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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SAbraham Lluk.

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s Reds

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urdenrg' Crew

gned Bomber

1. dtttf yes-
we mwr-s-
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3% CutWon't


Any O Pla

WASHRNGTON, Mo 13 (UP) Df"nIs lu
tory CwMrw t. Wilson's ordte sloashi civilie
ont wiU smv oa estimnd 132,000 kts e -
utfefd U^rtm.ent parell, fficiet s & idA0 -'
In a directi, to Wewi Sic A*kw ..:Me
lic lost hight, Wilson ord"ed civilio b d -i s
Army, 'Nvy and Air Foece c i back by 3 yMay MT
The payroH is to be redwed to T rJi a _4
Joe. 31 cling of 132,546 VW d Wibum t- uewv
s imorin'he hoe d th would "tke-r i.ta uOtiati
i chievm greater cuts. "
A spo@Man for Cribmen Commannd said th
morning ,Ir a a~p tho dirctiil^iMt mr n reWit-
-~uat Q-rry d that ckiM such docueent
the CoAN. M 'a d f val d could Wmck
m oIRn pesrnner It-r
A The IbdUd d mi0d1 J lesaiI 9 Sti bk a aot and Ban

-oix ,t biJ
64": 4" I

M&Ha Coco-CUce
"i. For Coming Year'
S'Dr. Harry Eno was ch.p
President of the Panami Co-
Cola Bottuin Company ;
mfetin held early this wmekti
gaas of city.
4aOVted Ar b r offers chosen by
Im,' it t tobim bM directors to aertv e
r twat hr o5the 'Vlon year were Bric
aBud tft i, It vice-president: I
i a a -* mu r J. llMario, Jr., 2nd .a-
be Vo I.i W Ret array StrUns.
onnel SU s"tR & ttWa lrer and :,
WONu. Uf aans tt manager
01 *. 53, *ar if w board .of
S. at 531.*L Slril U : Deln o
dJo) An D, a vnd D .
h a sett. 4W D4y r. o J~rYV~.
- -ia cot to g Nove y.
11 1." .. lw and Ift l Olar e dh
he wiap -a weor chosen as alte :

e Ship Loses

$0To S

fm An Spoil
m...0 ..--

Swa 9Of spoile
'th at Dock
a btI1 begin
to IU2fl
its. zU2w al

ML A. J. e>ar3
(^fwner's re-
mt. as transwn

tion of Monrovia, Liberia. clam-
ed to4ay he contacted AMr-Rle-
cud service in the Canal t
on the moin as o Feb. t.
Isn for help. but this wuar
An Air Rece vu a wbs
Wa questioned in* MIs
Mporta.'tlaotelm is a p
rema est r hl ftroa g
p Arlana begin made.
ekepaian made f o ua
heck of the Rescue
MU r. anD-
th :h w
type of misiQol
m rd"s took OwWer
"d the Artaa r


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AGTWO -- --

57 H 4 M naf P0 0 1o0 l34. PANAMA I tOP P.
s3 4ni Mnism. Ave NEW VOR 117, YV

a '* MONE 110 AOVANC1rR2 00



The Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Penem Amer-
ken. Letters are received gratefully and are handled li a wholly genii-
dentliel manner.
If you contribute a letter don't be impatient It It doesn't appear the
meat day. Letters ae published in the order received.
Ploese try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identity ef letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper ussmes no responsibility for statements sm opinions
expressed I& letters from readers.
Ft. Clayton

Recently I attended a performance of the Armed Forces
titled "Let's Live a Little" at the Fort Clayton Theater, and
the reaction of the public that was attending the show It c
truthfully said that everyone attending had an evening's enter
ment. The show is a last musical that can be compared w
USO show which appears in various overseas commands as w
Stateside installations. Although the cast of the show Is
professional, they also can be compared with USO casts ai
so professional entertainers.
After a few days of waiting to see if there were going
aany reviews on the show or some radio reports. I thought U
iould try and find out what was the reason there were no
a*ked the questions and the answers that I received are a
The reason that there were no reviews in the paper o
show was that there was no one at the theater to cover the
and no photographer was available. The reason that their
no remarks on the radio was that it so happened that radio
sahnel did not think that the show needed any praise. I w
it the staff at AFR8 was in attendance at the theater. I
that there was over 800 persons in attendance and the
thought the show was one of the best ever presented on a
.One thing that I found out and it was a surprise to nm
tat the show did not cost a cent to put on. The govern
slAd Special Services were not asked for any finances, as a
efoensne was borne by the cet themselves. The costumes.t
opening number, the gowns that all the girls wore as the
on a different gown for every number was paid by the
The local radio station will give out reviews for plays
formed by local theater groups where an admission Is charge
the show "Let's Live a Little," which was put on for the b
of the servicemen was passed over.
I only wish that the one in charge of radlo station wll
these entertainers some publicity as they are knocking them
out so G.I.s can have a little entertainment by seeing live shi
A CRi4

t -q

Anim~I Kiua~binj

1 Bipe
4 Rap

I2 Limit
13 Awi
14 Ran
15 Leg

Sf De
20 RShI
21 lWai
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42 Wh



41 Fe
61 Safi

d samalI
a ous

- -Y-- -
Answer to Pre~j~qa

1 Female equine IMnB
anital Igal I-
2 Mimics

an be

Labor News



I doubled In brass during
the strange dayq In the hill
of San Franciscao when our
world diplomats were building
for the future through a lofty
thing called the United Na-
tions Organization back there
in the Spring and Bummer of
I covered the founding ses-
sions as a correspondent and
worked as a cover with the
Army Intelligence services,
which provided me with the
huskiest contingent of over-
age copy boys, cameramen and
editorial assistants this jour-
nalism of ours has ever seen.
It's eight years since then
and the secret's been out for
a long time; so there's itUle,
harm In recording that eao
little band did saSO ae --
terspying Itself. But t h is
was bush league stuff, inafe
the Russians had such big
timer as Alger HMa, whose
info was relayed to Moees
via a special cemonumeatleam
freighter the Soviet kept
in San Francisee ay.

nrta- In the course of all this,
vith a we learned that His Eacellency,
well as Comrade Foreign Commissar
semi- V. M. Molotov, feared soame-
m well one in the U. 8. would kill
him --and he had his trigger
happy MVD guard with him
to be at all times.
hat I I learned too that V. M. Mo-
ne. I lotov was as fast on the re-
s fol- partee as his guards were on
the trigger. This came to me
one morning late in Aprsl 145I
n the when some 400 newmen th-
show, ered to hear what the om-
e wa misear had to say about Mos.
per- cow's insistence that every one
wonder of her 16 separate Socialisat
know states be giver a vote in the
oy all U. N. as a psepate and sov-
local reign nation.
A surge of professional cour-
tesy swept the boys and they
e was let me que tan the Soviet For-
unent eign Minister. I asked why he
ol the was interfering in world labor
or thanks and in U. labor feuds.
y had Through an Interpreter he told
* cast me that tRunda was the leader
of world labor.
I pointed out that there was
per- hardly unanimity on that point
ed but and asked II he had consulted
enefIt with the AFL leaders -who
were fighting the World Fed-
eration of Trade Unions. Mo-
L give lotov snapped that he was not
selves in the habit of consulting with
ows. the AFL on the formulation of
Soviet foreign policy and would
n. I please sit down. He then
9 .. j blat the AFL.
-- I shot q40 bask, bpt
he Ijred and I gum
t.~eve fflee Just
-:g the Order
.lgnfiemap .to our grump
,nte l,,genoS offe., al.
:,4 Ogh I didniteknow why for
I'N hl years.


I r
. f^



-- .. ~


.~ t-,

'.. '.4

Some A.icans

IMIOLO," Nther.
much has beI vrttle
lately that I4d 1 't
bout it .h I."
AfricanaI 1 -o.
Itke othe

tells ymes
scro :.6 W a
Juama by way of 1
the Mohammedan fatl
proves Of'hb Dwaass v
to ward off the Taftim
when ih

thr i Na
ORM 3 0-

ich feline 3 Young birds Then one lunchtime, the late an
al 4 Squander irl British Foreign Minister, Ernle adt
active 5 Look slyly Bevi, told me that the Rus- Not ts
nal 6 One who rents a an foreign office never gave self. He
y Marsh even.Molotov the right to make fancie, ai
t 8 Water plant policy a day in advance with-
Smartters eShorttiled 25 Conteads 41MU.Uid ou.t 0o1ulUnIM Moscow. O
1almd leaping animal2Bards 42 Comdetttt o in explained that was a
ded 10 State 27 Speech 43 Indian why he and e other Foreign HA oMik-
S 11 Spreads 28 Lions 44 Foot part Mim.tetrs (o, the Big Four his", "TI
W'm 17 Spilled out 29 Goes astray 46 Algerian mtiUng in thk Hotel Waldorf- hs te manacol
. 1 One who is 31 Withstand seaport Astora) had to atber at 4 pnm the man coul
"d a sick 33 Flaxen cloth 47 Metal each dy. They ldt tarn
dAset 23Letdown 38 Fallflowers 48Earth earlier because Molntor
24 leelandic saga 40 Listens 50 Hurty couldn't contact MPcow and
wr n,,,et clearance for I next 24l
, ,-hours, until that hour.
So it was apparent that Mo-
motoplwas under spec fic orders

l. issue before he dwiscussed vt GeulM) he
-ng procedure in the new UN .k
i it Why was the Worid Fed r-
.lon of Trade Unions so vital In pnl...
v II-i l lI We have the answer fronn -m Ih
sea I the sophisticated AsL fr I **d .
Ing Prce-president, Matthew WoN De--t -
Pt 2 ho this week said-We d didVl
S'rniod o rTl onder lasting servita to n- .'.
ioal man freedom when we alone ..
aryW 1 in the international labo .OW f
m a I movement, refused to have gef1
-T anything to do with Moscow'se ddof
S- I',-cailed World Federation of if"th -
Sm i Trade Unlrns as a seatU anda sa at ta
Cv e" n lII .:enter b( Communit conspra- l0a1 (S1M;
cy, subversion and e-ian age "-
at "I ovmioly what Molotoad an -
ls aI N, N. ShTernik, then In Fran- ad reg MlA
cisco as the head of the So-
viet trade unions, were tryln
ito do was st up hair espt u*mba.,

FLY KLM TO o f, r u.m. Wsths. .a1
Sio t of y wAd th le w om w* *tes

MADRID ; +""-
ning to sshotaO t en r imSt- (aby a
Irf can factoriu.. O a. o. f- st .-"-
Ttadflias for a wM w ai ria
TO PARIS Bridges, whoe sax u pSM

To oAL moP don't we step la V
gain is warning t .'f

SFr y tip to Europe depend on KLM... that nt
the ahihe {epu the world around for bo- departments (Ian ot
;itditykddK lioik meaad upeeMbseIce. aF ment under the a Be
traction pubie d
CNOilgttO rBISOSttOW c tei, and the nma's

AeLrM /u isae1 ei ln our country."
S aelin I esay, at 4bO
-I o beh ind the o t
1 CaAen n tru s.ted ,i t* t.(ya l

a. Bast Afria.--On
1ut MaunMau trouble ai
to write an more &a w
Stell you !ot Mo
Maas full ame
,amwroxv, n

> bea soa

took one look

hav that hm1
>** *** *r 2** T*t

'a.-:.t-a ,


m tkm



:teutt "~i-Mdi j

bfacto j ia,__
d be a


* i al
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3- at bW





B :UKMA .il


pi a. t' "

-. ., .
'*. ,*;



wr -

I fCk 46M

, .
a 1 ,


IF -

or -o W4u
With the
hi on

'Qieen Mary
night." ltmald.
~ wa t4e ISth
age? lilmeul hail be
her bed. lii IWanib

I_ ~_ -

Of ReWlG.

t member o a
antl-Communals German leader,
from his A merui n somM home
last July, It Wa4 an ouzced ta-
be- "is thq at
ot arrest made J Aag
t ie end of .ouen
en. Welsmann, ef o the Wit
In. Berlin police .p Qtlol divile*r,
The arrested'man is Kurt 0.
i_ p- Knobloch. 223, a arp -
plalh- orentice and conevit ooeied by
used the East G -nnp um, po-
B r he lice into joing tb kidaop band.
He confused fly, It was an-
ul Ued a nounced.
a she It is believed tha luobl9eh's
laf those arrest Will resu tin an early,
*. sort of vigorous new deois and by the
. United States high commisuon
WNt that tor Li nose's release.
PPed to The village froaqlwich the re-
aBot an wMrt came Ueto the east of
.he used Luenebur. whieh lis 35 z l e
&dmht to west of the Ulbp. which forms
.'r- the East-West sonal Bord6r.

r*otful traditional open wooden bucket
Srest for the gathering of male sp
may be on the way out in Ver-
tlthe ramont. Thi, state's agrleultural
e. W iment station reports that
ae B astlc container la more ef-
S flent than the bucket because
Itrn don't expose the sap to con-
pMu tamio.atotn by air.
a will pot return to the United
States. to rejoin his duchess.
B h uitW Queen Mary has fully re-

' FRE!4I-f fatISmFEE

Run your car for 1/4 mile stniig start- Precision
timed courtesy of CANAL ZONE TIMERS
Chime airstrip, Sunday, March 15, 1.0- pa.
20 mils p t Chorrers -- Folow: igm.

.~ uI-

I,.. --


PrIm-Lite Perfeetio n Diamond. The ely 1
Diamond on the market.


. "

" ^ At r

aCmrford Agencies
I. 1 ".i" S gom
2, 2.a tam K. IM .
-**MM* fu***i. **'-

57 V.


,A ,A."Wg i..^-, ..
ailll oil

. ,,.* .;- .,. "A* ..r ~

I *' *-' '

log -A '--AMA
,--., -. .-.: -.,._ .-,., :.,,.,g. .

i '-- ". : i -

. f -525 -

m- .,.i$1e.'- e.., :.! r# DIO' N y" .
your tr s... dar^e, i & Milt II I I M

.me ~ (m .mi

- 'I

, ~~ ~,4,, .

to # M- o sr aS i rs. &&to
'/fil DDLDo'r STi f I *p IAM : of C919D 9Ve&II 1S rtI.n f




II ~.


- -1-. .- "

*, ,. .


: i:.,..41

& -"" ,'LIIII'III..';'

POO Itw .:: : ".
t ,, .,l o r : .. .:, : ,

*1*. -"i~N

~ ~

.' ,-






I M 2., M'"..
. .f ; ..*, l^ f**. 'li &*t .;

* J-




.i '.-...-:-


V -' .
L*? Loei

,':.- $ r, .*

IPAe .o .

NZA Staff Correspondent
HOLLYWOOD iNEA) -Now Fontatine, unhappy witi
's 3-D wardrobes for Holly- dips in her career. has chi
wood actors-padded in the agent MGM has okeyi
S right places to keep 'emn from easter pe r so n a Iappe
S king old in the intimate and tour for Vie Damone right
e-like 'depthies." he receives his Army disi
in two months.
S *Forty live- year old leading .
S -en will look 45, or even 55, if' The stork has circled
ey aren't dressed correctly."i March for the Michael Re
arns Richard MaeInstosh. thel baby. No name picked o
Hollywood tailor who sti.ches~ it' a boy but Tracy will I
16r the stars. Three-D, says the; tag f she' s a girl...
t uor, will eliminate narrowly been an advance sale
shtouumers, tignt packets ana. publication of 50.000 cop
#Igh-water, Ivy League trousers. Dale Evans' book about he
i daughter. "Angel Unaware
'John Garfield's widow Is most inspirational tome eve
unhappy about a forthcoming should read will sell for
xovel reportedly based on the Allan Jones and Sam I
star's life. Even the publishers, owner of the Palm Spring
ase admitting that the actor- more Hotel, are seeking a
lI;ro is deceased... Arlene Dahl's proplate song for the fi
wordage about Fernando Lamas !resort ..Movie fur design
virility andf his raves about her, Tetelbaum will whi up
superworpanhood have reached furs for the new Ice collie
the revolting stage... 'wen a million-dollar mink an
O'Connor is no longer a partner mine deal.
in the music-pdblishti'1#irm of .
Donald O'Connor an Sidney Two movie queens were d
Miller. lsng a third and one purr
I 0 She's so shallow, dahlia
.Mary Martin's quietly eparr- superficial. dahlin', that ev
ifg for her operatic debut with 3-D she's utterly without di
a British maestro in London. .
First, she'll do a straight play, Quote of the week:
*Kind Sir." with Charles Boyer. Katy Jurado on how she
...The grapevine has in that about Hollywood a year
Agnes Moorehead and Robert her film debut in "High N
Gist, secretly wed, have. adopt- When I first caine to H
ed a redhaired baby. They're wood I was scared I would a
both firetops... It's definite make it. Now I may neverX
that Gary Cooper is on the 13- It but I'm not seared."
amn h income tax exemption .
kick. He heads to Kenya in Carey Wilson previewed a
darkest Africa for "African tradamus short the other n
RiUles' after completing "Blow- d ot back a preview Ca
..,,? .... ._.__I and got back a preview cai
Ing Wild" in M6xico. fering 50 per cent of thel
ESA z-iii s jii Ir for a Holtradmus prate
ZA Z6 sBUTi953'sIock market priei
ZSA .4AAjiUOR dances a,
little, 1ntf tt t, but ,mostly CoRROATWON GOBr5 T
aets as A y mitre ofce, 'COIAT N GOBT


* 4'




"W FA4MA am*


Y-:"* ..
Elk. 4. '* i4:V
A- A -A *. ,4 .a- h.444j. -J-=-,.-

I ^' '7
is.'^ itr Ni il

. 4.'


"At lat boby I dl He wants to get murI t
i of medical ah 19O01"'

-n -e

H7J. F
.- .* r w s

i-rrr I

t.j as.. *. ..
l"~~ ~ ~ tf*S.' ^.{ftt~aiii'~--

*. 4




#-, I,

6 il

tor") Stoh,' the famous cim-,I
Final, by Quantin Reynolds. 4
"Ah, send tiat one to mT,
chirped the ."r.ret, "I mevevr
pass nu an A ts ab utt thi
great etant of the theater "
Pink. Tomlir's life story. "Ohb
ct of My Affeclions." title f l AM
Lt- t ,et .g bMit. is up for ,
malor.aud Oonrpisderation. He'st l,

4 '
I.-* 3




- .1*

On I nwEg'U'

loy Q t
ERROL FLYNN Jfust purchased
Navy Island off Jamaica and]
Pat Wymore plunked out i
moolah for a nearby peninsula.
What a property settlement It
will be if ever the Flynna di-:

'Tbes or J)s

Anne Baiter' getting her pa-
port for a. trip to Euojpe with
her mom and pop Miekey
Rooney's mother, Nell Pankey,
is out of the hospital but still
on the very slek list Joan



gait' On


CHM6. 100. 9




4 /*

*51'. -S.



b.SWs'~ p

The Salesman

AM iel'.

^ .l.i

trraU Ul4!4r

* '.r '~-9 5.r -

- l .

A;< -

A WtsA "I "'

35S*LLIW& nw.

-~~ sm^


, .. -. .
.- '*.; -... :. -. *
. A/ s ,,'.

_ ~__ _~~

- -- ,II

__ __~ I



". f;.v.,

,e-x .

, f


.. .... 4 ,-.',
.,... $ ... ..
- 4 / ,, *
i!^'-: ^ ^'*- i' d
*O~tB~" ~t^llB^97"trtW

*! -ra- -V Tll 3 r *III '
'it ^ a | b ^B. r 1^ ^i. *.
'* o*.* + ,' i-.'


SSeeb o eaOrnie selection


I- %


love our exciting new

-1142' ,-



;.' I'

* 7.-~ a


h ...ffic-

;*''; ?+tI

i l ^. *il l *, ".' '
,rpiw ttardoiod upon bi

M .at .- p .
12:-^, ,J


k --,a ., --' + r.-h.-.

, .h e "
< -., ','. ". p,
.l-^;': ; "'IHII.

L S e


* 4.


An z6tirhei.

New 1 53 Studebaker,

's t un.l -it I'. p long and widel

i tes the m eIlisi f1a costly sports carl

a--', I~ U.

* -'1"
* 51
* ya. ,



I',' P

/ '

nuot peogae Me ore m ttopta

juigh tawy k take a look at the
m4hauty I. the 1953 Stude-.
* Anrage to go fr a thriig drive!

p y~low-Kjo wis a buy erwy 1S3
e :d4ker vr sedan, coups pad
S4gtop-egr 0hapia i1 tbe p*War
.n pee field-e itatuly powseed




I/. .'

". ,

' 9 411'S **'* *
.* -. ^ ... '*

.. .

0. a --
& 41''*"S^

,. *a.. .4,


i.. -

- a

'lead in ,s..m ,


.. v


- I'






I -"

* -J
~- ,~ 'a.

S. -




S a..wtype-sf....

A bdmtbi Mduive-e-oilWdile In V4 o mfdes eut eot
Huge now oxpwnss of
Ssolely gns al M wund
AM wslua-Cu.mpionoml md Comm ider V.s-
ws e..pise rer windows as
/ wel la wimdml"idm


,.: .
." ,'tP ." ".t" .,' ;14

-.' -,> ..


- %


.v4 ;,..


c ~

I ,


4:'W f" .'
I' .


r.! =

-I / ,'

' ~:



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oor 447,; uh eFROM PANAMA TO MKKICO- Sontu Cle m ^h
cha.r. colle table, end tables $1900. Phone Balboa 4474, any- F R M E lee TO MXC
$'C complex. 83-5281. time cne way $85, round trip 135 (11 @ E lCtrice
Complete. day-limt $169.00, good new s yneaflerMe ret e
FOR SLE --One Rose Minton din-FOR ALE- 39 Cherole -Door, to LOS ANGELES, one wy,14 Gmb 4-5 dr M
ner ,ei 73 p.ces. Also miscello-- good. ,heu Onsportator. Motor round trip, $252.35. 90 t4grI l). _i,
housed rcles. Nce. 82. r oerhouled. Call 3-1596 Panama Dispatch Servlee's O dAveailde p
naous household articles. No. 8o. mer Nipnl Atamebl *f PHIIPS Oceanside Ca ag es he
Via Por Panoma 2-1655. on court in Santa Clara with an
ER SALE -8 piece d ningroom set..FOR SALE '99 Chevrolet Con- --1------- Oceanvi6w fropm all cottioes. Steps
oe n. mahogany, brand new. serble Excellent condi.on New SALE beach, Rock G% refrigeration,
Phoe 2-7 06 House 0954 to and radio. $1,195. Call 85- FOR SALE barbecue and shuffle board. Pan-
o22-I3 ofer 4 pm A sk for Feolo. ano 3-1877. Margarit.-3-1673
OR SALE -eraorc ke o Weste- FOR SALE-'-195i Mercury Spt. Se Miseellaneo~i Box No. 435 Balboa.
Floor model Zerth radio $25 00 dn Excellent pnt, tires and up FOR SALE -Meat block, appliances. FOR RENT
Kitchenable Crtobal3-2795 holster. Less than 16500 mle nd household ock, appians, FOR RENT
hen Many extras. Co,600 takes and household furniture. Phone 3-
OR SALE Complete livingrooamn ,t. Phone: Balboa 2-3069. 1 f%_48._ _Apa met
h h end s cok. FOR SALE. 1950 Chevrolet bus FOR ALE:-Combnion high chair FOR RENT:-Modern and screened
toil table iher table, floor lamp Cpupe. motor completely overhaul- and play tab. $10.00; baby OaportmenLt bedroom, '- t,
ket. $4 00; auto bed-seat combi- $60.00. 4th July vnu No.
,ond bamboo shades $95.00 ed $90000 Crstobal3-295 nation $3 50; bottle sterilizer. -A..M Hve one 3-4844.
.0uarers 56--G Diabo FOR SALE -1940 Plymouth 4-door 50; electric bottle warmer. $2.00; 61-A..Miuel Hive. hone 3-4844.
F'OR SAiE -T. n beds giey metal Sedan. A-1 condition. 41-J 2nd other related items. 83-5281. FOR RENT-Smell apartment, Fran-
flat sp,'gs. ,rrersprng maotres- St Coco Solito. after 5 p. m. FOR SALE. Young fish: Angels, Visc FI St. 1, upst
bdlnFOR SALE. Young fish: Ang Vigo Hrmso, $A5.0 .
ses. bed lights Reasonable. Phone FOR SALE:-Plymouth 1950. Radio. red swordtails. congo ciclids, porta-
Curundu 3225 Leather seats. Duty paid. Extras. legrensis. House 5748 Diablo.. FOR RENT: Fumished modem
FOR SALE-154 piece English China $1,500 cash. No offers. Tel 3- Telephone 2-1615. apartment, hot and cold water.
dinner set, 10 cub, feet General 0848. 46th East St. No. 12, Bella FOR SALE: 30 30 Winciester, t blt. Telephone 3-4941
Electric refrigerator with new unit. "________ lever action, model 94. Like new.
12 piece wicker set. floor and W A T D Phone Navy 3214. FOR RENT: Small concrete fur-
table lamps, ftll length mirror, etc. nihed apartment with refrifrator
Ho6se 305 Herrick rod, Ancori. A lANAM CANAlL OMPANY for ple. North Amwrle nrer b-
Jolhn E. Hushing. United States Automobiles OFFERS NON-PIRROUS SCRAP bors, $75.00. Second Srmt
wars apon car- SealdMETALS F r SA L948, entrance on Via Espat. Far.
Marshal c 22856 or 2-2409 TD: Jeep or wpons car- Sealed b will be received until nsnd on V
.FQR SALE:-Porch Glider with cush- rir in good condition. Telephone 10:30 A. M., March 31, 1953, in .
ions and youth b vJ with mattress, Panama 3-5179. the office of Superintendent of Store- FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartment.
like new. quarters 554-B. Curun- WANTED: Convertible Coupe houses, Balboa, for twenty-one items *ose de Fdbreg Avenue, Paade-
du Heights. Call after 5 p. m around 1941. Ford preferred. Cash of Non-ferrous Scrap Metals located o Ins ted. Telephone
FOR SALE: Crib and Kant-wet or trade. Phone 2-6418. at Secton Blboa Storehouse. "Fmili Hwe," 3-1070 Or
nmat tress. 6 piece bedroom set in- For information and inspection con- 3462. Ponmmi
nerpring mattress. box sprng. WANT tact Foreman, Section. "l," telephone F I RENT.-- di -
we'.iul. Call 82-5108 Ft. Amador. 2-2720. Invitation No. 16 may be in m. dbed,
obtained from the above source, or lvinroms diningroh, n, 2 bdi
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator 25 cycle. MicelJaneo from the office of Superintendent of porch, kitchen, to persons
God condition $85.00. Tel. 5-WANTED: responsible c le Storehouses, telephone 2-2777 Ste. Tel. 2-287 uor 3-3
31'77 without children, house or apart- FOR SALE- We still have a few FOR RENT
FOR SALE:-Complete double beds nment. two or three bed os in Garrorrd 3 speed automatic record FIvln :-Fur, dininshed part nt.
.from $44.00. single $29.00; Cangrelo, Bello Vista. VI Alegre, changers for 25 cycle at $49.50 rooms kitchen. No b3*47
Wardrobes $22 00; Chest of Draw- or Golf Heights. Calf Panama 3- ecth. Cosa Sporton No. 223, Con- S. r Tel: 2-268" or 3-336 7
ers S8 50. Dining Tables, $15 00; 4702 between 7 00 oflf4t.p, m. trctl Avenue, Caridonia. t Tel: 2-2687 or 3-3367
Siciboards $18.00. Chinao Closets, WANTED TO BUY:-mooth ies. FOR SALE:-Variety of tropical fish
$20.00. Reconditioned sofas $60.- suitable for remonstruliong. Reics,- Bring container. 5457, Cottage,.
S00, reconditioned arm chairs $32. trictora Noclnal, A. Not 7 Diablo.
50 like new? Small tables $5.504 Peru Allenue tele 2-("6 .
Youth beds and cribs (complete) PnrMarn Sealed bik in espikate, I be f
$38.00, Springs (single) $12.50. WANTED--.-o ciivied in the office of the En- Ou ComiimI Sft
Double $16.00, New mattresses. ED Retrendr 'e gineering and Conpiuction Dirac-
$15.00, sofa-bed 5130.00, Desk. couple for contract w ariona. ter, Panamq Canl Company, ti
.; $15.00. wooden fikng cabinet. do Beach. Small salary, free cot- bod HeiltJ. 'Cinal Zone, tdfii
$12.00. AND MANY OTHER tag and utilities. For appoinl*nt 10:00 a. m., March 23, 1953, d n'Q
BARGAINS IN BOTH NEW AND call Balboa 3346.. ,then publicly opened, for furnish-
USEO FURNITURE FOR YOUR FOR RENT: American faom ef ing all plant, tools, equipment,
'HOME AND YOUR OFFICE. four desires to rent on unfurled labor, sevice, and ateriols, and J
Cash er Cdit house in good residential seUon. f6r performing all work for Re- Ps t
Open every day from 8 to 12 m oand At least three bedrooms and. two Jaying of Tile Roof for Police St-
2 to 6 p. m. and Saturday from 8 baths. Wrill consider large ooart-1 tion IBuilding 8011, at Balboa,
a. m. to 6 p. m. ment Please telephone 3-4852 Canal Zone. Copies of specifica-
HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE Ponama. .. tons and drawings for the work Today, Friday, Mar h IS
Automobile Row No. 41 WA ED Heavy equapment a- My be obtained from the office P.M.
National Ave I Phone -4911 trs e nof the Contract and Iinspection Di- 3:1-Tlle Jttle Show
___Nation ____l____e____Phone tawith experience of &A ber vision, Room 336. Balboa Heights 8:3S"-Muatc Pot Friday
LESSOand CNSrr Apply MccNS-P"n- I(Tlephone 2-3739 or 2-2698). 4:00- M Without, Words
L E S S 0 N S Pacific Inc.. Margarita, C. Z. A deposit of $20.00 will be re- 4.15--M 0 Loma S
F- LYING WANTED.-Fully furnished apart- Quired for eoch set of specifica- 4:30-What's Your avorlte
LEARN TO FLY with AGSA at Pa,- ment by North American couple. tjon and drawings. The deposit 6:15-NGNLxHON'TH
tile Airport. Tulton on Piper Cubs No children. Call Panama 2-4788 will 'be forfeited if specifications ( AenlaSt M AR
Tel: 3-.1337. Mr Roos, between 8:30 to' 12.00 & drawings are not returned with-
itionand 2 00 to 5:00 i 40 calendar days ofter opening 6:20-..Wht'a Your Fav 0irte I
TED:wOf bids(
TPO. Plate%. Cups and Saucers, etc. 5-- :30- 'ws your Favorite
POSITION OF WRED Phone Fort Amador 82-5197. 5:35-Whb your Favorite
Attractive salary for experienced and -- FOR RENT (contd)
competent secretary. Male preferred FOR SAL 6:00-A Look at Autralia
Advancement unlimited for person FO Rooms *:1--Muascal Interlude 1s
with effective executing ability. Re- oats & Motors R RENT.- Fumnished r: RcL cool. -Lwe Tomle
sponsibility and initiative. No oppor- --- &-- .OR RENT Furnshe r c:p-4 CU Re
unity for others. English and Span- WANTED -Small marine engine, 2 clean, beautiful location. N18th St 7':00-The BB BO andtamn
ish required. Write submitting coam- or 4 cylinder. Call Albrook AFB No. 7. Bella 7:30-BLUEB RIBBOM 0 t
,plate details of education. Experience 2203 FOR RENT: Oeor 2 wished :4. .,
and work references to Box 2007, FOR FOR RENT: ~,Oeor 2 fuliished 7-4 .
Ancon, C. Z.references OR SALE. Cabin motor launch room for gentlemen or young lady ON '
AnconC.Z- -- Pop-Pop. 20 ft. length, 8 ft. deep, lnifrmation refreshment Parlor :48. Frees *m iem *
excellent condition. J in Rue cil Thea -Central Avenue. VOA
FOR SALE -- -- -- u:30-lndo Studlo Co 4
Motorcycles FOR RENT "( .
FOR SALE.-1949-74 OHV Harley, (Og[ L0"-VO- a el of AaeOl
Davidson. Call 5-541 or see at 41- .30-AdventU e o
H. Gotun. ofter working hours 'OR RENT-Completely furnished 2- :SS-Advent re, o .
bedroomr chalet ithF l

FOR SALE:-Triumph Tiger 10G cc
motorcycle, almost brand new, 8001
miles. Perfect condition, only
$700.00. For information call 2-

Real Estate
FOR SALE.-C-holet in Parque Le-
fevre. 2nd street No. 39. Tel. 3-
3754, Ponemo.

United bateO DiNsi Cemt fWr The
Di* t of Ihe Camel Ze*
JeaPM F. TeOlaM,. Jr.
No. Cute. PM ----

norris h give- that ,P
NM- Eta lka peberat *" *iIll *I
MFaph F. Srm, Jr damie. and I
S. d.meM we mm t a i abtratiu A
mmaawethe Ptbu Ad-
i.. .a 2I P. PlIN e ds .
ile Cre ,b. U, 163. aa.
dom Ctoiro m thWe CMtan a Aw.
=an:: so.I. m ear e"tfor Ii
fm f s d i **' u-a .
___ pSetUia ebmild I
= =b a=s ASiPM. I la" e,. .1

*t a-.A.l* .fl
dad*e- -W ON b

2 -worn...i.w...... r~iire.gasi.r0Th Na
stove, washirig machine. Phone 3- [1 .m." Owl Neot
2466. 1ifs- Sign off
T orrowl, tardayp "uak
Pre Clmk Cub
108ins On 6oelils 8':

ROYAL QARB-Cerany~t a By.
whisk in his right hand. the die
tiguishins mark of his rank,
Chief Mwenawina III, of Barot.
aela1d, of Northern Rhedes ia
shows the type of uniform he'll
wear oi Queen KElzabeth's co.o-
nation. The untarm included ae
gld lee oae;o ewesrd, and ag-p
eal. The original uniform date
bee1 I 1900, when the BIttI
elia seecAetary ave It I
Chief Mwanawina a father.

Balboa M oal
Preliminary work has b e e n
started on the erection of the
Goethals Memorial at the foot
of the Administration Building
Contractor for the erection of
Ithe 56-foot high marble shaft
to the memory of the fsmoua
builder of the Panam& Canal la
Ithe PanamA firm, Constructora
, Martinz. 8.A. The contract pro-
vides for the completion of the
work within about five month.L
Marble for the monument was
delivered to the lttimus several
, weeks ago. The memorial wi'
ymbolize the Oontlaetal Dvide&
I nd the marble shaft will rtie
i rom a reflecting pool into whis-
'eter will flow from a neri a
Design for the memorial wr
qde bv Shaw. Meit. and Do"
Chizrso, pml plas lfort I
.ma ral MM rove by, Pr
eut TinmUWa t ApiL An 9
opitison for a 8mnnotwer-
*ol. oetbala VaS mad b y cW
rN be N"e e15gh9ia of L

9:15-PoTaitsa from M
9:30-As It
10 00-News
10"05-Off the Record
11:05-Off the record (contd.)
i 30-Meet The Pand
2 05-New Tune sIae
12:30---Popular Music
I 00.-.cwa
I Wi- sonallt y Parad -
I t4-The David RoeN
2:00-To be n
SI5-A Date t


,-I-- i ot St'
WO-What's TOltur'Fl ,-
1:35-,W1e T' O YW 7
'.A-J +
.... 31t,


Pay les and get more
Reynold LIFETIME Alml.
Mm Corrated RoofI i
and Sding.
Bmrt ?'oofMa| IM FPint,

Eisty sd-m igay.
(whe parking tpeaa )
27 Central m. 3-01

rTmwporta "t. S. A
Shipping, moving, storage.
We P unklad f or move
ahything. 'Phone 2-2481,
2-2662, PanamL






No. 04B
Houn: 9 tp*. Bea no
3 p, to 9 pan.
Monday to Friday. -,
Tel. 146 Colmn, R. P.

8:00-Materworka from France
(RDV) .
SO-A eran Polk M4uh
45-4n Prem Oommenary
:-The Luck o the Val
A:00--Oa Harrtlon and hisa
):30-aroru Han, U.S.A.
1:06-TBe Owl's Net
1:00 aIm-PIln Off
bxpmnatlon f b i
eOA-Volt- of Amela.".
BC--Br ..,b Broid~ i -

-A L ,U

We have lots

of clean

low mileage

'49 '50

l '52

I .1

fIIa Charye

Aftkil-toftec andjbaaiLdc
A' M v Me

l '
4u*HjO~It warnf 4111ji-i3i-O6i CX~weB4B
01 personaly belpei
ph.!iBE fof tue i8r .-1S.

Wanrt Ut
leaedi the i

wr 2


WI. -


o *

: / *,* ','': "! ,:





- A

.' ... 'L, t,**
.^^^^.^.*,<.-''*^. fc^-



' t1. *


. ....

I. *

2 -'


i 1

t ..-.
.1 .*, V


* .0

7~'., .(

- Y- -I' --~-C-" -- -~--^--~~il~~ ..~i~~




I pAp gIXM


I *


I ~Of~~" ~IL~iP~F~Ili~



ItiM DA O Letag N mI *

*~~ M B
Cars ii
3. t~t. .% B.


C ...




IcYSZft. --~i- *1~P U

a ....nlanatea

Sand the 0o6bblk Getd;
houI, Noarlnl;

V .P .




.. r^jJiiJ^^^R

For litd M

$1. -w 2" WIm,


Tou ca be the proud a mmr of to h it "MMs"....
or whatew-r type of moee pous enfo Moft

Ci. Cymas
No. I o3ad a. d e Is Os
(Trah Crlme)

Co. ISY t ws fl
(Amen a free AMes &7"

. ". ,.a ..

: ,,. O.
I their twist
ni l

O. guahedgras ****
M pansq.t B
to Speau, '
I m mow.l..

upwrus r
t attire for
a& $1.50

*. w *mou-
iy lqbJ neW
toean af

lag MI



* ** No, you'll asamd m evia e "Cu" DieDd Maceon
very often, bt whi you de rvie isjut as cle so
y yoouy r phoae.Give u a all std our fiacorymuined
Mnvie wag, wi o b we ao s Aiboin oede, quippW
witsh k2boMRadm"cep i soZ w cut your dowmise
I a mI imnum Hle'U Cy goe I Nal "CaMupilr" perA
yeA need for pefed nepplt jb, ioow And these par
bhAe de pei eefs M d iem f th oefdginal oem em
you "CsuMpilHr" DiIS 'RbaCMr
So al oa us... we't yur hnl ewbem you Weed ust


r"- M- inaemeum w- -e meo

I M "I
a3=W ft r-wm
N Q*wi- Utu

Acon Ave. 88 Tl. 21544

beai bouses


3f ,mIAufcP ''-
M f o-..

-. 4 .:

WI~fa ~ pnbhb udgms
8.' too eMTR el))fh r )e.
ow VsteW *5s yn cMa completely furnish your nuew home from
ao tm rbm to WAikane.a, i you belong to The Armed :Fwces or if you

a wiM b1

.. Visitems losepeurrant

.tkiii'hrt ~ j









t .

..wJ -
* *--)'tLI S

* V. -


* It
.4.- -


ATORS for yr ae
)M, DIINGtfN Sea


)a s I,,

. '


Automobile Row

Tel. 2-1033 2-1036


fPr yr tmsily's promcda, lks eml KLI-
ri id. scick cmc W ad qciMy-pedWd m
-m yom dnwe pe SWun.a ml.

4. KUMblenfseee hri Swum
' t. KI am_ ea _.

L KIgl h empmaefue hlsen Is..
SU, MMh r1sebud, har Imus,,

a e .

lam ina

' 1.

F. -- .
,- $q-




at saw



, i.





" n

I f

' .. .*-

1. **

I i* *





,, G'T ,N' p 7 .



McGralh Brands Aviation Groups Her Mo-r- Scout New-s

itS mo Grand Jury Report Confer In Panama aNrrimans.

C oDs OuB RIDGE 'As 'Unfruhff ulX an^ ::::..f .= 2*J
&_the U.B regional aviation as- ROME, March 13
sistavce groups in Latin Amer- ROME March 1 -
BY O9WALD JACOBT MIAMI. Fla., March 13 (UP)- ican countries and Washington Formter Queet Narrim
Written for NEA Service Former Atty. Gen. J. Howard Mc- is taking -lace here this week walked out yesterady o an na
Written or NEA Service rath branded as truthful according fo H. 0. Frederick, dl- uk for what ap e Se s
and ridiculous" today the report rector of the civil aviation re- the.last time. She le b... .,
by.a federal grand jury here gional mission in Panama. Abmed Fuad II behind. r
NORTH I that he ordered an investigation The conference was called for for what appeared to be th b2
6 A 96 4 of organized crime as a "smoke- the purpose of coordinating tine. She left baby Ing M let Es
9 K 107 screen." headquarters and field actions Pid II behind. Ri2
J 9 5 The grand jury, one of 98 call- in carrying out existing projects The l0-year-old queen drove to
6 65 2 ed throughout the country. im- and in the planning of future thp airport accom lined B el .
WEST BAST plied in its final report that Mc- projects. #other, Mme. Ass La Bade, and
QI0 6 K08 5 3 2 lOrath asked for the nvestiga- A point of particular import- fl to Zurich, Switzerland. t
SK Q7 A 6 4 3 was under fire at the time in the ference is the integration of the Italian lawyer Carlo Danmello In- IB V
J 9 7 3 4 10 8 investigation of the Justice De- work of the Panama grou wit dicated the separation was finaL B '
SOT 1 (D> apartment's Internal Revenue Bu- that of the various U.S. civil a- It said the separation decision "hd he.
SOUTH (reau. aviation missions throughout was "ably assisted" by Faroa ht'g .. S- .p
Central and South America. other-in-law. In Cairo. the 1t fi a Tef ot 6, 1'
V AQ J 63 McGrath, later fired by Prest- Among the subjects to be dis-. uen's family Interpreted hrot' -ta0 e w. h.t l t. a
S108 2 dent Truman, said he never had cussed are programs for the e- htas proof the couple had t uul' ."
,6 AK Q 4 any.knowledge that any of the 98 velopment and improvement of been divorced. )) .
North-South vul. juries were -in existence." civil airports, development and 'The circumstances of her do- -vi.- isqafI*" a nsem'r -
South We North East "The one in Miami was corn- expansion of air navigation parture gave credence to pub- a sta o e- srvucey.
V Pass 2 V Pass pletely in charge of Mr. Phillips," communications and air traffic shed reports Madams 8 ad e ticl ciretlp" wasre-
4V Pass Pass Pas McGrath said. --He and he alone control systems, establishment came here with the blessings of t of the da prot-
Opening lead-A Q nould know about it. I told the of airman and aircraft examine, the Egyptian government to ar- ed by e thle yin
.department to put it Into effect Lions, inspection and licensing range for the return of the baby = fg of tyto row dl W N.
in the places where the various programs, and provisions for king ind his mother. On the reigning bfily.TO'
United States attorneys thought training of Latin American na- mo .
After North's raise in today's it necessary." tionals in all phases of civil a-
hand, South counts 16 points in aviation the Balbo,
high cards, 2 points for the sin- u. S. Dist. Atty. Herbert S. In connection with the latter IT S H 0 WTIME T 0 NIG I H TIn
gleton and 1 point for the fifth Phillips of Tampa would say on- point, consideration is to be W IT Ntt
heart. (When your suit has been ly that he "never considered he given to the fedaability of es- be te ad t ,
raised by your partner, you may had any discretion" in calling the gablishng facilities or training fa
count 1 point extra for each card special grand jury in Miami to within the Central, and South
ever four in the trump suit.) carry out "the instructions of American' areas to supplementO
With a count of 19 points, the attorney general." and in some cases, to supplant B A LB OA Louis IIAfWA *
South needs only 7 points from In its final report the jury, training which currently is car- Ah-comeul \"LADY 1 MTH M K
North to bid a game. North has headed by Florida Power and ried out in the United. States by 4:0 6s.. "ap9- ,-
already promised about that Light Co. President McGregor the Civil Aeronautics Adminis- M
much for his raise to two hearts, Smith said crime in South Flo- tration. DABLO HTS. Sta rlnN .eua .
so South bids the game without rida had existed only on a Attending the conference are: S: &8 at "M Flomin Tw o 'icOor!
further ado. '"neak" basis since 1950. Frederick, Edward M. Warner, A I 1:3,4
The play for the game contract Then it proceeded to "blister" George'S. Clark and Harold J. IfS
Is simple, but worth looking at. McGrath. It called the motives Carrick f the Civil Aeronautics PDRO MIGUEL "OADr
If South draws three rounds of behind the investigation a "Mc- Administration't internatio n a c1 # 0 1 *
trumps after winning the first Grath plot" and "a grandstand region in Washington. It is also .
trick with the ace of spades, he play." attended oy chiefs of the. civil G A MB 0 A "
will lose his game contract. No aviation missions from Hondu- "NORO
matter how he struggles, he will After criticizing McGrath, the ras, Costa Rica, Ecuador and "O RO____ _u_ n t
then wind up losing three dia- grand jury called for stronger Bolivia.
monds and a club. laws to require better records be G ATUN .^ i ft |Dih
Nothing can prevent the loss kept for income tax purposes and CORNELL'S FOREIGN LLIN ID
of the three diamond tricks, but opening of delinquent income CONTINGENT Tenie
South can prevent the loss of a tax lt to public inspection.
club. If each opponent has.three Federal Juvdge John W. Holland ITHACA, N. Y. (UP)-Cornell MARGARTA ,
clubs, declarer's last club will be 'Iraised the jury for a good re- University has the largest for- 6:t1 &5W:1 '. 4ld A
good. If the clubs are 4-2, or port. eign student enrollment in I ts hIn M
worse, however, South must plan history--488 students from 69 3.'ak: ,
to ruff his low club in dummy. countries. The group is compose CR[STOBAL "
For this reason the correct i ed of 434 men and 54 womin, |le||j Eggs I fI
line of play is to win the first with 57 per cent taking graduate
spade with dummy's ace, draw tills Ine e study.0
exactly two rounds of trumps, ..d
and then proceed to lay down
the three top clubs! If both op-. N I
ponents can follow to all three g -
rounds of clubs, South can then .
draw a third trump and cash his NEW YOIK, Mar 13 (UP)-
last clul. Two research sc ief A said to-
If the clubs fall to break even- day careful expert seemed ...
ly, South must hope that the to demonstrate birth r'ntrol pills .
player with the long clubs will don't work.
also have the last trump. At least, they aod, no one is
In this case South's hope is re-goin to bring utbirth con-
warded. He gets away with his trol by taking cont in h cn
three top clubs and can -ruff his phosph pryl edhesperda,
last club in dummy. He therefore which is the ciical s ,t e
succeedip In making his game of recently publ]lc "birth
contract. c
What would happen if one of control plls."
the opponents had only two No other easy :am
clubs but three trumps? In that eIals for the Vbeen
case, the opponent would trump advanced by scene.
the third higo club, and 8outh
would be defeated. No other line 'Dr. M. C. Chang and Dr. Greg-
of play could make thecoatract, ory Pincus of the Worcestier,
however, so Soyth losewr nothIng bas. 'Foundation for Experi-
by making his best attempt, mentalBiology applied phospho-
rylated hesperidin directly to the
key points and key aubatances of
P n a lfthe maxmalian reproductive sys-

LOW, II(Ide QR ~ They reported in "Solenct,"
publication of the-Amdcan As-
sociation for the 440* menft,
Roo n of tnce, hat their ft were
altoeter negative In che.
Indtastrias Unidas, S.A., of Pan- of the femalesystem aMdarttial .
ama City, was apparent low bid- ly but conclusively negtiverIn YoGSin in i
der among four contracting the male.,tinI
firms who entered bids for'the After a series of tests using.
replacement of tile roofs on a rabbits, the scientists comment-
group of bi4ings in Balboa. ed taht "a concentration of
Bids werefopened yesterday at' phosphorylated hesperidin could
Balboa Heights and an an- reach the testis or epididymis of
nouncement of the award will be an animal when administered
made after an analysis of the orally or intraperitoneally by in-
bids have been completed. Ejection into membrane liing the
The four bidders and the lump abdominal acavity is very doubt-
sum, price offered for the entire ful."
work offered for contract fol-
lows: Industrias Unidas, $13,- Experimenting with rats, males
384.00; Cia. L. Martin. S.A., $15,- and females either were injected
973.00: Tucker McClure, Inc., with phosphorylated hesperidin
$20,893.00; and Greene, Calvino daily for six days or fed it inlib-
and Roquer, $23,401.50. eral quantities for six days. The
The work involved includes the results'. they summarized as:
replacement of tile roofs on pour phosphorylated hobperidin. does
sets of four-family quarters and not prevent "ovulation, implan-
five two-family quarters. The station, or normal development of
houses to be re-roofed ard Nos. the embryo when administered Yb I
628, 630 and- 832, HeIghts Road, in aperitoneally or orally to
743, 748 and 161 Barpabel Street, rat..'
741 Enterprise Place, 746 Las
Cruces Avenue and 779 Taverni- -_-_..._,_.....
Hla Street.
The contractor will have. 95

Frank CaRlD, faced the loss of THERE'S ONLY ONE
$2,000 because he forgot to
shout "fore!" on the fairway. His
golfing companion sued for tbih't
amount when the ball hit by Ca- We take pride in the position we have achie ved,
lana went wildkid hit the comn- not only in the esteem of world travellers, but also in
panion on tbg bead. -that of the homefolks our most exacting clien tele. "

~.y. .'. 'I.
i~ -'1
.~ -" M
*~ F.,'



~ '4,,"
te~ 'aA~,. ~ :9.
A. 'P'~.'~
'a,-'. '

SDIALO HI. We try to please we want you to tell us when we
Ifor only by constant self-examination ca' weot r
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1"THE SATUH assM EoaUM 4: Cl

-. 9 ...

A l20ft Ho
P, _71

2- C



0 w



t 4 L q


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h Ns. proved It givos you a

^^KS^^^^^^Wm buf Mr^^^^ay w w asn^^^Wy asaw^^ ^

/R~~flty fc~BC896 tests made Jt advralty dental
expertt with to*ntdand 11 toothi pawr ihwd
"no t IMIeMM4 *~n kept teelda=clena

aA iV A l amdiirInabount1ry,n 000
*drtll- ncgariiC wMi fth a well Imow nonclrp
tootha ifcrodollng heath. Chiocedgeth'spe~cialo^
A^MUR--L l ake^ asJ mea- people ----I

-1 150.

** *. J| j.p

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For Clte AtivitW s Here
'' ito.. :son ci6Sw .of *nster of the ouail 0"
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' .

^^^K '"*. .i,,* ,. ,
u, .
: I -, ;' *
*^ .* .. .. *



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Jobhn.'s PaD lv
ft.uN tiu he W
'' lut*wwwm vWON

e a cleasor
I..ALt M0L 1"e EIT
...AL,- Im NWa,,
a* i *

, t-

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_ L___ 1t _


'C' Sizzler

Headi ..... ",
Headlln si

* .,.**'* ..

...." 7 :" '*.* '.
.' ,, "'. '. .: :.

.",g81 ^. S

Newminster, Petit Pois, Atlantic Pony '

Turf Lodge In $650 Race League JOE WIt A

An evenly matched Class "C" field will dispute the 1650 I
purse offered for the featured tenth race at the Juan Faoeo Standings of Team for 2nd AMI A6P1ya tAuof
RacesTrack tomorrow. Four of the six horses entered for this loam Won &ust new theme NOlb a5 07i A. .IZ
contest are rated equal chances of winning. BuhCk 7 o ]-e this: "What o law I
These are Newminster, Petit Pols, Turf Lodge and Mingo0- M.R.A. who Kner, a tt ie.t S h--
all of which are racing to their best form. The other two sched- Motta 1 burgh owners are
ruled starters, Carmela II and Cheriberibin, are considered rank C.P.O. I 6 Up to now whern ]t .
outsiders. Carmela 11 returns from a layoff. Cheriberibin seems er mnal home-run n t i
to be losing form. Game of March 11: speculation and conjeeture. Wa I en
Mingo, an Impressive winner last Saturday, moves up a Iksled In publicity values, WAusin what pee to be a
class under a light impost. Petit F,)s finished a creditable MOTTA routine salary conflict: to keep otherwisee liter club In
second to the classy Coynes Edgar with Newminster winding Team AB R 3 the headlines.
up third in this race after setting the pace for three-quarters Garcia, c 2 1 0 I am now In a position t. Ate on theiri osm t su bstantial
the distance. Turf Lodge, the probable mutuels choice, wound Wright, 2b 1 0 0 authority that the Pirates are OW ,eff throu h with ner. and
up fifth in the Francisco Arias Paredes Classic following a Pabon, 3b 3 0 1 forceful efforts are being made igpo I. Thi has
brilliant pacesetting effort. In this wide-open race, it's take Polumbo, 3b 3 0 0 ed from a more matter of in es to aroused pes.
your pick. Bird, If 3 0 0 Klnetr asantsO iedthetp- wl pay hl Juaa r
Newcomer Cardington Green will attempt to make up' for Lorences, rf 2 0 0 Whatever chance Kiner h to negotiate a av ol -
his heartbreaking loss to Mingo last week when he again goes Hadarlts, rf 1 0 0 tract and remain with the Pirate wasshattered when he nt- .
against a good Class "D" field over six-and-one-half-furlongs Herman. cf 2 0 0 ed the club he would be two late report because his -
in the secondary attraction. Flambaro and Rose Hip are ex- Robinette, lb 2 0 2 tt shop in Palm Springs Ca demanded his attention, this
pected to offer Cardington Green his stiffest competition. Rodrlguez, ss 0 being the buy season for the r
The program: Wetzel, p, rf 1 0 0 That cut it, as the British say. ven John Galbreath,I o
lit Race "H" Native 7 Fgs. 5-Regal Chum 0. Cha. 108 Total i al owner, whod gneositiqtkir have been xtraordia
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45 6-Pulgarcito H. Ruaiz 102x Totals 2 1 3 became angered that the slugger would put a sideline active
First Race of the Doubles :5 -Cone Leal B. Agui. 110 ahead of his profteesion and toldRickey to ship him elsewhere,
1-Avivato V. Castillo 112 8-Fanglo J. Bravo 118 Team AB RK i OVERPAID AND OVIRRAT]D'
2-Enriqueta A. Vasquez 118
3-Raymond F. Ramos 118 9th Race "D". Imported 6% Fgs. Sso 2b 5 1 2
4-Duque J. Phillips 120 Purse: $600.00 Pool closes:% :15 Croft, c 4 1 1 In the light of Galbreath's personal feelings toward Kiner,
5---Kontk C. Kam 115x ONE TWO Lamis, lb 3 2 2 which were of the highest, this i the most signiflant develop-
6-Resorte B Aguirre 110 1--Beduno J' Avila 112 Taber, rf 3 2 1 meant In the Stattion. It meainthe bome-run hitter has ep-
2TaaResortlar E. Dario 210 Bazan, as, p 2 4 2 tranged hase from his most Dowerful and friendlest advocate?
fad Race "G" Native 7 Fgs. 3-Flambaro J. Bravo 112 Smith, p, cf 4 Normally a club h no trouble making an d
Purse: --5.00 Pool closes: 1:15 4-Ventre a Terre C. Igle. 112 Kirkland, p, c*4 1 1 deal for Its 4 but ickey, forall his renown as &trader,
Second Race of the Doubles 5-Cardington Green B. P. 118 Hannlgan; 3b 4, 10 no simple tak. Where are two b.lztacoi.. One Is _mner's..alr.
1-Peggy A. Gonzalez 107x 6-Rose Hip j. Phil. 108 Trimble, If 2 0 00 (even with the:p d t, ttatdsa t 6,000)q m othe Ot
2-Juan Huincho H. Reyes 107x 7-Pin. Pon R. Ycaza 112x Mercier, It 1 0 0 the fact that, ase from his muscle, he G a payer ofmted .. a
4-CoUtlo C. Gonzalez 99x 10th Race "C" Imported 7 Fgs. Totals 32 14 9 There certainly has been no-.mad the Pirates
--La reao B. Aguirre 115 Purse: 650.00 Pool closes: 5:40 of Kiner, and Rickey, since the showdown, has been keeping the
6--Opex P. Ordofie 114 1-Petit Pole B. PuUdo 115 Motta 001 000 0- 1 3 wires humming. You hear all sorts of repOrts oil his frustrated Dis..
7-Piropo J. Chuna 105x 2-Newmlnster R. L. Gil 106 Buick 028 220 x-14 9 efforts. No dice with the Giants or Dodger..-algry's too high.
-oldn7 Tip A. Mea 116 3-Cheriberibin C. Gon. 107x Summary: Home rins: Taber, They'd have to raise all their key men or Invite club diasen ,-n. '.
ualp B. Guerrero 106 4--Carmela II J. Avila 120 Bazan. Base On baIls: Of Kirk.- Rickey offered him to the Braves for 8id Gordon, and $100.-
10-White Fleet H. Waite 117x 5-Turf Lodge A. Vasques 112 land 2, Smith 1, Wetzel 5, Bird 1. 000 and got a proper Bostonian refusal. The offered five
NOTE: La nea excluded from 6--Mngo A. Mena 108 Struck out: rkland 5. Ba- faceless players and a bit of cash, but Rike (f this Item,
NOTE: tn excluded om o __zA M a an 1, Wetzel S, Bird 5. Winnfing correct) could see nothing In thf4 ateria h t mgt help. The ,. .
betting. 11th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs. pitcher: Kirkland. Losing pitch-. Phlle (according to the grapevine), mentone ddle. Waltks,
SRace "I" Native 4' Fgs. Parse: 50.9 er: Wetzel. Umpires: Dockery whom they donP need and a modest CeashiL
Pme: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:45 1-Arkansas) O. Castillo 118 Conover. This t first time Ricky h ever been an awkw
ONE TWO 2-Prestigio) E. Corcho 115x ositIon. Here he has a star Vcplaer he e n.been req .
I-Sinceridad R. Gomez 106 3-(Riding East J. Sa. 115 i eliminate and finds the $pathet .Qae of the Pirate
S-Daniel A. Mena 112 4-(Mr. Foot R. L. Gil 102 owners. Tom Johrson, m a recent blad, r ner as "over.
Lady Caren K. Flores 18 -5-Scotch Chum 0. (hanis 115 paid and overrated." It may be 9therl rated* the same way.
* i-Frances B. Pulido 110 6-Choice Brand R. Gomez 115
-,-Sandra P. Ordofies 110 7-Golden Mine R. Ycaza 105 A STRANGE ROE1 FOR 31C1 N
S -Recodito C. Gonzales 112x 8-Vampiresa J. Jime. 117x .- I
7--Oropel R. L. Gil 112LLas the fs"ror "t thre r he fa r '
4h *Race "E" Native 8% Fgfs. Ali his homerun production skidded to an 37
P : 7.00Pool closes: 2:20 TEAM STANDINGS (nd Half) his batting avera to a mere .44, a drppR t tram te
IgFr Iseason before.en I$athe 8a7 4 1
-campsA.Gon?. 102X l fu Tile Stake 27-11. 1 1's and a 310 market and W
2-Villarreal K. Flore 10 e S M- W. s handed Babe Ruth..
3-Riomar R. Guerra 2 Gn1ame ,.Ivc ... 2 3" f l
4-Manolete C. Kam 117x T.a e PanT A3uldo .. 1 t ea lst thrNe txEm ahts u la Mtjb M th
5-Malaya R. Gomez 110 a t ..te. ; 1 3S M. rOeh*B 581., o u ean ag'i, 5 "If ob
6-Diez de Mayo B. Pull. 116 RAINBOW CITY, C. At- WEDNESDAY'S DEBULT She redi d f th i
t-- lantic side softball ans will be C 13, axter'U ,. his. rimne oito*r. a6d e h '# anI .
th ace "A" Native 6% F treated to a real good game this r DAY'S IR1lT i
Pursei S375.00 Pool closes: 2:55 evening at the school dimcd firmeen's r are few
1-Mar-lu C. Gonzalez 105x when the strong Industrial Bu- Pan AAesld4
2-Rina Roa V. Castillo 120 reau tackles the Commissary DI.- FIDAW Gawould r
3-Winsaoa A. Vasques 120 vision in a game that will decide CAA vs. 000 would s -ream It Broo and
4-DalUda P. B. Agulrre 110 the winners of the second halt Wednesday C4Aa set B 's m e may h-ve to
NOTE: Additional prize of S100.- title. Tranporters down 1 to8 ave to
Ms to owner of winning thor- At present bo are game which Baxter's, still on the keep him. Natural y athey aren't ng to give him away. In
ughbred. 'tied for the lea ndshort side of mound talent, used case, this la a unique and ellig tuation for le ,
r-- half standings,. a three pitchers starting Bob dO to .door gd being, 'ease buy my violet
8th Baee "H" Imported 61 Fgs. while losing none sad both ill Medinger, then Frank dvo W wner had to come to him, the
Purse: H$ .6 Pool closes: 3:35 be shooting for victory.. a lastly Duffy. line formed to the left and he dictated the terms.
First Race of the Doubles for the Industrial w the absence of "BIg John" .
1--Galante II B. Pulido 110 indicate a champ o eiiu Pastro. CAA tried out Jerry an wl as al of the cbhak) e M '"uae with one win.
2-American Maid M. Aro 105 while victory f the o on the rubber who was credited e's E l oquido tae m crossed r nlham apparently os bi
-.-Black Bull ". ChUna 1021 say Division, wzmqa hf the with the win in spite of the fact the plate three times in the sei- overualos in that hisn t
4-La Chats A. Mena 114 first half, will autam aU that he arrived at the game just thcon raewalktoCortm oahomer sem to be to get their n h'
5-mo R. Guerra 103x crown them Atlantica Dina after Ditc ing a game of base- by Dave lleher, abut single strike b each batter
6-Cerlpt 0. Ojuerani 110 Champo l ans0 bll (resutIs there unknown). bOr llehes better
7 -Ro Point C. 11 he. 11o fad.e-wr fa hofya n d
Somethany that is seldom seen er ntl .labt
Puth r SP "J" Importe 6ol cl Fs: 4:0 the Industrial to many fanWednesday when Cox Etea e.ts wn hs
th o" Imported P.doubtedly = thera B his Of CAA was at bat In the fifth among the to urWers for
SeseA& Rce of the Doubles team, while manager. frame. Baxter' fielders were However, the Inmranrcemen the second hall.
1-Valahra K. Flores 110 sure to d hdis a., ss"shaded well over toward right proved. their mettle the bot-
S A. Verr 117x ootoo to when Cox barely met the ball pt second took REMINDER
3-Sun Cheer H. Reyes 115x Both t re t el and practice buted the al when There will be a at th
Both tei tol.ld 0 dden,,a
4--Pncel B. Pulido 112 their best players. The faean m over the third o's head.H Be- sr hoo ,to T of Colwmbu J te
5-Astoria H. Waite 117x be assured of a true d fore any field could reach the short r twhean ot Blo Road at 8:00 .
---Cradl Bong A. Mena 112 op pacl and sporting per- field line Cox ad crossed the Coro came Mar 17, of
5th Race *J" Imported 6 Fgs. formancees. a v'S
8th Race Imported 6 Fs. Another feature of i- late with a bunt homer, verge n the ball whh oded ball e to de
r : 37f5.uolrls: 4:e w Besides Cox, both Moore and over their head and yt to whee, wn and what
Prse: $375.00 Pool closes: 4:40 portent contest will be pitcher Malene of the CAA chalked deei fied.
QUINIELA Mootoo trying-f or his fi nt u four-bagers. fum raient tha
1-Callmedear B. Pulido 112 in this two-month olnt eh Thup dav. Don Bowen's I ire-. Ii n16tth cute treasu of a a leaget o
-esperin dado. 105X this game will e t in men's Insurancemen got the atoor the season, ed that everyone pa ibe
--Jeoendigon F. Hidalgo 10x th game be Jeff -Joeph,scare of their les when with a ore r m,
4-Bendigo C, -Gon. 10"x Francis, Downer and Wilson. two-run lead i the send, (a ergto be rEdkoweda t I the ..-" : ..



~ 71
~ ~

mI (e)
I 4l

S.' S
m. .~.. ,,~,
~. S*;, .'~
*5 S., II

1 '2

mwwtaj -,*



. ;-.- ^ .

''P'^-i-A i4i

.,_t... ^S

8, a Ie, t
L o. *A .- ,
5T~f.* ,{f

, *

-T -.M { .



A .


"D" Importeds 612Fgs.
Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.

BEDUINO .................... J. Avila 122
TRAFALGAR ................. E. Dario 106
FLAMBARO ................. J. Bravo 112
VENTRE A TERRE ........ ... C. Iglesa 112
CARDINGTON GREEN ......... B. Plido 18S
ROSE MP ................. aJ. pm p
PIN PON ................... R. Yeam ll2x
-- i_ _4 @_ ,/

7th Race "E"
Purse: $550.00

1 P Ot O..I.. .,
* aSaLVg DOMVws .

'S PAKAMON .. ...;^ "A

, ..*A-,tr.AlW S A .,AL .


-~ ~


--n -

Ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9lthRACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
opera ting both at the

.., -. .4-

-. .' ,
4, !j6;->
A" A*&jj

9th Race
Purse: $600.00



~4. 4

i -- I Mv .

_ ,I

~111111~9~IDCP;---il r '


I ,1

. i .

.69. W.




I' "A .*' '



.-^ .. 1' /-'. -, ",-Y -,: ". -
Si .' '*; 'r .



~...: _- _I,

VI -~



Ston air

Pth Le Sixth In

.But N-,..ot W red

N. w T b o mM.- 20n oU th m. -tthe

-- .u
... S .r
go j.W



had Rone iato the
u a a it-point

3Ia (UP)-

'when second-
* a the N.C.A.4.
gaunval are playe4
a frre-borme club
StUPp No: 1 n n1
emitownshi to
bompionafhb with
f of 17-1, was a
in Its-game a-

2 iattonally. was


Na-ge "Wth care
0 lionaol and

Pacific Divisional Battle For Lead Features

Softball League

Teams W L Pat.
C.L.O. 8 2 400
Ideal BnMd & 2 .714

Narmy Ordnance 2 J
Plorsho o Steetricals G 4 0
Army T uportaton 5 .

Oomur tl Ctoflleng .46
N_---- m
Naval tattio ,* .4H
Army lAundry 4 7 .

Satzurday: (3 p.I L.O.
Signal. (4-30 pAJ .) Ma
Plreld v. P. Ct .rc .
taUnday: (2:3 .). 6 -dla

lorshehnm ectricals.
Le0eer Mee"ta: 6:36 pU
CJL.O, It, Ay A 11
C.L.O. captured the leUd In
the homestretch drive of the
int season schedule with a
th ring 19-11 victory ver
Afa QM.
wenOldhn of Army Ord-.


Fastlich Loop Annual 'Day'


OAmDDt ,

Wona Ldt Pet.
.. 2 IAN

Wie&je .. .. .. ... 3 A
PAU ...... .. .400
Man .. .. .. .. .
Top seat ln the Pastlich Teen-
ta wue will be at stake In
eo oner of the doubleheader
ed for the annual FastlUc
emfue renmoniesa at the Balboa
tfidU n tomorrow at I p.m.
Opel ot: Palomu are equally
tf cW he out on the
loun end of the core in this tilt.

ddie Kirehmler will toe the
mound the ocelots with
Jkru-e Bxemten behind the
late. Barl Martin beand hmy
Hota will do battery duty for the
Paonmaa. KIreihmler Is one of the
At. dependable buClenrs the
lea00e and Martin. while a com-
parative newcoer to th loop.
Is fresh from a victory eoer the
Conejgs earlier In the week and
is confident he san take the

The T71t Army Band muder
the iweetUea eof BaMdmaster
Warrant Offloer uB UB
Christla will apply mude
Sa o eoler narId ftem the
sA wl l be ea hand.
Ad ert ltch, godfather
of the league, will tou out the
first bl to open hotilitie.
The uoneJos and Moawa will
clash at 3 l.Jn. While the Ma-
cawS are presently occupying
the cellat they have never stop-
ped fighting and most certainly
will be no pub overs for the Co-
neJo ele Harden will prob-
abl hive the mound assign-
ment for the Conljos with Jeff
Oo.4 receiving and either
eddl ruthn or Tito Canmpua-
will work for the Macaws
catcher Solke Cody.
The Ocelota moved one notch
more t ards aki the second
half buatng when they took the
PVnaMt at Diablo vyeteroxy 8-4.
on. RIvera and Kirchmler
1 tmk tnu on the mound for
th2 i o and Wil worked

As A510 A
salak'. ......2 1 1 0 1
.orrtgan. 2b.... 2 0 1 2 0
Pets. e .. L.. 20 0 0
CauolT r .. .3f1 1 1 0
Will. .. .... 2 0 0 0 1
b.... 1051
lb .. 100 2 0

I. 1 .., 1 4 1 31
If... 001

wi.. I"~

Nahmnad. rf..
Black, 2b....
Bateman. ..
Kutler. u ..
Xlrchmler. cf-
eron, lb ..
Dixon. u-lf-cf
Bet, Stb .. ..
Rivera. If-p ..

Total.. ....

2 31 1

1 2i

.. 3 1.1-5.1


PUMAS.. .. 03 1 -4 4 1
OC3LOT8 .. 3102 S-4I f

-'tAr to Bdt.4
Corrigan and Klernan.



IIq u&qA

[ 'g t "- "' '


Exclusive Patented

Palm Beach FIBER.LOCK Method

Bounces OUT Wrinles!

Locks IN Smoothness!


* i


.ths w.... m apa n em.
a .d k# d -- colorsarm
aM~f War had. T far your apprarage /

,- .... *> ** .


lis he No e- ig
w..l sMwel sC>-.r,
dame White oCtirih
=see b how no&
I Nlearv-ems m am

*B^wB^Ber M^ sh* beH*^

^ -4 "- -. .' ,
. .' ; .*. .-- .-, -' ... .* :**, .' .*
- .. .._ -7 ,- .....-, -..' L .;.. ,**'
b *. '.**-'' -,J.~* *--Jf
I^ A --^ '-1 w>-


1* .I~


i. .-- 'A ,

:; **^' -, ,.,-'
':.* ". ..' '^


:.*. i .
-, '. -
2 ^



7 k.


_ ____

V m",

--- --- --


, ,.

N ` 7 ,
% ,


,., ,


-.-. 1 .


I q
-. ..-

Ammo-Conscious Senators

Accept Van Fleet's Story
WASHINGTON, March 13. and Hendrickson were named
(IP)-The Senate Armed Serv- members.
1eCs Committee said yesterday Mrs. .Smith said she expects
Gen. James A. Van Fleet's corn- the group to have its first meet- '
plaints of ammunition shortages ing "In a week or 10 days," and 7 p ,. 'aOll ** tru* I ---le-Am '.*
n Korea were "fully substan- hopes "most" of Its hearings Will 2_ ,
tiated" and ordered a full-dress be public. -
continuing Investigation. Saltonstall said the group will TWENT-iG IS
The senators, who heard face- go into "conditions 6r methods 'W "-EAIGII h PANAMA. L P.o rAPAT, aM CM 13, I NS .
to-face testimony by Van Fleet that have caused these short- --
and his military superiors, set ages so that they won't happen
up a subcommittee to determine again."-
"the officials and conditions Saltonstall said after the
responsible for this situation." hearing that ammunition sup-
Theyalso demanded regular plies to Aorea have been imDi- C .c0rP
reports on what is being done proving'rapidly.
to correctit. VanFleet'sther Building M accessory eriathere, Lt.
whose resolution calling for the ed he has enough to meet pres- l' f- "
ously, has said that any militaryO t 'i Muri
or government official found at '
ault "ought to be punished. enNEWYORK. Mach 13 (UP)- Much may depend on what cently because price hikes In i-tem, qioep
Van Fleet told the committee Coffee may cost more following happens today on the New York that country made dealers atill lnl
that serious and sometimes to rae M A IM decontrol but the pric of a glass coffee exchange. Because of the under cellinga here reluctant tor
critical ammunition shortages, nVI lof beer probably will remain the uncertainty of the market, trad- buy. l at t ranging down to hand grenades, *same for awhile. a survey show- ing was suspended yesterday Freehill sald.there sl no short- Ing mitei sah as sh!.u l
existed throughout the 22 lA ed today under a previous agreement. age in the United States but "It al rIdet, cadt lrat
months e commanded the 8th UThe government's decontrol Green, or unroasted coffee, seems advisable to decontrol the plum an heating
Army in Korea. order yesterday caught the jumped six to eight cents a commodity now to prevent anyf ment; hawr atrtl
Defense Secretary Charles E. WASHINGTON. March 13 (UP) brewing industry by surprise. pound at New York yesterday, sueh ahortage-from occurring." naIa, wire tae d some
Wilson, while not denying Van -State Department attorney A spokesman for the na- The decontrol order caught Americans consume about .260,- eriteel millou ; and'
Fleet's specific charges, testified Thomas E. Bracken said today tion's largest breed ~ Shilts brewers unprepared for immedl- 000,000 pounds of coffee a year. Indutrial.ta itemi-iaf
that ample ammunition is avail- the government still is paying of Milwaee, ao his wmn- ate price action. A spokesmin.-or one of New meta.. prove .
able fn Korea for present-scale nearly $1,000 a doy on a Voice pany does nt, pila to hike Yesterday's order, the sixth Is- Orleans' !adaes toffee wholesale
operations. He added that e- of America radio transmitter prices. Other B s they sued in the l power admin- houses said ftat- ees on roast-
nough for stepped-up operations project that was suspended Feb. were studying. hin atl. lstraton'8s *eth elimina- ed coffee probably will rise five E-
will be available soon. 17. Coffee Interds. however. ore- Mton of control,. covered rod- to 10 cents a poAnd In the next .... .
At that time, corn mittee He told Sen. Joseph R. McCar- dicted a rise of tom six to 10 ucts with annual ses of around few weeks.
Chairman Leverett. Saltonstall thy's Senate investigating corn- cents a pound at the corner gro- $40,000,000,000. The Industrial The spOkesman also said that
(R-Mass.) said no evidence had mittee that contractor J. D. cery. items Included building mate- there ais only.about a three to -
been offered to show that a sin- Watts of Portland, Ore., Is get-, As for building materials rial. four weeks supply of coffee now ie
gle American life had been lost ting $29,900 a month even which also fell uade the decon- Only five per cent of the Items available In the U.A. A 90-day WHINSI
because of shell shortages. though work was halted nearly trol order, industry sources said In the government's wholesale supply Is normal. .
The committee decided today, a month ago on is controversial if there are ay they prior index are. 4t under cell- BowewrY s shortage ex- OLAOMA March 13
however that Van Fleet's main radio station near Seattle. Wash. will be "very ve moderate," Ings. pete ue altfMnIt of Ullngs (UP) -Theted of
points "have been fully substan- Glenn D. Gillett, radio engi- since price lai ,'been finding Thuey pte* ad o other strat- houe eA t the> w5.f a w l" (b
hated by the testimony," much neer, testified that the State their own Ive lately. egi iita defe oods he to the convict
of which was taken behind Department cut the efficiency GovDrant pr* flo.(ile of wM t ly will stay on U.S. b couties preus for
closed doors. of a Vienna propaganda station diete a sR of I to 1It ents the'.lIat the controls law who have h lt. Je k supplies RalW
Sen. Robert C. Hendrickson either to "swipe" the 900-foot in the P feea pound ofe f- exp Aril 2 peindnl -eh =i, foithe aJm
(R-N.J.) said he detected "un- tower from the Ary or to oe. A New York coffee ma rt Joseph Free- ee died,
dercurrents which indicated "emasculate the service to the said "nobody la the business i d Atrols on steel and mmtte
disagreement among high Army Russian areaa" He agreed with has bema ahl ameoney the dense-r ed Items- were re- I iu t
officers over the ammunition McCarthy that the project was paottwo aySL." taited becusthese goods I ..
situation. "sabotaged." -' ht be eted t have the Dec
8altonstall said Defense De- Gillett said he recommended -lmp t on r0oe and de- tado aWf5t
artment briefings had not "put erection of a 900-foot tower o oe|o .." "e U
the situation as seriously or as which was sent overseas. But a ides the two bev. a7a
critically as Van Fleet," but he 450-foot tower was erected in- consumer goods in the ae -S
brushed aside a question wheth- stead and Gillett said he heard V*lll m0 deW laeladed hot water heat- .
er the previous Information was the original was stored by the BIV W U. e, u dispea. 'ule, '
"false." Voice In Munich. ha rdw and h*tib. he ch. 33
Saltonstall named Sen. Mar- Dr. Wilson Comnpton, former f e9am e 1 sold i u snlar the ( u) -r
aret Chase Smith (R-Me.) to head of the Statei Deaertment's EWEBhUUo 'm W w heaskt tn M
ead the subcommittee. Sens. International information serv- Th Office ofrce all Ro
John Sherman Cooper (R-Ky.) ice, ordered work halted.on-the BAMBERG, Ge O any, March tion mltid-retAil prlp coffee while
Seattle transmitter, known &a 13 (UP) Cpl. Herbert Wash- for'- a adar4 1ngeakr
_baker west, aftey there subcom- ington of New Orleans, La., was from-e. to 95 pents A'pound, two
mittee charged .it was being sitened to death by a U. 8. c pared taw t5 o ea a c -
built whea nm4agitlc sotrma general c6urt martial here Pof eWiaao
JM e Frwould cut its usef ulne last ht for the tated ding en
Brackeni aid he dlnAnkn ow murder of M. gt W e M Rob- c hasvirtus i
L -Ihf.. t..A nl why Dr. Robert L. Johnson, who insO, of Topeka, lans., on eb.
W IN5 succeeded Compton asE- 19. I
formed that Comptoila.W 41d
not terminate the Robinson, 27, a World War UI
Wrecked ar ge en. John L. .. Silver Star winner was shot by
Ark.) charged that D- Wintn In eir 26th Infan-
NEW YORK, March 13 (UP)- apartment "procrasthation nd try Regment barracks here and ted.. .-*
The former husband of singer delay" is costing the taD YWe! df Srtly afterwards at the
Jane Froman tells a jury more a fortune. McCarthy ordered 1th field hospital at Nurenberg;
today how the crash of a Pan Bracken to return tomorrow In a confession read to the /
American Airways passen e r with all department cerrespon- court, Wash.- admitted pik-
plane broke up their dyllic" dence on the Seattle station yt up .30 caliber bullet two ROCB'MlR. I
home life. since the investigation began. days previously "to use on peo- (UP) A wricar '
AMtor Donald Ross, who was dl- McCarthy aild the tate De- pie who are calling me bad 111-year-old Jiaj)*I
forced by Mtiss Proman early in partz-rnt had Informed him names." died
1948, was scheduled to resume that it had no witnesses to re- Ife said other soldiers had afr
testifyIng in the trial of damage mute earlier testimony Bak- taunnted him and cast aspersions Oite.,
suits totaling $,m0,o against er West and Baer t, to, be onhis masculinity..' Th' <|vn War .
the airline. located near WUlMInglon, X. C, Washington, a veteran of 10 lied ave o reo for h thre
Ross told the jury yesterday were placed in magnelc torm months Korean service, did not fatal gaet ri and his con1ar0 farmedo r
Mis Froman was "madly, vio- zones. Work also has been halt- take the stand to testify in his when ow *a anl hi 19- oT- .he -'
lently" in love with him before ed on Baker Batt. own behalf. AmMd.! Ioo 1 sttk w ion e '". 5" her
the plane crash at Lisbon, Por- e detofn to's A cal semiaton ora sh The prUa dar
tugal, on Feb. 23, 1943. The defense d. nqt seek to r egs. th had been o Albnmver Th
Bae later married John Burn, prove in anity but', clalm ed -t y he "just g1 .. .
a Psn American pilot who res- Washington killed obinson be- way," a" spokesman -a l
cued her after the accident, cause he felt he was being per- os.itl s"d. ,
Ross is seeking $100,000 dam- secuted by non-commissioned a -.
ages from Pan American for loss 1 officers. ag
of Miss Froman's companionship The sentence will go to a first ,
as a result of the crash. l Ainfantry divisiao board for re- 7 2 .
* Miss Froman has sued for $2.,- lUirview. l' r 1 vw
500,000 compensation for her 1I- d ne ar t t
juries and loss of income and ac- WASHINGTON, March 13 (UP) E At
cordionist Gypsy Markoff, also The House Foreign Affairs r11 to
hurt in the crash, has asked $1,- Committee said today ua has a
000,000. violated at least 37 p'ovisloma of R BY I MEEK ol
16 international agreements on LS1 W,. n
72 separate subjects since the veteran,W
end of World War II Local 595 of the national Fed- mj or

e committee's staff brought t ^ohol a fh f Suny
out a comph pensive document, Brat iouse C a v uthiva v c M*nim., rt

o n W ol d Ws o f i n t e r n a t i o n a l p T h e u n r u s u a l l a t e n a n e u n d n n
Se S plaes" -current rumors to the when
I^ H HbThe compi n lations fo and where of 30 cutes hn -u ,
current interest in the aeree- inite could be at,.te toweever.
.-- lBBI ^ ements bright on by Presl ent Following the dill ess docus- h
Dwight D. ienhower's request lions, those p enjoyed a
for a resolution condemning Ru- spaghetti supper served by Mr. A
1sin violation and mlsintm'nre-,and Mrs. Ernest l l. .. of fle
tations of international pac The projected l fry is .. the
'eThe Soviet Union has never annual N1P7 evAu And will be nina
o~ t r ., T admitted any violations of any held from 12:30 tO.e *P.m. Ad- mit
agreements," it sd.. mission this yar will $1 for The

& "- ..' 4 y Mirorlores Bri ge Memorial Services
Closing 3 Nights For Virgil roe s ti
Why Seof ups't, bee, headachy Miraflores Bridge will be closed "hows
oflatebour~s.'ndigestion to traffic ior three nights, t.- lSet For Sunoay mor jm
or temporary slugjishness? Take night, Monday and Theaday, be-1 -d t18'
paiklias no k irn and you'l tween 9:30 p.m.; ad 4:30 a.m. tot Memorial services for Virgil ed
Promp'y hel ne.utralize permit work Inlcidental to the Brooks, of Pedro Miguel, who died "
ese add _. .s .A,, take overhaul of Miraflores Locks, It late Wednesday afternoon, have D
.uusmi j*yem.iiiv.wsam--ootoabenshdedfrunaat.

Eno_,S a SPO#ay, Send* l.azative, been scheduled for Bunda n
Ca am: .e only as. diced. Buy at The work to be gone Is the ernoon at 4 o'clock at P-etM.
heday-see howr goodi tist clearing of acetuinuted debris gSel Union Church,
m OUmz ACTII from the. lower casmson seats of The body Is to be flown to Win-
.AMNTACO the locks. The-work IA to be pr- ter Haven, Fla., Mr. % rw-
.ind formed by the cranebot"- residenop for
henli b. and while the crs eboat swde- Mr. &rooka
.. -quic" k it is necessary to have te at PedroMW
Isi0 laMe B% 8 span bridg "t of service. V y .ra
f or@ W est.. During the .perd s ot when .th e I F
wb =bridge in closed to traffic, all hafltIngwth a frlmad nut
vehicular traffic acrom he C n..
nal will be routed over Tuteher ,
Perry wnich will be opeated m -- s surlv it y
r1egulsarchedal4. two


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