The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Law News


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eLPt i OrWIeR 12.17, CENTTRAL AvEN Sp4 ti1 A 3lat ITH *uT| *I f
.1 9445 Ma4DI ON AvE fIfYI1ORKN. i7sp N V il
"" OINT4 IN vANC1.70 L N, O ... -
"dx MONeNw.' IN ADVAINCI I,0 3.00
-e 4 -era *w -. 1a8e 9400s oo By VtItor Rfeael
'.b rou@ UoruM -_ nt ^WIA *W t..mUmN Out of a aidst chat between
Wendell Willkie mM Franklin D.i
4 MRL oosevelt some ybars back!
to -e .. p the most I g reason
-Ht MAIL BOX ytheation' =leaders
Won't se the man they wan'
So most after Harry Truman and
Tle- Mau lle s on m e term St reedrs e( Ti Poaems ..r-* AdlIl Stevenson nominated for
'j-a. tters aen received lrr ui" mid a !e hemdld ba whlly em- the presidency.
.a iar ,ibut a .letr deat be 'upeien It doesa' t ppesr t e Their next-nini-.leatdidate is
I d v Leftrn are publihed m l ud rie lvesN Averell Hairimani .hoe name
S Ple nt fe f kep mte terms IlmiAl fee pMi e i aag. popped into the W nkit-Roose-,
I. a-ifft o lefe, wrfte n a he In shtee t stidwMeS. veot talk one afttbrnoon when
This wpdpr ,, assumee .. r-pemt ily for seaetoemm or opir Wendell dropped on PDR to
r *MIMss n l. hn ~,m h.n. say ody just betbre the "one-
o _ot world tp.
StRoosevelt saad: "See Harriman,
COME BACKS he's a friend of ine; hell help,
&and incidettaly, he l ntutlbuted
SBr to the DemoIratic residential :
There were a few things left out of "long gone's" Mail Bo Cfli "'""'
'tttr Saturday i l_ e afred in 1Wbt laac -. -
S ea. there are a lot of Old Timers here on the one who teri'tic s sad- is -
.: IOfL want to rive un their position#. %ly rl tath
But not because they have 15 years or so. but because they friend, too ttt d to
ave to work fo. a living In the States and not have a group the RepuUCM a wel.
S t aliens to cee their Job for them.
W-ell, folks. get wise to yoprnelve. In a few yokeh there To the me l msa the
St'n l by any US. employes here. It will be all alien&, and they l*aea' .i. -
Skill get paid for what they know and have a chance to get a t M'- *
faheud. 't.
So far as tll the new quarters going up, this la definitely ibe I SL.a .piE
o assurance of a long stay. It only takes a piece of paper with
) signature to .,ose them up tight. his Uwf !a"
S Look at the Tllrd Locks. How about the Corozal deal, and Ioper ealo1 63 have -'
Sbian;v others? !eaemet t f r *aera teea
Don't forge., folks, when you get back to the States and tiothl la te n- I l
: Aie no lob, oou can draw unemployment pay. You could also
Inak ?r a; breaallne. I.IIB
Wie up.b olks. You've glot a voice here as well as in the This wuthe A4 e p n.Kspalatable to
S or ca. r aherr pofr Pri y with mtae of ,.I of,
-Returning S t. h.pollr l i.n hna lttle ,
oNt rIfauvbr 1A. Ibout as
much c haek.~for. cited labor,
Ci. supportt r a a iLnch on Cap-' i--.
Ansnt "Long Gone s' tirade. etlnit mu to record a disse-,.- Bit to be has -l ha
it opinion.: "The Rord "lousy" is peeled without an "e". central %-and most n Strik
"J -OLexion, of thaem h l Sto the local
Thecarats -- sme By 808H MARK
f 1 would extend my deepest and fullest sympathies to 'Long of the m6 e' By SD RUARK
oe" whose leigchy diatribe appeared so appealingl to the tor's crime pn b, ave little us-
verage Canal Zone Government employee. for Estem.
Not being ,s thoroughly familiar as b~:s vw W some of the NEW ORLBA ---Th*a is no way to comr- war the French military acted on n
rp stated b ',im. I should like to believe hdim but,.. And they're not impressed by pute the rights ad rp o 'he Air Force The psychololaft have pedated
Are any other of his statements as untrtie a the One with his showtg th the primaries. fliers' strike at ndoiphad in Texas-no way recent times wch IsAs that the in
4chih I am thoroughly famlllr? They recent his "Iceberg cam- to etimat iate b the vLuh aof What amounts and must Indulge ihsefin Ihis V
1 am an employee of the Civil Aeronautics Admfltdation- palgn." as they eail t, in which to mutiny. .I. tt ViBl'lwI4 some logical he became fnatrraal. The unions
*_.. do pa.l i rome taxes as do all'the other enWt I that h leaves them strictly aloneexcuse for.reea i n a tit auority. this or eelfsh purposs. Ih other
;:t unaltzion. when he arrivesin n city PersonaWly, iy4W-4kE t s sifly to call back clans have followed nt.
S-Philir p M. MoAemka They would tehim, n sa flier with fits kid 'tell him 1 go be brave I do not by indiidual r
f.: Curundu. desperate omennt,. .with about in a hir iron bMl.. against the common good, whether
the sponta eous warmth of a I think so myself beeamse a warrior loses man or a member of the mhltary.
S. order reet between sena- worth when age and di cetien creep into his We ve in a herd. Herd rutes are
r ; tors Benton a AcOath personaty. He 'a m't gmble on his reflexes, to abide by. Some.semblance of l
L_ an you pi tfMprnn us to.w4om the t~oi 10.Civil This i s to ln t ie and s t h t w ut or- y-phy men i a war be .. or. te.q~ e

,. t. puis._ n te %'uF-y l our hole e disesaete ne i u
-, us 'c~p~ 4 UI$IstW7 1b 4 'tO Et bi r .f i a,
C.A ,.k' iA4' ey Rfst!^'" ndhe &Wienexa mto ba c *p a aWple to .. -an M
b-z S m a e ts te "thal. endia. .-Shre d can
CtLA CO E M eas r o thi p gt fn a i any bsnop
t- -tfe o o t u No "aa is actually bigger than the gounry a a n to bt away io
C- whi --o--ue "A iJc11h, righlitC owrongfully,.lanpees bi 0%tln g utosin
ScMp6AL COI lobar" that into service. Sa 0 we the country hSi
4 4C hs touat duty.a na vllv&ectoa r Of this a o 9 lte ucress of in1
U-'in. ". -- f -" '.h Schoos are benfg vtceaienated T p s are answerable t the P ent o the ie A own most of the In
S -Bfore the ?Goernor's departure I wobld like to Te him Me~ s t Mu the only way enyo can run a art en force erim a bIut tIfa internal s spo
Stihae action a to crriete are situation n neglected. They have on- i Sto the m pb, We are fored to ecln to a few W ave tricks which o Euiae1n
indrnthg dut. pwar whe obey the e nals. l
,iVISlq duringhis tour-o dutr kop e d t Tha. Po r ofaplet ingree of dinents
Tne U. S. Rate (whtte) High Schools-are being (fhcrjnlnated Thi wil to dly aM tye ithe onl idaou can rt m afhe y Ferce. he a bontiofuInternal gredients
irnst that is the usual word. I believe. Is.tWeoae odtclnrg toa Y M e aw
The vocational facilities are sadly neglected. They have on- ugu..* Eke s aaebas aar ug inf the business ybos of have in akes which thMmoy
one year of shorthand in the four year course, and conse- m i t er or mamtaues l O1rune gs in the business of wvine in a imet. 'no my.
UStly the students are not qualified as secretaries when they bi emr thfor s M b One la that cops wear the ri t on teir side. "Aad sao now we have a to
E _.uate. [ 5S lt .VSe. 'f*Law t1 ltw an d order is order, a when the aed services to top off the e
auate.idr n awn IN"VW- Army-or the Navy or the AirF oree :tk a nert IWVan never a sympathierw1
There should be at least a business or commercial course 0iff0 tSs iint ArMiy w the Natvy-o the Air Fore tsa man I. w ner a symWpathie
ialable. a wmhefs"1.' Onthe a spposed to obey his supe o.r suffer but In this instance the wan
SIt is a well known fact that the Panama Canal expended I S,.k Leer s'I II the corseqencea. Dle anarchy rg._ tb .,modern Fletcher Chrstian. l
: pounds of dollars to bring qualified teachers and m t M itm le, some a ~th iUn have seen the 'rench become s l y ua-s- __ Ae told to fly won't ,
o s the otats to put into operation a pan of vattl i ally .im li because individuality has been Indulged to m a warning to the ot .
tdae for the colored high hooperst ofiovBca andf v erS& e the meme ge NI.aa point where you can't keep a cabinet around no nrillitary strength, and rft
for the colored high schools of LIa 30cc and SIilVer L66= IffM Imber 3d f moretbaz 3 minutes, and n the last wh'magth i a thing we need.
e comparable to those in use in the best schMb in the United e fwhat mm orethar 2 mnute, andin t he lat s# is a thing we need.
i I1. taxpayer is payin tfor the cost of education of 3 inol* I a a 1'
*tibn lren while their own chtidren are deprived ofg -I M a ke Sense i Y ou C an
ioportunti5 ess -'- I "-"'" .. .Ma" I ke Sen= If "You Can
Smrloat children must either go to the Statu to .cm- NMo, if Kefauver is nominate
their business education or do the best they can, a l~tIt ait expected he'll turn t otA
1Ii, after graduation. ".machines bhe now abhors and 1 .By pm i ,m wr mImop
It in not necessary for the Governor to authorize juetrva howse. -
.z Ipu to bring the white schools up to a par with the There'll be a great muckraki -t
V ocational schools, but here's hoping that this brinp campaign and fever. WAWHZNTON-The following lietkmion of Soisnet, who captured an
-sult.- The maelhine leaders, w, I Nf them of the most vital tp.rtaWW Gran guided missile experts
iow about some comments from other parents. or the PTA. p ier is being overshadowed a can In the street, s te in* in Us art as we h
1M to.t.e oloSft Ul primary campaigns, of the current de pmsP ue also osses an e
Fair lay Jut don't want to see thiis hap: The Army bas now tOstei-M flown e~ao astile, this must rdaea
and Gertrinly will go to th e t t effetve ground-to-ir uided outr Irategc air force as a detetoi
l folr an anlU-Kefau- l dil. is r4ed vely short in raug. IuIt tis Shim.
r .Itos dance system Is-altdy o d tb afne time. intelligent a
MA E In BSIn areas they wont sue- c ma #i and finds I tate a-.. entn.ific opinion agree 1
T AVEA GIPA AI A L IPeed. Cleiraftly the most power In short, It represents an enormiaej3 a aer- eb re producing atomih weapo
ful of all unions, the Teamsters' in an enormously difficult art. tmgi their own strategic air let
S Brotherhood, I backing Sen. Ke .S-: The successful test of the new Inter- a.for speed
Saver. missle has considerably influa ced think- .. tr have ceased to I m
FLYA Y /mV A'u. Cr TA tIr dies Garment Workers Union itj ,ntfs have.'.be.n a~aa in his1be
s. r.b W* IlID U I lI .hBe's nominated. l of tracking-. low- .& .ig&S attack in this
But thi.senator ls a long way. dt e fornulation uag.ietr ,:tn. a i.. tte time has caa #i
a- 1 5 i triem ) F # a'a m: qe. v e t , o : t k K_ -e '". .. p p ar e d to i t W
IJege the fteat m r v L .a'mr 4ait I been draWn, to -n' .rif .B...
|, ^ ng eart q Betudies also reveaJ a
(5 25. m )e W ) Who ds this leave? Atbea ofin^L3 Buule" tim ageS'
Markley ha stronlg labor fr enha lbfe tretiM n of enemy bamb '
-1^ X FO Tn: a -A posur r I h e d o a on, the responsble ad te s to_ teen Boriet. had__ d f
VIA COSTA ICA CU lM rord. ha .ai p rt ,u1 effecuvwn s < t
Lo uen mi~.-lek ,,-..- -n. _IMM held that the deaeran wuf M whle, .h '
Ste. .y. ... mS ..S e io La, .. .4i b.. F L.wn three out if weru to a Dem nocratic ... .. .. ^e lb osb wrS the forecast is at a^ h' "
-. -- all dg .WI Nit ,'- ,. _f the force can be i i h-ed,.,
and e si* f1. .- *0 lab ,m .ir .eIt. r. .
rr -- t s to approach .. 1
.as and Uo*ta-mh
^^. ~*, *----*.y.. >l :.ib ie f1imodern alte.iag- .io I II,.A f r ,i S5
( 5 1M..5 s e n .p ). a. s ... .... .e s

"-It. iir' r 'w -.
"oteI mu ea ,a l "


had i

eda beatk- hkkW
va Adati piu tiit
y, ii ae. otet t t l .,,..

V. F Ro .. ,.. .. ,
" w-"L-. -" '-I

------ ;;;;6." '-" "- -" "1 ;'/ ---*l. .-
TothI Wo 01MU00, ed, .lto '
at his .ii '
aso hoetow ob
era for his coruptlon e .

whet .me'o of their

idividual shall
crrsnal whim.1 meaatB 'r gshn~ bl e
whimr or ese wvata i the Benate.
have a doe !evat*au iH two 'r .r
Slan piBtfW In Wuh1iaton vWal girvet e rrala,
polyhd~ on the stab. "_kil ;.--, ;
~ht, to rebel Ah o 0 a Jihard.* r'

SmaP for usI
adershlp must

Y1 tak
real app al tohe Utt rsmi.

S ins to look like Ivrell Hrrti th, eW
Ft'Ima curitv, A multimliliounlre.l kna
af is Uinlot Pacifi r*iwaOftd,- e :WhIe
OOftr. haa the best mine safety r-omrt o .the Vkl."
aMtE a^ pratee-it --
l att Nw Yorker, Harriman would blaknee Kaoftntae r
/ had all sorts of experience, frm ambassador to Ml.
beisier to Londo. Sertary of Cormerce to M=1
s a ve, p.o I h.1: .- ., .
!S al monta faster CISt AnsAtde of New j
SBA BT to attnt Kw taomt genera) It IM^
"_ ,) be~rc.tnt a iFt, -. u ln Uw tl Ai
Who a y In tI WI'
OL n of 8 e 1
t ,we It corM

' -- __________ --- ______ ^ *" ~ n3




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hn~ue hs~a&

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Watch Fw Dor"



Main Stie.
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the qOed nO~at&

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don" -.6, s am t..,, ,
ma iftt o thgages W.YL a
I ", .. ,: ^ .... n "- "** -
& movI nI rtunt p~
a iMOTr i Kurt M)Aq
Mahry LU All
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-a WS to us Ma Ls, y-' 1W W-
buy wmt cosdl wnt he "biM
la sa nuIiAkd .
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for your stapling nert.

S nmooth to look at! I *Ni toi l .
S il aglal nylon ... in F h- Ac

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air ,,. fJm. "

UhM *^ ~ito '; f'li


Fd Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals

&nr Llirne News ,


ikr untarenas
tuna fishing boat Sao
itlch left Balboa about
S ago for the fishing
sank in the harbor of
S In Costa Rica, ac-
to word received by the
agent Paul Sullivan.
'-'tb Union Oil tanker Unoba
bl now tied up at Pier
JMhboa tried to rush to aid
Sburning ship, but It was
BlUlbleb to get the fire under
TI. and the ship sank.
tfhe 1-man American crew
-i the Sao Joao was safe.


nAA -.

rAA otters you the only
direct flights to LOS AN-
ELES. non-stop from
Guatemala above the
S clouds, in the luxury of a
S paciousConstellation-type
Clipper*. with no change
of plane on the way.

mel Anil or

WOW& 4 1WORD's

PnmeM: L Stret No. 5,
Tel 1.0670
Colon: .Sl BIld., Tel. 1097
EtnILi-P 5. war ... e

~IlS WELKIN, Planteer

4APVI-9MW.A2& 291M



Maehinery Leads
PAA Cargo Parade
Machinery is the No. 1 com-
modity handled by Pan Ameri-
can World Airways' cargo planes.
This fact-which mav come
as a surprise to laymen who
think of air cargo in terms of
dainty little packages, mostly
periE..eblee-is revealed by a
traffic study of five typical
months of PAA's cargo opera-
In tonnage. machinery-not
Including vehicles led the
parade with 1.967,599 pounds
flown. Next was wearing ap-
parel which totaled 1.947.6411
pounds. Foodstuffs accounted for
1,937,076 pounds to place third.
Heaviest of the cargo items
per shipment were electrical
appliances, such as refrigerators
and radios. They totaled 1.499.-
585 pounds. or about 150 pounds
a shipment.
Printing presses provided
many loads of cargo. Newspa-
pers weighing 1.268.389 pounds
-along with 723.322 pounds of
other printed matter were
carried during the live-month,

Textile shipments added up
to 1,110.311 pounds. More cut
flowers 417.828 pounds-were
flown than live animals, which

1It al HnisL
M.V. ."SANt'ANDER" ........................
M V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" ............
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 tt.).:...

.. :I
:. .. .,
.< "- 'J. '.



M.V. "LOBOS" ............................. L. -
M.V. "LOCK AVON" ....................... i .
S.S. *PACIFIC RiLIANCE" ...............j
s.S. DALERDYK" ....................... .........A .
M.V. *DURANOO" .............. ..... ...., W *
All saitua subject to change withbM tUtNL


accounted for 414,558 pounds. IBORIZONTA
Other commodities that have I Aristocratfc
taken to the international sky- ca
ways in volume are pharma- Jungle cat
ceutlcals, automotive parts. 1 Short song
tools, watches, clocks, film. sur- 14 Dropsy
gical and optical equipment. 15Self ateem
chemicals, pens, pencils. to- 16Common eat
bacco products just about 17Psycheparts
everything you see in a store. 18 Poor
in fact. neighborhood
20 Nobleman
21 Charges
SPrW re R 23 Group of
r s three
I ighBled Prsureise iak. 25 To (Scot.)
%ou dl-.y, have pains around 28artof the
heart. headaches, short breath. In Rhine
dllgeslon, palpitatlon, and woll.:n hine
ankles. you can get almost Instant 28 Involves
relief from thLAf erouY symrP 30 Aple seed
xnmo wltb h 'NOX. Ask y'our
nernmst for HYNOX to4r and f'- 32 Body organs
S-- *'nlzinfr In t few da3- 33 Comfort
36 Welght of
S37 Type faces
39 Swiss song
43 Curve
44 French chalk
46 Roman
47 Book of Bible

52 Trojan hero
f b OfI EM ilom wall
___, M lai- s M Standing
(comb. form)
5 57 On earth's
1 a surface (geo'
N T Old Greek

SS t iI r

iiimises~.**..mnn.N.aug ^ ft


9 Eats away
3 Washes
4 Dy
7 Disposition
8 Beverage
0 Unoccupied
19 Chinese
22 Calyx part
24 English'town
27 Permitted

29 MoMs'
brother (ib.
31 Nut
33 Slant-eyed
34 Italian
35 Milk-like
38 Slanter
40 Profounder

4o4jlruJ.i C~ssrF tds

Hypnotle fart

-AM AIM6UN 4wOo A TINY pAeri.iF You Mm A6L' P
tcej na aMEOFA qruwB9i=LM MyPcC.. w IwLLOBOA jt^.
we6~ 3:-~ i / I SAY.* ON AWH Y-.
rl JS .1 11FAIC wE


A Couple ot g rva

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g55 tO 'mrA 'to -.t 6 A
NtO S Goow

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Uf if-Pm f.Lt,

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N APP3rttP. ...

That's Our Girl


nuw to r ep rmhi
a ro7nTi ss arwes n


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Walter x Din 146u

I n M Am. ad- heeaa
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im I~bii'th pltar I(nD~aa ot MOMW for 'T Mu- Bnd~
rf'the orie tef t.A w al ie
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d bum A sentopd to I s shkabw by 1101WI In Calm we w~a -1

r~da 40t o. livlr di Ml m"l. tMIbey will farthh So he e a to *
if it he .ion to ea rman ageia. 7,ontae. eiti A prt pt
:uLi- Auaba fp s or",- a Ge daggr 140 h awts ill e o the afa r Is e
Club lure teAcher at Wayl Uni- h er wCre Ca a .44
.tri- 5:-t ,D r ig to.s aITWildr, Cae r, c i wr
EbS.ort Etb& I aa4 Vhb V
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)4A a ON.SunWf AptIsMv Mw-. ah1 t*:0 la Jason.i
at6,.CAy Army Ar, who we .a
r aethe United be i a sej1r:00-H fArAMAerekli A M '
man.dto -Zt 0: Iibor oftheMandun- AUN
i, -ui stal 10:- met,, t, theho* v A0 IS
tar TOM .1 T. 6:19 MY

S11:0Thi st. A. dnki0 of Margarb" a

obeon La5ar*t.iAp. Waho rblrmetng
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us lit9 011 ~l-rt 9:IrEt Id

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?tr~C~uutba lfthJ31srslIts FLooa SM
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5~s~rf, In ftvi OU 10: mot at YOA bme of lows inis
0 we aro : r~h 'an 4. AA- A.r rr w ~

T*M* to t I it. RAW"* Adw I
Will %or1rLu~xlraV eho W"U
NIOW and may. b er fayr~a~U~tb
?-ILY M r MA #MY WwembeUr.. SM. I

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Th fa KRobbe
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lbu, W more Ms& *
i*~~J~i~aA= MArag library in the LAi s
bau4e on i gures fao ta
t ol n a noaths of 1099,


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-.-C~IMTEL -_[.

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. . .--- l


Yo Sell 'el..When You Tel 'm thru P.A

Seave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices lu No. 57 "H" Sr
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon -.

ewi Service Sal6a de Beole Amedcnricuo Carto i Di ,.-
- Yoi Av,--Phone 2-2UM. and #55 West 12 h Street 10,059 Melim i.

Agenda lstenadoal de Publcadones Propagad, .i-
*3 Lottery Plasn Phone 2-3100 ""' l et
Phne 3-zrIBBO; y^W o' '. .

Household Automohinleh Do o amvea dflkngL problem
Wrke AleekeletAeymow s.
P& SALE:-Leaving country. Rattan Service Personnel and Civilian 2081 Am I. C. Z.
livingroom set, sofa, 2 chairs, 2 Government Employes We cover make belts and
end tables, coffe table, one month Insist on W r bons mak belts and
old. Also rattan dining table 6 Government Employes Finance Co. buckles. The best washable ia-
chirs, 60 cycle Frigidaire and gas When you finance your new trial. Monday thru Thursdey from
stave Must sacrifice. 49th Street or used car. 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. House 758.
No. 28 Phone 3-4909. AGENCY D LINER Apt. "A," Barnoby Street.
C4EAP MUST LEAVE ISTHMUS. 9-1 No. 14 4Autom9o5 I Ro
ft. FRIGIDAIRE. 4 burner gas stve. '- "o FOR SALE
First reasonable offer. Tel 2-2542. to sell or buy your next automobile
OR SA : see: Agencies Cosmos, Auto-Row MiscelUa
OR SALE: Complete set "Old No. 29. Tel. Panam 2-4721.
'Leeds Spring lold pattern dishes. Open all day on Saturdays. FOR SALE:-Two Boxers puppies,
Call 2-3414 5511-B, Diablo. seven week sold. Phone Balboo
----p- -.TROPIC TOPICS:-Another shipment 3791.
OR SALE:-6 piece bamboo set, of Kin Pin and bushings will arrive -
Venetian blinds. I bed, 1 dresser, on Monday. Maybe your model are FOR SALE:-Refrigeration unit for
2 wicker choirs. 356, Apt. 6, Con- among them Tropical Motors. large cabinet, 2 H.P., 60 cycle
create Q 6t., Ancon. P.O. K rthleen motor single phase, $40.00; 7/2
Baxter, Box 643, Ancon, C. Z. -OR SALE:-1949, 4-door Sedn H.P., 3 P.H., 60 cycle motor ball
Plymouth, leather upholstery, w/w brinns SSOO. HP 25
FOR SALE:-Crosley Shelvodor Re- P uth, 25 cycle, Wstnhol se Re- w/w bearinot $35.00; H.P. 25-
'frigerator, 25 cycle. Five years, tires. 25 cycle, Westin.ghouse Re- cycle motor, $10.00. 14-A
$90.00. 1521-A Gavilan, Balboa. ferotor. Tel. 22984. Balboa. Tel. 2-3630.
FOR SALE:-1942 Plymouth Sedan, FOR SALE-Homs B. C. 522 aircraft,
FR SALE:-25 cycle fan refrige- good condition. Price $400. See it 4-channel trancelver. Best offer.
rotor. 60 cycle refrigeratorclok. t Motores Nacionales. Ask for Phone Balboa 2-4220.
rtor. 60 cycle refrigeator, clock O-Robertson
'34" x 60" mahogany desk. Ca--Robertson. _
mera and equipment 6 Venetian FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury Conver- FOR SALE:--Rcord-changer. Phlilco
blinds 26" wide. My price or best trible. 15,000 miles, radio and over- automatic, 78 RPM and LP, ex-
offer. 2-3602. 0851 Balboa Road, drive, excellent condition. Will so- cellent condition. Bargain. 2-2481,
downstairs. crifice. Call office 82-3137, Qtrs. Panama. Office hours.
82-3180, after 6 p.m. FOR SALE: Table sow, bandsaw.
FOR SALE: Record changer, 25 cOR SALE:-1939 Chevrolet trans- lathe. Air compressor, 25 cycle
cycle. $30.00. Child wardrobe. 1 rtnionn 1 t-0n Call Balboa motors, good condition. 604-A.

Chiffonier with mirror. Lathe. Tel.
SBalboa 2820. House 150 Prospect
Street, one way street to Quarry
FOR SALE: 3 pwece over-stuffed
Ilvingroom set. will sell separately;
bookcase; books; 2 blue-and-tan
! rues, size 6 x 10: table and 4
chairs; 2 blue webbed-chairs, one
a lounge-chair; 4 small rugs. 1
Venetion blind, size 4 x 5- vorth
bed. House 822-A Empire Street.
'FK( SALiE-9 ft. Westinghouse Re-
frigerator. 25 cycles. 3 years o'd
% ice triys, perfect condition, like
!'new. 1150.

SHelp Wanted
M ad wanted for house in El Con-
O. *ReffwIe essential. Coll
WANTED-Catholic women g-nerol
housework for couple. To live in.l
10ng references. App'y 50th St .
F2 hoiwe.
WANTE.-Experlenced mad to at-l
tend children. Must sleep in. Good I
slary to person with proper re-.
.f-enc~. C'mrpo At-lsre. Corer of
51 -'r -t t rdo Arias Streetr,
Aperment 3.

FOR SALE.--1948 Ford. 4-door 6
Excellent condition, $850.00. Tel.
3-1731. Cristobol.

MiN .IlalnionM
WANTED.-Panama city, three bed-
room house furnished. W. G. Dos-
well. International Hotel.
WANTED:-Outboard motor 5 to 10
H P., good condition and reason-
able 83-3178. Curundu.
WANTED: English couple require
modern apartment, furnished or
unfurnished. Tel Balboa 1274.

Position Offered
WANTED:-Young man or lady with
two or three years office exper*
ence. Wrile g i'ng cge, experience
and r- 'I photograph to
Box 155, Panama.

Barulb--1949 Bu'ek ukper
4-door. edr n, with yna-

good tires, excellent shpe.
easy pP.yment. For m e It
Smoot y Hunnleutt .L.

islrb ta-ma. I l6:h Street Central Ae.
JW lOl lUR Colan teL .ol.

T fonor War Dead ovRepo

b Ries Tuesday Sovil Nort ws
A mnmorlal service to hnor'- a Pr oducs
tl-, 6-000.00 Jewq who were 'I11- f1l J E E u
ed durlne the I-ot wr-r Ii, h olied FoUr EL
held Thursdrav at 8-q0 p m in the
ol d errith Tem e on 6bth NEW YORK, April 22 (USI8)
Btteet and Cuba Avenue.

Iverv year the Jewish commu-
i tles In Panama and th '"Bnal
nne honor the 'emorv of those
who were brutolvl m-sspcreri In
.the Warsaw ghetto wh"er they
. herically resisted the Germans.

S lflinar services are held all
d. evmr the world on this yearly an-
even different congrewatlnr-
11m take art In the memorial
emiees Thursda,

M0 Dodge 2-deer Sedan.
Mead twansportafltn. For
ile. at Slnoet Y 'ammleut
JA. 18th Street Ceatra
rme. Col6m teL Mn.


--n u Uli air.L',.L CL UCUomic re-
porL for the Lirsi quarter of
.ie2 is corrLr..LlUon from the
Kremlin Irseli of inability to
LuiLI promises made at the re-
uenL economic conference In

Harry Schwart, Rusman em-
pern at the 'New York Tihms,
noted today that three products
whicn the kjovlets offend to eX-
port in large quantMites, aM 'no
aamLted to be lagg"inng n -
dluction: timber. oil urodu~t sid

arm machinery.
Schwartz pointed out that the
Official Boviet lliKre indlLcaLe
inaL the Umber industry met1
only 87 percent or Its oLtpuL
goal for the first quarter f- the
year. This Is the worst perform-
ance of any industrial astivitr
covered in the ogl" .rel t,

Failure of the timber 1ndus-
try to acilleve lull raoducttdh4s
attributed to poor use d ma-
cHinery and low produtitity o.
workers, which have v i'11Tfe-
guent topni of discuassin I So-
viet newspapers for ta past
Analyme of the recent Moscow
Onerence Indieste that the 8o-
iet Union promised large ex-
ort of traw materials and im-
ports of monsumed goods O a
"lure" for obtaining war ma-
The report showed that be-
idge lumber, farm machinery
! mid petroleum, the Soviet Union
I fMld to reach outiut 4 oali f
IgWv machinery aMnd Ih,

Delesseps. Colon Tel. 3-2412.
FOR SALE: Piono upright grand,
rattan bamboo set, 4-pc. Simmons
double bed, girl's bicycle. youth's
bed, perambulator. Colon 916.

Learn shortcut method of popular
Piano playing. Zez Bennett's
Studio Tel. 2-1282.

Ree Estate

CINTRAL AVl. 259 TIL 1-1069
heoap houses for sale
tgages, etc.
f *al *te AdvisM.,
SobIM lOewdr^. but wb aR en
Translsthmlan eed, 13 miles from
town, let of 1,11 m l with con-'
crete 2 bedroom chalet, living-
room, diningroom, etc., tested deep
well water and little all year
stream running through property
provided with hydraulic ram for
irrigation. Ideal for chicken rais-
ing, pensioner, etc. price only. only
$7,650.-- but met be msa and
quick. For personal Infornmtion
Wolff & Co. 5th Street N 22,
Tel. 2-2388.
FCR SALE:-Lot In Lefevre 2nd St
A-1.000 Mts. Sacrifice, $2.00
centimeter. Call "'Aenco Toras,"

Charles Thomas
Of Gatun Raised
To Sgt. In Korea
rea Charles A. Thomaa. aon
of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Thomas,
Gatun, was recently promoted to
sergeant while serving with the
'th Infantry Division on the
rain-drenched east-central ndrn
In Korea.
Thomas. has served as a med-
ical technician with the Medical
Company of the 17th Infantry
Regiment more than *s oB

Sledn with nlaeo, "
thes. gd mrantee. -
Beoost y Homnleutt, SL..
It St. Central Ave. Tl.
sw Coldn,

cMiMi lt 4 12
k. addilomi W .

Puir1r uiwuB

FOR RENT.-umrisheid teom. Rei-
denclAl d. Peru Avenue No!
34. lfeb


FOR RENT ,,- ia W h t. Prenmis
occupied ty Ch o Bank. Coll
M-3191 f*r Informeabn.


FOR SALE---oyol En!eld motorcycle
500 co., like *w. $550.00 eash.
Tel. 2-2847. RodfaG S. A.
FOR SALE: hightlwei Indan
motorcycle, good 'enditko, $400.
8052-H. 3rd Street, -Mandrtoa.
Tel. 3-2487. Sundcl. a,_ef :qO.

glases the 3 who rfet
mailed their letters In a tras
box outside ae MiNwau post

SHAt ntic Socetv..
(COnamned Prfm Page VE3)
the hostess, amisted by Mrs. W
W. Patton.
This is the meeting that was to
have been held April 16.
Variety Show Tonight
and Tomorrow Evening
Members of the Atlantic Side
Fourth of July committee wil
present a Variety Show at the
Margarta Clubhouse this even-
ing at 7 and the same show will
be presented tomorrow evening
In the auditorium of CrIstobal
High School.
Tickets are available at $.71
for adults and $.35 for children.
The proceeds will be used to aid
In defrayngR the expenses for the
Fourth of July entertainment.
Among the many talented per-
fopmers who will be included o
the evening's program are the
well-known singer of calypso
tumes. Mike Tlcado; the Marsh
Brothers of Ringling Brothelr
Pame; widely known Atlantle
Sideplanist Norman Slade and a
dOen or more others who hbav
been mentioned before.
Atl]ntec Side residents ar
urged to support this show.
sam DanuBerTo be Served
Members of tke Grace Circle of
the Gatun Union Church have
iade plans to serve a Ham Din-
er Pridav at the Gatun Maso-
nic Temole. Dinner will be serv-
,d from 5 to 7 p.m. contlnvoup-

Tlekets may be purchased frten
.rs. Arthur Baggott. 5-4f0; &a&
Joseph Irving, 1-438, or by c
tasting any members of the
raoup. Tickets are $1.50 for a*-
dults and $.'7 for children un-
der 12 years at age.


~It ri fgbt Senrii
*e IH1 IAmee WTMi
--^ i --- -W-

DBo't be a
"kthreom Jlggler"
lstll an "ALERT"
Phnuh Guide Valve.
BaYe water and stops anny.
aace at dripping tolleto
Aa reported by Readers Dierst
"ALURT" never fail.

Rotel El PanamA
Panami Trust Co.,
Abattoir. Forestal Produts
Tel 3-4719 8-1660

S* m a li
8bpeoe iBnnboluts l

S-n o- U mue Wie em
Sit" Item

'e -4 w a to #.t w


Taupt t xt" S. A
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and orate or move

anything. 'Phone
2-2562, PanamA.


I t
HX p
We Smi li.t th New and
BeeoandileuA Prmfeare. P
41 AntoiVtIe Row va
Tel. all W.
walhenm 9.
Saucing 11
At Its bat!

-An Dons te


-at4PM ni erMilk in
ioft V 1amb D) Cu


* semliren

asel n me

l e


ci may have an"
t fluence on tthe
CeOwmotos Inw.
Er Nwty e jH

ored BEenhower e
of that atato Nt
votes. .

up the reastem t .e
Oni et of the
tand enti TI bI
Uttea rmd twbith Ia
thi -to onator 208
eapared with 116 for

On th Democratite l t.
row YorA mutual eeurty dwrt
sector W..Averell Harr man

MArtso wM i at of E 9delegl
th 'the RepubCliana TitWl !
n Mew York,
tle OOP tate committee will
tae mix delegates at -
Mter and the Democrata
S the record, both DemoeN
id Republican delegates
6 to the Chicago convent
Lsenhower' s supporting abl6
aged a spirited campaign In
ennsylvanIla' preferential pri-
nary where 60 convention ed-
egates will be chosen.
Ten delegates-at-large al-
eady have been chosen. All "
ill go to the convention an-
ledged since the voting is not
Taft warned in advance that
e would dispute any victory
laims by the Elsenhowet camp
i the Presidential preference
voting because only the general
nd Bar E. Stasse ase am-
d on the GOP ballot.
He urged Pennsylvania voters
ot to "write-in" his name oft
rounds the state's primary
ever has had the "slightest ef-
ret on the Pensylvala de-

n open ht for deletes
rnly it Pli and the rest
t heavily lnutl Allegheny
Sen. James IL. unf? (R-Pa.)
s the leader of the iElenhower
movement in Pennaygvara. GoC.
obh & Fhe 2" lOtably wIll
control some of late's 70
convention pdele has
ot said w MB y uppint
but there an ato he
avors Gen. t WMaealthur.
Ten PeC~n gates-
t-large .akm hae bees ap-
ointed, 1uavt Vibates to
e chosen n tia Imuri .
The Decrath pghmars is
~ric~ a rm- eiia -
rat Ume ta Mn-e tat P'n-
rlvania D"Iotl not
The. ew IY I Prsyl-

Colorado Uth U IGeorgla
and Arlteoa IL
A compilation set tb de -
ites already abes a m.v lWt
a. IheebW Il :It t;
racArthur an2 d 14*-? malt-

urud. ; -
Repulicans blowraemn M
* their IAlN wv-a dele-
rtes. It MaI N tWaiOM the

VFW AMiity


Mrs. Jawy S-ot
)'lary 3M

1L- -,t- .
a ~Be=

A i


A && ,Mo
im. an.&as dk **i i> *' ;

a a'


i: t maa, ge at l i
*~L~B*4 .* m*' eaBIdlt*
voting Mr. T~- mIN*|W"^**

rsiaW ws one

tnU wd Cstelwera, .
nH Ja ndment appv w1 ae
the eanste was
o. oer PnFergon
T T* are res trUcv
in Ofered by 8to. S
Knoiwtaud (R-Cal.), wtt
he would call It th fOt W
tVo il .t for the .
abledment were aft Sie

GOP ameameent ias
"Io te (Onrh) a& d w b

If au to iat *alh t to
bce doneIn tl alt ftl ca,"
peatend f unt, I think It l

Incumbent upowa the Ogteu
k o tNie D icy I- to

Should be dane."
spell oad ut n ai emt at
problem wtbc afIet e
teonal weifara. Ba thtocrtbef 6sa

OP amendment "nts
latd Slon om

crAitO, al i Us (VP)--Agn
bf the ttl-welfaeaert1" office
e"If the Congerument am

luegatU afte u.cement of
dereeu to wae th eght Ma to

Incumbent upo the hCMthe
to uo dcate by talitlon af tON
"ame time ith vTMi a to ibat
should be done."
Hae d hk vsare WacOM,
which -e betdoghaUted by
the Iandu4 lna the eWm wa
OthlorOW.y d ."'t"l to hhn.

Egpti an Agents
Raid Solons' Homes

In Calea-Up Purge
CARO, April M ()-cAgen
at the Attotney-wnerol' office
doB today on houses of mm
ber of the govornment a few
boar after announcement of A
derem to pare tho
tbo* of bnbry and
deceamom and aooouhtwto
der %b cary out the
tmn h" the orteto of _M5
whaB UftaM proft Is ; -p--

ttW la fa o. IA. 1


foresee an Suae
23 per cent in i1
Ulattcn duitMe c
leased tota
uIation feu

a3.4 3
CR O~ ,

a- ~Witw
ftiiii nfi~

- .- .

I n-" < '. ;-


*eeme. wa mule its
aVm ts sA. age
*- ii q e
-d ;?~al l.^^


Fourth of July Ave-,Ja 1-0M41



.. l k O




Houss aA
L ,.. -" _: .'.* L '

I -.

--- --- I .-!"- 1.
I -_Mw

_ _

.- .0'. F.* .

'Z'~ i

5 ,


,v nm.... .... -. -


.-. "-

' '**


a i


r inarr~r
1Dr i~Clpr

1%' ~sF 1:k
C .4 .

'ii.T wit-


,'- ;.v 2


i" -. ,r-* 1,-I.
i ~ar w ,'a .- .



is4 Tt

VIP'a-.- WOW.
PN^.W1lk pwk; *tw

. .. ."."'. .
BMbf^ rfr ** *^'
IHHL^ .i JbA^ fdjijidff ..
^^^RBB~~~-mr Bal r ,f^B^tt^'

a ij^^ ^. rf <
., .111 le, il

-. ,. .. .. I

t-~a he loses rothese

uvwaI ~lraa~'* -rs~~

w Tork .. .. .. 10

Veh q i- ". :e *. .. .. S

(ONay GOM am tSal)

AfongThe Foerwoy
.Yr...Xl-.,. ,,m i.' j,, ,.:.


SesPabst ine

owtsted Game

Pybat.. 44. .

'Ph. nrrtailn & iUim Twi-

Bte ams
t6r In emh of I W oa_

OW&sbt of the
unT who .otw1

I wed only one bse on talr. '
e run scored ff the
0fool pitcher ctme in It
tr h hd truck out
add tall. edesu s walked,
econd and cored when i
In led into left field. Htev i
otut trying te stretch hia
ato double. '
Noel GObson was In rare fa
and hibs pttmht wa ne f
te seldom eouem ot Oal
41=0t eIld of ther. oe. of w
the offqt at of l
'Ina. ne u I
H-uj Jf~i~e aJ~kttM

- -I.-

dps,- . W tsn ZWurt. 6 InL
wasem nub mew nw

S -' -p oet AeAfher
rS( -u bWSar
:. r tll fAlO
a "h "A (m*B) TClub touifnd won teaa
Swith Us points am com-
t n f tfor Abel BrMvo
-.oldl "- -------. 180hPIUt

$rMtCopt 1952

!4%a tborp'ionship

7ta7m s
vie d,

Wa nne otf $1b c K )
and io oAs.
the Pa, n I 9

S edneSie. s t
A- &i

eal wt are (tkeks aego'LeL
ftit r f P

cw m f^H U3tB
t=~ ll rr-r1 C

r#Jhf~fr~- ~iGlibl

ta es -tDedn r e u, so 1 13 0 SA 3 r O fin

O In a .... 1 0 3 e
ba tin Uea O .'. > 1

Sa lith flied -.-- -nnner
tdb. e Totals. ... .1. 1 4 7' 4 Pr
osgh a4. d by eonsecu
a crowd plieaer CBS- *B R 10 my MIr
M ann, ia. 1 1 0 S 2 "ied
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