The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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*aii. S t NEW YORK, Jan. 1 (UP) The eu
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all- talent Eventually Ttim new
SPa- fi m wil can trop alc' vegetables
tin as well a fruit.
hal BBles is orange Juice.
ama- and papaya juPe wlh b
a Ue market rtL L erlcan
dent, tchnic r will aoat ffpettingI
is oi ii the fIto. They will arrive
ie a- Worm Caliatma within a short
. and timne.
ped Lat Juab a well known foodI
t. s 1btO et, D. A. P.-Stfwat.
Sared a to study thei supply
=, phases, while
A.C CMj -h concerned himaspilf
Sl marketing end.
that The eri.bPl pn wau Just
eId, .l 4 one SJule, but Stew
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ate naral reeuwem.
Sale tl hope topent the aid
Fu r te lca in I t-
gui *rti to 'develop the planning
tkdam ea vegetables of State-
- L~variety far local peob.
9Sf S a fteeis Panama's o-
R 1E 1ited1 only y Wb
i atd that there are
Wy tareas here to de-
r1t "t natural resources f

A b6 bowa' U
from V
an oil truck T
the oil trucks sod
of control to a
Thirty of the
many of them i
treated at a hpla
five were kept foe-ftrthea
In maot clies. Wt
In toret to erack alM
Itma who took to

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Flhermanls Whaltf
on nolnsmakemr w i
But their load et
not eanat the tnut'
(Continu edem a4.O k

El Rancho C
Opens Toni -t
The week end usbt-Md
owens ftanlfltt at M
The benefit amies Vi
Into operattln at 7:; 4-I
the lucky reweilev '
Per the fortV t#
lette (35 to 1
blarkjack. ehue-a-mc- "M
tlhe-wheel. OIL
The benefit is for ttu
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tggestions For Ir

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tWe a London but
reti y of State A-
SFreign Minister Xi-
01 had no objection
vaid to Iran but they
iggrously to the retg
-d agreement m
4t would be a vi
Ltrt wlth Iran wu
Marr and the
ARM. ll aw..wr j.ER

He wasu ao a
ed to asnal a
to President TraM
immediately for 1M
conference with M
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HE PANAMA AMERICAN dOmer e Even t Like I" ":
aaftr r *UsLiHsiO eY Tr9 PANAMA AMN ICAN PRE. IN. bor
uOUoneruov iv NUL.oN IOUNWULL m t ass
6 ST *eTu" P 0 ex 0M 4. PANAm f t O P
IriLiPmONI PANAMa No 2-0740 i4 LIN) And.
ONp .A. t C ( A4ooNI40 PANAMIEICAN. "INA4A %
I2ONOPICe i '70 CN4Ti AVJUp arTWFiwM 12tI AND IStre S'a'I*
aNg Reni te(4 NTTvrn 0SHiIA 0 POWIMRS *N1 I04c nUt oar
s MAn AVN AVE Nrw Voni *t4I7. N v ~eAU
tONT.N N4 VANCUI_ 70 s5a 0 0

S YOUR FORUM THE READERS' WN COLUMN There's never ay doubt about *
what's said at a arlgaing ses-I '
sion between local 49: of the '
LE A A BL HV O CIO Auto Workers' Unfon and .
the Excelle ?orp. Detroit.
Dting Cath tIVt1Di&, two
mikes Iare S t on the table and
The M.H lox is an open torum edersn of The PeneIsa Ames. everything iscused is record-
Letters are received gratefullyand eare handled is wholly neffi- ed. Then,: Vlenever one aide "
suI mes.en. disagrees -with" *hat the other
S 'e s ;etibute a lette. don't be naptinat t t d*i a tl si ays was d on 's before.
at day. Lettes ere published m the ordle eivetd te ta pe q d er is dra
Please try to keep the letter limlftid to* one sege Ingth. out and played back. The re-
Identity o left.e wrfer a held in .trictest confidence. border is also used by the union
This n ewspaper ersumes no responsibility ty fr tatments as epilieas at their stewards' meetings to
oed ut etters traim riders keep them up to date.
A--o Cincinnati AUto Workers
local brought a grievance against
6 1 WHY NOT A WATCHDOG AT THE DOOR? a company which threatened to "
fire an employee who came to
S,' In most of the commissaries we have .inspectors, also cus- work a half. hour early each
. t4s inspectors. Why not place one of these men at the front morning to preach the Gospel.
trance to all commissaries and when anyone wishes to enter. The union claimed violation of
Make or intend to make purchases have him ask them to show free speech.
Sielr privilege card?
I Then when they are inside they can purchase from various Cleveland Companies decided
partments without causing any delay and embarrassment to that good and sufficient reason
ie salesgirls. who have their duty to perform according to in- to give an employee a leave of
actions from the chief. absence was a court order
-Why Not. throwing him in Jail for non-
payment of alimony.
TE: If the above position is hazardous, probably a Canal Zone Labor leaders, in their recent
fireman or policeman will be required, contract negotiations, Idiscovet-
OF COFFEE, BEER AND A 30-HOUR WEEK national holidayl. Seems that of
Cristobal, C.Z. the President and.Congress can
itor, Mail Box only decree national days off wi
a American, for the -District of Columbia Wei
a5 R.P. .. and Federal 'mljoyps, The rest 1th
r: o us mustf wait for a state
S your Mail Box issue under date December 28 signed by proclamation of soPe sort. So
certainly the first time the truth has been told of the holidays vary thbrogought
the ..S0.atAM 91*- S W .. .,, ,
-t on. Mo6ntHopref "There -are now 25S,000 0ion .
certainly the first time that a el has beeofficall in the country.
cecrann t, not the Diatret
'on the reactionarybosses that "oversee" phe local raterts Ca r a, not the District
.Here a their peculiar case recent born: In an of Cmbia,? .. I place wLere .
some tfp o f-beMr'w placed in the lnalt govera t tm| s __
smempyk smelled a rat. At At ,certain boss 252,000 Federal employes the t
icer ofthe law to look foer *tIn l n's rest room West .Coatst tate and o
Swaned to catch a partre oye'who he had 000 in the Washington aru r
Times. Low other black The govemu y Ambassador To E gyptL
catch" theoor ceA ., judge said he is burns up more than 0,0S"
0 0 'bdhim. U rbill a year By BOB RUARK
everys eery land coffee, tons of out.blh in
tshfa s evetea d ie ame down- ed &the deal Rueite.-wa
she as eery e -. No one Three-fifths of a miitilatbill
em: oe ^ arrests thesi no one anolits them; in- must be patched up .bef it CAIRO.-There has been a great change in Later I .had some conversation with Mem- b
c'curaged., If a l9al rate everes the same can be exchanged for new .r- the attitude toward Americailin cgypt since $ med Nagulb, Egypt's new tromg uan. Il i
Oi obe-laced under r rating ad rency. Only girlA are u in was here last, and It Is pokeeptlble almost from Said, "A very wonderful a a, your tr' r v e
t property" Demhe, muttltion departmeia It the first minute you step off the plane from know us very well, and wnt to ,i lp to Hn
*.wh.e e m.,_u lin t 'ia tan dost hav .the Athens. There is a great courtesy in the customs. understands u. He has mad. the dferene la of
the fawhere they may. Save coffee, paai for aw now, unmatched in most places I know, and our feeling for your country."
tmck f tte.' t4e M wof_ e 30 hoa, ..:h Egypt used to be famous for having the tough-
Sth cotfeedrinkti t t Lord 00 ab yof A &.An n eat customs in the world. A taxi driver said, "Tour 3eester C afrey. Vl~ry
In other words: "It ti te these men be toWtand be tract pWh ti WSrrk fine man." So dif a partendr. se did the.
n 9f the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would, other during June. July and Auaist We have a mean cargo, for customs-half-a- pie in the hoteL So did some of owr Own pe to
o nto yo and on the Sunday before Lab.- dozen guns and a mound of camera pnaterial, 'crc. Eve- i-rlv T met was full of prale for A- an
t us practice what wve preach, especially those in high or Day and.the fist Sunday of all highly suapect.ln custom .everha. plutir .ba d C re.a ,y ... .. b .t ; rm.-,
-n'~ in puthdrit. If you can't do that, you are not suited the deer hut iigse so n.mean- as mitertalb for esonageU fIr t IM bar lnr- MItof ihe time you bear nothing but kndAs be
the job and should be changed. a while, the CIO Commuicatio ket for the State Department abroad, because we
SPy__________. Workers on the Northern Call- We were clear in half an hour, whereas we have certainly unloaded some foul ball on ourm lom
...--.- f I ornia and ,Nevada telephone had spent a solid week in Rome trying to. gel unsuspecting friends, iut OCaf fley al ak i
wr P u c de, do uble tle pay to ofn eapa9 u .I t ad aa Xbaay tfor ts rt
paayt 4 country he represents and the h .A v. O \ Ba i fromasA atn Dy ctea mutual undutaneaetar
I NTAL Vh I CAL T e Bu l teh' Co which lisaojo alph bptamt th e
y meal counter does government work at Rolla, port and police and customs control and were I am afraid that n past most of the diploma a
iny bugle counter wise north Dakota, employes only embarked on the bus for their hotels. Old-time Fve met spent moat of their time uwiug at
0ll 3 Poses A Chippewa ndians from the travelers to Egypt will tell you this is impos each other, lke lobster in a pot. sito mall
-- Sergeant 4 Italianpainter Turtle Mountain Reservation. sible. It isn't. concern for the people theyare suppoW to ki,
M Peag Iamtea OfaWine r cak r A Warren, Ob, U company fat .press as representative Americana.
Charles Lamb o n k 6 Whataws i a .pt renS O ,Ot, toIatrilklg IIlIteen pontwiis th .Aairlean w viei- Caffmey knows every Inch of Calmo He has a rl e tb plts ouuly hated lien ty. It w worth having special map. and he hal prowled p tr
sdient soldier never shanties near the gates of three your head torn off to snap a camera in the and every alley .
Ti h n h steel plants. Power was rovid.- streets. Itwas not safe for an American to walk He make extensive field
IndI ia n b la 25 Toward the 43 Pertaining to ed by the tir*ck companies. alone. There were mutters and gestures and and probably know, more
te0s iuck shelt ared ide the city One Teamter who holds active threat, archoogy, than beat
Id~er s (ab.) 9 Elbct 26 Re red 45 Fo reward tlton s 4 a *pound S, Whep they burnt up Cairo last year they set the field.
e9 Electric h mn 46 rwa l buog. He Wig tel fire tonearly everything that represented Amer-
OTOnesses temperature 28 British hymn 46 Jail because of his potential value lcan interests. Durlng.the heat of the rio hen
ses measure writer 47 Sea eagle a a picket, your life to appear. In the
rech river 10 Monster 30 Romani 48 Air ,The AfL Machinists Union The Egyptians were iulte reasonal sore at tied of sitting 000d un I
N m (F.1) 1i Go by emperor (comb. form) astuauy is a secret association us for our stand on Pal tine, with whom they called his car and 4Aue alloV* '
smale soldier16 Whispers 31 Horse's gait 50 Rim with its qwn ritual, were at war. As one y ptan said to me the ad. through the al l ggi
20 Whole 33 Portion 51 Dash 1aeite regime .d and more other day,'e so. t Aa that for doubt if another ft gner
ostan- 22 Lateral parts 35 Basest. 52 Fuieral pile thaI mweat iro captive awhle we got th and lived.
Army shelter 24 Espousmp 40 Higher 55 Biblical name la re. Rom ian workers a m a he did We have clobbe te Stt e
an away ar j aed to donate a pint I rr o Cat- munh that I th you wl
Click beetle r thre weeks. for abosUt. i unde at les one diplI Who ,M
i b that haown up as. a.his re i broad. I.
S' o p Nolan be a wI to p peo g but I h not. From
S toay we fe a real ho never i the il ." he had done us p .
,,Army ..dishd.'ae nP",-
,W.-- l o. i n one manner or another a ..

a erciLa- Aznerl n witMP dmosed tin -ter-gR !
B r- "",avI -'m.. n.. t-^ ^ h m, 1oOTow, : w..No. 1 h..- Nm.ed....eese't
athe Eato an could not lan be- l rea. Vawer W 'a wife t' This wek's U. 5. eamte .
nimal ca use he hase no paper' and he t mke her ews Jae, 8, a bI o ummt JUo) hlO l -e v .
udil get a permanent visto an~o n~e 5III--I a Irai on f er '
IoDsy I tr us- he couldn't get m-N .I whn i.
Gregodof nthes he' ot dispensation .wedleee( Win xenkbershi In the Qosnist

S sl' --name pm a on bgtheW IWM &

I I .........*------ Thanks F ow the Bie a A wa...R
T.NE- 'EST "O 4

l uASffl-NS hm s
t'- shot -
,. tiho and hoe
JH,) __===== ..."*" af.'^ i ^'sfpf^^

HB' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ dw Taf 9tTS9*^^OAnA qi).AMtd*pir.Hftn> ~fS~lS^S'SlB--
*** ffTC vC~f tvK ^"twwttt~tiB~rtiran r I4. l^ lie -ar, hi 3E Bllf32t (B Bg ggB

Ub a
for use

153. -

War u Poeas.
make tM rest af:

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~at *.?e wilt be


Conned Horms

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L 16rd Horde

sG. dingAbroad'
U7828) 2l"T figure include the
ed a- Ie9W 5uport renewed.
other If the e number of pass-
p.wt re Issued In December this
i aly v ir s last r'eat, the total for
s- Ir-would be 930.4U.
W.A4, Dult the third quarter of
W i 0i (Jul -Yeptembpr). 88,573
M st p4dtr. were d compared
* wi tj"58 In the same quarter
F d f 1of 1.
lp eiE a sreat majority,
r liMrt apdpliats iest-
Uju ey rope- their des-

of Verumnt
In the -on-

Try tr you to ski i ay-
i-liul and slthat 7U
lop make a comblana un-
rm and personality.
Last of a Serin.
D-moic Roow -,
JLLVAM, Wnd. (UP) -After
van county kept Its Demo-
he votinft record Intct Nov.

MO7-Shw, Mte and V oWl .
wo architectural n ii
ttrh The firm oiQ lnft il
Under of Panam I
assoclati arehltectl for W
eThe monument Is to w he lefa
ted on the lawh at the foot of
the Admlnlstrstlon Bulldlidira-
ther tha- in the circle li front
Of the i1bna lemuitary!chtlO
as oritnalfly ouln ed.. The
chance was made to assure that
e n6-foot s ft of the m ati-
ent would ndt be a menme to
aircraft lb the area. '
SThe marble shaft, whli will

"b i torf the world,
M4 ts aber l i travel-
er.,ieat i.I-. their des-
ti :tt M atia Ameri-
tla; t umrepe. 2,-
r 2,71; NearEwast,
The occupational clauftlcation
of.U S.. overseas travdiers during
t~e Sumiler quarter 61fulv-Sep-
teilaer boWved houue*ives led& all
A -toti Of 08 V1. house-
wli a d for passport dur-
mA thtis lrter.

Other icunatons well repre-I
fented r ui the same summer
months Were office eleats, secrs-
;Aipes. M students.
Addl _l professional groups
re.Dnre In the YUmmer tra-
veld "ti Included writers.
i olslpltsf, engineers,
it Rid physicians.
iin Students
N SepVisas
To t~ithy US
'Toift us
tijt'!ilri., eri ima for the
inColotmu illdba los and who are
rttfnlnn to resume studies in
the United ltar. er required
to obtainn new visa under tls
new Immilration Law whlce
becUame effectiVe December 24.
the U. 8. INmbauy announced
Tb.h Consulate In Panamni
end Cnlon will be closed today
but will be open tomorrow as
It Is advisable that these stu-
dents visit the Consulate at
their earliest convenience In or-
der. to comply with the provl-
slons of the new law.
Te. only additional documents
requlrel will be a medicall ex-
amilation, four photographs
and a letter of acceptance from
the school.






to 33

z e n

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d 35
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-- d


4~ t.1 *..

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"". ; '.. i A I o n"


NEA Staff Correspondent
*YWOOD, (NEA) Ex- second film to follow "The Sea
ly Yours: Vanessa Brown Devil' in Europe and will sivi:
'om Ewell will do the fitdi some of his own money into the
of their Broadway come- entitledd project, which concerns
"Seven-Year Itch." if pro- the llrst air raids on Berlin dur-
Alex Gottlieb succeeds in lii World War II. The three An-
'ng the movie rights. But first :ltrews kiddies have been enrolled
ttlieb has to come up with a in a school in Switzerland for the
iment that will pass the film duration of the 18 months that
2prse-and that could take Dana's staked out tor himself as.
-.r years, a member of Hollywood's Income
t \l k Contino's Xmas cards Tax Exemption Club.
Syeai're a photograph of himself
&..t,*'hls Army uniform! ...Comri' TIME'S NOT RIPE
Sound the Mountain note: Para-:
mount will ballyhoo "Road to Now that Arch Oboler's three-
lalP" with seven specially filmed'dLmnensional "Bwana Devil" is a
TV trailers. nore indication that financial hit despite critical
'Hollywood is hitting the road to walls, it can be told that his last
Television. hilm the science-fiction "The
.- Twonkey," is still on the sheif
SI)tsula' Theiss. in the mob at "Distributors say it's not coim-
the opening of the Sands Hotel mercial," Arch groaned. "I show
In av Vega?. spiked the mar- it and they say, 'But where's (ihe
taee to Bob Taylor rumor. She m.nster?' I'll just let it sit in the
told me: "We're not going to be can until time is ripe for it. They
o#died because we like each said that my early science-lie-
eth1i too much." iuon yarns for radio weren't
commerciall but one of them lias
Danny Thomas is kidding a- just had its 200th performance."
tout why he has to keep Vworn-
1hq; "My wife has very expensive Mo- vie censors worried about
tstes. DO we have Persinn ru- tfil1 titles with too much Lip-
oti the floors at home? No. We weren't around in 1915 when a
have live Persians lying around big comedy two-reeler howl was
At ,.2.89 an hour." 'The Bathing Beauties With the
Beara Behind.'
A magazine's "How I Made a "It was no gag about the
Million" series was New York bears.'" now-silverrhalred Charles
Atiview Bin'1 Crosbv. But bro- lins were two bears who chased
Ser-mnager' Everett nixed 'lie -' and eight girls in bathing.
SAnM with, "It wouldn't' be dig- Sutts all over Hollywood."
Itfi"ed. The comedy was Winninger s
film debut-he was- a vaudeville
Sp.tte Davis is big news onh oth :t.' then-but "I went.back to
boasts. Her Broadway rvue. the stage when a movie director
Two's Company," and her new -Ltarted shooting Roman candles
;Ite., "The Star." just orevtiw- at me.
4e-in Hollywoond are in the chee"
S Mrue.... Spike Jones' m6n v. is
be t hit a chain of new surer-
aTh first one I. in La
= 1TS 1ta, rear Los Angeles. d



*11 UIU 13130W

T.r 1 HU. S on*,I -
"And then I was back here in '47! Ouest I was just bbrnm.
S with a silver spoon in my hand!"

I v I I O I I IIII I I I i


Iwarq 0 Robinson olavi tz 9
police captail in a new fllc'rr
"Hkrness Blull l givi-- the
l6.biuson scowl to the title Cap-
*ar legend. Everyone thirds or
Eddie as a olatol-packin' m.9 U
'TaW made 70 movies and I'vei
w dq,. gangsters in only six of.
Std the night club Pnrd TV 'ni-
-; gators. suys Eddie. 'wi
Ve kept Little Caeser ill' e.
"Mt you know something." he
'"yhen I'm asked to do
I lttlMon aW mvslf7 T can't on
t.LT TC to do an imita:ion ori
I rtntators."
But. TeaM Hollvwood rpt4aes to
Jet Litt le rpsar die. Edldie rn-
inelberb wi+* a winte- "I pl."-dri
i harml s little sh-rtnas 'n I
-hMr-e Wed *TigL7 sht.' Tvr
I tnim wat the ads read?- Tie
]Uttle Caesar of the Pacifle!'"
." Abbott and Costello M-et
Or Tin .idd" opelied in- Ch1rR-
Sto sock b"slnest-the rf m
puidd be their biqpest mrn,'"
| ....Gihlbert Rolon** i --rd
res del R!r, are I'-dril'Ar "-
t a .oD-Marri-re film t6 ba
'.T in Mexico Citv
V D:;-na Anflrews has licd tui i-s

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-''a slr bishop MaOnf Hall at 9:06 a, Mrs w vIMtOa HOf r ewaOR WITH AFTEL OON CO87 1 a 1 0Mfrfcsr n zB a n i nl e na i
SMs. P tt of Fort herman, w e for an of tun, entd

noon and will lbe a,
Stn r. A 1 atano cofne Miv at her rldneace to hoaer thte vT exeidg rel with an fmal egg-a u U"m

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A ork Set ttaker, tKifs. pr T. a oheaa ressfwere: Mrs. L. G. Fre atlen h aog srbat pairr I a r reome. s

lter caad11s. Mrs. 8Taylor.1 theme, the r.est w ar d asev I
s he, 0sdAWoe d'tl. 1:is A roupof f- ai 'nelshbors weated at ea lhe thable ter moth r soin the
ateaale ^ ie toB:p t pCaa r la a iters. Mrs. Wilir Healey did the honor at the seofee ser- thny-eight guests.
.n It v o. ,u s M an BERLIN.J, an.. ItP -

purple master. PMla ap- s- aria s. m -GermanPremierOt
do It tfCS O l Mm .Prentl ar rived rece ntly spnt the holidays at 8 a n t a Mr .ndrc Mra. oll sw Yar's fbo th o da toa he fe
TuesdayateMen at '- I MrS. ITher home w Anniston,. Clara. Gatun, wntertainrd a group of rnmenti will establuip a
S6l la "_ o -- : M I ned n o" a. iaffor a vi heC. te M r...d t .... n .. friends at theirr evidence Tues- armed force "to defend er
mo a m nich ind amote oeaw, roeeu-i.. w. Leue day evening. ioual independent and
edN& Nd.. V 17... lt -O- Mn. o.. or aDeCh Mr. and Fp wl t were: Mrs. Aet x- erin ear ty."
*ICT"1'"^'11^ ^*fcel%.2B~al 0 ^ Bell "arra y.,-.Sterman. The I Aol zLet Bowl ander Lim, of Aihirante, Mr. ..
S*one w il J r S ump A od Akron g Lea er an Mrs. Thomas McGinn, Mtn ls- For the irst time te t
I Offic is Monday afternoon 4. W. Ohio, v her on luncheo te e aea Ann and Rita Fiser, Missit form a Communlt nr
at *. at the JW on M. and ter-l w Leuten- nament at which they awarded Joan Re s Alice mnot made cditonal on

-bhepre sented___ ___ __ _, Mtg al-odC.i. 0 etaisedf by M f, ClausenoUya SVcpper Party r "t"h cl Von
-_ -._ d fGLte....... hudhlo. b Liten wll ulntn ant I ad a obert trophies and e.d "ofers. sruaenr and Victor Miz-- cation ow the West
b r i d ps edt O bary hieiSDlrn Of C. a eran he lnceon was held Tues- racBhl John Townshend, An. Western allied Dacts wa eb w
... 's sui view Grop of w M J. Mrs. aylor, w Mr. Taylor, day at t M. Coco Solo Officers drw m ai d Midshipman brine west nGrman unr ilt
M a M Schrift raier Ia lan. vnt elude: 1--eat and their son, J3M n have jpent Club. John Fahlestook Ei ropeaa rmy,
m i rs A. Webb tI Chairma omed w -Fbunr i t the -holidays wl feir 'dugh- ML. A. l nead, r erdent Grotewo I a New Y
a s i ,' M : a iof the hatee for the. r- Baice. Ju o; ter and son-a-m ,la iteuten- ded at the met i, and Mares Have S number arty message aid. "We co
S s noon and will be Ma te r antand Mrs. Robert Martin, of Mrs. R. 0. Stiles, vice-pr dent Mariner Troop 48, of Gatun, our right to poster uown
l Bg on* Mrs. John Adams, Mrs..7 nad ; l Sherman. was hostess for the a"- -eda d a slumber party at the tonal armed forceswhitt

Ifn ,Inpos itiwhon .-t
a e-kr-W,' m L y w arow 'd Ronnie gB MHR f 3 M 7.- ----. Departing from the ^ hrst- home of their leader, Mrs B In poitlon to Befend outI
Bi| t- t J .." ;Walter Colclaur, Mrs. X. r I' i-Mu Inu rm1l CM, ai theme, the guests we r eJ lawyer Tuesday evening, n i ndependenceandn vel
i .._ ,er, MJi A. W. Goulse edeM4 TUsrwa I a re ro e e l Co ae asenedatd a l tMablme ch ter MhL. Ch. Anderon, as- T
Sa, .. gr en, E. J. HRack, Mrs. wrovr Rat.. Bareback m ad l t Mar. a- Mrs. R. a Ward, o d with pink carnations and stant leader also present.
Ut O ten, f Mrs. Carl R oefft ea, t o11 4 1, Sht a a o rs. Pl a d a e xpteded thy o- President W ,hem Ple s- e ,d m hl" The oRa -ic p ur. e..e- re, -Mrthema-. a M .-
S rd- I.aatrP -at. .. KMa friends with cock al at their propriately ornamented W th t tun af n t in a New Year' e i
3.Mrs. ANo ea' rAer brwill. allan g I s A nma rkwhd blc m eyr- nd a ioyed retresh-. E toEo an e
~e A f 10: MtamS lne Ms aents l i re: andThl wyer pret S mereen Tiden the.p o partipted A of. modern e aWd

on-Uto .y o 1" fmG0Mall an. tre Mrs, L. 'Alvi Urn, sud isean d Menears.
no a.m. to hom Mrs. E. d Wrole w ve t he dy aterorre n te
'~- K Oifice v taCluW2' FIem Je la'n Ir TRgH. h, idEseIeretar s. he horens fo r nl
tIn 9 yead a a Sa Dete L.No .eeal3 Dn s .hher- e son s. .

V --, with h i o ..ngfor I a Adbe ,__ The other member. present and u ter-, Lieuter
son ofCe f61i se vi mrroswa DI 1Cd r we hig a aa re: Mrsa L. L or.chr. Mrs.t an rs e t n tele sofno r elm n crd
co ote r a total oW a das injal on Toy nAd n H. e n. Robins b Mrs. Se M. Clfehe Collo Sleo iarl Vtin roveoht aeon
ioaeltscesei, e.l Od P etsi bh eny at rtuay e tol. onor f Pa, h BK. a e n -n, mnw entertained wth a hol- 1d v 'er an re e Ade
ofndrksn- Ti ; ,l e ] b a Skddetrna ,d txe Den niIS, Mr. ain Mrs. o M in the Ced Me- ve ad erM n-.. day buffet supper at ther trs oernmen. t wh
.- l aA Bue Ca lr y- h A n s wer o anni v p aMersa Dee. Woor Lr we .e present g home vtiich wM neoan i t e with the

fudgitofteln ]fo' WnrIJI Si tb S. Cn Ierif wfn. Mrs. R e D. KAinrs, ln* t h v with~r a.d .....
Sos wsn ra 1 a M. r a n. re etl arrived on on n n Mrland.
l ian i tu1 ar o de rtd. -- ,r eu op erss_ aVelr te a retary Mrs. ht. a l sar R Waond se
Hfcin'.- C u ,A 19- par-,' Pananv-e ian W-k-Away .. ; P. -l ntch o. a|ral mne thed wsth h er Ton w M* _1

6--" loal cnds b groll Me dden wafl 5 tch Cons Give I Billy t t. M. McKay, Mr.JG. L. Hen- Mr. --s MorC. Sltaog oreSe- For estG e a
V9y ound sitr of steal a foCr o. sT0at o. hono r cksen, Mrs. H. T. Johnson, ea n At aina lor viunne witihar rT aA.nd
rent to 10 thenmrrSr ?rom pr had SMp Y HUNMICdT. .A. Mrs D. R Woodd Mrs J B. Mioana MrpZ etcr Leon en- I^fh loSte'. I
Ma aM M .r q. pMDrdt hve i rfand Mrs.rDav.stinkte ,r dayb....t supp...

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rell'emthrP.A.C ssf .h4e

You Sell 'em...When You Tell 'em thru P.A. Cassifieds!
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panama h i T O ver
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n -
Lewis Service Sal6n de Belieza Americano Carlton Drug Store WAo Jan. 1(u Slawt
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Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones .Pr, tcorne 2tudiante St. i. fo d words. Man d tramt
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-044) No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798 3c. each additional word. tr more was I ""
Te WMonday mR the beginning
o| dl a 0e term of eductionalA r
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'Gately 3-1984. Freight House, Tel. 2-1444.n dance steps. Class starts Mondoly AL"AMIRA APAIRTMINTS K mi korean arhtv'ai Ccamr On the e0
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-rotorrone.yea wa0Iwthtcu.motmhrlcourse. fr tisheefe 5_1eo"
frator one year old, 7 cu. ft. For Sierra 4 door all metal Station $20.00. .For 3 months course. unfurnlfed opo.wts;.P private en A te Defen rtment to dy on t1 da
S. formation Abarroteria Tu T0,'- Wagon 13,000 miles, con be seenI Harnett& Dunn.. si 8061 l St Seet. lder the po6i ltty of %"iInR done lif
S, Avenido A and 21st St. Oeste. at house 758-C Barnaby St. Bol- -- New CGrstobol. Telephone Calon ienlal troops from all sources" Thse ae s
'-.W,1NTED:-2 bedroom apartment bo, between 4 to 5 p. m. doily rA A 3 __ludinR Jaan and the hillp- pupils without pre
or house by Army Officer & fom.n- until Friday, leaving country. See Reds Promised RENT es In the orean t htig. and also t he W
i'y. Must be in good residential Bob Covington. OR RE NT aspote oaxte, S. ,A. The report m!d Aout Koreans urevloU r Dli th
secti on. Write B. A. "Apartodo" FOR SALE:-Leoving country, IPack- e ve Files .Shipn mvi tr uld pro Ifighting force Rentzi ble tl e ae
1'|34, Panama. ard convertible, excellent condif-fenive fizzles 'Roomp Shippin mo~tg. storap. Ca.W Of1t10t have be= Cad
tiord onve. Crl Panama 3e-4655.condi- FOR ENT:-Lorge bedroom, privi- We pack and rate o move Korean War, If proper vtrain- Teanne tauffer B
S vri FO SALE:-195 Studebaker, Land esconeniently located. 54 anything. 'Ph6ne 2-2451, re provided with mtY hC. aneda n iable l t
+I'Jf R nivr y Cruiser, 4 Dr. Sedan, overdrive, rd St. Bell Call 8p4127. 22562. PanamA. leaders, "perhaps even to thile station f. qu
radio, white sidewolls, low mileage. SEOUL, ;an. 1 (UP) A Com- platoon lel," They are It
Pro e.sor Arrves trs. 81 Albrook or phone 86- muniNt propaganda threat of a NallAlnal f ut report did not of a
rkU.eior Aives Q3142, Major Miles. giant New Year's offensive fizzl Nalon, a l i .. ank Agtho;h the report did not civiin. e6
; s Ted to nothing today, and instead w Household aExcahh O u ,..-, .
SW 'Time' Selects the Reds cowered in their holes would motly Am il anfb Fo uhfo
Time Selectsunder a mighty barrage fired A Bo C DEALERS IN NEW AND t sai "those I ormed" 9n e blo Y.M.C.A. .
f .rom every Allied big gun and 1sub matter told the w inII- ioutre at the
Dr. Bruce Campbell Hopper, zabeth USED FURNITURE mittee an army "comprised Drin- desk. Registtatons are W I 4
E ah.rnrr of the acuy of ar"- ,- th .e lO- midnight. I o tKof 41 Automobile Row rlplv"ofouthKorene can b2 cpted now.; / r
vaJd university, is scheduled to Of YV For 195 mi t Te .I.-.. .. 't iti." o ith uoe a12 Months o
ar. '-e in F'nama tomorrow for O earl Ur I)L 5 Gen. James A. Van Fleet said The directors of The National E BUT AD SELML. after the nec eit t moutnt
c a lef visit. Dr. copper is wile- Allied casualties on the last day City Bank of New York on Dec. an. Material IHdelivered. W h The Birle
Jy known w,a an uhritority on I- EW YORK, Jan. 1 (UP)- of the year were the lowest for 30tm appointed Howard C. Shep- Impadly cril a the Tre -
b Kant speaker. announced today they h a d The mighty allied salvo on and chiefexecutive officer ma idmnd first the report MAs t eb,,ti
He has accepted an Invitation England as "Woman o the theKorean wai, was both ae- who s retiring t e ae ofM .&a m deeo a,-,
e oundreations and s-mnn T-eprirvt sorom tof be cn durinl the e month of December eic ofchann o She rd forl NE tA e- S
So be the guenti of U. S. Amb Year for 1952, ture of confidence and 15 f nderthe banki, retirement Hioa '!t i
8a,- oir to panam JOthn C. Wiley Th, 26-year-old Elizabeth be- remide totn he Redsa to A -atpofa., der8. the bh rtxet t mlon ath
Srne U. S iasy presence, came d first mother an t ian troops and their U Allies Brady, who alsoresigned as m i l
Zan 3, during h!3 AmztulycOn the ie me's were In Korea to stay until an dirc p eafik ad of Itsh rl
were na. r t n,, r n h a.n d directore he (it 1mk and of Its l
ca -- Tte 'ftenewaworthaness, honorable lpece wa# reached. trust alfulase Cit Pit it "
h thee o Wt: e. Air Force disclosed appointtme to toao A el f a u rd
oemndatiot,. and amemD- The first woman to be chosen, during the month of Deemberl iflce Bof the arecti and heard fot B d p
r ofn the.ll.l of. loringin 1036, w the Duchess ofr allied Sabres destroyed g-5 has beln president sincere ,.
tlt plv Assocl A iciP, th e reounc il W bdc, for whomthElizabeth's jets at better than a 14 to 1 ratio be en94 ade ounce aint has o a g e li a
tic Soreign Relations and the unclstabdicated the British e mhant f sheperd'O eapointh, o6as2 11 aIlan
Inra institute of Public Af- throne,- Mse. Chiang Kaloshek Twenty-seven Red Jets were .sent as ch lit8 oh the bord' Inn
.I IWas selected jointly with herk ocuked down, eight more prb. as nd direct orM o t ed lkamn. a h lves?2 a otsl a d
',hein publications on'the Soviet husband in 1937. ably destroyed, anst 26 other rs Trust Cono aiyd he a- Pa Cai M
e.ol6 includee "pn-dh ovetssom," damaged. Two Sabres were lost n amenlt t ISoeeeres oldys faoiny a S L
er as ot111o killd trnr dpais h e in dtels during the 20 days airo oe eiecutord ovicead,. oe
S berelnty in tle- o" bu dulance fig s hting went on, seven planes ein te president and a retor te
rcooutlw fmPae1)d fon FarmersfTrust-Bt rmprs Tu2y abe
Y?", "How Much Crwan and otved irod Pa e 3) e s Various causes. zo andB burgess, chairman- i0 tia n "r otnt .eM M oI

Cdfldlah lat y council eer woe honorariy Geer ma o? th Eightan ancygo orread waewsis anm* a
rrkomindel and II iga the s n Instead of the "general of ten-Of the ban's exeutve 6om mit a a e t
S. dru enth Oaworter iuram bIoEvert' N.N. artillery barrel I sive of which enemy loulcspeak- ee since 1948 and charll O A vclu '
doheswsrtJoen nume r bo e board sof die o rctOr adf city.r o1 o
rtcs ant d contribute ed o Kora barkedt eni son at mid- erts hdn basted, the Redr at- Ban. k aroiersd brut Compeany ,
h sev"l d' o bt -ited thowminir int oine T.Peu plu eg also retirlng to accept anD&p-Ar
M5ralg a""-e S. e a- oight, throwing a giant volley e -tacks3today._
,7_creiln tffar' _hlek Wctt. shellse5 rs tosbIto.theCommunnt lieeoudenf-t rpsD.-
w lHarvneAuni B etinshelnt tet Comunislees pointment by
Vlal thetared, piericn suoretmind them the free world Twenty Communist soldiers_-,senhower as Deputy find Aon-. 'Ran. Iin. Wilu.
c ence Revhihe st 1. Dont mix alcohol round and gaso Yerekilled inclosefighti to the presth sultant to the Secre pre of Bouth .i u the W.
rs T s "The.national .a f e t y counc man's-land on the western front, Also announced as i: (1) the 4 V 6s P, Pan

j wthrth ; futile=at 2. Wach otnfo thos. "de?,"txnswisN .e..n. s a p B -
te predicted that 410 persons would.s Three Chinese platoons were appointment to National Citys' t od
TIo aP HiinmI be killed In traffic during thesmashed back in the -Kelly Hill Board of director of hrichard a
ai n pe la oIU n I Red~ long, four day weekend. if, sector northwest of Yonchon. Per, president and a
r Di ier Vessiel o rtheretord-breaking b588denathse nembavanced motion but rell onCompay, and r(2)d the pa-~ored anrntN a- .a.I 1,4..76

repod duridntg last week25 occupied It l omter ater allied ar- tion as a director Nerar inalt t gapHN .....
mCll S., 5 Ambnu- Cma te persons inured attaifc kings force. o ao enera ltrc oan who' l u re. to r "..
1 Re JIUIe hra during both holidays who will die e b.... ",d is bbardesince19en2 ro mb It the o a in
TalH Formosa J ans1 (P)lkter. thne council estimated that e now fthd t lwo hours woedre ch meters a o b e ard s e i bridgeclub"here.
.Chinfe se pasng r at eomp t- New dea r intas an meed retiemenyag.oops. tiotalte 01 ay.
"g&t divert a N ah e s t NeYear 1A.52 would exceed 1 drifting to 12 inches in the fro- new executive vce, predentt l
hean spe ,,to Redh- held 200. About 35.000 persons were. be wastes of no-man's-land. were appointed by' the 'bank ,d tw da lt ead
j omhand several days ago but expected to be injured in some TemperaBures plummeted from board: J. Howard LMen, Oeorg Declarer Immedately head: U to Jtke
t ...... sm35 deth three above zero. 8. Moore, and Alan e. Telple, m d

to__standby-whilehesmashed__S .

S The lassenger then dashed erguon was on Buye s a n Recreatin Ut -g md
t~~h hp' rdeand. poking prisoners, o were released from o e Ire h
au rIn the captain's ribs, or- tpend Chrstm h ardTo Meet .
iesgedthim to change course for their families. All of the men re- I
t an alert seaman wo. g ~Dorted back to the jail as nrom- SOtUrdov Mor ma
nlrofsaw ea Ised Saturday night. Officers SatUrday Morning th
Sthe bridge roof saw e ac- found him hiding behind a blan- th
tiOn and ckleaed on the gtwn ket in a closet at his home yes- i I1P W Board for U. I.Wrate a
the gun and killed the would- teday.tieswill holdItslf
Tbe pite, it was reportedly. Rain clouds were moving into the Civ lAft" M
on to Keelang and officials the Northern Atlantic seaboard
clamped a news blackout on area today after threatening to PHenry C9ionter, 1dnt1
"~ ~ ame a news blackout .on
the ihcident. It was reported spoil several Southern football the board, h I
th~s may have been because the bowl games. Now that the clouds unitoose from themes
piracy attempt followed cl 9sely have dritted northward forecast- oose f0o1te e
the case of the frekbter Nla ~ erf said it was a "pretty ood largest selection
Whose reiw mutined and Paled bet" thot nOthine worse than "t.o_ _
the -China bound ship to clouds skies would be in store for ever
Fdurm wriUPiNEnAfans. PNOI :+ S
Excellent weather was ex- PHIPPINE RATTAN P S*W.
nw-tetat.paadena. Calif where
WIO mets Southern Call- FURN UE
if ornUJffb Rose Bowl classic
rlk aw and "i;' d OU, ~
es _ad w Year's traffic ee- ad Dara tee
1ed 3 persons Plres TeL 2-2151
l Y Um taS.4 etilM r 53 lives. 65 nersons COLON
p. s lane rhes ad Are ae CMa C LON:
hineon.e mishaps for
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Piston-Maker Zo

To Keep Major

^ l B l MURTMABT OLDRMAN Rwavy hair Is flecked wd
beZ10 111 M KA tf Correspo niet. around the temples
M i Fred Zollner., n ta
ShB i PORT WAYNIE, Ind., Jan. "1 DuWutl'In.. r un_
Sa (NEA)-Fred Zollner's creno UI: lctory tb Port
o .g0l "?o.k.t' got to be major le or d es per cent
Sn me-or Fort e." for lds use in
: te?? S~ -Port WayneC Is a busting tey. Be personally des| a
S iatt bW. W a town of 136,000 within. o Cd
a(s o ainto In distance of Chicago Det
^ T e wian, Uvers lrand Clevelamd. None ot rtoh be h re than a
W t other tste,4to ha maor league basketball. ort tar million dollars wra
an A of their defeat at e Wayne has-next to Green ay, up in it. The ZoUierL hat
ns of the Cristobal M te smallest city on any top own plane to transport the
SMU. amrt wheel, round the National iask
s v-soclation. Zollner usual
r a Uhe team is called the ZoUnM. with them, squirming up
1v) a S vaa oUuw5O iand that's no accident because down the bench.
altl the inspiration of wide- Carl -ennett, the Pitonaw'
&ae M owa prl wian of 51 whose tumbling, mathr tells how the
The fellows In the plant
Seda basketball team, and
S Viak lot. Zollner onsented to bay
S > :forms, In 19M7. Aro the et
he dw wih ehave to find the for Jan- e game. The got a
S-r. activitiese: towed.
.I BoAle-c Lele. om- "'I.rmt goln to buy

S'Athlete- Of-The-Year

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scene as the tough

1 a (VI) v. waRW utuj.
(102) vs. ayton (102).
Al (M) sTL. RoU(W),. .
(9i () v M3khel (100).
Thd n VM
utcher (111) vsTowne (105).
11ge4way (102) vs. Jenkins
m(1v ng (112) va. HLeaan
Chourret (106) vs. Keetely

Putting Fain
In His Place
ea- .... ; Ul

oMadsevmo ad de oreonthe old -rS d wun
I" hPolo Oroundwas even built. gari his LOJan. (NBA)
Sres. Cace he cracked ana or something ju D corrected Frrs
ed Snk himself an authority on d one of his Amerl ian e e batti
dltiaM ? watol Gin w nHe had" champion began taki a toh-
m ontemporaneous w T Hur, a colorful play caller of load.
anS rumr h followed contiMd to find h ain Is act alap hitter "

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Canal cheaters -

Donald O'CONNOR e Lai NmLSO'
"Francis Goes To West Point"
S -Friday *CAUsOM CIrT -
Fri r *"APFAC COOmy
Mauren 'lARAA 0 Petr LAWBOUD
Laurimee OLIVIR g Jenmfer JONE
Friday U 1prWN"
Friday PLMOUTH ADveTrrur"
Gorwg MUMMY Nomy DAV .,
Walt EDau's
Alm Plain rida!


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TO DAY powsS 7:o00 9:15 P.

(O Tmasisthiatn Road, behind "Artes y Ofeloe" SeomN
WEEK-END RELEASE! She ruled men with the et
touch of her lips...!
Saturday Sunfday Mondyr Week-End RelMea e
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*#@a slogago as
"k? SL M&1* A

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* .-* ** ,,

V ed Off A 10-Year Deficit Lions Winning Title Sheds

Basketball In Fort Wayne On Parker, Least-Known Co

SAW04. -- i tWe 1 NEW YORK. Jan. I (NEA) September. 1937, Parker er-a
YI Detroit beating Cleveland fo. the 12 vears later as the u
I a professional football champion- coach. He assisted Jimmy
iil aRship stresses the unobtrosivenews zelman direction themc
& of Raymond Klein Parker. club to championships iu 14q &
rd dy Parker Is perhaps the When Csmhan epartSd tie
Least k n o w n take some strange job with the
coach ever to baseball St. Louis Browns arller
win a major, and Phil Handl beMame -
let alone a coaches pf the Cards, the
world, title. magnificent unknown o t i sa l
,h. few son halfway th the
_Mh t few 'campaign.
sge rasnoeconet Parker returned to the LirA as
the quiet real- o McMillin's backfield tw I
dent of Kemp. 1950. took full '`51,
.. Tex. He'd havewhen the late Centre
to be introdue-,minare decided he could. rtM
c t ed at a coaches' prouls a i e test I
convention. at one and he sape tlm..dan -
If a scenario 'er, although unco mev-
w r I t e er were idently can. The hired bh are
,r96 ar k f_ er looking for% nuts about him. They cal hba
f, football coach, a players' catch.
he d bypass Parker just like ev-
erybolydy ea we. He the very ant -1 Not Two Su rerfloast Woe ned
o e I r thee a of what the movie people Between Halves
"would Prefer to believe exemph-
titiest one. Parker oer rates won the H sound
tParker. utterly devoid of w tht basis thae a coach and squt d
-- Tis loosely called color, does notn should work the entire week,
was feonbasketball program which numbers object himself pon the uiwhich should make it e -
meause, s Zo pr ary 27, youngsters. any way. He has no ecctentri- rv for the coach to resort toa
Sdevartmett of's When Fort Wayne's Chamber cities. is hardly the source of ex- orat or o on Sunday.
tri tibe the bel aof Commerce inaugurated a plositve po. Parker is at his best between
in d that nluder- a m n-of-theo-Year award in 1947, Convinced that it leads to un- halves. when he doesn't uter two

S orm an tea isthe first recipient wa a-you truths. Parker keenly tior likes idle superfluous words. He ends the
the str in W ld ym gssed It--Fred zollner. conversation, avoids bull sessions. reelous time showinghme
in landyear out. Hu babe tatr In lo ha escan t think of a singd e via diagrams their mistaco- how

team Iuses were K r Sih anecaoste in connection with t sgthey eke
aa. fr ts. 7 Along The Fk irwyi Even after leading the Lions to te i of the opponents' slips. The
P InId-40s. Ie their first championship in 17 Lions did not fall to take full ad-
I rndidn'tntedhasorDvieGooClyears,. ead Man Parker was vntae of everoportn!t
a wedm, "but fran kl not hmie neurn. attw ourie. t"Iwao i .when the Browns.

ct 1S rme all dfndM cha- Ma fleat Unk ow a Thero Lions wanted the lay-off

l best adver outthe fact that he has be in tne er as head coach.
and To e t olu whic et abTheytow s dm OiD .7. .3 N muster Ramsev and other aideiaeeveoa year ago. when, PMsU.o

Other f ers teund gound of y u, snc e more to say, and that Sinnedtso.e n ft 4e" h
A e am F t no a was quite all right with the boon s .inuth tes eteveNon.l of t

pill Nton papproi smwaden Kalkowanre (74) vs.ita houve th around glainio halfbacks amais- endltieo. Iros*al at
i t*ot laproa WinKulkowk d (7) vbrtha 87) more than 000 yards.
w ica sGen.rsat D4oe Eim aorret ) V teret (. Parker was in the Lions' line- SMwoomT y HUN ICUy LaA.
eadsude m at D A n t 60 u when the won their lone Tre- 16th tL Cwantral ved the .ff
n oi a nowdt, all the more unusualfliyshimwnror

Durhatm, N.C to t Nhe games t r Nn p varional oae for 18 yearsrown in 1935.or
ImNogptae)_ .on4uu-madue on-wapped to the Cardinals in
unotb( eWhen- e 4 V ve (80).

tt t a peao a knothole s. a (), Parker was in the Llo'ne- SOOT Y HUNICT,.
t at l)" wo(N)-(Whenthey wontel16tSlvs.levLson


-.n ,.,

b- 5n.

* ~' *1S:


A I'




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C *~, -

IN THE WAKE of the worst rain storm in years, homeless natives of Nto
rubble left behind. No deaths were reported, but 20 inches of water was bac

S.. ..

sit azd4 thie
up in streets.

INm EAetCISE are a rea not anrair or suaenisa tmez
I's Floyd Bennett field. Men fight fire in plane satura
D flames with foam extinguishers and rescue dummies


ICONNlaTERING French ~tldiers in the Red river area. ear Hanoi, ndo China, are "f
to bide .behih a mound rishg ut of the swtUllet rive r While fting VIemah t#

rg rT m an- WnuirUz a ssana
for eCts held in a Paris restaurant.


V W U~.W4~ UI~UqOW.~WU

:A~. IV: ~ -


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", :. 1}* ,' : :.hai'^ '" ".


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~~j* W

men a usr t *

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