The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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SFBI Low*ers Tk

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c. mT %* VAA

Walter Winchell

In New York


' MrlsteaaertssP: W Le's wy ot i "Something
on "The ow" was. makes your
ever even A-. A t t Mr. Pinsk's
etThe Lora pyer...J. evy Interviews r-
t prime quality of his arw Lenaglue class.. .Betty
it's any sing enlivened Danny carnival, albeit Mr.
has submitted superior program.. .Ted OaOtt's "InTide Our
Is" on NBC Isa tee fustiying Its ealsteMce. A definite pub-
ervice. ..The Sugar ay-OrasSaho btihlight for teeviewers was
lose- of Rocky vainly struggling to get up after Ray's
IalW ... After listening to most of the microforums dis-
sM r campaign issnea-you erfave a pecolo solo... The
the Clk" program included Roxapie, a blmonfttl charm.
who improves twvy's enery.. .Quite a ncatMemtpe.

Stairway to the Stan: KimBn um W wea .t b ISo mote
pWo the roe ta "StwPter NI *ef" wtleh
br e Acabary ATis. She Is a-- -is Chase"
i; NU e... NIL,

Lhbor News



a lot of d t6 dn" tt
ing the eM wMO p on of tM
aovitt Uo -- --t -tg= "ep
vorting with thO eWnmy.
Hre Ij the kM M Weirdhe
Into which their fth olv
libertibs etn tm ttib n off
ourb, with r-* V AId OGIA
already 'trew 4 t h Korean
JMhkt tAB illl, i ethe

note arm tn, h
Korean CommwnUlt oMlftIMl
leaders, f WtmIfW PWOWb-
oanda efhil o n .te. o
the armies t10A J* M 6
doawtft t y f p S4%at
blastf a th o
'n Korea. .
urthtfmoV. V Mo4 s, the
cultural shel of e AamrAlcan
Communist Partg, 4s eirculAt-
ed orders through *all Party
cells that th a t to be
shown in as m" iftlona halls
as possible as .-W posiOble.
The Party now entM I9 major
unions In the wy r of our
defense production 4gtetors.
How prepso ea in we get?
How can our poft, tuthnitlel
permit this enmtypr'Ipatanda
to be ship-ed lati the U. !.U
NHow eaf oe a, Dmpt. con-
tinue tto rmit Artkina
Pictures o., M vmth
(telBi it ta t Ciem
tatt |4lt
wmor enmy rE i.h
thui am. *go
Will U Mt M$uAaly is.
lew et We ptMit this filM
to be nMrtd to atwM in de-
fense ae,. Whl its star, Ku6
Mo-Jo, stood In the Kremlin
only a few dGp ago, of April
11 to be exst. and received the
"Int.onatfll St#a Prize For
Prom fl of Pee A1long Na-
tions" which s Ioviet mum-
bo jUiabo ot, aAtt-American
Kuo o64b, In ao itlon to be-
ing mfthtnal 'of the China
Peace CumltIeS (official pro-
pagaid IV"ney of Red China
speelsalM* in triart ts No-
rM e t taM O natMol at the
Wor MR), Is the am who
whips .hb O ieft war workers
b te I tt s production.
Thu afternoon IlatheI




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New Orleans


NEW OI*ANS. t- Polby it isbeeause the change.u Th t
place was rti Matie when I was restaurants -
younger ad of otBtftfa supplied Arnaud'S 1
my own eW5m. a" I tAUh hamlet cuastomwer t

hew OrN

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it town w 0m h
,tftoo l of At St
t4RN w!At
M w yu ster And, as
uS 2!

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Aiar e m

., r m = -, .. ... ... -g ea rrIt of Staln en t tand brag-fraw--litAAOs
,hl goded: t e
Quentin Reynoldgsworked weeks On '"MIl inot Oly a signal
Vt-A r ped. A movie finr paid honor and .-anfb told a nbt rotho it
%41 h November, Anita Lo mhas two new offering. One is te.Ifpred by OeiarIssimo tr om Stn as eve
lfNE farinl, I and wll e done xnet s50 B on Jlim and under toe iliderShp e aU ally am in g M
A; P N;t v eison, aa I to_ .rodwa, 116me.t, Chman MNio Totlawt y Omf AYti#_Ara.s oftt Ike.II
ftWJsh4 wite h AO n dA utO rcy hi h..ahve W i.on i soy m 4dyr'le hi
UaWattt oiola Is inched with ha. first novel.. The once, freedom aw demoe 1y1* 3 tI1 t t S Shk *rc

ItiO ntal'tO keep the shOw running p l- lutelt and unite as one eyth Utle now clnt. sort of dltt i m
tsed biwn o t h afs .s o r ," smMts..... ace-lovin p* tt ethoa s tt it h e ch she IL.nd t .
Hl t n ca mb re of PuccF n I "La Dolafle, '1 ttd world to he eot t&l ft e H set t Pails. )M m l Yhf Ol AI Mn H
f, .j a" to ePar 'c t o a 30Hk-Of- ime gRo dSt h ao CA in MS
TlOWa1 an mcat e nn ul crsiti
the ,sa f t ,flbwewInI?..dheme... iAM=,rgthat waItthq lsas o"e f

IS ayWIN ieamt ftH t wwrfrretf must Mi les VZ J1fit then.
Wmmltezeleahsek# wei he c was tfa bhaektOsBBmu" rerns in AmersoMtui Tib e StS' 1A o
bwainS pthat be psobee t hedsand ruee inaN ... IS flrm, and wiltsasOf LIMbs ows tlaitstg in th
e.. a.. 3Si.,m l W iM...-b M I h. ,U ?thaty It Wffl ,uy H M ^ elr_ *- it
e ll nl n- wattt wu nth! to ths P i ts. Is being shown is te u .ktui
116 eg s m b spee An "we ems f eith *nthe o mw th e W '3& OH

l nteta e.a nrI -o ar big Fel maij A IRo---Agt..-
e fts u abger m$ B th e P ;" m wtall b a nOd r ue h Cll to the -A- "^_W ei
(aalling ci aso otaetmf)o-.6 VN a mwf d dIN

-d Milt 16 smiseMos.bylsuus

ieegape emeasse m edpealeame lte mea l oria epide Ath n too Co e ra 4 d iav the setton It takes on
tVar *07c mutstiweW- Fair Trade Laws

m l Meem s e Waf N ck L JeroMa 's directive to 5is CilK 0baore it, te HouW

--e --ed ofts-i bitN"5 5rS oiwh Wll b te tithft iff ,':-..a i S--
C" l ... ., e"gnaS 8au e t tase aells to "bet eo 4iethe 'B
tM H"h eWM re ;* eaad ,-0 ovr ,-- .J.-W

,: a lo k i iAms oro D "h- o IM, A L .sr ly to inthe
r --- S a #- -gpW te -' teaf .i tbity m'e.- j "i i
-at" of e-s le Dinthreisa lfteiarlf d on fe Wwiln b4 the finset ef th

edagdm to ae alloew .s .Sol
as "t o W& Sto t) 'hs MIsinm estrn miWs
CAB Nr"OWW wso315) bm 'muheu ftlo A.Z, ma=W i v us hei5
Matl .ONt noLaws
1 o% teden U, It |fc m
fui~nt patr~n of our sailed Dli. IS burnt S a huindr Wea o

-@M gm lasie 2UaLS Wo to Man t The Vd AMP"
fS efcr way.o Ir Act Oc

wSiame o 14 wmn ta ao toa aw s hop-
ihm eilwaUy tw to I u hra Soaa to ou,
uM izr bqfulg '. iht
S asmugh litmuS SI
I Mlg, pve men R *agough nefl pUN
**BI Wf B.'OUL 4otUwyHWt

A9W s w--^ a-w -U --* -iW w OB- :

w 1 M.

IT I-'-~

to do w
"t I

al. m.loWtl. tpt
htc SIn afl

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fljflWJ^^ w^


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itfensfw teieasi edma n h isM

' HIquiy, an yi-
thaton ata

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Lg Moteatt Jo
S sWiM thM Ut
t at a WhIe Ho
=ds Md
* _( 6,f 1 O
r, ||f IFflMxd


MI A. pfle

eion64 'phia
A. Mhtltil
is isd eturn.

SMit l te m

l^ toa. it

let t. 1 Wag. l
A ftwe b eing dit$lBu
p e -, .obianasca d
is doto the Pi 1


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wrsg sT 8- -w.

Both side vul.
.WU pe W 9 lass
S Pass Pan Peo
6wewngi lead-4 10

-o anderil C ,rbil
.-rb t.tWerbIlt dn
b. ge ur ng an ocean trVeAa
-0 ovejnber, 1925. and h6 bE
also been one of the outstanding
id- -1era of the ganssince staW
.26 the hand shown today,
S. by Vanderbilt some yer
teI tournament played for.1and

:.Arco s bon e An- "". i teW e
a-ve been f a La nLe Maw
--,-,.. t..h rIon othenkM otdi h wh
,."I --.. dia ends,c washed the oaf
Vw.l g at a etwith the queei of heartS to

te AmeckanaA "Do.te- p hl scardeS is remaining j
-t it von with the q'z0suof'r'Sl of n qdes and returned la.s
etbl ee piniW egto kill dummy's ten.
OTo PllRippmoS A --' rutted, and Vonderbllt oveftl
Switch the Jr k. He continuel,
La t yo'l larie seNt B1-00 tub low trump to dumflty'
S5AO ND"S pa, o .0 P ets of a te tl*tas, li eInin derto lead the q n
S tC 7WaSh. St( hS~ pines to i oWWM e%0 iam ond tb??tSh FA
o( rvegatanlw eeaW hiloatn ve an Iithrth

nounced today. O- of i.. Wtar in.thu i t jS 'J Ui
., ,,hi tde uflore isle.. a
SThe thre-mocth r b-a# p.a. 9.
1.,. "-."'1' II. IA-. "-, ..1.
~f.** ^ L ; '^ ... *^ .- w iM .- ,,,i^ .. 'fl.h, 1' ir I ..i V.^ K ^. .^ ^ .*- ,* '

Lisa #UE nut suE Ut th




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Z I1 i

'A I
,.h Mik idr

... OO .AMER-


. .. '"-

La_;. M

. .

opltal *1 then receive
kears of the ankwll pro-
bly not be- called uon I se-
atl.y for their do rtitonas.
e purpo of the bank Is to
pi pa nqt-pershable source
baod for traiiufuilodl n c
ma gomawity emergency In
amm= or the canal Zone.
Blocked .bank deposit will also
I Id to care for personal
rivencist When Indlvtduals
eding blood cannot l pon
"tr famllso'or close Ienis for
,l ; .

Prwi ba.Wu flat)

gaw b h..a pvhe 4*bow i

Now Om f-

sni n 5 R& otter Mix
.' .: ,, .. : .;
.d a sm t-,#q*t ut.i a Oat, TIm.
h" bA~e hflN*^^gL


* all rtyle

a all sizes

o all oelor

L .. Madro Jr.
100 Ceotral Ave.

d to fith today tho
e r
-g m. &

A rhWrt tile after the stab-
binS, policepuced up Charis
BeaueBg .a drove up to
the fl=3te4 4d Wih his
t" wet=
9War. AM
Police cief L. Mat-
hurai satd Jgflaolel was "ob-
ous B asmom," ad hid
tod "be W his brother
have of nvepa-
hent ot te 2q"e the aieb-
binge. wan iM4d for a mental
eZa1tIUOaCL hth! Mathmrin
Sbe &question-
"We've -t a Wt of Invest!-
gating to do before we get to
the bUtte o tfha," the chief
sad. -We do t6 have much of
the ba4rod yet.
twm de bed Beauso-
lell as a seml-lnvalld who hasn't
worked for searal years.

two u Andaluslan
fowh a only one-half
the broo b.ue, one-quarter is
ZI MaIuuter'whIte. To
~~b rood. ft i
black Andalu-

. '.. ,

. i f V.


* 13

1'" ]

Swn t bmlo yw n... .. ,.
Blaek, Drown Be. ned *I White.
. Smart Okfat 'heel mad iRe heel

euautf tylw e in lbemr and safte "k / -, "
In favoriteo patl eon. p "

o2 Cett Am. P e :"" '*
IS Avagl





The wonder ear ho long expected.

-1 ,:.

* .1-I
t '44


It *t, I

The product f so many years of remarch imd effrt to bwaU. ,
feet car.

Maximum performance, safety and comfortw- at mlhnmum 2"
andina neaue. .
1 ..

90 b.p. 6 cylinder HURRICANE engine that redeais 35
gaiblo-on a fua-fleed WNtomobile-with the im
beauty ;d comfo. feund ly inhe modt-pew ..
*"".** **-':;: L.,


en. .... & ,s,''ra

; .
. "


m d-Acrr

' .m. ,t..%

mrU. and Mrs. Benry
lbUapS ww .prht to Mr.
torment IaI October
*iA for N yearn In the Oa-
0. Att ts.tMe of his re-
s; I MwPa s

W. ft Paa

uda a ad
'. '-i'

u ~L. _.-.

1 :,, .." _*'
' .' 1 J

Y' ft-1

, d P

L. -



Sand e tis.--g.i a n

tro and Ship and Planes-Ani
,- ..


*W. isa Uvter3
ans, 't naamm|

UIS WELNIN, Planter .
EEMSMWamPt.puoo,""( Bt
etiacW TUE OTREIN6fD JcnsZ
4atse TrOpefttt Palx- g c
lofwi=AgrrAofM ,W

Prusidesti@I P devaj
i 1-,-^ ^ *

Shipping & Airline News
0 -I
S.S. Santa Cecilia Mrs. Maria de Pool; Miss Virgi-
Transits Canal Today nia E. Dignam; Mrs. Louise Ea-
Aboard the Grace Line ship ton and son; Mr. and Mrs. .
Santa Cecilia transiting the Ca- N. Engelke; R. W. Erickson;
nal today en route to New York and Mrs. Antonia Estrada.
are the following prominent Mr. and Mrs. F. 0. Farrell;
passengers. Claude Schwager. L. Alejandro Ferrer; Mr. and
president of a large coal mine in Mrs. W. C. Pritz; Mrs. Evelyn
Chile and his family. H. Buford. Gachez and two children; Mr.
vice-consul of the U.S. Embassy and Mrs. E. H. Gardner; Mr.
atiantiago, Chile. Capt. GuUler- and Mrs. W. P. Garrett; Mrs.
*mo Kopaitic. a member of the Elise E. Garton, Jr. and twb
Chilean naval mission at Wash- children; Mr. and Mrs. Philip
ington. D.C. and Miss Jocile Green; Mr. and Mrs. John F.
*uxton. of the staff of the U.S. Gilbert; William Qoldman; Mrs.
:Embassy in Asuncion. Etheldreda Hamlett; Mr. and
Mrs. R. Kent Hanson, Jr.; Mrs.
Liners Charged With Violating Emma de Hasseth: Miss Mary
make Control Regulations Hefler; and Miss Amy Howell.
In New York Harbor Cleanup Miss Clata Ivaldl; Miss Eleanor
' NEW YORK. April 24 iUP) G. Johnston; Mrs. Rose S
Argentine and French lines yes- Johnston; Mrs. Edgar Joseph-
terdav were charged with the son; Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lard and
Violation of smoke control regu- son; Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Libbey;
fatila n a drive to cleanup New Miss Jean A. Libbey; Mr. and
$ork harbor. Mrs. M. W. Longshore and two
. A representative of the Argen- sons; Wilfred McBarnette; and
tine State Line was ordered to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. McMahon.
appear In Municipal Court in Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Maroney;
connection n with alleged viola- Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Marslcano:
ions by the liner Rio Plata. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Medinger;
SThe l~e de France was also ac- Mrs. Victoria M nehem; H. G.
Used of the violation and a Michels; Miss Rebecca Milmeis-
earing was set for April 30. ter; Miss Marie Mulet; Mrs. Ma-
SThe campaign began earlier ry Q. Muller; Mrs. Lou Ger-
his month when the Standard trude Munden; Thomas R. New-
ruit ship Atlantic was fined $75 comer: Capt. Charles J Noon-'
tor bxcessive smoke, an; Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Pad-
dock and daughter; and Mr. and
S.S. Aneon to Sail Mrs. John Pelagi and son.
Frem Cristbsal Tomorrow Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Powell; Mr
The..Acon is scheduled to sail and Mrs. Claude W Purvis and
from Cristobal tomorrow with two children; Mrs. Ella Puttlitz;
141pasengers. acctrdio to theM 1. Katherne Quinlan; Mr.
a nee passefret list from th.wrs Mrs. Albert M. Reading;
P ma Line offices at BalbeiaMI& Ahna M. Roades; and M.
H hts. [A. Romeo.
SMr. and Mrs. Fred H. Schoe--
Among those on the ship willman; Miss Winnifred E. Seeley;
be: A. C Medinger, deputy di- Mrs. John J Sheehy: Lt Col.
rector of the Marine Bureau: G. WIlam R. Spillman; Ole Strand;
N. Engelke, assistant generalMr. and Mrs. Alberto St. Malo;
manager of the Cbmmissary Di- Judge and Mrs. Edward I. P
vision: and Judge E I P. Ta- Tatelman and son; Mr. and
telman. Cristobal Magistrate. Mrs. Raymond A. Terry: John
The complete advance passen- J. Travers; and Mrs. Katherine
ger list follows: M. Trimble.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Van
Mrs Edna R. Ackerman: Har- Horne: Miss Ethel Walsh; Miss
ry Akers; Mrs. Emily Bailey: Edith Wilcox; MrIand Mrs. Ro-
Miss Edna G. Baker: Mr and bertW. Wert;.Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mr$. Earl R. Baltozer; Lt. Mi- Foster Wright; Raymond R Y.
chlel Bauchley; Mr. and Mrs. Yohros; and Mt. and Mrs. Ed-
Edyard B. Barney; Miss Mary wiar V. Zocker..
Brfnnan: Mrs. Chester Blester-
feld: Mrs. Mary B. Brown; Mr.
and Mrs. Edwin W Blodgett and
twq daughters; Mrs. Lena Bon-
ell; Mr. and Mrs. 8. J. Bull
Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Butterfield
an .tree daughters; and Miss
Co rode.
-, e. I w. cm-i
aiod 0i .I, aguel Cor-
c; and Mrs. J. Cullen;
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Canllffe;
Mrs. J. Edgar Davis and two
children: Mrs. Leony B. Davis;

IM A siless cemd ~"iS
I ^^ ^^ i^.h~h-,Sdb.iOMUUSI
I~~ ~~~ a^U !f. I* podma rnl~fl

4 Peruse
5 Patron saint
of Norway
6 Oedipus'
7 President
8 Metric
9 Distribute 327 Fnle titn
10 Referred 29 TIne-Barking
11 Middle device
Tertiary 31 Acts
(leo.) 33 Fourth U, S.
12 Thoroughfares President
19 Household 34 green garnet
gods 35 Trnadheim
22 Cavalry sword 38 WomaA
24 Transferrer adviser

type Go
4t Attorney
4* 0Gh forth
43 S re r
30 Currier and
4So (GCt.)
B5 Consttisatioh


.. .-, .lY W ... 5A-- .: ..-
W f"v .m. .. .. .
".g~ j jft j i^ '- ''- -*...,i..'.. -"." ?.'
r x* i -S r u f LI v -


IN, SmRalll

8 .. E

I Civil War
8 Sixth U. S.
11 Intersices
14 Igiited again
15 Foot part
16 Spanish river
17 Finish
18 Replete
20 Claire Booth
21 Selves (Scot.)
23 Thailand
,2 Scottish river
26 Walk heavily
28 DeAructive
30 Offer
32 Eludes
33 Fifth U. S.
36 Placed
30 Throw back
43 AccompsrSo
44 Rim
46 Worthless
47 Russian czar
49 Half
61 Uncooked
52 Fathers
54 Competition
56 Cityin
57 Repeat
*8 Germa river

I Newwst
3 Landry
Ms .

^. *


*Vaseline' Hair Tenkc jakes your hair look handsome
and healthy-and keprit looking that way! Economic.
cal, too you need oaly a few drtips a dayl Try It
and see for yourself
WU-p b mmllmd 4fa n It Oaabud hMfig 0... Omid


bs He


So long, Jane

N >*

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-4m I

tiae WIl Teh


f klY HNCM*I
l e;=14


The Shoe Pinches


A?1 '
?^. 2^


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hift t?, Doe

, '^
11A, l~uxTow


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/^W4 ll\^ WB 't M"Tati WR
nM "ALL. MOittWAt Mm to v-
9)) WLt OOKSD *\ ."
I ONCE! fc "

i I "

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aEd~~.$~ *cj

* *. .
* ~
*q~.- -' *
-. '1' .'~


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I ~ *ew.sgSIIa*~
ihe Meeb~ie~,
ItaaI-'Is'S -V

h kh
* 1

jH H^ .' r ^ '.y : '" I

l^ S^ i.~ni^' rjj., yfr.Xt ,' "
'**'EP^ ^ *"'^- **: *--' .*^-**''^*' -. |

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Is ~


L 4,r
r', ..: ,-, ;"- -._. '-, ...





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.. -' : *

I. -~



p.m. '+ I

ft~. ~S

- -4...

I ..
. .. .. *.f. -

-' V


-. y .. .. I ^
***~~~~~~~ *^- *.. *^
'1-TJrat -* *' ->-'* -'iilf


g.. rk ~S

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,- "'-'*',.

>;*., "'^

0 u"

_ ," .*

ft *. C-



S`7.,- 6


.I I

*" : .

You Sell .. en You Tell 'em thru P

,.I yve war Ad with uttfe

Lewis Service
*4 TivolU Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and

Fourth of ,Taly Avw.-Phone 2-9441

of our Agents oriour Offices i No. 57 -
No 12.179 nral Ave. Colon ,

Sal6n de Belleza Americano Carlton Dnmi.. .
*55 West 12th Street 10.059 Meltad A O

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, SAM" h t r it word
*3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-81900 "H" Street cornmer tm od
Phones 2-2214 ad see ,-, '&, tdi dtoeal word.

= --~--r~tflhnr1ST-~ --

Houehoud ___ Autonnahtile-P
: R SALE Record changer. 25 Service Personnel and Cvilion
cycle. $30 00. Child wardrobe. Government Employes
Chiffonier with mirror Lathe Tel. Insist on
'2 Balboa 2820. House 150 Prospect Government Employes Finance Co.
:t ,Street, one way street to Quarry When you finance your new
Heights or used car
FOR SALE mahogany No. 43 Automobile Row
f radio-record player and amplifier; Phone 3-4984 3-4985
49-piece furniture set mahogany .--- --- .
with leather webbing Tel. Balboa To sell or buy your next automobile
I'3 l5. see: Agencies Cosmos. Auto-Row
5- No. 29 Tel. Panami 2-4721.
SALE--9 ft. Westinghouse Re- Open all day on Saturdays.
trigerator. 25 cycles, 3 years old
6 ce trays perfect clndon, ke FOR SALE.-1948 Ford. 4-door 6.
new, $150. house 356 apartment. Excellent condition, $85000. Tel.
8 second floor Maome Place. An- 3-731, Cristobol
con. C. Z FOR SALE:-1941 4-door Mercury
with overdrive. Excellent condition.
OR SALE--Mahogany dining set $1.80.00. Levig for Uned
0 Sta. 10 Venetite House 2013-B or Phone
nch drapes. rugs. 'a horse me- Curundu 6159.
1"R SALE2-Refrigerato, Philco.9 F SALE:-For Convere
ft, 25 cycles, a damaged 1949. good tires, radio. Ample
i .. In excellent working order, con- T ancing facilities. Price 1.20.
'z servod6r model. Crlstobal I'51 Telephones 3-0130 3-1373, Pa-
nie, Cristobal 1334. dob ime 5 na.
O SALE:-Oesk, washng FOR SALE -1951 Cadilloc. hvdro-
SALE:--Desk, washing machine, matic, white tires, seat covers. ra-
e icombmnatlon, teether-drapes, dA, in very good condirson,
Sabl l lounge chair, floor lamp tt925.00. No. 163 Central Ave.
'B S II immedibtefy, oth ite"*, Vgl
I. Tth St 2153- Curudu. Phone 2-0948.
0fWJ'0-ivo-F OR SALE-Dodge SedanS 1942; co-
Out to v e. brand mera 3 5 lens; canary and cage
m-t, 16W rattan livingroom, set 7" ieces,
also diningroohn set, table, six
i.2 chairs, porcelain Frigidaire with For Vour car:-Liltherette Celluloid-'
r, Ente*irise gas mtov. 49th Ice vehicle regiltrotion card hold-
t No., 28. ets COLON MOTORS, Inc. (Dodge.
.1 :-Westinghouse Refrige- DeSto0. Panor Colon.
.. 25 cycles, $240; Kenrnmore FOR SALE :-G1949 Plymouth 4-door
25. 25 cycles. $125; both se- DeLuxe Green, w/s tires, leather
J- months old. 5334-C Davis upholstery. 21.666 miles. 831-D
-, Diablo, Wikingstad Balboa Road, or YMCA.

R Help Wonted
WA'NTED: Maid live In. 5 day
week, some cooking little laundry.
children. Apartment 713-C, Cocoli
5 7
perleneed: nursemald, vAmercan cr
European, need not sleep in. Calle
N_. 12. Apartment 4.

bsition Offered
D--Younq Whmn or lady with
or thor e tears office etperl-
te. Wrfte giving age, experience
d enclosing small photograph t
'155. Pahama.
3rapher-typst. Spanish speak-
, but who can also take dicta-
ilIn the English language. Wrimt
c 1305. Balboa. C. Z,
irlence and salary expected.

M 0 tinuportation. For
Ift S -M t y uteimictt
L f Owtreet Centmal
4tM |:0**
- elfm

g---- --


A y. M 9
ft. Ill |
Mtdae l.itl |


WANTED:-Paftmno tty,. three bed-
room hou. fi*fhlhd. W. G. Dos-
well. Interneternal Motel.
WANTED:-Ougbaard motor 5 to 10
H.P., good condition and reason-
able. 83-3178, Curundad.
VWAtNTED: -Anglish douple require
n i or
Air Force officer dulres 2-bedrorn
house or rtm furnishmLk Tel.
WAWTED-4IEblq e family wents
chalet In Vista consitlinr of
2 or 3 bedrooms. Call 2-1024 or

HOTEL EL PANAMA looking for A- I
mechanics, plumbers, and electric-
tans. See Mr. Baker, Chief En-
gineer. for interview, betwenr
9-12 noon.
WANT!PD:-UedI Krdex
(Remlnqon Rand preferred)
8 x 5 slatk cord, filing cabinet,
Tels.- 3-31 -. 3-0382, Ponoma.
WANTED:--Radlo est equipment.
Call Albrook 3246, between 4
and 5 p.m.

Vancouver Blaze
Ruins $4,000,000
Worth Of Property
(UP) A roaring fire whitl
blamed a path of destrtiuton -
,ow the Vancouver atofret
"In"J operty worth at lca
$0.00. W, according to fire te--
giutment officials today t
The flames rumpled a 12,500
0, graIn-loadIng teazuip_ ad
gutted the adjoining raeb 0eW-
u. Which with their coltetl
were valued at $1,500,000.

alrgain-949 Bfatui Super
iee f *fiat,, w-ith an.
flow. rao, seat coven,
god tire, n etslmu e
ma payments, we u at
meet y Em dM- 8.A.
Am Stiset Catn Ame.
CaO" tlat allL

Dr. E. A. PEREZ-
yeterhamn mSWM
bay adMlgbt Sank.
ImWb--Wean --i--l8Mw

p.. -...
e. U
0. w
- so

-s i

Do you have a drinking problem? Phalll ps .t
Write Alcoholics Anonymous. Box Clamro 4I
2031 Ancon. C. 2. Panonma 3. 7. .1 .
We cover bottons. make belts and Visit ll i
buckles The best washable ma- COOL AUTl1 M, v .
tenal. Monday thru Thursday from Gromlich's Santa Claro beah.
1:00 to 5:00 p.m. House 758, cottages. Electric Ice boxes, Bas
Apt. "A. Barnaby Street stoves, moderate rates. Telephone
TRAVEL OPPORTUNITY: Enjoy 6-441 or 4-567.
your vacation In cool Costa Rica. W.llims' Santo Claa Beach Cftogem
Fly LACSA. PAA affiliate. only Two bedrobme. Frigldalrb, Rock-
$3500 round trip. Inquire Pan- gas ranges. Balboa 2-3050.
ama Dispatch. Tel. 2-1655. across *
from Ancon bus-stop. Casino Santa Clard r ce. eublc b
Cosino Aces. Make your riervo-
FOR SALE lions early. ard. April 26th.
Houses on beiah, Santa Clara. Phohn
MiseeClanenO S Shrapnel, Balboa 2S20. Monthly
FOR SALE -- Table low, bandsaw, rotes.
lathe. Air compressor, 25 cycle FOR
motors, good condition. 604-A.
Delesseps Colon Tel. 3-2412 .
FOR SALE:-Welsh "boodle buggy .
with pod. Excellent condition. Coll FOR RENT:-Tw droo chalet in
2-2898 on 1431-A Corr St., Bal- El Valle. Tel. Por -32423 'or
boo. Balboa 3763.
FOR SALE.-Three Boxer puppies FOR R NT
seven weeks old. A. K. C. Reg Tel
6-377 Reg Tel I
-6'__ Apmrnmemb
FOR SALE Beauty Shop, 'er -
cheap. for quick sale. Owner leav- AL -
ing cournry. Information inquire. e _
Salon Miami, 122 Central Ave.. J' S B1

L E S S 0 N S Vacatlonqurftr to 4 roms
with elepliNO. Frtm May 2 until
Learn shortcut method of popular July 31. J rdqm M
Plano playing. Ze Bennett's rGsp1ont 'wl h'
Studio Tel. 2-1282. Pedro M ..
Real Estate M yle
FOR SALE:-Lot in Lefevre 2nd St FOR SALE-Royo Efijd moo
A-1.000 Mts. Sacrifice. $2 00 500 c.c., like new. $550.00 6t.
centimeter. Call "Agencio Tomos," Tel. 2-2847. A.
.onag FOR ,;V .,
Shadow, *750. Vim ffn A-1 vcift
dit ,o. dera 46k^-f."
g%7 alk Spelal 4- d2-0787.

Kfood IMarantee. --
t Y. g y nniutt. o
St- C m i el SAr'- I

"Concrete Action"

By C(adk Women
-Pope Plus 3M, at the height
of a critical Italian eleon
campsa which could send
Rome Communist, told Catholic
women today it was their duty
to exert with "conrete action"
their influence "tm sooll and
public life, Parliaments and tri-
A mass audience t fflaMe
to the World Unioan.1t
Women were told MWoR
you y M= to
create those internal ant tr
nal conditions that agmre traa-
quility of order."
The Pope defined these t-
ternal conditlons as "a s a
vast fld-soclal

WI d of labor."
sod if mothers, wives Iand
y women of the world ab.
mi war, let them take op
'UMmoete action to halt It"

I *r4


Don't be a
"Sathroom Jiggler"
IMta an "ALERT"

Flush Guide Valve. ,
Save waitbr and stops annoy-
snce of dripping tqoleta
As reported by Readers Digest
-AL RT" never falls.
S Central Ave. Tel.2-9144

imediate s
Tel 8-1713
#22 i. 29th ai

ow il nPaetm
Ifnai Trust Co.,
Abattbil, Forestal Produchl
teL .3-19 3-160

CwMOM Iuua
Ipeorer Reapboltery
irm B M1OW-UMooM


7th ft J'ust ArOeArmna
Avm -- Coln T41YT

ShIpgl, moving, mt.
We peak and erta or wol
kflt. .'Pha 245,,
2-2S62, Pnami.


Wr th Row and
-**. 41 F I Ro
a AWAIf R tf

eSalh fddli Baccouahe, 67.
seves pa~leer or Toniv S for
the secoN ime. ProWeoch,
Iaheouca fAMt served a pea-
ater ater the liberatMion of
Tunin In I20. He m w muacts
Nobaimd (ftk, who mwa
unuroed W the la muthai-
ties for bet In ampatb wth
eta natimallt forts i
_'a tes.

Iew Spanish Note

On Tangier Zone
Handed To France
PIRTS, Aprl1 24 (UP)-A new
4pealah nota whose contents
ae not immediately knows
ll been delivered to France
-Joeyts the anuler Inter-
netsl!al. according to M-
Previously on Apr l SAk
i* fir rtaly demanded eoelsy. w
ategic North African city a.e

| \ l s re In neighboring ~~ench N t
--4pr, the ra tdeaNtlito.
inoesbrs aot -lON AD
"MY UWMITS t1hss, In some clam crime via
dZe Jep has h Mv 1j vAa suspects in the pice
his 1 I t p "' In alight as near as
Svmhg "Jsut fI to thatI n t
erred. -

h ---



; aut him out .j ithat I<"
0oot (atta1elnw, aso ff0t06(
Qhe flt ree one-set Wepi3
P..etred standing, IftA
fksSav ,n- a... c& .. *-i m m U M M1:

Not snow boveY Arhnur P E S. 0 I. MbWitktad lath ie I

of t s etes aft b seated w e thames .eem tly v W. t Ift A
th ly a'Smttid It irftrrife'e "The OOld" uW O te
S4fts lvofi10 hm06 thea rW, h meiqf the nua
to Botvl Bnk of the tft
flater will show hw b the cut 9ftV & lf th aft W
t rconytstr dlgod M a i watira tath
conftet at Otiatobal.

Editors Told Securit S qy

*Gives More, Not Less, 1 If #iui
WAm~mf'rw, April () hti tt ttt oup taqty ao
--Preident Truman's ramt tot dotre. o uhee
heep, $vnarnet intofo 1n- ThislnvIed tefua lbyt th ag hO W 1
volvngational "securIty" 05mg Or*" of Priee BthbUlstaemw Iftasab tat tE 1n
the ptnm l8_*tuy nmakhw m" pablic the Satua of atEmntlEu pb "f
*withhold new n on I
cha of polhag thie pflgtm -- *
Bald -a. Trapnel's subotalltto ruled .

Edard J. T pei.n, -aMe
eeoreta of the 1 te eerrta Ia.
W1 nrbeomm~lttm 4 inte -al a-
curtytold a r er h mrou
b" *edOpte a policy -w *I
the enies to prove nat

"tI no$ WA. ttew Inr
to W* Swurity clfotimWs'tto I
"AM e h"m bannia to
inds outhe, i ,,er d ag s ut

editors ad ptb he n-
ate froam the tort that the
Peddeat' gI order will
suppress m t and a-
Aoert pS Htol, o-tub-i
I f ta~~mtie Me.. L MIer,
to VA As pr
Publishersg A- ho bt Nw
York TaeOtIM a Mr. Troman
had brougt -o elvlan *
lp under th neor=
conception, of ta dI-
ty. RD
The FPrOWead Mai~veal

be 4) Om

cHI" 4uno


maIft- -fA

hat security wa i
Io.-lm be IMM

Offiwirs t

rar ,

-Nutfoua Army CRIaS la U
Asncn. Pa' sif, m fio .-

tas= Itf g s
*** gg****g*** isW -i




.~. 1 ..,..* ,_" -.,.',:''&
1951 Puos
19n1 CbN
19I1,ik' *'4'-

BeI-Air li



1948 B"W.


0 BOW iAt-me Sk0 4.

1 am~fs. m. sn R


Ci. a.

er -1t-5N%'.F1'5f? *e-.~- -t*t4 --
'9 -


1 #0 man bw4 I
I & af



. .-- 04 4 mo -

" .* :, If*



soAq OL AA



iat ahe wall

a m Anti.RFC Vote.

)Stt t Administration

(uI p tt ) Demootats app"uttly
f Itio f n"al Of v
fi^^7pi. bpl with a m ratito uIn

ird forces ruled oat m
n.S aoaltf t,, tentative
.) t6 Democratio leader 3i
orn0oi Ma tter
to k sYann o t u wrG inS

ra. Joseph W.
i A. Dovel And

the stt S fth l 8tatiq until I in. the ballrooat t e ia

!1 6 Rlnui, M TO B Sturdar
a3 1e be milt dW it fie

Ies o Royallns l F Ry M fti gt
a a pie: a .dn

oths lA ~$ad served Im gay t opna t butae M e t r

St polemo t of buildingI the I se of theh Of en t sean
an fltrn' CAMtniL Riehardae e.Lean, PInama 'rg]
Seat te nt ~Al t Oe wrestling champion. Wo died 9 3
0 B i Wgei tl a hter. tany Rtde M blrth-s eI th
IaK i gn M fOlfcidrn wll be TAhe eas will be held at th of t
It ril i each Bunad .y at th St. Paul's AnIlo.Cathollc Church. ernr
44 1s Atlantic a Blbe Club on Brasrn lt _
p --t ~fe bu ldn th a the aftMo O t8 0 mi
1COM'S Rti-ards l14&ean, Fna L m A4il
CM toa Ofafe5r wrstin champn. whno 4led-91 8 b0

Si e atun Unoe r r
a.i dce, wiesh Mr.. -rthu 8tag- I AL0 HT5o Churc.h n

-. h-
an io !,, l Gn on- --

tic~d.ts iker undth e VI
ap" too he l a It e M
iSc of the #wint, Mrl an of Qatun. i| i>
S'A '
I tae fer th pst.We w.k -- ____
.tony atnd. d tq the lthui via pan
o- t&a MAfGARiTA ION

IMF. 51t A. 'Uu at th |

aa thy Iat th hom; b toite tomorrow '"
S" / "" .I* 13OfBwAl n;
#1 Ajv A *d :15 vi

do 01

* ato ldT6tr.wia4PnMi lu
.4 ib e

Pttnt, ; .- ,

qil4 Pewf tqti"on

r OwA M C

!io UkII4 3ntli(~w
0 .iter, 4ow.|
Itlt (VOA t

, Amwleao (VOAV
o the* l

(GA) -

-aI And Get it

iOff ,th0 kewd
.ff the Iond (OOD ,.
1* dot the Band
uncheon Muele

arlmerin Journal (V M
c al (Vm

. ,, -, s*

5:IOe-^LofN'rt w -d

tJ g t ai nutm ,

tht0 6311.



3. j

'- .. 7. .j


~~M.JrE 4~-

.wg:3 *Ii ^- hA, 5iU^^1*- '
ID~a "fle IWI L '.
,* .R I,


Apr-t er iamd* -
Fnl IdM .


0h0104- -
I 34
4 1:
bh .W~ ~ ~ -~ -

7 7 7 ,

a AMI-

C. 0oau


l T

', .' .'. *13
* '_ i; "

.' ---q<1



t ie l a L..I

i -it. || .
i^ ^^"
.. -i

4 -

--- -


4 V



- _. --I- _

ob Caim Bests

1-o -

Rrowns Move Into First-

Place With 1-0 Victory

4. -0-
S NEW YORK, April 24. (UP) Yesterday's
Major League play was highlighted by the double
en: e-hit pitching duel between Bob Cain of the
S rowns and Bob Feller of the Indians which the
browns won 1-0 at St. Louis last night.
g another American League
tame, the Red Box edged the
ypees 3-1 at Boston. The Tig-
eti-White Box and Athletics-
Smators games were rained out.
In the only National League
contest, the Giants outslugged
the Braves 9-5 at the Polo
Oglunds aided by four homers.
- The Cardinals-Reds and Dodg-
er.Phillies games were also can-
celed because of rain.
Today in the American League,
toe Yankees remain in Boston
sid in two night games the Tig-
eqp play at St. Louis and the Ath-
letics at Washington.
Zn the National League, the .
Elgers remain at Philadelphia
ad the Cardinals go to Pitts-
bprgh for night games. The Reds
gu to Chicago and the Braves re-
ikin in New York in two day

The elismale double one-hitter
bob t0 spotlight ft anth- Vat qd to the ga= 'as only ur
L 4 O .Uftfnt nteme betSL trune Feller's b Id moree fame
tonfis row assurg~ed Into R e atow..W cord of eleven
Is the Ameruoa sLeaW3p one-rmftkr.
Swon Ze a Sa lost lhisto-hitter thenr
_po C*n,hz4Jb~a rk- b e-
''rl. he was the victim of FeV- Inhll with a line Angle to right
t. I tl~d no-hitter last year centeffleld. l Roap walked
n therndians' ase defeated 'rL3deM b."otad Fl..ler hil

hefor had be urs-eills bKinder made one of his
no-hitter .e now]re starts and listed the
ban been first pitcher Ys to five hlte to ye the
r1' pitch four Red Box their eighth victory in
rs during his career. ten starts this season and drop-
ped le Yankees to the .500 mark
tb 'izYoung's single In the first with a 4-4 record.
g which left fielder.J i Amt
misplayed Into a triple~


ad no more'ima 130
m 30 3m00 a i fl
Uaod V. (

to 6 to win the Atla tt a
4-mawue an tdhip and erye
declared the first champions.
The boz score:
S.aoa, S;........... 1 l 0
,I ........ 3 1 1
L lbm .b .. .. .. 1 0
Matos, c. ...... ... 4 0 0
BasAn r, ... ..... 1 1 2
Hartz, 3b ...... ... 3 0 0
Burgess, 2b .. .. .. 2 0 0
Hannigan ...... .... I 0
Taber, rf........ 3 0 0
R. Smith, p .... ... 3 0 0
Totals ............26 5 3
Rankin. If .......... 4 0 0
Pirez, 2b .. ........ 4 2 2
Gon lez, es ........ 3 3 2
Albright, b ........ 4 2 3
Hodes, cf........ 4 2 2
Georg% c .. .......30 1
Tobin, 3b .......... 4 0 0
E. Smith, ........ 4 1 1
Dgan.. 1 0 0

Totals.. .. : ..1.... l-
out by-E. Smith 7, .
Winning Pitcher-E. SmItb.-*
Ing Pttah-e-R. Smith. UtSqpO
-Stephenson and CunrtghbW.






uwc m o w"G.

ChDal LeBrun

in 7-1 Opening

Day Trmph

a a

Former Canal See and Pi
ami lPro Leagoo pitcher Ctb
noe Loom g off A the rli
fobt In the Um*ass "B" Piedm
League last week.
Charite hurled Norfolk te
4hree-hit -1t vlte y-y o
Portsmouth- opn Msg day.
pitched five eOmlfle hitl
innings before a base kn
was given up by him.
The five-innlag stlat had
LeBrun's string to seven
nings without a=wlag a
In a previous exhbMtfn re
performance, he Wfht two
nings without anowing a sas
In the opener Charle str
out five and walked three.

Amerian Lagu
TEAMS- Won LostI
Boston ....... .
Clevelanmd .. .. .. 2
St. Louis. .. .. .. 1
Washington. .... 4 4
Chicago.... .. 3 5
Philadelpha .... 1 7
Detroit....... .. 8

TODAY's 209M
Phiiadlph&iA WMEton
New Yok at Berte .
Detroit at Lutb L
(Only Games eb tedME ).

New York l 00 1OO0 000-i
Boston oUil000 10xt-
Reynolds (0-2) and Sillv
Houk; Kinder (1-1) and WI
Cleveland .......
St. Louis ............
Philadelphit at Washlngtc
(Postponed, Raini
Detroit at Chicago
(Postponed, Rain,

Broolyn. ...... 1 1
Chicao.. .. .... 2
New York ......

St. LOU ...... 3 4 .9
Boston .........3 7 .300
PhiladelphIa .. .. 6 .250
Pittsburgh...... 7 .222

Boston at New Ymt.
Brooklyn at ?blladslpia (N).
Cineaowbi at Ch4eaCo.
St. Louas at Pittsburgh (N).

Boston 0210 002 11
New York 030410 01x-- 8 0
Conley i0-21, Hoov", Jones,
'hipman and Cooper; Mowman,
Ti elm a-1i, Koslo 4 d Wes-

St. Louis at Cine
(Postponed, R
Brooklyn at PhilaU
(Postponed, B
<0Kly games schedu

H1 So Kind(



er) i

S ;twfl- AS 3 3PO A
S4 0 1 1

S.. 1 0 1 1
a b 0 4 1
Woo cof. 4 0 0 0 0
BW 4 0 0 2 0
Coleman, l2b .3 0 0 2 4

aBltdeweser.. 0 0 0 0
Houk. c ... 0 0 0 0 0
cerv .. 0 1 0 0
Reynolds, p. 3 0 1 2 1
dJensen. 1 0 0 0 0
Totals .31 1 5 24 1

S4 1 2 1 1
*f. 0 3 0 1 8
tepbens 3b 1 0 1 01
Sao, 0 3b 0 00 81 4 0 0 3 3
.hronebery, rf 3 0 0 4 0

,White, c. 3 0 2 7 0
Klnter, p 3 0 0 0 .4
Totals .....29 827
$ 3e y innyIn
New York 000 100 00-1
Boetos 011 000 l0m-1
&Ran for Blvera in 7th. W a
ad for Cnoleman In 9th.
ur oSIk in IMh. dCabet

Jt~ it,


;lief CH .t
afe- bst
- Pbst' ......... 1 3
TUbWtAT efUct.
ck (Playoff orf,.ttd game
Om 4, 1. L
Atlantic' Twtt ft
S turned out in l fIorce
/ night for only 1
! 1ll; but hse
backed with o i oE
Sore than a few
nd in that sho a o I
Cristobal e 8 tabg
ed theme ce ftor qal,
195 Champ m- to Ataatleo
e Twilight Legn. '
The game w e. rt_ of1
last SunD _h. it
Pet, between Pabt
.80 Pabst 1.
.87 half of the t -* etf a
.875 scheduled sevir bat.
Th e pg a m e I

a o wayith lr i t
r thae game.(n

edtrying to o tO thrd the same
terrplay. Onlfter Hu and
i0 thadeentl ou retire aa

5 side did B y Ha lodge whit

The p roted t was Ipheld by the
ern commt ee. nd the game w.ft
plated. f rom the point wth

Hatr t third a Prtce at so-
ond, no outs *o a Htghe, thne
plugging Cribal andpitcher,
0 t bat: It wa Soutt re that
Hughes wold be i y lto losde
the bases. Thea wphoueld at-
on tempt toe, A aMd thbatmes toW
p;AT oFiremen Dewth
7 V"d.....1..).....

.0115 "m

To Increase
-0 t
TEAM- Won Lout Pot
fhemneum' lar. ..12 3 .671
PanLiquidso.. .. 10 A n0
S .. .. .. .. .. .571
Phi~pine Rattan. 3 11 .214
CAA .......... S 12 .143
Firemen's Insurance 9, Elks 1.
MmdIbDe Rattan vs. CAA.

h Has Double


NT USWE, April 24-(U.P.)-
e he cant a-
e a why. the income tax
StraMtT agent tib a

S bd.s have aratzed
4Z'U y h arnvestt4 mun

ud.eaWldon. He's over 1.c"
pmxa a d ore po rte IncaeAr

f ,r e rvathoroughly.
ft" we agentr-"tn dHe must r

Sknou he charges against

There 30-year-old outfielder
took a .45 Be'tts average n1."
Took a .345 ba~ttin average in-I







*r -~.-.----1.-. -I '=r


CASb Adantie



" *. .

tzmpionship W
t-- Sp
Son e ground for the force W s
Tth t and possible double fIned
P4C this was not to be.
Ion itched to Hughes
d te CHS left-handed hitter
drov6 a hard smash to the oppo-
als field for a three base blow,
-stlabl Hatgi and Price. Salter
grounded out for the first out, Sa -
but Baso skied out to center and
Hugheo scored the fourth Cristo-
bal rU after the catch. Ander-
Sgrounded out to end the ral- other
Tommy Hughes had no trou-
le from the opposition in the N s t
seventh frame as he retired a
wearngen.aramillo and Pe- A'
od n order to end the game andthe
Wrap up the championship. It
was the second dramatic win for
the pitcher that tossed 'em up
tRfirst gamewhichCristo-
waln wn to on a sixth Inn sing about
hoaer by Hughes himself over
the rihfield wall with a run- Blwn.
nor aboard. Tommy struck out el er gay
syen Pabst batters. .te re i abalH to
Gibson went the route for the mty doter'. gal-
loser, and was rocked for only may end his a-
two base hits. Though only one
of the hits figured In the scoring, Ren-I can't hazard
two of the runs scored off the t. Bat coming out of the
Pabst hurler were earned. at th age of 30- and
The box score: beg a tor-well, there's
Pabst-. AB RH PO A Ko ."
Pecod, 2b.. 40 0 3 3 0
Hall, lb 3 0 0 7 0 1 The Phildehi Phils have
Dedeaux, as. 1 0 2 4 0 OM right-hanaer Con Demp-
ale, cf 3 0 1 1 0 0 O y to Seattle of the Pacfc
Hooper, 3b. 3 0 0 1 0 1 c t eague. It Is believede-
Gibsop p 3 0 1 0 1 attLe Oh i p M for Dempsey.
Welch, If. 0 1 1 0 0 -T n--
Swearlngen, c.3 0 0 3 0 0

--er $Arcaro likes hes
Ttals .....26 1 4 18

Hatgl, 2b. .2 1 0 2 4 0
Price, Ib 2 1 0 8 0 r
.. sisF0or May8 3 Derby
Salter, T.,c.. e.n8 0 0 7 2 0for M Dy3 Db y
Sasso, If. .. 3 0 0 1 0
Anderson, 3b. 3 0 0 0 0 2
Smlth, cf .. 2 0 0 1 0 0 LOUISVILLE, Ky.. April 24-
luhWt, rf 2 0 1 1 0 0 (U.P.)- The king of Kentucky
--s- -Derby jceys thinks he h
to21. d 4 at Chcl-l
il me Aleb a r ay a tr
Sm t e Deby m says-"this
f & thr are no tEtons'a
M the e-yai. B
M r gin now I wouldt ttde places
Margin beat
l haEehe bst D~rny hose in
Arcao admits It takes luck
Yesterday the Firemen's Insr- to win a Derby, but adds-
amoomen took another game to H"M Gall looked awful t ood to
boost thr record after having e when be wot the Phoenix
n the first and second half of Handicap." ,
je Pacific League with-
qt a playoff Me. Arearo ftgr ae h Man" will
The remmg four games will be the mante -, SIh.
Splayed for ake of leading Says Eddte-"Y t have
battr and hole run competi- to rate 'Mster W 1 up there
tos. because of. his litryt the
After yesterday's game Bob Wood Mexmml. PesmNally, I
'Taht stepped up to. tie Larry haven't been moe by the
Chance (both of Elks) for head races of SB M an Master
man with the tick. Taht has 42' Fiddle, but I a e mllon
base bits In 1N5 ts to the plate, miles wrong."
chance ha 40 fft 10 tries, which Hill Gail waS to hMve entered
deadloks them at aa even .400 the Blue Gras at
"lch. nar contender is Keenelad, bht i t
nmm l Aawnm of the Fire- Jones .atched .Ift ft
anm tr1eam with a Gall-along wjgtbaro. sI
La r an. io put himself Tuesday.
n the ho e run field Only five
y smsfith0 hMoftthe sea- have been
ib'r of th san .Blue Grass SuN 1e!
P. n r leaders are '"Gush o =7.07M
(f ) and "Cold VD.f.lbj.7 w
Cmce (gks) 4. Lucky" fl4 "Jet .jp
pr B wn hs 20th
IIla Mt a sbtiedl for the Two Mo te t0 s
ff i- swam w asOut Of 04*y
defeat.NEW YORK Apo ts (Up)
Te box sore: .Two more oB o
A S R H E day, In,
Thbt, ........2 1 1 0ers forathe e a rt-
Chasme, rf-lb...... I 1 1o sic with the -& '
l .. .. .. 3 2 0 between i
o,. ..... 1 2 0 Arma
.. 01 4 0OHaio
0,26,'.. 3 1 1 0 *
f4..... 4

T!Z .. ,. .... 1 0 w i .r b )

1 0 0 : dmSmb.

'. ""4 7. :: 0 0 JUte] .9`0

tii~ie ........2 ,. 1 ?twI
ma so. n .

- _--:__-- ..

-. :. A

the P 0.
d a "' '

1) Daniel 8tewarkt.i.m Glad-A
atone Ogaho; 3) ,atedf ibt"
3) nChertelty GilL.t!.
1) Doris .ran; ) On vh. ; ". .:. :...-.
3 OCherty 041
-i^.-a r -Amt aga~s^afla

Alien; 3) J

deI i
Blad Lo" Dae. 1 f1
s3-4-715 Fs-tl R. BDadst. 1 23 1
1) Anita Santela; 3) -Fade
Titam; 3) Of Ada. Ta ... t
Grades ---I a-a *a
I) Heman o; 3) Her M A It
Johnson; 2 8oLse a S4..I
1t) 2esto o p .r* .:[I
Simmons; 5) Bob t. A. JIfh ef-Sb 1 1
Grads 5-6,104 rn ly. A. Petell, s.. i$
1) CecIl Oft &ttM I) Prank A. hWRItte, rf. 3!
Blade, S3) ee Parden, lb..
1) Judtith el IDryden, p.. 1. i
e r a .. GS B1. Ja c k -c f .
is -4 Totals
lb Caren 9tflt el> Runs k

4 ddy Sd

4 Ak

...^ ^ ^ .~, ." "
a .-._,.





_.- .-......-.. -.

- ~'V.~: .


" ., ..

4 .


_~_ ~_ __ __

- m p


, 1,



*,:' ; .^
!". *'. -

; ~S+)~r





S J.

P _~_1~

' ~


p ..

f ^y ,,,^^ I ^.. .

I/~ 3

*W w-.' w ,, .. ** ... -. i', B fB -
1; '' u_ i f u...,
-.' : .::. / ,.-- 41t-

. ., "

Pony Legunie


S.', -~







.r .
IL .








A. A

.. ;..'...- :.' :,." ,.. :. .iK

5**. '.*~J


. -:ll'9:-.w 6
^*'I'O' '

e~St ar



.** ;. *
'. l:<,d


. ,, .').

. .- .


: :,



OAF- Am*ue

~- I

Y .% ,,,. ._. .1

f 75

Like's Backers
,. .,... .,

Jubilant; Taft

Lead Shrinks

Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower's
backers claimed today that "tre- i'WRNT1 vWmft rA.0T
mendous sweeps" in New York
and Pennsylvania put him "on
the way to a first ballotvtitor
In the Republican presidential
sweepstakes. m
SBen. Robert A. Taft's backers
discounted the results of the
two big primaries as "mean-
tingless" In terms of delegates
to thle presidential nolminating"-
1obveWntionIn Chicago this
July. "4I
isenhower's political boosters .....
hed it a e den e thoa h nd WASHINGTON, April 24 (UP) con I-A*-n ra In three OW It. cames of Atlanta.I
Spblican who can win the--Tax iveattgators testified to- Insta liet& tell t years l450.
i.e House for the first day that Joseph D. Nunan, Jr., t, he bmt- what the ed as revenue
S20yarse re mhad more than $176,000 in unre- t ihas a opy of-a I from M..arch,19"
In 20he ersm rticreside. orted income during a seven- ald to Wh i
tal race, chairman oJames P. year period beginning with his t .
ie'ards of the House i appointment Asternal Revenue "tawo% ete a ide ..
Affairs mnt'" onvW. Commissioner. ,a m "
Averesl Harriman to resign a A nse Was and Means failed toi
foreign aid chief. subommsittee nvltstigating tax -t ox
6 He said Harriman's decision to seadb0 dIss1h that Nunan wa
eamPaign for the Democratic was askdd s61 t 7,328 of theThere
nomination might hurt the $7,- amount at a Reeet secret ses- r fees,
M0,000,000 foreign aid plan. Aen ad refege tol explain ona
The apprisal of cisenhower as grnds of ssl-tnerim~nalon..
A th on vote-puller who can The one-time tax chief had s
aw the November election wasb eed called for further question- into u
made by Sen. James H. Duff (R- today but pleaded Illness and hnto ban
Pa.) and Gov. Thomas E. Dewe not aphdido
of New York, the 1944 and 19 The sao ittee prom ly checks.
V honinee. arrged for a medical exam na- Cs Seing the hks
' The Duff-Dewey appraisal waste St and smid the outcome will blz w'teJd
based larg on the Penasylva- determine whether Nunan must
nia returns which Eenhower fe posslMe contempt of Con- ttee counsel A
Rn ac=re than 600,00 votes a- [1 s hcha thr ges
head of Taft, whose name was Hi s unreported income could. thah
1ot cn the ballot and who dim- have included items which for a t secret hea
orW write-ins some reason did not have to be ao nd
re-aid ft Rwwbn reported, investigators said, and poss planationon
amo *tthe White e wt- thoMe iay have been some du- of pole self-inc'
owt 5 gNew York and pleaions.
l sauda "It is clear SlubcomMlittee counsel Adrian
a he 06eof these crucial w. DeWivd said about $29,000 of M tba
"." fltrt S I Elsenhow- the $178,000 has been Identified Red
.else." as taxable Income. One of the Red- Cross Se
U_ amilton, eastern iv actor said Nunan declar-
for Taft, claimed the ed t0 of is In an amended ag
tr mIld get at least return for 1040 and G $550 for 1950. *g-s-
PW York's 06 convention The investigators said Nunan- he 0t-
a feremtial vote will income in excess of
Wef t" on Pennsylva- during the 190-So pe- t la
n n a inod 'eiand paid more ethan $250,000 4-n "e
P Iy a showingin taxes,
Whlabd to ma4 Re was Internal Revenue Com- "
M aler similar cir, mlss IOer from March 1944, to
as In the recent Illinois June 1947 Part of bis tcome
was orn his law practice.
m the conflcting IkWb amid fMnasbap be-
rinuvcalpCaM aUnit- cusedton r "he of-
7con-the remaid=n of the
a we ratesC co 5itte d so -and it
.- mnn .wmnaka a-rim to aw it was


an nation from BeLa Owe
tr (R-Me.) for a $2,6
check he received from Henry W.
ornoewaM, Wetngteon "m't -
tery man" who has figured prom-
inently in the tax scandals hear
Brewster had testified prev-
ousl e used Grunewald as a
Wdean in making a $10000
poitill contribution to the cairn
paignaof Sens. Richard M. NmIn
(U-Cal.) and Milton R. Young
O'Brien, an Illinois Democrat,
sald the testimony shows the

* .,, .. t i.-i:'
a.:' .''", ,,':. ,:;

SCar For Sale;
Cops Have It
Canal Zone poime we
a 1IM0 ulpk coupe co
morrow morning at -1. 2 IIt be
'The .car is Aet e i
cdion but pYan say aten-
& AM 2'e repairs are sat
mSfIW Boy Recovering
Sta sf From 30 ft. Fall

The eight-year-uld boy who
I fell from a maogo tree In Pa-
*ralso last wee W s taken off
,thM. seaouslg t ofit1 and I tIn
Imp d condlaton today.
..... .W. The child. Gerald uek, Jr.,
fell SO feet dows Teom a mango
qa w tm thes April 1M and wa=ySma g to
u v in Gwtf^sW'^orge .lspwital tufflngbre ft
oe ts now teems gMMc twl

em an:ATm is. CZ Police Search
fl. rWA For Boxer's Owner

from a safe dutatg
'coy1es ato a k

1 .4mt

."d rURtC Iigh' wor.t~^
I, *I

,. *

-. re
q. 'ri' '.3."
,.4A JJt

* "- ')
S ,.:. tty t'- .A [ ;

.. ,. ....;.
... ... .. .. ...


,W s t .. old

tiImI S* bein a 9 0 : 6-

... .. ..'..'- ..

i, ,- .

rt ,^-L .....* ", **-* ; <
A-I -... ,,- : ;-
,s ,' ,. .....'I ,
C- ..r

S 'Cusehuiwm Tank
SIM TMR, Oermany, ApI
(S.-- Threw Onmae to
a da woane we m
teto a afdl 'mVtesa
.m 1ear herm Ithe Nat UNgi
'.......emeni to psa0 ftoi.f
,.+ + ..



rt!. U

wMan 1

o. I

, -, ,

a .*. -

1. _.,,..;' :.. ..,,.,...._.. ...~,,;

-*- '
^ ")