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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Grippe J ,

From Europe

To Britain

LONDON, Jan. 21S UP)'
hppe lumped., s au the
1tah Channel today to
ritaln Iust as.tchokiw
0r appeared to be liftng
It was the same pdeo
which hit a unoffca
iated third of FrAine .

aopi s wding l ,a n
sa SS iSBH



--ed Civic Council leaders on the Caiol Zone
d in arms today regarding the peltone f ke by tb.
rtu trial Labor Union in regard to funds f
W" Howard Munro, legislative repreientatoive e

r" Although the civic leaders aerme 4unro has o
ly pt in hard work hile in Wshington, they
me CL ral Labor Union should shore swer of the
Sof Igpngi the legislattve representative There. .
Central Labor Ution officials meanwhile paid 'N
GO weis only abiding b. statements made previoqkly tb.O
ors press by civic coun'l groups that they would ,#y h
ao l ht the rents. *
to "So for, hat's what he has been doing,"
of clai0d.



Labor Man,


-0 --

A the meeting nd Central l
abot Vnton r-ree- r
,ted the rbt with at
.h.l ..".. *. ..i- .. t. m^- I

ers contend that the vote d
consatttte a two-thirds am
Wording .tA Samuel Ww;w'
u of the Pacific tide Oo
M004l4 l Aeday. wax

vebm a -

it 7ntlh

LT toor;ofCad
.bat Qf Cl

t.,. A

oqw su
* 'colnt

Jan. 21 (UP) -
id attacks of virus
'*t oed demns e
b the US. have

les satdcY. WASHI=Pl"f. Jan. 21 (UP)
"flu" outbreak -Thb average a&e of members
me fourth of the of .the Ebenhower cabinet s 57
le Cook County -a -- m l than the powent
ave of the Truman cabinet.
wa closeed when 2 tenrs of the Trman
* students and cRIot have been in oftie eev-
bolic nuns whg emolp?`ean
ll were ant to te olfte t in the new cabinet
tlo. is ec4etry of State'John ros-
te 1,34 inmates ter D*UN. 6;: the youngest,
were i and At*. ena. Herbert BrowneUl Jr.,
tis, a*________

to fl agcs1es inLow
"Then why,"ahe sake. "do
not ouefr ttp t?"
the xink the .ZO J voted
to underwrite sn to the
O' reprevenauve ftor 2.000.
Htorver., at a later meeting. It
t noted not to Eive Munro more
Monday night this resolution
was relde by a s3-Sl vote.
andurthe flhernanI of Munro
ws approved. However, civic

New Cabinet
Averages 57

Give US

S28 Days Ti
tcito U. a. eoflegle. b also pgot
umN t rftnr I

nmi pti

Sr pe-sonn d
W%6 tihe whole question of
.ee s I c "mpesaion

B taaM. turnover In
im. hnoe poalm cmn be
ie rld
be HM repretntattve re-
almo he bas heard noth-
"housn" emplaints
hk vtMl here.
st employee don't under-
i tat the houstd situa-
i en be remedied only by
ratlon of funds to
nt of Defense and
Canal." t obrv-
hbe a of suitable hoata,
ms tanued, is not the faul
,,maselaint but the failure
lorwes-to approgate sal-
at funds to pr wade suc&
as~woodoib4ed out that In
o ia to In the
.s FM T -2 is t me .
r tol-oplonow bova.

rp w p"o f" aI

The new It
claim. will Rive a olog
represenihtua accord=g ad
Lad not based an labor-
membershIp. At present the
trial Labor Union. with Sa 1
Is entitled to 48 voft wb
the aix civic councils have
13 votes.
The President of the Sa
Civic Councils, Charjes I
rond, aid today he peza
woMd recommend to tb
councils that the
their support from the
because in his ophi ,-
entral )Labor Union ha.
eaten United States afi
aVora of labor org
who have taken over
finaces and
the committee." -
However other civic
(C .uentUa 0 m Mats. G,

Mr. AlS,7E7:

time it collided it &
truck also was kIll i
the IsibaegtwtS
1tru, karsow as mow
and 1M6,
Re is sumrvIve by.
Em fa
foarmays o as
at the MUu6 aowa
who work@a sor
dason he".

fl's ElP P

Bigny Tod

I l.M--e

*i -Y*w' i

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ai jowl.

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Mt V-
k I



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.. .. i ma

w. a .%r Y-rn s,,., 1rr e PANAMA AMEICAN Pe42. INCe.
S 7 M SNmies '. 0 8o0 134 PaNAMA R IO P
rptr P"Or P o .',. NO 2 0740 IS LINI.) "
e ct iv Ar'ap3- ANAMBRICAt4. PANaMA
e O .. 0 r 'C (CF'R' tI AiuI *rTYWir ii't... n Ism Ip T arPST rl
Son ,n. m.P=Fg..TFarlvrlpF OMII*A 0 POW*ERe INC
r4R Ma-rin0t AV9i NFW YORKI 1'1 N Y
?. erst *
?'O GrAl 2, ..
13 MONTH IN D'.aNCI __ I 70 9

i -E--- -


IHL TORY 01 .\ ,

Ganiboa. Canal Zone

A 'r ,ii fichi" nie'etng was held last night IMondayi at th
1j' ic C-n.ri in (-. icr.: or the benefit of those who could no
Attcind tLi 1 .. ,' m..,, u', .iid themselves against a fifth coluinr
o o ai eni it. ecre ; i i rit 1J I'- tinait took place:
S1.. In 1. n oti'.h neing held in Diablo. Mr. John Q. Pub
lc, i4de a ,lotiub i ldr.'. further support from Howarc
tiro. Cenllhi L.abo Union rcpresentatile. The motion wa
seconded ai(i cam,-u by t.ut. Perhaps the public felt that while
Munro had worked tlard and had done the best he could tha
afihat, w. s not enough to v in t his fight against overwhelming odds
hi-' Our fight is not against the United States Government,
I,d.'u. against a billion dollar steamship lobby that has attempt-
ed to "Stalinize" the Canal Lone.
V *Perhap.s the public tell that we should have a sharper lega
, match thre cumnci oi the Panama Canal Company's Di-
,4reosors. some al \w ,oni. I understand, are "moderately" interested
i rliteanishin companies.
"The public c;,tainly has a right to their opinion especially
when the\v ui Sit, to exp,'c-.c it And if they think somebody else
can do a bc.ici lob than the incumbent. then out he goes and
.WLcomcs i l:n i A. one. I understand that this is done every four
rgg.T in the Litect States.
SHoier the Central Labor Union group in the rent organlza-
decided that the vote oi non-support to their representative
0r, vas a foolish move on the part of the peasants and thai
Should be ch. ngcd. The tail was now wagging the dog. The
r9f*tral Labor Union '.roup took control of the situation and voted
rescind d the motion This non-support idea was the accepted
tw ff. the maio:'irt' at a previous meeting. yet the public was
am rollered" right out of the delI and the Central Labor Un-
SaS own. Munro was restored to represent the rent fighters
5.0) er they wanted him or not. I can prove that this was a
Wre-ar.anged plan
T second phase of this liasco now rears its ugly head: The
rthe Lotlir 7o pieident of the CZLL&I"' Committee'
Su a 3ii'00 1to JJ' thel balls for Munro's services.
expt'Lted to pay our debts when we went into this
.4eat- that is sbhy we contributed generously to the cause.
Accordipigly it was sp voted that me pay the bill which
amountss to a little over $5,000 in total. This.was for nearly
Etor months service October 1952 through January 1953.
Now comes the trony of it all: Howard Munro is a representa-
ofo the Central Labor Union who goes to Washington, D. C. on to ilght their battles. The contention of labor leaders In
is that this rent business and other condition that we
L'. 't is som-thing that needs he support of Labor. We
Z o l0 at. V,.e accept the fact that we need all the help
1 n ;,et. V.' re. lie tut v.we all have a mutual problem
,3 t:tciudes the Centr:lI Labor Union.
,; we must spoil a beautiful friendship by getting merce-
b'ne Central Labor Union has generously offered us their
tnro on the concept that the man on the-street foot the
s fd thev aet a free ride. Munro goes to Washington, gives
ltnI fiants for a cause which the Central Labor Union in-
,Ts fA r our mutual deliverance from the hands-of those who
*"d ni ls
''.--" al I abor Union has contributed nothing financially
S- and a Ia.:e amount morally. They have sucaeoded in
t ";- ,,cam roller over a group of worried peolile who
help. They have destroyed every vestige of hope and con-
that these people had in a great organization, 4
1-That is what happened last night in the meeting in case
too busy to attend.
Hell. Central Labor Union!!

Balboa, Canal Zone.
i-CGencral Pu:.elic:
m using his method to try and set my mind at ease.
r '-"- you are atare of it or not. there Is a very serious "bug"
it around in the air. yes. the polio bug. There Is no epidemic,
are no a many cases as other years that is true. But
a you not ced the suddenness of the onset and the seriousness
11 the ca- :s?
!t 'rend your children are just as immune or as susceptible
ry"i ur'riny children are. Why can't we all cooperate in what
dcldrcn are allowed to do.
iA3 c.: as morning niatinees at local theaters. I feel mine are
yellir and running in the hot sun. Do you agree? .They
e:-.rcise. true. but limited, and not strenuous, or all-day.
t'Is the oncoming Cub Scout Jamboree wise? There will be
rifps from all over thrown together. and a half day out under
flANf. Sun. Is not that one affair that could be postponed?
SWIWhen we used to go to the Little League ball games which
a" all for we would come home "pooped" out, just sitting
lk e sun. Can't help but think what wonderful targets the
arc for that bug.
am not writin-. this asking for sarcastic. fresh replies. I am
,tl Interested parent and want to hear some other verdlons.
&- .Mtybc I am bccommi a worr.~-wart for no good reason, so
-ldeea a few of you join me and write your feelings.
SThank you.


4ew Jersey Junt

IZONTAL 2 rake into
SJgrsey is custody
aed the 3 Staggerer
'State" 4 Diamond-
1 flosier cutters' cups
Jersey 5 Note in
Guidos scale
ce 6 Girl's
7 Waistcoats
asa 8 Irritates 2
0he uses 9 British money 21
T.f.f account
10 Opposed to 2'
S former 21
11 Ever (poet)
ton n 12 Weight 3;
) deductions 33
point 18 Insurance
Aect being21 Smellis 34
22 Small lumors

val (ab.) -
9r vetch
ma-maker u -

a (Scot.)
Ikbird of
ekoo family
lghts (ab.;
tiased side

wii n

- A Parent of Several.

Answer to Previous Puzzle

I P C A A P ^ C o N
sE I r ut I ir

O ~6 NIP L V
Si~** ^ i S"
| ||ia ,l
is us i, a E
a:!| pgE

5 Arabisn gul
6 Companies
7 Scope
I Brother of
Cain (Bib.)
2 Burrow
3 New Jersey
one of the
- states
SNaval air
station (mb..)

If 35 Tell
of 36 Atainer
31 F.evete
38 Molls slowly
40 Soothsadyers
42 Woed burr
S43 Poker stake
is 45 Chemical
S46 Chapters (ab.)
47 Small island
S in a dvyer,

I m

"It consists of over 500 af-
fillated tocal unions, wh os e
members aire engaged in all
operations of loading and un-
loading the cargo ox ships, as
well as alb the work done on
docks and piers in connection
with the storing and assembling
of cargo,' he stated.
Joe's own words admit that
this union is chartered by the
AFL and haa a tmangle hold
on the nation's forelfa co-
morem. That makes i eveY-
body's busimnessM In geneal d
the AFL'e in partealar. What
this labor leader aa f
his ipeell brand bide behind
is the ery of "union atono-
Well, thia is to report that the
day of such labor baroni- Is at
twUl ht.
Out of the filth and corrupUoa
and thievery on the m-Ms
waterftonts, some good mWg
come. ..'
AThe AL's igh onmmi
whenit amutsi i
te 1W. 400 I0Xlkb.







Labor Newst



The Senator from Maryland
was graciovrs indeed to the husky
labor leader who stepped down
from the Kefauver crime com-
mittee witness chair that balmy
afternoon of Aug. 15, 1951.
"Very well. Mr. (Joe, tyan,"
said Senator Herbert O'Conor,
who was chairman for the day.
We are obliged to you. We think
you and yotr associates have
been doing verv splendid work."
p The S"rator's chivalry must
It have spr,'r.g more from his up-
n bringin. "- ong the Mason-Dixon
line tha. ionom any effort to in-
terpret t"e line he'd just been
d handed L% the self-righteous
d "King of all the eastern long-
e shoremen.
For Joe had said such nice
words. You see. the only heat on
. Joe that day vas from the tele-
vision cameras. So the words
"At our recent convention we
incorporated In our 'Interna-
tional Longshoremen's Assn..
AFLi constitution additional
powers to discipline anyone who
was found utilizing the oppor-
tunities afforded him while
working on the docks to commit
r offenses against the law and so-
Joe really put It on that day.
* "Any narcotics traff i c k e r
t found in nur midst will be dealt
with in the ILA swiftly and
sternly and without mercy un-
der our new constitution," Ryan
said, and with such an assumed
air of indignation that he cer-
tainly did Actors Equity out of
Initiation fees and dues that
Yet at that very moment he
knew that there were, among
his union's officials, narcotics
peddlers, operators of illegal
stills, rapists, Army desqrters
and hi-jackers f dope ship-
But men are of many kinds,
and this may not constitute "of-
fenses against law and society"
to Joe and his fellow union of-
They just can't seem to find
those of their colleagues who are
deep in the racket which shakes
down working men and busi- a
ness people for some $350,000,000 e
a year from pay envelopes and tU
profits as the FBI some day a
will reveal,. g
But there's a different kind of
heat-on Joe today. And it's made W
him allergic to television cam- tl
eras. w
For more than a wfek now, TV gU
)ioducers over at the National
broadcasting Co. have been try- -t
bait: .get. i .oc sanypa. y
ma Jor te AFL .gphare*
men, into a studio for an in-
terview with the oruuading
waterfront priest, Father John
Corridan, and me. th
However, "on advice of coun- 8S
sel," the union has not only put
Itself on radio and TV silence,
oat has telegrapher Father Cor- on
ridan and public officials that l
the union's affairs are none of l
Lheir business.
Well,-just whose business is co
the bread and butter of 30,0O. Lt
longshoremen, who seek peace a
of mind and the right to hap- do
py family hours u anterruptqd, M
in MVD fashion, by a thug
knocking on. the door or an
emissary seeking special 'dues' s
or tellIag the. doekwalloper C
he'd better borrow money from w
so-and-so at. special rates,
whether or not he needs the 01
dough? bi
Joe and his colleagues have thl
even told the highest AFL lead- rc
ers that tne ILA is none of their
business -ither. u]
Mind you, none of the AFL's
business! -- although Ryan
testified that day in 191 that,
"The charter for the American
Federation of Labor covers the
longshoremen and all affiliated
"The ILA, as our internation-
al is called, is a labor union
founded -n 1892, affiliated with 0
the AFL and the Trades and
Labor Congress of Canada.



I .I


Senate Ghost

By Frederkk C. Ottman

WASHINGTON.-I guess we'll have to call this.
n afternoon in never-never land. Nothing seepu-
d real there in the gold-trimmed chamber rl
Ie U. 8. Senate, where the gentlemen were
arguing the future, if-any, of a kind of political
The one with the nebulous status was Sen.
Nayne ,Morse of Ore., who decided, a while back
at- hbe was tled of bina a Republican. He
wasn't going to be a Democrat, either. oe he
MesSed.Be'd justbe an independent.
About a week ago he anounced to his ahast


anding up'athere in flesh and bloo-- deadandh .-I
hat the Senate vote to seat him in the Armd' ..Am
services and Labor .Committees,
This li where the yammtie gs started It went .
n-and- on It went some more. For hour.. nil
I sat there oh my 'little Atool in the press gal- tWi
ry untl my knees got tir6d. .do
Sen. Homer Capehart (R., Ind. had a far more Tl
comfortable seat. but along toward the shank of
he afternoon he was growing weary, too, He vo
rose among his shouting cohorts and in thun- sh
erous tones he announced' that he had a parlia-
nentary inquiry. Everything else stopped "*
"The gentlemen will state it," said the Veep. fa
"Well,' said Ben. Capehart, with no hint of a
mile, "I feel an independent streak. coming on. he
an I form an independent party Whenever I ba
ant to?"
The Veep banged a'is gavel. Most of the furl- we
ius gentlemen laughed. Even the ghoet. grinned. dic
ut the bitter Senator from Indlapa was not sel
Lrou h. "I think thO! whole thing's "silly," he I
nared. bi1
It also was complicated. Things- gotao mixed Ca
p there for a while that nobody knew exactly lal

The thing In life I miss the most
Is a date with udy in the Vew York
In the New R opiW what IT mb
Is the sad ordeaf of Alger H.
I've pored through the Natif Wt.hl
having seena ...
Sober arraiOnmnlt of Judge ,
One thing, though, I've obwe .d -
Here evidence It tar from scowy-
How recent anti-Communists a
Keep doubling the anti.n .. *
-Felix wl e'Fr

The Unimportance of Being Merrh:
nut., the ilWel lawyer and "deioAWier"
beetles., apt'eatly doesn't enjoyed 4roebd
rep .(fr -fmi l critics...Euestor
whose favorite flght i against an OW ld I
mrhip) Juet frlghtsee the timid i
mU anti-Compunt weekly (Tbe .W L
ite killa their of hbleItise
.lh review sowed his unlaveble
, a o lf 'MWS *Lad the itg'
ad toMl th BSi Mouitlpeee that 1the-
be ituli,.. .Ert tla" edlatel eycateek
in andi waned. f they wanted It he
iOW to set it was written by a "
ay".. .-m B at has efte" oitedl a
mart Hael lawyer ean "prove santi
-l to prwe tMe mag's ads .ete net 1
A UN h210 4 from a Scandinavian -c
mnt Oe901 party.. .A dear o6 lady
alm tWkt. ... "At the United Nat
s adM N i.,.."How interesting." sail
poijij have you been a
Sli~ '

I 115 ~PW 1W1

' "4-

M V0.

p 'U

T-' -

and Processing WOkg,'hbI
gress as a Co a X
P. fused to
the out 3 mffi "i '^l
P ...Yet
The N. "
t that A .t
o a ber ofh
with hil the

mn depart ..
Punehlin empaiit,
tMrtis i the .oandB-I. haf

Af -n- 'mew,

Henlev Ull. a
'mued after In,
Iment* o( t
"'15. Srtiat
'. Davis to
Sillg for
e4 oer the I
Esuman ,

a phone fsB'
sor. CBSD mea

b~o A&W 1

- .7. .4'


i~_l____ ~_~_I _~ __



. 1



( *

S -


- -

al a

68 i s _, Or -. -" w

-. ,.'-=,.t. -,. .... .. .. ...

',,....,- ke'"

-7 .;i...."--

F~Y ~

lea Cons*lM .
-,. a-s.^! ..... *mo l '. ..
"' '-,:p..-. a^ .--u u ','AI. ,.. .hV.. A1 ., .. "

Nt.. ru.. Rico edee r 0 os t '

Sas ~-~ te United Nations Tenty uets were esat, including Mr. and Mrs. Les- officers of the
Sit terr willtory nt relates to terrl- o eh Ovir., with whom Mr. Wth le is iatinl while on the At- m embly of the o

.i ...: ,... <- ...,.ld trfhe whe red into force on Mr. add Mrs. Caleb Clement, Brng adier- Oen e al E. M Itrml Da -Part *
Ss r Q u wa sUt developed by oatentertaned wereith a Pese xotto, ncludi and Mrs. a Peixottofrs of tPeL
, l i8t j tufi^. f the W 6 ofo Puerto icto and dnnmer party Monday evening arrived by plane 8 aturd r daty Mr. a an in
''t errt the or anno ce- e elected represen- lo honor Ms,. Clement' rela-from Wvisitingtwhileon D. C. for a t-in d i t
S' d frm with their aives who are vsitg on the vialt with their son and daugh-l wdray It h
., M resd in popular Tsthmu. The honorees were: ter-ln-law Lieutenant and Mr.

Sof "th tto o e nf sticotu, in agreement Mus Horine. on a Gritl to the n Arthr bAhtt h
f n t co ina gvrement of the sR thmu and tho earw coast,Ing at nell Lueo n
-'"- b 1 ,o-- "t ttea ,.have estabUllhed before return. to Cqlfornia. The monthly unchon Nehar
SH Iti ernment within The member o the family .neetn of the Recreation *__
oivw roved was develonited states, present were .M. and Mrs. Wil- Coun w held at the CriB-
,*WI WE Wo li SS,,.Ifoken in ni P. a^tates Govern- am Brooks and Billy, Mr and tobal YMCA-USO on Monday, The weeklybyl
f ..of o elt believes that l i na dr. Leon d. af, of eamboa, January 19. Joint plans f o
C-textqatheaanounce-the uly'-,elected represen- to honor Mrs. Clement rel- from W hington D. C. for a o at h

'Tn beean on- sarT ort apro- nMiss Bar bara goi, Mrs. Alice thlelic and soell prog
Sthe o pr to n transmit anlfor- Clement and Orr:n M and Mary. re d olaned E a prt of the a t1 "
Sd .4 2 tto mae United Nat pons Clement. rwegul meeting. The Ia ipeio Mker
-Puer" as non- -govern- DinnePeaneer

Ses have established befoe etnng tToBe The monthly u n c ho n
l O lan: -ofnment within a The memtbeis. ofn the family Meetin of the Recresation
as IkendnstateoGovern- am Brooks and Dilly, Mr and tobal YMCA -USOt n Monday, Rb weealy

o el believes that Is Urt. Leon VficePresofdent .a S tra-oas ary 19t. Joint plans r Rot tl
o n be :c i. mryorapro- Miss Bararra olf, Mrs. Alice th nd Cleti Woorich, 8 pe ci a were the dinner
S, J. I) t e s Defene and r n and Mary erve Oscused s the ta a r rt
Fha, tdtransmit Clementh rt ulOi andeOrr.

a ea. M t esidet e ew llo, the u l. Te ot
.of e ad 4y i to be coln- tcht dsat he adieT ptaces Mr. Leslengh H. PDavi, xecu- blcded" Mr. ande a
at ona t e reldr n tional Council of YMCAs with
N ,ii lthed st erst to l a nd ttthe mli ta.y, was present.

'lT;I W,*^ ^ ^ ..-st~n ~ ~ ^On F< m i WS ., ,~.- :a^"aiA -a. .y *rS We shall be closed ALL DAY ;**
-SIn Library dent id in Ilt interview Nixon lsaid h has .not dia In,,ene mo- ti the n
S h ~ te nes In the history o t he rs. Jsep S and M r.ROW, january 2
\Sft 3l *91 a aa o s ni toh4t mmee Cu slatteAt tSehiodle, but added vi se h

ar^Iy? drom a ga.- 1 5of prerieln11 over the Mns h n-threh atC t 3y f forINVE NTO R Y.
SI y por purposes of Natda eenin u er Dre r ee

.. w. b uby ant a s S b Ha disclaimed any additional hord te retr pe ho
M ,S r te wt onroe.noR of th aeurig the section of an personal ambitions at present. benefit of lades resent
h--:,' t" -- '" ..a; 1 0 ." '::s -i'.".
ie --" a e aw hol ent group was se at a advisor of the .".P., Lt. Rob-coat an

1 '' g -E "w itIO ,s he can to help GOp candf-mymor polutical tj o- C ,nha.o SAn R.. Aaw .... ...
S8 ,I d atLs atl re s a MTi e o r th e ... ..
the,"Aid erViewnrge U-shaped table centered Hunt, Lt. William Heal1.Yewhnte. fe

M: iysE^^^^^ ^KS''S80 1 Ci fi"^D; Me'il. h said1 he ex- ed.
wil e t 6 tob "wctel" a nwith aep icanrtal.nSmith, Sre et Joseph Smith n r

I "wee 7 : 30 a-d th the at.floers finiac as oeh mahieslt Funedrl Tohndorrl w bu dde Ia

e Im ak a tedma nld tPho pasic P- i. j
J a. ihsecre les of Defense ande arke w ht i p -

.eh -i ures of th U Natue r of th Service Officers of the Atlan-T R en MCal
Stoe Badgeadornedwithor-ticiSidimeiantaddtionaiords o l epalnaton for nths l
.k iiyld t chd at thelnelad ofe hla cs res
.---' nhwer nt."r a ceal o r.T he orchids were ethe spe ve se. wetary and Mr. tht thFe retlar !Ger*
'e.ture of the retiring preal-

.. dnteJud gear. of e ompny No eh-ede ,.K .. ".m ' .a. o ne ei' t. 'irtehe'e notedotratz6. eIenhwhrsall be cls A Lp

Fhre mmber al.-,o pre- ,n ordnance Mts he y-s oa o.r -
Se- epro- council should be "revitalized"at table decorations.s albel
it ow.uw Inmaidr13e kspintNixon said he has not pr&nInsopeonng the m aoeeteIcn g,

Ma V.tive". ... deaiwththnwresidmnt Tatelman oturneddn theT .rR. OW_

S predingm F taker on, anything that ational Committee o f 33 from OR I I
W.... o mes his way "without regard rearsh egronD.nC. Hes gavethe
.. ..said"he-assme.aso my political future." purposes of Naional Sojeour-

YAW -He,.said.heeVWwKthLndRa
,er wi th afte w etrlnglchos
Monrio. 1Insuring theaction of an pe rsonalabito petiaton pr

., "At5dthisMer oonthe ladiesh p re -i
the of tate Chapter eor
PsnWeC-us """rthe den td .the .avel-overto

it.a.r hav, Ieten.DtCloel ib..-N IWe w aIsh oILn
-irm~se MktW 2**Ubt _.b who *111 1twootIm tnAg the anktiooas much fee4nthat Tnemy

canhtohelpthea macts-illsheapoliticalOPab,.0 L ClO yrd, te lonte A7. %ill u Sry p I X ghp.. -.
tch9e, Uee, wlope.dar.t w the DemocrtasRpresentatie for the Ca-
.80da 'paRad o et olrcts e'to "worrk-closely" with

afOtMi ODahesicers lo.rsere
M oAr4jrs Kinh Dies;

beo XeP td hi bmhngs

isr2nd vice-president r
Me*raW14 He arm 0.mahtington, UaS N.,

m etlm oDll wi follow In 41 th n eI tr eerbt.
b O d 'ilamiienw t l p on0ros at-1 1). m-W yneRoseU.S.A., and L,
1% Z S:Os o ummenins. at as a. Forte
o,,..:.. .. oheMr s. .notes le presented Mr.Ws.Bennett, USA.

da ug 'hers 1ieuthnmnt itch madpe few
,.. !o..nIngun- -. a.- .Iv'. :c atioathaer khis b appre-

".. o f ,..otherretoaivs os t nie.been l
tat the La iecratery Slocum w hopaid
-j w i one' of the two charter

t. At the conclusion of his re-
At Jepdge Wei r'nW dWe, yi thormit
Assembly of Stockholders
"- doM -- ID.. Jesse L Byrd, teother pany2 Aveue

charter member was alsoIncordance with t
padwIo this meetin cannot be helf

-. '. $.o": -,.ECTA....
,. sTable. writr with a
sutby d I

~dA aIehysue tilml...ion in 5 send..
_!an h.. ** t -,, ',..


Iew in t slm, now M CA."
You'll loe the wany Angel Ch y~qA I Fasami
e Face Bawenyour i plezm. ye Mir.I.I....
And W,. easy o muelNewg told.e M Irro
**.n No Agessi No -ops with
* 4L -RIK lusu -
a. t 9 I s .





Shipping & AirLine News

gaiee Line President !Shipping, the American Mer-
La ttannev Adamq. Dies chant Marine Institute, the Ma-
3. Rannev Adams president of ritime Association of the Port of
ralee Line. Inc. died last% week New York, American Steamship1
it the Lenox Hill Hospital. New Owners P. & T. Association, a
V4lk Citv aft'r a .hort illness.' trustee of the Webb Institute ofi
was 58 ears old Naval Architecture and a mem-
. Mtr. Adams was born in Gaith- ber of the Society of Naval Archi-
. [sburg, Maryland. He graduated tects and Marine Engineers, In-
ftom the United States Naval dia House. the Army-Navy Club
Academy at Ann.;polis in 1915 ,of Washington, D C. and-the
where he a :x- honor man and Blind Brook Club, Port Chester,
lmsident of his class. New York.
San Bias Island Trip
Set For Sunday
There are still some reserva-
tions left for the Ban Bas Island
trip scheduled for Sunday.
SThe combined plane and
launch tour is sponsored by the
Colon Chamber of Commerce
Anyone interested may call Co-
Ion 807 or Balboa 4394 for reser-
Purchasing Agent Heads List
Of Southbound "Ancon"
Vincent J. Clarke. Purchasing
Agent for the Canal in New York.
and James A Dorsey. Construc-
tion and Maintenance Superin-
tendent for the Panama Rail-
'road, are among the passengers
scheduled to sail from Crlstobal
Friday on the 8. 8. Ancon. ac-
cording to the advance passenger

A total of 47 passengers are
A* Ischeduled to sail on the Ancon.
L After serving on the battle- The complete advance passenger
Alp. U.S.S. Michigan and Penn- list follows:
iyivahia. he was sent bv itn Navy Mrs. Delia Arias; Davis S.
to Massachusetts institute of Brown: Vincent J. Clarke. Dr.
"echpologv for a post-gradutte Howard N. Cooper: Mrs. Viola S.'
sounJe in naval architecture and Cowden: Mr. and Mrs. James A.'
uWimten transferred to the Con- Dorsey: John A. Dovel: and Mr.
1trution Corps of the U S. Natv. and Mrs. William Felton and
During the first World War. Mr daughter.
AA .- q0 t nd ntHI

AJams3 was stationed ati e
Viyn Navv Yard. where he
1 as superintendent of
te resigned from the NavV
1 to accept the position of
tendent engineer of the
Transport and Mercan-
Fwe Eorporatlon of New York.
Mr, Adams loined Grace Line
Mae 15. 1929 as vice-president
5Mi Carte ot operations in 1941
as elected executive vice-
ent and in 1945 was elect-
Blident. He %%as a vice prs-
and director of W R. Grace
-ad since 1947. president
H IHrector of the Gu Iif and
American Steamship Co,
w Orleans.
t Adamsr. durinR his service

Dr Thomas Gilmour: Dr. and,
Mrs. J.Lawrence Golden; Thomas' C /, JL.. I
L. Greg; Mr. and Mrs. Victor C Fraltering Philip I
Hassol : Mr. and Mrs. William C
H. Holmes. Jr.: Mr. and Mrs.
David B. James. Jr.; Mrs. Betty 1'hilp's lift is filled with bruises
Jeffrey. and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph -.
Jugo Well-worm Iteps sd rgs be um
Mr. and Mr-. Lawrence A.f
Lindsley Mr. and Mrsavd J. Repairs would le- e home lk *ew
Mays: Mrs. Eleanor Morftt; Miss P A Classfled. lat th.e aih t luel
Hermina Ortega: Mrs. Ethel W.
Peabody; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Pohmer; and Mrs. Roger Pugh.
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Schu-
macher; Dr. and Mrs. Harry S.
Saidel: Mr. and Mrs. Cy Shrier:;
Norman C Slade: Mr. and Mrs. -
Austin E. Sterling: Mr. and Mrs.
Richard L. White; Mr. and Mrs. I
Robert S Wright. II i

space Line. Look the lead in --
r ping the present day nmod- Brigade Begins
Me Ierchant Marine. BrigadeB gin
IM* vast knowledge of naval
chitecture enabled him to de- Carnival Queen
l a new fleet Qo fast pasaen- ,L, T.o ig
eas for GraLine. contest Tonight
ri.rIng the war. r t- is, The ilrst count of votes in the
ted Grace Line operation of Carnival Queen contest pon-
own requisitioned ships and a ored. b, the Panama Disciplir-
rge fleet of war-built govern- ard by the Panama Disciplgn-
Int ships for the War Shipping ary Boys and Girls Brigade will
ministration, carrying troops c held tonight at the Frendh
d supplies to every combat b ct aaln Oat. he Ce-,
crit. Clubs taking part in the cw,-
Lmcediately following the war test are the Rivoli Dagmar.
took steps to return Grace Universales nd others. Mttusc
ae to peacetime operation and', il be provided at tonight's
reiftmen as Quickly and effi- count of votes. Admission ls
Ml4l i s- n ,,hli fn r *,lar rror' f:ee.

I %vt. .Cas ps icic reau iar cargo
;41d pIfienger service over the
"l-h'* traditional routes between
Se 'UpIlted States and Latin A-
. .' ~&dams was prominent in
1.4.0 y aspect;_ of the maritime
=tpiatr v and his highly respect-
4-Od advice and counsel were
l"ught bv tho e concerned with
toe'com'plex problems of the A-
m wfi Merchant Marine.
.e wass a director of the Na-
tiVn1a Fqderation of American

I!.C I WELKIN Planeteer

vioEN WE 6 AC
" / 7"0 HEACDWtAJ'ErW.

Wli1 Up NI his
It you *Irt roBS UI h ll|
'Jihta. Backache. LUs Pains. Lom
't Vigour, Nervounnes or weak
LIns ou should help your Pre utatR
,lan me' m diatlr with ROFGNA
hia wonder medleine make
ou Ieei tOunsi r iLrOiier ec
*:eep withL |R t erruptlon. Go,
!O .F NA frmm uraaemistutud
*~,-u inngj rua!ad

(A* tLhmite4 Number nf Paem ngr s.athow
88. Pont Leveque ............................. ............. Jantu y
1 iniI .MSIA. I.CbADOB. Pa0o.A CiJE,:
S.S. Port R a tn .................................. bruM y 16
M.S. Washlngton ................................ January St
ii IU-S afE ..**eICe- *friIII 9 **u4i *w fr6W
B.g. S.U ...L.. ...... i d.......... ...e
S. De Gre ................................. January AI
Weekly rFst Carge Bvrkee Betweep Cristdbt, Balboa & West Coas
Peors of UBs. and Canada.
LtrNMihal ViUrTLH UNLt m.oI e Of b frt &-w1e7 |
Pinemi: LINDO I MEDURO. 5 A Dew 1iM
Tel. p umi u-iq -2ii6)



( ywu" -

w m." .. .. .
L t '' "' -



S- -. Doe' AU sef

; k'

',. Are T UpstT?'

I*.k' I f.

- .*


,bX,- ,'
"f. .J

.:. *-,


" !"

*t-' *,*1

*pt vi




.*,'-.:-'*^ >* ^ ^ -.* -' ^ '* *' -
f *'* -' .- "/"' '* '. 'r 'A-d *"i


S Pert of Fatherhood


-L Ht
A *I0


Relpiag Nam~

~ 3* ;I



*r 4- .

By Calbraith

me- T -1..5

"You want me to spank him? Don't you remember my
New Year's resolution to be kind to everybodyy"



I w-doomi



That Visitor Alain

* .4r




2UN... j

t-. -
1,1* .U#L T
i1 ,.



'5.-ia ~-

------ ----- -- a ---- --------


' n

- -




i -.'t

^ *- ; -.

I masw,!

R O W + ... U .

-- :4't ..T':..-iX .23 t -r'ts,' ~**~
* 'i-fl *-~JP' *E~
Sp. ~''
* -~ -.~ *. N
IL if
I~~rt ...sJ~. *A-.dsyd: *r4r-

* ..

......,; .. 1. .,-,.

I" .-**.i ^.'f' .S ",r'-'" -:-,
.. -- .. ..
.. ..


S .+...
*f, -

1 i ll lI

- ,~- ... ~.
r... ~.
.- --w a-


iA' ~
*11~- I

- .-

". ..,Ism

upon r eim ni 5


I!. -*. >- 1 ",

ei i :..ii' ,

A+_ +in -
T .Y + *+ :



flyX- "* as -
!: '*lit, .'-' 4 *-,
':$, '- -
ei~f .lMMti

0 J.

Eiin. ibm 3
- -a- ~ a-. --

duty.end honor

.od tase Ir e his

tad our t he e

foear thy oapat w i. -
b,.+i i- a l .
knowede Wt maroumr tt
fo a gerv A

,J q'. .. ..", .t *:. E

nen N 'tOW, tcu wrwm.T?,jphnu" -h
n m third

-. .. W..... 6.. ,

togete 1roretrtoa
IeO to lrl

I tt Id o f d iy.t l

S nd Marilyn Monroe, the Idea r worth
-i. to.. f g t

ate enoa .M

S 'th I el bm t, .t t -

. LA 4 jflmU l'

N. -'- wlld0hesld t th Cristobal
YMCA-UIO on saturday. This
IWO8 go event la conducted annually to
]h -- onor. the Junior hastens of the
-04 JS4 r Bervice eOrgaNsation who
nas served the iostn number of
A I. ourss during the precding year.
W:. i .- B*. ,T Invitati fl Ve Mn 6ateod-
6i2J,. '*i ]A d to prominent military men
S3 732 a4 chrilla rr members
S KI 6 J 104 01or the Oi's Servic Organisa-
S*Q64 ., leJ 103 dlon who are now anarried, are
C D) invited to make, this their
A A 4 .unalon. Married ureiamen
It I are requested to secure Invita-
[f tons for their wives from the
i tv titiea secretary of thel "Y."
.. i,_ i 'GCoronation ceremonlew will
J *.N sa_ I0 sy s brt at 9:15 p. ,M. wtf ? aMat-
'-4 Pa i o S2 Ia Of the various !Girlsof
364 -P P 24 'T LMonth. W. FrIt umphreys.
.492PM!eh Sa. Pe 4 chairman of the co mittee of
S 6 PeW. P Pass management of the Cristobal
S, Opeln gim-h.4 Il YMPA wl preenti a social
S. certillcate of commgndatson to
.. the Girl of The Teat. After the
oVhen you're In a smal alam cremonies have bet complet-
.trtet in a rubber bridge e. the recipient and her escort
Ih. iou are tlaUeds to make wn cut the coronation cake.
)Ecicke. It you're playln the Following this they wiltf Lad the
ha6d In a tournament however, rad inmarch.
,you -must think about playing The dance will start at 8 n. m.
uor.a overtrickin order to make and last until 11 V. m. Service-
a Blood .core. men attending the dance are
p a p'. was& played requested to wear white ihblt
in I', bR an- and tie or uniform.
nul rnan parl a in
SA -partIn B ~ k14 Takes1
46111.O'B = 1rlelim- 1 1. h.
dmd o a ra....
s .hold point out that South Honors In Slout's
did not fall down all b himself.
11 W.a tutppe o by the st eOEal Ia dey
Dtrer. Vice Flnlgan, of San C SVeV mumy
Declarer won the opening club adsrc C c
lead .. the dmAy. three A district Cub S out Rally wat
ratulds~f p hi eld at Coco o010 Nawml BaUse
W an, and 'M o heart on iatrdt All Atlantic aide
f hitd, ed Packs = Pitted.
*'Fee_ .uU,'e si Fort- ort InShermn't Pack 14. the
"MtWan playedewesPe ek inPIthisftjdrict, took
S deuce oea On dummy's the highest honors qualifying in
of tak g the trick all 1 Achievement Tests.
t kil. AHli Packs passed the lIspec-
ontinued by cashing tin and wer apresdnted with a
aut deof notin proficiency streamer.
hat ad followedsuit flirt
withte .eight of hrets and Pack 14 membership Includes:
thq wi te nine of herts; It Jimuie Terril, Stevt. Batcher;
ee)ll :-LbIn that West must Teoy Waite, Leon0M. Aberle,
have asequ with three hearts Deald Ridgeway. Bobble Schall.
to the Declarer terefore foe lt Mother is Mrs. Donald

r-- ,a s
Ir+ ;:i- l .,' ...n_ .

wpy. Dean c is Cub-
r i:. ,*' t .

I 3?~

t ~


I,! ~-t-':~



tbt of United Artists' "Untamed Women," gest Mames
Saturday at the "DRIVE-IN." The film Il as eM lg vC a lid
in a "lost world" of savage Women whose wayt wewe weees 41
the land that held tWen.

DUtlN'S CHIEF. 'tt-
Lloyd A. Mashburn, M wve, at
present California labor com-
missioner, has been appointed
Undersecretary of Labor for the
iamnatWs UampubHMgt a dlWsi.
tasmlim. The 6-yemr-old resi-
adent of Letb-Afr Angls aa bm
4stive in labor afairn fao r neMrly

-& ----.-

She's a one-man gal with a
two-timing heart
S Ty O de do Crle, In

"Scletr Anger
D4 Technbolot I
Ld with

0. Even
to this

* &,

Swie ",Win-I


T* ;
+. er ele,
,s.e .

,1i -

1-3;+ :

XtV) %W6

E hu e
44him ito I
t 8i trefore Re
.ere atof-
be reached A

*j t
'b merfV driv
In t, qt-.. l.ust beh"ied
- s


LUXl---- NlOW

Your Paerite Char.
i, it. .Wim Prepare
Yets Afn Esnyable

i-''-. n ~ilk~~V*


-' ;.. 1 nn j

w ..
: *v r d a-, l^S ^
S'Os lft^K~^^^ --
7I^^^^W^-1*^W ^^^F'

T ."0F

C A N- 0
aui@as c 7it, is-
Ana lyth, In

.--- -
a. t SlM, 3mb)
at S!U tU p.m.



"Pr- t

Shows: I 8:57, 4:55, 4 :S, 8:51 p.:
In -

iW umrsor
wilh a ir Favrite

C a- terI l -_

Bella Viste Latin Day!

An Exceptional Picture! .

* "

"l ebo de SdIn "
I II Rebon doiaeW


"Tim b&e Amw"
AIM: DaW Kir ,



Pates .s4c

-f, F ;^


- .1l--*



A* loNifW

All Th Mystaris of nxtic India...I
AIM: a
Thbe mlry of a et CubM basebal playsl

Gift Wednesday! $150.00 in Cab Prism!
Scott Brady, in "HE WALKED BY NIGHT"
Arturo de C6rdova, in "Adntures of Cesi e"

- --fU .rlY --- y

- ----~ --------~---- _.,,*---l----a -- -- ;---





*-., -*.'


i .:

P it..








+. -.3 ,-..a r,


Pa i '. .r ",
^*. '...-' .' 't, '* ".'.- _"- "l '" ,

I t" ,

A You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Cassifiedsi e' '
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "Uh" trees PanamA i ke '8 99. "
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service Sal6n de Beieza Americano Caritom Drlg Store till 1 b4l
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.050 MasId ep Ae.-TPhne 255 Col6an -
Propaorasl-, SA. MUlatmm foIr 12 wordsA flmen ,,c a6 re

thl plau i
A gen ci Intermacional de Publicaciones s *Ia.. c a Mx. PS en f.H .LSt f rr t ees *- ';.BH B *.S.r y
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone H-0441 No. 3 Lottery Pla Phone 2-X1 P B 2-ue14 td 2-279 J c addiction word. it a
*w esarles A. In

lBqt M omk ra ted M ui_ 46" 61 ,
Hou.eiold Autoni-nlh D es h3 e a lb .hig Houses ON BACH, Sano Clara. PROFESSIONAL ga voes n*, **. ..o .
Wrie Alees Amaeymnmm, Se Also Cerro Cominpaa. Shrapnel s 'amde wdER. t
TFO SALE: Mahogany, quarter- FOR SALE -1948 4 Door Chevro- 2033 AMC". C. B. aulboa 1389. He am he wanted'to. wicuo
?master d-hn;ngroomet, tablebu let Sedan in good condition. Te-D v| N 1.'__ Italb IS mor t r-11 e tnr of aff
rixhars, e able. lephone 2-5240 Avenido Cuba y Eureka, S. A. Central Ave. No. 133. Gramllch Santo Clara b ach- c s o more f 0pf9tOCt .pthe i
sanable Telephone,2s9, -88,ll. call 25 Abarrtea Hy Just around the corner of ".J" St.., cotage. Electric Ice boxes, g a id iCo teC tee het We
,boa.bO S l15odo 4 o. announces our new Lamp Shade o, t ele o tmderte rat. Tloepho beatif
boo. FOR SALE:-1950 Hudson, 4 door, Service. We can now make to order 6.441 Gombe 4-567 Pedro Mi- b S m ant i
FOR SALE -Dmnngroom ret. Per- Supermatc drve, excellent cond- any kind of lamp shade or re-cover geL ,-
fect co.ld-on. No I1 -A, 44th. lion Very low mileageour old one low LOnS. pcric byOEttM. Th S N W CEM O"P "
St. dowl n to the right Smoet & Paredes S. A.yowPHILLIPS Oceanside Cott ages. TheS0C El wpt i, -f
St, to the rgt Buick Chevrolet skirts, buckles and bottons to cov- only court in Santa Clara with an M "r M
platly cou rtUInSanta Clara with Sri his DOOM orn
FOR SALE -6 green porch blinds.-- ,,,, We pleat accordion skirts nd flare Oceanview from all cttag. Steps Dertie and durable
$20. 4 7 f wide.e 2 r 6 ft FOR SALE:-Buiul 1951 Chev- e, botron holes, eyelets & belts to beach, Rack Gas. refrigeration. WterprOOf coati, i
wide. 2 each, 34" x 60". 1 work bench. d". hardly used, perfect condi- 10123, Col6n. omoa 3.1877, Margarita 3-1673. and color chart Macy, .n
$10. P, c te nd 4 lawn ti. For demontratlon cell or Me sBox No ae t1b Ml t 7 e Bm
cha rs. $15. House 22 Galard St .. HuntSA.Co nT. i$ FOR SALE GEe. F. NOVEY, INC. g aE.Fe o rn V
Highway, Pedro Miguel. Tel. 4- 59. Co irl Ave. Ceons, Tel. 800. O SA EWilliams' Santa Clara Deach cot-.GE. NOVYINCC intr 3tq
328.FOR ALE: -Oldsmobile1949 4, MieHne- ltoges. 2 bedrooms, refrigerotl a2n. CtI0r11 A111 w, anted
S328. d FOP SALE: Oldsmobile 1949 4 MiCe nes. .Rockgoasr r snge. Balboa 2-3050. TL tet. .... .. ..
FOR SALE: 25-cycle refrigerator 4 dOOr se radio. Hyd i ram oi c R Er ndll p .. .,
"M ortho W ashington,"'all porce- nicely upholstered. Phone 3-3213, Now you. too, can afford a TOUR Except week-end s d Si& p0
io, newdefroster __$125o_. 0Cris- P no IN EUROPE, 29 glorious days. six STAY at Hotel Pen Americnx Ino oN FURN.TURE h d ""
n, new defroster $12500. Cns- Pcountries, hotels, meals and sight- Cool Beautiful El Voale. MO N NITURE h p w
tobal 3-2311. BARGAIN:-1949 Ford Station We- seeing, only $370.00. Transpor- y ORO the tiw
FOR SALE-- cycle Wrnger type good tires, leather up- station to and from Europe extra. FOUm FO4 R9ENT ", o, cftl t B ex de. B
washing machine. Enameled tp holstery. perfect running. codi- Call Fidanque Hermanos' hilos. R EN hleIS could N ni.ttd l "':
kitchen cab. One lumum Vdne- tion. For sole at Smoot y Hunni- IAgencis Americanas do Vioajes). HOUMe W start Wl -"
tiFalcon Pce, Gn.4 O TL 00. PANAMA CANAL "COMPANY FOR AE f-3hbedroom hou. co- mA ao a ban S pendg a -ne >-
FORSALE. Custom-made alum- FOR SALE: 1948 Nash, extras. OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS plely furnished, Fr 2 months. L e -
R Comde almi Good conditikon. Good price. Navy FOR SALE Tel. 3-1 31 It1Stce C -smu t ,
fu m V ene iln by nd s frm Iv 5 wl ngroomb r i FO S L 1M4
of 12 family end apartment. 1524 2 02 Sealed bids, for opening in public. r,' In = 'l
K Balboa after pm. GOOD TRANSPORTATION. 1951 w'l be received until 10:0 A.M.. FOR RENT d-- --------.- y
SBick Super 2-deer Sedan, Ieed January 30, 1953, for Wood Cos- hn t 4 S. A. to dfrePf a i
FOR SAL upholstery, redio nd 5 good tirs. turners; "Kordex" Files. Check Writ- Apartmentt spo ft .S. todq
SForsale at Smoot y Hunctu $. ing Maochine Parts, and Underw ALAMRA Shippin&g moving. f rae. e0,- hie So n
.16t., St. Central Ave. Colon and Royal Typewriter Parts located ALHIMe- bowITafter
Tel. Real E800e 00. at the Balbo Storehouse. Excess rwo and five room furnished We pack ahd orp pr move One Ms ar a
* FOR SALE--3-bedroom cottoge, 2 Sale Circular No. 37" may be obtain- unfurnishedj2rtwns;tli; priuatern 'enaytn'Pho. 2-2 1.. reteb i & l w f d
Sale Cr, culr No.37n May be ob. oi -'" ..
baths, terrace good neighborhood FOR ALE:-1950 Mercury 4 door. ed from the office of Suprinten- closed arde.8061. eA i.
Down payment, five thousand bal- Very good condition, new paint, dent of Storehouses, Balboa, toe- New Crstal Tl e Co 2.6 Pmtetl m e M m J .' "
once arranged Cola de Seguro As- S-c-e B- Pa d eles A. phone 2-2777. 3. c
sured, 2-2542 B: ick Chevirol-et FOR SALE: Season-Shipper coat, FOR RENT-Unfumrished apartment,
S FOR SALL:-1947 Fed 4-door with with zip-in lining, for any season's Son Francisco. 13th St. For infor- SEE THE NEW Hi 3o S Sed the picture
-' WANTED 1- tt eyde perfed rn- use, bought December 12th and motion call BaRxkcr 1464. m111 -.111S111'i WilS1 .I I
TEi S id iitin' ,. eay peye3 teY t used or"three-weekvocotion. Ori- .R T floor, of AUSTIN "" o, .
S u Mnineellaneou Smeet y HnnitltS. A. 16th. St. ginal price $65.00. will sell for No. 58 4rd Street. ompetely A 2 1dg. fenor lea t said S.AU ... -_
___-_ Centra ol Ave.C ll.00. $50.0.e 8 5. Call 2-3643. o5 frdTee .aI howa bo e rhs sa .
I EXCHANGE or buy stomps. ,ours for furnished. Telephone 3-2341. 3 AI O L ROW. hOw r i I n I On a the P s
mine. Ed. Peterson. 1265 No FOR SALE: 1947 Studebaker LU. /,i rBOW. FOR RgENT I on ep a i" on w a
Harvard lIvd. Los Angeles, Coli- Chmpon. radio, plastic seat co- LU IUUND FOR RENTo oso t**fl ,,do n t1 16 m ..
f ners, excellent condition, bargain "sotO Juq, 441 q fu ti QO1D0
forno price. Call Cristobal 3-1495 (7:- LOST:-Ladies' red wallet in neigh- toomB eos S b e I
WANTED: Modern 3 bedroom 30 to 4.30). borhood of big market. Finder 0, -- er. That M ofS'o s a
house or apartment furnished or 1949 UICK Super 4-dear Sed please return papers nd keep FOR RENT:-lean furnished room
unfurnished, in Bells IstaeElIbob hp he

D -. St. Cehtrl Ave. Co- l kitchen pIaf desIre. Nea r US d '1J
sy 3-19C2 or 3-20093 trade-in. Telephone 4-480. R2Jk Tel. ________ Mf olonX._
A cn en eleo tso 1941 CHloaVROLET De Luxe 2der m Thnkr Fath FOR RENTr:-lFurnshed room, kil i .
SCengrelo or Son Francisco. For dan.s t ev 0a Bo x 5 conCsii o .en p lege, o 3 45 No 1

Americanefamily.Permanent,.un- 5 conBdtireseon, mcll y Z.e ore *t o e 43rd Street 0 "= *1 all D AL
S phone Balboa 30. e deale Smoeet y Hunnicu lt S. Sta on H.O.G.
Ze $18on0e0fa -Ifl int0ee otel Ey Far sole a6 your A.0 3mtw oc asorr Teleph 3-46S Panama W5,fljI, tF w
WANTED: A- One third horsepower 16th. St. Central Ave. Cole Tel. E llis L. Fawcett, prncipal, of
WNmotorED. Cal 4-317, after five Red Tank oopply, was e overecth

n;shed apartment. Belle Vista for FRSL:I fon'xetin -. l T. i .t. "T .
clock. FOR SALE:-1950 Packard, 4 door Dreimdenet the Local Council Vr
agood condiy perio. Call Wednesday be s- con to appreciate$97.00,ll of the Canal Zone at the sixth and office 150 suar
Balboa 2520, Thursday, Panama Sooat B Puredes S. A. *_.ntul mk Peting held in the sebR o A. Morales, Avenue No.a-,r9
sy-1912 orFOR SALE -2009 trade-in. Telephone 4-480 shool on unday. He sutd Panr. For Information telephone in .

...... ',,'' .",r'- ."' "" s^ mfi
seeksemployment withCanaliam J who fled this Pana.a 3-1292 or 3- 37

orth American or European sated teles- uSeda n,12eaCGvilalen, f n reapB ivile W. N 4.4 5 eeSt
mon wnted. Room 707 Hotel El n. boa or call 2-3269. Priced for Elected tc offce also were GnnA
He BY er l dealerF od Hnd T nnicuttaS.sA. s Z '

WANTED: -4-door Seden ne thrd horsepower Vy St rCen I e Ave. Codo, e l. EllsL. awcett, principal, of .e

motor.16th. St. Central Ave. Cle Telre-eleced. nk school, elected. On this da
lder were less violent SALEn 800 -90 Packard door. dent- trete Local Council
odir condemnation of te R Sen to appreciate Forty he Catw Zone at the sixthe nd office, and new.ones y i ..
management of the organic radodsptliht A convertible. councl from both sides of the not already mamrain"
tI B alb oa 2520, Thursday, Panama ls oti oson 5 an tu a t e e pa tin held Im e ab isl- e ad Ae,-- a",' 3
tnponhsh ago to fight proposed -.n&ianPacG Ithu attend n the meeting-mriculatet ha rsa
al .S.-rate quarters. Special, very g1950Bood shape and re- m movement. opfln January -27 airgt -hs9

o interested in labor e Labor will .OR SAi r -1952 Ford V-. For a lon time the council February 2. A achedts3 129
SMIn 4-dr ad been searching around for courses offered a h leading hi

Sa special mee a soon movement for camping and credited by the Middle
posasble for the purpose f aOR SALE 1949 Nash Ambassof cutdoor activities, and an Ideal sociatioGof0 GMand *l h tsadVl
: .liam on the proposed Const dor Tudor Cuson- Oerdriv, r- pot In th e Cerro Campana re Bel

SIt wvs "very' important toj a't~mo. 163 Pedro Miguel. Tel.I According to the annual re- t offers collage traufWat la;
or uton oror-: ARGAIN: 195046 Buick Super 4- nt:CZ has 6 leaerl Ford, nd liberal arts ad
n fti ope r dor Sedoan, easy payments, good t commissi oners, scoutre e- The Carnaul Zone uniors)'o, a
he Pacific ii Council Hunncutt S. A. 16th.- St. Central cubmaste rs. The Local Counrer wil tolbein Its 40th eL --. -
CI Iittemnl odaolr Avenue, taAv.!) 1Tli Cotle. TL abo. re-lcted).s jf 55 members, both On dal l

Seoad er s u" w ere less v Ul'oen t n t oo o n .le e3m r
statement todayt tod ortall e ac.

'en increases for Panama Ca-.FOR SALE:-1941 Buick 2-doo Mfsions or. welfare n of thomel ntarcl
al U.S.-rate r qe i funda trteru us edcverytgod sn p and men I vementh on JanuarExecutivehoard.yce
h eoe td "he btey ea n o o n sI e condition. good price, a t rthxtension no.

SuRbte toesupr the Ludas delei sins nd te ha 3 pactwsi tad -

nt FOR ?ALE --1951 Fourd door Mer- gcbistneed onthe A telanthc Bie s o
the cvcour, tat Mtookaths smep r cuy -ednc, rdio.. 2gna0 lhsw me mbershpen w ofte w ere 21.
a very gnio Cjob, but "h e olCe n tal A ve uCols dTel.u briacks a rp e e.T.%In

L sntcuserteda labor e a w .0ci0.mi--sA -,.O Vh P-ti e... ti to .l ime the councilFebruary LA
erected tothe iun .La no t po- -- "fo urub..

"iztlo fu c~inm prper "='7';: ,-u u = upr ,-IC .has6'. leder wrkig a 1.952.

reAtlantic Society.castree.held S
willcocilelt of -(ruz last Januo%. sending.
will be given to-their re- (Continued freaom panlrHR gg a delegation to 1st '": "i,.,' r. .
been Jamboree, which took
Sb4omPete financial state- Marshal. Mr. Helm, Mr. and in Jamaica in March
et for Dec. 1952 turned over .Mfrs. Robert Dougla. ance of Boy SCout We& 4 -":'
e CZKLPC Monday was as__ April and flag tia e n".
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Hen. monies at Mount r.
us L lady. expense in- quez, of Colon, returned Mon- of Novemter war. t ,
during .rent hearing, day from a thra months' visit utstandin event o .
"In New York anl Washqngton, year
Noonan. Legal fee, D C. #
The annum! eanipmee WIll -
Rufuas, tovelady (future Wash- Mr. and Mrs. Spencer Smith, eld lrom. P syEl u ;
tton trio, $300 f Pedro :digueli, r.4mned from Sunday evskg On the
- owar Munro'a sexoeneIn I, In Batom'ouge an pus of Rabew City so
:Washingt'rMIs is the second Ih:ttanooga. w re en
Amens" count void). 33JM.3.7 hiitmas with h er O O "'
*& A" scheduled S l -.; t. ~ou.'Mr .. g h s. m soI&a
Washnton tonight Smith of
1!1a to Iav.e tithu M the Pai fir p ....
b. ,....'.

. I .UoE IX


-. r .wi .r .. "; '"
Vt.:?' a

.... .. .. ... .
',--" _sf *- ? : ,. '*
4^\-. ^j^~


S* i,,



.d. 'b -Shave" Points'

r lkn6tt ame-Hirsch
.. A former teammate of Bill
.pivey put the ea-Ketucky bas-
ketba l ~s on 4 spot basina
Welt bi WfflfIid in a New
S--.. -. .- ok court tat e,. _. m

tw .a PeSha Id I .f.r l ..."."'j' n
aIs- p" r --T ei m

Le u Ltoj l I al( by bes t r n te, t t h ran al
.....-... ..e, .on,
Mbi0too a pWS D4of th

twea tUs tw Seymou&r .. ::. ..2T 94
Aa.*... ", P ; .. .. 4 8 O N
i ld S. bawleelerr of th
Seam Na as Tea- Awang

C l eMM e r .. 17 2-4

eadN ha dr ... 1 1 3 5

/f sDsn .qlu O9 bile L enO.- ''e'r l n 17 1 19
%Mad, irh tmai. f Tot*Ii .,.. 53 "-4 iOS Z5

&.a Wlad. atf a
ty .T. -. asA../..

j .t.. ,A i ,,. ...; p- a r-- ,o -

at I n .I Mf" '. .- 3 batsw iet
14Vnrein ... ., ...1 4 9 Peadero n.
.... .. 2 3 L
h 1 team '.

i am fred a A,:... .. 1 W.
stSffh of ttir Dubol&-e .
g|_ggeMal, T T McGritf.i
SA.... e&SS ..Sa .. ederS ll


dIS Idfl wanusesp w~ inCarr-




ld thes
.trIus aa

i. f .. 4 0 0 i
. .. 1 1 1 .1
1 .. .. 0 .0 1
2 1 3 i

J. Ing* i 1

Kintner b.. .. I 0 IC
Fotal ........6 I i1 .
AFOEn.- 33 3POr.
iubeea .. .. 4.1 1
Sortisaes .. 1 *-

w i. lb.... 4 1 -
enme, .. .. 1 0 2 .
.p.. .. .. 1 2 --
.,,..... -,


H-rsch also admittedtnder
cr examifation that he dfdnt
implicate Splvey w h en he-
mepling Hirsch-first appeared
before the. grand jury. Hitch
eaYs at the, tme he told the
'aMd jury 8ptvey never met
convicted fixer West
H.Tw. awirteg when Dedmee
Attdfey Jbhn trow began rb -
Vlig. the St.1. g Rame of
1950. ch admitted Blvey's
*wJ a "'nod e tort and
townnutma. daft re throw-
out 0fUl WO good." =
1 brown sama wyr's average.

rnurwrn a in
ire." a good

he is, COrundu
- h I I 1- .5m

Smallbore Rifle Team

Match Scheduled For

Cristobal Next Sunday
The Cristobal Gun Club an- League team, have not yet Ufl
nounee the scheduling of a any decision, but their I-
three position smallbore f.22) nation f most cert4 y d
rifle team match on their 50 This could be one of the te
yard rangm for Sunday morning, matches of the year, if all ths
anuary 2th, to start at 9 a. m. interested teams etalby Sw
All clubs, military organizations, up. The 30 abol ~ 3pttan
Gallery League aggregations, (10 shots prone I s A stu
etc. are invited to rend teams. and 10 shot NRA atandbi0,a
is is the same course that 50 yards. any sights. is not p-
was fired at Cristobal in De- icily an easy ode. Sums i*
member. It Is fully expected. In cellent scores have been 'flA
view of the resent enthusiasm down here. but there are wve
shown there,-that there will be few really consistent sho-lt
an excellent turn-out from the over the courSe with the 51 -
Atisntic aide. The Pacific riders ception of Dick Dillman. le"
should be able to send several time Gallery League Champ.
tams over.
The faoed teams should be Gold Coast shooters suc. p.
the Critobal Juniore and the Schelbeler, Lepley ad
Inatfuetors from the Atlantic have been ovenhaldowlng'
slle, while the strongest ag- Pacific siders this year, but -
gregatlons, on the South Bhore must be remembered that.sal-
are Balboa and the 45th Rpeon. boa still carried enough gU
Balb will surely have one and to win the last match. ZunAM
positby two teams there, and will be one dollar per mav
U is very much hoped that the whether he fires a tfln
45th will be able to get their member or as an individual.
excellent team over there for Teams will be named on the
thb match, firing line prior to the start of
The Rodman Marines, the the match. Otherwise Gaotey
Ralbok Jullors and the Amigos League and NRA rules will apply
Dun Club are the ote.r three throughout. This match is al-
Paclfl? Side ellgiblei. The Sal- ways &id sport for the par-
boa Juniors will surely be there, tlcipants, and usually ends
and after their big bore success with an enjoyable impromptu
Sunntay, the Amigos may be en- lunch at the club house near the
courage to try It again. TbI- range. Visitors and spectators, with a good Gallery will be welcome.

Clayton-Corozal Little

Leaguers Score 9-5 Win

SThe Clayton-CproUa Red 8ox while Caribbean Command plays
won their first a ae of the Little West Bank at Fort Amador.
Leate baseball easqn by a The scare by innings:
score of 9-5. Monday. The Garib- Cafl Commiand 100 1i-5 3 2
bedi Cotmand tykes wene the Clayt'n-Corozal 040 14"- 1. 1
Iofes in the game, played at 45th LmeOea for the teams:
RaeonS ssincwQuadrangl, Fort IORT CLArTON: Ray idot,
CIAOakn.2b: Billy Tharp. asq-s: Vi tor
S in any serious danger. a; Tel... uvwat.blb
the Red Box sent three pitchers aMy013M .Ulf--K Jwhnn. -
tothe moundand oceilvod RoOd dakawak.Ub: R Smgith. of;
'perfOrances frq* agti tan un- w Dt9ilhVfflfr

. .. .. s ored him from the
Vae a. a aI -n'mound in the third Inning.

."t at lba .-dm Mi the hSh*in Red lox.moundsmeii.
wI Sa woteo curuan- .Tha; *8 l from the
,L &a--nwtto ---~e C mu= ortstOp position to out out the
Sator ea anpwiist whe first three meeon po-
c S "a saed ....n rcord: Caytds four toi one lead
Camundi has a one and Vru ousti rn rtou ht r
MArk.---, r., k Out eight'olPO-
iBMsb. si was be r.- nents In thi three Inlju stt
-lstartersafil.rbe ielrdhi
a e and M z wich gaind im ed credit for the
~umn Lonagr won the vtctry._ .
I or ves whejimmy Olbeom came on to fin-
i int fame sh the lame during a thrpe-ruh
Us m ofE La Atracoein Carib Command rally in the sixth
i 1- record -ted of a 1-1 inning.
* as stated In the box scores Heads-up fielding by the Ama-
hlndWy'g lamZs o dor youngster prevented further
U.P Clayton sucem. Center fielder
i .-" I "" Fisher and sedd,baMman Val-
plerJea' coe the Tas Leag
fah hi Trom E lr Ch aat.-
Vemr O Momn gain-
SI ftJLjLedh sd VW am* ht fu the Red
k41 H8a=.Me Slartedthe 'ame in the
Soutf.eld. Ba-[to th Infield and

1Y., Jll. 21 (UP)

toda mat-

to devasta


I da

bians afi
^tand M

finished up eam the pitcher's
The next ae for the two
teams w ae rt Clayton-Cor-
ol, def4Md lts home field a-
nat .mastfee Little Leaguer.,

Rhehr Skeatg

Afhdie Migeld

1951 Kaber B .. .
1951 Fed Celwma
(-ee .t... -it
19To Stalieba i
Chtmisim .
c Cubo"ey ll- .
1SO Chevrolet -
2-door .... imI"

1949 Porf Chlz .
I49 Merery Cl ub
Coupe ..... U -a
1M49 Fo D6Lwis
Tu-r sIx NI -
190 IMd-or *"

R askatlng will be held In Ferdr. IM. .
wthel Play Shed op
UagdiThurda evaings 1949M Bulekh auper
"i5 under thirteen years 4-doer .... ISUM
Wadd 6A:WO0toO:4;: for-chl- J Nash mO
dat r thbtlen ytars of age 4-door .a. .AS
frot 7:00 to 8:30.
m lly and Saturday evenings 1947 Oldsmbile
tho uder thirteen years of age 4-doer .... .-
ma from 5:00 to 7:00: and 1946 OnushMO
tho oer thirteen may skate Covertle
from n :f0 to 9:30. Cove I. .
. atuflav mornings special "" ,
classes in dance-skating are giv-
an fSr those interested in thij
new wrinkle.
S teis may be rented for ten JZY !
-eats per pair and cold drinks
will be at sale.
Pr further Information can-
'tat W1s. Ted Marti by telephon-
1w 4-4

NW. ORK MOP)- IMteran-

hMw o n Dowas 't t o
0 "'.B" 11'111a f
-^^ V- 1^ ^^^^^^. ^ U-lSSr SSISSJ S~
II~l at%- fe mu&- olClf MSS p1M-

, .r.-9

lrat *taim

ft for

i' and
ft. 1a

I -

wrS. *'-1' *
d. fll' ,'* .S hi


- I

-* I
:'" "" ^. *-lf.


. !' o





* ~

I, I. '
'- ...^.....



I' I

)v M; .

i .' .' ,,.:

I~. *1

--.---t .---- '. ._'_'__,_ ^^ .1

_. ,_ ,._ ._ -_ .__.. __.-* ,l '. .
Fists, Filibusters, Riots '' .

Mark Italian Lawmaking
ROME Jan 21 UPp -- The persons ,terday About 200 ber before the vote was taken
,chamber of deputies passed the person,. inluding a LCmOi, unist on the measure that was expect- "
government's electoral reform member i parliament Ln i a po- ed -to deal a blow to their -
bill early today in a record 63- lice conmlrsioner, v.cie lInjured. chances in parlilamenm'. elde- 'W. E
hour session marked by a fili- Police shot and seriously tLons next spring. Extel t- truth
buster. fihi fights on the floor wounded an alleged Communist wingers did not partica th .
and violent Communist demon- who refused to stop chalking the vote. -EIGHTH 1M
stations throughout the city. anti-government slogans on a The zheasure was expertd T r A.
Communists and other left- wall at Castelnuovo Rangone, In go to the m itte later toy r. .
wingers v.ho had fought the northern Italy near Modena. tomorrow frr flicr appriu.
measure bitterly every step of Pohce :*ere aided in making Undpr the electoral reform l,
the way rc.orted to every means arrests by a -water wagon' which the party or Irop of r
*in an efort to prevent the vote. darted from demonstration to winning a majouiy of ea
The i tpr protest st'/ikes and, demoniitrna-on spraying partici- pular vote In the next p:41 A -m-rn'
demonstrations by the Reds re-, pants xith a red dye that made mentary election would get 85
suited in the wildest day Rome them a,'. to identify, per cent of the sae in parla-'
has seen since e the turbulent per- Conmminists and left-wingers meant. ia' R .
iod immndiatelv afier the war. opposed :he Rovernment measureI This was designed to give De
Police arrested nearly 3,000 because it was designed to cut! Gasperl's coaliton a working,
....._- .------ their str.ngth in parliament and majority In the event it gamin.d -- ..R-.-k ,- m .. f.1 1
build no Premier Alcide De Oas- only a slim margin of eats enl 1n. a. ( ) -. The ea -- t tke ,
prash Surl ivor .erf's miandle-of the road co4- the election. f- tl 1be -co-it- SI t t.
A rs Sur v tiont 0an the chamber gave ,iwothat sa.ckn IntheUcftNlbero.o.Gar, --.
AIIf APremierAcide De Gasperi the! deputies Sunday ran It ho' iurs -- wee- e i.-, t--
Holds Litlle Hope vior hof Hitle's extgerm i haemu m
vote of confidence he had re- longer than the pretius, record oca = tt hey w .il U alif -" _mI.
or 1 ti l quested an the new electoral law. set during the Atlantle pao de- they ally t temlv,- wtch"Aier- mto "
01' 11 t lll MISnIig Th vote if 339 to 25 automatic- bate 1n.1949,. -g W".-"- -
ally passed the measure. An argument over tko t6wgh of
S ..LEY POINT, Cavite But n accordance with par- police measures. employed the' s m U ma Is
piEY N. vtePre liamentary procedure a second against demopatrAtors h-owt Gr.-"e s .avea.
lippines, Jan. 21 tUP) There secret vote was taken a hal out AotMe totehed off a ht were flbefa t a .
is little chance that the 11 hour later on the entire electoral yesterday oh the floor of e aSWist &ikeay e
Navy and Coast Guard crew law. It was 332 to 17. chamber and debate had to be II silmun fqum at t Srapt
day's double shooting and re- cialisis walked out of the chain- minutes. twl t-emsitaeempa gn theA *.1.
cue crash off the China coastJews
have been rescued, even by ab
Communism. Chinese. A n:"
byL.John Vk pilotof High-Scoring Sabre Aces Boost Bag hi 4 g'M5
. the two planes involved In "'
3he international disaster. w Tm- .=
SHe flew in with seven other I S! to ,.H
1trew members to rescue the on
3-man crew of a Nvyp As Seven RedJF Over
-atrol bomber after It had been As S v n.e.ots..
ahot down by Chinese Commun-, SEOUL Jan 21 UP) U. 8. d-A p le M a
Dt shore batteries while on a Zabre pilots stormed up near the' 'h v e-
eoutine flight over the Formosa Yalu River today to rip apart-- o r .,L
:traits. ;ormatlons of Communist Mig- t- t a...
15s and blated seven of the RIed ha t bw "it. .
SHe and his crew pick.l up 11 ets out of North Korean skies. a t alD ,
Obf the Neptune survivors. bu Thrce other Red jets were
his plane's engines failed on damaged. e
the takeoff and the plane dove The Air Force confirmed the:
,kito the sea. claims 'and revealed that the .
..Vulic and two fellow crew- day's bag gave two of the U. 8.
en' were ,picked up from a -reatest let pilots new high Mig
y life raft along the reefs totals.
8rrounding t amoa Island nearly Col. Royal N. Baker, McKln-
Chinese.coast by the U.S. ney, Tex., the country's second-
e:royer Halsey Powell, and ranking let age. knocked out two
is survivors from the Neptune of the Russian-built planes In
w'ee picked up from a second .,he Mig Aley battles.
tt. LIHis Korean war kill total stood -
SNone of the other 11 men at nine Mig- shot down anyone
vr was spotted. propeller-driven La-9 b g .
) Maj. Robinson Rianer, MO -
i ~ ma City. Okla. got one of the
iA e Trial-Migs today. and his total rose to I
eight Rei 'ets downed. I
L 0. rie s On the ground, United Nations
0 Priests talks spread along the base of
the "Iron Triangle" early today ,
to blast Communist positions on .
OwLnCr OW the central front In their six- @
da -long 'bunker busting" cam-
LONDON. Jan 21 (UP)-The pagn.
trial of four Polish Catholic Allied artillery and Infantry
priests and three other de- shatteredl three Red attacks to
fendants on charges of espion- the east, while the Air Forced
age for a foreign power started I threw tons of bombs, rockets and O.h Bd
IThe defendants, as named by Korea, wrecking one train and l two
tb., official Polish news agency, sealgng off a key supply route. tbo a- i
Are: Gen. Mark W. Clark's Tokyo pt d ta e
The Reverend Josef Lelito, headquarters communique Said rhoa ptsd to have,
RSev. Franciszek Szymonek, Rev. the ground war generally, ho1-ha Mho
A Prochopien, Rev. Wit Brzv- ever, came "to a virtual stand- The 14-ton ibafl
eki. Edward Chanchlica, Michael still" elsewhere along the front.' ercharr to the IRa
.Kowalik and a woman, Stefoa.nila -.e e1 O llpyal
lRospond. s .
Jury -Dweuuuuuuy, '
,'The list leaves out th.i Re- "FLORIDA WAS NEYAR UKE TH*IS"--With the tW ii ifn the a0 smiO r dcd
rerend Boleslaw Przybyszewski,lUIV l EdA at a nuabing ive below sero, Pvt. Albert Durham, ofIMIX l, p ,'trans o rtage
the chancellor of the Cracocv iN I KN UI-1 'eats co C-rations wh5e sifting on the pow-rcovere g D u a i .1 u
Iras officially announced on De- meat directly on the Ideal weunery, which. Is not designed to atkr Is. Do Jangis the
dernber 1, 1952, together with the 1o1 In tew Hi,ly comment was, Tlorida was never lI tl. ter.
four priests mentioned by the agent.
.Polish agency-today. i YOR Jan (UP'
When the arrest of the priests E .YORK Jan.e d1 the "( U -
was first bounced, tw A autiousj ury deciding the
ater the elevatLo e to daysfate o a 13 Communist party
Wyfzynki, archbishop of Gn w d de- IledelsbegnI to iy th doCoensci enti o us Objector .. W it...
and Warsaw, to the rank of t4u hofsi mn a l% d.
rh juryofxmanrandx, n n c e
thers Brzycki and Pochopl oen d ctin esr sel n rnze
S..notariene curi.i decide whether the party -off-e- A nrl1
onrepot s eo baLsw guilty w Ieor A nd Bre r s
aTaries of the curka Iat wereow.ere.... ri
: ld by Fathers Lellto and to teach and advocate the vio- WIMth U. .st Msrine Dlvi- ,. th4 nig J
A lent overthrow of the U. nIRAJawpn. 21-. e

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a huna Line enle "wwcwtw& !
L ilhe Ulth the Joyner waq blinded rar. W
iHtgu:ation of service Into under his first CoMMunls.t boarded the b (e.r
.Haitia,'cordina to information dileiry aba g e.
iroii ethe Panama Line. "d e had 31 m te a a
Sthe St at Haiti o will be made Iust half our,' he l. ver
foa the fi,'st time on a north- "Idouidn'tleavotq K ly- dlv
b"und tro from the Canal Zone ing th"ee.Tberp "'' a*.' Pug"
byi tie SS. Ancon which will ..Omng In "e1y .bbt .. at ,,o,,
bail Fe'ri.jarv 13 from Cristubal. l "I W s tryig t al
,~n mail :ox vaccinations former- with his ryM h'MrW ew
;-I v i 'e P utr I
*x 'e P iquired only for oas-IThe'n- bcome ¬~ eakf
COM' V aw ws St. :n~ aon .%outhboutnd inina- I Joy~j IVU W atd~e~
InWm-2Mula Liar .'ailhnRs but v.i ll n ,r the 'tundieidu Meet"..
On Fe~*, ront Sireet isIn be rrcoua pvJ bor Dre inLati on a to *realbsd I'n~d ee W
doa D OeW"1 Dano a the U nite States Publi, Health H e.Jda be ..a d
T*i -Ii( .-r". entry Into the Unit- dlet EG "N'fro ti t
;ed StateL the. a.
LJ.; : ." .
-- ~~i';,Y, i".

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