The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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1600 Closest-Yet. '

Entrenched GI's

ATOMIC TEST SITE Nev., March 17 (UP) --
first ftom bomb of 1953 `pladed over Yucca FIm
5:20 Ois emrning in a great burst of white rJkgt ta..
tlne r eye or camera toN tgiter.
Sfte, the blast it was a"ns eme.. ijM l troop.,
Psteen gnd a handful of cid vu eas1 pprts criE.=
treaukiies only two mies fm "gmai xsrvtt
The* were no shadows, nothing but white light s
al ..cruciating degree.
Within a matter of seconds time greMa fireball form-
Sand iled.. in to an Ctomi cl Iren. tion, ad
ather l moa.ri experiments- f wc.Jes
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S1 Pricon trOpWM4 ai ,w peoll
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wmtle of tba CZBA
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nalnued untUil Smay
defendant, Geoevea
t Rode is acuued of
the 0* dom of
Ins In all isae ts
wwfflro '"'n.

, Officials Defend
d ke' In An tlles

'A opuatita ami An- of hite 1a 1i.sqe. and when
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Ai 4.t- aShJ u,.t
the dtemdo~esd *A

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cente, t anta -1.g ps.
20 nswin&n Wn a han- de
cirvian .0obyu i npc
only twa f.
tons bom -wpm -* ahfk.
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I 7 *TOVir o soS ta. rPAAR. w e .6. Anl
S riLfPe4OmNI PANAMa NO a 0740 4 s "s .
Cot L OQPICMi 15 *7%* CINMTRAt AVNUP TS T N WNSp oTo o 14T1 1" ST e 9 UtW
~341 MA4ills N AVL NIW YOR. 11i1 N +
"A' *09 MA L I0 i
?'; -I"61V 1*wN'",' IN AOVANGI #Be t o^ ^^ ^ I
po p six $.80100B- *s soo By Victer 21e"
0rO ,N1 vWAR -_4AVILn
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN CO.LMN if youhaven't been bl. te
tion orQueen UlUabMh d6al
Hit M l if*\ 80 A They run little lobe s Wft ,
*- doms and the experts have
.- -finished telling me not to k
The Mail is an open.. ,..rum for readers of The, Aeor- set this" divine
e ix. Letters are received gratefully tnd are handled in a wholly "Onfl- I aUe it M t
dentistImanner.i p on of &SM
It you contribute a letter don't be impatm it fdeIt eippeoWR tile submarine 0l, r
most day. Letters re published in the order received. tillery anrd the
Please try to keep the letters limited to one p ge length. our nly arll eAo .' -
Identity ef letter writers is held in strictest confidence. YOU 5ao, the e. AIfTelu ug
This newspaper Ossumes no responsibility for statements as opinions 3nal labor chefw "' bave
expressed in letters from reders.iveton, the AJitters h I
I--, -- mission and the r ble
4*main which Inoltte be-
Curundu, c. z. Ilon-dollar atomie W l co-
Sir: struction works a.- 101hH
Ky. Who" filiahed' I I t al .
We are supposed to have unification in the Armed Foresa but lation will be part of 4.. thrs-
a splendid example of not having it is the charges made for tele- step operation which .-tralnr
phone service in quarters in this command. The Comptifoller Uranium 135 out of tIe raw
General recently ruled that subscribers occupying Naval resrva- metal and a 01 tdlled Ur"-
tions quarters are not required to pay monthly charges for tele- nium hexafluorlde.
phone service as they are obviously using the service In the
majority of instances on official business. The Signal Service When fully stralied, the
locally not only makes a charge comparable to Bell Telephone U235 will go In to.ele. atms
rates but also makes an installation charge (when nine times submarine and weapons on
out of ten the instrument is already installed In the quarters, which we're counting to nou- -*
which in my opinion in the latter case Is illegal. tralie the huge Ovidt aun-
The charge that really makes my blood pressure rise is the ed forces.
phoney reconnect installation charge used a punishment device Any delay In the Paduca"
for the wary subscriber who suffers the misfortune of not paying An eayt n the wi d"
his bill by the exact hour. No consideration is given to catching 'consthe action schedule will d
S a plane on emergency leave. etc. Immediately after the dead- lay the atomic itool f ling. [
line the individual who fails to pay nas his instrument discon- scores of operating eng ne:
h. eted. Sickness affecting children. military personnel on man- have been d swiftly I -
6evera, etc.. means nothing to the arrogant manner in which the swiftly that many live In tra
t4iep0lone is ruthlesly disconnected. er h h hirin tin camps.
With the hiring -sme tbir. 'Co .
The disconnect, is accomplished by inerting two wooden ago, came the union.- n th .
S i gs fi the subscribers line He must then personally visit thee s ________ ... __________
|1nal Office, pa. his bill. plus $2 fine as a reconnect punish- Local t Ie of the Ai. Now, l s
| entmeasure. they sy in prleara litera-
| I asked one of the Signal Corps officers why they couldn't ture, Come sthe conflict. The
consider extenuating circumstances and even call subscribers union has o rated from IU
S when a bill is a day or so overdue. He informed me they would IfMl ..vI d. r *M d: hadquIrto.
Which Is 120 mules away from
Iladly do so but they would probably be court-martialed if they duh 1"O bve b c Wr oARK
I am writing to my Congressman requesUng an investigation lome 1 or seven hundred
q this matter as hunoreas of dollars have been illegally collect- ocal engineers, buldozer driv. ~ """
ed on this so-called reconnect charge. hemselveas wy ad wroorthn t Aric I we
to the Operati aeerra In- was sayn this bit ug elo antwas bugyright l oiod.t
Disgusted Subscriber errneonal presl Wllm E. pk and q h a sore toot. a&o had Magnsv
*.Malet'--- In Washington. oro brightpineleph) n.ts with hm .. o.
The Paduch mngineers, .cer. 4 4was X C OldoA-tu, n .Mthe otherV cae a
Ds 0FO THE LEGION, AND ITS AUXt tainly not speaking for the buso Theof
tire crew but for a good num- M4 Is a young Iiu A6 .atlb l lon aD. p, ra has a
Su ber, asked for a separate cha prentce toady. sad tmetsbron.-
S gratulations to the' American Legion and the. American r and artl_ n a re outed from or les the he. they take thI rents, and hMo
onAuxiliary of the Dep:ren. I have oted t fine The Kntk h un a to teach h all t ve learned over trees, and knew
Stigs done this year., and the tendency to build and continue lot, nonobbelesa took i ha ~ or rIs ty w could ao t
Ser relations .t-heae q before witlh the Republic oft PaLama view of traveling 24 t ,a The apprentice runs the erran h' and pays yen, older, wikld
aK the Fa.laan.aR Dople. T,.e mnny .line complimentary re- vord trin p. it d i 'air, all lthe time, and bimnebya wen he's soaked phe first wild el
Sniwitade by tho'e Vh ?i"ve attenGed the Department organ- meetings apnd otteInd enian up all taie old bulls can teach he goes bacl For a momo
i aift.ars liac made me one o; the many aware that they That is., if there were. u n, o the herd nd belts the tl l. q b ,
uesere a-nplaeec. d io.* her bullIn tin
I have also talked to some of the heads of charity orgai I S and ieeti .
and hear thee same comments. The words of one JTho cS they hate t
0,1 1,111a thai the. 1il"women CI tL the AJ .ilary A a a m ra
It might be noted that besides promote the regular affairs aical deV. w Ie1' I
honor of certain occasions and people, that the leader of the ot eld an election n 13 ears. n 11,e1
nizations and the other etitnuslastic individuals supporting the Pad All of s, Hay, A smadChal, h
ee functions do much good for the needy and the uanev gunbeare, and owedeMor-erei, nad
g' ...This' know! How well I know... got a f Suddenly Adam ed
0 all of this. I add my blessings too, and my best wishes construction j obwledhbat t Land Rove. Br a
4f. contJnued success. us h ,iiwEut
6 -c An Appreciative Friend give the U.N. its 0eo9 1so. ,"My Gawd, Swans Harakf. mIn a ft ne
S -Not: It was a pleasure to have met your national president fln R O i nu-horror-sr kt voie. N6yof RI Nd p h- h wilt ..
Sf the American Legion Auxiliary also. ing the d.nge wh ds h eas tstu Nkudanttr" NkunidH ,M at 1 ,in d of .1 omn ftg~
S_ afromhaving Oak 2146. a6 WhatAdami *as ayi W Il *M an
them suc Insaa elephant, thet wre fUitnMaemlea- JO .IN tewe-
ON AND OFF THE LINE That was in August 1951. Th t ol ha .a .
Curundu, C. Z. Kentuckians went 'to thir It much for me, And for the good .
Cnrr: s smen, to the state le nwana iBe by,who w as ft wl Ad ltt
g.r, islature and to the Circuit Court. and I. e@Ve.AG', ovo
Do the people who reside in Curundu realize what the Mill- There were suits an4 counter- Three pink elephants, firt orook eut of the box .
jary Police are trying to prove? I ask this question because I t a little. strenuous. We had s e a kow M a it A1
-ave recently been somewhat amused at their actions. Theyfinally got an order to that it bad rained the n t
F* For example, last week, my neighbor's wife was driving from examine the Operating Engil- Jumbos bad ban rollmI ln Uhl-"
$t. Clayton to Curundu. As she passed the hospital, she observ- eers local's books in s- At a mle or so away'Harry t three
S d a Military Police jeep following her. She drove exactly 30 v Ind. The union there bulls through the binoculn e. "That w
.p.h. (the limit) for almost two miles, t4ben, as she descended a fu d to show the bo k and big felloW i go SO, *ao, r bet- e tusk
hill, she was immediately stopped. ws held in contempt, but got ter." ha .- exaIFI.t 1h 0 m
~a e saked the MP why he was Roing to give her a ticket and a court order stanlg proceed- "I don't spa how weea~t -M bhn up. m=en an l
he answered her back that she had once done 32 and that wIga aie Insat them. That'C Also with that sore foot he ao robber
qlvhfieel had accidentally touched the white center line. where t fight is now -in the one of theU e locals It he- te v1dnity. w-Ea
SNow I ask, why do some people try to be so much of an ego- nswh., Bound to b6 ill-tempered addit.N. to I
ptaniac that it shows? Meanwhile, hundreds of men YT abg oJB -aa me 1grd N- ftlhJ Iwell
I ask you to please think about this. In Paducah have been paying nosa to t:.O L year t S4 5 ul of tusE, ah ,.
Iask you to please think about this. $4 a month dues to stay in Few reputwa b0 e ieof
S--,,"Wondering". that union so they could work
__________- -__- ~on the atomic project. Hun-
dreds of others have been pay- a f i
... -. ., in the Evansville local 2.80 U
1 ia week for work permits since
they were not allowed member-
gave the Evansville out-
i I$ +. i';,,'+ .... ( Illl~t t it, as near as we can figure, .:
some $3,000 or *6,000 a stonth THE SDOOADAT1 U!
in dues and permit money -
.. e; .sLl l, i HI..l iilf fi (8some paid this for seven C analM Tim e: "U T I "-
} !< 'SST l 'L"^W ^~mmm -" gH ^ m"onThs co. to some "
'70,0o 0 a y ear. r o. .
t c labor experts flew down to fe
1 g Paducah to settle dilpte they a

,ilfwSi4....:lir 5 enflld "" '
BThey fond "Zither eit N.
(aT.9 S i S ale- MS~tildlealnn an ud-file fe Me u2ln lSad- BB
: iss e, "gee, ted SSSt2(ab.) snement; dlst -. Ol 030 TSw

I II 8rsat wueri o al a i Ia)
.Must w then k g halI r ...*

whens unions return to
*UeeemEab. such autoraci
AN asamlil Iv, "4 UN-lr- le~n,


-, _



m mi

bt pr teai. pounds would
ery ~rmragt, and is a caus

ibIs 4Be t pour a to-

he .s6me ba.le utall at the
*giCet1h MIS ce were
a .4..WL

* .L *I"r -, 1~


**4s4 ^KJ~~

gla .aolli

*. ...'.---.". L'--'lW "
+~~.a. .

l~1 -Ia.


p -'
I- ~

&7. *




F ; -

S. :, C + .A..... 4#e~s.a2h~ .,3

.B.. ..e195, ,'- .
0 11ii- .'. :


soIW that we vs hadid .0dh?6a 0 The Gnerl A ofthe

I.e GodMWo? th e r mean College Clubw beaw
-wHI 2ttnJ or. c."W:.

III oadnd Li and$ aw In fe InSUrance 0 Fire Insurance
.t... .e e o e re u u.ln
ana's be ALM AEN ALA

'n w one n or d r C l
Dr. o H. a has hidhe Sr., Mr. and -r. g. L. O A. SAlA

final p0ee I 11J Q 'r e la an tirel l bMr. and Mrs. James
man ." t f er e and Ms..O. A. Gon- ,ephne 37

sh know is what and Mr. red Brat
Lard oM== 1 ..e by .ois lie. ,dn 1re.. Julo omn

S AS C "Cr and Liability Insuranc

Soband. .ALMAC.EEN..SA.S
w. T h aMer. a ,d .finallaan.,M randMrs. Jam...........A. SALAS


by8, 1953

Ica. C ll

h. .. ER

S,,, ,Wr- -AT. ,

A.hT .A.H..I

t. .-------------- :'..," "M -E:O _"t -



*; -f i ;E o age.m M naam lo ans. J r. anholda tM at : so at the_
0 -m MIOMIB MS. JESSE ~ Mbin I n Old C
~wThe Ae 4the NOleweok Go" atm- The Litersgre Group w
te-iid. a. 0 at the. .ot be a sent the program. Asin g
Byrd, the f omder of th on the program will hbe a S
W :Ivo In. al one-d play wrjttn
SThe o ma at a Mr.. and Mrs. V. H. May, :of the e -S, 1M". J
B ar PU-sh]apd E*0 ,M SanSd Mrs u Fy- Plans for the Penny Social.l
mi. 11t Cb. gr.s.ld a nr. t h o atMnd Mrs. r X A&M y
NM foid e m at sBalboa and Mr. ,and Mr. Ralph
Slige ,r thew te. rWilder.
What aihonotea a e 1r Pain amd

-T a re as a0d to E of 4te rs. berto a adexatter gd Mrl a n d rs Osan a
a. Vt e t W_ EIS mbalem Club Mb s TTnight Mr. n dnuc Mrs. I ee of t eurM l
Xban oaius Chlrb~n A s W. The Cristobal Emblem ClubM
OfC-0oow ten I M will meet this evening at e the birth of theirnia o ao
ad"a n C uor O r d Club at 7:30. All members are t moern Februar
Sa. S .. i 'tra nfro c the .Mr. n 9 ured to attend. WyesTe b b h *t
-trfoCl ub, Ms. nr u eC to te .a e W yne.' The baby hir
by-: oyrd nmb i Frran'sI ie M
a- Ident, wa. oualeto9 n" tn d Pt p ca Lynn.

d- ve uo e n- con c to ^1Mr. b fleurmn all a :il l e
:..Job IsT he i o emortDa-s, _teMrtstd a The Wives i rIn ths "pnacae ni:hhe
we" ou Te e w U rArmy, Navy. AhGSandoP nand a- tN .
Te e wives ofo the ngieesi. 1&* an^e
t el. aian aMrs. oafal. Services held their o- ager
atWe m idto acd .th rs. s. Hrr, o n, aer aooMrs. R. F. A leader and Mrs f= rn, ri d i tn a
etbtn HWpoltlto Foernndaw,T W of t oI tI*hMargata.

Air .l tab s. ther= omt h icup ny cd r. i
,'ifld o hAn e drethoat asteassesfor heVlnbhenen of Mo d. T. R. nrymer of Fort Mob-
we thilopans.ame city, Mrs.Wilds304M- I the dmoher.

b. t e ans mdUa- Valo- Mrs. Enrique .0r 1rmpbusinessg It Was voted ME
ube ofene rVss .Gu,,nth- al.t-rank. L e.rS c Mrs.W P.O -si lae sfo -a Oa t Th i mM e No htE
oh;To .toS n ]o h outol e-a .to ,der, Mrs. Samuel -.OD&n8., 8 d 0_t4si ve Cirete LhabMenz
Sbafs teTho alprle 'oder-,2. .l r ly f rThelma-Godwin, Mrs. peps AV- n Red Cro. oOfficerseand memleooft

a aaN~ewss '~ t ald a Fort n vis. a, whG the rti ed ar the lu on mn:
aid1A ?nd.M- arry F.'aGreeromAn.. .va.a..Tonsree. of ou r 5PO EW. e will bal its
&Wtund thetir WWP*A to ded an oUrs. and u f e rsLw t pIuereflt o n nth et th.e Ruitriho dg
-bsA muu ttoae y.tL a a eedge rallataE.t7 e ,,tin
ageM~ e we a_ *or-.iUriof thta e m ot w i .--- ngiltes other
S :oN .hSlfat1Fortpt i lland Mrs.ot.XUmI Mr.awntedrioh :n -" ovsk,
foqndi o4LoolFer Davs,_enertaieda

.. quresS ur--yeeing gi.....tther ou t- -hi, n fist-
Wiht, octal a rytoh .bdldauiten, on eMrch 1 .te -
ra. etheoFr ha hr ~ono tIoref Ptlathe Ye unthe mnttle girlp h f
I I.usrtoday. Nall, bo u n S e.a.,
fe Laru. M8.alar at t d z. 3 gbaJr." told th.nwte b eiaWilrwte u *
'schoTlaltlled sBtelrryi everb-i nghMu an d Mrs.en o hnCil hays
the o ofa We e b md a ty at..ortofLewis; f a tuatnhnornus cef he'brs hdw r

Ofue0we man" be na dA .wnco-hos tessaforrthe rmeet.
.E. gIb andft 1 nt th nu tyedl vf tfrio mh.d artPat-
theTho.baure'adon"tMassoiferntipeopDiviwPana a Goupn of
......m.a mRea d fhN,,. u w a-t .J hn .1,:-U SL a tF ,median. an' co"s Clu w l



#ANAM4 ~

- Cargo and Freight-Ships and Pianes-Arrivals and Departre

Cruise Ship Stell. Polaris Mercante de Gran Colombia hasj r r'. A FS
Due To Leave Today another ship in thii new servAce..
The Clipper Line cruise ship, the MV Granada w:fch is sched- -
Stella Polaris, with 263 passen- uled to arrive here 'IVh 30.
gers aboard, is scheduled to leave Wilford McKay are local a-:
Cristobal this afternoon bound gents.
for Kingston, Jamaica.
KLM Traffic Statistics
The ship arrived here Sunday. Issued For 1952 '
Fenton and Company are local KL.M.'s final traffic statistirs '
agents. for the year 1952 pre row avaJ- i'"
--- able. During thc.t yeor the fleet
New Coombla Intercoastal of "Flying Dutchm''n- trans'o.'t- I
Service Started Today ed 517.075 passengers 11951: M39 -
The MV Casablanca Is sched- 1941, and 31,567,450 pounds o,
uled to arrive In Cristobal today freight.
to inaugurate a new Colombian
Intercoastal service. The Flota The principal reason for their
--i_-- increase In traff': wps the in'.ro-,
ducton of the tourist class on Li.
North Atlantic air routes, hlich!
enabled a new category of pas-
sengers to travel by air.
On the Amsterdam-New York
service the total number of pas-
IJACOBY AON IRIGr sengers carried (in both direc- ,
Stions) was 32778. as compared '
with 21.600 In l'-'," 15,702 of l, "---- -
BY o0WitLD JACOBY these travelled in the tourist .
Written for NEA service clasrq.
Altogether 41 7PA -eoile were j 7
transported on r~L".'s three
North Atlantic routes.' iz to New N
NOR-'I is York. Curacao "'d TVxico and '
4 10 852 17.167 of them flew in the tour-
6 3 ist class. *
#AJ04 The average e(Rttne'eflown bv
4J-98 g earh K L.M. pasnee" was 1,400
i.... 9 C.... miles which is eniv,~ent to the
WEST BAST distance between Rome and Dub-
6 K6 4 .]in
V AK7 9J10,865, ...
#652 *Q83
6 Q 10 7 4 3 K62 diamonds in tl'pe 1-e that mv
SOUTH (D) partner held thp '-- or at least
A A D 7 Q-10-x. Hence I I-d a diamond. "I wish I hadn't given my
AQ- J73 Innd this Pave "'- opponents war highbrow--he's taki
S... their o 'ibled con'--ct with an the mum
6*AK ovPrtrick. ----,,
/A 5 "C.n yo" im"ln'i" being' end-
Both sides vul. Iolird with 12 cards In your
S eth Wet North But hppr'p'
14 24 26 36 I This looks like ase R n which l f
S46 Double Pass Pan it's unwise to s'" r'ne onnonent
Pas *ancd even more -"""'.e to fight a INCORP ORATED U
Opening lead--VK duel with the of-r n"'.n-nt.nn '
East's rise tn t're' elutq is RO-- Mi
somewhat on tho -ha' .'*" sdp.
but I would h 1t"- p( I. p FAST FREIAHT ANI
"This hand was played last bridge player to q, -rrel with hlz
week at the home of Dr. Norman doctor. BETWEEN EURO[
Bukantz, who was my partner," OF SOU
writes Robert Willman, of New ~ -- -----OF
York. "North was Dan Bukantz. TO COLOM
National Foils Champion and TO COLOMP % ECU
member of the U.S. Olympic M.V. "PA AMANCA" .....
Fencing Team. while South was' S.S. "'TALC." ...........
Attorney Irving Walsey. _4 -

S "The question is: Can I sue my
ttorney for dealing me this

"My double of four spades had
been based, of course, upon the
expectation of making two
heart tricks. Even alter dummy
showed that horrible singleton,
f e still had a potential trick in
every suit.
"At any rate, we had a spade,
eI heart, and a club trick, with
tle posalibilitg that declarer
Would guess w lpg in diamonds.
'But as I gathered lin the first
Stick and pondered my next lead,
S t gradually dawned on me that
I. was endplayed. A spade return
as out of the question, while a
heart continuation would set up
declarer's queen. On his heart
queen he would later (after pull-
ing trumps) discard a club from
dummy; then he would exit with
second club and force us to take
the finesse for him in diamonds.
-"I couldn't lead a club at the
second trick, because that would
enable declarer to set up dum-
my's jack for a third round club
ticek on which he could discard
,Wiqiamond from his own hand.
;The only thing left was to lead

1 'IB8 WELrIN. rlaneser



y new boy friend the li that I
ng me to inst the fossls at
*eun tonight. _______e

SNavigaton Con ywn
ill Unes Lid.
.....................Mareh T17th
.......................April 9th



- ...-&',, '4

Don't Get Toasted


, .. ,


, A

I.. ~

*3Ibt~a~JA~ -

Fast Service

r -- piinveQ


WaeU, "p .,p

I '

t xp .



Loomed with Dupont's HAVANA, AA, BERMUDA. QORUiA.
thick and thin rayon .O SAD A
_______M.V "PEA DE~.J O" (18,00 TdM) .... May? th
I .Sr. '" co .' ......... ......... h th ,
SS. ..$............. ... March rd
SM.V. "DIEMEBD ...................... Mareh lth
.s ,. *C XN*M A" .,..,L.,,' ,.,,.. .,......,laiIll .llbtk.M I

2000 qsotls rooms-
Sems rmlts bdude w dion
Ma"y roens wih Televishn

1' *

TH T..t

at 5oth St. LIt4
I0 8 I. *1o' sq I. 1 I u1 w *'ImU II

I. -


J~ 4,.


By Cl

Special delivery

,N"-,, |,^ ^VY M




" ,k

) I



: .....~ 11l. Q~IISI1~1~

.k -,
".".i :*

*~pit Is 5uit
Dance is

By Wai

,* "MMt te a WASHINGTON, March 17 -
are .tb n -(U) p lnt Elssenhowb
yesterday renewed thissupport of
,"e Charles S. Bohlen to be abas-
E,,A. sador to Rusial and Senate Re-
0 osft g publican leader Robert A. Taft
d e rtA F m on "guessed" the Senate will con-
Bohlen's nomination wa as at-
fd, ha i she ed for consideration by the
rem. Senate Foreign Relations Com-
mittee tomorrow, but was poet.
po(- pned until Wednesday because
te of Bohleb' Illness.
g r Taft hal said it would be tak-
h en up by the Senate Prlday on
ives the the expectation the committee
Si-'orw- would act tomorrow. The post-
Z'1Sm II -'er ponement might delay Senate
I fm",, e-5 consideration.
be- Sen. Styles Bridges R-NH. said
.canbot ytby a be has not withdrawn hIs op-
eaisation. Dodge position to Bohlen. Bridges and
several other senators oppose
a t ld any Bohlen because of his ptpa
latio n I. the tion In the Yalta conference
is of notbby and his inks with Democratic
il other dOiii" ads." adminiStrations.
de replied pd Dro-
Is have been but the The White House, however,
tn "rea I rgent said there is "no change" In the
ttlon of CoPii President wish to have Bohle -
confirmed. Scotching rumors
that Mr. Elsenhower night with-
draw the nomination bec-use of
the opposition, oresadential press
Secretary James C. Hagerty said
Sthre Is no such plan.
Taft made his statement fol-
lowing ths weekly White House
-eslative conference. He had
...... SWearlier he considers Bohlen,
CS carer diplomat and an expert
IT% WOLD'S on Russia, "well qualified" for
The IMosow post.
th"e committee reports
0DM TUI=NEAMNI fatcrably. do you expect the
.. ....... nate to confirm Bohlen?"

i bhdd

S4 1 I




Th -a in t het trin it
phelnph is actdUily wemira
a mew I1i *Repd.O.lad"

' ,.

had ..




VHE Alid



_, ,P P -T

* 21


f liyotk

dri" h. .li


A mishap one minut... not
a sign of it the net! That's
Sthe remarkable advanta of
Bearing sSpot Rwesat Water
,'incooL. a c-o-o-l-e-r
gMdeBr suit of a rayon
, ire that has 34% more
-g mity. Finely and hand-
M-y tailond in exduwive
OF=n and o inw .

to she you t doM A fntting
$Ait of ite kind reg0dlM of
p tio. See NonwOooL ...
dhe h t choice of hundreds
of d xvMwi




*.w $O u12s.00 2

Samuel Friedman, In


. ~- .


* wert



o.......- -- .

..nm- se..... ---


.T I .; .


* .

...o t....a





Aspat .
"Across The, *


You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classified

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our office in No. 57 "'" Street Paama i
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6.n



*7 'i

-Le~is Service
No. 4 TlvoI Ave.-Phone 2-2201. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal6n de Bells Americano
No. 55 Weat 12th Street

Cadit lDtg Store
10JN MMiades Ave.-Phone M OI

PropagaM g, S.A.
Agenda laternaonal de Pubicacion atMt eacorner atudlante I
No. 3 Lottery Plau Phone 2-3199 Phones 3-3214 and 2-2Ml6

Household A Automobiles
-u t -efrgratot FOR SALE
2 cycle Ters con be arranged SEDANS BARGAIN SEDANS
House 174, Gomboo. Phone 6- 1951 Ford DeLuxe 4 Dr. radio
324. I1949 Ford Custom De Luxe 2 Dr.
I_ _radio
FOR SALE -6 piece nrn.groom .ei '1949 Ford Custom De Luxe 4 Dr.
modern, inchogo"n., brod I. .'.o.
Phone .3;08 Hcu'e C9_4 1949 CFcarolet De Luxe 2 Dr. radio
FOR SALE--Leo.rg cc.n tr.. muS 11949 Na., 00 Super 4 Dr. rodio.
tell waIh.rg $100. Frig*- W/3 tires, sun visor
dire ; Po ntngc P.ano 00. 1948 Bu.:k Super 4 Dr. radio, Seat
small vioin, aluminum -troller anorl ccOers. S.
basket, 2. chlId's table and 2 Your deo!er "AUTOS EISENMAN" 5
chairs I, .rricNCle $8. ,uth bed beside the Coca Cola bottling. Tel
$12, dreise~'r 8, cou:h ,th 3 pil- 2-4,66.
lows $20 Hoaue 17C.D New Crs- WE EBJY. SELL & FINANCE
tobal. Afternoon only. FOR SALE
end tables. 35 mm projector. 601 CONVERTIBLES
cycle, new. House 5426-A. Diablo 1950 Buick Super Dynaflow,, rodio
1949 Chieftain, radio
FOR SALE: 7 cu. ft Kelvinatcr 1949 Mercury. radio
perfect condition. $100.00. Tel. 1947 Oldsmoble. radio, seat covers
Panama 3-44?8. Your dealer "AUTOS EISENMAN"
FOR SALE.-Refr.gerator. 25 c cle besidee the Coca Cola bottling. Tel
Call 83.2151 iPAD' Ge n e a 2-4966
price, cheap. WE L"JY, SELL & FINANCE
FOR SALE-ApDx washer A.lh pump FOR SALE .-O'dsmobile 1949, duty
25 cycle. New Natioral r tC-125 3id, perfect condition, many ex-
Radio, 'lrt %oae and broadcost.I tra'. h~dro,-arTc, wonderful buy.
Fhr Co:^o lo 8584. See at 82-- Call Panama 3-4935 during office
F, 6t i. S. Coco Sol.o. Leaving' h:ur
lthmus '__FCR SALE -"42" Command Car,
FOR SALE -Re'igerotor 25 cceI1 d-.ty paid, S175 00. 25 cycle
$75.00. 6.1 2nd Ave. San Fran- I We.tinghouse refrigerator, freeze
cisco Tl 3-381 8 che-t, $203.00 Zenith Radio Pho-
Sisco nogroph $65.00. Tel. 6364.
FOR SALE _.OR SALE.-Chevrolet 1934, BusI-
ness Coupe, good condition. House
MoloreyeCles No. 5754-B, Diablo Hgts. Phone
2-34 90.
Davidson Call 5-541 or see ot 41r- FC, SALE -'52 Ford Pick-up. Proc-
H, Gatun. aft.r working hours t :c.lly new. See at 350-E, Pedro
W ANTED FCR SALE 195Z Plymouth, wi.,ll
r.cde or sell outright. Call 82-
Miscellanto- __ 41. 5 30 7:30 p. m. Mr.
WANTED. Bd re-. cr' --o up

WAN.~ I : .. uy ie-.u.. --
without children. '-.h .e or apart-
ment. two or three b?. roozrs in
Canore.o. Eela Vi!r V, la Al:gre

Radio Proarams

or Go'f He grts. Call Ponorra -
4702 tl..n 7 00 and 9.0C p n- 0 Your Community Station
su:t2b'e for reconstructing. Recon -
tructcra Noconcl, S A. No 1.f
Peru /',ernue, telephone 2-0406 O G -84 0 i
S WANTED:-Fuly furnished cpcrr- Where 100,000 People Meate
ment by North American couple
No children. Call Pcnomo 2-478e Presents
Mr. Roos, between 8:30 to 12:00
and _00. to 5.C00 Today, Tuesdayo March 17
Re:;ons.b'e American couple, no cni- P.I.i.
dren, desire aoortment or small 3:310-Music for Tuesday
hcute. preferably unfurnished. Coill 4:J0---Sunny Days
3-3212 or drop a card to Box 612 4.56-outh of the Border
Ancon._ 4:30-What's Your Favorite
m r 5:30--News
WANTED -Apcrtmnent with modern :3 a Your Favorit
equipment 2 bedrooms, bathroom -(contd.)' Yu r
ktchon. kich:nette. Phone B. W 6:00--tronLtse fBBC)
Peae, room 304, Hotel Interna- 6:15i-Musical interlude
S tiona' __ 6:0- Hawal Calls
6:45--Lowell Thomas
7:15-Musical Interlude
Boats & Motors 7:30-BLUE RIBBON SPORI
-- REVirEW
FOR SALE:-Kohler Automatic Gao- 7:45-Jam heasion
line Electric Plant 1 1-2 H. P. in 8:00-The Perry Como S h
perfect condition. $464.40. The IVOA)
Texas Co. (Panamal Inc. Tel. 2- 8:15-Fred Waring and b
: 06I Pennsylvanians
8:30-F,'ankle Masters Ente
Position Offered 8:45-u..Commenart
9:00-No Name (VOA)
S I ied two former direct salesmen 9:30-Music of Howard Barloi
foe. part-time work, evenings. Pre- (VOA)
for former insurance, encyclope- 10:00--Cass Harrlon
dia, sterling silver, or cookware 10:15-Musical Interlude
salesmen. Excellent remuneration. 10:30-Variety Bandbox
No deliveries or collections. Write 11:00-The Owl's Nest
to S. S. Box 134, Panama. Midnight--81ign Off
-Tomorrow, Wednesday, March
A. A6:00-Sign On and Alarm Clo
7:30-MorninR Salon
8:15--Morning Varieties
8:30-Your American Music
aneled w ll' Dupon"s 9:00-News
k and thin oyon yaO 0:15--Come and Get It
9:30-As I See It
-- 10:00--News
10:05-Off the Record
V 11 :05-Off the Record (contd.J
12:05-Luncheon Music
IN 12:30-Popular Music
NTA T A 1:15-Personality Parade
1 l:46-Lum and Abner
AM I 2:00-Three-Quarter Time
2:15--It's time to Dance
FURNITURE 2:30-Afternoon Melodies
FURNITURE 2:45--Battle of the Bands
3:00-All Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Wednesday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-Sepia Parade
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Agbnda 8teer)
5:20-What's Your Favor:
DON'T BUY UNLESS 30contd.)
YOU'VE SEEN THIS 5:35-What's Your Fa vor
6:00-It Stuck In my M
Sensational :-B ,
6:15-Musical Interlude
6:30-Parade of Hits
Development 6:4--Lowe* 3S *
7:00-Old Time Ballroom (M
7:45--French in the Air (RD
s, e a ,". 8:00-Requet Salon
__ 2 8:45-U:P. Commentary
iLt w O9:30-- The HauntinglI

9 Aw oe. a *lahu. yM Illams' Sant. Cla,. -h cot
Writ. AlseIla.s A my*s toga. 2 bedrooms, refri.ratkon.
2031 Amoc. C. Z. RIckgas rangers. Balbooa 23050.
ARISTS. IRDLOVIRS: A- Except week-ends
cuorio Tropical is mew situated t Voaation in the Mountains, Cerro
55 Via Espae, enhance to La Campana. 30 miles from Panama.
Cesta. Phone 3-5411. Hora 9- House with all modem nonvenlen-
12 A. M.. 2-6 P. M. ces. Phone Balboa 1389.
FOR A-ICFOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
FOR SALE Santa Clar. Completelyfurnished.
a.ock Gas Refrigerators and Stoves.
Miscellaneous Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar's
sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re- -
ceived in the office of the En- Gromllch Santa Clar beach.
gineering and Construction Di- cottages Electric i boxs, gas
rector. Panama Canal Company, tloves, mod all sa Telephone
Balboa Heights. Canal Zone, until 6-441 Gombos. 4-05 Pedro Ml-
10:30 a. m, March 26, 1953, Ogul.
and then publicly opened, for fur- PHILLIPS Ocenide Cotas. The
nshing all plant, tools, e4uip- nly court in Santa Clara with on
ment, labor, services ,and mater- Oeanview from all cottages. Steps
ials (except certain Panama.Ca- to beovc. Rock mGall ro.gerao. St
nal Company furnished materials) to beach, Rod Gas, refrleroatio.n,
and fr performing all work for barbecue and f board. P3-
Resurfacing the Metal Roofs of Bo o 435 Balbrgrita 3-1673
Quarters Buildings in New Cristo-
bal. Specifications and drawings FOR RENT
for the work may be obtained FOR R
from the office of the Contract
and Inspection Division, Room 336, ,ApAimentm s
Balboa Heights (Telephone 2-3739 VACATION QUARTERS--Lovely 2
or 2-2698). A deposit of $20.00 bedroom apartment in Belle Vista,
will be required for each set of available April 1st to May 10th.
specifications and drawings. The Phone Rables, Panama 2-1661 or
deposit will be forfeited if speci- 3-4624.
fications and drawings ore not re-
turned within 40 calendar days aft- FOR RENT:-2 bedroom furnished
er opening of bids. apartment with office, residential
section, Via Espafio 71.
FOR SALE:-Funk &Waognalls read -
ing course in Executive Technique, FOR RENT:-Furnished three-bed-
new. $40.00. Telephone 2-1282. room, 2 bath apartment, Bella Vis-
'-O SALE : to, large garden front and beck,
FOR SALE:--50 heavy steel bar- from now until May I, $150.
rels at 50 CtS each, F.O.B. Balboa. Phona 3-0943.
Good for culverts, grain, etc. The P
Texas Co. (Panama) Inc. Tel. 2- FOR RENT:--Completely furnished 2
0620. bedroom apartment. No. 6 36th.






PANAMA CANAL COMPANY street. La Ultima Moda.
FOR SALE ment, ricenfly built, furnished
Sealed bids will be received until 10: and cold water. Ready fat
30 A. M.,.March 23, 1953. in the poncy. Tel. Panama 3-494
office of Superintendent of Store-
houses, Balboa, for Metal Caps, Lime FOR RENT
Rickey Extract, Soap Book 'Powder.
Dibasic Ammonium Phosphate, Col- ROOn
gon. Chlorpthymal Crystal, Convey- Rooms
or Belting, Squaring-off Shears. Tin- FOR RENT; Furnished rot
smith Machines. Office Safes, Pumps, married couple or single
Tanks, Road Roller, Launch, y. S. Avenida Peru 34.
SABALO and Ford Aideseater Car FOR RENT.- -.WI 'roam
located at the Cristobal storehouse. kitchen privilege and phoIg
For information and Inpection on- street N. 34. Tel. 3
tact Storekeeper. Cristobal, telephone t N 4. Tel. 346
3-1256. Invitation No. 20 may be F SALE
obtained from the above source. or FOR SALE
from tne office of Superintedent of
Storehouses, telephone 2-2777. R .l &toe
FOR SALE:--German Shepherd pup- FOR SALE:--Modem type
pies. Call Panoma 3-1500 after house 40' x 47' with lot
p. m. Mts2 for resting purposes ;
price at bargain, 3rd St. t
Audiences Still the Retro.
Crowd Central Janowitz To Gie
To See 'Limelight' Piano Recital
.Cl4rlle Chaplin's 'LimeUight," A Jno R
which opened Saturday at the AtJW B Monda,
Central Theater, was still being
Seen by capacity audiences las roeor sI raowi
night-the fourth of what might nl of ti e Panama Coam
be a aeven-day run.
8 The theater's management of Mu se, be pes
credited the sell-out crowds to Foce srt arvi USo-
the well-portrayed dramatic film tFor a service Center,
W and the fact that the picture next Monday at 8:15 pL.
Might not be show in nCanal TheW
Zone theaters because of the tur- ,-ii.. -_ m Wih
" a ndel' s C
- cott decreed by the American 4 e inc s andels
"Limeght" willbe shown at fo O at O .rchet,
the Central again today, tomor- in 5 m nor from The Wd
r6w and Thursday. r seina To 3oold

Veterans' Office J 'r -' =
Extends Hours N 8v 'rn
On Atlantic Side l,. .

* F

I Mu. for lZwu*.
additloant west

Pay leli and get more

Reyo.s.u FETIME Aaimi.
-u m Corr.lted Roofi .
and Sidi.
R-* Wrstf, ais lo Paist.
Benaty zoilsalty.

ie h par klg i a pleasure)

ramsprtad Ixte. & A.
.hipping, movin, tora.
We owk and orate or ve
any~tg. TPhont -2-2461.
2a-8*. PanamL

41 Automblde.ow
TO6. I-a11i
W mtnr iD SLL


id, hot

m for_

i '




For the convenience of veter- and 3. i
and other Veterns Admn- General ad ud& n .
ion claimants. who find itis0 cents .-tudeeta,
Impossible to come to the Amer- personnelsat fadmie d.
can Legion Hall In Crlatobal personnel admitted
Thursday mornings between 9 -Ch h i l
a.m. and 12 noon, VA service will
also be available at that location h rC
every Thursday between 2 p.m. m vnmP
and 4 p.m. (Ctia
were ant an 'im t d ,
Year Book Manager and '"ma m
Arriving In Papama b the
Major B, 0. Mealmle-Austin, norm
general manager of The Year Pl'ne
BOok of The West, Indies and
Countries of the arlbbean, put ,"T lhe
out by Thomas kulw and co., Ufied m= 10
London publishers, was scheduled U.S. sone i Ot
to arrive In Panama this after- UinjO~r ho
noon from Medellin.U lh Ar
He will be in Panama until ment said. s.
March 26 and while here will participate l a
confer with local Year Book a- M0n who0en
geuit Miss Nelva R. Spagns, of
Panama City. The Sabres
more than O1n
Women's Auxiliary TeThne jund
00CIO Meets Tonight tha-
The regular mon ranInto the S
of the Balboa, Woumen i nnue lst
Auxiliary of Local dC.O.,w wll up Am
be held tonight at the UIoeaI
Offie, commencint at 7:30.
The By-Laws of the oraudn- UAtr the
tUO will be presented and read. .O ML un
All members ae urged to attend Sat ft u
andbe on time..
TH AIR (VOA) o 0
I 11:00-The Owl's Nest
Midngbt--Sgn Off ate

VOA-Volce of America *S
rBBC-artilh Broadcast a
r ag' e o f rnann WK

t~ "I
f~ l.i
~, I

= -- ,

, O '."1, .9 "

:1 "R 'O

1= Luz es'


6578 ule .. ,14,0

1949 BUICK
Cm. CIO" y

Dynadfw^ Radio eW
W. W. Trs. 1.400

RaI ...... I,50

SW. 1, 0
5* |e|
1 W49 N flr*es
65S.aa ,0|



:1 6 -< '' ..
.99 oc ...,...E' .

s 1. i. ,I..',

.; K||I .... *_~ln, n; lSIBB
S J ', .. --"^ ~ s~


.Sa -e ...... 10 li0.
aW^ ^

(^.^- r A-M

. ,. .. .. 7"

31~,. .









I .





Veee ,-Permission

To M Browns

I .~

.s fli
t ,-.. .,orr
XXH-aS MWnROt Iqu rdo I w ..*O0%1!boo
I, ... ** *,* t mpts

I -. I A a 3box
le..... .. .. .. I rande-- c .
.- h .. .... a a AA. 3b ...O
M .o.. 1 Brand r ...... 1 0 0

,.., .. .. r l d Hall, .. ......
-y-M-- an w alm .. 1r 1
.I,, P..olM four-rn -.-.- -
s tl late ........26 8 61 8
ilayl Nw eo an t-fl wlm oe ----

ie and gave.
a on four hits In
bedx relieved by
few who flqtabad
I also our

I &d an
ONot o I

'isad sa

?01409.- ABsB
. are. If. .. 3 1
P. Corrigan -as 3 2
3b .. 2 1
o of I..... 1 .1

2b. 1 1..

e ,elb. 1 .. ... 2 0
rown, p. ... 0

0 0 0
0 2 0
1 2 1
0 00
0 0 0
0 0 0
0 5 a
0 3 1

Totals .. 4 18 1
AS:r mBy ib0-16!
I~~~~ An 4400 A a

m-sea;s-Isot Par$lcwi.s 4
ilA---Ma o "Win"in"tbe- r
40- stJan BallS off-Eberenas 10,
o-ut- : do t htDra, Mw"2hasita
'b b ofte -waberes y4. Browned. Ntm

A. .. -
iap.. AundRPII

Ws,.d t iros Shantz, Musial

LW. w .wo am

W*ix1cc ITom had

__ npW L i'R l e
is, ~ ~ -- An otiftyV..tataeo hfit oaa
JI vmrw M ,fanatgowaeadbeitjrod
^ S~~~~~fil~~~~P S^JS"^^^^ J^*!''

u. b .
.1 I 1 H I IH ,1

a .

-a thd.

~, 1,r ~

~L~i~li np~& mI ~ *u

I. .. IU illHU I

. !* : *

f I at
Wh !

By O W.
U4e= rees 1p iitter
TAMPA, Fa., March 11- An-
grily blaun him fot W5 "hbat
and haph Wmpw yM, -
"n tited doom Bff
Vceok's rqAueI* MP 1 IN
LOUIs Bfh bma "U ln -
Baltimore yesterday.
It ws a stunning rev al o
sentlment voiced by the Club
owner earlier. they w
Ing that they will not p t
though the door was lft Open
for 14.
Veeck wu stunned. I7 theiht
it was in he ba esaid
eyes flashing and haode wrng-
inS after the league vote. "I am
sure the whole thing was a ques-
ion aot personalities.
noww eould they turn down
la amliUke thi whem It i
I h to get them mew so-
Bat turn It down they did. It
was a secret ballot, but t least
three club owners voted against

Frank Wmm"
eok r ca six of the e
vote was all he needed.
Viet's plan was to move his
Brmns to Baltimore, and that

st l o dllao doanrto t-
VaegT ,I ,

2I AM "bI* tI
gtoteim eto IthsS i" he
two tu to th day

I -, 00"

In his career, he do-
his looping pach by
Oader water In a ao -
"M el away

o or one Stue d
W1alott but Seiitemb~elr nia D
debatable b Vft will
haveplenty ino the
asoond Lime arIoud. Both he
and Jeremy Joe know Rk has
the power, no matter how de-
cisively beaten, to end the fight
with one blow.
Walcott fought a masterful
fight until Rocky nailed him In
the 13th. He was out In front,
i nnh. is us.obnw i5m< MaIrn

Ih time. W *e sll
4a0"O's aas&h no
ws cmsipe rt we the
not defend it.

ISAt 187m o ue he da
I Wa- e eaton
Sleather.M be spimcase.

W hiIis I
w back aus5 beauebe had
unch the water without ge
usieVCbrL s

a~s; ~[N t


mty, bce, wE

Ari Stvret,

*~q,. -'~g



AX. I i A.

Caribbean Commad
West Bank




Caribbean Cloannd14,Koboe I
West Bank 6eAlbrok
Curundu 17. Clayton 1
ClyoThurpl an' ame
Clayton a rIbbeaC Oommand
- Curlnmi aIItr Lk.
IORTT Behind ti
no-lt piL-ci Y ank *Rd -
teCartai comma"d
tlbe e rs opedm Ko-
1be 914-( yesteda atvobbe'sLmaq.
dran r= Robton had eeio
at all times although he gave up
seven walks In the six ganina
Vernon Sanders was the start-
Ing pitcher for the Kobben16
He struck out three men esarlf
the contest, but his arm gow
way In the third inning. Ruset
Stromberg came In as the fOw
man and continued the ret of
the game. Both teems plaed
ood ball but the Command
l advantage of their ton NO
to keep a e lead.
Caribbean catcher Tom Pitman
blasted a long double early in the
second inning to score two rums
but was thrown out at third as
be tried to stretch It to a triple.
ValUerJera of the Command alse
doubled In the third Inning for
two more tallies.
The lne core:
Caribbean Corn. 2 4 5 1 2 0-M4
Kabbe 000530-4
Cariean Command, F. a*-
on and T. Pitman.
Kobbe. V. Sanders, R. Xrem-
berg and L Douglas.

ofj A*e end Mk ee e
tmd Iw W
O MN wMCI *bM NrfO yil


Cou.inumm Wydut.

Mach 18th br
Saturday, March 21t.
Ourf ices will rm
as usual Mmey
the 23rd



, ; 4i 1ii 3 **Inv:

S ame :

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if iha

it anl

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41S C.0




Se Ya.g mV.i

r-,l e-r


* 1

Balboa High Takes Firmer

Hold On Twi League Lead

Hew They Stand 3-0 nla the first game. Now It Ms
Ba lb ...... a 2 .70 strictly up to Gibraltar.
,lfe .... 4 2 .667 1 Reare gave up only four hit
La tracelon ..... 3 5 3 in Sunday's game but couMb not
.......... 2 4 .333 3 avoid a Balboa three-run third
............ 4 .338 SInnin rally, which gave Morto
-- ihis seventh win.
rae for first place In the Poreelli of the Brew ithe
1= 0 elllhut hse# rwas al- good ball In the firt g and
te up last night when gave up only z hits with W
alboa dollar, took a ten-nning te beruer .
Sof t Balboa Breeat w- Gibraltar will have to wn
S A s W Don Morton him their next two games to em a

h wo of the asn. f ti for it Pl, w q!
al ,I tp orton by only coturs, will
one. ame The winner will have to
fae mee the Chevies and Felix L-
Char Janen put his bet in rinaga In the final playoff..
ther Poeuhe hel Balboa Hft& The danee tickets arn elbgt
to t runs until I of m fast so get yours am
tent sible. today. Don't forge
one dollar, all the beer you o
Balboa High beat Gibraltar drink, all the dancing you can de,
'i.fe sunday afternoon while La all the fun you can hav, etc.
Atra u bowed to the Brewers Contact any ball playa.

Rocky To Be Remembered

For Old Training Methods
By STEVE wNas=
United Press Speras Wter
NXW YOR March 17 (UP) Whatever the rease& tluce
U Rocky Marloeno tails to go no question about Marumaoua.
down. In ba hist A C S a re hit. Dithe LN|l is W
heaywelght champion, at least cott will affirm that.
the oddest tralnbg methods
a Gene Tamney perused A
under the spreading rmed
Roc %led br doed road-
he 40e up steam in hi les|
fa the We return against Jer- Litle LegQUi
?V Joe Wokott at, Chicago April s


** '-s



L.,et th p-ople know th truth mnd the country is s/4e" -- Abraham LUncla







WE co)I

e Iagaln otile a akinaw
80,000 Marchers Expec ted'

n St.Patrick's Day PcaradeV 'it .o

bit of IrelarId today for tens of Bdnth r th.t
thousands of. St. Pa rick's Day ICat OCd tetav arrival that he
Celebrants. camIe tor n' exchange e view
tie othrwse edat thor- ith tat top leaders be
Soughfare had a rakish emerald '. I* V wi "W are tain y concon ofe be
ke ::atof Di says No Dubi Iners orivae(ly p cud 'tebd lt.", eI^tasmlOr?
Erwonthc coue during what t wblved a Yugoulav-
prooeid to be the world's big- DT OI 1 (UP)-A Brittih friendship pact would
Ear weateKr and p )rlnglike DUBLIN, IMarch 17 (UP)- rock, they wear the shamrock, bus Ioad'of enmale back sat tto lw.
temperatures were expected to rishmen nave been busy gath-they paint, write about, poeak drivers w a h for driver rat crowds lined the banks
br out about then bloed shamrocks about, prae hor and love the es toda o the Thames and applauded
fro the steps of St. Fatick's u hurried b an merican eum sa there is no' such t, one and tol lucthat brought him
tfor he parade was to be viewed orby museum. Pari s y used sh rock. Yet the C o mu- He t o poltey Tto stppd from th
7at1iedrsl by Francis Cardinal claim Tha tnere iS no such thing," hle sid. "A kl rhe Yu.owsav training ship tea-gul h. aet ..-

aior irpelitteri, Gov. P. O'Connor, botany expert at y' W w a of people. m I b c k
T Cma r E. Oewe. and Amrbas- Dublin's national museum, quOt- t tak aboard .e t, r nedhak
alr an 00 a chra e dr a t seri eobe lalrned tets to bus aenerfrhtaged with E thamel- a nda cpaued&
f te e t be re fte the Chicago argument, re
So ,' r,-nc ar hesaid iWs 't a cotr s m 1 g o *iebradin almost al thee o hg~T o aent rBhipera-hl br g
el ha i "ume, and how do we know fTh c u Us. ther Dlin wa&totl from raAnoa, were yrambling

nf lhled -wo reD O'fon no qcRiveotrsts i h o rc .dsv "oethis Parkg, h e osrII toda d"
ou ell~u8 res n a Statue of Libertyh eON. Korea, Mar ch 17 (171) ".e )a attt to dHte me t I recent a o uckolied sod Asse oon adae no od)n W it tthhot beeachedshpi 'lac
A ait her A euordertaing standoharke t hi ican oardaoistoedryin s aatd, o o h j art ed n the c.- ,it
h .e wlbe wemerd Oarre wt m o o o eeirt'O emer n s o ffico the t c a si c h e c h ink -hl

gaf oha -workr w hile uI-ln o.suca t sering."es of learnedg bt exats 'o b
eThe defendant a seldr was un t t heyo is ntiro th aru ns td ay. t te r svtt el- w rs t e rt ntrsn

SBuckley, 45,on the head with a the Irish people tink o there a fo timi. He f savmped to o Taits we. hw via ln e ae d seO ,;
Wshaiale both men were ework- blicat en arad the Gae. O ha ne -ha d r b at tle. c' Thet e n r a i

SA e Corosal immigration ae ode teu r a ter h a 4 eA" u. le to bgenut wle front R n
-w'oe wen-u an h.- o dl r oeaon r ciawter ths osbli hineth ne nd S coe s.

of a skull fracture at 4:00 p.m. man the juvenile state of spet- The colonies name must be tneoet
about S s hours after he was u a s of. trifolium they occur withheld unth theioil his next of kin ret a
O m d. Atn the cordmrol rtton ns--id ierstod'she ,of. lad ant at, e mptto 1tere the Tepti& fat

ito i tn Ireland are not r widely dIts e a ;otif.ed.

^The defendant told ooAEpe eaat frent in appearance." His divotson commander. bl .ip tidi s
-o---mone was practicisitg witch- An official of the St. Patrtlek's oCt. Fry sm samertia hoeatelycht ot c r ;Or
adan u to hit is d a b a o a Aeote maseu coonel w s taken to war h H fLYWOO iiMarh 1 U
with h tool. Bryan has to contradict a host of Irish here n officer n silve r star.d to an te nervous h er
eird and e i lc e peo '. off ials. artists poets, O there oftf ers stilo were aLi..ufi d ty. dritlillt i- gtt WsaI- g tteh eytia tee is-
thee no trouble be- aut ors t'nd sculptors. themptin to ide qtify the Negro tOen Leigh. w iordp wo e e R tn I
d twee bothe men. "All theseea sa there i a sham- GwSI. dd- awar d -d tt.l

cdr ii i no a chrtge of eaassaulbpsl on S m e se darstiga
ant PuHkwe, wtody was On ar- PAnIs, pmrc1 mor Rodma oeering'bamnd gld!1e edsbJgholo sUn

enter A ropws wcontinue d muntel mon thad tokpdesen maeditheh- eas d1.
hrse nero n. T he n m ln gne nA s i o rs tto tanse olet," im t Amer -f a e oossrthe atn la
WP.mentha doenvle aefn aieedlat- he tion a id sa n ate om d Ine d t wdo"ckM At A ell n
The*ietoda n'tre ls areU nol d Li twin -0 won c u.h b In

W edn e wat t r c hhe C 1ratrl astes trhuh ihon.terd gy tah hseo i 'mu rih i n treaMt."l .a t "e
B am uckley worke ah s a -lcar Aed I Marh 1m7a mUs)i t ermI s.'dfwaur t oe go hod e pr.Oe d, bu tersmeTta h w-TohtP lgb -'w
:0pea m. Ar. .uiao7, ro wo r b e-u sehowaerod csaupins t em bltt to ,presmyte hoisfd ai dey ufg,

.a'g"yainstreno i. l a-NB, a. he the men iC o tFr SGr T.afr.S B
O ndway y ha become sosrio So Nw aerdito rosj-'B 'lBK 5k ; .
e otf ssepeisgrteinamae haar
w dnesayw Mwaon ws ies idben sno oiise oann z etn n eofsr '
asknder sinLw e dthan o interseniehighlan th hotn d is t b"ltm i tnho thinin trLouldMnwn0
ofa,, eth e o 4:oban f n- eu mrniled d.ofee- 7s ee e.,m t .b. .
6 t06haspnt1: 3 oam. M r.oday.Eisen theyyoowerrwato h ldgiaat.rdisnne x oo w o ... "

hi.repwenatedo blun -cwhargesthat Goo rmd or
sOme Wesr=oone ea goveron-
hdI anaeuleytorked as ca- PARs perm mit o RoaIwa rtogo he p-- ." Ztg eQua l d4-U .nWAS

en her.oo.Br anh c nroa FiNahoER tmhexmro ehints h a r ereai.nt hsi res in s a fr i t t an

teid cet o Nesae tha ens.effo
-IresdeILnno roublebe-auto sand tors.e tern unnua cnon a no d f th op e no.1,419h.whQ WO- #A

t mHtretme" A etopsesnv e lsta ino .ofat
40.nkt nMeM a d-, t ion ou th drou a

the achw e ofp iee drsulthe Kore d t, eo

Hita.eadEyn foan the sortafe cttrmnbaed e ..
.RMa T te oToPdefend oo HpAST t i enh d ee e :e f- D4sth
ant. However. tday It was learn- attboe, holes

top ~eeql n ivestiotioyo
th th eesee bonscot contientued want _lP.oth

4 .ThTOOTH humdeewr m h= $hed
",s time maSm eas- n. sRid w a yd the defense-'.

its a.retnc g aint be oardn ed ina der.
.,on w s m o e a aIn aditionee to ten dain ofs ..
SEurope whlsh nhCon do-.i8.l d o ytr o

PDECAY rP en o moetha tohe noreepr.

A uoenwiprnTAlied mcountritese fulfills"he4
S own fore auppaed with -
aast wB tca to e riamunln SIton.,
l2. Refusal of morst W u- '
Wedne yMToarhP1seahelps kedtooi nterenehighy t3hmo. ropean countries to u hSG an.
111b.son ToPsse bacU-y helpT rmove but the most modern
Lowb tiaU.. tanks asuhe corea teir
.p h~ b te.t.o..... ...,r.v e outhaas!asfed to -,i... ,.-me o .d4% trkow'
.l... teeth bdh .m a r would be dr as red bysPa"
Confiadentcare. r est h s
m Ws ro poutbe accorded uchan

"h-dfns efrt threat.
eritecamin involved a caefullI

.,, 4.



Tto i Gets

From Churc.hil
LONDON, March 17 MP) -\
MaUshal Tito arrived ,esterdax In

* .
~.. rv
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