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-- ~v.


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~---~.- ~



Eerie Hush Stilk

Moscow During,

2-Hour Funeral

MOSCOW, March 9 (UP) At nmoe t.d4 #
of. JOef Stalin was carried into the muNoleNs mi
Squerap e. d placed beside that of Leni,.
The eerie silence in the great wipd-swve i
was shattered by the thunder of guns.
Men, women and children in the square mas in
streets leading to it wept bitterly.
S The echoes of the guns died oawy.,The notq
anthem was played and the nation eoeWved five im
iof silence five minutes during hid* dtA work, aU l
fic stopped.
The fr thmee minutes sirens. n dctorkes, tts
ships soitaded :finul salute.
A silence., qiat buannl In Its wascarcely a
onpletelenabijleW the capital muted e itl. the two-hour funeral Pla by ~wS!a .
ereC 6- a revid l w Ma 4
Th great 1Wof cel*=s and left of the-
ImiLe5~n W 1hhi
UN V.b7

-roo ts


*rapidly shrifi Indus-
au of the P i Ca-
a brief shot arm
with the arrival rom Cp-

t' Cristaot howe. up pot
cb'Lat aha tlf

reduce -in- -i
are belomseut oatdd to
PA-rate eniblyo the V-
Bual r a s up taor
na Canal Oft ted
=ide th% 3 A3 tleasnl. far
redctionm =n.iM ml I-

|E Sea *Sth.WkCk-bor-
l|age fluttered in the
dtan v t from atlbuidlngs.
Rre was a veritable
we shite and red
The taflrtter-
I at tsfifrw e Amril-
can honor o d
-ra fref the armed e
Ifucete aacow gafrton
Tadet'Of the military and eM e
aaemi eso.masaed ii the aqunrel
early, with banda wbone
strum t were m ift*ed wit
black ns.
An honor guard of soldiers n
formed before the hall In which I
Stain's body lay.
Throtgh the silent streets came e
Premier Georgi M. Malednkov and ci
other leaders, alog. with Corn- a
munist notables fro& Other coun- -
tries. It
Maleopkov hd spent a long
time iesle tUbier during the t
night. e

At-'aeUy iS !iWi he,
and The thber u 6i
ed the seofti te aheNM-
er. They earet M dew the
marMe stair we a g car--
rlag- for gua was- -a a
An eahe.tra ,,ayed C a's
IX of the 4WM -,--e
u? atrow -
ega 4 worbueO prees ta-
t Abthe aerse lfet5id oth-
Siona egv h* wratha
i Th'i eft f beae

ware16d bw Mar-
auS1. Uudeany. Stalin's
who organiz-
-d cavalry and
a during the
of 1920.
'U cushion were
Net important medals.
MW i Order of anSocialast
Ueldr of Lenin and
of Hero of the Soviet
ejri followed by a small
Staerals and admirals,
the armed 'ervioes.
S- ^w the open coffin on
atelat e. drawnM b six
5 e i three gwers.
fand aoier members
S 5ni preamdium, in-
P V. M. polo-,
Mt officials
Umang's family

Iely behiM d the -
el artege entered
1 poq

al.. t .'.. '


em aner M
teakev ad the auts
damBaed t tlSo

Sethers were Neri. ip -
la R Kaganovieb, mas
maw N. Khruihgsadn
L M veralk.
ZhW took the coffin e th
While the drwin roa.
d -#M the muted bn totru-
e ayd.
Te lnu thundered-' A m
o ne defam
ties as 81 ad,
nd Odeat.
t was ovr..
8peaki from the reut.ii
he mausola where MSbi
d to review Army tMany
lalenkov told e Ithousanft
ambled for the last rites ferI
oviet leader:

"Our spread duty Is to
atrearthen by every
mighty Soviet armed fersa
must keep th0n Ii a statI
flhting prepajredfe or
emwkHing rebuff to iany
of the e1emy."
Malenkov used the funerg
bute to Stalin to make h fist
major foreign and domeastei -
cy statement.
"Under the direct lekadqre.
df Comrade Stalin the gM
Army was created and straigib-
ened." Malenkov saM.
Under Stalin, the new premier
said. "a mighty camp of peaceV
was set up Includl g China,
Poland. Czechoslovakia. Bulgaria,
Hungary. Romanla. Albania tive
German democratic republe and
the Mongolian people's republ
Maleukov also paid tribute t
the Communlts of Nertl M
re' and la French ladsekihma
"In a stubborn battle of 'the
heroic, Korean people are dli
fending the independence 9f
their motherland." -he said. '"A
courageous fight also Is
waged for freedom and natlo-l
independence by the peolet6
Viet Nam."
Malenkov emphasized te
viet Union's desire for collab__t
tion with the Western worMl. -..
"The Soviet Unimo
peace., l against war. and
friendly relaos with other .
ples." he &ai.
*The Soviet Union
the police ofat eaceful
ence aMd eoi
We must a
-a*M~.-= vrt Wei



. uy 7


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'e *

* .A'

'-'.- ..~.-


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r -

:l" '. f.

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tiong tat
..^.' ^ '-;.^.rf

m .. '- .& "

Ism the atruny
a Stee dry
.* -blca **** n

S I W-

., .,.^,: + ,,, ',- .;, ^:, ,

SOUNDID *ev iw toU ton s PU
NA AMAl. saln e
6T H sTSeIs P. 0. sOX 1a4. ANAnMu. .'w p.
r oh ON Op.Co. 12 70 CENTRAL AV VlNUE Wi Satt AM 1 NDIM IMOff
34% MA&5bON AVS. NUW NV OW. tiO& ij. Y.
LOIA. *or1US
p -orNT. ,N ADVaNCI *.70 too
PAG .. vaNceI .eo 13" o
.... .....N 1 e0 o *4 0o


lDITOR'S NOTE: We had expected to resume the re-
gular Robert C. Ruark column' this monthly at coummunl-
ration.- into the depths of Africa, where Ruark still Is.
have teen unavailing. So we are publishing selections
* from his file of previously published releases
-" -

' IThe Jug And I
NEW YORK --Thcy say we are a nation of heavy alcoholic
Siencdcnc. anu i believe it, because I am always seeing a tes-
S imonil to t me ellcCL that Very Special Old Panther Perspira-
ton.i is a unique blend ol nutritious, health-giving essences guar-
anteea to grow hair and get you Into the Stork Club.
i People of great distinction pose with the amber glass clutch-
ed firmly in the well-manicured paw, against a backdrop of dead
animals or live movie sLars, and the blush on their cheeks and
the glint in their eye cannot stem from rouge or Murine.
f it must be that booze is permanent with us, or otherwise Pro-
hibilion was a petty skirmish whose overthrow was scarcely
W north tne winning.
I never put much stock in the bone-building properties of
alcohol, taken into the system lavishly, having been raised on
North Carolina corn with the lusel oil unrendered from the fruit
$. ar.
* But I never saw myselL as much a problem to the community,
hither, until the laSt year or so, whea somebody 1I supect the
nade of Ella Boole. or at least Mrs. D. ftgh Colvin has been
trying to voodoo me into an admission of alcoosm. I am be-
kinning to feel 'guilty every time the sun inks, which is the nicest
time ot the day.
People keep experting alcohol. You dept-want a drink; they
say. your system has a salt deficiency, and Vlk you crave is a
i)lnch of salt. ,.
I' f I craved a pinch of salt I would buy a pinch of salt, It, s.
cheaper than Johnny Walker Black, or even; We, 'and'does not
resemblee Scotcn. gin or bourbon even remotely in its tu11e. It
astes like salt. Salty. .
I admire a little snort once In a while, and It Is'not hbecuse
I am fighting a deep psychic inferiority, either. 1 am lIt@oad.
S t my boss, my mother, or a little red sled.
I do not arink to hide my head. I Just like the wafft ,tts
I d feels, as some people like steaks and milkshakes. I IloAke
Isteaks and milkshakes. so don't put me down as having an in-
S grained antipathy to cows. Moo to you, Mrs. Colvin.
But mostly I am weary of the questionnaires designed to steal
il pleasure trom a normal knock from an unashamed decanter,
that sits on the' sideboard for even the preacher to see. I am tir-
ed of the second guessing, such as a recent piece, whose head-
lJnf asked me nastily: "Are You Alcoholic? Here's a Test."
Some doctor with time on his hands, and very possibly a
S vious head from blending stingers with bourbon, tells gpe t at
I.aip probably aleoholic If 1 answer yes to two or more of his ques-
Pof Sample.
S Q: D A you crave a drink at a definite time dally? A: Only
S when f want one, and whose business is It?
h' J.Do, artk In the morning? A, No. I don't. get up'in
the mor ing. .
Q- !. ya tim Ue from work due to drinking? A: No. I
don't work.' 1 rte'for a living.
Q: Do you 'gt the "inner shakes" when you coLtjue drne
ing' A: No. I dbnM continue drinking. Except over a per of
years. Do you sletn'all.the time, Doe?
Q: Has drinilatg changed your personality? A: Yes. Made
me more lovable.
Q: Does drinking cause you bodily complaints? A: Ever
know anybody who was imrune from the common hangover?
Q: Have your initiative and ambition decreased since you
started drinking? A: You are looking at the next President of
the United States kid. Maybe not the next, but pretty soon. I
am Just a boy and need experience.
Q: Do you turn to in Inferior environment since drinking?
A: Mind your tongue. Only the other night I was out with Gen.
That's a sample. The doc goes on to say that drinking Is not
a habit or an activity but a disease. This may be true in many
cases, and is, of course, very sad.
But, I choose to believe that I Bam Grandpa's boy, and he held
out for a pretty spell with the sympathetic aid of the Jug, against
all sorts of things like cancer and a querulous wife.
Only trouble I see is that these experts, with their question:-
maires and such, will eventually succeed in driving us all to drink.'
Including the Eskimos that the WCTU is always worrying about,'
who are about to deliver us to the Russians, result of consuming
too much beer.

I- _. -..-----. v Puz

Dinner Is Served

IRoost leg of
Kind of cheese
-- water
1 Persian
prince (var.)
13 Pheasant,
rouse and
14 And not
IS One-note
1t Palmlike
I Mountain 2

SCured pork
3 Sweet potato
H ligh mount
ST mdvwastions
4 t ontempt
4Spotted cavy

SI Talh offense

41 German


1 Tibetan priest
2 Love god
S3xeavation 0
4ThWn seu9W
S SU-est-em
6 8candinavisn
7 Eding of a
8 Untidy 3
0 Hited 38
10 Coconut fiber 30
11 Gaelic 31
l Beverage 33
container 3S
20 Fathers 40
2 Horses' neck
hairs 43
14 Nomad 45
S5 Unaspirated

'More painful _.
SIce cream ---U--I'
I The devil .4
lLament I
Pendent 50N's
ornament 51
E Narrow 6 O~-ir *,
vales UIhuet int


which was gutted ire tsL
week, is typical of sa
the Soviets plan around m
1--*A I

Labor News



From the files bf the Intel-
lgence services of at least two
nations corne thefollowing story
-accurate, double-checked and
seemingly fantastic-yet no more
so than any other weird stage
setting conjured by the cock-
alorum who has ruled Russia
these many years.
Two years ago Josif Vissarlono-
vitch Dzhugashvlll (a fellow by
name of Joseph Stalin) suffered
even Rreater pain than he had
for years. Originally tubercular
and crippled (his left arm was
withered), he now was 71 and
wracked with piercing aches
which even his pock-marked face
couldn't hide.
Soviet agents fleW to Parisand
sought out internal&
minent physicians w
since talked to intelligence
cers of several Western gMtes.
The medics aiarpne,IMto
Moseow. There they vilMad
what happened to l e lapl-
tal ward. In it wer* t1 menB I
uniformly nendesertit Ith al
garments. They an
Each wa earefully amilned.
One hid a face mat WA by a
childhood left
am -Was ;dpd. 0 had a
heart eonillUU showed
sligna of mtawy TB. writhed
occasionally In rt .
That was the real Stalin al-
though the doctors weren't tqld
which of the 18 was. actually the
one, so zealously weNr the Rus-
sians keeping Stalin's tl-health
a secret.
The physicians knew It. The
MVD officer watched. No one
aid a word. But the report was
hat this man could not live too
mch longer. The doctors pre-
cribed-and returned.
But nothing changed. Nothing
Mold. Stalin had bee suffering
from severe allmenti for decades.
There is a record of one in-
cident as far back as an after-
noon in July 1927. Stalin sat in
his Moscow office with an A-
merican, Jay Lovestone, and an
Lovestone, then leader of the
early day American section of
the Commnnist Internationa,-
had been outspoaukly critical f
the lack of democracy and th
low standard of workers' wages
pealed to be double crossing its
early supporters.
Stalin and Lovestone discussed
social Security in re, h Is
wages here and the cn -c
tion of % .

by' he fit
ped in beav oo
te heat, asked the .nrp en r
"Doesn't Stalin f l
."I have very bad fIonM am aL
r a vacatio6, rest an
ut I wanted to see yo F
left," Mtalin told Jay.
Sta5p went e that
-and eaeh ,mamer th
took from six weeks to hree
months. But he newvr lost eon-
trot of the eormanitm. the
Party, the PoliU`re rBSeyiet
However, In these -final ypara
he and those abhpt him
nhew he was dyIag, '.t3r'aen-
ally made certain t9 usfA
would b*r Russia change,
whter it would be r Conm-
radeV. M. Molotov, t rstocrat
who rosa to b tI. let's re-
ex.r Joiaph
gtalin, G. M. valenao(who'rwas
wih Stalin and Lovestone that
July afternoon), or Lavrentl
Berla, the pineg-need. school-
s"cherilsh but bru S secret po-
'~ chief who, hs h i,000 akl!led
.Vp effiearia as '. personal
Tbe orders bf tn, who'
rulod untll U. a~aemt his
brain cell walls tonM were for
world-wide sabostae this sum-
meA. As usl-tiSI was pre-
pauing to leave for a faet while
ithe apparatus reded a. Even
as he collapsed, Waseats In
special meeting .e bd ha-
ynet garde ns In
mueharet aad T-aa were
passing on sabotsag ris.
Right now, as th written.
the Romanan pollee.
with fixed bayonets, Me patrol-
btUthe Buchar st ldll s in
which the Cominfarm leder a are
being briefed on W-r f al
They, in turn, l
touchL with Louis siat. the
Frenchman who rmusz oBleta'
World Federation ef mds Un-
tons, now meeting i Vlenna.
Representatives are tH ur
21 nations. Including the U. B.
and Canada, .
One of those Invited was Pat
Walsh, the Canadian e
r who has Just ba0t
Soviet ntematinal.
phone -d S b
that he has ats to
that thid Vien wFrT
mln wa Oiled to p ale-
and that he be i
,ogerhowpe outside of OttuW

the exper


In' the 94

Sine newt
toWok over

"Ion a wo

is sometimes red
In the world.

an ewe an
and atfrl
Inn the 9
other law nOm

since nw AI

tap to hstea
Aidds from
Iwfi ture 8i4d

Nearly every

.S -.tio ,.-..

r bmmiumb
=thalB ?.

e .

g o ,ol. get the oil summer
ir ag, the corn-
hfktbL "Once. It l= be a

-W $ ad GoC, sti In

1it~e Deparlt l

.-.^ 0 :-

w*~r S

. -.

. of
*. nIk

e au*vry i

M wizg
Newr yowk san, n


W. .

1 1 .-0 --- -- 0 --





beit hael
', .- o ".u--o"
"" way?

fee.ope-tenth as

Sn .built a

.. .

w-opbne p in the'Ancient .f O

P im *Oil
By Frederc C. wan

WASHINGTON.- ,All we taxpaytm can hope i In I h .
o ow ~al long, hot ,pell in ore. Ev. n n at et. also weft, ae
that's o guaran~tep that our 1 poundset ..
of yellow rook, aboUt the of D. r Mc'

r I mea here we go again with a & -of bure lau-I n.the iONp f ii .
who didn't know *ha% tibey were o
ig, making one of the gooist ,imes of all "1 iIt i tht

Back in 1949 the General Servi Amnistrata.
tI brought ;~o Baltimore
aose sl uma .mai



7,. .

^^ ^. ..M ..... N

+ "''. ,-,


r ..

, ; ..... -...w ;, -- A
r ''"" F. *.

q -a

..; ,
. ,,- ,* : *
.;,. ,-'.* ) .* A; ^ .

* -I -
The mother of an
old birl wrhAs:
*Our augu-er Is

uWc 'U,":?

Ifa, In
Iik4 with
jjs sl id.


fMilett Says: .
' -r H
;1%year- to date him if ibe will promise
1 on that she won't geo married
priously before she I. LTell her you
,a..,he:l feel she ows it to. herself to
ofhe be wait until she is old enougn
of to vote before making the most
,a6iut important deolIon of her life.
nts. The mistake most parents
bouu make when face with this 1d-
I tuation is tha they become pa
int I- nicky an treat a teen-ager
If like a al
1jdd of Let yoeirV kMow that Twd glk.
loyoung you aren't aasther, but that ., r
lyou & a on her slde and only.' 5
feelswant her. V do that which will
d try prove to -be best (or her. U
It e If you are to have any i- $ 356
ai fluence on your daughter you
San.. must have her onfdenee. Dor7t
taW lose it by treating her like a
:M ad. stubborn child. U
Aels Stop thinking in terms of
Eriwdg- breakingg up a romance." Start! EASe
ube thinking of ways to help your TERMS
to daughter see her young man
't realistically. If you can. do
a that hell make the right der
Scilon herself..
T8Ts A' D I Life
S CHIYENN, Wyo. (UP)-End-
.T, he ing up in the doghous won't T E WEIIY .wT 0 RE
M"14 badfor canines i eenne.Th Ob r_ v I fs ri .P is..i
fc,clty 1, ouliding a new $4,500 .. .
*re iment-block building for theb
her wandering hounda.



250 c.e.


Talisman Twin

150 c.e.


UUIt~SI~I L 4~'* e3*~

while she wW 4W
the. ambulatcb 4
I the Airl. who oswt
Ab crutches, was a
e late yarte
S children
Sylona to a phyi*

L -l^T *- lur--

ieorg. 1
as. the am

Nq. I -3 II. -
"J" Street .- PaisI

I < Center
- $75.00
iM\ II 3-tt1

' Courier


96 c.c.


Row T&-.23330 'l

wr a trick.


.... ,W.,e


4N. -'



7T -

brid his fa-

td tOWN

-1 tn e


S 14
a belly
md tna-

it a-


~* :~.*

, l-

j~-- ?~







AOWT CUP Autm*aial
ihe we. elip is pmeed t
i acw.k. So, no more soiled
. WO eme worn pocket ieg.
WI- Your .Ier-mq.
W always ready for ta
Mdue w top qmd you'wejdy

, 1-o ,-iiiy -l lmak ink s#n
I .lothir.
* .O l. .'.b .-i. .. ca be crrm-

Sr"l for l egal

de, engi




I ImeIsg hisk, U3 I IMh Awv. N. I C.


*.~.k. -~
* -~..

i I
-I ~


a low I
dled a
idblm msee



T m4AENT <.




-;** .) \ *
i,+,'?T ;+ ..,., -.:/' .,. ,-r*- .

.. &.1


. '.'*1

, *





..... d

.;. I ~.

t';'I- FOi' _~NN AMIA n

23-Death Red POW Riot

blamed On Gen. Nam II

PUSAN, Korea, March 9 (UP) into the group of Reds and
-Allied officials on Yonchon Is- wounding one man.
land questioned Communist war The Communists refused to
prisoners today to determine bring out the wounded man for
whether Red truce negotiators treatment and camp commander
orderedd a Saturday riot in which Lt. Col. Gerald R. Momeyer of
23 Communist prisoners were Erie, Pa., ordered a non-toxic ir-
killed and 42 injured. ritant such as tear gas used on
The riot, similar to others the prisoners.
blamed on the scheming of North "Immediately the prisoners of
Korean Lt. Gen. Nam II, was war in the other three com-
quelled when South Korean pounds of the enclosure, whipped
guards fired into four compounds into mass hysteria by their hard-
of the enclosure, core Communist leaders, Institut-
ed the usual riot procedure-

An undisclosed number of Al- shouting defiance and chanting
lied personnel was injured in in a frenzied manner as they
halting the threatened mass out- milled about," the U. N. command
break, but none seriously, said.
The Allied troops were met by
a hail of stones slung by the Again the U. N. ordered tear
lNorth Koreans who had been gas used. This time the POWs
worked into a frenzy by their threw overcoats and blankets
leaders, over their heads and threw rocks
Today's investigation was to at the guards.
see whether Yonchon-scene of "When the mutinous prisoners
two disturbances in three days- attacked the guards Colonel Mo-
eame under the same program of meyer put his emergency plan
harassment attributed to *Nam into effect to,. prevent a mass
apd his chief deputy at Panmun- breakout, and 'Allied security per-
J6m. Maj. Gen. Lee Sang-cho. sonnel opened fire with indi-
The Allies previously accused vidual weapons," the U. N. said.
them of planting agitators in "The action restored order."
risoner camps to stir up trou-

The Prisoner of War Command
In announcing the riot said it U
was instigated by "diehard"Makes Manville
1Communist leaders, that the pris-
oners were well organized and
that they weer "whipped intoU RE M Again
miasm hysteria by their hard-core
leaders." IN U E V O LAREDO, Mexico

The South Koreans broke up
the mutiny by putting into ef-
fect an "emergency plan." the
POW Command said. It did not
elaborate, but said ROKs sta-
tioned outside the enclosure fir-
ed into the area with rifles,
carbines and pistols.
The disturbances began early
Saturday when an unarmed com-
pound commander and his as-I
'altant, who were supervising the
distribution of food. ordered a
POW guilty of breaking camp
rules to be brought out.
The prisoners refused to pro-
duce him and suddenly 60 or 70
attacked the two men with rocks.
'A passing truck driver saw the
action and rushed to the defense
of the' two Allied officers, firing

March 9 (UP)-A maneuver in
Mexican law apparently mad.'
marrying Tommy Manville a di-
vorced man again today.
This imparted an air of tech-
nical sinfulness to his recondti-
liation in New Rochelle. N. Y.,
with Mrs. Anita 'Frances Rod-
She drove her $7,000 Jaguar to
Manville's home to talk it over
and Manville said they.had de-
cided on a reconciliation. He said
she brought her mink and jew-
els and was closing her New
York apartment.
Federal Judge Manuel G. Toro
Flores decided in Nuevo Laredo
last Slaturday that a divorce
which Mrs. Manville got in Rey-
nosa, Mexico, last August was il-
legal because she had never been
in Reynosa.

SobM Charges Ship Mrs. Manville, the 58-year-old
asbestos beir's 11th bride, had
asked to have the divorce set
Help Smuggle orde. Manville wanted it to stay'
SFu Pedro de los Santos Mendow,
B d.Bts Into US Manville's Mexican attorney, fil-
d sples inltoWUS ed an appeal l-afore Judge Flo-
res today, asking a Federal Cir-
WA8HINGTON, March 9 (UP) cult Court at Monterrey, Mexico,
-Beoe. Francis E. Walter said to- to- review the decision.
shipping companies have COurt secretary Carlos Denis
b Aned kzggle Moscow-trained said this means that u til the
Cpimunlta*i criminalss Into Monterrey court rdles, the 't-
"t upat tea. vporce Is relnstated. It mw- twk
The ensvia Deuiocrat, two or three months for theclr-
-author of the controversial cult court to hand down. a decl-
arran Walter Immigration slon.
At, OWd "shippoig people'" have So, legally speaking, Manvilte
put Communists and criminals is divorced under Mexican law
co their ship's crews "knowing until the case la finally svttld.
full well they are not sailors." The circuit court is a court of
-"They just evaporate after last resort.
they come to this country," Wal- "Mrs. Manville is still divore-
to- said. ed," Mendoza, who apparently
#,he immigration bill passed had not heard about the recon-
oer former President Truman's ciliation, said. "She has won on-
veto and today ini an interview ly one round. The fight has just
with the Ganett News Service, begun. This is a 15-round bout."
Walter said Mr. Truman was When Judge Flores set aside
'malued" in his opposition to the the decree. Manville was all set
immigration law" by some peo- to take Mrs Lillian Bishop Al-
Die who very definitely had an year, 29, of Union City. NJ., as
axe to grind." his 12th bride.

By C4ebroith

I-ht suiu-..
- W- bra qw4$,NIP

"I'd better buy

dad a cheap corncob pipe for his kirth,.
he thinks I get too much aeow i." '
.. .- ,-

One Day Combined Plane and Launch Trip
San Bias Indians, Saturday, March
14th and 28th .................$15.00 each
Darien (Jaque) Indians, Sunday,
March 29th .. ...... .... .... 20.00 each
Two-day trip to Puerto Armuelles,
Boquete and El Volcan Stop over
at David; all expenses except meals 35.00 each
Copa's 30-passenger DC-3 plane Departs Tocamen
8:00 a.m. Colon, Chamber of Comerce, Colon
807- 1446 or Travel Agent.


Accepting passengers for SAN FRANCISCO


(All cabins with private bath)

C.f fnton & CJQ CB. Fenton & Co., I
CRISTOBAL, TeL: 3-1781 BALBOA: Tel.: 2-.14B -

Dog Tired Dave

David was a busy togW.,
SIshopping never left b o 0e0w1!
Worn out. wea-y. tU i aU na bS.
Why not read our Want Ads. Dave?

Mercury Man


TW aPoj7 m

jflnaa AND HIN Funnis

u .'n

..| -"



rA O5iMhesi~.?


T 0
I 'Tl h' 11 Dt
YMitt YD i
t ttg
~ "U~~t

~ I.


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y w.I. 6E UP A
LOv OftenvAg*6
,e 1UM ?ucoun




or LI.

Ulid tN
ft *


c. r .
<., HT^456

In the ar, Elmer

- -'.

What Now. Pugp
d* Wm

CARIS WLKIN. Plaamteer

A, Tf
cFros ,

-r ..

'. '<..*-j

L S Ai.

~*#'qi~ III


.1 ~
j -t A.


I --

I um

! I

, >*

F jae rom

.I wam e .



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r~trirlu rwa~ili-rr-

I. t

' ry "

*,: 84,, .
t4 e ,


. ..... -* -
^., h, .1 'ir-

LT. .

o of *apitaa saI Mrs.
iday by plan ftp arMpe
'o2n a remidearIt oatstoev
qthal years in France.

ot w Jol e t e mus by
w I pla.r recently ton a short
visit to Te-ucigalpa.L

o rva

'- blS-m 0. t h Iy
Mjt of he Canal Zonq
d Bi Bta Igma PhI
w be held at the Curundq1
sorority House on Tuesday
eiani t:30 p.m.

~f't inter-Amlerian Wom*r
a's Glob is sponsoring a tri
fTaboga for members ani
ir guests on Tuesday at
8:00 m., when'the group wfll
leave Pier 18 by launch. Far
-fy the dtrip Is $2.00 pe
ei. p to i.
tonss III the


be held Friday at 8:00 st Ho-
Branch' the Oanal jone Po-
are 407 may
be see y telephoning. 3-
1277. '.. 7
en re obtainable rom
1any p ean or
at any .A .tetln.
ory ltar Soelety
Tb. Rosary Altar Society of
St. Maryd will hold their reg-
ular monthly meeting this
eveni .fter yoata In St.

e o i fterl TRd In at
tournament will be playe
th of the Hotl

t Pree.nt

sent the W "'HarveyP
under *a -p of Mr.

win be 9 to be give*
W te newly re-built Play.
i Alnon and will bi e
play presented
*WS~~SoJ run"*or fite oo

) RussellU dd "I don in

InKtogot the k.110_A
i m r 5 A. field Secatio
trfor a ulaVeti- warso tha we M

ard. I L. aO -i n advance of' h
crai fa that oft et 1
rad W3 thito k S 0n the 7
an 7 attack thw I
-ar 6pppMgta n mfit launeb.
ro own ty.

It. UVIOWh be

4=0e R (M-Rouan Xt6 h
Tiehei u i iu-. e Itoday .3 tO1WN 0
obNlfiti"ll / I-CHATCL, ,-. K.

talks, th r .b ob-a incloeane wit
l:: 0en ,Or "., 430 oruO NSe =WWa, the
mot a nit fedlt o- rieda tpam lilmva Al-
om. oUhOerman C DEluoW (R- t Uhw
.emi_,- W UWo f O a1e _l150 tor v. Ir
uRf W _t a or ~-V1e stbeB -ls.wW 7

Sci e e Pire eaCrva told
l^m'r" lm-omW, t congr ieme iO In ht moW
St Commuia o had mtmAtan-
I Mtftr mpnt a now mmq. of
on a h 0 bad cotefalsedi sad nd6h
Congre we
o A toe ne protCon bain-0
tor any .ed by premier 3nulce Du-o
try 0d carefull not to aWtos.
'* 8yy 1S a Ispytrt Pfore Merriam began. the
14Po all tht" for the cm- told the United Pres bg
et = to the gA sood Ide whto--mi* hi*
rentoanfl ntbetwAtV a th e timttentaf he
tetimNW 'on the amanition refused to elabolM-M
that of other mB* Ccmmr= e
reeplftS meber a the eogratnd
"p ht witth t"qVty
F in and Ibean exposing hi collabo-
of te lalee aornd psbi In hi Meoron, the wpiest de-
n tiof of wh ad qr co acrthed a.. s "tbi
adequa te wonrst heresy of 0 modern
Iie t times, and we must flht It. not
e t ibe afraid of .1."
^ ** *' '* *' ______, oil-



C on n or
Red (rw hMMS
Klneteen women of 7W9 Pa-
via w=re awarded diplma.- aft-
er completion of the Smerican
Red Cros standard oumH of In-
struction n emergency flnt aid
The women are volunteer
trainees partlcatin mg opef-
ttan distaff actvtt sport
of the Zone-wide, JotUt Army
Navy-Air Force diasWter control
training program.
U. &ME, coft n r
of Port Davis warded -
mas to Mrs. Ji
Ur. Clay L szmct
In. Mary i. w 5S,7_
D. Babin, Mrs. V. Barlem,
Mr. Josephne H. Oowae, Mli.
Antoi V. D aoto. MU. Kmlla
Morales, Mrs. Patriesa Northeutt.
Mrs. LilJian C. aaorM. Mra.
Joan Kminaherf. M. Teram .
Wlnmack, Mrs W degard Ms.
Mrs. Jeasne.HardanJHeNa. Ale-
Ja. Q Tellado. Mrs. 19 M.
MorrQL Mrs. Arlene D.VwISed.
l'uture volunteer trUin ViW
point toward integration nf vol.
unteer activities wit troop eX-
ercles and wll incude team
training and practlea applica-
tion in the field.
The course was conducted in
both EDglish and Spanish. In-
structors were members of the
units stationed at Flort avls.
and Included Sgt. Richard C.
Bicault. St. Maurice .I Camp-
SPe Rlc ymond R. Polk, ftt.
l RodrVsue and CPL Ra-
iifRodriguez-Rivera. -



latlir'wUl be ci har.ged c .
to lvuifhsun unless they no- cu

P.Moul .ail

J6 j..P __ _

tick last
a pole.
i wreck-
a on the

r. :

* E a r

. '" '


SM s e {*-i .

Hundreds of new, beautiful hou

Mbuwlt il fler aZ

V y r e mft. iLuky rauioo to be adIund
onIw am ftrnnmr.
Ith a few do Mw.ou can omplos*ly furnish your new home from ..
B woom h if you belong to 'Te.Armed Forces or if you
]mv, m k] '" i

6; to- tomp f eA wlo.
* .Mde4edlr lee pwdsn
Jh dowdrK 0409d forys
A, .



I I Aftf1g
r As,





soV* ? REFRIGERATORS for yeour kheul


,; o ..'..77 -

' i "I ,
~Mmm.~k mt24VMW


a.. w'.i'- -"


-' I I

from 7 p.m. in the Patio i% ftime'for the 8:30
performance of NOEL COWARy. "Privtef
Lives," staged by the circle player..
March 11 thru 14
Bella Vista Solon
Ploy tickets $2. E tLI
On sale, lobby.

by r iLLCI



C *1>. I



133 3AUAS* APUPW !


You Sell 'em...When You T ell 1 s PA Clalifes

Leave youth Ad with one of our Agents or our office$ ia No. ."I' Street Paamui
No 12.179 Centr.l A4ve. .

Sain de Belieza America Ca ItiDrug Store I
No. 55 West 13th Street l. t Melder Ave.--Phme ColnM "

Agenda nternacional do Pdeubho lfadofM W atudit t SO i.
No. 3 Lottery Plast Phone -3109 S 3-214 and 3-=SI. li.
.77 -

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 3-2201. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

FOR SALE--Al types of refrigerators
25 cycle. Terms can be arranged.
House 174, GombLoo. Phone 6-
FOR SALE:-Quartermoster, maho-
gany dining set. Modernized 8
Pieces. Phone 2-3708, Balboa.
FOR SALE:-9 foot Co'dspot refriger-
ator. 25 cycle. Good condition.
$75.00. R4A Rousseau. 25-3539.
FOR SALE:-3-piece modern uphols-
tered livingroom set (one large
couch, 2 arm chairs), excellent
condition. 0822 Plank St. Balboda
phone 2-2942.
FOR SALE: 25 cycle refrigerator
$50.00. Crib with mattress, $20.-
00. 5564-L, Diablo Hgts. Phone
FOR SALE:-Two single beds, with
spring, and mattress, very cheap.
SBell Vista, 45th Street, No. 4.
FOR SALE: New Crosley Radio-
Phonograph Console. 3 speed rec-
ord cronger. 12" speaker, 8 tube
radio, 25 or 60 cycle. Phone Bal-
boa 3717.
FOR SALE:-Nice baby bed mattress,
sheets, pillow in excellent condi-
tion. Also good radio and toaster,
and new set of feather pillows.
Nice sell cheap. Can be seen at
house 19, Room 3 upstairs, 45th
St. Bella Vista.
SOR SALE :-Refrigerator 25 cycle.
$60.00. Coll 83-2151 (PAD)
during duty hours.,

Position Offered
WANTED:-Bllinguol Secertory with
full knowledge English and Span-
ish shotkarld. Apply Dagmor Ti-
yvoli Avenue No. 6.

Radio Programs

Your Community Statioe

WMhe 100.000 P ele. MAW

Te47 Mofaday, March 9
S 3!30Mte for Monday
4 4:00"-Wie. Without Words
I4: U-4isgerts on Parade
4:30-What Your F a v orte
(Agendclas Steer)
5:20-What's Your Pav0or ite
5:35--WbMWs Your Favorlte
r. (Coftd)'
6:00--Landscaps. With Houses
S6:15--M-U1cal interlude
S6:30--The Fiteistne Hour
: :45-L01f)|thomja
1'+:00--;.Ta from Here (BBC)

1.46-Here Come# Louis Jordan
8:00-Eve in Salon
8{456UP., Comentary
S S: O-Jack wtiht Show (VOA)
9. :15--&xctlons a Science
9:30-Playhouse of Favorites
ltU:00-Toe. World at Your Win-
dow BBC)
l:00--Tbt 0Mw's Nest

TemerW, Toesday, MarBch 101
06-S O Alarm .Clock
7:30-Morning Salon
18l6 M-nU i Variatfes
8:4S-awaiMan Harmonies
9:16-at- red Heart Program
g:3o-As I Bee It
10:06-Of the Record
11:O0-New .
11:05-Off the Record (Contd)
11:80-Meet the Band
12:05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
S 1:00-News
1:15-Persoaality Parade
1:45-Lum and A*ner
2:0o-A Caitron Le. Paul

Must be sold immediately, 1947 Ford
Tudor, Radio, Seat Covers, color
Light Gray. Good tires, duty paid,
licensed to June. Exceptional buy
for $650. Cash only, Panama 3-
1309, can be seen any time, No.
26. 1st. St. Parque Lefevre.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford 8 cylinder,
Custom 4 door sedan, brand new
seat-covers and very good running
condition. On, display at CIVA S.
A. Tel. 20870.
FOR SALE:-T938 Packard Coupe
$125.00. House 9-B New Cristo-l
bol. Phone 3-2986.

FOR SALE: 1947 .Chrysler. Fully
equipped, 5 good tire. Call 7:30 -
4:00. 87-3164. After 4:00,-Pa-
n~mhi 3-2449.

WANTED: By responsible couple
without children, house or apart-
ment. two or three bed-rooms in
Congrejo, Bella Vistao, Vista Alegre,
or Golf Heights. Coll Paqpmra 3-
4702 between 7:00 ond 9:00 p. m.
WANTED TO BUY:-Smaoth tires,
suitable for reconstructing, Reco'ns-
tructora Nacional, S. A. No. 7,
Peru Avenue, telephone 2-0406.
Panama. .
WANTED: By American family.
Three bedroom house on or before
April 12th. Call Panama 3-3390.
WANTED: Retired Canal Zone
couple for contract with Corona-
do Beach. Small salary, free cot-
tage and utilities. For appointment
call Balboa 3146.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-25 cycle motors, 1-4
and 1-3, 1 H.P. Motor Ldunch.
34 foot, 108 h.p. Continental Ma-
rine engine, reduction gear, neces-
sary equipment for use. A bargain.
Phone 5-325.

More SponswsMps

Neeh fs.a -

Tibbean rl 01ri a "
will- be David r .. .
Sch s Division. He will et. up
the program and train U- m -
"selors. m .. -
.. Being educational director o
Girl' State will bei & ew tm
of work for Spei wbt
teaching at Balboa High Sh eol
for the past two years.
The Casibbean Oile' State, an
American Lgilon AuxlAmryac-
ivity, will tbe held at PFort DavIb
from Marcl 2 7to April 0,. De-
partment Qirl's tate cirman
is Mrs. Magner. .,
Financial support f4 te_ local
Girls' State comes Lrom the
American Legion and American
Legion Auxiliary department of
Panama Canal Zone, its posts
and unts and from other or-
ganizations with an Interest In
citizenship training.
In addition *to accepting In-
dividual contributions toward
the fund, group sponsorhIbpf
will be taken. ,
More girls have appledai
qualified toe OtrIon .tater th
year than ever before. theoror
more.sponsorshtps ar needed n f
all *hho have applied are to be

Stalin Joins Lenin
(Continued from Page lV
well to our dead leader. Glory to
Beral spoke next. The 3ew
head of the ministry of foternal
affairs and chief of the oViet
hnion's scnuity aCn artiPlew *O-
gram said the UaVton* .srVwW
was great but "our will 4-1 not
be broken by it." .
"Our enemieS think our loss
will bring disarray In our ranks.
but they will be dsappelnted,"
Berialaid. *
In the row upon row of Com-
munit dignitaries were Premier
Chou Un-la of China, Harry Pol-
lit of Qreat Jrtain. Jacques Du-
cl"S fdPac, frogllattI,



De b~e* _a *h-- naomlich Sant- .'rClir b
Wes Alsibel cottage Electric km bm* 4*4
208m .. Aenek. C.I store, moderate
DR. WENDEHAKE. Mldica:-Clikt.f |-44I Gomb 4
u, lI t ,. -- If V..-,.

Telephone 2-3479, Panamn.
one way $85, round tilp 135 UTS
day-limit),.$169.00, 'good one yr;
to LOS ANGLn, "n y, $14 .)5.
round trip, $252.S O.&aY-MU*t,.
Panama Dskpbtch Service AvMiib
Nacional (Autemesble *ew). Teld.
Panama 2-1655.

FOR SALE:-Socrlfice, 1950 Citroef
Sedan in excellent condition, must
sell immediately, best offer, duty
paid, 25 Cyl. V H.P. motor, $22,
crossbow .$17, Apoche air gun,
$10. Telephone 2-3447. 5720-B,

FOR SALE:-Lestps piano, one Win-
ter piano spinets, like new. Very
reasonable. Tel. 2-2184. Ebi Fur-
niture Store, Domingo Diaz and
Estudiante St.
FOR SALE:-One Hallicrafter, Radio
Receiver, model SX-42, 15 tubes.
First class shape. Paid. $356. Sell-
ing for $150.00. Phone Balboa
3227. between I and 3 p. m.
FOR SALE: --Craook Shaft fits '46,
'47 and '48, Nosh Ambassador,
new and has balanced fCywheel.
'47 motor scooter, motor recently
overhauled. BARGAIN, Tel. 2-
2946, House No. 5337-B. Dovis
St., Diablo.

F LY I N 6
LEARN TO -FLY with AGSA at Pai-
till& Airport. Tuiton on Piper Cubs.
Tel: 3.1337.

. 11M

ciFU. o if blid .hiy,
rDUa returnMed to
bopinj for aid from school ot0
slais. police sad parents,

The 10 drivers who handle the
tional routes announced
Mar strike r"day, 1They said
thiy were weary of being the
isptballs and playful
wtles with knives.
d they added, they were
tired of the screams, the explo-
la oOf fire crackers, jammn
oectrical equipmn.s with nails
and such Juvenile pranks as dl-
robing a girl stude and hang-
IM .another student out of a
wndow by his wrist Their com-
plaita Included the. slashing of
bus jeAts.
Their walkout was upheld by
Roy L. Foley, president f Local
L8M of the Amalgamated Street
and- Railway trployes Union
(AL). He, said the efficiency of
the drivers wa impaired and
traffic jeopardied.F
F' ey met today- wth police
ehf Earl Butcher; director of
public safety Thomas B. Woot-
,ton; schools superintendent Dr.
John P Mdlligan.oslsstant su-
perintendent Lettz D. Gold;
ih school prncpalme Charles R.
Houenbach and Thomas .r
Whitehead, general manager Of1
the Atlantic City TranportationI

WhItehead.saj.jalks with the
school and' police officials
brought "PledResof co-operation
and remed'Ll a tion to prevent
future aInscondt and wanton
ae to elc6." Co
t he added, t iA ares con-
cerned didn't wat to disclose
their plan of actln which goes
into being today. He did say
there -would be o polie on the
buses. *
Foley said he was satisfied
with the arrangements "'which
promlae to lead to tei appre-
Ienstlon and punlohm t of ir-
responsible. stu4d* "'

Williams' Sant#e C kra ct
. ta ooll. 2
Rockgos rongwl B -I
Except wek-dend~ ,
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottges. Th
only court In Sortt Ckaro with
Oceonview from n ll cottes. Ste,
to beach, Rock G, refrigeration,
barbecue and shutfl. board. Pan-
ama 3-1877. Margtlita 3-1473
Box No. 435 Balo. .




R]teynld .... Alui... .

.nt Pre@,i*f etat,
tabooad Ira.to4thr

CEO. F. NOvfr INC.
(*sere 19tW YF-s plem*rm)

FOR RENTZ-A bequttfl and comrn- T I .pI Nh t S. A.
plet. furnished residence at Golf
after 3:00' p. 'm n Via Porr as d
6th St. No. 3. weP nortpr moe
FOR SALE .'-Fumrnished chalt, two Yuhc 'ahO.ft 2-2451P
bedroom, refrigerator, stove, wash. 2.2662 PAm L
Ing machine. 6th Avenue, No. 33,. -_
San Francisco.

FOR RENT-For two or three months J .L.I
a completely furnished residence IHal ""1111U r bUMN
consisting of two bedrooms, two M A
baths, two living rooms and dining
room, kitchen and servants' uor- U
tes. For information from 9 a. m. 43 A RAw
to 3 p. m.- oat 37th street E, NI.
FOR RENT: Beautiful residence, ....
must be .occupied immediately. If -
Interested phone 2-2145, Paname. MOMBN
FOR RENT --For two months, cha-
let of-two bedrooms. 50 and 19 HEHESR
Street. Paitillo, phone 3-2516. T 7
FOR RENT-Furished chalet, thre
Bedrooms, two baths, from 4 to
6 weeks., Call 3-1206 from 8 e.
m. to 2 p. m.____ |.

Apasrtme.nts 7. n

FOR RENT:-For one month Morclh
15 to April 14. Jnie fumishq
Apartment. Price $75.00. Further Inw
formatloh Tel., 2-1748 froe a,
m-to 5:30 p. mn

FOR RENT;-Fumished apOrtmem',
..-Edodairt gas inclj. h .N. -I,.
Fourth o July Avenu s.,-W n
2-5133 Panama.

FOR RENT:--Completey fanmihed
aportnment for a ort time. 3 bd-
rooms, -porch. IMngroaom, dining-
room, refrigerator, telephone, cen-
trolly locot. Telephone- 3-1585
FOR RENT:-Modem and Screened
apartment. two bedroom, etc
$60.00, 4th of July Avenue No.
-A. Miguel Hive. Phone .


FOR RENT:-.Fumished room feor d
chelor. Via Espaia (3 hoem. b.
fore Race Track).
FOR. RENT--um shed rmomn p~ri
entrance and bothpooml N. 0
Estudiante street Apt. A.
FOR RENT:-FusniAhd mom, ~v
kitshen. prMISPge and pho 4501
Stret No. 34. Tel. 3-4625.

Civic Council
Meets Tomorrow r;^
The regular monty
of the Paqifl-0t(3
p.m. in a bardc t
Oaminastn ae W* a
ors are mmlmn_ to a45t '
observe counl .

United f Aft..
UNITEl vS i _gtr l

II --


L *.- .1, .'..i., ._.

7iu: 1 *A to W
='sue.i !rNG




S, .

.. ^ "

. t-

,p, r.; ,' -


.j~ 'N-


A -
3. ,'


'I'. ~.




,T71 T..

-,- a:,

I. -
- ..

I ill ..;.-

- --






I -





- I






I- I






e~ '.JPP'- -


(1C); .l
7,, -

*Ia ^6 2eetrito 6 '
the Orce 2 6 .6 5

goo rTtasporltaon AI .IJi


L vctry ft.
d plie ZI
mP I,^'B




Next Games
day: ld- Bread Vs.
lay: CJLO TA Ago_ s. S
F: rmyW WIL AE ny
m homes lteh ddWor
a eht ONaO = n
Iui F49-#a.*
n -I4WMsk-sh*
battwo ato p


Al -

naaljaga (e)-

3, 2.40

Pmimmop,.. %.I

*,- "rLL&Nt-I.FTA -wC

In M-P&.04ft Blh otor

"EvcrytHij I Huv.Ir Youru"-






Finance. *ia

W j .'

o.6, Me,-1.

r' ., I &, "

U-O '

minwuKin vjy uw
AxMY L ..n7ry, N
Ire rNt*S to .
S tfim a-d ath em-


In TuhoaulwIrl
A*: Mw syrre in Coleg Treamins
wtA Tus 3...I

e Wt.A NT 0

,., -.LArX C- '-
ip. r la. wi, in
3A anT X
I, f. ^ :*

rj TI^^!11T'

A Great Double Proamf-
RUa Hayworth, In
"Affair In Trinied"
Pat 0'roma, i


, PAW-esRIdAm

1 a..,7.,
,"'A .. J

a. -. --. --T -- '.- ]- -- w -----'--------------

1 ji & ores Tad Victory B.H.S. Halts Cristobal

o A.* P. Chlse Winning Streak At Five
"'-. FIAL BTANDING two two t In just about y

Stn W L Pet. Both Cristobal es ea .s
isr..._added Frandiso Arlds Pba 5 1 ~8I8 MctauuoeI and Dicke were
|To Gbet ,.i, -R.. -:, T. :-.-K*_ I 2g ^ ** .
at r" Re a nverted from an out er to do
in wa Vasquez' ro uh tactics were p Viy's esutsdrew ceing. Don
'however,. was Inny t s F F. Williams vs. R. T. in tha e steB. 8, C.H. 5 Balboa and twird n
1." pve"him a aix-meet U oerfomance inputtingi .
oro.b Th..e thd choice Bo a offerhea
U .a l'eafs t th 4 Into the books, 8 to.,
the tn er vu4s En o a No. 10 polt pos1Hl~J an The lnterlholastlc baseball RaUl Swalm was Criatobs's
e.. un cut acre n s wound up with he too w
Saie r ct t rnb Ints se- rday nh at Mt. Hope t.- for nine safeties. Toany
-t s ofiSt trbslum t the fans who we,.re tched the last two frames .
3 .J. H. Degna est vs. Mat 4h favor'e h uim ree, the largest crowd to at- the Tera and held the Bulls
JMdeFacichy Ari hso 0. alohis g4d an interschoal game this In check with no hits and
U" N.. UACross.i Gent g&m over eatyear, wme treated to a little it runs.
Norma .w virtually elimina rom Baloa Buldogh ools ne- ht atack
Bes Jr. v. N. t 2:l *in hich of everythintt comes Pacg the Balboa
n evl basalndl as the Balboa Bulld nie-hit attack
S.. *Tony y'Shwa s ond ..d W o y Turf Lodgen t Pwho ft win treak at five games, of whom had two hite. For
In-eeand %Tthesen tRe Hhes and Art s alsog a
-: '* fe 14.,, bua -ahF1 Am ^ orio Paerod and To- gho held the aupar ach
T ph H.Bast va. C. Yowbid alo bn ha er, phSd traSte very ste The bo epore:
1. .. --A. t, umi .rg- ,n'R. gBalta t. T. A. Ja n!s bend, tsswrtley Lhssa arhn they scored tour
W this a vs. a d out at the the abns were kept on their BAISOA HIGH
S8td- w D.thar ed. w then bas co k throughout the game. The
pd r. h competition that always
is R.Ze A L otsideoo.10nthebAstenh es with the meeting o these Salas,. a 3 1 2
ora Three furlongs out BooJI May lb 4 4 &
Ei n m n vM. Aleman -' forgSd tttha front and q quickly Flynn a 2 1 3
a's d pelr wL not ,_1 M- Mannlng vs. Pete ale moved t a commanding lea TAB rfi.m AB Napoleon3b 2 g6 I
tunbupai feIn neo rf o01 M

.1) .. .BgVasques faoed (0i1s)N, Mlarch 9 (UP) Exx. Morton 4 1 2 2 O
W.V. avs. A. w Methp to e o. He .plve Coln has won
(0) vs. ek v. N. he ugh ever fron the in- his rubber match with Fabels 8 W3
t (, 1B 4. ta I o wi de with C toave ftore a jam-packed .
hJr. vse y i gtlht-c(lm) v. Pcinite j.out a ll the house I Boston. C
S;. Dn m nl va virtpalr- elimitn ategd Bool Llaghtt Collpp, the hot- Newhard 2b 4 1 ac
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e dy winner hTu f ,nish lne a many ripped Obaves so a4 0

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W.H8A vs. 0.intu 0196 Swakn 21 0o0 1xo .
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"Thunder In The East"
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, i .,* = ,,.

'- : *'t?


WEST TAKES A LOOK AT A WHOLE MIG In a daring flight through the Isos urtai...l_
unidentified. Polish Air Force Lieutenant (right) lands an undamaged Rqlan-bil =O-145
(left) on Bornholm Island. Denmark. This giv es Western powers their ftiichance t@ 0l
a comialete Red jet. Although Poland has ask ed that Denmark return the flyer, helusskel
for political asylum. Danish sources said he would probably be protected.

Danes Dismantle

Red Jet Prize

As Poles Protest
-The Danish government today
received a new note from the
Pollah government demanding
the Immediate return of the Pol-
ish Mig Jet fighter which landed
on the island of Bornholm in the
Baltic last Thursday, it was
learned here.
Deals of the new Polish note
were not released.
Meantime the Mig-15-the first
of Its kind ever seen undamaged
outside the Iron Curtain was
taken from Bornholm to Copen-
hagen today aboard the Naval
lightholmse tender "Argus" escort-
ed by the torpedo boat -Wille-
moes" and the minesweeper "So-
The plane, packed in three
wooden boxes, arrived this morn-
ing at the naval docks at the
port of Copenhagen
The three boxes which were
guarded by military police, were
unloaded Immediatley on trucks
belonging to the Danish air force.

Migs Try To Break Up

Thunderjets' Bombing
SEOUL. Korea. March 9 (UP) Eleven American SuIfo.
- Marauding American Sabres surrounded by Red night lght
destroyed or damaged four Coin- ers, boMbedal 100-ac u ,
munist Mig-15's today as the area on the-nalin line betW#e
Russian-built jets desperately Manchuria and the battefnt
used new combat tactics in a late last nx ht.
vain attempt to break ui dive- Navy jet rodspeller-driven
bomber attacks on the main Red planes bla 3 troop and
supply rout,.. supply tbre fr the f*al
Three Migs were shot down In lines t eort WoMan th e
flames and one was damaged east coast Xetergi r
trying to protect the vital route The America ,lttestp
through which war materiel is sour poured 1I feht-InS
funneled from Manchuria to the shells Ito "fd Iy lie aI
western front. the TS .t..ases. ;
It was the r.-cond straight day meanwh^t a.. 'lV l
of fighter-bomber attacks on the week
the supplv route leading south stroyed orS.1 M
from Antung. Manchuria. munist bnke V W. ..b"I
The Thunderjets relentlessly cost the RaSh r 211 bm
hammered rail bridges, tunnels, ers.
rail lines and rolling stock. One Col N Nr at Mc .
bridge was blasted east of Cha- neyTe.tdon W11hM
eryong. yesterday tot. Uaa lw
Today's Mig claims brought Maj. George kt.g
the two-day toll of MWi destroy- Tex., I mingf t h
ed or damaged to nine. The Sa- Feb. 10, IU.
ores yesterday shot down three. Davis ith =0 ag0 "he.
probably destroyed one and driven TU-2 b s
damaged one. still holds U e

Force planes flew reconnais- one LA-g
sance missions over the massive er destro 1._arS
Sulho dam on the Yalu River. destroyed and
They were making sure that aged.
the Reds have made no headway tBaker was ueht
in their efforts to repair dam- River when
age inflicted on the hydro-elec- MIs nIa
tric plant in previous air at- altitude.
tacks. "11 W1MI 55s i@
On the ground. a Communist iatthe n b im
raiding party drove Allied troops sent buml2t4
from a central front outoost, pip he mKd.
early today, but the U.N. infant- "Ate
ryn-an recaptured position busts he
t.:ee hours later. The Reds athe last I

country s .we" .Abraham Legoin.

YI, MARCH 9, 190l

tin OCNldS


Puts Off Patching =

Of Taft-Hartley

The administration today a-
bandoned efforts to recommend "Let the people know t tiPu au j" the I
changes in the Taft-Hartley la-
bor law until after Congression- ...A
al hearings are held on the sub- TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA. BLP., MOND_
The decision was disclosed by
Senate Republican leader Robert
A. Taft. co-author of the con- *
troversial law, after hle and
other GOP congressional leaders -* G.. C o h
conferred at the White House 9
with President Eisenhower and
Secretary of L.abor Martin P

Taft told reporters the Ad- To In VeSilgle
ministration has given up the v
changes at of tryis time. He said WASHINGTON. March 9 (UP) Committee, largest single re-
that Durkin agreed to the de -Republican leaders called to- quest ever made by tbat group, I
hat Durkin agreed to th ch. day for a congressional investi- which currently Is Investigating 6
played approachgation of congressional investi- Communist influence In col- h
"I think It was generally a- gations, leges.
greed that the proper approach
rs to haae these iCongressionalh They said it's time to take a The Senate has approved fo
hearings first," Taft said. close look at the record break- $150,000 for an internal security in
Taft said there may never be Ing number of proposed inqul- subcommittee headed by Sen. th
an official administration bill as ries and then put on the Wiliam I Jermer (R.-Ind.). DC
such to revise the law. brakes. which also is tracking down
Durkin has encountered dffi Rep. Leo E. Allen whoe House Communlats in colleges.
culty in getting labor-manage- Rules Committee has nearly I00
ment agreement on proposed requests for special committees Sen. Jo0eph R. McCarth's in
charges, and investigations, told a re- permanent investigating sub-
The administration's first ef- porter "we are about ready to committee, now looking into the
fort to achive agreement ended button up now." State Department's information
in failure last week when Dur- So far this year. the House has program. has received $119.000
in's trfaiure last week when Dure advisory co- put up $1,325,000 to finance vari- for operation expenses.
kin's tr-partite advisory com-s .
.nittee broke up in disagreement uIt likely will tonquiriesthe all-time
over procedure in recommending record of about $3.500.000 spent Adm J. M. Will
cl--npes. on investivltions during the past Jo IL WI
Labor and public members of two years.
th.l .,-,.- .. tri-partite group Senate leaders also are con- Hen To luspe
fato.Cd taking a vote on pro- cerned by the mounting, cost of 0
pcaed changes in the law, but investigations, several of which
a nagem'nt representatives op- appear to be overlapping this
closed the idea. year. IS SO
The Senate, which last year
spent $1.727,600. not including Rear Admiral Jn M. Wills.
,/*TWO-HEADED HAROLD big printing costs, has approved UA.N w 3 command tl-
$700,000 for 1953, with more to cer of the M r -et .
CLINTON, Miss. (UP)-Harold, come. po
the two-headed water turtle un- Many of the Investigatlons g cu en
der observation by Biologist Wil- started under Democratic lead- noon for a brief et tote th
Mal 0. Sadler at Mississippi Col- ership are still going. Naval District where h 111 ~-
l here, is proof positive that The House last week apr- aspect the l8TStU' lt. -
two heads are not better than priated $5265,N Iinlnvesit- .
one. Because Harold has two ing funds, includatg money to Upon his arr -li h.wis i fs
heads and two brains, Dr. Sadler keep going with the marathe by Comma 4er' J. ,,'MSOal y
explained, he gets absolutely no- tax scandal and Snstile De- U. 8. If.
where. When one head wants to apartment Inquirles.' M 1iB Ithe l
eat and the other wpnts to sleep Among sums previously ap- Wills is e l tve to-
the result Is Harold crawls a- proved was $300,000 for the morrow lar ay C
round in a circle. House Un-American Activities Cuba. '
._ -- '-

1gn .m
The cm
we the'
mclude I

last maor i
W S i ,T o -lM

:W6a Si OK
r 'WASI March 9 (cT)
r- .epubllci congressalona
leaders confidently predict
after mAebag with Preslde
i Elsenhlowe today that the
Hos uand4 Senate will pass' a
Hawafan aithood bill by tfti

'The pred4aion was made In
the fadeof position from, sMn.
DetUiorats and Republicans In
BenateW6Apublcan leader Rob-
ert A. ft said after the reu
lar Monday, legislative co3tr-
ence with Us. Esenhower ;t
the Pr#*t. wanted the
admitt waf to the
consled promptly and.dS.
poaed 4.of 1tbeCongrrek
'? ft si -e and House
er J W. Mrtln. Jr. t

to tE r t. ..ry

Jl-M, mABUi*
--* 11 r l *

dn two c

An Idecent pm
0 in a. min- forto

m.U.I~ WW,

iressrIen Want

Investigto rs

F ~',

- J ,7-
q. "

WES w".m
,w .

1 _~



* _, ..