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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Now... 6 Years OdS

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i 1 lmasd n- lp, lle added, th. offleer
nt f o bh esrto "o i in- fact a hiao6datB 1 he,
probably wouldn't even be in
elukcasi or deros- e foreign service. They'd have
anmlght fired him."
a Bm The big hearing room explod-
t the de- with Blaghter.
c mea e tate Department said
ni ch.-e14 I t has pursued an "W-
ea deroa- I policy since 1947 of
emloye found .to
hor S ak Ow
Ss ibl ack-haired wits
i, .lmen.d. f w9ho said he was born In
homosexuanswered qu
-about homosexuals raluct-

te on nmtay of

.e f .e l
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said he

lies tq teA

tA 'OLF are.not the
onyot Color" fashion
afit Jt'mnn danc tW-


----- -- ---

Dutch Rate 'Dead A g

Foods Like Dead Agaist

WarDamage AnySuchMove

The government has announced
it will give compensation to 0 -
Dutch farmers and businessmen
in flooded areas on the same LONDON, Feb. 7 (UP)-The British government is
baered a thoughthey had duf- "dead against" any naval blockade of the Chinese Com.
Premier Wlllem Drees has in-r unit coast, highly placed sources sid today.
formed parliament of the dece-
ilon but did not reveal details Government leaders were deeply disturbed by re-
of the planned a d. ports from Washington that President Eisenhower is con-
During World War II, 51,100 sidering a block
buildings and piatate homes sideri a blockade.
were destroyed ip the now A Foreign Office spokeson said Britain has not.
lnoded prelanda nd outh ol- been consulted about any such #iove. Other sources peoit-
land, Zeeland anf North Bra-
bant. Some 185,000 other struc- ed out that Secretary of State John Foster Dulles in ris
es ae rnme agreed to talks here this week promised prior consultation on any'
meet from 75 to 100 percent of major Far Eastern moves.
the costs of restoring this war
damage up to a specified maxi- Britain holds that a blockade
natm Abdve that sum, it ad- IdS li would be dangerous that It
danced credits. might expand the Korean waP
y and even bring Russia into ac-
was believed a similar ar- 9 rlamese In Uon under its defense treaty
management would be made for -IIl IM with the Chinese Reds.
flood damage.
There is no national insur- Further, it is held her. .
anee against disasters In Hol- b I I bkade would be inefetie .
land. although .some farmers because of China'sl kar on a
had individual psurance poll- WA8HINOTON, Feb. 7 (UP
Rep. James E. Van Zandt British government oa te*.
Many farmers In the flood (R-Pa.) asked Congreus today had already been dsturbld I'
zone are devout Calvinlsts, how- to wipe out "Inequitles" of Kor- Mr. Eisenhower's decia W :
ever, and conWer. Insurance can combat pay and provide an deneutralize Formosa and ~Cai
uilt their llesfu belief extra $46 a month to ll service- Chinese raids along the Red-
atit ch'aeltrophe is men in the combat osne. held mainland. Britons fear pos
e1L&tYSichB sialble repercussions from such
Van Zandt told the House raids.
that under the present act ser-
H vicemen "facing constant threat It was noted that's fresh
Svof enemy attack" are not ellg- group of American Army a1flI .
l l ble for the extra pay "unless cers had arrivedin F
Tanr WantI ea s they are attached t. a unit and, t ert _,was

1 .

Vumi _..

ad l seemea utUo-tk-.
;,of oamplicftyi
"^ .* / .. -- -. P ... .

W.o Foce W*

-?-.i, Lo- *
fcA^' ,f '---- o-- -

La sU r I thd an r
NW S Av 1.d ilaet utit. IASHIOTOI, Feb. 7 (P, trontle after five days CnrI
-it' ,.jnl and hTlpr mised the heavy fighting but iW mem- -.r.i
'e U Finland s pte a s the b r s were dOxesd combat payl
Untcarryoil,"t.;,,nCommunistbecause they Wire not returnedMA
I t ht carry oil Coto the rontllns until the fol- Mainland
S.' met already oi the high seas, Leaflet Dro
wlLt teilP oro .. iih. dwTrey ws pr ocphedbaus ommy bringing TAIPEH o rmosa. F etb. n
; to b.o Smnc A u Bnett ng Ib0nm tlt Cmbst B-gin7gt

t. onththaoa be the fflcllled o Romtnla to the Chlnee izble quantities of Afresh immine S wTLatc
Aao alnea-b th 0poletod The State Department tried C s i te Cse Nationalris
and fto Sye Frwee enthe sn owbi against a. inde anfrm lgFroad I tnoregetablesn a
d ng the onemns The Fin- headquarters today latly

ww a'edshOW a 1the lith lyWhony of Color" girls Turkey to block the shipments kre aito Commisry A i feno ews in
an -the voressel had te pass through oure are made on relar sail reported tht Nationalist
1burid at Lb4Slrrow ntet. dr l.&. tons~o, vitaapp room eed Oleans port planes had dropped

heroe-tSrt-heCdad flown over the Chnll

la soeot- r .bt-doe lovenes o- lllta. from Romhe manaodels the ones sleof unitse ui Company elfand two nirht ao.oInent
Sil e or Communists. suites as e and vepinopgaganda oler ets
Sup alon ewof the girls ldt ty pica rep ndo are given as the main re-r able to attack the mainland"
anrd tf a. plane -at tharn 1,20 peoplegathered lst 'Me State partment tried In poueInt New OrlsToSingTnsais Ft.M WS.9

1 nd o ve week od sethe s ; n Ca- vainly to get both Finland and aing ret U dinge to N ew Orleans. o ds in- stc wL.
ruebytheir sho at tel ,tin Americ an of Color" g ls Turces said the Finnishipment. gay- i rng oes omletins.A flAn ch therct "
E w General atherne co nment pointed out that it compare arisons arde on regular l reported athit Natonhe re tr
Sor.Ne o ha toah ports had f o the Ch
ST loel com- Be esthe troupe e Dpr trt on its ngs Company inland two nights dr
U '- ,, t e ient o Wa t ahppla-e ahIpmen t o .the ont rusedar pinm propaganda las fletsa r n
m lof the C W wo is :n to-oho nw-beo ehencewsrna coe wos sowpeoe to bloch k e wer costs at certain t, da tt is
lttoltu owheGene ratltt iment would be barred. b the oarement of aehegul- o t The Last
en with Ls m t V, on, thasnmC t pointed out agree-t It purhasing system pro- nt authorities here br
il"of ttojMn It appeared that the of hnly diate denials the last of theZ

'ft Cf"p to rathew tn tbqrr newh' zast- chance of t hepiang ate W itma hambltm weekend at the Ut
row night (jI..t t~eumsives a might be availabl, to Chiang The gram els oat the ued
tr d a nCouncilotcla. Wbet4ar the forces. The vessel might be Charles Hayward hu solved the as the players want.
rbnaee onnot hence was powe s to block it.

Sof the re W, who Ir challenged by the Nationalists e of risking the safety of A the favorites wiquals assur-
paintor. gavq a Ourtit when it e snthe efrmosan wa- his cows. He constructed an un- operation roulette, dc n
ME tk dbowipa pendw terms near the ten of its voy- derpass at the Mflord-Wlton blackjack, chuck-a-luck a
i Lr t~a- i road leading to pa stores spi-the-wheeL
Nio. Lopok Girlse It's Like This
ed T 61 y with w r wll forces Cattle Cssing Rt ain

mmoi he 'hs

T ,, ,-'

ut That Latin Lover Routine...
j NI OWOQM1 tai loit 1 1 red-tipped they are underrated and unap- if you understand me," Dela
fingr to -4*d id ihe vaunted precdated. sa.
t P> P Lat 5 I "It will be an American I "When I hear women oem"a
t aen with km your! marry when I find the right plain here that their husband.
) with hislone," Delia insisted, are not romantic, I get up-set.
ur unmar- "They are shy about giving "Hand kissing mean not
Onf. t if you compliments, but the man who but your men are so easy
S or t u h Wt j;MB find that compliments -yo elaborately Is influence to do nice little th
IyOt l shl p li he gives never half so romantic as the ror a woman they are
rl at a party while lane to an shy one. Your American men tender and sympathetic."
Dts withhe. fellows, -emPNt *.n need encouragement to be ro- FPit a woman has to
0o I as a z- "I fb i pirtatf his Intense mantle. the man abe values his o
nta. J uu1a io/bn nthe lone and his attention,
ma d iia and The haad working singer aug-, cocluded, "without being
t- I I ea but gated delicately that "You girl and ca y"
i t remiiscent- are too Indepmndent. You smo
tiJt S tiSE s1 and ebgo- aslamed to act i if you looked Latin lovers. iSnter fr
8 tns V alUBl- Then she tardd her atten- "-Men need reminding that gentine sopr added.o6d
Uma to bAoeeab = abhe feel they ar ,, ah men, laW aea have too lite.


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:--..' .

L -.-


N FORECAST: Bottoms Up!.

Bottoms are tops in fashions for the Fifties, says a famed English fashion author-
ity. He's James Laver, curator of design for London's Victoria and Albert Museum and
author of many standard works on fashions.
He was asked by designer Joy Ricardo to comment as she showed tht first of the
coronation-year collections that Britain ho oes will take world fashion hJp, Cu-
rotor Laver says emphasis is shifting from the bosom "back to the botto't s'te in-
e .vitable cycle."
He explained: "In 1910, it was the bust, and cleavage went dow to oth4limitW I
Sthe 1920's sex emphasis was on the legs. In the 1930's it veered to4e backandW s,
S terror. In the '40's it concentrated on the bust again. And now we are beck to he bo
- tom. ,
'; Woman is such a co,,ection of loveliness that mere man cannot e4Mie all
her charms at one time. It is the duty of the fashion designers to direct his aftntion
t to specific zones-speaking in a fashion sense, of course."
At right are some graphic illustrations of Lver's theory.

iJNavy Orders British Jets

*Which Drive Light Ships

Girl" of o Tw t

Caadt Mndf Britannla

i00-Seat, 40 l et Alimer

LONDlON, t.1 l). lIegotatlons are going on
now beMWq '"raft Co. and the Bristol Aeroe
l Co. (er I .Mt.takems of. the 100-meter jet-prop
Brittauda, to Ueeas production of this aircraft in Ca-
eg. eth civll and military, for this tran-
--.. h Is ru a range of 4,000 miles and as been
li-dbU W el wH salted to Canadas' maritime re-

ore 19wu.- 's-- i t Ma -
I- o toe back aad tri" Jb
eam. Ula,.rm nkbEtl tar an
iues. topMl r tr._

206" Years'

By RICH ARD earNR dot
NEW Yb*K, Wb. 8 -(NEA) 3en]
-Boiling down 30 years of po- It
litical story lito a 56-mi- plat

UNVEIL "POCKrET" DESTROYER-Herts the first picture of British navy's new pocket de- eon0lb aUoe I am DO
stroyer, Bold Piklier,' until no# under tight security wraps. It's cruising off the Isle of Wiglat. ,
The boat, first British naval eroft powered by gas turbine and diesel engines working in ceat- nltt lpI her own alreraft du*try, the e
Junction, is 121 feet long, w1tha. 25-foot beam. It is manned by 16 seamen and two o61. Ost' AirFes alle at that plsab forbil ty e'
the latest proof of the I andO
NEW YORK, Feb. 8 (BI)- sor ,alivering air through a ralty's policy to keep the Brit- The
The United States Navy has sea-water cooled intoreooler lah Navy in the forefront of Thiety-one Britannia have alrea been oreed, the flirted ll
ordered prototypes of new to aL two-stage centrifugal gas turbine development. bhtd of them by B.OA.C.___bum _
gas-turbine marine engines compressor. ----
ideveloped by Britain. Intercooling is again empry-T
After six years of research, ed between eah e o theWHAT HAPPENED T GO VERN ENTS IN 19 2?
of Britain's largest firms at maximum cycle pressure is
Rola -Royce and Metropolitan then passed through a heat
V ic k r s- have individually exchanger where it Is heated
eluded successful trials of by the exhaust gases before
e engines. Their data has tion chambers.. t o d p A n n
revealed to the American ,
authorities. Fuel WASHINGTON, '1 .-i.' A munist armies of lVietminh In from Wanchuan (Kalgan) to South Africa tW
tense and troubled wor the rice-rich Torain delta and Kweisul. under U.N. tr

Sdee eturbchie cay in roundup of International de- Rubber pla ra in Malaya nd paton flv- years .i
velopments. still carry sl rm .and drive go.i"
Six Secrets The high pressure turbi Unrest ruled. War dragged armored car, roecon a- United ons mediator er
SSaring the marine gas- ur- dtw-tae reduction t on in Asa, and revolt flared in against bands of guerrillas, re- mbt repeated rejections from A
ne engines with the U.S. is the low preure turbine drives Africa. The cold war became ported on t decrease at the both is temp to
sixth occasion in recent the low pressure compressor no less chilly. year's end. stage a pleblacite to de dd
in recent thelow pressure compressor. ay e n o fpThe thre s in a year-old Indone- KaSinr'a future S S
weeks that Britain has ven This cycle, due to the me- Japan and West Germay sian Republic faced an lIn n Theii te
entifc know-how to m ch aclindependentInower Japan and West Germany slRaneR burseraced an o ne vd Mte la 1
turbine has pre advantage e of m won back sovereignty. With the crisis brought on by revolt in tranrlomred Itsel into a
SThe other developmentsenabling economyto be main. human Plan, Europe took its armed forces. Djakarta con- pubic andsubstituted
Shared were: taled down to low powers and what many believed was a tinued to press Indonesia's ecte head of rtate fo
secret anti-sub weapon re- also provides improve engine hesitant but historic step to- claim to etherlands New Maharajah. .,
ef tlydemonstrated in U. Is flexibility, e e ward greater unity. Guinea, to wlhch the Indone- m
aters yBut for millions of earth's slans have applied the ancient OAsIS
An ,refuelling devicePropeller peoples, 1952 was a year of name of Irian.
Sh tea slingshot hiche r resistance against cooperation In the British colony of Sa- Another touchy politt
1:- be fitted into future U.S. The engine will drive a with anybody, rawak on Borneo, Communist quebtlon destloed.
-eeterrorist activity produced a ear ove thea fn t
r hesberu; three-tbledvableand re- REVOLT AND RIOTS state of emergency and many Bura in the b
S A midget submarine; verble pteh rotol propellerarrests, between udl
ch will eatly increase e-In the cauldrmon of the Near Quarter and the rith

STh e tilted deck for carriers which will provide a very n wethe cauldrtion of the Nearflly took bk t po werai
will greatly ay tcreasemief- aconvhenient means of a s- 'r at, changoer Arab land with TREATIES AND t lostPR S oUter t nte 2on clt
no p ropulsion hb av e components ad thi pol y arm y rule, abolls d a polit- V-J D ay. Term nation of W have b e e n d
y of naval aviation, lag reand allowed variation os par the brue there one In l n oa Japan J us nd t t Mhe at
or ie a engine speed with ship peed exception. Not all was ba news in
inwor drclleledpbrienceto obtain the beat .armiliryleaders

r the poionss opterie n poratndi a r ree ction o r n. dts with the United States i r alal for reasons .
s u ma p ra a ryepawee rs. owerd n- The fear that both Aal

4 the possible. poer aendts a rtenowe, to atover following riots that As the Japanese peac treat and Britain would n send fo M 0
Th e advantages of applying The company's aero-ensin damaged embauit oes and offices went into effect on April 8, to uralmi underscored t wi

by R olalsRycera the con. weiht;er ye t aboauo changed premiers twaui h during ants of the narrow Malay pen- throne. ralency Counca] om,an
a spned on arcer teas in ma ginera pricp ofma thn Syriar. another Arab land with reins o ula bearnment itizen lost on deri the region. ich el
marine e propulsion have components and h is policy au r a lhd all poUt-V-J Day. Termination ofAl- Malay, posit s have been d sprng over i '
been fully appreciated by the has resulted in a light and a parties bul the onoyar e In lted oupaton of the orgapan lm jut to the north, in Qatar, i

aeLal craft. Thesom e tim ere nsie. mei away as an armyleader, tion of this new Far Eastern ISRAEL n ^te tJrd
owasktaied Raa b. in "n t general Mohamed agub for resosnation.
Sth po ties, power and a reduction f ed power and forced Thailand got a new consU- In November, Israel lost it a
ter considerable started in The R dened Farouk to abdicate and tution -following bloodless first president, Dr. hal
eaon ber y w a nd by June a medium life e theslignt des e thei country. The Egp-coup by a military group-Wit. as nn, who died from St
Mt, 11 a eplac eted by the Ad mi- mac e ry yet produs onl Uane parliament had alre d and an heir to the Thai throne, heart attack. y Coun i m ,
y with Rolls-Royce in 194 naval purposes. In bethen dissolve d and following fire a son born to King Phumens Dr. Isaac Ben-Zvi was I
S thee first two gas vin in naedur riot rthatio burned Cas wih t fa- phederation of Malaya a leted to su reached him ahes 18
fes otirn po eean ma ed ig s moust saw royaprd's Ho tive step forward in the organi-ominal leader of t

achieved and 220 hours f re development of marine MAU MAU of this new Far Eastern I .
running were completed I power and frc Thailaturbines with long life be- nd got a new onsi- a n November, r e
DKesig work was started in The r u. a arouk to abdate and tuton -follownma a bloodless first president, r T
thePe14assnd bypJunee aomediumlsfe nesi rAfrithe caoutbreaks against ancient princely statesry group-. Weingland.)n, who dIsrael f

natMon. m li engne for desn parlth iamFrenchad already and an d heir to the Thaign throne, hder an unttack. r
a competed e ne velopment ..purposes only, 'and been di ersorlved foow debate in tre a uth son born to King Phumi saw r. Isaac Ben-b nvi w

St oot. it is an pa ed athhe ex- riots th Nat burned Cairo' fn the a- bwphon Aduldet. leted to surged
The vessel ch n by the e Ad- b Ane, red by g a t r tmousof thephea protectote. maomis Shan states vuntary NEW NATder o the
toh te stala e ion erof nt will material otSstan Tribal Mau M ve wayernme. to a ingle pArovi
two were completed s turbines with long life be- andkin Burngma terrored State.nd n Pakistan, hold the real er ,
t 'o e wua stripped tweenf overhaul esg. In Africa, outbreaks agint ancient princely states Balued- Eland.t Israel lbe -
aseminatuon. oatl Fellonnga the sureof to l tre- the Fsecrench in Maorocco anttid S their sovereignty to then- danunea r wt i

Sof 9, whic these engines will comment w Tunisiace performance for stallati u underscored debate in tral authority. ates of Kalat, te fede
1953 and bawill he fcompleted n hirst vessel nathvale world t he United on on f South Afrt- Khaan, Las Bela and Makran r- Unit

tGe developments and this jet engine developed by Targeerng ahesrts Ma Mau i P atstan t ormeaas In 1952 au t 1o s
the e1ve ha end slted In hghsame company f the s route Afryan wfca.tlona t democratic elfon
hder betar piseed with sm cpany. scheduled for next of a govkialantt. Flanked by volt
or ine ta r Meanwhile.a r nUne f tionsiA cult. old Moslem n ates of Kalat, ndite hutA
Seorn will completed p ean fr inals t commit The Union was set up to In- hran the other, Las Bela and MakranIs
Afsmeyar.terw gaseriesofs oreutiasdltuncaes ovee. the-reataItol'ofthai ftank.oOfmm
B T mlares ay hasokep t the e o mreofM own.M sereintr onplia. s_ par.-__Sikk, tinC n uda'sw t war p

turbines have en bauIn the ad inN T
It order to co ed withh two coastal craft in order to ON To E FENCE
H S order with turbines have keen nsa p ed in, KOREAN STALE" ATE O.n "'m M FE NBCE-B-H
Sfor econo- gain operating experience at The Korean war remained in Great
1 power arousing, a sea. stalemate. For two and a alf China reportedly warn devel- its
e o ratio is neces- As in M.O.B. 2009, the gas years 10 members of Cthe Un- W c t
W i bacheveds by mul- turbines are used only for high ited Nations have fogta aa ltalft 411
heat eatba ert are fitted nl.-igleeuvsmna yg I .
iatticlency is fur- cruising at low 'power Is pt far reamvedfof
.bII *I Jntorong The new (0 2 an tsln .it Dan adm"l the 38 p ;
maJor $& of represent an idvanc kin eas
formance. Velfht &M aos o Ii# Indochina. French and
uylssss1u- 1 compared fth the & I t e ft f ors still b t
r 0 epures- fitted in a.S. 20 9 pWAteiy to bold the Co fot of

s.taken James of.1
rar of weary- si6
sm some pret- Ulh
4If oratory unu
1 r : t ptub
r thisr elfco pr
I n record *w H


te1 place


Iv s <*, 1 '* *


pmi SV

a ot had tw
some Atonal I
b, ,m e



T~IL jfei

U l'a


* Dwlght t Snhower:"' **e
was muGh more efeetv ten
we ave aim credit-for at %
time. In retpeom, be W aI,
huluiva goo0 ahmpaigwer.:' .
Plenlug, *n N9O(}wso4ea,
compuea hl atoum roma
S& ache of old reoed

'si. gy Fr

,wiu'arnal UP
the zof m imert oa'olt, up~

, at ,
nr &A
r4s 0

>y ar;
>Bverfat il

o f

,'S, all Ne

S ... .

'-'-. ,

* ;<'-a a s ~'- .-";-


tA ~. A'
ri--..'- A".',.' -. 2

tiA L.,t .1
- -A-. w..&1'S~*Ar)'".. -

e.M A t r.l' le Sl

.+ '.. +, '. .

S,,.. r.' ,
!tr r A.
** ,* !'..,. '' : ,". .

f ,m -.... .J ,% .... *
1,--Uf I" *'

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I *. 4 i


0 7 V -'

t A.-


IA af

LA -




* .P .' "n'
T r A ; -- *
t"94. jA

'A )9'S.we. J
! + ,- .

t '* I ( :- -

*' .
*.- ,.T -1'

. T ,
. *' r
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: T, *'*


V ''4 A.A 4 ~A4
~A~A.A* .
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!PAA,.A. hAf^**



"1 :

S. I

... -, 1 .f "

S. .. r' "
' *n *i# rt $*/; "- I ', *-

' *' i {" u'B

J.a A UA -.
Hj~n "-t'f Y '.n AA1'AI
"'Aj. V' jA.'* C".*'] ** A AI'^ .'*,
< ^ .. *I-. A. '^) .
A,- ^ A **
.4 M' -' t

,A.. ".- *f-y ^ ^ ^ AAA- *
~'. 'A'.
I *' -- v ^ ^. ** ."

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g ,p"yr

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"" (-4 A

fl ww

Low-Slung. B uty
(See Cofri --. -
(I. amw i;'teltImk "'ut sde"South
B! i ,admk l Studebaker,-
haid 1^hen( (straightwl*J
k 'wpt into a steeply banked cure.
wUird p, t1o the outer edge and hung
hmlgso it roundb4 the tarn with hardly
Alnyy akelalitg .1 peed:.Then., lke a die
boplbieung ol (pr attack, it wlilpped
-. lu.eI.trn in l Shnt thite t io Swaht-
S again. Around f amundat t,
S cat.b.ti. *hor SA.

aiw At W.pdw thtet die r
Utm*: ~ ntliu.ftftv wrt

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.'.' '.. '. .,, .. A .
'' +, ..- :.,; .,...;., .- ," ,
,+' ., **,4 -:., ; ,'.: ; '<*" .-. .

'- '. *-. ^ ; -- -. "' -*
'.-* ," ?... "' ,A .+.'"

.~i1 ,. i- *. .*+" ..,;: .
AA A ... ,,A ,
A' I -- n- A. ..^

A .. ". 4 7, .
* r "" .*" .- "+ : ^ -'
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b SUdebjiersChaiiani 3I tsi
Ilarold ,mrsA p.
clothe and ,SC
as out of plc l
Son a m.nerr'-. f
dent this week l Ao
jut as- much f a sei an e
eal be: "We er in | i 50.r
*orse cars thi, m i
number in our h
4t0Wl utre f the r,
f Wbflsh.Stfpp. eThi. bal
*Adital styling is not mnet tAIe
of alew look; many of the chang$i ha
bait engineering purpose. The cent
gr'Mty was lowered to lessen sw4
ma06 the car hold the road betti
wheelbase ias lenihened to'tl d
sitoothri tiding. the hood s
for better iisaibiliv. the re'fk
eg*p km two secaions (insta
A I and cheaper repair
B*bIMas.clear of chiome.j
," bned that at to'-
t'i ,ino wind whai' .*
Sulebkler will
a*ly in ave-r
hveb imenser

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~ine~l J.~

You Can Stame iOnt O
NEA Staff Correspondent



.,". ~

V0 Women Wf


Wardrobe now Mow- -

Clothe6 Consaltant oM

s 5s,

SWITCH IN TIMF ihul \hich?l ill convert Washington model
Edna di Shong to Mamie-style bangs. "Falsle" bangs clip on.
gain, it won't be the first
time he's wielded a comb inside:
the Executive Mansion. During
the Teddy Roosevelt reign the
deft and dapper hair designed
was summoned there to con-
loct the wedding day coiffure
of daughter Alice.
i In his 46 years in this town
SEmile has seen plenty of Wash-
i 'Ington big wigs with their hair
During one or another ad-
Sministration patrons have in-
cluded Mrs. Woodrow Wilson,
Sthe Duchess of Windsor. Mrs.
Bernard Baruch, Mrs. Borden
Harriman. the late Mrs. Evelyn
Walsh McLean of Hope Dia-
?iond fame. Minister Perle Me-
Sta and a long list of cabinet.
congressional, generals' a n d
P admirals' wives.
Emile, Jr., belps Ed*a decide. Best customer? Mrs. Morris
:Cafritz who has her hair done
WASHINGTON "'EA) Put1three times a week.
the blame on "Li~ ri ,- e." boys. Most famous patron was, of
That boost in the bang bust-lall people, a man. He was Pres-
ness which most Washingtonl dent Abraham Lincoln's son.
beauticians, hair sthlists. and'Robert, who came regularly to
department stores is apt to golhave his beard trimmed. One
straight to half the fair fore- Russian Ambassador used to
heads in the county have Emile taper his hair -
Already capital official wives back in the days before beauty
Who want to imitate Mamie shops were considered Capital-
SEisenhower can buy falsiee" ist institutions.
\ bangs, only a block and a hail Ma m I e Eisenhower's hair
town't' swankiest department of knighthood and castle page
ttore. boys first came up with the
A cute coiffured type, wear- idea of wearing bangs. It's flat-
bpg bangs, explains that con- tering, it's feminine, says Emile. t
Terting to the fringe on top And, naturellement it's D
Costs anywhere from $15 to $25' French.
unless, of- course, you decide to I
'Settle for bargain bangs (pin
Curl design, at 13 50. ..
Budget-minded males will be T
relieved to hear that thp little
woman can be fashionably Re-:
publican and still stay in the:
$15 bracket where she has a'
Choice of a puff cluster, corn-,
bination bang, roll bang. curl
bang or sof-i wave oail "
The dean of Wiashington .
hairdressers, a graying Gallic
who goes by the name of Emile 4
has not been caught napping .
Where his one-time customer;
Mrs. Eisenhower is concerned '
He plans to meet the bane:
build uo with a proper French
touch. Customei. will be in- -
Vited for a forehend .t!,' IV
No two foreheads are exactly
alike. So personalized bang.. are.
the answer. Mals non' In two a
or three days Madame will %I
have her Mamie Eisenhower
bangs 'or whatever style looks
chic) ready to snap on or offl
With an invisible clip. j
If the First Lady decides to
Call Emile to the White Hocit FLAT-CURLED version of <
to dress her famous bin :; Mamie bangs pleases Edna.

Sr enU-

.fo/,,rs. iOt/,cj, Oiler W//o,,,en

SAi Joo /tic1, Ole JiscovePs
-0- I
t A woman hlio became an "expert on silence" when she hid
to Stop talking for six weeks because of a throat ailment, claims
a fr magazine article that the experience taught her three im-
Spohtant things
One. Mothers ialk too much. The children paid more atten-
' ton to her few. but necessary, signaled commands than they had
ever aid to her scoldings.
Two. Wives talk too much Far from finding her dull dur-
*Bg her enforced silence, the writer's husband seemed to find her
Stwonderful companion because he could do the talking. And he
was sur there would be no interruptions, no wonzradictlons, no
Sirrelevtpt questions. gm '
tW.t: "Women. generally speaking, ar mer"y palin
We ta too much and too thoughtlessly. .
last is certainly true. There probably isn't a WQ P
alive I.hasn't often had the awful feeling that if she had1
kepot J Isteadof sounding off she wouldn't have gotten
I 0 Io npDleasant situation or other.
I have to open my big mouth?" is always a frustrk-
M The answer is always: "I just didn't have sense
p still."
is. most women could cut down considerably on
and by doing so. greatly increase the effect of what
pie pay much attention to the woman who talks ll
even to the wompn who talks more than she Is wilyng
in a delicate situation, we would ask ourselves: "Do I
pen mv bIR mouth?" Instead of the usual "Why did I?"
save ourselves a lot of grief.

S. U tie wth bru ise .
Mo G and ftg he wes

lI jI-ian d o*ae.

hence a new attitude towards
its development in yourself,"
To attain and keep this 'age-
les beauty, you have to read-
just your make-up id style of
dressing every few years, as
well as practice immaculate
grooming always. TYo can keep
gaining in chic, radiance, gem-
tleness, feminiv harm and
the knowledge Of how to buy
and wear clothes.
"You must n 'no account,
for example, continue to wear
the same hat styles forever"
Mrs. Nash says. "The matronly
hat that so many women buy,
practically blindfolded, y ear
after year,' looks matronly nd
literally 'old hat' mIilny be-
cause it is outdated as wel
as unbecoming to their chang.
ed looks. These womer haven't
thought of trying on anything
new, not realizing that fash-
lon pages are meant for all
For agelessness, Mrs. Nash
advises you to keep up with
and apply to yourself, the
fashion news in your newspa.
per. You can become so ther,
roughly familiar with the-colon,
dress cuts, dress lenghts and
so forth, in advance of each
new season, that you know
what to look fpr when you
go shopping. There is enough
variety in the fashion of e
season to allow you to io
up -to -the -minute and
multaneously at your lovelle
"Fashion," says Mrs. Nah,
"is an expert answer to the
universal demand for change.
What looks smart one year
looks dowdy the next it's
a matter of adjusting your eye
to the new. Black with brown
was once considered untha k
able now it is a ,smart
color combination. You may
not like that particular aO,
but among each season's new
color combinations there lif at
least one which you wi,,,get
to like -if sou keep aO.
mind open and try weLarin It.
Many women buy a fahio_
-nd suddenly. find the
out4 of date. They laime,
big' wheels of fashlob for-k
liberately gougaig tthetis p -.
ethooks. Here Is the answ*:
e Life of any style is
Iee yearS 2Wy S$ he
g of 2W "
nor Naw Sand not"
the end of it. It' obvious that
Must cewently kee. 4,
eaut of Mo newa ta.-b0
e to do this
Go slowly IS adding f"-
to your looks If
ven't bee ntlh aware 6 tg
Vfel. P~'t- g any eMO-N .
MS th an keeps you fe
i c torlorabia* If you 'a"
1t bt4 a te at t and e
ItI O it




i I'(1

Almuot meo ea *eisp late a dress or sdli sUal have Hit well with- 0 er wm (san fe h
out alteratlb. Correctly fitted, a &dronu s p t e uor conceals figure kn the N-4the sepit
'salle and aeover makes the wearer leek ed Ia. Girl (far left) After epeftae with W a
Ulistrats ame tafting fault. he vry Bai Is direetla e the atthl lftMajAltos
Altter to make the drmse almeuot skin-UhL make hef look fea U thafUh
heavy tasteed of shader. Ihe Is havi the doeaon sleeves redued Swsa u ha how4 L
-eothier err. To change one aspet tthe deign is to sIllt the mule ie sieNawU y
-total fte Is neix Dictum she is- h-avir- th n -. t lo- Ath t I

NEA Beauty Editor
Suddenly you realize you are
10 years older. It's natural to
ake a good look in the mirror.
Do you, on a birthday, feel you
don't look pretty or smart any
more- and then settle back
despondently to live out your
life envying younger women?
Tht is. so completely unneces-
"l ou An look lovelier each
decade." This is the inspiring
statement of Eleanor Arnett
Nash, a fashion consultant who
s vice president of one of New
Y o r k' s outstanding specialty
shops. Her new book. "Beauty
[s Not an Age," elaborates on
he subject with much practi-
al detail.
"If you think of beauty as
something that belongs only to
women under 30, as Americans
tend to do, that seems a ridi-
culous statement," continues
Mrs. Nash. -But when you
think of personal beauty as a
unique thing which each wom-
an has in her own way if she
brings her type to perfection-
and type is one part the stage
of life you're In- you will have
a new concept of beauty and

LCeave flaggin

70o ComedanJs

LJU habits are such dead
give-aways to the condition of
our, minds. Nervous, tense peo-
ple have so many of them.
Old-looking, though not neces-
iarily old, people often have
maly that they've allowed to
set. The serene face of a truly
beautiful woman has a mobile
mouth that she uses for a
natural smile and a pleasing
voice, but that face never mugs.
Mugging. which people are
always doing unintentionally,
Is so unattractive. You aren't
aware when you are doing it.
Many mugging habits may
stem from ill helath, either
mental or physical. But there Is
Something we can do. t e mal-
fate these utiatraotive. U,
bresilons from *whildh 'fw
is are exempt. We can ask.
closest friends whether
mug. When we become cons-
cious of the bad habits, we can
try to eliminate them.
Here are some pf the ug&y
muggings one sees all the tine:
Pursing the lips outward. in
a combination of the babyish
and the old.
Sucking the mouth, or the.
teeth, with an animal -Ii
Twitching the corners tW
lips up sporadically. (TI de
not refer to a tic, which
a psychiatrist can treat).
Smirking instead of sm
- distorting the mouth
a foolish-looking line.
Licking the lips fren
y while talliag.-.
U 0 r 48.
revealing the
of the mouth.
Tucking the lipa in over t*9
mouth "
r 3 ft tmattraeUtiv p
'you hnM ~I

overly pm, wi

th room fo
"vhat .. I

ae toldo nf

n or. As everysMISof oI iti1,
"Oeagraphy. also affect a re I tna e hew booto
smartness. t you are more to til ot it chA glve
fashiftable thafl the m 6 t iveth A e o
fashionale grop in yeu ar- to
maunrt, you look outn& W
place instead of well dwred,o
which has much 't 'do Wti "
appropriateness to baserttro l
and pctiVlttles."
Mr. NAMh hM a quesdton.

,. 0. ..

., e '

. Though w may nevu.o .
veldp a nation :
thea, as did t VI
thIs year Can e.peut
a rurgence of the

hg--t. fThe ready-made l
Une indautIy la Amn ea-e
een Inspired by 19Ns
dramaticc event to make
entines similar to the
tons of that other
qunB's time. r
Pat between one and
doamracmas your re t
heard dealer's oon ter l
IdU hand you somethi
4 asinte as you could
l complete with
t attached, auch as
cameo necklaces
i corsages.
Cypid's arlrows were .
ir om homeste v
four centuries fare
day but never.a dil tles -R.
'tough the a so
W as in that sentimeatt
Nhkh saw the flee of thek
ready-made. valentine ",
whh we are f teadtoine;
iopkeepers of Queen Veo.
time charged as hgh -
.lpounds for GamttzoaW..;qV
Sresal" sUkar- .tIw
me. Little pockets e .gb
ted in ta e

I' '~

' i M .y5
*v' ^.t.

; ." 1o




" .

-, .. ..

+' ,

. ,

_ _

* *

'' '


I I I i


ptaml ttf

Ipam o em~ ~mi emul U a ekn,$ a.&1 ql,


... s 19 -alan-a i

iI* white aowed
'A Pil TU uttI&iMiss Dozoty De Castret wP9 a& 7
y .. In esdy at the Cathedl of the Im- the maid f honor. e
YOR, &(M- Seto lea o., heW of and Arapless go of k
1'.al 'storo 'iaw i WZ anodt and M fine a.. PieVte L rM.. _,1o.l, pn, ted tPoh tor. An- tuemade w atu stole,
.. '. stor "' .b t a tedl L4ca Ir, sa r. a d re. ono u I:0on, er., full baller in a itr, over t-refu
of rsamaz Icy. r She wore a a
Mm a sa-- w tWOO 4t faA auo ami of- University o. Southern Callfor- ann aou
fki....u At ...L 'uv iAe L- 0o- nia. Thcy will be gone for over earna and blue
aiu o a & o.uU a year, and will reIlde n Pana- Mb deM1 lede cS U

i^^ ^is 'I ns. (lit 148 an J -. i-Mary's .Academy

W..1br t spr LA A s Vedn na b"ArA qu b een *ta D mtions be eA -S
&a Aofsir tsihs used u A ande o .I
bher M movement. new&.a. ,anu prgactUie In P NY-w and c~ a er~
beh & el AM wed dding nas bee amois Dvitn Dr. Mot

ac w, **1rke %VabefaRI A -e rpe h, Mo orie res .
AOI atis,.itnc ana groom w1 ovenor aa dauh ter of Mr. and Mrs. ribbons bows n e _wo Mt.
esof eaaISuiu o iot Mro aaa aru ,or,., r Lenwood, U ofb soloa on bushes of mi Ma
wOa.s tit"ns:e .g an eland Dr neary I '.iiy10r e Mr. C. po ~e o"ver the es. They e
h s 0 a were ShS theeeut- e ana r uonya Beaha., a M enry smDll batchue
as AL small uO to ma
uof thel Ma e we.f m,_. ana la. VB Bobo of Ailabama, In an omne a_ a._ In..
.o -o a Drtin IP. anu gar. fawxma a fternh on ceremony it the Mr.ran .. '
-i, uona' Mrs. oe,, _r. war. Church of the Imm.aote Coln- w yas the r .

Mr s tS Vstaal jars UMorrim, air. o is cepton dn Colon Attending the groom :
f % gie duar.o IL Cucalon, m ar. Ln 4 Lra, Edward HU ghs and David ro-
t I" I to Vn andue ee mSaFon,. 'a r.uea Father Aureso Dies perform- b eas.
Club B ftg w i1 *3l5 rt o rog nom, nai tsadys Cuca- ed the double ring ceremony A reception was held at the
Sn no ion, Mr. Kai sel & en ieo Miss which took place at five o'clock M1 P BI l
.'dace ata thea in Aurea Cerrua, Mr. I carao Un- Saturday, February 7 In the pare-t___________
Sboth." l "t ason ana sra. hlerca Cuca- sence of a large gathering of re-

Cu ., Cy woom ann was given in dsm- traditional wedding marches.
Se own was of sponsors for the wedding were
forow* ggg l* M s a e t. ais. ner's saun ana In-- Mirs. Morton Hulse, sister of the
T rech Chantilly re ovl. yBunrideer- s, and Mr.CLamuel Tpano.y
Ca t tan oad n bodice ana long, Regal flies were used to de- R oQUAMl tuae.dmi
t .1 bea nw book cm entve pai n e es. wsre of inooe, orate the churches
.. .--' *-*'"*** dwedr.cesead around the hi
1 Vitl TZ I e. kW 'n ua. T e The young bride was lovel s,
SirI E.-r na* o .l. o wina asl her a .lace gown of white Cho an.
. o S and her colored traviu Fm of Wot tha tte trphe wre a lace over white satin. The be
-, km sialmlbeth .Try Ayerc lu Feb. ,, ata' t. i It will la 0, 8p Ml ed lace, was a pliqued to a yoke
a at te tri-WB An- Aen u a aa a c a l of diamond tulle which
I uqorchids and rom, formed 4 rounded neckline. The
r. N.v 1. aoo ited, Bltios, jewelryy was a augmmd Cross long sleeves formed points over
S the handL The full circular ,
..Ol a ta..s tl i e pleated tulle. Her waist-
p d ni len a t. double veil was held In
S. am bye a cap of ma lace.
J. a t COW 210" baZrne u re cof- of the -tTbn of tY, uftn.7 thS-n, m ithe tri Mr tul A lchee o f w esati The bftd-
Iy r-(A hey h I will In- '" 8 I -rt w tulle a I m laet i earring e, a tof the
:3 Ad ocal hour atth of U1 4 I, bu in' its own ad ea d a rouquet of ba gooim, and crrled a tl et of wh
dthis cve~~ nah 0 argm, Tt e t m back at her. She's a Ite deters and s"sters-In-law

i ub a th wh Iae d o'a Ir type of ,m of th b e wre the bridal at- .
Amd4 A work, its or handictatt vM t the eeufhed aair t would be appler it we. coulf % d s s lae dd carried I
ee-woneee- 'U'-u^ D"l. PoAinsai4 AloiN
ty'9r:tha elve r gi ch n d wore light pink Mrs.
|stepes to pandfo ^ mne ctle ^rnar5 ig hoe sme ofae- d b e Rau: m STERLING SILVER
]Arseenl^ot.liUt of the proceeds from Is It not er that the cha the one that every irl should
Sles will go into e rtn n whh wed .reeverycouple should un Venura was salo,

SmBsrl of men yo0ob ei your hrien' aete -TarIM l d aqua and washoli
Sa an amateur ta- God ilL m tr
the.m the Cn Zoe. -r f the relaxed. On eo t e mat in zhine tulre dofith

r iunt solfob ejoig ored ated Lar aquta and Mrs.
madeW& ^^ ^ !aA111020 ILbyeoynglie. ugut in oa

;e a aends oi h r NYe of eb ee a hats to match
.'said ma .ted the I promisede a T e ,.., .s TIAereita Ventura and Judithw t.
d tubI 0 1 0 0e t Mf hn s a m a tg t b ack at heer. S h o T tu is i n d b lu e rs i n-a w

ante^en ^ggj i tfelVeanenne a cw eeen otaly oii e ye Vet alle oiad
,n-he., Sb 'a ye | t, t.- Boarde dend flo e he afr fi no w t h
,a m r t o Jbe ab est se leio the l 'ee were ath e bri n gSt

ong -yo a:$ll that t sl lar wt ote al oe Pas nam Tos to I r all oa
E Of It a i Pr icalnd 'mel nd e. efi od d r te the dO S, Te woro ndrm -

aoign aoeebu. Club in Meh be s en werd Mews ta e Hotern omen stipe

vivil manne Itei t* vinv tol and Wthi
wr s n& o1r We Is the eo Dres a y ~ o br re J M ee.a el car-e or

Articles t Ind mea'sm t Noof*thii, sbd there foe d ALVIN SELN S
A, ror Bacep es4t fa st hunde wt eu

the Fily t on tthe ce anfaollowi a ha ael lo ser
Soel a h one, at e a gi thesres a J uan V entu r e sD s lo

goi to the sta s hie o en she o asts i
c a Cg 0 1t i t B e rnod tl, onao nao a p a rttt o f G o d ` & h a v e we d i n 9 5aA

d tht e oght to ler-dhe ow n thobe roep eham a
8. been1f" t aol ctn a.lac. Wh i e. an, sleeve.

As.- famA stiiear I a s lito Jo- cr a ge and all wolor
'i" ta on ae thain-

eel -, floor-a with

d pc &u g r l axed p e son n o ainla rm d a bl ack w $ 2 5
riosrul o 118of lils w re aqu d In
k enjoin In reats Aama.t the

A". (UP) Min, so it sep a0rom
istateuer sGory of l s theron, an

aAd a" wee leorf MA D RuT

.sl". sapo wr
Pt 6 ine"e B 'an F o" o oa or

," -"" Dt--~ -h Of iFABRICS
e a. .9.

S.. Lost days!

.... 1 ZIG-ZAG
. Im fi h.-a. .r. .- ..m..

..k., ... a' .
'I .'*.'. .." + I...- ; .. ,
-:.,-------------.- e- .' --.." ,,, ..


You Sell em..When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leave you, Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 -- "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 .eitral Ave. ol6n -

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave--Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12lt Street'

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones
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10.059 Mel6dat Ave.-Phone 352 0

Propaganda, S.A.
"H" Street, orner Estudlift.
Phqpes -12214 and 2-237

Household Automobiles Do a *kkIl O l PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages, TI
House oldWrite Alceeyies Aeeimous. e0 -Only court in Santo Clara ith ti
FOR SALE-Double bed, box spring FCR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 2-door 2031 Ancee C. & Oceanview from all cottages.
and nnerspring mattress. Entire styline De Luxe, original Sahara Eek S. A. CentrlAve. No. tobeach, Rock Gas refr
unit 6'9" long with mahogany heooI Beige color, 5 good tiresr easy Eureka, S. A oetral Ave. No. 3St Barbecue and shuffle board.
board. Floorlamp, mahogany, three- payments. Smoot y Hunnicutt S Jut around tee corner of 'JLmp Sht.od na 3-1877, Morgarito 3
way switch. It interested Thomas r A. 16th. St. Central Ave., Tell announces our new Lamp o de Box No. 435, Balboa. /
Polite, Cristobal Police Staton. 800 Colon. any kind of lamp shade or e-cover Gr,'itlich Santa Clara -eoh
FOR SALE:-Furniture single, double; OR SALE:-1948 Hudson, 4 door your old low prices. cottages. Electric ice boxes. 4 6
bedroom, living, kitchen, dinette, se dan, radio, overdrive. Can be-SesUuae w
6,0 cycle Benaix. Vacuum. Froe, financed, $875.0(q. Zenith radio- FOR SALE: Unusual Opportunity: 6-1 mderaote rat. tl4U
waxer. Malted milk machine phonograph, 25 cycle. $25.00. Call! Complete set office Pictophone
Lamrp Dishes. Rug. Nic-nacs, etc Panama 2-4630 Cpl. Black. equipment in current use. Three 'ifr
LaGmp Dishes. Rug,. Nic-nacs, etc Ponarma 2-4630 Cpl.- t-loc dictating, one transcribing and one Williams' Santa Claro Beach- C
God condition. Reasonble. Lev SALE- 1950 Studebaker 2-door cylinder shaver machine with toges. 2 bedrooms, refri
ng. Gul.ckE 88-851.erc E i Sedan, original shell gray color, floor stands and twenty-four new .Rockgos rangers. Balboa 305 a
FCR SALE- Gnercl Electric dish- Ra..o, and seat covers, very good cylinders. New value over. $2,COO. Except week-ends
;w.-,, pcrthb'e noadl, I ke new c non.on. For some at Smot y 0O. Will sacrifice for' $480.00. CSTER'S Cottoges. One mile beyou
R. c; .o.c. Pcna a 3-3073.,t S. A. 16'h St. Central Cash cr terms. rHE TEXAS CO. Sant Clara. Corrpletely finished.
F ,, SALL -13 vcn t,=n blincs 52- Ave,, oel. 800. I _t, 'AMAI INC. Rock Gas Retrigerat and'toves. I
S E lt c ;cn 507 SALE:- MOUTH STATION- FOR SALE rin your linens. Phone aD may's
_o,. c S rc:t, Elbca, r'. : ~ ut,;ty type, late 1949 FO S 2-0170. .
2'L,. A-i I ,,_s, radio, other extras.
SAL B u d n r..h. -B Prado, Bal iscellaneous FOR RENT
sct, carved, neB', exten.ion t b'e ba' 2-3480. Travel via "AREA," the Route of
u-o;erea chcir China closet. iCR SALE: 1950 Mercury Clubj the Good Neighbor." NO .IN- Houses
s board. Borgain. A! o 3 Ircn Coupe. Perfect condition. Best of- CREASE IN PRICES!, .fREE:MEALS FOR RENT: Furnished ouse No
bad-, bingic. 2 burecuS, China co- i r. -417 Poto Bello St., Ancon. .COCKTAILS! One-way to MIA- 32, 46th St. Bell Vista, Febru
ct oral ct.,:cr i~;,ure. 9hSt onhevrolt I, $70.00. .NEW YORK, ,$114.
Scrd ct.;r n.ure 9.h St cd transportation: 1941 (.hevroet GUAYAQUIL, $80 ry20 April 20. Telephone 3-1805.
No. 12, last cc- -...t ;'.aster. -coar :dan. Lasy _G.... GUAYAQUIL, $80.G0..
.R SALE:- -9 cubo i ootCld ay er. -For .Sale at asy QUiTO, $86.00. Round trip to FOR RENT:-New chalet completely _
FCR SALE:--9 cub,c foot, Coldapot Fayment. for stole at Smoat y MAM, $126,00..NEW YORK furnished for two months in El
rAr,'-c,-otor. Wetirghouci c'otS i. St. 16in St. Len-: MIAMI, 0$126,00..NEW yORK furnished for two months in El
r $2r,1crotor. Wetirgho.j.. cPotn, .....m.t.t A A. !t. 86i St. Gen- $214.00. GUAYAQUIL $144.00. Carmen. Phone 3-110 .
.,C roclh 60 r c-le Navy Pncflc Ave. Colon rel. 8J0. UITOii 154-CAQO DRBCING 4- .1

cycr in ov .. V I I U, 0 WI -11 tuJ ^
228U. SALL:-1942 Packaid. Excel-i engine planes. For more details see
FOR SALE:-Upright picno, ex-elcn I l.nt running condition. Very rea- PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE,
condition, small radio Genera,' onGble. Cail Balbooa 1505. 36 Avenida Nocional, (Automcbile
Electric. tea'onoble pr.ce. 5533-C.' 941 Buick 2-door Sedan, very good Row telephone2-1655 .--
Diab;o Hcie-hts. ; tans;olroation, Sgood rodo, and FOR SALE:-Converter, 25-60 cycle,
FOR SALE:---S.5 Wctngo.cuse hecl- ties. ALa with seat covers. kasyl 750 W., $100, 60 cycle record
vcdor fro-t free re.rigroGtor. 9i pcyrmacnt. For sale oat Smoot yj changer, new, $30.00, Misc. ra-
nionth;, old. $25C.00. 2130-C, Cu- Hunnicutt S. A. 16th St. Central| dio ports, transmitter parts, mobile
runau Ave. Colon, Tel. 800. tions. and converter, Sams Radio
FOR SALE -Sol.d mahogan. .CR SALE- 1947 Cevrolet Club Mnuols, compete Call Elbaa
room drop .,al rble and .ha L, ,-pe. raio. Exceptional. 18 or quarters 5453 all day
Per ect cond.i.,r, Ci.tobo'l 3 Ii" 'o, j20. Hotel 1"ioh, Bal- Sunday.
18 0, bcoa 2i l 'FOR SALE.-German Shepherd pup-

ApartmeUtgs _
fwo prid five rorno tumishe~ ano
urturnished goportmfttq; &n vq'e Vr
closed gardens": 8061 6 tth Street
New Cristobol. Telephone, Colon
FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
2 bedroom apartn'.ert for two
months. Very cool. Call 3-3323.

-- pie:. Best blood ircm ltaiian -I
FOR SALE -Fr :-De.ut 1950 Pontoc Amer:an Kennel Club Dogs FOR RENT
cycle. r,- e ,ce ,. :e.:ja r .,, .,S.c..on wagon beautiful shape and an. Amean Kenne l Club Dogsan Fran
A good tv t cpa i, r,:c.r.g be' condition. Easy payments Fco. Tel 3-2396. Fam.a San- Roomo
cr mo01.,. r iC c.o 0.,, 10 repair at Smroot v Hunnicutt S. A. 16th cco. Tel. 3-2396. Fa a Sn- oom
1$25.00. Bolbo C b,39. St. Central Ave.. Colon, Tel. 800.[ ---- FR RNT: Furnished room for
FORSALE-8 c.-ft. Frg-.d 2 FRALE ---nac 4-D FOR SALE --Pano 'Internatonal, bachelor. Via Espa Apt. 1 (3
FORSALE-8 cu.-.t. Frg,,le. 25 FOR SALE Pontiac -4Door Sedan Perfect tune, $250 00. 17th Street h s bTr
Cycle. $75 00. See at 5765d Sbert "6 1950 Standard gear shitll. houses before Race Trackl.
Street Apt. G. Diablo rodo. Or-g0nal owner. Good con--WsNo6.p. .
d.i oon. Phone Balboa 4473 or Bids will be received in the office |
41I 44" of the General Manager, Commis- JBapalo Sa U
Senate 0Ks Strong BARGAIN: 1952 Chevrolet Stylne ry Divsion, at Mount Hope. C a-
DonateLukxeStrong 1952 ChmSeda. wot nal Zone, until 3.00 p. m., Thurs- Bod
SBei e an4-door Sedn. Two tone day, March 5, 1953. when they M '
GoVrnm nIt Powers Powsr-glide Bs radio 5-grod tires, wll be opened in public, for fur-
OPaw glie, radio ~5-nood t ie shing 4,550 stems of bananas i| s .,- I i wa
Hardly used. For sale at Smoot during the period April 1953 L IV in o
Hunnicutt S. 16th. St. Control t September 30, 1953, at the
ror e Ave. Colon. Tel. 800. rate of approximately 175 stems TOKYO, Fq). 8 (TP) -
WASHINGTON. Feb. 7 (UP)- MUST SELL. 1953 Chrysler Convert- weekly. Forms of proposal, with There are several young men
The Senate gave final congress- ible. Still factory guaranteed. I- full particulars, may be obtained from the United states who
lonal approval yesterday to a bill 100 mileage. Phone Cristobal 3. in the office of the Supply & are wallag around today, th
granting President Elsenhower 18-51. Service Director, Balboa Heights. nothing but Japanese blood in
strong government reorganiza- pactcally new. 1952 Buick Special or of the General Manager, Com- their veins. The same probab
tron powers aftnmer dereating a 4Practically new, issry Divson, Mount Hope, can be said of soldiers- of
ton powers after defeating, a 4-door laden, two-toael eOmiSt Caunal Z~ne.
move to weaken his authority. grey and shell grey, Dynatlow. -- -- several other non Oriental
The action, which finally set- Beautiful shape. For sale at Smoot FOR SALE.---Complete porch vene- countries.
tied a "mix-up" in the new Con- yHunicult 5. A. 16th St. Central tIan blinds for duplex. Gasilan ThIl is due to the war In
gress, sent the bill to the White Avenue. Colon, Tel. 800. Area Excellent condition. $50. Korea and the need for blood
House. Mr. Elsenhower is expect- -House 1532-B to save the lives of wounded U-
ed to sign It promptly and pro-:FOR SALE. 1951 groy Catalina united Nations fighting men.
ceed with his plans for re-shuf- Pcnt.oc, hydramatic 6 cy inder. FOR The number of blood-donors
fling several agencies., leI Than 15.000" miles Just like F In the U.S.A. and other U.N.
The measure, approved by the ncw Ft Kobbe 86-B. Lt. Curtis.Real Estnt countries is not always auf-
House Tuesday. was passed by 1949 Bauck Super Convertible. with __ ___ l-- e I ficient to meet battlefield de-
voice vote after the Senate de-= Dnaflow. radio. seat covers, new Farm tor Sale, Moatnol Land. with mands. When a sdUdier gets a
Sen. John L. McClellan a D-Arkb top, good tires. Easy payments. papers and plans, 44 4/5 Hecto- leg blown off or Is almost cut
that would have restricted the For sale at your local dealer Smoot reC. w.Ih woter all lear. good cottlelin two by a machine gun,
President's reorganization au- y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th St. Central t ',d about to thousand Fruit'lt takes lots of blood, to save
ttority. Ave. Colon. Tel. 800. tree, one hundred and 1 I Acre. his life.
--.-I Red E Tractor with 2 sets ot It is not unusual for his ow"
'The bll authorizes the Chief FOR-SALE -1950 V-8-Ford-Tudo, Disc ce 12 blade and 8 blade, blood to be completely replaced
Secutive to submit to Cunr Se e -dar 9-e, good cond ition, ow .'nh, ,'crked bout 24 hours I pair with that donated bystangmrs
pians for reorganizing and[ rIrleage, good ire,. originoa l.wner ao h,iller clachrnent Box 312 C tho- uands of mies awa lo.
altcamlinin- federal agencies Houe 1534-B or phone 2-3587 COi C.r l Zone r house I2 there'ousands of miles away.rd
l)nless a majority at the full -- -- C Zone or house there's not enoughldlet
membership of either House ve- FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Super 2- Central Ae. Chorrero. mornings blood, the wounded older geta
tses the plans within 60 davw door Sedanet. perfect condition of Wednesda, or Thursday .Oil be Japanese blood.
Secv become law with Dynaflow. seat covers, radio. hr" r r. Nearly 7,000 Japanese IttU-
H'Jouse and Senate government and goed tires. Easy payments. FOR SALE -Cottage .n Santa zen' have donated blood to aweme
rations committees aot their Smoot y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th. St. ra. ,ile floor Rock Gas stoe. the ghtinves of Unin Na
Ite House slenals crossed last Central Ave. Colon. Tel. 800. ,rture 4 000 00. Coal Cof. 4f- fighting men in a
k and voted to modify this to FCR SALE.1950 Vanguard4 D co4- though the Japane have
rmit a veto by a simple ma- 'd;on duy pa d. excellent rnd c -n- __ troops participating in the.j w-
ritv of those present and vot- ;.:n. $650 Tel Blboa 363 FOR SALE The donors include
n either House Bo FOR ALer of the Emperor and the
This would have made it much FOR SALE. 1946 Lincoln, radio Mdaughter of the laot elereal
sler to kill reform plans. Me-, cverdrive. Call 2-2404, Balboo. oas 8 M lOrs Hideki Tojo, who W n
Isan. who argued that tne re- 1949 Buick Super 4-door SedanFOR SLE -Electric generator KW the Allies after or a
ganization aw delegates con-: Ivery eoodcondition, D/teflow, and volts 121,D .I BalibeL "
esslonal functions to the Pres- very god condition. Dyelow. and ranteed BIC. IBalbearings. Thirty four Jap@rege wW ,
S.offered the same restrict- seat covers, good tires, easy pay- 110. 60, cycles Diesel volts voluntarily donated over-a gll .
pIroposal on the Senate flnor. I ments. For sole at Smot y Hun- teleph ne 2- c5 complete. Call ein of their blood I
irty-six Republicans team- nicutt S. A. 16th. St. Central Ave. tween 1 2167 Panam, n specially ci er by blo
W-With 28 Democrats to defeat Colon. Tel. 800. 6 30 t 0 2 30 p. m. and William E. Sham i _/
-eC^lellan proposal FOR SALE -Pa,,t f.r 939 Ply- m Surgeon of the U. 8. '-' r iat
-After the committee mix-up rc.uth No 3. 0 Srreei Vista PO sitin Offered Commnand t
i? Eisenhower made I clear Hrn.c.a os on Offered Fourte of the "gasa
UtWt le wanted the same strong --are womne They
organzatlon owners held b FORP SALE -Pontac 194-9 Sedan 8 CAN YOU SELL? remunerative ern- Womeg Te
tesildent Truman. H.irrmrIC iwo-ione green i'ngs, EnglisL & Speelsh es.entia.l tw.o-anon rvale.
SHe has announced that he will 0i1i, C.Ale Heightr. Anc:n may be obtained with the know OiethirL Iltrt 4a ,aphipu.
abnilt a reorganization plan Worr how. Send picture and past exne- donra1t. Ua ii
A01 federal health eucaton and I W ANT D rience.C.". y.. Ba. 1 r"4.,P n, na aP
il' security activities p ilv High-c oss Eng,..h speaking, b' Is nthe Yom t 'H

e- -"- al bci butr tBr
aete Democratic leader Lnof- FOR A hunt t.
,O B Johnson. ,Tex.-, iolned FOR -SALEC rml- O
the' -Republicarn leadershlp in, lOll('k! "e 'nounallr' a a radio ,
eas teforsLrone reoraeanlz.tlon Olorecvlea tu n Wa
f -or Mr Eisenhower He FOR SALE -N S U. moostke t
aRld'te people have made clear c year 1952 Very good oSw b
ieVwant government elliiecncv .1 c-. ,.'I Cururd.,u Telephone to te ole fo0
and economy. 2:> -,:..e 2256-D B St. h had .l(. Iers'.' t I lGa..l


four doors and Convertibles

PANAMA 2-1669 COLON 492-J

For your vacation vi gb
our Show Room at
Autcnobille Row We -8
Tel. 2-1460 .. -


C. -


.... S .


ad color chart

'Centsel A i. '
Tel. 3-2 I

t2eHU ? Aotor W
Tel 2w4aM

saspoitm Saxtet. S A.
dipping, m-oving. stoiage.
Ve pack and crate or move
anything. ; 'Phone 2-2451,
26562. PannmLa

household Exchange
41 Automobile Row
Te. 3-4911

Machinery, Coll Rewinding,
Meehanleal and Electrical
Repinu' Duplicate of
reofIon Parts. .
Carlos A. Mendosa No. 37
*w Tel. 2-2839.

ms..u W. *Jti '~l MI. $I41 ...

1 4-
; _WANMl#TON, Feb. 8-(UP)
The days of feudin' and
fighting' over fences 'in Wy'*ml.
hg are returning -* t Ws
time, the action Is beoWmen
hdeepmen .and sportsmen In-
rstead of .sheepMen and clttJle
ranchers. on
Th!6 fences, on publiHo -
ing. l ds, have aei U
feud. really bUs to a
preference between'
antelope. The barn
keep the sheep in
the prong horped.'atl
The antelope can't ,
tencet Thel m lrat 4
the 's ge-Brtish
completely baIted. t .
opet may starve wh kb A. A
exauted, tall ptry
or dogs, or hang
te -fences when' e
ately try to cUmb'.
Antelope are big
mlag, acordin-
,o,-WldiaFe' ea
Geosed to hunt the .111
telope roaming the '
e'tulpplng bhost
feedtn t T:'
hunters" e
* -nto, ..
Interest of .
tn th
eaks and.
The pro'.-


,',"a ;t

S(Comlnued rum Page FIVUi

son ad I'ah Long.
CroaBW4IceuplP Club
to MeeF In lGtui -iub
r Cr os Coupies lub
ofta .Oe %08 Uniom Churlc
at the GatUR nlon ChurO a
7:30 .M.' '"' "I
Mrs. rl6yd McDerntt -i.l
show and explain her shell co0-
leStomt-a r t rUl
a t 4 An O

home of the bride's parents fol-
mowing the. Wotemaony. t
,bride's mother hon for the o06
casion a worded dIlk street*,
length dresa In shade of
blue. It w 1 11 o 9 t
lace trimmed ce and a airt
cleaned pie
of umpressd"teats, and paoe
kets edged w---...]0ee le.
wore wt if-lW2~-. and VWi.
sage of babyr-chSld. "
White ,ladioll and earnatons
were used tq decoratr the hoaw
ax formed the flpral arra4.gte
,'ent of the bride's tabla e
was centered with a three-
weddlng cake, We beasltifuUy
Decorated take waa finISh6
with a queen's crown and tpi.
ped with a miniature bride id
Room. Two cAkes made to re-
semble bauketa lo flowers flank-
ed the wedding cake.
Mrs. Frank Stuart served, the
bride's cake, after the bride and
gpom cut the first alice. Mra.
Max. Hilton presided at the
punch bowl. ,
Later in the evening Mr. and
Mrs. Bobo left for te Paclff
Side w here ty wl ty & the
Hqtel 21 Panama OlI o0
Taboga. Upon theiretQi a Y
will reside at, co 3l0to.
Miss .e .,,amin graduated
from St. M0ry't AodIt In the
Class of 1952 ahd it lo t
thp Goodyear W
here Corporation, itW Bobo a~
tended the Alabama State
Te;ehers College and Jibas been
in thp Naw vdr two years.

Mtr. and Mrs. Reichel
entertain with Di1ne
Mr. and ra. jeeph Retchel,
of San Prandii who have been
spending the past dx weeks
with their ddgtihter and son-In*
law.Lieutea. nmraonder and
Mrs, Vance Adie at the Cato
8ol0 Naval StaMei, returned the
hospitalty eteded them dur-
ing their vl.I WIth a dinner
pntit thoeier Solo Officers
Club today ,i -q
Their eab 'sth-the Adlers.
were ovdr tor and Mr- Jaose
Maria Oen.i ic, Captain and
Mrs. .o e. Murs. H. H.
Jobfson;R ,T -:reen. W.
anO r Mn gtb Buln_.utt. Mr..
and Mrs. Ch 'll IMaher. Com-
mander '.Us. W. D. King.,
comm d and Mrs. -John
eage,. Lieuta nt commander
and Mw 'T. L.' Aplequist Leu-
m-Z;W;;WamAaev.Walter Ptr

.ii ~'1'

S I;.,

kt "

to at-

r;,hjsO 10r


W -* *

" .. ... a

I-. .,.

. .. a

**.. .... .

;ba d
*'-' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ x y^^^^^ ^W^>B>^l*i1lW-"

i, I
-all, ..
Lot' 7.




R *"<
^ f


i i'-:**.o .....

r*_ '!E- 7" */**; :
. "' ,. "- .. U..:."
B1'1^. ;,"EW ^e
t. ~ .Y-

--"--> ..

.;, ^ -. .
liiw, ;. o.p ; -. ..; +fl t'.tti. ^-.I.A,, -... .

* \ ". -
c 1' *'*.^ W *'-'y ,-- ,.."
BS~fi^ 2S22'^aiUit^i^

.A .
War CA

'- f
-.. jid

rt-F t

.i :,twe ww e --.- ..,,la ,,.g +"

I +;,-r~edyi~nn-

i at BDlywoodi Prospecd

Mitch Mller, director of Co:
labla Reords' popular divi-
alon inoe 19WO, hi been AledS
to a new five-year contiaet,
accrdl to anannnopuaseent
by O ad Lieberson, zeecu-
tive viak* pl Wain. -
One ofthe most successful
ipracttlo tn l the popular

wr m


i? ... .. ,.' ;

-"U. .. -

M it M Lewik At Musi

In 'Stoge' At Balboa The

Toot the horns and clang the
bells, for alo'oW.0a toom g to
town =vi M am
Jerry LewisI ITl two uproa-
tious envoy madcap antics
Hal WUlte M lrtiarpMlfb
celluloid or f sftt "The
Stooge" Z A ngr -Wtaount
release Wdki at the bda
As anyone. who ha se n
their peamos scrten oomedll
knows, anything ean hapm e
when Deap and erry get before
the camera. Dtgty gos b %
the boa la9 tr reilgn and
the spetatr is treated to
many rollicking reels of merry
mayhem~ Advance reporeI her-
ald "T'Ih tooge" as just la
kind of picture.
Although the accent Is on
=agher, the story of "Thq
tomgl' has its touching mo-
ments. It tells the wonderfully
entertaining tale of a song -
and dahee maln, played by
Deah Martin, who wants to
btild a show business career on
& mew aot. He enbtf -the aid
of a stooge, portrayed by Jerry
Letis, 'who works behind the
sefnes, never taking credit for
ia contributions. Jerry final-
ly gets his just credit when
te impact of his Importance
hits Dean with a mighty blow
*ha creates a dep, mutual
understanding between the
tio performers.

Throughout the fast paced
st line of "The Stooge" Is
0ufuhy threaded a generous
variety of clever laugh routines
whih afford Mrtn and Lew-
Is. ample opp tnity to dr
mostrates there mastery of tne
comedy technique, which has
b hailed as the mot rib-
thI to come upon the A-
rican scene In modern times.
Sprinkled throughout "The
tooge" is a veritable cavalcade
of .eaeryear' tune hlth along
witha son that is destined
to become tomorrow's favorite.
Igthis splendid
mLitureof mirth and melody
is Jerry Lewis' side splitting
take.ff of Maurice Chevalier
singi "L-oulse."
Supporting Dean and Jerry
in the Ulroalous proceedings
are a grfh imtoAm most
reftihta pernaUes: Edie

Mayeoff, a briiant comle in
hli otn right; Donald8 UbBrlde,
tO angrieet main In mayies;
mhud an the dalstff liti.' llv

.. .1 ., .,

folding the unbrlidlu bfon- side of gags, songs and wonder'
ery of Fred nlelfW.s and tful nonsense that spells out al-
Martin Rackin's ript, rtport- most two hours of unrelenting
edly comes up with a'broad- fun.

Filmtown Shoptalk

S0 -
HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 7 (UP)- scenes, scaling a 50-foot wall,
Dave Sharpe isn't a prison to leaping off a 30-foot roof onto
belittle a "fall guy." He makes a horse's back, and tumbling
a fancy living being one. down an 80-foot stairway. He
also stare In a half dozen "ho-
The gimmick is that he does rliontal". scenes, battling the
his falling in front of mo- palace guards, unseating a war-
vie camera, and gets paid for rior from a horse at a full
It. gallop and making love to a
palace handmaiden.
Recognized as the. dean of
Hollywood stunt men, Dave He rates as his toughest
figures he was moving up or stunt of 1958 one for "The Ci-
down almost twice as often on marron Kid." He tumbled off
his 1958 assignments as he a horse at the edge of a cliff,
moved horizontally. fell to a ledge 63 feet below,
rolled down a rocky. preci-
He totalled .51000 feet of pitous slope another 100 feet,
Technicolor film during the dropped again 40 feet into a
year, and 3,200 feet of this to- river, and lay face-down in
tal showed him. ollmbing or the water for a count of 10.
tumbling downward in b eath-
taking falls. Only 1,900 feet That was a rough one," Dave
had him traveling across the said. "It makes me nervous to
screen. hold my face under water ve-
ry long."
Sharpe is making one of his Sharpe performed 67 stunt
rare appearances as something for the movie cameras durln
other than a stunt man in the year, at rateb ran
Unlversal-Internatlonal's '"the $150 to $1,-B0 r situ -'
Prince of Bagdad," but even in
this role h jprforms plenty Haof po M*eetoeF A
of stunts. of muchprf his t
he much prefers his stun*


r soand Mariten all pt aaRib ltenwork, w M
daOl the oBA In- of Ah d- o o actor Ma- 535,000 t UV't*'
t tt 'e m ttwo sanie, turli d' 6u preteada
S' al wOtlr rcaptaring "I clear more than most
"The Stooge" was directed by the city in hand-to-hand war- stars, because I don't have tO
Norman Tauro" who, in un. fare. He does three "vertical" live like one."

Its ShowtIm Tonight! (Panama

Canal /eaters -



*IA 13 PA a r" r AT ME" II
os M EEhi n HUNTER
a~e **s eaar.... wlM.2E.E&ERM"

B A B 12:25-2:30-4:35-6:40-8:45 --


g I .Are Beck Wik
Lots Of Laughs1
Los Of Heart-tugIl
Lots Of Songsl
S) Lots Of Babes

w~.*. zLL7THe W,/~
.~I ...... ,.q
*. ','- -- '
,,P .,1 .+ ,4 .-


bisu'q J~d

..- 7 .,

MEii, B


,Ib CshtAi


5. I'?n,.
9h. 'Masan the -

- i>. (I
tip AWt .tewis.



i, /. o

~;., ~., ~....... ..
'P ~~r~ ,aivt
M' .il~.~~Y1

* .-. i-,i '*.' *-.^!" jU -~: -~ SN

-- "*, N'. 'l. '.'

"* ,*il

I s

water "

-, I

w r--

r '


a vm omw wwif ,m

r .r
~w~ r~t~mu

... '-I



;* i.' ?
^.L.. ,


SAmorio, Esp en r T
Splendor To

h4~ *~




Track Stars Battle For Today's

.$750 Purse In 'B' Sprint Program
-0- ws
The two recent expensive South American importations Amo- 1st Rac uD" Nat 7 Vp.
rio and Esplendor will again match strides in the feature race Purse: $3M.0 'Pool ldoes: Ia -i t 5- ;.
Juan Franca Track tomorrow afternoon. This time the two classy of the Dble
thoroughbreds will vie for the major portion of the $750 Class "B" 1 Bicaya Ji Bra m UNDU IE S O .
purse over a distance of six-and-one-half furlongs. 2 Proton J. Chuwia 107xa Go
Last week these hard-running THIRD RACE 3 Miranda F. Ramos 11
stars cashed over the seven fur- -Rosa B $4.80, 3.40, 3.80 4 Prlmer A. Phlls t out a splitdeon
long distance and Amorlo came 2-Taponazo $3.20. 3.40 5 Golden Fe A. Mbrea 11 1 te t counter with Ae g
-from the ruck to score going a- 3-Riomar $8.20 Pregoneo raell14Geo. F o e y
way. Today, over the shorter One-Two: (Rosa B-Taponazo) 2nd Race "B" Native 1 Mile iWednesday nite ath Baloa tor i 1
route and with a heavier Impost, $15.80. se P t n n te o with the Conto
it remains to be seen if Chilean FOURTH RACE Purse; a0.0 P l : 1:15 fArt placrtn team stIi 14 .
hockey Jose Bravo can get the 1-Peggy $7.40, 3.20, 2.40 1 Anne N.ce oR. ouerables After taking the first game .
St3-d Santa Cecilia up in time. 2-Or o y Plata $3, 2.40 2 Sixaola A Phillips 1 te Painters, the Berm on
secm ofthje opinion t~ha~t Amorllo tin t hse first gameo
'Ie majority of the experts 3-Piropo $3. 3 Dixiana B. Aguirre 11m0 rited totlose third tseco e $ lak-C
-will be much better shape this FIFTH RACE 4 Petite O. Sanchez lu p atnd wiannrh whlh. l' le-
stm e and should ore an easier 1-Pavero $3.40. 2.20 h.
Ctriumpl. iowe.ver, their are 2--Cheriberibin $2.40 3rd Race "G" Native fr cellar psto t
S those who contend that Esplen- SIXTH RACE Purse: $2' Pool Closs: 1: f Ot len Tre
dor will put it over because he -M Etolle $8.60. 3.20, 2.60 ONE TWOh i r
'"do t v will pis ht or:r because for --10" ." .
i. r getttg big pull in the 2-Cradle Song $4.20, 2.40 Don oaquin J. Reysa 1 hh othe De wth
2irdLt irego ga R. r1 .112 te s olotd Joe Sthe aer with 7 1

3Enrquta) A Uo.lda I07 an ee 2 Onirst .e -( hir f .la. t_,m 7 I F h
weights and the shorter distance 3-Nehuinco $4.203 2 La ringa) RL. Oidi w ae l Ai iLOi10 72gof an wi .wt
sez as to suit his a A.lo 0 a en NU 0 h
e Hartley Lass-Vjero en- SEVENTH RACE 4 Con Valor lI J. Tejada 105x high .fr the e- 1
S Sr Boss and Carmela I are 1--Ventre a Terre $7.4.20, 2.40 5 (Cosa Inda E. rtega 102x sersf b Painters turned the 4 1i
ordered ran outsiders. 2-Paragon $4.60, 2.40 6 Golden Pick A. dena 112 sprayer on the waotln Beermen
S yesterday, the big mutuels 3-Prestigi, (e) $2.20. 7 Duquc) J.Chuna l 1x the second gae T take It ha..1 1b W

A h oey Joe Beay, vthe obig Jlwa-kee, Whe (NE ) 2 Go ,,) h. Co o 102 x eie the s ond as ae ri t 1I vawo 4 4 b0 11 ever "
'ionninte Pavero performed as Second Pouble: (bon Etoile- 8 Volador) H. KWalte 117 t by pin and a end re tot
poltd m and siDo eeed to an easy Ventre a Terre) .a ay0. 9 S4rena J. Gongoraf 117 titon or the Pate lt the l 7 .0 r

et dands p had t en ot v speed and RACE 10 Lonely Molly A.AOa 20. urt oth Br9w erg ane ttel
.*P tat.Yo-ie td victory. Pavero ran EIGHTg o O h by 2 pins despite Red 1orn 17 1o47r3e
he fastest six-and-a-half fur- 1-Ms Faax 1420 .60, 3.0 wyers gae h hi Torn 164 1
on turnedhup to now this 2-Levad(ura $10.20. 3.P0 4th Race : "B" Nat.ive 1ool Fcl s. fs: 2:20 hed Wir,.a Ae
year. He spun the distance in 3-Astoria $6. F ( Purse: o$275.,00es n od Wh y
-:,year. pv nool c eacs: .2:24 Red Be er, mad aHA e -Hyn
R" sp4 sco tw Quinmela: (Miss Fairfax-Lea- QUINIE selling 4 in ; res- Tts 3 o I.
-oon 3 ds dura) tin the 8 olTap-Ldv J. Bravo 114. pectvely the P ainters-rolledc To tks l1p Frn S
Cheriberibin was second two s i 2 A ato A. Vasquez 129 seod -high team seri for t he
and--half lengths behind the NIMANT PORACE 3 Filon Cas Lilo 1207 Oliver.- V) 1 2
S1w pes. thi Light wound up 1-Trafatar $15.20, 10.80, 4.80 4 Coran R. Ouerra 111 esty (d-) 1n1i Kept aBt Ck -Ma *1
Sthrdonsenta thMing4 and second 2-Petit Pois $11.4G, 4.80 5 B. Aguirre 110 tenuor s hold -on) 1fst lace by. .
l ce Newm2nster trailing. Pa- 3 5-Do ia Eleida $4.40 Don Mario M. hurley 1206 co or e int. in teir
-tiVero returned $3.40 and $2.20. One-Two: (Trafalgar-P e t t5h rce 'B' rtd g c h Wle opping 9or
In1 the day's two most thral- Poos) $e1.40. 5rWithWally& Bar. WhileB
irt ble: (Moon Goddess- season as Pe tate's base- it the Unholy Three" we ha ng
1 i-racnes Trafalgar and Miss 50rss : 15A .0 d o clm2- 5 t a ho E xt B rter w in-
S Faiax scored upset victories TENTH RACE 1 CarMela II H. Reyae 107xired b thepr sce of Wally: s-terday' leults O ruu
Sto respectively pay $15.2 and -Diana $4: 2.20 2 Sir Boas B. Agulrre 110 irlW mapped their three u. Oruu
I win The best payoff 2--Arranquin $2.20 3 H artl Lass) R. Gimez week los fg streak n the brewers 4. Today's, Games:
S the day was the $71.4A0 ne ELEVENTH RACE 4 Vij o) V. Ortega 118 R three el undu vs, CheviM; La Atrac-
Stivo eambinaton of Trafalgar 1-Golden. ATip 3.40, 4.40 5 pleor) Castio 12 stre 12 taking thr e pointsch. Dra wers
wirh Petit Paol. 2-Don Arcello $4.20. Amoro J. Bravo 11 ontcrs.
| jckey ose Bravo was the Oa _i_ R.e_1Joa te a our-year-old
de ,'s star with three victories. 6tOh R "e "IT Imported 7 F e. tender ttiteoovnct of R ell- HOWe 'WHE STAND $ allot..Med UM
SBl-~ Aguirre, Roland Lop* il SHO Purse w Pool closa: S3:3 tender I the'"abenc Jof ell-e 2 .7 '
S L, :Aurelto Men took two each. Fr t:Race of the Double, g to lead tha s;B sands. to a e a6 2 .50 -O -
Sy'r sad note was th ROPE SKIPPING 1 Canajagra) R. L O 10x t O gather les of 210i 1 ala aE 6 2 *B
-, "e day'CnSad note was the dore-a 1bgua) R.L.-G1b 108 1r66anH 45 5 4 .0' A H y te
Sdeo. h0of the dame and honest Mlwaukee, W. -NA) 2 t) 171 series. s first d series L Atra 4 4 .500 er

...o- t.m.-- .... o *-e., we--- --- .uo W, s. 5 C ap
running American -four-year- Marquette basketball pla e r s MQuo Vads u 1 were hiegh lx lndi a I ompe- 2w C un 6 .1250 41"
oi9stent animal had noutbeen out develop speed and agility-rope 5 Alto Alegre V. Ortega 10
;otf the money iri her-last six skIpping. 6 Delia B. Agire 120 Curadu took the Breer
starts. Yesterday she dropped 7 CorLsta 0.Chanis 110 ] T ygterdky mornn 9 to 4. Al r".o bypm
dead after finishing third in the' La. t 169- 6 .ough Curqnd was out bit 11-
mile ninth race which was E ER AST e mported6 F. Cutnlngbam (B) 164-42 they scored more usM thl

v ob !rres. 1 igv 6 ewr's who could only score
-a peo by Tr7falar...r Bouler, Colo. (NEA) Purse: $375.00 Pl lo 45 e ( t of each o
}-'o ;FIRST RAE0 Frank Gomrpe is the first a-R 0t .on1f of the Double IA (y W." 189-1 4 l) t he off of ealc onf1 C9ti.
a9$2.60 R. 3om5 years, begins his 2e re. Mikes apd Fhiaai 106
irsoont uddess (.Mon G.s0, 2.80 captain the Sloadoe's basket In A. Vasu 112 TEama W L Pt.. h
C I pe--mon $2.380. ball team has haSpin six R2 D eIta A a lb1 Beer 3 2 4
1`2_Kmazo l$4.8 years.CM. Ion. 25r25646

S LAST SHWS TODAY SA. UbWY a 105, Topee. 3-
I SECOND-IN CPU MANNT PoSmOCKEROWwre R. L.' Oil 4 CaY10Fver'( 1 2 Irn.". oy
1-~ampedo $7.W0', 3A0, 2.40 State College; Pa. _AA)- 5 CoPla Leatla '1.j W te o Il r'I oil.
S-Consentida $4.60, 3.20 Joe Bedenk, out of ootball- 6 La Chsa A..Mena 1142 Borgi () 57 33
3--Ma.ya $2.6.0 ter35Xyears, begins., hs 2rd T%- w CO. whano n$
S First Double: (Moon Goddess- season as Penn States base- 8 Pta7A.Vauque.z 112 Teme L j
-lCdsrpesino) $25.80 ball coach this spring. 1 Pe l e s 4: aboalr 8 2 4 "

SR) A.UbIdia 104 a. 1 3taturo lthensre R d
Aiv t. Aviveto e s""i; 3In."T1me 3"J. Bravo 112 BuckChevrolto y
4 Cpayo) K. Fl alores 12n0 oar 2 540 31 36 _
t FORFlm Bla T e n. s p.,R 5 Apretador) T. Gontdola 98 mely4ts n E il d erro bA
ls o t 6. on
EspGms OdEi dor Amnio 9 1 J6$ty N. R .ieyes 112 .eo f. ey btewc tlo

Some" LW'' cm" taseon
sHorrr- 145 1 ..
& .p A. Gila 110 Hi p 1 11 1M1a 3718-144

-Le arDu Wue0atWellldf1h4o1 ",i"ui1. 1431.'0 ack
Dqe1)Qe UJ.b Fgs: s 'Leo 1n@
P .CBravo-112 %;

a u' &&0 'Gomez10C mder n .Of70 V... ,',
Re.dnsiseer :Yra g umriil R.. 1..I 1s 100

e...d.ra 5flgj Do" Q" V A 114 Hn.
bes-Vsdsal dedv137 19 81huI4 17 IT 1

Rose HlI: Sanche 120-p
REDUCING TREATMENTS Ws Turf l"dqe A. VUaque 112 HOVn 161 172 14 78
8Pwadot reducing famous McLevy ytein wi reduce any part Montmarte R. ouerra l0 1
Tof bodypwithou strong diet. Also Turhsh bath massages. li .a. ce 2

t Male and female opseatoam. Call 34-2, Ptanamau. s 3..... ie .. lps es t. We 190.-
CHOLL S SERVICES 1 (LCiarmt.e a:5e1i Lan1714 1 0#
Figl ie SouvenC r A R.dL Cit"10 112. s0
1k6. R O Y A L D E iN I M CIR C USa 1

ZAS I O oftW421.i TO Aa 'SU Di Y180by. l:
vL STV S i T :i:SUND Y----------' J.






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You've got to drive It to
believe it! Disover a
pmpletely now ~dd of
driving matery-
demonstrated by the
12 key points of
performance in the

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SSimmbiA et id anything Right Ati t

In His Except Hit Cover Off Ball
SPITT & clear t'b pay the yanut* r the and twice won th* A
S .-l When they uv A s h- ~50o he wanted r to Le bat
Hm"nt Imndtno V04 Hal of To that New t the test of ck t
r the lr- orM tition. In W04 days ew
n the R4 that de n cot were full or atagers.
Paul Waners ha the GOlants sla hard to gum. Simmons proved that their
i shuddered. Probably a pennant or two and I a right way to do everyta
Set the fmankl tellah without doubt a lot of gam land that sometimes the *w
,whom you may morn easly that were lost instead of won. way isn't to be laughed aL
Srecogniae by the nam l of Al Al was one of the most
Sthe plaque u wullag in lever wlked up t the plate
the quait, shrine at Coopers- with a mission that had to be I
town. performed, and in k hurry.
The stylits will tell you that During thq 1930 season alone L
the big Pole from Wiscoain he hit 4n home runs, ach one
never did anything right at the of which either kept the Athle- Lik MD I a nm
plate in hb life. knoi tics alive or gave them the vic- Lis g Le
Sasebals to all s of oddtory.
Mr ..:H shapes ith his bat. When he The. A's were playing a dou- Balboa. High' osinmg nter
Swung, his left foot would poke ble-header against the Sena- scholastic hmball Lamg I .
S out toward third base as tors that Sunmmr. With the Tuesday ni with J r M1 '
though its owner had decided Nats ahead. 6-3 In the ninth, leg wi be un
he had no mor e e for It. Summons lashed a -thre-run big league if n l
"Putting your foot In the homer that tied the scoa. In the brief opening game e
bucket" Is the term they use the 15th Inning tne Athletics monies wll be the throwing
to describe that sort of a mo- won, but not before' SBmona of the fir pitch by the 5u
tion, and any student of the had ruptured a blood vsdel in Itendent of Schoo~, Dr. tr
ar t of batting knows that It Is his leg sliding into third rence Johnson.
IM l e to act that way and Between gamesO. Conape M k Prior to this there will beal
V/Ylo aBy power Into your drives. got the bad news from heral band number rsPlad
Unless, of course, you hap- clubhouse. Simmonso could be the r ulnad
penned to be Al Simmons. used only as a pinch-hiter ia the ircilon of nVtor wr
As a boy Simmons wanted to the second game. "And he'd the Balbo ROTC wirl piaO
-Cfc [play for the Giants. That he better hit the ball a long w ," the Colos.
SMe never did was because Roer the doctor added, "because e It I aI known hethr
SM Beanaan, the old catcher who can't run." JohIonwll thrown t a ec
was then scouting for John Came the last inning of the or straht one, or whether
McOrpw, couldn't see his way nightcap and again the Na will be a ft or slow one,
1 n twero e out front, now by 74. Balboa oatche Ab Flynn
Snarn n r ain to make the grade," says utthe Athletics had the b as have to be at to receive
S a n L "He has nt Ulen filled. Manager Mack pointed to and all Mthet. lght tr
fae ablts and the PsiTcale-~ ammons and Al hobbled out to this It I&S "Play l" ad
S Br I j.i .llgmcnt. But he hasn't stood wh at could be done about the wu beooa.g. '
outi-like a man of his qualities the situation. He sent the first Wit em i
S ro Bask. sh Pitch into the stands for a in the ln lo
DM to basketball, he's usual- grand-slammer and gave him- rate the O ver .the G"re
o y six weeks behind the other self plenty of time to walk Devse.. albe factor, Bo.*
..r h e. tters. Neverthelep, Bll's it- around the bases ever, hat i k even the tw
s- At southern Caloi held V has imp M ith each, teams t that tte
s broken IAk ulsettla i untl lst r IGHT AND WRONG WAY C.ab !st t.ametw
..I (Q Q..ffoL uin. In clan until last ..ar_ .mmt m ,
lu Coat Gonforem e seoring pled .l4 for St. ul thel oa mate
el for a seaon.. the Amerlcan A4soolartn e mystery of the unor- an i
of'the American Asstowiato h
He the f Ind n would have toDed .300 but thodox stance has never been tough :ore W ado.
ball hitlngo abo t finale. The rangy, 6-2 outfl- has always said that while "my hamlet
Sshactr V for a 1dior-wi double header completely solved. SIxii'mons D lnt
rapt o--nf o, d hi or Walloped 10-homers. feet may not have been hn- and it wboi bem
.eto ~IM a.T a .' 2 "Wth all my basketball, est, my wrists, shoulders and tas ge. eAlm
e candaNs there'stAMill nothing to comn-arms were alwahw n the right did bmu hsgi or ctai
NA pR re for kicks with that big line over the plate. last yt. cab Ve ua.gI-
u NOTIMG LK HOM ~~Mhome run in the clutch." says That, It would seer, was the t bsattenrt
Butil U s VM answer. I n evening. MortarM
-h a MS baseball progress s less Until they come regularly In Whatever he did, it must the top the Bulldog mouad
Sp ular. the big time, however, Bill feels must have been right, for he staff, and already shown
r "Two or three years ago I basketball has its points. And hit better than .300 for 13 has the stu m th e eraf
Should have said he was cer- better compensation, too. seasons, once comed to .393 Tillght Laegue race.



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*A*Ji-- *k

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Twiig t League

dyearS IaE z
a .inan ,- .R

To Resist Com munism In EsT.
NEW YORK Feb 7 (UP)- In the event bf a maor war, concrete action in this direction wa h
Le ts planni kno a t long- truth and the country is s hte" tAbre hanm L Tinmln. hheee4do im etadtz

allies in Asia, the New York in Europe. t Times said. livery of military aircraft to For- t ract b a
TWENTY-EIG'Imes YEAR. r ANAeorted today. P. SUNDAY id this woRUARY 1953t billions mosa to prepare the Chinese: n ra

The program is understood to of dollars and be of the Nationalist for strikes againstira
be an extension of the Presi Federal budget el ution, no Red Chinelta-.'
Arf in turne

dentTo Resiss campaign promisemunism In Eaive e

Asians a larger share in resisting y ide
Commnis omK d oerVan Fe uShowIn Ea waoY, s
3 NEW YORK, Feb. 7 (UP)-- In the event bf a major War, concrete action in this direction two .
Eisenhoer adminsttion they would be abledispatcto h writterrn b tits is expected until next year. tle e

The Times said the adminis-A -1 jthywoutr e
trs planning a long-range pro-burden of the flightin on tht However, the Times said, the tmd the wa
tailed studies of the manpower Asiatic main Amr- first step n the new program ao Howte d b Jr,
Thaland.rces of the United Stats'ican forces free to concP)-Lt Gentra t he United N actions anted Repb- eontnuedo'
Tallies in Asia, the NewcYorkmIn Europe. the o Times said. lit e of military aircraft to For- oyeadrserobo ,J
Times reported today. It said this wouldst billion mosa to prepare the Chinese
mThe program Is understood to of llars, and fr of theNatonlits or striks againstnne uns rs
be an extension of the Presi-Federal budget situation, no Red China, flu A Irk
dent's campaign promise to give another stop, the two ge-
Asians a larger share in resisting F Show s ayl r +" '
Communism in Korea and other bal p Msour erals were greetedby a fllv WAHIN ed (UP -
parts of the ar Eas, the TmesVan Fle ent along to say son of outh Kor troops Houty Stt"-re committee
said n a dispatch written by its e foro the uge Army today to at

Unitedoesode commanded since April, 1851 Taylor said he was nasd but beef ucaesto bster sa

The stumallndiess of the Asian eer d to frontline areas, an soldiers were "full of surprise" officials to
situations n, Nationalist China, Fleet showed his success Va eet as praed b ROK e

S Jack df equipment and proe Brig. e. Yoon ChunKau pd
'S IN TE CHIPS-oan, SEOU Feb. 7 (UP)Lt. aiden the United Natiodns and Repuhat l Secretar
The studies show that csm- MaxwellK Of'Clar the lic of Korea troops he would u e
amed iss Potato Chi p of tion ely few of the men f Alliat by sued ollyin K.:t he command. so r r e
93." Choice of the Colu mitar agen thee counts and advisory hel t e l a, bo of the Taylor told members o the
d d hast t the are, ctualbearin arms the Farghth A Korea. Fifth ROK Division at o ne i sto: t
ne Ipaaer reported. Taylor., Kwho will-replace SOen. h sure we will be the te clothe from
YThe P ehlipineu a. for1 exo James A. Van Fleet next Wed- friends and good co h mradesin
ample, totals v 5Trip out ocla wa named in honor planes when the landed at a slupms." and other faing arn Con

a yof Rev. Jo A. Zwack, chanlan field land strip to preynte general aricul-e
000 men of of the council, andcop er flight to At them f rstopi the two e- WA I I Beon i
nned id thebattln Kelly, Missouri. erlsboth of whm da ge greeted. fby aidft tlldivi- eSOrderlY ale (mar
areland has only 50Flewent alournin g t o the United Van oFlee South Kor co troops House rdeconture committee
Thsome San Bas islands, home States th e units he has standir at rigid a hell attention skid. the Armtoday tho step,
of the Cuna ndins will b The After two generals flew andVabee n Flcoptee replied that caleship ettlderlt amenh er on
The smallness of the Asian Jeered to frontline areas, and soldiers were"full of surpr0se"" oficis1,0 t to 0qpk
visited forces s due mainly gr to Van Fleet showed his successor Va Flet ns prectionsedby Rof the possibilins n me ad d ead a
lack f equipment on a cnd proer d be held in t Columbus CluBrig. s e Yoo mig Chund a confer- th of other tems. Price di oe nd '

SHESed by IN THE CHPSjn training, the Colon C Times said, the retiringgner al f thelied that v e generlly are not expected tr heari on the earl?-
n Commerce. adm tra K O C Class during the South orea sliders un- cultures farmersTaft t d "b
eamed "Miss Potato Chip of tion believes that by supplying det hifn had Shown a "great W-ho beg re-sed to-Inte no
19plane-loa3." Choice d adisof excur helponi the e e s spirt." their cattle I; mas et. n th are the 'n kn
niversty sophomore is a United t Camorning tranaf d luncheon. OCtsThe American gen e tly however me
ropriate, as she s an Indian, A n enslies nto earlier this week d powerful de-ee te ab. he r

a:3. rortt Mandinga ithe FatwKhoTfM e oroducern to withhold their cat- Vernon p e. T
nend legend has it that the rst tert t agresion in the Fr z l te uce mph wands over one est theratl t wlale tou the islads .-.p kettn. weights. He said eMya s Eats. daelrink. Md sleeps rade m
eta inew a man ., m. by oun old hd grab the ti cla ttle tho mare from
ran Indian womanT P Sara Pan Cou1 3 The Local Coun ll of the Ine- pries woul thd dro t atilldo wll oper
toga, N. Y., nearly a century ago. S Bas Trip clase wa named nhan planes when tht landed at a nm and other fallen farm
d ingof Rev. Jo A. wack, hala field landing strip to preventrg a general atric l-enr perotence and a
Planned In olon of the council, and Bernard them fl no will meetppn over, but no its Beef bunson become one of tn is con- hII
Kelly, recorder, both of wK1hn ddaR Age resulted HdS. teo orderl ecty ~ta r o l o o t..
The Hsame s are returning to the United Van Fleet and Taylorco hnson b d a control wm halt ma
spectacles, reently developed Fares will cost $15 per per States shortly. pleted 60 A their tour wnth ahel subcommid. ee headed Cowan hperato r t den
of the cuna Indians, will be After the degrees hive been copter flight to t-a battleship Pre t Eenhower 'tpdty exsdo on the AW. 'ti.
visited next weeuronsts wll t by a group o conferred a bue finisfet luncheon will M urfor anthe nspetallaion of the illed ill (B-Coln hea
excursionists onwa combined be hehd in the Columbus Clutb U. Nn,'seeec might and a confer- thou'Pric of other items. Paen d--JOk e h "O Bl Gshi

he inconspicuousness of the for the trip are being m ished in 25 Ingauages. Faw t president: Wfl the possibility. o throutci6,1 to take
eceofthefrae.Ali*ondaeof the Colon disclosed he is devoting the first Fnvice president: ap or the Army Inc ett, relief ohe l
plane-arnd-launch trip sponsor- to honor Father Zwack and ere.w~th ViceAdm. J. J. Clark. officials promptly said beef prlc-l "Butch" Laine, whose
ed by the Colon Chamber ofK(Telly. to Englands Queen Vi- A, scout com all beef purches t t t te I. ha
Commerce. The club will be closed during e t ; theiruncattle f:arer netx od -e, m earil-
A plane-load of excursionists the ceremony, but will be re* 'thirc hat e been market. nd" then ar eh
e will leave Tocumen airpored Busc t next opened at 3 m. for the buffeted or prices have been risMoore, an b es
Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and luncheon. LOC a WN 1%0 es.e.however, volcenn e me s"Z ipot otls
arrive at Mandinga airport at e I r Beaon earlier this week.urred e. the stat ore m ath ate ar'
8:30.FromMandiiga the pas-oducrs to withhold thr t- Vernon d. operator ard
fl sengers will tout the islands- Khan's Memoirs Cou il To, Meet tie until they reach the but mar: est-workh g man in pan&nm=,hodto,
bv_ _launch. __ ketlo weights. He Mid some Eats. drinksandsleepsradioaM ..
The plane, Ba COPA DC-3,h SwiTo Be Published Ths AMorntApg rtern had been frid ir- s the manager'srght-hg
tk t cattle to market 4 man. the",ho
returnelo toh e Panama Railroa Christ Church by the Sea serve pub c Panama e would dro
la te ntLCompany, he held an organi- b arracks for Colombianes na Bo utof The re uet to thCurch the
in Colon will be celebrated tion meeting for the immediate for a period. meIn 185 it was re- Sav r o its beef b become one of t
arriving at Tocumen at -The wealthy Aga Khan said dv hal of La Boca High School before Undersecretaryw tO 0=001board operators innth
NOW SEE, HAR-"Hearing of the establishment of a church. openday his memoia chrch and the workt thod, at a.m. Johnson by a House
spectacles," recently developed became ill cost $15 per per- and near great of the past Cimport tem on th a- subcommittee headed Cowan, operaorthe
-by Maurice Thomas, h o ndon oil the I sthmus of on the retxcurn voyagets ill o yearswill be fnis hd about April e IS the Installation of the William 8. Hl (B-Colo Mthe staff.

ama. The actual date occurs York and died before making the church was transferred of- Cla) forges, land
ecutive, are modeled to show ancele- any reoeservtinsa be expectsBoa them t be pub- offers the Bishop of British St. Ma title he Bill
n of the inclery are here for Li the trip are being e more happened punished n 25 ngauatres Perto: the
hearing aid convocatached to a side-on. 185though Jose Delgado, to The Moslem after Panaligius leader In vie pres The
early as 1849, it is recorded Sea was construtedf the C om1 dilsed hepublic and the fCanal .tefrace ess e-a -rer-e

Panama City. These were some 11Tor 12 per cent of the cost English and American church Oi y $ IMnje
Amee of the framensit. A clip on g the England andmber o nf Commere (Tel. whichap ter to England's Queen sout pr es o h
us to California in conne-r 143This andctivity is reported Busc to the Americand the astto ueen bill

withe "bnthe Gold Rush. have been caused by two En- In 108, the opalh rcD )dE.M Bow

152 a special commit ftee l rshwomen returnping from Cal- maintain mreaons la~n. Colon, terh
a report of local Isthian foria via Panama who iaiqed Paaa ty. Mou b td H San
Toda at Christ Church by the Company, he held an organkea- as barracks for Colombian troops Church !

edtosto- the Episcopal why West Indians here worked Pebk). Ooreriai. B Oar 0 Lu[ 1in ,md t

rd of Missions in New York. on Sunday and did not observe Ciocada. eri a, Ciu ,
eluded the fact that Pana- the Sabbath. Paraiso a- d '~pitre. Later NEW YORK. Feb. Ti)-
City then -hbd a population churches were erected also at Three persons were
10,000 and that. Asoiwall The women were told that Gatun, Pedro Miguel and at An- night when a Northea~
Colon) had only 2.000 but since coming to the Isthmus -the con. Convair 240 asilHer-
destined to grow rapidly on West Indians of the Church of Work a. the Palo Beco Leper onar board 1c
ant of. being an important England had no church to at- Colony l-Wes bgun by the Rev. uQ= ;eld after i
oad town. tend. Christ Church by the Sea H. R. Carsn i 1014 and- is still gearea elapsed.
committee reported that was at least a artial answer to contnuin there.
a was a demand here for an that need. It was consecrated by In 19- the Panama Canal The plane. on a ftlig mift
pl Church and a minis- the Rt. Rev. Alonso Potter. BU- Zone w itereoted into a Mission. PiortiL Me.. to Nevw
and suggested that if the hop of Pennsylvania, in 1865. ary Dith the R1, Rei. ty at Wston, arri B s
er was married, his wife It was the first Amatmica James Moran aaict fl t ad Ita rew of
establish a mission school. Episcopal Church in the *outh Bishop. -"the L ev. MI tred tr ew
ing sorely needed. The ern Continent. Heber wooden, 8.T.D., sd released.
h was to be built In Aspin- When the French Canal Cao- boI. Dean of St. Luke's Cathe- T e tl
and the cooperation of the oany started operations In -188 dral In Anconi I the Very Rev. -T1 weels of th
Railroad Comp"ay was thousands of laborers were n.- Raymond T. erris, aaated ad when the plane
requested. norted from the West Indies, the Rev. William W. Baldwin. dOwn apd It smashed
:v. J. W. Cooke, 5eeretary many of them members of lle Canal Zone Elneopal oChtrch- mud beside the runway,
General Argent ot the For- church h of England. Their lum- es include St. Andfewt'. an it r sght side. The
Committee of the Board of rer was once estimated at 10.00. Good hpherd. Coro was toaof
slans cam# to the IDth4tus in Annlicans. The ishop of5- otan ~, On boa: St. .
reh. 1153. He urepehed at Pa- en In 1883 sent the evi 8. Gushttm: St peter's. La U a2,: "'
r' v on .nrch 20. a Sun- nd an assistant to Col.n ad rets Margaits: Is
this bei a the first regular Ihey organized eirht mlunI I f. .per C6l-: U. d, =FPb, a
lican service In this area. Ionn the railroad lie between aank:, St. Marye
iterr tundav he pleach-1 at C'lrn and Panema,. City and Parnleo;
S.sON a a Sew days later, In 1664 when Colon Vs uin.- lltenary, Gamblxs ,- -:
A., + ..

.4 -r.

, .--
*'. .2' *'




inua em-~~'C

mt sat e 4
S ', ,t

.tIi that atha a _

,theb e t &

r a nAOb
I-"'. e -- 1. .
,,- .-.Ir .

Sisfb ^ad Mt a- ,aT
*-? *MU tt A stt_ irt M
SiliT r4jT a ,"difd AI pvM 5 .ar

.s. ..

, t ade t .-a te. 'r eiet "

'.5 p e ri C ..a ______. .. .. .
Sidch m- ______________

r oe boy.

i ;' .._ .
n* 4o -l"

S '" 6 -

1 .oi ,tf.t D o n't'
_jf LA ,i ,I,..

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ot p1ot
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Stipe hthr

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IM.ii .i -t a l. ..HI
*Ii Mai t .h* e @

i c am'ev
*tai etftW sve.a

manpidd4 Nanw a

A malu meobutw 9s O Gat to m at
htdl artpH JiMt tM ..aiurtogbw 'it
Ions comas*t' .l.ah M os t
mIB aON, N. WMr Uwp .?A Ir wT
theIulbortiowyMiaM to Dr L. rn
eow you the wWgra*q-WbM

ha4 14 wamauhito ma te trip.


Sla tbo af wr dt thit w w

dJL 6uer 4i

.Io 4 at eK.
d and

kAi to's. aa (wA B


z;. ail

"Any Iormation I give you must b
guarded with your lif." stated Dr. RIp#t.
when thy were alone. "I have rMhd a
stage where I believe my xpwerimt can
beeipt my cuatry."
".Me dM the Obta, Mr. Onthr, ce*
Bm lMte wltb jya. Dr. RlpatT"
"Our mms s only by plane or by
eboi ate the ao otber way."
Tmairn l- yu an mistaken, Dr.
pat t," "uud t-aim. M unry. "I know
theWe a adtnwa*i n-o tmw ittfr OB
athi ia a"-lo t -Ime s yn."
Dr. RIJpt oil:t U n LMam I dulouly.
tou the O w N NBow d dMidael
mitt an ti ai fIs?
Sinpm "e m U ni g uio0
ew- sew .e-w ciaa cr U JS W
^1 W y\3M i *op ^potg f"W
ft=o tl
ca Pn,=lIorsr

Hoke in One" Trick

t som ns tat

,a'e ied IUPIneI Itbjeo 'ea hI wit,
thesIWe m.e

J VISP5V the bedy ca al, be made to have
S. I rollo arm r han d will evo p .
bavt you a at trl l bak? You a
lougkitaM urom wb k towk.
601W make one by cutting out and mving then
SUU40UM ft it week to ws@

> VT yrdat-Wrr& TbAmazing Kngt's Tour Loe Mesage ;

*: T A W V T L i

S. a k E E 0 0 T U
Ow R. Hl L I- 0 N B .




'.I.iii Your Mom
n dr., l a ,S~ o.6cs ..

.. ... ... t .. .. ._ .. .....

,w ",word-rl,-, o r b

smaounded by i i-aO LP
.. G,--- R ep..

"-. .

'VfjfP your eye on aneaky
F t a My Klard Hoppe.
mtM chaImp d author a
orn chekers. "He'a the
isqare 30. who tdelivwr
theI 0. punch for the Whit
Whi martin upboard mout
jwd s toaus r movf- Cam yo
iftis st abrte T
Pon ai =

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,i(,rj ~ ~ i~iii .a

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i. ;- -C
'k. ~

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.r ,,
jlj~i~1': ~t~~ 1~g
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1 .

MS are becoming p.
. too. This nature tWWv b

Ciae.ARRIVAL rom the U. A., Tom
rtacm Veezuea. It'r typleal side


I *'~~~*L..' I


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4 1L ...*
I-) *-'pr
.* -r *.'-

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, ;, ..-'


y' --'- *-
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.;, s '" ;
I .. .,-; ,

,,, :" 4
N d ".


~I i r.
~fR~jbSi; L.- ~ja~:;.,~r~


an 6rder ssue,

conform with
The order aid "no
M1I hli as been
ed" cannot be t
ies here were toMd to hold crl
to the level oi Jan. 31, f d
assign military personnel ton cl

h *i~a. 0'.~

All ageniles wero alo gving their Fn l Tear
13 budgets a awaud-eam goe-aW. The
PanamA Canal Coma aid t he anal e Gov.
emrnment Ina !!tn, were a l what as*
order had th ary aWa ctrwtiif
may be hated eraeelled it theylr eatos 4
up as "clearly ementiaL"
The U.S. District Court heard a light cMl0.
endar oh Vobruat term day. On .one d
aetenad. is e was ,et t e. I
Baitr depoftatlu Charle 1
malan, entered a plea of Ig and war i t
y senate xspended or a period of t
pending good behavior.
A damage suit, awarding $1,650.40 toj.Tasp Mnr a
Swas settled in the District Court. The sabaa
was Injured in a traffic accident last yeari ,
undergo an operation for a blood elot .oh w
The suit was filed against aw h
bus, by attorney Woodrw d e .
--- o -
The PanamA Canal Co.'s board of director e inee
A which was to have convened thls monti was p1 -
poned, with no exact date s t. gnwUle, aW. a
members of the Board were d to it the atthh
to inspet the Pacifi LoAksa dhM kr. and me
view the Company', capital po otr Fisal e at
1955 and the status of a t the eoneraion a
the Canal Zone's M-cycle el current t~~ eyele

The USOs on the Canal Zone's Pacific aide- wear
celebrating their 1 1 anniversary with danced to m
the occasion. Both the Balboa YMCA and th- Jerwih,
Welfare Board-USO serve the edbunlty of ecivllla I
and servicemen.

TACA Internatioal Airlnep began a ew f lir t
last week inauratmg a thrsee-wly bIsebo.
tween Panama and an the C-alh e* Italta
America, Maxiem City qad to NqqW tJ.qm e pi.
Ine company is wN.kswa leas r ha runs
throughaet Central Amersea.
The Army's arch of Dimes campaga ended with
a partial cash Intake f U81.45. The east fiPure wil
not be tabulated until al contributions arq in ea-
Feb. 15.
Two Canal Zone teacher. will be chosen for'a vear
of s"dy in the Unlid States on nbleet-a theaot
accord"nt to the rum at two fellowsanb now betar
offered through the 1 rd6 NundatiUg.
.-- l ". '
A hUt pauMsbi hry etlam&f Natinmal -
ad" d the ii li atl shr slPea uathme l irlb
=and t W m q'_n e e Isg :nws,:

e nly national ieh ooe ll e
41ti0 votes nas- theto k Bot o .- i
cloma iehaded by m aptot CsItarL. Te is
it' nftrty was P namlm PopRar Atidtig e
by Br"adoreo Patiflo.
HoweVer, the bil provided forth aruLgslaot
dtfieeo prMUM Into owne -odv if torptuMam
t"e ndirallMd -e Pa 2 .e9.ith 3 minAf"f. .


1 di. 2 .
2 "rlk

I..,U p.

irtfo as

or nab
any uMi

wapitp eai


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vidualtr aoi$d air aenn fo i'inl^ 7to a I
heea wthanu teri.Iewto one ig a.
mniolts party.
In the MatrMomeiWtl d' wl f
hech would .a, P
rhar.e for wadltr arm i in titauraita d .a
fountain parBw. reseted PHal
However. f It 9 mltR
-may eb* the bIN ~i is ema
bar oderM. -. ," "**, b-

Children Dlayles in the area of9the imal
.nd the Union Club 4t aLWg thma, L.
PasNmanisa pilot Bodiae oWes I e md
Plear Cub down on the beach in Tz
Sain ln an emergency laadiT!.p
SonW.e was rat,'rning frai a 3y air tit
one otedo4by AQIA to ref= JInat tOio .
plane rp d6ht of ftasot.' 7i a-vm.
Ponce w, abl, to take or-'-"' ei'' fle dlpe'.g..

a'l" r16wf0te -iaI de

RE" ;t

~)~~T)~~-~~ ~q?~~r 2k

, =

I WPPU-i ,J~g fl -mWT,.N la- .. r.' I I 1-R ,~R..wr

'.t," -s' : 'A. ,

;. -

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a V.'8~T, CR~

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.7' 4I.i
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, mam .. .. -- -- a--

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N"Il rT'BM



-"-... I -.... _--I-m---- I

'-,t. .

r... f- .. 2- t
": "" "' l -Cirtoa t' ;- a-Vjiwt *

a"a- t -- rboe frote
*rgtE e- "al' t

WAS* die*b -- sple diseae

los f-YMeld 4 4-er- Pfse -
10- et in an. 9S--A ota. I -
gaggagaA acid 511W00A F
''"' lO -Yeld UHqnmt';, t ^-Pr' -

--A ,aes1a. ,.
BWo-l1-41, dB Americn
Stut 10-- tow l9agsae wood
S12-Lump of- sorrl
_0-- ns .om~ 7-ShsAMk
ei-, g .w elay -u 1-. _abam. g
.-A .i. Ni--o u-vw

PS 31- -1- V1 *

uw. In

.-. -. .

J- u. jIt2 .h < -- -
... .'...~~~ ....,- ,..t "
~~;~ P "-t~f I" ...;,",: "J "

; ,,...-',,. a
I' J t- 1. .c;
.I ';7r b,

M-M f

9--A young
* left L. iU
116-Tree of
-,. 5Upfnd
S1--Land of
t -togo

122--CentO r

. laha
127-Wing 1 .



t,-V. S- ', -*-* ,* *' **. '. ... ,. ...o

,-.- 'M'-"
ra'u" ".t S., ~ ; ., ..-.. I4)
. b,. .~ ,4i hi.t *4 -. ~ a- .
-.1.. ..
-.l. v ,3 *r'.. ,. .*
-. ^ -. ... ,,, .
i'.. _, .1t .o.'*S -ir .* .,,,.', '4.' ,, .,. .,, ', ...*'*> l; ( -? M -.* ..-"* .-**.< ," '-, "*.
-.-~ -..1. ",I -- ."..

Tr : -

.c"; t, i.

' .. ,
.iC C, .--

Z_.. 2 [ -m t W-r tj- LMu4

S". r -" n


I X Max

- L,, .- ,., -- &1

R~C"~P~F~~'..I. II. --.. ?--i- I ~irr-


r~i~-'c -----~ ---- -- C

. .. *-. ,, '"* -.






-r.;?~ ,-r


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;'. ;

FA'^Mfc ***^ -^-. l~'t-afr1i.^W+ ''i ri *.


T HE *L -
h.ine Mitr .-e1.Y ., .y...uv -o ',-1
Shine, ter~phI ~ F,
She Ote,

I tleng Mandsmaa p lab too-mike w~mS Iiib
TS 110 m f n ,m.

O "'* a" 1"tM
..... .

Shine. Mister? Shine? I fixth .y a hoe nI fp .
That o.her boy os t da e.f-an't e isl b bltW mihne.
I polish 'em up dandy I make lem lode I ; a "'
You put your uu op on those bor-I lk '*u m fooafor yI
shine, W Ister W9 ,
t8, Beo', I now get busy and i make dein oe look n
I charge you taeaty'plata-only t na atnld, l
I'm best bootblaec what you can flpd' In town r fl
I talk Inglat and Spanlah too--mlae wrS aucll hbI1.
ShI,, l se ther? 6iut;ef
My name, aelortm ia l wIanii ena s ir t oikea toMi
Ir mother? I have none w atie; she pd oatimt ipne.
My father? He's I n Jl Befior; y say he krllt Ib;.
So I just make a iIha, Ipost.anp wy I cra. .
Sometime I sleep ln ol beern ; q* mat*. Mt alW i 10s 4fr ed.
SomeUme, when ebutiyreB pretty u t nber d.
Some day it rain and buines poor. e.1 er barp.
But I never get dslmOale--n arebetter Pia m u.
6ometdme I go to Sumndy f algII hetdbr I ;iftt
I have no boss; sdme ane I irol, admethar rt n a*d play.
Sometmee I go t ptitue rabow, ~enrI hrla t ud- a:
I like to watch them pretty gnl anotrban bravi'ctilkir.
i. I Ike Americanou Sut I Ule the wam s eAt;
They bawl me out and emw me efd 8y ,"os dawa MF pet"
Sl lne their hoes ha wlhle Ihaa-talk uiu dld;a Mi al ef beer,
An' then they ipve me Quarte thid ay a Wa get-Itht of here."
Them soldier "mvy lsim tq I. alrays beft _rIend:
They talk' tery ough aesb e bat they o aste nd;
Thdy come to town n onne dy and yet very nreh hlrcbo. -
But always dig up little change, for pay a podr mauelbfho.
Tou pak me what I lte to1be, when I am grown up min?
Well. I like for be a fireman or potesp anm. if I can;
An' If I am .policeman I telln e wor l
I arrest that big bartender, who k ali out the door.
I'm otwPvs round this earner. If you wpawt a shIne some more:,
'I am finis: es'A )'%Ma Ormka Beamr.
Tod-" eorn balf a dUol- o now T'l br' ame s un:
I th*nk I'll e Juan FPrneo and Pe) them hOt wi rn m.
-U Jahe MGNearty.

ne -I=r

**." In*


In melancholy majesty, tad POeak at suaI weask
Oirt round by tfoiage, the pm wimt w il.I arise*1
Proud monume sit M olden day a digaty abltme.
Dtedainful of the In=gs of the ravges o1d Tim.
And, like a stalwart n.ta, ouIted in bold rellef,
In sl ooay ntw mpl t= me ni aM f; n o
From his imposing mltik, un, mernwl andl
The mailve old cathedral tower slw m dominates tm w ae nn
O'er aH this fair and stored land, dark vigt mustfi. keeji,
O'er all the wide rounding sea the ryt arAd. *i
(chagtl dep;
In grim and silent reverse, Impaosrv, auwntsad t .
He sands unchanged ftsim age to 0ge, wi iI 91. as
/ _.* --(.- fal. 11L: the
What memories of bygone times this anipti r*o hWo~l kEot
What satrrng and he-ole deeds. his re 4ui 1 a
When, by the might of hlatsing Wro r.
When pisratS MtalBdl~. bp I t tM did a .
I i leO. ._

When predato"r- b ep a Ceria. c6airiw S ,
WIhwt reti wi of court. or cunRMCF"Owi&OBd,
Ah, could this bttiS giant speat, what illtdtlf
On what wikl deead of blood and strife, h:
SWhat specters of the distant pel m tt l~t;
What wan and. gruesome tragedles ea( lVA

Btd, in a softer mood, perheme, beneath thi-w9WieWhsw ,
Through silent watches of the night. whlleM P _d
He sees, In gentle retr upeLpn i cloa 4
Brief glmpose a th br=ihfer 'da vm-'- fsrafntful yu^
Beneath yon crumbling-a41111wrH 1.rUn
The trains of Paa^ dllb 1> o
Wihi M 'JIAf~ffi^^


Thu, gag
Wh ralE
/ *IeiHain.



l- --lli


L'~~ ~,

rc~K ~3

ma'n Wh;




r, .y

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'. '.1 **

. 3'

& A *
ils =

al *91 i-Ltf
A -. d~r~liCU~


A&sp to

to beistiedcI
wlta Vi the

tht Pa"ftdl
A.b Op fr the

AM b Lth. U%-R3ubm'5-Luchew's-
SrGi t~ef HNoue of Champs.
i-~sat m- mle'so at l Wato-
ter MiaIrroIwnt Hak wh e snear
we .@. .W Lo= l' hm
rba gi a inM tramBe Mhe maiwm

e d, "WWalagt, The C BureLul"...
btv typ show ea-tmsB the tUp w"h It.
Ov ww asm.h ma K pM" pae ar teo

be" oltay, -and
e51 n l a
thm*iA meffsam

Sf, m we, a u. .- g-m .e me .. "m- am *i ..
Edo fr din ton

- .- -. *. t .- .. ,t. .

DO W ^ .-.. r ..

ir AD' tbeO r am ral -i tma-lnrS acts
,. lMn t@ M dkI.Wti t t tUle to~w be given
tfair oi r Mw ^ ar ontraie

0tat1aV. 1h6r requbredt in

e n othe other b.n whih cngme
M M' .a t om ute in top akb sma
ipod goUlialW U=L. Vb as good as

-.,tfnd ... mno t a them access
Spmune Sect preture is

's ", wat &ot luue.tmn the War Productio
itSeO Wo w 0a trheenat. e

l It up fine War Invetalglatg CumiiteiN, .eadld by a fellow
M ne rtd nm arry & a tout agapplie ts in

bad get Its ixnldes Its to ta namain a "dollax-a-year
I Tne to u a pWe uremn
t r wIm Thb nadogt b d tt
is96tis onwhich corgressme
gy l Ihavei 4 a eM1 rrat in go top wor
rHde mead, &t raan en S nk k is thI t i ver them access
SHrUDk plbt a P nid information about thr principal
OW Defense s ecre- compoutors.
This wasr a lot asue in the War Production
NiYyir ry igrur 6setupa 0 a Wrtiu won war W bhe eganase
Vt1 up fine War IvestigtIng Js tt ded by a tello
rUm b hb naerd Barry LTroapmaMf tou aapint this i
got its inaldes oIts %tlae t D naming of "dallar-a-year
aw n" b to thae 4
Ukojref iwn t ph'oNen IsteeSthat Ulmsemen
*TFAW 16 k" 009b4% 49 mse an to work
ear, a"edie 'a*- LOWever, In the
ili Ra "tt had ed girst ead thg a PseeLant
wow, an off- DD ps Wea lloedt p
eaOr aftuy Z h -hlawtU.


;. ;c" i
.. r



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.^ .a1 lN

.'' 5Sher' nmie. other ,
.moe. rir hrorres.
', moves them forward
tackwards, sideways ahd u0 aht
' down.
SFor Rudy. yotu e, is ~.1m
expert hoct ma
to ameu Lere l uold
hast too.

bodya ridbn pe
addition. fyou Want
htow to Jump a hone you 6ah dip
that. too.
SOr maybe youst wnt t
Ssee horses ump
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