The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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U6fUm PORUM THE READERS AWN COLUMN i couldn't get iltrough to te ;
gaven y realcint JIlsennower Ai
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i E MAIcL olaX propa-gan.
--o S, tM ...
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S-the Malii .x as *pec terum ito rtee ers .ofT'Iepw A1 1 I ki.a o s aeir lawyer,BW' a a
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Il seame. te P n prov alo ior olineue-
t -ou contribute a tises deal be I eptiist it ..e"--HW *I4 uJy r Wea Aviet a agents greet-
I ejtltes are mublishe the* ader~ e*ieo* ed le, reincWe. wa*i lats
lese. try to keep l tteIMe limited I eat ult Ji k saw ia d6a. adroas Wi.i
.t a4densy.ti *l ft writers held a striteet .Se.M(ew, t oanch of te world will be run
4 m. newspaper essumnv e oe r uepseIbiltly ou a teeNtohe rsi piaits for zour years, at lea. .
d wiit a *n o letters from readers eBlekh nand I spkI at Wgth.
the san soah ooe. %**. waI
er wit pn crm e tretahoe n taYe h, u :
the ts M .
4<-4n a recent announcement of reorganization @ of th Monatlw 9 e d o ai
parLmcnt of the Panama Canal yournewspaper made reference AO0L urder 19 .nci3w M
il "management division." I wonder what that is? And it so t o ICIlA n tioS tt
-doesn't it do it? prtus. I e
'Aa Alittle management could be a wonderful thing, o1if a tle@) 5 .l ,"
to two or three layers of canal adminlstralio for the aome manu d e -I 3@A
i otantidoting the aroma of dead horse. tMeY one O~fte Coambut
S.0 r, some mnanagerfent people could step out, onto the front Part's pmosrt- % ,I sorex
with, an oil can and grease a few badly creaking joints and ots nou e
in some of the public phases of Canal Company o ereUdt' huee o r a .
I eprt with an oil can could make a Saturday morning rp hetawa gI al b~)* e
to the Army ales Store andh watch highly competent, o er r al, a k isnal neto AraJ
and friendly check-out cashiers clearing customers atOl0 d thtrePt ae mhiai aU f 4uar
al speed and high efficiency. The next stop would beat ny a ld thee mu de IWbu e .Lb
commissary t ere to use the oil in an effort to Alter the lontmurders? twokk b ay.O W
tp of a slow motion operation that is costing a lot of money, ey n traced uthi ae e h e
nothing of the public temper. VZasn p"t tatA? ia -sti dl
'.ain, the alleged management office might look into t he e d0t ecr .t pols In Ie
remarkable tuhceeping procedures of their con y, Th ch d spirited tit h
4t have to walk very far from the "MAUnnie" aulluito find hoh a -_yis ho a_ __
nr eLra no keep the tune of employee who are o Sha --w--k-a k -- --n
r A o iroomu the timekeeper's office. These ati olkpers ea He AamaI iI So1 e
'the time of people they not only cannot check, but beraona se ct e *r pSwea ? W ekt i tg re
do not see, never have seen, and, unless the s lratem cMasg% i
will see. How's that for signing blank checks? L J
The aboie is offered without service or consulting ch 04e r a"My ;asi &Oion (O ger!
nh office" should be able to think up two or three ito pe jli
Swithout my help. But If they want another hint on-theWd SJ? An
o0 detection of dead horse, I suggest that they look into DIA added, one cameto bh-,
school system. I wish they would. The schools are soak e duoni g by tue St IOLO. ..a -obody
Plenty right now because they say it costs like the devils ber he eplyla in-
to iy kids. I can .ee how that would, be true the way ed, hd r e, e e lan L at Ken b
it '-But they could save me a couple of bucks by wending hichad pasM a 0e B trq dead horse to the fertilizer plant. Why, ftr jflJ which seo^oA d uLpS ou&o wt.
they have a layer of plaIgro nd admilnltiatt nd- m it
bed in between the gymnasium teachers and the board of edu- T f N!
n? Extra and unnecessary headioarters cost a lot of monoy, eoSSt N 2 S ot and rhe -
tli Retiring Defense Secretary Lovett as late as last week. or C inedf tm iiUty
t, let that stand; If the management Johnoies want aw y year ago. I-. could' trlny
flinltelpfrom me. they can Insert a want ad in the classifl- e dAlthe eias, 0 It s recomn aldBtrite thee'Si
id ou lng, "A candle is br ning in our window for mother's "y#ended. loeb.r as a it wi we

airman, Disaster $q. e repld, It aul be. m D
oltul cVW.," "," bee rt l y i i

cy h heoan Antonio, Te tO ceTa t e t
Snew Peidentit faed with

bulls andtebiggferst t rl be on display be our maitruous bee 'i h A

on the east side of the city, with parking spaced fr ene eSI lAn. "_--If I Sr told.
and with bus service 20 hours amday, they are r"ady to fe m P4,9l t UNS ,h P6 PNo
S of all copers.n. eubeealreaeWeWO1111111
t%1na repo1g3anta e an,Iw
SThe city has hotel for all, at rates to suit every pocketbobk. laW ean for Oh a -I
4i one place where the rush of business doesn't change rattn. w *o re I It part 1*
*re the same every day. Good meals can be had for as low b"Me ats, but the generalaverage runs around $1 to 1 l
,fw"look' at We activity bt Rome prossires, alk
Reservations have been made from as far away as Turkey and 011 of BleOh's cllentas
iae and many from South America, but none so far front Re couneled MariA -
Sama. aasto, -for alst 20y a
t of t Coarty
Well, come anyway. You are wfloaie. em

ie the ers
W. J. (P) Wrglt. and re Bloc.
itAt -rah -- rh b- AWAtA t glWS0MR Z"1
|iW Aa PP|,ryS S hXre al
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13" Strets (b.) 33 This-a
ppateh 20 Cloak colorful
wful 21 rFory seao
ftrine 23 Submerged .33 Townshp
retaining to sand ridge (ab.)
23 Wide-moutp9d3 i-ne r .
r's name jar 41 Click beetle
Win beard Go by steamer43 Iron
W*OM Wld 6-Have exated 44niofs at em
Soin 28 Streaecord 44Native of
i's scale 2Far egod Ilvie

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Now .How4"

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Lo. 9 s AMsme, ob. was ps.mi
3. dle Igmes sam Mis
-"t eS1t 8re a tat asestla l AhiMb at"
grea Ineds momn tab. Pt. Vat Davis IMargry
ftg *. a. An :ntere. of t o
.M I Cat=4r0Ae lean shelr

:0Fort Da visa aon -
**-*- play are books cn
MLAd up4111t0e1s gfue full page Illustrattons o l
Sa A ells and Papa"
S- AdMm si The lfbrf I* open froma 12
wra. Fts ,ofatsaM o I00 p-. ~ d week days a nd e
t ur d e. sr,-ytram 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. on Sunh- sleo ,
trm1 a, bashaU V01e4
capais m na MerI .. sped!Iso 5
can o unta .- .Ore db.iDMa' Luaselaheen Give e. ,,
SI DI"o pra.o hisB p N.-.O. Wi Club Javitd wll a
=Pam hea Wftft'tlub

bJ., a 115 Ontooom- ofMan hi P
Tils t i %A ,NSO M pmA. N.C.o. C Olub.. Ll Oe tsmi fur
b al- in a tU4LAn1Ys oc" l c., H. Harvey were hostesses for
c a n 5 l ub b ha g St nIan e' t hhee on W a t
was given vI atitIo of Brnl canastau were b Mrs. L
the l aotl #mhlmga Satur'. sd arids door onwa Ja
S _taenlng bw the "MS MJ" Cb w Jo by Mrs. e oeph t oa.lm or
i *" '" '"4:15" cubmhas-*ea paw am.o--al~.rl"-,we-pa ."

"u "r"". i eM Franklin Altman, Mr s. Special Noie
-rz- Adop Trujilo, Mrs. Tnt
won givelued r n 143L 'canasta Ywe 20M
u0t ha Labert, dr ,and n MArsh. MhP. do Morm. ,no lwas n

(a d e don lsenmann Miss Phls r oal e
-lm ome adButrkhart, and Meragr: Job Ii Mr. gel L. Reyes, Mrs John vision aboula tbe Im
"' McNa eM. M ene. Mr. Charv es Ipl"it,
CoonbM Mr Jose ote, Mrs ld or ordlnaq
,.: Dominick Platt, Mrs. Maurice ,iedmil .y L4_ g1.
"**+ltu art W. T Fesnle- llaud F Town., Mrs. Nelo ocotto, .Mrs. i~ Te way o g,
d U" Ways. .d Fhr Dut S af = Joseph Swiah, Mrs Char les Oeted in gO ernmernteiawve lar R.. everend Father Vincent Ran N1Mr q. HrT b Mrs.Lmi
S i- oper y but .. M.. tomorrow at 6:00 p.el r n M rs M. C a h 1 6h v t
i ey but at the K. of C. acme in Mar~r r. Dad C. Se ryhaw, IrOs. s eym a O m luly o
teutA and M 4Mr F C l B r -Mra. OF
Ito e," rhnge .laot yl an t tbe
....... ....d ec lestat too 04ud:.Mr lw ing th e arbJ. Mrs. Wi t .M A o.,U4

In h ~ the latearng. ast. of a the a O eein fd.Cudell, Mrs. J7. Oam- Javiss said he did not
e laer p a mberot, Mr. e. "a AIM of n. Mrs. h J. Crowellm
unitee, then..heded by on se m I b hald at w C. 0. Harvey, Mrs Orlan R, *w pro.o
some.'"f C,,R.. ,..,urn- 4Cnad degree wn ad M es Charles A
__o n. a ufleralJO N .an y that EpuoMuceil t -uJosep haCots.Mt.. m .,m, -A
th ul4vestlapt- haies.aA psupd -
orleDel shakkoup tn the MMs. Collie su
ceRevenue -uo. A .0 4 v, On sthmhs All members of the romIen'O .... .
pae s Mrs. A. V. Cofl or was amo Auxiliary of the n atan Union.
uo l later a Indlet. he pOs f arel rivinng Chi h wash thear families, and.
+= -,+.=-=+, c-+ -n.,
,+ ,an latrested fr'lffd4. In the"
e aI-..y t~oi rhaad vIted to a covered 41al3 supper*
Coh ller who is Kstayond t be held at the-Blo- Holer ,
tof but- wusatOL.t a om or row at e o on Mirday, at 5: p-,I t
at .XWC n quar-M 9-B o. .e hlfmUy OrDai te. to

Labeb.oah Lodge No. yU

II..bHa, t
7:l 1& the 6Ar ncetothe1o

Emder as Mrs. m4.a Vb.dudg lU A
10 .1 Rvni. Ple. sts Covered sum::. a g

t am,"lelsatian Cmm ay eaorl a
-, -. ,- .* ,. ,UI.,, ,.ii
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.rn..... .he 1Bmlmm wlP'l

ag "w' ...a. 'T- uu onaltAh moeIng aM. Rowell of so olo.'W
od,-a- supper he1 beeld. Last weeand thie Rowellsnd
= -. ee -.,.M r''n a

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I.UAC .' WHere Comes

II t

in-dA New "Rcket,

a-',r .-.,ano19 5 3n3 UV,41
"O e0 UPn q ral 98 n he imn amlyIs e Mdc .o4

UPi 'brngPaperaw-P om c
81 IJm U
1 1EIN-I".eet
U. ~~~ ~ ~ .--*tk*. f a ..a
vqw.111- N.t Ow an m, "0416Wdfadq.m 1
isON, ''n '" ''
........ l' ,' ::,n .1"' ,.'': ~pIA& r,,b... Tyhno .Td s New as 100erformema eT.l "

vt "D rr ~ V35
'U DeLuxe "88" pr.'o"88" C- classic '98"

I -, 41 1.

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i..+," k y29, 44,.V IA" Felkmr I

- P ,. ..;- A.

ARahi4diiIcm, AIJT.O. S'
+' .Aen ipiibU'

Tea.i P .
. IL I .

.-iw Pio
Batruate *^eel H
Pane ItO > "

z~ 1~4SA ~a~cuaN 14 j~t 1

Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and Departures
rg n re p an anes- rr!a es*iSSiE

NEA Staff Correspoent
HiOLLYWOOlD NEA)-Exclu- from another planet who invade
.,ively Yours: "Little Girl From the earth, I hear, will make "The
ttae Rock" hit song of Broad- Think" look like a chorus boy.
'-.4 s *Gentlemen Prefer
:i: ndes." passed the movie cen- Hollywood hepeats are claim.
A sonly after Fox agreed to ing Theodore Roosevelt was the
'M ly new "milder' lyrics for biggest bepeat in history-"He
r yn monroe to warble in the dug the Panama Canal, didn't
im version. e."
-Whe movie censors objected to a
Ssong because of the philo- Anne Baxter and Producer
expressed in the Uine Paul Gregory are huddling on a
Sh ine fall road tour. She'll combine
gdy tuart, the "'BIff Baker, musical comedy warbling and
A."n %o ely on TV, has sepa- hoofing with dramatic skits. Ti-
ted from her husband oEdwin tle of the show: "This Is the
.o .Tty have a five-year-old Life."

i LBennetxat and Walter movie producer's office:
.'*. ger -ad a quiet reuniondin "An artist Is a person] who
s nwi thout a single news- pleases himself. A showman is a
tting wise to the fact. person who pleases everybody."
it's another step toward I-told-you-so departm e n t:
|ete reconciliation. There's more than a good
W t wo on. chance. as hinted here months
The guess from pals of Lana ago, that there will be a theater'
Turner and Lex Barker is thatTV hookun for this year's Oscari
'N4 would marrv her tomorrow if awards. The decision's now up, his freedo.m. but that to the major film studios.
Imna's ardor doesn't match his.
e Power and Linda Chris- UTH M LLT S
baa seen their attorneys a- T MILLE Says....
a ore-divorce settlement.
there'ss no indication Just
the divorce papers will be I have a long letter from a
-_. Within two months, it's bachelor who goes o1i and on
e .er, about all the things that are
e b. wrong with American women.
*- A*rT'S THE LrMIT Women, he thinks, have certain
e eee. failings simply because they
'G*eorge Jewel is getting the are women.
e look great" routine from
after a Palm Springs vaca- Heaven help his wife if he
A o ever marries for there is noth-
St when they tell me this," mng more frustrating to a wo-
George, "I tell them about man than to have a an re-.
itmle. He was found, on ard her as being. like all other
3mi Beach brown as a berry. women.
SI he'd been dead three days."
J a Women aren't i just women.
New music note: "The Stars They're individuals. If a man
SSinging" a musical to sing happens to know 10 women who
r cheer about. With Rosemary react in a certain way that
toney, Lauritz Melchior, 15- doesn't men the eleventh one
~r-old AnnL. Maria Albergbet- is going to react the same.
(who fills the nicheleft vac- And a man may find a certain
by Deanna Durblni, Bob fault in a number of women
s and Red Dust. a dog as without proving that hell find
l$ny as 3ob Hope. that fault in every woman.
S* *i That is why the most infu-
aurence Olivier and Vivien rating thing a man can say to
will do "The King and I" a woman when he is criticizing
London stage next winter her is "That's just like a wo-
'll warm up their singing man!"
with vocal coaching this she loses her identity when.
ow-lifter. Zsa Zsa Gabor,
IIal -ex-wife" rate at IT denies her any individuality,
:Conrad Hilton's hotels, at all. It implies she is not
an individual, just a woman,
Medina and Arlene Dahl and that any other woman in
At Qt for Fernando La- the world would have done
a new flcker, exactly wbht she did.

S Cont a by gather and attribu a
lnded Hollywood can faults and virtues to theia mli-
vw Paramount settled ply becadte they are 'omen.
rUir's coAtract for s100,- A woman can't hope for und-
i tte Goddard's for $75,- erstanding from such a man, or
think of the money they respect, or consideration, or even
tot starring them in new for real love.

Because we love a person for
jUNG" PALES the things that make him df-.
3. ferent, from every other indlvl-
tet's W a r of the And *th6 man who. thinks he
,- tended as science- knows all about women, woul-
celluloid, now will be bal- not be ripable of seeing all the
as "the ottetanding hor- many ways in which one woman
aM of all tmne." Producer iz ditferer.t from all the other
Pal's gruesome little men women he has known.
WELrIN Pimaeteer Spaceman


By Calbraith

I, -

"We can't ,*Ip

after all--'ve gt too muoh homeworkl"'
.- ,-. .- -


Great White Fleet

S.S. "MAXA" .....................................Jam. I
S.S. "A KNOT" ............................ A.
*S.S. "CHIQUI" ................................ feb.
S.S. "C HUGO STINNES" ..................Feb.
S.S. "BYFJORD"' ...............................Feb.

* andlbun mSriMtraied ChMl ai Genam Clr

S.S. "MABELLA" ................. ....... ..Jan. -8
S.S. "L. H.L CARL" ...............................Feb. 2
S.S. "SAN JOSE" .................................Feb.
S.S. "MANAQU"' .................................Feb. 7
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ...........................Feb. 10
S.S. "COPAN" ..............................;......Feb. 12

rr"eqal righ i n- urUL a
WON Coat Ceamei can mu

S.S. "3YAMAIor.................
S.S. "JAMAICA" ..................... ............Feb. 4
WeeM.U twle P- a e L hM.
Chuliloa L &aWeNM k



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That's Our Pe.



Wrong Spot '

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-~ ~ *,<: 2
'A -

Iow Porn

I"" -, Tl ,K -

.:'"-. "i', .. i.? ,

4. ,.- .
t^,.l i t..,.- ,: .


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maMo mua


*#offNir~ff D

Of StatDufiAbf

Io k.And r ,.r erI

SCrrelate and evaluate all froein B t0 *mdta
39 Inteallence Spom abroad. iUQo e tlo the depu Maioaal uen room n a

Pt tha

"- U

At.o amith i'


Aid~ -. .. I' ^ -E ^^ ^
I I'L'

ublucan leader Rob-
whe was co-author
Hartley law while
man of the Labor
S1947. had accept-
osalsa long before
apaln. /
0Yldeld the chair-
milth U! ver.
Kae Ui. ..nt r

the law
lo nt : dlJ tn.



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6 pc. plab setdng
iMustrated 25--
others from 17.95
,m -.

W. AL11it.1 1.

i-. *''' 'i --.- -. .j-d- l i -.^S iS. M -


Eo iged to to to Rentas lters Impectios to pay
an4ea6Wa ilgm& on ,the ibdo pumbeWithot
1h^jfast.4 ttt|K~ei and adt v d
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4. r


You Sell 'em..When You Tell 'em thru PA. lassifieds

Leave youv Ad with one of our Agents or our offices In No. 57 "W Street Panami
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fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

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FOR SALE:-Venetian Blinds: k-tch-
on 121 18" x 43" $14.00; Pan-
try til 24" x 45'. $7.00; Din-
Ingroom 12l 54" x 60" $36.00.,
S Bathroom I 1 l 36" x 48" $5.50,
Bedrooms 14) 36" x 60" $42.50
Tw o wooder porch screens $24.00
i ,Lattice complete downstairs en-
closure New Cristobol Cottage)
$100.00. Cristobal 3-1268.
S OR SALE:-3 porch blinds. $3.00
e lich. baby car bed $10.00, baby
Kj bdthinette. $3.00, small radio $10.
S tAble lamp, $2.00, play pen,
$7.00. Tel Jlboa 2696.

SReu Estate
SFOR SALE:-Lovely 3-bedroom cot-
tcga, two bozii, terrcce, garden.
gz.,.e and yard. gcod residential
neig.ibothood. Five Thousand down
$88 per month, long term mort-
gage. Call 3-1621.
FOR SALE:-2,400 Sq. meters land
fenced, modern concrete cottage.
two bedrooms, kitchen and bath,
furnished. Kerosene refrigerator.
olt Stove. Light plant and pump.
deep well, two steel tow-Is and
tanks. Large garage and sh9p,
tools, lumber, etc. Previously owned
by Foster. Gorgona Beech. Price
$4,000.00 or will rent for $35.00
per month. Apply R. E. Hokins,
ox 256, Ancon or phone Balboa


7 WANTED: Completely furnrihed
S Prtment for North Amfrican
; Couple. No children. Call Roos.
n. amo 2-4788 between 9-12
i nd 2-5.

.ANTED:-U. S. couple seeking va-
SCation quarters in Cristobal or Co-
'. n or small furnished apartment
I Jn Colon. commenrinq Fe -r.'-.
5th. Phone Cristobol 3-2313
worn noon to 1 p. m. or after 4:00

:-Diamond shrine lapel pin,
On or about January third. Finder
please write David Cantway.
Aptdo. 246 Caracas, or call Bel-
a 2956. Reward.

L T:---Glasses on or near Amador
Rood, in brown coae. Need badly.
awrd. Call 2-1491.



guey e.
shu b~...

h" they

11 mytbing
T iym.A.

FOR SALE:-Beautlful 1951 Chev-
rolet Styline DeLuxe 4-doer Se-
dan, hardly used, perfect condi-
tion. For demestrtloe cell or see
it Smoot y Hunnlcutt S. A. 16th
St. Central Ave. Colen. Tel. 800.
FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Speciol.
Dynaflow, rodio, new tres. Make
offer. Phone 87-344 Ft. Daviy or
8-8942, Coso Solito.
BARGAIN:-1949 Ford Station We-
... seJn lfims- lea-ther gu-


Do "s beoy a d ehi kg bd
Wrift AIrehblla Aimemume Sa
2021 AIem C. Z.
Eureka. S. A. Central Avr. No. 133.
Just around the comer of "J" St.,
announces our new Lamp Shed
Service. We can now make to order
any kind of lamr. shade or re-cover
your old one at low prices.


honsy perfet .runn. cd. rFOR SALE:-Ilmported 100% Hal-
tion. Fr sole at Smeet y Hamni- land canaries. Supflower seed for
cuft S. A. 16th. St. Central Av parrots. Acuorio Tropical., opposite
n Te. 00 Juan Franco Stables, besIde Drive
Colon Tel. 800. In. Phone 3-4132, Panama.
FOR SALE.-1953 Plymouth Sedan. FOR S E:-Blond Cocker Spani
Crankbrook, Cactus Green. Not only FOR SALE:-Blondc Cocker Spaniel
paid. Equipped with radio, direc- puppy, female, 4 months old, re-
t.onal lights, Selex glass through gistered. Call Balboa 4437.
out, chrome wheel disks, good buy. Post Off re
Must sell at once. H5 602-B Co- Positron Offered
coll, or call Balboa 2-1908.
S-1 -- North American or Euriopeon sales-
GOOD TRANSPORTATION. 1951 man wanted. Hotel International,
Buick Super 2-deer Sedan. good room 602.
upholstery, radio and 5 good tires.
For sale at Smoot y Hunnicutt S.
A. 16th. St. Central Ave. Col Ii d
Tel. 800. AMI VnI 'Official
FOR SAUE:-1950 Oldsmobile hard 0f YMCA S eak
top convertible. Duty Paid. May 01 YMCA Spe ks
be financed. Balboa 4355 or 3101. F _f o '_ -

FOR SALII-1947 Ford 4-deer with
good seat coven and perfect run-
ning condition. Esy peyme'nts at
Smoett y Hunnicutt S. A. 16Ith. St.
Central Ave., Colon. TeL 800.
dan, very good condition. Tel. 2-
1949 BUICK Super 4-deer Sedan
with dyneflow, radle. seat covers.
5-good tire, ecelent cendmite.
For sole at Sme~t y Hunnicurtt S.
A. 16th. St. Central Avenue, Co-
Ion. telephone 00.
FOR SALE:-1934 Plymouth black 4
door sedan, excellent condition No.
19, 45th Street. Telephone 3-
1622. 5:30 p. m. to 8:30 p. m.
1941 CHEVROLET De LMe 2-deer
Sedan, god tremepoteti. easy
payment. For. sale at your beca
dealer Scoat y M HuNM cutt A.
16th. St. Central Ave. Colo Tel@

FOR SALE:-19, 6 cylinder. W-
tac.' two-oor edan, "very "'clean
car, original owner. interested in
quick sale, $1,300, phone Ft.
Amodor 5234.
FOR SALE:-1948 Studebaker Star-
light Coupe, excellent condition.
Call Cesar lerAn, Ponoma 2-0825.
HARDLY USIED. 1950 lsick Super
4-doer Sede redie, seat cvers,
good tire, eWay payment. For
sele at Smeet y Hunildcn S. A.
16th. St. Conrol Ave. Celel Tel.
FOR SALE:-Studebaker 2 1-2 ton
truck, duty paid. -Excellent conldi-
tion. Cesar Teran, Panama 2-0825.
FOR SALE:-Hillman Sedan 1952;
Hillman Convertible 1951; Hillmnan
Sedan 1951; Morris Panel 1951;
Morris Convertible 1951. In per-
fect conditions and juoranteed, easy
payments. Call Mr. Eskildsen. Co-
lon Motors, Inc. Tel. 2-1669.

FOR SALE:-1948 Buick 4 door so-
dan, block. Good condition. Call
Cesor Teran, Panama 2-0825:

FOR SALE: 1948 Buck 2-doer
Special, very good shape end ue-C
ning condition, good priee, ae
Smeet y Hunmak t S. A. 14th. t
Central Ave. Coebn TeL 300.
FOR SALE:-Buick 1941; good.con.
edition. Four good tires. Telephone

FOR SALE:-1950 Chrysler WIJnsmr
De Luxe 4 door sedan. leather.
radio, white side wall tires. Call
Cesor Teron, Panama 2-0825.

BARGAIN: 1946 BAlek per 4-
deoor Seden, emy peymet "od
omndilkm. For sole kat lae y
Runmlett S. A. 1Lth. t. Ce pke
Avenue Cole. TeL .S.

FOR SALE:-1941 Chevrolet coupe,
good condition, new radio, between
5 and 8 p. m. 45th St. house No.

FOR SALE: 1951 Packard Pa-
trician, 400 four door sedan, duty
paid, radio, seat covers, ultramo-
tic, white side wall tires. Excellent
condition. Call Cear Teran, Pan-
ama 2-0825.
1947 BUICK Super 4-dwr Sode".
emixllent .-- tesM. -e-
9 81 Per sub-e BMW Vf most,
,,g i Pe. .e ,ele IC y H-t t
..mie A. 16th. St. Cm et Ame.
Cele T. 00.
FOR SALE: 1951 Chrysler New
Yorker 4 door sedan, black, white
side wall tires, radle, duty poid.
Call Cesaor Teron, 2-0825.
FOR SALE:-151 Obyer Covesi-
IMel, wde aid. K Ie etosded
40 Phoe Cr4satol 3-1851.'
FOR SALE: Bck 949- ..DWr
Super "0yl a,"rteow-hf -
er. Goad4 d ..t nAlt,
^^^?!g ,

Mada U.,f
'7=9 Sa-m

:n Balboa Tonight

At ito Annual Dinner this
evening, the Balboa YMCA-USO
will have u Its guest speaker,
John C. Wyle of New York.
Wyle Is public relations director
of the National Arnied Services
Department of the YMCA and
has been spending two weeks
on the Isthmus inspecting the
work of the branches at Cristo-
bal and 3alboa,
The annual dinner It a feature
ofrNational YMCA Week which
is being observed, by the Ideal
branch. Some 70 committeemen
and wives and guests are ex-
E. B. Stevens, retiring chair-
man of the commntte of man-
agement will pride.
Music will be provided by the
"Jungleglalrs," a male quartet
with the following personneql:
CapL C. R. MacL^a, USOOGIK
alp. and it.
' New offlorie of Athe committee
of management for 1053 will be
Installed Py Wyle. The new of-
ficers are Patrick &. Ooakley,
chairman, Col. Philip D. Coates,
vice chairman, and Robert 0.
Woauey, recording secretary.
The local branch of the "Y"
wI ^ew"ar complete 8 years
of continuous service in its pre-
sent modern plant. The "Y" has
served military, personnel on
the Isthmus since 1918.

lennaires To B

Funerul TORum

Pallbearers for tomorrow morn-
n'3 funeral services for the late
ur Howard Long, 55-year-old
American who died Thursday,
will be members of the Ameri-
can Legion It whs announced to-
They will be F. W. Hohmann.
R. Barr. Sgt. M. E. Brittain, E.
M. Bennett, Pat Ryan, George
Peist. J.. Schrittgibuer. and Sgt.
Services will be held at 9 a.m.
tomorrow at the 6t. Mary's
Church In Balboa.
Honorary pallbearers will be
former co-workers pf Mr. Long,
who was a Panama Canal em-
Dtoye. are A. T. Schmldt, D. 8.
iohnston, F. R. h ,on. L. B.
Mooe, H. L. Donovan, W. A. We-
man, W. V. Brugge, J. i. blltey.
I. Zemer. W. G. Cotton. RB. He -
man. i. H. Miller. B. B. inM. v -
toa..B. T. Carn. H. C. gOfl, C. P.
Morman. E. Halesal, C. Ran-
dall. G. H. Cassell and J. J.
Instead of flower, those who
wish to do so may mask contri-
butiou to the Amrcan Heart
Assoclatoei. IncD.. 17rtoadway,
New York. N.Y. ,
Surviving him, beids his wife
Genevieve and son David of Baal.
boa- are two slatW, Mrs. J. A.
Hopkins of Northfield. Il., and
MIs Dorothy LonR f Danvers.

f a .e

For your v
our Sho


weo4l Snto Clara beach-
bh- Ulectric ice bOaem, gas
moderate rate. Telephone
G"- 1 Gamboe. 4-567 Pbedr Ml-

WieMs' Santa Clara Bach cOt
toas. 2 bedrooms, refrigrptien.

p C6.ceanslde cotagsw wM
Cl. ox 435. Balboa. flhws
Pernma :4 1871. Crflstb3l 3-1673.

Ho I-.I

FOR RENT:--Hou in Armrllan, on
International Meliway,' marked
Biownsville, 1 minutes from Co-
coll, modem convem cesm pahial-
ly fumished. 1423-D, Carr Street,



rwo ad fitv room t.tmnhd wo
unfurnished partmr privoh on-
closed Ogeden 801. lth Street
New Cristobl. Talepha Colon .
S130 "

FOR RENT.-Room furnished or un-
furnished, for n Bell
Vista, 45th Stheer N. 4.
FOR RENT: Fumnlhed room, for
o"e or two gentlernon or married
couple without children. 45th St.
No. 45, Bella Vi ft
FOR REN'T-Furni.ed room. co,
clqan, beautiful elation. 48th S$k,
I FO. 7, Bells NT



Ieg, two-Inch-thick See fi p- .
terday to save sIx flkh ..en
from the freelag water of

T o hn lr'h .W A.m. a

De Grave, both of EaS0Js
landed tiny iper Ouba ea
run-away.ce fo a total o i
time, each time taking a f i'
erman back to safety ..
The stranded flaherme. n
ventured out an the eb -
20-mlle-an-hour wind- t t
commercial eto. The fo
ed and drifted out l?
ultuous waters _of a
gan at 11:40 ai,. and tm-
were rescued two-and
hours later. .

Sheriff Ml
County, Mlchnpd 1
De Grave "h bal
to make three, land
on the treache iqiu

"With the o20-mU1 wid
Ing up a rumpui, toe SIe..
have broken and dum
fishermen ptae, and i
into the akehe. ai.. -
"Thortn and De Gra.
what it takes even to
landing on itt Iee."
Thorin and De
planes the
Air wSelwMe not ten
ermen wore not IdettjI



A* fo descrdptt folno
.andd Eo shart

_~ Am^"



i.i. iO.s ... SI A.
SHpping, *ing. e torags
W sadk an s for .mew

2-2662. Pana'u .,





-I0 -Mae Wi rder
The Dishil et th CaMem CO

-a aaTs Mr ow b F.
Ne eso eft.

-r^onr -ifc


p^T *'*fjl

I -

S 1- 5


1,an .t-c~i



I. r
-, I


I Pul

. -'


n. I

S 'It


V.,,. -

= .,~*. U'
~. 'KAr~r


- '

* vb


0- ON-I--

_ _I----



. lo







AR A~wmv

*M0:1 drtr Progream

' "




', ; *' '


I. .

f.4 "Up

...S i p -trn_

I. '

P1 -

,. '.. i .1 .1 r
5-WS 3~
ff,9;-O i> ';

I.: t

' :- ..


S.. -. i- .

--- -. ., 1r.. *ss In w

Sto Kid titer

leek Ina

W. lr ..k ,.3 I
wMi thdayw g ell rp^ rtaetime,.fo Ba .T


etebee mm-
'es? r .-s .

..... p $,. t

..T 4g


Nflt m

* tar

m~~wVv tinmnai

1 Geo



nm, ata tumr z.,

,etwi- flut and se-
lA teoa, ball t
.*rusS pog to
I't the rnaner uat
,i bit by a batted bal?
r Jony
lotfs a al
r bl, a. ia. Ae

' bsruaer. '.- his
The how-
be thtatl
aS n"tat a0ther
r bad a hames to make
- the batn the *

Sa? te*a bS tbe iM
la lo
1"." T ."*.f ..

Rinehart each adnlg aw. mi
point on foul throw_, _Whi o
A. C.' boeat fOl brought tem
.one point frta the toas of Ar
nold MaunaIg. the Criatoba
High School qulutat came dut
an top 47 to 43.
But taking Almost comet
control of the Dmelight wai
MtO h lacky ouaterf
Peltino .'Pony" aed them
when mmak Al
alght they a "ed to count for

A. 1 .. .. .. a 3

r'. e.. .. .. .. e

T. Zene, lb.. .. .. .. 2 0 0

S Lerl b L a 9oa 02 f- .
STotals 'a

there didn't mo en


1 M .Y .9


The Shin of
a wonderfgf
Shoe Polish

r 0us

. ad e



..........Jm, iniln



..!. b>..'

ristobal Hii

743 In Ov(

e twintUU ball classk
drpet thet an the
'0"teSu aomes at
obal was everything that
advanced bUi maild they

naaed tm from their
la regular
Thi oni veat u a fferedit-
e 01 C ot hehI ucc team-
a l to GbraMtar witobal

aof thi secnd quarter and
' tur to 18 oun trhe Uong

e h ningk 4p stag
16a kBt. eIghat ofhrji

. onir de t the
a Mtoa ba to ar which

at pted e the n
,anal 7T 1 hopld st


d -- ---


.- -.- .t.

.. 1


h Edges AC.

ertime Per'i- 4
,,- ',- ,- _"
he had total of 31 points te '

hflu teatm

amount at tee thrAM a ,
made 15 god.


Little League

TwIAN City Weihe 4 2
Mrom gesWm. 2
,inm, ,... i I

Tua day. 4:S a. g iDs

Fbrg La a -.
dBe Lams noaa-
faum by twfln a Cilugsse

WoW rl

hit afemna 8"we

I o : .-

apm .. o ... 1 t'.
ni**, .. .. J 1 Vi
th oram. a IM B 4t

L> B lb .e .. ....... .. O O

'.1 '

; *, .



Sh *, .
or as



Patnat tAiercan

"Let the people know th, truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincola.


mt~keZU usitw~.



2 More Ike Nominees I I

For'Wilson' Treatment
WASHINGTON. Jan. 26 (UP)- But a poll of the 15-member Involved are Robt T. Ste-
A majority of the Senate Armed committee showed at least ens, Army seeretary-designate,
Services Committee lined up to-; eight members are opposed to ,and Harold E. Talbott! prospec-
day behind demands that Presi-I Wilson's plan to let his aides I tive Air Force secretary.
dent Eisenhower's prospective: retain their stock. I They apparently faced the
secretaries of the Army and Air: President Eisenhower was to be choice of .follwb W ildn
Force sell their stock in compan- informed of this sentiment when lead and sellingtheir sto -or
1.s doing business with the gov- he holds his first regular weekly foregoing the milUtary os ,
ernment. meeting with top Republican Wilson's too aide depuot deo
Charles E. Wilson is certain to congressional leaders today. fense secretary-d
be confirmed by the Senate as Senate GOP chief Robert A. M. Eyes has said he ellin
defense secretary, possibly later iTaft said the entire controversy stock.
today. probably will be discussed. Robert B. Anderson hoeto
be Navy secretary, inlhormedit
Senate committee he hs no
holdings in firms doing .ovrl-
mdnt business.
Stevens holds 42 4806 abares
valued at $1,444,450 in the huge
J. P. Stevens & Co., a textile firm
which does one-third of its bud-
neak with the government.
He said the "Impet woeod
be severe" If he sold the Jtod*
Talbott said he wants to keep
2,000 shares of Chrysler Corp.
stock because it would. cost him
$50,000 in capital gains taxes to
He. Also wants to retain 8,000
shares of Electr4c Auto-IAte.
worth about $500,000. because its
sale Would cost $125,000 In tazes.
Amobtthe senators who insist-
ed c4M Stevens and Talbott
ouldhave to dpose of their

.). and John C. Stennis (D-
nftamember of the -
od a_ $o Rottee. s Q

Z lMARNG&T1TE ST4FIT Schoolgrisn AmarM o Ter., seem
to enjoy, the hewlhta wfta a
handte'as they faikei theWtway to classes. -08wr atm
vatted tts attack from rain to sleet to snow.'

Wounded Soldier Discloses

'Get Him Home' Shake-Down
zIuNGTON, Jan. 26 (UP) perhaps thee "nmost marrim d
FBI is investigating the woman in the countryiV She':was
o at Leaolotes. la., soldier married 15 times, with only one
te family wto made the tar- divorce.
Sget of a home-front "shake- Four of her husbands Wpre
Sdwn" racket, it was disclosed servicemen or civilians abot1t to
today. be inducted, and at one tine,
ta she received dependpney,allow-
S Justice Depaitment sources ances monthly from all four ser-
said the FBI wants to deter- vicemen.
mine whether the confidence She was sentenced In 1044 'to
gme Involved any violation of two years in prison.
: federal laws. b! .
The scheme was disclosed by T
Asay Capt. Frederick Ack-arman Irr l ,
of Jes Moines, a wounded sol- r ,--akes. W ,

eqad his family ws told useM ry
hauu _be ~brou htback from
Sai would pay a
4um ot .money. a...InII l lJ iob
J e Department officials
said the FBI always is Interest-
edin rackets involving service- WASHINGTON, Jan. 26 (UP -
men's families-even though an Vigorous opposition to the
investigation later shows there wid r Pactlee" of utilz-
was no federal crime involved g military personnel in ivflw
Sin the "shake-down." positions in the Federal iv[ce
was expressed today by th IEx-
They said the FBI particuar- ecutive Council of the Ktional
ly is Interested in finding out Federation of Federal Employes,
if.the racket is the work of sub- in session here.
versive agents trying to break The Council asserted that
down the morale of either the "this practice continues despite
serviceman's family or the ser- the fact that It is contrary to
viceman himself. both law and regulation."
The FBI during and since "se of military personnel In
Wgrld War II has broken up civilian positions. the N.F.F.E.
S oeral attempts of swindlers to Executive Council declared, "Is
Son the natural anxieties fundamentally unrsound anid In
t worried of a serviceman's direct contravertion of Amer-
It faly ican democratic principles. That
In 1948. for example. FBI has been long recognized and
Sagent arrested four men on affirmed
vcAies of working a particufar- "Yet, 't continues at many
lv gboulinsh racket on the installations in the face of re-
fu of deceased servicemen heated reve'Atlons and, indeed,
Swestern North Carolina. despite Congresssional investi-
S These men would call up the nations.
d soldier's family and ask if "This practice can not be con-
they had heard on the, radio doned or rationalized on any
that his 'name had been placed ground
on the government's honor roll. "For mar.y decades the use of
Selection of the soldier for the military personnel. in civilian
honor roll the "con man" would positions has been viewed, and
continue. entitled each member properly %L. as contrary to the
W- -the family to an enlareed American tradui topn
photograph of the deceased "But in at.dition to that fact
But when the photographs ar- it should be l.early understood
gived, the family would be asked that the .practice Is a costly one.
navy $57.50 for each. with the It does not costitute an econo-
alternative of having the dead my measure: it is. instead. a
soldier's name removed from the source of waste in both money
"honor roll." and manpower.
Another scheme was cooked "Militay pers ntnnl are re-
up by a 19-year-dld West Vir- cruited, trained and eqpped.for
ginla civilian. specialized dutils, An h Bwh
S.Dressed as a naval s.nre cali ed tondit-p9. of employ.
pS'oitrolma,. he called upon the ment. To take such spe lly
gana iter of a atIor and in- trained personnel and place
armed her that the mrviee- them in posts which properly
Sman had been arrested ftor be- should be fiPed y clvillhasU, nd
Ing AWOL and needed M47.0 have been so filled heretfore,
t9q B his freedoI. : can not be Justiflee on, ar
r World War dta In-. grund andleat of all onte
r voled Detroit womaiwho was ga~snd of economy.

Talbolt hae i n be
way out of the dilemma.

Indod se Vote

SAIGON, Indo aan. -
(UP) Communft atte to
scare Indoehinese Oter t
boycotting he first free 4 o
cratic el ons in Viet N
flopped v er4a and ioi
Preabh-aspor'- govern It
won an overwhelming favprable
vote. .
The Reds used gu re and
kidnapingas in their attempt to
sabotage the ba Thirty-
one candidates wrs -dapped
while five other appearedd."
At Binh Bhuoc. zine miles
north of here, three Coomunists
sprayed a group of voters with
tommy-gun fire, wounding two
before being seized.
SNearly completee official results
showed hat 70 to 80 p"r cent of
the eligibles participated in the
elections. The Cow.munista Viet
Minh parties were banned and
the, rebels urged voters o ab-
Premier Nguyen Van Tam

Balboa T Wes
Tuesday, Jan. 27
With Low
1:47 a.m, 8:18 am.
2:1- p.m, 8:40 pan.

w-LSO* 1,J
Wilafn. appem am-t aclo
hearing of the t Ar
Services Comi el in Wash-
intn. M
But be sdzit=ed view -
parently Is Mby a mat-
jority of the -- e.
Tft hopes Stenate o
1rmataon of fatoday, as i
us a vot on s E.

l--* U -. .


r M.J
an aLW

* a~

to an 00 ot

were senten this
the Tllboa
for dl sturbing the peaee. "
Jacob Morales a 2-a
Panamanian, we tn edA
has a previous Canal'jMRF
j, rl" of two m-injor

a =n .
argument oCuma. '
Eugeni A tWuflk
day on ao ltileatlo1

Gen, of the y
Arthur eebats
day j ight atl
wli bersn
Southw.. Pa" c
eitnurt noow
the borudt lh

dow of a St. Ldu*sMos. hly
dow in his room br un
he makes his Juma k aH
Poic said he waujnjurdu

: '= ,. .

, ,,.'.

'I. ~

II -- -



I_ __

I __

".. 4-

i a"

. 1