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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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*~ ~ ~ I

"-f -Li
6^ JRS^ ***"Jy ,


Ir ta"ln.

k^tpe*$ M ( truth and thimtroty 1

. '. .'

S -. : VUuAA, R. T.aMMrO W MUM I I- .AJ

wmvr O-.

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* ~ 2'

Russia at *

T9 Support

inese offer
____ iI-0-
Wt. The feltowat and N Komreas to edae
do W. Mesw ik *owundep a*ns
------- .... ta S Was#
ve^,ST 'andS pointed out that
B sAImO the Oimht of the aick and
oIs- r esstal before re- M
March si(UP) .
rh~fl>vitnon. can be exetIs,
id to fuII4l th The.iuans.and the CWheie GUIDED MI8S
a to mwy o- se aogb eye on Korea ad ail sraeei?.twlnma
e bC dth? 4astera questions ," bosts its cl
ii te of "ota here. a high. explosive
t'f s' death the variety of naval
Iua ta- official date- landing par tha
imenut ladera of both coun-
Se aloys teifB streasd the index,
B I *- sctramtbe Soviet-chInese friend-
dhp &ala guarant II of~ eein
a tEsMoa In diplo- 0*9 a auelsewhere.aN
"g N~avyIs

onr 'e 1 1% 6
Votyet e ly

teulhave delt lgpeAl
an BsXQUL., Kores, March S1. play a major
B(UP) 'Itb governiment of lag e
South Koe aneAnced tqday it 1Ia=
wil.lrefd6 to eac amy peace and l0 s
a BB 3"er. "sett emei to vW-e Wrv w
St~fliiU, I ^w a a Chumte -420N "
.Alb aa'-A m 1 .

i -,A. B Teleephio)
SZOMB I With. eg lowing
MWOW thb N g W&ed rileuTlgi
1imb skywar4 a ht. h"le
warhead and ear be adopted for use on a
craft. Its tnraidWgunterpat hau tricycle
t enabias it to rett' with valuable flight data
and to be re-Vued.

New 'Regulus'

For War Punch
roN, Mareh VU (UP).-The.U.S. Armed Forme
IMeto the paV where they could
Me = An'maa.,I ,N- att.ack-
ni fi ,.



- 0 -

But Sick POW

Exchange Deal

AMust Come Firit
TOKYO, March 31 (UP) Gen. Mark-W..C
agreed today to resume Korean truce talks as soon "s
arrangements have been completed for the exchange
sick and wounded war prisoners.
But the Allied commander in chief mode it plain i
the Communists that the basis for any resumed armsti"
negotiations will be the exchange of all Korean war pr,.
owners on a voluntary basis as Chinese Red Premisr
Chou En-lai suggested in a statement broadcast frnt
Clark sent a note to North Korean premier and coa-
mander in chief Kim II Sung and Gen. Peng Teh-hMu,
commanding Chinese Red troops in Korea, accepting th*
offer to exchange sick and wounded men.
.As soon as this prisoner exchange agreement
reached, Clark said he will then be prepared, as 99t l
suggested, to resume truce talks "as a 'soc
business." -

*1 uI.~~m

SI) -

in ix

.v.w..... I
(**1*' 1
'~*1 *.*5T~.f~J*1'i.'~ I

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.I -- .. I

nAnother A-Bhast.

uTd be

MSI5SUO. of vat pruiuObeub and

Sin 'Balbia

mm Seaman

. Nedts*ck el- ttawo
Arao aifte aet i tN|

. a

Jars, Yucca Flat

3UP) The
d Ta, eaa

for hundreds l ufleu.7
-wa a*iml. a t -T

device, pret ,
too.ateel toper

tU in the
- lmaais er

iet t e a tM



w ll later
Aile vaoe o m a
8 wilt be am

air m eii i.
I- ,'.

a fI

inrnimnf~iiittth31 (UP)
-Mamovlet Ge "V-Y'ICbulkov.
lundan commander e d chief
of Oe soviet' ControICl mmis-
lion for Genrmay, today iopoa-
a a four-power ccaference to
k ..t a peace treaty for, de-
f1Ied Germany.
We Iovlet agetg n wu as -
ay&e in a letter psb ed Or
day 14 the central G

-Chuuiov's letter was addressed
to the "'erman rally." a politt-
cal groub headed by one-time
German ChMancellor Joseph
WIb. k
*- ,l grou iwors an "under-
t wn the.Rusalkn on
Sf Germany.
#-..avr, &hAs t teter. was in
reply 6 letters from members of
qge wuanisatlon and added
'Tour letter 0e the govern-
Sof the Soviet Unlan, the
tteta Gresat Britain and

Ir .-fo

I cbin ~omaindms g-
I O eto n anr a-
Sdpr wrl aqtlw anu in lted
= e to s .e*Mks more, It was
a unced today by Brig. Gen.
- matl 0. KieL
Floods washed out vital links
of the highway ad railroad be-
- twn t PrEC dCf of Guayaqull
. and the 0O-8ot .bligh capital
d 'I U. & ram cargo air-
r. ctk ftrot the Opibbeen Air
- Oommud. ed at Arook.
Shalv torompedirar-bridge be-
tIeet ta bdeeged clues
a whlh are l aWrt.
SaturdLy. Mean than
S pofds of Steddeti and
l cv -e e e
a *ul to Uad 4 ad po-
-An wAir
Cg usts o;;

S M A ftan fly-;
arrl g

'. ..,1

A I -

* -~-.

to the world, not offlIalW
But in a statement at te t
port In Seoul, the South
captaClarkStld he be.i
e u offer "caffl
ympahothe study" as oM
he te"O es it officlally
Thus tlhe b8lA has beem U
~adreadyfor an armlitleearn
ent If cou' VOWf pro=
e been mate In good Jap
Chouae offer raied B
tpkouhoUt the world for nea

pqpers publioed Chou
mtnt without.coomment.
EW 9 Z.L'I- DiPlo-at
Iiae Chlbu ny bave had'
Iajnm1d when he suotd
prisoners who de Zot
togo hiome be turned oer
nvlt astate. ..
w n .da On m -d,- at -
In the air. But dilpateb
dicated that rain. elqdy
ad asprini thet Ma
do 6th the luftlla CeC
tfr. __

No Contract .

To Rep

No Mds wee reweevW

fenl ,o f mew
a oldanp OR

-a date
ThWs was 0000

weB uIU i mme to
vwr as a W ba
bI We

for___ no _f^l^_J6

I. .~*

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* .1/. ~
-. ~ I~.W.a

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vq 'rqi

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~ -r-- --- __ _;BT-.__~~--~___~~;l~:7 ~------- ----- -r~ rl ~-

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- ---- ---, --

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_ _



#a=n TWO

o M. al*-- .- -
f~t^AA illteW r iCT'qltS

', ,.ic .. : .. ... .,

--- P,41EM AM -- j' f*a. 1 -. Labor .News
"A AeAT. l &s o iTn.6 I OP P
y t o raf TW 0 P 0 don 134 N R. P -
rWtpI.OM PAN4ANA N ,0740 IS La.Nal",And
34MIani ION AVI. NEW YORK f1i5 N V..

TNIs is Your PORUM -_tIl alW S OWN OLUMN The ftrqt c o, oi er pi-
vate crime-busters has been .
Quietly Aivel-atig"ti and f1ih -

The Mail Box is en open forum for roadars of The Panama Amer- x-FBI nts, criminologists ..
Sen. Letter a received grtully and are handled in a wholly coi- and roseutor8 who had .' ".* .*
denial manerthe to tackle and crack .A"',.D
If you ostribute I tter don't be Impatient it it doesn't appear th Murde C, have been retaJlf- .. :t .*
next day. Le s are published inthe order received. b eck. The new c
P1esI1 try to keep the letters limited torena length. the erful TT l ftell ,
Identity of letter writers is held n striCtEt r ic ec,. bt e wants tl al i n
This newspaper sseumes n e responsibility ft otat1ments sb epinions king cod his ple .
empressed in letter from reader. ti heo uld drive tte nati-
ea cir syndicate e t.t hi- bm

The piece in your paper about Investigators walking around tA g~ ,.
athe decks of the tre-damalled "Ecuador" was intriguin from a F|11Int
technical viewpoint since the Navigation Division's marine ex- f l I
perts extinguished the fire in her carlo by sinking ths ve sel In
Sweater so deep that only the tops of her masts remain above the
Surface, still flying a flag that indicates the pilot is on board and ,eR, -
presumably performing :le usual functions. Since pilots habt tpal-
s understanable, but that he can also aerate the investigators has.
is a feat truly on a m nitude with the genius displayed in ex- ca in
Butryouiaien nt o in t er th Navigation Divisionss this n f or
tinguLahing theo fire. fe e g
The Panama Canal ts indebted-to p ip marine experts for uths Io the n
illu starting to btler Divisions this moern technique or extn bar d oj
other emergenroes with great economles possible. For e example, w dnrtbtr.i
the Fire DeptrLment con be eliminated, since when a build in Area r .
,atches fire an expert can dash up and throw a box of dynamite!] e bBltls- gafB ..t .., ...
into it. and Presto! the bu lding will be gone so no more fire. shrip b t a t .
of a belly-ache an expert will bash h skull in with a club, and e' l rs
nLo no more belly-ache. And so on, ad infinitim. e t in

p erts, and therell be no need to protest the g. A. O.'s squesbe on ghtionw eii me" -,-- -- ....... .. ,.tt i- .
the employes, since under the new technique the employes weil prosecutor le t gti reau..
tion eill have vanished, just like the "i uatdor." Ing and A i i lnoth. -
3. Zemxndar. em plaaScw b r, noamt Governor
(The PA's face bs red iaoug the I J4es wakeni on the Toge D oy.
water but, Jout o t the lrbtrfll,,h iwh doene P obpna aire omlai t s e
viA telephone, our Atlan hs l cotrsInodewit being non- couplet Nr o sr B0B BUARK
existent at the time...Ed.) UnOh s uion toon thneykina u
Sthe background of la r men
Owe are, notIt e of Us.have beenlO. whoh formseek tonth, l canch blE Te ai- e N* YORK.--Wh Ie wae oub of 1te het p9 t Uft v-- a bab r14 1 im *W^
MUD CAST UJPON THE WATERS steBUni.won locals is Aaaro. N n Kaom.S .Mer-fung pl rni br J ate. ul. e itt l &l
ntiorg what th aa % rBeneuson, who sent the hco- e tietrough temn that ax Da y.e.. .
For "Just a Government Emnploye." partner of Idurder, Inc., "Our- a aged ittogh ttkmuaiee O Ia. woma In a eyn ydu Ie
prr.y, and4 10.eo edtoPoetee4.A .' .,zwnn In 'np,

You are the type of person the Russians ave ciptilied on. ah" S apirO to a for life a- by -e nRther f rout adoption me a a
But you 'ie not 'bil" enough for international words. Let us bout the time big litle heroi
say you bre the tyre the Americans down here in tarious enter- Lepke fried In the Bing e-uI This will tell yo straight away that .
praise in tll~he n1 oed o ate not Government empoy and chair. is gopg tb no good
who d not Ome tax are very ha about. Tht s It was enon who sh .s the first ltoe a a r adopted a.
l i veole y t kp all tls bit feeling the lime ed the notoru milk and v- anything but ,a ilin, and I rclon I bwe thex
watietween Pr Alatitl rth uttilitary civilians then they .i& table distribution and shake- Voung roue a thank-you note. you a
iex the spot lhtn You tre the means to their continued down rackets. Mr. Gray won a contest, spo red by Co c 11
para e. Also .in the bi town Bec is enlemnn Aine, py anIering
shnos t Teamsters m r- question "Wi yr her" by no in lub over
So U want to a Panama Line shie I in turn watsh nby f thi thousands i me. an
to ride A militay sport it is much much cheaper yu egy i to put mea H i re t
nd the .hute trucks into un- man In ue wn"d," bedAtse I "av &d
Since w 0a GveOruepay for me spending tho"sahnds f dollars ions f lcb they reIly belon- women." He says rather bla lao -
etch yar to ty.. child toa college in a country wl ere he and em out ol f-o that Mr. Rua h oun a t
to ay r ce, tuition, and his transporatih b to w hihtey've o.,tartfp a "I
nd rth to C n e That ie tht reais my wife weat by am ritosus, ut. itli contl eIn, .'.
on -ti ret th oseh.rA mercalsdwneroin a enter Ite sS'at it
rzseennp a leaetobe.ikO' f0a

o at the leave hope you get yours all back. It h t6 satW i ere .er an oea m
lo0PTropica WOr any great length of me. You olI i t or is lalt.a a I-rI t
ao will ea d t differemtifi to celp pay for ns-ed tieit to io e a tha tUn ot.o
tofflee a mob whlebh lad Ioou bravRt hmSt Pdeplwllnacketi.'
Ar d speaking of privilees. I w0uld apreclat t a sapplng non o w e r and graveyard.. and
oprivlepg you have. It would AIde me no less th i t 1 treasuries in t la thtricatI firity Nicky l wrn po "'I 6ry hm
5401 If I bought conservatively. Oh yes, the Fs"Wfashiis to *luceo t"b6y hal ulg oglob ovper
o p pasid s are quite a nice.thinAto have too. But care r become uasottinty. ad b Mr. GImd,, IS tat I ~lt _1;
e in our Commissary. We are proud o wha we do Beck and h men had been ly that I wind u hel en.a Iq
ktn t you do not have to trder in Odt mmi' r watching the St. Lo~is sltua- some truismS aI"t women. no..
NO We are not in uniform either. But otst bee. or months, it ecan be au- .hould relH interest you s_ that
oDon't for:t that. thoritatively r epdtted. The oI n astr Mo r ith n hem. Anatt thaA.
D o n 'ttfA nTit h e rlG o eta n t e s pit E m. .ye d 1'on

Cocl and other trucking un- as happy woman, unlesg
tWILL tTTuBh. They had ti sote-up oe.f.ancled slight or other41
A1dr: the "Were sabo ,-It tIi
'f'Heavenly DaylI A.t imout&Ofthoe Wl 641. c ao n W i iIJN''
sI see they are going tp remodel tiS Canal at OVf f- t ale
801),00. They say it l play out t th I es, h th U ai'p
o mean to say s mploy have to pay for some iof that snTll "ta force" nin the.. .
too a irous, akes alive. I don't thin I cantke it. Jim ef, ron lrolf o 'i a .... '"-Ho in an
___ _thleave*-_hopeyouh__eall_ Moba other, ckI1., from. I 0 aJAI- tra. iABo
national o fe, and a brlAtah
''local crusade Yte of Hrr-

touch Wtt 1 his pyeeSntat ie? ,1'
on their. -varios iwd.

ofee mbrhanIdaitI
-pl40 o hv.itwoulu a trus tee of T hau

b Filth t treats with 4, It;

Oye, Oehe ltric aq.d 4 .4 u ashib ,,*iadboortl6 t
SP1vt shear lterq d uit e 2?T i 'In event45 h Otlerwlse -V.b.) and o t abote b ou b M
ktN tilo sprite lto Uife In d/tlcbh mjlAlll Iwatcohgte .cal I s a-llhluetllms t, women. l

* .


Tflet sf6 b~a 00510;` 7 4i&,
AMEN*41' 3h~ea .. .,-
ANN -A Auhe4
NEWry lot
OLrC '

.5., 1
7~" ,.-.-a


z'pdi ILL

. ..- h .". ''

~ fbi'


'7~r ~~u~rr

:~;~%li l~i~~ tdYb. *Ult 11



b t



'' 'TI 1 "

r 1 .. /

, ^ -. ,
~ 49L; -


a p-- ... s..T

S. N -1 C Z.(0 COLLEGE
;y Edn- o ed By R it PnFieron.

nrChos- uco 'There'
ae that 4r l4e't*e for a* e s s

Aaa kehte okee therzoI
t* tlO of IirOf holastic Mot P

Aprai 34 the date t for tfwth annSal BathoS
s ya e ..qlord by WIS. 7"Ifa team has already mad
ber 9TiS t rack ieenid smalr Kay CrNoW has been
$ s'avi Jver th m ogek a" field eveRas.
y MCo, seniors and Pat Quinn, opI. re elected
ile e gt tZe trwbl. Congratulations glr your e-
SSS teeo n, 'oulnt have mad ft better chelcee
WAS, P couln't h

I4r Week's calendar is Girls State. The
1 &, having fn, learning and campaign-
s the big night for Shirley MillMon he
Governor of 1953 Caribbean Olts tato.
I was. elected as her Lt. Governor. Kay
eir Soretary of State and Marion Evans,
by the girls to be her Attorney General.

S$tture builders have really been busy. They have
Speech on how to run the government and
buat mnet new a- been added. They hve
And the have bueen a electing too. BD8 aM-.
i dwe irn Bobby pWWla MINth 0 Stte IaZY
w mpa stelws ortehettb Tey arneth
will maes and PMw thi laws for the State named

ddyfor. tbelle'Pew too.Tbat was
*th roucSet jff through practle rT.
o e nce. torie aut their tactical combats and
tank H wrek,
Adls Asitde, HIB senlor, really took the honors last Sat-
Sdaynsght at the Mot'rcycle Races held In Panampa. He uo
euly every event he enterW but he also was -warded a
fot belonW high point man. ice riding,. ddle

S- uet .4Of wthe .estie mthe haU a up many DasS
,c tsa8 'this."
,eO*f it -fee a week ta this
atwtdb wa roeag
bw4*suinsg, (uote)a much i awn
tVA -
8 .^^~~


1 s.I ..

i ar st ob- oted upon. like thef a re,.I Bpe M.
rba -rMa '9 wahen I sy tloma ad o w beatuU-
iL W te eal of thP In black and
la the oat they Wt rally mo .-
Hid-thfe Pirakeet. were dst d. anid eogra~laoa
order for thu Para e f. 1Th did S swer 3obl
a "Wll, UM ta af and. p that a lot of ood tem
SfU hat, are found. with those soled ea.
'o W U ,, --' a

.,.V 7;l. C.

tA it e


Aul Wat~ will be sent yoU without
obligation. Wrlt. to:


wirsf3eictm 1 *

- I.ll"

last w ideeao

da tdft im 't

Clio.UP the dU&Uotex mr-
latton t hie fa MA 0 .le

Thens IaDn1 be held at, a
u Snt .r AM .r
% portbk as

'reflfiet teon inft, he

sdbalairsp gate ese sble e-
peat when athe puasM Pam ~
re tirghted. Fr ortha ofl
den*, thea Ceand zoer
Clab 8 *ff rlab htuIMp
to tE girls who w"e to f-
ekr.~ eduadaon tf the M.
Uats ,tato& )te Tai WRd-
=09" 0=

f MmMLh now offets de4a,4
t4motorDow4& 4.
-^ Skymasner service
direct from
- to


.' TACA ..


Former Executive
For Subteene Officer Takes
_Over At 65th AAA

A "celebrityrball" will be spon
swred on May 1I by Los DautA
Social Club at the La Boes
house, It was announced to-
ay by a representative of the
Invitations are being issued to
local Individuals whom the club's
members regard as celebrities.
The ball is scheduled to begin
at- 8 p.m. music by Victer Boa
and his orchestra. Special efforts.
are being made by the members
of-the club, to make the dance
another of their auccessfUl yen-
Afmalsson prices have been set
$2.25 for men and 25 cents for
The Immensity of Texas is
shown br the fact thpb of its to-
tal of 254 counties, 59 are actual-
ly as big or bigger than Rhode

n's Editor
one. Shell be as well turned out
as her mother or older sister, In
clothes designed especially for
her years and wardrobe needs.
Coat and suit fashions for sub-
teen girls are gradually revolving
toward the slimmer line. This
line may not be entirely appar-
ent at first glance since there
aee boxy jackets in suits and flu-
controlled fllness in toppers
d full-leth coats. But the
tlnd is unmistakably there and
wnll be felt on Easter Sunday.
Our subteener (above) has
chosen chalky white In a @ressy
topper for her promenade. This
hIa the loose, fluid silhouette'
just mentioned with narrow
fLent and controlled fullness ati
sides and back. Pink seed pearls I
are scattered on the collar for
this Spring's Jeweled touch. But-
tons are delicate mother-of-
p'arl; fabric isa- wool crepe bas-
ket weave.
The cardigan coat is a fashion
for all ages this spring and is
shown for subteeners, too. This Is
a slim silhouette as is the boy-
ish coat this year. Suits often
have the bulky or boxy top com-
bined with narrow skirt.

Carlos Eleta

Cae24S451 Sr.skM

Transportes Baxter, S.A.
Ave. Jerohumirde la Osm No.. 19, R. P.


Help, PolHee!
Bruce Shanks, Eveninga MWe
cartoonist, pictured a policelnui
baby-sitting to supplement h12
regular salary, he was jsttg.

The command of the 65th An- But Ulf a osep rents W
tialrcraft Artillery Group wa phoned police headquarters that
asumed by the former executive night seeking baby sitter.
officer, Lt. Col. Reinhard L.
Speltz, on March 19, according to satlon of Col. Ben E. Cordell.
Group General Order No. 1, 1953. Cordell Is presently in the Fort
The change in group com- Clayton Hospital ill with a virus
manding officer was neceasita- Infection. He Is expected to Ot-
ted by the temporary hospital. sume command at an early data.




Step in and
pick out your

new mounting

, fey p,

I DoLLAR JWv)R nfiuoLL I-r CAN'T rEAT A-




It All Adds Up to a Wonderful Buy I
T :*

Whga st eveet in a mew 1W3 Pontiac you Invest in a car
*.4i~10"k5 iO nrow glht sext to the loweat-requies

Flnt of g, *toac Ik bi.B, with to Mi2-nch wheel-
b'lne.6l.Wsw with It.eiuly 4I -t&- Duil-Streak

. And ia. aitloe toll, this. you have the traditional
othat make Pondt

Sa- miad dive aM pt aew cr. You'll quickly se
.,,- a Ge-ema-N itor MasterplOce


5u~2 224-eb Wbeeae -em LmEr MMAlmS idleM iby H



i_~__. ` .S.'

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. N

~r -1- 7~
.'1 u :
.- I, r *







a Iir Rea
a wdbealien

t? -; t



- ,. ..

I .
'.. o I .."






IC I CrEl~b:P"L'

+' : ,x ..'. + -.
'- *, "- v ; .

P" a '+ '+ -,

PAGE F omr


IN HOLLYWOOD. Shipping & Air Line Nws
ISA staff Correspondent 6
-- o -- A a. Claric6 d Corndr, Mr.
HOLLYWOOD, (NEA) -, Ex- "Come Back Little -Lost A u Wt .s W.od ft owen. Dr.
clusively tours: "I uess it was dience" war on TV. W 39.r0i and
he ~~i n me. My sather'c a- AfSer sea tlh ne w Inm Vinland arrive : tdren, .. I. Wil-
tor blood boiled up in me and iptees I cas re thday that e dI taV lM te(f tnooi o. m DaW9 two eh il

he'd never make another movie theaters. The screen is huge- A the cb ,n M. and two
after playing his dad in "The two-and-a- ialf times as long (65 I t. te Vinland h, Mr. Ih. Charles
Story of Will Rogers." explaining' feet) as it is high 25 feet) iip'd A hton Atouo;, rs. OG4itrgl n InS o and
his return to the Warner sound and stdreophonc sou l moes cl etbe n bi tie-up Miss t Pearson
stages for a second film, "The Ailth the actiot. y O m sh ormalro aent Bftae- ieimuel rlitu.-
Boy From Oklahoma." Pnoramie scen a of W Canttw this wk
But his retirement as a pub- Yorkas skyline, ha r or and Ie Vaand cae from Cll- ; Lillian l o and son
Ulsher-he recently sold his Bev- streets, a speedway automobile fori. W.nd Mrs. C C -
erly Hills newspaper-had noth-race, an airplane trip over the Mr
Ing to do with his new career as Rockies, winter sports at Sun aii. Whg O.(5oC. t-
an actor-"The paper was on Valley and Times Square at night e sr. 1a.d O. o .
the market long before I knew I are breathtaking. Abollt r1 fitnr 6a the Mra Miss
as going to do the Rogers p- But when Cinemnasco e switch- lt tbb l t fred
Mayb o I pretenao I don't like intimacy of Betty Grable, Lauren n tirr. w
Acting," he grinned, "but I do Bacall and Marilyn Monroe gab- d cI t r r
like it. I we s seriloti about being bing about men on a penthouse e dato noito ~ iL fl l -&i4r0 tolhdta
one-picture actor. But it's dif- uorch, or Vic Mature alone on a dotal Agnot. otidaP t ud
ficult to predict what a person hilltop in "The Robe," it's obvi a. d M lr.A dnd0 u
illy do, The ham just came out ou, that without careZulAdrc- a. n and nd
in me." ition the ide. mural-ke picture c and
t n uIto- crushes personalities Anrd e nats ti hi tW-.
alon of "Pygmalion" on Broad- For spectacle films and mu1- nilliea aret to L 'dor n the tt A-tonia Mrs. B hr. Ma i Mi
way? 'cals Clnemascope has ttemet- m ttin ntoidie#t I. de je Pel-
Gabriel Pascal, .who will pro- dous possibilities. AS a novelty, Cristobal, according to th as- ham. Mrs. Ruth K. Romeo. Mr
duce the show to Nicholas Bred- it will make millionS. But the singer list received at o ad ra Jmes J. Rose, Dr. ard
sky's tute. has made the offer scenery--And it must be real- Heights. nrs.s. W elliam B. Robhenman. Mr.
and Betty's thinking it over. not the stars, will let All the Also scheduled to sail oh the anid a Joseph abbath arid
fan mail. a redle it two ildr. Mr. BM ich- r
John Garfield's widow, Bobby, comp and Lero ard, rn, -
is about Io wed the attorney who Barbara Payton and Tom Nelnusn- Dr. e.l
advised her after the star's death who made all those headlines, tended Can d W r-
... .Clatdett Colbert, in Paris, will make movie love together in l t weedk man, Mrs. ThomW ipple and
insists the matrimonial rift sto- a film for an indepefldent pro- Govern-or son, ra. Made
ries are untrue.... Richard Den- ducer....Gig Young and Mia Toe' to mebt or. # ress ---l
ning, TV's "Mr. North," is con- Powers have discovered each oth- are tep n li A.
valescing aftq major surgery at er. Daso, of GJLAS Ar .. |lAe' "a, n
Phoenix Ariz. Evelyn Ankers, De sey of -
his actress wife, is with him. If Lucille Ball and Desi Arn,2 s w at i Mrs. KNOXVILLB, '. (UP) -
can clean up i TV, so can Id A D iT1* illren, TctdCtes .qustts a b
Janet Leigh on printed reports Lupino and Howard Duff. anti Mrw .be a]com- they suspected of-bteaing int
of squabbling in the Curtis They've at last made the decision pany l r lA .school tried hology. Thby
household: to co-star in their own series and fe c 1 lt.tassen- iold him he removed a
their films will be made with ger list the rbt allows: window from the school and
"I guess the press ets tired of Dick Dors and Bernard Girard, Mr. A B. and then broken it tino bit to de-
lovey-dovey sttaff. It's like tBl who just produce~ "Jennifer," Mrs. Alerto Ar s B il- tray any inge .B-utt they
baby rumors. The day after To- starring the Duffs. r MBr. alnd t 0fr. h u i3-as M. I sd, they oun b piece
ny and I were married, they were, "But we won't play husband Browne, Mr. nd John M wth hi .R.~rrns t r it. *
saying I was expecting the stork. and wife," Ida told mte. "I can't Carroll and two fdn, Mlrs aldn't ave~ad the "I
Now with these fight rumors, To- give the story line away, but elcidad P. de Ct ec r wa Wearing gove
ny and I don't dare have even a Howard ill, be sort of Sam .
normal little ftght for ourselves." spade character." e

won't ake second pattes at 3-De wth Call Me Madam on a lo-

wide-screen Cindmacop in its "All About Eve"?
StFAST Pt Af RAsfi
ll a untrue. .. i" -h ar d Den- tice* .... Gig Yu and i r
. .... .."r orh"|scn-pweshvedscvre aht- r t -*.W


k w -l

\\S\ BiSttLLib AN BOTt 0
\ '* .. "IN




S.S. ALCA", .................. ,,......... I l th.
M'.V. ....... ...... ... ... th
M.V. "RE-ut M #A tN A dli
TO- Urrob rN6if RtyT {
&S.B M co ......... ..... ....... ...Ai 7th
x v.. :+ e .......,,..+ .+ ..,.+ ,,. w .

.l: lt ...................... ... ......... A t m ,

s. WS. ....................



I M 14 d t S I P F j
iL molo pup a~
ajl MAMI t-- MANY 11MI4NS
d--tw gaptIALOTB SlmfI~t

a L 4 Mb 0 %mm

'i X \i<



- -' at. lap..

. i- .U B

h akt miD bDIb

- ." "


i TeL J18M4/
L 8-1251/

Y~AM~as~g~jmAa ~




in the Grill


& wm*uc~


~rriSUUUA -W

*~inl(~bi thafthmtl

I W,


* UsG8s scMnW

p a

. -''r "

p .

'... 5


" A "."',

I1- -- I


` t-,

LQIIIE. L111--~L -~ Y -~1Y. ~1~ ~. u---Y----- LY- -~~ -- Y' 1_ rJll~rLI Yl.

_~___ ~

I ~_ __)__I~ __f __I__I__

DEB wcEn rEU +ami:. mlA WlI 4

'; ... 1 .; --': ..
>.- Omi
im'- ^ -

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* .'-.


*:. .

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p* vq **




I .

wlwl f



~I~JI leUIP ~



PAI3 mi .

... ..- .
.. ., .** ...

79I 5 .. ...
atwTA fbests
a. for a


wr D


M-N -sluv UJ _F-
P-.am7 Joie Qulap will be co-hostess for
th Ambassa- the meeting and 4deotionals
to the. Unitd will bo led by Mrs. ardl altomr:
2Mera" Gumild Prestpea
I The Mornmig Guild of the
thwe* k Cathedral o- t. Luke, Aneon
t to a@n as & potp d Itsi -ur meet-
Mtet City Wuntil Friday Apre 10, at 9:30
D. C. Jamk. Awi be held
S. at4he f.tein 11Mrs,
West -s Prf d t, boWus 19 Sev-
e Sftb ety, Uuhts.
rector s Leonkrd .Bvoc km will
I1 the dihmuslon on "The
6t64 & oqfe tbrik" on
Ieit A bbi on "= I r
ubooa n r at Bishop
r-La "bu :D a.m.
nw,' ho hbs no* -e, ,mop
Uthmus To Meoo&i1 1.
r'A with The Book Re tew Group of p Itm:r s.h Ap2ril

and .nual
A -e 5siDu

s on -a thad the

17, BA P. &L. 3.521

Mtned; & up p rieo( ndsI
-eneelaL p gtrt y ven re-I
.. = 4M-7M--- -
'7 OA-
I Idlai

sw I

To Vasatian In CeetM Blea.
I Lols Morgan and Miss
orohy Moody left
da by plane for San Joe, Costa
Ska, where they win vacation
Mr. and Mrs Miller
Anr Veiiroe .
Mr. ind rsn. William Miller
of Mercb i, New JeMsey,
are recent arrival on the Isth-
s _Eathe U d States
and re house guests of
hI rthr and slater-ln-law,
and Mn. John Miller of
Pedro Mgl.
Ift, TyOt NOR= Wives
Wlfl et O Tbh y
'For Claratn Non Cs0
S Offee' Wiv- -lub
will hold lts regular monthly
bustmus meeting at 9:00 a.m.
Thursday, at Fort Clayton NCO
Club. .7 nursery service will
be available for children.

EasmerMs To he

,t En Wy coml eteh"
at FrJthAhan will be made
avlabh their serces
uy,* .A complete new con-
cIetW Z 0imC, the chapel has
rom an itional 50 tw
cholo. loft delivery of the
eccleuiastical furniture will be
made this week.
First services at the new chap-
el will be Rader. Mas. celebrai-
ted by Chaplan Donald J. Gra-
veie, of Fort Davis. At 14:45
s.m. Chaplai Primus Bennett of
eth< yt h ior Amphibious
lOmpfi Regiment; will conduct
a .r oup.a.4egiatatlonal
br service. Inuldental music
Mtl t.Wed by Cpl. Toward X.
IAw -ssft sidn and

Margerit* who escorted the
coundtl e6ofr to the stage CarOl
Newhard led thq audlhnce i ibme
anld. the 3 WSue" azd Interme-
diate Girl Sdoi Promise.
es8 loops on (be Atlantio side,
for five, ten ad 15 yea of serv-
ice 27,

were preintef by each lapto
Mr. JohBs Seyboid. latern -
aJt'friandidbp chairman.
he ght of t rally o
.pgegram on girl scouting pe-
i-B-d by Johp Seaman, Troop
wt ;rLitobal; o dtvely HLn.

O a 0. )4rgrl,; Florence
Opleman, Troop 4. Ft. rulicko
GWaee Argo, Troop 30. Gatun;.
Letitia Thomas, Troop 34. Coco
Solo; Marguerite Enoeike, Troop
50c Mlargalta; Caroline Peck,
oNewhrd oodo auditoe: Butch
r. therop Ft. Shermea;
date Gir Toledano Troo 44,
ew Crstba. The mbership demon-
strated to" the audience how a
g1rl scout should salute, sbaKb
hands, trpsay the giAtrl sntit side,
wear hr five, uniform and of ser-
ph. 5mdra Hugtor and Sndra
Keme, bth of Trop 29, Mar-
garta. o acted as property
drectod bor the play, brought
directorM for the play, brought

piaed a candle on B pake "to
url scouts were t~at to the
shying of Branift Uiiya film
'HOhlidy Pan ms rally
are diluded by tSTr ne of
oth ncil colors a L*.i scouts
6 led by Diane Oeid In the
singing o{ taps.

Awards At Caytesn
=anaul tofurto
5.for of Fort
C *Troop 4 a.Mhlld h Frl-
day eveAing in BullM 1M, Fort
Awards presented the court
lnsaUde Tenderfoot- WB4 Second
Clats pins. Year., Vita*n merit
Oaid prpfticiency badlm.
Eighteen girls, age to 13.
recelVed awards durBt cere-
moples. Followit th jmisenta-
tions of the pins and IMM by
Scout Leader Mrs. D tt lth
and assistant leader. garet
Childers. refreshments were
served to the scouts and their
Tho receiving awar.s In-
chuded: Marie Ames Patricia
Blnkowakl. Oele Brewer. a dra
Flickenger, Sandra Gatt, Ann
Graham, Jeanette Kenna. Dia,
Laird, Ilia Lomba. Lynn Lyman.
Judith Myers, Sandra O'bbsa.
Jeanette Ramsey., r An i Smith,
Diane Vail. Brenda WallaciL
GaU Whittle, and Olivia Win-:
Mrs. Slith. for two -years a
leader in scouting activities on
Fort Clayton. is leaving the poet.
In the near future. Until a new
leader can be found, assistant:
Miargaret Childers will be in.
charge of Girl Scout activities
Fort Clayton.
Thme Register For
Campi El Volean
Three Scouts have registered
to attend Camp El Volcan, It was



IM. K. ..

I .t .
iFsss *
!f.T^- 'L

*-M. "" A ---M --- -' -,w. ,AM UI .
--_zCb&pl PrimuS SMUett. WOJG -, ..
gg Ferr OetatI aty .d Boc and vvt Ken K golillid, wMI mal bam a
Mr and Ma. oleart Aleman du..g WillamSebhults will
company the hoir at the or-
i icks irb"g. 19.75

i in ated thbS. '
taxl aM rd arge :aril-.,the d .'i

~ ~,,S &a


announced today by Russell M.
Jones, camping and ativit
Fe varpenki of Troop 8,
: I 0, wa the -first boy -
39*nca N i M.wM. Jobn M3-
.hk,-of .,p S. aeo, ad,
aes Pedeen of Troop 10,
Gamboa, were the second and
third to register.
Scouts who attend Camp I
Voloan wl pacpate In horse-
wanship, swimn, life saving,
mountain cliambng, hik ing,
camping and many more activi-
The camp will be operated in
twq week periods beginning on
Monday, Jqly 13. Camp fea will
be 2tS.50 a week plus transpor-
tation. Reservations pan be made
at the Boy Scout Office in Balboa
now, he added., .
One of the highlights of the
camp season will be the climbing
of Volcano El Baru. A competent
guide accompanies the group
each year.
Horseback trips will leave the
camp almost daily. Waterfront
activities will be under the su-
iervision of a qualified Water-
front Director.
A Protestant and a Catholic
chaplain will be available in

St. Luke's Choir
To Sing Pieces
From 'Passion'
Selections from "The Passion
accord to St. Matthew" by
Johann Sebastian Bach willbe
prWented by the Cathedral choir
in the Cathedral of St. Luke, An-
con, on Maundy Thursday at
7:3B p.m..
4"olo0=t will be Marta 8poel,
esprano and Per-Olof Borg, bas.
The public i invited.
camp t all times to look after
the spiritual welfare of the


flax Jacdor'i
tSc l Of M e.
Ask for Max Factor Cosmetics


master Candies


%,IOCO lae


y S.


Limited Supply

Tel. 2-0356 2.0359

St. Raphael's Old
Catholic Church
Lists Services
Services at St. Raphlael's
Catholic Church during *
Week will be as follows:
Holy Thursday, celebratioM q
the Holy Eucharist at 6:30 6Ja
Good Friday, Eucharist of tl
pre-Sancti fied at 7:30 a.l
Three-Hour service, 12 noon bth
Holy Saturday, Easter Vi* b-
gins at 11 p.m. with the b--
of the Paschal Candle and
celebration of the first Fa
Easter Sunday, celebratMlo
the Holy Eucharst at 7:30 a.L
The 13 Sundays In Honor a
St. Anthony are now being
brated. Sunday will be the

Wisely and weaderfanly
Surround yourself by
the look of luxuywith
TowLE's exquisite
Stering...and att-
same time kfow the
satisfaction of an 4n
vestmentas wisest
is beautiful.
All TOWLE SteolIg nI
SOLID silver. Yet a
C teaspoon can cost oa
little as $3.70. Let as
show you our collec-
tion of TOWLE pat-
terns. ... Ask for our
budget plan.

-- ^ '^ ^ ij




ke jA ANDUV-

Syou 'eog to the Arnme4 Force ai you have al
job come to our Store and you can choose your own terl
to buy on crel(t.

rii lds tw.i

1fflel .cwamrt In Wet
said tbly had Me
s of the latbesee on Pleat's

- In-
that a


af it

In te Balboa Room free 12 noon
Musie for dmnoing by Lucho AaeTrrga's Conjunto
and from 7

Musle by O r Harrion nd him'New Yorkers

cordial y especial Blisaci6a. Nuestras grades facilidades lks
ayidard a eoaprar todos s, maebles.


The tere where Tea will find the largest amertment of Glass and Linteu.
M Central Avenue Tels.: 2-M645 2-24M

plt dinners
COhiMmna' !.ff-pof.(s a


t Mh riukr prices

4 -


*w r

-- .y ^ ..,
p .vs .. .
bin iiZ


A.:. ** -.- .
@-._..- -'Te_-*.-" ;* ',t. : -'.

* -" ^. -



~7T~~J1 I~



.-; ..

. -.;

i *ewi




a' '-'S
)~ -At:JV 11 .J1

- .7*~

PA tl ... ... a--lM..- ....



- -

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P. A. Classified

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our officers in No. 57 -' 11" bt' eet P-i Al
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Leiis Servict
f96. 4 TIOli Avo.--Phone 2-2291. and

fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-H41

Sal6a de Bdlka Americatt
No. 55 Welt 12th Street

Calton DrfM Store
10.0659 Melii Ave.-PhMOM 2 8

le mm

Propaganda, S.A.
Agencia Iateruncional de Publiclioftl "a" sr-eet corner ajudtlStd s.
No. 3 Lottery Plan Phone 2-31091 Phones -3314 and -

Household Automobiles
FOR SALE -25 c ,cle "We, i..9qhO FOR SALl 9SOD t Spucial 4-
9 cu. ft. Consider trade or Bl sell door Side, Perfect condition,re-

boa. Telephone e 2-4436. -. .Sth St. Central Ave.Colon, Tel. 00
FOR SALE -Or trade Wehslifghoug WE PAY CASH or used cart & sell
refrigerator 25 cycle b -4 Ior 60 on TERMS Agencias Cosmos.mos
cycle. N. 30 Apt 4. National Auc-w 29, Tel. 2-4721, Pon-
Avenue. Telephone 2-5187, Pan- anma
ma Beautiful 1951 Chevrolet 2-dor Se-
FOR ALE d ma gany book- don. Skyline Do Lune, hardly used.
case with 4 glass dogrs, heater very good condition, redes, seat
element installed. size 66 x 74. covers and 5 geed tires.
$5 00 ,o-.h Balboa 3101 SMOOT y HUNNICUIJTT. S. A.
0-sL1 6th St. Central Ave. Cole.I.A Tel. 800
room se.t. Elecrmc fan machine FOR SALE --1942 Mercury Sedan.
motor, beds. No 13, 46th street Du', pa.d. Phone 3-4284
Telephone 3- 1648 -_ To Car Owners:-
FO SALE -8 cu. It. Keunator Re- If. for a aitell Investment, you are
trigerator 60 cycles For nlorma- lterested in a6tdininlij a now ir
ron. Via AeropuerrO No. 3, Apt every year at delers cost. Write
.to Box 134 Penami America.
FOR SALE. '5piece nrohOganv suite. FOR-SALE -1938 Plyt-outh, $175
9-p,ece mohogan,,' dining suite. 6- C0 Houie 125. Chillbre. facing
piece bamboo. 3 stand. lvingroom .Caortino 8 to 12 m. Andrew Croll.
suite 9 it. We.irnghou.e reti.ger- ARGAIN. 1949 Buick Super 4-deoor
ator G E. abih.r.g Sedan, with dynaflow, raede, seat
Brea.fost toble. 4 chu.r I U'' covers. eaxallent shape, easy pay-
x 62 Venetio.l bid,,U In excel- m Ion. For sale at
lent condition. Maoy be ieen any SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A.
t.'e house 8026-C 2nd St Ma- 16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800
gar.ta Phodh 3-: ~ FOR SALE -Chrysler Windsor. 1950
FO< ALE'--Laundronot automatic elcelleit condition, low mileage.
,:. ,g mochir.e 25 cycles $1150 e(.tloa. Rodmon, 3563.
c- :hlfonier with mirror $16: 6- PRACTICALLY NW 192
..c, itandng Ionp $7 band PRACTICALLY NW. 192 ulk
r'.u- modern mahogan dining Super Riviera, very low milege.I
,;3r 110. unused m ne a. -bur'r two tone gry and blue with dyne-
ri borried gas plore $6 wardrobe flow, radio. seat covet. For seal at
i, redwood porch screens, Vane- SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A.
oan brds i5 and $rO Pla1nts 16th nSt.v Cntl Ave. Coli. TL 008
odds and ends. L B tAoore, 20.7 FOR SALE --Morris Minor, new. $1.-
Gorgoas Road. Balboa HgIs 200 3'21-D, Ancon, C. Z. after 4
FOR SALE.-Large size crib $10.-. p n
00 Also ch.fiorobe and che-t at GOOD TRANSPORATIO#4. 94 1
draweis, cheap. 1404-8, Carr St Buick 2-doer Sedan, good running
Balboa condition. lasy-payment. For sole
16r I. 9" nU A-. mi l i Ti. *ar

WANTED Tb BUY. Smboth tires
4 ? suitable for reconstruction or will
i i.Ungi r flocrute4 tirt.
[\.o ". u~, cW Na-
c ol-'.A.' "7 .r u Avenue.
Tel. 2-0401t ." '

I 6t ST. rCentral AVI. CiG n, 1l. 00
FOR SALE 1-940- Chevrolet S-don
ridic, perfect mechanical condi-
tion excellent tires. $995.00
Your .dt*.. t br Ita, lB.-
side the Coa Cola Co.L. T 2-
4966 c A .f
19S0 Chevrol-*ia'CoSieJ, -


h won bveaa kingpu InimliCh-s Clama
DR. WENDEHAKE.-Medical Clinic.
I t1 -- A .,, o.2 ie ri tal
JUINILE JIM JAUNT TO mARIEN---- tag. 2 MbAU.B tifrlul0 t.
sponsored by Hotel El Panamih--Apri. l ocko ratWttb.1D-4b, 0
3-4-5. Last trip o the lman, wsraise ewiek-Uri
due end of Aprill. PHILLIPS Oetnsidc Cottage. The
3 tull days of interest, fun! Leave only court In Santa Clrhb with an
Frido\ Apr.I 3rd. 7 30 ao m. Return OC-eanview from all cottages. Steps
late Surdos April 5th. Fishing to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration.
through the Pearl Islands, visiting be-becue and shuffle board. Pan-
with the primitive Choca Indians ama 3-1877. Magaorita 3-1673
spear.i,g crocodiles.. cruising up Sam- Box No. 435 Balboa.
bu riter aboard El Pandma's Pescado- FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
ra. Brig old clothes. comfortable Santa Clara. Corhpletely furnished.
shoes a,.r: DON T FORGET YOUR PIock Gas Refrlgetators and Stoves.
CAMERA. 3 Glor.ous Days. For reoer- Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar's
saltons phone Jungle Jim. HOTEL EL 2-0170.
PANAMA, Panami, 3-1660 or see -
,,oar Tra,el Agent.' FOR RENT
MEMBERS Have you paid your
dues cr 1953' New members Houses
rrnc,ti elcorrie. Send dues to Cis- Oi--
tobcl Colon Humane Sbciety. Bo> FOR RENT -Completdly furnished 3
26'; Cr,.iobol Hove several dogs. bedroom house, beautiful lawn.
cots arnd kittens who would ap- For approximately 2 months.
precicle a home. Help those, Aho would consider 2 responsible
can,,r.i help themselves. couples Ca. 3-1160
MESSENGERS to drop-alitet., deliver FOR RENT: jaiutiful resIdence.
a parcel, buy your drinks or food, Phone 2-2145, Panama.-
telephLie 3-4835, from 7 0. m FOR RENT: New house, Parque
to b pm. Lefevre. For inforriiatiori West 12th
R- A E street No 8, upstairs, Panama.
FOR SALE r^, ,i I

FOR SALE Pedigreed Dochhund
pups. Call 3-1816, Ponami.
'-Ul ro beer, and "Sodas Tropi-
cal" home delivery for Canal Zone.
Army & Navy. employes, please
call Panama 3-0996 for service.

FOR SALE:-Doberman P.nscher Pup-
pies. Steer. 123 Via Porros, Tele-
phone Panama 3-0314. Come and
see them
FOR SALE. Complete household
furniture. 1948 Eight Cylinder
Ford. Phone Balboa 2107.
SAVE TIOUR MONEY. buying almost
now firel of all sizes. just received
by Eisenman Used Cars. Peru Ave
No. 8. Tel. 2.45 I 6.
F(0 SALE-'Vs ter-ChicagI Wire-
recordir, 60 Cycles with new m&-
craoplhe rinjwine to inoisture and
tom i ..- a..a.*if A ..i. 0ri


FOR RENT.-Attention G. I. modern
apartment, hot and cold water.
furnished, new. Tel. 3-4941, Pan-
FOR RENT.-2 bedroom apartment,
No 12. 6th Avenue. Coco del:
Mar S35.00. Telephone Panama'
2-2,'58 .
FOR RENT:-For 2 months, modern
well furnished apartment, Bello
Vista. Telephone 3-3268 or 2I
3438 Panama.
FOR RENT: Furr fl 2 bedroom
apartment., MIr lBla Vista theater
with telephone. Call 3&1029.
FOR RENT:-2 room atartmrnt, fur--
nished. To r4sonpbllr t.aple.
nelhb|rl .ei.Jri 'de bl
street Nc B.-bmtrnE Apf. 'A
Five to sevenip. m.

V T. -f-0bfr- se. ADiu.u.J-Need __WIpi$I
Oy jcperr psti. tiE- Fr **PIhoneNboA2-18i43, otter 4 p FOR RENT.-Furnished s
paiAo TI. 3-4 Io. E s SMOOT y HUNNICUTT,. A. m screened and development
SI ___ 16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 FOR SALE .-Flowers. canaries, fishes, two couith ples.o bedrms, s
FOR SALE FOR SALE -1950 Chevrolet 4-doar auoarium supplies and magazi-ms. two couples. Ca anm
SSedan De Luxe. Call Cristobol T- Acuano Tropcol. 55 Via Espata, F 1
Real Estlate 176 .Tel. -5s.411. FR REN7
JUTr $6.00 HAVE TOUt OWN FOR SALE:-1948 Studebaker Cm- FOR SALE: --3 marine transmissions Roo'm
HOME,! mrrander Sedan, motor oserhduled andclutches. I 1-2 to I Fits 671 Rooms
3 bedroom beautiful chalet in San r excellent $695 00. Full price. G. M. Diesel. Tel. Balboa 3019. FOR RENT:-Furihed-reoo
Fran-isco de la Calefo and a car asAts Eksenman IBeside the Coca- FOR SALE.-Amateur Transmitter, to ditnfer tfr ollte, it.
F.rst Prize. A lot of land and a car Cola CC 400 watts, 25 or 60 cycle, cornm- dni.a. lT s hm -4Vite.
as the Second Prize and a car as 1949 Chevrelet 4-deer Sedan, tline pilte with cabinet. Many other ,ti 34
Third Prize. Phenomenal Raffle on Do Ls. beautiful running cen- items for amateurs, experimenters nam- .
April 26th for the benefit of Puebloi delion, very good tim, sety-pey- and radiomen 45th St. No. 3. FOR RENT:-.-F-.,ished roo
Nuevo's Church Call 2-0740. After mints. For sale at near Bella Vista theatre inspected, ilttrlfh fill
4-30 p m. 2-2653 SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. FOR SALE:--Registered blonde cock- 21, Fourth of July Aenu
FOR SALE -For $3,000 at CERRO lthiSt. Central Ave.Colel, Tel. 800 er puppies. Phone 83-2294 or ,. re.ooeve Hotel.
CAMPANA- Comfortably furnished FOR SALE -Buick Super Sedon '47 Qtrs. 938-B. Curundu Hgts FOR RENT.---One or twoI
Quonset with 3 rooms, 2 porclie. Excellent condtaon, $975.00. Call FOR SALE. Unusual Opportunity. m foer Coule, ntl
bathroom. Six beds. all btddinrg after 4 Navy 3544 hCorplete set office Dcophone ade Near Cathedral.
household equipment, tools, etc .. .. Cequipment in current use. Three Refreshment earjor Cecalir
screened summerhouse Andiador T used, very low mileage, with soit dictyling, one transcribng and one th .
Includes half hectare wooded land. overs. I Sged tire, at cylinder shaser machine with
50bearincoff trees un MO A floor stands and twenty-our new
5rubt trees and flowers. Unrvol- I 6th St. Central Ave. Coin. tel. doe cylndert New value over $2 000.
00. $380 00 Cash or terms. THE
led view mountain rind ocean. Al- FOR SALE"- ick 1946 Super 4 TEXAS CO. TPANAMA, INC. T. A d S
titude 2800 feet, over 10 degrees door .edon, radio, heater, under- --S C--- ....T o Deman .Ii
cooler than Panama, 39 miles from coaleJ good condition, $625. Tel FO SALE: Child leather saddle -
ferry. F.,e miles from highway. F, i--Ic.or, 3103 with accessaoies. For ir.normation "l T ||f i ,
turn right at soda stard Open t O SALE SUPER 88 ROCKET fice 0ours. wodu--
for insection Friday atterraoe, all F. SUPER88I ROCKET fi e hO ors lun u a TW
day Saturdas Additional land I'1 4 dr. black, I 1 000 milks. -- *-- --7 -
daylobat Ir ti2. Ld B MOORE M:nd ;c.r repairs necessary. lest offer. OR SALE -Portable laundryub NEW YORK March 3
Iaalboa 2-43,i3 Call Mr Harper. 2-2086. Also camping stove, fibre rug. m.,cella- The Overseas Press Clu
... .. .. .. Ca19.M0 Ford 2 oilers black at Tro- nots 4 Morales ,St. Api. 5 El asked Secretary' of Motors Cangrelo. 3-419 Fosaler Dulles to ignoe_
..... ....-- .. that the United Statd
FOR SALE 1949 Ford 2-der Sedan, good ru- -recognise Comi nuls t CA
condition, ties- urderSuicide in andth
Boats & Motors em o .At Murder-Suicide in lo ean
.---- .. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A. (Continued from Page 1 1 days ago.
FOR SALE -Kohler Automatic Goso- 16th St. Central Ave. Colon, Tel. 800
pe ectrcndiPlant i H 0'The CONVERTIBLES FOR SALE -- aess ald he produced a 12-call- Richard Applegate of
Tperfet Co Pana $464 Tel 2- CONVERTIBLES FOR SALE r Smith and WOeson revolver. tional Broadcasting Co.,
SC20 i9 P ac 2ONVE ght green, radio and fired twice at the victim hald Dixon ofInternattai
1949Poac "B" light reenrad while ne sat behind the steer- service and Capt. Ben
cFOR in wheel One bullet pierced the have not been heard ft
1950 MerB iry. many extras rtiht half of the windshield, Applegate's 'alboat. K,
OR anyhSALE er, ing the American flag, w
MotorcVycles A ulEin^ i n 'Beside the Coca- Both women then fled tlV car ,n tow by Chinese
ORALE oorce Harley Da. lO Co Tel 2.496. and the tess started runningMarch 21 while sallin
FOR S r Fr d o CITel2t 4 6 -. toward Balboa Road She looked Kong to Macao.
sdson -"74' cu in Hydralide. ll19 0lolak Super 4--deeor-Sedan. back to see Mis Nedrick first
plenty of extras First $750 tokF very agod sap., my payment, start grappling with Conolly and The club also asked M
it. DW Kells Curundu Fire Sra- S s HyV UNNICUTTr, S. A. then saw her begin running too. boat Lodge Jr., U.8. del
tron. Telephone 83-212. 16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 However. several more shots the United Nations, to l
FOR SAL-1950 Ch-evrolet- De- Le were fired aid Mrs. Anderson piracy of an American V
FOR SALt-1950 Chevrolet Doel-l2saw her companion crumple to the kidnapping of Ameik
Sledn. Only 16.000 miles, excel- tie ground. ens by Chinese Ctnia
AU UL lent coarlort Also m.~c house- ed forces" to the attmut
Mold 2759 Call Mr. Piper, Balboa The witness said she then U.N.
9 .- -- flagged a passing taxi and was
FOR SALE.--1950 Dodge Coroner taken immediately to the Balboa
3 2 95 269 or see a t 1524-C. Gai..n Clubnoaue where she enhsted the *
$ 95 Coupe Excellent condition may aid of a Canal Zone policeman irl SCOUt Boc
be t.nancea. $1.35000. Call 2- Who returned with her to thE
Area. Balboa scene of the crime. M eets To
FOR SALE -1947 -j---4- Mrs Nedrick was found lying. -
FOR SALEd--1947 DeSatc 4-door on the grass and Conolly wi i L
sedan., radio. Excellent condition. stretched out on the concrete -
Or n er. $00 00 Ft Cay- entrance to Pier 7. about 15 feet hi
-..ion..3...2 offRooseselt Avenue. with a bu- Inter
FOR SALE One Jeep Engine $25 let wound in his head, still a ellt .
00. Baby stroller, $6.00. 2126 The gun was nearby.
I Apt. C. Curundu. Phone 83-5242 The victim s husband. Ashto* *gthe
FOR SALE 1-- Melbourn Nedrtck of 2183 RS
SSALE -1952 Special De Luxa Abajo informed pollee that Con-
Buck sedan 700 mes, perfect olly, an acquaintance of his.
S condition. lon sear covers. Dena- espSein erious-marltal
flow. 12.200.39 B OE., Bal- fieUl .ld way Ul a.a ... a s w. e fa a
-- -- --before t wte cmlm top Ps au .
SNMaritk t a slilla i
'er f,.w Uses v Wsr


Besi eu ) -_
IzJs aehnw

dable for

m, access
Calle 45
ZS, Pao-

m. G. I.
10i-. No.
5 Apt. 3,
emon or


b today

l-f -.

.of the



Pay leo sad get oflret

Reynlds LIPETIME Aailu.
mum Cwragaittd Reofdg
and Sidtlg.
hknt Proof, Ne nous Pa int
rermaaent, ReeKg Hlet,
tibfoeat fo Gratet
BUaty alttf Riidity.
(where prkinl i a Iiaufe)a u
fI Central A .-Tel. 3-B1i0

trtibses kxter, S A.
Shlpjping molng4 storage
We Paok and crats or rhoVd
Anything. 'Phone 2-24S1
2-2.862 Pan1aF

Hoaased-M EkdMnge
41 Automofl Row
we. ,lan ls ..

.bta-erf J


Tel. 14 CI6n. R. P.


will remain closed
Maundy Thursday
and Good FTiday'

OPEN all day Holy
fluid_ A<

1949 Dodge Sedan
1946 Oltidu ile
Conveltle COpe
1948 Chevolet
onertibe CoApe
1949 PaId, 4-door Sedan
1950 Buick Suoft Sedan
1947 BUICk Supet Sedan
1950 Stddleaksr Seals
194A Studebaker Sedan
1947 Mercury Covertible
1949 Studeboier Coupe
19.50 Nosh Sedan
1980. De6to Sedafn
1960 FackNsi 4Wdoor
.1947 Riuienasedn
1949 Blick Super
Dyelae o
j191 Chen ie1t, 4.doe
P. i,
1952 Chevrolet Coupe
1947 PlyAeuth, 4do0or
1948 tevrdet A twine
1952 Ford, $, 2-dor
1951 Paid O, &od
1949 Plytbtth, 440dr

1947 FtS C41t
1982 mro ation
1948 aier Sedan .

1952 Buick Special

1949 Ptlaci, 4-door
1947 WIlys Station
1948 Dodge, 2-doot
041 ddsmobile. 44w
Sean -
1949 Nash, 2-door
1950 Plymouth
comnrstle Campe




-UST have iI

onYu have b


Radio Prems

Your CoimIIoif Station
Wh sl 10000h Pa. MhM

3:30-.Muele for Tuesday

6i6o-Th eft Como 6ho 0W
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8:80-Frankle Masters tInter-
S:45-,P. Commentary,
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***'' ;T

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S>yiM;-Sttik, MuP R f IT_ AhE3ICAN LI Pi t pDbT flto wet

Att*ai-tt Orehi. Chapter
.m*= n o 8 i ad
.t. -- u ,.

,*.n eaon h nleAp o onet 4 .

.tlU R Zelf O xl a Ze ChanperA
40 aHc r If brii dat A 2 on

o, ta rr, M
TO a ; Yo r yi inpX5w

th O 0V i Said
S. .el a e ,r t d a n L on .
moS tricttto b of vte

Sr e a 7 a e .

". who fet$ that h6r home is bilag biokenby the perils of life on
AIal aee .t on 011oedllo ti *cietdul of H81 Malabsh tedbet platatMMi., Beend is from United Arthsts
A Yer, uhcessful, fopia o ln Pna Week service. in Atlantic aide
**^^ g*9 e.31d In t i b ldroon c,~ahdoi ci ches wa 8 "a Otpost In Malaya," whih, will open Wednesuay at the Central
o t otei Wahingtoi a tods t tthe Vin*nan rFath ers Theater.
urday night by the WashingtUon MIacidous Mldal C~hu 4h, NEW
Co on it tf a t Rev. hahm Adoa to of 1
Swet MIa Jdn lir.i oee, E fesslonfro OR

Stray Spe. an rso. an m fanlj l stO a eps., Hodlr- zsga FSaE US tie FOR tu ranCjj
Sifo trtsl i. Man rtird- Life insurance t Fire Insurance S

a cr'W andr "ab ole enfle en all II 1erat it and l -bility Insura--ce
Sm a rant 8m o .ng an l tmo b a ther
t~ha~t *Wd. C k cn 0 j e u ofmt "a a ad F Ctro d OLHoly

jiawra$ s ., eLrn for the ,Oer thNe F riday ee PAAhCE peLA
k b iSM en e a.n^^f:e^ Dt l?11Vee11
hofit angi-p with multi-,o the a during the .n '
r, doothed, ol candi es and Three oursAgony 12 noon 8 IA JULIO A. SALAS
hh ebry ?6rmrh ts&e fapant th a p.m. Sermons by Fatkl M TrI
A vr y e tmesu, faKE RAi ymI ons L ew i in. Father Te-
e .s sAor I s eyeed n. eionlY 8FatursTay. OatN T
'.- w~o~ry M ni Onto b.. e ItWhinsr w mas 8erenda ne the oflm hin-Ot
rre ar a= hirmn tor the Mlr and s ew rue, Pascha C an.m
St obert te Starts t 6 a.mfi, thg oaM
,., ss homes atud but.-..e~ul wfIM r. 1t. Alewt-. Ir* gi 4 7:30 a.m. C -"
o re.l me N, wames an- t u f oi b hhoSotoo k80yStoa s.mL
l i ba Mrs s M lulare Easte sia. M se: Low
VI% CfaAn IMrsra fIa..ltdyl a Md l Asn. c'I anjL8
SUo .sf tT8rssat :1 MsolSo t5MDEoATNSte-
home hat*l l claby C: uchand C oon.ig
*iot a irmrL 8 ..tro Mr. and .b*. u : A Norris beda, teulobali 0 toCa 8 I
... .__ U-- iv n th tghhrua od,.m. Fy riday olMi ab "e "-
sited vimin g e 841 hfud at a a.m. Adoration of

:w h ft _he di then MAN

S an co aock &t a

.t.l e Utfht.' A .th fer t 3os emnbrFs aot 7:15 .on eA AL
in -1lt 8Igt M51

R. .Alt Iesab ut .7:30 a.m. Co bl -.
Id 148001ifet"Robbitdtnola, sel db$,ii ed-_ W RW20 .M

da:y. H. ,unl ....befoi
Tfl. J ah U j A


Mrs. Betty Bentz
Has New Classes
In Art At'Y'
Mih. Dntty Bpt JAOnew
her two c1oA! toUP w
at th slbo& 4A for v

MUOat of Beti have M
carried on Jor gwetral years witl
ITSr gine .Ppulkity.. # annual

Work ,o p4art,
S ld oin e t
Wa till li and po rt
live models.
It Is Important that new pu-
Ills register fo, th6t firs clans
in the month. Art supplies arb
available at the YMCA. tor
further information call the
YMCA information dsk Ialla
3>9 or Mrs. Bent at her home,
Balboa 1463.

On Trans-Isthmaln Road.
Behbal 'Artes y Otelor' Seteel
DAY 3-1552P -NIGHT 3-121l
ensm .Jo &_Ls..
A sensational plcture featur-
flg two acedimplishiL actor'
Love a ie-Drama...

Ouhr Snatk r.o B 6:

$1.10 pr CAR!
witLh Gele Tftpey Oeorgl




1:34_.2:.4, 4:15,A--.kj :9 .n
lt-G-3 is spirkllng romantic comedy I
Jaae Orber GOi Teting, In


- In -


He Turned His Back
On God...!


11th 1**r g irt May Atoer
with Dick irU tl. Jue Trivt*

Robert TaylIr -- Eleanor Parker, in

Air codiftltMa
At 9:00p.m. WAHOOI
Uil8.M in Prim!
MatnleyOlements, In
Don De~ore, In

Bodb Hope, it

BrNK DAY! $8" -
0000 at :00 p.m.
$100.00 at 9:00 p.m.
Co)l_ Winde, In
"Op tAlfOf SB s KT"

"TAK Force. ,
VirninU Mryq". 4r

Faltering Philip!
'lidipm ife ts filled with btaises
Well-wors steps and rugse t uses
t"1fir *ias Mmb be he* like new.
A. ClMIfted. the riht ejlup1
.. r





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- n am .il rdi




Hank Sauer Lost To Chica o Cubs UntilEawly

a split decision to Bob Tenraquer, .
5th Army 125 pounder, anSi n .
king. And Preston Jenkins. I"S
pounds. EUCOM, d e iloned
Isthmus en'ry Rudolph Hueta.
left the tournament with two
titles. The 3rd and 4th Arzlis 4..
You can entrust your finest furniture pieces to us Military'Distrtlt of W*ahington
with confidence In their safe and sound delivery. tdiUACARIB '.all gained ..l

TRANSPORTES BAXTER, S. A. 'Physical Education

Etqhonee2.24s1 2-2562 Bram n.,.. berae .-


* i ty p~ .*I*

",- V+ ";.1;"w?^
' "* ..-' I ,-


,1- .^

. .


Shantz Goes Nine Innings; ..Armistead Ekes Out Thrilling Palomai ; ,

Dodgers Win 5th Shutout Victory In torbike Feat ure F p ot A m

United Press Sports Writer The PA| Ita .tnerW Tu-- o i the :9 .
NEW YORK, March 31.-Hank Sauer, the Na- ,... .. Io- s r sa r n- i
tional League's most valuable player in 1952, was i le" o
definitely lost to the Chicago Cubs until May today he I I"
and Manager Phil Cavarretta sadly conceded, "We e t r r
can't make a run for it without him. lb t & t la ontt, sra- nih
tsfO, wl f lyed the followinfaa
Cavarretta named Gene Her- nine-inning performance from Wednfi, y at ol be flal uown- gIV, ma
manski to take Sauer's place in one of their pitchers when 31- antesr thdaye Itlktal .in aani a
the outfield alongside Frankie year-old Jim Wilson, 12-14 last these 84L a. m ,ath i,- .- r"
Baumholtz and Preston Wardseason, turned the trick against on eOsure alfly mathed 4..:m
but made it plain that e un- their Toledo farm clubof the MEXICAN PUNCHEeR-Jose a ah an m le ter fans ab
derstood what life was going to A m e r i c a n Association. The "Pepe" Alvarei, one of Mex- ly ame. The bmoys on
be like without Sauer's long Braves, who break camp, this ico's best lightweights, in his lI4MthLr beb all eas est ett who, e
range punch. morning, plan to send 14-game fighting pose. Alvares has aack race rd et I i a
Tae crestfallen Sauer learned winner Warren Spahn the dis- been signed up to meet Pan- r, thee telvey for tol y lat lA htyu rIR'tI
the bad news yesterday when tance today and then join the ama's Federico Plummer at tHe la., fgt wiMWar-.j
X-rays revealed that the broken Dodgers for their trip north. 135 pounds in a ten-rounder at, Th o pnlag batteries for to- =- als thE g00
little finger of his right hand As for those dear old Dodgers the Colon Arens May 3.tNote with
has failed to heal as expected. -they're still in their own little moe. Tw tae terie d oo ad rt e bvrie ow
Sauer, who suffered the in jry dream world, luxuriating in the ae aI eea the m ltona-d te i..b b
sliding into first base in an !ex- most spectacular pitching Any L o &for be a d i Martly
hibition game two weeks ago, team has received this spring. .i oa I Bo th ae S 4w I ..
has been running and working They made it five shutouts in l e o t I, -a'
out at third base but is unable eight games yesterday when Bil- e
to grip ga bat or throw properly. ly Loes and Glenn Mickens com- b TENSLY A lNG the drp f te start's flag at aturda t' speed me a a it rd He ea
Hermanski, a left-handed bined to beat the Red Box, 5-0. c 1TENSELY, AWAIt IS l the dropw of the s tet se flag at turday n hit's speed fin, eetlnra seon wit. et rd. hhen.indihitCoania nd
longb itter plaed In bi Mickens, on leave from the (lefd fl t to right t) Domngo Hind, Choppy White, Bob Conneely. Ray Maan and Eddle Armite. l Wi ea ir
games for the Cubs last season Army, expects to be discharged
and hit only .255, belted only: in early May and certainly will '
four home runs and'drove in 34 be brought up to the Dodgers. P y o d S.or -
runs. Sauer hit .270,,hit 37 home In the meantime Brooklyn fans Pu r d Fon Lhe iaeen# -,
runs and drove in 121 runs. eagerly awaited the Arrival of Oec 17 Ee n e oftheArmed w o@t- ,
Standout pitching, meanwhile, the team to determine for them- A re-la ser vacation track of r won the ond
encouraged the Athletics, Phil- selves whether Joe Black is go- ndfield meet wa held on the Leat aLp he
ies BravestantDdgers as theIng to be expendable this year. The Fourth Annual Balboa Dblo chl pgrunds r
big league teams prepared to Jim Rivera increased his bat- Relays will have a grand totalmDib l choldn pa y of und reslornb o th
break e o oam i ma and beginthei average to .350 an tole of 17 events on the pro fsorat abl Ementhroa l chool, on aV al Re ag

o beAtherdnl, --- no lm onga loge eSaturda hy, March 1 Andre Franglon i.
I.ittle Bobby Shantz, who fail- routed El Paso, 13-1 th e reel- the 17 ere two new events, the hse h o the )
ed in his first try, pitched nine ing o giants bowed for the 1th 180 yard low hurdles, and theuThis affai was osr hono i.n ft I ll
innings as the Athletics defeated time in 13 games when the In- N08 yard relay for Junior Highe d IaD f a irlw catn and Re- nert rid t
the Reds, 4-3, and now seems dianS scored a 13-6 vi ctory: Schools., creatii- on Branch of the Schools four randR- agwI _ouwo
certain to draw Manager Jim- Wjarren Hacker pitched seven In addition to the 17 track andD n. oe hv for e o
my Dykes' opening day assign- strong innings in the Cubs' 52 field events, there are the color-ac Division. Prim were given for home n irtexcel"

ment against the Yankees on triumph over the Brown and ful opening ceremonies, atnd the attrack events r ad Jrefreshments brilln s re-p :n j0- *
Sotnty. 36-year-old staggered through as the Tigers ng of the championship trophywe Torvt4ado clima fw he day t ad Heaurt i Ttas werr
"comeback kid" of the Phillbes toppled the Yankees. 9-5, thanks to the winningte udci x ha.orsensnen m & team.ahunt wa cnte, d result n sth.I
went nine for the second time to home runs by Walt Dropo, There will be the usual five hunt was condctad, resultting out in the afourth.sledern
this spring, scatterin nine hits Ow en Friend, Frank Carsweol field event#, the shot put discus, in some spiritedouth lng. their o bcoachi Cdr.& Lucklh

t-1 wo -o Io-a thoge rs ato orheahluort hrpe t5ut, Arjum p'd ,hst s aneddro Manuelrof the fourth trgrade nSN.Made their only bid w J w l. e *
stanty, who shut out the Tigers, And, in Havana, Cub, Ralph Jump. On the tr 'will brctaetlabe lMcaeked tre.suob w e
-0, in his previous route-goiner hit his first home un of 8 relays in all, and 4 individual -n t r re r r kn tniwae.
performance. had a string of 19 the spring as the Pirates "B"t races, crade hrMslasulthse, ra e Cuu040tou could One es ; A r- i .pt
scoreless innings snapped when team continued to embarrass the errlteseond rdac ths, gree, tkin- hoe .u aleh nd l A-0
the Cardinals scored In the 'A' team, 6-4. Pitts urgh's The relay will consist of the nenttoA ren A feth l ,"
ninth in s ning. "subs"now have beaten the rg- 440 yard relay, the 880 yard re--Piahmr haeoAkew4eo10adbAaarBeA.two
The Braves finally received a ulars in five of six g ames. lay the mile rely the medley barr in t irsca wa e d

layeth e omile rel yt oeee me dlbyrnooi nd i DAn winer EAdie Ai -steadStillbah Inside rrun-. bo.1 A o I'
h relay, the 7th gradb 440 relay, ur oh e ana hatd-oi sAal amis, oa rteinc" 1
8th grade 440 relay, elementary nig, even after the race. ere he is ta Eaton, whao captured the raees for the boys beu nl am i
SFn ds c cschoolr 440 relay, andre the Junior presented the trophy. At left ar Mari r roe resentingtM
l100 ard dash, 120 yard high Hasan, chief of Panamaus traffib A-while ar rn t )on Fortune0 and tl ht f -l
Strafaci Fn ids Perfect British High880relay.Themil run erPilip s cgaret, and LL Cob e, 2rIDsn Dal Z.:ourhgr hfins
urdnes, andl80nyardflowhurdlesro Fiteld. presie thet pat 2 l, er h a e two, theen thesak e ral-ar
motorcycling clubfn rho mwhichwcodseotevederm4etemaZrn radone.twoTt phree0In"thesack n Mar
Hrronn Fwill make up the in.dividualthM Wc motorcycling clubwch oh t e wt rae. Cotton Luhr. &hJackson Carl
co er s te events fdr the meet, *adrnPhilipJl re t ton hrpi enlatlon. .; t
I I Hourm "w"H I-won, 12 the. boys4#&..Brd@ 0V 4.
e Pn G Course t H ome Defending champs will be Eddie Armistead apd Ray M a- o Batrda"'s r ls r
bck in the high hurdles, with n contest in.an1 atmch up 6 aorz
id c unon n M NS IO ofU t. r trhe d c o mp.ti -nd.iM nothe on wo n

theOind. TbergP n blow, wa a- -en, eon an Crig Weoeoard. In Gibson. in the broad. Ump world.y tu to dro ltisamnd pMuhw
usrdbtlndall other events new winners Racthfiathobt hehehrbtgus tCereaonnes thatBituraas's Pathroughoutnto morn Cu u ,"
ouit on Long Island to get in his best score for the 36-hole tour- Atarectn l tropibes will gown ed. the ertan edwaysraingbis Hunmt, anoran., r
the uhMortractive he wiil'go tor often, 3a to rinto ano
practice licks for the British nament was 77-76-c-153. That'l all first place winners in both afstumend st
Amateur championship begin- dgive you an rough h idea." relays and individual eventsR, Mad nflt, ito the last lor
The wore oth w-athr, t mbay it takes some amazing golf he UA rdBe sivrd egtare hd t0ghpa buhte ie ll.s
bTthe liksethes u r the t tour Timber Pofi5t 'di o ng bronze metpas, respectful t the anser racing often i aHugnndB
Amater chminhpbgn-iv found a perfect British tosttlFrank. wi a e standn
golf course just an hour from tht's aoTne nt holew on 4 ad us lif t e sant ay dt r
h i e c.enae o o a i,3r A, L in hi fr o ff h n the st coudtO ndas 140r 24 ;, 5; '..
who reached the roudOf 16 t day-but when the wind blossh adihlsehseandtihrdlaeslpfhef
year by winning seven matches it takes a brasoee to reach thea .d"-sl'n-enths ga ind t ate l but'(One !s% s Individuallyf
at Prestwicko Scotland. "If any- hree" hadhertat ins T redma dd A ma
thing, it's sandier and windier three e-nder ta t migh :re
takeefaudraiveravtentoo All-Army crown whohihrhihas cc23A.-;Ra y an ar
tStorafac. former public lnks Ael atl. etop 5 reC ,
gomericanpseutavnehnuwinninguhermLu.ndholaelofan40n.fothe season m.onst ped ay a P
Abitnvreninthreat anin the UIS. Amateur. itXad rr Cf 3aylon an ob
hoe, BidtishonckoWtdindifferent success on two orao his f stped thro fiStai W 2=
hnce trhet end of World Waswr I t-theBitishoside eanAomese-t Ia
but many, like Strafaci, never teur. He lost in the second round Withy soned Army-e title uveri "fndtheld1leeaddulF0cc,64 Red
have got the hang of the rugged in 1950 and in the first round Sated away theUn affi r "te dswk "'5"
father conditions or gained in 1951 Last year. he went down Stagtess gCeav r Caph btote xind hhtru te.e i.-hlapf l
perfect hi introl of the smaller against Ireland's Joe Carr in the dteam leave CampuAteret ur y evhenWt.o wTM
a"I'll have no excuses this eighth round of the cham.,,on-prCtnal todne. rtoth m o wonou, r idig n; la; ,oU
Ie ad tr.ship eventual won by Harve third placafe ahead of -,-ee,"52s.,;mm3oZero
the threaI oner d- f e l ate oa.. n ..l fighter in the entire tourna- be held at the stadi:un,- t .eso
plenty of British balls to play. over there" he sso m swyeaor,,and. meant who coucd retain his crown Noember. "11
Timber Point Golf Course at Is- ..........t__d__ei pounder Curet survived three t o oe 4.'n-d-
lip, N.Y., lart of which Juts into i p--ihard fightA, each e going thehoeersin of nc, 2o2l-2;adv'n S.5
reat out Bay. almost dupli-NO FIRST ROBIN PROBLEM complete thret-romd distance. e thi ld I (uht 3
eating theayouts ether loal boer survived I n I tb ,
aide courses in Scotland and MANNS H e.RsOR. N C dUPu the first round in the competi- In its ref, two-seaonhe
England. Timber Point was fa- RobLns may still be scarce in t ion. g esteesedway rag Of. thb egto 0 .U.
mous In ita day but fell into dis- the north, but these harbingers Curte won his title Saturday ham pve_. a ls (Ten roy"-11,11111b
repair until a new group took it of spring ire plentiful on the night when he defeated Joe crop of f nouiltli.s ing. intCao t 71 ; X 4, vruu.'I.-
over recently and begsn to re- Dare Cointh r oast. The birds Reynolds, lito h Army, by points. MduW from the beat of t me 5. Tllior fell. ts 'ia
store some of Its old glamor, remain It this area throughout The USARCARIB lad scored fry lada night wa Chom -
The last big tournament out the winar feeding on berries with hard lefts and rights to the iy Whj fe w ase t .1lumip (10 W site.: AruLSad
y He had taoned the final round e I enIJ n uiAtoad, "ei",w ad2; = 10387
witheatis a CthSecived5thr edyA.nd CddA mreLhe inish. min.'I. ..
SA F E-- F A S T 'andprW"eis whipped 01my out '-bol- (lve s ,..,
Johnson, 31'd Army, in his firtt rowed, mache, buit nou 0 iean, 2;-
1'our Caribbean zaghterg, i et- gthejspeedt- troublet FIAL ".
en before tbe finals, eventually borrowed msactine, tooahd Armhsteea"be"
had the pleasure to realize it nally withdrew. Min i 2

'a ~1

WMI- 5.-*
a,. |




* I.


S a 4 d

MrOO, TsI ..IO P"lit
rNll WAY tIV WI t

S-. e d
cw ,.# w,,

mam TPor 3d

f C E M a r
I. o ieuook asO e u thi word's rgest
vrity~ ( p6t Ky, i b that your Eter-
MI PAO ~ w A y th right point
.... d t r ten wre.
MAlVtti*W I8ihth it Ifi atiy replace-
bl Ie.t aty son counter hi ceM d6 damage.


writa fo ad et.

"IN #LA. AND G' lfs

(On Good Friday, April 3rd., Our

Pants will remain closed.

To i e delivery, ordtes for beer and,.

Oeiu. f Pytiddats should he placed



v. ji
^ S. I, 94 WE

a~., a
* -
* p''r. ....e.


-I- -

1 -

~**aj. .''



'a.- -.

U-.. C .


, CAA.



'* *



, .. .




I ,An V i I At L

:. :_.: -





ELIZABETH IN MOURNING Shrouded in black, Queen Eliza-
beth II of Great Britain Is received by the Archbishop of Canter-
bury at Westminster Hall in London after the casket of the late
Dowager Queen Mary had been brought to the hall to lie in state.
Thousands lined London's streets to watch the solemn procession
from Marlborough House.


"Let the people know h truth adi the cunr m is fe" Aiwahaw Lincoln.


Wir dsor

Over Queen Mary's (

WINDSOR, England, March 31 dling royalty-many related by mother, the Duke of W 'Atdon ag
UP) Queen Mary was buried blood to the houa-ef Windsor- gave way to emotion bult
today beside her husband, King gathered for the second unger the obvli oy incm
George V, while Queen Elizabeth little more than a year to mouri strain' ai b he ued to h .to to
II and the Duke of Windsor wept the passing of a royal Briton.. de 4 I the Uitd ta .
'openly at the coffin. In the aae'loth .centulry ch p- 'Wol.r ied dowu s Q
The 85-year-old queen who el nueenaMary's son King n fee, ibk sa the sAu deI
died last Tuesday was buried in George was burled In the a; sib o fh:f aeI1
simple family ceremonies in St. private family vault In February, methicped ae it k
George's Chapel within the 1952. his abd e i mdrrliage t t
walls of Windsor Castle, seat Crushed by the death 't his an Amerisau divorcee. "Gr
of Britain's rulers from the "Al
time of William the Conqueror. "* .
Remnants of Europa's dwin-i


Sparks Further GOP Row
WASHINGTON. March 31 (UP) 23 members of his committee through the United States gov-
-Vice President Richard M. Nix- had maide voyages to Soviet bloc ernment, he said.
on has intervened in an attempt ports. The value of the agreement
to smooth over the adminisLra- Greek ship owners' have not negotiated through the McCar-
tions' latest row with Sen. Jo- asked or received any promises thy committee lies in the fact
aeph R. McCarthy (R.-Wis.), it from McCarthy's committee con- tlhait it applies also to ships pur-
was learned today. cerning Technical default in In- chased and now sailing under
Informed sources said Nixon section certificates on ships the registry of Liberia, PanamA,
planned to talk to President El- purchased and mort gaged Canada, and Britain. he said.
senhowar today about the oals-
pute, which grew ouL of McCar-
thy~s announcement Saturday Fl ailroad St r
that he had personally conclhd- F l 0 1 a Ih
de an agreement with the Greek
owAES of 242 merchant ships to
countries. Hits US Steel Plants
Mutual, Security Director Har-

old E. 8ssten told McCarthn aL
a public hearing y.esterdav that
his venture into diplomacy had
"undermined" the U. B. govern-
nment'. efforts to cut off all
WeVtern trade with Red China.
also accused McCar-
f to D -tb credit for
&,Me.- p gok overn-
ie -, .., forbidding Greek
W vessels to trade' with ReG
Ch or North Korea.
MqCarthy defended his action.
He callVd asslatant secretary of
defeaee Frank C. Nash before his
elnate Investigating Bubcom-
mltWs for questioning about the
effects of the Greek ship deal on
the Korean was.
Meanwhile in New York. a
Oreek shipping official said that
Greek hlip owners welcomed
new restrietlons negotiated
through McCarthy's subcommit-
t ee.
Manuel E. Kulukundis, presl-
den; of the Greek shipowners'
Neiw YOrk committee, said he
conWiders the voluntary agree-
mnt a "contribution" to the
United States effort to. contain
He estimated the McCarthy a-
greement had saved "consider-
able .Ibte in inter-government
Bhi KNgUkundtl said only two
oft 206 sblps owned by the

You can e


"p Mldni after every meal wit
2eRp too6 dessy in 3 impart
I* l.r*acalM y helps remo
2.. At scks dull film wh
S. It ew helps to remte

Z. = ..e...n d tto d t, why f
:-. f, w IJsEnum Tooth Pam
.',: Mt AD moum. a"y i t
". --

0 -
PITTSBURGH, March 31. vision of the Brotherhood of
(UP) A flash strike by rail- Railroad Trainmen, said the
road workers, protesting the dis- strike was unauthorized but that
ciplilning of two trainmen shut he was powerless to stop It.
down steel and coke operations The walkout developed on the
today at 1our major 151nts of midnight shift as a protest a-
the UX. SteOl Ctg' atecting an against company disclplining of
estlmdiSd ,0 empspye., two conductors who had been
The walMufa Ugih at mid- suspended fr 10 days in man-
night on the vital UnioA Rail- agement attenrpt to cut down od
road Co., which serves chiefly what the railroad described aM,
the U.S. Steel operations along "early quits" from work. The two
the Mononganela River valley, suspended employes had served
seven days of the suspension
The U.S. Steel-owned railroad when the strike movement de-
moves ore and coal into the mills veloped.
and takes our the plants' semi- The BRT, which represents a-
finished and finished steel and bout 1,600 of the railroad's 4.500
coke products. employes, said about 30 railroad 8
The mills cannot operate crews remained on the job after
without the railroad. picketing started to permit an o
Twenty blast furnaces and 76 orderly shutdownn .
open hearth furnaces producing The Teell company said its1
25,000 tons of steel daily. will be finishing mills will operate as
out of operation by 4 p.m., a long as they have the necessary
steel company spokesman said. raw material. e
If the walkout continues, __
operations at some 4., other .
Monongahela Valley plhXta will Citizens Group
be affected, including a new
Continental Can Co., and Gen- Posses By-L WS
eral Motors Corp. Fisher Body -
installations. The Constitution and By-Laws
When thq shutdowns are com- of the United States Citizens'
plete, an estimated 35,000 U.S. Association of the Canal Zone,
Steel employee will be Idle. were unanimously passed last
Q. C. arbriel. general chair- night at a meeting held in the
man of tne Union Railroadsdi- Diablo Clubhouse.
There was a reportedly poor
attendance at thi meeting which
was called Lpecially for the pur- 1
pose of passing on the Constitu- I
kffSecfIvl tion of the new organization.
Pff TI-viy During the two-hour meeting,
it was decide. that election of
SDEC1 A officers will be held within the
next 30 da3s, date to be an-
O T D C -- *nounced later. Officers will hold
their positions for two-year pe-
Rufus Lovelady. present head
of the organization, presided last

Navy Unit Gives
bte A. SWe To Red Cross
/ot" On 100% Level
SThe Commdadant of the 15th
Naval District. Rear Admiral A.
M. Bledsoe. USN. announced to-
Sday that the Military Sea Trans-
portation Service cargo ship
AKL-17 was the first activity in
the' District to reach the goal of
100% contribution to the 1853
Red Cross Drive for funds. The
h LISTErlNE Tooth Paste helps AKL-17 is attached to MA.T.&
ant ways! in the Panama area and oper-
e destructive bacteria. ates out of the Naval Station,
ich holds bacteria agaias.
e south acids! 'hIe L
l4xrmnN Tooth Pamse I s
s. shy it hei check In Yw. !PM V
polishes so brilliantly. Rg.emaL.
f keeps your breath fresh fat WOT W LAC ALE, lf,.
1 I (f1in a

a arls W ni t .he A M'tlt s
hainm, l.Jtf td' nrk t .woe- t
-ftillS *od to the peol
ruoplway foammthe btima* was dmed, amd
deldedU e Mnoter lhadbaMe h
at saled In" s"" i
to l ft 00* MMNM



I *5 E~A&*a# liii

Us .

-. -ud to cau
dust to dUst,"
r, of Canterbury
mnd. ffln, covered'
Sote I ladiy'es iperpral
l' ,a, l to the
,tie amly funrll

had tr d anled
et othe t ial ladles tuned
curtuiedl .
et Ik *d prince andR
l tuTa wad'bowe. ,
tat theji th *hbthlBt.-sitt

QUEEN MART LIES S'ATE Watched Was honor ud.
the late Dowager Queae Mai 'lin tate. a eatafalde ti
London's Westmister Hall, ti fatme spot' Wie her Ald,
King eogge V. nd her s o, fiw' .GOr e VW,.. 'L statlttg
their deaths.
; l. .;- :f. .,

'She Was A Great L0,
D .l .'s ",

6, ,

SI ~

A l
:3 ,

unader mela IwM '
hung out oi 8K lIne^|M U
clEran. ..-
"And the Pru ....
the one who
of Harewood d
the new queen-wiell, e
terror. She used to ride
cycle straight down the
golden hair waving out
till I thought sure she'Widj
UD in the River Dee. But
never did. She always tuir
Just in time.
"There was a friend of ou
an old lady who used to wi
for Queen Mary." contilue4 l
Slater. "She had retired nd1
ed at Bailater. just seven ml
away. and we used to see Qu
Marv come over to caU on 1
every so often.
"She brought the Duke
Windsor and. the late iR
George and the Prineesq-lq
along-dressed up in a
pirrifore and Little Lorfd.
tlerov suits.
"They looked very Jeet
well-behaved, and y ei
knew they had bee ri II
wild IndLins undewh- ci
Abeets on the elot i"
WMrs. Seter .w.
bcovglt "pat' anlla
Red totoi ft"

iat or- to the

Yrafmts a l I
.-' .004
.. .-: .. .-, *:
1 '.* r _, ,. ..- '-' ..S


-., ... -A g


a '*-* ~'

: -'
-." ,L

..s 5. *...

.7 I i. -

-' rig f
N nx

r. -,


I' -



-- J

C-* -

- 2 ,7

.* *


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