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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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horizons of the continent of
rvers here believe this
n throws out all hope of
we political cooperation,
cates that British con-
to the Europeen Army,
limited to mere "techni-
q ration," which will not
any guarantee against
t t of German domina-
a ore point with the
the most modern te
titcal groups the idea
a4 of poucy" Is gain-
ed would entail tel-
that it would be
France to approve
aor, which the ma- vf men are looking
The trive a-
Eat g be< gid
rfoe SrLa Ws Ie

14 -


raftees 1w


I-A Category

Running Short

(NEA Staff Correspondeat)
WASHINGTON, March 14 (NEA)-A~ iuc is rm
ning $0" romuy short of young me.o np its
guns, its planes and soil its ships. ..
Today the pool of available Class I-A is
down to just about half of the one-millin stoed
at a year ago. Apd some time next yearW pIdicted,
the pool could dltp. below what is c the I o irre-
ducible minimum of 200,000.
This means that long before to congrehsah -1i lot of steam Ig
the present draft law expires in being gen behind a plan.
1"10W# need a Wr revision extend thig^ to three
of all V. basic minower poll- an idea t traotlve 4tow
gW. Ana*a there i sie in the Peb -a. and the WM
ihort-raae defense planting. House.
Most ft agree that some A recent ,"$mrt of a,
combination of teal 'the mapower
draft, drafting fathers and tight- PresidMit
enlng up on defnuts will have the
to be worked out very soon. r
.-rt~k'hA"kk>rie&1ftr SAM&,~r*- __uu|H&I!|IB-

an d


. ~ 2'.-.

P. f the e lcoiti
tatg the. opeati
ie was o "NWk
eyes efore It can

Ssecuou prorudl
with sku andit
r, which surrounds

01P Ig
Go Ga, Mai
S they co M an
Ibe A. SbMr

Miach and t
D 'because they,
ht. years old.
Answered their
ag them a ~ictur t
toop training, and .
ey apply when theya
New York bhee. Ra
kp his rejection a
Stnil wroanbg"t a .r
I on Wedne0pay.Z
g to give up. I ir l
ceaiman, but Wow its

mSM 1w wwuy au- ajgg mg -
too Ing something new on the omy-befit W .
m subject. This huge' e .
THe most vocal andlnfluential fact that at, K
aad manpower oUkele., Draft Diector makes far .un
-bMa., Oen. Lewis B. Hershey, a man's
a seelae first of all the authority to its only pol a
p,." draft fathers, a starter limit on possibility of swaafe
"tu eduestion deferm ent and the draft quotas for local
V lowering of physteal and meDntal he possibility of budget asut.
standards by the services.
as A second, broader Harshey ob- changes in present t
del- Jective is .the elmUnaon of all cy which can be orde
be service recruiting., with Selective dent Eisenhower without evo4
be Service supplying all military gresslonal action include tighter
age manpower needs. It would mean education deferments and draft*
Ion. that after induction each service ing fathers.
ion would then decide which men -we've veryasoon got to auke
would go into officer training, up4ur minds as a nation whelheO
at Ret more education, or receive a are going to accept fatheriag.
be- basic training and be -sent into as a substitute for soldiering,"
the units. Herahey says.
The Navy and Air Force vio- He is espeeiily critical of the
ing lently oppose this plan. Admiral young men whojet education des
the Roland N. Smoot, the Navy's as- ferments, get married as soon as
the sistant personnel chief, admits they get out of school. and then
that 90 per cent of his recruiting escape the draft altogether by
dollar is spent trying to get men coming up with proof that they
the Navy does not really want. will soon be fathers.
But it's still a superior system to One basic reason for the man-
Hershey's proposals. he says, be- power shortage right now is that
cause it gets men for tree years the large number of men called
instead of two. n quickly because of the Korean
--- risis are finishing their two-year
Admiral moot explains that stint and getting out.
the Department of Defense quo- On top of that, because of the
roh ta system limits the number of low birth rate during the de-
rch men in the upper intelligence pressaon, only abou4 IMO. O, men
de- brackets which any one service will reach 18 thisyV&, a record
a can take. The Navy can recruit low. And it won't be a"t1l some-
all of its needs from the upper time after 960, to
intelligence groups, but the quo- census figures, that tvee fiure
ta forces the Navy to hunt for begins to rise with any apprecla-
men of lower Intelligence. ble effect for the draft
S He says that these men are tin- The present toiderithy
S able to handle the most elenmen- metical dile m p a: We ean t
Ker tary jobs board ship, and the s tin fre of millie
1ok quota cuts off the supply of men men under present raft regular
ug- who would normally advance to iun r presen drat r
are petty officer rating. to
The Army admits the quota
idy system has raited the level of in- Stella Polaris
use telligence in the Army, perhaps
to the Navy's detriment. The Ar- Due San Bias
S"I my goes along with Hershey's de- /
I'm sire to eliminate all recruiting, Pr l To y
to but Is .dead set against lowering riSo l o y
amt the physical sItndarda of draft- About 260 cruise passengers OR
ees. the tella Polaris are due to ar-
tel- "We're scraping the bottom of rive at the San Blas Islabd to-
W- the barrel right now worse than day at 8 a.m.
ftw we wore during the worst days of From there, the tourists w '
World War I" an Army spokes- visit Portobelo and continue to
man says. "If we lower mental Cristobal. where the ship is der
standards any more all we do is to docir tonight at 8.
fill the guard houses. And that Passengers will spend all day
just means a net loss in money, tomorrow and Tuesday, up until
efficiency and everything else." noon touring both the Atlantlo
-- and Pacific sides.
On several other problems, The cruise ship sails Tuesday 4
Hershey and the services are in at 2 p.m. Local agents are Fer-
complete agreement ton and Company.
j Although politically obnoxious
--o- Say It Ilst So
SOne Door Opens -sFor Tk e
As Another Closes ,- o.
'CHCAGO. Manah s t(W M
NrOW TOR, M 14 (U?)- There i- be
there is a btlith shmaAe te" m CtayM e
ewVry 3% a a40 New tk al gbtory pis-e f U
b5 City and a death evr v1 nIn- l U d 't e
Ia. tes. sm 5M
It Today, Dr. Uerd Malof mY ir, at eT
brought A bafe to the world ishai bat
ibe a Columbleb Merh Igeapi b t R



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I-;' '.

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Mz r-

He Succeeded Stalin, But.... .

an / Malenk/o SIy W. .1 .*

Receives 0^^t^u R0

' irst Eight

Of 400 Sabres

-LOWOPN, March 14 (2JS)-
Deiver7y recently to Britain
of eight American designed
Sabres, vanguard of 400 on or-
aer to the Royal Air Force was
a three-way mutual aid enter-

Engines and Instruments of
the Jet planes were made in
the U.S., the airfrapnes were
built ai tha' raft assem-
bled in MOaiRak, :d A. F.
pilots flew tlli/,=.Ines a-
croos. ..
Fami aiz U=ar.tta.iing was
provided the. *arewS by the
Royal Canadie Ai 1Force
which unde'tohk responsibill-
ty for the opera nal ,Cqntrol of
S the flight; seg'ipg crews,
spdres and ,ba ge were car-
ried in accmp g R. A. F.:
Transport C d planes: :
and the t'-A&prodided air-
sea rescue f alties.
Accepting delivery, Lerd de
L'Isle and Dudley, V,C.. Brit-
ain's Air Minister, said: "The
R.A.F. is glad to have the .a-
bres and glad to use them inn
support of General RIdgwAfs
forces on the continefIt.
"In thle friendly rivalrW be-
tween allies, we believe that
e the new British fighters on
J? their way will he better still.
They too wiH be a contribu-
tion to a common cause." '
S The 400 .Sabres, delivery bf.-
S which will be completed I'1953,
will go to the R.A.F. Squadrons
of the 2nd Allied Tactical Air
Force, where they will bte used
to provide a strong top cover
and interceptor force.
This R.A.F. element of the
2nd A.T.A.., commanded by
Air Marshal Sir Robert Poster,
is an important part of Ridg-
S way's .b d is scheduled to
unde expansion

i Completion of the order will
represent "by far the largest
single act of military assistance
to the United Kingdom since
the war," Brooke Claxton, Ca-
nadian Defense Minister, said
in a statement read at'-$he



~. I

Some people expect the benefit
of the doubt even where there
isn't any. *N.,

And Bulganin

Stand Waitin g

NEW YORK, Mwch 14 (NEA) Fat Georgi Molen-
kov is off to a longg head start in the struggle for dic-
tntorship in the Soviet UJdion. He's Prime Minister and
Secretaryof the Russian Communist Party. But his ability
to remain on top is by no m~as a sure thing
The jockeying for power mla c ue o years.
Not until after the first majort will there be
any clear signal to the world outsi ifer Malenkov
has eliminated hit rivals, V. M. Molo ti P. Beria
and Ni oloi Bulgoni. .

Like a snarling wolf who has
fanged his way to toe top of'
.his pack, Malenboii must -now
defend his flanks. His elevation
to the prime milistership is
only the beginning. .." ,
Now he must 6A'
S-power inside f
throughout the R Im." *
Now he must co date 'hW,
power -. Inside R u f l and
throughout the Red lm "
Malenkov's rush to the fore
seems to confirm that Stalin
.hode bhim te the end as his
heir. "

He occur position
that Stalin ed as a
sptingboartf torship.
As general of the
Party. he e 6,000,-
000 -embenr form the
Odre" o ooffi a. He
wielI. pat that has
enabled him place his
mAIt trusted rtenrs in
' the most vital p .
Despite his portance In
modern Russia, le is known
about the man.
Hewas once obscure en-
gineeting student at Moscow's
Polytechnic school.
STwiet MaIrried

Besides shadqwy signs of .
Stalin's favor, Maeov has He s known to have rmar-
other, more tanlob set r in red wice, and his second wife
the struggle for w '51, cow actress. -
he is the youiag eond-,. ,'mpcond Mrs. Malenkov,
testants ,, efifat new station, has
As Stalin pIinieretary i the Mes-
during the early 1930s, Malen- .ol ahe runs
kov excelled at the preparation fronm ee. ,Se
of private dossiers on Stalin's goes .es,
enemies. Most of these turned mann
out to be obituary notices. tmHeIsbe
Malenkov wore then-as he the "stge i
does now-the khaki military purgev e tiaOf ,
blouse and cap which was the which cleared e last
uniform of the try Bolshevik. remaining sg rters of

ates. He beca oodat it
that he was know behind Ms
back as "The Turkey of the
String Of Jobs..
Malenkov was given an im-
pressive string of jobs: Secre-
tary of the Communist Party
(only second in command to
Stalin), Deputy Prime Minis-
ter, member of the Central
Committee (Stalin's ears, eyes$
and whip), and diCtator of
tank and aircraft production
during W6rld War II.

wr gets thhigs dbne. During
the war,: b fseem d tireless.
Pure Bred Red.
He Is of a fiist'generation,
pure-bred ,elMaUWilst, having
been politically reared on Len-
in and Stalin. He has never
been out of Russia, never sam-
Sled democracy, never devia-
Possibly the only sign that
he might be cautious inter-
nationally is the knowledge
that he respects America's
production might. His expe-
rience as head of the aircraft

MALENKOV: Kremlin turkey.
industry during the war
made him realize the im-
portance of U.S. adM. *
He saw the laminated wood-
en airplaness Soviet factories
were producing. .And he saw
the armored sky .giants from
U. S. plants.
From thed on, In Politburo
discussions, he was a steady .
advocate of getting increased
American help.
Perhaps he sill remembers
the lesson he learned from
comparing airplanes.
Duck Shooter

Malenkov relaxation.
He likes to lie n a duck blind
in the marches near Moscow
potting away at wild life with
a shotgun.
The rumor that he some-
times bhotp ,ittng. duoel
has been attributed to 1lo-
On many occasions Malnkov
even cracked doWp o top
Communist bureaucrats..
One of his victims was Poll-
na Zbemchuzhlna, Molotov's
wife, whom he tired as Com-
missar of the ta Industry '
8ince then not much lqve M
been lost between Malenkov
and Molotov.
When the afrst conference of
the Cominform was held, MA-
Jenkov was at the a fe pf
Zhdanov, who was then con-
sidered Stalla's likeliest suc-
cessor.. .. .
Now Zhd.ov is dead. The
Kremlin elime that e wa

,. ,a o-- ,. ,, o .,

In the IW and tugging'
that is sure to ake oe In-
side the ~reamln, Molotv may
yet be hedg'-iom. ,
Alto p plUytg seedud nodle
for 29 .Yw to-Joseph Soti,
the moan helpedd to per,
Moloto Is again rlegated-
temporarily, at least-to t au-
bordinate o role.
the moment. But Melotw
The late Guy Jerram,Preath
.delegate to the Communst In-
ternational, once told ,,e this
story of a heated argimn t
tween Molotov and Ln
Trotsy was at the oepit.of
his glory as creator of the I6t
Army and Lenin's closest et-


BERIA: He still nirna MTD.

MOKOTOTi Who la~ t.s~?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Two leading xpertsr 5j
sia have pooled their knowui of%0iWe 4iIDeM
now contending for power hisi 4i ael"a n s
NEA's roving correspondcw ")rf( li|tl| e.
in foreign affairs r. OA r~. Al .P ~ l man of
the Deportment of tRussin Stadi es Cuiof Uni-
versity and a widely-known.cowuimeilor on Soilet
*' C r-

laboratory. He was particularly
vitriolic in his attack on Molo-
Pale but composed, Molotov
stammered: -
"We can't all be great and
brilliant, Cowrdae Trotsky. But
we shall see who lOatU longest."
O Ougasted
Molotov weathen 34. He out-
lasted them all and became se-
cure at 8ftaf%'" side.
The two s extei1-
nated LeMeWM Odard."


If Molotov can aurviW the
struggle, these ay as-
1) He has been Staln's right-
hand man for year.
2) He.# anM tld A-
link with re10
t.he "glorio
3) In'theb

my would be a P
ment for any
Stain's place

There are also
led e


FOR CHINESE NATIONALISTS-More nmlers equlpmnt4ao
expand huiu..sment of Reds on Chines piadihln./ .

FOR SOVTH KOREANS Intensified training wore modernn
weapons. especially artillery.. expansion program for ROK army.

~,. ~'4

'- <"
l'*' t i^, ft..

BLOCKADE OF CHINA PORTS-This tdoA ersiia stip Isb"in 4 FOR %kSly ls IAV-
giveM "InteMsive qcrutln" by Washiato.. suPPly. aIn. ieal

Recent statements by high pollecy-making officials Indieate that the United States' na dyi
he war agaMst mmm n the Far East and .throw the raM slans off balance.


M over, he tla
b be lmaladed
mp a =g HA

m. ..


u'i rr~a'#i

~~YI~--f.' ~:S~;;~[L~j~i~~


~as~-: -~^1*s-rr-**-rr-r-x*~narprm~,~

.- 'Oda=

' -

S. .i ,
t ... t '

: ^ ^ 1 ^ '** T..4
..' ," ; ,," .**i .. ..- .. ,' "
,~t *'* -.' ,v '". *' -i ,,
.....tia ^ *,.'-/ ^,. _. _._... ... .

Im mu~Ta cns~aw

fw^^ ^Br^^Sr i'-P w .n





eta t ie t lind if tveyone

tog .lts ivs h
oth. re d httonla Inatttu-
W" got oBren at

a w tatit which
atemft toid peuons

J t, til m s M.M hht a.-
iOlfor eternty ad the corn-
lae. weti i vusty more
t l them ees theM ciw-
At .i by our country itself.
Wi|Di.enrafty, to whibh yev
.B whether we lIke it
tie ,e. too, hu a 'lag."
ItJis. th'r bth which memorial-
Mias" is creative power. Down ..
tbdA Ure ages He has callJed

Ighe nmaber votes.
Porifurther latermation
.. O. We rf 3-1491r er
.I. tdbft -VmL .

was o{f M. Canal aaB an- t ._ hHe made sacred
nam 'a Him and Hi
Sm-tt comDUt~ton ti ,r.. 20:20, for in-

mhare oo.dly 1 Oiltd *,a U ic seventh day of

Sthe 0t- ed God's ingdtom.-
.m o:s~Aemth day of
q-roAth e ,tuk wa,'lAsm esatta, been
AL"At tiued h a a A o God's
pj1at w Ib (tiiei. T2:
iavi *f2P rfr etl16n~d-I tthe Tern


Cr s- ape-
oa 1;MJ), had
He tan mit en
i It declared
i, the LOWs
le. 1:10; Luke

t. a a apoq*- oB-
,, ., ti eatdkay Sabbath,
unld'Mverwd It aside for another
_, )bb, th, t seventh day
ofl tllw4l .-r,mIsemrial of the
enmft. .441e wreU Exodus
*. i -.&do events could not
',a *jamBld they?
' :44i# the Sabbath was
$^ Wt;ewse: but we do not
Wtthseen of the


es rDetective School
Ti onri Science To Open In Jers.'y
Expla p religion Of H angi inq Nw -e Z
k Benevolent Aa;tytlon claim
-. the label eofe" fr
y new poee' schol, oe oene

Pro* x to ieth-
rlanas llliportuni-
ty to IK@foerent lee-
tures, eaeh rwth Chris-
tian Science. ac. will be an
authorl0t*t o a member
0f~h. D@ dof aUWUehtp of
The Itotr ChurU, q First
0bureg of Christ. Mtist, in
_Wto h. tI-I An thin
Iusti ee, li abtbO e CI Scott.
CS.., f emulI Tennessee.
TtIthtB of t Ctures are
thought r 40vi stlan
60Ilnce: valaon of
add's fhuteln Love" .-i the
subject Ior, 'T evening,
March 18 at-. C c Cen-
ter. starting pt, at eight

Sthe 1asscock-
I tsar1ln AMO Obv em The
( b Be. eMtomologist
Ihritsta : "hisaubleet a n d
.ee t le^ d.-al "language of
S s n lamuLn
SOc -the tpMaMe ef lne=t9,
h wrta fly Ara e beating
u,' ourt pur othea, our
hoimu; ow, t._ may be mak-
InU t pou w to s U to ta4y
re... of il e tanimcs, the
'Iweete haV.e-. *obaMy had a
more far-roacgag effect on
man aiod h e~th ~ory than any
aothe hieBP.'
T._ aultor oIdentifies many
o t 'e .exp common Insecta.
g.to114-how they grow aWd
,A t j- towhey act ,uvMete
k. He ends ilth a din.-
t.e the past and the fu-
t 'Of the Inseet world We
d not expect Insects to cot,-
qUZr the world, although they
wre' tl' first land animals and
far outnumber man In

.Wait happens to a
businessman, comfortably

meadng ? of In thed
a Be i wife have
oftUicts of a ma dia-

he ate fnding of .bs -

his natie o iafve
tihre ele aeh. unoe
h. t of e thue omtn ex
Aels le .
Oualde (Adp tur
A.jAoULedif zOe of tlth can-
ury advent s told b
ee deo st. Muno e hde
hts prinip though fle l
heh he fou
hiself --abo"rd. "lavins VaW,
4 Uhf.'Fi AfrlolrA

aconftmweron ~la.i, in

ieodlmBI. stw a *u-

etlate ,
thi j ain~t tu ah



N'elockr. Th rsent-
44 by' go-
cSy of
At four o1e y after-
noon, Mar II t edifice
of First C hrIt, Sci-
13th r High-
Mrs. t, will be

MIaro 23 at the
DIe Clr. Mra.
Scot's thEid will be
'Christian S o Man
Can Woal

;i ti san math-

groun oD
to rdy Fto

red fromreicl
pies of mca ; u.,mthi_ fti p- ^l-
Tod al d, uloSLrsb
traet and dtyld intiedomlt
*at as t I
eTOur eO stoM.

of matbse atlse, daM in oEfa

with any othewE aP al.
Too, matemistt, doeaon
wear ouet wshn tt r:ue, It
le ae as und fulS fre to-
day as whe a i dioovered
centuries ag o.-
Tat'L whit Mar Baker mEdd
ithe Devp er t Pounder of
Thrlt eti Sctence. y e aboen'
wetlao healiugt e' oM rity
rae oelna fre as reh.
ay vlasl lnR toedy as whDet
tued bni at eai end hes di-
eI the preface to M he. Corks-
tian Sclence textbook. "Science
a e e a1tha t an t alle
and Heth wwith. Key to the
let 'UP Mrs. ddY ays,
the phyigcal eailg of Chris-
Utan Sre t e reuVt, nqw,. a id
Jeaus' tlea, frlm the op tlon
of divine Prliniple; before which
sit and lsaftftCe their reality
in .humpn .eo M and din
appear U- natrully aAlid a ne-
cwiarlv as darknlnM gives place
to light and sin to reformtlon.
aew tAe then their lhty work
pre not supern*t-a. but au-
premely natufat
And she deineA Christian Sei
encea "the law of od,
of good lnte p hif and dem-
gpstratiln thei antd rule of untvermd abrmonm."
.T e three iee et will
to the mui Ivef fr-
lof and hanwd g-ThafUI their"
IW.; tornetami U acts of
cauifiaeaf et o. who.
tI IM with R Uany
cionwt hI gn all brought
0ou0-t1Wet mw t portant than
heelfu the Oa' iun Christlian
SideceIsuI Mtal! o IAd'that
11W =4" oap" of man ais up-
pe"mM tin this rellelom In a wry
practical maimer. The vubilc Is
cordially Invited to all three





March 10.
The .aSMdation mys it will
be the only school in the na.
tion designed solely for the
training of detectives. Courses
are open to municipal, county
and state plainelotheamen or
uniformed men who serve as


Run your car for 1/4 mile standing start -
ti cwd $c* of CANAL ZONE Tl
U. A~5iAk" i'u1JJi

'L i

1 ,I Mrh15; ,p.
Chame airstrip, Sunday, March 15, 1:00 P.M.
20 miles past Chorrera Follow sigp '

w^^ _____ *** *


A # P

7000 FfEET F 1LOOR



-r -

~,t '.N D ARI.9 STRIi r Trt. Ial er
f/ISDO J cd N. IfROI" '7Sf/ Im .4m4MA OF COlON U i//If/is *I. r iSt *'


A Present Help In


T '
..,e Ti UNI3U, .

T .T" R... 19

'" sl I V--
5)W w' .




Attend three FREE LECTURES

of Melpfte, TomaeMsee
Member tbe Board of Lectureship of The Mother Church,
The Firt Church of Christ, Scilentist, In Boston. Masachusetts.



4:00 p.m.


t .A Bolivar Highway

sq twt aSm"i t1 ji O, of Christ. Scent t Fit
te CttMmbabl, Canal Zone
41 A .. V :. D





8:00 p.m.


rst Church of Christ, Slientist,
Ancon, Canal Zone

.o; r,. -.i-


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Imr- .-


eaj~ mi

- -- -

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i~7' '~

Cake Honors St. Patrick's Day


Women's World

,rim nin, g iats IAlt ome -

Inal e L-a lear 4 traw

111ii1 1l

EMERALD ISLE CAKE to honor St. Patrick's Day Is decorated with
g. green candles and shamrocks, with leprechauns looking on.
NEA Food and Markets Editor

Mrs. Murphy's chowder is a mix until all flour is ampen-
better .song than dish for St. ed. Then beat 2 minutes. Add
Patrick's Day dinner: When it eggs and beat 1.mi nte long-
comes to eating on March 17th, er. (Beat vigorously by hand
there's soda bread, good corn- or at low speed of electric
ed beef, green tea and this mixer.
downy, light-green, froste d Line 2 round, 9-Inch layer
Emerald Isle cake. pans on bottoms with paper.
The recipe comes from Bos-lFour half of the batter into
ton, Mass. Mrs. Carra Gist-! one pan. To remaining batter,
there's a good Irish name- add cooled chocolate mixture,
gave it to me. blend, then pour into second
,pan. Bake In moderate oven
Emerald Isle Cake !350 degrees F.) 35 minutes, or
until cake springs back when
Two-and-one-half cups sift- pressed gently with fingers.
ed cake flour, I 1 2 teaspoons' Cool cakes, thet spread
dcuble-acting baking powder.'. Emerald Isle frosting' between
1 2 teaspoon soda. I teaspoon' layers and over top and sides
salt, 1 2 3 cups .sugar, 2 squares, of cake. Decorate with sham-
:onsweetened chocolate imelt-irocks, made from deep green
t.di. 3 tablespoon hot wate'.I confectioners' sugar icing If
1 teaspoon soda 2 tablespoons desired, insert tiny green can-
s:igar, 34 cup shortening, but- dles.
termilk ot .our milk with
butter, nirgaiiE. or Lard. usel Emerald Isle Frosting
'4 cup buttermilk: with vege-"
table or any other _hortening, One-half cup mint jelly. I
use 1 cup buttermilk'. I tea-Itgg white (unbeaten), 114 cup
spoon vanilla. 3 eggs 'unbeat- mugar, dash salt.
en 1. Combine in top of double
measure .%ifted flout into boiler mint jelly, egg white.
sifter; add baking powder, so- sugar and salt: mix well Then
da, salt and sugar Combine place over boiling water and
in small bowl the melted Leat with rotary egg beater
chocolate. hot water. 1 4 tea-i ,or at high speed of electric
spoon soda. and 2 tablespoons' beater' 3 minutes, or until
atgar; let stand while mixing Irosting will stand in peaks.
cake. Stir shortening just to Remove from boiling water
soften Sft in dry ingredients., and cool slightly before spread-
Add buttermilk and vanilla:' r.g

.- o -

-71r '

: Spring finds this girl lacking in funds for
resourcefulness comes to the rescue. She
straw sailor, scissors, needle and thread, a
flowers (above left). For the Easier par
wedding, she sews tiny pink flowers on
sews to the sailor, adding a birdcage pi
blown white rose stuck to the white sailor
a hat both smart and piettv y above, at
NEA Beauty Editor straw.
with the
When spring wafts in a new hind yo
look. we all want to join in After
the fun. Hats are part of it. if bly have
the Ides of March have left a ery hat.
hole in your budget, you ca'i ment o
still be jaunty-in the Easter pa- with the
rade. Simply get out your last huge w
year's straw, remove all 'the stem an
trimmings, and set about re- leaves.
making it. the rose
.We went to one pf New York's the effe
1o0 millinery designers, D)on
Marshall, to get some idea to "aglten
pam on to you.' of tlo
He takes a pale-colored, me- light ul
Auidm- oirAd inl din I mi f11 5M ut NTlull

Ui -um-sizea sa or an riingso i Ir auz1U
S i changes on it with flowers. For shan'sa
omen c reinorilt faitJ Easter Sunday or an early spring wear wit
wedding, he suggests that you tons. He
get a lot of small flowers in taffeta
I read the following news item in my morning newspaper: ma~ny hues of pink,-a wide, pa!e hat, anc
"The ratio of males to females in the adult population of the ribbon-stiff enough to hold taffeta
United States has been decreasing steadily for about four dU- the flowers stitched in place pointed'
cacs." The headline over that bit of information read: "Weaker -and pink veiling wide enough He then
. e.Set Winning." to- swath your entire face. over the
'The headline must have been written by a man. No woman Sew each little pink sprig way witl
Sw d be so stupid that she would believe women have anything in place so that he entire band ry. stuck
to( in by outnumbering the men. of ribbon is thickly covered, pin
For any wcman knows that a woman Is better off when
lien are oatnumbered'by men o L ,s/
S As a turl she will have more chances to date a variety of '1 1 I
And If they have to compete with each other for her time,
.'11 be much more satisfactory suitors. V ler ZI K
'. When she starts thinking of marriage., t Is an advantage to
'btble to consider a number of men as her possible husband
er than have to take what she can get and like it.
-And even aitet marriage it is easier for a woman to keep a
thinking he is lucky to have her for his wife if there aren't
of unattached women ready to give him a build-up because
haven't any man of tneir o'wan to concentrate on
There are no advantages to a woman when women outnumber
There might be a few minor ones if vomen stood together.
Then thev might be able to put more women into govern- .
Ot, ush them into more executive jobs, light for better pay.
women. etc.
ut women don't stand together They stand alone, each for -.
IIL, and they are not interested in the success of all women.
bOrnterested in her own personal success
JAnd that dream of personal success includes getting and
Ike ng a husband.
9 the more men there are, the better off women are. Theyl
aren't winning when they gain in ratio to men. They are l0ing"
their greatest advantage, the advantage of being outnumbered
bv the men.
(All rights reserved, NFA Serwice. In )

Cream Sli[des Ea-i[y Over Skn

g.6od eye cream. faithful M
ais poperly used, can help
ou to discourage deep lines ',
n that thin-skinned area. .
One such cream, made by a
wel-known cosmetic firm. is of
a consistency that will slide o-
ver the eye area without the Modera es tn lae, aew lamps for |
tet finer pressure spare. We show four new designs here.
cream is said to be f carries taffeta lantern shade. Raffia-texture
u ated with a softening can and Oriental lIa Glass cylinder
t ted with a softening. .flame. Raffia-toned ha iw painted
smoothing compound bearin srp a n o t)ml;
a close affinity to the human, ladated bet paweUen (pilf. ~ sheets. Blaek I
skin. No efforts werv spared oak pedestal. Lent M tif appears all
In this firm's laboratories t),Ii oLp
develop this conr0jind as KaI
develop this compound as a By GAILE DUGAS a ac
substance which iRt believes toI NEBA Woman's DGIs lam
be far superior to natural lan- Woman's I
lin. .. if NEW YORK-(NNEA).--'There's ie
rn a new look of elegance,' replac- UO1 g
Whge applying an eye cream, i ing the casual air of the past,
it's highly important that you This girl gets best results by in the new lamp designs for ca
exert no pressure. There is, applying eve cream with gen- spring.
danger, of draggin,. down the tal circular moten across up. Blk -J
flesh or pulling it out of shape per lid to temple and under Special emphasis is placed ed I&
sinee there Is no bone beneath: eve toward nose. on brass, though black -Ital
the lid to support it. So, uze and black-and-white combine ftl I
the most delicate touch Poe- cream are very soothing as well tlons are not obsolete. M
sible, as helpful in smoothing out of the new collections have a 'NoA
1 lines. But don't expect "eharac- dash of sophisticated color-.-
Place two fingers at the in- ter" or "expression" lines, etch- pink, brown or green. Whito.
ner corner of the eye and ed in by smiles, laughs and fa- and-gold combinations aret o
featherstroke across the lid un- cial movements, to be erased liked, too. Bince they show' ya
il you feel the bone. Don't by such treatment. satility in blending with eSi -
satop the motion but continue schemes.
tt, qeer so gently, around the Laugh lines, as they tend to This year's modern trend
lower lid until you are back at be upward, aren't unattractive. n the stark, cold lek of
g19 place you stated' from. You may avoid other, less at- past. There's new. eb
.T... ... ra er'i e by qualM and e'uMA

. e .e 6 p'-.a

a new hat, but her own suit o e black taffeta bhad and itaw thPat sad 'ilrt
Gets out her last. year's ona an all- (top, left). She ereates ults-Paridan sat
nd a supply of fresh new with white Jetuwy which she sews tiny whIe velvet flowers,
trade or an early Spring touched wit green and yellow, worn as a snoed beneath (be
a band whiclr she then sailor. She tt4ma thb front with a sprig es fjes tea4-mateh those
ink veil (right). A full-' on the sneoo TeuL*ould start with your own basic shape, study
* squarely Ia front makes this Spring's bats in your newspaper', and. t alg ribbon and
mirror). For a tailored flowers, have soem creative fun.
n sew the ribbon to the Herels an ultra-smart, very white, except for the tiny touch-
Make like a birdcage Parisian hat for you to whip es of green and yellow oi the
e veiling and tie it be- up. Get a piece of white rayon predoml y white snmod huth
ur head in a big pout. or silk jersey, prox1mately W et g t'that ityow 3trg
Easter you will proba-4 four Inches wide g on sailor Int white, you carry outw
e tired of your so- flow- your hat elie. en the ends the matn Idea of h colo te
So, dip into the assort- and sew them ttheh, Gather with other tints. Thus, for e -
f flowers you bought up your 'hair .t It, first hay- ample, If your straw is. nats-
e pink ones and find a ing measured your epad size rai, a. bowo and natural; andti
white rose with a long for a secure fit, becattee the two allbelge effects.
d realistic-looking green jersey is to become cr6W*lW lFor a pink atraw, yotl can
The more full-blown cap, worn saoodaahld- h 'ith ,u.White olowes fstryout, p
is, the lovelier wiU be green-and-white tl"y velvet .a.-whito hat aforeYa
ect. flowers sewn la. order" ft'fopft a pnldt l

,d 1n d-re, it should or with Jr sprig i
p' your whole face. ens ew, at the front, matah-
rthree on. Don Mar- fng those on the jersey; Inste
ati parade Is one to of hair at the sides and =uck
th suits or tailored cot- one ee the flowered .e O
sews some wide black Th$s style will look neat onl
as a band around the with medium or shortA lng
d makes a huge, black hair, for too much hair would
bow, very tailore with bulge the -sood. (CompUW d y' l Fnbelse,
corners, for the back. All these hats are wrn wl Wely)
turns up the back brim on the head. Don Mayihall's
bow, fastening It that straw is a dazzling, white, so THE 8ILVER CI UCE
h a large all-white dal. that one of his hats ipnk and 'Toiaas, B. CO taln.
through with hat- white, another-black mwhitd, -
and the remaining two a&-. A P
_Q P l, o N^ -llerbr*
ce ^ pare

-. p

pep ar Ia m
iens forea m

In Its Well

(UnaC .4MweyW
tha It s Ine!

alina ple.,
n mw Dne&a H

6p^ .^W r P^%-tn In^ex
a vold -. o
with aprae

be am

iandolis 4d. We ww e_'p
r M in ua M .J -.
"" l-

e "to
Me KA -
..** B Stattlirtft








. -* .- .


: Non-Filetion ause
Banlkhead. toa
a'i tCALLt*D PETER m
SoI r ie Mlarshall.

n Vincent Pegle.

,. ~.,i ,dwad R. Murow. a ,-

.Z, D sws .. .

?:1^ .'1(

* i ;.


A ere -Are eason, W1 M1osl

* v '*
.V *.. .


Myrt^ M Bj Paper's Column,.

A ka Asap s Writer Now Haf
1. mother of Uiz O thtMittnd


a der-e- iaw, MU
.s. .,
arrival I PanUm
AMed M9390 Cubs

on TuaIe

Mrn. Wells explainui
she hd ben wibtoe
en of TIpton t
men each wtek, IN&
thrMe of her o wn. ad
wmth H thoMe lMteg m
Ift to keep trcW or Hom
addrMe.s, e Just didn't
tle togitber ,the t wa.




Takes Pleasure in Announcing the Imnug e of Their

With The Sfiling Of



w -SFls

W ats it me-si
w *.., .,-,, <,,
IBIlr *iiiina *mnit

fuirm CRISTOBAL, C.Z.,

rrmsO fs pW sWm
sh wml aeau omr?-
.at houms oWa,
0.Mrs.MC.^S. La-
& Flowers WM

u COle to dicuea.

R Una famous
-- o
EClauMul Tbator
Stli i

18, 1953

Subsequent Sailing. \
M/N "GRANADA", March 30- To Buenayentura and lumaco

M/N CASABLANCA ...... ... .. March 30
M/N GRANADA ....................e April 10



beingupbtslr ackim a wo! dwy -
8 -"a1 i the (tti 't 7 1 ik .. .,
"wd ofrd "' O ulami*n, diess
aa l' *"a m *... w th*e mew
of 1950 As dipqa.r world's only all-
as y. assassic lueing aid.
The new 190 oRadioeu r i
a a powerful ,hM $ t ie hard of bar-
AtM ga g 'aya er lock tick.
OFie es "meitau- in b cau"d

S-- ar-- dlm ntver -bw 9m
Kad-Rrsfi, Mnd. pt .e coa
lee!ie an in omeha,,d

A word to the wise a

SIhas built

* ora tie thm amy

o~er man

q Si* i. e e .
tm ,mI m eUs

... .- &i -
1,.-e-s-- *o o. i




,if ,EA


'. l' lWgO m _Rn'

,^. [. 4.-
r 1* */ :

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..^. rI

0. w

- -~



I~ 'I





",,{F, ( .-

, +/, ,,,,, ,

. I




' '

* '~


-it.; .,~
', ii I

You I:I 'em...When You T ell 'em thru PA. ClassifiedsI,

Ltave yonu Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "'H" Street PanamA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6 ., !!

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-l441

Sa!6n de Belieza Ameriano
No. 55 West 12lh Street

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones
No 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Carlton Drug Store
10.069 Medades Ave.-Phone 255 Co16n

Propaganda, S.A.
"H" 8set corner Estudlante 81
Pbos 2.=214 and a-27M

M or 12 words.
3c.f additional w"rd

Household Automobiles0- o.".. "ve drimek PO*.G.armnfch snto Claraeac PROFEtSIONAL
Write Akaell"Im Ammanoss. i ilettagesio. Electric Ice boxes gas
FOR SALE-Ail i,pes of retrgeratoi FOR SALE 1951 Pontac 4 Dr. 2031 Asceo. C. Z.L toveS moderate rates. Tel.phon r e
25, cycle Terms con be oianged Mcny eAtras Excellent conalicn DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Cli 441 Gamboa. 4-567 Pedro MA- Pa a
H.:4.. "4, Gomboo. Phone 6- .$1.900. Phone Balboa 4474, n,-iDR. nWENDEHAKE.v MedicalcClinic .
3,4 1 e 1 -Central Avenue K Street. corner- p _y It" _e__ _
..._...____ ..- T. .------ I Telephone 2-3479. Panama. PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The BU V
FOR SALE --8 oece dn.ngroon 4.e FCR SALE --1949 Chevrolet -- -c
ndrn LE -h Ce ro nd ne oerRible Excellent condt on. N 'AQUARISTS BIRDLOVIRS: A- o court in Santa Clara with an
.ce r-g ^ .eEvn, fro....m 'l 'collages.-Steps R9 ftl LIFEM E? AlUMI
rPr, C.s.' H,-ue C9.4.- iI top and ,ado. 51.195. Coll .curi Tropicl is ne. t beach Rock Gas, retorgerfotticn, Sa ift ROO fl
S -. k ... p. -- ,.., ... 22-43 alter 4 p m Ask -tor F.-lo V- .e-se t""'a barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-Si
F Oo eR ,Lr SA LrEC ar o d M er ur Crests. P hone 3 -5 4 1, 1. eun a- M t 7 .d S i i g.
C nclud.r.j port ad FCR SALE -1951 Mercury S. Se 12 A. M.. 2.6 P. M. ao N Bargboaro .-1
nji ri.G c.k.- ernd .-bles. cod da-. Erccllert. pa.nt t.res and uD- No. o lbo._______ Bst PW Ng d A- Plabt
I I te t I.E ble, flcor kmp h:.l tr. Le.s than 16.500 mi.c SPECIAL EXCURSAAT SCO Williams' Santa Clara Bech Co.. rS!n t soesP et
S .1 br.,bo shade: !.9500 ,r el- rs. Fs l .600 ake cne way l85. round trip 135 (15 tages. 2 bedrooms. refrigeration. -- '
S -G D,.bo. -.r BLtOO ..-06_ dy.m $69 00o.d one y; Rockgos rangers. Balboa 2.3050. eautyandIdt. .
S .- i i,' h OR SALE .o LLS ANG .LLS, one way, $149.15..Except week-ends
S. c ." .,, ". D.' EFC.6^j SDAN- foundd htip, 90 day-limiti. .. TrR S Co:toges. One mile beyond GE F. NOVY. INC.
S. ., ,. *, u D:Lux. i; Dr ., namo e .:oach Service 3 Avenide ..ta Clara. Complete furnished. (where parking Is a measure
S.s ...-, i I .; 1 Cu:om De Lue 2 Dr oc.oncl Automabile Rewl. Tel. I .. Gas Rcfrigerator. and Stoves. 279 Cgnvral Ave.T 3-0140
"i .n ,r i nomr Z-t55. r 14rrng your linens. Phone Dagmar's
[" "_ ,.:k r 9:* -l4 : j Cu.-o.n De Luxe 4 Dr FO ALE F. 0
% )ti or 1 ;- L c.'tDeLuxe 2 Dr ro03i FOR RENT Sp*ollte Bot". S A.
.9-1.. r uLJ er4 -1 Dr. r,..o MocelblneousH
FC .AL- i ed E.m / c, .. n v, : r Aparment Shlppig. nmoing. stotap.
"t- l..0- C-- -. ucrcr 4 cr. raao. Se. fi Wo pack and crate or move
FC-, .. ree '- .. ,r LL:'- UrCS EISI-MAN FOR RENT anything. 'Phone 2-2451,.
t, 1 .:- ,O, I re b. te .. e C.:. C''. bo.t ing. -... in triplicate, wiII be re- 2-2562. Panarnm
-ip E: .:.u'( '. ce d in the o;tice of the Er- R oo in g aVn ,'. E_ I r'. *SELL & FINANCE g and Const.ucLon Drec- FOR RENT:- .c. furnished roo1m. .
FO -..- i..,. d .rr tue t,:.r FC: S' A E P ,.. Ccnal Company' Cal- San Francisco, 10th St. No. 13.
-; ..:... re ard gcr- COlA'E.TIBLES --- BARGAIN I b -.e M Canal Zone. t l -1693 or 3-2729 HSot NLge
'%0 Bec'I.:SCterC.NVER TrIBL aS
_--. er, D ow. rod n publicly opened, for tur.. h- FOR SALE "DALE 1 AND,
-FOR SALE 19 Butck Dynafloa, radio l plasnt, toolsd t erm USEndNrrjREd
11 r.49 Po n tiac Chcaon, ,rado r cr..orming a.l w.ork for Re-I RcaI.Estate 41 .AuRtsbi- Row
-O S' r -- C -i -a :r' .o, r d JTOS EISENMAN ,Luddi 8014., at BoIo. large bedrooms, 3 large closets,
F OR 4 C -iv H-a : c: ry. E^ NMg r. o rgSAr A d---Sa ^ ^ 3Cjraf; WE BfL 8LL.
...:. :. --- or see at 41- .-, e rhe Co Cole bo ng. Tel a Lone Cop of lare livngroom, nette, modern
G nou' a Or i .ng I Coca Cola ottng. Tel I.ons and drawings for the wocrk klgelivingr oom, donal te 'floorrn
G.iJ, SELL & FINANCE na, be obro;ned trom tIe o,,ce and both. Fully furnl:hed inrlud-i ""-
HelD, Wanted IFCP SALE.- 1952 Mo rrs S ctcn f, Room 336, Balboa Heights sprig beds 260 ft. frontage. .nES"
.. .... .'a .o, prac- aliy new. 3.C0 i 2-37S9 oc 2-26981. ced. Reasoaby pr C r",
W^ .ED---'.- t- be.Fwe=.r n les P ,- r.. S2.200. *el ,ng A d.-c;,t of $20.00 will be re- tobel 3-1676 or see No. 32 Call,
a25 d brgc.n i 00 SMOOT & quired for each set of speciiica- Chico, Santa Clara. Burkle.
tou:el.e:per for e -'l. g.ntie- PAREDES E[.ck Chevroet I tons and drawings. The deposit
msn. cap:b'e of cco P e.'ate -- wil be forfeited if specftcatons FOR SALE.---Chalet in Parque Le-
cuarter fo -eme 4r o00 -per OR SALE d 947 Frazer Sedan & draw.ngs ore not returned with- fevre. 2nd street No. 39. Tel. 3-
r.onth and keep for sorre For in. God c.-dit or. Call Naoy 3732 -140 calenaar days after opening 3754. Panama.
t:,r .v cnday 15th. F"- 2 p .0 R AJ.E --9J. Ford S De S. .x-, o! bid. A ----
r.' 4 r" r ~ ~C 4 Dor I 0 miles SALE. Brand new Bell &F' FOR SALE W PCI IU lu.
-, .-, C b. 36 Iowell 16 mm movI, cOmEra., .Ao- BOatV & Motors
a-- :' .- "E -" SALE 1948 8 Cyl. del 70-DL, very latest model. With Boai MOtOrg
WANTED Radio. 5 new 6 ply tires. Call Al- 3 lenses and viewfinder WANTED-Small marine engine one MU
broo': 86-6289. lenses. Turret head, and crank, 2 or 4 cylinder C .l Albook f
iellaneous FO-R -A-E.--9-6-he-role- De Luxe leather combination car- 2203.

meant. tw or three bed-rooms i AlrEars wit h. Cooke Telephoto ler's, al with -291_.2"3.
Cangrejo, Bella Vrito. Vsta..legre excellent andiiron. $700.00. Tel. matching vewfnder lenses and afl 9uu* i '.
can.Wie86-5230 Albrook Field. m*FOR'
between 7:00 and o. mR s, Del. Balbo, $710.00. Will lne Elrc Pbrt 1 12 H. P. In
A OU -ptire. W tiesell for $565.00, or will sell all perfect condition. $464.40. The
eithoutsehl and their matcing ueew-p Tex-s Co. rPos imor Iad. Tel. 2- fIhe

suitable for reconstructirg. A...Cd.osT- iders a unlt tr L 6%wi.00- P06.T0..
;": trueroaB N ,canl,l S. A. No. 7, ;' "-."eiT m ibgvi-fd ,s .n 'a -2913.
AsebueirWANTED:leph4r 40PhoDe-:23alboa -r069.eld ._Phoe:_Blbo__2-_0_9._.
Parnofb. erer in good condition. Tpho FO SALE: o Doberain Pfnschger Rll i AW
P 7 t0Panama 3-51"9. puppies, D Bale $100, female '5.i.
WA NTWED--Fuliy furnished Oport- .-o -nh olT lloal21
ment by North Arrec icon couple WANTED Converrible .-onths old. Tl, Balboa 295. '1 ,
No chi'dien. Call Pohamo 2-4788' around 1941 Ford preferred. Casl O SALE -.mmon steel crib with "
S Mr Rooa between 830 to 12 00 or t'acD Phone 2-6418. Baby Beauty innepring mattress,
Snd 2.i00 to 5 00. -- iocellen, condition, Baby buggy, -
S WANTED -Three bedroom unfur- lay pen. Tel. 3-2940 .
nilchla, hcu'.e tor 2cc4pancv Apr.uIl 41 U IrII FO SALE 50 heavy steel bar- NEW YORK (UP) ."
i5. one Roy Twosco Davis, Jr .P 2wl at 50 Cts each, F.O,B. Balboa. wok Otf the Frencht,
Amn n Emtasty 3-0010 s A ala Good for culverts, gran, etc. Th'e Albert' Marquiet, who l, 2 '
-- _--- ly Texas Co. (Panomol inc. Tel. 2.- yeas ago at the agTe O -bH *-
0620. are being given their flzit d WlWS
f f o- A VICKSBLEO, Miss. (UP) OR SALE -Ban mere: one-man exh5bitl ,
IOf, The Cuff cia's.ran rad- OSALEBlf.NEW O(U)
an unusual request of thi bo Telephone Balboa 3060. t g le
...yu,,s"' to eass, who He wants to find out the FOR SALE -One thoroughbred' cock- I MKrqbet has been 'tt ,edley and h"ist,
S done nBe Garenia," Alexname of the woman who told oW r Spanel puppy, male. 6 weeMi known, In thl W. :,i nd. si had e
1,Oot"'!s m.,rder mystery for' him a story about his grand- old, black ond tan. Phone Ft. A Tfew f his pa.nng ttedhe w ,
W' arer.Bros.. you can eliminate father and her mother when Clayt6n, 3133. I clued p the recent. "
G eorf,. Reeves at the start. he was in the city for a speak- 28SALE .-Washeng miachne 60 hev t he e t
Reev video contract provides ig engagement several year le, 2 rugs, book cases, rifgle rt
that shall accept no vilain- ago. He jotted the name down 544-A. Curundu Heights al e-d Wi -
ous l le roles. He plays "Su- in his notebook but lost it. tal. -
per 'o TV. The story went like tha True, he. Sldu '
r 0y n. lGeneral Grant. after captur- VfM SHash l n o r
SIng and establishing his head. .55W- wuPl the oataet of
THE C ON THE CUTTING quarters In V tcksburg,Mo,.-' frlends it
SOuInLOOB countered an extremely ne r- S u nlIta it, however, m ore
Anlg 3tevens won an acting vous young woman carrying a ""cination of' working
ole I...W ner Bros.,Technicolor tray of food in the hall oe T _.friend in the- same .
usit iThie Jazz Singer." de- day. m nIa drection ta. 'h
Iplte e fact her showgirl bit in " are you taking ta T vd hi .
S the sdlo's "The Story of Will food'?" he asked. n OOLUMBIA, M al. ( 6Pt-Th's For WIt.l s bhrame so d
Roge. wound up on the cut-. To my brother. she st- tw of 6,124 as Mississippi fw paf tiNap a
Sting-ma floor. Director Michael merged He s wounded." mt, elaborate rrk becaus~r n eeply ti lsuIm
Curt embered Anitra's per- Where is he hidden?"t fa had he of
form Ir in the "Will Rogers" In the atticn.t the city faters ancv Hugh not ha t I s"e UaMr4 ae I4
pletu and when he needed.a Send hm to the.hea tajr land for a borme. iyms.
Ghow to play a real acting ters surgeon in this very ttwas bck a 19 Pwhen mit ly
part e "The Jd Singer, Mis ing for treatment. at onc a* m, a- wealthy lb rmans Pre-eminentl a .'
Stehvt g ot the nod. General commune dot n -A-. I ures and -ac h L tl.e g aendc "
ouT uwE Cone!s.XFR A.... arcosiern a .... his nerSb searched sltueSr"-.
VELSTO Twas trebele Orant'^ pre phr got the a f of subdda
S he T Navy and see the quarters rbyene generaV u e nd i- the cest mty rl
O eco a movie star. Ctift, who a im some ,ess,. mood. Be
So' Conless." Alfred Hitch- o rnd otr l nr a o fect as it oa i
ik a-production for Warner iw 'e t w at oe Mar aoun l mui l
.A 7) as made a total of seven l yo n l F o r Mi t onrhn th pictures r s m
e etr, but only one was filmed covered it was tieo city callm e 1
,Irp, in Hollywood. For hi-s .limits they pasO.. an.i done.
e en Lctures. Cift has been on/ TraH fi miH Mhp. n- hat-=mant
wit e locations in the United S fere Wg me wseONs l
.t tod in four foreign coun- erCeOtOa 1 a" ,_-
..Tomybrother ." h e s eam blues a .aton y4iof 9ffth vateF
el -- I -uot- Moe than one out o It feat6rea s, Ae 'a..e11
(ET_ H FR FIRST MAN ..I meterists are road hanau aast m Mies a thayge -
.Prty Patrice Wmre got tne besmuse of famil vbioen, s- a-n k .ca.
hero ti real life when she mar- cerding to Dr. Jamec change e?, Toftsi
sed roI Fynn. but Pat makes Wabl. rese pates.
:ion.,' he M rn amhcidfthe tur =" W bh charged thetno&las Is:.
l- ntM. Radolph 8oott In theI test a for drivers' litensee are dtoe o o
IG -"not remotely near hita it I la, to deeded th Y

ad Cochran plays stage, natfon's taffle seidento tt stAe is known as Wlhte Park
L. c Irn Warner B a.' mner teoek a tnell of In ,i lives to the folks here. The
aog,~lotel, "She's Back oen last year cead be treed to tWe, o e. th
I "--but in real CT in ad- peer vi Gty," ho ait ga.--f
and a g tater, Steve's Wahi s M sta 'bed see- ,e ai e
-theN vyl habit" dM
d epsemntgo C fermeeb -e- 'ur eow t kp, .. -t

J .va-

It ll S't


'51 '52


S ,-
Foo ,:

God ax
to do

7'allt. 'But ffat
YAr total elves
a -od for ow
ratJp' t.hpaa 0

. I- a L--


ix. ,
rb" t

-S. fr'a I .
-J K.
I,. *.,~ -
2: .%-, r-

- 49.

I, t


..i *

r mMAS y .se ~ age. ~
be&'. Sk
ing der)"for, g m m Ied a es
Saa iso Jememi with as. ,i.

10 I -

U..... r

, .-. '

mcatm I
ad(i- "M


i '

. .. It



I[ r r
. .!. "*

. '.'. *- 1 '- ,A
.2 i- ..

S -

.- 4k :W ; *.

da;a dtv

aap it -
, L -. ,."

1, *By B'imn YO '

scd! ime talented anid fun-' girl f.r mylcture." He
kfQlkE Pier AngeM pi one of to- r' to Ofn. "Tomorro
av brightf stars. Laea tmbderd d diffI
a au7.Sth Je lndiuble I rvabout the. hioal a

bl'*fo bbi

trench. film.dtrod
Sto see her in the apart=n oi
'u friend.
, .r a He tool one looK tuma- A
hK wife and said, "T'7 e a hl
p.,- .


w~ofu Gr~
-- -I .1



is m C ap n' ams .I
is a fin oxb, oeY
2u msWuar ENC-ANTOCA P I TOL 10
so the _to A r coodblas L ook- ', I
jI"-ean Pi '- e-- "CAPTAIN PIRATE"
gunter, in. Plus: a
a, u u f "Lueo2M snawbove mo w ner, Isto'
DaRobet ortmn Anne "JUNGLE JIM IN THE .
'Twee ~t Ir." .o es si, one r FORBIDDEN LAND
-..Wntm a. Lafner.
''" '---o
ri-n r TO R O-VA,
susp lpgI8 poem rAs"""DOWha r



'.r. ..v ,. ... .. .. .. ... .. *'*."OIL

.- U



* t I

w- .. **

Swe Due At x ea Shoptalk

Dr S Suspensefo Sizzling C I-Rmar
t th Cr ox would frighten easily, but she
olor Po- -said she was panlc-strieke 1d
2 Idler," te D AIdea of appearing '4uM b
Power, arrimu,. ay first motion picture.
6we aroes By MarifyD At 1"'eThater hopa
?P S% at -t l=^ aI If rIgt wasn't ordinary at aSt

o Royal ..ed Niagara," thb C might I the both a dog. aad. ca O e *
i 7 al ed atie BWb hh In the ory S of a "My friends s ai"d. so-
._- Flyna.P ,AA l ho la, bor- brath-taglotipte ltwot. n ife^wobrin her greatest actors in pictew .
dera ftl-aoe e4. foam.

Jearl 18a m bet e destnd,-wa-shockeKo ICA written,
1-f ad has e an abundant display of Marilyn rean veteran, to the honey-themr contrsctk .p M
Sm n lnians to a ito Monroe's physadlallaurements raon ra4rt and plots with the them against kid an
sfSt Bothl agerei o and at the amq time has the r e he i anafir se peniw-spl .
ttel te way, h. y ofcenic splendor of Niagara alWta thave. er spouse push- saeI wouldnt stand a chane.
Why M as a background far the em elta theF&Pe Marilyn is the Actually the child in Roatsi
and of tonal turbulence she hera eg wie d Cotten is mary's case is getting to
r"' WM. provokes, the psychotc hutsand. something of a own I ,
Strue v SAnd to make the pyrotech- is Anna Maria lerghei.
1to becm nics of the story and locale all Henry Hathaway's Inoisive amount's imported a 1-year-e T
STl'ew --. *2- thw. dae the more spectacular the pro- direction has kept he suspense opranoed from Jtaly.-e .
-o screen a new -ava3' ceedings are photographed b1 gnerad by this double-deal- Red Duf st, slpy-y
who, Gby who ^Uner .the' i ri color by Technicolor. Ing and Cotten's attempts to sa iin S1lr
hrdu d= "- cJoseph Cotten and Jean Pe- elude capture, at fever pitch. hare billing with the S rgg ,r
Strs, with Miss Monroe, form a has perfectlyed the Stars Are singing.
Siloq arty ofs ov tarring triumvirate that addsr ende ur of Niag beteesion
N d,-m r lteuul with the tense drama ter she met Norman Taurog,
wewraafthe'IU.InS:dhe -- breath-taking motion picture in to make the pipture an unu- the director of the film.
I:C ewe sl .a oanyg o amUl murder mystery. With Casey sual entertainment pacykoe.
ye t h, et ~~e4a m l eess..- = .~ to film tA dams playing the husband of One unforgettable scene s the "Ift you can't fight *em job
not a Frheb pf.ea" Ingel and Newman Jean Peters the picture unfolds clmax which shows Cotten and ;'em.' Norman told me on that
upan p., the drama of two honeymoon Mas Peters being swept to the tat etic day on the set,'
Ynvohne .de t erleatn tars pM couples ensnared In a tangle of brnk of the Fall in a disabled she recalled. "He reminded ita
hannon and aCW l,* eq Cr1as k.. s-odf fate as threatening as the am- bea that he directed Spencer Tracy
thonpab, atg Lydia La- tor 23 action ad feat In a picture called 'Boys' To
amas, Mn, ae' gorgeous ,ex, a a tnd that Tracy made hliaeg
whuil Yv InDgland.. a Bond Vocalst Mery Griffntheentire ca
FAMILIAB SONG t nsr.of cute little dirty aced khl.
el a t .ralim ro Si gs His W ay Info Movies d'etoe fasct &a
idai esebrou aht in fro m h.S joined 'em. I played every aei
iSect- 9 .o The rolre th o ft the hroiH Wu' o in which we appeared together
ur Aeonei a t on *It# j.Thw of the. n fbroier -. directly to them, and it worked
was pre- a U a i~,pM t tii. bI ent to Tyrone Powet the out fne."
iw a Too e t tl w ltPower, h h 8th HOLLYWOOD. March 14 band, a hpot Griffin held for To tell the truth. Miss C 1 .--
CIouA a d tat w t starring role stOce MS. des- (UP)- They didn't laugh when four years during which he also ney joined Ans Marl i'a
a.ter W crl hiW role' f th k4 Mery OGlffln sat down to play became an RCA Victor record- closely than she
,hto t3Cat as most exdnB the piano. They told him they Ing star and composed the mu- They banded togther In. a mu-
IN. have w eard 0moat te a singer. So now Grit- ai for a hit song, "Eternally." tual protection s tietlon a
,-.__ -, carvert- -whi it h It di 't happen quite that dit for his movie break .
S se a "The fast. that's how Mery got "She caught our show whe That hound stole scenes
ture e t_ din"I started on the road to hise cur- t!e band was playing in Las right and left, Ipst by liftingl
It -iL lay reht role with Kathryn Gray- vegas," he said, "and spoke to an eye-broia' w.ed.Bo
e*'o o a son in "The Grace Moore Story" her studio about me. WhenR IS MarlS aou t,,bed Bob
O o th ate CAM- at Warner Brothers. tame to Hollywood I was In- do any good. He'd just look at

o? ty IHQ =_ Nam-he was to try out for a pianoIng newcomers a break. I know
-5~..:kenq, AdeMe Walt Rae Job. When he discovered his er- differently, thanks t Miss Day. ILEGALLY S F
S w r a ror, hewent ahead with the Griffin did a break-in bit in
do w at y dt I. f 5% iK owSS h ,t?% audition anyway, one of s Day's films, "By -'qu 3 RITAIN.l Conn. S UP)-
o 1 4 a rtsa. "To my amazement, I land- the Light of the Si very Moon.
44 -g.a 1. A e I Garage mechanic DSna W. Du.
He admitd It was r7ge current role In the Gra ce 10 years without s cldent an-

.pI ,ed must have done all r ghte
rw in popularity and Mry dws a lot if lve es wth or serape. ArreSted or dv-
I found hime as lfau promoted frt Mhe petite Miss rson. htt i i

b pplete osedt and 28 in NrW YORK, M artdstwch 14 hAsP) th t, too" a a t te
iaame Spo s o out makes a record sell toood dieOensedui his 10 yearsof "
ntpph..-M mosti nm"done all right,

1 hI dyeeted by made a recording. Gear- .
.Last by Ll Ue. ..b. put so mu

ts, ne rom the auret that Mercury peddled t EL 4 t'T F AS meif TROPICAL
but Mlet61iPadc side. T ~bal ULtflc moss tuma million disks dur- Shows: 3:U 5:- -.7:1- 9:i 5 p.m. |
taOnTh Theater has Mon- season. And "even
Ill then ences Se m i.4 key's Paw" as Uts entry. Paul Lonely may be her hit |T.r
zas a ca will be f .a whic
ill ta B~~= 3lVdtslim2dvendtu, 'unoadt eLON ULm

L* wthena 4 i vIansB un dehe r t hS..o o ll e br a ample melody' ag comdesetsmoatecP N E I-
S Lov L the esplans der the direction of eor said. something ev- g ale
Iie tun- rating ilT- Miss Mary Jeanae WBen. ety o a n hum. I'm a bug
-Msssane ae aS.n e..u.y The plays sythe Theoa t I sang ', of ERROL FLYNN .
s times odo tpr Guild and the irA' iakesgu ne form steady
Lt tle Theater hatse yt ben of t.s lower tango at le." MtIltEEN O'RRAL
awarded for bet 5 a te r IeT
Itess and the best Mplay. A .n fas end "er e G
e. e 1 ddthree pri: were won last year o t o a rti stw h
by'thFheater utld rInb pMrt-an
e.lBetk aihedre drl "be a hisehernced It oU7

thep laaBEnina n S l:15 Si PU:,-l:Cr oFBI Nab s8py TRibg.. I 'v '

nr-- My N a. r .c t.ES CUAPI"N "WALK EAST ON
Sf e the l. c Mr e din dledI

M" then e pua t she may behN asS

Beekwilad and The Beautif.l" Baddays ago r unclet-
rbanwie Soandth Aslca, wrote
hlfa'as unewrt n ortes t _retla_
SIn tiT tte.s turh i t fG ga, nwr o set le. MACURIngtoleA.,.

Sla aou by WeT e last. hillbilly ihenk

eey dathg %.i* CILIA THEATRE
ese orewtty about a Cignd store pi WAR TOfom Inse a THE WID WEST...n
wrdedor t yetaet, beeno j tarobap t e w-letGT LL r
norhtered havewClm-Tedlseo-ne. l lra I I I* ed
-talnfiiwgleobc foreOWs -- Id
ft door_ M ~l~ j E TRLL THE

!Z r- v -,

* *. 'LI.!
I .' .. '- '.. i ,*" ( '' -' 'i- '- t ..'* '''
... .. .. *- v *" -.. ,
' i *.*-> i .. -. ^ r-


Highly Rated Coys Edjr
19 l -'A X

Classy American Router

Goes In Class '' Sprint
The highly rated American-bred distance loving Conoes
Edgar today gets his first real test at the Juan Fran ranco Rae
Track when he goes against a good Class "B" field over seven
furlongs for a purse of $750.
Ooynes Edgar, a ridiculously easy winner in his only two
starts here, is sure to be forced to at least give an indication
of his real class this afternoon. Rated strictly a router in his
native U.S.A., Coynes Edgar will be racing over a shorter parcel
of ground than Is his liking and will be facing some fancy speed-
sters in Anglia, Hartley Lass, Sir Boss and Chablis.
Only last week Hartley Lass closed an immense gap follow-
ing a poor start to cop third money in the Francisco Arias
Pnredes Classic for the track's best horses. Anglia also "parti-
cipated in that event but did not fare so well. However, Anglia
has previously demonstrated class in finishing second on two
occasions in Class "A."
Chablis, a good middle distance horse, is fast rounding into
his best form and will gi a ood account of himself. He goes
in an entry with the good router Bendegus. Roadmaster, ap-
parently out for the airing only, completes the seven-horse
A The experts are of the opinion that Coynes Edgar will
make it three in a row. However, they make it clear that
this time they don't consider the Edgar a "sure thing." Coynes
Edgar, reportedly imported especially for the $15,000 President's
Classic which will be run next month, is the best Kentucky-
bred racer to be brought to Panama in years and befuddles
the clockers with his "falling down" style of running. Yet he
cah travel fast, and most likely will today.
Out at the track yesterday, bad-legged Pulgarcito a
hopeless also ran during the last two years and bandaged on
411a four legs returned from a long layoff to put over a
smashing longshot victory for an all-time record win payoff
at the local track in the eighth race.
The only straight ticket sold on Pulgarcito netted the
faithful bettor $1,332. The ducat was sold at the betting parlor
on "J" Street.
Besides this unusually Juicy dividend, three other longshots
registered and two of them formed the first doubles combina-
tion of S335. The upset winners were Avivato $19.30, Bijagual
S21.60 and Riomar 539.60.
Turf Lodge scored a thrilling post-to-post victory in the
Class "C" seven furlong $650 feature.

Juan Franco Graded Entries
-0 -
1st Race "F" Native 6z,2 Fgs. Purse: S275.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Double
1-Proton J. Chuna 117x -In good spot 9-4
2-Taponazo C. Gon 103x -Racing well 6-1
3-Lolito R. Ycaza 107x -Returns from layoff 13-1
4-Sirena A. Mena 108 -Slipped saddle last time 19-2
5-Mandinga H Flor9 114 -One to beat 7-4
6-Volador V. Brown 99x -Nothing recently 13-1
7-Mufteco H. MPys 107x .-Back in form 15-4
2nd Race 'D" Nati-'%ijFta.PurWe 300.00 Pool closes: 1:15
Sedmiu Rase of the Double
1-Golden Pick' A. Mena 108 -Hard to beat 3-5
2--Golden Fan H. Ruiz 117x-Seems off form -
3-Elolna K. Flores 116 -Major threat 5-2
4-Miranda R. Guerra 107x -Money chance 4-1
5-Rosa B. B., Pulido 110 -In-and-outer 4-1
3rd Race "H" Native 7 Ffs.trsa: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45

1-MarfU F. Hidalgo 99x-Not much
2-Huascazo B. Agulrre 110 -Bad legs
3-TUln Tilln H. Ruiz 103x--Fractious
4-Danuolo M. Guerrero 100 -Hardly here
5-Eclipse 0. Chanis 100 -Would surprise
6-Bagalefio H. Reyes 10x -Far back last
7-Okinawa J. Saima. 115 -Cakewalk
4th Race *' J" nported 6% Fgap.Purse: $375.00 Pool
1-Interlude, .. Cadogen 120 -Threat here
2-Pta A. Vasquez 120 -In a spot
3-Portal B. Pulido 110 -Always trying
4-Cocaleca 0. Casti. 108 -Early speed
5-Cara de Gato 0. Cha. 108 -Improving
5th Race "B" Native 7 Fgs. Purse: $350.00 Pool
1-Tulra R. Guerra 100x -Rank outsider
2-Moofl Goddesi V. Cas. 118 -Top contender
3-Sun's MoonP R. L. Oil 108 -Last was corker
4-Sixaola B. Aguirre 118 -Back in form
5-Amazons C. Igle. 112 -Possible upsetter

CleMes -2:20

closes: 3:55

Note: The owner of the winning thoroughbred will receive an ai
ditional $100.00.
6th Raee "I" Imported One 'Mile Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 3,;
First Race of the Double
1-Curaca J. Avila 120 -Favorite distance 15-4
2-PubUco J. Baeza Jr. 115 -Good effort last 3-1
3-Pinta A. Vasquez 110 -Consistent performer 541
4--English Mary B. Agul. 112 -Hasn't shown much 161
5-Salcedo V. Castillo 110 -Easy win last out 11-
S6-Ssmo B. Pulldo 114 -Rounding into shape 5-1
7-Paques R. L. Oil 110 -Longshot possibility 114
7th Race "E" Imported One MilePurse: 5550.00 Pool coesm: 4106
Second Race of the Double
1-Plropo II 0. Chanis 108 -Poor performances 15-4
2-Miss Fairfax B. Agul. 115 -Better than ever 3-
3-Silver Domino J. Cado. 112 -Always a threat 3-.
4-Porters Star 0. Casti. 109 -At home in distance 9-1
&--Paragon R. Ycaza 103x -Tailing off 14,1,
6-Charming Prince V. C. 110 -Could surprise 3-1
7-Great Game M. Arose. 115 -Promising newcomer 35-1
Ith Race "H" Imported i Fgs. Purse: $400.00 Pool eIaNm:. 4:40
1-Apretador V. Cas. 118 -The one to catch 13-2
2-Black Sambo A. Ro. 11B -Sharpens for elaiel 13-
3-Quo Vadis J. Bravo 118 -On way up 4-4
4--Full R. Gomez 112 -Twice beat favorite S-1
5--Royal Claim R. Ycaza 112x -Getting better 14-
6-Delhil B. Aguirre 110 -Some chance 9-1
7-Lujoso B. Pulido 120 -Dropped a class 1n-1


Race "B" Imported 7 Fgs. Purse: $750.00 Pool cloes: 5X15

-Bendeguz) K. Flores 114 -Distance a bit short 9-1
*-halsIs B Pulido 110 -Better this time --
3-Roadmaster A. Gon. 1 lOx-Seems outclassed M4
4-Hartley Lass R. L. Gil 116 -In top form 34'-
5-Anglia 0. Castillo 115 -Spot for payoff 3-
6-Sir 3oss C. Gonzales 102x -Rough opposition 194
7-Coynes Edgard J. Bravo 112 -Championship calibre J-5
1bth Race "C" Native 7 Fgs. Purse: 5325.00 Pool ChgM: 1141
I-Don Jaime H. Reyes 105x -Last very per 7-1
2-Pregonero 0. Cas. 110 -Good recent ;f 54
$-Golden Bound A. Mena 110 -Dantee unfa -4
4-Annie N J. Bravo 110 -Jockey will b. 1-1
5--Diana B Aguirre 110 -Teugh competWot. 194.
6-Petite V. Castillo 122 -Should beat these ', 94
1th Race "F" Imported 7 Fgs. Purre: .M00 Pool eigns: Bac
1-MonLlellto B. Pulido 118 ieturns from laySff 33
2-State Barge A. Vas. 115 -UMknewa debutal 4l
3-Rinty H. Reyes f106x -Raelr weI
4-Mon tol IL Ris 107lx -Wher mast out
0-Cana agu 0. CastL 112 -r1eM to beat
-Pincelao B. Agulrre 110 -epwrted lit gA

.. .. ..

Juan Franco,

Mutual Divided

1-Avlvato, 10 .5.30, 3
2-Resort 14.6, 1.40
3-Enriqueta 260
-a CON_ RAC m
1-,La En" (t aded om
2--Ujag u 0_., 4.", 2*
3-Goldoe TIp tI380, J0M
4-Piropo $9.
First Double: Avlvate-BiJa
gual) $335.. '%
1-Lady Careni 3.20, 2.60, 2.20
2--Sinceridad 1W 2.20
3-Oropel $2. 0
One-Two: (Lady Catre-Since
ridad) S25.40.
1-Riomar $39., j,10 Us
2-Dies de Mayo HIft, t!A
1-Rina Roi 54, *.
2-Dalida P, -
01Galtnte II $8. 4,20,3.80
2-Black Eull $5.40, 3.80
3-LA Chata
1-Pihcl $7.20 3.40, TAO
2-Valarla $3, 2.30.
3-Sun Cheer $2.40
Second Double: (Galate UI
Pincel) $3.40 .
EIGTB' ]A~ll.'
1-Pulgarcito $1 9.40
2-Callmidear W 40;1
3-Jepperin $3
Quinlela (Pu4*reltCalhme
dear) 5507.60.
1 -Flambaro $4,60, 2.20, 2.20
2-Cardlngton Green $3.20, 2.20
3-Ventre a Terre $2.20
One-Two: (lambaro Card

2-4, 2.20

1-ArkA O.-ba. s ..W1.
&-Vao ui $3.80


loday In Pacific

Twilight Legue

La Atf H ; 1 9 -
I .i ... .. .. I 4 am
In the first name of a twinbil
this afternoon, the Brewers wil
clash with La Atriclhn. Thi
Brewers will probably start theli
well rested Porcelil, while La A
tracci6n will almeqt certainly
have Campos on the mound.
In the second game Gibraltai
and Balba H8 will battle fox
possesalon of first place. Boti
teams are strong contenders fo
the second half title- and the:
will go all-out for this name.
Probable starter for Gibralta
is Oibson and for Balboa Higk
.oan Morton. who was apparently
sayed for this Wame. Both team
poses some of the too hitter
in the league and Morton is sec
ond n1y to Larrinaga In win
and losses. -
Dance tickets can be bough
'at the rame from either Presi
de4 t William .L Carlin or th
meorskeeper. Don't forget, ge
the tickets while you can.

Atlantic Softball
League To Meet
Monday Evening
A meeting of representative
of the eighl-'team of the At
lantie DMlsi6nallSoftball Leagu
and officers ofa the league wi
be held In the office of th
physical liroctor of Ralnbo
City, at 0:30 pn on Monday.

A '*~'~'~'*'
- ~

)6 .-. a



Meilue Tagen eeu
.,,..;. Sl .Moe. ( ,
.m ,Goddess (. 0 AeeI I 3

fldin-t mln MCe3 In
feee C m Pu ab "
is *w , 'gns nuh". u I. .-

,Paloeuf. uDe.mj- A71 CIL

porter's Star C ha g ria h Am J7

Mie .. .. .Coy= N -. LOW,- C.ns Below

ChlPir (fe Heseley Le Sd Ir M 'Pu ^a

I- i, ". s. l,, ,4 -

S". W& I ught. ..b o r p -U.aL.I. Maherm to 8

Paloma 4 1 .800 Angtad. 0 2 0 -, S il the 764 th: .
Ocelots 1 .7 Martln :L 1 1 2t *..
ConejoTs a .0 2t T e c '.2 I 7 2 .
PmSas ld 1 t but i ,
WMaons 4 .500 thee.I0.f -. 4 0 'ins toa .
1A L,- .. -
l ..D e!
m 4*1 .80.4,0 "21 tb the po4t
O t. .: t0- 2 1 0 0.. .

1 Se 3 d' ho p ro e b ut *
,o r0. .. .

I. ,, 4b 0 4 1 1r.
4f 1 0

the Lo la 21
Ao72 2-.21 z ."21OX

.0. 3.0,0 0 ',,,mime.. ft

-..: t it .'i -0
the 0 SA








rord blt.Mtn ot T,
ota ha a hortTvei ra
their ba toL the last
wh tt.s:u %af
Srw SverSu's doul
ter. itW da au t t- l
steal j.lpr th
endet cbhi
chapase__ bm


- A a

P~C.~L~ ~:~ --A'

' .. f-'^.,*

* "]t,,,,

* '


ColptN mors,



Commeacing Wehl ay
March i thr Uu
Saturday. March 21st.
Our ofkmces wINre
a- gj

. ..
' "

A r

S qr
,: J
,i .< ''

'A- ""

>. ._. ....*-

"..'. w ,, ,-.- ,
' .. 1 .
". i" l

"1J. -r

- '

" s.-- '

P '" ', T

W. ,,,

^ l- A .
''IH B *' :, : ,-"
ITF %.'. t

,, .', ,.. n.j
A A .'AJ... -L "

"-.| ,* ~*.,-,'c T,-. ..-, <-., ., ,-.',.mm |^m
'A.. "*j. .

i / ,,'%.. A...-

o 'A"

i':- ... I'

.. -,i'. -,,* *. A."

F.':' rGI'


. .


i\ :
: t

I '

i I



__ __



W. :4.

-,. p -... ,

... B r -. S .1 .. .... ..
EUU-.^... "*o g+ ,&;.b. w +.
I ;'j'I i M ,

-wy T
pio 7V7 2

* .-:

i6 6, .; 4 .- I. ;,
,. ._ ". .. ,' ., '

~~~'WI~C C 4'U7iV~ M -*'*f 44.i r

44 "'-4 '"

............ .. .
.. .* ...,'7, ,,

^ ':


Eitr "4 Or f"




S -atee

NE. A- If The boy in the saddle every-
oo ,tr a one will be atsol-ng, however,
itt al- is Dick Tfhe Grote-
eralc a, spiUn- port, 0, hobom addict holds
ert the natin record, aV-
he eraMgingr per hour o
ver the n*courme.
th S Klamth a *bante mad*
dest drive
y ^d oestlare
S.eediUtn ** track ib In or
who hapMom to be racing a.
-wiie ? uen.
It isn't diffloult to a ped
Klamntoth ou of the 100 sdg
more Jock m wheelingz NMI
Sand M WHe's th
4oime 28-.ear-old wit h-

..watonalst aytasa, 1.
Striding with ead so
.. .n,~

olsp fter Wten Oneral I L..
UItN 1- Ii= V' to reeive
T htkuamea. The
=a tT w amga.Qute adcei
S(UL .. Arayphoto)
e t _.42 moUm rp hour,
a" rleo, to *o wi.
next 12 need In
the. my. goatee.
second, just back of
s ol fHamIton, On-
ae back In 1951
lo ger and heavier
MIad mwon agatn,emade It
iut of fouIrM In 52.
*'Wtonvineed me. As long
wa.lng motlircycles the
A Up to Diok Klam-


.1 .I

*. .- *'-
A -" 41

:" .-I ..'
Ac.. .. .;..4 ;
' ,

,. ..-'- ,,,

MA, S. A.

Hadley Shows How Far Yankees

Go In MaiNtaining Talent Suqpl'

LOS ANGELES, Mar. 14 A flung Bronx organization
rosy-cheeked 18-year-old sat in tn maintaining its stedy cflo
ithe quietness of the dugout of cf material. He is In
the modem park that is 8ten- Junior College .now pre
gel Field In Glendale, Calif. for what the Yankee lbma
He was remindful of a young hopes he will be able to
Bill Terry, handsome enough to for the parent club several
be in pictures, and all eyes as years hence. :
Yankee recruits and three or
[four members of the parent Hadley. the boy soaking in IIb
club worked out under the dl- New York American wa l Ia
reaction of Casey Stengel In the tender age, easily could 11W
first of the World champion'3 been the most Important per-
two pre training season son In the Glendale group4, r-
schools. I asked Rof D deati talnly, he is going to be
who he was. as much attention as

"Oh, he's going to play first
bae for me," replied the Uni-
versity of Southern California
*It turned out that the young-
ster was Kent Hadleyr-remem-
ber the name-six feet two
inches' and 180 pounds now,
growing, left-handed all the
way, and out of Pocatello, Ida.
Shy a few credits, he will per-
form or Pasadena Junior Col-
le ]ge s 8p w
* I asked young Hadley, who
alrpady dresses and Ja1a1l like
a professional ball plye, how
he got to SouthrnM California.
"Mis Johnson' brought me,"
he replied. That would be red-
sleeved Sylveste Jp ason, pro-.
fessor of the pitchers at the
Glendale camp, who spent 18
years in the majmr leagues and
now scouts or tie New York
Americans in the Pacific North
Syl Johnsen saw young Had-
ley In high school, Amerian
Legion ball and a tryout camp
in Boise.
"Just a little old farmer',"
boy," he "beamed. "Some .qf
thiW Uarmer coaches an pre,-
ty goo8: He hat IM" the re-
quirements. It's up to him."
The first chapter of the Had.
Jey story is told by way of
IHustrating how ftr the far-

who ever came into thiHUu
lous organization, and o U
long a period of time.
When the Cardinals r g
winning all those permants
someone asked the late .amL
Breadon how they got all aths
good players.
"We look for them," hed
Owner Breadon.
The Yankees not only
for them, but teach them, tvo-I
lastically and otherwise.
PICK-OFFS-Jonny eidi-
no says the Pirates are erven
worse than were the DBnm
for whom he played under Fred
Haney Lou Stringer, who
spent a number of years,,a
major league Ifleldir, calls
Johnny Lindell, going t6 "thi
Pittsburgh club at 36, the beat
of the knuckle ball pitcVer...
Ed Stewart Insists that l ern
Stephens can drtre In n-run
through 130 gares the Whlt.
Sox win be running withth#
Yankees when the real racing
begins... Frank Lane has madi
155 deals for the Chicago A*
mericans in four years, inolV.
Ing" 255 playels... With ane*.
ral Manager Ie1 anei ays
time for a change...TAe Sotl
Spiders have a good sense of
direction, too... The White.
have pulled themselves up.

*It t -








4-/ CARS



Wll~ 0 Iwo--lLf *-ll m Pj Bs
*i~i~^^. --TWAMIM^

* *4,4 *

a4ri ',i



Me Voy ON/
D, Mik, ALS
as DowN 7v
, A CdMP.
* CAo>


.i. .

mooi ?.


- --- -r..





,, -V




4 ,:

lt W
S Hg m

i i .
1 1 ^ U i

~ow shows
~e he iu
-I -

' .. 1


Abraham Lincoln.


Appeals Court (

Trial Secrecy


NEW YORK. March 14 'UP'-
The New York State Supreme
Court appellate division todal
upheld the ruling of a general
sessions judge excluding the
press and public from the Minot
(Mickev' Jelke vice trial during
presentation of the state's ca-.
It was a split decision ruling.
The action was brought by two
press associations and five New
ork newspapers when Judge
Francis L. Valente on Feb. 9
ruled that the press and public
be excluded In the Interest of
good morals and public decency
He said It was Indicated the
testlmtony would be "steeped In
Newsmen and spectators were
excluded for the nine days of
prosecution testimony but ad-
mitted for testimony.
An .all-male jury Feb. 27 con-
victed Jelke. a society playboy
and heir to a $3.000.000 fortune.
Three judees of the five-man
appellate divLion panel uDheld
Valente in an opinion written by
Justice John Van Voqrhls.
Presiding Justice David W
Peck and Justice Francis Bergan
The action was brought by the
United Press, the International
News Service, and the New York
Herald Tribune, News. Mirror,
Post. and Journal-American the
dav after the Valente order.
Supreme Court Justice Benja-
minn F. Schrelber denied their
petition to restrain Valente from
enforcing the order. Today's de-
cision was on an appeal from the
Schreiber decision.
The majority rullng held that
the appellants lacked the right
to Institute the proceedings.

In Words Of One






ON. *

CARS wT SO EEZE INWz MASKUP,-4d&v* It or notL
Beach. g fr l ald away from th W emashul tit" duly a crusbhe
as easy. is car wound up squeezed'uand the stm-to tsuck. and Is am very glows11
The mmas tp damaged a second car, whose driver, Donald Iork, LuOwed only aa
The truck driver was uninjured.

- --





"Let the people know the *ruth and the country is safe" -

* .-* **A. m

^' ^



-, *
|Sl 9 egllw iC~
i S J..
wist, ~ j

-_~~i .-



. -' A. *

+ .. -.., "

ky diftmmfl i J'

HARTFORD, Conn,. March 14
(P) Otto MeRee sought $o50,-
000 damages in court today be-
cause 12e was injured when he
Sllppe t and fell while repairing
a barn jmof.
Mclee said he was hired by
farmet Clinton Barrows, 71, ofl
Newin-ton back in 1946. He
climbed the barn roof and a rope
"I sidled," the 64-year-old
carpenter tola tne jury.
Barzerows, who is nearly blind,
came over to where McKee was
sprawled on the ground. These
word45were exchanged, accord-
tng t4McKee:
"T t-you, Otto?"
"Sliped, I guess."
"Re on ho." .'-
'Me e said there was a lon e BAPTISM i4 rw
pu5e. Then Barrows said he'd wife of Lt. re
caU a doctor, exhiblton e w

'i *
JJ 11 f^ '


in ve
Much I

paintings m iPNiUl Browne,
Kobbe, being-Mahowh in an
-USO Osag"u.Palboa.

-4s njmu
w ith .1 i i "
qua A6
ful DttOWS4ftrn

tels am-ato )ftKmrb"
laity. Mln, ]omen an
seeM to 1ft15 iii
that separates thl
moving world. Ahtima
rlvan ftill **sknetfi- mt A.

teach, ha
in the IM
tion Cehnti
Her ext
the JW
lery on.A
ty as a
gram rai
try of Ml
the CPUa
Hours a
are from
all th re
zone and



.. W


. ,, ', .. .' :.

' ;'*i .. "".:' *V '
'A ". '' **' '*f
^.*M .'. I t... i.S_

. Y,



Niki Br wn's. Show

S Syllable -

'"Pi Me S.M"O


:' ;

V I at9 We
ol w;!t! ton and In 6
les..she attended the AcS
Finle Arts h Munich ain
worked ewetacher. in
and with PercciIItay
fhe Uap painted in
grt,&'vf Mthe United Stat
1e 14 anrf people bohee
ld wit human lnt
a c sklt. her paintl
been cpOml ented ,1
and honored, b- .udges.,

ps, ar.. cw.or Army samJ.
AU .a ito SteveoS a ,

L t-.jt~ 4- : .. -*.


rr -,
f i

,7."."' :'.-" ... ,* .: ..
1 "" ) m." "' "." "'"* r ,

* .~:.

Ir: I.- .. ..
'^. '. ,,. ." *: ... .
l :. ,,; ^" .'f ; -"

| Tongu Twie ps
f- -1a ,' -

. d M .~ .v

,'. .MH!1t1k f 6 Ct

M.. "- w 9.%aH&
a ,. SW..
il L S in l -#w
*' with thb manbt? flae

I-. -
....a. **r4k.

ie -.

L i.

.- a

S ]88, Ftenair

"M ,,ils m .! l 11m11

Sa u I. iagatL
.-. Ao.. a, me l ;a.. 'm o

u wa s z ''ve bqm p .ear
L- L & 4," .- to
A im.- n: owr*4V'.
neM Hist A n% to weo

T.aiM u P y" -r'a eft, i .....,
L .To ftrt PONa", mam a 0 ......4T0
-p i rii equal .......T
?.-~ .m m M w~ya^
EST'~*s %lp^
Sbw- Co"~ Itft

ffas e. &. Ielrtill *
b8.s s Worsee

VOea. weW Ma 4 i

I.e pu. t.e ageia A I
nad A *a Ra
aU sWm" M
k"w .1 do go" A WOW~

l||,tlm pip

anad4pil w S
mte. wow'tw o ~f


/ ,..' w I
M. z
NOWes P yueoyu ee s aga
me "p. e"
,a We l


His Mwr Rn. Awy With Him

TrI r -blew
T I H. i e a L

. ten be amTb

agd 1 bpeaoad o

uty a o ftea. Eo

es rt aIea -
Co er t soOeg

abe. tInI nic e oo
Uawt Mr p fow o0 o
WhM ae eas t

WudttBsnpotl0ftM.. ru
'n yee? thel

%l se p ba M L I'tUMast R BElas

., ee ,, e8,6. pa t ,a4s ,e .a. I

'MW dly, Jtamy Want to tow to w the
&MOMNt 0 peak. uad oMid w a t .....
Of ata"ve peoew'far$2t.
M miltestafted uiOt procbVI.
,.0SI lKet abe oialve 4 u iises l I
sIi t swhe Jo0Wmny ad balf ns ., J ms iapt

a-se ssm f s. -d. *-

ag e m. M, nasat his
Tla om MW Rey trpleto wre-tovlvd." state
It's IluSOry proudly. as If the WAr
e K"Tf Refl trtpltuT" |uerled Inapector Murray
/ a bild 1i eow a.m?- -
"beUry n is. a while, Wioan theyr a to wn.
they gvi as a Mt of troabli. If you wishI t&pokh
to tem. thers outaet now-Pat, M.e a"dJaunue.
W/ / \eh/ \ to thei ds at a to. la P at Io.
An /Pat Itallf e,"d, laspeete Muta"y Otod ap.
kad.Wgtallte We l h e Mat to e tA 4 Wex
1 I X l e \ 1 q0 "a" .e fte. omm he SON.."I*modal""a.
!/.0!AM\l \| 0 119 v d is a acs yentey. I
. .: u M"nu IsM, Iebue puA t e1 wouse appat
e lour ,in to thm about ear i t tr e
-A- at At' %OWN a lteU7 native prop I-."
%x ora AWf; Mte .4e lppectaM b t'aorray bag wnr MewS or eani at the
gMd -,,M qgWn eptp RMfPW tripetsU befars. ga M Pat t ldy toW the
*K-44 aspe s 14inb'teo apann e ant uaM
1 MI s *te ftjho see s ntW aht be pe at Oft I00 m bd s
hBrM to ta m N p ** ** **- "eOmw

T .1.It z .9."
po itp a"l Iit Win 1c -iarn

L4- rs&hmWac Solve It With bS.aso

idT6W CU .to l and
S A e el n aI

,I. T

AJ Your-eAO

I eaotto fiber.


.3 tsteo aUwb OF*=s &
Wb.InS ,,om I
toa beogmw ssms
- -- mw.w.-i -
f &"ammes mb a ob

teem Me g t
wasN -* nwsdelses

wu~ wP

r .

,k., V

* A"

'-1 T,







* I.

. "' ',

., .. .*
La'v; w

Le ...- er

ik t-.


btr s


. r.

" I; .. ,,r ... --,

~:lr:-t -


.- J.- .


bA. A

- I

1? E




* /


.% r- '.,:.,.,:- i. r

'* *'; ';' .. : i s .

ACTAESS-PROBtUCIE t I9 .s pino aa ista h sbaid,
( kiff, stand npar thet cr after a neay l.iiphap at
Barbara. Wires stonDed the falling trf eover them.

gQ ?tOTy f all filth and squalor, anid MeUi
S. highghts -of market daiys throughout' th
.3 -TI sqecne Is the. fQlntSi r i t.h Si't,

Rflrers. One.
,ite- of flower '
te of Oax"c


* .


. -t

e..... 1 -
:.' ,., ,:,,- .. ^,....l. -: '

ft Knt

+p~;- a~ii

~ i ~E~i~~LII ~LU I5C iii

"' .;- i ,. .:.
0., j W114

..:v. -.- -

I1_ 7


7 .-
,^ ".. ^

*t t '-





A SLAP AT the W Canal Company's toll pol-
iy was aens laa. 'by a Congressman, whojut
into the oZ oa record a protest to the effect
that U.8. ci On the Canal Zone are charged
unfairly for the deficit In operating the Canal.
Representative Charles J. Kertn, hopent Christ-
mas on the Isthmus, Is of the op which e voic-
ed loudly, that It was extremely far for employee
here to have to bear any of the cost involved In oper-
ating the waterway.
The House heard the '~ahr" sh e barred
by Kersten after he ws made egniasant 9f the
practice In a letter submitted to him by Howard
practice In a letter sabritted to h bim -fSiS
Council legislative repeantative who tms nw
Zonians who are participating In a tax suit against
the United States learned they may have to take their
case asking for the recovery of Income tax the
United States since It is Judge Outhrie P. Greots
opinion the District Court here does not have. bUri.
diction or power to try the suit.
Modernisation of the Canal locks was seen as an
alternativee to building a saB level canal by editors s
the Saturday Evening Post in a current lssue of the
magazine. Although there are some 30 oVher pyabl
routes which will be considered by the Iqtepeiau* e
Canal Commission, which mayP be created b1j Oh-
gress. the magazine observes: "The best and o1rtest
is still the one at PanamA."
.---Jo '"- ."-
A slash of about three per cent on the elvilafibhr-
sonnel rolls of the Defense Department has been or-
dered according to a recent order aimed at giving
$132.000,000. Offices on the Canal Zone had not a,.
yet received the directive, and would not comet -.en-?
its effect here'.
Meanwhile the PanamA Canal Co. eentim e4its
force reduction by cutting down by abe t e
per cent the staff of the Storehouse Drivilen.
This will mean that about 15 of the U.SE-raters
would get their notees.
The Industrial Bureau's "great expectations" were
short-lived when a hige renair job estimated at about
$100,000 was cancelled suddenly. The Colombian Phi
Medellin -which _Was badlyv damaged'and towed nto
Crist6bal would have needed one of the bleest single
commeWcial Jobs to come to the Indnistrlal Bureau in
months. Ship's owners, when notified repair costs
would tdtal much more than the original estimate,
decided to cancel the work.
A missing Panama banana boat with 14 aboard was
located by -an. Air Force fescue plane two days after a
search of an area near the Panama-Colombla border
was initiated. Food and water was drooped by para-
chute to.assengers on the stricken vessel.
T" American youngsters from Cocol out feor
adv and in search of a black palm returned
after their overnight jaunt in the jungles behind
Rousseau frightened. weary and hungry. determined
not to brave the dangers aeatn at least for a while.
o -
The Canal Zone Bar Association will be maked to
make recommendations this week as to what actim
shall be )taken over the alleqed offesive lanuae'
.used by attorney John O. Collins against District
Court Judge Outhrie F. Crowe as a result of an inci-
dent which occurred in court last week.
The eemmittee fighting reat ral es m the Ca-
nal Zone got a new nmme at their weent meet-
ing, and a partially aeeepted Cemtutbme. .num
Rew on the reoup of labor and eivle reprtotDa-
tives will be known as the United States GNImea
AmoejatUon, Canal Zone.
Zonians who love the theatre had an opportunity
to see two different productions. both of which were
well-received. On 'he Paelfic Side, audiences at MI
PanamA Hotel were treatedato "Private UeL pre-
sented In a "In-the-roond." and AtlantL: skiers en-
joyed fThe Moon Is Blue," given by the Crdst6bal
Little Theatre ground.

l og

quea, ub on
Ing for
hbry. beond
stretch, 8can

a poor lest;

o was second,
A of Jautley Lass with
ad tulne#te gap after

Fred was e pre bm y n I'
who tralebA, -w.eo 'Ve poftt
The Army's- & ~th
pdorubner. h obw 6
miling Jadk e.
a threat for te .
The baddlk theder o ae a
been named
top choke a Itnp6

ceived enough swe d 1

fore dropntg
and those wte a
and tot nl nd sella hus
coaching the ehib.
RlaseU f "bea ee
*M per cent imvers 10n ,
ad wre bakethte o the
LamL at Bost08. He now sels I ag

Fred T" e
onlyr double a6

fAle here in la
The (onff
aI fastr at*t
Wlbe WaddeU.
Neilontel 1Pa
ohov* beint gt
t wm a*e the
W et
p*n-hebd e^

Over 6 000 saIlors Ond marines came end went with-* Attrne
out hardly a mishap. only one stabbingU not serious, i to
was re-rted as an aftermath of a thri-day viat Pule 4 t
from a five-ship task feroe.nIee. h p" aBen
The number of |adlyr.attBitate- h, -s.
ties II PanamA wil be wet e1e Itw I*& TIe d'S rmnui
this afternona wooas. the a fe de h j
ed the National Patrie Coti -e t Le t
Jed A. Remim inte the pbe .r a3Ut
at 3 p.m. to azets igf .me bigfptmy
On the eve of the conventi at wftj ag,' s df -s
will merged, there was some indleation M i -r."s. *e
over the unifl"ation among the rank-and-ff- mem- ftwureq nree
bears of the Rerovedor Party, which was the only one f a Prineeton
of the five that pol'ed mo-e 'han 46,000 vote a& re-
quired bv a new elsetora law. .. Oerman bea
However. It.Vas not believed that the mni0est di.- Am.,'-an debut
content would have any effect on the merger.- over ionie Clde
Canal Zone edl horities reporte'. .,,wo -e '-' to tiea ,
cases of influensa durlhn the minor "fluJ" e ndemij I"' '- the 'TYIt
experienced oq te'jisthalus. However. one ma r .
government. istl ul i rented tr-n gie. *i
,000 ca k di A dav oriod en -i. early "Mo
A report from the Norial Felu'rtv l IL- s i&d reso'ed by.
as total of 1.159 r1,ueaf flu a nd 167 np-e- re frt-rw%
disorders were te tlitreu durt Pb; p"t'1r 'h Thee Pdanaah
. All the cases 6AS Mr I e CIMR.F. 9,-'-' I't OrodftJR
that period were ,-aiuled ,-"u ppt.ew ry *
orders." -
P- alA.aHNiva. wel[-kwowftfWait F& d. :tB
"'AGi- nrsted at h1s h9 I -r -

teAGETWO 4 .'":'".."" -." -.

be-timebast-Brl 0tOeirwhaowOBSih 111
-a game how e UtbMowof tsrtes1
Idbee an antae lQ I diftiul#
N iyearss hWWI.u
rt it Ib'lti
bb .-.. dB
Wav lorom tismans can stiop valmdttr.
Otitd to kit)f~eehoms
al the te at .

matos to
mm I*-0 _,

4 1**va en' .
of broadaerB

* 7"_.- -.

thesis on .TV.
rwlbr itirnatfM
bV aeorD sen
ls here last; R*J-~J
13 m *D0X01

ronn4 ofS, tit.w
-- VA- --. -, -"-;
sht .ltAit i8
see E4 at "J-

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I.I ~4
- .
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\-.. titer ,

S.. i~ I
*^^ ^ *fA t_^



.Z00-tpw.d for 1-Thin Mna 42-More
db (tc S---Reeant 'recent
i" 10 8---Greek god 4--One who
hteria of love laseo
103- Yield 4- 44-Russia
I. 04-1td Mlled 56-0wister ruler
tos t --Maesline 46--rshleli
h name organs
MS-mSeetheA T-RVw.ot 47-Tram-c
2b1-Jewbh seats 49-UAL
a-Night U-Notwith.
,, O-iday -B3-Tara
r T-Alnd of away
tbod dog 55-Eingag
11. -Mqtl.e 10--Is lacum- again
te bent upn 88-troaey"
a.1_ft ,--4cem,
.4 pflm 12-Lobtin stroke
I.,.Wpom letter
hon a.

M30 pMertie gr nOl
i,... Inrga f K
sh .p-4w ..4- ri
,a. o. .~~at tri

I "SF-llt1- 980011?

p'* i M-Par 'TO-Platene
s ofs T7-Deserved
forth church 74-Sceaery
f-Solle 34-Royal o na~ej
q uted d 7
t %Ntr 3-8 -ftemut '7.-Roman

a-3 f-M Tr-S

as- -BI^ mf^r *"W*: K %








88-Ouided *
to an
97-Native of

S bubbles
8-4k"oe an .


- ~-4--,~vt ~* *'

: i- .
. f
'-.'L .
'* 'i. *


rm no master of invention,
But solicit your attention
To a vehicle that all the world-admires;
To a mode of.transportation
That excites our admiration,
Though it's innocent of any rubber tire.

The "Car" I'm advertising is our city's joy and pride;
Its obvious efficiency, no critic may deride;.
Perfection of utility and paragon of art,
Thou matchless and incomparable three-wheeled cart.

Though your wheels may weave and wobble,
Like a donkey with a hobble,
Though your gait perhaps is chronically lame;
And despite your hesitation
And your weird procrastination,
"Poco tiHmpo," you will get there just the same.

which to.. k hi months (0o bUM TeM ear fI

all-arousde vw utay,. ad no n e t. 1 41 Iof IM S ,---- w r -. "--a
sliding b.k r t _. .

Pearson's Merry G 74NIi
-" 'S ,' "" "

Oh "The Faith That Moveth Mountains" hasn't got a thing on
I could fill a chapter telling all the things that you oan
You can stop in seven Inches, or turn upon a dime,
Or move Colon. to' PanamA if they'd only give you tim

Your design may not be classy
And your have no modern chassis
But you'll handle quite a formidable load;
While your enterprising chauffeur
Will take any freight they offer
And you'll travel over any kind of road.

Tis trud, you may be lacking In the element of speed,
But that's a thing, in PanamA, we seldom ever need;
Bo we laugh at Rockefeller and we flout, the Standard Oil,
Depending on our three-wheeled carts and hardy sons of

With youth pilot, so untiring,
Persevering and perspiring,
Wkt* no complicated engine parts to clean.
You've no trouble with Ignition
For you run on high .ambition,
And you never have to stop for gasoline.

Oh thou chariot triangular, of excellent repute,
To thyself and stalwart driver, I tender my salute;
In old friends, so dependable, who'd try to pick a flaw?
You've won my heart, old three-wheeled cart, the

-By John McGroarty.

i do.

DREW PfEMBSON SAYS: Pu-dMet i ethaiUd.
astle Whiteb E es smi a ]LW
appoitee s ui better Ala
ha" .Sbarrhitu memud

e.. WASHINGTON. Prdaent. NIaenhower notA
only la proud of his new hoie, but:ba spaet
hour studying White house M history. .Alrea h
knows mor t th t than te
who'v' been on duty O I* O* 0"
S Last week rke"-dislayed li newwamqtD :W
knowledge. as he conducted
men on a tour. As the WroUp etered- Wp ,
he gave a brief historical outline of U
tapt events that had takn-place w t ,la PMe- I
"Mr. PresdheatJ ld eM ne- guegt
ed a great deal about theWhe
short time." '. .
"It's been a of fu.
toll. dent. aeldess he
anee. If I'm unemployed four
can always 'get.a gp1 NO as
guide. I figure Il be wr at -

pride of

Herj',wav fi.J ...t...n o Sunday Crosaword Pus.
ale. No. 471. published today.

WIrT big city u'a!i fat the
tors to juvenile. ,
slum clearance -
on Cvltol Hmi "'
Bob Tat Mr. oft.)
estimated nat c 1f
10 per cent of hoa b w h

.On this bps*e a mkntawum
pab1ic houuigh units. 1
Yet Congress h "SIX
.third 'this amount~ u N
Whafs t iyr
eyer, Ix thd eIppointm o
ole of aesm as bosw of theHo
Fir dance Agency
001Cole is the only R bilrRl
terted in the rQck ribb 'Tc
Kansas in many years. and
aS action wc w th4

to r. efa w ToNw e
aganAs his o00 w
Am June 194B, C a
awar'ft th" Tafrt-
the s-mme prorfpm
hr"'nrg "Whch Lbo
ulster. :
vat. hom.usin
stroy our "grm.
mav bee iome r
of, am
Senator Tafin: ammese ^


*WNID AND PUtLno 3 v S lMI_ iCAI opfe INmW,

t"" ... l ,* ANAmr It O P. .
TklZmMNo PMANA 0 9 40740 9o Lawe")
COLON ornFRai 1'. tIRaUt AvSNur.?.wiwaN 'T: NDO IT" 'mEnSm
PFOci .nWerOtsTese vre -JOSHUA u P )WERS. 'INC.
4B MaOIoM Avs. New *- *. > m y
aon MONTH. aN aOVANis 70 Ctl
0Oe OWa yA oe ac. "#N AVAflte ,, ,g.o :04 00


0 --.

rm not a "Civic Booster," In publicity adroit,
Who'd claim we have, in PanamA, more flivers than Detroit;
Nor yet an auto salesman, with the cheerful line of "Bull,"
Of which that festive character Is fatuously full. .

9' :':

rt "aahm. ad'a i x -.L
d am bh ,0 m'tiiM 'le mb i ia I

-r; '5:


.. ; ;, r'Ji..'li xl





os '.the i
c 0 10



-. -; .T- r. T;" -r

A. N*t

ad 1

b4 ,
atU *:t



The p arimay duty ofc .rp teefuaYpove
ite a d ardan th e enr
bMg inthe law.-And that t of -_ew
York's Ut7 .mile. of sre-Mo than enough
to stretch to Los Angeles and tack.

The men and women assigned to that job
number about O1MO0. more than enough t f
a U, infantry divilon plus 2 regImene~ Tt it
Shafrl enough to cope with the problhae-of
law enforcement- psented by Our Tow. Kuow-
ledge ho thos facts makes occasional lapses un-
derstandalde and achievements more imprenive.
. 1ehtttsW amd sociologists are quick. to of-
for a /t/fo criminal problems. Their an-
swers a ira, intellectually stimulating and
often far beyond the bounds of reality.
A oop seldom deals in visionary theories or
Idealist e pnets. He Is a vital part of reality.
And ealt s frequently dirty, heartbreaking
and h arous. A street can become his battle-
field and e criminal I. a foe Intent on killing
him. In many cases, a cop's survival depends on
being quick-on-the-trigger.
Legislatures pass laws and courts provide Jus-
tice. Yet our whole legislative and Judicial struc-
ture would collapse without the support of the
cop on the beat.
This reporter ha4 spent many thrilling hours
witnessing the pole in act on. It is occasional
ly anlSd drama lit by flashes of gunfire.
But more compelling than dramatic qualities
are the numerous Inslrational events. We have
seen cops display almost foolhardy valor while
carrying out duUes that are tedbadered routine.
We have ben constantly impressed by their dill-
gence and deveton.
We have seen wounded police, life leaking out
of theiz torsos, continue shooting until the final
We have viewed eloits that would win
SMedals h f Honor on overseas bat.
But on the Atrets of a city-tuCh Weats are all
In da'y' work. We have witnessed gop-whb
ham_ bBOf their own-sacriflee thr live
l*o ai t he city's children dan sleep I
Sntly their only ~Wal Is a
Seen numerous stories recently ao
mowt bmataflty." And as we noted before,
Sa B for such offenses deserve se.

i omlr tr Iapb-aR-ce their victory is our.
thegh eO i Fre .Dep'. Isl as amasangly co*-
alex on ton, It function& with an impre-
5 eicint l c. Its response to danger
, almost a re.flex aon. A fireman performs
with split-second precision.
The department& numbers over 10,000 men and
occupies more than 355 building. The 211 en-
gine companIes 127 hook-and ladder brigades
apM1 fil= 6 afe constantly poised for in-
stant SacIoE
S the 1 orawry~orgnlationuta ithe In-
SI t tof U b."oe that the trabi-
I Ua'ate d he ultimate In
and 3m The rord
ceratisf~t that'. lr their ard-uos
ta with a singular devon and quiet he m..
A bdaad-Mldder easevntag around corners
our attention and fires always draw
Nevertheless, tfte tremendos effort nec-
-*iary to quench blase is tken for granted.
iI, their aeemoplishments are seldom
noted, unless their service falls to tune-
oItotin Apple is Iews.

I .-

r~-q. I

... '*~&-
J~.. I
y.. I

Hll mo l

^ teim aJLbed

peu,~ eite lhtOy a Rthe Dig 'I
wWo hof the 76De -7
et ts-qg ieoDE 1
S" over .#no

il.r tlW .pmp O- I_1 & 4 .

'_ nev ess this citizen can testify that foa
erd veF ag!Bft sun 0of brutaHLty, thousands have
me a sh e. -ay.Ud we cas buttress.our testi
l maoy w onh ustratons...
.W W Th e a of a eop's endeavor makes tough-
-i._ ess gueiUal-hl. aurvival frequently depend
S2 qpeBM It But male no mlstake about it: The aver-.
W age. wouel rather show his heart than his
gun. *
Ik els e nmudfiremesBMf our towa ulfill great
lth PubAb hpo t minor personal re-
SW oan Aetan soldIrs-the
- simm~ iMriniftmfftF f -our Privileges
t their r mammoth hen-
Mt i d. Sa .iWgd tomorrow nighbteow the
"o l ~~firemeu. What
small In ceCM-
;WN W"% f Qn J W.P 3 them: They pald
OW a i 0_0.t M .-. 'nai4eOweaer't wl b* h yrs

m tarM i Sairts tei. -

**r; '*/j4 ', "



IV i c (Uhotos by Ralp K. Sknier) docked here. TI t f
".; iThe American Red Cross hIts of this canton
. Ie.. headlines in every major to service ev
a dadter r or calamity. 1tsW ready Armed
I Rodistressed wherever the hel
d may exist. Typical exam-xt.
bled were the floods aggir
nlted i a ear e and, .
tis-eunurope, both times..
millions of dollars being spent. coae mo
$n relief. 1s-"t ma aIne
With no spotlight on it. Whe oh ple t
Canal Zone Chapter of the from various. ofeottni
American Red Craf. malab*ins throughout the Zone a
a 24 hour per day service right them to Zone holpit
here on the Zsthmus to. serve llales them abtrd t]
In all matters within hips or far .s
Is- tjuriediction. p, wevey hour
the 24, there Is someone on One magazine dealer I
uty. ready to handle the needs ma gives thousands o.
S of the distressed, the homeless, zines for use on Ameri
the neglected, or those Just un- litary ship bound foi
able to take care of themselves Other people send bo
t the present. other items.
Most of the services which Merchant seamen
the Canal Zone Chapter of the here are often aided
'American Red Cross furnishes Red Cross, which I
are unobtrusive and may pass clothing, a toilet kit,
unnoticed by the great majori- those who are caught
ty of residents here. and haven't the where
There's the Gray Lady serv- outfit themselves.
Ice which has volunteers, un-
S paid of course, visiting civilian Taking care of the
:and military hospitals on both ents of military person
.aides of the Canal Zone, writing big part of the Can
letters, mending doing errands, Chapter's work, we wi
and generally cheering the oc- This would include aid
eupants of the hospitals, re- Ing for allotment-
,gardless of color or creed. checking of faulty
"Th ese Gray Ladies also in- getting word frgin se
struct In handicraft and other overseas who have. not
skills to aid the passing of time to .their = All.eb here
or those who are restricted to versa. Asfsstance Ia gel
hospitals for long periods. proper* papers f or
The canteen service fur- and many. other ins"t
ilshes the military personnel clearing red tape or i
enroute to duty overseas with sentlaL regulations fo
1 fruit beverage, cookies and dependent of service
cheer while the transports are nel c6esi under the Re

e an-


.pI P

from any nact iiy. -
In Pana. -
f maga- Thousand' of olltt
ican mi-ly go to th ,
r Korea. which 1* the
oks and scores Of ,
ancients la
Of courSt
stranded this I would the
by the a. welfarW o tj
urnishes eanente *und ,
etc., for re tenve r.eastlo of 't k
it short Zne thers aI, o tSitmal Umd-A
withal to ployment nor poverty e
there la no charitable
6f the Government to handle
depend- same. a
al Zone The people served by the Red
ire told. Cross all live in Pafnma but -
SIn ll- they are not cltioens of that
ctOi o na ton and-do -ot M lf dor
record. charity there motrae
rvicem.e While the -snmetr' eq indt-
written vidual reciaw y ,i* 1) .
iind vtcmeans the between-
ing the life and starvteA.
traveling *.. -


-~ I


* L~ 1*
iJ- ~
~ %~I~M *~


C ~ $

work. L~m& ~

* .

, .' .. ..
i.: ^
., ..

2.. '-^K
r *^

,;'I -

*A vnt g asi iti eas o

chapter of th, ed;
Many people 'are. gifi th kb
tmel, tbpi .th t.....n
ergy to this 7 3Osi.'
Won't .Ii.the Ro .
Every transitiung ship gete fruit p seh. okis sand a uaile from Crom ssg is cOp4W 0 s
..these Ca. .- -





o ind the
" is bot

v at qWgfalid I

-f .,, ,ffi .-tb

Taha t a k b Iso :.miu aa I-0 0
o e mi g -it em* ea dmeuf haa m
WW NnsibA ih 1rem.A


* .^ .;. ..

" ," .. .4 i .t
- .. .a..,_ .."
at ". o

S -
A..' ..~- .*--
.. **1.,.~ ~ ~a

*~ ~ 'a' ~ ~ *
~*i -r
~'a-~ I ,,.t"%~ -

ri. J~;:~f ar


V .A
,r t' : ,,

.*,. .-


4 1

* P...




: ~



* -.*'.--;P,~H ~ LLL~~~~~

. .- .1 7 ,



~4I~ -




t -i


I -

-. Iin,

S*.... -' .~ ~.~4 4

TI owlF

. 1.





W 2/66d


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