The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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'the Rs* WKarg, a e i.a".sc
alter Winchel uellq a to mw lfy p c"po
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under cover and draw mtpa o
enems terrain, broadcast by air-
l0l(?# 'tOWN p~inlb to portable litot-GI" '
S? g It i the s t intir-doW I ch
fuerum 's abrrle gangert p Is i ChMoiftes star Maneks h7 a picture as mul as a
..S Paul (Tail Me Maae") Iakus tgisdtln ta vo n hospital orrk ore and
tnrble eteM. .,..M.Trwuan d Msl, *elamn ham bDineUs offices. All thess a ""re
r long-dK4aa c sk m aer b 1aah.... D01 to be publicly unveiled shortly.
and Vdleent Sheea are taking Iastrctons fr It' also time to report that
hop Frevon J. heen .. Paul Paramore is No. I with Bobbe i nform economists see th is
'aw being freed from ster e oan u tten...f Jackle n -- m
dt bdiLe Lamphier are serettly ble 4ed, why wotl d test product of AMetdn in---
bivo it sotto gcesT...Garnson lnats dropped bhi I million e enui developing a new In- W
Sit ost t.s .s rp h il dustry to bolster our economy
agatU.t The 'wood Reporter after it apolVObd for against the depression expt ed
I lwlemme tn error) with Reds...Another lger -t aa inthe depesion veears te
SIsr st sges n...ahe police kanow the naTme oft eB lon- Nothrn' could be a greater ri-
VI o theftM the pun that killed Amtold lsaster... fletion of our leati. Amerfa
l,_.b!" ability to land on ou fe t.
Within five years tWolan
,he Glagel Ropgrs-James Kimberley idyll is raging. The ill be a muti -bMltlfs dl 0 t
heir has proposed to her a dozen times. ee likes it, industry, employing hundreds
Mt Lake Pnild next month...The Frank (iecy of the Army) imum io l800. e,00 ak-
tbaut .i's a boy. Due any edition. They have 2 gals... nually lust for per atbio o o
Irat EBsuital attaches hear the Duchess Is expected for studios; several billions more
Wh her operation...The Martin Blocks threw their problem out for repair of sets and stations;
Ai rsindow and are a happy duet again.:.The Hank Sylverns over $100,000.000 in fixed pay-
Sthe teevv band leaderR are wrlnringi their hands trying to rolls, and inestimable billions
the tr mnarrn n ...T hrqh Jerry Cooper and canary Oloria in entertainment and adver- -
Sare in harmony. They bean their romance at, of all tising expenditures.
R1ts, B1rdnlpni..Russell Nvpe's mother came on from ChlaRo Those are the figures given ab
1o,'met his brie-to-be and approved. The voung ladv Is not here in the technical capital of fn i
l. divorcedd h lich s why she permits no photos.. .Elenhower's television, mid-day between the
*tirl FrlIav. Kay Aummeraby. suddenly quit her Bergdorf- Hollywood and New York glamor
,bdman job and flew to London yesterday. talent centers. s
Here, Jimmie Petrillo, leader
of the musicians; Georgie Heller.
t Ina. MeXinney, the Democratle Nat Chairman, had no head of the AFL's Televislon -. __._..
hsre rsaine money for the cumsin ....Goldman-acehs Authority, and leaders of the
Mlta Winbrierg (recently assistant to Chas. Wilson) told electronic rafts which soon m
Mlatr he wold vote Relobllsas ... -mae B a e, ho a lmnst will build at lent eat 0 ,000 new rr au [
ig- nS0.000 for Truman Asin to e salma: "I've sets to augment the current 17,- vvw t .
fleh!" .Ntassen's boom le expeDee't to buit Is 30 days 000,000, se happy- days ahead
Ip will flin his mupnort to Eidnhlawer...Aa em4olam- for their people who've been b %on m....i
*.rator will be dragged into the Ofraiteld tax mess. A over some rough spots recently. Of 9" MA" I 0U hKst a iM:
ot AR Mt .Federal swents ar seesad ver the situation "It'll be a new industry which
them t.% brwek the moventony ..Aulai Stem"pmn's In" and pump new blood into all FT. WORTl Watmfetr I am in Pt. Worth lieutenant? :.d,
H^,~tn ofe OyJntoad._ Oft, and oa isaeldtat that IaB will a tpe who*I-
r- he Ig. eoltrnaoe" with a decision as hnlortant as business just as were cutting I am sure at oag and that i that I will My boys wee M Iat tlc tye N who aa 1- -a ia
for which Edward abdir Ated. agay ro r1 p tant et a free ham out. ways sought ls enad ei% ,a t .
away from war productIon," it 54t a ufreer *dtbtWLi.1
was predicted by George Heller' This is bele rthe ab a It. James in port". e t t "
e w li~*" q former ,- n'fe Iinns will soon rnnomee her once an entertainer himself. for hig s service wdts woppern. I've had hiTm dressed in h lits thickly :~D' t a
i. trv artnr WillMm arrrlI...One of the West Side "Wef s be rolling by 1953, for trained for lb b e .o o iod, .
!l kmJs ,'nde' nrohe fnr stheeexlv t'li snuriouasters... -five years. tnf 'bo
s :ne" nrobe f -r piedv I selling e snurlous amnsters... ,the next five years. The story Is oat In an old deed war, Mr. tar by t yoo. lau
ognq irBts at MaIdelilne's: Joan MIWcrarrmn and Count "There certainly be atre- Wright Was a gunb'as mate tiwd class on a prison t roos Istepen bo k
Gertr. The J. Mp'nfonel (he auth'c' the best seller, mendous increase of performer rickety old bucket ad I was boss. fight thr y to te
ft AIeMo" tare eeinp their barristers..Diek.-tes. 12. i work, and you can judge the OM /c Wrl gte a a lIe of rcneu on the ghame ale to er a*a.: .t
it Io Pm Kfouver. 11e will anon turn o' on tee In the rest of the industry by us. file ship Mi W ai m M ow- hood- I Wl ,ti e IE to e ie
r dert Rt.enhanie onBre the rav British divorcee, Is "Just look there are now luas' hair In the -ht ct the ht s p
ett srm deenRtion nf ,strtt Hen'v C live...Robsert 108 elbvislon stations broad- boss's looks graMs, Or 0 inbls Was at to queO etd sid.
0-, -t g par flecarafonr "All the in' Men" and who is casting out of 63 cIties. Of that become croll and deny Broter Wright the "The Chinese he said, m

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Pr -pt inv n oonrl lovely W onor mr1Ml.a no loner so aboutw r parts to a sitting 10 t eek, or baw."lrr aiem, I never hB to i nkba
W two; 20 1 l. to

ne i."sn-."- J. e. a .1..1" were .tr n., j. in at's about 150,000 weekly shiS the leat a. cams-.ft of..,
Inwqhs. L i.eo r Thkeir Pnt-l instr.eentg wee s tolen.. across the land ore 'Wim0 a t whad t be a memberaof tegS ea trol Wht h avgs g
SkilrW G".1"^' o r .^ of p "w **e ys a el Fer, Just for i"W peforasmes that wlou t to mae pep odpoud a.d happ' *s.Sl m-n. ~ ', .t .,. 'd
a lr.7pryy.r thp h *as rnmm. robin' Own Tuttimose should be a minimum of p0, To say tat my bogs were luetfi gesftl' r-"e fl*.dra ft-l...fy nP y J f o t ot kp ab sp! was oln had
..**1r ,rq p-'~.nt r Cinut 1 m onth. Tt w nll rw nMnpid n-. 000,000 aannually. M putbta it vey thinly, newoelaer my tale gj wh gg 4 -gg;-
r SPr wen' ar pahot pe irle Thnmaltri. Tham i.s in- studIo needs 10 tec mlas u think of steal the only oto S X slt d 2hed1 2.0, R E l i.
-.. Tne--- r..ern. nplny rkphnn Irms saw, ermswlt pen every one pesriera M "t Tunisi from the, rnph big ', h ,b a e 9ore w I new' Is t Smof b le "Mr. mu" '- "
Se.w -eh, ra"'" One owes rIF.000 in taxes. Another sa lobe for eole h 1j intrnationjg lug aIut l relations t4 tre heno Wa "And trefle 15flIr rImB
'- w~. h wen Aetrae. Ce tters and Skilled -a~bo r1 to hInd Is abeyance while we a ie ,-1t 'o5 tot_..
forRnaltnd-1 tt proBTam *rt rt rt'tUiM no am Py tA V k .? SSM afi, In e ,' 55 ., am ,w aT S
"Oh it-ai
h al t'ts. Ea boet e." weekbut a WBihitneyth manNo wo l hel la.Tl .. y.themeetoh 1 a Y ;
Suli- rsQIN /IUSAS q oh O a. rk A hoc k with the Flder! or eaisfbrats iastiloe Day fithe to met,, .11 Fi ll 1 h2 easteO eW. P54 rSa'0VZ
C1ommuni osri-r t Comsao lereO den in a wMi. weth 5000 S phbYoT taleo ged eni cR'o1itS A -t d 'o 1g

-; 9hle a. at y I pg tea. A TV MRjs tA V oFi badsta tionlg
.Foor l n 'm kep the s ween IC m I li a o en (IM pag Proe I sAndw a owa ny o cr t o e tb t m of ma WON ye-09add bas
'thd eGlet bflwemn A c es n' Ci hced la mitg epga. 8Oldy ,a t ttkn
t IF a4 r spn mnll tie studio ee ot .ras m 0e .

In.h e nr Gefr arofoy.. e ," .- ...
muro are uni thel slslr evr Ong i rn.u T hat cnt t oe fom t he 4ro n ot ft I imv-__ .... ..e%, ,0...1,at
of tinalon .f hstr is ben. .htond ythe nugMa a iiebe omn M ih ne ANe im bl lotofag1t ..
raLt. the.r bread and ph oel fi. he -rooses ndd u bteMnr a Wt"plt tareaot weaV gP."_Mb t ae .

finalaesoutse tthe Casto e wend .t meWho-6 but s i s, oth e, man waa e er g toughlm. l.0 M
.s in men. era H wwwqtl=

Whma13n life and deathr womI eow lostlike -,t hemt s .onimf
aent uadmern otf the sap ier panctmerade on- t houtuo new jsel e le he he dr ats1
t a lZor ne itt s d o mat eole, d o e t efv oas ine wo'va matter l of It st the gto e -t I hwew
tion of pastry is being haNd~I by the Olubboie I m~f Is that 'wian be mostl. touble'ebi sg, a his suec brorne eos 1a the treeoo me inn4 ad the -

nt.4 An iI the boeaadcader adWN and Uewslug*rI d tFprn...
beino wail. the brad, which is unrappefl and be to a.I "ave uas up their oa sme s ee ta ing offic, Uern asyEs n eutcome. however. lb 1 i W L or t
d thkm thue van to t vaAl chlue Io e1- fim a res to eeat estren s .a. La A.t
souio am fltd wth mltcrdbs o it h l th etmopher. uiow ea *he nnew tatio wil k s YInof the nd e f'-t' wh oil p e i.. --
.t. cae bread, ete.. ar taken i a clubeeouf .ip B1 unemdan comunty ,oom irt

Dmof wic has ing i a trned th mit ta o ust A umrmtrlb autl.doay to W...a teot3ya.
Dt lw" ivNision should taken sample ls -the _O St the eerl hated heIND
IsMl!om nohe of tme gets in dstroudbno eaOftheKoreaIL Ism
la~pgl-~ their bread and using aelophane par 01 owai ts Aericaw have neverlheatej y weiause the ond1of 6acute
ePuryhwt has to be out ofga as. dat .BuLh;hisdWhatb
in ance outside the CanalrZone we find that meet suck. t egi- iiroshe. ea
thed s being I draped befoin sel ing.h .ho akok V: h d mss be A tm whltheuta he8 o
thatdnt the espro"Mner ateMltlm malwn- bi" heln rV !ha en
fiu pan vitri a viw nhandldin s"Me. tNo E" M 8t 310 hbisteOa be s-nniie -11
A Par, raotatTVwtbemslbeW d$Inhtrucsspe jlch. me rice. thigoT5UUR
vih taNs a om iofu oI Us.- mndesmest of thte
DOCsa wcsvno a .thae Use ee uthe-see,- v*M Alft Lpelflk'5 9 ia w.Q DO IV
am returning from Tabga" I noticed a comma n a S =ft3 = f t snn. r aM-Ze"tu%


,. S Seus.-..dl
cra~nhl1 sMR, 0417
:; .5 jr... ... :, -,,i-. ,rL$-.. .. ..... 4

..'.. I -.. C?--- .', ;



-C -

p. ..


~. ~ LIE

'i tAMR -V, V'S'e-
* f.y w .... ,i.- ------,,- '.p-;^|j

/.-*KX- R AI. 4 1

,L q'p."l .. ^ ~ '"^ ,-"-*) '.' "| ^ i .. ,-* -.*
flSi#AY API4 vita
dinflM fAY Ad-, 0

.me IltrtAS

.' **. -^:.,m jfl p
7:- "

fM.IL.E.4yjE 'gg gg t'- ^ IB
r r. -j g
W B .*. .. lim .' *4 '., ,
,- l, .W,

-.' 'JA!If~aa !U
< I MM ,'U ; -
B I .r -w' .: w *. .: -, ,'
, .'. ... -'' '
- .., ,, *,,,* ,'**.

^^"fil, ,K: !., :

S .. NOW
. lw-j.-gs x. 1-*txI ........ 4t.

t Twels l 20"x40"........ 75C

Pik, w Pay Towels.............. 6Sc

t To l -frm....... 1.00

. --.. .. ....... ........ J."

S.a ta-...... ........... 2.0

,, .._ .. ... 2.50




s .AVY. 1 AR N..
.-*,, "'. 1,_ S.0,.

* f t.......... 21.00 125.00R
t A 4ilfe oso 0 q a

50.;e e n ._ i of. d.n.a r places, soup,
pliM, Wb SlAtei brad and: bwter plates
cp, & 1 veget I ble d ,.. oval'


.i.. .................... from 2,5
S ............. .. 3.50
Stiw .................... 3.95
f IC .. ................. 3.50
Gseufmm.Avgetti ........... f 19.95
EVENING BAGS ....... 3


A S s es
-" ... *" ; :" ; q -
-^^.,W, :. ,,
S ."-.-.fl'_ '- 2-3


i- 'i *" "' "- ', .'- .:", ,. ... .-
c moNw SALON


lak n wWnm tdi ad Afbwoon Spo wdCasual
Ss ft.09t to.-870.00 Wet'ft r to $35.00
NOW 'o m $793 to SW PmS NOW *t to $14.5

ow NOW
Co sttW Blaties .............. ;.t,;f,(e | Short s '..........,.............fren 3.95
R .y $tlto ;e.g.., ..... MU" t. Ne "T'" Shirts.................. 1.25
N Oe UNl sam| ... ..... .. .. ... Swim Suits ...................... 5.95
SSki ... ................ .,..... 3. one and two-po ee ,

all drastlcatlly reduced

WEa Reptulen
NOW from...L.50



* .-ti .
' .


from.. 5.95

100% NYLON

E _. i m;...-.:

Pauld Cob -6-


NOW from.. 1.25

Slightly evapesed


PANTIES ..... .

P '

7r ~

..' .,.i^ <-* -1 '* : *

.4, : 4.4'. -
^^ tr!^^ ..**'



. .. f n 75* PANTIES ............ 5
S2. 5 LSUPS.............' 1.00
... Os. ge .. 2.25

r.. s ........ ... ... ..ASLIPS s....

PS ...... ..9 .. 2.95S
10 T-I" HTC'OWNS ...a *'.... "
m~p~ws .......y^^. IL95a


-------- 1I' ------ --------- --- -~----- --_- U------- -

_ ."-o ,- :.-
-^- ',
., .*.

".- ": .t.
rj ;

' '

" r .

, i-.- l. .- ;


,. ._ "
$1 Avenci
a 9-;?.*. *^W '^* .-

4 /

,an. P fi.e" ."L. m~NwaC

ALo lasting -- S1" x 9" -
Twlwerdomebbedsfie..............2.2S .
72" x 108" -Twin bed s .......... .1
45"x72"- crib size ................ .2
Twinld- 72"rx 9y '.............. 4# .
7r I -Tro............ 4;

E SHIltTS ....... .g ........ .g ..
,.. .m


AO oures chfkidres s r t ot .hu
o aW &y "

o r. ... -
n a s ,4",

.d I .-.. U e .. a

FIb S bb6.. ... .. .

- ..* si es... .........
..i P..i. ...i a a g g e i. ..... g
Swi m-r T wts ..........

Pent- s .. .w....... .......... ..f o
Dt Jot i.i.t.o. .t.**o. .t. .
*Mm ..... ....................... .
Ped -l Pushes's .................... g
Fine Gbrs. S.hort........ .....I
Sk rtu ..*..b*P-S4. .... ... g-*.*9W-Set .. S S

N 4
'Linenfor ih e fo r cM usif md Pei gen -

,- w .h.e yd........... ...
Seriu 4rh w-tyd Y&.........,. te
wue Sit Glfe en- k "Lot.a
______' :I.L. -

NOW I -a
i n ... n


'rm s........... S.

I -- .- -

Ith .,
,., .lM J .,-..


. NOW .....10S5 T

GNrm.erd by
Good HoeheqfBj;k
3 for 1.00
. .. I Iom um--


* Lali *Men .
2% Off.

100% .latex FPo
NOW... 1.95

. NOW froa..1.50

*t mad-In Colon
- -- --."--Mf lM. ,

* "
" I.

--~--`--- ------------ ---- --- --



.*C'S.. ..h. 3, W '' ti.D ,4'. ..-A,
^ ^ ^ .,* *- l ^ >* -+ ** ^ M^-..* i -* f .

- 4.~~"~?-~~


'",, '
._!*":'" ..'* B i. .......
-. +,

N.e iTM',- .. r .
, .+,Mez .- w,.. .,,':- '+.+

Sand ti-S-hps and Planes- Arriv .

pping & Airine NewsLANCES

Argentine Barge Reported The barge, Josefina was lost
Aurift In Atiladcle when -the two lines I, .uing it to
.MON'11VIDEO. Uruguay. April ,me seagoing tug Don vuiumetfo
28 i UPi --An Argentine barge, snapped. \
u rtn fli.e men aboard, tore loose .
f ,._. t w ship yesterday and isaw. OW. S._ l. *8 .e
ad:'t;t .,ithe Atlantic, authortloff .LOWILN, AilzB 28,UP,-Te-el \ 6 1
here said. first shipments of crude oil to -
Llrtguagatn naval planes and reach Britain via the new $2,-
an Argentine private plans char- .040,00, 000 pipeline from IOflruk. .
teied bv the barge's owners Iraq tb the Mediterraneana, port s- ,
.nept the coastal waters off Uru-iO Bardlas arrived at the. ,- a
g,,ay gaa Southern Brazil yes- finery' tFawley today .tblard II
terday but found no trace of tbe ; hq tanker Barren HI. -'
mls ves' i. _________ pipeline which will speed u1- e- \
liveries of crude oil fro ti-the
'3|-** -- Middle East to Br tain'eri great' '
new refineries, was completed by
the Iraq Petroleum Company in
18 months, six months earlier
than scheduled.
fl 1 When in. full operation it-wll
SBcarry 14.00Q,000 tons of cride oil
'_JACOB V B per year frdm rich olifields at '
By OSWALD JACOBY Kirkuli to ocean-going tankers.. '
Writtte f1w NEA Service B -
Fishing By felevlislon
The reseiatc ship "Calanus," \
aTR I owned by the-BSoottish. Marine
Biological AssoclatIon., s belong
1AQ865- equipped with a built-in televi- '
S4 42 'sion apparatus powerful enough
'E a to make a magnified television
"WMST '.AST record of life on the sea floor at
49614 &75 experimental fish breeding
VTn 1 1043 grounds.
*KOQJ7T 0 04 According to Dr. Barnes of tht
K Q2J A 3 2 Biological AssOcfation, the test. "This time of year makes rAe wae
6 ATH (D) 'ave shown that it is possible to free again, without' all the prol
$OlATB (D) distinguish the characteristic '' education:
VAKQ 103 zoological features of moderate.
-'A 108 5 sized codfish at a distance of 16
461075O feet in fairly cloudy water. 1 i
B sides vul. In clearer water, the twitcilngs Meet Millie"
F w sdeso "hast of the antennules of drabs can _
SP Wesi Nolh Pats be observed at a distance of six
') Pss Pass Pases feet.HORIZONTAL 5Compass point
ning lead-# K Biolouist.ire also hoplhl that 1,7t'reen-radio 6 Biblical
the televislg' re-ords will help! personality pronoun
them to fifld otL why and at A13Graty 7 African tree
Swhat speed .-.nall organisms. 14 Small area 8 Native metal
)on't try to make much senseasuch as the ephausid shrimps. 15Perception 9Wigwams
out orthe bidding in today's make their daily upwards migra- 16 Iterate 10 Pedal digits
hand The hand was played in aitlon towards and subsequently a- 17 RoyalItalian II Enthusiastic
rubber bridge tournament many I w rh raseurace light ardor
yetrs ago bv my friend andi as-1A theyvsos-'d .mor the t A-. lt n tgM It Proportion t
solatp Alfred Sheinwold. Heiswer one ti the- niot easper- bangeling tMountain S
needed a slam to beat his oppon- eating problems of fishing re- ; 0Domestic slave 1 DPh1 sl
ents on the last hand of the search will bte been solved. n1 Tell Arrival (ab )2 K
mntch. Bidding the hand nor-: -. "Tel *2 Annex 37 H
mally would get him nowhere, so! DIDN't LAST LONG 27Cmund d atDoet lines l)9
h1 iust bid the slam 27 Comp 24 Sals C
West opened the king of dia-: KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (UP'-On- 31Spanhfleet 25argeplant 40 W
moncis and Sheinwold won with iv a few minutes after Bill Bra- Spanis 26 Among p
the ace. He immediately finess- den bought an automobile, he 2Preposition 28tCarry(coll.) 42T]
(Id-dummy's queen of hearts, dis- turned the machine over an em- emical M ures of 43
carried a club on the are of bankment The car was demo- suffix cloh eof 43
Ii the ace of spades. :ured rib. garland I 2 34
J-,on It the hearts had brakp 13 55 Editor (ab.)
3.declarer would have hatf'- th-ee l rdw e r- d0im -a *aPns. l.4*
eleven tricks. but It wa^ it two cs. feardd he 8 uteW
disappointing when West dti- would thrulfin the lId with tYpe 5
Carded the four of clubs. a diamo d and forced to return "'40'thit--l
Undaunted bvy this disapolint- k clbb to declarer's ilmiginary, i notedon oth 1 a
eiem. Sheinwold led the three of.ace-queen. What could he do to screenand -
ictlpes from his hand. West na- avoid this end play? radio *
turally played the four of spades. West decided to throw his high 41 Fatty -1'
and dummy's eight was finessed ldiamonds and hope that his 43 Homicide
To win the trick. This allowed partner could win the diamond payment
declarer to ruff another heartitrick eve tually, Then East 468Neither f_
(with the king of spadest andiwould be a*le to..lead through ,4A7DW Dw
till get back to dummy on thethat much-fared ate-queen f SS delasdtea
third round of spades with the:clubs. 53Shop --
Yock of shades to run the rest of Hence West carefully threw I 54 Obstinate
the hearts. away the queen and jack of dia- ,55 Teeter
All of these shenanigans Im-imonds. 56 Gainer
pressed West vastly. Forgettlng Sheinwold naturally threw a- ,57 Fortifications 4 W
Cat South was obliged to bid a way his remaining clubs antjed VnRnlCAL
slam or give up meekly. West de- the four of diamonds from She
aided that declare must have dummy.-sr C c calmly won'e I Chureh recess
the are-queen of clibs for his:rest of the'trick2 with the a- 2 Rubber trees
bolr bid imonds In hiD'hand. making 3Depresaion
We't could see that dummy ridiculous slam contract 4 Etruscan
world soon get down to only overtrick I auve


Had Ruse Takes Over

ft. u 5 Pt. Oft

nt to be young and cAftr.
blems of a kiandergartn

Answer to Previous

Und of rppt
here soldier

- t-Fftster
48 Genus of
:4 losadtagh's


c0TU rwEcof ,Te wnona 71 Ti lP IAPSO 30W ANMP I PIoM
5ftATwoRmerBurrS'sf 4A CIAeiMWIULKIN WwOtfuiSmi0
tw8yiw moornat.n;f T nowI

;, AL
4S C.



AddAs Up



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Gemld t thit y

1 'IM IN JAIL <"r

No teck

'\* ncoe'



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.- .if "~^ .... ^ *. .. ..S.,,,
. ++ .. .,* -,' K l~

Jem as' .* .. wet *


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pitleA. -.

~4. '.7.

_ _~_ I__~ _~__l__i_ i_l__~_ __ __


ifafttw'^-' -..-. a

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t;4 c*

'at ~

.,+. m ,'" r j ... i ", '...., '


s -*- *, t -g. ..i.
.',, ^ : *+ .* +_, I r


+, 16 L 6&.,..."2 '"' ''

Ti Oflasat en
i, a- th as
u t. at -
U tl

B f..-. ll. +
dat:: I
tt, f *a -

.. ; 4 .
. A, .



", I, '
on Ai Matcab

f.:+" t. S p a .
-": -+. ..?* "^-:-.+ ^
r!'o+ A

zfl z j..A,
A\ |IW ^l,.!l 17

iffe~it'j^K L A*St-im

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.. p ,_-

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of thLKY E Sr

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. .: ;<'- *- +, ,,
; .j .,T -. -
,vf f.:--

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] I* '.* ;- + jp.
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A if IIE ruu '*"'

i ". .* *, .. ., -.:. "< :. ;'- ip- ,yi ,, i -.1. '*.'.,,. fe
-. ... .,

-.~~~~~~ 4L- "' f 7L.

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*1 A
c**'~' ~-. q

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* :.,

,'4" R ,. I
,_ o* 4*

Yu T"aM thru

179 ,0ent Ai, Colon

Set* .- o JI -ld A ed it se CrltOe
)I Ae.-Phone 3-31. and *Wwt lh B 10,069 M

lPourth of July Ave.-Phone -9441

Aamtc lotenrMdoral de PbPlcataBae Prop
#5 Lottery Plan Phone 8-31 St

A d At^ .'" a DOeye.t iss"iA 1g"ho sirob tll e
SeWrile Abehlles Afeoa st& 2
FOR SALE. 85 pieces ch.naware Service Personnel End Cvillon 2031 Aimen. Z. ..
Royal -Dalton service for e.ght Tl. Government Eploes We cover bottons, make befti and Fbsfi'es
oAL:oo 2-3354. -- Government Employes Finance Co. buckles. The best washable mo. a*,
FOR SALE Washer, refrgertor, When you finance your new trial. Monday thru Thursday from ,Withi
radio, record player. 2 clocks, all'. 'or d car.1 00 t ,5:00 P.M.t, lo 758,
25 cycle, ironing board. 1466.B -0ufidtYIa.lI10 Apt. :A.' Barnmy .rt. "75, r ""
r"P"one 2.4245, 4 to 6 pm. m. 42 AsiltbMINo M"" Apt "A." Broj jfr. or
FOR SALE.-Bendix Econornot. 60, 3" 3 -4
cycle, used five months, no bolting To sell or buy your next automobile Misce. lmg
down required. $16000. Call e Agencies Cosmos. Auto-Row A
Amdr 5188. No. 29. Tel. PanamA -4721. FOR SALE:-Tools, coffl1bt garage
FOR SAL-E:-Four burned as sov. Open all day on 'Saturdays. equipment. All day Si i 4. V 30
Small le box. House 7 apartment PORD PICK-UP, privately to 7:00, week days. 2035-C. Cu- Visit
2 Darien Street. Pnama._ $750, new tires, etc. House I19 ) n
..-one way street to quarry Height, .-OR SALE:-Guns, ell colbier, In Grao ick "1 dh.
.. I p FOUNU T l.hone Balboa 2820. excellent condition, hunting equip- oottogs. t o
_- I, ment. also movie 4uipment. Apt. stove% t wl, t hail B
4I0ST:-Bleck cocker spaniel named W ANTED 2035-C, Curundu. 6-441 4- 4-?T%
Mike In Diablo Sunday night e-when

hhed. Phone day 3-3297. evening feet need shoes tfot are easy on A.
i ."0 an 9 h s he dPhea3-1373 Pana t 'he feet .. for those hours of I
OR S'ALE 31373. Pana.a. --rugged play. Got them Senior
/ Re TIoeI. WANTED: By American business. Jumping Jacks and a perfect fit at
Real EtM ___ man, first class furnished two or BABYLANDIA. No. 40, 44th Stri.. I
FdR SAL.-Cement tile house, tile three bedroom apartment. Tel. Bel Vista. Tel. 3-1259.
foors, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, 4583 --- FOR SALE :-Hammerlund Super Pro unfurn Tb od rlen l e' p
livingroom, diningroom, kitchen WANTED: Panama City, three BC-779, 25 cycle power supply. r I a* r Rld* M I r
ind patio. Completely furn-shed. bedroom house furnished. G. W Good condition. Call 83-6295. Streftf0.l e. He
*Hous in rear with both, suitable Doswell, International Hotel. -- $45.9O .* .
r Costar$18,0 Pnti of se WANTED: Couplbea with no ch ildren able for 4 family -quarters in Flats
$7s.5 -CostH o18,0 dill sel forl desire I or 2 bedroom chalet in Area chrome towel rck I floor
f 750. HoS e ltcate d in coa l San Francisco or El Cangrejo dis- model. 1431-D Carr Street, Bal-
a'.m. to 6:00 pms a O FOR SALE:--Hms: National HRC, FOR RENT:-.mo1 dhfertablle rooms
l, mWANTED:-Home for pet fawn. 2 50T with speaker and five cols entirely now evealablle r
SC months old, vey tome. Write Box almost new. Will sell reasonably. for bocrry, 5 rble mo
i. l Scooter Holder. Box 1028. Balboa. Call Frt Gulick 88-252, quarters rates. porf.r fir*e. n( 4re eat
T G T 40-oA. Americaq C ub!tr Hotel Tivell.

1 d oy b Cunofficedesk, baaby crib F.
W $ lpool& igoter i 0b rdun, u ble bqd, baby carriage. Phone l 4
I S~aft Iaf hts to Mount916,Colon. ;=
Yor the 11th annual dinner
W oy eouta of America.p m i im FOR SALE:-Recard changer, Philco. t
"'-. announced yesterday. autorriatic 78 RPM and LP, excel- A. MjI
S ooter will leave the Bal- PARIS, April 2 (UP)-Hard lent condition. $20.00. Ave. Cdn- *
Heights Station at 5 p m. hitting Budge Patty of Los An- trol No. 45, La Seleccion. The work oft new artist o
will mke stopa at Pedri geles, the 1960 Wimbledon the Isthmat is LAtne of CrMs-
' 1l and Gambo. champion, won the Paris Inter- OR SALE t ,
Snational Tennis Tournament M weekly t9he, ori Art
ne dinner will commemorate yesterday by defeating Argen-, Twcye I e
42nd anniversary of the tina's uniquee e4 in the FOR SALE:-. -Re-r- hti sPh the ;.O
Wi Me p. at P ri0e,. Call paJ M A htitmIu a MRos"from"

tWI. m "ALOV
Pf g Qu, Vlve.,
laves water and stops aftnoy-
aice of dipping toilets
permanently. .
a reported by Readers Dkgetd ...
"ALERT" never falls.
Oe'talAve. Tel.1l- 14 ., ,,


Tel. 3-1713
#22 B. 20th 81t

Hotel El Panmau
*PA y LDu preferr)
FuerM Luz (cotmo)
Psanam Trust Co.
ayelte Urraea and R "ewegy
Tel 3-4719 8-1J6

Cml'om m0.u

1.. n r"bum


7th ft. & lusto Arosemena.
Ave. 016n.TeL 45t

g FOR SALE:-.95O A. J. md slat bth orS f -
e scouter. Y 10-u cycle. 500 cc. sihgle. Excellent ern Californri. We-pirndr *Oef i
-Slver Beaver Awrd I ne condition. Call 83-2112. Oil painto that cover a vi- I B''
Boyrver Beaver Award Is hour a1co- riety of a ubjeets, ortraits, still i. PB St
at award a loqsl coun-er let hisThfe )at e, life and local as well as West
make to a suter for and Grro st Thunde et CrshesCoast landscapes make up her
rng service" to bay- eht
name of he recipient But the e ut Into Branch knlk iexb La.te studied at the
announced until the up a muck n University of Utah and under
awards to be presented after t fit. .d (UP) CaVt. or- an neidean. The artist taught
Scout statuettes and at the end of a idlfths1 ty., 29, New ork and two elderly in the high schools for several USEOLD XCA
of merit. ley. The Argnne. lice wariad British olvllaas were kIlled here years.
up for the match by practlding yesterday when a ThunderfJet Service personnel, their fam- AMMuyw I
r e BlltS short smash shots. but Patt's fighter he was piloting washed ilies and the purile, both of th
Bads hard drives prevented Moiea ilato the branch office of a bank. Canal Zone and Papama are & N
~ldi a flad rom rushing the net to Me cordially Invited to attend the
m& 6& a W those shots. 26seue squads of American exhibit at the USO-JWB gale' 41 AOW R
alraIen and Brilish polis ifound*on La Boa ]Road, Balboa
ARACHI. Pakistan. April 18 the bodies of Williln RM 79, .lery Is open from 9 a.m.
P)- East Pakistan govern- Italian Police and his wife Evelyn, S, in the p.m. daily. fr 9
tit officials have asked that wreckage of their combined I I
geological survey team be I ""s te Theft hardware shop and cottage next OTHER OF GOVERNORS
ed to KutubdaOM island Off door to the bank. *PPING, N. 8. UP)-Thre
S -of. ChiO tagongto In-,enams By te& ew If m ire governor s- ..
*lte "subterranean explo- A woman in a nearby cottage lISm Plumer, Benjamin F. Pree-
is there last month, it was TIN. Italy. April 3 (UP)- was severely Injured. oott and David L. Morrill--c-S, x t
closed today. Italian mtary and secret police h this lt community nes-'
w nhsbiv reported t ley ,to The fighter crash set fie to tid in th evtley of the Lamprey
ioernment officials said haMe sard a full-sal invi .- the bink and adjacent buildings. Rlver, o
at 20 "cannonlike explo- ga.t into the alleged theft by
ma rocked the 58-suard 0ommuw ts of secret plans for a
island during a four-day new people's car from the t
searing the inhabitants. Motorompany plant, Leaders Plot Stratei y AW
"Mlasplons" occurred be- of
March 18-21, the officials Mlltaty authorltle, were re- .
Ln 'r e ande led th For US OilStrike Wednesday
odrhlsna faor jet Oil l Ia CA.
rsachiug henre ild A U "ofshaBe l u : s0.
*nd *as slowly sinking cOlitrkts betag handle by ite -I- 0 W s
Sthe sea following the ex t Ja 2t tm y ave .illOn into DNV April 28 (UP) way on a local plant basis at
B1l which were attribate the aUliid of Comnmallt agents. Union leaders of oil workers some places throughout the
to earthquake. conferred here today to plot country but no significant pro-
strike strategy as hopes dim- grass had been reported. In
W.inner Lmenr i, med for a third postponement lame Instances the talks had 111 a
I KNOXVILLE, Ton. (P) of a nationwide oa walkout been broken off because of In-
ouOVII to g S-- h edn-esday. e any head.w
WhBt a damage alltt w-Mise uscyT hu- t i whiLh t -
AU I"hyp li BYour wo Sm 8 .mittee or tme i t i Woll amIee tor early March
I o se ary Wh sk International Union (0Co), 1-n. emMs off tai time, a total Fr
M AW.AJd.N welUer of the unions in t- Inie workers conea-
S;a- a ol r f leto ,,, -W.Aave their i
i NE 0the strike sMhdua 3:012 Monflfg to the best =W Mk
a~m. lowtime ednesar. esslzalles
FOR RENT: FIRlSU NI A union .pakeamn admitt hed eJslllff
K apj Mag n there was glos a diinu taOt The potentially-affeated
OF GP the government would ontr- ae the TeauB-Loulssan
a19 t ve-- ne for a third UMe In M al- st, t15' add anp
YUo T andtl d r x. to f r ainSt a stri be of qurth and Nest ategl, o
B j fl >oniaud wrek la n a a li onamsa d as t them
Aftr q" J Qngry eitgue emiot a il tl B t an alwl w i 1
tdAWS Uy S Im L 41A W pat a mig n to a I"aa Cam.f l a

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41', .'



0 iln fth

Johhnny MacMurray Sets

New Mark; Has 7 Birdies

Well over 100 golfers will have nine. He parred four and sim
taken part In the qualifying ,eyed seven. On the bad
rounds for the 1952 Isthmian nine he shot an even par 36
r Amaejar Championship when; birdie on 16 and a bogey
they are completed today at the on 17.
Err:-os Brook Country Club. I %i other highlights, Dr. Jease
S Match play pairings will be Byrd, winner of the 1927 ama-
ma'de tonight and official start- teur and the first Panama Open
ing times will be set. tb' same year, turned In a 77
which isn't too bad for a man
Yesterday Johnny MacMur- over 60... Charlie Wood, a for-
ray' glazed around the course mer champ, also finally came
in a record shattering 67, a out of bki slump with a 73.,.
new mtirk for amateurs which It was the first time in six
also tied the professional record weeks that he has broken 80.
eatablilhed by Joe Barbaro.
Psr....... 444 354 345-36
Johnny went out in 31, five MacMurray 333 344 434-31
under par. he had birdies on Par. .. 449 544 534-34--72
o.-e. two, three, five. eight and MacMurray 443 54' 435-36--67
Here are Sunday's qualifying
....... I 'A C --.. -,cores:

Drowns, vvmine ox

'interruption Inc.'
CHICAGO. April 28 (UPi -
The St. Louis Browns and Cbi-
cago White Sox are getting to
be known as "Interruption I "-
Sunday the second game of a
teanm was halted because of
* tkItness with Chicago leading
1-1. The contest wUl be con-
]dbd July 3.
On April 20 the nightcap of
Mt tWitjUilelCCu idce s -,
we tw clubs ws susipinded afier
be cn inninsb uali Liut.canu
IL ,a ead lU--. ',iat game fiii be
fibelshed rtay 'I .

gte: i Kept

~la rd Straight

ergill, old-time Detroit
r, was a man wn re-
hli base knocks-and see-
m recorded in print.
lining out a couple of
day, Folhargill p.::-
Slate newspaper on the
efioaMe and was dismayed
S after bis name: 400.
alte Fa tty immediel 'ly
to the sports editor.
Fatty," same the ex-
nthey 'were Just lypo-
W t-blbank' t h e y
i "O .," ..
Drive to center and the
Was a double off the l-.-

#ons Dilemma /
M poIketb Ia a* etivese

Some rmuei be wU" wnlfn
a P. A Wamt Sa aM

...his Itbm

Jr' n ?.faeMurray ... .
S('-n..!" ~'cod .. .
Tr ul Richmond
Chprl]s MaeMi.rrav..
T'i- teler ClI ee.....
.Jim Rilev .. ........
Ceor- Pilv ...... ..
Mer French. ......
P+re Oralam ........
Gene Fochstedler ....
John Pprr .. .. .. ...
?!aurvi fuller ........
Frank Da .. ........
T-r--v-v Peal .. .....
DIle Be.n .. .. ......
Fd IecVittle .......
rtorm ~t~'e-n ......
I c-e 'lin~. ........
?'"e, V'hlic ..... ....
Hfi lTortlnd ...... ..
Jo? f renviv ....
.T- C' r- "' .. .
S'ro Gl'c'ieph tiii.....
rT- T -, rdv .. ... .. ..
r -s T'm .. .
T rrn roy:v A1L .....
Jremer .o'-stad ......
I"'-? P'u roe". .... ..
n)-I. Coocrrsan......
.'- 'f l-u-hter .. ..
SPov H-en ........
Fred Rnld- ult ......
P"- Duncan .... ...
rC l I* a .. .. ..
7c --1 Finneai ....
r1-1- Thnmin'n ......
Joe FIarrlngton......
Ver'3 i k o:rl.s.. .. .. ..
Fh!l Whitncy........
Dick Frown ........
Clyde Ptroon........
,T-ck .chnson ........
rFo ltvln*sAs'nd.......
r.'"" duroro ........
TPt Wa1l .... .. .. .
r'-nrrd ur. .
P1 TCar"n ..........
aeor'e TurC'n .......
uph. R-'n .... .....
omm F'n .. .. .. .. ..
r'w' W bre-yt .... ....
Juan Ni!ig'le ...... ...
r'an': Powler ........
Waiter Pu" h.........

Ton" Jantus........
Dr. J::.eEvrd.. ...
I"!? Torfmvn ........
Pr'rinq ?cDonald ....
Parl MIoran.........
Dele BlsloT'..........
Jimrmnv Plata. .........
J'm Rover.on........
rr. '"rls.-Cerans...
A. Workmen ........
ITormn.n Lewter.......
Pon Nanue..........
Tr:'d 'uldr'ilst........
Dr. Vprn Prier.......
Eob Thiel .... ..
arvytn Chadwick......
Eugene Askew ........
Jimmy Raymond......
Frtz Buprnobreys.. ..
Ashley Miles. ......
AnthoW Oarcia .. ..
Prank WItllIms .. ..
Robert ]Wnelke Sr. ,,
NouPel mmorth ....
Bob Welborn ...... .
Bob CMbtree.. ....
Sam Jorgesen ......
Hubert Ballard.. ....
Robeft Engelke. Sr. ..
Warren Vallence .... ..


for Interior and 'exterior decoration

x Los A*
T.AS So *

k St.n t .. ..*.. 0 I
e Ap. ..
SDep.Detlme a.. .to 4
Games for Week Aprl tt- Iy 1
. April "2--St. Vincaent V. tott-
April S--Dep. pelv.ale w. St
April SO--Dep. land GOiteM
Svs. Los Duues. ._ .
May 1-Autoe JoahT vs. I
Duy -Dep. Rolimdo Gtteu
vs. 8t. Vincent.
L tos Duquesu 11, Dep 1!W S8
S While G. ]oa w SIP
the Depottivt Rh '.0m8i
boys to five runs on ten a, LO
Duques pounded Oat 13 base hit
for eleven runs, and an easy vic-
tory. R. Smith, who was relieved
by Haywood, was the losing
Leading .batsmen for Los Du-
ques were Barnaby with 3 for 3,
and Taitt with 3 for 4. For the
losers, Tulloch and Jemmott each
having 2 for 8 prt ed the mal-
or share of the lrkwork. Web-
ley, Los Duques second sacker,
homered in the first with a mate
on base.
Trott-CTOa Ant, ohmOn
Scoring ekryl nnftg except
the second, the boys hat-
tered three o ahers for
14 runs on its, taki
advantage of eb rrori made by
Autos Johnso~i. O M. ve, the
winning hurler, Ilsto allowed
eight hits and wal roughed up
for nine runs, but he survived
the entire distane. Smith. A.
Oustave, and Nes.WI made up
the trio of 'ptthers used by the
losers, with th m offering the
utin t whe Cam-
bell teed of with there sacks llad-
ed to give the CtO boys a lead
they mined tiohfgbout the re-
matder Ol the dt e. For the
loser, 9ewtier. i-Clarke con-
nected homers wh the latter
clouting two.
&twso 5, De DelvaSe 1.
J. Heookr and Worrell team-
ed up to give the 2xitos their
second viCtory o1 as m0aBga&leS,
while handing Dep. DelvUA tbet
second lkea in two gmnlme. o4ek
er got credit for the wn, wh42e
Sinclalr, who weft sflthe w
wir the l for were dthe d play-

Thein athle sto get e e tn
ro horn ewhlo
Of she a o
on nine MTa.
G. Scott and C. MOO*v each
with 2 fotr 3, were the ony lay-
:rs In the game to gt mR=e 9
one hit.
Los Daiesu 6, St. i .
The defense of St. Peter was
selve-like when they met Los Do-
oust. Eight ertrrs made bySt.
Peter's boys accounted for tree
unearned runs and Lees Dques'
second victory in as many tries.
R. Jordan was creded with
the win although .he ndoled elp
from Thorne, while BoatMk who
got erratic support fri his
mltes, took the loss. ih de
connected for eight saff Mows.

IMu Frai

1-Ogden Tap (excluded I
-T na $17. 40, $8.20. 3IM. ;
--La egra $6. $I.40.
4-Roesorte $4.
1-- )ana $7.1.0, $62.20.
2--BUagual $2.40
3-Bagalefio $2.20.
FSlt Doubles: (Tuira-DIa1.

1-Pepsl Cola $5. $2.60
--Bendgo $3.
One-Two: (ephw Cola-3s3-
go) $7.49.
1-CDotna Io 40.
2-Yorgo $2.20.

1-MontnstU IBO .JL10. UAL
E2-mas atrfax .40,8. 2l0.
3-Choel dn Ad |B$.

--ttU inSou .a4, .
$-.In TtZa


I -R eset


JW1. OM SALF WINNERS Front mw: tArTy iCgan pnDouglas
M8es, Fred Dube, Billy Scott, Butoh A eb' aIAm Lovelady.
1, Terry Dorrigan, B ill Halvosa, George T ,iml, Lane Thompson,
0, Don Ryter and Manager Jim DeaLonde4. Abeut from the plc-

ture at W4130M. B n tDDy ,xLniB. "The ElIKs team wuu p u s, m M, m 4 op r ura wtitnu a
Today the RM V IM winners of the first half, in the first &%M of a three-game
series at [fttg f Gallard High way.

Three New American College

Records Set In Drake Relays
S Meinb ftI April U Illinois boomed to a new Amer- --
(II?) beeP tWWe fcf <**can college record of seven ta g The Fairw
.8asO ra.ptes, 31 and six-tenth seconds ta ong The Fairways
. dr ilab M t wb at INta e two-mile relay. Anchor-man
niaV 'tMUl W- M',' ltenry Cryer made it poassle -
St With one minute, 50 and thtee-6
u 1I i l fltH-h eclson i the finl t "t Low Net On Odd Holes Three-
Ok t ll' t Dewey Johnson of Drake set a Quarters Handicap" Tournament
n ll ew meet time of four minutes, last Thursday at Fort Amador
AN ewina- 14 and fivetenth seconds i- thhm were:
I it l SM is- ueate11* mlerth S 8heOpa Schreck-net 14.
a n aS Nort T t t a Oleanna Hae- not 22.
wlkt o f sk 40 fd* M- eight-teWth beeadi at the

% IS af il:l ,M A O =I:no
., t
lib Mot m 1 9m at arod i

tseris. dit n a a g _MWa h. 019ya I

WiN t Aerml bI nSSedM& b oo T- #Mioa, VWaof

The Alfed. 11em, to tron mutf radtagh
t 1 grod pitcher and catcher. io pole vault Bob aey of ten points tus t tq lead Davis,
AAne=t report a"bs kL abe a t, *-a nW with Oen pOd"! S smmit, with
lesS at 5 p.m. ftom ft wn the unlveaity baltf-mfle three; aftrsas t wth three
Monday thrugWh Thumsday. Y. and Panama, wth one.

T"w.r10 OOl Cevelnd's .erns _o ot eent In ae
.. nd h-is quartet are out J rs W. left to rig -, Bob

The Veterans

of Foreign Wars

S, .; '" "

Post 3822


a .& .

N ..'.u- "i. B .M

Nassau-Miami Bouad
i...i' .'+*

20-fot wa dV %i
miles out of : '.
Evie Wolford aft
released hi tow 1.
her -- -ater they h"S
skied 188 .miles H lo'f
In the Bahamia, IS
,ter than the pvftuI a
by Fran etemhartDt on

When the Al m-lhl a w
Atlatl6e bE=f7 tmkit

way along thein r emt
13 e abi te miep .t o.a
.Namhean to


Od thgn to Sa
e too turbathint .
nD crafm, the laitt bO t
A*k thm up.
Parker and Pretty I
ed away from UasCu ;
aj@. on a sea that las. bko
calm In the g aow of -:0M
brochure -aunrte,
But by the tiUmetiy re
the lighthouse at tMe M
western tip IkamS of the
x -

we tl dt .sTl h*B -.i


''w .e" NO,

MSl a

-Ul V.0.

Tabsdy T rIBm t 9i
,I. .+.. .

*". *' > : .*. W ^
TWS*y~t- 4|n290h 7:6t

'G..l. ... '.. --.





I-~. -


. V -. 1. i = -.'
i~aaerr' nin~ i r L**Q

- m h~ ..i~h. ~

~' #~ 4.


----- -- ~


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" .. *, -..
1 c nge I
ae tusiflt

m. r*. e

~.Ai~" *'-

e-P ...-
Low --i, -W
...O n Pb.0
^IMK w... ^ i, B| ii *-.Msui *.*

.swM t. sh
dnua el feat... the


J -

,0-v "-

I li I

Pwi MM b. -4 n w t = op. .W, W m *
tiize "S 1$44,(

8 0 7 1

$ 132Q0

rd Prize -2 5 5 6 $
row 'i- n5me#om
mse UM e a j SAI ,- m ai i .t _flI u M ,f l.
a s sn ..r II use ,:..n

3"s u. .:A"= .MU MS- -! .
mm lwa m S a s
angrIsls se agy ig S me sieas Mg gs


m o. .
iweS. (U* "
me." m l



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* ~ZA

mvi UNA-I



* .r as"
*. -Lfr~4i 4


W.f -bb

Afi"in Ittl I&


- .. .- ..

-',-- f.

F- '.'



"s "'

' ; : -tl n

' A7-


| Ceaebrle

is Occupation

Officially Ends

TOKYO, April 28 (UP) Jap-
An regained her sovereignty at
I-390 last night when the AlliedWENTY-SEViNT R
docupatlon came to an end. but a .
'wave of unofficial celebrations
swept the country hours in ad-
The flag of the rising sun was IP ar iB a-'
ayed in many places, and
ughout the island firecrack-u e a o- I U D "
broke the Sunday calm and
Japanese danced and made
ped intermittently through .u g A

ry in Tokyo until the late
ysai. d One WarEnou A
"We feel as though a great
load has been lifted." one Jap- W a
tnh e sald. WASHINGTON, April 28 (UP) "Within a few m mn I re- lt
Japan has waited more than -Chairman Lyndon B. Johnson peat," Finletter tsid, allof those
af years and eight months for of the Senate Preparedness Sub- who wish to be released will be
1his day. committee declared yesterday released." t .
Po longer must Japan's gov- that reservists--tincluding the Air Finletter' remarks were in I .
Iment take orders from the Force stay-down fliers-"have transcribed interview distributed 0t'
b1teign occupation forces. been treated very unfairly." to 'radio stations by the Amerl- M 1
No longer must the average "One war Is enough-if not too can Legion. ye t
1:Wizen Jump when bellowed at much-for the lifetime of any Jobsnn was asked specifically vOte fe
4, a U.S. military policeman. man," the Texas Democrat said about dlssa1itatiton among re- flier.
No formal mass celebration was in an Interview with Ed Jamie- servists Ipeluding the 14 Air .A.t
boheduled. but the end of the son, Wakshingon correspondent Force offiMers who have refused Fie 1
occupation appeared to give the for station KTSA, San Antonio. to fly. j. r9
'ipsnese new self-respect and a Air Secretary Thomas K. Fin- "I ballet% that the ftserilsts ds
eling of equality that lay dor- letter said In another radio in- have been treated very nfair- S
,aVnt through the occupation. terview that the recall of World ly. They dM their part i the Tek.
,-Many of the swinging and War II veterans, some of whom .T
W ying revelers were seen laugh- objected to going back on fly-
and talking with American inf status, was necessary to ,.......-
diers. |meet the Air Force's "specific
Under a mutual defense pact. needs." 'He promised that re-
an and the United States be- servists on Involuntary active
ines allies when the occupa- duty will be released "within a
ltn-ends and American military few months."
roes will remain here at the Finletter conceded "some er-
iuest of the Japanese to pro- rors" may .have been made in
wt Japan from invasion. handling the reserve program
Vne Japanese said "freedom" and "I have no doubt that in
.fi. be a strange thing to many some instances we may have slip-
panese. Pe. .P." '
Thousands of Japanese have "We have tried consistently to
town nothing but military dic- rectify that and to release men
itorships," he said. who did not want to serve where
F 'First there was the Japanese we had somebody else who was
toltary. which wasn't so good, capable of doing his job.
I d them there was the Amer-
Occupation which wasn't so ir
They probably won't know
to behave once they have
ndomese and American ,A iW *f-
1 en believe there will be"l s u .
t reaction to the occupation
e it I over but nobody
Mits Hollis hidell, assoelat
1-J i P ] [ editor of the CIO News. will be
m 1 W a special ubmt tomorrow at the

at 1:3 .p .:-
S .Durfng the meettg the me-,
Sbership w ear report o the
conference ue e afl*-
Tenn., April 28 ls. sd .M n
,-- Pederal judge ref" r"-'anas" y" Or,- Vat--
let five N parennts mneday at go .
children a white "MO,. ,l rn e
today, holding that it board me-Whe a."1W
:Is not an "unreasonable" will b., a at emeem .AM
,,c, L.hem to taryvel whto n A sp.v ut i on 'to- an,

I u nder .Se-111t the meeting. mamiberstP.Aftbl#ir t r l p
3B.. r^N egrd ha l dreAn OtNer'aests also are scheduled fiig on r0m9ltianni
Renot enNd gr Co nstitd to attend the local's meeting to- the t. ,hi a.. m
6 l- o-ecton b havingto at- morro ht.- cnine-gm lo -- -.y s
*ld the Negro 58hool. ----, l_ bv'enemy aaoa,
lo r pointed out that Knox- P -dd,'
's Austin High School for Ne-
has a higher academic rat-
than the nearbyn FionF a Service Little '- Polis
high school which they Ne. ta..J .
t to attend. Next Say u y
ylor said that many white
Its are required to travel Puneral services for George A. is co w al
r distances under similar MoPadden, a retired Canal em-
vunstances to reach their ploye who died Saturday nitht *---
In Anderson County. He at orGWu. will be held at the WASHINGTON Aprft 2 'a .It proj
Isohool buses are provided in Anco nScred Heart Chapel at 9 A little old lady beind her t e l eat
c.ase was the.. second cour ~am. on Saturday. Iron Ourtain I figh f4r -m e.
upon the constItutIonalIrty ry services will be held erino in the Cold War wi a' Sut it
a state law forbidding white 'riday at 8 p.m., and burial wilFl s. .. l In
K 4 o children to attend the be at Coro8al Saturday. She knows she is rs king aL
schools. MdaPdden had been on' the fee In defying the CommUaaM 'offloa
the previous case the Fed- Isthmus 38 years and was retired who rule her native Polad. private
Sorts ordered Negroes ad- from the Mechanical'Divisiolo, She doesn't seem to care.. tl, n a
to graduate schools of the He Is survived by his wife. Ms. she has tipped off mt oe of"
er lty of Tennessee, but did Meredes Navarrete McPidden. a officials on new Russian t of Pc
Srle on the Constitutional son, George, Jr. and two daugh- bases. And she has vol
_I -ters, Helen and Mrs. Anna to distribute Voice of she13t11 _
EL--,.. r....L.... 'choch. -ropaanda, = the Rai

poxl =.frensnalw,
Smer" Curunduite,
ks n Atlanta
er Curundu Civic Coun-
her. Weldon H. Cren-
W. died at his home In At-
mt, ,l, according to word
Bwdm the tehmus today.
l w"s a Panama Air
S meptore from Io6 to
IL and resided t Curundu.
'I n mmIber of the Eap-
UMsak and a former mem-
W We ftlaen Ledge.
9 0 time of his death he
i membership In the Pa-
Souistory of acottlab
0 a'of Saad Shrine.
%SfOed by his wift, a
NONaand a daughter,
k Who attended Canal

a#'- ~-


I ~- ~

- *' ,- -,

-..ta^-.L- -L-.-.. -& I..



Ly hirg orders for refusal to fly, ba
!IM charges Ilater were droppbi
S against two and they were o-
PLlta dred separated honorably frot
W the service.
&.5 Six similar cases also were ft
V orfed at Mather Field, ClIL .
r Jhnnson said the
SOf- are "patriotic Americans" who
are wining to respond when
heesler they are needed.
. Carl ite eaM, however, that It h
8rind "pretty hard to take" whe L
servits see men only ,_lw
blild, yoeager who have never ,S
lobey- to serve at all.
"'-'- "The cold truth Is that we hb
reservoirs of manpower Inla
country that have never beft
lapped. They are not being 44
S i Korea," Johnson said, "Wi
cause we did not have the c0v
age and the vision to train a
for military duty in the
b between World War II 02
Korean war." .
Johnson also said the
States has "not reached
of adequate preparednel.
S even a state of prudent
"Furthermore, I am ntt
tlTat we are going to reatK .
er state in the near futs, l
declared, adding that a k t
S complacency" has InfeetSed
many" of the nation's luid -

m ls0 tAll a
!- ,'

490 Va. loo t


rOf U$

bably would be sil .
h warrant to reves '
is safe t that that
a small town nea l
la first learned of i
war against the
. )ter she wrote to-e
America was
iand recently. -
ked for voice scripts at
tg n massacre k
lep bradmts h&A IM-&53

lsonal y %._,
=d not Germany onta('
t.4e me slaughter of 2k.
MEN& officers.
- base a t6pewrlter and: a
NUbruite copies of the 56e
!*Is&A s of nrit who%6-
to your program? flU
'?'Ubo0 oplte of the s
.= ... e-V e )ersa lm

lS aot been an
Oan America r

- w---- ere-. h m

rwsrin me

ts mashII

L -'ishm ,*I



,r en the oe a Nt b i.;n /.. "- O"1

t oow.-aMt 4:0S p. m. followed -
am t*o a0.ft. Performance a* "be
Oa Wealesday the troupe willA ,
_aye C ~at 2 p. m. and e ti',a l i
kM +C- wl entertain the IIts 's .S- '
,,.tl A, Aamdor at 9. Hf. ., .
a J ,~Purce"Base off- - will witness
S ermances in PB W
SI and 8:8 p. m.the
t~f~l~mr persTon- f lhmhs annut
W W, e Ipersonnel77 at ,the Xands
dol"e It.. a" et. that was '
-~.~ f or uat lr e d.on" vitaed ii.l .,g ,. .
rroeawllj a p a t- wlena iefm 'w
S e to enter- 9 h the VIaag
3 0 m. At 8:30 GambeS S days
a jerry Timer
dmif t sld at ft omr- t2e. V
tA e the entertain-
ca s form ar 500 h

'sot 't Guletk, ann frm .&a
SMWe' taps wIl depaft
i a imey Air -re fte 4 f-
2tfl &Rico. where the l 1b;

Pres. Truman

.iO I'.-

April ft

mi q

- an a w ea ien
mioTles 4f Mmid ha vebe
t I aimnge 'the
W40 be Ido da HB*
i4SS~i tm. <-- .


I _



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tic. rd
49M ih,