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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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L acln

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Ay Loses Chips Cha

IAnid Whispers

Into Gene's E ar M isl

Moslem Prince Aly Khan
whlapered endasrirlp "little no-
rthin 8" in the befeweslled ear of
move actress Gecne TLerney last
night while casually losing
stacks of $285L chips at roulette.
Societyr goastps promnptly com-
mented.WITH U.S
"Luckry ,in love; unlucky at -One officer
Who vear My ~read in Miass RicOAln inntry
Tlerbey's eyes appeared to more martial for thet
thsa compensate the fabulouslyfn as Ct
wealthy prlues for his roulettefrnlatOo
onesw. ZShe Mood beside him. st The 65th
t "rooltb~agoqls1t h oribaer One enlisl
b~d\ 5~f~ ~Y forJ~~ the ~hihst stakes. GCquitted.
ter nsgoina aaples wite The charg
to p."ulenemy to willfu
woe e woe; A~ barowed cormb frm f itD Saw IDk
.;p .... .d. DIthe bvallnes

before a general casTle all
eid. not~ **tenes an tet we
ft~igtin abliby" of the 45
se si~Ld the regim 1-]
has been in the front L
gently with no simil~~alr


nthsa geticsr iLt~
*AbeY7 trtthe
aghal. Afte
pafgag~ Crtim
seaS fit~ pena l

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,~f~i~ ~

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P ;:.
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i c
'------;~~-' u ri


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'r II
.~y. :~1 cr-

~c ~ -1 i
~r r .1

C I,


;. THIRD DIVISION, Koreal, Jan. 24
anrd 86 enlistedC men of the 65th~
Resgiment haver been convictd by a
!ir behavior during bottle on the
,be, it woaassoum today.
is attached to the U~ S.%r Division 1~
ted man still faCes charges. FourCji

es roaned from mri~selivior
l diedecdience of orders.Se
;t@r~6 Y*Wrs imprisonoment.

Ala El exeut two o h
Ire whoon chag or bad

I rd- la lss in charges, Mclllsr~
1 d19 to those H said he bdf ho
("- ad-. trade~ or home tpw# etI

.w .R w
anatesty i




carcd wren
Ir~ nameaa

,, 'L IS I FI
n~~ ir-rri sy-
ste ,^trdM
.yu g=g

d the amahda of al ir h gnr,
afte I anate o enqe ra-

;iE- p udn becaun
Sy A~s hes t the fire."

1, C R0 Rsident
Dion At Corges
lia.l~ud. rb, em o

rl~a paiet shoe Jan 18. *
Mna. Mat;ller ws born in New
Yorrk and Ilred on the lathmus
laloe. .160.
She ws ac reldent of Locon.

r wi sas to ee~p
pe(. sb~d et.Ias
r oa Id assng Oa. .
Sthe enmy. .
said there a au
cb in the sentence~"

'is Charlie

':diar sWo
in the war and did nih "I
-lu- World WarII:.'' tart
W1Uilgn was compltely frank a- arous
hb lhk. hobldlg, wphich vry f
as :Uk u a fara
absqi rrtea of General Mao- l
valued. rt apprgala- agnll
si.1006 7,60sa~reso irr~a n Te
dthe La Otlotri Ol *much
faristl Tex.; O"I
r~~lHinal -LI bands
ar Zu 1-oCo, $30 wrth
a abPe a ofaw
sb 1 Cbi~te Ba of : assut
a6a~)In the AnDerson
~ ~E~Gtifpan of andeson. .*I
t~al tow G.M~. ban-
e4 kspea~F,eo larWh
ask@ : ~o

Wil son

r th Of
have twRo or threeJ1 sml O
I hat I am sort of fooyalnggos
d wit~h. I've sals not some coun
lae cattle. And my~ son hals conal
n and oatte also. "I
haven a fewR miscellanous our
overrides, as they call thpm ala I
sas, that don't amount to at o
harve few roercnmendt ~wo
I. I've been buying (1100lasl
Sof government bonds forW
y neas-eve ames thep, naQ
havre. a. hom ac aLomat r
and I ha asmll muaner umu
en a eI n walich "A
at really, u~ndrs se.a- Ianor
ables nrrat thisp~

~J~.- ~~


niUr t ICY
!tr. Our ssl~i

and I t oatb b
nce,'M IRfoobadness
s had a General Mg
ld nohas neeb u~de

b trat aa
se fatr as I aar eG
ted M~lean 'tI I
,Tk Theq~3P;

L the
Bup p

eassnge one~

P-~ ;s
; ~'~ ~

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~ nr. .c.

ic~r ij
5t.~i.._~- i: ---.

'~ ~ I


w Fores The West In Asia?

ELENOR SPALDING, NEA special correspon~
dent, recently intenrviwed two men who, from their
different viewpoints, are best qualified to say how
the West is faring in its efforts to keep the Comr-
munists from winning control over the vast riches and
populace of Asia especially Southeast Asia. The'
Communists' weapons in this struggle include both
force and friendship. Elenor Spalding has sought and
found a practicing expert's beliefs in each of these
departments of the combat.

perator Culari

" In the robbery.





~c~n~cc .

'I' S

'I '--- '
wC. .~ 'r'


~DOM. -


)'~G'"; ';"' ~~ '~i"
linnd)ii;d~rr~=; ~
+ ~ +


Optinr~im, Mcila


onesia. struggle for power between
re sage of Rusala and the West.
he United At the same time, Sallm di-
by a ne- vorces himself from the idea
Ing fight of "Asia for the Asians" and
when It "Eastern solutions to Eastern
,r a cause problems."
hee Uni d izedT PIts imw liblet torgan-
or equal- in blocs. It Is a 111 more Impos-
nd dem- sible to live as laolated na-
hey could tons.
uality for
,ndepend- "If the Inlilal Idea of the
ians and United Nations is not worked
etnamese. out, we face calamity."
The United States, in his
CE opinion, Is merely encouraginS
Communist hopes of world do-
,the Uni- mlnation by falling to 5ive the
face by Asians any other ou let for
Sof sup- their moral indignations, for
stead of frustrations which explode In
Commun- blind destruction when a
Communist gives them a gun.
s smaooks HADN FO LL
an clever- -HADN F AL
t cear Personar~y, n,faiah Is,, a ot, a
the Com- counting on the United States
neutrality to work any miracles in Asia.
Sself-in- Tptea h remg~ thtb
has been cans are heading tor @, fall
nsbut by trfinlg to spread themmedlves
nngin too thin, by trying to stretch
too far,
!pilgrim- For the people of Indonesia,
85i per cent Moslem, he be-
t~here he olives that a state founded on
matic re- the principles of Mohammed
vernment Is the answer to Communism.
During WRorld War II the
he U. 8. J apanese drafted him to
port and translate textbooks for an
t role In Indonestan military school.
pport for Addn~ot appro e
them on th:of creating
n a faded a Vou inlDefense
Ir white Array W soon restat-
t. Moslem ing the the Dutch.
re sugar He a iha touch
atwlak Ion {Mhis tri ea1
lashes of the ca abse Indonesians
before tha~led Nationa Se-
~ID cMd h~:dDLe e when he
teilla of llythe 28th floor

blen h own Then dilant e eliv th
re a on n ad sen
aes Ido- Of cou ples, i. Conly
mmunthism teA pewud

they dis-, nag more n to what la
frol the' de IR tl fa~lm e abroad._

SKAULA LUMPUR, Malays the mamll oirmsr E~iting
Surrounded by gloom, the one :with th6 bigl estat~i some
man in all Asia who rprdlates of the things Tppemp adyo~
confidence that the Commu- rhas obtamp~ial fa4,h ya
Snists will be beaten is a tough
Irishman, General sir Gerald est
Templer, British High Com- 1
missioner for Malaya. nit an adtl whc iiici
.en~~~~mles~ ~ an efhll6k'tu
The general, conducting the tenants, the general fim~lmpn-
Malayan branch of the war to every mess he can find amd
against communlam, believes mops it up his way. .
that the Reds, balked in their F irmc ijt l-
effort to create chaos by ter-, o ntne i
rorism, will concentrate. more fiare of threats and jcnrds
on trying to undermine the tass dea~ed the IC~to~
Government, particularly by \'the British hartti
stirring up racial antargonian sDoia wherbas Co
Tr/iR NcditW8 E lPra~ngand ver~iu be
And he thinks the way to 11bt~: letles.r LJolts c
beat communism in Malaya -
and ah Ask-la no t to kill the te eun -
renlatiely fewutr8. but to laud ~
wis over the. @ pulationultlo has voleed no~ Jstions.
who aid them. "Theel tsk o ndeE
"t owr yr ago ," he says, "ay uder~L Rbdo areY~
thn woul s pa Cowm mrr~~~
~~j ~U 'BI~bld4jJ~i saeaw." sd one of hisow
not going to. letnts

)3 A KRTA, Inde
131 Agus Salim, th
onesia, believes tl
tes is losing Asia
he and uninspir
Snet, Communism
gid be fighting fo
dn oud jp1n t
has in a fight ft
independence a
pry, he insists, ti t
ere this meant eq
Afrcan Negroees.1
p for the Tunis:
learacy for the Vic

CladB salim says
. Stores has lost
strength inle
It as the (
b the Asian, thi
I of hypocrisy ths

I~ba deal with
s or adoapt I
dwich shat
is Baldji himself
Ia~d at many th
,r of being wa!
Patitle of Hadji
L ehas made the
to Mecca.
a his last trip
Arah~b diplor:o o
ahdid not exist,
ban he visited t
meat even a pass
an imporanl

little man ir
skiUrt with
d n ancen
his head, h
rdde .with

astls ia

rd. '

Reports 4
"You don't report to Tel-a- ~ : ',r "tog Edg e
pler." he added. e report,$ to the o at
you. When he la all thnrouh, he ta laat Qas~o
will ask yon what you have to of L:beld.n etfl
say. g hat time, he alru~d7 ~ iCBtbest'~w landmarks of n
has ard everythina which can het
be said. g 4 a'rs
AnMd shoeC he allred. has Ddividing To
made up his mind what to do. hLthed :of ti~mhe
it would ,be redundant to say and those of the Plaing~lr
noT e~r like6 to til'la B~ur Ukof~ig '5 s areeh@s a
the "communitles of the fu-lib ofm ~ fro
ture." ggy~ -Sag iver in tt
He sany he is trying: to fix the R~ed River tf
things up fast so that the Brit- Arkansas Rlri
iah can set out of Malays and i
Speaell fu ldn coleod cran r m

Despite Commmnist activity
throughout Boatheast Asi a,
Temper has two things to keep i
uD his apirits.
For one, the British are con-
vinced there are winhing their ,
Folr another, Templer him-
self la convinced that, in Ma-
laya, the plan to outdo Com- |
munist, promise la ulling the,
rug out from under the feet of.
the bandits in the hlls.
Templer is new basily can -
Ins eleotleas. lasihchin a so-
stal seearity ioas na
garating free a, rn-
trtis d oanen and, the b g-
best Job of all ereathn perrma-
nnt omes for 450,se Chinese

annorit ng. e t r h o o
pllae This h~lb oas conined
abloe will no retore peace to 5
feerrlrs sre, a to takec awa the
supprt of h peolle. ,

Blace way of doing is la b
iemplrovinR IlvnR Conditos,

Befport ite Telpler rie.

per cent of .the squatters, who
had been Ilving in bug-infeat-
ed shadpa on the edae of the
Jungle. were moved in~to barbed
wispb~ encl~'oirpre bdto separateola
theJ had beep eating. The
Communists were calling these
quarters concentration camps.
ge the new big eemmieslea
er pat larors water tape
oegeta~be gardenas sowr e.
sterre Is.aL eeesoammealty

I that all this was done '
i Yddut! Chinese at their ex-



a1 prestl h
rta, that th
aniighf cos
lostlly i

Jrlrigt.Ia Drojects, new trac-
'ore lease of Improved rces
loa kns to coopentravS,
.~ of tinaglths. anew
r r8r preealar fetryfo

rr~~' c3~.:r~-.-r-~-c- ~~in



?r~Z~~rrll3~r wr L~ *L11

Tough Templer Lights

Malaya's Groom

Sorge Of Djokorto Believes

United States' Fight

Negative, Uninspiring


asr~n pras

_~~ ~ ~ ___ I_

~"` -- Y~

1 _

I___ __ _

1881?, whose englagemenmt to Aleaunder
Jr., is announced today.

"most heartentag" and "rer y
I~WDr cent of thedrl
ere sve .to;.b, beperiest a
af~1dfusted to the- business world
and many of them erae mak-
bne progessa IndichtlM of exe-
ealr Cztfite alber,



o paetllet ystudrasteageld Jekiede la Oma

" ..

~~ -

v ~Ow.~f~f~f~f~f~f~ Ic
i t r

j I:. 1-. ... Si ~
..... "
tL i
., :i
-* P ... ~E
(AE~#r~Asa~ibun~i~iIm~buf~~. Ir.r:

~ 1:* 's2rs:.r'. r.r s
... ,~-~ ..,.
i. .1
~;i,rrrw~fli~'v~ic?.tr~. ,~ *~
).. ~iSE~":a~" :~'pjlt~ 1~' ~
r ~ rr; ~I~I~ i
,,,~ ;;s
i.: ILl ~2~i
-II? --Sek'r~s~:r ~. i4~' I

I~w~~~ ir~&~s~

s ~?)~ t ry

I ."

14~1r I- ~c rS


I 3

~' "''""" ''~~'


Ofntgid Qantt

!conteis que ;
". 5, .
1 second totally e otta 1
eloet an Indoor Carnival queen
of the Bays and Girls Disciplin-
ary Brigade will tr held at the
Rio Abato Slchool Tuesday at 7
p. m., It was announced today.
At the first count of votes held
last Wednesday the results were:
Rosina Labastid, 825 votes ;Svlvi
Nelsori; 689; Doril' Prout, 833;
Leonora Maitland, 631; Bebilds
Wilson, 959; Mavks Othens. 360;
Elate Feres, 303; Veronica Fog-
ter. 237; Mildred Jordan, 57, and
Elenorr Charles. 26 votes.
Bean Workr
CORVALLIB, Ore. (UP) --Re-
search in dehydrating green
temps is being carried out for
Ihe Army Quartermaster Corps
by the- Oregon state College ex-
periment station and food tech-
?ology experts say prospect ts or
anecessful dehydration are prom-
iding Experimnents so far show
dehydrated beans are amilar in
color and taste to canned string

'' ''

'' id ( Hekafa d
eis~-e-t s ItaLdC 114ctr-
ate la an armchair instead of
specialists, Drs. Bamuel A. Le-
Vine and.Bemrnrd Lown.
The doctors, associated with
the Peter, Bent, Brigham Hos-
pital and Harvard Medical
School ~ Icad in the Jour-
nal Americap edcl
,Assoeaitrr that3 sii~hihair pro-
motes trpid recovery from
acute Cogenny thrombosis.
Strict bedrest is injurious to
'patients with congestive heart
failure, they gold.
They based their conclusions
on a s~utud of 8 persons ad.
teripg frol a sen coronar y
thrombosls. Elght of the pa-
tlenth, or 9.9 per cent, died.
But the doctors salt deaths
could not be attribased to any
complications adisingl from
the armchair therapy.
L ing Immoblie in bed, they
sald encourages the pooling
of fluid in the chest and in-
creases the heart's work. The
sittths alstlon permits gravity
to mobilize fluld.

dry .~sr "land- I
.he he taught
whe to alar4 do

tasrrr oinalreke~sit-

~on. offie.
145b~L te Bih

' and manner

Bitghee" ii


~b~ra~ HWu~r~i~r.i
Rorf k
k dh ***e Ag p


peolrsone .


~ '~~9~
I. .: .


. .27 -



tr~Theds a Dr. Schll
"1~iance, Arch Sutppot or
yaad for acert eveyca
at fo ot tro uble "
i:i~poy -- Ma~cssae

aggl Aromsenaa Na 58
..'Tel. 3 bitS :

Artists We s resentea
blra Weamorro #iht~
wee~i 1380-JWSB Arrmed Starage
cans to be hld on Monday a 8:15
~O~, I tl Serrvice Catter on' L

:$OCe lanl. via

hlversit Bwani 8Rlmtephe ,~
made the survey with theat
of statisttelans at the Bound j
acrther Corponrtion.
"Toay' career* grl l me

~' ann Iiraa ad-
s'he may be the bees yet."
More than 1,000 workarpr see-
retwdes in 39& ates were In.
rolvdd In the anney wsh Ich
bretaght .results dlesribed



,as.;4- .



g~O m~ery lr,
10. ~ W w~ah wto~ bb dd pay that the.Yttl Gene~ral
Asiastbly of t~EkboldWZIPr l be held in the ni Ofitce
of Company, North Avenine No. "FI, Patham City on
SJamtary~ SWth. 1953 at 8 '
avf~ccordance wfit the w a o Company
this faetlapf cannot be held one-r one oft
thett0 number of stch sare it~m or re-
pP~;*attbyd andt least onbhth capital
2r ;tO are unPb~le.tto attend.thla meeting
*, TasmR Pmaza tn ck* thee.


s~ ~
c~. ,
rl c.





telone so


Ifat~ who we
ie the paren
ai' men. Wh
use tl
mdh-e th
ofth pa~e~
pib ~ fI b
krag h


: S,, M r J
.'W atla sr~

f~romn $100,04i :
I/~br A %CTTON 5

gmens Ave. :e 8 Tat s

Bs;;..;FY I'-:t a...I
5: u~ w-

Have r'eally clean dishes

while~your save by

eliminating breakage!

The completely Automatic

chet~e A ld Dish~asher

Washes- Rinses and Drles t



See it today at either of the two best appliance

...... i. Pf.... --


Corne of AncQn Arame at "Il" Street

Telephones: 2-4~8I3 248I4 Parnsmi

C....... *


KaITCHE.ID alo dign

P~i~lrcn~for real etti-

alemey anrd IlfelongI dura-


a n, pa

ass 1

hear and fe~es enOr

c4 r, 1

Isrtl~ a a


'~ r

~. -- -------- a UCI:~PFI~U11~~ ~ -I~L_ I ----- -I--a

I '


P 'L'Er :;~
ui:~~ ,~

i ~ '' ,_ ~

ta the edges~ tht havetllrp
~support andt screw ofl
Llace. Naity nevr g
the- plasbhA put only a


~tp ZkiPP .

~:"t~;cn~ ~',



I~~-~a~ '-~C~~jmc ~icna~irgi~

IP 9b 1''

~F- ~-




r~*-~ ----?- r -- -r~_~:
E'-r; i'rF .211 .-(-
P \~r r\ ~~


L~ :Idil

.~P~ melaminer laminate la the intas)
thing to make yoUr cottee tr
yi~rble resistant to water ring s,
~ burns, bangn, feet pa1rted On it,
chipping and other abuse not.
so tenderly administered thy
;Pj;guests having too good a hg
to think about' your table a ga
This melamine laminate is a
hard plastic sheet. 1116th of an
;+ inch thick, that you cut to fit
c exactly on thle top your tablp,
These are the tools you will
need: a hand saw having at
least 12 teeth to the inch: a
quick setting adhesive made
especially for the Job; a hand
pln; -and a kitchen rrollnin
Per the coming Coronation, the Hours of Chaugget aPairs shows Lay the plastic sheeting on
this"""""""" slender double-rirclet tiara. It's made of thirty-alae large the table top and cut to sies
'tound diamonds totalingu 100 carats. They are mounted on rows with the oaw, keeping it at a
et 'brlguette diamonds. Nlrecklace is four gradapted rows of dia- ,very low angle to avoid chip.
Uaknds. In bac ground is a museum colleettion ct j000 coronets and ping the table edge.
Gladems created by thle firm over a period of two huadred yeark Apply the adhesive to the
two surfaces you wish to ce*
BYROSETTE HARGROVE, Inent together. Let them dry
NEA taffCoresponent 5 minutes before putting to~
a Beal table and laminateto
hi -' T:i: ':hnlior u~ig adiasm.B I gether after first mrtteh 1n
-7 I.'. P:1 !* thnk f uyig adidem Sh ledges exactly, by rollingwi
DEbomi~ng COlfonr t-c~n- vernts a Ipswel that will serve your rolling pin from thescen'
us .:\heks.l lr ano true de twvo pur~poses, If only because ter out to the edge.
aijfx andl the lace Vinomle the opportuniities to wear a Bevel the edges with or
"e showare modernl \ersiuns of single Jewe~l ale rare.'' hand plane for a perfect finish.
rth coronets and, tiaras that Now let anyone who will leave
ill be woarn by the lu eky, Tastes. too, have changed The a wet glast overnight on your
tests aittopp..n the coronar.Trean modern lewel loving woman coffee table! .
remuonlt I n Wesrtnuljersler Ab-fels that all diamond pieces Who hasn't admired those
ry ne~st Ilune. are more effective and chic. But kitchens with plastic counters
?0 years n**o. her mother Ilked that clean so easily? House,
The asof "h -:,.1 o color combmationsn with her wives roll out pecrust on theat
r Piace enldomer has be n dlamonds. without even bothering with a
sk p c Ione tl0.. i board. Once you had to order
-*hell kololu- for met!: of For the coming coronation, entire new kitchen units before
oned h-ads 'of Europe Chaumet'r are showing dia- you could get these wonderful
ost goo years ,a nlond necklaces that havel pni- (roaster tops. Now handy hus-
sa room oin tne first Sloor,= nut~e books at the 68015. These band can make Itltehens over
em Ihas a so~lce a ver I arer made to hook onto rigid for their wives wIrthout taoo
40modea feat a r y, clnrs in Elrlte gold. Wives of great an lnursim t.~t o
yle ;o. < I'v' nx dilorla'hrtt, foral n nobillit4 a# hielanine lami t s10hof
or P~iasgenerp are coigi nItith thickr e ures
vt e he for advice as t ow their Jew- Idatred into t 6m so there
a slen- Opl can in coverted for th la u a flat surac oitse
rrnpl by the highly **olorful and dramatic from bumps -- with artgt
Iliga of Josephia~ls court. event. fit.
made -Tools you will need for the
rt ws C'haumst uhe ad
_e "par:u~e." or gets of .le4. HELPFUL HINTS

usi;r:ra One of these was~ in
.Is' owl eme lds gnd W 'allp4 Set can be cleaned
r:4 \. amonds ;dd tUnis with a sale loath of bread. Cut M
par~u.' th n conclated of a off crusts tend rub out, end of ggfggygg~d


cL. I

a~ q
apmop g

theme at. Newt f
,Next wH~ill bH
thamw weltila
fpa do more that

, ,, __

~ 3 .k rdggp e
"hamselemesru ... ki a m a

job are a kg
,aw, a Vek 1
type me ding
stoldingsI are
the same lure
aarry ths mels
Gut $bo pal
the saw...FPaut

.1~, r~ .1 r. eairenr-, ora bread against wall. As soJ1 ae-j
til ati scrb. inmulated on bread, shave it
c.flf with a sharp knife. Eraser-(
Chatorne, ;nd his I-ke commercial wallpaper
rw!1 ho ll 1ons to -iIatton cleaners are available.
ent the flfth gententilon Shellacked floor.< cannot be
tHe fantl11\ They leca.1 the~cleaned svce~ssully except b
at wen their father tray- iemroving the shellac finish I
I~ twice a year lo Rusasia to is bpst to keep them clean b
~~it ideas to thC rzar. They daily care With dry cloths or.
r'goud ofthle Ilet that mnllY maps.
M!lrr rii~nal to ~ay represent
-:'1 re.Ter;!lln of patronage
'"'Orr~llr la their unique col-' Electric light bulbs should be
I a's of rolonets. Pierre Chiau- dusted of*(n and replaced as
1~p-Ins. :icoon as thley began to darken.
DIlnt bulbs do not provide full
of these piece.r \-;et value of electricity.
woEt rld as. wI the th~~e, A heavl piece of carboard
I diasppearance of Eu- or wapping paper laid Just un-
klif.9 and queens ihlost. der an oozing baking dish in the
fami~lies who a w n d Ieven will 2ave much trouble. If
heIrlooccms had them or~nk- It is nlecessalry to clean up a
p ad reset as wedding mess In the oven. scrape up
to for a daughter or for, the cold chnr. Then use soap and
'a wife watser and steel wool on the
sy. no aomian w uld spot.


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books on1 Itrave and cUtoms in the coUntr*is to the
h 0redominate in the latest publications. the student of Latin
rican history, both past and present. is offered several note-
by additions to his itbrary.. The Amerlean businessman, too.
-proilt from reference wonrks giving the latest data on require-
Ra and procedure In Latin Amecrican trade and Industry to-

NE Wean'sD Sdtr oa e %l
NEW YORK-(NEA) Thel r5 ,ret
current rerort asrhions fawer *
bclac and white for beach While'the
wear. DA thir que

Typical of new books which the south-bound vacationer
find helpful in enjoying his stay below the border are
reton Bates' "Where Winter Never Comes.(' a stu@r of 6tan
I nature in the troples, and "The 'I'raveler's Tree" by Pa-
k L l h F rmon d lin ith t i d th l d


es e v. eall 1 g ~ YI w oungarun e la s
es Caribhran. Mecxican and I," by Amy P~routy, gives a Women have long been awarel
y aount of a trip. that black is lovely against al
Golden tan and that white isl
r students of Labte Amlerian Ilustory, three books Just off equally dalzling. This year, thell
essess concerns :hemselves with aildely separated epochs. y Jhave one or botlh. Oly
include **The Frannciscan Came First," by Frndhon Rover, t with clln fiue,
Ig of the lives and times of eight Franciscan Irastroreares
r Spann from the 187h to the 18th centurg, wrhile i the '
Igresent day developmrents there is Rutgrsn Univesity pro-
WEtibert J. Alexander's "The Peron Era" and German Ardl-
I "The State of LatlD America." ( -_

Ep& ,J
'. '4
t .

,,Sei Dt. B~ r~wtc~
~ .ilg? Mgilt( ~t)cpt~

tro new general studies of family hfle in the Hemisphere are
found in "We Americans North and South," by George P.
rd, who places special emphaals on social life in Platn Amer-
i the past century, and Brico Verissimo's "~Time and the
' the story of the struggles and triumph of a Brazilian fa-
hIC Ri rande do 8ul~nd o8l thoughout, the cenra q~ agveral gea-

"Ltsarcg'r Geia for Latin Almarica," edited by Angel Ag.-
k~araseh. Is seassead as its name ill to slve the
esperior a aged depnbcrehessu Irr. t **vers Jll
of Irrrd wiHL ILati AegariS. Its specil eshIY is ts
oflc the alsr rl sad pre-t~'J~
B' the` widespread Interest in Latin Ameries that is
by Amerlean youngstrsa~a a result of now simost
ad prog~oram la use Whitd S~t~ate puptlser have
laI mbaOok ser theySSS~L

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/ m~:-r~~
~i*Y4L4;.I~F~ .:3;i.~*2.~ji~t~il~ji~jj~;;;~ X

in rmr;nb '~ ~ i 41i.,l,,.

lin-Centuries-01d Paris Firm

kies Tiaras For Coronation

Wom4ren 's:Wd

NEA Sta)i Wti(kt

in tastes


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American Bookself


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plu'sf ti til
Sof regal rrhm but th
a~~tbasle Jalp--a

Allnteresedresiddents ar ecor-

nmewre: Nlorth ad Bouth,
. si~ad Mrs. L. Cottrell;A ta Sg ygpg g
us~u Lob and W.& Gi bson ; s~~c~,hia~
~is~iFh and Mrst. John Fahn-






ON I.YCC $ 3 70.o


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MesChrthy, who islf~ 30atin laiinst rtWywMi M.
her hoe in Qhle, was the got of honer at
a base ~ ~ h tesl adrpryise glir della showe
them at .Wahlastem, ,ryesteadyF
Roatelse for the party were: eatock. Eat anrd Wept: 1-John
ba.~l ter aelso, rs. FrakHmnk a sd B. TaLe; "-
I. a~r. &C S.~ Mclival~bing -walk rlile etmn, Mrs. Rue-
ga6lt~ 11 JI. Wateron. son wescp~~da'ob weue ore e

Barbara Egalf ad r~.
C..$.sj t
Cab iack la~ b;
Cub Pask Is, of (S

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!xtn~~~~~~~~~ Sensp~o rt ll;re~F; 1

All*Mi srv~d' from a table wre to Vaesttee
nd- t ndlsJ flowets. Mr. and MLrs. Jams O ofre SW Mid M'~h
* sH"'"' me.. S..coe @*I DehmearpsrArresd ea diy d13eQ~d as

d at the see ad corree seridse Mahter-t-Mw, Le~turtenanth e edkb
The other ladloe ,atwe were: and lrs. Jasses Dorsey is ta vkdO Md
sr Mrs. Bobbs le Claerke. Wuarrn Orleans and be there for h
IHolq Isa .rs.a N loo a l two visit MsealoJ~d~~T
Marner Asinal EI~ott, rihile away. _I~ T~~a-r; .or
Mr&; Dale strbaser, Mrs. Flgra ImJ.oe
trad Mrs Bert Watson, Mrs. No. 3bAmerlet~an nga
L. W. Mell asse, Mrs. Bettyr raWlAlrht Heaere held M~fr agalS*
Crawford. teryIhirkr, MiaeTrafoil Hooe with
Mrs. Aktrtll, Mrs. Thomas r. and Mrs.,Arthr Albright Ycln armiding
McGinn, Mr. John Palmer, Mrs. entetrained a of family The group discussd t
Fred MelsingearM. Alvina a upper on leing~r of sweaters for h
Leach, Mrs. Roy Art, Mrs. L. A. to honor rean orphans and M
Bkeels, Mts. Ann Mintkenbough, Wdr tons~' Brin Al- for the vial 91t6
)b Mrs. Bert Tyrdernan Mrs. N. JE. blht~ Wh ~agaldng a ph6t Anallarry P~d Mrs. hharE
Demers, Mrs. O. C. Marearu, vra tigL wirth b; a arets Ahk o
Mrs. F. I., Alexatfs, Mrs. Gordon .btoo
I Green, MSrs. Mar~y Engelke, Miss~~ pwr jAIOille~t roma the "ner wr: Ms
May Wdid. Mis lai9na 8mith, PMt.~d and MrsPD. Maz- MLrs. MikeM do
ho Mra. Richard Penninstan. Mrs. Agath and paggedy;r. and -lrr Rnvie
Ba John Pabnesteak, rsn. William hISrAni rlb ...13& M am yn- Ms odPV
rtEbon, Mrs. W. Ed. Prench, Mrs. M~u.r. P Ue~~, Mr. rad BoReturot
Evelyn Taylor, Mrs. E. L. Roades, DonalMd 8ttshtW1As lJean n. M~h o j
Mrs. Bara Diers, Mrs. Emille hadMrs. Ar~that ,Crl The Mecm~l ,,
80 gmmers and Mrs. Clifford wate:-yl~~l Mr
arJones. From the Pacific 8tde ,LB ML ~ r.A
thrre wre: Mrs. Goror Onravtt h ab4~;i~ ~ I~q:
,"and Mrs. G. F, Naderls of Gam- PBIWUay Mtt AS**ulnt 189
ks bor, and from Balbor, Mrs. W. sect Mrdrsa~ &.1rat and Ju- dL .
BU ..Hobby and Mrs. Fred Rodges, dit~ B eerenod and Mrs.. W. W.~b~
'n L Graham, W. O. and Mrs. Mecl- s bn
V kieers Entertalaed with vbn Paynle with Min ss Dona,ad b
Dr. a)5 nd M Wayne Gilder en- w lpih Carotora and Bepty: Mr.
tertained with a dinner party at and M~rs, Goeore Poole, Br, Mr. i
their home onl Colon Beath, ualC MVrs. Wl~am Baddirs, Ymrs. .
). Thunrsda eve~ to- honor Mr. Madle Gorman and Beverly, Mr.
e and Mrs. lrits fhM ormer and Mrs $sm Mauldin with Mrs.Norms Bellandgavea
teedents of Margarita, who are Virginiar, Mr. ad Mrs. ]Prd WNe- port on the. Photog~raphi
arvliating on the Isthmus. hard with Carol and Preddle, cloty f alAmetea Ctest~ el
Ala pL nresnt were Mr. and Mrs.' Mr. and Mrs. Howard Haurris Mr. December 'IThn pints and
Oweas of Syracuse, N. O., and Mrs. Ine Nas with Andra honetarble anreti~on WMibe
.4~~rru~~a Mr. and Mrs. Lee, Mrs a, Ruh lment, Miss (CanadameA ea rae 818
or The vi *. .e. manding the ., ,
wsehehd at Brts Clar. Tlley
wAB tetunrnt the lathmus the .-
3 ealy pMtof the week. Mr. and I&EES M ~
er; Mrs. Goo grolag to =**TH RE M NE
lSk Rieo for a month's visit, and Mr.
he an~d Mrs. Wallms~t arturnins

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IIran e:

~29 DAYS



r~~SC:~ L~l~q~

~ ~I~

* Stoland

* wiutzedand Staly


'Air Fare To Europe For This Tour

Parnam To. London And Returning

V~ia Paris To Pansma

$ 759.oo Plusr ran


III ~~'lml p1aILed

You Sell `em...When You Tell'emn thru P.A;g gifids

Leave your Ad with onle of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IfP' Street Panamllis

No. 12,179, Centalr Ave. Colba

II hold Automaii D hv adikhsa ht PHILIPS Ocanside Cott.... re ~ E55ldh A ~
Write Alsebellso Aoenym~ous es est on ourt i Santo Cid a with at !- -
SALE: Reflugerator Clo cv FOR SALE:-Beautiful 1951 Chev- 2011 Aaces C. E. Ocernvie from aI llw cang 5tsd4 1~m as~OC
~-t~1 thd r ora bren er gv'e ra udle alln neI~ Eu~o u4 rn Lrl S~ 87 h W rCs 1 COUC~
~Zdining table with 6 cha rs. 5nger 5 emo) Hunaiu e n, I. 00 Servinc. Wcanr now Lmae tor 7I:" ore Be (443Agle )ldi
sewinge machnue. Acsn dD iJ ~ any kind of IamF shade or re-cover r,, ens Clarra bad-I '- -d
tenez vene, olo, Est ilo FOR SALE --1951 Oldsmobile Super your old one at low prices- c .bInsrif. toblli 4 tor $ ,~
viera, Apartment or cal 88sean Like new, inside and SPEl4. EXCRSINS at.T hp d d S Q W C E
I; 103-1 out. L,-,w m.ieoge. De Luxe equlp- FROM 14 PANAMA ON MgiCD 8 *4 al gy 4 ap
'~f3RSALE: '5 cale phonograPh ment. 8i3-528l One w ay 85 ru tri $1E 15 4 qa aw
"attachrment, Ihare speeds, sj30 Or BARGAIN:-1949 Ford Station We- day-llmlt i. 5169 00. good one year; Wil $gts Opra Iearch ao~ fI~.~~~~lh Oldg
wil rae or60cylemcdel to ~on. 5 good ,ires. leather up* fo LOS ANGELES. ons way. $149 78 '@0.4@.. rpt atBg
'be used yoth General Elecltr ccn helatery. perfect running condi- 15. rouna trio 5252 35, 90 dar- i r i .l~ .
solerado-pono~op. Tlecone tion. For sale of Smrool y Hunni- Ilmltl Panama casparch Service op- reki-Perndr
S83-G291. cun 5. A. 16th. St. Central Ave- cos le Ancon taus stop. Tel. Ponoma
FOR SALE --60 cadle a bshng Ben 1Colon_ Tel. 800. 2._ (1655. Ar ?011'RENT
don machlne, 'em' au omas~i "I GOOD TRANSPORTATION. 1951 FO --
god condlr-on at~ gg9000. Fort Buick Super 2-door Sedan, good FORla SA En...
DawS, phone 87-48~ upholstery, radie and H geod ~;~. Misrcthe~rrcoge FOR RENT:--For 2 rronths modern,; MODERJN FURN1T"URE
FOR SLE. -Veneia BI~" Cih Aor als ath~ frtol r unnicur iso a afr O R curious residence In neElpd Cog wasonSWRo
try Its ,'4' x -5 ', 57 007 D r- Tel. 800. IN EUROPE, 29 glorious days, six 0347, 12 to 3 p.. m. suatkever
Ingroom 12, 5-1 x 60 Sheiil FOR; SALE --1950j Oldsmoblle hard countrle:, hotels, meals and slght- Meamlitaeeop
Bathroom 1ll 36 x 48 l;'j 50 to consentsble Duty Paid. May seeing, an y 5370.00. Transporta* FOR RENT:-Furnished home two IEPS
Bedrooms to 36 x 60 542 0 be ln~nance Balbora *1955 Inon to and from Europe extra. Call months from February 20th.. Phone
,-j-o wooden porch screens e'J24.0U- --- Fidanaue Hermanocs e hylos. (Agen- 3-1805. 46th St. No. 32, Bellao as m
SLentice Icomplete downjstri en. FOR SALE:--1947 Ferd 4-deer with c~as Amerlcanas cle Vlalesl. Tel. Vita ksYIgg
.closure New Crasta~bol CaJragel good seat cevrsn and perfect run- 2-1661.~
5 100.00. Crlstabal 3-I?68 ning condities. Easy paym....a **VO R
Smost y Hunninett S. A. 16th. St. FOR SALE: Troplcal fish.. Please
ofRSALE:-215 cycle westr~nglhouje Cetral Ave.., Cele. Tel. 800. brung cona.lner. 5457 Diablo Hgts AcrnnbCtr~ar tlc.' 5
afragerator, all Dorela~n good194 I..C Se els kIO AE oe ppsr hpy mvnC tr1
cluondilt3]. New delro~ler, 9 UC Spr- vs -eA :,-WaknpTtc LASAAATIT
3 ~~5-good tires, assellent condition. high chair, baby car bed. 22. call- two end five room Ra~miseea
SALE.--Refr~gerao~r Coldspo' For sale at Sme, y Hunicns S. ber Colt automatic. Phone 83- unfumrnisfd apartments privalte en- Sr t ii. Oft ni2-2 $1
~7 cu. fr. Excellent condinan.~ Call A. 16th. St. CentreI Avenue, Co- 2296 676-B. Curundu Hgts. Closed gartletes 8061 lati $rest 2t26g ~ Pan
BIb~a 3426. ion, telephone 800. FOR SALE -- R algtn Mod. II New Cristabol Teleph.Cond.oa
.SALE.--Sturdlo couih, rentrian FOR SALE.-1951 Chrysler Wrindsori auto. Shot Gun. 22 auto. Rifle
b dsmdrfor concrete e~arrerj I16l e 1Luxe n4 doo ertch readi ndt One hpepepw~ tn 6ble capital FOR RENT sEE THE NYEW
2-n89, hlo Imseadctlherr Iems (qim83~-5153, between 4 and 6 FOR SALE: --Imported 1000% Hol- gg~gWOa t
land canaries. Sunflower seed for
resany time Sunda,. 14CHV LTDeLe2-er prosAcuorio Tropical, opposite FOR RENT:-Locole for. storehouse .
tOR SALt kd"- *"'d tr"***'"..ea .,y Juan Franco Stables, beslde Drive and offices 150 squai~r mters. u- CI AtTOMORQ~q B)W.
payments. For sale et your local In. Phone 3-4 I32, Panama. sebio A. Morales, Aerenue No. 4. .
lletI E~~todeealr Smwet y Hunnican 5. A. "El Congrelo," near l*Itel El ree cran depea4d e It
Rea Esatewa.. o. ...I ve.Coln Tl.FOR SALE- elquency converter 25- Panor-e. For Infor ejotelephone
AACANAL COMPANy 800. 60 ,yle Holwerd SS s raci ngr anra -19 r $7
S TRUUCTURES FOR SALE FOR SALE:--1949, 6 cylinder Pon- nuals, complete. tubes. conden- FOR RENT:- Fince ville. 1
brdswl ereevdut tlac, twvo-door sedan, very clean eradondrasiergear. miuesfomCc lk ntrational
A. M., February 10. 1953, car. orlglnal owner. interested In Call 2-1837 or quarters 5453, H-ighrway, modern~ conveniences) .' ALB6S IN AD~
office of Superlntendent of quik sale, 51,300. phone Ft. D'ablo. all day Sunday, partia.Ily furnished, H)23-C, Corr
ses Blboa, for one lor of A~mador 5234. CTS HNSI ON Street. Balboo. USeSDF
us ers undong pocattT~ ful HARDLY USID, 1950 BulaLk Spr For sole toy for terrier pup iss. HIll- 1
rsmay be secured, 1n the 42der Sede, reie. seat covrsr, top Kennels, 8 m.Ies out transrsth- FOR SA~LE m ass
et Superintendent of Store- good tHmee, ay payments. For mlan highway to No. 72 Chive Chive P D :L*
t;and the Housing Manager of ale ** S'mes y Nunnicnm S. A. road. 08rtd 6lOt*F

Hei n titeo Cloa. FQ~o\~ ~ L~TFRSE -Sllpo


r~~`~~Fr~~~~~----.. .--

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48 ~~ anila Ch al
I"..& ...4..< .52. .3cr~

1bcl~kng Lu it.,See Kee- gm* Eth tolst a S i~ 'prm Mori Scrb, Hel start r mtorrewariou ehr at

:-Lvel 3-edrom ot-PORSAL: B 94, dcan AWNTED: A~partment, one large Take the 8 fator $100).00. Tel..6.
C! baths, terrace, garden, di 07 O Four f rtosalbdomudr$0 2.
yard, good residential *01 ,Tel Balboa 6377.;
.Five Thousand down BARAI6Ns 1946 Buick "urpks H v
I $-1621. adition. For sale ePpg O SItio n O ffe red MF I
3-16+..... :i >. ...... .. c... wk kW ore Fatolities

0 ~~Avenue, Colem., f @.' North Amerlean or EL~rapean ales-
IMSA~: k .man w nted. Hotel International, eg cAc () As Icden

I~f L~R rddut prdDho~ 60- Jersy turnikesr seem to beI
154 WUICR r -deer Sedea. *ega io g requent but more pt theme
*Melengat shapes g*d tire ad l0 O g suit in death, according to
engin. ForSaleat Smet y un- merican Public Works Aaocie
nicult S. A. 16le. St. Cae~tl Ave. nsd rd es o.
vioinit, len Te. 800. ~ Dia010nd Source On the New Jersy rn
d.cellist, LO T& FO N system, the accident rate w
lawill BRU88EMI3 Jan. 24--(tP) P1.acdnt e
Rebrew LOST:-Dlamond shrine lapel pmn, The Belgian Congo, long noted miles, the agog~ittit ,
It~e USO- on or about January third. Finder 10r the high quality of its u- is less than a quarter agres
rmed FrceI s Grvice Cen- please write Dav id Canrway, ranlum ore la~ also the largest as the rate on orher .jan
Salbosl, tomorrow evening. Aptdo. 246 Caracas, or call Bal- producer of diamonds, accord- In New Jerseay But tk
C15 p ag. boo 2956. Reward tas to a review published by the rate was 5.2 death pier1000-
LOT-Crr l an -r Elemish Ecunnaik Unfon. 000 miles Wi@are 4br .4
li trio has selected works by 0T-Gase nornear Amador for the state's w2l ay 8Ae
delaohnErnst BochAl- d. in browp case. Need badly. .A.Mallaert, one of the na- The Pesnnsl a tur
ider Kein, Hans Krleg, Mpgx a 2-41tion's leading dasmond experts, Itlt aews75
ih, Joseph Cherniavsky and wrote that the Congo now pro- h enyvi if
Ir seromlluer. Hens Lay More g.orl' ab um6b He nclaima Neut PM I~ aungla

concert comasemorates WihN w Rg C that, in 1951 the Congo pro chtes both were beloqj
~ith annual Jewlah Music ltNwRnduced 10 564.6177 carrats of dia- tonal arciaiye of 17. '.
hal of the National Jewlah nnswhile world production
SCouncil sponsored by the BTORR8 Conn. (TTPI The Pas. 17,023,0)87 by **accurate es- Rear-exid crashesa n the to
glal Jewish Welfare Board. legendary hen tht'tl bd iae"I 90tecln r-turnpikes werer the most dn
Concert is open to th*e C9 en es may be Inst a piker ducsed 10,147,571 carat~. gerous,'
,both of the Canal Zone w en compared with the lay- TenaetrvlthUn on n the Pe Ir~rani; trgh

~.0 ndgocnt fr in helien, y tai odruer 52%t~h Ai to p odced only pk 1 t e a dia
,, ~developed by scientists of the Congolese diamonds come Onth N
poultry department at the '.Linly from the workings at 12e of 8 &
Soclety... Irnlverestg or canntcticut Kasal, which i~rnish about 30 19of 25 shtb Ga at
The net cost of produeing a per cent of tol stones used by reara chae.
Prnm Page FIVE) dozen eggs Is considerably less an Jewelry, and from the Lutal-
.. }han on standard rations the laSh, which furnishes 08 per
8 I was awarded Mr. H. T. sat~s showed. cent of thr; Industrial diamonds.
's s~a~ lide 'Ozen At Work., The new rallon uses 'ground r
clubs entered 282 yellow corn and 20 grams of
Sand the Atlantic Camera niacin per ton in plbc== of NOWSboy's Nickles
Stied focr fifteen place. around oats and oepa~ n elfp ofkngPl
dar 81des was topi s dtanda:1nd w arao~f:H lsP rigP
monthly competition and necw feed la slightly more ex-
gslides will be sent pensive Der too 4ut this is COLUMBUS, O. (UP) A.
J., to be entered more than o yijb the ffli- veterann newsboy heres~ayJ Ihe
eontest sponsored by the r".ency of the energimcry ra- does his giving all year long,
an Co. Th inr-wr ion. .not Just on Christmas.
,and Richafd Par-wee
Judges wr:Mrs. 2 SDA Churt a Lee ("Mick", Timmonsr, I
O'Connell Mr Harry Pcck an fRO as made Ilife easier for many .
O eteron.T G A. of his friends by platt~ing nic- i

front of his news stand ISo
ywe help aou with Oear iLecture Series doosnL'o 'sk b Icmusue

asr r dt ~s a t adr ifI." o do i easn t ask O i.

utures palmand anna ***rntit wll h b "T e Idestruct.I the nic es tie ek. ill

plants ~ ~ ~ Th fo et.04at cThe mal direct -Ilmn a M

sad diant Nurser. Ph bl 1.-*s Fhrlor will itrin at Christines a tkens ;~

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; ..,. ;o~
r: I` C '~
~r,,, _F;ti~t

'II~ ItlNblL~

Salon de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th street

Pt'~ ''';

i:-- It'

i~Lewis Service
No. 4 TIvol Ave.--Phone 2-2201. ana

:i6tubo July Ave.--Phone 2-041 1



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first trtick:
ECast coags htV tuKbd 4 hero
by playing lCthirase of diamonda,
anywy, out herest not be blam-
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sagradrrtt***a t~ r me' aloosit. "Iy wa wilt Monte Pset sad obe' trt
dia'lcs Ilve m We~b Al and r in tadn"ae4 h-ave, ~e b shownr pa
thaash y agenw hl',~~and I4 heo Pes," thirt prvos prlortk reg.~~
tol peol "Lto me~t hearl, "o, vse etas hll-ldur ete Irs ill
knl ea~ add aICf~~ Ev sve ges
c as honest story @ t Ithl evry fore- Ia waronddth. ar
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shL Star Spent aag[Ma .FWq;,"gg aty'
g alarb frmi ea gae n and with tec 1 directiqa by 8 tweepi~ _BtlasU Paget.

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choic cllro-at. An tat' fud forn an h eni~ea aT
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edn V Pretoun at a dtt a ie ng sa ea ll s t for "Tit~~ bl~ ani thsw il to
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AloTro n the Jungle...

Rober TAYLORL Elisabeth TA1'


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Mobdvietone News prsnts a complete newseel depicting
the hiab~rri Ecrmony ih which General Eisenhowrc
asjnaps office U s 34h President of the

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3 Q~~hi!


Peralta, Benty To Tangk

In Eigt-Roun Semifinal
--o --
A hig crowd is expected to turn out tonight for
Sthe long-awaited clash between Colon's two-up-and-
eoming featherweight sensations Leslie Thomp-
son and unbeaten Isidro Martinez who will slug
It out at the Colon Arena in a scheduled ten-rounder.
The prgawhich is bein ~that bout he a trailing Blact
prmote o de the auspices a lBill on points golng 1 to the
ah Empress Doeman, is slated eighth and final round. Leslls
tOo ot underway at 8 p. m. The jumped off his stool as though
mrina bout, as usual, will be the it were the opening bell where
Last tight of the evening. the gong sounded and gave Bil
a thorough going over before
Up to the time this 4tory went knocking him out.
,to the press, Thompson con-
tinued to be a slight favorite Martinez' supporters are hop-
although there is strong support ing that Thompson gets off to
for Martinez. Both boys are re- anothersiow start because he la
portedly in the best condition the boy who loves to get on to
of their lives. of an opponent and stay there
One thing Is certain. The fans
During workouts, Martinez tare sure to witness a whale of
Swas the more impressive of the a fight.
r two. However, Thompson's great-i The eight-round semifinal
e'' r experience is the reason he may well turn out to be the top
is conaldered to be a solid choice Ithriller of the night. In this bout
to end Martinez, unbeaten win- sluggers Leonel Peraltar and IR-
nadio Benty will swap punches
Ri~ lng streak since turinng pro. until one of them goes down
Tho on d pl d unsualThis 137-pound battle la almost
Thmpso dpaye im sa certainty to end in a knock-
stainahi lat te ut.Inout as both boys pack heavy
nohe iesed12-heounld lor rud pcimln
I .1(' s~,lr~~Laryr and the Al Jamleson-Kid
R~n. rrr~a ~o: Zefine II 126-potand prelim
....w....should provide the fans with
good entertainment also. Both
a 2 econds, Messana's of these fights are evenly
Spadication clins clo~s to matched and may provide sur-
':kin-gives fst swlief prise endings. *
ma~PCinup -ath A special amateur bout, in
pllBurnow* which two of Colon's outstand-
agerp ithandy! .ing simon-puree Tinto Morris
r. and Claudio Martines will
a exchange blows, and a curtain
raiser will complete this bar-
/ ~gain card. The amateur bout
~Ab~Will be tour two-minute rounds.
Admission prices are much
lJowoer than usual. General ad-
mission will be only 50 cents.
Ri~ngside $1 lone dollar) and
Ag fg referred ringside $ 5~~~rldChJIl-
,,, us..... M. dren and boxers wl ad


2--Musece blene
Dlane Manding.
3--Paite Merflu
Portel Portl
4--Avivelo V*Inder fe)
Valeder 1e) Flilgraa
5--Carmale II Ie) Kekher.n
Keyheven Main Road fel
b-Miss Mety Pinel
Bartelo Miss Many
'I-Silver Demrine Flembae,
Bediene keim
8-Miss Felrfax lacendle
Enarndele Peques
9--Coriste Legal Frolic
Legal Frolic Mesquaton
I R-loadmaster Charming Prnce
Charming Prince sreadmaste
!Il-Con Valer II Baseese
Pasadille Con Velor II
One Best--Roadmastr Keyheven

I-- O

C --1- nril -
In.,4.. er. Ier
Meading Diana
Diege Mandings
Mhri Merilu
31sels eie
Meshb*h Vo~ler (s)
V*Iedr (e) Avivele
Kephevae Ke eyesm
Mela Reed fe) Carmale II (e)
Pepe Cels he
Phael Mk an
Reerle emer
' Flmber Sivr Demirn
la The I1seedl
~ Klaceel In Time
hek Dauber LegsI Frlk
Legl Frlic Cedst
.Newminster Charming Prinee
Cherming Prince Reaenerer
Poseile Peeil
kbegaes Cen Valer II
Pesedle Keyheven


poa-to~bs Ictear i the I
Jockey Albino diia; lot
plendor nit to a good ad.t qp
Tiy raced air oebsr.Ito subma~
and rab saY hin the stri
to Win Iul of run when Bedi
and Coarasg came up for a
bids, fled io arandd the p
by a head over Corgago.
Esplendor was the short


Twinbil A Balboa Sladium This P.M.
Charles Bow to La Atrracelon 3-2 game yet and Balboo (8 Dretty
Yesterday morning at Balboa low in the IUs,' so thla too
Stadium, the second place Cher- Iwil be a hard foib n ame.
les lost their first name as Lit Pitchers for thds mes~--for
Atraredon won behind the bril- Gibraltar, W. H~ebrte: the Chev-
Ilant pitchina of Ortega. les, Larringga. On als oundfo
BHS, it wasl be -~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~M and
Ortena nave up only two runa for the Brsewers Jbbb
to the Chevies while Peres pltch-
ed a five-hit three-run name. Personal Post Oflie
te am wt 11:00hD .o opn dou JOLO, W. Va., (UP)-- Bome
bleheader. Gibraltar LIfeand the peoplelklle to hate- th ei r
Chevies will meet' in the first Christas cards Postmarked-
pame. Banta Claus, Ind. to so ra
~oraiael- of the stope Natural
Both teasm desperately want Gas Company at: Crlarbtars,
to take this one. W. Va. He sent Ms cards to
the postmaster of this small
In the second he other West Vlrginia coml
erde mem tQi~l~ w0 io ms'tmnty The ge4nd-

-r+ uC(~q. !i-f; H
~ r,-~+.~~~r ~ ": rgi


The YIt


1 4





.. .. 5 t
....5~ 3

?rb :=' 'I' -'?
.ri.~-T-- i .rrrL*

IF. .~ ~h






lKeyhaven Choiee To



Main Road, ,Rath~lin Lig~ht

Contenders Its SnCiiall eiiid~

The Stud Chestrfild~'s elast ICih h
atIo~ dhaeaa bhasrna;C~
ffsMdkbtr rel~'tag ~la twoa$0 le 1A

li t O'n 'to

0 0 G' s


4:30 to 6:00 P. M.

PR IZES INCL UDE: (HAIMPALE, from Aglenclies Sar HI-SPOT, frea

{ervecorks Mcioal Pll MALL cigarefles kmo

Rerth Almerican Tobaco le.; ad many elher


WNOG-our ~community startion

S8 4 0 on your d 10

Tel. 2-3 066

k** b

of 4in

~~d~~0hel eaW for -C~r~rius a fe cons Itr

e~ looked good, too, and 90,000 cawglea a
people saw it~rwDaw gr_~~_! m

egpoC pr t to idi 'earl _g sites. BCrlkethat T u sm MA$
.rn Intei Itha ~ under
,'~u(kYI found mysel s ene~~ rm adi abr in b PlBPO O gdA'T
a ship rtcb erthed only yhsix seke ran 'stirWebsrd's law- t'BOtWN ORvrr
WeP wlere coming to yrIn Barnne~s, I wosnt to lIS OIWN
*I~~a o~~. estane in thJisa dio Squarer~~ to In- FIrpo's deal called 9or MAkL
Sof~ North. urle rve the big premroter," he ard to turnis theonnd
anedtriumph in gcpicurs "I was ronfident that mry ti- ner and arILIY tC~i
y atybqi h the itt he*ould Ile o BMf South mriachm "He intradaeditla ab tou*'
183,a y~.^" ti nohr ue hVentino. onwoulo fmrtakrd De Forest, whoQmlP~Q'
faggagaggi .i~ T;rews tam cleco then 1 aCtsgn the man me to my ceraer BaiY~:
4gg go 6~nshe to sell hbi colec.. *.Ihad beaten, he amldrthrfgts," he shM.
to as a Chilean Writ- IroMioall. TheF WroS SR! blad "De Forest tasisted on behrt'
-i brho wanted to write screen he had nevef heulard of n my corne wrrrrl the <
it ptef play.,There- ws an Argentin- "'Iqr'tere frien' he f~d ight with a-r Cs ~
.~~ 2 ,4 sp he-as starting off ig the lulteruk3 I am also my~u wish rrLes
ag,.elet busine~s. cahmp in my own homre -costing di as~L~
~~i c~i '"ar wa aa young ~um- against ar wife and mts- srd was D~ I Es
ULsa wth was cml omn to pr- In-lra. I hat, them e '. euseem In~r~. 9
rahn frmldgct "I walkeed into the Od "Against my sl,ade5~
ee wd ith these a large, cred- ofdnl n esn hd e
DL. --irllous oamg man weighing 230 .kP Youe~ can how stll~aa thi llae, nit~ WAB
Ira1P' r .taI: 199 atxeet twfo, aged 36 wr~L ot. I- pite of this I regretted it verry~w14 a iC
W~~~ns epmlng to use his -fdlnat so much faith in myself dlo to [day (Itadr'ag:
re ... topple tps crown wora tryand such a desire to trhane~ feel the breath of
th. 40 tou grea I.Tack Dempsey4. that I would ..have battled tl no attention to 18
"?As yuear went by I again locomotlve of the 20th Centrrlrl paptag, and
sit lat a wth aillo them, Tho rs." Fo ~rres the he @b-
iD ~~~bBe- O~a sin' gle so Dead Pan Loale PirW pontded 01 14 a
m~tt We~n was iagaa thok $125 foiss a rt right-f selad~
a South Americn port. The the Untted Sttate, bliocking ",XadI
Intnr @ollector sold hi collec-. out Balle Tom thrted In News- to now YIn
: ~gH[~;E an 3s. thape thnae anort than( ark, Ma. #1928. We had atpr -fig
--he eer dmremd. The Cht- asir ptu er o f t, sold loughip ~~o wihak &b~~~ & T
*~r 30an wdr was a ihilre wan- 1, for~bO Ie ruMoke oatd~lP Imke 'si
the frage at to studio. Joe lab a Nea~L. Italan mani. st liew, .
"b--~a~nc~-l~gtma~ir~~,~l ~2`.. We The la1 m~ a mag. Jack BErmnn in Breeklyn, ze. don't beongr
~dd. note inr Bua:Algecs. From the earned home to flatten Jim? Mnall~owar but
195ehnesl twvented by. the Um- racr Hitasan A S
eaff was nee Ater thatud Rear nd I hatsendas in "Lrt~~li
sated3UlP: la te. spokdle anotherai ngauage, con- A boo ki 4ea
TE )"The yeang mran wth the ne rp.,botLsow
-- TEN credulous facue never knoked "I stitI hae the cab leiandramtic story et oz Int~ g~
~P~A K~~~~~f A 38.' affll the gronfrom e the great which he told me I didbl't need goalden era.
II i).~~~~~~~~ --. L4-~: :i. -- 5-~

.. $8. SBQ .

as ,

Totls.,. a. 58 4 03SI


----c~ -.' o4t al .i s l

.... ~riee,,.,ttO fSeer

f~$ ~-,1- rri~t~ua~ ,, i~~ :._~1+;~BP~FPr"lCs~'l~?j
-- C ---~~

r ~~~
~f~g~E~ ~C;c~ ~I- 3 S

r i~jj~-

\Y r. ~s`T

,I ~I '. ~'
C:.- I .r ~
i ~ s ~


i ~; (I

dikldlly krJdL~ r

le knessr the t-

__ ___~1____1_______ _1 _I

'1[rs.qljl .dloreaL ~ irite d~ for havare
son at 'the age c$19,= wasrh
knndra win ~h ddinl h
le lauhing G~~~ ang` ei oi

ope i s ;Still I~q osed cu ~

s: Flu Affaick Con ~nues
:- o ~ ute

;' ~ ".-r~';


"Z' ~::i .:

5- ,C


i d:
~? :
lil` 7



set.,e peop)
THI-El .



ith Guitars

5 Indochina

p~~maigners used everything
11 guitars.~ "' and hillbilly songs
l~ o vote Sunday In this area's
ftFt Democratic municial elec-
OArich candidate who directs
airline company here drop-
g tens of thousands of leaf-
'b on the city from a DC-3

Les eat cni date te
aadtelephone poles and
one campaigner ingeniously
tfloated his post by attaching
th~em to little red balloons.
;,~ t~oudapeater-equipped govern-
ment propaganda trucks fur-
Ilrred by Amerlean aid drove
"-ugh the streets proclaiming,
"You must vote abstention
trofim voting is a crime.
communists were temporarily
-fen~fused bythe calm atmos- I
Sphere of selections but of- I
flIcals fear their present silence
taF ool beo br ranby pmossble at-
T, he local Communist commit-
'--te received order from its su-
102 e "JiI a ha~b hn rebel ed
L""hme s"o'ity cand 8da "
sa. "proof of the reactions of
Fhe tiob apeared flattered
ba their new importance but

a good reputation and an
kigpept record of public service
rYteven the most modest dph'"
tf~a 8gemet to be ea cand dt's
Dioyenough, few) of the
ggndidatesl'profited from thdkr
~b~a ~ee er Ngsrjtflen VAnr-
's regille,

-ast C6( Famous

~ibsoiirls Di~s
W ~JW YOsRK, Jan. 24 (UP)-j
be Gibson Girl, md
at tihe turn nf the M ryA

P;ANAMA;1&b~~p~l AT NUARY 85, 1958

U SemerSr $5t~~
BIRMINGHaA M, Ala., Jan. 2dOworlilne du agatia dha ye~l ito on the Drlsners hd~
(UP) --pour bad-tempered hiethey r dthe' telletsa' the rear.-
banditns, ouraing each other sad cages, whether 6 safp
their 91ectims alike, anarched s atta
$52,800 from (I crowded branch Afttr a brierf~Pu~ c~sdsa"l te tlar
bank today and melted *Into Sion among & lblep:IiR'P Bone of the
traffic to make a clean getaway. robbers decided not to hoe- ar wee w
The robbers singged the bank employes to open the 'pthth they onstant~g -' i
manager and a customer .who Vault where a much larger r- onPI ligthe,
showed algns of reastarnre. They mo at lay, and anacle bi.ofBOt Whrr tire
make 13 Other bhank employes their loot. ~ ashe
and several custombra either 11e Bank km 8a Hta dese Brite
talking to culstomer Wllithan M. Blad,
Zeigler, when twi6.o o the un- bandits
masked bandits leaned over the have. a abO $08
gate to his semi~-ptivate offlee. A hoasty
"Ia japd a r)~d
bee, Bd siman -Ya 80lo1
tol... felt Ilike a "~4~~ aide
Zeigler alo as"a W I-Igd Pe~as As
be tried to grapple wiha ban-- but a hr
L edi Bthbpeg Pad.Beso #ss~~ 'It--il~ ~he T CC
.. ~While one bardl4E stohd pard. for anan
another stationed h~idPjf a~~rt.4he cagga sta2
.door and collared etsanrtr~cla~li~~ as ( abt
they entered the bePL. kb Mik rbber


the' Int
#"~ k

& Wort
rl L

h~~D~en' comnbk by the

N,~5 Jan, 21 (UP,
13epn of Mines today
adieflbr eatheate att4

t -said both to~ and
fatalities were record
axlf represented "out-
I ~safety o-rcomplish-

areali es~~ia on Jan.
c stalient,:men died

rVATICAN CITY, fn. 24 (OrP)
Iffpl us XII's attack of ht-
i~ttsa has caused dogne "lrri-
~C~e~ of the relspiratory system"
thn~ere a every algn that his
aswil "very soon resolve
ifCt in a favorable manner," a
V;Patican medical abagietin said
eIFh bulliith on the condition
e cont~ott iff, which w4Il be
ed intis aflternoo6ti's
~itftaof the Observatore Ro-
~BI~bum~~g mornifng, the
Mc has bieen stricken
mtan kl of intflueza with
~i~~trton~d~. fever which has
~knb him` t~iqsuspend his au
i~~~~ eand toe remain in his
tt apartments.
c~c ourse itl the indispeal-
Od, which is romnled by
en~~utta irri taq' of the
,m-~kt~vsystm, -mins in
19mite, and` ,irything
tothe~ hope h}t may

very Tea~~-sioWe Itself -in-a
De cndellation of his as-
dienc~te e Ublltin said, the
Pontiiff ia~s able to continue by
routine waorL ptth the o1d 6( His
co-sestatdirid a ic. tate. WasI~M
Glov tttist MoniaL

the 'a spe6f edy S~t
ponto he'Vratha~ rfrdsi i
parts Ctthet world, or ftlr
a hat arb- pja
were a rected' io iailte
thbe Pontiff will- Be-
dicateA. bscustomary *9 ning
redia 0 the Rosary to "thoscle
who ~OJ died in war, those d s
persCb I or afid to their tenit-

tlif SUa- smewhtrat
night aleb~ gh butitmas ~~
easier ~ib mothi1ngi.-:

daat of the Diltake,. a Ns
$a that, watch ase tion~'s 34
c~. .. I- aI

__ _C_


Gci C



IM 2/66d




10 T


l)l~i '' ~L C~r P~ a .7' ~ ~ >
)r ~ :
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U I ae~as-`11-- ~-~1

~ IL~~"--~M r ~IBL~~rs










,~q~a I ~ e~B'i N I~Y C qli


1 YI-2--- *1 :E f ~'.
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r~ : ~:~ C

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i;.' -F

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~:GfiZ~ll~iPP~ae~%a~Jerma~de'~~ ~_~;~a~i~L~ar~l~i;,s~a~;j;,,li .1 ~s-~






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B I ~s~T B;;s~ ~,'

ir -d-


~: 5.

---- I r~


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"fr;4 s I :\

,~*.l~k 91 ~a --. -IYI-II~-~L-Y :dr r
~ 1.

;II "I ~f r
r- 3:i n ~~YI~Z"~Y~ -~~CI 1 4Y.~nl~B~-e~e~sBU ~nr --~-~

;1 -


,I~ T~


s. ~

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i?; la!
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: II 'I C

~ip~ ~ --~9r--- 1_-----~

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-ip -- 'i~hi -Irrrckt 1":_;~-~':"", ~ ~~' r17 p~. 1
: 1 .:
~* ''
^1 i C~ i:

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I; r
!Lt; ~12 L-

Y a~


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/1 i
PI -
; I :~ 1

I 's, p$mEb~l~l: D
n-- r.i .
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