The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Tb .MeOl so n lmm gn otem1 te, m otel eTinFe Pangm Amo- lif.
L m emS m an e I e- n rm** orad s te hled le *a A. nBut this is no moment for
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,. WILD WO TOND R income plant gamblin
rackets sh edownfs of employ-
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Sto h hbadlte au a Anmy pilot. Labor racketpesm these days
STh, r I erht caU teo it. abhor the piamy-tate chip t. .-<
thre are tUi benighted copy managers who pick out which ean be p V out of the '
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dfer: private poli ip sastems are
rMier: met hod cll eand tlt. re-
I know you've got deaditnes, placing heir noT4 char-'
Must trfgle Wth hresdlbl; atoers ai amo nUso who
And deal with reporters who err. sever pAsI lio i stir.
without POfNe IrNor a man
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And the Mearb you invest l"But they don't. ITmite labor.
-At w sr ta mlh's beht severall j 4ut drive es being
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later Lst watt S______ __i__ &__ /
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That 112t 1rl111e at yoe tea every 17, Mea. o tSm w ltba l to are
s.: I *how eoual sal in the taidy lawe let4derg o
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Tou can print in a newsworthy way. of Orime OU*"gIg t looa
formed ea.ltn -rat r ing -- a
1 i never react. mostly over i ethlphne net-
Syou nt a fact, work. tP. WARTI. To -She was a vor prstty
SmeoaM that 1s what you ar there for. Although there ae antl-arime lady, with all the nIteesty thtinl t ll a e
s r oh, how I blanch ommisalo now in 15 cities, lady preI ad that in hy oulol-took a
MA*1 our brnh the prlva prprobers at each little bi t hin keordereda eClW with her
:- 0 M th ne the Army Air fy. eamrer Vfthe focll5g0-NeYJ aft4r-1Ur Ceat".

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T Air nei t at am ivet mmenmt. Ti0 1ne settld aOk UII her chair in the restarltnUit
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Army A CO the trlagls because th msqb- hem its certainly no law i the landk
Th lA st rs love the r tan a4. ,O whic foerbds a lady to moke a Partaga as
Sl lfe-f MbAisaa bit as t Ibbaln bt If the mood strikes her.
-T IAa i If you itr11 em A. aId yU are lady yol

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e pahe kpofc -n tl rlor vtfttIn kinha w oman wmo mokes el ..
&yfe b re*11 aw; aaInn tt M ,r.a ta W ould s1e to kar *ug agwate ot W.ais .kiv wag w
nM ewnaie ThU NF Ytt appoSld k by WAftO)ei ts eo.a Agatell MeiltDuoi
S.I aaew m *nokl tut to s lady wth 1u b l c g. the. I hcilar.A-ma kea
to U "t G o Wrto thtat sum ttheeM teh tncmfeen ee tahoratly. Wh oe ot vry anry at the hj l hm I th ie
Myle3atr l th d. na MY i tha alt tao ino thte nW 6an i o6l ra + e mi act comctetolv deil able tt Itm kr
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St r the Croi i in e mrn weoud wal .m lat aiten
"11 SD 4101101t their beat to atbk & "/,. -g .h wl- re xt*n Aware man wi 11W
re the sa ~o u a ablellus t. thaT~i le phona c daulapM oef P oe0 with r clrr-e okls r oS,
Sde6r aum, If it shouldl be S Bs, B that I would at

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el.. o p g, t S Sb 1?" WBIGeOTOt--,Am),,-Nw you hb II mi setod fer Re Nmoerau Cu- s
at tb Panam Vetual 60rpe ins V to tyUletsaid

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Manmcoe u sple wlf gOuu an haima C C l e I amo Feader l s; ItA -
place. fr a White ati' r O t u at o e m h4, i aln ar und the or h ste elt e n e ai
l Ir tis as als ofuha racke tg0 ee po 1 babie6 4an
WI fttan it aa to_ te. a a th lb r i, i n ahas em aj se h toill theyeh r 1 I
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l- W IW 5 a(oky. of CWIumfew weeks be might do

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-.- I ---- -IS-DS

(NEA).-- Exci- It mixed making headlines
f: Joan Fontaine, Wb but l Swanson was trapped
M being Olivia de aI- in a brnng oar the other niglU
i ger-beaver ktd-alte and eOaped in the lick of time.
stardom when abe With Producer Edward Alperson,
ca" for David O. her ether and a companion,
In 1940, admittg Virginia Stubbs, Gloria was driv-
d ap her next Miz plc- It back from a sneak preview
the chance to star jl oft hr new movie, "Three For
eMaurier's new best- Bedroom C," when the rented
"My Cousin Rachel." limousine caught fire. The wind-
ows of the fiery car were smash- .-_.
geat wmneaN' rol"e ed Jwut in time.
wrewe d afs "The
iay arent beS whlt- Adignment of Jack Cole as
t sefor mes to do a dance director on Fox's "The
or a "letter Frm an Farmer Takes A Wife," is a vic-
Wman" than to play tory or Betty Orable. It's Bet-
M"a w 0o r b try's clAa that her 1051 squab-
ech ile ambodDybe with the studio and her long
suspension came about because
she insisted that Cole do the
mount's drylAn a ramor ehmeography on "Meet Me after
bl2aned eOman Hol4 ay' the Show," In the face of high-
P thhld a from release m brass arguments that he was too
The story is about a expensive.
eess who goes to Rome and *
Sto give up royal rights It could happen only in Holly-
she falls in love with a wodd:
American. There's a stationary ship on
the set of "Yankee Buccaneer" at
er Bob Welch's denyinl UI but on the screen the ship n
e cenms played havoc wll seem -to roll and pitch in
"8on of Paleface." He told approved at-sea fashion. The
: "They didn't cut a line or a secret:
1- All they said was, "Oh, I Le. sILO.
A panted canvas sky in the Ii
S* bac moves up and down
Zsa Gabor's zippy words on rol and, actors sway from "l'. w.Maf^ ,
a. feminine adventuress side to side on cue from two red "Im wownden
eshe part story published in lights h(ch blink on and off wORM "as rme
sonmagzine five wears just outside of camera range.
.1der the ttl, "Every Man !
S tself"- may o before te Harry Chring reports this
OMtmra as a starng film for dialog between two movie dolls:
Ve Rangarian pepper pot.
t Double z a s there's do you like her mongrel
Double Z ndmlts there's ha
of filming her yarn. written
collaboration. but she denlesl ., Mow l?"
IEws. the ins fratn for thMel F*l?. i
S or that er story was a s al pdle and hal Fal n g

Sihe told me: 'My heroine was -Tbidp'st e ts llUij
lead,4 bad girl. I'm a good girl.
*fdy". .CURSE OF DRINK well-war @s* am M
LENOR. N. C. (UP) Caldwell Repairs aM %W I
h#e casting search for an ac aCoun d utles said eight little
t' o play )ddle Cantor in h ,'t.b ad.been thriving on P o.s.ii, two
aerno fil b n hi 0n0' wi l a 4,000 gallon moon-
er film biography has nar.
down to two unknowns sh*in WiB.led after the still had
role of Eddle's grandmothi been ra ed and dismantled, ap-
tbe ilm, by the ways will be paretl because they had be-
e than Ida's part. come s dependent on an alco-
S*. Iollc dlet they could not live
hok -Paar's saying that Hum- withbtt It. --__
Bogart wouldn't have wo n
Oscar if they had counted
k ._or_ 'writei4n votes for Ge-

ifsle La Mar, a blonde Pa-
rm Vegas fo f, The Chase Na
f tter ,a cu"tonw~ wowai ,
t' thbe Jit achb Vegas..,
Cig fbre and Fmlette Ood- of the City of Ne
4 .t 8l t.n Sp .. -lp



about my future *rh tI *kW
ant it if married your nkel* f

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Shaome like me.
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tional Bank

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Genrwa Banking



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I eIve yur AA with onei
SLawua .Se'lic.

#: : ad Jab s2-6n

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of our Agents or otrf 7 I BT
No. 12.179 Centra tlJ. t
Sawta o Bae ABii'. .. i
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Agala Iteatodonud U s h UA
as r.ty imP mPk J
l a r at- -.r -*

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ebrvic Personnel and Civilian
~. '. ove rmnm Employee
Insist ai
t .vernmmen Empld*e Finance Co.
-. Yhen you tinonce your nw
or used cr.
NW. 44 At mimlb lAw
Smr 5-4N4a. -logi
a'"' -, ,,,,,4f4 ___ ,
.' or buny your next otomobi
4r Af e1mci COas, Auto-Row
2. .'? Tel. Paani 2-4121.
Soi day on Saturday.
SALE:--Dodge n 1942; co
m,5.5 .le ns canary and cage.
Ti. Bellh 2996.
SSL-1949 Plymouth 4-door,
p. = Gran. w/. rtis. t et
'ud y. 21,06 m 831-b
R*od, ,or YMCA.

ith4ALE:-1952 Morris Minor Con-
e* .tlbe. nen. Duty Pald. C4i
S eiboo 3648. Originl owner. Leet
m 'o 600 miles.
M. C ;g30, 7oe mnt. now "elw
4I',^ty free, top carSftoh. lat Offer.
l ;bno efrom 9 to 12. ahd 2 to
| .Aiam& 2-0024.

'"ISALt.--1947 Super OeluM P.
V3 "l8l "nl awrr.. T14
: ,lbw 1789

SALE: 1946 Super CeLux
gopd condition,. expelled
- -se T144 -4.4 truc St.,
*i|i&^1a jtry Conver
itLO and oWsedrive, 15,.00
4l 52-5 82-31 BC.

SIE ---.w goi~n~ to pur.
y^^*jgy Car? If 1o.
et h credit for
0O:_0 -4t. S: Tr* T The
,lT. LS2-012


rOR SALE:-9 ft. Wstlnghouse Re,
trigoratoq 25 cycls, 3 years 91d,
6 ice trays, perfect condldn. like
new, $150. House 356 apartment
8 1cond floor Mamie Place An-
"co. C.. Z.
FOR .SALE---Westlnghoul. Revritr
rotor, 25 cycles $290; Klnmon
-"ashr, 25 cycls, $125; bDth n-
.wn month aMd. 5334-C Ovit.
St., hblio, Wlkingstod.
FOR SALE: Qne sideboard an
drssrW metal Imitation, mahogany
gla top for both; one tan, des
18", G. G,, oscfttlng, 25 cycle
two mnantreh horse hair, now
dngl9 a two mat'emn, cotton, rnw,
rnWgt; onECM th motel, -nw; one
notk platform, 1,000-lb. copea
.d4,ty on6 warrobo by maho-
obqy, on bc girls, standard;
o",. wind ebeOir. Cbll Bblbos
9720 or 3046.
Sflir tip nrem at $13.
Ku Hm.,.. A.

FOR I4:: .,- 3 tmv ia with
ov w.-':ni tob with t lek. ri
d-t t-iuuhon ar itdt.oi Moum
W04" Apt. 31, 7F Street, Meo-
dH vnu,' Ooen.

Far~~i~rlSA 9 Sfin DrY, 25 CYAk
A"Wllt op ISO,; wan'a and
aM : *clMkk 'two V&r P
*SJ~lrrY ami. ., *

F6Wr DahiksDm.eitasl utormwtc
'L .S e, 60 cycle.
^SwcM- 410. Electu r

HeusMo,. iAicoAuledhd
BgM^$T '-ek"*___*

FOP. $*E-4MW 'hnte 'eRnd r.2
qnd )h~ha.Hlus 04227 An-
-a h..*. ..'
FOR .0 b ,'. -

a-S -15&. .

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"ukt W ra-
we .o I w and'
teriaL *4 k fromu
1:00 f | t. too 758,
Apt. "*A,". : dt t.


.Mother t..m ,ffnts cor-
folr blg *^alf mnt soes. that
wfi *i. or 4 Jumping
Jodki t )I r If your child
is b-u.i eAh, then
Sbuy k cptAJock ..,
il si -V NI. Call.ot
*IWVrBt:CI, flC a t ftit,
No. 40, 44 t ei Vista.
T.e. 5.-.t -

din ySdhnst
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FOR ALU:-Cmumu se houl e B
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Send'so. Conltelv ad. i,
House In mar wIth bat,. staleM
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*f. $TB,000 wtl se b
S.50... He eatr Idn ,
p. t -Io Ciem, CIJ .sm.
2-2521 ecepte Sxunday. a
tnt. r 6O0 p.m.

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wifAn; petnun ~2 bed-
S pui neMa buha top. Aledrde Mhe
S.tre No. 61, Vita HermoMs
S$45.00. fi. 2-2346.

FR RENT.--2 nd 3 bedom apart.
I M r. I-iu i for Clinic Or re.
*tev Ne. 22 34th Str 7'*
1' 778,BPwr n.n
St .,. .Vocaon quarta,
fftsiMMd. iQmboa for 4th montKl
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fith to At" erIined j
"mw toW Dr. w MW
hat happened 4m-
Aebrtem. "-e said Mt
tat o nr "nd Chsb I
"Pearn wasn't ther.
is all I -n ay," replied
"a dveiped that talil
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pIesptEns tarn

fE or Effort,


"The Old Lady Shows Her Me- "LeA the p* pFe kP NoW #o lr E the i .c l...
dla" the James Barrie play
tbt won all of the Theater Fea- rWINttY-88VNTB TA PANiA .' P., SAV ',[,, .
Iml awards last month was pre- i -
anted to Isthmlans yesterday at
the Diablo Theater.
If awards were to be given, the
Theater Guild deserves an 'T,,
lor effort, also for entertain-

Lst nitht's three one-aet d I

Could Have Hit (I Last July
pxay were a pleamant mixture
IM mystery, pathos and humorS.
IeDll-bbneed and well pee-H ave H it
eted, the plays were proof
that a preftmiol status may '
be attained by an amateur WASHINGTOt April 26 (UP) have beet e.l Re per eet iWhtehead said he thinks
t gp of actors and arttts.. Lt. Gen. nieis C. WhItehead at" j_.the1el t11 he bombs and a
'said today that up tno W per cent ein Cbimmmand had have '"V r4 the nffecte ail
Introduced to theater goers of an enemy b mber force oper- l w a t h e t r toueed the s
terday was a handsome. ftery eating under the coer of bad aid.into a closed oor
d who plead to perfection his weather 'coud Iave pierced U.S. AW Force com- W 1It If wanted elaboratibn Nf
woplyedt operfecti ifii t w^ f wanted elaboration d foo .. .
tIle of the Black Watch private air defenses as recently as lst rman a R th iith.P cific was wo at nt.
Is "The Old Lady Shows Her Me- July. cal te r L, a the subcom- gCi o I tog Asked t if he were referring~
da." Whehead told the Senate Pre- mitee tts study of the bid Wd 'an atme attack, Wherri tr
pardnes Subeomlhittee that he nattlon' er: At first he did a o said: aWuld there be t handy
Air Force Sergeant Douglas as not seen aiy offlolal reports not qa h terlmark with any teueao s kaid"thr be dt .anIy l cwi
lduro rolled his 'R's" in such on the rl ar defense sys- tl t WWld .e.rlbed the Adma
thtrnsutm sinchae he retired as head of "Aw I Iml, ei executed, not a3' SI o? woe att' stretchedt o tc d : "- .... .
Sepert manner ha a ranl the 'Air lDefeue Command last aur*b a -a the Unit- l pl at re dp prlbe mad A
3ES n tod ethrl summer. ed t i ceed beyond Wf l 1 S ADppt
$fttAn. Adding tothe authen, mer. Approvest R eisa I
the 0 t I M10 of its comr- MVP -I..
tielty was the Black Watch plaid ut at the' time, he said, the mnfd"lad. co..- n rapid racl qu a Mlat h* "
glt-up, loaned for the occasion command would only have stop- Aftr bt a ehllenged by pds. o.. ra-. ,i- defense qu. ; -
SZone resident hose father pd about .per cent of a day- chaliam B. Johnson (D- lf a~ ui-this sh
I 'n the famed regiment. light atteeking force t some Te.,4 subcommittee vtrl .'N s4l r1 stomie Cmtrkgl M IT ti Z
Via mother-on-probation. (t0 ptats n good n either. General- mbw A k n o w- o hter win .
fe play has it Nancy Darling- y, e sald, the flgore would have ledge ~t '4W 4 eking of the I about e0 panes stattOd It, Apr
Ii, put warmth and under- beehsbout 10 tO 15 per cent. l attmvnadt July. b nada, Oreenlanm IcelaBd .pproed a
#handlng into the interpfttatlon 1e said the atweeptlon. at J II sa.. id eot want Alh to hit atgaskera "a le ttar ia1.-
d .the old lady who never was ot Istrffmmtu attcs at't : Wie .o mieaelm aIn "f"- of thoeasad Anmie" from the an a on
sffeeted by the war and longed N .a in ad weather would v i es ve settn In
aq soft her own. .. IW ates. dAneputy An -my, witoEh por l
N ] ,I .Wolfe, deputy other thla to ontrold .t
Three old enarwomen In the chtef dtaf It r material untUil (LJ stop" *ar" a oa Navy
Way, Peggy Sylvestre, Kath- his retlrmuit lst June, said lez t .t keepingg the sea lanes ota Wo
I-ifntlan and .Catsy Tay- that "what we need is an atomic today deurcatk dnied
1r, she ufed through their st f rs and we need it dent Juan tBage
ewita startltg realism. ~aSll aai .--- .bsni di- Farewell Review lt It w
..'."Enrr atn Mr. lorings" was Held For Coj& *i ;
. ld o.e th persecuted 7 y wnpo Held For Colonel
about to be murdered. I-Iownpour rum
penoaiinces here were A .. arora : ? i'fl
the maid. (Jerry I H nr Stanford Goodman
Eilhlfie). Stan Pidanque T he Blhe P' and other J. G:manS CAM=l er itifilm &#
,the-rbctr. B treasB IL the Pledmont t-~0 etr th ai h t Ar- W
A'motg comedy. "Goodnight gloa of t wy wore reported ris- tiilery Group,> a held a rt aaah PMta
e:." tile third play, Involved ig flg oi y following atals, 1 m terday tr a* e tea l(;
Vdilable aaaw mnswhh has .1" ram Dalbeen Md sal rting Ma

ms ar a 3 r y lowt i -

Co st ,bi" s .-was a
skehi smu l~lasr readV dbet :' Sth
*IA i. s a ,llerte e pr- tpt.a,. that "- '.

*fts- Officials Give Senators
IInside S tory On Steel
.i Sle, t*e ~ gnteP,bed Yh 0 .a = .

Vam. imi ipr iB wife. Ar- V I
A... a. wd ia n ....T .w"

I= ad mi"lT BY WfW P9AtS-N "I did W retod Pu 00 mensamr-
s*toUtly. "I tink that uep increase wb-
WASHINOTON- April -- Isthe court's ob to dec whether they
Senators listened with mlaed net tne." to it he
and sometimes hete reaction Phtam admitted, b
to the closed-doet eaanatlen t-at t lhbt he ha them a & nyat Mr. Wilson
of moblin ation ihtWS rl jbi w Stabilistion e thn Putnam ask
-g seizure of the 5tel t. r ommeaed toe muckh W Iask him aM

I.mal, ex-g.verlnee of. Grgi, "You have changed y T .ei t lte. atS- In-
~ who told m=Ime 's he mind?" asked Sen. Homer Cd *- pte t
Senate aRaking a Gaw hart, Indiana Rep ublican. ton
cy Committee Ina memite "I have mince had more la-
__ .,on that the steel e- formation, which I can show
try's bid for a paree teemue any time -the committee w 11111or
would kroh the eMat of to see t." Putnam explan.W .4 e
'WEi .. I- r e "r y "I never was consulted vseg ter :
As call fasef. what WM was going to __,______.. ___--_-. ....... '-,___....._._.__ -_-,...
There are I complained Arnallo. "I aim
workers involved in hQ kt of a dog's tail. After erv -- .. .
to this dispute. Now, thtey arve h happened, it gets IWov -
a union to look after Idamn," my shop." put".
Scrawled the Geonrga-birn price Bu a his own d a
beou. Wage Stabiliser Nathan Fn n
"There are 675,000 stocfldM- shar retoI 1: "There at 0gW
armi these plants l n astag.e adjustment that Sp*u .
"I happen to be one of Havresemmeuded w.lf'
k I have mall savns tn UJ.. puts the toewrks s"h
SInland. There are 75~l ies, and mept
S ad we have good ofalaa itoi laves them stInl be b
Ia tolelr our interets. The mo aton chlet c ithef s =1 h El
t after you atdd ta atesi recounted for the -senatorm U -
s tockhlders and the rtee work- cri that led to moblSr "
rs toethe nr ad sbtract r Charles Wilson'its resignattos, .
from the number of people in The itewdown came at a t
S our country, you get 30 mi- ference with President
in who do not have rsayto7 and Arnall. ..**
t I myob under yr or a mean nasty conte A
mAndate, a ded Arnall,. 5. Senator drobertan asked .ig3-
give consideration to this great 1 a- I. b.
maom ofm American people. "Oh. it was a pleasant
"And n my own tats, fence, senator," Artna a1 .
if steel breaks the line isse itIs ed him. '
,lllla r h-lineh e' or ad u m s that w the stest ;.Jh .

,~nl~d e e a are *I mps9 f a. "r.: ac. .a. ;!-se r n ".

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