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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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aid the

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**1* ~

.- Abraham Lincoln.


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) -pst.



Force Cuts


In Storehouses

A force reduction affecting
btU.8~-rate and local rate
pernenl will be required in the
ht Canal Storehouae DiDvl- I
Swfin the neat few weeks
A.stailt of a dro in the work
of the division. t was a-
npieed today at d alopA

* extent of tg
4a ben deter

matter Is pft
y and it Is Na
f of. thef redual

r '


LeVd Canal

k... *e, Too

Unhter he headline "'Pudm6 Canal Could Be m.
.We Don't Neqd pa' and-New One" the Saturha
s .come of- wi n-its March 7 issue in fa
m the loc system and water levels of thi
than hiing a sea tevel eanl.
Hgif sot30' other p ssible mantes will. h
lyn InNlmedntc Caquis Camiuuisso whidc
r reaedby ress to arfyzr ftie problems in
ps~~t ocgi to cean, magazine bserves:
l bet aG#d i is still the oe at Ponam6."
6editorist a finds thae "No one doubts that
roaproviipto# the present Canr is urgently need.
'p I aloidt ts tprotection fr. the waterway will nat
nd on ho i- is:ilt but on 4deqttte covering for-
on the sej W in the air." ,
iu intriw* in Con- locks at that end of the Galt
support. lark Cut and two sets at Mrai.
r of an flca.
M5a1e*0 1a. present eatrt
t ., 4,,,

OTR llow

i .M

Marth 1 12

^. .HAV
i nth l
ga the
of ms
*ims afM o

-~* 2'. 'S

edbaic eal ouAtli

ve ad Gatua and Iraflees
SgL. M |of the u avglatlenal
-w fa the GaMrmt Cut wo
it om W

t in Bradley estiUmates ti
wt* | I,*T--- '
now pr ni
laver*f flclfo

to iagre mb ed 4 aM
of *tast. 'J
"Coures amut, the ~grtfal
choice of a l rather
than a 'sea-level ea n 1906.
on the reco d of The-
odort, RoQ=. Itf M )v the

n w -aO
No slal
sE, however.
SveIel Vem
SDeael a
h Friday.
hes htrn th

iept- mrin rivers. TEI
Itr5Us Cul.bra-Cut tak
through the Centi
gUlie Ships are raied
1Bet- the Atlantic aide
three sI of lek
S A stallir arni
have b n mad,
m side. Instead a
bretaer bwn

c' 'y -

5p-rks Wall S

Wrisf Russian !
* lo e than P. t aun two RusTan Doha
SE miblas^S

oRthf c0nth
as their
i ..-au 1 ,

r evye

*m piw

The president of the Cas
Zone Bar Assfolation, Judge
ward M. Altman, today w
waltng receipt of affidavit
1Igofi attorney John 0.
used abilve language
the aourt.
District Court Judge Guthl
F. Crowe aid he bad mailed
affidavits on the matter a
asked the Bar AaeiaoN on
reeommendations o action m
be taken agalst Collis.
*S0e Incident took place usM
ThuTday. During a suit to
malicious prosecution the Jla4
sustained defense counsel's -o
jectlns to Ooln's method of
Questioning a witnea wAd It was
thn that the veteran CMa
aone lawyer allegedly used ab-
sive language against the CoUn
Later, In the judges' ehambel%
Collin to alleged to have repeat.
ed remarks against the Jud.
Present at the time were
H. Brennan, United States de-
puty Marshal; C. T. McCormlik,
Clerk of Court; and Willia
Sheridan. who was the defend
counsel In the case In which
appeared for the plaintiff.
The incident ended when Cut-
lns was prevailed upon by Bren.
nan to :Save the ludge' ehab
Altman today said he had
Idea what action w~dae
commended until he oa the U
fndxavts with were sied
McCrmick, Sheridan,
and Prank M. Slvos, aC
Zone policeman who w s
defendant in the malicious
beemtoi case.

Frenk S. Flumoch
ODMrw Ot CZ ::
adborrle4 cr C

'g .

LWM atea .


,.1.* -

d&.aud ^MMW IAd a


--- --


'buMAnil 4


* J~


7g M STtI P O, ol 14. PANAMA. It OF P.
CoLes oopicE 12.179 CENTRAL AVENUr uET wr 12TH, AND 13TH "TR""T
n SaIMel ONTHS.1 IN ADVANCE ,s go 3 00
on : 6 AiE rA. I E N ADVANCED sO


i ---
The Mail Box is on open forum fo( readers of The Panoam Amer-
:Icem. Lettert are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi-
desntial m1a1 pr.
S If you c4,tribute *a letter don't be Impatient it it loasn't appear the
S (ext day. Leftfrs are published in the order received.
Please try' to keep the letters limited to one page length.
: Identity ol letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This new:oper assumes no responsibility for Hatements as opinions
i expressed in le ers from readers.


Balboa, C. Z.

May all ycirr gentle readers join in on- minute of silent
prayer o'& A. M. B. P regular Navy stiff. Even paper dolls are
;ci a c to prove dI imN, tor this boy. .: .
Than! you. Aien .. .
-wty Ftthonl.

v Sokesma: '"

So a Nvy frinvest',ation reveals no shady'practice;. We as-
sume the investigation was rorformed wlih tongue in cleek and
vrn meant to be a wbltew'-h. The investigators who srt-6rdin-
a-i-y not so careless or ; different apnear to havefalled to check
th.i- coirefm lctence o.-the records. They further fail to clarify
t'r* important points.
I The sookc-m.n a'mlts a non citizen was paid lump sum
to avoid losing '2 drv3 ap-iinl leave without an auprecl-ble
b-,cak in service Do oun, call the time between leaving work at
3 ,0 pm and eIor1n12 '1 wo-k at 7:00 a.m. the next morning
a break in service? Wasnrt this circumveflting.regulations e':ist-
ir at that time? Six er. loves at Navy Bstktlon at Coco Folo
c.'ch lost as march leave i not more under the ssme.o.cnditl"ns
b cause admiini-'rators at" that station remained within regula-
2. Your exo:.rraticrn ci thrp RIF'< being given to allow pay-
mnit out of 19on inrds :ikd tihi retention of these same em-
ybyes due to e- ,ri on leaves these questions to be answered:
aren't the RIF'', LI-ied in.Tu'e .'-cause personnel ceilga had
'n cut efrcftihe .Trl- I? If the cellines were still -vail e after
Mv or the-e pe-'le werC need due to the expai.' on Wca
V9 the RIF's c "'--"(. AT'~-or 1951 inor v no; cnlno".l-'z" .
hor"e. )uvt chr : rf- ,.," l' rccore. Aryhow didn't, the ex-
pii-slon due to i'jrca oc.ur'~moaths after these deals? v
3 About the 2 empoloei ho resigned in 1950 but were held
o'-er in a temr'c--y asttl' 4tntil April 1951 Everyone on the
sertion knew it wr .1.'.:" itrintion to return to the states in
A"ril. They free-" (i.-c'zr.ed.ri thi plans and it seems improbable.
that the person:-! c'i'!:e drid %I 1::ow rbout them In any event
* yVc did not -:r f~- r-::r- for r:,"nn them off instead of
caEVrying them as permcnentr. il they left.
lan') It a fact that official a ninion was that the retroactive
f LLure of the tax law would bt- withdrawn but that .taxes on
I1A 1 Income was as certaln as dea'.h or shady practices? Is there
any chance of getLing an opinion from the local tax people?
If the Senate commit'.ee wilL'take the time for an on-the-
spot investigation of the nersonmel action forms they will un-
tidubtedly uncover much dirt.
-Ditch Digger 4.

- 0 -

. Dea-r Editor:
In the Interest of cultural relations I see the "artists" of the
Canal Zone have given a "permanenttoollection" to the University
So Panama.
With all due respect to the cultLurv standards of the Canal
Zone, this unsponsored, unjuried, gift to oosterity has in my.ilnd
dubious value. Ever.'one hvs been awrte of the self glorification
standard of the Gaydash era in Canal iamne Art. Everyone knows
that the art appreciation of the Canart Zone dates back to the
SCivil War or the Construction Days andc that anything more re-
Scent comes under fire of ridicule Yet ,some of those with the
sharpest tongues and the narrowest vleyms are setting their work
up for university level example to mark tlte cultural development.
Sof 1953.
Yours for better relations on a higher'.level.

Feathered Friends


1 Soviet river
2 Dry
3 Cereal grain
4 Retainer
5 Surpass
6 Compass point
7 Girls name
8 Oceans
9 Demboolike
10 Of an age
11 Alaskan
19 African fly
51 Goddem of
24 Plant part
25 Solicitude
29 Mimicker

I Song bird
3 Wise old bircn
8 Small bird
12 Iroquoian
13 Employ
' 14 Go by aircraft
16 French health
16 Pair
17 Group of
S players
i* Experts
20 Sewing
S22 East (Fr.)
23 Arrive (ab.)
24 ftghteners
to Small islands
Ia Faucet
86 Artuaial

81 Marst
o 82em0e

" 44 Assam
u 46 O 'erv

47 Preamede
l4 euptaa
* (Fr.)

: i0 g 7 Hawstpit
* VI Urw of
CaeM (Mb.)
90 Amerina
3 Disrm euiil
ITermidl '

Answrto Previous Puzzle
** z |5* i S
I^ Mi oA I N o r

A 7 K nrr K Tr'
* B *B *H 7

5 S y; i!" *EE

a A mk ;5S. I
ON Is 7 w ..

27 Pierce ?,47 Mohammedan
29 Row priest
30 German river 94 Garment
31 Drunkards 4' Heavy blow
34 Rubbings out 5 "Emerald Isle"
37 Withered 521 Leaping
40 Soothing I amphibian
42 Fiber kaots 531tSteamers
43 Cuddl" (ab )
45 Notio 56tBustle

Deo-r Nav

Yeh, The

Labor News



Now is the time to discover
whether John L. Lewis is
spending any time with his
dictionary, lor there Is atilt
great drama in the old miner.
The Man's major moves are
always annou wi.a T aXe -
cept, ofPoodlrab1k, .
when he reached
brown wrap]ing
scrawl on It: %reen:
affiliate." This he dispa
to the late AFL chief, I
Green. as formal notice t ]
the miners weremoving out *
the Federation. i
But that was a whim-and
Lew\is has a wilam of Iroll. -- -
Usually he acts as he did the
day a decade.ago when he tld
4 group of us that he thou t
in "accoupleaient" of all -
bor was necessary. Noticing qa
quizzical look on my Wx,
Lewis gently spelled It i".
When I asked what it tet,
he retorted: "Go to theo dl-
tiondry, son."
I did. Accouplement A. the
act -of tying together. tIAwis
wanted to weld all labor in-
to one force.


."* -, ,


a more, .the Defe- iawj
Srdel not tued
KStestm ineah .,

Today, Lewis once more
public enigma- number one.
;e has in his hiads .th
power to stir all labor again,
the power to hea- e it .Ato
the national headfrles as
he did in 1 ''with the sa-
tional sti wn strikes.
There are thon-., who say
John L. Plans tqejoln CIO.
To him it is Pygmailon. He
ereatrd it. He loves it for the
life he breathed into it.
And those who believe he
plans to rejoin say look at
history. It repeats Itself. When
Franklin Roosevelt sought a
labor personality to sit with
the giant Industrialists at the
moment when this nation was
building its war machine for
World War II, the White
House called on Sidney Hill-
man. That was a personal af-
Iront to .ewis, who believed
himsel[ to' be Mr. Labor.
At that time he went to the
1940 CIO convention In Atlantic
C!ty-where, In tears, he ask-
ed Phil Murray to take over
Pygmallon.-rand uttered words
aoubly significant today:
"Labor demands adequate re-
presentalion and not on the
basis that now exists of one
lonely representative of labor
to 100 millionaires."
Thus he defied Roosevelt.
Thus he t d the nation that
Hillman did not speak for CIO.
But history turned on Lwi&
And whie...Ahe men's clothiln
leader remained to...tali..Jr1
all labor, the miner left CIO
and isolated himself.
Today this nation again Is
building a defense machine.
Again Lewis finds himself isolat-
This time he is with Pyg-
malion. CIO too is isolated
from the While House. It has
little or no influence with
the President of the U. S.
And once again Lewiiss say-
iani-walmost In chorus with
the CIO the
labor man, Labor Secretary
Martin Durkin, sitting with
"Eight Milliondires," cannot
speak for labor.
So Lewis and Pygmalion
find themselves needing each
other. Lewis has been alone
for years. Now inside the
closed conference room where
the so-called national labor-
management advisory commit-
tee is meeting with Labor Sec-
retary Durkin, the Iron man
of coal is telling the "plumb-
er" just what's wrong with
the administration's labor pol-
icies as Lewis see It, of
In that room, Lewis finds
and ally and comfort in a red-
head whom he barely noticed
back in Hillman's day.
That's CIO's new president,
Walter Reuther, also now
alone, with CIO under sharp
attack by the AFL. And this
time CIO cannot find help in-
bide the White House.
This attack is far from
Imaginary. There have been
exactly 192 battles between
the AFL and 010 since last
November 1 (to Feb. 20). In
192 plants, some of them
giant defense installations.
AFL leaders have tried to
cut out the CIO.
Over in New Jersey last
month Dave Beck's militant
teamsters began making good
their new president's boast
that the AFL would liv the
CIO from the beer br ng
field. This the teamsters did
by winning over 5,000 CM!
beer makers in one of the CIO
Brewery Worker's strongholds.
Across country in Minnea-
polis, Beck's men moved In on
the CIO's secretary-treasurer,
Jim Carey. by taking the larg-
eat union in the area from
Carey's C10 International
Union of Electrical rkr
That was at the Hoaehwel
Regular Co., which n makM
thermostats, among other tem0 .
The AFL offensive rolls an
everywhere. AFL organizers t
moving Jn on the CIO oemn-
munications, electrical and
electronic unions and ma
trying to get Congress to pM
a law which would make It
possible to crack even the
CIO's hold on auto and steel
Lewis needs help In the

ther are knocking down the
satoies about a possile mer-
w^Stu""^ my

McLar V. ,-y perspilng nghairs look Oil dealers al
ilie other way whe* Lpass by.M t of my mal ea large sto
is insulting; says a piece pof e here last fall asu Ras- pe
has caused the writers untdld hardship and ex- are going to stc
pense. The man who sells die fuel oil promise -1 own bride
me a hot-foot. dipach. as
I admit everything, me and my fuzzy cater- worn. t a few
pillars, but I insist my annual.autumnal weath- pride in new ra
er forecast dispatch was a real sitNe chiller. It Th4 anti-free
predicted sub-zero temperate Mmards bury- y eerleedua
ing the countryside, drifts a high aes televislf' ragmen Te
aerials, and streets becoming a ing Tfor catei
Sonja Henle. I ,Me. Wd
It was so vivid (adv.)that I got cold half way 8"al
through the writing of it. to
So we gpt the mflded waitsr in ~ oarme th
oldest eittoen: "Jere"i b=eb.'nb 'e. ,o 1 .,
ther.Nobody' A M about WiM
pie trees ditto and the wort of t I
my own a ad e. s 1-Fr 'im& utif--A .-u AAA-h
tractor (the one with headlights trat sa r Thre's not
so I can plow backwards at might) b ht a are Only
snow plow. This nearly broke my back .it syi ,
unloaded. It also cost $46J. weathe
The directions say, however, that Wa' aelo good cowardly,
for moving chaff around the barnyard and It and now
still may not be money dowi the unfrCsSat. Iwajat1
All I need Is-laMibalf. ,- ...,
The fuel eot 4deal l llb iW t at dq~ager ofa
13.4 cents per gallon (a scandalous ure)a the coun
my story and It struck im a logca He order- .. .and leI
ed up one of the biggest stocks of Oil he v0W bad. It
His tanks were brimming. They stMl Are. 6f8115
My furnace, which turns Wtelf on by mesa of and I give nl'
its own clicking brain, has kept itself off nearly I trust this ap
all winter long. I nf not. r7 cra-f

Overheard ia the UndwesW: Whboe dOe y
think has the most eashT?..." L fs ...
O'Dwyer...Formser Champ 3. =a foaka
tax matter myabe sctlduW Cao ~vwel.
millionsuH at h a W ta
back...ABC Juat pe pum m umaigto Me
Fisher tea. of tw o l wa b). P=aul do).
man wammt his.. Ue asbw (the
Flagg" st) k a ammed U-' --- e.U-
with a film eane" aYnd I b a y
one has It ..T. 3. F. Sl^wineS'S HM&
a eontrevemy ever' w .eldbiro b _Ch
or ain't. "Just emot thMr ~.Moafd =a-tha
settle it!"...Babe GCeMWg wedwgm what
did with her *I 9M "i0T'.. o e-hd"ie who
migrated to lifted (the O -a Can"Sa)wIh
the Jelke Jitte *are ek b g fit to kiM...
Drew Pearmsm amd hs spmm (Mu.M aetvete)
part Mar. X.

The AmeSean MeruyI 1 MMIMlue teetaUm
H. L. Varney's blast, Te A A ntl-COmIaI
nist Now." The blasting hiele dte the eomm-
nist record of editor JaMUm WebiMer (nd aMft,
his Brains Dept) on The W..T. COowt..."WIe.
says the walloping w*o, "that _.fli
through breuat-beating o'r I no OW t_.-Uil'_.
munism' It goes to work on the f t bate
job against a real uanuU-C U that Ig BOW
on exhibition." The atUM i that tM i i
hibitlon Included-a -M d fld lew
WincheU. whechlbgitg Wadn WW. sk
an Intensive campaign 11w te- t
Line and its American "
They we n dismag sid V$OPfs
to inciLde" r TH t h II A
4a-h: n muia Eena UMnd JH '
Im lM .I M a-i 4 -i h f .., i

men Ie that ytaem
wil do a teeU:drsM-
eander tohe T E.
aitoe Ctl (flodde d
feler w efl Ar
a ftedft (Nif J. MIllm"
a rtm t.. at wd

CMke J ga) sg l

feogaeo.wamv W a.f

I ovr, ares stuci wftt
ks. q a ;uen and even the
op le vlMujgdwing where they

she. a avies cot. She's
tikUe, blb that was because of
labnm.-84edldn't really-need It:
sat l onred into.the radiator of

W .. .:E
rjW %.W-f^,.
'r-ig:. .,

m' i V~L




f ar.
~ ~
C..., ~ ~

2- N

7L m~.

rw f am* lk

V 2"T

Weeitler Retort
By FrederickI C 0tlom -. -

~1~1_ _I_

~II _i ~_




* 5 "




' ",- -

*. *s




t_ ..

,4 ,,=

- AT
.- -

- A tbWs o .M mleft for
Baid ." 4 for

htber in.,
One* hMi japl wr
I -So- and o
6out- rate of

e yr,

d -


, .- ...,,i .',



1.4 and 2.0 lenses
Considerld hb tLIFE Magazine reporters a4 l
S-INESf .ENSES in the world

L L. Maduro Jr.
100 Central Avenue.

riou l



:, .' ; : *': "

.I nre2r

.4 whotf a rit.
ad to be thr.Ct at aij ad
pade for aaiLaT, o' is-
4 Xvelyr a Esher Jr-kson,
ipa. pubUli, .sorteachewM
&t.. the coat or Prophet
becausee be "saved. their
t 'i 'ae in wis8." .






-;' I. S

' -'.'
, .-.


, -
i: *

* -,.J ,- [
rt ,' a m' .
rr tit

. 4 r

.-D -.t:r .
I 17'
..... +.i **<

"- q.4 .?

. .. _:* 1.
~ ~ ~ **"i. "'' '.,^f *
.* *' ." .*^ p 't ...
.. ~ ~~ ~ ***. .:(;'Py .*.;.
5 'V]
* .' :lTi*--',' + f ",

". -:: : .. *1+

.* ,-.^ *'.** ;. ":-,,
*.. ,'. .-* ; ,.
: ,. .:: ;',':+ti

-ra -




I, ',

* 'wSrwam

,o. f-

*1^Kielt Or1tr@.ISLA, .
t^ue. qp.*VS'uwe

*' 4" A "i' .* ? *

'**' r- ,fl*/'^- ** t.'

a.. 'U 4Ii

;c u


l' t i a

- 7 ,. 7


1. ,I '

4L -


- I

. ._ .. _

:'hf.? *,',S*~*''* *^ -, t*

F% .
P'1 ^ ..;' *'

- ,' *".*'.:." ;.,. 1 >.* ," ,' *
. 1'. ; 4.1 ..* .
.. .

i I .


* I'



* R

7 1.y :. '-!,
.,\*' ***
^ ;'. ..+-
4 "

.. "':*
s,..* .+ ''

tt^* *^.::
.V ( ti. i' '
+. ~ i

At '14. -.



9 .

'. .

.. ..





1.1 \.~
-*-, J


rgo and Freight-Shfpt Khd Planes- kAr* .nd De
-h -_ _

niff Official complete advance ass unger list
Ing Panama for Cristobal follows:
hn Sullivan who is in charge, Robert F. Ausnehmer; Percival
Braniff Airways' Latin A- P. Baxter; Dr; and Mrs. F. V.
ica field operation arrived!Beitler; Mrs. Hope Branch; Mr.
t morning from Dallas. Texas. and Mrs. Frank Brunckhorst;
livan plans to remain in Pan- Richard A. Callahan; Mrs. Lil-
several days while looking'lian Calle: Mr. and Mrs. Ryland
0 airport facilities. T. Capps Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Chas.
SChapman; Mr. and Mrs R. H.
Sandtsen Steamship Co. Cole; Mr. and Mrs. John B. Cor-
ints Local Agent .liss; Miss Eva M. Cortez; Rich-
Inouncement of the appoint- ard Cosmos; John A. Dovel; Mr.
t of Central American ship- and Mrs. ,idspi
S. Cbmpa'ny as Isthmian a- and Mrd~N'ranf '. .
gents for the Irbrondtsen Steam- Mr., and Mrs. John Glassford;
shii Company was made today.!Mr. and Mrs. Samuel G'oldman;
Coincidental with the appoint- Mr. and Mrs. Jonah Goldreyer;
ment. is the announcement that Mr. and Mrs. George H. Reason;
Isbrandt.sen has established a Mr. and Mrs. 0. D Haddow; Mr.
new, rvetulir. independent steam- and Mrs. James H. Hagan; Dr.
ship service from the Pacific Robert H. ,Halsey; Dr. and Mrs.
ports of the United States to Bal-iHenry W. Harper and two chil-
boo.a diren: Ofllio Hazera; Miss Frieda
Thi; service" will be twice- Hellen; Mr. and Mrs. F. JI. Hil-
monthi". soith and north bound. ier; Mr. and Mrs. E&Hornberger;
and will include all Pacific Cen-,Mr. and Mrs. Felix Hraba; 'Mrs.
trial minerican ports from Mexico Edythe J. Johnson; Mr. and Mrs.
to B lboa. James R. Katzman; Mr. .ad Mrs.
New. modern steamships have T. J. Kavanaugh; A Mrs11
been placed on the run, with ac- F. W Kdller; Sidne l; Mr.
commodations for pasengers. The and Mrs. John Kra ,i Dr.
service will be inaugurated with and Mrs. Frank Ktre n
the ar":'.al at Balboa of the Irish Mrs. Florence Lanpl et;" Edgar
Rose March 18. G. Lanpher; Mr. And Mrs. Carl
The Isbrandtsen Line Is the A. Leasenfeld; Miss Corinne Led-
oldest and largest independent erman; Dr. James M. Mac1iellar;
steamship operator In the Unit- Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Maessen; Al-
ed States. For nearly. 40 years len K. Miller; Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
they have provided reliable serv- Miller; Mr. and Mrs. E J. Moore;
ice between world ports, and are Dr. and Mrs Leo Murphy; Mrs.
known far and wide for their Helen Moulthn; Mr. %n Mrs.
economical, non-conference low- Frederick .Neugebauer;. r. and
er freight rates and improved Mrs. John M. NOrth; Mr. and
service to importers and export- Mrs. John E. O'Rourke; and Mr.
er,. 'and Mrs. Harry Poley.
Their sailings twice-monthly. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rich-
at competitive freight rates, will Iards; A. Salas; Mrs. Cleo L.
result in substantial savings for ISchumann; Mrs. Josephine T.
Panamanian importers and the Segelcke; Miss AnaS$ay; Mr.
general public. and Mrsayl Squires; Mr. and
The Isbrandtsen Company op- Mrs. Mavqw f. Stack; Mr. and
crates without as6ociatin~'with Mrs. POW Up rn; Mrs. Cynthi -
other steamship 'companies, or Stotn; and o a
groups pf such companies' known Tvoit; ond M : nor f "
as steamship Conferences. Van -Wa r. and. Wiltqr
They are strictly independent, Weeden A am 'W s: Mr'.
and the resulting competition and jMra.,MlB. Welch-od Mr.
provided by Isbrandtsen has 'n i and M74. o ,
every Instance brought substan-
tial benefits to the shipDing pub-
lic in every courtrv which they Tag Confusion
serve. BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (UP,-


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wat1IWMbo t rrttlt

Passenger Salia A mr Orleans 5a Ut
via Santa MiArD.c__lW
.S. "CHIRI ............ ...
8.S. .......u.. ............
S.S. "COHM UP ...1.......................... t
W Skly Mall0h6 ei Tweit eabue 5igo tKw 4raw .mhD
Charteston, LAs Asel| Bsa Vanebe W a le li.
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*11 ?NZ 42-U4=OWcQA#I
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A 1 B-29 -

S A ING AREjH 13th
.'. A-PPLV,.

Ci.FeitouA&e.,Inc. C. Ifenton &Cork,4e
ufr1TOBAL. T*. 3-1781 MALBOA: Tel, -

""RD 00,
I [ %


j *B ~ W

^ -- -rin'

Eh K'I~a~Ti

_ ~___i-_~_~~

Cauik .W 1Itd P. mngacer

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Fraom Rea Lite

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7"'; :.,,
F\ iW
i. i 111;'-'*
S 95-ftI

Lov-- 1 Lo e. ze w ca
8. S. Cristobal To Sail defense p" to Issue sc
Today. With 109 Aboard cwllm "antltifn t t
A t -of 109 passenger Xare Ofila l,. ovae
sCheditd to sal from New York girls we' cha Q t
today *$r Cristobal on the Pan- as tokens affe
ama liner Cristobal. accorddgt .
an advance passenger list re- Wwen Cl '
ceived at B2Iboa Heights. Most The oldest Am i-n
of those booked to sail on the clocks had wooden works
Cristobal are cruise padsencers. cause they were made by
In addition to the passengers penters. In Europe, clocks
bound for Cristobal ten nrelwere made by jewelers, Il
book' for Port-au-Prince. The smiths, astuonouers,. pz.,
I '- ;T ..r 6' F

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t a't.I LJ' D I

w w& e p d to nLocal

a oA ) employees of the

m e t m l Pi. theK I at
S'Ims 9 ttobe t

aim truth. 1 believe that
m -mt reveal that the call
ai maurNos t

ldes haW otul beth ln e Id t

men the aoia.
way. oof dis ver es,_h
'4 Aore h.s

M -l U c~ tate disor ery ,
q u *~ i th y t" orut (e rbep Govodas
to r i an a ep fte

rv t eat th
S l e l in tatahe L he
.WM t he rfcr. tcio ge 'f In ta a rehis


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u '- ,t' sures of
Uas no m, Am"W

.stem RM

a Sof eond clar citizens

n lb' & w: o In CIO
"ntow antr'cy. That's
bw the want to
,t or d-.emo1ocy. Let
t prove thef mOf"'mun-
nu tbrt A the .rTight.
"In abothetr ecuon, the
reply rwmnUs'At the econ?-
-emy Panb.a tS predoml-
aat altoutul with only a
felt n lad Inustries. This fact

ricultural:' EUAo*C
workers do nq~ II
of oganaled ex
whees them* Ie- u
plete abatinence

oy k..,
Tell how
never before pbMeh. 9
Tellp how youo aa du" tell-
phon aywnee *mpiy- -
gardisM or notoe.
Important bearing idviilatg.
whe** **at*nM" w u meft l maW

No. 11 "J" Street
Box 1N PanamA

Hearin A- D Center
Phone $7500 Phone
2-386 I 2-2365

* '- p

.Dog Tired Dave

4Qavld was a busy fellow.
. 6piItal- never left hbim nmsl
SWoer oLt wean y. tired sad brave.
Why et read ouar Want Ads, Dave

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in the Re-
*.io remain
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imi Wems em. *

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,. ; .-" '

.1 ..,."w

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em AtdA. Classified

Leave youi Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57. "*f' Street PanamA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. --w Cp '"

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2201 ana

B Morrison's
g" fourth of Julv Ave -Phone 2-8441

Salon de Relieza Americano
No 55 West 12Lh Street

Ciro l Drgl Store
10u o Mildeg Ave.-Phone

Agencia Internacional de PuIicacionea at orer Estudlante 86
No 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 23-iS M 2h314 and 3-279 -
t. _, It


Household Automobiles D. am av0 furnished houses ON
..... .W---........a,.i....a Clara.APhone e o
SALE-~- l Doe. ci r r.geralcr FC- SALE -1939 Pac ar.j 208i AMees L _. r see caretaker.
cycle. Tems cn be arranged bo -oe 9-B Ne tDR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. WIiamns Sona Clta BOach co
S 174 Gmboo. Phone 6- bol. Phone 3-8. Central Avenue I Street, corner. ls. 2 bedroon* reftrlfl
324- 'FCR SALE: 1947 Chrysler. Fully Telephone 2-3479, onamq. kngosras rangl. teboa 2-050.
FOR SALE -9 foot Co!dspot refriger- equipped, 5 good tires. Call 7:30 r week-ends_______
Ftor. 25 cycle. Good condition. 4:00. 87-3164. After 4:00, Pa- FOR SALE .,,.. ctts, Snt
$75 00. R4A Rousseau. 25-3539. naorn 3-2449. S P Clarl .Box 435, Balboe. ihont
FOR SALE-3--piece modern uphols- FOR SALE:-USED CARS. The best MiscellaneOus Panoma 3-1877. Cristoba 3.673.
F red livingroom set lone large in town. See CIVA's USED CARS.
couch. r arm chset rslonexcellent Compare CONDITION. Compare FOR SALE:-One Hallicrafter, Radio GFmdirch Santo Clara oadi*
condchti. 0822 Ploank St. Balboa, PRICE. Compare QUALITY. Com- Receiver, model SX-42, 15'tubes. cottates. ElectrIc Ice boxes, gas
phone 2-2942. pre GUARANTEE. CIVA, S. A., First class shape. Paid $356. Sell- setoes, modent ras TelesnTo
phone 2942On Automobile Row in Panamea ing for $150.00. Pho.e Solboo 6-441 Gembos. 4.567 Pedre Ml-
FOR SALE: 25 cycle refriCIVerator A li Colon. 3227, between I and 3 p. m. uel.
$50.00. Crib with mattress, $20.- OR SALE: Crank Shaft fits '46,
CO. 5564 -L, Diablo Hgts. Phone I-CR SALE:- 1941 Oldsmobile six se- FOR47 and '48- Cr Ank bsft f r RENT ,
2-3223. -- Rdo. New hydramotic transmis new and has balanced flywheel. FOR ENT
FOR SALE:-Refrierator 25 cycle, ion Best offer. 2-4214 after :- 47 motor scooter, motor recently O
$60.00. Call 83-2151 (PAD I 0. overhauled. BARGALN, Tel. 2- Houses
during duty hours. 2946. 94 29 7Hoi4se No. '5337-8, Davis FOR RENT-For two or three' months
SSALE:--Mah-ogany dresser with FOR SALE: -1947 Tudor Ford 0 St., Diablo. a completely funished residence
FOR SALE-Maho dresser cylinder, excellent condition, oi -- o e
large mirror, $25.00. Large choir, g nl owner. $650.00. House 0581 FOR SALE:- 50 heavy steel bar- consisting of two bedrooms, two
$15.00. Amason 0775-G, William- B. An. 2-1759 rels at 50 Cts each, F,O.8. Balboa. baths, two living rooms and dining
s Place, Balboa. con. -- Good for culverts, grain, etc. The room, kitchen and servants' quor-
-so Pe BFOR SALE:--Dodge 4 door sedan, Texas Co. (Panama) Inc. Tel. 2- ters. For information from 9 a. m.
FOR SALE:-Six foot, low couch. 1950. Low mileage. Excellent con- 0620. to 3 p. m. at 37th street E. No.
1st Street Rio Abajo. No. 2120, diticn, $1,500. Tel. Balboa 2- FOR SALE:-One Singer foot ma- 22.
downstairs. 3252. _____ __ chine with motor. Piaro, Spinet. FOR RENT: Beautiful residence,
FOR SALE: One refrigerator, 25, QR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet Fleet- Tel. Balboa 2494. must be occupied immediately. If
cycle, $85.00. House 64, 2nd master 5-passenger Club Coupe, FOR SALE:-Wire hair Fox Terrier interested phone 2-2145, Panama.
Aver ,e, Son Francisco. $800.00. House 934,. 6th. St. 5 months old, make AKC register- FOR RENT:--For two months, cho-
FOR SALE:-Three mahogany ch,, New Cristobal. ed. Phone 2-1590. let of two bedrooms. 50 and 19
two end tables.. Chinese sliver lo SAfic--USERgCARS$. b1e -1* Street, Paijfillo, phone 3-2515.
chest. House 5426-.-A, Dablo Hts. FOR SAl-USEDUCARS. The best FOR SALE: Doberman Pinscher Street. Poi-illo, phone 3-2516,
chest. House 5426A, blogti. t CVA's USED CARS. puppies, purebred, 2 rrenths old. FOR. RENT:--Completely furnished
FOR SALE:-Plastic upholstered liv- Co em* CONDITION. Compar Mle $100.00, Female $75.00, chalet, two bedrooms. Rented for
ingroom suite, household furniture, PRICi ,sbpre QUJALITY. Co M- Call Balboo 2915. six months. oth Avenue, No. 33,
some Qm. steel furniture, refriger- pare GQARINTEE. CIVA, S. A. Call Balboa 2915. six months. th Avenue, N. 33,
otor, washing machine, woodwork- On Asutnolbile Row in Panema or -- Francisco
ing power took, all 25 cycle. CIVA Colon. FOR RENT
House 93-B, 6th. St. New Cristo- WANTED apartment
b_ 1. WANTED- RadioPrograms Apartments

FOR SALE: -or 9 Ft West inghouse ieellaneous Your Community Station FOR RENT:-For one month March
hogany, 2 chairs, livingroom, over- WANTED:- rsble couple H O G 8 4 0 or pr 14, nice furnished
stuffed. House 52"77 Morrison St., '- without children, house Or apart- formation Tot. 2. froig4
Dioblo. Phone 2-27,18.______ mont. two:'or three bedr-rooms in HG JI*8 m to. 5:30p. P -
FOR SALE:--Complete double- beds Cangrejo, Bella Vista, Vista Alegre, .,.to ..
from $44.00, single $29,00; or lf rights. Call. Ptaama3- W 100.000 Pe M- FOR RENT
Wardrobes $22.00; Chest of Draw- 4702 between 7:00 an 9:00 p. m. RENT
err $8.50, Dining Tables, $15.00; WANTE6b-TO BUY:--mooth tires, Presents Roo
Chairs $3.00, Sideboards $18.00. suitable for reKpnstructing. Recons- OOIR
Chino Closets, $20.00, Recondi-' tructorb k McionoVt. A. No. 7, -- FOR RENT: Furnished room to
tc.ied sofas $60.00, recondit;on- Peru Avenue.telephone 2-0406. gentlemen, -couple or young lIdies,
ed arm chairs $32.50 hklike pw) Pno Today, Tuesday, March 10 t St No. 46, up rs a
Srtill tobies $5.50, Youth W ,P.M. h.S.N "
and cribs (complete) An fily. 330-Muslc for Tuesday
burner Gos Stoves $55' 6=* Thrse bedr"o r3 w before 4:00--Sunny Days
65.00. Springs (single) $12,50, April 12th' Cal a 3390. 4.15-8outh of the Bprder
Double $16. ew moaftress, WANTED: e 4:30-What's Your Favorite
15.00 AND. OTHER BAA. coup fbr cO 5:30-W Your Favorite
GAJNS IN IB e W AF -USEr do *pch.-aui i' cotr-5. 35-What's Your Favorite
FURNITURE !F tg nt (cotd)
a YOR OFF~I ca ll n36 8:00-Frontiers (BBC)
Cash or C 15---- : Musicale interlude
Ope C every day from r 1 m and Ahie)jtn ftoiily to lease three 6;30-Haw Calls
2 t. 6 p. m. and Satur4ays from 8 or four use for one 6:45-Lowell Thomas
a. re. to 6 p. m. ye.218 7:CO-CHRISTIAN SCI ,N C
Autd obile Row No. 41 house quarters for 7:15-Musical interlude
4 National Ave.) Phone 3 -4911 Swedi ic family for at 7:30-BLU RIBBON PORT
ost to mons from mid March 7 REVIEW
LESSO N S l Pnam 2-o70. 0--The Perry ComOa how
LEAtN TOFLrYwithN ASA at Poi- elp8:15-Fred Waring and his
L*"NT L' hAS '"t' Pa-Pennsylvanians
till ;Airport. Tuition on Piper Cubs. WANTED:-Mdid for jenemrlhousie.. 8:0--pranu M ters Enter-
Tql: 3-1337. work. Must sl'ep in. Bri g refer*,' "" i l B
nOA Es to opartfent 7-.A. Mduro 8: .,.0mm tary
FOR SALE Building '"El mrejo" 9 .1 :-NON e .)
Motorye____W ANTFED:-Maid o sleep -- "'(V )
FOR SALE:--Motor scooter. Cush- erql housework, core of lldrem. 10:00-Cass Harraon 'CC
man, model 52. Price $75.00.. Tel. Apply Apt. 2, America'BIdg., Ri- 10:15-Musical interlude
Bdlbo 2-3252'. cardo Arias and 51st street. 10:30-Variety Bndbox
__ ~11:00-The Owl's Nest
SFOR SALE Midpight-Sign Off
mO FOX Be r & row, WetneWday, March 11
and 1-3, 1 HP.; Motor uch. Clu
Pri lpAl Comediajn FOR SALE:-25 cycle motors, 1.4 6:00--sign On and Alarm Clock "
*rI.M 34 foot, 108 h.p. C injlW*_ Ate- :30:'-MornlnX Salon
In 0lA H r 'rine ngin* roductibn, W e.lS-Mornng Varieties u911
In lost nOrion scary equipment for us A.brg"n. 8:30-Your American Music
,Phone 5-325. .. :00--News 7- c' T
erry ox is cast the prnFOR SALE:-Kohler AutomEic &9:--COme fndSTet Iht Rnth o CatO -r
at Diablo Theatre for one show Eetric Plant 1 1- M :00--New trying the rimatial croe' dis- r
ing on Thursday, March 19. at perfect condition., $464.40. 10:05-Off th ecrd plays the ,lg.k he willwear
7:30 m., but the leading roles exos Co. (Panama) In .T :0-C-News during the* ton a
7:3.0 Lp.m. but the leading roles 0620. hadetof Jaa e.e s adb ,
will be played by Kathryn Col-; ..-- -01 the iRecOrd (contd) Elizbd la J une. The ciak, aT
cla-re and George Metivier. ... 12:06-Nws .ade ofw aiJaneseslk e nddbl o-h
"P,M; eades, waspresented to by v
Lost Horizor is the Canal Zone 13:05-Luncheon Music Bishop YasMero, presidizngg e
selection for "International 12:30-Popular MutSc of the church in Japan,. .
Theatre Month" for March, and l1:00-News token of worldwide fellt* hip
will be given by the Class in 1:15--Personality Parade of the Anagcsn chel._ ,
Dramatic of the Canal Zone 1:45--mLum and Abner ----. --7.. .
Junior College, under the super- 2:00--IThree-Quarter Time
Vision of Hubert Turbyfill. 2:15-It's time to peace

1iS Colclasure is a member of
Delta Psi Omega, national fra-!
ternity in dramatics, a member,
of Phi Theta Kappa, nadional-.
scholastic fraternity and was the
contralto soloist for the "..les-
slah" last year and the -ear be-1
fore. She was the featured
"character" player of "Deathi
Drums" at the Balboa Theatre'
last December. .
Metivier also has displayed ex-'
ceptional interest and ability in
theater work, in addition to be-
ng a successful amateur photo-I
grapher. He played the role of
Jule3 in "Dei th Drums" last De-1
cem-.r, and is known to all
sports fans es a member of foot-
ballba._eiiall, and nearly all oth-
er sports.
While the role Fox will play
Is by vno means a "straight" part,
S t does seem rather na.turr I for
him to be cast as The comedian
oat t,* play. He keotthe football good spirits all last frelt
*nd has done the some for the,
crt.t during the rehearrals. His'
c1-: ctartzt oan of the Ameri-1
eW.n. bt',Ine- mrn who doesn't
r' -: be'.r- at Ph*n"'-ri-La at all
L rt..ic el iv '- *
C-c s r nc w on sole for the
.r ; :e e L U L
f p_ c..iL's :he cr" .'c.f durhi4,
w-*r, Jours, at 2-w-, i
7'.+ +

2:30-Afternoon .M e-
,i:45-Bsttle of
3:00-All star C a
3:15-The Little,
3:30-Music for W iy
4:00-Music Wit .Wi ds
4:15-Sepia Parade
4:30-What's Your"
(Agendcia Steer
,5:20-Whpt's Your javorlis
5:35-What's Your a9r a,1teo
6:00-It Stuck in pt dka
8:15-Musical inn hludes 4.
6:30-Parade of Hts
6:45-Lowell Thomas -
7:00--Old Time Ballroom ~ -
"/:45-French In the Air (RIDtP')
8:00-Request Salon
8:45--U.P. Commentary
9 :00-The Hall& of Ivy (VOA)
9:30- The Haunting'Hour
WIND UBLE Jean 1:00-The Owl's Nest
Cook, of Senta Moicsa, Clit .wdnight--Sign Off
,t on shopping toW. I' I
t n v- i !hi ti Rxplanct'cn of Symbols
I J l s o"' W' VC A-Voice of America
al 1 v.. t Lw BeC--Pritish Broadcasting.
.,ue, s,,.,,~i r"A Corp.
sD-Badiffuslon 1raap

,. ..

Pay less Rai get ore

*eynolds LIFETIME Alami.
:ftm Corrugated Roofing
and Siding.
Rust Proof, Needs no Paint,
Permanent, R*pe! Heat,
Embossed for Greater
Beauty and Rildity.
(where parking ir pleeurne)
29 Central Ave.-TeL 3-0140

tfapot ute S. A
Shipping, moving, storage .
We pack and rate or move'
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
2.2862, PanaraL.

'1949 CHEVROLET 4-door,
new sant covers,
rlwu ENWW I to ,r g 'w"

good tir ...1,200

9S tw9 dwo,
radIkeew red ,
plastic *st
COWS .'. .. 1,00o

Z.oorM, lwtic
seat ov;, 1new
tires ... .... 1200


Househd Echange w
05Ue FUiNITURE leae 1,850
41 Ao 13
MODUM. it.M.
LIVING 'MB^sup.,
^ B "HERES4" d' "u ndio,
Auto-Row w. t
=t+. 6- tew -r. Interior,

g.p 'top, only 1,40I

--, "'S *"- '* 1949 L9 5UliK -i Su Ier1
Di 5w2li 4-doqr edano,
At wts rt dyaaflow, plastic
covm 81 ers.... j,|WB

.ww DUNN
," p,, a n LA x *., l -Ch
CIIOPRACTOi M a .te lan
Dr. BRALDO S. LM I 'ci.'....... 50
(Pala ier ii .. ,..
a a14- 'e, SMaai.- Am.

Largely an Illusion
=0Me Iusiontdeacribed by 1
ore Roosevelt as that 4
Straits of Panama, thM
which the largest vessels
o with safety at unIAterrn
hgh seed." No such waW!
ouldbe constructed, uIlL
difference in tides bentWA
tlantic and the PPoWO'
squire a tidal lock in
"Nor would it be, M
mmune from. boum ba
tomic or any other. It'W
ave tp beprot6ted
raters by Come thirty
arth "ams&
-The brweaeb ar of
dams whuld put the as-
canal Out of comwiopleal
Is paff til-- an Is W OO

$e* syste. .
'."ut the retl point. for %W
taxpayers and thertef0rS w
Congress, hodld be tfe o nU
f cost, for. value rWalved It
erms of defense.: -
"SIx years ~go the governor of
tie panamA Cranal made a re-
port reeonaIW ding i sea level
anaL. Bt i a e 1 ays money
teemed literally eject. -


t Is bil.
>nnA af asetl

NEWr ofI
State for xtIam Al

Fearngo for As -
bo f PretW it "f t
fp l.tio vow


.- U ,h'sirt

E~ ffiM1
.....s ^~u
*a -M a m

.W f l. I


"o It' lto thpi

ateft a ea,

But heJs^lm*S

flth0) fit b tig

l Ar ,- ... A : -.Si .
r^.Hr m i *Jk

-, '

DLopo 4"aw

c.GI Power

yamdfi^ ....
i' .7'.

J951 FORD V.8 Corny.
coupes leather, *

good top ... lB5*

;4 PACKO P I, 4-J

c..... gwowwpm

_C ,,, :, :.. ,A.
.' ;I'I .',f
,- .'+;

S :

. heLase

Itth t

.-- ,
_ .. .^-,+

one of m
a for riah
1i wutld -al

fal ale

u-i I

. ,

.,. *idW.L M lXl

./' l


-,.'. I~T


r r_ ~~__ ~_~_____


. -i -- -- s V .

. ,



- ~3~is

( _

~.~1II .Ca~s~uq ~r9~r~i~r

-ifr 2wafto
addimtikalwod W

I I i,9,0


? *


"' 9.

I Ad


- 41

at the GaI

B18 A hgr stGrners Club.

Scdut. New
tlih frst f od
of Cub Pac1 Of"
nef as.-erman Offi n Olu t. the
pack charter was presented to
Mrs. Lelmnter, president of the
S Ofce'sa Wives Club which spon-
*t 0r te a ftw I*
'tusk Pr

tub rlM wro pad:-
at? a~tlti dInto the Boy leosta.
cubs mmwseeral song and me-
ipartt. Club decor
n, for a wers e prepaeP
wer, -Lmt0mtce w.,

no 4 i



**AE-le .Th e -
lowg U iich wM
Owask bthe atr rald.
& .*m se the vtlagw

bo ur-RI In North KreO u6MM Ut
Sehlcles In the tow. Itorig eI w
Depot. The village.ft, W4 b OWS
"Red Rippe," from aircraft euHr.
wiped out u Bse at r 0. L



smE US FoR
ife Insuronce FiPire Isurone '

Car and Liability Insurance

COLON Telephone 537

Samuel Smug!
ft"oes is Wamers vse*
si a i f ma t. t ot e.a
fl Nhthto W MM

F. -

S .

ers hi

-wela e No
SF *'6I NoS

amas Famous

March -

ethe t
aey-9M1.wi1tr co'bat

mew the 6-1ree1
%^ack of snow
t e enw pS since ill
early IA tz. For p(-
2My tvfti a Ptroop -
a> abe KDOl11WSout
peronnel drop would

a. ,

40 A


I. .~ -

!r K

H. Douglas, cam-
er of tort Kobbe,
maMto, the gruir

,were'Bmard .R.
of operations for
a* bMbeaB area,
or, chairman
oe .Bed Cross
.. -.

"-. ,





- '


.- I


* 'p:.- ,"^
^*. w**i
: T "t > *

*' *^




~v. *- A
~ *~~''* d
~V ~ 4a~a .


*" .. *.?.. *. 'iT
** .- .. .. ,
-m 9 .-; ,< -" ..

.iONJ4* ,ktEERY, INC.
n 7 ;

a. -

." *

r ~I

I~i -- .- --

I 1 .


. I


-.-, ----;- --- --

~ I

v V .**.., .


VSfVfif^f'v-''wmWMt i^-*i.
MwWst^ .-t








* .4,.,

* A ~9*~

- -OR lW

NEA Staff Correspondent

hind the Screen: It's bad news Irene Ryan to a friend: "My
for. Hollywood's tear-duct tra- biggest handicap is that I feel.
geoy queens. just like Marilyn Monroe and
They'll have to shelve one of look exactly like me."
th1eur favorite acting tricks for *
thrce-dimensional movies. The Note from Spike Jones, on tour
"6e'thies" will not permit them with his band: .
to C. ': their hands to their fore- "Before I opened the Spike
ohNsr in attitudes of grief for Jones Shop 'n Save Supermarket
dramatic close-ups. in La Crescenta, I used to arrive
. "The S-D cameras magnify the in a town and ask the theater
hands when they're used in manager how much uys and
fr '*t of the face and body," Di- Dolls' or 'South Pacific' grossed.
reftor Roy Baker told me on the Now I go to the nearest grocery
set of Fox's three-dimensional store and find out what they're
Aderno." "A misplaced haid in getting for oleo, lamb ,chops and
3-0 will have the fingers looking avocados."
t size of cannons." *
W t now that 3-D cameras are Check off another romantic
rolling in high gear, it's obvious star Louis Jourdan shying
that three-dimensional close- away from lover-boy roles and
lips are not impossible, as once looking for rugged-action parts.
rumo:'ed. There are several 0
screen-filling close-ups of Phyl- Producer Tom Hammond said
lis Kirk in "House of Wax," and It: "She never wears a girdle on
John Arnold, ASC, who perfect- Saturday or Sunday. She likes'
e 'MOM's Tri-Dee process-it her week-end fr.e."
started with him as a hobby 40 James Fleming. the commen-
years ago!-is beaming over one tator, will play a news commen-
sho' of Polly Bergen in "Arena." tator in Bob Young's "1600
Just her eyes fill the entire Pennsylvaia Avenue."... Osc a r
screen! oddity: Allied Artists' best-edit-
*" *ing. nomination for "Flat Top"
Ce3orge Sanders, inches away is the first time this company
from an emotional breakdown has crashed the elite Oscair cir-
e until Zsa Zsa Gabor flew to cle.. .Peggy Fears remember
ome to hold his hands, may her in pictures? is back In
[iot be ab!e to join Robert Tay- Hollywood for another movie
lor in MOM's "Knights of the try.
Round Table." Orson Welles has *
been approached-and is willing Robert Mitchum, explaining
-to play ex-King Farouk in a the blubbery look he had in
r.n Italian movie...Mary Cas- "The Lusty Men":
tl. and U-I have parted com- "I puffed myself out in the
panv. She's the red-head fre- middle because the part called
quently mistaken for Rita Hay- for a broken-down, over-aged
Worth. rodeo rider and I thought I
should look that way. I[e never
NOT SO GEORGE been fat in my life."
Every movie script in which Oh, no, no, no dept.:
there' a character n a m e d Seventy per. cent of all the
Christine is being called back for popcorn sold is consumed in
a name chang.) because of movie theaters. So now what's
Christine Jorgensen. up? The Natiornal Association of
FOx has one called "Hell and Popcorn Manufacturers is spon-
High Water" in which Bella Dar- scoring "educational" popcorn
Vi will play a woman scientist conferences or developing more
lamed Christine. Wanna bet and better ways of selling the
Ber'a winds up being called noisy stuff in theaters.
something else? I guess they won't be happy a
until movies are shown in the r
Deao Martin and Jerry Lewis' lobby and popcorn is sold on
tex( wil be in Paravision 3-D. the stage. 1
COle0 bi f's filming a 3-D m "- -Lou Costello's wife Is Out of t
Vie 't. d The Man Who Lived danger after her pneumonia e
Icwice Shouldn't t h at bout. but her convalescence will i
thrice be a long one.
Dan ruiley's new outlook O Oehear4: "You `kow why
lite has his pals, and studio wea don't marry gorillas-be- i
worried, case they don't'~we money." e


[Panama Canol Ifneaters ..

II ,
A B dA Yyonne de CARLOO Rock HUDSO
Ai..condtioued "Scaret Anael"-- Technkicorl
A :5 ,Wed uYi "PV
Se:1i A s & r"A ROW"

o* ,Thuiiry "KOL.AT 10PX smNEBS"
GAMhO A Wla.eAay
7:06 "Aladdin And His Lomp"--Cplor

7:fi b "rl.Ww Far -
*:lA -" and "CRAZY OVB HOnRSs"
WMBnes y "ATOMIC crJ"


Cornal WILDEe KEarl
Wed. & Thnur. "AIAIr IN TINIDA"






Youa' glory i Nwas

US Supreme Court Upholds

$ 50 Federa .'mbling Tax

WASHINGTON, March I .-. beaded by Sen. Estes Kefauver
(UP) The Supreme ot tD-Tenn. i.
the, legality of the pB The "nmake-work" practices
gambling stamp tak 'e designed to spread'work and
and agreed to decide W&iM hlon layotis stemming from
a state can punllah3 1i wroveraenms In 'macniney.
violating ical laws lr' ' oyers claim they are costly
plies with the federal Ot a hinder production.
It also.ruled that labor un Te printers' case was ap-
have the right under prtaeoent aw e oy the American Newt-
to obtain "featherbeddin w r Publishers Association,
"make-work" contract. with at odds with the AFL Inter-
ployers to provide jolbs formal Typographical" Union
members. The decision, the setting ot "Dogus" ype.
the printers and 'muscias 'l Se practice calls for p *
unions. '... e t In type advertisements
In another of more that a t are received In the formonn
dozen actions, the court ag i ta" irom which printing
to hear tae appeal of 'gor tes ocan be made without the
men's union leader arA eM d for type. in slack periods
Bridges who was convicted of they are set in type anyway
lying when he denied ie was though the type is no used.
ever a Communist to obtain U.S. Burton, in the majority opi-
citizenship. nion, said before the Taft-Har-
The 6-3 ruling op he gam- te law was passed it was "rec-
bling stamp clears the way lot a ognsed" that if employers a-
federal crackdown o hundreds reed to pay ior the bogus' type-
of alleged gamble hod l setting, they could be required
to buy the stamp ad r pay. h
cent of their grs pO he said the issue was not what e
the U.S. Treasury. the national policy on the Issue b
It was handed dewt in the should oe, out whether the Taft- t
case of Joseph Khagftr et Phi- Hartley law outlawed the prac-
ladelphia who refused to rgister ce. He ound it did not.
to obtain nis stamp .onu gundso Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson
such action would amount to and Justices Tom C. Clark and
self-incrimination. uSAt *oWeal William 0. Douglas dliented in
law. .the printers' case. Vinson, Crk
The government ,W is free Wand Justice Robert Jackson
prosecute Kahbger nd .others 'ussen ed n the musicians'.
In a separate b0 rrted decl-
son, however, %he 1 glcour a- N ana lr
S decide wke state -
may prosecute p RatfM ng
This test Involves PaPrick E. tL B|
convicted on g charges B
in Los Angeles C ao Superior INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., Mar4 10.
Court. w. (UP)-Oov. George N. Oraig to-
Irving contend eet was in day studied whether to sign. W
mune rom pros since e veto a stiff Indiana atl-g .-.
bought the reu d federal bng bill which prohibits tr -
stam. He rgu1,Mtt-Congress mliston or publicatiotbof dS
tin fixing teta did so upon before a fight, race or other
the theory that it was imposing sports event is held.
a tax upon a legal operation The governor and Legislature
not an illegal operation, were told Saturday in an official
In two separate 6-3 decision, opinion by Atty. Gen. Edwin K.
the high court said that onteers that the bill is unconsttu-
contracts, requiring setting of tional.
needed "o" type by print- al.
unneeded "mogus type by print Craig, however, may sign It so
r and mae-work" obs orit can be tested in the courts. He
musicians .do not violate the is on record as favoring stringent
Taft-Hartley law's ban on pay- laws to curb iaminlf
ment for work not done. Steers based his plnion flie-
Justice Harold H. Burton, ly on a section which exempts
writing ooth union opinions, religious and fraternaaorgani.l-,
mphaslzed the court was -not tions from the provisions of the
backing the "make-work" prac- bill. But he also expressed as
ice as a policy but only ruling "doubtful" the constitutionaltty
that it is not iegal now. of the section on transmitting
In other decisions the court: and publishing odds. .
1) Ruled that the Army must He said the clause did not dif-
Lssign a 'octor, drafted under ferentiate between quoting odds
he physicians law, to medical before and after sports events.
duties 'utdoes not necessarily .
have to Ave him a commission. *
2) U$held an employer's Top US Leaders
eight to-tire an emloaye who re.
used to roas a piket line set Endorse 1953
up by a anion oftwhich he was
lot a member at a place where Red Cross Drive
he did not work. The court held, Cuar Drive
-8, that a no-strike clause in WAINTONM h 10-A-
he employee's contract prohibit- mericanA in all walks of Ife and
d his action.
3) Refused a hearing for the in all parts of the country were
econd time to a group of "-urged to support the 1953 Amerl-
nd string" Baltimore Com- can Red Cross fund appeal for
uniato convicted of consplrinf 'o 000,000 today in a unanimous
Steach and advocateviolent endoremet by the ation'stop
Overthrow of the government, government, business, religious,
blefa drivee hb !q a
'he' four men 'and .two women b an d civi c leadr hpi na
wil ",be -calledinto. ideral court,'soon'ad''ordered h al Is y0,000
W tart servingth sentencesigte an la year's. lgely
Agresn c nc to expanded B Cross blood col-
4) Agreed to de in a Cae elections ri the productlon of
a case whett damages gamma globuf-n-w x a-
an be collectedd .u a home gait anMgo poUo. n w -
wner who sells to egro after a h nao
Asking on agreemat with his ion of Leroy A. Line ar-
gmbrs tha he would hot. man of the board of directors of
T anbllng stamp tax waste Metropolitan Life Insurance
k3 outgrowth of the nationwide 0.
rine committee investigation _o. __
Nearly reached It
'^Cap t uglas Mawson, of the I
8 lace eexpediption, aost
ee exact spot of the
pfla etie pole. o a
panhoee the dip of 6 earn-
pass. nodle *as oily a fifth.of
a degree Irom vertical.

Behind Be'oo

TOeAY e ".
**e 5T of "PUS. lid
h .. eiuv o, 'iPgN

-- ------"f

.' i, ,



AT THE S_ __



*. in a Il





k~L.4 ~

? **Ji .. ,-*'.' -.'Si

- ss
** .. **


>t .' *'" *


~f.i *t-i
Th*, .~..,
,~A ~

\ '




t -'.
* 'V

. .


_ __ I __ ~_ __




There are plenty bf heroes a "The. Rio thb I
hen pri"e ring drnms which open om ttlem
lr, bit they are not the kind that strain B t,
ee is no one-paneh killer who daiw i
oanummate ease; he doesn't become
y a beautiful blonde society irl; he doesn't oN
he Big Fight after being beaten to a pulp and k~lf-hill
ry senseless.


Shows: 3:00 4:- 85:S 5?as C. |


. r


Rfn yowt car lor 1/4 .ile stobtgs art Podsik;A
died c ,wt ,y G CANAL i 2 f IM.S '
Cthafe ahit tlSunday, Iwardch II, 10 p
-20 ChIl 1 berWUr Pelow UiUes .

* / *" *r .. ( '1^1



M and 1.8 leses-


er Is nothing finer.

1 jL. Meaduro J


..: ,. J
'* lii


.. IM
,, .**, 1.I-Arg


r. ., ,*h. o .

-*u, '.

a qlAS A GtiT IAAl A11 .>- )

s.. q ;zl v .. .,*, m .

' .vU !9.,4 n t. f')
, p"1b flu Rum .74 1 Ohm
C.c --c.

I, 'W.W 'i '1 '. *
S.:. :. ,

A dail

.Make Ot
n J -

; .1~

F ~
r rr" .

ma we OD0
bkan..s I

f^^rfiia esta7lti sa
-he -g~d ow
thms ? m-




.? '.M '
3 5r


it a




w I"

_.m ., '4





1 L: +',

"li i'


aoM 1mlo
fr Mloot

_~___ __


SIndians .Sol

Wynn Signs For $33,000;

Doby Agrees To $28,000
The Cleveland Indians solved two-thirds of their
major holdout problems yesterday by getting pitcher
Early Wynn and outfielder Larry Doby to agree to
It's believed Wynn signed for Boston Red Box at Sarasota,
$33,000 and Doby agreed to $28,- Florida. Mantlq, who is being
S00. The third regular still un- tried at the clean-up spot in the
signed is second baseman Bobby batting order In place of Berra
Avila. He is due in the Cleveland hils spring, also doubled and
training camp at Tucson, Ari- singled. Both sides hit freely,
zona today for a talk with gen- with the Yanks getting 11 safe-
cral manager Hank Greenberg. ties and Boston 10.
Three other Indians Jose Third baseman Ed Matthews
Santiago, Mickey Harri& and drove in four runs with a home
Lloyd Dickey still are un- run and a single as the Boston
signed but Greenberg says he Braves beat the St. Louis Car-
isn't worried about them. dinals, 6-4, at St. Petersburg.
On the playing fields yqster- Johnny Antonelli, Ray Crone
day, two of the Yankees big and Virgil Jester held the Cards
guns Larry Berra and Mickey to seven hits, including a homer
Mantle hit homers as New by rookie Rip Repulski. Wilmer
York took a 6-4 win over the Mizell, cliff Chambers and Dick
Bokelman shared the St. Louis
pitching and allowed 12 hits.
CZORA To Hold -Cow V1LL-1 *.ul

Outboard Races

At Gamboa Sunday

The Canal Zone's finest out-
board racing pilots will convene
at Gamboa Sunday afternoon at
1:30 o'clock for a seven race pro-
gram which bids fair to,be pack-
ed with mile-a-minute action
and thrills.
SMembers of the Gamboa
Country Ciub will sponsor the
races which have been sanction-
ed by -the Canal Zone Outboard
Racing Association.
Top pilots from all over the
Zone will gather at the water-
Swy in front of the Country
Club for the Class "A," "B" and
"C" events. Each event will have
tob heats and the pilots with
best elapsed time for the
wo heats will be returned the
winner. The program will be
climaxed by a Free For All race
which generally lures all boats.
Race committee for the after-
noon will include C. J. Holmes,
chairman and flagman; David
'Searl and Casey Hall, judges;
J. F. Hatchett, timer; R. M. Wil-
ford, Jr., announcer, and Cecil
Gray and Byron Havokotte will
be in charge of the rescue boats.
There is no admission charge
tor the competition and there is
'ample parking pace. The Coun-
.ry olub announced a barbecue
dinner and refreshments would
Sbe avallablle in the Gun Club
S rea during the afternoon.

Kramer Ups Tennis

Lead Over Sedgman
STo Eight Matches
fNEW ORLEANS, March 10.
(UP) Jack Kramer stretch-
q pd his proleltso tennis lead
over Astralia' nk Sedg-
S man to eight matches last
S night with a f-1, 6-4 victory.
SKramer now leads the 25-
year-old StMsie, 27-19, in their
Aingles ~ries.
Pancho Segara, U.S. profes-
sional tournament champion,
tek just 19- minutes to whip
Ken McGregor of Australia,
6-0, 6-0. McGregor got only 17
points as Segura took a 36-10
lead in their series.
Kramer and Segura also
won the doubles contest, 7-5,
8-6. The Australians hold a 25-
I 20 edge in that series.
The professional troupe now
moves to Houston, Tex., for
appearances tomorrow and
Thursday nights.
Leading Ports
New York, London, Hamburg,
Antwerp and Rotterdam are the
world's five leading ports classi-
tied, In order, according to the
Set registered tonnage of for-
!1gn ships entering them.

rlull ItUUU LIlIe

Leaguers Presented

New Baseball Park
Kobbe Little League Baseball
Team was presented a new ball
park in a brief ceremony Mon-
day March 9. Colonel Robert H.
Douglas, Commanding Officer
of Fort Kobbe. presided at the
dedication of Landron Field. Lt.
Colonel Frederick V. Warren,
Commanding Officer of the
504th FA Battalion of which
Captain Landron was a member,
also attended the ceremony.
The field was named in honor
of Captain Oscar B. Landron,
formerly of Headquarters and
Headquatrers Battery, 504th FA
Bn. Capt. Landron was killed in
a plane accident last December.
1st Lieutenant Solon Tate
was in charge of the building of
the park that was made by
members of the 33d Infantry
Regiment. The park had its first
game yesterday when Kobbe
entertained Curundu, However
ldI a fast seven IJning game,
Curundu topped Kobbe, 23 to 7.
Muric played during the de-
dication nd the 'first few in-
nings of play was by the 71st
Army Band, CWO Criatlan di-

Named Forces

Little League

FORT KOBBE. The Curun-
du Little Leaguers slugged their
way to' a convincing 23to 8 vic-
tory over Fort Kobbe Monday in
a six inning cont"st at Fort
Iobbd's new Landrop Field. Be-
lind the fine pitching of the
Prangloni brothers, Kobbe waQ
limited to six hits, one of Which
was a home run in the fifth in.
ning by Denis Dehne.
- The first inning won the game
for Curundu with 14 tallies cros-
sing the plate. A. Franioni
banged out a triple to left field
scoring three runs. Eight walks
were issued as pitcher Strom-
berg was unable to find thi
plate. He finally settled down
and retired the side but the
damage had already been done.
Altho Fort Kobbe was only
able to get six hits, th-y ac-
counted for their eight runes.
Denis Dehne homered in the 9th
inning to bring in two r~us. He
also doubled in the first Ining
to score another. The
ni's gave up seven wals but
scattered them so as toiause no
threat. 4
The line score: "
Curundu 14 O 700-23
Kobb. 1 14 .0(- 8
Curundu: A. Frangion, R.
Frangioni and Walling. '
Kobbe: Stromberg. Sanders,
New, Cassizzi and Douglas, New.

Remember to cal us

when Emergency


I*mrmedate service is always vours.


Fred Rudeshelm

Telephones: 2-2451.2-2562



I. *, A L*
'i' r


ye V JDWU- i

Amateur I)4i

Groupihp _on____

Revised *
KCCU rramiiaga |

The Panama -Am wr
Tournament qommlt
revise the paoltngs for
round of match ilay d
new groupings are pu
day. .
Matches must
Sunday but contest ean'a
together anytime they
with deadline 9 aem. Sunday.
The mall English ball Is ,
legal but otherwise 1's tee
and let's see who the new
mian champion ill be?
st Flight
C. Lichter vs. Jack Lally
E. de la Ouardia vs. V. White
W. May vs. E. Peddrick
Jim Hinkle vs. 0. Nevey Jr.
Don Hause vs. A. Colley
D. Bishop vs. 0. Van Wie
W. D. Hamilton vs. A. C. Daniel
F. Morrice Jr. vs. Dale Bean
And Fight
Z. Cousin vs. L Flening .
Paul Pedersen s. J. Braid
P. F. William ". I. T. William
Bob Barber vI. R. Preclado
Pres TrtmSr. I. D. 0. Westman
0. Galindo vs. R. Medinger
Don Wilton Vt. Jim Myers
G. Arosementa s. O. de la


~" ,~


'Chevies .

'EAM- g an e

.S.. .... be
rers. .. .. .. 9
---- 6l
hind the two-bit ltct D.
S Larinwmm. whoSS'-t./ 0 0
lamUge with lawecrt Ip f 0
Chevies coasted to r o lb
A Atraccit. a L
The Chevies soren teie do' If-3b.
tn the third 1 m 9 n trot 2b t h e
traccidn'sL o' ouM ,A*'' 0 ,
control hisoaane *is Lstra
four lateanta
ft'S"rA*4e0 @a.InR!B,
the Cheve bie O

I& lstm o".zld obtaned A 1',

u In Aprth iM, er,. L door "i'e. q *
and throf u an s bem ha_ tS
W" loaded. He t at *

stabdIn a, t t M not v 0
game to. 7j ii

up In ,bseer door
a1. e are a only oe 0

p T

TeamStttin4Up (ybi M>
Fifeaitu'4 Innranee S I
Lidlae 1
Baxter's 1 I ^

Firemam's Imnau.1 1.
Baiter's .
Elks vsy UftdalI

;1% .8 sMsf IF
03 the 1lea of
tsIts 0
ir Pesalt

L uO uv

on lam_ a am j
Lot sntea .cali
Wfy mtehome
rGDftlaer with I
mfbt fielder,?ABV

Peon' tl)hueh mr

Y ... ,. -" ...* *
he. *. '** *1 ,"

Me- o ....... .*
Co110er. Cb: .. 0. *

S.. 1

Pari Bef-o 0 .


* 0-
^. .4

- I p

Ken Forrest v. W. D. Meeks
T. Heidenreich hv. T. R. Murphy
Norm Lewter v& Chaptiony
M. Gartner vs, L. Spencer
J. H. Demarest v. Bart lch
0. J. Murphy vs. R. Artage
B. Coll s. Gene Hochtedler
Jim -Desondes Jr. vs. Swartz
4th Flight
Kriae vs. b. llckenhau
W. F. McOee Vs. ear
Buckley vs. M. ann
W. Ophus vs. M. Aleman
g. C ton vs. W. D. Graham
Buren Bxwell vs, D. Grory
W. H. Basham vs. C Younboo
R. Balcer is. T. A. Jacks
5th Flight
A. W. Barr vs. W. C. Oarvin
o. Stephens v. R. WaUSteu
N. M Clark vs. W. V. Sker
B P. seott va. Burgoo
E. H. Cummins vs.&k aerer
A. C. Sheppard vs. N.
Pete Wi nge

S. Lewis vks. V B' iad
W. Epperson v. J.
M. Monao vs. J. MoNey
M; Catleman vs. W. rd
G. Macoubnay vs. Marshall
M.. BHuff vs. C. Black
A. B. Matheney vs. A C. Adams
Leo Ebeen i va L. M. Payne
7th FPlght
G. Madurov ivsp
Michaux vs. BP
Whitne. vs. J, A. andifur
W. Kenney vs. Bye
Dick Burgoon V. H. Hansen
B. Daniel vs. John
S. Jorgenson s, Cunningham
L. M. Monzo vs. Prendergast

Elbks d P O boa

Penlleit Rebels
In a slug!e at the Gamboa
Penitentlar dthe Elks, of the
Pacific SoftaLeue, outscot-
ed the C *0. .ebels" 10 to 7.
The Ib s ,aylead held.up
until the' o tng whether
Rebels garne tree runs. Bow-
ever, thle X ed the game in
the sixth wi six run rally
featured bihl runs by Che-
ney and r Q. Smith and X.
Smith lit o':otippers for the
home team.
Every on e la startting l -
up for the Pent team bit
safely as they outhit the Elks 13
to 11.
The lineups:
EUL 1414 A L R.I ,
Taht,si ....%,....... 2 :
Poster, Sb ......5 ... 1 1
Soyter. if, c...... 2 2
Holmer, ..... 0

o. ert ........ 2
Ro. rto.-; 2
Dunn;o qmx 1 i1

Chante ,l' a.....,. 4 I
L. Rb' ,. ......-.- ,i
0. Smith, -# ...,. I 1
Green d? T.......I
. _Coimi ........ I.
R. Khan.

Wooaru o.: ....... .,; '^

Atur & a It i 80
00to .4F'j

K' y
- .. .. .



..~T .-~"

7: I*,




." ^- f
+~- :

I. ,, ,

: .' ,.. ..- .

yIn Fou Cities Toigk


1r .'
kv : ~~p ^

.B, -e.,

I Ak~a~u

L .. .

* .;
'. :.] 1:

M k. 2 ow,.
%?~~ ;rm
g^.-y~~ y-

'-: ^y
SS&. ''" i ~ -i
gl^^^'as .

For you .1& e to flirt with fire...

who. dcare to skate am*izn ice...

and Ide

no. 1rW*,eM4pfor lips and fingertips

a luah-and-passionate scarlet. ..
like flaming diamonds
dancing on the moon!

In new "Indelible-Creme"
llipstick (e g' -.
longer than any
lipstick you've v.r
worn!)...and'fi ved-
formula Nail Enamel,
with base cout bilt right in
for simply incredible wear!
'. "Inderie-oCr.m" Laeid,...
<.(' Rlapr Ldpsik...
FHmwd hafWk Ng*Md....

Try tWeis qizl ad aol

ave you ever
dnced with your
shoe off?

y 0D ROD

Did you ever wish
on a mew moon? yea 0 O3 m
Do you biush when
you fnd yeunalf
Siri"? yes1 s 10
Whi a recipe call
for ame dash of
binus, do you think
it's buMw with fti? yu 0 a. 0

Do you secretly
hope the onet man
you meet will be a


aDo ym sometime
Ad that other
wom- mea yem u? y0 a* 0
HavTe yeoe wwe
waned to wear m
a*ke bronet? ye 0 0
Do ahm= nai
yo.u, ev m ether
W**o? ye "*D 0

Do y lyev to look
ap at a mm?
Doa ypy muaie
mam y"Mnio



Do you his saoy
Stamm yei? ymO mO
If torist Mft were J
ta&e a Wpi to MIars? yu 0

Do yotu e-ior
em AM m

ye0a M

m ya amn "yes" o at
. IaueteeB? Thee y-m'm
(iMu Lmd ad ee "
Vowm lbsoh. limay be
the Might Of your Iifeime!



S .' ,

_ __ __

, -.1-

&1." G. if un Club Aote

S' BIG DOINGS PO RIFLEEN shooting was hot too Saiee
S;, m ,.'AT EMPIRE SUNDAY Old d n1 Todd on6 go d
.is capable oftaking It, ando
NO" nAll Isthmian rifleman who love Al Joyce.
.' -' y to_ cuddl the the good brown stock The fact is that tlis prte
S. 24 o& a .30 caliber rifle against their a Most interestAft sAM d
-2nl.. Gardi enI- kle. Written fo c l' ek and feel that comforting match. Any team can win a=d
Sd e j .o s o alta U* r aabig gun roam and the any individual eam wi Wted
fouronfib a.eb Qet io1 a rey et bucks the wind to- It's Impoable to name
le tAlo 8 ro Amt r fly ward the target, will be very hap- ners. Entry fees will 1
th* A 24 to short right runner py to know that the big match per five,man team or i '
C*1 lansaino, 1-4 holds .up btw ai see- which has been proposed for the individual. There will be th
lowed lowooorop 189-Sa and aid bs.1er 30er around .mll lery range at Empire IS now team and Individual pr.
T-188vgz itn- Cof Atlas 1-11 first add plls at an a lished fact. The organs of snetah
'.. -" 11 Ball -Salt -S O ide, The mtwill take place Sun- have asked u to emphasI to
S. ... .o tflhe~ !w aemr .' -a--- in throwing toft pOP the day, U Marh 15th, and firing will a-11 compeUtt:
At 2.aua .=35 bull into the stam. Aren't the start at I a.m. And friends, this
f..-- "kLo 00101-49"t .ed Carson. h lb r o 2. Bring luth and water-or
OR% ot f *-* od to Answer: In ecrtos lres and running At will be & full 3.Be prepared to stay mout of
S. The score: tcet s h Ud to day's job.We peat-frin will th Due to sqad
mp Bo award a runner two ase Thisrt promptly at-9 am. The lms, there will e no
SS6t At- 1ablButt4o.U Mr IS one of them, Sip 0 run- matt will be a on the made for anyone who
offofA* -A.ball d bdsoftosthat they have to 1eav
Of r2.TM. maydva&nce b bynd t .. lng___Don't-letthe doa'"$Ad
M J.1. 5 s to which he is enU, "musts" sare you. The wmWre
vieAtwi i ng Mt 11 800 ranger riginally on first gees Thia will be a team match, five shoot have always been great
at a team average of 81, 468 16 2 to third base and .the batter is meh to be named to each team, fun. and this one should he d
e Rw a- l over tt tneam ance F er -- 1~ hld at second bqs d the four hghcore to count of the best of them.
re, covoe4d Ws by --, Q. How many triple plays The course is tough, an oppor-
t '. ; were there in the W leagues tunlty to see howour.hoor .. .
1=M a 14 V. last aeason?-Fred Johnson. atget uBainst the bent, in l a P IClfl
S i en5lceri his Atlas Atr' ,' A. Three. course ot ffre they shoot Sat*e POUii IJIi l ,
Sa t' team Colbe z-2 s aide. It ill startaof with 10
F"~~. ,L i aA mverage of Wheel" 1_ ft 1 Q. Who holds the .major hot i .l te"A I" targetI ..
S-'i y, is Bates.- 201 league record for runs driven at 200 yards. This t military
dark. t an Coffe uS Induring a single game?-Al a the agto or theSotbll League
Sig- Baeear ia '.. lW B W...elr. ias t be met le. sano opes -
I wrt .| v S of A. OB Sept. 1,19$4, le Car- In. any stage of the matLh. The
4 y c SB if g' 1 Bottdley bSho r d r tage wlf be ten ershots in The standings:
Wt x guea Iiasinn M in J-- W MMWee Iinglea otP leyan'd seondo batting at the same W. L. lt.
Ow f r i two rumn to drive 1S target. Army QM ..........7 2."T
.a 1.8t M l i the third stag e will be ten C .O. ... ............ 7 .
in -". shoWt I 70 seconds prone at the Ideal Bread ........6 2 .6
fo t l^Sto k? pl i 9 thes. ?r. rT lb 5BM -------. same target at 300 yards, and the Flornlelm
t o tawo .ar 1Uth 1 f I Q1Uon: Runner on firat fourth and final stage will be Xlectricals ........4 M
iNM.i.. _2S1e .u W 5.lM, c.ap.on- 1.1 "6t f bi, oe out. Battera ounds twenty ota sI pw fire prone at Army Ordnance ...... S. s
Andr i n. g1 teo n baseman, I o r o inn 8 o y0alra, low S io e will bat the Aomy

I9(ol I WJ 37 I oranations have pro-
to ut at second. Short- rate of fie minute per shot. pFi- anporth on ..... M eA t Wlay to first base aIs wild teen oo ht hots will be al- Army8 : nl ........ Arm
ov teamr T&2 V8 .9 3K2'rounding first base at- loved & competitors during the CoMsy Tom

I w 5 1W M8 Wes cind runner. However use them whCb e my P.C.Transportation.2 8
sno"H- -4o 0 played ascored?- l liket tI hie f oll, t;he 46ho. LeadIng ) asa
I i'-'O a ge .mu e... -a r tl l lQA- M-
tr iu 1AVt2eam *An. swe r:lM A ,aAeSe- re .siits for the M t n on emae_ m oWednesday: Ideal Bread 17
atB A t A 7 534 6114111f at6 Iy and ep TroP. the Marine Barracks Thursday. v Army
wh it to. I"t 1- 7 12 534t .i rom ran error, team. the Cristobia Gun Club, Mriday: Army QM vs Army
t wl' 15 iSi1' I Q. What .tr ., In the Amer- the Balboa Gun Club, thoe many Transportaon.
Basa2a 1M M"B l' o g 5 &R". have a rule that' timer chaplonp from w 49th Leading bee .rr
e g b na. up 0' USARCARfB ffteiers. R. McLe BT) .21 H .52
the-SOhe Ittrouldnbe pito pick a L. Innls I) ..30 10 l.
.A. .'m A A Batur lht game in winnMe int rea- C.> l .... .1
S 8 Nw oer, =..or Pha del. opq. obl recent- R. P0g CLO) o 14 .
41- 11 amihIN83. .hl a mast be called at 11:59 lymuc re i iM'Iust oAteAB) .21 10 .4W
S.... 5 ir g f" situatl n $hat be on eda chance. albA. Danders (M) UM 12 .4
.17Z y II 41 .a m. fi a be ao rite .a ,r (FE ..25 12 4e, .S.i
ai' 'be Ina of their stan dby Marks- X lc8 (iO .(20 .9 .4
2 13 l. r men form military teams. iWe, (CLO) 2 ... 2 1 .444
-.?B4 gh s 28 i an^ o histhem. How-i ..I a .4
I*-i- i i ever,th b e la id ort, b

." _. cofayQvorites o...mhtch.Pa"(PCT,)...2"
doOttw*ihao Never- H. Lo.20 a
tIl 20 1 the Empire matches of recent (Clo .........30 12 .4m
Yth ears, the top tVe or six teams
aa e S 91us III S v been asptd b only a *
sto V4. B B few points. and i4ntion LATI iTART
A6Uhod PIiark lo 18E t0 r191 Individu tfArites must In, -ANNAPOLIS. Md. -(Nh)-
Svan tIt 1 7 1L 0 SN elude Bailey of ]pecal Troops Don Lart Navy's star basket-
*rungs" '' reaBaB- 186 17 8 (AT Couwselman Of- hne arinlB and bell i r, never p bans*
can 16 181 M B CoL Hank Ross. 811 Jaffray's ketball efore 1n2
h tanm =--na: 2U187ed 1a Ithml:an records have been mte ice, concentrated on en
S Man Woa 144 over the 2W ardDC course, while going to high seool
AN" Garden .71 2 1 5 o S IIand his on@attempt &C500

- II ~I- --

n.o w _*

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..:iU. i I



it .A6;T-



John 's

Upset I

/Jr -.... l= ... ..':. -F ..1- S, r" -


S *,. 4,-
A ~ .' K

Ike's Signature .. i
To Save 5,400 L -

From Demotion ln

WASHINGTON, March 10 (UP) "Let the people know the truth and ihe country is safe" Abra aim Lincoln.
'-;-President Eisenhower's signa- -
tre s the only thing needed TWENTY-EIGHI'YF rR. PANAMA, R. P., TUESDAY, MARCH 1n. & 5., B T
today to block the demotion of ..__. .,,____..__..
5,400 Navy lieutenants. .
The Senate completed action
yesterday on a measure taking
some n of. the sting out of theeDa- e C T Bs
vi amendment to last year'stac s r / e
amendment, designed to limit ,
high military ranks, actually
would have forced the demotion be
of the lieutenmants on April 1. Pr
Instead of putting rank on a dN
percentage basis as the amend- 5 .KW
ment did, the new bill estab- i
lishes specific numerical limits
on officer grades in all services. WASHINGTON, March 10 (UP) investigation" of- ea war, In- mittee "does not'seem to want" posed ofe three c a
The Senate approved another -Senate Republican leader Rob- eluding the deaAdled truce his sugestion and "I certainly ries of th med sel i;
bill yesterday to extend the time ert A. Taft yesterday backed negotiations and handling of the have no desire to force an In- the Jolnt CM os Oft
under which families of service- away from his proposal that a prisoner of war pr einem. vestigation." e ten yesterday to cum t. a
men may receive government congressional investigation into A number of influen*al Repub- Taft contended he had been ammunion rtg
dependency allotments from ammunition shortages be expand licans and Democrats promptly misunderstood and,actually a4 Qen. Omar N. Bradyi -
April 30 until July 1, 1955. ed to cover the entire conduct of opposed the Idea. said he "would not mind" 14 the of the Joint Chfs, a
The House Ways and Mrans the Korean war. Taft said after White House inquiry was broadened. t S. Vande Alt
Comunittee unanimously approv- Defense Secretary Charles E. conference betWde, President He added i eftlily, however, t of staff, both( AtWl ,m
ed a measure to extend for two Wilson goes before the Senate Eisenhower and othw GOP con- that "I guess tI'mto h" ere repeat th t
years beyond July 1 the law by Armed Services Committee later gressional leader. a$ the com- The Armed *are- a Policy Couz- deputies. 1
.which servicemen can send gifts today to testify in connection .on
:homefrom abroad without pay- with Gen. James A. Van Fleet's *4. 1e o Fleet-t 4 the Ho u. d i.
Simnport duties G e charges that U.S. forces in Korea a a Stat od F e nate e -
were plagued with shell short- aw aiian Statehood ces nl t
The Senate voted to repay for- ages throughout his 22 months 1
mer Air Force pilot George F. in the Ear East. Korea all te e d
-he spt3nt to repair his bomber td e o ta soete o
whct asfrmer tIl,$ epoCa' rntceaTon 3? Ni*p-And-Tuck Hous Figdht' 8t..1
when it was forced down in P sponsible should be "exposed" Wilson for. an0
and during World War II. and "punished." He said he call- The Defenattary wrote
ed attention last year to reports o -- Ben. 4verett tontall (R"-
Sof ammunition, shortages in WASHINGTON; March 10 (UP) get it to President Mlaenhower's Mass.), rdelmma t f the Senate no
Korea but military leaders brush- -Republicans claimed they had desk for signature by April 1. ErOH a, Pridty dnought e-
ri I h ed aside the complaints, the votes to push through the The measure would admit ,a. munition Il s, l 0 ble in Korea i
SBrown asked: "How many A- House today a billto admittradi- wllt to the Union next year, In to "counterOla emy attack;"
inmerican boys on the fighting line tionally-Republican Hawaii as time to partipaate in the 1954 He did not, l r, de an
have paid the supreme sacrifice the 49th state. Congrealonal elections. fleet's1 that U. .
because those in the Pentagon But they conceded it would be The new state would send two ces did nt enough to
failed to see that those supplies a nip-and-tuck fight, with most Senators and two HOuse members drive to a fil vi tory.
Strategic Talks went forward?" Democrats and a few Republi- to the 84th Congress that con- ---c-
ARIS, Masaid these officials should cans ppn the administra'- venes.Jan. 3. 1955.
"pReier A ( re be punished "just as some of thetion-backed
andh premier Adnan Menderes boys on the fighting line have J. mnuu =
and foreign mnster ad o- been punished" when they fail- Hawaii's ot ngdelegate I n Cou
prulu began an informal ex- eIn theduty.
as % ed in their dutmy. to Congress, Joseph R. Farringw4--w|
change of views with French Taft had suggested Saturday ton, who has fought for state--
leaders today In top-level talks that the committee broaden Its hood for'years, thought the voteA
that reflected Turkey's growing inquiry to make a "pretty full woula be "very, very cloe." 'iko f
Importance to cold war strategy InruiryMMd Fod Siuie$ N .,PA A
WesternsEurope's economy.l I "V'lidlybehi-ji an iovb to sendh "rn 'm W edt3 l,
French government officials inal an the bill the House In-
adn ,zed privately .that Franco- *Final Plans % doterior Committee S I'WT I gh10. n club.eztuut Ip w
Turkish rations were not all AWASHINGTONrh10 lbr
they should be. tFo Boae ml D2: (UP)- Mplomatlce off ai d la b0ib l
,They were hopeful that the ,-I ed to Haw aii stan r TS
Pour-day visit would further ce- baIa ...Vi
ment good relations and rein- And Northern Democrats whot
otce what Qaual d'Orsay ga Vil IUUEUU favored Hawailan statehood In po5sibWtO l-
i smoan ca ed "a communi- the past figured that by delay- Te
os common interests and His akcelleney Archbish6p Paul ing action on It now they might tExPets o$ z w$e-tn -Of & i .
ws" in the Balkans and the Bernler, Papal NunclO. and E. be able to force the Revublican the rne of tog B _l
Saddle East. P. Buytar. chairman 9f the Pan house to act favorably later on ganda said a iW g M t g
scheduled t o onfer w ereith th Ameican .Ma he final statehood for both Hawall and o'r u ha a
aechduled to confer with their arrangements for the observance traditlonally-Democratlc Alaska the ,"one thing that o t" L
rrepch counterparts. Premier to beheld Thursday afte-noon. Republicans defended H a In hies orktion .teivened yesil Th
Cnne Mayer and foreign minis- The procession for mass will wallan statehood and Southern day over' the' bier of Joset f .
ter Georges Bidjult, after plac- leave Santa Ana Church at 4:15 Democrats led the attack against Stalin.
ing a wreath on the tomb of the p.m. and proceed down Central It during nearly five hours of
Unknown Soldier in the Arch of Avenue to the Cathedral. debate yesterday. Th new Somiet boa demand-
Triumph. Special invitations to ths mass S o m e bipartisan opposition edl "uncompromising struggle by Mti
have been adcepted by the Presi- came from itbmbers from heavi- against exernal and iernal kiff the1
dent of Panama and his Cabinet, ly-ppulated New York state, enemies" and said It is the band Donald
Theater Guild the Governor of the Canal Zone, The Southerners complained "sacred duty" of all Ruslans to 000 ior Of his
Commander, Caribbean Corn- the white race is a minority in remain strong and preted to panion p a hosp
uts 't a rey' mand and the representatives of Hawaii, that the territory is too thwart enemy attacks. ,es'.
l the Army, Navy and ir Force, far from the matSad, and that No mnan can long rBaain at
as well as all the Ambassadors of sparsely-populate fawai 's two the top in Russia without the Miss Froman went to pOat .
ead To Apr. 6 all the Latin American countries, senate seats would give the aver- support of the Army,. aid, terdal stl wearint 6 wra
SFlowers for the church Aie be- age Hawaiian 1 Bigger voice In and a alenkov is ma rta her rght leg wlteh-wash
iThe Canal Zone Theatre Guild's ing donated by local florists. Congress than most other A- he wins its backing rn the in thcrash. She -Mt t ,t?
prdentation of "Harvey" has For those wanting to receive merican citizens .have, and 37 outset. *' derwent 25 operations
been postponed until the week communion at this mass the times as big a voice in the sen- "several million dollars"
of April 6, it was announced last rules are to fast from solid foods ate as citizens of New York state. As part of that move,. he tngs an a result of the
night by the group's board of at least three hours and liquids Farrington replied that the an- named Marshal Gregory K. 81u- Her portion of the atat
governors. at least one hour before as well swer to argumpts that many kov, World.War II miliy lead- 500,000 damages.
The ,play had been scheduled as being in the state pf grace. Hawailans are of Oriental origin er Who .iad been shov the
for March 16 to 20 in the guild's The Knights of Columbus have is to be "found' In the record" bacrond in recent to
new theatre-workshop. extended an invitation to this written in blood by Hawaiis be tyinister of
Non-arrival of lighting for the mass to all the people both. of fighting sons in World War II Ohcs said Zhuk likely ..
sets and a delay in plans for Panama and the Canal Zone. and in the Korean war. will be oved aside e
seating arrangements was given The Panama police willcooper- He said tle only real issue Is after he be observed
as the reason for the postpone- ate to the fullest extent with all whether Hawaii has met the re- pippose.
ment. traffic problems, quirements of statehood and the
only answer Is yes. The U. S. eslert4 at4-
____onlYPresident Eisenhower told Re- stock in iMalenk'A .e.w
publican Congressional leaders the Soviet Union wgi Dg C
yesterday he wants Congress to but peace in the March P-
act promptly on the measure. The officials sl vietx
Senate majority leader Robert leader's peal o ihcrdaaed n harbae
A. Taft (R-O.) predicted that the business ties with the outoldftn reMtlaMtiorn *,
Senate, which bus blocked it in world may lead to slighMy m1re delay li
the part. would clear the bill and trade with the West. to retu r e
E m-s lal mol : la ,F

Bolex Binoculars
far below U. S. Pricq

124! Central Ayenue
adjoining Chase Bank Bldg.
: -or- ,
Camera Store "Hotel El Panama" e ,

, *; rI ;. ;
I *.. -;

SI ,'

law. cmm mm~
fs )d. boempo.
t, the
he amph
ter would

Ia tah

Mawc'h o I'

nhia 1

' S V

any IswUn ,pw
a -,

Ita ele
oM tb
t wahbl

of the New Yorl
Kenneth Keawn
tee. The Subcom
tweeon New York


*. N ~ "-

F... -
I .~.
* I-.

. -
; ,

_I: I~

___I_ __

/ 11 I1


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