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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SS-teSS: Shifts 20 wins Washington Finds Declare Deal

SMilli excess dalional; Move ring' Will Speed

S3 te aresed eti- fo3 ad $1,5 for 10 WASIflNGTON Mrch 2.X til the Communists proved their
i-s n. iR 19K4 the revised estl for 19U and $1.MAW 00 for 1054 (UP) Officials here viewed good falth.
o M r howa Wll b1 mad. a result ge(UP) lole f the Comerts' pinHe oaid It should not lke
,1It moa u t p r euPJi, m-rc s- ('U eeP) te s awl wennle-i
ree e et ex- thlie e. the a rllln iaon rus tod te *sa artlanrh da- ore than a few days for the
s"Mn 8i l todn forf. VZl33u _leTartd.o, Ortlnd Otiedm steepleclK^ to- pment which could lead to P ers enxeq to ge
SPr. t u second In nd not on trickery. I a tht o r.
Tyhlt st -ya race with 0 pOkea A Peton a kea an sa
oary t me % ,- He ft=_ th 10 c ciefs wollc malMtirt an-
al dJfenm, eynt ad h"ft nt zrly fieall at the leamid by t3 10tactlwith Clarkrnwhle am adl-"
Inthe Cardea locd ra owS- irst nap succe ilss- Sebi omt to "shaking d0w." TOKYO, March 28 (UP) The Communists ud
IIn dd he haardous do tm d e This is done a telaeon denly agred to exchange sick and wounded war prison
uled. rtr ,1 to b deferred to Manehal whl led ail along, Te spot an al the joint typet rteuges on screen both en with the United Nations today and proposed the im-
l o a einx of A ^oc "Ante wif'l1 ve no terrors, I chiefs of staf will oo be in here and in Tokyo..If Clark de- ediate resumption of truce talks.
-oa daines Street in Dil- Tore- y W bl cha b edI elfuu8ans communication. ifM are not eldes to go 'ahead the joint
S. oa- g ee aThe hore wfsa bred in Inland. ees d wnth C en. Mark W. chief will know it a matter The Communists said agreement on exchange of
0 S, p S hors 1 and cnrried 15 k e tlp between Tokyo of a nite d Natins sick and wounded men should lead to settlement of the
re tog Ptreon.m Aiarln United Nations del-
1 tdl 195o. ertL r ed that the egate enrv Cabot Lodge, Jr., entire prisoners of war issue, thereby achieving on armis-
tadsl for the stadi- hrly Mist scored an easy vie- lrtm sAnreme command- ald today the Communist p- tice in Korea "
have new been eliminated tory, raei home 20 lengths er hU iauthorlty to proceed owner oal I "very eneour-
Bfl Jm th Idget,." ahead of Mott Tremblant in the with the exchange of sick and fag it l ona fide and sn- Gen. Mark W. Clark, U.N. commander in chief, on-
field of 1 timber toppers wounded ar prisoners If he de- cere.'ncd the U.N. would e ready to
Mont Tropblant carried high termines that the Red offer is -' soviet delegate Valerian A.
,eh ofiee of pd t 17 pounds and a genuine. Zorin called the proposal "very wounded prisoners in a matter of days" if te enemy
18 to 1 cholte, Irish Idard Ws Healsoo complete authority ood news." offer roes sincere.
3s_ to t to fs upla ime stalemated truce e arl A rbly president The proposal to resume armistice talks wibe taken
WE.There wasia our ength t ksa i i' whe tber th Cau be Sd r d oethine we have under consideration "immediately" Clark said.
o betwe A Mbt Tremblant and whether te C s Isoething we have
H K I Irilh in1d at the end of the munlst proepl a, genuine been hopin would happen. And The enemy proposal seemed onWe consider that the reon
rch 8 (UP) the w ldnwas sidy's game for the eourlag." cr4e Communist move In a new ured rise should be made
uniO l- 3 l*we B r and ,r "tw*ilher h Over time bein. In general, the news was pce. offensive launched after told to te smooth settlement
Sto- hant nlanc fin- But one official Md U.S. heartly welcomed by delegates O M.. IMlenko took over of the entire question of the
tial isedt1he .dpr.. .e -as the towering policy, es enutncated P res- o al polital stipe. Js r Stalin place In the Mo- rionersn w
orthat 3obst itn their tao il. Ident 'h isr neows M tremih. ice in re
I.I.a onent I-_e6t 1am t weerMa ieId b 'r s ide ully agrees to your Comm u s t A ,
conferenooh 19eV V
en pblembs ea 3aninee aSl wVMS that3Chan km af stalemate of er
s [UWream 001411e0[f ar of si

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aan h oodea 1a m Ma00_a "0 1aoo u0 A.
SIop o,1 1 'our," rrv- Nor was it khe-wn here t s very a There ws aas no to stome
.r ITe b whether e r po rs "a as mqke BEOf. rearh 28 (UP) the number of Allied preaor s
Is amwther t Rd n unpm U.N. sooe, and theU i-yI
I Pl a m or e a in the -A Us. A Fore htr-pomb-who would
esHoward r ond er w igrIn :retI hb hp Equlp- wounded.
eto wi& "i ano euIneVed. ok'ih delegot&
St he pinbee te a r o.t "It't s ina the np Jel ped ith q odfled Sibrepre But one o hem h e e
SJ a develop ws now kenrl p to oe he lag by the block amed cape of carrylo to estn. WIa t Dea
e Crk. He would ae no oe- shS s death." mic bombs, it was announced to- heroic commander o the
howthe W eClark. He wto u (ai e oof Ez a galan delegate L N. P- day. tes th Infantry on
v "The 4JMsd. M b4e, mlnoaAnt S. of sAo unre lth W-- "This Tray be the b gin- Fifth Air Force sd the 18th who was c ed as
gt-, nll t, g. ot oae 'of the solution." fighter-bom win which for- 1950 while fhtin
SIIe ." inssen. ig har pointfwm b ategrsy u wf nic h deilegte RiJehwar merely flew ropeller driven m we
-Commupitd a c thoe eeItelne of st htnn believed the new Com- Jets. has been using Sabres lonafter his tre and it not
Wle os not s o re. wt prisoner offer say be enough to prce an asee. known w er he ha fully re-
ah th e 01be o77lrk He would have nsoner 631- upewith." N P-m acombeIwn
le "the onop- he omst ma with new.pee The convr to Air Force' s covered.
arl isud thaBratehl prosal, the i po-i Iby Soviet delegate Ar- latest ms* production Jet air-
"11 tuh of etertie ofi a uie" isneo f o n
ionthe to t T. craft was kept so secret that

thedeHoab, was "Ate shot down by Sabres Wof dsor To
settlwithou Ated Am 18th wings ve been credit-
Vu Aofof the tere t- hesesee r u *. w CZ To tloianTeC shoderit drwndby Saes of Duke o Wn wln
without lu aft-4 i edto the 4th fighter-intercepto
the.J=% W f "It to w Well At wlng.
CRIMEtfawps *e tile Alw A mu chWellAt wi An Air Force spokesman r said
finccoI n l-apel gJCiad, "!n"'s the min value eo the modified
totht Per- Angel. tho urse hu missions w ith 0out nd r e eid
star, win,._,T. am.,
Tthat C k_ %ha rd er. ItRe American bo whose fighter escort. PARIS. Iarch 23 (UP).h- The
abra~s" tl, abI aot Io t i d which he fell down aa Star fighler-bombers do notto visit B t he
S, toe v es 11Me .tht rcahpnt an t on brcom c aryom are in speed or maneuer- lives an eat
%w it.Wi .r not w the seriously il l1 list abllt with either the Red ets mother ueen y has ony
arlLbe see There was ib t0 poaton h ate Fort Clayeon Hos- or the Sabre he said. cemented his tes t his home-
MO h."to pre e thb aat but d- actors said e was get- ct dei o the odfca- land hi e secretary said
P-n oeellently." of tbre cannot toay.

a t ,Dblef n ti'TldUI. k al wave of hope swe oh. hOf an oncoming car ity of carrying the same bomb turn nerma th tat the ngera
"SingI& when he pedad his lOad u a Thunderet. work ndthao away for
Nths .rie .Cear sn wp seen in He siood the sent d own the embankment. horse" of the Air Force In ore e er unless Iven n
ead--twoiJ 'eL tteW "a nlonmenb make teson of Mal. and Mrs. which cabaple of delivering an flal job.
.3 pJ9 3,:11 pia Weeks WthLoC.- wold way new sun it-otte of Albrook. atomic bomb. tWhollyque osteh utf
:...' 1...'.e am of the job-or-go report
; -xp -y "/ hecquestion ofTao"Thehs
"-' -'.*x d~ S yrmyecksW thT oopsnever come up. He has neither
Theq Secsre refused to did.

Sdnke hs made It plain he wIll
"autamobiles, tanks and other more and more about the caus-e to hl own-rosal hlhne.
Of 04 Of low elp m. or .May c',' n- nowti me Ponagra Sets w

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NAeIo age AIA.L lOiTOn
7? tMLMSu P 0. 0014S. PANAMA R P And
T1a1LOPeNW PANAMA NO. S 0740 I5 LINeil
2 MONTH IN ADVANCE S 2.70 a '-0
on s Mrn OTHS. SN OVANCEe a so 13 00By Victor Resel
PON OE 41WEAR IN ADVANCE is 34 nn By Victor Riesel
Shave been sharply underesti-
U-- m mating the power and position J8 i i i
LIL lof Harry Bridges In the soviet _
SH E M A IL B ............. s I
-L scheme of things.41 A. 4u w'
TiHm80 ATh.ere now Is available to the o .esecret oe r r fromn -. .,
The Mail Box is an open forum for r.dars of The Panama Amer- intelligence services of all west- o the f the
Scon. Letters are received gratefully and ore handled in a wholly cef-0 e rn nations a man willing toa '* 9t .a n
,desil manner. charge that, to his personal aq, a.*a oi
If you centribule a letter don't he impatient It it doesn't appear the knowledge, the b ell g eroenta r h l t a p
exnt day. Letters a re published in the order received. knomrwde Brdes tli the nvie'd f jet
Please try to keep the lettSers limited te one page length. control man mor 10,000 miles of A c e te a p o
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. coastline. U a"t' 'aho i I f
This newspaper, assumes no responsibility for statementseas opinions This runs from Alaska right'.o 0*- -t- .
expressed in leters from breeders, through the Cominform center y, .... t o-o-.- -- h thet i. '-
S n Guatemala, the Panama Ca- i a ot. tn o the Words, the iut E.
nal Zone and on down to the o, i. a nl* ..*t e Er fi thtin6f-dst gebtaJl
MAStTER MARINERS CALLED IT EFFICIENT vital copper laden docks of It nK re fa l th --- lw&
Wisdom Heights Chile. mHan fo h mIa d1 ,'"Truman defn.."
Sir: tThe man from whom I learned son recently AW he pould o
Sir: this is Pat Walsh, once Bridges' (= ta spending for ar i.''
What is the strange. unnamed, unexplained affliction that r de-in-arms. Today W lshn 0 i
at times smtcs oherwise nieer ano humble toilers in lowly and Icaefully guarding hiso ownalsh Ther Jo-e"al D beu ,
simple occupations. lvlng them occult, powers to potulate with documents and secrets, is in -.
final authority on all or any of the social. political, economic or open rebellion against the So-T Ohea ds o t y
adminlstraLh e problems of human endeavor A Bavarian paper viet's elobl labor naern the twork d .throw t
hanger had IL and a country collapsed. It is not so world-shak- P a t Walsh was leader of the wourk.ermore 1 e owni ,
ing but now a Government bookkeeper has it. Some of the more ana ian wa terfront section of budget, nothe
tin id w ho live here where there is "everything but television" U'an Com mn w a r t se t lo oe w or7u, te m m mi,
see a threat to the continued well being, miserable as It may broke recently It was Walshr tyuriheeo to ln wos .It .
now in Quebec City, who was .
be an man oiter. pesnal -- no Kee to ananydka. to golp
The more ieaLhsic evaluate the little bookkeeper's dramatic ordered personally and
mouLhings in moie proper perspective. confident that mature he has the documents to prove '. wi im.
ju'e.iienr of our sena'or3 and congressmen will quickly distIn- to sabotage our Marshall. .w tett
HORZbNTAeen VEtimon C 1 that is real and that which is phony. Plan arms and food shipments it ... a b t was in^Jlug t
Can there be any doubt of the answer when a Committee to Europe. e it t
i compares the ooinlon of one poker playing bookkeeper with an Today, Walsh Informed this ", 1 aA "d bi mt -
x to grind. with the expressed opinion of 66 Master Mariners column that Harry Bridges, 1to .a p to p
with nothing more than time and calm deliberation motivating although a convicted perjur- "1 weaieyag la tha
their action. er and a Communist Pary reduce them 6 d t
Quoting from the preis. the little bookkeeper described as t m ember according to the. 2 ItP e .d affect Of
one of the weakest' sots in te whole sector the division that deportation order is still the "s
h1airles the movements of .essels through the Canal from oce a active Western HennEphere -
to oz:an." liaison man for the Soyiet3s oe
.i-:.,y-slx Master Mariner- inerred in Germany in 1943 had global labor Qperatlon kno.v n fro oe--d-- b--e %- i
this to say. as he World Federation of f-r stid- ,. ',
"We, the undersigned Master Mariners. have, during our en- Trade Unions.. h olilbir ,
T orced leisure here in Germany held many discussions on the sub- ederation for which Bridges is"- 4
Ject of the worlds great engineering achievement. fronting along 10,000miles of- D decapitated D ream
"As a result of our combined knowledge and experience and vDta 10000mlne? of- ,-
having taken all relevant facts Into consideration, we unanimous- Let me show you what the for fliSCal" ye1 a"
ly agree that the Fanama Canal with its locks, waterwaysand French counter intelligence fy D UAK,,
-har-or facilities s one of the greatest of such feats. headquarters thinks of it. B e a sta=ceny.4
"In addition, we have also agreed that it is without doubt JL,. a few hours before t n Pa -A on d. .ten tIgigb
Sthe most elf ci,..t orgacnatIon or its kind of which we have was writtenn, scores of Paris po- U BO.-I would be somewherein space at the The women are being braves but the strann pe te
3 knowledge. Still more important perhaps. irom our point oA view, ii.e and special security officer _mente with a dream dead and an active bit- beginning to tell, to bite dee into their erv- whe MR-
is the smoothness with which a ship is passed through the Canal, jammed riot helmets on their iweth erever'A alndi e l
S and we should like to place on record our appreciation and grati- heads, picked up automatic ri- e is te rat re i. ter ms Blo rne areat moa t havey on hac
tude to the Pilots and the Marine Division as a whole not for- fles and descended a on t nh e suppo is true of a great many people In a great rms alone, but a great Manyhave l ephaIs'
many places a l over the world. It seems so ule ated to other areas. = 'i
getting the heads of the various departments for thelr effi- Fiench section of the World necessary, too. I know o ne brave lady who has lost ) t .npe steals
ciency. courtesy and reliability when providing safe and swift Federation of Trade Unions. I will not be buying that cherished farm i from sheer strai, becae her hubaao t
passage for vessels of all sizes and nationalities through this With the Parisian police, who East Africa, because there is na t much point e ce ied formal notification that his hea d Mg-
Sstrategic watery ay.' obil e c teduter a bat-M living with a Vp, tooro living in a aonatlt decd on tt-e'o.ll (ton lit. .d)gh ..... "to"-ig'-cna....3
t4e. we. e French counter g o"-ofgevery black face you sme, foreer, and wo.. On. a| aptraleo gun s-g sn d admt It boh
Sets not be too perturbed over the expressed opinions of ior.e agents The broke n f youroldest retainer s n abou guns un the pillow, guns b the bath-
the little bookkeeper. And lets not feel sorry for ourselves overfto lai; heaQ quarters, run by taking your head. There are too many hhfricans u ,.no te SAdW o n Mc aa
the lack of televirlon We have continued entertainment from thie A. .Awich general Confedera- to make stampingT l uwa a 34 n rte r a a
the Itinerant clowns who for G0-14 salary plus thirteen dollars t.c tabor, and c-aarted away te n u wear ttll es of eSept o, alletoun oa _e on4
per diem, fall through stairways, pose dramatically before Ben- ,pzcal files and current rw- murderous infldeion was the sole pro rte who the to s spieioh of the'
termials.r a irmurdsrousdaries and commissares. Thisconfede n wert h y wh o W the taI
ate committees, and tell us how to run ships, hospitals, drydock orcis. of eOikuy tt .. last I looked t. bu ep of l *.vb'dv-

they are paid for- how to keep books. portsnt dp powerful afKf roniKenya. of m c .. ...s... ... a.
,, Qp a .hee "1 .Fugitive Bookkeeper. Federation of t rade Unlo a* e *an lad e .ta i Vt l
P.S. Not on Company time. Obviously the French security Magmj_.could rtas gaspeanrsof to lte atnne wuil' 11t. ofnth Rp

SAnswer to Previous Pu French confederation of La. If to spreads from one tribe to another. It then country wide onen to mrea by i georant | say ,-orit 1
Screen Actor bor Pis the International Sea- will spread from one frontier to another-from ages-and eventual Russian abot upson w
men's and Dokers' Union. Kenya to tanganyika to Uganda to the Congo That strip of country in fi i 0 ipo-
Guens who tuis up as preu.- toRhodesia, and eventually lint tant the Wetterti wory ino l be oatroyo d topo
SVRTICA Harry B redge, northtero t ham n ota r di to settlers al 4 (thOW o' Ottp lI-.-
HORI ONTAL V TCAL dent of this te a troubles in the south and the troubles the by savage superstitions and bas .
I: Screen ActommnHarry Bridges. north. But I not a Km petal ,hogI'dou
St Screen actor, 1 Uncommon Furthermore, our own intel- It's my opinion that engineered race turmoil planned it, and I am unWillngto sd my day ) hal ot
e-- tapley S2 Flower Ilgence people have just learn- will never subside so long as there area few evil naIcontant fever of. apph pr0auonthat
8He- from 3 Surrender ea that if the,Supreme Court men who wish to create chaos by .stirIng in and tautened nerves. Tno feau l ee the
Englan. 4 0o.eha iets off.its antipathy for ru-ternal strife with a long and distant stick. lovely land is lost thereby-tbe paradiselaspol-
13 Interstices Indian ing on the five year old I find it hard to bleve that when I left Nal- soned and spolt.I
14 PapalBcape 5 Arm Brndges case, and upholds the robi yesterday, the town was More symptomatIc So back you o ag to therga d n- I
15, Disencumaber 6 Lit lower courts' deportation or-. of war than anything I saw during the war. fusion of the New York ungle, to another kind
;1 Fairy fort 7 Pile of stones ders, the man will Fo to Europe Everbody and his brother is off on commatdo of angled nerve. 1
P ume (Scot.) and become official head of all or jou back from commando--tald busle- Tlde it a memory of a mouat and a lake "M e t.:
It Compass point 8 Inducers 26 Wan 40 Getting up maritime activities of the 80. men, young Is ei Il and a day al4da night, sqd& Wr Memory tbN
1 He is from Worthless bit 27 Maple genus 42 Creak viet's world labor federation, the Kenya police Reserve or a pOWtalt a meIt c1t horror such as is a=. ..
Wetclif 0 23opanon 28Mountain pool4d3 Wooden plugs Mea n'while, Pat Walsh or a special commando. Everybo'bUS WXs aasthe Ma Mau anlbule tsenah, e
England 11 Ardor 29 Level 44 Lath charges that Bridges In in con- beard, totes a big pistul and wens a 8 n gu recipe escapes me. You simply cannot 0,2t10 kfiI
21 Abstract beingl2 Weights of 30 African river 45 Half (prefix) atant communication with the slung over the shoulder all.
22 Era India 31 Story 47Chpreh part veteran Cbommunit who now Is *n. ,-
23 Green 20 Lyric poem 33 Dens 48 Girl's name Moscow's specialist on mari-
vegetable 22 Nosh's boat 36 Moving 4 Thin time operations in the Ame.- W
28 Violent stream area 37 Container 52 Girl's, ellw' nme is. And. r Cr e b-.o_ ..r:olA
32 Daefiency 25i Wonkw with 3 Symbol fo, nickname sepapowerfulFrenchco--: a".
3Yuts o penhand tllurium 57 Deciliter (b.) "ade now operate, n out of Vi-.. .
8 Be relaey to~ .w, located the World Federation
25 Dnke ade i I rof Trade Unions in their ownBrADWAY SNGTIE r1tersNag of LiY.t.
26sCale I Frtect it and keep its sharp eyes andoGeorg e lsnene et beeItai, hasd
-7Pron room .n. on all its operAtons aross U th n liCeati touc the Gloria Do Vre ij r aeri I

drn A.i American-South American .. .-Rita Hayworth apelibta g AC -
(waterronts. Also Hawan. erew sand staff of the Gree as Ne -I
48Fomer This long line includes many or with her All-Girl magk.. TiW Sas: Famed llnstrator
usa rulers of our vital operations. There tars at La Vie t mrrow w- as Montgom (now blind) "'the
. 48 Full*lenlth are our defenses in Alaska. On- ohoir-singer Norma Eatrom ea Dah .. Ing of portrait: Anie
v4stul-le,1th ly last January Bridns had his Joni James (unknown 6 meiths a mot bea a in the world"... Tab-
* l restment 'fishermen's division In confer.- ,unrph at .. be th bert (c. wanto w m
oei. _ence there. Congas on her Oscar Award fem the y m the way bus at 3hi
S. an wsiis" food There is the obvious Hawal- 0th Street cop. way you o s total eg.
54 Sheltered aid Ian strategic area where as Sallies In Our Alley They were discussing a Rvol is 'Ied .(which Iry
S... far back ashF a 14 1-! comenttor's sdn divoce fro r ry h ) .

"MIA shifted to Truman's departure for Htwbt Ln.. mhr -rs 0 ea. ,
S e w born b A e i t i what," quipped a meane, "is That Lemon gon- Ill i
-a. r o *t a do among all thOge PinplU?'

LINEd ;t *jwa acam ps on na es h (i.e ewa ara S-. a*a ..a a*'** *' ,
S SWE DISHTRAATLANTIK h i-1a- tI ehtIde) pthe swrbbed hi ....0 a dg o ,
( thei- t m ... n h..av.....him. "Les 0.B ,
Accepting passengers for LOS ANGELES con e a0mlda d re with tat ,'
d. a.,n _onr e o l. .ods theres,_ u ata p t

lofw hundffred mlniwelSw. g oive r M a nI a the
By Big Diih. sea..el, "a at
ByOnly a few days ao, Pred-li ...h
dent lboisnhower was Inform- the Infomed4a en C ooat
.I "BOOGAMLLA padoriRudolf choonfeld,, our ,"P,- poo' geloshpight

APPLY: er than Bridefri eu COM{ Senate Comittee "In
C. B. Fenton&*Co.,a1. 1C. 1.Fenton9&CedInc.pheMd tw dcs rsutOf .., .ncI. b Ma art uae-uae

CRSTOSA IL BALBOA which finally cApte laborl to be are at
S TEL.: CRI ORAL 1781 TEL.: BAL OA 1065 there. How much ame need ber Thqir multple- .

& -aid?. rm for KayW...... S... ..A

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^ f aij-';.... i *" '* -' **^ *-*i: -*.** -,y --'*'L */ '*-, -
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R.ed cBensons New Plan

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bM al Shop of b ommissa-
y Division atMom ope.
The award. Ws hDde for an
utomat daen apd measur-
M dee for tid designed
and develop b aler which
Is now In ue Canal com-
missares, where largestt vol-
ume of salad oil s old.
It las stated that the use of
the new 4lpNr l resulted in
annual sa f about $2,500

elimination of wt
The new met daispensin
lad o Involva the use of a
anpump'to mp taI oil from
he drnt i t d hipped
Into a i G rt overhead.
The dverhed "n 'M a panel
devieq w aut m l ca 1 y
measures a pint, fm q9 a gal-
lon and. a quart. T M msa
ry employee depred a foot
print to raise the customer's
container to the measurag cy-
linder where- otl is diWpensed
dirbetly mito te caatalo-r.
Formerly, the salad oil drums
wero tipped onto wooden cradles
and a faucet was screened Into a
drum opening. from which .the
oil was poured intq a measuring
oup ancrot there, into cuOttn-
era' containers. ,
AlVgaer was f employed In
acabial o .rgm loa Ii n 3
and hab worked in CWomnil-
Isapy.Dlition 1M0; Hejt -

Street slas. in the Park Manor.
pdentlaal district here warn
motorists: "Drive Slowly-park
Manor Hasn't a Child to 8pare."



cleaned in an

No more tkireso rubbing
Time sevnw rust mre
moving DP.KCLEN metal
polish is a bleisig to busy

e. available

Foe! J.ajjnaoa,

Do'ei *5t~y^

dad~ l p~~~et JibeMW
Pa dosw-moil.
i~gMeW baircolpri bD
IJ- mdlst ROBS ttW

i._k -l

l% .' ... ~

-US Challenges Russia

To Put Up Or Shut Up
, UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Mar. **There they should be given a
28 (UP) The United States fair chance to tell the truth to
challenged the Communists yes- an impartial U.N. commission.
terday to permit an impartial "I ask that they be brought to
commission in a neutral country an area in some country which
to question American servicemen is neither a participant in the
who "'confessed" the use of germ U.N. Command in Korea nor
warfare in Korea. whose government has supported
* U.B. delegate Ernest A. Gross or.approved the action of the ag-
made the "put. dp or shut up" gressors in Korea.
He proposed in the United Na- "There they would remain un-
tions Political Committee that der the responsibility and custo-
the General Assembly set up a dy of the commission and would
Commission of five countries to be interned until the conclusion
conduct an Impartial inquiry in- of hostilities in order to preclude
to the Communist propaganda fear of later reprisals by their
charges that American forces Communist captors.
fighting for the U.N. in Korea "After an adequate period of
ve used germ weapons. rest and recuperation, they
G* ross assailed the Communist would be informed of the propa-
arepagan4lats' upe of "confes- ganda use which has been made
%Ions" from American forces and of their alleged 'confessions' and
made his new proposal. asked by the commission to very-
"We challenge the Communist fv or deny the facts contained
authorities concerned to permit therein.
all U.S. military personnel, whose
so-called confessions have been "It is for the Soviet delegate
published, to be brought to a to accept this offer. in the name
neutral area," he said. of truth."
But Valerian A. Zorin, sitting
for the Soviet Union, served no-
ROA Chapterdr twice that the proposal was reject-
ROA Chapter e I advance.
Ol fi Zorin delayed the start of the
ElectS LfTICerS germ warfare debate by demand-
The Atlantic chapter. Reserve ing that Communist China and
Officers Association of the Unit- North Korea be invited to par-
ed States, elected new officers ticipate in it.
for the coming year Thursday in When the committee voted a-
the ballroom of the Hotel Wash- against such an invitation, 40 to
Ington. 15 with 6 abstentions (most of
The newly elected officers are: the Arab and Asian countries
president, Major Oavaldo A. Gon- voting with the Soviet bloc) he
talez; vice-president, Capt. Ru- told the committee that this
s C. O'Neal; secretary-trekaur- "shu the door" on the possibility
er, Capt. Thomas W. Drohan. of any investigation.

--- a -

Panamusica's Most Tremendous

See for Yourself These Unbelevable


Price I

Friday and Salurday Only March 27
78 RPM Records, English .0.............. .... 6.95
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45 RPM Records, Spanish ................. 1.00
Pfanstiehl Fine Phooo Needles ................ 1.50
PlmtieM Fri e Phono Needles ............... 1.00
Reerd Carryinl Cases, Leatherette .......... 6.50
EMERSON RADIO, Model 653 ..............28.80
Record Brushes, 45 RPM ........... .....;a... 1.00
12" 4uerage Albums, Assorted colors .......... 1.50
LP Album r- "L'Enfance da Christ," Berio s... 13.00
.- "Mass ln- Minor," Bas ......17.85

ain Sale!

and 28
Sale Price


ALL 78 RPM Albums... 21% Discount.
ALL RP and 45 RPM Albums, including Complete Operas.. 10% Discont.
AS USUAL Used Records, New Large Asaertmint...$1.0S a Diea,
or 10c. each.

No. 127 Central Ave., just around the corner from

".r St.




? *..
4-. A'.~1m~7 "~L





Bomn of the
hospitahty of
the dite old
Maryland homes
gar Anmpois,
Jirk's Severn pttem
i acclaimed for
its modern grace.
Oan euzchsively.

lMU tt, u (> ,.
^W^ ^


1 p


st"rt the day the _py wy *
Ok isesll's trfveadCKm

| boom


lpm -





- iwr

. --.



1A ." '~lI -. "~,.'-'*. ~ A.yd~ ~

NLA Staff Correspondent
hind the Screen: It may be "poor
Burt'" to the rest of Hollywood, I Paul Gregory finally said no to
but not to Burt Lancaster. I MGM's proposition that he road-
Ishow their $3,000,000 production
Tics sayingg that hlie's proud tolof "Julius Caesar" along the
be coming in .erond. third or lines of "Don Juan in Hell" and
fourth best to Shirley Booth in "John Brown's Body." The fact
'Come Back, Little Sheba" and that Gregory was called in at all
that the avalanche of awards is an indication of Hollywood's
that Shirley's received for her confusion about ways and means
performance hasn't given him of selling pictures these days.
anything but happy moments.,
It's more serious than anybody'
"I did the picture without ex- thinks between Dan Dailey and,
pecting anything for myself," he' Gwen O'Connor, who are a
told me on the set of "South Sea steady duo these nights.
Paradise." "I felt from the be- ---.
ginning that she'd walk off with Mitzi Green is blushing about
the acting honors. The play was .' printed report in a West Los
about her, not me. The fact that Angeles newspaper that "she
I could bring some sort of plus was so certain that she would
valve was gratifying enough. marry Howard Hughes that she
Anyhow. I've received m ore bought the wedding gown and
compliments on my performance trousseau." ,\
than anything I've done. I'm ---
terribly flattered by the praise,. Here's how things have chang-
even though Shirley overshadow-' ed in Hollywood. Peter Lawford
ed me." i turned down the lead opposite!
Paulette Goddard in a new 3-DW
Gne Tiernpv and Aly Khan swashbuckler. "Charge of the!
are heatibzl up England with!Lancers." But he jumped at the'
their intei national woo. Aly flies' chance to make his TV debut in'
to London every weekend, picks "The Son-in-Law" for Screen
upo Gene at the studio where she I Gems.
is 'starring in "The Day's Mis- ----
chief," and both disappear until S i j
it'i time for Gene to work again. COUT eWS
roublele in paradise note:
Native gals in Samoa failed to, ..Voan
measure up to specifications ICamp E Volcan
w en fhev were hired to lat To Open July 13
roles in "Return to Paradise, Camp El Volcan, summer camp
and Director Mark Robson had of the Canal Zone Council, Boy
^tnMO Hniwoqj for 100 wigs Scouts of America, will open on
""?. ...f..... .i ly1tiswyer, it ws an-
SO hair fall. and 24 set of fals-nouncedly 13, thisoday y R, it wasell M.
Jones, council camping and ac-
rhe wigs Brnd hair falls were tivities chairman.
returned to Hollywood but the
native dolls talked Robson into' The camp work party has just
letting them keep thc falsic returned from making a coin-
plete check-up on 'the canip,
GOLF FIEND FIND which 1A )QOw in first class con-
dition, Jones said. Members oft
Ben Blue is H'ollvwood's latest the work party- this year were,
golf fiend but he isn't planning Robert .R. Arnold, of Gatun;
a comedy golf routine for TV. William N; Taylor, of Balboa;
"Golf bits aren't funny any and Thomas W. Fels,.of Gatun.
Ignore he claims. "They've been
overdone." Reservations for camp are be-
.- ing accepted at the Boy Scout
Ida Lunino and Howard Duff office in Balboa now. Initial
ar, thev l-aven't been alerted by registration fee for camp ls $5.
tt" stork bure "..... Brd Abbott A camp bank has been establib-
a p. Lou Coqtelo are plotting a ed at the scout office where
3-D conredv about structural camp fees can be paid on the In-
stdel workers, with steel heams stallment plan. Reservations
corning ri"ht out ot the audience must be .made not later than .16
anm red-hot ingots landing In June. All fees must be paid not
your lan.... Mary Martin has a- later'tlan' July'.*' '.
grr"d to make her operatic de- ....... *... ... .
but Pt C"Coe'r't Grr' :ln in Lon-!, Camp El Volcan is located on
doll in "lIa c-"'c." the' oit.kfrts' o6f the' village of El
Ieto.,in- the Provinee of Chirl-
'1 *" ,": "';,'o 'h"l-it lheqlui at .the.foot of El Baru vol-
t -,orth .P cano.
.4 ... jin !r";: aa"c l] for ..... ,
"Alizs S8'dic Thompson." He said: AdyvppeV'iigit, possibilities, at
a Camp El Volcan are almost un-
*Rita's a wonderful doll. I was limited. Jones- 'said and every
afkiid it was going to be the campqr loud; advance at least
Hayworth kind of thing. One rank while at camp..
Hayworth this and Miss --
H-. '- -rth that. 'But everybody Cubs Honor Mrs, Cowart
cr.Pi her Rita. And she's very Cu-b Scout Dens 2 and 5'of Ft1
har---. So far, it's been nothing Davis entertained at their meet-
bu4 fun." ling place to honor their former
i Den Mother, Mrs. Robert Cowart
Voh Cummings and his "My and her son, Robert, Jr., who are
Hero" "'V sponsor are discussing l moving to Fort Clayton, on April
a feature mo-'ie to b' filmed In 1.
Spain this summer. The idea is A gift was presented Mrs Cow-
lod the sponsor to help bankroll art by Den .'
the ricture. The boys who participated in
the party were Wayne Hardaker,
George Sanders' inability to Michael Williams, Dickie Payne,
finish "May Wine" will cost In- Danny Parsons, Randy Shine,
grind Bergman and Roberto Ros- Dana Harling, Ricky Versaggi,
selini a small fortune. Zsa Zsa's Arthur Burke.
O*,rge is inches away from a The Den Mothers who assisted
erac':-un and hi, ctoAditioft has were Mrs. Jack Hardaker, Mrs.
al4rmci their friends. Melvin Paine and Wayne Cecil.
-T --- -' ^
4U f1 WELKIN Planeteer Lone


'I I A h Fill'



Great White Fleet



S.S. "MATAURA" ................................Marsh
*S.S, "YAQUE" ................................. March 31
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI ................................April 5
*S.S. "MUSA" ...................................April 7

* Mandln Refrlueraled. ChUllel d Genal CuM.



S.S. "L. H. CARL" ............................1.,mrh 30
S.S. "LIMON" .................................. Waroe 0
A STEAMER...................................Apr, 7
S.S. "MARNA" .................................Api U

Frquent freghdt uali U ip Crbtlebl to
Wat Coast Cmtral jAsietn ports.

Passenger Salings to New Orlea ns aislng at
via Puerto Barrio, Guatemala .1: alal.

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................ A ril g
S.S. "CHIRIQUI..........................4......... A...Apr

Weky sauils on Twelve-P ,,aer Ships to sNw Y,,k. NOew OM ,.
MWAOT, Loe Angdl oan Frumu'e ei. Ut$ttA.


The Pacific Stiam Navigatio (ompa

SRoyal dMail Lines 'Ud.




.S. "TALCA" ... ............................... Apl 9th
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ...........................April 12th

M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO'(1,SM0 Tons) ....May 1mth
S.S. "FLAMENCO" .......................... April a th
S.S. "DRINA" .............................AprUil
M.V. "PAMPAS" ..... .................,......April th
.8. '"LOCH GARTRH" ...........................MaMh-th U -
M.V. "BeRBICE" .............................Apl th
M.V. "DONG3ED .....................c... M

AU fSalfig sabject to Cangm Witht MSl"e.
WORD C .UM. PANAMA--AW. P* T2l l 7 ..1
O CO. IBALBOA-T*Ln. mld. Tel. .sI-M

E~w~yb~y ree. da~?



L '
,. : *

-, *,'""'

II -


mm, .m .. .. i

F 4.1t's-

CA *. -

.*.-. : .. .r-4i., ;
. ....' "" .............. ':

2 .d*'24~
.*. ".

Li r,

Big Bay

CHRAr...auy rT ON TMUT

J. !

1 4


'. l'.,j-i9,'\ ,,





___ __ ________ _~~___

. I

y,",, -;






: r

/..' -*.,

". I *7
S '* ,. .. ": ." .

~ -'~`i

,, ,- t
V Z._ r j5. I '(' .'

* ,. -,.1 +, .,

''. ~U~ ~

~trou t~unhir



'vi) Rtledge fun
-OOLb no solution to a marriage prob- wi be held. The piestwI you
em t ,t tZ en Of tiesecrate two hosts atter the Mass.
As SA L Po W marriage. And ,5fl are so The altars will be stripped, the
a t1an i a........ d o5 often the losers in divorce. Blessed Sacramelt removed and
.. But there has to be a first ed H tb ad
...***.. ti*e for everythnM And if all in procession and thea planed in
m-thiw o .an si s true thaen 1,a ally prepared s' re tory.
AI ., t would mo thatIn gettws l ig There, ommemor our
SmlAdivOem hWbldn'tbe b id.'. L4dwS agony in Vej arden, the
a =6r up a husband. For she ge erviostwta t
.as "mn'tr got a hus band, Jius dt a *0dratron of 4 a th

tI Sheo decideshe would a a will be a holyChur
aVgAL- beh- aet Ibtter off alone. than keen roby Father Fr an s
n ~lto to ;sel,;.C34
.. ................ ..&. _.g. s-thrtsh thi t,

.b.s latheH- of her three chit- palh preode Holy Co
M idrqn tmade to support his nlo: teorrow at the -Bapi.t Tra L UnL.
family tht she can stay e of StulChurchit
Om athome and take r of e was announced t CHOOI A BRIDE
Sch ldren insta d of having to Holy mucharist and sermon

omen. So sh should be l'NIN FOR JESUS" April 1
toget enough Rumomy olvn e
on even if It doeIt S-4ave him IA C.Z .
9:30 am.--Blble School (Class for aI ages).

""$i "0:45 a ..-"WHAr THE KINO HAS TO OALLR."

@waft l *M, O

BPftelairfKli LU. *_ L- 006119


..A B L .N,.-

X -.' -.L......
640-...- .o o t he,
-" RUM!

... .- Sunday, Holy Week Services
f "t. PO WW l be followed by theTrty Methodist Church. 0
R.. ely t andaef d" e activities of the Church. n, wt be conduct at
." r, m, ad w esr, e a.m by A. J. Palache and at 7:g
i Week observed '=I 8 tarting on Monday Holy Com- p.m. by the Rev. Norman Pratt.
h;M s fBP frw be tt o nd a A J alen d at '1 6
.....ftl Uwh p Peter's church, La 30o, ia th rmunion will be administered at At Ebeneser Church, Ralnb
Her husband has %ad one af- communion services at 7 a.m. 8 a.m. and Stations of the Cross City, the 8 o'clock morning serve*
tair after another, eMch time ande d at 7 01M., M ty. at 7 p.m. daily until Wednesday. ee will be conducted by lf,'l'
ding to the jr involved Tuesday, Wednesday and Satur- rCommunion will be given to sick Pratt and the evenhg service a,
th get we not me day. members of the church between 5:15 by Mrs. Eloise Small.
nt --~, n. 7 and 9 anm. on Wednesday. On J. C. Arall will conduct the
ThereIn a Irl ~new that Commemoratin the institu- Holy Thursday the communion p.m. service at Cativa.
-Andt is he is try to n on of the Lorda Super, Holy abrlice will begin at 7 a.m.
n thouAgsrtoee h n ntto Couenin will l asi O d:in- The regular three-hour Pas- Holy Week services wl be cpn
S found out that he wi tered nightoservice will be held on Good ducted at Trinity each n t
sby the Rev JA S. MeDut at night Siday 7:30 until Good 7rday
Sh I chi l e told 7 pin. Archde on John E. service commences at 12 noon.
ib gtarl therll F- be Anp Townsend will address the con- Ordination, Baptismal
L! umi m other one." He n to do gregatlon. At DA hureh Tor Pre.Easter Program
there asB.Go...o.. d Fry Ordination and baptismaln Pe Prga
Is pl re Scheduled f a Good rldA services will be held at the Unit- At Santa Cruz Club
CA" 46n a ut aboaAnte-Commuflm at 7 a.m. ed abbath Day Adveh tisat e
I so and Passion service from noon to Church in Guachapall tomorrow The young people of the Pef"
Yet once in the pt when3 p.m. at 7:30 pm. tecotal Church of God of Ch
ma lae rA &. she started dfvoro Uns Choral Communion for Palm Elder Herman A. Johnston, Easter program at the ani ,,
I V4 LP.m & S dayLu he br oke don and Sunday begins at 6 a.m, but on vice-president of the USDA Con- Cruz Gymnasium of Gambo i *
Sa talked erintos g Easter the service will start 5:30 ference 'Who is visiting the slath- Tuesday. beginning at 7:20 p.m.
b,.-- "e" -' ack .Sh 1 nt to ewwhat a.m. a8crificial lenten cards mup, will officiate. The program is sponsored b
9 brought toy dO 'o. hasshould be turned in the end of the pastor. L. Catherwood, ta.
... ...... m brokenevery pr n' ia made the season and Easter envelopes Palm Sanday Services directed by E. I. Osborne, prd."
m A a'.d Says fl tha t hatA will next Sunday. at Trinity Methodist Charek dent of the Young PeoplU'
xel NOW" .... .e wo.r m. for ... f Palm Sunday Services at the Group of Chorrillo.
..... i... blessingg Of Palm
..u.m DIVOCE1 I 8ILDOM At St. There's At 7 am.
a ,.....NBlessing of palms at St. There-
yr say's church, La Boos, will be held ake
1 1 3ewer In all the years at the regular 7 Lm.Sunday
N.;. mj Zbe unn baeho 00-et






1 '',,"



k ~
r ~i~a

-. .

PAGE SiX .1 ... ..

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P A. Classifieds!

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Paaau,,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No 4 Tvoli Ave.-Phone 32-231. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-6441

SI&M de Belezr Americana
No. 55 Weat 12th Street

Carlton Dru Store
10.069 UMelidam Ave.-PIbfM M Oo1

Propaganda, S,A.
Agecia Intermacional de PubHcacion ,,- atrt eet orner atudlat ftE
No 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 3-310 Phones 2-314 and 1-5MN

Miaea 1for 12 word.
Jc as additiwl wo.rd

II -

S LHousehold Automobile yu h e a Phip. Oceansid.o PROFESSIONAL
wr... ." W olo ol Asaymom. 0 Clam. Box 435, Balboa. qalone
FOR SALE -- Complete d,nngroom'FOR SALE:.-19 Buick Special 4- 2t01 A C. Z. Panama 3-1877, Cril obl 3-1673:
set Frigioare 7 cu. it. Rodio doer Sdedan. por-- ..tdritin. o-
ca Fgnsle 1194 RCA V ictor.d de Sdnale., eat coveng, S ood DR WENDEHAKE-Medicol Clinic. Williams' Santa Cloa Beech co by ag t mort-
Chesoe antque4 RA Vek 2 children's tires. t rCentral Aveg K Steet corner. toges. 2 bedrooms refrilarotlon.
beCh Telephonte d3-25e1. Panama. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S A. Telephone 2-3479. Panand. ackos r anger. Balboa 2.3050. S T
b. e e 3-71. n o ,a- I l _St. Central Ave. Clwe. Tel. 800 JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TODAINRLIF ME mi
FOR SALE --8 pc i on-ASHo s rs. --s ored by HotelI Peami-April FQSTER S Cottage. One mile beyond
ngr om Set. 2 strand Rat oden l.own PAERMSASH uasedCas,&semosl 3-4-5. Last trip af the *see, rains Santa Clara. Completely furnished.a
etave. Call Pano ma 3-2144 or R t Auto-Row 29, Tel. 2-4721, Pan- due nd of AprilI. I Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stovae. md Si g.
tove. Coll Panama 3-214-4 or tR-, Auro-Row 329f, Tl. 2-471. Pan- full days of interest, fun! Leave Bring your linen. Phone Dagmar's
crao Ar.os St. No... 40. I a... "_ .- Fridoy April 3rd., 7.30 a.m. Return 2-0170., M hI
FOR SALE.-- Completely automatic Beutiful 1951 Cheerlet 2-d*r Se- lote Sunday, April 5th. Fishing romlich Santo Cara ah t e M, R ee~ t
w .,ng mochmnt. Frigidaoie 60, den, Styli"n De Luse, hardly used. through the Pearl Islands, visiting e na Eli ctrih M baoei, a Emnboeed Ifr M
ccles, Excellent condition. 5195 very good condition, radio, seat ,th the prmirive Chaco Indians, aes, mderlte rot TelephMone l ty aRi id .
C, Telephone. Balboa 4188. covers end 5 ged time. spearing crocodiles, cruising up Sam- 6-441 Gomboa 4-57 Pearo Mi-
E .p.........m. SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. bu river aboard El PanamA' Pescodo- GEO. F. NOVEY, INC.
FOR SALE- Deepfreeze 'Home 16th St. Cenral Ave. Celn, Tel. 800 ra. Bring old clothes, comfortable h
0urunc. 7- 3.164 FOR SALE -1949 Plymouth s nd DON'T FOR Y FOR RENT 2
1-n -- 1 Coupe, light blue, radio.und.e...r- CAMERA. 3 Glorious Days. For reser-
o coatinghwinbr and summer air- vottons phone Jungle Jim. HOTEL EL
ositon Oferer dn PANAMA. PanomA, 3-1 660 or see O_ _
cnPositron Ofsered edt t, e, 5co!overs, one In-)or 'Agn.
SWANTE.-E r----e beau/o-pe- er i perfect condion. .200 >our Travel Agent. FOR RENT: Two beach cotlages. TIM ltls i S. A.
rWANTEDor -Epr inced beau, o Tel. 2-2990 House 533-B. Mind .REPAIR-Refinished bamboo furni- Santa Clara. for Easter, or month- h- i ,
aorr Gon C4. BMr. 1 Sr Ancon after 4 00 p. m. ture. Front of Balboa Garden ly. Tel. Balboa 2756. Schilling. SIPP Ving, rtora .
Hart-PFoit IBARGAIN. 1949 Buick Super 4-doer' Jimmy." FOR RENT:-Furnisbed chalet inLa o k MnOrate or move
-- Sedn, with dynaflow. radi., seat SPECIAL EXCURSIONS! Cresta, well arranged. Telephone, inythlr. Th6n. 2-2461,
PERSONALS *cor *ex**ee *nt* *spee -sy pay- FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO Panama 2-1456. 2.25 Panni.
means. Forl sale o One way $85, round trip 135 115 FOR RENT:--Cholet in MiroflorIs.
New Teenag e dance ClossI SMOOT y HUNNICUTTS. A. day-mti, 16900, good one Two bedrooms. House brand ne.vw
S now Mondy March 30 at 16th St. Central Ave. Col, Tel. 800 to LOS ANGELES, onway, $149.15. nd nicely furnished. Call nama
rBalboa 'D Y. $200C OrJFOR-SL-E- ..__hrysler W round trig, $252.35. 90g day-limit). and nicely furnished. Call Panama
S 5 p m Bboo Y $0 r O SALE -Chryslr Wndsor, 1950 Panaa r Sevie Aven 2-2415 from 7 p. m. to 9 p. m.
__________antt&Dn. Household -EXChang
3 -c-rs coe. HoNe excell&entR conditiomn,56 low mlenge.' Neciemel -lAuteomebile RAw). Tel. FOR RENT:-Two bed room con- U B 'D
ra 563. Pnm. 2-1655. crele cholet, Tranalshmian high- AND
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevroet 4 e el ---e R SALE way, electricity, rUnning water, 4 USED FRiR TURE
-l ., -,.N.-.--o B- ,, I A-1 ,,dltao .now 63. Pnyti em-5r.F -R5S Lmiles from tCoo, Tciou Around. U AE SU R AR
c orn Piano lnrtruct-on. Beg..inets A-I cend$o now Call eirFt. GomiclW 88-44.e
,3.dco'r..onced 'students Popular Bargein, $1,100 00.Tel. Panama Call Ft. Gulick 88-44o.lon s4acAiouisg nRdw
E .]d al^ ^orPce] e^nd ulrdIuu M,.eeellurneou FOR RENT B g,,
C .ssical Bennett s PPOno StudioM 2 -4944. __ __.. ... .O w Btuar. S m.L
Tel 2-12i;2 PRACTICALLY NEW. 1952 luiek THRILLS! Attend the Ist annual m- F RENT
M ed couples Latin AmernicanI Super Riviere, v"ry lw mileege6, orcycle races in the National ar e
- coe class now rming Star, two tone grey ead blue with dyne- Stadium in Panama. Saturday. MODRN
ur. own group not les. lhar ,, flew, radio. seat evers. Per sole. t Mar. 8. 8 p. m. Sponsored by the FOR RENT:--Completely furnished 3 L .
S coulas. Tues. March 31 at 7 30 SMOOT y HUNNICUTT, S. A. Canal Zone Motorcycle Clubs and bedroom apartment in best real, -.- "HERES"
p. m Balboa "Y. 3 16th St. Central Ave. Cel. Tel. 00 "Philip Morr.s" cigarettes. dential section, Bella Vista. Call lt-r
course for S25.00 per couple. Hor- FOR SALE -1952 Ford Tudor m -. Ironbear. nd "Sod Trop or nam. L .
S & Din _I____ lne Six Alpine Blue. 7.000 miles. cal" home delivery for Canal Zone, FOR RENT-Unfurnished apartment.
S....- A T *V,Irl upholstery $1.520. 0940, Army & Navy. employes, please 2 bed-rooms, government inspect-
SWANTED Arrac.or rood. Balboa 2-Z872. call Panama 3-0996 for service. ed. Carrqsquilla 64.2 Son Francis-
* Miscellaneos* FOR SALE -Leaving Isthmus, 1949 FOR SALE:-Doberman Pinicher Pup- co. Tel. 3-4418.
.. ..i..e..1 D.c.odge in rery good condition. Can pies, Steer, 123 Via Porras, Tele- FOR RENT:--Attention G. I. modem W -1
S WANTED TO BUY Smooth i.res. be seen No 2000 Via Espona phone Panama 3-0314. Come and apartment, hot and cold water,
sui::'e for reor.nstructon or .ll tfnal, opposite Juan Franco, after see them furnished, new. Totel. 3-494), Pap-
exc;-arge tor recc.n'tructed t.res 5 00 p m. FOR SALE -AKC registered cocker antia.
uorc-'t.A.d Re-.-.-.tructora No- GI O TRANSPORATION. 1941 Spaniel, male puppy. girl's moho- FOR RENT*--For acrtev Fuwltsh- .i1 A
conal 5. ,'. Nc 7 Peru Avenue Buick 2-doer Sedan, goed ruining gony dresser and bench 15 gallon ed 3 bedroom and 2-bath o prt "
"t-. 2-'_ .~- I d'tien. Easy-peyment.. For sale aquarium, Curundu, 2181-B ment in Befli Vista. rom now to ,
WANTED'-Sewing machine. prefer- at FOR SALE.-' La Belle" automatic May Ist. 100, Also u.ekelpi .-
ably portable. Phone Noay Pacific SMOOT y HUNNICUTT .3 A. 2" x 2" Slide projector, fully au- apartment for couple, $80.00. At
347T7. 16th St. Cetrl Ave. Celoen.Tel. 800 aom, x RSeotep Control holds r u- Telephone Panama 3-0943,
AFOR SALE, 1949 Chevr4let con- 75 Ready Mounts, or 50 gloss FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartment. De "
WANTED vertible. excellent condition, duty slide "movie action" hutter to No. 12. 6th Avenue, Coco de --
paid. Priced for fast sale 950 dol- eliminate "wipe" effect during Mar $35.00. Telephone Ponama
AIOmobiles lors Telephone Albrook 83 2179 change, like new, with case and 3-4398.
-----WNTED roud 194--. Frd from 0700 1530 hours, extra 5" lens for large audience. ,
CAR WANTED around 1941. Ford 80.00 Gtor D. Ro. House '
p-e.erred Coupe or convertible 1950 Chevrelet 2-deer Seden, eel- 1719,0 Crs.00. G obal C. HoTel. dur- R RENT .
P.,e 2-641i lent condition. 5 good tires. For ing week 3-1317. FOR REN
-- -- l Room.s
If Up Your Hearts SMOOT 0 y HUNNICUTT, S. A. FOR SALE--Movie camera Kodak.ed room, kitch-
Lif Up YourI He rs 16th St. Central Ave. Celeon. Tel. 800 16 mm f 1 9 ctd Perfect cond.- FOR RENT:-Furnished room, kitch- A
.hon. ,with case. $90.00. Phone 3. en privilege. No. 34, 45th stmrt. n lI UrO A l l. 1
FOR SALE-1950 Chevrolet 4.door 0357. -en45 a ______n_._r__.____, _y a.LM
(A I.enten feature of The Pan- Sedan De Luxe. Call Cristobal 3- WANTED. Experiened butcher FOR RENT:-Furnished room G. I. *I. s.
tma Americsan. prepared by | .. ___ mu~r kno stateside CuT, i good inspected, kitchen privilege. No. K SI
the Rey. M. A. ;Cookson. Ei FOR SALE -Ptiac conerble. preInaon mld character 21. Fourth of July Avenue Apt. 30, Ho.: N I
copal Church of Our Saviour. Rortiocconve ,e. an. mild character, must .
ew, ('rlutobal.f W. S tirgs. all accessories Tel 2- speok Spanish & English 8043. Opposite Roosevelt Hotel. "' '":'I ,. 1 f,
3230. can be seen Fire Statiop, 9th St Melendez Ave. Tel I 99 FOR RENT-Large furnished room .
TRAVELING ALL THE WAY Diablo _____ FOR SALE -Crib. radio urhAler. A conveniences. No. 45," F ..
"Greater love hath no man 1949 Chevrolet 4-deor Seden,.styline ed. Ivingroom set, cheap. 2i 4th of July Avenue. upstairs. .
than this, that a man lav down Do Luse. heutiful running ca- ef July Ave Apt. 3, opp, .e FOR RENT--Furnished roa.. G
his life for his friends." Read edition. very go*d tires. eey-pe- Roosevelt Hotel. inspected to couple 1-2 blee
St. John 15:5-27. ments. Fr, sale at FOR SALE: Complete household from 4th of July, opposite Bialboa
SSMOOT y HUNNICUTT. S.A. furnurnure. 1948 Eight Crnde Garden. Telephone 2-5527.
-- ir v and HolWeek We mov16th St. Central Ave. Col. Tel. 300 Ford Phone Balboa 2107.
r a nd Holy Wee. We move,- FO-- FOR SALE
lrresi31tial with Him n our OP SALE -1947 Tudor 6 Cylinder FOR SALE -Motorola Rado Phoneo
m'nds as He faces Jerusalm ande Ford. rodo. $650 00. orgnai combination. 60 cycles onlI House Real Estate '
coes on up to Calvary. We musrt o House 0581-B Ancon. 2- ---256-B. Gatunr Rear luE stee
'hriat would fll oUr lives with. 179, anytime. Red wood slat FOR SALE Unusual Oppotunity. SiLtNG.-Fovorable trm, imAeng a, V aee
.. Chrt would fill our lives with screen, for duplex. Complete set office Doctophone dt dlvry former Arenge r@&1
His peace and ov m t Eastertide. .ce f l.C dnce Parqu Leflve r, fixtures and ..
Yes He faced Jerusalem tfor 1950 Mercury 2-deor Seden, hardly equipment rn current ue. Thre furnishings. Telephon 3-508.
us. He could have easily avoided used. very low mileage, with set adr tng, one trascribnrg and one 3o
it. or could hav escapedthe cer. 5 good tiest cylinder shaver machine with FOR SALE:-2 lots situated in O
consequences. But He wanted to SMOOT y HJJNNICUTT. S. A. or sansand twen our new Corrasquilla, close to school ha, se to :
make the test-He was read'. 16th St. Central Ave. Cel. Tel. 800 cylinders. New olue oer $2,000 1500 meters, $3.00 M2. Inquire
For what? "Greater love hath no,' O-, __ S- --d 00. E$38000 Cash Or terms THE Tel. 2-1945 Apt. 414, Panama. 0
man ..etc." He was willing to'FOR SALE -Chevrotet Sedan 2 Dr TEXAS CO. PANAMA, INC F ___droom, don: to 14 1.
ane to 1949. new tires, radio, $1 .00.00. ------ FOR ALE-ottge. bedroomm 2:dining
tO wheCross. too belen In-even to rd S n 2 Dr 195, rdio, as NCOMPANY room, parlor, 2 miles out of uO.l1y A0..i
ro where loveitook IIm h Ford Sedao2n Dr 1951, radio, as dining
the Cross. still believingin u-I new.$1.15000.OF.FERS STRUCTURES FOR SALE Chorera. situated on 10 hectare s uMos y ir-s-
an life. tudebaker Commander 4 Dr 1947. aled bds. for opening in public land. Inquire Tel. 2-1945 Apt.
good condition, 5750 00 will be received untrl 10 30 A. M 414Panrama.P;
S MiDd you He knew human goSad d ;nd On b700 n April 14, 1953. in the office of Su-
::1 952gS.r clut paid, brand now.
,Jife. seared, scarred, full of sores. 151.250 00 perintentdent of Storehouses, Balbo,
and yet He continued to believe192 Chevrolet Sedan rfouquarters buildings, cor.i,.ngA
lnitinue to beT Woe Intuou man 1949 Pon.aoc Convertible, duty paid one lot, located in Gatun, and six
lifeInspiteoft experie nce.inumn radio1S 0 .quarters buildings, consisting of one
life in spite of HtA experience, in r, P mouth Sedan lot of ononone lot- of two and one
store for hm He knew asnd vet1949 Buick Super Dinoflow Conver- lot of three buildings located -
n lvoe h...e r.. ... Thatnd Itible white s/w tires. radio, $ ,- Diablo Heights. Form of proposal
** ris love held true. That I alUf ed .' with full partulars may be secured
S Create Love He wan'tomsune 1950 Bu ck Super Dnaflow Conver- in the offices of Superintendent of
on to human feelin s--thostle, rad.o. whre w tres,- dur torehouses, and Housing Manager
wounds hurt e, pad( $1I450 00 at Cristobal and Bolboo Heghts. w
:. enemies plotters te. pre t paid. 1.45000. n dBal boaHeights.
-nh an a ya loeli-948 Buick.Supe 4' Dr. S. AV E YO1UR MONEY, buyi-ng- am-ost
"uffern gand.a.y9 .. 1948 Packard Sedan 4 Dr. duty paid, new tires of all sizes, just ree

how far they s n oe 9 9.'t FoU 2 Dr.. Cduty pd, "a
ve breaks down. hd a howni .9... ..... Convertible. radio., 750. FOR SALE: Pedigreed Dachund
them the lengths to whi41h love[ 00.. u pups. CaN 8.1916, Pam,
and friendship go. I 1942 Oldsmobile 4 Dr. Hydrametic, FOR ALE.--"r,.MostMr-
Ph, saial pain Isat whet al- duty paid, good condition, $250.- recorder., mJc tw
ways hurts the ni,. Te s.. r itu tap. splicing^n
mar h sen itlvet ua sPean e Be- r buying a car visit us "t tis e.As b
.er the shadow of the Cros ourlweeki Spec al Summer Prices, r1- eidrill. strqfe f*ir
pretty diluted. warmed over n,,cr Avaii Dle r 2

foot of the Cress to*o. t9g bed 2 g
the gleatness of Ian. .. 4 adhp eedi ti rl

2.LEARNS WORD FAW. I- ,gh I C.16 Awe.
*4 HARTFORD, Corn, (IP) --a -e m .t
- ..l i R ,-- 1951 Fest f le

ic Doas origRAe vnq
i charges of bob
elea Neh eeki
pola, of marr told the
Wed In court wttB
qt9. who told the

: YToWurk' (art e h
*,1 ofete tm d

_ ,S-o-.-w mrrn.W( eiet.
.: !t..Aair .ot do in t ol Ur o

:0 atA .(VA) d

s:3o--x'Lf Tuek o(.th, Vai,

10:30-.8 _RhOT o all, U*.k .
(co -I : -
11:00-The Owl's Meet
1:00 amB,- Oft.

AI. .

re' i WB

While the
tu-aed at th
.ratins. it fmW

"M "-

*Wt e

10:1 0-y r
1 ;'wits --" y" ^
11:0W---Tig n ^tr t C)


gi-SS~a -

I .n wie l
- <* it

A ,-. GM. a

gneerd.. U
9een buit

UWtia Traoo

-,i,,, vs-.'^. r, *,**;* -?r
*ibf *tea~~ai1r ia


mrate in Mow
tw ot

n catU MsX



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. .. ... a i 0 IPl 1 19% .,

ila ON a Ila aipg

... ,.../ .... [. *-HJ.. ., .- ..*k.\..:..
.-,-,, ^ .,. ... ',.. ?.. ..,'-f.i-% .
-*.' ,. .

r= .f7 1 A,

--. o -.-" B y Ib ra it h

o*e. A 1| a a n 'D --

of l M: ti d. f t -eyv ge
"-9e5, other .en M s, Of t '-o and
_e.ffigs i T weoM

B Mun l .a.ttS H inol wae* Po patenuato
A~.,-tit e. a Ji.

l amy E. 0. 1 .

1.uiom ,z S r au rn.r ft j L I

Imrad ;g you've ggt u th a mania for sending things bac


Sas a complete reversal of By
ayA.wid M. S. "OLGA MAadW. x

S3.Rrrp r, A' (l Sailig Ar 5th.

bSiMs Kyfe 'wrluestions put to illmn at,(A rooms with private or connecting bath)
lerrsh Rat HAPPY ^ f r s ue5 a t senalon of the louse
* i ifr CiW lS b ed-cr weei ad, b fle.d Waoo. and Means o c ommitte AP L Y:
S...'. ....v, you'd be aM h -- oani, ,. ,, ,

Z un. before, refused to y whaat r he
SA l n questions re. They d SA ING, TElMINEL- D-DG
*ti f tba Coco Mrs. Katheriie *. m nth S bu ai ne l- *
tte oneHd-wne .o y rd al tei b lot other at. W r icrt s4sal n ,: 171 T .: BAL* OA 1065 A
i m ^r a^B i whe c o yle and l b er 0on= Wot6 a)
Ci i last,: eve- -werd adopted om a Oare bcommittck Iber said,o

&foi- from toeow ,.It the N l r l* e h A-therw toilnwoe publi et e w
'S~teI-a a bUMfeat eommiselonieaOl elub a Ingsasee. aot

s ladwg ar ReCo licanSStroles had figured ln. .. .191 .-.
nt thee fyiat a ued
600.00W.aru*waldn 1whhad

oreti= the f Uo s o- :

"" s aw or- u MSI R 0, Ia. a LGA MA ERSK" -E. lehelM t but aat eorc Wcaie w- 3-1 PRi

.enarolse the ot. tencw.Namisd ti un dge yl.u
of Bim uiato. l,.f 'ta- 0 der eto ta sasid he old g f. I STODAY!

i :OeneftM m w usosu tolthe Aothbe hilarious adventure with those laughable,
.T' J. fldlors ae n led Mcy bse e h' of By
atL. "olufedheini n ,rewlt ho .) o a ovble dogf ....
?ni, ,-.,.,,M "OLG A.,.- ^.-B.

4o had .Ia Thwy'le got a "YEN" to be GEISHA GIRlS!d
4o0out- i,0 -o B Himorh, WaloamtRa theat l-

0-*|l Mrs.--- la h aorn t- Welli t in uBS oAl m ynarUallgnprii 5ti.i
r. oraat emplitete ooot a t

y ~hwrA., N. (UPo-A 7i-
mN, ln3ow st- 4requestioslde r. T(rwe hI gr am Itch
the Ameri .san r Katherine ,h esued

""u'rp mg he'l-ea" rii". W; I
.P otw and Interest chN r entra ndO M eighmttt urde

m child keba ted a sdhb au rthe dval.t

floow e byne of hes
.Atm iftbJoc ra. ,ssons s dhe she liked y.C t-
cordIn a w aW. I .- t-or o-es

olwo O* d~ wur S Wks J. opens aht 5O1. Mm. ot a.

-a lat,& -.. Smack aer but a friendlnmteti mt e


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*-- I. t


A ;d. t *
*:- O 4

... j. :I .Im.I. .-

F.-: ,1, d

o .j:*,ie..;,;, A..

- 1. I

fe At Emory,
irnest, Real
TLAMTA, Ga. (UP) Not all
age boys like pinup pictures.
ne don't even look at them.
hIs startling situation was
ught home to the Emory
eel, weekly student news-
er at mpory University,
On it conducted a readership
ne of its features, a campus
uty series, brought 15 replIes
"never look at em."

UA 4 N_ 801r.T.

Y eSW AC Y broi
Written fer EA Service Whi

wVA1 1 0
At-4813 0
AK 10 bea
7 of '

4,5 J4 KJA
4 *A>4 s

NwMth.South vuL
Wat Nutl U 1-* 1-"11
32 36 P 46
Pass 419 PAI W 40
Pan Pan Double Pa
Pan Pas$
SOpening lead--4 K ....

Don't sniff too hard at the bid- *
ling of today's hand. Nobody
knows how to bid a freak two-
aiter with absolute assurane,
and when thi problem I conm-
plicated by an opponent' Shut-
out bid, you need luok as well as
good management to land on
your feet.
North certainly had to show
both of his strong major suits.,
and West'A high opening bid
made It necesary or north to
show his two suits at a very high
evel. As it tulued out, South was
rery wise to insist on playing the
hand at clubs.
He knew that his long club
suit would be worth five or slx
ricks at a club contract, blht
night well b completely worth-i
Sat any botr contract
ast certaiz*y cannot be bla.m-
1. for doubling five clubs. With
.,e ce and king of. trumps, ust
mould be quite sure that declare
not gong to make any over-
t ksi East hoped to win a a
trick or that hia partner itet
eowe up with some alight -i-
feMive value.
South was in a pretty chancy
contract, but he played the hand
boldly and deserved his good re-
sult. He won the first trick with
the ace of diamonds, ruffed a
diamond with dummy's only
trump, and cashed the ace of
hearts in order to discard his
last diamond.
Having thus disposed of the
diamond threat, deolarer ruated
a heart to get Into his own
band, and led a low trump, l-
Sto Bastsi king. Eat retum l
a. ow heart with every appear-
ane of innocence, but South- wa
not deacved.
The trump situation wasU t
ety clear from the fact mat
Isthad beenm forced to win the
low trump with the kng of club.
Sputh therefore onruffed the heIrt
return with his queen of trumps,
ihutttin West out.
It was now easy to return an-
other low trump, dropping the
lack and the ace on the same
trick. After drawing trumps, It
was safe for declarer to enter
dummy with the seace of spades In
oder to discard his remaining
pade on dummy's op heart.
* ZT VT |
Dr. E. J. Willis, has treated
J animals for 57 years with-
W. a bite, kink or scratch. His
elft* occupational Injury came
when a horse fell on his foot dia-
tSating his ankle.


It's Showtime Tonight!

IABLO HfIGHTS 6:15 8:00
MtII OA 1 bavid WAYNI
Toauall UmWl-A


VacUum Casnu, Flee

Crawford Agencies
Nea I r" IMto
TI s s-Im II Ia.




& L L A VISTA shows: 1:3, 4:o, 6:e, pu.


Starring. -
P=1l Maria aFy
-6--- 9I-
The LUX Theatre will exhibit

Helen amyes Van efrlin
Robert Walker Dean
Jagger, In
Shows: 1:15, 3:X4,:09S, 8:5

The wme human and iammU*t
tory of our times... I
s TRuCeoIARi

Afr Caiaemai
David Niven Margaret
Leighton, in
"Bennie Prince Charlie"
In Technicolor I
Canada Lee' in

At 8:00 p,m.


4:35 6:40 -

Gary Coope, In
James Caey, la

Chapters 10 and 11

with Lex Barker

Cana/ eaters -

Lgmft YOUNG e Kunt SMITH


BEING SHOWN AGAIN by special arrangements
with METRO GOLDWYN MAYER: The first to
O***** eO .e*e*-------I0

Tim smu truly c s alive i fuN juusaM




' a^---feS^alt ^^dihg^ m Aui^^^lubA.
* HiBiinmipdb^ a~IA mmdW^B ^-sii^
* A. Ii*biRQAA sof *ihk^J ^eudumeI^. ^*Mur

G GATUN 7.0\
Uk LwmIO ab~t TAH |

,* ,..-%..44,/, .4
.,"_-.,ttl` ..7 %
pr^-y^:^" IN.^
^.1 ^*I "'*IFF' ''* *"

-~ ~

__ __ _


1- .II

I IL ---

." .* ....,


V',.., ~

SYoun _arns Sho

Young Earns Shot

.; .. .* *: :^S .^^W^,^,A""^.'
"' AR A ..A, ,.,. .

At uswi sw
'fit" ; .' "; r ,i( *' 1. / .i '

\ .',* &" -


UPaddly Decisions Durando Motorbik4 Dare B

In Bloody Garden Battle .

S NEW YORK. March 28 (UP).-Paddy Young took a five-round o n.ot Vi.
beating last night and then came on to win a unanimous 12- *
Sound deelsion over slugger Ernie Durando and earn a crack at
the U. S. middleweight title. -
Yoang of New York registered his third victory in five fights
with Durando of Bayonne, N. J., before 9,188 In Madison Square Fourtee gon racing motorcy clists
Ga.Blood-smeared Paddy scaled 160 pounds to Durando's 1571 tonight in Panama's National
;as he beat the slugger in their official middleweight elimination Stadium, in the Isthmus biggest-
bout. The victory entitles him to a fight with Carl (Bobo) Olson ever speedway meeting.
for the American title in May. Favorite Eddie Armistead will
Young stunned Durando in the sixth with a right to the jaw, be riding a BSA 500 cc which
-Just as Ernie had stunned him in the second and fourth. That placed third in the National
*sixth-round right, combined with a left jabbing and left-hooking Motorcycle Championship at
:attack slowed up Durando so that he did not win another round Daytona Bepch a year or so
Ion the United Press score sheet until the 12th. back.
t Meanwhile. Paddy gashed Ernie so deeply beneath and above Gerry Fox will be riding a
the right eye that he required eight stitches. Harley-Davidson of the same
The nationally televised and broadcast fight drew a gate of type which won the 1953 Day-
S$35,386. And the bout was so close that the three ring officials ton Race this month. It will
aSgreed on only four rounds. However, all three favored Young. the first time such as machine
as has raced in Panama.
This week. Time Magazine,
L covering the Daytona Beach t .p -..e ..... t.. "-..
A l t 00 nv event, gives this Idea of big-time TH'i y3-WOlWj! i thb at0 tis X ".rd War off
Atlantic Pon motorcycle racing: tonal S Wdium oval in I th mu' t r o t a
"On a griddle-flat stretch of Ray Magan (),Bob Cona ly'(10) and (T), sbr with
Florida coast just south of Day- op favorites for the big h rsa at the Nsa p way mdetIa s
tona Beach one day last week, tonight. Ift all. 14 riders have entered fr th
r L ethe air was split by the thunder .
A A of 111 motorcycles revving up 500 cc: Bob Baker, B A 600 cc; Armistead, M an _nxConeely. cy Clhibs asI
PACIFIC LITTL LEAGUE at once. "Creeper" Kern, Harley-David- But pWe-meet t"g speedWay ,a--
Surmor ,u A H AL blt.A uS "A white flag waved, and four son 1350 c Gerry Fox, Harley- vortles have a way of co-m g a
TEAM- Won Lost lay-Off Series ranks of cyclists In crash hel- Davidson 760 cc; Leon Sharpen- unatuck. eent velty
TEAM- Won Lostl mets and goggles blasted off a- steen, Indian 440 cc; Bob McCabt- sc1eduled to-i
Wea .. .... ..... w Won Lost long the rock-hard sand. Ahead tan, Triumph 500 cc; Domingo Engine reliability and racing
...... .4 Hinds, Norton 500 cc. luck can do all sorti, of unkind AZwP tollgb
,ar ... 1 1 lay 48 laps of speed work on a 4 p--
Lincoln Uile ........ All-Stars 1 1 4.-mile course and a chance prte c-eo6ftorm T R. y f
juemeft.....Z. 6 at the National Motorcycle Pre-meeting favorites to ta 'buarter-Njl, I
V I14 1 In another exciting game Championship. the 15-lap final event and the The meec Is being jointly records an
oe ........ Buick evenedthe series at one "Some 1000 paying customers 5-lap trp dash are White sp onrelr .
. -TSd U game each when they took the ranged along the course were .
* TUolSDA' h RESULT measure of the All-Stars by a spon getting their money's
Lincoln. ite 8, Elks 2 score of 5 to 3. This game likeworth. Roaring up the beach
the one of the night before had straightaway on the first lap, e r ft O W er 0 8s S
The Lincoln Liters alter being everything, nltting, pitching and the pack hit close to 115 m.p.h.,
aeld icorelessmDoy ianny Des- fielding. Kaiser Bazan was in slowed to 60 for the first turn.
Londes tor the Urst niee m- rare form and let the All-Stars "Sornme cyclists failed to hit
$lngR came up wioh live hitl and down with one hit. In fact one their brakes hard enough, ap- I-
Sour runs in the I ourthrto to C ball was hit out on the infield. reaching the curves, and skid-. IG s St a c
aS 4 to I lead an h tnen aaaer Wayne Wall came in to relieve ded agsint the railings. As they
,ur more runs in the sixth to with one out in the seventh and jockeyed back into the path of -
@efeart tae plk s 8 to 2. retired the last two men, one of their onrushing rivals, officials
"erky" P er nd hethem on a great play by Nicky frantically waved red warning b Freland
onoe on lahe monn and held Dine retland HoSe Exp ^chsd 'Ame
re tElks to four hits while strik- Lamis to end the game. flags, and the crowd squealed. B ob Ftlr- e
"The III riders thus risking
Qaiter. DesLonfl ave up12 Perem, All-Star short stop their necks were the cream of
,Itits as the Llers punched mner made two brilliant stops, and the American Motorcycle Asso-
se the Lifeis ouc R HPn G eorge doubled Lams at home ciation' 2,000 clubs and 100,000 B ra zos
.ind wthreInins.on a great throw from center members.
oand walked live. field, Smith hr Pro al over the U.S. theJ Perest Pwe a wh i
, The win for the 1i1 ers gave eb 0 t rom allover the U.S.they ;1a'hK. n h
:em a tie for secod place and and blocking e a for the came n le an leth knn OU-3 0 0 ea i .
,tft both thefElks and ethe LiI-nout,n aaa result oflthe collisions oung men, none of them pro-wed few ..w Po.;#
s with a mathematical chance he had to coMe out of the Same, eastional riders, most of them
to tie Sears for the second up to that liehe had pitched temporary escapees from work- Ctrhiduh
tie ears o r t. e secon very well. Thebig blow of the aday jobs mechanics, farmers Robert P-fretIsad pl a yIaus grle aCom
&WeepIn gip e ame was a long drive to left or motorcycle dealers. with laisn sxMan d 3
Wnh leld by Georie Kirkland for a "In such raees as the 200-mile LPree. *,t0 at
Ibap tbter of the game with home run with one man on base National, rides rely on them- br Aie | -* oe L
I winning selves for ofillas rough thigg of o itK S VI' ^. i reor
hits in four trips and Cor- which proved to be the winning selves for otily n rouh thi of record e -e Se an
McGrf helped the Lifers' runs. their success, eunt for the rest e h eight bites sa
use alo with a double and a on their cycl and their luck. e. 9*, the )e 11-
Sin two trips. Charlie ALL-TA "Some of this year's hotshots toUf the*out SAIne l ln _tw .
mcuoeh with Wd for two and were out of the running early. strekel sad q4 millI back with k the.e
Iobby Adau. and John Lewis ARB R The No. I favorite, wispy Bobby a strct of 3I A IC rw.ea. t.
pitn a singlemh in three trips Newhard, 2b 3 0 0 Hill of Columbus, Ohio, winner Here's the-sMoeendlh A .M. g '.:
,were the onl, Elks to get to Gibson, if 2 0 0 of five top races last year, went Out 483 3%S 344-43 E2% "'
2-arer tot basehits. Pere, as 3 0 0 outonLap10with a dead mag- In 1 2 4315433-3 0tfn oaid
Tne box score: Mtos, 3 0 0 neto. The prele seeerd w also elas of" he
1coln Lie- LASB H PO A George Cf 2 1 0 "Five laps later the defending held by FP etlsd when he shoet e we1 lr hW aUd e i .. .
W. kngelke, ct .. 4 2 3 0 0 Robinette, lb 1 1 1 champion 23-year-old Dick a s66 laft Ma.. The adateOw V i,, at. ...
Pa er. .. 1 1 1 1 4 polumbeo 3b 2 0 0 Klamfoth of Groveportl Ohio, record still stalia at 6. "s4 Is A_.r 1i to "1111 trm .
McGriff, as .. 3 1 2 3 3 Perkins, rf 2 1 0 plowed into another cycle. He shared by Jb391ny leMaesipl .liI b .-I, r m
. nelke b .3 4 0 0 1 1 Rankin, rf 0 0 0 was hurtled into the trackside Anibal Galindo and Capt. It4. Ifeie i s kilft OI
io Dubois. c.. .. 4 1 2 3 1. Bird 1 0 0 brush and walked away with no. Koepke. Oe h"I yal se0'
Sander. I. .. 3 1 1 1 0 E. Smith, 2 0 thin worse than bruises, but his Nbto*.
.Lat lb.... 4 1 1 8 0 Coffey, p 0 0 0 nglish-made Norton was
%ntser, rf.. .. 3 0 0 0 0 wrb_ ed.
well, 2b. .. 4 1 2 1 0 Totals 2 3 3 I "Some of the wise money was
-- -bet on cyclists using the hardy
........ 30 8 1218 9 Nortons and other Brttish makes uIlI
BUICE KTriumphs, BBAsi; Nortons have
Els 1I14- AB R HPO A won in four of the last six Na-
cott, 3b...... 3 0 0 2 0 AB R H tionals. Butno machine was bet-
A, r. r.... 3 0 1 1 0 Saso, 2b 1 0 0 ter than Its rider or hisbreaks.
ey .. .. 3 0 0 8 2 Croft, c 4 0 1 "There were three deaths. a, Qeto:
.lb.. .. .. 30 1 20 Lamis, lb 4 1 2 cracked skull, one broken leg. Question: Who was. raeM
_, ecf.. .... 3 0 0 2 1 Taber, rf 3 0 0 rThe race's v'orst accident came up to tan Mulal in I- O ,'I
,Londes, p. .. 2 1 0 0 1 Wall, as, p 3 1 2 when a spectator stepped out campionshi e for 1-5
n s. I 2 0 2 1 01D. Bruz hp e,. 3 1 0 unwarily into the path of Clif-
Peison 1f ..I 2 0 0 1 0 D. Smicfn, S, s 3 2 2 ford Farwell; both the spectator al League? -Ae i-the
lumach, 2b. 1 1 0 0 Kirkland. If 3 1 3 and arwel were killed. Answer: FkanklseU S
T--ta-- 22 2 4 18 5 Hannigan, 3b 3 0 0 "Just before the halfway mark, Q. Dld Vfine
T ta ........22 2 4 1 28-year-old Paul Goldsmith, a oldest of theDMao
Score By Innings Totals 27 5 10 gas-statalon owner from Royal laying broteeever hNI-
.w 1414Life 00 1 100-2 4 5All-tars 010 020 0 place, pulled up at the pits to CrowelL.
: Pitcher0--24P 5 A-arsrk0e02r--uick r qdel'. In just .2 seconds he took
'innn Pitcher Pa r k e r Buick 030 002 x-5 10 on four gallons of gas two quarts was his highest mark in
(4-1J. Loaing Pitcher-DesLon- of oil,&.cup of black coffee, and lors.
des. Struckout by-Parker 2. Summary: Home runs, Kirk- speof on ag ain. coffee, and Which pre ent
DsLondes 8. Bases on Balls off land. Two base hits: D. Smith. ,On his medium-ased (350 the practice of
-arker 1. DeaLondes 5. Hit by Struck out by, Bazan 7, Wall 1. lbs.)i new Ameridan model, a the first ball of th sea=' ."
Pitch-Parker by DeaLondes. Base on balli'off, Bazan 5, Smith Harley-Da'vdson KRTT, which Wahlnnton? Rogero t n,
7*0 Base Hit-McGriff. Three 2 Coaffy, 1. Winning pitcher, hdsuch standard equipment A .
Hit-Parker. Umpires- Bazan. Losing pitcher: Coffey. four-gear transmissid a nd smen A.
and Hope. Scorer-En- Umpires: Hughea-Hall-Conovrar re andnsome 0 Iad wher- Eugh agf-
foot shift, a hand clutch), Gold- fy's .438 batting, average
smith finally lapped moat of the 1894 was the highest ever a1
field, big leagues, but someone
"Opening up, he showed the me three other players _. .
home for the thinned-out ped the mark
(only 39 of the 111 fished) Can you clear this. up? -4oe ..l '
,: MOCEin the record average time of Wilhelm.
94.42 m.p.n. Orimy but grinning, A. Duffy's 4218 i. the
Goldsmith accepted his lirst high for one se5 e -. The

Ro much for the Daytona .....
event. .
oval at she National Stadh I .."'.
no more comparable to the:
SDG toa four ie track. than_ 'Rd i"""
!SNATURDO2NALHT AT-8Turnpike- broadsldi. dlrt R.d
track riders at the 8tadP e shave edaroom

the Stadium track tonight. ,.

1 +_' t .V

U,.- ,,., 4,


J.a. Ate.

n. 1 *

- .,



'N AA.




GlbL. 1,



iders awi include all uUs
Spo o d by est ablished stars of the T
C. Z. MOTORCYCLE CLUBS 5.pondw rsanto 01.
S It will be the belpst m .
on the lathmus.
PHILIP MORRIS Cigarettes .mat, riders andr ....
The y cigarette prtov dwuhtely ildIer, Ad am
"de tl l irritaling. m; .y Ms an, S Armi ste a
--cm y in Asr nas
t ,., 4A "P.p Pr t..s

- 4,



oo" b


,. -b iJ:Wl.+ I
k,1 .'




;L 0..

r '.^. a. ,

l .-. o ii i

f-3' 14 "" "

Xihgitbe, liUBd ht ui ,gs t Plumpate to tho, rngl a h I tossed ver the
t erek eat lCk of Briet Cull in a nasty Spill durngathe Cwowbbrough Hurdle
oe-. .. Race at Plumptoo, Englmnd. (NEA

^^^ ^^a ^. f.."A c in Annual Police Pistol Matches
SA Mot of th crk pito sho Aleader Jr., 8a muel Roe, Jr
of have t. HerIert L. HomerA, Loe

,. o Hgd1 the oa l om wir~htlow ,le p .

46.J%,Rod ; in
,"r' r m xt R e in albo, o- De 7, Cse t. u i b A. Tuo-
.Yo.| -eled on t on vCoe og thesp erat ael tmbhr hemer orthe
,.-* X'SSA 'S'0^ ^ ,5"a. Along The Fairways
nTtE SLLU O LATDOW 5 f to thr yeAtr. The winaere. -ee
lay stru k ow e- #pirl Fd l Amad eJa eteh

..une nIp sest ORt bithll u a."
hv. *e P ratale sad tem o
Moot.TO fethe.Mraek !0sat Md tr mder ra

mo W teataeso B for r 1A 5t'.
r" at thePo ft od l ow b etrt e

"" -' ;'M f wton T Ca- o t e or are A or ad ok
Sl n t In the o itd b lneras

4 i ooka s !.Do l e i, e1 to b
..,ll y eap b- ii, oor d-t; m0 P
N* o ao, n t e l., cIe n Ir, 'anl H
Skaters car- ne Ih oWr- Cawe. s~
fer S ft an4 L thee tmaml
.. En.A = oh. cas .arrer
a aMr. t. GF o -pk
won a. wa ..
To" Wart, Mal*Agad:tam 0100,
r2ET nOltra
be.S In. doIs, Wo, A


AxnPtta d e
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is aly sOe of e emew
s ej. fi so Me a
,fiflifl i la mff/s/fi




7 .14 COitOl... A" 34% MAIE ImiiMY



witI 2 pm. pu b


A'.'. I. ~ ..
~1. :*~
a. *. .


Samuel Friedman, Inc.

Oppo te Ancon Post Office



" ,t "

rIph Kiner To First lB

law hqye con-
uchoOX. the tu wene


'Bmioe Naionale pour le Commerce et I' Indutrie
16 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris (9e) France
Tolal Resoure-Franes 315,000,000,000 in various foreign ourrencie
its system embracing four continents maintains over 1,200 branohe,
agencies and associations in France, The French Union, the Near
East, Afries, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Uruguay,
Mexico and the Far East.
Cale "r" No. 20 Telephbm 2.071I
Telegraphic address "PATCO" P.O. Box No. 1774


*1 ~




. .4*


.'I!..L A' A

A5. CrlA



Tobacco Men Fr k C l

Oppose Move Takes

To Cut Tax an = .

WASHINGTON, March 28 UP "Let the people know she truth and the coswtry i saf1" -" Abraha Lincoln. or
- A proposal to lower the excise. I '
taxes on "economy-brand" cigar- TWENTY-EIGHID YEAR. PANAMA, R. P., SA afroakB. 0 .
it t e s w a s c r i t i c i z e d t o d a y b y -" '-MA R H 3 6_3.6
spokesmen for Kentucky s
Virginia tobacco farmers appear-b th o t oe Wy n B le N oi "r-

Henry ut Jr. hmBohlen Nomination Cnfirmed
Va.. president of the young exe- re ov d w
M M ^^A f tAper Torrid Senate Fight'
"be damaging to the tobacco in- AI
dustry and all of its compon- .. ft
ents." WASHINGTON, March 28 (UP) apartment security chief Scott hitory.. .He w-a marke4'wi,.lt Soviet PreiJpe Stalia than l
"Should the so-called econ- -Charles E. Bohlen was con- McLeod, although Secretary of Altaa)" any f Aeran, but hu
omv brands become a potent firmed as ambassador to Russia State John Foster Dulles gave Other leaders in 'the tlt a- never en o Qeorgti Malbe S t of fti. i
factor in the tobacco market," yesterday after a torrid fight him full approval Rainst Bohlen we e leenko c
e said "It is a foregone con- ending in a resounding Elsen- Packed galleries witnessed the Bridges (R-N.H.). t BOIh.n' onfirmation Or e -
elusion that all manufacturers hower victory over a small bloc closing hours of the week-long Hickenloopet (R-Ia.) and Sen. exactly one mon th after'bh was M ha
would inescapably follow suit of Republicans led by Sen. Jo- debate. Pat McCarran (D-NeV.) nominated to be the govern- that..,, S Mi%
and produce cheap cigarettes. seph R. McCarthy. Several Republicans said they Bohlen has been wrkin enf' "eyes and ear dha
"The Imnact of such a develop- The roll call vote was 74 to 13 voted for Bohlen as a vote of etly at hit State Depge .k cow. t s
ment would unavoidably disrunt with an overwhelming coalition confidence in the new GOP ad- during the bitter Se2a P Hehu pledaa himself to car- t
and destroy the present economic of Republicans and Democrats ministration, that saw the Elenbho. 1- ry out the of the OOP Mee al-ss tt
dullibrum. I t would, to say the banding together to defeat the Sen. Dwight Griswold (R-Neb.) istratlon openly oppoi Car- adilnatra and to quit if he r. S
ea rte havoc within the Wisconsin Republican and his said he did not think his party thy for the fra time I en- disagees.
distributive trades." followers, could gain by "rattling the old hower gave his strongest sup.p t B en has defended the a- A wi "
The 48-year-old Bohlen, one bones of the Truman-Acheson yet for the career diplomat agreements reached at Yalta, at
A spokesman, for the Ken- of the nation's foremost ex- administration." Thursday. which he wa a Rusalan-lan-
tuekv Farm Bureau Federation, perts on Russia, was approved A last bitter blast was fired by Bohlen, who already uhas u interpreter for the late
H. proctor of St. Matthews, despite bitter opposition from Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R-Ill.I. spent.five year in Russia and Pres ent R eMonvlt.
Ky.. iod "we are strongly op. McCarthy and a few other who attacked Sen. Homer Fer- rone on three special missions He said It was .assian per .
p. mto the federal govern. senators who charge he was guson (R-Mich.), for voting for to immcow, I expected to Mave Trsions tho ag,
m t. through graduated rates linked with the dT. astrous" Bohlen on grounds his Moscow for Mo ~sow son. not the aa i Mhes ele
or otherwise, subsidizing the Yalta agreement. job would not be a policy-making He already has been accepted that eau=se oet 0 .-
ers of low quality pro- Democratic Sens. Edwin C. position. by the Kremlin, and the admin- peop a i
ueers o low qu yp Johnson (Colo.) and Pat McCar- Dirksen said he was "amazed" istration la anxious to hae him Before the. TH.
ran (Nev.) joined McCarthy and at such an argument, and de- on the job at once to keep close AlexAnder Amith I-].) alear
"We are convinced that a gra- 10 other Republicans in voting a- cleared Bohlen jl4ias been associa- watch on developments under ed up a ispLte ovta whether
duated excise tax on cigarettes against Bohlen. ted with one of the greatest dl- the new Soviet regime. former -Amba Ma th Gib- boPP)
would be detrimental to tobacco Thirty-four Republicans, 39 sisters in American diplomatic He had seen more of the late son had endon's nom- P
growers, particularly those who Democrats and indepe n d e n ttion
produce premium oualitv cigar- Wayne Morse of Oregon support- / Olibon was. I ember of a reil
ette typetobacco." he said. ed the nomination. You H av a rthree-member 6 of senior
The ~ acco spokesmen were Other GOP senators opposing U Havediplomats utnDned to ad, mdr Jr tte S
attacking bills sponsored by him were John W. Bricker (0.. Tvise on diplomatic pointmentms host ,
Sens. Richard M. Simuson (R- Styles Bridges (N.H.) Everett M. Dulles told the 'Fat el sn 't hil'
Pa.) and Hale Boggs (D-La.) to Dirksen (Ill.), Henry C. Dwor-s A Relations odlttlis March i
trim the excise tax on "economy shak (Ida.), Barry Goldwater t h"S A UlliOn y n pr te bon lad lasamloutsW ai p
brand" cigarettes to slightly less (Ariz.), Bourke B. Hickenloope proved, Bobwd @ adiftt-
than six cents a pack. (Ia.), George W. Malone (Nev.1, o -ved, by sea.aSa
The present tax is eight cents Karl E. Mundt (8.D.), Andrew F. "ldde
pack on all types of cigarettes. Schoeppel (Kan.) and Herman The following weather condi- Heights, 98 d 94 60 degree a frome snS e th BI
Welker (Ida.) tionas are based on the records of Madden Dam and 94 and 72 de- "reconaS o lS the.p=i ....
.en. Senate Republican leader the past 40 years and may be agrees at Cristobal.lntent had ha
AI O U n- erianr Robert A. Taftand nearly the expected tdooccur in the Canal IUlMtIMTY: Relativehumidity a r h
HIous URnAII I entire GOP leadership went to Zone and- vicinity during April, will Increase during the last balf and d tA
bat f9r Bohlen, sapoerted by states Panama Canal chief hy- of the month. The average-tor prm-
Pro erDemocrats who alkM little drographr W. H. Esslinger the month is about 77 per cent
but cast their vote 10* Presi- at all stations.
dent Elisenhower- eiilee for eA T1R: There will be a .
the critical Moscow pst change toward rainy season con- CLOU S AND SUNSmI Qb-
Bohlen's confirmation virtual- ditions during the latter half of creasing cloudines as thq al
Mar ly was assured when Taft and the month with a general de- season approgahegl. Te wfll
Ua ANGELES, Calif., March Sen. John J. Spakman (D-Ala.) crease In wind movement, an in- an average or about vnOT
28 (UP) A House Un-Amer- examined the FBI report on him crease In humidity and conse- of sushin daily or 80 per t*
I Aetivities Subcommittee in- and gave him a clean bill on "soae- quent uncomfortable, m u g g y of the amount possible. A '
tgatiung Communist Infiltra- curity" grounds, weather.
tip here did not meet today but McCarthy and others had FOGS: Night and early mo rn.
planned to resume Monday. charged the diplomat failed to Moderate to heavy showers ing togs may expected acc-
The hearings, underway since win clearance from State De- may be expected during the last alonally over Or Cut
lat Monday, had been schedul- week of April. section of the nal and th NAIROD, eVL"
ed for one week only, but the The average rainfall for April tral section of -the Isthmus. (p h
Congressional investigators de- A ai Ris 2.72 inches at Balboa Heights, the Trans-Iathmla h odeZy anota W;
elded to lengthen them after Uj Mi E lKAnU 3.02 inches at Madden Dam and but none are likely to ocrcr at ly natli dse '
hilaing charges of widespread 4.14 inches at Cristobal. either of the.Canal entracU. emg ary
Red influence in the profesalons ies Eahi Most of the togs form aQund .1 wg g -_--
rhere. Lle R l The variations between wettest midnight and dissipate before h group's pst record of lav
e Fire S ets and driest on record is 7.76 Inch- 8:30 a.m. gry.
Yesterday two college teach- es to zero at Balboa Heights. 9.06 ,
ere told the subcommittee that i r *l JI inches to 0.01 inch at Madden WINDS: Northerly windof an In .ondon the War Offlee an- 0tal
a hard core of Communists in- Dam and 21.73 to 0.34 inches at average velocity of about d l iles nounoed 2.00 BritshtrooI p w ilm n b
fltrated and tried, to control a UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., March Cristobal. per hour will prevail on theAt- embaru for Kenyat nat week,uS
Los Angeles AFL teachers union 28 (UP) -The United States was lantic side. The Pacific side will but a spokesman eeled to
between 1937 and 1940. expected to put before the Gen- TEMPERATURE: April is nor- have northwest winds predpl"- w*& rthe oatntinat woumlde The b of other
Lerov T. Herndon. Jr. 46. a eral Assembly today a resolution mally our warmest month and eating with an average spetd bf replaments or rei emets lay 4 o their
Bnlnish instructor at Glendale upholding Secretary General the highest temperatures of the about 9 miles per hour. fBritish troops already in the
College. (Calif.) said yesterday Trygve Lie's right to fire Amer- year may be expected. c ony. a w
the Communists "were fairly suc- clan employes suspected of sub- The normal mean temperature Maximum velocities geatr
ceesful" in their atterppt to take version against their government. I, 82 degrees. Dally highest and than 35 miles per hour are not. 01ft native we e le M es-
over Los Angeles Teachers Union A mba as ador Henry Cabot lowest temperature will average likely to occur on either eoast. tSgyas ponl pressed th eir i-
local No. 430 of the American Lodge, Jr.,. was prepared to tell 90 and 74 degrees at Balboa ThA one generally Msevere.atam on M te 5. a t t t-
Federation of Teachers. an unusual Saturday session of Heights and 86 and 78 degrees at on record occurred April 3- 5to d5r7e the wm an a*
He said the ,r"-s did not try to the full Assembly that the Corn- Critobal. when a maximum wind v T r tl R" Mt g a
"head" the union but "pulled munist threat to the world re- The highest and lowest tern- of 37 miles per hour wag
Wires behind the scenes." quires extraordinary security peratures on record for April are ed. High winds, heavy ral -
. Herdon. who left the party In measures to meet it. 97 and 64 degrees at Balboa rough seas lasted for e nether 500 were believed in-
$W ,, Identified 17 Southern Cal- The U.S. resolution was due to -- v-n their N ater t wave If
W f teachers as Communists go before the Assembly with co- c theyet to hi Ket a. of
*o tried to control the union. soonsors likely to Include Britain,ce yet to h
Richard B. Lewis. 47, a visual France, the Netherlands. Sweden ty of the vci Te -
aNation professor at Ban .Tos6 and Denmark, among others. a o h victims were chil.
College also testified that The measure calls upon Lie .and- ta- I
was a Communist cell in and a committee of nine admin- of l au or
No. 430. istrative experts to study the for British overn-
controversial question of firing
e said the cell was a "highly subversives from the U.N. secre- ___-_______- e
efonomous" aroup who thought tariat and to report to the next _S_ _,S__3
were furthering progressive session of the General. Assembly m midel vitim '
educational principles, in the fall.
I .. ... ...U. .


. ."F

~V~AA$ W A

ltril Critical
The Chinee g5n0r.
'an ot t

sad i Mry.

I" 5uchuasC.. li.. Olag w, Scodlaa
JJ..r.auterf: AG(fcIAS W. U. DOEL, S.A.
N 14 OmNml Ave. Tel. 2-t2M
APL.," _

RWL-w | eam UmSawoU le IN% I
mdano addsb uemdtMi newts h'b
MkId dribbling a mbuMktbanl ou
GW In %Apr.

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4 ***


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" Atli. t'-'.
-," s^- ^ .. t;.
a= -Mif


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i, ..


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