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.Sex i BOA.C. Comets To Open Congress Will More Students

ex Suth mencan service Speed Approval
T NDON, Jan. 10 (UP) of the 44-p nger Comet II's U Or
si:ein pem:::so fD Of Ike Cabinet declares

: 'Me Se "t enbto Cec ant a orlfner dIn errs pif, or the frt VI
Ii e AuMealcant Ovr- ue tiing e Closed today tht congreson
...._ .. .. -ommittees buenr u toerector
t -. f1'ss. aorpor=4ion lof noT t M ae qutoig of President- wl
SfM i.eA.C. obtheefrst ori nd Atee eycan sworn ind
.c ,se ta-:rinD n ay that yonr lon. 2l 1. WAHNG0
F an oOA.C. said F. nwand ASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (UP) Selective Serv
wale oCael.n aIi rmaof th epub- Director Lewis B. Hershey said today that drafting of .
Wrailedher SLqWyCommittee,
S .d ,i 19"ant A U 4I tpokes- told a news conference tKhat lthe ers is "an imminent necessity" and that more st'
In i a M"P A .tGe Comet be oP congressional 'big three" probably will have to be inducted to meet military :n*o..
Z Ian h the a New Yorik Monday to thresh out .Writing in his agency's publication, "Selece ea
eongPI J.D fanto didenotxo on form the ReUbllcan family fight.We
s In c h orW dpreparatory o tMe open- over control of federal patron- vice Hershey said it is "rapidly becoming a ml3
M..aMys a ILuts-t se air serve between tical impossibility toMeet ourcaliWithoutsuhmmam
i v At i, I' rim To br Comet ', firstde- howland said Eisenhower tightening of defermenj s."
e, the that the 0" of w4ch, like of the wos -t have his cabinet mem- We hovebe ea inucting married men forco
0 M cby ovt In i nt.,',Wilibe MadetoBO bet sworn In the same day he tng os
i tMiy wiAth Mt,. dut.~4 B std f% w be ad take office because of the in- erably more thqn a year," Hershey wrote "and now
rdhterribne as The3O.A.C. announcement o the drafting of fathers looms 05 On imminent ne4MW
M_ o -whwi laed was Wpd as a .clariWt, dClate-"Th sevaftor phapised t in, the not so distant future, we certainly must IkS&
t t i d eDt ,. iot har a o1 the seertrles ofs oaf Mg.y.
.. tohe a co f E nd w ld taiis the Navy and AirFore. "The,itime for appraising i.that direction is
gwior. his hair nta legal qern. first air service t London sapa t chairmj of the ap- over end the time ,fr.o action is almost here."
Sek d P io and Dak to Soth reprate enate. committees
%0ad' 14P ,'*tranpn thb lAnd A are been asked to "expedite Hersheyaid, however, tha
S y popl r 10,00 have l- confirmation' of the cabinet by shold never be forgotten
Jra's d y Cot fcet arranging for advance question- EXJ L students will not be the only
theablynt-1t- airln e service tinf, probaW.amt week. Satt"dM by title tightenilng ., ,
I ".1P4 0 hind closed doors d "in a- Demoorat appear to have W rl -. eeted oaita
Sa df t-V tt of s41on18Iss ued nwr ne nrw Comet an wI have no objection -heohe, seed-upso wIe 7 heleeUve erdbhaus been
reducing the two-thtrds quorm mre ,J ennes, a long as hearing were held. 'he I ing tadets I-ta
r'to half of Oe m of5" etonoC same privilege ws granted theportiomtly le m nu rmBm

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wh ils ytakin g grty "forln other a b o iv
tnea .& V0s"Mseo l slaeO oitr absence, headline.'-n
nor1TO. es"e p te problem e Qunn, maocrat ad aurtdus

i et had as him ere y scheduled to be has
that e no controversy, Houe ing at e n suc h yeoterda, the operation.
g Two ohat his law partners wereap- on

dopokcandidateshe was a mt f thim trol field exercise w be-n h
". "" for feddl b. I ,He said the'jwiO De t- at 10 4. m. January 17
YIIIA '~* ment had ere ly achiduled to be castod
was nothing Improper In such yesterday, the operations
SFTwo of his law partners were reasons.
Sn d I c t e with him but on lMrtpstlng in tU
-1 J id -air. C- olliso B 5 Ql charges of aiding and abetting will be volunteer memp
Vid- lO k Collesio DB-50 him in Illegally receiving fees disaster control teams azs
for the cases. elected military personneL
S* Two federal grand juries In- Scouts, Girl Scouts and a
Ar. Ga., Jan. 10 (n) rising tide because of thp in- dicted Quinn and his law firm, bers of the local Teen-Al4
Force held ontl faint tense heat charging that it received $5,- will also assst In crr*m
might that any f l ReporterS Chris Brady, of the 000 in fees frm clientintax the operation.
uv "When a 8sl- ant a Morning News. one of cases during padtof Quinn's
Mbe ? led a ffirt t reach the wreckage. tWo terms in The Clayton distaff O0
gr h l -mil b ad he saw thebodies or parts All three plea MInnocent tien will aid In
t a u of bodies of six mpn scattered and were released an their own executing the exereclae,
SreWI over a 100-yard area around the recognizance for further hear- in an advisory capeltp.
I beern a Mnim the wreckage. ings Feb. 9. The indictment in- Purpose of the xsrc"ae
or whichIl the "I saw ~t least five people walk cluded eight counts, each o( refresh individual dU_
ISplintered wrekaus over one body unknowingly In which carries a "possible practical first aid,
er six were ne the mud and muckk" Brady re- nalty of $10,000 fine aid w o Colonel Ben
t officers a oted yearsI njail. Clayton Post Comnandr.'
at ofgne t ort ..... ...
d out before
four-engiod .bult
thursday iRht at 14,-',.
hUle returning from a
h only Its tall section
m ixed to gnt i ow
3onuA plummeted nto"


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Semers of the Noti Damn Cb here were hosts a a
Nam otre Dame UniW a sy aDt eounewblogt.
sa one of Ub twlot rat od=MmrItn hW UniUt w .

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So they've drafted that young
cousin of yours. And now
they're calling the boy next
door. And your friend's hus-
band-the chap who flew those
missions over Germany in the
last war-has been called back,
leaving your friend and her
kids terribly alone.
It's all very necessary, of
course. The threat of war is
tragically real, and, obviously,
the only way to avoid war is to
make America so strong that
Soviet Russia won't dare to at-
tack us.
Yet, if you're like most A-
Inericans you've a question in
your mind. You want to know
if the Armed Forces are mak-
ing proper use of those thou-
'sands of men they're taking
each day.
Unfortunately, they're not.
Investigation k n o w s the
Armed Forces are guilty of
shocking waste and extrava-
tanee ln the uke of our most
precious commodity-our man-
r power.

Take Phe case of the Marine
Aiorns Station at El Toro,
salr of United States Sen.
Sate investigators recently made
:a check on, conditions- at this
:base. This hat they found:
S At a time when the Armed
Porces wete yanking teen-age
boys out of school and order-
fg athers of three children to
ImPediate active duty cause
..V the country's 'urgen need"
'for fighting men, hundreds of
:Marines -were sitting about the
2'1 Toro base. day after day,
'with absolutely nothing to do.
The base -motor pool, for In-
Stance., had 37 more men as-
signed to It than It had work
for. The mainteance and
;protographi 'sectia had. 128
Xmoe men otha ,tecould use.
'The sto9Wy wv /the same
everywhere enthe base-i
surplus meoInd thiolng to
You can folhe feelings
of thene M,
: 'whya it L..?
"Why thehieII did they make
.me break up- my home" one
*Marine asked bitterly, "if they
didn't need me?"
Had you accompanied the
.exante investigators as they
:ehecked other military Instal-
latlons around the country,
'you ioon would have discover-.
ed other examples.
At March Air Force Base,
'aould have witnessed 10 non-
'commissioned officers, super-
vised by a combat-trained ser-
geant, picking leaves off the
officers club lawn by hand.
t Golf Course
At the Navy's base in Nor-
fotl, Yrginia, you'wouldhave
come across a dozen sailors
whose chief assignment was
wet-nursing a golf courad. '
At the Army War College In
Carlisle. Pennsylvania, y ou
would have found no fewer
S. than 760 officers and enlisted
en assigned to the Job of
S oerysing a mere 150 students.
Conditions are so bad that
Vte 4enie Preparedness Sub-
Committee, a bipartisan ground
headed by Snator Lyndon B.
Johnson of Texas, which has
meen Investigating the employ-
S aet of manpower in the ser.-
recently sent a report to
S aarees unanimously de-
H .5dmga "drastic revision of
hseoWailation of our Arm-
in this respect. the subcom-
W T te. stated outright:
S Teb Armed Forces have still
4e ake off the traditions of
.F 3S*St tn which the nation
35MG afford the luxury of put-
Q,, W five. men to a tak that
be performed by one.

"The situation calis for ma-
lee surgery. The Armed Forces
suffering a minor ail-
ia f-.too much water-
Sr ito I binding the hard

S- j men In the Armed

getting their men through
high-pressure recruiting drives
(although they are also call-
ing up thousands of reservists.)
It s costing exactly $10,98s,-
000,000 this year-more than
$70 on your annual tax bill-
to keep these men in service.
How To Be Busy
The following letter, which a
member of the Senate Pre-
paredness Subcommittee re-
ceived from a Marine on duty
at Camp Pendleton, California,
shortly after the subcommit.
tee's Investigators visited that
base, tells the plight of many
"We were told at least one
week in advance of the expect-
ed arrival of your investigators,
which, of course, is proper.
"What is not proper-was that
we were told that we must be
busy at all times whether we
had things to do or not for
example, actually I type prob-
ably one hour each day, out of
each day, and final somewhere
to just spend the rest of the
day, but on and during this
inspection we were to dust our
desks once or even seventeen
times, if necessary, in order to
keep busy. or look that way, or
Just 'doodle' if it was impos-
sible to find anything else: in
other words, we are falling
over each other here at this
office trying to keep out of
each other's way."
In the files of the Prepared-
ness Subcommittee are hun-
dreds of letters from all parts
of the country (and from Eu-
rope) saydig the same sort of
thing. At the Pentagon, offi-
cials of the Department of De-
fense admitted to me that they
have received "bales" of such
letters, too.
Why? Simply because four
services are built on the as-
sumption that men are cheap.
Tanker Crews
Take the case of the Navy
A Navy tanker operating in
the Pacific is authorized to
have a crew of twelve officers
and 270 enlisted men.
A privately owned commer-
cial tanker, which maintains
the same watches, keeps the
same records, and does every-
thing else the Navy vessel does
except refuel other ships at
sea. is manned by a total crew
of forty-three men..
':WhV, does the' avy need
almost seven times as many
men for its tankers a do pri-
vate shipping companies?" I
asked at the Pentagon.
.I got no answer.
Little Creek
Take the Navy's amphibious
base at Little Creek, Virginia.
It conducts training courses in
amphibIous tactics and pro-
vides logistical' support-food.
fuel, and the like-for some
eighty-five ships of the Atlan-
, tie Fleet.
The average number of stu-
dents at Little Creek runs to
3,045 a month. Add to that 67?
teaching and testing person-
nel plus another 1,800 men
aboard the ships that put in
during the month. That gives
a total of 5,522 men/who may
be at this base at any one time.
At l1t count, the Navy had
2,186 Other men on hand to
service this group.
Air Force
This means that it was tak-
ing two men to feed, house,
and train every five men at
Little Creek.
The Air Force's record is just
as bad.
Locked in the safe of the
Senate Preparedness Subcom-
mittee is a secret breakdown
of the organization of an Air
Force Jet-fighter wing.
It shows that the Air Force
uses 1,688 men to put a wing's
75 single-seat jet planes in the
air. That amounts to over 22
men a planet
Presumably, they are there
to handle the needs of the 76
pilots and their 75 planes. The
table of organization Indicates
In every jet-fighter wing are
six officers and 52 men whose
asignment is personnel work.
They include "career.-guid-
ance specialists," seniorr per-
sonnel specialists." ordinary
"personnel specialists," "assist-
a n t personnel specialists,"
"senior welfare specialists,"
plain "welfare specialists," and
When you add them all up,
yu find that one out of every
men in a Jet-fighter wing Is
gaged in personnel funo-

mai month the Arm is Think how long General Mo.
ating tors could operate profitably
m d UP s if It employed one personnel
s ito maintn i man for every twenty -eight
amr ee services are m ?not aull.
Jet- fighter wing has
i _." for clerical work.
X Tt It 7 chauffeurs and M
i r*- pprtenUce" chauffeurs; in
SSift ha more than 40 men
.'m "W7 ?* f SOW: I 94 S4dgned to It for ground-not

FA r I e sunito..r

At March Field, in Riverside,
California, a Senate investi-
gator came upon a private
Splaying solitaire.
"What's your job here'stp-
posed to be son?" he asked
him. i
"Pal, if you ever find that
out for me I'd sure be grate-
ful," the said. "I've
been here six weeks, and no
one's bothered to tell me yet."
Road To Morocco
Some months ago the Air
Force mobilized several thou-
sand men at Scott Air Force
Base in Illinois to staff its new
Moroccan air bases. The men
were to ship overseas at once.
However, the planners were
hopelessly off in estimating the
completion date of the five new
bases, and the. Air, Force was
nowhere near ready to receive
the men.
So, for months these thou-
sands of men marked time at
Scott Field.
Recently the Preparedness
Subcommittee sent its investi-
gators to dig into the man-
power situation at eight typi'.
cal Army training centers in
various sections of the coupn-
In just those eight camps
they found 17,251 combat-
qualified men-practically e-
nough to man a full division-
in administrative jobs that
could have been' held by any
Today slightly morph t h an
half of the 1,622,000 men in-the
Army are assigned to combat
or tactical units. The rest are
in housekeeping details.
Is it any wonder that the "
Army is now able to muster
only 20 combat divisions in all?
(The USSR has 1751)
"Russia," says the Senate
Preparedness Sublommittee, "is
rich-dirty rich-in manpower.
During World War II it mus-
tered about 2300,000 men for
its armies.
"It suffered permanent casu-
alties of 9,000,000 and yet, when
the fighting ended, it still had
anotieir 9,000,000 men in the
field. I was able to maintain
that high level ,,of military
manpower while neleasIng an-
other 5,00,000 from Its fight-
ing forces for civilian duties in
the homeland."
Our only defense against thle
stars 'In' in9 wbely 'toe
men we have, and 'that, coll-


DONALD ROBINSON wrote this article, which ap-
peared in a recent issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.

The Air Ptbrce recently r- _
called captain Robrtas Slution
of Atlanth, Goe*r, : -
eight year ol veteran of .' ; na si Pregit
World War n with mo an Suboomittee hau pra
twinee l*nt,: I geibha Sthat heA

The ubl
that the mo koll
write the
fense and



PRESIDENTIAL REVIEWING bTAND for i augu1,, de wllt
on Pennsylvania Avenue 1I sfett of the Will te e It wli

There'll Be 2 Inaugural |

Balls -And 2 Elephants !

WASHINGTON, Jan. 10 (NEA).- PrMWt-ele* t
Dwight D. Elsenhower is going to get the i and '
dignified" Inaugural which he ordered. -
It'6 going to be so simple that it will be merely
stupendous and super-coloesal. 1 '
And for the first time in U. I. hiltWry it will be
dignified by two official Intugural balis and two .qiphants,
in the Inaugural parade.
Four years ago President T sleep r
man asked for, and got, almos tnra a sidlingp a*md Wash
the same thing.
If the trend toward mnli
and salllt contain to

In Noe
There's already a
doubt as to wh
is ibMog L toeSe
g for thison

Mo esuIeileesooo

ote overlwS

loeqitgdw $


tUies the report, Is exactly S Iles reported *or acdt
what we ar not doing.d W

Radar ManJ Lanw .. .
Take the Marines and 3ohk LosA lelot 0 1ldeen ,
A ser~ant in'the Marin T; yr old Natleal
Corps Reseve, Porter was re-. Ouardmanw oW_ Qid i I r
called to tive duty reben tlY. iluy at a Texa airfield J T
He didn't bject to the one- ummr and g ven seventy rJW
week notice he was given, and hours' training as a 14warer _-.-_-" "."
he didn't object to leaving* hi pilot' with a light bomber
wife and two children, best Iado. w .rotary of Def9aS m Janl
e w told that the Mrines Suprior"was the rating he apointa co o
were l desperate need of ex- earned. _. of the I S ..
When he reported for duty, moned tothei ost headquarters AMto
perienced radar men like him. Then one day he was aumr-' ty, labor
he was assigned to cleaftine and ,Infmedh V -s-to ,I a thorog
rraks, walking guard,:n Out to oreer pibIe-
painting buildings. nignd as a post=rchanga o- s and t4
"The only time I've even been fleer. AeitOw moieany Imo eq r
close to a 'rad set," he said to L~letenant Andt s be d eguires. ,
a Senate investigator, "st wheu combat .assigal t. 1...
I was directed to paint the Today Lieutenant Andrews is In the case of the
walls of a control tower." serving in a Korean post ex- .Corps, for instance, WW S
In May, 1951, Marine taff change. *ofthe Amerle4 an
Sergeant Ezra Stein of New The Saen ate Preparedness Telegiopph ,the
York City, s radio operator for Subcowmmttee saysiabout thee .n rah m
one of the great world wle and the oth6r, examples of the .
wireless co anies, was orde waste manpower it has un. .Tecnol We. .
ed to duty, There was a seven e covered: les, be ked t
shortage of trained radio op. the number of men
erators, he was told. ,.y TIm Over Army .nsdi hM .i Aelynd to haf s
He q u i t his job. sold hLh phse M .- pm
house, and sent his bride back "If they were Isolated in- work. 'en
to her parents. stances they would not be so ..-
He reported for duty at the alarming. But they are repeat- E e .w-
El Toro base and was *t to ed many times over," h .
work Issuing athletic equip- Some 4teps mhve bee4. taken Experti s s, em
meant. by the Pentagon to solve the oil cone n, e r g Blk.
problem. ., schools other re loaa. r a
Mail Orderly The Air tce saJiltated rpeciallsta 1 b equest"d strto -i
courses im p eronnel manage- to fix th e f men un S 00
Then there Is Sergeant ment atGeorge Wasington essay fe ".r ati ,n a YNa T i
Henry B. JCruger of Houston University to drive home the tanker. ,
Texas H s rated a5raft necessity fe tor, g B to E very t the four e ei
mechanic wih two years of theft jobs th-ey Ufl forl .ces woud e.ate to this With Jl '
college credit ,In electrical en- The ArmIIaasa directed -all' kind of soraty,
gineeritng eltrca e" comrinde f to keep '- cose such a study, I estmted f

with a lifetime of work behind a drive to end duplcation bf problem... '
Sis Army SO .consSted of This drive ha. resulted li the Nevertheleh t undoubtedly
instructing men In the care elmn tion wood focus M nuo a W .
and upkeeo oemeteries. Installations at an estil mated on the manat o
At i a MIsrn post, the savingto thse taxpayer of $-o netioma e.s f
Senate investigators c me un- 000,H000 a year. nel oflcern.-wod O
on a soldier from Springfield, a-b spottedd. D %o w ?
Illinois, named Patrick O'Con- BlacK Pi re
nor. who in. civilian life had ... rr'1uis Pekinal e g il
worked in a Government ares- But the over-all picture s, "s, .r i j r "i
ial as an artillery repairman, black.o .. egrrettblyvthe Deastun .T
When the Senate men stimn- : Conrider a sta14s.ent maded of Defeniebha.n -tawepted 13.31.0 -..,iS
bled on him he was Juggling to me by a top Pentagon 0rk.-, tho pm. mot t
freight in an Army warehouse -ctal. agreed to do Is te.t up ls
At the time, the oridane of- The department grtDeenae nine-man committee to drft2
fleer at. this station was writ- will be perfectly oat dL ait, g broad poulef for the allot-
ing frantic memoranda corut can boldowastageof-l90r meant 0f. ma...o.e.r
planinig of the shortage of down to ten pea cent," he acd. No pwalan bdaihU.bRai o'UA, w ,." ;-
skilled artillery repairmen.. t .m^e epa t for a true reorlg~an tluax study. LS 0NeAT i'noW3 ,
Officer.' Clut though" 870,00o men are yeega o

,~ i%~t~;~

E[I M- ,


.,-w- '.-

7" jr

N, Ac
vim- W

A .Open War On The Chu

osttack on speech was designed uto aid the in E
dishg mc- 36mag inst German de- t

rc ^oe A ^Dibellus long has He told Stalint
earof the been in iavor for his mill- A. Co

a a g the "war" hu ad his out-spoen cr- them ecretl and
a rae- a ltheq B of the emrign Both offenses are ticism of totalitarian policies aof s rerls r
Srm n at er- the Communst run East Ger- Unl
l or man. Dells B p of n government. He not only h
s iuauss their stant Veta mnd Berl i and the East German hias tlced these criticisms and Protestalt churches
been competed. pel or~- province of Brander rom At German pulpits but out engaging in all-out
e on MtThe ommunits, In eitorals has over the head of Comr- In estrn Ep They
luuaesi eStalfa for e published in their ontrolledmnt leaders to Premier b red religious publ t
,,,. pa ,.riminalW'. pres, w ned e church not li Th, more than anything, from the mal, ...
A Lent t n t de- to take the side of the western s said to have Infuriated Comr- low clergymen educated I
be kif, 'a el llo nnein-gl t t e n. Proe-derdt German chuircheu,.

I nahint..tha ey m i- a w htter hwitten last reara 8ovir et Zone ppi."ts, barr c
anayht released by the Germans from attend
..un"st.leade r rrs B so n. tcdrepublic." m ane

1SL rEbe t p g thhe Communists qpruot I* EI'a) youth organizations.
sain trha Pl Adl 80 per cent of EastGa
SrleAt as sOn3 .t m aSS se- N llgd Islans are Protestant, the
36K.! mom h ld cs arheti panmi. moraity incompatible wC lth gellcal Church har been
in western Germany. CHICAGO (UP) Bables fed c.unpaign
coRsID-lAo do m babstIng to search detvdence report-hpulpitIn East Berlioinc te
S. tensb they attacked rI- e Ieat h ad 40 pltan o fewer Ino hat of the
for1/Li ao Gc. -Bon- many. l InBi fma. Pe orgnmes id that ing l a, Ch urien an
GotBy eaccusDnBribtes ermu / oongtusttwe..Ino years of study theyl e found Into at pan Co m
Sr ... w- "& asT theo at tleat d tl t at o._ rsrn llnOIS show le emotionall Uo et he ref re, aery tood I sh .a
Sb u f we tee to be convicted wMax ft De- added ders t er- pale muisat s
S-'a --, "e'd conden med to death cuor notrrC 2,mobs e eand George of the i SnmoT m HUNNICUTT. A.
Come iLt.~.l1,91"r keys -r Oae oer pi i s The pe at uthern I- datri.t conep
l sc I ne~I n t. -m Ltohd teym. 1g. Thet rteAtoreleysed "In th Ye ommon anant fbr mt hchu .
3C""_mmJ.' '^' s K k- ts- co.. .ted f r rW I rl-a e r-iln.n nl. r t ngl slid h t set eaold. saltd m oealtied babies, RE
S A m. t Ier lari tp to peddle PU
&"" kI.,- .- ..... Premie W t also yIeerd to ha te re te i

., ,, g g apan. .,,, ,. for .. I cce weight and eight measure-
S, .Iirl Court es l trea-n r e uIe STothetrn I iois Thy seemed to y so and ia tons o r a
.... ~l ++." 1 aeam 2ooin

ourA [ l. Ire o. -- d- ho Iad ... d u l-o Ibut'only time will b" otiod qua upset." he an od b
T wf e f ei5 la tenat to .-as the olony. I no, the the td toward anea wh
and ondend A to death Ca m o e r i a e Jacobs h and George, oh t he t
'u. dI w ,-S 1 a.o t he ier e e t ro ith res ne t e Infe ,
l .t. ha n rion a te house of fed meat. he id. nce ereite

T:3sSr0g.. -i a g by N dc or.ring dwoe atogs in edt In
-"' o posens of a tll ettalet and bles "tudied a .tea-of two .
Osman chuchorac marnotan are
SS__S., 'CateiR Sg ,.,.+ ,is+ .."'; B(w- ,,W.o month, to na s
Aml'* tv- thi nft bU Sl A P t yoa 'Ve rslty, M de their re-
1'dedf by'order o a res t t CABON ALn. (UP Iports Hae medil ournl, e
or pe sd tt i ., -nw Isd homme led 8tep n n"CN
eligble] for ar deth se1nec 10 life Imann senc The pkiis. at Southern dleatr s.
,I .. .. Kawaki. convicted of levmral rld I! ivl mo- Univers.ty are wilting n- those Inants fti t. ed
,lt for iweat spring to seredmat under toqr months of oagew
Sorhbr- co +l-ed era i. thegr asterO.t a6a ent tsyre t e IlWnItpapvemen In a,-
bbabiesewhoseeofhi F Included 7I1eldsmbi&R
3:Itudlo~ Cr badin notably th& one y the bats that B infested Old 4lcal growth as dftwerin by
Oste nsblytheyat I ascedItIL weotio gIand bes shto seets1ure-l FLOanninL.
Mnrsolel o o v Ib cnto I Inrspi aator mslihar courtn a Entheerm

M"sc n pro- estn .ored eotb .of trhde, bda*t
-.. '" ".o, senla a nudce cin ot d~at, it p lSi r We, e clllrbes d es bette r ands

(A$ him to un ae the an replors to Sed mol tae t, IT TeasarAd.

ihlh.e o a blaring The two i t Inluded. In
1le -i .hor a th ai nalreanorn e. t seaal-et e sunly. "
tow" lr-"fU.L1son. .. olet s o da I rui lot andl bstudiedtol g
U.,ni.versit, months andGeo eof ti
.1a.. c b .t0Bofldt P". Schooo t Meo months fci~, oim-
dle Iby- larder.,. o. a fC. ,, N, ,,nJ.,.UP Ip--"t ,the =i a. II m' ,..e-

c. 0r r dai ely pTptsrnstrained anl'd
,---.( for a ._ e Unob l-/an__. .. .. Inch opped m .Ia The infants t e-
41sao osaK barbqco tnict duft off l1 kuWr a- beefheart d pork.

*p ra nntaln theWr i'oet rsnerws-before maengb I1

Au- : o aulam;to inoalthbasthe a staple of his FOR oAwth's iehtirinb ag
of Vanthe a.ocatiAon 2- ieeM led.f, heautifut sectsandaegtadekneeu.
"ofmionTdltlobWmRa rai(r. t so-
sic ractlcal sideb vowni and ql good etire
The fqports What Ot V lNaNdiCttt, LA.Ctlati AufIthe
t-" .' 11..' r..-.I tfolrla 660.- __th 3. em tr s v ew.

0: on.T A--o he lumps.l/. ,acIni gg--efedmlt, T. he Ave wN .



-04! lr

IP" .'" -

t. .. afTEr

...........m...i. .

i ii +I!+, IlI

"I 'r- ', 'i ; LO% -

I7 II '.

+ ,. i


-AAA ie
..+.-. ;,.-,,: ,--..=+, PA AMA'ECU 00R NA + U DO4


Head Office: 55 Wall Street, New York

0 Branaghes Il Greater New York 57 Branches Oveuau

0h. Gold and Due from Banks ......................................... $1,707.070,24
Ituutmd itea Government Obligations .................................... 1,427,076,74S
Obgations of Other Federal Agencies .................................... 31,505,TI1
etate and Municipal Securities........................................... 99,071
Other lt ........................... ..... ....................... .. .94,04 ,01
S a dV nt ...................................... ............... 2,20,931
AM L -IS o" and securities ......................................... 12,3 5 I
" U tfor *t-ceptances ....................................... $,29140M
Reserve Bank ............................................. 9.4 0,000
teratt al Bankn Crporaon ........................... 7000000
..... .................................. ...... .. 29,488,7
tein 'tt v- t with Branches .......................................... 9954"' '
Oter A et.................... .........................*: ............ 5,222,0
TOTAL*.................... ,117,1150

... 6.......................13,861.572
B muii 'a'd Bills' '............... ............ $ 55,088,614
'ui,. S Ag. j aSesIn Portfolio ...................... 30,249,211 24c6*,4 .
j a Mo.nks ........................................24

and Other Unearned t iM ........................ 28342,713
Accrued Expensesm, etc............................. 42:16,555

on es gsper) ..si4.

TOTALr...................... 11,11.1a :
,'" ; *- I e -. I
'*' M*'7 O n T as of Deember a.
admi||i|t3 T e~i ae Y*k for f t*0 8to
W-, .<. .-, I. ;--?M. :v. ..- .-. t _-,:
ea NZ

* *,~';~


Sausage Pizza Easy To Make

* IN


.1. ~ .'
-, *a... .7.t ,12L)

0Lo O=*Poeri become Canmra &4uia dti

ilormaf Portraii

SAUSAGE AND MUSHROOM PIZZA looks like sad Is ao an ipts- NEW YORK (NEA)--lTt
ig dish and one easy to make at hom-e fos an apprselative f~aily. your dog 'have his rightful
place in the family snanpsho
album. All his tricks, even the
BY GAYNOR MADDOX naughty ones, and his charac-
SA Food and Markets Editor teristic expressions will giv
-- o you great pleasure for "years.
Pizza the teen-agers' theme Shortribs with Onion Sauce hen you glance back through
song. Sausage and mushroom (Yield: 4 servings) your album.
pizza, easy to make at home. Two pounds trimmed shortribs, may wan a few formal
can become your dinner theme 2 teaspoons kitchen bouquet, 2 portraits of your d. ta fwe as
for all the family. tablespoons fat, 1 12 teaspoons ^he candid. To get these you
salt, 1 8 teaspoon pepper, 18iv ill need the same patience and
t Sausage and Mushroom Pizza teaspoon cloves, 1r4 cup tomato techniques as areused in mak
(12 portions or 6 generous catsup, 1 1 2 cups hot water, ing chilqrens a ormae porrased I '-
servings) 2 cups thinly sliced onions, 1ngchires formal or
tablespoon cornstarch, 2 table-, When the dog t into. p)-
One-half pound sausage meat, spoons cold water, 112 cup sour ition as he may wth a-
15 cup minced onion, 1 cup cream. ..
tomato sauce 48-ounce can), 3- Have meat dealer cut ribs inny prompting, omr when he is
ounce can chopped broiled serving size portions, cutting Ing you get his expression at
jz mushrooms, 2 tablespoons to- between each piece of bone as it most characteristic phase.
mato paste, 2 teaspoons sugar, Iell as sawing the ribs into Sec- If it's worth the price of film
12 teaspoon salt, 1 cup biscuit lions. There should be eight o yoi to get a good portraIt Y. I-a
mix, 13 cup milk (approxima- good-sized pieces. our do t is crta le p
. tely4, 1 cup grated sharp A- Place the pieces in a bowl and worth itur to take an -e-nt ainyre IPta
,ruerican cheese. sprinkle with kitchen bouquet. worthI t to take an entilred quw%
,>., Stir lightly until all pieces are mofr shnor.n tutil o rea ch l ttdeO f a '*U r
SCook sausage meat in trying evenly coated with' kitchen ioff shoot nti untyss l e re n t h it. It tis
e .pan until brown and crumbly. bouquet. Melt fat in Dutch eght lu im t e l, toU ihis r' t i lIghlg ad prop were
Add onion and continue cook ;oven. Add ribs and brown well lucky, it'' will tak this lla ack to be read
V, Ing 5 minutes over moderate over moderate heat. Sprinkle a .
- heat. Add contents of cans ofwith salt, pepper and cloves. uch time before o cn
* tomato paste, sugar and salt. Combine and add the catsup olegani Legs Are you have byor t ocn`
.7. Bring to boil. Lower heat and and water. A e, rts Don't let your kt
*- let simmer until thick, about 10 Cover and bring to boll. Cook DBare Of Fuzz you're going to take his pl
ls minutes. Over low heat until the meat Is Iture. He may ahy awry
tender, about I hour and 15 ... .1 /. a the whole ides or attack tl
4 Meanwhile, combine biscuit minutes. After 1 hour pour all ; camera as -a toy. It's better
mix and milk to make so ft the fat from the meat, return- go on behaving as if nothi)
dough. Pat out lightly to form ing any broth poured out. Add .. special weze going to happi
12-inch circle on greased cookie the onions and continue cook- even though you are set i
Smheet or pizza pan. Spread the ing, covered, until both meat and have yora ready)
uthomato mixture over the bis- and onions are tender, about 15 Have. ch set .i
S cmt dough evenly. Sprinkle with 'minutes longer. for o s.i: "aB
thie grated cheese. Trom the W eye W or f
Blend together and add the below. the pet
t* In 400 dl reAn Ap .c. 'rnsntarch n ,Iblow, an d u

nB ill n U o oven : I A a ieg "C S **, M'*'.* ..U 4 T W 1 C F
S .) until biscuit is done and!stirring until sauce thickens.
; cheese is melted and brown. a- Add the sour cream and mix
bout 20 minutes. C u.t in thoroughly Correct seasoning
wedges and serve immediately. l* necessary. Serve immediately,
''or a cold night dl in n e r. accompanied with hot buttered
.ere's a robust suggestion. noodles.

Civil Defense Officials Say:

Stock Emergency Food Shelf
'' : _-0-
.tock your, emergency Civil tL choose unsweetened varie-
Defense pantry s e'1 f with ties such as pineapple, mixed
S banned Mdds and juites in e- vegetable, orange or grapefruit.
$Mugh quantity to -feed your Remembering the damaging
-jmnWy for at least .Uree days. blasts that come with both
Sfeedinr pt'obns of in- earthquakes and enemy attack,
'iis:, Infants and'id s should select emergency foods in cans
i.T ght. f.l". Wrather than in easily shattered
+ aly wy, W possibility jars. In any event, all items
Shr .-cookingN fuO wor't be a- should be in air-tight contain-
i vWi Ia t a natural or war- crs not only to prevent dete-
S caused trste. 'rhat's why your tioration, but also to protect
family emergency food shelf them from harmful dust.
should contain some ready-to- It's not smart to hoard, but
S' *at foods such as spaghetti It is smart to plan ahead for a
;' ,.and meat balls, baked beans, possible emergency by assem-
.i beef stew pre-cooked meats. bling a Civil Defense Family


ly *1e

- w.

i ths

bn OaqITi*;

Lei *^ .'*i,';

-' I

Use m y mUe 'sr yTow r -d
fussing that agres with ym
skin but dq as the gil slboev
does and iwder afterwards,


Before pressing dresses a nd
blouses, slip .the damp gar-
mnents over ironing board and
pat it into shape with Tur
tcwel. Half the pressing job can
be done in this way so that
actual ironing is not difficult.

Fooa snelf. Date your packages, Agate and enamel are actual-
The California State Office use the foods from your reserve ly stdl with a fused glass top
of Civil Defense In Sacramen- supply from day to day, but al- surface, so abrasives must nev-
to has published a valuable ways remember to replace them. er be used on them. Surfaces
. pamphlet, "Family Food Shelf such as on "stoves should be
Sj and Emergency Menus." It No Age Limit moistened with warm suds to
f clistajns the following advice: loosen soil and then scraped
Select ycur emergency food CONCORD. N. H (UP)-New with rubber scraper.
supplies from each of the fol- Hampshire has 27 automobile
n groups: Canned evap- drivers over 90 years old and. Brass articles are often pro-
Santed or powdered whole milk; 193 who are between 85 and .90. tested with a thick coating
canned, dried or cured meats, The oldest is a 93 year old of lacquer If this coating starts
firh or poultry; cheese and r.'an. to peel, it can be entirely re-
peanut butter; canned vegeta- ------ Itnoved with denatured alcohol.
biaes and-' vegetable soups" I,
canned ind dried fruits Small curtains may be pinned
canned bottled liquids ready for drying to a table covered
'to iterears. (includitig and' padded like an ironing,
--eat varieties an board.
Sand liqUlid or solid
STo take candle wax or paraf-
N lude mscella- off ad much as possible.Take
*:OaUg itoaf Jueh as coffee f\ up the rest with a heated cloth
olatetea o cocoa; sugar. or blottin paper presd with
Sp kaged^ 'puddings, jel- a warm Iron. Do not leave
ahhel should include to .. r the iron long. RePeat s ece
l;ato or fruit juices which 'A o' f opple wt thlnk they wh o ._ ct
ld take care of the family' con stop the show only slow it Liquid wax is best forpatch.
;*&rpt need in th' eveth water SA ing worn spots on waxer
. s are short. It is best because it cleans while Itwax
To whiten a wooden floor
; erewith find solution to Sunday Crossword Puz use a strong scrubbing powder
sle, No. 461, published today. such as oxalic acid ti ) '
SOne pound of oxalic crys-
takl t9 one gallon of Will o
make a saturated old Taste
will cover about i u feet e
o ef floor. Uie an to
"he to bleach Md Mop
Itp witl Waiter cont asing a.i
bIot '/ on am monia, to
Coat Wmmu drawer! pr&
with+ shelae-during dt' tthe

r. -t h eA lo nsatue
S.wIch ean be dto I ; pI

be Iiar wtlg, t13Meeu p a esoa4


I~fMUVU 'W ,~iU~UflX



NEA Wo"mar iateor
NEW YORK. -(MA' --
hings that a p' nBln
cotton aren _o f o
raculous. Eae new sew
brings fresh ,-treatme
that put toin places
never been "
Wmth to

r t--





W4,WH- ^~ ~'

/ .L..

Mt sumr ,4rmWAu

.,- ,sil !B


ma do

a t-

5- e" r
-.. .7 -


oim te algn

adt; tI MMS

Lad )~


LI 1

see Teosgbt
all Dance" wUl be
or a dance to a be
Ba this evena
,W bexterin la al-
Mary personnel ad

rrumon's Double
ro Retire Also
UMOO, MNeo. (U. --mow
hTr about

It~es beena asked ma-

ieos osts

HIMmt GCob

* -'

Srace for Queen of El
rakal. a- a National Bank of
8, and'i wJ o n- at soetety.,
m 0 '. .

Some call It the "Raising of
the Garnival Flag" but others
judging from past experience,
call t the "Ralsting of the De-
This will take place at El Pa.-
nama tonight In the Patio at the
first pre-Carnival dance of the
Just to keep things literal, the
traditional Carntval 'devil' called
"El Diabllto TU Tun" will ac-
tually make one of his rare ap-
pearances. As a rule this little
chap just presents himself In

Lovely Maritae I Queen of last
year's Carnival Is going to raise
*r- the blue and white CarniVal
Flag. Alongside of Maritza will
be some pretty young things --
candidates for this r's throne.
Angelo Jaspe and hs orches-
tra to whom the word "Carni-
val" is incitement to their best
playing of the year, will be on
hand to whoop things up.
And the blare of the Murga,
the carnival band that sounds a
bit lke the street bands of yore,
will be heard.

O was
gx ws

a* "by

e a.,kewth ArtiAi Vf U tot I t K the
BmfouneTon ri r. l9 !,W"pdm.
., a of the mee U as follows.
1. -eadg Mand approval o the aaute of ae last
L R ectoOsumlttee, Credit
OmmitI1, and the U
S. Unfulnhed business an saew business.
C. p== poeed dWidend to be- declared as
e .on et Oby the Mils of Director

lerme tsteiner.
Actng aSretary.

John MeOY


nT i1


Amet to-

'Cofae 1 .~lgrved at the
church at 8:30 :. amchUl be
olowled the etin This wilU
Aon.o thp t eicheon at
i am. I
Reverend J. L. Graham, of
the Gatun Church. willU open the
meeting with devotions. Chap-
lain Miton A. Cookson will pre-
aide at the meeting In the ab-
sence of the president, Reverend
Norman Pratt.
ao.kers for the morning will
be Rabbi Nathan Witkn and
Chaplain Verne H. Warner.
Any Interested parishioners
Who care to attend the meeting
are invited to do so.
Ms. Mann Leaves For Indiana
Mrs. Clara Mann. of Terre
Raute, Indiana, who has been
spending the hoUdays with her
son and daughter-in-law. Ser-
reant and Mrs. Edward Mann. of
port Galck, left by plane to re-
turn to her duties at St. An.
thony's Hospital In Terre Haute.
Revered at Mrs. Ifleslas
At Puerto PilM
Reverend and Mrs. A. L. Tiles-
tas are staying at their home at

Attetio AtlaAtfc Shrioers
G Gat. Maegarta Club-
I' reomwr Mmiday, Jan.
U 158 at '1:3M pam. AU
Nobs em the Atlantic Side
an weol=e, to attend thi
m t, -S.retay.

Puerto Pilon while Rev. lIelas
serves as deputy to the National
Assembly in Panama City.
They plan to leave by plane,
January 15 for the States. They
will visit the San Bias children
who are In school in Costa Rica.
and Managua, Nicaragua, en
route. They have a heavy speak-
nsr schedule lined up for them
before Rev. Iglesiasm oes to Du-
buaue University to receive his
honorary Doctor's Degree.
They may be contacted through
the American Bible Society dur-
ing their stay on the Isthmus.
Cressoads Cl b To Hear
Mr. Sullivan
The Crossroads Club of the
Cristobal Union Church will have
the pleasure of hearing Mr. Rich-
ard L. Sullivan. General Man-
ager of the Commissary Division.
who will speak on the work of
the Commissary Division at 7:30
p.m. Tuesday at the church.
Mr. and Mrs. R. KI Hanna will
show a selection of slides of the
Refreshments will be served by
Mrs. R. F. Haining and Mrs. Luke
Palumbo at the conclusion of the
All interested adults are invit-
ed to attend the Club meetings
and bring their friends.
Duplicate Bridge Gamey
Duplicate bridge will be play-
ed tomorrow evening at, the Mar-
garita Clubhouse. AnT Interest-
ed players are invited to join the
Winners of last week's rames
were: North and South, Messrs.
Julius Loeb and W. E. Gibson:
2nd. Miss Jeanne Doble and Mr.
Harry Freedland: 3rd, Messrs. B.
Talon and John Fleming. East
and West: Mrs. Russell Weade
and Mrs. Porter McHan. 2nd;
Mrs. C. H. Clough and Captain
John Hipson; 3rd, Mrs. Dudley
Shine and Mrs. Bernard Simms.

The new consul of Great Brit-
ain to will arrive Monday
from ~gnland. Mr. A. H. B. Per-
kin MI.. has been serving as
consul at Leopoldville, Belgian
Congo, and will assume similar
duties In the Republic.
Captain and Mrs. Johnson
Entertain For Visitors
Captain and Mrs, H. T. John-
son, of the C00o Solo Naval Sta-
tion gave a dinner party at their
home Friday evening to honor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Relchel of
san Francisco, Calif.. and Miss
Frances Retchel. of Caracas. Ve-
nezuela who are vialting Lieut-
enant Commander and Mrs. V.
W. Adler.
The other guests with the Ad-
lers were Capt. and Mrs. L. L. Ko-
epke. Commander and Mrs. A. L.
McCubbln, Lieut. Commander
and Mrs. T. L. Applequist. Lieut.
Harvey Jagoe. Mr. Walter Peter-
son and Lt. and Mrs. L. A. Snead.
Major and Mrs. Shaw
Leaving This Month
Major and Mrs. Orville T. Shaw
of Fort Gulick, are leaving on
January 32 for duty at Camp
Rucker, Alabama. The y will
spend their vacation visiting
friends on the East Coast before
going to Alabama. Accompany-
ing them will be their children,
Edward. Virginia. James and Mi-
Mis Kariger To Head
Rambow Assembly
Miss Nancy Kariger, of Gatun.
was elected to the office of Wor-
thy Advisor, of the Cristoal As-
semblv of the Order of the Rain-
bow for Girls, at the regular
meeting. Thursday evening. Miss
Mildred Marquard. retiring Wor-
thy Advisor presided at the
An open Installation of the of-
ficers and members of the Ad-
visory Board will be held Thurs-
day, Jantary 29 at 7:30 p.m. at
the Cristobal Masonic Temple, to
which all friends are invited.
ar. and Mrs. orlae
ArhV Foe Visit
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Horine.
formerly f Mazarita. arrived
TThudlay -from Oaornia for a
Visit with their dfthter and1
son-In-lw. Mr. anoldNrs. William
Brooks of Mafiyt.I
-- 'in~.from thel


It's bliss to wear .ad ua-
lievably fleariag, Maides.
form's famous Maldenette*
Strapileast khu to ame"

asrtsa nd W6m&b,|bPl
Ina year wlue eri.
Geolste Mnllerm zShud
CaarSe am MdA UWbeW
Stafts of Apdan"'
Tere is a
-er |- -4
sham aS..a,*

* ,- 'd ev B e Ra s e A t ,.ac So ciety ,_I

son of .*Mr.. .o nd ^r Nieholam Comtaatabl i of H lkis, Greece. f q
0nnter.e L LA o s i A a am a d !on OINVITAXIONS ISSUED At an.

O ,the Canal oeg intake pisa at ,oalf. a x e.u1. Satr- side as preal.
.11 day, Janary 37 at the Orthodez Greek Church eof San Antonio
r wl mad- Moon In l LA.W.C. Gaenbmma Ambe
l, rr way Co. A reception will follow at the Hotel Washington.


f wille 0'

and their cosmthte.~

The "re. t '1
lumbus will be het

Ky. Oinf C.iyp

To Be Iu .
Ai St. Crid p sb'

A special service W ill be m
at St. Christopher's Church,
Abajo. this evening at 7:
during which Rev. Clarence
Hayes will be formally nst
priest-in-charge of the
by Bishop Reghnad Haber
Rev. Hayes Is the third Pa-f
manian to be ordained to t
priesthood in the Episcopa l
Church. He is a graduate o to .
Church Divinity School of CaUf
The Rt. Rev. Robert 3wrt
Wooden, D. D. (father d -b
inal H. Gooden), who v dsd
Fr. Hayes to the dlac -
March, will deliver the sermem.
Bishop Robert Gooden e
arrived here today to viMlt !
son, served for many years a
president of the Church DlM
School's board of trustees.
was also headmaster of the Bwr?
ard Military Academy of IM
Several members of the
will attend the service, lnos.
Ing Rev. MacDonald, pss
charge of St. Andrews Chk
Cocoll, who also was ords tneo
the diaconate by the viUtn g
St. Christopher's choir h-
prepared a special nthema ft
the event.

| w f 3-dr be a' @a
|ai.t egsuit-ew mar dly1

I"tS St. otmaM Am,.
CeMi TeL e.

4a mow m ont eea-
a k|mSk dwifm aldo




JFu 16

8:30 A 10:30
A top showman for M year
Rudy Vaee entertains y
wit per-club se
that' a anof taloJ
for vosw andila

p ..,

* t'





Beam Dinkers,
Zig-Zag Binders
In Short Supply
you are a beam dicker or a
zig-mae binder there's work for
you here. There's a shortage
in these occupations.
The manar-of an verett
shoe manufacturing fsam aid
even a semi-skled beam din-
ker could ea'n a week. Zlg.
zag binders, who uspally are
women, can get up to $11 a
X the shoe nd wch
Li now reachMn
tion of sandals
for next summer, a dink.
er, that cute oles and uppers
for de footwear. The gl agt
binders bind. te- n a na e a-
round the top with a machine
that makes a sig-nag stitch.
* *

I dreamed of a truly
comfortable straplei...

Maidenette Strapless


S .., TiE SUNDAYT U.CAN .., r 1

FF IOig Wof Adgfo AridWo
You Sell 'em...When You T ell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds! *_ ._ l Iatr,;
Leave youth Ad with one of our Agents or oqr offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama __ I
Noe. 12,17C erA Ave. 0 OWALD JACOST Offering a ertlee i e
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Con Wrten row NIA service shoy. totlte td
Lewis Service Saln de Beleza American Carlton Drag Store Ifarare -oard wia o egzl e
No 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and No. 55 West 12th Street 10,09 Melde Ave.Phone 255 Coln Aa
Propaganda, S.A. ?, 6AKQIO local 900 who appreciate tBhe
Morrison's Agenda Internacional de Publicaciones ,2" Street corner Estudiate St. &i fr w words. r A 1ao
Fourth of July Ave.--hone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 ogy 9 Arias, through the' i
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HWrit' Akoei A ouin Sio nto Clorw with an
se.FR SALEo-o-948 Chrysler, oor 0.. A..o.. e Sty 'in C l a ta I....
R SALE:-5 Piece livingrm4-door 203 A.C.Z. Qceuwnl from all cottages. Stp MQAKJ73 t
Good condition. House No. 24, Sedan Windsor Highlander. Origin-
Avenue Son Francisco. o wne go g ood D. WEN EMedicalClinic, t % bockG os. roerigeratbon, It t ..retp otect4
A S ac o o owner good condition and good bDR.c WENDEHAKE. atoNdsh bod-.t .RD .t
6t venue rubber all around. Radio & heater Central Ave. K Street corner on- "l 87 shuffle board. tri CO Crte Seth Wet Nor the r.' .

washing machine. sacrifemwnte Bo 5035 Cmsto- -. P Dispatch Selmce; FOR RKtENT hAo i As ,u. e t he made vaL r .
re3gerator.w Ashngm ot er, tbes 195 0 Hudson Coupe for tsae. Boel-Airh E F. V.EY 4NC. player can make this sort oPf AL Art plEXCURSIONSs
SSALE Srvrefrig2ent condi- crars in good condition. Phone FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO GrOENT-lich Saeta Clarge house r tl At mistake perhaps a word on the baPam i.

o Tler P f. 2-3056 P ert c 3 3. -4 brooms. Ieogw hngro 2 el. -r subject w15 ttagt go astray .. aledElectrictice P ,,M ahj l
T~ ~n. $1 -Ponom a iaim),,$FOR SALE:-L942~ mobile 4 M nna bath H ard with br e sgade lead gave declarer C .sOteovtew smoderaterrate l

.c. ..t c o dntie ao80 .00 door dsth m s Te l o "ne 83-r2r 0i v g o r A M SA O FAF SUC R EC SA LE ,. '6It N _F U N IT U R E edsrades a d c e r o f
to LOS ANiLESoneT-an sways$149ianste8LOSFF~ dEbERSSR one -FwayP$149 ......

S(3 houses bway). N before Race Trck 800.00 on new Oldsmob le. W ill be received u 30 A M re.ence; furnshed;i round trip $252.35bedroom d losn hearts on t90day-he actd O l .
FOR SALE-7 f. Fifigidee, Write Box 5035 Cristo- limit. Panama Dispatch Soervice op-Vs. Rd dRnTos; kica, u Wch ne Wasc s ny a th aye vltemaexper

sto, shoCks, 2 s tanks, $200. Tele- io ts.B buldsng Nop. 5sPa Bamh panLtrbo 2 ^ rhesp2 maidsaoo, B ES" r o( the maeL.d .OZ7 1" M&wa the
SO' s'I~eae siC'kre rd, I U: oooo -full particulars may be secured in que Ave. No. 32. La Cresto Tel. .* aig. S have taken the find t two tricks If e _les. B a tte^ t. *Ah$ [ ..
SLE:-DnngroomFOR SALE:-For best offer. Repos- the Aoffices of Superintendent of 3-1043 from 11 m West had being lead In todao th r V7
reriOG LOST OR STOLEN: machiRed, sed 195047 Studebaker Champion Storehoues, and the Housing Man- thereof hea HO waI ented du e
to Dochairshund, ml, nadio ed Ftypcwritzer, tablno Regal De Luxe 4-don Coupe for sale. Bwh FOR bV.EN 4l cn abht that?'' W ot Walled tha
collar. He is sick and needsxcellent ondi in good condition. Call Balboa 15th & Melende OT:-CRSALE:o- Bycompetitive bid: house, f a. we ha s e He wb later a inted

tension. lease return" Reard Box Colon. Cobbler equipment. For further gin- AlrM The bidder actually told the secret y .to_ e .Aama1 Holla
63653 Blboa, or FcuOe 313 R SALE:'-To highest bidder 1949 formation call at Navy Exchange4 hpi n mo..p -,sg. "to "ag* whole story, he ver the dum. .m.s n m. olJoL._ .tn. .
Fourth of Juy Avenue, Ancon ord 6 cylinder Tudor. Repossed. Office building No 24, Nvoit ALHAMiA APATMNed Call S CoWe panok ndrate or nove myshowsua vertronll. sideuaut heddaseriesoSoean ide
Exellepnone Balboa Ist Autoac, 15th & Melen- Staion, Rodman. Telephone rNo ar five room .urnised and f Phne I'24I and tremenOas tr;W~ pport ng. the_. ra panee
spa. House r NVilla Carolyn eApt, call at Qtrs. Curundu,2211-Ao bids, f b lc d Rrdeno 8061 r0th Stroie tri2c25a Pan'mS. Isdea tor me opean ng leader t drew "W1211

FOR_ S sALE:-195- Ford V-8 excel- BABY ORCHIDS. Corsages, bouquets' New^ ,r-_s.a-o, ,Lphone -olo 2 ., don an"ace it-he has one.". Oill h ,g,,_
EORGE D. BARB, JR, THrE.-Cr- lent condition. $500 down Coco delivered anywhere United St1tes, e s idence; tht edvo in t bo T ac t Ieoyol- tee
Sective Adjustment of the Body Solo 8413 for information, also Canal Zone and Panoma. -,, H... of'your bat 80 that you'll re- b l s g
Structure. 75 Caole Estudlante, tl/A l-rF --- Potted plants and decorative palms. FOR REINT SE THI NEW member it In altuatlona Of this aute--- g._ IalamW
Apt. 2. Telephone 2-5159 8 a. WANTED Telepone Orchid. Gorens, Pan-t f kind, and oU'll nve thousands water ltl
-m. to 8 p. m. By appomitment, om, 3-0771. Cristobol 1033. S 195or CI A TMI of points at the bridge-table. cluVW, Wf y darla w
-OR- SA h-. --e 1ieplPone eFOR SALE: -ntenGentl of Stormen's platis.numln d i iro.' ltl When ndedarer h as a. ,.b.k| thehItelk
C all Cristobl, 3 2766. equipped Mercury engne Balboa, for Buildin ond ring153, Ba pantry; 2 porc shed r2 oom Vi O hich he oul easily .claim thei
I" sn unfurnshed able for cash or will consider 0(3 houses befor. oce TrS'le.t o t can epend n e th d P A r Jan. 10 (UP)- '
_FOR SALE-For best offer. Repos- the offices of Superintendent of 3r-1043, from 11 a m. _2_=_havetakenthefirsW two t rtad bckss b' ly ing done ts-

bt Easr Korea WANTED-Baby bed with mattress. aetoCoi I Tolon 6 8- rnt lay LESSONS I----West,--d---- .B.?. --.---s-! b-

l I elp noted Position Offered e 1947 Stuebker Champion Storehouses, and the Housing Man-
S LO, Suary TOSth, T pt me $20.000 3 LO, T H encehatsHoo, wner,
SOLYWOOD, Jan. 10 (UP)- WANTeD: Maid for housework. WANTED- Naovigation Company re- tth course. Blbo YM NW yorkJan. -(UP- s

Saeican actor Ricardo Montal- Must sleep in. Call 3-402), be- quires bi-lingual mole employee Harnett & Dunn. It took alasmt er,. year but h..1_it"d,,-% ^^O lFf.e ,,*wamen.laeln Slft
n will join Marge and Gower teen 8-9 Autoc, 5th & Meende, Fabout 30 with dock nd office ex- chemists now w t
plon, husband and wife FOR SAI C perience. No useeto apply without 3 Frdlav Itlath te o* the *mtblotlc, aueo- **,-J l,-. ., ,i *I*......
-dancing team, on a six- AL s specific knowledge of steamship theS ago the nthet andwasove to te a

tenik far eas toretur beginning work Colon.nd without reerences. Wri te cictttt ,h a.., he l
first week in February. Real Estate to box 5062, Cristobol, C. Z. On OM3 ra |do GaS"* oer'''' .*lf'--,.lW-r 636, Balboa, or hcuse 31 3-B. .l W N Cobbler equipment. Forlfurther in- A hr 1 Is *tu d r t t h
SF f n FOR SALE:-To$90000 cahghest bidder 1949h plus for nation call at Navry Exchange Shipp. movingto whole story. hver the d- EMbay In Lia ed
S nh co Ford 6 cylinder Tudor. Repssed. Office, build in hg No. 24, Naval AL AM RA APATMINTS We p ck and b ate or ove my shows a very strong side sut he did a eres ofSo. ent
Telephone Bal boa 1496. Must sell Autoac, 15th & Melen- Station, Rodman Telephone- r and five roo urnished a'Phon e b a d tremdous trm support reading lthe t aby

IPER_ S dez, Colon.. e 3nnfiugetty n c, bnunth rrs r s sele 1. for the o ih e bid, Iot~'e a good by the r Britishu5t".
EeR S9anA Luur rLesD w 'bsdn "6runh Sther eetrmemt;r iate en l ured o deea- othecopr n gla
,FtFe verge of marriage.. F square meters acid. Nic nei .u etsf re rs do it, Tel t anontep. d eat dfno way doaf- e rhas onee' Y ,SS
ORGE D. BARB, JR., H. E.-Cor- lent conditions $500 down.Coc delivered anywhere Uniteta tes, Paste that advise In the
receive Adjustment of the Body Solo 8413 for information. also Canal Zone and Panama. 1f386. hat s othat m i-go

amp and Montl. SLE-Ho 2ed FOR SALE: Gentlmen's Whtn platinum r aWheS micr-orn- eg dlrer has a solid o v m
tWANTED:-Tw o or three bedroom top 105 point daviamond ring. FOR RENT: Furnished room, .Viat WutTanualyslS
b th on or r ten u e. Worth $650.00. Will sell very ra- Espaiy t. House Villa Crlyn Apt..h- I ,_,an po ."dt ," h wnuth e s' lakai o aftml

bi b__ .- epe agro, 1 may be oor- November. tricksk. As s onrdo-.eAN.o ,n'.10(c bacteria, .;
I aS 1 I cibly expelled from Yugoslavia, "But that n't likely to a l y-l th
S ly-d, Kornea WANTED-Baby bed with mattress. meant. Call Colon 678-L until 9 L Se S any tme soon. First, there
Pnama 3-4212. p. l i notb revealed. the Roman Meetn i o ther an of acd OWe.oon f ---ur
d ne bre ,rbATTENTION d nhTEENAGERS!Ballro .oScience rAlb WorkThra ti.and etl ell theddn ahC ao od d bille

J Tod b.e Tnti Stbrbee heet 1!le, ;LhrotoupI ThT e o v ant Fro enchofAs h1 ne .o r 1 o t t ", A,^1
e -NL a WANTED: Maid fr housework. 'xdeWANTED-Navigation Company re monthscourse.' Im $ i20i0Dy6 a- tI g o en iis, is th ilu 61tiPeI .
withe DanL c Ta m set o .ainr eodm. o i o n I tf e he J1 er onve tor thais 5N,0 IZw Y or kJan.s o e ns i i d a "a M i

..?tee 8-9o i n s m. warned SALtheRbcouse, 2-1123'p11r1L nd Ih zl d 0rn, elel a nr orpl fe a agl'BT MS4,oa. ,."
wec trMt se n. Trca 1Sturdaowy, qir bi-ul ml c ahr u tt u he1tu~ ea bt b owm rug
pian, dhusBbaytnd and wife y .. ..winbP P II he m o
FORU S ALEs perifienCe.owlee thu ppl withous t 3amshireo*,U au
mu oW-dancing team, on a six- workanditoudrefer-c's,,r.teutheladitan d 80, "

f t u march at Albroo Air orr Base counres would be present b ef ''

first week i February.trda. Jan 17 or the ceremonies stobal, r tC. n Z. 0,tfl or I
i le K arfeartr bOegirn Roneoz E t wo lrk and without rnae W nr ithe tra rr ob9ls sloelr *ht ...e. if l in "y j
,- Growers are watn frFRSLE cas f.. WANTED: Secretary moern e- np raleeo ra'otea o t .I.'
as n mento wi thnisana ty-month mortgage will b'uyb t wo- mole, competent in shorthand- ao 4 mb. .i dth W and ,C"e 111610tIR

erV"atig Lovers."hiah a bedroom, furnished cottage o at typing, lue nt English, te oegood o- aS ST I, a tian. i aI ur
in Anto :norahsrBachdl.. Tel. Blboa 2- rtuntyfortright persn. ReplyoIn The 1953 calendawiIn studded oeen easy. las-fo-

Sacton r p a ha writing to Box 134, M. S., stating with wHoen day- tI The wonders e e t -oo 1 -
Sour Sono anN ,experience, background,- refern- iO n t aS we 1a'thB c pbl ii. request a oti in, m s l-'.o .iar
a. oaL wan wte r Excellent bppanity. ces and salary expected. o oandi four" d o yr is te"tmowerhatt1
and Lana wer reeived Twoe.bro a. o nbui on 869ye onths. tohenl41 them. ttM ha' E led another hear ,1, ,1-0

t verge of marriage. r e "- hop eesqudhermeter Ma rtn Baw ouaoefeat.thlcontracth uld'
_twouldoeawartomi ddalemendu.o Tent fr 33s kansbeB teohwal ee- ad rhad noWaLY Of telli ". tI1'e
m-ar-cebroke up,,M-G--, borhoand Cr n or bee 'fina -.the midsig lidt ofMmthe l dith.'-latr-.l .l'thattt lina
uth"m and gave Montal- a ny F anc od Ia V'l-oe r'Ml 3e n o w I a. aye'- _.. r"a ctw4i i

FoORSALE: ndNs ne, 2-'chse geeeof'ert,,mn.togil of.t he
"x'Singapore, B.. .. okzTints. I mi m .s epna 7 .si s
20'a mndnBothatholiday land;on T ththeMarii nerHltno-ro Yg lv' d.atrick firsai "ddef-_..

da,"tebinof Zagreb, may be for- Novmber, specific bacteria, .

r Ddge 4-door Sedan. Pra ctiec all v new. 1951 19rfc option. Weatn i
~~perfect condkion. Leather le
ber seats. good shape Chevrolet. 4-door Se ed an eat overdto. oed tir Sad
Id condition. For sale at with power elide, low mile- a aycov esGo. a tsa d
ane. For Sale at yet f yil,.WF
Mbth St Central Ave. 1 t n SO1St T HUNNICUTT, i
4 e~m.1661: St:1.Centrlu.Te.A]
CM. Tel 1th S Central Ave 16th St. Central Ave.
ceMn. Tel. oo.el


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a 1cow
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W-one .

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as .U (at s",
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O.. Leongr. tit
a reage.
tome l


ah em""I_.""" whe Is still a
WMuI-show Minessm, will
a misabs of PaSanma Hotel
.Urcent Mil will gfte two shows nightly at
bte howt, has jHljle i the moves andshas de-
.oltll ppreU r the United States with
& ErV, ty of MsP)eO, yVallee
re euTOk t& Y, fetar-
q 4 S was the rage of the younger
" the Ws sad his theoa, "Yowu Time-Ap My Time,"
e t.ewa, evpwhe .* ..

.,j. S

AfCdOwedd 200 .- 4:05 6:10Q, 8:15
MO4AY-- TUESDAYI 6:15 8:20


.- -, '


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~i A''
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.... .. .. ` 3.. .. ..

+"*y r / ,* ,** o, ^ "*-. "**" *' ^
py, ,* o..^ ..^..- *.,,, .-^.'i. .+',,,l:-. -.;.-^ ",,. 'i-f ",-". *'*_"*', 's.'' ^ ..' ..a t

feti. 'SO
50M t

N %,Paul mDObL

Ilk' SSll
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.WN N?&

On T ." records.

NIWe f. Jan 1o 1 i0Y-
Bank Johamork came oat of the
rice fields o southern. Lousiana
with a& st tot store bought
teeth .and a new, trumpet to
nake a comeback at the .age
f e2.
He had enjoyed world wide
fame 4s a New Orleans musi-
cian and then had known po-
rerty a& a forgotten man of
nus=e. HBeed by his friends,
mo t' ttmAm Louis Armstrong,
)I>a :ofred new triumphs.
bunk d W the Christmas
JtI moke what
I, m hic lst profes-
.' He tbok .a
bp Into New,
.r e al and re-
i bd f Slu dance tempo.
=~ B a wt back to the
ad 6oole, gimbo and red
Means 'a rieo. He died In 149
folowit a stroke.
. colW ia words hag no w
put 10 0Of'that last me-
rorkte a is on one 12-inch
LP record Appopriately en-
tled "s* LLaMt Testament of
great New Orleans Jaamnan,"
-is a himW for dancers
inq a coll f Item for jaz-

B6k weade rful trumpet
IV SO tout these melo-
'as kd st of them are

,1 Other mletotions

retmu- one

n June,
^St 'm *titi' vdnma

a "i. a Me
"dins Ghs
i 1


"- NfTK-AL
Show* Hii3 S4I, 4SL, sV P m.
SKirk DOUGLUA Eliabeth

The two love stories of
one woman!




l3. 2I.4:5. 06:U. "1 .
JZROM ICZIN's Wret love rMe
ip a plant apecteuer .
Technicoler muslllt
Red Skelton Howard Wb
.in- .
AT" ,,

int irem UT ro ms ONO...
with Umdoaeh Smit Jwn LmilI.
SAction In the Su Pacific...
S. w Patl o a

ON- oo.,AT- T R O P IC A. L;.




wrIt-a cI"1top.( THIEF Of


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Adbw;A A&*l


FiR Story Of Hemingway CI.7

'Snow Of Kilimanjaro' Comes To

TInows of Kilfmanjaro,"
, el r` Turbulent Technicolor
ry astMrrlng rgory Peck, Su- riL l u _. e- A '..iJ.-_u
n ILyw AGardn Thrills Drive-In Auda
Il de Neff, will have its
local re on next Wednes.
day at ux Teatet.
One of the year's major film
a adhte+tant, "The Sno.wi of
Killman Is" Is the dramatic
story of a famous writer and
big game hunter who reviews his
life, loves, adventures and frus-
trations while awaiting possible
death beneath the shadow of
Mt. Kllmagajaro in Africa. Via
the use of the flashbqek, the A
writer traces his career through
Paris, the French Riviera, A- "
frica and the Spanish Civil War.
Darryl F Zanuck, Twentieth
Century-Fox production chief,
v.ho made "The Snows of Kill-
manajaro" his only personal
project for 1952, had wanted
to film this hemingway nar-
rative ever since visiting its Eu-
ropean and African locales a
decade ago but postponed it
until a script could'be written
which measured up to the au-
thor's brUllant stream of 1
consciousness writing. After C
five years of conferences with Paramount' "Silver City," a switches to the right si"^
various writers, Zanuck was fl- Technioolot adventure drama the law, and along with
nally satisfied by Casey Robin- will continue to audience at tol-wielding Miss De .C0r
son's deft screenplay and.'the'the Drive-Ir. Theater today and some ha y recruited
producer set the film into o- tomorrow. A mixes It up with the
operation, assigning Henry King With Edmond O'Brien, Y- ous cutthroats hired bt
to direct and casting It with the vonne De Carlo, Barry Fltage- owner Fitzgerald .to se
biggest star names Hollywood raid, Gladys George, and Laura the claim isn't worked.
has seen in recent years. Elliot starred the film deals bone crunching brawls, a
As the writer hunter who with the tense and turbulent duel a n speeding
searches the world for truth, happenings in a riproaring min- train, onan abtd
Gregory Peck plays the most Ing town of the 1870's. are some of the torrid
romantic role of his brilliant that spark this tale pl
career which has seen him in Central character in the chery, ht arnd marg eMa
such top-budget productions as fast-paced activities is O'Brien, lawless 'rontier.
"Captain Horation Hotnblower," portraying a mining engineer There is also a toman W .
"David and Ra thsheba," who strays from the straight le between the fiery
'"Twelve O'Clock High" a n d and/narrow when he engineers and another charmer fD1
more recently, "The World In a holdup of the company office. Brien's affections as the hk
His Arms" For the women in Barred from minting jobs in the town roguery soars to its oet
his Ufe Producer Zanuck sup- boom areas, he sets up shop in in a sawmill chase seq9S
pled him with an abundance of Silver City as an Assayer and that has- all. he
feminine loveliness in Susan is soon drawn Into a scheme to the ;. si eint
Hayward, Ava Gardner and wrest a rich stver lease from Y- Filid on oc It
Hlldegarde Neff. vonne De Carlo, who bosses round the High Slerrvts_
her father's diggings. ture is ir htad
Red-haired Susan, now one of At thi4 point O'Bilen cf the mos pe
Hollywood's most Important ac- grounds ever pcorde&
Lresses, has seen her career soar garde won the tbuortant role nicoiqr fIlm.. 'adS
to diUszy libts in the ast few of the Coutintes LI in "The chludes beautiUl timber
years with sterling perfor- Snows of KWm anjro" follow- tiy, colorful hlilaide mnla
mapces in "Dayid and Bath- ing her Impressive work in "De- towns and towertng moaq
ba" and ,"With A Sang In nislon Before Dawn" and "DI- peaks.
My Heart. plomatic Courier." Produced by Nat Holt a"d
Avaoarcner, the dark haired, Featured. tn important sup- reacted by ynon _HaskIa,
green-eqed beauty, makes her portint roles are e G0. Car- City" is based on the
debut under the T wentieth roll, Torin Thatcher, Ava Nor- Evening Pst story *by.
Century-Fox baunpr but is no ring, eteke ,tanley, Marcel Da- Short. Famed novellt
strafser to emingway charac- .o'rv Ieno a i- toris Q be
ters, hafiVW 'Oh her initial "W .-n
fttnS in "The 1 lWlers." Under
contract to M-G(Mf she has
starred In "'Show Boat" and
"Pandora and th" Flying Dutch-
Oerman-born, blonde Hilde-
I 1 1i-----B-H ^ ^



e- t" IbS'. i
u--.*npim ~ ^--E'-L^--H *r *---
*M U~~uBHr ^pw;--"-- ..^^..LKPW


.ir., s ...' -; *
-l' ."r'] *.** ^ '





Royal Alligator Is Choice T

-To Trounce Track's Best Program

The Stud Los Lagartos' starring Royal Alligator is the choice ..' -
of the experts to score another victory tomorrow afternoon at the
.' Juan Franco Race Track over the best horses In training in thd 1st Race "H" Natives 8/2 Fgs. h aft
featured six-and-one-half furlong $1,000 sprint for Class "A" m.- Purse: $275.00-Pool Closes 12:45 Q* gg
ported thoroughbreds. First Race-of the Doublet i
The Alligator will again be shouldering topweight plus his 1-Marfil C. Gonzales lOx t
favorite rider, Bias Aguirre. His last time out, Royal Alligator 2-Mochito R. Aguirre 112 Tb
Easily carried 128 pounds and raped to victory in the New Year's 3-Bijagual V. CastlU 119 s al
Day Classic. This time he will be under an impost of 126 pounds. 4-Escalerilla B. Moreno 114 wt U
a" The stoutest opposition is expected to be offered by Anglia. 5--Grito y Plata A. Rodrig'z 120 must b
a stout-hearted Cuban mare that always performs creditably. The 6-Volador R. Ycaza 105x haunted
entry of Chablis-Bendeguz will also get plenty of backing in the Nati Th
Smutuels. Viajero and Phlox, considered rank outsiders, will round 2nd Race "" Natives 1
gut the six-horse field. Purse: $350.00-- Pool Closes 1:-5 770,001
S t the six-horse field. Second Race of the Double contn
t at the track yesterday, the NINTH RACE 1-Don Jalme B. Agulrre 121 one Et
'Mu els choices took a beating. 1-Carteado $4. $5. 2-Calongo) V. Castllo 112
...Only three favorites won during 2-Interlude $3.60. 3-Petitel F. Rose 112 the '3N
'te nine-race program, while One-Two: (Carteado Inter- 4-Winsaba R. Vasquez 114 loped
our bonafide longshots raced to lude) $15.80. 5-Portal B. Pulido 122
+'victory. None of the longshots sc-- -
'. id staggering dividends, how-s rd Race "C" Natives for
ever. rm .iJ Enr j Purse: 5325.00-Pool Closes 1:46
Mingo. under a feather of 96 H m 5 One-Two oabanda
Sounds and unusually rood han-i 2-Alazola R. omstiez 112 gate re
dling by Manuel "Mena Mena" I 2-Manolete V. Castillo 112 fereace
with a thrilling victprv over the Li Blme LeUaUUe 4-Annie N. B. Moreno 112 Thl
second choice Roadmaster and, p e
Smutuels favorite Esplendor ineIJ, 4th Race "G" Nativesd-6 / 2Fp. lege sc
the featured seven furlong $600 v Purse: $275.00-- Pool Closes 2:20 aggrava
sprint for Class "D" hors. HQnela Uonal a
In this race. Roadmaste.r broken Mon ay -Filon T Cadogen 115
on top but was passed bv Mingo Kon Tki C. Gonzale lo ri
entering the backstretch. Mn-I- 3-Resorte A. Rodriguez 115
ko in turn, relinquished the lead I Bli'tlme baseball for the "Lit- 4--Cor R. Ycas uez 115
Sto Esplendor at the far end ot le auys" in the Armed Forces 5-iAlvato A. VaPhue 112 Th
Sthe backstretch but came up a- Little League starts Monday, Fr--lllgrana hPhillips 112 g.
Sasin entering the homestretch Jan. 12. 5th Race "A" Imported-6/2 Fgs. begin sa
and, after a brief tussle for the nth ce "" I000-Pool rted0- 2 55 Let n o
lead, took command and held The opening day game will be 1-An a R.ool Closes 96 receipts
admaster safe when he fin- played at Cocoli between the Ft. 12- Chablis) F. Rose 110 Ne
'with a last minute spurt. Kobbe a n d Westbank Little 3-abendeluzi B.. Puldo 110 able l
o Paid $15.20 and $4.20. League teams. While game ame time 4-R. Alligator B. Agurre 126 Teams
!IC ead with another long- is 4:30, the activities for the day 5--iajero A. Ubidla 99 up char
Alaner,PIncelazo. for adou- will begin at 4:15 when all six 6--Phlox C. Gonzalez 96x a cohMt
Sombination that returned teams in the Armed Forces Lit- minishir
^ ,b, 'the best payoff of the tie League circuit will take part Gib Race "J" l'Imported-4 !/2 Fgs. A pi
in the opening day ceremonies. Purse: 375.00 Pool Closes 3:35 rasingp
ncelazo.On hand to assist in giving the First Race of the Double traffic
Pinceazo who won the sth little guys a big start will be C -Escandalo A. Rodriguez117 comes
ceald $14.20. Lieuten at General H L. M e- -P ulgarto A. onzalez 9x the s al
r dvidends were re- Bride. Commander in Chief. Ca- -Wild ire B. Agurre 110 holders
adp by Valaria $9 and Rio rlibbean Command. Admiral Bled- -Conde Leal M Hurley 110 men sec
n ein 12.20. soe. Commandant, 15th Naval 5-Golden Time F. Rose 115
e Belloin Pulido took to District. Major General Whit- 6-Vain Darling J. Phillips 120 W
ni honors with two victories. lock. Commanding General. U.S. 7--La Chata R.L. Oil 105 would h,
The dividends:. Armv Caribbean, General M. P someth
FIRST RACE I03 Ha-s. Chief of Staff Caribbean th R I re F. the star
!" M $12,20RA. E 7th Rri ; o hnrtce Imoroed-4ViFgs. 111
Mar $12.20. $3.40 $6.40. Command and Colonel P. D. Purse: 575P00 Pool Closes 4:05 fans are
$3.20. $3. Coates. Commanding Officer. Al- tSeW* d Race of the Double. they are
mino $8 80. brook Air Force Base. All of these --Paques A. Vasquez 120 the play
." SECOND RACE officers are Little League fans 2-_eP2 Cola) A. Mend 120 doomed,
s o A5.80. $3.20. and will take part In the open- 3-In Colt ) A. Moreno 116
don Fant $3.20.e n ceremonies. 4-Cafionaa o l. Phllinps 110
SDouble: (Rio Mar-Tap- The game will start after a 5-Nehi ao R.L. ilps 109
55).50. pitch or two by the honorary 6 -Pincel Fn. Rose 111
THfID RACE battery. Col. Douglas. Command- e e 10
: oqlarla %9. $3.60. Ing Officpr, 33rd Infantry, ando mi-th Rape "e" lod d -- 7 Fgo Tlhco
ofiden Ta $8.20, Captain Cameron, Commandin Purse: SlM0.Iool IClo ses 4:e od) I
(Valarla "den Officer. Rodman Naval K&atAl, Qnhiela" -
e) $124. startsthe ball in motion for the --The Bath Ro t e th
FOP=R'qH RACIN '53 season, with each of the six 2-Riding East) ',A. Ubidla 112 s JOe
-Lonely Molly o 7.0. teams fighting for the winning 3-Mr. Foot), B. Moreno 113 'em awd
osnirlo $7.20. pot which was Captured i Cu- 4-The Dauben) F. Rose 117 nv
2in.a. (Lely Moly-Coil- rundu last season. 5--Hurlecano ; A. Phillips 120 oinft
o FiFt H RACE 6--oyLto R. L. Oil 111 there be
lN HOFHOUND CLOCR CON SU7-Vis MILWAUKr Vanques 115 pros o-ve
,s oon Qodd .40, $2.2~0. Fish And War 8-Cradle Song V. Rodrig'z 10b college
SIXTHRAE9--Baby Roi 0. Vhanis 109 and old
..D. $ 0. PAe4al Don J.m.20 D. J The Mar 'e PrashmThe
Qago $14.0. 3.ti0. The pleasant pastme of fish. 9th Race "G" X rted 7 Fgb rule c h
ana $2.80. n0. lg and the grinh business of Purse: 450.00-Pmeool Closes 5:15he far) s t
So c e a n C ol t y Manufacturnig 1-ee-tyhgh. Dato water bucket -
Meo $1.e0. $4 20. company serves both. This 2-Paragon o Sanchez 111 ourts 've
ddm ber .2.60. firm, accustomed to turning -Mimo baskePhillips 106 sions de
-el Allioe: (Pl telazo- ou heighly precisioned arts 4-Galante I. A. Phillipi 112 obvious
o). $10.0R. necessary for fishing reels. ha u5-Ventre a Terre R. Gomm 110 center ti
a i $2.60. no difficulty In assembling m- 6-DSpa Eeors .Sh Flortlow-scorese
--el Tim Wild Wirnute pieces ndl sential to the o- the bri

_eodeler Co$d. L.ol Golden Tie Glde Tim; BOXING
-inoela $.0 Pe.peration of plunger assemblies wl I .
S(Atori- Noelra n ce rtain Te artillery shellsBa et of heavwellh

*Out Harry "Kid" Matthews Jack
i SELECTIONS BY THE EXPERTS offe r of a te at h with -

KIN, HO N CLOCKE "HeavyweIn ht Champion Archie
-M e G ParoaleB el (NA) -Pachin V Pens ver Moore.
to. he1BiJeel played basketball In a my it,-
Oljssegl SIle.Bel Moihto Moiha alium before cdmeng to collsi.
Dn Jaim Portal Drr Pon imDonll |, le The Marquette freshoday from
P--to a N. Pertoni Don Joimr Don Jeime son rom Puerto Rico has been
l Pt ) Poal Po playing the game incld be held
SN. Amazon anolo Annie N.knee t-high to see M water bucket -He-
eo Pros Annie N. bueiht onlyChampon outdoor courts.

f Reor DLiA r \i ghar school basketball Inst t heat
Si Filon fFIi part of the world "Mastrictlyh a
vw h id lnlos. fresh air sport.
-Rol Alligator ChaOblisI ) Royal Alligator R. Allig ot na
A nga. .Anglia. vie Cha.bli ., ports Shorties
4,--l-4lden Time Wild Wire Escandelo Escandele
K E beeodelo Conde Leal Golden Time Golden Time DOING

ONreplied, in pat: "Matthews Gia

42 WIN Ln!W8
East Lansing, Mich. .- (NU
A record number of 42 pl
en won varsity football leti
at Michigan State In 10952.
Bioux Cost Us Money
LABMte. Wyo. (nP) T
Bted Stt government ape
ore money fagltlgr the gie
l campaign of the IN
nid 1870s t A ditd for t
i a PureM, a study
western libary Informath

m 0@ A,

'r"sn't been pa a'
l" f -" .,R'U *r3.

te u re .....a "s c.

.ave been an all- 0W h. 24,

i happened top,

~'e public shock s ly o k
nmtftn has even tia

Srsptrcusional scoreTAWIO t

apd the st orte
Is av u pr n aver. geii ei ... M

sW alsh common.h

ven oe unhampred by onerene w
to& worst s ua ns e Fw ... .. n lo3 l'" "

otea by hap eda to as a v al tM re c rea e fir
Alie a atLrotd the Coga egsn QilUo *fWl bet a i

oea l em taie a taa
ing in college sport f and thie bur on e hYp r be The rt tel
DMf a.w n offia diq l'. th ""h'
an th c e nge n mn are bu ee.n w n l.

hut the acandale and slated ef-ectp the gfirs t o
ave continued to hed on p lL ble to a n

ng else. or a nthdrew reat h been devili eling, lo ed onr t
, but ow with ra tempo. The pro as rame, L t

ont exaclridtserting tohsll I. In salrigahlnymber ades e aSe us
oLturning to proehalonde In due tahp the prate their n d
lfrom the asatsur In d pots. Maybthe a o i w- The tfaf entare. e op- .'! f ^rt t
and pretnted n the Garden, anyway. -i. Le spproh- f or iibbm Iuar1st t 1'ard
,oon nil s andaared e f e the ms w0 tl r,. rblbly, D

Paros Enjoyang Ba Itoer Season l e t SSB .-q LalUS weaxBh,-lile
Local pros are ow in their i,1oteb a in cra big l. wlby al mne b t % d t t r
Locarlter wintho e teGdeI. nfnlt-."
WASa to o4


lolme tein uuwIn thr 0Iw f chance sGard et w ill, byltt. -le

I ~

i t"It

.. .. #j.

,.l t ..

.1 FIt

- 1 -








* -.i .f "

','/ : i ^ -...* ,,. ., .. ....
S ,, '*r. .
ni..ii.r, i., i irnj t ... g l.. ,M i
-,. ; ,^ ^ *..-, ., ,-t .. : -? ,,i .... .

'. am- i s

xoo -IRYP4

,wway we
beat ai
i brh et
w bman s4


f er two re %o1,ts to Is 38. Raph
Ns ol of follows y. Johnny leaps high to fire one-
hander into basket enrputeto his 29. Unable to do anything atout
it is the Violet's Ted g. Joh yJa. Wmtbr became the first
*olege shotmaker to score 1000 aits n a, season, racking up
1061 in W out= (NMA)


SGood Fighters Are Kept Out

Of 'IBC By Managers' Guild
Sam IDon Wbo .-* .
ore y NEW Rl --J an. 10-Wlth ."Micerer flashes a signed
MrI uthem Ohe n094 for na talent o gwoaly contract call fr l0, and0
ith apparentgood Ilhters are an a en with Bo Ol
Sot-thi ktot otf Izternataonal eon Oakland, Call, Nov. 19,
1: the ii Club s1ow by a war of by way of illustran how the
est The aL eebao has spread a the coun-
tf Irran r carry 8tlUevers tr .
Sua.ysa Young, for example, Yotg spent in training.
cast even obtain sparring e hea -and uispect-
r d tt the m.cb a would fta
kievers, you see, is pr t' ,and his r w n-
11. 1* of the old New York M- unwhen Proas mter Jmy
SA ers' G d, and the or M telehoned ad started
tonal, withte bl to about money.
.an dkiof I *the IBC, practically has tlckevers tod Murray to put
su t ma t tied It A the net house, which was
irker switched to the qutb Alight with the entre-
Sstroner unin, he would have penenr.
wtopUPc"of ro ra to
: tal" eo brad Olson's

aW of oqm e dif-.
a but Young's will d as rryd

'Isthe ay lltgnifict tethrat
'A.a Acme apd and

Sba ot had enough en sd ball et rs),
-?be a beai t'Moore go1 Cnowr until the
Ros lee. terest tonal ov a..

Sweu hllispelug
Ii eanot faheulted D
be T doemsn -draw janftn, Oal and
Sia te ls ting i W4 .4 got to ther at
e handle tournament." while
Duirada, and .n tral Stok-
tddd ta fighfwas. oft,
ao of 15.C one sa t so I n-
theay, I r of The
a0tf h a to Jim Nrr (IBMO
V ha E o.Ily ,who D trol the ma-
has not enough arenas aad ball parks),"
S. S^ECo-' work to- be placed higher. tickevew. "He promised
t in touch with me, but
deLs- O D4 !ve lost $5,00d because of
.. j belongs to the UJ his heClg
a, It e-ms he in The Ring ratng to
414S ea n the o lo a t This r Young out of the maiddle-
_irth the DOofl Wh tournament."

a even
tote m
'a mi,-

a 'a
I 1.

view of what the iBC Is
as main eventers, ke
a lefthooeter of Pad
big's capabilities on the
de is utterly ridiculous.
t wonder. boxing atten-
b, dhas dropped to ch a

I I .

. Game To Lead N4

Pacific Twilight League Getnt

Underway At Balboa is P.M

Bis afternoon at 1 o'clock, takes a good hitter to get a ball
ba Hih School and La At- past any one of these men.
raeeion wll open the Twilight The teams themselves have
League offid ally when they play some mighty good players on
the first game of a doublehead- them. Due to a rulnr at one of
er. Imm following them the Twi League meetins early,
will be uu u and Gibraltarn the year, It was voted that
Life. A each team could take three serv-
Geo. John Seybold will add Ieamen. as laon as they did not
prestige to be epenln core- pay for a service team. Many
monies by throwing the first good players were picked up by
ball. each team through this rullna.
Probable pitchers will be Jack La Atracceon, managed by aM,.
Morton for High School and has some good hitters and with
Chas. Hinz for La Atracclon. In pitchers like Hin himself and
the second game. for Curundu, Bob Lamedlop along with Bkby
Medinger, and for Gibraltar Life. de la Lastra, who played in an
Webb Hearn. amateur league last year. they
All of these pitchers are old- pose a threat to take the cham-
timers in the league. Hinz has a clonship.
Twilight League record of 20 wins
and 8 lasses. Webb Hearn pitch- H8E has an old-timr ,nd top
ed a no-hit, no-run game last hitter of the league laSt fear, Ab-
year. Medinger and Morton are diel Flynn. Abdil hit over .400
equally dangerous and were con- last year and played in almost
aidered very good last year. It every gMem anda' Morton, of


Heshkbwltz la
Orand Slam Ii
requires more
skill and stanm
their game.
Brooklyn fire
combined Uait
ball Associatio
Athletic Unlr
gles In Ietr
copped e
York during t
three-wall., wh
new, In Detro
Had Reshk
this feat in an
name would
word. It is am
of handball pl
Making I
formance all t
able is that th
similarity betw
and three-wal
calls for an
Handball, gr
toning games,
mendous grow
and swung int
the arrival 4,r
Superior cofn
150 of them,
aim at the I
Marh 21-3& It
ational senloi
nament ever pl
Three sites an
the four-wall
blues, the team,
the Masters, t
in which cne
be45, the othe
The AAU hol
nament this ye
the third week
game. Even i
none too well I
out at it.
Until 1061, w]

. "h *t C.

course, the pitcher. Lst
Balbo, 54hodocam&9

top u rurs ln o
sr. and eeW thi
Dorea., i w
aJmtrt and Dae
dangderas this yeor.
Gibraltar came In a
and were In and out of
all year.
Ourundu is a newoomet-
league and seems to be 4a
horse. Medinxer, their W
poses a serious threat ts-eg
Ina teams: they too poUesa
good batter.
The first ames of the yesa
always thrillen and the W
play very hard to win, DUII
gaese ames this afte-
they promise some good
There will be ref
under the stands as usual.

Slammer Herhkowitz Defends

In Handball, ,ow Spectator Gam
;Y GRAYSON cumstances was sadly hand-. Brooklyn took the one -
orts Editor capped as a spectator sport. doubles.
Until the Chicago Town Club Now that the public maj
--Jan. 10 -Vic installed ,a ,gins-walled balcony, Is pn TV. handball may be
Lt year scored a four wpl attendance every-en publicity commensurate
n handball, which where was limited to perhaps its wide acceptance as a ap
spee d, agility, 40, and then the maximum was cipant sport.
nina than any o- no more than 200.
BuV given the opportunity by
video the past two years, hand-
33 year old ball t once fastened as firm a
man, won the grip n viewersas it has on
ted States Hand- thosp taking part.
n apd Amateur
,n four-wall sin- EASIEST GAME TO PLAY
It In March, He /
-wall in New flandball Is the easiest of all
Summer, the games to play. Shoes, gloves, a
Ach is something wall, two players ad you're In
dt in September. business. Most players start in
owlit performs # an alleyL thmping the small,
iy other spor% his hard, bouncy ball against a
be a household building.
nong the millions -
ayers. The star must have a power-
hershkowtil' 'per- f9l, tricky serve. a strong pas-
he more reamrk- ing shot, a firm overhead
ere Is a wast dis- game, and, above all, the kill
een the 'fqnr, one shot.
1 versuonp. Each Vic Hershkowlts ranks with
entirely different the all-time greats, sweep
Individual titles wherever he
reatedt of condl- went last year. Others to kee
has enjoyed tre- an eye on are Walt Plekan, 1
th In popularity, four.all mio a he mpIoan,
o Ci w ge with prank Ot, WBere It
,tiew- Year. ikrnia m r -
na to repeat Inla 1n -aces-
,bants, perhaps as defending the u-wall
are taking dead doubles. Kiranei and Andrews of
T. IU. -U1-- -

I. a. AsmUanIo
in Houston, Te.,
t will be the'tirnt
r handball tour-
ayed in the south.
e to be used for
ajgl = and dou-
tourkalent and
Ie latter doubles
participant mdit
Ids its own tour-
ear-in Baltimore
of February.
is a fascinating
those who play
knock themselves
hen the first U.S.
ornament was tel-
l because of cir-

rtation: M141
-door Sedan.
hX condition,
ienral Ave.

Big Lagnm Pilots

Dallig For Oil

Owner Dtc Burnett of the Dal-
las Tmexa League Club has as
hib partners In n ol-drtllip
venture at Stephens, 13 of the
16 major league managers.
Each paid $8000 for a-32nd
interest. Burnett originally had
been associated alone with
White Sx manager Paul Ri-
chards, but at the Winter base-
ball meets it was decided to
bring in W ot ern.

11 B11ek 2-dear *SpeeL
very ed shape, ea pa-
mentes er sale at
Ith St. Central Ae.
0o"e. T&l U.

Howe of the Detroit I
Wings is out to beesme'
first player Ia Natles
MLeague .history to wian s
poat eeor c Uhamus

ceoaktIt 1M1 ChewlM
easy payments. Per "alt
ilh St Cetal Am.
C6ea1 T&L S OL'

I g4.. i

By A ppft ent
Gin Dimtmelrs
to the late King Gdorge VL


CIA. CYD te Sr.A.s



* ..



- I tz -

-- ~~f

a~n' ~rCLe*i41*

S i -;t'"4-.
.. ; ..'.

b abqk,, /0*0**1-
"1 '* \ *''-" \ *.'i ^ *<' B ~'


-- WoW,


-- --- __


JIMMY famous one-armed kolfer who
continues to amaze the galleries wherever he plays.

RAUL POSSE.... the Iceman from Call, a former Panama
Open champ.

A!I)BAL MACARRON.... the popular Panama Club pro who
wIps the course into tip top shape, and then plays himself.

Why They're Here

lThe big players, and their sponsors:
Reberto De Vicento... .. ........Lucky Strike
S- am Snead..................Tournament Committee
Chitek Harbert.......................... .... Emso
S .Buck White ............................Tropidura
, Skip Alexander............................ ....Civa
Johnny Palmer ....................... Jim Smoet
Clayton Heafner...................... Lou Martinz
,Jimmy NJehhls.......................A. G. Sialdi'-n
CharftleHarper.........................Pan. Ins. Co.

'.. 4 "

"Let the people knoww the truth andiathe

Best Sharpshooters In &I

To Match. Games In PIenn0"


This, almost for sure, will be the week of all weeks in Isth-
mian golfing history.
It's the time for the annual Open tournament at the Pa-
nama Golf Club and this year, good or bad weather, should
see all previous records erase d.
To begin with, President Josi Rem6n willofficially
start the proceedings, marking the first time a Chief
Executive of the country will take part in Open tourna-
ment activities.
El President, once an active golfer himself, will pre-
sent a brand new golf ball to the defending champion,
Argentina's Roberto de Vicenzo, and watch the gaucho
king of swat blast it down the No. 1 fairway.
Then Roberto will set out in an attempt to retain.
his laurels but what a trussle he faces in:the four-day
72-hole grind which gets under way Thursday.

The field, strongest ever got-
ten together locally, includes
0lne professionals from the
ited States in addition to the
"fat play-for-pay shooters in
L4ttn America.
Toughest of them all, of
course, is a guy considered by
mary .savants of the links the
greatest player of them all. He
is none other than the slammer
from White Sulphur Springs,
one Samuel Jackson Snead.
Among the others are Johnny
Palmer, for years one of the
most consistent money winners
on the Winter Tour; Clayton
Heafner, the veteran they can
never count out; Buck White, a
hot and cold golfer who is as
rough as they come when he's
on his game; Chick Harbert,
longest ball hitter In the game;
Raul Posse, another Argentine
Who is a former Panama Open
champion arid shoots his best
golf on the local course; and
others too numerous to mention
all in one paragraph.
More than ,000 spectators
jammed the course last year but
even that kind f a crowd may
seem small this tme.
DeVicenzo's Oen record of
282 is in grave d anger, but the
customers will ha e far more
than this to draw tlem.
The field is just cock-full of
name players. I
One sure to attract,a big gal-
lery is Jimmy Nichqls, world
famous one-armed gol r whose
feats include a round 66.
Another is courage Skip
Alexander. who hobbled t of a
flaming plane wreck withbrok-
en bones and his body b ed
from head to e
back the very next year in c -
petition with the top pros In I a
land. \
Then there's Charlie Harper:i
who beat Cary Middlecoff by six
strokes to win- the Southeastern
PGA last year.
SBut the biggest crowds un-
doubtedly will be watching De-
Vicenzo and Snead go at it a-
,Last year the slugging gaucho
got off to a sizzling start, was
five under par in th9 first seven
holes, and tenaciously held" on
to his lead while Snead, breath-
'ing on his heels, kept slashih;g
away, hitting green after green
as the tension mounted.
Sammy rimmed the cup on
numerous occasions with both
long and short putts and just
wasn't able to cut the plucky.
Argentinian down to size.
They went neck and neck, as
they say at Juan Franco, -up to
No.- 17 where DeVicenzo showed
what real champs are made of.
Roberto had a short putt for a
birdie and b half. And as he was
lining it up a spectator spoke up
above the hush: "I'll bet be mis-
ses it."
Now short putts are pot Sr.
DeVicenzo's forte and he winced
visibly but nonetheless dropped
the ball into the hole. Then he
turned, and with a smile and a
"graclas" tossed the ball to the
So Deyicense has the maoxe.
That he has proven.
Can he best Snead gala-t
That he has to improve.
Sammy set the 1952 record iI
the U.S. for lowest average sagr-
Ing. And who was second beat'in
the low score department? Mr.
Yes, most eyes will be glued oa
this great pair but while they
are going at it. stroke for stroke,
who knows what other sharp- 1
shooter might grab it all?
Little. Buck White finished
third last~ )ar despite the fact
he waseC a throughout thet, tur-
hey and treated for a tuI
ache by our Dr. Prank Rayimw

*.'--. ".-*
-.* '.

SAMMYT SNED ... calledd
by many the greatest of all
Jaime de la Guardia will try to
hold up our end... and we know
theyll be doing. their best.
But there are'. others from a-
round and about who will bear
closer watching.
Among them are Raul Posw
and Pablo Molina. Raul, win1x
in 1949, is the pro from Call -wb
always shoots excellent golf over
the. Panama course. He wa .no
1A the b6st dof shape Io,
which .may 'hv account_
a guy who could be the repl,
As, for Molina, who- hajti
,ura.mangaL he's one Qf
f) ers mWho's alw ys the
t'never thee.- One of
0 a he'lu pull the bigf




JOHNNY PALM o ., eon-
sistently a top m tW bner
and holder of aao titli:
Nicest guy in the o .n"-
sAnd Bucko can be ai5ftl' roughlj
6p the given occasion,. he hams
prdoen in the tUS. :
kut year, also, 00e arbe
w going great u" a
round Vhen his ball i
as hlwasV about to It off,
the si iNo. 16

and it ut 'ail but

Or pe dero


ml Bead
of w7e
Cary MiI

is et to
just too 4

V '44~ ~




- k..;4i

.Ahttosni Ctrta U~thew And

e the ddifbw,ethat this'
1*weh aneU of a -to

day aG." ua ,.y

ty the

S l k: f.,' .
,. .idt*. 2 ^

- .:;;...';i.-. ,,*,

'. ,

,. .
S .: .' C' *

K'l St.

?-A' :,u

1' M.





;. W UMmi prl vMq. A.. state*
Ues am it smi" M xasg,0 A.m

w.e ,),,, (e pa
*S% -' Oen -hMi t os wats a-

Oi .n, a softow
ci G 4 cdse* "I-Sto w ather

.. -outh la .-b. (Tie) Ceetli
Vuf Ess ,lo tetd )of (a)

In S *- sIt .In e s .wing
S @SJ o*

tt -l w tM the OIIt*t
ir I wh ~~Id () (mb)

i .L0 (q )W M he (s) (b) inm
1A'fil Ha how 4 u o socums

RMOi ne. uw mh$ 0l(a)Ust f

Ub Mm hiuth )at 3m's.. (in) VaS h
enl m t I
BBi 5esp tNe !.UWPont 5 foJre-iU Iome

flIrp ith b- tl.lsidatwMlwuaat le
f .m at mt ih (m mm,. o)
"Ill?1 p t your- dlasy a t (

1g^eadde ed. ..rf
too ltiato. ftlif tafm

e g .- )-, a g (b()

I" 4, S misn I( hs a11 P k t
Melg-igh e'd h o the 0 .S hee
Regagi t i, )4 B w nU4) (b)),R (b)

e m sade ur thesM*f ( ) Weaui

AP110 amil. tv stalim n' (sf ) Agag,

rta. (.4 ). .. s % -. ( M

Sm .. l .t" e. s% so ISi* A'

ta lo~t'imte a i) 7 ^w


Ogling Inaugurals
HOW much do you know about past Presidential
Inaugurations? 0ee If you can get at least
three aoct answerd-,
L Who was the fat Mpabhilea Preadent in-

L WhiMb reeMemt had few uas uartloas
& WM h Pealdeat wm the mat biamuprated In
Wamhhsid D. C.?
4. Whi Preoadet wa tnagurated in Wall
& PFier to 193, iUqglOM Day was whenT
-opt -IIWoM -m= *a =W *g % TW Un

Gvwth and Decline
S TWIS Sern o popular anagram, you start with
A *a eialetter [], 'aud add (or subtract) one
letter to St thnext dlnttlo at right and the
nunmfr M letti Indicated by "e a's at left, until
yon set back to a sane letter (51.

1. x l. Article
3. x z 3. Bun god
8. xxx 8. Knack
4. x x x 4. Disrupt
5. BoolSl
8. x x x x Reciter
7. xxxxxxx T. More palatable
8. xxx xxxx 8. Minutelygrooved
o. xXZxxixX 9. Astraddle
10. x axix x 10. ootteps
11. x x x xx 11. Look fixedly
12. x x 12. God o -war
18. xm x is. Billow
M. zx 14. WIUle
1O 1 15. Artwole

S1 Lsd ?0M "-tIa

BV Eang M 0 ;

thw was f leud

it W a Atual
for police to week
bout be husbead .
i4try, from
ap e .wW- .
MattheWsb had ah tfe pie."
a story to ac-
oft taor the tume that elaped between Ida
l Ws ofee, at I p. ma. and 8:30 p. m., the
aMo be al e dewrd ble wfte's body. There
was as mel soratches on him to indicate he
haM beom a nSW There was no blood, no
ma 'k of*,Ml d M A' iat Mstthews b W when
he wa pahad qp. It wath seMe suit witnesses
aM k.he'voe whe berwas found at the spartent.
Neoyot"les. Sget Den am.oa n, the layesti-
pgatafg aor, oeoaued queonhisg.
loveWl my wie." Matthews 4Molared. wanted
to g- bak to her. L difat want to ll her."- He
repeated Is story, "*Alter 1 left the ooe. I went
doea to lpek p .0U Nit at te leamero Then I
weA hkm% -aow4, shaved ad dfamet, aad went
toA4nae's apsartft, L wAnted to plead With her
agia to oome base to se.
.'t doSA wa open a Crank, ad I went There
S her boly on the couch. I could see abe was
dead. I nm to the door and called out The landlady
was hn m seconds. we called the poHlice."
.geM Jaclkasn declared, "I believe you're
lyit UW TWe's one littUle tUitng you forgot.
rm *wen to'maie a phon caml amd Cheek on t.
Vf iW t,you' shg to be hebooa er muer."
.What was the uoAat tpped off Sergent Jack.
.ea tat Matthews w" s lytag (lIs pbm callU to
- eqet at pos baadguaM pevedW sue
- M atthew otnet)

Can You Get to the Top of Hero's Peak?

OPB at the
Stop of Hero's
Peak are calling
for more am-
munition. A .tar
on the diagram is
their r location.
A m m unition
bearers have
found only one
road leading
from the bane of
the mountain to
the top. Rugged
terrain and en.-
e my roadbloelucks
have sealed off
al the ret. Can
you trace this
"open" road on
the diagram? It
begins at the bot-
tom, of course.
Near the top It
divides Into two
safe path: you
are to take the
If more than
one person Is to
try, cover dia-
graim with Utue

How Old?
JOHN'S father's
Ja a ies xpresed
with the same
two digits as
John's age le
with the figures
reversed. L a st
year John was
, just a quarter of
his father's age.
What are their
ages now ?
sOixlem1 i uqor
"SUO-AIaX sI rn@I4 j
e.uqor emonals

Letter Math f 4-Count Them
OU can ad letters jus t like s snsimple geometrical de-
Sfigures. .The problem below f -I 1 sign is. as you see. composed
it an example of letter arith-Lof. _r a number of straight lines
meoula in which each letter repre- II which intersect to form a number
sent a Agure In a slAfple prob- of rectangles. A rectangle. as you
lem in addition. You cn recon- know, i any four-sided figure which has four right
struct the original problem by angles. The sides ot a rectangle may or may not be
findlag the numbers that each equal in length. How many rectangles are there In
letter stands for. To help you in the design? I
getting started, we will say that iqddiat, oSJ1 eeq041 ;'
the letter D replaces 8, 8 Is 4, E *iau anq Swlme1J Aum SW4 e*.qi JaU LIg aM uI sImt
I S. 0 O) o01 u eqi epAia a o-Au *Jo oSJq Lj, :mulnlO
Now see If you can figure it
out from there. This May Trip You
Time limit: Ten minutes. M a
8LED ET"'S ay your car will average 15 miles to the
D 0 0 LB gallon on a trip. On your trip next week you
will travel 750 miles. The grade of gasoline you
H U 8 K f burn costs 28c a gallon. What amount wil you
*(OSo or EM e qm enid Soo) spend for gasoline on your trip?
t.W iInbejl PE il 80d :J.masyV pljd.jng "Umnop Unanoj a wOno zo l :U lonmges

SWhat's Wrong With the Artist's Drawing?
AT least 0 M0
mistakes ap-
pear In this
drawing. They
were made pur- op
posely by the ar-
tist to test your
powers of obeer-
vatlon. Can you
fnd 15 ? 61
G(ve yourself a t
time limit of five

ja !o i d0e | I

d3co., wno
enojay ep unip

no p Msn *Ialu


S es o MiA C Mt KrAe


l a' I -I.
IT ^*I

:, ..._ .--, ... ,

1. -, ,* I..

*A- *A%.:>
.1 1 *-^^ .Mi .<
-'~il-:,:-, .. '

t .' .. ",




.. w H f -.i.
^r .*.


ebarris. (Oen. 11:5)
tpla wa ro of 83- ove furtively.
odat e of
Now d GaOr = t wro(ethe Epistle to the
S(Mat i: for SamueL
2 1 con&s. O5-Forer government agency
(a br.)
S-Cmbuilt Ube together.
51-1 Nws b U iItat bel? 67-Wrath.

55mfl M4--'*0a

5".r an


- *-~--

C-. 9'


It's Your Move

By Mtaled opper
A KING venus a single check-
er poses a ticklish problem.
The Afirst tendency sla to start
running, but a little forethought
will show you an easier and bet-
ter way out.
White checkers, moving up-
board, move and win n just four

.ea sMW wM M!Uliiiteeia

. ame n q & i




'7' I


-4ii '
- e .


-e '

.. :r

-'? -.

* S, ". 't',
* S!

,j- TM*
I '.^
\ w

*.;* .. .- s .- -%-' --'. ., *. .. .-* ... .
,- ..- .

-I *'! ^ '''^ ^ **"
.. .
S -.. o,-



" a

SCALE MODEL of Biblical Palestine is explained in a New
-qork basement by guide Joseph Gauchi. The animated Holy
' T abd replica depicts 120 scenes, is made of 17,000 sections.

ADOLPH TOROVSKY of Church of Epiphany in Washingtbn
will play carillons which will be heard on TV and radio na-
tionally Jan. 20 when President-elect Eisenhower takes oath.

MRS. GRAZIA LONGO ofCatania, Italy, who
100th birthday in December, mends a tattersr
says she expects to break the longevity reco

SENT TO THE U. S. by the Japanese government for a bne-
month exhibit starting Jan. 25, Japanese paintings and sculp-
ture are uncrated in National Gallery of Art, Waslhngton.
r ,, .. .. ..


A QUAINT CUSTOM of Mexican girls working for milli-
ners in Mexico City' is. to design and make special hat
nationss in honor of Santa Caterina, patron saint of all
tibhion designers. At this year's celebration some dazzling
ad utterly uninhibited female hats were exhibited by em-
tyes of such high-fashion establishments as High Life,
11e, Vogue, Henri de Chatillon and .Pour Madame. Before
3pwing off their creations, the girls made a pilgrimage to
4h Cathedral of Mexico where hats and their creators were
blessed by the archbishop. A fiesta followed a fashion show.

A swap, ani apem*.i mbNw,

.9~h rr **lw UYUSB ru

* '."I

~"-r~='Tu";T*~s~rr-r, r..


- I-

* .:*

1 -t-:.
,^ r.




* ''.
.' .^



- I ~AP~



~ I


r~ I'lr

* ..

, -* oI "' ..- .' :

' .' ... .., : ,
^ ':, :.- ^ ',. ". : ';*. *- .. .. ..

Rev ,Re Of

---o -'," 'OR
THP WOOLLY-WITS WERf at it again week M
In Korea, making sure that everyone except thmS em-
ployers (the American taxpayer) knew what. ws go- to
Ing on. t mee Ml
Somewhere pretty well behind the I Ies a artil-. 1ptt~~kIJalear
lery outfit got shot up by some ti htenm. S So al oals
Three days later, so far as o: 1110 the h-ini
to be known, no one has the bl to b 't-
notion as to whose 'fighters they many, boa enG ,B&
what bombs they dropped, or anl' *
All very secret stuff, the aXlgoriF% 1 of which .
might aid and abet the COi E 1 t lat victor the
In the stalemated war. -. -p ..-
Reading between t o6 the employers Joe
(and taxpayers) nU l8i0a might have a 2-
ed the conclusion th th bnt. was earte put tries
either by Unrited I plan or by omoltt
planes, bechft s aid tax-payers do not .eh believe
that theme are too .may other types of ftraft aboard that.t
In Korean askiesa Ose days. 4 e ,*
into fultaneous defIsance bfje laws of ben i al
Sprobabl nd the Improbable censor an this Rutt ,
matter, tAt the planes were CommnhA th tax-
payer m iht permit himself the t thatthe Red rent
* high command already knows whatever It needs to Which Sit
know to wit, that a fiRhter-bonber tWe apheted coate'Of
some sort of snceem agalpSt a pilnor United Nations wan
post, and that the war wil not be much affected either adUi
wpv by this one small operation. 1 Inudd
Presumin. still In defiance of the demnwor. that the ** "It
attacking planes were .United Nations fighter-bomb- aimedd"
era somewhat adrift In their navigation, what Is 4 mike a pRj,
so secret about that? aton.
Is It the first time that fIater.bombers have Aot ,"e 9lan i.
to their own troops? WokM War 1. can off.. scores to;' tjpa. 0'
of su.h Incdents. perfortre hv all o&rtlettainst paM Ia.latroi_
ties. it I orm-nd,'. even the heavy bombers rot Intq .
the's tragcl. act.
Ro there's another sad mistake, and somb Or's *et
killed by their friends. If that reemts unlmual. th w
rpwenre mtght, well total un how. mt.nv Ameratw from Utt h
killed each other on the hlohwania over fhe recent on ,-
Christmas and New Year holidays. Sad mistakes. every MeUIh.y,
time. but no one tried to kIqo them from the.kknow- *me ihL
led<,e of the Amerleian public. ith I
The American public Is pretty good at fo "
to facts. One fact it Is facing riqht nowi'atha. T'
the tax-payers are wetting socked rather more thun
thev find convenient. of tWhI
Maybe these tpx-payer will deem it possil" to find iopr,, anPO
sorne relief in this matter bv shooting out the c -hq- -
acters who see fit. at one pr' the "me time to tam'e The Dlstr"ib art a .n
the 'taxpayers' rmney, 'And treat the paymaster like T eaday when te. cr
an ignorant child. ye-'*was old.' -
I" sTwo burulai*g aent"l
Winston Churrhill drooned in o Prestdent-elect Ike o e fow th1 'W7_1,6 the 6th
and on Harry Truman, then cIme on dow this way S .- -.. W
a *1t further to take a two-week hol aid5 p m sea r,
'"othinq much public came out of th n I'ehower- *bR2 AqM s
Ohirehll talks, except that Ike thought Winale was .t o a t 1
lo-Mng flne. and vice versa '
But Winnie i i old-fashioned enovw to beUlive that SW, WiI.
a couple of able men. with .authority, an .che .
more by some stralphtftorwrd talkim then by e -
ch"nqlng a heap of official telegrams 4throuh han- .
Whatever transpired between Ike arn .Whinol la..
bond to influence considerablW the caew sq world
affairs over the forthcoming twelve motlthi d i.may. .
be P lot lorper. *,. it "--
rhurehill is to come across the Atlanti fr'
a more formal meetlnw after Ike beeoae-t.p.-
but it can be re-koned tba he won't S ,
with any Idea- that run eo"nter to to to wtho A -- ,p.
he has found Ike sympathetic. l "A .at
1r this ren.on, it may be that the ationt d s-
cus-ions Winnie h-s undertaken in the pas.iesk by
be the foundrtloi for the West's atrateagy sgmfnt s-
ala when the two "ood fl-htina men 5 d
Elsenhower -- ew ton een that h ne Stelo n (ttft fs Uts,
hIn naene around to the extent that has lately bes ...rt-
his h ^hlt. I S -------kr
o --
"--itih OverseaexAire-- a Cornoration pnTleno d h &1
tlh-t Fouth Americ-'s first let priUne service .
be ominlg someplme earlv in 1M14.
'"hIs would be preceded. abnut the middle of th 0
year, by series of survey fll-hts throiwh the am
by a BOAC Come* IT. l "roved mo'dl of. t ie s
at recent fhing out of London to Joh*mr~*- Ob- .--
lor'ho and Sthgarore. .
-AC announced the south Amp*-lca's fl 44t
services would be provI',4d by BOAC out of Lona-i .
and across the South Pttlinte from Dator S ftif, *
B'--in, then on down throuruh south Anm*"-. .
"-* announcement was nrom-'ted bv r 4 -
eoro"dered the reed to clrtfif" claim Iv V."' -
do Brasil that I'"* crw'-nw. wlli dhe near-414 t 'q
It ---q on order. would provide the first jet gerv' "
to ...t.i Amerl-, t e .. -l B
t ". the Ve---1*-* airline. also hssit coaul.ef -
-- **', TTS on o-'0-, --, to operate, t i00 W t9
tr --i raocaa ** 1 6--W rk. -.
**. BOAC el -+m t- I1 ** bo"hbt the first Cow- w
p' 'Is f the -o--'tLi )Iv e and wlth..thse ffl .-
be *'-" 'Irt In tl-" t PI'-'ne field i U"'. nA Ne *).
,on" ."."
"Iesident Ha-r 'Iratm-n ila b I l .a n e
Un'cn message 7-* It be akndwn. to II.
epel and Joe S'*'n in In prttaular tat i4
likely to accrum tno Mid r'* it- (l m tz alir
on Mis 'rt in --- *i"E'.
As ILrry p. it. ach ;tk would b i tng
'ruLi for your regime and ywr homeland" 1
of the US's H-boomb,
Buy the wek's ,a d Stalin had not gV& 5
OI totaat* i rto e l
around to letnti Wf- a supsrbomb of.
On fa, rwoeal lhtlulB um foTIft^K lg aH g BHK
s ^8'- '" ^S ~i ^ ^

I. i~k~4I

* i* 5*



-r!" -- fJ "t


.. ',o ." "

1 af ma


- 4:'


, ... ., ", .. -
- .. -. .- 7,-.:' .,.

*~ "1 i:

I a R -s- -A

,,. .,. ,^ .* %. e-

" ., ." "^~ ^ "

91U r4 145

- -. .,--- r 9 br i


* ;4i~ S-' o

.. a to .. .. m .. ...

b mound 4-MetrisI b ew
.-- ond recimt 4,, aslingl
ps, .........r nmars1

-i .- A. ._ S wu

73-i-41Aves Swrtla

IA u '6 I isf,,, ,,,,
f OwiNg.lp ** : ,a^^ "-Wdter
-^ : 5" -3p,,... .s

'e- F e--it
,.,. .d ,. P .l

-a,'l: .a.

-', tg. h .myr t ,, Aqflnfl

. .;:.. C e *I .. ." .

I-5.- nt Indian
*of Nither-
94-amal cask
Sv-- erit
05-Strain of
10--Aron- Ue
2 I-Comnact
US-lHea-t -
S14-.Coae adiar
p ssweat
3-PrChes *
12-Large 'cai



~r l~~. -r L~l CIi1 L

- r


'C'~-'~44%~* ;r2A~' % *1~~~ .. -
.t. a' ~

-^ rr.'-; '"


- %. 9



t 4

-** ". 4

a l. IOrWAIINewi,
'-" .. .. .o .:;

I -

~ -- I- I

I` "

141 ~_-r i r __-ii- r

*', %

-,:'%i '.'*

. *,. '

... ........



~ ~~aF"








&- .A

r -


A grimy old freighter eased up to the.pier,
And her -sides were all battered and bent;
Her plates were disfigured by many a smear
And may a lingering dent.
Her dissolute decks were all covered with stains,
And her winches were reeking with rusr
Here crew didn't waue either muscle or brains,
To polish-except what they must.
Hard usage had marked her with many a scar,
She was worn by the wind and the weather;
Her master was likewise a grizzled old it,
For they'd battled the temptest together.
His hide was all tanned a mahogany hue,
But his life was wrapped up in bis ship;
For many a hazardous voyage they knew,
And many a perilous trip. .
The hardy old mariner leaned on the rail, _
With his eyes on the neighboring.hils,
And told me a fateful and harrowing tale,
Replete with adventures and thrills.
Said he "I have sailed on this dingy old scow,
Through many a dangerous sea;
She may not be beautiful-that I'll allow,
But she always looks handsome to me.
"I've stood on the bridge of this faithful old tub,
With a cargo of dread T.N.T.
And we came within range of a German Sub
But escaped in the reek of the sea.
"We nfit a typhoon off the coast of Japan,
And we bucked it for seven days straight,
We won our .ay through, without loss of a man,
But it sprung every rivet and plate.
"With 'a cargo of hemp ohat caught fire in the hold.
We sailed the Pacific for days; .
And the grief of that voyage will never be sold,
As we fought with the smouldering blaze.
"The sides were beginning to buckle and swell,
Aad we figured our time getting short,.
The d i-ks were as hot as the hinges .of Hell,
When we finally made it to port.
"We were raked by a Limey just out of Hong Kong.
But the vesrel still held to her luck;
Her framework was solid arind trusty and strong,
And we saved her by promptness and pluck.
"She may be a common old freighter to you,
But, to me-she's the pride of my hear,
She's always been steadfast and faithful and true,
No power can pry us apart."
When that .rakish old freighter cast off from tde pier,
And sailed toward the limitless sea,
I wished her "Bon Vovage," heartfelt and sincere,
For she even looked "handsome" to me.

- -~ ti ~I- ~6 -

N- -
a TM1 ?iam &= taf a V- ine M M
I Su@r* .

Tito more. It lked as-if he wi sA.-
trytg to cut offthis now to pitnwb bi "
awever, iprtobl Bad hi. m 9B

2) Omeu5
T a enremely u AmtL
The resmo why PRoAlnt TnumwM add
amnnunced the dogtrom of aid to oree asad
AuiX y in Miaech d- rbif .,m was gae ql l a
Lua MI waasushin ionI to takem ar -
cor.,ed Dwdinelles, oan* e tlet 4o
kor .Man than I euot*, the CO at et
coveted t waterway. Tudly, a 0 a It lr r
exteot.Z'OMe, cotmILt -t. We wasted tq help -
them Iock Jlmie.w.
in. *& avoawm i ormjbf
s es aek ass.' ."'

'm Come i i
AMrill to .- were al.,

. ,4 I- ="I"--,&A d -


Oh we laurh in the teeth of. the hurricane's might,
And his fury we aduc*y brave,
Whil- the Storm God is dwieki iat fren ied delight
AM he rides an de Ibmme f he wawve
A ryn;cal "Tramp" of the commonest stamp,
In des,,erate -danger we @evel;
W,, ,il wide and free o'er the break th of be s
And we fear. neither 3a G,",amr p

*'m. .W ..
""":" +: """ -'"' : '""..*... +, t. .. .. -/ ._ : ,.,. ai^ ^ ^ ^-,


~. -.

~* -~im

ia "


*7. H rMM T OP
CAsAt AoA00a- PNAMg 9W t. PANAMA
CoLON OpmPcs, 1a.iTs CWmAiL AVtMU sSTWlEgh tan. .i S6 M
345 M^WaOM AV& NSw '.a. --*M gt


no- .7.U=.. test ai Tlr e m.b,
,Ow r a. ... -. r" ..i of s -
R a i WOB aSop t '. duesOanM b& W aWK .M
"s, i. n a othe.. .A..e a tM MNOWIto
sw e owasoDnt out of the mNin
a..TUVu bIU3l es.i, s.. f .

sgn .. ,oms'er...'lie diid mi Qwas en

p tiof fno Sah ,i seewa ane, ap tr to-ea r oa y eo a
,B v' a n c-abe wa= 2. TheA

.- J- ri a 7 Bml U sed .eva e tNav .dg a the-"

.'- 7 7'- : L. '" J" I oo th I Muftv10 ."

... ar e. .-
I to...1.a__her a t ihan. (2= .,

W NW a vIn W a hon gl t

.:' S-egenes as seek :^ '* "" '.- -s- $ .
-ne,,,agala .. _.Lte can Mr.
..-. "s o" ne..
MI. eti a ,- ,l

S~. Ned..m.undo..'" .. ,,Is MY h m--a ._.

S*&aw Ias I=eod with tWAr forI"

pVOW 1 ee k otr. .A er, be -"w k do
.%-. Aft 1 w 0. ; ,t og were ,
:e_. rbN"to spe :.,

S.'..a n, .s ,amm u. to a friend: 9 .

Id uLo I e* ot U. r s ,,l-,-i..,e ,,, ,eYew toyou ndl U p,

ODI. .. .a ..L tf e n K
imip lip, t waa endss"M v wu, "Mo

asin the jo w Is Nhen h a

I 5anMi



(Text and Pictures
by Jimmy ThompsonA

S.ine 10 miles away from
t3 capital, city on the Nation-
E .ikhway of Panama lies
tantlago, a weln known to .Ma-'
Sresidents of the Zone. Lst
own Is the little town of Ban
Sde Veragias;, just 12
A'iUes farther away to the
or some time past a group
Af us who like to beat around
iii. the wayback sections of Pa-P
diama have been contemplating
a, dry season trip over &he di-
v-ide from the Paeific to the
M~lantle aide.
*Recently we made a preltal-
ary trip just to check- the_ A
Vallability of guides, horses, etc.
.,lO on a Friday PM, Ted Hen-
,er. Jack Robertson, Wes
T Townsend, and' myself were
on the road in Ted's station
A queik run to Santiago, broke'
en- only by a stop for suppere
la Penonome, and we were as-
loep in the Hotel Plaza. ,
SParty' chief Henter's uan
pputh 'summons brought ui
up out of bed at 5:30 a.m.
and drove into San Francico
at 7 Saturday morning. Plans
were to line up horses and
try to make Santa Fe, 25
miles away, or so as far' ar
ne could and aG oet ,
Wherever we stoed, then
return Sunday.
Horses, horses,, everywhere,
An. nary a one to pack! FInal-
Siy "-9 o'clock weI had managed
0 cor-eral two horses for the
ackin charge of JuaAn 3a)
` 'oa(gg old name Ii Pa-,
(ama) and Ms son "Toto," 4,
alert 12-yearWld. This- A na
'* warm. but fthe ) t. We '
: '0.ot too steep (at t). W
P ad been tel4 that e dy
season it was possible- ''-
command car o9rep to n/ ke.
te ltrip to Santa! | a'no W
beeoed likely.
Two hot hours and six miles
tter we were in the town of
SBan Juan on the edge of the
Oatu river, a beautiful. river
which flows into the Banta Ma-
a near Ban Franglsco. We
S popped at the small store of a
nor Munuz for rest .and li-
quid refresments then con-
tnued ou.
We had made. good time 4.
Ban Juan but from that point
c someone had upended th.
trall so that we were moving
upgrade. Soon we began to-
Sdoubt .the ability of one to
take a car of any tini Into
Santa Fe without considerable
:. ork as the rains had gullied,
the trail greatly and A'js.
strewn with large sized rod,
-* %long the tail we met-t
number of Indians packing out
some produce to sell or barter,
and we noted that even the lit-
tle ones carried a pack. At two
o clock Henter began to detect
a note of mutiny in the miA-
terings of his followers.
.-inally we hit the top of the
mesa, but by that time the
damage was done, feet were
sore, and we were thoroughly
,, tired from the uphill climb.
.nree o'clock found us at a
Small quebrada where we would
have water. and there were
p. J me trees from which to swing
ur hamtnmocks. We decade
Srght then we would see San*'
re some other day!
... ungry Robertson and
Towhsend volunteered to go 0
o search of eggs or other edibles
a nearby collection of three,
houses. Henter started the
cooking preparations aM
lahonmpson unltmbered a

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