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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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-Abraham Linola.

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..i..i.r .1um y Army To End

,\t..ab. a .' n
In All nnools .
Sh r WASHINGTON, March 25 (UP)

rA decision was hit announced
0 "M today thg an Ipquiry made at the
p, ,+ rm a, n as 'tr-
ort racesinl. lrmho mma '-s
SfW tonown oq n '. n rways to end aerelaUon
3 q e carh- over" to .puoa brief re uhoo opened by states on
; t mnw pufl M ary in of It. fcunupti n
tof Comms. ChvroU reached the peak.i Then il ias
'acted a quree. Her his W-famed -eloquence fo qth and member flied president sent a meao-
1leavs a void tI our Qu een Mary es Iw'out. to Secretary of Defense.
i9d in the Iife of te d the House o ChBhbill sat on, on the foat ;. wilson saymae that if
a void it will be hard pnops that an address of condb& Cinal o e 1on. S I) Ien is not ended n state-
Soee t"alMother D r.I propertyd "othe arran-
office said an an- r i" mr fttf... wl icoereo.
would be made 1 UddentialPrsa sereanr
ouoaion wal .C. Hnaerty said that one
o S answer to ending segre-
to T Eldest Son s Marriage r ,,
I" he rs, her aba tre funds or rige shoo s-
I m and 12suo .r1it5. .
day .in whh .IWtMDON. Marc 25 (UP) -- She-stayed in New York wh)n k. usehgr ito a ews
1 In hoer Que Mary daeiuirect u1ied the duke went to mhe bedside of eStteleep Theamay be .
oue to ara wbr he his mother two weeks.
d.dAn t f p. yas- eldPO i te Duke of WtBdsor" A cable f-o" e" ""nearp*ts Tn"
--tRhe B'itatd throne, ed ab dt in w sena by a mNe-
."In)theHie of otheHle o met at M ti .a gtMel r thathI


Tells Senators

Canal Will Make

Own Decisions
0 -
WASHINGTON, March 25 (UP) Governor Join
S. Seybold 'of the PInam6 Canal said today that the
manaI ment of the Canal Zone government end com-
pany appreciates the questions' from the Generl Atl-
counting Office (GAO), but will continue to make its own
The GAO several days ago criticized what it describe
ed as overlapping and waste in the operational set-up of
the Canal.
Seybold, testifying in the Senate Appropriations Coe
mittee today, stated firmly:
"Responsibility for sound management is ours. We
are held accountable for the results and we must be free
to make these decisions which we feel ore right in KIt
of Ull the facts and experience available to us."
H me soaid .h *e
S ,thtt he o, In tact was
aTAelme lt wth maw o
CovA .. er :01

.bol s-t
W ."eorese pre- t r pllen f
'-41 Bx, Sre. ra$26.% =50 toid he l muh O el o
4 17 Coel to hsg re teonferences the
later, she the r"'Bf^^gP ^ y!l..on, tehvant&Tlhe Meteon E inarticr NORh is Mcity. Ga sUns M AW=) hatditb new.m
a imid peo wver 4 r t i ad athl moo than 1p miles from Pana- .He reminded the commit .
i W a i t i ma City will pay a flat rate of that the organzratlon setu w
13ther m ere d-thattdwea a etere s ina redui, t
lde ,lgaS n o deep x touDeeoa az Dh a nin The tax oh gas pumps for of, t onsltin.3 from an sv0o.6
s o.- Qe lt, n e t thine.. r ijetorVrof t The r caose tin, system dlvi P s
oAndp mu a soI er0 i ghe Alsr_ nd be on a 1 to $145, am U to new a of he AO he said, Is
-g of~ family knelt In no Aormember of oe day haae Shade bar m The taxsed onvetail ga r stats
.fo Wrth ttate l oittn1 erow p nethe ctati based wiotn oaatiu vely overhausn. the "
b 0w. comsOto beo scale: t$ 4sbi Il. T wAt oe counting system w ivia
ren od hebSohtes dn .ta s and bc.. haedtenning. s the maximum rate. icewen problems we rase
;"f_ "-_ _________ Three Washed Off fr, Sbol sa, tha ,. .m e
i-,+__ ++ u ens Ev r senhower's pelley of reduelg
amikost ievlQeelnsr Ever lh posn ble, the Canai Zen. gr-e
i later she n ll: i-. The r-oya servants always @ second tUn particular. NORPCOLK, V., MarSah 25 (UP So, thorl a let as rle te u
Lt, olr w parpyte mnimm a te nhrited,"d anon"hadber ent
St eron l dat h and blood- Three men washed over- Also, he said a specialre
byraie to ge on with pro- gh n London b oard and two others were in- of the 1954he apopritsion e
lu,-I t~y did their oer he t. jured by heavy sea whie fIght- mate hs bden made and
mou r tin r --in.. ce a learned that a r- a remarkable woman, g a re aboard the USe des- request as a result, wl redee
oB- elde gir was In some deep trmu- .* take such blows in tfroyer esc o r t Cross off Cape .000 to 83350,'00to 2 I
Mary listened to ar r stride. But sher was Henry. Va., yesterday, the DPfh Po ir atons 3.3 or 1 .
s te 'iow osaidoth atin
? J.oir girl, poIn othe ', too. Naval Dstrict headquarters T bdgt s pa r a Sf
"t ri4laoldlyset aeh.o k uw h -a sh e today. Cna .on ,-whih baa IeI II, .
fer made mak In Those shed overboard were controver al Item In one
a e no matter where and pulled from the sea within "four ent vrs o has bee
Sthat she dnt he WI born. minutes," the Navy said. viewed, he sd and "drmti
lr-e.. sheThe fservse ln t aor a eV t.t In ma e ny 5curtoi led."
no, stf th,- e esiest id a eoden-etno as-eh Rubene Cintran The peogra" orig i nal y a .
ihS art e here byel r ead- |s a B o I 000t oo 0 e ls:ea Tn e ..eda d

Once lea that p ariare ar ka blewoma n, ng aiel ho a boarll Athe Fna ts- heo,~aldn to ldt

of lerM rInsoedepetake sucklotes and yer -o t o dThe sbld t arhas

gistened to h stide. But she!nda- Heandr.eVa.y e Fg n$13.et3 H0i Ton silo
SHave you seen a Palomino is tha oint "Triger" has
,noi waIei, ,thf e movies, pony ri about? home before and his
oe g sd f There's ar o p i t a r. feels he's not equipped toan
ont. 1ldt s aaio $ e tere, sh iedW s today. sCiakalZ onth th e oue wil dhe.e ben
for "er."o_' ave.1 adeIW se ar shIen 1Thi s fou ea-o veml o d we ren- l aid t th e l o Indomeny ,a 1

li stne. nom ater hes and- apea roed t sw a within ao foeet tral r, plhase alnlo
r t.ofen lnto rryeWive-oi.t starubreadyin S

Mp f shea th untedetoAt e em i. er wa at ot eh .etu Sm
soe.whhea.atwhth oneow orye olb- snonf Culd
oiQ.olde, said t5o. cs Bo Foret wtgth is e ayle tothen
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prine u an -T er1 uIp dafv rite bhe removed ax t &In rotfice heo'a.not he im mllo
tat III trom .,He y b Ml h= dropped a lheGo rdteehrthat thewoulfde wo l s

wentntoerea st night whe'lai ngomt h ip pol bm t

e et-York'so

Sthe vast. Sh e
;or v a o" .il" & or 011", 2p "" '" '

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* .t *


*aOo sLe AeA&. eeITSM
*7 H eTnfr M i. Box 184. PANAMA. a P.
ri.IPHONI PANAMi N 2 0740 I5 LiNmas
,34H ManisAN Avi NEW YORK 07)l N V
!". ON tYEAR. IN SOVANC* lO go24 0


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kican. Letter are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi-
dintial manner.
If you contribute a letter don't be Impatient it it doesn't appear the
next day. Letters are published in the order received.
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-0.-- -
Balboa, C. Z.
The following trip was experienced by my wife and myself
lin an effort to find a suitable cool vacation spot without paying
from $400 to $600 in travel costs besides hotel and other expenses
:when traveling to the U.S.A.
We were practically unable to obtain detailed information
from several of the local Travel Agencies so we decided to take
a chance on heresay from several friends who told us of the Na-
tional Hotel in David, the Wing Hotel in Boquete and last but,
-not least the Hotel Panamamonte which lies just outside of the
town of Boquete and somewhat higher than the village.
We went from our home in Balboa by taxi to the office of
the COPA airline which is at 25 Peru Ave. in Panama at 6:30
a.m., then by bus to the airport, boarded a DC-3 Twin Motored
and very comfortable plane, enjoyed a pleasant 90 minute ride
and were landed at David where we were met by hotel station
wagons from any hotel we selected. The David Hotel National is
*about three miles from the airport, and the other two hotels Wing
and Panamonte are about 27 miles from the airport but over very
,good macadam roads.
The cost of the car and plane fare from Balboa to David was
.but $19.00 per person and perhaps a dollar extra to reach the two
more distant hotels at Boquete.
After two days in David, we went to Boquete and were amazed
.y the difference in temperature and bracing effect of the air as
owe approached the mountains. From David to Boquete is about
24 miles on fairly good roads and takes about 45 minutes during
which the temperature drops about 20 degrees.
We decided that there arare not many spots close to the Canal
Zone quite so beautiful as Boquete, and none within reach of us
,with such a delightful climate.
The Panmonte Hotel about one half mile from the
village, and somewhat higher as well as real country surrounded,
,we signed up for a few days stay there and received unsurpassed
courtesy, service and food and enjoyed the friendly attitude of
'Mrs. and Miss Elliot, who are the owners.
In closing I hope that many of the Canal Zone employes who
.;seek a wonderful change from the climate here will decide to
anake a similar trip and I can assure them that I shall soon re-
,turn to Boquete for a longer stay if possible.
S-- A. Kopt
Bir :
The concert of piantet Hans Janowitz of the Pinama National
Conservatory of Music, presented at the J.W.B. in Balboa on Mon-
day evening, may justly be considered the highlight of the con-
cert season in the Canal Zone.
Janowitz' program included compositions of Handel, Bach,
Mozart, Liszt and Fershwin. To present a concert of such diver-
sified works as those of Bach and Gershwin would for many
artists have been a disaster, but for Prof. Janowits proved a
triumphp. He seemed equally at ease and thoroughly familiar
with the style of each composer and presented each work in a
,completely understanding and highly artistic manner. For per-
a Oection of technique, clarity and interpretatim the Bach Preludef
S .ni-Fugue in D Minor was probably thek-outstandingspresanta-
*' ort.e auditorium was filled to capacity with an enthusiastic
:and discerning audience who called Mr. Janowitz back for sev-
*eral encores at the end of the scheduled program. His gracious
:and pleasing personality contributed much to the success of the
-*n'iormance which must be considered an outstanding one. It
:s to be hoped that more %\ill be heard from this artist in his true
c -cltV as a concert pianist. A.K.


Noted Americans N L

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poet 3 SeU-c.ltei, .
4 Americ 4 Ship's boats I
college 5 To%-ard the A
founder sheltered side 0 -
8 America. 6 Cargo slower 0 P
President 7 Always r r T
12 Hen fruit (poet.) .
13 Century plant 8 Normal state T i
14 Medley of muscle 24 American
154New (prefix) tension inventor
16 Fatigue 9 Malt telephone
18 Stung be erages 25 Bewilder
20 Strong wind' 10 Clenched 26 Singing
21 Negative hand 27 Tempera
prefixes 11 Throw measure
22 Sea eagles 17 Pay no 28 Hurried
24 Foundation attention 29 Finishes
26 Group of 19 Walk heavily 31 Holding
three 23 Tumults 33 Valleys
* 27 Definite
article z 5 i S
30 Landed
property 7 .
22 Decree
34 Dutch city 5
.35 Tormented 19 -
36 Varnish
37 Bows slightly 1 -
39 Covers 'I a
40 Entice /
41 Jewel e 31
42 Flight of steps -/
45 Renters 4
49 Those who -- -
annoy 7 3
51 Make lace -
52 Poker sta :,
,53Upon I i3 .. -
54 Before ,
55 Mix .s -
56 Disorder
67 Corded fabi ic -
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Faltering Philip!

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Labor News



Re' -View of a United Front

the nation's fuel nd l, t- ion IsuMpd into a larger ch
lencing the coal fields and forms se funaion uas I
huge mills which keep the ordinalryl or In this atomic
country's industrialIlm alive& W"Wnt' ofaMWomlution can
That is indeed great strength. a olear
This bes hot
As for Meany and Reuther, eb hean n
they meet In April to talk M hange, Is e al to
merger of the A.L and CIO. Ing IDMe heat Uis
Perhaps they, too, will form a could be water, rdium or
bloc without merging their metal.,o
federations. New faces, new Thisa I be eat
coalitions, new conflicts. And Into t e heat from
an old 41stgryl if Ai s-ne1i

By Victor Biosel .
A labor leader of old once
wrote he had dreamt that he
awakened one morning uneasy
and disturbed. Soon, in his
dream, he realized what had
startled him. In this imaginary
world a pall of silence hung
over the city.
Not a wheel moved. No milk
wagons rattled. No garbage
trucks rumbled. Streets were-A
empty of trolleys. Then he
knew what was happening. .
The city was gripped by a gen- ..
eral strike. It Was imnibilized." '
Old labor leaders die --as so
many of them did in 1952- IsALILEN O V
but their dreams never fade a -M E E
way. The new faces of 1952,
which succeeded the old men i
who led labor for half 'a cen-
tury, also dream of strength.
of dynamic national unions, of A
the power to win for their mil-
I;ons what their predecessors
didn't --or couldn't.
They know that political al-
liances are wispy thing s gft-
er a while. They believe now
that their way to strength Is
to build power blocs which
can strike hard --not the
general strike of old- but
national stoppages w h i h
can halt part of the country
in a showdown.
Such labor machines are be-
ing built now by the younger
men of labor who took office
just a few months ago,
One of them, Dave Beck, blue
eyed, soft-spoken, but with the
impact of a trip hammer, is -
flying the continent, whipping
his Teamsters Union into
coalition which will eventually
have under it all men who
drive or sell off trucks for a 1WCE, .ro .
Another is Steelworkers Un-
ion president David McDonaid.
Hollywood in profile, but who
under the toughest labor lead- Steve Hannagan
ers. He is working with John
Lewis on the creatiOn of a By BOB RUARK
coal and steel labor combine of
1,500,000 men. afc-
Me anwhlle Walte either NAROBI, Kenya, East Africa.Ste Ha The first man I cabled when they told
a poitceo-l ibor organization nagan died here last month, I don't know what ear that morning that SteVe was dead wed
a polit. And Gor org e Meany they made out of it at .home, bUt I hope some. Joe Copps. a
is streamlining the ponder- body realized the importance of the man and lik e as the obituaries back home mentioned
ous Ato tso its 9,00,0 mem- wrote him a fitting farewell. Joe Copps, the Hannagan story never tot to
bears can hit har4 unitedly at Steve flew out here to check on one of his correctly. Half of Hean agn was Joe waopps, a
any given moment. clients, which happened to be Coca-Cla. He white-haired, bright-fa blue-eyed nfan who
had had lot of cli enta-prize fighters, railroads, had been Steve's other hail since the earl '0e
To follow these develop-' glass companies, firearms manufacturers. Miami In Miami, with never a contract.-between thet
To follow e these develops BeaCh, Bun Valley. and thq Lord knows what all. Joe and Steve formed a fabulous team thit
ents, come behind the senes teve was what you we al press agent. could make you believe that oranges were pure
:or a minute. Backstage, far At lestl that's wh4t be called himself, when he gold. but never told you that oranges were any-
behind the national footlights, was aetpally a public reltidg n I counsel whose thing but oranges. i
Dave Beck is working. Last annual billing ran into astron figures
week was typical of his whirl STee, flew out from ro tiy wife, and Theysold Miami to the w rld on a bids of
wind existence. He went front he was going to join lsrt fe ays of safa ri el d women aiurround by aa
Washington to Chicago, There hern Ma. He w m loved It, their breau t ware always eoneot am .
he ;e with 61 ov i n luthern Ma.e to wave loved P bit, a te a ewas l aw r at
vprtsh to Presidn th
and the Republ esil ess hi He wen to the hotel, ad Wh
search of new labor laws. He al- to come and hav some with. ginI it, he crVarrn- w e as, out- t tdub
so spoke off the record with said he had asthma, was fefang roky from the snrLeIN
those attorneys about cleaning trip, and would ale us In the morging.and
out the rackets which have In- He was found dead shortly thereafter, fun- run.
vaded some Teamsters locals, loving, checkgrabbing, big-living Steve, dead. t I never ke two gut ho. ld 14 oth
Beck wants no mobsters to 53 In a strange town in which tank od. G he better after a atdi teolt O6f 30 year. Ievt
besmirch his reputation or had at leas t two people who. lov edhim. knew two guys Wb shmpd as much niceess
public relations or to interfere While I was doing soe of the things you and kindness between them, .and who were s
with any organizing or strike have to do for dead friends, I kept thinking of willing to spread It arounlL
timetable. ]From Chicago he the era that Steve thrived in-ap era where a
fle-w to Seattle to handle Hoosier newspaperman could create a city like There was a gal in the act whom Steve lov
Teamsters' problems for the Miami Beach by telling people about, t. and whom lo and for what It's worth
entire northwest. Steve lived in the Miami era when hla friend last thing he tlaitd o to tay wife was anta
From there on to Alaska, to and my urldke Dr. Tommy Adkine, was pulling his al and somee pal for edln a long jn
talk of Teamsters U nio n s a ruptured a ndix out of Tex Rickard the surely three mon with er in Haiti. Maybe
which can start a counter ac- biggest promoter of then all. the gal will wish to know tbl t
tion against Harry Bridges' wa-
terfront strength on that stra- This was the Jack Dl ull Pirpo, Babe When somebody has been very kind to yoet,
tegic front so close to the Ruth era-the Dill 11arTid, Sen Wills, boom- even when you can't hep hi* or hurt. him, it
Soviet,. bust era. This was when a man could make a always bites a little deeper when he dies sad.
quick million and spe*t it on hot horse funny denly, especially when be's g% t so much left to,
h So begins the drive to build real estate, and bootleg hoeth flown Into the enjoy. There Is a feSntg of frq tration
the world's first 2,000,000- Florida keys from Blmim l or made on the prem- people with a capacity for enjoymient ai
r.iember union- a drive in tes. denly divorced from the imminence of great
which he has already used This was the ofet big hoodlums, when mmea ured fun
Teamsters "Task Forces" of 40 A Capons had h casl t IM. This was I do not mea to maunder oer Hannam, NI.
leaders from each region to when everybody went bU the depression died and Is de~ and..,g i0 of ~ lAr
concentrate on a single plant and the brave ones -ot s e of it back. This him, but nn t ooweA loug,
and take it from CIO. Already was a raw-beef time, where the children and Wherever you're atI -there are, e
Beck has taken over 15,000 ribbon clerks stood aside for the men to pass by. in it.
members from the CIO in re- .
Meanwhile, across the land,
a new David quietly meet% with a E eici
the )leutenants of an old Goll-
Steelworkers' leader D a v I d Sy P Ewo '
McDonald has been talking to
Tom Kennedy, who is John .
Lewis' closest friend and lieu-
tenant in the Mine Workers WASHINOTON-NIEA)-Atomic Energy Com- u rbine wI drives the electric generatar 31A
Union. They talk of a coal and's announcement that on Meb. 24 it pro- produce. e0ower.
steel combine. duced electric power from nuclear enlegy IThe uramim solution whie31;Ct.
This is John L's oldest through a new reactor at Oak Ridge, Tenn., does hat do"e ugnlin staticin.-vull ome
dream to tie the coal and not mean that atomic power for Co1mericla use the heat 6laaMg., producing esaql z
steel unions together so they lk us around the corner. n itly.
can make a two-pincer as- People who have been permitted to e the X2o keep thipIation in eltl lop
sault on the land's basic in- new Oak Ridge power reactor deserlbe It as a psatule .r.alnei., ghs Um_ ill li
dustries when the time terribly compleg contraption of poea, pipe. and elau etIg-nboz mmd the heat
comes. It may come this June pumps, housed in a sheet-iron bars. then oelee.Ohe more, an s .mulet
when the steel and coal con- The location li something UkS a mooaghiner's edtalna esf ilg than that iis l.
tracts run out, still down in a "holler." It is Is a ravine at the oi e s e -
Remember, it was steel moved from other buildings. o "e f thgs
which Lewis really wanted ,iolatlbn was to prevent hurtihag anybog or ..
when he organized the Commit- damain anything ele, in case the new mtor "omple ad
tee for Industrial Organization went naywire ollf
on the Atlantic City boardwalk R5 .IShtU'.Ol
back in December 195. The interesting thing about the new pwer ', s'- ...
I Now Lewis is 71. Eis Miners actor is that It has been built to _ptl a lit
Union is in trouble alan. And principle different trom that used befoe,"
at the head of the 01o 8teel In the existing plutonium-producig g a
Union is the new faq of 19532 the fissiopable uraiumn is in sold ..
53, David McDonald, hbself shielded at the center of a hugs.blk .
once a United Mine Workrs crete to prevent dangerous radiation. --.
employee. In the new Oak Ridge power reseeto,
So Lewis turns to his sirlonable material la carried in a Msb
dream a coal-ateel-labs' c What this solvent is, however, hs-
Moti done not contain the

a na-* .... .. -..- '.,

. Wi.L Ibi are tee oil
m-about ten yea; a d o will
E.-dteted hat the senhower adlinltratt
Spton m m onideland oil as fol-

f-th e Wa id :e "" I

le4wis~t the tAe sta"oa

crops a


with e e-c
around '

*.T.aItnOr t -

out of

- m- m

S"':F. TWO

. 4eUemA.,_S wonE m Saw.-c uewe 5 1fi' *a
(v l by an eldw
@ed, An ftillng out a J itreturn, t her
"It Will Still be neO .e.S* for hi to "
I WAS .,"WoffdIt be Va/ible for yoU t y E-^' .
, y," the dy ,epd cheerfully. ". t be Ii .orR.
I park the cr.Ir.

8 -tm AND UsRNgum -
Cov the pre t w hen ge to Auti. Ons
^pianw "40= Im = L;sof

GAP*---. =* "


. beA

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m i tlest fr pbqpesng
11 Is cat off, the UA'Navy \


- .,i. ? .- .'
,X" -- i f. V- ^ ..,-

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left the MrOh;
mo nin g by

M ."" i .to .wta
nak& thebw

t~rk SSh-urntt.

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i lm- i f Ta cp wer,
S hon at a lu-

) by


'e: xv.' w1 Baruch dvises Senators REmIW ,TEATMETS |
RR Ma0, -B e p s

r4- s V... Vl asr t
A111111110eAiem. lCa1N83-AIM7llreawn

5 miltary~p ap a balanced'
budget woul be the beat method
4 r~ten yes- to prec th country, Daruch
Sa0plete repSi0ed almp1 ma that "we can af-
*-:::::::sa=*--CASA FAS TLIt H'S
gap in Owrtmobilization thatnnouN Atself intowa "gar-
SS^^ SZ'SSE. ~rfitfB-atf& F... tuo. ; llr atk v-:sl. mth roge. .. Cm 8apn our" moiainm that no PKEIAL EASTER OFFER HI FHI VinA
ris-en stale'nto "sonarrw SE C*ILJUIr0NINL.f

er a.-lTwy. won the e 2-B -ivier to enemy could delude himself in-
m er ord ae relved the Pidet am, to thinking he could overwhelm I
Bor t~ wek'. l wpsh c effec t us with a surprise blit attack." Geine Eish CROWN DUCAL WARE
n I a ld Styles Ila the model at moment p Would "re- "The next war and all oft eui li NJCAL WAr
toe tfle ~ob. dape our, r -Blats" and us ay it wilU be avoided a Complete set for 8 perons, including
h] Iozm. Mae. e ou. opwr. arcsadteUidSae@ C

Fwre ad the style, couldd deter very sur- ukely to explode all in a big serving dishes
g oC p anwd Mrs. H. G. Ronin- Ulow JM a parade of the one al df tha tt smash," he said. r
rtOnd S tol efns ; and i wt tied l Mr an"d seuted lattmonth by the arch's biUzGen blue- "If this stands legislation i On .
a a L. No and Mr. of tort obbe. i luded L roas-t.he- not enacted and be day of the
Sand Mr. H. Lrlne rd freease wages, big mash does come, there willnc
.;rda a I t and Mrs. Brady and Mrs. oW Club n h war m he "less neglect."
tf-e'-& a L. D. Boney and Mrs. JS.* 8:00 pS athes have to be Mr. Eisenhower has not asked
AMON a ndttdi i.a ie r i S In ab Ita i ated b higher taxes Congress for standby control W O
i nd' a.a. 0ekpot- O. a i as credt authority, but Capehart believes
-ad n d W.H.55A-,. d frm the President would welcome w
ibu~c UT. Aflart~ao%*q-f Thum cents andeer ,oo ces and not be^"dii c a hem. o &liv whoB wil

W.b -|C 5ub hald Wieeasgwleadt a t .'B gP n Baruch, who played a key role
hi.Mrs. v" sa izeu thlt Fin mobilizing Ameca for World
POad Mr s. I Wars I and of sawd ,obelation
for a war cannot be realized
unless the "laws are on the
L D. niaaMs Xlt 0 VL49d hseM. books and the nucleus of the ad. 3 te .-taxe^ ministerin agencies ia in beingrl
fa wfho ar be f0cedt a re the emergency breales.
SUF n visit rith rel. t W and Sf t "The policy of ualt and fiddle
TIt es was the uset of honor ZO E e oeedatG has the effect of inviting every e
at a p ilc lWni c lon giMen by aDmbuaM&An group to exploit the natoeyral
riMrsaclpr. Rn aJ WCr rVOWNMo- i for tA own m lfsh ad- for89.Opt wl
Miss WaceaRea tCr-sa s ipbi I antage," said. mobilizationmE

Tawuel Given 5Ila~o|jh DELttIVERY'S OF.*Mha...b~en~~e______________________
M~Aad Mrs erle WipesSet for 8.. .. ..0.. 5 32.35
Maunagmn of morp -.? Set for12. .. .. .. $42.75
YMCA hl I We have only aihnited amount of sets on f wlb.
iu the "ern loo whDeonthe
Tiol mebr.] b DIETCNIZN eso tedaho ex5 hc Wn tin rao y Caine early and get your set, or call Pamias
thrwivolmemes we e jo, MrIE.'CAA ZN hews O rthredePthaof Canlx ~edN"~ 2.0893. Our operator will gladly take your order.
and Mrs. Merle Pir. DELIVERY OF be On Mae 1o atS
The Pipers are leaving t C sbeeing
Isthmus earl in farl their on the Isthmus. He wa 72 year
1ev home InCaotnla after irT A~ T ^^f ***TT^T^ *od THEI- --^ *^L* '
iv yar reside o the WALLACE STERLING *niJ-LN= Mr. Mauiea *ti of The mi*, w Au tach
Isthmusi. -Dalles. Ore., was employed In .-pg gay mnnga
Mr. Pat Cwkley, Chairman the Dredgueg Division for 22 PATAMA
of the Com of Manage- FUJLL WEIGH' years, from 190n until his retire-.
men pride ad. called on Boat ment In 1948. Be was emp J S
Mr. Fred S tllo .vsi ret the a* engineer, mate, and opera pl e ,
regrets f the a de- Gr..y B...tand Tray ..............$36.00 on dipper edges.
partWue of thguest and to r He l i v by his wife who Sthee of Mfeon vi, every
"resent e r doc nsoenso awgiftntoby CanmleSticko V"n. andi.. .q._._.__._._._._37_0__esidn__onw
M. groinatar Cn4Itick.n9"s.................7.a0 a| erofthsutuaenefitc a
ThoA&e S .cied M. Candelabra A rms 3 LT ............ 3200 | ah whSic received! the aH sa, ea m
sad MwssW Mr deb
MArs.Wle ,^o'nuj1 Mr _________ ___ km h^-^joire ^nybo4^Kijuk 2afsifid^
onel Philvb D. it
a_ MrsC. J ahR. us a a. 4

Yi MCaA h Ma yuaWh Shoonpt lry lmtdservice an Wou fS118111
ina8S amrc rem 10iw r--LOOM"-----------1L

^ K'^ WUS_ .,to ae3fwi" aget die
Tivoli, Vea b IRECTCANAL -E wofPheathofxk of coatru*tAon materiad s are your gsarcaty of -
^ft^.9te&^^ .....?w- economy. *

.... :1 ADVANCE PATTERNS A|*|-*v.
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I .a p n o Tel. 2.2701 ,11

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G ,"PS. R,,,riqul Moutas .at 4. feet. Fa-

" ..,a imous uisinem Attrute bar. Pure
e5 &*tger. From daily wifh a IIl

--+; + + ,, .+ .W, ,a++u ~ I h R1 1 d, .1 m;.
"'. "-."

''4'-. .. .



IN HOLYWOOD Shipping & Air Lines ..
NEA Staff Correspondent .
-0- -0 -
.HOLLYWOOD, (NEA) Be- turned down sexy Mara Corday Baptist Theological Seminary topher; Helen 8. Cody; Myrtle
hid the Screen: Arch Oboler for a term contract because "she Head Due to Arrive in Panama B. Colgate; Evelyn R. Condon;
pit "a lion in your lap and a didn't hit me between the eyes," April 20 Hamner C. Cook; and Joel L:
lover in your arms" when he she was voted the nation's most Dr. Roland Q. Leavell, presi- Cook;
started Hollywood's three-dlnlen- photogenic model by the Nation- dent of the New Orleans (Loui-
sional craze with "Bwana Devil." al Association of Commercial siana) Baptist Theological Sem- Mr. and Mrs. James 0. Deb-
*Now Hollywood's 3-D madness Photographers. inary, is flying around South son; Mary de Teso; Mai C.
has just about everything leav- And the day after that Hal America by tke Pan American Fahneatock; Mr. and Mrs. Nu-
iag the screen, including Jerry Wallis grabbed Mara for the newj World Airways system to make gent R. Fallon; MatheWA. CF-
Lewis and one of Lily St. Cyr's Martin and Lewis comedy, arrangements for a group of bric; Marie V. Oallaffer; Ur-
peek-a-boo fans. -- Baptists who are traveling to thaG'ardiner; Mr. and Mrl. Jack
The industry cry of "Let's get Gloria Swanson is denying South America this summer. He Gordon; Florence Hair; Howard
it on the screen," has been re- those stories that she played the I will be in Panama April 20. B. Harrison; Helen Hi Hart;
placed by "Let's get it off the temperamental movie queen and Robert W.Holmes; M nd
screen," and it will only be a walked out of a TV film series in Dr. Leavell is being accom an- a rt. Paul Karger; Janet l fe,
matter of time, I presume, before Mexico. "After three films," she, led by his wife on visits to Ven- Mr. and Mrs. Edgar W,. iefer;
Laza Turner and Ty Power wind told me, "I just decided it was ezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, lmma E. Klinger; Mr. andMrs I
up in the aisles selling popcorn, impractical and difficult to make Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Joseh T. Kozlowski and 'two
Three-dimensional movies give pictures in Mexico." Panama. children; Mr. and-Mrs. Carries
the illusion of people and things Gloria's role in "The Last WcKre gand Josehit.Riu
leaving the screen when a cer- Duchess," for TV's Crown Thea- They are taking a PAA flight W. Krieg and Joseph H. Kueter.
tain camera angle is used. And ter series is her sixth actress part from Miami to Caracas Friday and Mrs. Ralph Lad
leave it to Hollywood to wring in a row. She likes the character and returning to New rleans Mr. and Mrs. Ralph LadenI
Out an angle until it hurts. but says:_ April 21 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur M. Lar-
So hold on to your popcorn, The church leader is ched- gay; Patricia Lawson; Lily E..
kids, and learn to duck. This 'Why do they always picture uled to be one of't tr. ctpal Lindbery; Ruth K. Mayo; Mary,
time it's actors an:l props overdAs ateses in plays and movies a speakers during d ek ~k of a K. McGowan; Mr. and Mrs.
head, not flying saucers. Sofd strangge people?;They're not, you new Baptist semninatrl n uenos William F. McGraw;. Mrs. noch
*f the tricks in the first crop ofi kow. They're just work horses.' Airea in April ; Megrue; George Megrue; John;
i-D movies: ----- Megrue; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel.
The. Jobaston office censors S. S. Ancmon to Sail Fri R. Meyer; Samuel W. Meyer;
Jerry Lewis leaping through a six ed ,a prit seal for the Joan For New York Wit'lA rd Mr. and Mrs. John Moran;,Mr..
late glass window into the Fontaine movie, "Dec a m e ron -A total of 110 p4n r are and Mrs. Thomas Mulleedy; Mr.
heater in "Money From Home." Nights/' filmed in Europe. booked tb sail for Nw -.QOr rl- and Mrs. ,William C. Mummaw;
Ping-pong balls and legs .of. day on the Panama u e An-Mr. and Mrs. John Murphy;
chorus cuties flying overhead in Theri.can'be no major 'cast tpon, accopng to A ce Mary H.-Nelson; Mr. and Mrs.
'House of Wax." A firebrand that anno1nacements for 'The Cat. passenger list ano day. Robert Newcomb; and Edward
Oeems only inches in front of Mfitiny""rVtil Humhrheys.,ogart, Dasengersa arlI. for A. Neylon.
'our face in "Sangaree." I who has beth aft-o dressed the Port-au-1spce.
Lily St. Cyr throwing a 1a) (ompIeted'screenply 'tn Europe, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Oster-
and Ben Hogan hitting golf balls decidess better, he will play The complete advance f st of man; Mr. and Mrs. Howard L.
Off the screen in "The 3-D Pol- 'Queeg. If ayes'a swr, Bogey lJsseiger follow Mrs.age; Gertrude Parker; Francis-
lies," and a helicopter buzzing will have Asa-so on whois to James F. All Mr. Mrs. co Pereira; Mr. and Mrs. Jo- "
Into the theater in "It Came work with' him in the film. Bernatd & ,* on; beth seph Polan; Pauline W. Preston;
From Outer.Space." H Barry; Mr. an Beck; James F. Quinn; Mabel A.
-know; men', you can hardly Joey Adams gag ing with Zs Dennis Beebe; ita llings; Rand; Steward G. Russell; Mrs.
vatt until Jane Russell makes Zsa Gabor."- can't offer you a Kenny .Billi ; d Mrs. Steward 0.-Russell, Jr.; -red
her3-D debut. hotel like onrad Hilton (her Bla ft; d Mrs. Seymour; Richard Seymour- Ly-
second husband) .but I can offer Louis Brownell;Jp rite Y. dia M. Siedacblag; Agnes Smith;'
RESS BOX VIEWS 1 you my rod* .. Budreau; u Rob A'Budreau; Agnes Tierney; Mr. and Mrs.
SMr. and Mrs. Rlson; D. George C. Wilkins; Clara R.
Fourteen TV cameras covered artna apman; this year's Oscar award cerem o- i Beari Charl o p; H;en r y Mr. and Mrs. Elbert B. M Wort-
lies. Tht.s..twicoe as many as Christ; Mr. and Mrs. FChrishris-man; andFay Zamanakos.
(TBC trained on the last Rose a
3owl football game. But the AssinHl f mel-h
scrimmaging, of course, watwice Againsl Costello
As hectic. I. u a. .- l.llJ im D _Al_
4 --I mN-Ma.6" AIA b v W

One Hollywood cat t6 another I III l nlllmlm alledllU
bout a sloppy moVte queen,
eaded for Europe: I ATHENS, Ga., March 25 (UP)
"They'll love her there-with -Mrs. Lee Bradberry said today
all that food between her teeth." she has ordered a Lexington, Ky.,
;attorney to drop a suit filed in
Warner Bros. has quietly shell- her name against basketball
1p out money to Helen Morgan's Coach Adolph Rupp and gam-
inother and ex-husband for com- blers Frank Costello and Ed
plete clearances on her film bi- Curd.
ography. Writers have been as-,
sgned to do a 100 per cent hon-; Mrs. Bradberrv said the suit
est screenplay on the life of the was filed without her knowledge
biano-top singer. Fear of lawsuits after she had written the attor-
ptymied the studio before. ney on June 27 that she would
S___ not permit any suit in her name
S' Marta Toren's baby, due In to be brought after that date.
inld-April, will be born in Rome,' The suit accused the Universi-
w'here she just ccmpl"ted a mov- ty of Kentucky coach and the
Se. The same doctor who deliver- two .gamblers of conspiring to
*d ingrld Bergman's twins will operate crook ed gambling
i n ainattendance.... Dinah scheMpes in college sports.,
rhore's admitting she's had M's. Bradberry's brother,
some "real crazy" offers from Oorge Chumbley, was listed PA
Las Vegas night clubs. There's a .ne of the victims of the con-
chance she may accept. Rumored spiracy.
offer: $25,000 a week! ... Joan
avis' description of a midget:. The suit sought triple dam-
,'A real down-to-earth person." -ages under Kentucky law of
;$573,257.78 for money lost.
-'TWO-TIME LOSER Mrs. Bradberry, wife of a real
estate man her.-, said she in-
SA bit executive at MGM can formed the Lexington apttorney.-
;4tart blushing. Day after he J. A. Edge, that she "11ha~neer
Heard of Mr. Adolph' auD'I ton
!connection with this transaction
S hThe statement, written in
Third person, said t t Mrs.
An 1, Bradberry "has insist that the
suit be dismissed."
"She is insisting u tLdts di,-
Loomed with Dupont's missal," it said. nows
nothing of the ch ma
thick ond thin rayon yam and for th atat
ii ninand for that th reason Insist-
ed that the suit be sed."


A wax that |reeps y JurMtM W ,Wd.

Cream Wax so ay toapply, tool Itcl a
publishes, and protects-aI in a dae operw
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A-atch unsightly dust! Why? Becaum Joh ,
on's Cream Wax contains no ol! Give your ',
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uIm AND &"UU anou




Wnw, At5*15'


InoV e' '

oww NMs wN \M mTO

LoQK'.No~t.W 3\\T(
PWs. IaA &%T'V
MIS"t VAS Skth
W% Mon



1. '. .

.4 V.'

--..-*, *\-'.

B A"l VRnshI*J

' '. -^ d'
9. ; '
i' S ^i..'

"- ".', ,. :, '' *. '. -
.* .... ..: .. .. .
A t. .. -.. .. .
.", ,





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77-7.77 7 -.>'I




.j- n



*^ % ........ ?
iiaiii^MihMT~intI AiAih-'"

-AWA~ift -raw i
'iI-iaho' 9..

pro bet lpo-lM.

-f e repres, to -

NO Wt -

e machinists also called for
r amendments, including re-
of the closed .hop ban on
nds the law has det labor

ea11 th o bJ
a-dStokowski To Form
Second.Youtwtl I

a IL Y sothappyhU spart ofa#o the 6000 silver dollars which
e t 241t be harmed hfor a weak's workIn a Las Vegeas. Nev.. hotel's supper
0e oaw. club. ng hrwth the "haul" Is Deputy Lloyd Hurst.

..0 m. Mrs. Inez Allen Scout News
American Touth OT 0 estra"
Ame i. Ge.a Leaves For U.S. cirl Scouts Will Meet
t--- I n Mrs.JnesBR. Alien of San Fran- At G ulik Saturday
a ir u c i, wfe Edwin M. Allen, Girl beouts on the tlantic
5. M- ..- r. ~ Meeof the Panama side of the Ithmus will meet at
Air p for the United the Fort OGulick theater Satur-
tesn Monday morning tbdayamorning to celebrate thel
t 5 .- The e- tskg up resldebel in .9Brolld. i A versary of the Girl .'
IRlMd r aClub N.Y. pf America and the 19th
for. of the Canal Zone
A 5a Ms Alleah will spend a. Le' 1 Scout CounclL
days in Costa Rica .with her
for, parents, then proceed to HaiVa- The ra will be slWtar to the
jClub a, Cba, for a short stop and ohe held.Jut Saturday tge Co-.
Sand a le ew Yor Her hus- rozal that n
1 el".. i
mooa*.... ... I.WV~f

p -.

. P5s .


Wlt Iouth

bhttt tieir

A-. '

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,..... /
,i .. A. A _.. *


. ,- I .js
'\- pi,

A *J6

'No -



Erawford 4g ies


p ~'4' 4




MeoW rphs hBer Wach ThaI Wei Bat Man Talks
-- 0-Tonight At Co
ST. LOUIS, March 25 (UP)-A expense of some of the total Ay-
heart disease specialist said to- namic energy of the Mat ."morial Lob
day American men would live Sprague said the hiesomorph-
longer If more of theo were lone lc body type-muscular and ath- "Ithmians who have bon
and lean, but the nation might letic-with added fat ai "char- wouderO g how bats et about Hi
suffer because of It. acteristicallv that of the young the dark have an unusual -
Dr. Howard B. Sprague of men who may be heading for portunity tonight, when .
Brookline. Mass., told a session trouble with coronary thrombo- Donald R. Oriffin, of the e-
of the American Academy of als." apartment of Zoology at COnM
General Practice that the typt- "This predominant masculine University lectures at
cal ectomorph or slender. iI- type must avoid gaining weight. Memorial Laboratory.
near man usually does not must continue to exercise the
suffer from coronary thrombosis muscle tissu.. with which he is "Bats and Their Orientat
under the age of 40. endowed and. must perhaps re- By Means of Bound" i i the -
duce his characteristic ambitious ject of Dr. Griffin's talk. 6
However. he said. psythWrortc drive which makes him such an The laboratory Is on JuO
studies of men of different energy expender." Sprague said. Arosemena Avenue in Panan
builds have indicated that ecto- Fat people, or endormorphs ICity and the lecture is under the
morphs are restrained, inhibit- are natural sufferers or heart, sponsorship of the Canal ZonE
ed and seekers of solitude when diseases because of their extra Historical Society.
troubled. poundage. Sprague Maid...
"Increasing the proportion of Man'% best method of combat: Non-members from Panama'
the male population .with this ting heart trouble. Sprague said. and the Zone who are interest
body build probably would lead is one he can rfisilv control him-, in this scientific subject will
to longer life of men in this self--avoid galting weight after welcome. The lecture starts at
country," he said. "but at the the age of 25. p.m.




* Mellower

* Crystal Clea

* Smoother

* Aged Right

"Tlse Diers mQl Ulrich Label is Your Guarntee of Qualty"


(Etablished 1903)





e o t t.., n e PwIsKwlh faster away, more miles pe
M ... ew. S Poni l at era cost) ... .lar t

-&.' ,.* ~.. ..
fHneS.. a e o ftT feM... E OenWes stas itMr Cu
ig.'*^.. __. .w seeks see .o eval r man aruny one c.ns' F

4H0 l

-\a w 'SIaI -

, % -.... .,I
.m T no.
lb *.'^ '-* ''





a l







tion bIm

The -IAW


j ,

.V P'i- '%t '-*'
;,+ ++ ..

HONG'KON, Mar ch 25 (UP)
Oen. Mark W. Clark arrived
're yesterday en rou to Tokyo
om a four dM.kpction of
fightingtig 1w dhlna and
id he would p munend the,
united States hillr.Ulp 50 bat-
llons of Vietpam- to fight
h ComminitsU
He said the war was entirely
fferent from tooe te In Korea
nee the French Union forces
have Wbe enaR a0 around
em while tn Xp we have
aly one front.''
Before leaving anol he told
press gontern "Here and
orea we fight same con-
mptlble nea technical
pecats of the two conflicts are
ferent although we must con-
der both was part of one
In Indochina Clark conferred
ith Jean Le u, French
inixter for th associated
ates; Gen. R GM!Salan, lead-
r of French fore, and Gen.
guyen Van MHh, hlef of staff
the Vietnam army.
"My government must help
peoples who held themselves In
war against the common en-
mny who oppose you everywhere
while we In Korea are lucky to
ave one frontlne," Clark told
He termed a "happy measure"
he decision of the chl and
lbtnam government to create
0 light Vietnam battalions to
ght the Insurgents and relieve
art of the French ExpeditiOn-
ry Corps.
Asked whether the United
states would Intervene in Indo-
hina in event of a large-acale
tasalon by the Chinese, Clark
aid he could not disclose plans
which could be used by the ad-

~'3 *T-~. --

--- -- -


* ,,. .*

| .H

/A ,.
f ." .



74 q\
I p. -

w -


TuA &"utAMA AJUMM3U.., .^ 4f .S., ljtiL M|wMrI,4,

rAUlt all

a;' '
I ~--' r.

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classified .
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H Street Panag ttA.
INo. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon .

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-8441

Sal6n de Belieza Americano
No 51 WesL 12th Street

Calton Drag Store
10.058 MeMade Ave.- Phone 6 Col4

Prowlganda, S.A.
Agencia Internacional de Publlcaclones ~ .. street'c er. .tudiante .
No. 3 Lotery Plaza Phone 2-3100 Phon 2-14 and 2-27I1

AW for 12 wvi.
4 s. ah aMWOMlAi word.

- 0 -

.. .. S n .. ...
Hou sehold Automobiles D P e-he a.*" eu.. u.bI..l liams' Santalew&- lue A- j PROFESSI O NAL
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W se aess. NWa. bedrooms. refrigeraon. .All
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FOR SALE:-60 cycle, 7 cu. ft. re- nd of i April) PHILLIPS Oceside Cottages. The lud Siding. forn
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00 cash. Call Panama 2-3330 dur- late Su:nd;y, April 5th. Fishing to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration. Pe I re11 j at, 1Il0" ".
Sing office hours. _____ through the Pearl Islands, visiting barbecue and shuffle board. Par.-- Em or tuik WOOL
Fror, d g be c$ rs. $ FOR SALE:1950 block 4 door s- with th primitive Choco Indians. umia 3-1877. Margorita -167 41 m I

00. Coffee tab walnut, $5.00. dan Ford, leovi-g soon. Must sell. spearing crooile, cruising up Sam- ox No. 43 9alboa.
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C, Corr Street. Bolboo. FOR SALE:-JAGUAR rrark VII Se- CAMERA, 3 Glorious Days. For reser- -f oet e o tS. Tl2e-7 aCimtral At -TIe. 1$0140 y lSU Enrm Ii
FOR SALE:-Philco refrigerator, 25 dan, duty paid, muct sacrifice. 5,- nations phone Jungle Jim. HOTEL EL 441 G 4-56 $ dve it way. m t
cycle, 3yersold. 323-C, Culebra 000 miles only,, over $1,000.00 PANAMA. Panam., 3-160or see u.
Road. Ancon, phone 2-4261. discount. Some 'ierms, may be ar- your Travel Agent.ts Tomorrow
.~. ranged. Phone 7235, Curundu, 6- FORoRENT Start Toe oro w Club.
9 p. m. -REPA.IR-Refinkhed bamboo furni- S g ninrollmet n the seend-
WANTED ture. Front of Balboa Goa den, JHousem_ ppe. ll too aring
FOR SALE:-1948 Buick convertible, "Jimmy." __ _. pa--cR- N n La s C l ag I s bbeuasgn 1r=
Miscellaneous ew point and broke.;, engine per- R RENT---Cholet, in Los Cumbres. Uyl Ja ..-a1C s
AT TF fect, tires good, see at No. 35. AMEP. .N HOUSEWIVES--.Secure For information telephone Panama
.Fr infrmtion telephone goond, t o1,948 T"Nt
WANTED TO RENT- For one to 44th St. Call 3-0972. best n-eis from C P SER- 2 O0. C b-sn 10r o f 21na nhe. 1 00" T0
house I 2-3005. Con be seen 10.00 :2-2"y. 2. 'n
th at leat two br s. Ms FCR SALE:-1952 Ford Tudor.Main- /toi e. TE'ephor: 3-0881 "2: nd. : J LlB 0 i
be in good neighborhood and be line Alpine Blue. C700 miles, Vinyl a v CR RENT: Completely furnrOed di I u l Plls lte.l l i amn
a b Aprifirst. Also need er otsry 20 090 Amdor FOR SALEu $4=.o. oe T b0 Ex i o, ti i
manent unfurnished residence.t Call Rood, Balboa, 2-2672. y r o houie 3 bedroms, bi ln n. n a.' i th lO nsetr
---_- ly for 2 months. C alDEALERS Pnamo1 3- a ANDhW
A. M. Hill at Panama Forest Pro- FOR SALE:-Singer 1952 Roadster, MisceluneOU0 1169. ___________ QEAlRSTN EAS WA *A l
ducts Company. Phone No. 3- duty paid, pernct condition, 8,- -a ,'-- .- FR RENT: Completely furi l -
^*_________ ____- P. -" s^ Kn?^:; ci1P. USEI) FUR IJURE j .1^. CHEVBOLCT Bid?3 ... -
4852. 000 miles, finance ava able -Do mn Psher chalet, porch, dining, sitting rbm,, USED FU URE 948 EVROLET
WANTED:-North American couple Amador 3216 or Navy 3415. g.aPom 3-V l19Cor e and 3 bedrooms, garage moid's quar- 41 AVto 1948i g
iP se o h aaa3 Cmand terms. Available April 1st. Bella rnj WeeFbeam.e
needs one-bedroom furnished FOR SALE: 950 Doge Coronet ^ e th: terms. Availabl April 1st. Bello p b C
Visa.Ph ne_-3 13 frw tm 5 topE BUT bwjnums
dern apartment in Bella Vitta. CallCol upe. Excellent condition, under -- o-- VIt .t. Phone 3-3113 froNm 5 to1 WI UT 8 LLg u r w~ cr '
3-2917. 17500 miles. $ 50.0. May be LE:-Amaloteur Tronsmrtter, 8 pm. l tt .
seen et 1524-C, Go ilon Area, Ba 400 watts, 25 or 60 cycle, com- W -
W noted Position bo or call 2-3269. 'ete with cabinet. Many other FOR RENT a pitc c
W td Position items for amateurs. expirCmenters p
WANTED:-Troined nurse, specializ- FOR SALE:- 1951l ord, exeient iand radiomen.1 4th St. No. 3, "M'R co .... 87. Radi r
ipencare o ae ero financeavailaLle. Call T 2-447ei. So f our bachelor seek fifth American 1 t on.d I
Will live in. Addres: R. Sll, after 4:30 p.m. t e b E...- to share expenses of modern house 1-ee *s ___. O "
S.malla i a Congrej. Luxurious living ofaHG o-8 4 0.
Box 522, Pedro Miguel P. 6. FOR SALE-Chevrcle. n 2 Ur. c lenltnC... ee* C L 1.50 FORD, 3
n..O $ 500kcnOe h '. h iiji wt "?i *| iodaesVill
19'.9, new tires, ragio, 0,A 0.00. fart Crawford Agency, "J" 9," b'l'eI o0 FORD, Pt '
eu, I b' FU NDi Ford Sedan 2 Dr. 1951,, as No. 18, Tel. 2-2386. FOR ENT:-Sma-ll furnished apt-, c00u ,tpic^ct Y o
The pt truk that picked up Studebaker Commander 4 Dr., 1947. s Attend the ist annut ieaalt- mc fo
hunting os on road near on- good condion, bachelor. Three block% El Panama WAND3LU-2 --AI. TAnL
dingo rivey? please call M. S. Her- 19.2 Singer, duty paid, band new, 8 8 in Panama, S i cc y, Hotel. Apply "G" St. No. 3 "El' AND BI.PCO_ 9_UN R.
ring, Gamboa, Tel. 6-225. $1i.2U.u0. pC.". 8p. m. SponSrd by ie Cnre o." Call 3-1933 appoint- .'
---- 19..2 Chevrolet Scdan Canal Zcne Motorcycle Clubs and meant 9 a. m 12 m. B
SPOsiIon Offered 9 Ponioc Con.itible, duty paid "Pnil.p Morris" cigarettes. t-- Ma.Thinlery_, C Ret1F B
radio. $1,250.C. L" -R SAI.E:-12 Venetian blinh 38 FrR er T 4-.d. New
WANTED:-Experienced beauty ope- 19)2 HPymouth Sz.oon by 60 inches, $5.50 ec-h; and 17 C A S A M 0 NAR 0 pai tA R .
rator for Gatun Clubhouse Beauty 1949 Buick Super L,,ncIow others, essort.d sizes, from $4.00 Roomtr Meeld . Shop. Phone 5-411, Mrs. Ulla "tible, white s/w t.res, raau, pl,- to $8.50 each. Excellent condi- R o.m h E D e toc4v I "-
Hart-Prop. 250.00. tion. Phone 2-4225 any day after rOR RENT:-Furnished room. Via aV w t1
-- A1950 Buick Super Dynoflow Conie;- I 5 p. m. i 1 sbpc ,I-$gl "Vti kow 4
W AN-T--Active, mabilfiai s0young dfl y r F0n C.- 81111 111-e r
tbWAmible, radio, white sw tires, dutyma,-,O-R -S-A--- -- --' < 1oui Tr f~ ? '
mniA ldy for poaele s a e ms- paid, $1,450.00. R S LE:-olli-ti model S-'i.
mnw in electrical appliance store. 1948 Buick Super 4 Dr. 40B Receiver, 8 tubea, 60 cycle. FOR RENhT:---Cangrejo, nice:y fur-
Mutt Wspek English end Spanish 1548 Packard Sedan 4 Dr. duty paid, Like new, $75.00. H6use 471-A, nished cool room. Meals ovailobe 19 BUICK
fluently. Write "Selesmn" Box $900.00. Cocoli. **7th" Street No. 9, near "Madera. C HJ11R 0 pPRACT 0 R
134 POmeM R. P. tatig *e*, 1949 Ford 2 Dr. duty paid, radig, FOR SALE:-Comnplete beauty shp Pin." Tel. 2-1699. 3-1789 Dr. GKADO S. LIM N,.. 4, ,
experience, sry requ ents, etc $995.00. equipment. l Washigton FOR RENT:-Furnished room. First (a Si*rGIdSt
Please enclose photel s. ___ 1947 Buick Convertible, radio, $750. Beauty Shop. 3-2116. Street No. 14, Apt. 12. 9 St A. Meadles Ave. WhMe i
Help Wanted 90 dsmobile 4 Dr. Hyr ticFOR SALE:-Conover Piaono. Studio FOR RENT: -- Furnitied room wit HN Ors: S .m. to 1 Soon s
Ho19 Olm obduty paid, good '.onu ~mion, Grand Upright with bench. Girl's bccony, with privilege katHed I'm .1
duty paid. good Lonui... ., P L.J...- ..Ip s p.m. 6 -L_
Seeking cook-washwoman with re- 00. bicycle, 24 inch. 84-C. Coco So- refrigerator, telephone. Responsible Monday t "i'y =- '
commendatons. Wort hours are Betore buyr.g a car S.t us on th l 'ito h St Tee n 3 Cou_ an gentlemenN. 12, 9th Tl. 14 0 R.P
reasonable. salary good. Please call week s So.cial Sun.,er Pr.t,. Fi- .Rl SALE: QuOniet Hut 60 by Street. last floor, Ponara. .t I.
oii isF RS o Hut-60 by 110"
at the Archb.hop's, Of- nance Avalable. 20 ft.. at Ls Cumbrem. Contact F r-
cia (Cathedral Plaza). in the city AUTOS EISENMAN iel 2-49E6 1. Tel. 2-2386..-
of Panama. between the hours of iEeae the Coca-Cc'a B g Co S: ce -th -n---- motor Mcoota s ._
8:30 a. m. and 12.00 a. m -oer. WI
(noon)."WAN. .D Rcticn and mahogany bar elecrrc "OR RENT:-Local appropriate for Pl10:1
noon- mm r. aJtomat oa ter. fan "offiC or agencies with Is ent 0 .
oA C- b nnUl.eletric piaor. Tel._ s ce. Centrallyv located.O|o. EI~tm N~Am ,~"lc IIr.m Proator ei withToi soe k etnrl-"dfn lt4BI7I
Anny (ontribullons Automobilep A Avenue. Tel. 2-2723, PCanam v Pno. a |
r CAP WANTED -Coune Or ciner- SL.=AL' :-Medern Beckwith Piano. FOR RENT:-Specially suitable for M ar COd
To Red ross D e b rcnd l9 Ford Fe erreao .nltc: Crawford Aqency, .-J" St. offides spacious, cool c-len lower D '
TPrnneN o.IT.-6e-.218. -.oe. 6. floor of building on 4th of July | o't .
So -n o tonbeer. and "Sodas Tre RAveue No. 1, near the Rome- Open 00 .0. 6: n TheAl
RFeRoE c:hom e delivery for Canal Zone. velt.Hotl. ..... tO Z m S..
Contributions by mility and FOR SALE m a& em e a .. -:
civlian personnel of USAR- a l l- LES 3ro9 2:00orservic
CAIRB PanUma Area to the 1953 eal EstateL E S S 0 N S r 2:0 to
Red Cross und Campaign FOR SALE:-Lad 25 x 100 ret r LE Modern Piano Instruction. BegInnes
climbed this week to S3.650.81 or epprox. 88 ft. frontlge b 330and advanced students. Pop'Jlar
The drive is scheduled tend toed ft. depthat"Plys G rade" Co. 0 oloreveesM ondayt PBio n e' '
oedy cl Province. Contact Cmrowilord Tr DE r.enrly newmotorcycle Tel. 2-1282. OW4'1.1
The Air Force and the navy Agency. "J" Street No. 18, Tel. trcdpi inr Ite model outboard ma- 0 -.
thousand dollars. -ter-H.-P.or more. Call PanamakA AM MY
Chaplain Coloneli W. J. Reiss. Nice house for sole. er) o, c e% enings a j.B Bloch NOW *
Chaftman of the Army drive. water, electric light cgas. very ,
disclosed the fact that Co. "A.' cheap. For information ca'l Tel. 3- Executive Officer
Boat Battillon. 370th EABR, Fort 1069 Panama. Thomas Real Es- L Y Ur Hea .f3
yherman, obtained 100 per cent 'ale Agencies, Central Avenue o r f 33rd's 3rd Bn P
participation In the drive. This _259 I r n. .
means that all the men in the SELLINGM--Fjvorrble-n an OrrvIll. Q9
terms. mme- I (A I enten feature TBloch, holl
company donated at least llet A dte dehvery former Araogc rei a me of The an, pa I -f the Modal oC. H r, s bee 1- I P'.
he- A meicaan e 4 h 2 a American. prepared b. vl8 aeenuofr I1n.Rw
The Med!cal Detachment, 45th dence Parque Lefe~rc P,'-lure: .nd ihe rev. i51. A. Ciak'.en E-It.- SW _.Ike. tird e t utve officeratc lawf;ukz$law11 "
the first unit to obtain 100 per- .ChurchOf Our Saviour, he 3rd ,ttpi,. .33rd Infaf1
cent. (eCristobal,:) '1 Slant, Fbrt Eobbe.
The 193 Red Crosas campaign I A"THE LOST VIRTUE" -Major Blodh then a ?p st
has been underway alnce the n "One of them, when he saw I r heutenamnt. won the national 's
beutenint.f the theInt n, TURNITURD itat he 1on'pomts t' -awardr for&a
Canal Zone and Antilles Army WORD that he was healed, turned IIo onhest military award 2 for s P
bostsn. of thek and month in th with loud o tn on eptember 22, 1944, hle
The local drive is part of the IN lo rified Godk and fewi do ln arvi. th ? h e8 nsn"
over-all American Red Cross on his feace at Jesu' fe g IDiv vision w'ear iren auols. Italy
campaign which has set its goal i hi-m thanks: pnd up wa a siemn mahnle-gunPh n i wiped H l B o
this year at, $93,000,000 the Samaritan." Read SL Luke cap Tured 19 Ithsoners, o ixo
biggest its been since the end of 17:11-37. au reda- r so i f
World Wur 1!. whom had welnded, captured ."

Tc.Od. "Were not ten cl=' need?
FOR V ISIT TA ,u where the the nine:" Are we You mh d, if I pt well, this 1 .
.oportion-.-one to nine?
God for all that He'has done for 1ur yd perfect sugoest,
Persons interested In taki us. we are naturally led to be pure and perfect gratu4., -
advantage of the.30-day holiday DON'T BUY UNLESS mindful of others. for grateful polaible apart from the d'
trip to Jamaica. leaving by 4- people are generous peop They grace which change te
engine DeLiuxe aircraft may 28. YOU'VE SEEN THIS do not bear grudges and they do Bd Purifites ns t .'. "
retm g Je 28 at the o not forget. We are members one When we are able to sy, .m
returntrp Jure of at7.00 (a o of another. We depend upon on Lord, give blrsrw f hea r".
- tp fe of 8 77r.0 l aensational another. Do we ,ember to be Thy .here

ma&M Ulir reservations early.
Indliduals should contact J.
]D. PhlllpI, 190 Central Ave.,
Panama City; Cecil ("Cessa"
Warne, Phone 2093. Panama:
or Boyd Bros. Inr .Travel Agents.
S L" Stret.P-. o. 3. opposite De-
S Laseps Park, Phone 2-2000. Pan.
ama City.

that we are entitled to t, lad
ake their thoughtfulnae ftf
granted? Self is apt %.oa
In- Am

Dr. Willnam M. Taylor tells of
wo men who bed carried emnl-
y through many years. At
me cam to the. end f life,
wfoi +W soif t hbe soughtr
ow% sw =l^ S<-W#

Toe us mtate
7:,CJi~Lftl' --h~






-I-- -- -- --- -- *UNA

- lni-- --- L-i._

___ I

n --


- r -


-* .'~


t 6( e. 3 who
we preet aInluded, Mr.

IM. Maxn e
I k, od o B hieorley en-
eal umben. from "The
l4 the Dark" were sung
3gw -99b. Felon acoompani
pMr. T11m asoultu
It-- Wowo of the ortanUatior
we, repeated In the table de-
corations at the Hotel In the
floral arrangement of purple
bou villa and golden i power

kuymity HaB Pefereltial TOMn
te Bets Chapter of Beta
S...a Phi aumafltl held a pro.

I Fruit, aOmBy Offleia
.ad Mrs. WlIam Middlei
.D f Braj s Heghta, ebter.
PLIg d with a dinner patyal
TeI) home, Monday evening
or thae officials of thb
I Iany who have been It
nfe rence at Botel 1 Pan
Thefr ueor' vere Mr. L,1e
alSto, oemptnmr from tq
General Office in. Boston,
Mass., Mesars: 3d. Dooley at
Nubert Duplentis of Onayequll
cuador, Mr. Z. O. piUelr ot
/Qclt. CJL. Mr. I rlwe
et-Puerto Armulle, K. deP,
lMr. nuatace Ha of anta mar-'
ti. OoL,' Mi. Robert tichards oJ
Jhnirante, R. De P. and Mems.
C. R. 8tevenson and Lineola
Hoyt, trkvOling auditors for-th
. Lo residents who were


Is < ^ ^ K

Ml .n1 ,
t. and 3ms.

the "f
1 Bo0t9R.
imgfoi~ .

rfp w 'wt iW- weekly
InebeM eg t the
traExm Clubt irrpw at

noas. *lana* k
The Crlathl i. Are having
4 stag part". n at their
plub atarting at i.Np.m. The
mraly pbsic i Ilted and
kets may be do.ith"ed from
bsbeor at l, *
L~~~ ** ^..'4


I .- "lm. , L S IATH5 Uo *
rw"t TATWS k m .r A.., .


Jagger, N

LUX 7 ##Ants.
Adventure Thr8So e
In te hartof lpfia!
Red Camr LE
derno i

-FT F -- Aise: TRO.fICAL--
Wedneday! a the a.

*^ i,1Ba .jin IH I






-- I-


Oenal ofheafers -

Yvomno do CAWMO N *tuk KUDSOmR
"Scarlet Angel"- Technicolor!

Yvonne do CAALO g Rock HUDSON
Edmond O'BRID Yvamne de CARLO
"SILVES CITY" Technicoldw
Th-ada.T "al T cod imwr
David FARI A0 Geraldine FITZGERALD
-a LUPINO 0 Robert RYAN
"Has Anybody Seen My Gal"
Ttanfy "-IU

On Trauithmian Road, Behind "Arte y Ofeilos" Se.oo
PHONES: Night -1521 DAY 3-1552.
SHOWS: 7:0 3:15 P.M.
Bring all your family, neighbors and friends!
A great picture "THE STEEL HELMET," based on
~- toe Korean War!

0 --i $I--#I I l9 .... ..D I Itlll,
S,,,, Se OD ,WAP S Os. 10r0. -w-,S Ni.m r m m
biinsiO~ihsiiiieined Fuilli oion *5is SiHnE. ..u.. iiiiwa iE.., Si<


IS your throat ia d
away. ryousf f a N pe.Ms
&&s. **Mtal nuaica ..s *ou
t. sour mpeO a use ..m
/loolr awalow I. t.-
wnd your tbragt.. br-Jcle

mmn... VwMee H
Seep dowB to tebnaclaal
Aave thr'd fio ke
botli. of iakmubSt,
tatai nzpnr wNi

1:31, 4;C :3., 9:9 p.j.


iJAiMES WaITlmlli-auLTS IU

. I l I IT


yIu'ln ee CE'CtLIA
i-n a i I u -

Ro' oert out1 Jan1"
S Carter In

And the Walt Dianey.

Sl.. T O .

Also: TWO IZCTbonon



*oAes faOsA, In
Peter IIA*Gord. in
* xA weU oe oa*,


Our Snack Bar opens at 500 p.m. Not Only a
Snack Bar but a friendly meeting place!




1:5 3:34 8:50

- W Pu-.a I 's --.
Lo e nI w ,Dupeal'
hk And mhi m ogy

t, ." iSa- I t^ "
*4 f~l FElt^

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i :..wo :i





Night Baseball


Inauguration Scheduled

For Next Tuesday Night

Night baseball, long a dream for U. S. Army Caribbean
fans, will become a reality next Tuesday night at Fort Clay-
ton when the lights over the Post diamond are switched on
for an exhibition game between an as yet unnamed Army
team and the San Antonio Missions, a AA ball club from
Second night contest planned will take place on April 2
when the Missions will oppose the Panama Armed Forces All
Stars starting at 7:30 o'clock.
The pro Missions will play a series of six exhibitions on
the Isthmus. Albrook's Flyers, winners of the first half ac-
tion in the Armed Forces Baseball League, will be host to the
visitors Saturday starting at 2:30 p.m.
.,,,d the Misinno will "e at Coco Solo for a game

Plummer Meets

Jose Alvarez

In Colon May 3

Former Panama Feather-
weight Champion Federico
Plummer has signed to meet-
top-ranking Mexilcan light-
weight Jose "Pepe" Alvarez in
a ten-round bout at the 131-
pound limit 'May 3 at the Co-
lon Arena, it was disclosed
yesterday by Promoter fknri-
que S. Martin.


l~iocyleRain Return

Motoryc. [Raicng R-edtn |

To PIan i Sadium Sa'awrday

am.hla tmm

uMa Ue, l s 3 .- I rw a
-atustart nasa VOW* Z;Q* ^ ra
with the sailors starting at 2:30 p.m. The Atlantic Side AiU Ir, hwn Iramlim-
Stars will meet the Texas team Monday afternoon starting full-fledged iiUghtweighta as a.8*aft
at 1:30 o'clock. On April 1, the Pacific Side All Stars, com-
posed of Armed Forces League players, will meet the Mis- tKalnatiTansnti Kid,swili be get-
sions at Westbank with a 2:30 p.m. starting time. "tig his first serious test a-ta W a. Z
marked bybriefpre-game ceremonies. Major General L.J. 135-pound boxer :
Whitlock Comm and ing General USARCARIB, will make the Aa h defeated rsuch ra
opening remarks; the Army band will play the National boys as Baby Castrllo Jua 1 gut ab on*
Anthem and then General Whitlock will direct "Play Ball" Bolafios, Santiago GouwAlesp whabout'0 o .-
andthe two clubs will take the field. (3 times, Casanova Pacheco,
Bob Rickner, manager of the Albrook Flyers, has been Chino de la Fuente, Hielerb a0a
named manager of the Armed Forces All Stars and has Ortiz, Charley Espinosa, Cha- d .l wil f itWed
Raid Hernandez, Crucero 33 chmin and the ta
o.te. r. by =and others.
This Mexican, who dropped WINN B CO Yleds Cho White e round the
What Another One close ten-round decision to during the last motorcycle speedway a anoDroundti lt .e a
ithe incomparable Willie pep tional Stadium. Conneely and White a r i- Ra' Willer
his last time out, has lost very ites to take top honors when the faste st ridern IL r j at 001 rSlid the J.Us
ROS, PC Execut few bouts In his own weight. try conclusions at the stadium apntr ditd s with ghay:
otarians, PxecutMost of his losers have been to wiah ZuDlhet MOOand mfgh
heavier opponents." ed ,ul-race 11 hye
Alvarez, over-all record is 60 D ..Y ( o p 6 t hC Lo
To o At it Again Tomorrow bouts- won0, d rew four, is Cops 6th IRo
lost 14, TKO'ed one, was 'in- Brs beat all c e in his fis
tentionally butted once. a ae o dirt t ra u
-- o -- The supporting for this pro- B o a O, di, tn a a
The Panama Rotary Club n- Hawk Rosy Mead and Bill Le- gram will be announced later. rep a efat ho e. 'd
der the direction of Dick "SloE,- Brun he'd down first base in aes a t ria t r L L a 00e a il
ball" Dehainer. pitcher-Captain, fine fashion and Charleyth O a forterm ayt t
will tactlo the Administration "Speedy'" Howe at short and TEAM STANDITGS b scou
Building 'Executives" tomorrow Pete "Slugger" Riley covered the t4 TEAMFS-- Won Ika t P tnenga.. Alfoe o a (Chg tre t. ae-l r-dng
afternoon at the Ancon Laundry far side of the diam'A sond like a h.e.s..e...... ..n .6e.ndnselvnn hl in the oarers e _P rd inf,
field. There two teams played blanket. Tiger Jim Thompson,_ a LarrSanta rs.,. 5 3 .61 b= d Igo e A --"- r
the initial game of their seven Jr. played a good game in riht In Se c. .e ralab.ow Cy' .... .., 3 .I fet S asd h i' r. a serf ondet i
game series last Thursday and field by not having a fiel ng o,4Il B ..u.. .. .4 3 .i fy ee off t sre xt oca on. mt E aluld
the players from both teams, chance al day and was flanked a s ,..... .. 3 5 .7n 444 rd heeaof Ir aB ti nl
have recovered sufficiently to by Newhouse and Wigg. MrT ..s O.. f e r s o n Petyr Gwid T. 3f71enn.huSrI Xole--
attem pt another game. Eva Jones, assisted by Rers Qf.T o h C Ha re- ... do e r 5t o-23. ... .. ..b... !
Although the Executives", Ray Wilson, was official scorergaethattatd B e^ -E ET iPowyl 's .' Ban u m r
edged the "od men" from Pn- for the gme that tracteda Parasos Canad Dry, third me
ain th co ame it hast ween report- by large crowd, incluin g wissmen from second ameofthe Pa- ing champions, moved int first of the eaon. fnneSd "
tan 8-7 wcor it has been report-Sr bankers businessmen from ci Tihow e e po place in the Canal pSZone Amateur eight hitters to ru his totlh to i. B
ed that they have augmented both sides of the boundary and cific Twilight Leagu be championd to- Baseball League as the e t te 4 and i3--f i- _nni d ng "T
their lineup by scraping the bot- quite a nminber of fans who ap- aip t pay s i Bbe pad a 3-2 det sion over the PedoT ais worked. a 2
ton of te barreland coming preciatea good ame played as night at 7:00 at Balboa Stadium, El t i sxt edTwor ten ds wp .rel .ag e
up with a couple of "dark hor- the game should be played.whe cah e bes wrna tuhe i n am e wit a.Ter losing tee w forth m i t eaw 60 el'u n- -u
ses" who played in the old Beer What was that? 1-0 as Lrn e hits while loser -w e Rainbow City Powenll' scored a eirat' l b
Loop. The names of these play- Tomorrow's game will start M outon ave u hits while Glos e anloIs A Ma
Morton gave up threenhits, one Gliage b S C MS w tlr one Sla V & 0 all before
ers hcve l:e.en kept a dark secret promptly at 5 p.m. upon the ar- of which, unfortunately, was a ag V 3 anwti ng lact hi- ., thro w T h on a o oe waye n-"th- a
but reliabl2 sources indicate that rival o0 the keg of Pan Liquido.f which, fortunately, Was e s e was setting back th .LahBO- h. Thon en safe on wn-h
old time soft'ballers "Red (Tr. Come early and get a good seat. home run by Castillo. ca Remonistas 4-2. error at eVSortstop r i adr of the I-
;m.el Burea'n 'mth, Bob "RoL'erto -- Both teams are still strong Because of an oversight of the then walked and bothiori ni ot ir the uM
Lala" Lanier and Tom Spencer and willing and a winner is hard league's reporter, a defeat was the o y. Mtra base hit o e to Ruth '
will b2 on hand to give the "E:p- ---- to pick. They awnt to win. No erroneously charged to etabso sahe- ofdPIeP
M OWivCYCLE l ift te Jam
Notes om the Opening Game better evidence is required than and a win credited to Rd Tank Powell ate S lo
R ASSunday's game WWhichatotald
'te Eeeutives" cameup Sunday's game n which a total and the defending champs of AV. Almost @-2k.
SThe iv e a u of only eight hits were given up ParM were', ret.4ed1dn
with a five run rally in the bot- and only one run, fourth wlace- re-fIn
tom of the seventh and final in-. Canada Ary r
nin to rip the Rotarians by an Morton acnd Larrinaa w n h fe in the iby.
8 to 7 score. Big blow of the in- .' more than ikely face each other Wi ollthe oIntaMW-
nin b was Wile "The Golfer" again toonight, since both pitch- iOtf of Sa Aprus. pir e n
into cener ed that Plated the.. pective teams. Morton, who has Canada Dry graS ap AIX ith an4s r s s -rs ...ase Me. '
into .mOenRersY L CeBd thtlae han 8-1 record this yearIs quite hto s.f Iaye 'te an G e ai
'The Rotartans had taken the pitcher to face as he has plenty '. eighthits- fae.
lea' in the fifth inning when on the batl and is always calm, trick tcott~ee rums. cli e
Ca t. Dio. Dehlinger homered "- .cool and collected. But Morton eaPl made the err0. .TyIt -
wi'th two mates aboard. The has little on Larrinaga, who b acn e waohgrpa f gt .ty ( ,a
Rotary outfield stood out on de- with his 10-I, season mark bak nto thpe wlalt Coluid--~A c eamon odQ A
sense with Fred "sliver" er- showed how well he can pitch. droppingfv t f d Canate and
hardt, Roy Crash" Glickenhaus He too, has a steady head in a ing a stunning 4-2 bl e Morgan and Wilo.
and Leoard "Twinkletoes" Hale ball game and little bothers him. La Bo ts oronei Remol*T*'temnim.
a base hit with fine catches. Of combe, the tickets to the run inside the first fe innings Powell' Ga ) -
Hale-the-crasher in rightfield, 'Dance can be bought at the ball with ingle tallies in the first -at'V g0 (t. Cru. "
madeetecethe fielding play t dof the game tonight. They are still and fifth and two in the fourth Thorne and Alstoh; 8 0tt and
game with a diving catch collid- worth only one buck for all that while the Remonistas hd their Joseph.,
ing with Glickenhaus just as he fun oeer, dancing, entertain-to .
made the stab for the ball. ment, doo- prizes and spot
Herb "Casa Nueva" Newhouse prizes, ulus the music supplied
made the best play for the win-: by one of the best bands in the n
Along The Fairwayse.;:o8 mwo
hers with a "Terry Moore" shoe- -__o ner____1__
in the ing field for the Executives. Por -othe ieofITor f L0G A oe F s
The Rotarians' well rounded:h PlSayerF--R T Games Wo tesit 33 1B S u m &ug uL
infield of Thompson. Silen My- GOLFING GOSSIP FROM THE Wall, Buick. 6 6 0 15 18 6 6
ron Flcner, Carlos DeJanon and GALS ATFN.rAMADOR S-WithsotRA .. 6 5 3 1 0 24- %o 2 f
Wandering Nelson played al o Kirkland, Buick .... 16 2 4 s 1 a-
sm ooth gam e. Bill Andreve was t wasranD R o1 6 4 15 5
the recver ably handling sthe It owas another fine tda rn-out gei Pore, CPO.A. 12.. 4 1 4
blinding slants of Dehlnger.on the regulnay of gol fingPer, Motta. 2 10
And Felix lalla gave the boys lur dtBazane BUick. .f. 5 1o 1 18 26
m oral support by nursing his W ry M o4t6 31 2 -
"charley horse from the bench. FOXY Gayle Brown, four, Amnador olf Cohurse. Twenty-R Wa i .
Rwaay Wlo n h xuisithed allthe, rl wola a to by Itt wor ladies partIIited in ta Flag ailto, CPO. 15 n 2 6
RayWisonPiahedllifograllfor ytohee Tournamentein aditionhto sev-6.21 3
way for the Executives with Mo ao ving eral second runs matches in Gibson, PO .... 2 '0 1 10 i
ses de la Pefia, Bill Wigg and the fifth annual Valentine Sea- the 1953 b Women's Robinette, Motts..' 2 0 2 7 .
Tiger Jim Thompson, Sr.. behind' son Fox Hunt at Na Head, Handicap Tournament. c eskin s7PO. ... 5 0. $10'
the plate at various times. Balls in North Carolina. gsBy virtue of pantAng
half way down NO. 1 fairway Bird, Motta ...... 6. 0 4
Virginia Brooks Was able to cop On6. h0_5e pitchers wtH-elle"
'first place in the Flag Tourna-
ment. Charlie Heffelfinger was
awarded second prize after plac-
ing her 'flag squarely in the No.
18 cup while Peg Porter gathered
in the th ird prieafter her last
put stopped inches away froip' -
theea the amte cup.
RSIn addition to a Best Nine
Tournament scheduled for the
six of the ladies will sqqsre a-
Handicap Tournamet.'It will
SATURDAY NIGHT AT 8 Ann Little vs Ithel
Bev Dilfer vs Ernie Wilton in-the Lite 'l.Eyou
First Flight and Dorothy -er.
ham vs the winner of the L u ug, t i:

and -
The oly cigarette proved definitely imler,
definitely less inrritating.

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Pinii IuSIigt For Bos.x Opnng Da ;
^ ( -7J ^-/*' A

Not U.S Stand rjt Keepin Up With Joneses
m Antic Mexicnn Footballs Spreig Unproftable In Racing
Nder" COntrol sei-. miond Half- Standins
-0 I MIAMI, F'l, March 25 Flo- rounding, a safe racing strip
~DOWN kayTe Won Lost rida: $50.,'0 Tropical P a r k and geographical proximity te
S Wrir a c6Sear a 0 Handicap, $50,000 Oulfstream the east. Tiwinter they are
'a Elks 1414 4 2 Handicap, g$50,000 McLennan hooking horse pullmans to the
S Lincoln Life 3 and $100,000 Widener. fastest New York lo
-Uwl adm oromo Fir (UP)- i no iremen 2 4 California: 100,000 Santa A- streamline c for the tint time.
gagtgi e00 gtgg ) I& AFOE 14 2 5 nlta Handicap and $100,000 San Runners loaded one morning aS
AP as* i tek a ,x -Police 1 4 Juan Capistrano. Hlaleh are safely bedded dow
am lipbThere's your answer why all t ene r
4f-r a Y-r enster"dayl R eslt but one of the big name hand- "One oi N n r
Sgo Els o 11h Firemenw 0 leap horses were in Florida this Is al n ameit expr ea
c o tTh ay's ai2e n o winter. With four big pots to- s' er e a n te l a n
th I. eet la t rPoe0 vx. n ars rtaling $50,000 against a pair something us ually hapt ens o
e e The Elks stayed in the S race f ,0 races t Santa A- re y our b ird a
outT ax.,-for the nead half bunting b po were good reasons for owners t h
SCT* aew l nd oo Y scoring II to win over the and trainers to come to Hia- to the Pacifict coas, tre an
-Odwg an=""*Firemen yesterday afternoon leah this time. That's why San- worse.

a.1a llt s 81el. as Johnny Lew lis cam e within In a Anita became just daa place a
,A~i .el h ace of pichlng a no-hit no-run where Lhev handed Calumet idered an eastern alable,
.willmetk i ni wngame. Farm $100,00 every Saturday. aet rily the fact that y en and
S.. ..Lewis waeqrking on a no-hit The Jones boys had the two Jimmy Jones werthe in Corni
S a l. -L no-run game up .o the fourth good horses out there -Mark w a hel to Florida racin-
i ,d W O ,- .. 1 T Inning..nen Te. Webbe spo ledye Well, the handiapper, a nd Calumet ha a habit of i.n-
l i l, f A a nr hhis bid by :pitto igh a ball through the three -year -old Chanlea, ling bighesll Other ota M
Sa T tog L ul that could have been hby the fabulous Bull Lea asnd trae n tee M oa
he,' 1 Jn.d t w 1. m- 14 ,e e no. to,,e s edel t ball eluded the of course. The rest of the su- mond fin onn th e n eere
s1 as t- o 111 f .t ito t4 gv -. e of thf e e and bounced n. p erlor ones In training were In the Joneses in 't.
.p... ... g(." -5 *e i Oi t 5 4 hit. L 11 U orld with Ben F. a ers ryn to kes u with ta h
0 p".le In the eare ho dW b re thio b .King, mdear old New Orleans. th e American h.o rseme
to eqisc l that." Ws 3 2 2 1 b-shetruth of the matter Is that
0 ModN thaC t ." Seeksb i n t ho011&fraae 4plyr talesernt and middle western

''1 'L i A5 -,, .o,,a '0 "-- I2 Thompagn, leh b 0c 1ie ne 0, 0 "o is s .s.c h re if Cell, Aen.e
Ritt.n I ...00 trpto the W s eiti ,de td b. { ther t n- ie. L od the e horsemen didn't need too many omny iers
re- been okeenr about taking 'el-ndthe
-.,. sil.-tsfootba S ll.BdW td E-'m/ ae Mdtha n ..uddles....... ... reairouther ema inf faway wit rs om e_
T- ..O .. l .o l aiti ee, .e d0 a clthe n Cait orna. They haveg ll

-., O .w t, u'O i lJ cvpy do- Ib g dd not glncu hdar from desl f m a D e ""
Brha M Nob' vetShr the tt for a0o a t. fr 0 0 2 2 handicap horse. Trecks (wh also piteed s th

S*a The bof re.i ves lhgh ut 2 trikesand g 0 0 2 Hiwlelh Park has always had ne-hQttestr)o Mke ralleis hiatt
duBauki 4a*1 '-' *.l ..,-ra gU really be rn ow yestnee -rt i ar la oy n ,d t Sanub ,rfl o 0 o0 ma2 1 It or cumae, ple asant sur- Harry Byrase. It boe
..., o' d .y Ch st d on the, .ong train rde curveb fOul

3 -hreb -a. s tw rub ijaebfs:e= ytoh the bloMbters.Onl fhe ti nstars w 0 to the c a s. t a ea
".., .-' .e --" join- '-on L t le q.r *h U ea.. he wl of Texs, a hndIt foul l in on e, seacht over th in e
a ~A orfo ver, have come a out sa ouilter t
ehi mB S '_ T _I0 .' Ann..un o...e.r the iicehte.-3ie f lirieh!. the Ir load i ta ael fM winter racing It Caifornia bat out fsthe fit bNe-

0tobeae Oa.r0 i t h ch ad done anthn toR speak odnced f. mntuhsose ethee bag -Llte itg or s-s
*.il ..-l_ 3 W a-,1_7 'COO"f ,. fiIll If Btd I tuinTesdy i-" eioarl t hemp-fe'orthe : op esbeand ,nandhe fifu n gersle f ,:T al b. f_ .
3G -L85 8 ifde. I n '. ,- / es Ol etel rts. i l trip are exceptions proving t h batr wist u Ihe

By 15tt I I C~ M Hl 8The Ex tra r Ioncte Ine lds t nin R e Atlantic jid rc OA tr
ITil wlu BBgo5& 4S4 ar.I=2 al.a rubbe t l bunb es ofater wica- elw 1414 r At l... b n mk the plany att N elsr.
-! _0nly,_oi-1 0g 1Uo .-eoWeilt 4 6 .400taond Wli'eolo hiine wofh ak A h, Te hnta Anita stip Is ex-/ L D.

.Am)sp 3 o ll SSd iWr la g:-te h 1sp0cl So fheard onnttah d o rle ei Hoim aayfp layr be
*Itinnft,.1D IsCe ..-t. o 4.teirOleerit)i 103 m
ith thalsey, _2. i"-doingthiukl' s 0 14 0 batmknowne tote Santa it League n 2--huck- i-

T. Hn h :isS Lew, p 3 2; 2^t4 u 1aw,. Isrig Youcan e the mononetlement.

G.L p 4 E g l*1rtrrlatattefn s jam cre ByIlevlnns sePat ioa 4 f 4nday, 2eat 2 0rhwlle 1Mc M ante. h A.ih eiVal
r ii, W gLI 2 Mr +: / &ohP If n 0.a1 0 0 rfesneslt I a sfa e whichha n _icIh.l Mickey ati e
te st1 40dIr d i lpfo 0m0e a ov ti uGeCG eper s.
Wl .i P .lA 67a1 .- ~a'&t oa M a art h 10 PoLe h CMt b 2 1 0 0 1 eon i mt a Hbrac Pi. e, af
20_.. 4G i -nr Polo I1 0o 1 al a Cone r n ed o l

*u; Z r f O 4 a .i ot 3104 the ,ed 30:Lo Safsi Wa1 4 0ioo o se ouran onill andaflA fa
.51a154 ...J 50 Do. nowomdwn th line co.s Howbma n y plters

Pto4 6 ; 0 -T e S n a Aiand Io ns erip l fc is. E g t-1 ? 3 fl e e.
t42a2' : 2 aepJwiHar arerohp ahr on ty heyrd: wh h n I
2 hand0ocap horse. r o orta (whaso i e e ... 0 .-

2.of. .ji.:i Ch1Coese WbaIu__ae 2t3 ,il r1b0 =l in 1th 5Popwlui- sihon1-it araL e gue

.. .4,, ., :.21e ,0 wM tot the3 10ore to? gat a tfe 'w ih-- sr" Chase (5-
17 L.P- 10art...... ... o gd Chas.. .. -D..-lc-ims s hic tea -dhe a i e" ca S It'sthe latest creation of

3a passed.ball=2s0"0n.0 Pale tinianCoun t eitpoinin record:b-
5 f.t~il 0 secondwithup:n cuck ler thesigle i u e c : T of

NASthe-H "d V ---" peb e, 'm i* l E anda the Palsi fifth Wo e,. 's timeW
3o7".l ,ct -2 _09 Wi. t theaExtrA sh ared pll nl d i d -ly u n te last inning Re ant At"nt Side c i

'. 174 -'" "dge d a"- h 1aersoextn ,Exli, bag-Thiswtweee .

"" .'1 "a- ah, "n2 gem (o, thet gam. hey .h ad a n iLet
B.ruih.. 3", u-r r-i .14- he---r.I a- e by innigs. for .ii whketse (0. PerrIs cs, A.
ol d7210,. .e -o ---' 0b -"Iaet Slver City, 12 0

*_ ;,,1 0- -,,(.q4-_r-2_ 0.0<2,Kulig,_Farchaandlwi hadnd tchcocK. _sorat atu ,an

Wb-,b,'8"111L I T3g 2 0 2 1It orcia ; .1 I i wo..i -_-Mai_ _2_ ,I fl_ ..pesn urHra 37: Motasl v,-/s. i

mom; .F ; their.tackd adfl /e dais-ic-on hese ve always been
thresn.w Wit- h : wot.lbsi osnonyms for Goh m tableware. And
t[ i '".. -& tire"by .. oi r an d ali, th 010 te nd theUmOetnowcomes Goa001m s5newest patern
.-,-- -. -I-pi-- c-- e.r:. ...wi(5 o.
2V o / by 0 11 wi t--.:-17-' wvyiic 4eeCisecustom-crated of'ch
M. ,ii~il ,, -- ..: 'O tohe l--y ll S!Awer hld ~to b.u'lm Ihi. 2 uns In Il -rPa" L I

M aurd-es. four, five, ano ix. The
a ~? bo' 1 t four through IETo see the ultimate in elegance for today's
h fortn" fmtty., W tables... see "Thread of Gold" by Gorszn
p u an- elay races.i s
M~~U'Ch16&k N U lsm raninw& a1Five exquisite designst hos

i ie 4i -.B% :CpSA T Isa-Eplative et iS PhS
(u 1 p u ..


- .1
f 2





* Lu

.4 -


L |




P d 1



"*Let the people know the truth

and the country is safe" Abrabr LUacb|



1 -

Bohlen Looks Certain To

Senate OK; Foes AdmitfD

WASHINGTON, March 25 (UP) Dulles has said that ABoen, of the Fl records w.s siggest- n o( r;," tion
-The Senate was expected to a career officer in the Forelgn ed by Taft folowi arp l lat .
vote overwhelming approval of Service, merely carried out or- Senate clsh Monday in which it l hot
Charles E. Bohlen as ambassa- ders and would do the same the Sbeat leadl e and other top dal teom*a y .,
dor to Russiga today after hear- under the GOP. Republiga lined up openly a-
Ing a report from two respected Dulles, who made the FBI ma- gant McCarthy fat the first-ws 1"s questo m
members who examined his FBI trial available to Taft and time in the storW career of the w th~ attu
fi t Sparkman,.has amure4 the For- Wisconsin Repl can.
Senate Republican leader eign Relations Committee there While he pitotlt '
Robert A. Taft and Sen. John J. is nothing in the files to reflect sk th M- avail-
SN THE PARAE Sparkman, ranking Democrat on on Bohlen's security or loyalty. ab, Dulles e zed the MBl-
ENTRANCED IN THE PARADE the Senate Foreign Relations The Taft-Sparkman crutiny seiihow rrato does
s yo un"Sfc" Bobby Bumgar- Committee, spent three hours tben*.
n hr ashe watches the 45th TvCommite, s t tnt -r hour
Reconnaissance Battalion,Ft. por over the "unusually con* i
llete FBI report at the State ti0 ed e-
Clayton, pass in review last Department yesterday. nd Mr.y Ronce aid, |se, .
Saturday. The young "Sc" is They ronmised to give the clu rty rt, "too weak ah u
the son of real Sfc. Rantie Bum- Senate their personal evalua- for insisted ta
garner, supply sergeant of tion when debate on the Boh-t he nevr luld the diplo- a
Company B. 45th Recon. Bn., len nomination resumed this Wth he word
(U.S. Army Photo) afternoon., .4ane Pn the tr pC
While Taft declined to say in Ofat. 11 5
Advance what he would tell the inhcommittee1.
Adrienne Has Senate, he did say that he and IWle ee eth11,
Sparkman were in agreement. agrI T
And Sparkman said he found T I
lic S ile nothing in the secret dossier t oel*jie t0 a
make him question the loyalty- the) ms &r aS5
'security clearance previouslyfor
c ldy S to given to Bohlen by Secretary of e thr
State John Poster Dulles. oSader-5 X
VIENNA. Austria, March 25 Bohlen's supporters thought la a blnsu le s-
(UP)-Adrienne Eckhart, he would be confirmed by night- ae
ly, 24-year-old blonde nightclub fall, with only about a dozen :: ....
hostess, has w nat Vinmna's po- votes against him. tey ttt ihat te
lice described as "the face of Opponents admitted they were a t le over ai
an angel." licked. fo P between theo A
Her "angelic smile" and man- Anticipatin a favorable re-GOPall
ner at first led police to disbe- port from Taft and Sparkman,30 prto I lan senator,,
lieve of the things she told them. Bohlen's foes bean soft-ped- no tl d
B u t investigation revealed ailing previous nts that the -a.' .. rrm (" m t.
that: 48-year-old career diplomat a (N A Telephto) oe o pn t fi
might be a security risk. E ATelephoto) voic".openont
1) She peddled narcotics to Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R.- fX-PRESID)lNTIAL Io M Former President Harry Tlman e1
her nightclub fans. Wis.). who told the Senate Mon- (left) talks a group of iewsmen aboard the h President Clove-.
2) She is unwed and pregnant. day t h a t Bohlen was "turned and. Mr. Truman told newsmen that he hopes Russia's claim
3) The butcher who was the down on security grounds" by that peace Isaccessible Is nere.
father of her unborn child was State De apartment security chief 1 .
murdered. M l W. cLeod, denied that he
4) Adrienne lied, police said, had ever intended to brand Boh-a sn pi n
when she Wid Hans Arthold, ln a security risk. Trum an bI tea
the butcher, was murdered by a "I didn't call him a security 3 TPlayss iano
robber who broke into risk," McCarthy said. "If 'taft
Arthold had amassed a fortune and Sparkman say they are sat-
dealing in Vienna's lucrative isfied that he is not a security F'
chocolate black market, risk, that will satisfy me-on se- For W Orld Wa r 2 Id les
,5) She finally confessed, vo- curity." bea
lice said, to having cut the McCarthy added that he still -
butcher 40 times with a neat opposed the nomination, how- LOS ANGELES, Calif March wutop l u heon menus uis
cleaver and to slashing his ever, because of Bohlbb ast 25 (ULOoP) Former Preaift, anrch th deaatt r fl- *C
throAt with a knife, after first identifleation with "the Ache- 25Harry Former Presidentan voyaged t da vertheao te of p a taa,
testing its sharpness on a sau- son-Truman foreign policy. Harrway aboard thvoyaged toerthe t adsavoryeasteof poieM ta
sage. Another leading opponent of Hawali aboard the President'la ot potatoes..
the nomination, Sen. Styles Cleveland today after plays -'-- r t- d.
Today Adrienne turned her Bridges (R.-N.H.), also shifted the piano forld War somI buddies ., 6 1 kte aTr Sat ow denied Vd
"angelic smile" on a judge as his attack to Bohlen's past dip- WoMr. Truman sailed fromis. L, 0 t rse P iad n an h et. d
calling Angeles harbor yesterday oft mni..Wdm.o ASt f sa ~ s N o1i^ ft ._^
she went on trial on charges of lomatic record. calling him "an A r. Tua sefrom ot : at ar p iano ttht
daughter, Mararet for the Pa- Anr miA lll
cifte islands and 14 first vaca- bA.tba M_
tion sice leaving the WhitsiAi
yesterday, a short time before 8iLas m.
sailing, 12 of his World War I/naW w II U d t u
buddies came aboard and ar-. munique sad1301'amai
ranged a simple luncheon forra i i iequ qtaiWas
him in the ship's dining room. Inl A nl mllt L
Mr. Truman's old-time com-
panions of D battery, 129th Field order for the repi .to "8 Te
Artillery Regiment, 35th Divi- Norfolk, Vit iia, of the wife of
sion, also held a brief informal a Na enlisted n who is Thuruaae N.
gabfest in the ship's lounge, ad- ~a there on elen I
dressing the former President fraudulently obta*lin. l -1:08 ......a....
simply as "captain." ment eheckstl baking app l. 1:;80 .m. -.40*
na the U$ D bitrIt Cou art i1. 4.
In the party were Jacob. Kup- int4trict Anejey &()ce.u Was
per, August Obendorff. Frank learned today,
Jameson, Joseph Hardaway, E.
A. Mosby, Floyd T. Ricketts, IThe rea~vkI U being t
Don Melton, Harry Murphy, at the request of the DA in Or-
Charles Burdge, Wilbert Omit- folk.
son, James E. Casey and Elmer Yesterday Mrs. VirginiCac
Waltwall. chine of Far Pan waived pre-
The onetime artillery captain liminar hearing in the Bali
Mah tAtres oAurt. and was it-
Boy Slabs Parents leasd on 500 bal.
20The $|.- yeyr-,01d "
verv une ,rs. i s ..w r35 Times; Did. 'I t -0a not=et :a ,

C UTE C Mean To Kill Them1 I A
tho ofk Ibetwo
...and everyone will admire you! Small wonder- for Cutex Nall PENDLETON, Ore., March 25 -00
Polish enhances the natural- loveliness of your naois, Inditb ~ (UP) Authorities here were varlo 0
troubled today about how to
sweetest Battery! Outshines, outwears even'costlier polishes... handle the case of an ll-year-
because Cutez coseins the mirade4sedr ingredient- Enamelon! old rusty-haired boy who stab-
The miraculous "Spillprif" feature prevents damage to clothes and bed his father and stepmother ewt 1 TiIs"
furniture... allows ample time to right tipped-over bottle before any to death while they slept. n
harm is done! The "Nail-Measure" neck automatically gauges %he "When are you going to Dut
exact amount of polish needed to cover one nail perfectly! Choose me in the e lectri chair?" frieht- had'tn
from a complete range of smart, fashion-right shades! And only Cutex Jr., asked when he was captur- ozir
offers a harmonizing lipstick shade for matching lps with finger tips. ed yesterday,
INTEg % David punctured the bodiesth of of I
r A N his parents with more thah 365 A -
knife wounds to "punish" thm,
officers said.'4
"I didn't mean to kill them-.
Sonly to hurt them," offapta
quoted him as saying.
The bodies of Mr. and 14m. gag
David Crozier, both about 35,
were found yesterday mauinga f .....
in their farm home near Ber- -
miston. Ore., by a neighbor.

C U a a on hi back.


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... ..- -
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