The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Foreign poli l ookfh to -.

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I n NE l ew ,thae world and replace them w ith
f t .' slower, untrained MWUv lab- A 'n I'
all to be paid by Americatn don'
ATM LARTBEAT tractors now preparing to build
r the bases and airopdts blueprint-
's About Town: The U. S. Senator Beeweters (of Ma l) ed by General ieenhower as he
ork Club, enehanted by th ataf-stasildde5 a ... S0t prepares to leave NATO.
and Dorothy Malrone of Holly ood among he Bfnd8holedm Our government has secretly ti ..
he 400....Eliott Roosevelt's lovely companion Over the hell- yielded to these demands.
is grownup daughter from Teru...Arleen Whalen's sun- By June 1, thousands o Amer- MiEI
Sand emerald-hued gown...Frank Costello, more concern- Icans who thought they were *c
Woer the newspapers listing his age at 61 instead of 57...Critic guaranteed several yeare' wra
S Jean Nathan and actress Julle Haydon feasting on peeled wguaranteed severIt their m a
...Btty and Jane Kean, the Cops comediennes, shop-talk- when theyleft their
the 54th and 6th corner...Gloria Swanson. in "The Grum European and Asia Outot,
audience stealing the show from the east... Martha Wrigt will be returning to the ..
ftelf6e," being adored by the crew on the U. 8. S. Wahp where construction jobs alreF
.Ftli k inatra, pacing the Central Park South pavement, wait- are scarcer than the Washilgt on
f tar Ava to show up. Senators' world series chanm. fML" 4
6____ Beginning early this week, MMd
i Sales in Our Alley: Tallulah Bankhead tuned in on "The American construcoton Wolker LO
W Itinental" for the first time the other night. ..When he looked were laid off at the notalous
gtaight Into the camera and purred: "Don't be afraid. Meet ees North African alrbam and re-
a man's apartment." Tallulah baritoned back: "I'm simply placed by 1,000 Prsenh wosefrs.
,rlfed!"...Marlene Dietrich considers it one of her pet com-
ents. As she walked Into a Hollywood studio commissary, a None emol be m. lle ."
ca), North AfrMl, l. II -"m9"
idtown Vsanid: w The Robert Rearks (olf thea oly min t At ipats,"mho (asMhe-p
Shave some house pets. One Is a standard poodle....When they vital welding eatit
Some from a play they found utter chaes...The dogs had defense a pto id Ib~~
uHy's wrecked the redecorated penthouse... The Suarks got part of a 4 MEir siM
hysterical from laughter, however, when they stw Mlam- simple wemar W A 11
, the poodle, sitting In the middle of the ruins-with a l ong failed. S he lla' haly epl eent
American Beauty In her teeth...They now eall her tude has bna 0t the
Sldi SMnames, a ta bau. s
Memos of a Midnighter: NBC paid Judy Holliday $17,500 to Therm oan be' se 'bt that
but hasn't used her once this season on "The Bi 8how." The this secret agent between
ork fears casting her, despite the fadts that a Cong. Comm. the U and ae 1ATO on-141
tbly cleared her...Oarbo has a rendezvous at Johns Hopkins tries jeopardle the eAntr de- &IY,
rgery.. That fight Marlon Brando was In (With 8 French trim jeopardy hh entire d af
it a Paris bistro) may cost him $,000 for wreckage... fense network m which ATO ouT a Oc ih tOa 1Up
Douglas and Nick Blorn have ]at It Cool...Maxine hopes to thro U a gun- MG
former show-girl, and her rich groom, Col. 8. Season (vic- bristling lev gam te fd
t a $850,000 gem robbery), may lose their marriage, too.. of Soviet arml.
n hears that ex-Ambassador Wra. Bullitt's next will be This guarded polIy, according i
soalite ...Dick Cowell's charming decoration ii Barbara to American consteuation experts K id Stuff
IVok dghtr of the Mayor of Trenton...The Jack (CBSp familiar with the details of the
-are letting it melt. It was their 2nd ry...Adman Scott foreign miltay time table, will Iy 0i RUARK d "'
he Sc. Register and stylist Georgila Rake will try the delay and possibly cripple the
on June. "world's largest militats depot," "p. I h
General Eisenhower'& projected ft taw..
0 eaen: Gertrude Lawrence unvelOtd lt betoa 1nsar- Chateauronu (trancc) base. NoW ORLIMASO d f the fth e that keep W have- Dem told to tr et t f thet U M
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'afe on0of twhe Mos nt pN bla luresadd 104',9 hat U covers because fo an alidu s lat uni ta te i ot"Nor n WL m"'& on gwTe f '
a have plenty of moty amd lots of beam. W Hy es p y 8~ l I w A tb ladmwai
iland said Mi. e Lawrr ne wstI, V wnt warehouses, w4 aaIone ehop e a itme aHO,, t ey td ro
quartermast UIt at s. e .ofrat wd.1,Uer7 fr#AVWffnmofissllit t
ittf MAI ft 0 X &%^S""ffwl&.dnAW Is W Writh Via mud Ilan- he '^ s r
-tra. SA* H slon strategic, new aa Z1e Shseon
untwat s t n o bp..rn f11 e

e's. a ir t. with te eAir Force. Happened me 16 1 pole vo _W
d and Signe Basso, co-starrings In ove 20 l1 f m by tr!r *(1d 1 el ...
lay It off stage, -too. .L. i. Mayor's coin r I tr) sltic tn nhlIlt o n g Prdelt w sre-mt ,h...
ot *me esreadent asrsahrfore, in pT olh
ua musical version of "Casabla ca," due In er l to431g o PooatPsd as MA, sl "e
stoIry is being readied attid in* Ar Secretary e TAd ) toe '"The showdown never
The authmoralsede teat.only t*e spotisn't qacP-, the Construction Men's hAusoo4I a
TThey -ea sawais togeti * qft culodla a maekn Ewa in0 %oat n satkd
L m. aghas wnext will publish a letter on White eati r trsont l recently: lat; Wi draw ho t~I
4 ssl a edby Pen. Harry Vaughan) that should mail te t hefiv ne i ex me at' o *I,-h .

agM- .Jan a onsefes'Ihm. .Mfa. ngi rllngthe i- eos atuim agonheopa' pnoeh hah
SVie Usam en. Mc. ta he mtii ing r at U ak n anCmmistontIby a b t7 OAoal 7 To
i atam e B Mome' ti l mowd. health o f ,youtuPw G wabout
...os l Fere hsbaI at An e w ... sa sv- k conemto s on's las so s "o~ nor
e anLa *w .Td hi "a way nca" Mro,- she n btle ane 19 .G WOk-U- hp lu habf
I" and La Me f.oneri A" beenfr thonRe prcow
1= rr aoved Anyone T t btYou" (boaom) oI o dotu- for .cabout o yte a years nOW hWe U PT n blt
Sthe Fae...Do Dawn on Cate Society Iprn a 8 th e p r Ieo neve she
4 = y,1 6,i'i- "-mth e.t IN ru5 .
Iway llyd d n twe a u t hm on a diet of m boo dIt,,. m4w brie
ie.rhyth dacn at iat nltledmtIcN d chdu P W anV old mail e1 0 iEn bdoh b t'a WithB Mo ate t
Tick. er: One of the leading singing roles In "huf- i t s Md-,wa ais an underprivilege yl i ~sE th crItc1l
It to 0, ,a at" bt ase Et, 2 0L n
He Is T. 8. Krlgarin (that's correct, Mr. Printer),practiced On his innocent u tar.ofgoodA detlsr t bho
a out "Immediate seating inlde" In a rich baritone... Tpsc s t oTofd
"Thesi ore. In spite of our de- the food faddift, a Of good up rm
plens dropping about 1 staffers because most ot the The food psycolois, "tel a, rnt .. M Lick n f ,ed
siro the orool hav ,,i,,,4 fo speed anrd Amerit ofre-itilei
cluse oming from the coast.. ,Nan Wyn's clash with her sNaeted anod Amerialstf ehot in the arm rs cabled (fr
-I5s tle In ethe courts this twee Intimates hear It will be _.11e cyIIn our foreignnd rem- a;Ll _011 nP It Is a t nt Im letter.,10
--;.The William aan, J areimain.. ecwr- gram, comprst IN ha b. Interpreted and rnt a L 17 da d t niae hotwut ta pri tIsay atOn~ ibtte.'
are singing again. The good shows are packedI "Pal are IoDItlinea fle aifdo and th u eu BI~u R itl y irked was t
'111hl the Ind from 'WAIMl and Il...The Roney-PilanY to Iet itd ah units efthoftld, y olg no better than the 11hr1 011 a "eel- br. oadcast
satIable man. He obviously has C jAyev no e single generat_--rearinginrac e sWho had flown to d*0o
Y vlete: u r sh b the serious problem. r hs bee steadfastly (MU OitW-cn .-o an l reed o etn itveUy m rni perL+
.4tensi.ely_- Stu .... Irkedw a.

1dach hi enhiseI, a ton bas should make it clear, "iMtd cast in win .,-
,ie... thstiside tee.. Tak e Jamw ~ ~ say the American constr lction
he iAo 4toher. .M mul l speakingl for 10.300 con- I .1 -""-

lhimf.. She ,ev lmols In construction work and has
e burn ens rule: They mut dine to at tan an mnti-Communimt oath', It p 3I S
he r husband put en his mLkeus and Wis es concemions for a road r ,

em h- It...OoL nlte asrrsn IMJ Imadnlanfis. There should th e Grand of then a 1
'----- .. .. They out-number t
no other guiding actor but lip until the Ese}hower boom g.t ho. .. 0 d ------T party, altO s, sato

rauttr i woed oitm rkes -- "The U5 lht.wer movement apgd a em. +llleana wanting to r. n Is already in th ,
m dl 1, bi* 9. d eatan uIml nQ.. m,- ,d hro aubta..i aiimes Ithe Soutoitto in ltcal
a s s m "driving" to aeoemulih what a ihsn-np tof _ri stong o ..-

-0- nt bS OUU.4oafl O II.Uhst3.L OE JRaitMJ at the p ec-nt s Juspim MONEY
'wo-- cha- wit thou. l'Oh trying ,t maintain .....

They paint ouat that the arec !rd W 5 pouleal ammalema I ";_ e 1 '
n ,th e this In the tet of anger. Im writing It reals that foreign-bult In."IMPple has ean h fairly Ao s t r
at ,lesalal, stfallations are so inferior t a roots wrestlit matches.
Trate5 tg. *mhm tt h is iar 0y, oput Md 5 by g standards Sind In t he slt t o f
flint giht. O pt cIfsMtat iM I orms of laoo mlu*en-M-.i. -a IU g
othla unusual, except that last night's wM ledr stnMe that bseM s law had Wtakng a terrible betting. N
be ripped opt and nbult. 8' CtAMog ARM peitca f betis 5B
amu U and motor-pyces. t, alo, db WtO M hr how tUam is agdM to e Ip.rpl.l of t t- '
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boautlng and seeches ad wild applamm. erMM.- he dliawnSbowWi I t Ug dof j' -p m --.
use It went on pWn on a0l Oc wirtw. mt o cInNl $oi $t4 ai..
SI would hear nm negbbers. aimb wgcl. towI laMe up to te mahBeasU naboasl
hunting elae r'te mutteing to MlIIsmm me go
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.rom the smb Ud Is heo =8sd MAId IVt -I t
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wM tWl bmo-thirty. e ar ktang. And 'it i tS zhe attMy wrile 5
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1,W Little I Father
tO LLYWOOD. ,NEA) Bc-tly five ears after being import- stinger Aatt lake
hind the Screen: It's take-lt-or-led from Sweden. 12Ascended 3 Biblicalname
leave-it stuff, but Shelley Win-; 14 Eter of oleif 4 Hebrew
ters is saving she hopes she'll There will be no more big mu-' acid 'a uetic
never again be nominated for an steal production numbers for' 15Fire worshlp B 540eMfit
Oscar Vaughn Monroe on TV. He's rea- Lashing r o
"'11 never let myself in for an- dy for a simple 15-minute sing- 17Winglike parts Plti
oter emotional experience like Ing format like Dinah Shore's Winglike parts 7 eiPel
thl." she told me. "Ye Gads, I and to heck with the revolving- burden 8 Hu new
all st had a heart attack in the stage treatment that gave him' 2buExcl o n SBrad
S thtter." eight different sets every time he; 21 Mark i down 10 VOcanO
S ex years ago Shellev was an hit the TV channels last season. a c Youngsheep
x h9 p Gene Kellv yilmusical 24 Prussian city I
at IM Now she's back on the "Dinah has the perfect show pimentatyskin 1Tidy 3s0
lo co-starring with Ricardo,for a singer." he told me on the pigmentation 1Promla y
S M ahRbaIn n A Letter From set of his second Republic west- 31 Room2 cs a cg22 ari
.. T .President." which Bill Well- ern. The Toughest Man in 32Afghan 2torith 5
m is i trectine Tombstone," and that's the kind princes ;t 41 .lit .it
hope you will notice." she of a show Pilkt1 this fall." 1 35 r) 24 Nobleman 4Slaikbbra
S gr ned. 'that Mir Wellman re-i Am ei an o
:: fe to me as Miss Winteis and Eyebrows may lift over Vaughn I 3 ATluvial 25 Amrinium i
r.o s"-Stinkv 'But six years ago. turning up as a western hero. but m on w
w I as here. ihe\ called me he's not wide-eyed about t--I've surface
4'H you.' Nobody knew my been riding all my life and talk- 3 Ma drink
nrile Ing about doing western films 81 S l sitoire
since 1933 1 40Some i
*ere'. n6 complaint from are-- with
SStq Cochran about the War- Any kind of a movie, he fig- stinger -
niebilling co-starring him with ures. is good for a singer. 42 Caddcan "
W fire, the horse, in "The Lion I Indian .
an the Horse." "When we're on a tour with! 44Rent
the band we hit a lot of towns, 47Bymeabso of
'1lind It? Not me." Steve told where there is no television. Af- wine (comb
mn "I guess I'm playing the ter 'Singing Opns' was released form) -.. -
lepang lady-Wildfire is a stal- a lot of people who had never 48 Nation ',
]lot-but I wish I weie as beau- seen me. came up and said. "We 52 Medieval -
tiful as that horse." are glad you made that movie Spanish
The film is in new Warnerco-, We thought you were fat and ingdom -
]or and Steve's saying: "TI's 50." 54Thll-
twice as good as Technicolor builds i houe
Monroe's reaction to Monroe ofpap il -
Bob-Hope told Mike Connolly impersonators and their "mus- matter .
hpt positive spring has finally cle" treatment of his voice: "I H indo
S arrived because "those little wish there were more of them. gardener 2 53
green things are poking theirTt's the best publicity I've ever 57Sancttfied
heads out of Crosby's wallet." had The best imneronaatlonr of perso'
-- me?-Sammy Davis. Jr" I58 Scofr
Jbhn Barrvmore. Jr. wore a E59Ma cu/lne
ntustache for a film test at RKO appelltior .
aid the rercmblance to his fa-
tier was c-uC more amazing. r
Now. it's up to Howard Hughes to
dende whether the mustache Don t SIDE GLANCES
will be permanent.. Rhonda
Fleming's set to sing five songs in
'"Seven Sisters From Seattle"' *
her first film vocalizing since l rl l C
'The Connecticut Yankee." ...r d c
Flach from Sedona. Ariz: Fox '
h'.'ed 20 Indians for "Pony Sol- m
d'er" and didn't have to make. *
:' Borsten called his four-
S ye lt daughter. Joanie. over; .
to 'V set the other afternoon
as .ninl was conducting the
bfymnhbi y ofchestrn. I
wV uto watch Toscanini."
he I "Someday you may be
very ptbud to be able to sav that
yot have sren him 'ondud ." Y
A few minutes later Joatle,
rphowing a-igns I.re4

~irrr La

JenF IFontaine, on the kid-
glo haindline of film tars:
"The-day of the gfret'mIprs-
sa t-lr a.over in Hollywood. He
too "ew of his stars, he han-
dleq jlm expertly and he saw
tn It .that great stories were
w7 otr them."
'trfect timing for the Sen. Es-
tes Ye fauver for President
boosttil ts the release of Aspen's
"The Captive City." in which he
made his film debut.... Jah.
Carter is telling about the kti
who's very happy. He ran away
fromp home and joined the mo-
vie.' "The Oreatest Show on
Earth." ... Marta Toren become
a I 8. citizen in May exact-

the adfvertsiuak iteft
notio b "'.yb-solt' f
business, you'll 'wat tb 161i
that our CtLASSIFVM'D
COLUMNS offer you tfhel t-
eat, most econelaarl l, alst
convenient way tb reach wMa-
Every month .. every week
... every day-TUE PANAMA
WANT ADS than all other
daily papers In PaamA oi m.

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'-' CBglia Mr. TYates


CHPRs WELKIN. Planteer

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TNIp r~iwt.


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wirr WsoM

Bad News


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S,, Ir* u. a On.

"Oh, oheer up. *sorgel 4'm just positive you'll be big
success som*d.'y,,a. I'Vl only known you a W6k!

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*1 ..~~' Ir;

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Ann Scott
a Hallywoe
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lhmpm L Fat
,,3 OlypIic

"r :;

Y Sde 'CI...When You Tell 'em thru P.iAo

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o iR SALE: 3 piece over-stuffed tires 25 cycle, Westinghouse R bealngs. 00 H.P..25 Casino Sam ole r 2y Central Ave. TeL-014 tl ha ed "thd aetw
Vingroa sese s epa tey,. tfrigerator. Tel. 2-2984. Balboo. Tel. 2-3630. o .... .ptie. rl 2th th- fIture..b. ,Mucr b uft a ."
ru.,size 6x 10; table and 4 FOR SALE:-1948 Ford, 4-door 6. FOR SALE Table swa, bndscr. LX rtsw i Im nroa ar fr I
chairsl 2 blue webbed-chars, one Excellent condition, $850.00. Tel. WothtI AR NTAm!r"ain elabortlA. aldo
cr2Jounge-ch ber; 4 small rus;aI1 3-1731, Cristobal. lathe. Air comprefr. 25 yclXcing.fithe
.Jounge-chir; 4 small rugs; 3-1731_ C motors, good condition. 64-A VENETIAN to oW ntinue prosSCS eYSoR
Venetion bl.nd, size 4 x 5; youth FOR SALE:-1941 4-door Mercury Delespeps. Colon Tel. 3-2412. ______mha at E ii I levl aInr W gM.t l
S b* H4ouse 822-A Empire Street. with overdrive. Excellent condition, INVITATION FPR P OSAL FOR RENT:-;- hio chollt l BLIDS na ef ta "" a"' '
r ALE:-9 Westinghouse Re- ."0.00uLearvng for Unitedn FURNIlNI NA LUMEIR El V Peneamae -423 ter.t tery u
S f tor 25 cycles. 3 years old States. Hous 2013-B or Phone Panama Canal Company Invites pro- Balboa 37wb.eParai 3.342M ut bs Irnhdi et, of su
6.. tr. perfect condiflon, like Curundu 615. posals for furnishing 7,500 BMFTCe- FOR RENT:---Cht iwn ll Vist e Dl .thn we bW ett pit
S nw, $150l. FOR SALE:-Ford V-8 Convertible dar Lumber and 40,000 BMFT Ma- three bedr mm, three porches. Tel. 3 i the t to furth our work,
S. o -o 194d, lood tires, redo. Ample hogony Lumber under Sealed bids livingroom, dllningroem pntryf TE -t 7 12 I -" pefr orM
R R J.E:--Custom-built mehooa1y ~inancIng facilities. Price $1.250. opening 10 30 a.m., April 29. 1952 kitchen, mrld m room, garage. hotTh 2 E. lth CitIve board Is meeting
Sraio-reccrd player and amplifier,; Telephones 3-0130 3-1373, Pa. Invitation No. 11 is available at of- water, and forth Furnished. to rev th
3p ece furniture set, mahogannY nama. ce o Superintendent of Storehouses. Call .3 3 0 Pfrtnid after 2 PIAth NkAtvi lt of the
,ih leath er webbing. Tel. B alboaeP-. ANAMA ,IOKERINC.i i "
S1835. FOR SALE:-1951 Cadillac, hydro Balboa. telephone 2-2777. p.m. ANAMA BROKERS, NC t A d to prepare
ma, -. white tires, seat covers. ra- FOR SALE:-Plane Uprlght, wood- Cett Etl Ptsa* b r em and b tIdt re. th e
R SALE.-Wordrobe trunk, double dio, in very good condition work in excellent condition. Already Mn la VIF. The nl-
bead, baby stroller. scales and play- $3.925.00. No. 163 Central Ave tuned, $200.00. Houw 2013-8 or o3Mfun: at u WrvM a the oerlon-
:chair. House 0805. Plank Street. Phon 2-0948. Phone Curundu 6159. Ana61a Treat Co., hr l ftr the World eallth
_lb__a. Tel. 2-2565 Abattor, Forestal &Proaoe ln the Wstern
__ ,_ _2-_-- FOR SALE:-Oodge Sedon 1942; ca. FOR SALE:--W hVlnr 12-G. shot-
F PR SALE:-Mahogany dining set mora 3.5 lens; canary and cage gun, .like *ne rU. In good n
S 40-pcs. 10 Venetian blinds 52 Tel. Balboa ,shpe. __10_7-_,_T_._ T_. _ODE NR
top. 8203-1 Margari WANTED It5u fh
-cu. ft., 25 cycles. case domoge L S Sd. N R .NT *Uw --later a e nt
In excellent working order, con- vM-a OtllI(l1 9E W4 9M raven %he I
d ar model. Crstobal 1 WANTED:-Panme city, three bad. Learn shli t m t hi f popular 1 f B hMd
*room house furnihed. W. G Dos- Picn_ flaying. cc_8_itnne__'_ cent.- mas m r-
nifts, Cristobal 1334. daytime. 4o Er rs 7Ot.
n stob 1334. dtim. well. International Hofel. Studio T1. 2-1-22. dwFOR RENT: mlr rn. Perua Aven
WANTED:--Outboard motor 5 to 10 den34ell s-ct-. Peru Avenue__ __.
Selo Wanted HP., o on edition nd reason- f M'3 34. B__ V__o_. .
N E W able. 83-3178, Curundu. FO ALI FOR RENT.-Cooel comfortable roeat W^
CNTED:*Catholic woman general WANTED: Englith couple require entirely renoveted, now volleb R *e S
ouaework for couple To live In. modern apartment furnished or requireN111r- for bachelor. Reasonable menth)W
eIng references Apply 50th St. unfurnished. Tel. Balboa 1274. $ le hifnnfld but we affe on rates. portr servicv Inquft t
M5a hlFf. i nFo o r r 2Ibo m Tronislthmian road 13 milqs from AnmTrlcan Club. near HoWTe i. STTvONE C=NI C
Md live In 5 d Air Force officer desires 2-bdrom town, of I I,Sl la2 with con- FO RENT_ _- 0
VANT Ey rj ^ t ^^d ''d M le dR
S some co little y house or mentfurnished. Tel. crete 2 chel A. A C i a
s-me cakin little -iA 1 mLm5is )L. ,Irste Entran -

I.n. Must m.oeb?. ioom Ca 4OZo. Irrigation. Ideal for hickenmrals-
*swn 5^ ^ -. -; I s-i one; s 11,19, a rretc. pricey^ e*l, el a
bu J, FOR SALa fsmw e and 45r 1 s t No. 46. qui e, For personal Information 500 c.c., like 'ew. $550.00 Ah. We pack atd orator o 5,0.
____________ ___rm_ 2. Wolff & Co. 5th Street No. 22 Tel. 2-2847. Redorle. S. A. m ibrus Pkm h3.

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l etaator leather wallet, pro-
y *f Curl Snyder. Finder mao
pim ty and return documents
A .thqulre Panama American

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wI tM.portIats. For
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two or thrs yart offi- ri- FOR SALE:-Lot In Lefoewr 2nd St 'fIaaa .
once. Write giving age, epePlinc A- .000 Mts. Sacrifice, $2.00
and ncl fn smoll photo to centimeter. Coll "Agiecl aTomaM ," X-
S aos 155. Panama. Panama.
of tim begthe bUN hrej- FOR SALE: Trans.lsthmlan high- RM4 H A
w Oe 1 11 ov lot 1.400 meter, $750.00 With "Operaen Jackpot" now iUSMOL EXCHANGE
MI v a a real' load of at Rio Abalo. $9.60 51.350, only 15 dam a officials ofn Wd Tabu in Wt
fo d t es trooper Who Parque Lefevre $1,360 cash 0 John any d
t rsonsrs throw credit. Pueblo Nuevo 1,400 meters 'e Disaster Control Center o r-
ftII food. said. "They had at $1 00 per meter. Leave A-ddress in ln ] organism at ons
plenty to last them a while yet." Mullers Bldg.. romo 10, M. lclm d s In an orfnt to ak gthis
There wa g no immediate ex- Hall. -n se o t o e o -kt EN & a
planatlon of where the convicts OiA e D.aele o ntrol src e s
qot the food. It had been be.- aim a complete an ssa
Ileved they were oon starvation h o ammanders and o Technal .
lons, with virtually no wa- ith pa. Commandern s begin conducted his w ttraing officers of
The r. soner ave up only at Crs spot week by Lt. Col. John P. dMal, th *t
ter wirnin assurance un pm- tonl sotd Director of the Disaster Control f a b tha
The prsoners wave uponl y e good a'r .a-.- a-S--
after winniag assurance an Im- G a V. n -L, eN. ,e--, -
partil investigation would be .omt v unal~t ter. r lSPMI m ,ns re n-
zade of the States arole board lth St. Centnal Ae. of the tactical tdhe
tuty lo unpuano hed form the 4- plaoment of troops for the exer- oM Zr: ort Amador
iott unpunished for the al hmave b worked out aldrd t l Naval Dbset:a WOJO
it p l af, ,l tar the first use of R. rtdlesMom. ta ofl
ep o .rtersThatcher Ferry ctal troops I&-n a Disaster on W.,,
S the r1ot bed,. I ir Will Be pot" staged .IMay 8 a. ck -, l
m h m W y t th e ri ot e n d e d 1I| aB ue' .t rooie
Sthe riot IlJT Mswhile, a final drive was IrM aS Air
tM n eor now bH ,alted Tomorrow a to InWe 10 per ent r,. Ma.m zm .
or, phoe da done to wbf tleo In othe Isthmlan- oi.lo Oa ud C-.
th W barracks where athe rgone Thatcher berry wmu be out at grde by the residents of m IrT A. 2. AR-
, alrd sut. wpt tUon from 7 p.m. tom posts. Over 2,000 wrm C I uand
t to 5 aBm. Pdray while nrepar d on military int i eaii, J4 W. Cla ;
... ni. rade to the West 7 t1M n he 1" is coated first OC Mo olte.
~r~a Sae ~gp Smp. tratng and have volunteer to a A
firstt ald te.ams. a ,un. M m M
Srr, n ..The jast tis of the f*rrirs JtBFr h11ave d mteme api.S i
o--- rw- --wiU be tfro tM orr he etst f orth rm control o. m s H. AI
rM, .rsflst .I. -. mand West sides at 7 p.n., and In M the 12 fltur DmIimslerLtWa Zm. *iS-_ .
OW iy ar.nt.r Pra ut Ie frt tr on Friday mora- Omiatreo EZes. aers t f U2e Mcrti De.B
SMlet y Ilanabtt, L. ltg, April will be from the hwe bswn m ombtlW the sFa iS lapt. P. L.
I h tMet Ontrl Ave. But Aide at 5. tr Md s first

Be 0-t F sr. H S. q. a .... .... UL...

iai team loraia' -rima a g .g
L ( i"UMCAL,,m wor r c the ay 8 T f A11at eaW C 00aal
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SALE 1B .,I' .
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1- Mrity Office mt
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IV,43t4d cird fiafy at
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will open each
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inr t Intr-Anisre i Ts
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Bleneft, who arrived with 1We
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ITommy Byrne Holds Indians C.Z. C

T o 9 Hits; Dodgers Take 2 At B' lalbo, n, ,

NEW YORK, April 23.-(UP)-The Browns continu- call to arms for allh -
of to astonish in the American League yesterday when ers-the biggest event W
they handed the Indians an 8-3 13-htt thrashing in a to decide th our
other.Lea...e ae~r atI winnerstwill Rered
SSt. Lu n night game-the Clevelanders first loss in eight wnnan lub a% A Igh --bh o -- A .2
S tarts rice the season opened. land Sunday, April hoIotng gr's- As expected, Johnn. MaeMarra wona
will start promptly at 9:00 a.m.,r AseJh Mi m
S other. American League ators at Washington in a night wlbsh days S. World Airways golf tournament at o O.~
S mes. the Yankees defeated the game and the Indians remain in 'Thie Amateur Tratabotng As- And a expected, it urned out to be tl t
Sthletics at Yankee Stadium 3-1, t Louis to play the Browns In sociation has sento four terlnn ai ,' in t these prts m mn a moo. ; -
S Red Box derailed the fast- another nigh fray. gFsilver trophles o 1, ?wlided ot foor Johnny-thebest golfer In aa a b
.Moving Senatora 10-5 at Boston' In the National League, the the winners of the t6-yard event The0 tto Charlie, Just about the second best, by a a I
a ud the White Box dealt the win- Braves visit- the Giants at the the handicap, the doubles, andlb t .tK he end CharI9 was two under par and a I .
.is Tigers their eighth straight Polo Grounds, the Dodgers goto the All-Around. Moreover, there aNot SIX U ER.
defeat at Chicago 2-0. Philadelphia against the Phillies w b $0 aded o o -.,. .., ..
de the National League, ladelphi the Ina nigt game and the Cardi llber $ ded m o tahedddo re h .' These brothers played a brand the cup, while Charlie's
ers made it seven wins in nals play the Reds at Cincinnati Tthrr Te s to s f golf that never before has been er a perfect e iot
Sght games by trouncing the'in the only scheduled games. tn a. g, e ,. B- Int 1wi-tnessed In amateur play on a .vay up the hi, retd the.
ies Te-2-1 and 3-1-In an he fiffd this fine Sun. l/cal course. Adequate proof of from the pi. y nL
ets Field twl-nght double e- The Brorns cashed In on the I an i rgtr this statement is the fact that birdie; narHe' putt rl .
IiedtT-hehtdo anwasedonlon the t to April bureau totthe loser was two strokes under'cup. *th p trred 2
er as lefties Chris VanCuyk steady eight-Mt pitching of l the ser was two stres nder t. tharr-h
Prea her Roe won good Tommy Byrne bWho truck out i onO, ,W, OUlpar when the match ended. In Johnny went two-up W_1
seven and walked ol one. A we cl the morning round Charlie drewbred the lon 211th, land
Only Al Rosen, with homer, irfstprI qg 1hos06 nUIfi rst blood with a par on No. 1 up when he birdied the
Striplne d da, him ,cond~L' "h. The' 1 9'.T 0t prO; -Johnny evened the score with a Johnny's game was coordlin
r trouble. eram pla tl_ ,is csI-tlan par on No. 2 and forged ahead in all departments now and:
handicap y 71! for tthe ORa with a birdie on No. 3. After pars spite of Charlie's expert pitohl
The St. Loulsans took a 3 0 Zone t, ~1 InISr f~ gv" on the fourth, Johnny hit the to the pin for "gimme" pa, th
la off ....... below, Ja rut ...
"' lead off Mike Garcia in the first A.m rin a-. below, ip ,eady ref en fe longest drive yet seen on No. 5- were not good enough to
H three innings then put over five Il lI I Le Uu and O weto enter Lou 290 yards. His second shot with a holes.
hinore runs in the seventh with regis triton sBturay ad Bun- 2-iron was over the green. Char-1 Johnny's ar won the
SByrne himself touching off a big! TEAMS- Won Lost Pet lie's drive was 240 yards and his when, for the third time, Ch -
,rall with his second hit. Cleveland 7 I hiS5 GENeAIL INMUPOaATION second shot was 30 yards short ie's putt rimmed the cup.
0- 0/ Nelson Fox broke up a 0-0 duel Boston 7 778 of the green, but he chipped to With both Players parring the
efseg F oenbroke p 7 2 chippedtoWithbot
between Saul Rogovin of the St Louis ... 6 "2 To be eib to ce e for within seven feet of the pim. 12th, birdyin the 30th and par-
S i White Box and Ted Gray of the New York 4 3 571 ATA troM a ZTA tittea Johnny's approach was Ionl r the 1st time was runni --
STigers when be doubled in the Washington4 4 500 the contet must have read and he missed the birdie. Charlid out. At this point in the match
Seiglhth inning to score rookie Chicago. 3 75 ed in the .a al Zone for six sank his putt and the match was Charlie was two strokes under r
.tor RodrlIuea. A walk and a Philadelphia 1 7 .125 months prl to this shoot _ad agatn even. Both parred the par yet was four-down. The end Hartt( man
ing,,le by Eddae Robinson gave the Detroit O must be fated with the jn- sixth. On the long seventh hole.'of ihe match was In sight, but
White Box their marginal run. i ..".. al Zone TrapOd aAsociaton'Johnny pushed his drive under not the end of the thrills for the
Rookie Bill Henry, helped by TODA'S GAME and the r shoong the mango trees, while Charlee spectators. On the long 32nd
home by Dom IMagio, Walt Cleveland t St L N) Association. te 1952 rules of the was straht down the fairwa.'hole. Johnny executed two shots the end of nine holes, two- i
Drops and Don Lenhardt, won Detroit at Chica ATA will govern this shoot. WhIen Jo nny found his ball, it that illuttated his greatness as the ed of 18 holes. Paul
Shis second game fr the Red Philadelphia at t t (N) Any other mber of the ATAwas on the up-slope of the hil a efer and left no doubt In th proac shots at
hai secod gaide for th Red Phllepi aunsrhWe
S ~ SBox who madIe 14 hits. Clyde n ew York at MBolton d OCA Wei metinr thte rea-with approximately 10 feet clear-' s of the to lowers of ere irtlbe
SKltts and Meole homered "- a dence req ent be per. a ne beneath the limbs of the mtch why retains his place Of 21 ho be ti .
f orthe Senators. TESTE y WWTI itted to for'arets on- tree. Johnny used a 4-wood and at the top among Isthman club- Brun wasut
!,rt The Yankees' Johnny San Detroit 000 000 000-0 2 'Y" or may W .pete canh stood In front of the ball fr a w s. Both drives were ust me
pitched a three-hitter and retir- Chicago 000 -2 5 o nurses aft~r b M commit has low flight shot. The ball came to Abr of the 250-yard marker
Boy Campanella ed 20 batters in a row in one (0-), rt Batts istabllabeB hib elasetflation and rest 20 yards oft the green. Whatarlie's second was on the slope ggng
stretch in toppg the Athletis Rogovin (1-) and Lollar. yardage, a shot Charlie topped his second the hill for an easy pitch Mran' ato
S Cub put on an eight-run 3-1. Eer Vos homerof and conceded the ole to Jot geen. For his second shot the e f
to defeat the Pirates 13-2 at him of a shioutt. Gil cDoug-P 3 2 addrs, a be a any's par when his third sh ohnny took a 2-wood a hi the
urgh the Reds edged theiaild drove in two Yanlee runs New Yor 02000001x-3 8 0 the ATA and CZTA. Membership stayed in the palm tree near the the ball with a alight tal-end ma
am 2-1 at Cincinnati to; with a second Inning single. Martin (0-2), Powler and Tip- cards may be obtained on the green. This gave Johnny a one-hook. It hit the front edge of the and e
i a second place tie with The Dodgers who have won ton; an (1-) and B liver grounds. he
S'Cubsa and the Giants topped five straight From the Braves, Houki (1ia ne tn n
Pbnites At Philadelphia 4-1gained opening g yame triumph lfl o thto

t od h meican Le ague Campaell who had homered n 01 -10 14 2 des nt have a iser d ave- t ad 34t hhee tl

e. .wilmrt .nG ...... o erther shoot s ing conte A ph
e ankees move llto earlier In the secondgame, D .1o .' opll oed. A pellr y t |

Siioeate proteru, nas wl anHe(- Gom Con-oaewd w teill 1 fr wt 9 1 0nde. Ia ndivsn
againenns the Red Box, the aallersthoe r h ee. ge. Loe sAn, K.nt .. ..TI.... 8 Cd- ver cet average I sn the d16 s
play the aWhite Box at C- thei hp he n d. event; 90 per cent in the don mer n
the Athletics me et the sen-

S. 1 7 1 paNIGHTdGAMEn ai tie t 22 yardn th
Cleothr and..t3 otsr owIorWWbe Cl. 06- .-:

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St. Louis 8...-. n and over; eI i cent
and under 90 9pr ce Oki
88per cent. te

wSsprroll s_ oflh ascd- hrer The- rrek .. .. .. ..m.. 3 fr P e y de .
StWeou~ ~~th anlththe Crists, eit ite te e anal To me w tu n dh 0
oho wetl meet Bloa 9u c te .ddde Iyn 2.. 5 target t PUrse e t
ite un, arg the B e Ptir; burgh... .. 2 75 Ir time si tting. l
Itaoe at High hoolr 5 2 .'inal ndllhscores A ibe e Gl u
Iro, moerr eow opThursdayi Inter- n *s e o ...... ( u.....) vew sZT t m A a

who ill et Balboa .... .... in the annual Zone aomeedtit thefW r bas ngth aren ond i
Halboa ldos2w6ll be roof Uificrs will hore. N ons, w, ,e. e held An__

F.rie. Ald.ough he hasn't f' -fttorirbga hn at Kew York ......... 4 .2h2mpronship aJ. B Bean was tmp a
hool In a dual meet o at elphls on theg o .t

Snmd es as Oritso-runs with a fvt ilnng triple SpOs ...G... ...c..e.. PERl T (13 .... .,;a, reatcn ew, birie _tth to ]g
l i ld. This will mrk the 1 7 22 the shooting on April 27, 0t other hai 3 0s bet ae rlS
lnendhlar tim ta r SGcompleted. All shooters are urgsh oo ohsernd, at b ratt

fM rhol boys h e tothe M OoTODAY'S G S 1ed to attend. S sandwiches r and Rrt

a g sow nM their usui fd ANoren c 5 2 3 3 0 '

les track. In the weights, Bobm ^CFi.'+ .^E ^ Mele, r ... 4 1 2 2 0 0 81g added to Purse. PurseDv-a
wi anid Bn the Balboa Re- :i Bton 4 0 0 1 ever d s ill b e sold on the hIntatrs)-2rn dAll r

vineg on to score for sr wel bal PWira haeB-.2b 400 0031 810' 8, no, C,-,unde, 6, 5 Pue D5 o 4p
e alw e boa Bulldogs will ube f e i l ol kn at Phl delphi (N). gr"toune s e e

out to score ll the.r fviorthei -u .......... -ane, p.p ....o e 1N e 0 0 0t 0e ATA; CZTA ; Pse to A e match ld
to remain under eated onS: t Louis at Cl u venebu os. a. Toe oT wn h e o

yiro of, May, Oetreah Iunnes .,, 1 0 0 0 0 01 NIGHT Mn the match a ih match rad Wed-
nt erh pth ples. Onnes avingcoOn ueGa, p. 0 0 0 0 0F NAY., SA DAY, APRIL a 24tha the t t
luti the( top runners of 2 9: -600 A.M. la to hUae Fer wen FoM flu -lu aoia fstPow -.
gold t domosal Zone. theoearw
anthem haven Z the o Cr- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS 20l16-yard Championship Charlie Maurray, Aranda, Paul Mo; i ata"Ear.te aof

e( ) 4o rac team in many (First G e) 0 adced to Pur se, o 3naed Clamsr'
00) ow 000, 0a01-=1 7 ; A-- 90 or LAver;B and under lea dhich -be retained to the green with 40 il > vo to roll

Svfl g sprinters, asr well as din The Cubsposnded frour P ir ate S y 010 000 -2 10 0 no; C-under Purse Division as boh pa s bird N o the i
f runners, the Bulldogs wioller for 1 hits ttin a Thiel l- d C .- -Lewi Class Percentage System "". OnB 1o the l seond pa te!yaiI te
Stocg the running their eight. runs in the ourth VanCuyL (2-0 P1 1 pa a .n. Acco te NM nd the match Charli
With M. Otrea, Crus,D e Fondy led the attack wthi. Sho ote ... 11 andC went. :ghls tc.
Aybouune, th Red & White three singles and a homer. Bob CZTA fees; Purse-Total $k50o ne-up wit a Dt on No. 12. to J nny a_____a__
performers. In the field struck out eight. (Second Gam) SECOND DAY, SUNDAYAIL a birdie On No. 14, but lost theIt to both the
t,. Clyr Oodby and Sob Ken afen"erur of the Boston ......... 1 7, 9:0 A.M. l No. 1.

ill do mot of the asor- aeds b aooe lnr i Brooklyno.. ....... .... Ca on h in a mn
th h.e sh t ,uand disarm. e I oa *ae Crd aa a dan Grand Canal n g powle ed ai
to event of the rmeet will which Nanr Eddie Sto.y Chicago13 $60 added to Purse. Purse DIv on the green in two In the F .s
ue ne run featuring Bob d U he tt bb Pttsburgh ision: 25 20, 1 10 10, 10,5,5 P I was not far behind won from B
hebest high school ml- ed Aoek othr around I n ba al- cent. Shells; targets; ATA Fee;T w ninthee shots lightly game to,
serto be developed In the gumat. St. Louis......... r-Total-$13.50. away r the cm.when char- while w
Zone. Simuf bmew up when Robb Cincinnati..2..... .. .. 2 o Ito4hbirdie he felt almost evet
ball have Arlnin the R o Canal haone DAouriase$In the in havingh the Aed umn
run. Although he hasn't for N bat iew York ni..... ... ea l In halving the iad over-
in his best running form, ~e Now cald out as Philadelphia. t....... 1 Pttineaglelweafm aha
ta be his y on the run- stBo la 6ank a d .db $60 added to Purse. Purse DIv OU the match. Car- matches Shl
be is The oBlue and Goldwil hhl b. s tta3and t o bb Still Power-Packd n-Lewis Glass High Gun 2 3 1p. p a ith w iber leta fir w trying 0 1
4n the. strongest in the atwoy .p. 1rren anes. Classes -40, 30, 20 10 per cent thai's would havelnd m ut au
teves rwithDon fPouter -JoAdcook drove In bh R 0ed0hells; Targets; Purse-TorI his hnds Inlaeiafud his wOud e ntas
bce onmbe T hem asfOer sto-runs: wihafit in r s 0 0 e A 1e $t. i, aevei birdies did!'and at thesend Ia S
rd e d ,s trasO o-hrunsn with a.f irs t Inning 0 O ae mein prd -osupRAI-. A
1W Umber; d Orrae. Having after Misel walked two ba=Rtteso abin wPOh I the 11i
Iprvem the Re Yost, Sb 0 1 2 30 Canal Zone All-Arpound W1Iad No. i to finish thethfe agreed.
CtbMshope to Ooanlf....4 O 01 00 Ch0mpleaspaisll eund a r even, with: In ethea
agood showing on their Noren,cf. 5 2 5 3 0 1a0 Cow ..seventy. eorhiel def
track. In the weights, Bob Mele, rf 4 1 2 2 0 0 $120added to Purse. Purse Dlv-0 dlsat -o th e afternoon Barr. This
eVernon, lb. 0 0 1 Rbbon rased .n 2 8hootlr*-2 ere over-ea-nly to a, W
an to score for Cristobal ichaelsb..b 4 0 0 3 1$1,,8..7,'7,0,6.U,5,,'p fa,
ohool.. 1,.3,3,per cent. Purse ~. $5.t he Iaob mi i
b.oflowinugboysJ will be ia- Upton a.... 4 0 0 2 2 0mTotal cost ft shells tar gets'c Af. Ater pars on asts who .
U on Thursday afternoon: Grossman, p.. 0 ( 1 0 0 E.ents a. .e a. on the 1t ad of
yrd dash, May. (Mm aiunnels...l 0 0 0 0 On the" Wh.inaggain dem- spectators0
aiHrdles, Ostre Conuegsa .. 1 0 0 0 0T Clausificatln and Yardag. e e henh wn tra

-B CLenhardtlf. .33140 cSanders ....... 19

Emnrayw 0 1 are............1D5

rfdis........ ...

mini, an~ ~

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rLiole Loop

Twit City ont
Of the tkree-out,,o
from Moutitsleo
score of 0 to
A. Titus, Who had
win over. hietleell
season er Tdta

pIlate ftour Uaet
eluding a duleblS
Three 1" nnrd"
three bits and totr bp
in the f
Twn ty I
ning. Inte tlot-
runs on eUnL
third me ruo om
aN five'
and three emiM as I
Alln wbadmjok

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1 W Whip Pum 144
FastliehLeage Title
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'Somd .Game.
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tn- Mat.- -.

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;~ .......rrl ...a.-~. ,- ;

SJane Russell's

'Baby' Stirs

British Storm

LONDON. April 23 (UP) A "t tlA people hM &i r
British carpenter accused Am-
erican actress Jane Russell to- WNTT-SEVENTH TEAR PANAMAl, U .., M
day of letting him and his wife ....
S take the blame for giving their
19-month-old -son to her In an
S adoption arrangement branded
illegal by the British govern-
S meat. Mchael Kavanaugh dis- W W I o
closed that he and his wife have
been served with summonses
S haring they Illegally permit-
ted their child, Tommy, to go to
America with Miss Rusself for
the urose of adoption. -I
"It looks like Miss Russell Is I
keeping in the background while
we have to take our medicine,"
KavanauRh said. BILOXI, MIss., April 23 (UP)- ington yeatrbty .that he be-
The child Is In Hollywood -Thb Air Force has.cashlered a lived the Wft eames of
where he has been living with second officer for refusing to fly refuasi to d T. rom
the shapely screen star and her but his wife asserted last night fear of e s 3 Imrd
husband, Bob Waterfield, since that he was a sick man whose denied at : hi Uad had,
last November. i"raw deal" would be appealed to wanted to lbeUmMA om any
Kavanaugh said he had re-the "highest authority." except tflyn
cetved no word from Miss Rus-1 Capt. Casl J. hard, 34-year- In mid- le said, he
sell regarding Tommy for sev- old World War veteran, was went to the f t surgeon at
eral weeks. found guilty by a court mar. Keesler and told he bd be-
"I only hope we receive some tims at Keesler Weld here last come highly tervgaa'in the air
communication from someone week of maUlingreringar or feign- since hts o.erti .
over there before the case Ing illness to avoid flight duty. The stir0geontdtb m he should
comes up at Bow Street (Lon- Izard la one of 14 Air Force men request a c nlt assignment,
don's criminal courts build- who have refused to fly, Air Se- Mrs. Isard s ~re be would
Ing)" Kavanaugh said. He de- cretary Thomas K. Finletter re, be end ~ftres If he con-
ellued to elaborate. sealed in Washington yesterday. tinued n h mental state.
He said police called at his and the second to be court mar- "So b Mor re-
drab home in Lambeth and tialed. lease frobalyhg h the sur- c
served summonses on him and t the same time, Finletter dis- geon heled h ftpare," Mrs.
his wife, Florence. yesterday closed he has Issued the Air Force Izard said.
charging they let Miss Russell personnel council a policy for '
adopt Tommy in defiance of guidance to be used in such cases '1M & GM teik -B be releas-
British law. short of court marital ed te lament,
Under a secLion of the British short of court martial. ed fra. V b Ms nment,
U t sh ard, a navigator, was ordered comb t r i st any duty
adoptions act it is a criminal dishonorably dismissed from the except rinotefwe
offense to permit a child whose service and sentenced to three to fly b4A .7Me to be refleved
Parents are British subjects to months In prison by his court from h.L"
e transferred overseas to per- martial. The best thikg Iard heard.
sons Who are not British or are Hls base commander at Kees- however, his wife continued, was
Rnot related, for the, purpose of ler, however, disapproved the that he was to be court martial-
adoption in prison sentence although he aphe ap- ed. flight e eon as the
The Kavanaughs signed docu- proved the guilty verdict and dis- chief *itnes.a hit htim.
nents giving Miss Russell tern- l "M .he turned
rary custody of Tommy while missa] "nebI=.It=y turned
rar custody ws vTi ritl Mrs. Rebecca M. I z a r d. the Jbtho tin arotd," she b
we Atar was visiting BritainIt
]lt year They claimed the cashiered officer's wife, said an- aid. Tey s d that Carl found d
.sld was a citizen of E ire and grily at her Columbia, M i ss., the heV, when t was they who
therefore not subject toBriti home that her husband had auf- found it ey bald.he dh used to
therefore ed a double' hernia "all his fly Aid h. dn't. The!oa he
MIts RuIlOll later said she lf" undergoing 10 operations in was n&.ern a an lbs'after B
a t airn o yh to America t te e hlst s h 12 yeen.a b
s t "n extended holiday" and "No man ever ot a rawer deal it)rsal al~e a we're Goding
S "at she later would return him thn m husbandd" she said. "It a peal e.hlghest author- l

thn m~ppesl t(
t SMarcus Lifton who is be W Ja I t afa.
vmnajh's local member of orlty.' but she did not knoW oW peit three t 't of Wr War O
rnlament. appealed earlier his attorney, Stanton all Zoe a flit t .Inatuctor In t h I a se
ths year to Miss Russell to re- Hattiesburg, would proceed, country. He 'hl o no ildreft.
tn the baby to ts parents. Afte r arbandwas eoall PrevloIly, t. VermGodwtB. a
ed activedutyApril 61 reserve t, as e e
She baby to its parents. e p ie aa to d,
BALOA TIES Mrs. Iard d, "h wc e two year in Wsn and dismal b
ALfoA ID for oversear n ssiral n ad o. 4 om t0he0" eicb bY a court 'mar- W
Thursday, April 4 dered to KelmqerFld fr hifls inn, tial at BJWiG M El Paeo..Te. R
LOW al physical. ere t ato w that
his hernIla'was discovered and hta he lad 1fetre'h fly i g*Oul
: 'p 'Overaes orders canceled. E htewift.
___________ *was operated on and, after re- unletter am ttrday that
c.very was as saned to th base." there had beo six riusal to fly
*nChief 'o wt, s1ad IsWsa11. jj lO, Tex.; toi,.MaTbel ,Fl"id .

rold foro 9vrrfi

Many round figures have ru 1n -
day.0 'd



I t
, DOING 'THIR BAU-Two young girls tied sand bipl t'. f
La Crosse, Wis., as volunteers work to. bolster the d.4ls p
which were holding back the swollen asgtislsppt I vAI. we


'A Great Deal

S Says Jude

-st r ofr e

before f -and w, sa
sented tor four na the
se day fs the a dwosSM
agenAt of i Sa s M3R-J

_m_ I but wIah m
e-nu rcout P OOR"s-A
.n the ttmaB."i

'S5 u..*_._1
ox- 1 b

I.- 2 4

'* p..

Sam. ,

awrsu ~~Inur

hvz ~

m-Wur..r-L. _


near Cal. d one He said officers who shdw "an
eah t ncapacitating fear" off I l ng
e should be examined for pyc-
neurosis and if they have it
of W wh n should be grounded and put un-
.* itk- der treatment.
ed "Efforts on the part of an In-
.5 dividual, declared profesionlly
t hontb and physically qualified, to a
hazardous duty, and in -p
t -r awlt-. cular training for an actual cote-
la i a to bat, indicate he has failed to we
whetl it IHaflt r- up to the standards of as Air
der.' Force officer and he should be
Pflertte~. the-Alrk'?o er- separated from the service," 4i.
sonnei *to t pprove ~aub- letter said.
tary iofly"in sta- Whether court martial shold
tu sVim the most unusual then be employed, he said, wou
re es," depend upon the circumstanule.

Latest Atomic Blast

Reveals New Weapon

LA VZOAS, Nev., April S3 Dissenters and scientists were
UP) The detonstlobt the in entire agreement eM a"
newest auited States ttne bauls emwe they W not
byWlab yin "I'Fu Vay,"' care to be wit by eli er..
leap & t r evaa t e 9 iy.-
4psts, Recording to O WW a"
ewsmen who covered alli th t
lasts. st. 'a B .i.
Thin 4 deoat L fadt 01M9,_ .
ethal blOw -exactly oni he Wete"leInWved nurm.

~ actly talme. Fr ew ate
TheB of B *fal were mbd tt$ 11a oWO- amhs a" a"

lepepbtt wee, lthle to s vDytd.y-m i WWi. rho

Mad the maMl area ob omL -.-bomb btrst 83
earth aefe "ground mre. sft ian aira, it "a most
we medial staientIsts will ore M been n a tit
tWaatua vt 'happened to thietL .1r it have bee destroy
n thed pig, goats, sl el ..
,hat what they I P Fr Sotle
sid er aid civilians in the a. ,.. .b W Ameli- ns
travel wars which the futuret Ir
nay hold. o1mat TO w n s
wd that of other oimbm ditI a of the
and Japan which ended t
cfleid wha, It also was F r tay
eyi sio psienmhnc .w to "o
uldt some newsmeiviln could t,

the asemf gly unf tteorn
of those tremendous om..,
eadly bomb ofs slapped aty"

tea to the bof othertom of the Blmp. Wi m
d upon crap and rendered the rAn

tdat either of the awelf clw
pehrC. Gected trac l m who

uter ad bone-crushing co dw ln
Sthe will-saingling heatte Ms,
!w yo ag= NO .
igoon. tortted and sank MOWS

elm lid U

vFr rovocahoR

In Wanger $footing

now have
e but t"
Lk theda

Mtt him Wnt
b rad- rad mg

__an.d alw
Mrs.. md


, too


) have

It h".

*nnurouta I

om .

:ltleh hau ve 1
ikt the alter "to..
renounce their v 61
hlttty sad exalting m
6"d the sexual life," the

At NunS Nnm

MfiAoM On SAkW
RftOtIE, AprlI 23 (UP) Au
etima!e,5 WW5 newame mu
prints were on a MTN"
nationwide strike today .aMdow
a newpalwer was publidItW .hl
However, the Vatican .to-
paper "Observatore ow
published in the indep.
Vatican state, will come oat.
The Dai OA .W .
Whleh rl^ l~ n
lifAA~B.A~ttB; --K ftM^-HU^.1 ea

hAv Iit

Sftr the rW OO I'AAt,

ed: "IGtS: -o* br4 d on.

.' -. '-
*' -,i

7 ."t,:"
.1 :0'

-: /' .'- -.i ,
k .-. ~ ~,, g ::":


.x. -




-- -1

S; ,"/.'


. 7 o




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