "
e;JOHN BRAHMe, ..m vawe



The Power of the Miracle that reached
out to every corner of the Earthl
The Motion Picture 'hat Reaches
S Deep Inside You... I
NOTr:--Yo wil seeive t the nk-Ozee a
ree TIk*at ter m effle tM the 1ms
o the VlTre f l tal |

I .9 2 i20 SIM3.iw .
Thru nMer bare fl
A11r" weal D"mk IAW

-TRpgAy gi Ij [ 2los:3, i4 P#AWre 5.B*

Ak ConleMei
At 9:00 p.m. WAHOO!
SI11.M tf PriMes!,
-Also: -
with Le Barkw

"THE I16 STOai"


Ateo: -

NgI :-A beau
be RaI

-AT THI- ---
Alm howrtlag at the


ipI i s of the V3GIB OF FATFMA will
soao te C a- Uk fm yeow

Charm 10 & 11
*pmc-Or and

e1iL WAHO'

Also: o- ,-
"Out LA Dr OF




I r


a ~

* b 6PkrsstutrtDo


w ....
"J liriHM L" I *

. ,,e s m. l A hgesow a l mg mA mOM lin Alm -c C* a '-,- ITA H A"IWI Prem I. L "

mL MGe


w e .. I .

l ._T .'-

, Pa

4 chm a


.4 1
/ ^A
, -' "Tf~~


I___I_ __ _

~__ _____


sr;~' r



Iri~- -~


~ ~3~


3 lb



J.. ?nr*r-r





- II Ian
I field.
4 Off
" rates


It tu



4 4

i I




~leae,. ,ar.... ,, .4r11a0, .

Vide Open Class 'C' Rae Tbj ,I
S0 4 t,
0-- "* '*-^ -F-^*C f'^ "ci r i

etit Pois, Newminster, JPailiifi &yDiv i

ose Hip Match Strides JOE WILLIAMS Stae
o SS second d Half- -
,ecL uiP nIeLGUtie leU a fte a.u' mal d a whaITer bme tt, Wy/
A wide open Class 'C' $650 seven furlong sprint STANDINGS ofe. D als.e Appeastl ke = has del A O& rnu l 1.V 0 -O
ures the regular Saturday program at the Juan Team Won Lost a wayt .ea 'o jl- -fem i.. ea 0 5 0"S '
.n LstO l nuta y kr hb t tr ,e 1t ta bWill .. .st s .
nco Race Track. Four of the six scheduled sears4 7 1 -me and he s paM- eassaOM nae ma as I eaaas read 2 .o A
Elks 1414 6 3 ia the Pacific Ceoast Leagle. u eai .lit bkm saved a
ters rate a more-or-less even chance. Lincoln Life 5 3 it deal ef waey, taxMe beiag~f (ad til al
SHip, Pet sAFOE 14 3 6 he may be planaar a new career a alret ield. The Next a -CGlles
e Hip, Pett Pos, New- wins, It will definitely be a Police 2 5 soviet? WelSte's lay .beenla ie in Mrl M., yen Aprl 8:
ter and Phlox arn the ani- shocker. Carmela II led for more Firemen 2 6 now--as wd lanst Orbtt Ai .O.
sure to get the bulk of the than half the distance and this A? .
els play. Outsiders Carmela time gets in with much lighter YESTERDAY,S RESULTS l, Idea ~t,' ad ~te "'
d Mingo round out the weights and over two furlongs .--. .
less. This contest has all the Elks 10. AFGE 1 Profound observation by the Giants' lZs Durocher: "If the Wnal n Team M i A
last week's race, Rose Hip earmarks of a thriller. TODAY'S GAME White Box had better pitening and cati ng theyd run away A" 5B
a slightly better chance from the Yankees this year." Aidi fra them trying defects C. iO. o 0. I
the others. He was a Another interesting race on Sears vs. Firemen the team hasn't a thing in Inthe wrld it. bot, el ? Dark Armk Tr 'anmp. b -iCk
g finishing second to vastly the card will be the Class "E" Star and Crafty Admiral, winter ract r be winning Army Ord.
wed Flambaro in the fast- seven furlong dash In which The Elks 1414 stayed in the overlays at Jamaica the first two .w B. a Utb.ttprep tIn. Floiht e -mt-,. ....
one-mile-and-one-eighth Quo Vadis, winner of his last race for the second half cham- theSouth often have an edge n eager Uting e. wir fromn Army STnal 23
run at the local track this four starts in convincing fash- plonship with a 10 to 1 win over Gene Leone: "Mr. and Mas. Pounds~ (nPe P IHat) wish Amy 160 01
Newminster wound up ion, gets a stiff test from pro- AFGE yesterday afternoon. to announce the arrival of a babyboV I t gn Vau4y Iight Cofa i .6' C M '6 J "I" Natie ,1
and Carmela II a fast missing newcomer Great Game. Johnny Lewis won his fifth the farm here in Central Valley, Nlr.. ,T am, igl e reader. NavaSL 1. 4
g fourth. This $550 race shapes up as a game setting down 12 AFGERS We aren't going to try to ual you this all. Ideal Brtd i
virtual match race on npet9. on strikes walking 2 and llow- r Ard SI '' J
weaver, neither Phlox nor ing tw hits. One of the two hits 41 Iada
Pots started in last week's Still another added attraction Ingwas a high blooper inof the n- Our twis that th.e LPe st: INeancee b- PN .e3ra6p. g ranm
andpOSe a question mawrk. on Saturds pram w be "was a high blooper In the In- Our tues Is that the -earn a e inb Itebe- W 5
and pose a question mark. on Saturday's program will be filed that fell in between the tween athletic director M U ay an& se UIManger wen T Rt. BGoeI
clockers report tbat both the $400 eighth race a four- second baseman and the short- too deep a. d bi tter to be t ra pet of a aC.
been going well during and-one-half sprint for Chilean atop and the other was a single and by a few .otar a The- rmy .
pute. debutants In shich eldht through the middle of the dia- rectOr san the aeb Hes ege aei fk o Dim&p. .I a Aguirr e
twast hopeless bt atoea ld ar heduleds t mond by Marty Salas In the posite pol andit m e m nthem ever to se
Zort last time out ut make iil appearances on a sixth inning. eye to ey .Ineor b oath mMrt f0 d P A .
outclassed anyway. I he race track. Alex Ebere pitched the first The eae. it I the hee chl na s .e Wsea lt-
Sfive inning a for AFGE giving meat n ppor hi Ivy phIsphy. a t Manger '
up 8 runs on 11 hits and Diablo wll be mede director wIh Rix Y u the freh i.. I i
r Snyder pitched the sixth allow- to take ever the nvarsuty. .I- n cO10
SELECTIONS BY THE EXPERTS ing 2 hits End 2 runs.
Moe Schoch led the E0ls atlot
-a- the plate with 2 hits in 3 trips Queen Mary not only survived ld but a full. _."r o.f1
with Danny DesIondes. Rex generation of drea Joke about hatrK0 bte artnately, rhb threm th the
NSTIN HOOFHOUND CLOCKER CONSENSUS Dalsey, Johnny Lewis and Billy are s fa-who took to tke 4 ay.when their e-
-- .,.0ch Ramod voe.i--g j..,. Ni.,im to thelate, club shi.ted to. wau.e.. ._- the first robin never The readihtaa wee-.-i.
l e le collecting 2 its in4 trips club will be shifted to t_..f t tfirs robin n ever Tbe. Ir t n .
was HHch Ra ymonnd uYai!on Swn Hrincalto the plate. gets back Irom Florida with a finme iAnhsneyer bas any los-- 8 d
JruaL Jrinche J.uanHit nutu Y Toda Sea eit .omehrsjs meets the Fire- Ipn-pabg 4 mm i

qui Wite Fl Piepo Wil men and ar win for s the eakCatalogy ttractDon is n t toG l ruo. ul3" h y old Pete .
Goe olden Pick Gl PColde a dek G ldebo0.n Pwt Z ole ..
Av Rose. Mirndai halwll give theni"f the second Alexander ahilled for thefree cir.e;----r" the" C":-. un-
a nd the ll on 195 de the new ownerahl wrll be. knoa k abees re rM.s i
eis WoeCe Ricky Daniel championship. The Smokieso I ib" i h" I bl .
incrie Danie.l Danel Rikyhave scored one win other Ecars 0 La0* olr "--"1
lin he re so o he threegameh Gart, ep i t hl ma a slue0tei

Scaont. 3b 2 0 0 20 They re la, t aLJt- .
he nid*Po iNe0 0W0hiteedatDeondareplanningto'2ndthe4entuckyDeftr40Larl .10N
Wite Flet Do. Jomui Whit Floe DRe Jquin their two Re ptchs Don Ran- eold. Uyint e I. n th.e 3yea '
del and Johnny Chase 0t the tpl Hues r nh e WUt f l ,
hligPrinc Arkanur. (a) Anmera (a Arkansas (a) mound in an effort to tighten the Pirat whom p l dLnr mn. Sl| ,i ** I
,. ) P.mpro 1 C,,min P, Ch. Prince uD thewcnd halrahcen which 9entwe MahhInt .i Il klO 0. C S l

the Lincoln Lifers and Elks c c Hl 1 44- 0 0 10 t .,.,d

hoh, so b 0 2 0 0 olfo wls,
Dubbas. If I 0 0 0 0 I' ., ,
D r AptoEriop1 de Ien AstrM.still have a chance to tie Sears. t
Astweoria Curtv )chwarzrock appr rs to worth a quarter to the box office ma the iWI L f
48mbe0 Pepsi Cole Inheritor N be the mound choice for the they te now he wsntu wotmake an iMmMatheme hwat uaemb f-e1t ih ali

Catalog Boys with Roy h Watson t bleoe oou ern m ak.
P1 Cela Numbers Car,. d Gate () Pep.i Colr being held In reserve. -tlon .g 3Wl Seq lst lfee the ia ,' r. i I
%AF*E 14t) sonio, Gramm Mallin ) a d bg
IMe Mllik. (0) Mollie (e) G(rnr The box score:. B on oi or t bw

t Game 0 0 0 They areplyingR g ls t
loe S A Hip.Pit Pi, ewnirer -it P0i n rDesLondes l.b 8 2 2 4 0 Forward Pa lhrol, ain&a
'oit Pebo Nwmnste eRo Hip Roe Hip Dal. c 2 13 0 ,bas ice vsintl 's ags l
Si I Leawis. ,bp 4 2 2 0 a theYale-lfbr otbUll bu wt lflaln it g
0-lVed olenndPick Rick, QuV Le, E 1 20 0 along with. t.ns. daui
Schoch. as 3 1 2 0 o .It is presiumunquen ulMi. b
Tl_ Tey. It 1 0 1 0 0 tlon from the ael swimmers
-Pajak. If 1 0 0 0 0 .

your r r tb to Eo.. den o K .. ser It oooo

3". 1 1 1 h
30 10 13 18 2 In baseball.. A ts thou -' h ef a 12
RLY KLM TO Bo"le "n idmin .
SAFGE 14 n and by t % on n b

y. b e-. b .Pto
M rA D d. AB R H PO A Carl mnary hisnew put W.
0 Brandon.c5 2 0 0 2 i0 Bla ir Blo a. the s te

I nyder. p 0 0 0 0 0 nellbeFor the wa. Snthe covenene of
SEberen, p-c 32 quicker as tt the Ilpatrons we ar no

SrONE T WO oW, o h ., *h *
3rd i 9th RACES "sP. 3 o o "

00 Hlm __ 1n"SAVOY."
famous the woA SCORE BY h ING21 S2 18 8 l- .-J
AFOE 14 000001-123 c.oudir uaS
fyr iort A R lo~ TO SWInninir pitcher. Lewls. LosingN brvosS
1-1- ii pitcher. Eberenz. Struck out by bl 'h: case,

Irt 2ri ,h, thRACS or heconeneney Tosof US^IMI^ ^ i la^^^H^^H^^^^ ^H^H3
|..-. ;---- i. or patons e r^ an ollwcl ^^^ ^^ lB i^^f^ |^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ |

th Race' "C" Importeds 7 Fgs.
ure: $650s.00 Pool Closes: 5:40 p.m. 5th Roe.,,

S HIP ** p * 4.I Siche 108

POIS .. B. Pulid 110

A ***********.. H. Reye 105 x

S.****.............. E.. D io r o 10
..... Alvara

S.. .._..L..... ._ "_-.4 .

I; & ,1l *.a~h ..Ta.. .i
, -:-- -. *7^a. .Ai i.

"' 4.^ '4, *i

*.- .* ...- ,. .A-
! ,hR. .. "


qU- f ^ i h

*fl.. j'i.&' .; *..
i .,..,- ', .i '

,,.. 'Vfwsr 4. .,
I -.. j
^Wk-- -.- A&_^kflfaa^^Af Jk e
: i 1-



T .rVP 7 *.*.' -
* ,9 ,-.-~.'.- W Cj7W'r1pA!
r<~ ,Iii~.. It A

Fa- I*USk S
WW -, n i 1^ *

- iu l c

I, Firs:

r tthe

..- '. .... ..

,3 000
ae 1 0 0 1 0

S1 S 1 0
d on .:a 0 0 0

o which went to It 118 I
a In-top form, get-.. .

Iu@ee"i pstibh o f I

hseve l 1 1 1
Sim wds .aw. ...t S
SpitMe& balsi to 1 0
" 41D0 x--4 5

ar 0 1 0 5

t ,,1o'1& or nly: 0 a s
he ~site bti : Anatt ,
-54ust I= : Mrtn,
1. 6 .vW bada n I
Lme ..ha xto 1 2 m
430^ W rX__4 5
drdsuko im Odgms"

-1r A .

* Si

w pp w *A. 1

eared Away Wins Jam

r; Betting Record

V 2 (UPi Jim Mtchols hustt Squared A- A W
JA isld "Squared way Intb the lead as they raoed record wa t
AWa ..bal plAers doWn the Lackstretch. The six- races. The tai
Iqua _:et, eP York's. 13y- s d-old led by two lengths g6- The old teeaCD
day roopener yeater- ng Into the far turn and gra- set last year.
ay at a Ca. dually increased the margin to
A etw r 4,384 sIhtly thin ltengths at the finish line. O ne Se I
under I yair's first day in- '-"M lm 0" ran second with
out --l kquai4ed Away gall "Ofllow" third. "Hitex," the *olSU w
to asMr vl6tory In the #S,- post-time favorite with Eddie ra hI1i
bQO ttNIwI Handicap. Arearo up never was a factor on sed In
8qu ay-A-owned by Mrs. and fla ised seventh In the nine spring. At .
Jan Btrkt .- nad the six fur- hore field. barvested te I
longs all to himself after tuared Away covered the fast 71, 6, 81, I6U
the fl rAPuth despite top tre in one minute, 10 and one still had 21 rHl
weight pounds. "Sapt tf.t- seconds. The bay gelding a teacup to a
tartus" oe on top, but Jockey paid $7.20, $4.70 and $3.70. growing.








,'.,}. .*/ ?,r,-
iasitky I~~b
* t- .,
b;.s-:+, k

' t:;, 3. '1

, .:.. .
*is-' *' '

4~; .Ir~4
4111. ;~t-ii;F

skon ass ue:

.;.: ;.. -

t l,^. f | ,, -..

2" '

Ak' P
the Inauguration in the hear future
of their daily flights to

We've comnectis in Maiquett to Havana, Lima,
Pbrt of Spain, barbad;oe, Crcao and to ll
interr poits okeleanela.
ua iAe Co!w cnsted4ftion4: r
u t- T 4AEUnABLE MALINe.. .
4 CONSBCJUfirPE l I1tAL --9 -25100 -
.. OFFICES: To n en 2TivoU Ave .
WAPS F awflr U T'b
W ATCH dR I Z~td*,Co Nl DATE ___

Iu ix p A'

p<-" .
s^'-< *^

[I~~4 Yl


~f ic--- i 44' wr 19- Pti is Catlrs

19. 1 9 L hdlk4 4
1e r19o- Packartd 4.dr
m9I uWneAtd-sr 1949 PelftlCs cwa
w 19* uitmd -lar w19d BumiPht IIMMilt


C.on~ in and aelmor a rw. u' off

: .. -p li. "

ta. .-. t. f4* -..
^if' ^ i!' -^l., a .'^/,.' .-..* **!' ^ l'^i.',-,'" iml

K 'd .' ,4


1''a ~Jf
p A

",2" !
>. ij

- ,.-
,+:' + :. .*
*. .'*








Sa 1



Gai) ie

---.~ .

Democrats Lose

Civil Service


-President Eisenhower striupec
possibly thousands of Democra-
tic holdover officials of civil
service protection yesterday
clearing the way for replace-
ment by Republicans.
The government employes
affected by the "house clean-
Sin" order are those in con-
S fldeintial or ploicy-making
Mr. Eisenhower said previously
they were improprly "blianket-
Sed" under civil service by former
President Truman.
The White House said several
weeks ago that the number dis-
missed would be "mor.' than
several hundred" but fewer than
a thousand.
Yesterday, press secretary
James C. Hagerty said the
number would be larger than
originally expected.
Mr. Ele.nhower Issued an ex-
ecutive order exempting from
civil service regulations uholicy-
determining employes as well
Is those having close personal
or confidential relationships
with the heads of any federal
They were placed In a new
civil service "Schedule A" and
"Schedule B" who hold iobs
with comparable pay but do not
make policv.
They will continue to have
civil service protection. such as
a hearing before the Civil Ser-
vice Commission before dis-
Chairman Philip Young of tl-,e
commission mbved immediately
to cqrry out the President's or-
He asked all department and
agency heads to identify the
federal positions which will be
put in the new classification.
Young said the action was
taken to "enable the adminis-
tration to make admlnis-
eants directly to those vosi-
stions in vol the deter-
mtination of major executive
Officials In 'the Eisenhower
Odmintatration have complained
that their attempts to "clean
home" and set up their own
"team" have been hampered by
the retention of many Democra-
tic appointees who would not be
S removed under' regulations.

US Casualties
Near 134,000
American battle casualties in
or~n' now total 131,928, an in-
c sef e of 404 over last week's
rt, the Defense Department
he Increase was the largest
reported in a month, but the re-
port did not cover casualties in
rect- heavy fighting.
got I !. ,, t ,, ve ,,,,lie


N r


OW feed him

ow-feed your dog Ken-L-Ration, the dog
S food that gives him complete nourishment
pus the amazing.benefits of chlorophyllin, Nature's
a .. ow purifier.
Kat-Ration is the famous dog food packed with
lean red meata... choice cuts of U. S. Government
n pected horse meat. It's the canned dog food that
S a. aeds dog odors-fast-now that Ken-L Ration con-
tais chlorophyllin. And the wonderful part of it all
is that ]en-L-Ration brings you this tremendous
.. tra benefit at NO EXTRA COST.
If you've been feeding your dog table scraps, now
S Ilthe time to change to appetizing, nutritious Ken-
I- .Ratido. It's the easy, economical way to give your
'.- pet hlty nourishment and at the same time rid
.bh of doggy breath and body odors forever.
u y Ken-L-Ration with chlorophyllin today.
H^ .ft 0 .. dog on it and make him a healthier,
S^ a pinion than ever-in every wayl

rise as It Nourishe.s

AlN 4-

SWASHINGTON. April 2 IUP~ ---_-
-The armed forces draiLed
strict new secrecy regulations T|A Uribe I1l,1
today to comply with a stern Two SIrik s Idl
buttonn up" order from De-
tense Secretary Charles E. Wil-
son. 8510N Rail, Stel, j1
In two memorandums to ser bber Workers
vice secretaries, chiefs of st,f
and other top officers. Wilson u I b e e -o
demanded a "general tigheten- For
Ing" of security and claimed re- NEW YORK. April 2 (UP).- cense
cent violations had provided About 35,000 CIO rubber work- Trial
America's enemies with 'vital ers began a strike at 19 U. S. was
Intelligence." Rubber Co. plants today as senate
He held out the threat of court government mediators redoub- tion
mprtlal trials for military men led their efforts to end a rail- sion
and criminal prosecution for road walkout that has Idled Cour
civilians. "regardless ornk ornearly 50.000 trainmen and his a
position." in event of further steelworkers.
violations. There were signs of early On
Wilson's order applied to ad- peace in the rubber strike, but
ministrative "policy documents" round- the-cl6ck negq .iatians P"an
as well as actual military se- have failed to end the strike O $11
crets. against the Union Railroad Co. fined
"In the future." he said. "im- Francis O'Neill, chairman of moMi
portant policy documents within the National Mediation Board, from
the Department of Defense will flew to Pittsburgh today to Ford
be made available to personnel help end the rai strike called efto
on the strictest 'need-to-know' by 1.500 members of the addit
basis" Brotherhood of Railroad Train- TwC
'Reproduction of such d6cu- men. He was accompanied by fined
ments can be ncrried out only a lieutenant. Leverett Edwards. Clro
with permission of the originat- The rubber workers struck ertr
ing office. after negotiations between U. Pana
The second memo order.'d S. Rubber and the CIO United Gal
measures to protect "our sclenti- Rubber Workers broke down at nia,
fic. technical and military ad- midnight. Ing at
vantages." Wilson said national A company spokesman said er Ro
security was "seriously affected" that only "fringe issues," and limit
by recent violations and he was not wages, were issues in the $5 fi
"deeply concerned." rubber company contract ne- with
gotlations. For
Ik. Signs Up "We are optimistic that a senge
Ike Sins Up settlement will be effected kinw
soon," he said. He added that en a
T Bond no new negotiating date had and j
0 Buy on been set, but that a bargain-
ing session "probably" would be
called today. NV,
WASHINGTON. April 2 (UP) The strike against the Union
-President Eisenhower today Railroad, has idled 35,009 wrk-
signed up to buy a U. B. defense ers at four U. 8. Steel C.
bond each month, plants In the Pittsburgh area,
His wife and Mary Pickford. steel company-owned coal mile
who will speak throughout the employes and about 4,500 rall-
nation in the current bond cam- road workers.
paign, flanked the President as Only 1,500 railroad workers
he signed. called the strike. They are WA
t"You ought to sign this too. members of the Brotherhood of Pred
to make it legal." the President Railroad Trainmen, and of- cepte<
said to his wife. "It comes out of ficials of the union 'backed len V
my check." their demands, although they Natioi
The White House declined to called the strike unauthorized. The
make public the amount of the make
monthly bond deduction for T-33 t Trrsb
which Mr. Eisenhower signed. T-33 Jet Trainer Astin
Blows Up In Air onela
over a
On Practice Flight rea
OKLAHOMA CITY. April 2 t to
(UP).- Two men were killed sign
when a T-33 Jet trainer prac- er's Sa
ticking instrument landing at Asti
B A D Oklahoma City municipal air- has s
oort exploded in air and streak- Congr
ed to earth, the ca
The body of the second air- hs ren
man in the plane, which crash- Chal
ed about 12 miles south of Minn.)
Oklahoma C'ty last night, was that t
found after a two-hour search Comm
In a small farm pond. ing.


m l"i
^Ullfl imlU


"Let the people know rthf truth and the country is safe" Abrahim .intColn.

" M.A, R. P., THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 1935

Secre-'ary Wilson

'Button Up'

w selling food without a U-
e at La Boca, a "62, r-old
dadlao, William .Wlllard
given a one-year iapended
rine and placed on1 proba-
during this morning's sea-
of the Balboa Magistrate's
t. The offender Is known by
lias "Trinidad."
two charges a S31year-old
mailan was fined a total
5. Cesar Agusto Boto was
$5 ir pariting.his auto-
le more than asl inches
the curb on Roosevelt Ave.
Driving without a valid op-
r's license he was lined an
tonal $10.
o trespassers were each
$10. The defendants were
Antonio Rodriguea 28, and.
udls Serrano, 2. Both are
briel Alvarez, 25, Panama-
was fined $7J0 fo speed-
t 38 miles per hour on Shal-
Dad where the maximum
is 25 mph. An alditlltkal
ie wla''mpoeftdor driving
ut A driver'sfIlie.,
r. Ating a dreetos of the
a B39, COureau oftanmg
year suspended intend

lent Elserhower ttday ms-
i the resignation of Dr. A-
Astin as direct.' of the
lal Bureau of Standard.
White House declined to
public the exchange of let-
ete.en Mr. lshabower and
,whose reasnatogn was
Sby Commetre tary
Ir Weeks In cont.Mrezy
Sbatitery ddftve..
is Secret James C. Ha-
said It would be 'up to As-
make publl his r of
nation and Mr. lienhow-
n, a regL e re
aid he w~ld' wa
essional est of
movalw Weekl. .
Airman J. .&M<-
Ssaid be wil r n
us Senate Small .IM-
ittee.rafnt Astin it ear-


Snubs Hear
DUBUQUS, Iowa, April 2 (UP) I want to dd l t 01r w*
- A hearthroken father, snub- as quickly
bed by a son who murdered five Later, the .fi
person and said "there's no such Ing another a 4
thing as conscience," waited to- puty sheriff t his ~#e
day for a chance to see the kill- from ar his'Dg I
er alone. being quest
Mose McManm, a sight, well- The offlii 4
dressed New York brewery exe- coat, and
cutive, arrived here IAt night to bowed, w
talk to his Marine bn. Fred B. McManus
McManus. murders as 1
The 18-- year old confesed oflt4es of threi
murderer greetvghi, fasthr with fo pros
a nod then tdired his back. Itwould be
The father oveted his eyes one beingkill
and wept. you didn't kw
private said,
"I'd just as sqonot have any- He said thal
thing to do wrt4 hsl u I can reamed and,'
help it," the y lne told s in
deouties when told him his L
father wished to n him alone. McManus Co
His blond D iaa 1 eairold y
Marie Weid that Nt, L
Tuesday, .mu ders u
had been o ed he asked
McManus: ' er why my Vall,
onscieoce dom't bother me. ife d
Doesn't It botid you when you and
kill someone.^ tp
She said MIcatnu answered:
"No. It doesn't other it I don't
know the ,eoOle, Mv consoleMi

doesn't bother me because th-re
is no such tblnM as couemnes
It ts lust a feeling f fear tha
people have."
"I don't want you to spend
money on me," he said. "I k
what I've done ad I ke t

t. u i.

h BIa 'Dead'
i Life
10. ANOELB, April 2 (UP)--
.u ai.). ported to ha"
.Whles Being prepared I
~rywas trturnsd to Ufe i*
Mrlp allla who made an in-
ellMn in her chest and' mal-
lged her heart bak into ao-
1ity Hop" Hospital authorl-
Srepor lat night that'.
L -ed woman. saf(ra .
onof a heart vL=wn
W nrawsltUng surgery when ilr n
) toPf land her body be-
iteto turblack.
ribi. at Oddman. 45 ot fhft
stalilL and Dr. Chaife
f Philadelphia ,wte
ttnm a nearby
where they were.
on the type of operasM
mi would perform on *M
f Ba ..-.- t
l aiLan. tedtod by BAUey r
t f the nation's leading
a ua~ithorl tes made a dn ,
inctaidA in the womaan'
then reached Into e
--and h M massagia t4he
Pi'i~t ~ va ft".L--i -iL k *_

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