The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SVit o 9eulm .A TI ANoti own WaLON


TIe Mel r ,x eln ep et to- m wd rneof Po ers AmI
Lt. U gts IM nemd girteeuly **d r* hndld ei Wholly eo
NikMml meo.m
SVa MrAuk teI ntr don't be m PtuNeIt i a dNan't ppeWr S

Sie-ly n wrh *l a W hll Mlmew Vls ,
.1 h*-, ,, t *eM i I S ,i
esun'u h~ ,se mehIyle hn r p

o orchids to Long Gone who. for my money, managed to
most of the outstanding causes for dissatisfaction among
anama Canal-Railroad employes.
obad we don't see more well-written articles such as his
Mall Box and a few less of the crack-pot exudltions that
me so much space and say and accomplish nothing.
SGne must have submitted his article Just ptior to the
shak-.-up at the Heirts.
e hbpe, however, that his departure was delayed sufficient-
allow his hearing of it at first hand, as he certainly would
heartily over the present spectacle.
rates that of a group of ttle boys decided
to Mom when the rest of the' gnt ref to play
u their rules.
't It occurred to any of them that their refusal to re-
await the outcome of a new governorship is a con-
k st the- are unmalleable and adamant to enges? If
I wobahbt best for all concerned that they wf be out of
Vwe do bt that the crowd who wave them farewell will
brvre as the one which greeted their arrival.
aing ,t changes. where would that same gang have
During 'Pe past few months of reorgaiilzational changes,
of us had sat back on our haunches, and refused to
ry time a r.ew procedure was initiated?
Sof us have seen three and four revisions of one pro-
occur In as many months. In fact, there have been
tibes when we wondered if an epidemic of sanity had
the helphts
where r.ould have the good old U.S. have ended up if,
the last holocaust, every 0.1. who disagreed with his top
s lieutenant had refused to carry on?
to me like a lot of the high brass probably achieved
rank the Peay way, or else that discipline that West Point
.IMJ. itre so much has very little ultimate influence.
ye it's the kind of discipline that applies to you, but
ipe iust likb a lot of other issues.
if we can Just clear out a lttle more impediments, the
1 1-ogra.n can go ahead with a little less waste and a
latmore fore.i1ht in the matter of ultimate repairs and up-
hat, for instance. Is the point in repeating past errors
mIore Jerrs-1-uilt CL a es such as the cheese-boxes that are
Up on MlraRn ...E nue9 Most of us would rather see 40
such as the L ;a lo concrete quarters than 140 like the
Avenue roi Irail s.
i we couln it .t persuade the Visiting Firemen (I.e.
sen ,o put i: a little more time on Irve itiations and
ti le less time on pl..s. re trips, their purpose is Congress-
*Mniht bet. me a little more apparent.
fo they evir go through the offices to discover how over-
Oded most nt them are, with clerks dependent upon fans for
,plInK breesa?
S don', torget one Governor even ruled out those fans.)
ye jO tR flouh the various wortlhof to fthd out

ust d s;mlar physical discomfort?
they ever go bito the commissaries and compare com-
Sand the prices charged for them with those applying
own neck of the woods?
they ever select a representative gromp m employee, sit
them and discuss their problems with 1 viey to as-
t is wrong with a Canal Zone Job om the em-;
l ancia viewpoint?
'ld any of them ever investigate the hospitals with an eye
Mirlr~lanlit why so many employes 1for Panama INdspla
9rL e San Fbenando Clinic in preference to Oorgas?
you'ree right, the first time they never get around to it,
MU with that trip on the Wolcott. the reception and tea at the
kIan superdupFr estate, the cocktail party at the Presulfenela,
i Banauett It the Tlvoli, and simnir de luxe enterbment.
Aell, one lives and learns. Long Gone and I only wish 1
20 years ago what you managed to learn in a short time.
f~ 1 I made the mistake of quitting a 0-7' in Washinton
8v'ept what I later learned (and after arrival on the Zone,
e Irea )was a 08-5 with 25% added.
That's one ol the cute little tricks that you overlooked, Long
VD. but I assumed you weren't an office man.
Sd you forrot that other charming little money-saver -
enfe whereby you must be in a O rating-three years before
i0t a 1100 per year ralse to anX. after which you Walt for
y-sems-to-know-just-how-long biefr you get another
Setnt $16b0.
S1Wh! I don't really use myself how the Government can
.such generosity not in view of the billions we're giving
everywhere else.
that ea It may, orchids to you. Long Gone, and may
_1mt hunting ground be a happier one than the Zone has
p Vobbieta.

hngs are really tig to pot on the Isthmus. The weather
41m hot an hades but sew that Col. Vogel and the too
ILW leaving nobody on the bill seens to care, tes 4 a
tSbout conditions anymae.
Btaylag,N Mbe.
WnO WANft naamwl
ft a little nes over the rado we have to listen to
p mlnmlldals to aun yo easy. And the leader i tele-
s than a dozen firms are throwing out attractive offers,
itine free for three das' use without obligation to a
f aIO..00 on your old radio tone I am using cost i1.001.
Oal6 ems to ever ft payment and 18 months to pay

m "TIMlerr SenSmiuous on 'eaLange ~a oS u.S
wS n~OsMi. Ms aMs imhn macohinet
W7 tul-a WU behave tha are "easce ad baud to
l .1 he BiYtf Ir ovetofkod. ;
UiN tINis do anm such ta tohey aeul nickel
tWa~ k iMte=in Jaarto h2e. -d tq tow I.
MMith =iitt. Staf ta wh Iws IMtny "MM wht h
ioe drnth, but it .as term elt and manay o
". a. W" aWat.
.fn Antonio. Ieas.
S mah M la f O igner

tar a im satb of eshikmi, M

flgy r: Ti.t W bhM tad Ogil Tl
^^^^Bi^K^^^BE ^B d~^^^**-^^^*

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-*~ h--s~us'
- Ia"- '.. w

?-* ILabor News

4e .

But In New York she worked
out of the hetdquarteri of this
pro- 'rmmulist urden which
has members, not eoly in the
Federal government, but also
in New Yprk's key hospitals.
In other ortds, hfte Is a link
between high Soviet officials
who were her hosts, and a un-
ion which demands to right to
unioniee government emrnl""l
in our most strategic and critlt-
al puble services.
Here In Chicago. Incidentallv
she is always welcome at the
new pro-Communist propagan-
da bureau at 166 W. Washing-
ton St.
Esther Lets'#'s.asegnment ai
simple and direct. She must
organ ie public and labor re-
sentment aplnast Conren-
ional Comittwes and Fedesal
Distrt Attorn wao ne

This a ht the'b hre;h .
The ma 'Wotn i ismUr re-
Veal juit wherh tie Public
WkersnUfm for ~fcairt le, has
_l Its nrobmi i govern-
tent bureau.
But that's not al. The fi-
nancial records o certain other
pro-Communist unions would
reveal the outfits into which
'ti teft whgeys ave pumped
to SOembes' funds.
Pdemal authoritts hav rea-
son to believe that union they
are fow examining paid huge
sums to mobsters for violence,
big Eggs to non-political un-
lSb"l to turn ver their mRAn-
buhlf 0t thie Communit and
IUg Sas to other unlosa to
rompt the left wine piket
i arbund helpless buinest-
i o that in some WcM-
walIm these unions beafMe
A WWir against whtih amr-
ehate had to arm themaeIs
If they wanted proteetlon
1 ebsderc maen know tat
sni_ o'f the pro-4vet profp-
Ss here used exactly ,
ItIB cntii driven out of Ig
Tk to be replaced bywr
o fow we find Sidter rst
witrtg politlfeadr sedu
l tter to non-Comngnftt
.tlios asktin them to mi
her in this fight ad in a rta
of mrsn Wsts in New For
and OChMcao and at the
deamsonptions against Con-
rfe and the Federal Dtritw
Altornes. -..
As she safd in a letter to lead-
era of Al. entertainment un-
lons, be wants to prove tt
ithe probes are "an attack
llnut al of labor and are i-
signed to curtail labor's
against the wage ftea. ,
Pissc tam isd growit uS

tifl fla lpV of
to naow te a puter a
tWeou abD H t&lVk e t t I

thee via fle u e
bs t oa9 tho-
ba Qgr usa i
brade uulu~~~r h~i~





at~! -i

vi 1 i v m I. ''-,1 Ii
vto-- me Alf~'==mw I






C comment
CHIc-a1.-- "-i l *
CHICAO.- he UStr b fl
ago a prettyNOWb) t iMOS
woman arrived at t rmnitn.
MVD secret poelee tiers
and dignithilri frt Jlo
Stain's PoatbulbO o m e the
lady and caafered ewM r
* American activities..
. A few days laterIt s VflaIn
the honor due at jdMt tn
who loves the So AhIa- 10
Nrmitted to amtb e f rt frM
talln on the ba lw
overlooking E.eta ei p d
i in aed Squaf niwhil aot-
buro cheered J s otey
swished by in thie t on their
way to ?0 Aley.
Now, one year late, I've
found the Jed Lady, by nanu
ol Esther Lets, operating a
cross-country network o pro-
CommnUst Jaw outIis can'
ed the VnufW ~ A eon
Committee, headquarters t10
West 50th St., New York et,
New York. T er ~bier
Judson #-&s. So W M it
all on the record.
Since this Ksrmltn kid would
hardly be wased ft a minor
project and ss eee lans to
run a series 6f pOiial rallies
here as well a in New York and
on the West Ooat, thought
we'd be unrefie d pry into
her private attin.
Checking back I lbared that
thl- personal frted of Josef
Stall 'was operatftg out of the
New York District headquarters
of gueas what the United
Public Workers, ho lesw.
Most of the time she kept her
office under her modish hat,
which all the lady qoamrdes love
with a paon o which must be-
tray. bourgeOs capitalist in-

J A,

tatlIh SMi1k
WI .
anR,, 4.a

iL I
' o I

6 ath t b Onflte '^-
,ISi~dU *US'^~

how6 N


.- 10

ir. WORQMt. I I lnst ran er aes an on-
S.dal operation ft age )a hotel which
es the earstOm what the cuitoer wants in-'
,ead of what the Wtel wants hb to have.
'his is revolutionary indeed In an age which
he customer is n judged guilty until he proves
himselff innocet '
Man named Hank Oreent started out as a bus-
boy 1i the hotel dl a ale time ago, and
worked in & vafy of lobi all over Nhe world,
getting sorer and sOre by the Iay.
He managedtoo it a A flock Of asoaft-
ed companies and stories, lad he coled~ed
some partners and at himself a hotel accord-
in to his owa idi q eo and n wrong..
mk's hotel s m f fl_ WKtb It.
o~a li-ts-U Wr- n



business, Oreen was burning slwly at the re-
Etrictions most old-fashioned o6telres pose
on their guests,
As a result Green's service runs 24-hours a
day. A man who wants a full meal at 3 a.n.
just picks uprthe phone and they will speed It
over to him in motorearts.
Although Green a monument to Iai s tusqo
deals in swank a fancy 'U par.
trops. and a steak bar which alos the ti-
toners to eleet and brand their owh slae of
beef thert.are so resttoan on a r
"Comne as you .at" Is rae.'s pet slogan, and
youa wil see ee. shirt, w- ft e d hi
shortS aB .wth d er iWoWa a ipt


the "fl!

a. ftEi sassth
cuti*t4 Wef b *1

liOne of m l -Ot mmue was tht oan t cntrbeabt to meat

ordeal of battih telllepoe Operts i eln- Snut i ot flat ini t b .. .
at avold VAol.fach ingh I' Oft I II m HofteftM ttd thei
some of tIh eersltts have wood-burtne pit, he lhas lartdy l X bI'0
ca banau Ietdon spee nt of : at AIfWo e

Thrwater fount Iamps f.e prtudt ofhX g out-
One aof HRfC et hlltt wam the ant sift ellntr 8 to r M r ad iblte.
ordeal of battWtd&Photvef&o Operatot Kd tell- wt te Ist hdomlnatd by tUWbi ilift.

Oreen was wYed for years by th abuse of am and starters ad p191e-1
hotel carpetiNg, Al his haft are n rut lnrm% Wrtiere noi I
which already aployad a 3mrb i t- b di an a o. aneslon to aehal*.t tl
focdtalan deZ *n ther t= Wn. teeen Ma in the hotel bi .
has ap"luI viNUa for thaeMr elf iat*. I horp some of the ather ltat4aW c of
M Io lavd have imafimlt fl
me satti the f test p]opdlar SPel and mai- i tof his Ideas aboot
Malaga threll .% 'do atwon instead,61
aaes thrw.t all lOeA.
bur4 the yerar he fbedIste fout te hotel flos at customer ezp 1

Fine Position

ID linih iJ Stent MAbop
By Nm
.I W. S'n 100

tt sarerneng, as consluemrtur Ipwrepa w
haitari own lieutents.
l ,asi which wee the besI t iea
uT cuaw straw"g, ae 1 *BW
atl i no ese than I fwl"Is. .
nr, tbiO were pted to bse f a
was d6 u t t." who would To t C r W
eae tTaset at the tinwe. la n-
at =tng the number of s buf sa a
% naturally bl Ut prlmnta

a doubt that Tait reasi at 'p lte.
ite -w tork votes. Gov. giyag

.t i aite dh sowing he at iMk tbtd fi

Uspetant fact here wns ia ll l
i caat for delepes. OwLr l
11mw0f in dispute% na. en1B a
hswvo ~L~ hi~r ~'


410 1

r e -

"I -li

r I1 sAt44ll
ko .. ?ti t

S1. ,*.- .'

-. .-
.. ..:.. .'
., ..a'- -.

- .
o, -si

a ';t .Z

i '


mt d -

^JL 1ItP ft: JIM",

__~~___ ~L _L_

i. -'--- __

t ,

.....~ .



s i

I~e IrtrlA~7~j~'aE


~~S~~' *


i: r .
~:: 'i~Er


1~' ,,


red uI f4tfi a.

Usiyte of thei

wtlfrlu aK b i Wr I
Fgirll i Imader stil
Csrit Wo men mad'a"

. siTerome of "T,
... .+M.


y pawt I
ik' ~P

l new title
I And Pox.

.-. .... o 4 *


SU *e *



". .;'"v
s. 2- 7+'"'"1 '' ,

I I t mt h.M,-
'O Posh of- P*5

'n fo : .of

Id to acWB'1!"


pIte- i*i A

w- -.6. .re -

. n. i... m.
!t _. ,. i... -.-

Stwo wta A 5

'by the WitUeu

in n- A

lfcrql id a reaiakabb b

I rteam ltot thea 1
f irs played so
4, especiallyau krds q
M ay Ann M Ranatd 1
M=i~e DOh. Jfoamnl
Tb scoring with Ib

IK* we*_

Ioftisl i

botrt r"e-

jit Wash-
ioa Aader
0 at the
i, asom-

-i --Tbr


t of tof
ritt ToIm
ton In


ermgjI ,

. .

:r ,
~ a-

...:^ti "wi:r "' -

":-" .e -K-
*, ++ --<. -."* +y 1 "
4- ,,p -

.,;.""+ -_<"'" *" '&** :, T
,t.,". -^ :..,lb,.-
:* ^ -"':.- .,, .. =* ....*

,'x ,C~~ +- ,
*- ii
* *"^^St

I*.^ ^ ^ :-

.,' +.,j /

'r'" "; '
L ;, '- :,". I.
- -. 1
: 't, -^ ..

L: -.


* .-.

P :


*- ^*. *.

, **-* .. ;l ..t-?
ri +++


;1 '__ *


- Y


~16 a15 .a
rC k0bf.~3rd!

"'~-; lu u. ,a. '~ir~q'*~L~BYB~Y~'r~~~'~:~;
~I iY
~ '...' ~ :-~;-:~LI~IHT
E; r;.lNt"L~Y .-i ~T~ifY~L .I. ~i~IVli-u~- ~--

,.,,( PA

tIunres that folopiK manage
in s, edule will be put into effect on
May Ist.,
.ItHly Deportre from Tocumen ......... $:00 asn

,Dspfrtr ftem pavid:
"' ii xc0pt Tfht
On Taesdays and Frid

*25 Perd.Avenue


and Plaies-Ati As
_ _' ... _. '.J

~ I~~W~I~;~~'-r3

--- -- -- -UI~


iay t a ridays. .TIt 0 sDan.
ays........... 12:45

ideAvl d e n,J.L
T*l. 3-0097

AirLine News

tArmy tfrtalpr t Iand used for making buttons.
Amit an cheasmen and deoorative medal-
-iRubilc, a 19 000-ton for- lons) and. even OMlger counters
r_ gr ans port transited which orlginatd tI Miami.
Onftld hirdkdy at Crlstobal
to 3altlmore as dead- Ot e e t.l" RtbHave Beenh
"ah slliisi l With
ship was purchased as Chalmbet of Cqmierce tour
Sky the Btthlehem Steel The Colon AMhlber of Com-
otln and will be taken to merte armnoe d today that
timore gtrap yards. over 1000 persofit had then the
Stls. the AgKes Posi and l4valntaiI of their Ban Bias trip
Ionna PosB towed her from sinde it was inaugurated tWo
a W htlntton and it years ago.
ays to arrive In BN lboa.
SThe 990-foot Republle transit- All persona Ihterlated In mak-
Sthe Canal Imst in 1946 as e Ing the comnlned plane and
S ros Hospital shlp. Before launch trip to the San Bias Is-
Id War II ie t1% in te Nef lathd, should ttt'thelr reserva-
k to Honol-]lu run tl the t ins in now.
Several seats are opened for
the trip scheduled 'Tr next S n-
d a-. Oihd Of OOA's a8-pasagener
a Carriu Wide C-SBs has been chartered to
a r t Cario to Chile make the f1igt over the loth-,
spit n lent ohne Vtl IPrh-
#nim Ameican-Orace Air- The plane will land at Man-
irm) mImoth. It Iflted from denlta Meld wheirt a launch will
OUtltngi u aght ti from the be boarded for 'a O-m~le cruise,
rly f California and stopping at'theI i nds tflS Per-
ytrad euttlngs from Rln de Ja- venlr, Iguana Nla NeR and
to baby chloks which tra-.-Cartl.
from New Jersey. tapiuai
Si from Ouayaquil 'very hard' The plane leaves fomn Tocumen
tlnce with a look of Ivory'Airport at 8:04 a.m. and returns
about 5:30 p.
'for reserva49n phone Colon
in--- 'V-iiim r Chamnler of IW c, iBr;
: ("-.*. "------- I r80. or Tour Dti ft'd d S.
-LJ iB AL I at Balboa 4394.J'

It=gu vue
if *j^ j^^^^^ ^^^

vp 09446MAL

Great Whhe fls&

New Olem s Seft-ce
Reb. Flkdor cha ........ .. ....
*u.8. qtilIMU ................... ....... i,
*urftea utrl ftM CehM a6d ~dsE

-)* I.i r~ *l.'~~TV




' A V"




s AND na R mRttmb


M V "LAOCH AVON" ....... Am_.U -&

aV Viia T re.. S.-- ... ...
Three L asl Passengers [1O rU *uM

^ ^A, r. -'s *
Aullne naOl, Arthui A.o rMa0E NAV c
land Dr. Max 8. Rohde. The Eo
on 0U4M-ftot to w a 1 C O
Ana, rs1atobl an crtag ._
MAl Jl^aSU^temjk'. -

A little black 0I6)aje dog left-
I-M Ur th Jaobsata le HumaW
ooctetys ret hoane for an1ma(sg. Pslttis h i ulee wta ageise,
refused to take vantage of the
fm/ttfty offered. me wouldn't 0-n'*s* ll *Si .
aU e from spot along tthe qi wuMI iMim t l4oM eO a..
roadside and wouldn't let any-
one eome near him. He sat then NP Ok alliat. B IL ftiht sael
waptcahI the cars o by. lookci~
fbr his mater.

,i *

TpS Btot


, By RUSS WsIf

al 2 gin
aifclNCP~rfR 0atlp

+ pr-

*e 4 k bu '4 **

a .... ............ ... ......
S.S, fQamitat ...................M ..... ,,, ,,
S.S, TealuMmtA ......................... ;:' ,"
r^-I ^m^^^^^g .^;, -..,

rsaeu i sem asmne rlu erisa n wI,
Centril As rlriOa -.".

(Mabenroer Serviet Only)
---.8 ,,, .. ................4 ---- --

CMTEOBA 1*1a PANAM A 1-41K )N Ii

The Nelr Stel m vlplm
b*AftfTED B aoiB YAL OWLm5
Ibty Mdbil$u MIN

M.V. "BANr ANDRt ...:...... ..... i
M.V. "M!ti O_ PACIFC"....,,, ,
NDER ~andl LA,

M.V. "LOBO ............. ....

' %*" '.;

- .y

_~ C--LY~~~~)LC ~ -~C.LIL L

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~- -L--C--.-I-_I_


-- idL

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Slrsl, tl **.

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lnw Bao 910_61ic

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~1.:-; ~~L~_~:~qC~3C:-B~S~~

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;'-~' ~~"::~b


S ra
-1 ,j^

4, ee ato t tb'
,,. :s wt v h



-.~ i s
-Y L*41

I .

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.., ,, .

,, ,, :, : '. .'.- '..-. ..
k ,. .. *,, *' '!

bM-. d r, .


.a l! 4, '

'I' V
L. 5'?


"** a


' ..,.



Ia'. JI*J

*' I


r, ci

* 1 r

;i fj-ar j

RtT~Y~~u-w'3'a. : '.- 4'

p -. ,,
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m,-, ._ "- ..
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S '...
. *t.


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* .- '
* : I


~I "n

- tir

"`7"Y Set em.. Y. TO `em thru P.A. C


* A .- '"

I rae yoar Ad with ote t Agents or ou" ( ifi:is No. 57 "H" St -ee-r
No. 12,179 Central Av. -- Colon

.vj' orvit Si bdoe Beaa AnMrics -. Carlton D Store*
Srij'oUS AvlPb2on 3-3lL. and Slat StUe 10.050 Mpletade. Ave.-PhIa d

aurth of July Ave.-Phonre -9441

A lst"rWadenal de Pdo ka bsenM Propagada, S.A.
*8 litert Plan Phone 2-31i 'H" street corner tIAn t
Phones -2-314 anl N- I

S IMR t for 12 wOr&d
kc. o*lt adti* e Ltworld.

H sea held AateMn l teele IIM oe %M emr Fosters Cottagep, Cjiploly
u._nWrite Aleehelics AeWymoes. l ed, refrigeroed end gas
i JALE: Washer, refrigerator, Service Personnel and Civilian 2031 Ances, C. Z. With or without Iffti.
r..o, record player, 2 clocks, all Government Employ We cover bottom, make belts ard rte by t w k bdr oms nthof
2 ryc.e. Ircning beard. 14664 Insist on W cver cotton make belts and Halt
a: Fnccne 2-4245, 4 to 6 p.m. Government Employes Finance Co. buckles. The best washable ma- beyond Snta C 1.Tel. l.
When you fnancea your new teril. Monday thru Thursday from 2-0170 Penanem iveli
ALE.-Bendix Economat 60 or used car. 1.00 to 5.00 p.m. House 7Aso No. 6 opposite Amroan
S .c e, used five months, no bolting AGENCY DHELINGER Apt. "A." Bornaby Street. Houss on to C ie
c.*n required. $160 00 Call N.Houses 43 AtoilRne 2 or
A solr 5183. Pi Hme -4-45 FOR- R SALE taker there.
t I o u rALE-C0rour burner sues stove.
S SL. iio rbx.Housner ga apartme To sell or buy your nexo auto oRbil*e l net Coasno Santa Clem af ce. Music by
S*- "j.j e, Agencies Cosmos, Auto-Row Caino Aes. r yur y-
2 C arien Street. Panama. No. 29. Tel. Panami 2-4721. FOR SALE:--Hammherlund Super Pro C o Ace. o
F SALE::-orentao rugs. cr stall. Open all day on Saturdays. BC-779. 25 cycle power supply. tio early. S l r, y
ru cary 6-. O _May 3
*- ,--r- s e Engls I --u- -Good condition. Call 83-6295. qMrt e A i i...
SF".aLrved wooder, Eng chesh anti ues. o i PICK-UP, privately owned GoAd coniton C9 Ph
S arved wooden che t and other $750, new tires, etc. House 15( FOR SALE -6 Venetian blinds, suit- PnCI I. 7t9;gl f I
articles. Phone Colon 467, one way street to Quarry Heights able for 4 family quarters in Flats
Ft SALE --General Electric wash- Telephone Balboa. 2820. Area. I chrome towel rack Ifloor Visit H TEL Pi AiA M tA
2"o5 modell. 1431-D Carr Street, Bal* COOL NA iVle.
Ag r.Mcc:ine, record player. 2" FOR SALE: We have a few 2 mo C. Z1431-D Carr Sreet, B COOL AII 1, Si-nmons baby crib and mat- cycl 3 speed automatic recoGramlich's Cra
ire-s, baby carriage with pad, all changers. VM and Wester-Ch,- FOR SALE:-Hoams: National HRO cottages. ElectMi fee boxes, gl
I in perfect ondition. Tel Balboa cago. Cas parton. Central 223 50T with speaker and five coil stoves, modeliteilis TelepM
C 19%'. Entrance to Enconto Theatre. almost new. Will sell reasonably, 6-441 or 4-567.
L --ryugi ,_ Call Fort Gulick 88-252, quarter Wlliams' Santa Can
SFLc. ALE FAre you going to our-. FOR SALE:-Buick 1938, 2 door Se- 40-A. Two bedrom'Santa C iBeach
4 w cilse a Ford or Merc$ Car? If src don, excellent condition, new tires, Two bedroom f re, Rck
S win sell a $650.00 cash credit for $18000. to soldier. Federico Boyd. FOR SALE:--.Pfno upright grand, gas rn 11 'W0 -
Sa60J.0 cash. See Trott Thei No. 1 Phone 3-1516 refrigerator Coldipot, 60 cycle. m-'
f Cleaner. Panama City. Tel.'2-0)0.1 N-. 1 -- 'Typewrer Underwood modern ma-
S--. .- FOR SALE.-Brga.n. 1942 Chevro-I hogany office desk, baby crib '

SHo. glosses in leatherette Thomas. Panama. INVITATIN ~* PROPSAL A
casewhich fell out of block sedan. O m a
4th of July Ave. Tuesday morning P n l a FOR "MUfkb* 'MjAtANES
2-1481. Posii offered Panama Canal Company invites pro-
al WANTED---Experienced bokkeepe', posals for furnishing 154 items ofCat .
Help Wanted Apply, bring references. at Doel nagin 13 un0 am.dbi n
AN D-: b mard. Agencies, No. 14 Central Avenue, Na. 12 is available at office of Su- Ibdroom,. d. Vf .
h, s WANTED .-RelMoble a perintendent of Storehouses, Balboa, PaftN PNmoIT.
house cleaning. Monday through T telephone 2-2777 2-2814
Saturday. House 598 Bohlo Place.' W ANTED telephone 2-2777. 2-281.E
Ancon. Canal Zone. FOR SALE:.- 300 shares abattoir R
N tis edlms sl MStack. Moil offer Box 1612, B l-
4 'E_ !i EIC: -Nonoma City, three =
i o'pular'songs, swing. lazz and pop. bedroom house furnished. G. W. LFOR LE:engih style baby car- FOR SALE. -FW 0 cc.
ular picno classic raugh, Ze' Dowell. International Hotel. rlikNe d aluminum bothnette, motorcycle r al extras. Price
Bennett's Piano Studio. No. 9, Experienced dlreaamaer wanted. C ll F ew-oY u GO A J.. 25. $
Juan B. Soso Tel ?- J, No. 1 1, Eunc l. FOR SALE--OWM L Y CIIAND FOR SALE:-19I AA J. erS.
Juan -* ______---___ rPIAwO, practically new, walnut cycl 50 tr *i-n. Exient'
4t Take Watchdog, Too WANTED:-T r Operator, apply prt cndion. Lo o4 cndtt Cmal 2112.
S:MACCO-PA FC Fi Field Of- brand new. Upholstered bench to
La PROVIDENCE, R.I. 'UP I fice, Mn Z Z
'wenty-thri times in the melch.. WIIl sell for 75% of ori- Mo
u., 11141tvel yers. burglars have brok- WINTI; WRY AMormAn ue 1M150 a ilnt hprim. Ta.
*a into Edward Harris' diner. On bout 1,0 ill pr- Avenue, al. pent st prce. T
gi i ei trip they even made off with chase or will swap 0 cycle for 25 FOR SALE:-2 Boxer pups, female. -- --- -
L'.el watchdoCg. el. C CrtItobef 3-28l4. rlf 'b 8 weeks, registered, $50. k
Sa Ar 5 fBa aL; ***s,&, a H i. s --d Im.nas1

rWE Lake CI U& i?w or SA
%_T C&P.
d tf w avf C U l 'verfted to 2 or 10 'tcrs. Phone
SOf Flood Towns After Thaw Holaes r* ', --'
-- .2 yearn $. C. Smith type.
SALT LAKE CITY, April 29 1 ham e io9 og writer 14", Perflct md ior $50.
i IP). Cooler weather eased canals throuti most of the city one here pow". 2 cycle motor,
iJ alt Lake City's flood today, but before they empty into the $30. House 1460-C, Las Cruces.
S uCdd water poured through usually sluggish Jordan River Phone Bolboa 2434.
f a ks In make-shift street ca- arid' send their waters toward
s ]onto indutilal and re- 'Great Salt Lake. a U- t .sl
-. nli-ital property. But more than a week of un-
1,ore than 50 families were seasonal hot weather melted
S coated from their joeBs is W w sent more water into the aa l.
the 175 bloe9 .-e about onu ereek channels than they could
quarter of the oat.- that were hdld. Storage reservoirs filled
SLcc-ed.& Others re ready t. oickly. Covered canals over- k ka D ek
Secra qv tly t a uSary:-" : flowed. f
: 308 o la the deserts an r
a.Bnttins of Utah and Idaht' Engineers and volunteers In a Dr. Sydney Stout. a u,Ta doe-
.are .m.mArt..e. r112 d T ..I mom-bop. 86-hour pro-ect, built tor. has been awarded a $edal
.idet. Man ot .prepared. a', an earthen and sandbag ck e certificate by the Caal zone
C gou gh. LtM been wa .. I Stop f1lth South Street from 6th Amateur Radio Assoeation tfor
SSe weeks that trouble mi,. t East to the Jordan, a distance his feat of contacting 100 ma-
Stome as -ty snows melted In of nearly two miles. teur radio stations located i the
V*li mountains. The lower tem- Canal Zone.
taiure today lowered the WWater in the street ranged u
ta, M-ay --owd to four feet deep. a
dntrun rn-oif. I These dikes broke in two ital Dr Stout an amateur adio
P1A me Ro p I this moving and muddyl R .whose call letters i
Denver adRio Gran ter olle and who Is associated
Sdruted androlled onto lowland with a well-known Fort Wort-
Sl basements of co fnde, made all the two way me
left River tare out b afidp Usteats with local hams frcet his
of t aam ed.Vt hole ataicn, operating alon
tme lm an a U'm S, #8 Loa of dirt dta ped into the and using only the ten metr
f at w am ur breach washed out almo bse pne bad.
were looked b ob and uld s y- Btarting back in April i0i to
Smae IethMian contacts, Stout
vimMidwest the usHd Oftt engineer y w. ces has aesady received esatiatW
Io., wcret nared tn al aid the situation was"'el ot for 25 and 50 contacts Issud h
where naWil arnd- dangerous tOhe city ha- evertbq local amateur club.
Sl~00sandbags,b 'g e w 'M +ny" M 100th contact, for wbhbh hI
do wogld b ld. bont' g whether we cae Weceives the special ertifi-
rlv W )MwO a2t 1 feet. 1 ild not 01111=10 a, was made an April 19 wIth
o uald ogt estate oetm armae Denlapo was trazaat-
t-- Wktary damae but called to more
to go .iC hes fortm aaeUu, from her automobie uMn
Vloh nteers to manm dikes as Z.ered mobile tilen, KS
nandpiles -
|g^M.a 1% ft Uf^.- ft-

i, KM- Mnles, Mo.
"ar tia, It will next
-0 te .mourl capital of
- ao.
a Cda city. Mo., acros the
r bM Jesmn. any, loP-
1 aStaets wee betia era-

F IML A city's "M t bfM e
-- ea aeaIU~,,


In southern Idaho, Welser
ovr; the lhm read to
als. wse Ua Srnead i
Portnewki mac: a Kamd the
of Patello.

Mrs. Sa Myers
Dies In CdAr;
Funeral Tomorrow
COLON. Apr. 29 Mrs. *B.
irsh Iowa, mdn olo of a e
Gtrm aw tdgmf- same. dd
ywftcafmwiirnftetrt 20:4. Mew
was Myears aiud.
V L. yl-, a u$eMo a.Jaasd-

oUUM. ror good measure. Dr.
Stout worked one more etoa
bm before submitting bhi s t
state The stat
whose owner Just received a ls
cMI, m was KZbLL and aI
operated by a physician. Dr.. i-
vin Ia o Oorgas eHosptal
y msla, from amateur radt
aopI ln i a U parts CitW
world, Hlts arrive In a teady
1="w &fMa hbams quaffybtl fu
the S nd 50 contact award owe.
dflael bu t to date aly
other 100-contact award a ball
Th an ire y a litt levar SW
Ulense d an active ham staelr
i tfe Canal Zone. Tominihe aerc
is adt two t gM U
Ct ltB ti. ,

- -

nub Immu I
tvn y ra
S-*, 93eLgW-^~a r. .

Stontrns St t ste ta4
rig up their Ma" an td
8.8. Deamboat for Its maiden
vag e May 10 at the Beaux Art
Ba the Hotel TollU.
With this theme. Cnal Zone
Art League sponsor foresee
smooth sailing for their art
cholaradip benefit bae.

Guests may dress n their
"weirdest, wildest saltiest cos-
tames," or simply "come as you
are,' the sponsors said. Music by
the 71st Army Dance Band of
Fort Clayton will play till mid-

For table reservations of groups
of four or more, guests are asked
to all the Tivoli, 2-2111.
Tickets may be obtained from
Hotel Tivoil; B. Sturtevant Oard.
ner (Jr. College); Mrs. F. R.
Johnson (Pan Canal); Mrs. Julia
McKenzie (Atlantic Side); Dry-
aa W. Vbwghn (IAGS); John X.
Gibson (QUartermaster); Walker
M. Frnch (Comptroller); John
M. Zennedy (Audit Agenc); tL.
W. ta (Ordnance); Ch rles
. Dwny (Ordnance; Richard
a. car (IAGS); Martin j.
Hayes (agineer); and Robert
ealle (evy).

Navy ROA Chapter
Eects New Officer
t. Comdr. A. J. Janssen was
deMta Irasdaent of the Navy Pa.
rge m04pIr of the Reserve Ot-
V t AMeha atIon at the Anmy
'Avy C3b last week.
Others elected were: Lt. Coadr.
J. X. Thompon, executive vi
preawt: Lt. D. E. MdLaan.
sristant secretary-treas.
T. tR. Dasa, L,
V eZigler and Lt. H. T.
executive committee
for 24. 16 and egt
rea, spectively.

Doa't be a
'-"Bathrooml Slrfer"
InMta l a ALERTT
SFRih Guide Valve.

avel t*ater and stops annoy,
aWce of dripping toilets
As reported by Readers Dieatt
"ALERT" never falls.
'f t C~Wtral Ave. Tel. 3 i149

Tel. -17'13
#22 laa st.

Situi El heuu
= Los (ldta)
-, Y Lte= (tarMMlI)
01m Tu Tnat C0

IL-O10 *W

aomSr N;!
Alet.m "NE
w w* f C
vTOf **BNf--
(A-fA*-- "*fiBBaaBS

er the kbert nes e bth
-,- -" uesemite ar-


It -



iza sI t o 1MS6 he was muas-
W UWU .a t owa.inte and
r~p fn Uad bL "impC

We. .SOt a War I period. he
nla te ArMy

i. -w kn:
a~jpaaIteCg-1 *t^*

After election the president ap
LtedLt. R. S. tephma.,
V .W.ptf wfFtr rJL
j Lt. O Vn. 3..
t Ze*W arAnalY

iould be to dlM
the i d the lk

the gao r be r e toe

Ibe .

trm, sa the zn*st
ilp to proCat b prob1
S other effort

itan u onM the B 10i
Sat Mid the ktag
Xttreu lM esonomie aid 1
rn Uiveld by the coa .
IN WM not bmmed nat
a t. fin originally asked

for "denl r d
b Bn~ c Ino raw

%1d-noe of It tor IunW-
and 785,000,000 to adnlnfit
t'jheFmmr=M*9 voted to cod-
tnues pro r In th
Mtt VItat Secrt
Which allows 0 pramt of to u
hfundis for 4dallwI teeat
to be tat doil o w ,
In the "me ara, a 10 pi
aent to b trbe rwfrd b*tWI
areas for kindred uem# .
Thtk would allow 10 pereM
direct afUmy aId ftmdw, fW r

ISrtHd to *an9M_Mr ;

mounts -&box % U t.

Colon U t.aWC,

Card PortyMaylh4

in ir

^ZV^ -S17-
ertratD aL'"'11^"'^_Plc~

ifeet i. ml
I IUCEbt l
tMhebt -rEa"

-;.T B
--ti~ata!.^.S ,&a

a '..

1744 ri--# '- a. ... .

C.p..adMW^a ETO&) und Mt ^.
*.*ti mati^-h^ ^ .,.

wsu rZ~

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44 ~j:

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-<..,0 "-
S ^*t^,


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~i1'~ :2.

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,., **.'% *t'."


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... .. .

-,---*- -,- u.
.. ...i
';,i 1;'

iu} .,. :-,'}t!? ..

:1 -. -. I ..

R "" "',"
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r -r VI $1~ .

w~ ~

4. .

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"- '-.-*

L. X --

4- :,: .
" ,* .' .. .. ...
.. .- ,; -. .^ -
"3 "- ..r T" f
";"'' .t .* ^. .

-: -
*.; t.

- ..-.. ... :. --*-'S
'*;. '' : '**'*f
;l ''' ..
7 r. :,


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S. I -:~q. -)

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i .: .;

&t~~~0: 7

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* vi'. 4

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-^'*:" "(I l Nii
.5-- .- .. r -....

.l6 ,' ";', M ,^1 .^* o, .... ^ ^

R *J, -'-. .t '', 1. :.

,,, .; _-'. 5
S^,- .,, ., ,, ': *, ,* 1.-^ ... .' : -*, .

w~ :e
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CU .' OU, -."- ,

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S. .' .-

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,, ,: ; ,
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ri. .- ;
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.-..-- ..

,.? --; -, '.B
.* ,' .. .,.
,, *
";: 'n -*
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;' ..

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I ,, B :
k .H'
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1~.7 ~ii
.'? i~--.

f' "~s, ~~-

;( '; Lcr~gi~QT

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'1 H -*


SMinner Is Winner;

iankeesNats Rained Out
NEW YORK, April 29 (UP) Hank Sauer
home aH of the Cubs' rumns- t iht for the
gans 4-3 victory oven the Cardab in St.
l. the only National Leafote gae scheduled
wnly scheduled American
Sntest the Yankees and
at *ashngton, wast
on account of rain.
In the Narioal League
it Coen: =nueo
I* t a the last few
Boants Will play the
CicInnati, the Dodgers
Louis, the Braves travel
r.h (all night games)
Contest. -
American pheau the
M et the YAkees at the
end the T gers travel
Afternoon aes
I e White Box o to Wsh-
and the Indians to la-
Emit mfute news dispatch
that the Red s ox.
and Browns-Yankees
have been postponed be-
'01 woM weather.) .
a blasted a first Inning

When hscori nfield single Schoenpdtila.l and Pea-
Bob Addis home from nutRedst for another
allyl 6 5 Fthe i
uble by Addis and Bauer's Low in the
in the fifth inning pro-' eighth an Mulal's
what proved to be the win- single .M t. do their
arker for pitcher Paul tthE nd 21 with none
Mine scored his see out In the sg. Kl
agatinstno defeatsDr
Saf to go the di- ed In iscd
gauptwo runs in ,ir e-
nung aveup wasr e- up
y Johnny KUi einer up
lth as o the adinals a tther
red to tie the score. Ins cuI led of their ton
Remus' third straight hit bits Mt feeGr The Oat"
game In the fifth was a.Brech. a, Caifal rookiesVWi-
homer that started d... a oMaDick otel-
as*' scoring. It was his man UO 'vtlMy one hit In the
homer of the year. Red !is st four huNnvp.

I11 Gail 6-5 Favorite
4b a t M a W& ',--0" aa

Today's UerbhWr Tiuf

[BVILL, fApril hiaal; fay York suAnw i
l Camet Farnn'- heir Pec 'sott *1ai
.& !i t l anrdt 8a a mt aneI *d e ntI ma

of horseen i
rtis ane-mue race foI
ldS as a true previeUw

SaMw n
qoU elifloe for do


American i ague

New York at Wbgn
(Postponed, kle ft their)
Only Game scheduled.

National League
E"M-- Woa Lost Pet.
hiroo ly .. 1 .8
Chte-3.....: .7
Cinche t.. I .: .73
New Y ...... 4 56
St. I:Olh .... l 4 j1

Dbortb...d. Ip

IE*.* .. 1u 3 4
ODlY v 0 f hanled.

BaM,~~~~~ *tmrim l. -

op "w

pi\red in
who go,. '
continue p ra.t

Cristobal gh,

BHS Mefy

For Track ti

l mM Pr'WN,.-*,; -
^^r T~i,.r~p"~l-^|^-''. ; *

'*** .l .. 8
''"~~sii **; ~

S.:'-.'. ,'e. ::
*loB wlr a i i
CdlleY S...,.

- % *
, .. .. ...'. .

FedOf Acce

war Fixers If

S hiredd
.- -' "
S UN .


no ]

afches f
eshaln favorite to win f
r of course ti miedal- is
SMacMurray who tur- the
r~ord shat er to
was, *ee Mkm &n BJ 1f to

ovwe uie wcs uu- e. i. U
IMh is a t the very peaks of
m. Thie 67 Included no iow lk 6
Ovenbirdiles, six of them i ut the

JhogBZ 's round was also a tri- oh
Sthe condition of the b C of
,pratctally all of the com- playeft.
seeing Braos has nev-
seen wb tter. 'OfT e .oharges were new. -S
The pairings: The un.Mp -tall SpIvef, who
wA to be a star on the
CAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT temear for the third
MaeMurray (67) vs. A. ttlilt said In December
S (78). he t the team until
ilth (7 ) Frank he 1nme. He sub-
out of school.
s R~e (77) vs. Paul Moranonce before
here, but turned
'i Wepke (78) vs. M ac- t. itaton to appear a
ig .mond (75) v. Joh accused in the in-
.M t a bribe to fix
t zam (75) vs. Jml Ho- gabmeIto
w '(81). Tournament at
i'yrd (17) vs. Km For- 29, IB6 and
7) the next night
eWood (73) vs. Franoi los to St. lIua
he lonud (79). v o t ft it eliminatedfrom
Tony Janku a (70) vs. Joe Hof- rJe toSname n.
Ka t SaySna f(E'e" AniMt (k. 94m.

o (79).
orpe Riley (77) vs. Date
o (80).
Alexander (78) vs. JIm-
a Macurry (7)
a(7). (m
lr () V. Dale d&
roh (77) vs. ikKuli- 1
Citbe ("8) vs. Iar-
S 19).
CsDow= sie oh*1

,.L and ex-Kentuac
r Wlt Hirsch accepted
s to fix the Kentucky-tre
;e me $0. 16,1951, and the
tio-D uj g ane .a-. S,
he of each wu
* In c nstt, 0. the in-
nent ld.
0 mldW l was Ling, vwz
n ex-Ken playoo
equently No as on 4
iore that, the

an Be ip O6.
Wass ta

S~ri,, I


.* A i

v irath 1i I.'

*OH B '^^tttN


ar: q"M t

I Tv.

lqua 'a


unments placed Id- also won
t banana- ed layoff wo

Dit hurt hlim mti,,' Ih


A. T.m.Bl.6
C. Oox If .. .. *
W. Aevene"o, .
8,. Tudor, p .. .* .

morial Tay 150 SpBint

r Girls To Be Siuz W&

a ul Isad MaihtI IIn thIn hniA.-mnn fa-e 2M MnmA .

a mt n
bk lbar

Ne Ift


S. Sem t'Odds And End* Cop .Team

.. : T Gof Match Ati : ills
..': :- : -
- -i .. :." .-*
Nr. The Sammy Kneads and the p t
ti ,... ....... ofga thePbe Work, tt

L: S1-. ToP

up aloeg
a we rnn a

Sand Mual D
ie U. Naval Se
matched t
I against the oOd
am compose
mrlous other d
a station) a t
lf Club at. :
6and Endh ,

a *am" -am t u
i i~ ~* bb ,kr of blih biB
Sad ord room tck
. t ni rllet na to bad T&a-
o rannr Rof Car- Johna West
tastest female comes sad
r i h or of track veIy r&a ea
F.O aa0Cm'M Clt 1WJA

STOWt .. ... .. .
t.Spur Cak-
O. Wamer, u.... .
.O4LM, 2b .......
Lk Tudor .. .. t o i
ittLt, rf ......

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F~iecs tepo a

TAM mom

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S- I*
*Ur i;^ '

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as~tmas ma

..- -; *.... .
e ~ '_. ':, .< .- "K T.-

-~~ a
-: -
-.' ." *. '. ... '. '. ^'*.'-:_: J.-: SS '..'....-.'j.. SS.


eQia ~mli

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'iv;i d~q.Z
' a,1;; ~


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L ?*- **

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k4. # .







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,thu Woth .
., 'M,,., .

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'. ... --., ':^ .rtjr


~~BY l)i
:~ : I

~a~a~id~ I



., r

Ifr ~a~dl
rma~ loe .

,, .


B Be Crowned

ine 2, 1953

N, April 29 (UP)-The
nation of Queen Elizabeth
be held June 2, 1958,
gham Palace announced
I night.
f.acient ceremony of prompt
1 geantry, which is expect-
S attract thousands of tour-
to London, will take place
onths after the death of
SOeorge VI.
h newspapers have
g d d that queen Elia-
i ~e xpstEug another
ta the autmn and that
Ue Nmatlon date was met
mem wth her wishes.
Elizabeth appointed
Utsband, the Duke o Edin-
chairman of the Coro-
commislson consists of
tatives of all countries
the British Common-
and is scheduled to meet
ii London "to consider
Suspects of the arranRe-
for the coronation which
-common concern," the
announcementt said.
tfte of Norfolk, who nor-
is responsible for all state
ona in his capacity as
I Marshal of England, will
gre as vice chairman of the
er members include the
p of Canterbury, Dr.
FPiher; Prime Minister
Churchill, and Britain's
Chancellor, Lord Simonds.
will be represented
.the commission by .Prime
ter Louis St. Laurent, ,.
Wilgresa Canadian high
or in London, and
ck Hudd, official secre-
t Canada House.
ealand, South Africa,
and Ceylon will be re-
by their Prime Minlq-
Sand high commissioners in
a, although still a member
'~ British Common,-eri;'h.
tao recognize the BrltUh
4but an Ineian repreab.-
I attend meeting of
as an observer.
Sepresenta;ives will
Minister Robert Gor-
b, high commissioner
W. White, ir JotW
rtatiLa, chef justiloe to

t' BtlEIE Asallagr

^I^BP^ LAMW ^^^^Y^^^





ZNOTON. April 29.(UP)
brary of Congress dis-
another document In
Id-fiousm LinAoln c-
today the origial
rpt of the only bodk


Ant the people ksroW

'., rt -4-.



France Will Ask

Aid if Chinese $
HANOLE, ndehina, April 29 hands of litatlesh d Commun- Un'tii I
(UP) Jea Letourneau, French ism," he ai. "d th Asia as a titude hi
minister for the Associated States whole, ineltng Ikia, would be Vietna
of Indochina, said today France taken ovr or ripe for chin
would appeal fr United Nations conquest by wott' munism.
IntervetoB au In Korea if Red "And I do ot, t recall he aW
China active- enters the war hobw iamp tht areas re Te
here. because tiraw materials
The ioft-splken but tough cab- and thelt Oirea lons." tihe
inet member who also has taken The A tll minister, tt
over the obCM htgh commission- first member -a cabin-
er for this battle-torn land et to tbe duties over- of#
pledged that Pfance would never seas, t too manyfor
pull out tf hlmlthina In the face people hl eme who
of Communatn asault. war as a 9 t there tan
"If tInd fell Into the a full scale

d about the InclweMFg
L the pranco-vebIU
he Americans are dolI
U .icelt Job now," he I
Ite have managed to'
4Lar supplies to such an
irthat today they deliver t
etias right on time w
S were six months bel
WLdule only a couple of moi
e'-osid he was confident I
hs would play an inctM
ift the war.
"me Vietnam army today
iue national army.
t has four full-soale 1Vl
bs gallant way of f"
p been particularly adntir
nelh soldiers in north 4
ig. V the end of the y7T
we divisons ll be
*We have put in the "Mdr-1
i.t A"4E&,. dlb4&dw i

dsD ". u .P WWIT I
d report twij pmi
puaing uat 'te of
stok to oa i rt m


wn Lincoln ever wrote or aff u tMs .i

d 'Whital Stern, a Chite-
etor of Lincoln data gave WA NGTON, April 8 (W)
ary a scrapbook in which -The Supreme Court ruled Et-
pasted newspaper ac- day that public school chldre
of his lietoric debate may be dismissed early to -
Itaphen A. Douglas. The tend religious inftiuction Wi
ok was used as a 'i- out violating the Conatitut6ina
p for a book edited by proviion requiring epeAC m
Sand entitled sdply church and state.
came a best seller ln 1880 The court iade its rTtug
eale of 50000 copies. which could a eet; as mr y
20,Wooo;O school children.-,-
__ to 2 decision upholdinf the
Soneitutlonallty of N To
StAte' so-called "released ti '
pregmm of religious edum
wh ,h provides for sasy d
missal on written reqastao t
children's parents.
Children who do not g* 0 '
such reUliglos classes remain f
school to carry a n secular qct
TodVy'a decision clarnid 'Ut
famed 1948 MeoefluinElp if
In which the oirt banned a
smilar program At Champal",
However, the religious ias cs
at Camailg. wMre Conducted
on Ktloi property, while in New
Yof t they are oat

about 300^ pod she
wdMV to in a- bml=y c r nld th ught rI
a 'w ls T ato Soup take part in b"gucrWaugios pro
aB! Paha~Bpt'e bemom IgmI.
mnWbia Tamto eou i Asmog the states ahavin re-
tNoa te aboicet, no- teas4eme laws Am a r to NW

of CAMP- ssin XWach. a tutigmt,
Sbe U m taM R ok, who is I ew
t tter ad mt OrAm, t la
e antw a annessl e elr re and Weso nldi 1MUDtt TB

_lWO boomp im Ms m I rs *

am 4dJelai iim

NboWt, Z em0
Hgmis -_- to_

r. p e t --- A.

tody after twne so-
toe upeirortIo r a3
P from the U
eA Wt' McDadelU ;W
llf., and MJazhie iOff ie
oil, WaS4. ow 4
-S Cau f. pftt,

te obs utmfe
4ouy ater t -l:Uwe

6hel ed thm tp aiet

oa ,ash., both W,6Ve FW

8kM Xted habodl l wle'

Boyt Scutas
Old Woman Hidilt
In Wrecked Ne w
ilNTON, Prane. April 1
(y). .- An CD-yearpld 'woui.

,th tI a.,3
lloy. i. wes not
l bluts footuma 3, 0ib
* K l i"m'ar' -

has get.r

i '' r.,

ipi r
; .;' ;~'P
V ~5~-~'.:6~a r- k.


these two cO
immunity, of AM
M,! slid MuMr
IOungllor to
F at the Radio
I held at the
ia,: "In this'aTe
.1 Inmtrnmttoal
h. *e *ar anidt,

dMKen Wto ex -,
*bli contra-
the artvew hr

0 be heldAt the
addwill bed
Items on the 1.
:I ,meeting Will "ON
of t-a twelve dl-. r
w"h repro. i
Tic Councils th
services. will
It he Commun-
t wm ibei
one year, ta
AEAn. trd the re- eft
r a three-year Tl
jeMisrmnan of witi
g ommittee for rath

'a,'17 In hw

~ir writ.

i~en-y lift
-A S ry,


=i S.
cuha m thr

.a gul.

..a WI "

i^_~ ~ ~~I fluHh ~fA H9T

w a!t

.r -. ."

I.--" '~ ** .-
IT..:^ .
5.' i
p *

i~ a.

__- -^LI~-_~ru.-iu. .r-



i the

- ~c~~

IsmA" LM.
* .L -' ": .

air: la


Full Text
Kan tic *2)ociet
Bo, 242, (alun UtbpluM Cjalun 472
The Panama Canal Admeasurers tare a dinner party^at
the Hotel Washington Saturday evening In farewell to Mr.
and Mrs. H. D. Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Weaver plan to leave
the Isthmus May 2 to make their home In Florida.
Mr. Weaver has 37 year' service with the Panama Ca-
nal. He has been with the Admeasurer Division since If .7.
at which tine he wat chief dispatcher of the Marine Divi-
Mr. W. H. Cowen presented Mr. Weaver with a fold
watch aa a bon voyage gift from his fellow workers.
AprU 28.
They have named
Dominic Nicholas.
Coco Solo Monday,
By Gal bra Hi
the child
Jean Marie Adams
Christened Sunday
Sgt. and Mrs. Arnold Adams of
Quarry Heights presented their
infant daughter Jean Marie, for
baptism at the Margarita Union
Church Sunday. .The Rev .^Hen-
ry Bell, pastor, officiated. Sgt.
and Mrs. J. Brady were named
as godparents for the Infant.
After church Sgt. and Mrs.
i Those who attended the dinner I ters. R&ernary and Charlotte,
party and were Included In the | who will sail for the States Frl-
hresentwere: Mr. andMrs. W. day. ._,,"..._.. Mr and D.'*Ma"of Margarlta'entertal
|wlSWMnrMarndftM?.MErneLst M^ K^ M!.ef member, of their family
flowers Mr and Mrs. W. H. Iwho have visited on the Isthmus *'
Sebeit 'Mr R. E. Medinger several times, will meet her In
from the Pacific Side; Mr. and New York City and the family
ire. Neil H. Wilson. Mr. and|group will enjoy an extensive
Art. E. E. Powell, Mr. and Mr, tour in the 8tates
-. C Robinson, Mr. andMrs.1 Capt. and Mrs. Jol
Chester L. Lindgren, Miss
rewer, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
iamlln. Mr. R. L. Brians. Mr.
. P. Redmond and Mr. J. E.
Vatson from the Atlantic Side.
Birthday Party
Given In Margarita
Capt. and Mrs. J. Finley of
auun M. Margarita entertained a group of
Fay Fahnestock. SL, John Fahne.tockiyoungfrlendeo^
Cotillion Club Dance
Held Saturday
The regular formal dance or
Ihe Washington Cotillion Club
vas held In the ballroom of the
Hotel Washington Satu r d a y
Evening. Music was furnished by
ihe Roval Sultans and a large
trowd "enjoyed the festivities of
Ihe evening. .
T Among the many guests who
attended were Mr. and Mrs
F'annesiocK, or., junn ruiuauKt T-r. ------- --- -7-j--7-77
jr. and Mr. Herman Lynn of day to celebrate the 10th birth-
Balboa were guests at the din-
Junior-Senior Banquet and
Prom Held Friday
The members of the Junior
Class of Cristobal High School
were hosts Friday evening for the
annual Junior-Senior Banquet
and Prom, which was held at the
Kuffi^SrSSSS KrK SmTh: Ma-rion
ant was chairman In charge of'tePch. Carol Fennlken Beverly
arrangements and was ably as- Hall and Irene's sister. Carla,
slsted by his classmates. I ___^_
Mr. Sigurd Esser. director of -
day anniversary of their daugh-
ter Irene. The group attended
the afternoon matinee at the
A color scheme of yellow and
white was used to decorate the
table and the birthday cake. No-
velty hats were given the guests.
Those present Included Ellen
Furey. Tita and Pattt Bain, Ka-
tie O'Brien, Jon Jorstad, Ellen
a fashi
ashion wise
For A Fabulous Look!
It'll be love at first tight when you tee
our enchanting new beautiea eaoh
and every one it a perfect expression
of fashion at itt superlative beet. You'll
want to oome in and make a emart
for all occaeiont.
Panama MOTT A'S Colon
"We'll be torry to tee you move awaymy husband tayt
we get $o much newt from you that the paper* mitt!"
B/erybody &a [Mrs. Carter C. [secondary education in Canal
Jurtto Mr. and Mrs. Raymond zone schools and Mrs.
Bryant. Jr., Mr. and Mrt J. E.
taut Mr. and Mrs. C J. Iver-
fcon.Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Ralney,
Robert Douglas. Miss Doro-
ithy Dennis, Mr. _
Pam SulUvan end Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse L. Byrd, Jr.
Family Group Hat
Sunday Dinner __,n.
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Smith
entertained memben of a tami-
v group for dinner at the Hotel
Washington Sunday evening
Their guests included Mr.
Irs. Anthony Fernande*.
Balboa were honored guestt at
the affair.
a. Bprays of purple bougalnvllla
rt mm will- "ere used to center the dining
and Mrs. win _____twi. ~~a ni room tables and places were
marked with hand-painted place
carde In keeping with the theme
of "Cinderella," which had been
chosen for the evening's decora-
tions. 811ver slippers decorated
the place cards for the young la-
dles and the place cards for the
young men were decorated with
M/| Guests entered the ballroom
,|IUliy is....-. --- | uucsu.
land Mrs. James Fernandez, Mr. througn a large crepe paper
land Mrs. Ernest Cotton and Mr. pumpidn coach and small tables
aiiu ma. c,*..v 7_ i_
land Mrs. Worden E. French.
placed around the ballroom held
purple blossoms In tiny glass
Members of the receiving line
were the sponsor of the Senior
Class, Mr. Merlin Davey and Mrs
|Mr. and Mrs. Casslbry
Entertain L .. .,
I Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Casslbry
|of Margarita entertained with a clas8Mr. Wriin unvcy ".
dinner party at their home Sun- ;Davey Mr. vernon Bryant. Miss
Idav. The dinner was given in' AnnTnomas Miss Margaret Jou-
Ibon voyage to Mrs. Garland C. drv Mr Carl Pinto, Miss Eileen
lorr and her two youngdaugh-; T im" ,nd Mr Robert Salter.
Hand-painted program cards
1 Tor the dance depicted "Cinder-
ella In Flight."
Music for dancing wasiurnian-
ied bv the 7lst Armv Band and
Miss Harriet Burke and Mr. Rob-
Written for NA Service
? K74
* 109 AQJI52
AQI.I *102.,
? J3 *AQti
AQ1IM *7
? 10S5
. *KJ8 J
Neither side vuL
Sooth Wo* North tart
Piss 1 Double Rodbl.
1N.T. Double Pass Pass
Opening load* 10
ert Grace sang several duets
during the evening. -\,
Beverly Ann Hall
Hat Birthday PBity B "}
Mr. and Mrt. D- B. Fltchett
of Margarita entertained with a
birthday party at their home Sa-
turday afternoon to honor their
granddaughter. Beverly Ann
Hall on the occasion of her 11th
birthday. Pink and white decor-
ations adorned the table and the
large birthday cake.
Games were played and prises
awarded to Susan Corrigan. Vir-
ginia Kleefklns, Ellen Furey and
Judy Griffon.
Others present were Sandra
Jones. Marguerite Engelke. Eliz-
abeth Halloran, Patricia and Col-
een Lawson. Leticia Thomas. El-
la Mae Morales, Pattl and Tita
Bain Diane Hlckey, Marianne
Field, Alice Taber. Katherlne
and Margaret O'Brien, Marian
and Elisabeth Delaney. Mary El-
len Courtwright and Carla Mee-
Mr. and Mrs. M. Nlchol and
Mrs. V. Steele assisted Mrs. Flt-
chett In serving.
f ,
Boy Scout Dinner at Margarita
Council 801, Boy Scouts of
America, Is sponsoring the an-
nual dinner to be given for Boy
.Scouts at the Margarita Club-
doubtful takeout house tomorrow at 8:30 p.m.
Most good Tickets are available from
Messrs Robert Arnold of Gatuu,
G. D. PooW of Gatun. W. R.
Price and John R. Barr of Bal-
boa. /
All friends of Scouting are
urged to attend. Tickets are
i The hand shown today played
an important part In the recent
Vanderbilt Cup tournament. Both
North and South stepped a trifle
out of line in the bidding, and
the result was that the partner-
ship was in serious trouble.
North had a dour"
double of one club. _
players would wait lora belter
Land, both in high cards and In
Slstribulion. Some good players
fight "vercall with one heart on
the North hand; and others
W^enTod double, East ^Td S
redoubled, and It was up to Soutn --------
to pass with a weak hand. The;Naty couple
rtualbid of one no-trump madeAnnounce Birth of Son
f. imnnwlble for North to rescue! chief and Mrs. Anthony Pa-
himself at one heart, and it Whence of Coco 8olo

warned North against Interfer-
ingunless he had a really good
"South had pessed, North,
would have been in no serious
Trouble at one heart. The chanr.-'
-are that the opponents would
have played the hand ata part
ore in spades or no-trump.
* When the hand was actually
Blayed. Johnny Crawford, hold-
^Crw'To'rd took the ace of hearts!
at ce to lead his remaining
spade, forcing out dummy s ace (
Vow there was no way o get to
toe South hand, so declarer led,
the king of hearts and tried
hfrd round in the hooe that the;
nit would break evenly.
,UThto set up two heart tricks for
rrawfore. He took one of them
and shitted to diamonds where-
uoon his partner. George Rapee
S get two top diamonds and
toe rest of the spades. Rapee
could eventually lead a club
through declarer, and the de-
lenders eventually won ten
tricks, collecting 700 points on a
hand that thev would normally
drop below game.
the birth of a son at the Naval \
has jutt received
A \ lb. packages and
4 to 5 lbs. each.
Polish Style Sautaget
in rings, and
Pork Sausage in Bulk
A Little Pigs.
Our store will be closed all
day THURSDAY. MAY 1tt,

TtTRltllAt. APRIL 29, II
You Sell em...When You Tell em thru P.A. Classifieds!
I rave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H" Street
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon
vis Service
l Tivoll Ave.Phone 2-MS1. and
jurth of July Ave.Phone 2-9441
Sal* ele Belleza Anericano
#H West 12th Street
Carlton Drug Store
0.059 Meludez Ave.Phone 365 Coln
Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
* Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 "H" Street crner Estudiante 8t.
** **wwy rmm Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798
Minimum for 12 words.
3c. each additional word.
Foreign Relations Committee Votes
To Carve. $1 Billion From Aid Funds
K. ALE: Washer, refrigerator,
rcco, reccrd ployer, 2 clocks, II
26 cycle, ironing board. 1466-B
or Flione 2-424i>, 4 to 6 p.m.
K.. SALE:Bendix Economat. 60
e,et, Uitd five months, no bolting
cc*n required. $160.00. Coll
A...acor 5183.________________
K. ; -ALE:Hour burner gas stove,
i _,l ice box. House 7 aportmeit
2 Carien Street, Panamo.
?L,.< SALE:Oriental rugs, crystal,
l-eruvian silver, English antiques,
carved wooden chest end other
articles. Phone Colon 467.
FC : SALE:^-General Electric wash-
ing rr.cciiine, record ploy'r, 25
cyc>s, Simmons baty crib and mat-
"freas, baby carriage with pad, all
in perfect condition. Tel. Balboa
I9c7. '
Service Personnel ond Civilion
Government Employei
Insist on
Government Employes Finance Co.
When you finance your new
or used car.
No. 43 Automobilt Row
Phone J-4984 3-4985
Do yen have e drinking problem?
Write Alcoholice Anonymoui. lei
2031 Ancon. C. Z.
We cover bottons, make belts and
buckles. The best washable ma-
terial. Monday thru Thursday from
1:00 to 5:00 p.m. House 758,
Apt. "A," Barnaby Street.
To sell or buy your next automobile
see: Agencies Cosmos, Auto-Row
No. 29. Tel. Panama 2-4721. FOR SALE:Hammerlund Super Pro
Open all doy on Saturdays.
FORD PICK-UP, privotely Owned
$750, new tires, etc. House 15(
one way street to Quarry Heights
Telephone Balboa 2820.
BC-779, 25 cycle power supply.
Good condition. Call 83-6295.
Fosters Cottages, completely furnish
ed, refrigerators ond gos Ranges.
With or without line. Special
rates by week or month. One, two
or three bedrooms. Half mile
beyond Santa Clora, Tel. Dagmar
2-0170 Ponama. Tivoli Avenue.
No. 6 opposite Ancon Post Office.
Houses en beech, Santa Clara. Phone
Shrapnel, Balboa 2120 or see care-
taker there.
Casino Santa Clara Dance. Music by
Casino Aces. Make your reserva-
tions orly. Saturday, May 3rd.
FOR SALE: Wt have a few 2
cycle, 3 speed automatic reco d
changers, VM and Wester-Chi- FOR
cago. Casa Sporton, Central 223.
Entrance to Encanto Theatre.
FOR SALE:6 Venetian blinds, suit-
oble for 4 family quarters in Flats
Area. I chrome towel rock (floor
model. 1431 -D Corr Street, Bal
boa. C. 2.
FC.: sALE^Are you going to pur-
' chase a Ford or Mercy Cor? If sc,
wiil sell a 5650.00 cash credit for
$600.00 cosh. See: Trott The
Cleaner, Pancma City. Tel.'2-0120.
. & l*'.Jft|)
Nb.'.irimmed glasses in leatherette
case /which fell out of block sedon.
4th of July Ave. Tuesday morning
Coll P.A. 2-1481.
FOR SALE:Buick 1938, 2 door Se-
don, excellent condition, new tires,
$180.00, to soldier. Federico Boyd,
No. I. Phone 3-1516.
FOR SALE:Borgoin. 1942 Chevro-
let dump truck in perfect condi-
tlon. "Con be seen at Agencias
Thomas, Panama.
Kelp Wanted
WANTED:Reliable maid. Laundry,
house cleaning.. Monday through
Saturday. House 598 Boho Place.
Ancon, Canal Zone.
Position Offered
Apply, bring references, ot Doe
Agencies, No. 14 Centrol Avenue,
Hams: Notionol HRO
50T with speaker and five coil
almost new. Will sell reasonably.
Call Fort Gulick 88-252, quartc s
40-A. _
FOR SALE:Piano upright grand,
refigerator Coldspot, 60 cycle.
Typewriter Underwood, modern ma-
hogany office desk, baby crib,
double bed, boby carriage. Phone
916. Colon.
Phitlit. Oeeonstde cottage*. Sonta
Clero. Box 435 Balboa Phono
Ponomo 3.1177, Crtetobol i-1673
Gramlich's Santa Clara beoch-i
cottoges. Electric ice boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rotes. Telephone
6-441 or 4-567.
Ponomo Canal Company invites pro-
WANTEDExperienced bookkeeper! P^1* .'<>' furnishing 154 items of
magazines under sealed bids opening
10:30 o.m., May 5, 1952. Invitation
No. 12 is available ot office of Su-
perintendent of Storehouses, Balboo,
telephone 2-2777.
WANTED: Ponomo City,'
Popular songs, swing, jazz and pop-
ular picno classic taught. Zez
Bennett's Piano Studio. No. 9, txperienced dressmaker wanted. Calle
bedroom house furnished. G. W
Doswell, International Hotel.
J, No. II, Agencia Eurel.
WANTED:Tractor Operator, opply
fice, Margorifo, C. Z.
Williams' Sonto Clora Beach Cottoges.!
Two bedrooms. Frigidaire, Rock-
gas ranges. Balboo 2-3050.
Modern rurniehed-unfurnished oport-
fnents. Maid eervice optional. Con-
tort office 8061. 10th Street, New
Crtoool. telephone 1386 Colon.
FOR SALE:. 300 shores abattoir
stock. Moil offer Box 1612, Bal-
boo, Canal Zone.
Juon B, Sosa. Tel. 2-1282.
Take Watchdog, Too
Twenty-three times In the last
even years, burglars have brok- WANTED: 1/4'H.P. 25 cycle motor
tri Into Edward Harris' diner. On' about 1,700 R. P. M. Will pur-
One trip they even made oil with chase or will swap 60 cycle for 25
his watchdoj. cycle. Coll Cristobal 3-2814.
Salt Lake City Joins List
Of Flood Towns After Thaw
FOR SALE:English style boby cor-
riage and aluminum bothinette,
like new. Fort Gulick 88-251.
PIANO, practically new, walnut
case, perfect condition. Looke)
brand new. Upholstered bench to
match. Will sell for 75% of ori-
ginal cost. On be seen at 874
Morgan Avenue. Balboa.
FOR SALE:2 Boxer pups, femle,
brindle, 8 weeks, registered, $50.
Tel. Gomboo 6-377.
FOR SALE:1939 Chevrolet trans-
portation, $125. B. C. 522 or S,
C. R. 625 Transcleuer. Easily con-
verted to 2 or 10 meters. Phone
Balboa 4220. House 1461-D
Holden Street, Balboa.
2 2 yeors. $25. L. C. Smith type-
writer 14". Perfect condition, $50.
One horse power, 25 cycle motor,
$30. House 1460-C. Las Cruces.
Phone Bolboo 2434.
SALT LAKE CITY, April 291 They are enclosed In covered
. (UP). Cooler weather eased! canals through most of the city
; Sf li Lake City's flood today, but; before they empty Into the
'. muddy water poured through usually sluggish Jordan River
breaks in make-shift street ca-1 and send their waters toward
; nals onto Industiial and re- Great Salt Lake.
. ale- ltlal property. But more than a week of un-
; :. ore than 50 families were seasonal hot weather melted
', ev. cuated from their homes in: snow sent more water into the
the 175 blocks about one creek channels than they could
lur.tsr of the city that were hold. Storage reservoirs filled
affected. Others were ready to ouickly. Covered canals over-
J lerva quickly rf necessary. flowed.
: jods in the deserts an 1
; xr...:nUlns of Utah and Idahi Engineers and volunteers in a Dr Svdnev Stnnf t. ~.
: ara comparatively rare and re- non-stop. 3fl-hour project, builtto, been awarripJt^Mot
aidents were pot prepared, a- an earthern and sandbag dike(certificate bv the ri P
; though they had been wa,.- I atop 13th South street from 6th Amateiir Rain .^f. Zo, '
I for weeks that trouble mi t East to the Jordan, a distance *lT feat o? ron.h ". t0t
; come as heavy snows melted in o nearly two miles. teur radio staMnn, i^tlw0.*^"
the mountains. The lower tern- u, .. "r radio stations located in the
. peratures today alowed the tnW?r ,in tth* 8treet r8ed up Canal Zone-
mountain rnn-nff Iour Ieet deep. _.
I ^rW-eoneal service over. These dikes broke in two vital _?_r:.stout: teur radio
the Denver and Rio Orandei Pla.ces this morning and muddy
aailroad was disrupted and!?"^. r.oUed onto lowlands,
tOOtb Ham Contact
Earns CZ Certificate
For Texas Doctor
and <..
rains rerouted when the Span- ii0^11?.8 basements of scores of
lsh Fork River tore out a bridge |"* .hmes nd business estab-
aoutheast of Provo, Utah. i "snmens.
In the same area, a U. 8. 8teel t_'j. -._* .
Corp. plant at fronton was sur I ,,if as ot *** dumped into the
rounded by water. Homes W ?'ea(vL wa*he<,J nt most be-
JprintviHe were flooded by Hob- 2 ecki and bulldozers pull-
ble Creek. jed aw,y-
In the Midwest, the Missis-1 ^.t___.
ippi flood crest neared Musca- OQltyv,en!?nef,r Rov w- McLeese
ti. i vi national oiiorH.. f-4" tne situation was "the most
dangerous the city has ever
raced' and added: "It's any-
body's guess whether we can
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Saves water and stops annoy-
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Balboa 2658.
CZ Art League To
Launch 'Dreamboaf'
At Tivoll May 10
Zonlans were Invited today to
rig up their sails and board the
S.S. Deamboat for Its maiden
voyage May 10 at the Beaux Art
Ball In the Hotel Tivoll.
With this theme. Canal Zone
Art League sponsors foresee
smooth sailing for their art
scholarship benefit ball.
Guests may dress In their
"weirdest, wildest saltiest cos-
tumes," or simply "come as you
are," the sponsors said. Music by
the 71st Armv Dance Band of
Port Clayton will play till mid-
For table reservation of groups
of four or more, guests are asked
to call the Tivoll, 2-2111.
operator whov rnii n.ur*T! Tickets may be obtained from
W5R H W naVho^ is associated HOteliT,VOll:,B st"rtevant Gard-
wlth a we-knon Pnrtwnrf? ner (Jr Coito**: Mrs. F. R.
control It.''
tine, la., where national guards-
men and volunteers were stand-
ing by with 30,000 sandbags,
hoping dikes would hold.
The river level was at 21 feet,
equal to l5I'a destructive crest, t.FeJcould nl "mate mone-
and was expected to go higher. r"L. agiLbut callcd for ""e
Dikes protecting 18,200 Musca- fi^"^* to man dlk nd
tine residents were soggy. | "^Pitoa,
The Missouri crest, now at 29 Tn 4V,. TJ .
feet, neared BoonvUle, Mo. I,? ^!J?Ulfrn Maho- Reiser
From there, it will next S??.dan?.agln*.trouble from the
menace the Missouri capital of
Jefferson City.
At Cedar City, Mo., across the
river from Jefferson City, low-
land residents were being eva-
cuated. 4
alt Lake City's trouble stem-
med from Parley's, Emmigra-
tion, Red Butte and City Creeks
that normally are placid streams
forming attractive settings for
parks and homes.
and using only the
phone band.
ten meter
Starting back in April 1950 to
make Isthmian contacts. Stout
has already received certificates
for 25 and 50 contacts issued by
the local amateur club.
His 100th contact, for which he
now receives the special certifi-
cate, was made on April 19 with
Grace Dunlap who was transmit-
ting from her automobile using a
low-powered mobile station, K Z
5DGM. For good measure. Dr.
Stout worked one more Zone
ham before submitting his list of
stations. The 101st station,
Snake River; the main road to,
Sun Valley was flooded and the!wn08e owner iuat recelved his 11-
Portneuf River threatened parte cens*' was B LL and also is
of Pocatello.
Vetertstarv Sareeea
Mrs. Sarah Myers
Dies In Colon;
Funeral Tomorrow
COLON. Apr. 29 Mrs. Sa-
rah Myers, a resident of 5th
Street and Hudson Lane, died
yesterday morning at 10:45. She
was 64 years old.
Mi i. Myers, a native of Jamai-
ca, v.iio came here from 1912
m~ h member of the Salem Mis-
sion church. Burial will take
place at Mt. Hope cemetery. The
iuneral will leave from the Salem
Mission Church tomorrow at 3
pjn.. Rev. L. C. Rogers will of-
Survivors are: daughters. May,
Una and Dorita; sons. Charles,
Gilbert. Belen. Theodore and Ro-
operated by a physician Dr. Mel-
vin I. Lea of Gorges Hospital.
By mall, from amateur radio
operators In all parts of the
world, lists arrive in a steady
flow from hams qualifying for
the 25 and 50 contact award cer-
tificates, but to date only one
other 100-contact award has been
There are onlv a little over 100
licensed and active ham stations
In the Canal Zone. To make con-
tacte with 100 of them, it took
just about two years of Dr.
Stout's hobby time.
Uav and Nijrhf Servir;
41 Beluario Perras Tel.S-3113 l;"- wh? lg an employe of the
panam American.
Meets Thnr dar. May 1st.
7:30 P.M.
Masonic Temnle. Cristbal,
Mentis-, it Visitor* Welcome.
M. French (Comptroller); John
M. Kennedy (Audit Agency); L.
W. Storey (Ordnance); Charles
H. Downey (Ordnance); Richard
R. Clarke (IAGS); Martin J.
Hayes (Engineer); and Robert
Dwelle (Navy).
Navy ROA Chapter
Elects New Officers
Lt. Comdr. A. J. Janssen was
elected president of the Navy Pa-
cific Chapter of the Reserve Of-
ficers Association at the Army
Navy Club last week.
Others elected were: Lt. Comdr.
J. M. Thompson, erecutive vice
president; Lt. D. E. McLemore,
secretary-treasurer; Lt. A. O.
Linnet, assistant secretary-treas-
urer; Comdr. S. R. Davlson, Lt.
B. W. Zeigler and Lt. H. T.
Whipple, executive committee
members for 24. 16 and eight
months, respectively.
After election the president ap-
pointed Lt. R. M. Stephens,
chairman: Lt. Whipple and Lt.
C. W. Uphoff to the program
committee: Lt. Comdr. I. F.
Hartford. Lt Zeigler and Lt.
Panl Sldebotham as members of
the membership committee.
1700 square feet excellent
ventilation, light and parking.
Apply to
Lindo & Maduro. S.A.
Telephone 3-1683 PANAMA.
The Senate Foreign Rela-
tions Committee voted yester-
day to chop $1,000,000,000 from
President Truman's request for
$7,900,000,000 in new military
and economic aid for other
free nations.
Chairman Tom Connally (D-
Tex.) said the reduction, which
averages about 12-2.3 percent
"across-the-board," was ap-
proved by a vote of 9 to 3.
The committee then voted 8
to 0 to send the measure to
the senate. Sen. Bourke B.
; Hickenlooper (R-Ia.) voted
"present" on approval.
, Connally said the foreign aid
legislation will be reported to
the full Senate tomorrow or
Thursday and probably will be
scheduled for debate about
The Texan said the Senate
should be able to dispose of
the bill in three or four days.
Chairman Richard B. Rus-
sell (D-Ga.) of the Senate
Armed Services Committee
said earlier he would ask that
the measure be referred to his
group for about a weex's study.
Connally said he will oppose
! this request if it is made when
the bill reaches the floor. This
could set off a row on the
Senate floor if Russell persists
in his demand.
Economy advocates probably
wil make another effort to
trim the bill on the senate
Some Democratic congress-
men had said previously that
the administration would bo
"lucky" if the bill were cut
only $1,000,000,000.
Connally said the exact
breakdown on the various
military and economic aid pro-
' grams approved by the com-
imlttee was not Immediately
available. .. .
Mr. Truman originally asked
for $5,530,000,000 for "direct
military" aid to U. S. allies,
$1,819,000,000 for "defense sup-
port" -aid to provide raw mat-
erials for European factories
tp process into arms, $656,000,-
000 for economic and technical
aid none of lt for Europe
and $75,000,000 to administer
the program.
The committee voted to con-
tinue a provision in the pre-
sent Mutual Security Law
which allows 10 percent of the
funds for any geographic area
to be transferred to other uses
in the same area, or 10 per-
cent to be transferred between
areas for kindred uses.
This would allow 10 percent
direct military aid funds, for
Europe for instance, to be
transferred to European "de-
fense support' aid, or would
allow lt to be used in the Near
East for military aid.
By applying the cut aerse
the board, the committee
avoided concentrating the re-
duction In the "defense sup-
port" funds which some sen-
ators criticized as simply a
continuation of old-style Mar-
shall Plan economic aid.
The administration contend-
ed the defense support funda
would allow Western Europe
to Increase lto armed strength
by much more than the a-
mount of U. S. defense sup-
Connally said the committee
agreed informally several day
ago to trim Ule total of the
bill $1,000,000,000. Previously,
some senators advocated a 10
percent cut or $790,000,000.
Others wanted a larger re-
The chairman said he voted
for the $1,000,000,000 cut along
with Sens. Walter F. George
(D-Ga.), John J. Spar km an (D-
Ala.), Guy M. Gillette (D-Ia.),
Alexander Wiley (R-WU.), H.
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Cap. F. W. Forrest,
Navigation Aids Head
Capt. Floyd W. Forrest, chief
of the Aids to Navigation Sec-
tion since April, 1947. Previously
he was a Canal pilot for about
20 years.
His total Canal service at the
end of April will be 24 years,
eight months and eight days.
Capt. Forrest was born In Mat-
hews County, Va. He served as a
sailor on harbor towing tugs
from 1910 to 1914; then for five
yeara was quartermaster and
mate on vessels In coastwise and
towing service.
From 1920 to 1926 he was mas-
ter of vessels in coastwise and
foreign trade and in salvage
In the World War I period, he
served as master coastwise and
docking vessels in the Army
Transport Service.
He joined the Canal organiza-
tion August 23, 1927, and served
briefly as towboat master before
becoming a pllot-in-tralnlng at
Cristobal. He was named pilot in
uy, 1928.
Opposing the reduction were
Sens. Theodore Francis Green
(D-R. I.), Brien McMahon (D-
Conn.) and J. William Ful-
bright (D-Ark.).
Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.,
(R-Mass.) did not vote.
The President's original pro-
posal would have given trie
bulk of the direct military aid
$4,070,000,000-T- to Europe.
The Near East and Africa
would have received i**,000,-
000; Asia and the Pacific $811.-
000,000; and the American re-
publics $62,000,000.
The committee cut would ap-
proximately preserve these pro-
portions but reduce the a-
mounts about 12.8 percent.
Colon Unit, IAWC,
To Sponsor Tea,
Card Party May 14
The Inter-American Women's
Club. Colon Unit. Is sponsoring a
card party and tea on Wednes-
day. Mav 14. at the Coco Solo
Officers Club. At this time the
Atlantic Side Canasta tourna-
ment will be Inaugurated Re-
servations may be madi by call-
ing 675B Colon.
The tournament Itself will be-
Igin May 14 at the club but will
continue for approximately 11
weeks at the Inter-American
Club building. However, the par-
Sand tea are not limited to
ose who enter the Canasta
Other card games will be play-
ed during the afternoon. A door
prize will be given plus entertain-
ment and refreshments.
The purpose of the tea will be
to raise funds for charity.
LT (JG) RAYMOND JACKSON and Mrs. Norma Jackson re-
hearse a comedy routine Of "Buttons and Bows" for the Navyl
Vhetv Show to be presented Mav 1, 2 and 3 at Cummlngsl
Hau on the 15th Naval District Reservation. Mrs. Jackson li|
also production manager for the show.
ChORUS aWRLn-r+rtt aorelgel ftoftr and Naney Terl
(right) will dlaplay their charms in the Variety Show sponsor-
ed by the Navy Officers Wives Club. Chorus directors are
Martha Kugler and Helen Hayes, who have originated some
clever choreagraphy.
BARBERSHOP QUARTET made up of (1. to r.) Lt. Leo Haugh,
Lt. (jg) Raymond Jackson, Lt. Cdr. Robert Sweeney and
Capt. Clifford MacLean (USCG) sound out with old-fashioned
harmony for the Navy Variety Show.
i ii i i in
4 Cylinders OPEL 6 Cylinders
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