The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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F ".i ,

,>.i .'.'. *. ; '. '. ; .
,. ** '^ 1 ..^ .1
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.- Abhrmiafl.ol.


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I F 14()
Ub, Tali 14 \



% L


r t


Sbres Enjoy

Best Huntng

In 4 Months

Kord. ea, Ran. 14 (UP)
6 bre00 today de-

g seM areso I
r Inettn r
Ki iss at

Work Rearranged

Mt No Firings

Ae Predidcted

A merger of the Office of the Comptroller and the.
Finoace Burea of the Canal organization, with two ;
vision end hur staff groups, was announced today-
BalbMe Heigr .
No reduction in force is contemplated as a resumi '
of the 'irger, officials said.
Details of the wrgir which involves several i-
porteut olM izational and personnel changes or Migln m
mm*'---are included in a circular issued by Unds"
H. #lte, Comptroller, and apoved by Governor. y
bd, Pr nt of the Coanl Cmpny.
"llAcbagne becomes effective tomorrow and tbo
new -VizuRiwonal entity will be known as the Of~ki .o
the Coptroller. '
units of the organt-' poliele and systems of aeowet..
the Aecounting and and internal control. 1
and the .man-I ThoPlant Inventor.-a-t$
accounting es 112L Staff lRV t Jo
ventary and p tlen as Chief. ,-stlU .Mt e
&Iaudit staff. At the "tags. Ilt
lance a Inure i' tnus last gg
Director' office, lie l N staff.a i*
stat, _-.. S.

tZ BT -e one- ap
two o ld Palo i art- C
101 Os w e"M C pal not b
air-m buses -dto '
flama sad aAor- MAl a a f o met
*la~toX-- *-RlNrei oh baJn o e H* W ^ t **1k Ii It W jJ
KM fM *h-J. *""j-jr-* MwSSwySiS 42" on I=B 3~Ut0 Orf tero
,''tft'. rT ^^a. *^'^y ~^ T- iff-lsftw --i^ tp

a earlUr aetibn. Marine Corp
s ed four Red tanka
Sby a" =t hit with a 1,
h. '"li r

,J tbpl Io~ k


'. l "be held at
A" Iotel at 12:.15
tant tlus iM i
|t thin .

g ITrnstStri -.

Aceountin Division. with
r T 0O as Acting
iF. ll= oa t our L A a
b :,w.hese ual m m. tahe
cto each are, Iaes rwPA
tenera. AeoutKt ldMeil Cto-

eo.. A _cTu s. I _e a. --,.I
co: cos


are;f iBno 1 continue as
Chiefot e mnRement Staff.
and wdil1 jrve au Records
Officer fr the qanal Zone Oov-
ernmnat a Panama Canal
Coamany. Hp.' functions of the
mana eme t will be win-
ipally c by the transfer
qf that nd rate analysis
fun to that office.
The AcWtotiUn Systm Staff
will be new unat n the Office
of the Wufroller. The staff will
be he 'i Phhlla Steerm, .teer was recently
ei Mte i sad Is expected to ar-
rrivp i the Isthmus next Man-
I af 'will be rwonsible
for m.dTelopaent of financial

SDream Home

**gcen ABlonde

-Violence broke out today
10,500 -rebellmio transit
irra accusing union bossn
J. 4uil of a "sell out." weatM
strike and left A1000.0So MWW
without bus, trolley or submar
Two striking trolley car -.
t wea beaten, one of
eatically. by three youth
engaged them in an arut
on a Geanantown street
a few hour. after the |
halted public transport.
Thomas V. Cassly.,
old operator of a oe-fma s
ley. taken to Germantowed
pital with a possible skuB
uma and othur InJpri. -
Another transit a oanB y em-
ploy. James Loftus. was bri-
ed and out.
The ftorth it, tea i
eiht yeaaIn. the Ct h
PlU InrI .I MosQt t
ed bittbrl of the
tIOR of 4D tar he
-1ud hUOe mste
seventh fare Increase, I
ye said the aecfta )
tha a pOnth It
the Pennsylvanlia un q
The latest increased
went Into effect on Jan. S,
fares to 15 cents for a t

she iFeb. ,1. Today t were four days ,
brick ahead at ,, Irma
up Coattea l et Bea rs i build- *-
Sb. k. bal l paer8 ~ Y3UMtA n 1. 140
a tI a w ic M for a rack-bottom
m Is- a mar- fals of Iran.r si
w hid qo l l t' r'ed toiY I
s 46 sth t # kitchen i S .
WI w paceirA.i-,'.-,O

SL~r ,w~<^^T ^ gi'or



U -




*4* 1


..wU W.l

-. '.I
h 1


k C~W' '

3A .

. ... .. ANMA AM A AN

L. -__


OUNeO nX NaUmoN mOIsmvU. IN losa
*7 4N et 0 0 ON I4SA. PANAMA R. P iP
rLItPHONk 9ANAMA NO a-0740 d Llnsa'
9ss Manflos AVa. New VYOu 1ITt N V
NI MONTH. Ih AOVAN 4 -. O it t
o pIX MOsMT. I I"ADVA'Cf ... r I *I O 0
0 ONI VAI Yl N >0&bVANC 1.....os.---- IA 5* -4 0




The Mail $os Is on open forum too readers o f The Panama Amer.
icen. Letters are roceied gratefully and ore adled il wholly Ceati-
dantiil manner.
If yen contribute a ltte don't be impatient it it seeos't appese the
east day. Lettes are published m(the Alder rielve
Please try t keep tihel*atne limited *t one p~ lhnth.
Identity of let writers u held en striaet eulcddce.
This naowpepra eseumes ne respons&lbiiy fo eotemednt as opinion
expressed in letters tram readers
Balboa, C.Z.
The Panama American
Panama, R. P.
Dear Sirs:
Please don't misunderstand me. I am not a voice from the
masses nor am I an egghead. I am not a sloppy teenager nor am
I a disgusted mother (who runs around the commissaries in
shorts exposing a skinny pair of parenthesis). All I am is a fa-
ther of four children who is asked by my wife to stop at the com-
missary practically every day and pick up four quarts of milk.
I don't mind picking up the milk for my wife, because it's
only a block out of my way going home and it only takes a few
minutes of my time. I don't mind seeing women in their late
30's and 40's shopping in. the commissary in very short shorts, be-
cause If they want to look ridiculous that's their business, What
I do mind are those damn caps they put on the milk bottles which
aren't worth the time, money or effort it takes to put them on
the bottles because the damn things,won't stay on the bottles.
I've lost the contents of those bottles over my car seats many
times because of those damn caps.
Why can't the company put a decent cap on their milk bot-
tles, or at least one that fits or else cover the caps with .reinforce-
3ment like Tagaropulos does?? It appears to me that the company.
has the wrong size caps for the wrong kind of bottles.
I hate to pay for milk for my children, and have it go into my
upholstery. The inside of my car is beginning tq-snmell like cow
and every time I drive past the dairy pastures, the bulla give me
a lovesick, look and get all excited.
Who knows where all this may end?? Maybe I should switch
the kids to Cerveza???? Mlyway.
Milky way.
u J,

r I '1' 1? !
^ ^ 1 ~~/^ ---h4.-


Cor. 1962 b NEA Sonrie, Ih. t. M e. U. P. TON.


"What do you mean you first met me when you were
whistling for a taxi and I came.running? There want
a cab on the straetl"
-- 7 '

In Engand I Answer to Previous Puzzle
In Nw England m mm

IOIUONTAL 3 Mimicker '
N New 4Smbl for
Sn the Writing luid
s e"te. I Ymrs between
12 and 20
I Parti o hats Domesuc
18 Grumbles si
14 rist 8 British South u
1 APOM Africa (ab.)
iCTurn *me Emend 27Calf mat 40 Fencedoors
17 T1. 10 P-age in the 28 Social insects 47 Meuures o(
14 w xiebran. I30AUMam cloth -
He 11 Female horse silkworm 48 Tumult
S12 Hardens I1 Fruit ask 40 Donated
gland state Lohengrin's 32 Droops 52 Poker stake
s st bride 34 Fragrant 53 Penal decree
2 ASot5ish ir. 21Sager oleoresin 54Steamers (ab.)
S uScotical tem 24 Indiana city 40 Waistcoat 56 Compass point
3 iNuc 2 Repast 42 One who 58 Entomology
S9 oft performance ldolliz (ab.)
6S tve Bewildered 43 Get up 62 An (Scot.)
S ut f ( prex)
arrow Inlet
Sbal for

#1 ftep chi
iSPrevaricatos -
St MIower


alsA~anas, I

aw, wthegm
m 5waw
0Ni04Mr. I.A.
Do.." O

Sdoo wedan.
With a go" tires and
leather seat oven. For
ake at
loth St. Central Ave.

Labor News









Drew Ia .1
: hoIur o tl
more tkftn
Iffoo to

.,' -

You'll soon be hearing about
the McKihsey report, an in-
timat., study of the body po-
litic which has been read avidly
by the few men who actually
will be running our huge IOVt
erhment for Gen. Eisenhower,
come Jan. 21.
For what McKinsey (and Co.)
has done has been to pr.are
a long. long list of all the jobs
available for the Republictl
faithful appointive Cad ,ev
policy-makifig civil service pMtt
-by the thousand&.
And the part of that very spe*
cial list which intrigue this
column ls the section, ehalting
the labor spots, here knd abroad.
That section, it seems to me,
will play a pivotal role I"t Amer-
ican politics. It contains .those
jobs on which, can be bUiltrf
campaign machine' whwicht, i
turn, can tear.hune chunksa.out.
of the Denmocratic labor coall-
tion strength in th. Congtrb-
slonal drive of '54 and the Pres.l
dentril .race In '6S
Little known, to the nation are
thousands of well .aying fas-
cinating labor po*lti n U. 8.
offices around the world.
There are, tfor example. 41
labor attaehes It as mani
embassles. Hundreds of labor
experts earn anwe.I from
$2 a day to $, an.',,"
a year in. s iClal,,1 o il,
inMormnataion -a frn ad
headquarters ab xeo a a- In
Paris, Londn, Cal-
cutta New Delhi, Tko and
exotic eapltals aeresa the.
These ma.n live lives hardly
made harassing .by. the virtual
diplomatic status and. respect
given them by friendly govern-
ments abroad. While some are
sinecures, the majority the.-
posts provide important- and
absorbing tasks, throwing the
apol0intees into daily Conitact
with history.
VirtualI all a0( these J,.
have gone t6 men in the second
and third string leadership of
APL and CIO uniQon mostly
010, since the AfL mnw are
older and better fixed financiar-
ly thab the young and mllHttrt
officialdota'of the ClO
Thas we find proteges of
DaLid Dublnsky, Walter Reuth-
er; the late Phil Mirttay, Geor ge
V,.-aly,. Jack PotofAty. Emll
Rieve and' other, energetic New
Dealers in overseas work.'
-Nor Is the picture different in
the adores of defense mobliza-
tion and other" government,
agencies. *
S, Now the spuetre of McKie-
sey hovers ovue thee.. ydug
Smen. MoeElasle's si probably
means a Task, th B Sdi
den, ai m

Na et Ctaaitmae d ay
I wit^ Spt. wit par-

Illinois; John Lanpin as Just
bean requested to draw up sh
state by-rtate list of tesublican
lab or men or their friend
istrat.on. .jl4 sLg. et0 m
to Lanni' (fu New York's -
a4n, Pfelffer a power in the
0Q9 NationW Committee head-
All labor, apol teea, It a un-
derstood,' wli conf from this
li of LanntA's.excep of cwuree,
for the too spots. These, Elsen.
shower and, Herbert Broweoll
will fill after the general talk
with Walter Rduther about'010
representation. in the De1art-
mnet of Labor. These talks will
come aeon, for. there are still
several labor polUcy-making -ap-
pointment due.
To these labor, people inw the
midwest who broke wifh therl
national organisAtions a nd
launched Labor-For-Elsenhower
clubs last fall, lhve- gone spe-
cial, letters "and questiobalrekm
Al a.pplicaits -to flUl these
out and start them up a elhain
of command to' Lannin and on
to the men working from the
McKinsey report. (McKhg ey
end Co., management consul.
tants; were hired several months
before election to.' prepare this
list for the general.)
the line to the Re]ubiHai
National Committee Wash -
_tigte tthe deseer eO the
faithful devel. Into a Io-
itical paceket containlua tbe
origlaal request, the back-
roud iquestia-uire, the e-
dorse.nm..ent by the e la-
leed, appaofkl by mupiublea
Congressmen and county afd
state committee, an al.

As Mt goes along. Lannin will
nursemaid c.ach packet until he
has an office full for the men
with the McKlneey list. When
they want a.labor expert,
will come to this pool of pa
instead of floundering abt
seeking fit men for 5sCialiM
PItitons At least that's the
plan right now,
As Lannin and his colleagues
see it, thli alwe tem te
ae thy need
niuch to lb. ArtAl gt a.

wtee. .. .. .

U, ~.L.



IT 1 W' -. .

Sundry Measu res -

Ry Fidakk C. O hnm

WASBMINGTON.I-doy ia tirt Tuesday e. fli ist Mondy itn
Cwngrnear waar .9vt e ib every eveondMW-ye wo
thana week and ith m a i" y to .
than 1,000 b : the
of more money I wide adt.I .V WAV 1 P
The more prinhla. of all th. documents, Cn I Binard Kearr wg 1.Y.) wouI
several thmmusd Ao to lt. i the weaA Ua mdal-Ult t
payers a small ...of ..
onwawe've got I ad (., 1 )
pae art so nt me s te at e "
b s -"Ter a staU.

I~n r
to mFre

mi fiL.shR

K win

.pP-v t *I

s A


r- -., I -
em fkin EM


shrugged, "hetw 1

ad Is.

k Ku

For under alter Ruther (a
alve partnmfg owam = -l


.lAGfl TWO

2. -

formote lttlhet Ohm
Cogress~. JIBMe'd let 'lo ME
Rep. Dean P. Taylor (R., L.) M ake .l1w thma .
W 6apee limit, as welt as thea iti OOeN ai7
thasaues all .ovetr.he nbtlod, aSk #ltSPWI a -a
bad Idea, either. A
Re Peter W. Rodior.T (D., u to w
-iee ONO visas to Gasian,.ItalMaa, uem, and tie"ets.
uthre Ifugwee 'a .Uw e d
make fivr percenteirs si ampa1s O bhndi
officialdom could knowWith plane "
buinss 1r dar

Sln~icl i--- -- "'"~""~



who run yeur wageft) s i
"Tafty" beeswe shq it a i-
cited man-a bekoine to her a
want Numbe ," l he
and fifty. ish,..
money as he wuas a I WtM
and time was .
him his pan U
do ye. want?' he' Maidstatta
said. wa. the ht..,
' told me the a ileM a
him the let ... It was ai la -
.. .He thm"d bet .1
. Whena te yef y t elI a
Wi bhad stloft the $2 wl
ward oonthe No. winner of I
...We fttMoe Prtisco dob
Horserdaombit--Pror. M1asugblb
selections (he had 3 straight wi
our wings; Harvey r.'s scratch

-- n i i in in Ill i


I~~'~1AI+~I~;IrlYlr6r~L~1 ~7Z~7RI.





AND- 4
I% C
kS '-5

- _*

114l9 a, as everyone knows,, was thbrdi' tVFW

l A- -


UMertS wul I
Impact ta old


owl *

^ *. .' I-"..
,'ji :, -'..' *.. .;,
* "'- ". ,' -'
,..i--..... *J T f.-.. .. .
,. '. 4 .
i.. r' o M I ,lf

to sacred puwpl ae


W,'Ir a" wo -
oeur cardinal ap-
l iapal thtone, e
lieem one knee.
l n tw wdtbre
o oW knees, head
saiuthe Pontiff's

fctat et3k o0

aeate of the Rao.

ftAm- Of-th- lb mri


.. -. '

'J M m
..,., *( *' .. o ** ^ y "

*4-. .4

- I

.-= AN

pmm wvmuw

------ -----r 1

., -
I p ass ls
.. s

ATGOMUtt 1 A TOOWn33 Isso tandantf Oil 4w a
o04Mta8artr attel 31 Panama l iu Blbt lor the visiting gfer.
era and among thois attending was Rbto De Vicoenso (seWnd
trom left), tlp deending h ali 4Oten In the pictaue sae,
from left, G.: D Maklbbin, f the lky Strike Company lhwch.,
4pwuXoredDit lilnW* tab C. Pa. ItodRlgues (center), Iso
manager; & BA.dL Buaem.Lvy Mdke manager; and Mike Morenoq1
orm'ner presiAent of the Panama Golf Club.

Old Time Army Outfit On CZ

Celebrates Birthday Tomorrow

sith anniversary of tie and 4th
ing of a vital part of the m ,nts, bc
1a of the Panama Canal history b
seslebrated on tomonrw and the
the 65th Antiaircraft ArM-_ wereip

Coast. A
th of w
ack to
War of
ped the



~ ,*1

listening to

:- 1W
itas elm's



bAm- tX

4:30 to 6:00 P. M.

PRICES IE CtIH( DE: APALE, from Agents Sasso; H-SPOT, from

Cermceri Nacionl; PALL MALL cigarettes, from

* Norh Amercan Tobacco Co.; and many olher

i : ,
;- ,.:.... .T < ,- .. .. "" *' i

. I ,,..j ^ ."-- r u ii. ,, M.

I .




G- Your Community Station

I~ t~**~~

, .-I

I- *. -'
.'.; ...
* .
.-: : '. *. .

840 on your dial

Te- 2-3066

-J. .y 1 1.

'V't1- Sktsm~ U


US Minesweeper's
Interior Damaged
By Conffogration
(UP)- i aord the mine-
SWpee MUM r W caused
"oonderable ae to the
ve=ser (nttriortody but no
casualties, the Navy announced.
The Cndor ia here for over-
ha after duty off Korea.
might make only nine tricks In.
stead of ten icU.
"What's the difference," you
might ask, "as long as he makes
his contract?" The answer is
that the player who conlastently
makes an extra tfck when It is
both possible an safe to do will
wind up at the end qf the year
with thousands of points more
than the Dlayer who drops those
extra tricks.
Ts Is the end of the year,
and it you ant those thousands
of exrta points, maybe you can
make your plans for next year's
bridge playing. Plan to think
carefully; you'll enjoy the game
more, and the results will show
on the scorepad.


1 the
m- I-W





S. .-
^-j^~flHB'^S ^JBBHBIHBJ.^^.



Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrivals and DepartA

LShip ping &ITaft Family Buys

Air Linc News Television station
For $2,000,000
i Only 29 Passengers COLUMBUS, 0.. Jan. 14 -
Sailing Nort. Friday (UP)- The Taft family of Cin-
Aboard SS *Cristobal' cinnati today purchased tele-i
Only 29 passengers are sched- vision station WTVN here fori
ruled to sail Friday on the Pana- "approximately $2,000,000."
4,= liner Cristobal on its return Edward Lamb, Toledo attor-
rip to New York, according to ney, publisher, and owner of
e advance passenger list. This radio and television stations,
one of the smallest passenger announced that he sold the,
Ists of the Panama Line ships station to the Taft family.
in several weeks. Representing the Taft family!
in the sale made in Lamb's of-
The complete advance pas- fice were Hulbert Taft Jr.,1
senger list follows' Davis Taft, and Robert A. Taft,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Adams; Hulbert Taft. Jr., is the son ofi
Miss Gretchen Andres; Albert the publisher of the Cincinnati.
Beehler; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bid- Times-Star and will be executive
atrup; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. vice president of the station. Da-1
Brown: Samuel 0. Coleman; Mr. vid Taft will be the secretary andI
And Mrs. Nat. B. Eisenberg; A- Robert A. Taft, Jr., son of the Re-
%-raham Feinman; Miss Marjory publican Senate majority leader,
Fischbein: Samuel A. Genduse; is general counsel of the Taft-
,and Mr. and Mrs. William B. owned Radio Cincinnati, which'
OGray. 'operates station WKRC an d
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Hatch; WKRC-TV in Cincinnati.
Tr. and Mrs. Nelson H. Hause; Lamb said that $1,500,000 will
Bremer L. Jorstad; John Martin; be paid in cash when the sale
jIr. and Mrs. Jacob Schwarzman; i approved by the Federal
Miss Gertrude Sink; Miss Myrtle Communications Commission.
Spencer; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley' Sale of WTVN, Lamb saId,
-Tyks; and Robert R. Woods. would leave him free to devote:
S, his attention to applications,
for television stations in Port-
Panama-Owned Tanker mouth, and Toledo, 0., a n d
Forced To Discharge Orlando, Fla.
Oil At Aden The station Is housed in re-!
ADEN, Jan. 14 (UPi The A- cently completed studios andj
den supreme court yesterday or- transmits its programs f rom
dered the tiny, Honduran the Levque-Lincoln tower, tall-
flagged tai.ier Rose Mary, whose est building in Columbus. I
Operators and charterers lost a Lamb is publisher of the!
test case with the British gov- Erie Dispatch. He owns radio'
Iernment-controlled Anglo-Ira- stations in Eire, Toledo, and
nian Oil Company, to discharge Orlando, :and television stations
her cargo of 780 tons of the dis- in Erie.
puted oil.
The Rose Mary owned by the Herbert E. Hele
Compafita 'Navegacion TeresitaD
of Panama, has been held here. I
since last June while en route
from the Persian Gulf to the
SCanal with a shipment oAfter Long Illness
Sthe British company. I Herbert E. Hel. retired Canal
The court also turned down a employeee and a well known re-
request for a two-week stay of sident of thle Isthmus for more
execution suughlt by the charter- than 40 years. died yesterday at
$ers, the swiss Bubenberg Corn- Gorgas Hospital after a long ill-
pany. Counsel for the Swiss firm ness. He was 69 years old.
prepared to appeal the Aden At the time of his retirement
epets e apc fareturn of the in July 1945, Mr. Hell had served
Rose Mary's cargo and award of for 20 years as Office Assistant
Rose Mal costs cao athe Britih cor- and later Administrative Assist-
ant in the office of the Assist-
pary. ant Engineer of Maintenance.!
He and Mrs. Held have made
I LI their home in Panama since his
II .' ^BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB- +1m". H A 1_-V f*- -- 1


A native of Ambler, rPennisyi-
vania, Mr. Help was first em-,
S played May 4, 1909 by the Isth-
mian Canal Commission. He was
Employed for about two years
during the Canal construction
period in the Quartermaster Di-
vision and later the Central Di-
He left the service in 1911 and
A was reemployed in June 1914 in
A long-ronge tax system is one the Executive Office. He was
'that's designed to get what you later employed for about a year '
haven't got yet. Nt wiwth the Commissary Division. t

L -

Bargain. 1947 Ford 4-door
Sedan, good tires, and seat
covers, very good shape.
For sale at
16th St. Central Ave.
Col6n. Tel. 800.


FOR SALE: 1949 Oldsmobile
2 door Sedan, beautiful
condition, radio, seat co-
vers, and 5 good tires.
16th' St. Central Ave.
Colon, Tel. 800.


Great White Fleet

.S.S. "LEVERS BEND" ..........................I.
S.S. "AZTEC" .............................. Jan I9.
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .............I.. ...............Jim.
S.S. "MAYA" .....................................Jani s
S.S. "FIADOR KNOT" ............................. eb.

* Handlinl lkerliglt' Chilledd and U.eneral Cr Sg



TCr ...


S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ..........................Jan. *8
S S. "VINDEGGEN" ...............................Jan. 19
S.S. "SANTO CERRO" ...........................Jan. l
S.S. "C. G. THULIN" .. .......................... Jan. 2
S.S. "PARISMINA" ..............................Jan., 2

frequent ireihl sallLa In tr lstobal I'
Wt (oasi Lentra) Amerwcan ports

Passenger Sailuin tq
New Orleans via rela, Honduras

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .. .............................. Jan.
S S. "JAMAICA" ..................................Feb.
Itec lu.saie oun Iwelve I aBmamn hipm Is New uork, Mobus.
Charlestlemo. Las Anmeles. San Francisco and Sealtle





ASe tARt.l'.m.H1 alrVICI k UkaWh m
'A l.lmlred er nf Pawmentv Berrth.'
SS Pont Leveque .................................... January 20
S S. Pont Audemer .................................. January 14
M S Washington ... ............ ................... January 381
SS lie De France .................................. January 21
P4't.% %4.FH %H%. t.Lk Irum (ABTAULNA to EUROPE.:
S S. De Grasse .. ................................... January N
(via Frenrh West Indies)
M Caledonien .......................... ... ...... January 14
Weekly rd Cr Servie BeItween Ireal, Balus A West Cos "
rPwts of U.s. .Idcanmd.
cristobal: rMENCH LAINL P.O. BSe Il1 Tel. 3-M71 a 1811
Pahnmi: LINDO T MADURO. S. A. Boe 1.8
Tel. PanamA a3-11s 3-II31

In 1919 he was transferred to Lakes Training Station; two
the Personnel Bureau and em- sons. William, an employee in
played in that work until his the Contraband Control Section
transfer in 1925 to the office and a local tennis champion,
of the Assistant Engineer of and Albert Held, a civilian em-
Maintenance (now Engineering ploye of the Air Force in the
and Construction Director). Canal Zone; and 12 grand-
In addition to his wife. he children.
is survived by three daughters, Funeral services will be held.
Mrs. Carmen Eggleston, of Dia- at 10 a.m. Friday at St. Luke's
blo Heights; Mrs. Alicia Glaze, Cathedral in Ancon and irnter
of San Bernardino, California: ment will be at Corozal Cem-
and Mrs. Marta Sides, of Great etary.


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ABou3 V vou AGE, fIS TIME r EAED


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rt VECTOR 5-9Z.!

Barrie's Ship?




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ltl.tiLLLA'S POP



Utlidtarian Tomes

Oat a TrIe

- .,. F.

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Empty Saddles in the Old Corr..


5? V.~W

"A" for Effort

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hyaa Ja 8r. B lQ
Saidrto .lr in

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ily 3 DAYS

'. all colors
in IMla In high heels
' oHiel Sport Shoes
inall colors
NBAGS to Match

S Leader Bedroom SLIPPERS
,, Pric W be half Of whbt ise

NO ttURN51
t.&IkPluS~frct -W
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itablin the 4011;
hr the W at a
*at Pal It will
WasI Jerry, with
--lag falls, aevat
r from now,

A -&a lIaNg oi lt A a ar .rke A eeer WAIN$es t b
0 t .I rS'. l ~e a t ne s
y'arnIn"tye"r a
'or In ah, da a m *IY",t

$SO, at t th ture. Theb

16u6--e sould Za n

ces g .ef I tach InWlekfunny tho "
A P*aA N.imf0 0. Win Ot eaurns od b they'll takA-

---- a s t bold. arms."
I A-fa0 i with water

to! -%a riwin isin n Ch of co BEING ST

t ra od .Oly i he anout ou. sn held at mean
AspublIc 1 iWdted. C l on Sun- super-seay
zn. bd w*as attedo.nby over tual, buy
gent f-o- S Iutt members rm both REDUC G TREATMENTS at auction
aA d Dlde. of. the Wathmao Sf reducing aWlety System will reduce any part ltry idn
Mpe l acet h etor of bo rei r b decoawithtAlso a T kl h bath massages. aave as tI
. broid tt T decorate -- l -- rators. Call 3-, Panama. heard of
Sahre wt up y l John S OL ERVICES Turner.
"n ntdd Mr suran, 0
soJohnson, La r, sex A
Bo. Rob~,rt~s. eveobe
rbr.D Moning John Rdtis,. 0..
6 t the Lagen f OW I. Mj12. Ba Theresa Obqsn in La e
DuaW mi 3b noct offered the in l.a tnl-"
,m i A CW which -the j a d,- ''L I bs
Biinh Sfeiven Ir.elda
o 7 Girlm.*.and smile.t
.PM mon T bBlba-a i her annual report, Mrs. Al- fIea t]
W*, au t .30 jun. da C. Hstehinann, Director, too tbwhJy
eto aaed t;he need for adult lead-' in thead
eh* Ms4 ,Mkm 81ga Beas Psal Alu a Ebnkse e _rlp in the or.aniaUlO, ] by, theh
totwas irtinS. Gladys Grant, CAilllre aCrockett, C
S-orf Tretartrer,.gave the flnanclas te- tWIOhad
rep r which ubal..krshba Kinh
~.._s --m.i, n. ah m a, i _



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,. -- > -- r. .. ^ ,-, .. "* ^ '" ,

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.i'- & '-. .i ,."

1W to The Armed Force or f youhaw a steady job com to our
ad yo cn em,.m year owe terms to buy o terms.


so -wo. "Nug qt Gem U sa
... L.. ... I

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NSA M ast sfo ndet in0o r'S
0 -
roOD (NBA) Be. 'm not what youcall e i- ea d
ereen: It may set off er's rider. Bt I used to ride t
es. with bossman Hal befse ft the flmern hwem p ,
Jerry Lewis Is deter- at Crockett. I've been,In oephis-
mtuk to the Chaplin- ticated pletures p to tow.
ster that he tried for There's a whole a-dlma e I ,
Ue in "The Stooge," haven't tapped." *
e Martin and Lewis Aldo's a old prospector with .
lots of nutggets In "Let's Do It
be a lovable, wistful Again" with Jane Wyman and
a minimum of prat- Ray Milland, and he's knocking
ing and seltzer water on wood abou this luck in not
on out, and he's say- being pushed into romantic
argue with the publ*l "This way you last a lot long-
hat with a pie in the er," he says. "The studio could
et laughs. But I say so easily have schmoed things
ret as much laughter up by making me a lover."
s amd heart. A dra-
rea be so-so for So CAN'T STOP DANCING
.me1an san'tt be so Colette Marchand, the French
ning about the f- o-ooh-la-look who leaped from the
public may take the Ballett de Paris into a dramatic
face for two years. But role in "Moulin Rouge," will not
*e a beloved acbnook be going on wtih her career as
fvr 30 years. True hu- a dramatic dazzler.
out of real siationsu. She's been turning down stu-
foreme comedy" dio offers with the explanation: Al m fh I r
ry admits, "Maybe it's "I don' theenk Il be able to
ttle I'm fighting. But "ve up dabhning, even eef I Ngowmder,-esu
to fight. It's just as wan' to. m all tiedup now be- itabasem
be the little school ems I'mp et dahneag. I can't A
body loves as a guy top Met-damhnng, I mesh. 'My rm -m
r quirting out of his work ees ballet, People say now d m in -w y
you be great ahetres. But, no. pu" helS
Maybe one more peeetaur with
UA, IS EASY John 'Ustem, who anderstan' me, esiess mS
maybe 0on peecre f,, wheeeh b-*" *..
Monroe started it and I can abet and dahnee. My beeg .. = =.
n Ball's caught the love ea ballet."
Gorgeous Colette earned the
he yen of Hollywood's nickname "Lega" when she tour-
dolls to aix nhtellec- ed the U.S. with the Ballet de
Reinhardt notebooks Paris but lte protests:
is, carry high-toned "Eet moch embarrass me -
ler their arms and be- I'ave. two legs like every ouer
lough they had never woman."
a girl named Lana 0 *
Dewoe Martin, who hit star-
who's being given the dom in "The Big Sky," has per- I I
J-I as the brunette an- suaded his boss,:Howard Hawks, A
arilyn, confessed: to let him shed the mystery ,
want to be gold as cloak.
appeal of 15i. I want
imething ete. I want The 29-year-old newcomer"
Ult to be a good c played It the itarlon Brando-
tnejuirew at Isst is Montgor4Very Cift way tor a time
ti work d ty. on the advice of Hawks, then de-
on cuit 'ay go s as cided that being a male Garbo
Slike, bt I refuse to wasn't getting m anywhere.
ether movie star. It's "I got letters after 'The Big
a movie star. You just: Sky,' asng why aU the m tery
with your chest out about ap, pewDey e qlloed.
"Now rm belag permitted to
--- have Interviews and cooperate
o's hanWreliz for fame with the tan mnaiasines. All I ask
le--gritty-oiced Aldo is that the don't photograph me OPENING
former constable of in the kWIchen with an apron
'alf., who hit pay dirt tied around me. I'm not a do- Jl.l 1
olliday in "The Mar. esteted person." '
d." Dewey's next film: The Hem-
his eye on Columbia's ingway story, "The Sun AlSo BELLA VISTA
op" and adds: Rises,' to be shot In Spain.
Two SHOWS stNa
8:30 & 10:30

)o00't 41U until you see

ti greatest Met

Cower hase
1953 fI o,,


Give 1953 a Pleasmin Welcome...
Gurnteed for 5 Years.

__ -' ,+ "2 l i '

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t..A l <,:
-- '.:. ** .






- S


You Sell 'em...W hen You T ell 'em thru P.A. ,! As. E.- ",
Iave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Strftm PaA rcraamf F, RI"

Y O R K JTv l. 1 4 O-h e N 5n s' rt- I :
Themllc gvernme harmed at the
I Lewis Service Salon de Belieza Americano Cariton Drug Store 5J o. we am R
NoW4STivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Melendee Ave.-4hoat 4d Colon P.O.n m fr |ling FarrD.
.... m Irtment ofical had played a IIIg Farm. ,, .
P Propaganda,, 3A. 12 rwodo. r roe" In plasn r-
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones rPa" et corner a dlJSa cte t St word. secret" nornment douer, -
ourth of Tu!v Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No 3 icttery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Ph ne 2-2214 -aind -27M 4- 0 WI I d o a SovieteploMe "Lp e -uet an
U.S. attorney Wes, J.
chared Remington, 35. bah w- WASNU4O J. IM 14 (UIP) ple7eNoIYC
~awaym= do.jiocuments -Preuident Tp Wtodap r.o- to
B ffure on --rcraft" and A ifdr- p. il rom= for Imind for
SFOR SALE FOR SALE MISCELLANEOUSLafor making synthetic rub- o bu w ed that miust b
'mww-wO W ISALib" falling farm pssas are a bad $10,111100A a
0~l~0 i 8l L rio = "_._sCool Eeoutoful El Valle. L1In his 0 te. e presented hic i chare om n.l b iee r e .ckl
H bou Write _Alc Aiitomnkb-" Se yea h ave. dmlmkl & ek STAY presentedPisAcharmo io aonnlecromaic 1e- krin

SA c. FrSgidire. FOR oLE -Leoter od ,,- 3 ad r orom -i, c g e d h 're.... c I t d.
wo oor, with 2.6. Four sacrifice. Write Box 5035 Cristo- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic P cotties moElec rlc t eI cebo dxer9 h. tho* presen t ty st al preie, Mr ru eman aen ulnc" of
ntaineltr Gas Stove Hotecer bal, C. Z. Central Ave. K Street corner Pan- stovo.,.nO"Oerate rates. TelephAne 1' truth. niO ad6 ilara Sorecast "na- thi" can beLd. C .
rne Gs Stove Hot W,..- ama. Phone 2-3479. 6-441 GAetimioi 4-507 Pedro Mi. bedt vemeqlg.80 1y Imtprcs, afe p ad-e tai

Call apartmentNo. SA a a u Picn C tO Wtt wti of a Juryof '11 men ii

X-1- ^ condition u"plit Ivory. F 3, Altamiroa p^------0 Vi directional signals, heat g ood announces our new Lamp Shile Clara. Bo t 435.B o a.--- -. $l--r Bernm ti
ertor, 6 cu ft. 60 ce. Almost Only $575.00 down and drive it your old one at low prices. Also Cerro Compona. Shropnel fe fnOr d p1ie olbe sentence etar a ni ian ad. alblity of .
rAw. Price $95.00 3 years guor- away. Your Friendly Ford DealerB S and a 9.y Clar Beach cot Aand color hart tl a- a ndf$10,0 t aine i vi eintrati onth h en mt
r T 6e 3 -. Panama. bile 5 toun to In: 2-1033 2 -1036. Wi.s e Vlliams' dSantaCl srao leaa-- ----b r s et vrnee dte An rd.M Li
^ALe: o. iehoei FOR SALEMi9- l m sellaneom toges. 2 bedrooms, refrigeration. hEOi-pp.i .IN ic lent e d... e WgPi h Meo*rt" nlc.. ll sS
-~West -Equityse rr _946Chrygerar.abahim

,ar 9 ftporcelan i inside and ouet- FOR ALE :- oo iton n rm riy 1946 Chrysler et_ ron l o ae -" te

32, Balboa. es 1 D, Curundu. ceived in the ff of the Era AmWi as t al edoane td S tt
5.--2 i5acl b ce Wstihse- OFOR SALE: xt- 1949 Custom Ford gnFOR Inge F CiEon D ction Dre3t- FOR m u r Remingon Wa ti8 and endc n o.m dacoulm Jrtedlo dfe.e te Pwrd'b 2Oi o dM
SAL--cyl Westinghoe ooS ded with e trs, new two-tone or, Panama Canal Company, Bal RTT ld r ed T. IBin ouoo to1 a recelaMlon by1 55 tnhe rt ra
phonograph floor model) Ve rynt .Vr good condition, D t -ealer eIT OK 11' cn e a.W s e ud e orew to he 1l a
oo lein good w condition. e Bboo Heights, Canal Zone, until rOe e o the seeeret" go*fnm et ato and other spcirt s stl prl

nuthma bno. 2C Caner oe"AesPe 3739 or 2-2698)e. Spcifications lo.d grdens 8061 10h Street anythingPhoe 2.4 dpeaets whn he wr.ed or i re will serch i the Re. tols. Bt th a
i ndand drrefrigerwings will be issued on a New Cristbal Tlhon Colon te Wr Produton Bord. ie honoring PreLden Rmnhat n the ,
oonutr l a celain. Both v ery re offered $900.00. Will take $0o50.- 10:00 0 a. m. January 27e. D1953, hea J, at Albroj Str pre c

otar. All p torcein t e 00. House I-A, New C ristobal. and then publicly opened, for fur- FOR RENT:-Furnished ho in e Ad the o ing of theO oi
saoble. Call Balboa 218 1 or es_ went' oaet. h
. +,e w -. o t o-Cnishng ll plant, too0, equipment, Vballe, durin mo nthsJanuary and e i e ent i n t t anc

rd. House 5433 Apt. Di blo FORSALE:-19 Nsh oFOR S ALE: -- Oe bench sw 8 Frmation Elizabeth Kleser, No. e m e ol Iar.
m s divided top, like new, $80.- rio heater. urniag ligkt, back the Government, and for perfoT'rm- 'cedil e.. alt I" ODe otl.+ .g ..
SALEr 3184. L a ih- Odin al a Beut Range dote fu d ,ci aac, c t certain mateial furn e

O A 7oak 98. u ig h ts, od dO h, is d toirem srric- dInas- in .al work for costutinl of 1? Le Sew We
fatally Oeduced, only $40.00 doSewage Pump Station at Margo- FOR RENT -rof SE ne a, h.e call ss ,Bent ley"
ALE:-Chest of drawers down and its young. Yen Friendly rit FOR Canal Zone Forms of pro ly No. 2, J. Gbrel Duue Ave. Aut d rdred

LE:-- estinghts. Dressfrer wi Ford DealP TORS, INC. on M -O preioalus, speciations, and full prt member ComLa Crestun. fist co ier who A

'rsicee1. Retan table. FOR SALE:-1947 Cadifoc Sdon, specnifihir. CI ACoco Solt t4 t4. F O .R SALE I. t t 1i St RUn A cr s o A olo d
ar2 ble8cu. ft, house 554 ICon ute-bile row. Tel-S 2- particular may be obtained fromV r aF fIt, EtS.. a At .ifei reel aA 1

-set mahoEgany diningroose8 Qt rn n dgood" c ttelonaoraa dise situated lun BLUEcontatorMOUNTA and oter special ist at of the 'ud is a
A Pee rpmericeanas. o nly $460.00 dSr. TYeaO speci.ond drainle oi n New Critobl Tely o phc I ghto water und sCimmine an hipwl(ngr n or i Pi ll e noon l
S dEs R-and arm cha. f2lo -0825,l Panama r deposit of $2000 per set. hDeposit 3l86. 222, Pa 2 to 6 p. m rodeutio n haot hn /dt
,ae desk nnd Ochestr SALE-19 0 F ora H will be forfeited if specifications tpar ur oa tuadroon uf sro ft o b I

SmCou Dlu d. Actress. Call Balboa Bo4355 at Seogd wr
S bl a t doee color dark lue, radio, noe within 40 calendar days after 2 months only. 52 St. No. 38, tr wto r a
s0 p..- _cisriIkenow., egBella Vista. Coll Tel. 2-0221 SEE .Tlt NEW ftnt,]y by eU with the mil 250 aimen eh IzdSl4.
t ,bleaw Y ueth case and table.n a y. Y ou r Fr iendly Ford DealerFOR SALE :-Fur coat,, t la the S S", ss| :w-* et eedc

f1 bed with 'mattress. Dressed nl COLPAN MOTORS, INC. on a'cuto-' ,'sz 1 4 ,,cs IcS .. ty Joe l he lll
N T -Metal ... e. To bnerD o e- .2 -o1bi3- a scnTa le. 1531-, Calbash Fos i td ne a1n0 cnteu s l ir meJl
n ew. rrrror. n oest odra o O.E 2-246Os R RENTro Wlo Oa3 N ."E -the oboiw / o, lle

Metal rble. Two burner gas T3.31 c _. b eeat, n ^ Inoth ermen,'r drive In m t o d afoo" ul- rT
TO 1U5 C enr Aye- FOR SALE: -'49 Mercury 2-do or. 2 FaLrEn -iAs de tosubversives, dre thof aim w and. be Lt. o ol. ttment ,

No 151ab e n tr a Ave-oFOR SAL E:d PIANO Vero good con Dr. C. E b e T n lnic ann .1I fe p ro o tp a
o o- I piit. Reqrmingt w a tried and .o- 0. D. O rm Jr .. .. Co 0, wiL ut
Apnicta1. ?eaftrno 1ns., cald wi" m tnes-ue. Leain
s, 2...nehw tire, new point, radio, excel-I jc TI o FOR RENT -Two larCe roans, kitch-'f nhed'E
L Ee--- 6- S9 Pt IAfrigerator. Two elec-c lent condition. 146-B, 8th. St.p country. Tel.. .7. 1- 8... e-.539 Ba m to

C--S 4p. Iron, obewhristobl 3-2977. m aots, and outside eba- e Ro s the llC r- .e

fig f mans 2.x 0venet onsndoig e o 3-297e ..... c al. scr eene.a nd fu h e. Feoan nexJedat oof thhom- .,- 41
trd.House 5433 Apt. K.n ,D b FO SA.L- ---- OR194n8 NEh00 F OeuOnchn. aed s, chdo s e, daa th Elir aetr r;m...

6ifn tenia n Ion g N OFORSALE-A19LN O bc hwur, 8 inform aton frizaehxsh N. House o'd1"ac#sangnmudproptte t e Partye ao1 ihr .
a. 7 m.and' t o 8 d or sedan, new seat covers, two inch. d Si onlades honesdodo aset 49,4th, of July Ave. Un or.rall,
Mt*. m. __ on, tan. body and grelleen op, o sanding disk. H.P. motor, 25ntnt --OR'- RETurishedD sret o imaER 13"t lIcWtoe l AAiAn
res. Ol$270.00 down end-t c le. $ private" entrance.r Ap- rUSEDoFUr n o Itoi taed teVrse P te
LE:-Cht of drawers, $3 ye. Yor Friendly Ford Deler FOR ALE-ee Freeze high ly No. 2, J. Gabriel Duque Ave. 4 d
Asitea chests. Dresser with COLPAN MOTORS, INC. onaou- pression aluminum heads 1949- first floor. La Cresta. an Or edaL
$32 fr lot. Child'sde2, 2 r e-3 1953' Ford 2 HP outboard mr,-
__or,_._.___2l__r__ot__Chid's__ottrilbabyromTtainet-1rrl.-e .
bicycle, $15. Rattan tables FOR SALE:- 9 Cadillac d trai chair. Call Coco Solo 74,
(e t g eReal Estate H
~ALE:-Croieleyo. refrigerator 8 8 -pitSim 1952Ig agU rd, r .....-
c~yclesew angooTancht mchine G'irl's FOR RENT:--Or Far sle a house
house.l ectic t v. Qrs new go odtime, leth er hIon, dise situated in BLUE M OUNTAIN 4I1k=64",
Abrook H fanciers take advantage thi with every kind of comforts. Efe- -____... .._________
price. only $460.00 down. Yea special bargain.for Januaryonly, ght.&aeran mn d atr
ALE:-Rnian arm cha o. wa Friandly Ford Dealer COLPAN 4 pairs of tropical aquarium fihes pool. Tel 3-3539, 2 to 6 p.m rn: A "i o:0'
Ua a lTO S. iN C. 1u033o- 1 :.r only. $ 0 Com e and see them FOR SA LE Ide al house for retired H A R E' 1 A D U iN -
of tCasa Mike" Sour favoritestoreT ar st Be a Vis-
fau h C b Cur0ndu' 611p r.FOZleda D a-r ta section, upstoars 3 bedrooms., 3A .
ia Coupe Duty paid. Call Balboa Golder. Dania, I Pr. Spotted Da- both rooms of California red wood.
"ni.r 0I Pr' Q nana. A ,me,ted sup- unusually free from dampness
Wo Wanted3 5leFr 5 00.. in._________-I ply only, first come first served Two concrete apartments down- I3 Iorr
able mo ldto.t.. akeCOUP@. color SilvertoneGray, black smaers. Produces rent. 48th St. No
T!D r __toap. .flo w seat covers., overdrive.l l hle l. .l ly m-
sit 0 o children,. pcn riadio.o Youscan'tgeto"a better catri iienialeClinkc ---omyhavetheiohusewitT
rkRMust live in. Reler- ,FOu"RS E.T a, th est.o nrtT
"i l 5" 14. 4 -1 for the money.. only $497.00 downioutF fig Street.
m, ," Street, Bob..... a.. .s Your L O. CanFrie n .ldly F d Pa,tlao Tel 3-3539 2 to p. m 'CI.OAIn
CrWANTED-Two exper,en r'd 2-1036. b e! r Migl' eo A Alitalrraft wr- Heackt _,Wo W ; .. ,d .. .
cooks. none other need apple% AD- FO-R-SALE:--1946 Buick Sec-anetlt.el Pedro-.,.uel. 'Ocelot' .rtist.The d ind w.r50 r-6:2. d W 9'4,
C. Z. Retaurnt. uru.. Arrangement have been coin- Cpl. Rogers Will o p.a ton Canal Zon!A iuonacmcoc --.
-65. Tel Bal. pleted to 'reopen a District Den-" 6eAurn
Rea- ,ftor genera r.Sates of 1 on te a p em t.

n .-=.. ,- y"~ ... v ohone number of the new Pedro .... + -- -e --ge1- -" "p. ,'F :*"

newo Mae we Yours. Tourl
Friendly Ford Dealer COL.AN Eiguel Clinic will be 4-764. most favored nation. which I. ap-
MOTORS. INC. on automobile. ceabme to current commercial A oAs XRc.
row. Tels:_2-1033 2-1036. o a igreementse
-- ... :IPortrait Painter Ate~.
FOR SALE.- 1951 Ford Tudor. Humbert's report, delivered at A, .- -w..
DOvecurge.s exceClen tdouhur Douglas Chandor a meeting at whiChl lUermode Ic ... Isthmus. Phone 4 16, Coco R, og sOUX. h dRu 4 Mo thePanam _iss.'
l Solo. Dies In Texas savings Bank, was elected preal- ,
gL dent for 1953. also analyzed the the
Belg an Coalmine WEATHERFORD. Tex.. Jan. effects of De ree-Law No. 13
ee ia o m14 1UP,-Douglaa Chandor. 55 exonerates certain imports from "h
payment of ditties in order to fo- W"
6 M .Explosion Kills 13 noted portrait painter, died here ment the formation of local in- h
S- INITIALS I MONS. Belgium Janw 1 d4 be'UP'rlt nght.Hemorrhaee ad suffered i dus tieo.
KES hitenmlIr wr cerebral hemorrhage earlier in
KEVS and at least 14 injured todayin the day. -e.said.the..eefits from th
vacation visit a cols mine firedamp gas ex- dhandor. a native of England. He lad the benefits rom ther
not loalon near here had painted many netables. In.- latedntoa
show Room at ulosion in workings ot cluding Presidenta Hoover and produ nto a ev l o local
Row No.28 th Coc wrim Roosevelt. Winston Churchill, mediate uct eMthol tu helm.
S e kerill Compny the Duke of Windsor and queen elt fle adee1.
whelp the mine is situated. lbeth 1.T

jbe. dan. I Praellealcly new. 1951 t feet' esgl. LeS bu Uie ,aam, II wdis. imey
l hapel C9OID 4Lde8 e 8edn 1 a a eewu'le t ed tUris Ia U llutl s I at IM
I@at I="let gide. low mile- a 60 *a a
S*.A. .c i OW ,,LA. S~ m1
:19 ftCm* Ame. 0- aA-

. .-

+ .

~f* I' ~'.d4* I.... -.
I~,, ~ -
I",- ~ ~ -
~atwl4, -

. .- .

r ar., ar jai
;t* the'ne rf
flwe at the 0

eat of theo t

- < ,* .


W af t and At les.
iSbanti clltll faAqe aiM

'1m flay ama am

served the
a table


A. 7wl be
be the
Davis, of

V .

win-a aapga, wirs*Ue lor
wba h1 Oo ta fet. thea

Mdal, r, tobechristened.

_b J, of the
M OV*~e IousWorkersw
K at -e atu U on
1, Monday. 'Caffee was
group at 8:30 px
Mn. Norman McLur ,and
bar ualtaants. These ladies al-
so sewed luncheon at 11:30 p.
m. ..
MJfir v. Wara Chaplain
UA of Albrook Reid geve
the atu of the morning He
spoke on "Predictions for !963."
t thoe at$atndinal ro
end A. H Shaw. Miss Thelma
. ITcha d, oi&t of
duut(0bn of Jbo Valon
Church; Mrs. Marian Lucas,
Revrend Lewis Aske,' Rev. aI
Lk and Mn. Ditman
Leavoig Next l3tb
Lotenant (Jg) and -Mrs. O.
W. Dtrman, of the Coo lo
Naval station, are leaving the
Istmus next month to be eta-
toned at Pemnscola,' a. They
alan to visit' in Nft YMt, be-
S driving to enosha, Wis..

A ..'-

o.,* ,A U_ A Y

drj 'yIfag
w.|U r *-I


k .,, I. ,.:

, a m.,
a osom

evening, r r visit with Mrs.
and brother-in.
law, Mr. and Mrs. William
Brooks, of Marrita.
a .am~ reunion u Mr. an
Mre. Oeorge Hortne, the par.
ont, have recently arrived for
a visit. -
Mias Horine visited in Ban
Antonio and Houston on route,
cd was th# guest of Mrs. Alice
clvain@ Pennlngton, a former
r. and Mrs Doulas
Visiting At Coe SoUteo
Mr. and Mrs. John, Douglas,
of Chicago, ll., are visiting
their son and daughter-ln-laW,
Mr. and Mnr. Robert Dougla
of Coco Solto.
Mr. and M S. parks
SRoute To California
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sparks,
who have been viaiteing l ir
son and daughter-in-law, Mr.
and Mrs Loo Sparka of Marga-
ita," left by place unday en
mute to their home In Sell-
wer, Calif. They will enjoy
a two day visit in Guatemala
before continuing their trip.
Coeo Solto. Women's Club
leets Officers
The Coco Solito Women's
VlItb held their regular meet-
ipg Monday, at which time
they elected a new corps of.
officers. The new officers are:
enedent- Mrs. Leslie uey;
vice-president- Mrs. Louis
Vtewart; 2nd-vice-president --
IE Schumaker, 3rd-vice-pres-
100en Mr& Pickens; Seoreta-
Mrs. James M. Bockray;
41terna~tln Secretary Mrs.
ELe Batdorf; Treasurer- Mrs.
Ca rton Translator- Mrs. Ru.
I *Nso decided that the club
wold hold weekly meeUnp
on Friday evenings at the
Cbo X 2 at :30. The next
(ole January 1I aid
0 of Coco Solito ate
invited to attend.
he Club's project of ade-
te recreational facilities for
bi children isa rapidly accom-

A bake sale Is planned for
december 17' at the Ship er-
rice at Coco Solo and at the

1l s d Lamar, Color-
a&T stopped en route f9r
ador tin t Rsea and
Shtensco G a

The Critob ar Club will
Met tomorrow at 7:30 p. a.
t th vlogt t .e18s. Lore y
My., Rb 140 Colon Beach.
itees be electedduring
be b" elnm meeting, during
e.6uHe meig

mlsning dinner was held
4 rte Officers' Club,
Ai Fo rce Base, for
WI Markwood, a zepresen-
from the Washngton
PaMrtaer of' the National


, d "

ding at t
of Codo I
trate E. J
Ing as wi
given at
have r1
puty Corn
mand, C
thore Md.
leave to 0
federal ei
elude a c

WK following their recent wed
Court. Mrs. Shenk is the forme
if Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Thomason
*k place on Dec. 17, with Magis
d Mr. and Mrs. Ladd Black serv
tion.following the ceremony wa
n Curundu. Mr. and Mrs. Shen
hen.ymoon trip to Qasta Rica.
address to the regular month
meeting ,f the local which w
be held Jan. 19 at their clu
house, conferences with employ
era and employes add visits
the' various organizations to b
come acquainted with the pa
tictilar problems oK this local

l.Ro .eht' d "Artes y Oficelos" School



AT 5:00 AND 9:00 P. M.



, 1




e- -




- ---r _, _-u--J--- -----r. -ylu---~~r .. -- __~~_~_

transportation: 1941
Oldsmobile 2-door Sedan.
Good running condition,
easy payments.
16th St. Central Ave.
Col6n, Tel. S0.


OPENING! :S- : s : 9: ..

From the bitter-swet
of Parisian Nights
the fighting fronts of
Spain... thru the hippo.
potami-teeming waters
of Africa... he was a
man in search of his
soul... and a woman



Came across a phrase the
other day that seems to sum up
rather wel the kind of impres-
sion it is Important for a woman
to make on others. The phrase
is: "Good-naturedly sure of her-
This deearibes the people we
like on first acquaintance and,
are always pleased to | e. The
ones who are good-naturedly
sure of themselves.
Not arrogantly sure. Or snob-
bisahly sure. Or belligerently
sure. Or holler-ihan-thou sure.
But good-naturedly sure.
That Is the kind of sureness
that comes from a combination
of worth-while assets. It is ac-
cepting yourself as you areeand
expecting others to accept you
without apologies.
It Is the sureness that isn't
built on feeling of superiority
but of adequacy. It doesn't may
in eficct "I'm better than
8 -v ",r' elpe But it does say
"I'm as good as the next per-
It Is also the kind of sureness
that has an right touch, that
lets Its owner laugh at life and.
even at herself occasionally.
It is the kind of sureness that
keeps the person who has it from
being afraid to take chances or
tackle a hard job. It's the I'll do
my best" kind of assurance. Not
expecting to fail. not always
certain that the best will be e-
nough, but willing to try any-
how. w
It is the kind of self-assurance
that makes its owner friendly
and outgoing, ready to take the
first step toward friendship and
to keep old friendships alive. It
doesn't wonder "Maybe she'll
think I'm rushing her" or "She
probably doesn't care about
keeping in touch with me."



HLxIEGRmIE NE r t h lry" F. zANUK'HEA -I SEY
Extra: "I Remember the Glory" (The Art of Botice.I)





-- and -I

Shows: 1:10 3:07 5:04 -7:01 8:50 p.m.

The only of Its kind! Not a Word is Spoken

..- -... 3- 3:0, 4:0. 7:0. 3:1 3JL

The greatest of them all

Tchnicollr l


A map. a knife and polson, just in case.. I
with Ceanel Wilde PhyUI Thmxter
Also: A heart-breMkiag drama... f
with Jom mGfleM -tot Lane


An Unforgettable Picturel
-- In --


Susan Hayward, in "TULSA"

AT 8:00 P. M.

. At I M p..-Aho:
-. "" piims:
HA -R'eWM.W-


"NB !




-. A~

L -



I .


. .. t.. d.
* Ato *t






,lSnead 34,

White 37 In N..-tHoke

.- .., .- .l.'l .'

No. 1 TEE
'8:00 Arch Bishop, Buren Boxwell, H. Robinson.
8:08 Wm. Schmitt, Earl Gerrans, Wm. Driggena.
8:16 Maurice Muller, Don Kenna. George Riley.
8:30 Harvey Beall, W. E. Highsmtih, H. W. Gordon.
8:38 Anibal Galindo, Francis MacDonald, Charles Wood.
8:46 Frank Williams. Joseph Kenway, Edward Percival.
9:00 Darrell House, Frank Makowski, M. A. Sergeant.
9:08 Wilbur D. Meeks, L. S. Bieda, Philip Geffert.
9:16 P. Burns, A. A. Taylor, Maurice Manning.
9:30 Rey Valdes, Dr. P. Bickford, Paul Dault.
9:38 Sgt. Bean, Sgt. Schwartz, Lt. Curtis.
9:46 Raymond Murray.
11:30 Lt. W. A. May, Jr., M. M. Mahone, J. K. Lally.
11:45 Dr. Jesse Byrd, Lt. R. M. Golden.
12:30 T. A. Clisbee, J. A. Wright, Vinnie Lombroia.
1:00 Official starting of tournament with President Jose Remor
presenting defending champion Roberto De Vicenzo with
his starting golf ball.
1:00 Roberto De Vicenzo, Gonzalo Saenz, Charles Harper.
1:08 Buck White, Henry Russell, Pablo Molina.
1:16 Phil Greenwald, Dickle Arias, Hilario Polo.'
1:28 Sam Snead, Jim Riley, Anibal Macarron.
1:36 Chick Harbert, Jack Cummins, Jaime de la Guardia.
1:44 John Palmer, Emilio Miartos, Raul Posse.
2:00 Skip Alexander, Dr. Herbert Mitten, Carlos Rodriguez.
2:08 Clayton Haefner, Bob Fretland, Charles MacMurray.
2:16 Manolo Bernardez, Paul Kirby, Jimmy Nichols.
No. 10 TEE
8:00 M. C. Chadwick, J. DesLondes, Pfc. Thiel.
8:08 Terry Moore, Jack Smith, Al Saarinen.
8:16 Edw. C. Stroop, Jr., Joe Hoffman, Frank Buckley.
8:30 George I. Van Wie, Roy Glickenhaus, Rene Estripeaut.
8:38 A. L. Workman, Tony Jankus, Martin Gartner.
8:46 D. S. Parker, Don Hause, Bill LeBrun.
9:00 Jack Johnson, Roscoe Crum, George Hargrave.
9:08 Ludwig Haksplel, Manuel R. Arias, Mike Kulikowskl.
9:16 Carl Lichter, John Boyce, Fred O'Brien.
9:30 R. C. Garretson, Jack Thomas, Luther Fleming.
9:38 Raymond Murray, E. B. Orr, John Olson.

'Balboa Swim Pool Johnny Risko Dies
Cleaning Friday MIAMI jn. 14 () -
To Be Closed For ,., f o rner
o C os Fheavyweit boxer, died here
last night while attending an
Balboa swimming pool will be Elks Club meeting.
closed all day Friday. Jan. 16. Risco began his ring career
for cleaning, it was announced in 1922. He met such boxers as
tpday by the Physical Education Jack Sharkey, Gene Tunney,
A' Recreation Branch. Tommy Loughran, M ic k e y
Walker, Max Schmeling and
The work will be done by th.e Max Baer.
. maintenance Division forces,
d it was expected that it will the pool reopened on the regular
I completed In time to have I schedule the following day.

uly until you see

the greatest yet ?

1953 IuIR



for the sale of hand-embroidered blouses and
children's wear.

Visiting Pros

Hard At Work

At Panama

A total of 18 professionals-
toughest field ever assembled lo-
cally-were working out at the
Panama Golf Club today in pVop-
aration for tomorrow's start of
the $5,000 Panama Open Cham-
Roberto de Vicenzo. the slug-
ging gaucho who will defend the
title, was among the early birds
out practicing for the big show.
After loosening up he went out
for a practice round with coun-
trvman Emillo Miartos, a new
young pro who will bear watch-
ine in the tournament.
Th'e army of ten pros from the
U.S. arrived on schedule yester-
day at 3:30 aboard the "El Pacl-
fico" and after clearing customs
and a hurried trip to the Hotel
El Panama. some of them made
a dash for the golf club.
Slammin' Sam Snead. co-favor-
ite in the tourney with De Vicen-
zo. teamed up with an amateur
from Miami and Buck White and
the three set out on a nine-hole
marathon at 5:30. They finished
at 6:35 in the dark, with the un-
identified amateur puffing like
a steam engine but still with

Snead rammed home birdies
on No. 3 and No. 4 while racing
around in 34. White had 37.
The amateur stopped counting.
Other U.S. pros to arrive were
one-armed Jimmy Nichols. Skip
Alexander, Johnny Palmer, Char-
lie Harper. Clayton Heafner, Paul
Kirby. Chick Harbert and Phil
Raul Posse, of the Latin con-
tingent, was expected today but
Antonio Cerda. of Argentina, ca-
bled he couldn't make it.
Other Latin pros here are Pa-
blo Molina and Hilarlo Polo. the
latter from Guatemala. A new-
comer to the pro ranks, Polo cop-
Sped the honors in the annual
match between the Inter-Club
tourney pros, picking up a $200
check last night.
Besides the pros, the field will
include some top flight amateurs.
Manolo Bernardes, said the best
in Latin America, is here from
Venezuela: Henry Russell. of Mi-
aml, Is back for a second try: Co-
lombia's Gonzalo Saenz is also
here again; and the local tribe
will be led by Jaime de la Guar-
dia, Herb Mitten and Charlie
Four-,ame champion Johnny
MacMarray, still under a doc-
tor's care for a bad ease of sin-
us, was a possible post entry.
He said yesterday he couldn't
possibly make It this time but
he was out this morning swing-
ing his clujs and the old feel-
ing was right there.
The morning paper said 19 pros
were listed to play but they were
wrong. The correct number, at
this writing. Is 1s. The 8 & H
simply got confused about Jack
Johnson, of Balboa, Canada, and
St. Andrews. "Old Five Wood." it
Develops, is still an amateur...
Someone asked Snead to stay at
the party last night but Samuel
left real early. Said he: "No
thanks, but I've got to go to bed.
You see. I came here to win."...
Buck White was hitting his irons
in practice with unerring accu-
racy. Asked why he played so lit-
tle in 1952 he said, "Heck, I spent
all my time trying to find out
what was wrong. But I found out,
and I think I'll be all right now."
...Johnny Palmer shanked two
of his first three practice belts
this morning but the nice guy
just smiled-then smacked 25
straight down el centro.
The Panama team. as expect-
ed. won the club tourney hon-
ors, with Costa Rica second. Pan-
ama totaled 3144 points. 652
points more than the Ticos.
Medalist was Doc Mitten with
a 298 total, which used to be good
enough to win the Open. High
point grabber was Lou Martinz
with 421.

Along The Fairways

A flag tournament was played
and enjoyed by eighteen ladies
at Fort Amador last Thursday.
Ernie Wilton, playing her best
round of golf, came in the win-
ner finishftg on the first hole a
few feet from the pin. Close be-
hind her. Irene Robinson, placed
her flag to be second place win-
ner of the tournament. Irma
House won the spot prize for the
The tournament planned for
tomorrow will be Low Net On
Par-3 Holes, using three-fourths
handicaps. A nine-hole tourna-
ment wil also be opn to all lad-
les Interested in playing nine
holes only, so come out and Join
us on our weekly tournaments,
Attention is again called to the
Ringer Tournament now going
q. which will end March 12.
There t fNU time to start. so
In te fn and perhaps when
Battle has cleared
Il wf. l ftd You have won- a
IramT. y


I % ysffs^*L

Marlinez, Thompson Battl

To Open Colon Boxing Season

With nothing to lose and
everything to gain, the Balboa
Bulldogs will finish out the
scholastic basketball season for
themselves as they play host to
the potent Cristobal Tigers. The
ame will take place at the Bal-
a Gym, this Friday, with the
preliminary game starting at
0:30 p. m.
Balboa, with a not so hot sea-
son record of one win and six
defeats will be going all out to
try and salvage something from
the season besides a lot of sour
memories. Cristobal has already
taken home the championship
and College has an inside cor-
ner on the runnerup spot. This
leaves the Bulldogs with a spot
on the bottom holding up the
remainder of the league.
In the last meeting of the
Tigers and the Bulldogs on the
hardwoods It. deeloped Into
very fine gme, with the
coming out on top 1-32.. 6rt432
the Bufldp wil Ri e it all they
have to v'theecond game of
Crietobal WI rate a sofida
choice orte Bulldogs. but

over until tUe M hS
blown. UnleM t.w B ea,-5
coOe up ViUnua war uM


two rast climbing uClon
youns -Isidro Martinet and
Lesli Thompson-will get the
Gold Coast boxing season un-
derway when they clash nl a
ten-round main bout Jan. 25 at
the Colon Arena... The weight
limit is 12po funds.
This bout will be Martinez'
first main event appearance. He
Is unbeaten as pro an4 has
waded through the preliminary
and semifinal ranks impressive-
Thompson has had two fea-
ture -bout starts losing and
then winning by a knockout
against Black Bill. Thompson Is
by far the more experienced of
the two boys.
This bout has created a great
deal of Interest as both lads are
crowd pleasers and are real
favorites with Colon fans. -The
winner of this contest may
climb to local rinx greatness.
The semifinal will be as
eight-rounder between Leonel
Peralta and Ignacio Benty at a
137-pound weight limit This
battle will be slugfest from start
to finish. And the experts ar
predicting an early ending-
either way.
Two four-round preliminaries
will round out this ezeellent
program. One prelim will be be-
tween Am Pertknson and Al
Stewart at 12 pounds and the
other will between Alfredo
Jamieson and Kid Zeflne II also
at 126 pounds.
An exhibition amateur bout of
four two-minute round will get
things underway.. This fight will
feature simon pares T2td Morris
and Claudio Martines. For add,
ed measure, a curtain raiser be-
tween Don Pepe sad Kid Pan-
cho, a pair of youthful crowd
pleasers, will be thrown in.
General admission will be on-
ly 50 cents.

Jr. College Whips

BHS Cagers 44-34

Last night, on the Balboa
gymnasium floor, the CB_ l
Zone Juplor College
teao ane at a e de8k t
School tm with a 44. 1
Jumping off to a 14 to 4
quarter lead, the Green Devils
were never headed. The Red and
White made it uncomfortably
close however, for the College
lads as they opened up with
their offensive guns in the sec-
ond half of the game. It was
Freddie Aleguas and Company
all the way. i
Freddie Aleguas, was the
leading scorer again for the
College squad, but it was the
play of William Nickisher, who
took UD the slack caused by the
pressure Jim May put on Fred-
die, that gave the College its
win. Nickisher came through
with 14 points and played a
commanding driving defensive
game to greatly aid in the
Green and White win.
Thursday evening, at 7:00, the
Bralboa Athletic Club (Working
Boys) will tangle with the Jun-
ior College basketball team at
the gymnasium of the Balboa
High School.

Bulldogs Play

Tigers In Hoop

Finale Friday

'*. Puni





.CONrJOB........... ........ 1W
MACAWS ....... ................. 2
PALOMAS ..................... 1
PU AS ........................ 0
OCL o.eM...e................ 0

nut J
r A
lt U
l* 11

R 'wm. let )
June- before-

i & q 2 -

i tInml

Fastlich League

MACAWS WIN frustrated Coneo meet s Oce-
lots at Dlablo. h Co o
The rejuvenated Macaws of the completed only one rt
asich League yesterday bested season their to r
the Palomas in a -4 game at DI- schqdied games bei louR
ablo. out. The Ocelots have abo
Larry Selgle starred in the bat- pleted o041 one game wha thb y .
ting department for the Macaws met the Mkcaws last Sturday
oollectingtwo sigles and a dou- before the deluge shut down as
ble for three trims to the plate. tivitles. en
His RBI count f6r the day was The bo score:
two and he added glitter to his PALOMA -AB R BPO.A
day's record bv stealing home in Hatchett, If ....40 0 0
the second inning. Anxstadt, 2b .. .. 8 1 3
Both nines used two pitchers. Lopes, rf.... .. i 1 1
Harley relieving Hamilton or the Melendez. a.... 3 1 1
alomas in the second ana Cam- Hotszc... .... .. 0 0 5
pagnani relieving Eisennann for Winklos k. D.. 3b 2 0 1 0 4
the Macaws in the fourth. Selse. e.... .. 3 0 6 0 a
Dan Winkloe 1 0diaplayedshis Reece, lb ... 2 1 0 5 00
emnen right uardthe hot Hamlton 0 0 0 0
corner for the Paloms by nab- Harley, a...... 0 0 0 0
bIra threirhot grounds In the g
fourth for three suce*Ltve put- Totals......... 19 4 4 15
outs. His fleldt In this Inning an
had the fineseof a big leaguer. MACAWS.. AB E HPO A t
Headed to his laurelsbv col- Selgle, rf .. .S 1 3 0 0
etig a tw bse hit to center Duran,. ...... 1 0 5 1 w
ld In tha M brought Bruhn 2b ...... 8 1 0 A 0 lam
n one of his team's threerunsof Cody,if .. .. 2 0 0 1 0
that Inning. Elsemann.. ... 2 0 0 0 1 N
Ma ws scored two counters In Campagnaf, p.. 1 0 0 0 i
the opening n g Dw acor- Carli cf ..... 2 1 1 0 Ote
tla o/n al to Carln and Mead. B,Sb .. 3 0 2 4 1
Bruhn beinknok Burt, Powellss. .. 2 1 1 0 3to
tleM ,Tey a dDurfee,lb.... 2 11 3 0o
Ma 1 ,,. of
S~wnd whent P*e alk- f
ed; waka0 anced to third by Duri Totals 8 is 6 Mi
fee't sle and scored onei- ewe By flanin tal
gre'o duje to left. Seile went Palomas 0030 1-4 4 0 80
to thirl hen Paloms attemt- Macaws 3- 3 2a1 1-6 8 1
ed to ru down Duee between Runs Batted Tn-.Angstadt, Lo-
third an home: the Macaw first pez. Wtnkloaky, Seltle 2. Duran,
sacker managed to sqdsee home Carin, Mead. damned Runs-Pa-
safely. lomas 4. Macaws 0. eft on Bases
The Palomas runs came in the -Palomas 12. MacaWs. 0. Two
third wVBeh Angtad wilked, stole Base Hlts-L 0 pe Wtikloaky.
second and wa 4dubled-home by Selgle. Stolet IsAn4 tat Ht
LopLpeLez cor W os- Melendes. eie, el.Duraa
us e after dehad Bruhn. PaseedB Stru
reach first ael Out by-B-s O, Cmn- pam -
hft lIWlendMd, n d to nani 2. Ham 1',re 2.
third on WB~l Bases on Balls ott- i
crossed the la a ball Campagnanl Hal 4, Har-
and a clofe ec '3. r- Logg
Both utO i one in the Plt ah ar- mlnUt Waning
fifth Jist lre th am was Pitcher-9lsenana. Um.pres.
called because of Nevule and o. Time to Game
Thursday game see the -1:15.
S.. rnnt alf t *

&. 15

( Satuhlla, 3Jan. hT

,T d r, an.
( Saturday, Jan. 24
( Doubleheader
( Saturday. Jan. 31
( Doubleheader
Friday. 7eb 6
( Stunidy FePb. 7
( Douleheader
Tuesday, Feb. 10

Lost Pereutaf
0 0
1 660
1 800
1 000
1 000

- .. ~ II

Il .


-- -: c' !' d
.~ ~ *-l. .*.i ....'f ^.,


.... ..f .. .

S.. .r


4, .

:' IhMUt. V. Ndwr 31. JP.O 45. Luagary.

.. .: .. '. .., -,.. .',
hit '...' .*'


, .i:



.w- 'T

~~~1~.' 5


I AtI ~

*., .-.

i. .A

. .. t .l/1 4 'S

__~ ~ _____1~_1_

; ;---

II ; -- -_------- ~ .


r ---- ----

r `-- -


-j -'

( Ocelots
( Conejos
( Pumas
( Macaws
( Conejos
( Oelots
( Pumas

vas he ea
ely wheitt

her NBA
om the lN

Qonl I

*' ,

- I



A, %


* "...

*. ~ -. 4:...>

* I-

B Blbad Staidium Ton14

Atlantic Pony



,! l .io lB

I if.SoyftftLeague Gvilman Sos Ten

in "-!r .J t"' JI a an"For Daey
'-r-" I .WB. l^ by shortatop -l orL s rt
Ss. **- f1s t PACII1C L'lEL LEAGUE siton and threwiag to 'eto y v m
BrB-M I ITANDINGI second to retire Axmmittti
... A ~A IR 8 TMAM- WeLLest PeL had opend tUp lniUtg .
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Dear Boss:
Well, next time I Cll know bet-
As we tossed around on rougnf
sease last night for over an hour
searching in the dark for the Fly-
SEnterprise II which sat ten .-
es out of Balboa. I wondered. c k rv.1hha.....
whether At would be worth i t. d w eo*s loa ham thrhe 60 H fue -lG-M- __= ,.
Turned out i kerchoo! I that be- .
sides this code in de nose., I TWn ap NI ts oe IceI leel t W
learned a few things. EN GT PANAMA
Pirst. never go out on a launcn
in the dead of night without a
sweater-it's freezing.
Second, local radio hams have
more fun than People. and
Third, most great men are tru.-
Iv humble. or Greatest
I'm referring of course,, to
Capt. Kurt Carlsen. the short
(my height), lovial. sea captain
who exactly one year and four
days ago kept the world tIn sus-
pense as he fought heroically to ur" ,
save his sinking shin off the ..
Cornish coast of England. LONDON, Jan. 14 (UP) Russia newspaper Pravda the,
Ofl the group of 12 hearty Western oinon agreed today but in n se wa s there ay
souls who warded off seasick- Russia woue d soon see the great, comment from the country
neu last night to welcome the eat pure f the Soviet hierarchy conerme.
famous kipper to Panama since thd lweepdnT trals of pre- Last night Tao reported In
waters, two were already old wr yees led with aruth- stead that t arshal Stalinhd
friends of his. less int Satlon of a bold an intertl* With the deputyy the
John Becker, manager of the anti-Jellsh e a paign. chairman the Chinese-SovIet sh
bel were passengers on the-orig- yesterday o dietoss' "plot" chairmanQ1 the Praesidim f d
nal Enterprise three years ago to kill t o sslan leaders by the All-Che Peo ple Comr .
Isabel. who helped the captain lmedlhel e was label- mittee for te Defense 0s Peace, ca th degh o st Tn iS the E
out by typing his correspondence le4 outrit fk~taiy" but mo- Kuo Mo-ja. orlils. lI.I n
tivesfarmburcoverng san r ai .-d 0OIKditn"a n.
at, that time, and later touring ives for isebverlag web a It also laid stal n was nomin- ti on lgelith.m
Hmburg and Bremen with him, plot were studied, wit.extreane ated as the woorkers' deputy for a nd t-Sa i
am delighted to find Carlsen seriousness. itx of the nine Only a l r-
"be same sweet guv as ever." PANAMA OR(HIDS are pinned on Mrs. Carlsen by a local resident, Mrs. Isabel Becker, who was doctors named by the Soylet nature was"A tgti
The reception the Beckers re- a passenger on the first and now famous Flying Enterprise. Joining in the hearty reunion st press were wh. C ses army of *
ceived from the Carlsens last night were (1. to r.) Capt. Carlsen, his wife. Mrs. Becker and John Becker, while the captain's Sinnce adlo Moscow broadcast B-50 Crashes drewthe
night was a warm and hearty one shy daughters. Sonya, 12, and Karen, 8, look on. an announomentby the official tu
as old memories were rehashed, Soviet news agen Tam early I RiceField
iet newsk aeucy aiths eary d c 1Fi Jan.
ike ts, time Kurt returned to recalled that they couldn't crack captain who exudes personality "After all. why should I take yet den y "he po
is pendectomy, after and as he put merg t.okesthen because Kurt scream- and a real warmth of spirit has these things?" he asked with and actors as A .tt c ORIDLEY, Cali., Jan. 14-
pendectomy and as he put ed. "I'll bust my stitches open never set foot in Panama (he's his slight Danish accent. "I was rO the servl f :U8. In- (UP)-U. S. Air Force Investiga- g ok
commanded the ship from my from laughing." transited the Canal 40 times), he only doing what any sea captain tel and t Amer- tors were on their way here to- esa
be who now works for H. Last night, however, his hearty feels as if he knows the people would have, in my oots." lean J h Distribuon Cot- day to for the e that m
Isabele who now works for H. nal n chuckle resounded over the air well. About 15 years ago he came tee t e has been no official cased S erfortress to
11oma Tile.rl waves as enthusiastic local ham through here with his lovely Kurt estimated that when the elaboration. crash, 1 a, wmen.
radio operators had the wab-fest bride on their honeymoon. Mrs. Enterprise went down last Jan. By ast night Moscow radio The AtrIr-Command
of their lives. Carlsen. who usually stays home 10 six million dollars worth of had dippped all mention of the plane, on a "outne a igaton-
Carlsen was the first man in Woodbridge. New Jersey. but ship was lost, including a valu- plot from its home ervibIbul- al flght" of .Cstle Field.
ever issued a two-way ham li- who accompanied the skipper able cargo of antiques from Eu- letins, but the story w a'stll the Merced,. .u.. cu- in
e ense here by Quarry Heights,. this time, claims she's "married rope. leading annou cement In Mos- flooded rime ate we .
and using his new call letters without a husband." cow transmi in foreign of here sIts- tire
SKZ5HC he chatted with over 20 Capt. Carlsen feels lucky he's languages. crew ,oDj 3te
hamsters from Panama and The captain telephones her travelling with 12 of his ovi et mS wadlo, s also The B-50, a. Ie0verdo1
th Canal Zone, and their two beautiful daugh- al crewmemnbers aboard. "'They carried the edaei anneue- of the warftei da. 6 il
Some of them turned out to be ters Sonya. 11, and Karen. 8, know what I want, and I surely n=ert ge with a portion training i fion r the o- f
old buddies who had contacted every week he's at sea. Now when know what they wat," he of th6 s whl.etaleAppear- ment wIth., $tee other o
him the second day he took over they hit home port in New York grinned. ed y u.y thei a dfielal S1e .f
command of his new ship. It all Kurt says he'll be lucky to "have
happened in the Gulf of Mexico five nights at home" before shov- If not for the McCarran .'"4 r
where in one day he recalls work- ing off again on a four-month amendment now in effect, which ..
ing 40 Isthmian stations. round-the-world voyage, this would involve tremendous red "
So although the stocky blond time without his family, tape. the Flying Enterprise I/
would have surely docked here.
I His consuming passion. be- Kurt said he'd sail tlrh1p
a il sides his ship and his three with many fond mem of tR
Veter IInary lSwomen, is the 6,000 kilowatt "wonderful reception" he receiv-
transmitter with which he can ed from Zonians last night.
SAl (orozal Shfed -'reach people half way around a d nl i
At"'"" ....iethe world. Before we hopped back on our 0 @PWT A. IMI-
SD And Kurt is nroud that he built launch. shortly before midnight or
Si mDr. Leroy Bradbur. veterina- It himself, with his own money. the mischievous captain urged..i. '"",
rian on duty with the Panama "In fact. I've kept all the bills me to speak to local hams. "S Egn -f-......
Health Officer, will be assigned just to prove it." off with '88."' he said. "whilh I V69a7 -MO14- 111 fl0es 1 A, Iwe@i
to temporary duty at Corozal will be the first time that's been .__ _,
KNOW IF I'M COMING Quarantine Station in the aftei- Seems the courageous captain used on my station." beTene 9CTIN .
011 INO," Capt. Kurt Carlsen noons beginning next week. it was flooded with offers to accept it.SALS "rAnon-o "t "vein"-
Canal Zone radio was announced today at the equipment to replace the trans- I followed instructions, much to ednan onfl ru ...
trom nshi Flying En- Health Bureau. matter he lost at sea. In fact he the delight of those listening In.. algM tois 4P
last nigt as he was Dr. Bradbury will be in charge could have made a cool $2,000,000 Later I found found out, by dem- p govetion ackh.
with an unexpect, of the small animals clinic at (the value of his present ship) if onstration of ari obliging operS- _t
d n-ng committee of local Corozal after the departure this he'd let commercial companies tor. that it meant "love and kiss- e talo-o
Balboa High School week of Dr. Robert A. Gale. who have their way. Somebody even es." ..
dents and old friends, has resigned to return to the offered to build him a home. If Sorry I was late to work tthisY o.P,
-OWN ._ States. he'd stay put: others pressed mo- morning, boss, but I had a swell
Dr. Robert G. Matheney will vie contracts his way~ but Kurt time.0 -ev 0-n .
The be in charge of the Quarantine was having none of it. "88" from Your Galo H.l"..r.*
kennels during the mornings t Aj. '', .-
and Dr. Bradbury will take ... : ; -.". .
S Bench charge of the clinic in the after- .t ". o -
noons. No change in hours will ","aA%
be made. The clinic is open from ---n ort
2 until 5 o'clock in the after- ,arUes or W,
Fbor loitering in barracks 905- noons on weekdays and from 9 "RICUAD A. MULLEN which uses the
Aa Boca, a 2-year-old Coom until 12 o'clock on SaturdayVo e.
blan, Francisco Samudio, was mornings. oe o
sentenced to serve 20 days in jail .. ery tapyer can choose are not dq .
during this morning'.s session in or to I so
the Balboa Magistrate's Court. a 's o r use the deduction of about
An American farmer n who Pauoent of inconie h W
didn't use care. in backing his E W a lows those o d
pk-up in the parking'area near LEU n W Ealk u, .itemi.m.
raflores Street, was given aI
suspended sentence and placed ROME, Jan. 14 (UP)4-Service Ton' ean' how wisel un-
oa one year probation. The on Italy's vast railway network du onow what your Item-.
alight accident in which the de- returned to normal today after deduct s re. Once yo
feAtdant, Thomas Joseph Libo- a 24 hour strike which cost the th, your choie
antI, was involved resulted in government millions of dollars. erPle. Use Wh ever th
gratched paint to the other The walkout ended last mid- te
vehilee, night as scheduled, allowing ad the next Mlueg tell
Justo Avelcio Chavarria, 22, hundreds of thousands of Ital- ..beo tems can e edwated it't
Phiamanian, whose car was ian and tourist travellers to re- so choose. Read themeare- ,
ed more than six inches sume their journeys afterr a day ins a w. ow wV-
from the curb, was fined $5 in of frustration and visiting. e AD L T ot rddAuLfons are.ns
PFor having marijuana in his Communists, who called the Carisen's $10,000 worth of radio equipment which kept the a t llie. 'p
pbeaisuon, a 43-year-old Pana- strike, meanwhile engaged in informed for 14 exciting days of the captain's dramatle a sumsin- ta wll8 -'at *s
5lanlan, Jose Batista, who lives a heated argument over the ef- to save his ship last Jana2. Absorbed Sadie ha ro ,p ,.
hn Chivo Chivo, was fined $25 fectiveness of the walkout. Canal Zone Amateur Radio 1lb, left to rghtt, L. B. g*n uf W e
Ltd sentenced to serve 15 days The government newspaper Il ton White (vice-president) and George Dunlap had a field
gp jall. Popolo claimed the strike had examining Carlen's new equipment. In the photo above
Driving without a license re- been "smashed" by soldier-man-I Captani who didn'tgr ive up his ship explains that he "h t be .
ted in a $10 fine for Joaquin ned trains and special air and didn't carry any insurance on the original radio. Before m e.a
poe, 21-year-old Panama- bus services organized by the' ing the enthusiasitc hams presented Calsen with an honoral c as
government. membership and his own call letters, a cobtrl e e atl.


WNWlief t iedt ea medical
His ameu wtliyam ai e, Ie the H

In4i eases*ul lead, he mnerhedl lts
M is.*m as Od. 11, 181, amn d

-*o a ..lift m O

. ..I ...



Bitid U4i6ATY.i


:,iS *"

..: ^ '

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