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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Be Fimed

MOSCW, March 6 V as No
pownef&tmR. twd. union bel n WO

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STh.e fli tsr were block with,
T4 t dtamur .n pro :
They tretchqd i (in. two is, W4r
a their chpnce'r honor t ye i W

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four-roomi -isk"

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MumOsa aV : N i j L seU vN Im I S@@
11 19 I & In 114. PANAMA. f. O P
tE riuPhOI 0aii* a NOe a 0o740 5 LINmse
L BI OWPPMiI a II T* C~g'IP. NA-imUP *lTWIIM slrk i. t I3sh iTIreT.II
S SeIotN PSrgamkstivla IOHsMIA a lOWIAl INC
SMl MAePlalk Avg NIW YORl IT, N V
In PAL Al l0
SMONTH It VANPe ..... 1 6 It
.i se *'a ageTM*a sh ane-nt ... 10 IS j
*i ea .. *n., ,Nc... .. Io.* l a.s4

The Mail Eon is an open forufor le eedersn uf The Pnanma Ame
Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly anl
ntial manner.
SIf you e*nribuft a letter don't be Impatient it it doesn't appeal tI
at day. Letters are published in Ie order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identify ef letter writes is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinie
premed in letters from readers.
Dear Sir:
Following ioni letter, which is self explanatory, has beel
sent to memt... c1 th. 1943 Balboa i-gh School graduating
but quite a numcrcr have not been reached. For auld lang syn
please run It in your sweAl Mail Box.
-Dear Sir:
"Recenlv' a great amount of enthusiasm has developed re
garding a reunion of the 1943 graduating class of Balboa High
"urdinaily it would be a very ulflictlt task to attempt such
a project. 1Howevei, aue to the numerous request which I havi
personally received, coupled with the requests and suggestion
Avhich the oiher commit ee members have received ana which
:have been relayed to me, the proposed reunion will undoubtedly
,be a great success.
S "Recently a large group of our class met In Philadelphia and
we had a very enjoyable evening. AL that time it was suggested
and agreed upon that the po.c.buliy of a class reunion be sucioed
Five persons were selected irom among those present to act as a
committee. Thsl letter to }ou represents tne first iruita of talks
'committee's efforts.
"The sllus of this reunion will be New York City. The time
*has not been determined with certainty but will be either Labor
Day weekend or the wee.:.cna ollowing Labor Lay (19ai.. Your
preference will be of great aslstance to the committee In Its choice
between those two weekends.
"Your prompt answer to this letter will be sincerely appreciat-
ed. Your comments, criticisms. and auggestilns will be given 1erl-
ous consideration. The names and aaareal of class members,
which are known to you, should be sent to ahe committee. ThTa
'letter cannot bring to you the complete det: li of our coming af-
fair. Whatever questions you may have should be included in
I your answer to the committee.
"Please address all correspondence to Mr. John L. Miller, 4811
Browning Road, Merchantvllle 8, New Jersey.
"In closing may I offer these promises from the committee
to you: (1) expenses will be pared to a minimum: (2) laughs,
:entertainment and good fellowship will be in abundance; and (3)
your enjoyment and satisfaction will be guaranteed to be at a
S"The committee extends to you best wishes throughout the
coming years and is looking forw. rd to seeing you in September."
Yours truly,
John L. Miller, Chairman.

Jm Rihdge-
) Y1A Miller
: il Seebrit
Margarita, C. Z.
aI m writing this in the hope that R. L.- Sullivan, General
SMager of the Commlisaary Division will see it or have it brought
his attention.
It is the opinion of many of the women shoppers here in
& targar that the present management which consist of Pynan
S0(d Harper Is far superior to any that we have had IN tht past.
STDe sohra has taken on an entirely new appearance fdr thebetter.
Shemployes have been taught to give prompt, efficient, courte-
ous, service. There are many thing too numerous to mention that
have been improved under these men.
It is the sincere hope of the writer and a host of other shop-
poen that these men will continue on a permanent basis.
SIn closing I would like to add that the water Is not a personal
friend of either of these gentlemen but merely one who ap-
preciates their efforts to correct what was a poorly mana "e
Nor De Plume.
Ancon, C.Z.
The latest scuttlebutt Indicatis that a group of Army and Air
Porce employes have applied for a charter with the Bureauof
Federal Credit Unions, qf the Federal Secuflty Agency to stt
an Employe Federal Credit Union in the Canal Zone. I hope th
Is true, because it is something we need.
Deing a worry wart. I'm a little concerned about who is gI*
?j ing to run the Credit Union if and when it gets started. It seems
to me, though, that the administrative officers should be nOst.
Instead and elected by open election by the potential mem
J ship and not by a self chosen few. In my opinion, Army and Air
Foree elvillan employes should insist on a public meeting so the
Scan have a say as to who will be on the Board of Directors t.
instead of being told by a self chosen few.
, Hoping for a democratic election of officers, I am
Yours truly,

Making Money

U UOIMETAL 4 I4ound plates
Ss oM co 4l aeUnmployed
,4 U l I6 Having
I' g rubsola
Is ro&k 7 Consume
3)d I S Reverie
adoeela 9 Ulawtes
is astray |17 IoliSh IsIand ii
1K It Male relative 29 Writing table
1 lIn S Catrdgame 81 Place within
24 Unadio d 33 Deadly
a U Pmrar endingM38 Prehistoric
Ml brh MDuests pord
1409 31 CelmlU 40 s trult
odd" a War "d 41 dons
IkAerleart_ -


41 Ten (pre4ox)
43 Press
44 Naked
48 Noun suffix
47 SbeJt latter
48 SMloved
so Man's aine


o This country ) 4 i0
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it p
r- It this be flag wavlig.
SsophlsUcate ca%" makq "_
most 0 it On their
i. ith te built-in
can't k of a
to wave. ^ ^ *^a-.-E

and sip IbtM
b Ause the eo a,
poor and the French teo.
n leans were wOr wt
, they laid the _trul.
e October. I said tht
wq9id power. It
Just foer aym
idgway stt -t
- have nin alii" the poasi
h ty of a Russian *leM at.,
tack. .
S All I know a ek ler bt
e Is that they are IM. to,11 3
s around when your pilnt
coming down. But tbe f of"
y American Ana inM re tbn'
workers and Intl t e-
g ineers Whoye oaq g
d cluttered office O do -to
. know about b UU SI 4 p1a
16 from which our fighters
s can take f adl enmy
Th ee Wor able to
r drop in on a ltr data
r and documzett be-
eause they wee 1Ongr bD-
1 permitted 3U our
bases. The StM L. thad'
rpled that the PO must
, / aolt local tl-tFoad to
Ay them out.
S1o $ .O, I'Rou o I os-
'Ire satrps mue,,i4a be re-
built. But othMr tl soon
l mp up the laod earth of
rrance. Iast i our 48th
fighterr omlber Wi attempt.
ed to land at 6r, of our bases
in Chamopt. The runways
were too soft. The protective
wing ew itself off to Ger- WASS]
Imany And- (D.,, Wa
At the LMf.S iron base, trafif
jets w sIt to come rtM.D
down; -e 1 -1 y wer otf
of -:eAt t Brud- knife w I
Meant bhted by. young l en to
pilots sl n paid a con .
"At Chaud


-Q-' .O, t JBo'L-o know *n.-sr
eth oate Armed
peW CoomtncMs *ttempt/d Smt. ,
t ns* rt U lcad al of thewe ;

aLsotaal e since we
t a. Ie- yC --may notd .

"Jf l^ reosrM teat the .
.oer in et ense dbitter- A raa u
Oset ipostaldW9

ne kr l!orekan rnws

the' Defense Si te le
ARtme. -thils would

id nbee nii b eing these

st betat -r r a Since we
fit" ."=A & our North
r w were in
Mf4 laany not
lb ewat en eir that the
Otar i W.thf e bitter- plai
in l a ei r 16

no o^u -
l .No 03. A erge J. P l'
1ie DOpit MY Mis of Engl- pn
MOa. .Out oM
pit must bJe now- l te

to efi united

ama ir 9s

thu" b ..


A-?P~' C

or" ,VH
Ai egn

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w arm in

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S anM Vaantiltn.-.

.... .. 2 ,' ,,. a


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S, ... e bl' y

proa+ i,. datywhereL
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''. -', .... + fa)r!- .l solor..

; "'1w,-,

gOUNTRY-The AmWis -M M 'T* o-
Iuated In Korea this winter. leet i ,nrs
rtamer Is placed in boot as a 1%"
,Ad felt used in the prestA boct Air,
g"rtlee of the rubber, p wfntls ody
S- he ew ootwear was d.kaupi' by
fMateraaster Co s.


;yss i

dod^ Ut1rim h w jf kuq 1m
pr e 1t
.'a ia_ _.h .,

I Jd

S ,* a .. "
*I ,".**a.1 t r

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1 ^ '; *' Y ....
-.,. .. .." -.

imhpiV^ fmf m -. .4 a*
-"a .: .' .".
,A, 7.; *" .*
p... ... -.




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L. .. ,
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'. '' .
,, **' "-
~~~~,i .'i. :; ,

** "'. i" >-... "*
.. ... ,

',;* .-
'.. *- -- -
..r .- .,:
. 'i ^ '
^ s.-, 1 ,


rt teles-a=l

.~~ ~~~ *^-lld^
-You m* ofents

. ~ ~ ~ jm mirsvealu ntsafi

t,'. .





Jdd Lasting Beauty

At your table!



F~[PC iclriic


The'Deer Rose

Now available in economical Starter-
ette the eight piece set. These 8
pieces if bought separately cost you

Starter-Oe price only $9.50



*, f
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Stareterte set consisting ofa

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Fidu Ivy
.- .

HerebI your opportunity to start your
service in famed Francisean Ware at
stable savings. Buy yours today. .
add open stock accessories later.



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:" ': ; *" 'Ir


'j 2



, ,
.+4.y ,': ""



a' t~*.
*~ g

Your od buy
are made

grndI Mp-'1j

- .4.

? 's.1'


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' ~a- A -

. ,, !.:,5
' ., -- ,
e,' ...,_.._" _. -a .

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~~qrar waorer -g~9a ~aar

----' ~II ~n

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P ISv FLW lv a

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ME 7
fe, ,i.



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_ _l^r PNr A N iumAc4i, ..

,- ..
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; -. -, .a lkP, ., .r.-,,,,,
1,. o '. I ". ,T .

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Caro and Freight-Ships add lanes- ArrW.,and

Rangitane Due Today The Hague and Rotterdam, tot
To Arrive In Cristobal ist centers such as Volenda
About 400 passengers on the Marken, Delft, Leyden, Haarle
Rangitane are due in Cristobal eastern and southern Holla:
today. The British ship Is arriv- and seaside resorts such
ing from London and is en route Scheveningen, Zandvoort ar
to New Zealand. Noordwljk.
Norton and Lilly are the local The bulb-growing region w
agents. be as attractive as ever in tl
--- coming Spring.
Colon Chamber of Commerce The great "Flora 1953" Flow
Featuring Many Tours Show at Heemstede (near Haa
Tour commissioner Jose M. lem) opens on March 13. whi
Delgado announced today the the annual open-air exhibitic
regular plane and launch trip to of flowers at Keukenhof will I
the San Blas Islands has been on view this month.
scheduled for Saturday March 14. International events such s
One of COPA's DC-3's has been the commemorative exhibition c
chartered for this flight, which the works of Vincent van Gog
Is scheduled to leave Tocumen at (ftom March 30 to Sept 21) an
8 a.m., returning at 6 p.m. the the international gymnastic dii
same day. play "Gymnaestrada" at Rotten
Fare for the trip is $15 a pas- dam (July 15-20). not to mer
senger. The same tour is also timn the Holland Festival, will b
set for March 28. held exactly as scheduled.
Another trip being planned by
lDelgado is a two-day weekend PAA Flies Supplies
flight on April 4. David, Chiri- To Dutch Flood .Victims
qui. Boquete and El Volcan can Thousands of pounds of emer
be visited during this tour. agency supplies, including food
A new tour, of the United Fruit blankets and clothing, have beer
plantations in Puerto Armuelles, flown to Holland free of charge
Is being set up soon. Fare. in- by Pan American World Airway
eluding all travel expenses is $35. for the relief of flood sufferers.
Information may be received Every member of PAA's 15-ma&
by caltg Colon 807 or 1436. or staff at Paramaribo, Surtivni
by contacting tour director Fred gave a day's pay to the Date]
Busch at Cristobal 1961. government for flood relief yU
Sp cities, and employes in New Yor
Rolland Still Receiving donated $1,000.
Visitors Despite Floods Supplies flown to Holland b:
The flood disaster which struck PAA include 15,000 pounds of
the Netherlands at the beginning clothing and blankets, 10,004
of February was a severe blow to pounds of outboard motors ant
this little country on the North spare parts, more than 1,001
Sea. But it was by no means a pounds of tinned beef and a tor
mortal blow. Approximately one- of sandbags.
tenth of the country has been In addition, Pan American pro-
inundated, and thousands of vided free transportation fromr
hDtchmen are now working day Germany to Amsterdam for per-
amd night on the sea defenses of sonnel engaged n relief activi-
th* islands in south-east Hol- ties.
land, in a bitter struggle against '-T,
the country's archenemy thea | n h-
sel. The broken dykes are being W a i s
repaired as quickly as possible so
that the flooded land may be
spite o.,f nthe miserv andl H I, J1
damage caused by the water.l
fortunately the disaster has not 60 On Sex IIH
affected the Dutch industrial'
a1 tourist centers. DES MO ". IL., ch 6
he area which suffered most (1UP, Aut ;rmtea sW today
S entirely devoted to aerlcul- they were tr'h-- t- up a-
ture and, with the exception of gang of youths and "tW rang-
the Island of Walcheren which ing from 14 to 20 years old. who
has barely recovered from the allegedly went on sex and drink-
effects of World War TII. it was ing parties and threatened bus-
tat generally frequented by ineasmen
tourists. I Capt. Louis Volz, head of the
Normal Internal and interna-i police vice squad, said offerss
tional transport facilities are *till I know the names of the ringlead-
available, except of course in the ers.
stricken area. I "All we need to do now s nat
There has not been any dam- something on them," Vols aU.
age in the citteS of Amsterdam. County Atty. Clyde Herring


Acceptini paaengern for SAN FRANCISCO


(All cabhis with privat.e y-


CI Fenton & Co.,Inc. C.n 0C
.* TfBW / DIl1G, T. 3-i1781o,
CWS T "T.,: ,-1. :.





Great White reet


S.S. "CHI .................
S.S. "YA ............ ..... ......
S.S. "BYFJORD ............ ..............
S.S. "LEON" ............. .....
S.S. "MUSA" ............................... g
Eansile RdW atagesE C e4 and Ge nerm Cargo.,

S.S "VINDEGG .....
S.S. "TAAN"... .
S.S. "LIMON" .. ........... ...... ...... 17

W'~CNAW Am p C t.

Passenger Sal ts o New Orleanss
via s Santa Marts, Colomia, '
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ........ ..
8.8, "CmIR U Ur .. .... .. ....*..
WekiY aswage m ,Twelve- ta~sg.r Smp to New ubY e*td
chbareh, Lez A-zmees Sam renMachm.. betkLe.


said the gang includes at least relations as initiation into
85 persons but the youngsters gangs:
operate in smaller groups. :
Police said some youngsters'
questioned recently told about THAT'S GRAIU D
_ -$. Mes, drmkig ,
and taXng benzedrine tablets to TORRINOTON. con. (Un
give them a "lift." They said A dry cleaner r tMurned $10
ome of the parties reportedly f tund in paro p Mant.
were held In cars In a used car duatomar's wife a -a'I
lot, as a result. The dmbM
John Rirder of the vice squAd he didn't ge the $ it
aid he had been told that some pod doinftg ea.
girls had to submit to intimat.' cleaner.

uw wlf mawu.)'

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S" -PO la TAIVat, itSC *

On Berth Balbas. m rkah ,th ',.

For -

|W. DREWS co.

.~Pam@. ..,

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OICBEF.'LI psj'II US 6ae~

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Oral rbiU.

I3IS;.LLA'd 1W



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. '- 4'

'"I" :
- S *.-,.

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FAA -", ,

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Looking to the







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...,. 7- .

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If P-1




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W. __mm nore
.=a]%o 4k% of

1ptittc ateof te pr
ee mBialiar
id UM ope

WI m]
iwed hti



ittlt qsrt0ti~w ll
1stheaip "
%Wamnbowwv name
= of hent' 1f&d
sn. it wMni" ut~nml

)bis wife.



ties In 1047-48. He-s the auth
of vadous books including "Wa
faWt for Christ," "African PI
grma ," and "Under Mie."
Dr. Ghlrdwln may be heard
the Church of Our Saviour
New Crletobal on Sunday, Marn
1f* w1 briefly address
UsthUmla Religious Workers Fe
ernat -on Monday, March 9.

Chrades Bowen
To Be Buried
Toiootrow At 3
char*e*Mn, a retired Pw
,a I.a sep3e, died We(
nudday afternoon at his home
Rio AbJo. e was 74 years ok
Sbuia will take place
B&A BUvti Wn emw r terv *

lived by
towen I


r>f Jo
, 71-M -4

"Mr. P.A. Want Ad' attraeas
a following
Of prospects mighty finel
What's more .. he sign
them quickly
On the dotted line

Yor cpwaifed awd at.
tract a parade ofg lpr
pects .becm. wervys O
PaamM and bae Carna
Zone read PA. Wat Ads
regularly. Try than ew
* 0. the sus w f uri


*a-.....-.i...~.d43 1


I 4 *i* .


S, If r. '"v*:
,'* .' "^*'-, -

:. ; .'. ,
.'[1(." 't '
1, .-. tc
m / < ^M

- .2i.

,oVW. 2


. 'A _


I -




w s jA


;. ,' *


-- rg D- D-'T--

,. ,* *r.


.-J. .


-- ,, -
,* .s i^ **. 1" '
$ "'

..-,.,, .,



~b S

-- --I




..t* .~'A -

_ _,,, -- --

* i
r pwr hadum

SbThe announoa m"t amdth
n, clearing out oflelal who were
' ftolu C""MI -I. mu 1m-

Vetiras Prefeenme et f 14fI .
' ThiL gives veteran *irst pLo.ty
I to denal Job. %
6 The w ite e B alid the
practiUce o0 ilya-sk-
I ers the same pr em-
1 ployes "letmg in C-In
- to undermin e f05tbU eofl
the system.

. Dr. Chirgwin
a Here For Meeting
* Of Bible Society
I The Rev. Dr. A. W. Ohblgwln
research secretary of the United
D Bible Societies with office In
eneva, wtserland, has arrived
S a Panama from Rio de Janero.
He Is on the Ithbnue to attend
the Caribbean Conferenc of -
Sble Soclety secretaries at the B3-
ble House in Old Cristob.
Dr. Chlrgwin was educated at
London Univeralty, graduated
wth honors in 1912. He received
hls theological training at Rich-
Sood College. London. In 194i
the honorary degree of Doctor of
Divinity was conferred unan him




' *
* *rf' ^ -*


Tag ii vitty sv Ta
AST ,W a ra ** AS s



F --,"
*. -.. '.#

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thri PA. Claiti

Love youu Ad with one of our Agents or our officein a ,o. streett *-. hlA ,'

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Lewis Service
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Sa16n de Beflu AmeriCau
No. 5 WeMt 132h Stltt

1%%ft u..e.k-ifgn mae.

Agencies Iaternacional doe PublicacloesA .", .A iMi for I13
Np S Lotervy Plas Phoae 3l a g Ba h t0ldit ,1
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TedR;~ PU~Yia J&~4

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SFO SALE-All types of refrigerators FOR SALE:-Plymouth De Luxe 4- a0l g M a r
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S60.c00. Call Sgt. Grey, P.A.D. 83- t_ M.T D 450.
6221..FOR SALE: Ford VS C!jb Coupe
FOR SALE:__--S -, divan make 1949, block paont. very roiod trons- FOR SALE: 3 1 r atie
OR SALE.-Simmons, d.von mks portatin,. good res. rcdio, only ho PARK RIPI STAB .
in:o doublebed. Like new. R 16-C. $325.00 down at M. A. Powell S. Tel. 3-0279.-
Rousseau. Phone Navy 3353. A. Colon FOR SALE -CANARIB1, Herts Mt
COR SALE'-9 ft. Refrigerator good FOR SALE -1948 Hud:on 4 door Rollers. Chopper, Imlrtd direct FO
condition, 25 cycle. -C, Coco- sedan, rado, seat cover.., overdrive, from Germany. It cleus tigers, ti
$i. s8en5 00. Crib. ,nnCr.pri mat. AUARIO TROPICAl.. Opposite t
LE_______- $875 00 Crib. P.nner-prin" mat- A
'OR SALE.-Beautiful 8-piece liv- tress $35.00. Panama 2-463.0 Juan France Stb'e, beside Drive- A
ingroom bamboo furniture. Almost Cpl. Black. lin. Phone 3.41-32-:
new. Modero teprice. 45th Street, BUY in town, 19 Plymouth FOR SALE: -Thait -crib pnd mit-
29, Belto Vista. __ Cronbrook Club Coupe, good paint, tres Hous 141"-C, ohtman St.,
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refriger- fair tires, low mileage, only $435. Beliba.
caor. like now. Guarantee, $150.- 00 down and drive it away from .- ri
00 Electric stove. Cheap. Easy M. A. Powell, S. A. Ccln. Bids will b rcteie r the office
chair end Ottoman $15.00. Cute Looking for cheap tran:..ort~tion? W Divon, at Met Cn
bedaoon choir. 1451 Owens, Apt. have it. M. A. Po'..ell S7A. Colon. Zone, until 3:00 p. m., Tue:day, _
B. 3 Simmons doc.u FOR SALE:-1951 Chrysler Wind- March 24, 195; whimen they *ill be FOR
Fod SALg:-3 Simmond dauttbe e sor De Luxe in perfect cenaiti6n. e aned in puble, for furnishing 1
foldng cots and mattresses, 6xcel- Radio and seat covers, $1,875. 8 g 0oens of fns milk daily
lent condition. Krugmort, 0264- Call 83-5153-between 5 and 7 except t Sundeay during thl p'eri*r
Garrboo. p. m. April I to Mey -3;. 1953. Ferrm
R SALE-HollywoodDoubJleBeds __ oof proposal with fall pqrtic4leri
FOR SALE:-Hollyw dd Double Beds FOR SALE: Plymcuth Special De ay b btaind t office of
complete) $64.00; Twin $45.00; Luxe Club Coupe 1950 Dark blue the Supply SerI ior, Be
Dining Chairs $3.00; Dining pint, very clen car for oly bloa Hihp at tt Geneial FOR
Toabes $15.00; End Tobes $3.00; $425.00 down, at M. A./Poweil Manager, CommtKry Division, r
Metal Beds complete* $29.00; S. MA. Colon. Mont Hop. Cori Zn. r l
Cpl1 Springs, $25.00; Guaranteed unt Hope. CoilZe.
Gas Stoves $55.00 and $65.00, FOR SALE: 1947 Ch slar. Fully --- FOR
Wardrcbes from $22.50; Dressers, equipped. 5 good tire II 7:3,0 FAITH -R5 HILLTOP ki
$8.00; China Clocets, $20.00. 4:00. 87-3164, after 4:0 Pa- HIL4LGO i St
Many Other Bargains in New and nami 3-2449. __ 72 Chive Chtiv rd (8 miles otO
Used Furniture. FOR SALE:--Good tran.crtr: :n. ,A tron:isthh-:an highway). Selling ael FOR
CASH OR CREDIT TERMS 1947 DeSoto Cldb Coupe, Semi au- uppies at reduced prices.
Household Exchange (HX) 41 Na- tomotic trans. roao, an., -.....-. ,r u SALtE---Shor dnpith wcodwrk .FOR
oel Ave. (Autmebile Rw) Tel. ,down at M. A. PowellS. A. Co- ing with acce s. Duncn'Phyf
3-4911. Ion,. dining table and buffet! Westing r
FOR SALE:-Mahogany dining table FOR SALE:--Chevrolet, Fleetmaster. house refrigerator. Cristobao 2295.
and six chairs, 46th Street No. 44, 5-possenger coue, $.c00.00. House 2295. p
apartment 2, afternoons, all day 93-8, 6th. St., New Crtobol. -
Sunday, Tel. 3-4857. -a.. .. ."-
.R S .-- T 5 W---- -- FOR SALE:-Ford V8 1949 Club FOR SALE: Mortenity dresses i
FOR SALE:-9 foot 25 cycle, West- Coupe, new point, good tires, very very good condition, *'ti 1- 13.
in-house refrigerator, 1949 mo good tramnportaticn. Only :'300. reasonably priced,'44th Street, I1n WAI
del excellent, working condition, 00 down at M. A. Powell S.- A., A aoptrtment 2,; towstairs. is
$95.00 or best offer over week- Colon. F,90tR- Scritls.190 Ct ca
end. House 1412-C. Las Cruces, -FOR --, rJ[ 0 t
phone Balboa 1583. SEDANS BARGAIN SEDANS Sedan in exceilnt condithonr mis D
1951 Ford Do Luxe, rad.o sell .mmedatey. best offer, duty WA
lJR SALE:-Plastic upholstered liv- 1949 Chevrolet De Luxe. radio pod, 2,5 CyJ. % i.P. rotor. S12, %fo
ingr6om suite, refrigerator, wash- 1948 Oldsmobile 4 Dr. radio crossbow $17, Apache air EN
ing machine, radio, wood working 1948 Mercury Coupe, radle $10. i*olItenq 2-3447. 5720, A e
* power tools with 25 cycle motor. 1946 Mercury 4 Dr. a i -; .* pa
House 93-B, Oth. St., New Cr.sto- Your dealer AUTOS EISENMA1N- be.- 11-48 p WAI
Sb. side the Coce Cola bottling. Tel: s 2 gauge full wlI A
FOR SALE:-Livingrocm. Beds, small 2-4966 P AiF, 7$lS0.W.W For Ilt. l11 f
tables, very cheap. 45th Street No. WE BUY, SELL & FINANCE. $ F- o... VA
4. FOR SALE:-- herit. Doe Lme -t"i t- -
FOR SALE:-Beautiful Pe'sian Rug, door 1 W?51, deal $yc'e, f
6*4 10 venetian blind. Boy's bi- pain 00. Centrcl J Mtn
cycle. Call 3-1789-- 2-1693. low only A. 00. trc
FOR SALE: Play pen $3.00; baby S
bW $7.00; stroller $7.00; car W
t 75 Cts.; baby toilet seat, $1.- -d *hb also.i -, Mae
door himres $1.50. Houem 527 2 s 2 4.J .* 1 2
FOR unsur 11V


FO R "Ui -
2 bdroomchalet furnished or unfur-
nisbd, city gas. "El Congreio,"
next to Via Espafi and "El Cora-
Sz6n de Marie, $21.000. MortgOe
Tel. 3-4923.
$4,000 full price, house, 34 acres,
well, light plant, 300 coconut
trees, ocean, river frontage, 5 miles
to Santo Clara. Ppnamo 3-2949,
6 p. mr.
FOR SALE: Professionally built
concrete block house. Completely
furnished combination living-din-
i Ingroom, bedroom, large kitchen.
r Bathroom porch and patio. House
tiled throughout. Tile roof. Gorage
end utility room that can be used
s guestroom. Water and light
from town. Located one mile be-
fore Santo Clara in Sea Cliff acres
en beautifully landscaped corner
lot. Inquire on premises Friday
February 27th, Tuesday March
10th "CasoFeliz." Bargain.
Of SALE OR HIRE:-Modern cha-
located % mile beyond Police
keoth at La Chorrera; all modern
c" Csweniences; three bedrooms;
*.-Marn sanitary installations; com-
S ltely furnished; one hectarea of
land,, 100 meters fronting on No-
tiethel Highway. Inquire at pre-
miiis ,or coll Panama 2-3078, of-
fie hours.

Fil SALE: Concrete house ith
*fumlinum roof In Gatuncillo. 22
milhs from Colon. 27 miles from
Panoma. 6700 M2. $5,000. Crs-.
tbeal 1967.

ePosition Offered
S mupgtent bilingual secretary re-
I4 nlre by executive of international
S Af!Bration. Must have initiative
VW, n x ience and be able assume
nSPI lllties of handling office.
S full details as to post ex-
ai r. preferences to
-ii~ OLL. .Y.

Co aY C9 e'*
lU2SE$<.A, A. ,* A,.
I 'i hi. l Pe em er
CIVA i. eap.

T-" h. 3-0279t ..'

marently In r
In ie Carlb
'at several tdh

FOR SALE: 1951 Buick Special coside ed. M ..
4 door sedan, two tone point, ro- X, th CIC 17
dio,, seat covers. low mileage. Per- Postmoster, NMN. Y,
feet mechanical condition. See it .
at CIVA, S. A. Phone 2-0870.
FOR SALE:-Chevroler De Luxe 4-
door Sedan 1951. very good tires,
two tone paint, good buy for only U led
5458.00 down at M. A. Powell S.
A. Colon.UNT
1949 Pontiac Chieftan. radio
1949 Buick Super Dynaf io. radio
1949 Mercury, radio. CAM .
1947 Mercury. radio. seat co ers. SUMMONS
1947 Oldsmobile, radio. feor covers Case No. $fU
Your dealer AUTOS EISENMAN: CI ( vil Doeket .
beside the Coco Cola Bonttng. Tel: re thoe .ov i
2-4966. You a Iam reby
WE BUY, SELL & FINANCE. and answer e
above-entitled eamese
FOR SALE o "'yo
aid eaiIr, JuM
Boats & Motors disIt ,oe b
dentaabd in the
FOR SALE: Water Pumo. return Crowe, Judge. Ua l
*sytem, etc. for 20 HP Boler '*urt for the Distret of
Goodyear, No 11 Calle Jeronimo Zo*e, this lIth day f,
de I Oa, Tel 2-1221 CT.
FOR SALE-Fish day or nr-ght n west Seal)
rebuilt 30' cabin cruiser Adopted Chi
for game fishing T.o f.Ii-tng To Ciap R. Pipr
chairs, 40 H.P. Un,e,a.l motor e to *U'inf samlkess -.
sleep three. 196 mles c..ringl he rd. r f l, oneles
range, 300 pound .ce chests. Phone Crone. Judge. Uninsd SMu S
606 or 392, Coco Sokl Ioro for th, Dietri SIe
FOR SALE:-10 meter beam. cramp- eted and filed
tube modulator. Speech clpDel 2 fitre Court1e Clrh
plate transformers 500 sls at' bn, en Fbr., 1,
500 mils and other misc. gear C. T. e e ,1
Inquire Apt. D-4-F. Locono
WANTED: Small inboard marine Chist
engine. 15 H.P. or Iles. Tel. Al-
break A.F.B. 2203, after 6 p. m.

f begi01nners and advanced pupil.s. d i 1` | -atO 4 111
Estudiante St. 77-A, two blocks. Balboa 3I O
from 4th f July Avenue. .

I _

1e1atm' San* C e. s .T
4Ue 12 beWdenm. rtfr tIts
Rlages rongsrI. Slli;4
&Ol wulk-ndi

bOmo 3-1877,.Criseebi -7
d your we end gtCat ino S, cabin 8.4.00 a e6u p
Ace musie by CanAo Al a
aiwh 'i bhltwo ta l
W0 06 -1
Otdi '-pi ^* W^--

I RENT:--Beautiful resident of
three bedrooms and bathroom, fa
irrece, hot water, wet% prfer of
kmbrlcon rfdm4 I inters
51041 caH 2-214t, VIMMS._
I .

~QMME~Cf4 &


* *-

i -- -vo- -4m .

trnce' and bethroom. No. I
Itudionte *1~0 Apt. A.
RENT:-Fumrnled om, with
then privilege nd phone. 45th
reet No. 34. Tel. 3-4625.
RENT:---Furnished room. 48t
No. 7. Belo Viste .
RENT:--Lrge comfortable
shed room, with private beb0
om Suitable for bachelor
muple. Upsiirs. Tel. 3.727. Cu-
I Avenue No. I7. Acr n

Help Wonted
NTED..-English speaking Span-
h mold far housework and child
Ire. References preferred. Locon
- 23-C, phn 25-3137,
NTED -Cook and houkeeper
r Amnerica ft"Oly. 'tlriyi
cHelnt af f Ir niap pr-
n. Phone Balboa 326 far ap-

,.: Lun.,c f~for
mriden family. Must hav re-
rion. No. 28, 44th street., ,bll.
l-te .

*rion,* Fie
(Cumtt.. I Pa g n)

let m thethe
a of M aami the

a u

PoA W. .Py, iC.
^MMN'~~ pAring amt
agi~~fV* tr

004alft Bodol. s A.
OhppMg. m4vn% mrep
W4 piak And oraf or move
ityhing. Phdiw 3.24,
2.2 Pnhdt2.

Aume-Rew No. r7
Tel. $34M1

I ] '-
1mhZ faTyrtia


to (*

ig gi gij4
Zoo 'd

Itmtrw, 6Murday. Ma ar



-. .. ^ '-

j =.. .-.. .- ;

00, NW,,,,,

PT P .. ,.
.. t ; .

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i'. .g '' "- "*
..b '.-

1M PAWAM>fl'

'. .., "; .: 1 -: 0' ,.

'* ,^**,*.** o "* ,-*

* e


Wr. G e1DO LIM
(aPskM Gradust)
9 St MlUndte Ave.
roa: 9 aim. to 12 noon.
3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Monday to Fr0ay.
Tel ;4U Ool6n. R. P.

-lnnl Hm"nn -
'Marc Hte'DcR'

Plamnd AlT
Service men and Junior HoU5l
a are rome n un
evening o4 tun tomorrow
at the "March Hare"
Scheduled at the Balboa T
Ahe Air Force Orchestrf
S=ne the mulec for
W n the hour of I

ina^^ ^ nitSIN
a 11t p 1rie l



Mfr Toi,
"1!r .J
, ,-11.1 '"*


~f~iisi ma


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v^ ~ ~~ ~ : i .'. -*'*\-^. w'
"^ ,. ','. -..
il^^Bl^ET..'S' ,#S ; .*"^'
,N.. ,
"' ,.IV



.,.~ -:2-..
-, I,.


4. .9


~; A

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II ______ II'~~LY~C~

~____ __ I_





II ___= _I_ ~_~_ _


1-- --- -- _1






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r P-Ye.

~:.~"F ~

... ."~d.. *.S P 5 .~

What's Doing?! ,i


bai who tfW~lanunents
ole* wft- OeM land

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'' T -* 'o--



Rtu 11as f .f A-OFMfl,
Of v
V- .os;,fAL .

-4 in.
", |. il

l. M
P)I- bIM
lnes. ..

Sat Motta's


who don't-
from 4-1
by the pool

n. danIno and
Deiyflcth piano
Be L Vista tBaln
11 *.m..
Musie by O i hftrigMe
and bal New Toer.m

from 6:30 p.m.
The ma Pa uan wy to entertaji
the faub or friends t our
bontlf bard, in i
lowly PMS
Mia ielor dBalig
by two orabatmsF
until 1 aa.
a.e rr sfm

Hundreds of new, beautiful hous

Are being built in the Canal Zone

If you are am" t. Lefcy persons to be a uW i d
to e, don't M It wh dd#rambre,
With a few dollar youan c ompletely furnsbh your new home fre.
living room to kitchen, if you belog to The Armed Forees or If yt
, have &rateady job.


T L4Zs


".' .... o e ur ntw wardrobe
,~,,0 id dr esm.s4 ....- .

.'..',.' .,m*r -,:AIP M '' "M..

idol with YO IJOn mind!

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.on mo m mm mmm

sTe M wes WbhAe tr WN 1f Lawrt Arar mt of iU m LaA--a ,
"LAdmis h O d ftMlie ls la 19nr -

-y. -M.'-

ysS~tI ,s~WT-^I

Th'~ 4

-i' r
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Nm -0

.,- I r,.11

9 ."


;--- -~~lrC

"Liu Amm
o- ,- *p



. -. ,



NLA Staff Correspondent
HOLLYWOOD, (NEA Close-1 Temple in "The Little Princess"
kps and LongshoLs: Hollywood I and "The Bluebird."
I-orus cu,.ies have kicked their Sybil's self-portrait of herself:
3gs and tllppea their bustles do- "I look pretty much the way I
r g the French can-can in count- did as a kid. I still wear my hair (By United Press)
3as movies but I've never heard in bangs. And I'm something of
Of a wife snatching her h :and a shortie-tive feet in my stock- Josef V. Stalin was the mas-
igt of the audience while niss- ing feet." ter of a European-Asiatic fed-
g Elbert, you've seen enough! Colleen Townsend. who quit embraced 190,000,000 pbleole
You're coming home!" the screen to become an evan- and one-sixth of the earth's
But now that 3-D movies are gelist, is a click in "O11 Town, land surface.
here it can happen. U.S.A.," the movie financed. by He was the son of Georgian
1've just seen the first can-can Billy Graham.... David Brian's Peasants, bornn 1879. A rev-
nee sequence ever filmed in medics have warned hm tha him that he peaat, born n 1879. A rev-
ratural Vision three-dimension, may still have to face surgery tb ol utonary leader even inhvids
en, and-wow! correct his ruptured spinal disc ual who drew the sprawling
It's for Warners' "House of condition. The scheduled opera- mass of the Soviet Union to-
Wax," due for release in April, tion was called off.... The fangs s of the Soviet Union to
knd for the first time in history may be out when Lauren Bacall gather, preserved It and ex-
censors not only will ne blushing and Marilyn Monroe meet head- panded It during the greatest
but also ducking, on in "How to Marry a Million- war in history.
Those high-kicking legs leave aire." Asked what she thought of At the end of that war,
the screen and come right out La Monroe, Lauren meowed it: "I Stalin gradually relaxed his
over the audience. And when the think she's a terribly nice young iron control of the Soviet and
girls fl:p their bustles, at. the girl." gave more and more authority
camera, you'll flip your toupee- to his fellow workers while he
If you wear one. Agent, to Director Tay Gar- spent an increasingly greater
nett: "It isn't that I mind the amount of time away from
The illusion of things coming Hollywood rat race, It's just that 'Moscow, largely at his villa
out into the audience is one o0 I there are so many of us on the at Sochi on the Black Sea.
the big tricks of 3-D movies. Fo: track." Subject of Rumors
the same film, a ping-pong ball, His frequent absences from
attached to a paddle by a length! Ee-bop photographer to Joey Moscow provoked a recurring
of rubber, is batted directly at Adams after seeing Cinerama: series of rumors that he was
the camera. The effect is so real-I "Man, dig that crazy enlarge- seriously ill, or even dead, but
latic you'll be ducking. iment!" he appeared in public from
"House of Wax" is a horror film time to time, looking fit and
with mad killer Vincent Pricel Sudden thought: Whatever well, to dispel the stories.
turning people into wax figures Ihappened to the "Movies Are He assumed more of the role
for his museum. Better Than E ve r" goodwill of elder statesman after the
tours? Have all of them been war, giving up his leadership
Maybe the wax figures won't cancelled now that Hollywood of the armed forces but re-
melt hut I assure you the cendy Ihas discovered 3-D? training his posts as rim e
bars in the audience will when _____- minister, general srefary of
S.c. c-n-czn dancers look like j the Communist Party and head
they're kicking all the bulbs out V ies of the powerful Politburo and
of the theater chandeliers. fely VIi V Orgburo, control groups of the
THOSE FRIENDLY PEOPLE (mmend Woken government interview,
E'ebrowg may be lifted else- statements and speeches con-
here, but Howard Duff sees A-stantly reiterated his desire for
~, ur, usrl about wife Ida Aciden-Free ear peace but warned his country-
Lupino's friendship with her ex- men that it was always ne-
lusbhndcs and treir wive-. "I! Officers representing six tech- cemary to strengthen the Su-
think it's the only way to be," he nical services of the United viet's defenses. .
explained it. States Army Caribbean, gathered Little was know of Stalin
"'m fond of her ex-husband, in the headquarter building at as a man outside the red-
Coeller Young. and b-i wife, Joan th Post of Corozal to receive walled Kremlin until t h e
Fontnine. Matter of fact I feel safety certificates of comienda- June day in 1941 When Adolf
the same way with everyone who tion on behalf of their 4villan Hitler proclaimed a "Ho I y
has been 'in my life. Ava G(rd- wage-board employes wta have War" ganst mmunim and
iner? Certainly, As far as I know, worked for one year without a sent hisb ae, ons crash-
Ava and I are still very friendly." lost-time accident. ing acrossE border.
SCov ad kd Amy
SJeanne Crain, Chcrles Laugh- The USARCARIB offis to- Stalin n to th
totn and Anne Baxter mv have other received a tgt .Yl0a brbacht ..wi.a.1.the driving
seen themselves in "O'Henry's safety commendation thue eu'y yh nea the rev-
Pull Horse," but not Richard for the civilian employ enoluti y r his youth.-
Widmn.rk. respective section He as"ed supr e eo-
"Wild horses couldn't drag me Colonel Lincoln Wood, Corn- and of the Red Army and
to see myself in that picture," he meander of the Post of Coro l, organized a campaign of re-
told me. His reason? made the presentations. He sad distance that. was to stamp.
"I objected to repeating the taht all of the services re him as a military man as wel
Tommy Udo character and that! ented in as a ruler.
crazy lhveh in my sequence of to be con-ratuvtedon thei As his campaign took shape'
the picture. I didn't want to do' n'a in "tecider$ p and IAs armies began squeezing
it and I got in a big hassle about tion work." And the o~oieal the .Gnaiasout of Russia the
It with the studio. It wasn't the icn't the cooperation given. eorgtan., .cobbler's son, w h p
right character for O'Henry. It to Area Safety Directors has been had never -set*. foot .outside
was a burlesque of something I'd "excellent in all Instances." Russian soil since he inherited
mlone before. But there was noth- Nicola. Lenin's mantle in 1924,
xng I could do about it-except A lost-time accident has been went to Teheran to meet with
avoid the picture." described as one wherein ah em- Preasidnt Roosevlt and Prime
; loye falls to report fqr work at Minister Chchill to sign the
rBACK WITH BANGS the beginning of the working three act that doomed
day following an accident, there-' the Tt1 b 1013.
art's a movie comeback for the by losing time. The. 191 wage- H efa again In the
little -Sheba that moviegoers board employes who thie aBi ow mer of 1945 to
knew .s Sybit Jason back in. the received certificates of cone n e with the new
late '30's. dation for safety on the ers f Aerica and Brl-
Sybil, now 22. married to TV went one year without such l tain-Predident Truman and
writer-director Anthony Drake, of time. ,, premier Attlee-the fate of de-
and a full-fledged American citi- -. eated Oemany
zen since last November, has '
hired herself an agent and ilsde- Lodge MIMang. T'rad Space for Time
termined as an Idvlt to repeat .. r Before and between the two
her success as a child star. Unity Lodge No. 10 W'f t journeys, Stalin carved his
She left the U.S. for her native tonight at the Paralso L.e l own niche in history. Africa In 1941 after star- to transact "tml- Stalin symbolized his entry
ring in pictures like "Little Big ness." The mtinA i ued into the field of war: by as-
Shot" and menacing Shirley to begin at:0. summing the rank of .Marshal
of the Soviet Union. With fin-
alvictory, he was proclaimed
Generalssiamo of the Red Ar-
Patterning his campaign on
D R IV E IN r0eted Napoleonr morethan a
at itury before, Stalin traded
tpace for time with the Ger-
T H E,A T R. E invaders, with the Rus-
On Translsthmian Road, Behind "Artes y Ofeoles" School a winter as bis greatest al-
PHONES: Night 3-1521 DAY 3-1553. o used an elastle defensive
system. against the German
SHOWSI 7:00 9:15 P.M. ored warfare. When the
Tra s Vi anle threw their m assed
0 0Wi division a inst a nar-

_hi aeu'*^ open ranks,
_etan_,,, aeaz-heqds
In close the
be- .su ipporlting



*Sj u 1t PJPS, M*ils te J im *buk l m Mdtmi

Si Baor opens at 500 p, Try our delkous
Im. ur Dabgers or P, p Ht Hot Dogs!


gration of Rudu
and workers
the Urals, "
fully an
of the "six :
was atband.
at the front
train taking -
mand of his
The Germn
and broke.
Nad high
retreat to a
far west oft I
The Nait
southward toth
again Stalin
Stalingrad, .
the revolatita
against the o- I
was the p
Stalin Msume
mind and
held at all
The Red ArW.
from the Cmu
tUe terrible ret
to and only In

dARk.Hs black
Igk hair 4owud e

sraiMn -dvw m.
0O w

Stalin T ed

190,00 ..i'
twice Married Pot 62 March, 1913. and
He was married twice, t till captivity when th
first time to a Georgan r
who bore hbin a son and ded a Siberian n
t before the revolution. Thei ca" he earned b ril
son Jaco, was captured by lr man 6
thu Germans and spent threpre iproners, 8tallai i
year In' a prisoner-of-w a am r were ordered to
acamp. r mtet while their 09-
In 1919, he married aga, dier beat them with :
this time to 17-year-old Ned- riflA Stalin was id to
ya' AllUluev, daughter of a av slowly ong
friend. ladya bore him a son lz re
and daughter, Vasily and Svet- frhe woraofar
Vasily became a colonel In enin In 1917
the Red Air Force and was was finally rele&u- *t
decorated for valor by his fa- d he made his wa
their. bao Vean Rusda and
Stanln's second wife was a oin e with icola -
member of the Commnst pat- Troky to over
tr and took an adtive le i ort-lived eresky er pu
its affairs, alo" tn- govthat had suoceed-
formation about e eatue olas. ti
out of Russia, She, oL Nu. on, StaWn's rise Stl
8 1983, from peto ../ was k d. In
She was Jn fa- l de him his No. I an
neral and Stalin trotter in the battle oT
her coffin to a cem65 ry on agaast e White Ru sm
the outskirts of Moscow sev- and the Poles, and me soon
eral miles from the Kremlin. became heir-apparent to the r
Later, he erected a marble "Father of the Revolution.". tra
shaft surmounted by a statue Ms peonal rivalry with we
over her grave. Trotsky Rated Into open war- be,
Bora Deo. I 1W fareaer the death of Lenin as
Stalin was born l i Vmssa. In 194. the
rionovitch DJhugash cai.n Dec. Totsky charged that Stalin H
21, 1879, in a small peasant was betraying the Marxian "
house of Gori, in the Cauca- revelation. Stalin believed the to
sus, where his father was a communist party should sea-ad4
shoemaker. tablsh itself firmly in Rus- 'T
Under his mother's Wrgns, sik first and postpone world dur
he attended the eelet al rlutlo. pt
school at Gorl from 18B to a, on the other hand, y
1894 and then entered the w deD world revolttlon e- era,
town seminary to study for gardless of the internal situa-
the orthodox priesthood. His ion and he predicted- thats r
tutors later recalled SOkh. -he Stn's program of forced In- fi
was fond of reading; during dustrialitatlo woul4 wreck anc
and singing. the aovmonent. A
While still attening the In 197, 8talin xiled his dl
seminary, he joined a band of rival to Siberla, and two years
Marxists and bqgan o ianilng later Trotsky left ussla for- at
workers In the lgf flelds es He was slain t# August, hi
In 1809 he was tSefed fat his home inMexico
the seminary and started on city.
a funll-time revolutlon ca C- Bdan 5-Year Plans The
teer. M I ith Trotsky gose Stalin and
From that tme e11W% t -leba a aeries of five-year- cur
fall of the Iar in l7, he P s that were to turn the p r
as in constant trouble with et Union into an industrial
r pospe 1. fe was sVW- M Tu3
tonced to eowle in 1ewa'. a^ l aware of the, war thlat chl<
fore he was 24., gathering ver W rope. be Sta
five times from Siberia was r ed the Red y to an -N
recaptured each time. e WWas t that no ne outside the vie
caught for the last tim in W st. Soviet -lrOep gallaed. am<
I I IU,.

TONIGHT 10:30 P.M.
^ '

7" J, 7 .
"lT,, *' y '. ...ff
,^ .-

,: '.*'- .^
' 'f .^


to Pama.
ientUal ttrs 5t to

d t
A lmre e l t ;. .t

Srelmigou orgf the film held
er televialon to put
to Panama. ended
ainum Taylor,oOodn
anift l Panama,
velogue was much b
had t hope
but the m slowsab
mnore beautifal than 441-1w

0 doAAA Un ourBom
rhe vramtm of the fUm held
rift Iheunday buffetla the
to ofan P a attended
an guof (M -



I't s sW5
. "


ji. .
sal -me-s

I .r

*/ I ->-;


S & iuA

" .

.- if

- flnsm




I .

0 ,




(^nift be
ti:|iti^i te2"
-.. k Bg^l .f^W











. .: -.
.. -# .



* *1.~

.. N ,


"" *


4** ^ ,,.i,9... I *'V ^"" ^ ^ ^ -.> ".: *"

g ...O
,, 0.* 3 ,,- ... .. ., : ..

St i'

4.'- h~~~4.~'4** ~
I....'. .4'4,4.j*

S a,. .am : .~a .


MY min"*

Sbowd their heads before
atmnding in the auma
g orrinal altar some
h y ago. They knelt
n d that was once covered
br m before the destruction
Sthe Cathedral n L'W1l by the
pirate Henry. Morgn,
Sryarwt mao were. Corporal
Mle rtI and Private itnt
Class Peter Van Hagan, both of
Headquarters Company. 33d In-
fantry RC ent, Fort Kobbe.
Other en d men were In
cbe of transporting families
to M Panama for the mass and
setu up facmllteu for the pic-
njc -i followed.

, t u "
Nd ow tk


A &

. At
2. ell ,-.




you a

UniversitY deulktl

@snys 'n


Ak4eela needy 10
at a lelg Iabomm 1000 townti~~

trailing bad hrqath. IbkAforoets
a~b*Mopbyflo *umk ghelpd toi
"Y PM4-e0steP bad Iteth...

mour et
mi oaf n
.- vane sl-

material itiug of

!imft4id.T1bis 41

P afght
re eaU
0eatrhaio~ l

WorA Lmt SaWi
CMIoropl T h P bt
6 -ids. Ii tethU pwdir

Soua o m ha troum y o
I. ir odeanu



g -fl, a
I we

ild.1 A -



^f- ".* '

1~~~L .M>l->


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K~ ~
4. 4.





-* *




* A

.~ -4

-. .. ..i!II


~ A,

"' t' 7. *_ '. : 'i"I "
,t, ^ ^ _. .. .-- *-* *, ... ,;.

4 -'

'-f IR

.1 ,...M

1n '.U

-4 S.




* ,:1T


5 1




_______~ _I

I r .



e .r




'. 4 s -

M-W Mi\I,


, r I

:iN ^...^ "

.. ,- I .k

Rose Hip, Mingo Choices Pacific Softba SELECTIONS E EXPERTS" 'Ex.

$ri $600 Feature Event Leaue UISTN OOU wTo
eague I ..-Muaco
Tomorrow's eleven race program at the Juan France Race I "MI lo o -
Track will be headlined by a S600 Class "D" six-and-one-half Team Standings Second ABmr -, I MDe 1t q ee'qs u.
furloron sprint in which Rose Hip and Mingo are expected to stage Peggy u B Metal
a thriller. Won Lost 8 ;-Ldy Ce. ue A. :
This race, according to the experts, should turn out to be ft Firemen'a Insurance I 0 1Oki w nwa i
virtual match race. However, because three expensive newcomers Elks 1 0 1.000 oe 6 # /"" I
will be making their debut, the-stage is set for a smashing upset. Baxter's 1 1 .500 e4 I- IRes ine o mwl
Besides Rose Hip and Mingo, the veteran Trafalgar is another Pan Liquido 1 1 100 Ieldm found RonM BoAdKo d- neg
scheduled starter. The six-horse field will be rounded oat by "de- CAA O. .000
butants" Cardington Green, Great Game and Postinovitch. The -MVrHNu Wis"bW. S.l
latter is reportedly a classic winner from Peru. Cardington Green Portal RiMe Rel Wi makN l
and Great Game are promising Irish thoroughbreds recently im- YeZterday's Beut ~ )
ported by the track management. Today's Gamg. -Pisol Plate i"n Cher (e) Sl lChoee ei
Last Sunday Mingo and Rose Hip finished noses apart in a Credl Soul mS h (* e- Plate x
seven furlong race in which the winner Petit Pois barely Pan liquldo, still experiment- .0--m1nei e'ml Cleaim C Rta i
manager to get home a neck ahead of Mingo. Rose Hip closed a ing with mound talet, into Pqu44 Cd"M lel m TRo "C l
gap to finish brilliantly and was running over both Mingo and duced Grksham from Albro The
Petit Pols at the wire. That is the main reason the experts are Field- ana succeeded .i. pttlig .-Co.llln .ire I Ce hde outh
stringing along with him. the CAA nine down by a score lp oeldd Seta a IM
Another interesting race should be the nightcap in which six of eleven to four.
well-matched Class "E" imported thoroughbreds match strides Grssham allQwed on two 9-Lavedure Publick ." adle Publi o
over one mile. The entrants in this race are Charming Prince, sate lts. a bunt single. In the Publico Quo VodhF PubllQe Quo Vedi tr
Piropo II1, Flambaro, Porter's Star, Silver Domino and Paragon. third by Squeaky Maleo Mand a t R
Tomorrow's card should get the fans in the mood for the solia single by attwsgri-4n.ther l--.eCdi"gton 1Gr a RS I. p Mhie 'RMs d
anxiously awaited $5,000 Francisco Arias Paredes Classic which sixth, but gave upn tea baeMs on Ro Hi Miege L e Hip Mim i
will Pe run on Sunday for the track's best horses over six-and-a- balls. Grisanam ha ialt bll I--Flobs Flembor Chhelp Mtibce Flln ,
half furlongs. wthaurvetSilver Domine Peaiopr bh C mmlg Plan
Whi program: break, but los 0roI fre. ". I
ist Race "G" Native 6/a Fgs. 9th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs. wild ptclyes. If hW a mt e m H
iu.)t: *975.60 0ool closes: 1:45 tkurEe: $715.00 Pool closes: 5:15 hia' control he will af pittoe er
&ar-s tace of the Doubie ONE TWO to keep .an eye on fore th rest of h h
1-kijaguai 0. uastu u 10 1-Algoa Alegre A. PhIllips 110 the season. ,.Il"It' .n
2- ugainuceo V. Uastillo 18 2-PuD CO J. BaeUa Jr. 114 Ted Jordaa m1a l
3---Muueuo IB. Aguirre lid 3-English May B. Agul. 110 for CAA and huld tad "
4-oorie.sida U. -tuiz li 4-Levadura .R. Vasques 116 ball but was, tor ten I r -3".. -
b--uan anumcho H. Reyea lu'Ix 5-Astoria R. L. Gil 106 saftles and allow walks. IT l
-- 6-Sismo B. Pulido 118 Red Sasbu- beerme
lad Race "H" Native 6/ Fgs. 7-Quo Vadis J. Bravo 118 hammered a tz hoqmer to
.,se: .&0 kool closes: i:i deep left center fOurth to '
becosid hace of the Doubic tie with Jimmy 4for lead- N ,M et
l--i.,-,.na t. ,ampbeas 111x 10th Race "D" Imported 6/2 FP. ert in that fle our each.
A wVtsquc. ,18 Purse: $800.O0 .Pool closes: 5:40
J.-.o P ui i l1-Cardington Green B.P. 115 The box score: Mr e4 aMowe n l t
( A.v asqutis 116 3--Mingo B. Aguirre 118 you ever wondered wht goeoy*el aMo ball.Move it.Run
U:-U- i:ui al120 3-Great Game M. Arose 115 PAN LIQUIO in the d eng, roe before m stuff.' When we'd make
6O-Doin ario B. Aguirre 114 4-Postlnovich V. Castle. 115 college biletbal.-gV? a paul, hh' p like!
,--,aor.,e V. Lastiho 11B 5- ose Hip J. Phillipas 106 AB A H Mea rth -Wsenbra oee i ela U ld, e his I.
-- 6- afalgar A. Ublaa 110 Foster, If 4 0 0 tenn Se ona re
Ird Race "I" Native 4 a. esho. 2 2 3 Typical o the 'l UQtlan mur. .t Ig. One lt put his ait
S11. ool closes 4 th Race "E" Imported I Mile Rathgeber, d., e 3 1 ron a te jt "before ond Tern l
ii. Mena1.UN 2'WOP e purse' $5500 0 Pooldoses: xx Corco, 3rd. 3 ooes 0 1 lt was n bomed 'Mt. ere t
-D i A.Mena 112 harming Prince V.C. 110 Zemer, rf 1 1 ah ll dof. T oedat
--La -y k-aren l.o ,L p iiti 2-PlrPoloIl B. PU] do 1184 2 s r I 4 1 I*l i d W'', .'] "y -h
;---^.ae V.aOrtega lO 3--Flambaro J. Bravo 112 vachel, 2 30t'a "'' o In. coa
4-iape halon F. hi. J. sjux APorter's Star .0 Ca s. 106 Kellehe D., of 3 1 ( e9= en p' doin' M l!
6-Buayae aF. i. Jr. 10Ix 5-Silver Domino J. Csao. 108 GriamV 2o0ed a chrd**
-Budy er Camp. 1 6---Parag6n Sanches 108 6conbes.
Ith Race "D" Native 4' A gp.B otog the bld i 10 "D
Purse: 5P0P.00 Pool closes: : .. Totals W2 Ub 1 t" #W i 1' 79Y
1-Golden A. Mena r110 l '" .. ;,v .oi the IOkla i
2-Rosa B B. PUldo 11iL3 t | ,',. '.
3-Manoiete C. Ka 1OIx 3Qt1a.l I l NVW
4 a R. Guerra IOUx .ttr. 2 2 .
-Elon"a Cmpbel 113x STANDINGS Jon d., 0 dark orn .TABBS Race "Al"T s a t:e 7 g....b 1 2 T 0

3-Cra.e Sonl lore. 11 4 a 1 .h 0 SS ,

5- rinsa 1 Reo..^ Oau Ii. e eMaintenance S1 i IttM r
P "inja A. S q 2e r a 0 2 0t
.L.r.a: $1.75 1.P ol e Te 0Tosaii3:35Teh.l 02.0n 0 2 a 00
First Race of 'the Douables Storehouse 000,oe nil -.
1--Sun Cheer) U. Vasu 118 P eranbu I 5c a n
2-Inerde) o. 120 Pan uldo 510 302Mrch Br
3--CrAole Song K. Flores 118 ,,,__ __,_ ____100 __10
4-Gayl od A. Phllps6 10 nus th and twon the ( -Herman cman .: ( n.)
5-CarP deGato 0. Cha. 1507 t Cr ane
6-RoPinta AiJ. Bravo 112.0 r er* h e
'-Rosecres -, A.^lrre 1 'h o __ d Il ... n
MaintenanceoIntohthe lckg he IN-u
7th Race "I* Inmported 7 Fgs. Bo ampoth a C0 t 14apta Ario play the role
Purse: 375 .00 Pool closes: 4:05nance scored seven i t id er Hicukms
S e r Doe but could not keepr. upe coached be te a na awrenoe W
1w-Baby Rotiah A. Men 1I08 de when Industriaoalkedten9:6
4-Cai7lazo V. Castiplo 110 four In hbe fifth andtwo n the (NEA)-Herman Hickmann W- ."d t'h
5--Pa4uas R. Guerra 107 SThe InHolwthds Cr.po ome
6-RoyaltClaim J. Bravo 110 McLaren. hen round Her'man inf d ot
lth Pace 'J" Imported'7 Vga. Boy Campo. capital In April to play the role_
Purse ,375A0 I~Pool6ses80: ;4:40 Next games: of grid mentor in a picture. Be-

*- ea B H, R r 7 102 Thursday 5-Pre oo vs. Store- ln team. E e

S-Bea- u k B ildo 110 house. i-- se v. aey've been a to nvent ,. ,' son k
haLe Su"neit*''"107 St uray7'vehad. J "H lh n a a'

Ist, 2d. 6th, 7th RACES For the convenience of
Sour patrons we are no
0 N E T WO operating a both at the
3rd aid 9th RACES "COPACABANA and
S ....t. RS"SAVOY."


10th Race "D" Importeds 6% Fgs.
Purse: $600.00 Pool Closes: 5:40 p.m.

1 CARDINGTON GREEN -... B. Pulido 115
:2 MINGO-----------------.. Aguirre 118
3 GREATCAME------....... M.Arosemeno 115
;4 .POSTINOVICH -------- V. Castillo t1s
'5 ROSE HIP.............------... J. phillip
, TRAFALGAR ........... A. Ubidi .



,* I"^ :-

*W *' :."'<

'- [i S^'

I. -r-j k. A*




t .' ..,

Wprr .

' -'P


.',,, *





*. '. 2 o "

*V "\ -


ti-el ." I

!, "*- <


.'-.~,& *~*f -- ~'('d*~

L *x,


* .

" -" :

- -


c I.9 4

;.piN. m ..
S i..j ,,. ,.

*, .... .n r

~.' If

* t -,

1 'I t .. *
.t ."', "^
.; :,..' ,, -I.: .,.,. .. ;.-,*
+ ,i ,, '0,' 1

5-..; ~'3~~4~ffflbmma
jI ~

S from Trasquila, M xia

TED IUL from PumNome

| oand" ofromMexco

DADA Ftpi Mexico

ORO Frown Mexico
. ... .. -


hW .k ntvdC

L '

^Wjlll*^'^l||fe *-'

S' '

. .

giorrass as

,. i*.:..-




ido ftw in 6-

ULAW;*. I~r:-k-~-:l.- INArL~~.--- --

"' `

7, -. "' -:.
'* '* *, >* '^ I- 'l,- ',
*,, .* rlt t .' : 1 ..^; *

Forty Events O '

air --M, ;-- *p

b leI t* '.

'b- i t --

fhe w had ...r 7
3 2 1.



,. = I Iin1m i



Pan am a

I ,I .* ...


V if



"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -- Atlham Lincolp.


Van Fleet's Ammo Shortac



s i


to1 o

Revelations Stir Senator
WASHINGTON. March 6 (U1i lion situation before Van Fleet and then went. behad
Senate military leaders ex- Lesllked. doors with committee mea
pressed grav.e concern todav ovei Summarizing the problem in I his public l at
secret testimony of Gen. James'public testimony. Van Fleet said Van Fleet disppO I ta*
A. Van Fleet on ammunition "there has been a serious short- ator looking tr e4
shortages In Korea. age ever since I have been in "quick" end to th1or ea
Sen. Richard B. Russell ID- Korea. and a critical shortage Baltonsta Ut
Ga.) said Van Fleet presented a at times. Todav their ? is a seri- hearing by .t .
"very disturbing" picture to the ous shortage of some types of watmuat h
Senate Armed Services Commit- ammunition-but not Jl." Korean war.
tee yesterday. In subsequent statements be- "I'm sure the AmnelanU
The committee. preparing to hind closed doors Van Fleet ple and Congreai Wll new
look into the ammunition mat- stressed that hand grenades Capt defeat," bbh W.led.
ter summoned the former have been seriously short. etly aroused, they will pu
EIghth Army commander for He said he failed to get the a war whAt it takes. We hi
more closed-door testimony on I men and ammunition supplies been doing taSt lt' ore
Korea and the Far East today.-' he needed for victory in Korea, The hat that. re
SThe Senate Appropriations causing the nation's allies to ped a omewhat a
committee also called Van "wonder about American slon that we can' -i 1
Fleet to testify. That group is might." Our lHnes wonder atent A
trying to trim military spend- Van Flc.?t appealed for a lean iniht."
Iag without impairing national "properly aroused" public that Van 'eet restated his
S defense. will out into the war "what it aired before the House A
A Defense Department sookes- takes" to achieve a military vic- Services Committee Wedn
man said Secretary Charles E. tory. that loss of Korea would
S Wllson had been giving his "ur- S uch a victory, he said, is the eventual lon f Q 11 Ast
gent attention" to the ammuni- needed for "prestige, honor and
(N"3 Tdopbet o
1000 Local Raters vmw-'^ Pa4 -I P.
'SIT-DOWN" Gn. James A.
SS Van Fleet comes to tell t he
1000 Locl Ra r House ''Armed Services Com- C lg1 B
mittee the facts and predic-
R c i* Up rn* tons on the Korea war. Van [n ., P
Fleet is the retired Eighth Ar-
my commander, He called the
Receive Upgrading =. .isW&Ms
Korean military sdjock net-
Sther a checkmate nor a stale- Purcases amounting to;
math but a "altdown--of our 85.07 were made by the
More than 1,000 local-rate em- to as great a degree, In posi- own choice." org on
ployes of the Panama Canal Utons below this grade level. orgnt-stion in Pans
organization have received up- As examples of promotions in the see-month ftVod
grading of ,from one to six the upper brackets of the pay Influence" and to "show that we ported DeI. ac#ji
grades as the result of a detail- scale, the following figures were are supreme., ad Barslee
ed review Initiated by Gov. J. released: After hearing Van and Uers ce is;Qurea
S. Seybold early last August. i In February. 1952, there were Chairmah Leveret aefirst halt of the
was announced today at Balboa 48 employes in grade 11; 11 in (R-MM4.) said he thlnk tweear s ulyr te si
Heights. grade 12; 2 in grade 13; none committee will look into the t n Jl 1
More than 3,000 local-rate in grade 14; and only one in munitn shortages. He said e ttalpurha wee$1
Moreohana3000 brshorages Hed 1; n a n ow o
positions in the higher grades grade 15: In February 1953, the shortages apparently "restrained or $S38,4 more than
were studied in the course of corresponding figures were: 150 operatons" at times. dn period 1
this program. The upgradings in grade 11; 363 in grade 12; 7 year 192.X
represent a total of approxim- in grade 13; 11 In grade 14 and Van Fleet also testified that A wide. lty of ti
ately $120,000 in salary increases four in grade 15. Conmunast armies ia Kwoe A ,wide.dety of iteas
annually. There has been a gen- In future review of loeal-rate are *vttly better related" P"UsAha* no -o f
eral upward Increase in grade graded jobs. it is planned to n.- than when the truce talts Canal organlzatioa-' d
distribution, atlcu a r l y in extend the individual position bc :n in 1951 while "we a second quarter of the
in grades 11 through I. study program to more posi- less prepared except for ,s. r. ei
since the inauguration of the tons, both at the grade 7 and ROK (Republic of Koref ) t .'
preaoit graded local-rate wage above level, and to certain se- army."
schedule by the Panama Canal elected occupatIons below grade
In February, 1948, a continuing 7 where individual poat160n res- 1e said the 8th Army Is t i,
study of local-rate graded post- ponsibiltUes are clearly Identi- ways short of skilled soldiers
tons has been made to give fled. apd "jInior leader." t*
recognition to special duties, Van Fleet tested in public
l lgrlnl the.flot four years of To Star -so f me a
the program it *as necessary Me Ing
to sM Avenue itielie Lneade
In large occupational categories i A ne e e
with an mftimuMs of tiMe sent r Mara
on individual positions. This The repaving of Margarita h
procedure generally produced Avenue in Margarita will be a R g1 Dg g"were L
good results In occupations In started by Maintenance Division s r w
which each employee's work is forces Friday on the section of i A
Identical with others of the the street between Fourth and W Hed For M scowa
grup. Fifth Streets and this section S
Positions at grade 7 and above, of the street will be closed for LONDON, March. 6 Com- I- S as ceo S
however, have individual char- a period of about three weeks, munist leaders thrm"ahout i~g s eecti
acterlstlcs which are not found, The repaving of Margarita Soviet satellite afione dnd mS
Avenue from Fifth Street to DI- their bags today for a tri'to Sa
$ H STS/' J version Road is one of three Moscow where they will attmsd insdefef I e ml
MSTS Commander street improvement roects on the funeral of thelatep
,the Atlantic side which is to Josef Stalin and wtchueb o ma
Due Here Sunday done by the Engineering and political fences during he esum.
'4 Construction Bureau. Ing struggle I for Commmut ;
ear Adm. John M. Wi co- The work was offered for bid leadership. o f m "
a Admfficer of the M. ilita am- but only one offer was received News of Stalin's death was banaias, eulW
usah officergof theMitary and it was rejected as being too broadcast to the satellite peo- rug ffri ft _V.
Sea Transportation Service, is high. The three pieces of work pies by state controlled rasdo as s fieng
due to arrive at Tocamen at 2 were advertised under one con- a e s a noer. as
57 p. m. Sunday via commercial re avertse oe co and newspapers anywhere!ip to corn '
aircraft. e total cost o the three 12 hours after the Communist In, adJ 11to -
Will is coming from New York projects, including design and dictator breathed his last
for a brief visit to Inspect inspection, and the materials to
MST1 facilities on the Canal be furnished by the Government Notes of condolence and in
*sone. is approximately $115,000. praise of Stalin were sent by and
He s expected to leave Tues- Front Street is to be corn- ed leaders and by satellite molmaglS:.
day for Guantanamo Bay. Cuba. Dletely repaved and the section governments. But there'were no other t.
of 11th Street which Is in the comments from satellite leaders wort a.
Canal Zone will be repaved. who apparently 'I a to 'wait
McKESSON'S These projects are scheduled to to see which the winds
^ < ~ Ibe started at a later date. blow before comthg them
uh A During the present phase of selves beyond the expected ex. months.l October
W W the repaving of Margarita Ave. preuslons of grieft. ..
traffic will be routed Over Di,. Here are the uatllitell r e M.a r
i, i 0 &M vers on Road and Fifth Street tions: it A 'p
S/to Margarita Ave. and other $ Tth wa
// areas beyond Fifth Street. EAST GERMA -Fg flew t Ca
Public announcements will be at hall staff, school cl- co
made on the closing of other ed. sports and e t
sections of Margarita Ave. dur- events were cane d
ing the repaving work. munlst But O Inax Iteraen
planned a five iu Halt In i lwn
a |a traffic throughout oa -
SShip .Owner ny during Stalin's OfUlt- 4 4 f fifim
SRaymond Kippes BULOARIA-Radio ofi.gayes P .7 1111
"mthe news of Ma to1
1 Dies Suddenly sp a *uden cI e iafA
The owner of a tuna fishing cal eSexam3ina- & had
boat, Raymond J. Kippes, died si talin's det
at Gorgas Hospital yesterday at- before his
ternoon, apparently of a heart was no embosls '.2
Nw youcan attack. ment Buarte to
S check perspiration Kippes. an American, was the ficials, presu.abl
drs safely ... owner of the "Southeastern" Premier V hQuS S'Wg ift No.
"*ey wit Yoo e which fished around these wa- enroute to ...
pure olite uc eMf base He was staying at the Hotel CZECHOSWV5Z '-- Pr 1
dederant tht prw i. International. and lted J uliusradio broadcast
aon never ros yar F. McGahhey of "J" St. in Pa- clal "mour igS
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