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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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a'S. ~

'Abraham LfUl


" .

o;2 .

.. ..iM


rogra For

Congress -

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 (U .? ....i.
and Republican Com ll
an Il-point "must" le h u rt
Senate GOP Itd
tion was not included in thm
Ptsident and his-lee4srs he
tax poliy.
Taft said, however, i t6 e tio tamm .i
initely be passed at %his session..
h i-p etlo Biu m llm I d'f.Me
1 Te wum~a~o DII rekmi -

* ~-I. -:

w .

blB to lean

m aS&

um I


rw waft~dIucS

Woh. ir. 1
hour Awh Mr. &

B sting

en'lI rstUi iaauS
aournmet July 1 or 1
that it is too early to
l thr they would mak
Taft said a ueieuts

11uer cest l


is wovu la wana a r
Income tax cut for Itu
Both Taft and Mad
shed that the leoSg*
Is not excluive. Oft
wil come t O
They ant:tctt
of delay In l
KraL. <
Taft said d ot of the
had been dmea wfth
be thopoht Coatowg a
ty much readtty for ma

I '

-~ ~'*

3w~ amp=
... ...4W M




-. 4 .


- -A -4,r**j

*. ^ L

lay ma lWd 7,000


P -


7T H ynati 0 a** 134. PANAMA. R. PP
.A4n Ma rnrM AVI NrW VOmni *It NM V
I *j UC*\
e.NTrn IN ADVANCE -1 T 70
SI MONThsW IN fVA'4C O0 o13
44se viAN IN oVANNCet e.........__ O0 40


i Mail Boxa a en open toum teo tirdedn er t The Peaes L AMW.
tWfle $are received egrtefully and ero handltd is whewlv ee.i
M m Ou... "
K e to a lette. don't e empneiet bt et 4ie't #ap1eIW4 Aq
4re publhed Nr stheb vt r *- 0"6r
.to4eep the ~le I imitd e f an age ii
SH lef wriAin A held W 0 teioteo t eastE fD **
.' eWpssu esuaines rnopilsibilMlefy ifeimttA m
ed in lettes Ino readers

Last Tuesday night around 11:00 on the highway betWeen
and Diablo Crossing and down Gaillard Highway'Vr-
in the "No Passing Zone," you put on a fine exhition
Wer sportsmanship, reckless driving and just plain sta idity.u
By now everyone knows how fast a Jag will go, boW mucl
cost, where you can buy them and who owns tlhef- on the
mu. They are neither a rarity or a scarcity an yop are nqt
hOt or the only owner of a Jaguar on thb
a ordar that other drivers may be ware bWyo lek fia oa
.U "eisi whbt iappene A First y held u a l UP .
bydfinW -25 miles an hour in,a 40 mile o f a1
mw was brave enough to try to pass you r 1i$
perhaps .you were Just out to enjoy the night
love, you tepped on the gas and refused to iet he
betted yoitao tbi several times to different 11. f w1s
luA. for the ride so Just strolled along waihg l uI y
1imat1re you. were putting on. Was it for the lady or to matt-
iu own pooregso? Finally, you had a last fling. When you
n the "No P~esing Zone" I think you stop dead still in
of the car following you. At least that in what think took
. Ibeard the tires squeal and when I got there the car and
&lunine'driver, was slowing starting' up and strolling along,
3'olding up the line. Luckily for you I was.not tt unorn
driver for had I been I would have gone to the nearest po-
tatUon and reported your antics.
tis eople like you that spoil things for everyone. .Teen-
SarebtiI1tcized for their disobedience to laws ut X. would
eeA yot them on the road anytime than .u.' You are
iki, at least physically, and should know better. .' .
ant to show us just what that Jag wll don't
n exhibition? Perhaps the police will rope. I
dsde Sunday and let you run up and down, up Ad W*,t
.pu had satisfied your self and shown all the people. In that
wll not have the chance to endanger lives of the un-
.. I

several other people on the Isthmus have had Ja es
than you; a man in Balboa, another man in Dablae d
In Ancon all have Jaguars of one type or another and.
never seen them out on the road speeding, refsing toa l*t
pass or just dragging along at 25 miles. Perhaps they art
-offs or maybe they respect the traffic lawsaid the IUveq
L it over chum. If you want to race, raue on a track.
a little courtesy on the road, we like to drive too and when
out for a drive we want to come back home safe. I'i sure
not as reckless and stupid as you painted yourself that

S* "" ...... safety ninrt


,Olmpy might have misjudged distances and fallen on his
ip. Or maybe somebody gave him a swift kick in the pants,
be came too close to an automobile.
Anyway, when we found him he had a bad limp on his off
d leg and his tall had obviously been broken and knitted about
tach from the tip with a decided hook.
That was a month ago. Now Gimpy, who is a beautiful short-.
md tabby male kitten, about half grown, is completely reeowve-
fhlm li miisadventure.

[is tail still has a kink in it and he still fai0r his td 1
but he is as playful and fat and saucy an the h k I
also housebroken with wonderful manners and ta- ea
conversation in cat language with any of the other l *3
v household, cat, dog, or human.

Dirmpy needs now is a homee where he e'4 be given the
he deserves and where he can take over te way. evern
acting kitty wants to do. We're a little crowded a duI

If you. want Gimpy. please call Balb* 2870.

- Catlat

Precious Stones

JtHONTAL 61 Streets (ab.)
ecious ston.12 Otherwise
Mother I Smell
in for a 2 Surface a
Mous stone street
dih jewel 3 Malt drinks
Ve valley 4 Cotton fabric.
is S Kinder
re bull Notein -
Mwy making aildo's seal
abe, 7 Those under
ir's age
ainame 8 Rented
MUt 9 Preposition
nation spot 10 Grasp with
dewer the teeth
*aIu 11 Belgim river
pisumber 19 Roster 3
male saint 21 Pastry
hi 24 Cicatrix 3

Ir .
ratie solo

tos Eude
28 Communists
l0 English
31 Youths
33 Father
34 Type measure
37 Style of type
N Bewildered

40 Column
43 More pallid
45 Look fixedly
46 lee cream
47 In a line
48 Ratio
SO Wicked
51 Seines
52 Large plant
58 Fondle


Labor Ne s


aram we w .
$5ISS $5p.-&




It was not in Conress but
4 the Congressional Hotel that
group of men toted the other
d to hand President n-
er his frst defeat. The
General doesn't know it yet
but son will.
SIn a days, in hen
a the a '.c experts dO 't. are
are Minltmn tie .
en tame and
ho need those. new 447.
cbine sereaming fd sup-
The mgenA who met all day
Friday, Jan. 23, In the Con.
greauloal Hotel were the lead-
erg of; *ten back home who
make nickel tubing and tanks
^ii- i*able the Ume-
ta which the hour an
rplled off by the drumbeats
at Agiatic war.
Tihat tubing goes Into the
super-aeoret Savannah
en. Installations. The

to, _a. a.Um
e thel w Ufld that, e
3-Bomb may met U e-.
dueed after Febr p ,
as the tanks haveelt so
produce for. months.
This snatu you'don't settle
withis direct pomana a in-
det orders go a down
through channa== Thm a the
kind 0of ain-
ers creas they t the
bricks aIe to the rte
House you can't lmt -seal with
Nor can you make tanks and
hydrogen tubing *w i4tt -the
prestige of a geWt, n Umty.
SIke's first majl M pb'rob-
lesm las dealing with strIking
CZO Steelwork.s dow on the
la&o 1y 0~tel from which
dsof men streamed out
atnks on the warm morn-
got last Aug. L was
InDnk rk, N. Phirray
st alive. Mr. Truman
S-Was President. ItWas ust
a by-product of the big steel
strike, lot in the etiOn ex-
LBut that plant had. the or-
nickel tbing.

workera struck the company's
M?'in auburnn and Seham-
S- wherethey ad been
i M-47 tanks.

VWily th is igaMr aClk

the Atemie Energy Comnb.
is.l 8pm haswgh. %the uidi
Savannah was running. low
on tubing. Any delay meant a
delay in the H-Bomb delivery,
the Comns on told Mr. Tru-
man. So he sapped a Tal-
MWfInmPction on the tubw
g t-but not, the tank
T she men went back
h d hve been turning out
3Wes. lt made .no tn
-.h G ad the U.S.A. In-


wheit, which li more edible'under certain Ser-
oums6taces than the edible rand. ILt-ui sem be
queamish abbut t .
Americans have been datng millions of oabuh.
els of wheat imported from Canad& bu ellially
for heos. The quetion ti wIo's the lo5nr. The

If ever there was a confueif. uerenmemnal

"a TA

cents a bushel -Insteatt- of 21. Se,
bringing down thS damaged what, by Uwrml
lions of bushels..
A little of it went to the pi. but theiu
,of the general counting ou-e id satedla a
reat deal of t t ground Intoi d (Ty
ave had a dOlp of It I your,, gaag
rn ) *
deal moore got mled- wi i gde-A
el an wheat ad ahlpied a iauli ;
rainal wheatreemen
we taxpaura were.SIIDo g
dollar u r u on rinitende*. 1gI

*/ ;.*. < i. .,'
'., j --

n rl minutm the
Sthe 010. Steel V
hi. mn wa~Io


for I1
Tah .
Bceto A


When the iava

an rie

*fLi~ ,


A ". ,"

': .1"


IL ;...

'. .15

inv .
. ,'*

Wheat BEting. ,

Bysut od e "Than

.ubet -todu Wi Ja"bt Ushk Indbe .

.. T


"Paqffip=wmw* -

- -- ---

t -

.-.,* f'.-




J t 33&^~2-i


'*. 41

4. <^ 11..

g .ng e n.,Mt *


I would I ke to'-eted rmy htrat itp olka to
all tt hW so kMd an d4 dwua the
long Uth eftr te dath M=y wmie


Also to the uaJo Retired 3mpWoM.e Aaeoltatl-
for the fnotA -cards Mand piexpeio o-.
dolehie durtlgm wiu ement.

Pap!T4farty_ F. tM2.

, *1*

I~ .r


hum. t ^.1'
"-. r, l
fe*T j


~PS? the
a block
hold 1t.*rold 1
VP tbtr Ic
tatte~ diatriwl
i- "i*U t 't

I'- "4

. 'w -w hae -o "made

m Dr--- AorM de-
h iQt evB ,,BRlaa
CGO to getut ama7MUM
in New otr.

Speech ppared for de-
y belfor the New York
fto of the Aise .ran in-
t r ltO afI be Pld the
Mid- te tuo af. appeamenat
-cannot r for one-mao-
t *Iftb tMe of our ftUa
MoMaMe 1;._ book t er
d over Prekddent's de-
m- with rrard to .r

.|. '. bht
',, t Mf.

*. m--mA. ua mu-

i iM N t ,e u n 7;te, rAun N ,.l ^ ^

st 5.1"assnl..r .' .. .Mase .

0%, baL rose

SeveWal unitsavoileable. o immediate '1 s Tax free"
New York delivery also for quick duty free shipment
to onol Zone. .


.- .. .-


-- ..?' :.. ., ?.. i .

. *****' '-",'; i -.
'. .: .
*.;.. s^ .,.-
.*t v .'




,. .----."

",* -. "
.V .,'"" : V *' -
"# **
'. '* ..
*. I

. % ;,.* :
* -. -;
S'.. *.*,' *. .. .
'; .. / ". 'e *
Sf '

'm^ T ,,' ."^'f ..' "



I.. -






; 0 -*

K 5? ThCP~~S~ ?C~
inFuIEIEK'.4mEq.~P *
I' $
4 ~


D Mr.
I the

WtV (D-
IWer re-

ear a


. .;.,

* 1* A*.s

. the



S~p S .4e




~-~ ""~-

- --1-- ----.




-* ... a -^


"- n-



I .

= =

Sh"fe '



Srgo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departd

shipping & AirLine News SIDE S ylbr

I '.

"If we could only pt an advanm copy of the draft list
we'd know which boys to try to date for the senior danoe"
G IN PANAMA for the Symphony of Color F Pashlon
ow sponsored by Pan American Airways, are the three of the S
actors. Left to right are Carrie Cloyes, vice-president of M idget Subs To B e Emp al y
lker and Crenshaw. Henry Callahan. showrdirector from Lord M idget Su eb T B eC mployed
Taylor. and Mrs. Katherinp-Bensabat, commentator for the
am. The show will be pdt on at Hotel El Panama at 7:30
at a dinner dance for the benefit of the American Red Cross.S "Ie un n O
0dreds 'of Tourists Eastern, one of the largest do-
Here Today mestic airlines, serves the entire
e passeners from the eastern half of the United States. PARIS. Feb. 9 (UP) Midget ver Bank), north of the Doia n.
uretania which arrives this Thw interchapge would enableisubmarines of a new t e will lcan coast, where so many gal-
ning in Cristobal will- be In the three airlines to offbr the be used early this year an ef- loons were lost In the 17th cen-
an and Panama City, today to type of through service wbch is fort of salvage an estimated tury while carrying treasre to
the Sgihts and shop The preferred by the traveling pub- $100,000,000 worth of gold bllon S pai n.
Fruit Company ship Chi- lie and which forelgn-flag air- from the ocean floor In the West "I believe that to be able to
arrived yesterday iL'Cris-1lines are now permitted to oper- Indes, according to Alexander penetrate the huge coral mai
Sfor a two-day stay. ate, it was said. Korganoff. Inside of which lay, among ma-
Sl a Panagra has filed a similar pe- itorganoff, leader of the pro- ny others, the remains of te
SC ese Reopened: titlonh posed expedition, said the bull- Spanish galleon flagslhD Nq-
1 5Men Direct The proposal has been attack- ion was lost 300 years ago when tra Sefiora de o I oNeeUum.
i t To New York If Won ed by National. Airlines and Spanish galleons carrying the loaded with 150000 pounds
cause of veryy great chang- Braniff Airways, which 'want metal were sunk. Mexican gold, it Is nq- as
in air transportation to La- different interchange arrange- Last January, Korganoff went tackle the job as c lo ly pod,
America In recent months, ments but have no contractual to CentralcAmerica with the sible and find the moatmtal
American World Airways. commitments to that end. same Idea in minda but he lack- spotn to work from.-
aloned with other airlines in! Typical of the change in the ed necessity equipment and his "With tiny one.-man rew sub
the United States Civil circumstances which the board tam trawler sank in a storm marines n0 more than 10 feet
autics Board to reopen a I and the President should take offSanto Domingo. lonw equippeA th the bWt
deaIgned to improve airiinto account in making the fin- I learned a lot of important drilinr machine%, I am om1nv -
between Latin America al decisions, the petition stated, thin~,a during tat first exp ed i-Cd omasultn cgits l
the U.S. are the following. tion. said the 28-year-old be achieved.
caseInvolves the inter-' 1 The Improved ancl Frenchman of Russian origin. "I have. atBredplenty of
involves e nt Themp financial o- "This is why I am more conf-vaable data M
,e of planes at Miami be-'iltion of National-an airline a mr n f t i veand n
PAA: its associate. Panoperating on the north-south dent than ever of success. Dur- drid and I was able to confirm
G race Airways (Pana- route which has now risen to the Ing the dat six monte I have A bts edthere htl &it,
position of the fifth r t U noted al my time and ener- h ..Amrl Is
approves ;assngerl.. rom teStaes d estc c l. ep for the secondI" a "I1. %
I Caribbean and Central and 2 Increase of direct foreign- "In Particular. I have stu t
nth Adfierlca could travel di- flag service from New York to "In particular. I have studied un I ssh
itlv to New Ybrk without points in the Caribbean and con- othe famous coral bank called in mh eowand
5,aof plane, sequent enhanced need of the Wseeh 'Banco de la Platat w811 amewore,. Bak
Ki president and the CAB Pan American-Eastern inter- commercial revenues and the one eFrnc lie SL
ye not yet acted finally upon change to such points. savings in expenses which the French one will h a g slbe
Sjoint proposal of PAA. Pan-F 31 The strengthening of Bran- Eastern-Pau Amlcan inter- which I decidedset f" a
It and Eastern-the only firm 1ff Airways, competitive carrier change' would produce. cflc reasons -. iod siboa for such an improved in the area, resulting from a re- The petition noted that the don't rollaso much.Also it will
r over the north-south in- cent merger with Mid-Continent break-even need of .Pan Ameri- possible to have bett r livis a-
Mattonal route. Airlines. and direct new access to can's Latin American Divialon commodations than on
PAAs routes blanket the Ca- Miami. This added strength Is has increased from $3,919,000 in a steam trawler le one w
Mbemn an dalso serve Central reflected in an increase of 50 per the 12 months ended June 30, used the first time.
iartca and the north and east cefn In revenue passenger miles 1951. to $11,714.000 in the 12 "We will very likely bring thl
ata of South America. Pana- in a recent period, the petition months ended June 30, 1952. British boat to .Hare, an
Soperates between Buenos said. Further argument, the peti- from that Frtn port he
ree and the west coast of South 4i Deterioration in the finan- tion said; could be held at short edon Will stat for the
orncta to Panama. from where rial results of Pan American's notice and would not appreciably b waty th.g
t planes continue to Miamil.atin American operations and delay the final disposition of this Thediepitat l' b lnJa
Ter PAA's route. their consequent need for added proceeding by the President. ary or -r eari buary."
Irll WELKIN Planeteer Here He Is Again

,. ..
~ ~. >'.

* .j~g


.. ..- -,....;-
i.- .^ A. ", o '-. 'o .. .. '.V -.. a'. *-*,P, .1


oHsE ADl$t a o=

a 3belaM

..- .
. ~ .

7. il

C..' -

ait7T HOW MR.7
L kfOcm THE EAmRTH)r

114'-, POP

The Big Freee

Careful Kat




la 'A I

.,.c; ~

....-.. <-
# ,



tLi go,

, L.-

i A.

. --. '

grab Refotailers See No Big Jur

In Prices of Meat, Clothing

Sl Retailers acroe the nation said era could charge "hideu"
aor ". today that remvid of price increases by -
Poorho se, 1An%2__ cefuugsal aouM bring no majpr iOnceg g*5f =
mB n"Alt^ Increase In thie prpe of meat. ed contra7 .
Kthe oaf lotn furniture and other 9at the Amerian Met
h rchand oth. f deo troled items, tute, speaking for the
gz Mai.. But, they sld .41 would de- said houa8Miv re
pe.nd n future wholesale pri LJudges of meat., and
The vandlits .S_* t or production cost, sad s& WW f to pay high prce or u
erned 8 '5 wot of demand. lam .adeim. .it
headstones and stat In 28 A spokesman for a
burial vi"mlAot ".5 some butchers said certain 0, clothing store
T mmyv X^ b cuts Of meat may go up, espe- meval of eontroNetls om "
.f or aR lt tally te mren ezpenrle cuts. little dff1epeM, vie w of

S Poorhmoue Lsap. which ilagl control in Vioum1ly al
S be was t t ,IMSo iw 1l lowed.
wcautomatoi N,.. i." Rguess we .an
tta, alonRt with oage cto~a wlce to1< sup ai
the d tastaaes & Inihn God for that."I
sent to 5 for ro3g ellngn on meat Others echoed his
In a2nd oro l iHWth ems adod in The removal of ceilings
department taOes. 'They said that merchants would
The city offered ,a *on rew d It woui eliminate much cosly freedom of actlan
n. lasued an appeal fo fer- paper work. since the outset of
nation on any unusual Gem- B no a m
Muncem noticed In O the smsnulWY R a oe ve r itrp
before dawn yesterday. ,Increases.-howev
They pointed out that many '
Te vandals. described by city ltemsl now fr sU ag far
manager Dave King as "sadistic ceOllngs and that compellgtM
either lassoed or 19 keen,
bdio ~the top of a 26-foot A department store mgag
tue of a sailor and pulled at Msndt= Win., Lam" ,
e ar from hish The "there's o season oa
tatue commemorates B 7 m en earta why price.
who died when the battleup go up."
Maine was sunk in he avana
harbor during Cuba's fight for At Dallas, Tex., raa
freedom in 1898. All87 aneburied b POiy. ou*Mtroler of the R
erp ian-Misrous store..atd he aniti-
cipates "no marked price In-
They knocked down a 2,000- reases because It's really the
DeaBd imported Italian a rble coapumer and competition that
standing high above, te regulate prices."
EiDt Malde Vads, a wealthy At New York, Harry 8. Moser,
settler of this Island executive secretary of an As-
a. TIh e statue cost 4mie than soclation of Independent Cloth-
Ingr Dealeers, said clothing prices
level ma were probably will remain unhang-
btte d and a m marble an- ed, for the time being at least.
S d at $100 was smash- But he said there would be
1d. a possibility of price hikes next
is lseonofthe rir or fall, when retailers
lugil, sexton of the restock from wholesalers.
1eM Rulated In the old red-

Family Collects
On Auto Insurance
Every 52 Days
BOSTON, (UP) A Newton
family has collected $16,453 in
automobile Insurance c lai n
every 52 days, Insurance compa-
*i-- i'y-^-^"- ----
The mother has had 11 clalmi
totalng "1,584, a son has had 11
claims totalIn $10,500, and thi
other claims graduate downward
to (S collected by the grandmo-

E chs ace
mtaeh ache
jfn., -

*s W ***

I r ,5-m MMO

1 $15-.
el e*


-. -1A1M

nm tu wuu w.,
q -n,, WM Qnun wa .JX

wthe ladow.
at yearson the force I ne-
saw anytUoglike It." said
' "J"9O*CdMgadkltor Ib-

T~W ttAI,
am of proper.




PHONES:-NIGHT *3-1521 -DAY 3-1552

SHOWS: -7:00 9:15 P.M.

* ,



AcO venture

OftAl"rtanwIftaans L l


am& l.MU


S ..

W," ." -"r-rW



Sbi. a
La his

. ,w. "i
" t ",, .,,

~JFa~~ !~

4rV~' -

- S ~ ,v~':--. .~i.
A.''. '~':

You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru A Classi

Leave you, Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in .No. 5 r Street P

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6'

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Sal6n deBelieza Americano C Dru Store
No. 55 West i2th Street '0 M erd Awve,-Pone 2 I

pr. b SA.
Agenda laternacional de Publicaclotns .. aMeet omer astudie t.'
No. 3 Lottery Plaha Phone 2-31N99 Pl 8-14 and 2-27w.

-' FOR SALE:--Solid mahogany dining-
S*room drop lea; table and chairs.
'Perfect condition. Cristobol 3-
4 860.
S OR SALE:-8 cu. ft. Frigidaire, 25
Cycle. $75.00. See at 5765 Sibert
S.Street Apt. G., Diablo.
FOR SALE-Bendix automatic wash-
er, 60 cycle. Used one year, in
States. Excellent condition. $175.
:00. Phone 85-4137.
FOR SALE: 25-cycle Westing-
'i house Refrigerator. New motor. All
porcelain, $90. Can be seen after
4 at house 5557-A, Diablo.
FOR SALE:-Smaoll wardrobe, double
bed, together or separately, both
mahogany and modern. No. 77.
Estudiante street Apt. 5. Telephone
2-3058, Panama.

Position Offered
High-closs English speaking, Pan-
; monian, North American or Eu-
ropeon salesman wanted. Room
602. International Hotel.
HeIn Wanted

WANTED: Experienced
Do not apply without
Tel. Ft. Kobbe 2191.

I dan Insislin

m Wilhdraw

hroe No Man's
AMMAN. Hashemtl
Feb. 9 (UP)-The Isr
tier situation contain
here today as Jorda
the Jews withdraw fr
man's land stretch
Jordan authorities
the Jews with ,tw
breaches of the armi
nected with attempts
a section of no-man'
They added that
w _thdrew after Jords
: ed to use force.
Israel als was fac
Jordan demand for
withdIrwal of a group
lfb *C In the d
d zone of Jeruslemi
[The demand for
the refugees, ab
S d bet, was hand
Ats poUlitical offi
eby AAzi Nashi
dan delegate to t
twice commission.
Earlier U. S. Lt. Ge
1: Riley, chief of t
Nations Palestine C
*At an aide to inspe
*7- where the Jews t
atorm wrecated t
Thursday night.

SA new twists chHI golai
gren peppers (awstoo
and serve with Kraft M
Cut stm ends fro
fireen peppersm remove
Then dissolve I packal
gelatin i 2 cups boUli
V' h Ik ld, add these
1i s* -Oppod celery,
* > ap~ped carrots, I cu
Sea and I cu

Wi~w owl et lpeppe
I h~ ll tat fIm. Cut oo
4| 4 6 ei sswise sike
I. poei eof slead, plo
T4 crisp lettuce. Serve
Savor Kraft Mayonna
Se igredints called
; edpe. Make these eI
'Ii"gs iTg Kraft May
day. Enioy Krae 's ex
aoer that caCn't e
by any other inayonmn

0~ Kraft In


Automobiles I
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door
styling Deo Luxe, original Sehara
Beige color, 5 good tires, easy
payments. Smeat y Hunniutt S.
A. 16th. St. Central Ave., Tel.
800 Colon.
FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Super Ri-
viera Dynaflow, radio, E-Z Eye
Glass. Call Clayton 7246 from 7-
4 or may be seen' at 716-0 Sogo
St., Cocoli.
FOR SALE-1950 Studebaker 2-door
Sedan, original shell grey coler.
Radio, end seat covers, very good
condition. For sale at Smoot y
Hunnicutt S. A. 16th St. Central
Ave. Colon, Tel. 800.
FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Club
Coupe. Perfect condition. Best of-
fer. 417 Porto Bella St., Ancon.
Good transportation: 1941 Cheviolet
Fleet Master 2-deor Sedan. lay
payment. Fr o-le at Smaoot y
Hunnicutt S. A. St. 16th St. Con-
trol Ave. Colon Tel. 800.
WE PAY CASH for your used car and
sell on terms orat Agencias Cosmos.
Auto-Row 29, telephone. 2-4721,

1941 Buick 2-doer Sedan, very gow
d laundress. transpotretieon good radio, enm
references, tires, Also witk se covers. Ear
payments. FIor sole at Smeota
Hunnicutt S. A. 16th St. Centre
Ave. Colone. Tel. 800.
S FOR SALE: 1941 Chevrolet Clul
Coupe, radio. Exceptional, $650..
00. Room 320. Hotel Tivoll, Bol-
boo 2111.
Land FOR SALE -Beautiful I0S PontiNl
i LlU Station wagon, beautiful lshpe am
te Jordan, running condition. "y payment
le Jordan, ot Smoot v Hunicutt S..A. 16 e
ael frnse- St. Central Ave.. Colon, Tel. 80C
lued tense *
n insisted BARGAIN: 1952 Chevrolet Stylin
rom a no- De Luxe 4-door Sedan. Two ton
along the Sahara Beige and Emerald greoe
Power-glide, radio. 5-good trlo
charged hardly used. For sale at Slese
No minor Hunnicutt S. A. 16th. St. Centre
stice con- Ave. Colon, Tel. 800.
to plough FOR SALE:-1950 Vanguard 4 Doc
the Jewsland. Sedan, duty paid, excellent condi
Sthreat- tion. $650 Tel. Balboa 3163.
Practically new. 1952 Buick Spect
ed with af 4-deor Sedan,, two-tone wemi
immediate grey and shell gray, Dyneflow
lp of Jew- Seautlfgl lmape J saele- Snsmo
he former y Hnilcot SL 6th CSntr; t
emilitaris- Avenue. Cefir. Tet. 80W
evacuation 1949 luick. S CeonvlMe,t et
bout 50 In fl e set coveu u
ed United tOi, *140d *t by pVime
leer Henri Wsolo et ywo bcl doehls to
ashlbi. the Hunnicut S. A. lelk St. Ceatns
the mixed Av. Colon, oel. 800.
FOR SALE:-To highest bidder, ne,
n. William 1953 Chrysler Windsor De Luxe
he United 4-door sedan. (Damaged o
omission, board). As is and where is, C6h b
lct th3 col- seen at Cristoboal Pier. All bic
ook shelter must be sent to: Heurtematte n
heir huts Arias, S. A. Box 293, Ponama,' o
P. Accompanied by certified chec
hfor 10% of Bid. BeUfe Februelo
12th. 1953.
6,11 FOR SALE:-1949 Buick S 2
.=. door Sedanet. perfect
..tlB: with Dyneflow, set cvers, i
ike a perfy! and good tires. Eo pa nt
Smoot y Hunnicutt S.A.iFj .
9 __Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 80.
SFOR SALE: -- 1946 Lcaln, rdii
.- overdrive. Call 2-2404, Balboa.
S1949 Buick Shper 4-der Seods
r Ivery good cendtitoan. DynoI.,
..rn.i st co"ers, gd tir, eany pe
Scents. For sale at ltest Vy
tin salad i-I nicutt S. A. 16th. St. Central A
d of molds) Colon, Tel 800.
ayomnas. WANTED
m 4 large WANTED
Small seeds.
geof lemon I Automobiles ,

ng water. I WANTED: MG Convertible. Co
iand portly I Colon 446, daily.
I cup row I
p sedded r Pacific Society...
p drained (Continued from Page THRRI
-vegetable lie of Panama, Mrs. Jose An
ir shells and tonlo Remon, wife of His EL
idu pepper I cellency, the President, Is th
s. For, ead patroness for the Fashio1
we 2 sices Show.
With party
ise. New York models, who ar
sure to use rived yesterday afternoon b
I or .lthis lane from Caracas, Venezue
led pepper la, will display forty two en
omals to-I asembles for all occasions, hi
citing party eluding a wedding gown di
duplicated signed by Christian Dier.
alsa. Music will be furnished 1
Luis Azcarraga and Cass Ha
S* rlson and their Orchestras.
s Tickets are $6.00 per person
and include dinner. They mi
be purchased at the offices(
the Pan American 'Airway
Panagr&, Dagmar, French Bi
S aar. American Bazaar ar
Notel IIl Panama.

o yel. -bu iahn s
2051 AoeMs. C 3

Eureka. S. A. Central Ave. IN.* 1
Just around the cdroer of "J, .,
announces our new LaW Sde
Service. We con now make to Wted
any kind of lamp shade'or te-cver
your old one at low prices.
Alligator shoes for men and women
mode to order. Casa Fenix, 155
Central Avenue, Panam.

FOR SALE:-GermonL Sheplierd pup-
pies. Best blodd line froth Italldn
and American Kennel Club Dogs.
First Avenue.No. 43, Son Fran-
cisco. Tel. 3-2396.* Familia Spn-
thiz.'* "

FOR. SALE:-Piano international,"
perfect tune, $250.OO, 17th Street
West, No. 68. Apt.2t 6

Bids will be received ih the office
of the General- Maae, Commis.
sory Division, at Mougt Hope, Ca-
nal Zone, until 3:00 p. m,., Thurs-
day, March 5, 1953, when they
wiN be opened n pAublic, for fur-
nishing 4,550 stems of bdirataos
during the period April 1, 1953
ot September 30, 1953, at. the
rote of approximate y 175 stems
weekly. .Forms of proposal, with
full particulars, may be obtained
in the office of the Supply r&
Service Director, Balboa Heights,
or of the General Manager, Com-
fnissary Division, Mount Hope,
Canal Zmne.

Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be
ceived in the .office of the IE
gineering and Construction DIrl
tor, Panama Canal Company, B
boa Heights, Canal Zone, ui
10:00 o. m., April 15, 1953, c
then publicly opened, for furnmi
ing pll plant, labor, materials' a
equipment, except certain Mati
iols furnished by the Panama (C
nal Company, and performing
work for Constructidn of 66 M
sonry-Type Quarters. Buildings,
Telephone Excharonge Building
Electrical Substation, and all U
cities, Pavements and Aeurej
cos at CordenIs; Cd4 -
Forms of proposals, specifioatta
and full particulars may bL
tafried from the office" of the 6C
tract and Inspection Divisi
Room 336, Bolboi Heights (Te
phone 2-3739 or 2.-2698). Soe
ficatonsn arid 'drawing will be
sued on a deposit of $40.00
se+. Deposit .Will be forfeited
specifications and drawings ore
returned within 40 calendar d
after opening of bids.

FOR SAL;:-Bell & Howell 70.
movie camera less than one y
old, perfect condition, with com
notion case $250. Regular pi
$365. Four lenses new, compi
$500 or will sell oil lenses or (
mera, separately. Box '1289 /
con or 2070-C, Curundu.

F. FOR SALE:-Linen polleras, cross-
stitched. Montumo shirts. Good
bargain. Cafre Estudlante No. 75
Apt. 2. Telephone 2-5159, Pan-.

Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re-
S caleived in the office of the En-
^ gineering and Construction Direc-
tar," Panama Canal Company, Bal-
*boo Ileights, Chalt Zone, until
10:40 a. m., February 24, 1953,
and thi publicly opened, for fur-
nishing oil plant; tool6, equipment,
lq or, services, and mOteroals (ex-
cept certain mateorlos furnished
by the Government). and for per-
forming oall work fpr Pavemernt
tg Widentig and AlterAaions of a
Portionr of Thotcher. Highway in
*the Canal Zone. Forms of propo-
s l, specificbtiorns' and fuji par-
ticulars may be obtained from the
office of the Contract.and Inspec-
) tion Division. ROom 334 Balboa
Heights (Telephones 2-3739 or
2-2698). .Specificotiont and draw.
te ng will be Iss.ued on a deposit of
n $20.00 per set. Deposit wiff be
forfeited if specifications and
drawings ore not returtld Within
r- 40 calendar days after opening of
y bids.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Beautif l cated lotk
at Pueblo Nuevo, B. T.S end 850
n per meter. Also lots at Itio A ;ao,
ay Porque Lefevre' and Ra* 0 'ty1
of credit or cash. Prices fro" OO.
s, 00 up. Houses on term S
a. Hall from 12:30-t 2o e24t
Id street East No. I. Guadhopoll
15. (Dunn's Barbpr Sh .


G NM IM oderat toe

PhialnI. Oceanside cottagep*
Claa, Box 435. Balboa.
PanamoM 3-1877, Crimebal 1
Williams' Santa Clan Bos 6ea
togps 2 bedrooms, rf
Aockgoa rangers. Balboo 9
Except week-ends
FOSTER'S Cottages. One Mile btu4nd
Santo Clara. Completely fu d
Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stove.
Bring your linens. Phone Dqgmwar'
2-0170. A

FOR RENT:-Fumished three
room house, with wimmintg p6I
available. for twomonths, in GuN
Heights. Tel. J-3069.

rwo end five roen furnished en
unfurnished aportrient; private etW
closed gardens. 8061.,10th Street
New Cristabl. Telechee Ccilot.

FOR RENT:-Completely furnished]
2 bedroom apartment for two
months. Very cool. Call 3-3323.
FOR RENT:--Furnithid aportment
Call Panoma 2-3238, during
working hours.
FOR RENT---Furnished apartment
with bathroom, North American
neighbors, $15.00. Cpfratoqlo
No. 48. Second street. Telephone
FOR RENT:-Small apartment, fMrt
* nished, nice place, for two months.
from Feb. 20. Call phone 2-5226.


FOR RENT: Furnished room fol
bachelor. Via Ep Apt. I 13
hopes before Race Track).

OR ENTW:'-S If.fumish
with'bath and medls to gentle
(only) Ave. Justo Arosemena

n FOR RENT: Furnished room a
le- meals to one or two udntl4i
l1- (only). Ave. Jutto Arosehene I
s- 57, corner r4th Street.
if FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished rt
not with meals in CanreIfo far 1
oys 2 persons.,CalL2-1693 or 3-017
FOR RENT: For a cquple4 o.l
furnished room with por .
DL service, independent. No L-"0*
ear allowed. Price 4.55.00 I'
bi- light. Information. Ca ral.
rice Pharmacy 4th of July Avenue.



, b .'a
In WeD


movin storep.
Wp-k sd erf or move
Who m 2.2451,

1 .1,
W i II w.2II ro-

*tret. JItter bue

py will travel In
. Although. the 1

ed why Godfrm

.I.*. .
1 U-!

Two MstIfli



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2163 311 *

4I WW .ls )-is m --y TI
fflaven,..P .F ^^ ^. A

Compare rice

Compmro QQIlity



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W*- 1I




" T.


farZn, 0,,..


TlnIus -

fClass Wfth Chevies Edge Curmd f

SFeat iBrewers Beat La Atrac

a-;- 1 EO

The ittid lu

, ,

97 2 .777 ad-rk t
6 2 .750 1/2 Salas c, 2nd O1 0 0
5 3 .625 1,'/ Nunez cf 2 0 B 0 0
ion 4 5 .444 3 Lebel 2nd, rf 2 1 0 2 1 9
2 7 .222 5 Perea p, 1 2 2 0 0
2 7 .222 5 Weeks If, rf 2 0,0 1 0
---w- Ingarm rf. 2 0 0 ,
Safternon at Balboa Larrinaga p 1 0 1 I S 1
O. Chevies edged Cu- Tinker 3rd 1 1 0 1 .-f
Sbycoming from be- Aparicio as 2 0 0 1 0
i two n In the sixth. Kerce 1st 1 0 0 5 0 3
LariInaga hold down Castillo 1st 1 0 0 4 0 "
to la w in 1* dixth con-
gasg and become un- Totals 18 4 3 1 ?
f the top pitcher in ,-
ie with hs 6-0 record. Score by tnalags
who started the game, t 9
thq only runs Qirandu Curundu 010 200 0-3 4 1
u rep .ced by La- Chevies 020 002 x-4 .
1 th i nn.hi ..- -- t i

a Am' ua =

'N I'


- wwua

Cuunudu but could not hold Seead Game -.
dwa the Chevies, although be
allowed oly th bits. .A ATRACCION
in theseeondame, Bill CarS- ab rh gs a
fli led the last. place Brewers Kourany ef 5 1 0 a -1
to a with hla five RM's' nter2nd 2 1 1 1 1.0
and, thire hit4 In the clutch. Me i t 0 1 0 0 0
gl aded by Dick Cox with two VW l40oo S O 'I.
e and Bob Carlin with one. endreSrd 3 2
-Ta Atraccion drew first blood Prtes 2 3 2 3 4.0
oftW t PorcelU by scoring four Olud c 30 1 2 .% ,
ru in :the first, the Brewers LastraIf2nd 2 0 1 3. 0
came back with two in their Lomedico D. rf 2 0 0.1 0
half. Scott placed Porcelli in LmedicoB.P 2 0 0 0 1
second and retired the side. Ortega p 2 0 0 9 1
In the fourth the Beermen
collected fourth more runs and Totals. I 7 I1 8 6
one in the fifth.
"The Oare was upped when La r '
VA' gOt one In the fifth C i p a
uMS i lizth.But inthebot- Cox 1 1 I
tm lft of the sixth the Brew- Carlin, R. Ut, 4 0 1 3 6 0-
an rsallated with two moMe and Scott 3rd, 3 2 1 1 2 0,
La, AaceloD could not hit Scot- cOla, Iec 1 2- .I
tie I the seventh. Carlin B. -f V S S U Ik- .
ght game features B S Porcei p. 2nd 4 r 1 3 2
aUaM__ the Brewers, BS a MGO. C. 2nd, 3rd 04 .W ..2 .
mniAMSa a strong bid for second Fraser If 1 0 I %,
place. Probable starter for BWS Patterson rf 2 1 0 0 0
WW be Don Morton. .For the .
Brewers, Jansen. TOT
CURUNDUT S eeby IlalMp:
ab rh pe a e La Atracdo 400012 0-7 7 4
MacArthur cf 3 0 1 1 0 0 Brewers 200 412 x-9 0 T
Koura'y 2nd 3 0 0 0 10 .--
Lanert 4 0 0 0 0 1 CHICA Re
WI tf 2 1 0 1 0 0 from 1 college '
ct 2 1 0 6 1 0 conferOhoe are to
OnttE rd 3 1 0 2 3 0 cOent with mebWl 4
Jacks-1st 2 0 2 7 0 0 NCAA dnbefdh W
oTnl as1ad 3 0 6 0 1 0 in Chicgtoday e1r n .
e k p 2 0 0 1 2 o m t of r, e.t
1 0 0 0 0 wee cleted. mr ws'W
what one offWl qaJ a
114~y"' 41IL 'k u. natTni*j"ia

.*.. ab b re
a 40 1 1
0 '. ib 3. 3 0 0
Ift 1 1 1 0
I b a i 1 7
a 4 0 0 8

e, reg Sb 3 0 0

.. 4





Tap I1ay-Avriate)


E,-- o

= fWFe, W


IMIw. a

AITA'S Bck, in
See her lht. dance and laoe as
S she only knowl

Benny MORE


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Hopkins, I.
'Outcasts OfI1


StEing RI

aB SmLTON, ,In

T W'

71V0mLmm 1
; e* i ~ -tB M .


C ttt T.A
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. m





Stalin Meets

With Peron's


(Le, Tune MacneLeiter Guardi
said tocaN' in 1i11 eultorlai th2
uiiice Preni:.:-i Jose Ltalin rar
ly meets iureigiL aiplomatic r
representative. special meant'
coaiid easily e attached to N
interview Saturday night wl
A. ienniie .nvoy Leopolao Brav
i ne ecllturial said Bravo spo
of micreauint Argentina's trna
which the boviel Union an
"there is no reason to doubt t
"But the topic on which h
coula be sure or flndig a
ready listener in Marshal 51ta
lin is not so much trade a
tne common animosity of boti
governments toward the Unit
ed States.
"The language of Presiden
Peron's propaganda runs to de
nunciation of 'American impe
laiism' and 'exploitation by th
agents of Wall Street' which ai
not unlike Moscow's daily ou
"The president, as the leadir
advocate of economic national
Ism in that continent. mi
look to the Soviet government
likp pg potentially usetul all:
Communists has as yet made rn
great headway in Latin America
"Bat, as (Secretary of State)
Ialles has recently reminded
his countrymen, it has plenty
t. material to feed on in areas
where suspicion of the United
States are widespread.
"Meanwhile, it is more likel
to encourage such movement
as President Peron's than t
take the stage itself. But a]
though it may suit both th
Marshal to sup together, 1
aeems likely that they will bot:
use fairly long spoons."
Peron has proposed to Stall
that they expand trade between
their countries, Briavo disclosed
Bravo went to the Kremlin
Saturday night and talked wit]
Stalin for 45 minutes. It was th
trfit of Stalin's rare talks wit]
ambassadors this year.
Stalin "appears in the best o
health," Bravo said.
"He has extraordinary agility
In conversation. He was amiabl
and agreeable."
Bra~o' said he expressed' t
Stton in the name, of Peron
.4"4- to see the expansion o
listing relations between thi
SOVi Union lnd the Argentin
republic In the economic field.
Ne said Argentina,, la inter-
-eted mainly in selling hides,
leather and meat to Russia,
and buying agricultural and
other machinery,
E* talin's reception of Brav
was regarded by foreign ob
servers as an extraordinary ges
ture of good will toward Argen
ravo, 32,. youngest ambas.
sador here, speaks Russian and
exchanged greetings to thai
language with SOaln but both
Russian and Spianish were
spoken in the course 'of the visit
Bravo found Stalin' accom-
panied by Foreign Minister An.
drel Vishinsky.
Stalin wore a green civilian
tunic with. only one decoration
that of "nero of Socialist labor.'

Pie In The Eye

SWANSEA, Wales, Feb. 9.-
(UP) Fighteen-year-old Vivian
Griffiths told a court he had a
enstard pie he didn't want
1s1d threw It away.
The pit hit bus inspector
David Jones la the eye.
It was "hooliganism," the
. Judge ruled and fined Grit-
-ithm S11.20.

Secretary of State John Foster
Dulles arrived from Europe to-
day and said he is "encouraged"
by prospects of progress on cre-
ating a European defense com-
Dulles and Foreign Aid Chief
Harold E. Stassen landed here
at 9:30 a.m., after an 11-day
unity-prodding tour of Western
Dalles brushed aside ques-
tions regarding the possibility
of a U.S. naval blockade of the
Red China mainland.
Asked if he thought a blockade
would be "a good idea," Dulles
said, "I have nothing to say."
Dulles handed out a 650-word
typewritten statement to report-
ers as he stepped from President
Eisenhower's personal plane with
Dulles said he expected to see
Mr. Eisenhower today to report
on the trip to seven Wetern Eu-
ropean countries.

Congress Is Urged

To Pro0est Inhuman

n Purge 01 Jews
h WASHINGTON, Feb. 9 (UP) -
Rep. Kenneth B. Keating said
f today he will ask Congress to
condemn the "bestial" purge of
l Jews by Russia and Its atel-
e lites.
o The New York Republican
a concurrent resolution cai on
Q Congress to express Its "amaze-
e meant and revulson"" that a
e United Nations member dedicat-
ed to human nigh4- and free-
doms can engage in "an unjust-
ifiable and inhumane purge of
Conceding that it Is impossible
to give "tangible aid" to the
Jewish victims, Keating said the
0 Congress of the strongest free
- nation on earth cannot "remain
* silent in the face of such horr
" rible suffering." ,
"We... can and should express
our condemnation, our reptg-
nance and our Just indignation,"
he said, "over these purges
which are literally condemning
e millions of people.-to a cruel...
"It is my hope that Co0~gres
will pass this resolution unanim-
Sously to demonstrate to-the
world that these hapless ctns
Share not alone in the tme of
;their trial but, on toe contrary,
the whole free world is conscious
of these bestial acts which some
day will bring their day of re-

Egyptian Mission
Flies To Pakistan
KARACHI, Pakistan. Feb; 9.
(UP)-A 12-man Egyptian mili-
tary mission arrived here today
by air from Cairo for a 10-day
official visit.

Marine Night-Fighter Pilot.

Bagged First Skynight Kill
EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Feb. 9. "Sergeant Hoglind, sitting be-
(UPP-A former Marine pilot ide nme, said 'I've made a con-
who shot down the first Rus- tact' and directed me to the
slan-built plan over Korea enemy plane," said Stratton.
using a radar-guided Douglas "I was then able to establish
Skyknight Jet fighter today gave visual contact by the orange
the dramatic details of the glow of the target's tailpipe.
"kill." "I nosed the Skyknight Into a
Maj. William T. Srtatton, Jr., dive and closed in."
now a test pilot and electronics Hoglind identified the plane
engineer kt the Hughes Aircraft as unfriendly and gave the word
Go., told of closing In on a Yak to "bag the bandit," the pilot
fighter in "Mig &Aley" and blast- said.
Ing it out of the !k last No- "MYy first burst explodqd in the
vspber despite plth darkness. Yak's left wing, the rcond hS
In a statement released by the the fuselage and engine. Inm
aouglas Aircraft Co. here and mediately afterward we flew
lebared by the Navy, Stratton through a smoke cloud and
1Tve tl- details of the Navy debris and saw the target falling,
apartment's terse announce- earthward out of control and in
Mftt last week that the Sky- flames."
9ihta were in action In Kdrea. Stratton and Hoglind, 31. of
'&ratton said the deadly new Flushing, N. Y., won Distinguish-
Ifht fighters had been per- ed Flying Crosses for the action
Serial tactics i Korea and a week later two other avia-
t summer, but it was tor teams destroyed three Rus-
t.tul November that the aian-built Migs using the Doug-
knl'l" was made ung the las all-weather night fighters
"radar ee" to trak On "night watches" the Sky-
n i nights fl out in single-plane
Rsere Vpilt askd missions to hunt down enemy
_A"1 V i Hts Hogid, aircraft.
operator cee Stratton, 33. of _eavertown.
So single-Ut inkjet Ore.. who was recalled to Mar-
whiub M Ato in ky ine duty in March. 1951, return-
S.ed to CI IAlife last DeOember.

-iB i^ i-^ -^'' *'J <' 3

"Stassen and I shall report to Dullee noted that th
the President..aO to members of treaty had been signed li
Congress," Dullea ald. but that so far none has
"At the nma~et .we limit It.
ourselves to eajIrkhat we-ve, This was the reason ir
on the whole,r, pap egd by hower asked Dules and
what we havelbeen b9tl by the togo to Europe and seae
leaders of tle .t ntin tal the matter.
European nats which have Dulles in hia statemMAg
signed the tooty to create a rter to the.Fozmaa do"
European defe0 community. he did say that Iher-ji
werescuased o
"We do not ml~nadue the dif- Aside from the
ficulties confronted by those who the only other problem
have undertaken tbia'reat.proj- mentioned was t.ed
ect. but we believe there is a re- crewte4 by the floods ina
sponslble determination to bring elktum i anditi. M
the project to completion." a "great tragedy."
Although Dullest brushed aside He and Staq$en -U
questions on Forosa, e wasu prompy w.Uth Mr. is
certalt to meet shatp questim- and ther embers -
ing from members anf the Setab diMaster oumm to mate

ed hi
soo M

der the European ~ifense Com-
munity BEDC), unification would
be created at points where divi-
sions had been "disastrous" in
the past.
ep .





I Lincoln. ,


Red Supply Area Handed

Beating By 11 Superforts

SEOUL, Korea, Feb. I (UP)- Othat U. N. dive b
United Nations warplane, tl- oe-support missions alg
lowing up a night raid a Bed
army supply ter near l, p wi .4

and strafe in .ldsrial area ..
and A o mfeb

LONDO.N Feb. 9 (UP)-Con-
traets amounting -to.280,000.000 lPots reported ty
dollars have bee' awarded to the ar W.s haM c.
British -,industrial firms for P "The da a _1
new iron and steel plant to so
b Avils on the no said 2n4 _, L. Lld hio -
a o Spin, it was announced catur, I.
today pe o a s MeanwhieInvader &i
h contract .obtained In bombers attacked a o
competition with French, Ger- oentration near Yonan am
man a nd Swim firms, are for ern Korea. Pilots
an ore preparation plant, a blast per cent o of
furnace, a hot metal mixer. ans Ape cnobre
open.heartlh._teel making plant, 11ap Metea conv
rolling ills and electrical ter-bombers but n
.. -t74

ii~ usa a~r~


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* ,~-

." *PI' ..V I' NE.,
.. .;. ,* -^ .,. ..* ,,.,.: .
S.-*, -ir 1- .. v*;
..... ,, ,. -** "* '^ ^ fa:. "

_____________________L Ai,_*^ i *.X

"Let th pople, know the truth mWd # Cou.ntry is safe" --

S- --

Dulles, Back FIrom

Ducks Questions On


y '* ,


* ,IP


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