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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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IUDWL, Korea. W3. 14'

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HQNOLULU, T. H. Feb. 14 (W) Ga. KoreiM, w raouh
United Nations waeld s
as long as the kOs#oot Kortu hUsa i.

Y VPet's aide, Cpt. Jamso. L Hobu, sldi
M Ilr t in imm w sp"nidflea of 16

hiring atomic olifttey s.ells.
SIn other w'd," Holton. sai, ge.ei i
it atomic OtLcNE.U be Wmf on *
MaiKe 110 1"W A
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Wig* ~~ V.last
br, ra'te laorts

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My uItbrtkmt ~rome
ftmad -and p-
1o9 the war.

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x OBCI1W u Feb.

the by 4 bMe -.ln ai wil
testify Marcb adore the
rflanArm 4i -rxt &:

According to reno
by the Air rU A
ton,. Yema Ah L.,
crew member on th B"
ataamship Deanoul -t
fdien overboard.
The ship turned back f
coure early this morning
It was onflrmed that LeA
and remained In
Iae, reduced =
Is left A Inoo fc>&.

it sa eathe tm
S-lh was. OWL
stein w co-.

Balbe Tiea 5

4:30g.-. 10 Ik-
4:U p. m. 11:1JIL lik

3 $44,000 -I

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64s Two__ rW an m ANacAN AN

-y:: 0 IN@ o Labor New w Be
By N fthh ? or" "P6 Be
B '-'ADD111 AeOsI M PANAM rrICAN. PANW' jMk vo. 'r
.ng6I I INUM I 50 a ING 4,4
4m Man.. Av..I. Nvig .h Nv O 1 Comment .+
11 in --DVANC .. o eBy Vieter BMW
'| .I *li"N U 'NSV^C .BN -l-
S1 TOUR FIOUM 1Hn RiANe AWN COLUMN For the first time details li
Generllsimo Chlang'o ajMr
underground war aigalhat
enemies can be diseooeq4
andTH MAILe story revs at t
SNatid nall t forces are almost th'
only ones of all our allies
o have been flEhting and d -
on a1 truly mass scale Ai1ng
Tb Mail le is ain pen tlem toe eads of T.he Paeam As.r us though thl go0 anin I
Lr a' ecived grle#uiv and Ofe handled In wol4 GOA stead of cheers tor tblr .
mammr. Here are the nns,
W os neuiribeue a tes e don't be iMpatisa i it It*mi MpeM bH r places and results a
dev. Lete art 0 published M the iSder meaived cover anti-ommuIgt ue
Pl r vi tr l keeop Ithe lem limited to e pege Ibeotk war by moil and laten ,t ,
idesgut eit lefe. w*us held a tinrilMs eseaidine. cannot dbat we imad
S ?ib newspaper euumIes m respenllly fI siatememl epi lea war on Comunnlm b al ca
SIresed in lemtesn fm reedn are too busy fighting it.
The record, as put together by
o -- secret liaison agents of many an-
tl-Mao Tse-tunt cmdrel and,
embattled ee TM&,
Panama City. Committee. reveals that the@ o-
mosan Nationalists have 4m0e
650,000 ouertll"a oplsang in
I was discharged front Gorgas Hospital on the 4th Instant The in theirs .;da. Gf
a er being a patient in the institution for a period of four years Y herG ma lan p
a d 5.Wmonths continuously: and it is a great pleasure to me ts S tabbtha
Sty that during that period of time Drs. Mastelari, Young and for they hav draws
"S nith have done all that was possible for them to do to relieve Kresam front sMuite
ne of my suffering, and for my comfort. Through their skill and soMldn who will aeve -a.
e ficlency. I was discharged as stated above, with bright hope for gala because they been
t4' t ture. maimed, killed or a ed
aby the Nationalist t aid.
r lMy sincere appreciation and thanks go to each of them, and ers.
Sr o to the nurses without exception, who have taken care of me These guerrillas have alan So-
41iruin that long period of time; I will always cherish the best viet Russian laents aUa mpeoalT
m emory of them. and I wL-h them abundant progress and best sts In the heart of W Rid city
Iahlevements in their future practices. hotels.
hvThe anti Commuanists have
My sincere thanks go to H. O. Headley, and all my other burned granaries hold wheat
nds who have visited me from both the Atlantic and Pacific for the Sovietized tropal now
SW s of the thmus, too numerous to be mentioned s epartely: f ihtinR our men.
*y have been a source of good cheer and comfort to h e from Railr.ds have ba dLru pd.
beginning to the end of my hospitalization; and agaln, I thank Tax colectors are btel d.
and all of them. ar e uni taks of the i
the hil by N tlal
Very sincerely yours. 's La h0 by llN t i a cr e.s
4 eisleltOvle0lnt&aid of .. +
V. Clotilda MarkhbM Yve that R e Chinas top F i
V. Clotiida MWKbIM Polce chief-the L I Ut
(MVD commnlsar) of Filin' '
has reported to Moscow that a-
tionaliat s By Fe .nt CM
MECHANIZATION AT THE STOREHOUSE Int a him i t h l t le t al r DA

rianed by executioner Lo Jul-
S r china. the poll coammlsar him- WASHINOTON.-Wy I fg re I ltate De. dr rll opn Iw
The Panama Canal Company has long been notorious for it's a.. twe T s ipoln S f as tbSil, n sm pat&eSnt' M
rtny confusing. boondogllng. and downright Incompri4 .Ife ma the nd ,oflh between The impse rtant a ut alwaydS g tl lIl le
*actices; but even to a people long accustomed and In t erallnulme ani ti id e ai r chwdt, ub in to h alOut.elclea ng

For a classic example of this phenomena. one have ers in madellem to di m eolt Ie 14 l tave... A r 4 a .e
take a good long look at the current attempt to ultra-mec vital eao 1upi Wht b
re. clerical functions of the Division of Storehouses.em to t ciies Ib ,. and mU1" in ef fi single 6
S- Befuddled ad h of ralln1 ry nat b th tte
iT-p1calof the railroad raidsld r H len K.i
B tnO kindof Aon Ind ortui- t and .*M .mk i n
S4rupt natot r Alpa nur i slt and a hnft
I know how we can relieve the Canal Seamen of their prob- mio oU la C Thep Si V 'l
em and also the Pan Canal of a foolish hal million dollar x- Word had ome that a
penditure. nnIesd a"upbi' train- was-to ma
tle run between Bankow an
A' Abolish the job, Hke k. Fish & Co. advocates. Then increase Canton with materiel bound for N S .tfli,
the tieup gangr at each lock by about 25 men. Since it la only .20 se Korean front. an 30eemhau t'- wln" H01 ,
minutes from Miraflorps to Pedro Miguel locks the gang that T make this run, the Com n- 400 Mopl ~u-- u t .W., h..q
bards at the first lock could stay on until the second lock has manist. tmporttlon worker i I sihea If
Sben translated; then return by another ship or by truck (1/ ad Ito their train thro a dumed t had Pa
m]p1ts at Fau enl 04 burd. ola v b m uu'xowod bF
There, some 700 uerrill hid. oda for ualon u 11 montt.. ..
SThen we will have rid ourselves of an unnecessary expe .at the their we pdid one cas the 1nuil HI n onby lel
useless workers (5 minutes) and the false empire. d workmen --a dlio a hiasd lSa, edh
'- ge mpr wouldn't be anUoatia du. or a dde. uL a
ectn.. =Una& BU D&*), ttap fr t-o
Nw, .ncame around b to ma 1n2 ,o .
P M The ral read. ta~i hated t thlht that,
u uOVERCROWDED u o ,of 11 fgt oars uard- Iber als-e -was I'
SO dI Communist u wu the iso men of the Oa el
Si h e hi wreea on the moun ta le trattomn.
Wiul the Chiefs: Suaputll g and prisoners wer Thes huskies, she charg i
and the Iankow and Canon throu.l town in open
Woe I see by the PC Review that it takes 18 Chiefs to run t ad th mountain he -aWynW-Cp file aoMinets' of documents
certain department of this Company. Says 1, that is the reason Uroad was out of service throu own in open
r at the employes of that department have such unpleasant fve d m. The raid wseri -e b
S tkiang conditions. Was there on business lately and never saw two anu Communirst rai Si
s rtuffy overcrowded messy place. Now I see the reason. thifa named Llu anbi C lh
Like the Management Chief should start manging at w.0teL under the direct com
fmland of General Lann Ming-n
Tug. The rune and ammno on
I. M. Shocked this train will never be used a-
W1 !n ib M oz. SAno al. W
N p Ianswt I. aes La Nor T OTES OF AN INNOCIAm
Answer to 'P r viouS Pu u ta tr autm.--
In the Treetops subtlme 5 01 m l s I an Iante Jenie QaRs before a
ier a lh SOt ina dence now La o
Sem .of l fhe 1~ ff the trial
*01UIONTAL l Pouaders tela oIwiO led Cantai At 10;. tstittiolt ofl
4Artraa ee A4 Abov due buThed., uheee e Everyse
WRImbthPI oteion t l left take P Wr d trua' tkn 11a. tgffBP afliiio,
5 Closer be ble 4hie to dIel. That
2 Paisam- 7 nulprlav5 MAO t tat
O iuacin tree Not x e the a timeo nim
iro at e suitable t os agents Walked to tougr hIs
Mistan the e Small bode hf ft dayun W8h OudOse fore. hs atte t.
kw ator bT -l oaded w AS valine and by
wia ttt nls ever Ch iefstho nd. sc W m tour members at aa
-.IS' nd m- over 4~.~2~ WP lundarwtchm dien tSoVm

W&rl terr i OIambling 43 ithla brY guns. In ew Dn .tWg bar ou Gene) al 1n thg .in

me lll 1e~x) e 41 LOw ti -
I Lbser p a t n nL ^groupa- oS the Is
h betrinwalt 41n e w tBe a. a -
i I- A 01.

w.. .h- I .. reg-..


be.. for a taE to
a wholekbOs
.M4.p trucks an

*t. "\- ,." *. *. *. ,1 ... ..
ii -. ,r< ..... i-ir~... "

"- .
M, Z



," r'o -r ..mple, hr l
report made on Augnt

under the 3rd tar


+ m_.a.a ." a
VANN JoinAth

to use
as Ia tha

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.,.-, -*. .
: '~ ~ -1 ; e sc 4 '. < ^. : -..., c: 4 ,,
..-. t :. ,,ar ;5. .Al q- .. .. .*
S....- *.% II *. ,U r'S*)'-..' ,. I,

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S, 'r : -

aM~qa: SPWWAMu

~j.'E: s~

- i .

So lismy f is %beth 1f The law
MWf 9 Conn ( ., C.. (W)- IW-
Eleven-Day Visit ed oE. Wl. .t ,,r
t B !W"ISt a got a tooth reception rwhe pi n
To Unitd States traded as hoeshne palor.
T~.~n .d h WAIODG 1Fa. ownUm"er of the shop, Al-
i MDule -The ta etet ,n- bert 8. Smith, and his dog were as .. .,
a.t r tnounedt thd tirdny, to have bitten him.-s.,
IL Boca, ecretary-nal ao tUlN Smith was charged ith ob-
bSe Atl ntdc r t structing an officer. The dog ,
n wll be co In- la l om W ain went free. cnrea of avout3
atntic Vesedlsarrive In
xpan'cel post.-- r ., MWiW
i lyreader the Untad States March 11 o.r" noun ra
"before an 11-d ay vinot. noufo toldtay.6
before he n ldy vt call on President Eisenhower Donaldcen
with Faser He wi~l confer with of~lal and a visit to headquarters of would bring In. i a
liant and on Americap ps ticipato n the supreme Allied Atantia $130000,000 .4 year. A hearetl
T W mi l .S.a--d. m tm wMa. r4 MEn1, Va. I 4N rl Va 1< ach e. Al_ ...


I rao .l

tqft I

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Ikh'r~: 4r'W~
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.-.=.. .


L; o1 1 i

SWom Holy Com-

ki. YO~r E .ie'. ll

eeh' th the

o aoe the

'The Quiet Man tang John

hlet* te and Maureen O'Hara,

logical M 4red by John Ford
br en% the QW...n--o

t Ac lemy Award win-
Intela, .



the ideal place
S'for quick snacks
carnival or any time
carnival ---or any time
Service t any hour!


q% P u t s
Ao11 ahr A^P Bwar *jln
.*(**** fIj ~i~Jrd *M ''.1


Scotch Whisky




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at an. good stores in the Repuclitcf Pmas
:-'.: t- r ... .. .- ,


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, .*..i .i,^, *l^,II', .. ._-n,- 7,.iva .,1. ,1^I --. .' i*i,T .> -
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".r '-Y '-L "-I.
," _5 "-. ., A
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' 'corru-:

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-u;u~rU~ r S


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mi .h.
A ',

Tonight a .7 p. m.

and tomorrow all day


Havq great pJre inviting you to the

exhbition of e new 1953 English made


Five deW. tures

~* |tjiing performance
; an...f. .h

"-UM Nines aMd flnhr

* AtkIcYv pie.




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L ** y.'.
.. *r
. .* < i. +a .. ,3 f.
'-. r;

r" (ti FOUR t


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrt 'and Departures

SDelegatea of 50 Officials more than 50 million-pound an-
Arrivig Here Wednesday nual air cargo volume is carried
S PanaRra (Pan American-Grace aboard passenger planes but an
Air tays, will be the magic car- increasing demand for fast air
pet to link the Americas r-ore shipments-especially in big-size
clogelv when the airline flies and unusually-heavy products--
icipal officials from cities of is being met by the new service.
nitcd States and Canada
blew Orleans to the Fourth, -
r-American Municipal Con-i ORa Wnaam I
at Montevideo. Uruguay.: v
are due here Wednesday. gl
Sr deLesseps Morrison of Hated Info0 1111
American Municipal Organl-' ip u
i. mill head the delegation 5V I1U AV*_limnl
,hI\cll will include many of
ies of the executives.
i 'es of the executives. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Feb. 14 (UP)
f. l~ aors who will make the -' he government today filed
ltght \ia Panagras "'El Inter- suit against the nationwide Wel-
Ameiwcan.o"' arc: Alson Aberna- come Wagon Inc. in a oase in-!
thv of Pasadena, Calif.: Murray evolving wage payments to the
I %alQlm of Fargo, North Dako- tirm's hostesses.
S 4ti harles Baumhauer of Mo-!
'bUt Alabama; Horace Bolvin of: The government charged the
I hbUy. Canada; John Butler of firm with failure to pay the
SDiego, Calif.; Thomas Cor- minimum wage of 75 cents an
Sata of Syracuse. N.Y.; Edward hour, and a company lawyer said
Cuhman of Hollister, Calif.; "it would put us out of business
I Clyde Fant of Shreveport, La.; to pay the hostesses under the
Mrs. Jenaro Gautler of San Juan. Fair Labor Standards Act."
'MQerto Rico: Daniel Hoan of Welcome Wagon Inc.. origina-
JMilwaukee, Wis.: Amos R. Kearns ted in Memphis, specializes in
of High Point, N.C.; J. E. Meden- greeting newcomers to many
Sdorp of Muskegon, Mich.; Quigg American cities and acquainting
Newton of Denver, Colo.; W. W. them with local stores and serv-
i.-arne of Huntington, W. Va.: D.I ices.
Lee Powell of Miami Beach, Flo-1 Robert Stickley. attorney for
rida; Ted Sexton of Leaven- the firm, said it employs about
worth, Kansas; M. L. Tipton of 2,000 hostesses "who work at
Maryville, Tenn.: and Jack Wells whatever hours they wish, anyi
of Athens, Georgia. number of hours a day." He said
Sthe hostesses are paid on a com-
The group will fly from New mission basis.
Orleans to Panama, then on to'
Lima. Peru and Santiago, Chile. The government's suit charged
On Feb. 22, they will arrive at violations with regard to "nu-
Montevideo. They will visit Bue- merous employes, doing clerical,
nos Aires and Sao Paulo, Cara- accounting and promote 1 o n a l
casand Havana before returning functions" but Stickley contend-
to the United States. ed the only employes involved
were the hostesses.
A new and important aid to In addition to charges of fail-
hemispheric trade-all-cargo C- ure to pay minimum wages, the
54 aircraft operating on time- government said the company
table schedule throughout Latin violated the labor act by not
America-has been established paying "certain employes" time:
by Pan American World Airways. and one half overtime and by:
Five big C-54's, each capable of not keeping adequate labor rec-
carrying a maximum of 20.000 ords.
pounds of cargo, are replacing
eight Curtis C-46 planes leased The suit seeks a permanent in-
from the U.S. Air Force in 1948. junction against further viola-i
The four-engine C-54s, cargo tons and "such other and fur-
version of the famous DC-4s, are other relief as may be necessary
faster, have a longer range and and appropriate."
carry a bigger load than the C- -
46s that are being returned to
The improved PAA cargo serv-
ice-with a greater airlift capa-
city than the former fleet- -
Slinks 26 major Latin American IA.
cities with PAA gateway termin-
als at Miami and New Orleans.
Points served include Havana
ind Camaguey, Cuba: Kingston
rnd Monteran Bay. Jamaica: San
Jlusn. Puerto Rico: Pnrt-- i-
p inre. Haiti: Ciudad Trujillo, Maimb.
r-'ninican Renublic: Caracas .
and Maracaibo. Venezuela; Cura- -
cao. Netherlands West IndleS; .N
Barranquilla, Colombia; Panama .
City, Panama; Port of Spain,
Trinidad: Georgetown, British -' .0 "
Guiana: Paramaribo, Surinam; 4. "';
Belem, Rio de Janeiro. Sao Pau-
lo and Porto Alegre. Brazil: Mon-
tevideo, Uruguay: Buenos Aires, Ma.
Argentina: Mexico City: Guate-
ynaltCitv: San Salvador. El Sal- 0 s
vad Tegucigalpa. Honduras
rd us, Ncoa p will bae ATOM PLAT-r u-mrk on
In&.Ia eo will b New lsP % the Ie
acceler by more than six Newsonap thbov#S er the i
flights a week from Miami to I tion, on thoipoon ,-ter, in
vana: three a week from Miami ton County I. where
to Barranquilla and Caracas: Atomic Energy Commission I
two a week from Miami to San begin construction of a new
Juan, Rio and Buenos Aires and plant for processing and assemb-
two a week from New Orleans ling the explosive cores of atom-
through Central America. ic weapons The $29,000,000
Officials of PAA's Latin Amer- factory will occupy about 9800
lean Division point out that ap- acres, east of Macomb, Ill.
proximately 65 per cent of its


Great White Flee



"BYFJORD" ............................ Feb. 1
"CHIRIQUI" .................................Fe. Sa
"MATAURA" ...........;................ Marchb
"CLARE HIUGO STINNES .................March 1
"CORIRQMU' .............................. Marh I

lMadllat mte~lrtI L'UMlh nl GOameI Cu



".S. "HEREDIA" .................... ............eb I
S.S. "PARISMINA" .......... ................ F 24
S.S. "C. G. THULIN" ............................ Feb. 2
S.S. "MARNA" ...................................1eb. 25
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" .......................IFe. 3
S.S. "MABELLA" ............... .............I I
Freueni lreihl u talm h o Crttabul
ueu (uc t Cenal apAmeas s

Passenger Sailings to New Orleans
via Santa Marta. Colombia
S.S. "CHIRQU .................. .............Feb. 24
S.S. "CHIRIQUI"............................. arth 0
eel r Sailm on UP welve PasMa IIab i Me u. MUAhe
Charluslon L 4Aneles sr g wametee ean o u



Ihe Pacifi Steam Navigatilon Company

Royal Mal Ues Ld.

S.S. "FLAMENCO" ........................... Feb.15th
M.V. "8AMANCO" ............... ......... Feb... e. 15th
M.V. "SALINAS" ....................... ... Marh r 3rd

M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICQ" (18,00 Tons) .. .FPeb 19th
M- tV"SAANADER" e' 1 "
MV. "SANtANDER" *...... ..,,...... ,......:. Mareb Is
,---, '-- t- r:, .,.
M.V. "DONGEK" ........................Feb. 26th
S.S. "DURANGO" 1thb
S.S. "LOCH AVOJ" ......... ... ..... ..... ........ Feb. 26th
S.S. "LOCH TAN" ...................... ..... March lst
M.V. "DALKP. .............................March 4th

AII WaubJeet to Change Withot Notice.
PACIC t NAVIGATION CO. Crstobal Tel. IM4/s
iU)MV JPANAMA-Ave, Pert #*W Tel. S-1 57/8
BALBOA-Term Bldr. Tel 2-190

0rv1wi4v 4,ea54

aIw mro FUIrreSS


L.'s Talk
.. ,, ... -A
.." '

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TheLlrtaerw j ,.

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iKa sP-J

undr t -
1~ I--l- .

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ntLA' rorr

While the Ship Cools


MR. 7'
i 6A
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It's Go~

T el
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Wag, H~lU


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~J~f~;~i~s~ -~ ~*( 4
aYCmITr ''

S- Pssfaams

M 4.uRn
t. .: ., O

andffs ,a A d-

ing after or important
""a.. tric-'ks. In dis. however
V IN I&AM.r th oU gh-

t ...... .r"n oW:Wt, the e, kod
n1od t r P an
....... o8.9 Pu

ti a one efinet ea
....a .. lI. 44 N

a-se ,haI aI~i1e naLg Th bratie

v could have tdl of eo tmfo e-nt

clareT by W.kh4g hns kingoef
sno w~y1 w" to ands y t 4, undo -

,.., ,of trump' !A.n ti ,duin,~
11"am. UM..... sM t o oi P
.,%.S..l....e and ecd
-Ui ....7 STmEl l he Wm. ,Oll5UWGW I tb the Jack of

o ........ .u dcr ddmond ..Lndyg pler nb
again West refused to take
m odumy now led the ten-
of tIpe u s, Est t nhrew a monke

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WAR AND PMACE IN WDO4HINA--Th % art cathedral in the Catholic town ea uibMft
Indo-China, formsna g rpleul bkulpound for Frnch Viet Nam troops marching I to ftil
'VIe Minh Communist torce hidden in the town. .P h'
__: A"_'r.



Banque Nationae pour le Commerce et Induatri
16 Boulevard des Italiens, Paris (9e) France

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Total Resourceg-Francs 315,000,000,000 in various foreign currencled
Its system embracing four continents maintains over 1,200 branches,
agencies and associations in France, The French Union, the Near
East, Africa, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay,
Mexico and the Far East.



Calle "r' No. 20
Telesaphc address "PATCO"

Telephone 2-0719
P.O. Box No. 1774

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You Sell em...When You Tell 'em thru PA. Cassifieds! s Commit S
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents orour offlees in No. 57 "H" Street Panami tHO G 84
No. 12,179 Centrai Ave. Col6n
ww". 19.wm Pa"is MIN
Lewis Service Salm de Bele Americans Carulton Drlg Store Prllents
Ne 4 TIvoll Ave.-Phonee -391. and No. 55 West 1t Ih ftrt 10.060 Mielde Ave.-Pone 258 Col6n
Prop ganda, S.A. lan" 12 woFreb .I
I Morrison's Ageacia latmainal de Pulicaaciones opteeda, .A. astuia a Mi lr 12 words. ,- itua y er. 1F
fourth of July Ave-Phone -0441 No. 3 Lottery Pla- Phone -31 hoo 3-14 and u-t 2798Ja 4 ditoal word. 3-o-tond of America -
3.;1.-The 1ttle Show
S8:30-A- Mutnly of the Minds
3:41--Muuihal ltrltlde
Household Automobiles fe. y e. de- l t eif Bill i Plm Gremniich Sano .Clra bch- P S I 5:35-Wata your favorite
SALEW--2.A s ---sli -l AmsyM e ct tage. Ellectr Ic e boxes, ga I L (Contd.)
SALE -25 ,:'i Reagerc WE PAY CASH or our used cr and 20 Anes. C. r stoves, moderate rates. Telephone:0- Be Announced
9 cu ft. weesrghouse. oil por:e- sell on terms at Agenies Cosmios 0 d6-441 Ga mba. 4-567 Pedro Mi It cts q 0ore fo protect 6:0S-To e Annoqneed
.tin 0764-B W'ianm:on Place. Auic-Row 29, telephone 2-4721. Alligator shoes for men and women 7:00-Perl 8tar Tie (RDF)
i SE_ r- Panama namode to order. Cass Fenix, 155 Sue". nd beiSoy concrete 7:0--BLUE RIBBON SPORTSI
R SALE -4 rompleO. r oea FCl -_ L aka n, Central Avenue, Panamo. Spend your weekend at Cosino Santa RieBl R VIEW '
ooable 0,i,,iRc~cj~~rhlr OneCr leo I CR SALE -- 194u arid Clara, cabin B 4.00 a couple. 7:0-Jam Session (VOA)
Irn Poniarr. Phconr,- S85000 $15000 d.own. House We require the services of qualified lam, cabin B4.0 a couple. 7:45-J teslon(VOA) m.F ee
in_- Pon_ 100 No 4. Gamboo persons who are desirous of enter- dance music by Casino Aces. L 8:Ol-Marteorlr tf troM r llrg aIe O O-.1 .
r r, SALE -"2-c' r OU_- .org,--- ,_ IlmO_ *_ '__ M-J Sion (
chine. e. "ecii .. oe elle. to., FORD PIC I-UP 52, 17 ton, almost ing the publicity field with great Stay at Hotel Pan Americano In cool SN W CEM' b n a a
.chinerierar.e.c rdoe el.:tr.c o Finew. a baigon. Cal Paonama 2- possible es for advancement. Lom- beautful El Velle. 8:30-Amer MicaFolkMuksic alian
refrigerator, rerd "honber. pi. h % Cf 0 -nS C.ll P'n mad bardovega.r Apartado 1045. Te'. Williams' Santa Clare Beach cot- tivef Oa e. 9:00-HOG lit PardU C-ten1ommo 14itfi
"birniture olai..:e wk. I6 a ,-- 3-0471. Panama. 'Ogs. 2 bedrooms refrigeration. AJIk to'ddeOtl folder 9O:0--VHOGA Ht Parade r P I t
,n bi,.d c,d Dpncn r FOR SALE 1948 Hudson com- Rockgs rangers. Baloa 2-3050. A r chrt :s H ar
obl. be'ch e.:ci .: dock Dplar d mnodcre S., 4-dr Sedan. Leather FOR SALE Except week-ends color chat 10:00-CIae rrren AUld tHe atlel. l ah
SHoMeuse 2,--.'^' .er5-5- :"uphcle,. ,od condton Boaloo O:0--ymphony aft1U.B.A. in the habitat a nithp 6
SSALE B- ,ER ICN FAM.L ~ Miscellaneous PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The GEO. F. NOVEY. INC. (VOAo Churc .. fitet buldr m ted
SAE BAMERICANIonly court in Santa Clara with Oan I NtCa l A. l:00--Tbe Owl's Neat mI .mI of ganana pd.
g rc. ^ 8 3 cub ic fee' OR S ALE -- Pont iac 1949. SedanC nt al
E. rei.rger s 3c flee, o i-E-- Pontc 949. Sedan FOR SALE:--Golden squirrel man- Oceanview from all cottages. Stepsoe Tl -0W4of 1:00 a al S Of d;
ccl old or n d ears Roe-Buck ck keys. Intelligent. young, $10.00 to beach, Rock Gas, refrigeration.
t con 160 Telepho, utler --n starter armature ach. Zoo olel El Panama. barbecue and shuffle board. Pan- Snd, b.
nome 31 3 -ior B,:1 -- in corton Rear Bu- Phone Junge Jm 3-16&60, Pon- ar 3-1877, Margarita 3-1673. AM und,
SALE -2 c,-cle rei,,gerovcr 9. per Pcr accally new, ama. Bo No. 435. Balboa. FURNITURE A00 n Mnt-
O ft. a i pc, o .rc Ii e.:ell. H P. G ol-.e Engine. Phone 6- : =
"b.nd,,ion Q vp or:el.'n i.cp loblI 26. FOR SALE- 1952 Fhilco deep FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile lyond OUR snIW.Onpm Tde
th ooln Alo 't0o e FfA--reeze 121'. f6ot S300.00. 11 Santa Clara. Conrrpletely furnished. p r~ :15-Radlo Varleties USA Y --
wlth 2 srool ,to 68 0 r i F SALE No,. 50 Ford Tudor Foot $25000 1950 Gas Rock Gas Refrigerators and toves. e i8:30-yma* o lCbuhoa, FA
iall seporote.. :li 'u. Be.r exce)leni conation. Pleasure beat to.e 2 o.en.. Gddle Chrome top Bring your linens. Phone Dogmar's "HI ERES :00-.MentoI (Idoton vo
er after 6 Phone -2 1- n oird rr.oor, 1c fI.. fully equiped. $30000 Double Beault rest box 2-0170. ":1B-OOd Negllh Ie .
..Dab- c, bench gHinder. 5 nOe 600 $300e00 Double Beaul Y rest box 2-0170. ellg1bor. 21,e
". D abo. ., cle bench gri'nder 5T 60 sprnw 0 & mattress $75 00. Youth FAu ... *:0-Lndon Melodiel WAHIFeb. 14(VP) O T
S R SALE ply Fireston Tire. Cll bed inner sprrin mottress $30. FOR RENT 2( ) -"bb. MA.....I
FOR SALE 2-24. 8 c. 5 0 Cush uin ss FORcouch sp coves 1000 ,n theTemp, of, plete myste to Wt e -
FOR SALE 1941 Oldsmobile hy- $50.00. Hagnouox Radio & Re- House IaW:3 ated. Even paoce ftIl4r
d tMolorcye dranat, 2-door Sedanette. Phone cord player $150 00. Phone Al- T*r h q wt o si w $.A.. 1'1 Awt htT Tbh ,-eis it
SSALE I195- Coma: Gatur. 5-58-. brook 6295. FOR RENT.-Furnished three bed- II&:t-PTRONPIl aiNTB their know a is, ota up -.
.o or t cn -! FRr __ _room house, with ;wimming pool Shipping, moving, stora F. -1: .rMude i.1tiday date. 17
ooter 3 H.P. Good cd,,cn FOR SALE- SUNIAAM TALBOT FOR SALE:--One Air Compressor for avoalable for two nhonths in Golf 1h:00- te mt.M~ fot M .usi
o2167-B Curundu 33-r6: ; SEDAN 1950. The most luxurious Panting. Call Rio Aboao House Heights Tel. 3-3069. Wepack and orate r move M r NATO. for-eSaiple, thf pIe-
''E~- --- 195 0 Stu I e b e 0Sall car on the .!.Ihmus $1.100.- No. 2216 Via Espara t a..e.
&SLE 1950 su5d.bal car o80n the *.thmus *1.100.'- No. 2216 Via Espoa FOR RRENT-Three B room House,a anything. 'Phone 2-2451. 12:30-A New Wi eU for cChlrist sent short-hiand for ?ioruth
"Stprlaoht' coupe l:.2 NOric.,. 00. Call 83-511l from 4 to 6 or FOR SALE--Bthinette $8 00 Crib. FOR RENT--Thr :drom s, 'Phon l:00-The Jo Staf-ford Show Atlantle. 't Si. Ts t. ..
"tohrlcororole 1)'Ni.. ScDore 2'26 C. Curundu An- I.E- at t 0 completely furnished. from March 2.2662. PsanamL1: tford (honw.tiwor a
tntemat.onal mororc,cie u nsecr 2 C. rundu Any.- spring. nnerspring mattress. $40- dto AprI I. 2.26ho f (VtrJ. duRNn World War ,,l, d. w. ...-..
uppd, extras. Phoe .. m D Po 0. Call Panama 2-4630 1..30 p.m. 3-1428. Address: oales the north foan Theater atln
SPanma. FORSALE--194 Coadillac Convr- FOR SALE:- Tropical Fish Red 50th Street No. 49. 1 :3i 0-.-R AlIt n ar O aur ' ~ .
*table Goold i-rei Good c condition 1Wa c.-TuNo VO-"" = Ed111n" : ',pho-y ronO ,fa-p ,^.>.
vvJflieu r o Dty paod $120.00. ~ Yellow Wags 40c. Tuxedo Va- FOR RENT Mus 2:00-Drua amp hbn lolowlag are oomgri. At- p l ig
Help Wanted Radio. Duty paSd $1200.00. Cpl. ries 30c.- Zebra Damos 25c Hosehold Exa4ntour P my abbreviatioIs and their id
TED.--Serous maid for gern e,-I, Franc. ,ermined Canary Bird. House 54- ApSartments AND IE :00-UR:
housevo-k and to accOmpr. 57. DiUblo Catt e. USED FURNITURE 0:l- 1-& ast fr lvuyl blt _-..r rr'tn.t o' Dnut
1le lady, Must nae referm,:e ALMAAII APASTM=OMr 6-30--.reLtagt 1f ver "old AP-Aitor-plearln .;
lr.I'%i--n ALMACEN ANGEL;I FOR iroetTb *Tl ofs l m 22 AP-Armylro l ^gcs f
ld,-.n. ALMACEN ANGEI. r FOR SALE FOR SALE:--Conwoay upright piano, wo end lSe room tumlehe.a ti 7;:O-TeM Vots bgc y ATPO--ArL 34Po f11 ice i I .
.Ptral A enue Nc 1. Pana.,E $17000. Perfect tone. radio Gen- rnl rnd apmentrver Et K AND BLL ?iLBac rAR'd Ls =-"tio
-_ Real Estatle eral Electric. $25.00 G rden cloed rdes. 801. 0th stree '7:45-lean B and Listc la k
fence, rake. House 5533-C, Dio- Neo Crislobal. Telephone Colon 0ma;,uyiU-Io ut
ver LeFOR SALE --Concrete house alimi- blo. Reasonable price. 138116. *Maohg.s .4.l ,e wn *ti-..lS3G 4ouet '
SO hiroo Gatuncillo 27 msFR SALE- Montun-Shirt and 8FOR R ENT-Fuished a m 10: s we '
'arm Panama. 22 miles from Co-FOR RENT:-Furnished apartments C10:80"%S0AMOIN A Tld Lw w, bit :
SO iring on 500000. 65475 2Tee Call Ponoam 2-3238, durinB CASA MO NAR T teW Aw, p-l
MI BEACH. Fla., Feb. 14 eepone -4 Gan. 81 after 4 o'clock. Qtrs. 573"-E orkin hours. 0eh ed 11i0-W t fm Z eA nAt "ali- t lIeVB'
S- Herbert Hoover oed LE-Hom n San CCurundu Hgts. FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment Ma
ian influenza bed to his FOR SALE -Home ,n Sane Clara.o O S --- -rt -- 2 bedrooms, Livn ding & *. &lloeeu P= Is
yht and went fishln vyester- large bedrooms, 3 lr FOR SAL-- Anteur trannitter. prch etc., Calls 45 N eo. 1A aot A ,
dae with the observation that large livingroom, dnette & kt- 350 watt all bnd, phone or C.W. WBea Vist a.. ". IJMC^;rU.i lt IIll?''l -. "',zgoi l' .".1 'r "
sident Elsenhower has started chen, car port. All til floors 25 60 cy. Also Hallicrofafr & 1 -.. '. Ad Blogikl- a-),
i "with a great deal of vilror both. 260 frt. frontale, fnced 5 x 71. R.ecever in good cond- FOR RENT:- Small furnished op- ina,. .
iD purpose. Reasonably priced Call Cristobal ton at a real bargain 45th St apartment for two months. For o M- to. C0at Un-a
Tlhe 78-year-old former Pres-: 3-1676 or see at No. 32 Call No. 3. Bella Vista 3-1285. further information plse call 2-
14 nt said he felt a lot betterI Chico. Santa Clara Burkle. ----- -0384. ,|_'_-__l_ '" "

Iesa that put him in St. Fran- c ranch. Well watered & ROf S E rs ta..
aHospital. lhsocs ed with cattle brood mares & Boats & Motors Roo l i Titi
fle praised the hospital staff I cots. Ecellenr ,,ll. i,1s &iM .otrs ..oo UU TUAvW -.
fdd the fine attention he receiv- PLd buldags elevation 2.000 FOR SALE:- M6tor, transmission. FOR RENT:- Furnished room, nor -w r *' .. aot "
edlbut added "I feel like I have' It. On R R. near San Andres reoraed doors, steering, other parts the Cathedral. For information re. Lt. General Lewis A. -Pick, --'" le
released from lal." Ch qu d Price $25 000 '38 Chev., 4th St. Parque Lefevre freshment parlor Cecilia Theatre, member of the Panama. Canal 5VA1MTCOI' .1. Feb. 15 (UP) Id""'
ple ordered his 103-foot vacht WVl.h ,ac, wre W. Franklin. lst house on left. Central Avenue. Copany Dd of Dl1rectors,.*ad --A*oa C olUoie tp i omje" nEI. i
iiet ut o0n a coure for the lXand -- Balbo FOR RENT.- Furnished room, G. I. Mi. PSick were among the 109 wIth theet tBr rules .wbhic ;m -
l11"Wda Keys where he plannedi....te..., .ile. ho d b.,g ll help hapy
tavindulete In his favorite sport. w T New Device Invented hsp cnedv kitce privilege, No. .
bbsfiahihng. until Feb. 28. t l8UA~lflB ((. 21, Fourth of July Avenue Apt. 3.fromNew Yk on the Panama tom bWo Involved In d
ePhilradelphiaTuTo Record Hearbeat Oppt Rooseelt Hote er Pama cc to c ri.
6eoe itWWOR Isfle "an dAN nor-f0Odhdt
nstn operation. Hoover said. r m t e d received aled two. Bal.b1.5ie ot SSturdys
met are equal before the has." .trl of tuALANYb, N.Y.g the e-fof eOSition Offerentt e which osed the '~, iet e0 beten ,
." The Prdean of the Reb-e snce Feb. 2 Allen sad A. he reord nearby ves ..ena.Se wi lr he Paosia dg eas int~ _t- _' '--
artv toldtin reporsulters from th exaCollege has nd de taloped r- High-class E arie i glsh speaking., Pa at IeBn hedlat W s I

r adinstraion. Representatives Internaon- ulta compared to present rte al t
I mmenthower had started hial Lon astrment that r e o r d s t e amnon n,n .North Amerilan MG& E-lls sL r- m .. .' t n
tois draeonf rtgoerousl nty FL heartbeat rate mand any varn- rropanale-ntatth Rm Ze tre pasta1 wee s -
nisE1 atlion vigoe ex ou P t ly.orsint s and Orats A iat o with surpr tn i. .
.distinguished ,.'oul of ad-1PHeADb 14 () a m orae effectiventtheut__week__te_-..;;:
mnistr ators under him1 I 'rate.. 602 International Hotel. states o a onled Otion
rag, o r PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 14 r.Up)Dsi amefceo.a"14 '
'ooJed Immen sar the k roo t f or ep alors today calledato ti h a nln the electrocardiograph, Man lor credi work, m b a end ofica bl trip.
i&gairdles oft what kind of ad- reemting Monday. to try to settle id to be or great imo rtance ish and English, must write in ae, bate tILs i. -" __bee_ of
mlstratve structure he h as o trike of tugboat crewmen iin showing the effect of either language for appo;ntnt. i strike whie e d hs e t th
Mut Hoover added that it may which has delayed docking of drugs on the heart. Apartodo 537. Panama, Rep. de Now York plm IerVt seve iI
t e the President a year or twn'ships here since Feb. 2. Alien said the recorder ves Parnamar. Send photo with letter. T- The Pain ..l.i
B krt o dbt"tin result from thve men A m w I exact, specific and detailed ret- D. t Dn ro d e 1 o e rt.
ti r administration. Representatives ol InternatMon- sut u compared to rans Nto prent
mmsentin gn on his Hoover al Longshoremen's Asidociation o: A m rcinvera.. tr tn NeedS I anext
Mleslon for Government Re-:, AFL and the Tugboat Own- e t the machine In nine To Be Tau trip 8atiuday N4 1a1'L.p .
tIonthe ex Presiodenters and Operators Assoc iatonlmontli i wth surplus war ma- Te day slater thiat i rtsr &l l .r
"Is immense room for:met separately with media lthteriaub, including an electronic ohn a'
SHe said the mei of ther'l It Thursday. but no agree- pick-up, electronic converter About Homeland e i i ofte ,s .lenliats e
administration proba bly meit was reached, nd a recorder. It w w mt de rF rvance sail L11.
iut a lot of the cLeommb- for l Notice -Win p R- NEW BRUNSWIOK, (i'e a c edue a oo -!1 "'-a doubt" would have men. A similar walkout in New re toof t Ai at .-aat Iin ot

lS yATES DISTICT COUe T UNITED STAT SICT COUT I the rttd of foreign .tudnta "bring e'
T F S T :een aeuicaingc tio a 'lr"sga "'
fe*ty, would help Inswre wor d en: Mrs. Mr^ ^ war.^1B
t. "we can now he aweAe demanding a 2m cent a2n about Americ a. RIy mond N. ,arpentr'
l backnpower, Ho hour rest period between J obs PH0,P IA teaching better "Fndeub 14d(. J.h 3. ifh i rot W
a .teadofthe pres3 t ix hours,. ,an PhIe Feab. 14 (h t ndieg or A. rcan erit Cutler: *I l
_.. ._._-_-A yoGm Geran docptor W homae is a secrett weapon" i r. and Mrs. -
Stook care of an American l- peace because mort iA ericans son ad son; and A,
Notodo e wseerirouhly injured in a fal are largely unaware of the iso-e, Gertude r" .
so. as (. o. pin withe Baroen arm. aS rowth ov tleir ohe nn-o wae lr.l
lueke t om 'ni- a -, Stat o Aoaeing a new lee in thi eout-y ,n,,tion. By the same token, he MIsra lynn~ -
r STATES DISTRICT COURT UNITED STATES DpISTRnICT COURT t teagattuefnsidtfregnh fuemabrin'eoe eh
ETHE DISTRICT OF TE FOR THE DISTnICT OF w lrHE the soldier's iarente, baggage s e of misconceptoll r I.h.i rlhl M ,
'" CIAL ZONE CANAL ZONE Dr. Walter Surgmayer, 26. preUudices about America Mr. and Mre. ,,; .
Panlrri bPlaintiff, Army Ghenera Hospital at Mu- lIt seems to me," he sa id,, S w 1".rw.v'l
Pia auisf. .n niche when Cpl. Albert Keoler. that the American is someone A.
De ... 'i.i Dhe tndant 24, ws brought there lst is, while the Europan is oa- be-

th aw c l uthe -is iiF 15';na nTtors
.16F eWITNS1611 tj 111"onoabis Gthre F to;;w--n nstnate medical -

ii 1m ,- ~p ,. -._ Ina r ,.o.lari, ,. Kessler wrote to his ,parents exa'minati'on '" .,et me er ,.,;.:.
te N1ernexabie Gutheia F WITNUI t Nemereb a Guthrl F. hr lfaepisaying money Burgmayer. R ai egof R.qp ,- -';
lU'nited s ta res Dit*Lret (rowe. Jude. nid ,ntiad Dltrehia. saying
the DI~|t, of te Cn ufr the Ditic O he C41I wp d neeTrpa urm g ayr. -.ti
.t :hC, t Can l. .i roei ls t t ti Cau t 1dh never hp ur 4r enaburg, Bavaria.t ered thr :
fC. T. MCirmi Ja Jr. C. T. Alh i"his help when Iwa.lone- years in the German
C. Tleek. Zi, J. ad sick and brokm .41
fiel)i wedbyeAmtr.,
byer Seal. .. ..L ca ever do in e I ter a '
e-ty Clark. B. H. H. Le.. Jr. _hg rI,, t, please do It lege upon bl kte
a mea Gateweod To V.rgania .a Dorat h year
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1i Hldetion puirsuasnt to gpea you by Ppblletion hsruant te bo ly and ladar
00 e Rernable GGuth ie Iis erda of tthe Nonarable Gutbrie F7. meag for Ae d c. Double*"mob
UuitseStates Diatriet Ciawe. Jadae. United State. District to inesicw Whe -.0uemsye
.al i"1ti", ft the Canal Court ~'r the Ditirt of the Ca IrnalWns
Uilart r 5l 19558, end a*- Zoea. dated January 14. 15se, ait l in Mm 'T w WTe
l a te ,ion in. t he tred end filed in this action i n the met by the OlMUM-3Im.- it--m
-th ('lt of aid United oith o at the reork of .ld united of th
Court for the Dvirsion States D,.rr, ziourt for the Dit,.se.
m,- J-amu.ay 1958. of Bala.. o. Jan. 14. .le, t41'55 4!I&1iiI 5 ie D
C T, MecermiCa Jr. C. T. .rCe m. ,e 4.lW v B
ClftL. Clerk.
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".e "' .- ... ..-- N',-, -.; .' u .
.. I .l :-I ,S I I ". ie "I -
,Sp- ,.t Z4, Ieisa, '-alws .l78
Monday evening at 7:45 p. .

LhOP l uINe Oj w ar- .. Mrs. Felotte Meseus Fuo
.a war-baWaUon adles

'"".. S If.larolov,"J..- e ,,w ,.n ...... .. e .. Jn.3,
SBan cn owdish like Joan -hrM d un- a i,. l. n, ary. vn A.
Soad0scan gItiving slghtseers a oeigef an aus aey.

ww-~me e : l _', ,v-u --o.. ed wer e nD. Mrs. Iuc -
.,-Jw Club gle lamor laced with 19 Lnoliuk
rC A "e e i. oeae U, f .. Ja' s ,

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meet MM f_ "a.
"Id. .. ma, Mrs. Maroo o
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Fftr, *RLL d. ra r- a.. a 'at"a, .k... .."'"

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S4 Udwrd f anuAt", bn ,' ee nu .B
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Hai TrA social auer!,oon was en-
t mting et t he A riter idea ie old a a sonwm oune
o.(ru, will e held ita pdays l you Alnge
or no, February 2 in t. .il= e for cd IT yomike.o
f o Tw J"u i wSter.l soac- have gol u Mrn. Chofn e AddYUss
rIeBw. let 'edter at ':p0p. pl. .1) oler t, a oiamers ib ",
r adAl. ,... ,.altm tre wel *.up t. can ham era-
A. '- N anddome e .a o as 'Like am C:merp m.
oLn tS t S if ." -remake o r 16- m era e .w o u segu ar eun. g ,
S?, oidge Tep a M onda- y.k O! wo.l A and efir m au., we, .r.. Mo at or
Ih*ha ul a ('regoar bre tuSi- leadlen lati a to we it a a boo center wioth Ipc ng At Mrn pm
lCSDSt .at e tr -i y d ..o .. t i e Lnadof5 ,e or." u the" vrl" ns Me e
I .i "k 'f"i...UU;,fH lm"k or aT.ta nu-1 r -Milc" that are w irht ea- -1ows or A Mour around Mra-
V i-i-- wh ws ofoh.,A -o New 1 .ar7
... ~cL.n w o on at the out a film sample of their tal- at De Marme Jdenes and mar-
Sat.t hll from e eat s e .-m r ep
*g l a& ry b Wab own*' tge asS toliS he from a tMISS PHtLLIS JEAN ALBRITTON iunests are always welcome -
I o P .ol. s. dn d nd rs C. to R te. dpr e 5* nbeider, td ra ma coach at Se meeton.a
, r o u, y and- -,. and hIR. O iSg ,
f .ulboLluad Ms. of ot In t:1116n down tvat dorip Kf
te o W j l an, drawn frm major ALBRITTON-PENICRE ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED fpomate Drue

-, tsmbers and guess ten' the Holel. mi, ..ave, studio,. Mr. and Mrs. Erelt Albritton, of Margarita, announce the Tne weealy dup 11 Ca 4
Harnd. hdeG Mrs .. h ,I. ." rules we tof theirloe daughter, Phyllis Jean, to Mr. Wilam M. briwoe lames dll urc uera aaW
1o. I. eger, Mr. .. Wep.e after whl w, Wh 're acting career. brttn is a grduAt of BAlboa Hih School and of dinner last week a -
. IwMrs, Qonte-Mendosa, Mrs. U. OJr. thB Qe ^ ;bea courKt and" t o* Misn grada of Balbo aH g andto; The wo elebr ate
.r.. ro. MM. he n Drake a Des Molnesl ow. At present she is e ra were: htortb ann Bouch Cap-
l, o n,- 1 dan SCOUT N1S played by the Commissary Dir dson. tam an M.o e-
e VI ., ._ o tht oif emean Mr. e lehe graduated f om McBrney School, New York stock; a- Mar. ana Mrs. Lynn 1..
iIr. r!eyin 3tarea B n, -""S. 0uRa. toa of toC Ann Bc C t y, Cad Hdverod college at laserfon d, Pennsylvania. He is Lorcil; M ss e an nn
SM d .e the (an's orchetra. bestrends. is a re a Joint Birth y Party vilan with the DepArtment of the Army. ooe and Mr. arry 'red-

S e ht se is. sedro l, met recent c- Baketball Banquet, At Mrs. Brkela With nh ast and west- 1- Mrs.
W Mb u -r d t Carby 2i0, at 10:00 .~ a joint birthday myIver- Ce.e eolo Officers Club Compimentedba With Luncheon cnooflem ana inrs. Patteon rs
A a ti h M. Ted, W Ryter n s in U ionaned e e." gary il the gymnulum., The Atlantic Bide Boostere Mrs. T. Birkeland who 2 Mrs. e. B. Dickinaso
.at eital hirom y ?...-.. C. W0 Ryter A Th eoourer dcood gave a banquet Wednesda has been visitinC her sl ter-in- trps. es y, Mrs. .on .apoob *,f
Wa. T owry, -W. A:.rr. amet or A a nol wat took the The Color Uard of nuht at the soco Solo Off. law Mrs. Samuel Brown of De anu Mr. vomico.
'" 'Mrs' MoNo' E J.,t to alw~hiAh N" Aponsaredbyei tt fr n earl Brohks' paro der cer Club to honor te Sior e was honored with a
'MNOI IeeGcrVCbto ort hSollr r.e eOe a war, M = 1s othe k W i a. Joan Doherty. KaomTc afd and Junior Varsities f the luncheon at the Motel Wuh- Morning Coffeeat
eassr LU01 l ea. he,.s,'r,4 ti4p* tJ -M U ,t I'y .ew y PVennin"ton opened the rsatobal High School and the Ington, given by A. itabeth Mrs. rowel
ghter 's. An4 r.. V. e ...J. MS P piMram With the Plag Ceremo- eer Leaders. U m. Mrs. James CroweO was boa-
But ag h w i .s, "i h wu followda wrownle Over sixty honorees and Ue other guests were: Mrs. tess for the ladles of the Fort
S. Mrs. Ro ni1tme. Thse vested were Boosters were seated at the HoUis Oriffon, Mrs. Helen Sherman N.C.O. Wives C1 ),
=Jo.Aaa pa Nancy Deanelly long T-Ihapedwta hi H te.Mrse Ar.doy, M r. fram emoi coffee given at
,r Mras," I ulid thg name of Maann lower Wh"pple. Mrs. La Smith and
War pa "a to. Ann Bl% we Cithe followinC girls received Mrs. dh P ania. He i M
-"to1,&111ofirv '- their- lx'olmlq winls and were Mr. PAUl Deck presided ai.,ts.e Moetlna).oSpeciargnetswere Mrs.
dJ ItaditlonmCal LighZ Vtr i Mrs. ca bess b wt T 6ey, and Mis. Ho+ard Ho-

Y.0.. e, DonA Truavage, Dianne Bal-. coach of the Benior te and at her Fort 8herman res jaen ringer.
Avi N. 7, tIAeNsmid Barbara Rogers. Mr. Luke pal umbo, coach. of to complement several ladls The members att end IA a.
.e V- _onus I .b Nobei Yure auer, a prominent Boosl r. The honorees mere: Mrs. Mrs. Clifford Orlgs, Jr. M .
IMhetheler, Joh t, U nrs. I A n d @W_ eyal e.s A.u f
,sader;Mrm(Uord.rown -br thi year, wa te end- CAli.e Peulah J hson P2emo- M rs Ray G a Mrs.
St t T has ban e honor b of Wenat chee, Wash., Mrs. M- Samuel Harmun, Mr Rtchs
Mrs --L. Xe'" J. wiossh t- ble Stump of ABrosron, Ohioo M P. aook, Mrs. Leonard Aber Go, .r
S. .n. Co ert an df s a d a s eunyo ha v tw t h e Sme it th e [llvWash- Mcrs Ra Smit Moe
.S 5. --'t'flt Leaders: e. healst tneeeam season Pa, "Mrs. Sophia. ubner tf Shellehy. pr th
W. andooum- Cristobal H Se ho and thrs ou iner eann, Mrs. IShad oe R
.= to fe moemberg meo.,teI mu of Newport News, Va., Mrs. Catholic Da-ghtrr Meetind g,
Luke. AD will "PURIT URTI olowin the invetiture re- the team: lsaac Peltyvch, Mengis o New OrleAns and ia e Catholic DAughters of .-
s 6:80 .P.. hd Movie bleblood wh.o turn hlJznent were served at the Captain; Eugene Didier, Vet- Mrs. Corn Moroney.
a~de "Id -he Ae UM~ h Mrs. Ma A d -t the wlandlers annird Mheirredn- ,rs.
I .Lesie Rnehart Leo Coro tan- Also present were the hose the parish hail of the b e .......
1&te. Jody RobIr'on, A mes teases of the guests wehonore: res. or M hrc h

Monda U2 du Sceiee John at, impromp- adeMrs. Robet xoex ander did dre nt
to. e A-aupe f. Ive uU er Boo ste and ser a tnhe Honors atl tre.oReI ae- ihar hAnrebates
40Mh Sol IP -.. Adr Nac Donnelly and Mrs.T-hae Gern fan

S t'- was angered wit trAo t ei nies Schaffer of Coco Slao, enter-o
SA AAltar team had been picked Celebratsion tined with pa party St thei
of a flowere Peltynovich, centerWbrated their fouFth wedding nlversAry.
a O pAted the ;S an al a Wjtero wards. ann Jversary with a dinner par- ......
Stl lIn r. tterman of the Pa- ty at the Crlstobal un Club. children who celebrate .
0.7 .- .1ia tl rsir Ue ae Zinea Paneagopulos. Suean, with AnSdrea and i v ri
e LAd Donabwho were Sergeant and Mrs. Hou Ck kesMAkoWal, Robert, Khaen, ad ,r r
Swere: Mses Ann left this morning to spend the t Emily Law, Bethy D/s, R "" Th
SuNancy Ka er., Mer- w eekend at Rio del Mar. et parks, Joph a e w,
P Ined er one Ba.nquta M e- .ndo ar Ja Cs
t MeensIe, and Judy Palumbo, The Cristobal Stamp Club ofery, Prank Maows, l

&der 3 at.C e Sablentw

o a t .Sn .
]ALL Vat r % a,

ri; -s50011-% +_y..a e Mrst.50- -A Samue

7i S O I b o a t, M r. M oserA presented letters W il m er M ijno.n tmet -

... Bryant, R rin Dt Sttller,

0,.t .. ste In ca'd "s l r[to the late King George VI.

I r

Stir pm~DlAts lbt snaM
..: .. 'g .-'- gi s

07, -

- f




Records In Danger


I 9 Defending Champions,

29 Olimpians To Compete
NEW YORK, Feb, 14 (UP)-A crack field
;L which includes nine individual defending champions
and 29 American Olympic stars is ready for tonight's
S National A.A.U. truck meet in New York.
.' Olympic steeplechase winner event. Despite this, Ashenfelter
.Horace Ashenfelter will defend and Germany's Herbert Schade
his three-mile title as he tries may chase each other to a re-
for a world record. George- cord. Greg Rice set the mark of
town's brilliant Charles Capoz- 13 minutes, 45 and seven-tenth
S~soli still hasn't fully recovered seconds in 1942.
from an attack of the flu and The other defending champs
:',dropped out of the three-mile are Don Gehrmann in the one-
thousand-yard event; 60-yard
horty League hurler Harrison Dillard;
o rty L g u Lewis Hall in the high jump;
,: Lu John O'Connell in the 60-yard
-, *dash; Pole vaulter Bob Rich-
Behind the sterling two-hit ards; shot putter Jim Fucha;
b 'itching of Garcia, Diablo rout- weight thrower Gil Borjeson,
'ed Balboa Heights 13-4 in the and Henry Laskau, in the one-
,,Shorty League Wednesday. A mile walk.
.:spell of early inning wildness by Another world record Is in
Garcia allowed the Balboa club danger, when Mal Whitfield
.,to score a brace of runs in the takes off in the 600-yard event.
,"":first inning, but the youngster Whitfield has already tied the
'*.settled down quickly and went record of one-minute, 10 and
1.6on to win rn the strength of two-tenth second this indoor
,,. eight hits collected by the Dia- season. Pushed by Herb McKen-
' blo team. ley and Ollie Sax, the former
. McNabb, catcher for the De- Ohio State ace may break It this
' vils, had a successful day at the time.
' dish with two singles and a dou-
. ble In four trips. In addition to The one-mile run will find
stopping Balboa from the hill, Fred Dwyer of Villanova trying
a Garcia noled a long home run to to become the first collegian to
,, reap further honors, win the event in 10 years. Frank
For the losing Heights club, Dixon of New York -University
i offman and R. Potter were the last turned the trick in 1943.
': only players to solve the offer- -u- m
;"iIgs of Garcia, each getting one T
'.hit for the day. Frick, I routman,
The box score: T
'Name AS K H
t* Hoffman 2b 3 2 1 Cnribbean Series
6S Bowen 2b 1 0 0 e e
MuHarvey 3b 1 T officials of United States
R. Potter 3b 3 0 1 baseball are flvJng to Havana to
*V. Mendoza p 3 0 0 attend the fifth annual Caribbean
Cramer p 0 0 0 Baseball Champlohship series
A. Mendza 3 0 Februiary 20-26.
- Pottrendoza If 3 0 0 Included in the U.S. deleca-
Bowman rf 2 u0 tion traveling from Miami to Ha-
SCorrigan rf 1 0 0 vana bv Pan American World
DempCorrsegan rf 3 0 0 Airways are Baseball Commis-
Dempsey cf 3 0 0 sioner Ford C. Frick and Warren
DIABLO Giles, president of the National
Name AB R S Leaqone, both of Cincinnati. Ohio:
eCruz 2h3 R 0 and George Trautman. president
GaCruz 2b 3 3 1 0 of the National Association of
arciNa p 3 3 1 Professional Baseball Leagues.
McNabb c 4 3 1 (Minor) at Columbus. Ohio. All
Mundo Es 4 1 are being accompanied by their
Blade~m 3 b 3 1 0 wIve.
Smikerth 3b 0 0 Other baseball notables flying
Barker lb 3 2 2 by Clipper to the Havana tour-
Lock lb 1 0 0 nev include Robert Finch. uublec
SLagasie rf 4 1 0 relations director of NAPBLi aod
Stanley If 3 1 1 Mrs. Finch, and J. G. Taylor
Lovelady If 1 0 0 Spink of St. Louis, Missouri, d-l-
Gesseir ef 2 0 0 tor and publisher of The Sport-
btabler cf 1 0 0 min News. with Mrsm nink

1 ,

- t






) GI

^.. + -+ +

31' j


Distilled, Blended

and Bottled in Scotland

Tigers' Hughes

Hurls One-Hit

Win Over BHS

Tommy Hughes, CHO ace,
hurled a great one-hit shut out
last night to hand the Baltla
High School baseball team a 3-4
beating. It was a fine ball game
from all sides. A large crowd at
Balboa Stadium was treated to
some excellent baseball-as thd
two teams battled with all they
For five innings it was a ding
dong battle with both teams
threatening to score but Just not
able to push a run across the
plate. In the top of the sixth
frame, Cristobal put together
three of 'heir hits$ and combin-
ed with a Balboa error, it was
good enough for the three runs.
Johnny Hatgi, CHS shortstop
opened the sixth by grounding
out to Blen Salas. Dick Sasso
then singled and Price got on by
a fielders choice while Salas
made a bad throw to Pinky A-
rias trying to force Hatgi at sec-
ond. With both runners safe,
Hughes was puribsely passed
loading the bases.
Vernon Bryant then became
the hero of the game with a
clean single into. right field that
scored Sasso from third. Art
Blades, batting for Bruce New-
hard. added another single into
left field. This scored both Price
and Hughes.
Don Morton, Balboa pitcher,
settled down aft6r this, struck
out Bob Grace and caused Gene
McGaughery to fly out to Joe
Cicero in right field.
Morton did a fine piece of
pitching himself, holding the
Tigers to only five hits, two. in,
the second and the three pig
ones in the sixth.
Ab Flynn, Bulldog catcher, ot
the only hit off Hughes, this
being of the infield variety. He
smashed the ball back to the 1
left of Htuglaes, who slowed it up t
just enough to allow Flynn to
get on. /
This victory puts Cristobal out c
in front in the Interscholastic
League with two victories aind
no defeats. Balboa has a one re- i
cord. J. C. hasn't won in two t
starts. t

Two Speedway Aces

To Debut Tomorrow

At 'Rio Crisoa

Two more outstanding speed-
way riders are going to be out
at tomorrow afternoon's motor-
cycle racing at the Rio Cristal
track, six miles past Arraijan on
the National Highway.
Ray Magan and Jerry Fox are
the names.
Magan, just back from a
Stateside vacation, will be a-
board this competition Ariel,
while Fox's Bronco will be BSA
Gold Star.
Both riders of tested ability,
they should bring several kinds
on complications into the affairs
of Choppy White, who collected
most of the honors at the open-
ing Rio Cristal meeting last
Sunday, and Eddie Armistead.
Panama national speedway y
champion, who pushed White all
the way.
Also in a position to provide
trouble for the speediest broad-
aiders Ls Bob Baker, who with
scant racing experience put up
a sterling performance last Sun-
With that much more racing
knowhow under his belt, Baker
may be dealing out the dust to-
morrow to several riders who
were in front of him last Sun-
White, Armistead Ma7an, Fox
and Baker must be form favor-
ites, but there are many other
operators, such as Bob Coneely,
who learned plenty about the
Rio Cristal track and what it
demands of racing motorcycles
W In last Sunday's meeting.
This past week has seen much
- readjustment of gear ratios, and
other tuning gimmicks specific-
ally aimed at getting top per-
formance out of the racing
motorcycles round the tricky Rio
Cristal circuit.
For this reason the times es-
tablished last Sunday are not
given much nope of longevity as
top marks for the track.
Additional attraction on to-
morrows program will be a spe-
cial contest for 125 cc machines.
If enough entries are forthcom-
ing, there will be two or more
races in this class.
Apart from the generous ra-
tion of speed, spills and thrills
available to spectators at the
1 Rio Cristal track, the roadhouse
there supplies such more tan,
gible rations as food of all kinds
coffee, cerveza. and all sortso-
other comforting substances.
Rio Cristal's getting to
quite a place to spend Sundmq

LaStarza ins Split Decsiok

Over Rex yne nNY Thri

To*k wo8n a s Ai 3 A-.r
ever NsessnasWi


(NSA Telepbot8)
TWO IN A BOW Champion Rancho Dobe's Storm (the dog),
smiles doggedly through the picture-taking after he was named
"Best in Show" at the Westlinster Kennel Club's annual show
in New York. The thoroughbred Doberman pinscher, held by
trainer Peter Knoop, Is the first dog aver to win the award two
years In a row.

Ned McDonald New Head'

Grid Coach At Virginia
CHARLOTZTEVILLE, Va., Feb. and are happy to have them
14 (UP) -Ned L. McDonald was continue on our staff with their
named football coach at the added responsbllty."
University of Virginia yesterday McD nld--a 43-year-old na-
to succeed Art Guepe. who re- tive of Caldwell. Tea., arid the fa-
signed to become coach at Van- ther of two caldre-s d. "I
derbilt. MODonald served as line fully realize that I amg
coach at Virginia under Guepe. Into a very largeg pair of
McDonald was teeommended to as sueopsaor to a fine coach, u
President Colgate W. Darden Jr., I havenw i m ty warm fet
by a special ageeening -commit- for thl nivm yl of Vr n
tee. Darden presented his name "ItA Ideoti al nni
o the university board of visit- mmirastt can .bp aashta
irs today and. McDonald was I will put everythn I have

McDonald had been-the lead-
ing candidate for the job since
Giupe resiguhi9, pe k eg
Southeaster oteren".
(He had coached the Virginia
forewall under Guepe for seven
years, but resigned last month
and was e kected to uo to the

him back into the picture here.
McDonald was an outstanding
lineman on University of Texas
teams in 193788- 9 and captain-
ed the Longhorns hnl* shsenior
year. He coached gh school
football for two years at Orange
Tex., before being comm oned
in the Navy, where he met'
Guepe. He came here In 1946.'"
McDonald was unanimously
recommended by an advisory
committee headed by Virrinia
Athletic Director Gus TebeU.
McDonald was offered a*three-
year contract at a salary" report-
ed to be about $8,000 '- year,
somewhat less than Guepe's $9,-
500 to $10.000. He accepted.
McDonald met with members
of the Cavalier football iquad In
an informal meeting this after-
noon and discussed p4 for
opening spring footbalH actice
next Monday as schiduld.
The new coach said be would
wait a week or so before namlnlg
assistants other than Ahlms-
sistant Robert P. Fuller, hou
recommendation by the
committee was also applM bYW
the board.
Tebell commennteW 0*'bnkC
we have two very tone pe

Tom Scott and Oeae i-ll (
holm, reat le stars of -the
several years.

Article Featuring

Perlas Islands In'

States Magaz ii
"Panam Py-Om at
by Joe =ooks appbba'a
curret Isue of
The story features th
fishinsgh rnds tn a -

Ac ed by oeo

Pa=UL A- uis ea r.

O fOa ten hisrin

SThree Boxers Fe. with

Series Of J shad

Three. Boxers 0o

Series Of Bomts
r, *

g-N a ".

Brownies 20 1
MB6eblrda 17 17
Yanties' it t
a '



~ D~g~r -WI

,rpn bue.. r .r ti
pw rKU R

n tot

ert during the ry saon..
.One nf the 'theM hMa-.

Mt Sf

' llM

u*U 3 afah iliv4.oi
1 "' '
BThe l. uSUN.S
.'A'T .on Afpe s

9 2O.
,J v k.. I". '

"-~ ~'L,wusdI

* ~(,
~ ..55, ~19.
'a -



M.,, -' ,, ...

. o

',".' : -3 '*
t1. : w


S Alarming itatlem
The Marysvile Volunteer I
-Isl "chemm a Co. Ltd.. Gloge. Setland department inveMlgated
find why too moan 0 of
eeua. AGEN AeS DOEL., S.A. m fi s M
me u Cernl Lee. relocated'SiAm 2
heard by QUM

,j.:' r


,. V

S, .

4 '

r &ur
Id three
1ll to r'





4% '-

r I,

. Y

.M M .. .. o ,. _* ,


ai e .X

MRAi -



uz~c -wn
In T"M eouIm CN

mttck oube Big 19 i *t
S mre, but ha A .

Welterweight King

fTo Extpnd Empire

id Gavilan Str

j*j.., I' 4

'4 J~.

-~ -
4. .~


-rib S mt ears
tMf~i r~t ~.W^JMw .- *\ P S W3* *



,rt .4 1 3
-b 5 1 I1 '
B, a 3 1 0 6
;c c 2 1 1-
1 1 0 6 0

as s s i
,l .a as .

USa lo-4 6

3ita ~ Whjite7r(1-)
*m i,&. ) hf a I


, m g .

gD E AI M :
.Umited PJUS IBl f1te.?
COCAGO, Feb. 1 (UP)-K
CQtl n>, a Cu danh eout
cOnfiuered th6 world' t

or agaW
* he CG

The flashy NeRro scraper, ;
My rlnbo do dpier auto"

the M he won from
BreMon in 1951. his beat vhn
le= down prelously n-
k"u e thu ftuastult a two

10 ijw

ta-.. : it
IthMt m I It cm



t. ,Z ":l -.



EAith ^H

:la Nus-D MmWm 4w TAO PD4tkL
Marguerite CHAPMAN -- Johnt ACWj, min
Wid Bill lliott, in "KANSAS TERMTORr'



4 to

LO .A, YOOiaN la
"PAULA"-, .
"THE sN Iip ':.


.ca rn,'.- .
.ne c-


.I~t tern ium.

It's S vtim Tonight!

gtwni ea C"l, 0 /eaters.

AILO ITS. 6:15 i.35 '
I regy ac s uisn HAYWARD 9
9Ave OADNU-- .SrMNA.WifrA I
" ft rca 'cowao GRL g Dals
. ..A ..l.m n o....

AL c ^"'

J [ .'.-,
***a -g

S-_. ', *



.~* 9).
* t~. -

*11. ,~
~ *~*'~ .1
.1. -4:~~J
~ ~ %~4.

* a

o i. .
,, 1 iM
eI SlUZee w ,
,, JL *ek'ettt
"" ".,,. "ff""

' ? .

..MfouI aftm it

r:5AL A.1" ., h -.



4- ,.~

;~ t
~,. r.~, ~


- --- --1

aI- |. ..,
*- Alr

me sur."w

g !
r .', '

ital(;'-. .

., .:. :.-: ,:

J oft


I v



* .i~'


leke Judge

Si lls Attorneys i

47M't To Talk an
EW YORK. Fb. 14 IUP)- "'Let the people know the trl aNd u is safe" -- p l
; ,.EW YORK. Feb. 14 IUP)-
torneys in the vice trial of.
marine heir Minot iMickey' TWENTY-EIGHTB EAR. PANAMA. P., SAT TUARY 14, 19U .
were scolded by the judge
terday for talking to report-
about tdhe case from which '
and public were barred,
of the lawyers revferled.
S-Meanwhle, playgrl t mergency In IUIH*
:!rd, 19, concluded four days
V w.sueeutionus first witness. S pi s De D
w (iss ard. former fiancee of r
sonw.hin. the Spring Tides Due T rr ow
i tnes' es on which the
ecution counted to convict
ee of charges of compulsory
titution and living off the
a of prostitutes. BRUSSELS. Feb. 14 (UP)-A weekend tides send new floods In Britain, 20,00,090 hit .* oop carrier u
lawyer. J. Roland Sale, static of emergency was declared surging across the coastal low- ily-filled sandbags already Geran we
iJudge Francis L. Valente in Malines today and the popu- lands. had been piled into mpour
,[ed prosecution and defense lation warned to standby to be Ships and planes from nine dikes, but an estta ted to .
I lrneys into his chamber at evacuated if the danger from nations brought' mllidns of 00o0,00 more were
I -start of yesterday's session, the rising river Dyle. tributary sandbags to Britain, and 12.000 alure full safety. .
He warned them that in of the Schelde, increases. servicemen and vlvilakhs were Officials in most plae
S Mmenting about the case The town council has asked at work on the ea5r s whose lircd they hiad e
W l de @of court they were vio- the government for more troops failure resulted In 200 deaths in bags on hand to build
g Ming the spirit of his order to aid the 2,500 men who were the tragic floods early this feneA in time, but the Mr 1'
deluding press and public rushed in last night when the month. Olee Thursday night asked "
Agi fnm the trial. first high tides of tomorrow's There was no prospect of a United States, Belgium. Deae i
Defense attorneys Sam uelI spring time overran the sand- repetition of the freak storm mark. France, Italy. Germany.
al and Martin Benjamin and bagged breach In the river bank. that combined with high tides Norway. Portugal and Switze- -
msrtant Dist. Atty. Anthony J. Further downriver, below Ant- to produce the disastrous Feb. 1 labd to (end more as an "un
r would not comment on werp, a further 2,000 troops were floods, but it was urgently neces- precaution." .
report of the judicial still at work strengthening two sary to flood defenses damaged Sandberg came by air froI
ne but In contrast to pre- large dike breaches at Lilloo and before the sea urged up in new nine countries and 8. basth
days. they refused to dis- Calloo with cement. tidal crests. overseas yesterday.
W anything that happened in The River Behelde broke f
t yesterday. through yesterday and reflood-
ia also said Valente had or- ed these two villages. Old people e n
lSegal not to read any and children have already been
lists of names of men Miss evacuated.rivers License Renewals Du
d met while a cafe society Along the coast a further 2,-
Stitute.500 troops were at woork
strengthening dozens of ter
Quoted the jude as say- porarily filled breaches but the iTo Expire on B rthd
agf, "I must demand you stop danger of break-throughs here
laowing out all these names was less acute. The meteoro-
Kpeople she met in a purely logical office predicted light --- /
lal sense and who have no winds would coincide with the An announcement that the applications should be In
beni on this case." spring tide. Canal Zone chauffeur and per- form of moneorders or ch
S M W teiti sonal driver licenses will expire arrencr MN *- mb
lat a aid Meb s Ward testified Elsewhere in the country, this year and must be renewed a
t Jelke beat her and forced freeing weather stopped the during the months of March thfe g
nor into vice dtites because he thaw of a three-foot mow through June has been made by l
needed monev until he received blanket and slowed the rise the Civil Affairs Bureau. Canal th
S m his brother a $20.000 loan of swollen rivers. Large river- Zone drivers' licenses are good for the
1ch would permit Jelke and side areas were however al- for a three year period only and without a valid s i ten
Ward to marry. ready under water near ArIne, were last reissued in 1950. lar.
fte testified she offered to Charlerol, Menin and teloo. 'A change in athe tf.afflheuiQ
in a cold water flat with Meanwhile in Holland the The following announcement ftulat aqSee sSfe
e. Sala said, and that he compulsory evacuation of at concerning the renewals of 11-provi that#Al
told her: "I'd never let my wife least 3.000 persons from Zlerk- censes and Infomation concern- ha saffet s d m 2.
e in that kind of style." see, main town on the flooded ing applications was made: l as d e-
She offered to get a job. Bala island of Schouwen-Dulveland, ik ei.he. M Lmf. .
aid. and Jelke protested., tarted early today as the city "About 10,000 Canal Zone op- n. 19.
Sala added that she prepar- officials after a conference with erator and chauffeur licenses Th wll m e eway foir
for her vice dates by "n- the Minister of Interior Louis will expire during thmonths o to re wh o
diVe Intoxieation" in order X. M. Beel, decided the situation March, April, May and June ol new their licenses. and it
i I her senses against the was still too dangerous. this year. Renewals may be ob- eliminate many of the .d A
ahame and degradation of The island of Schouwen- tained without deay from the Li-that the publiUox-leed d ,
a M aDuiveland was the hardest hit sense Section in-t Civil Af- Inf the ru* enloed J4 ~ a
,Hte said Miss Ward testified of all southwestern Dutch areas fair Building, Gaillaird lghway, 9 y spreadin the reawal
ta Jelke protested a ainst tiher flooded Feb. 1. Ancon, or the Driver Examner's over the enti-e yW ,
saying that the men The bulk of the 24,000 in- office, Building 1029, Cristoba. A
ae Was dating might take ad- habitantss was evacuated in a properly completed applicegton,
V tage of her intoxication and early stage, but 4500 ut oef t two photos and one dollar are re-
her money. 7,000 people In Zlerlksoe re. uored for tnewal, and re-ex-
On arriving at the courthouse fused to leave their homes. amination may 'be required.
10aterday, Miss Ward told re- Through many dike breaches
t Jelke beat her scores of the. tides are still invading the "Mall applications should be
n but that she did not leave island and jeopardizing Zierksee addressed to the 'Chief. License
because she was "very much constantly Section, Balboa Heights, Canal
love with him and afraid." One of the gaps is still widen- Zone.' Fees accompanying mail
.. Defense attorney Segal said ing through the force of the
he shad Introduced photographic current. This breach was about
qrdence which he c a11e Cd 300 feet wide band 80 feet dee k Driver
szockn g proof" of Miss Ward's by mid morning. It will be, the)
usual love life" and added, most difficult part of the im-
0*e feel we have utterly destroy- mense Job of dike repair to close
S ihetr as a witness." it n g Fran c fsrin the Dourt at
e next prosecution witness In Btain thousands of
S belp's acted to be Barbara Har- workers toiled feverisly to
men. .31 blonde, divorcee arrest- patch damaged dikes befoe
dnBthe apartment of Erica atc m e e o e slaughter Count
3. Lho has pleaded guilty to
ntainin o a brothel where ae wt edi u Cesar Aquiles Arjona was in
y cautousplaced nter were given during a recent the Balboa ail today facing
on onl to make between French recent ee rge of involuntary man-
t indicated b the al Auustne slaughtaume and er in the District Court atch-
but shall yield the Spanish coutnerpart, Lieut Ancon.
Clear Now? pedestrians law- Rafael Garciao The 41-year-old PanamanianValno
a 'role public'sa attention has beenli defendant Pwaived prelimina .-
Sto the fact that vehicles RAAT, refused to confirm thyearng yesterday in the Balboa '
totheonBalc aRoatv 14icles UABAFr hMroccJ, Magistrate's Court and ball was .
north on Balboa Road at 14 (UPo -Reports that Spain set at $400, after probable cause
,l a-,n ection with Amador has given France formal guembar- Dras found.ton appeared
and La Boca Road wil find tees to suppress anti-French plotting in a neigh-
f ayed simultaneouslybic, borin g Spanish Morie ndly territory. The ick-up he was truck, Jose-

S comblongs nation of signals is creased weiht today in well inA. d Sodas. 47, died of injuries
P Goeme may cautiously enter were given during a recent talk dent occurred on the K-10 Road
l tion only to make between French resident oner- a t two mile north of Thatch-
gemnent indicated by the al Augustine Oulfaume and his

Ibut shall yield the Spanish counterpart Lieut. an 5r Highway.
j [F'qtd4lin a crosswalk and to Observers however believed Police charge the defendant

.fic., lawfully using the France refused to confirm the was drunk whhen driving.

TA C MIn said today that h a ee-

Nothing else like Itl It's early next month
finer, softer, smoother-ab- problems of Glerman
orbn and deodories per- rng from the ,a 'E
sorb. and d ~odoetoe per. Unand for bi f al o' oa:o
spratioDn-keeps m fresh, tls wtf the membe l of the
eoel, lHuringly frna ant and n S. aditlnstah FI3TA BAYVA LOCe --
attT8ractive. ooh01h aft *Mar 1,v .... l
simburn and"w shaving Pro, t I. r has .b e _ited by the ._--' -

Svntta chain. Bay today.

fans a -nr view of
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