The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Irouk To H

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March I

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at in an



Lard Cargo, May

t Be Total Loss


a s she entered Crist6bla this
ragig at pir e time thi
r WS of he crew and four Coal fire
A oUnits from Maorrito.,E Crisd k e.
St the stricken vessel aboard ' tu
S Comr's Maintenance Dvi"oea. "
The Ecuador is currya ,kbgw d c=
f kid and flour from N

I After the firemen's first att!! ar Vef1u"
0 '4 t get it under control, the C*i6bal kjI s
g second, and then a rdd alarm. "
io At 1:30 p.m. the C6rdmws and othew creft wse
tempting to beach the stricken vessel sear the ceve
plant with the idea ,f flooding her.
SThEcE ,i expctnd oh be i t loss.

PMe Ind ion '*

,i ,.-',.h'-' -
.'-' A '?

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v, ".,

I g Ie IOe -gn
tloae SOil4rreuare
IN rServie Orl&UrS and orea
%a 'o gA. C. The tbaPort
n ne Selectie and the Chief psd t
e ,o Drer. ment in Balboa, left "or the aon u were o
ed r t llgents, for ship,
itrt in the A-l i yru-lt Compy
on ito take the representative,
such dual with a veto masei
aminations Te miM i timae of the d- ma
are alio requd o1 allens who Te ador, w
ire vT4intertIg fr itducton. cr of has been
Inducted into erice In the Ca- 1ne 1950-
nal Zone. All were aRns and all after ofbthe ship Is Ci.
were vol eer. Francisco Chiriboga.
Th priebt April Mquota Is 18
but t s s subject to revIslon f
from the United States, either nM RO=
more than enough. alin volun-
teers to meet th6 April quota.~
Meding sai d.n
lsan" '" ae yNAlund Fak
'Trema ne (?) Ula Fer t le O 5.00 ole visited
Pedro Miguel 7al over the
NEW HAVEN. CO (UP) ead it was estimated o .
An sld where Catai dd ners of the lbaby,
waU rumored to hae burled und masquerade contests waep
some of his pirate loot (none has chosen.
been found there) might belong Judges for the bi.auty conatit
to Yale Univeridty some day. The which was won by Miss adna
will ofthe late Barah 8. D. Gard- Hart. The PanamA A Imezrcn'
Liner ho died last year, sped- Sehool Reporter for lalboa '
fled that the Long Islnd Sound Sehool. were Norman Ola0
acreage that has borne the fam- Dr. C. K. Fabreaa and J. 3B.
ily name for more than 300 yrs ae.
go to Ta! fr two nephew-h Ws Hart was a a
die without leue. band donated by Macco Pa
r ftc Constructors, and Jew
from Casa FaUtich. mSeod
winner. Miss &e Powell.
is N arrim an: ed a bottle of perfume :oti.
of India and Jewelry from Tabi-
IA / ti. Third prize winner. Miss Odie
Wimbers was Riven a unrse hfre
a k T I. L. Maduro and Jewelry tfri
Mercurio. .
rone-carticket In taa.
All three brauties race a
"The personal things that you Mrs. Dorothy *.'
did not take with you perhaps in fourth was a
because of the memories they from Mat-Mor. WV s
might v awakened will al- red the contest, but oly
was Ibe l wedi t foU." en etntrr,-d out n their bea
'aLu ft his attack suits to be Juded at t nhe
an N -in-law calng her RHowever, the nam of
baes that entered
8b wapidYU to many a tn made Up for it. J
ggyptlttia iat when It'EL MadeL Mrsl. D'a awn
seeme! d* bad a prman fu-, Mrs. 'Ann _Ueay had to Oeb
tlure. -t he quickly lot I ter- f om toddlrs ,
est in when l0 law that In the under-two-yeass-0-'
the I "y had arlved for age class, Janice Doy ,
you t baMB." Farouk's Gary Wayne aMiler copp
Mter -pris "Oeu'r-two" wianeaws
"On tNhe e her now that Nora Kenyon and Jan
O am tI e, antile d a la it.*
ether bands, se ee s what she Thm "ost atratUve" m
a to teas new roull ing in the Mauaenr wa e i
w"iw e giveO. to rol Breo oc
esa a amk an for e her he r gMr P a"
wlmAVk UK "MWN 's dra i "" man a V=

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~R~i~- --- ---- ---- -- -- -- -- --


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oUNsm av m NJeON OUNMUV.L iN iall
*7 H TImI E 0 0ms 114. PAANA R eW P
TILPM14l4 peNaum No I6.040 is LINl)


Labor News wl'

r:nz Wi

IEY 0 An1d 1s

SAP MafniuAs Avi 'EW YVom it47 N N
cWrL ev Us&
IsMONYTN Ne-o-4-------41 L *I 1 In the pat when we tanif '.71
0 oe9 S N "sA AN CE..v4 1o o0 a "n about books on the water wm
v.e referred to those which ,u,
Tis15 is YOUR PORUM TH READER OW LUMN app. eared j .rom uion io *-l
union dues ended* and t..
But now thee men who got .
THE MAIL BO writer's crmp and wouldn't
'+ -- u -- keep records, minutes andfo e. ,
election tallies of locals whah'
The Mail Box is en open forum for readers of The Penama Amer- speclalUted In looting, have ai: S l
Ilan. Letters are received gracefully and are handled in a wholly coli- cLenly determined to go
denial memair. on us. They will write
If you contributea letter don't be Impatient it it doesn't appear the The AFL Longshoremen'l. U.
neut day. Lfters are published in the order received. nion, which hu o Aix -s
Plea. tIy to keep the litters limited to one page length. left to clean up or get
Identity of loter writers is held in .srietet Cconfidnce. the AFL, hbu a t told. It
This newspaper essums no responsibility for statements as opinions members Its feeling hurt.
pressed in letters from readers. So the union "Will present to
the public the trUte PtLure of
a -- the New York waterfront S e
ONE THOUSAND PERCENT TAX CHARGED to get our story blish a b
Sir: the columns of the &Ypa
r Congratulations to the Zonlans who buried their differences pcer seem to be fat
at Margarita the other night and took definite steps toward the while, at the amoe t ey
organization of a United States Citizena' group dedicated to the are filled with unt. itate.
welfare of the Canal Employes. r.ilents that are da uto A to
And if there are still some among us who see no need for the reputation of dedS1 anl-
such an organization, please consider the following Canal ad- ration."
ministrative practice being forced upon us at the present time. I'll say they're da nk But .ut
Not only are we required to pay a ten per cent surtax for rot untrue. ", wie i
certain services and supplies, we are now required to pay our Since I've Just notAlpd time
storehouses a flat ten-cent surtax on each purchase under one to write my own Opus, l ipve
dollar. This means that a ten cent item will cost the purchaser to help the In t-
twenty cents (100% tax); or. taking an extreme case, a one cent shoremen'e A tan. aO 1
purchase will cost the buyer eleven cents a tax of one thou- ease their heartache,
sand per cent. How about lmetti _tl. est
Our Governor recently told us that we could afford to pay a chapter, broa o
hfiher rents because we were exempted from certain local taxes yea have eaui do u t I
affecting the average resident of the United states. We can't youear owaT? JsImt a -
remember e/ c paying a 1000% surtax in the U.S. while we were ter on how t M elsi
there. In fact, when the sales taxes were established-Ln the vari- actually drov tem j *y
ous states a few years back and many of. the States charged a out of a see"to t en Pert
flat cent for articles from ten cents to about 60 cents (an $ctual of New Ytrk the
tax of 10% at the moist), the citizens made such a fuss thit the Amerlean a*Aa, Wl T
token (fraction of a cent) was introduced to keep the t4x down of dollars. T" tie" e
to itsuatended amount-usually 2%. Just the. momea# tq wtch a ,. *
Again, congratulations for the fine work at Mararita, and manuscript.- 4N *
here's hoping thet as much will be accomplished March 30 at The' U. 8. Army atily fle' --
SDiabo. b laently, while we are changing _ames it might be before the moba not so long aT .
to change the name "Balboa lihts" to "Rattle- .hen Jt moved a de'rhli, I
IparL of its cargo leading to
; i r **__ I. .1, .. Vir.:nla ports. .. .,- .

1'.' RWUCTION -Two Snake Haters. tfllSWa p/oter, For Nomads.
n y--Two Snake B-ters. The total of such e org,-nev-
"r before mpde public, Me1S be-
REDUCTION APPLAUDED "ween 40,000 and 50,000 tons aI -....
Cristobal, C. Z. m 40th. 0By-
Spot with bleeding hea that a reduction o force ched- v ,'d could be more ex- ISIOLO, Northern .Kenya, East AfrI a.-There up water a bucket #a-
Sthe StorehousesDIv. ped- PL;cv;ly loaded and hurried is a eM dna ice of .life in e great Aw," l& -hollowed lo fr-
In Cristobal, where poor service ad rrogency, t re by- .clo&s the Atlantts else-'her:- angry country of Kenya's north n frfontlerV -A V f life is a p
lhope-that the redietion Fi'ogance out of the than from New York's vast here the natives are mainly pomadle cattle ,y to get the
e especdaly the US-rate employes who should know bet- hart'r include material fo r coverss, who shift from place to place with their attas, where
t d be eaipc to their subordinates. constLucdlon of alrbases, guns, cattle and goats and sheep .nd camels, TfoloW-. the lis an4
r for tterservice and less arrogance, some t."nln and automotive e- i ng rain and press and, of courM, concentrated ter te, et
__ __*. --lsr- s -H.D. equipment for motorized divi- water.
.- ------.-~ sins and vast quantities of The natives up this way are Rendflle and 8am- tracked a rhlaewh A
:... .1 .. ... .- supplies for our European Al- buru, Masal aprivatives, and Berrans, Somal per just to
mI wer to Previous Puzle lies. and Turkana. t great
Ve able Kindom There a r e also ocasonal Their ltves ar built' around one thing water, "-pt become
fw ia g. a g 7,a 1 re r*-oes cs tes.d for Korea. But or lack of It. .To this en4 their saeylils lI the ~a$ aInnje

SOUMONTAL VERTICAL A p1a 4 rogues to, 6mal
SdGen idin attempts to acc ng native crops, ad
vegbetble Gaetaol e i to look Away from actus l Itoo sa l. riwith.a.< m.w s M.'-7e
5 C-3 Gosec firing Of mmltary mateoritel and Ing torremt, and te tiorL at Our oamaa
*LL realeesoe 30p i sistenc e on the bi t a Iolo.closes rroda edi t a and

12 Sea le 7 Roman road ie out o t huge e But la dr
Italian city 8 Reposes Clremo Ter alin je
n rales and R interest C'ywano Auth.e111"M
0 Leave out 25 Arrow poison 4 .tertei the m were pol hica leas aa,. '0-
it..Fhouth parts 2 ith 'two ud the term'nal a -Sn o-Mtb on
ZlVitPot 16 Harvested 28 Cloyed Strong cord *.;rorowded berth for soft-job ue I ,greg f nd to diW for a r n the ntial o
20 Wanting to be 30 Love god 47 Paradise p tronage. sot, n"I. .a.i.
scratched 31Existed 48 Toiletry ease aW the o1 ptcamels,*
VCa o 2DesBtroys (oppoet.) 50 Preposition many (wi=t io the of tM. a Ne ,
CIana 24 Immature 33 Crown 51 Sour argo1 atq the heil) hoard Mad COW1,6
S n flowers qf the 35 Floor finisher 52 Indian the Army planum to amoe, it the
1 trnis vegetable 40 Church weights actual slfsi ed IN arhsue 8ad e bo. m to
g kingdom festival e Comp eothat sousp in btnt
S ab.) t de*te Pen tait atany. with I S.
(ab. c D5n r 8 58ssfday tha tfu'lldory will Theja*afto
240 Oer beO bd y theFBI, the Internal na, uw drumtik* 0f
2M Friends Revenue Bureau anud the Im- or big horrid a a
2 +Masticate m-i- -- migration Dept. Between the F canrieg, the g,, t-.o.
2 oins BI agits.. the men ing of ttl e blet o
34 On land ---anda the Imiml a Dept.'s of 0the ir
SsUcorn | -"feI' lance quadaq constantly you yair lf In a
Twef patmlng the waterfbnt, the The compete
S President 2 L |prament has had J ime 50e native I dgeae weV4 in the painful W adn he had a
SBri al nvestlgat paiecing
39 Obrved thestpy together.Thse men
41Fastsunmmer n- picked up ef as tar
time (&L.) Misant west
eWar gosas' Angeles Ve
,,e w-againn ramne .antv1.7 77.
eal name. to t for that before ..
flalash g its v ..,.x,
l A is ia wever, It Officials
Weas--.a.'s Prepared- p
SAmrset begin .i t and
TGI"Palats. The art
. SU m to tions, ".X Ic if tha


Happy ladlmords ad
tmule l ttogether
treeOh ir waMt-ads
every aime. rare t
t wai-tds. Check
ew .-ow I

& 'y Mh every week every" dy-
ma. a... elbr e pawere, Ps mn

in es 3aei wp ur
nlons Involved."
Blace the Jeml
wat thert

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the ars
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m. ia--f.t

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5 N

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rt-,m-Pi.A J ahw :

* the OGaMe Room
of tag 0. Club.

U MArc h,.-

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~ W~bS

u16 l~av. to gig
~i'~nta bs~ hi


* fi adent mleenbower "denb4dUIip
~teir hmaromment of Ra n t- b
2 'e 're /ipertant attacks ave been
7l q' ar forces from Formosa.

Mde W4 of buffeted by 60-iplse-an-hour
ow Haynes 't= winds, offshoots of the moving
ured when tir storm belt.
IM stertt t. The Arkansas tornados In-
l itlA .. Jared seven persons and destroy-
'. ,. or damaged 90 houses. One
.." W- tter destroyed or damagedd 25
1 t,. _'" lat the 35 homes in Bunker Hill.
A community of 100 residents.
SThnderstorms raked the Mid-
tO dIe .Weat as the tornado-ladeA
Stm. t front swept nOrthwnrd. A,
-, : Ind., man was killed by a
* iil Wh R bolt and asrious
rad b h ne and were reported in three
Was pWlted by big ha Itones and l slno s greas.

Jt.J NT N',,"I/t
-* *,e IT8
VSoti.... 17

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ay_ p for .. l,

JVS ^^"1 t
.af ip~ T| ,^
"lei s^ 'iy s

Wf\ -1;yo~f dt~~ ^a



inthe'.C 1"I oq
'3 i" US 'w llB' ,":::-" **,'*-.' .i '",! *| *I- ^..l'. '. **'^,w *o n

f Iasky ersew to-be asdined

W# f~]~wd Ii #ou can ceoWetedy furnih youre new home from
fh w 2 thei8;s if yonIgo to The Armed Forces or if you
hW h^Sdb.

hgsnv- befl
"', dm of -"

, ,M.-.c "m


: Eats as ga re* especial pars
que Ikm espeorm !

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The t.t that. we have a reputa-
uao ftr .fn Diamoi s m-
portant to.. lp ...for In buying
prglou cms you m udrke able
2. Ayiuln -.- t

i ,iI =,..

DUTY..m "
' n.


CLICK I you're ready to write

PRESSI point retracts

.I n -.... ...



Ms etin! '
asmmn b ilk..

Ha NoCapI NeedaNoCap!
This Ewiuap RETRACTABLE is
a lis Mdy fw iutan use. Safely

t iemint on RpeWr

dils sek Mnwh I iVigfi r

*I 1

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5.* .5*55*. -
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_ ~__I___ _T __ __

__ __ _~_ __

L L. _:

- ---- -~--- r- -- --

A Great Success


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continues this week.

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,. _

Reds IES. 12pr
Ci |Movrrle
d rild post. Nil 10f
Kloh, tvc47rit^

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,'..i. ,.1. IHo,. : ,,.

t- '. ". "
*-r -. ,, -' # -a ,l ^ .

,. ,..., .. o.* *w i-v' -._-. i_. .. .' ^ .

#AG rFOU '.

N1A Staff Correspondent

HOLLYWx i (D NEA) Be- Nicky Arnstein, her second bul-
hind the :i There's always band and'the man she lovd W -
a contrpvergy 1A Hollywood about til her death, proposed tcV7an i
someithifg-and now it's about again a few months before sbe
stage queens nominated for A- passed away. I
academy Awards. i
Some movietouners are cam- There's more bark thapn bit to -
paignlng against Shirley Booth British attacks on Hollywbo
and Ji~ae Harris, the Broadway stars who arrive in London- to
stars, as Oscar nomitnps because | make movies.
they replayed their stage rbles in Jeffrey Hunter startW4 4mt, .
"Come Back, Little Sheba" and phony of yips and yaps whn heI
"Member of the. Wedding." was sent to England to wa in I
But th objection isn't valid ac- *Saflqr of the King." N6w.back
cording to anothqi' stage actress., in Hollywood, he told me:
Maggie McNamara, who jdst re- "The anti-Hollywood feeling Is
played her footlignt iole in the carried out on a very impersonal
movie version ol "The Moon Is level. It doesn't reflect the atti.-
Blue." tude of the people in England.
Maggie's argumetL and I a I Just British Equity. the actors',
rewih s argument, and 'movie a l on If you don't take it per-1
gree with her, is tha moves sonally, nobody else will. It was
an entirely different technique. all forgotten within 24 hours by ,
"There's such a difference," she everybody."
says. "Whether It's Shirley or t
Julie, they have to change trom Male moviegoers may havel
stage to movie technique They drooled over sexy Katy Jurado in I
have to add action and speak |..High Noon" but she's making no
dialog that was never in thelbones about it-she can't find a
play. !husband among the profile boys
"it's ridiculous .to say that in Hollywood.
Shirley Booth, 'or- iatake*, t l ngle een
walked tbro m"s hssit-a ywo-y for u'o.A im, she
tie Shbeba' o bew e *ae eof-d. "F lit W am, 4dy
she wal st e-f wt the e i e tewn m.tid

iyrown sentimensatI avorle,
ywood will have its answer
the argument,

AW desyltt^ dly
o(Srwoot ane1,!rwner'i

- 'm'wAuAMAl

.1 .



*N WI :-

- nt fin' M In this psycholoy b about hn.
dron thrwft ur lothee out the 61 P Uso
I. u have. to spank him!


freat White Fleet


I "


?redi~w PIetsM


ANeirzz.-F u
posmIeLY ftw
0, "
'^"^^.. ..

SWal, Can't YTT.

..' -'. ,,.- j.-. "

,'..'- -- _. --;U...
*'4's ,'-
; "**-. .'.. ,.'.'. ,, .." .-
i '- t' l t .? -' -t".

-. -- Wl


,8. "M ........ :.. ..........~.............. areh 18
8.8. N" ...................................March 21
*S.S. QI ..............................Mah 22
S.S. I TA" ........................... March 24
.S. "OM TAUOA" ...............................March 29

* MHadlg Refrigerated. Chilled and General Cargo.

~~:; :-:' -.~

"E.; act numbers 4;I, 14&j_ n ando J
Ira-red pi1s' eartetat. ". '
feet. Two celestil tO ew. One' Gr .
inflamed eyeball 1x thingst musle the n of l.'
ipe' of herorks so far have
/ classical, except for a mc4h
TAL" dF TrHE TOWN mI line to lsten to lsro
music. shea say "but
Vanieflin's wo klng his way play It always ebmes ou[V.
thr6agh college-UCLA-as the sical."
star of01 "The Shrike" touring
company. He's getting his mas- Considerate
ter's degree via mall.. .Fernan-
do Lamas has been offered a' BUFFALO, N.Y. (UP) Thi
deal to exercise khis tonsils on rec- sign adorns the wall of a barbel
ords ... Biggest heart-tug in shop here:'"On Saturdays chil.
Norman Katkov's life story ofjdren's haircuts until 12. Only a
Fanny Brice is his disclosure thatJ dults clipped In afternoon."


S S.S. "OC lATAGUA ........................ .March 24
s.S, .CA .................. ..... .. ...... a8 h 28
A8.. o.. .Os .......... ...... .. .. Mach 31
A US 3 .. ................... .. .
8.8,*litARtNA" ......................- .......... n

Frequent freight lUip h *! to *.
SWet Cat Cent ..ral.

Fslaeager sBai to New Orle"
vi.tgA N Calembfh -
C ........... ....
S8.8. "C iQU ..............................A rek 2.

Weekly Seliang e Twelve-Plmumr Ships to New Ywk, New Orleans,
Mobul, La Ma e.le @e aVm, pw -d sia.



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As Yu Were

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IL L",.... ."... .. ..... ,

9 Ih i PsOmus. obe 6

as, & e kle- PO 01- t V 3, I
W. .. O. nhe uro a nt A
S hand s taken from WITE BOUB Mrs. Mamie nhower wife of
t. Aocla- t. e Tour- the President (tforepaUnd), smiles for photographer before ahe
tlon A >n ,A2 salm- conducts her firn. u conference since she became the First
the toben mo thn 100 cl- ady. Although Wlite House conference was primarily for
and M at n ot the country. women arter, several men showed up, too.
a Nava- 8 i!^ .rh, tellitw s re s t. but hero at they -me--o
C Sado Of. a- esotr e bee ot Im In tel u East s hero at the teu- diamond, thus forcing out dum-
l t the X ur'" Ond tric He muatblqg a dia- my's remaining top diamond.
.2 I- mS Mond t% o dunian'y e-queen. Before declarer can obtain a
Se tte arrtan ~ 'i the Now th canPot ake the discard on dumrgy's club. Wet
n room and a all of d ihand. contract. Declarer draw two will get in with his queen of
SiA l lb peripersondding Is reasonable rounds of trumps with the klag trumps in time t9 cash a dia-
withh.. -enoug h. South cannot quite v and ace, after which he takes mond trick. The diamond trick,
iS t bh Ms uiWa Asll a tu re a fe bid over t's heart the club finesse to east's king. thus quickly established and
A L. Macebin, gt- WI .sF W W t awh ea Nrth reopens Rast promptly returns another cashed, Is the setting trick.
Tbw WepB's AindUiay of tW bdt with a takeout dou-
S n6M3grIHtt Union Church s bl%810th -Mst Imp to two
an Ms.- it regular meeting pad-t show tht his hand Is
r Jre pm. Tuesday at B further en- far
VW N needs no. furie e en-
were: Mrs. O. for the even a t. r his point of

Ms .S to Ryt than building M. h a PA H
o rSStR PGiSSS "" t't20 p. aofhrt.o tM m- IN to s FASHION-s
Soft p slwbti th teim And wht an exakit-
oand enford .An, Jorstad Isthe Derfectly nor-
Sf atcl Of the fourth beat
1 ---NOW t e wine the first
"T h e Inspector oh Bsto be' m ro u .
la..foota by relanrA
s. iouan" a >. -a M hfter work hrt, or asmake a A BIG SPLASH
. o 1= 6 hrts, for l d ; IN FASHION-
th. a .trumpswit ahe t dhr king And what an excit-
o f _,n les Mtocing success they' re
Stbe f ld 12 and two f- thi point then e is nothingsure to make I Hut-
Sn member s can do to defeat the I ry Select yours to

S(Desied specially ta ad

NefW 'T. n b. Planned CSUnd P 'b (JL 1).
e. "M. n-at &tice d
L. h- f &t ther milibsa ....
T J ,tlill b ) *M

&~~MpO for ,


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-it "**. ^ < T,^A

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4zwlnvited CriwMA ip i!
at and
fW deeBs4.BeL
D~***r4*^J~ifMJ -S. i$1'

***fpA ~ ~ -- .* .

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4g. *^ 'b, i'Y .- .




For youi h. love to flirt with fire...
wrho- dare. o -ite oa4 n ice...

S-r e a-nd Ice

nRm i*p7r lips ana.fjlgrtipi

a lush-and-passionae scarlet. ..
like flaming diamonds
S- dancing on he moon!

In new "Indeelibl.Creme
lipstick: (Ota on
longer than any
lipstick you've ever
woen!)...and improved-
fosmula Nail Enamel,
with b ase coat built r in
for simply incredible wear!

hf .a fanh NaSil ... "
Pmtod Nal Emnd..a

Try.tads quslz ad seor

awve yeou ver
danced with your
shoMeo? yes to0
SL you ever wuish
e a now moum Too mo0o
Do ym blMa whea
yed id yarnelf

for owu dmof
bhit,- de ymu dat
it'* stt* withgtew? y 0D m 0

Do you semldy
hops hb uext man
you meet ill be a

feel that sober
wam roMot you?

HIav you ever
watdl to wear an
uile brodet?
Do ables recite
you, evon on other
Do yeo lose to look
up as mana?
Does. yp m usd
make you id
Do you thtak any

yO aDo01


w0 so

*taide you? Y e t wj
If tourist l i0 m -- "
r.uni&g, would you
tDke trip to Mre.?T y D .0
Do you doee your

yes whM you're
killn I

y 0D1.

Cm you "W lt on
Mae st no I M'
Wo uit saiALt. I m be
the a'ight f pmrW /

, ."


9 S.*

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-t 7.

. .. -

- -~~~-~~-~ ~~ ~ -- --- ~- II

._*- ? Y k,- A

L. I

" r






You Sell em...When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifies
Leave youth Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 **II Street -- Pa a
No. 12,179 central Ave. CoMlm

Lewis Service Sal6n de Belieza Americano Cadi n {ag Store
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 65 West 12th Street &1AI .sede. Av.-fli SM OBi

Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicacidos .5 I uuL oMnI Iw 1 ..'I-
rourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-441 No. 3 LotLery Pla Phon-e 1-3199 4 O--- -U -

SeHousehold sAutomobile t PROFESSIONAL
"., i. Af.lem .. ... .
FOR SALE. Terms con be arranged. SEDANS BARGAIN SEDANS -
2 ccle Term ca Phone 6-1951 Ford DeLuxe 4 Dr radio AQUARISTS, IRDLOVI RS:- A Auins Cents Sa str $w at Pay less I t more
House 1, 1949 Ford Custom De Luxe 2 Dr. cuerie paTrJpel is New 1batd a tgels. 2 bedroomlllls. r itllon
324. rodi 55 Vie lpeSe, ernel to La Rckga raogir. Ilb.g *3 50.T
FOR SALE -8 piece dngroo e 4 Ford Custom D Luxe 4 Dr. Creta. Phee 3-1. Ne i. Eept weeendaETIE
modern, mchogn. brand new radio 12 A. M., ...... cation in the Monunting, C t
Phone 2- 3708E Hose 0954. 1949 Chevrolet De Luxe 2 Dr. radio l Campano. 30 miles from Paonama.
-OR _SE --L country, must 1949 Nash 600 Super 4 Dr. radio, FOR SALE P with Bal 1r3nar. vnin-S i dt.
sell wa:ii.g $100, Fr.g- W/S .tires, sin iaor css. Phone Balbo a1319.
doae $5. Paontings. Piano $300. 1948 Buick Super 4 Dr. radio. Seat lisellaneous FOSTER'S Cat One mile bend t P
small %icJlin. aluminum stroller and covers.Oa Clara.0Cmpletely furnish lots
basLet. $12. child s table and 2 Your dealer 'AUTOS EISENMAN FOR SALE. Dobqermn Pinfcherl !Tt Careg. COleriteyofundrnsIe. R1A15 .
choirs $1,. trcycle $8. outh bed beside the Coca Cola bcttling. Tel. puppie., male $100,. female $15. I ck Gas Rfrilgeretelr and Stoves. 0. i l"-...
2-496 dTwo rronths old. Tel. Balboa 2915. rid your linen. Phone Dbagmars
$12. dresser $8. couch with 3 pil- 2-4966 2-0170
Io$: 20 House 170-D New Cris- WE BUY. SELL & FINANCE Sealed tids. in trplicate, will be r-I 2-070.
toba. Aiternoon only. FOR SALE ceived in the office of the En- i llnfc---h-' "" 0i1. 0 an.Cvems
FOR SALE Mahogany chairs and CONVERTIBLES BARGAIN gineerang and Construcion D- tll r e~ m I'a.
end tables. 35 mm projector. 60 CONVERTIBLES 1'alboa Heights. Canal Zone, until 6-441 b4a0 0:30 a MIr"h2
cycle, new. House 5426- Dablo 1950 Buick Super, Dynaflow, radio 10:30 a. m, March 26, 195e3,MAl.
Hg1949 Pontc Chtain. radio and then publicly opened for fur-FOR
14 Pti he t fishing oil pant, t ol equip- Frg.Ad M r.. ii.i
FOR SALE.-POrch Gider with cush- 1949 Mercury. radio meit, Elbor, services .and mter-"
ionr. ike new Quarters 55-B 1947 Oldsmobile. rodio seat covers lmentos ,except labor, sertvicesin Pandmae Cr- Hoouses Wg irlte* to w....
Curundu Hgts. Tel. 83-5282. Cm Your dealer "AUTOS EISENMAN, nal Company furnished matedrialat ,lmw,'"Va*"""1o
after b5 m beside the Coca Cola bottling. Tel and for performing all work for POR RENT. For t orthrbabr a S *
portaEc condition. $100.00. Tel. WE BY, SELL & FINANCE Quate Buildings n New Crsto- sidncc in otw bdr .
Panama 3-4428. FOR SALE.-Oldsivobile 1949, duty bal Sp.cifications and drawings two both, two livihgreem and
-OR SALE --pad, perfect cond on. many x- for thework may be obtained dininrbom, kthen end Ser L ntE 'w .
Call Panama 3-4935 during office and Inspecton Dlvision, Room 336, 1. i. to a P. li. S 1711 E tri"bles9 tIw 11.111r ,-
Motorcycles hours. Bclboa Heights ITelephone 2-3739 *No. 22. tU bI AIn bA. a
-4 F5F SAL A4 2'5 omman Ca or 2-26981. A deposit of $20. FO hW AND tt .b o t4114 1
SGtn, after working hours Westin.g s rer.'geroo, sAB.. aU dw- n .O heg8 40 e .g tio
Help Wanted raph $6.00. Tel. turned ithin 40 calen dare days FOR RENT: For s ksnd.
-Lady. Single. batwnn er Opening of bids.uavailable n w, ntportorPox". it'- nlAt hamelliT
Sand30. No family ties. F horses, Balboa Rd. 54-B. rooms, three bthlM, dinlngroem, 1bel .M 111It01111, *We u o e a4
S 25 an, 30.r for amrily ient.- F ulombobiln artery, will run. Also Servel ice livingroom, porch, kitchen, withCn
uen capable of cooking. Private box. good, box, no unit, two pinto big yard and all furnished at $150. "HIRES" Amt.
able of cooking. Pvate WANTED: Convertibe Coupe. hor:s, Balboa Rd. 54-B. Now until May 1. Call Pener e. TTtor .
ntaer fan some. $40.00 per around 1941 Ford Preferred. CashL0943.
ra~nth and keep for same. For in- t0P4e-.
S terview Sunday 15th From 2 p trade Phone 2-641. ing course in Executive Techniquer FOR RENT:-Fumrnished aportm nt aW Unpeitable A*'k
till 4 p. m. Room 304 Hotel Inew. $4000 Telephone' 2-1282, for couple. Second street No 4. 4 .pngbce Ia theaI
International. Must .peak Spanksh A C i, Via EM Ir 'il
and English. Mr. B W Peael A omI Device FOR SALE c.%op. e "
* WE( te r P 1O VACATION OQUARWUS-Levely 2 lt ii I
WANTED e b acnued from Pa de Real Estatee dromapa t mnI VllbVitaA ,f:oM r. t, ,8 r hd
mice uhavesbe wooden bombactd In hlome-made 'R SALE -2 lots total- Phone Robles, Panrma 2-1661 ar .o einlh '
Animals also will beInbunk- Ing 11500 meters, at Crro Cam- 3-4624.
SWANTED: By ren, onu.ble couple oi ea ud anoa. On top of ridge, 2,700 feet FOR RENT:-2 bedroom furnished -
WANTED:h -lByresponhue or p era nearbV. hi Spectacular view. ery coola
without children. house or apart- Each of the automobiles dLm- haph. Spactaculor vsew. very cool apartment with office residential
ment. two or three bed-rooms in tribute over the floor of Yucca climate. Will self for $900 carh. section, Via EspoRO 7f.
Cangrejo. Bella Vista. Vsta Alegre. Flat will be equipDed with dun- Include- "flter riglits If interested. FOR EN
or Golf Heights, Call Panarum 3 iv drivers and passenger. telephone Panama 3-4982. be- FOR RENT:.-Fu ed three-bed-
4702 between 7.00 and 900up m. Dr. Alvin Cutshapl ves' twe 9:00 am inand 5.00 p. m ra. 2 both apatmeWN. ells Vi- -0"
WANTED. TO iU.--mle .-e aelMlga.rtest, diin11 den front lnd' Ik.X
j suitable fo reconstruinir R.ecei.s- houe l,~d bpen f !om, nw ",'May i .
fructera Msaieonal, S.'-A.. .S quarter of aa thena 00 lr= 3-6_.
Peru Atonue, telehane 2-0406. bomb tower. Te h.ter ra mile .1
SPanoma.andthree-quaters away he FOR RENT
WANTED.-Fully furnished apart- Graves said he expected the D b JjOoR S R.
ment by North American couple dummy occupants of the iore
No children. Call Panama 2-4788 distant house would be tssed RENT: Room, enemen o, .
SMr. Roos, between 8:30 to 12:00 aT d rd damaged by h eat, Coule*, d'4.46E.:.E4R SRrt up a. a t
and 2:00 tq 5:00. and he Cbr.p oe ,ou4 6a rt by tt-po ralloMllsVleifo.r nio
dWANTED:o Three bedroom unfur- The other house srobablv willI Presidentisenhower was told FOR RENT: .- Furlshedt roow
nh house for occupancy Arll "etch hell" and be demolished Pesie t Da o rld Fouorishe o t
15. Phone Roy Test Davis, Jr. he said. Toeeer P laced in "double Jeoars- Avenida Peru 34.

Amer3-3702,can Embassy 10 atomic explosions in th 1953 Fre .i House uagred the ad WANTED-mal... marine engine
ByAstricanfmi c series here. Amobi the Itmuld intratan to mdrke it clear 2 or 4 cylInder Call Albo.k.

WANTEDf-Electric light plant 110 wl that its struggle ag ainst world 2203.
wiletrfooi, two both. Houstounfurm CosHmrestimatae was in.

volts AC 2 or 3 klowatesden. Call To- artillery son weatherorecstInall.u p tt Pr ones Bo s & oors
ny 2-2086. Panmepri1. Telep The shell will be fIth re d lec- by redponting Deocrat to high R SALE-New 14 fr p
er a crew of GIs hs loaded the the organist action. composed of Onlyor 4Ha
Collins 2-2086. Panama. T n. he A-sell will be fireele- nt Itnaln olcdastn vrll O ly wus4lH 8 4.

Flat, 65 miles northwest of Lu Mr. Eisenhower to curb "probl =s of LL.AE F-I C)G 84 0
(Continued from Page 1) Vegas. Tyle r thwes t of L whleh not only slander the In-
duced by the defendant to show "it would be perfectly safe fr fnocent but threaten 'the very .1Where 100.6000WPeosW WMeet
Sthat he iehad able rounds the gun crew to tire the cannon processes on whieh our demo, 1
S o suspect that the plain iff had as though in combat," he saM. cracy depends. P en
O en Udriin the car was simply "but because so much scientific A few members of Congreso
m t he hM tal lked the matter data must be grthered. we must have engendered a mood of fear
; ver with another policeman. NO- fire the cannon electronically to and in-cturlty among govern-
SWhete did it alopar at the trial control the qomouex instruimen" ment employs and others." the ,,,.ari i
that the defendant asked either station attendant to every nu- report said, adding that some ofn
Mrs. Dougherty or her husband, clear test."T the prober themselves are "men..
- both of whom were in or near The GIs therefore will retire whose integrioy has been chal- uSlda m .e.. -
the car, If she had been driving; *to a nearby revetment after leged by ble uthotywill get Of
or that he asked anyone else at loading the cannon Theiy wfoyill tn us tes ir nat p f'.e o
S4 w ire seen driving the car. Tyler said he felt it was deeir- BOSTON. (UP) John Per-U. Offe 6 4
4 able to put the run crew behebind kins was fined $3 for tying uphis today.& a n r
"t(5) That absolutely noevI-the revetment when the shell tis wife whef she wanted to (gof f sta "manyi
dnee was ntrond to show fired because it will not be a shopping. But that was back In u The offave esakn nteoe orft
that the defendant, sivoas, had 182Aat1exercise. to bui,1111noughTat t sy.hI0
Sa nat ais h "In actual combat, this could 1tIenut Id fh
charge that Mrbs. Doulherty had not be done," he said. "But .out iv, 4t m. ..
W r aol~tW to the esld@Ms he rTyler would not discuss thr 1knes is Imperat&iveIt
driving thetcareexpected violence of the A-shell United ba or i-o d ron of t, ,- ,.
t been driving the car a n
that night.The 10-explosion test series UNITtI T uA1ICT COURT th e advatnoes a
S"(6) Ivldence on which the will include some atomtr wea- FOR THE DITSM OF ThE Mo 1 W.
,daw n oain s Pwed ons dropped from bombers and CAN L Nwas i t. t l1_.. '3-I-
'ted put under band ha- There also ma" he a around- Louts N. Chihmii, e - without any reason to be- The artillery shell probably Howard Cle at', Jr..
lieve that she had been drivin: will be fired in April or May. he SUMMOm I. l.
the war on the night of October said. sumMons r.I o0
13. 1951" sai d.. im .,
Atlantic Soc.ety.. Ts *" "

C uS Fro Prage Fh terII t age.

E eat Club and the friend and zm,+ t* ,-

S signed him position and the.. Y --= ...,
.Frit uz.ef.o mL: their no nT C t r o.=. 'n: rM6r
Gatun Star Club Meein 0bui _1011 brIi .
The asr meeting of !~ e in tropical ci-. mates.a- g, ta
:atun star Ctub wi be held TEOPICAL ELECTRONISCS m o..;t,_

. '-rorrow ni n t at the home
t4M'as ases.w as 4 St.N. 3- sMSeV

~ ~

'. -" "

w rr w

,. adit-,n--MSeder To Usher


-Tbe edit6s of the Laub
Shumaor uaglaa, don't
Sshowe omanmy movi
e manual li f'lMovMl
was awarded a "Rescoe'
an insplrim eammaple
it LIalJpartiW, Dean
* worst t e ps>
whose a is
maleP a at


It aid the a w id-N N
riu "a Vo0eC-'a
aoLif t to .a

I I s' typ

- .. ..' w n m r- -'----- -

-- -
^:- rsa 1%r PusMg



;"I 'twoul havq fired

Alr.CofnUtiomeT THEATER
TOY Last T -noI On Trams-IsAhsian Road
SThe blats a apy Ied'ArtaOf eSchool
BiAreON" DAY 3-1552 NIGHT 3-1521
It's really exciting ...I OWS:7:00 :1 .
H| OWS: 7:- & :1S P.M.

"fPaul Mid, 8 thts for the
sther wh~tOS* 0 sur
hn and e aikr. inge a .f
S. nm e saha the st. CANLI
itee Club. 40a,0 'lte r which em
unin.. wltbeaosqe_ "A ACROSS At
i f cl ss

Pi~tre WI,% pgy

- 6:25 p.m. i.

I :1


I wnl re 11
M..ipMKass* Iegao

A Wr~ the ,
story! REX Theat




'In ,osaiji6 Holiday On CZ

SThe Passover holi known home hospitality chairman for
Sthe festival of ftseea, cele- the Pacific side and Harry
'brated by Jws out the Kris, chairman o: the Atlantic
world, will b ue i with Sector JWB Armed Services
the tradital y, committee, will arrange for home
Match 30, at 6: te Ho- hospitality on the Atlantic side
tel Tivoll. under auspices of the Isthmus.
the National Jaewtb welffte Memoranda have been Issued
Board. by Headquartes S. Army Ca-
As in prmbers ribbean, Headquarters Caribbean
of the JewIh 4 tt Armed Air Command and Headquarters
Forces and e faml will be 15th Naval District authorising
of th .l.. all unit commanders to assist In
Ua wt o attend making it poallble for al person-
tbe Seder r iuatlons nel of the Jewish faith to attend
by cao ti r t-JWB the Passover services.
Armed PIorea r f OiMter, te- I Passover services will be con-
lephae BHlboMi lb e Mar.I ducted Rabbi Nathan Witkin
'*TI. Iat the U0O-4WB Armed Forces
The Paetear, Whblsht observ- Service center Balba. The
d fr.ght daym,. wnates schedule is as follows:
.hdoevere a =othe ildren March 31, 9a.m. and 7:80 p.m.;
Ira b M their April 1, 9 am.; Aprl 5, 7:30 p.m.;
bode era- April 8, 9 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. and
tna this t r has IApr. 7 at 9 am. A memorial serv-
been symbolic of man's quest for lee for the departed will be re-
liberty. cited during the April 7 morning
Jewh commm lties of Pana- service.
ma City, Colon and te Canal Similar Passover services are
Zone will te~ d hospital- being held under the auspices of
i to serves pefrael for the the National Jewish Welfare
ond Seder night. Mrs baye Board wherever personnel of the
WFltzer of Paiama City is Armed Forces are stationed, both
in the United States and over-
S seas, .
pFas Exld 'Sacred Cows'

4Y4W- Crowd Calcufta
SHANNON,. Irelnd, March 16
(UP) A 40-year-old Polish
seaman faced the prspect to- CALCUTTA, India, March 16
day of a never-end air trip (UP)- The cows are getting
because no country willllow the upper hand in this city
him In. and a citizen's group has start-
But Jose Antonlak, 40, ap. ed a drive to make the streets
pqred far less worried than safe for people.
airline officials and imigra- According to the backers of
tlon authorities who expressed the "reform" program, there
a~noyace at Pars officials are more than 33,000 "sacred
who ex ak here. cowa" wandering around the
Antoni has a passport ob- streets of Calcutta and the city
tainted five years ago in Dublin cant even take care of the
t from a representative of the growing human population
p Polish government in exUe and properly. The animals feed on
w which is recognized only by the refuse found in the streets.
* ame government. B. K. Sen is one of those
He said he had worked on Indians who believe cows
Ships entering America but had should be in pastures and not
. recently been banned from the running around on the streets
SVUnited States because of the and sidewalks n the center of
e MacCarran Immigration Act. town.
Antoniak arrived today from "The streets of this city
Paris after flying thousands of should be preserved for the
miles since ordered out of the citizens only," he told the Ro-
United States. He said U.S. of- tary Club.
flials advised him to o to
Tangier where no visa ore- His views were immediately
uliredr applauded, especially by those
"I flew there by TWA planeforeign residents who remem-
paying $447 for my ticket," he er how many times they've
said. "Mut I was detained there had to open their stores late
and was not allowed to leave -Jut because a cow was not
tie airport. ready to get up from her bed
"With my last 880 I fle to in front of the entrance. Oth-
ls as I was anxious to get ers applauded because they
1bk to New York where I hope know what a "road hog" a
problem -wel be mslved. cow can be when a man and
J a y probleme m a cow m em face al
me only to Shn as..
I Whad an a np d or i ateg in fh
I will hav t gt out of here
within 4& hours because of the
visa troublL.

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Jobmr WdnammUW. h

WapMBB DOOmJ noonA |s aVAN n= maWomandOR

^C~afci.waIsMmaf |s aIP was&aSmrP

Engineers Make Progre

Toward 'Sunshine Mining'
CHARLESTON, W. Va. March the coal seam is eliminated by
14-(UP)- Engineers for the means of electronic ey*a
United Carbide and Carbon mounted on the cutting ed
Chemical Corp. believe they which send bask beams tP a
have part of the answer that control panel.
some day may bring an era The devices, called strata-
of "sunshine mining" when scopes, are mounted on
miners will not have to go outermost cutting teeth. In
underground to get coal. control cab, the stratascepet
They recently ran a test of are coupled to two polar as-
their new machine that digs ciloscopes having circul ai
coal by remote control, and the screens resembling raddr
results satisfied the most op- screens. Each stratascqje
timistic expectations, makes a circle of light on e
The engineers cautioned that screen and the irregularities an
this doesn't mean the miners the screen tell the operator
in the deep pits can expect to what kind of stratum the mla
get above ground in the fore- chine is cutting through.
seeable future, but the system If the cutters run Into rock
may help eliminate the most where the seam of coal 5#
dangerous types of mines, those broken, and either upthrust or
Jutting Into the sides of moun- downthrust, the cirlces take oa
trains or hills. In such mines, a Jagged appearance, telling the
there is always the possibility operator exactly where the eoal
of a mountain slide. that will seam ran out. Then he ea
cave in a shaft. maneuver the cutters
The mechanical miner was or downwards until he thi k
Inserted into an outcropping coal again.
coal seam on a mountainside Different rock strata form
20 miles from here. It began different patterns on the os-
pulling out coal at the rate of cilation screen, and sines mos
nearly two tons a minute. The coal strata have a nearly fixe
coal dropped onto a conveyor relation to each other, there is
ielt and was carried down the little variation in the circle a*
mountainside to a dumping a- the screen as long as the c ut
rea. Within eight hours, 567 tern are going through coal,
tons of coal had been taken This electronic eye also keepM
out, none of It touched by hu- the machine from drifting o
man hands. course, and pulling out drt in-
In one week it plied up stead of coaL
some 8,0W tens, with about
65 per cent of recovery from If At First...
the seam. HARTFORD, Conn. (UP) -
At present, the mechanical Connecticut faced a slight delag.
ferret can reach 700 feet in getting the services of aesm
within the earth, but ,sem it newly graduated veterinMali
will be able to reach coal at None could pass the state eamn
1,000 feet. nations for the profession.
The possibility of c u tti n gE will take the tests again in a te
through rock and veering off months.


I'ac It'l
<>*. firt "*

[n& to


oU ana

it of the lan.

Sa r"

"N A*




(Immir, l
-066 -,



t.- i '&,s*. .
:*- l : :-. ^

...... .
iO .-., ^ -... *,... ,'... :.,*..:

o l

..."M **rr**w rMw i

___ __

I' -- I- -- -------- -






~-1 jM




SRash Of Spring

T= PANAMA Aafthoi A W '$i

Training njuries

0 --

Reynolds, Bobby Thomson,

Hacker, Smalley On List
0 --
United Press Sports Writer.

Three Isthmian

Cricket Records

Fall At La Boca

NEW YORK, March 16.-A new rash of spring training in-
juries-claiming Alhe Reynolds of the Yankees, Bobby Thomson
of the Giants and Roy Smalley and Warren Hacker of the Cubs Three Isthmian cricket rec-
as its latest victims-is plaguing the Major Leagues. or nt tumbling yte on
Although most of these were laughed off as "not serious" by ordsthe La Boca Ball nrk where La
the players involved, the injuries were of enough consequence to theBoca battle magnrkcenty or
delay the training progress of the athletes and disrupt managers' 307 runs for seven wickets in a
plans for whipping teams into smooth-working units. drawn against Ancn, who
Reynolds, the Yankees' 35-year-old World Series star, retired drawn game against Ancon, whof one
from yesterday's 4-1 exhibition victory over the Dodgers after two wicket.
innings with a pulled muscle in his back. Of the record-breaking La
"I've had it before," said Indian Allie, "add I'm not too worri- oca total. Leonard "Yacca"
ed about it." Roberts had 136 for the highest
Reynolds' Yankee team mates hope he was right about the individual score in local league
trivial nature of his ailment. But in some quarters there was cricket for the past 25 years.
concern about the lame back which also bothered the big ilght- Roberts gave an easy chance at
hander during the 1952 World Series. Allie may be forced to sit 97.
it out for nearly a week before making another pitching effort. The third record was hung up
Thomson, who combines with Monte Irvin to provide the by Leonard Roberts and Ebert
Giants' 1-2 home run punch, was struck on the right hand yes- Belgrave who defied the Ancon
terday by Mike Garcia of the Indians during Cleveland's 3-2 vie- bowling in a second wicket
tory over the New York team. The injury wrs described as pain- partnership that yielded 131
ful but not serious." Just-to make sure, however, Thomson was runs, erasing the record held by
sent to a hospital for X-rays. Coolie Faiquharson and Adol-
Smalley, the Cubs' first-string shortstop, has come up with a phus Lute who in the early
lame back, and Hacker, ace of the pitching staff, has a twisted hlrthies iang up a partnership
knee. Both were sidelined as the Cubs trimmed the White Sox, score of 109, playing for Twin
8-3, yesterday. City.
8-3, 'yester --a-_ The big scores that have fol-
lowed the playing of the historic
two-day all-snar game seem to
Martinez, Bourne Enter In itetatwo-da

Final Week Of Training
-- 0 -
Unbeaten Isidro Martinez and to get back in the good graces of
tough MAelvln Bourne today en- his many followers.
tered the final week of training Because of his natural boxing
for their eagerly awaited ten- ability and calm style of fight-
round bout Sunday night (March Ing, Jack has built up probably
22) at the Ppnama Gym. the largest following among the
Martinez, who has his sights younger crop of fighters. He will
set on the vacant 126-pound ti- again be the favorite against
tie, is making Isaac Kresch look Ampudia.
like a pronhet. Several months
ago Kresch predicted that his The Ampudia camp is unusual-
boy would become the next Iv cheerful and confident of
featherweight champion of the, springing a surprise on Jack in
Republic. Up to now. Martinez: their scheduled ten-round 120-
has done everything asked of pound semifinal bout. Ampudia
him. is handled by Miguel Santamarij
I while Evelyn Shockness, who al-
The Colon star has steadily so trains Federico Plummer, is
swept aside all opposition and Jack's mentor.
now finds himself In a favorable
position to be Included .oon in a A six-round "special" between
fight with some other top rrnk- Horaclo Ottis and Panama Ray
ing lad for the featherweight Robinson at a 129 pound limit
championship and a four-round preliminary
Because of Martinez' unbeaten between Victor Asprilla and Al
record as a pro, the oddsmekers Hostin at 118 pounds round out
have Insta'led Isidro as an early the program.
i 5-3 favorite to defeat Melvin. No -- ---___ --
odds have been quoted yet on a' KaUPmn The
S possible knockout. ." K ng 11h
Both boys are already In tip
top shape and rarin' to go. Re- C rd Straiht
ports from the respective trin-
S Ing cams Indicate that both'
Martinez and rourne will easily, The $1,332 win payoff of
. make the stipulated weight lim- Pulgarcito last Saturday, es-
It of 126 pounds. tablished an all-time record
Bourne, after an impressive, straight payoff, Juan Franco
beginning as pro. went into a, officials confirmed today.
taispin when moved up against As in Pulgarcito's case, only
good competition early last year., one ticket was sold on the pre-
Late in the year. however, he vious record win dividend. This
seemed to have regained his con- was back on Dec. 23, 1934, when
Sfidence and came up with a Night Cry romped home to re-
smashing upset victory over turn 51,146.40 win, $292.20 place
Manuel Prescott. .and $48.80 show.
I Jockey E. Alvarez, who died
Melvin followed up the Pres- many years ago, rode Night
cott triumph with a severe shel- Cry. Honor Bound, with, Emio
lacking administered to the Daro (still active) in the sad-
highly touted Beau Jack II. In l die, and Rosa Sweep, ridden by
the Jack bout, Bourne displayed. Luis Vergara, followed the win-
heretofore unsuspected punching' ner under the wire in that or-
power when he twice dropped! der. The time for that seven-
Jack for count o fight. On one and-three-eighths furlong race
of these knockdowns. Jack was was 1:39 3/5.
knocked thru the ropes over the
apron and onto the saps of the
first row ringside seats.
Sunday night Bourne will have
an excellent opportunity to prove!
whether he has really deve oped
into a potential champion. If he
should upset the classy Martinez.
Melvin will really be headed for
The semifinal of the Martinez-
Bourne program will be between
Beau Jac and Rodolfo Ampudia.
L, Jak is seeking an impressive win

Tropicair Takes

Havana Race Lead

Under Motor Power
1 (UbP) .The chooner Tr opic
ar and itd seven lady sailors left
the St. Petersburg-to-Havana
vaeht race to the men and a
ght breeze today, withdrawing
Noer taking the lead from their
-faced competiters by using
m engine power.
The Tropicair actually wasn't
nm official entry because of 4er
female crew but got underway
after the last of the regular
boats Saturday. It was just a
lark until the Tropicair, skip-
pered by famed lady pilot Peggy
Lenox. took the lead from the
Doria III yesterday afternoon,
The coast guard arid some of
the expert male skIppers, who
were trying to make headway in SALLNH E -- D sketball
the igOt, 7-10 mile-an-hour has remll Igone to this youm
Imez, immediately charged the man's head. In a high sehoo
could only have passed game at Atlanta, Ga.a a "d
by using power. An ob- camera sna ppd the rare plc-
serve' confirmed it and said tureatheap rplea. d l.
they'll probably be the that boat tercept a pass. (NA)
Into Havana harbor.
Meanwhile, the l ast coast Hawks Wanted
rd check on the rlr en-
sav oris", =Zwned _7_ON crff, Mo. (P) -
by Bub d ae ofe t wt ..eX., With rats now costing about $5 a
a 10-mile, lead over Carleton year to feed, Missouri farmer,
sMoth of Ft. M---ma Os of ha Nt to l ago
noe ketch l .derob .wasae ra Xxt co ld be boarded for P a
,,e.s. Kennon Jewetta Mala. Is OIu. Hawks harvest rats
Vm.X. was about four m ies surgi e and Iho-ld bS
.... '." .a ,-- ,tmmruka

J. Lord
c. Campbell, b. Weymes 0
R. Best
b. Campbell 17
L. Roberts
stpd., b. Williams 136
E. Belgrave
a. & b. Kerr 51
C. Lashley
c. Walker, b. Kerr 4
'M. Grannum
c. Hylton, b. Reynolds 11
V. McLeod
b. Weymes 33
W. Mike
not out 32
W. Forde
not out 4
Extras 19
Total for 7 wickets 307
Fall of wickets: 1-0: 2-56; 3-
187; 4-197; 5-247; 6-258; 7-290.
J. Weyines, 2 for 82; H. Kerr,
2 for 38; Campbell, 1 for 64; Wil-
liams. 1 for 7; Reynolds, 1 for
7; McKenzie, 0 for 22; Wade, 0
for 44; Smith, 0 for 23.
B. Campbell, b. Forde 19
H. Kerr, not out 21
Wade, not out 6
Extras 2
Total for one wleket 48
W. Forde, I for 35; L. Roberts,
3 for 10.

Pacific Divisional

Softball League

Teams W L Pet.
C.L.O. 9 2 .818
Ideal Bread 7 3 .700
Army Ordnance 7 4 .636
Army QM 7 4 .636
Florsheim Electricals 6 4 .600
Army Transportation 6 5 .545
Army Signal 5 6 .455
Comay Tom Collins 5 6 .455
Naval Station 5 6 .455
Army Laundry 4 7 .364
Navy Ordnance 2 9 .182
P.C. Transportation 2 9 .182
Final Straight Season Game
Florshelm Electricals vs.
Ideal Bread
Army Transp. 7, Army QM 0
C"L.O. 23, Army Signal 13
Ideal Bread 7. P. C. Transp. 0
Army Ordnance 8, Ideal Bread 5.
Central Labor Office captured
the straight season champion-
ship of the Paclfo Divisional
Softball League as a result of
the crucial week-end games.
The CL.O. lads took over first
place by overpowering Army QM
and Army Signal and bagged the
straight season pennant when
Ideal Bread succumbed to Army
The Ideal Bread-Floarhemn E-
lectricals game, scheduled for
Wednesday will determine the
teams eligible for the three re-
maining berths in the four-team
championship series.
Victory for Ideal Bread will
send C.L.O, Army Ordnance, Ar-
my QM, and Ideal Bread Into
the championship series. A set-
back for Ideal Bread will throw
Army Ordnance, Army QM, Ideal
Bread, and Florsheim lectrIealal
Into a four-way tie for the t
berths in the champie m


S ...

S Fi gets a vi of hisY k
burg, Fla.; fNA)

Hartley Lass Scores Thrilling

Win Over Classy Coynes Edgar

Amateur Golf Favorites Win a FsEa

But Matches Turn Out Close


Some of the favorites had close
calls but the ultimate results
generally were as expected as
the first round of match play in
the Isthmlan Amateur cham-
pionship was completed at the
Panama Golf Club over the
Medalist Johnny MacMurray
staved off Rey Valdes one up in
a good match while medalist
runner-up Tony Jankus eased to
a 4 and 3 triumph over Anibal

Mike Kulikowskl, tournament
runner-up, lost out I down to Doe
Earle Gerrans while the other
Balboa golfing dentist, long Herb
Mitten, had to go all the way to
the 20th hole before disposing of
Maury Muller. The results:
9haauiptonship light
JohnAny acMurray defeated
Rey Valdes 1 up.
George Ruey defeated Jack
Schlerloh, 3 and1.
Vinnie Lombroia defeated Ed
Percival, 4 and 3.
Ray Golden defeated Jack
Hutchlngs, 4 and 3.
Tony Jankus defeated Anibal
Galindo, 4 and 3.
Al Saarinen defeated Pere
Graham, 2 and 1.
Herb Mitten defeated Maurice
Earl Gerrans defeated Mike
Kullkowaki, 1 up.
First Flight
C. Lichter defeated Jack Lal-
ly, 1 up; V. White defeated E. de
la Guardia, 1 up; W. May de-
feated K. Perck, I up (19); Jim
Hinkle defeated OGo. Novey, I
and 5; A. Colley defeated Don
Haule, 1 up; 0. Van Wie
from Dale Bishop by default; w.
Hamilton defeated A. C. Daniel,
5 and 4; Dale Bean defeated F.
Morrice, 3 and 2.

Second Flight
J. Coun defeated Luthe
Flemmlng, up (M0); J.- BEai
won from P. Pederaon by e
fault; Frank -Wims de ie
Roger Willniams and 2; LPR
clado defeated Bob arpier .up
(19); Dare Westmaa detfeas
Pres Trim, Sr., 3 and 1 0.
Undo defeated W. Mednj ,
and 6; Wilton won from
by default; 0. de la Guardia
deefated C. Arosemena. 7 and f.
Third Flight
Ken Forrest defeated Meeks 1
up; Helnuenrelch defeated T.

Roy GNsMtaim won
fault from

and 5 0. Gre
!..e a151...n1,31%.=

the Ju
ter o

default from McNelly- W Car- bumped
dose won default irom Cas- _ri ht
tleman; Macoubrn defeated La-_, ho
Marshall, 3 and, 1; uff won by and was
default from Black; Matheney t I
defeated Adam, 5 and 3; Leo
Eberens defeated Payne, 3 and 2. Bo to
then too
Seventh Flight drew .tc
Sthe mutt
G. Maduro-Palm. (no result was off
posted); M. Chaux advanced on 1*A
a bye; Whitney won by default
from Sanditur; W. Kenney ad-
vanced on a bye; D. Burgoon de-
feated Hansen I up; B. Daniel
defeated John, 3 and 3; R. Jor- i
genfon defeated Cunningham, 10
and 8; Prendesast defeated L. O JoJck
M. Monzo, 8 amd Ia he
I-. --- WRR4I.M

Ray Mae.n Scoresm

First Ma|i Event '
YRiot Crieeal Win
Rio Crita Wi0 s

Ray a, riding the on
which dde Armtead has l-
readtwo mi evt
victories at tom Rio Cr=taSlspeed.- .
waT, 7 scord h first

I B8A Gold ttra
fMean took over the machine 1-

Shome In front la 1-
teated at oy CrItal so fr
caDona GoldS -
been a y facs tor In the ma-
0 coming home In front in
tested at Rio Cristal so far
White, winner of the
hy fell while rid ing I
d lace in the fifth lap of
event He could nc
e. -
b CaeeIy rode s eaiy to -
"m second behindMEgn.
ayton and Donald, L U
h po every time w
Sfurthles r -
veey, while ShermanSheb I-
fitb In only his no ..
a" out on the track
RI rs and their mache.
were: ddlle
y a,8A 00a c.
t. -. 440 at

MA lp"U,%al )i l s
Im e.. ..... .....i;L
Wa .W.t .'. ..

'16 .. ....., 4.

atl ,. .......\......, 1,
I.a... 0.. .
E <<.i.,'.

150 134 199 1
113 1 I M8,.
S139 151 1m 51

860 776 80 52e






b. 3A0 *


... '-
. *.-: I;; .



PARMA. u .R. P.

. ....... ...



Leading Bitters ; 'JH-1 ,".
AB N AM W. .
L. Graham (AO) 61 16 J.16 l
Plemming (CLO) 33 17 .51
P. Taylor (FE) 50 14 .4A7
R. McLean (IB) 26 13 e t
R. Hoyt A) M36 13 :12
A. Dander. (N) 2 12 A
J. Navarro (AT) 27 12 .4AM L
Humphrey (CTC) 21 10 A45
R. Davis (CLO) 30 13 .AN3
W. Mike ,CLo) 3 5 .1 4."17 _,.
C. Oreaves (CLO) 24 10 A.4IT
V. ]paft&Nk (AS) 37 11.6dd1"
W. Julest. M) 25 14."
'IL mnle (A N o.M,

S. *... I *

. ,
'..tis '*tj





i .wa




S' ',, "


r -"^ *' .

- ,.

~T jy/~C

' .-.. ".



, .. a ,


3% .

k-,te m


ml--'+. *.-* 9 W-r,,

aMll ;... -.... y

4 -
-u "i I

^^p^. .:
oi t,x<.r,i

fot p L- l I
o -

*^B u*r *

m danq


8a *
H '++ ,'t+"" """ W +'.mfu
IINB *,,+, ,i ,+ __ -

M.O .M y.

I Unantm ous rora.

As late As Two Years Ago Miler Iandy

Considered Quitting Track For FeeMR I

NLEA aege"l Cdrrtspate
p MLBOCEW 15l.a
S(WEA)- Joltm Ld ln.
* evrn it only f e rdr
' estabblabd U tln
Sworld'S betd maet "
, Despite perlsisently distrw

4:02.1, 4:0CS8, 4:0 .1 E4 1
in an eight-week
inar the middle
No other miler in litf--
not even the great d
ISgg- has produced such a
batch of super times in a single
What manner ofyou ma
,i Johq ndy? Well,. M. a
-datured, slim, dirrk-o -
1ax1oned boy, five-f et-.1 l
tall and wel 1gl .
I agricultural science
t.Hihobby is collectlnJ
Landy was a champion miler
% abhool, Geelont Grammar,
t hi best time of 4:43.8
d 'I exactly stamp him as a
060ft ar.
"hA late as December of 1950,"
iad, "I reckoned I'd reached
up track f otbl."
SPercy Certty oot
."And he persuade&
S to sck to running the
-s"ing= a-4:11 performance
W2~ M~alater.
eaMed Landy a spot on
i= 's small but tAlented
u team. "Perha a that
AJustwhat I needed to
e out," he related. "InU le h Ismay
I reduced nu mlje roe-
W :20, and later aM th businssl despite the facial con-
ten-mle In 8:54." tortions. e runs on the ball
..Lm4 unimpressive in of. the foot, letting the heel
at C ad 000 meters at drop, and thusC gets terrific re-
W' I learned a lot," luxatilo. I'd always run on
bg u "Watching Imt the toes, and doing that the
asop 4ishw that he was tension on thigh and calf
tie moms relaxed runner in thae nIudles Is terrific."


Back home, rsd- c .
altered his tyle, rpl _
the tempo ofe t t ms l.
erasing SO miles a
two. to three-hour daily swee
slons, he got himself into to
rtfic condition before the 1=
53 semon began.
"I was busy with school sx
ama about this time and wae
often forced to train lte at
night," recalled Leady. "R io
ao I enjoyed training about
midnight I guess it sounds
kind of crazy."
Crazy or not La[dy begae
breaking records on Nov.
since then has mashed listed
figures 12 times. He has sht-
tered every Australian record
from 1000 yards to three mlle.
Does John find it a struggle
to make fast times without op-
"I prefer to run for records
by myself," he replied. "Saving
someone behind me Is a dstac-
.t from the Intense concen-
non making pace. rv
:r"tol ed myself to think In
terms of solo running. There's
no er alterative o record-
br n Australia."
Landy looks tired and drawn "
after winning his last effort, a
4:11 Victorian mle. And Intents
to t" It easy for the rest of
the guson. "r1 t4neentrate.~
oa btildlng up as attack as
the World mile rectGd early In
195$" he confides "and net
8afler n11 at uat know nmy
capaMltties before startln." -
What are his plans for tour.
ing the United States?
"I would have 4 to hate
accpteed those oae made to .
me to run at Oomti Los Aa "-'
geles and t this .
year," he says, splo-
getlcally. "but I i nly U toe
get through the unblty Is
year. .
"Maybe In 1954 eaft do it-
if I'm still good enough to be .



. Ulder article 13 of the Articles of Incorporation, and by direction of the Board of
Direes.. sharehTofders .of special ordinary stock recorded In the Shareholders
Be"kof the. oompany up to March 1Sth, 1953, ark hereby- Infeorrd that lth
Ordinary istal Assaembly of the PAAM tNYINC., (C pai
..duelar i* 4tpnmm4 -.A4 wL-je Vt 4NY *la ( i W`
,1 230, "I" i n r tit.iI 2y 1 M rr
to Sonlder the fVpfwtihg matters:
1. Report of to* 6oaad of Directors.'
Prtentfion .6f General Statmnemt and Profit and Loss Acoounts at olose
of bu ines of December 31st, 1952.
2. Proposed amendments of Social Pact and By-laws.
3. leetion of Directors.
Panama, March 14th, 1953.
The Scretary.

i MN' s
&fa .s

~ BA

Is a
*A. I


i year. .I ,,ff
la Wnel Airwyso heepves

a aa1 century of top-flight air
" Ag ;#. now. houMnds of
S Yw hes enjoyed. qnff's
S femsl eepitalty and friendly,
t en setrvi They've .
urJio appreciate the ceellent

equ tetM ,nd smieinaed mHUion-mf
wh.*.n wy Vit. hgA -Wa
+t two rt o SpWell.

to .t .i t&.Iq e--l. ..
ne' ii~mh -,~e>hho "*.
rt L-Ui~hkJ s"' '" y *%'r



*' ~ S -,
4, 154-'J.7
"-5- -4 ..-

. 4 "'




"d-' '



- 9t '

.. J r

A) *


tit iI


*> ^ t"

.. ^ T ..i.ft



.I .



Sa ors




WIESBADEN, Germany, March
16 (UP) United States Sabres,
battle-tested against Russian-
built Mig-15s in Korea, arrived
In West Germany today to bols-
ter Western air defenses against
marauding Migs which last week
shot down two Western military
planes over Germany.
The speedy U.S. jets-fastest
and most modern in the Amer-
ican arsenal of operational
fighters-were sent at once to
Fuerstenfeldbrueck airbase.
It was from that base in Bava-
ria, near the Czechoslovak fron-
tier, that two American Thun-
derjets took off last Tuesday
when they were attacked and one
was shot down by two Migs of the
Red Czech Air Force.
Gen. Alfred Gruenther said in
Washington today it was too ear-
ly to tell whether Communist at-
tacks on Allied planes are part of
a new Russian policy or the work
of "over vigilant" Communist
Gruenther, chief of staff to
Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, arriv-
ed from North Atlantic Treaty
headquarters in Paris for confer-
ences on Western European de-
ftense progress.
He told reporters that two at-
tacks by Russian-built Mig jets
in a week had caused "concern"
at NATO headquarters, but said
it was too early to tell whether
they have special significance.
He added: "They may have
resulted from a policy of in-'
creased vigilance with some
people being over vigilant."
Gruenther said he did not know'
when he would report to Presi-
Gruenther described the Paris
mMlitary conferences as "very
profitable." He said that NATO
had made "very significant
progress" in the past year but
still needs more "forces, logistic
support-more everything.'
Gruenther arrived some hours
after the return from NATO con-
feretces of Generals Omar 1'.
Bradley, chairman of the Jolit
chiefs of staff, and Hoyt 8. Van-
denberg, Air Force chief of staff.
Bradley was expected to report
to Mr. Etaenhow.isoon.

BAEB'. DOZEN Col. Roy-
al N. Baker. after 127 Korea
W abat missions, has become
the world's leading jet ace with
an Aven dozen to his credit.
baker, from McKlnney. Tex., is
slated for reassignment in the



"Let the people know the truth aw he country is safe" Alraham Lincol.


Senator Sees






WASHING'ION, March 16- Korea while he was 8th Army
(UP) Senate Democratic commanderr there. *
leader Lyndon B. Johnson said "It seems to wme that the
yesterday there is "dismaying outrageous attacks on Unit-
evidence" that the United ed States and British aircraft
States is not prepared militarl- which have taken lace in
ly to meet the "deadly danger' Europe during the past few
of Russia and her satellites. days make it pnadent, to say
the asta,, that the subeom-
He asked the Eisenhower mittet take a ulck look at
administration to give the the status of oe ammuni-
nation a "clear picture" of tion stockagea In that area,"
the war-making capa c t y Mrs. Smith sad.
of the Communist world and "With the recent tightening
"a clearer picture of what of the situation in Europe, I
we can do to meet the Com- would think that the subcom-
munist threat." He warned mittee should not go all out
against "paper preparedness." on the Korean shortages -I
which are admittedly improV-
Johnson's statement marked ing- without at, least a pre-
the second time within a week cautionary inquiry into the sit-
that a Democratic leader has uatipn on W other side of
pressed the administration on the world."
the preparedness issue.
Sen. Stuart Symington (D. Mrs. Smith outlined. prelim-
Me.) demanded in a speech inary plans for her inquiry in
at Philadelphia Wednesday which she said the subcommit-
that the people be given tee will keep "an eye on results
"the brutal truth" about the rather than headlines."
Red threat. She said she was thinking of
Sen. Walter F. George (D calling former army secretary
Ga.) told a reporter that in- Frank Pace, Jr., former under-
creased cold war tensions, es- secretary Archibald S. Alexand-
pecially since Stalin's death, er, and perhaps former defense
could put a crimp in the ad- secretary Robert A. Lovett to
ministration's plans to slash testify.
foreign aid and defense spend- Mrs. Smith said she was
ing below below former Presi- "Intrigued" by the lack of
dent Truman's estimates. attention given Gen. Mark
But he still thought Congress Clark, Far Eastern theater
might be able to cut about $2,- commander, in the ammuni-
000,000,000 from the ex-Presi- tlon dispute.
dent's request of $7,689,000,000
for foreign aid in the fiscal year "Gen. Clark' vie*s, u theI
starting July 1. responsible commander In the
Senate Republican leader Far East, would seem to be of
Robert A. Taft served notice primary importance insofar as
that the administration plans the logistic backup of his the-
to go ahead with foreign aid ater is concerned,' she said.
cuts. She disclosed she had given
He described as "entirely the Defense Department a soe-
premature" reports that this ries of questions which should
country's allies have been "clarify" Clark's position and
told not to worry about perhaps make it unnecessary
sharp cuts in foreign aid. for him to return to testify.
But the statements of John- Sie said she hopes to start
son and Symington indicated hearings this week.
the Democrats intend to keep Meanwhile in Korea an A-
a close check on the prepared merican artillery general said
ness program. In the last Con- that Allied artillery could deal
gress Johnson. headed the Sen- with any surprise Communist
ate Preparedness Committee offensive and would not run
which conducted a continuing out of ammunition "in a
investigation of the defense month of Sundays".
program. Brig. Gen. Ralph M. Osborne
Johnson cited the "serious, of Alexandria, Va., admitted
even critical" ammunition that ammunition is rationed,
shortages in Korea reported by but called the restriction a
Gen. James A. Van Fleet. "normal artillery procedure."
He also said that the B-36
Intercontinental bomber, this "If the Chinese attacked
country's No. 1 plane for any part of our lines, we
carrying the atom bomb, is can hit them hard and we
"not merely obsoleieent but will not run out of amma-
obsolete." nition in a month of Sun-
days." he said.
Sen. Margaret Chase Smith
meanwhile proposed a quick Osborne, a division artillery
and prudent Senate look into commander, said he did not
American ammunition stock- know whether the 8th Army.
piles in Europe as well as Ko- suffers a serious ammunition
rea. shortage as charged by Van Fleet.
The Maine Republican who "I'm just responsible for a
will head an investigation of small part of the front," he
the Korean ammunition situa- said. "But I do not see an am-
tlon, said the recent plane in-
cidents over Germany suggest -
the necessity of a quick check R__
of European ammo stores.
Mrs. Smith is chairmAn of a F Jets Loa
special Senate Arme4 Services
sub-committee which was set
up to look into Gen. James A.
Van Fleet's charges that there OfW Ofar TIGS1
were continuing and serious
shortages of ammunition In o

Igiste #UtI$

1ktMtt'~itowdur Wy!

: Z "H


FRANKFURT, Germany, March The U. S. Air Force
16 (UP).- The RAF has ordered Ing last minute preps
that its jet fighters and twin- recelve 26 new sat
jet Canberra bombers be fully will be flown this weal
armed when they take part in Untied Sats fo lor I
the gigantic exercises of the along the Cseh bAor
bomber command. Czeeh MIgs ot ow
American planes received sim- Thunderjet T .uda.
liar orders earlier. At the romw
Officials said the air exercise 12th Air Force
-biggest of its kind since the effort" 'ate s im
end of the war was given atanaatim,-add
the official go ahead by the Air forces beho d the N
Ministry in London despite the five new bses a b
apparent trigger-happy state of to coWP*%t u .
Soviet fliers who shot. down a American ocla mi
British training bomber last new vIoeatl of thh
week. tween ITYU. emo O '
In the exercise, the Canberra vak.a and aI them
jets will take off from British no increase ha
bases for practice bombing runs radar watch lane I
on targets in Germany. day's incldet.
British jet Venoms and Can- There a
adian Sabres will try to Inter- fra o
cept them.
Chief purpose of the test is
to see If swift atomic bombers t iW. .
can b;eak through a fighter by ise
screen m round-the-clock bomb-
in, as practiced by th RAFP
late In the war. t0e two
The RAF orders came after we* em
the Air Ministry announced that in
"any training aircraft will be
fully armed and will, when ne-
cessary. be afforded fighter
The fighter-cover presumably
applied to obsolescent World wil
War II type trainers such as
the Lincoln tfoBr-an bomber
ghot down eby Anif-t _.SfnS
"* ,*' y '" ".

Cc~~~ ~ ~ 4'; ~ '



ismaying Evidence


munition scarcity from here."
Osborne said he stockpil
artillery shells above normal
needs and never has trouble
getting the ammunition he
However, he said he rations
the number of shell his, guns
can fire dally. This is done to
prevent wastg shells n poor
target, but rationing can be
thrown overboard on a meo-
ment's notice if the enemy at-.
"I could go screwball and
pump out *all the artillery I
wanted to," he said, "but I
probably would kill only 10
"If the tactical situation
changes suddenly, I can order
all the firepower needed."
Artillery normally is used to
knock out enemy artille ry,
mortars, and gun positions, to
blast. fortifications and to hit
large groups of enemy soldiers.
sboaUe salt 1e eam fire his
artle asa he sees fit with-
eat akng higher headuear-
Antiother artillery officer Col.
Melville B. Coburn also of A-
lexandria, Va., sd. the only
ammunition shortages he has
seen were in World War I, not -
in the Korean war. C
"Our stocks became so low at W 1
Analo that we were limited at
one time to eight rounds per
tube -per day," he .ald., "'.O
"In. one tour or ive a pe-
riod in North Africa, we were IRm.t.m AR
firing so gsat that there wams't vet c an ih 'mi
enoh. anmunltat in tho Gen.V I.
wr to keep up we rate." d a county
,Osborne sa he would need F1 CUc f..
more ammuniton if the'UpVt- poS lAst ,
ed Nations went on the. o, meBen ofa o
"We would need quite a t 1
to puneh Aor waythm
Chinese 111.41 he al" .
oene we get them on tlh rea i'h high co",n
our amou a !. requgaire
inents would Ja
C'oer to the front, wh the w s a tool
gun are firing a Heutenant .
sad he has never runshort Offical declined- to us
of ammunition in Korea. Whether the lt doto 'oa
"When we are firing heavily H A mrlea e
our trucks go back to: t and bm er &M
points to draw more last.week was mU iried
tn and we always get Kf he Chuitov s visit. .- '
en. Robert C. Hand.eksonvi
said in Washington today Ben- hi to rel a ealW
ate investigators should nd OConant made to Soviett
out whether ammu .lt.oa. n quarters durn his last |
orean stocks was' wastd In vit on Feb. 1
' shows" for congreaoeb., and
other visiting dignltaI ot st esn' o
The New Jersey. Relt vsto the i high
said he will suggest a. not
Smith that her am dion tate
subcommittee look into two r- erad left the
ports alleging that asuh f ion hera
displays were staged for. ".
Bendrickson is a o Of Chu ved by
the subcommittee. Sovit i.hdouarters in
The first report of sauIde horst in BEast Brlin.
monstratiens appean-ikn-lj aeoompanled'by several t
week in the Louiello ,~m. -.

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matador W#

It is believed that the moat* i
pceadors, If used, w il adf
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