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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.... President .l -".o h

eyboid Denie N^"avdhy Proorti Croommission Sa
;.:, .: .. ofa pto Reve r o cM

Rthe mveom T BattlenBonub

Governor John S. leybold The news service, reporting on Gongreasmen who dise m e
ay glut, denied the tetmopy at the hearing, was being pa' over because -
-e litrt'iquaesd in other local news- l t epped on the toes of su- 1
gIrm e la nendah aprovin a cmmnd viso o rpord tody t goere c
aC', I .. ,.a, m e ane .r bu' eyht exp oert o 1avlra b a y 00, 0 a year o a its military payroll and still
..~1, ev. oe .~ '"o mote te prmodot .The "commission on icentive-hazardoes duty pay"
bici crium a a G Rickovert 53 has been onacd said the Defense Department should: o
healng by te estean. bwit w oul have e orcEdm --t TlolBta pay for Navy me on routine si

Pme-lhe-n -e wh to atomve dro hoold e 7iIn Kao to ayraswe
ad o~.thrs .ofledn i e., mot, leean e Pr t Eliminate the monthly bonus of $100 for physic"ous a A t3u) .s arge body of oI rante oer twice y e 1 board. md m enlisdnafte for thea mi "io tayen years of duti m.
rComn.m n e .w k and tye ser in underr m gltoe e s1 n PKlm dutra e aepot sggitd the bron nel b oul be paid only to

-loir w he lded de- Trsrake oWy 9 f t banitng fo y fromevrrone eceat

---- ---Prse-t law- gives personnel an ?ost controverfbiu of the roee
oT"jZK, ,eoy.orea a $45 monthly bu s 1e omie adiaations was tHat oi.
o^^.^-^nhokd^oy rv-.Ladyo Sithey arT e in combat units apder flght paym Congru s pal oritis
F ke"'HJk*er0 The comselo sa id v sob. -y "arm tch air generals" tr eand other
OPP-* k ho n should W iven also to Nay e Lbrasn who clleeto the ora
today '1 t e age o casualiee a cnn rdlng to rank-,or merel"
'OStgu mIsile .during a mount or on mine flyl o even as passengers. to
erqo^zardzu^jqB bay besetu chle. f la- sweeners which engage in military craft, four hours mantia
r th cy rardn- rood lt ue nitse h 28er tP mSArAttEyonoTrio alf an4 dh.
ireNaivyhedid ot en-- cv r was dsap I days a mth
-y.-- eoeient t i-aircraft todomayb t ye overment But the commission. ande
d' accurate, h a- units will be coer to use of e eail her r wishing out g .she clrmanship of New To
hen" a ogee bas ld anor Lewis L. Strand,
rrtd se -icomng me d.Gete said sG would have bee gad Mo nC ou la
tan t t e--_ d year i n prison-If the or foreign dy. Th
aWIaolI Republican wufdtC 10 per cent of the base pay.
Si ehave mo mtT e with m her wand "let the cirv uo wr
.Ue r t her suggestion w ter B. Smith soeported at the to demands ortho oate Arm-
AFud Conttbutions c-r, m. wo. White House today that he has ed Services Comittee for a
S ee Tr in M s do er l he would ot lent of hat now but couldto thorough study of all aspects
YM rs give*t a D A t sue e estron of prosecution h e h oorYforeair 2n' hAd sp i al Tad
,r, l t.tAritd erng Pointoa hek rou .C.rommission's report w made
molre a ndmor e.rMthe y74h deande d th a t ChWjroer lonett neceed-

TN he inti 65 be c vssed at Arrallan for LadIgoe r be arrested for "in- Smith emerged hatless raino a hres Lm isony pay sandust
SooHigw ~avng eutd, her thre. He soaid hte es will- dsome diplomats and told mbeportmpelan aitheu men. Dut
Falror a d nr the complaint. ers that "one of t i. tw
i'h_.ay Paero. a-born o l men has stolen my hat. ohoo uyp

i~ "d "v toe'at a party Seut and seven gift hats. Not only that- SACIJilTO, CalM f.made,
Taat gave for the he discovered that the rignal g (UP) Teleee's gid e
.r. HPo o Tri;- lri bui n e ,oto r eweJ e o30 u nts s he dertylt baed milita ry n e rs onnel onrot inew poroltas, -- t Ai .

ore ni bl, e o S ered thisin advice i a on entering and leaving th la t It wast
he could use some new ones. mIrror t at they ke smee
AtcSr.dYardU neearthss ones OfnFifth
G othe hans ma to "

.4 6 mf i r e d a ysYi nra U n e a r t h s B o n e s Of Fbi fYt h

jctim Of New Jack-the-Ripper
and one half room apartment amined, Scotland Yard began Scotland Yard JAm joined
bdthibebdesre fouAd. loo for sBi know as milling crowds ting the R "
a .n-These of his 46-year-old wife "Kay who sa mi Taims for the Oxford-Ca l-
,ad three '-omen In their 30s from the-nduehborthood for ab bridge boatrace. 'b~ r
liveedicovered boarded up In two months. no the cheaper prl seats o
vM w& an floor. Truck drivhs, who said they Liverpool racetracl.
-bekw as a truckingThey watched cases used uea
o irtslee-vesa IF by truck drivers and whe-r
garden, lice toer I waS A U 3M men aan women can com ant
"to&'artb eInI wirthot queeton bo
S Mit an ashcan in zoe wana u an pay their bill.
found Charred hu- In Truet- oeftland Tar wed sM
MM--i m rUmtue led- men amU- hry If .M i ime
Sa at 2nd'a-mNese a e erl w re. he
vwaing. .sam.woo"e"Isp tSON el the
'', ,. "Wa. s ,. a sked to
11111100ar its lb ag In the "a aquri a tated m61 th
whbern InV2en arls ned to i
Miep tU ~ wa1 th- sMaarhepbee
iew tImasde the tera, f g Into feec- ti g sought gir who am
ir bodies of all es mtnror leading for ChrtL.e

nit 10 ,4. .the an ,with -
4*000 ll. ta fleta
oe" of akkt.P

* l-A




Clayton Landsmen Scorn

Travelling By Sea Or Air
Assuming he has the proper credentials, a man has
a four-way-go if he wants to leave the Canal Zone and
travel back to the United States. He can hop a plane,
walk a gangplank to a ship, gas up his automobile or
just plain hike.
A man has to be sort of fearless and have nothing
hut time on his hands if he attempts the latter travel.
Maj. Robert S. Gruhn, whose last job for the Army
as, ns commanding officer of the 506th AAA Opera-

ions Detachmi
ere on the Isti
the wheel of a
* He left for thi
21, accompanied
,L. Dickerson. clul
Fort Clayton Of


a 60-day leave to make the trip
and will likely return after they
make Mexico.
Preparations for the trip were
blueprint long before the four-
wheel drive ,eep station wagon
passed through gate No. 1 at
Fort clayton for the last time.
The equipment making up a
1,500 lb. load, Includes; eight
five-gallon cans of gasoline (to
be filled at the last possible
point before plunging into the
never-never); a 100-foot length
of stout iope, 25 feet of two
chain and a 20 odd foot span of
Any one of these (or all If
need be) attacked to the special.
ly fitted rims should pull the
eep through or over some of
he inaccessible terrain.

ent at Fort Clayton, took his separation Four pieces of runway matting W
hmus and decided to make the trip behind will help bridge minor washouts
mus n ec O ma e rip or potholes in the rough GRUHN (LEFT) AND DICKINSON add their weight to the Jeep state on wagon to show what a
station wagon. stretches. There are spare parts complete load looks like. (Photo by E. J.Foster)
of the vehicle all the way down mplt 1 ot b .
e States March Gruhn is glong home to Wel- to some of the smaller nuts and zona, should make the final lap map. is a 91-mile route In north- The trials and ftbul
by Capt. David mette, Ill., and the captain, who bolts. of Gruhn's trip to Welmette a ern Cota Rica. The road is pas- the travelers ad-tM 1
b officer of the halls from Long Beach, Califor- motorist's dream. sable during the dry season on- scenery Utv
ficers' Club. nia Is just going. Dickerson took Machines, a shotgun and a 22 The road arom here to Mexico ly, the weatherman says. counter, -w1 iberi
caliber pistol afford protection City has three "gaps't a "gap" The'third an. final. "gap" will by a 14 I n m 0 M
.e. .. for the travelers. being a .~retch of alleged high- face the travelers during a 256 sapd graphel o .da 3/
A complete medical kit and way which hasn't been used to mile run between Guatemala E1cof1e-e
three spaic tires are goilg (they any great extent and certainly and Meitrco.
e Os e hope) for the ride only. 'hasn't been under repair. --
oI.t OA few cases of Army type "C"
rations, jungle equipment, can- The plan Is to cover the en- 1u. .
ned water, maps, baseballs.'and tire distance on all four. wheels. j -ofnJ
y ^ S^"^HA^P^^^els. Hold Your Autos. Horse Co
bats are a few of the leser items After consui~lng local vagabonds, A-I Imin
which are included. Gruhn is convinced e can -
Cof. e trip from the CaAl Zone make the trip with ease if he CLEVELAND O0., Maroh 28 batteries. '~Ie inventor I .
EXtCO Mex Co to Mexico City is appr9jrately gets over the first "gap," a 120 (UP) No reaction has come welder trade,
2,000 miles and should tke be- mile strewth between El Hato, from the automotive world as The eldot Btrt has a p l
tween five andx weeks, Gruhn Panama and San Isadore, Costa yet, but George Bogart's inven- cart, and, If th traction
cautiously estimated before de- Rica. tion would seem to be a cinch vorable, hi creatUon, ca p tc. tnot
parture. to cause a stir, He invented a When tractmi o"
Oldtinlers recall that a bull- horse. the rear wheels of thaR
S-.' The rapidly approaching rainy dozer, during Wold War II, The 82-year-old inventor be- be booked up, to the power 'att *
+ / Stot Wseason in Panama brought up blazed a trail for the distance. gan three yyazs ago when his in thepoy. .
-../ ^ the question of tempests to With one man driving, and the son taunted bi:*
.a encountered along the way. other hacking away at the un- "Pop, you've invented lots of When he srted n th
< However, he dispelled any fears derbrush, Gruhn thinks his sta- things. Bet yotf can't invent Bogart rqcaf.Jl 4 .
of mire with the statement that tion wagon will cover the' ter- something In the line of a a book one a1t
he expects to be in Costa Rica ritory. horsq." body, is o m.
V "." before the pluvial period com- If the obstacles are impossible, The father i*y came up bs .
mences nere. The season does the twosome will turn around, with a smallhehanical horse brown
O Wie A *V nt not begin until May in Mexico. rive back to El Hato and take It is: about W Inches high, ed device
__________-___.... .su w Once In Mexico City, a new a boat. weighs 80 pounds'and is power- levers and t1 Il to,
S super highway to Nogales, Arl- Second "gap,' according to the ed by two automobile storage ling purposes.


n state in London's Westminster Hall today, and Tuesday, one week offer her death will lbe l ,

rest at Windsor beside her husband the late King George V. The tragedies that 'oversi r
adow i er life co d f r'beak her indomitable t .

a ,.4 'l-


a -


SShe lies

4 '

,ALREADY SYMBOLS of Ide Brish fam, iMt In n I were MAJESTIC QUEEN MARY'S beauty thr
aea Mary (thein Princess of Wale.) and the Prince of Wales. thousands in 1910 when she and her husband
later K George V. Tragic deaths took three It f rVlx children George V, appeared in their coronation robes. The
.U I thel Queen's llfetme-FPrlnee John, Pri nsowerge (Duke Klng was 49 Years old when he succeeded Isl
of Kent) and Albert (King George VI. father. Kin Edward VII, she was 4.

DNLY FO EARS et peae we
in before War
m we cAlso".......

. .A .. .

TRAGEDY STRUCK AGAIN when n,. les sbaI n p7 taq.
Edward VIII, her favorite son, abdicated to imarq. lMi6 .";lhit
Warleld Simpson, American divorcee. Her leas to hiaBlwitI Mal.i



-... '

i Ir_.!NCH A QUEENO'er;seu, oere zau Mm.. MATRIARCHAL DIGNITY market "QiesA
l ging in this plelte, taken on her 69th birthday, a&neared at Buckingham Palace when her Oaw
aS ba la i, sa haL er ba band had died 1 George' VI and his wlfe, Elizabeth bera -A
-A a 'Acut IntS us ls but. emerged to become. Marl g tded and seae ed them r t ie
~~on. *e gM gm w in t the realm. UFO .. .

2 '~~**. v' **~~
* 2k,':, -, ~

- 'A

U f r ths whiaale

B u bM daM thu e

s,::- i

'4 -S

* 4 ;

A i,~ fta:m*S.

'U -~

3 r -'





20. W* p i a graduate of
Balboa High Sawool and rtor
her maae employee at
D4gnt' .la V nMtA

4 4.
- .

lb Mtas.),at
i. El'gi. "* lr*
*""''fl i"u~l ^ "" 1'. .
I ..,.: :-{. :^^ ^if"li .l~ tt1Li~ Bi *t^ fA.-tad I"
^M- .^K ffl^^Ic m .,-. "

i^^a^^ 'ai, ,-1' ,,-i
ME^HflH. .ij__' 1!_ .....ayf~i

.C .1.

t v*k, .ata*e
iL^^n oql


S -



s" s g a
miA-- ,t :, I t .

.s .ini ce.res-o

ON a-"

hger is the

de vezles ban.

t heewit the Ho
tel 891t Mbrrow at 6:30 p.m.
iiaMMn. Circle of the

.or InChurh will meetr
t At 9:0held a.m. t the H.

Mr Ara Wrght, 157t
t. : a.m. at the

wob Pl father Mark
,m w conduct a Mi-n
s r men and women at
84 I's Churh Itn Balbok at
-6:00 p.4. tomorrow, TuesdAy
and Wedheaisf evenings.

i--- -I--

e Wkman will
a|,t \ o n '"he


-. 4 2

'4 1


4. 1.1

*- J1r ',--4~

-~ CI~P ~~ .~.; -- J-- -_~ C -- -. -F--~ -

Mwew 0t71es French Quarter

vIs More T/in Half Spanish

was for-
I of Ous-

M.tin*g Tuesday
Nore Doame Alumni
A -ened meeting for all
fo tdoiitbto of the George-
d Nm$otre Dame Unlversl-
Sld Tuesday, '7:30
o i._Le a aN Coco del
-h J*6. f isco, the home of
aW MBMcGrath, it wu

Meeting the firt
O U athe Isthmus will
ha U t of hOnor Rev. a-
McOrth, CAC.
bo ls his family In Paft-
tap, aqd ..o will lead an inter-
alganvior former students
of either university are cordial-
y l-jit4.COalU Paul Pifia. Pan-
fulm 3-Wq or Balboa 124 for
further details.

series of pamphlets on "Con-
sider the Bible".
.S"ip And Sqmare DIee
0 on sale for the
and al mqmara
e StB. eld at the rm-
boa Civic C nter on April 10.
ne. will be served from
:00N "I :00 and square
dan @led4 by the Promenade
supper and the
evbnlni entertainment have
ben ruined theMayn Bar.
tiett C oftte l mibaal Un-



Now no hzd b L,0ther
maKv, Hwt .,tare.,r:

S T. ,re-
kenown his
ltV eft in e, ans:h
Jambalaya O te ," re-
inta .N Geo-
says j eaw jtem-
"ttossed" e to
In" to
-custfms, if Naot nup-
on theiy, tcluding Vieux
Carre Itself.
B fBt the MaUs G -.TFat
the aaih-r eeamt
of twas
ring. i'
Te early reach s wt.erss
bro ght them frmn r-n a--
-ia foram tb whl~a=ve
een added the bisar el-
lishments that nor m the
Mardi Gras one. m best
known munte et n-
ments In the land.
Promptly at alIhgh F M
Lent begIns, Oh aM iu
ceses. Deeply religslq
Orleans then flocks to c.Utae
of all faiths. Oe of ias
triple-spirad St. Louis Oa
dral. devotional center fMr
Louisiana's Catholtk roN or
descenants Of al
an&. t stadB o, gIund oc-
cupied by there sueesslve
churches since 1LS.
Kane say# that the New Or-
leans Ja wsh to spread
ove entire country om
Basin Street wa flnt played
by Negro band ar
rom funeraThe re ltant
"wall and pund" cew q a-
lone from Afrioan obdb, he
say, but m Frnch and I-
tallan opera, w rk tles of the
ur fields, and chant of riee
handler. aiger Rag" henptes,
probably grew out of a FreI
Old New Orleans was a hot-

bed of dueling. A man might
die, according to.NRae, ly
because he happened to order
the same cou ,sa .emnaLpded
by a pro a af isitive diner
at a :oIel n restaurant ta-
ble. Fifty ml at a time
gave lIstlos ;in using
sword and ptstpL
The city Is built on low, flat,
Mississippi River delta land.
Dikes hold back the mighty
streain, while an elaborate
pumping system keeps the city
from drowning at each rain.
Although the water is dan-
gerous neighbor, it Is also a
blessing to the metropolis. New
Orlean s i a great port, trans-
slpitng whugr quantities of
go between the hearthof A-
merica and the world beyond
the seas, particularly nearby
Jatin America. Bid loaded dMr-
Ing the Civil War, the city was
struck a blow frbm which it
has recovered only in modern
Nowadays Its wealth Is being
Increased by oil well an the
bottom of the Gulf of Mexico,
by an influx of heavy Industry,
and by expansion of such local
industries as muskat trapping,
the catching of seeood ad the
growing of rie sad su cane.
Despite "* Ett.Ce
however, New leaBs
Its "identity and Its coloration,"
the author reports. It remains,

German's Theory
QM Sun Loses
OutflIn Court


he says, "a gumbo -a compo-
sition of many peoples, many
viewpoints, many riches...and
also, a sum of assorted' con-

OBNABRUECK, Germany -1
(UP)- An amateur astronom-
er is under court order to pay
25,060 dutsche marks (about
$.,000, because a board of
pcientis agreed that man can
not live on the sun.
Oodfried Bueren was direct-
ed by the verdict to pay the
money to the Astronomy Soeiety
of Hamburg, plus four per cent
annual interest retroactive to
April, 1952.
In 1949 Bueren announced in
newspaper advertisementes he
had. concluded human beings
couIM live on the sun. His claim
was that sun spots observed by
astronomers "are valleys on the
sun's surface which have cool-
ed off enough to allow vegeta-
tion, and consequently the
dwelling of animals and human
beings." He offered 25,000 Deut-
sche marks to anyone who
could prove his theory wrong.
Hamburg Astronomy Society
experts submitted their proof
and demanded the money. Bue-
ren refused to pay and the suit
followed. Bueren hopes to ap-




o mmw*wwAf
e .- EI i

*, *IJM

--e -


Sm. 6b thkais d a
ad you'-shbat it&s
the talri ngatms
uch smm- Iam
Sof sa. mpe style md
maasmo. ladsw"-ad
_houMw _ImII .
Nommooa is far o.-
pior than edr
oL Bat or an .
tmb *5S WA, :

mrousm mind'. -
teow sp ooloe.


Opposdie Asem WW

I '


Afi"e if

*-1 ~_ _


~9-~ *~A
4, 4'








4'. 1 .




Just received new shipment of
Palm Springs Sport Shirts' by Elton
Melbrooke Ties "T" Shirts with collar
in assorted colors,
Yale Slacks all dses.

7 4. .* -*&, r
.4 4.4 A-
* .. F'4 '.'
r J ...' .
-.c **.":.*' '," '*^**
.,444n,.' 45 :
2'. ;

Zi on March 31t.,

'a .t*e Holiday.

4. ..




.A- .

'*',,'. .,. *
44 --*

* : 1 '

4 .,

il- I---- ---

I i"


. If -ffl_ 'I--



llIPl l

UNICEF Will Aid '

Childrn, In 14

Latin Countries
March 28 The M-nation ,bad
f UMNICW has omdi
etrrenBt amisl after Id --
action on a ,0,000 lar pro-
gram to aid children In 30 sn-
ris Including 14 i Latin Ame-
Moit of the money will for
supplJe to be used l n ld-aid
-programs carried out in cooper-
ation with governments and two
specialized U.N. agencls, tMe
World Health OrgansluLtioa
(WHO) and the Food and Agri
cultural Organization (AO0).








W *

lr ar


ar. P,"

iB all

b -' .." ...:.



W-omen 's

~h. 33 'itt
~;N ~-
,5 a'.


Ie ted unday

aIler parade i7ormt

'. t
.. ,> 3'

. 2Z. U S.. **;* .'.B '

tASTUa terc
seee4 eat -1

'lat d;i .a ,
diwrw Unnr was i
irSSSSto iJi a*nM

Leonard Capuill of Chicago, makes a show piece oueat of hi ,
bat still erviceable refrigerator, by pepping up its yellowed mil
worn exterior with bold, bright provincial motifs. Sma nu e as of o
enamel used 4*r. he Job are kept at hand on the tray on his -knees,

NEA Staff Writer
SYur old refrigerator. even i.h is worn thii along doo.-
though its face is yellowing.I edges, painted borders will hide
'worn and scarred, can be trans- this.
formed intu the show piece of For the design, you can use
your kitchen for less than al the stylized figures of piovin- hlese three little maids will walk Easte.r.rwi ln
dollar Bold. right provincial clal boys and girls, fruits, veg- they're pretty as the proverbial picture. Three-ce 4 woth fat
designs that you can paint on'(tables and flowers. Or you all worsted check i left) is chosen by aambuy fo wit h and
some rainy afternoon are the' can pick up the colors and nipped waist. Fashion-right jeweled.touch appagrS emb wb
answer. motif from your kitchen wall-
American 'homemakers ap- paper, or china or curtains. E- ..".
Splaud the fact that most re- %en a family motto -Capuli, By (GAILE DUGAS
frigerators aie so well con- used "Casa di Bastanza" or NEA Woman's Editor
S structed that their motors wll House of Plenty- can be let-
purr along smoothly for many tered across the face of thei NEW YORK -(NEA.-Easter
years. But we all know that refrigerator, fashions for little girls are any-
he.vy family usage and repeat- If you hesitate, as we did, to thing but "classic" this year.
ed scrubbings will eventually daub free-hand design on the They are miniatures of adult, I ,i
mike thi-e maiks on the por- tiurfaces, you can sketch inistyles, correctly trimmed down i
celain surfaces Tne finish loses outlines to follow first. For to the tender years and tiny
its dazllnz whiteness and be- this, you can use a pencil or size of your small daughter.
gins to w, ar thin around the borrow one of the children's Practically anything that the
I top and .hides of the door A new washable "crayoffs," al big girls will be wearing, the
hard bump can cause chip- soap-base coloring stick. Ex-! small girls will have, too. Bole ,
ping. perinment until you have the exception here is the mink
All you'll need to glie thelexact effect you want. coat, Jacket or stole but these
Sn'1 reiic a now outlook ate! After the paint is dry the4may come later.
S fc.-t- small cans of bright-col- outline can be erase by your As things are, they have Jew-,'
ored glossy enamel plus a wa- finger wrapped in a 4 amp eled touches on their ciats ..
Sr brush you y or bor- clqth. TA. polat UB.-.ti,.lea they 'have toe aMk coas, eiy -
, rw n the children's col- you may want to reoutin have striped touches and giR
j' eLt. A small J4,r of tur- parts oft.t with black enanmL lnlng in rlits, or stripes.
pe ltlnIe and a rag will be need- A few minutes before you're The silhouette is most often to clean the brush between ready to paint and we found fitted since this is the line most
colors. Four colors, red, yellow, green flattering to the figure that's
Tthe Idea and tips for suc~Uand blue enough to cope with- three feet -more or less. Fab-
S4tul'l art rorl.' we .Iave A .open the naumel cans and line rics Include textured and
a to thank. Leonard Capi,-l .the4n up with the cap lids on smooth-surfaced woolens.
tlor a lArge. ChlcU o ,a tray. Aftir ap the The perennial Spring combi-I
uent store, has a Iew- paLab. the l stick to nations of navy-and-white Is
refrigeratpr which *ad' e- drip .s6Zvb'OA8 I 6f'oXlor onlin evidence for the small set
tly.: reconditioned tb save the ca id* i.again this year but the pastel
expense of bUyuing a new[ When paint thickens, it "Is hades -the blues and pkst
*e. But the exterior p p ai easier to pick up the tiny bit and yellow--- have been devel-I
eesore 'and in his. old-fashion- needed on the brush tip. Using oped fdr the aster parade and I
kitchen, three Ades are in: thickened paint also means ftr. Iohueastooth checks are
ew. So h1 decided make'fewer "rumn ad-idUris. The shown in neutral colors for,
a .i-n aset rather an a cold, hard surface of the refri- small girls whose tastes run to
bitty. gerator w tl set the p lntb ra- the tailored or casual types. I
14i.' vyivd, slmpl& d4 ns are' pidly so that you can switch The boxy silhouette, worn byI
easiest to paint and the from one color to. anobber. big sister, Is the suit fashion,
ozt effective. he says. Bright Wash out the brush in the for small fry. The skirt here
I mpkes even yellowing turpentine and wipe it on the may have one or two pleats or:
"ct: whiter. If the fin- roll' Iit may be widely or narrowly I
= pleated all around. White 'ST. LOUIS -(N A)--Th &e s
touches are good here at both Eater parade here rolls along S' e
i collars and cuffs. These are de- Lndell Boulevard near the Ca- :t
tachable, of course, to ma k e' thedral and on down to Mary-.'(NE
r ""'w'r laundering easy for mother. i and Avenue. And since the cho
Man-made fibers have come' weather Is variable and may be WiA
into these Spring fashions and anything from bright and sun-
Luxuy-Buying Working Wives made it possible for mother toln to W et and rainy, fashion .
i-ufying Working Wive ind small coats, suits and choices are likely to vary to a i
dresses that can be.laundered greater degree than In a mor
atdhome. a uniform climate.
This makes the choice of t
Must Share Household Bills ThIs makes the choiceioI
..-... -B pastels for children entirely Be se .t. t.Loiu is a city W
practical for the first time in stress youthful' fashion, we =
Received this letter from a worried husband recentlfashion history. A further ar- have chosen fashions in junlozl n
Iaeceaved this letter from a worried husband recently gument In their favor ts that '-. -
"Any help on this problem will be appreciated. My wife i they cut down on cleaning ;? L O rh
feels that her pay cheCk should be spent on herself and that bills and make a smaller ward- ainm i0. "
what the husband earns should be shaed by both. Any ques- robe quite feasible.
tioning as to where her money goes Is resented." robequitefeasibe.
There isn't anything that can be said in defense of the wife
who takes her own pay check to buy luxuries for herself, expect- HELPFUL HINTS
Ing her husband to pay all of the household bills. The only ex-
-- -x *190

use possible is that she is Immature, and selfish, a
fotglest notion of what marriage ought to be.
When a wife decides to be a full-time worker a
Sf being a full-time housewife. she has only one w
Up the loss her decision has cost her husband. Th
mf her money to his. Then. as a couple. they are
nancially than they would be if she didn't have a j
If she hogs her money herself she is really
He hasn't the advantage of having a wife wh
fuMl time to making a home for him Nor has he t
of beizig helped in his responsibility for earning
making the future financially secure.
What he is getting out of marriage Is the privile
the necessities of life for a woman working t
That isn't much of a bargain for the man. is it
tainly -tn'L-a pretty picture of marriage.
What can the husband do?
Well. he can tell his wife that either she quits
devotes her time to making a good home for them
puts her pay check with his into a joint fund to be
If he is afraid to deliver that ultimatum then h
t let things go along am they are. The final answi
whether he Is a man or a mouse.

Dog Tired L

" eM was a bussy feuw
hplsil se"er lft him l me
Wor t woiL n tired and I
'qhv seo read our Want A


nd hasn't the'
it the expense Clean your shellac brushes
May of making with denatured alcohol, your
tat is by add- 'arnish brushes with turpen-'
better off fl- tine, and your lacquer brushes
ob. with lacquer thinner. Gilt work;
cheating her rushes are cleared with lac-'
quer thinner. Use water to
clean water-stain brushes.
i Mash the stem ends of'
o devotes her "woody stemmed" flowers to
the advantage increase their absorption pow-
a living and era. Jlice st ms, however,
shouldd be sealed by a dip in
ege of provid- boiling water, or put them into
o buy herself a flame for a few seconds.
SAnd it cer You can clean metal slippers
A with denatured alcohol. Apply
it with a soft brush and use
a her job and a soft cloth to gather up the
n both or she soil as quickly as you can do
' shared alike it. to prevent -harm to the
he'll just have foundation material, If any.
er depends on Old blood stalns may be loos-
ened by soaking the stained
fabric in a strong salt solution
-1/2 cup of alt to each quart
of cold water., Pollow with a
warm, soapy washing.
)ov Clear.- Warm' water with i
little ammold i'n It and a good
chamois or- soft, llntles"s, ab- 1
s8wet cloth are all you ead e
to e mirrors sparkling clean,
brave While Ironing, don't tire i
yourself by pushing and pull-
I. Daoe lag. Let the weight of the iron I
td regulated heat do the' *t I
they were designed to do whUe ]
YOU m5eely gl fUsinag as n w

Our romuselt
lou _r~ u .
e CaiPa "749r C a.

a~a. th. .a....
oan ai* ir .'

S.Pricesscoal for- r ist llir p center) Is.
boiclRed is lUn. in striped IN-fv cl 112 a
d hat ebrim. w covert coatR (rf
Lite im, w spaced white pearl ,

A 9"

,I .

I. .

* e ad of d.

vI. th

S. ,'. ,

. V -
' ii. '-' JS^H

he costtrme,
ee fabric, and
to), l is deal for


,*-." "rum, ;~i wp. 'f-

V ~ ~ *

gMg a



Paint Makes It Prettier-

*tE a

.~;. ;~
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m~cG-Ia~ ~

"~ a-", ~

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iBg y


"-'.. ." ", a'.

, : ,: : ? :|** '

* -;


v to -

: v- T ... J

u U

ef i


ottr a* fr

p iv9 .. ,
A erwe I to 51 pounds
vo .rw ht id ontludau t hat
:WDt este-eo r- dit aa.s
s. oty 46. Noa but 0 4t ua

the 5.a~ r unE,
lug ojilt-
Nott a ml t a

11311 4I Weeki

o ]s e ald,
[ajpet tarewa A rof at

loh not n no

aaf~hon UtiK o.

S ..7 -


vao onn

m3t.a- saL W
^soon h



for the Mor.nib
M rValle ItE.

lWrvGey, and Mi LIe
Sladis attended.

R nIaE. Maeh A W-ar

he republles of
year ran to
MW there pre-wa
metau il

YW5. m mUWmmUIRu ..

a r a
atlfe~artufcoumt f i ve, n-
mt tt of a
traitor Ganelon p ure cu-

riouMly n-eteday by the trou
badod pie oentral. venthe re
lt Swon, as In so Aank
.aont epics, Is the slugh-
ter oland andt o nf o
the feld ofren hr....
Samben by Robert 0. alowe
.is story of moral re-
i _uy n and ytea the
S lif eto fini
the navy. hn
sadrbam of
ter girld and h y,000 ton
onl y t s no e.
Nogpen wrltep rea-

I i nenanl a

uieOt, SjA. 05d "61
iii cIiw perk lgm
-f Of of brceeltuk
up *i~t-I,.- .k


mta organ
bun- 54 h
blue arsist
b r"ed M1tic
le- m1 mo
1s .A.ixwa~


ra eon me up-
HthmtaI0sppllert 3r .E4 t eW. prawMe?,
a. failed to ga Day): DUeltes Umnitd States
ae. Policy of containment of Comn.
in exports have m.n.itia is a failure and urget
it as Imports. U'I estlablihment of a upokcy of
four and one @ liberation' for natlok nslav.
ir pro-war va- ,ed by Commuat& "'before it IS
he p sLca vol-, too lt."

- -. -o wa n o "m :Mae-w

..-. 'n RI '
,._ N o '

I .1fJxsf I

A !W pa store from Ash-
land. Rev, B. Henry M
ha~ will lead the First. Baptist
Chrch in a, er of special
mqetlngs to be held nightly at
:0 frohq April 1 Ithrotgh April
Iin the church auditorium. The
aeuie of n z gee ti deigned to
unt a U for Jesus" in
tb eart f-the people.
lmtal,"e, ts will. mark each

t.u tt the can-
Fa I JF t to Calvary"
,the t Uio Mrs. Webb
5It3aftmia' t, the young
I % b ured, while
-ay)wol ifirked by twol
oaySMo -___ vfia- ,e special
ae flt9 .a evening
ted to attend.
A uM eIlTe pmVided for

evening p401e"W
The Aranifbs; man's comment
WaI, "1O Co niet." -,
Howard Ra, Director of Op-
erations, Caribbean Command
area, Americax Red Cross. ulad,
"It may not be unification; but
It's a fetud for good cause..



.. .

I WeSA (fIrib-
'a cloms the

Script e
and one
In his
!... lna his oth
e M eand crl.
aln ther
worth. He found
In aU11fa of
S 5 Thanks
tr* t literary
" abs to record his
oee*s. and eunclu-
the faightenment of
m- eWo Hm Isau-
ta, toe lat of three
r a to hielseU, his
kaW he had been to
Impact o his highly
self. An enjoy
of a reflective

novel of remarkable
I been achieved by
Toua in A Geed
M *.M*erriU. Dseepti

(COasmpil PraMishers'

Thomas B. Costata.
Sedan Ferber.
Praes *Pt Keyes.
Marjoie Z mX BRawlings.

Annemnarle 5allt
COthertne Mangkm

t. lyr dwardAL Marrow.
Mafurid .wf-. .












(Justo Aa.-mena Avenue and 26th Street)

Sporttsqourthr L.


the length of your



your smoking

pleasure awd

protection '
p *"'

tAR-Wlw.S .- -^ ,:-.'.^ ,- ':. .
.j'7.i1*9-; w r


s te ptoware wM
LONDON (UP) en1- part of the coronition, a te his lehr
lisbeth faces many probsm. Queen and the Duke of adin- Is a Wi
as a sovereign in connection burgh are agreed. the
with her ca-onation June 2, but But they wat bW E U -av.
there are some she must solve where his nurse will be able to al wh
as a mother., take him out of the Abbey, if with a, ity far
One 1i where to put her need should arise, without ere- yea"s.
four year old son, Priace, ating a. r. He I, after all, a 1' "
Charge, in Wostinatw Abbey, smallM ad he wi certstaly ",
how long to OeI bha to re- be a vry M d one be*=f tt : vIgk
aft In ta he t church dur- lengthy ceremonies end. M
tug Uge DOM of' prepara- The Queen wants a spedal RICHMIOND, Va ( W
tlam a'd",low and what hon- niche found for him some 10 Wilbur jr"l'g MIta1nS ild
oaity eo- d l.r: .W b. yards from the Coronation appeared, ht4ido't
Th Obb tUe ,boy who Theatre and about the same about t
som2 =6 0 Itu be a monarch, distance from one of the doors a horse..Frick is a m dF
will salmot certainly see all or opening on the Abbey olite m Um licnn.


to ll
A tol be



7 '"-S"
P. i.
.-. v'*n,,'A *1


SYou Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classified!

Leave you, Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2201. and

Fourth of July Ave-Phone 2-8441

Salon de Belieza AmericaMo
No. 55 West 12th Street

I.-. ,-,,
1is AiK t't

Crltol DPrulg Store
10.". Mnder Ave.-Phonm 3 Coln

SProp goda, S.A.
Agenda Internadcional de Publcaciones '" stret corner Estudiate 8.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Pbone 2-3199 thonGs a-Ml4 and 2-2M

Household Automobiles_ -_ AI INC A'UU 2 bedroom. rger n.
FOR-SALE -- Complele dr,rgiCrmr 'FOR S'dALE:1950 Buick Special 4- 2o 01 -- ace. C.Z. ,Eckgo rangers., ebo ,
set. Frge. l. 3.0de door Sedan, perfect condition. lr- k- nd
cqe R :r di. dynaflow, seat covers 5 good R. WENDEHAKE.-Medical c-s
IsCcniral Aveue K Street corner FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
Chne-e a,-.c, i,- es 2 hdid, s i tires. s A Tellphone 2-3479. Par nam h. Santo Clara. Com plete 'y furnished
bed. Telecrc'e.'e -, P. m SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S A. Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stoves
._d_ Tle -- ... 16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TO DARIEN- Bring your livens. Phone Dagmar's
FOR SALE -S peace mohoega. d.'r.. Httr used-cari & sellsponred by H oal Il Pansi-April 2-0170.
nseater o :'rj'h 5 table Icr. TERMS Ageneas Co'mes,I34"5. Last trip of the season, trains
sr a e CEL r j nr3.'.oA- tecr aw9E R et A c2-47 1 Pan-dueend ofApril'. Gramlich Santo Clara beach-
saroe Carl Parnan 3 41 o144 .- Ao-kw 29 Tel 2-472l l Pan- due days of Interest. fun! Leave cottages. Electric Ice boxes. gas
rdo Ar-, -r N: 4- ama Friday April 3rd, 7 30 a m. Return saWs., moderate rates. Telephone
Beautiful 1951 Chevrolet 2-door So- late Sunday, April 5th Fishing 6-441 Gombol. 4.567 Pedro Mi-,
FOE SALE Completel,' autom-tc don, Styline Do Luxe, hardly used. through the Pearl Island., visiting gu*l.- maoh.r.e 60 very good condition, radio, seat w,th the primitive Choco Ind'ns, PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
dce Excellent con .n'or $19 covers and 5 good tires. spearing crocodiles, cruising up Sam- only court in Santa Clara with on
Oc Tles hone B lbo r. 1 SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A. bu river aboard El Panomans Pescado- Oceanview from all cottages. Steps
OP' -E "- D ~ ~~~~ I. 16th St. Central Ave. Colon, Tel. 800 ra. Brng old clothes comfortable to beach, Rock Gas. retfger.tion.
FOReeze 10 it. 60 c*Wee FOP, SALE -1971 Ford V8 4 door shoes. anr DON'T FORGET yOUR barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
z. 10 r 60 m sedan new seat c.ers CAMERA. 3 Gloou Days For reser- ama 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673
2163-B Curdi 2c .r. good irs. Lesth an12. atons phone Jungle Jim. HOTEL'EL Box No. 435 Balboa.
FOR SALE Li.rgrOOm, bedroom COO miles. Excellent coraon PANAMA. Panama, 3-1660 or see Ba
turnture. also round etO 0777-E, Wil.amson Place. Balboa your Travel Agent FOR RENT
n -rngroom cble P FOR-
SARGAIN. 1949 quick Super 4-door FOR SALE Ho
Sedan, with dynaflow, rd io. seant FO SA E.... .
PERSONALS covers, excellent shape, ey py- Miscell eou FOR RENT.-Two bedrooms con-
meats. For sale at .- --SA- create chalet, Tronsisthmian high-
New Teenage ballroom dance class 5MOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A. 7-UP. Ironbeer. and "Sodas Tropi- way. electricity, running water, 4
nw Tlorrtng Mondov March 30 at 16th St. Central Ave. Colon, Tel. 00 col" home delivery for Canal Zone. mrles from Colon, spacious ground.
5 p -T...... m.. ; Y.BToiT.a.... ? C...7 *all ;' i,.;," i ^ Coln,;"^ ^s .
5 bo "Y 200 FOR SALE-Chryler Wndsor, 950 Army Navy. emplye, please Ca F. Gulick 88-440.
3 months coure. Harnelt & Dunn excellent cond.l.on low mileage .- ..c P...... O0f rT
extro, Rodman, 3563 FOR SALE -Doberman Pinscher Pup- FOR RENT
eES ORALE -m,950 Chevr. .e4 o p'e. Steer. 123 Via Porra%, Tele-
': L E SS O N S FOR SALE:.-1950 Chevrolet 4 door, poune Panama 3-0314. Come antd Apai.rilu.ea
LESSO N A-1 condition, new 6 ply tires. P ,.. a________0.o ar__'

Mr ried couples Latin A
lance dcosw now forming
our own group noi Iess
couples. Tues. March 31
m. Balboa "Y". 3
ou,'se for $25 00 Der coup
fiett & Dunr.

;,.;able tor recornstruclior
xcnange lor recorstruCle
uaronteed "Reconstnrt
gional S A." No. 7 Peru
ftel 2-0406
W" NTED.-Sewing machine
7hly portable. Phone Nay
W NTED -Experienced f c
ly Acuano Tropcal. 55
pea Tel 3-5411.

", TED

Ed, ToHal

t ruober-cuahlone
I1 he first time ,in
v history when it
Q Elizabeth II
er ing in WestmLnst
u 2.
huge, four-ton c
Jur nshed a diS
cc ouo renovation

SIBacomfe inAbl
K l erge VG oe
Ced ion rids Io 1'

6vattons for thlm
. Include an ansl
I, so that the (Q
2unlicate wIth h
i, and mew: red

nen craftsmansi
a Into rjnovatlol
,hlused only for ci
tm was scoured f
st ll had
f th* beauti
MOMe= leatb

ss. Tat exterior
ilded at a cost

To Ulisd e

IT' W.
40M.9 0


S'k '.

1 EBargain, $1.100.00. Tel. Paname "'.- FOR RENT.-For one year. Furnish-i
kmeri.-on 2-4944. FOR SALE -Moie camera Kodak. ed 3 bedroom and 2 bath apart-
t. Start FOR SALE --191 Ford \ Tudo. 16 mm f 1.9 ctd Perfect condi- ment in Bella Vslto, from hkow to
than ii eRA LE -195C Ford% F.r Tror- t'on. wth case. $9000. Phone 3- May lst. $100. Also housekeeping
at 7 30 Smeton Rcall Navy 3670 lok -0357-. apartment for couple, $80.00.
months dys FOR SALE. Complete household Telephone Panama 3-0943.
pie. Ha,- furniture. 1948 Eight Cylinder FOR RENT: Two bedroom apart-1
PRACTICALLY NEW. 1952 Buick Ford Phone Balboa 2107. ment to tenant willing to pur-
Super Riviera. very low mileage.- .... ..
two tone lrOy and blue wilh dyne- FOR SALE -Motoroloa Radio Phono chose furniture. Telephone 3-1909
flow. radio, seat covers For sale at combination. 60 cycles only. House even.ngs.
SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. 2 6-B. Gatun.
S16th St. Central Ave. Colan. Tel.800 SAVE YOUR MONEY, buying almost FOR RENT
FOR SALE -1952 Ford Tudor main- new tires of a.1 size,. just rec.,ed Rooms
-th t ire, Ine six Alp.,e Blue 7.000 miles, by Eisenman Uted Cars. Peru Ave. ________
: or will Vinyl up',olslery $1.520 0940, No 8. Tel. 2-4516 FOR RENT.-Furnished room. G. I.
ed t.res. Amrdlor road, Balboa 2-2872. FOR SALE: Ped.greed Daschund inspected, to couple. 1-2 block
tora No- G -Q TRANSPORATION. 191 pups. Call 3-1816. Panama from 4th of July, opposite Balboa
Avenue. B FOR SALE Tope s ope Garden. Telephone 2-5527.
oe" dition; Ea~ ent i FOR SALE --"Tape-Master" tape
p---- condition. ey-ement. Fior fal recorder, microphone, two reels FOR SALE
prefer- tape, sphcing equipment. 60 cycle,
vy Poacifi MOOTr ,yL NNICA l" S. .A. new. Also baby bothinette, bottleEstate
It,, .. Cen. r Ave Colon. Tel. 00 sterilizer, stroller, fQir condition. R al Estate______
r,'. Ao-IFoR ALE: f49 Chevrolet con- House 2113-A, Curundu. Tel. SELLING -Favorable terms, imme-
Via Es- vertie. excellent condition,, duty 7282. date delivery, former Arango reski"
paid. Priced for fast sole 950 dol- FOC SALE.-Webster Chicago Wre- dence Parque Lefevre. fixtures nd
-- lors. Telephone Albrook 83 2179 recorder, 60 cycles worth new mi- furnishings. Telephone 3-5078.
,om 0700- 1530 hours rophon. snmun to moisture and f SAL-2 lots situated In .o
1950 ( vroteJ-daieSed4e ox#l- temperature conditions, price $100. Corrasquilo, Close to school hi.sse
lenstecenditiesi 5 g*ed tires. For Phone Balboa 2-1843, otter 4 p. 1500 meters. $3.00 M2. Inquit
SM., A Tel 2-1945 Apt. 414, Panama.
Aw FORSALE 5Q heavy steel bar- FOR 3ALE-Cottage, bedroom, dining[
.I A 4tL00 rels at 50 Cts each, F.O.B. Balboa. room. parlor. 2 miles out ofa
e t 4-dr Good for culverts, grain, etc. The Chorrero, sittiated on 10.hectores
Texas Co. 'Panoma) Inc. Tel. 2- land. Inquire Tel. 2-1945 Apt
0620--- .-__ 414 Panama.
9 Chevr"ol FOR SALE. Doberman Pinscher. ---
D ieLua etius, rust Tel. Balboa 2915ExUN Delegate.
n4s. "' For m a att FOR SALE -Young hom-ters t'op
MOOT y HUNNI SA. beors ideal house pets. Warren Austin, 7
1&h St. Ceont1 Ave. CWe ,TeL 00 odorless 239-B. Pedro Miguel. l
(UrinT -R SALE:-8julik Super Sedan '47. FOR SALE -Flowers, canaries, Ihes.
-'S Excellent conditnn, $975.00. Coll aquarium supplies and magazes allies Slightly
C i after 4 Navy 3544. Acuarso Tropical. 55 Via Espana
d l 19 50 Mercury 2-door Sedan hardly -l -5411. BURLINGTON, Vt., March 28.
its 200- used, very low mileage. wth seat FOR SALE.-Hall.crofler radio, mo. IUP) Warren R. Austin, 75 .
carries covers, 5 good tires, at del S-38. almost new, $-45 00 retired U.S. chief delegate to the
to her SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A. Phone Balboa 2-3234 United Nations, rallied today at
er Abbey 16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 FOR SALE--Wh- a hospital where he was taken

after 16 Crr St. Balboa. Cur unu. __ after a morning visit to e a-
hs een -e----afeamongv_ __... i et a-
he Queen, 1949 Ford 2-door Sedan, good run- FOR SALE -3 marine transmi,.or,,s tient. Dr. George A. Schumac er
t the wide ning condition, good tires, easy- and clutches. 1 1-2 to 1. Ft. 6l described his condition as "good."
Pal- payments. At G. M. Diesel. Tel. Balboa 301 I He noted "much Improvement"
stable. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S. A. OSA-T o m overnight.
16th St. Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800 FORS ALE -The most complete e- A hospital spokesman said
koun, but Has eeone seen the gAv d loon. Tlection of Hi-Fidel.ty equipment n that though Austhi was uncon-
,btHas eeone seen the good looking Panama, pick-up. speakers. tape Scious it was not from the di-
The late 1951 Ford for sale at the en-C weire recorders 45th St. No. 3. sease but from sedatives. The
said hilts trance to Williamson Place? Call Bella Vista.condition of the Repablican for-
was one 2.4479. condion of the Repblan for
table he n Not- u mer U.S. Senator from Vermont
1950 Buick Super 4-doer Sedan, earlier had been Itsoed-.a rave."
very "aed kshpe. "eBy pymet. t l The ailment was said o have
e rubber SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. I i ot Ure stemmed from a "long-standing
grooves 16th St. Central Ave. Colos. Tel. 800 heart condition."
in' Retrieving Cat Who Tossed Whom practically no ventilation, and
cnly two or three of the groups
Scorona-St ar es Hunters I 'l II I r were allve when morning camf
Ie mcro- S tes H|Cu HnlnS Borne Indian friends of tlis
S m a nto 'Black Hole writer have suggested that the
U*011 may MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UPi-A story Is nothing more than
et coach- cat with the instincts of a bird- British propaganda. To which
phtuh up- dog has the beagle hounds on CALCUTTA. March 28 (UP, _BrItsh friend answer, "Hum-
Fred Howard's place looking tr The history books say a numn- bug!"
Almost their laurels ber of Britons perished in "th Whe n India gained her
ip have Ramon Gee. a friend of How Black Hole of Calcutta" almost When India gained her In-
hip have Raod, n Gee a friend of How- 200 years ago, but you run into dependence. local British real-
ro aos. the al"do ay-onedesthe cat turned contradictions trying to trace dents moved tje moolnent
or s the "dog-gonedes hunting ex-er the incident. here. from Its original loca ti the
Sthe skill e ever saw. ome Indians believe the yard of St. John's Chuwz. It
full arskill ee and T Tnkle wer hole affair s a myth. Others Is quite a large monument Ithd
fr utearv- Gee and T.G. Tinkle were have a vague idea that it may on its sides arlit h na~.n .M
er I fn b e rd hunting the Howard place have been Indians who perish- the victims.
akin by ed alongwith beagSmultes aneou t ed after being tossed into the
d repabyced along. Simultaneous birds they cl by the British. Since the Bla .Hole "Incl-
d peala got ingle birds. There's a big marble monu- dent" took place almost 200
for seen Gee only winged his bird, ment here on the grounds of St. years ago, no
has Mer Vrtd it hit the ground, running John's Church that supports excited about tl 1
of $2MO00. and disappeared, the story that Indians tossed story today. B It 1 a S
"The cat. though, was right Britons into Black Hole Prison. conventional
Ster it, and caught it." Gee This correspondent went t i emong visitors to -
Id. "then she sat up, holding look at this monument. Perha the rea
LE ie fluttering quail in huerl The monument Is not where thing about It
touth, and Just sat there until it originally stood. When first ever you ask
X came up and took the bird." erected, it was on what was "Black Hole" atoy.
s;.; Gee said the cat made no the site of the Black Hole Pr!- to chatter back ef 5-
son of old Fort William, a Brit- among themselves for -, aute
44 a l 1ove to eat the bird. ith fort. It stood right In the to real Ju t who tom a ho
rU'7 When he called to Tinkle to middle of modern Calcutta. into the hole. -
tell h n what had happened. The purpose of the monu- "Of one thing Pa ae," i ee
I WET. ~inkle shouted back: "Bring ment is to honor the memory indian said. "The Indam mat
bat retriever over here. I Of 123 persons who are suppos- have thrown the Br nth otT
44 N pi't find my bird." ed to have died in Black Hole the Black Hole. If the oBr"s
G O- carried the cat over and Prison the night of June 20, nad tossed 123 Indians Intoe
[, lcated the second b.rd in 1'.56. hole 200 years ago, t.ebd
order. 1 According to the old story, would ever have hearltt
4 "Doggonedest thing I ever I Bre British were locked ,o in cr lr-nerpt -red It gt
m," aid. *a smaU prison room. IL had ilh never forget.' .
.' -" '
.-\ -s .,

Misimio for UZ wordL.
Sc. ec adlditional word.


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Reynolds LIFETIME Alumi-
num Corrugated Roofing
and Siding.

Rust Proof,-Need, no Paint,
Permanent, Repels Heat,
Ent .ssed fr Greater
Bteaty Mil igidity.
(where parking is a pleasure)
279 Central Ave.-. Tel. 3-0140

Tranprtes sa xter. SA.
Shipping. moving, storage.
We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-248'f,
2-2562. PanFm 1WL
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Household Exchange 9
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w N.. I


(PfT W_ r.duate)

TeL 14 -- Coo. R.. P,



will remain closed
Maundy Thursday
and Good Friday.

OPEN all day Holy

SP C1-

* 11 If -

AL~ASn ,



i '

nnz81 jlMwie~4all
S .

Ii ,at's i
5: -,rt M

6k and Listen

: 0O- tfe t tory r



1: A
n "

6-45-Lowe Thimt
7:00-Takel It froBoe _ow)
7 -.La. Jdan

8*:01 8lOenee to

B.. Mgar&
a ".

. on- The PW
i Club
"k saon
d Varkth

Id Hart PUM3_I


oft e., *
v"I I ,

IOJ&M ',d



.r s
t 00-New
f&Smt '

I -Off th d Acontd ) l

.a-A. n I:--f.t i of the oBnda
r t coneAs Bpl

:3 e--d
a U-Wt.ur or
lO.-M.About fe Aor (MId).
aaa, Au ,t l

7:3:1 46MB BPMT

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12 g'

,2:-.1 AL

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, i P, i, I I,





- I


.....'.....-. .. .. .. .. ,-

C: ,; .j.

i R m~ w ^T._^ ^. .. ... ..:.r ..."'" .-- ^'*o ":3+'
; .- w y.;. ,:+.r -'.+ .. j .+. + .- *'>W .., 'V, '; .'.'" -.* v ,,- .* V .
7'. ? -_..* ." ^ *~l~h. ..-t,.'-" '...(A*" '' ^ '. "' '

.... ... .L. p.. .. ,+,....... -.t -..+oN ~ i i .. .,+++r, .. .. ......
p ,. ,WIN US., 0,RII~ .. :
SUN"~~ r~ C~4Y
-- -A .thr LA~&&Jf~$ ~x"

-' lalf t s -
,,a b-puafo
if.. w^j^ bg'ai. cup/ r-,- ..- *
.dum~m I AnaB *tt itttftngdela&U
^^**"*^^^*^^w~~~~~~~~~ y ^^ry 1*^s~r^^* '^"^^
liK'oSS i^^rfii'* 'w are (Aso
^t~ ~ ~~p aboe -l15!*^^T^^^*-y^.^.^ rmhi~bdibni&f


Xar A
Iue(a Mdfle a t
...T -
i ~ TII i j ..

.- .- ;I

Movay Mking Announced

S' O THSIiPOE, Mas., March 28 (Ut)-- A new
metied for making I-like motion pictures A*l' amncedl
Wtaoray Ipolion Optical Co. and a Igropp padway
and t1 tywN otducers, including OGrgs kduras and
Joeqih 19 Ithbk.
Thel "Todd 'Tytem," American Optical said, utilizes
w1ide ail phl egraphy and rojection lenses, requiring
only 'u-,-nfe projector and one strip ot fli!. Other
mgthedrl use w as mafty as three cameras and th pro-
jeo.pre. ,.
The new jstemn does not require that theatott., rons

.Tlh'- &&B,-b'miar to the "clnerama" type of 4!vie.
S'unlkyl'-ttsdlimnienlonal motion' pioturea whih re
baaed, ona 'irtroptical system.

":-,'^+ ii

- --- ~ sr ) -.15

sineram aOft

STo Lux, Cecilia T.huday

'. 'ttt.P fITAt-t .Uttilihz th'e peripheral vision" of the qy., the new
S' KIn odelsh ; pew bathiat ystem urr likes a person believe he is "in" the patre.
S"n h 28h (UP) suIn which Urs the Ifall a Actually he is concentrating on the center of the picture
l qthe r~ltS Al aomi bpst, rep,,luqd .I n. while the. edge of the eye picks up additional vlling r
Sftnma, and whnltl o, the upper hu4t of the material 'nt
SIi er-dlre rwrlt- nploI r t-a Asd l The system will make the movie.goor a parcipant ombhel"Uih a-
I t m.jI Sue t S IUtp.wood. I ky, swrmpY~.i *p4. n th .ation on the scr4en," an official aild. It is named at, full- blde
combiut they tlne- T,.Ifrom
S a th at e e ,' : ftl Mlihael Todd, New York showman. M Slo. p,.I ..
from thei..n Wt' t
W.oI .e een b reversal Intlewtkda
nto sceu 1 bt in "'D ," wheh stars
ta,. A fth' 4t On The Records gy Curt, J anne Df and

iSBSf c harch Dran Wide
.5',e n:'.n' ,, L-n tight white satn w splt .
": o oa w o '_.lB an __dn-* h u e d V-9or. brloa".. .by th e lBW:
6IUflMflfor famous Lef ro March .t
WAY ve nt r- to famous ta eOLLTWOOD, March 28. te the waist, Mmle gave a perW
to ssm"1enehis act there A 23-year-old feminine motor- formseace that caused re-ver
thos aoj peebablY cyclist with a combination of belatons to echo ut to tle

nn Ni- 1e ld X= index i nitely If Ch r er e In- stedlo's back let. Stdi ae
It will beaot *n-' beommitentst dian ancestry has been signed etives, witnesming the new-
depee, upitrodtion. wont pt around for the "other woman role mer'st
oto e how j ith Marlon Brando and Mary crw, innmedately put hel
.pea 1 SA r of !h a p Ir. t"o a Wild One.ame to a contract.
atin .- Vitai .'Abovemery "Til'%'WyclTti' Rd." The blonde Mante, e ; r M
or th: ars and. screen roleA nTe Kramer ent, earld. She
o ate on.W ona s owe Yeko yYvonne Doughty, bustFablsto LeosAngelsWhen she
lf w1nhe fthat. veM m ture HeNrd.," L iheasremrn, i, who during was eight years ld. She ap
to-~~~~~ P. o~oe~i
A with e whi be the sent on; muacal the inst three year has been pered n several high school
a AwtKWri l theali 'clan- everything from 'Misa Drm laps and developed her Il-
oSst owovrko tntg f n our a pInvte various. a peti- eAoa audion with
wp m no o apitol has imetwo fine ons HTodno site, who hired her as
1la t ~r after Anthony LP's with the vlt with, his band at
years o n t sin nd. One is Yvoe Is the discovery of LaUs e ls e ae.
'eoh .40 d alpa o* a p "y ny's- C Rum- director L.&io Benedek, who ln Lau Vets. Manle captor-
ei aput .a pi "aco" ce old- w as determined that- an actual ed the attebaom of Jimmy Me-
e o startedtd In .- suc ntal" cUst -ne who ows the N*f. famed aong-writer, whe
,0,tr. ,, other be cast the role alfes tras ea manaa
O* ml a Horn." .thedar l irl of V
p p larJo Staf- ne was re we a ta snt
Shfaos f uive- spoo ll treatment to ky b or eenan he and brogt her '*
Srd ot on new Columbia who a rides motor- venal tr y ou for the "br
abAy e -.. i ', "J Stafford Sings Broad- I role. a i ee w a l
f lew rar a T' *kt 3 to ," a a r,, A.. never before In a to tappl r e was
,- ,y al the aS "AUl the T eo Are" te. Yvonne has hired without a test aid the
S|1, "Mr' ,lt h gliuht this f odiskd e de ble little theater rest is history.
S. And .. ,e a, i or .1rthur et fs .av orte experience atpd recently auc-
tr-Ju. mamibos antfi1mbashow' been ceeded Canrol hrtnin.."An- A spectacular earner is pr-
Mof r tlore assembled on 'arcapltl -ainch na Lu "DJW -- dieted by U-I exeoctivep for
t- L that's check full of rhythm. de*. thelr W ad.1" Fera umin
SBilly May leads the Rico Mam- "The i On" has begun film alignments will nb a
Thos rt .ooor Fish! or tra c o41 mdO4 "" 'hIMdlin none f uture.
Nof l ey t o ..Among ar currt n Fernondo Lamas,
cuBrren ur. t ritc Ta vii.. .
-t t ameow ot byoh ig a o. ,d nw Nal, t. .Pum Arlene Dahl Going.
lo t, ai.-."-M tt ,, ...To Cannes Festival
Steamswith %trs Me Laineonthe litter b" a a Mah 2 -
t 3 OF7W Bottonf River cur- Man." sp it Baiia e.hle do lainas and Arlene Dahl, co-
Lake 1 wi. c Two other popular aeyrs iesdMnt.i r trl att Paramount' "Singaree,'
DIM X. (UP) -- ThU wheh. visitors deserving notse re es S wt s l tSan wh eh has not been released
city I$ t ed to W "te to, ad 4 of fiAL and Sandy -fewart. does L CUhlau .~eowa 6the % leaveA r4l 4 en route
Scommal.of tetl ere devel- efea1jonalob on "5s_ Ullistene. e o .te ot n es l festival to
s Jm..... .- Me I A 1 .O n .fetat
Ma. t roe"Loly s" and "S Tl will make a nine-day
madany snwith nw rin NewdYork to catch
% .You WonUA 7110111" A nd World" (RCA-victor) .. t thio est UBroadway musicals
Parader June Vail's r:,"Co p e

.....'e. foe-AV...). u -Wiliam Laier ^wc,. Lamas and Mis Dab!

hate51long been romantically
t l MWed by Movie gossip colum,

^-'f ""HE A, yTHAT R PeroM mountPlons

S. .. 'hool 2Ad-venture Films
SWai,-"- .,..' "IN South America

-v-w-v wasw rr-u..ts

Another hilarious avntus. with those lughable,

-k : M .GSHA GIR 1. .
itt~ie~i~diiiHUiasa^ ar*a *K ,.^
K^^^^Rfaj OMB~nHHBI iB-IBP.^ .9~ ^ JI^ ~I I^ RX "

_.LLYWOOD, March 28 -
)-Paramount is planning
to make two adventure films
(hm summer in South America,
A studio spokesman announc-
The line-Thomas unit will
produce "LAt Treasure of the
Amason"' based on a novel by
David. Dn can, in the new
three dimensional technicolor
technlq. The story deals with
Jvara ead-hunting natives a-
In the upper Amazon.
% other Paramount project
o be filmed by the.Oeloie Pa
Swill be a'lnlngen venum
mS"' hult p Hemto wbc
&an American plants-
I _a, owner.

Itk's Gripes

Ostb t ALA

*The Miracle of Our Lady of 6 and has appeared In dio
tia," Waiwr Bros. dryam- than 30 .
V tic roupttqfilned 1 war- Miss 4
SnerOor, due at the Lux and was the subject of a ehMlfl
Ceotlia Theaters next Thursday, miracle while the picture w
it. based on the event which in production, when ahe
'taiwtfored the mountain viin l- the mItth e a Ir
large of ratma, Portugal, into teen self I n ft.-e'a
a World-faoua shrine. aged by m w
Featured in"the Miracle of of the staudl. ie went befO
Qur Lady of Fatima" are ac-. the camera as a 'S-ear-
tal color scenes of the more woman.
than 1300,000 people who went The role of the pribcpal vWl
to Fatima In 11i lor ae an- lain in "The Miracle of our La,w
aiversary of the event. Warner dy of Fatima" i ulaaye W'
Bros. cameras filmed this Im- Frank tUvers, New Yorkh
rassive pilgrimage as the cU. actor. Other roles In the u(
rax of the picture. auction are played by RI&Ws
Hale. Jay Novello, Carl MUlltat.
'Gilbert Roland, Angela Clark Norman Rice and raaea...
h ey, Sherry Jackson and Morris.
Emmy O1, have the leading In addition, more tan.,M
tlea In the production. "The children are een In the ble .
Miracle" was written for the With a total of 68 speaking
reen by Crane Walbur and roles. "Thp Miraleo of Our fr-
James O lon and paduced dy of Fatima" called for -
for Warner Br by Bryan Fey, of the largest casts at
With John Brahm as the dl- garner Bros. studio in recents
rector. Max Steiner composed years
the musical score for the lam..
Two of the three youngsters NO CAPTION
In the picture are movie vet- PROVIDENCE, R. I. U '
.rans; the Vb Sammy OIL rtMyvi W R. I 'vi r u
1. a well known radio pe fro- m Th iVty C a n muketsa l
former, makes his screen de- fom the usement of a i ds S
but in the picture. Susan Whit.- bere they were n display,
ney, 1. started her motion a teen-aue to ethe aoddn
picture work a couple of yois -a touch o really a to a
0 made her screen dbut at games. Officrs said bdon ofr
d weapons could halve been fired&

- along
With you



o; R ota o ma. a AU.

-. -. -.

s5 A Shm: l:M, 4:, 3:i, e p.wa

AM AND I" ~W S. UsowN

"TMnAt m....S
hearnle : i -

The LUX enMtAre Wm ehibiMt
"MB or yvarus
o-rTaen~ ....i -0i ...m..-

melon Ma.e Thu Dlle
Robert Water Deaa
JagwL, i
Shower 4:1I,3HIS 3:N,1:B,

The mma lMa *ad r-Ute
1mwy ow = l.. r

E NC A-N 0
David Wren Varuret

& ALS0:


wsRItiV ,




. .

^ 4.

C .r



'S. ~ -




A' Top

Cormodor, Turf Lodge Duel

.*. 'C ,;-
Looms In 7 Furlong Dash h

A wide open five-horse seven-furlong $750 Class I .. f S Si
"B"- race headlines today's program at the Juan CURINDU MEN'S OPEN v.'
franco Race Track this afternoon. All five scheduled BOWLING LEAGUE ltmniian Contrueto LA
starters are rated a good chance of winning but the Balboa BeeS placed themselves 143 1
"exo erts" predict a speed duel between the highly win .na erablbae position 1& M :123l
rated Comodor and steadily improving Turf Lodge. losing three big points to Acme 17. 13 1 503 of
The other three scheduled first six furlongs with Newmin- Coatractorv ere. naiffun tbhrep 94 94 .:. 2. .
rticipants are the speedy Sir ster in closest pursuit and Flam- from th Bartendro. Painter t
Is nd Keyhaven and the once baro going a close third. Rose "Sugar. Cain with a nli e .- ta 19 f s 254 w t
ttIssy Viajero. If the latter is Hip was rated in fourth place seria,.supported by Al Retterer's --, --
right, he may be able to take until leaving the mile post. well oye. average steady bqwW. '. -l
dvafiitage of the suicidal battle Jockey Jose Bravo bided, hi ing, poured the Beermen down I le ds Q'
Trdf the lead that Sir Boss, Turf time with Flambaro until three the drain. The Beermen man- u '
tLodge, Comodor and Keyhaven furlongs out where he took corn- aged' tohold onto a slim one. l 1
wre sure to stage. mand andi then had plenty in point lead over the Contractors M -o R
The only other thing in Via- reserve to stave off bids by first for. top spot thru the ettorts of l ."
feo'w favor will be his rider. Jo- Newminster then Rose Hip. Schiafer,. Studebaker, am Qn- .
86 Bravo will be in the saddle on Like the feature, most of the ninghant in the first g ame o I .U .
the Antonio Anguizola charger, races were wor. by mutuels their contest with the Painters. **
IHowever, besides going in ian un- choices. However, a few mild up- Isthmlan Constructors put in |A
favorable distance. Viajero will sets were registered. They were their bid for the championship
.lMo be toting top weight of 120 Nanubio $10.20, Don Grau $11.20, by taking three from Wally's I
Dunds. Pia $10.40 and Tap Lady $14.40. Bar. MacLane with a 227 last Cfr
,Comodor, who was a big dis- Jockey Bias Aguirre was the game his high for the year, and By HERBERT MOIS
'eanclsco AA irn (with otr eeBy ,, .
appointment in the $5,000 added day's saddle star with three win- a 525 series .- together with Jim
Brancisco Arias Parades Classic. ners La Enea (who was ex- Allen's 503 -were primarily res. We aw several nice catoheo of mabok. at GaL last weekend Gu
returns to racing following a eluded from tne betting), Yosi- ponsble for dumping the Bar- .Activiti9e in the aat Zotne and heard of several hat with many tarotton down the
brieflayoff. Comodor reported- pongo and English Mary. Alfre- tenders back into the cellar. Amateur League will b river .
ly.,,went lame after the classic do Vasquez and Bravo each J. L. Putaturo Buick-Chevro- ed In Red Tank where the last
bu-t is agiain working well, scored twice.
but is again working well. scored twice. let, rolling high series for the place Chagre w.ill tm v'to face The PanamaMarlin CM ha- Am' a UWt.lll .o .
,,,8r Boss is racing to the best The dividends: nite, mashed into Carts Vieja th townn l. Tr lo .mtIte- q 1952. ftolh =M0- B1 he w..." .'B.
form, of his career and perform- FIRST RACE n- taking the Rumman for all bleeer. The tco me, re M t k.a -JohnI 4 w lf, a .' .,
Ing consistently well. He has 1-Danubia $10 20, 5.80, 3.20 tour to go into a tie with scheduled from Jau ll at John .
-een in the money his last five 2-Kaisan $7.40, 3 them for third place, pieacon be of oeTen g dtraIui, Thl l t arUn (lver): COL H. oy, weht"
times out. This speedy Irisher's 3-Marftl $3. Dude, Borgl's Borgia led the The,top four tetma ot the loop Md 'eoun .
only handicap is his rider, little SECOND RACE Buicken in putting it to the will be Idle and only a double larit g sll A-- M. J- Pared*.-- 14 pound .
Gonzalez. 1-La Enea (Excluded from Rummen by rolling 189, 190, and win tby either team wl .eat' I aecead. ailfihf (tie) J. Wit A.deu T.- 1 pound, I
betting). 200 for a W79 series his high a84 h iite I the: team altara, Third garm$16il18ah-- DJVR. 3
'Turf Lodge, an immensely im- 2-Lolito $4.80, 3.80, 2.20 for the seAson and high in in- ng. An El .Tqro oble i to Larg7 t rank -
proved animal, followed up his 3-Filon $4.40, 2.20 dividual competition for the nite. will move tonen up to f Largest -Lt. .l. H. W. T --
bang-up performance in the A- 4-Proton $2.20 Sam Torian was high for the place t0half gne over rA oc* Iartst-- W I. 4Conroy- und
xAts Paredes Classic by turning First Double: (Danubio-Lolito) Rummen with an even600. .Remonist while a Chagres LlIrtN Dr l. ArL&- -sjmt b eti-
a strong Class "C" field $34.60. Colpan Ford after a sad first cle4oA sweep will put thefatJn a "Largest t l.rank Cnaningham '- "' "
S^seven furlongs. He will be THIRD RACE game woke up in the last two tUe with the fourth Ilate L4 Bo- Larstles Robert Nove -am. .b.W C.-F II
*Ad to beat today. 1-Don Grad $11.20, 5 to blast V. F. W. Post 3822 for ca. L. _t. .lht by &a w M- to r Vrr ,
heyhaven returns from a two- 2-Daniel $3. three. The Fordmen were chaut- Baralso, current leaders and tIn peter her 443 pound !M S I
Month rest and could be ready One-Two: (Don Gran-Daniel) ed by'Fatso Hovain their defending cham second l The above rs wllbe aw d l a .
iut printer is in winning form. FOURTH RACE in the last game, his high for place 'Raibow City Powell Ga ta le.
lhe should be able to handle this 1-Yosiporino $3.20, 3.20, 2.60 the year "Mustes"rled a50g rage will behoa y -- w e ;. '." c .
fleld. u 2-Wahoo $8.60, 3.20 series. The Fordmen's 032 third to any change in te stdin The oo0iaitta for the three C p te t
The debut of two highlyred 3-arapenta $3.60 game was high in team compe- For the doublehe ional ish ornament to be
orted thoroughbred today Quiniela: (Yosipong-Wahoo) tilon for the nite. Talnk will be better thi byea have. oMet prospectus. a to
. wi llr o are CoAu Vineand FIFTH RAC In their encounter with the with pltchin -- -ba1ng. itsu- b. ,, ... .A
,starters in othne mi0le Cla ra. 2.40 nite of play the Beermen to call on whilm Cha.ea will date. Th .e suggested eithu e .ri ,.
i0aratorase Bthe e to s a i- rana 2.40 could clinch the dtle by- t h t e tnhopeo haarew aCand ae Gillette December As the haW t Ume for holdt the .
"D" race. a SIXTH RACE all our. The Contractors wil the dista ee. Andvrsot, wilt however, In theW etteu l they hAve
Coq Au Vin is I four-year-old 1--Pla $10.40, 3.20 have to work for their claim to around to hSlp ,should ,the he- mtajortt.. o Uth i elubq: Wi th. i
'estnut son of Medicis-Aclara- a 40, 3.20 the championship when th 'tuation-demand it. d ,. .
and is owned by the Stud La HRACE tangle wita the Ford Ien.
airal This half -brother of 1-Full $A5.8 0,2 .80 Rummen and Buckmew spotrds. the
#the celebrated Adrogue is slat- 2--wublico outmeo stay Buicknind w ly o Hundred are .4o ut d- ioMe
ed to race in an entry with the u Fordmen til have a slight Inbow Cit#fy ft l meant ever held. We wotw
impressivee Pin Po Double: ) chance to ind up in third place. ply their game 1 at the that p am b
Srzatoatse a four-year-old What way to end a seasohl mentary school pounds Pilst iA lLo
iestnut Lon of Mirza II, has 1.TOPTEN.round*.will soon 1eCOPP 00090u..
one turning In some sna=y 2_1s-8ndal L1y$ t0, 2.30 La, a re .dvn4re-W

rday A. W. Newman's anov 13. glit Mary-s- Bovan, Colpn 1861-34 C Itau b f or 'yo we hae
F raced to an easy two- eanda W) RAC Hutchins, V. F. W. 180- the the prowebla lL gie, eamway a
victory in the featured. m NINITH0. e RC P 101taturo 1W60 30 anuyl d ti g.inV over La. ..... ;
one-mil e-and-one eIgththb Hp $20 T, Carts a -4, the, a.- A the of tarp b ...
SE"C f r n which Rose e Kelsey, Carts Vie]a& 1W.44 *rth*te la E lin aloag tha buech* It .
' -ip -- Tished second and New- T Lyons, Acme Paint 13-14 and Astor Lew do.W am on .eah *
g hl1ter third. Hip) $11."0.1 5-aR,,A Olver, Carta VIeo 13 r the rttr ofthe fi, teg y the 0 m i .
" FImbamo paid $3.60 and $2.60, TENTH RACEO ieC r0 eaguef h 9r f hOsN
.. .. .I".. ..... .. ---Tap rahes$tooyeofue, team y theb l aWo .
i mp- roe iv e-norse race. The l .2- ap .0 60Team Name W L Ls. .we hope when, ~in. f tlor isgat16 S the sot on
oe improving fivee- year-old FTa LEV ENTH RACE Balboa Beer 45 3 i6 63ull l.
y son of amenco-Link Girl LujosoE540. 3.803 Isthian Const. 46 35 62 SM IHFigsO.W
ed th distance In the fast- 2-SLsmo $6.2 0. 5.80 J.. L Putaturo4 of the season 1:55- ..S-lack Sa o $5.40 Buick-Cherolet 42 39 57 Left Fell'
w Rose Hip broke on top but Colpan Ford 41 40 54 7I rLeItI-
e field and set the pace for the Acme Paints Geo. N0hl Bob oller had a _-la 0 .
w 35 4646 worst coming to-te e -"
alba-Dee Jor leagues, but the Cleveland "-' 'i38 ..1g0410 C.4, 11
Schaffer 188 136 166 488 from -washed -usp. oIasfarthci lasit aIhndusnil.$h#a
Studebaker 174 131 104 409 w uPalomn too* thelrast Ula d.,-
If 1Balutis 130 113 156 399 'Last season'g performance !@.eof*L'wh otht
Treffinger 128 141 126 395 would indicate the end Is at 9n1t who laeds tafrlhea. V
&iC unningham 170 177 148 495 hand Feller cOncedes, "b4 l trae.
Handicap 106 106 106 318 may p tingmit I't. I'm 4 re on t e m
Totals 4 I94 806 254 years old and I'e W an tldiod
.. .. awful lot of baseballs nce m n700iM oad h ve i thd @ior
Acme Paints Ge. F. ,oey .farm days, but I sl d pview of the f6
Lyons 165 128 170 453 have that all-gone feel'ng. S .beteup nd
Retterer 154 157 154 465 The evand veteran, in an grom he wp as
BlackWell 131 133 14 378 upcoming articlerIn InsideBan .,-,d ",etwr
Cain 193 148 182 523 make his high hard bll jumpaIn0 fannd c tl w iat,
S d rr rd r hanrcHandicap 112 112 112 336 up under a hitter's chin the n dOCefotwir.i q' w-P ,
S. .... tml o- o odway he once did. "My strike- .fort e f4I Wl 46eod .i.o.c., ,....,.d by
UAIN FRANCO STEWARD.. becaeL. Puur Bui;k-Ch evolet in a while..,
selord membro tof the ap n d n Casten 164 152 151 467 "I honestly believe I Ia jut two bdoubes n at d o

Lul" Martinez was appointed a York Grant outfielder Wilhe VS. to a lot of games. Not for l- sventh around,"
finish judi e atout a montly ago. Mays will onnue playing ball Carla Vieja self so much, but a was a tru n. 'ar ."

a :



BREDA ................ ...... .. Ap
ORANJESTAD .................ApI
HERSILIA ...................Apr

CLIO ............... ... .........Apr
B R E D A . . . A p
S BU DA ....... ..................... Apr
ORANJETAD ....................Ap




SNORSE CAMl'AIN .............Apr.
IBAARN ..... ..... ......... Ap .
SHAA..LE.... ... .......ay

A t -: -. ( Freighatonly)
MMCTY. 22908 (anomemgonly)

r. 3


-I an., ,-o ,-'t holding my-du. ft f'a" 01M
Kelsey 167 142 150 459. "In time. my worry eed l fo -
Oliver 153 136 183 472to Infect our infield. We thrI
Handicap 65 85 85 25517 -developedtg It er boJSh
Totals 5 became nervogg for me. This
w498079as rough, for now the time
vz.F.': P-o 3822 is passed when I can rel on Uckrf
SPos 3 22st rik eo u t s t e t o u t of im .
Moss 169 137 119 425 can stil get t hat I ,," ix .'..R .. _
BUlings 140 98 109 347 out, but now I've got%
.23 148 133 404 pend on other plvyps to help 1cugl,. ib V
Common 143 136 176 455 me." O ,
Hutch|is 141 177 143 461o
Handicap 109 109 109 327'

13 Totals
2 Price
3 Walker
13 movan
S Handicap
S wBare tar
le Kavelopsl

$25 805 789 2419
C'olpan Ford
138 156 131 425
132 141 161 4N
125 134 136 395
122 168 199 489
151 147 211 509
M N 94 282
52 91m 2 2 s24
V l1iy's Bar
' 1 j38 138 138 414
1y i59 129 140 428
124 163 148 457
143 135 105 383
160 132 168 460
171 121 121 363

du" m2m

. ,-

I ,-,, -.*~;.-t .l '
I -

., +..d .

" 'il




_ __I~___ Y__ __ IL


m ~ L .


_ r _

i '

.. .. .- 7 jr E -.

1 S-W



~tfiFa~i~ckd ~J~IE~SY~-- ~d10; i


.v.1 ,. -.-
te, i."' ;. ....

'I.- ^

- .~. 4 ., *..,.
* ... 4'
* *. 4

fe-e' -

vt M 'I'-. s .,9 .* ^Eki ore Vakabl- -h- 5ir
~4Yh~ iJ jt,~ **d It~'o*re Vfutle Tn FirsO
as 1,'Iatbk


Odo ,rP Peni Gave Up In ostonW

P tiye4R dy He Couldn't Give Tickets Awa
For aBgshw, i
*-PW D -BRADENTON, Fla.- March. n Ther are OMalley
RATPN j28-. They were painting t6he Broklyn, Hora e Stoneha t e n
p.w r' i .K "e- 3w ,' e te storeboxra and otherwise re- e Gianta, the Comkes
furbishing Braves Field in Boo- the White o, the
valir~ton the afternoon at Braden- Macks, the Senat rs'
-K FLaTtlela.-MarQ. i KMton when Louis R. Perini an- Griffith and the Little s
Ahnoutite bounced that the club was les' harbinger of trJublet^
Slind om t moving to Mllwaukee. Veeek. n
toThat's how suddenly Loul Baseball is nothing m oe
e the DPeri made up his mind to than a sideline for the oh
and o switch a major league fran-11 magnates.
\hit and ie for the first time in 50 Bill Veeck got itc hy f5
S- d pmmou -r i St. Louis when the ,n1 2
2 "all 600 of Bill Veeck's abortive attempt Busch millions decided to0
Sto i t the Browns, first in up the check for the Car
clubhad m tMilwaukee and then Baltimore, John W breth h
himenat th, train .,ive, Contractor Peribl the re- real estate holdings
|a Cu k* ce qire shove. randfor hiU as well ahov
he *-h -"I was* my own best custom- and horses. Philip K.
t o er at Braves Field in Boston, o the Cubs s snon
St you know, and t hurt most with gum. The Phill es
i. "Char when I couldn't give my own center is a duPont heisr
g ra .sNO* N o Yet- ma aoths w pitch ti yr. Orvini tickets away to friends. They Reds' Powel Crosley, Jr.,
S rmidab a lefrit, Dave lL always had an eese, wouldn't ufactures automobiles,
a" tl ak Harhm Mt up at te Giants' Phoenix, Aris.. even ome and sit in my pri- erators, television sets-
-. _r*- t_ d v rate box. That finally cn e- whatnot and owns one oan
.A- .1.'M" -a-d ---.---- ed me that Boston was strictly more important radio station
r r U fo the a, fa "League town. There simply r nI's counterpart in Delah
,utits are badl be t-ede('O O ,S Es."-.. of the tin fortune. Myrou
*thuenf w are t badly teedb poier *,wasn't room for the two of Webb and Daniel R.
back o- far e to be turned Perin gave the game a tre- WIon, Jr., brought fresh
The brooks have Moreo mendous itch in Boston. He ey in the Cleveland elub:
cmDgaeIWd Infielders th n the l deJeI e D wr was one of baseball's more ra- ter 0. Brig'a, Jr an -*
Ya3. They own 3ioutfield- ous spenders, but simply oe bd uin
SFor o o .s s Pal could not e et them to come to owns the Tgers.
ol .I .. n pitchingtI ae ..oI dead end Braves Field, not even But even a Croesus can't
pl ahortae bht R u a ,(DITORS NOT. Mal .rds, The w Wherrt.-, 2.. .as among the beat In the when he gave away automobiles. elong forever with a poor
r ba been asured- d tR ~aFi I t as a star pitcher f, *rl1eao's 1z.,; ae leBIL.... chS3e, and the Boston. B*J a
Se t Ca Vie team of served months the N o, last spring he was back The famous votethat en- the paid admissions t
had to be d Pro and orce -14 In with St. Pai, and he won his abled Perini to change the a- rom 1,455,439 In 1948 to 281
UPOn !L Wntl5ls staso.lSf Palo sia rac dio Srst two start.. But with a '7-3 ligament of the Na>tio nal in '52 well Il1strated
"D A*i t h iie t losing el w and after ti lead in the sth Inning of his League just rior to post time, quickly one can go to pot.
SAsen6has wo compe e ad tthe rbbean Series lay eaons of baseba and soccer cond assignment, he wa un- and gave Mlwaukee the Pit-
Ss ta- at C6rtland, he turned pro. accountable lifted for a pinch- tsburgh schedule and Pitts-
Spleof spares.i spet a the and aday or two later burh Boston's, was a tribute
S o nn .qbIl. e .o "no's personal ppularity. All of
ront h'i to un PM x n ."""d s ;oxraouadwih a t I. .IWag disouraged,. and a lthe magnates weren't happy
bym t DIApt CesAbI;. voy o IrUi v 3rthe tPte fact that thO o pu ~ too," Marion e- wt h the maneuver.
tlro there we a.grsely f400MOo m'taIvi .dber. .aI went to the man- "rThat's a lot of Irish tobI ,,D -b
Dd Ae ale. and told him that if the walking out on in Boston, said
tW I AThe brass kept young Don log professionfl b,0b o v eac bcouldn'ta h, me to anoth- Walter Francis O'Malley of the B
Zimmmragw adfBllb Re ch, = aeworld -i et, sotewh, BErA
J OE WI I AMSr...tham oie a so ma o e o v e bripe nowtaaeam s ting Dodfersa i. of
fthre ole and rn the Trion s ste.o boul with B hl Re voluntary retA hired list, am Gallagher o er the O
platter ratltop, thep mo stnVtl- 1ve kown theaet bemo foo h Te Iwas Fricano's darkest Cubs doubts that Milwaukee

d ^ U thn a r o a nihroonooreo p- aB ^ t W record War 3 o D a b. t
To e le in the o te night thea hour o ,has big league attendance p -
Metl rtemia7er = nsi "01ed gohands.M.dc sharnlsritc tential. The PholhBis' Bob Car-
1111011valuble at d a- struc. ou n el nsNwandVuhmWr. th .-timinh.
.I---f r a eh uti ho w could. meU tBal ..... not olpenter objectedpbtn te timing.
inb -thaons t oboe wnou Te t bigleau t- we Mrani was einSharp rShootr But someone has. to PAY the
Waitrt io :i_ w111O9t-ue bars he andanHu T he .w h deo ., Accuraces bills and Perti drqppd $700,000
0oa m srupllVs'lobooouTobebid.g e -oam-whle MCflANwaDIn servia,
oth"~ Tof wo d Ji te pioa, nou l he beothinspring temIV AIlln ehe- a the Hub lastnyear. when the
shecoh d line Infieldare WyloeL.N hpayd trmei-iprobaowlaer ande hF hooMarlon r-oatendance droWed to an 'al-
'&sneeeminersm sthe cor ol fil D d maprs thele s ee21ost unbeleva y l 2 0
me ad Dan Hoak. e lardI l o t 0111r' an bu t evmoted h oP oih
U. n o hakMll riow bnt 1Mritoo. utoeveryone csatht, to MVsn en-peivr pty His beatPitch The club and its 1 chain stores
nd taa are2oa Oia.e1a8, else id camp heam Of thie Stunt tranCe Ito the orunied ~u1 e, was --and i- knuckleball ie lost $500,000 the previous cam- -
oaid l nud. .' hsi uied.* hi s. motle 0 sxact ethe pro- stare throwing in high sclNool, pagn.
a pnl d old d are getting Inow what did whep he in that 1Wd finish school. r more baffling than blinding. 1-.
bolder, Oil is only 2. was in the us M A A terin 'Sonavesr er t it sometimes slped, perinl Is one of baseball'nu-
I ithe l lel, bu1s kim t on, Pe Weer tion?" says Newe o', bk ter, Fto thre i'ti knucklei resembled Fica- merous m1b .- butow
ea' .Iho". an.I B ClY M awe 34. Tdii.nation. '" ha a no-hitter 9i' 8h a l f s p aIl AM I PANA E AD_
up wR as irMeS u t b noa o Ia d~the e,.a4hs fast W i erj o m-bld
7M M;"I ane 1b iht n, who no eigth lnnln.rcaMd 6w't- eoOwOLTo
wleom worbl for, do:-Ake knoajiattruition% man Mterniti.pnt ra INVEot ae
og aet o, eiht o at u-ftooverpower-va6ne've1n stature, he wold have ,cbee
oa s oni d uact favorably. on Wille0 o )e-inc, ttekno w*hit hedonet nIVty somewhat Jerky delivery, tan- forced out of Back Bay two GEEA
-o(bynsr dtiT .ist _11 oe-ie on reh'*s dinati effect, talWsng as it was to batsmen, years age.
oldGreteBo recites InA tone FIcan still enjoys testatdid not appear as a thing of Baseball definitely has be- .O Box 1
1h.- a -who mauif gC-of JelanholyI tBsue h3A:I.ite0y
r ousing) and If action tured a ad' 3U home runs fr "He d. Of l teIw- one0Wnlne rollower. oButnmixedpcoed a rich manT's iownhrs:- -
Itbag ndeThis Jim 3M toWe Hollywood 0oeatert the two down I things to do, he wthp, acdcuracy wed
aimIqolin his e- efreeecae puNr- pushed b untrightn I th him to Puer Rico, Whirethe assortmenthad enabled ... .
1'ssaely IL a, triok od Jmy cook. He pois a sromg. to second base. He beaftm out heprepared.tor his c rent op- Fricano to win 72 games while
4,000IH s h#i oniiim n hi. -no'en orm than either Morgan'or of a no-hitter.", t te portutImF cqpnn. -. f losing ofl7 39 as a pro.
i lrefereet and a Iefi5WVt u er e5 o p record erg- .azp uumuiar The A's, scrambling at the
v0 fFstoPPed the fbi bfozkt Dreasen switching Robinson charge: "I don't know what Ot forced him to return to North time for hands to work their
o4, to thrdbasetolokat Gillam into me. I've always rooted Aor Collins01e wi w
,v-mf f gobN .0 UMh mating no-outg, elen to jtl t training started, Mrs. arc t-ihey soon they bought him

meeker drivingIn But that night, well, It was a Brooklyn M peind bargan.
IM I Ito0Sgane, and iWbdy on class B contractIn'withua i
itho hea" e IN..PS14 he Yankees' oursdesemdable toudoany- Nashua-in te New England -ileano had a 17- record-
etA"1fnl ihlot scout saipd thatp hing. uess I Just couldn't League- but two years were with a 226 earned-run average.
yO amrarkable rospect.checmyself."to pas before he scaled thpt the lowest In the International
with n MeribMontres, Ihhe1ht" He ated with Johns-IAa', e and no fewer than five )
tho .$l00,O0 F 4.) o.i'.l d I, and spent ver Brooklyn's Montreal aftili-
bisown b =eqira worlthe next season at Valdosta, 4qto-.. when the Tripple-A sea-
the tabbedsaco- The put Mobile agaer met ihinm t the train and up to spend the last month In
"i t w'In finest terprapped s olel, W mIng a sked his fulloname. theAmerican League. e DISTILLED AND BOTTLED

run tin bl, ,"sbys And t1uhl" mNIT N9u300. "Tat ever mind," the b.m. inrer- st auMton, four or five more at
"smas ne oedaaiI eruptid.t'We'llCallYOU y --and wonder of won-
S I .: Ita $ 's, Led seldentany still do. d the slender right-hancder,
.nditf'tball;withu-wasahot tandletPeatoquit in discourae-
ws 24tr' rageA13-7 reordlt the Georgia- bh achieved his first major
'"l t -ru WttL 15, tI S U lPUW -Wi tU good but an nie t at c Could him. to Naiuhua In '40, bi victory.
,t tu 34 .dof scored have deveped 'Bfor, pt sel Ohere doubt that there
e. it ts 4. slot. nehashudlpdtued "F Into a mattr -trn. 'Aftero2 hehadwa th1e of wll'be more.

nhor inltbadwtmthtn _o..plaoff The Shoriesdfeat

CHICAdOO.- -J ........12.0 2.6

33 2C IC O.... .. 133 6.
m t f AN JUAN .134.00 24120
ar t X -2 0 1 a
BA For mere details. visit Am's effles Tel. 2-1283
Wi '.' at 15 Peru Ave.. e amy of thee travel .

3., 0 0 BOYD B..OL/PR..
w aags t 2 0 1
7 7 ".... 1 0 0 OVIAM COLONM
S, ,,1 Pma'im SmVwb -2
.M.. .. .. X 1

1' I


; -1 L~ ~_~ II

I -

'- .'

.1rr; c





v "r '.
,., 7 .' ." ..... -,---; IF
.S ., 4 '.- ~..

': ', m'. ,,: ... :'. / 3'


-,~. .a\ ,~

. .a

aen r can

"Let the people know the truth and the country is dafe" Abraham Lincoln.
s I




Embassy Worker Gets Good Closeup Of Ordinary Soviet

NEA Staff Correspondent
PARIS. March 28 (NEA)-For 15 months just
ended. John C. Lyddane, a 30-year-old Washingto-
nian, has had a job in the communications room of
our Embassy in Moscow.
During his working hours he could look at the
Kremlin across Revolutionary Square. During his
leisure hours he talked with the ordinary Russians.
From the roof, on public occasions, he saw Sta-
lin, Malenkov, Beria and Molotov.
Lyddane, a highly intelligent, studious, ex-GI,
pondered what historic doings were forming behind
the Kremlin walls.
He didn. ,walk over and ask, ming resorts, subways, churches
but did the next best thing a and museums, observing and
thing impod ilCe for State De- talking to ordinary folks.
-partment cff-"'Ials While Americans are confined
Although he often heard be- to 25 kilometers from Moscow,
hind him the patter of flat fleet, they can nete around town as
he circulated in theaters. restau- much as they like.
rants, cafes. skiing and swim- --oOO-
rants, An excellent place to meet
SEnglish-speaking Moscovites is
the Coril Cocktail Lounge, on
Gorgi Street. Russia's Fifth Av-
enue. here's a U.S.-style bar,
small tables, crystal chandeliers
and red drapes.
Moscow University students,
generally blonde, congregate
here. The co-ce.s wear drab, un-
ornamented blue dresses and. al-
though heavily chested, spurn
brassieres. Girls braid their hair,
boys wear it ,ely long, ending on
the neck like a wet mop.
Styles are sturdy but without
zip. Lyddane. from beach ob-
servations, s'wiys the Russians are
one people who look better un-
The vomcn are amply curved
Men have huge chests, square
shoulders and muscular legs.
Malenkov is one of few Russians
Not returning the compliment,
natives say Americans have
handsome features. but are too
thin and "Your girls!-they are
A non-Russian is easily spot-
ted and Gorki customers make
contact with: "Where are you
Amazed to find themselves
Stalking to an American, that re-
mote and dangerous creature,
they naively state: "If you work
for your government you must
be rich, a member of the capital-
istic class."
It wouzd be as silly to try and
explain as it -,ould be to describe
a pressure cooker to a Congo

S te, near Moscow. John Lyd-
e poses for his own snap-

the Russian inquires without croscopic clique in positive pow-
jitterness as if asking: "ARE you er.
making bacteriological warfare, But if comes the business of
like they tell us?" battle? Surely they would-be told
Lyddane always explained, they are being Invaded or that
hell, man you knew us in the any outside adventure is to pre-
iast war and we don't fight that vent Invasion.
way. A alightl/ tipsy citizen, with
an empty sleeve. told John: "I
That Atops tiem. World War lost this arm defending Moscow.
II coope-atolo is a memory i will gladly lose the other to
fresher in Moscow than Manhat- defend her again."
tan. -oOo-
-oOo- In the 15 months he talked
A Soviet m.ght then mention with Russians during his tour of
how PresIderi Eisenhower "help- duty at the U.S. Embassy in
ed" defeat Herr Hitler. and re- Moscow, John Lyddane found
call seeing him alongside Stalin little common-man understand-
during the huge victory march ing, let alone ambition, for for-
In '45. eign expansion.
Lyddane believes the average Ivanov!tci Is an isolationist.
Russian questions much his gov- That the Soviet hierarchy has
ernment does and says, but it no grubby every foreign
more enters his mind to argue a pie would be news to him.
matter than you'd think of de- Often, during the alcoholic
bating the time of dawn with warmth of conversation, Amer-
the sun. leans are invited tO Russian
It satisfies Comrade Ivano- homes. They refuse, fearing to
vitch to wear blinkers, plod his involve themselves dr host.
own path. and leave policies to John never entered a private
others. That also goes for may- house nor dated a Russian girL,
be 99.9 per cent of party func- though he dashee witi mtay Ia
tionarles. Glooal thinking is the .ljulp places.
uncontested property of the ml- More than bqf the Ill Em-

RUSSIAN SOLDIERS are part of the crowds who still throng
churches. Lyddane says. This snapshot, also made at Zagerst,
shows Red soldiers lounging on a bench outside the monastery.

Death Decreed For Burglars

Abroad, Families at Home

o0o-- -
Insanply '-u:ious, their ques- LONDON. March 28 IUPI in Bulgaria will be placed In
tions cov r U.b. life like an al- The Bulgarian Communist re- concentration camps.
manac. then press on: "Why are gime .has decreed that all Bul- The drastic move is unpre-
you makinz l.acteriological war- garian citizens who have left th.: cedented In any Communist
fare in Ko-a? country rare subject to the deaths nation.
This point Lvddane stresses penalty and that their families It was reveaLkd with the arriv-
I al here today of the official gov-
Sernment gazette "Izyestia Camo
Smunlriitlons of the Prsldiulm of
the National Assembly.* dated
Feb. 13.


The new law threatens death.
to all Bulgarian citilmns llvlnr
outside their country at presen
those who have left the country
with permission of the autlibi-
tie. and those who have fled se.
The move was seen here as
the first step to halt the wide-
spread flight of refugees from
behind the Iron Curtain and'to
prevent untl-Communlt activi-
ties by refugees.
It was teared thbet sat-
ellites may enact laws.
Until now, only indlvdviual p-
Donents of Conmmunlst regimes
living abroad have bste4l.petv-
ed of citizenship orshent;n d to
death In absentia. althd.uh in
recent months am"e' eifuess
hive expressed fear their fami-
lies may be harmed.
But in such cres -a'i thM of
Gen. Wladyalaw Ands,..
mer commander t.
army in Italy, anu
net Polish re
been no mention-
of families leftM


Ui fye-View

OfThe Th

Kremlin porter Ri-SpariifftieA

'4 I., ~


bassy Waw a, without 1
plma t x ar U t
to Soviet .law',
saticka 0i t6 OML-of tbi b
Any Uint ioie ts want a cae
they can chkje shocking sin. edt
An example -Isa John's chtum I
George, uloM commissary w
lef at thle Brlt i embassy, for bul
Tfhe y Rar^: vir WL4al prisoner In tod
the Embassy com~bpLnd. w

na Uypewncer p pus
reveled iablborates
e. b r a
isf ae Itoal~ta
to at 8 iall.1

He wa s aciued t harmng a ed en.ew tii
Russian girl. The British clan9 'fps 'a; E" .
ed framed and refused to let Jm im1g
him appear. .JIn, absentia he's o a
been sentenced to 11 months.
The Bundi*.UMe ent took a t
aervou$ tist re ntly wheM th
Amerlna m Bd rIftI h were org-' ni
dered to "Ve. to now Aubbis-
viets reseet the diplomatic
sanctuary, opw #0. undoek be 4 scll-" "nih am
traamportl WlWMe rab him. room. with clo mae por-.
i mhe t to cold4 6aW hot roas. wes
w a i a 'et sEttlg for conflden-
the Alhbmsmn ,,. It prom- oO- f
0It Va utg day, t -wh b f.'rnbltaly peged
u "t T0elattln s u. ove, or an 2r c#nt. rowmlisn ai ati
-a c n a w Iart10
Id uaWId. conM-M oSlA5 biu-

LYN, Mas.r March 0 (4py
W1at poWt- ompectors
eda swindle wOAdlac1t 4b d
with Oie Dromet pf te alg
promoters who were betrayed Y
a -deluge of mall from outside
New Algland.
Thoa seized were CharIe"
LeavItt, 22. an Arlingtonelectric
tippllnace saleWman, and Edward
A. Pack 27, a Negro from Doston.
Potai tuthorltles sald the
men, opera aga "Norta un
Sales" used bogus cheeks to bay
for clasified ads which they IW-
sorted in '"elp wanted" columns
of 275 newspaper throughout the
- Leavitt and Pack were 'char-
ed .with using the malls Ina
sohpme to 4efraud,
Officials said the ads offered
$SB to $100 for persons to ad-
dress envelopes at home In thei
ame time. Applicants were ig-
ed to send $1 for Ihfpraonloo,
An extraordinary voluns of
mails from the South. Midwest
and Pacifid Coast aroed mU-
clos of pot otffiea offleltW..
Investors stimted that
at the present rate some- 1U00
letters woud AlvFe Out
Monday. .

Archduke Otto
Becomes Plom
Mr. Heburg '
W= _marW =. Cn.,
28 (UP) Adnke -

in a p

. _

Puow i~S 1

E o.u w

.1 '.
* I.'


uo umana, wu oirea
American sweet It*

aiech e ueves


'I ~
'is ?W.

'44~ I.

r; "


6n51 .




I *. ~

r \










Ilr u-


. .



-~ *-.*

~A.$~* ~
*0 ~ *. -


* ~. *...


* t
*a -




1" 1,- P-rt
t ls t this
Dl tt i tbat tmh
ealy pag* r.
'on1 t I*e hud
* .mir.




"--: KM:

mod hav


.-r r&-r

l adrd as aeagnw ment MM t0L
ll a of tli 4gspam for a.e
it haktmm eas to I ema
^ .d, Mea,.h s.,wy
tr$':11 __

SfS t : '^ "T^-*-'-" '* m
'jtta^W l -- so 2
."- g;_ l

I 'S+'. ,. ",

'*." -'" !lh .ii

'Y:, ,"* M "_ ,..',o ,"
PP .

. 17.. _

n M oa......... ....... vm
wa -K -wyS
lli^-2^ :^l

4. A.r
^ *--" + *''''*^ -*'^**^


ifngA f
Mag t .

aaPse t ie4 aKl haint leselrtn It, awifty W in
,- te lw t its.ln :, 2,i p.e.-l. the not l

T As Ia h W it's de6m: Ater yew have IW the
k, not, put yi.r-l thumb t the p M e Wo ia
the a. Nm t lMla, i Mhe gaM.&I k t al e. th
h- k amt w e r I WA ~Is toudalm be-
twoee year li t .umb v,Aft w (btfhg yor.
eore ilWt w-3teoA). Ta lift ma s a thrd
uan hdlV-te haadk*tlf dmpmL New dmaw
y. hm auly aast, o e"ifg a pd held with
Syor t thumb mad m ir, .and the ot dis-

ml Doowu of td Easr Bunny
i-------------- Q

T"o em4an e e olorag, the
eggs ped sevemmal times ad '

thee".W p a- aIdin lugt
IetftSA *- y HI *gw* f
whi*h ip up eam .uIB *at
d m the .aeltt puWul -
abow- a the arer*.
.. e.. qe i

-w I


Sjet= 46-

My ferst ter's ia boy, not in
WaI. *
nho seoondit in boa bt not is
Ai third in yrlow, but not I
. pink.
o. fourth to in geoper, but not
in minkk.
rho filth 4o in l ?t, but not in
T. alit 4 ins wiad, but ot in
Te whole i what without a
Yu e-MM not pos.iNy Rue with-
*W04"o 1 piaO eqU rmAmv

(MENUEthe tour words FAR,
%- AR, TH usad HER and you
gt one word--1ARTHR. eHe
m a gr of elx mnalul words-




Which eM word of 11 letters
will boatsia iem all in the same
a-kMtum,. o ij Mq --

a .Wa n---------
a teer that wNll
lo mlksl a IR.
~ ethel fe. when
IWe tdar upside
th"dpe blm. %
im e waiy to

sa.i4hliaea mg.

m4Am&" (dyed I
ina"), ean be
(1*4 on. Of

attai.ym m may 5
thtak- oft will
mok Yw- r reaw
t/ma thtt much
me.eri ginaL A-

T IITt your Y-
&'%@"by m
poop" t f tly
TM ~ tooth-
Am wtthrli -es
t ,tgi mps
wh. -e thrice

--- OUi--t
I o -

b father

id JesU (Mi

b oab

';- II


" .'. ,*. B

-. .j '

.*, "*. ti+ ,

, ."

Stuck With an Alibi

yon short story,
"Butch Mnd ttoe
Baby"?T You
should if you eav
read It.
We have a

another Butch
who was both a
burglar and a
father. It Is a

besides telecrib.

In putag on the dry diaper he stuck his ger.,
tcuarted ofry, threw away the ofendn aety .
th hompleted thisob with the other.
Butch was ueb.
Mag, he listened until certain no wne was 0 elt
At abouend them child, then telt his way to the unhappy
youngster snd changed Its diaper from the pile
beside the crib,
In putting an the dry diaper he stuck his fager."
cursed smttly, threw away the ofending safety pa
aud completed the job with the other.
At about the same tme that night, way across
the same city, there was a murder. Circumstances
caused Dutch to be accused, but the baby gave
Dutch an albL. How? ** -qpno
-a uMeq ;,im q sq tnoqw c O UA easq qlosd ,u0pnoo
qung '3MI JI i m rold "oa3 lulom oq o powu*
.a U vi q3iA SqWotflc R qno oq u l_ on *l n eqi Ul60
jmq) j.po *qin lo pu "(.mtpnm 1o 30 e*iu, mftofM ZOK
*qn MusE q o S) IluuuIqsnoq ql Ppopwpu ftH :osWO

rQ T Is the ON kind rf pus-
Stle that will put your vocabu-
ad h 0 l7my to a st& k teat. You ase
I. 1:15) akod to fl t am iang ot-
ters of eaoh swun-lotter word
rk 1:13) according to the de Itlons. T7he
dots repreem t the miolg let-
ters while three letters, ON
are given. Think you can do It?
ONE.. Indlan
ON ... incerity
ONE Oklahoema
- (Nick.)
S. 0 N Royal miat
S. 0N Pmanks
-- ...ON wind
.. ON U. alnatd
-- ONE oale a almad
ONE Wealthy
ONE Pert Itto

-.9 ..

~. ; .. .
,. ._ .' l. -, ": .
+t-.^r..,' ^. f- ''l: ? ,. '? .-


v,4 .-,1'-, -. .;' ,- .


soo -1t

~* -'In


* 4,




- .*. <*



*. .I

Knt in Your Grmsp


.-'. ~ -


LTHKE WAKE -of the holidays, four abandon* puppies are K AN
ueddled by 10-year-old Darlene Sorianna at the. Eittsburgh *4 g' B]
. Inatl Friends center. Darlene's m6othe, Major1 e
annan, the center's supervise,-, theorited that matuy per- nco
,.X get new pets and kick old ones out tq fend flr'th e eirves. t .an

GENERAL ISONWIERt will review Vs inaugural pfM from this review stand.

.1 I.


move f~


J -.
1..~* **t*
4 tI
,....i /
~ '.7

S,* b'. .-'-^'

I-i:~ '`

o '

> ~B ~ '*'^ 9f^ ^ '*.''*(B



~. '.-,'~

. 15.. &'...- i "

2-.- -. I

*Cc .Id

Bi.. .


Y- *


E -a,

* .j~.

* THE DATTJIZ W Aon In the Senate Ap
Committee between enators, labor
and the Governor of the Panam n .
Everyone to get hi say
Sen. Allen lB7ender (D-la.) took the stand to
testify that Canal o00. operations are .oolata t
the rankest kind." He observed that solid e.
cine, the producing by the compaylefmilk, Usd
and the like was the. cause of the dissatlictlaon la
the Republic. .
In defending the PC orgsni at1oa, Seybold empha-
sized they would till make own d but
"appreciated" the auggestions lmae b G H eral
Accounting Office which so severely crt the Com-
pany. The governor maintained that the Woea fou
be attributed to the old administration, but not to
the new.
Seybold said that In view of President 3laenbMfr*a
new policy, the hiring. of personnel in the Canal
stopped, the housing program drtlkllY 0
and that top ocials were now studying te ftn
cial policies and other aspects to see wheteM the
present tolls are adequate.
On the question of the tolls the Central Ibor
Union's legislative representative, Howard Munro,
a firm stand. He told members of the committee
if the rates would be Increased by eight cents (flem
90 to 98) a ton, the CZ government could NKe up Itt
deficit, pay Interest to the United states Treasury
and leave employes alone. He. also Vrp for a con-
tinuance of the 25 per cent dif pd the abol-
ashment of the graduated leave systm recently enact-
ed in Congress which will apply here.
The Air Force was the fItr of the Armed Sere
vices to receive offielar eatI# frm Waib-
iagton to eat civilian payroll. The aribbeap n
Air Command was ordered to slash themr uM-
mel by 3 to 4 per cent, For Albreek, the nly % aF ve
Air Force post here, it weld mean ahebt s people
will receive reduction in force nottlee en or be-
fore May S1.
Army and Navy have still net heard offletally
about the size of the slash their evilians are lat-
ed to take.

-- o Hi
Shipping agents, and other commercially.operated a-
establishments. on the Zone were up in arms after ou
receiving their new rentals which become effective
July 1. A protest meeting was called to Crist6bal to
discuss the proper action to combat what in some cases as
runs to a 350-per cent boost in rentils. They were, pl
given 30 davs to answer the Canal if they wanted
any "special" dispensation. co
o-- C-
A little American boy, and a Chinese gardener were i5
on Ihe seriously Ill list t thq hospitals last we k. The 6I
child, 5-year-old Michael J. tortte of Albrok. was an
being treated for a fractured spleen after he fell over N
a 20-foot embankment.
The gardener, Benjamin .Wong Sam, suffered a ta
serious head injury iwhn he ran out in front of a
moving automobile seat Paralao HIL.
An American pilot at0alrd a tuna boat was treated.
at o after a cattish bone wasA embedded I. h M
arm. et Philliu wqs on the -May Queen, about
25 miout of Balboa jBhet, while raising a net. the
catfish hit his arm. .ejm e not i neriaus condIt.. .

ofc tea cbh ges&. hbtwn the heata~i he
cr"A a serr! ,o&Mt **&s o I thomeor a I

in the contempt earge. t

Am appeal thronebt thit newmpaer brought glad m
ilck with worry about ,Tringer," bl palomino p .,
Go ?en dedes a tonableetoarfy btI wn eted toWa 0
mn n ews news-of hm s d tule. reached bhi. Arn alrt
IP who lives In Pa.naro turned un with Trigger, Uend XI
now Qordon Is ready his operation. ,
Prede tSo be A. RInd a -waM still gfettW mp.-
peat em liW a r=-eIe latatwl Umees.*kte as
em-uate rev'sle on t -he on Triaty *with t e a
Unites States. .A
Labor and cive icvulabposlfu *0# -sPOfb eW.:
preeSOa M rowal of we M "ae -*W P h twhe Preo.
dest aMM hbe 1*e0 g ?to. u%-! #rwag a proeg4
visit to Washington.


AprU 14th.
M Faa.. AM

hse way

53. -.

The al-a m d
oraclo t.
St in the fout
The i an or
ruga- )aftonaL
Toe Clts -Who,
Ive 10 playt
olts are quafluP

no Dk Batt=L
al&esW. .
In tMtumn t.

Afd f the

s 4.A'


we awr
a. ri- r


Gasoline service statsons mnlhtU be abie ti ThtM t ,BX-
pond reason to Dresa .fnr in jrese In tih. -It.- e--"
?Hice of reolqnp If a bill pw I4 In first r"rig
tbo Pan'mA CPit Cop-mU ks hpalv_. -
"'ba bill would '.i- be t to r oni *w-*e' .4It.At 1 .
+*'A ttv frBm ft i'U- p.. p .of $n in $,M e fl *.', U ^i,
U0 Dionthlyv. f'1nt t.-. for mwit.a t., 'ti iwt'- 0e'.4
be unne f to *4 s " fnr nwivp+n ..... ..1 ih -6..
P"- -"" t""ed 10 rr-"th', wo,7d iq, .-,. 'he
* rP-' Fu "O'r"e-" r'"**-o'ne PrihI nnirirsn' t
.. -t T i .,r rtj.rlr + i.o, ai-f s left '" .-.e.i "' i'ttA

t"Ik 60

L CO...a u;u4marv of tnnIted rnit c*,.
a.totWl 01 596ABs w'a sM
15 fto sl* wages, tax :re
if naU!, products. .. -
- *.*-^- 0 -.-*- --'.*f~

O wn




"k-' :* i -- ..


. '" i .





.4 ~

- r



, _'*. _' r .- ....j 'i ;,. .
. _.'". r*'*,.-S -. ; ..
--\-'^ : l-b...


. n :.

:-.t It .* '6

. I--

- ',..1


st-fM. do.


6 8-y-Omrtalaiug $f-Inteity I-Rluch 41-Cottn-
s aleaum 97-Theve wegbtaMe cleaning
Wmb :7-Itallan 8--Re- mold *uamtae
S cola examine t---lfter 43-P-averld-
4,,-. 4XO that 100--North 3--GFOoind tion
:. -aAmerican 4-ae 4i-ZBttw
h.8 deer -w- 45--I tnt
i at lak 01-MIake clutter 47T-Sweetened
-lM of --rm ten necenary --T-ohed heiult
S g-ChaIne, 10--Benga 7-Bogs 48&-Dairy
-._.h.loWM. quin.e soop.le- mechantrm.
B ^ -a *ist 1--8hy tton C--Rottof
S. 10-ender --Dry tobacco
0..a" 107-Pamnag 10-Invader i 3-Of that
ft *0m-BIraaotrd. 11-Person. a
S-Prelitoric l allty -ard
pem5At 12-Number shrub
r.a .1--ate "3-Sott*
118-- l: Ariban U-
t-a-s 14-U' h--in un
lT-4pizltlss 4'ahl 6Sa
'i !41t ,ton te. s Ine e R y- r

---Penl b-t Tddler
u-it. 0ii 1W-Cdtt IT--.a PrsoatR-
L5 -Tein O emblem

l-. @ Z nuat.. S- ., -tou chame

Sw i,1m1-elau lS-Sw h mnt
U-'wv M--uaelal ttdn T3s--Cravat snow 84-44 7B--Le
am,:R<^r : ebati- dance oc
"tf*-Male 3Ul-Moutals skull
fm. an as rawe of work 77--4V*ft I
SIanut se a app1r aoth a7-nladden T9-PripaIea
r _wea_ Amerea, __t -ax
IS*y 132-Buld Ow s 1S*O-Mant
i* -TWvilq 123--Attracted [ ego o1-n1lrom

..". gaar


A i
^ Kt? -<,-^U E)-' *^ ''fc'f "
A-^fi-------- .. ; ^,, .T&^ -'g.. ,'- ...-.? ,-'

__L ~ U = = = zrFlr-

_ _~________~_ _p

-I -Pzzl

m -
Iu L

4t a 4
a- -wh



" ,


:'n: I iE L:ra : :-n

-i i IFME I -- *..vA zI -- Iwi- --

i- .

I "


, B. I r I I rU I I-F & '- I I-


1 u 1wuu '" 1 r i6 wrrr m i


r-ia 5-- a ----

y- If rae
..... "^ -L--lo


.. I .1 .4 4 i n -e-- ..-

I- I

l--Ple oat

port of
S ity *

118-Ceade-. I
123-To the
S eight;
rocky hil

r-r-a *4*~'. C:
I ~ ~

& Features

y Amerk

:- .' -

A?. *



F', I

,V -

_i_ ~1T__~I_~_

. J



a,%, i bI-OjjY I-I I- i-i


-- r -- -----
~b..- _l.i-I

L i- A .- .




-M I


ip -

- .*, .~'4"4MI


GUAM am summ 2 m me. MmWG a Mus S

om On. a 'i W'liOS m pk v A nm..... I n*p-A IV 1-
PO4R e iniwn R S A s.NE JO UA. PL- RM INC. .
345 MADIa- Ava. Naw a. 417) N. V.
I. *O N. IA AD *YA
0 ae te, a VVAUW**t*


Oh the "Cherms Hymmel," Oh the (-d "Tmrvishm a Chaat"
Get thee hence from eot tme tUme light -go sa beUt it- av~tla
You have had your little tonlag, but yewr lorey's post Mod ge,
For you cannot hold the ncadle to the leeetes et Amat ...
Oh these "Barmeay Celestial" Oh thee "Mwe ot tbhe S ephem
"Mornng Star* that sanM together i the pei* N teric pe
Te can all pipe down sad Iatea, In the ulom of the dawn,
Fore you're nothl else but pikem to The seet of Anemn,
Oh, those doil atekers, strappm ,
Whose wings being to flapping,
As sweet, 2luMbor I eanwraping
My soul In o"at repose;
Why a Provesece, MaMenAe
Made this hand so Ihlarmnle,
With its eempetltion, chronic,
The Devil only knows:

Oh the Sabbath morn serenity, that pqets rave eboet,
Is the thing, above all others, th the rooeat loves to rout;
Can some profound psychologist explain this feet to me:
'e starts at week days' but ek Sunday, starts at 2.

Of all the Aw n citizens, who tell and took to drink,
Who are now beyond redemption, with their morals on the .blink
How many went upon the rocks, or hit the downward grade,
By reason eof this sul distarb Restees' Seneade?
Oh you birds, profane and mystle,
With yoar manners egatitltte,
Noisy, load and Bolsbhevitte,
Oft Pve heard your eherm swell;
Oft I've ened0 eyr evTery felthr,
As you all act loe tomether,- -
Undeterred by wind wehte .
Oft rve wished y -all In in-Covea .

New, It I were Chief Muse ilan eoft1i toley universe,
Seme soeisters Id enlcourae asd oame I would dspea;
The meeking bird cmd k *1ON day -.the h uhuily bird ould hung,
The lghttamaie clse d il--

Stll, if Natmre gIva* 'isetheing.lW w -ich we ai aeeie,
mxeept aen Mh Iamd plee end A alo remseadhg vetes
We have to make the mea at it eds mrtal mar be drawn,
rer meet of s ad mehek akIn to the Beest of Anee.-
Oh tho-aeueoh er na u ings.
Forseveni It Igma" leie.
Phasy, gy..* seetalee
Jm thi sM I w aeneaidea
When you wake me up, I hate you:
Violetly, I hernte you;
nut I tovesgly await e1m.
S*T'* Ik of-eM ,you are fried.
.--------.----------. ^ -**---- -.,

Herewith ad Ml-IU te undy MfW *
e%. No. 473.8 iWAIMl -
.6 -- .-. .=IE umimImU. illial

.. .

7' ~;




- .




- 4

___ a ~-~-

- -

^^L+bW "

)t -a


* In aen.d

w~smsasii ho -Y ~yr e

Samuel S ug

ameI Smasa U eft. ,%l.
I e. s, e w e h.'.
dian. -. alwave umitMpvips.
fAk CftbeS

I. *,


-- (". ?

7 RI~~


.-L" t

- I' --

. ,I

-' s


~'v~: .

* ... ~. -

- ,,. .




So rman


H Tsay I report-
i) Well iOdd and 4ragagup i r Ash maa's
sur endelrdd bd fame and q a the toU.
.. '. .. ,,n.,,oto 01 th,-..a.-
.4,X Wi $seutoRussiaoand served s- to *
fr- Coutry. He died at 33.
are Maeeeew's stem. censo p often reduce
is. sign correspooetsA to Impotent I ra on. But
Rbft rpgrn stso uua defeated. Wh te
I itihis bensord material I
& .m. At awn has made public.. .This fact wat exemplified by
iti tn Rus- Brooks Men the N. Y. Times drama
he to New York Atkinson wrote
facg foreign in a eries of natareal sports about Russia that
S ble an ffwthe uprag ccoladr The prean
saocasssolU him wit epithets that r from
w aac ie gt" to"a mercenary bandit
the victory of rar not .Vii y called me that in
Im nat one of hip frt harangues (all of it devoted to
m e wae In the U.S..R. me) at the U. N.
1B ifh cAthmmUants Ragrt on Russia Included astute
th e s earcit comments that are applicable to current issues:
U B ptomtptly chartere'1*;W~azetfo "In America, there s a kind of old wives' tale
1k, r nand -ied to Rig. Ow- to the effect that the leaders of the Soviet Union
S Wubbow' wavas Umeaned to t =ovt are shrewd, cunning, and realistic men who al-
i. "itvinov snapped: "I heard you- plan W ya know from one moment to the next where
0 Aloecow and land on the Red Bquae as they are going. But I suspect that they are rath-
Ft' alnst soviet censorship. Do you real- er eommonuplc men who have had no experi-
eil be met by a hall of bullets and ence wh democracy at home and are confused
y Impriob ? by nan tati.of democracy abroad. After
carried- out his b bluff aptoadb. detroyig differences of opinion at
that he Vus not? te.a dZ In- home for he bo"n reasons. they in-
Sfu ble Atb. AwR of d's y regard differences of opinion abroad
at t at to t a trs ry to the Soviet Union and to the com-
the of ith on peoe. Mao anism is a splendid science.
i consented to gIve that ospurged ttself of the mUncientific spon-
r pe ol at e-atricken Bu- tanelo of human nature.
S e oneders, taned ere "Com nism is not only a political science but
Sa religion, and its conduct is governed by dogmas
the Moscow eat is frequently a ted as well as reason. The believers have to accept It
.-tha_ t d superhuman patience. without riservatitoI."
orders conaltetly0 ru6ye9, qury-crom-
e to the Kremlin In the hope that es en ship was lightly relaxed for U.S.
nt v anwer one. When he repied-hey reporters during the peak of the wartime A-
pr-Nle epIW, of curse. were strict- mar=aiIu~slan friendW 11 AR1W censor once
uutmaueuvwm. stunned newman Roert Magidef by stating.
Uftnatdt aily letter tor 8 d"Whave10"t yet seenit
wvieBed a uogle ack1owledge-- O a 'ub ^k a Ito" r off lein
London or Paris, e a good by.
I a JA named John The onemo with Rasan censor was brief.
1*4 M anCu's walL Hs career It ended U pt after the war. In an obvious
of p u tragedies. attempt, to Magt other corrpondents te
Lerb gMrial silts Were beirayd by Rusisan accused ~aghioff of bing a spy. He was
ito a.. e Was in his ary allowed to return to the US...w m Oats was
tdhis bi ee ate of Pancho V as not so fortunate. ,

r iEdson In Washington
:'{ .t -s

rb t.Dr.
5 mAftl try-
ellor's W
tI trying to

S i^wrs... pp .e phlgia, experts,.
.t .m D.-ackson,,. Wll akea report

.tor B Beto" wanted to
de .i ,.

o ut. eipensi g and taxes

j'; ad, a balanced bue of a-

SeprMW tpto a m igherependi-
-h ":A '"1M


i" ",-
3 X)A

that nobody had thought up a better name for It
ahe catch .a the old N mg t that It Implies
that the United States Is tg peace.
The Commuenssa on tue w wh are
the real aggesrs n this bus hess ave suc-
oessfa ifdt el the Ids that al their propa-

State Department's famer fne for Voice of
America and other inter national Information
prowuas was that It was waging a "Campaign

Tbt was all right as far as It went. But what's
anted naf IWs a e f a peace crusade that
*aplles emve more Ulaa the truth, the whole
trutbSnOn ahtg but the truth.
TWO ,Su- TO DMtAfl mOat
President ltehower's campaign promise to
find someway to e te Korean war ran Into
Iaft lie qtu*M1g blok when. Gen. James
A : Y Wa Feetci e and advocated to Con-
Uls fthe s M the U. 8. Selective Serv-
,to., ars. MPesldent isenhower
rea wtas, the perfetly sound
a 0ae draft Is political
dCongrrs wol'M'1t consider st far a
Van Fleet's pOnt of view as a mistary com-
mande s equally sound. however, in advocating
that if this warI goia .to be won, more effort
and manore stacri shave to be pdt in it.
Ta Ies, W Otheir m tm don
,. .,,a." this .a.. ay.
UOIMkD VW3 tAi -35D? -

, *,. ah ..

*f- BgwsbriN-g amednal
F tast wives see about to
uSp an bews


* .'-




How would you like
a House nurounded=
neques, gato solos
The Bra of Pedt Mlgnel *
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One of the largest ant uh L
Eastern thi Mai
who keeps the moatlhopnvm eJS
laboratories to eomuteract e '
meat with blood and a T:, ika k
ANTOshiny yeD i na vti

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