The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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March 17, aand WOt do
mies dressed Wf itter
and nummer- ctfw
The cars pro
placed at varmr
the center of t..e .ii .
Various lefttn .i to
ers will supply ug nn
ense officlalc saRd,
A spokesman for the 4Uto
dealers group, w.hb Is. J
pying used carn m.
1949 models, aadl? IWO-
mobiles would be l
we want them." .;.
Defense oUc .
mies. whih
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throughout the
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of clothing which
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State Pays $14-
For Each Peose
Census Pureou
-State governmente1t eu
nmaunted to $34.1 1

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Sanborn, Deuw and Bo,
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L Victor, president Iof after
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dw Xmployes.
About a month ago, Vietor
b h t this matter, to the at
on of Governor SqyboM. e*
lanigt the hardship ImpoMd 4e
Mrea d k al-raters
Ua a result, the Governor re-
%twMd the deqmnalM, ed th*
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than the 14-15 ton German V-2. Developed In 1945. the experimental,.
liqud-fuel. high altitude rocket weighs 655 pounds with a full fuel
ad and attains a top speed of approximately 2,800 miles a hour.

Capture Of Ge

And Ex erts j

Gave Invaluabje..,-
-. *- t

On a chijly morning in March, 1952, Brigadier GenpruM 4rk
ed before a Congressional slbommittee which se l
ed missiles. dt went by tI Army,
"Gentibmen, h said, "ior many yeqan Army OrdHd
fore this subtoe ittee have talked aboutfutures,Now el' ,:
reality." -
Army Ordnance finally had reached the production sNde on two A
" This was heMrtealng aews to the people at T w T i t" oned. at
called the a dv Lt of iler's rocket b lt 1 wag the n
elium in 1944 and 34M1 .
It also was hiatafg to the Army o 'a' 'uly, l6'51
telligene teams wloh raised through l 1 4i V4 martin
the AmericunAAry during the clesir .ImSCU Wq OtdnafceCorp
search of the depdft fn emueaonie V- de.r .U.."'d reas
Their disoovftof the tast ta thl M a completing th*
production Unes at'th&vaemo lMII I 6
the United States, i Sgre the Aiy s f g Q 132 Ml
guided missiles to which DMOi referred. ,

* MAIrIA. .

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-" mwuw daee*s ~

3uiUdIi~iukiI~ a~ .i... -~

Ift v-. I r oprMram with reonstructrd Germni super'pnl nmii'
lies. dUM primarily for 'upper atmosphere ruearch, a V-2 rlq
frm am launching stand at White Sands, N. M., bound on a soienUflf
u journey to gather facts from a relatively unknown world.
/ ..... .- "

WAC CORPORAL ROCKET, shown ildint atop the nose of the
Oerman V-3, took off on Its own when the V-3 neared its mauum
height and ionsed to a record altitude-250 miles above

-0 -,

"We have' reached the stage
where we are ready not only to
produce them tor more extend-
ed firings, but we are actually
organizing unite to use these
m saless" Davis continued.
What the general referred to
was of far greater Importance
than a mere supersonic rocket
such as the Germans unleashed
in 1944.
He spoke of gudded missles-
rockets which opuld be guided
in flight to their destinations.
Once launched, the V-2's flight
path could not be controlled or
changed by external means.

The whole story of how the
V-2 German Vengeance
Weapon Number Two-got to
the United States is a thrilling
tale of wild adventure.
German scientists and their
families, rockets, everything
that looked like It might be a
part of a ocket, and docu-
ments were found and evacua-
All this had to be done in a
precious few days and in the
face of a Russian advance to-
ward Hitler's rocket laborato-
T'fet that It was dope-

A 17o the nalted Statei-
gained additional importance
eleven months later.
On April 16,. 1946, the first
American-fired V-2 rocket shot
into the air above the New
Mexico desert to Initiate the
, Army's V-2 program.
"We were merely babes in
the woods when my staff
brought back the V-2's from
Germany." said Brigadler Gen-
eral H. N. Toftoy, Director of
the Ordnance Missile Labora-
tories at Redstone Arsenal,
_ Huntsville, Ala.
"Since then, we have made
tremendous strides in this
brand new field of American
military technology."
Toftoy who, since World
War II, fathered the Army
rocket and guided missile pro-
gram In the United States-
The V-res provIded us with
such fundamental data that
we were alSe to save more
than tn our raid-
ed misslleq program, and five
yea' 1n'reMaM Ih and devel-
Opment time."
Although much was learned
from V-2 rocket firings at
White Sands, the rocket-fore-
runner of guided missilles-has*
been serving the Army as a re-
search workdorse for many
If It were not for this rocket.
guided missiles now rolling off
assembly lines for the Army in
all probability would be non-

The Armv has 'm1ade great
strides in Its glided missiles
program. However. It is indebt-
ed to the late Dr. aul H. God-
dard for much of the ground-
Rocketry did not develop
sipe and aduay.
Re Ir, It. sitelpMes and
theories have been worked on
by one group, of people, drop-
ped, taken up by another and
sometime9 forott isre-
carded r
Dr. .=_l Mdi iwn
vo nekdy, In-

o ,e

G. MUM= 1 ,siredby te As*at
.1' A Thl s 71 sl e blGwas the forei u'ner of mode,'. p mt-
weauss ~lk hav st'Mg the' l.defjnsu 49 an
UAW "u mu*kntwdm~wSa

3 ) Development of a rocket
usin fuel He
suaen t.luy wed,t in to V ,
ante-dar its use Inthe Ger-
man V-2 y y la .
4) He was fiS. tofire a
rocket that attain a speed
faster than the speed ofamund.
) He. patented plans for
"step" rokets- e firing of a,
rocet from ather oekwal-
ready In flight.
6) He developed ayroscoplo
ateerl~g apparatus for rkets
ten years before the Germans
developed similar gear.
7) Hwas first use vanes
In the blast of the rocket mo-
tor to steering rockets.
Borr owIlag frOem hs a-
hevementf the Germua
dufatg World War H amu,
leasbve theb fiat= -.m-t
evthg at emperouoelef.
ee to b usmed galas


O I. ... .

When the first V-2 hurtled
out of the atmosphere to strike
London Sept. 8. 1944, It did not
comp as a complete rise.
Aled technical n oe
maned to gain In1ogauqn
about 8 -he V-3 more tan a year
before it was unleashed by the
The first report, In the
satualblf i am1, a ftb
Zurich, Switteriand. It ael
the Germans had fNu R*-
ete that were 45
and weighed 13 to* -
tasneof ato40 mf
In January 1944 rts
came from Stockholm a
missile similar to thil d4e5 -
tlon rose to a helgtf
miles, traveled 65 mis
crashing, and caused a a-
ing 600 yards In dtametet
When these missiles ld
be used by the German u i
question foremost in the ftde
of Allied commanders.

This question wasu
when the first V-2 struck *
don in the sft o 1of4l
Durtair the rema of
war, mpproxmately 2,M ?4
mirssileu were launched a4 by
Approximately 1,151 T

After'the capture i wi
by the Allies, the Oermas
hurled 1,341 V-3's against
port-65 per cent landing with-
in a six mile radius of the aeu-
ter of the target.
On May 8. 1946, the war to
Europe ended. The launchab
sites had been over-runwd
Vengea e Weapon Two
been mnusld-but not f
Ro. Mont later, tel
Mexico d s rt erbe a "'
the thunderous roar of anotse

. -- ..


To pa

let the 0o0
oiment r

Wull a.m war p t"
fully and-braced to
minilmlw darge .0
snome .lroaf. w"&

rocket dew" I
instead fO c
ed to lessen

,<: ... .
. ',. "


The Army.4m test-fit
V-2 rockets at the W&He -
Sands..NM., pMrovtin bruins
durif th dest x yaic-|

It wa mounted O, ai
test stand set into the
a mountain, wft

ablrEs of the

Sst. In
teat h.

P*ma46seem o


4~.i*. -.-

n n 4


* ^

I' A
*' -- .

!/ A

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9 ;af


-'.w w w w- .- :
.. ^,, ..,

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S ~

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S g
$ :
'. :

* a
~ : :.


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7 mW.?

* .'I.' -I *- *


- .?-

: N.. .

_. .- -. "

* ~~*

., .+?^ +. .,* .. ; + .
*-- / % -", ,, < "-f.----- -. -
.*I .. ** '*** ,. *. ^. ;*''" '** .* ,* +. ; ,. ^. :
^*'^j~~~~illaili .

Jet Ref ugeeMakes

Poland Wants Its .Sig M
J :

(UP)- The Polish minister to,
Denmark jmse aske. the gov-
ernment to returi- tle Polish
Russian built Mig fighter, in
which a 21-year-old Polish
Lieutenant made 'a dramatic
escape to the Danish baltic
Island of Bornholm yesterday.
The pUot, whose name is
still withheld by the authori-
ties, arrived in Copenhagen
today to be interviewed re-
garding his. request for "ay-
lum. It was the first Mig "to
fall intact .Into allied hands.
The pilot, escorted, by two
policemen, and who only
spoke Polish, was thken to the
police headquarters for far-
ther quesatoning.
It was generally believ-
ed here that his applica.
tion for political asylum will
I be granted. -

nwll meet thisamorning at The short alibh dark haired
d 00at m .tla lieutenant Is 21. Me said "Com-
New. &I r*m'znism kaput' amid "asylum"
Matses a OaGaD bwhen he gave himself up, and
'e .--later told how he escaped.
Mrs. A.-- The Pole landed bb craft
VA'dThe dayls prlmlraeulously on the airstrip
&... Mrs R., F ~ on'ts ofi fornear Roenne, having no more COW HAS
Cho H. L. wa I anmd.4h8dr-d ; door- than 1200 meters of rough grass made herself
-.rd.L92 lK. hoysterMrs. s; flh d and runway, Instead of the 3000 For more ths
IBrs E.Tmeters suaally considered ne-
Old., M ra. O... I .. n w.t. e c for a plane with, a uL.
"n '- oo r. g speed of 180 miles an
a usalok In ear Dlt -- Danish air force expert had -
m r a, i unique opportunity- to study
lk, t.S ',. i,, ,.i wl .0 th famous Russilan aircraft,
e 11 present t re dno a such plane was report-
ftr on your aro and Ugedly ever brought down
eso. .f e D asl yar. agpt to. e to or tact In Western coun-
.... .Aa aft tries aor In Korea.
ION lPam E (UP).. 1 M .. *- .- "- ., -
Su dic r. Stanislaw Kelles-K r a u z
-ULe gif IJI[ .on 00. W F .f.u V yesterday called on the for-
o na, 3I dort p di gn miAnistry and requested
Yl'Sl 'l / w r C YDenmark to return the fighter
FM onto a V For LCow sw fon g m."inmddiately. The
It "to Un- med to place the
NI-.s. lljst-'w To "rebn '-. r--e est before the government.
iIi niore C.; ege SoolUldes o1 Boraholm said
Sna Jilor Cbege ch 7 M thG teramony wl be held, wll the. pilot had made up his
S .Jamnes Hilton and uity, be allowed in WUleas they have mind to escape during a train-
a on March a- been satisfactory screened-. ing flii with another Mi
a the a blo ary ofcal, re m Police Meady have. started from the Polish airbase o
at"erAND 'd "?'g "tpthe "'wicke-W d" the cleanup Of the West End. slupsk.
Sca r a ig pre-corgn ti knoW. as Britain's "sq u a r e The pilot suddenly released
c r o .i up .eo vice nde k 'nfle-o I1n." The thousands o[ his extra gas tanks, from the
Workshop prn p ts area wings and sped north towards
B Bthe Witlyilcal drSttlr-anegerY- ae a t *.t'the sorona- Bomholm.
Arican ondon utht e- ton p e al- On his radib he heard the
S"Its- regular c d s Bpread tiao U mn rp hbe bn ile. d'from oter. plane call the alrbase,
:. .0 ovWe00 a t s af land lad a be i asked to rebnart tis and then get
W' '"'a of wepig" ''out tl* and many hotels in te e a order, to = a jf.(downh, the
.., Itter Qipatero 17, so W .M% t to cause newpaa keep them away from Afmeri- sources said.
,h hIq aemen, hqdlIo fbeaUiln fItten .tlo can .ervicemen, who look on
a are on Londo a viee itcrtioe London as a week-end leave Dahish and British military -

,M, ;. '. ,rone no pcr. or amother"m c Aento thiat P itaspeedd against Amer

Ss -*r p to e e- bar. landed on the stra a
Island. A bua~y landind
v SAB., anl ve be ibi that Senlor Amerloan officers are lightly damage the imder-
a t our xatu n Arralian. "certain area f hav been placed now onaldering a plan to de- ra of the superson
lS a willt et o.saw to rvicemen. elare the.dare Malte of sin' out caf
So pe-l and.Mt de- rr Ia theae of Uounds to .I.'s a counter Air authorities note thbt if
S. meet nott e attention to the wing number irthe MT were reut d It -
Jl Saw.a"S the Wny uft = t province and wouldhave to be dtmlantled
twoOt fare Board Center 'ftB-*boa. forc-thsir wihe t tMie who ,re ofto io the a ed un-
oja ; .....4 Of o he o, t rearriae -and becse th
aeOat. .hAt Am s tled is too short- for. a take.
*U, .re '

o,,n Tuesday. Police and ion htowawwso- a 9moM p t ur'n"
and to 8h pler wilSef dtoepa tee 1 becae apparent j S
*%a$Club, clone cthel- ar naionlaeS. pa top far ahead
sea-BB fc ani',++- "' d ote| |. be TB-
mIas pemto INNdel*n- 3 N. FaAuletS _l-

E iSsHb then ytO a Ednomy Drive
a la adtoObo sed tr ut 6,vLet er

I, er nato ooI WAmerers

.- W.Lea h aol m lthematses s tan i tes di
.... O-.-h..o stag here -p ,i-e rB esn-
-,' -". ,.- ."-Ch in Tangmtf lof 8i't.tate with ath
iS a faew the modati

t .-... at te.."$ It k eepor th e F ood t -0 H olI
and a.,.aion atltan Unpo
We.,hhe s- "st. i ..1

t 'e -' courses will start next
..--'-- Olread opened.
do '*e -J n a. ..r .,p-.,. "and '.e

~L. ..'A.. '* -~

A DEER FRIEND-.The white-tailed deer, ashew, b:as-
at hbme on the Chet Murdick farm near Tegeqtt, Ksa.
an six months she has Joined the Murdick had e. .
day. and returned to the woods each night. *

-, L


.. .

% .*]

' ,4

. g. ~

t ',. ,. O

I Paninonk
ME.v 'Mmmmm

uetie hotel in the eeOL Chiriqu
an at 4 IL '-feeL. FamWs euisin.
re bar. rue wate& From P3 daily
mealsbi Overiht in. annex with-
Itb from ILk. Foer Wet sceom-
as, write, wif e- telepheae

PSamaute, Boquete, Chiriqui Province, IR.

I- 4

, faster

i; .".. ...... ................

.. ............ ... ... ~

.. ... .


New ArrivalEs..




10@ Catml Ae.




- .4, .
~-a~ u&~ik~~

..~S ..Crle of

Mra, J. A. framr.
.e the hostess and
a- will.preside.

-P eonel and their
o Invited to attend a
a evening at the USO-
A ed Forces Service Cen-
1 *at .00 p.I.L
V-oTday At Gambope
in~ "i m" ,,fm' nf the. Canal





I i -

I ,





44. M '*, * ..

Serve Tuna Pompons, Spaghetti

{4omen or

6ereie J SAft Ctou 70 6air

NEA Staff Writer
: AA NEW IDEA for meatless meals, tuna pompons with spahetUi, In step with the modern home-
combines nutrition and economy with appeiln reoodne. maker's oudget-minded dream:
is the roomni that can Include all
BY GAYNOR MADDOX th e ext-as of a separate wing
NEA Food and Markets Editor tace mto t. re bouaeb ha e rs
wanted "extra" is the.extra bed- .
h room to house visiLing Liremen or .
This a new dish you're go- radally add spaghetti scare for an expanding family. A .
Ing to like. that water continues to boil. TV room. study, playroom, or .
Cook uncovered, stirring occa- sewing corner make more claims; I ns
(Makes 4 servings) colander. Serve tuna pompons With skillful plannhig and pa-0. lb
Two 6 12-ounce cans chunk- "extras" into one modest-sized -
-style tuna. 2 tablespoons chop- Spaghetti with Pickle room. It may be your living
onion, 1 No. 2 can toma- Tuna Sauce room, sn porch, den, basement
1 6-ounce can tomato (Makes 4-6 servings) recreation room it it's alry andn a ~sp led H
te, 1 teaspoon or e g a ii dry or even your dining room. .ald
poon salt, freshly ground One tablespoon salt, 3 quartstSmartly-styled dual-use furni- h e-
pper, 2 eggs, 34, teaspoon boiling water, 8 ounces spag- ture. from desks that double as a
bread crumbs, 12 teaspoon l hetti, 1.4 cup butter or mar- vanities to sofas that conceal
rjoram, 2 tablespoons mar- marine, 14 cup all-purpoas e made-up beds, adds the needed
t nle, 1 tblespoon salt, flour, 2 cups milk, 14 cup flexibility to such a room. Even |
rlNs bolting water, 8 ounces drained prepared horseradish, the old-time day bed with its
ar etti. 2 tablespoons 'finely chopped not -so-concealing "throw" has
sweet fresh cucumber pickles, given wayj to trim chintz or
D-ain t.una and 'reserve oil. 1 6-1:2 ounce can chunk-style tweed-covered studio-divans with
In a .avcepan combine 2 ta- tuna drainedd, salt and pep- contemporary wro u g h t iron .*1 -
ble teuna oil annd onior: per to taste, paprika. frames or provincial curves.
eo scir low heat ur.nil onion Wedge-shaped bolsters mak2
tei- a cv-te, oregano, 1 te.a- rapidly boiling water. Grad- Pine innerspring mattresses are cu
a,( 'ialt and pepper; mix ually add spaghetti so that soft for sleep but strong enough" .
thr hly. Cover and cook water continues to boil. Cook to take use around the clock. ,
S. low heat 20 minutes, stir- uncovered, stirring 'occasional- To extract the most use from 1
rin, occasionally. yv. until tender. Drain in col- a room with the least effort takes
wander. smart figuring. A cemetery si-' .
In a bowl. combine tuna, un- lence usually greets m bright; 48 24
.beni" eggs, 12 cup crumbs Meanwhile, in a saucepan, "who's going to help me move i
an rioram; mix thoroqgh- ,ielt butter or margarine over the furniture?" So, I found it was i
ly. h sape tUa mixture. nto low heat; addflour snqd blQnd. easier and less frazzling to
Acr.;: '. Meft margari n e,*"'thinq-st t around on a room aketoe aride3adetm & asu ist V9 4xvg 7R a,
ski1 and book popo rSnt^. AWIMPAleMett- fe Wl1 p r I1 ai mr
rp 'e, t u n 1 t elpoohtly ks and i una. Heat to 9a- theVrn fe deaibe tnt ne a- t da ~t
broved. It desired, add brown e t u It a d locations only to fia the ucouch .'--
ed pompons to tomato saucin temperature. Add an overlappg the door by two er see below for the address) achieve an ro
S and cook 5 minutes. pepper to taste. inches. parane our which comes complete witfi per!urnuariN dto0 als'O
S V. add 1 tablespoon Serve sauce over cook ed fn re IS a new boot p aph paper, furniture cutoutu ciet a. o haeromEme,.1 a
S _Jalt. o bown 8uetes- dttin. d a l11i naprlka. fished eby ab diyg manufa baker's dozen of idea fIt tandtvarf ie 08 ,b

-4 ,, ( ,.

at t, swteet. fr pict .okles giencidentsIly if yoi are pia hit.z j i oa Rroad
''n 'a ycea combine 2n to tvn dte u newh lses a Drept n Chicago; S4..Ir1.) "
m;t d a o__S of .il ---be..
ab aedoc with aeggsstlcnI
thaar-?,hly. Corer an d w ot l te uo

'C otolduyy ..
_0 e eg, 2 u riderMthiea 1iaen wwetl anep e e .1 ., r0.
b.l blo,, rng t 12 trle a n S nt. Ette .

4 bck:"fm.t t ne tealo d imeORB,
aamesend fmts hof e sih,..
1010W to blehe id ofI

< i a... tbsm.Smlm.
.,~~~~~~~00 andwit@t yuhaee a lle. i ." o
',~~~~~~~~~r aObu. 1pJ q1 c """s"o: '"

Dreant Sub Nerter Leave Ltand

V ?But It Comes To Useful End
.' .,. o ..- "-
BAT rHAMPTOA, Ir k much about hip.
es k rch 7 -rUP9-Bs 40< VaPtI a.m ...that'sa ..'
oi has a dre boat in his back C l VMll al taM titst-:
has yard. It's submarUine tbh fully abeut 'li dram of
pea.I never left hoe. venture. wN
Sare nine IDreaming S d adventure o wo 1 tw pzt
tm Ah a ID- the hish ess. the Italian Im- of. le ut-

6 .

i 1 illts

ilaw. a mn

. ee


- a

. -.. I ..

" 1w-p~

3f 'J| KW l-


al aa of steel that v tl
tM lag to look i a edre Att is now ,
but most! ughed at 'd
.. SBeveral wrem vent < e" .

M of nds, he sgae. Up (Caillb yIabffe
'the the work. That wu m ae thW l
a" 20 years Ago. letioe
Se ling..then, the sUbmarine Twa 8.ILVBR CHALICa
... 27 feet long, looking a bit like hoaI& Codtal..
a uaat the
4 -thon "a -'t nosee Z- EAST OF EDEN
eventually he would have built Join Steinbeck
4n tJ8 1Oteinbk.
a wldrotor ad gless "wind-
WWI eM on top. The rotor blade, GIANT
S would have been red to the dna Ferber
f failed Vall 40t10dT OAtIN MUTINY
a flt so it could subergMe ranWouk.
1dfr eet under the wavw, Noid- ctiiO
taking In air from a steel 9pe.
When visitors marvel at te 1tvID STANDARD VER-
nneerlng skill a reutlv put amN Or THE HOLY BIBL.
Jnto the craft, Var tells theft:
T'm no engineer. I don't TALLULAN
Talulah Bankhead.
a of indi must be neaora nd. ,
"We but at the same time aid, "we A MAN CALLED PETER
In the to encourage the other Catherine MarshalL
n India eat provincial lagu4g as &
ogt .a m e dia. Sine'persons believe It alMht TeIa1INe
bha to adopt "Wovie a- Norman Vincent Peale.
S. gow Z as the national Ian-
lJsaditTh I i t which LWAYS8 THE X YOUNG
p paulaid by the .- STRANGRs
J gmi industry and wblehs Crl flandburg.
neres to quin t e understood au over
Jo eeantry by the million of TN I txLEVE
Stold i people that h c movie-goers. by Edward R. Marrow.

o- w.

Ing steom WMy!W *tcal'
to help his i ,uI e W.*er
business. halm ttp alt
bus nes eMeidh to- pr-
tion as a result of rmet n
lags by the New Yeo State
Crime Coms kieom


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m e t m y*,* ^iin- **ywHW


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.1 d~~..a.r r w i
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jy -n s.rrw
Ave. --- seV" sWeH

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*S E'e i **'4 S

5, Un ,it"d P 7. '


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f" u' r -"


** *

m. I

r .. I .- I

p*q;p qfX .

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifie ds
Leave joui Ad with one of our Agents or our oifices in No. 57 "'I" Street PanaA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Qll6mn

Lewis Service
P.i Tn ,4ni Ave.-Phone 2-2201. ano

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. -55 West 12Lh Street

Carlton Drug Store
10.05 MeleM det Ave.-Pbone 25 Ol1t

PropgaiMndaS.A. or It 12 wa" W
Morriso's -Phone 2441 Agencia Internacional de Publicacionues "H* tt corner Estudiante St. Scb itional w 411 .- ug tatl1 n "1- n :, '
ourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-319 Phone l-2314 and 2-271t8 ea-oBIl ai HnA .' *^

Household Automobiles WEST BANK LADIES. Mary .T I Grach Santao CA bo PROF ESSION- i -.
HOUS ^ .- ^ ^^ mems. experienced. Stateside I*Cttages. Electric ice bom got a
FOR SALE l tpves of refrigerator FOR SALE 1950 Oldsmobile 76. censed beauty operator, has join-I loves moderate rates. Telephinn ..
25 cycle Term cno be arranged' body and engine excellent. good ed Genell and Hazel in the Genell 6.441 Gombom. 4-567 Pets A ''Payou mwgg
2House 14, Gomboo. Phone 6-1 tires. 51.350.00. Cristobol 3-2971. Blass Cocolh Clubhouse Beauty g ul.
Hos 1-- -.- -FOR SALE .op wherequalit'y seric e w lld L
-- S FOR SALE Aont;nue uninterrupted. Coal 4- Willims' Oant. Cloro :a00. cot
SAL-E-Quartermaster. malio.' 557.' toges.,2 bedrooms. refrigratiOn. LWFIBIF E Ahuui. 2,M ,i ,.'
pieces. Phone 2-37C8. Balboa.De E B ts & Motors Roc kgas rangers. .U"' "'
FOR SALE:-3 S.mos cel eb.t 30' cb.-i crdoser. ied gClara, Box 435. Balboa. Phone '
,folding cots and mattresses. excel- rebuilt ,30 bAd cob. O a de t s.t
foldien do.tndta rugman 0264-A lot game l,,hing Two ,ghigt.gDR WENDEHAKE. MIR Clinic Panama 3-1877. Cristobel 3-1673. Pa4la' "
lent o n char$. 40 H P Universal mctor.o Central Avenue K, .twll, corier.R..1v;1. .
S ,steep three, 196 m e,,crI,.ng, Telephone :.E R
FOR SALE: -- 6 pc. RattanP chase ange 3C'- pound ice c hests. Phone -47 ."..'.P"

2F3426 Vocancy on saing yact bound for AparnT Ws f "I W 1
lounge, -o n Rcha o.,.d endmd tcbelI bC6 ,9 32. Cao Se l SPECIAL EXC.M H e '- N
2 r:O0 Cha- r 7C0 P'O' -- PAN AMA 19'.ion_ 0 _Houses_ shedF._NweW__n"

a O s eoildc TeA 2 e r 2 CCANTED o Sd r-BrI ng.ol Secetri oryt ew 5 dFnFOR. 2-2662. P$tnam85. g taB.3 t IE-tay F -ctc a
7.00.FOR SALE -Set o'-bun e c .. e &6 g Eng'.:h an Pna...a 3. FOR SALE.-Furnished chaleptd $16900 '
enc Ker. t sh mo''- cn behCnand A aly D ime, No O M-l eAi.., onew$,$I405 pbedroome f hed r efigdence ot Gov f a 2- Oet l a l ....i,
chne. n Curundu N.s -t 6.rqu_ Lefevre o_ hMISC, S ing achne 6th Avenue, No. 33, a r
O 5193. __ _____- FOR-SALE-USleD CARS. Ta b t FOR SALE Ministur SchnAwde ouz alter 3 0sp. m. Via Porrus nd ". i
CRSL -- h .old;pot e Ig e Electric Plant 11 -2 H. P. .nIN0166e, AiitemlIp levI. Tel. 6th El No. 3.

FOR SALE: Tbl porcea.n op in tow. S CIVA USD CARS. puppy. Age ex sk. Reg.erFO R REN T I ", *e r ..15... .. ... _
House 5 Anodrnelh Cheop Te Tex.:- Co. Panama' Inc. Telm. 2- PASSAKC. One only Te FOR ENTh
42phone Balbo 0 Ho Vacancy on soiling yo bnC forW e il

OARSn._ALE-Pan a U T CIVA V A- FOn-ver/Seatt!eSAE CANARIES. Hrtz b ,o_ ROnORts We pa p
S. beso'd immediately 1947 For V noa- share ex-2-_
gany furnit SL ure ref, gCods reoer.; VA o. Sen t Covers, coo Rllnes. Apply to Animprtn Legiond d OR RENT.-Fumrish well venti- r o
varto" 25 cycle. Good co. h.rn L.ght from GeGmny. 1st tss sd, laed three bedroom apaVisrtent. 2-256 ,. "P" % i
700. 25-3539-FOR SLEo June. xcer -- -- ,Nobuyo Se 1Far8information4 call 38-19 3& SI-' .O" 5:.- r. a s _"A;_,-op
S,. Commodore. Le.her uph-6 Cah Ju on Franco S.oble besde Dve-FOR SALENT:-Furnished chleom for b
en. Kenmore gasoline waoshingM- C9. can be seen any ime,0 e bedroom refrigerator stove. waAh-
chinu. 5L`8 Curundu Hogs 27, oIst St. FOR ue Lefevre Doning machine Mount Hopee 6th Avenue, No. d

513ne Balboa :-639 Zon u S95 e IRIE MiCpeQALellaCe-40 -e6_a nFan .s 1.* W_ WW
Se-193. e mo .e FOR SALE:--US--D CARS. Te be t FOR S upALE Mirniature Schnouz. T reso.- !e .
FOR ,LE: rome te in to w S- C oIVA.s USED CARS puppy. Age six oacs.of rei at g AN rno a l
drawers underneath Cheop Te e- ompare CONDITION. Cro.are AKC. One only). Tel. Coco Solo' FOR RENT "USMPljUhr eI1ro w
phone Balbo 4'10. %. 1 a q
Ancon. po GUARANT EE. CIVA, S. A.. r SALE __CANARIES. Hartcz Mt. Roos oll aa-f"
FOR LE-w foot Cod rege A le R in Pme r Rollers. Choppers. imported direct FOR RENTen urnished room. 48 1

't 5 ct ce. Good con dl on 7 from German. is clas singers. a t N el Vs '-
$1500 R4A Rousseau 25-3539 'FOR SALE--Hudson:Sedan .19481 ACUARIO TROPICAL. OPpOse ".
sr "nne "' Inn O Sa- Commodore. Leather uphl, ster Juan Franca Stables, beside Drive- FOR RENT:-b Fumished rom for be -''
FOR SitLe na i Gold mehanical condition Good in Phoone -4132. chelor. Via Espoalo 13 houses be-

o dels .Po broo I ra0h, 00 F TT. Tel. IBal boa foEre Race Trac
set,. cocktail, end tables. Pkhoeero- r 6 0 Te B a a Bids will be receivedmin the office a o m T 0
s ane ,range. olmo'at new IIthSt' the General Maonaoger. Commissary WANTED. .
P SoSfereBNo 2- o 3 FOR SALE Di, sion.aot Mount Hope. Canal allI.a

phone Balboa L RdORSAZEnonh." Bass .s FA'^0
Zone, until 3 00 p. m. Tue,.da'. iscellaneou"
SAL IN wMarch 24. 1953. when they will be Mi sce ll ane
r-EA-F- .AAe Coie, the;ol- cReal Eslale opened in public, for furnishing WANTED: By resp sible coupihe
termed livjngroom set tcne large f;'mk di
couch, 2 arm chr o,- excellent FOR SALE. -- Concrete house with 80 gaon of fresh milk droi without children, house or apart-
Saluminumroof i u except Sunday during the period ment. two or three b.ed-rooms In,
phone 2-2942. miles from Colon. 27 miles from April I to May 31, 1953. Forms Cngreoella Vista, Vista Alegre
SPanama. 6700 M2. $5,000. Cris- opos with full piculars or Golf Heihts. Call Poanama 3l.. S ,
FOR SALE:- ao Tppd n gas range. c 6may be obtainedind the office of 4702 between 7:00 and 9:00o a

::'.lo=s N-onal S. A. No. 7.

stirl steel comrtments, tw FOR ALE: Furnished cottage --ot boa Heights or of the ene Adth t.
handllt slightly damaged in transit. refrigerator. Tel. 4-288, Cocoli, Mount Hope. Con a nZone. tnJtenS Nei onoS. A. -o. 7." "
no dealers. Phone Albrook 6183. $4.000.ITH FosR'HT Peru Aven telephone 2-0406.
FTPanama. 4'.
FOR SALE:h- 25 cycle refrigerator KNIIIELS Ded Spring ove a P..,
tro0.0.dCibuithmarren.in0.1Adfo72 Chivo Chuo raod F8 miles bou neNED:-Winter and08
$50.00 Crib e.withmo. ni.ds,$20. o. tleon staio n and 0m20.cTel....0,
00. 5564-L., Dablo Hgts. Phone transusth'iFn hLghway). Selling allto
00. n- abooHt. P onte n puppies at reduced prices, mi.
2-3223. M l ilan L, ornmentrasrl n hlno tfan.Tiel. t -80 ri nae

cycle7 F.Good obl, Tie. Ipaid, 25 Cyl. % H.P. motor, $22. m. -.- -
to m ioda. / rossApaw 1 e,'aIir gun, ;.p. "
SS o.noou.o .N s ro nd $10. Telephone 2-3447. 572-b L pn Y e s ;
1) 1It v lian 'TV. FOR SALE:-Rodoo "Zenith," glass.
TAS P L Y I N g ouware @and miscellaneous household ;""n
LEA ) FLY with AGSA at P,-- fpe quick sole. Federico Boyd Ave. (A Lenten feature ef The .-,'.t;-:L
till Tuiton an Pper Cubhr s Md.AN. March 7 (br) A No. 40. phone 3-0481, from 8 a Panaea-Anoerean, prepared ._
T plo3" cdth north-sourt h teh-bl s N I- m. tou9a.m.and from I pm. tor 2 py the re. M A A. Ceolaon, e
Rid oEglh mpo eoep ing telelon.TrL- rrm. on pisewohal iCu uhe l. lOr ay-h
S developing in Italy, wlm the FOR SALE--Lester piano, one Win-F UN-I .-anAlo"I-.
Sg tof Italian hrtdlo mnooy at reasonable. Tel. 2-2184 Ebi Fur- "aThat he would gIrant ym, so- .
A a.. .h arunes- ear thoucoe iAltur Store. Domingo Diaz and ceng t othe re
Iployed i y Flwsm Th, be odispote wahstouched off Estteante St.o ld, t o undtllohr made, ..
_n d oo. bu h recent bby Rome headquarters En-I-- St.n_-- -- g d- lory. Itsb s trengthend with
us o1ta t oRhgernmEentntly ro n thn-FQR SALE -50 heavy steel bar- o night by his.Spirit In .UMIn-al
ofRAhh government on-hupTrtAl ,e. tee
m.bPoouMtfift tunnofhR t ien ~ is nat 50 ts each, F.O B Balboa ne miesan. rReaed pellop a s
trolled outfit running rdio Good for clverts, grain, etc The 2 1-1 t
VLL, Fla. (UP- nTV programs. it purCh- Texaos Co. otPonama) Inc Tel. 2- ,
J .Warfel Enia snd, a n ew d televl&ion station and 0620 8 8. Paul first prays tha r. th is, ....
of At.-hel .7. ofa huge building to house It M OR SALE -Young hamsters o friends wil. ur be gia ve n streant In NEW RK
01r wants to know, f 'm Whaua first step towards extension aFOR d Al u sers wuebt. to'the n th1ie suppl;tha i i_ h _uJ ,
Ku ra ear?" That's the of T programs, so far t lnmited t Idera hhe Amus- theum 1
title bnew rbook the n rthern: t or Ple-id.. odorless. 239-B, Ptedro M utotkethatstrikingov y aemt
,linguists belong to mo ont andLombare, to oeatoU oateen dung elnowtht nei fo1111 ie_ --10N
thingg goes' school,'" and southern ltay, liInbwg his-, .ordI to al Ia .64e11l.
sCldWalel "Othr dis- RAIs Milan hesdooaxrys moa aid sfe. hnthator mt'19 3 11:11,,eA
..... oyfsuc h a otions a om which did the pionerberinoTring dwn dt ere fnde of that word erfli a i ,tr.o
pni tWofC ucdhol us and' w mlTW.-, program Fre listed in-M i __a to a.m... a se rhih wthe'hrtia alfe dl '. I"rs 1O:

at reult p ofthisoothlehr oae4nnssdme1d96lish ,i sesAeind n t ,
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1nsn Baloauotho eraitinMeof adMvu o( Rxer8iIPl11i ll be 6Wr US 8 A IS0
s bg created. which is caus-ddiately gave an order top uihes of olaoChris.t" (3:8. And in tiobi.-..U111c mI- ..ttL0h.
-r'tn'armar to be dropped of a new big TV FORT -OBBE The F.. lppas 4:19. there : G this bea_ -It'h oad ch4!";
,sdt usdin:GtodsthualeolocalRAead- DiasteorCobneTtrolA Pm
s"u'bect-" ... studio at the local RAT head- Kobb ss ter Cnr l'nicerlsupply all your need according WASrespong I-
T--rofesorasaidothew rld ers., ostensibly as a means announced the starting oof newIto his riches In glory by Chr
widzu a useof Enlsh. imposlot o expanding the present three- First Aid Classes for Kobbe de- IJesus.".0
eb! ons on teachers. h -our daily programs to nine Pendents Dependents over-15r" nd '1.1111
S must teach the I- ours Years of age. or thoe who have The thought of this lmlt4eofemme have now
r whichared innewrspapelrWbeover sthe-outcome ,willcompleted ninth grade may at-1wealth of divine grace forms a the protal airoa'
ly, n whicpare universalbey ft- i s noah-auth. dittehutco e one"Two classes will be held, heartening background to all our Mo1vie,""(RtlI .
.ln gat eacn 'guter o t tae y remains conditioned thirad u..anon er the for Ekn g-I /ustlta u ll7la

daam.ned by a statement o mf rkt since sets produced in the lat-t easitalyv tc7 -
Ser,:o Puliese, head of MA's c e~ where manufactprets admlnin*tlon',s Edrive. -
television branch. that in' 1-hta aVe uamtivud their grvam&S& speijs0,&
0" I IE Italv an count on 0,0p tafa k pflp mpent are cheaper.
produced sets and 50.000 Import- to at It liSn in* The ath1' news
C E L SII OR ]he mm count ons' 50,^0 ^Crre^h
ed lets. The IndusbVYalats lU4use t h e s ea 1w A wmen'
d out that these qwa g gMaWOIrG 'gt I ethek- the i artiRtnu
, MfigKyd, -ire frW abuve the real iot far aly 6,000 first It Dr
S- ; ..'.power. T'ey fear Bh..-' ftr 18 bave risa- Jbe ma- -"f


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.~,1 4'.'

- 4t "t :. '

I. .uf F C. U


~ ., s.d

V ~ i4
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.......1- --- ..


* */



5 5'W.
S(-f .-.- .
7.... ..
Sw~.^ -sr^-n. ^^... .*.- ,*.. :.. .. .. .. ,. <. ,*^ t <. -.-. 1
-a ". *'*.: ,'4 '

U .T.7 ..... -_ .,

Ago iu>-
.wv. fM....

* ^ t

n The Records D C G

., Life, Timfes Of Eva
htwith ew O inr ceys --
at. a party .i back-
stage at the tT The-nIe'Lira e M C in's
water on here she s
ofithe 000,o th .
aov-d Foi em Yor in Pichtres
nishtk -.."t u Be- w -

a Brand New 0tSP, Our
house" On the p of
this, Columbia isgle weI Lo
uicy" Deal's version of 'the
theme song from the TV pro-
gram of the same name.
Capitol has gone 'way down
.Ieder to New-Orleas to wax
[wo numberss by a blues singer,
e Miles. Th are "Salty
and "A Man Is
rto ind." The 'reflect the
blueby atmosphere of t ha t
tronderful town.

t .rgdagg. I
v *- -T

w. w. -. ".,

h cr'A
9x* J fi^ .

her m
MR.* l


T ,

.ti '.

e your eye and ear tune
o 41 Caiola. His .rbytmic inter-
3retptlon of "Mambo Jambo'
and "Bim Bam Bum" on an
RCs Victor platter should make
himUonp of the finds of.49.
Oer top -31ais .,gl .What
W l: You Do?" and "I Laugh-
ed Until I Cird's bf Rosemary
Cloqney (Columbia); "I Believe"
and.. "Your Cheatin' Heart" by
Frakle Lane (Columbia',
"Hush-a-Bye" and "Oh, Moon",
-y ~lanny Thomas (RCA Vic-
-te) from his excellent revival
of:-"The Ja Singer," "The
Guy Who Invented in"'
and "Good" by Ella Ma rse
Bllbiy -f Ht-Tennesse6 Xr-
nle's Capitol coupling of "Sweet
Temptation" and "I Do n't
-William D, Laffler.



-hlien Keefe Brasselle w as
hosen t play the part of Ed-
t, Cantor on the screen, h~
thought it was emnthing like
gift fa. the gda because
Mee te alwe has regarded
Cantor am am of the greatest
figures in,' ubt business.
It was thba even when Bras-
selle first ga" up bis job as
a Clevea 0 shoe salesman
to come to Hollywood and try
his hand at making motion
"Even then I thought Cantor
was the tbet," he said. "But not
even my usual overly develop-
ed sense of optism led me
suspect I'd W doing his life
story for then movies.
"There's only one Eddie Can.
tor, and thne'll never be an.
Braselle is doing his por-
traiyal of the pop-eyed emedi-
an for the "Eddle Cantor Btory"
Which Warner Brothers* is
making in Teehnieolor. And the
people who have got around
to the set or had a look at the
rushes already ane congretxtgt-
Iug ha I remarnabl per-
Keefe concedes. that he haa
done a lot "fooling -arou"
with lImftl, a his soewI
buslnes sarer, "amdr Ilslt,&g
I must have had a fliag at'
Ins to be Cantor, but I nevw
did a serious Imitation of hbh
tI1 I heard about plWa f
this fln." *
Then -he rea went ft- work.
knocking hmelf tt to petfet
a Cantor, Vole, the Caantr
mannerisms, .and V thl
Cantor outlook o a.
"It's a- IMg wa Cw

'a" C '"-
land to I t B.
born actow Id, aud

men .In ; .
dti*g wAN
women of

_1. D .
W_ en_

Charles Chaplhi, .wbhA name
has been translated into almost
every modern language and
whose battered derby, trick cane
and oversized shoes became the
most familiar symbols Of laugh-
ter the world has ever known,
celebrates his 40th anniversary
on the screen with his first mo-
tion picture In six years, "Lime-
light' which United Artists will
release soon at the Cgntral Thea-
It is four decades since Chap-
lin after completing two tours
of the United States as the lead-
ing comedian in a vaudeville
sketch billed as "A Night In an
English Music Hall," signed with
Mack Sennett and the Keystone
Film Company of Los Angeles,
producers of the famed "Key-
stone Cops" comedies, to appear
in his first film, "Making a Liv-
ing." Fittingly, it is the English
music halls, In which he grew up
and learned his trade, that serve

L Worceter

Leohard Worcester, well known
HOG manager, plays the part of
Dr. Wlliam Chumley, a psychia-
trist who almost succumbs to the
charms of "Harvey" in the Thea-
ter Guild's forthcoming produc-
tion of the comedy of that name.
The show is scheduled for a
five-night run at the Theater
Galld's new playhouse In Ancon,
beginning March 16.
Worcester. who qomes original-
ly from Boston, came to the Isth-
mus in 1943 with the Army.
He was stationed at Fort Da-
vit after which he was associated
with a semi-professional U0S
group which presented "My Sis-

Th-lgroup not only performed
all thebases in panama, but
veled to the Oalapagos
0 e1 rtain s troops stationed
ia*t Worcester was transfer-
tAt RS at Albrook Field.
bo h wa music director and
iit nelt editor for over a
ye a discharged from the
ts (e States I. 1I
k returned '4o Pani-
ma-o become manager and pro-
Orm dVreqtor of Radio Station

Hi role as Dr. Chumley marks
his third appearance withn the
Theater Guild.

as. the background for "Llme-
Itght," the film to which he has
devoted the last three years.
"Idmelight," which ChaplDn
wrote, produced and directed, for
which he composed the music
land did the choreography amil'ln
which he star, la the dulmina-
tion of a career which has earned
him the laughter, tears phd ap-
plause of two generations of
moviegoers. Undoubtedly, It -Is
the year's most eagerly-awaited
film. %
Chaplln has reached Into his
memory for "Limelight" to re-
call the days wben, as a.mfy of
JO. he began working on the, mu-
Ate-all; stage to help Aupport his
ailing mother.. h his new' film.
set in World War I London,
C .ap1n plays an aing oemedian.
"Cavero," who renes a beauti-
l ballerina, ayed by Olatre
Bloom, (rom sucde, rehabilitates
her and passe fsin te e .
From an artip lwho as
so mucli enjoymMt to
over the yeas, t. s that,

Shows: *
1:15, 3:49, 6:18, 1:50




"The I Don Care
vivacious 2th CwIr -T
technicolor mealcal s ea .
life of the great alinIlL
entertainer va Py,

for the nart. a.

'forepart of this century. -* .'
George Jessel, b aw.
thoritative hlstoera (
phases of the theaer'plaL, .
duced "The I Don1 t Ca.rl
and appears as .iel tq u
the unusual tone of the .lHI
ture. He presides over a
meetings aimed at deto U
Eva Tanguay's life story III
the three different points
view of tne men who knew .
best. ,,--
The latter roles are expeLla
played by David Wayne, OCeiq
Levant and Bob Graham. W *
Is a delight in a vare
moods, Levant mixes
humor with impressive pl -,l
qgy, and graham, a neweaS-
of pronuse, lends an excelih.
voice to such new melodlef -i
"As Long As You Care" afM
"Here Comes Love Again" we tu
abrace of nostalgic m .l-
But by and large "The I "De' *-.
Care Girl" is Mitl yGanets
show. as it should be. Her cae"
tiating rendition of the Immir
tal Tanguay theme, "I
.Care," is a memorable
In screen musicals, and ._r"
brings a pert winsome talent "
everything she does. Her daa'
solos, staged by y"momr w -
are as effective as the lah '
production number aiol '..'
Col6 has mounted in elabo .
style. '
Also featured in "'t e T D8lt
Care Otrl" are OtBlle r. WaTl
ren ftevms and 201l Brooks!
Lloyd Bacon directed the Walter
Bullock screnpay. There's a
large supporting -et.
Aosuamm atd Interest
Thre:yame afbs he lost 'o
wallet eOnthalnl $= w -
tlhad by mail to
Ol60. But Oleson sal"
Moly $18 Ia the wallet
he lost it. A -anonymoua
accompanying. the atI
thet d f had ftoI toItO u


'A" -

in E
"Thunder in The EastX'
S I: I5 2:n 4:M
S *:W 9.- P m ..

- ATO. -.




Richard OWeene=- atep in
McNally Boris Karlott, I Rita Haywarth 5 a
*BILACK CAT2W "Affair If.t Tiv~
Piper Laure, In P rk:h&

T I V 0 LI
John "ay la

Rlohard or-e, to

'V 'tDIh'L ~,1,

MNAk Uit


--Ut S Yr T A -

In M-G- Tclmaolor Mudl-.r!
BRANUT Tchnimeolor DeaumWe l... .

r '

ifL^(pt M ///

.4 -
- i

0 .1 -II IIJI -- ._ I

16P 1w A *r l




V .1 1 A.

ap. 01 ip



cal Track's Be.

P ash In Wide O0

Sren of the best ..orses now In training
vie for the major share of the $5,000 ad
tthe six-and-a-half furlong Francisco Ar
This wide open sprint feature brings to|
selectt fields ever to start at the local track.
holess are Amorio, Comodor and the Luils F
eatVy of Pavero, Esplendor and Anglia.
..JAmorio, winner of four of his a command
dive-ocal starts, will be ridden Cardington
W the incomparable Jose Bravo lengths a
probablyy the best Jockey ever winner.
en here when the chips are At this i
Gown. suddenly a
Esplendor. an impressive win- fast goinj
fie r Class "A" his previous time sweeping d
out, will be handled by Blas A- stretch rac
guirre Bravo's perennial rival newcomer
and undoubtedly the best native quarters o
jockey. 'way.
Comodor, a classy top flighter The time
from Chile, gets in under the a creditable
light impost of 106 pounds and $3.60 to w
will be guided by Guillermo San- Mingo was
chez. This horse is reportedly ridden by
the winner of the Speed Classic was the na
In Chile. the second
Pavero is now racing to his to an easy
best form again after skidding Class "E" r
down to the brackets for plugs Flambaro
ant has beens. If this big Peru- in 1:42 an
vian-bred hits the first turn on and $2.60.
top. he will be hard to catch, winners riA
Anglia, the third member of had a perfe
the Farrugla entry, is rated by, winners we
the experts as having virtually Quo Vadis.
no business in this race. The day's
Booji, a recent winner in the was paid by
near track record time of 1:39 race. Peggy
for the mile, is given a good
chance of putting over an up- F1
set. However, his No. 10 post po- 1-Mufeco
sitiorr is expected to harm his 2-Romantli
chances. SE(
Royal Alligator, considered the 1-I-Peggy $1
track champion despite a miser- 2--Enriqueti
able performance his last time 3-Duque $V
out, will also be hampered by his First Doul
poor position, No. 9, plus the $92.
staggering impost of 128 pounds. TH
Viajero, an unimpressive win- 1-Okilawa
ner over a mile-and-one-eighth 2-Lady Car
last week, is slowly rounding in- One-Two:
to the form that made him one ren) $4.
of the best Class "A" prospects FOI
late last year. He goes in an en- 1-Golden B
try with the speedy Hartley Lass. 2-Eloina $2
His best assets are his light as- Qulalela:
1 gnmenkt, 98, nds, and an ex- E.lit) $3.2
ellent post motion, No. 1. FI
Hirttley Lass, also in light with 1--ortal $3
09 pounds, has the best breaking 2-Winsaba
jockey at the track, Rolando Lo- 8 1
ps Gil, and is sure to make' an -1J.pta $~ .
issue of it. This mare is in ex- 2-4Un Chee
eellent shape and may surprise. 3-,incel $2
Turf Lodge, apparently out- -SE
- classed, would become one of the 1 Royal Cl
- biggest outsiders ever to win this 2--Paues $
race. He gets in with the lightest 3-CanfloAsu
weight of the group, 96 pounds, 8bcond D
and will be handled by the vet- Claim) $38.
4ran Emillo (Pibe) Dario. EIG
I i lThe overwhelming mut uels I -Salcedo $
oice Mingo yesterday won the 2-Cotillon
featured six-and-one-half Class 3--Callmede
"D" $600 sprint with a great last Quiniela:
minute spurt. $6.60.
Mingo, under the able guidance NI
of Agure, aroxe flying and 1--Quo Vad
outprinted the field to the first 2-Publico $
tunr but newcomers Great Game 3-sismo $4
an4.Cardington Green, making One-Two:
their first local start, were right eo) $11.40.
up with him leaving the club- TE
_- ;bwise turn. 1-Mingo $3
When tne field swung into the 2-Cardingtc
backptretch, Cardington Green ELEV
had kwept past Great Game and 1-Flambarc
'Mingo and gradually moved into 2-Silver Do



Sun's Moon
3--Golden Pick
4-Scotch Chum
Arkansas (e)
: 5-Coyne Edgar
"--The Dauber
Black Bull
Legal Frolic
Le Chemba
10-Min Fairfax
S ne Bet--Pie
. '1

Sun's Moon
Delil P
Golden Pick
Dies do Mayo
lnt Time
Arkanses (a)
Ceym. Edgar
Petit Pols
Choice Brand
Legl Frolic
Goylto (0)
Miss Fairfax
Coyn.. Edger

Dolie P
Golden Pick
Mr. Foot
Coynes Ego
Petit Pois
Choice Brai
Esplendor (
Viojero (e)
Legal Frolic
Goyito (a*i
Golden Pick

Always As

J cyS% S

1-~ O' ^




Franci c

at Juan Fran"n today
Ided purse and trophy
ias Paredes Classic. 1st Race "F" Nao 4
rether one of the most Pufse: $275.00 Poo.
The probable mutuels First Race of
Farrugla-trained triple 1-Sirena 0
2-Mandinga J.
3-Malays R.
ding lead. At the mile 4--Flon J. Ca
n Green led by four 5-Taponazo C.
nd appeared a sure 6-Volador) J
7-White Fleet) V. *W
stage, however, Mingo -
tarted to gain on the 2nd Race "B" N-' t
gi leader and in a Purse: 350.00 Pooetl 'j 1:3,0
[rive down the home- Second Race of the Dobes
ced past the faltering 1-Petite J. Phillip 108
to score by three- 2-Sixaola R. V a 118
f a length, going a- 3-Dalila P B. A rre110
4-Tuira R. : a 102x
for the distance was 5-Amazona V. O a 116
le 1:22. Mingo paid 6--un's Moon R. L. ol 100
Yin and $2.80 place.
one of two winners 3rd Race "E" Native 41 Va Fs.
Aguirre. The other Purse: $275.00 Pool olwes: 21.0
ative pony Mufieco in I ONE TWO
race. Flambaro raced 1-Proton J. Chuna 107x
victory in the $550 2-Golden Pick A. Mena 115
mile in the nightcap. 3-Riomar B. tf.. 199x
turned the distance 4-Villareal K, lor 110
d returned $3.60 win 5--Diez de Mayo B. Pulldo 116
He was one of three 6-Campesino C. Gon. 96x
dden by Bravo who
act day. Bravo's other 4th Race '"G" Imported 114 Mile
ere Royal Claim and Purse: $150.00 Pool closes: 2:30
biggest win dividend 1-In Time J. Bravo 112
Peggy in the second 2--Canajagua) 0. Cas. 110
returned $17. 3-Arkansas) K. Flores 112
4-Scotch Chum B. Agul. 110
IRST RACE 5--Mr. Foot R. L, Oil 105
$6.20, 3.40 6-Lujoso B. ,Pulido 112
co $3.80
COND RACE 5th Race "C" Imported 7 Fgs.
7, 6.60, 3.20 Purse: $550.00 Pool closes: 3:00
a $8.80, 8.20 1-Newminster R. L. Gil 106
3. 2-Beduino .R. Guerra 105x
ble: (Mufieco-Peggy) 3-Coynes Edgard J. Bra. 115
4-Petit Pois B. Pulido 110
UIRD RACE 5-Cheriberibin K. Flores 115
$3, 2.20 -
ren $2.20 6th Race "H" Impbrted 6 Fgs.
(Okinawa-Lady Ca- Purse: 6SM.00 Pool closes: 3:30
First Race of the Doubles
URTH RACE 1-Curacs. R. Vasquez 110
3ound $2.80, 2.20 2-Amarican Maid G. San, 115
L.2 3-Galante II A. Phillips 112
(Golden Bound- 4-La Chata A. Mena 106
S. 5-Choice Brand R. Go. 122
P'. -RAC 6--The Dauber R. L. Gil 106
.40 140 : 7-Black Bull J. Chuna 107x
tHRftC 7th Race (Open) VgA .
BO,2.60, 0 .20 Purse: $5009.00 (added)
er 2.40, 2.20 Pool closes: 4: "
!.30 -, 'Franclsco Arias Predes Clasuic'
ENTH RACE Second Race of the Doubles
aim $8, 420 3.30 1-Viajoro) A. Ubidia 98
4..41 2-Hartley Lass) R. L. Oil 99
a $2.60 3-Amorto J. Bravo 114-
ouble: (Plata-Royal 4-Pavero) 0. CastiWO 103
5-Esplendor) B. Agul. 108 1
HT r RACE 6-Anglia) K. Flores 106
s6, 1.60, 2.60 7-Comodor G. Sanchez 106 1
$2.20, 2.20 8-Turf Lodge E. Darlo 96
ar $3.20 9--Royal Alligator A. Ro. 125 t
(Salcedo Cotillon) 10-Booji R. Vasquez 110
NTH RACE 8th Race 'H" Imported 6 FPgs.
is $3.60, 3.40, 2.20 Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 4:30 f
5. 2.60 QUINIELA
.20 1-Corista B. Pllhdo 108
(Quo Vadis-Publl- 2-Apretador V. CastilUo 118
3-Legal Frolic B. Agil. 115
NTH RACE 4--Riding East C. Igle. 110 E
3.60, 2.80 5-Full R. Gomez 115
oh OGaen $5.20 ----
tNTH RACE 9th Race "J" Imported 7 Fgs.
S$3.60, 2.60 Purse: $375.00 Pool closes: 5:00 b
)mino $6. ONE TWO b
----- -Pla A. Vasquez 120 t
2-La Chomba B. Agui. 115 1
EXPERTS 3-Conde Leal M. Gue. 105 9
4-Chucunaque) K. Flores 115 t
5-Goylto) 0. Cas. 118 P
6-Fanglo C. Gon. 105x B
CONSINSUS 7-Ryal6ignal V.'Ortega 115 r
Sirma leth Race "F" Imported 6 V2 Fgs;
Mandinge Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 6:00 w
S l-Prestiglo F. Hidalgo 105x f
n's Mon 2-Vampiresa J. Jime. 105x g
De l P 3-Miss Fairfax B. Agul. 110 B
k GoldM Pick 4-Hurlecano J. Bravo 115 a
Dias de Mayo 5-Rinty R. Gomez 110 w
(8) Arkansas (e) ......... t
r Coyn Edger a
Petit Pois 4

nd Curacs t:
Choice Brend ". *. l1
e) Comeder tC
A o t.
L..ger F.,lic H
Pull :




Wsi t W B
J .a Orlando, Fl.c
ring training camp. designed B
e slugging outde lder toaio

bring him good luck b C
IA B. a


rA VnJU .



.. .. d* I$.

Bqlbos Bolr, bearlu*

V. P. W.

i ctoiy.tlf lah t ;4l
the Vet.. The Becn
managed to stay
which they sped
week by tang three
Bartenders while the
were anaffking three mn
Isthmian e ontrftot6tA bi
by Jim Allen, erected *
lock IA time to limit J
aturo Bulck-Chevrole$t
one point. By taking the
game by *only ten pins gtbW4
reactors managed to sta
point behind the league lea
Beermen Contractor J na j
olled high'series for the.
with gamiss of 181, 169.
or a beautiful 551. M
rho bowled a nice 514 laA1I
or the Contractors just ctl
get going this week agalas
Bulckmen. Chuck Laval1gs
at the wheel for the B01k
with a nice 510 but his Ift
if manuevering did nat, I
he dlsasterous collision d4
he backseat driving tf I
Corn who rolled his h igA
nd series for the year, hli
86 respectively,
Carts VieJa smarting fri
three point lss to. the
ast week, came to life a*
lose loss in the firit 'g
rip up Wally's Bar for te I
three. Hed Bartender. 0
h[llwig served a mickey lt
Rummen in the first gae
oing all the way out in
enth frame. Sam Toria& e
p with a spanking 531 irkt
ead the Rtummen, closely
owed by teammate Johnb 01
lith a nice 514. Buster RHare
ot his high .game (204)
igh series (505) for the 3
ast week was again high for
Bartendeia. .
Colpan F,1d barely made
o split 'th pointS with A
'aints GeO.F.; Novey by snai
ng the e game by <-
2 pinm. P dm Steve "IN
les" Hovan rolled high e
ihe nite and -, high- a
easouyn v.1aa 10 in te
ame. BBler W ,-n O

ouldn lay m down richt i
eek on one and two.
ane, IsthmIan. 1
un'w aha=n Balboa s 1
elehart, Wally's Bar W

r I r

:art& r

" at*y,,D
Mo O


S1. 0" "
.9tals .

0 WN



%*-*, ^ *




.8 -



*V ?-*


ig-Recruit Since Re

- .3


.'..1-. I

hrL, It.

3. ~J..'* I



F^U .
* "-'3
st" '* i"
/ .;* ".

PAT It MATMgN.k Dempey asserts that wrestling is doing better than boxing at thW ,
iaisd beca t nmorae Hre the ex-heavyweight boxing champion refaees a match at
g. I.a.. during tour of the south with grapplers. (l A)

S Overlooked By Kentucky, Cager Slch

TEnrolled At Furman To Become Big St"':

By MARRYBT COOI Alley of Furman is contSOat
SNIA Speewal C.Erspo~e t Be iry is the beat in the W
Frank McGuire, the
.qUIV~LZ, 4.8. -..Match 7 8t. John's coach who
-Tre may be a better l01- over to the University of
br a pketball Iar than Carolina this season, has='
SUnive rsiSel- lar ideas.
you'll .Iit "Frank Selvy is great"
OI on"t.I0, aM eGuire. "He shoots i t t

f13e ,,.tO bak their ence is the
fbeuntrv and ftra B Is.

=- .' bin, Ky., comet, as
O he'a md in Greenville, has
bes M1w s in the national -
S, out J Mi ball point par Ie
&p _oM 'wtith a.L2 average.

and most
sill nan
otu of a

W, -ur-


* ~.7
r.*~' ~

* F,.



m* L-t ear, Selvy finished the
r-the a No. 5 spot wfth
a u e, so betia n onef
the.'u#itn's top scorers is
., new to ts 20-year-i.
youht ter who was ov '
Ip d by the Baron f fthe
country, Ado Rh pt
Valveruity entucky,
y came to Fuano
of all
LWb a also .ked a-
It -o bakei.all. achblarship,
pgto a it of qoaehes

f" the pitch -ai, u

t to in!td, when to go
and whien to fake' going, b t, by
an means, start.
"Keep iing," ihoited .the
m pit.1f caught in a run-
play, run m tp the
before ar t baat.
up. Phil. to gt
dow 10 run-down pays be-
eM -third 1ba and the plate
aii -.--- "

*.on base.
Sto steal
S pitch-
a faan

York A-




* S
* 3.

thought him too small at the
It was Iunn Coah Lyles
Alley whFo te *pringy
legs on Bel 7 .youngster
soon was t tor Furma
Iali a ,w'gdeut1ied to add
some height, uMntly strikes
the 6-3 m aw -" ,
B vy hos Uthe I 98 national
major oup ag e gane smor-

Someoe Shou'

Have Tdd Boy

Abeou Speaker

PrrTsAIuOH mFoh1 '.w
(NRA)- Baseball contain ,4t
have a terrific hold on
ea's younPr pnemration.
A junior high schel hotel
thear here asked her lsmu4

~temi ...."1_

"I have eight names "
think f the centerfiel 'I ;

Sports Writer "
Jim Dawson Di .,
Of Heart Attaoc.
ST. Pm R8Bi, RG,
7 (UP) James Parue
Dawon, boxing editor a-t
ball writer of the
Times, died here yerterdd j
heart_ ailment at St.

sity, eorga's bt colee team awa 57. was taken to te
this OsesOa, e frequently hitIs hoitl this morning after as
in the oft and ha- been held attack ofhrombouls. It seeme a
below 30 points in only four of light attack and physicians
20 games. first. believed he would o.w,
Selvy's point-making abilities to return to his work of coren'
gather publicity, but hLs value Ing the New York Yankee'WpMflB
far needs his ability around training in a few day&.,..
the oop. He is the team play- Dawson. husky and apparently
maker, is the top defensive in excellent health when hi re*
man and does such an out- cently came down from N
standing Jo01 of rebou4ling that York with his wife to cover. tW
he usually leads the team in Yankees, had been with th
that department. Times fpr 45 years and il
Like Greenville fans, Coach months. .

-- *

Styled just

like dad's



^ .+ ,, .. .-

.' n ,. +J, l

P+ '^ f ,,..
I jIK-K '"'-+ ;.i.


*D C



New -priat that 'i u m
fedl ikE a -al





,,- '
'* ~ ,

;. .






Communist German Bosses.s .

washed By Youn g Fanatcs
yv FREID SPARKS to screen off these last holes n -
R MN,. A the curtain. Goo
B RLIN, Ma, oh 7 (NEA) -I Before Pieck, Grotewo* or ..
The President unier and De- Ulbricht-the terrible triplets of a
puti Premier of Communist Ger- Teutonic communism-can lehve
imaify, are toda3, for all practical their hpmes, even to air a dachs- "
', purpoSet, the prisoners of their hund. they must check the broad
you4g, fanatical bodyguards., shouldered Special Security A-
Silice the great new purge be- gents who clear It with the .
gan in Eastern Europe, thou.. Staats Sicherhelt Dienst (State
san'js have fled to the West, in- Security Service). '
cluding high government offi- The guards pack pistols and ,'l
cialg. Russian burp guns, with round
with Germany and her mill- cartridge belts like motion pl-
taryi know-how this continent'su reels. They form ther o
fittest prize, Moscow fears the unit inside the SSD, the nw
loss of top dog Reich leaders, cret police which carbon c es
'hose departure would be a the Gestapo to the last ber
shockihg propaganda setbQck. hose.
I have learned that 70 "spec- Their Mr. Big Is FD$.Chief
lal security agents" have orders Erich Honecker, a 40- ar-old
to "fire without hesitation" at Communist who somehow surviv- WASHIGTO
any flight attempt by President ed a tortured trip thr gh six Angry con
Wilhelm Pieck, Premier Otto Nazi concentration camps. f f io A cn f C
Grotewohl, or Deputy Premier An old hand at In-fighting Department re
Walter Ulbricht. with knee or broken bottle, Hon- l unified mili
In a land of double cross and ",m they or
triple spy it is possible. during group "partakus" In street neer
thecure.n' .blood"b th, ta brawls with Hitler Jugend until ?a3

T.he bodgua' rdse. 1"7to 2, y e the Kremlin's blessing and a staftrld work done
teacned i- b de FP, ... n peep at the latest black i#- a 0ast a*monh .ar
activists" of the Free German' pe at theOn: ates thlc bed B Ha a maptisa o i
Youth (FDJ) movement, regard- The special courity Agentsmiltary y
ed by Russia as the most de- were picked for blind belief, abil-Thb 1n ..
pendable organization n Ease lity t think fast as an, Intern poed to save
Germany. tional Business Machine, and soLue U
the physique of halfbacks. W=+I,
Bluntly: the U.S. High Com- They come from urban labor- ch -n f. *k
MRissioner's off;-c states: "The ing families. Farmers who love a stlgat1i
security oa viet Zone is fast their soil and are fighting col- he
passing in'' the a'nd ds of youths lectivization, are "untrustWor- ap odla
traIned --t' o he FIJ ..." thy," and intellectuals with an .
Your bo ,,uard. in a world of idea of their own are thumbed .e sa s it appt' ,
brutal polities, oftA becomes down by calculating conlssars. tradict f9 ,y an omfla rp
your wardeq This te % the case Since the rugged 70 entered to On P
during the last ys of Adolf their barracks in the Aldershof pe r- work ..H o
Hitler. when Gestapo Chief Hein- section of East Berlin they have RED i O orRts- u iI-es..e ,..
rich Himmler turned his right to been as isolated as monks and slan war m l in Soviet Servies. n.
"protect" Nazi leaders intD* the encouraged to think themselves Berlin stand Yng FDr8 "Su- .
power to d6miante them. "Supermen." permen." 7
Rememberf: The Government They're forbidden fr endly
WRed Gettriany sits in East Ber- chats or even ji7gers of schnapps Lichtenber ae wahed back-
In but a few minute; from the with the men they guard. Inti- sliders que fIl with blackjack
Aqerican, French and British macy might lead to "political and boot, and 1teaned still
sectors. .,.. collaboration." finer methods of .loosen-lg
Concerned about world nubli- Instriuctors tested them in tongues.
city at thi time, whei tlhpy're knife fights and with strangle As I watched the aLx-fol ku-
trying to warc West .-OGermany holds, searching for a flicker of permen" tower over their
out of jotvng tte Europeanr Ar- fear, at public events in nt.
y, the Communists ae striving In the Secret Service GHQ fIn theirlonde hair wot
long and oled0 I wanrem
S :v ....-.. r o" I'sterday's yddqg T


With terrible effleetly- t
ushered Nasi victims Into6th et
chambers and-when their world
collapsed fought with animal
courage trying to deny Russian
tanks the approach. to Hitler's
Berlin bunker.
Tomorrow: "Here is ho to kill
an A.fec;an!"


b .,

EASTGERMAN PRESIDENT Wilhelm Pieck takes umaMt from
uniformed member of the Communist youth grout- OP
"elite" who' watch every move of Pleck and h RJd d t

Labor-Management Hawrmy

SEffort Breaks Down E4'
S- 0 --- -
WASHINGTON. March 7 Congress for change. ,IN
j (UPi- President Elsenhower'j Taft-Hartley Act.
' first try at labor -manage- AFL President 0O92
Sent haimiony failed today told reporters after to
SWhen his top -level Taft- meeting that "we'll
SHartley ad visor y committee | when we get some hew
broke up almost before.getting members... I guem."
'down to business. An industry spokpiln.
The 15-member committee, "We are not wi
appointed at the suggestion of, merge our Indlvid
wUe President. quit work after a majority votes of a
dispute between labor and in- whose members reps
4tisry members' on how to verse interests."
Ue recommendations to La- President Harry M. )M~wir
*tr Secretary Martin P. Durkin the Bituminous Coal
X changes, n the controver- Association said, howevi
S labor law. "nobod.' walked ost
SAfter dissslqr only one seec- meeting." He
1& S of tlW act, the committee members still ae
'ached *iA impasse on the serve and the
question of recording formal ly is In "rece&ss-,
Sotes. Meanwhile, It
SLabor's Mnembers Insisted on Franks, presthdeM
i| th a procedure and Industry tional Labor.
iMembers refused. foundatUon pf.
SDurkin said it appeared the House,
,: dustry members )would have the b
":to alter their "very definite" Na
di the project to shou
O eed. placed4
S.Mr. Elsenhower, in hia State He.,
LN the Unidn message, suggest- men
ed that Durkin a ntthe ad- bli
|j Iy committee, compnWosed of ed
e Inembers each of-labor, In-i trJal
adti the public. The dust
was to h ip Dork in full
h i recomMandatiof to ed b.

"^. ,, "N+ ;,.. ^

'Pddro MIgue county fair,
o4d by.the Pedt' Miguel
.punmcil will pen Friday
oon, at on the grounds
Pedro Migue Ball Park
Mll continue at scheduled
throughout Saturday and
V, March 14 and 15.
fhts of the Pair include:
.mobe show; three In-
a contest consisting 'of
tiful Baby Contest, a Mas-
e Parade in which prizes
ered for the funniest, most
0 and most attractive cos-
and a Bathing Beauty
for the OGirls. from whom
Pedro Miguel" Will be
, 'No Fair com-
ithut that favorite diver-
,qhildrkle a AMerry-Go-

Dt aditO*n
lldroi and I

win-be nu-
les tu which
gers, as well
4)1ce ba I
d an
es" w I
lees are
.0f the
Aor sale.

.*.'~ .
"' r
"V *


'p S

*-" -.

i retired
sald to.
if on am
ct was
bfu- )

jqust WJ agwbe
line. ,1
); Wr 4 1.

.=ut i eu.

MuAsum df


17 pain
of what
rarv art

at 8:9
tion B
work W
lived _i

nmn t'


Watchman on the

brush S1 l WIGo

te alatty M
Wof the -B |t
does thisbwot-I

u owt;l"out Irar
the same pa.t
way move thu

To do so witbh-
out m is tepmot
as' iple It
may esea O Sl
gre at ighbt
birdNsy elew
of the pretis
Each dot epir
Unt s as*boek
i ti rrowe
whee to
bege si t and.
as you dupmsate
the awatchmen's
solution islma.
bere on theU

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. .*/**. ri'^tr1
"- .f ., ljiiiiI"
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ti~tonaius. | sgme'ue eTagew Ta f i fe
h$ox ng of ont
d.itW WWeetseir f h'Wd a ps r" tA
tbi to Iad out wther I IMg attte Oa. the
With .Mt e apaMt M., to NW At ,
* "tw ew carefu ry." 4e1 Uw e a
ThIte wiFlday the w t.WM fith. ck s "
ao U"nWlIhd y t s I*Uaeh. asths
* a me. 'replatrU rat e
qaW nWsp sad *wew

Ag ,- mo- h.e 41 1 0aysO
anS edd Ist h uhee ,aeo Aw tf e flee respoed to te
jo. al .odewM t anve. Th o far a. volunteer the pea Is flbaned two
ph a iPi4-a t aIre. It .W sL Le Be ,e told that It nuASv ImposeubleW,
Sat ay tr~~it bA t plkt up the ao (web th matches). and-
'w, i amn.. s tocyaT*r .Ift tt Mthe top t oi"5tlm be does b he
d phastoed e wu 'antV h w privfll of sdecting One of several
*" Mama Mas te ll O ases, the Cb. 4a e t Io aptd, and the
ar. n you ge out Wl0at- Uoientil es about picPin up the
e* Ihp t 19 the week each oa. It takes a d bt eventually.'rtump* .
oilorU ISM*.tot m fttl-
I AsvgIprerSyoe Wot ojed, eaute; hut the triumph
Is maortl4 eO. ewA p ,.low:m wila sanaounose that
whOe It It* true tat til eMtator did pick up the
1 bums teg tc. sant so htm hme top
a t he IMa as as su41 astu; teeWfore s talid
r_ s .la oar zme" to fufOn ase sseosMy aohlttla of the trick.

I an "am "ptoo imayw. up..

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at.e a]


CAiWV JAVALINA TWINS are show vwith their
Traiide museum, Tucson. national .aa*', rizop

I J -1 ". '. ,.,,

;. -.
S. .* ,'' ,

_.~ _,,......___ .

I the AreO*o,
filerme A,
ifcOw t l gho

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. oT .V.- ;:,-- : f*t *

.f* :. *'r .I+.-1 ii.hi J .f. .. '"ft inii

Bureau at which
75 local rater w bee
alaerw ate predict
The Anny, mean -
ing uintruction from Ng bd
report from each echelon to g a 1
per cent cutIn to ivilian
reduction la requeted A r ad
followed sult. h arted to g
ed to report on theprobabe
30 per cent cut In lunds spent or
sonnel. -
The report also analywd the o eet' .
tions might have on the efficleocy thO e actltitya, s .
well as the amount of money th i would be a in
case strictr economy measures ar ordered. I
More than 1,W local waters who we tAtles 'a
Panami Canal reselved maims ar acn fr ee
to six grades as a is lt of a deate po a. tb
mitted to Gov. SeyboM In wheh AI.b th ',.- -.
local-rate positions were r naayd.
Rufus Lovelady. natlanal Wte-presldenf of t1ie
American Federatl6n of government 1Wples re-
turned from conference held o n Wihig th a
not-toe optintic review of .o .
Th, labor leader predlted at r
whilc miht call for g mm enug.e-
bedee to overoment ea loyes, W.
a chance of N. o
the pauswin r
He did
terest in had t
plete report v t
mittee on the Zone
hefd ao hoped that. the At
would be passed oa atbat ieeng.
Well-knaewn. ZMinf iaso i. Me:remed at
age 55 after S34 ya ms ee with the Ca'U.' i t
was the flt ma roered"eS OLthe Clhal e t
named to e ur as a. arbmt e N6
the Sapply ani SAenoew r -
The mit '4f; b st.e 0
at hrocft k e an. 0,
was stricken. Mhe is .t a an io lutng aud pIro'
greasing %
Mean ere a hty

in us Diatr~it Court, a antte .t f.mii !
thrown out .
InUSX~trqtC.V ,-- sut ao bo


; m-an

Anogter bid by Panams

One of, ,

lewd Inth
e s dea th
ig well in. .

amer ox, pn

m ,. *




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8j-BIrd ,

101--Of apra
S ry
104-A ouick



.~t*. S
S I S ~ ~

A 4A Je4&

lip .
^' J


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wue s p uutomms'M o a ** 1 .
FOUNDEDe usM ab *an
67. H 9 t W & M A P.
t T iWHtNI PN MONa O t4 l 't74 1. IJMWIP
* ea.oH owes. **1 cam,t avtrrnrnyaesa, w s B o a mp <
*48 WAVISm AVa NEW VM. eHt n v .*. ...
P Eow CO2A. '" 'NE Cn E


9 --
Now, here's a character you'll know,
Whose black, familiar face,
Does not ecstatically glow,
With beauty, wit or grace;
In stature, dignified and tall,
He never may rejoice,
But all Balboa knows the call
Of his compelling voice.
N-I-c-e A-w-r-l-n-g-el
N-l-c-e" B-a-n-a-,-a!
Week In, week out, come rain or Ahine,
He makes his daily rounds;
A finished artist In his line,
Unmatched, within his bounds;
A man of broad and ample view,
Of nimble, quick resource,
And to his humble schedule true,
As planets In their course.
N-i-c-e A-w-r-i-n-g-el
N-i-c-a B-a-n-a-a-a!
No gaudy storeroom he maintains,
Nor empty, vain display;
No portion of his paltry gain.
Is Idly thrown away;
A modest merchant, shrewdly wise,
From grasping landlords, fled,
Whose entire stock of merchandise
Is carried on his head.
N-I-e-e A-w-r-i-n-g-el
N-I-c-e B-a-n-a-n-at
A character unique is he,
A gentleman of pards,
Who practices on you and me,
His wetrdand wily arts;
A master of mesmatic charm,
And hypnotism sly,
He takes you gently by the arm,
And youte compelled to buy.
N-I-c-e A-w-r-i-n-g-e
N-1-c.e. B-a-n-a-n-al
You may zot want thetuf e sells,
But that bf smat ort;
Bs wheedling l atory s=,
Persistcee is ts ole;
With burst .ofl*aqenle. sublime,
This puinee of t tA
Corrals taE atny a flott dime,
Around "Balboa Flats
N-i-c-e A-w-r-l-na--et
N-l-e-e B-a-n-a-n-at
Such fruit'as his can hot.pelmnd .
fewfbete upon the m
Such oran plm i dd rond,
so succulofnt m sweet;
And each baIMnaw I a drwm ,
W B-, Hb ff tam,
Grown "speSdal" for his trade, 'twoul saem
With kind aqd loving care.
N-h-c-e A-w-r-l-a-g-e "
N-gre-e B--aB--n41
"Age cannot wither" his tecbalgue,
Nar qon custom stale;
The noon n, his swart phyrique,
Attacks, t aveaU;
Imperious to totidhua
And drnehlg trpt c Vain,
The warring elements, omete --
Against him. all in va -
SN-l-e-e A-w-r-1-a-g-el" _
N--l-.-e B-a-n-a-n-a
A modern Atlas, lost to tame,
He wks Balboa & a ,
Supporting on bahis atdy frame, ,
A mast prodlglgog loa4;
rbom auch rare bMeds haply b e,e.
I've oft times J tR ohaf
He might ha ver to x A.t. 'isree,
Ins end of ive feet,
N-l.e-0 A-wa-l---g-e( -
4 S4.e B-a.n-1L-u-al
Your stateen~t,- Attred Rkieardom,
May soaemsm tntoh truth
But that's A oba teefc that's done
By Af as, I 4 1b;
There'swit .and wi dom where,

o N-l-c-e =w.r-l.-.U-al
: N4-ec-9 5-S-pa-n-sl
,. 4- ,..,.. ....._, .



-a.. ,. .

5. .
. ., ,


2I el
- it*i

ate t b

K ,r, a


A.-m y-i'' -:

.. .. .* l
-'W. "*:

., .. .,

;,.a- ,


jI* -

El m "7,.
.< .** '. -1

' ". ^ '- : .

. .'V
** *<,



- Wesn, Mn. zve-ll~ej^


ee oneandwdt-0 6e HA
St moment, (she i chamber o i the
1kRBw~a~etoe' ttti nd U- yhe Iakma
the & Canal ZOe art- from the qt
me ts Urs.*.dtn loo
really saw m h Abt b
d logal service condoi de miiJ
yeypd the ok of the Apry batal out
aere and sad aeu for etc. She ed to
utillinx the whole, pv eqns wnte 1
program of the Na head- AI
quarter of the Auxillary.
to a
Soke EnotreAlhse that nIPa4
Addition to and the a- 'W-i
hal Zone, this ptment In- ti
Oltds Arftba hth ut ch .t as
Ir a the Legion Peo

On her trip ]Sr. AS
.from Utah, was


-. I...,,


'?< *'*,\


'". ,!'.,

****.q,3.1.. $
.. po.*..-
_,. .,. .. C,..PA. .- 1 1

:. *^ ---
, ..: ^ i' '* "'*4a

& A- -


* .7.3


,,; .
-*.,. '. -Aca
r-'-:, '" "!T1 ES

-." ;- .o ..'....


.' ,.^ *

-. -

... .. $ .

- '-..-. -

-.. 4-

.-. .e--

,~ '.

* .4


* a

A I* : I

t ^ ^-- 'I .


*.. ..
-~ -.;S .





- .~

- .

S a

.1 -

* -:" -. '. "




~ ~


.Kj '~"*1 -


K' r w;"-
.-v ,

S^ 4


S -.





rt4 I lRAT
A OCun


S *-

F ~




..4 "

- .a ^^^^, ... 1 .




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