The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Brushing off all uncertainties about the vqlue of fe.
ed as4lsi and other moot facwtr, the Canal ompe
tthe hci wors said today it seeo d to him as
PadnintCarnal Company made :a lot of money daft
its first fiscal year.
The Company's financial tteialitd-hased
ter *hy ist current aft
ren tb $ibH2iti sof (as Jl, $Li
difference $39,333A25 -is a working Jyid,
indicates a comfortal)keposition for tire i Scnt
ernmnot corporier o
While yesterdA's press announcemi of the I-
erOl concern's fincitactivities duriM te Fiscal Y.ew
1952 (published in frl on Page 3) points out that nk
elements in its fiscof picture are sti subject to out
mient, _Zonims amid bters poring over the re e d
the fl, mighty Cmpliaed report came to one-isup.
able conclusion:
"As a business concern, fth Panamd Cop CC -
sy ld v~~very niely, thmk-kou."

"AmrA to v. a.
bof- OYf "K '-
"JuSI r'l5 is*5 5 ,to O .SS Roew l Prs fnt- Uay, "lr in* -

i y MPraly W- ali gO oi l i
S. e i t oe te a of k G o the e
t aa I e ma. fr

o #l r the Oto SifatondS Tas thed to "io ot> ena emei tei-

Itf te r ir a ne a thrives a 3p 6nm et
mc .o a a 3s P ando Ame",P.I
Sro 2 oIays "b)T U -Ofaswe

MA ty an, ,,l, thaetI n sext the ,p 'r pri..s..a
-an i tn of them vi nsBei
r bth 8 wllthe e hefortt, the lao ak ad e lagv i
irtbb- tan o 49pc tetolee dualv of e s arlal t

lthe~n!!a" tr -
M0Bo as^,1ubod, g rr Opraion e u-e-
Sr A o t deficit 19 U. .-rate hM',n weig ta h *afl:
*S64b O'Z8*U -..> osWUen and th rgereby have a- tto las

lvoided the f lexrettd to cease eeriw m ra
:f~t iP fi l the reot "' a ndf l Aor M, am te n" tBI rmu41W .

a. r n O*f onna to SWaM

'5 been ia. vry psroo a"
M use i w .1 ift no
Men, AW S"


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r4ao TWO


THE PANAMA AMERICAN A-Bomb And No. Monyf ,si. rm'Yo, i
Pethu11 *V NILSON RmUNSUVLL IN lan A-B m Ser
A. IL graggy 1NS 1,4. P AI.AMA. R. P.
niipei PANAMA F s f6 1016 %INui
"t=L1 Ae15in. ANAMit An. Ai NA -
4%~*GIhi**. 1 17Cent. -AvhR .NA....r S ... Brings Paradbx
peas..e.. *.PN GNTAfivsa. JO.U. U waie IN
041 MaaIIm e. Avg NeW VT O. n49u 1 J V.
M".in&ANCe____I LOn S

X't United Sts and Its
I V an have 16T A Pl
THE MAIL BOX Wn 80_'_o t .
89otd rfeiales, llht _i_
Ti k MaIl Bo is *a oea tenruam too rader Tshe 9ir Anm.a.A 6It Must come i s omething t1* AA m
S e iLettersar ereuive rtetofull: and tar ai INed bkie wholly* M- 0 W k Irt Ie-- bthve
*blManor. ittok-- the arAe Wi clt tent6
I yu cmtribut a ltoter d4on' be impatit if it din't S ppIat Hi ape tpm# tas H t it no ee dd V
ouit idLn a kit e i pt ubliihod it t ae.e ~ der eft of t
p l se Nip t keep tmle ften Irmi t.metole a Wl2t. vtit olf Rumitllrii attack.1
IUy of W ier wdkn Is held inm alAtiltwa am. Thatdoes ot MainofwurM,
This meia per t easume a- erespowibillty for elmteats as oplile that o Wt6a ofta MI
-- ---de vi lit I tAetlcil nd s Id
NEW ILLUMINATION At JWB-.USO GALLA!RY tTt2niins f t oten 1oy0ent
Balboa, C.Z. B66 'e6AC'A' it ale;.
beatrEdithr: cit4rr5ti 1base, .M aD l
With eAch new year comis new Ideas and l relgr*A so 16 '0PirIe s 1ly 6 Ai tl 4i a
leto* Atutit antd art Iovats of the i us 6va 4 ttit "
the t1m Oflt a new iluminatlo6 system In the JW- tt -,To al yL. 1Z :It a
S'."the first Art galley in the Canal Zone to ive. rr 5eiir thos A a ny .
i^n ^to the prtsentition ofa rt wotk. (The LibrAry Mtlseumt CSiAC pi
-:Ae Civil Aftrs Building has illuminated, cabe but they- f tor dM
material shown to l6cal subject matter.) etItbatATor whi
!Al'.f L years under te r thme*hm Of .Ofthe 0" O .ia. rt rnt 11i0ll
i. It is it ulmet comer-in thisturbulent erdeads Amrea W am 4 te
h; ~-6ile i Ay tlax and enjoy th beautiful in bOth t and -r .- m o ie
6Jewish Wifar. center certainly contributes in an "a
the culture advancement of -te Isthmus byt-1 je i d
i musicians a d literary people and present ting I et't.i :P t t t!,,03o1:ua
~ilble. iA Followit of the Adrts& ih il

\ pe onsi reponible for there being io 1rCad ot on Id 'in t
S coealsies on two week ends in row should havt his r
St y will iv hm a rd ra ? Ate all .. "
Ip -tey that-V nto btse main idea thasy .stys.H
I- I U united States Today M
SCN S By ColbMrith ly eter .- on

tt1W f Ii4) ala >& g^ ^nTeid1M 414
about4u l;thelCn Oid l-tr-4166tD W. W0.lllsaftiowrgoi-lit km MI AW wau
e I even toar a.s a far difterentt country te6m what it *al *40n In a eame IBftV oft I me.
et it. n thDe mocrats took over 20 yer lThe anuftet lat haiv tover i th
to uI iM h changes are worth eAmining ai a ter of If u re
Sine ieer = growth, and not just a matter of pon- half f what used
d 'I j e pal 4sal I( and tdt. double. Statistlill.
I. rom one point ofview, the United StatesIs eome ha um rom a er in to
Swhr it i tody in Spite of the last yeso t n iatan .
r ti.ol or tht is years ofeoia tn ore are 'th
ate iRQ%4 hot war an1 04,
TA fir61b" m aof Anothe r W -a .
1A* ation ove -tae tlkn 4t44 of'afd of pavert 1'. ufte ori ( sa.Jaer 9

we ot ne *oth trat TodaythU. S p and 5 < s- ?

L7 \i i. ,I+.t. io, w
toobntthade 4m
Inn-e. were Just being draserural

e to the mon I doubled, from O t 4 .
u e administration. reports th 0- er it n Te 6f

SA t P ndaM te r are down 27 ent. Robry 00 realm f, i
SW(a da WU. ,M per cent and au t.ftu down S .
lary Is bout Air.
"s t worry about breaking the v.e--mother *d te; i 7sSO r. ea ut u p ercn
I WaM yearsold6ftmuttthavvbeen worn out anywy peFcent ooon i p
S .. -.+ .-. o f ..., AI o llM achooT attendance Inkreau Sai"- NW co*U
-- nion to 29 unon isn't nt stmanlIn- for ta"6 r naw o
.. .. "" ... to Previous Puzzle ion to mill i I
..... .) u, 1h
'A ltr.Oobrd'his iafrx I Ifri $bclou tf tuwp,0
WeTh 3 ,Int to hedbiI C f in tho'usaJI MOh total deaIIth rate toO b Iuew emsto
A attee.dd tO dfaroota hr i llm n I no n I_ -it
n... 4Xtrti fiand 5no As 'or1 1 for UA
Sft ur in the.Of ter to a&I *ore t food and mne p dof Wory that. i
SS allten s and St artsll Th.eyI .----..

Si .lent 26 Natural fat 41 Corn e a dpa more Wa l -
pWise Cupoa ST7Presclesee 42 GOiter wast event wa the DlublsttlnT .. .
.+.i whj.l. ewle Semplover 43Polynesin of eil firt volu meot Ofnd1urg'l MA ABIIOUT TO$1i. e "e" .
J7 lni this place Commeaunist plant atoblogrphy covering the fifst as la 8
t F-leatitMMul 3I1 8weater wool 44 Again years of nslif his boy The Dake A DaghagtriadS
3 OAmuat 8Muedltatad 40 Worn on the hood Jn the Ridlesterni Prse has tbyke sysyy
i 0meatet 3 Orange legs town of Galesburg. tilinois his Pattlek'i few. 7
quantity bleon ol 47 MIicker | o o M tin.t ITst I a- wg tl h ve a

y herew 4F0 lthuaslsn 45 Gir' Ism oud the cI fu atr' e sd a9 -
ts best known poems. .

tcetlaea parttsf rof the l r elr o. h or ,I Itd betM_

to one of his o wn I' I
r reflecting his rparent- in
e .. ..= and espreuu faith that 1it ltht fl neok o tieh

Pie, ,the youn g "t i n -f
TodaY, the author of te f ._

7'" .1da oh i k ..
I" : :""i illIII lRion m~.+ ?

w .. u
. I 4. + a ^-s

Seolleo a. W i.--, u :a
eteeM fma 6 f W
Aid tono"rtl> Iit athe t&r~

4( '. f '

1* .~
V. -
:. .-

L '. .l.
? -r, ,'
I ::~~.: .

^ 1

*^:- CAit -ii
v *V- r. V .I-^t
** id'- r it ain'
It M w j 1M4'ba'

sad meas evers. G-e--

1 .nt. Cmat l Aem

b"-T = he'; .t'.".
*at ,.- .;

?. 5;

7..W J


I -.~_-- -r---------- ---- ---- ~-~--:---~----

i 1


*-k g, e, ^. r"T .^^ ,.e **<' ,
+* -. -" r '.*. : *..

4" 1*h '**4B'4!ik^ iftNi~e


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!i~6A ~
~ *1

l~t ~
E~W ~U1
I i-v ~

ms C .e. is
ti. For ale at

i .. .it -j. i i.
vnatlh's wma r .LiiX t T"proor et, l m of
or fvtrtu and e ~l t 1*, Jewels
e ::rto n i ,. '..



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............. ......*
" ,''*..- : '*- *4.*.* ** *




WIr US eu





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:j .

AC:. o ,o.' Price OfCigarets Ike's In ogural NOTICE
-,,1.. ', 1.* .. .., .6o UP O r 2 To Feoi-re ix .N
k T Cents On May 1 B i1Nahr Bands rwish to umakkeble ftatmeitthat. er5
.... -. .",, ..r.., ." to me oilthe[jibh of Novemiber, 195Y, the h a.. ",
.OA d S WASIMINHON, Jn. fIUP)- Te manuami Ccn Col setuta nsC e., M a lae teod NO.
NEW !WK Jan. 8 (UP R aubieaf offielala announced s*Oet to rfnaet City,. Aie b A. s i rra
[. tVa o 'tA- Smokers cad expect to pay a tuatat bstsixbl-panime Sws*operativiiThis rameor was i ea age .
t t S-n, :n:, penny 2r Tit- Fe e pe pack of thePOPEiY wh.iftearesi A i wag
n r.ecg: penny or .$ more per pack of orchestras wnll pla at the Eisen- This statement In made with the purposeias m. k pubgl4
'- .. n Jr., cigarette 0 price controls go hower inaugural sall. I ,4 not beb either room Ates Jihmoner w *ywim a
te of MPrWl- out A 6 a tobacco expert Bands almady lined up for the whatoever.sImply I have eblaied the rights le um te- lm -e
n s"an p red[. pY Jan. 20 event are thow of Guy Jo h s s ad.,e EUS o IoMA. wham I i e, ma Mhe
n aani Ira- In the QU tt Issue of Print- Lombardo. Wayne King. Mbeyer aythig to** with Autes *lumn's or Sea JyM ursi
5erf 2 u Woolt ten Davi. mi. Coleman. Noble .watim an. before or after the Ith ef. J oy
lie. it U e dr. ri Sdethe cigarette Siaile and te U.- 8. Maane. N. IhMAL.,
robth MMr'* M control remordd. smokers
U pwill a least one cent a POR SALE: 1I4 Oldadble,
M I ol @r 65 the "uf te tmcat 4,D Fack for regular-sized caig. dor eda n, usumie
IA M ease our peaw e as ocriStic e- The acq consultant said, vers,' an 5 good Ures.
aM iftd tiranWn roig ,l `1 tMet rint SMOOT-H u"pICtTT.S.A.
'M e.W -t trouble ma. c b mee or t-size brands 1t h lt. ICU. b t de Jals
-a .-i been u stl--'ted." o Will go't 4 two cents C.OMM T el. Herbert only deals

(1s po Snew nate Democratic with TAHiTI
La w naentamu l We .Sen. L on B. Johnson -
Sadaustmte in of cal the i ne -a
by tta a Canal d c r of f A H OF GL AMOR

ra t M re agal!t fa.lle Ther we te r- t pr d *sokers
1",- % p the .-.IT-A -TOUCH OF GLAMOR '

S, coadutttruc.on Inepe tver hint Senate e i. rpbl
Ss WACted to nationlS de- cat lea r bert A. 'nft o -
6 (e; *(79.7 mllios, In the re- OP eaer
tg q at al values of th e red A uk of In A.? TO Begi P T g ^-,.
a t.if ll ongu ne o L. tro1 e .

peagt p lllrlaesin Gite 'eTtdltm, a^le, Nat e- mi
hatt ft- S on of t A policy haaes e. t
Staus tbleave the principal's rffle between 30
er adminBtrat on with le this and 30 m on Mondays and
country over faced." Thursdays through Jan 22
f.LWf.e ol, r being offi ered and
He said the Presidenti' d- expected to continue include
dress was "more a message on Bookmee tallaring, -dress-
twe state of the Soviet nIon making, nT alg, typewrit-
rew clar will be orgapined

re-io.,t or emploment status. ....TH -,TO
SIXloo" o adt w r enon iterm fo the; &me .- At .L

111_r all studenrA.

Members of Jusce Left o'Sno wb. DaR1nge'S eit011
raw, 11% InorTo toeHeld SAnday
1all to eofficeo ,starI

t 4t4%uWiluse.
;ae f he ovetUnon akng mz'A' *A tW -t I"
ling ahothad. '" '





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* ~~~iw ",

.1 *, -.



Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures

Ike Calls For Pre-Inaugural I Shininn &,AirLine Newo
g nipp ~ Ai r-n New OIIE~


wa er seats. gou Bsnaps
and condition. For male at
16th St. Central Ave.
Col6a. TeL .


9 YW g C
Easy payments forI
1th St. Central
Coldn. Tel. S

male at


IBAL 2121 PANAMA 2-2804 COLO 01


Good News and Bad


I u M oPrI~

," ,.

S:. ., b -.
. Pelibbla--V

i A .. t.- '

y Ai


Caught Napping



'U -

wIP ,, .TO TA "*
Parley With High Command Eastern r Lines when Amerean World A
Do Record-Breaking ways' Fh ht 515 sped from Lo
o- Business in 192 Angeles to Guatemala City in
NEW YORK. Jan 8 < UP, is in Florida on a vacation, might only seven hours and 41 minutes.
lredent-elect Eisenhower yes-, not return in time to attend the ATLANTA, Jan. 8 (UP)-East- The time was 33 minutes ftt.-
erdv summoned his entire 22-Im eting. ern Air Lines today reported a o er than the former mark for Ue
Member hich command to af ull-' Eisenhower met for 30 minutes record-breaking business in 1952. 2,235-mile nonstop trip.
dres pre-insueural conference todav with Hugh Baillie. presi- with traffic and revenues the
bere next week to chart the i dent of the United Press. The highest in the company's 25-year Capt. Clarence H. Smith of
*urse of his admmistrationl. two men became friends nine history. Miami was at the controls the
The cll to the conference,I years ago when the general was New Year' aDay flight.
scheduledd for Monday and Tues- commander of all Allied forces in Capt. Eddie Ricienbacker,
day, went oui to Vice president- the North African theater of op- president and general manager, .__ __l__ IOKt- AND iV 5
elect Richard M. Nixon. nine rations and the U.P. president said the airline carried 4,000,000
cabinet members and other top was at the front reporting the passengers a total of 2,100,0,000,000W
appointees. The secretaries of war. miles in 1952 an increase of 14 P
Navy, Air Force and Army were per cent in passenger miles over
aot invited. 1951.
James C. Hagerty .-Eisenhw-UTHMILLETTSays
her's ress secretary., announceRUTH MILLE Says In the year-end review, Rick-
it would be "the first full meet- enbacker predicted "ever greater
tIn of the new administration" records for air travel in 1953." ,
He maid there would be a ge- Heres a wife who wans o He Californid EaGuastern expects to car-

n b skd au h e sa idH bet 'a It swm shsod s to m e n b ut p eed R eco rd P lla W0
eral round-table conference on know what she can do to keep some 5.000,000 passengers In
Commodore Hotel. -here Eisen- around town on tall games, etc.
hower's "42nd Street W h I Le She says. "We live comfort- .
House" is 1pcated The confer- ably but we could certainly use
enes may break up into smaller the money. my husband loses on California-nGuatemala
groups on Tuesday. he said. bets. It seems so silly to me, but Speed Record Falls
Nagerty said the meetings what I think doesn't seem to T o l wlW O
"will be devoted to a general dis- influence my husband in the To a PAA Constellation went
eussion of problems confronting least. I will admit that he hasn't the honor of setting the first U l m Tu
mestic and foreign." vagances." ft
The call to the meeting wasMA
issued following an informal Maybe it Isn't worth fighting ALEBlkLE
conference on world problems about. Most men have some ex- FOR SALE: very ood B .
held bv Eisenhower and Britain's travagances. and if betting is R o a ds aster, very good
Prime Minister Winston Church- your husband's only one and he transportation. easy pay- th AV.
ill last night. It was made only doesn't bet large sums, perhaps mentst
two weeks before Eisenhower's you had better just try to be SMOOT Y HUNNICUTT., S.A. | T IO Rl 1 m
Inauguration as president, tolerant of It. 16th St. Central Av. ..
Co16n. Tel. 8O
Eisenhower's o n I v previous It naturally seems like a waste
conference with a group of his of money to you. for it la a waste
cabinet appointees took place a- to lose money betting. But there
board the cruiser USS Helena are limits beyond which a wife
when he was en route here from should not go in trying to tell
Xorea last month. Five cabinet her husband how he can and ITE FRUIT O M A
aopointees Joined him In the voy- can't spend the money he earns.
t week's meetings will mark After all, he does earn it. And
9 st time Nixon has attend- he spends the biggest share of
a O administration confer- it seeing to it that his family Great White Fe
erof ea ew lives comfortably. If he wants to
rs of the cabinet who waste some of it. there Isn't
At id are: John Foster much you can do without creat-
State. Charles E. Wilson. Ing a great deal of unpleasant- Arr"tes
; George M. Humohrey, ness and perhaps even making NEW ORLEANS SERVICE Cristobal
Herbert Brownell. Jr., your husband feel henpecked.
y general: ArthurE. Sum- your husband feel henpecked. SS. "LEMPA" ........................ ....... Jan. a
I. postmaster general: so st thinking what *S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................................Jan. 11 .
S .o sto p th in k in g o f w h a t yo u .. ... ..... ... ., r
McKay, Interior. Ezra s a vo S.S. "TOLTEC" ....................................Jan. 13 C" ,b
son. Arculture Sin-u with the money your S.S. "LEVERS BEND" ........... .............Jan. 15
b Weeks. Commerce. andJ hand loses. That will just "" "AZTEC" .............................Jan. 28
-M"'1Win P. Durkin. Labor. make you unhappy and it won't
* The agency heads of cabinet get you anywhere, either.
stature who were invited are: In marriage you haveerated Chled and Gent Cmm
.arl. IT E t irectr foallowiiances for faults and frail- mUa afIseriatdCled mmud I GbIl C
.a so Ec Statsen,. doctor Ci ties and differences of opinion.
Hobby federal security admin- You can't expect a man to r.
r ar dJo sh M. Dodge agree with you and 0p ase you SERVICE
d tr- of the budget. In everything. -E-.V
Cabot Lodge, Jr.. named S.S. "JAMICA" 1
43 chief U. S. delegate to the Accept the fact that you've S.S. "JAMAICA" ............................Jan. Il
United Ntfions also was invited mnarrie4. a man who likes to. 8.8. "FRA BERLANGA"....................... a 13 13
awere the eisht White House make a bet now and then and S.S. "CAPE AVINOF" ............................ I
atrve a lffrmers: who consequentlv Is going to lose 8.S. "VINDEGGEN" ........................... P .
t Adamr slstahto tthe some iqpy occasionally.
fteident: Hagerty, Thom E. -ranm tris Jj i s N
ttephens, special counsel: Em- Unless he is really depriving -m ca=nb u*
met J. Hughes, Dr. Gabriel his family of the necessities of
lEuwe, and Robert Cutler. ad- life by his betting, and you make i.
ministratlvi assistants: Wilton It clear that he Isan't keeping Passenger Sallnge to C ...
B. Persons. special assistant, and peace in the family is certainly New Orleans via Tela. Hondwrs ..i
Arthur H. Vandenberg, Jr.. sec- more important than anything
retary. you could buy with the money S.S. "CHIBIQUI" .............................;...Jan. 13
Hagerty said Vandenberg, who be loses. S.. "CHIRIQUI" ................................Jan. 27
4Weey Maurlip on twelve Paeauer Sipfs to New Woir, MebIa.
B II | Churluuton Lou Angele-. 3m Franetsco and Seaftlng
1949 Dodge 4-door Sedan, 1951 "MG" 2-door Conver- LK Z BCSloade
l _th_ *1 red shc tible. ver good condition I

Not, So
- ".'~

Open Secret


.ras .m ..- .



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I&-. FM

; :1"~U.

1]('.'. *
-., .

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.**W) : .~

-wf ^_______ .;. .l. .%
RAE! a mm'4w

..'-.- I
..* ,.'-

.4.~~~~~ 1 .

saw u .



aL A

fA movie e
asaae ag



I' / .

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wl en

"'., 4 -~

muna l oewi o,

WW or *0TV

b we in of ae i

d e w0rir t


Slist with German a-
^Bf~f -B~SS^jT ^"^^y ^^p0



itdU her antd U
'tam due" t

on of which ki
A Am

She wrote Tr

AtU her and tb
OVM tod for S a0

Ofth at wlwahat
Pederal rem

r*: 'L' i

E AY -- LUX Theatre
S. 3:.4, 5.: 7:00, & it# p.n.

.^ i -, .; .


'c society **** -

TIe ( tal au Cluab No. 52 held its regular business
meettlg Tumday evaf at the Eks' Club. At this time plans
were made for the Installation.aad dinner dames to be held
January M at the Club.
*. Fer t- ele, thd husbams of tle members will be
msua gl gats. All who are ateresed la attemdu this affair
are reminded to call Mrs. Dora Bell at Coco Solo 3S to make
reservatloAs, not later than January 14.

,W NW"y~ ?g ^ '
MT. '-~ n. ..

wteting of the
Ul will be held
uary 21 from
at the Ameri-
at Fort Ama-
os for the dol-
ust be made

' *^


- esat lMT Wi AAtgAlbagitan
Win ...-, -

dr^. :,

ld tEinpiitin1: 1941
@lsodae woor Sedan.
ed runtlag condition,

,r'BSi S 8t -- "
,.nl--- *^B

'. '

"e'j ;u~i

-d~c~C e'



S4 Sn Takes

1- niece, Mary Lou Butler, to whom
SMo.z Cain old the title. Miss
L. s student at
h iof 0Mi0DA .
her- j avaded menon of
Wr today el ift. It specified that
the newspaper plant and equip-
".nd mental m1ektgnzed "b tue
S of a wa for d aut iued
by thel-:-milIternal rev-
-A- enu. dMsit of Utialsippl."
and 'y a ot me out of bed
a gla eawe"
* uad ish. euhte .ii ~ m tes I had the
a r0i chal. tw. had ripped
et I dOor the eal .tad torn down the
ntesnatrev-, n 0ettes" owan ad.
U. M to tchs a let-
have r tr encled m the
fout ui sta oe o Y h o obstroctd
tfW" on Thur* preas," Mr.I
W O -and al. "As of theB unl hav t
sack with a 0. on to we that
to fight anIlanm Ret theirI
'6." d. saw eh week 1
Yt rnr I mdes4yed1
R 9n the n the al bare to
Vr m editor and man-
S that tVIv. agr f Sun. Now let's try
fUneetaut eRw & -tqflni. Mr. nocui. The

rat digea W

SPAM& -Jan.U8 (UP) Top-
d .'rakin n ed re s ilentists at
01 a te u lstitute an-
e umned oy a new method
16a 10 tmm. pmduon 9 poll o Tvirus
04 W#"., tP m mid. gritly aidI
e reesares aimed at conqueringI
d her ILepine, t 9ad of the
e o rLt 'a research de tment,
rat e. and V tIM eau e tAted
ecmasa. on their new t n cedure1
9 "1 be to he PFreach Scienwe Academy.d
Sleut Their method eatabis mass-
Lavde twtho of polio aon the
t Into smn toals reo nd dur-
herby niW bet Ing opqt== are paoed In a
aatantloual testa thwan placental section andI
Inaoulated with polio rius. Af-
severalM ro Atine tOr two weeks of "pellmIsmry
es trin 15. 'bre they are transferred
he related witR to a serum.
Aecn 1Cg to their report theI
ue tAbs virus val on the tissue and
he allo e "an abuntlant" harvest.
Their method will replace the
the ao ti current systems of breeding po-
lio virus oan human embryos and
uat fadtoi tv6 sx woq of monkeys whleh.
aon e th% sl, paved inadequate in
A Dual mso rp te ."

each Brow ufUt M
compu.tedb ,. ; .
Com SoMt Wemm'k Iiub
The Women's Cla b
Bolito will held .their
meeting Jsanvyr 12 at
m. at the elubouM. .-
96. *
Election of new offlM ir
welcomed. A
The Club sponsored a
at the White Hats Club
eoa ota on NW Ta '
Eight door prtiM were
for this oeesa A o ekb
ated by the Goveror at
Province of Colqu. Joa
Gonzales was won by

CIO Stewerds
Meet Tonight -
A meeting of the.
Steward's Council will be
tonight in the office
occupied by the Critobalen.
ter of Local 900. OC -OC .
The meeting will featuu a
New Year's program.

Ithmian Star Lodge
To Elect New Offleekw
The Ithmlan Star Lode $o.
13, I.U.O.M, P.S. will d ho
first regular general meettn g
1963 at the uial me tnmwO
tomtrow night -e on=li
S o'clock.
Nomination and eleetloit of etf
flnoer l lated to be held at
this meeting. F

S v*DT V 1NeCU-, 1.
Ufib St. Central A&M

SAW 41

.4P, -

1Mrs Hooats, retir-
i p e t, oft at hr
Smeetn, Tuesday, and took
this opportunity to express her
r of the work of her
offers giving them Indivi-
dual gist.
Mrs. Hildreth'Turner donated
the white elephant, shd It was
won by rs. Lee Larrison.
The new qffclers for 1953
are: preldent- Mrs. Helen
Morrison, vicepresedent- Mrs.
Jane Huldqult, chaplain -
Mr. Marguerite Ashton; Mar-
shal- Mrs. Dora Sell; asist-
ant Marshal- Ms. Fanny Ka-
plan; Treasurer and Financial
Secretary- Mrs. Vera FPar-
berg; Corresponding Secretary
-Mrs. Lillian O'Hayer; Record-
ing Secretary- Mrs. Lee Lar-
rison; Press Correspondent -
Mrs. Geraldine Cellucci; Histo-
rian- Mrs Billy Crump; 1st
guard- Mrs. Dorothy La Crotx
and 2nd guard- Mrs. Thelma
The meeting and social eve-
ning Was closed with the serv-
ing of refreshments by the hos-
teses Mrs. Turner and Mrs.
Jeannette Cain.
Mrs. Stvens Hftees For
Mernain Coffee
An Informal morning coffee
was held at the home of Mrs.
L. E. Btevens, of 'Oatun, for
the members of her sewing
club, Tuesday.
The ladles who'called were:
Mts. Fred Willoughb and Miss
Ardi Wlloughby Mrs. T. F.
Peh, Mrs. Sam Mauldin, Mrs.
Carl Nix, Mrs. Lee Nash and
Mrs. John Claytor.
Captain and Mrs. Bench
Receiving Cenratulations
Captain and Mrs. u gene
Benton Bench, of Albrook Field,
are receiving congratulations
oa the birth of a son, Jan. 3,
at the Fort Clayton Hospital.
The baby has been named
Stephen Lindale.
The maternal grandparents
ara Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Pas-
salltigue of Colon. Mrs. Bench
was the former Miss Shirley
Passallaigue. The paternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
SIdney B. Bench, Sr. of Win-
netka, Illinols.
GOld CMoat OrhMu Soolety
*010koo.i sOorot, -el
dd at the meeting of e
Closes. Orchid Socle y,
whlah wee held Monday ele-
Alag at the Trefoil House in
This was "prime" night for
the Society Mrs. Rdes Aldrich
dunated three orchid plants
and Mr. R T. Ray donated ten
as door prizes. So everybody
who did not have plants of
thesean types won one.
The meeting was concluded,
with refreshments served by
the host and hostess, Sergeant
and Mrs. Allen Lloyd.
Mrs, Wilaam Ewing was a
gueet for the evening and the
other members present were:
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Cad-
dell, Mr. and Mrs. Croft. Mr.
and Mrs. T. W. Feels, Mr. and
Mrs. Louis Schuberg, Mr. Hen-
ry Butcher, Sergeant and Mrs.
vid C. arshaw, and Cap-
All ts of the Atlantic
$de, who art interested in the
sdleetift and growing of or-
chidA .ri co iially Invited to
atten&j utmeei ngs of the ,o-

ib'"WEA-Im iVi Of


JL-O --Six delicious favon. to
" you fabulous deafset for
a sng!


|- .

-'- ""'

"t ...'

- -: ~


4' ~j



Fire lIftumeto

Car and Liability Insurance

QOOA..- Telophohe 537

JlU-@ P oDlmm in three
marvelous flavors chocolate.
vuia laad, caramel ceaumy
am luscious!I

JBL.4 RAN-A new mam e
doe fumily. wf a real bm
mde Savor, q ik ad y to
9,dwl a

MUt UmN ywe do yewr Aopi.a f. .* l
*w"oatl p"edwea aad ypu'Il ow ways *ed i
_ pe dei'ou deewla

--- --

Make Ba ley Water

at home .. 0


this easy way

,I ." it" w m 'oo*
paste in cold water.


with the Neighborhood chair-
men by January 17.
Reservations will be taken on
the Atlantic Side by Mrs. E. F.
MoCleland in Ne Oristobal,
Mrs..G. T. Mathews In Coco So-
lo, Mrs. Wlflan Dtzop In Mar.
1arita, MrS. George Marsh for
Fort Gulick and Fort Davis,
Mrs. Lee Nash for Gatun, and
Mrs. Paul O'Bryan for Fort
Birth Announced at
Fort GuUlick
Sergeant and Mrs. Neil Scot-
to, of Port Gulick announce
the birth of their second child,
a daughter, born New Year's
Day nt the Naval Hospital at
Coco Solo The little lady has
been named Judy Anne.
Town Tree burning inGat O
The annual treeburnlng for
the residents of Oatun,. spon-
sored by the Civic Council, will
be held Friday, starting at 6;00
p.m. at the Block House. Char-
coal burners will be furnished
to cook oi and soft drinks will
be on sale.
The trees will be burned at
Scents To Have Tree Bmiag
Troop 6, Boy Scouts of New
Cristobal, under the leadership
of Mr. N. B. Davison is having
a tree burning Saturday, Jan-
uary 10, at 7:00 p.m. on the
Point in New Cristobal.
All Olrl Scouts, Mariners.
Brownies, Boy Scouts, Cabs, x-
plorers and Sea Scouts of New
Cristobal and their faplles are
cordially invited to attend.
Each soout Is asked to bring
a tree. It is requested that

a~. ,~. ~:

~li ~.


You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classifieds!

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "IH" Street Panamai

No. 12,179 Central Ave. -,- Colon

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

?O R SALE:--Rodio Philco and rec-
ord player. Co. Delvalle Henrn-
"+*quez, 8th St., B Avenue.
fOR SALE: Coldspot refrigerator,
-9.4 cu. ft., 42 lb. freezer. 2L years
old. Quarters 530-D. Cocoli.
FOR SALE:-.-General Electric refri-
gerotor, Magic Chef, stove. Like
new. No. 20, East 51 St. 3-2878.
FOR SALE:-Frigidaire refrigerator,
'25 cycle. 8 ft. Like new. R2-B,
FOR SALE:-9 ft. Westinghouse re-
,frigerator, 25 cycle. Good condi-
tion, all porcelain, $150.00. 531-
D, Cocoli, phone 4-230.
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator 25 cycle,
'Westinghouse, 9 cubic foot, porce-
lain inside and out. $85.00. House
R-6-D Rousseau. Phone 25-3468.
.-FR SALE-Leaving country. House-
hold furniture: livingroom, dining-
; room, kitchen utensils, refriger-
otor, gas stove, dishes. Everything
in good condition. Tel. Panama 3-
FOR SALE:--Refrigerctor, 25 cycle,
perfect condition, $75.00. Estu-
diante Street No. 150, Apt. 1, in
the back, firot floor.
.: SALE:-Beoutiful solid moho-
eny, double-bed, ith Simmons
."Beutyrest mattress, and Beauty-
rest Box spring. Excellent condition.
-. acrific* $90.00. House No. 601-
''A, Ancon Bfvd., at Bohia Place.
^fR SALE:-Dining. table with ee'-
tension and six choirs, $50.00;
nosCi'ina closet $4Q.00. All in excel-
4j lent condition, San Francisco, 13
NkStreet. House 18, phone 3-2681.
FOR SALE:-Simmons Studio Couch.
'. Price $45 00. Phone Balboa 3438t
i SALE:5 Piece livingroom set.
condition. House No. 24,
2 Sth Avenue Son Francisco.

S RPest Eistale
SALE:-$900.CO cash pl
month mortgage, will bu
furnishedi cottage
IC^Oraeach lel. Bal

:=4xcell D
bedroom burigalow o
r meters land. Nice
ir C. Con be financed
'iddlemeh. Tenth Street N;
+'Ira13noisco de la Caleto,

f,;tNT:--'Or For Sale a
t re" country. A complete
i situated in BLUE MOU
every kind of comforts
ric light, water and sw
1. Tel. 3-3539, 2 to 6
SALE:-Two (2) house
t ', intermediary. I 5tb.
itifll. Tel. 3-3539. 2 to*
D. BARB, JR., H. E
cttve Adjustment of the
ntrCture11. Seventh, St.,
833. 8.,A. M. to 8 P. M.

te Trains Rui
o, From Colon
morrow Nigh
he Panama Railroad w
e night trains from
* Panama tomorrow.
at 10 p.m. and leavii
Sat 1lA.'1fl Tim nn th

,",the regular week end
fs we'um arranged pri-
I 0o accommodate basket-
la.-ndf and fans attending
tol at Cristobal but the
ta1 af t train service is

Sal6n de Belieza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Agencia Internacional de Publicacioaes
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

FOR SALE:-51 Oldsmobile 88 in
good condition. For information
house 334, Pedro Miguel, or pnone
FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 5 pas-
senger coupe. Phone Navy 25-
FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 2 Dr
Sedan,' with Power Glide, new car
condition, under 10,000 miles.
May be seen at 1524-C. Govilan
Area, Balboa or call 2-3269.
FOR SALE:-1948 Buick 4-door se-
dan, good tires, radio. Good con-
dition, $725.00. Monthly $42.00.
Tel. 83-6)61. House 2044-B, Cu-
FOR SALE: Bargain 1951 Morris
Minor 4 door, good running con-
dition and tires, only $800 00.
Terms. Tel. 3-4731.
FOR SALE: $350.00, duty paid
1941 DeSoto Sedan, good condi-
tion, radio. House 148-B, Goatun
FOR SALE:- 1948 Chrysler, 4-door
Sedan Windsor Highlander. Origin-
al owner, good condition and good
'rubber all around. Radio & heater
$1,185.00. Call Coco Solo 417.
FOR SALE:-1950 Nash 2-door se-
dan, bed, radio, good conditon.
S$1,100.00. 5647-C, Dioblo. Toi@-
phone 3022 after 5 p. m.

*ANTED TO BUY:-Chevrolet Pick-
up orStation Wagon, -2- or 34 ton
Telephone Balboa 6354.

M;eepllrn .

WANTED: Large. unfurnished or
semi-unfurnished house or apart-
ment for North American family.
Call Miss Rannino at 3.0475 R to

Carlton Drug Store
10.065 Melo des Av.-Phone 255 Col6n

Propaganda, S.A.
"H" Street corner Etudlante 8t.
Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

Do have a dreliklg eeIbl
Wrie Akeesll a. ymew 6I
2031 Anoes. C. .
one way $85. round trip $135 115
day-limit t. $16900. good one year;
to LOS ANGELES, one way. $149.
15., round trip $252.35, 90 day-
limit Panama Dispatch Service op-
posite Ancon bus stop. Tel. Panama

FOR SALE: 1600 VDC 25 cycle
transformer. First $50.00. Phone
Coco Solo 8584
FOR SALE- Gentle young gelding
horse, complete with saddle and
bridle, $60.00. Call Tel. Gamboo

Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re-
ceived in the office of the En-
gineering and Construction Direc-
tor, Panama Canal Company, Bal-
boa He.ghts, Canal Zone, until
10 00 a. m. January 22, 1953.
and then publicly opened, for fur-
nishing all plant, tools, equipment.
labor, services, and materials, and
for performing all work for Re-
pairs to Baffle Piers, Spillway of
Gotun Dam orat Gatun, Canal Zone.
Forms of proposals, specifications.
and full partculars may be ob-
tained from the office of the Con-
tract and Inspection Division.
Room 336. Balboa Heights ITele-
phone 2-4739 or 2-2698). Spe-
cofications and drawings will be
issued on a deposit of $20.00 per
set Deposit will be forfeited if
specifications and drawings are pot
returned within 40 calendar days
after opening of bids.

FOR SALE. Piono upright grand
(excellent condition refrigerator

... .. ..... ...... a ... 6- 0 cycles. Gas stove range fall
4. porcelain I Simmons couch, baby
WANTED TO BUY: Used tires, crib, stroller. Phone 916 Colon.
smooth. Suitable for reconditioning
us for- R6constructora Nacional S. A. No PANAMA CANAL COMPANY
y two- 7, Peru Avenue. Telephone 2-0406 OFFERS MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS
ge ot Panama. __, FOR SALE
IA 'I: o or th dbltoo Sealed bids, for opening In public.
s .t or ur will be received until 10630, A. :A.,
eleor T t3-1984. i January 20, 1953, for Recreational
S ANT Equipment and Parts; Wire Cloth;
oi WANTED: Unfurnished hoaoe or Safety Equipment; Kitchen Appara- apartment with at least 3 bed- tus and Hotel Equipment located at
o 33 rooms. 2 baths. servants quarters, the Balboa Storehouse. Excess Sale
etc., for American family per- Circular No 34 may be obtained
Tel. 3- manently ifi Panama. Write parti- from the office of Superintendent of
culars Box 382 Panama. Coall Pan- Storehouses, Balboa, telephone 2-
house ama 2-2159 during business 2777.
para- hours. FOR SALE PIANO "Acrosonic
NTAIN Elec- Baldwin" 3 months use. Leaving
s Elec- He noted country Tel. 3-3539, 8 a. m. to
rimming_- 4 p. m
Sp m. WANTED--Good cook to cook on-
s with ly. Small family. Very good salary.
Street, Appl Federico Boyd Avenue, No. Position Offered
P p. m.
WANTE. Maid ,ith recom- WANTED.-Young lady for office
S mendatlons to apply for w ork work with stenographic knowledge
at Fort Clayton Maid's Agency, $15.00 weekly. Write to Box 2036
.--Cor- every Friday 8 a. m. Ancon. C. Z
SBTelody FOR ALE Experienced salesgirl for large estab-
Tel. 2- F lO SAL-E lishment Must have good op.
JByop- .. pearance and references. For in-
Boah4. & hKlrhirs terview write P. M. Box 323 Pan-
FOR SALE:-27 foot sail boat and ama.
n 24 HP motor, new sails. In excel-
lent condition sound, sea worthy,e A
M.guel. Call P. M. 4373. A L g
t New bronze propeller shaft, 9 ft. Holds 1is t eelIng
by I 4 inch. Phone 83-6257. C
FOR SALE: 21 HP outboard motor,
ICOlOn nearly new Too small for my boat.,Nex Tuesday Night
leaving Sell or trade for larger motor. Tele-
Pan- phone 83-6257. The newly organized Atlantic
yo sameA__ __ __ _

Judge's Bench

othe general public. A 60-year-old American Navy
employee was charged with dis-
Torderly conduct this morning in
iFI ker the Balboa Magistrate's Court,
s in Half Monday afternoon.
k*' The defendant. Max Cichon, Is
PRANCISCO, Jan. 8 (UP) accused of directing loud and a-
e wires today received a busave language towards a po-
eall from the 10.000-ton llceman. C. L. Gelswite. Cichon
d oil tanker Avanti. "refused to submit to arrest" and
Scall reported that the ship struck Gelswite In the face with
broken In halt in the Pacific his fist when physically placed
r the Marianas Islands and under arrest, according to the
e crewmen had abandoned charge.
pel. Clehon is a cement worker for
b*eme-age said: "The ship the Navy Public Works at Rod-
Ie In two. Eleven men on the man. He was released until the
k part were saved but eight trial on his own recognizance.
p on the front part and 211 A 28-year-old Panamanian.
win a lifeboat are still drift- Domingo Jlmenez. was sentenced
I to serve 30 days in tall on a etL-
If any ship Is nearby please Lv larceny charee
0 help." JImenez was found euiltv of
stealing a gold belt buckle be-
S lCo oidence longing to Alfredo Cortez from a
locker In the mens dressing room
MIMAC. Mlch (UP)-Pa- at the Ancon Clubhouse Jan. 3 at
Mimno s found wal12:30 D.m.
fo on Hud80n An original charge of grand
He entered the indcident i larcenv was dismissed and the
police blotter as occur- petty theft charge substituted
S11:1 a. n., 11-15-. instead. The buckle, evaluated at
I:. W, iLrat 1$ 0, was reduced In worth
~Ito so4.

Vtwett. FM

Praetleally new, 1951
Chevrolet, 4-door S e d a n
wfth power glide. low mile-
ae. For Sale at
10th $1. Central Ave.
O~m, Tel. Of.

Side American Federation of
Government Employes lodge will
hold Its first meeting next Tues-
day evening at the Elks Club on
Gulick Road at 7:30. Persons who
have applied for. or are Inter-
ested In, membership In this
AFGE lodge have been asked to
Wallace C. Bain, temporary
president of the lodge, announc-
ed that several matters of Im-
portance to the future of the
organization will be taken up at
the meeting In addition, Rufus
Lovelady of Lodge 14, Balboa,
will be on hand to give the latest
Information on the rent ques-
tion and other current legisla-
ive matters.
Among the matters for conas-
deration ny the membership of
the new init will be deternmna-
tion as to whether to ask for
reissue of Lodee No. 88's chart-
er or to 4fflliate with No. 14.
Other Items Include the nomina.
tion and election of a tempo-
rary secretary-treasurer, selec-
tion of a regular meeting place
and a regular meeting date, and
a discussion of possible social
activities In connection with

Bain said that all whose ip-
received at this meeting will be
charter members of the noN

perfect conditihe. Leadhw
seat Ccowe. Good tires mA!
body. Bay pax udwin AW
S ale at

Casino Santa Clara. Dance music by
Casino Aces. No reservations ne-
cessary. Saturday and Sunday.
Houses on beach at Santa Clara, also
Cerro Compano. Phone Shrapnel,
Balboa 1389 or see caretaker.
Williams' Santa Clara Beach cot-
tages. 2 bedrooms, refrigeration.
Rockgas rangers. Balboa 2-3050.
Phill. Oceansimde cottages, .Santoa
Clbra. Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Panama S. 1877. Cristobol 3-1673.
Gromlich Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, oa
stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
6-441 Gambo, 4.567 Pedro Mi-

Hou ao
FOR RENT:-Colon large house 3 or
4 bedrooms, large livingroom, 2
baths, srall yard with barbecue
pit, unfurnished. Call Coco Solo
FOR RENT:-To responsible party;
nicely furnished chalet, 3 bed-
rooms, 3 baths; maid room, with
bath; open cellar; excellent neigh-
borhood 38 St. East No. 16.

FOR RENT: Two bedroom chalet,
with baths. maid's room, garage,
$120.00. Tel. 3-0489.

rwo and ,five room furnished and
unfurnished apartments; private en-
closed gardens. 8061 10th Street.
New Cristobol. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Furnished'apartment. 3
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garage, hot
water, maid room. Calle 48 No.
26 .1

FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
apartment in finest Bello.Vista
Section for six months, two bed-1
rooms, two porches, livingroom,
diningroom. maid's room and beth,
dinette, bathroom with J b, kitch-
en, includes refrigerators, stove,
water eater, ,.(reewaJ t.emot
washin* machirw, klffMen Ufhili.
linens, towels aid' silyer. Telephone
Ponoma 3-0382 6r .0383 be.
tweetn 8 and 12 or 2 arid 5,


FOR RENT: Furnished room for
bachelor.c Via Espaoia, 3 houses
after Race Track.
FOR RENT-Furnished room in fam-
ily home to bachelor. East 31st
street No. 4. Apt. 4.
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom furnish.
ed chalet El Valle (Antap) ITele-
phone Panama 3-3493.
FOR RENT:-Furn.shed roan with or
without meals. Telephone 3-4625.
No 34. 45th Street.

Bethel Mission

To Ordain Deecon

Cleophas 0. Clarke, an ardent
member of the Bethi-Aullto
Church for the paut years,
will be ordained of the
church tomorrow 7:0.
Clarke has aervedO hurch
as Sunday school al .
ant, young people'
church measure'ss 1 b
The pastor, Elder W. N. Stew.
art, said the ondinatk.lpr
cede a week of evan~ r.
vices beginning Mon

Training Jourmi,
Presents Art4
By C. A. DubiV
An article by C. A, Dubbi
Training Officer in the
Bureau of the Canal
tlon, appeared In a
of "The Joual
The- three pae
with the Canal'l
program ed

tatio of new IRSeL

Christian S aen'ce
Program Schodtfb*
Over HOC Ton
A trancrbeCd
proaran reul a I
oo the eod Tu
month. be bM
over NOO at 7 4 11
nounced 3XE

to Dt

Miani"uil for 13 words.
Sc. each additional word.


It costs so more to protect
and beautify concrete
with -
wSat~proof coatings.
Ask for descriptive folder
Imd color chart
79 Central Av.
Tel. 3-O4e,

W Ia ow-aw

t wr ite i xtu. SLA.
Shipp moving. storage.
We pabk and Orat* or --*
anything. 'Phone 2.-561.
2-2662, PanamL.

Household E umge
41 Autormem Bow






a u

alnt le


bst~ ~v~dttod tm 10 RpNa no uAgna ,qI*UEB

YourC In M" e"Qa; tftli w i3.


SPts t t U.

Today, tumrsiay, Ja. I
3:3--Musi for Thursday
4:15---b W
4:3--WbKt. Yu Favorite
b:30-NWi tikelaI Au6er:
l:3f-Wo-h dr raorl.t

8:00-LA FAB 0N
7:3-, 5 ---

p tq '


1 A.


ono ;

'. .. .

'*' AAmo

I. TO .1
usa -

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TOMQRRow 1e30 P.M.

Lulle SALL William BENDIX


l M, b.bW -A"rt& y Ofny s"0 .~.M
*r Shows: 7:00 915 p.m. 4-


I lex rKberehi. AFts righ,
fielder, nt on an exh st i on
claw fielding for ti e bet In
oue play. of the yoWg sea-
io. I the third Ianni Ale
b Pearson of a sure ban
by making a nice one-hand-
"e running catch in right center-
field and followed this play la
the fourth with a perfect throw
to the plate to catch Frankle
Townsend trying to score from
second base on Johnny Chase's
sinaleJ right field.
SomUof the boys found their
batting eyes yesterday with Mar-
ty Sala. Johnvn Chase, Jeff
time and Jimmie Price all slakn-
mIng out long two-base hits.
Balas was the leading hitter of
the game, collecting three hits in
four tripe to the plate and field-
ing his second base positloo in
bi league style having six as-
iats in the Name.
Johnny chase, 8mokle first
sacker, led his team at the plate
garnerkm a single in addition to
his double in three trips to the
Today the Elks- and Lincoln
Life will both be looking for their
first win with the possible pitch-
g select on being Danny Des-
Londes for th Biks and Corbin
McOrif 2W the Lifers.
bs.4.... 4 0 1 1
allace, .. .. 4 0 0 1 0
Nai, iU........ 2 0 1 0 0
ee.b.. .. .. 8 0 0 1 0 2 1 0 5 0
*. rt 2 1 0 1 1
Bran .n. l 0 0 10
xlmendo .... 1 0 0 0

Total .. .. .. .. M -2 6 15

adsAb ..2 0
aMe. .... .. 1 l
rq.tb .. 3 0
S .. I "
bb. 4 .. 1 L

le. I ...... 1
wnn"d ff.. 3 1

0 0
2 6
0 2
1 10
1 0
0 0
1 0
1 0
1 0

.. ...... 21 8 7 18



ShOws 1:11 3:48, :M, i .
Kirk DOUGLAS Elisabeth

The two love stories of 9 4 __j____
one woman! .S
P A L A" R oooInM
Loretta Mbeth SylTasger
TOUNgQ Joean Fontalbe
Ken -_In__

Astonm In The south PMate... I
with Pa oaroab

TACK of SAMiI __


wAlOOl At :00 p..A.
$115. In 1risea!
Dale aberSO In
AMe: -
lchard Wuhmark, in
-lug Moolo

Maria %Vitri`, in
"- AoCAN e A LA


SSo 1" the Pub s
At 6:00 and *:00 p..
Rod Cammron, tn
Alo: -
-prams or mrstAM

'Ym 01 maW i


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-rm man .

f D A L 'a- Io tt-

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te Teen-Age League C.H.S.Tops Balboa High i

erwavy Saturday A.M. In Thrilling Basketball Cosest
-0 -
1I t*e r TUE STANDINGS Itacey added nine peto to J`
lo,, and eto-- Won Lost Pet. 14th cGmese a
Pacific Softball League a \. sm.,.......w :> i. Utice andp
C .eg .. .n. ..s 2 0 1.00 Unnoticed and s l
.-- the o o e first Pony Junior College.. .. 1 2 .333 aided are the preliminary
01 .tiM *STANDmSOS the hitting power told him that S .'ge ofthsouh when Be8 t that Jnayir vt te S
ee- t-'he Baxter team had. aralsse TUhAreUnt JiorLT O s t
^Won a I' S" AB w w lea e ta BOt Ine baing ond the or t 11e RESULTT I c wa y nigt- Roberon t.... O .1 A"
"S asa A Woolls yhe C Worrt r s the Stu L .S aml sofBS4 1rmn&u.s o C rianstaltHighs is114on
lr u wa ,B hattimr at's chalklng up St. Vincent al mee the IRed FRIDA AE e n he 1
.l ...... < n tch e 8 e a ]o r tomr rlo TS e aitei p (At Cristobal event with a thrtlling met
frI4 t rlat1eo, One Salong homer tu This league has bele no- CHS v Junior College. theirwn in which Cia
O l... s 1e in *h ]r 0p. Wo C. 8 As l mt r on ace, the i T o wn n ..h10 21 18
t n the firt and. a solid izea iy the Canal ZeAG&-. P* t

.....oA. ,, ., uler t 0tte eurtrlltDss -- tob ain came ou a ntop. For .
S e double ~i'p the fifth. Bob Lawyer. .te .ba..l -The Cristoba i High School Tg- CS Junior v.. .iti. It

ter mall thebrondid nar have Cin th e 1 1 oth qattloed mate Bat- Marer .. .. .. 1 3 5
(Bi _ULEAb alw nfiru eor era maintained their undefeated f orteenth consecutive t

toUfirst. theI% LB te Sb o Leaguote theA atusandeemheaded towards toberi undefeated In more
L For Pan quldo. the ir five hits te League third consecutive basketball two years of play.
werecattered, the only xtr1 ddy Prince. a t members o .

sen t n o -o l oou 0o in t match at Salter ...... 1 4
d drove a fours akerr to deep left La s Atlvtes. Cristobal Tuesda night. Peltynovich. 3 7 3
center. Fv ee teams comprise this Thev ctra v snot ante Totals .... .. 1 10
|T o up'ut a e o, The boc" "- Te r ilue, the fifth one being one for the was nte Bun- Rob 0 2
It.^..* twin two t,~soa*, T J 0. It wasl not s- Roberso ..... 0 1 1 ,
Sw- b e 6 uI thefinal three minuteofbplav Constantine .. 0 0 2

a Surprise. s.. ........ 1 1 1 g atu rd wi. b .Ac mopl othat the C capers started tochelbiCer ......0 1 0 4
SWith a new pitcher rrA T hit and nroved out to the coraN ag........ 3 1 2t
sl.e look like wh o adeI b., ...... ; I wee. o -hi page. won. As a matter of fact, morerTotals1.......0 21 16 41
Sa. m .oke lla er'Tha o l .. .. .. 2 i m 0 0 often than once during the game
li hee ha the ii .. l A:: 1 0 0 the fahs were brought to their B S- nFG S "ti
Ig I moud ,tlml o a.- 0 ks lL feet bythrllngplays. UPbto bet- Nicklaher .... 0 3 5
eh laMstls ndt the alond 3. RET erE 0 0 ter than midwatEv vtbrmh tie Tr ncoso. .... 2 0 1 4

between the dog and The Firemen, with three-run tobal scored 11 and lkeat the outlMay.nd opposition by .5
Ratbe de b sP to a ralles .n the th1r ffth l n- might score the biggest rod- Stoper .. in 2 0 2 .
lht wllbe feature attrac- r ketball ucset of the year. David on .... 0 1
t J Totalsl .. W a o........... BOth teams started slowly. Stacey.. .. .. 3 h IS3

ortAadorandl e Whough a bt wild In the bal' TopuperDidoer showing tohe Boyd0 5 2 a-
S:4N. T me early Innings hel the dge- andfor the ulled adurin the -n
Sa. r lu bry.2.f to aa3 0 1 PACIFIC m d opponetAG u first Stanza with some topnotnM TotaTls..I.. ... 16 19
t. e- ad -. ,Dl fee, STANDIe p even basketball and five points of hl 1ais
ll e but le 1mokies bunched the home team wound Itus S
1i0L TE-aWo aOt Ai...Lh o. a -poIntmargin.9thir thre-r a Sportsnnhor. ta
Feau resIUI tlsl l ... I ButtheBulldoswereno lyn
1.014-point second 41terr while Mogrut' W. Va.
Cage winbill .......2... 1Crtobal'shbesteffort broughtTher .,
Pos,.0t..m..... .. 1 0 01 f' 1 i ve ylI
.5 TSTDAY'S RESUIT In the t h I r d quarter it was
atl bakAet ei 2s6 5 5 Fireman 6 AFOE 2. Isaac Pel ovigh who came to NA-ROW MARGIN
l.m /A1T' b # u i Elks vs. Lincoln Life. thick of the fight. While the Statisticians reveal that Un,.
a.t, O lf nI I.h P & ..uiDO 1 i2uuIuO..-Cristobeliefdense wLs limiting vera ty of Miamis f.bllta
tmehtwe enthe Vudopan dITheFiremen,.with three-run-tobah Scored 11 and te
1: 1m... t&teBalboaI. i ertor allies inthetird and fifth three-run fthethird 11 at theInches per play I 196.
night wi all,-De ithetfeainregaKn -Inns for all their runs, defeated 27 count. The lead changed
fo o twinbo. AFO 6 tO 2 yesterday afternoon hands no less than three times

l1, Am. |l and .. del although a bit wild in therbal's superiority. b tga n -gshow wtk .g U sia
alof:45. The gname.. Of Inningts, heli the Lodge-andthe Dulled&away In the fin-
mound _r. ,u f high-msoring hoes with 1A

,,.. .- ..... ... .,o..a-"S,,,. ,,,

, .. -


-~ 5~ -


-- m

L" *,t


. I

.%q i N, -


..": 'p. :i";~:~


: L t 1 1 i ..MAA I i 1
iff ~+. '-HU .^H ^B- -f '. .r- --- W-

.t .-


,Ga vilan,








"Let the pioupl know thf truth and the country is safe" Abraham ULaeoln.


Anti-German Bidaulf Named


JARIS, Jan. 8 tUP).-French were some basic changes.
Premier Rene 'Mayer announced Rumors has had It for
today that he was ready to pre- months that the 66-year-old
sent a new light-ot-center cab- Schuman, an extremely virtu-
Inet for parliamentary approval. ous man in private life, In-
A major charge was that tended to retire to a monas-
Oeorges Bidault, who signed a tery, but Schuman has main-
30- year pact of mutual assist- tained that he has no such in-
ance with Russia against Ger- tention so long as he can play
man aggresison, will be the new a role in building a United Eu-
loreign minister rope.
Sixteen of the men who served Outside of a probable slight
in the outgoing go'vermuinit of stiffening of French foreign pol-
ktemier AntpIne Pinay are in- icy, particularly a slowing of the
eluded in the new cabinet list Schuman policy towards unifica-
Whicn May r nupes the Nationai tion of Europe, the new Mayer
Assembly will confirm. cabinet had only one other
Seven of those who held posts change.
in the last government, includ- A new party entered the coali-
lag -ir.ay, nave been dropped tion, which, as tradition de-
from the new combine t io n, mands, was formally presented
whose political center of gravity to President Vincent Auriol at
is about the samev'ts4ne outgo- the presidential palace at 1:10
Ing ca.inet. D.m.
Outgoing foreign minister The 32 member "Action Re-
Robert Schuman, architect of
trance's "united Lurope" po-
and head of the Qa dor-n
1the major personality dropped

h obli Secretary Of
He will be replaced by Bidault,
a fellow leader in the Roman cry J
Oktholic Popular Repub I i c a n
Party (MRP) and the man who By DREW
preeded Schuman as foreign af- B
ars minister.
When Bidault returned from WA HINGTON, Jan. 8 The
Noscow in 1944 after signing the undercurrent against Elsenhow-
nct with the Soviets he told, the er's new secretary of agriculture.
mtlonal Assembly: Ezra Taft Benson, comes not so
"The treaty signed in Moe- much from Senator Young of
e; continues a tradi t I o n North Dakota but from farm
which has always been In the belt champion, Senator Bourke
4st Iaterests of France, both Hickenlooper of Iowa.
AImtries, menaced by the Though Senator Young- talked
e perman peril,n by the to Benson over long distance tele-
I em ay which In each um- phone and indicated he wouldcgo
:W.i tei create atIa PhiOKU along with Benson's appollht-
y: of force, ae lnmr nt, Hickenlooper I&d sl'B inn
elves againts a comm H satisfied. t
howeverr post wpr develop- Hickenlooper has c o n f e r red
ts have, his intimates assert, with Senator Aiken of Vermont,
eftvinced him that the Schuman c airman of the Senate Agricul-
u&ccy of "containing" Germany ture Committee, and has ex-
Soely cooperating with the pressed dissatisfaction with Ben-
7weral Western Republic may son.
be the best way after all of His reasons are twofold.
aufeving the same ends. 1) Benson has not promised to
human's fall from power was continue farm prices at 90 per
asured when Mayer told the cent of parity as under the pre-
ftalonal Assembly he would go sent law. In talking to Senator
alow on the European Army Young over the telephone, Ben-
ttlty and would not submit the son only promised not to change
pact for ratification until there the present 90 per cent parity


"""- feed him
Oith amazing new CHLOROPHYLLIN
that ENliS DOG 0DOS!

Now-feed your dog Ken-L-Ration, the dog
food that gives him complete nourishment
plus the amazing benefits ofchlorophyllin, Nature's
own purifier.

Ken-L-Ration is the famous dog food packed with
lea red meat... choice cuts of U. S. Government
Inspected horse meat. It's the canned dog food that
endedog edors-feat-new that Ken-L-Ration con-
tams abarophylin. And the wonderful part of it all
I tht Ken-L-Ration brings you this tremendous
ta beIneft at No axTRA cOST.
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l dthe th e to change t appetizing, nutritious Ken.
L4f*tet. It's the easy, economical way to give your
pt 1both y nourishment and at the same tien rid
him of dogy' breath and body odors forever.
May X -L4Ratio with chlorophyllin today.
tit your dog an it and make him a healthier,
Om6 m c ou than ever-in every way!

**,,is.s asIt 1 Zerlishs

publican Social" (ARS) compos-
ed of chose deputies who bolted
from Gen. Charles de Gaulle's
Rally of the French People
(RPF) last winter got two posts
in the cabinet.
De Gaulle kept the RPF from
joining the new combination of
familiar faces although the BRPP
voted for the investiture of
Mayer and although a significant
number of RPF deputies wanted
to take part in the ruling coali-
tion under 'Mayer, Radical So-
cialist financial expert.
Mayer's cabinet is considerably
larger than Pinay's and one
of the largest in the Fourth Re-
public's history.
The 30 ministers chosen by
him including the seven see-
retarles of state who have cab-
inet rank refldet the heetle
last-minute dealing Mayer had

to Indulge'In to satisfy each
party's demands.
Unlike the Pinay cabinet, there
will be three- ministers of state
instead of one. Industry and
Commerce will be divided into
two separate ministeries instead
of one, and two .new secretaries'
of state have been created for
the merchant marine'and beaux
arts. "
Since Pinay served as his own
minister of finance, the'new cab-
inet will include six more politi-

Six-Man CoineieO
To Aid El Pama

In Carnival Plans

S A six-man carnival committee
I has been chosen by Hotel El Pan-
S ama to assist the aanaement in
y Over Ike's Manch A I -
maklng jlans for the hael's par-
ticipaton in the Panama City
carnival to be celebrated during
the four days from Feb. 14
I through 17. Membersof the com-
mittee are:
SPEARSON Jorge M. Arias, manager of the
o -- Royal, Crown BottlinE Company;
S'ilberto Arias, of Aris. Fabrega
law during the remainder of its andlFbrega; Architect Bernardo
two-year term. cardefas; Carlos de Janon t
SAfter It ex p Ix e two years manager of the Tivoli Travel A-
hence, however, Benson merely ency; Eduardo .taxg, itew-
p I m sed to keep "an open stand .oncesalonalre at Hotel l
mnd" Privately. he said he fa- Panama aand Ftban Velarde, J
a sliding scale for farm wrilt4. .. ..
prices which would let price sup- n..e -
ortsl s E low as 5 per cent. hA Quse who w dl e
With he farmer's net income the .featlties t at I stel ls-
a e slipping, Hickenlooper .s b eleetdi the ote uat ta
niucts opppsead to th. e r egaytifts which
ate a prevue of carnival.
2) Hickenlooper Is also griped, Oni Sunayr ph iri the prtlo
because owa, as one f thlead- of El Panama, the carnival
ing farm states in the union, is will be raised by the aueen o
not represented in the agricul. last year's carnival, lovely Uia-
tural high command, ita de Qbarrio. Angelo Ja e's
The new secretary, of agricul- .po pula r orchestra andthe
ture is from Utah, while ot one Queens' carnival band will'sup
of the new assistant secretaries ply the music.
is from Iowa. In fact, Iowa isn't 'It. is rumored that El Panama
even represented on the 14-man Iha three or four beautiful can-
advisory board recently named din te for the cherished crown,
by Eisenhower. ', and the first vote count for queen
For a state whose anthem is will'take place on Sunday night.
"Iowa Where The Tall Corn The ,irl who reiUms over El
Orows," this is considered some- Panama's carnival will receive as
taing of an sult rt of her prize a trip to MiaihL
To appease Hickenlooper and g i who comes in inu 1i the
stop him from making a fight-a- race wilhol com n seo In the
gains Secrea BS n-Ladyear Panama held its
.hwe headquarters have prom- ast carnival celebati dwhichs
ise d that an Iowan will be the localrpeopleasuwen as tour.
gien a big voice in agricultural ist JyeT
aItes will heeven gay d',' it Is
SHowever, Hickenlooper In this expected that some n cor-
cue is "from Missouri." He Is r pondentwill ome wn e -
waing to be shown. 'ecially to make picture.

Mossadegh Faces Opposition

To Latest Dictatorship Bid

TEIERAN, Jjan. 8 (UP)-The
two old men of Iran and the
potslble young crown prince
clashed in the open today in a
dispute over Premier Moham-
med Mossadegh's quasi-dicta-
torial powers which may force
Mossadegh out of office.
Hossein Marki. long Mos-
sadegh's trusted lieutenant, who
forced the British out of their
Iranian oil holdings, threw a
Jajll (lower house of parlil-
ment) session into an uproar
and introduced his resignato
whn Mossadegh, asked the
chamber for a one-year exten-
sion of hil special powers
Immediately after the slo y
Parlament session. Marki rut
ed to hospital to call on Is
No. 2 old and sick man, Ayato-
lah Sayed Kashani, fanatic re-
ligous leader and speaker of
the chamber.
Kaslani declared, at the end
of the hospital meeting, that he
too would resign If Mossadelh
Insisted on the extension of hs
special authority.
The aged and ailing religious
leader has frequently expressed
some opposition to M'ud ,
but heretofore has failedto al
appreciable supoprt.
.Mossadegh has not yet -.
dictated how he will meet
first genuine threat to his vt-r
tally undisputed control of toe
nation since he soared to power
after the aassination ofP
mier Aly Ratmara in ared
He may again, Is he ba done
so frequently and with .*uew
success in the pa pp ea
the nation for Dltsupport In4
radio broadcast or he may
Anotnr poohiift was


M',OM '
As .. /,"

, .-2

1, b-

- .' "


NEA Income Tax Expert
This year the unmarried tax-
payer who maintains a home for
himself aid either an unmarried
child, grtadchild, stepchild r
dependent, gets a special break.
It is equl'to about 50 per cent
of the befitt which husband
and wife get by filing a joint re-
turn and splitting income.
To e It you a entitled to
the new tat bek red the
section called MU"Vuni Per.
sons -,'eads of Household"
on page 4. of the official In-
Note thlt the'tousehold" must
be where you live as well as the
principal residence of the chil-
dren or dependents for whom it
is maintained. You do not quality
as the head of a household on-
ly by supporting or mantain-
ing chldrn or dependents in
some h6te4'other thah your own.
A mated person who It 3epa-
rated utader a court order can be
the head4of a households+ to tax
zyo qualify as the head of
.a houMehold,. use Form 1040.
.There Ino w ay to take d.d-
vOntn'U of this to* break on
The questlqns and answers that
follow i te y u -with this
nOew ta proion.'Also Includ-
ed below u.mnore inform on
ezemptumAL, tow a lbrtth
the preceding arttle on eemp-
taxpayer who woeks lor t

Q. MY wife sad I e af t W
O _. sM j

(rta ae,

as told tame Judge
bW rfetly sorber when e
atod l driving
y ab ai0 beers

ain. de cid.R
s1 tO sw the .eatorn7-

a sao to show tbe 0
ofllt Ill de4tyoeturn.
eartwh Infront

iuifral of your bal-
at d asked. o

furnishes Alet 40 per -pA l *
the amount ".emss iF i
the boy amn hOeait e
cost of Moal as her Z
the boy'sf oo Do
us qaualify aof othe
hold,"Bd claim ts ba
as an hSl

, '

LWr s

,, -

I a, I

-.-.. ---,:-1 k- *".,+i: __&.a

$2500 $236 '1
3000 as 385 UB''
40oo :- I jt .,;'+ -: '."'i*w .-,.
4500 *- '
5000 968
s mi .* ** '..** *W

--- ,5 ,- .1


Is Real l
Big. brrr.bu tayton. iftm^uLr
who was sclWdhvirto 0Mkiihliiii

d~~' {:'





I ~


- A "'-' "
' .,. i.' *''".t. ,.


Wew French Foreign Minister

,iq: .,



~, I


g^,-,,' *



.- 11





L=r i LT ,7. .. I + "~ ........


*. tA .. ..f',, ^-. ...
^ -., i i,. .Sl li(t>

* .




; L. "g I d,-

+.A >- ;, '

,-7777-=",* V







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