The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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"@ to in" Practice Alert ,Ne"oU
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Aud ~hone. Ignored "Iuand
O ents appeal Planned Wednesday
JbM_41'thellU Tele- A praotlce alert la scheduled "There
e F lM which to be held as par of a Fort aVP r
id,"A'0,4K..tbe.elec- Oulick Zone Disaster Control M
N the traln dagaetrom.l1:45 p.m. i atiM
oneon bCorL qon to 4 pj. Wedn*dy. man im
ie 'incmnn nm The Air raid wang. tn a t
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Churchill was aked
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Hopes No Wo

Than Last Year.

NEW YORK, Jan. 5 (UP) Prime Minister
chill aue eyes a-twinkle, cigr aotilt, arrived G t bl
ed :Sttis, today with the word that "the :e dtou
gzdty ir the world" is along the Iroi Curtmni :i
ern Ewope.- it n Korm. "
Chorchill arr.ed on .the Queen Man fpr
taWs with his "oi friend" President-eect Eisetwnh.
4with PreMident Tdnm. te said Mr. Tremm bead
t. ,Untited SitO "tmWugh nqmopaMe tMi S
gr9et and voflkit decisions whicl make us all
C'hurdcil 's reminded that on that lost eari
York v -L he Ie. aid prospects for pace sin
S quO.Ne"i tO. w" ,ed whether he rWAn
"T.. wr;e #crt .y *not kes encwramg HW-ij
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en,,nirP p. NELSON NOUNSEVELL ,*. **2
97 H STmR7 T O O. '3 4 ANAMA t *p p
XION OFFiCE i'? 7 CINTRat AViNUF OFTWSEN 12rM AN' 13Srk r tpsl

MONTH IN AVANCL _..7052. .o .
__ six MONINs. IN S0VA50E1 8 3 p0
.ESHAR SENAS... The o S oo l Vito hi i 04b Mw. PyIsb sa*^ loys: N. M, b
S. .. Few n:.n h ave been surround- H. potm Vt0 Il*
.o.ed by so many and have been-ti- 'v, *.ai^ ,* ? S.m-
so alone as many times as that i ea N-.if..d" Argemm .
td aite r of behemots, John L. "
Lewis. WASHDIN*ON. When GOneal I
And never was he. so much eo_ mphary Jhead of the giant M I na h--
alone as on t4at ghm evening ar n 4g ry of the rl
o0 Dec. 7, 1941,, wh..n the Japan- nI at to take ae
." ese returned our ola sc.tapsteel in 5Wea ..
gtnal doses.. Pearl haroor 'was t, d Ma.eni Aat ye'
atll buri ng when Iput through nota N I.nth erhs w.:
a call to Lewis. loul
He was alone. VrI ." ,
The telephone had not been "r.1if that on udedEleho"r
rung eiecept for a few family want ray teaS, r
call s and the newspaperman. f
intimate d hish IntimtesCat wit th ,l aeet If eh lth ft
;l4 als t ho had been 0 n wi Ow
Slong.Ignored hi, for he had t
been an Isolatioist and hadof
broken with them politically. To o lved' l the ntoh I w.
the reporter, Lewais wu pq~te.. a o t Uro, now dMe t a t I .
Out eard *t4e., .ut -e. : ti here and be I .
aaAeTll. p yauIn later t the e-t

'REHMN SNAOR hre nw emcraicSen'oD honferenc a1 l hose hae ik TjSe
tookar oet p obos t the, enr oee.,i he Hs e be shsar s mt tt Ot)
w alt t e w a s eloquet -atort ." .fro .O t

ar Symland LMont S.Wn. goulAtotof M our nea a nor dao t Ma w M loe ie o 4 4
m g ,i Big fof N He trends, and at po W to r
(he oe fs q earm e of t he au od a ot ln o n D.
arays, tey wic t m aslu AM l- pro .0 ,t 6 o0 h1
(NSA Telephoto) flue.I, he mxart th. I
RESHMAN SENATORS Three new Democratic Senators who ti oew a lleof whm ho wad- Iw II
took their seats at the opening of the 83rd congress chat at a gathered b tihehad he t D .t rkInst Ii
party cBcus in Washington. They are (left to right) Senatorst thee w3 n h '. ft
oohn Kennedy of Massachusetts. Price Daniel of Texas and W b. No lom e wasl he alon, Mo m, t t 8 a
Stuart Symington of Missoursi.r neither Iodlated no r I maolio t o t o .. .. t.. 4
SHe spoke of P comothl he had who defew .
been t an aout e ar efu-eyi .
strategy which a all of This prweore w. in
Lewis' mow the n he did n the Splat Sa
enemy would be gargnantuan W"% Droen. ,a ue. tln llll'l.

grant eddath e doubleitm a linea h
how their comrades an many a *t e-telephonea ee
)p i0"61 -n..5r FIU.g :me ..nied "upi
tinder enemy attack, .. .i sauf teas"e. MtM .A
through the subs and shra ei vigorously for -UM wIpting to
to hep win the battle called BOB RUARKahowr ..,
World War I. ThisLslRaril= -""Spag
Lewis has teen thinking a o of Callorall. i tSr at X4. ie 111i l i* _r
good deal of that merchant fleet, tei, Rlph Maste ,.. e a 3Sl
much of which Is now in moth CAIRO.- I had breakfast the other day with mediums, the upper-mediumi and the uppers. commtRite, lmat .ar tt
balls, and how it could beat the the new stronin man of the East, a military dic- wherever he goes. stat,. with ,.)S53.*- ,"atSK J
Eastern enemy without renew- tator named Mohammed Naguib. a man hose H walks among the crowds with cmpste As a rd .
ed aorid war. junta kicked out Parouk and took over the reign fearlessness, arid they cheer him more .rabidly radi trn tdop"
He talked of this just before of Egypt. They told me that I would b Irm- than they cheered Hitler in- the earlytlrtile.i o U n .'
he and his daughter Kat lyn pressed with MohammItl Nagulb. I es inm- .2 ..
sailed for an Internalon;d labor pressed with Mohammed Nagulb.. = j.'
conference in razil. Thase rI a completely et
the years of hbs reconciliation He's a short, stocky, swarthy m with grizzled delirium of ieration w i i i '
with the world he's fought so hair and an easy smale. He is ititensely courte- He doesn't travel with It1,
often for his coal diggers, for ou and it seems genuine. He lives modest in wh hlm in ls sedans. has Is !f IV
these ae the years of ais final a stcoeo builow. He smokes a.pipe inte.o w h no, gad.. Th p th
(NEA Te b hpcruMe gles coarse, evil Italian los. p14f ar be-ath'aT
hJBLICAN SENATE CHIEFS The Republican Bi ee aiovryeut hmoa i
-e--Senate, named at a cGOP caucus in .W eBl-Washingtont ed IRsimplyFdA be ilUas..He d doesn'tn I B.'0' 4V "W'.t.-- 1a t8 MI
majority party in the 83rd Congress, confer their selet h Ule ~.
(left to right) Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, floor leader; iran. 'e ti th kids off school s i e all. '
yles Bridges of New Hampshire, President pro tempore; and r t l 'and thewas kidding them ado t their Dea 6 ih Na DUoNtl
whoknow an t or pitureS oni te fron4 por"h. Ifag~al how, ittbo. Mee
n. William Knowland of California, policy committee chairman. PreAdent-ele t.e ow o i eHe photogra her's ya annt
Lewisbelleves leto tovictr. He Is.photographer!&.E stper-
AsetPreoLe beamao atioandtwer h d who will assume any pdiotion, an hold sonnel.
Hallowe'en Hrnswer to Prvvestua Puzzle a man or aconicln ugkh 1e t ftor retake after ,e. He .as outlawed Le usage of mllita.y man us MC
Hallowe'en Harvest predt, irolle eouchn k~de are aL bo -- Faquak, 14; Aly, 13; batrmb or personal urvaut. He 14 n a wealthyPETW 1
I ho may give him a chance toad. Id, 8. 'Farouk has ge h name b any stretch As prime i aister bO makes-
ZToperate gNTob4Pr t. o raw in w since P=a bounced his nameesI. iameIs is o0 6,000* :a r at th time of hsla--mer- United
'ORIZONTAL 4 Prevaricator ~Roosevelt, John Wwis wI w. -l e WU ,00 1 e pay
IThi, s iwill et 5 Hospital pois aldly."The1 arehealthy, good-looking,k)ds, Whb stand inenta da hls ttle Ope car. da, but t
i get hsitanl por li nwal ly ToarI n no 'seemft awe of their powerful p. d Thean with...i
Tyou on physician IM'I roIeO I e hktoneto Ichool in an ordinary aidaI, with a .i far fithaakeptevery promise he made, and
Te'eouston rn For bJohn s of bodyguard. .uihed. Pon In a swift, ol The 10l
Hallowe'en 8Filaments llwn' berll"dmiayttheha Mto
83 "Lily Maid of ",, way shorta short se.w. o 'aed. tIetopremerseftand m lhtary, certain MAi pSR cutrr .etRaiment
Astolat" -Hideous.Rus ian e Iete oM-_l 'Ia er as well as solder, and a pro- aaabout fiMyldual en Irle .no
Sof prey g Bridge term 27 Ha owe'en is 42 Corrosive se mmsiors fe hardest Worker I have Mver seen. ipnt with him. to visit a governzamt dill-
5 Abatement 11 Inhabitant of a night of accretion in every serer of the wse He stattri a m. atadu ends when inish ei hoolr and l..e spa e pok M. i .o so! ry o A
the the rnTa- deeds 43 Prepositiob ot2e thom. a ThISIfiI W t- reb a tudma"e n n i la if:h,,' wedsl.o_ e
S-7 Borough in Sahara 28 Man's namn 44StaonsabieS n b) ehs t. aro for a couple of days and he had hmy in the.ce. i nda i A "ll piped me ,beco
PsM i a anew dI0Ne n 3 -
e onsy fvca12-Let it stand 29 hacks (zool.) 4 Sea eagIleg And Lewis has isplan for a ,coo to3 gUnehhq g out. T so to. Noo6
at anew 20 John (Gielic) 30 Indian 47 Lar ssan war Inside itth cold war. *6 111r mIinhMuInto havay he isa man. '.a, an -after
I Ceremonies 21 Baseball term Moslem mountainl wants Eienhower's iSpport ft Ue il tirtion of airo nce he.came mIntoheanl.. I beliv-..
g Graduate 23 Kind of ingredient 49 "Emerald Isle" warLuet merosiant Ileeot, -.NU., a. -a basically.of the pea .believes And I.ope that this I. fo, los lbbted Na-
studentspLiberty shli of moth u osig hdiself to the people. 'WTl I a y gu1b holds Egypt In his hP.d fro p tot to g d-Nest- N
SLais pudding 39 Two (prefix) 50 Winter vehicleand rent to an him kis his nd. fawn d his sire, and who holds gIpt most of t1 e iddle mich
1,FIsh sauce 24 Ardor 40 Cherlike 52 Manuscripts corporation which John L ad hhas a word fot.them all.. streets ts an area.' unAerstand is nout wlhout Im-
3 iembol for 265FApportion colors (ab.) to nead. it with the poor, the medium I ~r,_.he portance these days. _bur*
='Sy r 26 Froster 41 Egotism 53 Companion t he
nickel Tag compaWly wd be ms -
Inwalieoupof the Mane W rIsOU
Fence opening 1oM AW OL4. D1pand the coal Industry. The
IPence openin wo"dImereerment wouldhery rm t I, "tro .
Places ab.)me rely rent
Cosinic order ships at a nomlnal fe tand
Neavybliowrg sure them. Tk h would be wmane'oIn'
oan. rof bainen vdbyA-FLe W.I CIO cI In
onlalike. ..-" -,
oween 1 They would carry colda s~- L '"Those.DwAqsebleUp Thai OX
A-ofNewca*stle,bTokyous all of N ADWATOWg ft MineN
Q.mns rope. aro-. A ,WoI ,ho Iw, ,.e ..*. "he"."
pupknis299The Britaish, while walking oWa who's bs u.bist Doawy0 os:
Pnuso II $a out mustintcanow arvest, _Bro.adway .,: DinV ', gare,_.3,Peap. -.pan 0
enough coal to armothe rWui, 111 bad nd lao p
19ain eey'tehavneither tn e manrwer J fini Ia --, the .er da after a gt=.. I
"Ithemaichinery to dig IoT. M L--- LB v'd b .oth .i- -".Wuo. ... .. ,

anen micarDu.e tbnofc'Imn*

WChina we in gexcanger .o A ryII

apooreour coalm- fiealnto a

e mWhat's more he siaes rial necesig ile
themi quickly from Sweet sela rdh CIw-

emsOn thr dotted flnst Tse-tmj.'s Clasu. A= .SI.- 2-
taatir pay la the i ,
dnllaes we gd vl to.
** Vour classifiad hd will at, -lise themi ... .

tract a parade of good pros. eral as he andatecAl
Pectsecauseeveryone in once sad u t s ftheto.*a
POON' a theCan i pezense-
Paggl ad the Canal Let's sell
ZeMbreeds PA. Want Ads it to our r
regulMly. Try them mow mine Ou rder
coal fields. heist
... thl 'eqlft will surprise American g .gngw
ygldollarsfroM [Ah
Then we ca"nm
niques lMo.aap



.1 The Wia

9., "..""*, : '
W.: ;. ",.o .- ... .. ,^ .. ...A.. &AL

-awl -1


1 hit nom l ,, -I -I.M.

S B. N a o
Mr. 'd Mrs1
dor and I t Imp Enoe

Otentew1, Mrs At ecent meting 'oc the O mon.

Sattfnannd Mrs. !ry0,,-"o. Mrs. lMl *M lem a

y -- l the e a ti n

ows ,F rt b 6Swimorll tmW me b
6:1 )*1nWthM 12 ashr

g W "..... ... ....of W ill ,U0 .lA 1
N S3Bt B e ri aiB D B b a ft I ed will be aieo o ha beom-

dW Daie 2 f ;t s. iatltea 0 of the --I IF .

06i402mu e, wil.n





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Bad deMIt"

XtuyLT, =e m, a-
et or the lke was
cammlmidm did not



.; .., t... ., -s* .

:u -o. t 6:30 p.n ,

I' '.'* *
..a" 1. -. ..
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Shoting The Works

majam I


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r-...,. 'I
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Wi. ** A ''

lm-h huLtA


tl*ttlAsa, aldlW' wrttIA '

C!go and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arrival and Departdres

7- -0 Aa

..,d ~

$"IN fie

s:i'pping & AirLine News SIDE CLANCES
e. tr-American Travel In the Caribbean, aviation is
M ehes All.-Time High more fortunate than in any
Tourist and business travel other region. The prevailing di-
between *he United States and reaction of the trade winds makes
Latin America reached an all- only one runway necessary, and
fte high In 1952, climaxing a airports are rarely ever "closed
ipectacirlar period of develop- in" by weather.
.uent In inter-American travel. Most ambitious airport project
trade and commerce which be- under way In the Caribbean is
gan 25 years ago with the inau- Isla Verde International Airport,
mgration of air service between live miles from San Juan Puerto
.the Americas. Rico. It will replace the out-
A graphic example of the vol- grown Isla Grande Airport.
Utae of this travel and an in-
diation of the important role The 7,300-foot concrete run-
iOVaed by the airplane in Inter- way and taxiway at Isla Verde
Aderican communications Is are completed and the $15,00o,-
wOvided by Pan American World 000 project, including a huge ter-
Arways' 1952 opeartions statis- minal capable of handling a half
ties in this area. million passengers a year, will be
,Each day during the year, PAA open early in 1954.
Stansported an average of 2,337
psmengers a total of 2,084,900 Engineers of Pan American,
iamengers-miles in Latin Amer- which in its 25-year history has
eiSn operations. built more airports in Latin,
At the same time, the airline's America than any other agency,
cgOca fleet was flying 70 tons of have served as advisers for the
pSriehables, live ani ma s, Isla Verde project and for other I
machineryy and general mer- airport programs in the area.
,bandise a total of 71,746 ton--
"Iles per day.
The average trip of the aver- Waste Of Time
ane passenger in this widespread
rea covered almost 900 miles, NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (U.P.)
and each ton of cargo was flown -Robert Schick works 45 hours
am average of 1,025 miles. weekly on a factory shift from .
11 *. u+_ am.t -And then

Final statistics for the year are
expectedd to show that PAA -
*which pioneered inter-American
j r service 25 years ago trans-
Morted 853,000 revenue passeng-
qn and 50,532,000 pounds of air
*ergo in its Latin American Dl-
viaion during 1952.
This would represent a gain of
alyen 1% r cent in passenger traf-
Oh oier the best previous year -
1961 and gain of almost 11
per cent in air cargo tonnage.
passenger-miles flown in the
dfilsion %re expected to total
91,018,000 compared to 711,232,-
'*0 in 1951, and cargo ton-mile-
"e will reach approximately
,188,000. Both mileage figures
w)D be all-time records.
SThen records do not include
the passengers and cargo flown
by14 PAA affiliates, which com-
bie with the parent company
U provide a 70,000-mile network
4t routes serving virtually every
country and colony in Latin
an American alone operates
total. of 17,893 unduplicated
"t8 *miles linking the various
tlitries of Latin America with
U1ialed States gateway cities.
9lliates provide extensive
e services in Brazil, Co-
ita, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecua-
ilxico, GCuti, Panama, Cos-
i Hcnduras, Nicaragua
=4 o n A publ.
wOre VeWn; tremendous
duringg World War f
the multi-million dollar
tDevelopment Program
ted to Fan American, are
Ily keeping pace with the
as if aviation.
11win fact, like Plitarini at
e Aires and Tocumen at
y a a, Are among the finest in
rld Others are being im-
fe4d and several new ones are
bei built.
Venitral America, only San
jse, capital of Costa Rica, has
modern airport, and it is
ldng one at Alajuela, 12 miles
iy. Meantime, San Jose is
by DC-3 and C-46 air-
the largest that can land
reoat present.

4o WELEIN, Planeteer


,i ,p.m. to 8 a.m. and then
drives 40 miles for 20 hours of
classes a week at the Univer-1
sity of Connecticut. He says he
averages about three hours of
sleep a night, except around!
examinations when "I need a
little more sludy time."

I *T RMa U. s P5S OH.
Cpr. MS by IM Servo I, ,w

By Calbraith

". ,

"' can't even laugh at your hats since you started buying
Paris creations.--I feel like a one-man Marshall Plan for







Barrie Invites a Guest


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The Man of SIlene*




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No Coaching, Please



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ReaHstic Touch

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Lapel emblems
-A-om $3.50

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Written for NIA Servies
thn IA

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0 E A Liswung N ^e, i2

You Sell 'em...When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifieds! ,. yAntIFibu
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diAnle Street No 150, Apt. 1, in FOR SALE: Imported tires all size pt ths fact out of the lo e Roberte urgency quads re "But

be,,-cap eartago and the vo$-I111III N, IfgW0) some ofwheobododeweresrbadlulesa ie .trmpn ao restorel:olh (Ae tI 1: ervie-"
th bacu, o first floor.c removed from wrecked autos we rfl h -C l Nl ".-Jn! onuld tlpu ae d then neoring t. a dr

up toe i e in ree Funeral seinhard to get sizes, o noh taty among relatives a to R ouslaers .. b .nl Pmm ~wa. m o) t:o,. t .u at e
SYeas earhquae, acco- their rue identity to s ttT -A ethe

A l 15th St. in front of Villanuev An official who participated In burned stoes another busiony paet xa new 6:
Te.ira. 50, Ft. North Panamaop eFORRETdo-etiesaid, the sad fact is t in RET h o n DEALERS IN exerts at .
.o---- -s,--.- p-n-rina Freigh at ue Ancors omA cases we were (UP)orce -A o nrete T, eo, to pa. 600 square beck and caii 6:00---ADJ AND PASHIOMU

b .ua L- : test ia-Apont, wathen re- by I im,,m Lod ..w Mid .LEA. Fe W, : -:a vo te.. ,A., ,rn ,o.o.rm.. 6: T n
tur...a -IU, Erom a to- 4.allbearerM will be P. A. WhiteTh rdioyBtthhd fl. eared poa pld W. helmaowed0 Ph : t BHeIT
ACHELOR desires roo. unfurni Es- D eore A pile of arms, n legs. torsos, feet, meters. Located starting o eTra a i
ed. on first f:oror. o Cl l h hands, and even an almost in- isthmion highway, beside d ,n Automo r ieN ow et
,tuoante, Ancn or Tivo.i vicinity aearer il be A C. Med act head which had beenelan- tries Uniao storehouse. Telephone S
ne .. -_ 3__.33toaa ,- Fr Sre Caw uan Sno ueai hen talay rTinth V d p torme ote loon oo programs -maoO

,,, o, 4 e reo, n aro.e a 2 rzu. Co2 a elEs.e itorn off from iets body, ao re Potill 2-1830. 8ice aresd to are12 na umbersnd 26were at disl. Hi bed-
era Wonted Inscootermodel 54. Call ore see ralt Ce so morgue, making It almost i1e CMoi Su- te
e a a n emetey -C, New Cristobal certain tha dbout the final death tol u lue. w eq I
WANTED:--Mad experienced with or phone 329_'e sto in Thursday's catastrophe will
reerence, cooking, clean nglounme 1913. -93 F remain a mystery, J KiOII9OuS Iu o r
o drmy Balboa 742-A after 5 Most of h services with the er, wand or tt bHowever, the most tragic part I '
r.edPoint and tires, recently the dynamite explosion Is that AMed4 0ail.uenn la *w e p t
ar e typoI e re *a d me n "snofvorhotuled, hase eurane a n quid I t hat "it doesn't oown loast Tuesday ATe ta and aBeas 8 1

ham opened up as a result ow the Square D---ing- u-- 'merit' in t, oea sithuetinon t realy Ietm* n
po asa laa id Pbtes. 528-D, .Cocoli,C. Z. or cll many victims reay were Thden- ths rated by .
LUlsdides (Cused Bolboa 2-4189. tiied and If the remalnm. n the lf 1lV.1i1 ., .-.
-er t, b buldt-s o- -- ---.~v.. 43 coffins, whicb were t#whi to, Akenj

,o uaRicar oa' R sundAt 'Y" e dcemeterySaturda -re o hwe
a o were thonie epof othe, a ewdi, h d sI gr 0

bak o te volan which was the square dancing and the class. peron?" he whose names k ey Religious leaders w- bNthed -
S ca in tMas rito dunerall be ur uus I e iteria
W i oter ederA iod 1:30 Tome borrow F b reaedit for the survivrrse m n te bo'at"panled o a

A-o eaneRed e roo sscireor isn oc er e ener a s lkept this fact out of t he l1- lice emergency squads fired lwhNow
a ed he aid not anr rest homicipate any direction of Capt. Luis Toar wilcal thingapers, but it Is known that ver the eas of te voters ou
-be r rearsRago and the vol- K on Trsida atO some of the bodies were so badly t 4a vn attempt to restore : H. o t. Air (AM.nt W..
cano irazu in mosta itIca was tet mutilated that-there waso cer-i order. Saff To WIB , lp. .,
u o ia r utlose sur tre ne Funeral ser es for Randolh tanty amonh g relatives as to Regious leaders and bands P.ADLPA, a. () :20-W a our r t
Lor Yeaies earthquake, accosta-N Ni- oweedeteia known resident their true Identity. of their followers looted ande-. w Korea y t (e
ang to e wrorigng ..c0..t e- Cambia whn died suddenly in An official who participated in burned stoms and other busI- oy patient a.ew
n.i. by iccal A15erican ted his home Friday night, will be the task of Identifying the bodies news houses belonging to mem- veterans hospital todayspa 6B5-Whaya Your Favorite A.
1 iejLor o fi.O hld at 1 30 tomorrow afternoon sid, "the sad fact Ist iUdehstaffof:60. trained exes at. d
u d V sos". I at the Aticor. Masonic Temple. somI cases we Were forces to use Party, a otdng to dispatchesh isback and calL A----'- iX. P .
.-passenger in anA he services will bontwr k the shrine 80 miles south For a beginning, four nurses 6: 4-&S
6ti tr e-la. j, byz brLodgecnt pure. gueswok. F. &ehraM .^., E S7Iwaited on former riflemann" R=, o T.h b
d~u..u tr d cIr o ana Lde~ir lic earerb will be P. A. WhiteTkeig frfaccaly 8 head iaiea he rel axed in Wt Y Wfn- I t o".
bi u^.. .a r by i sTrwl whodge. wa s F. years A.r at r Y M. The riotng had b f)led g poa aihedrelax Wd.i f Lw0:.
maiiU, who flole tne plane .ol E. Coo per Walter R. Malone, with renewed vigor yesterday, bed in a fut floor wat of
A mUtaa. Lane a6rc dl, mad paflbearer.,, will be A C. Medin- only from the point of view of MingeOt situation was reported building. S;S a
he ail01 o p L an a eralt p He e r W H oe e r 'in the peace-promo ting Police arrested large number rs t isdo l nis bed -.. i- 36si p5. 3VOA
L_ u" r ie Lert Lokk aro d da. Cooke,dand r W. Ellis. value of the decision to reds[,3 rioters, dispatches said. They wlik others hisdinpos eigt8
llr Interment wll be at Corol aggression in Korea. lie ^ in -.egt
Si on okriane ana randuire- Cemetery. Aspedaout Britis as of gae no clue to the number of udw e I W00Bat Tom
xnei&S at CaugoIedn Air Lon- Mr. Trower, who was 52 years A kedauboutofithe Ko 1 war i njured..:- atn4 usm '"a deit M u'9
twe uel turulard oe. Cain al aoneith his amyin pityfrthe flN.IoaroT U.S .neath hcu brk up ai demotra- a tollO

ch. boe hih neDviio i'ubrth stseer1 mpse ftr he aond a
ro~ wr loxdsi teP a wudb gfirea pity"., to **ed Btfifnrd

uishly to Aid the strickenvic-.ns aLe bersoftheIFdalyan
hms. felt in Cartavo every day since Churchill was asked abt A tMembe, O the i dalyanis te :
Reoa said alight tremors were the New Year's erupton. tanilc bomb. ,d n.te religious fanatics and
"Well. we had one anl e iet other religious groups, wer
It off, you know," he "It to have Incied the o riots.
worked perfectly" demanded the ouster of
"Better th ththe Ame an the Dan" and his clique.
bomb?" The first violnceca me
"Well," Churchill re I hen the religious groupsi~e t-
haven't had the Aedaconvoyof C bearse-
which President Roosevelt gave 11W t dean and his cohorts
POSITION OFFERED: i Th c. convoy w&
me of hav inxthe filled imst u T coy w S1
slneiMomatio o n U At 4c by Communists, w ha
bomb." iter by hurling ston
Churchill was asked 1Mr calling the attackers wlib
he beteved the SovirA
American firm seeks qualified had bet er ,t Sm l U"c
Batain. said he .
Junior Accountant. o u ubetwe .n 0 M
ed states "a" the ,T 7
Send letter stating qualifications and re- b S eng ,| i Nm.
fereane with photo to Aparnado 1412, ..
Panama, R. P.

L .- ". ; o; .-:.

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h*._* **- '*B 1|'^M|fl |U & AN-A


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dTesorame ~ pata
up a 10
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4F* saM 9a&a.

ino -t



SO ton-t Gets Underway



FSdaA 'Leaguers. To Open

Seao 41 t Diablo Tomorrow

lwr mwopub I.
Unz ite resSprts Writer ,;...* *
kE ROYnltw Jan 9 (OP) -Cn ea Soe hal

, _oid at o a :30,
thC 0t
the oae wuis p$.r .te

Raia w"ehkd the opening
plumed lt at ay t the
Balboa Stadium a#d the offi-
cers of the le: I e ate hope
thaA they Wil wet o" to a suc-
cU,"! start too rretw.
The Ma, wllI *Ma Lgreat-
ly improved team ayr as
they have beet bobtotsrd in aU

m*"n to toe nup that lm ap-.
p1*. With *can9n t9o do the re-
celviSi, they are udt to be held
too lightly by any dclb.
The team last season had a
bad start and never seemed to
be able to get hold of them-
selvae although they always
aheaboed to come with a
good ane when lesas expected,
usually kneoeking off a team
$hat believed they had a push-
The Copejoe d4,a't Iatea to
be oa ght this- year a they
were last season. After five
straight wins, they met the
Maews and tasted their first
defeat. That started a losIar
streak that Just about dropped
them out of the first half
With Sandy Makle and Ridh-
ie Hayden ready to start on the
mound Jeff Goodin behind
the pa the C0aeei expect
to make every ,ainn a win-
ning one asalna the Maecas
this time a

Panama Course

Open This Week

The Panamn Golf Club
Scomse will be.op all this
we*t to entrants of next
week's Pnemf 6 Open
Cotestants need pr
mset mlfy a rce* of their
$o feaetry r,!if
they prefer po y V en-
-try fa at the -sla before
stut i proatte roI d.

NlefW YOt Jan.a lir -_ i,, n. n. ". ;a ..
Jack Kraserw- hyear .ld kin of ", i ..
irahe ME e canI- dl I fi a .
an of A and Ou W
oiw 'nnotbI WI thOg w tAh e W in
Am.rican teNI -s --. .
"rIe oaotodte wuroleft l
me," saiddr0me w ees ago
when he wS. sit k o I 1 d.I de la ea's edy e- evenly df lded among jockeys H.
more or loSe S" 'S rat a- rvi cestut W cmea IX Reye, Ruben VaMues and hia
ement. wh S A.. d .den y gterday raced briliant vic. Arre with two wins each,
McGregor. t'o teW traLS I N the .far seven-fur he. d '.eN win pa yof
I've bad. tmot ,5tnt it On CiMu"'rnt at the came In the paightea when na-
tu,sw5^ d -ck wbt Van- JUS6 frahco. e #ackh tMe pony Co0eM stepped to a post
da drt~ Tn i me U and The fivl-Y ix -ol daughter .of to opt victory In the eleventh
Sa ConsuW-tea wa the lightest racto the tune of $13.10 per
bet am10-1 fur -borse Uck t, 'e
Gonzal s T. he mu" Yeterday's dividends:
Grrosrltsoft be 1s cW a Rip wtth
gamer e -evi ln d PIrOPO l-a h back send FIRST RACE
ton shae gme are td esays o. Bedu Was the their fa--Moon 1es $7.40. n20,
tht Al th at mat ters. orit e. .- 6.8. ($4.40
Caemela II roke on top 4-3-Juan Hulnche 4.60.6
."ThA better eon- t a feBt bbh Kohi B RAC
-"Theae p eer am- der restrat 'sh raed Ron 1-Casaveral $1010. $4.60. 8.
dit one l~ oan am Into sutbmison after four t er.. Mueo .0$2.40.
bAs w eori ta longs and then staved off repeat, -lon P .
Sws t challenges frtm .ed n s~--~. IRAlt De (Mest Goddesm-
r the onfrof the b.a aElaa to Ze.l)se.T
lsfrS d- o mai no. -$ -6.-. .
i ans&a1= 's almost a Seodulno who was caIt un- 1Dino 7.. $3' $2.0.
.a.ias ws e a udtl"u ride rosb 2-T onar $8.60e. $.
Dfpl V *e A C at gotam coa 3 .13
, m-et.igleehotstreat h en h- Oh--Tw'o (Domine-Tspe.. azo)
fat. .e h nt.edr .s.-
n'o U dto w-tI a tamnia command -momentarily midway F URT" ",l. gn
t ret d gettigoR Up down the hometreteah. However, 1iaF.
NOV sbout 450 yards fr Wm teme wr --Av-VAto Pla4.. $2.0 0
to, "..,. li nr S I- to7Pi ata. -. ..
or his mea ualeon alnto just get $BO.
E,' h p fo a nh ea dumnm: (Avivate-Grte vy Pla.
I department d I PirQpo wLiho was badlyv out-*
rtho bet behinds run for thr5pe"uarter the 1-carmela o *
tance. came dp In the stretch 2-ftdulto .80.
ro with his usual powerful rush and8. $
bad feare tours. th a g fest o all at thef _-oiradleSoYaR$13AV20, $330.
ai C bad far great- but nyndi. 2-Carteadd ".40. $-. *
aece than any other three-quarter0of a length be* 3-artolo $12.80.$ S -
im mHe 4 eduno. .1 lc .
...ct[.fad-nual 20 defeat. fOMal a rent"j ockey. R
uoaw of Fsml1o Gonale1 *6 eaflre ed d ;9 win an 2- es Srtax$2.40.
T to' low andd trimmed Panaho .40 place. euo. place, aD aeoma DeMble: (Cradle son-
Seura 59 to 4 In 1951. 3.80. Vistr)". .Vr n
m 10V qt d 14: Riding honrs yiuterday wer lUGBIO RACE
Maim Il-Slvar Domino J$.0. $2.40.
d "h--Praon.80.82.20. (82.20.
nick up eso and 3-Dora 1le a $2.20.
Qulaa (ilver Den, lae-Par-
So the ?0b,00i ifthbe iFte*ap.ik0 $4
no h'
1 es in The o Feedo t Onet-
the i1t so I s s


_ ___

- 'T I -. .' ..-i u-K~-.


rylur ntudOou auptuheuo "i
best or utwhopaed.I

-. I

i hi l theI
~~- Phil (M- flal Paul 'MA

W..' to Pet IGto *. fo1

I Afa: dwarsbd foe 5s rs.
, :; -,.. .s
"' '2"5,,3 ,: .. ,
I. .ago

:'" l'' .,.,-. .

i:^ .[n( ,t r 'T ,-
a..-' : F,... .

; ., ,- s. s ', .!- :" ,'!
**^*<&,'4(i"", t. ^ -i .. *_.-i^ .

. l. i-0f '

u'- .


neof the
I th1 first
lba ei
--l*md. >1

ha~. winnra witt the
init g feature of the
Iwa the excellent
HA tedU: by the

MN at the
,ath on
1 Op"m. in
tIM3 ea-
IAWSf are
eam n to-
a team of
r with the
S the
Int In the
at Ahqrt-
M1 in Ueft
UW right-
I sleetion
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mu at

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C. C
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as-ma ..

.~&b .a~

rF1 WowaL I SaeofT IF O YII SiEf

^^ Feel lew S*m**e**eth TovYeur Skib

' j

How Light In Weight

Vow oe A I ig Ato-NewnCI 4%

Get the new Palm Beach for C."4L, easy-fitting coaftrt ws9
amrtesm. ,Y see, by the new, ptentel "FIBER.LOCr0
method Plm Beach is now smoedeoi eing ad wrinkles actually
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m m, lofrio te mdls of Q-P B a&hli,
.he,dalbMeworld4=amousP wm.sellddMl.

I -

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IQ -A W .._..4. -- an .. ..

1 __~

-II --- ~I-~---~' -- ~ ~~ '- ~~~-~-----~~~ I




m [


Hoyt Wilhelm Enjoys First

Real Vacation In 3' Years
United Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK, Jab. 5 (UP)-It at his Charlotte, N.C., hom-e al
was a lazy New Yer for Hoyt body could blame him much. Tha
Wilhelm of the New York Giants. knuckleball reliever.l o ltting eu
who had the best won and lost his first real vacation from bae-
record and beat earned run av- ball in three years. I
erage in the National League last He worked summers in thl
year. States and winters in the La
It he's growing fat and sassy !American leagues, rolling up a
S I total of 32 consecutive sothli aW
the mound. And 1952 was a kil.-
AlerbrookFlyers t Wilhelm strolled in from
AIlbrook Flyers t- bullpen In 71 mes fortha e
o te 3 I .n. ants last year. ie pitched ntil
liI I i ta his arm was nearly- dead.
OffII Io 3ast JISta"As a full-fledged major leI-
bl..i c a A uer, hecan't play winter ball aat
w tn 'l- Vtrr more," sail Garychumaer, of
11 ith 11-3 Victoryvl ithe Giants. "But you ka it I
r I think that boy could keeln p&*d -
The Albrook Flyers, runner-up ing forever. He's got an ea&WAy le
to the 33d Infantry last year, got with no strain. He just cOas
off to a fast start- In the 1953 that ball up to the plate."
campaign for the Armed Forces Using virtually nothing blt
baseball championship, with an knucklers, the Giant rookie wof
11 3 vto ory over the 903rd 15 and ilst only three, all in re-
Sunday afternoon. It was the Ons- Iet. and compiled an earned ruq
ly contest Sunday a0ter several average of 2.43. The 28-year-old
games were rained out Saturday. right-hander was the first rookie
The Flyers collected five hits in National League history eveW
Id the eighth inning and that, to win both crowns In one year
along wih four walks and four In the final days before a r-
errors by the 903rd, gave them rendering the penoanth to tha -
the eight runs needed to notch Dodgers. Hoyt once won tbrea
the victory. Mike Romo. standout games in four days. Lee Durde
hurler for the Flyers last year, gave him a day off on the fnal
limited the 903rd to four hits in afternoon of the season but Noj
gaining the victory. H. Watson before that Wilhelm pitched nl
started for the 903rd and was seven games out of eight.
charged with the loss. He was r- I "r1 tired." Wilhelm admitted
lived by Shunaman in thelafter t was all over. "But I wnaf
eighth. had a spre arm the whole uear.
The bhe big blow for the lyers ws was Wilhelm figures his winter a
a double by Wo In the ethe ehthtvltv helped catch him upD o
inning which gdt away.from the the seasons he lost to the Army.
center fielder and allowed him to An infantryman, he was wound-
race all the way home for a score -ed in the Battle of the Bulge Ind
with one man ahead of him on returned to his pre-war cehul
the base paths. Mooresvllle. N.C., for the 1946 and
In a Saturday afternoon game 1947 seasons. He moved to Knox.
on th tAtlantic sid he 370th ville, Tenn.. then Jackuonville,
spotted the 764th six runs n the Fla.. and finally to MineapolU
first Inning and then came back to start a two-year stand in IWO
to win 8 to 7. Bill Maupin doubled From Minneapolis. where .-1w
with the bases loaded and two was a workhorse. It was a iupa
out In the ninth inning to drive to the Glantslast spring and be-
In the tying and winning runs cause of hI4 winter ball be as
the pOth. Smodic homered for in great form right from tM
the 370th in the sixth and Fer- start. Hls kpackleball hroush Go
bar hlt for the circuit in the first New York catcbhrs but It's rom-
with two men on base for the er on the opposina hitters.
764th. Landon started on the Hoyt uses an overhband knuek.
mound for the 370th but gave ler and another from a rdearm
way to Florae. who collected the deliery. There's so much fluttR
win a his teammate s peck.d a- op his pitches, coach Frank a
way at that lead with single runs lehback bad aword of...
and then scored three times in ifor tnf0d,
the ninth for the victory. Reyes I whose lob It was to warm up
was the loser. helm. In..,
903rd W 0ioL'* 4 5 !youre wnruing p.
Albrook 002 000 18x-l 9 2 'TMer V t ,Jh '.,aI
w ?4ill' brea d we
370th idl 001113-8 11 3 want to lose any spre er
764th 6D 010 000-7 6 3 with fractured SkUll.'


L.4,." 3

__ _L_ I__L_ LC__~ _

r :

. j r






,V .- :f- **'.Wt';" >**


.m ,


Epw 1





".?$ 'a -

*" ;.

een-Ag er
T~f A^ ^

Dad Resists

Offer To Bring

Son From Korea

CENTRAL FRONT. Korea, Jan. "Let fi' t '.a ple klnow te ruth and the country
5 (UP)-A wounded Arcy captain
revealed today a home front TWENTY-EIGHIH YEAR PANAMA, R P., MONPADY, JAUAB
racketeer had attempted to ex-
tort mbney from his parents with
a promise to get him home from
Capt. Frederick Ackerson. Des W '
Moines, Ia., said a man who pre-'5I W a W l d I
sumably saw his name on a cas- 1 W 'r U l I
ualtv list promised his parents
to ret him a Christmas leave if
they "arranged the funds" to

phone call from Chicago hi
father. Col. Martin Ackerson. a
retired Army officer, in Des PARIS, Jan. S (UP) Allied; the ll l' r.fpotential enemy cap- erces woe
Moines. I supremee commander Gen. Mat- abilities," Ridgway said of the blows," he a
thew B. Ridgwhy said today his military buildup. that they
The elder Ackerson said in Des North Atlantic Pact forces The American commander of Ridgay z
Molnes today that the caller ask- would suffer grievous blows if the North Atlantile Treaty Or- on a.state
ed for Mrs. Ackerson first but there was war within a year and an stloton forces c argd with Marsal Alp
she was out. t ... hat he was not satisfied with the defense of Watern Europe French- om
He sasl he then talked to the the Western military buildup; ws"as ked If his forces would be central frot)
inn and was not fooled, be- "It has been encouraging, but doomed f war came -within a war the. RI
cFe as a veteran of 40 years I do not regard the progress sa- year. Paris Within
The vic knewr s" the inc tisfactory in the light of the "I believe that In the byp- tanks uge
'The fathers dthe incid"kenth mission assigned to me and In thetial e case itted the and East border
"de-erves pulicity" to keeo oth-
er parents from being victim- ~Be decline
id. .T a er. Juln was
"It. was an obvious attempt to ^ A ^opinao
plr, on the sympathies of mr O U Sut he com
pr-,nts who knew I ad been U IIa n W s.I. ln / I
wn-r'de.." the captain said. "I hre th
7-it the fthe-. a, retired Arm" In this grsat
e-,nsel. r.efrced to bargair with A .The
thS rFlnr d wps not bothered er a 13 R
af *** his sonsrid. I u I n creas the

...,-.",n MONTOOM-RY Ala., an. ect ouof the hndrd o .
on the telephone and a nd he prove the '
wo'lPall mys dad back. but nev- rd h .
er e Id," the captain ssid. e i "
Slovers silently ald their laoffister was llms om r osc
wO ded in the leag by a grenade def" 1ur
bur'-t Nov. 18. Evacuated to an -- countries
rel h spt alinfr nt rea.di In I MONTGOMERY. Ala., Jan. 5 fectly out of the hundreds of Atlantie, ha
"ehortly blefof re Critmas, c lovers silently ad their lst .compe of son hits w A one called my h^omein Des.respects yesterday to HanK Wil- as "Cold. Cold Heart" and "Jam- p a
Moines from Chicago and asked Usms, a former shoeshine boy balaya." gained ntch of his fame MAy prMtt
w\ o my m r,"te a id ,with an $8 guitar who catapulted through .apo .the govatwe l
or my mother, tecap in a tlkd.o fame as a singer and composer "gand Ole OMr' tadin, show
"M therwasi.away so dad talk-of mournful folk ballads. orilntin to Ni e. Tenn. He said h
d th him. The aller said A huge throng which lammed several of t ieS on the quitaes*re
A a friend had seen a n an the 3,000-seat city auditorium s311ow-0 lnud R9 ol 1foIa tles wi
A hospital in Japa t H ntead and overflowed outside heard a ey, Ov A and m 'rn Tubba give Is t.
S ato cI~ hamefordh wan t horus of Randnd Ole Opry" per- -flew here in ~ a eburtera1 plane i _tita
'o ,, ....rd the trip" .. ..omers sing a Williams-compos- today to sing his hyn.n,. "S w Anke iti
e captain's faether- tol the 'hymn' at funeral service for the Lit. dra P
he did not believe hin be the 29-veyr-old ballider They were arompiied by a hower, ten
use' he had received a letter; The auditorium a"s rented by htibilllybnd. I ng w ,
from. his on saying he woul, re- relatives' of Williams who said boypN." h WUihat... ed
They wanted to give lids admir- lVORI.ell i ll ..l
main in Korea. ers a chance to attend the fun- hi brl6f aeter asway
But the caller persisted. cral. a o iwa
"He said he had a sist r in The lanky singer-composer. soni and of moita WeNo
6San Francisco who could ar- whose melancholy songs brought ballad rcrdao ings were counted
range a Christmas leave If my Ihim an estimated .000 000. died I .the
father wool-l' rovide the nee- on New Year's Day in West Vir- lo f
ssary funds. vinla while en route to an Ohio D ka 'll
',inging engagement. An autopsy iVe e iVayer W Il R
The officer sd the swindlcr. report on his death was expectedSek Confirftion
apparently discouraged, hung uD to be made today. Seek Confirmation
without saying how much money Willims was born here and as mc
he wanted or how it should be'a oth he sold peanut and As French Pretiier We fr m t I
turned over to him. The callertshined shoes on Montgomery
did not identify himself or his streets. His first music lessons PARIS, Jan. b (UP)-Radical e, coMn
sister as representatives of any came from an aged Negro who socialat finance expert Rene
organization. tatrht him to pluck a guitar Mayer announced today that he
"They must have got my name Williams purchased for 8. would go before the National L"O w n
from casualty lists," the captain The tall singer described s a Assemnbl and sAk confirmation j es
said. "lonesome, frustrated soul, sing- as premier. Mayer told nws. 2. i
Ee nolnted out that the Army, ina his heart out" by his friends, men that even if the Prt-
provides free transportation for,wrote most of his sons while trentary followers of Q Aninnt 1
military personnel returning to traveling Charles De Oaulle requae to TI bal.
the United States. His first hit tune. "Lovesick back him in their caucus t copa ad str
"My dad knrw I didn't need Heart," was written In -a moving afternoon, he would still tto oalne
any money to get home." he said.'car by the light of the dash- form France's 18th postwar gov- 4.L
board. eminent. hh u o
m nL Af-sH-i His booking agent, A. V Ban- "I think that the county of lrgE form
Roienbergs Recet6 ford. said" Williams had a "ter- would not understand if or the certain weak
rifle memory. He would make up 15th day of the cris
V the words, then hum the music, sixth day' of a d ti= i 6. Logitc
It might not-take him more than (Mayer's dselgnation as pie- ly) B
40 minutes." ailer) that has p3rmitted'e to aof = upp
A En s (ih f i,... "Maybe three weeks later he make every, effort In *r ,forces-we h
Sons In Sir Sing would get his guitar and m ic-a. to ovetcome te thdiffl4 I e .I progre
tape recording of It. He puld refuse to go for .evst- ood I,
OSSININU, N Y., Jan. 5 (UP) ways remember the nates. pe-. tpre," he sail. t
The two young sons of Ethel -
and Julius Rosenberg yesterday
madewhat may be theirlastCongress Reforrs
it to their parents before theythe senior
are executed the week of Jan. ngres s ug ommt ead

r today to banish F i hoo lib uS e rs ore
1 for stealing America's atom- stream-o o ma ,
bomb secrets. I r. ^
"There ev. re no tears," thedmocrble nr
o g p o nbergd lawyer. Emmanuel Bhaveh "iu ptrllsl $ e
tlo'h, said. ai st t
e Rosenbergs received theb obe r. Cleve- I bee..
lren prison Just as if theyn WASHINGTON. Jan. 5 (UP)- ate hopl seniority yste pIck- kicks tram t
ii'er recelvhzg them in their ownwas urged Ing committet~heath. Sndwtab'iwmak
livg ther e o nd" to h prodpolsy to bansh filibusters, oot start with, he forid tShe s e ow
d.och u a sid the children, i i' salarie and stream- ob. Columbia. o l erof6r
chaen ,andROert, always u In letters to gallery ~o pr of vid ~J said It Is vital r Con
ha prikownd thei wat thewere more party and weuS.W stengthen Its eisla- S
nrsolat nlt pi better control over the nati 'u .a go h fortune tis ountn tot
e la read a state strngs and war powers. lato prove the eri)m of. thee"
eaypr een slaye td a t ate The recommendations were democratic system ovet atl other ,
mea from tie Rosenbergs today made by the National Commit- forms o government. "
tosrepiorters uandnm outside- e for BtrngthenIng 'CongresS. He the a wmake_ tt
Sring uig Lrton on Juage Irhing a group of distinguIshed citizens have an "unparalleled opzorlun- eller said
grant them mercy land business engineer whose opinion. a h mo
"s there no end to the in- proposals touched off to e 1946 To start with, he said tlhe ms -
di~-:.tie we mst endure" the congressional revamping job,. sent .eogrmlonal paycheck o d
s;'.:ment said. 'Casuistry upon In letters to all mnmbers of $15Q0I-0a year, plh allowances,
suILt.. Y. the new Congress, Hel"ler i lto- ieunO ent u for "legllato
"'.,e judge's repeated charac- poed creation of a c mni "1on "*btwu vwaz .a
terh atlon of our alleged crime -possbly b *de up otf fimeme r Many-p~7pte wer. '-Woefd.- %) empe.,
'pa worse murder' corn- Bernard Baruch, former Pre|- he. b iti
pletely unmasks his sanctmo- dent Herbert Hoover and goa. cent.n
ntcs pretensions to Judicial Adlal E. Stevenson of Illinois- Vjqe P- eXet-eL.Mt
ba'nce. ',re- to study th.; question of more WIkot- hi -an $tia,66 pr tee u
'.,-spdte is unseemly're- pay for lawmakers. '*expl aelun d" sh ; i It
n- .ks, which smack of political J. pSrkman, the d I I
pB. sure id coercion, we reas- ,.' also oalled for'real" major- Ociatlo vie. 1reudnttlal ew-
ou...our innocencee before God ity and minority policy corn- didate, bad li w~e hi hib oul d

br. man. mittees in both Houses, com- roll.
ch. 1;i. has not given up posed of chairmen and top main- "The fact that niather pD ut
h' a of favng the husband-wife ority members of regular corn- p the matr to th
te: m from execution. He said he mittees, and a Joalt committee D" he I amp
IW askL. U. .Court of Ap- of both houses prepare "talr e de'ce that ash ant d
peals toad- to stay the sentence legislative reorgalton ct Co a
so. he n.po oeal to the Supreme 1953." .
Court for rvew of a recent low- The tnew reorgaa i laspIw t
e@ court flMo37 upholding the he said. should eond ft lla
death peauib end "Irrelevant" debate t
If that b aM, be will ask for a Senate; restore the "2U-day a
9 ot eeua o S he '- ap- In the House to stop the ..u
Bito roldent Trunr j for Committee fra lg At
e u emwMr. bills, mechanics

... : :.. ..

is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
93i 5 1953 IT

Bring NAT

- Ridgywa
ld suffer grie-am- -
aid. "I doe t mean
wouM be defeated. AAAAAA
d to omment 111111
nent attritedo to VV V
honse Juin, bi
wander wo the V o gl B
t, that tI eveat of U
=atts could be in av
t34 days after their
id across the West-
ihe In 0erany.
d also to say wheth-
Spresentig an of- $
t or a personal one. *--
iagted: WASHINGTON, Jan. 5
e utmibst confidence MutWing. out pay ha
soldier." mon than (PM,,000-1
preblm facing himn pockets of 1, .000 Noi
wa, said, la to In- veterans, it was learned
ubr of troops o4p Thead are 'men called
al pep and to I.m vice diOce start of the w
=al M at those al- are entitled to such pay
ba"s *'
0-eeeaIeG cuts I' .$00 for less than 4
S by- Allied tivo service in the Unite
Sthhs*dMe of the O for 0 tda or mor seihl asthor- n the United Stateo, i
the _ight to cmt for B0 dayq service or lo
eo aodthrhe sat least one day's daty
h6 their regwestive hoe many pen' are e
hL. mare~mitM-- y. .
e and hbb staff are A. Evtt sat714A Ni
Of the economic dif- rM d A -

,ef the bB et f eter; I7to fU, 'N*avy BU*-
p tw I yeY told reu of w u -dA o-id A
Cette, VaMr n
ited the following e art shintmD.,
t buprovements UBk onwor..headquaderr
pees he took Oaver WOhfgtn.
wer last May after The Army s the only serce
tour of duty as st0- h up to daie rords show
wander in the Far number reeving
Lo and the appUca o
perception of what at thI last Dee.
are." 6 Arw man ec d
ed additions to our OD.
number, in arma- said I latest
training." t 20 appLcat
ding of an officer h been received mnd 1
ong @adres of non&. with payments tal
Officers. 4 B.
a a 1 e manleuverb re reeeivet
ve the effectivene p i satlonsOoug.MN~ .
ations and disclose ,09 S and pM
MSr.w revived 1StA
s (trafbport and .a 9 e.a a totalo(
building up the fit i i-t. 0..
ly strex for th e
e, we are making paymiete.
, and we are mak- aV point,f
ogrpes In air field records here are. no

uiJ Boost Pay,

rml/in Wor
ae folks al f'Ar awv reform
e reluctant to r
he suggested th

h nor one
We were being -
the present party .
littees In Con
wte nta "stee
p ide real
it' Sam T^
and direction.

Unp ofte

t ~ adLA
qD~d -7

'.. -- -'

II ."' I

- ~-~"'*~*
.'- -,"c..~- -


__ 1 _

vul waI aw


ea g p. e. n,,

- 'r' --

...-.-,,-...------.- -- s... .- .,

Your Income T Nr

Article "1 s Hw
Most.Use FrIOM

I Here's the first of 14 ig articles of
rjNTS &di j in -EA's 12thr.nnual vitTox Primer,
Wd by a to.-nt a sp "t .
h This firet ch 't4b" y 16& 1 the- iNOi
c onjunction wit h T.ofioI 'in .fai to wind Up witl
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