The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Producton Lluet
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e u ry newest aerial fight-
and s e availbe data on
M~omnan. Five other
Sfighters In the
,aegry, l whieh the
aof Defense has

-100 (N-AmerlIan). 900
F-101 (McDonnell), 900
IL F-102 (Convair) 900mph
F-103 (Republic) 900mph
n A aeone-man planes.
dafta s classified.

iakes Are

fm Story

ASHINGTON, April 26-The
ent earthquake that center-
near Oklahoma City and
ok seven states Is the lat-
In a series of tremors that
ve disturbed the basin of
e Mississippi River over the
S150 years, says the Nation-
Oeographic Boilety.
in though the region is
in one of the world's
l"rthquake belts," such as
ringing the Pacific ocean,
central part of the United
es has fet eat pinor
and a least oner'major
hadr aith ofA

white man, and
olent tremors, known
e New Madrid earthquake,
red the face of the river
ey the winter of 1811-12.
ke wrecked the town
S adrid Missouri, dump-
W -of tt into the Miss-
River, whose waters al-
C d and overflow-
0 banks.
Oter rivurmrde towns srf
.I severlty anti the wa-
tumbled Into depressons
ed -.- l k.
O le change was
~' of Reelfoot Lake,
where only forest
RI _before.
kt k is about 14 miles
four miles wide.
es and swamps were
both sides of the

Sbeofs ffdied i5
the m
tted at their.
S a- or In modern
tieswowul a major disas-
Ir. affe'i t industrial

IplanVafley tgion. a4-
l os hbe" baeftMl -
a doa other tilmke
pt eentury.
a.,thq ua in the
"'I River area are ge ner
Wibuted to the settlin O
t ac far beneath the earth'
8.e have followed heavy

.Fehle From Okinawa
cw California
CRAMENTO, Calif. (UP). -
Iawrence J Stetson was
whn a bottle filled with
Which he threw a-
inawa turned up on!
O f the eific ocean.
l cotlnuing che pho-
swn the sufe near
about 0'mles north
Franesco. last November.
Snow stationed at .
Air Force BD Ma r nr
'je pictures when they wr
ad an album
of the same pctu :
in the bottle, paE
k laid he threw the mb l
and film away on Oklna-
Oct 1I. 1.

-TH4 -iAbaf
^^^^^^fr ~ ^^^^^ StHp


AIR FORCE THUNDERJET, (epubile) has 4-foot wb*-
span, range oft ore than 50 miles, manaxmi e
650 mph.

r. -. .. J- .' '

NAVY CUTLASS, (Chance Vodtght), carrier-baed, ass two
engines and & maximum speed of better than NO mph.
H '... 9 .-
.j.". .t .. .+

NAVY FURT- TNrti tmetrcan), is t 6 50 mph dlurs leLks
lke earlier F-J-1 (above) except for swept-back wings. Is
reaDy Navallied Sabre.
-i i --- --- --- ---


ROAD-HUGG ftC-A former sirple thime to Munich,
Gerany. designed to hte the car glued
to the road at lg~r sp i aerodynamb prindple, the
aeloran, mounted where the frt bumper mug to be, oases air
Bowing over it at high speeds to add to front-ad "weight of the
auto, keeping it stable at high speeds. Deviae sells for about 3$5.

- -

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uuje Fg"itts

'Junk hlchb Guns,

U -oc kets

"~ B Pe s ..tN
dotUA 26 (WEA) The U haa A l
St fif lu birp^ane s in pr0~h606 k f .*1^

Mi-1. .
or w -hi'ch can outfight R i,,.''"

SMoodt 1e 1W n n model ctuall in cc hc.t
tion now Ie" M&of i|is in the neibrhood of
^ 700 iwflue4
MH cl0diuled to go Into pmdruction 14 1
sometime "i*yjn 1953 -the Air Force's F- cout
100, F-101, IMW -di03 ere in the 900 mile per

u 0 Wtt t n* 1 ot n f ifi of mw U.S. fight- n
ers wgl pltt nt with the Mig-15 depends on whe- Kulo
other or f t fiite isc adived in Korea any time soon. 1AVT (c a aBu *pJla soft
If war after this put them into the 700 miles per __'llAo f f
Summae, sein ill, ac- hour class.
cording to an Aitr e spokes-. W I
man. thifndeiet
in any event, a4 combat is .e .. i oto _
right on th of ovin i- Te Rep blic Thunderlet now
to sf.a Itih e faster 'h in product on will have mo
sound, l IMO h our. speed than the Mig as ia Isul
of adding swept-back wih la to
fSu K the eatly Thunderjet, 's IM iS
Addition of a new engW with a
"Operational ~esonic seds I7 pound thrust.
are not far eord to Il won't quite match the new aS
MaL en. n C. abre's becausemit ha$ bea e
chlf of fe Ir ger rap and twr
a"W a.e 0, soy% heavy ombc,
fighNters b o e Vo Ianger e is i a miles. omp t l By
fly that fast to survive combat to the 500 mile range of the new
with the oppsiion when these Sabre.,
fighters become aVallable. .
"some pEope o tl be- Navy SixOM
lieve th~t. ii-tp-air corn o May ad
be ableat such peede' he The Navy has six of the MV
says, type fighters which are rated
better than the Mig in all cate s
( n i gorieu They include thea ruM- NAV KeTAU. ., h l. an
man Panther and F-I ,.the tera ae t. rF-i aif .*f
The Air Force continues to Chance Vought Cutlas, the b.--
I claim that the present Sabre In Don rell F-SH the NorI. A o-__
Korea l nor to the R n can ur a the Douglasl Sy- ,m Ab
Migr. rts point my.
to the se.en-tOens O L. an- 1
tate aC the B abreover the c i all ss aste
Theyashe elat .that gaboso The Cutlass 'with two let en-
the ilima stnse s with a gines wllU probably be fastest of
M i 118 el N~id the -'e grou a us ap-
Ame I pr oachng o miles per Wi r

In ireased Lackllosi Chl n tfte M Ril I
ohhedNew M ensis. h&s hledLa
Iei eir I=oofperforne r
nn .l. cS 5- n Ia l, pe b io r .! the ghl ehell'
The two new versions of the ed- __ and a a mreul t t
North AmerivouSabra whichare thpForce's 1S
in poductiet r, will erase th.e l4 aTS h- p**sle 4 n a perations- u,
slight eli. speed and catling guideds.196.
advantage eI Mg has over the I th ew places have ihaIe gau.. .Basedo theI 4.
present Sabre. = ba* ngs or delta In some thme achinehm s uturbedup with a 'is
Improved jet engines with a are tiangular. have been. td U itrfairly even ni
thrust increase of from a pl a heavier. Impro.m its ~n t he r
5000 ponds to a plus 7000 po~n~d 'wetP fatetors such have not kp huv wiaso W
will make the big difference and jsr p and ejection ed speed. .e e ..nt.
: 0i the

w.I. n Illn 1 ,,rapa-

Po r Laid -
n"1gh to -ap| rw"2 mo a|t a It I mb=UltM M aes
i*1 r. i. .1 timm bELf **MTl&ti

--The United Nations and t
Organization of American 8ta1
are Joining forces in the for
dable job of making literacy a
only available but attractive
mlll'ns of people in the Wei
ern Iemisphere.
The task has been undertake
says the National Geographic I
clety. by the latin American I
reau for Production of FwnW
mental Educational Matfrl
sponsored by OA8 and UNMSC
theUN Educational. Scienti
aand Cultural Organization. I
Guillermo Nannetti of OAS es
mates that there are some
billion illiterate adults In Lal
Americas alone.
Adult reading often is taug
liX Latin America, as elsewhe
S primers written for eh
When these are finish
sere title reading mati
valable to thousands excel
provincial newspapers, a scatth

M.IDRE SS= MOl l PROM MARS?-No, but he was oe a a lew ~ againes.
.in*dreuwed mi aboard the cruiser Albany whdN the shp uch material requires too
se joined in cold-wether exrcises near Greeland. Te great a transition from juventl
taitu e the Navy aiopportunlty to test face masl, nrlms for an adult who hw
te a ge4thrr g ar r use in Arctic wathr. just learned to read, and con.
-_ seaquently he doesn't read at Ea
Dr. Nannetti says that In Latil
SAmerica, "There is nothing tt
read becau there are no read-
RAI 1enr, and Ihe are no readers be.
jI S J. 21w- ., I. 1 auae e nothing to rad."
rf' 73w2 DABtSS' -1I V!SSOW s buresIL
W. no,0 '* it o- 0 'a
-1611 a ni dlarularat

e, while d-ii

ivts of theRl
1728 ff t 4ei0-.

Newr or .
ck of NPe
>ly 15 of the .

. n.
I -o

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im-r Tswbt f

'i&Apel 3n (s)-The

Irupiteto pt b v
bow WmliP

th 8*



aFr sw ,ite
it a. La^Hii


l, ias si
4 L7 ~

- .II+I-L

7.'T.;- ', y .,.
* ; + *. *P : -"*. .:

_ ___ _. ~__


------ -----------


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." :.i.-
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: ~*. -.~-r' -m~

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iww 1 'eed B RlA'.

r r ..- ..-- it--'
FI D4g

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A; ... -

bp E,77

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8. ;"
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Iu A"Lmaift mio

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?; .
.,ureS-, ,Ir
111 ~9r

j.. ..: -i. ..-


rW. '-
W hmOREN know what they want. We want to be different in a
TT plus. not a minus way. We would be different f we
ditae4 4n rags but that would denote failure At all cost
wp must fall as women.
S':., Today busy young mothers are as pretty as a picture. Shop-
,i.iaL, veltig, lunching or off on a spree with their children.
lwhn ver she goes she Is dressed ut right, never have to
t .hunge from morning to night. Let's take a close look it's cot-
ton or nylon it doesn't fade or shrink. Beautifully cut and
Siri. Where do they get them? Mottas, Panama & Colon.


S0 directions come with them
Well-Relax anyway Magic
Loop Bumpers give priceless
Protection for your child's feet
TIE face everyone ls talking and proper body balance. See
about s them, try them and your chil-
I has radiant beauty so sheer dren wil always wear them
o ,--er skin glows
H ow does she do it, we think FELIX MADRO
Ve know
It's all so wonderfully uncom- ...
plicated Helpful Hints
Go to the cosmetic counter and
The wonderful products of As an adde4 touch of a
Elizabeth Arden thoughtful hoatss, try keeping
Select what you need at THEia freshly latmdeed house robe
FRENCH BAZAAR. in the guest closet.
Ift you break your plastic eye-I
glass frames, brind them togeth-r
er with cellophane tape until
you can get theM fixed.

When you uy slip covers,
member tb -pSr .text
are suitable f sturdy pi
,wn, \ of furniture, ereas the
trous surface a satin or
mask suggests formality.

e e.... G~O AT NEWt! Always inclt e your ch
S" OW WILL START ping board In your regr
A O. GREAT ANNUAL dishwash A dip
'is"'s fct' yu6tu l d',\..p '* .-^ BB .,
Waiting for. DON'T MISS8any unpleasant odon that
cling to the' wood. Rinse, wi
ZIG-ZAG and leave in the alcr-t dry.
____U__ -.-- ..'i.,


. ._, r, ..

Wy I



[:' 'W~~~: i~
f2 its 4)

~fi r bL 1


'WA if
1 ^

For the woman who's handy with her sew .memle hert
three fashions to make to pattern. Dress brown acetate-and-rayon Summer fabric, J.i I un
buttons. Suit (center) is In acetate faille-type 'ihtrb.w soib' a sm

NEW YORKr-(NEA)-A great picked
iart of the fine art of success- tern N
ul home sewhag lies in the abil- ny
ty to pick the right fabric for sign i
he right pattern. lna ji

tr.' #t'slshion here in gmd.
lt patent and with Jl bliwk ft
-aeetate ffeta with crisp aeok.-
*in each instance, the pattem ifm)

st-lj crlsp feel, yet light-wel
ht* enough to take a soft 8114
i- We ave It self -batt
ti bet Wit would be equally
"Shrty with shining dark aiswg
fioe. Ies.
leaJ OIe. you've picked ta Mi

n cu. s. R

TA a lM
ening and t

WaM (rIt) Is ln,
m Jd I'ark eelorn.

I.: .i,.w r
- ''t.

t; ;I-wM

SInMeting hm
In selecting fabric for a

Ride A Hoby
To Good r/mwes
One of the bdt wAays to keep
urlilfe Interutgn and stinm-
Sting is to take up a hobby.
t should be t pastime that af-
feas you complete relaxation
And at the dame time utlizes
your creative urge.
Even if you have very little
Mae to spend on ,eltra-c ril-
ular activities, try to set aside
at least 15 rhinutes a. 'day 0t
develop some personal interest.
Sou will not only lte fhe
yourself to a fuller life,
Aur family and friends as we
ie s always faacin
i wPhloen ho ure doing

If you have no Itnte bob-
hin Mind, you'll flnd, on in-
*atUtn, quite a variety to
rom. tFhula you've
been wanting tan tlan-
ercraft, or to becre a photo-
I a rdening may be your alt-
ry, or caring for the local ba
population may encourage your,
g tme o d imeoe. _ut 'tsel~, Mout-door spirit.
wreaks. -r-m -n ai Should you have the time, ev
It) ald ery community needs recrea-
tlon leaders for Its youth.
IT NEA Beauty Editor RWtAXING
1Wat-~&r trl tiftting or dressmakin can
your there's always the Vbs
ibr i Mrx you' n,** 1* oe 1r
ralt b a o refl jorPCrch *
;ea : or do onething a
ht old-fashioned bureau.

have to do is rahe y nce yo decide on the hob-
amathflathe tiny cone By you teal will give you the
over match flame. u Ly
M N FSA GSt g3S u yog. I
You canm choose from seven The Public Lbrary is one I&
different intriguing fragrances Sosrce and. of course, there are 9
to suit your mood r .the oces- adult night classes of-
ion. There's sandaled, wiser- faring lI toalaq on maanr
pine, rose. Jasmin orange subJects.
Yaur in'ne fru fnr mnanws

awGs aGtngs. Enjoy fragrant surround-
a place f. eey evening.
a ;le ay to keep a upplyA
Sya al tmnd" Is to use a boaof
cones as amtoe .to
tuck In your stockie, handler-
hie or lngerie oess, or In
othe of dreasar drawers
ILand shelves.
S To bun or not to bumr is not
S E E You =a 48 beth
I=D -y keep Jyor p"n-
S. sand "W I AM.
Lt a sr fras rnt.I
air;-- -- *.* '*

: ." ..-
w *
2* .-, -:


St. Louis esigers

Favor 'Gibsu LW '
th 1 .*' '

rrom me c
for keeum

'ti iN

.lT.tatt- (NEA) -I t
_CX cot fashions
ing river
I figures
ai..i promenades .
her sklati swiri
L out Iftrom a tiny WatlaUA.:
Atndmr the full-circle skirt, L
o4ft de gners like thb ifk
t crinaine, crisp and
'Ihey also like the suit 'It4
atkosl e a res, the lowa-
Iw -lt Its own covaer-
t (bolero, Spencer or shr4-
e aseWu dress with hal
idice that leaves the arms bam.
__;l e- story is t .t
wI sheer weaves, from

tx mh mat &.1
1;dw-0 FIRM

sIn9U Ans
-t thte b

r ettman i

a satin
M cat- Tn- T
baa are lteo ft
with alk
Ka asina

r1 ...

have a

Sstole d
aVe b im


In' w

_ won m -mnswe mme
Wz apala rMs. AmR a m

the form

-nowe to ur s

category nd-- a

in this

s Sw
a dug h


Y"--I~YYi~~'- -~ ~--- ~

lY--_ _~i---Lr-l-~-

P.A. T-
_ "..

~kri~c. ,Int'

. -l -.
* '-*-


....... ..
if*- I


Si ,
Me4 9i

-, S r+-

we= a ndem,
LAviW -r CUO1L6

^^^^^^B-^k ^^^~

.l^ -i

(&ies or ii
4s. w .

ria.%%Sp E 4 c~
a...ef1;~ ;


r ti

a '. .4 a ,.

r t i ewa TO

.:m ^ ?1.


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R rtep b t
rdye the I
.in n get
'Slm alit un

ura Ii


. pmesaur caw .

yia sCs,
M .

A ''
-UH men M "-
^T^ff~'{rit .


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.~u LT I

a at senke l s y
shat Wha w iftIaE

A., gdne u Air F
hm -.. r. P 40 -
i nu ibbr a

+i k .
'. I '. r *' '-. .'. .-J .-

F... .. -. .' ...^ U .... .. .. i_

-,'. -, l *b.. .->,i8'. ,s: uf 1 k

ii..l 1
.;;- +, ,.."i- -.o.f l ,... +t-e -. ..- '..,,. .-. "
-- + ;,'a-- ...... .'+ : '* -- ++ ', f !

-.. I f ..V''-Nlp' .^ ( .i .i
: *' .,C' r, M ;...t "W ..,, (. -- .

:,- ""-* ., '.'.-. -I t

^ . .....,. a *. .*
. .. i i-

+,;.T.- ..i- ... a. :*\ "

f "

>+:k :i# -; :,
.-;-- --. ,.
*if;' ~ ~ ~ ".. t" L ""' "" ""' .--'-fs "*

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b.ut t

a tts'le Rlest



I1W TOM (u -f
* ljhtl r none aL

of hM pas lrmto M
ot hlis t ,atn41s'

to usnuuauu
of man.
felt Instinct
un. the aah*

W -w-1

I I .


wswa' 'i-m

~rn Nam'.

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L.i.l-_a ~i. -'-I;


p. 4

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kwmhot s& BEr
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.ir pahw~


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ikte your Ad wi t one of st'r A *em* O#ftceo No. S7 .-
No TI,I .rutral Ave. Colon

loHl A t.-hone 2-S21il. and

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(Orth ol July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

Sal ft tjaks Americaso
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*b lttry Pla hone 2-31N9 trnw
Pbhme 2-

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SSALE.-Westinghouse Refuge- Service Personnel and Civilian 20O Anase, C. I Z r i
ra tor, 25 cycles, $290, Kenmore Government Employes
washer. 25 cycles, $125; both se- Insist on We cover bottorp, make bats and
van months old 5334-C DaNvs. Government Employe Finance Ca. buckles. Theb yas oble ma- .a l t
St., Dablo,. Wkingstad. When rou finance your new trial. Monday bru Thursday frmO _
t? a. or used car I 00 to 5:00 p.m. House 758. i V-
fR; SALE. One sideboard an AGENCY DENLINGER Apt. "A." Barnaby Strrt. Vi it war Nd to
dresser. metal imart on, mahogany No. 43 Automobile Raw TRAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy i water and stops annoy.
i agss top for both; on fan, e Phone 3-4984 3-4985 your vocation In cool Coata Rtico. nee of dripping tollets
G G os cilatrin 2 5 c y cle ... ..
motS hor a hr, new To sell or biv your next 'autrliml Fly LACSA, PA offHl atio, only ,permnently.
single, two matres cton new, se Aencs Cb s. Auo-Row $3500 round trip. Fairs Pan- As repred by Readers Dist
dsngle, one couch, metal, new, one No. 29. Tel Panami 2-4721. ama Dispach T.. 2- 5 "AL T" never fa ls.
scale platform. 1,.000-Ib. coapa Open all day on Saturdays. from Ancoan bu-st*p, -RENT-T two b 's- .
Sone wardrobe baby maho- FOR SALE.-Dodge Sedan 1942; co- FOR SALE F. NOVE INC.
Sone bicycle girls. standard mra 35 lens, ary and ce.
of N ,nd charger. Call Belboa Tel. Balboa 2696. M ft ifi, Te
-320 r 046 -FOR SALE -- Citroen model late FOR SALE: o e
OBr-nd new automatic, featherweight 150 1 m, ir FOR SALE: poiee alo t
.ran. danger D co rol at 13 50. duty free, top condition Best Of fer. dnew Prie 22 5.00. eblera
each. amo. SA Phone from 9 o 12 and 2 4 Ideal. Rio Aboio No. 1090. Tel. VENETIAN
FOR SALE. 3 burner stove with Panama 2-0024 3-1216-
O 'n, dining able with the leaf, and' FO SALE;-1947 Super Deluxe Ford F R-SALE.-The famous "Scom ot" BLINDS
o;ler household articles House Tudor. V. by original er e. FOR SALE.-The famous "Sixt M if

rFORe fe u-nder 2 FRrSALE: -- 1946 Super DeLuxe FOR SALE:-In Santa Clara lot of cati in *Soars ab lt 4 m r Dele. thm
Fmily up andi n Bc e under 2 U Ford. good onditon, exCrcellen t 500 "Arcilla Clayc"' blocks, 6". wth telephone. May 15 U it el. 38-1'951 its
l family, up arid *Edobwn Baby be buy. Chase 744-A, Las Cruces St.111 Fco prce Eqi at1 rd Jul 3M Rsb r t *
and high chair. House 0422. n- Balboa Factory price. Enquire at residence July l3. Reaeidiot rates #2. 1th 8. ." '" I'. tA a
| con. J oPrA n of Dr. Amadeo h astellarr. Pay responsilbts f 0tieia "ous 211 -C, .- u_
------ FOR SAL'E.-Are you gotng to pur. here or at Clayce rn Panama. Pedro Mi.ael. 4-535.
PQR SALE"- our burner gas stove., 'chase a Ford or Mercy Car If so, FORALE:Too .mpl
small ie box. Houre of apartment wll sell a 650.00 cash cret for cSALE:-Tols, A omplet garage FOR RENT;r bd m potent, d ANMA BROKE INC
2 g rien Street. Panama. Between' $600.00 cash.' See: Trott The etoqu int. w A dae Sunday, P 2 4:30 irinoa, -v 'l
a.nd 5 00 p.m. I Cleaner, Panama City. Tel. 2-0120 rundu. Sn Franc. 214, A-
*.X.Biay sa_ he rundu. Son Frdaiesco. -TWT. 2.1464, An- 861:fta
RSALE:-Three chests of drawers. WFOR SALE:-Guns, all calibe Frs, in crs mi Trus. t Co.,ati
ne buffet mahogany, made by WAITED FOR SALE:--bunt, i chrs, in CO n Lip. tvm t o Tr C. ti t
'C s; I Simmons cuch. Apply excellent condition, hunting equip- FOR RNT:-Vo'ioeil quertsr Abattoir. Forestal PrNodu"
No. 19, 47st Bella Vista. Call be- MIelIafO, ment, also movie equipment. Apt. from MN y'3 atH l Sept. 15, In Tel. 3-4 a-I
'fore noon. 2035-C, Curundu. Gotun. 5ff 5-360 for Infor-
#Or@noon IWANTED:-Rtiary converter to con- S ftion. '' ",LIIP MarshallTa- "
A SALE 8 pieces chlnaware vert. 25 cycle to 60 cycle, about FOR SALE:-Set now "Grand Slamn 'I E ATOL LP Marsh all IN- a e l w
-I Rebyol Dalton service for eght Tel. 150 watts output, or generator men's golf sticks: Nylon bag, $115 FOR RENT:--2 alind 3Ibdoom aport. MOOA EN FURNI tUI pe4s.A prDt JUI) A New
alboo 2-3354. alone. Call 82-4234 8'00 to Call Balboa 3081, Mnent, sultafe fr Clinic or rit- cutle .I. Cn cttMa b i. i mirti
-.. -l- c 4 00. Mother .. when you ect shoe d. No. 22, 84th Street. Tl. ualtl ~- tb 1I a 1Nn t 1 ChrtiAin -
ih3-1773, Ptanah. eI U P el Pp Hi is d
S. Ta- WANTD BY AMERICAN FAMIL for yourself. you choose comfort-' 3"o7 1. 0 ao the Cetft Pacifae. X # i o-
unfurnished house, 3 or 4 bed- able ones! Whr not do the same FOR RENT: -- Vacation quartli( Ing fAt wit hw the hfe of v Olin
C I Curt rooms, preferably with spacious for your children! Active young furnished. Ganboa far 4th montis. au mew and -the lIvely rhythm of Atier-
-an_ InCothi lieanf h-!Ibl.s AU.fl-'7
garden. Elvin Selbert. Americon feet need shoes that are eoiy on T tlel0ona s.k87. t P" s S eas t le b hillbilly~ urY rrI If
Embassy. 3-0010. the feet for those hours of lFOR iRENT.U I'ql 15th.. W l MchaelMurty, Jesut1 s IC ja the.
Tex. (UP) Like o rugged play Get them Senior furnished. Nb. Is 1 faitIla, Allf biter mlitlonai, ,used a ils c It n
Justice of the Peace WANTED:-nAerican family wants Jumoing Jacks and a perfect ft at por Road. DR. B. L. STONE pIe formula: oa here
chburg had a decision two bedroom apartment. unfurn- BABYLANDIA, No. 40. 44th St.. ..T Is. d.15 ~"-:
That he didn't have shed. hone day 3-3297. evening Bell Visa. Tel. 3-1259 F RrnuTa.Ao "You win their confidence
#W to fit. The devotion of 3-1373. Panama with malI," he aid, "and by t
Sfor his master made up WANTED: By American busine s FOR SALE Mfa NUE IeNIC ing their tbence you win
bedrom. atit ToM $9R RE
a og.nd was n me first class furnished two or ""et'L
s hodil 80e principal 2 4583o.. rn- tgtl I
in a custody suit. SA:-inet cc.htekl rim-9 o- iiinf&i **-L s^t e
l ye and D. Oary both WANTEC: Panama City, three motorcycle worth aol eiras. Price- he. r t tte t#r f l. nit "
the dog. bedroom house furnished G. W. $400.00. Call Pananri 2j4859. s. a nd la wIn duth ibs vlo -
said he lost the hound Doswell. International Hotel. *l g m u wR lu Et guitars andM
hunting trip. Gary saidR U S ai i .l Are M- *
bought .he dog for s2a WANTED, ALIVE*-Animat%. birds, FOSV S'lIorap* ftn s
ameone else, but would snakes; etc We buy almost every' Real Ete Lack o~ and o rate or mo "here are e r in
hi e up If roved.ul oweerq-Mieuelm)a aking them s .4- 1, "There are five literas In the lP'@nelm
ood If righfu Pedrr Miguel. PhORSe4LE37At.SaWiteeoClara.xconcr1e6w svi-lag241, roe." other Aturray aid,&!
Kelly walked Into the FOR SALE.-At Santa Clar. cn py that the wife isg begl b ught ft n t
Kellwalkedintothehouse furnished. Slping wonder i thea "all bough an Aerean
omSam. who had ivingroom, bedroom, kitchen and can be saved. .
b 1 3c 2 q oin t q E i t#4- At!
l pttle *ntre. t in r both.i4 20 g wcrs In a few words thiila to t-
trked upHislong. bladk i good land. 130 ft. well and tank S ry as she wrote It to me. Her ''i
sPtarted wagging Completely, steel, pipe and wire at husband has a secure, bMt tad R
'a yur dog, George" the a bfegain. Terms. Frank Gut lend job. 'he pay is so meager I ed
iral 11211- Agent Casino, Sari, Clara. .' they are running behind each
rFORRSALE-C m ent fibEltiire creation and nothing to pay XCAE 1 A< desDhT
/vDATA WASHINGTON April 26 U.P' floors. 2 bedrooms. 2 batroomI baby-sitter so that they cait w taes in 1beth i _On hn
S. --Arlington National Cemete- livingroom, diningroom. l eitchato an occasional movie. Y TO n t w- Ind
0 -- I ry, home of the tomb of the and patio Cornp!etely fuRml t he husoana had to lgve up .
IRTIbs Unknown Soldier ard man, Anr- Hoase in rear with bo th ua two thiss from which e wuse b -i SEI, War I .
aCn -berm, Is runt 'I ..a tck.r. %iVt r 'a sh Ie o much pleasure, golf
NDOLA. Mr and Mrs Lur space .tnd Wi be fLcn. io ,- trvee Cost f 8.000 .. 0 stand' .he. w .n.
son. ArI Ist Gor-'F_ yby 1970, according to t te:7.9M. House. located 'ind cI' he arebt futae Wr
, Quorterrhatst -r Car ir sit of Sonia Clara Cali Pl anamaba u IneaLy .geL:L .nA e*h"W

-- ad M I ,o becauseo the cemetery ie sA. .m e th e
Sh od byotthickly 2 Cve Cmr ht ow mter td rg n"pro

-" a- y t he AA-.-" ,. ,---- .j ,'1-B." .
,. anedd e \i- .,-- e re L r5.,..-- i
fuerrthersmn6 OP amE oi iCfleduflels
iUeeMrh r and Mrs not hosousbl andt ynft
Aaw Set- Io Ihd 4n41A

end o 11 ,r~tf st 3en eT bW N e o e n rweif eB shouldd ges te dirct.Sseoudgt
enMa&tue. a P daughter ctiherS e wtr. n Zto ig ZchW 'o s th.e e a o a.n
t oras HoSpalt A alii en t et ~ thi ckly ehave lrdoruvers, r fnd EE
d re o es a a cost. f 3,v 0 t s h at the botto of .
L rd Trnk. a son, AtM 10 co to law. ..r ho ... -. 'o&.

r, PA 1 tab of 13e Unil1. al l *". .ds .,MA% stay- "
g. la.n. .. ....tise wb p mf Ye
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:at l, saAher: the dba of her
IM6 -a n D als aeMa tedMi
Party-two X.menw twbnsIoniutie oweMAd ve
27 Olin this ontry theWles aGO work Revnuaofk loute0%.&.

th eaa months If bar
nd once premlter 'would allota0211and 111111e q 11 in wb It.

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oelino. ft tut theya d t1 Sh h s o-s thatoo-ws
tp ALIK ry. 'ltawl Pee 8 2=1
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met o t~''~t~h htM -a. --
?t~d ollsa.fha~~AC~t,~:a '~~~iuL PBlW ~ P~i

A%.vent em
I" +tbt flats

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oer MlaM~ta num- Ii
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p8O-pounl Tom llf
no, Idaho.
mttWyu can if you tt w ,"

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's partner, ~I~ Rlw
d a't eh'snInob NI
lows to matter."
ftirht have beef In i 4
t" tn lHawks. "Do
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Martin StnfMll,
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td rhythmic verali
r 1 Dry" and "Yoiur
y ts"Teat" (pecca).
a singing a "peet of
llon't BRer Be Afrl
Rmen" (Columbia)
oar'ge Shearlng QI
at usual smooth j

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. ,.* .:. ,,e?^t-.

.4. .;.L -Y~i

- --

Mie-' Simpson SpoilE

hv*Perfect Gamne In 9th
--os two-
SYbi, Atl 26 (UP) H ry two-
A fin Dinth in ning rpeNi elW"erun at.
SArt HouttAnan as tfhe T igef teo the
tdi loh ith a 13-8 victory over t tnhe=
IeO, the White Sax ihut out is tr rnwp-0
iiJe oen's t hreeitter. The Broms' Is dp-
Hbp lote second piece t*Mid the idle te Soxir p.6
Sfiinedl out at Philadelpitb.


allais-Senatora game at iman got on through an error. A t0--mantco V. 0pil0 11 6
was also rained out struck out five.
S an Lehgue. Bob Lemon. the laln pitab -.b
'tIo Lenague. the for the Indians. had herled a no- s~- a e" Natil ; 1. ae
iwltewashed i e Braves hitter against the t'Lger in thisaifle: _.88T Pr"gu 318
i the Red we ad the ame Itadum (Brgga8 Stadium) & d Baewt of atlJYMM,
1-2 In'the o ,d games I four years a o. o.--roton 1I
.I'he Dodtts ts at 'rDobson Iimt ed the d~ start It.a&nolete 1
I rOt& as d ed out Lorld BBwans t Woaee red ap Girl &. 10
the were schtl ed toa saf s while out liausili ljagul 113r
thq rdinals In a L. uts tohOck the Btwnifl out of the agaleho V. I
SAmercan League d.d. Marty 6--Diana S 0 1s0
o came within one Marft. Jim Delalnat and Tom'mI
t first no-hit no-run Wright were the bnly Browns to
y rby a Tier hi a hisa see- 3rd itce 1-2' Imgpth-4Z. ....
Yrar, .o--, Eddie I- hyears..rv H.owee Eddi -. ,
la clean sinl eIto ond homer of the young season Pa rs: -.ta "s 1:t wt do
ole Houttman's bid in the sixth Inning to give Dob-'1 On-Tr 4;wor il lo tL .
on;' enough margin to win. I-Bos-for V. Ordbes 115 iI A ien h
24-year-old riLht hander Robin Roberts pitched his 15th 2-Pepuscola e 115 M I. A~lench. m1n.n
i only 29 mea. e gave up malor league shutout against the S-Bendigo A. 10 1x L .5eh Jr., A. Jones. A. MoraI
jpbase b ali -a one other raves. n Ha&er got four 4-Alfonsito J. ...5
-- ----- singles in j ri. to the plate 5-Beach Sun C. Rl 1154
,. an Del drove inthree
I. Stton i s runs ato the PiUs at theA
Splte. he Phils' big inning was 4th Race 71-2' Imported-4% p
te if th when they -tallied five Pursez S75s.a ,Cl.ems 3.. "- { --- 3
m-ern Thrw Atiies on five hits.
S.iS' I's Pu costly v Arroro sclmttedil._Sandarln A.Vue x
wd: 183' 2" by the Pirates add Rthed sa rin A. Vasquez 11x
aaR92 triumph over them for32GAllinomas G. Prescott 115E N
ADnLPIA. AprDil 2 (UP) their seventh successive setback. -Yorgo G. Sanchez 115 ACE PAINT
lt national hammer- A strong wind blowing in en- 4-Dsaintywood Arsem. 115 of*t
I n for thrSe yearsterfleld preve Kinerh 5-Costna A.lMona 115 -. tIld) 143 13 13-- "-e""
tai of the Olpvaic pla-, from astchinrk batted byA iw .1i2 g1u -
estab ls.h S a newRPoy P.N Wo outs in 1, iic l
with a tofs of 8ac #,-rndia the 5th Race "E" Impsal -1 ile .
,m and three-eighths 'A Prs: ris he,0 h os. 2:55 wate .s- i o 1
%. .... R se. --Mirfax -Q Chania 113 In 1 1 w191- .. 2
the 41h Vsm bt h? it ie-l* 2-Hutleckno V 'g C. Iglosl s i1 1 V et s 4
5ab". o d0 tr alh e t h r e e i s 1etao1
iol'tymie-s- Montmartre) V.,050r Cr 112 % 1es"
Nrt eld here tba er. rh 4-Pamper 11 ) C. ofit 1.2 s8era. t,-
illon was second withrele help rom mth wa e fol-mn Tme C. Phlips 110 ha|ies ie fl-e a_ .c

S 17 t. ve --r a Ordes 114 b Va .1e. 123 18f e1.f

nd,,i--Cheice. earB.oi ll7e r an N. 1ravo 1'..
0.r. 0,A0 .5 e .o "
er recs w c with Wetn-w' O 171 136 1R ~

half In eolo, war.t. 417 1 ..At. 1
ahailtInches establish- 6th Race 'T-1',JamptrteI.4 Fps age4 mto flm ia w e r17 3_ *
)94 by Rob Bennett. s P rin $flarUO 7flJta Chum 2:35r r v a
F ir.t RuOf 4lQsm bleg 1glintI the Cap. .114. 114114-14i _at(,
1-.att. Cloud2 1 gme. am tonott Sibi .
2-i Time uL .re 10~wa -wsecond. t the tals. 8 87
..2-.' Timte .0. Brave 1_2n W. "hmg
Let at.Fed N..Y. qvu. 120s1-P excluded erom w-il-Noelera r.S -sis rs: 107 ebenek with 41$. e Rum- Car enter

...ST RAC" -mom. -Vs

,--t 1 2 0 '. ...16. ,
2-Miranda $4.20, 2.09. $2.40. aP e H. o St rVO fi1e s 11Be4 nen'k uwi4 r% A (o d) Crot
*aeo,. 7--Caonaue 3. Bravo 114 wth tT 17 I li-

Cld-., .Jl d Wirevm. r."1
aa B. PalM 11 n o

,t, -sre mm"l. P. ftr u-, ,..ef t
-D:M sa-.- 5 .- Peaw. 112 %h e:1
a ) $7.%-rtoa Chbne ce CutMp lb 114 t t Lsopii ...Ata

mister0. AR e 130 4 hei
ti) o,,.u Ml ... tBaavheri

f'z... ase~ss '. ." "
ime: econoial o. Ib~atybe POt~I
-] RAE 112 900008 in 2W-[0-r42a

oV. uth .. 167 r+every mus .. ra

'ster D. d"tppa 12u J 'f "r- 0.....

.,Pnm.-t %
4. 'ra .' ,I, ;" "A
..... economicalPau I mom MODE it .157- 44 .0 _11C

t a ":- o. M'" us- .20. "eft .'
AObbfttel&0Mo C _. i.n i f-. 1$ bw v

ad 1W.,,,., ,T,

.......... ..... ..

I. .I


P ~ '
-:r ~

iH .1i. .-in 41
^**' -' s ~. *
- i. '.- .. & ;.'.d + .r--*
**.*** -.--,. .*-* flMl HM
--tc '* *"-. ; i .'.i t K '.
3 +1 "' .. +. -r-





S "- ,4gi l m
. g 1_ ~ -- -- ^ *- '

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'" 4. r ,

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Ba :',-j
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of GInoUm nm"

rI Mwhat yoar aasom

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keio wy, wIMn v ,'w gqa,

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red.%r)ld.i s Ii
-.r. af
"f 'd .'. I --.,,I l Mm

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,lit -lwer. e M, pru1,

Why Fight Fans

Sit Gray Hdr
.. rhmuy a -imtH l

w 4 -'-

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* 4. C
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iMalt Wiat
y ft t Sun-

iT1 IPm.Z

I Urumom IMM

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Bus he
rrsW a
~*p 3$n

F I S i-IR

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For yer ears rrip
Irw *-^i*^WlW^w^^
bwoi JTMap^ 1 '

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",.1' ''

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l-i 6




man has been asked to "take a d
Shlittle time oSt froL your bu
DIKE SAVES WATER WORKS AlthOtist the rest of day" to conad t p ght
Wathea, KaRnt., is covered by flood wattr ef the Missouri the pert Frech l o even S
River, the town water works 'lower right) atUil sits high years ago sactcd a leg and a.r L
and dry, protected bv a cdke. the use of one hand to save the
life of a United ~Stes 'soldier. The.
a r She looked away quickly, was minor
silent for a long moment and -ut
then smiled
She pooned to the f lwes n
HST Berates House For Catting P""s ,,.t.,i-"
and a new raIo ha bher roomh at
Pasteur clinic. t
'iThese years'" she said, "have No one Va3
brought me many. fdlends I
.Midwe t Flood Contr otherwise would never have had.
o -- Everyone has ben good and
WASHINGTON, April 26 (UP) included kind.that were I have cone t she so .
-President Trumarraccused the of "such could not tmes f s
House veiterday of"'false econ- be deferr '" e es ls dt appe that *he
omy" In' cutting flood control He sin d but dams now never has Aes ob eil'd from
funds and said the Midwest may under co li the i paper pl. Thomas Argq, whosele Rtfe
suffer disastrous new floods next Missourl- e arso dam In she saved, s the end of the
year unless the Senate restores North Dakota, tle Oahe and Ft, war.
the money. Randall dims In South Dakota She keeps the "Medal of Free-
The President sent a strongly- and Oaviba Point dam on the dom" and the att*aton she re- LQO P.
wrded letter to chairman Ken- South Dakta.Nsbasks border, celved from the United States -the dtet
neth McKellar of the Senate Ap- "If all Oftd bliean finished," Government in lwogtion f tf r
priatlons Committee denounc- he said, could h va caught her bravery in a bookshelf no
a House-apprqved cut of and held -~ rtfg's flood Wat- her bedside.
.8,0o in his flood-control crs and evnted any serious heat r w h they were
udg'et for the year starting damage a.on; the main stem of awarded took place April 3, A
JuIy 1. the Missouri.' 1945. '
:"Within 10 days after the! He said the House action would An Armygasoline truck plung-be
use action the false economylstop work entirely on two of the ed ofr gahighway and burst nt
any such move was demon- dams and d6lw down the other offlme a river bt *int
ated in havoc and destruction two. hofme i a riverno t
Floods on the Missouri River. home at Argeqn lls t t
tie upper Mississippi River and "Until these dess are tlish- France.
the Red River of the North," he ed," he warned, "the people of
Id. the Missouri basin can have no I m Ln
He added that the "terrible assurance against a repetition of Mr t
damage" being done by flobd this spring's disaster. toe the
waterss in the Midwest is "lnes- "I can see no economy what- was u_ pBa gendae line MW
Pable evidence" that water ever In delyung that time any wE a meie t vo
:oitrol roJects must be pushed longer than 'nwhave to." 1 heroi win
"O ripi as wel can afford to In. werformch
tease times of budgetary strin- Shortly before the President's A mtte f Tprodere ti figsh
. .ncy." letter was made public, Lt. Gen. produetban figre
Mr. Truman urged the Senate Lewis A. Pi, A En- bines.
group to restore the full $660,- gineers, said th sfh ve
i,.00 he asked for flood con- flood c M Ilaee._ "
ol! and river and harbor devel- if the Ga
D*ment, asserting that he had had bee

plated hi.
been made,
He ef)mt i.a lod
age at but s
the total oast'
would al

r- r

srs -Frd"

-on her wkee she got in mak
the 'eecut.
SOnly when it was too li
doctors discoveredd it was s
ous., Her ig was amputated.
k'VW aIle. was released tM
A Ar hospital, the sold
oame tAck to say "thank
Neither hb nor the other kh
then how badly Marie had We
hurt. That was the last she 6C
saw or heard from him.
Today she learned that M
Ve ine Mee Czaky, of St. Pa
Ma,, a former member of t
AlMerita Women's Army Cor
who rat her in a hospital d9




m t

'ee ot


"LiVe-plve for the greater gI
f The pletarian to *hooa -
ntt th (entire eney'

ac thrt su In" W
Ahve happ ha -ia=
Ai~ rle retutbd dlalta
to6 M6 did 'nat say I
* ZaUo cannot bdeplce 4
a amk ietat. a MuiL hain

S *mUNIetty
umr Pwolam 7T6
world oomuui
IIa trgA I .or

rm cema-

E. *re'.
d -a rpv
SWarst a

C Thrfigure
., you've dreamed of
is yours with

S "Allo-ette

7Mankly beautiful curves...

SrtMon-t 'Is the beuty
i Matidalform's Aa.
m Ir! 7ry M actt tyr.
11 ay it' tiMfmt attKey
u re everipdl In yawo
its coln mid fabric.
aMie Maidefonn bris-
are mad'only in the
StatE of America.
RE'rg *- r'l 'r

uu nulr- orong me TWIlL .. w yA7 ae: 9-- ae -
it victims I* te fwhigh s U heat sw ?"
ngeslpp adp thel eo rh

trol projects M5 Would t:de dencenseodfJdory ..t
thrown into wastul t,
by the House "the bas s of wea i e sappesthe either Wa t
The Presde ttere u' tre "p s tive -
ets eut out at. Tbhe atnSf
" 'urgently nee Unity were bid beftE theM Ihm. en as gotd an us Se
He named I ,nr dam in shadow ot e semit had 9 s the lftg 4xa dialogue OU e
thelesaWW vald. o0 ne f S or stt ofI n

the state of Ihgton and darkened e world," the di or h t te lldiBg in Mofcow
arwe da n Carolinatfiw p t tese spr days. -
both of he sai will yield roags the d*r.ysof Zoya sopi-

T a Arttg^- u UNm. kosld e*1
Hnae I r dam Inhdl|BBo o 'tAhe _R i i mft s"u d qt keUp dlakttti me

Big tEs TOa 1eae J opauln ar Sllva -,eMmT a I lna i n Mos
FALLS crIT. Ne. April 36 (tlradtes). Sergeant m.W l bra. to
frl, A farmer living near m represented faith, unifhk wife:^ lt.wu. i felS with
here reported that one of hi, rae, and prssld., the i io; o n- It of .,uls I l"ow
White fRock hens w.kilml yiel t of diffioulties. 'ou. I pritheyou dearplo Z L
eight inches around M tn.
eight an. a half the- th e lm n Aa tth

weighed 5m ounces md aaind t Va
perfectly-formed shells, the "hra- .i u
side one cushioned by an ra '
supply of egg-white. r o
DeclaresFor Brew,,
MCCOOK. Neb. Aurll ,WP) -NIEW lAV N, Conn., April of two 1 th I.
-McCook police solve a as-r Khayvam am In the wilderness, Aln In, aW Obr theO
pected case of arson when they ai Jug of wine, a loaf of b ead and .iS
found a 12-year-old boy who ad-& but don't believe for a minute I NW 1 s I" l, e ge .'t ,
mitted he smoked after jebhool any book of verses, an ngl ._ at U rent vestale
each day, climbing Into n auto- today. rhymed. i :
mobile parked near hswebol- He was kissing that girl Oa e ec. 'ke actually -SE
vard to hide. On hiba t The flmaUm Jlnes Irom f.'"0 HWe.'s N1,lW
however, he dropAped a o m01eo1 the of known v i ls f'
which burned out the narw_ aso ^8 le anlW 3 low
the car. MUMo.. aoas to Jirbo r z 4.A
bahs drf4 at ceawwme. 97aA

DVies At b Crgo
lg a
Celti t Ceor3 Mt1R ed9 n, 1eS A
Ati m Rwd- "etird PtWvker er

b |ae dof 4a 4 .aa
&Che WimtiD e Yot. tiien *WUW aaied lst Gwb
ght at York. horrGorg r at the *wS
.%f- aeo64. =aft
aaY w- Fare Letter "L" McFadden.led b in, the f.ia&
hospital lce. s tffert g m.
tmm a heart DaO~l .bk. me w as
'1 ntu ter mo ,e all a resident of Los the n
NW" t',K11 9a: 0 Trans-OIth"ci lawlny.s'
raMa b-ginmlng wfth_
b .tt-r There are four t
ai ima t.. names are -
Buss iq4 LLsam and
m flws OSi e mues are
,y hd Lefat .

Says Prof;

d, Bussing

. j, fl W^.
I took,.l hisat
0=10"man hfell l

%~ pdAm, Charkut..
id. tawftd P.m
hhnlfts u&Ra t~ho.


3r1W W w

rP .r

wrmmcript of tre poem
tiam was m ade oae 90
.wwm= A ."t seeral dif-
jo weL agil h verse that
IndorOaWad in daite ao
a miss.
,! ~.. m ._.,

10t TwuIMl


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1r y type of figure,

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a t'sw ." h ...

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i rw!

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I011b hl "" ''

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Ii. I' t l i
'-', l. o .. :
**-*' -' "ii ** i : ,* .

,--- M W
low aM t'
r~~~^^ tl -^ -^ S Sf ^ ^ '^ 4 "
i l B'*W l H~H .lcm ,.. n *,*-
fr ki mni :st r m ^ tfl*.*:* ***. -,
*At&t~ b ^AJ- '** ~ f^>^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^h
-- yBW^-VW^i**'' i''!^ ^^^ ^^H^H flH
<*~~~~~~~~~~L .*'J,%f:iB':' *I '-?
tr. -^ ^ "W W 'Bflr.y *| j 1 ^

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i B"-.^ss

TN I"' ?

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~F~L~srr ~
':r -s\


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w~rR~2ag~;3RI r

s. ...h. ... .....

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It saw.M ".M Q .* to g
IIboi -i g w '1 l

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r,--e--- ---3
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98i ta
FM :tf


ahce, is
e w a J

EE AkiekA after eavlng
Ak hatlif fflthnira l dnni Tla

~ bI :"ij

~~3'~C~ `' :~_~-~)?-:~;; ~"* rC.I~' ~'-~sY?~4L~'1 C~:" 'F
~-* `-~
';rr~.i~:;a~ :2-;rcc~s;rc~.
-~~- i' "''h~.:T. ~~~~'sc.
,-.-; *~-~r~~ti'ik.l j~ r~ Ir

1 1,
I .;. ?, -,
j l -.2
ae n
I d.o* L ltn

I. "-

huyan tIi*iHdeehes S ti t tPit..
riam Is sot pbptir t"Pt ow fn mard-rit
itW tuaft fat Joe Stain t
a of thb-WOrtOrn iif to
No a wit t

1, smererere, mor samrmm TO mm t nirt eati idms
me a aomm ab nun. wan s" Mms
1 for PsH a doles fmeiftu 3Wtspeaa lams
Joe has a rich pea of bat te, and l;danng It
in playful fahblot before West Gertiany.
SAnd the Germans and Others who are napping at
the bait are saving Joe al the hard. work o fleXing
his bleeps against `ice' A y.
Americans who feel the Oemas are eth Oes
or frightened to lick t-efr lits at rea i
look also at the recent MocoOW lotbui :W Ont .
Some earnest practitionea of the OWtAi free eatir-
Sprise m stem Were right there doing IuMat wMenty
of business.
And, like free entbrptl es is other leae1 taking
scant notice of the government, thiM tgrn te *orm
of State Department diftpirdral of e *Ft e.
Joe lifted the Iron Curtaon a little, aidt rafd r frotm
Europeans, the United States and Ltta Ag tecan
were happy to take it as a *rsi of another da) dtwn-
uoe still has bait aplenty to dangle before a world
hungry for peace.
bhe direreaoe between his case mad the bas
aL abe bay who crie weh r wo is that tin W ti
folk eat get tired of grabbiln at aiut e ain
troubled times few mren will tiUe of rd at
and, on the run of Th game,.the United states, as
s paitual leader of the Western world, at the moment
S n't n anywhere near a*s Wrl i'apred a fiahemaD a
wily old Joe Stalin when it comes to awa*jter of se-
' leccing and preparing bait.
---- -
For reasons not yet altogether clear, a'good many
jail guards in the United States during the week seem
td to be inside the cells. and the convicts uatside.
:'ns reversal of the usual order of things was 'tost
Pronounced at Southern Michigan lail. LJacson, Mich
, where 2,600 prisoners were noting at one atage
, events.
The situation quieted, If that Is the word, to -tde
point where 179 of the more desperate giants were
oesleged In the disciplinary block, with U mards as
couple of the guards were released tCem tate to
ti e, as a mark of the cons' honesty in bagdniug.
tnie guard was traded for safe conduct .K a tW aoi
Se cons to broadcast their case over tse w
-ne muttneer weae led by one Xarl Ward, pa-
. Mtangaly tagged as a psyeopatihte at 40as
* ages of the news dsI t-LobC aiM Ir '
I aw ar ilea g asnes thteds.

. .~m el L 'lol a .'L. e s

rer not Itto t
riud ems awmtan tt.4
,-. WPM

w-s response e f hable i t.
1V Panon ADES atortele at
take hi clothe off. '
-te 'taine was n ot ett W
VirtAhWoe on at wttrt or his tatuere to ,
A fast-tatuif T W W(i B4 %hot
- tie tat CoraCTaftta after It tB
We was taeM ng _ip.6ett
.S.a. y ar a ftdhi a4&b*tO
on peatuitandit i tols S
cohnsm or their.
feral vieat lreops th seteldt to
92=e who were *ib o aaS SO 'i^
Blender Panamsanf t who aS' .th I
te various .magatin). wat Ipredtcbisig Ral
Rumors. bhich sta rd SAMLg,
dateMMfe-B~wufnr Rioelroopel
tial race, contn"led to float atnd
the week MaMe to end.
SWarried meetifn were khakl Wh'tes~ba
maWtm naoifal TfOtem Mifatewing the *-ita
of westwemr's withdrawal.
lt ai Mthl tha e Paab.tftw imtaie.t
ftlwaSt with tb ennuntl tttl ant l. rOa
raerW Prnimm aitlet&. A 10M ji aomAblE
-laee Westrur VndW to. veitday- 4Wtr
m-. Swmt ft teanM 4fti i'

~as Usou Vlin(a tml
>m.rM A Wi>*y !Ii l^! > S 5 "> ~ f g fa
*B WMVi CH^Wp^T"^"^^B'fAL,^^^r^

-ow tie district attorney of ichbian. 7 h a r eias
er of edstact political persuaaion threat e a
Is set to rosecute the muttnwr; I~t .ae- A
maewithstanding. .
T"te governor agrees, as iU wtlh MM iiSi
cuugh, that ne her Je r am
so sign indemnMedi frenm v asi L ,ta r de t
erlnals. ..
*awe 1 ate some ot t T

n map sre pis w the .

Tnore is no wishab to' cloneium agrei1 1
an men. ..... -.... .....
lt aim, o Ml |B


tie ne' m
afr.taY a

-h~ll' Y~I -oi



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to,> --t,- *n. 'be
W Ws .c,-- 88-. ..-.- -. '.- .. .uM -.".

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.. '!
f .i ..:,:,..
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,. 1 ; ..
: -|.: ; :.'. ;
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r.~.Bi :
c~ ..--~db~zd

* .' .w.:

porM ix MONrNm.
FO ONj$ YE.n.

A Week Of
S wrx wll
This iY no
No gentle
ny neeC .
To docie peee..lwC
Her ahaop- -
Ani seefl a wSQrzI a
Lord, we bet
of uS
Help 1Th
dnbele'r L
Who have bA l
than ea
AlhothO e
both was-bri .
within that fdian w,
the other .
Stripped to the todnyI
we are one V-
Not through the grbp
Sterner rtrio: -n
ucbh bears
Htm for
On anH t;ti

TU1 t I M

- -:


L., nd. phwem Au.gtn .
t IIFSMrir "^. -

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r, One ti this


In the ""ow ""
not ald or- pae rsma tiat teato s t-.
not n c fos, araba -.
Su IQ ranlle oven emm~.r
Por eall t l doom a -
M -a pendi^ suspend.;
and ad;B si.s a penS Pe-
the ri do I 8m"e scribble qwltairk

bent the MbOd birds In the

the forever n

the norern shore f my be
in Alas A Den sn. NOW 8 GLASS POW uW

--- BRPOL, Conn. Oln e-reading a FavoerWe eBook ch fth a blak it d t o
(Prom Florida Magazine of being produced here. 'I.iE.
Vem say such abmfts have
Hoe he hemlock mix which i more
With hawineas today I, reduolpte te
Doubts giow every hour, a.
Peace ei da no quiet $vay t ewo att.
Heithe h rnd solution to Sunday Crmswerd .L
zle. No _4S.tpublfhed today \

Davison even wr i ter ablut t q-oO
Plan^ i~jpf;


* .

Sj, !1 I~Ir

Y;X X; Z:~~

a a.

".-'* -
'. .a.



i sRo uinda a the soMia,%

.4 g 1. ..W, .. '..

WO.W---- a: -

t .t Im lano n
' r'' 'l .**'' t "

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* thE" lalt Free po w,
ui mamt d't;
tA thefaiMUheMO w

Pfti activlest Waid -be c.-
on. :
ir-z may make this posaibie,

& iSao amInt'w-21*:as seenw
.hA. n1 m-Vh&k.g m .W
rtmal arcs is aCnUPftOlge *WM onts &a
m the Strngmw CItu -'

6CW tt *3 ,-.~' awls C~

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ft. c


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IiD ., .1 -' .* "


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-" `C; .'5

~S~u~: r '~c. ~- r
~~ '" rr ~r kr
.. ~- .- .
r;~l r ~-'~ ~-:'~i~;~: "
~%i~;'- "~~4 ~F7~-~~ I- I :-"`-
s r :7
~;~. ~,'~:1"~r~-:jac~p~JE,::*'.. ir~~.~-4 5 5;
'' i.;
*. .-,r. i- ~~ ~.

PRE "t'
-:. .- .-
^~~~ 9''- ^ -

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..-- & a .- .- .;i

. ; ...... ;,;~rr:;'

, -: -, --. t.'..- ,.
v 4F t-.-^' ." ".- J ^ ''

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N ~ I.

B~p7 -r. I;L'~'
;.Jh_; ~i9~' ..
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r '" ''
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^ *y -^ ^ *:i.** ...* *

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'.I1~T ~:;
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L rr
'''- C'

S. 9 1 v

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)E A &00o
80V WMt41

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