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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Bil n US Skin MaTells Two-.Ton Cache

Amernan Male: 0
rsh in Tpxes Amer, n ale:f Communist
rftts hiv ex- There it. a poslbilt that W yn
at with the bill there will.c me reduction in
Mixed to support hsonew Themoaisealthf u esoion Al
'- 1953 a gs t "atop worrying,"
Mat erithatpruceandamphya *Matoa O Utnd
t the with wa er will be revoked Dr. p arles F. s n
~other jj es by J the latest. specialist who has issued public
a attep -to At g session of warning On Christmas time 0-
the Mark Trice was haza d, aa mummer sun dan-
is. appain former Re- ers for three decades, said VALPARAISO, Chile, Jan. 3 (UP) Authorities to.
puon' a dr s Misa,,"a.r- tha t t American day were examining huge boles of Communist propagon-
,a 9tonea, d-a. fa secretary mose wome. fa ound in the smoking ruins of a building where et
' or e. e said, causes high least 51 persons woer killed.and 350 injured in a New
'foIrfW y WbloOdrg uMe mach ulcers
.. an4eaatSI, a skin neural- Year's Day dynamite blast.
gi n kte thing nal- Rescue workers digng for additional bodies found
iysr n prly two tons of paganda material, printed in
$ Urge7d the following 10 Russia- and what had been the office of Ed-
1. 5 o bed at the first sign mundo Lozo, the baIing's maintenance superintendent.
,:. ,-, )of a b1d cold or illness, and The blasted structure ha~ served as headquarters
re9 3 ". ot wy and avoid for Vaolparaiso puqot4ce's deportment of roads. Lazo, held
ah2.Do ,c -ua notworis. dfor questioning.Wi t the unauthorized storage of dy-
DQ" ots andwe own after namite in the ing,-was expected to be asked also
f h:4 aal4isease stlvn pbodit i material, much of it seared.-
a' Is M o m kbe nkn and 14t add the 51 known killed in the blast, 50
-- o -.. 'driving don't mix. of the injured were in critical condition and scores were'
S. avoid exposure to severe reported mussing.
The Or-iMr the Champs heat or cold and sudden chang- rated by the blast as thougb.S
ro Ma- Suu m ti bitgby p S1- Of Utmpersture. The morgue and hospitals In had been hit by vgblock-bgou
i odeted' t uLeneh artIt 6. HaVe at least one medical this last Ch rt were bomb. A wide crater. mmore tha:
-l-Lyerar of 't' ftld eat what the and dental checkup during the besieg riev eatres and 10 feet deep marked t
,, 'M a amh. ,T g ieg oo mof w a- r m ore tai 350 P persons were touched oft by a w ater mo l,
t last aoru r ,e r Mt, h t bours of sleep were Wure&'f ire.
WILatd mthat*e bodies a$ the morgue Crowds of New Year's~ e cal.,
d e W/e h proper eye pot~e- we sanutltede charred that ebrants. amusing to see
= g avoM M aowl i b ild% ide ,i,.thio wshemblas e..Budd.. tIv b.. w.dengw

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ii but W,
b Iran
an wm
tihe 0=.
t "d"

gE to the
o .9; the in-
rt i>alling this
fered t a hunger
; able rodisfy.
food Imue was a
.of a very weak
iboir 1i0 grams of

M being an
0 and sen-
M I bor on the
'Uf tte Danube-
M.e up rocks a-b
a and break
Ir laying beds
k of so

4Wibead ra-

Is e' ala-

o 0 Ps( O Ministers. '1"M
ri -.a .o[ at least on
the dur* in reality we
will have MI I Some na-
01Wati ba w i be rtevoked.
the t part of the
year he Mat~b International
news will be the dieoery of a
senaloml apy can. You, as a
w a heul( be on the alert
mrgdgc this," Madame Orion
Mas 2wcofmpleted her pre-
It Could Take
More Than This
To Get It Back
W DMMl1W Jan. 3 (UP)
- T 'g"et quick return of your
lnct tax overpayment, If
v, wte "refund" on the en-
.sentaintig your applies
nh lInternal Revenue Bureau
Si.a. key word on the en-
wgill -4peed processing of
will check your

^t nevnt. posnble cancer
of fthe by having maoles
removed if they start to bleed
or become irritated.
But mte best rule of ll, he
IaNd laN. 1


CAIRO. Jan. S (TP)-Prince
Belf ilUsam Al Hiiat. premier
vceroy of Yemen U brother
of Yemen's King Mined, ws
due to fly to Rome today after
a month's visit to IRypt In his
M trt abroad.
T emir Is the streaKat man
In Yemen next to the i him-
e 45-year-old prine spent
. month studying .t' s
kvements in Indutry, still
and education, a" d
Wa pleased by what ,he aw.
Ash.. met Premier
iized Nagulb, K n
Libya and other Arar
te tan leaders, and ho
t from north to
.ince said he would
te XtaIan Industrial and so-
dat ments. He added he
chos nay because It was
war than other European
tries and would enable him
to aMapt to Impove his

S'Drik"Zted oueRPArt

His PMunislmen St C.l nlt
-*1 Fas kc Cuontest
WASHINOGTON, Jan. ,(uP)- A number of Pana a
CaiJalJone aztists have
FOy AL Fohler, a high ite De- ted drawing to The P
partmeat official. has b b ev- American for the contt
erel pnisnlhied for being drunk nounced on Dec. 11 Sby Fatlh5 ..-
w having secret official do- Duty Free Store, but here is aiM
cuments in his possession, after a week left in which to compete-
taking them without due author- proprietor Adelbert Fastch
lzation, today.
Punishment consisted of rellev- scene to be depicted Isoe
ng him of his position as a shoppers inspecting the tock
member of the staff assigned to of the tre r
planning the department's poll- irat prize will be a gol4 M
clen, suspenslon for 30 days with- valo wrist watch, plus an off.
out pay and a reprimand. to make all of the drawing. i a
Fohler has been with the De- be used by the store In a aased
apartment of State for 21 years, of rug advertisements to run a..
during which he,held many im- local newspapers.
Wortant posts. He was attached Judges Wi the contest will be
to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow selected from among art con-
gnd was director of the Voice of noisseurs and professors, Fast-
America In New York. llch said.
On Dec. a. Fohler was arrested Artists are asked to submit not
wmen his automobile, in which more than three drawings. Any
h. wa driving with his wife. size rug may be depleted.
nekoted over a telephone pole In The contest closes Jan. 10.
At.tfie. Va. Entries should be brought to
SItpa proven that Fohler was the "Contest Editor." ThePana-
dra d carried with him se- ma American, H. Street Panama
aret: wments referring to the City, during business hours.
Tuntl-ad Moroccan a f f a i r s. Fastllch has asked that all en-
whteh hr e being dlseued at tries he wrapped to prevent
the time In the United Nations. damage in handling.

Swedes To Make Film, Hunt

Snakes; But Treasure, o!
aS9 OLM. ,Jan. 3 (UP)-A The ekpeldtlon will consist of ele of Ecuador bv ancient South
swedish tpeditan ead four Swedeg aided by native Co-,American Indians.
GONElbfw i Bioumbnerm gwWJeioumbians who will be recruitedI There were reports here thatI
by &r 4 Januaryi s lor S, after the expedition hks been tion. Louis Andrade nad tou
mOnths Wplorat of aet outfitted In Bog Blomberg Lion. Loul &Andrade, had fou-
and modn Coll a. evidence of the buried treas
Chet U ofiOi tr~ D Wil W ldde himself, the Swedes are deen inside Ecuador. I
beSto a t full- feature iWell ven SOnedern. director of But Blomber himnuself showed.
lu a tli the Mueum of Natural History no sign of being eager for a tree-
taePopalyaa in tSouthern Colom- sure hunt. He said he planned tW
COWA bi. 6Me director Torgnv An- return to Ecuador next sum
il derbe s and cameraman Walter after he returns from Colo '"
fbrRn.r both of Nordisk Tone- and rejoin Andrade in eeploo.tag
tt I# The Rho emaaT ha rane- l "But I wlN ten yoe a
to leadvoperts bthey would do a bout that whm I get
-Oa tarfeat rBagr "A* AeaMedD" Riht Bnw I am .ly .
i eflm tooaI"*M" 5-.e centeed denamum he- wits Cm he tban tfee" t
of the hief amem aE h ant smakn bat kb 4.yeWer-Mold U ae Pam.F .
-ir eplem blhmeel gme.dmud that I Blombere and his ON"
im ia a s- ib .ss ba.n heat was panios planned to bse b
tro 0a p' et e gmlelS. Sweden In about six motI s
mtmral m Ae m5lob dueled reports that movie logical m ad
be and oe of hs partners in a- naloic al V NM
o obrb Ita to efindother erpedition wee On the will ahocotlect material
'le anBoakw for til alf a hInesa treasure beled amum in the Unit I
l, embeurm 'to be bustied A the amote Jan-mibS lad.r

, "-, .

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Preom then on, It's been a semi-
clastic. Children learned to play
*w pian ofrom It.
irsdamce to it ie
,iI% ~uts See

115iZUO, V114t~leills
r eo o It becna one ii Ld tbam M
~p slles O 185vims.,New tis (e, =e VUora !bin h
q epes: Ia thsei 1'0 aaot h*6ii,-a smI
MOO ep glowing for an- Uganda.
slow mand OS MMalaa. an r h an' -=W
St lt R I mo1s g a the new Iswoi L Mde a dM MM 0
* iPut It, as the liHle bug U`JL to JapamwieS.shorbTly. a?
Iontallight continue tha otf ul-ng.ejm ateuaf be vi
AP tu on the AC and the DC. former se.

Io nw.l


1 rIke May End ReIgn Of 'Long. Ovals R ce

S T U D IE S........vancement of better race r

S-y etians In the United StatesA nd 11 the-l
alSTUDIES lF the wO.l nine men-a"d
or anii have been C
0--leadn US., Nearo vsno
By LONAR R PERT per to i. 192 Honor Roll of D e
By LEONARD RUPPERT mocracy. tch e
noes a gls c t The elections are made each Of ea
SlNEW YORK, Jan. 3 (NEA) With Dwight D. Eisen- Db theO t ei r "CMBh 8e
hower as President, the reign of "long ovals" may be Irrespe tve o race, creed or n-ch
pa-tm ended. .onal oored t1 ear are:
Martin Lo th inks aoand with Martin it's on im- ca.o m
Sportant matter. That's because he's general manager of the O o
Pirnssure Cooker the M. Fluegelmon Hot Co., the man who supplies the of eto
high silk toppers won By'Presidents-elect on their Inau- a oA "o
Lane Illui nated guration day, .Narwort c na. o e
Lae IlluminatedFluegaelmant t jrve been standard equipment .mogpF o of merloan t
Bs cGl Wor m' at inaugural r s sAe Teddy Roosevelt's time. en .._ c "ar, tr ea to he i et s
y 'It begowohen h c ote Maximillian Fluegelmannta PnR HA : lt l ht reM a "vel T oest res,
m f s anw adnshave Hio opp er yet, so the artist m he Negro e o In om can .. -
Ey RICHARD KLEINER T. R. One os i gift. Roosevelt accepted and so has every- I xr rs 0 I sic
y RCARD EINER TR. one as a gift. Roosevelt accepted and so haseery own 6ver hishead like you're "Th correct name Is a silk or one that was nt recorded, a .
NEW YORK, Jan. 3 (NEA)-A Chief Executive supposed to do. Opraat e says, "and the converan between founder Davr te
souped-up Noctiluca Ike's model is now resting in a glass case at the fac- "Of course," he ad dsT, R had crown Is only 5% Inches ta ll. Max a- Woodrow W omn. Dan"a Tt b ,e
tthe most practice.them the same as an ordi- WIfMaeb.Ued by telephone one team,. "SrdaU
(glow-worm) is causing quite a tory, an ancient two-story building in mid-Manhattan. new hat for every sery tb the intutr and day o 1p Ir that l mmr b"h te
r along what's left of ey Tin Ithasn't been officially accepted yet, but Loeb is and, with.four, he had quite tnes fopeople." was toch oeAtl pone-r
This entomological ditty is sure it will be. He hears that Ike has been busy. collection." In return for the gifts, the Max olns reslat comment- re to play in t
"The Glow-Worm," the hit song egelman battery boasts a i ng uh b ho that maybe nd po
of the 1910s that's now back with The size is '/4. That makes Truman and Harding were tied Loeb he t much comment collector of thank you letters the Ptdde bead had hr overme raci dis ina-
a set of electronic lyrics and a Ike's the third smallest skull of at 77%. about the other Falue lm at- from the Whte House and piC If be retorted Wum. "1
new lease on life. the nine Presidents Fluegel- Ike's big chance to shatter pre- ted presidents, except that Hard- tureA of the silk hats In action. "Pre d~. 'heads never get Reverend l of ttm
It's a smash. But it typifies man's has fitted. cedent comes In the shape de- ing was fair, "though he never Fluegelmans is proud of them ma.ayhing, they l- south Africa, te
thecurrent bleakness of the ant. P wo0 a
the current bleakness of the apartment. got quite the right angl" in u ll.But thefavorite moment Is ways get blgger."- M ltani ,a ,h
musical picture, when lyricists The smallest were Wilson's and that the saddest of theaowas ma. ,l
are having to dip back 40 years Coolidge's. Both were 7%. The fashioD in Presidential Coolidge.
or so to find singable melodies. The biggest was William Ho-skulls, at least for the last nine i e
ward Taft's, a king-sized 7%. Presidents, has bee n a non- "Cal showed too uch tore-
ENDURANCE The others fell in between, all wavering "long oval"' shape. head," he explains, "Just like a
of them still pretty large. Hoover. farmer."
"The Glow- Worm" has been was a full 7.. The Roosevelts, Ike may be the first "round o
selling well for more than four oval" to inhabit the White House x-hberdasher Harry T-
decades. I n decades to Loeb a distinct m an was "better than av er "
It's long been classed as a o u n o Seks innovation. At least that's the Fluegelman's is bitled 2 4th c "v
'standard" -the publishers. Ed- isus on at Fluegelman's. But largest silk battery in the world.
ward B. Marks Music Corp., sell Loeb isn't willing to commit him- although it's only one small By ELEANOR SPALDING Viftnt.
Me b Op sThe craftisedyingo.Oe.. -, -
Ssome. 60 different arrangements emn self until Eisenhower answers The craf t is dying out. for survive thw
of it, for everything from a saxo-e E his letter. thS Hat FON, Jce e
phequartette to a flute-piano more than 600 members 8",hebutchheutim and the atolsh
CLEVELAND, O. (UP) -Sme How Ike wears the topper will York Now Fluegelman's Nguyen V Tamn v
But few modern songs stand a labor unions t le been at- be closely observed by its donors. the entire union. 12 to 15 wo.r* of Vietnam, is a mild- an
choice of lasting so long. "The tacked for b 1;ul4e1moeotic, "Max always used to say," re- era, and the members are alloer ed little man fall big i
:of that era, were simple. union is giving Its members a a public figure not so much by ind war Into one of peac- ahead s t I
chance to let off steam in a what he did, but by how he wore Ht hat malkin is done, aplenty o oe o ant ahy
wotIS usled to be written, scientific e de"< "G I I* t^ I"
S used to be written, sientifi wa. hs hat. I feel the same way. To hknd, No way of during them y, s afi
says bert Maks, head of me it's rost important." out b pchIne has been de- ts political oppoAnhe Sy
hs. Marks song. publishtnl Thousands of OWU members Fluegelmans alltime cham-g w ato the top by at conflo o rt Oa
fku m"for. people to sing a- in Ohio, Kentucay, Indiana, .plon Presidential high hat wear- few than 100- .x 't t he ontt onf
aeund a piane. hnos, Wsconsin and K entucker was the jaunty Franklin D. Ia hr na en and peao
S"Teday, they're written for have been asked to fill in a Roosevelt. Ipadction I 10 to 12 dozens t l f reornate FT^ f ar
trick effeel o n records. It's 70-point questionnaire on all R da + and reoranBam10 1omst p le als a k
hard to stg something ike procedures, officers,' contracts, "Now there's a man who real- Leb patiently points out that et offices to stap out cor- Frenc l W*e
Jambalaya' for Instance, even and the like. ly did justice to one," Loe b the 'nes igh tsat" Io an error, tion. t a I. .h ei en e
if yu l remember the No one needs sign his name beams. "He always wore It well as a topI is really not high. e premier i1a out thatsince u
Marks pois out that there to the questionnaires which. ,. 91
are e be turned over to the ...C h. ......n ...p. ..
:'obnd.-Hiscrowded waiting room ve a t of C --cago's"f dr-ndA
I evidence to that. Relations' Center for analysihs.istiarnla miEpr0
WEEPING TENORS "This is the-first time in his"- ua e m s e D t eMton Of
WEEPING TENORS tory that n iImportant labo r-,i I-IsotclculadtoIft. ,tp- rnO ao sr .
But they write melodies that union and a it have votion.a
sound good coming out of an cooperated to give rank ando OIs
echo chamber or being-howled file mebers # chance to eX..e r
by a WepIng tenor, or press their -opinionsconfidon-
by wlet gounda lIke 17 tiafly and to receive a scaenti. WAREINGTONf, Jan. 3-*tuhw-
S ongs todaay, arelitUn for fe -of iet Opinio4" ed cities of crumbled stone. t w-
mecA l reproduction. And aid Warne Bloomberg, Jr., stand ollent and empty today o g _-- Am went o .ff t .'
they're written under pressure. who is directing the poll for in semitropical forests along andeny od iaT- a ._.
'It's en so one eomme, the university. South America's Parana River, cV bliias bult by C MlmaU the @de o- 1 h_ z pso_.
tator = they ought to re. testifying to one of the most t the4 dernessoily u 1 a1 Dal o1w= A
name Tin Pan Ally pressuree OWU officers call the survey unusual ex lmenta Ip the con- to lo 1 and virtually for thO a- -lTm omplybecw tU...._ ,..to0 1 0.nmT
Cooker Lane," an unusual ex eriment n u- quest of the ew World. g no-we else-whowA.aI u_ t
Today's song-writer has to nion democracy at1 pila to In southern Paraa and in ~ Job under pr c-ms g
work fast. He makes far less mo- extend the Inv 9ti9 1 g t n I northern Argentina's. odes `Mt IGRAThIONW .ot Andh.dh ab.e IN to p The first '.."
ney now than hedid in the good th Oughout their ualon after Territory, there are. 3... sites. ff '.-M,_ey themJ
old gather around.- the-plano the present sampling has been The ruins are all that remain Th_ SpaniAk Vic oyalt I to taSe r jlople Sice assum in ogfl o ~t of
days. His chief source of revenUe co* pleted in about a year. of a Christian e that Rio de, la Plata. was not y" whee. Tam has o
-sheet muskc- is selling just flourished among GR oua,- old when laoreto Jesuit ench to contnie their war_. s on
moderatley well. This is a rol grassroots af- rant Indians more three slon was established ltr RANTS3 j l ot In Vietncthe
And the writer and publish fr","odd' arl J. Peterson, centuries ago, -the 0"- 47 :0agft Pigna in htdeLcV&eh
Sget, at the most, only two cents president of Loe 3 here. grap Society sayC
Srom each record. 'When the results are analysertd Great church carved big problem
and sent back to us, every stone stood facl, broad cen. Other settlements followed, as n, it It lo- Van Tam l the
RARE MELON member ill receive a printed trial plazas. Around- these, rank theJesuts found eager con down the Pa n 161. In Vietnam, t'-
copy." Rupon rank, were parallel city verts among the primitive In. Setered by th .river's great habit for Govewments
Figuring a million records, wotIrfalls, the hegir finally arises to demand 'a rewafor
which is good, that means the UaMe to the regins squeezed be. granting license ,n ot fog ,+'f
publisher and writer (or writers) the be Parana and and impowr butt
=ut up a $20,00E melon. And a' & m arr em..,
million record song isn't too corn- the~0ir Van TaX a
in. aeor offlolwl. .
So the song-writers grind them r e ones for u
Out as fast as they can, and .on ag Hedrewup ftr at
when they become hits, it's gen.- A people, budget, as a sS
rally because of a recording art- oft. ,or "rodue- control of t -J
Set and a recording arrange- 3.I00 nians, tures. And h. I
e rather than because of the U two misl onaries. ed system of
tualtof the song itself. Government D
010w-Worm" is the ox- .TED ..,
who Salk about It as a 'lueky ~ M 'he Guia mont r
"Alter all," he sa, "ft's the *~ minta wit- held In i
work of top artists. aul Linoke, 'sd most wide- expklai-l,
foremost composer of Berlin in It Was Ouants, assembly
.le day. i the wY assembly

A"Ad Joh n ny Mercer, who'o- t the Raop-
.wa the new lyrics --well, I i.
.1m" have to tell you about
SI5n ny Mercer. It wasn't luck-- W I
* iM was skill and talent and hard k ...a
L ncke wrote it in 1902, and -
Scalled it "Oinhwurmchen," which
even the Mills Brothers couldn't
* have done much with.
"It came over to this country '-
* In 1906, got a new name and new
, lrlcs and eventually found its
Sway into a lew Fields show, "The
+11 Behnd the Counter."





T *0


I 1

, t *

.,~ ~. .
- I *'. ~ a.
I '1.

I -.
I' .

*1 ~. '*.*
A,' .. -'

TIM* .. .
* ..* '.

- .*-. **,-.. -- .! --
^ '/ '*-. .
*./, .
-** IL--

^W'v **'..V


AV d- M m A & a i m. U m .

Vr... '


' ome. .-M tn
"' umonI hla
S'Lute will be hbel

of tedisalMon on thep C
"Thi MEie.u of thq Bible.".

The regular meeting of theAl-
pfrha ClApter of Beta Sima Phi
94. be held. on Tuesday, Janu-
ary 12. at the Sorority Clubhouse
in Cqruadu at 7:30 p.m.
affe-M t Thursday
b iiierregular eot-
-Meetlang ea Thursday. .

LM' '*1


'~'~ -~ I
~ .44
~4ww .~ I


]NTW YOKm (U.P.)

bcha a
Sbh the despair ofe

b le to reilt ueret
0 between mam..

w at -h Ht of the I
mw, Thi early 1920's whai
Ss was fdll ft new a
l MwAs Interpreted as
OLn, :ot the new order t i
aid the new tWO
of truth, ordw
sand d-aath.
, Ia.oYver Yu -
atglaa ,
naft anon t Aerc

n ed previi
two of
y t 'orp' ropen
jtolc City" de
b h fo api s
t of the p
voltage so
S 4eli
ap man h(

A ..
han twret

igin A ittta~i~l^ bjy tin
temm rm.p~B~~jy wji ad

to a


* *." modern

,* .'f.L.
ty-... :, y

S it dea


WIw ,--5 *-r and
1.4 braiB nchlld.
( .. -,I- -I

'>'*' -' | (


t w.l world. Wel
O)md e man's
teste dctis

lur'nnd 1lth centuries.
West urone In 1492
Columbus opened
to the new world

^ S Be 6a l. lol ler." e h
Sprtoduced a boom for the wi
ern world which is now dy
videwedagaior institute
S ideals wchAp reached U
Sttes are th product ofm
frontier ltas Iad Its winle
on man, rather than the a
I City" a spy me of man's the and des
Scritihes antdch Hisa theory Is that the n
h appearance o e "great fr
ed yester4y' at rg tier" at the .ldH of the 2
akrlt a 8Y~Id!y'pP u.r century w 4ere modify
ii with deand aDd tonse of iazad practices t
ltl, who demand a4 were tatdofor 400 ye
el Webb forle i t gradual los i
lucky by and ~I ndividu it n a closer knit
ofonietyr Mh cletysoveinme

nte d BadS o western SrM reshapes it
ethe mul obede to meet 'hating needs ....
aiol H.aca Chicag aong been ab
h i i al' jj.^j v o r nte ,u h ew r t o w r ite s
w ctfe audtesnces is the mrekl h atl in the (
the 1aow. on of AlbtHalr, a nat F
Syatually atd jtheis stitlnevs in onto

"c.atinr soM pre- lecesh. o 4"Id placliia set
plucknayndhis, a'in acl sthet
ads itheat tS u mte rlde than aplack-a
r1WoCer ac the -a bad

gt .adr e ner's humorous
rseeisAM 'smoving "Nal
giSe t ne Addams' fine "F
N-Aglse: t ,uI Houstmve" and Thi
.jsx rep ot on The. Loeb-L
on e. There are many ot
th1Pt selections among
ran alsinc'ded, ranging -f
atae meeond Dempsey Tun
Btht-to Chicago Ja U The
Wr Ie. to asert that Chic
after all, the-United Ste
reduced to a sinle symbol..

pert Ann London e
ear were several pieces writ
e famous portrait pain O

41at ele Dl ,ong

t publiehed in PorteaTs:
?. J l R ,Cieynolds (amOre
A o uomthe osw ofell 1

-tro r nIni ad

Spicket co a d ocumealpie to

fouse to mun sIcta spies
miberg from Me)eo utl luz ind oltrsl.

others .

. 3 ,-o
eran wela oe a d

wsteeon WPotr'iest: _
fr" Ohat new,
t a n e3a- tm e n Y
lher oselp
and ek mua d g l h- 0 When the Inventory



resumes again
THIS SUNDAY at 6:30 p.m.
in the patio

Two orchestras for
dancing, 7 p.m. 1 a.m.


from MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 1953
36" for dresses all colors at $1.00 yard
54" for dresses embroidered at $2.50 yard
72" white for sheets at $2.25 yard
80" wnite lor sheets at $2.50 yard
72" and 80" In colors for sheets
before $4.00 NOW $3.50 yard
38" white for shirts, pillowcases S1.25 yard
54" for men's shorts, pants, suits $2.50 yard
36" baby linen white and colors $1.25 yard
3 dishtowels $1.00.

., Ae.eWpl~ra121 Tel. 2-478


- I NI


Between .




Panama to One Way sound Tri
MIAMI $70.00 $126.00
QUITO . 86.00 154.80
GUAYAQUIL 80.00 144.00
NEW YORK 114.00 21400
CHICAGO ... 120.30 226.60
SAN JUAN 134.00 241.20

For more details, visit Area's oJfice Tel. 3-3283,
at 15 Peru Ave., or see any of these travel

, .



'-e" a 'o inf i a larg. clieoe, th. eVaI public and, in par-

ti ada


de we ly deposits of SIO5 $0.50, $1.00 and

'icsard for a period of forty-eight (48k

P1ui 1a mry 1953.


At a recent ceremony at the Cathedral. the Rt. Rev. R. Heber
dis- Gooden, S. T. D., Bishop, advanced the Rev. John S. McDuffie to
on- the priesthood. The Bishop has appointed Father McDufNfleas
10th priest-in-charge of St. Peter's, La Boca, and St. Simon's Charoh,
ca- Gamboa, wlth residence in La Boca. In the photograph appear
hat from left to right: Archdeacon Shirley, former priest-in-charjo
ars. at La Boca and now rector of St. Paul's Church, Panama City;
s of. The Very Rev. Raymond T. Ferris, Dean of the Cathedral; Bishop
so- Gooden; the Rev. John S. McDuffle, and Archdeacon Townsend,
nts, Executive Secretary of the Missionary District.



(Caja de Ahrrtos)


1 .

maU &f e


urI ---

: '5

me- 1I

A""- ^

I.r z .


I. Ai .I

El. a


Winner Tells What It's Like

.Jo Cook Up Some Real Dough

gt I

As told to Gaynor Maddoz


-. t ...

BiJb .

.. ... \ :'.. -
TuOw I


*ft, *. -

L.EA Food &; marketss Editor'
dcnly I was rich. Richer than
I ever dreamed of being in all
my li fe. I keep looking at this
prize check for $25,000 and t e I,
thiiaking, oh, no, it could neverIi \ a 11O0
happen to me. ae o
rma Chicago policeman's wife.
$75 a week. It's been a tough
struggle trying to make eno:
The twins, Joel and Sam, are
10 and do they wear out clothes.
*I make most of them myself,
also my own this dress I
have on I made for $3, and my
hat I made, too. And do those .,#
twins eat, with food taking al- ,
most every penny.
But now I'm rich. Just with,
the same cookie dough I've been
making for the boys right along
I get the first prize for my
"Snappy Turtle Cookies" in the
Pillsbury Fourth Grand Natoo-
zial Recipe and Baking Contest.
af course I'm a good cook'
and I tried to win three times
before. But I told myself if
you work hard enough and
don't give up you'll win some-
Pete wasn't well., and we
thought he might have to get
off the police force and into
something else. He's only 48. BEATRICE HARLIB and prize
So we started thinking about cookies: "Sure I cried."
the candy business and look nd I'll put some money a-
around. Seemed e v e r y o n e And I'll put some mon ey a-
wanted those little, chocolate way for tne boys' education
pecan turtles they nmke in Chi- You've got to be educated,.
cato. today to get anywhere. I'm thei
Then Sam-be's the tall (,nly one In my family who
twln who eats like two men didn't go to college. Then, very
an4 everytime I look at him carefully and with a lot of
ios' pants have rot too short thinking, we'll buy a home of
Sagain, and he likes to cook, our own.i
too, Sam says to me, Ma. All these telegrams! Here's a
ma why doni t you make eho- telegram froe my landlord. He s i
colate turtles out of Your congratulates ,me. He's a nice of ', Ca'ifornia mob 0 for'
od eI dough?"sr man an r ad when o was sick and bnes. Now A sle
'Sowelaid five pecans on aineeded a transfusion his wie lit tmhle oat wove*Puar m
cookie sheet and put a ball of gave me a pint. of blood. Event has tuha-vceu E t; st oa
rich dough on top and baked I so, I'm sending him a telegramn ibst
The dough spread out and right now whtle I have my $25,_.-...
looked like a turtle with little 000 check in my hand. I'll. say '6.,-
pecan feet. I fro"Thanks for your good wishes Y ai .IAs, U ore f ly a lb
-rich chocolate frosting and nowl we are movin g."lNEA oM drra,,t. y
ve got $25.000 in my hand. s-uper-es you don't po
ut, I never thought it could. NEW YOIRI -(N )-There Udesiners have bull
happen to us. re two distinct trends in Call- e Where they should
apoe to u. fmen ftn. bea'b for 193.: od"cottons look cr
I also 'got an eletrie range, tomboyish. th yuettee a re io l|t ther are
eep freeze t an efriera.e' important in on news. -c omn tl
Ceep fireezei and refrigerator, The trim an t p eoted swim sa dnsh. fr a ISO
But we live in a tiny apart-e. sldit borrows itt lines from a like. snedl-up look, tbh
ment with five of the smallest boy's shors. or from the the soft lky cot The
rooms you ever saw, and Pete isb By GAY PAUILEY dtilig oy a 's's shirt. And th sgod, twedy c6tto h re
wussy about. his uniform trou- the new, feminine hourplase the Vs t
Eers always being neatly creased NEW YORK (UP) Lk for slh etto straight out o the eaters sr M da t '4
and we have almost no closets, th Mamie hairdo to becQme the '
bq r e just can't use ,all those rage. s
prizes no*. A New Ytork hair stylist says S 1 / S "we'll buy t Uile house that bal s In thre mannite of l u3'"
somewhere but I'm not ginga Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower are the
erasy and spluharge even if I newest trend in hair-dressilng
an tvery excited now. and that the style will go down
Pete has a friend who owns in fashion idatory along with
h warehouse and he can store the Pickford curls, the Castle
i.b for us. Pete has lots of bob and the Martin pdl ctUt.-
i friends ana is, voi.y srtt lie This is the or4^toof Lm ta.
.wags the one. who caught Sig- De Gez, hairdresdoze
mnund Engel,- the marrying tRe-of women in business
meo, you remember. But that Miss De Gez ie i. Mry Mar-
wvas when: heawas in homicide. tin's hair for f k rol in the,
Now he's In traffic since the Broadway hit, "South Paciflc,'
end of September. He meets and claims..tht from this hair-
lots- of. famous people, from co came tlo pddflle cut whklh
the prudent of Israel down. swept tbp q nation a couple of
He' '.was general Eisethower's years ago.
bodyguard As o..Mrs. tsenhower's
To,.I never had any idea I bangs biakmlng a national'
was going t9 win until that day style, Miss De Ges explainedN
*' n the Gratd Ballroom of the that the wife of the President-
Waldorf Astoria Hotel when I eleet 'tione of those vibrant
heard my name, called out, and pe (rs S a other women .Just
Mrs. Pat Nixon, the wife of the natG1opy...the sa se Iay
next vice-president, hande me thoQ .led Irene Castle and
-the Pillsbury prize check. Sure I M Pickford."
cried. -.tII' -,"Wke is going- to Wear
-. those baspa, win ld of' draw,"
Beleve me I am hnot super- she s4id. "I predict they'll be.
stitious but just the same th tT e.. for the next decade."
,sense funny things happened Wic she added, would beI
to me. .'fine tor tw Amerlcap woman.
SLast September everything "Bangap, when :styled correctly.
W'a.s t low ebb for us. We'd are femlainine and soft... like'
had financial worries for year, a touch o perfu 6e,*" she said.! witw
SPete being sick and living costs -But It' Ilmport ft they be l e le ef ) P
so high. styld to the individual face. sl1 l. snd 4Jwer
"One day I said to the boys ."Even MUi, EIenhower's hair Ire ao
I was doing to take them down could Athad ,4ie. improve- Ce with d
town to look around because ment," she eSa. "When she Ies. ght eer)"
they hadi.'t had any vacati n wears 'a,:iatth'e bangs look in l 'w pak la
thUs Summer. We went to the flne. B" d,46enthnes you see -ea. s-= 4 eN ti fo. every
five and ten. A woman was her w.t at a hat and from N ( e.'
said "Go on, Mama; spend 50,wwarb a s,. e hairpiece." rm erevant In ou asd In r ay-#o.wea,-
cents." I was sort of curious, a-1 Mins Do (e" suggested thLt en ',-aloe fashins-'Is It's-also used to' vide
bout the future, so I did The the new First Lady bring more at u the predtg ues to
horoscope reader tol.' me my of her absk to the trea d tahe ready-to-wear. -l d' .abris.
husband would get a promotion!have it curled so that thee bangs the look, Interpreted In Rather.tham manltlcp
(he did) and that I would getfluff out and widen the upper la;ht ~ lender shoes "t a th o r ono
-,n large sum of mone'in De-'part rof' er -face.- ..In. both lithesvam1ae
emoer and have still further; "Or," she continued, "If I Tp ned to- and t e- I hapem ,i
Right after that I sent in my deeper on the side ad Iea the the heel and a= the pr

I found a little toy turtle ,Ied a n with lod "

re, luck-see, here they are T o
he my father's bookkeeper: "ts thati esat ar soft

about me. She dreamed frot. Wapto e0
3 out empyins the gkr-hUi

-h, .didn't 'cogn"ze the"'
all that Pillsbury ..o Elinbet Se .' .-
_. t of coumse, everyone in "The Queen wAua-,-
S nagogue was praying for hairdress is perfect

"' "W t~y~ticni _Home for Jew- "

La UW n, the Zionist Organ -I Sam PreFrd
f Chicago and Pete
of tli city offi als' 'ORRZ=O1ift Cotm (UY.I-
thae for the Combined Donato ,Don, a,
"W m i dxae. wa...

-1.a..ll pevlf rppugh
aV u notaK fo ."asee

Share dash of ne or ilow.
t e.the -

e4.SIWu7t. t10bow to a
unibat dt want wim
inl fnt He snatj far .*mi l

)1a su a

I '. .


A. ele

Ish w


,r' ~J'"~

cet foot

towel .
lathl ...

- %- '

* r


S r -

;.L. -

s. l ....x

.sia a o4

-~ -- *d. 0 a. -- .- ,. .L,!


tm a I

r oL auy m te
*alCof at Fprt C

power to L_ V
r put to "M f

.' ," .. .
V -

9, fiivat L~~.- ArimiCY )Ps'u"Pu SPA~


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Wet. Germa defense offIe tlin or der 12:0-NEW (Age ndas Ame- THEAIR (VO&) 10:30 Adventures of P.C. 48
a d isese 1 in courts o ne h hassi m ti on to : calas) 11:0--The Owl's Nest (BBC)
S a e admo- o e, 10 and therefore 12:0-an ooff 11 :00--The Owl's Nest
of law deaptt s~eatd sadm- MOC l .dheeo lg:0.-O E OfE f 30 am-SB Of A
nitions fru1W German
nitionus o'bbgoerms beby-ovement wwas ulelA.'cheon Music 1:00 am.- sip Off
leaders to "let 1bpsones be by- at leu were, they say, 13:30-Popular Music Thursday, Jam. 81
gone" becas everyone acted repnlble only to 6 Any- 1:00-News AM.Sturday,-Jan. 1I
according to o .onscience. wa, they add, Hitle, had by 1:15-The Personality Parade 6:00-Sign On The Alarm A.L
.thetl st- the war and should 1:45-:Lum and Abner Clock Club 6:00-Sgn On The Alarm
But the problem keeps corn- have been eliminated to make 2:0--The Milt Herth Trio 70-Mokin alon Clock Club
r.g .up. The latest-irritant is pease possible. 2:15-It's Time to Dance 8:2-Morning t e 7:30-Ja.zSalon
Ti1wentleh adu try- Fox 2:30,-rAfternoon Melodies 8:0 -.M rs d.*8: strictly nstrummmtel
Dtm. 'lteasi, e f-re DBawn," The ofifteerwhQ didn't arti- 2:45--ttl e of2the Bandos 8:30-Overcoming Ds ce
ieh nc a Ge r- plot defend 3.00-The All star Concert Hall 8:4-Jerr a Presents 8:30-Overcomng D e
maf soldier captured ththeselves on the grounds that 3:15- Te Little Show 9:00 :-ews(BBC)
U. x. AXra e, In 1945. e HIatlu became chancellor be- 3: -Muelo for Monday 9':- ed Heart Program 9:15-TS.-ou and the Land (VOA)
volunteer to act as a spy for hW his Nazi party won the 4: 00-MuMa Without ords 9:0- ee 9:30-As I ee It
Ve -Amerlans behind the Ger- Novellbr, 1932 and the Marsh, 4:15--ingers on Parade 10:00-News : s10:00News
m lines. 1M. sections. Furthermore, 4:30--Wha t a Your Favorite 10,05-Off the Record 10:05--Off The RIod
th. e ltdthn ap, all officers had to 5':llZ ON THE AIR -11:00-NEW 8 (Agencdasu Amerl- 10:0- e
l ,thor wo broke that :0-W o avorite0-Off the Record (oontd) cams)
-a"It h cWm"'tstuYtura..o'd.U11:30---get the 3and 11:36-OffthE Re us mM.)

0-n- W.D8meme-an12r00--E ( le Ame rlt11 ^"
gtot a nsult to ovenent 5:3.1 asTo gF gavoriteP
cent other Web t cht was s.1 one, was uphold 1. 0:0-.heLSneSon Mu, .
:4LwU 1:-15-The Personality Parade 1:00-Ns
01:00-TakerIt Mbeel:330)1:45.-edeAbner
b---.S E R or 8PORT :. --A Dl t 7ouIrMg 1 P:453--Thes Doad E ithe

r ,t Colbr Mow 5:30---N .1 DatenDan Aierl3f "Ag^al a s
h EandMe 2:30-Afte oo o:es00-The VOA l t
:-'-0t.:45--He C o : hLouisJord :-Ate rnh ole 2:3--A Date/far
mad1 o rn thse in a ... A m 2, attle of thle Rands2- FASAODate a
nOOCp u00-:3-aL De bN OT 2:30-Afternoon ANU
e ,,45-. .P. :0-A iteSow2:45-eattle ofMr.,So*
t4g- me ts 3:15-The ittle PR T 3:00-The rhythm U mim
aSw3:30-Music for Thuay 2:30-A Me
Imes 3:0.45uzaleatl ttn
vt-,- oy h:15-Nob Ebenly 4:00--imO for7w as,

If. NEW- 5AerA:30-NEWS (Agenc of Donald 1:00 a-NES(A daO A*
canawhenoMdcanas) Oan")

*on a .in A-ns MiO Rt
Wa-t fo plotstda gaist 00usday Sea.g0n5:35-What's YourPa vorit NS -Woalt Y) wV uis
Ima 94 letoaW&M thentd) 6:00-OnSitepe Amrlia
fof Aft ignIonAlarm 6:00-FADS AND FASHIONS 6:30-The Raifted 3
Ve1os2 d,-ell 6:380-YoU.Bet Your Life 7:O-Pa-rils taroade 3Fe

W a u6:45-Lowel Thomas 7: a cis Stao7 P
Y :0- 7 :00-Fis rst Rehearsal (BC) E
1q" "r S-PRETON1 PRESENTS :00.-MaXrwoka
I~Ban*s (Petronio Tailor Shop) (UDI')
"V: Ma, 8:Oo--Short Story Th,eater 8 Pet i
the Record 8:30-Musi of the Gay Nineties
(A3:00-The American Bookshelf 10o00-DP5 MU,0.0
jjt0.ff the Record (o81t} ,:1&--]ight weeks In South (VGA)
6-4met the Band Africa (BBC) 11:00-The Owl's Nut
2.y--NEWS (AgenciesAmesl- -:3-_Tbe Music of Donald 1:00 a.m,.- 3 Off ; -
M V -orheea(VOA) xzutamilee of Symbel l
MU-4"ular Mudsi 10 &-Mxica Interlude R.o Aorica




Diutilcme E!Sd


in S-Il

-~j~MI ~a.M~u

: Mn for Tuesday

430.What's Tour Favormie
65:30-NWS (Agendae AMsert-
(:35..-- S Your foriteo
;3$--Nswall Calls
**45-Lowel Thosan
:40-Crime Is Our uasls

FiS-Jam Sesseon






* ri'.

~sl ~P31

- r- -, --

- -- ---~-II-- -T;*`I

rw c,..,,:' I..L.....~

"*. '

. 4w"'q




HI a p II gI .

You Sell em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Classified!
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usl for 12 words.

" -.

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fOR SALE: G. Wringer typeEFOR SALE:-F-lmport tires all sze 203 Anes C. L stoves. l modere..lltes. Telephone
washing machine, 4 months old.i removed from wrecked autos e S6-441 Gombi. 56 Paid -e to protect
36 Automobile Row Apt. 3. specialize in hord tar gel sizes SPECIAM EXCURSNSIO I O ul.coc
I -- ... e, -Ben (Diol- 5Ith St. Ia front of Villanuevao y FROM PANAMA 'o0 MEXICO ,.ad I fycocre-
"'FOR SALE:-60 cycle, Bendix Dil-e Teieira, So Ft. NdeithS Panarm nan way $85. round trip $13 y15 a hirlar Ocea.B 4d" Cohlog e, Santo
matic) washing machine, or trade Freight House Tel 2dy-ml. $165. good aa yorl; Cl o 4 ildings
25 cycle. 406-A, OrAnder Place, to LOS ANGELES, one wpy $149. Panama J- 18771 Critbpl 3-1673.with
5 cycl. FOR SALE:-1951 Studebaker, Land 15 round trip $252.35, 90 day- h C .-e C-- Cruiser, 4 Dr. Sedan, qmlrdivele timtl. Panamo Dispatch Setiii op- FOR RENT S O W C
FOR SALE-Set (8 mbScreens raio, white sidewalls, lw mileoe posite Ancon bus stop. TeL Pnoma Decratie and durable
for "Flats" house. 535.00. Q. Qtrs. 81 Albrook or phone 86- 2.1655.. OWatpuqto coatings.
Dining Table, small, $7.00. 2 i 31z, Major Miles. aau,'' aut250 rn --
Cyl. Transformer, $8.00.115- -fl
Di5-iTrra sli7004 312 aor M ,es 4FOR SALE FO. RENT:-$125.00. ae th Ask for descriptive fold
B Carr St Tel. 2-1851. FOR SALE 1951 ord 4 o bedroom chalet, baths, enclsd and color hart
..-.. Te.. 2-8Custom. Excellent condiltaon.,$1 l l.uqn yard, Bella ist ItW ae.
FOR SALE:-i Frigidaire Refiiger- 440.00. Tel, 83-61 85. quarters.Rene'vist withArc e GEO. V. NOVEY, I
-- alor. 1 Kenmore ironer. 1 Bendix .- ---.. uer ent N VE INC.
washior Kenmore irone. All25 e. FOR SALEFrdV V81', i 1;4.0r'i FOR SALE:-Panama Trust Co. 600 automatic washing machine, freet-j 79 Central Ave.
Gamboa, house 165-B. Phone 6 6 Ply white wals, undeioated, shores Common Stock. Telephone er, stove, refrigerator, stter heat- T .1. -U..014
G23mb, he $1,450. 1415-8, Corr St. Tel. 2 Balboa 2-1582. er, for $998.00 cosh. e .392,
223. --1851 Balboa Hoghts. C. Z_ 0-
FOR SALE:-S piece refinished bom- 181 FOR SALE:-National cash register MODER FURNITURE
boo livingroom set, includingFOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet Bel-Air electric, 2 drawers. Electric cutter, K K T
chaise lounge 70. Coll 83- Coupe Exc t condition. Phone for cutting cloth in series. Moho- I` 1 OUR* Ow.RO- MI
~294 --Ai7.al533 many roils aned transformers. TVila-oI
;.-__ -__-_ .- ,electric trains "American Flyer," Afrtn
FOR SALE--Norge refrigerator, 8FOR SALE.194T.Ford in xcelent many rails andtransformers. Vil A AM AA
cu. ft. Two year guarantee re- condition'(, nw tires, seat covers ,nova No. 115 Cuba Avenue,Pan-AS
at 5g ref Cv ArHAM11 furHnishedn
mining. Excellent condition. Phone etc. Leaving. Phone Coco Solo ama. two ar f4ve room t llnisll ond
Balboa 936. 8584. aa' ur furnished apartments; private on. t ItAule iI
B aAb-9D3FoReSconvertALE FOR SALE:-Tronsmitter power sup- closed gardens. 8061. 1th St .t Tel -41
FOR SALE: Misc. household ar- Wih Dodge convertible, ply 1600 VDC 25 cycle, complete. New Cristobol. Telhono fAl
ticles glassware, Simmons steel With radio, duty paid, $1,100. Phone Coco Solo 8584.
bedroom suite, dining table andB FOR SAlE:-Beckwith piano, studio( Xt 1386. t, .
chairs, mahogany, Cowes mode. allOFOR SALE:-Leoving Isthmus. 1951 upright with full key board. In RENT A
modern style. Tel. 3-1568, Fried- Ford Tudor. Custom. Fully equip- perfect condition. Bargain price. I p i. moving rtOlagle.
man. ped. Fordomatic. First $1,50.00. Phone Balboa 1936.ROOi pkandr mov
Takes it. 0778 Apt. K, William- hone Balb move
WANTED son Place, Balboa. Position Offered FOR RENT:-Furnished room, pr, IyhiA.. 'Phone 2.241.
FOR- SALE:-1951 Chevevroet an ve ntrnce ond bathroom. N. 24562,. PanamA. .
; M4ICeIllanPoU, with Power Glide. 11,000 miles. Experienced salesgirl for large estab- ite treet Apt. A.
WANTED TO BUY: One 3-4 or $1.650. Phone Panoma 3-4169. lishment. Must have good ap- F
1-2 H.P. 60 cycle motor single pearance and references. For in-.
"phase. Tel. 6-287 (home). terveiw write P. M., Box 134, U
WANTED: Furnished apartment n oe l E"S 'hAN
for American couple, near El Pan- DEALERS IN NEW AND
am r 6mnths. ap mne Mr. Real Estate PERSONALS DEALERS IN NEW AND
amo; for 6 months. Phone Mr. USED FURNITURE
Bates, 402 El Panama. HUMANoEti .L 'USEDFURNITUREo
e carm ut be SALE -HUMAN ENGINEERING HEALTH 1 Automobile Sa-ra
ANTE: Used car must FOR -$900.00 cash plus for- SRVIC:- George D. Barb, Jr. H. Tel. 3-4911
Sreasonable. 1574 Gavilan Road. eoom, f urnet Body Strucure. Nust of the WE BUT AND SELL.
Phone '216418. Balboa. -
Phone 26418, Balboa. Santo Clara Beach. Tel. Balboa 2- 'St., telephone 2-38338 a.Sm. to

i Help Wonted 308 pm. by appointment .100 SEE THE NEW
ANTED:-Experienced nursemaid .
Must sleep In. References required. SvC I hIrftIIsT R oC m meind "
:Call Panamao3-0905. 2-5 p. m., Recom m ends
Ricardo Arias y Calle 51 Apto. 8. D LA O About HI lMrO
WANTED:-Experienced maid with D ctors Learn peout exes
Reference, to sleep in, 31 St. No. e arn.
38. -- o --
ANTED: Good cook, general DURHAM, N. C., Jan. (UP of their beliefs, They cannot N D FRIEN
-hoasework. 51 Street. House No. -Dr. Vernon Kinross-Wright, a throw up their hands in des-
row u- pair and give up trhnng to.-n-
5, Bello Vista. tDuke hUniversity neuropsychia. pair and hxgive up troag o tn T 43W- MREz -/.
trFOR SALst has urged t southern derstand hex victilii. MORE MEPAT P E trot, J1tterbl
FOR SALE Medical.. Association to take He said that for a patient to --Accordn ltollt mur
C hx~e .100ak& blak ly nd try to explain the feeling of leaed by the American Mt
Sn g o being hexed to a doctor who Institute, there will be enough
Ls .S...OR T...ADEOne3 ~~.~ r h et has never experienced It is meat available to supply eV 1t Aslylia
t R.FalrbRnks arid E orsne G o rentAS l tid h vie"like trying to explain base- person in the U. S. with about
n PEngine. .aoned or6- n. knV.OW ht sad,I 'r ball to an Englishman who has 145 pounds in 1983. This is an HAR ET
l Engine.k Phone 6-287.OW .F4QMt xper C m never seen a baseball game." Increase of tIhe pounds
SALE:-12 ft. sailboat run. what I have be rnThehealing power of the persoov er the 19oA
'combination with sails patients that.t it y "counter-hex" by a cnjure tion. Newsihart above toraeee
rdne.$235. 0788-Jn, William,`deolslrI
S 235. U -P)J, Two iliomo l h r lman apparently is so g r e a t mt e pply per person tro h

generalrl dctot com- bo-Jumbo," Dr. Kinross-Writht on i
o m'.' hiam s r n plaints ofi mfrt hs pthsicalaadded. loli e ScoiaPennies
*I wanted the ctims to be He maintained that more NORWICH, Conn. (UP) -
4dohs doctor abot4r' h n careful consideration of the thony Valentine -tried to pay o
the meaning of hexingspell will $1 parking fine in penniesr
note y tles the 'd"promote better understanding 3 U from De n curt. Police sa
AlU ims just. g h ead conr. of the patient perhaps prcn- th pennes arrived through
MA M+0,J -or.o. (UP) Two man to axtmer,' paying a'
T. ( Tw kind. of n hatrists placould hypn e scuting unnecessary investiga-e ail, with 44 cents postage due.
ai r lmlnzees nh bihimable' o tog a. e things eo" .tion and treatment." rhe judge finedValexhortine at$10.44.
i sitmpanaees wil be able to game.
Sin-consditon without get-l am. -
cold feet this winter. A 32-year-old man rec ty
;ioo atrc i J "came to Dulke Hospitalsf-Eihter Ff Dur Pd
keeZai dtact, Georp P. ViThisier- iengf romthe expre pains in is og toud h

Sa thr h iat toh heardcsome three weeks "Eighter from Decatur," origin- signs. Some condemn them, but
e r took c ae o e whs aid, "that tOthe couldn't eat

o paent good healt before It was corrupted i nt oat has adopted "Bgter from
Soutfitted WP0 hismn wo avorthithis thirst was excessive.. Hes e-nam
Rs not a orth Texantown 2,925 from called hisheved attention to ntendedthe act
e wanted- theft chimps o be ,"sielle" b a local ma- go for walks outside for having cheated. a 0
winter," he said. "Last
t~iT.o PASS oetty wrestle normal state"red the neropsaly e-t DECATUR, Texn an 3 (UP)21 from Decatur," Hardwick taid
S edtoree chart adhered "He must, of a greeted by 12x6-foot bill boards took arte
v tra d cause he had heard ti that HeprThis town gets' an uncon- "The cowhand,wth parderonal
..k.r dart les in the chim e and mutst also hld hypnoized scouys "Elghter from De very lay as ma added 'county sel
r. open n be include bnte ople and "tat ke things ff some optimistic se t of Wise."se e to hi a exhortation at
1 telrlout unsin uared l helr ." e reserved n eght as his point in a crap this time, so that our Decatur
U weats.ud- Pa ndho took to their the right to i eia"conjre game, and Decatur Is proud of wouldn't be confused with
-sho.eso enthusiastically man" in another city before, it thoe in other states."

SVrelesed the door h itDrKnross-Wrightduall trea Hardw ck said he -had are
the ce brean hi docrs atully tr This s where the expression, ceed many letters about
ste.aothers.toh "1 heard some three weeks "Eighter from Decatur," Origin- signs. Somet condemn them, bot
tre tated. But, as matter of ac- he believes they -are a goodad-
tey're bootede, iid, "that the hex has ben curAcy, it must be pointed out ertiseent.Most of the- D-
sue'eesrdiv removed a n od that it was "Ada from Decatur" catur businessmen agree and a
te p before it was corrupted into 'afe has adopted "Ehter fr

Ithe patient is in good he lt J oms
S"Aman who thinks he has'-eighter" after leaving home. Pecatur" 'as -Its .name.
:' SCU JOTbeen plac -.-der the In- Motorists approaching t h Ias However, no' one, e ever
ISIU -T. iD o pell s not I, a_ e north Texan town of 2,925 from called his attention to the fct
Normal state," -the neurop enter direction on U. S. 281 that thel. an: who painted the.
s 17, stopped to free an ac- chiatrist added. "He must, 'are greeted by 1 w billboards took artistic. -liefnet
t victim trapped in his course, be higlly- suggtible boards that proclaim the com- With the blce inorder to di-
play as many, eights.eahdpo.d I :. ch
wrecked '. He wrenched the end must alsohave commi tted uy aEs er rom any eights as possi- .
Soren and the accident some tact that makes him feel catur, county seat o Wise." The e, unta news o.
stepped out unnnured. When guilty." signs Were erected in 1948 when it s o ng
Srelesed he door. t Dr. inros-Wrght do L. arwick took o se orng the Decatur sins re
Sin the ace, breaking hs toont ti ~platn ie shoonon as chet.."
".tosuch patient. the ltdlty So far as Hardwlck knows,
.. et lized by crap-shooters look- .;P *e
S ing for points Little Joe fromce i
-" 'Kokomo (four), Nina from Pa-
l, ,, sadena (nine), and Big Dick Birthday; Vlncide
from Boston (10) have tk. TOMB RIV ER N. J. (UP)-- r
SPOSITION FEc oncia1 notice of theiriA lot of rs ibeldda Theodore
_____+,____________.I_______ I''The mayor said the crap-slident-elect Dwight D. Ulsen-
1shooters' phrase was originated bower have Oet. 14 us telr 7 .
IboY a : t egro cowhand, whoseblrthday. But Mis. Fischer

American firm seeks qualified Wi-ore on the Wagoner ranch1 a common birth. date. Nov; 4.
An nt I Ada, who lived in Decatur. J Last Dorsergb
Junior' A cou t l. I' r"e was an ardent cra~shoot-i
J CIttad used to shout 'Ara from' NEW BRITAI N, Conn.(Up)-I -+
iecatur' when he was looking The motor age i e ,

Igia__raseh evolved into 'ighter dont eertiung the

mISg-?AbKARD Maria E. Noel,
ed on d S&lay'ridr.y by A-S.Ic's
prominent Panmananans and merml
zn n_. f-
= Afff

Wri.ttn for NEA Service

9 A 6

4K.QJ9 45 ,
VK93BS V72
* 6 Q1098742
4*AK752. *61068
4A 10 7 6 4
-QJ 10854
Neither side vul.
We-t INort .* gt South
S14 Pasl 1* 4 4
Pass 44 Pnas Pass
Double 50 Double 5 V
Double\ P Pass Pass
Opedimt lled- kK

of the n53' Pckar which wa g ..
pexhiblt opened witkia buletw. Wow
-invited. 1 -1 .04 ''k



se Al' Aw -

.respeet. Franl Car
',OZT U .,)- &tt-&
_k A .

bld ld.uasd 0o show a far better 'W"'+ ""*- ,- -" "'W"a
hand may bte Just as worthless. Olre.lta elr_
The Irish Bout nade a fine at- r tah at !iU Sto ".
tempt to climb .the hurdle wiht UIAI ;Cb 9
his ambitious bid of four dia- t an 'l 2"Ao 3".
monds. This demanded a take- .Uthf.A- y
out by North in one ox the w t

alytsa-sy- 3 11^
-Poor Nrth und b rae.1fb- d ..
ding spades for W got time atI 1M byI D.,
he level of, four a three-caro Wept fa llat fInt .
ut. When Wet pritly dou- da- the war, the a
bled (and who can e him), hs ba en continued
North decided that 4.ades must aince.
be the wrong spot.
There was. a change, he hearts-with one ofm n''a low
io~ught, that Wet' d opelted trumps. -West will make three
he biddi on a t club suIt, trmp
id that the best sa* for North im 'p.iJ
ad outb might be cb. He- At hearts adh fi to la a .
iWerefore ran to ft ifdbs. fick to thel f hurt a-s*e0 A
wasomn here ont, olrct urur u three sp tr.ckm. E en lour pan-l P M
rive hearts was Ktwo trick, arts wou0thave ba t M .
?to alossLf 300o.. five hearts waM *t -
Curiously enou though the lion. I ; (
hearts louk mue er than
the spader, four e cannot I wonder t" l lo- a. P, 1. WeBt
be made, but ftW. *pade is a would have enVe tf. rW
cinch. At spades, SPth can take. 1 wit hf
the heart ftilne draw one e.en sit t fr q, Ig
trump. and ruf:ou 4te j11ng of. Y West. -
--- -^'i1'. ^. **~~ ~ ~~~~~~ -- 1r-. .* ^it af i *c' *' **

: ..

J 4 .


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tlpq 7ta .r7 -"if~ a

. ."

1"~'~T~' .
I' -
if.. -A-. **
Al ~ I'
~- i amk.m.. ~ I

"~ a~'.4 I

- .


* .-.- -. _. .4 & *) ', -
- '-',r r im l, ;" .' -_ .- ,- ,- ..* *"
~wn~ Nmadieay
F*-Y ..
S. .I I.

or Ai

.stsi Q

ma. ITf

. i NI G' f I .

A '
6:20- .

.' '- .'. i as

1' 1 ef '

horror I
__-_ 4 MSt of fan be-
C$byIi the crea-
itr 4 bsy be seen
"OP UPS of thI film
W ord= mysterious

Io Eno i Work

A With His O. iginals
...... --
Site-ung Since VW 0 Of the "Frank-
Ssapu1 t1I sheeh, nst?;A years ago,
n .and sharp- most p.ops have been
e am. But des- aue .,
2 Bite bi uSsurroundngs, Lt tbe 4d
0 mild, st OmCe ert
an his, tw tUniver- "Wt e Just putthe torture
uhis the Unever-' Weh e s T op our warehouse
at dresser's W'Yapkee Buc-
A e ~~~Alaid today. "We
For 28 g In'_Amort has tretcl Scott Brady out on
j i rItif' ''5t65ltrical tat n ste --and believe me he
t tt Vw g itat. look as @y pot stretched. Of course
Seg eari.e from the Wwere careful not to hurt
Tower of or the days too much, but Scott in-
a W tlon. a td that,,we give the wheel a
The fact tt &are card- few, tumms Wlle he wus backed
fully-m r of diabol- aver it that the right
T the i .ou0le be
Sre alsth. tuaphed a ohi face. No doubt
-. w onse 'apint a in ,our forth-

W- --ll trt -
4hele Ma -dn no
AI fWtllt a-. any teriem injury

*ve* of' Pal 7*

h besh ed I6
4atta se I movie!"
use:SU zorlto piece Is

i't evil her to a Woman and
^H ~rew '. which slo

a lto be a the tuO. he faortt pa-

man to tiwme is playing football witha
f romantic h..o aIL dtd sons
e r a ted t

I, a 'ond ahe *tin twlce, hut1 time. fai
r ue time a 'them a
I lee oud ofa fantasy way from his chamber of hor
disrupted onlee by o',. t in that they might
'a cry of 'Cut'." get u.itghne t trres.h
Stott does make a Whe they are older, he plans
ho he leading man to take them on a conducted
Tour o s the labyrinth whegr, h
o satoY e *hlis hrmereL The. U

SsaI.d. ;n 'Zefy t oatelet t cage"
hbanket about. fte man ea eond" to
to. the lXbtortn wh thI

.gmen **wdels and whipping
ough feet'ss l- h other terrors at fas
best kissers tin then esps his ite
the ones with samne prop. under lock and key
O fWN 41 4 want te WUm
of those." she a t o toShe -
bert.Taylor." vt t rest on i. *o*
r ~ ~ I boo ...

V Y"

.M,.La'Ytk Ad' attrasto

l el ie.
of inghty als9

Roffiant 'PThtk,-'. A Worvtta

With Secret Comes To Lm,

The story of a w
a secret she can neo a
nor keep is told in 1
Pictures' "Panin," starring
retta Young and featurig
Smtth andAezui
"PaUI'ola" ua next Thu

. On Records

NEW TOnK (UP). -a om
of the best p s recorded b
two top erchetra tladers wh
died vloleutl at the height c
their oCresm have beep re-ue
by RCA VId, on long-plawlD
"ThS Is Olazn Miller" btn|i
together seven outstanding
numb t Iawed trombonli
reWtN t' before he va
nit. over taM agsh Char
a rl't Wbin War U.
lr t ave fixed bi
8A VM far-distant future
uS mule has retained i
I through the year
In lede "John
S ,. .Wle of GOolde
"~* Ohio,
S~ B Boay," "A.
s' d'a "d Chorus.
"Tids Is Hal p," a reis
MW of eight hits, fee
polse of the 1930's. Th
coltction will appeal partci
ilroy to college mwn and wi
men who face toe same un
aoer ti -b d 9L
They will find this music oc
.DodIeine for 'the neryes. Mq
tfaill tau on 'this Kern
Satter are "I Didn't Kno
What Time It Was," "Love ft
Sale," "Got a Date With a
Angel," and "You've Got M
-any? V~wl. t""eF=
forth with an album of fo

US*, Lolti.abt hu p
t ."So of the Op

mN aa toBLP ad

Frankie Care qs (Aewill hr
CA Vilctore' so or
e "Fr na the ago
esfo volume of bsMa

*Her New"
Anyt. listening.

A s the recordtingbL
Dark. et" g ou" l k
fc-hestmy of the nkl

qa aIsover and hear fs n.
S0 d on You"
y -WWIsas T

I. --m a-O

By Tomy Day."
.for "Gent Pre
laMnlh entitled 't t h Ar

0 .Aof Thin's LI o
J thyne rays: 'Ted di
Over and hear

OlH ud of aa
of i -1 Tommy Noo nan h

1te Dfis o J iS m.
hiOs of Things X 'tlksA

NI w theKlW ta t lin I
Oett O every WeekeI

a cannot bear childtln. r '
hurrying from adotors.-
to a party at which br:
educator.husband is spee T
honor, she I unable So adol
hitting a small orphaned .
Davey. A rancher rushes
boy to a hospital, and PUi
following him in her car,
him in traffic. The ranch
tells the police that an w nlmow d
"drunken hit-and-run womsa
driver" is responsible forthe
'Paula is unable to turn her'-1
-self in to the poie, afraid the
resultant scandal will ruin to * eer of her husband. Wo"a
the help of her doctor a
II friend, she takes Davey, m
a a of maas a result of the acldent, int
To bet d h o regain his spech. The
kg Pfn ed childless couple learns to love
en. ( te foy Ms o ue to aS .
Soo By Mhim. Davey suddenly realima
Soe on By Col6 Paula to responsible for his con-,
)Y 41tlon. Despite his seeming ha-
10 HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 3--"the tired of her, Paus works harder'
Of Life of Casanova," based on the to teach the boy to eak the
id 14-voJume persori memoirs of words she thinks will destrd
9 oile of the world's grdstest ro-bo her marriage and her new
miantic figures. will be placed in and prideful motherhood.
Production this year by Colum- Kent Smith appears as the
io lan. Pa BAlexander Kcnox plaHs the do-
dat tor and family friend. The new
" Negotiations for a to rank- film om M an unusual role to
- ihg male star are already un- young Tommy Rettig, who plays
der way for the title role in the oy. Tommy s a product
in the atory. of the legitimate stage, having
re Casanova, the ometrars show, toured the country with Mary
was a ian of man talents Martin in "Annie Get Y
5. besides love-making, A painter, Gun."
I musician, writer, kiventurer, Jean Louis, Columbia desk -
,n spy, duellist and confidant of er, is reported to have hd
Skins. Casanova led an, almost field day designing a wardro,
Unbelievable life .In the Europe for Miss Young, long noted
of 1725 to 179L one of the best-dressedll stars.
Ia" of the screen. The screen playit
Is He was decorted by the Pope, "Paula" was written 4W Jamea 3
Swas an lntimAte of Frederick Poe and William 8ackheim.A,
u- II of Prusal -and Louis XV The picture was produced
o- of France, traveled throughout Buddy Adler and directed
r- Ital a Ti mFrance the Rudolph Mate.
land, Poland and England, con- Each To His "Ta-.
Id stantly on the we.rch for beauty MEMPHIS, Tenn. ) l-' +
-t -in wombn, poetry, the arts woman and her. at
Sand religion. unch counter ordered a a
w lot coffee and a glass of wat.
or Production is planned on a Miss Carolyn Giddens said
In lavish scale, with all the color, woman drank the coffee
de sweep and spectacle of the. era the lad used the water to
in Whch" (lpnva Jived. his squirt 'A. ..
a, '-_ ." / ". .











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1:1S, :.; C5:1, 7:07, 9l I TH.EA E


A 6,00 mile trail of terr&o "
and tropic menace!


withJ -
,.... J.ames

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soft ai*unm *ewrt. i

OWN uiw

All New and a Riot tool
Universal International

MTZI G1w,5.-

James Iagm ,
"SELL ttam"

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"chest projectors.
*^ f~, ^ ^ Ua k* iAtfdf


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r~: Iqlr,

Paci ic



1IElks, Sears Teams Clash

iin Season's First Ganme
'f, The 1953 Pacific Little League season will open on Monday
when the 1952 champion Elks 1414 team meet Sears at Little
-,League Park on Gallard Highway at 4:30 p.m.
-14 The Elks will send their star pitcher Johnny Lewis to the
n- mound in the first defense of the crown while Sears will have
their ace Tommy McKeown toeing the rubber. Lewis won six and
Slot two games last season and McKeown compiled sa four and six
record. Tommy Durfee will be behind the bat for Sears with
newcomer Rek Daisey catching for the Elks. The Watson bro-
t.,thers, Roy and Johnny. will form the keystone combination for
the Catalog Boys with Danny DesLondes the only regular infield-
er for the Lodgemen from last season will play third base for the
The Lodgemen, who lost five star players through graduation
r:have signed up the following new players Rex Daisey, David
Browne, Jack DeVore, Dickle and Jackie Hern Robert Flumach.
,Sears also hard hit by graduation have added William Hamma,
Jimmy Marshall, Joseph Prill and George Cotton to their roster.
Manager Jimmie DesLondes and Coach Ed Kunkel return to
handle the Elks with Manager Jack Watson and Coach Billy
Zemer handling the Sears team.

The tentative line-up of the teams:
Daisy catcher
Lewis pitcher
Schoch first base
Bobby Adams second base
L. Thompson shortstop
DesLondes third base
Flumach left field
Hele centerfield
DeVore right field
Reserves: Tilley. J. Hern,
D. Bern, Scott, Pajak, L.

T. McKeown
J. Watson
R. Watson
Reserves: W. amma, G.
Cotton, J. Marshall, R.
Bailey, R. Caldwell and
H. Ellloott.

Visitors Home Team
'" Jan. 5 Sears vs. Elks
Jan. 6 Police vs. Lincoln Life
.... Jan. 7 AFE vs. Firemen
J an. 8 Elks vs. Lincoln Life
b Jan. 9 Sears vs. Police
Jan. 12 AFGE vs. Elks
Jan. 13 Police vs. Firemen
Jan. 14 Sears vs. Lincoln Life
Jan. 15 Police vs. AFOE
M Jan1 6 Firemen v. Elks
S Jan. 1 Firemen vs. Sears
Jan. 20 Lincoln Life vs. AFGO
SJan. 21 Elks vs. Police
Jan.: 2 AFOE vs. Sears
Jan. 23 Lincoln Life vs. Firemen
SJan. 26 AFGB vs. Police
Jan. 27 Elks vs. Sears
Jan. 28 Firemen vs. iUncoln Life
S Jan. 29 Sears vs. AFGE
S Jan. 30 Police vs. Elks
Feb. 2 AFGE vs. Lincoln Life
', Feb. 3 Elks vs. Firemen
Feb. 4 Police vs. Sears
SFeb. 5 Lincoln Life vs. Elks
IN Feb. 6 Firemen vs. AFGE
13 Feb. 9 Lincoln Life vs. Sears
P- OW. 10 Fliemen v. Police
Peh, M 11 Elks vs. AFGE
Fe4i 12 Sears vs. Firemen
Teb l3 Lincoln Life vs. Police
S Postponed games scheduled:
(a) Next Saturday In order of postponement.
(b) Double-header on Saturday If necessary and does
not Involve one team two games.
(c) If necessary, schedule postponed games In four
open days February 16 19.




BAARN ...........................Jan. 13
WILLEMSTAD ...................Jan. 19
BOSKOOP ........................Jan. 21

SBAARN ...........................Jan. 13
WILLEMSTAD ....................Jan. 19
BOSKOOP ........................Jan. 21

BENNEKOM ......................Jan. 8
HERA (not calling
Chilean ports) ................Jan. 15
DELFT ............................Jan. 23

KNSMU CRISTBAL, S-1210-3-121-34.1219
SLO AGENES, BALBOA, 2-3719 (Freight Oaly,
BOYD BRO8. PANAMA CITY. 2-2008 (Paenern Only)

t, m






* --


* -V

I -


S. 2

K a



~ 4*


-* -,
", # '-,,- *,

Dodge, Powells iaiay&

At Mount Hop In T ner

(Note: This writer errone-
ously reported the 1953 Atlan-
tic Twilight League bas bmlI
opener for 7 o'clock t t
Actually, the first game of
season, between Dodge and
Powells. will begin at Mt. Hope
Stadium at 2 o'clock this aft-
This afternoon at 2 the fami-
liar "Play Ball" will be sounded
by one of the umpires and the
1953 Atlantic Twilight Baseball
League will be officially under
Riding the crest of a tremen-
dously successful 1952 season,
wherein only three teams parti-
cipated. the Gold Coast Ra s
loop once more fills in the va-
cant fourth spot and the '53
four-team loop will be off and
For the opening event, the de-
fending champions of the 1952
season. Cristobal High School,
now flying the banner of their
sponsors, Dodge V-8. will take on
the oft-champions who fell short
by only a pair of games last year,
Both teams will be sending ace
moundsmen to the hill in an ef-
fort to get a quick start. Luke
Palumbo. Dodge V-8 coach.
knowing only too well that the
Interscholastic season falls right
n the middle of the Atlantic Twi-
Ight schedule and realizing that
the two seasons will bring a bur-
den to his pitching staff. is an-
xious to roll up an early lead.
Dodge is therefore sending Tom-
my BHuhes to the mound to try
and chalk up win No. 1 of the
season and to also act in his dual
role as hitter and pitcher.
The Powells nine surrenders no
mound glory to anyone as they
too feature a slugging pitcher in
the person of strong-armed Vince
Ridge, who is reasonably certain
of drawing this afternoon's start-
ing assignment. If Vince is side-
lined from mound duty he will
take up his position at third base
and Powells might come up with
a surprise starter, a newcomer to
the Twi-Loop left Paul Moser.
The strategy of using Moser in
the opening game is not at all
remote, as it could counteract
the left-handed hitting power of
the Hiah &chool-Dodg. V-A

Coast Twi-Loop t16 esn be. Oee
of plenty of thrills as the fi
season, featuring probably onef
thb most well-baCanoed
ever, gets going.I


- Semi-Final Sir
COLOGNE, Germany, tjan. I
IUP) Negotiations -.beweer
German promoters ma
Plger of Ar'gentln. Jgtl
Cesar Brion for a bQi
ronean heavywel .,'-y
Heinz Neuhaus are K',l
stage, German ma aMklnMg
circles said yesterd
The sources said. at.4 1on,
tentatively schedv Wil
Neuhaus February
"Westfalenhalle" l a
Dortmund In the u l
The match Is rated as a malor
tr'al for Neuhaus before he de-
fends his European title against
the veteran Belgian slugger tar-
el Sys.
According to sources close to
the German promoters organIs-
inh. the bout Brton's. manager
Hvmie Wallma ts (alid to have
demanded $'500.
German promoting circles will
probably be willnl to pay this
sum. If the proj e materiallzes,
Neuhaus will meet Argenti e
opponent in a tei-round patc.
Several days ago the Co1lome
"German Sportverla" pubtish-
ing house-which acts a kn a-
-ent between German promoting
circles and Brion's manrauer-
claimed It had no knowleite of
an offer made through the
Sportverlag to WallUann.
A spokesman of the Sportver-
lag declared yesterday that Ipl
order not to interfere with the
negotiations between krgeutbw
and German boxing circle., t
corld not confirm arier thatW
talks were going on.
One of the major difficulties
still in the way of the final ig-
nature of the contract. accord-
in to Sportverlag. tI that Brkie'
manager requested that ht
man's purse be Immediately de-
posited at New York.

s e5ws g w W -
* m* oo. b^^~uh*M
fru nT*^ ih

Not much fishing this last week alth Igh we hear that one
boat from the Balboa Yacht Club raised t= e p1fiSth and lad8-
ed one. This, with the one caught the week before, makes two
for December and Sailfish aught every month ln Panama. urging
1952. .
Snook are still running at the apillwaL but thea bait fisher-
men are catching the fsLh. We saw one family of three with two
nice strings all caught on bait, The lures are paying oft do"
the river on the larger fth, Tarpon fish hais ben spotty with
some fishermen reporting very good result~
Our two mall Salfielb have arrived from Miami and willbe
on display at the Hotel .l Panama for a *eek starting WedOa-
day. We will then find a:lle a the Zone for a week. Theyh .
beautiful and Al Pfluger f nly cdid a lce Job. He pf='nt
them himself and those 4M"p with mounting fash Mknow t
he Is by far the best'itn .toUi.ld. No dtaUas toor mal l
he tackles a job and Ute re are a wot of art. Al'ths ?Sl
Miaml Is the largest In te rldHow th a naage to ,ttt1 s t-
the volume they doan a U k tlher htRh sM(ndards aa'&tI
tery. There are thlousads-5l h hung Up i certain .'t .
the rather Involved proce o.jierving and then restorth a
the natural color. Fislh lose a i color when dead and eie-
ly when skinned and salted down for shipment. This a ";it
necessary for the artUit to knw Ita natural color and onlI ,
years of study is this possible

$ .1
-~ I

1I 1.

, u /


I can spend days In his place look
from ail over the wdrld and talking t
knows more about ftsh than any other
the pleasure of talking with and he is
when he can. If you arena In Mami it
drop in and seehis p Mae
you around ath',a=d .
lucky he might show y ho Wthey pr
sme strange Met fUish from far off Al
Or perhaps the cros betwet & *aul
hangtign an the wall
jthe f the fetutat.

ns hA l^an

at the diUfer
AL. ormy

Lao a

":"Kau .

717 .~*

coming-.t Panama can uitce
for ouri .re '.ei.e
i .VWhn If we receive the
Stotal Mlihf for 1963 will be
A anS u moe Spa were
r TUeB Maiai t=tal l "a
clote Ad when we include the
we caught many more Marlin. L t
fishing and keep the records


Great Whi WMft

LA'MrA" ............... e.
8A "M A ................ *


..l .

Ig_' e. ea..u

: *', ,,,,- ,,

f i( sum

S fnm .O.
;?PP B ^ ^'-' i ...

). ad Cc
Ls apart

" iB."
lib one i


ndor g i'- ''-

, k W O ... .

S '. 1I te r


i. eA ,; 3,rNm. .,, .l .
., -. *. "-.' I q (

,-E',E O N ,.A, -

7,S AIN Cl',Il-
Regal m el
Now Dos,00n

n I

Bn ,




.,m -
* .^^W^^HB4

* lls l.l m i

wvav- ,

w rQ

Sa8- '0.413 *M ,
LLS TMoh L'.....

JSA~ ..

w.S. +g.f -

.mu~a* 'J'
^-^"^-" '*ff '"-V.

_ _______

i mmmd


,* I I ,

r- J

. 11

, *

Fishing -Where .

There's Pish
IS I i

. *

i 1,: .-.r




mAt Panama January

t1key tid WingsLi an.R to

? i 1F* rS Baseball Yanks To Fifth In Row
Fpr 5 RP.G. ],By o oBY GA NBO
NEA Sperts Editer
M mAba' .t? NEW YORK Jan. 3 -Jean Americans' Sweeney BShrud
Marc Beliveau came out of the and the Canadiens' Eme. e
Quabec "amateur s" to give Right Winer Howe f
i' The 1953 Pterson hockey more publicity .than It mined to put three In a
S1 ra as had in years. together, and will do it maa
."ov an 8s .Young Bellveau cracked the tning his present pace. H
i, it ws adlines scoring three goals al production hs licres
the olI r the Montreal Le Canadlens tn each of the last threeM Wie ;
t ae wu against the New York Rangers, ters 12 In 198-4s, 35 h n.
-had five in three games. 50, 43 last trip. As this i
SAn "amateur" hockey player ten, he shows the way with
may partici ate in three try- points in 29 outings.
I out games to any one profes- At 24, the lanky Howe, '
C alonal season, and return with launched the current campeig
FS SI -lD u I1*-.1",01his standing as pure as it was with 113, is plenty yom ** .
... uil-No when he took the plunge. This enough to top Maurice thlead ne
InV Davih G-am-, Ub. In Itself Is not a bad idea glv- present record for most Odis
Marc AAzdr Golf Cl ing a youngster an opportuni- In a career. Rocket '
ty to find out for sure whether of the Can iens this e
N NOT5: Ib to be emnebi.; he meets the requirements. cracked Nels Stewart' mar o
ha ., ,Feb. 1I, p Making Beliveau's case most 324, hung up with three elu
Swith traordhnary, however, is that in 15 seasons. Richard, 1, l
ro hs he cannot afford to play profes- gures to swell his toal tr fou
b a 4h e Se, Navy and te pSBth John AlderIon. Maryl and a team- aionally while earning a r o u n d more years.
d* ~ 'ut, ,, atchdash thip year will be i blig iix yar on a Oase n the sen d of the Shrine Game before record 42,66 20,000 a year one way or ano-
m e wit Orage PowL e All-Stars taied l.1.ia tans. aerial d3el in dosing seconds. (NEA) their as an "amatelir," and no AMBIDEXTROUS PLAT '
mea_ __ travelig R ARE TRAN SWITCfl- 1
h 'a v111h"S t" Beliveau is like Clyde Lovel-
say,1 A o ln with 3s* T o Slette, the towering Kansan, and Richard is the Babe Ruth q
ri'nt uf. m e n dicI 1, R ling At 32 H as Chance T o et other basketball players who hockey, the greatest indlvldu 1,
useplte iihi each o her, would be less secure financially lat the game has known ag
"I've pln. Ir, 1t 19i In the out and out money its most magnetic attraction
N i Bot n I ranks than they are performing Yet because Richard is
In case of like scores 4. tional ue lraitr ar under the auspices of the Ama- a right wing, Howe, the
wte. t re divided equalNl. V teur Athletic Union. all-around player, has kept hi
boiI etmnpl. on a 4 par hole n Bellveau' s brief splurge draws off the all-star team for two
i a low man, with a irde, w By OAYSON Indeed, from the way the Do- ball, when it was blackened by attention to remarkable per- years.
Sh r4. 5 pointste: "3" and "C" have a1 A.wJ Editor nora Dandy is moving, and in being tossed around the infield formances among old pros In Howe is the only present per,.
- he tot w" they divide second and t ., view of the petition, or lack and otherwise, roughed and kept the National Hockey League. former who switches hi hands
Swhne-h of 6 W an. of it, he pet a major in the game until ouled or hit The Detroit Red Wings. for to shoot from both sides, proo
he e e re ot offeal batting league mark out of te park. enogh that an ambldeztro
i, an d araU~ b es te onus W was 47 when Cobb a whack at thebaseball Yankees to an unpre-hockey player is much rare
"sn Is o Aardd big s d;,set. f i@ de of gtnley Prank he won !f eighth NL cork cetr ball after it was cedented fifth consecutlvethan a good switch-hitter t
con flctl 1batting t12 and at
conth ,-who1 7y f1 thelrt er batting or hi m- introd in 1812 and at the championship. It might do the baseball.
our team captain. They also furtherr stress the self and the tes 1911. Ro- more livy one created by the Tigers some good to take a But Howe lacks Rhard'
hicave il~l ~ 'lc ,no w xo sh e ,' tirp. team members of the mottedo bagged his seventh, this one in 1920. Stanleyonhffifeh.sbhnto oeeMthhrupioohaialtalasooefofbee t hethengnfon reedubkatalyWnleondem opcaw ea e
haeU S-lamiihew cmnadem to be bmitted to the P. 0. truly great btI ra-t the for the Baves, agner stuck a- Hornsby fattened up on the ball Cardinals, is comparatively
old a cSeoretau en week rbr te, on the and in the round untC he was 43, Hornsby latter, as more jackrabbit was FIRST TO WIN THREE POINT-underpubllcised.
4-'- !Pen atch..The owe until a spar on-his heel sidelined added to enable less powerful SCORING CHAMPIONSDIV Nearoldtimers will tell you.
ethe t, edna t .them The late of Tigures the Rajah at. 7, batters to keep in some kind of
on I ofr h crown Stan Tyru. Riymnd Cobb was contenfon with the fabulous Gordle Howe of the Red It considerably easier than te
i h, e. Thlas' t Man, t ,the a League 32 whe' he romped down in Babe Bath, then building Yankee Wings is out to become the cidtlmers. There weren't 1
up6* t"" continue rluggint chaMon with .538, front wani his 12th American Stadium by making all previous first player in National League things as screen shots and five-
Stoumamen Me n lif~e percentage to League title for the Tigers in 13 home run records look like history to win three point-scor- man attacks when Old Poson,
da y1 pm t.tIS. The brigh the Car- years, remained in the thick children's marks- ing championships. Only six Stewart. Howie Morenz, Aur
a lih my racked u ~ of3 of things Oe fnc Mullal white under more dis- have led in combined goals and Jollet and Bir Charlie Cona-
fotm seq clb may be in 8 tim att S, you see, 1 incomp-tremging circumstances than assists for two campaigns, the cher were racking them up.
re4mam p layers had 42 d l e arabje tgar, of time, any pt the others.' what with all others being such renowned But there is little doubt that
S21 home rving In and the nd easy- save ung y and holiday games combatants as the Rangers' Rocket Richard and ordi
and t et s h9eM l in run$.. He a 96 times, does-it manner to travel the at Sportsman's Park played at Bill Cook, Toronto's Char 11e Howle would stick out under ao
l. On oaiung Strwck out -i maximum route. night, and meals at all hours. Conacher Chicago's Max Bent- ny conditions and in any com
*w .p slal at the batting Mual probably would have Southhaws are stacked against ley, the one -time New York pany.
6 tie players a e switched-&- ponI t the third tied Wagner's e ght the past Musa the left-hand batter,n
!r.ound -t .laye. out -of positions inPe a de
,. around, nver. out ot in a row, the sixth all seatbn had he not taken a year and he sees more relief pitchers
h ., t t with .336, a relatively poor out for the military and played in a week than the others saw
It for him. This leaves through another desperately in in a season.
ofRVA411 IU Ne i" 1-year average at .346. need of an appendectomy and Stanley Muslal must be
tonsaIlQligily, bgth of which he Judged on a contemporary ba WHOM IT MA
than grilt AOi gB ON AT 37 submitted to immediately upon sis. Comparing him with Wag-
t owaich the frarmbass udnt I am no longer responsible for any debts that may
P3 time t jth InterwCl a lotches sll hi Ia chance of ea- MUSMA'S JOB HAWDEST make sense. be incurred by my wife, Sarah Shewbridge, who
X Closa, can were Qn by-e A dor tabhtahban record toy National VoThey played a different game has left my home.

*n_ e ethe anten to dethroe tfa spTAidlrt- TO DA Y! 'Hows:7:O : P
a m the bo on at I ? X

J- On Transisthmlan ik


'., !S .*, *r .. -' : 'l I
M & in Nst iW_ :OS
Wtrme ftor iAii.
utwSuJ: H 5is Now.

Lor,. itO

S sMB obsWWI

aet victories
Series? -^

i "' "(NEA Telephoto)
CRASHING THROUGH Detroit Llon%' Bob La yne, between Cleveland Browns' Walt Michael
(34) #Td 7'hmS ompson t54), crashes throu gh from the two-yaid ae lfor his team's first
St audow in.he ad quarter of the N ation Potball League's championship game in Cleve-
St won. 17-7.

tis li Say Rugby Players Would Learn

Essentials Of Football In An Afternoon

U. -elaal CoWMrespndent
.OKDON- January -3 "It
't do at Twickenham,"
to be the unanimous ver-
p. rts writers
tefr mrst taste
St the Lon-
'I de Is confident
Sj teams could
gj at their
anns" he says,
~ eenteals of
ame@ in one af-

made me wince, to watch and
hear It. And after all, I was
brought up on a fairly tough
diet of Welch. rugger and box-
The more erudite among
chroniclers devote their space
to rui the origs of Amer-
t :0t b aIL 894e trace it
ia t o th century Cornishi
hurley, others to the Mton wall
m, WVhile the majority claim t1 jast a modern Ter-I
Son of ui as played in the
In major critislems of the
Ameg orthowever, all are
I- s too sany substtak-
"I pp1 no Dprepnd to take

"Men In golden and red hel-
mets like the crew of a space
ship, rooted on and off the
field whenever play stopped,
which **a every other minute.
"Play a mixture of conjur-
ing, sleight of hand and human
skit ws being constantly
stop by four referees and
two measuring tapes.
"Btoppages provided the fun.
Pretty girls leapt up and down
in Maon war dances to stir up
the crowd, shouting: 'How do
you like your oysters -- raw
raw! ,w l'
n frequent hushes a strange
sound feH on Bri sh ears LA
many mooGe withdrawing their
feet from mud, I finally dlen-
tifd this as m-coewing.
"The ball, like a ttroed ba-

Sof bpdts in-
ball remiy Is.
atualtly Ad
fm Moog tea
m7 referees
In some ir

... in th<
of the


d, behind "Arte y Ofeils" Scheel .


cost of the
in the
Story of


.i ;

Eg"& "R-'C"

. m -

* .~

1 E .' I

I. -

..,i t-" .'."'
Adan~r .,*
S..., -Tr
**it j.
s t ., .
a^s --
as ^^

. l

1. 1

it 08.pL-* Ill Mt" 1w 'n if

Lit le


AL I m nt

..L. a. i.' AIL.fl ___

I NITED NATIONS, N. Y., Jan. -iet r Le pe upin' now trutn iue cun' .5 cry u v IY IM19 ms rc. .LU.'
T i l)-The United Nations to-
ar !bluntly challenged loyalty TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. P NAMA. R. P., SUNDAY. JANUARY 4, 19853
es against at least two!
taff members the U. S. State
Department believes "to be I.
i ominunists or under Commun-
19 discipline." I
hom the same charge has beenRep. Short Says Armed
levelled will have their job sta- < ...
tus reviewed promptly by a spe-
cial U. ON panel, the world or-
ganizatlon announced.
U. N. is disputing, it said Secre- G ro W on' e w or teT Ic Ue th I ( Ii .
I,.. tary-General Trygve Lie "has '
no reliable cause for proceeding
since he either is completAly WASHINGTCIN, Jan. 3 (UP) National Security Training Com- At the time the House de- Intdithe reserves for 7 112 years,
without evidence or is in posses- Rep. Dewey: Short tiR-Mo.), mission. feated UMT 236 to 162, Rep..subj et to call to active duty
sion of evidence which substan- incoming chairman of the Last spring the House turn- Carl Vinson (D-Oa.), then wheAt needed.
tially refuted the correctness House Armed Services Commit-! ed down a, commission pro- chairman of the Armed Services
of 'he State Department's eval- tee, said tcday that his group posal to start UMT rolling on group. instructed the training
nation. will not consider universal mill- a limited scale. commission to draw up a new
The announcements were con- tary training now. Although Eisenhower has sup- alan for submission this year. I
trained in an eight-page docu-d His statement apparently ported UMT in principle, he The new plan was described
ment that added up to a vigor- doomed a new plea by retiring does not believe it can be oper- as being somewhat more "palat-
ous U. N. counter-attack against Defense Secretary Robert A. ated side by side with the draft. able" than the rejected .proposal
both the S'ate Department and Lovett for a training program Draftees are taken for actual under which all men at age 18'
a-federal grand jury which last! for qualified 18-year-olds. military service. Under UMT would have been called for six"
Month said an "overwhelming"1 Lovett called for the contro- youths would be returned to months basic military training.
number of disloyal Americans versial military service program civilian life after training. I They would then have gone.
had infiltrated the U. N. I in a report to President Tru-
In the case of the State De- man. F
apartment. the U. N. complained "It's Impractical and un-
that the government had "whol- workable to operate UMT as us Iu S e u da i
ly" failed to back up adverse long as we have the draft,"
comments against U. N. em- Short Jold a porter.
ployes with specific informa- "I don't think the nation
1 ion, would stand.'-f9r it. Our com-
S .tion. t d m mittee la s 4 ty of otper
It accus-d the department things to do.l we're not going
of being "slow" to reply to to take up VWT not now." i -
many of tl'-- 2,000 inquiries Short deseibed his stand as WASHINGTON, Jan. 3 (UP) Mended that the investigate.
Inade by the U. N. on Ameri- adamant. A special House investigating "se.atinued. He said a "
ton staff members or appli- Meanwhile, in New York Pre- committee sa" today 'Bsoe tax- comprehensive study" Is need
cants. sfdent-elect Elsenhower discuss- exempt foundations were gulll- because "tax exempt fund in
It noted one case where more ed UMT with Members of the ble in their dealings with Com-.v"T. largq amounts are spejt
than four years elapsed be- munist and left-wingers but, w Iout public accountability or
tween the time the employee's t R that they did not Intentionally o9=_lal supervision" and iozpe
name was sent to the State De- Step Right Up support subversive activities. "qlt.onable" ex p e n ditures .
apartment and the time an "ad- It sad the "ugly unalterable ".v- been made.
verse comment" was received. And Buy Your P --fact" that Alger Hiss became T .e. committee report sal4
The employee Mrs. Jane M. Y president of the Carnegie En- foundations generally are "an
Reed. a librarian -- was then Leg 3 Tail dowment for International important and vital force In
promptly fired. Peace was one of the "unhappy I Amlsitn life" azi4 have "ren- -
In the case of the grand jury, dered ea nd
th U. N. said it sought a cop GREGORY, S. D., Jan 3 (U) exceptions" In the same cate- deredreat and significant ser-
of the closed-door proceedings A pig with six legs and three gory, it adws trhe f act thatic id o
t o fire^, memer wh Melvin Wrnter.e secretary of the American Coun- It said they will be even more
to firduc N.staf membeleg He sai th extra legs can't cil of the Institute of Pacific necessary in the future.
Red activities. But the request be removed because the ani- Relations.The investigation did not dis-
was denied on more than one mal's kidneys are attached to The conclusions were con- close any instance where foun-x
occasion. them. tainted in a report which also dation resources were used to
The U. N. said the request wasI The pig has a stub tail where urged the new 83rd Congress "weaken, undermine or discre- CONW3OY
last made Dec. 3 one day af- its tail ordinarily would be, to require all tax-exempt dit the American system of free Clark. 5, l
ter the grand jury, meeting in and a second stub tall over the foundations to make a more enterprise." the report said. cowboy. not ha ruse
tiew York, "issued, a present- extra pair of legs. Then it has detailed accounting of their A few smaller foundations, It tiers out of his zsighbbr
ment which tended to cast dis- a normal curled tall between the financing and operation., said, were captured outright by joins tin toh
t credit upon the entire staff. But I two stubs. i The investigators said they the Gommunists, that a number a s
returning no indictment and Winter's address is Route One, believed a "full public disclos- inclu a Communist or "ym- it-
mentioning no names." Gregory, S. D. ure" of foundation resources npather bn their boards df trua- law
The U. N. side of the case and acUivttit wouki provide a tees and occasionallyy a Conim- Ir 'tough
Swas drawn up by assistant Sec- more positive check on whether munist managed' to sec"r a
retary-General Byron Price. It Yards Face R their tag .exempt funds have ~ On the nt of a foun-. ,.
was sent to American U. N. De- been used In. e public interest. S .-
legate Warren R. Austin on Dec. A s Police Seda n The n headed by the
23, along with a covering letter Oic e n late Rep E. Cox (D-Ga.) also ok .
from Secretary-General Trygve Vanishle At Door tested that Congress look r i i. n
Lie. But its contents were not VY niSnSs At Uoor into the possibility of revising
made public until today, the tax laws to encourage gifts .
______ _LONDON, Jan. 3 (UP) to foundations by corporations
B A general alarm was sounded and private citizens.
BI I B il today for 0. hottest car in It expressed fears that pre-
Vu Britain Iap9ice sedan stolen sent high tax rates within 10 -
Old from Scotlaa Yard. The car, to 15 years will make impossible .
Jls 4-Year-Olused by Scotand .Yard chiefs, the creation of large private ,ntWP0T NeWS V .J
Jails Vl., I disappeared a few minutes a.- foundations like the Ford, W- ORTreNe" Va. Jan.- to
a I ter it .as left locked but un-IRockefeller and Carnegie funds. UP) Three smat ys uct1e
attended at the door of tne One lawmaker, Rep. B .Car-essed toda the ted to rfor a
"Yard's" main headquarters. roll Reece, (R-Te.), reco-a sae, then set the n
BERLIN, Jan. 3 (UP)-A Co- T- ca whe they, eared t~I th
Sniust East Berlin court today Election P i rd
to ail terms ranging from four Ian Election lan admitted to c y pu
to 10 years on charges that they hinge WsNa from the office f
distributed leaflets and commit- i Slow P t |gort New HlIBi hScnd tIl.
too subversive crimes in East I/In a We-dawn bur I
e ", Makes Sow Prog press M ,,aueri
The East German news service -,- o-ed fr I thre
ADN said the'convicted were -- 0 da to they flendirom
members of the West Berlin ROME, Jik. 3 tUP) The 590 seats in the new parliament. scene.y th
'fighting group of G e r m a n government tdonitroverslal elec- The ChristUan Democrats are Abt orlties said the boys
Yuth." Western officials said toral reform cleared a major alI ready allied with the right ing thrs the candles away wbeh
there is no such organization, hurdle in the Chamber of De- Socialist, I iberais and Republi- they thought they heard some-
-The news service said the court puties early today but faced cans and have the best chance one coming.
fund them uilt of participa- further Communist delaying ac- of grabbing the- "majority pre- The resulting blaze destroyed
ton in more than 100 "terror tons befot..itcould come up for mium." the auditorium az~d damaged a
tder" and in the Democratic a The Chamber resumed its work number of classrooms. Ov rally
der and w while, a Co mmunist courtocratic next y general ust before noon today with danmp was estimSagte at :;a
( oviet) sector of the city." At 2:20 the today, after a wild many of the deputies showluion. Th re char th
i",t said "they 0 distri th ied hate m ae=o --

rs nd10 mtth ndt gem ornra rhd each on charges they were the bitter month-long electoral was marked by a 10-minute wa fo and were- tu
nlblet for they mishandled posters, e. Hour tests the chamber the effects of only C omm unist and let f Authorities sa the youn-
Sdown flags 5000,000 East Ger- voted 307 procedut 175 to proceed to an sleep dpuip. there also admtte ettng a fire
in assaults (about $1.000,000). rexamnaher than of the text of the with kerosen in a furniture

d he court sawn their negligence The 307 votes mu-tered by the munlst De Amendo- '
Sraulted in the shutting of 90 governments, "premit plan" for Before beginning debate on warehouse on New Year's Ev vet
iMeanwhile, a Communist court conducting next year's general the bill itself, the Chamber wa and breaking nto a local hard- o
SErfurt sentened with out p rofit m an- emplection for p ge o f Lombardo former cabinet a ware store.

S Neue Deutschland. leading the bill. .te problem was to member .-nf for many years a
rsmmunif state-run food stores to It was the third major vote dozen other pending resolutions. They wre charged with a
e years and 10 months in and third government victory in Yesterday's marathon session and burglar and Wyere. tu M
Con each on charges theoo mild" the bitter m eonth-long electoral was marked by a 10-minute over to juvenile ort
ronsible for the mishandling battle. But o ul tests thus far have walkout bh Communist and left-a Their names weft
1d loss of 5.000,000 East o er-n been on procedural matters wing Sociallst dAputies, and the
In marks (about $1.000,000). rather than on the bill Itself. 48-hour af Con -
The court sai their nelience The 30 votes musre by the munist D ty P ho Atio-
lted In the shutting of 90 governing. the tan Democrats rghtwn for slaplio 4htwing

ee of Thuringia because the bill, ithat mt then be paed govern ment alle v
operated without roflt. an Demple scrat for passage ofy a Lombardo replied to te left
communist r ty organ cr single-handed majority. Any a- wingers: "You ae the pigst."
cued the sentences as "too mild" endinmegts the Sidmenta and re- States, blorgo Aendae thenbrshoutl-led in
un said the prosecution "failed lutionsll an the r battle la the ed to Lombardo: "hut upm you'
to interpret the importance of and the bill w iesld abolrh te u pro-g am nbrot he our brother." and ftwlg
B i ie sabotage acts to the court." vehicles for filibusters. Socialist Lponelano BIatteoaL
MThe litee fellow whose troubles u lld uaran- tth remr t a
ee r After the chamber approves r mghtwing Sochale, frb
othe bill, it M t then be passed government aa *
by the 3 enate where the Chrs- tallan so.ialsn i a .. .


" 11


LZ spt. 'I. v -
;' .0 -.. ^_ Ja

I;1 >* r

a rk

Zr i~i


"P-" "'AZ,

I .. 1
*j*. *,!a',~
1I' ..l




ilty Check

2 Staffers




I. ~

fc ""' '' S3
fl ik^ .' '

i, .-,:'., w ., .

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' ALA i



, J.'



"l- itw e.ia i a t
An agl r. I. R

u aft rMu t smtot

lt1 We tio Champ Who Make One Fale Mov r"

You Call the Trn

y. .m Awl .

A. a 's,. *too ,a '
aks d ew$@ T
'ISDtt q* ~bt n NOT) U aiPt

l*ateIe a .%W N W S

<- I vqwiupt'i
- 4 +4+S. aluea
@ +6 $+,+ sad '


I,1 .

. atss .-weyem 6mo
In lone-time
Upep hplanse in A
a l o onle dtupl .9 17S

we ,,aebe it .. In
male wloa o- i il -,

uaitb ._,w M

zi.vM R25I,, 4 1

that tao itM

. ao mp't gotn on with the aunt-4t'ee Nf
you M6,4%AdWdier -IOg N" UNni anOentog the
nat Woos game which Blawh on0 by lever
(pipW e by Nopper), Movi upboard.
me9i t and lNO in e movO t

se oft

iomeCaus Distinction 4v
Sp" win'th -e iNeMaUy oonerwnd on plus
W \mr ome at as *olege.
'--" -t Rod. ,ori. a1 t. D. K. Woodua.e

s w -" ,marrietu M ,, to fanta.ue but real
, aMN vietd U ity bearg his W ou'U Ren it by draw-
eo3 8 w ounuous your that orw-
iAlgaT Tem.nL i ta e mand wrla u one.
mlmis;m TWoaw t.horeMA Own a clue an to wbch une to

**p di. n me w

w utlun ide av W
whe _tli .t
Ane A and In adequate Etiqe Poser

mb. 4~w1

A ~ C



a T

-~ *~-1

& I





W9 4 A N ii r'iI SiB qtfa K iSS
_7 r, F,1

ti ni ii ,

I ,!. "r.


>1 .L4 imam .

iB1-l #longT T -ANN ^

S UWT1TUTE ful an1 e ester-
of tranpusd eItem pmtei
In thi stu i Utae. ie' Wmau
i s a human synonym for the
, Ti ewa. bes a """-
T k in **e****
Per wemue morlal i*s hor Ia
Aor teeo MorAso tasre almoa
omme It end.
S uMM for 1to0 Vae ,p

t's 09090" m q C ho Mt poor

us "e"l&u sA=e ss ordanmed to
or, q AVC de eims, would be
Hr. p t -

eBngI al vimo *R

(15 L


~ .~.---. I -- *: .
, I...
~~i:: ~ *1* -

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MMMr' '-
^P^BJ-a^a i'i i ji
^ '. "* ''* *
Bn^^r-. ...

IT. I'

r 0* 1

S owL at^



* ..-.~.

* .~ ... ,r
A ,. ,. -.
* .. ~L. .

',^^. .^ ^,- ''; .'
4t y s t. *- *. *".-. r -i' ***

ABANDONED by his mother, this three-year-old youngster seems to be having ine ti
at a Chicago station house where he wears a hat belonging to patrolman lhomas Tuir

(grd's fardstt at P1fl.r
Ol Httadih, talking to
ot'# Ww. CaW.'

PAR$S ARE OUT at a film award ceremony in Rone, Italy. T
.wod's Kirk Douglas and 19-year-old Pier Arigeli, who is pa

FIRST .INDIAN giRL ever to reign as a rodeo queeq Ui
States is Miss Lucy Yellowimule, a Cro w h id4lan W, he
w9n a beauty contest at queen of Sheridan City,


ne stars inm m us case asr Ki- g Fatures Byndicakte "
saying a visit to her native Lan '" '

S1 SfUN. eaw-nd, Uo

EVER WONDER what a million-dollar necklace looks .like?
AMrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt. of New York is wearing one.

I6GED hotfoot was given to anyone iA r
ee used this ancient brass container Hot coals'wese
I into the container, which kept feet warm for houm

My Marin, I

maCwg~y" Cm~~~



"VA^ *.,

S'V ^ \

j'* \

*T .

I ~

?- I

_I--- t~~ LI-~- II-- -Lri t)-i(l_U:

' *
^ -t

.. ..


* 4., ~-6*
* .;-* ~-4

- St-

-- -. w
-b .- ** ~*.
* ~ *-*.-. 'V.

r L 'a



I- a
&*~.* va..
S. .J.,. ., **. .



-? ** *

,. ~ *'' l., < ,, ". *" '- ^ o 1 -, ,

', .- .-f ,,- *^ ^ .. yi r ;

Svi ew


0 THE WBJTBW N WOiN was probably in as much TEH
accord over ,a certain matter this week than it has ments
.beenpfo* about a year.,Zt*as generally agreed, among on. UA
the countries of the West, that we were celebrating Thro
the New Year. wrc e th1
It was not necessarily agreed on Jan. I, thatwe any o
should have 'celebrated it so enthustally. Th wa have t
a matter ofzper.Inal decision, and t testam t t The
the.preterv1tn;of that treasured right asnong the gained.
free peqples .. *f.ths.
Though, truth to tell, no donvcinge ence J n-w -re
to hand that the vodka-wallopera have lost the fre uf
and individual lrerogatv 0 ca their ,rows a ericanI
bemoan what went the nilht before. ed his
Be this as it may, the Western World celebrated its Union,
New Year, for better or for hangover. 841 wt
Yet even on matter of the New Year, world opinion fal to t
was as widely divided as it Is on just about everything,
else. He ez
In Mohamme4an countries, in Israel, and many to attend
Oriental areas they have,4eir own New Year at quite time he
different times. with re
This department's opinion, as of Jan. 1, was that it So th
is just as well we don't have such world-wide accord looming
as to get together and all celebrate each others New
Years. GOT. I
Half a dozen per annunm would like as not be fatal. an inIA
o order t
Taking the New Year and a couple of Atlantic storms drivers
in his stride, Winston Churchill aboard' the Queen citizens
Mary pressed on towards his meeting with President.- Twea
elect Eisenhower. and the
No one least of all Churehill was expecting any ment.
prithne public decisions to d e from this c ntrn Mean
But it wa4 likely that the groun4work wouldbW A hewas
foi r n decisions which would set the course civic gr
for woQd ents in 1052, and lik* as not a -good deal ofti
furthefi At. the future. .e ; t a
tisenhower and Churchill are two men accustomed
to making big world-wide decisions without much that
Together, they are likely to exercise this faculty 6of that c
theirs in a manner which will give no pleasure at all A f
to one of their more attentive listeners -- Joe Stalin. Caw i
Not that Joe spends alr his time sitting and [laten- A ma
ing. Indications were that he had made himself all
sorts of Seasonal resolutions, dhdlcated to ensuring the An AJ
Messrs. Eisenhowe'r and ChuchUillt.e least happy New scene o1
Year possible. thea
All hands appeared taking It for granted that the north o
Korepn war stalemate could not be maintained indet4, meant w
nlitlv. ." reest4.
It is not in Ike's military training or temperament Another
to endure such purposeless and unending bloodletting, food, m
while it Is not. so far as.i. known, a classiuled US ml. plane w
litary..ecret that if Ike decides to up and smite the
Reds lnKorea. Joe will be brisk to organsmi some smith.
Ina right back. weft*1
And vice versa. k 41
Certain it is that in Iorea now are a, number of three 3
American boys who will never see home again..And Over
practically as certain, there are no Russians in Korea san by
in the same difficulty. line.
Joe is still leagues ahead of the United States in or-
ganizing other people to do his fighting for him. Were Two
this not so, mlaht be a leot les keen on violence. -1-t,
His home folk have. bad about a surfeit of battle
over the last decade, courttesy of Hitle's .Germany
and might not take as kindly as Stalin- ould wish to a w
a further dose. had.-
However so long to there are Chinese, ad Koreans, m" 1
and Vietminhs and Chinese Malayans and what not to r-
act as backstops for Western bullets,-leejdoeuat have A
to worry about the home folk's morale.' -
Accompanied by dissenting cries of Pe on nfa.
ability, came the news that the UN artl m la Ko.
rea have not as much ammunition as the iseeL
Among those understood to dhe tor't beUef that
not enough shells are ava for U, aare--c -
on-the-spot observers a the guys whOdhoot off the Tme*
shells, and Gen. Dwight'A nhoVr. wt
A Pentagon spokesman as111 to ao h
ference, in the well- oft di
that the artillerymen la t front Unei "-
know what they re All wl he
aid. furtherPp- -
would be so Tong as tud'
after things. Almost '.tar
thought to the cozit
The spokesman had : E('abtherdt
not Eisenhower knew what h% ttt ut but aut, i
last reports to hand were h theat i ghlt oon
be looking round for aAFe811111 .a, y.,
Could be that Ike has more faith o the Judamet --u
of the- front 4-oae allei.e- f the U -et i
army than has the Pentagon bas .-o
France, as is its frequent habit, spemt another week
without a jrAme~roM r mt .
While things slowed down on the docks, Up motors 1
Ists pursued their usual holiday pastime of speeading
things un, sneciallv fatalities.
At mid-ooint of the four-day'w w holdax (hey' d
were lagging I I
but were still
death rate in the Koane ,' t
Road deaths were down repeat dO#n to low0 w s"re
thqn 100 per dvay, and were aveeafti A* l6
4 8 Pn hour figure t feo ife i!

.*'. if D, hol.ay drive a't kl

... ... % .. *". L .... .. .



qWter, r -.

' Ir "


h reg to chr
tem. no ". .
esU toi ave fm Wasbbl guamxiv
d an A O q' 'u All
u I oift. "14+4.,
regard to, Iwoa t
New Neared of Waglag4I
in the alW'
SerYbolda Ia dof 0e 6iWr

for the go o o

wip a --u ....., '. ,,"
1 1date 1

ala of e T l iT Ill 'U

ulch atb ,5e
,InaGos no

C a n. .t.h.. h

ant of the d.rt

15 major taubes have bsea iaakamd 1Mm iW..
the Hoand Aerican wfdlii.a
0 -

* .."*-~,.4f *'it.

w tIhoM l


.. .. a. ,
.; .". .,:^ ,^w,' ;



''. .. '

: .-" ,'-'; i





I 1 1

S -
__ -

-, 77

- ..

*- ra..

;e ME k

- -


.. 45- .vem
*, .--.- B ., '- ,, s -

'a .4- la .. 4 .lWtt

II-,-. 5 ..-Tm e
*p'g-'Tittiw n r 4ogn .


AV* ,,.teal."

W .a-- ,, 2 -,-_ i bro
., .. .... .. ..,. -. ..., ., ... .., Sa."

S 2-S .. .
don ..D-v.w4lasse a -
-nbence .v-wn-dm -

T-du.,aes 704-~en
b.Lnr- Will
18 ~ sac 57-Bmnd
0--- --ddit-on 37-T4- et- T-Lubrica.

S.w .' 1" .
-.;, ,: .United. .

asa sA. .. r .. .


8 -Timely
18--tae- *
107--A aemu-
(PoS- er
S .. e (po :.
*1 ---TI'
118- 1

119--u ure
123-P. -icestr
127-: ."1

-I .m


-~ ~r'~iureS
4 -


,! : ., .
. .'" c ", ,., ,, .-i .-,K," .. .


t. r I

S .-

- 1..

N.*U .4

- "% ,


.". -

*" .





lo v



a, V.. 9 -~ .ltMW


.- 1. .. 1 toja1. -1a-I IMOW- Tr 1 i-r 'I"

!I oo" it-Aw o ifin 1 1*Mdu fim olgh 1 1

gv I -4 a ] or m m

*" 4


~3l~i~f7t~l ')

A' 1


w ... ;,,.I *, I'. .

" ea"










i WCY4-^am ~-

-_i :.

N ,


owgS AND PumBLi wi. UtPM #
m,--. .
7. J Y O. A f IP.

COLON --- Om


The rainy season, now is past,
Its dismal reign is o'er at last,
No more the skies are overtast,
By do and night, .
The wim4 c es whisldig d'er dheaills,
is frst wiw h Ught and ary thrills,
And 'each responsive soul it fills
,. W*km delight.

By csgiag season's mystic facv6-"
The .S resumes hi power and p14
Clean, bright amd potent is his ,
Benign, his way;-
Begone, forebodings, dark and diAt-'
Of sloppy wsl tf I mire, j

Fro&f todaio .t

The viv eo will soon be gote,
Brown A now begin to yawn,
i f UR.'fm ie and the lawn.
Tt -Yeaves ane falling fast,
ut idie boug iuvivea, gay and bright,
-*Enraptures-our admiring sight,
A dream of colorful delight,
In gorgeous raiment cast.

S.. ~"
"0 /'.*
~rtt 4.


; .. .- + sr.

/.~ "4.1'- i : "-

eloe, aod t(
Ss o adbia
iaarim U

lease, one G"

TO .not.

* Pursue thy hesome way, -
So jocund, frolicsome, and gay -
n boisterous a*' bus, play, :
,O'er bill adr"^-' *

'O'er rugged mountrins, )aily romp;
O'er dark and pesilential s~mnp
In all the arrogance and poshp,
Of new born, youtulfp er;
Blow on, oh wind, kind -lmven. 'wt
The dank and stan ant tii :
blow strong, benefice% l swift,
In this, thy gold *xe' .
*" .. .-,

Not, in the resteof tghy -
The stars, cool, sci' w$
A million point of tw
IS n t down .kh he i
A i lppjt.ofaw fcGit ,
Al- Coll r n-rhe t and thee ad.


That, inthis fas' find, '
Relief from s gdd y
In Nature.s wd waG ,:
'' ".. '. I
Blue, willing seas, that sparking lse
Grnen mantled hills tdat tower on l
Into thed.ome of dali" sky. -

Syond the -inet power t" '-, '
ha uuie w- m -lSe, .,ee .m .. ,. *..
a. wlw

I .





' .. sr.Jm


++,, lt

. '. -


gal-CaM4get re.By .
PoW tioo M1t uoben ...W

WOIS M." EDwM&-- W W -t

INXA). -When British Movie ingtdn during or shortly aster the Inauguration
gtt tries -to come bwek to the ceremonies,
*ill have 4t atlafy the new U.
Isear the McCarran- ITS UP 10 IEM
S*effect Dec. 24.
the V. 8. consul in While Wes' Roberts of Kauas, who was Sum-
to make formal merfleld's masItant during the campaJgn, has
to t.V, -:n mentnmed as a ik*ly choke for the OOF
the re, ha ha a ,. there .1 no assurance he wI be
be oaet Menon R ea B0 shower head uaera
les6or a .man. with *WtelbwBrownell beft the
a mel iMw the Dew" cank.
p Tr. sfttun or w I till k e to ee the
.. COP O u sleep. orol fte enationae
apictcpT a f'or U. commtee. t its's the a .of the party-Preai-
,lw wh sets det lUgBW-who always gets.a to ap-

..eueed entI- m a!gdno .or setetnUoi qt pre contcot., AFL
Grsgde Oetgr to reports rom
-,Wr otMr'eOdIe pro- fedenralanisls,2niemany rms have built up
SpomMa speel big in entort of aa e, metal. &ea" y charges
d t atihers te t edi n t tfese sup-
f'b b thehd y O ti wv ift. be lit.
i" P tbife, oe do e offt, these suolle will
t Rem*m"' o.d A.'a t -b"le Ste, USav
Mqany; Mgovernment
't.A M. us. Jup exenme. a Stl taxes.
If coan hn. president de.
t e~tx of&F re population. be.

ca*Wsea a"i*'u eaougW

V. ,S ALi P llUt~eay f-,advers in
Ttkev hae IeD ehanred folol a diaeovery
taf the *-tiansh air Merw"a ensMt-I stI the.
Amerftan- ftnlbeeqUlipWAt Tor enough night
I.In Tarklh treating bad

1104n 91"t M mriMse athelaltl


e ruin-



- '. "- .

_ ,

K -~

...~i$. ***




5^.14 'Z





, a.

\ ,..

I u

17- 7 .;'

* 's.

Kt edeve then virq- ==*ire..p or
ffllrc an UuBniotantt .ajiu
r.^; 4" crialn r
i,^ji -^ .-.^'" i -" S ,,





O: b.t.-

"And wJ

floor. .h
pfd f "
eaC i

eart~ ^<^agqw Am

*~ ~1


:.u~:i:~ ~ '

' ^


jIamte ou4he Mob*rn 4. m'a St othe
s f ..' *. -


* I7 7 77

-' *4 ., '"C

~:- A

..Sithq dest




-r.- U-eS \ -

.. a. .iiiI


S. .

. ,

- 1 4n .4:^

.- ".. ...

... .:- .4 .:,' -** -'.S -' -- ''

..; .. .1 j y *.'. -.-. ., ,-.-
... .j .. .i-i.ii -,-in..,.*:i i-....
, I.. .



- -.. J .


*. .,



', t--,.

: vdW-

-. *-s
. ,. *-*i .

' it

" ,M

- e -1

I .o- r. -. .. .' -








:: : ::

* J


".-y-, .:;
V '*'

.vu '-
I,'i .-' ^..

"' .-'" '"i ^. ^^H^^^^^ ^^B ^B^

I' "' "'

r** ^^S ^K -" **]

,'L ", .







s'.;1 oW i i

.. 7:,

1932, F

- ~?*~(WbWWI,. **rfr'lka t j9 .'*




S -k

-C i
:v. .



, .. 0, "

"' '" 1

: ,

)- i

4 4 ...

*ICh 1 FtW T

S ,- -....


THEY 60? STET A 4' "M

S ^- W. O'4-"ThHE.SMZE-





,P --=7 -- ., -**-' ii-iin F -1

;%lii~ti~.L;i~i'i;iir;iri~.SiiT*R;-*;;;; -~.iRI1S~.~-CZCdmekC rrCmC~


I- 7 = -

-p.. ~ Pft ~ p P9**

-~ Ii ~


-.' -* <-


S .
". + I_' + + ++ -I, ,. + ,, .t_ ~ ,, .. ...7 -.: ,, +. ,. .+_+_ ? ,.++ .+


- op
.-.A. T,,'.






~ Xi

, '.. -

- t -

~ 4

A LONm wsIm

NOW wea


Te Top s

- 2



' I:

'*'* ^ <*"


114Eme sez -':

e.Us... e:aJ

~t' &.

- -- -i- i I ~- -L-"

- -- --I

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