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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.5 ,. p. *' .. .. ,

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I* **-.< c '* "'* ,'<;' = ""y',<
'"A''- ^i" > ^s '' 'i*is

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~ K~
* .~. 7~-"~V' **~





Id th.

Abraham Lincoln.



Now... 6Y-n 01t




- -. .-

tlonp apoved r b56
of Nati4mrtDilmly,
4 at a meetlnU

A en duvn,
ae d ,ot, r ."o.."
IA b,. na. wm. Mldial 1l-

aneB as
mid 1) wa
I maoe tl
fit hat

Point Four

Directors To

Meet Here

A regional conference of U.S.
technical assistance dfflctbja in
Latin America wil take place in
Panama from March 2r9, t dis-
cum and review cooperative Point
Four technical assstanee pro-
grams in the Westeern Hemi-
sphere, It was announced today
by thq Institute of Inter-Aieri-
Ican A saln, the Lat&e AhLeican

ft president of AA The
eefnce will aW be tUaded
b offals of the inA
n and the decr of
Ie brpl cooperation for the
gr AMerican reptiblics.
Te fence whch wU take
m Pnthe "al P ma." will
]view the technical copOT atlon
acU ties .n the Western eIMl-
sphe and the progress achie-
d It wiU also serve as an op-
portunity to exchange ieas and
xerienc of succestul proj-
te, to prove prIWrams In La-
tin AmerJk where they are most
needed. ,
The debate ill observe the
t1 echWa assiStance


Emotional Crowds

Hail Their King,

Blame Mossa

-0 -
TEHERAN, Iran, Feb. 28 (UP) Shah Mohammed
Riza Pahlevi announced-today that he intended to .le.
the country immediately, but suddenly postponediis de.
porture amid a grave political crisis.
Fearing that the Shah might abdicate and bklming
Pronemier Mohammed Mossadegh, wild crowds stormed the
prime minister's residence. They battered down the iron
gates with a jeep and burst into the grounds.
Troops drove ,them back only after firing on thm
and wounding two persons seriously.

The 33-year,-old monarch
threw the country Into a crisis
when be announced this morn-
Ing after a series of bitter
diputes with Premier Moham-
med Mossadegh that he in-
tended to leave at 5 p.m.
Parliament met In eatraor-
dinary session. A .regeny coun-
cil w appointed'te rule for the
Shah in his aboesce, which It
was believed might really mean
his abdication..
Crgwds surged through the
s s of eheran, r Mos
lam aders to VAc 9f
N leae his peoe at

and Spain, well Informed sodret
The .Shah b d said. la bn1
original aanounmment. only
that he Intended -to leave the
country for &* tde.tole period.
But reports swet' like .mag
through the epital that ewas
abdicatug. ,
The emotio of the cr wds
whch.bwept through the city or
massed the palace WO
mtheid by tha of the Jmsd-
Smi~e yoa king.
0rat into tears w
told alace crowd
had list to l Wift
was; ss s w

&TOer. hen *A viwqU echl ter,

sputed eatery W inPgs
bDe: p et Raling


O odd aW bei A
B. Before i
m4 ease I h ag all ab
eamled. -
a The g.iu -~. 1kl mt
iVwta?. = byaja..

. mar e
l*m'*E tlo

Male chk.b with$b eme6
thk twI Shah made Ibs an-
nIt to the fatmiid
1 4.c o of e e q d.
i@U thjhyi) of his pee-
Ne wbooto change

MUni has been
am Whe IMe Rad
it was an-
S e begins

6t rsef Demuia-
pi the DMAslM

Many other we5- Mn bus-
issmen and m of the
anal Zoa and th6pumbN of
anama bave beeAi pointed to
he committees to a n theW
und drWie.
The chairmen and members of
he variot& committees are as
Atlantle Chairman-Nell H.
Wison, ChefAdmeasurr assist-
d by Clltford B. Maduro of Co-
mn IntMport export Co. W.S E.
an sa&d L J. Didler of United
P a a a in Chairmai-famuel
riedman assisted by R. J..-Boyd,
sigh & Cramer. Luis (QmeS.
vaMaldO iuro. Harold SPmd-
M, 09e Capwell, Jomah Cn-
0M0 ; ato ausmana. VI-
a<* .8..' Moore. Uwu-

Ie Tues*day that
the Mossadhghth aabad
dwerted "seious lIn
btbs. Including bohed"
The Shah asnured Me h
Oe "had no reason te IMtr r
L AMby the court s hm
Sh ad ammays us
m ,0 -, ._.f te otli L- -

aa was sedan
dixeqing polities with
mentryI leaders and
proglM nt pernonn and
ta Qly when they a
bta. M we I
At thamtlme Momade ]LO
thmal Pont newspaper
MaW The measures we
"to preclude Intrigues a
ta-pt to disrupt relat- bea-
bween the Shah and te goL.

W-m 2 -lt'

Albroosa Resetu (
tUon O. twr dmsahed
from me 2nd Light
sectn., U. 8. Army, I
be to evacuate the paiL
the small landing fled
about 50 miles east of
Capt. Arthur W. Bar
th Beaver and Cap.
Langelter. Albrook
bn attended the
the flight to the Zo
ThI ne which
for 4 at 7:15 anm.
at 3:1S .n. An ambul
wmdbA- took CM p

.- '.
. .!" .q .

-.j ff ^ JU _Sy^
.* '.
..a- .
ki r .. L

~, t!
~ ..t..s
p "t~j~ ~


.~- S

- 5,

. abroad.
-BSli 88 1

~.UL piu. ..
- -

z*' .- -'
-.* 61
^ yl

-- a,

5 ,



lommumom I

'CAN a .- '


PeUNoIe *V NiU.ON *OUNSUV.LL m sias
7 NH IrwIM P 0 o00 134 PANAMA. R PW
rILIPI-O O PA l ta 10 I 0740 Ie LINiti
344 Marnia-w Avg NieW Voni fiT, N V
.De my ROIL i
PeP MONTH 'N ADVA Ct --Oan__________ '
POP *II MONTM' N IN *OVA4N.fI ____ O0 Ci O0
POP O. P vaq IN ODVANCt '' sP 0X


The Mail as1a on open forum t.. ..ades of The Panama AAmer-
ken. Letters are received gatefulls ando -o handled in a wholly cealf-
dential manner.
It you contribute a letter don't be empatiel i Ift doesn't appe lthe
"eat day Letters are published m the order received
Plase try to keep the letters limited to onm page lnigth
Identity of letter wrtersa n hold in strictest confideams.
This newspaper assumes ne responsibility ho statements as spliens
expressed in letters from reader

I would Interpret Safe Transits article to Imply that he con-
siders it an impossible feat to transit the canal without the aid
of a Vilot.
Perhaps I am wrong, but just to point out the infallibility of
any such implication and to give the layman a good picture let
us examine the qualification of a Shipmaster, "made to conn their
own vessels through the Canal. the ships would pile up nearly as
high .." His qualification are of a high standard and demand-
ing knowledge of ship handling, carao stowPge. engineering, na-
vigation and general seamanship.
Piloting is the primary function of transiting the canal, and
every shipmaster is a master in this art. It is foolishness to sug-
gest that men possessing this knowledge are incapable of steering
their ships through this thing called the Panama Canal. Every
shipmaster, before enter n- a harbor studies his chart locating
buoys, beacons. ranges. special markers, channel depth, current
and the condition of the tide. He knows to the minute just what
the tide is doing, be it flooa:ne. ebbingr or slack. He knows the
rise and fall of the tide in c'se he is reoutred to tie to a pier. He
kno-ws better than any nint iust what his shin will do under Pall
conditions. He lives wih his .hino ve'r after year and'can handle
it more efficiently than any oilot who boards her.
During the war NPval ships entered some of the most un-
usual harbors and channels in the world and there was no pilot I
to greet thrm. They entered channels that hr'- never had a ship
19asa over their coral bo'tonis before It was first, definite and l
final, and they needed no nilob t
These men simolrv un'ei to-od what their char's were saying
to them a. rll rood shinn ,?!:s k -ow Some of these men are I
shipmasteis today and s.-l t'" world d over ente"- forel n port. r
and perha') unknown poris without Ihe aid of pilots. I
Witho it a question I'd s7v that anv good shipmaster could V
arrive at the channel entrance. consult his chart and steam right
up to the locks I imagine some pilots were once shipmasters or 1
there a short cut? SEirelv a vise vilot knows these facts and
would think twice before making such absurd statements as were
mientioned by S- fe Transit. t
Perhaps sorrme of rs sl'ould stlel- to cros'-rord puzzles for they
puzzles uQ ls; th'irn he behealor of those tht cl'im the world i
cannot lie v I-ouit I,'''r a
By the w," S* ', T -"sit i'd o,' rn' "r.ow" ir't we kno,' h
longer use co 'I for t'' '- "'-" ,rnln "t dilezel oil ,Al voy would d 1
have had to do was check the aravv train o"r riding rnd acer-
tain this fact. r
Serlousl'v thlou'h. I think you pilots do a fine job. Just don't
leap before you look. A. M. B.
SA. M. B.
i it

What haDenerid o tI-". r,-sus that was to be taken on the dog
population in the rCnpl Zor..
What's the mrtter? Did they get discouraged when the count
reached 10,000. That's only half of them.
It sure ls s good way lo raise money for the Canal Zone Gov-
eIrnent And Owe us a little relief on the other charaep.
S '0,000 dog eense at $10 a M 00
.T ...... .. .. .., th the Inf~tffe Paralysis Fund. .,
! ..)'. df l r

* -

--. I-

By ADDolntment
Gin Distillers
to the late Kine Georme VI

(_- af ev' i



PanamA. R. P.

Faltering Dhilip!

pstp's Utife rallies wnii oruibeb
Wagwe-m oe w a reup be ses
wm ld Il e leSl home ike new..
4S, -fasie&. eo the e ,igh elael






from Ru adieq d ChiM,
Minictly, but provably. We
have the AFL's word for that.
iarthermore, some of these im.
ports have come from Man-
churia, right nearby the bases
arom mach the Soviets lend
up their Migs to combat our
For that precious $49,0,-
000 worth of foreign ex-
change, we've gotten dressed
kid skins, Ib, linen hand-
kerchiefs, carpet wools, cash-
meie, laces, straw products,
clay objects, menthol, art
works and vegetable prepar-
ations. Just check the Inter-
national Trade Statistics Se-
ries of the Commerce Dept.
and don't got brushed off
when you try to trace the in-
direct routes.
Now you can see what a
contribution these things make
to our culture. What would
existence be lii. without dres-
sed kid skins and Soviet art
Prom Russia itself, Ameri-
can merchants have bought
Fuome $22,000,000 worth of furs, milad) s ermi;,e. Al-
so sausage casings, caviar, lico-
rice root and silks.
From Poland has come $4,-
.87,000 worth of goods, In-
eluding hams (worth $2,914,-
000), wet salted calf hides,
feathers, flax, heLup, wood ana
paper, furniture and-here's a
touch $207,000 worth of
Christmas tree ornaments
which are unniarked when you
buy them.
The hams bring to mind
the grim fact that we also
import butter, cheese, and
ron.'ered eggs from the Red
I in competition with
f farmers. Thought you'd
like to know.
From hungary, grim land of
the Imprisoned Cardinal Mind-
zenty, comes $1,530,000 worth
of wines, furs, feathers, clover
seeds, Jute wood, paper glass
clay, printed matter and $89,-
000 worth of cotton.
From Czechoslovakia, nation
holding the newsmen's Im-
prisoned colleague, 1iW Oatis,
cur government permits mer-
Shants here to buy $M63,000
northh of undressed furs, hats
and caps of fur, sheet and
cylinder glass, glass bottles,
blown glass, metals-and gtiess
what-beads and firearms.
But it's the East German
trade that is weirdest of all.
From that sector; which the
Soviets are now trying to Isoa
late, we buy 3,58,0W wth
of artificial flowers, small
machinery, glass produeta
clay oblects--and pbo
goods (worth .OKOW).
All of which rumbles
my mind like the
wheels over the steel nrai
an elevated line wh'.h was
later hemr- i"*lo shrapnel
by another en'
Thm time" let's block aM d t
that kind.


Labor Newsi




If our allies won't permC i
us to blockade the Chi
mainland, certainly they oea'm
object to our blockading our
own mainland.
We can at least keep the few
amoral merchants in our midat
from pumping life into the
Fovietised Chinese war ma.
chine which Is busy pumping
ceath Into United Nations
troops in Korea.
It all brings 0O mind a thlid-
hood lullaby In the east side
slum of New York. That was
no slumber song, It was the
rumbling of the wheels of the
First Av. Elevated.
We tore that "El" down and
sent it to Japan for scrap-.
and they returned it to our
boys in shrapnel which tore
and maimed and killed in that
Icng trek to Hiroshima.
Now that "lullaby" re-
turns to haunt as I discover
t hat American merchants
have in 16 months bought
over 580,000,00 worth of
goods from merchants be-
hind the Bayonet Backdrop
known as the Iron Curtain
in "peacetime."
This figure was dragged out
of the Commerce Dept. with
6reat. difficulty by the AtL,
a.s our new Commerce Secre-
tary Sinclair Weeks might
want to know.
This AFL probe sprang at
first from inquiries by one of
the three major APL divisions,
the Union Label Trades Dept.
(the other sections being the
Metal Trades and the Cons-
ruction Trades).
It Is the routine duty of the
Label Trades chief, Ray Leha-
ley, protege and former public
relations man for the Team-
ters' Union President, D a v e
Beck, to push a "Be American,
Buy American" campaign.
Lehaney found that compete.
ion from abroad had begun
o cut into certain API Jobs
and wage rates. Where he
ound the foreign competition
coming from United Nations' ?
ainds, he realized he had a l
,3oblem. These are our an- 1
bounced allies. Their econo- t
mles must be kept firm,
But he discovered that Amer- U
can merchants also were buy. r
ng from the-enemy--and buy- .
ng enough to cut into the
well-being of' families whose t
ien were being cut down in
Korea by the same enemy.
Lehaney. big and (he'll hate e
me for saying )T good natured-
y cherubic, saw red. He came 1
lown on the Commerce Dept..
and other dnrces and came
In tVe sec
has beII he'
.red hth feans

iI I

U ..




Loi .dp -

M *.' '. T*
waant lome home ui:'jma IA vs

1 ji

A sen.r. Ba.s -

New Zealand Steak;

By frederick C. Othimn

WASHINGTON. The Congressmen drooled "Good meats" Mnquiaed.
nd so did I over Exhibit A, a magnificent, thick- (, Colo.), chifritn of
y marbiea, fresh-frosen T-bone steak imported "I've been waiting for
rom New Zealand and sold at a retail In Day- Knoop, reaching into hkI Ie
on, Ohio, for 30 cents per poud. hauling, out his 9-,, TT
Then they promised, averting their eyes from af lgfe spaig of pMft_-
his gorgeous chunk of meat, to keep such hor- Thy, I suppose, Is l te ru
id merchandise out of the country hi the future, umabMped efsteat. ev h
nd I guess this a topsy-tutvy world fdr uSre. round in q brief u blik- I
The gentlemen agre=o that gain beef fropi gItir. They p; tt
he Antipodes, no matter how superb Its quality, snifetd t in what you'd Ca i
W bad for us. Ren. Clarence .wn i
Tends to disrupt the mrkA ,bank Mpt farm- member of the.
rsk and makes meat in the end even enedoui ge hisC ea,
hat's Congress talking, you derstand; I'm as hedould. s4'
sat reporting and its mha kiae.asm htuMp I o "I'S ; t
omnt know how much stand It. wat
Into the sanctum oafthe Commttee. ley. 5d ,
trode lennerm M eltoger mM K ot 34-' Af.

on his 1,100-acre fIarm near Troy 6hi sid hIe'
dropped in on F. G. Rumaans' Meat Market In
Dayton and stood in lne to buy msm of it,
He said he'd watched the freM.. sides being
loaded from freight ears onto hurntire vans and
hauled to butcher Rumnman' back room, wher.
the latter had a crew with electric saws cutting
it into steaks.
"And the steaks were piled high against the
walls," he coa tinted. "T-bones in one pile, sir-
loins In another."
Knoop also had a talk with Rumans, whore-
ported he'd i2ld Swift and Go., f ntouing as
agents for the Cnadia government 1 cents
per pound for It. When sawed to Sie, he sold the
steaks for 39 cents and the roets for 39.

Waker Wmchefllhi wYork

MAN ABOUT TOWN lto as The s*uy*os see ha*
The =Ira (the 's ashew.biitst which g*(h I it esp.
Betty and Jane Kem, a her Talk aiUr hasa the
Is one of the switftest.- fall-Mar. same ad andt
tried to the mst ecal men agnt (
sease=s...Train M tM. e (b"W (t en
Girl fles) these teleated chich??T) agEk a ld or. 2
audienesm frm the oa M eme el a (for
the eeTlvuled spestat ir let them
leave... Btty's tepal Be w w ea- MP
tare Christihe Joee uses bonm =g
hage l sitw i fl y lud ho wg
...Jane 'khef d r birel,"?)
news-eof-the-day In show.teg
other *l*i Mtties) ln a
off ams mfart Tr i)umm w ('
ty) at pla bnttng thie.t
ye) 0 Is
whoa they le their O h eft MM (I tothat ea It
hlmei) eoudnous It Is -Mly bauti... teAd
The Kem siLer at the KIafliuada'
est, Kevmst (6 The ii 6I ) K t l |
Com s t= s KsMt...(Oh al M l Ino.k I i aaa
one "Soo. Mlao ", t)
Toe CeMWUM (as WeaB all lockers (s- WieSo M Ma n...aN.. ans i

cluding am who Mado
checbi t et the a
crew or mUleienilcel
Ramona and JIh
tiar cott.Coab petO
keep the gl Aw fig--
most cynical dis nel
eta the am=aent a
his first ac*t .... (
He's a Star. He prove
when be tUws oe o
butlune (t Kea 4m o
out inelutea hhimK.

.-.... lia


-i ,. ..

* .. .~..
* .''.. A.

.- .

.r .. .. .





;~. -~'

or M





J-~--- I


S .... '" .. 1 -. ... : .* *;.. ^.
,', '.
1' r

t i .



,," .,



-ys Take Home Economics, Girls

h y Mwual Training -AlD Happy

a ) t hi% a gIr tV t
u few-dor i to ruunarme wihalti
raZIfA he vae5te fnu o




' ^^ ^^ ^^ ^ -i^.:
.-. f .. -.,- ', -- "..
^ ^.~~~- *. *. *"^*9~ **
; ., L- : ", :, *" l .. ., -* '- .. : *+
: .:;. -, ., : -. :,- -',
*,.- .. -..

k .i ,. : .- *. : ,. --

- ,. o
I i
* '., :



*h .t

*." 2, :

leU-egj to do isto te Isnel r atnere1 to
it'fn he toe yy, He'll at least Trp 3, Gatun, for1 I3
ItTr. a kt. a Sty.. l ttse.indcan Pa' I |
tsaitherfttna) Trodp 16 Pint -
SCnfti o in fopt 1eventiS. and ee m fiMt Car wIaIry, performance
S.Elpv Marga"lta
aOl S C? rndruBnd u 114tent.. 7 and duralilty ... plus great new safety
e as odr.let. B and outsteadtg ocesmy... to a low
vINolt p .. prc field.
aa as l uver wi Pa r
cooo sole. for lQi 1o
SS,,4 roo ou.,- M,8 ON DISPLAY vry Looe i ou ,
B.t 0 o Showrof s.
ma sad Pa1tro
13 CocoEi, Ellow "parti-t '
A idt a. ., If fwpating" strealters or qualifying
Lan7 events w Blon the Hound P-
.Mare glf- trol of Troqp ars OMlek earn-
or f n.; d the a tamer tor

p. avmch L q 'rml. &Ae PatroL A LLA

- over a -emer. Thme. rer wer .
a a nlreet37 Ommiant ato Arose neai Avenue MWd 2fth Sheet
S* wm iln r. P e ca" zon ...


l._. C C .4 OLON-PANAMA TRAINS N- ARn"c iT Cmane
Ai.N1. -- O- AN tt." i 'ma LN
naoD o noi snD'r ..
"'. ,. 1 3 w*


AM. -Ar'e A ,M .A1 N P A
*. 4M 0 .e, 4.15 135 .......
1 com3a .......................
4X0.3A Pedro ... ................... t.18 .BAS 11. te
.6 on .e. Lo ..................... ....................
.. 2* o3B36a....................... 7.4 1...... 10...... .
S. o ........ ..... ........

5.22 ..................... .
..D e....................

:,A 7- ........ -.10 '" 4M l ate
416 A~.aain.AM PMU 1 PM V

Y4 4, 3

.. .. 1,,,1, 111 .... .. 11,. : ,=* '. ... ... .. .. .- .. ... "


McCa pecking

State Dept. Morale-D- les
SWASHINOTOWN, .S (UP) He said morale is low only morale had been
r -secretary of I4[ter among those "who have *m- s use Dul "
ua1 idsal no ito thir" nert too" of
evidence that. ph R. is nate la o- olence," twar4 t
w lcCarthy es *1ta. Do- attI it The wape r
apartment morale d the Dulles deled tih de apartment "riod t'IR
right of Congtpi thwstigate meit policies sae "Me k O three
hi agency. ed" by any outsider. peanel anSd Voeled.e ofa a
D Dulles laued alnews He said lasnetis. far poles' "In defekedl e" to Me-
conference stat *tla repy the conduct of t ew t y.
to published repow morale "fall squarely on my ula ,rs
has fallen smowrQ ut ind I expect to exeprem them Dalles said he will del .
h employee sa a rWo MUcar. I a Just and fai manner." what he knows to be "'mtm ad
of thy'a inveatl*tiWaW ,e Voice While pointing out that the defensible" .ut il m t 'fh#I,
of America. "., department is mov to handle defend a hluast. wiu h wi
Some career w6rb tod re- Its own loyalty problem, Dulles created under i%'"eemto
porters they bad .. one to iaid he welcomed any di4- and which I have fe off
"u stand up" ifor aI .'nSt closures from congressional in- with a mandate to ,
f McCarthy. T etlatn which would help ..
McCarthy hiCCalf 'u_ the mater h ageey "neore corn- .e predicted t l'vI 1oe
morale of reallyy dg Amer[- ptet, loyal. and i ei e."" time io rreoc "themaoan tdt
cans" in the dea mt ,- Is .. terrors of the I at yea" i
in all-time high.h Tbl. Dulles W MWthy tan an$ -
Ssatement p to be tn eI'a Mt Wso

Bids Accep Now a rim .,..,, ...
"Until Mar.i -.
For Surplus G ods
Sealed bids are now ac-
ior cepted and will M Iacto be N T I?
accepted until 17 Sat 1
Bieldtnr 630. Cor: ..l General
DeoWt for 14 lots of i reign Ex-
sea Personal property.
rch, intheUdo' Hote es IntemOew ic W A
Items fbr sale are located at
the X zeea Property Wholesale
WWarehouse, Building &WT, Coro-
Ssa General Depot. Notice is hereby given that peMnant to Article V of
SDOVRS.N l -A Dover the bylaws a meeting of Sha edMers of HOTELES.
zt ano M givenname. n ~oN name INTERAMERICANOS, S. A. wIll be held t 3 p.m.
oop or inItials. He's know M luas J
Tn- uin. ft. He o llv OenTft on March 12, 1953 at the SalI6 Pammefeas,

onncout comsonwT. Ho"l El PanamA, Via Espala No. -I1, Poami
r atd nit, inspection str6amer
t4 ti troops that attended the City, Republic of Panss -..

*,. ,..


r-. f -



- ~~


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-

, ~vl ~

r- *, ', -
... ... .. ': -' e .-e,,

S.S. Ancon Due Here Next Week iMrs. Adeline G. Ford; Mr. and
With 123 Passengers Mrs. W. C. Franklin; Cadman
Fredericks; Samuel A. Genduse;
Melvin D. Hildreth, who wasMrs. Robt. B. Greenough; Win.
recently appointed a member of M. Hamma and daughter; Mr.
the Board of Directors of the Pa- and Mrs. Thomas Henry; Mr.
nama Canal Company, is among;and Mrs. Melvin D Hildreth:
the passengers scheduled to ar-,Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Howard;
rive from New York next week onlHilton F. Hughes; and Bremer L.
the Panama liner Ancon. accord- Jorstad.
ing to the advance passenger listI Mr. and Mrs. Julius' Kaplan;
received at Balboa Heights. The Mr. anal Mrs. Allen Keefer; Ce-'
board member is accompanied by cil Kovel; Mr. and Mrs. Charles]
Mrs. Hildreth. Leff: Rev. Raymond Lewis; Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Lillen: Mr. and
Of the 123 passengers who were Mrs. Edmund Litsinger; Mr. and
listed to sail on the S.S. Ancon. Mrs. J. P. McEvoy. Mrs. Mad-,
24 were scheduled to leave the eline McKenzle. Jr.; Mrs. Miner-
ship in Haiti. The complete ad- va Merrihian; Mr. and Mrs. Ar-
van-e jpa.senger list for Cristo- thur L. Milligan; Mr and Mrs.,
bal follows: Howard E. Moore; Mr and Mrs.
THenry E. Owens: Mr and Mit..
Mr. and Mrs. William B. All-IH. Judd Payne; Paul Pedersen;
nutt; Carl H. Arnold: Charles H. and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Posilll-!
Bath, Sr.: Mr. and Mrs. Howard co.
L. Berkley; Mr and Mrs. Edwin' Bernard Rappaport: Miss Rose,
T. Blanton and two children: Dr. Posen: Mrs. K. Rosenbere. Mr.i
C. E. Boudreau: Miss Marie 0. and Mrs. Burton Sage: Miss H.,
Bowen: Mr. and Mrs. Sydney i Virginia Schad; Miss Alice Sears;
Budnick: Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Rev. and Mrs. Julius Sliberfeld:
Burke: Mrs. Thos. Coggshall: Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Silver; Mr.
Mrs. Grace A. Copithorn: and and Mrs. Arthur F. Simpson,;
Mrs. Gretchen M. Cruickshank. 'Mrs. Charlotte Gay Southwick:
Miss Evelyn Starr Sternberger;
Alcides Davila: Miss Mayo B. Mr. and Mrs. Caswell W. Stod-
Doyne: Miss Frances Epstein; 1dard; and Mrs. Frank Streeter.
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Fischer;: Mrs. Dorothy G. Torbert and
daughter: Mrs. Ruth L. Turner;
Mrs. Ange Van Ness: Mr. and
Lift Up Your Hearts Mrs. Samuel Waldman; Mr. and
,Mrs. Franklin P. Walton; Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Weinberg. Mr.
anid Mrs. L. W. Whiton; Mr.
(A Lenten feature of The and Mrs. William Widen; and'
Panama-American, prepared iMrs. Madge Wilkes.
by the Rev. M. A. Cookson. I -
Episcopal Church of Our Sav- o
lour, New Cristobal.) ODDbbe PerSOnnel
"MORE BEYOND" IPlan Sunday Mass
"We know that if our earthly At Old Panama
house.. were dissolved, we have i

a building of God, a house not More than 500 Fort Kobbe mil-
made. with hands, terral." 1' tarn personnel and their depend-
Read 11 Corth. 5.1-6. cents will gather at the Cathedral
In Old Panama tomorrow fort
Before Columbus set out across eir second annual outdoor
the Atlantic on his voyage oft dis- s end picnic.
cover, the motto on the Span-
Uh Coat of Arms was Ne plus.ul- Buses will leave Fort Kobbe at
ta---nothing more beyond. When 10 a.m. and Mass will be held at
he eame back with the news of 11 a.m., Chaplain John A. Zwack,
the great continent he had who is in charge of the program, i
found, the Spaniards changed announced today.
their motto by removing the Ne. Following the service ladies of'
Columbus had iven them a new, the Parish and members of the'
geography. There was nfore be- Holy Name Society will conduct a'
yond" than they had known. picnic. A program of games ancd
Athletic contests has also been
What Columbus did for the arranged.
world's physical geography, our ____ -
L6rd did by His death and re- S. |
surrection for the world's spirit- St. JOSeph's
ual geography, so to speak. He
gave to mankind a larger unl- Jociety Meets
verse of the spirit; He revealed a
"laind" beyond the ocean of our On Monday
mort'l life: He proved the
"ro 'dtw-- of our life, that it The regular monthly meeting
cori'Es from God and goes back tof the Holy Name ocietv of St
God-that it does aot come up a- oseph's CU
against 4 dead end, with "nothing onda y ato:S l
more beyond." other Mea
Which universe are we living elegy S'.will be *
Ia-the-smaller one or the larg- .
er none Is our ariiritual motto .

"Nothing more beyond?" Do we
live as if life had a dead end?
Or do we really believe in "the
life of tlce world to come?" Rob-i
ert Brov-ning was living in the
light of the "more beyond" when
he wrote:

"On the earth the broken arcs,
In the heaven a perfect round."
L;'e is eternal and love is im-
nme 1' and what we sometimes
cr" h is only a horizon, and '
S a is nothing but the lim-
it sight. Lift us up, 0 God,
th may see furthre; see
m e ocyoid."


Great hifte Fleet
I -


S.S. "CLARE HUGO I 5mT ........
*S.S. "CHmI RIQUI" ........... ...............
Handling Edriratd, Chif d Q.G4mral Caup.

S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" .... .............
'S.S. "MABELLA" .......... ..... .... '

F r e gu I Af h u u c e l to .

Passenger Sallinga to New Orleaa
via Santa Marts. Colombia
S. 'CIIW.......... Mrh1

SVJIn at

SA "CmRQUl" ........................ ............Marh i
.S. "CHIR ...............................March 24

y U ma Twelve- hb I to Now Yk, Mobile,
Chaueju, Lee AuriWrth'APml and 8MI-.




00? I







S:S. YAW" .................... .. ... h t
- M.V.,"' ...................... ""' ygi
s8. .... .... .: ...... .... ... it

FORD C- o.W ANAdee BLg. ert 23aw


., L '
.. t .1


bmi.& -~



I~'l. .
* ~ -'
-- .~. :'-w ~

CBO I 4WELKIN. Planeteer

You Don't Say




- .4.


,. .. I
:..;-: ',"."1^

Jal o Nfqmi

Thepc h *Sa N f Coupay

RokalMall 'Uso lAd.
M.V. "SA NA ..............................March 6th
S.A CA ...... ....... March 1th
S.S. U .. .................... ......... M rch 31st
M.V. "%NA EL PACIFICO" (, )_______ _
To'oufto WaMC DIRECT
M.1 r, '- '......... ........ .... rch

; ^^^"******"*******.....**^***Marh 0th



i-l ;

I I ll

__ eu





I~,'.~.LA'Y .CO,


^ ^ .^ -^ .,BI; ; .-- .. .^-. ^._ "-; ^ ^ :
,.. P. ...t **. ** a.. m -.. s1 W I

-- ,/ S' u &

2'. js

Saddle Club1

the attend-
. .' -, ,

*. *. *

Kbb Fahion Show Makes

p$7 o P Charities

A m.,.ore- th 19 vas. ,_ ,
A FAJOWAf and.-t Aunheon waD held by the OfVf -

iedide v *Mue ASio de (SMW
aaot Wnus (Boy Orphanap)
S(for Girls).
Q ndred-a WftE omen, members of the C14k
their ibeet attended fternooa funtion, at which ti w
l at ofpg obbe' s wives model clettes from Rhoda's
Sop of Pan Moderatintg the fashlch howag

wear-wr: M U. D. S Barth,
Mr. X. Dbihe, lt R. W.
Kosm M. *, Jr.,
a, Mrs. J. a"saum, MrsJ. m.

.< ,

MRS. VANB H Ja ..W wrS pW

pher, a belf n w U gwmas m hmeen m R isr-

W F*M iby g Mi-ss WhfalOy i

A git of a m of n- Bertol andMrs. Anita e
nature all Vs pre- ient.
sented the baono tby te hos-
temse with tbhe gifts. M. Maealary
res hna CWpimented With Lmoces
Reres es The members of the lestuo
from a tabeadt With al-Accounting office ofat
coffee roses. A .bihow Commainry Division at Mow
cake, appMU y pse Y pn MOe gave a no-ho-t lunches
and th Wth O aUWI fIt the Brnas rook Coqnti
under clFriday, to complme
with other .aulay w
nThe guests wro ldvidua Il sS trnsferred to anothi
household hint. ant favorite ts o partps yentD
eifpe for the honorE. to be th sWhopUI
SThe guest s a4edO. d M, Cl, les Mahe
sons. Mho. Randall, Mrs. 'M mO Douga
Geore MRadel ,MO wol Ms Arthur Uvingston, Mi
comb, Mrs. Beulh ainoa. d Bruce, MiSN PhAti A
Mrs. WiUlam Asowii MO i brittaun and Mt. Frlnk, W
Clifford Ewing, Mrs. Ma DoU- lUm.
Bu Mrs. Wayne Oid MsMatle Camra Club
Ac n, Mrs. Auth r, Mrsemeti f
Los Maurer, MrL Charle A speC ialmert b ofi t
ONlY, Mrs. B Atlntic Camera Club B8.
E. Thosma 8 eM ter, call Oed for sunday Mibten.
Wr.n. Thomas amee, M 2. st 7-:3O pm. at the aIt:
Warren MNameeM t -Nc
seth Slowk Sn. b Buldn Mick, MNickb-
Marsh., and Mrs. G.a cfSS- vl, oof Photo Aatra,lf .-
per of Balboa, mother of the m City, will lecture an
honored guest. of te mobtrate "M k e p.
Miss Jean O'de of QuitoPhotography" w It
or, was read, i. Nancy Karger as modi
W as presr and st Thi5 will be of Interen to wor
ern in color and black an
J a- Luneheon white. Members may bring
I 1= Y Mrs. Arg their cameras.
etf Monday night the re
tm =t~e ed A b i? m 4b Meeting wU be helbed
S tertained luwith e the LA.W.C. Building at 7:
arpointe dlunchen Pa.m.t th Colonel Otto Kohle
,fteurnoonsa -S of Fort Sherman as the gue
afwterno of Ipaa. ,p n m will speak on "Po
S irsts were: Photogaphy" and w
P e C, '.Mrs. Frea ... .. .

,,Ir A ,rin I, Mr. .e-
p MrsHowardarr, Msn.
.ai'Slij ^,n Ammons,
a .Wso.hby, Mr. J.
J6 and Mrs. T. A
score prizes were
woo. byr Pooleo Mrs. Al-
bv-vd J101 Harris.
Lt MM Onnde, a former coR-
ee'r panist entertained the
grop witt a number of a-

NEIL Lasras Itertalnt

tn. w so t* for a card
Sath St b home e Feb-
Miary aWA.I.. a.-#I,- J-I



wif be o closed all day ,


S- -- -, ."
I :^ ^ ;

b -I

' A

* I *'"''

. "

B'7 .'..

Ii~e ,v*t"I


*I l

mrM. te Mr.

-, T .,,, .,n-I
a. eMrs David Mar-

MaL Crlt M"t. Unbet
I.7ooerowon the ramba
Tner _Nea er Msa4 Msn
werho were winners at
Craig, Ma Uambeth
e~e tabf aba
EtA and Mrs. mCtabgr.
at bide.
SC Lwauehe
t tMr. Beyesten
v f Bqrdston, who

TE "wa'".h "%
fell luncheon SIlT
Grjitob&l Gun "Ct

were: Mrs. Jda
Maude Cinochi
mlse Merchant,
aide, and Mm i
L Frank Btae a
Van lclef, ,

Se Party er
ad* Huff, whoIs re-
ana emiloyent -with
Uaa Canal Co. and
the asthmus to reside
i wa honored with a
given b a group of
t the Critowbl Oun
the luncheon the
canasta at the
A. A.. Doyle of
imeps. The "grp g
t a figurine i af.
bids whoaJx pIted
ta Buff, WI. W
rta los lh MnD Sh6








umr hi les picture with por-
tamit he has made.
The umbi jt of the monthly
black ad white competition
ts _'totraits/' Colonel lcbler
wl co'. ment as the eureM
entered in this competition.
Rev. tuns Arrives. Fe
A Rfe11At RM 1we
Reverend James Istes, of
Jamaica, arrive by ple at
I''umn, Thurfy. Ste t Sec-
retaxy of the Britih nTd For-
ignm Sble Socletfs Agency in
Jamaica, and is here to at-
tend the Secretary's Confer-
ence at the OW Boun nh
Old Cristobal
Reverend Inne hoa smat
seventeen years 1 Laf mr-
ica with the7a& For.
eign Bible bj, v a in
Stat! and Cift Wonr icing to

evening from 5:00 t# 1:0 M
Table will be piU
lawn and there m inb
Price of admieis tL
for adults and 75 ceatsn
Orclhd E S
Residents are nrelded
the Orchid zhilit th
ning at the home f
Mrs. Harold Whtp at
NeigtS sponsored b the
Coast Orchid Society.
The blseoms will be on die-
play tomorrow from 10:00 a
m. to 8:00 pn.

Of ArtExA h

To Be h Trl.mmw
An exchange of exhiblitlm of
the works of Panamanian ad
Canal Zone artists will -t an-
deuray tomorrow at 5 p.m. at4he
Pine Arts Building on Asnla
"'" near the Lottery Plisa d
Monday at the JWB-USO. inan-
guin the beginning of reuu-
scheduled displays for tlb
benefit of art lovers on the Isth-

. eoukh the efforts of Julo
Aidrete, rector of th9 Depart-
ment of Pihe Arts and Publica-
ion. ~MWas. Gardner, chairman
aof. tl ehbltln committee of
W C0a0l Zone Art League, U.S.
WbOdby Cultural Affairs Offcer
Alfed leventon m S Ma onal
School of Paltintgf director J.
have be completed or the di
pay of loeal artioc talent fot
two week perlo.

On ommoday, the p tin of

whilens. Matted etolor prints,
textile an will be dis-

for the art s iWnae. The gailey
texile nd will eatl
Buldlng whih to als available

t WeOa painting. ave
elregbt abehsaiduled for the

leehbg~a* 0 us or we
ml~i~r s lm Vm lAN OF .mLngam1
.segr w ammn- ahei m Im san
Ebum. ma bodLx&tM 1:30 woe." an et of an wd"li
man tomorrow. epmndt JIs as n
The Society I- vnf a tur- eRpertences a infetiMt, tcord-
key dinn-er at .fthe Kn iEcyclop.edia ta
Cohumbus budUdn tomorow

I S~ a bth ,*f.m' Msdy a Sd,

in'pm*me 1ha- wan-eMh.
m -,- and bf l -- e
a1l-I-aml sad & au
A'a Js dp Je as Mtus. AS.iW s A afth pysu sp fl"
*sme@eF-4. y mu etj wpsermw as a' p used a-


.* -o wow"' eO f ttm n '0 13 WUATf I~o-al U- Fv PMVA."

,r am]m seas, c. L
u. si was I, ia
9:^. 00hPOl1 (Cls( f r i aeWs).
1:4 n T MAT BRUINS ILESSQ" Pet. 4:U-19

". '", *;-^^ |BuIAFEL- (q 4 ~uamr...S- '. d

-- f

? 4?, ',,

1' t~

*' *>.
; ;* -
Jl. <
.'; '
.'^.' '

*!' '/






T "J "

~r 'S

You Sell 'm...When You Tell eem theru LC.7 ,la

Leave yous Ad with one of our Agenal or our offices in No. 37 l", Street dlJJ

Lewis Service
* N 4 TiyTIvol A.--bPhe I-41. Iana

Pourtb of .JUly Av-PIhoum 1-0441

Nu. 12.179 tftiral Ave. el CMf

Salo6 do BwleA Aqrecaue cll ftni Sto re
No 6 Weal 11t" Strat LM60S.haO AwT .- tg 3i

Agenaia nlateradeald d Pdble cioO041 "l.u i i.' t oilI
No 3 Plm -- Pbonle 811 t b

Household Aautomobile **"* *"a1 -i
golwoFR SMS 192. ******
ingrosr" set mishloany end tables d n iidp*, oil. gt Mm,.
etc Phone 198 Colon, 8th. St. OIdN.ea tlu lnwy m3 0 me enINE A K Wc
9091 :b MIm us now., mu hob4ee1 Centrel Avenue K
9-091 so appa_ pw|, only $410.00 dow telephlon 2-479. PmenWs.
FOR SALE. Mahogany table, 6 ud 4ve It awy. Tew F Ay QUARISTSi New Tril
choirs otr living or dningrnom. Ue D b ,w I eAd Fishes.. ouorlm11t Iek, OuR
May be seen ot Ccwes or call 2-. OLPAN MOTORS, INC. plies end Bulk Fish Fped. Ai uift
3331. between 5 and 7. a____ Atoe.. 3 P e*. Trp'-1ol, p. Juen F"W ja M
FOR SALE: Furniture for living. ,-.---lr" '1 toilde C .ve-In. P:ione 3-413.s
dining and bedrooms. Refrierater FOR SALE:-1952 Do Lu"- Chlvr" Travel vie "AREA." "the Route o
end gas stove. Must o immedl- lt, jilt like nov. ell o11 accessor, e d Neighbor. NO IN
tely. 11 Manuel J. H.rtede. LO including underco..ting. Fhone 4- CREASE INPRICESI,.FREEMIALS
Create. Even if not Inteerstod In 3207.. COCI:TAILS On-wy MIA
f turnure, com on up. Floor show F R SAL:-1951 Ford Custom 4- MI, $7.00. .NEW YOW K. $114
at 6 and 8 deer des Vs., branln4 palm t 00 -....GUAYAQUIL, $80.00 .. .*
FOR SALE.-25 cyle Frigidalre re- Jlb, baid ew Meat s eea, radio. QUITO. $86.00.. Rund trip t
fr:erQtor, $50.00. Call Baolboo ead Sw, ti cr is a slewl oily MIAMI. S126.00..NIW YORK
24A4. house 789-D, Tornevilla, $491.00 Jon lud it's youm. yewr $214.C"(. .GUAYAQUIL $144.00.
Balboj Fslet f eod Delrr. ..QUI.O., $154.10. BOEING 4.
FO'-SLE:---mmon couch, mks COLPAN MOTP1.1. INC. *mnlne panm. F9 r.emre d4etllsi
FOR SALE:-Simmon couch, makes On Aeale lew. PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE
into double bed, good condition. TOle 2.1 l 2.106 3 Avenid, Noelrut, IAutomble
SRI6-C, Rousseau. _____ ----- Row). telephone .-1655.
f LEdininromFOR SALE-1951 Dodge Station We- .
ext lol od on, excellentconc:.'n, 'Phone WEST BANK LAbDI Melt Tm
four ditibne cheir, .0.2-567. House 120, edro Miguel. meo. experienced. Steteide Ji-
Sfour dininoroo choirs, 2.0. -- censl beauty. epeat*r, has join-
Tel. 2-2026 oft6r 6 pi m. or Sun- FOR USAL-194 Fed C~ Cop ed G-r 'I end Heael in the Genell
today a m. V, s.neolwP l1~ j' a, sous stitoeov Bliss Cocoli (~C.b:-,u:e Beauty
- geod sims. Come la e iIk f Shop l re ullty set-ewill
SALE:-A couch and two chairs ed m* 1 b"o, d, Shon Coil 4-
r of 2 strand Rotten $75.00. Qtrs. nd ilt'" wm. I..Ye t-OfW t: t.d l.
46-B, Atbrook AFS, Telephone and*l Y
86-3230. _______ l COLPAN MOTORL INC. Just received a fresh supply of
,FQR SALE: -,-- Household furnitud. 4O Autfebilo I:. :ine Shrimp from Son Frtn-
Phone 5-487. Brundage, GotWi, TTlet 2l010 2-1 ,:cico., Calif. ATso fish feeds at
house 109. FOR SALE:-195 Mercury 4-doorl Coc re" Ce Mike,"
FOR SALE: Livingroom set and Seden, 14,000 frills. Excellent -- .
other, furniture, Belle Vista, 45th condition, extras. Cristobol j
strot No. 4.I 1339 FOR SALE
FOR^ S LFOR SALI-1949 Moryiy 4-deSt R
sedism hI Fnd>> k -w job. no e nicealloeoiN
FOR SALE c d M, ly 4.:.CO o.. ....$4.-- ..
wN. thlsgad a a s t"asellt buy. "OR SALE" : I, t cils amateur ra-
Real Estate .y ou p.F d:o *tation, Vikin transrigttr nd
F ---B-argain, owner leavi g COLPAN M" tMINC. V ube kt and spaes,
FOR SALE.-Borgoin. owner vin 0 As.i. l.s 4 Astajc micrphone and sftad.
country, modern homr on National Tele 2-103 2-1036 -:HammuItnd Q129X Receiver.
Hi.hwoy., even mites from Ferry. F.lincor Beam with coaxial cab:e.
Tel. Bolboa 1696. FOR SALE: 1951 Narh Rambler' For 60 cycle. $440.00. Complete
FOR SALE: Professionally built Country Club 'el. Excellent 25 cycle Power Supply $65.00.
concrete block house. Completely condition. RD"i, ovladrive. Quar- 509-B. Ft. Clayton. Tel. 87-4182
furnished ciihotion living-di,- tars 61, Albrook. Phone 86-.-zC9. I--S7-1215.
ingroom, bedroom, large kitcheO. FOR SALE:-1951 Feed Victesri VV. ;OR SALE:-All types of Refriger.
Bathroom poich and patio. House lligh greu bedy, black top. geed lois, 25 cycle. Fhone 6-324.
tiled throughout. Tile roof. Garage ires, tbis se 4 i 4 emleilient buy, House 174, Gen boa.
and utility room -thet cn be ped ell $559.00 da 'e yeas --i --
as guestroom. Water and light ie friendly F deFrt FOR SAnE3 f.o:- kne r orgeu word. #
from town. Located one mile be- COLPAN MOTOa & C. trunk and 3 ft. ocker trunk. T
fore Santa Clre in Si Cliff, O Alei 'wE Po 2 t0al9. Pqama
: on beautifully Jt d S.2-10 FOR SAL-E :- rtable Pckrd
uIQlmI9! SALEr r 5 ci tib radio." record ,
" widlto1? Dow lien ?'J.. PN Ares '.,lawe Price k
"Itj r~l tron 10i _____________ Z ~ inlWO. hM *06

ties in Bogota, Colpi i, $70Q000
Sfor .house or store ion/rPanma or
catt or coffeeO fr in the In-
Sterior. Agencioa Thomeas, Central
SAvenue, No. 259, telephone 3-
1069, Panama.
SOR SAL.E: Sacrifice, 2 bedroom
concrete house, partly furnished In
SCrmefio. $1,600.0M. House 31,
Cermenio or Mergarita 8055-C.
Phone 3.2583.
FOR SALE:-Santo Claro hom,. 2
large bedrooms, 3 large c.sets.
large livingroom, dinette. modem
kitchen, car port. All tile floors
I and bath, fully furnished includ-
ing Servul refrigerator and inner-
spring bed6. 260 ft. frontage,
fenced. Reasonably priced. Call
SCrit6bol 4676 or see No. 32.
.Cole Chice, Santa Clae. Burkle.
Sealed bids *111will be received until
10.30 A. M., March 16, 1953, in.
the office of Sup tendnt of StorI-
houses, Balboa" fr ne lot of six
quarters bulldlnps located in 'Rain-
bow City. Swfe l -Include restora-
tion of sifte .. riafJ s specified
in the WMNo Ferm of prpp11
S with full 1 imw b e caused
in the *0 Sof Smprintndent of
Stord'hou-k AW t Houmnl Ma.
nger e td"@W.


FOR SALE: B ,r cobin. 15 ft.
S moun-'en trv $250.00, els6
S14 HP Evenrude trtr like' ne
M 5250J. Cell k4--29 .! or .s et

t 1L. BUY:- ~Fpymai e/G. M.
" Modrn ieejo, redu, ein.
v where seen, wif t MATILDE,
: P.9. Btx e 8, Puma. R. P.

Help Wntid
WAN : MoM )r housework,
mu* kit French.'Cali 3.N01S
from 2 te p. m.

RWAM):-I-e.. we b.,an Pe.
'Icp Pe, in vicinity of Columbia
St. 4 mown fet nsure t nte
of lltx. Reward will be pol for
infrmotion or reur of tiu deg.
Eme* V. Trot. Celle Columbia
No. 5, or Trott o Cleaner 2-

0in your
i. ._



FOR SALE:-16 tubes MidWrdt Ml-
SSALE -6W7 Chrysler Sedan 6 btiband receiver in pserfct co
.excellent shape best offer, leavlnl tion. $125.00. Phone 3250o6..
Zone Sunday. Ream 261, Hotel Ti- FOR SALE:-One Melsune VFO. I "
voli 2111. R 9'R phone patch and speaker.
FOR SALI-94 Ola'ie Cups Call telephone 2-3189. House
g1.M 16, b11" til fP --- 72.0-'C, Bolbca Prado.
.mmius.sim radio, -pt11it,. goo R SALE:--Mptel ice box 100 Ib.
in.-. ,pt r dar tlly _e40 Cop. Portable metal ice chest 100
IN P@eeu. tenl this wmeek. oly lb. ca. Work bonch 14" w. 5' long
$200.00 deaq and t's '***gn. vise. Archery equip. two 6 ft.
Year fidadlt Pied dealer, bows. etc., dry cabinet, 2 straight
COfSN hP"TOBRS. INC. chairs. 687 Curundu Hgts.
T bi"OW. FOR SALE; One pr. beautifully
.-s matched alligator Dom pump.
FOR SALE:-19 50 MocWy Club Clo:ed toe and heel. 7 1- 1. Ne-
Coupe. Perfect conditlcn. Etly ver worn, $16.0Q. One girl's red
p yrnnts. Must il. 41, Poto V coot, size I, worn 2 weeks, $10. F
Bele St., Ancen. Phone r2-3556. 00. 2 cotton single mattresses,
S4 C---- condition er-ceflls, 2 for 16.00.
.A i sFed Cowwo eev.. call'*j 2.U94 Cgl. _
C Ig MS, Hartz Mt.
*g. *c-a Ro-* l 1 d. e imported dilt
gif rorq Gl' r class gimr.,
e' ; AC ftAR I CAL. apposiea
1 Y leri, Juan Fronce I*ts hide Duetl-
INC n. Phon 3-41
oTeOh .Z3R SALE: GWrl's 2 6"
child'slif Ire *nd an t0Im j
male. All I6' oeeutlent condiHML
OR SALEi 1 Oldsniobile Super Reasoubl, 014 Plank St.,
U, 4 Dsaf Sedan. Excellent con- o o.

I~uuuZ00mnem~ 3 521py

FR SALks -

---e fleBM1

Neing i~
fare disposmin
W pay cal
Auto-RNw N
OeR SA :-||9
"rV el

PI aro.

OI. iVA. ,A.
|;B rr[

WO b u 41e1a 1lob 3ftleahir Owfini In public.
g=i. ^(w s wIC bealcA I 4 office of Su-
s. e od fs., per:n.endent r eho olboa,
b0 htte 11 U'or the. f0ln. Shwse B 1
S51 215.R wql INVITATION .17-One let et
deoleb. mlscellaenouq b&didhM material
NQTO S. INt. consisting t a igemed- kies of lum-
S %Raw.* bar, corrP*ted refling, doors,
I a_- 2 s ood and stl window, Massh and
traublei? See us be- screen frewjr, l miscell-
9 of your used car. neous materials. T OPENED
1- Agencies Cosmos. IGI A3O.-Ma-M H 5, 1953.
o. 29. Tel, 2-4721. :.'ITATION No -Tbewtoer-
cyclw, 2 oi e. 2 pseng
5 1 CamTT or vehiWcles, e vW gOftlneou
.9 Us.-e Ce i To- L trMucik .l dumK. dM
w d" t ; "-pick-u6p. 3 1.uPae-
in. TeL $. 8401-00 nel 4 I 1l. i. 1
aa y. I t iaw Neiler.

1vvit sB~ivrl51. I t of
*lflon. whIrt, Ide du6p, 1 1 Pa.
di, ran queak. ew oIdl, I I ."M" bpi, Wnd
coven. $1,725.00. t 1 an truck. TO 1D

U beiT.o6. tC .i-o
I m-

jrage bleoref en ea ot

____ Houseg ___
43R RENT: S*epanful residence,
' No. 8, Ecuaer Avenue: 4 bed-
, rooms, office, livingr6dm,; dining-
reaoom, perch, 2 thromso, pmnpr,
klthon, garao, &d Complt My
furnmihed. F6r informtion telo-
phione 2-1902 w 3-0351 Pon.

FCR RENTf.-het, n to A
lson emple N. 4. lme l Lewi.
street,. fe o "Mbigelo m."
FOB Et Aful sdence o
three drofms the bMehreMMM
St W ri fr Amer-
faly. 1ted phone 2.

No. 14 In Lfevr. Av"n, Per-n
Lofvr Urbeniazietn, one
froa, vle a.U. Openoi for in
--t5n. A"ply Tel. 2-0410.


OR RENT: Niet furn:ched
bedroom apartment for a yeO
Abre J fo"nBaelk"
CmII -4860.i
CR RANT:-Wel ventirtd t
sits, near the seo in'frn
diea, 12nd Sftoer No. 6 tr
.'Oh,. irh... f t, lnthwott, m!

OR RENT fu j" drlJJ

905, 9th eOWd Rneovlfvenu.@.

OR RENTeone bedroom'
"onn rM
L=.atit, r e iPal aentlemon or
lady, 30, I rAvenue.

, *,." .. -- 1

nMde. ube' utrauNt; lit .t Bl
P 5u I ''*""S. Api.
OR Rt?0:--Furnilshed reom, j
ist? e kitchen g4 jeo.
21.Fu pf July A .

*OR RMNT-Large comfortobbr -
nW00t room witl bath e .b
4)I far bachelei or c
k-. Cuba Avenue o. agr
Pon-me Hopitl.


Shipping, moving stog.
We p"to and orate or rove
anyhin. Phon 2. 1,
84 Nt. (^ amAa

',. "
I i'--



I ,

ft HvuotT o

*t* **e .J
JvTPaa -
kgy~t-y u
DUM Ptse
rt~afl 00
0UikB~t~ V
ttM m-l .

S .

* Vs''

S M e I.

Dulk Maoy
Shake Hands
With Vishinsky
W, Feb. 21
=u02 t .od, th e
oC shaking hands with Ruimhi |
lploamate is a matter of pul.


Eftiu n~i it WS I'N
As for hie a1,

'I w


, '*.



_ ~ .._..









- -. --&~$AA~I.


p ~.'*

q ~

~- ~.

.It ~*

oi t.

Cli hmelam I a-C
"e. M. -JU *r ,

Ir ma "'

is* wol d U sdt rw*h
WM.e w asLb .t bo .I. w
S... ............. .

"If'" '"

.... I sa d '..... .: o a g

... ,......... .... T.a toodin
low ." .*... ... '" mae f
-ieW oOeS,, i,,

0th. ChrMs 0 -w 1'
f ''p

n end
o i iiii ceniB c
So i 1 "tt t.
.- -.. ........ Ths
..... ." re t, Ikeo "

.~ .

&. E f.h.
=,' Oak.&.&
t: tl, +i .+llli' ...... ,,l ,o._
!= ....nd

." _.7- Pl, F1_

CaNe "I" No. 20 6
Tgraphic addrsm '"PATCO"


T4elpbsm 3M o
P.O. Box Ns. 1774



...but thee's a bic difference in


Soirl- Ion
i a wMile mrieume, who arn thow
.e t i lm.,
Motarlotd the wld om r hwa Ivt nare
0eU4i'U tham our Stthr make.
f, iia't the tire tih d v thd e l p eatet t-
igh.tilaa to .mt uMhth tire fer yu tp buy?


Mm. sppl mse w"smr M u,,

p *i
F It I


adlor O IMlnm os ay swr mk



4 ..?.
i.s "'

W 5' '. ^

---I ~ -~

*M. MaI w waCro m ag-rttat c thaiSrn ast as

'b ~


Baena f NW dnank pour 5I Comaerce d P Idimauri
16 Boulevard des Italions, PariS (90) Franca
Total RleavIWM-Franm 315,000,000,000 in various foreign currencies
Its system embraclfg four continents maintain "over 1.200 branches,
agencies a md Uoolation In France. The French Unton. the Near
Kat, Afries, Switzerland, United Kingdom. Uruguay,
Mexico and the Far East.

b .,



Jl -...


.. _. ...~ -.

I ,


i ', "~t .:"M ".'. f ''
IW .,.,
., i: .. +

* -. -! .4L, -. :,-

Bob Lemon, Garci Wi

r U -

Early Wynn Only Signed Seton Hall Two $100,060'S

Member c f Tribe 'Big 3' Stetches Win S. A. Horse

By UNITED PRESS -". .. .
The Cleveland Indians br'eathed a sigh of relief Sr k" T 27'if
today as the second of their "Big Three" pitching -
staff came to terms. SOUTH ORANGE. N. J., Feb.
27 (UP) Undefeated Seton
Riglthander Mike Garcia. a writers In his home country. He Hall achieved the longest single-
22-game inner last season, a- is Giullo ulorioso. He will leave season winnlnr streak in major
greed to throw his fast ball for Rome by plane today. The 21- college basketball history last
the Indiani this season for $30.- year-old Rome law student says night by whipping Baldwin Col-
000. Bob Lemon. another 22- "I know that I'm not a Dizzy lege of Berea, O., 83-75, for its
game ,Aliner. signed yesterday Dean. but I'm very happy to get 27th straight victory before an
of 542,500. That leaves Early the chance to learn some of the overflow crowd of 3,090 at its
Wynn. who won 23 games in iner points of baseball." home gymnasium. Wife
1952. the only unilgned member Manager Lou Boudreau has Seton Hall, with road games
of the "Big Three Wynn is ex- set 1955 as the year for the next against Dayton, Loslaville and
pected to okay an offer of $38,- Boston .?cd Spx pennant. Bou- John Carroll next week, has a
000. dreau says Were working on chance to ran its string to 30 'O
The Indians have two other youngsters. This year we may before beginning competition In
major holdouts. They are out- inirh as high as third. But by the National Invitation Tearms.-
fielder Larry Doby and second 1955 we will be a definite con- ment at New York.
baseman Bobby Avila. tender ma be able to win the Coach John (Honey) Rasleu's ss'
General Manager Hank Green- pmnnarnt." Pirates tied the old seasm ree-
berg says the Indian payroll will ord of 28 straight victories,o
come to about $600,000 when Boudreau Is starting his youth which was shared by the 19385.- feft
everybody is signed. That in- movement by two-platooning 36 Long Island University and ains
eludes players. manager and tie Red Sox outfield. Jim Pier- 1949-50 Holy Creoss i in a
coaches. sally will oack uD center fielder touch 52-49 triumph ver Loyola a
The Indians also will have an Dorn DiMaggio. Gene Stephens of Chicago last Satrday night
Italian pitcher in camp who was will spell Loot Evers in right and at Chicago.5
voted "most valuable" by sports Arcile ;Vtilson can relieve Al T
Zamilla ar Clyde Volimer in left. 1
Fiersall may take over t e ClAma w ip .
b first string center field Job. Di- R INWW I BULLFIGHTER Df AtMION Ace atoreador" El Soldido makes
M r "seoMu" agglo rmaius in a Boston R bullfighting look easy as the enraged bull prepares to charge the DOUT
Jiospital with a "serious" eye In- B nd Place Al Slake red cape. El Soldado will be seen Inaction tomorrow at the re-
Tecuton and is expected to miss cently built La Macarena Bullring zn San Francisco de It Caleta. LO
A nUat least three weeks of training Tnioedo
AOain Tomorrow Dr. Aaron Len says "It odayTex-champ from Monterey, Meq
scious out I think he will be a- co. lad's
ble to Wlay baseball this year. 1"CI'Ia5U OIv er1o fCo. r eo ad's d
S Cr But, he .mus. undergo treatment Des ite the fact that they will Referee PeteV f also scored Randolt
At Rio Cristal Lhe next ew weeks." be Idlethis week-end, Con L lo- eV@nilAJfivjrunds for 'Marcune, four card at
gan althe nextVigew weeks.or of bed weekend Con Lo- for Salas and one even. Judge promote
Artile Aldala favored Marcune, nounced
At Clcarwater Florida, a vet- will still be current leaders of 1, 4-, but jdge Frak Forbes
The same riders. the .sFin me m- eran coacn for the Philadelphia the Canal Zone Amateur League called t even. He gave each 8The i
chine:. and rr:,be even more Pi.;s thinms t.:e new bonus rule even if the second place Powells five rounds and eVach sx points. 175
s:ccd than usual are on the c- v.ll drive youngstersoutof base- of Rainbow City manage to de- NEW YORK, Feb. 29 (UP) arcue, fightingW fir st
agenda for the Rio Cristal motor- ball. Chuck Ward says "We feat their tose rivals from La Featherweight Pat Marcune of en main. vent, paled f12t a gr
cycle speedway meet, scheduled Just can%' give them enough in- Boca (Coron Remon). Coney Island moved into the big unds. Balas, akg at2
to get away to a roaring start centive to make it worth while. The C D (Paralso)- time last night by winning a .York debut and trying to re-at
a' 1 p.m. tomorrow. I don't believe the new rule will Chagres ( .Cty) gam e maorit 10-round decision over tart a comeback eiged 130 aing
records end rides toppled ra- be in the cooks very long." could revamp et whole stand- ex-Ighweight Champon [aure ul
p:,iy during last Snd-y's races. Under the new rule, a club Ing if the I.ook City youngsters Salas at Madison Square. Gar- Bd Salas fought throughout ins
'1 same is expected again, paying mole than a $5,000 bonus can defeat the defending den. the bout a he did in the last
I ottest item hi the ).-es3nt must keep tho player on its champs who are well mired in It was a close fight in which two rounds. he would have won mBilb
.t. mian speedway season is thelrouter for two years or give him the cellar winning one of their Marcune, badly gashed on his big rounds, hwouldt the won Solo
contest Letw ee Choppy White an uncotiditional release, first five games, left brow and battered on his dYabi gO;utta or to worl4 h
and Eddie Armistead._ _The games scheduled for Sun- left cheek' salvaged the decision d apLa to cote [In too r eo or i
ii main event lcetories at Rio day Canada Dry (ParalJo) at despite the fiery finish of the lso to aptue the ,mane.-
C.. I t ey at present stand one Chagres (Locks City) and Coror o The pa i Attendaae for the add the
a,3:en., iu1.:or.'ov, s encounter nel Rtaon (La Boca) vs. Powells The paid Attendwlhe for the
nee so ae ue:. emon (La Boca vs.iationally televised end broad- m
n, beltedec~der. i M(Rainbow City) at Mount Hope past fight wa 4.O30 and the e
._L. on s.3.'s form, it are rescheduled matches that U ro gate was $0,Q6. final *
is 'piety miciR as l kely tia.' were rained out on January 25. .
s5.Ci vL.o:3.:-cLn.,lou oupeeeaL Defending champions, Paralso, LU X A 14 1,-
,,s as r..; .iagaia or di.J Co,,- are having a tough time getting AIR CONDITIONED ,0*
noely mLy taie -bamueai ex-:e,- arted as they have been able SHOWS: 1:M LU:. : ..
tLbn to Aeluig in the clus. of twihl. ne game over the 7:0m A"P.a .
t. as. e a Ar ren leaders In five out- The wld' mt stave out-
ead. / A Losing akey player in Er- In hl most thrilling role!
,.esly was ahead for s644. .Gllete who volunteered
lapdan %elinal even. last week the Ulkited Statet Army and
%...n iAs W.i 1o ea.iia. as they lng their star pitcher, Butchl
say i alme spor' or other er, not pitching with the ef-
Ju.m.nH, m ,aya, ie dly etiveness associated with his
had time to ia-e aid st'ra|i it. Mound work, the Paraiso, Soda-
.... s L. L.u,.L.s Lelore men are floundering going no-
the rest of tne fle.u au pass... where.
S........... ~aLLciC as a non Chagres on the other hand
C. ieo ....,n, let aloe stop- seems better balanced as new
ping to urush nim down. faces have been added to the
i..ieely ca .,: eooated on roster. The pitching, with the
to tee to It tomorrow that reinstated )oy, Green and Edgar
saoulad this missior&une Detall a- .Gillette, bottnewoomners, could
gain, it will not befall one hoo- relieve Julius Graham and Sha-
ert. Cunneeiy. dy Layne as torch bearers of this
in acatuilon to the six race usually scrappy outfit.
op..1 ,'oia..i waLn wth follo. i 'LA Boca, Red Tank, Rainbow
t.., i-.ciiidait tniie trials, tnere City and Chagres have revealed ."
will again be a special -race toi weaknesses but have balancing
t.a..m.,,uson ,machines. assets that could make them .....................
Thie RM GCrtal speedway is champions of 1953.
cl, e by the sio Cristal road- "
house, lx miles along the Na-
tiona Lhighway past Arraljan.
Speaic.tors can get all the food ,
and drini. tney may wish. There
la ample parking space.
hicers aand their machines en- 4'
tered tor tomorrow's main
events are: Eddie Armistead,
ESA, 500 cc; Bob Baker, WATCH TEAC1r iE- O ly"
Trluph 650 cc; Bob Conneely, pJicsstaraetn sM ser- Question How Imny Indivi-
Intlan 440 qc; Donald Dahl, BSA sailts from, a low Jump on Baldy dual Giants' records does Bill
500 cc; Jerry Fox. BSA 500 cc; Mountain ptting on a Terry still hold? -Walt Bar-
Ray Mag4, Ariel 500 cc; Charles exhibition for ;s Sun Valley, bet.
Prutaman, Triumph M g cc; Leon Ida.. Ski School students. This Answer: The old first base-
ln, Panther 350 cc., is't recommended for begin. man and fmmaer manager's
Cl tt 8A 500 ce andI r.. (NA) name still tls tia.New lork'
t, Trimph 650 cc1 Nationals season batting aver-
ae (.401), rn4t hits for a sea-I
son (254), m st ~ps or a sea-!
son (139), manlt 0 (177),
Iand most "abl .
TU SDA Y Q. Wh at lbI theNa.
tonal League Ip 1 in win-
_ning percent ..=e Larson. ..
I' ^ ^ ^ A. Eddle ,I "' with I
." dinal rlht-algia iMl't lose f
a game after J3 1sl won his
BELLA VISTA 1st ra,', in or lOG'-
C A Q How rman momlers of -ad telocal fal!
TROPIC AL OTHERS bsebaball's a H ame E E
managing b ei l eagu e t C A

AOn.umm.RgesHeby I TC ,-- -- ,-- --I

Ch er o" uar twO
Ar. h, IaT. la the mo mlea ge

* 3~fr'~ ~q5ao'*1~ t~

4.. *'~

*ed 40
.- ___ 15-11 1 l

~JL.k .'~ ~


:'.1 I .-

S -., ...4



* #'

JfL< A-U f^ L





* '


*q .

. ." -

' *f


St1 4

^ o i '
L. 1 23 6

10 1 41

I4 i

IM" 1Ms 143t 4
144i /il- J M

1.i. 481
13 1340 as
*' m m*



f" 1'r- 'a f ^' '.' '
. --.- ; *A"..^ ",. **. -- ''

,. ...... geMn~o Mis wit- af

1 A*'T ek4Aiat9b T I in* B

.f1tit am Ol WVitoed 300 t e

*' Sipul eaMOu Releasd .

.VR .YE- IN".
- -..t. AT.H#.. ,


a nl ce. : -. ,-

left, -h

r Ihe led the National
IM .phmiore 1yw,

i t.e bat oeca8m o the

lt that my w
ent y 4 Il of the
Ubern the lawf- Bobby
','m ,an, the tter a right-hand
att'. ~~ae, nd another

Ilam escibfed as a left"-
ItMe riM ads. ibct n-

lCAsto ta I far baI k
aio.. 'the te as gthea

,iS auW *o naby a split nec-

.. -

i', .has been
I, Hungary and
thl~ n .4onot have dt-
ei w ... Jockey To-
last year's lead-
r .-.' etutaed to Flo-
Park after a 10-
ay ps yesterday to ride
two .., "lverptt Junior"
Sie p ht of 130-
Sthe featur-

S', .' -O-w

* '

" if,

r Ft", "
t: '. f; ,
L* :

* C


end longer to see what the ball sprky hits all over the premis
was going tp do. He hit thelpith and keep the defense deAd born-
after it had expended Itself. He est.
stepped Into pitches catching the It has been written Afr
outside corner. my unorthodox .Ud_ TA
uncoi k a cobra. The aEer
I operate on the same pri4ci- atl of the swing e spt-
ple, and with a level swing, secbd 0f- cotaetM fl
standing sightly behind the swift an4 smooth follow throuhI
ato and halt-way between it in which my wrists roll af,
and the sedge of the batter's box. gives me power. :
4s9ed the secrett of my Vttang, I bit S3 home runs Ih mr big-
Ed hae to ay it was adjut gest year. 1948. proptd
my be to the pitch, me to pull for the sa and
any 'bal 1er the plate a epoo fences until mid-msason of It
on*. Not that am in apy sense ruined my Swiss-watch timing,
a bad ball fttr, for1 ta1 e a which, of course, is the s ct of
strike to get a whack at a pitch hiting.
I like bette.
I wound up wit 36 round-trip-
t batters take the mie per., my second at output,
stride ona every pitch. I don't. M but my avera dropped from
tgor lead toot deted ntOea .376 to 38.Ja ie nso of
w" I it in front or behind the Dodgers me out for the
the bal. This given me dditional batting chm nhtp by Just
lverade from my left, or pivot four.34 A turn-
foo f* ed o W
Tat's why Ehiot line drlvei ISIMatram my
It ME flIAL a n d .id. unwAl. 4 = 2" .. a ..







Atlantic Pony League

Cricket News.

Isthmian cricketers are still
talking of the two-day all-star
cricket mateh that ended in a
draw on the, Na BUll Park
bver the holtey weekead -
The n ll claim a
moral victory E bthe be-
lier. that Roy Best .and AUgus-
tus Iennis would have been se-
parated before .tie Atantic
score of 23 could be wiped out.
Pacific raiders are eonfldent
that had time not run out the
last pair could hbove soed the
j 25 remaning run .medj to
bead the Atan cld e r ,
C. Smith and a Hewltt,
opening for the Atlanti SUd,
Called the tune for the game.
He w i t t, Who led ortho-
A dox cricket ifor -a. valuable
65. brought back memories of
the good old days.
And speaking of the good old
days... what an array ox star
of yesteryear was at te All-
Star game. an m Mrw, lml
Blackman. zachiaus UgkR fl
Claude Walker. Sa J n, Bet,.
Riddell. Knights, and mnny
others were around.


Game of I

for the Sas
1 *

Feb 26:

Rankin, if
Williford. 2b
Cunningham, Sb
Perez, as
George, pf
Smth, p
Tobin, e
Home, rf
Davison, lb
Brians, 3b



4 22
3 20
1 0 1
4 1 1
4 2 .:
4 1 A
4 1 *'
4 0 1
3 00

S3 is

Teamr Won Lot
Buitk 3 0
U. R. A. 0 1
Motta 0 1
C. P.. 0 1
Standing for the Season
Buick 10 a
M. R.A. 6 4
C. P. O. 3 7
Motta 1 8
In one of the best games of
the season, Buick defeated M.
A. A. by a more of 3 to nothing.
The game wad a pitchers bafte
a1 the way between Wayne
Wall and anny George. They
both pitched excellent, ball.
setrikng out 10 batters each.
George walked one and Wall
wai two, one an intentonal
to Danny George filling the
be Tobin ne bi h aline
drive to right fi e and ,ILewls
Taber threw him -ut at first
base for he last out.
M. A. '
ab r h 0 a 0
Rankin 3 0 0 1 0 0
Wulllford, 2b 30 0 0 2 0
imt, z.,u s 3 0 1 1 1 0
Georg, 2b 2 0 0 0 0
Tobin,/c 3 0 0 10 1 0
Home, It 2 0 1 0 0
Davisqt, lb 3 0 0 4 0 0
Cunnilngam, rt 1 0 0 0 0 0
Fraser, rf 0 0 0 1 0 1
Brtadab 2 0 0 1 1 0
Elwelt rt 0 0 0 o 0 0
23 2 18 S 1
Saeo, 2b 3 0 1 a 1 0
'roft, c 3 0 10 1 0
Lamla, lb 2 1 1 7 1 0
Taber. rf 3 0 0 0 1 0
Bazan, cf 2 1 1 0 0 0
Wall,-P 2 1 1 1 1 0
SBmlth, D, s 2 0 0 3 0 1
Hann gan, b 2 0 0 0 2 0
K lranld, t 2 0 1 0 0 0
21 3 5 21 7 1
M. Rl.A. 00go0o 0-0 2 1
BulCk 100 020 x-3 5 1
Summary: Struck out by Wall
Ir. George 10. Base on balls off
Wal 2, George 1. Double plays:
iLaml unassisted, Wiliford to
Sidth to Davison. hit by pitcher
L Wax 2 (Briasts & ElweUl.
r pires: Kandrth & Taber.
The Standings
Team Won Lost
Buick 3 0
IMJA. 2 1
CJPA 0 2

STAN.R-. -1

I fT t- Anc--h +- 8 I

o. c.m. asw llar ..h


At -.. d


i '

a..,.. .~.

~a J!We


* -'

L For ihs Uili

E .' .

In hbmw



' '* .*-


1 uwho
or 14;H-vn
Ap. w&.U

I.. r-.




1:15, 3:45, 6:17,
8:50 pnm.
,,Ie Ib',lew o




Ta L GUN...*Tm MADM oN
KM ME mQUALx or rm

2~5 SM -. 4- :U -9 P.P.



D aW rmcture and Real People o0 thm

'- '

s-.. -Z

.; i


o CASMXO'e. "O


Leo SOBCEY and the BOWl
BOYS, in
sTsAar CLeMm'm, la
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Now back to the present. Ken
Grliffith lived uo to his reputa-
tlon till he war stuiped at 27
due to his own careleunss. His
off driving was the best see
around these parts fr the last
Uen years. '
J. King and N. King justified
their selection with 22 and 17
reupctiVeLy. C. Groves sabota.-
ed his own efforts witsa mi-
dal attempt at a run, and not
himself nrut out. Ha 20 was a
valuable contribution. -
O@dar Rollox who rownedfr"
and wie In the field ocut o
utUy fours. Yacca kotbrt
*Ioit up to his reputation as a
The Pacific Bide bo
40edud a good slow bowleruof
the D Forde or Adolphu L
type. Auustu Dennai tundled
e and changed the
Vpe usr M 0a1 he captured the
wlokets of a Smith and Johhny
Claun l on *sucesive ballet.
When Th M Roberts cut down
the speed of his deliveries b
broke through the ranks of the
Atlantlo iders. His four wickets
for 44 rum was the beet bag for
PaciSfic de bowlers4

Hopper BDeuty
DURHAM N. H. -(UP) -
GOra hopprs are worth money
L Mew Hamph u. The Unl-
1M~y of Newo ua:nparILI
e mnent Reeaau a
there to a bouty of $1 a
bus el on graihopper def
stro3ed In the state. However,
th. bounty won't be pad un-
e 0 the petO are dueos d in
June or iJuly

Pabon, 2b 4 0 8
Newhard, as 3 2 2 .
Bird, If 3 2 2
Robinette, lb 3 1 1
Kerman, cf 4 0 0
Garcia. c 3 0 0
Coffey, p 3 0 i
Wright 1 0 0
Wetsel, rf 1 1 0
WIlson 0 0 o
Lorences, 3b 2 1 0
17 7 -
M. R. A. 301 132 0-10
M~tta 300 103 0-17 5
summary: Home Runs Smith
and Bird, two base hits Eakti -
George, PereL Base on bali e:
Coffey 1. Smith 8. Struck out Iy
Coffey 7, Smith 9. Wuinnt
pitcher Smith. Loing ptcher
Coffey. Umpires: Kndrin & Ta-

Swimmer's Course
To Begin March 3
At Balboa Pool
Tuesday. Marc 3, a course in
the swimmer's ldapscatlon will
begin at Balboa Swlmming Pool.
This course, open to all boys and
girls who have passed their In-
ermediate b"d., will be held
every Tuesday and Thursday at
3:20 p.m.
Standards for this badge are
regulated by the American Red
Cross War Safety Program and
techniques In swimminIg.
Intructon will be under
supervisIon of William mslur,
director of swimming tis Balbo&.

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"Let the peopl knew the trph h .ariAw ry us a" --. Abrwbam LincoxU.
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President's Bu et-Prodf Goil

Turns Out Par-Proof As We-
AUGUSTA. Ga., Feb. 38 (UP)- reason with par at the August* Thp Pridaldent late today will give also follow at I apiactul
President Elsenhower has learn. National Golf Club. .. the" famous grad asleaLp winner tance.
ed that bullet-proof golf la no Mr. Elsenhower shot in theof I0 a nearly lUfe-m pa TAhee 15 no effort to l0int
(NEA Telephoto) guarantee of a low score, nineties yesterday. rt of apnes. sedrt aVee men Into the-..
NEATeephoo) But he scheduled a p"aotle Mr. .laenhower painted the ing *coery.
DEMOCRATIC TRACES Former Governor of Illinois, Adlai For all the secret service agents session this morning wl h m re. hblmelf, warklng from a
Stevenson leftt, traces the route he will follow on his world- and their careful holstered Dudley, the AuLustau NtionL Slsi oil done by Tom Steph. The PrFfadent, on the 'i0
wide **educational" tour at Chicago's Midway Airport. Airline .38's, the President dould not professional, and hoped to the famous istam por- hand, has .onsti
Atewardess Pat Joyce i right of Boston is the spectator. better this afternoon In a rega- tt painter who lson did a pl- s=rvteiance' reladtbablyg s
o the bienae of denctives
R 1 When the President pla s golf Before Jones arrives with his on will rer qusth
a r f l n I here, his immediate company o wife this afternoon, the Preal- of got to A cloe-
Sy are members of his golf clu. dent will get in b 18 holes on- hand bodyg Ld.
But there are added partict- der a collton ofwatchful eyes t l seM
Sted, felt-hatted federal agents Whe Mr. Bsehower m i s ho s
Swh atrol the fairways in front something lea thn a perfect row an to hWhin
and hind the President, shot, he turhs qtly tb Dudley ometlme r a
I thog sm and asks: "Wh did I do -
An though some obscure fed- w gronB?" Ess W di I d

28 (UP) Russia was reported
ready today to bargain for the
United Nations secretary-gener-
alship. Diplomats expected a Se-
curity Council meeting te nom-
inate Trygve Lies' successor
within the next two weeks.
The U.N.'s Korean debate was
stalled, waiting for Soviet foreign
minister Andrel Y. Vishilnsky to
answer the United States chal-
lenge to disprove that Russia Is
keeping the Korean war going.
But since the U.S. has made It
known that it has no new diplo-
matic maneuver affecting the
korean war, U.N. officials anti-
elpated a curtailed assembly ses-
siton likely to end by April 1. That
left only a month for the coun
ell to agree upon a candidate for
the s cretary-generalshlp who
mu;* be approved by a two-
thirds vote of the assembly.
Lie, boycotted by the Russians
,o ever since he took a strong
gretow at the outset of th4 Ko-
rea' ar, resigned as secretary-
generIUl at fall but set no ef-
1tiU" 4fate for his resignation.

SPh pines' Champ
kits Cabinel Post
M&NILA, Feb i8 (UP) De-
S ftae secretary amon Magsav-
sy-' resigned t-day with ,the
statement that he no longer
could serve 'an administration
that fostered -and tolerated con-
ditions offering "a fertile soil
for Conmunism"
? The resignation of Magsasay,
who has been mentioned as a
possible presidential candidate,
S was handed to President Elpidio
Quarto at Malacanan palace by
S one of the defense secretary's
Magsaysay. credited with vir-
tul wiping Out the Communist
t Muk ahap revolution In the
S Pilppines, promised to make
S another statement later.

.florn 1820-

still goinj



mFne Old Sc

I~W&EmI !gs~

Russia has made it clear that General Assembly. No Soviet sat- ira statue wal in operation, o e .i .
one of Its prime objectives is to elUlte has yet held this one-year Predent could shoot no birdie He has little
get Lie out of office. honor. yesterday, gun-toting pre
But unless a successor is nam- 2) Return to the "gentleman's because ,y
ed before the Assembly adjourns, agreement" whereby one of the The sea n was open, d -the fairway at
the only alternative will be to non-perdianent Security Council lweather'was sringke and -e-o
leave Lie in office until his term members--elected for two-year y acted like a nervous mt.
expires next February. terms--would be a Russian sat- But the President, who norma l-
There have been reports of elite. Yugoblavia upset this ar- ly scores In the 8'a for 18 hles, S
Russian "feelers" Indicating that rangement in 1949 when It de- banged around inao oething over
they would not veto one or more feated Ceehoslovakla for elec- "e.. iaI
of the candidates acceptable to tion and no Iron Curtain coun- or. Eisenhower wu sure tO be
the West. try has been elected since. Mr. Esenhower was sure tbe
Now. high U.N. diplomats be- 3) Agreement to admit Corn- cheered this afternoona r .
lieve, the Russians are willing to munist China to the U.N., once Georgig's golfing immortal,l w
accept a Western-backed candi- the Korean war is finished. This by Jones, arrives from Atlai.
date in a bargain-deal granting appeared 'the least likely of the Pee.
them one or more of three con- possibilities. A
cesslons: U1
It Election of an Iron Curtain Leading candidates to suced ttleip
diplomat as president of the Lie are Nasrollah Entesat of : IdL e .l
Iran, Lester B. Reason of Can- u uuB and
ada and Brig. Oen. Carlos P. 3o- *|1U3 5 AqU
mulo of the PhUi Ines. All have
New PRI Timetable td he Rof0Cedrl Eiu
Now been President the General
Assembly. th n
E C itivPARI,. h 2 n( P)
4A 'Tr i hldi Tu1W Si i t 4S
tnnad s in teschdl arIt" f todln ed lpu CA en land, n aat
ftnOrN QdCe ll f C mtralho .

trind-d Join willogof
J44 addittbnai'pa ngedr bePledgi SYrZ' n i
ldainly ldtwee ria ad igFSu nce.t o
Colonwill become effective; t- ANKARA, Turkey, Feb. 2a The lpl meco pass der A 1
morrow morning. (UP)- Foreign Ministers ofe h asked the orh.At -
The principal changes to be Yugoslavia, Greece and aTurkey tp raty Orgnb lenr#e stand
made in the schedule are as frl- today signed a Balkan Delanser ur rad n t
will leave at 10 oclact pledging the "defense of uitate henforeas onCthe p
The departure of leave atnng freedom and scurity. wa e e exnral onf t
traln from Colon will be ad- thCentral topea front 1edlteen
vanced from 9:40 to 7 o'clock; The tri-lartite pact, which He oid he also i retcom-
daily. includfns -Saturday aind clauses. as signed by Fuad f undct e n"ofa the pd t of
nSht tmins will 'be peatW d Stephanopoulos for Greece and Tt job wu exortdIn r -
SrY. b oca Popovitch for Yugoslavia. sponsUble quarters t o n

direct oni rughout the week. ert Carey, commander of The scheme would re to oa
The nght tn fro Colon Scutheduled for signing yester- Laure Norgad, now izti cn n-
will leave at 10 o'loo and the day, informed quarters reported mender in Central Europe.
one fromPanama will leave at that final action was delayed The expanderon of the sWlrl
10:10 o'clockby differences I the two drafts was expected to include triall
The prespt train schedule prepared n Ankara and Athens. depuroptmentfor atorea ich emiace norSar
has been in offeit for about five In Its final form, the ten-ar- under the direction of q el this mou
months. .' 4er' the present ticle treaty waU described by pow attached to Norstah d I o n- 1W.6 tldO
sceuet-d-day trai* are informants ca "a simple friend- tral sir force staff. Bo, ad nIp
oerad M ncer week days and ship alliance more than a mill- "The matter is still Or av cd a

nA AngelM.Caballero of Compny Thomas T. Handy deputy r i- there
ns only on week- tary pact." These quarters linktly consideration by tEurope and here
ends an0dholidays. ed the agreement on a "weaker" groups Rdgway's ann .
Sn s berd and presently for veriodeatedto the visit to Ankara mentstanding d.
four p "se Wmer trains in both on Feb. 26 of U. S. Admiral Rob- for WWI'=
dlirecons throughout the week. ert Carney, commander of The scheme would reVt a of 4h., d
southern NATO forces band two or ermacre ntly o periatonin m-

children. itdee, to approvucture thet- uani .i
Sgl BitA. Caballero served n Kor Eisenower when sa ;,,l

wth Co "D" of the 65the commander of on the Sl

Infantry It was there -
t that hs a n mIn combat were |i
SBrone ar ground forces n thegallantry

roBronse 8tar. oat. Cabalem also e o on
European area which emton rbbon. European Cam-

Foan ribbon. American Defense -
N ndthe Good Conduct TAIPEH. Formain Invasion u
friAwestward from the Iron C"
SMMilitary officials said
FORT KOBBE Lt. Col. Rob- "lay's move was part of h# -i
ert W. Scott, #.Commanding"O !ral-, "_tightening .up".

f thed attaion 33d In- n w the proje

nFroel Income Tax of Company
"1 the Bronze S tar recent. an mander in uro
brs 1940 and presently resides atsed the NATO atandinga'
I decommenodala ton.
b Caballero served In Korea
enr eimen.It was there,"I
ctuhato n ribb combat, o ean C-
w aedda L n Pave the

paign ribbon, American Defense
Ribbon and the Good Conduct TAIPEH. Form
(UP) ( era l..
TeachorW- p nfious -eh
May BedExempt mIM ndChinA.

fo.40RV dea
,. of both the .

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sen lease


ing fort
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%a wak w
with such
wated- to
anyone kp
legea. utb

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