The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oay 130

SBELAST, North I relo4 Jan. 31 (UP)-The num.
her of dead ip the sinkift of theb-.y rinces Victoria
)peared to be 130 tonight. ,
'Only 41 of the 178 obeW t e k fry when it sank
i. Icy chrnming see between Sca Fed'tmO wIe th Irelnd been reported rescued.
The Donaghadee lifeboat piek$ p p nd a brought ,
bhore 31 survivpn. The Port Potrak r maved two mere.
A mine sweeper picked up four bodies.
A passenger aboard the SI- as soat. ca tffrci
ated, ferry told United Pess thi p at from pa"s
th vessel sank so fst it was the rai bM n tard
"evry man for himself." bll tiapegadm e and eogsls
theloao to end befek ttheaft
Ernest Flack, prodctian man- mew4ae: "a hopes ar
ager of a radio maufaottuing Planes dropped flaresamftd
plant in Ulmter tu k om Ie apot where theferry aufl
a business trip to Machehigr. to atX aetch weis.
all the boat sank aen = A* As ght fe o Belfast O Itfl
te. ho was held for the reS
It Is feared that a the
victims of the sinkg Is Sir
Waltr Smiles, a L meaMbn I
of Parliament froa e. lf

As wS!!?1
Er wit tea
'en mas wM
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s W teral best I
MU,.wbih/Is not na If
attlen ixorea 'with

not denied that thet
n aW n want indict

tes ad c-fOruted could

lei. d. ohin
ew&Y shae revivealy
.M t on It fe.

nor denied tha to e cts
*tes p or rnulted could
SBU Chineuta
Tlphn, Ptatary that
Bthe tmintrl of- Navy
4f=fr th ior- fcult


expertseadmit te .oday
Ssmall- trry floundered ruide wbya 'rT do*
and ear k abortly -after the cap- a tiny Br bird as-the
tain orderedd his 1;3 passengers tit -- an Irp the
and o crewmen to abandon friton In b 500 repe fld
the shali hour d 4G1m1n dents in thr years.
t s after w going o The fea ithwelht bs
> X--i msnding the- AO r
Schieadeernfirst *t
ap aovern g to n spaprmlk botte
vOWS a Since then thr have lnvaid
s homes, orn w paper,
Sman bn buttons off wo calth, al
To Sue Tm ma In nylon stocking And
electric ltghts on and oatt ,Os &
of the birds even e tole two -
TOKYO, Jan. 31 (UP)-The shilling notes, worth $1.40 eo A
Japanese government drd ned
a today that t ad anything to A survey of their beavi,
Overco t alt.a a w~hai t tou-__ I
-d e Iptxpwe., do ,with a movement to ue published today in the mage
a fero former President Truman L d tish Birds, said It has
ricaw l high U.S. officials for ord thing to do with hunger.
,o ing the atom bombing of Orinthologist Lt. Cao W. 3.
_ _____ shims and Nagsaki. Logan home wrote that an a d -
Foreign offlee spokesman Mlt eral occasions, the
,suio TiLnak said "the govern torn to bits paper wrl.
S ment knows nothing" of the fruit without touching e
reported plan. itself.
SA. Shoicht Okamoto, an Osaka Dr. R. A. Hinde, CambhtOe
lawyer who helped defend Jap- ornithologist, suggested one pms-
an's m li leader in the slle explanation. He poSfted
SJapanese crimes trials con- out the birds' ripping s OeN-
firmed ha- has been trying to mp nts are similar to those
contact A4omb victims in the In tearing bark from it
Rtwq Japtaeme cities, whie hunting for an
He said his plan was that Since the birds often 9fWd
the victims should unite to food without having to_-

f Nation l M Einhower maf be p lan- bring s tas in U. B, coups a- Tafor ke In Show,
not cards wUcg to lilt the U. 5. naval ban ginst Mr. Truman and other[ the hunnriv m .

2 day the govehn- and Ipriw Pft~IdwAerTragsaz
S bounced a t of said stlewth.Ms on Red leaders who prtcpted In thesasfed nd
Japanese prod- was I a o Pom ly Take In Sipper
anese exporte a in owen r4 'dochina.

eeto Commuplet their on the tiol o--f staff.-
said'#. W. tAlk
6i --..startinggrad- a& ty 4 opet"? A, Jan. 31 (UP')- Po- tain. afleutenant and SWU a
Wh letters of cred- stimeorieof with- In "the girl with the detective arrested the dat-
from Red Chnat fre glea hai" from ahat club ter viewing Miss EKanM l x at
m s' early today andn that last Tuesday and defta amdo '
ministry of- SthaAlhed red after seeing her take early today.
de- go rou her act twide. The floet show, the oilers
~be~ epeted 'Ev ants, allas M&ra Davis. said. consisted of "aIND .
Planes and a shapely ent l. was Murray Parker, whom 41 ta
,Rstart"ij4. cl odwith public indecency. ahw conssted of Sity
..ake it difo of the R Heow
trade with St t wwhoe lis ganits appeared. was its, the report continued a"ne
utillsing Spr- Ase charged en putting on an in- appeared fully slathe.
e ddecnt eSow.
at Adm.a. as "ovely "As she weAt lW Oher ge

the it.t eIVL
ur lbS eowW.a"sbu tel evg- the ot erassume s
: bfpn-oefA I f ad, "sea
c, tIao.towf- became at'S ama
k* be an -own ela et a bs a was.Zr9" = W the
after a saw. .kiff Inmt a W.i let- Jmh an I

.aZs t ... o t W W e in h-"

r.a.,,nst 2the...-. a .aehL -t.

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d | m U. 8. B

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,s a,.ns.

irt li st achefi
aO~~. Spy and tub campaign
rt the f m thei-wnpe.


PAG TW TEE St___ _

" Mr. Attack To Lead 8th Ar
'hls help with a
manner and a mainmum
"u A rlnl," A brUiabdy
-- o the officers' clu
f By DOUGLA.S LAR W he ntatsn"
WASHINGTON, Jan. 31 (NEA)-u'.Mr. Attack" is dbah .-eni s Pit e 4
guginto battle again. .
That's the Army nickname Gen. Moawell Davenport The Genera'and he anH
4LTlor will take with him in his new, qi of 8th Army h1ve, always been conservt1
G mander, succeeding Gen. James-fAon Fleet as boss their 'uciale Uek. k op1t
of round forces in Korea. ,imUm. He does notN a"kB
General Toylor, who was Deputy < f of Staff when drire et deal i
hwas togged for his new job, started is Army career has mastered four d
With a more scholarly label. iMuage's ioIncluding a)sI
L The West Point. yearbook called him "one of the GEN. MAXWEITAYLOR: No generals who delivers an tt'
lost learned members of his class.'" "ment .le" for him. ma ve, ner est as swaf U
atwo descriptions of This was ex dressed name. He talks inm a well-mo,- decorations include eve yth-
evt neatly frame the at a ti o er ading dulated v tce but he's faria-lthe U. S. Armn has to fte
educate*' e S. were say.head of yuu, ip any sUa"ect that eept the Med~alf Homor..-He so
]w nien in the history of tug the 0be thing. comes up. h numeroustoe~g deoo r-ra -91 .-..
ny'u S. service can .natch Todany, It Is hard to reckon His- plt r isn na sifd vi1 a r
t's.a nHis secreHaratdIt of Zxona og r..
rn hisicombat record andl hits i por newt ass-lr took her a cy r ozths ?ew York Undvri- e v C -
S a administrative with tlie fleetidbng imu esntookheraIsm lettw Uiersi tyd .o
OnNor ...yD-Dysthon' you w you mee h.ur fo practice to get h o ft htt- In the oinonmetimes It s oarh TA

h first Allied eeral to hit But you don't have to be she says. .
ue elos w he n a ~ t oU o the s of i Tayor Jo of oowi u.`7. ,. -
e ate athe ldsrr his deedr oH Ittoo youthfMul ,* i h ch no countess oo lMd mqdf, hie
mand of the o10t Airborne in lined face and plaid blue eyes, all of his letterSaIneadsylcd lomac y s an. a- d lo-i shIp maa l -ts London. ( low., s a Wag t th'_ a

other things, forld a major rev his graying hair and then memorized them Ue pefrhs
Won Nof the curriculum of West ure.n e h gviehmt fl. burah eewgvftytua. .tllS tlno de Moo tto ot
Point uing more stress on un _t. aBrao, ,an o fat ,.0 tM oousk two-year-old
the first Allied general to hit But you don't have to be she says. ?B It 4 th .moo tWyea l

tch subjects as economics, WASHINGToN, Jan. 31 Colombia" broke up in 1 ing four of the oiveh .rewm
history stand the "Mr. Attack" nick-hegets the mlands imumout of
He also performed one of the od at 12 t Span claimed not the t urv
vin tal miltary-diplomatic inured critical. The con
Mons of that war dropping 2 Y
into enem) territory to help1rs
egotiate the surnder. vo- ed also coniing lices of diton f the othe
ff the battlefl horizold, General pnsh New ranada revealed med

other thins, for a major revi- oth countries breat Los Monges, notable mt was the tal
mnd of the currcsays. ig o relieum o West navgaton cm h ee
suTachlor became as economics, WASHINty w as recog 31ed Colombia" broke in groups of four ofsunbaed In th e irst, ren

dent of the Academy cin 1945, Los Monges, "The Monkee s," a crage lying about 20 mides off liberal 'bo r when
t the ae of 44 Only Gen. cluster of eight uninhabited the northernmost tongue ofSpain claimed not with
in a meno clhr ter; td t n- -~puhs clye:nioul ha dence from each other as injured critl The On
terests m cus th be 3,heli. roikt -theai mouthu ~so t o conflicting slices of edition .of the otheriWo wa not
attributed to th miit. a r y oth tries aLos Monges, notable mainly Iit was the aondtatl -
mind," he says. sigh of relief as Vemnsuelan as t navigation hazard, cen- crash hire witi wee
Taylor became supernmten- sovereignty was recognized ovrprlme three groups ofs aunbale on the first, G
dent of the Aca emv in 1945, Los Monges, "The Monks," acrags lying about 20' miles off la !,50 were when.
at the age of 44. Only Gen. cluster of eight uninhabited the northernmost tongue of crashed a titer h
Douglas MacArthur. at 39, has rocks at the mouth of the Gulflarnd In South, America, the siter bofber mafa
been a younger head of thaof that of Venezuela. Guajiia penlisua. to land safely.
school. The award ends one of the hrsoIskThelan Crld
sch t wordiest divisions of territory Sno-ro bl- b rttaakotkedt ot499
Another maj decision he in the Americas, the Nao al s ever le on the i fslets, t ole an ot P B o
tade at rhe Pdrt Was the Geographic Society says.. highest of which rises 230 feeti ^ oofh 2nd Ba -
trt of the di:e emphasis of It has been going on everabove the Caribbevri on Wl a e boernized W. R

tintll w rtn o On, an ire IVobth imnip, OV= ttion rrm hafd tare W .
otball, th the ending of since Simon Bolivar's "Great oh h ri w, .n e wf ta, re r4 fl a
-gmes with Notre Dame. et.- na narrow ,s&alow a m 4mil .
'Tootball hast been a dis- last l yt. The rm il aer with a w ornw na m redo

t r Na y, ne o mnednce womby thee crue pIrlu a bj l that prtlColombian, by terms Of arbin- reV V nallyt-? o It h
d.pulled us away f trom our major tion n 1891. lae to .
objcives feat he dated This feat of diplomacyoy ta 0 fee f
teratives, hoe stated, l rmace ong Ater. and 50. years of Te ed ol tr a

rarume.t ath*dowel tIad no, the woo s bialv v
other before it
to about the time o t f,. aa r
a Guara ing actually belonie an oafe f f
0osreeto rthe onlty at.r P l ard .n Ldo .-
CIDON, Jan. 31 (BIS)- 00one-r pautmiln "'who m 60 q
eNBritish system of "probe ln a l "arge -measureat o h
drogue" aircraft refueling, delser backed UtrVadce t or hp bde. ho al ),< .S -
hasrbeen adopted by the with bow ant am*.', ersit asi t
8. Navy, needs only o theroThereasAoGuajallaw at 1V i e w
ting of a flight fuel no woman may ever leave Ct o ..t
unit in each l wing-tio t)tto terri.-orr .pr obbly becu seee A fric

art a flying boat in toua- a rmwbaeeb5,lvserby cou o P trle ey bates an ae e rx e ol septe b O
ter-pla.neo simultaneously, aWJatmb o ver the approaches toeno .
er planes, with the'units Laketndaracalbo's streaming abi.
ted in the fuselages as trch shallows below the Oul a LONDQN, m U n (3 ) --.governments had lgnOz be V
as tLe wing-tips, are able Venezurela.ith panamn te doe f pOr an answer *n. .tin
refuel three aircraft at the Maracalbo ranks as one'of tin ready 01, o ath
ext step in the rapid ad of the\ w world, where fS orests ofiav t -, r jt,' the I velr.s U-r g. .i* a
ce towards high speed,reat atrfrBy oLAllr SPALDNoa eg e- ie. Ie ms poratuon Otft a u d, ar .M
tltude operation for Jet-re-010, -t ht eight 'mlers off-ote a n
lqk of naval bo:.ibers. fcaqethe entrance to Ltke story was -. .aIiftelm some drastica aws
oerting lighthbombers in- Y bullt oil tankersOof little C 01 2 Mid We-on Uoi t. man a ife no lave.. &_.,i 0.LnIsp r_,.
the class of medium bomb- take crude petroleum by by acss a a- b n sol4 e no co n 4 t r b
-Id would enable them t .Mfongw on sea lanes to the rer iing IP the Shara we young slave, childen be s a e
a strategic role in naval t irises on Aruba and gion. away tfro their motha.,'a
S S. Navy has ordered e east. abUt It or the a te rht tobuy
SIavage bombers now being Mt-le o


IA. Wfi o is so theik thal It
1iMW aM ken of the Malay 54

- ,,,* -



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T I-*- a

WAr A,-

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,u-,a p ',+ r
',..l, -.Tb.", ,~ ~
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bar at

I'rhi4 I^
Nr-'1 I
. r"* *4

ISg~PiWU a


i of P. c. 4

_L" l
r *^
The A-m

\ .-.." f, ?. ,1
i Objectiye

'SSS.*~ JU,-,-a.i I

| '.'- *. r"" .

n I'v
m tos- Dl*.

t" ai~d| .J
terman .4
r cent i

trip' repre-


SieI l S But these program. m1.
tVel runimJng adx mbtnm or
a hind schedule, is out a
r the but
tnptved two yme
%f itee wor t a massve
h 15- law 0wh 00ch ,000oo.00
Iu- W r collected by aI spcili
ey over Ythe next 30 yean and
il- p0l e"r proper In tWe

t me seefugeet are dila-
dve with ths, on
nd that.if they re to
b=t1M new-No, they nut have
Mk M...A&Al M 40 ;- Ij __ -


:: f dishes
white you. sve by
eliminating oakage!

The completely Automatic.

i cheoAid Dishwasher

Washes Rinses and Dries -

See it today at either of the two best appliance
stores in Panama -

Comer of Aic6n Avenue at "H" Steet
Telephones: 2-4813 2-4814 Pasamd

I.frn -p Sil

And Remember. ..
KITCHEN-AID also gives
you their famous."Food
Preparers" for real effi-
ciency and lifelong dura-

.Laa.a 14 1

Or. ibouto" '

fA lni (VOA)

cmdr W mb=

a -order

. ,, .

rTOr 'B

la rae. w

I bi

Beautiful black
suede and nylon,
exactly as


two Ag
ht In M
HI~~~~ M- ( -BpUa nl
booalk ak a hIu
H ow ~ ta .<- an
w~b~OT< Inval'c

Noe. mm ad 114 Omtrml Avmm
.p a A- .. ', .. ....



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W- -o

Nw Style Sun Specs
NEA Beauty Editor
U -

-M t'cr yeais the goggle type
S sunglasses have been a
I' rtoon. sy-nbol of summer and
S-tiner re- rts. Girls went a-I
iOt'Md in those places hiding
' Lt only their eyes but half,
.'tlieir face% from the sun and.
6nm their fellow vacationers'!
f% a The i sult-. were a slight-I
-- -.- ., ,--,. -,- oAir.i


'4 ..: 7
T ,. ..


[1 ."i

ly p, eet" 100K to tnose girs [I .I. 1.
&,,tI iqun", xhite circles spoll-
I: their tan:. 'h eil.,
S 'ow deigneo: cLlaire McCar-. th "
104Cll has s*ipplted P remedy forl ~udaV ~ Zrptiir'~
S situation She!ba,.s.designed'r.
sunl sp.c that will flatter!

Seye I onlh a fascinating N-
eye -lit. y.r tNEW YORK--iEA).- The'
l a. family with a terrace or a
h garden ;1IIi find the new,
... sum.wi ,equally u,,efl ,ndooIs o. ouo
n black white .ot a choice of Model aw e a w sun olagmes wrougolt-iron furniture that's
stels to go withyour sum- with s"e low curve timl lifts equally useful indoors or out-
S er and resort outfits The -eye" I be110 ingaly sad avoids doors a welcome addition to
tames a'- of opaque plastic white irdles beneath eyes. the home.
F; h renlne are six- The size or the modem
ds curvee. ground and pol -~lases as much where there home neo it house or apart
ished by, famous optical conm- i much prass and trees ment. IF .'.torrat'cally expand.
pan. Some girls wear their sun- ed when a terrace, garden or
glasses almost constant) in porch is. ijtteu uL. sor every-
Its a ,ood idea to do with- weakenln., to the eyes, be- day use And in these days of
-"Ut your sunglasses whenever cause It makes them unable to smaller houses. smaller apart-
asible Dont put them on adJust easily. HoWever it is ments and smaller rooms, th
a.l~sible Don'tpt themo oute Or,,v ,il! qr, ~pb~it~.j~~~ .
"rst third: in the mornna,. ust as bad to try. as a few additional space is Vital tol .e
h n the sun is at a slant 'do. to let your eyes "get used com fortabl. living. ..i
a can'! hurt your eyes to' the, sun One can only de- As dane by dtgner Pau''
lke then off when you come ,elop .qutnt lines and red MCCObb the new furniture Igj..ta,
To the .euse out of the sun. that way. So wear sun- simple, s.erli and alrS In feel-'
'd dor."' wear then beyond classes wl.enever necessary, but ing. It h a ruJtproof filnih,
Saftei,, on hour w-, i the don't overdo them. that makes it Ideal for th.ter-
's rays become benign. Re- If your eye physician has _ace or orch Ar.a the sig t
eiber t, at glare fronm ,1tetc piven you .ueclal directions in makes t se pieces quite att e
walks. sand water and sky regard to the use of sunglass- home inside, too.
as hard on vyou eves as sun es, you will, of course, follow ive
elf and you won't need your ,h-,i to Lhe letter This designer likes to show ab
-_.__ __Ithese new pieces in room set- It. .
tingsO designed especially for on a
1 / this group Sedesecalyaor
telazet .Y A leu ap lionHere, the floors are clay tile,' T lh"Wse f e :a lde. 1i a u
,n. adaptable kae the furniture. i dila1ing'1u p hok a ela smarble-top p0 p0
to both indoor and outdoor is rust-pf oa po swellasa e II g-reou a
-living. It many contemporary ''... .' i
If your family ikes apples, boil. ad cinnamon stick, sugar homes, theterrpet. and iving- thpre is a clear la- with dia- .a for thenurtaln ront the .' a .
'll be delighted with this and red food coloring. Add ap- Ioom are linked through use mond-sha w Wtbedda buffet ranedfront t- teA
apple pie pies and .lmmer untAl tender. of these practical tile floors. In Its- su race; d V ,iOt bf di.-ning arge. _- -,es
Drain apples from liquid Mix The new inside outside glass; sml l.. -it and is sturdy and iar
nnamon Winesap Glaze Pie constarch with cold water and pieces are divided into five marble in a gldof a colond I re treat- u.r"
S Serves 6i salt. and ztlr into syrup left groups, one Interded for a cor ltely cooe: ted with t. rtm f" r '
Srom cook-ng the apples. summer oeach hose and the fa cs solet.r for these fact t4hat am e .. .. ...i r mW ..'
.To prepare the filling, use others. for. di,,,ing19. 41-0or '- end
To prtoi re dining. th ilift iaituiftcreater
e.half cup sugar. 1 4 tea- Cook over .ow heat until A nfuibes of Interesting ma- it floaf .Inspace.d11. reatd
wokn-urae.O th,- sin-h-r~ airs havy aulfeeodWat 6 ~with thi wr! t-iron U nig
ch, I tablespoon flour. 2 14 tnickened a n cl ar. Cool trials have gone into the tOp aanvMRs 1..I both in.f da 1, wrougIt-i- tae dh 4 9 d
r o 'a I art't1tespon'hetlt a I ce am filind nd -________ Ie b ot~n p a edt~ e sas
,milk, 2 eggs, i tablespoon -lightly Arrnge a ples over workg races. tee, slinI ir n aun- e ond.tif oot sofa. a e
r o r .a rg a r:nn I te a sp o o n't h e top I c re am fill n a n dd chn i r, or taslo fa ag re ea p at r n lb cl s tr h t er
la, 9-Inch baked pie shell. pour glaze o ver evenly. Chill. H-h-d chair, for o laceln Aerfendattei ae clubcahafe w4M4
reciread,, asks fr pe HLPFUL HINTS the sIs .d "Incushion An,
Combine sugar with s al t, for a large punch bowl. but
starch and flour: stir in'doesn't want to go to a lotW "' "
S and cook over low heat' of bother. How's this one? l Floor$s mst be thoroughly Wa W s t-pa' m
til mixture thickens a n d rinsed before walag. Deter-
ly *tir mixtwO into beat- Lemon Orange Barbecue kent left Ii floor Wiln soften
ges, return, tu heat and Punch wax and make it smeary.
1 minute longer, stirring (Serve, 48 14-outoe servings) ..a.
tly. Blend In butter and Chamei; l ejxenl for : "' :,- -, 1
and cool. Spoon Into Four can" concentrate for window arl mirror w fishing
Ited pie shell ad as ide., lemonade froesn or eannedid. It shoid be wasbec when new,
S2 cans frozen oran e juice, I to remote excess oil and
Sthe Cinnam.on A p pIe quart singer ale. wa er. washld after each use. Pull
use Two red apples. I Blen d oncentrat6 for lem- chamois Into shape w hen -a
water. 12 stirk canmon.'onade with water as directed damp and dry away from
Cup s 4war 14 teaspoon red. on can ard pour tne lemonade heat..a
coL'.ing. I tablespoon into punc- bowl Combine fro-
rch. 1 tablespoon cold 'en orange Juice with water,
,phi(h of salt. following directions on cani In humid or rainy weather,
rend add to punch bowL Jusi 19igly glazed woows may fo6
eti.anr. core apples and cut before serving, add ginge ale over wt a "milky" flnmh. I
eight. Bring water to a and ice ,rd mix well. it doesn't come off with fur-
_niture polish, try washing it
with, a... upoouul of cldqr
vinegar per quart of water.
_istli. oor
Wipe dry .4 the liture per4
be efsre\ It abo* &
1114 104 Deep clgdret uriths on wood
rom the vantage point of ,lurnaiture cad onlly be remedied.
Sa irr Cby scrapiig down to the level'
5 th anniversary, Carl NtIEVA YORK (UP ---ome day of the t mark of e
burg can ok back n;your cold cream may come in and r. Areat deal of
ie crowded wit rch ex- pill form like cod liver oil or rubbin hafel oth n
nces of living, working. 'itamins.
kin, writing The auto- That's tMe word from Dr. Jo- ta very At h aourn
phy of his earlier years. eph Schultz, a research chemist
Brac the Young Straners turned cosmetic expert. Wood tuniture shoula e
court Braces' a a story The tall scholarly lodking leglued p tlV'-ff It comes
thtrobs.with tnhevitality49n m tifIcoe
t throbs with the vitality doctor says that health and a ,part. olro f all old glue
t has ,ae andburg' po-,ood complexion undoubtedlwt # &old ..c
"an .... s=t, Civieon Woar y km ili .MOW 1can be
on post-C.vti War mer- are related but only to a poin t0-la
'allmosbut rllot ,phic ere A a wi-man grows older," he iWhgslve d residue
burg wa s "'are d t, -xplained. healtht ii'th l t enough nil, pe wo od Coat both

remembered soil. Amer. building up and breaking down froim marine th furniture ae BGAIAS
well as .'the young strang- ofAn t rte at which new tstandUntithoroughly dry. NEW YORhE*liR gg
keep miig .dong. skin tissue ows changes as thenk all but the _ot A mrl.
no thli book an en-:yecrs go the eat Iriueo. I.Bl Inking.. allbsionu, the o%
and rewarding ex-'. That Js wby woiCe oe l 0 D .oaing A'.u
Sfinil their 4 drius 'out Uore Protu ft ves a'

t .lde- ,f daysb nf brt_'dema-osgm looreriatrkicaph ndaecelibo ia eel ion betweell fear the -ength
,b:: .. ..d.... T.... # h

dadup in 'osniec aref of In k young mOW o n ld? n wear if thy
er a'si- beaor d 't.3 Lride, in heir stu of skin eyesl rewny _lili-.i iot o dd
war ad socialism put anrte Always ian, he no
t r n m.l uB bi 1nve that eventuallyaUr. a tIakig
ha. Ape had a' n they'll cne upn withosome sort keep out dust and to ra tlIa
odi. rad jl har. shelonely!~,.,& skin toner somethig e 1A5 stsin
od r nd a her she caine woman wifl be able to take t pa er mo psrets a.n-,,
her late teens to' v i form to keep comple- -te wi'. mayore ad
eun' r th naed el. ainxion ui ag through years dow slmow k1k a
own he R entist Esue c c tician. standm it .efforou't fh try

gr h les ~ c anc R r s d n o f Lay Eshe ( os
'the m oun sonfnate a-prhethIhew

cun ohf "~ax s ulow-pa en, wihavea dut 4 arih no blam or 1*., thin n~
ca! .n oitg ,, *o'-. tis
thl+ a, e Thye ue oor, ~c sooy,"," n Iru gape
o arrd reat swrding wroui i e-! v l0 llt
u otofali s wt ,or bttoaaubo t lmythifl ].
forth.a b A'edil" is h,
un of a slowpace. -I ut~ scetirw n ~h fled of Hav yo notce t-dfer ree
j, (itteti',ii1 Kuna Oawin- sllra~lYinl I~rl- tid. a Indulge-
'D e......... .." e-+ the.. y un su o-d Yot. .l y preer,
Sejerner ;they'rncmen uproewion she 'otte ud~ n orI'h
5tm~pn nuf a ioey__.____n_ _.

w1 b 4

munw Lt the OyF
Sa goon wife, the farm,
life with the aruaike i i
ork and gar- the fiddle I
red and who lwin -
materially for the fe'- v
I kiaAtm.ita uI,

Se"u-w "m i
fr; .' ,
so P li.

w~. ~

hi al

_ 7

_ I _~__


J- l' r

L~+ '"


hopes TQ:tf
ot^icable Mas ice
Ufinafieen e Mastyric


oc **** ., ..
h.)oz 195, ahlus se, Cuua( 377

,.l .. .U. yS r -r ..r

C -. p, n

t,- ,.
S i. ,, ,' .
gD~froai O NinUWW* AWb
M~~~~~~~~~~~k ~ ~ ~ ~ .j ^ f^ A ^~^^^ .J^j& ^ ~^A^^^*~^^ 1f
*vT.--I. | O-M bISB..S T -gflU
^^J^^^^X ^t ftkkt^5--f^t^^-BB^Bh eis' m1 *-^ G
-S S9^S'fwwUt ~^C in4 I V9t'i.'S ^i^





Of, -cortuss is selant stoppVin ai now
F." I the U. .. .Is a na- ton, Wasr
Kski Ttive of C toe 1" pe nt rou f
pmost of M United anS ford te venng
Shetan oums.MaP is at the afternoon b Mrs C. .S-MO
SW : I Ie riOiD.r of Pa- YM. G ack at er baOne In Oew Orils
.s a d d' Invited to meet the h.somr
apntde-l C W, the '. were: Mrs Charlesa
Sars Of with Mrs. W. 8 oPatams, .
l rtificial Wa tatStokes, Mrs. rits le
okra t4esomeofs Mrs. John Kernick,M0
thebU. L Ko. kMrs. V6" l M. *
pits! Where of Hn- n pth NelaH nd, Mm. L -N:
0N" t ofth eWnki odieaa h re Mrs.. n Mrs. ro w" d
id itI t fwokmeetn- wr h In"i! 1ortk. Mr. and MsM ecarty
t "dayU ethm.Insthe
A ntwil sinc he hr Leave Isthma
a tod iah Mr. and Mrs. Sower Mea per,
Q it sO 'd a l soakin, of France Field, paledGo
_40 Ma the world hi selectedfm hs da
wr c ou. home in c=vlandOb. o J.
J beordiubeM e Ml r Atom work lt e a lar tattoo a before her departure, Mrs. Me-
red. Bomb warfe; or do you technique. ; Carty received news of the
JsS S= t t s to p 0 dr about it I fls thawet ot W etoo of t death of her mother.
t atUAW a? a10 sthmade to JsCollege Club Groetp
i- lupI un- Thet terature Group of tim
Stt deresame Canal ZonColle Club will
w *d INfnthtTia ,metW. .e p gig- meetTuesday att7:3p0 i p t ,
Sai ahre omb wa t1iff on this ent, f hidres. home of the president of
t ll today: Club. Mrs Vestal Morris,
111"Wp .4W B W raa d ag-e Housn e 112, Lakeside Place, 04-*
4i.s.4_ 6 .. led t e al 5Mrs. Clifford S. Asbury Is eq
.0osu- MISS MARION DOLORES SMITH hostess for the evening.
St. det O A. au- Atlantic Camera Cl b *
S it k ale tThe MISS SMll ENGAGED TO EG 0 ENE GREGGA t Cm era Club w
01 S r B Mrr. and Mrs. lame Mrsith, of New .hven, West Virgia, hold At:s regular me. th l
announce the engagement of &heft daughter, Mtarian Doi (ad y S r730m t
Aue2t io Eugene Thomas Gregg, son of Mt. and Mrs. Eugene J. Gregg g i isla
.G e *.=his I. a BlackandB
the Miss Smith in a graduate of the Wahama High School at m V M u underr the co-chaIr
?ew o Mason, West Virginia, and of the St Josph's School of N Lrs- er. ll will
.r t Mr. Matun sawyer. Thar* wMw
.JH R BTaM^41f- lng at Parkersburg. At present she is on the Nursing Staffet a uofnemet of the s.
te Colon Hospital. be anew cmOr Of 11bcer0'
3"B-'"p7, l4 l the Mr. Gren formerly resided in Gatun sad is a graduate J suits f tlhe a .UInt m.
s, In of Ms ilCristobal Hilgh School, Canal Zone Junior College, nd Coel- duri December, and the i-
..l .' S 'tJ orado State College of Education. He is a Navy Vetersant of t urn o the prin
IL 4|.ze s :J gt hWorld War II, and isa member of the faculty of te Cri a turn of the PrintS.
S M Mb rs%4 9.; 1bThe weddin_ Is being planned for April. Thre i g h edsy 4s
'anlispel weaske tlplastu It P" C am era Club -
thegtering Uslatbi, The are used Miss Lam Compliment Carlos Morales, Jr., Mrs. Albert cult. Th* Atlnlte Canwur'Cl
CWh i .nn ta .. see is by in ng lost or wMb Sbewer Huated, Mrs. Demetrlo Theokis- has been requested tonM
m Mrs. m the sentence of ld damaged facial features Mlss Rosario Lar, whose wed- ut. Mrs. James Cain and Min comments for each print. There
Ttenaew eA then wafb t e T evM at selmd this work ding will take place next Sat- Vilm asso. wi also be a print copetiti
Pa Io fae d lo ihe 1i ie 1*.that of ,an architect urday, was honored with a kit- on any subject. our puIa i
,--"I beheld, raod, lo, thelp f he whs o w a 1hboun plan for chen shower given byU Ms. Weloominlg. Party for Mr. and be selected from this
.d gthle ace of a man who is Thomas La Saturday at the Mrs. iBeban tion to be entered in th fel,
I .John T. Pv r g.d. r belf, gond 1 build the houe." Hotel Washingtem. A dinner party was given ruary PA. International t
,were hostet4 the r0$A p fae was a After the ifts were opened Wednesday evening at the A- CompeOtitoIn Baltimore.
r friends re- derse, an allthe el testbreof lte was served and Mrs. Thomas merican Consultate bY Mr. and Guests re always welcome t
UKs -rier e-t wonb --a-kes a w at the 1111111 oll e Wotchmon J. Butler Jr., and Mrs. Luis Raul Mrs. Charles Whitaker to wel- the Club meetings.
r Rt a N fie 0e Le nd mi e W a Fernandee presided at the tea come Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Rell-
erb vices. han who recently returned from Orchid Se ty *Meet
TelRer .'tst|ti woras s In.t The other guests were the a Mediterranean cruise, with Mrs. White
in Fa- _M "le. The 7 rst. Isaiah 14 (aIN* 'D ALr. O. (UP)-The Bald- mother of the honoree: Mrs. Vi- The Gold Coast
Im. 3 Mn skUt0. -. 3 t. t,, .rm4~. & win P Waline Qollege night oent& -a,- Sr.,-Mrs. James Tae other guests were: Mr. clety will hold Its r r
Li teqoWwn m he Ib n t 'watldmaar wouldstatle the PFord, a De:aaUito RusodL- and Mrs. Samuel Puller, Mr. and n at the hos e ofa
Ni~e *ulb e all- ee lfafled l % unl formed out of a semester's mus, Mrs. Jose Maria Gonmales. Mrs. E. 8 MacVittUe, Mr. and Wite at Braso Heights to-
hE .~innu n r Wo -e yenae me growth. Mrs. Olmedo Alfaro, Mrs. Lau- Mrs. Frank Canna tlo, Dr. and morrow, at 7..0 pas..
________ _me tWe weWai Note- tn HIS fame IA Gabriel Daud renclo Jaeun, Mrs. Peter Ender, Mrs. Rafael B ', Dr. and interbst residents are.
cledasislwteenghta&be&_atb* hia, know M "-qabe.v By Mrs. Efrain Calvino, Mrs. Her- Mrs. John W Mr. and
WhoW oW 1 day, e attends classes And bert Toledano, Mrs. Augusto Ls- Mrs. Frits H Dr. and
camlp N artvi *gd ual r, Mrp. Me redes Mercier, Mrs. Mrs. Vestal ad Mr. and Mr. Dueru et for
"t- t boy ut at it.l Mitehel, Mr Barita Villa-" Mrs. C. $C.eda"lt f ee o 0-
X, .n Judge, Mrs.-aWdAndar*, rpseas forIon-
--t bhrn son, Mrs. Joaquinfla teesn held'sft.%
ag, Mrs. Alba Mouynes, Mrs, Gilda Mrs. Ea tod mtchcQck was hom of th president, Mr.-L
*, Rosanla, r`s. Ida Lopez. Mrs. the guest of honor at a buffet J. A. Ducruet of Colon
Vlcente Lara, Jr., Mrs. Robert shower ald surprise powerr giv- The new corps of o apicers as
." is Von Tress, Mrs. Jorge Patfifo, en last evening by Mrs. W. J. sumed their duties at this time.
.... Mrs. John Constantakis, Mrs. Holtzolaw at her home on the
'b ., Cecil Alberga, Mrs. Carl Ender, Coco Solo Naval Station.
a Mrs. Lloyd Albqrga., Mrs. Her- Emblem b Maea
.in or glare, "an Lamm, Mrs. Marcel Belan- A bathinette was presented The l bal emblem. Club
S ,l to o la orb s 0. -Mra Ostald Hellbrun. Mrs. the honoree by hpr twelve No. 52, will meet Tuesday at the
tore oat hatp. $ ... 1 Raul Herrera, Miss Carmen Ca- friends who were present, with Elks Club for their regular buds*
tarohoop is t, IMP longe, Mrs Anlbal Gallndo, Mrs. the hostess. (Con atisnued Page SIX)
of k




n4w, tA
"Bat the d
a tdhef, a
he la
IeM. eawa

w. ,fd

,world today? ,n ,sofu .
be 9W a'
new land UA -d the
only outeOams th aM n
any sense at 1B. & wlKIsib.
only outinm e
- "Almd Ias hjb
a mew earth:... a.,M .
rw Me Mm 0l* 0
ther ib-ey 5pe"
away. And he at 9t mUM
the thnMm WD BdM, I man
* ...; l." S'.
'An As Wbed, L it t h j-
.n~sIN to tet wS "
T *' ?'wR* 1" "

4,- ~--.

X*L 3-11T



20% TO 50o



Nefles Adaics SM residents
of Its ddt In te city of Col6n
on M uldz Avenue behind the
P.6ce and Bember Stations

TUESDAY, February 3, at &45 PM

75 Cowps, Trapeze Artists, Acrobat

Wild aM Domestic Anim k

Yoeull-hM plityof I-a-sfd thrio -t

: Am.fl... hI Amah

S .
.. .* KiJ f-,t, ,-
^' .. ,, ,:., f. .'..




I- I ... .. i-


. %. & .



You Sell 'em When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leave ou, Atd with one of our Agenis or pur uffices in No. 57 "II" SUrwsl PanamA-

No. 12,179 central Ave. Coli6n

Lew is Service
No 4 Tivl Are.-Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of July Ave--Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12tb Street

StCGarl so e Store
10.06s MoqdeiaA.-Phone 0m Col6

Proplanik SA.
Agencia Internacional de Publicacionlesw Sr., corner -S atudia.nt
No 3 LMtEerv P1am'. Phone 2-3199 PhoaMne 1-34 and a -"ON

Miscellaneous Automobike. lw 4uklm ,,u,. -111h.o. i ch Santo Clara be h.
.wr eite Alsehele0s A psL Se aittfaes. Electric ice abonae rlis
'i'TiD:nUrsnllY required fur-l OR SALE -Morris Minor, 4 Coor 20J5 Amsee C. o. Lstot odraete rotes Telephone
T"" ied apartment. Bella Vito for Sedon. light Llue. 1951 made!. 8.- Euk-441. GanCboder. 4-567 a dtre Ar
any period. Call American Embas- 000 riies, duty paid Excellent Eureka. S. A. Central Ave. No. 133. ,.,
my 3-1932. ccndmton. Call 83-6151 after 5 Just aroundothe corner of "J"St.. iI .Oc ide COO .
Service. We can now make to order Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phunm
SALE FOR SALE:-1953 Chryler Convert- any kind of lamp shade or re cover Parnama 1877. Crastobol 3-1073
FOi AL ble, 3 weeks old. Never exceeded your old one at low prices. OS S Cot On mil. be
40 m.p..h Phdire Cristobal 3-1851.1;-OSTER'S Cottages. One mile
S Householdl S 19h 0 Mercury Club crawford Nursery School and Kinder- Sartoa Clara. Completely furnished.
OUS FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Club garten opening February 2nd. For Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stoves.
-OR SALE -Frigidaire refrigerator. Coupe, dark green, perfect condi- information telephone Gomboa Bring your linens. Phone Dogmoar'
8 ft. Like new. R2-B Rou-seau. tion. $1,600. House 417 Porto 174. 2-07
-phone 25-3309. .-urt-ur. BelSt.R-- AnLonE.- C9 Z Bu. i S GARDENS designed and constructed, FOR RENIT
', SA E Houschold furntu OR SALE:-1950 Buk Super Ri altered, renovated or. maintained. IR .R I
L.e-tic tove- wr ingg .esk and v.tra Ccupe. Radio cnd Heater. Shrubs, plant:, seedlings and spe- '
:ch.,,i.; two o cosionGI chairs; dm- Coal owner. Albrook 5219. c0al!y .prepared soil from our own ..S H
"ingrcorm Let, includes Hutc. cup- FCR SALE:-Bargain., 1950 DeSoto nursery. FLORICULTURA NACIO- FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
board, table, 4 leaher back cncirs suburban 9 pass. Sedan, leather NAL, S.A., Aptdo. 1845, Tel. new chalet fot two months in El
Cne t. be teJ 'i iot e ieaLi i 0. ,JIl,(, iodc. hc.ier, %hie 3-17 Sn Frcnci:o de la Cole- Carmen. All convene fences. No chil-
'2 fCC r',.. t: -': ,.r ..e .c',l ,,e iC n- lecge. p3int ta 'tI eref I dren. Phone 3-1105.
boa E Co o S FOR SALE FOR RENT: Furnished 3-bedroom
_boaA> E houee, hot water, and o.r-condi-
: SALE -. .c L-Cutom bus t Contr"ent- Misce'laneous toned in bedrooms. Phone 3-3444
Zc.,.1- .i a.J ..:,,%e,i b.e. co or red, %- --.inam4 Cnty.
SZc i.-' aI.C:-o. 0. cberdr.%e o,,;.n-,FOR SALE Wringer Type washer .-OR RENT:-3 bedrdon chalet, Ex-
pa l'f r i- a iE On'. on-j i.OR RENT:-3 bedrdois chalet, Ex-
po ...h : co r c..:rr '6 000. Duty poid, wilI ,*.i new I .4 h p motor. 60 cycle..
,apvle. 12 .oh r lo, iade. Ciisobal 3-10a0. S25 0 10946 Cushman scooter. I poston rounds. Aply No. 184
-R -9 .'OR SA'LE -19<7 one Ion Stake model. $85.00. Tel. blerna. Romano."
-POR SALE9,. 9, c,.. L.. i ,.'ro'et Truck, excellent ccndi- phone Albrook 3186.--
'1-I -'-. c,.:.-. tour brand new eight p leaied bds. ,in triplicate. will be re- F R RENT
.-nd taic. 2 r .t I rc.o h.'g ,i I- Phone 167 COlonia, 8 0 ceived ,n the office of the Engin.-
Sphone 4 6 00 p rr' eerng and Coniruction Director. Apartments
OR Sa'E- --1950 Spec a 4- Panama Canal Company. Balboa
FOR SALE --L g ba .b.o .e.f a..-, Gcor Sedan, raoo.. seat co ers Height:. Canal Zone, until 10-00 ALHAMBRA APARTMlNTF
groom si wheer le.ns. HO.u loud hoam and good brakes, will a m. March 2. 1953. and then rwo an ive ro. turrhe aa
oo Act 26. 3 Ecst Si coi smaller car n trade. R publicly opened. for furnish ng oll urnurnishe Opaortments; prevote n-
'*Cuba Avenue. Telepho-.e 3-4696 i C Hcgan 337-A, New Cr-siobal. plant, lools, equipment, labor cld r 8061 1ODt Street.
Panamae 3-2878. services. and materials (except e Cris abot, eleoha'e Colon
.noma.-- -certain materials to be furnished i n
-OR SALE -English 'rne M.nion FOR SALE -1951 Chrysler Windsor by the Government) and for per- .13-6.
Ch;na Dirhes. service for 8, iea- De Luxe Priced for quick .ale forming all work for construction FOR RENT:-Apartment, two bed-
s unable. Phone 6-117. Call 83-5153. Between 4 and 6 of Buildings and Appurtenance! room. living-divingroom and kitchF
ITT-., I pm for Margarira Schcol at Marganrita, en. 13th. Street, house No. 16,
C CR- ..L -1'942 Packard in ,ery C Z. Forms of proposals. specitf- Via Porras. San Francisco._
rtl' PERSONALS ocd rcna.ion. good tireS and rc- cciur.i. and full particulars may FOR RENT--Lorg furnished or uFn. .
",_______ _------ o a. for only ,250500. Call Cuiun- be obtained from the office of the urnished apartment, 3 bedrooms.
IAANTED. Worker. ou.e .eeper ,. Tel. 612 Rooas family No Contract and Inspection Division. living and diningrim. Very com-
,.'rfbr couple or gentleman Wr.te 7T02-0 cRoom 336. Balboo Heights (Tele- fortable. Con be rented partial
Mrs. C Morge. Ancon. Conai Zone' O 1 phone 2-3739 or 2-26981. Speci- or totally. Jose e s baldio St., No
General Delivery. FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury Sport ficot.ons and drawings will be Is- 12, Apt. 12. Tdliphone 2-1334,
__-- Sedan. in new car condition. Plen- sued on a deposit of $30 00 per Panama
'ty exiros. 15,600 m.les, $1,750.- set. Deposit will be forfeited if
S FOR SALE 00. Phone Joyce. Balboa 2-3069. specifications and drawing. are not FOR RENT:-Completely furnilheti
FOR SALE: 195,1 Ford 4 door. returned within 40 co lender days two bedtoomo apartment In Plle 1
Sl Boats& MoorS Duty paid, cheap. Overall. 5330 after opening of bids. Vista. Telepha Pana 1-0816.
Davs street, Diablo F'OR SALE:-A complete set of red-. FOR RENT:-A two bed-room tfur

SALE -12-ftt. Sailboat & Run-
axorut combination with new sails
'nr -h.n outboard. $200

FOR SALE-Ports for 1939 Plymouth
No. 3, 6th street, Vista HE"rmosa.

L|-./'88-J. Willioamson Place2-3406 FOR SALE: 1947 Frozer Sedan,
,'----,+ ----- ~ good condition. Radio, air con-
'P n ffe d dtioner. $40000. Balboa 4216.
Osition Offered FOR SALE:-.1948 Chevrolet Styllne
4 door sedan. Splendid condition.
,t4qth Amerca or European Sales- Phone 2-2610. Panama.
man wanted. Room 602 Interna-
S tional Hotel. FOR SALE:-1952, 4 Door Ford V-8.
A ED.- Spanish-English steno- low mlege. leaving Isthmus Bt
WA D.offer accepted. Call Ft. Kobbe
S grapher, mut take dictation and 3276. during duty hours.
.translate correctly and with good
S.,apelling. Columbia Pictures,. Euse- FOR SALE-- '49 Mercury, plastic
"biO E. Morales Avenue, El Can- seat covers, radio. A good buy
S j. for only $1,050. See or call Cpl.
gr- l -Delbert Sorenson. 546'4-C, Dablo
S Vote C nt Heghts. Telephone 92-1866 or

r El Panama's WANTED
een Set Tonight Automobile@
WANTED:-Chevrolet or Plymouth
night the final voting for 1952, 4 door Sedan. perfect con-
eep of El Panama's Carnival deiton. Cash payment Phone 2-
Stae place with each candi- 1458, Panama.
and her group making a -
u an or. ingelp W anted

e vote count dance will fl- WANTED: Experienced Jamaican
he the roeRar buntdet andl tho maid lo live in.Must be good in
wm dl decide whether bru- 'r forwo chd Rfern
te Irene Navarro. or blonde required CalI Navy Pacific. 3210
JItl Carbone will reign over on Saturday and Sunday only.
oomlng Carnival festivities. Wanted P
elo Jaspe's orchestra and
Carnival Band will supply IWould like to place my maid on Pa-
c for dancing. cifac side. preferably Ancon or
S Blboa area. Phone Mrs. Tate.
Gotun 185.

Off The Cuff

wood shades, to fit a Gavflan type
duplex. Phone 2-4419, between
12 5. 1948 Buick Roadmaster,
4 door, De Luxe, phone 2-4419,
between 12 5.

FOR SALE- 1 Kroll crib with springs
and mattress. Phone Balboa 1789.
FOR SALE:-Beautiful inlaid cabi-
net with Hoallicrafter radio, pair
twin beds, chiffonaire, chest draw-
ers, vanity, couch, miscellaneous
photographic equipment. Call 3-

nished aplrfntent in Bella Vist&.
Call telepherly 2-2395 or 3-3882.
FOR RENT'.,Furnished aprtment.
Amerioen emple; no chidren.'Tel.
3-1528. .,


FOR RENT: Fuinld remos roar
Cor.Idral. For inf6rmatimon'refh.-
Smen riorlor, Cecilia Theotre, Nf.
48, Central Avenue. Panamw.

FOR SALE:-German Shepherd pup- .
pies. Best blood line from Italian
and American blood. First Avenue FOR RENT
No. 3. Son Francisco. Tel. 3-2396. R
Familio Sapchiz. i MisceHlaneous
FOR.SALE-Boy's sut, size 12, light FOR RENT:-Local for storehouse
weight, excellent condition, phone and office, 150 Jquore meters, Eu-
Navy Po.ific 2558. sebio A. Morales,- Avenue Nq .j,
FOR SALE :-25 cycle 9 Ft. all porce- "El Conr lo." near H aofe-
lain Westinghouse. 16 mm Caor- Panarr'a 3.1292 or 3-337n1. f
era and projector. 0764-B, Wil- P1292 or 3-337
liamson Place. FOR RENT-Office apace 4th of July
FOR SALE: Unusual Opportunia Avenue No. 7. Phone. 3-2529,
Complete ste office Dictaphone Panama, afler 6 p. m.
equipment In current use. Three
dictating, one transcribing and one F D CALE
cylinder shaver machine with FOR SALE
floor stands and twenty-four new
cylinders. New value over $2,000. Redal Etate .v
00. Will sacrifice for $480.00. FOR SALE:-2 miles from Arraijon.
Cash or terms. THE TEXAS CO on highway. Property with thel
(PANAMAI INC. houses, each with lights, waler._
FOR SALE-2 Boxer puppies. 9 weeks plumbing, garage, workshop, ever
old. Fawn colored. One male, one 100 fruit trees, Robinson 2-3151.i
female, AKC registered. Fort Cloy- FOR SALE:-.-Cottfoe in Santa Claio.
ton, I 4-A, 87-3298. tile .floors, Rock ~as stove, furyl.
FOR SALE.-Red female Doberman ture* Will selU for' $4,000.
Pinscher 5 mos. old. $75.00. Ears 4288. ,
cropped-hea had all distemper and
rabies shots. Cristobal 3-1284. A nn ,. ,,
Aflantic Son i7 e

IFaikfl Mongrel

l*u*ic, lIVy.. I ft
(Continued FrOes Page FIVE)
ness meeting. The meeting

George Jesse] from i4s sick be cal.,d to order a7:3d
bed" "Helith is tiore lmrnpor- VN IT Uow Mornbi .--fee+at Fort
Plant than fame, fortune or The N.C.O. i oes ClGub a
oven woman. To be honest, EASTON. Pa (UP) The Gulick held their monthly
I'd rather have my gall blad- devotion of a mongrel named fee in their new. Clubroom$
c;er back than Marilyn Mon- Mother impressed DeaS Bliddle the following hostesses,
el" t rl' .. a_ Za~s e'- Angel L. Reyg, Mrs. C
nbf tf hm to the Marsh and M Frank Me
At a New Yearr' party held school's r0gulatloni sO e dog
by a Union Loca one, o t e q o36d wq4*. m,' ter. dFive new ladles were I
AoqP th 4 m ; '- Ti Mother- lhlungb to a former duoed duringthe mornlyg
and-a-halr dn My Hands.' Marine, Ralph Othon, now 4 were: Mrs. ex E1dmond,
student at the college and 4 Kchard Porter, Mrs. Earl
Red telon sals: "Pebple veteran or the Kerea fighting, Leb, Mrs. anes Olier
who live stone houses James Lelshman.
shouldn't throw glasses." Othon t,.ld Dean Heg he first
met Mother In Guam in 1950 The members who att
Product;, after a sneak pre- while en t.:ute to Korea. Prtm were: Mrs C. S. Harvey, vM
.Iview of :a turkey was asked, then on, the dog was his con. Trujillo. Mrs. Russell Mann
S1'How d'v like It"" He repli- stant companion, following R. Blankenahip. Mrs P. j1
ed: "I think it's :-ady for tele.- him through the Anchon in- Mrs. Mario Marrero, M
an v gli- nowht g vision anc being credited withara nd "i:Wa.J:114
SalerU'ng O.hon'sa eotlon b 1hn0 y Tllio ugh, Mrs. p
Invitat .n ft e Hollywood baLrklg hen Chinese troops t l f ooney P
New YerrE Party read: slpped through their lines. ng. Mr W
".Black, &. d g, shdo., no dell, d oon B. Byrd,
enver rhrme. nro Minor, and no Othon was sent to Japan for WAl, J. Oorm
IAL SCARF- ey for uesta after treatment of frostbite In De. W. W Mrs. Charle1
at ionallt Wenday January rd. ,.. member, 191, and Mother went u.,M, Mounts
above. wears one n'f the Agent marwbing a prooucer.l CharMine
uvlIr option carve No middle 'uno where he's The only time they ware .-sep i. -I
mnted, with the legend -'ElIza-..noneernwt --. vou either Wate arated wts in Sani FrancicOd
th I Queen nf Scos." wb('Ilt hlm or J.asplse 2imI" whets Othr flew to his 0home sA.4 W. Ie e
po"en" Nas onali t "i"- ln New Yrk whil- Mother fol- TO PRE
nd of ihecrowns aor nM TRADER CONSTLS lowed by train express. weather
4 Siollend occurred after the h e as tn
a rWendy UnUtil 3 .. cO fUl IVo.iced by O.hqn and his dog, uw y ititlstones
.e the Parl deer n )n- iy Werie nR Sm# eneated In _Di Beg rle Led and said i bt aure the W
e- w -n ,arf d reioi a-n-,m Itrade In the countries to which Mother eoald eniein -nU ar- tt no
's 'they were accredited according .anigements ere mae or her ndrs
o.-la"st -"unj LmA- A Nae Encyblopedia BritannIa. to live paarby. W a u





ti' mam for 12'words.
I i haddJtionl word.
,- ';, _..,


It fWdIieWWaO to protect
'a bieutffy concrete
-- with -a-
Demrailve and durable'
wAterroof coatlnas.
Ak, for deserlOtIve folder
i a d color chart
TeL 3-9146.


nu t a6 low
Tot SA-M

Iatu tes. Bte,. S A.
Shipping, moving stotage.
We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2451,
,.2562. PanamL

Household Exchange
41 AdtnmdbntIe Rsw
T#l. 2-011

tiABN; IWalts, ferz,
_rot. Jitterbu
ib ab as. 8abm.,
,alell Mabo..
Free IMIMeR &


as o Ir ** -' ^
I .- I

FAST Or ':
John Steinbeck. "

-dn a PF cer.
ErAest eamipgway. -

B W. *%;
DON CApmp la x
OGlarihnl 0b.rihi- '3


3. ..-.] .

: lOs
4AK Q 105 4 *3
54 97.22
:KI *Q.T43
*6QI0 7132

t-Wet vul.
411 t NWetd Nt

ianburg, 8. C., w re
elected p-esident of the Aomer-
iclan Contract bridge Leaue, be
rook over tih o'gafniftion tt
runs tournamrencs for more than
L0,uo0 bridge experts. Tney
aren't all in the tirac tens to be
sure, bbi .hey 9li p y,' regularly
S itI:, .. .I
uen Jionson Is a well-known
tournament player himself, and

ama ndf
I o dumj

to IMdk

carbon gu fi o n PAM

1OL, tun" .such a.. M
"Rod IiUM." V
Sell, thethickt Edlon re-
qords that brodht oabinson a
au toneito t" o o0ld thee
0fiev have gn W t6 long-
a diskstbut the old felow
hu lost none of hls homey
tosch through the years.
RoblaIon as earned some
fal* aw s caller of quawre
dates and It is mainly in
-this le pthat he stars on a
a A5w U-0-M LP 1?sk.
obln iues all orts of
rie.r to e* 4l dsncer- In

devotees tp this type, of
6 Tam ,who haven't been eat.
3 ..vJ, W vitamin,-" ps to
Zl~ee*eountr style cW sh
1S lIt The Three H
]hay musi on as- 8
PlaTOW-50 _

mom. lano")
Welnm of. jaO he

luH th Cn a
2^ie H iw e.C$ %

Latlfeei, C a.^ ^g

could serve th1 ea
only 1 m2a

* WA
To ti


0on r. 0 .
'mMun 2 400
peelots 1 3. 250
elA 1 4 ,200
fvay a .tn^ibgptod tePu
^ taiWtaJ^^ O the
p ie n.^^ "- 'kjnJJan kLftiR]'J ~ j&^ L hi ,

hurled- for'the
dm vubnteok the

%V 'frerm aI


S t

*-,. 'gui


WI Utft' ..... A'^i '9
-'oa 'Sac-* ,* t

or htiQ~~d*y^"lt M&

S I .. .. .
l'"*.'*I ak'

rd~I1 A~

~ls1. r

~r ~-



'- v- r~nim


*t'" six




:0 .- -

Vi. 0 %, -"... -.,
N O j* > P* ,


; I

'' ::-,.: .

r.. -

. ., -



W.r l ."- :T. r.
. ,-9 A, "- f%.kd.i .- .
.. .., .- .-%.'M" @v ..." b -s .. ... .... .. ..~
-. -,' ,'N i' '- 'r .."':
...... .
~ ~... ,r* 3, % ,'

SIng-. i
** --. -. Ag
*. i.J. .. a .. ^ ~ -
.. *t -- '. 7!S '* -. ~- .-*- -' .'*; **


-..* aJ- ..A 'n

^ *plop''

* "'1: "
h.-'-, .j.-j 3 -.

1 0

S 1 -I

Affair To LuxCedv

1 17.75" bsIs Ibak -tn e


'.-..w. '. *l
* .'. p
'.- "I ,.

* .,M

i -
9 A"T

ofP '. '.:
fc^f 'J&'MI-

the Fort

f Pte.

olor can 'In"The


^ by John *War. toitw
4 udemy Awnd winner


~:* :flj -:
wL*tfr- ;*.,;. -.

Sw pA..

H-bob ** Lo- .

not re-
had n-
ie m0mi
anadifa n

-a-A t :
(que t:tIs 5:l&U, 50. 1:-51, 3:11

nre- jr.
inn- mlWiwm.,
ta*p. EALS
DoIEt F;O" oim
S-.? T POINT,..-
i Tgu*4 POINT"

A 1'h

NA Staff Conrrepeuaent

HOLLYWOOD (NEA)-Holly- aike u al look like mare-
words on the Record: crews "
Kathryn Oraotn, on Imper- *
*oanting the beloved Grace Dewey Martin,. elated for a
Moore on the screen: romantic buildup as a matador
S"Ift tO&th and I guess the in "The Sun AlsO Rties":
whole world will fall in on me "Aetually I'm more interested
If I disappointed her fans. But in fighting the bulls, but it
I liked -the story, the idea be- seems to be. Important in olly-
hlad it and Miss Moore herself. wood these da, If you're young
I never kmew her.-But she had to have a love story. I don't
um waImt. She loted people maI d love soones, I like grls."
M shm.fu t bitterly with ,
ta, bat s matter how much

shie l t'people still loved

Char-e Winninger; on some
man ddW*t's worked with:
'It .4atlg to statues.
k5shf their D eo but

JlK ot. Where m Nick. of
S Wa a To me, they
,M $ .lun : a
t a woman stt*ng
w f attub tl a towel wrap-
p arnd ."

os. E va*ns, U, on growing
"ITe only done twoa picm In
td o atuosW. A year afr
li oaw7 let it out that I
w. just 14 years old in 'Rose-
anna McCoy,' he wished that he
hadn't. For two years I was re-
grdyd ae a child prodigy. Gold.
wyn even started a publicity
eanpaml to get the proeae not
to mengMa my age
Corinne Calvet: "Flirting a
little Is permissible for married
women but is like herbs in cook-
Ing;. never too much, Just a
Sussn Ball. U-I'sa answer to
Marilyn Monroe:
"I wastold to gain five pounds
"d thats the greatqpt thing
.ta l en sa to me. The A-
ts used to thin
en with p aijgles on the
moeeB. These ir with rounded
fre It sand Franee


worth an
pretty unit a re
and a tichy tg two
same Per I rwonJUUtng b
tween Rit pidl that
tUnguishd their n
Miss Hayworth b hta
tertainer In a'
club who sings thAt
what she ivje, and I
she -does. Murder
tional Intri uenf r
hen pollue I
her artist-husbazg
Pracy they SaUS i'i
W rby man onatyq
trader Wn InternationaIg Uj
to hatching on Tril
R life also, com m
brother of the
girl SdjumaawartC thaSi I
.up to the suave
to learn for the
waH of his mialom aon
t this
e 'n violence,. I
Seen Ri.s and.
aus moody .aaCai
*t as Trinidad's l
1 ShVf tip most
t stare twM W ef en
SHa Ygorth report W -
Sbeau ad ever while
42 deeai 9
ina byh. her eaofney
Whoe- ImnvlOped a

Colette Marchand. the French iage olsPte
ballet star who plays a woman in ot "da
of the streets in *Moulin Rouge: I of Cerjfriktl i$j
"I don't waM' be typed a bad e 5h, tot sra
girl. Ees not like me. I'm grate- IWQ9uo I said to. be eveaae
ful to Amertian ob-dlence for rapaitic in "Affair Ia Tdn
sqy I eeve good performance. ag."
John 'Uston do se Job. I do naw- "Affair in
then een ve Pm confidence. Ie l UMaJw
se pu, me top mood and say. 'o .ethe aor
more If lreStd h sdo eet.' S ul. a'- J:or M de l
=ateok- do Baa o me." 1 SP rap e S5

dies than l tislng the it -pI n T" o a iU 1e
a t local nightelt te

life st her Vely ranch. con- r-pWerd and directed b
Sh4eris I l ent w J^Sher an.

tntn eten -her o n_____rn
i l population, Nor Tmberine., in whtMh t
hIr a, f metle,

fem inne n us a a pys ea 'loon socety"
Jall on. their collectIve knees the '80's
JAoneShimdans one of e

ith rapture at th *1 sight of a Thouh fmost of the
parade of thage Iature pop- visitors o these h
dles when Ann walks them shapely nT dad" is a
sound the block jt iunet. aotin a Co raon Prod S
At the mornen Ch. cant- els- etaroh S. S
.ng 19 liuppls ad women, sn a
dogs the -e. local puaton. r of n
the dogs are engagedI" .ana Ba
one s about to becomeusually a moMiss Montana),
thr, ont last reolecrt, poodles kneore entthe '

SIthn apture at "d cdog beauty It hough Me onf th
parlors flowheurish Ann ks the of view. Megs kber
ensure of the doc beauticians' Jackson are quite -a
roundion (th u there b k t es tng h elves So
curing hI poodles' an ocks with our ey and
an irho on the set of "Flame cholc I

IT'S SHOWTIME TODAY! anaa e..ta te

ALOHTS. 230 -6:15- 8:25 COCOL 2:30-6:15-9:i
CMrut TAYLOR 0IUhiabut TAYLbIS I 1rr 1Fi V i.OXJrC OHARA
ca.,a, rsoucusat. A ar. .&-

I.' I



15, 1:45.

.-/La- ap-T"

Itt" ... .

*4 -' Usma ti s n o




",. .v..

I lsR

t atou

ii' -VI


-A boore
-** **

L-~ 'Y r~ -i-- ----C ~ -------- ---- --


i -.


M.*- Ahis

A. ..... .. : ... .... :
-, %.., --
ff.r f!ik f-.lU.

II~ .-

"-^ '-n'As

. --



Ilrt U


.' 4 .. *. ,
'*'*".*T I Am'' w ^
-"* '.^ ~~.'** ... 4 -h't!!1'^ ,--''.9!

summer Favored To Bt
mm T6 *

'. .' ,,,"; -A i
"" '__. "-, *- a. 'i1* *


aes To Run Untill 12;

iIut (Crowd Expected
*ama Featherweight Champ Federico Plum-
p in solid favorite to defeat Transito Kid to-
t in their scheduled 135-pound ten-round match
MOTanama Gym.
t* adds are five-to-four a-
it tough Kid from Chor-
Although this will be Plum-
i first outing since suffer-
Sfractured Jaw against Per-
i~sett last August.
o Bassett thriller ended In a
prersial draw-with the
Ors of both Plummer and
Wtt claiming victory for their
1 was the second time that
ll mandible was broken
ag a contest. The first was
ist the late Stanley McKay
years before the Bassett
aueastion to be answered to-
Swill be whether the jaw,
*dlvy "busted" tw Me in the
i.lace, can stand up under
lws It will' surely receive
the right hand shots of
0 "o_ perts" are of the opin-
hatPlummer will be able to
everything that the Kid can
out and still be able to give
alto a thorough licking.
wev, the experts have been
S before.
k order to enable Atlantic
lIaas to return to their
O early, the promoters of
AW certain sellout bout
paa'I'mrmd with the Trans-
ZO filan us Line to have
until midnight.,
Ok, aoflnlnal between Beau
"Jt-And-'Melvin Bourne also.
be ans talking. Many are
t'tat this scheduled eight-
020-Dound slugfeat does
tAlmit. Jack isa slight ~FEDERICO PLUMMER
ibp Qttas Is an overwhelm-
hoice to turn b a e k Joey match with former Lightweight
in the Asix-round 128- Chamoon Louis Thompson, prob-
'"special" while Al Hostin ably outdoors at the Panama
ny Gavilan are rated even Stadium.
te four-round preliminary General admission for tonight's
,.will get things under way. battle is only $1 (one dollar) with
f Wmther ot the main bout rlngide tops going for $3 (three
ieen promised a March doilarf).

inson s Career Nearing End

Dodgers Bring Up New Blood
-IZ 8 Staff Corspondent ,
SORK --Jan. 31-Bape- scouting department during
pattern is enduring, the Branch Rickey regime,
wear out' the legs grow "but' Jack!e's at an age now
.. ,ath the ~pirit tialsl. When his speed is going only
fhle cast changes. one way -slowing down His
Mdpatism in baseball is career depends now on how
It brings penance in- long he eadon'covtrgou nd an
of penannts. run bases. His batting wII
e of Andy Pafko to stand up, might even improve.
is the other day gives "here's been talk that if
'id'catiln that the OUllam lives up to expecta-
dAo not Intend to stand tlops, Robbie will move to first
0 heir upholstered laurels, base, although it's a mystery
bfrds must go. By to me then Vwhat would happen
bafko for fifty grand to Gil Hodges. Ironically e-
delibesately 'opened tough, if it wasn't for Gil, I
I thei-r -otfield, at the,'don't think Jackie would have
e Addit spice to lasted at second as long as he
ainig and incentive has.
elvablv will be the "Hodges hau been the victim
w'll see Pee Wee of a lot of criticism the past
an# Jackte Robinson year, but If I had my Dick of
g -together as a double any -frst baseman In. the big
combination. Both are leagues I take him -even o-
A there's new blood being ver Ferria Pain. Oil overs
d from the farms. Ju- mori -ground around the bag
1sEm of Montreal was than anyone in the National
pt. valuable .player I the Legue. He's extraordinarily
s*h*nal League last sea- fast, h one of the great
ad not a few .genuine ex- tihr rms in the game.
L he'll push Robbie 4e maes uip for the extra step
d before long. Robinson lacks. Should Jackie
iAli equipment for iaid -shulri the flub suddenly
policing the territory sell odges then they'd haid-
ond base," remarks ly be ablo to keep Robbie at
scout "He certain- second.
takenn the club any." "That's hop valuable a piece
her by the tone In of machinery i consider Hodges
That RouIson's days -ana that's how close'I think
rlrg and "ghting and Jactke's second ba ing career
en't long for this is from being through."
Vareball's c fme ery
M closing in. CAM P9 E1LO0LY CLOSE
TO QvITTING fr 1982
SDOW Bis own admission, Ro-.
binsen doesn't ftpect to go on
dgfticult to say when 8 nuch longer.
r' glaing to quit,' In ffcC he s ih e rilously
tMicke v McConnell. cls to quitting last yar. Ro-
Sthe Dodrers' bnlson, as he say In the Feb-

I '

Always Ask


il1 ,


Amorio, Esplor, ey

lnshino *- Where -I

SheFre s Is

For years many of the local sport fishermen have felt that
trophies should be given for ceAtain catches made n Panama
water these trophies to -be given each Jer. The ea beldf
that regardless of elub membtgablp, reosle s or any m.her factor
a sport fisherman should enter hi cagh T day, thAk to the
Panama Insurance Company aid the e Paama Hom e thai can
be done. Three large trophies were ,xaated to the hotel by the
Panama Insurance Company for this program. Three smaller
trophies plus another just like them are being donated by the
Any fish caught within the watersL of Panama is eligible for
entry, if caught within the rules of the international Oarne Faish
Association. The four local clubs belonging to the I. 0. F. A. have
been invited to each send one member forming a committee to
decide the winners of the annual awards. Te Panama Marlin
Club has appointed Frank Violette to represent them. The Pana-
ma Rod and Reel Club has selected Sam Moody. The Panama
Canal Tarpon Club will appoint a member at their next meeting.
It is expected that the 0tlb0a Yacht Club will also sen a mem-
ber after their next'meet"ng,
The large trophy on thleft Is beyond a doubt the finest tro-
phy ever offered for sport fishing. It is soild-allyer and est $2,000.
The silver alone is worth $800. This will never be retired, the
winner each year will .receive a handsome trophy stating his or
her catch qnd this information will be eat
If the winner is a member of a .
accept the responsblbtit .e..T be
their club room the fllig year. This to be a ded
for the outstanding catch each year. The committee wil decide
the winner taking into consideration the type of fish, ne size,
bait. size of fish in comparison with others caught in the pWt and
other pertinent Information. It will be poeible to win any
of a dozen species found in Panama.

(14) V*der (*)


I P-ebfl
Ro VllHeiMl
or -Reedmposr
(*) R.e Hip te)

$--The PbKbw

4Del D la Idse (l)
10-Hwcq ULinney Head

O.h uay, 4 Liny Headr
r 'ft %y ,: : L a ~



ov. .t
Votesda' (


In Time

oI,-i, ) .,
.. ,1l -
t ,s .

itPeo I O-

i anTim jihl

ucs 1
| d


W AN .

CheviG s 5P 1 .3 "

Carna ***1 5 fSJO72
Brewers, .7 4

GIbraltsar tradkpt
*i" s, x ri

~9b LA~1

.,,~ .~
* 4-
$~! '~

The large trophy, third from the left Is for marlin. Thei
largest marlin caught bi y man each year will be awarded one aO
the smaller trophies. His name and catch will be engraved o n
the cup. The woman catching the largest marlin will receive afv-
other of the smaller cups and her name will be engraved on tt,
other side of the marlin trophy.
Within a short time we hope to announce trophies similar tO
these tor tarpOn. This has been promised, therefore all tarpon
catches should be entered.
For non-club members the Panama Rod and Reel Club has of-
fered to register their catches. It is hoped that the other clubs
will also help the visitors and non club members. Catches must
be entered ten days after a catch is made unless on a long trip
and then ten days aftex-return to port. Any information nepd0l',
can be obtained from the four clubs or this column.
There is no fee for entries. The only requirement is that th6
fish be caught according to the rules set up by the International
Game Fish Asociation and be within their line limits.
The ten day limit will not apply to fish caught from Jan. fit
this year. Any fish caught during that period has until Feb. 15
to be registered. The closing date will be Dec. 31 each year.
ruary issue of Inside BasebaU football clubhouse," recall la
Magazine, protested violently a- Dressen. "It said, 'We furmis
against paying a $75 fine for a the equipment, you furnish the
ruckus in Boston. It was a bum guts.'
rap, he growled. "That's not for Robbie. He's
got both."
"I'm getting fea up," he said
glumly. "If I can't get a. fair
shake, -X'm moing to quit."
You didn't have to borrow ErA
an .iterpreter from the United
Nations ard put him to work
on that statement. Robinson i
had had nia belly full of being \
malugae4 and, wrongly accused
and jeered. Only patient coax-1
Ing by Charlie Drewsen kept Ro- L.
binson from walking out right
thee and there.
"While Jackle's widespread
enterprises make him fnan-
clally _dependent of baseball," 1
says Manoger Deassen, "don't Some people think It's wise to
be too 'quik to write h ebit- h not-toocomfortobl. bed
uary. There's a lot of lie In In the guest room.
the old boy yet.
"I ones saw a sign Wa" a

sw house's long blenle
I -. ,
Atraccion team broke
five runm la the bet-
. ith ; .




"ras. m
1" "_' W




'. I'

' .4-
*jIt +#.. i_ Ul

+* :.,.+. .">.., I. ;-l. "..^| ^
.. '.+*: .,;- ,^ ,aJ4

+4 .;=' ,: "l
-,, .... ..
... 44-~ 44+''i

i i ,, .!,

KDOKEOM ......................F. eb. 14
Q hINJIB3AD .................... Feb. 15
A .............. .............. Feb. S

S............................. .. Feb.
R, x KxxOM ........... ..........Feb.
S 5IIO .------- -..Feb.

S(B & (et ,..rb. 3
JA k ."W. u

-16q ;-mmm NVI



" ..4'*


" Pm-lBfi
_ "" .. .'_

- I


i-.\ .
': L -" .


,~ *v~




4 4


-. '^4H


. ...
. -.. ,
: --.*

*^lf r an, RawSa


- L. M.


-i 3PEve-Affba,

slu'tu. .I


a M a

I *.
~. .*;e~ ~

.. ... I UNDA A .






I 's HOG, Yeou r maouaty Stat, 840on the dial for THE BEST in

ft's PETROx, .on 1.Sret, o,/tkhebst in tailored clothing.

,I' O Gl Kcs. K .

. i;-1.'. '

'1^ .-.L -.- '.3^


little ack ^ CagU SUring,

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N / YORK, Jan 31- It
n't b*e long now before the
become a. oney of a madhoue.
s3 thoto Bemn DPe. oo" the first
it CLSinto 2&" YOUR wave of cannoneerf will move
i ': swiftly into the Windy City
and h stmly sta.1 banging a-
i ay In e 50th edition of the

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S .,i HerIe' aoomeN D erb t hl yo whoe to do:, h,-tr-
a in. .. bt tll^o i to overcome When God handed iou the l. yhmtt toe e t u oH Pa e w l Ya oeee-hot deal. .
ehtIt Ifroi r o ammy Smith0 rt tdstceA .EI
woo z mt early I M t t X M ore stars than you'll a

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te k os I-s- r I Pair otblor-mde trousers -n or-,tI tal e the awe
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whoT* tfor stnner. IT'fEASY IT' smo ndedS AF UtrNlht si

ahek M .' tte "et -~~lB ah e f 1.w Here's inthl ou ha al-eve itto do:
ra Th e Gu what e three top tunes on HOG's. Hit Parade wi t be erach week. To gain the

ao ss s lilt Prde her o every Saturday night at 9 o'clork. The ABCition of t e tusponded
:- .besp" ti iea., you is dter ml.h by the numbe r o requests received during there week on HGe chall
he has tesr b al h Isam re, he's aver- =obe th t woles.

ggg ai o ourse i o ..^IBe L then X Iues wltn to the to ll-eventse the m

ead the to overcome hee God handed temple rulthe and you may be the winner: yougss-oficationsfora oree Dawe Aopr
OBobcou2. Ma your guess to HOt, 3145, P m, or ddi&er i t to the station st 10

o c., onlifSt., next door to the PAN AMA AMERICAJN before 6 p.m. Friday.
re teBbu ho3. Only ONE entry per person.
4. laers wl be n on uet programs the Monday after will quthe

CAMs0 b.....4. Eltly ef HOG mth epe or, or members of their families, are
.. n U al. Heesllyauhnosodo



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"............ .... llrii I < .. I Ill I .... ... II-- I -----' -* I I I ... ** -- ... ........

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Sung Scribe

its Town--


11 Prepared U <4I, I 1W.
i thin one hour of his ar- s"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Aibia md I i.ioln. '.
m in Panama a young. pre- '-
lOtuo reporter for Variety TWE.T.InWG w ,.--
azlne broke about every law ENT-EIGHT RA. PANAMA, R. P.. A WNAt 1,3I AYN 1, 195 .
re is here.
pcept bad parking.-and Jeff .
b, missed thatones Firebe- ightinTeamcause he
J n't own a car. ---..
ed he Is a TV script writer
Specialist on criticizing
ACtreign films, said the police .
ee mhhkOne Of Best ln The B mness
,,.Went over his two cameras so.
dmpletely "you might think I
smuggling women in the
SThe young visitor, who has OneO f Besti TheB sness b
his own Ideas of the perils of When on Aug. 1, 1950 the Gov- ....
Stavelling in the tropics, was ernor of the Canal Zon,e the .n l
' ha Ied into jail shortly after Commanding GOenerale of the b
bia' arrival here when he tried'Army and the Air Pokce looally l e ''
. to, sell his gun without having and the Commandant of the 15th '
a permit for its use. Naval District signed a "Memor- n o' en
It all happened because in andum of Agreement Pertaining
I imi, thbefore embarking on to Fire Fighting In the Canal .
lei tour of the Caribbean, he Zone, for the purpose of provid-
wi warned that he would be ing lor the efficient cooperative .
telling in countries of "tor- employment of 11 government t
violence," and it would fire fighting peionlifl andt
w wise to carry a gun. equipment In the monil Zone,"
Colby added a small call-'they set hi motion ,wheels that
e revolver to his luggage, plus have resulted in one of the most .
i pair of handcuffs with elective fire fighting aggrega-
'h to secure his bags in tons in the world.
own hotel rooms, and a By this agreement, the afre
York policeman's badge fighting facilities of the Ary7.
S.he claimed was given him Navy, Air Force and Panama
copper friend. nal were integrated Wt two twocr
*ien he asked a Panama tralized systemea .on "
driver where he could sell side of the Zone. Fort Clayton
fi v gn the cable led ehim and Fort Gulick are the nezve
ectly the manhe said would centers of the Armed Services
ently t, a man he said would fire fighting units and they are
Interest cd snchroa so peofdectly with
SIt turned nu: to be a police the Central Panamac anal tg-
asetive. tons at Balboa and Cristobal
eIi'leved of his nress k enti- that when the report of a fire
tion papdrs, which were be- comes from any spot in a clvill&
checked at police head- town or in an Armed Service sta-
*rters, Colby was then set tion. not only la the fire respond-
to roam the streets of Pan- ed to with maximum speed, but
ia n search of material for shifts are made in the whole sys- s
entertainment column on tern so that additional alarms n '
i n America. for the same fire or for differ- PIAN-CANAL Fi pE-FIGHTud ion ii on i: uta t '
i.Jelf took off this past week ent firs, will ah6 be covered me --.."
Costa Rica without his with a minimum of delay. my Navy Air Force e d Panama
n, handcuffs or badge. Actually thi la th roduct aal-al of them e from
vbo eo ery theis_1ntenance of Actual fire te Itus We
a very dcdoucauts- WUPPeb an Us i
tern G which is In t mes of cibtai. fighting
and white on whit are called voed.
"running cards," located at everyIa sueh a Boead wmaoueate il-a
fire station, which tell exactly ae mbltes o at leasour tie u a
what each fire company and en- tual understand in mong the m
cuntances. Whvent stats toir- various fire fighting personnel,
work, there are no boundary to create better practical meth-
lines between Canal Zone towns ods, to effect more complete o-g
and the posts and stations of the operation and to recommend
Armed Services and the full im- ways and means for raising the
at of the efficient cooperation general level off ire fighting ef-
envisioned by the signers of the ficleney through out the en tire
H '^4,Agreement is produced. Canal Zone. Trough lag good .
In the development of this far- offices, the proposition of having
seeing g policy, the plan n e r s the Panama Canal fire station
thought it necessary to have a at Balboa protect the-Army post
Joint Fire Fighting Board to be at Quarry Heights hb material.'
composntFired ofem s Bof the Ar-ized with the co.seent elimbin-
composed of members of the At- ton of the fie station there.
re P When the Pdnama Canal town
Greek Premier of Cardenas is bullet the nearest
Army fire company at Fort Cla-
Suggests Truman ton will protect it and there
save the Panama Canal from in-
tGet Nobel Prize stalling, a fire station in that
ATHENS, Jan. 31 (UP)--Greek Mutual assistance In training
Premier Field Marshal Alexander d4aplal asnd exhibition have
Papagos has sent a letter to the been the rule for sexerai years THE CNTAL DSPA
N o r w e g i a n Parliament Nobel and further efficiencies as a re- Claytori, is truly a nerve S Sot tigh
Prize Committee proposing for- suit of integrated activities are switchboard operator, her blag a r* tr.*.
mer President Harry Truman for on the way. scene of the fire. The M radio, ona n .d
the Nobel Peace /Prize, it was How does all this stack up with used to give directions t arady -at uWe p ara
learned here today, reference to what fire fighters fire. From this board a sergimfre t 4
The letter, dated Jan. 27. said, are doing in the United States? patched, It is operated c eooeration W 1
"Truman's only thought during, Naturally a certain pattern has .. CaIal's i ters.
-2e thumb comes office was the maintenance o mpriaed here on the Isthmus
W t the ball at the foul line, peace. which he also extended to and it is Interesting to contrast with the best anywhere, as the ter- varying fr
ager, e tak h ver. (NEAl Greece." it with those of cities in the Uni- tabulation below indicates. 5 and pWt
ted states of reasonably similar Cost-wise, fire protection and erg ofabut
size. fire fighting comes high; and It .
.. i t Comparison of these opera- exceeds In both numbers of prO- since .
tons there and here is made fessional fire fighters and over- tion Is
possible by a wealth of Informa- all cost, most communities 4 from,
ton published annually by the comparable size in the IT 1
National City Managers' As- States. Some of the high the,
on in the form of its Mu- may be attributed, to the ,
Year Book. From the that the official copnbined.'
ontf view of good fire preven- tary and civilian population
Imn~nd low losses, the local fire about 55,000 is distributed amo
f itl organization stands u0 a score or more population ce



ibawnie ICor

F-Norman ^
1chi.. M

Wule: the '
S O o,,

'4mened In west-
rion or 1im-
aok 'olarart

* -~- I.'..

C'* j':


ian rebolt iN
plan at D-
Iu tas

r, a Aiwv
4 lhi .

J ,..v
'4'* 'C
-~ ~r
~. iJv~-
.4~ ?' ~

Distilled, Blended
and Bottled
in Scotland

We AUIAlMI LTD.. aCSOw IcTiihOft. N
.roa- blWod buk At a ,
ributorA: AGENCIES W. H. DOEL, S.A. *" v4S3SwWA
No. 14 CMetral Ave. Tel. 2-t7I

*I. P

k ."fr



W. a-


Pt i


tLt the
i1 by db
per cem
" Mtost

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Ggod at Sipk ting?
,, ~ ~~ ie -. '"

Sat t ~tar,
rgt at WOb. T
f the players
Smt with ona
sot eath, but all .. o

100l -s ki
fats. -an yow woruiwat#Ae#wee sei of


_7t MTaALMe

Ok Do" ll, 5l ha m, Ohl to.n, otn

h he w ie to i0taw tter two o'teloft In the
ief.6y p 6 to IM Jim Oo at two,
. w" '=a 3Se.i.ih with hlm.
K tit to" sow. TU %Poks the
thae nd, .Udt d tI
l o~ftri~ti~te~ii had hr up hs ITim Der
3e gg ieg, 4bhe $1 Mie r to 018 a

A =Fn t iIa-the Ie. tor 3lm5r
' leepmtate s o e to etive.
e poses had fatn th Victie Ms

4 _lBUigt i *M I --- u u
fa te a a --1 "I (me you.
UM*y ~ oil awtonO Hg oi o

^|S^?^ ^

41 ".ts$ .iP:I .e. .

U hin probl is l

S. ewf X) IXX X (1X

-_.Ia al. --. / I 1 X ..
Or^ iak so xx x
'nlmo w I ,. yet di w -_

b~u ThsPOW

SrdDea ,0

s hy Dana Ual.

* 3:
- p* '~,

--LI iA .MM


Talking Siop

11Brown, Mm. D, MOu 9P
and Mr. Greory AM wet dp-
tach wat direy to a
having the artist be wula.-
-d to buy, Mad ekal tbf ht a
anSgle item. They p
nag, a book, a dren, a hat. a
batky and a pair ot se .
All of the wome,. exept Mrs.
mnith, esatend th6 elav ar on
the street leveL There were also
two amM Il tMhe elevtor. Twe of
the women, MMs. BU w amd the
o" wbm DO the hat PAt af
A tS O eu-nd floor. Do*m wee
SseM enM the Sa oo. The two
ums got :tf at the orth lomS .
Tb6 Womn Who bought the oshm
go. ofR at the a floor, tleav
u':f e j aoM togfted
MIst day Kf Joa., who ,o-
oatlv a am aM a prIte tra m
the woMnsu who t off at the
Sad m mal, mnt M Jone I her
bua Bnd, retmnf ing the hat one
of the aUt women had bought.
NOW f ug Afte sold an the street
Ivql, amd M. Lax wi the iMxth
Spefl to Pt out of the elevator.
wbItdldMeachof thewomeb buyr

.2 %3


, -... ._)-

$64 TEST:

Groentamf decd1
d to1 t"et the *
mental elerity of
ass son. Payb(D
64 Silver dollrva
on al g ld,
ditant, dt 41
thw poMlam:
"wills, it you
cam dart at pdait I?
A "dAnlta 9 /X
pialknf up m thn
Coin sM you wak
kung In stigt
the oom"nse s1
straight paths.,
you may keep the
coin. Oh, ye7,
each turn must
be made at a
ritt ongts and jd
ypu must pus
Ou- between t"e
two so4 .?e-Ow."
can you help j
Imlm solid it?,
Solution 1t
shown elsewhere
on the pge.

TRT this trick
a st your next
party to amuse
1he performer
gives three dice
and a dting
glass to a specta-
tor and asks him i
to drop the dice
into the glass .
the3 proclaim he
OMe name the spt i i al
numb he of spot s
on the bottom
Wasr*Un8 of the
aee. Whenfthe
glassain hold
sterhead where t
the bottom sur-
c of the doe can be bean, his prediction it found
to be absolutely correct.
T" Mcree is this: It you examine a da you will
as that the pots on any two opposite sides always
total T. ThaU tUI bottom number will have to equal
7 Milua the top number on each die, or 21 minus
the total of the top three numbers In all.

Reflect on This a Bit
8.T should moet women rather wash a mirror
Than a window of the same side. assuming both
are equally smeaible?
*peq- a e epas *eS iano eq Jma uagu :-ason
--H '^A J*^ ^.. ^ A ^ ^-
X!?^^^.5 ^&w


11.S-1la dwelt (1 Chr.
S -yhee A tree.
1 O alclac.

Ibylon beam.

JtMMT wasad
vWhen Grand-
pa's d joined.
Shim -1910.a wallkS
because thetr
didn't seem to be
anyone else in
s/ eight. But If he
had looked more
closely hWd have
seeon he had iota
of cffafly: X.
pigs. I squirrel,
i I cat, 1 goat. I
Rabbit, 1 turtle,
1 hen and I duck
*& Ito be exact Can
1 you find them ?
W H MAT Tir it
OWtt nobody
has ever seen, but
many have heard,
and will not
K C speak unless
MiK' ". spoken toq?

A Asudred and one by lfly divide,
And next let a oipher be duly
And f! lth rmit you should
rifAtly divine,
Yoll jind tfhat the whole makes
but ome out of nine.
'01q eAsmq no -Jaqalp MNUipp[ pn
"113 (V) 09. Aq ppIArp 13 101
laounu mmogi ee-l l t | *Elg

* --J .. 3-

.','" ~-

- ~wwma
a.~. I. -
L h. *~


Face Value at a


.*p -e -





* I






h .?'- ,


f ll,
: .".
E.- i '*-

hi '- re3 t 4*i~



I 2,
.*, i..,. A.-








O O O ~ ~ ~


0~ O O ~ ~ O O




x, 1a1SlVaN

4 -~ I -


S .. .' 1 -" ,'- '
..L.. -,-. .4 .' .17,1 ,- .. -
,, ... : .. .'* ..... .' ,** ,f "'i..,, '.- _,; ', : -. .*
"' "/ "i' l y .. .u Il ,y I z ,-I ..I I .. .. -.


E~-E IN JANUARY is trite, but true In this rtti
-ater at the Brooklyn Navy yard, deindtiatirnj
d4a iJioDed by the research and develop "ent 4diL


,. .paToGuand ibre~'x.qltr'atDut in
tit. To .btein eefrta~n Iwfkograpbhit i a~mm

and rej
a duehb

former member of tbh KliltiB
, Cc~.;. ,i wc.:Mng his way thro.ih 'C
at.Seeugy by demontratig ati>f


NI--o -

.~ -A-*.~ *~- -
~ .,. .

* ~.

C; ~L


-,. -
~ 3.-
* ~ ~.
-. ~#;4&~ 5~j4

-. ..

." .*


'* '^l

" *' '," -'"

^*.^;' ^^
r' \ '*- --* -1




K u~~hd ILiim

pw -,


AN 4ca1e k a tr population *f *
tt S uplew both fd .c=t Zo I
Residents of the % ta and ta opicl6 areis
-o Panama CiOty cmpi to the peepDartm t g
that the rat apparent increased a
fera WsV eSSoedthrA ift 2 : 2"Ho As8not eft- 11114,1",
trDeited t reach plague e.tft n -n&
On t realdet or tUt he had pols- s. t
oied i is in his houae in lM pia.two I
The Health Department reportedly yiewshe lead
tien aa "not good," but the crux of the r p
to be that economy measures ha cut w ias
apartment's rat control state fronk egh t 1l*"3D'o O ne gnt ia.
Ull-time employee and one part-tUm heoer... .jon a ml wahege Ip
Panamd Canal feaft Bureau o/li s were re- theater I
ported to be "stud mIe stiat to deter- The t .
mine "if any addit control msures a would
be taken." _l e s.
-0o -be
What looked like the beginning of a real squabble W-- ii A
between a Catholic priest and Cuban Ambassador m- Ar
11lo Canclo-Belio. broke Into the news during the
week. imeat
The Ambassador publy ch ed father J Cor-
rea of the Orito Bey church Wita nouMacng Cuba s At
aa an Immoral country whise eurti 4 s weft betag, .. 2
opted In PanamA. -Ie said he-had be1 tod Itd =
about Father Oorre teil bSy erVa who at.. a Q t alh
tended mas at the ghurh lat Sunday mqtalg. -
-The priest flatly dene the aegatibn ad aid his
sermon had been "misquoted." Nb rebuttal was made
by the Ambassador and tha clamor apparently diA rt..
down as soon as it had started.
An avowed Panamanian Coguunat who retumW, dn
to PanamAi 1e days ago afr a0e1 & "peae" ou- a ,m'.
femnees in Iran Cta county, wa arreted "S"-' t4
the Secret Police and later entenced to 30 daby in Nowad a there are
jail for disturbing the peace and not having a citt- eracy wh p Wh
zenship certifeate. Aftrica' fa
B o t h Francisco Chang Marin and cis comrades it was a way of
raised their voices in protest clani that the to pa up
charges preferred againt him by the Semet PolcE nMnd., tW
were false. He In in the CAreel Modelo serving I a en- Id4 oo VC.
tence The a
0 aTwaryo wateh
The National Assembly turned its attention 3 to tIaw apkept m
he ptoben of Colombian refugees in Panama-- ,
A delegation of Assemblymei who vSieted Jaqu ond i U of tewinel k wuastS
near the Panama-Colombli border Inlteruiiewed oMeai -fjlr had be. etnWluted nu mo eaof'.W2
150 refugees from the Colombian border tOwn of Ju- tofermount to bemen aji. afi
radio Who had fled from "the difficult situation which counon t. co i In
The A nembly was scheduled to get a i*report on the 44e Infntry* o lts
findings of the six deputiLes. KeW H ISlst
A mystic whp had perfamned some 17 "auocestful" a e *m ha
eye, liver and other opfratlo.p and .aojllnAdtered to leaving he.r
1,700 patients in a town ,*tVeral Vs tr wa. Ied t50 -
by fttami's Public Health Department" sint bank utagis. It
The mystic, Alejandro Benavides Willams, also offivennackhas gift It
faces epotton for haig re-entered P|namA wit a
,an expired landl n, pexl1 ;- *l m. l. .. 4

burglary Of Sue Core's apartm t, wat asqpltted after bIen ae'o Itih age
a two day trial. .I,06
l4s 6Cor1, a former qaShal qpe sebq echer, tand 1 Ie*st, ant ltp o on f s
realdeAt 'on t Isthmimot rover wa not p .
present. t thL A1 ,
'eswi^te, cr49taOWaguh'sr4, badS ^.oa ft Ask WW *3

Rice, who told the court he didn't have the de-4 n'. .
to enter the apartmega prd sedl witaneg to subs-
talate his alibl for the moralag %t fV@I 3. of ,HNt S S h err
Two uther Panammalaus. muph 86ete. aS d PW e%= .w
Jae. pavD.e, who had ed.inaly. bee, e.a11 -_with- o
the beastarYy, appeared as ovmet aes te t tha f t
Defense attorney Woodrow de Castro claimed 'he t t done.
that his defendant wouldn't have to take the rap a t ad
for the others. t ... *.
Rtce was overjoyed when the" "not gulty verd
was announced, threw w his arms In tthe air, f
shouted thank you, thank yog.'
An Armty private, Clyde Junter oGarett, was rthe
dentay shot by h is. epl9T*w.
wl-" they were fishing in th' ThJf'deL Me'l Lake a.W
Cocoll. ,-. ,
The accident occurred wh the 22 c a '.....
him in the chest. _______ _.a____ __ __ru__t_ _____
slaughter, but was hospitalied at Ft. t a.
next day, suffering from "Iational sBock." e ? NMI 10-S.
were from the 408th Ordnance Medium Malateflanoe .te 't .
Co. of Corozal. ie'nullat "f. R t uloa t did ot bew
A prominent Zontan, Harlan Feuille, died suddenly '*es. thi the
at Gorgas Hospital of a lung ailment, An old-timer oi to be t $t" afat '
the Isthmus, ...Fentle, Who la. yeayo waa
the son of Jud -Rf.ak ue,, wtlhwasI a tta sg Jo w a,
construction days and occasionally acted as Goverqor ful V
of the Panazna Canal.
A Panama poUlicenm owes hie to t N eoia M

It by = = I10e
te-I a the an a ea w

-1-'< canaM-l ^^^^M^^H^^lH^^^^^^^iu^^ISSiwiSSSsSI^US
tF '.1 or~htfe-d/lrftoLid*o^tli Mlir iH9S19UI^

Mimi U m -

a -*-. -'-'

-. -. ~-I*' -, 9

, ... ..... .. !-
,,t fl,
+ : -'



*" ''. 'r -
'...:'. .... ..... .,.-


" I, ,

as,* ,. ..

'^'', -,. -... / o .
,R'-.A ,, .-, ,S, .. -- .
~ t,,t ." ',. ._, *_ S ._*: ".' ,

g-like -Thursnday's 94-Canvas
Utsa d shelter
4 de .95---Looks
ri, 1-4atisfy askance
lb o-.Arrier 97-Haul
mMt. .3-ad along
,oe d a-- t A-M After

O 01-Drag omisla.
1" M--a .-o-ia 100--Lea
rr 864--Rulmway decorated
P .. toWr* 101-OInjuryy
riuiuMA G-Wellborn I0.--Timtn
ar" ".-Muncle (law)
0-source 105-Trap
S--dt e eaterlor
mp. sounds
Taqnt 1ll-Ieeland

T 113--Aldian

'~e 127--Iawe by
t qim t-Crtckery

W-JRt*. 1St-lmCoftmwC
- 1M0-m L-iamgmld-

rt a 1-Di-sampuatch-
N-7 t 2-Alwaynts
46 Mt" t p133-Vehicleoln
*r Swtarickerys

-~ gry rmauters

2-Sort of
6-4eta'a limit
6- Perio d

felt hats
11 -Hastened
bnedaa call
to prayer
built huts
emring .
. 31-Ladder
33-Seer ,

36--Op space
ina goretd
U-Peeling of
ill will

39-Firearm T7-Chop
discharge off
41-Orna- 80--American
mental poet
recess 81-Doctrine
43-Those who 82-Place of
reconcile Ingress
44-Prevent 85-Obtained
from 87-Selectiod
assertion ot food
a fact 90-Felonious
45-- amhoo- -Imspres
like grasses with fear
47-Game 93--Run away
ofr kill 94-Insulters
48--Wadered 96-S-bUy
Almtn4ly 9--Concilu
50---Grek asions
tter 00--Ch-'e
53-Rocky 102-Loops with*
eminence running
55-Appraalin. knots
-6-Seco-d* 104-Disgraces
string 106-Tufrts
footlhpl 10-Druage
player It 1--Lterary
M-Pertaml g fragmeasts
to punish- 111-Made a
meant mistake
**-H-aased 112-Fabrce
63-Metric 11--Ome of the
meotufth Great -
6--Play w Lakes
words, 114-Additunal
o--Tura to 115-Diah
the riht H1-Unit of
*7-PerFnt Asher.. -*
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7T-Vibratloa 129-Net' is
13-Imple- 322--Find the
ments sum
75-Oter 1 -Englits
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76-Thick soup 3-rCielor

A wage i e of- eI O- s lm *l-atr-DIstr ed bK n es kR i as

M W a'r t .t Modfmu easewMOee a me Suadal &m=WeSM -

S' 5

b-, ,. in Fotos & Features

. ..- .

n "
%' '" # I

^ _

.s t # .. ,

-~ ~*-

an k

' f4:


Oh th posh w have mneow and rwed sid nnf
Of the a old thi dab since the waod was Za&,
And de same old cheenums dtey've always sprang,
But daey make nb hit width me;
ior if I were a poet, mthig* I'd strive,
To have for my theme a subject live,
From whom a lesson we mpght derive,
As for Instance the nimble flea.

Consider the paper and ink-nd ame,
That are spent each year in aimless rhyme,
On subjects mow or epWsublime,
Like mountains, sky or sea;
rd give such thinks as thee a rest,
And Pin of him we know the best,
Our natve son of the Golden West,
The San Francisco Flea.

We oft hear moralists descant,
Upon the prowess of the Ant,
About whose industry they chant,
Likewise, the Busy Bee;
Their claims on glory are but slight,
Who only w6rk in bropad daylight;
My fer6 es day aiS ght,t
The mnnipreent F.eF .

Of al the men so goo'aftd ear,
WJhoe deeds wee..'r.kat o emsulate,
And of wlwse ex c 'e pi, .c
There% nbee at I tat see,
Who .ticla more .gimly to his course,
Or shows mote force,
More reody wit *a13d ick resource,
Than the Spn- Francik Fleas.
T. Roosevek eet %at o f~praisp,
Then s1141 m 1M fdeo*t,44
For his arpt and urgent ways,
So picturesque and free;
But all the stunts that Teddy knows.
So vehement and bellicome, '
Are commonplace compared with those
Of the San Francisco Flea.

The Suffragettes.have made things hum.
And put Old England on .the bum,
We'll all admit they're going some,
Irn forwarding their plea;
If they're determined to persist,
I would suggest they next enlist,
The only proer anarchist,
San Frpwcisco'Fesa.

Oh comrade small, of zealous mood,
Of lion-hearted fortitude,
With'fierce pugnacity imbued,
And strength of chimpanzee,
With our mendacity astute,
And your voracity acute,
You've got yourlf in ill reme,
Oh S8 ran m Fla!

You clever little acrobat,
So changeful Is r habitaL,
'T b*< cat whetcyou nca,'
Wh' whte you're oig t be;,
gS piqpnt, waywa sad petite,
. .... .



-t i-I

*~' ~:

I "W

I mq
* InP foodo- i6%
Tt &m o AM --;, "

a 6-

JA. I.. -
. .

tom pmw WA

3 Mr
* ^*ImSE
ioffi &S

una w
taw th I
as m
this ro

,or mI


ms- minusw n--

UMr.- wWajf^
*Ry-- i^P^^Los---p
Mat a
CA:. a. ll,

CJed p Mir O -

- B *


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I .



d *

* .-,
- -.

TM- I cWfM i

:- v ,. : .. .
6. l^ ^*^'^ ^;2

gO i fmid se, w rte
-Wr Urnnytostoaa.

pS!3&harptr ttae ales ri
ftwgyaryo o^>rhlme
soearmIn e the

m "I took eom leek at a peopl
l-hh -h urtad I Mea hoeK
rM inh lewe with tm.. a d b has bea a mrt-
am roMMU0."
Co ule Jmmm Agate'sa Ideflitn: A profesetonail
atr IB OM who can do his Jab wWl ev m w be
be dowin eel th e B. M w he w atour I one who
eamt do 0 Job, even when he dos feel Uke t."

bbIr. Edon In Washington
i t"oo.

WW.- q.mluag'. wio us UT ..

.,, ~ 1W


1S. tWH Wa? Zthewp. k or emucuttoe worI. Bat he could make
pidaautr lsissWa hit. as apuSlf'* h t dobest.
*9Wu abg i TmimE anbir. ISat'sm a by ha go some of
o the rsonal expenM of a the them made as lon as a yeW or more sg-wtekh
man L will keep him boW tI Mar.
Fctie mSAm.s 8 has made no as to whether
S 409 %**1 O af 1 he win#"Ais s zln =aitmen in Washlngtok or we.
*Esiof" r Mit Ith e thiad twrn 10 Padacah. hr the OIt tade in pedhow
*1111gi hia Whole lfe he ha notDaft to s--4m this
!"M!*ME?^M .be '"W 4bf Ab~ect aqrw. w" you)
aa Wi tor* St i Wshdaltn after .
M.2 hire has leMes bweeMre. A job ths
3MEidS55 ano Mau"l phist in t e capital

a-m*e.w .n. n u13iu
*S bllen wwo VWe
MerIeW ovaeorto Sof sate eJfan Poster OADReU
In-t Lt l on. takt t op e t rt r a W Mss o and talk.
M qta u- pad. r aamtp 15"f the tlte
W5s bo-in- "aoftdMgl 11Sate Department

B*.8'! miltaT u7ecMd, his experience
!A' IS 8. tbreyoerg and an
pS5o* -m ite not faM iliar wIth hi
*achitevements which qualify
th-me Pa d se c meznmke afre
IL 1 wa.. UrepreMntative on the

fIdmi^"rl.e w and Pariseedle
her a egmr oted the sur.
~i ~tflha*I*ef wa hseiGtaat air fotd sun.
avot. a4 Jo *n d hed German sur-
a #Md an bow l bhe egotiated witm Rus-
10 1 M bkiktwde.
Now ^ u. h ki re so the B wc.o
^__ k j^iB ~le have Bbeen.predfrl-
^W M@ tar thi year. the
"=-, ---M Eoa ee sornovokes

b rIu. ax-U. 8. am-
an hd the Arentuna.
he WWl 8bwet, and
ae Ite Mas eah.
q won soanem r.
MIew bwlm
......... .. thatCom
loem l o ate...
m e bocks are the


Y~ '~'.

A-who^ ^^^^^" W^^

.W INttf ta m.

I 3tM*i~blam..
Si r-sb -.
v a Jalp,

b mes Mae gave the W-a''-ieb lok and

... Im I ia samp.

ab- im ON"a'r6t_- im"e a O ,t
fi e m OeW mm afmt& 4 heasa (.n at:he -
teuffam +e mireA lsm

..... m rhe aa ed ..i

avha e rt I aRte W"
mifmnS tcs we s an dm eor Am

m "Wn "g eMit an 's, at we t rthae tgme

- ~ ~~**

_ _~~~ ~~_r______ ~ __~___



r- I


4eaves A
; Ht alph Rimner

parental care by the suiek-a
alnted citieguy of La
Stbwhat this a j
a aled ad talented at BUwas
unoer dispute at the close of .
day. painting, but *by then te
Wn Hall was an painted out-
side, the chairs and tables were
S glistening with still wve phatn
and many tentative smears en-
livened such parts of the interior
as had proved to be within reach.
Just as there wa some special.
preparation on hand to
.dwn the .pant, so .aai
," ry-b-r.ew apt? 'w
. Bd ortoOr tO q'l*e.


1, .+


j~- a'




.. 7, ._


7, uS
4m w rb4 W WtC sli MI Al NUU MAS&


w~ ~ ~

..a ~ *.

'I~~ 4

f,* ,- ... W c
-. r*' 4

t .. t .O.-*
* **-<

- r. 'N .
?-*.. -*,..

-~ 4


I *
1' -

Sm : -W .'

- ~*






IW 2/66d

___~ __


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