The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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She would
tQ meet StalU
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Russians Pay

For Opp t

Of AH Re'ion



9 Doctors Make

Desperate Fight

-O ot lrch I It5 P. -
z os Life
-of pernon in the "iodI-
Delt Union prayed today
ilfe o the mn who -
.bard to wipe *It thbir
Lte everything -
reIilme didS- to e -at MOSCOW, March 5 (UP) The nine doctors fat
Y:. Rusale, uw6 soI-
as1 it fans :tow odie Pramier Josef Stalin disclosed today he still wai
2nnS SioSn c te it deep coma ond they were using oxygen and drugs amd
m' re urd~ ~ e I hto dMw off blood in a desperate attempt to keep
1athsiudea ea im l ab In
O= but b t 2fa A2 a.m. bulet n, the second sinc Strnis illne
Sits~,taw disclosed said Ia t he rallied slightly under treat
S I o a1ti : N :Wednesday meaning and then elopwed.
lthorn who at to (t. am'id hi heot was "modereJltf enlarged and
Os show thee w m t e lhad so brain damage.
Orthodeo ,o
abb iio Oixa armmultr-
i ~s d". a Latest lB etn
12 .. o.Ts tim Worson.

d10 nope a.nq w.,
nmbedthe -ftr-
mpnnet at e
Snew oonter-

was a

, uarn 5 (Purj)-,s
e tesy that te
I has wer'mrta

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a g rteum L fro and X
]pu ,They bUlip
2ViA ,as i i n "M -
crrrtcini:les eJ^
SSS-~uuw A & Inc buM(CC

beid "Al

out the
ttmak., ,

the right aldq prask of
lad lof ol c ePlabwoobd in .
pairbg .4* Itunk *ftn of f
Ibw accoRnmpanied r di t
L. lse of must Impagitat fbne
[ Itum of breathing a~ blood-.
The buUllen mid Sti'so-
aeUi4ta' hd fallen off Idn
S6ko4 san n tIhe blood bi
t :le Mn aid Staln on
W = a ag ain begn to sua-
Sqr IMbathlb difficulties and hie
boecane irregular and flfti
l, temperature had rLam
aitut one degree to 101.48 de-
S"The patient Is in a state of
- deeMp monselouneas (sopodoCd-
t f). Th newmn regulation mt
breathing as well as cardiac ac-
SUvfty continue to remain greqt
ly Impaired." the doctors maldd

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Red leader Intimately
U -i

LQIIoeiN, March 5 (UP) --I

eMmchi an
OceCGw : A
it ana hai
whae Stalin.
SShbe W be-

Swbohan she

4 p lt d6

MLlimO oib
ship I tne o
will moqft
One lX Ri
third wife,
Kremlin i
been within
Un lapdiW IA
The g-ue

of marshal in the Soviet air
force, he a known to h ve quar.
relied violently with ha father.
Relentlesaty devoted to hts
career, Stalin made few eloee
friendship during his lie and
avoided the ordinary purault es
happiness. 'Hi alsociates d
that "Stalin had no weakinesm s
"He loves neither pleasure, Nor
food, nor wine nor company," a
contemporary sad in ,the 199l .
"Women, with the exception.
his wife, do not exist tfo hl
Stain did have a few relaxiw
hobbles. He was fond of me
shanical toys and miniature mi.
lines. In the garden of h~e
Moesow villa he once set up. &
Utny airfield wheu he expe r
*mented with radlo-gided top
Be liked films mad had
private movie hall In the KrW4-
ha there he spent aeeral bout
each week.
Occasionally be drank Oaul-
elan wine, and hLa nMkd in a
than was good far hJa.
year he spent *tM or thn
months at a rsort h the Blac
Sea coast.
B letters osa8sanusy seo
ed glesau of emotin. w k
vu In drtie In eISa h
ke wrote Otle. alowm. *ha

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Will Mourn

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S7 W terSv P o. 0o ,134,t PANAMA. P An
345 MAfnISON Avg NEW YORNKi17, N V. Com m ent
o 1 ONO VoAI. IN ADVANCe- ~ Is n ed 4 I want to introduce~ O lid
o orcd vJ._on C-.r V t 't .. ucased.,ell sometime I
4. I odmn to his thugs-im-arms a
lt Max Pollack. This boy packs a
McCarthy Target 'Permitted aq He can licke y
D ll saidVincentan "i ,t int s size --- ana na-s. "h "ad "r- -f I ii -
SAnd when one of his b6ya
e". As N o Useful holds the arms of a z.n-a-U ,"'.- /
to Reeire As Not Useful' ed recently in Ilm. tQdi]
o Max can bloody up the Iale of c toi
tne best of them.
WASHINGTON, March 5 (UP) Surrey did not know when The saga oi Max Is the proffia
cretary of State John Fos- Vincent wlll return to this coun- of blanor gangsterism. l 1
or Dulles disclosed yesterday he try. iHe began some time back in Ie I
has forced John Carter Vincent Vincent, 52. has completed Chicago when Al Capone wasR 1 / .
to retire because of his former nearly 029 e or lso .).matic making his mark instead of the. -_ fa
r Eastern policies, but he service, most of it spent in the movie marquees, Caldwell ran
eared the controversial diplo- Far East and on Far Eastern the retail union end of twe Chll --L of
at of charges of doubtful loy- policy desks in the State De-t ag crime syndicate "Byste."dof theC hi- of.In
iv-ty o apartment. He had a little difficulty at I w rvfitA
Dulles said Vincent, an "inher-e tate first. The women who had or-Are
tance" from the Truman ad- Former ..cretarv of S talirt ganzed an honest little Reta
inistration, failed to meet for ean ceson name a pc .rks Union didn't take ki- -- dly -
.in service standards in ha- f ive-man panel to consider Vin- to the suggestions that they h- Yit
O ng ilar Eastern mattrs-be cent's case alter the Loyalty Re- t the ein tha t e -e uu
tween 1941 and 1947, and could view Board action. But Dulles cl th Caldweu's i aila tall t
ot "usefully" continue as a U.S. n taking office, dismissed th ets n w t -
qiplo mat.u u c"panel and #announced he would Clerk .s International Pro e sv 01 elb_
plpomat. Make his own decision. Assn. Local 1248.,.
He said he gave his verdict to Dulles could have fired Vin- .But this Max. he's a brave el,
t incent, now U.S. envoy to Tan- cent but chose to let him retire
#er, at a secret face-to-face He said he does not consider A crusade is a crmade. And
Seeing at Dulles' home here in. the diplomat a security risk nor around about 14M1, when Men
ebr iary. does he believe there is "reas- of good health should have
Vincent, he said. "submitted unable doubt ofa his Ioalty been ready to Spreeiet th| N1
S arch 13. He will receive an es- of the facts and policy advice" demonstrated alg | r It L
limited $9,000 a year in retire- during the 1941-47 period "show tim.atum for Mll stie en. atl e
ment pay, a failure to meet the standard all pi t he ere o a. I lthl t
Vin ent, one of Sen. Joseph R. which is demanded of a foreign cag Federati of i.M, en/
l cCarthy's chief targets in the service officer of his experience Whicth expelled bl v t ft v,
!)tate Department, has r,-turned and responsibility at this criti- al ht ease of aLayhem on the e ,
STangier, Morocco. to wind up cal time."I ladell. The j l, y he r *-., be

hch ou Boxer dog ask a nI well, th dOl -. le d
SVincent's loy alty last Dec. 15 n ster when he jumped intolSoon he had the b eld b ass- i
He said Dulles deterined the front seat of heir-a.lon knuckled anhd under control. it
"finally and categorically there wagon while the machine was Fw s o the workers he sun on
i non reasonable doubt cutcer, motion The marg str a d for ized" ele got to see him. One .
J g Vincent's lovalts.' inl. the damage done to the car day an elderly woman. vi i o ap irfc "U.
1e is not, and never was, a sec- he struck but was acotLe-tet oarenly was under the misguid-.o IJ i, KI EI T .
rity risk." on a reckless driving charge. ed UnoLAl that ase w asentitledIt I.t .u, were tt
-o some..hng for pa ng her o l p e o,
S 1 iad sot' a,.s, r.ent up to tme locap y B ylPrel lk n, I ow J'
Answer to Previous Puzzle h adquarters. Adi.L edly s abh *--- Th or
SOperat.ionOr 0 I c cas brasz, you kno .. nhe dar ed "1
0 p era regon f/h o ~A. A ask a qu e.ri on. W '.e %as the WASHlNGTON.-Plowinlg undir little p igsdur- amn en. .autlaMd saidhe bet a lot of this
l J ~a so-called sick bench ... payment Ing the depression gave me t willei butter could be ea41n Oehany and Japan. ti
ORIONTAL 3Lightmg aue he,? She had ~, n sick. po atoes blue to keep people estig thei Jn H. D p t the Commodity
I ...i.ol.f 3Ldeviceh boc i AN Max was not One to I y i.ght- was against everything Id en taught. But Credit Corp; wh ctu puts the butte. i
1 Capital o P ... NesE 6 dae i E ,6I ended by a sckIy h u. He a what really pained me a few yl r back was our the warehouses, 1ldImek but he'd alra dy' W 1
Outelon f i -- -isr ca e U is .. N had leer forcibly ejec..:l from government in the butter buoi." from *over retW wha
st tM 1 l. _.. o a the union office and Inrown It bought up OGrde 4 butterby the millions theA y was thnklg t' buyl Nto i..
state flower is le ms0 eane down the stairs. Incidentally, of ids to ipport the price ut it in storage pei b tot. '.o
Sthe7? Oregon 6 a O nta A G 37 s I c no one ever saw any of the an ept iltoso long at tht reell, what abot apant insisted the gnt
ReDist e gA 4 e s ss N ST n contracts Max signed. good for anything but soap. an old paincalke man from
BIDiadees 2 e.alderei d MoAN 0 = tNI A Finall3, even Ma: overdid it. eater, this hurt me more pbbly than any Qordq said n JapaandhaB e 1r
g13Pei tered Wrng e collected $910,000 in dues, story I ever wrote. sen a f on 1a ndf oe1.
14 Idolized implements and what do you know-when Now I reret to re po rt, the lee of butter a The Jap fuld p fer an b
15 aczet 10 Icelandc 25 Wan 41 Wiles there was an, Investigation in so high that it can't compete th oleo for the jiao W what e
Ssortded myth 26 Irritate 42Persian fairy 1941 by those eho hau the 11m dollars of many a houeSWUe. ie governments edo.Sr i i
17 H6 h fabric 12 Parch 28 Dorsal 43 Mimicker to far. the g9on-guns, all hatl suppo tte price again iIlator's p a K
mnig 13 Small candle surfaces 45 Demigod Max could find was $82. He just parents about in o repeat. o. i '
mountain 18Permit 29Notes in 46Native metair didn't know what hO happen- Am of this = ii Uncle ilntheun
plMasculine 20 Spanish lady Guido's scale 47Essential ed to the rea ,. Well, they hadI 41d ofp tter'-sa
p- ... n 21Pulpit canopy 80 Challenge being postge money left a WAY. c h .u o ,I ,
Tholroughl res22 Bis5 36 Hardhearted 49 Animal The Illinois State Alorneyj h'lg i te pread i t
-lic,.e, 23Oriental 37Crafty 50Jo had also charged that a gaih- Iln d the better. in Iby
ADispined guitars 40 Longs' naky 52 Greek lette bling combine had h Celed ld- 1
g uoit ar s u r 4os sna 523 Gree lter well spend the 4ouagh-much of pIg to bu t thu rate
Long oute 2 atrst () 5Glter which went for air travel for 2. p per dyI (th a lot of bu r
Sgarent o7 ,- IMax end the boys between Chi- p AIeved) and 8byth of li n m th bU t
ancient Rome cago and Miami. It gets cold in totore tsyoer es.s50,e6-ndamre. NOWt
share can't expect his kind of ham- Howad ll Gordon, a the Pro- .. mi __ 4wd -
p4Mongoloid pion of the working class to duction and Markting Ad l on. I we ~o i.a,
o Femaogli I IIr treerae.. hope not.." ,,- i .s....e. e
Seprophet III Now, that was in 1941. The "What Iare you going to de e tl t 75O .a. tia
Expune Capone mob began to go to jail BSen. Jles O. astland (D, m.). t'aS0"
SCUnculturedm JIn 1943 Max Caldwell, finally "We have a committee WorA "0
SBrazlian xpelled from the union, decided G ordon. .'... e l seef m a r a goI n
i wallaba Ai Miami Beach would be better for "Does this committee eat butter pretty tr." ..
4 Organaof sight him too. aiked Sea. Jobn J. willui, tM defla luvs tl. r *laiii i

Implement training earn a living? As a a- Administrator Gordqn smile but he was Ni gr s i
4mplMen dbor lec.aer, of course. He immedl- .. vs -. .
ately went into business-by et- I... 1
J1-,le ,oeIIting whatarecaulled 'Federal/it l!

Surgical sawAFL harters." Theme.areparch-ll
Airon idnaloffice saying that the o t e U I c, p-.
irid rm herein named can OrEanize .in l i
e./ certain fields. There are thou-
msan of te a~mda many are STORY ABOUT A STORI
'VERTICA L 5 .iheld by'honest men. =(Or4 ReveJge")-Wi.. ,
Heavenly But we're talking about Cald- ir s Reward (Or tUeda):utWl. He wonS.
0.bod II .IeIIihll. u He went In and out of am Randolph Hearst.." l
t --frthei i ireerruoome. f. owCoWWa and o,_r o s .s ,, h re_ r s
"Msiltary charters like o"ne of my Casa- stre befoar the 1e hits Ib ,.

asl Hotel friends cange oa t o t ,t
hdSmswimming r.trunksI.nnhet..s.....tnder io. bhad ofehit
mnall)yS f ew months ago dheI e 't ys derhmfIe't
s iowsr achsa the e.era...At anitheFloW

U mg Cosiume leweiry fee. If drov e bin. l~gotoutl T,.e, be defense conne (who might-have Y.

.d rII ede wenm w Ofdidn't Iook mysfin d. "sid I 1' 1rwe0-" -I-. -
w rn careanied when p A' abd omb my hair."
Charged with a Imy I M ";__ ,_ .._
"Thed with assaoaMI "Oracle" ently warned a or
eai whole 3a i (for elke). "you are. ber.
and the n ihanpal' ma poe ou are not without
ct .an pay tar waVm mt i I"ig m ou are a vonl
Nuts. Caldowell the lsa qet tt our lct i t

Let.up an .al to t I am n to prvt'or d
Slo0ce t 9,9W worth of dt to _rerdin Mtour f da
be exact, wu tioryou to guget Ca el m Seand
"L,.2 f i romr Mokt.IAMfr othel our awyer Ins. deh a to
rTago record wbh did4. rldwl rights. You do not e
dIave this right? ho or even take s 4X
Why7 doaat theree oek to M W I auna e r to do i
the UNrw N ddid
.1dente to ISY



" I -

both atti


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etOaL amaic
TiAo u .ad1lOw bm icki S *

tI9~nr~of of b

b Ad ofwo


~3i~~1L~'~ra~r b avn I4~
mdt tai la~ti h M(11atir

I;F;a~ .. 5~5~
"~~u~l~e~l9''.yr ..--e I~
L l)il ~Rql~L~lb~!: II~~]~


., '- '*-1,
. : .*-;
,. : ;.-. ..-f' ...


I ENA-' :
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i^ i i i n 1 Tiidi rj

er Diver

J T -'_-'w_- NZ .U U w -

.... JW To Hold.
B Dance Sunday

theOPA-Mu be hal&t t tbe
No., mncud ,

o o .tb. Pa e o t

a Pots- amug Ited.
**d-o o *t Maha li n tb

at dixs *
-' '".. :S" ". 1 ,

S*' in ateet sizeC ?.

S outlifon B O of thi
"ar kon
* It mtous sil be
Iugqd e h~u134 its b-

guTt o I~~itsh ir
'nd wtb eoodttadt wi
111 bntiooj Ii~B^d peur-

a and enUtror! t me
Sal~. %d XGma

Lt~a 91~)C9t .~dbe



Bill Badders,

Master Diver,

& 'V
, .. .,;

1 44*

& s te fwowing

Winner of the. Congres-

sional Medal of Honor for

saving the lives of many

sailors from the sunken

Submarine "Squalus" -

about. -is


- 4.4
1".**~ -

RI (2

; .' 4 -

w ;.,. .. -. ,.

"", : ..*.. ,, ,* .' *'^*v ,
.J ,., ul ....)
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4' :
EL i' .gt '" ? '" :''

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: -'a' 't
.i-. x' ,. .
", "' '2' .',,
gi 1-
;. : 'g2#

. 'aWo Waterproof Watces

4:fe as a STrtleif in its e

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* 1 I I

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Moviado Watch:

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. a `. .





Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and DepWieI
"/ -J f

Greta Maersk Sailed southbound sailings of tft Panas- /"* t s Q\ As *
Yesterday For Far East ma Line have been designated as S X OS
The Maersk Line ship Greta "school.or scboolteachqr specials" 7 4
S Mac: s arrived yesterday morn- for the 1953-vacation period.,
Inn ristobal from New York, Preference for passage on
en route, to Corinto Nicaragua Preferences onO ver Com ss ry Calend r
San Francisco and the Far East, these ships ig giTen to teacher;
carrying a general cargo. and employes' and families with a
Mrs. eleqe Gordo, who has children of school age. Te chers, -
been residing 4-irPatlama for ma- returning to the Unitedhtes Shlery,. ~h1 (agn- hook, have your ball land on the i
ny months was thephl y passen- for the vacation period, normal nmenta o anal (ea In deck of a ship bound for the far
ger who embarked "here. She is l utilize all the space on tthi yels crop of k. parts of the earth. Or, If you
going to 'okahama. The ship first ship sailing from the Can tters o the Comm were as lucky as Duke ewis was
sailed yesterday. Zone after the close of pcho iln penned in ppr Ot one day, on the Gatun solt
Fenton and Company are th an Y he last to return from e calendars sent r o course, when his bal hit the a de
local agents. United tates'bfort the red- e employes. of a ship, bounced oft and rolled
Sr tRhe.. notes and lettfr9ahpre nearly down to the green."
Brandanger Set 1e'" 'pec s ghost12fo ut S0 "-.............o
SSail T re ''o he '.'teacher:'. spe acal f ttLh, Almost without exception, ~ wx AND Bl ap .rtnM .
SThe 8,600-ton Norwegian "shi year will be the Pan&ae4- amilieed- e t rds. Qpr writers agreed in substance wit
Brandanger arrived in Cristobal uled to saiffom Cri a ne onalized o the comment of Arthut. J. Hol-
last night forom' LOndon. 'he 5 ad.the Crittobal atlpp'fr0 One wrifet r hison: "Is is seven years slneb I
Inter-4ocea~ ~I.e shpis'en route ew York Aug. 2. ellow retlret l tr nw left there and I haven't got over T. "
to Vancouverr via Los Angeles. The nortlibcound sailiitgs e Unlt j'Ar t yet" Or, at "Min and ,"Bill C Or "i
Two passengers disembarked at which employes and fam lends~ arkham" wrote from Bayre, *
Cristobal. with children of school .age t ws .op 1lPennsylvania.; ,
Tfe BianLdanger was scheduled be given preference WIt t th~oi ceaB r sfleere *
to leave this morning. of the Cristobal Mayli te An- weather ad with Sitting on the benches on the
con May 29, the Panama June 5, snow shovels, horel of the Caribbean and *.
Schoolteacher Specials the Cristobal June 12 and the looking toward the home to the
Scheduled For Vacation Time Ancoh June 19 Many correspondents cel- ,north we would remark If we
e uFive northbound and five co emented on the exceUitticture c sid only get O5 a- month re-
i Southbound savings designs- o. Miraflores Loc. own on treent we would leave that
ted as "school specials" will be this year'i calendar and went on night on a windjanmwer for home
those of the Ancon Aug. 11, the from there to project from mem- but when we became 6 and drew .
W ndefU i Panama on Alg, 18, the Cristo- orles a personalled history of three times $50 we all wanted to
WO e/ffl bal on Aug 25 .the AtconBJt.. the place-from a "big raw hole stay and It was nerecaasry to de- .
1 and the Panla' Sept. 8. .. the earth" to its present Im- porn the majority of u.."
W StrcU/ r .\AppliqattonsG for: resetvatto ant. prt erce. *
*w.V Wa- o.b anRt:.i i t was there before (Mi- Among the wel known former
duced rates, i toeix es ralores Locks) were built," Mar- mployes from whoiettpre were .
i hsn will be ac~et tby the Admnlis- vin L. French wrote tfrm Baltl- received were: OQarge gller ,
Wh SO n Strative Branch no more than more, "and tral= stroled Bllis D. StilllweqU A. Qarling- Pi4A .I ." a g .LI
three months before the sched- round the t of rafo- ton, J. F. Warher, rs. C. L.
4 ways better than starchingl uled sailing date. rei which wal most used for January, HanrX J. Oleser, Ed- .
the mentally d Booth .-.'eparrn,
SGives draoses The applications will be han- Oliver, former police ergeant, D. Lewla B. Bates Theodore
that "brand now" look. died in the order in which they wrote about changes in the scene Bundqulst, Marly L. Stakelum
SKeeps shirts crisp- are received. Prospects of secur- since he lived Qo the Isthmus: and J. D. Galll .va
but never scratchy. ing accommodations are not good "Miraflores Bridge wasn't there GW
keepss clothes fresh if received late. (then) and, In fact, wasn' kneed-
I all day long. ed; No one except huntin pat-
Say long. ties ever went across. Later. a
S Cuts ironing time by sh rt road was bui#t ovft on the
25 per codtl 0er side. They rryws
risk contains Drax, tha new miracle led dowly I4A'yS ;X79
lbric wax that blends, invisibly with was after my .. ,
iners. Makes any woven material look Miss Genevieve Russell, for-
asoother and more lustrous. It helps merly a Canal Zonenurse, ofSan
p dirt from penetrating and pro- ego recalled "when Teddy
cs against wilting! Easy to use, tool obsevelt came down from Wash-
l ip garments in Brisk solution, ton to have a part in the cer-
S joueeze, and that's all! Get economical emonles as the work opened.
Sohnson's Brisk today! the diggi or the loc
dCONOMICAL-CONCENTRATED i rawlores-u big en t, ele bod a .
rn a white cult, il sl tted S&ND IItl ptt -hES
S Panama mud as hedurnSed Ae t"0h
ASON'S |\first spade the dler fot yrelM Mi Ta"' -

M hde on the west aide" was recalled by 7th AVE.

the on ne in wo wh est d* Adlee
fou ond nation thlocl hen ot A
band struck up and ihom every %S F,

Accepting pa SCO

(Ald cabins e came the singing of patrib-

B. Fenton&Co., Inc. tn c(. Car." t rA.
TFENTON BUILDING, MIhe lat f c course which formerly n 3423 or e your
CRISTOBAL, Te: 3-1781 tavewond tavel aroundMror lock
Made by thq mk6:, ion the west side" was recalled by t AV |.
CISB T.# 3Aseveral cospondnts. Russell N, W9 i
: B. Potter wrote: M StNE YO

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M.S. 11JE.. T9 ...... -

SAILING 1Olot "i MIAMI, one "
(All cabins GUiAVAs b, -.i auI $

C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc. Cae kroi *"
FENTON BUILDING, "AM at Pord Avenue No. i5, Telephone 33283 or S" your'.::*
CRISTOBAL, Tel.: 3-1781 BA. travl aent.
lays INi~

~- -- _-'~-~~q S
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BilIs WELKIN. Planeteer

A 75,000,000-


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BY BUN WINT333013 1


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dors, dr.
--to the

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S Wonderfully tender. phoap ad tuicy
Coms cleaned, eat up. ndy for the
killet. The favor b out o tiLs "world...
and thee's no wt whataoerl You pay


only for what you eat. That's why it iv
such a big bargain! Bird BEye Chicken is
perfect all way... and always! Serve it
for aqpper tokmhtl


5~timt gi9a.

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Ji l were met t
| A-wtniB Governor -.
31 "
Bt&41 beoo a'de for Mr.I
to v t M rs-
a lu trip
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PAM ,- ,
61L ASa 4- t AV


Compact c o0 nicl companion car to the fabulous
Is~ taa spectacular Hudson Wasp.
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:~A big b reiw
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You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifi

Lmave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "I' Street -- PanIIn

No. 12,179 Central Ave. :...

Sal6n de Belieza AnericaNte Sf
No. as West 1b 8tret At .-'lo

Agencia Internucional de Publ Md f Btuaatt J"
No 3 Lottery Plsa Pbhoe tM 14 and 3- 11 :
.L-,'; -' .. .. ..t.

l Houeehold Auto n.oles s' -' vionte* ~
FOR SALE:--Dininlroom mahogany FOR SALEi,-Plymouth De Luxe 4- 201 A o- Ae mIIL* .m eta i
M quartermoster table, sideboard, lsix door sedan. 1949, new paint. veryi ENDHKE. I b ols.4 ,W
Chairs, $65.00 Westinghouse re- good transportation $ 04 000DR WENDBHAKE. Medical Clinic. M
S frigcrctor, $150.00, Coldspot re- cowe and drive it away from M A. Central Avenue K Sekt, a0fr, S Cr
S fIgeraior. 6 mahogany chairs $30. Powell S. A. Colon. TeSlephone 2-3479 name. lqn_ $ ro% ne
00, wic!er $65.00, kitchen table mangytroubl See us -b.l- 2I IAL N ll
S nd chairs. 20.00. Lotticlwok. fore dispong o ur d r. M A
ahas4 C pfore dpons o our used car. PROM PAAMA lO R U f
A Hcuse 47 ew Cristobal, phone 3- We pay caMh IA '0ca % Cosmos. one way S85, round trip 135 (15 ; ICt wek-dndo *
1P 1764, Dr. F. L-- _Auto-Rjw No. 29. Tel. 2-4721) day-limI11, $0, 00, g1d 1ne year;
tlo LQS AN(LE), one way, "149. 1'5-1,3 Clara,. 8i9
FC? SALE:-3 Pc. modern sectional PanarrA Ito LOSG riL $, one way. lt$141l. se clarOk er.
couch, like new, platform rocker, O SALE Ch,-:ler V ndsor De toamei espatch ervo I A I c r..
plastic upholstered and studio Luxe, duty pad -:-door sedon.Necleinl IAuto*MabIle iew). T.-PILLIPS O" d "he
Couch. Tel._Panme 3-42g56. 1951. light blue pa.nt. ,ado, seat Ponema 2-1655. W court 1 i L on
FCri SALE:-25 cyc:e refrigerator, co4er:. WSW ti.e:, %ery clean car --- qnvlw from s"
453-1, Diablo Hgts. D .e i away for 703.00 doin tO.boch, Rook CAN
Db Hgt: M A. Powell S. A. Colon. FOR SALE barbecue aind
FC- SALE-All types of refrigerators FOR SALE r3-1877.
Scycle. Terms can be ranged. FOR SALE -1939-VS Ford Sedan. MiS
K-couse 174, Gomboa. Phone 6- first $275.00. Fred Co'dwell, Cris- MiseellneIsDim i _435
324. tobol Garage MT D. FOR SA'E: M.n.ature Schnauzer I ^, ^
FC SALE:--Mahogany diningroom FOR SALE: Ford VJ Club Coupe pupp: Age s.x weeks. Regilr e o e by
't, nodrn, 5300, table, 6 chairs, 1'49. black pair.1, very good trons- AKC. IOne onlyl1 Tel. Coca'
siceboard, China closet No. 70, parlta.on. good t. e:., radio, only 450.
5 7th street. Telephone 3-0634. $325 00 down at M. A. Powell S. FOR ALE 3 large sue nctive .
FC SALE:--Quartermaster, maho- A o r. PARK RIDING STABL
iri'y di:lng set. Modernized 8,FOR SALE.-1948 Hudson 4 door Tel .-279 FOR RENT:-r7chlet, t
p;ecr= Fhie 2-3708, Balboa. sedan, radio, sea. co.,rs, overdrive, iFOR '- LE --CANARIES. Hartz Mt. bedrooms, orgp terry ce, th
FOR bre -~3"d08.Balboa. 375.00 Crib. ,in rspring mat- Rolli ry. Chc-peri. imported direct .efrigrtor, r
FO; S: rn. k dresser, tcble, $35.0C. F-rs t2,4630 Vill, rq .rs 3 oft -

wc:her. Bronteller 5-357.- tiT BUY in lo-,,. .951 Plymoutlh Jupi rran:o b'ad,1ide r:- in
-or BCranbrook Club Ccur-, good paint, In. Fix. e 3-4] FOR RNT:-- olet,
FOR AI.E:--25 cycle Cold.pot refri- fa ir fires. low nle :. only 545.FC SALE Phl *a roo a,s t, of
gerator. Good me:honical condi- 00 down and d se it w-y from b :Ic. 8 x lld goad condi- l$1p. 0 m ly.
t:o.N. New mMtor. Price isM A. Powell, S. A. Cr c .c..... -e
$4 ..00. C cll of;er 6 p. m 71 6- o r-- n a-- p r C r ." "Avpnute 2 02I o. ,
D 1.E Prado, Balboa. Looking for cheap We ivto ien. A.
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator, 25 cc hae it. M. A. Fo i S. A. Clcn.I ..LC:.- Plane upright grand FOR IRENhT;- flrlaldert
60.00. Cal Sgt. Gre, P.A.D. 83.-FOR SALE -1951 Chr 1er \VWnl. Irn-irdu..l sl=e excellent condition hir edroo .nd l hiron,
221. sor De Luxe in Fr.c-.t condition. 5,7'.00, baby rib. Phone 916, terrace, hot wotd. nould prfer
Radio and seat covc:, 1.8',.5 Cc:on. __ Amltrlcdo If intergft
FC? SALE:-Simmons, divan makes Call 83-5153 Le:v.:en 5 cnd 7,;R 5ALE- Hallicrater. R.edi please cMll 2 P1. m
into doublebed. Like new, R 16-C, _- ei 15 t s.
SPoussu Pho N 5 FOR SALE: Plymculh 5:..1 DeC F'r.t class rh .'Poid 5$356. Sell- F-
-C6 SALE:-Houschold fumiiure. Luxe Club Coup 199.0 .:;: b.;' .19g for $15000. Phone Balboa
car, reri;gertor. Everyth:ng cheap. pnt, very clecn car for ci, 2~. Lteen I and 3 p. r. *
Jucn Ii. Soa Str;et No. 22, 3rd. 523 00 oOwn, o M. .A. Powe. -. -SALE: Ncv Croley rcdio.FOR ENT -J
t.oor. At. 1. s. A., Coo. __ r o ccn:o', 25 or 60 cycle. Call cOl, cte1 .fuwSiais l mlpalrtws t
FCr; SALE: Livingroom, dining FOR. SAy 19. Chry-lcr. Fu11, BH'boa 3717 Few left. Call 3-4941.
tbie, cliairs, beds, *, equipped. good t i (.ll l .0 t -
lrrps, cheap. 45tiStreet N 4:00. '-3164, a cr 00. t-1FOR RENTN--Furnished. wi v
FCR SALE: Englih Bne Mintow norm 3-2449. I W ANTED t inore tm on oll a-1d at
foCrh 'dish's.-7TO' ptce. rce FOR SALE:--Gcc f Mielno u --- -- --
o for 8. Sacrifice, koi: Phone 6- 1947 DeSoto Club Semi au- __ u FO R T
117. .. tomatic tian rc.- ,VANTED: Ey responsible couple
iO- SALE:-9 ft. Reftierotor. good down at M. A. Powell. s .o. v t :ut c: 'dren. horse or apart- Roorl l
q condition, 25 cycle. 531c, o- C c manhs two, or lyee b-C'-rooms in
4 Ii. FOR SALE -1952 PIv c-.n. Wrl Can re o. Beltd Vto. Vista Alegre, FOR RENT: Furnhad room
c SALE -Six footlt wA Call trado er .Selli otr.ot For 105G or Go'f *kights.- CCli Poname 3- 'couple without chlidran' or gent
at Ist St. 20, model r. C v'A~. 47;0? tetwcn 7"00nd 9.00 p. m. men. No. 46, 45th street upstai
t 1st St. Ro a BelloVa
downstairs. --- FOR S .949 uubl ''i .--iab;.9.n unfurn sh- it.
OCR SALE:-BeautsiuIi liv- CLupe. floew lnt gqod "ire: very ed r4nienf, Bella^ 1 ia
ingroom bamboo .os, dt ransportation.- Only 300 .ernA cou le, no hlc in. fa
new. Moderate pri eiree E at M, Powell S. A.. room341. Ictel Tiveli .
29, Bella Vista. .... Ctoloh., WANTED.-Employe to take ca f
a ator. like new. Gqb4rlntee, 1951 Fsra.iivlw CLr ljo Tel 3-02 9.
o 00 Electric stove Cheap. t949 De tS o m di*
chair and Ottomo $15.00. b 'o D1 A l
bedroom chair. 1451 Owens, cu948 M c CuL4,. r S io "
lbo. 194-6Mcury 4A r. LONDON, MIarch 5 (UP)
k BALE-Slveron. radioE $8. Your dealr AUTO E IS'-.NMP.I"1- .pqnoent r n
i6 side the Coca Cola ba..g. e coloratura soprano
FOR SALE-Silverone radio, $8.0-- aide the Coca Cola m ei' s I --. I "ldnaredh O u
new gentleman's choir an vushv 2-49664. S E LL miprniFO .aOSALE 1in e ai o ta'
: ions. 613 B A n~cOn" glvd. "' WE' BUY, SELL & FINLAN -I, FODR SALE -14 "ft. bolit' Good6 V 1111j, ii tI n h td t4
ions.63 B Ldion. lso \Stotionaai 20 H.P. : ~ ftPour setsof hr
-EFO-R $ D Lu, 4- W.o"n engines. Tel. Ponom set
door Sedan 1951, .ry clean, tot 3-4256. nde _______ M.0t1j thdarree
; FOR, SALE- I ,,.. 3256. I.- a,, --_- s.,re- J
F Spoint, power glide tol'smi, lbn1, F ALE---Wtr Pump. rrn o ln.i phOrl to
Realo meapr, only P500.00 4own
SEstate at M. A. Powell. S A Coon. vy.le-n. ec for 20 HP Boiler. glAWi
W__OR SALE: --_ G'o&"'Cr. No 11 Colle Jer6nkmo
S eOR SALE:t- FOR SALE:-Pick-up Com m w er., de Ia Os:r. Tel 2-1221 i'lm" wr were believed
S2 bedroom chalet furnished or untur good condition. also 4 dcar Wtys:. unWhttdi aenta.
nished, city gas. El Cangrejo, Tel 2-4624. s he clinbsl into a taxi thb
next to Via Espraia and "El Ccra- __.__ 'CP SA.LF--F-h day or night. newest h been outside
z6n de Maria, $21.000. Mortgage FOR SALE: 6. 1941. rebu.It 30' ccbin cruiser. Adopted h 4 n ftd npp utsdel t
$8,000. Hydramatic. New tlan:m s.ion ver. for qa ne fi:hng. Two fighting t18 ofiL te "lpparentl t"y4
ROIERTO MIRO "eat appearance. Call 2-4214. charr.. 40 H P Un-versal motor. to pDk T l *& ,
Tel. 3-4923. Ancon sleep three. 196 miles cri- ing
f....ull. rnprice, house. 34 acres. Lrrn. 300 pound Ice chests. Phone
S ,000 full price, house. 34 acres, FOR SALE. Chry.ler New Yorker 606 or 392. Coco Solo
S well, light plant. 300 coconut V8" 4-door Sedon, 1951. fo--- -
trees, ocean, river frontage. 5 miles tone green point. lectier uptWlL.FI S .
Sto Santa Clara. Panama 3-2949, te'n raodo. hydraguide WSW FOres. ALE 1u meter beam. clamp-
t 6 p.m._ .' ndeo. lo mlege ores. tie modulatorr. Spec lo ll er, 2
6 p. A. undercoie. low mileage, very dcron plate transformers 500 volts at
PC SALE: Professionally built sMor A Powellay S AColo900 500 mi1s and other misc. gear. e... i .-* .e*****
concrete block house. Completely '--- -. A. .. Inquire Apt. b-4-F. Locona.
furnished combination living-din- FOR SALE: 1948 Ford De -uxe ---- I M
ingroom, bedroom, large kitchen. Club Coupe. Custom uphalsti g Of M(IG l
Bathroom porch and patio. House throughout. See to appreciate. Al- Batch Of 5
.led throughout. Tile roof. Garage brook 2208.
i d utility room that can be used FOR SALE --Chevrole, De Luxe 4 Suits At 11 Each
oo Sed 1eyoteSold WIn Htf Hour i ,/ t |
as restroom. Water and light door Sedan 1951. wry good tie* ,
from town. Located one mile be- two tone point, good buy for on l dinHaf Hour
Sfore Santa Clara in Sea Cliff acres $458.00 down a: M A. Powell .-
on beautifully landscaped corner A. Colon. nn a M lAsl oll _
A. ioon nu BOSTON. ardha.(UPrmeITtr

lot. Inquire on premises -ridoy
S February 27th, Tuesday March
10th "CasaFeliz." Bargain.
FOR SALE OR HIRE:-Modern cha-
let, located V/ mile beyond Police
Booth at La Chorrera; all modern
conveniences; three bedrooms;
modem sanitary installations; com-
pletely furnished; one hectorea of
lond.; 100 meters fronting on No-
tionol Highway. Inquire at pre-
mises or call Ponama 2-3078, of-
fice hours.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Cook, general house-
work, must have references. Apply
1452-B. Balboa. 2-3578.
WANTED:-English speaking Span-
ish maid for housework and child
care. References preferred. Locona
D. 23-C, phone 25-3137.
WANTED:-Cook and. housekeeper
for American family, must live in
,Excellent salary for high type per-
son. Phone Balboo 3268 for ap-

WANTED: Laundress-cook for
AmIrkon family. Must have re-
fegoe. No. 28. 48h street, Bella

yi__ SAR. M.. H. 1. Cor-
F rI:ve Spinal and Structural Ad-
S j.L t.:cP. ;75 Colle Estudionte. tel-
a.' phone 2-5159, 8 e.m. to* p.
L; f at ointmnt.
.*A-- ..

1949 Pontiac Chieftaon radio
]949 Buick Super Dvnoflow, rodio
1949 Mercury, radio \
1947 Mercury. radio ieat covers.
1947 Oldsmobile. rod,., -ea covers.
beside the Coca Cola Borling. Tel:
L i y ;. ,..L)
,LOST-Reward pair ladies glosses
in ton leather case. Call 2250 or
return to 24. 5 t Panama.

Position Urered
Competent bilingual secretary re-
quired by executive of international
corporation. Must have initative
and experience and be able assume
responsibilities of handling office.
Write full details as to past ex-
perience, salary. references to
Box 134, J. E. E. Y.

for superb tape recording
exclusively at
Trop.-i ElFectronics
4th i.tL. 2 Bella Vista

took only about 30 anfptes today
for thousands of eager custom-
ers to buy up al the popular alz-
es in a batch of more than 5.000
men's suits sold by a Boston
store for $11.
William Pilene's 8ona Co. of-
fered the bargain price suits, In-
cluding 95 tuxedos, as its "n-
swer to the high coat of Uvin."



Will I la COLON


Ina 41F7
- haui
tmYUo r,

- -- ---

Pay less and get more
a u Y
rynolds LIFETIME Aiumn.
=i G Corniated Roofing
and Siding.
R hlu 0 Proof. keeds no Paint,
'PeMament. Repels He t,
Embosed for Greter
., ..w"ty wy .friglty.
(where parkm"U ,i a pleasum
37 Central Ave. TeL 1-0140

pa ik ftrtr or I Vv
tng. Ph. *n4~
'.n' -- -
'"l l ii ; | '.

iw e k ff SIkff LL-h
1Pi11 'Vy^I^yVt. 1 i^^^^^uwHBDI CXCYUO

A.~ -

Lewis Srvice
No 4 TlvQU Ave.-Phone 2-21. and

Founrtb of .uly Aver-Phone 2-8441


i d,

1 'mdltoa narte"

Soaamo Visitor
Jerome Pi k a r d, of Beatt
ash., Central shd Soth AIB
Can reenteatie oat te Bi
a Packing Co. and of D felti
tour Mil, Vancouver, Oatia
ls presently visiting PananI*,.


Shows: 1:06 I:00 5:0
7:00 9:M p:..-
bes 0 0gool'0'' 4 P*''i.


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been deb lop

ller's msagaln, et
Feb. 28 lWue R
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the post w
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BALB 0 A nAYWOML anR im rd

cis & TI.. D -r"Av1I ."

PEDROMIG.UEL / Ovi tim Dm r. lri "

G Af lR N 'C," .~' eA mi
MARGARITA on'R qus --9 L
... -.---- LLY AND SAIl I ANNE,
I l', "lup w '.
mmSm*. ,*i^~TM

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,C~I5 5

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' ALr-CeUfIIml
:U .a, a

Ma.D.ld CArM an.r SAXI
Frmdy "SL.n cr



10:30 P.M.


litbw h ii. Sepu l
dim S. MLFW

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HSCIrs GOOD NEW la br swarm who
was o m ake their dme td thir mnay
fater. Ys an ma me 50 etwh wold
Shave i P a a dmew timer 1 inmurd FmorT-
Meshed Nw-TemdL
In Firessm New-Treads, you sp the ame
hjbh-qullay cold robber tried marials as in
noew Frmoe Timr... thd mse anmekW trued
deisa as is new FrisasTim .he same
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... the saa twd wdd ih i n mwrlausoeTim
r rane i uoryMbo. rew-Tlrcads if
o d.r dan P mooh daro.-Iy wora.
to your marby Firestome Dlelr Ia4 hae
rirmme New-Trmb ap Oyear piR nt





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~ t~~

United Press Picks All-A era

S.- C

S- o --. :-.

Walt Dukes, John O'Brien Pacific Softball& Chevies s. Brewers Tonigh

Two Most Popular Choices league B.H.S. WLa Atraicci6n
By U E P HOW THEY STAND r t alht's results: game and came In t. "
By UNITED PRESS .Team Sta g cond Won Lt M S La Atra lonI 3 and m Lambert .
STeam Standing Second t tr 4 on t' Game Blbo
lWally Dukes of Seton Hall and Johnny O'Brien of Seattle W L Pet. Ataracclon 3 Chevie v. Brewers A.traUalon
th|.' the long and short of the 1952-53 United Press All-America Firemen's Insurance 1 0 1.000 3. 3 2 -ad up only .- "" 1
S ba!tballteam. Elks 1 0 1. 1 1 bind the combined pitalla rim ,
Six-foot 11-inch Dukes and five-foot nine-inchb 0'Bren were Baxter's 1 1 .60 es 4 ofDon Moront, who started the albo
the Lwo most popular choices of the 205 sportscasters and sports CAA 0 1 .000 ------ 1
writers who cast ballots In the United Press poll. The three Pan Liquldo 0 1 .000. out T i
other s on the first team are Ernie Beck of Pennsylvania, Bob ot If &a U1s
Io, L regs of Washington and Tom Gola of La Salle. Gola is only Yesterday's Res lt uW IngN
a -pl;omore the other four are seniors. Elks 14, Baxter's 7
Dukes was named on the first or second team on 90 percent Today's Game We.don't want to bore youtlWhlima Sunday to show the 10- -
woa' Gaootee Js a o b b and
of the ballots. O'Brien received backing on 82 percent of them. CAA vs. Pan Liquido with shooters' lingo but would just what could be d nthe
All five if playing as a team would have a storing average )$ed to tell you about ti le young 'tb ghts on the toughW 5- the b att ir""
of' ..8 points per man. Yesterday Bob Coffers' Elks etarne2 Carr, trimmig e target in the standing o-
The second All-America team is made up of Don Schlundt of team captured their st g the Cristobal un b r it the a mailbore uin. rsult oal-t. :- :i
Indiana, Bob Pettit of Louisiana State, Dick Knostman of Kansas of the second half whet they de a t redhis sta p a

Armed Forces Baseball Loopin ield as wel .t b n his nd b
: fior the Elks giving u ten h b t d-red Jie.t nchellr o Crl to od bff
Bob Med rIhad 11tagetsand fiour bnasaesonldttllbea '4 to r s nd, Ond U,

W in I I t r champion while his comp etors $1 to take second lace. Dick
The box score: nursed their defeat with that iUlman, the Isthmlan amalbore -eW^1 s
o N sad feeling. petiotno shooting champ had to nIow, h li W
ELrKS *,Charlie" Disharoon will hold le content with third pla with am their g
Arm ac Forces Base!.all eigl.tlh inning without a hit. a lhot coffee tr'pehoot Sunday has lh bea t out John tlB by- mo ta .
League Standines IWes-ax AB B morning, Marich8, tartingat A -r hots. nd S W
Tamn W L Pet. i ne ritn in the ninth, but could Taht, as 2 1 A 10:00. rophies will be awarded -ial twer m~echsadi ,l t tetm At
T nL......... 10:00"Tro~phiesw;abeawarded_-=0o er merchandise
4 1 .80.) not get the tying tally across Husted, 3b 4 2 to the lucky winnerson an add- ap thes wa also a prae ~ai B tmo .
Westbank 4 1 .800 uie plate. Smith homered for Muller f 2 0 1 ed target bpsls. Lewis System. l raoe. Their was taken hae ei
l ..iA 4 .80 I the 903d in the fourth inning to Hale, if 1 0 0 two classes. This will be a fifty- by Ptter of Oristobal.sHoweer, tfor
: 3 2 .u0 ;e the core and then the 903d Soyster, If, cf 4 0 2 bird race with the type of pro- a racap of the scoa sbowi k at 'i r it a
Coco Solo 3 2 .601 took the Icad with another run Murphy, c 3 1 2 gram to be decided later. the -actual 1th Iplace a wrd
2L.o 3l 3 2 .600 in the s.voenth. However, West- Lane, lb 2 0 Saturday afternoon the Bal- winner was Tosamy Otasborn, Th i
504..I kA 3 2 600 icank came back with two runs Chance, lb 2 1 boa Gun Club will hold a 50-bird and it o~s iLke the power thaLt '
r b:d PAA 3 2 .600 .1 t;,e top of the eighth when Cheney, p 2 0 1 shoot to test the skill of the be will hae.o dig.into. et
HOED.,al 2 3 400 V.finpler coabled, Koster singled Roberto, 2b 3 0 skeet shooters. Twenty-five tar- treasury and come up with a 'u .pe a of
Sp' o.ois 2 3 4 10 and then Bush followed with an- Rager. rf 3 2 2 gets will be mashed with the duplicate 13th prize for the S IM 4 a 2
* 4 ,.. E:. 2 3 .400 ,,ier double. Herrington, rf 0 0 0 12-gauge blunderbuss and twen- young Balboa JUnmor shooter. y, lb. '4 0 6 a 0
t.. El SR 2 .3 -0), ty- fve more with the little TWtnty-ftO r com titor'tsls to L '4 0 4 0 0 the
F.. Cuii- 0 .00 Thu e talks and two costhier-t Totals 28 7 "pool" 410. All of you who own part In the mUtch. weather 1 1 1.
A.A u U.O e the 903d their three Taweapons of this type bring theit was good, with Just eno u wind i 0
S... ;,n anhe bottom half of the fto the Balboa Gun Club stur- to make t iMgS lateresting, and 0( r 1 0 S0 .'
Thendng and that marked the first BAXTER'S day afternoon and compete for the match W4 ram off rapidly 0
The ie:oni Iound of the Arme! I defeat for the Navy team this .ouooah
Frccs L ail aLeagLe zlrouil Picare lliwas the winning A.n. RH ine of the famous prma- so pool- and In good lpewt h tw0 'o r4pa T
thro,.i i.lJ a tigLi scramile pitcher and Kajier suffered the Correa, 3b 4 1 1 ular at our shoots o la te. i s i* 3. n ;'"
thro...i I aLight, scramble pitcher and Kajier suffered t he nHinz, ct 4 1 0 Although our congenial han- Charley Irear announe* s a .23 p' t t 0 0. "
as t. d nooi. wir th there ardeeat McGlade, C 4 1 0 dicapping committee has not pistol match f Sunday. March
fie t eamns Lied for forh,. only signal and AIbrook battled for Woodrnff, as, rf 4 .2 bennlhd P F r ,---OM*If1i3 -
sted fro il1rst pldze arid Woodred sa, rg d 2 en informed of this shootI, tobe hed at the arwFan' -. 51 2 1. 8 p
cri gar.e beiioad theo Laders. 11 ln,:.n.r before gnal sent Medinger, p 3 2 handicapping will be done be- range. Firing, will trt at9 am.n. ..0- 0 ,
Ac.ual.., only Fohet .ulck and l.,o runi.irs across the plate In Herring, i 4 2 fore the shoot starts. Wish we Thls match will betr a total of &" 'I'.CCioN : ,
t. e 7;..., AAA can be counted tlse boLLc.n of the second extra Cox. 2b 1 0 0 could guess what the resul wig 80. shots, Including ease over the Ab r pe
ct.t of ,lhe r;c as t.;ey both ninng to offset the one run Carli. nBo 2b 2 0 0 bel e seeing you Satur at Natlo lS Matah O buzeandone j 3 1 0.
.L--)PC.o heelr aih straigal cotn- scored 'y the flyers in the top Anderson, ib 3 1 0 the.alboa Gun Club and'Sun. over the Camp. Perry course. ,l 3 0 *" 0
tc.. e half anhcd gain the victory. The Carl, Bill, rt-s 2 0 1 day morning on the Gamboa There will be ialBver belt buckle I 3 0 0 0
to vhalf an ain the victory. The Clb n. for first priN aid mehandise 3a 1 8 0 0 8 I 0
e 903d EAA played the star- winning runs came when Bo- C n fhigt. laidmRhfldl.3.
r,: role in thdowng the lea gae c.none walked and wen to sec- Totals 1 1 BIs -Pr in for tfiftih i 1 la -. 2 00 1 5i0a 4 1'
into t pheaal as hIey Lp e riend oa fielder's choice. Wel- Score by Innp MI sor md It i
V* We.ban.k 5 to 4 to han5 the land lined a double Into deep Score by Innings 10 ean oB i0 e
'a~ .., t r !IL ViCori:s. a0~ al'.u ic hoe land then scored on Baxter's 011 082 O.- Fort Oulick journeyed across the 2, whenthe l rat m wiln be a .l 2 0 0 0. 0t
irlo.ed in.o ile tie lor iirit p.lcee E,'iest's foilow-up single to end all nlhism P.l .:li, lw1 1'
a- tL::y naaded the Albrook ,he game. Wedned1 -Rene opened that hte
Pthe WL:. with? a Agl W f all hands Aai Pony 1lt AQ1t- lura p illiBB?^^ *
.roylro. L.E.rlld straight, dc- Tile Flyers had broken the tie were whu Powogra. n De aMtch to gwe
feat v. I an l Il-nind: 5 to 4 %Ae- Li. I c.. aL:if of the inning when ed to tagts the third Zl equal chance b
tory anij die '3d pounded ou. -,te':ui:on lashed out a triple base 1 H.

ande the .03d. the Coe.o so lou nne second defeat ofloa the .round and The 504th broke a dead- M.. il *ith l w blltr Ul ,
T-. :p "n df -r:-ated the r 1ro 1lme r7a" to hand Croe l its t loser. Bu ;. ........ ot to e bt dredwin over le
and Ie 0.n hande d th Coco nne second efe at o f the round tal The 501th bro a dead- eruns u..., .. ... 1 a. buel al "-.
L., -Z.:L, LU),IC b to 3 In ten In- move Cie infantry into the tie lock with 10%101 in. L eighth --(-'- WlAb v & new be bcl ,...::,
I .1-3 ',!. :.,e1.0_,h ELccCcu a G1 for first riace. Porter'afCcouitted Inning witl t /I to give 1A, ....4........oo.otttpT .=, .;.
M iotller rnies pl v.., "pecial: round-trippereand Medlna and cino the 06ft. T 0 370th TEAK_: Won Lost
Pnj wi .0c3 .n handed the 45t. 11 ci nt for three more of the tal- the 411th deo.te two home run MAJ.,. 9 4
a to 7 past.n. lies. Felt-er was the winner and by# t losel Beckman, the los- C.O. ... .. .... 4 8 t1m- -n
)?. anI Westbank bat- Dubell the ioser. In* hurler, hit oes and Becker Metts ..
tlc i.; don to the wire before thc counted fo t other. Krue Games ii. _e .
I:. eI to eke o't the 5 Coco Solo tallied twice in the ger, the n pl er, also lLA. ..." ,;
three unearned u~ th i enth irngto defeatulck de his cauoe our-bag- t .. .. .... .1 .
three unearned runs in thelanother extra Lnning contest r. 0i 0 .bau .. MR16.1
Rez, 2. .. .... .. 6.,0 Shldon 1 .

rmI .lto, .. .. .. .. 4 DIag.. 1
TobFr, e...... .. .. I 1. INN"_.

oM ......... 01 1 RossDb.......18 154 i "
S Totals. G.......... 0 L .. T 194 l

`l2Tbin....1a5 120, Pfotter.11
Brians, .. ...,.. 01 .0 1" .. ,

Perkinslb-o.........20. S .h.dt....1 l Ra" """ '"""e'r", 2 .. .. '.. 0. n Shelon 10'1
cas djte.N oOe pse Wll son, .. .. .. .... 2 0 llna "
oiRodr Hnniguezan. si .g.. .. .S 01 1 1
.Totals.H ........ 3 t....... 1
kTHE, ...a...., G j 1-

Perkin. lb-p...... .1 chmidt 1
ssy, h2b3r........ I 1 Sldon. 180
pots' ,eu deC~roHamilton, c ...........V 2 0a.. Dnt t
srucdwe add j n s....i.-and n r e he dull -" l .:..'...S .,'
..Whitake..r, T........... 3... 2 -i i bebD.Ut
Rodrig.. .jm..idgm. tz,'If. 4" 1''

S.P.O. 2 0 1 0 0 1 0 -a Dub..
kee Ba dl-- t mi-ith eI no ""In n
r.r vam.Amo _NO MO iMicoa,. Mb.ME N f ..i

'ew"ar..2out by--...orge II, Nunllfa I, .,m ,Ni ,

;..dO dRadadr itua. ... .;,,a

+ ii+, ~ Totls................._,U-.
-****- Seek idEl is Ailda
- .-# *.pm.s i

"+., L,,

''S~"T'S~Z Icu~qd


TA S-.. .

2= PANAMA Aamiikl


.. ::* *.

- .ra

.. -I .

.I "

,7-1 w


SUspite Unimp ressive Win
A J L. .
i *

t, 9



w 0

ige Tonight

pop Lead
*lee. The box scoris-
fhe t aD 0 *
a PloresIf .4 1 0
McAthar'rf-of 2 0 1 0 0
ter- golf 3 0 1 I
Ad In Hooper. L. cf-3b 4 0 0 1
C; Hooper, E. Ib 3 0 1 0
rt rZe 3b-2b 3 2 0 3
hal. Poole p
PoW- Dunning 3b 1 0 0 0
rhlte* Roe rf 1 0 0
-hit- Robinson c 3 0 0 6 0 0
WasM 26 4 13S 7 5
r ito- POWELLI
2b r 1 r 1 a
Manning 2b 4 3 S 0
t ith mltb, 5. cf 4 1 1 00
Ipen- igley f 41 1 0 00
pthe Rid:, V. 5 3 1 0651
it- Dolan lb 4 0 111 0 0
A the Chpell rt 4 0A 0 0 0
S ls OrVl, 36 2 0 0 0 2 1
Thomas c 3 0 241 1
tote- Bowers p 3 0 0 0 1 0
tDockery, p 0 0 0 0 0 0
3-1 5 3

M ;' ",' '


* N

Id a saeyet-
Iardle6, enta
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i a hard r
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a .
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t- I. 5





'L i

W I a movden ci ty*! par1l1k-
met as hff la pt yinl without
^ In -^nn~y ~pl~^-Tfrin

Jts; M

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' sh ier


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-SM 1
] I,-.
t' tAZ' $t~

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rsflfl~9fl ~f- -t-r

* ~,.---- y,; .



eIl m I
r1v #4. m4




1k rtj
'su5 .g!%ri
7A16 4

-.5* r a-

- *,.


~ .. II.. .~

i., r

E .


* (

* *,g



Reed Wants

Action On His

Tax-Cut Bill

-Rep. Daniel A. Reed prodded
the administration today for
prompt action on his 10 per cent
rucxnmp tax cut bill toc(ay with a



"Let the people know


warning that the measure must a
be passed by April I to benelit
taxdAplalyernJly. Navy Says InvestigHttp e
reau reported that it expects
all first-round proposals for ; -
cuts in government spending
in fiscal 1954-except vital de- m ". ." :
fense and foreign aid reeom-|.
mendations-to be in by this
week end. The result willReve N o
have a big bearing on tax re-"
duction prospects. A spokesman for the Fifteenth ment of Lump Sum leave in these appointments for'the purpose of and lAt r at Is nW, lt
Reed's bill has been pigeon- Nava? District announced today cases was made from fiscal year retaining their service until A. a ar w that of-
holed in thei House Rules Corn- that the District has complied 1950 funds which would not have pril 1951. At the time of t he .
mittee by Republican leaders. with'the instructions from the been available after June 30, lump sum payments, such- pay .
Taking their cue from Presi- senate Committee on Govern- 1950. meant was subject to income ta IA
dent Eisenhower, they insist ment Operations and has inves- The action taken bF Oo gress l Jof rt v
that a balanced budget must be tigated the records of Navy civil- "This action did not serve to March 1951 to reld te retro ri
in sight before the Reed bill is ian employes ior the past six benefit the employes Insofar as active tag for 1960 arved to can ofa
considered. years In an effort to uncover any income taxes were concerned. eel the 1950 tax on leave pay
The New York Republican. "shady" practices which may ments.
chairman of the tax-writing have existed and which were de- "The third incident uncovered 5 -
House Ways and Means Corn- signed, as previously reported., to by the investigation listed two "All the above Information hab
mittee which has approved his defraud the United States gov- employes who resigned in 1950 been subject to review for from .:. -.-
measure, told a reporter -it will ernment. for permanent return to the US. one to three years by the Gen- fewh 3 dl9 3*ear-|
require at least 60 days to get This check has revealed that but who were given temporary eral Accounting Office in Wah oa Aitl who tried
60,UO,000 ne w withholding the "off-the-job-on-again" prac- -----*' (omdfW llftrd his
forms printed and distributed to tices do not exist in the District., on at
employers." the spokesman said. UiuRnn OfIPri C o t rl.
Congress mut act before (Revelation that the survey" Junlig rlic e C n rl sds i his ship
the end of this month or there had been ordered of all local h fothe Ship
will be a delay in reducing the services was first made in this a ed to
withholding rates," he said. newspaper following charges | ll Lat"Jhe was
in "The Mail Box" that such Produceu N0 lo g IK W -
All government bureaus were practices existed here.) gie
supposed to have reported by The Navy spokesman's state-, G u i'g k. nd
Monday on how they would trim ment follows: 0 -- He hadl lhnialf by mome
the $78,600.000.000 budget sub- ..The investigation did not re- WASHINGTON, March 5 (UP) the slightest sign of a rift 4211h S 4 wrist.
mitted by former President Tru- veal that in 1951, one non-US. President Elsenhower said break between him and twa d
man. citizen employee was terminated today that removal of price con- senator. S r pa-
Defense and foreign programs and given a temporary reap- trols had not produced any dis- Mr. EZsenhower himself f t mat- E
account for 69 per cent of the pointment without an apprecia- cernible evidence of gouging of brought up the price sttuati. Qctana r t
budget for the fiscal year be- be- break in service. This action consumers. He- said that since the remove |-g. OCtan-l
ginning July 1. saved the eniploye some twenty He praised American business of controls he had beep grati fle boir
A Budget Bureau official said days annual leave which he for what he considered admira- to s6e little djacernible eviden t e ,S ucde. b
the report '-are coming in pret- would have forfeited on Decem- ble restraint. of anyone trying to goUge th' 0:..
ty wel" and Mr. Eisenhower's ber 31. 1951. This person, being Price controls have been re- consumer or send prices up uccl SS@ 4t .
first recommendations probably a non-U.S. citizen, was not sub- moved from virtually all con- rea ably
will go to Congress on schedule eet to U.S. Income tax laws. aumer items. Beer and coffte are said copser la the m='
early next month. "Prior to the outbreak in Ko- among the bigger items til to pridat which had Ahown 5.
Congress must cut about $10.- rea. late In June 1950. several be decontrolled. That action ts ms e&al price Increase .
000,000,000 from the Truman employes at West Bank were is- expected .hJi week or next. advawed about three cn. f
budget to balance it. sued reduction in force notices The President also told a news pound aIfte r decontrol tte
and resigned and were given tem- conference: weekJ.) d 4econ i te i
porary appointment which were II He flatly opp es en. k rtAL a a Si i
nent employment because of for extension of the two-year p dded,& e o
b 0, lJame l the expansion of West Bank ac- draft hitsh to.a perI-d of t3 to the r em te. o
Probe Of Juvenile tivities which was a direct result 36 month$. Nt -e t I`
__.of the Korean outbreak. Pay- 21 A close divi a t- can-raa

latoQy after he,who
t, are-.the pots fi
aoke where his an
* *

.' It.'.,

day in
aid "O
H Ker.e
rip to,
, &-a

s'. d '
rit dlt'34j

U aun UVUiic IN UJ eruoavement reis ber The 5ea t .40j:..Jw5Itu
WASHINGTON, March 5 (UP) Panlmnill vO good. d-
-A Senate investigation of lu- ed the e b what he abAor-ma,,men ct
ventle delinquency in the United PA W t called tSeha t er on in ode r
States was proposed today, o w that reisolui*oi aw uoh i- '*ut4'kM-Up.
Sens. Estes Kefauver (D- mediate -of a basic Uitan a
Tenn.) and Robert C. Hendrick- change Inma ea and tone. ly on
son (R-N.J., introduced a reso- 3)L He believe the states are bi S c at
lutlon asking that the Inquiry be entitled to tho off-abore land e
undertaken by a Senate Judici- NEW YORK. March 5 (UP) out to their a o boundarleas. r i an to
ary subcommittee. The new Panamanian ambalsa- 4) He conceded thepossibilty1 m 5a t
"Children are growing up to dor to the Court of St. ,Ianm, Dr. that a different Mstm on tueofThe field.
become gangsters, burglars. drug Jose A. Denis, departed Wednes- regnire him to re-examine tme al Ous
addicts and murderers, with the day night on a British Overeas e of atomic ss7 Jullus a.d
ferocity of the crimes increasing Airways Corporation Stratocruis- Wi Rosenberg. but he did not i -,l
yearly in tempo," the. senators er for London to take up his dua- o this as a subetant al like-l- c- .
"Home factors as a cause of de- Denis s id that he would "try )iHe .vill submit to congre FIm-OVer C
linquency are well known to ex- my best to promote good relation next wek ca plan to reorganize T L "
perts, but they are not realized between our two countries." the Federal Security Am ni S-
by the parents themselves in ma- Denis. who is a physician, was traton b which he h y, and
nv instances. Thus, our examin- appointed Panamanian ambana- rtlon I h wih hopes to etued ta I S I
action would be a report and an dor to Britain last January to sve theagency cabinet status. WASHUOTON, March e (p) dar y afternoon on tIer
appeal directly to the unaware succeed Dr. Juan Morales. He as ed cur ieta is action -Th"e an8Ama 1aeri L fftel
of our national populace. Such accompanied by his 11-year-old e y Oveta Culp Hobby, is'l ot 38 years old, to
an examination is long overdue." daughter Marisa. su ervduses social security, health aes of ex-servicemen y te na
and education matters. from IIIto under 18. the the nt
_________________________ As for the amendment submit- a Administration rr fteKOn -howe. O" on
ted by Sen. Robert A. Taft. (R- da y.a"* 'r- hower. A
O.). to the President's secret There were nearly i had tdously'
agreements resolution. Mr. El- Uving war e"4 aso 40. the Dew ad i i
senhower said he thought this said, with th h se larg isthe usuall rocedare
was a technical point, the ulti- 800,000 In the 30-4 age a aew. _readent is e
mate effect of which he could The next biggest Irrgo r55m he-nrauao
not measure today. 600,000 In the,25-2 b'e" W"
Asked whether the amend- The younes tvets, thoseu6 l.acocktailbuffet a
ment amounted to a break with 20, have served only si e a, i den hokQe b ftha
Taft. the President said that so Korean outbreak June W, 'Pour ofel IA
far as he knew there was not 'They ttal about 47,000. Ing a conference in

McCarthy Committee To BeGiy.

State Department Scurity F
en WASHINGTON, March 5 (UP) the Russian anti-SemnlUe e
-Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy aR- in broadcasts to other L-
Wis.) said yesterday tle State of the world.
Department has agreed to give McCarthy elad he has
his Senate Investigating Corn- a memorandum from
mittee hitherto secret informa- Leod, new State D
tion from the security files of curity chief. promma 1
two overseas employes. .eration wit hthe
McCarthy had demanded the security Infsecurity inmon'
information to clarify conflict- and Schechter. He
ing" testimony as to whether the say whether he has
employes, Theodore Kaghan and the White House on the
Edmund Sehecter, had passed or The senator said
flunked security tests for jobs which he did not makea
with the New York office of the withheld final judgment
Voice of America. two Men pending a furthi.
Reed Harris. deputy Voice ad- of files but Indicated a
minlstrator, told Me C a rthy's question of the suitability
committee, meSawhile, that his of the ind ual ."
Dec. 2 orddr to abolish the agen- Harris testified
cy's Hebrew language broadcasts as far as he knew
wuas given b ea- those broad- Uchechter had beg
casts were not the most effective security test.
way to reach the people of hr lames.P. Theompson
W Gerald DocIe. acting chiefak mom er.
the Volee's ddle East section, rk Saturday that
J ELL Ocalled the deesion-sainee re- had flanked security
seinded-a "well-struck blow for tayR appled for traf
fCommunism." abroad to the Voice in th
lpr. Sdiney Glazer, eid of the try.
M oran E L LocajsHebrew deak. aoddthe order State Department
S ldrn due't want to eat, just came shortly after the Vae was Mr W. a
lot1'e4 4onqps of thes beautiful, shim- given its best counter propaganda A.
Vd r wach h bow they da material, open Soviet ant- ar aagement
ra n b th dS* And y=1l ebe mppy.HATisMidopee sa, order
6emRuinm yes k nehow lktk is tos against Jews made the U ve
to earms a la sciow us Jedesearts Israel anti-Combaunlst&-y od
"' ~~~~~n da V" s qf .. .,/", ". ..'


* .r 1--

. .


the truth and ds country saAft# '-

S. !
,~ --I.
51 ~

I' -,



,.4' .

' *. ,
-"; '

=, r

a ,.

' ili

. ^..


" ._ .

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