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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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am a'H~m

-. -
TOIYYO, Feb. 16 (UPL-U.S. Air
fired n two Ruumin-mode fighter
Jop~ Odimdoy, onMe ed a t
back ewMrd Soviet-held territory.
Air Force presumed the prt
Rul=aeu'r foce. They came from

Nixm the


- A Mair

Oi or

Waraw ann, w
Jeses cr r
m-e car.

Mlt Two Puanaumnlam
fined 0 on a a
Od meet charge. The ddemf
S JLeMd Plata 3L, and
I on an t wt.
uto n wRoad
6ull mft =Uamauntsn Was

ll)- ----- '*" -- --

SFithrs My, Face Di

E Within 14 Anths--He

WIh. 1i (UP)-

gtof 3S e,. mn.
TMe draft b~ef aIm' aUi he
raw the possibility of drMth-
tomen the native neam
Awith atltte fora msrlal
IrantItt we stay la *our
stitalttido," he didn't
h.ib OU me e rod be capiopt
8 dent .telbihtr eu-
eed, d Icqhln.

Intual atd

now, we're going to
vade area we are I
u-dIa." '

fr the net lx d
w for, the Beoa
.72eare an BO

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wca r-- -

If *fu*s.. ?Iuu -rnJ~a~rr 3'nr


wr.i AN ULI...I....o. TW. N IUO AAMA U -- AN 5 -
., Or. 4 N *m N noB. ininti w I,
seses6 Pa. SOXSI$S. FAALN6u .s P
*rrUPMONI PANAMA NO. 1740 (* LNI*' I -
S4t MAniMON Avg NeW VYnR I471 N V
0 vlALe mvi
IgTM IN ADVANOS 6 1.7' O a s
5-| *YtrA. *,N ByANC* o Se3 4 o


F~i -0-
STi Mail Bex as n open tfrum ti readern of The Pemaul Ame0
L. es ae f rnieived getefully end 9*o hadn4ed i* s wholly cefl
esem ctributel letter deo't be impatient H it dies' appear I
i. L s pro published in the Oder received.
P: sa try eo keep tnhe ltee linitd to onpe eg t.
Ideatiy elo ltitew writers a held ne strictest cemHl e.
This newspaper ns sum no responsibility ito tst1lsnnt as sopaine
I d in letteNs from reader
S-- o --
Ditch Digger:
It sure was good to find out somebody knows the answers a
.West Bank. We been hearing other rumors so maybe you
the answer to them too.
t' as somebody started a new employee association? It yes, wa
r right after the Industrial Relations boss stormed out o
ting of the old association cause he couldn't have his way?
the fuss about taking over the Cocoli Clubhouse and did
tie association before he ran out of the meeting that they
have to take over the clubhouse on March first whether
liked it or not? Is this new association if there Is one i
te one or can anybody Join? If there is one how come no
i nows who belongs to it or who runs it? Somebody said the
't e,. Industrial Relations bss is president, Is- tat right;
somebody else said they heard it wasn't an employ associa-
but one run by the Navy so maybe you know hichl
There ii some other stuff like 1ow we can get time off from
r something we do outside of working house like a ticket
kIng wrong at the show. How come they.cando this? Alm
Syoaknow. If it's true or not that the Indstrial Reltlonn
tting his own private bunch to start a credit union ana
er' the wheels are in office us workers can join? Bome-
we should all be invited to the fint meeting so we all
tnee t6 vote for who we want. ow come we Juat hear
instead of strait dope? Boi, what a Mell o a elwl
S .-.. Ditch Digge, I

.Board of Diectors of The Panama Canal Company:
SDon't pass Up the opportunity to have your health checked at
ffgs Hospita lurlug your stay on the Isthmus. It won't cost
r a cent as on Of your colleagues has already learned.
bi -rt .he board should be exempt froli medical
ip i lprehension. but such is the (ae.
hen em he ecee the Canal receives th service hi is
t, asnd owl

*. b
A -Curfew


I it
Sbest su n Aestion would y be to ne

-th n't stay wt' the present-one shand cf3t O.l yen

Did yoe ) kno* all maids In the States must have blood test
fore they are allowed to work. I don't mkow if that is a rul

Here's to more X-ays.


4 .-

I am a stamp collector and interested in corresponding with
tone in Panama who would like to exchange stamps with me.
arrested, please write to:
i' M 1U. mli*_

2236 wishon Avenue
Fresno, California,
* .8A, a

e Answer rt

8taPnslve Feele sheep 4,Il hill
Straightened 2 i End (comb. 44Deprts .
SsoCheryike e )
I teing.ul

Dered ed
0e yal ( sb.)

litresr 277 .ee D 49
*Strahtene d 26Bd (comb. 44 Deut
10 CherrYllk farm)
38 33 R ue e49

Labor N ew

SNothing is handler In under-
- standing Washington these daya
than a running account of
private tlephoni cals. Reloa
aonships are new and have
years to go before they b
into. the co0 pationshps which
orIg tIntricate deals.
Having little to hide the new-
comers nave not yet developed
fears of the little instrument
which may have a hundred ears
Sat the other end of the mouth-
piece or somewhere down the
- lne.
The phone conversations are
business like among the newly
arrived as was the one be-
m tween CIO chief Walter Reuther
an4 President Elsenhowetr' L-
eor Secretary, Martin Durdan,
one afternoon last week.
Reuther interrupted an sai-
nated meeting of the CIO's high
command to telephone Durkin
and get the kind of answers im 4
t a few moments which wougd
u have taken a king-sle lunche-
on before the exodus.
Up to the. moment Reather
Sput the call, I to Durkla' *of-
f flic, the CIO high emmund
? was belag needle kby Joe
d Currs, the Balor. leader
who is plso eae of the three
f most influential CIO vice-
Spresidents. Currn was ar-
glag for a fight on Preidat
SIt was his position that CIO
should not cooperate with the
general. The husky seaman, wh
unleashes a highly artWulat
Debating offensive opi d per-
t mltting any CIO offlcl.t take
office under Ike or to Joa i:
the special labor-marAnr"
committee being set up by Dui'
kin and the White Houe.
Curran made the psint that
the White Hoa D urn
had finally dedd thrt
labor-managemaet boardI Would
not actually sit3 ti wnth Ulsen
bower. It therefore wW hb-
come In effect, ad co
mittee to Durti I &ad-
er on leave from. the pbs
Union. This robbed I of Its
identification, Curran ohaed.
To bolster thi point, Rig Joe
aserted that the CIQ was not
even consulted on a hoae of M
representative the Ado
labor-manag ept board, crea- boys
tlon of whic was first revealed mstl
to the nation by Mr. Ksenhow-. Ai
er in his state o the Uaion Iro
speech. who
Curran's point was that Dur- couJ
kin had called and asked thit in t
Reuthe a d DavM Donald.
president .t e teeorkrs of D
A ea t he l with

What Carantr sd WAsM tht

!- wttL the Whl55e *

-SaWt emm A "w ite-
chfls .
Durk-n iba-caed on Reut

Elsenwer was bringingb big
labor ad big business. together
lpred4Dta loy In thiawitch.
ro Iby: PrevloIud R D or
ha wouldcaU on 010 to Aend

16entetve to jW 01e

*ifd.MMa board. UnEles *
wa- a driotigr esnestag n,
it Phi IMurray neveo wnt to
ho White ouse.
Reli wa that the yo and

sa austo pwweI at o
,ent te d

Imiltluueltb dS* 5
Io the Wbiter aoti
, te ao P l M r a n mW M

S w- bai or o dm

lIrect JIMi*"

ddgwt of
-in WNS

..- .. .

SI .. ..' .
.,, '."y,) ^- i

'' 'r
.. ,


, I



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88 Z (

S-'./ --'.

Peruvian Boys .

By Frederi C Othman
r .Y;r ,S.

cLEAN, Va.-Tho time bs come to report on from, and this was a new wooden world to Vie-
n Ooibte and .Ietr i plta, the Indian tor "- o w..
IA ..r i b u iA.._ra tel her he Moe became the tbet of fences iq
nta our b ete, Mc n.e fitted
don was the inside who' ktthian y houses. Obviously.
n attic to cellar. Victor w I man, ing X art4 t In
Soon conquered the ta but w ho lneve h1, too.
d figure out wi l wt .WMary to keep -o Even *rien the Ai Mig W rlm. i'or
he power lawnmower. mental reasons, we were wa (pI.
smart as the lieutenants ":l
espite a few bobbles at first, don and Victor JIU .did1'$ know what thei a
e downright uperb; wep them te going Nor care v muc. ,. Imu
,.ndP ny X vlMOi auai- 0-we L. A our rlJalA te OUW ni..lAf

e w .i Jsw E. '"

to ap
dbe w dt

tordwo waa 4 didn't..

rticularly did he dbLJ
nuers. there was no la
hi knowltder%. ,,
Jumt beforeg ei Adon
enuted with our bleaMnf t

dibL, and =n-w OA A
gets out of ic -, O war' at &"
lull toJmrde a freeAmem~n`. :.
.ictor.'w w. o : wsL.k.dldm%1
In lea=ftft He eols2 ,
to say Inr1t1; whatytm
Particularly did he aUket,ii
sugers. There was noUtM

..w -* WM MH H

b3w -,

i- :.;s

I caught : fleeting
As quickly you oin
'And something tdoLh
To meet him, at ;in
How radiant you look
I called your nam
But in the criwd y-o
The old lo", for yc
Where was hblt
Thet Storko
w much Ieuiedh
As you so gaily bur
And I remembered d
The days wheh kloe C

drcaiit In aitls i

--.~~- 4.. *-a'
S t

' '1
**i^ mm^.^



ten i


the tl

ar a
the fonid


S ...

E '.
An nK'"

_____ _C~_ __ __I_




-- I

b` "~~~j13;7:





fv *


i. Feed

I i,4. ~?

* C ..

-. -.. .,..

-, *RP W
og 13.1

'4 .1



R.rlxod. jifji **' .^Ui-~>aaf aa-W
. L -w~ ** *' f 1^ j b & ,_- 0 ,,.
-?- .., '-,-Lf-K ,.

T2tiodB farmed &. hardq Ld V
vSS hnu o g. f or S
ortfu Canmiif d 4LB tefthmentl. lr 1. r -
Conpw T he 310"hi: Th r l tabl Was
Scentered wd ithased it-e t ro _
rwS^' I^ ed hei ped Ex to.
ht C. a obtain .ThS S
the decoratli Rp it- T- bf-a
re m i 3 mYni, cooktem, candy and w pof
htrS puob Lhad been prepared by o
S, U tllowlag : Gal oir t oo u
and bl to Butler, Marvl Davison,
tank the o tr thr o DlaIe Oodhead, Diana Rae
t dletei S sad % (tLr&,MoVn Hardviek, i-
merchants of Colon or ne, coml at
cooperation. an (,/Kt9t Thompm. c e
Ths evemet that
7be~n e a tt. WoofLa
The. nata le t d e
ware =eat bt herank. MeeteAleto
Included: *,mor A4 MU.- Th
oofo.. o4.1Lions Break Out 0'
Paon, ovrnor i Ot hIdat t 7 30
- MarianAc t he Fort Gu m
d Mrs. J ..........
U.-A. t Waft h LI-MnCocktais will I


I pW .
n ek a h
b n..di
* r ^ r .i

ur and MW O M. No scopt .y Try
^ Maor a M0or r- P0 S It b epeer
man, CaptaI anu M. M odet fulnma W Maor Victor P. 82&L
W. Orifith, Captain and OMr. Trbb NatMioal
John Fahnestoc. Major ad ( UP)--Two ba out of slated to
Mrs. Pastor a, Captatn C oe during am a o s speaker. da
fand MrC. O t C Wa.H 1 M an rcueuk act JAm1 taTy, Mpe aed '_.;.-
Mrs. Albteit n oll bp pO mpectators, but =%=118.
Benjamin 1..g4p or Dahl p ',had
i. Cen'ain Dto Car pg- a ntothe do h r Margarita A n e
30u a b the buy don The Womens
tan and f town street. e 's
Mr. and wn nreet Unon
Mr. and Mrs. Lus CIsI, M D Animal trainer Pat Anhtn m morrow IAla
r.Cleot l c Mr. nteD'rb e had -ared the end of thie a the Chu mh.
wand Mr. Cle1ment fera. ale luon. in a li ev lg will a. -.
Cl The animal were be r h and MN.
A ..* nn. C herded bao, oeb at .tine. o t ." -
Isto^ L 5 0 b a tunnel ofa small wooden a-ea
-------- 'WeitT hM~^ig S whiCh ,PPed into the big cage. K". Ornit B FH=.
I-------- ? ons hit tm small cage eatp ar sow
huraeay aet hoe tof eaW ch twlea aes sas

C. W h errman.amd t af. m ch i nldre on at

KL &Ua --2- E. mftj chidren, went

-doo"t oro the at! o'n, l efm the h e
dti. Cl b but buta11 Brtl nod beat -a
lanie e weee terS3 ki"uN ehti Audn

im the corts ferat fa*i ramp hih
-a4 -alaUftmesd with.t t ,-
orr.. T ber. -findingrcn
0 pa" the gnian doo' door to the Ard open, lef;t tk
bu'dkg. but M_"efied to thFW
- tradlo- lw.m his bqm.EnJtsted 93. Ibbone Dattel"

ofrl.ulr mariec heads ts siwin be" urz,. s 8 owner
"od thauffew my. 'Shy saw

^S U^a aq^ar ag* 1 'It 11M aiuilenee 'had Veen7
-* r.-oui- MI v0'h e been k/Red." he a
AL 1.

AN........rt were am,,U ,r,;

la. m B t* OiaN nt L

^-Uo'^- 4m. uWr MaW
- AU bral =jU mm
Jlade 'l
M.IW Dods Brun.

a.Sena -B =^ .. -
i Hirlan, HMra. Is. ien.

Miad n uth
tUMrn, sft Me-
W.Mrtle Mn4l Brer Mrs.

Ba iJorwoogi, S Mary Ann
y&U&tSSBS& K-v

..-.-r i
- 'I 4.

'4 e.
: -./ .
; ,,'t ? .

at %Pa= .- apa-
The ydUng hbat aut th
heart-shaped cake which was
trimmed in ble and toped
slth the apreprit nmab
o1 eandle.. YWm s tbaham
waoe iven the a youmg sa.
Them included miLEt ,
brother ot tfb.b aMo, ePIa
haiedl, Dlly' Oed i
Johnnle Hasna.
The hosteu was I rau b
ie following Vaita UM a



7 '4 4

Do-to Carnival Ceebration

,our office willaclosed

TUMDAY,. February 17th


the morning of. Wednesday 17tti


', ,

stis of fork

: $2.0

I ~

* 4.-



L L.

T Town

r4. lyflM -,


'4 -i-

4. ...

", .- ,'

'* .. "
. '

d' *r

.* -\ ^ w. w U W;
q "l u m I "FllIP
l. d-.
tosuwH 4j ,

e" '
kft r.j



"AAA.- ^la

TAW "1L^



~L '.

> l

r"A ,3 *

. 4

" *>"r A


r3;-~ .L
r .


*1T"**' -I -

* 4~1L4*~*

to and Freight- ..hips and Pl

crgo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals id par
I:L ^. ^' *; *.', ^ .-t

I. n Woman sengers through Speedier hand-
Operator ling of reservatioi requests.
il Here By eliminating relays, messag-
the Gulf Tanker tran- es between Rio and New York
te Canal over the week- can now be transmitted within
they had as their radio op- 10 minutes. The new direct air-
an American woman, Bil- cult-leased from MacKay Radio
t Abels, and its Brazilian affiliate, Radio-
31-year-old crew member nal-also taaksh It possible for
e of the first women to have messages dispatched from Rio to
sense to work on a ship as a be transmitted to any point on
o operator, the world-wide PAA communica-
anama Agencies was the local tons system In a matter of min-
ant for the ship. utes.
-Transmission bymanual tele-
t Opens Radioteletype graphy, requiring relays at Mia-
ilt To Rio de Janeiro mi and points south, sometimes
A direct radioteletype circuit required hours in the past, due
rtchlng 4,800 miles-from Rio to message backlogs at the va-
Janeiro to New York has rious relay points.
VT opened by Pan American Communications between Mia-
rid Airways to speed trans- mi-PAA's Latin American'Divi-
daboh of traffic and operation- sion headquarters-and all points
oeassages and tie Brazil in with on the PAA system in Brazil al-
L's. world-wide automatic te- so have been speded up as a re-
lpe network. suit of the new teletype service.
S Messages between these points are
This speedun of communica- now transmitted by radiotele-
me enables PAA to provide type through a single relay at.
*atly improved service to pas- New York.

NEA Staff Correspondent
o -
HOILOYWOOD--(NEA)- Ex- Kroger Babb, who made mil-
usively Yours: Lucille Ball's lions on "Mom and Dad, is
turn to MOM as a comedienne plotting a new birds-a n d-
: "The Long, Long Trailer" bees road-show picture, eom-
poetic justice in the short- plete with lecturer.
tort story class.
As an MGM star a few years MGM's "Julius Caesar" ill
bek, Lucy was given the 24- have a' five-minte overture
uat% glamor-girl treatment wherever it play, with Oar
ir Per protests: "But gen- winner Mikles *3 ae l
tBeq, you're making a big the composing. Na l It'
=stae. I'm a enaracter. I'm for atmosphere-n6t for eating
he*L" 'popcorn.
The studio never agreed with
tr and finally. let her option Latest blasts against Holly-
op. glow MCtb loves Lucy so wood by Lord. Beaverbrook's
ucbt that sheana o esi AnasiBritish newspapers; In a row
I Collect $250.000 for one over unfavorable e movie re-
c.,ure. views and canceled advertising
sounds like English moviegoer*
Ma lyn Monroe is wowing need, psychiatric treatment,
lefans but too many femi-
a moviegoers, for obvious American gasngstet tu m the
S. m giving her the icy papers are screforc-
S Fox Is striving to Ing London .thet t hire
the situation -she'll guards to patrol the. all in-
sey .but dished up stead of ushers. "When the
laugh. tlghts go up after the ahew,
" iatlemen Prefer Blondes" young men swagger out to an-
'j other in the comedienne noy the usherettes, fight with
gI to be followed by "How. the doorman, wrench ash trnas
arry A Mllionaire," in from the walls, and trip and
Lt she'll pla a nea r- elbow the customers they catch
toll who toes around on the stairs."
into doors -#ad guys. Or maybe they're ust spikc.
Singtheir tea.
're telling it i Vai s-
Wn. Picked by H. V. al- MADMAN'S THEME SONG "'
as one ot 1952's out-
women, along with Vincent Price's mad-monster
S Margaret Rose, Van- role in "House of Wax" has
lashed her evening per- gagsters coming up with mad
o B-hadway In A'he theme songs for the film.
E Tth.h" then want l How about: "I want a (hoLI

o replied' Vanes- BeverIy mis shopl...AWi' I
q.pearing at the and wee.tne
Steveti and hbk ; e
movewto N ak to be ;
f ATA him while kes a
play.. Expensive. n,6-
j t.bliamng. the Dick Barker has a u
Eddingtop ,iffl. with a H
SDick Yogi' ean- send Lata Turner
iotmoe ever made twice a dy... iAnn .Mi
Ubr V. 8; release juot hush-hush ttp tol Erope
fore the cameras in Li- hear, is for romantic reason
lobolo." a story about Andy Devine's click on TV
nca -treaus... Diana worn him a chole role in
nd John Lindsay are John Wayne-Bob Fellows
raeocillation talks... vie, "Island in the Sky."

mor-i I o "


Great Whit.e Ike



S.S. "BTFJORD" ... .. ... *............ Fb. 14
*B.S. "CuHn OUl" .. .......... .....; ., .......... Feb.

*S.S. "CHIRTQUI" ............,. ......r b I
HandUling enri st Cs seQmi OMnl Cuap.

S... "IR REnTA" ...........,.... .................. eb.
R.S. "PRTIPMMAO ....... ..,... ......p ob. M
.n Irrjtt.6 ... ...:;..... ..... ....
.Q WT ...................... I.
..c. "-wwa PPT.AN'A ............. ........::.
S.S. "MABFRT.A" ........................... Marh t

W ulmCc, sib ., s.

Passenger .aUiln_ ote N Orlfamu
via Santa M A .Cu6-,,4,
.q.. "11 ,TioM .. ............................. .....M3
s.s. "CHiiQuri ................................ uaq i
Weekly IRalin. m1 T sk-Pmu S-tte Now I
Cha-ltoe., .l. a;l a. rAft mw =ea Mt.



yr '


d \

EU3fv ANSJD AM SOMu panoCM coamI
,(A Iamabsimur emu 3asnern)

TO EUROP~; :. .
S.5. A MUa e ...1.... ................. ... .... m.Ia ,
To Lg

Bi.S. FOT X.?'.......... ..~..........

a s. .. ..... .... ........ ... .. .....Av

PAssaNRi U- V .c o .CABTAGUaN TO 3 | .
M A ... ..;... .... .. .......... i

'1'*Da s,1 ,",
---- ...M ; .

... *.*
S. '. .......

a.*.D ar .pI

AIN Planeteer

tuning In an lethuslan

- ".

THAT r9 6iuN Ar, U,CHJ,
WHIPV^AT f B uoryL.OS"

W' I,

M-.. l -

rc l.

.t. I
I '' **


''*"l't -.: .
~5~~Y:1: j~ -~*.:.*S

`"t .KT1

Vf ".--
'. i;
*- '

It L ,
s 1
i' *'B^z
rt;- i ^,

*i .

* bYIE ..

1 * I, *k~ -,


e znet-Up
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~u~"~~r; ;

Il a
Err K

v'y* -< *

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*' 'pa

.2 1.

I sThariac~ of QuEW D

FOUR COBONATKlW0* AA bY NeOman Eamte OeU Qa'u Oae r, showm trm hb *
(pDITOI'S NiO:tW'h is The deep -white .dt *d Uwse are the "shhbbed"
the sebnd Ia n ris of fem studded with je elsl tue siks, the Ailk brl
mtlf eon the aur fub oP Of 4ln@U tw-E. Thlt was ly were a o
Iowa in ste aa with a slender, lover m i 4li) and the i
*nd wht laitme number end a panment in te fli
bllowa white tulle g.own A t- gdrots. Here bold an
SuOSETTS A OV teed with orget--me-nqot. eters and deis ha
Mn Staff Cerlepepnt Por and oatmeal, with the w aby-wa ,ast
nvy, r HtneUl's 189 day- the X sh wemen n
LONDON (NXA) If tMe thte eo or-. ed.
Q wo'a Dreumatker, Nor Charles reed (who bas aban-
has his wythe o, t Paris for Londoaan as
will be worn t t cosm it e Uzabeth II nasMd
Court teUTiimI t suits and tailored dremtsa
This momentous "O ft itter Q ue f O ftland. The
vr wil blaze with bhlmaLrm- ! slla an bud thelbMa Ll ,

a*"Alti, In the

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hm ot

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DsID, o of the new CoronatIon
St ae the which Hartnell dealge,
that worn the Queen's approval
inc Rt Ppnqist
GivB At
.'f of s4e ce.v a one-
r A *am

w .,
11. M-RIVE-iN

-A"" y olos' gehel
NMEIGHT 3-1521
O t @ W B S & $ A



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"M A F I A"


munor won,


o-ivft'uVHMAPMAN John ARCHER, in

:itk CA N TO
ffAh'WAMt.Aac, 2o

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aUhC 0IN
MR n w trtWl Ooldy Mt ,

e'.*. '

1s PrtraNAM

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.?U, p .

SYou Sell em...When You Tell 'emt thi PA. Classic

Leave you, Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street PaiUi.
W 1_ 179 in th i'_._i A. __ -- '"

No. 1 Central ve. o6n -

Lewis Service
No 4 Tlvol Ave.-Phone 2-2201. and

Sakl6 de Bdeea Americano
No. 85 West 12th Street

Carit. Drug Store
10,80 MWlinder Ave.-Phone 2M6

Fourth of July Ave.-;

Phone 2-0441

prMOgaINa S.A.
Agencia Interaacional de Publicacones ". Stre ne Estudlactse 8
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-310 P esf hM14 and 3-276

Iip or2 watl

: ir ,

FR SALE -25 cycle refrigerator 9
cu. It all porcelain. In excelfer,t
cond-.ron Q. .M oc.oceloin top table
S wilh 2 stools All for 68 00 or will
sell seprateiv Call Sun Before 9
or aflir Phone ;-2337 543;
G. D5ab'o
FOR SALE -Venetian Blinds, %illfit
in Toye 112 house. I 38' x
50 grec.i metal. 121 16" x 60".
(2I 27 x 16". 17 Wooden
blinds 36' x 56". Wcoden scal-
S loped valances i 17' 5", 121
iV' 5" House 530 Lora Place
INew Ancon Townsite by Anccn
FOR SALE Eleven aluminum ve-
netian blinds for four fomil
quarters Phone 2-338-1. Boitoa
after 4 p m

: Tavel via "AREA." the Route of
the Good Neighbcor." NO IN-
..COCKTAILS! One-way to MIA.
MI, $70.00..NEW YORK. $114.
00....GUAYAQUIL. $80.00.. .
QUITO, $8600 Round trip to
MIAMI. $126.00..NEW YORK
$214.00..GUAYAQUIL $144.00.
..QUITO. $154 qO. BOEING 4-
engine planes For more details see
14 Avenida Nacional. IAutomobile
'Rbwl, telephone 2-1655.

Help Wanted
WANTED--Serious maid for gen-
eral houseword and to accompany
single lady. Must have references
'and live-in. ALMACEN ANGELINI
S 'Central Ave. No. 179. Panaml.

Carnival Noises
(Continued from Page 1)
Prises. Including a mystery trip.
S Te contest is open to all men
attending the Mamarracho Par-
ty. and the age range runs from
18 to 80.
4.4 t, f 8 e at
PJcI bter l the
u n' e-an dan out
through the big patio toa typic-
a1 toldo beside the pool.
*Inmorrow afternoon will see
the high-point of informal par- in trucks, open cars or on

fmorrow-"Comparsa Night"
find groups dressed to re-
p nt a chosen motif.
Sent starts officially at the
. stroe' of"' midnight between
9809day and Ash Wednesday,
but under a Spanish custom
t s already ancient two
ago the revelry will
u e until dawn when the
; of the Fish" will sym-
the death of. the carnival
and a temporary farewell to re-
The oldest fish ceremony in
the city will be held at the
Union Club. where' the honored
"pescado" will be tossed over the
sea wail. A. El Panama he'll go
into the swimming pool.

SEDAN 1950. The most luxurious
small car on the isthmus $1.100.-
00. Call 83-5111 from 4 to 6 or
inspect at 2228 C. Curundu Any-
time. Duty Paid.
FOR SALE.-1947 Chrysler Windsor
Sedan Exceptional $850.00. Room
261 Hotel Tivoli. Balboa 2111.
FOR SALE:--1948 Nash Ambassador
Sedan Good Shppe $650.00
202--B Curundu 83-6113.

FOR SALE -Plymouth. 4 Door Se-
dan "49," W.S. Tires Leather
SUpholstry, Duty paid. Leaving for
the states $1185. Phone Balboa
2-4128, between 5-6 p.m.

Real Estate
FCR SALE.- Cottage in Santa Clara
tile floors, rook g6s store furmture.
Call 4-288.
FOR SALE or Exchange: Properties in
Bogoti. Colombia. $70,000 for
home or store, cloth or groceries in
Panama City, or for cattle farm or
coffee plantation in Interior.
Agencies THOMAS, 259 Central
Ave.. Tel. 3-1069.

6. A. R. Surrenders

To Passing Years

In Los Angeles
-The Grand Army of the Re-
public, made up of survivors
Union soldiers of the Civil War,
was no longer in existence to-
There are ho more "oi timers"
to answer roll call.
The OAR officially. aine to
an end in a qule ceremony at
patriotic ball in dow n town s
Angeles yesterday with th
ing of a Holy Bible wh hj
the L8a1tpfo

The poaAj .lmeRan Km 3
furled for the last time by Mrs.
Mae Tullias, haplain of the
women's rllef corps.
The corps has acted asarustee
of the GARmementoes ser the
death of WHiUam Allen l e.
106. the last reainlngn ber
of the organization. Magee died
Jan. 7.
The peak membership of the
OAR was in 1810. when 400,4M
Civil War veterans belo lgd. In
1937 it narrowed down to 3,38.
Only two veterans of the Un-
ion Army are still alive, but
they are not members of the
GAR. Ttty are James A. Had
ill. of Rochester. rY.. a
Albert Woolson, 106, o0 lDu th,
The flag and Bible of the post
wU be sent to the nation's ca
al to be placed i! the his
torical archives.

$3,000,000 Debtor Guilty-

Of Hiding Cash Somewhere

S .PRINOFILD, Ill., Feb. 18-
(tU -Robert L. Knetzer was
S found guilty at the weekend of
' concea assets from the cred-
S itaL of his'fantastic used car
b aess, which collapsed in 1948
wit debts estimated at $3,000.-
Knetzer, 41 and dapper, was
convicted on one of five counts
in a federal Indictment. The
Jury found evidence that he con-
cealed cash, but none that he
hid stocks, bonds and other pro-
Snetzer, who sold automobiles
fML less than cost, could be sen-
tanced to five years In prison
and fined $5.000.
Defense attorney Manuel asked leave to file a
motion for a new trial, and Fed-
ral'Judge Casper & Platt set
Wednesday for a hearing.
The judge also freed Knetzer
on $30,000 bond after rejecting
the offer of a would-be bonds-
man who admitted he runs a
2 lina joint.
Knetzer also faces trial on
rges of perjury and fraud.
conviction climaxed a six-
it trial that reviewed many
r e o bizarre details of the al-
Sunbelievable "Knetzer
S tologeal ue of the events
d sbhow ntser as a small
Soalft ise dealer, Knetaer
Sm a_ mnI n usinunm

0. m- bow ^ *Mhltu IdIg
Write Ase heim Age
2051 AmiM. C.


FOR SALE:--Golden squirrel mon-
keys. Intelligent, young, $10.00
each. Zoo hotel El Panama.
Phone Jungle Jim 3-1660, Pon-

FOR SALE:- Montuno-Silr. and
trousers. Large Sie-Authe@io Ocu
$25.00. Telephanem.Curundur 41 -
81 after 4 o'clock. Qtrs. 573-E
Curundu Hgts.

FOR SALE:- Washing machine
cycle G.E., works fine wrini
needs some repar $30.00. 8 I
A Croton street, BSlboa. Af

Confesses AOlt

To Exort $1W0
NATICK. Mass., Feb. 16 (UP)
-A 20-year-old machinist Bs
confessed to an attempt to ex-
tort $1,000 from a wealthy Bs-
tonlan by threatening slow
death to the business executive's
child, the FBI and police said
Joseph J. P. Zani Jr. was quot-
ed as saying he wanted the
money for a trip to California.

Zani was arrested In the vicin-
ity of the home of Ooldwin IL
Holbrook, the intended extortion
Holbrook had received two
notes threatening the life of his
9-year-old son. Lee. unlesss the
money was pald. Police said
Zani admit be had formed
plans to '.t l* and to
hold hzN ati e, n inAn aban-
doned sablk. -: r. .-
Bolbrook, tre. of the A.
H. Mose 'DA, Bt food brqk.
era. notified police after recev-
ing the first i r
Monday in Nal h w
manded that $t1Uibe dplacd in
a cardboard box.uab dappatped
In wooded arem uar the H l-
brook home.
The second letter was post-
marked Thursday.
A 42-hour mrveillance was
put on the Holbrook home but
no one showed 'up to get the
box which was ied in the
woods as directed.
Saturday afterno Znl was
spotted strolllU a ar the Hol-
brook's house.7pIoe p.lef W.
JoBsp Shea said he had a
"hubbeh' about Zani and order-
ed him picked up for guestlon-
taR because of a previous record
with police.
Zani allegedly confessed after
seven hours of interrogation
and was charged with extortion.
He will be PI"qlned In district
court here todpy. .J
Zani lived with his mother
and was em4pla l as a machine
operator in Framingham.

you'll double their money, four
out of 10 people will ve you
"H you're brdte and tell a4
honest story they won't lend
you a cent."
Testimony showed that M4e
sold cars at $1,000 or nse less
than cost in the hope '- u9hig
the quick cash from don pay-
ments to build a Western em-
pire in oil. cattle and. dude
ranches. "
A central Xllnole. fam bogr.
Knetzer wMs arrested for ltWor
as a youth and served Y lealr
In Sing Sing. Ite r he Worked a
a $1 a day laborer. ..
By 1946 he'w~dm al auto-,
mobile agency at dwardsvle,
IlL, and began his wier4$jchee.
Besieged with eMr qB and
plied with money. Uer acribr
DiMd records id tMtsluewSA
on the banLks o eatf aw nd I

uow to mrke

Asrt dhhl

RESORTS, ... eMEp."
WUllems' Sont. Clqr BchESS
Rockgas rangers. BalbooTI*
Except week-end@s at mio to"
FOSTER'S Cattoges.'Ono mfile too berOtify. OWIU 41
Santo COlar. Completely t.. biul s 'b
Rock Gas Refrigerators a
Bring your linens. Phone ith
2-0 170. SNOW E
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clara with an '. ,Le 1 .dt t
Ocegnview from all cottages. St I. i OOf l. .
to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeraoNf fCWl 0,d
barbecue and shuffle board. Pani d iolo coart
ama 3-1877, Morgaorit 3-1673 t
Box No. 435, Balboa. to. .. NOV I
Gromlich Snto -am 1oS trar!
cottage Ebictrc Iee i.s -
toves, moderate rates. T.
6-441 Gombo 4.567 Pc '
auel. M M II s a
*Stay atHoe Pn mrian a

r Stay at Hotel Pan Americano in cad
Beautiful El Vaile.

FOR RENT;- To American couple,
no children, two bedroom furnish-
ed chalet in Bella Vista fromr
March I to July 1. Phone Panoi*

fro ad flve roam turnhemo
unfumished aprt t private
closed grdn. 61L 10th Strewt
New CrietobaL Tluph-ne ColM
____ BUG. __

FOR RET :- Furnished apartment,
2 bedrooms, Living & dining roiMn
poroh, etc., Calle 45 No. 4-
Beila Vista;
FOR RENT:- Furnished apartnet
two bedroom, for tWo nonm in
Bella Vista. Call 3-4143.
q 3-443.r

I QUARIES Fumished2l
apartment will be wvalk-.
ig month of April. Phone
Pnabem 2-166. s'o

Apartado 537, Panama. Re de
Poan Send pho witah k
,.. ,I

FOR RENT:- Furnished room a'nd
board (or only breakfast) to.ans
or two gentlemen Ave. Justo Aro-
smeno, No. 57.


.(UP)-A floppy-eared 1I
dog was assured todid olA
of ease on a modest i9U
left by her animal-lovfg mauI
But there i a "ndl
-a turtle th a
crawl home and
."Bky," a .brawn Inbd
pooch, was laS ed up to
several yezms ba o
beth Conper
who loved animals Oand
both, died in 1 a
trust tfild for her'
the turtle, tive cat la
other dog.e
All but Becky and t
died shortly after Dr. .
death. Then the tuIrtl
ed away and left DedkttI
heir to 1A0.
this weeit a ad'th' 't
ficeont" mout of her ~i
estate be aside for their t
A judg the_ .m. ui*
despite the ob rU .-
Uves. who got aut at^ .
The rat e the -il4
to an ..... l
.who no occupies Dr.
old houme.

Civilian Groiu
'Nomed To S:t
M"" o'

jr .-p I

ImaITO' hRSAhW. S *

shlp11a I r* Ntor.

2-2662.rh~~i PaniA

5' 4u,



- .' .

f" _', ."" i t
*0Cotradtor eon
Cl has bson
iatmoe forsome


* i -'0.

- --- -----

'' =

a. l "






i I



- -- ---

:=':- a *.'

,'t -*.

l First K


I' I

I;:;'4 r ~ L It

-. --- .

r ...

". I '
;:' :"

v: '\
C 'j.

."wt '|
, ,

om# r Triumphs Agies' Hank Iba Says Day

SIn s 1 C a s c Low-Scoring Basketballis G

....aA a ls^ ^ "' OS ._0. I
I1 .i* La At N1W YORE, Feb. 16 0- be. IYe s ago
S l ymeee eean, the precion IDE CS *
n d tooled bao tba i mahinsr shootIng.
0 YAn ll 1. .m dI I- a at Oklahoma A. and M. have 5 edition is the bet baeh
Siths r achieved individual proficiency. of shot-mak he h. SM01u1d
SV Iter Jal '-U. .. o eur nr- pih-a a r rse- ne cog to btU, IM
ySP 101"Ur for.iac rloooeriag on to year agond that
ICod R t ball&. lot of cannonseriIn, Teg.
le o muS e b o widespread have Coach pokes, winners of 1 t
Bifft1 tif.100 so 'iR-o an 3S into Sron IPa' ep freeze tactical first 16 gms h theri
SI 1.00 MaAtbr 03. ot pettMt knowBMn tht even the rank seventh in te ati
a0 .000 -Sq^*g ^^hl 1 0b Ilm the uome tretch P b= turned up sing 'em in averaged 83.5 points.
S 3 00 Aothhoes ton Pi-eth Olympic Games last It um- Is range to ear I*
S W rf 0 The ne.ty bat son of Mill-m or ta about letting his 1d0
rn .000 lb 0 0stream-Cote D'Or cored While today's scores seem- lings run. -hit theN C 0U. ettinhometwo lengths ahead firocket to he moon, ON BAD NIGHTS, ONLT
F# 1 o r r fe oer twto tart- b .. a wh with n DEFENSE CAN SAVE YOU
O f a o er in the rce Daa. hores o h415 lth
-C If 2 J. nished a poor fourth, and on his face. "The day Is tone, "On a good night,' h;,,@
h 4PhlOxJ, who trailed far behind ah laments "-when a team is. lts, "I believe amy kIds 0
..e Ths M #' 8wonnever in it. Gullermo Sn liel to stop the other side match anybody in a gem
t nd be, t 1-esrode Comodor. from averaging under 50 points n-and-oot. But thee' .
l .Se.Te by he winner paid 0 and a a. much left to
S. Si Pos t0 ntt his ce, that way. Say your
Gibraltar. com ua Aggle strategist runs down a hbltting. Then aagt
1% 0-4 quinlels. com Of at Of ftUML In 1944 Okla- you-4uceptIL
C aanaa 103 g I.-4 Comedor-Petit Pau returned $. I ot fiure.. In 194 0klI- yes-ecept i
a ,ee- = omod _r aho me A. and held elote op-And remember, te deim ie-
%0_ nCon le average rosenRot tokn the ai
As .WnaIw pi o I $ t4 ..C And after the first 13 itec tao instaw ncA U Ii
-. frt race. u this Winter, It was 50..8 the defee won ga tW
e"on t raw.gas= rP.- .e ....
'"b", a 3R4 Game: '41011 of = wit Hatve the Aggles, foremost Zs=,ea,.an.-
L AcII LSIeWU f a slow-motIon ba-O f the
two 1A AuduO.onwwuiiW o' f0 lnas sctigg nt aho,"h %iala.^c
LA AtTeACl_ that lost the touch? Or i Tournament at Otrksaha
t11 agjt o -- r that the offense I catching ga it Idho," h ro*.
Se I e With1 the defense, couldn't hit
,, --X1 a^Rs 1 ,, .oSf --sowe-Swiahdta&
t2el aUsd1 ... Ingare ... wa !ETBSa SHOOTERS drve maneinous. IWe w~e
ta~' a ia lb 2 01 lr e was IR O FE 31 SCO r ay-ES r a wn51-.
Itb -.4 0 040 m.e-ue waW Detot theSame 9096
S4 0a 4 0I 4 1.0 I.WS .t. wo A. "It's a combination to the To furth S h,_

tg, rte S S tS te tA e t ^ 1 bucket. It y be gerally be or the-the
atn al8 "Ifttnri o n i Rac nw reall. good cothen on a ontm. "It wonts ot &h Aay I

WORM V! Di 02ft 2 W' U M
Saw wi3S rtn i ga! lbs. the eV frusa thr NJt y

K' $ O o I oo SaS f ,. *^ tni
So 0 0 0 3mta1 10 60

.seSd 0 d a 1 10 4 l ed t t nit en-twt. sryofet WaBstable of were suffered S. -

w ] i T teod o -Otiwwshooters... hov dte fens. W).. a', "
was the 'iihe s nc both
me oSto 235 6w4 j oWew with twodI they wr knee-high to a ;at-by d d a bm"o Ia 1, 171Iu4 ,

t l w o trrbu ckt. It d t o b generally

3i 3 1a.-043' e .e o- oMce ht ne w- 1 a t e

"t Grlo S Basdr Ibf i e So1* o- rgde of th dror tB*ld1
aWM r 3 0 0 0 geoloto RAC t ro W po o Rn k tsb fu to farll n ep

.,-. ,. 30. 5. oL ,i .as we Ln &l
1..'1 fo .be 3._140 0he Pos0aItf rom Cof c h g it the ay -i Le eki tha i n
s 0 ed2: n i- ain't what it I*ed tognever cs 1s -
d Lftb a 0 00 2 1.0aa

a o piGn s ti he 10e- Jo 132 160 14 4l

1 1* 1ha0 ( $6. 4.60 trica, which enabled them to re- Blind 146 147 143 41
I. g. 5 ( ,.. 4.0 main In a tlIe with the Port Of- woodcock 10 16 S 104 4-
; ---- ,.i,--- .J. J-_--- .g -v It.-h l- M I.

. _.d w _o r, the rl ea e- h, dlcap 1 17 14 Ia1
I. W t-. on-t In fe b -
& ofretst aowndings w

S- n tr mmmain ft N.nge atrar i i 0 ie
-e< '*ta*-te l -ocou. v t1ed f i 4 l 13 o i7 14

4v J- 1e B 5.6, 2.6 rie wh wdth Cluibl 100 101 a a
a i l. f Na g o tin 1 1 174
1 1 th Te sth Oi gamCe =with n 2 A 1t8 172 1i S i
HHM~il2. e)$6, 4.60 I W hich enabled are- grow f

ElAn. a w ttoa pins frn n eth eAc-p B ra one 132 150 41 4 vs
4 .1 In ai ith. thetaO th1oout I in 1ront b

____________ _ach for the alith aani 0 a r
tgh eta P 3Coc Slo Nav tad o a ferw i gh 0 loa n 102 178 71 41
h l m sr Ines with ha i M % Pors n ot tepW aer 1 10 177 I7 4

sh!^oKpirt^the PP 8814 Mh el3C et r n e t 3 Dalolman 172 157 146
t flt Eig rw nS the High ndO withehail-ehl e s taufo1 3
-faf "L6 ,S wt lwAesJIaM 142 143 1 5 m
a A" %W oum useon higheist
.ob lst 7eri perit Feb) tesSdp wIile. th1e0 a ee vm .3 m11i
a 2a5. 182Gn Club wi n1816M

fI two halfsespd ta fot l _l.o nd n8I
b iodathe selection of, n the cap- 3.s 3250 The P ost O ffice hit the w7in- 614 3
w h o h it .e o f e aAh 0N u th e la ss .e S tid e 60 Ah e ceg r o B lin des4 0
teud bus In.oWfn abas" B--U. 8tauffe I Ja tn 162 178 1874&

TTSD7 ilacefor tthe Six tih. A-H. Robnson e heop 17815 4

bw I r whicnt the N woan the HIigh game fe hn- StauHowrd 17 96 11 i


azi ..- -


Mi C., which z Clam B--M. 8tauffer 231 Howard
ui to the fund to dery K. Brassel 231 ood
ap. w or ta tM ,we- Class -J. goml ey 225
Ite 1a-g to prtt- Totals
Sa thUe= or wo a iThe team *starndns for
Sn the t am. the trtu are: Cr
Ssults of the votig lt- e % 24 Moore
,ka 51 33 Wikin4t7
aMta MUik (8p), No. of iy 47% W3%Bruas
SL Wubert Ciol Gun Club 42 42 Sanker
e "t ky strike 38 46 Bartram
Dm ans 33 51
o( Dennlt (i'-J w- oxto 93 6l
lwardu I 33 51 Totals
S I C tOI" l t 3252
SLord ( AnB members of the Margarita Hannbez
4. Wi 'fndLo leWi are again re- Woner
Ma (P) LW L tLthat*t a gener ma johmon
SA) 1. A. s to ibe ld d evnla
a (C) .ary IT ls at 30 pnj- Jnsen
S(p t Matarita a. An Handlica
i (0) 0. me bersmb anreq nuted to at-

EI P (A) 178-1. WOOM
AN 0AUN' I44 Un -ArsaW
s jj m 7 ll- fad i

198 211 lis&
166 1900 IM
873 UM m15
Istobal Ga Clu
188 17 143
ad 174 1~ 141 I.
231 146 111
184 10 I S U
157 18U 11I
914 00 Tn muil.
VS. .
Cafe Kreeak
S 137 136 I
137 130 w
183 1i 111 4Isi
187 14 I 6 .
196 1i j3 3'9
m 8I inT. -- :,


I' ~~ -;~





:r ~ *r

. *' I


akma mas

~. .*,a3,~


= "- '

^ -. A .,. ."
;I fr

S *i .. .
' ^ s.' li
-: V~
: s-

Cold Weather

Holds Up Storm ., t |

In New England a
.* '-" ,* ,.' ;
CHICAGO, Feb. 16 (UP).--Cold "Let the people know the truth and the country is safe"- Alb$m Lincola. ;
weather swept into the northern
plains states and much of the TWENTY-EIGlTB YAR. P ANAMA; R. agl RUAR ~,
northeast today an "froze out"
storm clouds which had threat-
ened to dump heavy, crippling
W Ow on New England.
Snow did hit the New England a He
area in amounts ranging from L. .
six inches to light, wind-swept
flurries, but the cold air slowed .
the fall before it reached an
10 inches.
early weather bureau forecast of b D In G irl
Meanwhile, heavy winds con-
tinued to race across the great ,. ,. O l
plains states of Nebraska and ,
Kansas in the wake of a low MOBILE, Ala.. Feb. 186 (UP) noaced t teBlacktorn, the threeplanned hearlage to tek t H
pressure area that brought The last faint hope that any made 'to d t-a surface craft d been cuse of the craih.
near-blizzard conditions yester- of the 46 persons on a Nation- from the ris-crosaing thq crsh -he Coast lo-a e I
day. a] Airlines DC-6 that crasstld Coapt ma s asice dawn. wether at about the tir
Winds clocked unofficially at into the Gulf of Mexlco' m1ait recoiere I y' Identificatioal the plane went doia as'bl
100 miles an hour stirred up be found alive disappeared4d- the bodies f not.. eremely stormy, with hlir
winter dust storms yesterday at day after all the toutf lfe rafts aboard the, er rrch. se crashing 15 fet into the
Sydney. Neb., and Goodland, the planecarried a d ot. For. U.B A a o
Kan. A pilot flying over the A preliminary "Ugtion ters CI. Prh today tbe
western section of Kansas re- indicated the blg rliner area some t w ays wereo two toi
ported that heavy dust surged may have been sla id.n- Alabama at r rs
as high as 14,000 feet. tot the Iarien f lsear 0i er tte a n' a wi. so We
Store windows were smashed miles south of her a r dad of i 'to-- ae w d Cb lesl bttl
and trees blown over at Scotts- night by "a mor p i net .

moving southeastward and was to New mpOr means. sl mari ire1

niobrate as the storm whirled National Airlines today th t Incdd aIn
away from the open prairies, all have now been counted were me the P
Bn4iw and rain were expected for. Until then there .had been ish dIlt.atc t ie. T.
to fall. in light amna mts in the faintest f chances that Thc te Iat athereI lt ed b 16.(UP)-t hrty pr- BHt 1 (
Bqseqndl portions of New Eng- someone might have clung a- paueumB st mlsai and .sonaMret* to+ e gregd Covernmunt Lfaos poindtd ,- d
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tegmperturesnear or below zero As the search for .more bo- were t eed planiar to when hugBaAbl eahetts in.e day St a m oathi tropgoA
wer alitely in many areas. dies proceeded. National an- sit the New tplesu Mardi dockyard towsd a wooden the otih stn 01
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were transferred' to the- cuttbr the new aircraft carrier- ,rm.'J:

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RA1 j M AND Members* of a, ol'e wealkd be held in r1v. *-.
tb^O~w N-p Building look~r^ 1,MI 6 -sbte. Htnlda 1
as inBoston's Baek Say'a yar ^ X n addition to her husband She broke the tr
t A. lin, which they have contracted to buy, the who was i Rohestr at te tie gof' champagne
e tt buid a.project on the lines of Rokefelle tIe of hiet d lr. WaI- att thb RBeae
I.to6 right are Roger L. Stevens, syndicate' chief: Fr il lae sf srv y ee ch- rd th '
.caatn; Edmund J. Burke (rear): Mayor 3oohn B. Iynet 61 dren: Iobert. II,- Diane, 8, -teas th cr
Boston (pointing); and Charles Morton. an Jo ph, ., 2. ee

'Caidiac In Industr' Program Works to w

:) *

Heart Trouble Needn't Keep Y u
(First of two ditspatches). ..
NEA Staff Correspondent
NEW YORK, Feb. 16 (NIA)-Afraid that a heart attack I'
make an invalid of you? That yea wouldn't beobie to i~r'
more? Well, the evidence says you are wrong.
'Cardiacs can work. The person with ticker troebIe WPw :
he's fnder medical supervision, doesn't have to leave te i6
market. In most cases, he has many years of *tefal empleyft
yet ahead df him.
Doctors have known this for years and patients are lead ie
it rapidly.
Employers are tougher to con- chance for a long and useful life
vince, but thanks to the Cardiac span. Many isve. 28or. pa r
In Industry program, they, too, after diagnrb. A, id t his is.
are beginning to learn it. Just hearsay-_I.t' a fact w i
The evidence is well-docu- known in medical records.
rented. Studies show that car- The job outlook Is favorable.
diacs do just as well as non-car- The majority of patients--0 to
discs when working on the same 85 per. cen t-.dq even have to
ob--provided it's the right type change jobs. l others -
rjob. Often they do even bet- shifted to tr work.
, et many heart patients, whose In short, the ti c-
dondition would permit them to diac Is B
work, are thrown on the indus- angle pYl i
trial scrap heap: his capacity. t of
Perhaps they got bad advice non-cardiacs, too.
from their doctor, who told them There are now. In the U. 8.
not to work. Perhaps they've alone, some M9 A 00S.O p ns
been turned down by employers. with cardiac aeisdtlons. With
Or maybe they're just afraid to many of them
fa job for fear it will mean son. the at is
Etleir eath sentence, dilemma for
Whatever the reason, the work economic ch
Wla eties of heart patients are tion.
!~ing adeanatelv used. And Tpe
"li rIac In Industry program, aets, the
silported by the American Heart people are an
Aslation, is out to retrieve al attack. aaZ.
from idleness. patients thilm l II. I
a battle against miseon- taught that cattle
aMot perons. Including able. The
ari!aas and e ,oy are eer- from disbllli ttih
1t a canditiC aind T aa
it 4IM d't go .together. If tde. too. i
n has heart'disease, they bly New Trk amms
Pad .oe ytle heavie work eiM Cllastpine
Fm. ede-t dlg he's been founded.
l { unerfal, w1. w aieh t ai
.B L refute ite. out }itHIL 4
'U he,.. hi ,A
4.0 1a tos lgmhe HurlsW-
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