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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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~u&- A*


W~twu j1

: .( 74 "ff.

Ste n and the cpwns' i safe" Abraham Lincoln.

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'Cd., Qflf'iI..

evot wrwmeslielaI was
stI Who stele a Met -dedS
an Afclal of one of the GOev
led t ros handing

- a I*

of the uiystetlous "acaidenW"
that hae destroyedone big slly
and OdWaged three others with-
in.a week.
, Te aso, were Investigating
"mnor defects of an unexplain-
ed nature" on the Warrior's slater
hip, Ht Triumph. Both ves-
a@ fleet carriers, are in
A heavy electric cable on the
3,0M-ton Warrior was damaged
-pouibly sawed in two-- and
pte e wool was discovered in
machinery aboard the Triumph.,
NaWal aatorhtles said the steel
wool n have been dropped
aeeultulby a workman, elm
ianting the possibility of sabot-
I r tthe Cae of the Triumph.
But hundreds of dockyard
worterg andomn e crew members
were estloned in the Secnd
Ir mMWsrious m ishap abod
We wafte. i

lekds from two burning gas wells In t
fire under control with 75-mm. rifle sab





Bodies Floating

Ashore In Icy

Seas Off Belfast
0 -
BELFAST, North Ireland, Jan. 31 (UP The feft.
"Princess Victoria" sank in a ranging blizzard between
Scotland and North Irerand today and heavy loss of life
was feared among the 123 pauengep and 60 crew memr
An Army gun crew (arrow) prOA_ to blast the valve hers aboard.
be Gulf of Mexico. The attempt to ring the mllion-dolar The icysea was churning in mountainouss waves as
ells failed. Site of the blaze is 10 moles off the Louisiana
men and women leaped from the listing deck of the
ferry, grabbing in panic at lifebelts and clinging to
senfs Flee Iowa Town debris.
SI entS Flee Iowa Town dbTwenty persons were picked up by a lifeboat from
the nearby port of Donaghadee. They were transferred
s Leaking Gas Escapes to a tanker and the lifeboat turned again to the almost
hopeless job of saving more.
SA spokesman of the British Ad- In early afternoon, he repatW
D OA la., Jan. 31 (UP) romSd &in the area were blocked miralty said It Was feared loss ed that the engine room hS
S a leaky tak rep to k out traffic. Trains were of life would be heavy. been flooded, that the ferry we
a d of thi city of. not ed t o er In the It is unlikely that anywhere on her "beam ends" and that's
to riin some re- fr will be aved" be id. had given the orderaband
Is fii their homes and Trio power am R emcue ablm e.pthe scene Li- h"." That the last radio mu'-
rg atoboxe b & of the gsahM"e ;j Ufad @ ot .1 t
Sa^nd imkers tom tb* tank f a. uh The fo had esady w .rep ng that the sage from thew tricein ferry.
andclear ed ers-fromt. Iu -wbI.forr Ptse a P a Lagme dm crewen le
he .&.9.m1n2Sl mr---mmn... wee 41 It t ltdt. *t ea6.

w'w Z w ,a.ncu nhr muIoUst
Sl tm ae w s l asJd two Ilfeboarca had been
A*ddW INapWr Ipe p--bya, j sighted one filled with 30 to
asse WS n. tan k were potsd he f. .heastrly. ~ l 30 persons and the other with
-a whilh they owid. said the .per 1iour accoan by blind- one single man aboard.
Sause was not known Immed- mlM J inmr spow and eean _a n -"-
7atuin. iN $er The 2,694-ton ferry, an ocean-
ae polaPonce As xta eft some going ship operated by the Brit- aI
had been drin family ne e S moved l A ish Railways, had gone out of YOUMy WNIM L
t droccurvered at 11:45 out of the negh od cor- H control this morning on the
S left t urn. The car pletely to qpend the night with short voyage from the Scottish Fnil A ,
1 f lef tt friends at a distance, or slept An American employee of the port of Btriraor to Belfast in In In r bs e
q owent downVag Intheicars. 'f al Divison Frank North rela Her skipper,. Capt.ToR
-tfog was chest, car lights Balboa Magistrhte's Court yes- the Prinae ictoria drifted andTo Reach e
"fErom th tank, S m ae stet a p0nd of bacon worth Irish coast. A youi ru enezuelan stowaway
...i....eled .rouittA was frustrated in his attempts
melled throughe in er. cents. .I to reach Mexico when he was
Mf 'Polce,, olm e, The -y ear-ol American Cancr Specia1st S k into c e cstdar
e lBn.e Wo a ,S, pleaded gulty to the attempted the Orace Line's 8.8. Bants O-
thorites .nowwl .l .- a petty lire-ny charg, andaactngG ieO
the tag area to turnoff tiAt -a Iay is hernre- To Be Decorated via reached Balboa.
hance noo a o om e thtwoe Durinn' Loc l Visitf e Is Edgar Enrique Asanlo
ch4Sate oigh. y an .o lmach trieto hide two"Loc lV-- ...Ide Awrocha. l/ 7who stowed away
Jan 1 (UP)-- State highway 48 and pa kge of bacon In a bag of Dr. AltcoaOchsner of New Or- in Buenaventura after hiking all
ftom Com- etable which had been paid leans, a world-famous cancer the way crosss Colombil tumn
launched A d sealed, when an obser- specialist and head of the the Venezuelan, border. He said
S protest ke A Ch nce vr ed actions to the Ochsner undat on, is sched- he was headed for Mexico where
S*. eashla *t the Anoon commis- uled to arrte in Pa&ima Feb 17 he has relatives.
At The Cdet W s When the cashier began en route to the United states Also aboard the Grace .ne
tidS, b t tep he package of vegpta- from a trip throughout South ship was another stomwayZre-
The roulette wheel pays oft bl to"ek It, he American Amerlca. llx Leonardo Bspinoae de Mo Ao.
Wre strked .down in at to 1. fled the ne. During his visit here Dr. 24. who got on in Callao,. He is a
th strike. No cThe e table, If you it rlA,. He was and arrested later by Ochsenr Ube decorated by Peruvian.
r olmpy woweel Canal Zone police and hospital- President an with the Order Both stowaways were being
olo It's the beeflt I MM A "fa observation" fQr two of Vasco r de Balboa. held in the Balboa Jail until they
Eq a casino at B at his own request. Dr. M h r MM visited Pa- can be repatriated.
It tarted ast 'e petty larceny occurred a nana on r@ occasions be- The Grace Line shio resumed
ha.. g .a....*, n.2t tinues over the weMd. .'. wedk ago. fore. her trip to New York.

' Terms

T-Bone Hill Critics

fair to Me Who Gave Livc
M Pleet'n views were dis- the turner of person- Communist aggression in so.-
din Sewol and made public nel trRSpa to the rota- rea."
by Se. Leverett pton- ticO maBeh It "especial- Short and SaltMesitall Md
R.Maw. and Rep.. ew0 l y t t as mapy of- their statement was basea
t R-Ms of the Senate auI flee ts possible observe actual a "secret dlspteh" whieh
e Armed terviceg Commit- operations at every opportuni- had seem. '
and v Va Fleet ty." The dispatch was from Vea
a congrsido a furqr was He said that 12 to 15 news- Flnt to Gen. Mart WP.Clark,
ted on b Rep. Clare L' papermen were present and had Far East commander, ad was I
man R-lt. who ad hq been briefed along with the ml- sent in fuJ to Gm John Lull,.
ed conplints from voters ltary officers. vice chief of stst o the Army
home vo Three Allied Iifantrymen here. ,
eftearf a tha affair re- weo kilL-d, and 81 wounded. The Van Fleet staltamnt is-
iled i1 I It con-a The attack Inflicted heavy dam- sued In 5.oul was much more '
It .tl em age an the Communist instal- detailed than the Short-Balton.
" "R' ga-1iets. lations, left 13 Red soldiers dead stall release. It apparently was,
Sb M was another estimated 2 killed and based oB Van Fleet' "acret disM-
t tate- three known wounded, patch," with all classified mat.
S~ a Sort. As for the "timetables," Van erial removed,.
he watJ s to Flet sadd they are used in mill- Neither the Short-Baltonstall
S*W iJ Cels, try pann "as a means for nor the 8th Army statements
g c6-oriunag actions between gave the reason for the failure
SSeres Infantry, armor, artillery and of the attack.
l CUlOQUt=@esa kl sktr elements If they are But the Congresmsne said the
W.S participating." tane "was brought about
ag o p .through Oapmbai Waors
SIt was a soundly conceived which are not unusual and
rean i1 and carefully plasgd combat which are perhaps well under-
S hMMraM." b ste asM. staw d by may veterans of tam ,
SSan- from many bliar oa t a.t."
asuoas in the btWr loean The fleters vie wing the at-s
iM 4- eMy by is .e*h a ee tack were the divis eom
mere| It I aipWVIlMa the Sh Air lose cfnm.
ele grmsr m* We W- and hey e p b atn t s oa
r anu wha h5 S 5 edi well ase regimental, a
to etgadlag anad caMn coOmmaandms
67 W ,I t l o



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ea tra
a slo
Itz. Ac

* r. V.' -
.,* .*..4~


THE PANAMA AMERICAN N 'How to Lose Fr ends d D
nounm y"LS"DN"" OUNI"- 'Linit Labor Newsmustle
*7 H STal P.O. Sox 184. PANAMA. O. oP P. A
T.tPRHON, PANAMA NO. 2-0740 18 LINs A
3411 MADIsON AVe. NeW YOIR. 4171 N Y. Y4. omIIel

*0 on0 G rNI N oI.-VANC-_____- 1lso0 4 oo BY VICTOR IWESEL
ter Reuther discovered that hi
B O Xhad not only been waltzed a-
T H E MA Ll round, but that he'd lost his
T!E IMAIL BOXpartner, too,
7OA 11As the CIO leaders gathered
o0 for an Intimate strategy gabfest
on the first morning Mr. Elsen-
The Mail ex is on open forum tar r*eders of The PTneme Amer- hower awakened in the White -
f e Letters are received gratefully end are khamled n se wholly cofl House, it was evident that the
deatial messeer. "amateur politicians" arona ,
If you entribute a letter den't be Impaelet If If doesn't apple te the new Chief Executive had
a st day. Lettes re published in the order received: taken exactly 10 weeks to split
Please try to keep the letters limited to one poe length. the labor coalition whose mil-
Identity of lta wirs is held in strictest enfl e. lions, in manpower and money,
S This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinis the Democrats had had avail-
eapressed in letters from readers able for 20 years.
0-For there Is no doubt, at the
DEMOCRACY INCLUDES THE RIGHT TO DISLIKE moment at least, that the two
powerful labor federations,
ir: the AFL and CIO, have split
wide open. I bell*W evidence
In answer to the recent article by "Created Equal" from La of tois pehism, e throws
Boca, he states that he believes in Democracy but in the next each giant labor ealittlan Into
b*eath he says we must treat him nice or get out. a different polilties amptsan e
Joe, our Constitution gives us the right of free speech, which be found In a private enver
i, ludes the right to like and dislike whom we %#$11 please, in- nation between. tw epan last
caiding the right to tell him so. Make up your mind, do you be- men last Thursday Seen in
lieve in democracy or don't you, or is it a special kind of demo- the Washington jotel tatler's
ctacy you want, not the kind we like. Suite W45.
In another breath you wonder why us old timers don't always The roast beef the Statler put
talk to you. I learned my lesson down here a long time ago Joe. on Walter Reuther's and George
Get too friendly with your people and you are immediately the Meany's plates there in the
banking house for every colored money borrower in the shop, and CIO's suite was a lot more pala-
ypu really have some pathetic stories. This Is addition to the table to ,Meany than what ._i **
over friendly kidding with a sarcastic slant. Reuther laid on the table during
After all Joe, you want to enter our society, we are not trying the discussion. t a u
to enter yours. If I were trying to join the Union Club I would The dynamic redhead, not too ;
conduct myself In such a way and manner that the members long out of a hospital bed, asked
v*buld welcome my presence. When you people conduct yourselves the AFL president to work with
is an acceptable manner, I am sure you won't have any more CIO in pressuring the Adinils-.
ttouble with us. The pigmentation is a lot less bar than you tration and the Cqnaute Into ,
think, it's your'ionduct that causes all the trouble. giving labor thoae iantges .
I In the Canal Zone you people conduct yourselves quite well. wanted in the Tift-Mtrtley law.
However we know that such conduct is through fear of our laws It is reported that the new
not good conduct through your own desires. You know very well CIO chief also spoke CIO's ea-
that your conduct changes drastically when you are in Panama gerness for a common froit in .-i
CIty. I know because I have been down here a lifetime. A walk dealing with Mr. Bisenhower on
down Central Avenue will convince anyone. other matters affecting the two .--
Think this one over, If it gets published. giant labor coalitions.
As to being created equal, there are a lot of better men in the AFL president George Meany R n
world than I am, so I am sure I am not created equal, and I doubt said-No! II r
that you are. His federation was willing to R unaw ay T
Old Timer continue to meet with the CIO
leaders for discussions of a mer-
WAGE-HOUR SITUATION OF, CANAL-SEAMEN ger of both outfits. But the talk By r U Ct
l EBalboa, Canal Zone. was to center only on bringing
Mail Box Editor, both groups into une organlza-
Dear Sir: tlon of 15 000,000 members.
This is an open letter to Navigation Division Policy-Makers. The conversation was genial, WASHINGTON. The Senate Interstate and in the vestbule. He yanked t, but nothing seem-
Every one in the Navigation Division knows the amount paid but firm. That was it. There was Foreign Commerce Committee Is unanimously of ed to happen.
to Canal-seamen per trip. It is also understood. I am sure, that to be no Joint action before that the opinion that the Pennsylvania railroad And that brings us to the front brakeman, red
they are not paid overtime, neither are they considered for any final merger. should not allow its locomotives to go rooting up Z. King. He'd been talk to the Conductor abot
kind of privileges. Insiders could only conclude newsstands, scaring would-be engers, and locking the washrlomi,4su. be heard no hbo.
I refuse to believe that the higher-ups In the Division know that the White House strategists smashing holes in the capital's Onion Station. All he felt was a lurch.
anything about this rotten situation. had finally decided to cut the The gentlemen insist that rails are for trains He also grabbed for the emergency braha.
The records will show they are only paid per trip regardless CIO out of any real influence in and sidewalks for people and how come the Thirty seconds later...bloolel
of how many hours that trip will take. Just imagine, a gang of the Administration. Pennsylvania's Federal Limited a few days back The gentlm tAain 1 p nltd
26 men will sometimes stand by for four hours or more and make Realization of this by leaders reversed this time-honored axiom? to know w_ a i
a 12 hour transit. Sometimes as many as 40 men will stand-by of 4,000,000 CIO members has They called In the crewmen fO an explanation Brakeman ig
for more than eight hours only to hear that they will not work been coming for some time. of what did happen when thes train thundered an old c
that day. When two of Reuther's aides through the station at 40 hour an Sen. i
I can not and will not compare Canal-seamen to pilots, but saw Secretary of Labor Martin didn't stop until the 400-ton vsmased th wre
their working hours are the same, 'and the pilots are paid from Durkin in search of an assistant through t the eaigr. below paMnger iw-
the minute they leave home until they return, secretaryship. Durin said he tunda. I'm afraid thb gene otno ver s i
I think it is possible to work out some plan to compensate was reorganizing the Labor answer. In aAgr th
these men for their time, whether it be money, or time charged Dept, and would give CIO a Everybody agreed that the brakes dide'S wort. open at
to their leave, or some other plan the higher-ups could work out policy-making apo,. Nobody seemed to know why hadn't been o
from years of experience in these things. I am almost sure some- When the C complained So there was engineer Harry W. Brower plow.- s h f
thing can be done. that two AlL men already had ing down track 16, going beepibeep-ep In disi. farthlde
Thanking for the space, Sir, the top positions, Durkin said tress on his air horn. He hoped the crewmen t li es m'
I am, this was so only because a would hear him and turn on the emergency duce rand viea
A. Boat former CIO leader. Clint Golden, brakes. do when the Brg 1 'e r
had turned down the second Well, sir, J. N. Meng, the rear brakeman, was He said the rAVa w ll t
BUILDING ENTRANCE BLOCKED OFF place before It was offered to an going about his duties in a roomette car. He It was expoW t he
Cristobal, C. AFL man. heard no beep-beep, but he did get a Jolting a- warningsystem ht beb
Please tell me who bought the Administration Building in The CIO men said little un- "You fall to the floor" iulrd Chairman Thew. t t-n ,a
Cristobal? The entrance that we use is now cut off. Several peo- tii they were outside. It was Charles W. Tobey (Rt., N.H.). they, th Ii, iit
ple never annoy others by going to their cars and so on. true that Clint Golden had Mrs. Ment almost smiled. He said roomette was eat
Does one man dictate to the public what they can and cannot once been high in the CIO cars are kind f tiht. Not much clearance in ews .
do???? Doesthe Post Master??? Steel Workers Union, but he any direction He iMant he *ourld have fallen I i rbu
Is it because they don't want L. Raters to use this way or will has been out for years and except that there wasn't rooem..i a boibe
there be a charge for a toll to go thru the "gate of Iron?" now is teaching at Harvard. "Roomettes are beastly things to slup in, I air-b-
Many Concerned He's a management eonsul- agree," said Senator 'Tobey. -with L r bil
tant and was on a Citens' Then there was Conductor Thomas Murphy, design to e __
Comnuttee for Esenhower. who was locking the Wraahroom doors, when he The. state ret us Io hl
They think highly of him, but noticed he was traveling g.Oshawful fast. The my thbeo. !oIs O d t
not as a CIO man.with M conductor had sharp ears; he heard the beep- na Wthe1Af .
After lunching with Meany, beep and he dived for the emergemqe brake valve n.h, ean hear.
Rguther talked strategy to the
i (. CIO's vice-presidents--as bright
a group of political maneuver- "
era as you can assemble any-
They were for a direct show-
down between Walter Reuther, .WI
president of CIO, and Dwight D.
Eisenhower president of the -
U.Da. THE HOTTEST SCANDAL DI TOWN known gambler a "Re for $1 08, whigh Iids-d
d DiStill Bo d Walter will take advantage 3
S,* Wa* lth n wet tMonake aevnta The Bising Controversy w gef on between n o uo .
i l, enddf the fact that the President Editor. & APublildhe and Frof. la eof the U. of
told him recently that the door Cal...Over the way Stans 141 the A mer c an 11 1Ms plat
Jwas always open. Reuther willon bassador bluffed Ilts editors w thm I yea de sot in a

Mr. lsenhower ca ed In Labor phblNsh i. at ee we wll trsl I e to IpNt.s. A. v M1 -to1"I h
and ued in Sodand seek out the General short af-e s daganda on U. frn it Thet jl eahl %
tander the State of the Senon ate ton ex elusive "p nat lM el ua
C approach on labor problems." tries) landed on the T.m t f

Prom t hi Prsignificaent, 's oo. thaeeT htmra
the ,e m preparation of theo Mr. mentation f Mr. Preldet w to see t..I
) ---C.-..oeothw.ce CIO was ot consulted page. Making ain "an o e ...fw T
SLat Fridayr justh a day after sn the N. Y. Times published. i T Soviet a-
strbuto AGENCAS W. H. DOEL. S.A. had talked with Geore Meany. e through becae of her do
NMr. E senhower called in Labor pubsfronhtng." (Watch them wa: 1 it A. of f2- -- -

i -"" ""Secretary Durkn 1r. The raS l wad U, l"., d nileal Dr lew .,
Sander Smith, head of the sh enate wIN B stel's bIfl t- ( e -s
' '" *e Labor Committee, for ai"nere.l to4l my sountr "We:111 lbe le fhm ra iaeub.
approach on labor problems ts-..0 we can't eheer f 0 e.. *t

Prom tha followie tPresident's ofMfice The Anth Pe elan t gavSidea.. Jam I e the dll. I
these men went direct y to Mr. ce e tto i tPes wa s -I
Eisenhower's s ters, in- Amaen him. -----

h mhNe. 14 tlal Ave.- TeL e t tt n r .h ote p acedh) .oh

r P. u A. aWhere Isa nd a end CEn.
a olloWoing tAede' eldt Mr. .Preent. ...ave

WI he. Vh t', ii, oe.e hen ad d / nt .i

Your classified ad will t and t ...... C et and wise-versa.....o. a

tract a parade of good p9- a te ouse Orey Pink's neighbors
sects because everyone inat tooaU evt a
Sanamdi and the Canal w labr p ier, ca he ao h
ane reads P.A Want 4ds lattlhe to res
egularly. Try them w now ue. _-_
the regits will surprise UIT O =4 I* f.a w f, to eU PI 's
* "Utmbssxlmma Wht

.4 *.

They wereon f the at of wT

b .. ,
It's suppo- to be a ;ott .-mr t- ''
.tSS .4

LA-. i ts

WHW'1 *'
HITT~~fI> ^T| lW


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' "'^ : "'S if ""']'; I"m "
~.4' ,+.,.. 4 ..., -: / / m.,

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.-.QU.!EE EN
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!PO !i awaY STORE


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of her Majesly Irene lt.



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. -..

Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arriva and Deparure

Shipping & AirLine NewsSDE GLANCES

Cheaper Fares To Europe per cent larger than It was at
Announced By KLM ine outoreak of Woria War u.
K.L M will Introduce cheap Tne Federation reported tnat
tourist-class fares on all its Eu- although the tanker fleet is re-
ropean air routes next. summer. latively young, Mu per cent of
These fares, which have been inese ships were --uilt during
ftxed by the International Air 1941-194a, creating lor private
Transport Association IATA> Americon tanxsnip owners a
and are from 5 to 35 per cent pressing problem o, blocK oDso-
lower than the standard fares, Aescencc. ine u.S. nlag tanker
yill come into force on April 1. l eet, nas addea only uu,UOl
*Dbject to approval by the gov- aeadweignt tons from new con-
ernments concerned. struciion mince 1947, or less tnan
The K L.M. tourist flights will per ;ent of is total tonnage.
be operated with the most up- an contrast, lu,uuu,UUO oaad-
to-date aircraft, vl,'. the fast., weight tons or 40 per cent of
comfortable. fully-pressurize d foreign tankers have oeen quilt
Convair '240 and later in ihe.t
year the ultra-modern Con--since that date.
r 340,six of which have been Mreover, at mid-192 there
ordered from the American was building 'ad on order for
makers. U. S. registry 755,000 deadweight
Hot meals will be supplied free to"s, or 5 percent of total world
of charge onthe majority of the tanker construction.
routes flown by the "Flying The United Kingdom had
rS hmen." 3.854,000 deadweight tons buil4-
c accordance with an inter- Ing M27 per cent of total' and
l,,onal a reement the free Norway. 3,140,000 deadweight
b age allowance will gener- tons or 22 percent of total.
ally be 33 lbs. but on some of the In terms of area of operation,
longer stretches the allowance the most significant develop-
will be 44 lbs. ment in the postwar period has
wi been the substantial increase in
U. S. Privately-Owned tanker tonnage serving the for-
Tanker Fleet elan trade. Today, close to 2,-
Remains Largest In World 000,000 deadweight tons (28.5
Although the U. S. flag priv- per cent of the total fleet) are
ately-owned ocean-going tanker so employed in contrast with
fleet declined slightly in the last 500.000 deadwelght tons prewar.
twelve months. It remains the Tankers in US coastal and In-
largest in the world under any tercoastal trade now total 4,180,-
one national flag, the National 000 tons or 62 per cent of all
Federation of American Ship- U. S. tankers. Thla is approx-
ping reported today in its an- imately the same tonnage al
nual stati'tlcal summary of the trade coastally and intercout- t
1. S. tanker fleet. ally In the 1949-1952 period, but e
% is 17 per cent more than waU in1
Tn a companion niece to Its this trade *in 1939. .

Inactive tanker tonnage, In-
cluding ships under repair. etc.,
at over 550.000 deadweight tons,
is at a postwar high, represent-
ing 8 per cent of the US tanker
fleet. In 1939 ships in this eate-
Iory totalled 131,000 deadweight
ons aor3 er cenrt of the fleet.
The US has continued to Im-
port more petroleum and its
products each year since the end
of World War II. During the
first eight months of 1952, im-
ports averaged 4.1 million tons
monthly, twice the 1947 level
and five times the volume ofl
imports of ;938.
US flag participation in tis j



report on dry-cargo and combi-
"nation ships under the U. 8.i
I I g. the Federation stated that
present taniship fleet totals
units of 6.743.000 deadweight
tens. a decline of 10 ships and
"00 deadweight tons since
1, 1952.
Sthe last year four large
kers were added from new
tstrurctzon. but nine were sold
or trinle'red abroad. four were
Parine and one was'
tanslerrod to Great LaKes oper-
The US tanker fleet presently
constitute 2? per cent of the
world tanker tonnage and is 60

T. 1 *. .L P& I.
ow. M by MA h... mu.

,By Calbraith

. m,

.. '

4> ____

I hate to ak Datd'e pni of41Sw pwy,'M you
know how hompae everything toShakesperl

rade, however, has dropped only 19 ner cent.
ach year to a postwar low in Monthly average coastal and
952 of 43 per cent. In 1.9, ima- Intercoastal movement of petro-
9orts on U. 8. flag aMips wre leum and its products in 1952
3 per cent of totaL (first 10 months only) at over
6.5 million tons was lightly be-
US tanker exports last year low the 1951 level,'b t aboui
Averaged 700,000 tons monthly. 300,000 tons more monthly thazi
but US flag participation fell to moved in this trade In 1950.

The Pacific S C.muy

Royal MN Les LMd,

s.8. "CuZCO" ................................
S.S. "FLAIMENCO" ............. ........ .......
M .V. A s A :." .. r'" -

M.V. "'V MA DEL FACIn.CO. (18u0 TOn ....fb. lth

8.8. "KENUTA" ....... ......b. nd

S.S. "BERBICE" ..........................Feb. Ist
8.S. "LOCHIGARTH" ....................... eb. 6th
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ............................Feb. 22nd
.3.- "%OC qTAN ...... ........ ,..... __ 1

SI All Sallians Sublect to Change Without Notie s
PFORD co. ANAMA-Ave. Per #*5. Tel. 3-1WI8
FORDCO_____N__ RAI_.RtA-Term Bid. Tel '3-1905

t;uii WELKIN Planete.r He Didn't Say Goodby B eus W nU l|

AfiA1:4A14 10 -0H "iTE To WAX1H OUTrFOR STr-o ,
** ANOTHER : .T, Aig. MAN... 1 MAIBE THE q VE.

I* -' Aptw i T 'r
.*. .. Aptitgde Teg *



- .7 1.* ~. -

- -.' .!

I -


S .
1 .= ; "

"'S'f ,-
i *


'I.. ~




R.d-Bloodd Pals




.1~., x..
-.~ ~.

Glad yu Came





- x



0 --owrpmw- -




.. ~ '
.e- ,^' *W. .';
!*, '."- ,I;:.. -,;


'q 1

*9- /.,j&..
,# ;,


;.... '

* .. 41;

mEiselnbwer May Free Chimng

To Aack Red China Cotsf
.'1. (UPF)that no U.S. planes or whips In co tu. CheP.
-e t pon- would be Ugven him and that Alexander W r(-w.
""ld _of i U.. any action .ainst the coast the sonata
r rms Wdln notW alivolve 'he Unit*d Ciomattee
move that w free Chilse state in any way no matter terda that he
Na. lonalat boop hhlt4nd- bow they came out. aurpried if before many mor1 h
run Mi on. the V dasoa. I I any case, the plan probab-,we may have In our the
U '..- i munilnt : i2 ox admuran would force the 'Chl iewe equivalent of a ,KATO for te
-, s d ~m unlsts to divert manpower Far East."
ST ighli be the first move with Chiang free to strike from
by ML. ehowur to Mry out 94rea. He indicated there may
sthe M inds i eioed nt word plae f ra There have ben increasing plans for a bsrad seity
S-'i waging the Kdrean war and thladiea'Itom s that the Eisenhower ieanee oevond the scope of pre-
S-world-wide fight against Coan'ministration Is moving to ent P~.rcerAw bet.wn t'ii.
Sto im. ghten up Far Eastern poll- country mad its alle@ In1 t
The Pwdt =day ises cLIFar East.
Wtavrite the acton tbate tte The President said on his
Union to duration trip to Korea
Monday or nheintendedto train more
that the Ile d ms Leen Korean troops and Iron
(RDt)rspply problem&
arged by M irs or Ma-,

.' 191 111 on.. O u np AUKt aN juas The Istbmlan Nurses' Asocia-
two d.aysaer's NatsprNg forceso f

-rean w r, o ,; anal, zon b eor-. ncame 1 .,
S* ......... .-Th OwFi o s '" o ordee. te flMt to 3rtd clatituent unit of the e.
.....-..... 0 1seae ~t no was announced yesterday by

',;""""" *. r. w, t. Wh. 1 a ea oer Mrs. Elsabeth orter,. N., .
-:,e. DClo .mndi s etght the so toa repro- VIA GUATEMALA

."a vei.:is *(Alloi. MIN C ITh. e ?i t, a nurses as'o lathe ocv it PAA Off you the only
MOM 'K. awi diusuishekds Nauiljfltw Dtio of the ana Adiory

r a t..............e **a. odt. ahe mnry Hudson direct fi to LOS ANa
._ ..... .. dte t ep S This newest unit o the ANA GELES. nodtop fr ,
-pen~.'eet Of aR also orl tnt t D Roel; New York City.

S7 g Thurday. Is made up of about 100 nurses
Ih a .S 'S 0'O -" who .llve the Canal Zone ord Guatemal above d "
Sl3S.eLd?.toaay. ds ra ota y 1951 ad applied for constltu..

.... ..... J agyr ert o eny on theANAAp 1t,- VA P U
;OM b*e no moment o any it made up chiefly of mom- sTi fLt.
Sj .....,,,..;...,..... .t thut W. car ic Feleet nurses working in hOspitals on
*onThe t ay s Adla t lat Ade. Ar nied uv a reso t e midtary
uWthe Point our Prolam of the

Itsr wn t tre Conal Zone hat t o belong tonfa

.. nym edf further de- home state and diArict, assocla-
ttlions in order to have a voice
SIM ,--st or K a In national nurny.g affars.

at .. *Isam ad tuone bfy K ?u 0ur e uws w tde
... .,!--'.ur, rfCanal Zone upon the aduation of-
Sl.. .n,' was that this ten had no epp.rtw nlty to af-
a..i* 2.. 1111Voice o nta the wraps off" fillate, with a state association. ss:t lll--a n Ma N troOpy garrtsoned on thereby being indefinitely de-

..... *."" .. Pay.. l --s favored glv- Canal Zone rmain for only Iult
mow I CT4 1. fC.atyon lst h American hortperiods, therefore, pro
.: .be nolnlc e at lon s ndo oa madeu by o e ANA -
Ok a r kc thcOYproposa C of thenihc rin
...biW. 'st :rO--;Osl htA me.n g s t. pla 'on ac A

aes i* W C .touch off l ive -n embworhip in the lath- o

^ of h Ts o.l ller e T.m
to ~m aroi To.1

vow jsk"Na v Yet i. t.Foe u rzt of th an
c......t:' ff. o rdd

ratn might haeism tw b.Uni eat: 1p.m.

4m 41et i en view v wKtoreaw in-Dr.-. Hdp& s of co- -s 4ngin
-- ,- "-riy ggbyG.e.lDou -o will bew PnwsnLtS ea Ne1 5
) It be movn the held in e perna f Tel. 140
DO..,oceo _. war." The 7th the a -.-at eas Hopitl C.le. Sales d-. Tel. f
A*. t foJ.1r woAMg be removed but the board of ebybeingIndeft..
of to 5ayM. No tp be u.s eseurv inn ang nro -
of intut to t 4 me o IitatIn Apertmlia the refore,*_ _
They must havedhad Dietr whrot to the Chinin
charm Pirll ofrhmna
i'ings for. r once, W 2) The fleet wo be re-..p
JIM,. pa onChanlesrinolV
bteq-"--ign.ThBiimef"h He would b e told-

G,'cause tUheir Puband Nme Ike's
tgOs m adf the oI btemebody
S9I, o j 14nc As Envoy .

edt. _,.to IsSOves co(e and 4stoageApmblen'

omehav u insloen $
0,m g.O.. To.-

6"h13 m!th estr 4NI u sheu l ruaw ei C uf

-e N a uis. ev more urgent,"s the
~h*ub"" It plcaton sld.
e' .. tw a r The present ambasdor ~-,. ''

ova414V., t ARA IID IAIA DE PANAMA S. A .)

.g fonr. ef 1)r Cenef le te eMb e Indruei

SSo utlevard dee Italens. Paris (So) France
i' gjgjgga-Franos 316,000,000.000 in various foreign currencies
ailaw o lkih enbralnsbg four continent maintains over 1.200 branobe%.
-Owt sesooaiatimns in Frances. The French Union, Nthe we
-, 4Africa. Swi erl".d, Unild Kingdom, Uruguay,
Moshe ilid *e Far East.

i.Telsi- iI

.. .,
4~q .-,

I rry, m

-LI----ll---~~ --~ ~I ~---

L-TA 4t



*-7 .-

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru PA. Cassifieds!

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "*H" Str6et PanamA
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2391. and

Sal6n de Bdeza Americano
No. 6 West 12th Street

Morrison's Agenda laternacioaal de Publicaciones
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plau Phone 2-31a.

Cartoon a Stre .
10.00 Maid f tv.-Phonme 266 Coln6

Propagaua, S..
"H" t morer'studlanta St
Phones 3.A34 and -2708

61 an

AUIASfor 12 words.
#tie*dl.toaal we.t

WANTED Urgent unfurnished
t house or apartment. Two or three
Bedroom. Call 3-1984.
VANTED:-Urgently re fulred fur-
l bbed apartment. Belle Viste for
may period. Cell Americen imbes-
S 3-1932.
Nondo's Drive-in offers the best
i' jdwiches in the city, 100 meters
S after main entrance to Juan Fron-

WANTED--Typewriter in good con-
dition at reasonable price, prefer-
ably Underwood portable. Tele-
Avenue No. 7. Phone 3-2529.

FOR SALE:-Double bed. modern
Mahogany wardrobe, modern, small
radio. Bargain. No. 77 Apt. 5. Es-
tudiante Street
FOR SALE--Mahogany diningroom
set. 14th Street No. 117, Paitilla.
"O SALE:-Frigidaire refrigerator,
8 It. Like new. R2-B Rousseau.
Prhne 25-3309.
*FO SALE:-25 cycle, refrigerator,
excellentt condition Quarters 285-
3, Albrook. Coill after 4 p. m.
FOR SALE: Household furniture
Electric stove; desk and
ahoir; two occasional chairs; din-
Igroom set, includes Hutch cup-
oard, table, 4 leather back chairs.
* One double bed set. Coffee table.
2 floor lamps, bedroom choir, 3
idiker chairs. 1451 Owens, Bal-
S oa .Apt. SB.

;,vi SALE:-Excellent piano, West-
i house refrigerator, 9 ft. porce-
loin. 25 cycle, small G. E. radio.
Moarh plants and other household
Sleam. House 5533-C. Dioblo

SALE:-Mahogany cabinet with
78 and 33 1-3 record
Sl oer. Public address type am-
*iljer, 12 inch speaker. Phone
..avy 2394._
SALE:-9 cu. ft. Westinghouse
S refrigerator, 25 cycle, $150.00.
1-4 H. P. motor set mahogany
table l212A, Pedro Miguel.
H flne 4-506.
oSAE:-4 ring aboo set: dmn-
R groom sr, ether items. House
Ampar," Apt. 26, 33 East St.
u .Averwe. Telephone 3- 696,
imn ,.a.
POP SALE:-Frigidaire refrigercwer,
5 ft. Owner leaving country. Tele-
phone 3-4871, Panama.

FOR SALE:-Single bed with English
rubber mattress, like new. Phone
L Curundu'7 196.

FOR SALE: Two Simmons Youth
bIds, like new. Reasonable price.
Justo Arosemene Avenue, No. 88.
FOR SALE: Croley Refrigerotor,
excellent condition. $120.00, Girl's
bicycle, $15.00, dining table, $8.-
00, ice box, $12.00. Philco radio
and record player, $40.00, silver
plated trumpet $30.00. Federico
Boyd No. 1, Phone 3-1516.
FOR SALE:-One bamboo three seat
1et6teee one bamboo bridge set
Table and four chairs); mahoga-
rjy dinlngroom furniture (table,
arver, six chairs ):; two round
bamboo lamp tables; two match-
rg braided refi gs, one oval
1-2 x 10 T-2, one round 8 x
S Balboa 2805.
SSALE:- -English ione Minton.
Ohina Dishes, service for B, reo-
t imnble. Phone 6-117.

WAM'tO: -- Worker, housekeeper,
f), couple or gentleman. Write
SMrs. C. Morge, Ancon, Canal Zone
ne l Delivery.


LW : 22nd Thursday January
ledy's wristlet watch Erime, be-
tin Ancon. Diablo Heights, taele-
ne 2-2408. finder rewarded.

Dinner ro Honor

Visiting Doctor

r 1xt Saturday

FOR SALE:-Morris Minor. 4 Door
Sedan, light blue, 1951 model, 8,-
000 miles. duty pqid. Excellent
condition. Call 83-6151 after 5
p. m.
FOR SALE:--1953 Chrysler Cavert-
ible, 3 weeks old. Never exceeded
40 m.p. h Phone Cristobal 3-1851.
FOR SALE: 1950 Mercury Club
Coupe, dark green, perfect condi-
tion. $1,600. House 417 Porto
Bello St., Ancon, C. Z.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super Ri-
vitro Coupe. Radio and Heater.
Call owner. Albrook 5219.
FOR SALE:-To highest bidder, new
1953 Chrysler Windsor De Luxe,
4-door sedan. (Damaged on
board As is and where is. Can be
seen at Cristobal Pier. All bids
must be sent to: Heurtematte and
Arias. S. A. Box 293, Panama. R.
P. Accompanied by certified check
taor 10% of Bid. Before February
I2th. 1953.
FOR SALE:-Hllman convertible, 4,-
000 miles. Priced for quick sale.
Call Boyer, Albrook 4179.
FOR SALE:-Bargain. 1950 DeSoto
suburban 9 pass. Sedan, leather
upholstery, radio, heater, white
side wall tires, low mileage, paint
excellent. Coll Coco Solo 360 or

FOR SALE-Cuitom built Continent-
al Convertible, color red, white
wall tires, radio, overdrive, origin-
al cost over $6,000. Duty paid, will
sell or trade. Cristobal 3-1090.
FOR SALE:-1947 one ton Stake
Chevrolet Truck, excellent condi-
tion, four brand new eight ply
tires. Phone 167 Colon, 8:30 a.
m. to 6:00 p. m.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Special 4-
door Sedan, radio, seat covers.
loud horn and good brakes, will
accept smaller car in trade. R.
C.. Hogan 337-A, New Cristobal,
phone 3-2878.

FOR SALE:-1951 Chrysler Windsor
De Luxe. Priced for quick sale.
Call 83-5153. Between 4 and 6
p. m.
FOR SALEI-1947 Chevrolet, 4 door
npw tire$ radio, -excellent Mni..
tion. B-P75.0. May be 4eenWi-
liomson Pface No. 0774-1F, Iolba.

FOR SALE:-f942 Packard in very
good condition, good tires and ra-
dio, for only $250.00. Call Curun-
du, Tel. 6128 Roos family No.
FOR SALE:-4 Door 1942 Willys.
perfect condition, good tires. Call
2-4624 during office hours.
You will get the best service and
meals In Panama at Nondo's Drive-
in. ,
FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury Spprt
Sedan, in new car condition. Plen-
ty extras. 15,600 miles, 51,750.-
00 Phone: Joyce. Balboa 2-3069.
FOR SALE: 1951 Ford-4door.
Duty paid, cheap. Overall. 5330
Davis street, Diablo.
FOR SALE-Poats for 1939 Plymouth
No. 3. 6th street, Vista Hermosa.
FOR SALE: 1947 Frazer Sedan,
good condition. Radio. air con-
ditioner. .5400.00. Balboa 4216.
FOR SALE:- 948 Chevrolet Styline
4 door sedan. Splendid condition.
Phone 2-2610, Panama.
Chevrolet or Plymouth. 1951 Chev-
rolet Powerglide, 4-door, 13,000
miles, new tires. $1,650.00. Crle-
tobal 2947.

WANTED:-Chevrolet or Plymouth
1952, 4 door Sedan, perfect con-
dition. Cash payment. Phone 2.
1458, Panama.

Help Wonted
WANTED: Experienced Jamaican
maid to live in. Must be good in
caring for two children. Referernes
required. Call- Nay Pacific. 3210
On Saturday and Sunday only.

nnted Position
Would like to place my maid on Po-
cific side. preferably Ancon or
Balboa area. Phone Mrs. Tate.
Gatun 185.

dinner will be held next FOR SALE
Saturday at the Union
by the Panamanian So- Miscellanegus
r of Obstetrica and Gyne- -
y in honor of Dr. J. P. FOR SALE-2 Boxer puppIes. 9 weeks
hill, pnrofeuW pf the old. Fawn colored. One mal; one
late School of Medicine of female, AKC registered, Fort Clay-
County Hompital, Chicago, top. 14-A. 87-3298.
will visit the Isthmus. -
FOR SALE.-Red female Dobermnion
the dinner. Dr. GreeniUl Pinscher 5 mos. old. $75.00. Ears
deliver a lecture on the id- cropped-hes had all distenioer and
* In obstetrics and xyne- rabies shots. Cristohal 3-1284.
Y. Isthmian doctors ae In- Ec^B e a
to make reservations for FOR. SALE
dinner through Dr. J. A. '
one at the Raymond ClInIc oIr2 eles
L JStrum; at p us G W SAiE: 51 Cushme n
S scooter, model -4, Zets
ioe ladt meetn of tbe so- cl2ub 2 n.s a _
Wfi eded-ent 0te^. rUp 3-2^3 Y__

meiscet; Dr. Lavrew.j rsi4IWtov o -rf
ruy (se-leae1d);: Ga- --- -
. treasurer (neeeIs&) e e "'-
BEA. MA4eO% board men. men team 402 atteaa
3' Mp ^ '^ *^' *P ^J7 1 ^


De yea hevesa *hki pathS
Wl e *Aleeaelm Ameeimyae Ui
2083 Ames. C. L
Eureka,. S..A. Central Ave. No. 133.
Just around the corner of "J" St.,
announces our new Lamp I toI
Service. We can now makp to order
any kind of lamp shade re-cover
your old one at low rieds.
one way $85. round trip 135 115
day-limitl, $169.00, ao d neM yr;
to LOS ANGBLUa. on* *wy, $149.
15. round trip $252.35 90 day-
limit). Panamer Dispoltch d6vlce op
posite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama
Crawford Nursery School, and KInder-
gorten opening February 2nd. For
information telephone Gamboa
For the best fried chicken In town
visit Nondo's Drive,-in, 100 me-
ters after main entrance to Juan

Sealed bids in triplicate wilf be re-
ceived in the office of the General
Manager, Commissary Divlsion. Mt.
Hope, C. Z., not later thgn February
19, 1953 at 3:00 p. m. to clear for
pasturage all or stipulated portions
of an area of approximately. 800
acres of land at Mindl, C. Z., be-
tween existing pastures and Gotun
Lake. Contractsto be executed on
the basis of bids received will stipu-
late the exact boundaries of each
acceptable bid and will provide for
the removal of all trees, shrubs and
undergrowth, with the exception of
such reserved timber and shade
trees as may be indicated by the
representative of the Panama Canal
Company. Bids may be on the basis
of mechanical or hand removal of
existing excess vegetation at the bid-
ders' option. Interested bidders may
arrange for inspection of the area
Involved by contacting the Manager,
Mindi Dairy Form, telephone 3-1912,
between the hours of 7:00 a. m.
and 3:00 p. m., Mondays through
Friday inclusive.


FOR SALE:-Fbr or co for ifbr
tion. Calft Panama Americm
FOR SALE:--Howri Piano, pr
cally new. Silver articles, Misc. f
nature. Apply No. 184 Cen
Avenue, Panama, "Mueblerl I
FOR SALE. Wringer Type w9a
with new 1-4 h.p. motor, 0 cy
$25.00. 1946 Cujhman scpo
geOrshift model, $85.00. Ti
phone Albrook 3186.

FOR SALE:-25 cycle Coldepot Re-I
frigerator, $40. t941 Buick 2
Door Sedan $300.00. Phone 2-!
3212 5664-K, Diablo.

Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be r
ceived in the office of the EngI
eering and Construction Directi
Panama Canal Company, Balb
Heights, Canal Zone, until 10-:
a. m., March 2, 1953, end th
publicly opened, for furnishing
plant, tools, equipment, lab
services,' and mateglals (exce
certain materials to be furnish
by the Government) 'and for, p
forming all work for cn"lru
of Buildings and Appurtengnc
for Margarita School at Morgarn
C. Z. Forms f proposals, epeci
nations, and full particulara m
be obtained from the office of t
Contract and Inspection Divislk
Room 336. Balboa Height (Tel
phone 2-3739 or 2-26W). Spe
fications and drawings will be
sued on a deposit of $30.00 I
set. Deposit will be forfeited
specifications and drawings ear i
returned within 40 calender di
Oftf opening of bids.
fR SAL A complete et of to
wood shades, to fit a Gavllon ty
duplex. Phone 2-441 Lbetu
12 5. 1948 Buick RdiA
4 door, De Luxe, phone 2-
'between 12 5,


Ginilchl .Unto Care beach-
petgoe. lectric lee bones, ge
otoes moderate rates. Teleghne
644M I Samba 4-567 Pedro Ml*

Wllim' Santa Clare Beech at-
taes 2 bedrooms, refrigeration.
Rockgas rangers. Balboa 2-3050.
Exgpt week-ends

STAY at Hotel Pan Ameriono n
Cool Beautiful El Voile.

Fai ST'S Cottages. ane mile beyond
Santa Clara. Completely furnished.
Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stoaves.
Bring your linens. Phone Dogmar's
Spend your weekerAd at Casino Santa
Clara, cabin 6.4.00 a e uple.

PHILLIPS Oceanside Coate
only court In Santo a
Oemnvlew from an t
to beach, Rock Gas, o 1r
barbecue and shuffle oon
arm 3.1877. Mar
BMw No. 435 -alboo.



FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
new chalet for two months in El
Carmen. All convenience No chil-
dren. Phone 3-1105.
FURNISHED HOUSE for rent in El
Voile. Telephone Pan ,g-3423.
Nando's Drive-in ofteffltS erican
clientele the most is~" service.
FOR RENT:--3 bedroom house, hot
water, and air-condtlioned in bed-
roorems. Phone 3-3444 W.- 2-1477
Panama City.
_- Io--

Ap!!mei _

TwO d fiv. &Wf
unfurnMd r
Neow Cristb"l. ielpherCl

on. 13t*MM
Via Perre, San
room agetmeri

ir-od Nndco Drive-in spgtiti bs in
trial chick n bosket.
Re. _

FOR RENT-.Loarge furmshe6 or di.
furnished apartment, i bedroom
living and diningreom. Vry CUE'
forable. Can be rented portWll
or totally. Jose de OQallia St., No
*12, Apt. 12. Telephaft'2-1354

FOR RENT:-Completely fur
two bedroom apartment, in
Vista. Telephoni Partmo 3o
FOR RENT: Momrn aparl
furnished, just built, hot ar,
water. G I Inspected. Telo
Panama 3-4941.

00 FOR RENT:-A two bed-room I
O nished apartment In Sella VW
en Call telephone 2-2395 or 3-30
*I- Rooms
on FOR RENT:-Furnh iTm
es porch, kitchen. d 'pear M
to' missory. Apply *
fi- corner 1 lth. and only
ney trance Bolivar. N9V1: 2
233, Colon.
,e- FOR RENT: FwI ro
cl. American couple 1 child
is. Central Ave. .
Wr FOR RENT: Fu bedroom
if Cathedral. For information refn
not ment parlor, Cecilia TheatreI
vys 88, CentrIl Avenue. Pane@a,
- Nando's Drive-In. Prking
id. hot dogs, I COMA
9P from mein entrpn, to Juelj
n co. ,

FOR SALE-I Kroll crib with spr ings
and mottrees. Phone ill eoa 1 N. nd office. 1 3, sate r .
Visit Nando's for the best ice crqam sabl A. M elt Avle n
and drinks, Camel Zone prices Cmnear
without C. Z. IcenmseLs. F
FOR SA4E:--eutfl ined cab T a
net with Hdllicrafter rafdo, P IF- sp
twin beds, chiffonoire, chest a 7.
es, vanity, couch, m a, r p.
i ephic equipment. CaH 3-o
new telephone
-cnpmfrtfeb f-, b1
Wands free. enrett's Efir -i H
',2-282 an
F *RSA-G moen Shmhepherd S
PIe. Mat bod tine from Italian 1a
and AWeIw blood. First Avenue l
Francisco. Tel. 3-23"&

g t conditon. phe S et
"GWY Potfflc 2558.
25 e 9 Ft. *90



a t C omrete

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IV uaa t-.

rn. movb 0 tora.
ek and ltte r Rmwi
pythIng. Phono 2-24:1.
,2 Pan L'

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a, EI U .

to be KE
at the Dl

be It
tioat Iw
A cate
have I
edrn skM


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ag gle Mt1

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t ;.T. ." -.-. ,, .19 .,

*1*-," ; : *' "', *1"H
-i- C"', % 1^ IS .

titt -t.~
.x s.afli

I. WfG~lj*i;

.. /' ,-.. j .' i

0' r
a. c,
o_~ ~ r,,",

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M. f ".^
-Tl "1,1
'. ,<*- -,*ifr"t
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' "> J> J

"'*: ',,,,' *" _1

i' t .:
- *4 i -

i ,'* '. '
.. r. ..
* ,.. ..
*j -I.

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vs. FUrar

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mm u
r 321




*~ ______ I..

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- *. ..~s


I Of

MIDV. seWl .
his plaA to force
roate .

90 m+ ****78 r
^-^.-'._____ -95 ^.u ^ *' '* 75*


SNy"ArIMs i w2i T 0LAAus-CCALo w mW
bm bon omed to the weddlig tof Ms esoa-
ie to a' Mn. Veate Lars, k., o f C l..
to Do i?., s of Mg. aA Mrs. Antele Cesm-

I 9 *. _.
at doe044beftl of tha Hoamsl
mas ei7St eight *f*

A ar fw the meeting
tIrhe Ataedktl5Sbn at thq aroyt aW t

ewell, ai her tdn -edfot hd drta heir bue
h oamelP Fr -m Ir p attn

lnite :a
sat Colo, uMr. A. ALD. bows w Colorado, Cir

Parklas,4,ed6 moral". Th
W& J. Tn3. Q S5ne r, at rl.d wWre made for anui
Crisaka, ln I :wh* G So Wnc to be held
FI 'e 0 11. Inhe first Ph=&

Sr., befow her deprnnr maegea4 d dinner durkn
dy or the States. s eg months.
,_._ James Mewaft.. -
ed the honoree an em r.- The who atte dei
we With hmrer awa:. S iD.. Gray, M
ble neutered i wiBk Ill=
at which Mn. MR.e M um
fidedamt Mrs. Johsn,'K
1 friends who Har pri. ga ". C. a
ent Included: Ba. r"di, I
and M&n. Jamere Aa f nil.- P2&1_ 8Ler Stern, f M
boa, wwih Mrs. owa#d (ark, MeLaren Mrs. I
Mrl Cyrus Vim, M T. A WIrMrs. Ade. r
KgOW Mr, A 31. William Baddem U
Mrs. ase TrmblI e t Mrs. Geman Th
Sense oder, MI.L J.A. Cunnlnghaw
SWarenaes Lt Cae Thrift, Mn. Ca
L Who Ms. Wallers C
DooCpwtel Alice Clement, Mim
hals hinst. ale and Ma. A:
h Marsl. re Mh il
Sason ae ie ween's Club
en Mr "The Coo solto Woanne
SA. Behi- O geldI their regular mee

n been te formed to me

MN. OeDonnen will thett menbe
aom. phi^pu, MU W "

Mh Newa1a04Itoramwn vM iS= al Ooo
inwt at an Infarmala dne lf Hum ON" Mrs. Mi
by r. aRd s. Dbe*@.
at their home N I ab
erji-i Mrs.. Oebm Carlo

I ?S TI Khe Club I speonidag
k fl 1 in 9 to. U beb e rm i iar "t- W

aeon- 2. Teqfttlvo plesar
lba* ihe lubeim

W --- P.





S'^- .7 2% ThNd lrthday
SnadS .A Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Thrift,

Rodgwd Legion Auxiliary
S"r Proxy To Visit
te M. CZ department

S .W q Prench Mrs. Eve AsbtoM. national
In. Artwr ht. president of the American Le-
.reebmetnt table was glon Auxiliary, win visit the
l with a Kgarrange- Isthmus next month, it was on-
of Ptel ol-n nounced tod.
1ed acandelabras Department pW dent Lote
with flower. The hon. Grif an ha s announced the fol-
et a -beautital heart- lowing affair to be iven in,
I cake decorated In honor of Mn. Ashton:
M and tooed with a Reception for American Le-
tic b weLa aring glon and Auxiliary and Invited
the M. ew- suets will be en Feb. 17 at
8 p. m. In the -Navy Club.
.-- A luncheon wl be given for
.imet e Auxiliary member at the Hotel
e Washington onTh ieday at 1:10
i ry Hlo o en- p. m., Ieb. 19. On IIrday at
a dinner party p. m. Feb. 20 a banquet at the
t me In Colon ot No. IIon Beome; this
Theair tinquet s be sponsored by
werMf. MrfritUs me Americap Lgion Auxiliary.
a id M r. Mm. Joe Reservati imybe made On
^Vt nUM Mo York, the Paclfle with Mns. Dor-
M. Ba Kelly othy L oehron the Atlantic aide
with Mrs. *nfed MacDermott.
were the The national prealdent's vilt
SDr. and will inoude a visit to a =litary
Wl outpost and to Fort Clayton
ad i OwensHopita















el feth Ine go dty Colfo

eM iMiide AvoelM beh tld Se

Polie and Bobere Stalons

I, February 3,at 8

*^ 'i u Hm m^ me

A ^ ^oW^ *^ *-**




*1* ~I~' P


hI*~ j




of GOatO e -
party at 161= "
to compliment their mow -
Robert, on his third birty
The uag wf: Ila.. ad
Gloria Cl&yter, Cal 4 Sa-
thie landers, O InW m
Pat Naoln. gamu
Andy MMd = &rZ Prt6m0.
LouTa and Eichafnl Hrkauani
and Mobert Thomas.
The adults who ttiNWd
were; M.. LoMr jI BImmswa.
Mrs. Nowd Prithin, am
Weesey SuIders, A.. JJohn
Claytor, and Mnrs. Jo~Lh .

Wife OfAdmiral
Rousseou Arrivi ...,
Aboard Cristbl "-
MHis Hary RouMBi, or
whom late huuband-a meatF
of the Isthmlan Canal atNlae-
slon-the West Bank town at
u was named. Is
= on the Panama
Cristobal to visit the IRSVtie .
With her are her Mon. N.
Rouseau. Jr., who ws born mIn
what Ji now called Qorgasl- -
pital, and hil wife.
Real Adm. Rouueau was ap-
pointed to the Istmuin Canal
Coma sl m in April 1Wl, seri-
bx VM Maj. OCe. then Lt. qL-
Oeorge W. Goetha:; Col. WTlm
Hlam C. Gorgas; Maj. David Du-
BOe OGallard: Maj. William Lx-
ther ~rt; JOein C. 8. oink.
burn, a former Senator from
Ientu W and Jackson dwIth. I .
AdL Olul xouueal V alo au-
dkector$ the Panama
a past he held untl-a dde
death aboard iD In July IN*,-
while en rout tto the nulo
his first visit amee long toe
of duty here.

Oot wofty Aw ut -i
fet gay smrd! Let ft be *
"bIemiif dbSgube --!
igual w you mo Stl slion
ma ido ameding bout co-
tinog lovelier, irtarsl
lookias mew hairuMki So
rela and WRt on. Uhe
over! For Roaz Oil 0 S
poo Tit treatment coacm
erery viable surad aof dM
pr gray hair. give
hiehlights andl le ,
,abttle, eMarUJooei oes
dth change sour woee a


COLO A 6>N or s

Caution: ar only directed
e oo labeL

l s I *A" Shle
tulephee f-I Pmftumn
rlAlu= IM

1 -- -

-- .- --

- I ". r *

~IYir' ~~

; ;"'* .i

Op" ",


^_^---- mw-^^L(
T r I

AG EAfw Ww

VALUE EPr .tn =.

./' -. .

- -. ,

.Vrginia adio Station en


Pair Forms 'Syndicate'

I presenting 6 Tycoons
A pair of Arlington, Virginia, radio station executives say
*hey have formed a syndicate to try and buy the St. Louis Car-
dinals from Fred Saigh.
--' Saigh was convicted of income tax evasion Wednesday and
: aid yesterday he will sell the club.
Howard Stanley and Nat Allbright (of Station WEAM) say
S.they represent six businessmen ready to give a substantial down
V payment for the Cardinals, with the balance to be paid in five or
i- +..10 years. Stanley and Allbright say, however, that the $4,000,000
^*S'weportedly sought by Salgh is "quite a way out of line."
.: Stanley says his group would build the Cardinals into a good
+ ntlam "certainly better than the Washington Senators."
,'" In other baseball notes, the Philadelphia A's have traded in-
* 4.olelder Billy Hitchcock to the Detroit Tigers for utility infielder
,- .,Ton Kolloway...and the Chicago Cubs have signed pitcher Turk
."own and rookie infielder Fred Richards. Earlier the New York
ankees signed catcher Larry Berra for an, estimated $37,500.

Panama Hopes

To Keep Golf

-iLead At Brazos

The Panana Golf Club's big
lead in the annual Inter-Chlub
matches is expected to be reduc-
ed considerably tomorrow when
.the second round of play is stag-
ed at the Brazos Brook'Country

di Matches get under way at 8

The standings at present:
Panama ............... 1,834
Fort Amador...........1,598
S ranos Brook...........1,430
: Port Davis............. 1,295
I' Summit Hills.......... 1,0338
'- ,pahama grabbed its lead by
fielding a very strong team on
Aift. home course last Sunday but
tshe No. 1 club here has always
experienced much difficulty. in
etti its players to travel to
the Atlantic side and tomorrow's
zaitches may be a revelation.
Both Amador, defending cham-
jbon, and Brazos are stillin con-
,endlng_ position and the latter
S'tpecially is expected to make a
7fOo showing tomorrow on Its
own course.
The Atlantic aide hasn't had a
rinn:erIn tk e Inter-Club shindig
alltce 1930 but raimos has high
-.opes this year of upsetting the
.! +Of the other two clubs Fort
Savis. for the first time, has an
. sacellent chance of not finish-
4ng last. Summit made a miser-
ible showing last week, falling
yo field a full team, and will have
do much better from here on.
ut to avoid the cellar spot.

NEW DEAL Andy Patkl
goes from the Dodgers to the
Braves in a $50,000 deal

wbio rejoins the
outfielder with his

old Cub

boss Charley rimm again.


Mes Dciousm Toll Hous Coies

TTV Shown: 1:10, 3:85 i. s W71:
L U X I They paid $6.60 per seat. to aee
--- It on Broadway-you can *
S 1 o i[7 I see it for $$0.601
TOUCHYrTOPIlC. ... kf /
*" ^St ,

proh o


** ** ** ** .









* ,.
t C*


S. .

.. -bow k '
. I .. .. .., -

wan -u

Pacific~ Sotbl S& yp jiv u

PacificgSoftball h R seT-. Man

League 'He"d Like .. Tak .Over Gard

Won o Lot PCt .M ali xn. I1(UP) -

Firemen's In. 8 0 1.000
CAA 5 2 .714
Elks 4 4 .500
,Baxter's 3 5 .375
Pan Liquido 0 9 .000
,Leading batters (Based on, 23
or more times at bat)
Name Team AB Hits Ag.
Woodruff Baxter's 23 12 .522
Hilzinger F. I. 26 12 .462
Pescod F. I. 25- 10 .400
Hale Elks 24 9 .315'
Angermuller F. I. 24 8 .333
Soyster Elks 25 8 .320
Patterson CAA 25 8 .320
Jones, L. F. I. 23 7 .304
Malene CAA 26 8 .303
Firemen's In. 10, Pan Liquido 4
Pan Liquida vs. Elks
Firemen's Insurance and Pan
Liquido retained thier reOpec-
tive positions in the TeamL
Stand gs Friday when the
Firemen's chalked up their
eighth victory against no losses
and Pan Liquido suffered their
ninth successive deftgt.'
The Insurancemen took a
three run lead in the first, add-
ed four in the second, one In
the third, fourth and siath.
Except for the fourth frame
when Pan Liquido threatened by
sending nine batters before Hil-
zinger, the beermen never had
more than one runner on base
at a time.
Leon Carle, facing Pacific
Softball batters for his second
time. was touched almost at will
by the heavy hittinR Firenen's
Insurance.:. !I '
SRbnnie Angermuller with four
for four,, DeLaMater with three
for four, Hlzinger with two for
three, Larry Jones with two for
three and Bob MdArthur With
two for five accouited for most
of the 15 hits offt rle. ',
For Pan Liquido. B ill er
got the only clean hits off -
zinger. Olem LeA' was credled.
with i base hit when catcher
Conover touched his bat with
the mitt. Ed. Rathgber beat out
an Infield hit Iff the b0ttOi Of
the seventh.
The box score:

Me*rthuf If,
A a g e c i" r4 ,. *
nt 1 2
JiSs.1., cf .. 2
Peiod. 3b 1
Conoer. c 4 0
Smith .,. b 4 0.
e ter, as 4 3
CaroE,.2b 3 0


"ooter, 3b
Ratha&ber, c
Muller, If
Corc6, rf
vache, as
Goodwin, lb
Balisbury, 2b
M T .er, f


Pan LiquldO

4 15



4 0 0
3 1 0
.4 2 1
.2 0 1
2 0 0
2 0 0
3 0 1
2 0 1
1 0 0
2' 1 0
2 5, 4

241 101 A-IPl
.000 4001- 4

Hoppy Harvey'

'mx eHarvey, a His wen.

A lb yes found. as we ea tal
Owr asst Ad you answm.. a
** r *.' 1 "

Seen youl be

prsdeLt wit

HAYWOn.. -


RAI,' TO 00 Translto K .1btve, wound. b his training
schedule in excellent condition will take it easy until, figHt
time tomorrow nilt when he with Federico PlWr in
a scheduled teun-lnder at the a Gym. Plahmer'i damp
also reports tlh,.rdy is in A- .Aondition and expect a victory.

Pabst :Moves Closer T t

Ata tle Ia ba*" fstnL ac

as .w .......1. 4 L st
Balbo B i-... ...5 C. ai ip

Faut 8. DB ear e L w4en iX
2- 4
.... '. .. 4 via+.e

Th Pabst Blue Ribbon inu IeAtAe B
moved closer toward a first haf t e Los ed
championship in the Atlan came though with his bpo1li
Twilight Baseball Ieague whq homer to uit Pabst. ut t4ot
they grouped nte s_ In three 4-1. Swearngen d::w wa!1
tnninRs to hand Wie Proeton moved to e"ond on afC pt
the Balboa Beers their e ooring ax Welch's alnl to
defeat of the season by an itht. aralllo whlftted '
count. thuh Pescod kept thb rIy a-
Noel Gbson we e for live with a base on balb. mel
the PabSt team, ,popped up to second to end as
fourth game of the uprising.
allowed oly three wIn the seventh the Pabst
safeties Nel wain came to life to
doubt, strikingout drove one hard rigbl
.batters. In ad" dl -hbMf e left field line for a ti
team's'causa t f ow. iale grounded oat a
apartment hitt id at third. iObson got
Iin In fn. ,m o.rM th~ ,k ,4 klk .a. htLi

lantic Twil
the-parkhi 'Trn i en
all t ahe to

clime wit
paths. So effec
that only,two.l l(
Jack Pes
lo. failed t
For the jUst
game looked aska p
Pabst sooted I..
when Pescod. a on
Balboa Beer
Egolf stole
to thlid onp la
son trouht
infield single deep t
The Balboa Beers only
ball game came in the
ond and ws sibo the r
error. Eder bunted to 6
of the mound and whn i
threw wild to first the
Beer hitter wWp$ all the
second. Eder moved to

e4 ng mgm. a ground
teMu third and shor
ortge Kgolf made a 1
ding tr for but c
Down. Hall scored
ten doubled to left an
we across with the A
' the Inning. Alberak.s
Aal tally of the g
ien's one base blow
Geonrff U If *at t.twi

n or

d. 3b .. 1
Ib 4 1 1 8
cf 4 1 1 0
in. .'.. 4 2 3 0
Ra. 2b... 4.1 1 1
aux,s 8 I 1 2

i'red Saigh. the

Asv'l oe the new turn
on_ r e, h ud that h

3 0 2 0 8 1
a1o 1 0 1 0
d 23b ,',0 0 2 0 0
2b. 1 0 0 1 1.9
1 0 0 0 0 0
o. 2 1 0 0 0
!M .... .32 1' l 4


S-IV5pE-m. .
-.^b 4: is a-

A j -.
- ,*Ip

*' ~

~I -C

Th. naked

Ul 9

Hmoui L t, Ja. t UP) -
'ed hSA,


p- i up R

,. 1



-- -- I

1. I--






I -

*-.,. -


WY: ~

~~**~'J h~... a r -. -.
r ...'-
.....~ ~. F


lei*Against Villanova Tonigtt



In A Row
"'~~ ~ (U?). -

. lae- l a
It Bf 01a
.a....Jm.. ti

,: *m '- *



-. 3a. (IUP)-W

I '.eo

*i .C .b ^ '*. '
' .. .._.j_ ^ "L .... _.- : -._.i ^ -. -

^^t ^y^^( ^

Wat mlu

Gamboaat Aeon. D. Hern r .. .. 10 0 0 0
Bal Helghts at Pedro MigueL -
-- irTotals .. .. .... "27 9 13 11 10
The Dablo Devils won their Sers By lalami
game In two tatWednea- Poliee 000000 2-2 8 3
dy afternoon eby tn out a flks 1414 0 0 0 8 1-4 13 1
7- wn over Balboawo uffer- zDoubled for Scott In i tb.
d their second defeat as Winnim Pitcher DeLomd

There is a


to come out on top, in

Nu h aU; In

U .6:1.-

ei-m a vI'l21 18 badi

PM.e ]m a art

1 411w

a: 3- 31

The Inter-Club Matches


B for B- A-Beer for a birdie


A Balboa for a Bird.i

as exemplified by

Cayton Heafner

in the'

",Twelve af dit it," said Heafner
wheb he received his prie at
MlPiaaWna Golf Club. .


when he shot birdies to establish

New Course Record

with his "Pal"

Balboa Beer

.~~~~ ...*X, d/: l '^ t* ^- ^ *r ^ -t -
ejNw' 3-. war7 "* P o 4 -1 4 S M
SW dv c6 o~k*X& v~nv PatmmIbike tsf-M*t]~

*1 ~

- ,-., -

-Paul H. Helmsr
To Rweive
As Aw4rd
(uaal Jn 2CallP.,UJn L LAGUE In the dh as the lors
"4, UI 849 247 yands oe TdGI scored theirtworun.Dne S
he Helms Athletic Foundation I A to Tol Le. t his seacsm
r q-- 4rec.lve. a special inward of high-on dr wak..........

sn 151 438 rector of tHe South American APThe K up with eigt
12 .. 1 Athletic Feertion, a which hateur biR ie S...... the fourth RcDaasen y.lkw
11 c- 2 esentation a wromrldwi Anle." tnn yehayhto bau a "e b

S.. ,C. 19, 1Dr L5 408 Particular reference waC made thinn duel between Dny rOLnCeh- AB h O
" -a-dor..P Ch1 18e1i Bra ioo the Chile YEST RESULT three hits In four

,A'wl. ... 29. 2S HelWe orldt TrophS Adw on 9- n .
24 7 2 75 hu a s Canh Vieera h advisd14 0ob
C... .OR uathat his organization's award .. .
161; 44 recognized Helms for "note- The Els -came up with eihto
4 a88 worth contributions to'aMteur big runs In the top of thbe fourth ec ma ,-tng f'

w but i, 1 4 tnent of tcl', a world -South sen. t 1, me_ to the pla a- rup. b s 1 2 0
fI M-.m -W 1 08 PAmericua, Africa, Aia. Australia, n uniel betee. D xAnn rratti 1 0 1

1!f"a E 40 Europe, and North America. Ccottof 2 0 S
SWo i A h17e1uas Ra s reld t C r
i9 11 IM C58 wrote: l n T. Corrlgan p 1 09 -'0
ii .. 14 51 IsDr. ChImpossible to mea Shontr L gue
Sp 19 276Heleh World roplby Award and wentmo win-2 ]MdeP i 0
l ---lwhich was establlad Helms and D bD m Totals........

au sA S i 82 Uaent of wholesome udTAersNtSnd-S 14 A. 3 1
2 M 1 2 Isng.of the peoples oft the world TH ANDINGS u B 1414- AB H
bu. tinent of trough aate orld--outhl et 13 men to the plsatt Adamor b.. .. 2 2 1

,.Word Trophy Award. in h .... ... 1 .Ih, .. 1
foe .-FW ,Mr functionn with the Heils Authir- P aing'ninel. ***. 1 sX.,Mbt .. 1 1 1 *0
M f- =. MW_._.. x ISO 1 07EuIrope, and North America. --i of.2 9 0a, 0

Sbundat -'r and Helms DeLnde held the C per 1 Deatoln ...
UMa-. ]801 1...,,, ,Al .sCh .oMC, ad hits wi three of them
,.17'mitByewhose headquarters a..n In Lma,- .r... 1 200
d1io 1 25*1wr,,ote:'a .0 0an,
of" -Q 'It Ismpossible to mesrl e, ...... 1 0 0 1 1
IN log. 0t 3 18eodepth of the bond of agoorLg.--np.... 0 0 0:-
-"fellowship, and the cve l ---Totab ........24 2 6 16 -6
tau ... 812 86 melt Of wholesome understand-
Ing.of the peoples of the world. T, at = -----SM P A
d.e.or- which has been nioti tI%3 .. .
ed by the elation of the Ral...
S t e World Trophy Awt, In cq...... ... 13 2
JuncttnW wh the HolnumAt I I m D..rem;. s ... I 1II--*


V.. J

. '.".. -,

;~i RI~

. I -

take can

," 1



.< ..

i..., ..-.'

dm. J

an fa


'M aiurity




"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abr

AEC Chief Flatly


Russia Has A-Weapon

The Atomic Energy Commission
announced flatly yesterday that
Russia has exploded three atom-
le bombs so far and 'no doubt"
has "a supply of atomic wea-
AEC Chairman Gordon Dean
made the official announcement
Jin answer to a nationwide con-
troversy touched off by former
President Truman's expressed
diubt that Russia has a work-
able Ambomb.
Mr. Truman's statement
brought a sharp chorus of dis-
etnt--and some criticism-from
most congressional and govern-
flient atomic experts although a
couple said he might be right.
Dean said in a one-page state-
ment that the "facts" about Rus-
ala's atomic program are:
1, ) "The USSR has produced
fissionable materials in quantity.
2) "With fissionable material
In hand, it is not a difficult tech-
nceal job to make workable
atomic weapons.
3) "The USSR has exploded
three atomic bombs-one in the
late summer of 1949, two in the
fall of 1951."
Dean said that on the basis of
these "facts" and "other scienti-
'fc and technical evidence there
is no doubt of the existence of a
supply of atomic weapons in the
He pointed out in his state-
ment that the information he
made public yesterday was not
all that is known to the U. S.
He said he made the announce-
ment in response to "numerous"'
Queries from reporters "on the
question of the Soviet. Union's
atomic weapons position."
Mr. Truman said Thursday at
Independence, Mo., that he had
raised doubts as to Russia's
atomic success merely to "set the
record straight." He said the bit-
'ter reaction to his comment in
Congress came from men who
think "they know more than
,anybody -else on any subject."
The former President. who or-
dered the first atomic bomb in
warfare dropped on Japan in

SCommunist Aftack

On Catholic Church

In Poland Foreseen
LONDON. Jan. 31 (UP)-An
official Polish News agency said
today Catholic priests in War-
saw have demanded that Polish
Catholic prelates faithful to tha.
Vatican be removed from office.
Publication of the dispatch
was interpreted here as the
start of a full-scale attack on
the Catholic Church by the
Communist regime ? in Poland.
The agency said the demand
was issued yesterday during a
iieeting of the "enlarged prtei-
ldium of the central committee
mg priests and fighters for free-
pdom and democracy."
Members of the organization
Were said to consist of lower
clergymen and lay Catholics
friendly to tha Communist re-
The agency said the group
alled for reorganization of
S aching in Catholic seminaries
1 46 "eliminate the unfriendly
S mosphere to w a r d peoples'
Poland" and official recognition
by the church of "Progressive"
priest friendly to the regime.
The "Progressive" priests out
forward their demand while the
Polish Communist press con-
S tilued to attack the church be-
S cause of alleged spying by four
F priests recently sentenced to
S death or long terms of imprison-
ment during a show trial in

1045. drew support from Dr. Ar-I Lt. Gen. Leslie Groves, head of
thur H. Compton, 1927 Nobel! the World War II A-bomb proj-
prize winner In phvsics. ect. also said Mr. Truman may
Compton said it was "proble- have been right. He said nuclear
matical" whether Russia actual- explosions alone do not prove
Iv had exploded an atomic bomb. Russia has the bomb.

EVERY BIT COUNTS The meat In this picture is a Briton's
weekly ration. The London housewife looks oq grimly as the
butcher shows her how much it has recently been Increased.
The added ration is the bit at right, and the postage stamp near
it gives you an idea of its size.'

Dulles Issues Strong Appeal

For A United European Army
ROME. Jan. 31 'UP) U. S. Dulles and Stassen drove into
Secretary of State John Foster Rome where U.S. Ambassador
Dulles arrived here todky on his Ellsworth Bunker was to bring
first official mission abroad and them up to date on Italian prob-
issued a strong new call to Euro- lems before they met Premier Al-
pean nations to form a united cide de Gasperi and other Italian
European army. officials.
Dulles made his new appeal to
western Europe to join forces
only seven minutes after he ar- A l
States on a nine-day fact-find- rook's 'C
Ing tour of European capitals.
The new American Secretary of
State was accompanied by Mu-
tual Security Administrator Har- 01
old E. Stassen Buys Vll
"We are particularly interest-
ed in the progress which we can When airmen from 13 nations
anticipate relating to the Euro- are living and working together
pean defense community," Dulles in close harmony anything can
said at the airport. happen. At Albrook's USAF
'Our government and our Con- School for Latin America today,
gress has now come to look upon it is "Operation Roll Easy."
this as a vital part of the overall In a gesture of good will which
program for closer cnjperat on involves all personnel of the or-
among the nations of the Atlan- ganization dimes and dollars community," he added. rolled In this morning to buy
Last Tuesday night Dulles In a sacks of cement for the Pan-
radio broadcast said Western American highway prdJect.
European unity had "stalled" and The movement started early
that despite the fact the United this week when several members
States had Invested-almost $30.- of the School suggested that
000,000,000 in the area if there they pool their resources "to buy
was "no chance of getting effec- a few sacks and turn them in
tive unity" thE United States just as A token of good will."
would have to re-examine Its The idea soon spread to all per-
foreign policy. sonnel In the unit, who seemed

iM A A A


operationn Roll Easy'

t For PanrAi

to think that the contrion
would be further tagb evi-
dence of Western Hemispheric
Some deial-d to wt WNO
today (paldM) to e
more siseab eontrm .
Others borrowed front their
buddies, but almost everysee
gave something. .
The students, who receive
their pay on different datof
the month from their respetlve
countries, are arranging their
own international loans to tn-
sure that each country is able to
buy at least one sack of oeaent.
Remarked a young 1euador-
ean jokingly, "Years frtmn now,
when I bring the family upon

-1t' st'y on pope 8

Give Panama N Services

al America, NeW "tas


To Center
c a *TAOA International Airlines,
familiar pioneer of Central A-
merican aviation, is returning
to Palama.
ham Lincoln. The airline announced today
the Lincolnpletlon of arrangements
for the arrival, at 2:15 Monday
FIVE CN afternoon, of TACA Skymaster
"The Panamanian," inaugurat-
ing a new service between Pa-
nama, anl the capitals of Cen-
tral Aerica, Mexico City and
*nfUEff1 tE^^ New Orleans.
0 U C S 2The opening of the new Pana-
ma link n TACA International's
service extends the system to
nearly 4,000 route miles through-
out the heart of the Western
The airlne recently complet-
PP ed the most successful year in
Its long and colorful history,
S dating back to 1931 and the in-
fanc of Central American
aVia on.
In 1952, TACA International
Truman W arns flw nearly 20 millionpaenger
miles, and carried 12 million
Sounds of air cargo-new highs
Acans Hiling for this veteran air carrier.
ininACA International, with its
a n i 1i l "mlion miler* pldot., and a re-
cord of more than 13 years oper-
Sa Ltlon" without accident or fatall-
haus just received, for the
Inth consecutive year, the a
Win award of the Inter-Amer-
--'-" ea Safety council for leader-
INDEPENDENCE, Mo., Jan. 31 .'t.. a tha ft.
(UP)-Former President Truman PanamI lgts on the new
warned yesterday against bomb- TACA schedule l beopera
ing Communist bases in Man- ed with 44-psenger ougla
churia unless the USJ. is ready aBSyaters, flying non.sto
to commit 5,000,000 round troop and from M agua, nd offer-
to a Far Eastern war. ig through service to Teguci-
gapa, San Salvador, Guatemala
Mr. Truman indirectly critici- Cty, Mexico City, Bize and
ed Gen. Douglas acArthur a- New Orleans.
new in disparagLtg a proposal
that Red supply btera north of0 T l0 S I
the Yalu iver bombe OneTim Actress
Reporters a einpanying him
on his early mornitn.walk asked G b 4 V Y ll
Mr. Truman wht he thought
a speech retired Gen. George C. -
Kenney made Thursday in nea.r- li
by Kansas Cit, proposing thbe Wr Rved
Manchurian rds.NN, Jan. i. (DP) o-Retired
Mr. Truman called Kenney roman g fTia stmsiu 4an
"MacArthur'a lyboy." Kentny l ar Ut ensoden to
headed Pai air operations In four e1ar .s for
World Wat I under MaeArthur. tempted s 'l
Conoedn during what aps three ODerm n *r
become a a t of walking ples w aork hna
conference, that he Is "no mll- To o
t "Mr. Trian never- Sent to prison for ote
thhe did not lee while a tWd ischa ged
bob Manchuria ws rt police e was out-W
to end the Kqrean war. si ted. l e I
the raids would only extend t All c d gathering -
conflict. Id anmP ae dao-
"Bombing Manchuria Is no meonA t f the intelifteance se
way t end the conflict," Mr. TrN-vice of laed Poland. They won
man, said "unless we are pre- the tfit Germans tried by ak
pared to put five million men in post .West German court on
there on the grund." espon and relate ha
A thEEe-judge JLry passed tJ
The former Chief. executive al- sentence' which is not subject
so told reporters he never said to npus' .'
Russia had the atomic bomb. M nuth, confined to a
A reporter pointed out that the whee ef* and gho t y pe
second White House announce- shrieked hen the rditt was
ment 6n the subject in October, read.
1951. mentioned the aei0oion of reorced to retire from the Q0r-
"another atomic bomb' in Rus- man screen when air raid tajul
Sla. rise in 1943 left her face
paralyze d, 48-year-o
"I never said it," Mr.Tuma Knuth s ill with a srIou
remrklied but would not am yis ailment, tuberculosis and an in-
remark. durable disease.
The October, 1951, announoe-
ment was made as an official ahoa Tides
White House statement and was Sunday, Jan. 1
given to reporters by the late HIGH LOW
Joseph Short. then press secre- 5:21 a. m. 11:30 a. m.
tary to the President. 5:45 p. m. 11:50 2-.p

BNtXMw, Ja/ 31, (q AL '


Riberb- i nlt a letter to0"
Vass of bal lo. rights S
f Anepm or

wander fr Germhany.
SThe ette was an snwer oi
n made by Chu'kOv a
6a.2 atthe Wdstown
el@s down6A "turrorl4e" ai
"eatonage? organizations whidc
OVvwpf elatmed the Unitei
S Britain and France main
wd in west erlin:
ttbe-bltuntly rejected the So
vti demand apnd. said there ar
ao such orgpniatont.
oh the contrary, he saN tbA
oiiet tactics of opprealpm an(

m Highway
vacation, I'll point to few
square inches on the rpsW
say 'Look, kida
contribution to
wa l" '
Scivilian mplo
f the School as tas -
aU Panmafi.ctts)l -Ict U
ment. ExpMood
da as he amu.rd s-
affeOra to 4sin

VAly hno bera

"An L :'Ameriea s should
hear tof,4 SnS mov

k ie .i .

I til a

JP9 WU~~pS Ia

yn -a Go.n. $o"."6r c.- tay
t lb% (ow_ In 0"ft.




V -:i, *
., ., 'i; .

[ ,e : --, p

I -

. k-, i'.' .i '* ,. .
v Oriythe iubwo (?f Jac
t~jttuki pnm.~ t
'WU,.p W O .,

. *>"*WV.Sg
.wl ?lms



L -~

4%.' *a'i


a .-~ -'
a' ~ r




a),; ,

Comm* w Trnwl Apom Pml SOW~ sPine A Cgmo. Ce.. CMo a &&

S -'-**' 7".

P TAiA S^0Pant men Al. t
a sI n ama. The f lght, over a6 e r iew
Qubin lndidkte an the map, will rate& T.
galfm. San Balvador, Guatemala, l e o Cty -nd t

US Chief in Germany Writes

Rough Words TORed Genemi

S .t.


t-' A





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