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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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__v _U

"i' ": .' .- .
L:. --: : f. a

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hopes he
Truma'sa b
wing the gi
ir Tepe, a
1 a Navy jI.
r 'TPma. a

%9gn'lllt Of hox
w. .canhid, 5W
that kaMaMe -s men now
atng= -eO asied

S1 r a Red Gunboat
.s s a, Captures 3

tudyin Americans P
^.' Ii- a eHONG KONG. March 21 (UP)'
-Three American citizens, in-
chiding two former Korean war
Sf correspondents and a veteran
e .e caplaln, were believed to
have been capturedd by a Chinese
Communist gunboat today while
S R attiMpthn to sail from Bong
0 Ko to Macao.
The three were believed taken
OW, March 21 (UP) Observers C clear whe the unbot capture theda
A plomats In Russia are Indication that are -foot yacht Kert, Just west of audi
that the new U4 y eo
thale ohle n e to clew t 1 1 Kong territorial waters. in t
Ma tCrFB e = th fte ro- men are former United Wo|
et gained Senate pmt on the rthe press war correspondent Rich- Wag
Uaton for theoffice-will meeting cabled, fto by ad Applegate, who owned the word
. uue historal oppor- fUP. heormnt ysach; Capt. Ben Kraaner, 30,
the way for in- tonIM thrag
e the y for an In- tro trohd t rcha t Mrarmer who made the
Premer alsenk asor W -MurManak run during World dica
Yremiler Malenkov. Efl P. ., War 1 and who also rar the Chl- tion,
ri papers have alot rtiy befo re S ied he neStltisnalist blockade into
S r. snhower's ba t pou out feelera ol pe=- Chna coak ports for the I- t
_tement that he I bllt of an.InMr. bran Lines. In IM; and
i pi half way to hqld an Blhower. To all IZmxon, International News
w with Soviet leaders in heo loh IdeS. war correspondent In there
rt to bring peace to the We oe wh arrived in ong coun
SJaw c i, t sa" fa, R lat vo eek on C & ia-
is no doubt however, v~ei.reteja not wt Wr p yO -
ve sa dh v eo or noMr. Mam #p.
S .Kremwlin Is sudying Mr. Shower, n
her's statement careful- sllgtt manner, A ttb Royal Navy announ-
*Mly nI view [of a'sv tio"t o that Appegate had elW
ar here. n been duol strted to satl for the Portuguese loal
Sienhover-Mal- thihis death tol'Dr. uddi
Rf lw to, et the tage of India be high i was last sighted at Dur
e SovleAmer caf M: %Sa.n_- prr.
MA ... 8 -m a .. sid tj


0 -

estimony Will

protest Several

AO Suggestions

-0 -
Governor Seybold took issue this morning with
tor William Newman's drastic proposals for changes
he personnel set-up here when he met with Waltet
gner, president of the Central Labor Union, and Ed-
I A. Doolan, personnel director.
In a three-hour conference today, the Governor in.
ted he would combat adoption of Newmen's sugges-
s when he attends a Senate Amp'r tions Commit-
hearing Weinesday on Canal epp epriations.
The Gevernor agreed to submit protsts an at least
e of the recent proposals made by the General Ac-
nting Office auditor.
Newman suggestions discussed at length by the
inmor ahd Wa ger this morning were the question of
mating the 7,per cent for US-citizen employes hired
fLy, the cha. -over to the graduated leave system,
the consolidation of hospital on the Isthmus.
Ing this morning's im- ler; Marc Quinn. chief of the
On cobferent. Wagner management staff: Edward M.
re was net enough time Browder, Jr., uStant engineer-
Paw Nqwmiant Droposal to lc and coitruction director:
rinwafil "Mirea v by sbia Lerew D. E mnn uan dere.k

t -
tokmIg .otCj

- 'ciO 11 "

6 theiAs lve. ad At the ut Rican soldiers
t o neonellia. w ve been l5bed lsI
American offilcib. however W fire %which debar
ever wary of Rutlaq feelers, are L damne noll ansd bar
watting for RSN Wtmake a XAt' iSbW^ are not wasW by
sten ors o t=e y d f- at uthorjpe as sMs-
I htho kA Army spokesman re-
Iod oak to t o a eii, *
C1tigHsoM 5 it Mm na Af h zmme i

*ea" -W- -)luton to mid ,wr.

S if tor withdiew 'e dput Offmrm to f.r
s-e k e d andna 'e

unable to brinl I
Who Before le g plan for Ot- fLS. ..
tion tawa. hoaver f, of0- rMi iillUD
Sion ficer senlrd ionbmutted
in a "It- gto tbp LONDON% March 21 -(UP)-
rt of CIO ME W-0 krker Russia In one of a series of -
U Union pit off f Ivllliatory gatu to the
t a trk ,N ern powereim
e Va New effect the 1 of nine
1jute milnster. .. L ,. civilians am Irish maili.
e He the ary intern n Jorea, the fr-
re- ment of s l gn office ditl0sad today.
t ter who ia At the no time the Moe
the wage radio. In a bloadeast. em-
knots w t In detail the poibility -
ezoort ration etmn w&*, a
a n Comp4ay ast on !% 4aMtMally a
B tattes lnde am Imifass ftnadatim.-% a
t ment on th This. pob0ty "has been pro
At the' i l ed npracte a g"d and
elevator M at tbt broadcast said.
and Ftort uw It recounted the sie of ,K_.-
that they w o day's trade Withi the UUn9te
April 6 e tes, ae taanpd
oilched inU" a"re-.IIf and oI
w Dow. OfIR ^auirlIt A
^ *ie West. erk aw The finwhol e
ply v ge them fee heihlp to WL
have how I- dme M

-s spokesman quoted Dint
ftatlsco Alvarado as tel-
an Army Interpreter that
Lot Rodrigues, who wi
made available for questioning
by. Army. authoriUes yesterday,
a t .Wected as being one
the persons responsible for
start te fire.
'tedtibm Identified Pvt. Oui-
lU rrMies Veles of te 504t
JMthriEkttallon, ua the aol-
c' .was with him In the
Ipdoti when the fire started.
TItl Army spokesman said
feels Rodrigues and
V Abdald know who was re-
a for setting the Mblaze
d-W4 an adjoinbg tdne-
lg in additiOn to the

2UAahny has stated that Ve-
b k RModruez. also will be
ble for questoning
a authorities.,
itnesses have testified
-fat es were een to'ao
Mihe bamboo-covered wall
table where two soldiers

wiSn ss said da e as one
uedlers set a ahto a
stalk to start ,f 're.

I Wins lhis Ti w

b nfsa m rn dI L aL

hnarula- icense hem r
taeea ais A
1w. ocan RUsq in C
&iaibe Wbtel
-> WiM 5 .u t
a-iram re d"Ne um
rjvr wKI anm X
too&a a

got his toes in this country
k if I have to pull him over
V' Ide said. "I don't want to
e a chance on performinWg n
= zww. who plsas to apead.
pgtd with Urasevic U -
SmW his Visa Is antedm
Ian i last night pm
alsO were mak-
u ou aina
Sall we Can to
*^y^^^^^ <"^^^"*^^^^^^^ 1^

tom e ma aa

days. Durtag big absence. Lt.
Oov. Harry 0. Paxson will ict as
Governor and will Derforn the

IVanal. regoaiUs of whether or auies of the President of the
Ot th are hied lfly. were: Panama Canal Company which
U,- pan of Item-eeuch as pertain to the Isthmus,
ahs apndr-efrtnerators s con-
t =dably.lei.than in that States. Meanwhile, Rufus Lovelady,
T weaprut much Ister in national vice-president ef the
thle .opicAs. American Federation of Gev-
r ( iM east'l buying ectrl- en~s ent Emplyes said he was
cal lent lie washims- Preparin; rebuttals to New-
Schiae and toasters. o the 25 mia's eommenmdatous whieh
Scycleh much higher her. he-was senaing et today ome
(3.he iffespana ean egnuloye Oy e o h national argaha-.
In tl tropics has been proven tion ie Wa'lingtoa. but to
to b4horter. Thin Is one o the three enatrs.
rqo i iyorkas .here can: retire
three eanrs earlier than l the Lovebldy s protests cover each
States of the new proposals raised by
(4) Recuperative leave every the Oeneal Accounting Offlee
few yeas is an absolute Acces- representative.
aity..Thisa rms Into mowy,. lWith regard to the proposal
(51 Canal Zonlans have to hat all employes be placed on a
r ble gettlng their children, ad- graduated leave system, Love.
mitttoate t side coUleges be- lady's letter points out the fact
cuR of residence reaulrennLs that Initlaily it might save some
In some States. Increased tul- money, but in the long run t
tlon- for outsiders is usually the would co-- a good deal more.
custom. Aecordbih to the AFGE officer,
With regard to lowering the local rate employes would also b
leave to make it eael to eligible to be placed on this sy-t
Stateside reuiremeate.L the tern becatie the Sick and An-
following points will be raised: nual Leave Act of 1951 ito which.
(I) Leave regulations as thev employes' leave would revert., ;
exist now are one of the-things changed l, does no, specify na-
employes have to fall back on tionalty of the employee.
n case e the i redaction- Thbi would meae thaJ local
In-force nmloce s~ ~~ould ror- rate employes w hbdpow emr
quire them W renc te the total of 26 days woeI ia
States to seek other employ- many cases be entitled to mr
meat. leave, hardly a saving to the
(2) The necessary recTpenatve government.
leave could hardly b taken on Concernng Newman'9 drastic
the minimum allotment of 13 suggestion tht thf-orce on
days annual leave a year. Panama Canal CoMpany pay-
(3) The cost of converting the rolls be wut by 5.0, Lovelady
books. If the new system Is put states that the GA O represen-
into effect, woud be enormous. native his drawn afrerroneo
(At present. anMu aiMd sick compariarm, because tlq figure
leave are not e l the be u re- were based on hes l
ord. mployes receive a straight of the force In 1939 when every
40 working days Ilve a year.) one worked 48 hours, or some-
The last Itm discussed this times more. Now. It takk more
morning concerned Newman's people wmlking a 40-hour week
4tifabnold to mnsolldate hospi- (CoetnMeda amn Iae a, eL.
tal the Zone. The GOvernor
dos not betlue h thia Idea Is
prati ocabl e, Ie a 3
E, e feames t n pe no P S

d Ds,+ Av To k f1 -
be -ode A nthe meitmlbrs | e p
-Wamf. ,er this e mn wor | d TOnmter
no further conferences with the- L W r nt
Monday for the Senate Appro- A mass rally protesting Can
pritatlon Ccuniltee. ZoneGov. 3eybold's re.IV hCe
Newsier. h CLU official Local 9Ox demands, will be .o
stated he has been aske4 to ub-. tomorrow ar 4 p.m. in theI 0-
is* any further Information Prk at Fifth Street.
wbibh naiht be helpful In pre- PrecedinR the rally; a pard
mafh the employes' Ime. will start at 3 p.m. -from ec
0aft DOail' WboUre the iet and continue to the pare
ODOMApwoudatotisnmlt- Speidal speakers will be t9
tee, Irbold plans to attend a Colet Mayor Basmn, and Hectes
jp a meeting of the Doard of Connor, of the Colen Mualel"i
of the Canal Coump- Coeldl.
my next Friday hiheh M bean Panama Deputies Maximo
aWed to consider plans for In- quo, Herv O Mean QuirM am
11rul Uw the a _ti w G a- Krnesto Calenom are scheduled M
*i-Jij~nM frow a r Union a members on the ist r
Ata meelbe -46eaa9 tUi& weakon are CIO trmabuMN
Smoa k repreientatitve d K. Wa-I,
1he Govetmo la to b ii Local MW president. W *",e At& S* 1r1Wee hearings 8m as Urn
X.a,. I M. j, -_.._ -___t *. -mh..

m F g. IMg t, compare

ree ~ ~ aSf saW aar

,.,~ .~
v~., ~*





Abraham- Unc.ln.


fou o




- Ilk

St (UP) -
woman w
Iull toe I

' *-* I


t. ; ,,, *

* L


.7 "Um


.," ,-*




'66 a



r~W,'~ -~ .~

- THE PANAMA AMERICAN Spe Carry o'Big Stick
-.-- Labor News
*wnto AND Pubul(irE ev TH PANMMAk AtMICAN PMN L INC.
V "ST011- 7 1114,. PANAMA w IPP.
ttLeHoNI I ANAMA Alo 2 o7ab I LINtib
48 WA nisoN AVE. NeW VORK. ,t7i N V.
I" L N AVkk s '.to 6 250 By Victor ielb1
P k TH6. IN AvANeg a so 13 00 -* 08
oLSt 1S 4 E. ,N aW&MANC 1so -44 3o Montreal- Newsmen on this
beat have grown soft arid Pt
.I$i OU ORUM TRE fA!RS OWN COLUMN their exercise only fromjum
..Ig al conclusionl l(M w..
Lewis hurls an epithet. f WA
SI h Ii But if any of the I t
A left from the old crowd which he
ducked hurtling tear gashe Up
o -- bombs, swinging night sticks, h1
Susillades ot rocks .and last Tu h-m
The Mail Box is an open forum fat readers of The Panama Amer- police striker melees on hw h M a
icut LetteR It& resolved gatefully ad are handled In a whislty tonti- ancient strike lines, *int o
demtil manner. get back into trim, they should ,
If yeu cnttibutt a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the To north Quebecnto Ca polada. re
ifst day. Lkttrt are published in the orderr received. at war with tne Catholi Fed-
Pines try to k**) the lettert limited to one page length. eratlon of Labor and the CIO b[ ..
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. -and sooner than later, the .' t.e
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions publiernaionalllbesctartledinvolvib tReed 's
expressed in letters from readers. police brutality which the U.b. Curtle of M
-abadoned with the grtat blts- forms. But
IS THERE A SLEUTH IN THE AUDIENCE? zar of 1888 or thereabouts.f
It strikes me thbt thb Ht-
Sir, ish intellectuals who go a-
boat the world dtribling us Congre
It's about time to bring you wonderful readers of the Mail "AM ti" sa db- coeagues
Box few more episodes in the life of Super Sleuth. bing abbits should look close-n-
the benefit of newcomers to the Isthmus, Super Sleuth ly at tIher own Dominion
Is Sherlock Holmes, Houdini and J. Edgar Hoover. (My apologies cousidb. The anadtls g rt,"
to these men for using them for comparison.) I at tni very Mtlitet, permit-
Episode 1. Dog mysteriously bites child. Motive and rea- ting ie most brutal kind of .
sons are, of course, unknown. Owner of dog and parent of child t strie breaking any non -
agree to amicable understanding. Super Sleuth now enters the nation has ever lol-
'picture, orders a full-scale, first-class on-the-spot investigation. elated.
Some of the investigating was done by Sdtr Sleuth himself, Mid Leadcrs and members of the
What he was afraid to (I beg your pardon, mean, couldn't) take Cathcl.c texuie dnlon a4t tfhe
care of himself he assigned to his assistants. CIO's Oil Workers Unio0 have, ..t
the outcome of this great investigation? You guessed it. in t..e past few minontl, been ed "i
Suoot bleuth, reminded that his "boSs" will investigate any in- shot, beAten around the head, wTe
vestigation, put away the caste I file 13. neck, ribs, stoiath It fl le.s.
Episode 2. An employee finds discarded toilet seat. Obtains They have been given the l a c
permission to keep same from his supetVlsors. Through ways and third degree and have been el nist
means unknown to the ordinary individual Super Sleuth gets made to sign statements swear- H-p rimd
w1ifl of this terrible ahd terrific crime and apprehendt the Ing that they hLIVent been i is
"edprit." A full-scale investigation follows: Outcome: Super molested though their r I b a M' Wtht
1bit h i'eturns toilet seat to employee. La&k of evidence, not gov- were broken, etkr dealen- Veld tha. I
tltitent property, cate closed, ed and their bodies Wracked _a -f
pl.oode 8. On a certain military reservation a motor scooter with blackjack btlgs.' --
was Uised by government employes to facility te their work, such So far remoted fron our Th d
as, messenger service, parts pick up, etc. because said vehicle own idtastrial rltibhs, and .. Pe nn sy
nter left tnt reservation the owner never obtained a license for even routih ne p6ie pPattices k be.t
it. Who should hear bf It,.but Super sleuth. So we're off on an- oh ordinatry cmt rl s, 16 AI Bk g &ll B ,l Ing
othklt bJa amsgnient invoblting all the intrigue of a world-Wide this that 110 H6llwoot1 Writer
ipvage case. would tiAre ruan aSh a ae- D Buchis w
It was learned that the scooter was used by employes for the quehge eVth in i& B novie .1 tBAN
reasons Statel above, with the consent of the ehmployes' super- quickie. It't look too corty anr Ii
visert, at a iaving of money and ah i hours. The solution of this mIelodialtic. -
"nerVe-wracking' case was a follows: Erinployes are now unable utIt 1tlX, nIt' Pirth reall- At Sets i oIuthr.aha-r tra
to use the shooter and save Uncle am money .and uper 8ieuth ty just e m 11 TheI next her? ol ItymJu st f ewoh u n drle d r m ile n a bt fin o hsit t I t at= r i e ll h t ml i & l en d. o r
was instructed as to the proper and correct times to use "certain" Rram title centers oL AF T an Thea n it S tadfo a" 1h fil t oUt of l ibt the la inS tb n to hiso eri. t' Meihdsllm'
hwh ttt the lai
oiiL Ti-ftitle o figthichalher should be "upr Sleuth wT bo au0 tboia t AAgm, .he othe It Dftrr shaped 5 b ib h n
ess I ti tie otis ter should be are sufficiently istui by moonters. There m. It tQ a ui~r shffci' te ltiratk lmoe t otl ,ahd per d at a
toilet set in his quarters so he "obtained" one through his many of t ta you see ma the u tht the ad
devtous RY6 s ArInstalled it in his apartment. Through a "leak' the ir offcil a L ders tl4es alo n you see somay 11 1 mocrt a sitS not Ubih
theyZ. Will P.ith couhr-aeUaI In one fy t lbo I &W terveral sights not Hn *we re sittng Immobile, In the middle of
sodflfi% tr, tilth beathe klieWd to a certain party in position to t hen they gather in In 00 ten rlly accot tls yt a ,thiiherd o r n immoblet.
make an issue of StIper Sleuth's action. He was informed that ton.they g b her In Weashing- geary c O ld i aS fa. mtherd of oeo pitna.l i
he wasn't a rlVIleked character, was ordered to remove th nThtew Th Quebec policw tw pro te We a midst tur e aio so close that we could W .
appliance and to replace it with the original. The Quebc ollve, now pro- ke tt bete1 Ip ?. We eatl te -a .b tn odn the tioe-birds, as they uehd-: oAs
The moral of this should be "do as I say, not as I do." at t owed by was a ored hyitfti het n eb w"t e r I k n cflung to the 1n titOt 0n kt
-oI'm Ni cninr kefinero Ltt ite-d tfh n It; a tsartg4va *t tg Itu .unto about eit t. &rdu. -e ,w
bakersat. ln______d wlbr ; 5. a CtheouA
--omthn catholeCniane h>, S -Dea, Bhui t a I ,kte ri AI
sfnuite in agreement withthe vastmajori o-f l 4fIM Knight Usid Steel a *nuror, We^ trae kirt JWi^* i lay tf tcllhiglr ht. wi vataoff,,r

tcke' buyer that something sould be done about the ant l in CHada mn con s t t ll i. etInt
ed, h~hritrd sysAtem usednl p Panama eatery dlrawins. "ln S oh hrntig bluver a c r -o
ltAie p ntL Iie s Ihy that ie no a 1ge 1 ol h s
amaerycithestrttiante epDebko,
th e 1 repUas othat r hm hMy sl you. for hd o uee or bttt. A h-nch iM W
Snd the Catholic Confederation with the b.d. p*ai .WIUan doen yards, There was Meut elrdt that wi ldn'bmrt f t
Does he know that two witnesses are chosen before each fo Wining a tnle mJor rsomeme it at us whl fi tthlo a t a
drawing to mspervis the closing of the 40 ivory balls and remain strike in Quebec in r e c e n t frr, mt. We were sittinq ln b.ab. emSt a In tSoret ,.and then S W^ Mamp a igh.1'
right nbtt to the n rnov r duLrinir the entire drawing? years. _farry, miap te gun wBereti nd_ i. ren Um,- spB f orget m. bug hrh Ga II r ja_ l;t
w. W Wn ould out there Tome Sunday morning Tere was the Catholic Cex. thing scared the Hnai lu, a bau of R Mi' WI Insittnr behind a kmy r.
bfore 10:4 and stat that he would like to be one ofe wt til Union strt In Loulisevlle There w a thunder ot f U k g -ul t .burfi3 o within i1 "ol yards u M5l't
nines, I think the official. would be glad to accept him, and he Que., for example. It ran most movies saho l our on fh lieus, f ue ever, b .
wtculd get hsih name on the official lint which is published an the of 1952. ice at us In a SWnIntwpL
oppe bnd dlatrsbutem tdalP aenldors. After running for more than sotid 'o bit. ftt-Y i o ut"
I don't agree with him that when a number like seven comes 10 months, the Catholic Textile ta scr te TN.u ,they
up there are always four of them. I've seen eights appear on syndicate union strikers sud- m sadethnwatcfUp 11" oe
much the same mt nner. But sometimes they come up once and d te Ca found theiCeloes faced Thtinwihh WedPcold.oewad Teews 4tS
never come up again during the whole drawing, especially when by lhe heavily atiled Quebec ourfarmsa cari. A Vln w e saw h I tI
Maybe the nueroise osts can offer some explanation. eCI. 11 .c 'e e rsitig h
8 peclal Officer Paul Benoit fre ., et m Y~rkj O
It" -tW wlouh seWanta Wire To backed by 40 troopers, reaxi iode,0 ab _ht ofon0' tt rab Ias -
1 atub tthem the Riot AIt. Then the hll asrnto r den qSr m ll 1oa
police took atexam the strikers clos t Our
With blackjacks, clubs and ri-t
S phtt h name on the offiialistwhicispubgalloped oSt usgain, a s *er p6108t Pa2. t
lies, shooting ope man in the g tha ap, "h. b'
Sneck as he ran fbm the police. .
dntar ee wthitatway nmees Ask1 After that tC town's citu- : .e. *e Sl a h # *111s
StB som s cwere for deni f to ascc ol v o f 1 am-I
wolikt n h groun o .l ts e than ttehlf R W Yk wo- bS
Mayeten fficafferor exlnto. Teplahce was rubfewed. No one ma
forWtTo asalloed0thoesreets aftdI __t &
hAnimpatA.oThrvern n TEEbill vffid t -

polimerchant whoo e rto sre is across 0 re Im nOw
lronthe Cattlh yd, ahad l
Wtquarters later told a reporter usind ri- ,

DISTILLED AND BOTTLED IIn hall, hb l 6*r the reeeivuPgJ- -a i
fleubs, and so tinot mra thegt l a tain so f .hil

CANADA jammed with stris, but see b.
hey kept making rem f iddeo a

AtKIViLLj CANADA ^ 010 Ol rk- dr ', ...
Stt mp ing tO unionize the a- t h
wainan Cos er ibefinrpsed !nra "Th f1*O
_____ _____f____ __.__ _____ _____ _____ _'se

b -z.b to .nn rk ~tft p ," r ..,.-r

nd from I ts plants. 8 pecIal Justbeformth $
off and Obowderhead t- T a 6 a
are hired trnom the t o .
'Investigation" and *dw .
ltV detective" agencies whi tS went o
soas n m.,., out of aexisteom In this country aw a

was hatthe bf aa IMien. wave t
six were SIR fl
from their If. Ono in

mLat Ingo$ Ubwe Vole
-=_m-- en

SCO. caught with r ulalUiCio .

trao at .- to
tqr 1.5* i ', "

Houcan A

,Oz 40 hr
mus sMuM DtMr.p 0
^Sb.J i m




IO".- &. .
':* *r. "..M "$ ..

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p. Inag 5A.VU DI rou r gapy -' r
It her friends at the Union 7:30 p-m. i
Clua b.
omer HN s Vitos m Anud Square Dance SuO
mnd Mr.. Juan 0C Dlin A -d 4 Obe r
Wa, France, who arril Barn and Square Dance 66 Geraint's wife
recently or'a t i be held at 8:00 P.M. on la,legod
:U.x Wei* the Nu4 Al l 4 at the Pedro MIMI
Io h at a dmmer. ien Ba Club. The publiIc Is cordial-
Av b, W. I-s vio onwill be 50
a.ula ribe at their cents-per person. Music wiU St. Peter's Lists CuI To Hour
S. b ftm hed by the Canal Zone
--ir-i. Ti or String Band. Early Palm Sunday Mem

th cao, Ad rXWa Won ,At~ W ommunion Service ,1 re r
a and The *l Browne art exhibi-
-1 'Z- t of rtitsand human in. Bleo and ffdiutItO of US VcePreSMen
tein oils and pas-plmInoll be carried out at St.
.r ite main hanging at the peter's, church. a Eoca, next MATANZAS, Cuba March.21-
M 6 fthe Jswtsi. Welfare Board Gallery week Sunday morning in connec- Cubans and North Americal
of blaOr att luncheon through ,Mareh, 27. The public tion with the observance of Palm. homage here Tuesday to tt
f by e tht 1 InTt attend. undy. Memory Wiliam Rufus Kin
,DebA"Of tuDIlA6Ac I the only United State4Nlce Prem
I M Sina' Paul Brnier. T- Board Meeting The bour of the Communion ident ever to take the oath i
Th *p Sective Board of- the servlbe n Palm Sunday has been office outside of the. continent
The lad- Balboa lub wll mee advanced to 6 a.m., when there United States.
OW twoe Am r 1341 BaboW a luWimt the ewlm wiUllbe an open n poeo of A plaque donated by the All
Son WVSe r HEW at the Balbi the horisters, acolAe and clar- bama Historic Society will I
Grf ritintoionel Ba Wlboa a .ntsr albou. unveiled that day in Matanzu
ri Arthurta Cloug i b t :00 am. R. John S. McDuffle. priest municipal Spalae in a ceremony
thtueof Cltoa h In charge, will celebra te HO41(o- in which a number of resident
SF Ahj D PIJIy ly Bucharist at 7 aj.z tom4irow, of the State of Alabama nE
po come ratg FIO Sunday. Cubans wilP take pa
iLh atnda to wi" "Sll Sched also m4, morning The Socledad Colombita.Pax
2 i J prayer ia10, foUowe by church Americana and Cuban Acadea
O t Golf Club on shool and evensong &t7:30 pp.m. of History have hed ng
r___p Ali to_ ef u ar for te cerermoni nest i


- ."'" '.',

Construction work on the
nine-year program began last
January, out Matthews wrote.
that in a sense the project got
under way more than a year ago
When a combined Haitian and
U. 8. Point Four mission set up
a model farm after constructing
a short irrigation canal from the
Artibonite River.
Colombista Panamericana said
the plaque donated by the Ala-
bama organization "forges still
another link in the chain of
friendship between Cuba and
the United States."


Vacuum Cleaners. Floor
Crawford Agencies
No. IS "J" Street
T*L -USs B= IM
3-M25 PrMiaM. P.




"1 1.

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waft thefr 'yU-t3 this -lnBg
!at6:3 0.
Vindse Leave For Aunrml
Moapsignor AlexandroCacho

a d
a dollars to. Mg- and;
a in 1M,. I
Ion of ric,- Icluehng
Argentnm, wleue the
wu_ the lfthunt evsf-

,Zn Sbuth
tdr and
k Aw

e Dte M

":. .Bint,
NiewiLoadB, C

A spokesman jor-the Soc~dsda

Septimus J6nes'
Burial TomOrrow
At Pueblo Nuevo
Puneral services will be con-
ducted tomorrow afternoon at
2:30 In thv star of Hope Lodle
Hall on Domango: splwr Street
for Beptimuas M. Sones, who died
yesterday after a long illness.
Burial wl take place in the
ueo Nuo meter follow-
Mr. JoheA 6, was born in St.
Catherine, Jama,, B.W.I.. and
worked as a tailor ever since he
came to'* the hmus several
yeaer a.. ].L um a member of
the MLoal Utr of Hope Lodge
No. 633, IOQP, London Unity.
He is surutveM by his wife Mrs.,
Mabel Jones, three daughter
and four grandchildren.

stopriM~e e

Don't ry it
first s5ra i! a

siqpnl so j-tt) ftRetiak;
mid do 06hingabouob.
*ribg lover, na.ural-
meSw h bcoiodt So
:sau|B-r',jnd IetVu take
oras for Roux OIl Sham.

% yrc of Ait

sbi alm o^ color
4i&Mt| poo wrry a


and many other gift items.
(All sales final)

Tivoli Avenue Store only.


in Coe-t-Om Yer
From New Ymok, March 12 r
Sept.. 16 (two sours include
i5rarweekinRomeorSewil le)
Lmdig emtadasednic airlines
uad lammes. 27 to 77 daym
4 to 56 days. $9M p .
y -e or air. 49 to65 days;
$1,151 up.
AdParMv dw*w A MaiW

smJd fr "Th Am ricu Tra-
eler I Wurope," a booklet
dM cribia om mples ipm.
@as travel ervrices, witl
assand i nam d m

Be wfe of 5eomm'ddleg';
HOTn & hioatT RaviA T

Parque Lesse e Telephemem
Ne. 3 "L" St., 2-Ns
Panama, .. P. 2-2Me

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Poain Four Helps Fralernal Grops LIVINGROOM-

Transform Barren a6b4WNiyj TONE

Area un leM To Val Mee ifastmovingcar
Invitations to a meeting of
WASH TOK.March 21 representatives of all fraternal
Haiti's Arlibo.mie Valley irriga- and benevolent societies on the
tion project has been described Eacific and Atlantic sides of the
by the weekly news magazine thmus have been distributed *
'Time' and the New York 'Times' and an enthusiastic response Is j
as the outstanding development expected at the convention.
in Haitian history, which will be held under the
The .project will eventually auspices of the Group Life In-
provide Irrigation for 3,200 hec- surance Comimittee. Independent
tares. Order of Odd IPellow., M.UJ..S.
The New York "Times" cor- The meeting, to be held at the
respondent Herbert L. Matthews Sojourners' Hall, "P" Street. on MOTOROLA Matches the
wrote that he had talked with April 15. has been called to con-
Haitians throughout the valley sider the prospects of arranging tone Of the speakers to
and was Impresmed by their en- payments of higher benefits to the acoustics of
thuslasm over the great promise members of the societies.
of the project. He quotes a Hal- The purpose of the meeting the car.
tian engineer, Raorul St. Lo as now has been extended to in-
saying that he had waited 20 clude consideration of action INVER IODC A C
years for the project. which may be taken in view of IN* I C
O ot wo ld.. l s the recently published executive GENCh R A EIC
One of the world's largest but- decree which requires a deposit Vi.tN ALLES
tress dams will be a part of this of $50,000 from all organizations p 122
21 million dollar Improvement which yav benefits of any kind P.hO. BnOs x 3- -21 1
which was planned by the Hal- to its members Phones: .-11- 3-311
tian government with the aid of Officers of the Group Life In- ON AUTOMOBILE BOW
the U.S. Point Four Peogram. surance Committee would like
The dam will span the Peligro to know of any society that has
canyon and will be,7:5 meters not received an'invitation to the
high and 322.5 meters wide. It meeting, so that they can be for-
will control 3U0 nMiMon cubic mally invited.
yards of water that.Vfl flow 96 Officers who may be contact-
meters to smaller Intake- dams ed are Hugo C. Bycroft. chair-
at Canneai. The water, which man, 3-2201 PanamA; Albert 2.
will be diverted at Canneau in- Bell. secretary, Box 3626 Ancon, Loomed with Dupt's
to canals, will be used to irrigate C.Z.: E. 0. Headley treasurer, oond wii Dupnt s
the valley in which 100,000 Hal- Calle 32. Planama City. thick and thin roy. yorn
Utans live.

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NEA Staff Correspondent
HOLLYWOOD, (NEA) Ex-1 Phil Regan, the Irish singer
olusively Yours: It will surprise I who starred in Warner musicals
Hollywood, but Barbara Hale, one in the early '30's, is blushiltg
of the town's real beauties, is go- over some of his old films play-
ing into partial and maybe per- ing the TV circuit.
zmanept retirement as a Tilm1 "My grandchildren can't un-
star. She confided: 'derstand why grandpa is mak-
."It's not that I've been unhap- ing love to all those dolls on te-
Spy in the business. Hollywood's levision," Phil flipped.
been wonderful to me and I love Still black-haired and youth-
acting. I know my decision will ful looking, Phil's the father of
m rprise people. But there are five children. The eldest is a 28-
Many things I want to do in life year-old son.
and most of all I want to enjoy
mty home and my family." Now an executive with an
Barbara recently completed a eastern brewery, Phil was in the
starring role opposite Jimmy mob at the Shadow Mountain
Cagney in "A Lion in the Club's annual Shadow Ball and
Streets." joined James Alexander in en-.
Stertalning. Alexander, who star-
Gene Kelley's return to the: red in 1503 performances of "Ok-,
U.S. this summer with a tax- lahoma! confessed to me that
free fortune of around $400,000, he made the mistake of his life'
earned in Europe under the 18- when he turned down an offer, to,
month overseas income tax law, do the show in London.
will be an eye-opener. I've al-.
ways believed that movie stars,! An unknown named Howard,
who are in the big money brack- Keel stepped into the role and'
et for only a few years, are too it was Keel, not Alexander, who
heavily taxed. was discovered by Hollywood and
became a movie star.
But $400,000 tax free, earned ---
In only 18 months! Evelyn Keyes, back from Paris,
I'm writing to my congress- tells about three French children
man, along with a lot of other seeing their first torrid love
taxpayers, :scene in a movie. "Look at the
man and woman talking," said
Despite P1t Wymore's state-! the youngest. "They're not talk-
ment that all's well, the name of ing-they're making love," cor- -
the Princess of Bella Cista, an rected the next eldest. "Yes,"
Italian beauty, keeps being link- added the oldest boy sagely,
ed with Errol Flynn....Fun, in "but not very well."
Hollywoo4d Dept.: Rita Hay-i
worth's new boy friend, Manuell
Rojas, wired a phony smoke-and-' THAT WEAKER SEX
noise bomb to the motor of her!
Limousine as a practical Joke. But BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) -
aRita didn't think it was funny. Henry Lyles took a 16ng taxi
ride, then refused to pay the
A Texan, visiting Ciro's. told fare of $5.70, police charged.
bwner H. D. Hover: When he attempted to leave the
"I can't dance but, boy. I sure cab, without paying, the driver
Plo like to hold 'em while they slammed the door in his face
ido." and kept him there until an of-
ficer arrived. The driver was a

Born 1820-

Hildegarde, "tha incompara-
le," is on the verge of writing
,her biography, but the galley
proofs will not be sent to movie
tudios for a possible film.
a She's turned down offers to
elluloid her life and she'll turn
them down again when the book .
is published. "I'm going to let a
fllmblography wait until im In
Sher l or dead," she told me.
* The veteran supper-club star-
ihe's been on the cover-charge
Fircult with her gloves, handker-
chief and Hildegardeian chatter
oince '32-has kept a daily record
of her life sincd the age of 12.
"My book." she says, "will be,
ine strange new style. I'm going
|o write it myself. Ill write the ,
rmal, Hildcgaroelan type of ':, T r
Phint. .. ,
ldegatde'sneonparable ii.
6e oftstage charm and ques- hi d 0
tion!-Wd-answer game, too. 1he ..
answers em faster than you can ,
ash 'em.
t.'mut working 48 weeks & year. AIDE TO STASSEN-William
hop-thg from city 't city: "I'd McNear Rand, rqtlred pres-dat *Fin
die without itt. I'm a gyp), It's of the Monsanto Chemical Co.
in my soul. Retire? I don't evn of St. Louis, Mo., was e soe nol Wt
thirk about it. I'm a prisoner of Deputy Mutual Security DiT-
show business and I love it." rector. This s the first ti Wh the
Cr why she's never married: 67-year-old businessman has
t-~'ve never met Mr..Right, but been a government emnloye.
I've been pretty close on three
Rudiyard Kipling's f a m o u
ljoem. "If," has become a sonny.
with music by Louis Herscher. It
Pok the tunesmith 11 years of Loorned with Dupont's
negotiations with the Kiplingj thick and thin royon yarn
state to clear the copyright.
|, ___ mammmem____
h is~% WELKIN. Planeteer arrle Gives Up

FEr NIT o E ws PMAr ATgeroI

''SW Im

Ibot.ALLA'W P1W Ask the Boy Who Owns One

... WHold It, Clcrer

'I -aU



ne Old Scotch Whisky
& Som Ltd., Scotch Whlky Dis lfsa KD ltoam

aL~sy ouP

.- OVER woo


7 f4


IB @ Rh'


haek In qu1 Moo

The Pacifk Sheam i-llonCM -
Royal MAl Ies Ld.. d '

S.S. "TALCA" ................... Ap
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ........ .. ..... "
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" h1IM, Tons) ... May lIth g^l^
S.S. "CUZCO" .............................Marh Mth
8.8. "FLAMENCO" ..........................faph 1 -
S.S. "DRINA" ..............................April .
M.V. "BERBICE" ....................... ..... April ',
8.S. "LOCH GARTH" ........................March Z'h
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ........................... April 1th
All iallings ubjftct to Cbange Withbut NotUe s\
PORD CO INC. PANAMA-Ave. Perit #. Tel. 8-1t27/

ihmloctc. *1 *ini~i.^
SThere He doee Cg
:as No Goa*

body Road% Qaesf


E 'E

IF you carrvo,

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:. .f

JI Y~4

. aswe a et .


Glmad Got That- Far

S- .- ... .- ,
,. '^ '
t I l,',,1

SM "m lu boLDu- Ovao .,.aw ,


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m n ,=

2i-A-l U4'Jf 1 '.,A



~';~":E~:."il .' / J*

," .,;'. *.. ",. r' -

T' Ai iuuA iMACA n qiEwftNMT DArlV SLAruA

Nlui.* al. Ne w gAitnn O-fers GIMs

For 1 p.ier -Hom ""

,r w. -. !t.

.41 el

A4 Mur. Feuaades
nd Mrs. James Ternan-
Ph their a, Har An-
are leaving hue no
=S on March" for lDalas.
6They will la Mr.
'mother, M An-
ernandesa 1 that city.
--MY ofothe

Cs*HatftHs pmigters of
C6uO. LQrdy of the
Wo will hold
of lew
Swll be
-At' the
rp- wll a' 9

ts, tW and their gue
st- r N
I'. Rep. .
C z e

.. .
|^%JSidied .ef'
-upr &edifs

A. S-

somg wt

Sthtiir mU-
HrOy, at ,6
p. ..
nwithl u

3 'w. *, y w J 1

el. ANld he
twelve and


r two yr t



oade Maeso nIc Toempe
.Clam f mbers, Mrs. June
VlM inAla StarkO
A ae entitled wratck"
was played with the tie 1 o-
in to Mrs. Frank Beqon, Mrs.
ene Dills M I s Mildr;
Neely, Mrs. rankle Parr, Mrs.
Dorothy Barsoaky and Mr s.
Dorothy acer.
Aflr si ht l w enao t hoad back open ta
Of Paelfle. lrg e.. i t Sid
TSe Ladisw Auxiliary Fleet "Better bomt uk0lb,_n Kay doors, windows an (htre.i
Reserve Asiaspation, Unit 590 aoof Bt
Coo solo sponsored a tour of Sherwood's tiew col of news has charm Intl~ Wan
Ple a ie Wedanesday and ideas for th erIcan Icy dratS In the
with 40 members and iuesat home, will g"k/LeUM nt easier "The kitchen I .tos the
A aaIng the trip. .- and more eng when hub of the hoiue, u ith
Mi _Eli e 'e[ t.a e. on e 4 Amer- acres of linoleum to i im ]both
t Elm made thel aeag women's pae l rrow. front and back dooeopen- Iant
mara rtev c the u arwih e This new feature will offer f it. The ivIng roo layroo
me Mr the tour which was n a n re
db Captain Wilson wealth of Information on fur- and way all funnel' taffi
SCan eu at L. A. ishfinW decorating. coo k ing. through the kto Ie apand
a oi the th Naval sewing, care of children and most of my t hime t there."
i f the 15th Naval general home improvement. The "Better4oulimaking" col
visted the Pana- Be tte Homen" will umnist doee all of her .gn
m' Museum, San Jo brbW you news of wh t' avail- housework, with the ocaaid
ChUah of tahe Golden Altar able for. more efficient home- aid of a cleaning woman who
the A Plaza and the ru- making, and will show how the comes around when she feels "up
Ins of Panaa, after which average homemaker meets the to it." Miss Sherwood and her
they N nOheon Ma t Hotel problemof her o pb-whether it's husband have trleo their hand
they Theu also va Hte full r time o s ined with a ca- at refinishing furniture with
Thyd n sed reer. good success, and' hr pU
n side pi n p raiyvat with some new idef 4ap habs
on de ,ad. w ewood, In privatewill pasnsonn to you.d a ehhe
nIlfe r dward Maw1 isu as- "We are blessed wh i an auto-
l nL w o as an N matic washing machine and a
Serwie r on subjects of fine vacuum cleaner." she re-
f A womm's interest. She is alsoe. ports, "but my day still begln
..o ether and homemaker about 6:45.,In the morning and
w ToI' epi Sh erwood will beep you in ends with the dinner dishes
touch with the latet word on washed (by hand) about :30
now P "We re introduced in the p.m.
,i 1dp nstfoh4q aJor home mar kets. "In common witn many
S"Better omemaking" will also women r dream of a new house
WA4HIN0TC(, March 22 (UP) discuss own. explriencs in with all wMdas of seeavms ences
- State Depatment officials ee house and raising two and no eust-eathing erners.
admit to t t httey fall l children. But the older, traditiemal home
to i9t2.llCbtn about a -' "Or house has all eft is has a certain warmth and ops-.
000. luu A housing proj a t clouds living you'dd 4DRn a eiousness that ~I appeea,
for aU. ii In Geraa n el case," writes Mi.s te- and it is ch ham en ge to
|ntl woi Wpmd "we l uni o "Two children-Mdtedith, the energy and' agthim nation
Wa and Charlie, nine m6nths- of the homemak ."
J W. oltt Y aed Blacklea fine pedigreed Besides writing her "Better
ef )bination of nd fox Homemaking" column twice a
terrier, are underfoot of the week, Miss Sherwood is asctivin
L ime,. z. her church auxiliary and ~l e
S"We rent a large old farm- League of Women Voteri, Her
o :au. It has wve 'rooms, all main interests continue iicen-
te small nd oed u by. ter around her bust hoiimfe,
Ia 'whidh always seems to go ie-

.... **Shound..yM so h; pl
-oCharlie should have bein atbund
......t -he always is-but he, was s
garor clo h According to a recent news cllv and crossWAt ichtee V noz
s a rewhich of the r- item with an Akron, Ohio. date- we had to ecuse him. He got the
includesonan Wline. Mrs. Orabelle Weisenhuller pox at thastartof tlo ome Fur-
e forConn lea blamed the American League nishing Show, Thhe Mren came
Sart troubw.~ fever. Thank goodness for peni-
ffifank. tje t o a- IEd an A-a ifia i

3 is
*" --:-"--''--,
Bealbo Y ais

Oft i

1t to women
m V n tk-perior to our
B.l ZrnUlwk4n sports.
We may not eare a hoot
whether white trunks beats
black trums In this evening' TV
wrestling match. .*
But If the of the house
tos Intee sted w be wiseer to
make Ins &bl bethe& match
my: 9 9 b? h that?"
Golf may leare us cold. But
when our man comes home from
a Saturday ant oo golf game
feeling like a =SW6 because he
won his match igalnst another
dub, we'd better isten with
shining eyes to..las stroke-by.
stroke account of the game.
Actually We wome are pretty(
good about tqritlo (0 aong
with our hus a, hi,
thuslasm for a ...
Few women o

In trips. IIIo

Arson Reed Denies
In Chicpa Fire

Whck In Cut-Taxes
CHICAGO, itch 21 (UP)-A 0
fire that raced through a four- WASHINGTON, March 21 ,UP)
story hotel killed six persons and -Rep, Daniel A. Reed (R.-N.Y.)
injured 11 yesterday, and au- said yesterday he has "not capi-
thoritles sald they suspected ar- tulated" in tne fight for his 10
son. per cent tax cut bill and pr.--
Fire Commissioner Michael dicted the House will get a i
Corrigan said "this looks to me chance to vote on it in the "very
like arson." near future."
The pre-dawn blase routed Speaker Joseph W. Mg3rtin Jr..
more than 100 residents of the ana House Republican '.ader 1
Chestnut Hotel and forced sev- Charles A. Halleck agreed there
eral to leap fromn windows. is a good chance Congress will t
Three men, two women and a cut individual taxes by July 1
Wby were traDped and killed, despite President Eisenhower's "
The body of the th victim, a warning that the budget must 2
irrin too badly charred to be be balanced first.
identified, was found in fourth- t
floor wreckage hours after the A dissenting voice was raised
fire was quenched. by Senate GOP leader Robert A. I
Taft who mid his party "did not
Corrigan said the fire started promise tax reduction in 1953."
under the back porch of the ho- He favored a "substantial reduc- 1
tel after two false alarms and a tion" next year.
rubbish can fire were reported
in the vicinity. He a l 1e found Reed. still feuding lth his
a basement door which was party's leaders over the tax cut
burned on the outside but not Issue, said his announcement
on the inside. Thursday that he had given up
Among the dead wls Mrs. Glo- plans to force an immediate vote
ria Williams. 23. wherwas found on his bill did not mean he had
in her room with her suffocated quit the fight altogether.
baby at her side. Her husband. "I shall fight more vigorously
1 George, was Injured in a fall than ever to fulfill the pledp'es
from a window, of the Republican party." he
A Another resident suffered said.
broken legs and ribs when he
leaped from a window, but GOP leaders vigorously denied I
0 George Costales, 35, tied bed Reed's welshing chasre, but for
f sheets together and lowered different reasons.
c himself from a third-floor win- Martin and Halleck took the
I dow In safety. position that Reed was speaking
Firemen raised ladders to res- orematurely and that a tax tut
* cue others who were burned or is in the works this year.
atffering from amoke as the Taft said the GOP promised
I flames coursed swiftly upward to tax reductions later, not in 1953.
0 the roof. Treasury Undersecretary Ma-
p rion B. Folsom told a meeting of
r John Mullett. 26. held his 14- tax experts that the adminis-
I month-old baby out a fourth- tration hopes to "shift" some
. floor window to protect It from taxes to make them "less bur-
Ssmok while shouting, "some- densome."
I body eatch my baby." But he added that "we must
Firemen quickly raised a lad- wait for a reduction in govern-
der, but it was a passerby, An- ment spending before we can cut
Sgelo tazla, who niced up the lad- total tax revenues."
der and the infant. Mul-
lett and his wife then were help-
ed to safety by firemen.

Section Of Prado
T Close During
SOO Recess
The section of The Prado In A 0 A
Balboa between Carr Street and hIARINO AID
Morgan Avenue will be closed to
traffic for about an hour duringS ON "-*- WW"S
the school recess periods in the ..q% V er ,.,S s d,
'mornings beginning next week. .,.., d..--
The street is to be closed to ...,WW,,ii.4.%. 1
provide 4n additional play area oW Flamwl- 1 1
or children attendlug the Bal- .- fmg e issV.
boa elem ry school while the
work on t ethals Memoriali
1h in program The memorial Is
being erected in the lot of
A, e eN 1o -
AMn asa.,by the o
school children.
Barricades will be posted on 1 Cet
The Prado and the public has Hearing Center
Y en requested cooperate h75Uoo
during the ti e street PhI$7500 Phone
oed- which wil be from about,,-1-" LH 2-3265
9:30 until 10:30 a.m. on week
days when school is in session.


-Now Fight

Reed said he dropped his plans
to zor(.o a vote on the bill next
Wednesday because a survey
showed it would have been "rid-
dled with amendments providing
tax relief for special groups."
Under the procedure hie now
plans, no arr..?ndments can be
Reed said he has decided to
bring pressure op the House
Rules Committee to send his bWl
to the floor for a vote. or take It
out of the committee with a
'discharge petition" signed by
218 congressmen-ra majority.
House GOP leaders have bot-
tied up the bill in the Rules Coma
mittee until they work toward
belancing the bud .?-t.
They predicted that by early
Mav they will be able to show
Mr Eisenhower that a balanced
budre. is "'in -sirht" and it will
be all right to pass a tax cut.

brass and


Radio in your

P. 0. ~e 313u
* Phones: 3-3S10 -319fI

Loomed with Dupent's
thick and thin rayon yam

Hats off to the


That's the/


we're looking




by popular demand....

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W tomd t
an acideadl
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"The Diers and Ullrich Label
Sd Is Yvour Guarantee of

* '-4J


,-.'l..:r (BM b 93) c o COLON ,,






Igafa Ibe



1 mn l.
*-'** w *


b; ::B


m- ---- -

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No. 55 West 12th Street

Carltoa ImD Store
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house, preferably unfurnished. Call
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American Embassy 3-0010.'.

Boat & Motors
PCF SALE:-New 14 ft." plywood'
runabcut, 5 ft. beam trial round,
Onyv good for 25 HP motor. Call

45th Recon. .B

Gets Strumers

From' 6en. Whilock
Major General L. 3. Whitlock.
Commanding General, United
States Army Caribbean, affixed
battle streamers to th# colors of
the 45th Reeonrdaiuaance Battal-
ion at Fort Clayton this morn-
ing. The troops of the unit then
passed in dismounted review.
Led by Major William J.
Hyde. executive officer, 45th Re-
con. Bn., who served as com-
mander of troops, Companies A,
3, C, D. Headquarters and Serv-
ice. and the Medical Detachment
paraded at the Cavalry Quadran-
gle at 10:30 a..t.
The commanding officer of the
45th. Lt. colonel Daniel E. Still,
stood in the reviewing group with
General Whitlock. Captain R. 0.
,ehman, aide to the General, al-
po stood in the party.
Major Reaford L. Rob'inson, S-
i, 45th Reco.. Bn., read the gen-
eral ordets referring to the two
battle streamers awarded the
battalion. They were for action
in Central Europe and the
%htneland, from late 1944 to
The 45th originally started out
ft an off-shoot of the 45th Ar-
reg d Regiment In July, 1943. I
eptember ,1, .it was redesign
Rated the 4t h Tank Battalion,
:th Ar.rored Division and par-
icipated In Ae Central Europe
Sad R.aelai campaigns.


FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
Santo Clara. Completely furnished.
Rock Gos Refrigerators and Staves.
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I).S Tl l r Ave. eus No30- t --
"S Ca, HMkm$L.C "- farmidtioo telephone 3-4C,98f,.Pan-
t Agency. aras.
I V RSALE I.-e lT.Vr'S yt. -,-

R l -E. FOR RENTI: Unfumrnishd i part-
Real Estate Y PANAMA CANAL COMPANT mat. 2 bedrooms. Government
Velue $16,000.- seoH fr $8000.00 OFFERS VARIOUS ITEMS FOR SALE Inspected.--Carrsquiiro 642. Sn
cash-S-iotb Cla. Sealed bids will be received until Francisco. Tqlephon 3 -4418.
One house tiled throughout. One bed- 10:30 A. 'M., March 31. 1953, in on.
room, living room, dressing room, the office of Superintendent of Slore- FOR RENhT
kitchen, breakfast nook, toilet houses, Balboa, for Vaporizing Steam FOR RENT
and shower, tile roof, overhangs Cleaner, Asphalt Heater. Drill Preas.
garage. Jointer. Mortising. Sanding. Sawing _OOIS
One house two bedroor.s, living and Welding Machines, Concrete FOR RENT:IFurnmshed roon with
room, kitchen, toilet and shower, Mixer, Road Roller, Troctor Rooer porch, kitchen if dsrod, s w-
many closets, back porch, Wodworkrt Reuters. Sand ond able for bachelor, near Cl mmiise
One doll house used as storeroom. Gravel Spreader, Platform 5caIe, A.r story. Apply over the ChowsB
Water system, fruit trees, four lots. Tanks, Tnk and Pump Ur,,. Moo,. corner I th. and Boi var on
Balboa Box 14. Tele. 2-3148. cycles, Automobile "Trailer, and entrnde Bivo No. 10,12a
FOR SALE:-Lond 25 100 Howe" AFire Truck B .lc.r an ti 233, Colon.
or approx. *. front by "300" Area, Balbca. 3nj #.,on NO -- -. .
oft.r depth, t.t ade Col33 23 may be obtained from the boe 1FR RENT:-Clean furnished roonh
Province. Contact Crawford Aen source, or from office of Suoerner.d. Private bathroom and entrance
i"J" Ste.t No el. 2 ncy, ent of Storehouses, telephone 2 277 Kitchen privilege -43rd Street N.
-Street No. 18.Tell. 2-2386. 1:3.
FOR SALE:-31 point diamond en-
gogement ring. Cheap.-Call Rous- FOR RENT:-Modern furnished room
LE N seau3306 with private both in new hou.-
FOR SALE:--Rengton" Mode ECongreo Call 3-5630 r of-
0insRN PIANO dINSTRUCTION.-. Seventeen Typewriter .r, excellent i "---- --
Beginners and advanced students. condition.-Avenido Central 202.1FOR RENT.--Furnished room w i
Popular CTCassical.-BENNETT'S Apto. 8. I refrigerator, stove, Bella VW.
PIANO STUDIO.-Tel. 2-1282__. __...._ I. Telephone 3-2914.
J--- -- FOR SALE:-Babv Grand Piano, rea- -.!.-
S15, 1947 It became the sonable price. 9072 New Ciiitobal FOR RENT:-Furnished roo
45th Reconnaissance Battalion 9th. St. Tel. 1296 infected, kitchen privilef,, I
45th .connaissance Battalion. ,21. Fourth ,f July Avenue j *p.
June 26, 1951. FOR SAL:--Modern Beskwith Pian, o opposite Roovelt Hotel t.
TIle unit plays a two-fold task Contact Crawford Agncy, 'J" St. F(- Ho- l '
In the Canal Zone- (1) by de-1 No. 18, Tel. 2-2386. FOR RENT:--Furnrihed oo wit
..... .............. kitchen privilege and l h na,45h
fndn the Canal Zone and (2) FOR SALE:-2 cash reg.ster, 2 add- SrtNo. 34. Tel. -4
ob law an ordr and t maintenance ing machines, 2 sates r' perlect -
tion of life ander property in the conditions. "Apartado 630, Tele- FOR RENT:-Furrtashed rem fw or
Zone. a o y i te phone 811. Col6n or two gntlemen.-No. 14 Fir
S- PANAMA CANAL COMPANY- et Pereil. Apt. 12. 1
__________________________I OFFIRS VARIOUS ITEMS FOR SALE
UI TTl E L "i1-!" Sealed bids will-be rece.,er until
10:30 A. M., March 27. 19 in
the office of Superintendent oft Sore-
1houses, Balboo. for Pumps. Portable WA hI PMMM tJ
r f Electric Lighting Plants. Ga' En- if
gine, Electric Motors., Powi- -
r Lpwn Mowers. Electric Water Cool. There are 0 va
3- FOer, Plumbing Fixtures. Laundry Tro, sn the e aal-
S IEngineer's Levels cno Transits, Check*I which qual-
Wriing Machmes, Sewer Pipe Belts. l may train6r, aalorl
S Fireproofing Compound, Ferrox Coat- latest tralnler-vfacall
1ing and Thiokol Putty located in the fram the Personnel
"300" Area, Balboa. Invntarson N o theuPeifoed el
Somefolksstortonashoestring 22 m Area, Balboa. Invitation Nh o Qualified eaployes
d become successful-ohers source, or fro obtained from the uperabe reduction e
c amer ^Ssource, or from office of Superintend- iven pri gl yI
jUSt take a good locing.i ent of Storehouses, telephone 2-2777. ile poitions..
FOR SALE:-Doberman Pinscher Pup- Five of the posloft1s 1" Is
pies. Steer, 123 Via Porras, Tole- the craft graUp and the s.
GPEU LAMPS ao Panama 2-1219. Come and mainderam s sgW o&r
see them. late position. ,
from FOR SALE:-Q uenrt Hut 60 by are: plant eo
f20t., at Los Cumneo. ConCest1lary Div lsn)
Crawford Apeey ", SbeaI No. der gmuger; I
$ 2 ,9.18., Tel. 2-2386. ist_ master
7x.C BcOch & Lomb Binoculars. The clasdi e
5x40 Air Guide Field gil sses. 212 sitions are: acoo uta;
Power Wearsr Rifle scope.-5413- acCOUD .
A Diablo Heghts. Phone 2-2428 and supp,
SFOR SALE:-Bargain: German shep- (*.
herd puppies, reduced prices. Call nl lan;
3-2396. San Fco. Ist Ave. No. 43. thppin :
Fomilia Sancher. an t .t
FOR SALE:-Delta Homecrdft Power
tools, complete with motors andal
tables. Electrc Water Heater, Fri- .'
4idaire. Powell Scoter with side
car attachment. House 357 France
Field Phone 37-88-714.
... ... SALE: Purebred Dber -
Comm Is e l d. .Pinscher pup. 5 months old, female.
.e .. Cell Cristobal 1284,
Coeu: ALE: Minte
--oco Solo

MiAkui s for 12 word.
J&. acb additioal wOrd.

_- _

Pay e and4 set more

Rayoads LIFETIME Ahum
Rua CWMruated Roofing
and g.
Rust Proof, Neg o Paint,
Peranent, epebs Hat,
1 *< fGrtatM
a't tBdi rs .
(whote v r a pIeMaaUMI
|I nalOn t Tel. 3-0,140

Shpp t. meWnsi, torge.
W* patk and Orate ot move
anything. "'Phon 2-2451,
2-2062. panam.

Housebo l Exchange

...T. ^ .


mwtoew Ne. IT
STeL -46M

Alimi 1rwt Ros
S Sm &. -eam y
de isa ffo n

Ave. B Ito. -T r Ai. a-w11s


MOGu: I a l A m 6soa

I- e-P.



Open from 8:00 a..
to 12:15
from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Mmqdy through Friday


boe.. .ti frome Pt of

ILi.&'t ii-. .1Ut to

**-- 5i'.ii..'V'- I I


Teiay, ,tarwy, Manh .21
3:10-B-nd of America (VOA)
3. 15-1'fAtte howM.
3:3 t of the~nda
4:00-Mealt for Saturday
4:30-W- t's Your Favorite
B: 6-Wbt'Your rFavorite
:00-TW ba tamnounced
,:I-DOL l -M BPOR T 8
7:45-_3 llIoai: (VOA
8:00--Masterworkst from rnce
8:30--,AE MTIS *Folk Ule,
8:45-Uflited Prm an CmmUtary
9:00-HOT Ht1-Parade -
9:30-T- Luck of the VaS' #
10:00--Canu Harrison and his Or-
10:l30-- m h on y7 IU, 1TAJ.A&
11:0 -,Th Owl's Neat
1:00"am -asig. ft

TaLtr@*, Oa"?, MarCh M
AM .
8:0P-OlgU musical W-
8:15-Radlo Varletile. U.S.A.
#:aft-R ots of all ohurcta
9:15-4oad NWhbor Tiwme
9:830-Loa tudio Melodies
10:00-M--ic lu the Tempo of
01:90--Me the ."Nad d
11:30-~U or Sunday
12:00--TUne eorlicale (BBC)
12: e-A l V' Itnae for a
1:00--T T-. So stafford SoA
(VOA) l .
cery ev.
rt. and BY M m 0p
4:.-.WnraatYour Favorite
6:00-aUtlt Star
6: t foreLv invg
?:00-..The Voiceof Propecy .
7:Se--TheCAel UPtW1I
7:45-Lean BacI and LoLiten

lt:-@ Geae 'Story 24
.lkdf1 (IBBC) 4 .

R S d l rlraicalse

71st Army Bond
II&ays Tomorrow
At t. Atmadoir
Tbhe fo't a erwl of
day *aut29a1 concertU be

! '

Kmi. Sm n neia .as
-t rband ltl d to
frm. i to 5 nX.
S l, thl r d-
do are h to

, include, ssd

4t0e and w zOd

$ close with *a

.r theam i
jr-No U-i-
,If ~ "

a D & MI

... ill
** I

, -

I d the cut;.

OwhIO0 which



in,, *~~'
-5. ~''..'


vhf ~

- .. 4,L~
t. ~

I' 1~


-- -- -- I .. I I- ow "

,, ,








. t

'~7T ~
r*s "~7r


7i .. .'
. :' ',

* .*.~.---g-~--


. ->.. <*' ,.- .. r
I ..;* "

-N wwuuwuim "MU "'i WSPAI'U



Scorns Yet Another

j' gAcano Proposal

1. l" .". TE, March 21 The four main points of the
.'.( Pmier o ed MsB- latest. Anlo-Ametan proposal
as e eaterday were:
the. Amer- 1) Iran to retail contrary of Its
the long oil Industry..andpolicies.
S- ................. *l.wn out o l oi a em t on o Iran and
P- ebURI. itwallatnre- e to be pr iader
.........a)kne eih e ... an d ht ataldard li td oiatir i 1a practices
.o ......... tand It to take Into lratMlon Iran's
Sof of atlonall- compena tnjor expropriation
Ad. conlfd a ie -* *^ **** ^ lw l406. tI-ht the of Its bIpn-dollar Anglo-Ira-
lo oin 011 ran seeks compen-
; .. .. .Mot Then lf tthe way Itlpn for IM oIl revenues fol-
--- fto- lo ri in 's closure of the
s oN i wardA he again pltat..

.e .vr ... '": ""tunity to sell oI at comrnp tive
,"1 u 3e retain commercial Mates In tWorld mar-
3he ..CA. U* had w rk' propo- kets.
SUNDAYS rot ic D and dur-
'oyC 4106 US 4 -..- .,...,.. B Sretary 4) Iran to be advanced suffi-
urch" ................ Wash- cient funds, to be repaid In oil to
** ., ..rea.- petiding resumption of oil reve-
2!. U. sonab'A and f r. nues.
....I.M.......It.* FA A40n o-Ameri be- In London, a Foreign Office
S................. e the rep- spokesman aid no alternative
r i u ... a m l resented the oa of con- offer was under consideration.
****. **. 3 eaions that, tot lHe denied Monadegh's charge
r .I(i n a ne, lee the proposals would Impose a
S m.........i.... of further s _tous- burden on Iran's economy and
A 11le hap- said Mossadegh put ii wrong in-
......4 4 1e ed d "dIed terpretation on the letter and
h -leotuntsr- spirit of the proposal.

i ..... .. ..... ... .. .. .. ..

.."t .l ". '.,-' to' .S(S 4 ooMas4 W........ ....********* oS S

.. .'. ; .1........ I W 1420 ., L b r t o n e u

l '::"..'; .: ?thing ,.o say maBe ,t udon'. our -
n 9 T.....- ..........-.. we f r

it am -.. .. m .,. t .w 3S 6 lI a .... p an
-. .......Cu .., Sch_ : MIL..........

n ...... J00in le K m to Written forw lTree
S.nI'sntwh a

a.. "'OboIebl

Von 1. a. S. hirlnt t o.e clr meeti n w
......_ ................... .:81
IA... : c u ot's ll tdh indle right to osy-sopeak.upety
... -." ta A. thr1e 6 p.d'meeting"n. when you have some-
c1ieV AL a 0 am..... .. ......a ,............. n If orhw al
sp : 47r43 KJIO self become .the .kind of person
..ndv.---R-...m...1o:1 74e 0(tere.susuallyonein every
,a.." .m', .5 a. nD_ .. eOUpU D club) who. talks on every ques-

SA. : n S r aL.....w brief and to the point. Long-
s ,,n I- :U ".... N A Qr winded members do more than
"a"..Neibpther Sde vrl anything else to make meetings
2 V raw.2 ..T. 3d 3 T ywolntbso ishe
49_ P Paias PMin winded Uf they would just ad-.
Mp"d,, K Mlot thowonond o ws is
G. Me .4w a llto new's Self than

z reac-'asw10 *Md-O
AL Rad o n urr

0, -Kh40is, (a)at-least lnto, lth %t
MCI I a t1 *r1nd
1,,W.UdA._..Goal. 5 u. ar-Ao i. Id ,ldto ah aigetom c or, to,,
",M,, ., ,,".. ..,A"-22.I, I, highc ards a-
..m, .. lone the single-
1 3::' i4=-.iaau No. Is'-.. = ,. tO =, eXtra for theL meond bid of four heart
,A..R skionint,........ o .in 't.soutvery clearlyinhis
,excellent new book "Silodor
Says," ia" which today's ]land
a lab am South must 'pass the bid of

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Alvin Dark Reaffirms Allegiai.e V tM...i,

-0- B d tTu7..

Squelches Rumors Of Bad Entries Pouring Ida Strauss re 880 Irk

Feeling Towards Manager In For P.A.A. Before B Cro At Gam boa

By FRED DOWN Isth"ian A Iateur / t, crowd or ent hua l ire 1 y-*., r__M ^r/._ oys 16 lesarI ,
^ ___ tie ; tore witnessed, C or n 1. S, -. .
United Press Sports Writer /th o p n eAmerican t hen 3. Z Dene r. es.s: ,wiIn.m 1. --1 tt B *1 km'.
Entries for Pan American in Zone a 100 Ti: in. 13.1 12. J4 15- 0 too,,
NEW YORK, March 21.-Shortstop and team World Airways Isthmian Ama- ted the. wim- Free styee 4 3
t teur Golf Tournament at Gam- mif nt 40-event pro and .e. TimeS 2 t
captain Alvin Dark of the Giants saw fit today to boa have been heavy the put a.t the Gamboa Pool i, tthva 2, 3 ,
affirm his allegiance to Manager Leo Durocher. .week, snd it looks like there will n1 Lr o o Feuton 1 5 Tal T. 3
"Leo's the manager," he ahid. 'Dressen wants to find out hundred participants the th when Ida Stra Time: .3. Judy ..
I'llplay any position he wants what he's got," Bavast explain- 10th of April when oqoinglo afreshm#a, le.e- 2. Doa d Donna Tb. box iege: *
e to." ed. "He knows what Cox can do. rounds commence. '.ly dthe 8800ya 25TId. roe Style Itre. Je.l. .-,...-.
Dark spoke at a press confer- He can't find out what the oth- The Gamboa course is i1 good r women as she b a- MalUnd eTirne:-1_.
ence hastily called by Durocher ers can do unless he p1ays them. shape, and the fairways and the distance In I- 1. Timy Gou ge -25 Fee i&Teats The SearsBo
to refute reports that Dark was Beyond that we know nothing greens sprinkling systems are utes .3 seconds. The -,2, Rpa Appleby l d h a.f :
deliberately under-mining the about it." being used daily. recd was 14 minutes 47 3. Tommy Warnell 1. Bobby ben d. l : r '
manager'seffort to create a new Flight winners and runneri-Up aet by Helen Hearne in 1Ti. "ime: 20. D. BTOnaenwl ,u7 '
infield tlt around rookie short- Despite the sugar-coated offi- will take home some of the fin- dy Crosby also bettered thp 4s Te, Free Style Girls-T Tars 3. Joe T3wer bWe, taking the AM 1
atop Dsl Spencer. The reports clal statements, however, it was est prizes ever offered locally for mer record when fibe .d Und .,. Time: .1 ..., .a .,, teroon.., t. .
statedthat Dark was frustrat- clear that both L1ading National amateur play. 14 minutes and 12 seconds. 1. tNancy Mirency "aI s Fre e, IS Team W I, ,n wsa on t,- m 4 0
Ing the shift by refusing to play League contenders may have se- Some of the topflight loeal Bob Connor livedup Sto e oc- T. Ruth Li -tvin L 'a w .' !2_2SS .' '
at to speed in exhibition games. rious morale problems on their gofiters played at Gamboa oVer utation asthcbe.. dlte*1u-o Tme: T 26.3.; L .san U 6 g with ally. .
D:tk. who has a two-yeOr con- hands. No pennant ever has the week end, land from WoMneof rnee man in these prt as 2. rke ..ed last 'two
tract, Mid the stories "are not been won during spring trlan- the scores turned in, it looks like copped the 440 free W t l EL. FPre Style tUye 1 ear 3. Sally Sm f. duty Wa0L. t ?
true." He conceded that he had ing but some have been lost. they are after Johnny Mauc' minutes 13 seconds. Canor tet d IMad l Ti.e:14 N one t 01 T ,. 0
looked bad in recent exhibition course record. 14-year-old sensation was mHt 1. Brlan el 8 : Te. F 8 ys 12 Teamrs oa 6 .. l. g tt he_ ._ ,.
games but said the diamonds On other fronts yesterday The course la open to all en- pusaed hard enough to establitb 2. Barry F- Aft4 he U U 11
had been rough. He said the sto- the ,Tigers scored their ninth tries for practice. a new mark Int this elmni 3. Tommy Gangle 1. Don over. 2w et.._ .. _.-
ries were distortions bv newspa- victory in 12 games with a 13- Prizes will be on display at In spite of the fine. nforM- lime: 1. 2. i r and was ..
Sperm and thin stormed out of 12 triumph over the Reds. Dagmar's. fanaer In the senior evehta It was 25 td vre Jtyle ($Ite er 3. 9oAl c Masl
the room In which the confer- snappilm -A coinnatls five- .. defnitely the ntg .o th ad Under ..: r*. t. ru nu. r'
ence was held. ame winning streak. Walt On The Alles younPr nd th a lun. m- 1. Theresa Dunn Ts. r 14 Mo w ee cited Bra mason.
7T h ewoldropo hit two homers and Bob v petite% e after .." i G erri M 01. '"-: "
Durocher said he would con- Nieman *seo homered for D** nee totun heats due to 3. Kares 1. LaDry -S 5
time to experiment with Dark, troit while Willard Marshall large nlober of trieB. Time: 1. 2. tberto / ; I
a .301 hitter last season. He drove in five runs for Cincin- Babe Arens Capture Woen large Don er, the pride Of Oam- 3. oJef -l A 0
said Dark might play second natiL Bol n" Camleshipm boa andbe Zone, ,walked .ot SS TYl. Free Style 8 Years: Timte: aX x I' IIImVa Ltl _., .
base. shortstop or even third Babe Arens captured with new wds for 1tye-old and Unr r y l 14 Yean d b 5
base during future exhibition Two errors in the tenth in- men's bowling champl hip in as he re free 1yle aod Billy Hamma A 4 0er
Fames. Then he commented: ning aided the Red Sox in a 5-4 the annual ChanpioIn ip Tour east event. 2. JAmes Ber 1. Judy 4 0 0 0
"I just wish I had nine guys victory over the Phillies, the nament held March 14 .d an Lbra sre vetl 2i. p v At 3. Tommy Oaln-te- 2. CamIlle LIA iL -"
like Dark." Braves won their first game at the Balboa Bowling. .es he is oneof the best sprint swim- Time: 1. 3. usA nl .. ,.
The incident was the latest in since their shift to Milwaukee rolling a total of 1506 -scr atch her I--onette be t sprnt Time1.2. u san"l ""' .
Durocher's, 'great experiment" when they downed the Cardi- which was well abo, ll o the 50-y^d f4ee tYl, age he -. ,tt 1d Tdl. BaU rke Wormen S Tie 3.. "
which has 'become the "great nals, 11-2. -contendars. the etni hem- u e 1 Ptety Dtni4 U 1. Dolel udtar Tioae: 1:23.7 T1 by- -' S ,
fiasco," so it remained for Dark Yogi Berrals second home run Babe is also the singles chamn- wonds.a Patth-r-Joyce rring oIN e c Mards The: 1:23.7M W L .
hinself to knock down the re- of the spriW and a triple by pion, having rolled a stretch to a n in the 12year- 3. Tereft Dunn 1. Bob Connor n's Irsurance 5 0
prts for good. He has the. de- rookie Bill tenna featured the tal of 539 in that event: and hl and the bar Time: 19Dn 2. orAlcide.Betal n *u 8 30 S Iht,
fetsive ability and the tbat and Yankees' victory while the game of 213 as the est stroke. Iwit ea nidht of th i m 2. Al daei 3 2"n ight of 3 .
bhe says he has the will. ,raves amassed a total-of 17 hits ed during the tournament. e sfor all coi derned. 5 Yd. Fre e Styles l aQuldor 3 1 3 1 8a.m
Reports of a similar contro- ih routing the Cardinals. The Team champ.^ a^ r Themeetwspoored by the nd Ud,1 MI x.. Girb 8 YeSars Btyleter l -,-- -- -- -__,
very revolving around third Cardinals now have lost 10 of Owls, who rolled a total of 2187 e meet R. r rawford wslsodsr ed-and-Un- d eWiT.i .GirlsITears
Baseman Billy Cox of the Dodg- 14 games. scratch. Individual scores weretio ,Phl 4U astcondu Recrea- 1. eBiy Crawford4 41. Kare SB ler'AM Rer B n .
ers were denied by Vice Presi_- _l .K le .. .. .. undertl inspieU of the am- 3. ildmona Blea ey 2. KarenlSI A*. (Dai itten seasonal
dent E. J. (Buzzy) Bavasi. The Ralph Kiner finally signed his Marie Dube........ bo Civic Councilwhih donated Time 174. Tie T tim at b1t) : l
reports were that Dodger play- $75.000 Pirate contract, although Fav Geffert.. .. ....34 5 oa Civ. c Council which donated Time: 17.4. TIME: e. T o
ers ver. annoyed at Manager Branch Rickey allowed his sec- Del Beda .......... 419 the trophieamadn rotto sresent- 1. Jo Jesen Time: 1:33.7. amn der e rt, t ) S a
Charlev Dressen's efforts to n- rtary toe affair.ndle the usually- Doubles champions are ay ed trophies to the first three I Breast Stroke Men 1. Kathleen McConnaghey U r, (P .4 .
second basall rooke and Jackie Robin-llm rat b wnt ot and losr. t then the Fiebark and Marge Harvey, with place winners in thq boys and 1. Al Sears 2. Carol Bergund (PL) 521
son at third, thus ousting Cox. Cuban All-Stars, 5-3, as Kiner 960 scratch. This is Kay's sev- girls 50 yard free style events for 2. Jeff Goodin 3. Chanette Schults(CA) 61 32 3
th best thirdbaseman n the ht a double and a single n four enth consecutive year to win the the 14-year-old gsoup. 3. John ellegris Time:B W .. M s sne ICA) 81 6 .
tip.h doubles. The results of the meet follow. Time: 1:12.1. 5 imd. tidk Stroke Boys 16. Tra.r,
league last year. trips. All times marked with an X in- and Under
__ -dicate new Canal Zone records. 5 U ds. Free Style Girls 1 Years 1. George Slaughter Time: 21. P .''
ft fU A 2. Judy Crosby L Daniile HarnIed 1. Susan coln 9
Time, 13 rilnutes 16.3 xecs X 3. CharlotteSchultz 3. Grace (C AAgR .

oLivingroom Jack Pes-3od Stars AsPabst. ae. ,- "B'

Mso61. BIN*,8110110Girls .Tre.

Mim hethyleague lead.
MSI. oyd Alberra held on bri a
the No. 2 spot, boosting 'hisMae 14s" I. t~. n. ekn TE d rAs. gt*re sM'irs e.IburYaU (),1af
SPab sty S n lThereS: er ( )
.. dDODGE ar) saDP5ood
Po s4"..lf ab rhepa 2ae
e ra.if 40 0 0 0 0 31
4!lb 3 1J1 c 1 0 isT "t or GirhI Y".
INVERSI ONES oPabD e s Bry d t 3 1 0 0 1 1.a T. SI.
Newhard 2b 3 0 0 0 0 0
GENERALESei f mta-, S. r 10 0 0.0 0 .
P.O. Box 31 seven ation ortato Aeon -2b 2 0 0 1 0 0d s 6 r Boyi I Ts
Phones: 3-3190 -3-310I,1 t Blue RI Batter f 3 0 0 0 0 a0 W
ON AUTOMOBILE ROW o so a bigger mal than' ______3__ I r d U P
-d f b s__o I.qred the2 o 3i21- A-Ih t oe

ot be .r o." nd At n--rfthro final bell Iomrr, n apte iti sH.BiNS3fll l
Panama Gym in their scheduled ten-rounder. The Martine- Comover b 4 1 0 2 1 .SS. lt u
Popular Beau lack II takes on tough Rodoifo Ampudla in a ten- .hick and hi nYUteve !5 wound up deeaocked between AseoC. 2b 1 0 0 0 1 0

.-- T;er-- eu ;ie *r li saeo- or tie1
*place r, Do die t4 rnt i 00 iRaSAid_." such the S lMre

GELge nine. h.0 ,"- .
lack of con wen h Rio Cr a:- -

waked, gt adirdP O first uts.nd.t..e P -A T.
while al wo e. Shaind t _peed 0i eO0ant_ I "
onluer PeeTeai eth-..e other' __ _. Nl l bid 0 uSed Ia 1 ::

By Appointment was nicked for o*ly thre afe. cr to .its foet
Gin Distillers ties over the Blaing led 6 a
to the late King George VLA .and hise eool y iis now ie":eB .d .e
wIA. sor w l be t def by
Besidei Pee andan
hi, Lloyd am am

*A.Use_---, -J---f-----

.* dese

* WP

a aun

'vatiD Ml2. DefWdt d t brint eqt k hH l=
am ^) k t wlty to he reverence m wn,
LV al i b N th hm Mid 011(
these coursel are to count.
b low4troe afaiU for 4la W
*a dulight td e-encrustal eir; to hear Mr.


of #?rv

BrOMS Iuk 6IO Kiner Arrives
1MNdOgjj.g At Pirate Camp
MAoAA, i-rch 11 (tP) -
. Aoir WIlo tiWftival In the aev-

.1 '

"* e /-'< tc,- .v ,, ., '
.: >.q : ; .. ,. +. .. *. ^ '
r'c'.,p<; -, V =. ,


League Tomorrow

The Ish

E Tmi/y



The crOeW4 tetflt tb tomp abd
shout when Kiner entered the
staWium a %pher Im-
,dugout whereniunmroua pictures

players seetfe mumr iter-, te
n the seven time Natienal
eagt home run kinf than te

Fight Dope

WASHINGTON. -- ormerr
World IightfSelfted ahamplMa
Lauro Salas of Meglio was suS-
Sended indefinite yesterday by
th NitlU0i4tl o 1 soelatlbn.
The NBA acted pt the request
i of the Montreal Athletic CoCn-
tnlaMon which charged Salas
failed to fulfill b -contract to go
through with a boat against Ar&
inand savol of Montreal at Mon-
treal this week.
An NBA spoResman said the
$iapension means salas will be
feftlden to box anywhere in
the United 8tatep, Canada. Mes-
Ico or any ether VBA aflilat.
b6,territorv until he boxes Savol.

ot run*ell
It i aefls

u Iwas

9 em w aB. es WlrY EnuUiWu' J" u
mt f -thei thUe MUrl t l blight bi k mU~E to
turn m lte ian inftleir be-
i flt tIauk e o Wfeffbl throwing
Stever hatpern the O'Briets

,rdWr Iwfl

1 I

lon es again in th

t l. Mus,

ou t i the rough
trob and win_
o. I believe they wouWl
Ih off the ourse, as

I0 B I.

i -dt

it '.4
.4 I
~ -

4 4
4 I..

otla wId fa row
leond A Me Ut.
ea ,ageIn t l
"S 2 0-1


g 5t 1iW. TM n WUI OW OlO 10.
W: -'. *

Atlantic Pony
SL Ae .la.

t.............wm .af
i *. ............... i

Basan did not allow a t 1
M met z" was but in tn,.I
ning, but that hit byis pi
rival Danm drove
wlnnl". PROt


IuI a
. Thbi
sy and

2t .......... a i
S. + ... 0 0
M ,t.+.....'",;.0 1
1 .......... 1 .

........ .. .. o. -
.............. s ,

l,.,. ..... ...i* *

S ...... .... .:
A- s~~
Ohi *4aifa




4 P.M.

S.In Honor of /he Cief of Police



U m'.,


Tel. 3-0996

.4_ 1


Tell. 101

*J .*r


1 in





Sbd: 1.




for two top-notch

bullfighters who will

match their skill

mtrieote Viltba

Juan sMt L


.. VS.


Robert TA Tn -Ini k R
O 4 ND"

A great spectacle based on the most
incredible adventure of the
Canadian history!
Tyrone Pennky Cameron
Power Edwards Mitehell
The LUX THAT= wil exzhIlh

CENT L THEATR-- SNows at s:0o 0 9:NP.i
On The Screen: A
TwEE-!im4 stl
i-'OIf .T+m, |


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Air Coaditlimed
itobert Young Jania

caRert Uteh in'
Jtoa Crawford. In
"tsnm aFur

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Spanish Double Progli!
Leticia Palma -
Salauar, ea :

Mnas Ivwrr
Mir rounr*
"now YNIAWty

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S .. ..I.k

_1 I_____ __ __ __ _

II__ _L

-~-- -



rYi~r"-U'I` U"'~ I"" -~ "'"- ~ ~-~ '~""-` ~ --*I;.

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=,', '...'% .
.+ :

R iK'

Kin er Signs onac For

aReform School
Zapotocky New B ms hoS4.
AN I (Girls Riot r ....
Red Boss Of Girls Rot

Czechoslovakia SANTA ROA, Calif. ,.rc U
Czechoslovakia to-11replace11':1
gr(UP) -- T t Iwa rioters at
VIENNA,. Mar. 21 ,UP) "Le the po e know the truth and the country is sa/e" Abraham Lincoln. butunderr?," S tdfym, nwdare,"t91e, ,
Prague radio announced that the thoritles233 of the In-.
Czech national assembly today TWENTY-EIGBIH TEAR. PANAMA, R. P, SATURDAY, MARCH 21, 19M I =VB XNT mates to *tbar institutional f hi
elected Antonin Zapotocky Presi- l ,
dent of Czechoslovakia to replace 7t t *_ rrio a t bleo heonat th ke lo d3oepSirl
the late Klement Gottwald. If LoisGullocam ashool urad
premier Villiam Sroky Chip Bohlen Affair Boirls Over;: n.
Siroky described 68-year-old "more than 12" girlsbrq oke claim in
Zapotocky as "the closest friend the observation and treatment '
and collaborator of Comrade wing.
Gottwald." alleded 4i her sal tha be".
oPrague radio said that 271 of ." -ui 1AJ q j Approximately 30 county t, Curd and Rup wee a
tnhPraguee p enradi saide hythat 271ssem ol'hU V V 11l I and city officers were callA a ted in a .'fraudul Ar9nd de-
th national se surrounded the fenceless h scheme of gat ti n.
inembers were present for the to keep the rebellious girls fro1 0c 01o101eges and uU1we11regyabib:
election. escaping,.
Zapotocky was the only can- WASHINGTON. March 21 (UP led to do his Job. he should tell "You did a fine job. They-the them together Just before the escap h raid her brother, OMl e
didate proposed. He was elect- -Sen Pat McCarran ID.-Nev.I I1t.? country and resign." reporters-were looking for the news conference. Some officers entered the C bmy, and other undnf-
ed unanimously charged vesterdav the State De- Dulles said flatly that noth- underlying facts and I think If McLeod does agree with bulldag to subdue the rioters trona" lost $191,09 S
The proposal and election. ob- oartment security chief refused ing in the FBI report cast they got them." Dul.e, it would represent a and segre ate the ringleaders. O a a result.
servers noticed here, was appar- to c.?ear Charles E. Bohlen as doubt on Bohlen's loyalty or Du es repeatedly dealed change of heart. They ad some of. te .
ently well rehearsed., ambassador to Moscow, but Sec- security. He said he told Pres- there was any friction be- He told congrestpnal friends happed waters Aromnd h
Zapotocky was not even pres- retary of tate John Foster Dul- dent Elsenhower about the tween himself and McLeod, a Wednesday night that he wasa d t smashaoun **
ent for the election les promptly denied it. unsubstantiated derogatory former FBI agent and until re- going to resign because of Dul- anh ands thenss .t out of
Prague radio said he would ap- DuUes told a lam-packed news Information. cently an assistant to Sen. aes' presentation of the Bohlen buildin armed wtiT clubs A z 11
pear later for the acceptance conference he still fully supports Chairman Alexander Wiley Styles Bridges (R.-N..). case before Wiley's committee. Jagged livers of! gl
speech. Bohlen despite McCarran's blis- iR.-Wis.,. whose Senate Foreign Bridges is opposing Bohlen's DUes, idseUssing the Jagg silvers ofgai
His nomination and election tering attack on the nomination Relations Committee approved nomination. Report, said there. were one or At the height.of the distrb P
were g r e e t e d by tremendous in a Senate speech. Bohlen 15-0 Wednesday, attend- Dulles flatly denied McLeod two cases where someone had At the hefficers saidht fivthe disturb tohe
cheers and rhythmic handclap- He conceded there was some ed the news conference-an al- threatened to resign. He alid he disagreed with Behlen on pol- angirls rce to the bro, five thI afroon
ping. unfavorable material in Boh- most unprecedented step bv a and his new security chief were Icy matters. rls raced up to the broken w .
Gottwald died lust a week ago len's FBI file, but said it was top senator-to "hear the words working together in complete One of these, he Indicated, ws and pssed stolen kihtcheRAN Mrc Miss l
from pneumonia and pleurisy unsubstantiated rumor. of the man who knows." harmony, and that the best wit- the mere fact that Bohlen. had knives to th ose still n o.- naIt aa2alOl
which he brought back from Dulles flatly denied there was Afterward Wiley told Dulles. ness of this was Wiley who saw served as Russia*-1anguage in- thuliatCombs, u intndetri of. Truman rrP)iv her tode r b
Moscow. There he attended the any difference of opinion be- terpreter for the late President the institution d 30 of the. i Truman arrves d d here bm d
funeral of Josef Stalin. tween himself and security chief Roosevelt at the.Yalt confer- girls in the i O n had been woth hi wifte, Beui and ah- Ima
Scott McLood on the final eva-.eFence with the 1a*lSoviet Pre- Jured in'the rotipg. One 16-' toet, Margaret,.0.thehW oateole
luaton of Bohlen's loyaltyHande mier Josef taln. year-old was badly cut on the. mota vacation In the .Hwaw l
Army Will Check security record. Tito Sets O ut For H m eDulles protested any move to face and may lose ne eye, shean h .
McCarran charged thrit Me- use congressidonal immunity to said._ h__ reac Oaeklnd ta S, t.h .
Leod, hired by the new adminis- mgnke public unealuated infor- reach 0 o uthtradin 6 a"
Schoo Seqregatlonthreis Aioe Vnsposnth4 r-Oilat To Britain d ito A
State Department. concludeds the report on Bolen pro-
At Psts In Southe could not clear Mr. Bohlen A ter V isit To Britain posed by McCarthy. e said this They will the dinner gots
He called thA case the "acid would make It utterly impossible oGeh r lllon. rd t Of
test" of the new administration's 0 o to get ton people to take RoY-. ) t e Ameri Pe, at IJs AtetAR
WASHINGTON, March 21 ,Up, willingness to carry outtheMarch21bsaI. te -' the rhicng eene
Ararmandate of the voters in the LONDON. March 21 (UP. -I the event Yugoslavia Is attack- e said t was the FBI's busi- .MrA toght, Isear Chapnfo
-Artevens has been asked Rto checkT November election. Marshal Tito boarded a launch ed. ness to report gossip or suspl- ... .iyfl reergdtai of interior, 5 asto PfI
reports of segregation in feder- He declared a State Depart- at Westminster pier at 11 o'clock Popovic also said Tito is ready cion, adding he doubted if there tend
ally-supported schools on South- ment "clique" that has been pro- today to return to the Yugoslav to visit the United States if he was anyone in the nation against TOKYO. March 21 (UP) A Toomrroe, the Tring 41S
ern Army posts, the White House testing "loyalty and security navy vessel Galeb anchored at is invited, whom there was not some dero- "larte qallber" bullet was tired a thelnerPrte
said tody risks., won one more of its the Nore, ending a five day The communique said that a gatory information in the FBI intoTh American embassy today CIvA
ay greatest victories" in securing state visit to Britain. "far reaching review of the in- files, and narrowly missed bittin t~ny tWoa ,C ownell1
Stevens' findings are to be re-I Bohlen's nomination. Minister Winston Churchill terna onal situation revealed a economiC Cotinsellor Frank War oAm ua 3d Pia ey.
ported to President Eisenhower, McCarran. one of a small and Tito announced last night wide Identity of views" during in
who was asked about the segre- group of senators battling Boh- they have agreed to work In the Yugoslav's president's talks f ftL
nation matter at his news con- len's selection for the Moscow close collaboration to defend the with -Churchill and Foreign i1reii Pn S No ouie wasu inured, but an
ference Thursday. post, sal dif McLeod "isn't allow- peace of Europe against any Secretary Anthony Eden. embassy spo eMlan ald Wi
Mr. Eisenhower said he does Soviet aggression. Tito will be escorted by Royal A bullet, 'aboat&.46 e i
not see how segregation can be An official communique issued Navy ships all the way to paret af the
justilied where federal funds are tel& Sl at the end of Tito's visit to Mediterranean sla of Mak,. C
being used. A Negro woman re- London said Britain and Yugo- During his visit hOrd he as A .i h
pirter brought the matter tip and slavla "declared their common entertain b by Queen iliaabeth f1- -1st
teIWhiteHouse lLter asked interest in resistance to aggres-H, by Cqwchill and den. f ft
Stevens to investielgate it. sion andIn the preservation of Itwas the first time the Co The. reta e on popular
_Fesk___ence ~ national independence. munlat leader had left his coun- rand cigarette wl be incrus- f
Facos Vice Senence e'y undertook to work try since he broke with the So- OA Sce nt Ips 11 I i .
closely together and with other viet bloq in 1947. "Canl1-oi ssroe nc..
freedom-loving nations to de- 0:6 Canal-Commssaries
Sunday, March 22 NE W YORK. March 21 (UP)-e w fddenad e, thneconmmun tidMor than 1,000 guests attend-, C houses, it was announced Waring said he did not beTlieM
h M c Mno O. M arh ddend e teed a farewe]] reception last i ao the bit waitended for him '
8:56 a.m............2:51 a.m. tenced today to eight months in The announce meant said night at te Yugolav embassy. increase It the result of an anem spokesman said 1 w,
19:15 p.m...............3:16 p.m. the workhouse for illegally pos-Churchill and Ti to agreed that Tito stood in othe reeivin i nric rse oh n anut turrt 1ot a
_________________ sesaing firearms, but he still If the Soviet Union strikes any- and"chatt ed cor al e r i. .- e rice folluwi th' :recent ,ie
~_ faced a possible 40-year sentence where in Europe "the resulting visitors. f price controls. The
for procuring call girls, conflict would hardly remain price Increasese by the ome-
The 23-year-old heir to a $3,- local in character." r f iora ver weest dofer- .
000,000 oleomargarine fortune Earlier, Yugoslav F o r e I gn red for several weeks 116 oo d- I",71
4 Clipper leftthe courtroom in tears. Minister Koca Popovic indicated Joh y B on with the atii
He will be sentenced next week at a press conference that Tito 'of.T w -httmevil.atNohigheriin
on his corviction of compulsory has received an informal as- Bp-bm J e s PIp
Roosti ue nr.s, KOs Bobby Jones will be Inrae It s planned d ""t;"t-
Apanel of three justices in to bell igarette, by the cartoI .
special sessions court sentenced NEW March 21 (UP) at ten centd les the pack-
the playboy today to serve two u s Johnny ratton squared ac- age price. This wil mean no In-
SA consecutive four-mon" ter" "n count ith the "Jone boys" cam 1 the present carton
S S.possessing a revolver and a ps- roubydTones OaklandCalftrant b ds of aetts.
to 2:52 of the fifth round of thefr The package prliev on most of
A_ Jelke has been scheduled for nationally televised and broad-,the special brands will .be in-
sentence for inducing girls into rn cast fight at Madison Squarn creased two centa. The carton
prostitution, but because a pro- Garden. price on all of these will be ten
nation report will pot be com- SAN FRANCISCO, March 21- Jones, 152, threatened to cents cheaper thn the package
ete until March 27 J u d g e (UP-The U.S. Government to- Bratton, 149, another boxing rice after e new rases go n

Sabres Bag 5 MIgs; grounds it was fraudulently to the chin and then eptah Sh Si
.m bought by "alien interests" after him until a right hook and a ,-ut.
World War II. left to the law floored him for Afte Co
HI 10 AS 8 5 0 Rthe full count. er ont
B et a s ut. ing HAsst. US. Attorney Keith Fer- Brattorn, favored at 17-5, ap-
S 14 guson said out of court that the peared on his way to the sae DOVER, gl Mar, 1 :
vessel, formerly the Harper's kind of an ua et defeat he ad (UP)--The 8M*l)p e Datc or a1 b met
IfIkb l I. "' """' *Ferry, was "another one of those suffered on Dec. 5 when R4Ilph ship Spaap erdom ank In l.,-
ships that have been running oil (Tiger). Jones of Yonkers, M .Y, shrouded D 'Ui.lti lat. n!
I B -^ SEOUL, March 21 (UPI behind the Iron Curtain." gave him a drubbing. The Tiger after a co-U Ihwt.hi
American Sabres destroyed or is a stablemate of Oakland Bob- t0n Oerman WMB
damaged 12 Communist Mlg-15s The t a n k e r was purchased by but no relative. se. .,-'
1 today., from the Maritime Commission Last night's victory, before a rine radio reports 15 '.
Fly via Lo Anl Five Migs were destroyed and in 1947 bv the North Shipping crown of 4275 who paid $12,.1B, of the Du~eh crew seA I
y l Lol Aglesi, seven were damaged, and Trading Co., Inc. of New may have helped Johnny's cm- were pi.keda W the 0 l ',
Miami. Houston or Two pilots racked up their York City, a company Ferguson paign for another shot at the sh&,. M-istee 1s i d .-- .
ew Oy, Manuel Fernandez, Jr., Misami, amanian and Greek Interests. I ship. c *. tS.h .fd -.
PAA gives you a Fla., and Capnt. Harold L. Fisher, including Stray Nlare'Chos, head O omai 3 "-" """ i"
choice of so many Sloux City', 14 of the Comua Interhacional ;
i ernande_ shot down two of de Vapores, Ldt
rtene, with delue the Russlan-built Migs today; de VaporesLt "" '
srvice all the way PFisher got one Hearli g In the seven seas V ., l" 5'-' "" t"
Other destruction claims went selzure matter was set for Aoril ,,s k'1M .,.lc ,'" "-._ *^ l
Capt. Houston N. Tuel. 28. The ship is valued at $1,503,-b
toMxi City The Mi toll marked the big- Ferguson said the government Ce n 1'
Sarsetryd iht roa ly d' jJiUL "' I

0o whenever you Sabres destroyed eight, probably .alsoo in-.l -:!d- -.-
o r ps. They include th tanker. .
wish... Only PAA s and damaged Jeannie. now unloading at Rich Over 300 Girl Seouts, Bro lps t tST oam came
S ly Earlier. American mond, and the St. Christopher and their relatives and frig 1the.ea.- .
offers daily service to Earler American Superforts which is due in San Francisco, gathered at the C baed e, was re- s.
Mexico, with luxu supply centers. big Commut Monday. The St. Chrslatopher, the this morning to. r = endedwhna
Supply cenr official said. is owned by the 41st anniversary o the th the
ous4-enginedClippers On the ground, an outnum- American Viking Corp., a Chin- Scouts of Amereia and the ttsdiOI W;*
to seed you them. bred Allied patrol beat off 200 ese concerned anniversary of t aal"i.
to ped you there. Chinese in a vicious fight which Giconcernrl Scout Cout1
Sn ywar Terel Agaet r wrecked a possible Red plan to The ships. operating under a The rally opened ( a then.,w.
attack Bunker N on the West- single-vovage charter for Stand- dress by Mrs. R. A. .lb .-. -
e.t. -ern Front. -. v..' .i
Seven Superforts bombing by ard OiloffColl f.o.blarry crude m ino.f d
radar through heavy overcast, a td l a. Scouts. Folo n .
Sunloaded 200 tons of high expl9- Standard O1 spokesmen said to adult members of
aNLAsrsoives on two Red supply cen ters that the charters had been clear- ation by Mrs. s
north of Pyongyang and another ed with the U.B. Maritime De- President of ai Cana I one
west of Hamhung. nartment and the Department of Scout Coun,.
The Superforts wrecked 225 Justice, before the vessels sail- Various"r
##MAPI A ,-WW3 Red buildings around a rail line ed. Spokesmen said this would marched am
linking Pyongmyang to the battle- indicate the s h were certainly present thea' ..
Pm...2 L $&eo Me. 5, front and about 230 buildings a- not suspected of "trading-" in il- Jullette Low I
,Ul -04670 long the same line leading to legal oil. Fund, which
Cb. Idw lMg., Tel. 'I Manchur l. Other perform hit The spokeMen said the St. troops d
the bettlefront and supply tar- Chdstooher is Is'ed as belong- Mrs. John .
=A e ,o*.. e" .A het on the east coast near Hm- Ing to the united Tankers Corp. Govsr o o
Sh f San F kaue. ceptw the

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