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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Election Fight; 4

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Saggr to f the blA of th g. atta a hot My think that they have popular marked i tant n t
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ritish Reporter

akes A Look A
a es '^^--~l^


R Nearly 20,000 men of the
S day serving in Britain. A r
i per, the "Manchester Guard
of them to get their impres
e, The seven British bomber ba
,es now being used by U.S.A.I
0 Forces are used for combat ou
fits on a training mission, which
I means they provide a kind
post-graduate course for three
months for trained crews fro:
t America.
SAt Lakenheath, these units liv
in grev orefabrlcated houses bui
6 for RAF operational crews during
! the war. Officers and men hav
Identical. grey-painted cabins.
i At Mildenhall, a few miles a
way, the immense amount 0
clerical work involved in keeping
one bomber-wing in the air goe
4 on.
(In one wing roughly 25 men
are engaged on the ground for
; every one who files, and there
are 12 or 13 men in a B-50, and
about 50 planes in a wing.)
Thq buildings lend themselves
Sless easily to the American
training courses; officers on
* courses sleep about eight in on
4 room.
A high proportion of the Ame
ricans have been in England be
Sfore. often twile or more. The:
:t no longer see it as a novelty an(
are restive when treated as no
Sveltles themselves.
. Especially is this so of the
bomber wing from Castle Field
California, now at Lakenheat
Sand Mildenhall (Scuithorue, the
t Norfolk base, has a different
unit), which is proud of Its small
turnover. '
- It hos virtually' the same mien
as in 1947-and has been in Eng-
land two or three times.
"There's hardly a man on
the bate," sa'd an officer at
MlIenhbll. "who hqsntt been
round all the sights in London,
though most of thems bhve ne-
ver seen GOranw Tomb."
Bases. fuve their weekly danc-
-es. cabarets from tLondon. con-
Scrts, film shows and a weekly
Ri"g1o Drive.
' At Mildenhall on any after-
noion you can go into what we
ahtould call a canteen and the
^Americans call an Air Exchange
V and flAd healthy-looking Amerl-
Lansone's most pervErave .
pression, after that'of their i.
culate good nature. is of: their
, great average height-drinking
Bottles of mikli.d C. LCa-cola
% (intoxicants .1*e not served be-
fore five o'clock).
The Amnericans have made it
a "hoMe from home."
Aj~ ike box. inceOhantly playing,
baAIly disturbs the. afternoon
quietness; the music Is muffled
by .-tl own presentation, as if it
I.were untouihed by band. Like
all the food on sale, It seems
An English'h irl sits in charge-
atof the bookstall, stacked with. all
kinds of American maqpzines
Rand cheap pape;ielted books,
highly colored, whieh range
* through thrillers and Westerns
to Machiavelli's "Prince.~
0 Outside the placards say "Play
i3ngo Tonite." There is only a
minimum amount of saluting
1and total abstention from
* The bombers are B-3Ss, with
a 5,000-mile range; trips to the
. Gulf of Aden are routine.
The. Castle Field wing has for
Its motto, "We Bomb Anything,'
SAnywhere, Anytime."
SOf the 260 officers and 300
iaetn who make the actual air-
Slrews in this wingt; about 80 per;
cent have combat experience.
Sometimes on return journeys
from a "mission" they are inter-
cepted by their own or R A F
f IS everything to do with "plav-
Ing like a war." and with train-
l m and operations generally, the
,general In command, reports
eback to the Omaha headquarters
of the Th ird Air Force, of whlh
Sthe 8eveth Air Division now In
Britain. is a part
or administrative purposes.:
he division belongs to the Un-
ta states Air Force in Eurone.
with its heednuqrters hi Oerma-r
W at Wiesbeden ,
iThe US. aircrews say they
.lnthelr three-month courses:
_OTT here highly Instructive It
I n the States, for Instance. ,
llraft are In tOuch at any alti- b
with the Air Traffic Con- f
Shere,. above 11,000 feet
l f on your oawn" and may F
.on one morning at a
F'datlby has effect on a l

SniP)- The X1etr
S Chmaz ah mag
A im to o RIs
'WOMB .underMai
1 owl WA: 0




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, .. *

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El ...t ~i

rl .7 WAmI siT W M1'cR E .LA
.*trrdemocrci*s OM e i

United States Air Force are to- poats A6 -hOW mr l.
eprter from a British newspa- y overwhe-hig ner @REnevI* mv of tw b."
ian."has been talking to somepoverwhtAilv R din
slons. Here is his report. This w'5 sh' oy btia t.
n'o -sr hi. d pent nsveral ffyea As& "
s- bomber's Instruments which HlOW MOST AMEICANS think of Ruska Re s ein ehrr ty
F. crews from California find "oxceart economy," typified b this scene makng nyse f Of
t- strange at first and a California .sadt He saihdtht eve% 1 IA
h photographer is usualiv enthrall- .
Of ed by winter days in Europe ether a piture of 1bs6 i l' ,faft
'hpoorpe ius ual lenh ,r --r .e G pleaw nevethteleu d subchM 1 a,
ee when the sun does not rise a- A .r ament, WHUnaert-. -,5do subconW t N< ft Wta toe
m above 30 deg. over the horizon
even at noon. #ct his own conclusioaduedniLa
ve I et^th^
llt Beyond this there are such "The picture -tht n t al ways mo e expensive than brunette. .Pear cOae,h
t BeyondItisthereare suchComes to my mind when Itr it's carer. mb i
ig local peculiarities as many omf s toe Ru nl," m in d i s it d a far re sepa1m3b
ve more jet-streams. "It drives of S ovit Rs a he aild of a lefMaeMtll e ,.
the navigators wild," said a a'u woman plowing a fleti i m ofaty i tle tn] cr ^ Beln, rt ? &?. te
R- Castle Field fler.d an animal-drawn plow. I am tey ,te tbyany et"aot 3w C")
Rasle Ie R f Ing to erase that mentOit llla Into
e L5IMORALE HIGHER'.d. replace it with tGe i t I a S an W tw
Morale however, is said to be puling away from the re o lemons we lernd ly Ar
Morale. saidto belabre at 40,000 feet." The maxey lessons we lnrn dairLew baft
much higher among these oper- WHAT AERI( ANS r TO FORGET the Ra their ci sans nstalard dressedof lvin enM hye s d have furn a
atonal men than t is, for in- above) "puIIng away ~fan the -U.S. Sabre at 40,1 f to minimum substence levelit e guides to tho of orut
SstanRce at a maintenance depot t de utantty pf higdan ta Hke the T4 n 0 rat n l leaders whO h no 1C6 al
like Wanrri4ngton "After all," in order to concentrate apopInleader- whoi Mn I
said the General wisely. "every v6estonment cap goods tialan capa s.
Es man's ambition Is to be an op- the one tools and armaments, ftelfad,' thereWe men who
n rational squadron-commander bt the men whomt o
n and the nearer he is to one, even eante ed te lions so that' h no
elil he's only fillingl the aircraft's .t we rolled along, rlsto h v du
tanks, the happier he Is I f By dint of this and by borrow' Korea, on th premlo a ot a I
Sths Ing and stealing designsbe u a was an ."ox-c
Beyond this. mo re emphasis erman. British, Am r ic ain, incapable of produeluigh
ts ploaf e in dcn daswthe tero man e p o-wlss and other sources, the the Rcated paraphernaa s e tpt In
of the individual crews than Russians have been able, by eon- f iar.
used to be In davs of wartime 'ntrating oft the rmainents bin'
ass frmatond goodpersegment of the technological Of te estimates that have had of w
Smances are encouraged sbymsoan n goodsper-" earont, to achieve performance to beMade, the .tu important t
Sformances are encouraged by a of thUbthe esatim ateofI se
compe titive system. w hat catches the best IA the U.S-. of sh the estimate of VRusas 14 e a B to
cpes The most striking illustration capability to manufacture atomic h 6 vl a iefur
e Wing competes for honors a- this is the quantity production weapons and deliver them on tU ra
against t wing and crew against atof the Mig-S15, but other exam- targets In this country. a be o
hKcrew within each wing. ples can be noted in the quality chahn beo e
tte oddair of placidity over art lery pieces-rockets and ra- made aone of the most ri evous
l these large untidy worlds subor- dar. m*ealcula ns. P 01
donatedd to machinery. G ht- tio
-.ti. ightlMisaku
ts wIt pzes fr t ,s a In connection with the Mig. IRt In a statement released to te n he
should be pointed out that the press on October 30, 194, Lt.
SW eRussiansrecently captured an Gen.. LeaHe R. Groves,. head of
By RICHARD KLEINER in each dltrict and pay higher lr" he said, in a hushed rican let fighterequipped the war-time Manhattan Project
NEcpW Y M h E voice, 's o nature's masterpiece, with. our prized gunsight a e ortasain
NEW YORK, March 29 (NEA) That's the sad story unfolded but few of us appreciate t. The sight is the one item of Rusidans wouid need 18-20 years
I your new wig costs more, by Paul Ileische. the fourth Compare it with a diamond-if equipment on our fighters in Ko- to develop the atomic bomb IT LONDON. March 29 (31) --
blame it on Adolf Hitler. Indil-Fleischer generating to be in the you close your eyes and feel a which ismarkedly superior they dd t erecy and with- Aluminum ha ow suffered
rectly. it's all his fault. hair goods business, diamond, what is it? Jwus a to the Russian. out aid frof the Wnited States, from on t defect: I t Iseasi-
Hitler started World War IT. To illustrate the current mar- sharp stone. But hair! Touch it, It is one of the two main rea- Britain, or *IMtt and. ly c ed by molds.
During the war. American GIs ket value of beautiful long hair, and you can feel its beauty. It's sons why we have been able to Thin has meant that Its use
took American ideas with them he pulled out a carton about the almost flesh-like hold the upper hand in air corn- This lo4 Rusian has been im peble in m
wherever they went. size of a shirt box. "But American women tease, bat. science a,, At has also fields where It other qttal s
They went to Europe and soon "Inside," he said, tapping ft abuse, wave, tint, dye, cut and As a reeUlt of the planes eap- been the rvr. Vannev would make it most.destrable.
European women were wearing with a significant forefinger "Is otherwise mess up their hair. ure re than six moths Bush who 1948 almn c o
Their hair shorter, the way the about $7000 worth of hair." They ruin its texture." we May expect to flid befe too the ke sol ory post With acid tlf
GIs liked it. He opened it, and displayed There are some exceptions, arK1 long that Comm lt. Iot 1 ID the D fense as m field f d
: ~hanks of hair, all neatly grouped Rleischqr's eyes sparkled as hs bse shooting with fe r gl Ch, ch ar'
hotitnent. particularly the in lengths and shades. talked $bout Ethel Thorsen, a euracy than they have done so Devel by-0e8 re, Re-
ians, had always been the There was glistening bladk and television actress. far in sKorea. t Re- hsBeo-
big long hair supplier. pure platinum, lush-lo ok i n g He says she has the most beau-I t can th e Buh parg ent AC
Nowadays, there's very little of shades of red and auburn and tFful hair in Amertica. to s view of. eapab
'theo rea thing cultivated on4Eu- titian and some snow white. In case she-or anybody else- m ties exen t- i ne Stationl found in 1 t
's emale heads. Feischer ooked amost ree loses it, or wants to augment It finally. an area in which we In effect onata w as to etch
Bo the long hair buyers have ent as he folded the hair care- with switches, curls, falls, top badly underestimated theitus- military roritms hrlg the V plt- o so that a f" ofl
to go to remote villages, run con- fully and stowed it back-in the knots. -bangs, pony tails or chig- sans was in the amount of ito- riod from 1946 up to the endof could be *Voted to thet.
tess with prizes for the best hair box. nat, Fleioseher stands r eady tro mic information we 'credited 1949. On to th per9 a Coating
hek, them with helcouldbeformedby -
e calls people with sparse or posale having at theIr dis -n el .d d e oti rm e on.y
non -existent hair "p r oblem al. Uicd
heads." When the Russias were told Un fortunately the' prce by
e on give a mle "problem that the U.S. had solved thee o s he esh f aimatlo th tin0e ,l w hl this y o hieved was I
head" a naew set Of hair for problem of making atomic h e able to obta about costly and It ioed a high fire
somewhere between $75 and $250, bombs. Stalin was an to recev e r tiity bee d the risk.ea e
..m" de gad tng on size and type. the news with the r anost com- thy,at io 001 e .i Only thk tt
toppers" are usually posure.I tnon the. Iotd132 M eoths the taf- I
te ta mk e leo r The gatses t w eno Ma Ino tein, eitidangour e applying thesecoatin stoa au
,ealdao to make them more For the great secret was no s- thm e Sovietf we have minum which .eM to be e'6-M
ch her saydest d Kcretsto him.sem irt'odea t w a omlete and marclca1.
l er says his toppers are The Russianhespionage organ- ftndle o dwefroeltisan- me tipar 1
"the most undetecable" now ization functioned throughout pet from this san- The NtI up are
madetnd that his "hairieces"the war with remarkable Uc-ty imt on.v ene. only can t
f ao e nd faro hi 0 "ua Th uh rpit k"e d almul mium sed t o
for women are virtually IMpoB- cess, especially in the field of a- erlroessng d foreserva-
sIble to detect. That's because tomic energy. When however, there inolittleefood ,thdr e Al
they're "fussier in the front," The cases 0t Ilen Nunn May Informateion, It I dangerous to nWt "
which is the hardest spot to dis- and Klaus Fu a Ire familiar to relymiY upon proven fact
alollfl ntwaut us. tee _exelusilon of developing ge- a
reIaer's best hair pieces oral theories on a deductive ba-
000 tied in separately by t SSpies I
from50up.Though and other spies, This was one of our mistakes. oe
It i up to two weeks to the Russla, able to obtin We seem to have reasoned from
101 010uof these, starting with thed s tor ba .am
i ealyVp gnent wavemputI ondIt. from 2 ,00 152 and p re1
pesly hentwverut ned.ldueohtloist t es for making clerd notion of lRusia as indu anA*It ihr
f o r Ehf i b h,.b.. t is. r lg.b a c k w a r d T r na e a. ,.. .-. '
o -on a hackle to mic
Stheohair stillleft In a OetRuia t Alnlcwapd
ant lem head. Then it's In d, l4aietpRussoia he4 l r
-.knotcihairbhr on a yen- an atom n *rgy organization
hair ed'nlon. that oo te favorably IntIke 01
ordineL "5ts; flstornge the and scOl eui r own. imA lUot r
bobe"ltthehe 80ee,.coiffure ob las t m
"1orerise d. FSu t unp Uag*zine IM
3 u t, a FePaber points out S eptemberg that, "production ofLiA. 12,r
the'V4W .- of--the hair can engneerg date (in the
Ce to suit her mood. United Sties) is tapering off 0 -
"lsc ln be demure Monday, from 25,000 it 1952 to a posse
BI, .. .- .,u Tuesdayy femme fata 00le low of 1,0 9 5 in 04." O, Mach (B. ..rita2's Mneellor of the 2
V ,,bL AIA R AND EXI 3ITU: Paul lelbut makles halr Wedesday," says Plelacher. ehequer, Mr. R. A. Butler, this monthla sp.llosd his Bu4et pro-

80 eehune said, "'ussia is estimated to tmted budget surpnla of natiLwe W planned for hiher wi. i

h r ab h- h0,00- br t.. s. he. ti h incom-e tax e sa

i tons or e Roosevelt family.. In Beverly Hills. California. t*d bu, h lors has an e- teho-
Two suits, which were made a British Information Service b that a suit was made for a,
when Queen Victoria still had a- representative that he nmer' M r. toosevelt" in lWS th
bout a quarter of a century be- bered the suit referred to by his very date given by the late Prea-
ore her on the throne, were father, but that he no lemger lent Rooisevelt.
worn by the late President wea i#t.
Franklin D. Rooseveltand Il "IiW pr Sbtyf ''Dgj vbe origial firm. J. tl
ather before him the L t U yde M .11* lSen. now a n lanh dM E) -r
One of them was also worn by name t .
ames Roosevelt, grandson of the lt 7 Vai 'eanu 1 m im.
rivinialpurchaser.a to a-
The recently-published letters t$by, by them li
f the late President contain a g i, been Insikstea 4
ribule to one of these suits. t gg. g mr beforee 'Ir.
"In 1878" wrote.- President he it them his
oosevelt. "my father had They ha = mw4"
weed nsuit made In dinburgb I vb,
rn He wore the suit costant- ter "
untIl his death in 1900.

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L ONDON. March 3
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Heavenly LINOIRIE .. Pre.
eloun Treasures for later
OlGiving for weoing always
-- In INMvln Blik.

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BRASStERES ",ody Morlene"

Ladies $HO4 i- Cuban HeeL

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Wi S*kWb APRIL 1 7
SThe i mu t po visit Me.
ioo' eepvtl and PAA of.
fer theu dirly flights.
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Fly PAA- toW L ,OAMseI
va CA."40al r ornl

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set iw SwoS NOW $42."



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A sta far NOW $60.00


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.3fNroeverywh "

Mtt CetiC, former underS tarover agent t FBI, ives y a

andid view o how the Russian women of today lve. His story will a
help you to play your part in the light against communism. jst a fs wit
DITOR'S NOTE: In this exclu- The babies are taken away from ng th xte r bt
Sive by-line story, Matt Cvetic, them soon after birth, and put Ibl t e ,
,who for nine years acted as un- Into a nursery home.
:dercover agent for the FBI, tells In some cases, subject to the. t Pt Jthoo
i""nen what they can do to wishes of the Politburo, mothers n '
-fight communism on the home may never see their babliest (A 4 outt | -
*ront, He aSo paints a vivid again sish A (r HI-0h
.toord-picture of the kind of life Clothes are allotted and c w sud Xi e f fs
fomen lead in Communist Rus- are living accommodafi p."ty uswe pozen pu*-Nl I-
iad. During his years as an; usually dependent upon t e 1 to-l pound pang e r r on A
- ,gent, Mr. Cvetic's life was in number of people in the fa- t a d-el mueff in F.get e4
constant danger. Not even -s, mily..
a .mediate family knew his dan- e A Russian's home, by the way,e .v er
g eroes secret until the day he- belongs to the state, and can e I ever clh filo t g a
- testified before the House Com- be entered at any time with- ant to fil i petate 4 MIA
- ittee on Un-American Activ- out a warrant. m. Mt ttS
e Food is strictly rationed, and t na t
v nathe portions arIe many timeson iae l, It
Bk MAT'NVlI Ice leaner than Britain's at nerl et -r W a d
Written for NEA Serice worst hour. In addition. thes s re il s 't IffC, 1% y the ben ss e a o Isgoden. Ad
NEW YORK-(NEA IPTry little choice as to variety or Europe, Canada- awiL a tAm hr )e maesneeskn re- esn eck T (s
0, othetrca ting mars e toe uro't e. takewhaanuArIom i t bim i -e skirt. a1er ae a
: ina'ic A b eing married b teo quality. They people take hat trimmh-d dress with tineked cbe a i (rlht) that can double for dates.I I cottohirting hetung
b3' thesgov-otneou1bhadhtle opporyunitygto fabric k. washab'' rustic-textured cotton. Sun dress (left center) Is Itaffaft blue. It liss an all over tny odbby pattern. 2 beaten
t- -Th.en what Ite would be like look Into the lives of the Rus-- With t a$1
e 466 to oi ditches and build roads stan people during the nine BY GAILE DUGAS; hi lighted In the elots a ch town br n war. ot with water-repellent it taste. bi un#ell e
for, he o n buainte ha- v--years. I" served as a Commun-tfe EI
t*riget io unl th luasie ai s faor Ith sFhI.lAd iowas a blo e A Woman's Editor the Texas-born MaiS will inot Thls dhe~ns that lnterch^ain- finish in corduroy velveteen Cook ever loW hkt nttl L hn
p.Weeks of pre gnanco with strixo and deaths Iae a nle a e NEW YORK, (NEA) It's a Three-dimensional and tex- travel Iiget or to make a small can adsalt to many occasions
S rdee to return n to work s ixrnl y because I held a high po- completely washable wardrobe tured-surfa e cottons cotton wardrobe look large. and climate
weeks after your baby s abornt soeionl in e ur the party. that Pat Mullarkey. lhe 192h tweeds and sutintgs, compi ll The noe, cott aits for One summer raincoat is in
tmder penaltY of starv etion. You can bt e sure the Commurin Maid of Cotton, will take -wthcolors and patterns all are used, travel show precision tailoring pastel blue e6tton poplin with
This id no imagi ry pis-tre I leaders in America do not her on her goodwill tour of the lus new weaves and designs with l noulded lines in Ta- matching ep.
-W life It Ias ust a ew or thel leed the truth to the regularly Laited States, Europe, Canada and, of course. the familiar bri s that are news ii thie' Cottons B a ening out
Uroustances under which wo- party' memoirs The propagan- and Latin America. wrinkle-resistant edttons. selves: are done -for formal andj
S, en n the Soviet Union are da they giere away paini quite Topdesigners have created Elegant cottons late-day informal timen. gth are,
-.o'ed to liveTopft oc
There are o any more T another picture of unit co cottons for active and spectator1 wear with a defldta 1*0' of for- Cotton ottomans Jacquard both abort and long
Si.s t nd fraiir pl n nspoitswear. evening and street, mality feature si overprint- cottons wfth diamond dobby
JI. Is, Ins .I Lav must cgive t pon I thitik of the position. wear, suits, coats and ralawear,l g, embroidery, ah ring and patterns, striped or coded suit- There are phort formal IIn
:* p all clams to their child. of American women versus that as well as lingerie. tucking. The sil rtng Ing and glen aid enwear- frilly wwt con-
o[ E O A T of the Russian wife and mother.! The wardrobe provides for Is used for ab b in type suiting. e b'd. vew trastinpa. pt ..' ed o n
Ernit les me realize that we weather In every climate from muted green-andm plaid. suit Is in carded cotton terry lace, bleak. nV e-mter e i
e o Amerqans have thpoe most pa- hot tor damp to cold. oThe separates stresses that appears to be a black pin- batiste ,a toadloth ,e
werful weapons against Com-: New trends in cotton are the quick change idea from st lpe on white. With lampsha u cIn n d6 an4 #s' i
mu:iism in our hands eVerry day'yoI tythenof-[o
.,-h httw b l look Iou lives. oteRu-uli
YOf I Y our I complete freedom, edu- Neau ly raer l le' Etor-se t at
cation and unhlampered versa-wves kep a b4
n to w r Sn utility places you as an Amer- I d r e nras't id rt ,
BYnVIVIAN SANDE can woman, inithe position to: m)It' a-a .a.I..l
se rve int ld yours n mme iO a n d 4g h.nw If you haven't been satisfiwi them al. fl way not mteie.I t
141 NEW YORKw UPe oGertrude ee as an avid advocate ofi '.h a with your home permanent re- ages today? Then eatt
t'9"Pierbaum W'lhfs up to the democracy. sulta, there's pot 6 be a tan- and also try the a w..
....hercal tradition that the Don't be afraid to di-o-s t n I reason. and ere are a listd'
6 I must go on. although she's' Russia and Communism In front s e otto ra ties for yone to check.
'Stnt blind for 11 years. I of your children. If they gep'tlo ue a, tor newri gebie ha p.rstido e t alrer ..ermas
Onne she danced and sang forl wrong facts from outside' tere, halwt lermt-ill.
audience. An uomobile sources. they may findsthem- Ne rnostthap irodum an unt i hcr
t nded her appearance be- selves sadly misled. fil on our ands will a lton it
fore the footlihts but not her Only your efforts, in conmunc- m I tr ,.,Tehwaving t- I#h,
er Jn he theater. t Ion with schools, radio, books "otl
hl now a producer. and newspapers, can teach a Never Ase waWig lotion "say- .i
"" lwayslo'ed thestage."said true democracy that will mean;- ed" fDroT yoor ast permanent. Y p
rmer showgirl. "I couldn't, something to the young people Once the botte has been open- C bin uddIg ml ld milk
C ance first came when Although I am no longpor :atahoul berlds medi hun heat until al
-.14. She heard that. there counter-spying on the Commun- ii. If tely he a ie o
aanil role for a tall. blonde wt Party for the FBI, I stilr feel teta o
O.ln eratrde l~ws tall. she was I have anm active duty to per.- iIh asutao e'l' th ea thlo dl adre rn -r.
her year. She lied abos t As part of this action. I have A. .d t hair tooirh a .-....
time me wan 19. she was a vetes for the r n st year lecturing to .e' "ie t i "gh from the top to naiaing tumbe dr t'pi
ae sr and dancer. a college students: telling them se int e dhapelt of the curl. The /gg.'-
""" Ig and motherhood firsthand what I know to be ,' ".ied an should move back
loterfere with her nl- true. and no c.. easily.
thie tmea he.. s .o wT tare not t, wind too ..
0awveled the country, : I answer their questions; at-. mever.u a 1loon, -ee tg.her.
[ achothe accident and may have, the direction y heet and y,.u a smig.'..
years of becoming used w""'t run into apy trouble.
darkness. She mastered ook- d As a further- aid In present r. the, that the
hoom house in Brooklyn She can public. so they may better c a'looser your permanent will fin it, a z ,
taught her daughters dancIng understand What is going on b.le tI "'
and s.irting. K behind the Iron Curtain, I acano pk t 4' vim
Sfev. weeks after Pearl Her- acting a a consultant t for a neW' CsW l, -iims h so a Ihiut.elveines of. end 'p a n aot i *,s ",.:
decllon to go back Into shoo perle nes in the FBI. *o o rope ,be tleft).aud deisgs 4 hairstyle right) to eaheac p teular kind o und of your hair with the end ea t to .o
buslnes f be producing camp Certainly everything must be .. r fr d t l

tdIn the theater.She or- thefight. The nd ee .geat N hl-editor to ph a Ipno w not to suck Tt-t he-ed d 1 t t n t
't rewhe arsled an staed und eest ate hel In fluee If bCeleste ly"e's hieh ou m not ca-e a bit fo yne o I lle am tr eache c l. t i
During World War II. she and sfuaar wou..t country han into one sentence, it would strenuous thtan wing" yet lg to arlyle. "dtii ft to as etw your permanent is "sah.
bhuseo Brooklyn h' an plc hrpr be limited to two trsee won stil may possess the good need eded by J. p-These cr WA to l

%.bows wdre endorfedofficially democracy is built in the homee thysel." wwtwhosae Bquitthat are referred to aef elegattnetoP .5rn W itt df
tsIdent Roosevelt. is "clear-cu.Individually Yours," was re- IfPir build is an athletic-best bet. Uat.M of subdued uing the neutiaalg clatly I-t yeu
S She's still at It Whenever a r-cu cenly published, has made a a one, make the most lor and good eUt provide a Just- t The mant thin 1 re- clus syr1p
1ll tfor a show comes In from the i career of developing the ilrte- o itwth tweeds, leather acces- right tgenidi for the bmber inDt to ru. Allow Thi s c .ae
lal services headquarters of Helpful H nts ent loveline orf her women. series, sturdy jewelry and co- nograms; haiv ade access he S time indicated In the its
e First Army,rs. Pnderbaum Through studio Interviews, lor, she advises. As a general and hek*lom Jewelry that peak i.l
on the telephone and rounds lectures, television programs lad rule, bows and ribbons, Ir ot breeding. ist ipoo your wve too l
S .| a troupe from her hundreds of, Your wrist watch should havel now through her "guide to per- and MWsth "ml a ea i' i. s the tB-a o W
teers. a professional cleaning by a sona] beauty 'Ul harmif," MlIs ery" d our sturdy frame. I ty &.2. M iss -
-7the only alc she accepts from jeweler at least once a year. Carlyle condtuca her followers Next ao MIl Cariylc's list it iyle 4& Ve y call ly
40 of others is In casting toward good looks and happi- the gamil. or Ingenue type. t- W i thne 'hiL.....u l5
Sof, .ll, Salvage that box-full of un- ness. yon are small and elfn, you'll men.'- 4lt here is a agin m4 a
,. lt ia.' klib .i l with a' strung pearls and sew them, one To make the beAl of your find It good policy to store of waa male pe- teo r -
"I depend on the boys' by one. In a scatter arrange- particular brand of itty atUnss agd delicacy in your that of the n
can tell bV the whis- ment, to a small head-hugging CarWle .. and makeup.
Whether the girl la beautl- hat. of iMpst eminine of this rstte
ot e tpp, m coquete, eanm present -. -
StW daughters have fol- If you are sending cookies to' moes of your Wit great esetlt ess a Va.-
Si nto l spW a s Do Brea, pack them in a metal at girlhood ham S Jntine prttt complete n ___ ___NIB
U21 M W It i RsIA datud- "w' den box. and line it with ipasawt f- I I cy atbe, Ulowery h.___ ;:
4isadoa and opes waxed paper. Pl a cushla e o1 ly fritda. andtty oW l naa '
is, ntlN Oal waxed paper o ftUie stysg h 'hM e m -oseu.t of icess for the
te box. r =w ui ag type i a "appe4-. gr
a p a salad bowl, n it
,-t eie oil and then aE
oer a pow atei Ind

- ". ,4


.S w, winsr si'' '1 .

,Ys mitt.S ,, : ;.. .

1 eats ete tnMeet me butets t. Nt5
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wb Wo A4=hmft

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leShmidt sam Mrs. Davb ien- r t
ni wern. to %
Shina in Col6n --- l
Os L itee rtatlned iOfl

1=412 Ci*A fr,

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Hed Md

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I. N

~4 Mails,

~atret a
Ut wt 1


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, 'er "o I. om ,In

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d Mr. "-. Ji
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~n.uw xx wI~B -''

1' lav am arw, wmnas w

a 00t speaker on the subjI
t W$out?
wislld M 9.Meet
0uOld of the C


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"Hfl hew b mqU I"

isa L. .= s .=. l*.a

wlggm agotsi d the Neder nll
m3a4trvatisq before me
day. A0ril 8. by telehenitn
monteahtla tih V.aB.0.-J.W.!
A Fed ow 5.e' Center. *i
=poa Blba 1072. /
UnlFor Dr. and Mi.
Clergymen of thi latohmum ard

Mrs. RUAstll Wap9 l
Mis Davis an M.
lan I~ on at the oel
too tao ant fallrsWafr
the Wad Umenee In

Luit 0i1 and Mrs. J.

ir Bioom who a has

bl=ao N : ....

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iid., W- ,-

B omor ver i "e l :Mr- ,



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r.I' i









Bet thbwt tow-

MENS LINe S m mINT ..........S &

.... ,7ft~ ----'Jfe, Bk Bi^U^k ^Im .
hy amit


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n m1 ," 7-,*.
l,' tEE t ;.. '" : ;.". '

-. .. .., .i
/* ;= ::-M *:




.' .. .; "" "' .

. I .,

ou Sell 'em.,When. You Tell 'em thru P.A. C

leave your Ad with oun of our Agents or our Offices iu No. 57 "H" Street -
No 12,17"t C etral Ave. Colon .

& Service
rolt Ave.-Phone 2-2281. and

I of July Ave.-Phone 2-9441

, 1

Sa6 de Bdtlea -tAmericano
#55 West 12th Street

Carlton Drug S fre
10.050 Melndez Ave.-w- .!P.U -

Agenda Idterncidoal de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A.
#3 Lottery Plazm Phone 2-3199 "H" Street corner Bstudltante -
Phones 2-2214 and 2-27W ., ., ,
i, A

~~-c---~ ~ I-- ---------

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tw large chairs. two foot stools, Governmerit Employes
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with "Sealed-in-Plastic" f0i
Soil-Proof, W ar-proof Pro-
tetlen. On Day Service

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I.all Phone 800. Col6on.

Written for NEA Service

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SBoth sides vul.

De 6 u e.o. airkige lvs.'W i COS
Writ AIclieN Aaem bi
moa 2051 Anme eC. Pc
Miscellaneousbt la,

FOR SALE:-Angels, crosses, head
stone, and all monuments, for
Corozal and Mount Hope. New
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V" u B --RhTi-- -- i_-
PMs 1N.T. PM. -r
Pm 3 NT p.n RIC QTitanium
S Opening lead- P5 P" Deposits To Be
Mined In Canada

It* Eastern Championship STE MARGUERITE DE TER-
theod me thaI used to e. his REBONNE. Que. (UP,. The
anthli tournament was first Terrebonne Titanium Co.. is
S1929. and I had the good waiting for the spring thaw to
fi' e to win It that year. play- start work on an almost unlimit-
in ith the late George Relth ed reserve of War-vital titanium-
* partner. Iron ore deposits only 55 miles
e hasn't changed so much from the nation's largest city.
in IKnty-three y e a r s as we "We already own or have stak-
m es think. For example. ed 4.000 acres of land containing
Gonlder one of the hands that an ore which we believe is the
S e played in that first Eastern. second d greatest deposit in Que-
e ,Pt pairs got to four spades bec." Rosario Frigon, company
wit.the South hand, but,many engineer, said.
of m found a way to throw Tests from samples collected
eIaame out of the window. from the surface to depths of 250
careless declarer would and 450 feet contained an aver-
t -the second club, cash two age of 17 1 per cet titaniumrn
i41t",amonds and lead a third oxide and 22.4 per cent Iron.
-lmkbnd to ruff it in dummy. Frieon said.
this allowed West to step up with The Terrebonne company
'ttS ^ack of spades to over-ru ff ls to concentrate the ore
ummy. Now South sti h tor here building plants costing
btee a heart and a trump, for about $3..000.000.
4ime-trick set.
When George Relth played the
K d. he took the simple precau- MlmIe l SaTe-aser
Gon of drawing one round o.t bu.
itip a before he began the adia I
l. After all. he needed only B Pay Fine
dis mnd. so t um wa sound PORTLAND. Ore.. March f(U)
to.artrump-Milton Jean Russell, 23 lost a

Sfrom ruffIng a low dia-, Po wonad Washimgton. e h d no
with dummy's remaining Clothing on.
p, so the game contract was h toldo erl s drve cl s friend
made. $5 he could drive across the
S ny mind. the lesson taught bridge In his birthday suit.
4. ihandIs justa Police cited him for driving
V 1 when it was first played, without a driver's license on his

t 1-Dr.Rdbert, NO CONSCIENCE -

from 25 cents to $1 for police have another candidate
calls, depending on the, for the "meanest man in town"
c he traNeled. His'home. title. Officers reported $3 In
81k i n 1814, stills atnds on change was taken from two
Main Stre. March of Dimes canoters.


sen Ut ric
****Inal a..nSfb.t gn %.Ar Sjv.

velops the pathetic picture of a
weak character breaking under
pressure. Simenon has made his
story believable and fascinating.
The Mountains Have No Sha-
dow. by Owen Cameron (Hararni
Is an exciting novel of a man-
hunt w$ich almost resulted in
SIvnrhiner of n 1snnocent mqn
Passien and hate made Jeff
Clark the quarry in the hunt and
turned even his neighbors and
friends of the mountain country
against him When the initial
furor dies. the instigatorc of the
hue and cry find themselves the

Echo of Waterloo
Decisive battles aren't always
rucornized as such bv nartici-
pants, even after the filht.
"The three days' fight Is over,"
Private Wheeler wrote of Water-
loo a few days after the battle
that unhinged Nanoleon as a
power in Europe His next words
were. "I am safe" the classic re-
mark of soldiers of all time when
they come through unscathed.
Private Wheeler was in the
thick of the Waterlo fight in a
British regiment.
His letters covering most of a
lifetime In the British army from
the Peninsula to 1828 were lost
I'ntil recently. They were edited
hv Cant B. H. LIrdell Hart. Brit-
ish writer on mIlitar" affeirq e
ouhlished bv Hneihtn~n Miffit"
h-ider the title The Letters of
rlvate Wlwler....
Hold Back The Night by Pat
IFrank fLlopincotti. a novel a-
bout the Korean war. reminds
one of a movie script. Its charae-
terioatlons are mere labels or -
struoUions to the director;
dialog is spaced convenietly be-
tween inmfkr. l'nd it eontatif
civilian flashbacks to Include a
few comely females in the casot.
Frank's story coneemOt the
members of a eampany of Mar-
ines as their number Is g fatally
reduced during a long and Ward-


bA.aeset, We
seImar, w' B
se.1 en


ihnum for 12 Wk
each additional

ns For resfrvetlOrm-Cdt
namra, .Box20. .. We hav
TA RICA fhe-,.; l i.,
cement. We %r y ,'" to kee
ndscaped homes. Third and (Iaf
id balance lang terms. C
ick. Tel. 3-3794. -Panani dflrin ft
075 Ancon.
y the Hote.M *lo
p. Ociansl e prayers
ira Bom 43 go B SDrinklers

PanamW 3-1875. Cr.IleboWl 3.*
Wiltiams r anta Clara Beoad Co"
Two bedr6mI Frf ldoires, I
gas roanr _aboe 2-3050.


Modern furnlrhed unturnlishd 6pOt
ments. Mld service ptin al. Cet.
tact office 8061. 10th Street. t
Cristbol, telegihae 1386 Colbrt. '
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment"
available to U. S. military. Phor

unfurnished house, 3 or 4 bed-
rooms, preferably with spacious
garden. Elvin Seibert, American
Embassy. 3-0010
WANTED--About April 15 unfur-
nished 2 bedroom apartment, not
on aroundfloor, by American foa-
mIv of adults. Phone 3-3319
between I and three
WANTED-Live snakes, boos. I.-
sonous snakes and others. Toucans
jaguars. pumos. tapirs, etc. Top
prices po.d. House 239-B, phohe
4-337 Box 16. Pedro Miguel.

Help Wanted
WANTED -Good cook, good salary
Apply 50th St. No. 5. Apt. 5,. be-
tween 8 00 a. m to 11:30 o. m.

ExIibiNun Al JWB
The Canal Zone Art League In
cooperation with the U.S.-J.W
B. Armed Forces Service Center
will present an exhibition of the
works of Melville Menges of -Rod-
man. Canal Zone at the J.W.B
gallery commencing today and
continuing until April 12.
Menqies comps to the Isthmus
from the island of St. Thomas in
the Virgin Island,
He started his palnLinq as a
hobby, having been influenei-d
bv the brilliant rolor of the Vir-
Lyin Islands H says the sun
shines brighter there than ,else-
Although self-taught. he waq
connected with the art center
and the Art League of St. Tho-
Most of the work exhibited will
be water .,olor scenes of Char-
lotte Anmlie ana surrounding St.
Thomas, landscapes. fis h n g
scenes an4 street scenes.
SThe pub1c of the Canal Zone
and the Ripublic of Panama. is
cordially Invited to attend the
exhibit at the U.S.O.-J.W.B.
iallerv on La Boca Road. Balboa
The gallery is open from 9 a.m
to 10 p.m. daily.
ous retreat. Superimposed on
their adventures is a contrived
hit of symbolism in which a bot-
tle of B0otch. unopened In the
face of hll dshio, Is supposed tao
convey I vIolbble honor and In-
tegrity. ALiterary Guild choice.

Victory Also Ends. by Fred W.
Booth (Rinehart'. is a dramatic
story of war as seen by a fraht-
lipe infantry commander. The
underlying theme is the %onflict
between the physical bravery
and moral cowardice of Capt
Mike AIdrews during the Fifth
Army's World War I drive lip
the Italian peninsula to the Po
River. The author writes know-
ingly and well of the alhts.
sounds and smells of front-linO
CEICAOO 'UP, -,- The Com-
merce Clearing Souw report.
'thut since 1912 the Set atta
federal tax burden Ia risen
from 3.38 to $32683-for every
man, woman and dfD an the


tweesea. YiNeSm a

Use"", 7w
*s o.-, eA, i -

C -al



Iden K40
he dry sa


16 Central Av. Ti


*22 -.!
= .. i "

AL l *fl(ie tab.)


wt urpmn

,3 .he sui-g -
A.~9U of songs

iers 81 crop

Uiers $Wb a ducks
Ideas SA oates
g thos

II I in drops
2TIAN eboti island
MN 3P ldof s lps
NDS 4 uropn

ediate 6 Barir
Iw .t---.-.-.- -

29th It.

4I barb
24 Erbarb

Local Pen Wonen Awards

inu ter
in the

_NAMA BROKERS, NC. Handed Out At CZ Banquetf J... g r
Hotel BI PanamA i dent
liming:tlorestal prd vie-prudet
S ruer Lu. t (referTred) Winners of art and writing nior" Col te, Pete Brennan and treasurer;
Panam* tuisusue Co. competitiolis of the Canal Zone Captain Hal Basham, experlene- cortespondini e
lxiug: Aceite Urrmae mid arewery. branch. National League of ed local writers. nia 0hriastisn
Tel. 3-4719 8-1680 American Pen Women, proudly Popular vote by members of tary: GatAe
held their awards today, follow- the local branch of Pen Women and hora-
* ing presentation at the organiza- gave Evelyn Moore the Rosa- a.
MODERN FURNITURE tion's biennial banquet during
M O ER FURN TUthe week at the Hotel Tivoll. "'-
cosmia-solv, E/ Jeanne Stauffer Beaudrv took
Slpeover ResiAolstery first and second places in the ar- U D A p > i .'
MR Valey. hurc a pintitng n r.. USED CARS Arn Pl
vlsn eum mmwu cmu twists' exhibit with her paintings, ArB F II .: .-!
i"bte ,"Um "Limestone Farm" and "Lehigh
J F do l Sa m-77 (Automoaln Rmw)
e Tr. --sM 'ee ...- a !.e e.m "Taboga Church." a paintirig ,- -
by Frances Greening, won hon- ..
.. orable mention.
DR. 1B. L. STONE The jur was composed of Jean Co e n and See hes
Karch. Irene Paulding. Mary In n m"
Chiropractor Patton, Paul Colby and Amaza
Converse. all well-known. Canal ..-
STONE CLINIC Zone artists. who judged thCust V door blueen-
tries, which are on exhibit in the IS FORD Cutom V-8 u....
7th St. & Justo Arosemena Little Gallery of the Tivoll. .
Ave. Col6n Tel. 457 In the field of creative writing. 1951 MERCURY -- 4"loor black........ 1
.. .... Evelyn Monroe was given an a-
ard orf'merit O the basi of ma,- I -~g,
'vTra- t xter S. A.~terial published within the past t

Shipping, moving, storage. Corinne Feenev received a sm- 1950 FORD Custo 6 4-doer blue..... 1
sipping, mo g torage, ir award for unpublished man- .
We pack and crate or move scripts written in the last two 194 CH OLET 4-ar gray........
anything. 'Phone 2-2451, years.,y .
2-2562, Panami. Hndl Diamond. THE PANAMA 048 ME tV -, 4 ,
2.2562, Panama. AMERICAN staff writer, won 948 M91tcUMY 4 1 C, *dI.
o honorable mention for creative" .'
... ability and promise shown In ''
both published and unpublished A
Te 8o//e material she submitted for the COLPAN MO TORS
p S/ &F/e contest. ..
Writing awards were made .by "Automebfle Row" ."
l I a jury made up eof Dorothy Moo- '
(Compiled by PublLshert'Weekly) dy. Dean of the Canal Zone Ju- r
Herman Wouk. B
Nicholas MonLSrat.
Erich Maria Rmnarque. i
Daphne duMarhaler. STEEL
Fulra Ou aer .
Rachel L. so. C A S H QA-:
SHOw BIZ on UP1o tLL
Abel Greenl oe Laurie, 3r.
CatherieSarshall. STEEL

RI3 ,AT10o N A I L$".
HOLYO1q. L, Iaa. (UPI--John

Mason, a rdtgd 100. cut all the
winter wood for hts family's stove
and lugged It up two flights of

Veter.lay rgeom
Graduate Kansas. Cornell
Id oUniversity.





. .'i




,.. .. .. '_ .' "- ,** '. t ^*^- ic-*-* .l,!iI,? iliSS
-.*,..,- *. s


/ .,; a '** -


Y- ..
:., -.^,-sO"

f-.. ,-. ,

I --



i "



- r. w-r -

; i r:"BB.
" ': }. ~ '" ....


BI r
mat. 4 ka ...
moua tb A

pltfi i x r n
,. .ai~uM

t"l forth.l
7n the 61

IA ..t.
........ .. .

N -
.. .. ..a ... ....

ramw0raMMaM S-..

5iP.' .ah S eirahb

r. ^,' (PA8tehtes. Service Only)
I t, ^ "-. .. .-*------ -- ; -

t;.: -' P -:;iliatf'ftoit"t" :. I

S* :r' -.

'r* **-


WOxem a Gets W3Snt, IaS^
*~i~' i~tY'H NLR" n .l


-.2 a"U. -&


- a



sep "

The fl-year-old plahbt shOtft
win new acclaim for his lasi

t oie ft, Mine
11l a Along WUth Tou," "I
SfW 4'd N oDo Tou;"
w omverr Be Another
oe,*' "Ltdtui of Wtadway"
un4 "JTlmsi ,pern."
VWetWt As his brought out
flurmore PC; abuma In ltm.
Ireasury of mortal Perform-
eue.. ;0, 5n lovers who
g that eI sw'a -r-
S of thW a was him best
ill "Wlom thle "Artle Shaw
Vovotrte" a .

ar Bands."
I another new album thf&
is "'96Woe f S ," if
a MaRae, -n M-G-
n ding lush arrangements

w V W SI Wt c' ,.i. ** .
..-- nn mans Be nihni w i
Bette BATaY uar Cml. TN. Ih
7CIIII .t; t.--l h-*.' t : ... 4": -

i m

of theM;tq



ant eeq
'-A. b

n Wbitte I

- ther-.fe story,

are sayftg
a iyl: "Vi u
ther* mAsswth bIS
aeW w

.%. ar, t"ll.the h newsp- her p ople wera tre

t h e tI p e v e p. 6
thee pOW.ueo- eoatvea W j #.
Salnlt edtvw Ste ed t rit ag l ." e
;at t 8dthe us 9 etda

-ife agevent- re'iA e !davedy w ettey nct h s the rr-
Ia en m ea I t t o r y k e:
o "Wcf Yer Otttd
sen t* it ada y t citaer t the W -d TO Ob 4s

A)t r7n strtoed t nd tuere l i te Co ri n4, .ittde g fl ah
The seeIn The Story oo WI a t ,IS th ?A C 51 r old s s thes
4l the nau t he old SOtgE c tn
ea sat t fTo lma'moa aso d ywoB ad ga 7 back twe b S% t "m

SO. IF. W i W.. ..he .s, r .t o lb e o h' M e .g"o.-,
Oa jra Ee ad cm. Cv=t'I candidisn1. 115-&AW 1m herBO

Md- |l^ ]Roger$ rMwldtjatVo Ne- N
MAI f 04 tw- roe in li

Tk Talk of townl


Production of George and Ruth Tyson



AT 8:00


P--, .
K ** *' i-


S$1* I00
...... 1.001

, .. .
$47 *CemrSi AW^e^ rna


It's, Mwtiwme rODAY...



I Ww A-r Dtt






&. !'~

I -

run S*0mI
* Awm VamfOW
*l0'- 3-lgr



.s ... .s "_c

mu 0' C^fl

- :I L

m~ 4'


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Ar- .-- ..6"0
... -, .
Cf _.

q !-?! V j

* '1




--r-T AWE&r-


-~ -- -. ....

SH.S., Powells

Batt le
JJ .L -
l .+ *. o.,- r

.. -,,c .

8s Clash In Atlantic Sunday's Pd t

i-League Doubleheader FProgram For F' .
SJANTIC TWILIGHT LEAGUZ Powell-men in the opner. Hugh- I.t Race. "F-i" Natives-i Mile ident '.
ND RA LF TANDINGS es has figured in all bt one Purse 275.0 -Pool' Close :4
.,- Won Lost Pet.H agat the C.HS. wins and, with a full. F1.t Race of the Des EW
6 4 .800 weeks rest under his it, should -Ran mond B. PuBdo 114 -Paddy T
S-.... 3 4 .428 be ready to throw a ard seven2-Voador A. Vsues 113 han finast
SS 4 .42 3-Pesadlilla V. RVdrluez Iih3 the figlhtAe-
Op.., nowsi nu l l b th e, e 4 MI aflo O PG Ott 12iit1o bet al'a
TODAYS GAM ES Powe r t-hderorge Car- ,--Die de Mayo F.Rose e th fight u t. day B
POWELL' vs. C.H.S. ty. CartyIs a fastball artist, who Mar R. VAsques 111 he in just he
(First Game Starts 1:30 p.m.) can do tricks with Itches. With 7-TaI Girl C. Igleslas 112 "ly. at rou nd -
It's do or die for Powell's and dtobla 1 5 d da, hoth p herano a dt c- .o J.tBa ar J 4 7.Ro- league
obal nigh Schoo thi after- be throwing everything theyO 10-Miranda A. Mena'110 TheSett Redm....
noon at Mt. Hope Stadium. With have into notching up another champwod -r
Ilie aEcona hah end drawing so win.a2nd Race "A" Natives 11i Y6 F Garden, .
much closer, a double loss for Palumbo tades o problem for Purse-: 375.00 Pool Closes 5 Folks n We eday a nd
e aner team will all but throw the second game hurling assigh- Seond Race of the Woubles talks e
the s OUL of the race. ment. If his number two chuck.: -Helen B. B. Aglre 117 bt he d en a i. .--.P t e t ...f lm-T. L.ea epobe : .-
With the Pabst Br lue Ribboner, rt Blades, i fully recov red 2-Marselle s A. Vuirre 11 "7 but hety la-hed 4 t te t- h a ge Is .
n in n o nd o h. I V a ones-haeelfyu1ntt I a1pna e r_ exB-/
ine sporting a one and one-hal from an attack of flu then Pow-, 3-Rina Rol E. lver 11 me n with a years. The lar' n o
-.aRot E Slivrs 118 ,ernme e sithLrean T e years. The laryo rnf U Of dsS
4. lead Pai tier slugfest el's will have to be right on their 4-Dalida P. C. z 100 x too, PddyT a left upptert, he' wh Ole*lcemen to tnz on r his h
win over yowell's Thurs- toes If dthey are to remain in the 5-Si xaol V.l C t110, 1. .1 ..i..beat thet .m l o-- a ~hb o'halo4
e i'nnd o o---,-,,ay v. Cu 11 i e n Pedd? 1 t unpromwhitnl sind hid s brouatso am- uwl' ev""o .
cay nightmbothadPowell's and race. However, the possibilities of --Amazons A. Enrique 11e0x though th ve hig a w t -w ILng, including Is basket pl o*-
C.-.S. remain deadlocked in the1 such a ra id recovery for Bladespfesa fest- hgl nldd as a '-, to -ts 11 or-
on d s lo Ne ith er clu b has :i dwn i- u n ik eny.. wan d C.H .s mci .o n Rs
econslot. unlikely, and C.H.might 3rd Race '"" m Natives 4% I lp. asometinme, and I mtht wa frnal it o game ar in Ps eto Fi ot the Ab
chance of overwig the t aer havego along with, her coM Purse r:275.06B- Pool Closes 1i45 "-thii o e boy to doit fr te todotit.' I ,ne.'s .ed C.Cl .. l
tIn this afternoon's doublehead-,binatlon second baseman-pitcb- One- o vehL yut .-., 0.. "a h w i ,tuvo t _1 oi im' .
er. But the pressure is on. and1 er, Johnnypatg lc Though a goodI IVa l .qPrescott"114.23, Rob' 1n!to h 1 .- pOf..ill bow

eacwllhaveto control pitcher, wheneve"r..agi, 2-Wnsaba B. A uirre 111 think I'm too soft a ts w hk to.0 IMSken L jlA lr. e s ch duel. I 3fLttt e
everything into sweeping both! goes to the mound It is necessary 3-O rito y Plata L. ravo 109 take il seriously and ttron d y quit schoolWhen h was 11att-on wlel a oe .
e oh Ihtoplug up a hole in the Infield, on Ar4-PrscFin1A.0Enr ue I WILLd.G TO hqhTdb ia reeook TRasd p hrees es.. h taetrmatle ..
For C.H.S. the pressure willeweakening the team's defensive -P-tDte B. Vquedo 11 Padhy lYoung gtod=t.--O rl-nPodid bothertoaent.ovtHe red Lemwi u itInth e r apon.

smk l igtmGhuhLuke and offensive b s power. Blades, on 6-Baton J.. D 120 known as thes. -Td jump l a A Group nRo4t. he A

chre Into a eod afwn his goo p tching, Is not a bl B P 2
aumbo is rying to drive his the other hand, n addition to 7-Casablanca 0. rauel 118 boxer. G rivemghti to do hn "it "eforeom the t, wher Iff rea- rsdy m C for the Blue Leagu:two t A. Cot O m with a finer
e Intor asecdndt~haltng wilse g Pi-v-w 9-, La egra og 1x the r. eF wsin unn_ 1 le.ttn non the ubb ble d vNvl ning a fightDthattctHnmesquare movie. Do rB, bowlingg 6 pw a a s -
and the championship without h le d hand punch fact hes t nervous, i ive aseelt ..p.. aFs va. 1st Air a ver presage turned the ..

tne necessity of a playoff, he stiol power right down the line. Purse: 575.00 Pool Closes 2:20 brutal, and savage o ent. 'd w 2 an der ove to ot. .1 r an M.r & S. M H f thelga
will have another chance at the anyb. body's guess who wil thln Light Avil18 On th ens t out ocanle ol; 80 p lled h ame nd series f
If the High Schoo Tiers go for Poell'Car in the nightcap, ll 2-Roadaser L. Brsvo 120 YOUNGeLL e card, the croHe idt. who besf e in g.youI Scheooler As,7 p4m1stw goithe ns vh 1oie, and um0,

fall in r toertotmo e thru s. nth0 thuRarylmh It o- 1 e n thforced to 2-Portal B. rrhe 115 t yorena theoat, tfhe haverbor Dfte 8:30 hp.m.- pton. ge e .
Palumbo will send his are,,use Bowers. Bowersthas been In- 3-Callejer oC. Cn yles 11 s ouPaddy -he'sawon 43 out of 8 eheBoohGroupvs.1104thPA. Airaverage.
Sn past gam40, hich.might, 5-Tuira E. Dario 112 21 knockouts.-Inwflill toO TI Va out &;'at 83 Inelt%

ak t psh u : 6 -l ou LB ravo 115 yon e REe A. t -I.n favor of Vince Ridge who '7 1-Doa EleldaB V. Pultdo 112 ble, dropping a Wink at tloe he ree lor e other y, bt you dotn men and 10 pont a ame overf
:be victim of Pabslt's power.ar16- -Golden Pick V. Arsuz 112 what a rival might to do biM h efore aLfit.WhenIM res- Thursday, eI p.m.-A.A.C.S. Ai two ants. FR or der toit hdI

r mi h ele st T.husd ig 2--gCobrador. T. MeraChong 15 oIriSes. The fans gobble up t tha onk thbout e b t. The nervous- I r. bowling *
e a sTurss--El Magoe B. Aguar o rtd 118 performance unce, sto fact he's nt- nerv Now ouus, I give nsthe la The terms' vier. tourne this week
*^-4.. I4--Mr. Foot C. Igleass 112 room after the figl^ht and listem maser. Foncantloeaelmit wW BASEBALL turned the race for'the cham- CA
Vince workedoly ur -Nijnsky G. Cruz 108 hand daffy.e has the s a talk. I say thyself: Pd-he o t .udweiser th only svn k a .
8--so should have no trouble going Purse:eze 75und.00 ParadCl 5 ad courage of Pmaddy Younged beull n t o th to go. .-ar Fan (Nay) "Mac" Laef t .
ano FIr seven today. CE -Ratln Light K. Floa 11 gn not with e a profeignlht funt- h as ew.birows that m allk se his ol- ..;S:30p.m- rolled h ame and series for
R1-.dgenuik Cahro sa s a 260. 10-Tamesis II E. DBrio 106 fighter but for e trvival He wasb face looki .-oat pale. If hePgrn ,s nV.Mar D.e- Handleap.. 10| _
--- ........c.."mL. ., fSN C1 r M nt D e lilt r A. .. .. .
I his own when swinging the wil- 4--Pavero 0. Brvo 110 him, a grin as Wid aIIhU qonft- u ah the ropes. You l gwove the Drymen their 01 f*
allow. dence, uS he strides dow n the the faous. In the arena and You p int for the B.t and hiassr.i

'I Embustero$620,$2tarts at 1:30 th Rae 1-" Impo- Mile aisle. e bounds threen- whe s to yourself t e, e PAC C IET' 'e Tt .. his1 OU" oih.o te
so be there early for a good $220 Purse: 5.00 Pool Cloes 5:35 ropes like pent-up tier, rten. to chee for y".- -.thee points .. "

share of the thr CE lls. First Ra of.thn eDue looks out at the e a of faces, "Chances are they're rooti ith as high for t nhe Dry-
SnubioRe 3-Prestioda V. Catillo 15 dropp0 ng a wink at he re- for the other t you t C1 m. ennd 10 ponts a game ver
2-Cobrador' T. MeoraL a 11 ognizes. The fans g ble up the thtnk about tat. The nervous- average.

.'J..-orte ma,0 --Trafal-ar.t C. Ruls 110 iwickl eC.. $rrky C.. l1
3-3 4080 El Mago B. g 118 performance, storm his r e leave you. Now you re the
S 8k TwoRoman4-Mr. Foot C. 3 IgleM s 112 room after the fight adsten master. Yu te and it will BASEBALL turned the race for the c. .,
S1-rf J. deel aJr. 120 to him tell hat he'll do the next be dany when that old work sSliver ityatl- on intoa m a between TIl

,--Picon $8.60, a4.80, 33.40. 2. ..... ... E. aro._ .5 IxSt l A L ITTL LA E i. Sa ten, l. ,, s 1 1 0 0) v a nthe- ,_- ,"d
S- wegen $7.60, 3.40. I C. Iz 12 time he gets TANDh ring. b A. Powelli n b. 3 1 3 1 a.m.ens Jmu

Vb I W-Swe$de0s 33--Paques2.40. TJ oe 1 1 Wo wLost iC. Milletp.... 2 tiri e 2 1 2 t
W&'k0- reeze Bound J. Prrn RAC eyI to .. arad 1 I The ols ...... 1 -enotn w.d to go.R. obei I
STg na theOberst -Lacey 40, $2.20. Hs not with a profes .... signal flt-ali and eyebrows that mIake s Ch:a a a.
r-Danubloa$4.80. 52.20. 32.60. 10-Tamesls II E. Dar0o106fight, but for survivaL. He was face look almost pale. If he grin&, Gatun,, 3:89 am

SCrnivalwih 131-meter ..79th Race lImp-rted- 10%. _erWeot L. .P.yer &T to hetHm-e -ACWC-RIC-T Pa.

lep. (NEA$2 S2XTH RRE ..-MeliC (-amboah .. 1 IM. Grent (M .. .. a1 .471''
r-Lusso s9.20, 5e: .450.06 olCloses 4;5 lOrfe-tl T a .-Pr'lo) 1 C. Baxter aM. .. wr 15 .46
--i n S40 D.20. RSecond Race of the.ublet u.tis (ntoats lafgteS OughTo 'aIvortt-M) .k... .iatLao ( os.I:.4i4 :0 o sme
--A-Siateo $3.09. 2-M- ntin'tre) T. Medrano 106 MldlIuo )F..v.. Itieh. cNS
rosde Doubles: (Danublo-Re- 3IPrestlg10) V. 0&011r19.1203,C at Ca biei'g 1i30t8 $21.20. E4-Trafa ln1 aC. Ruis 110 Pew .cksC. tviSurrey .0. s ____
THIRD RACE ,5-Nehuincoh.e K. Vasque 1,080 eRat,. tus (TC1 ... 3 12 .4 l
-i-StrikBe 1Two0 $3. $2.40. $2.60..V. a Terre A. o 14 -tAS ET. d1.. p..e
2-Ronantco $3.60, $ 9.20. --Vampiresa A. Mena 1 20+ J___r_ "_ 2"_____
One-Two: (Strike Two-Roman-'8th Race "1-2"1Imported-i MilMed No t b orep

tico) $16.4n Purse: $375.0 Tpdeool Closes 4:1 Txu.e

n5 mAsrrAt8I ..x he hofdinnin tfoeo th- a .a d ...d Cox
l FOURTH RACE I, er o il 11 ,,,tmd reaL. ordnmr..gh912 .
.1-Picon $8.60 .80, $3.40. 2-Costina ,Dario 111 11 111 1 LITTLEAL iAGUE I. Salfiten Cf. 3 1 1 0 0iSPA
2-Skywalgen $7.60, $3.40. 3-Y*r8 "5 RO 1 o5tice eenu STAND I A. Powell, 2b. eot (1C)1

LC V IW2Sweden'se3--odTques $2.40. o0 noS B rulodo 115 WooLoes. rot C. Millet (, p 2 2 212 2ltteh.A
Ir vs-AO Tspectators a on ba ei V S115 l wlTw i I C14 T.-Par'lentsoai) .Td 22s I. 11aR 11Tom...9......---eo ell
atforms watch him win theI FIFTH RACE 7,reO F. Rose 115 hill(La a) c 4-am- .
-umIg event at--e-Oe.I-Lacey $; 40,$2.20.R-UL -.onico C.RUI 1 1 Fors de)At 1n th 8LEADINGlBATSMIN'-( amesnJ d ____._

S Carnal ith pa 3It ler -AueRoead $2.20.r .r o -1andaroln 0. 'Bravo1m9e 11 h t HF STAN et March 3r t Pet
leap NCani.alXwT RACa .eter-9th Ii"- I'll" I rte 7 -Ti'AdT Won Lost P"er & Team- f t Pet.
leaC lsAe.ACEo,- iGanboa) .. 3 1 .Grant(M...
it _o_ 1-Lujoso-To $9.20,. $5,.20, p $4.85-r0. --am:$111. t-oeCl.....r..n 1 2t t-MosTorwsowtere (TI 154-- 16
.-tPia $10 40, $5.201 to tce10.1 a 2Moreso(M

nb 0.led $3.604 ,ia~... A 1 usTca)..McKenzie(r)7
1-Notable $4.40, -$.20. S.-.L.' l -114 /rnt hs Twin rity 6nItR. BlakeM2 61 .. ,3..'9.. We wish to requstour .ust.ew.
Second Doubles: ( t i n .A eoi (At 1 -31:364*Mi flls withinfifteen (16) days.eter'e, -

hr y u *e 3-Golden Triumph $2. 0. |.,--e N. -ren- 114 c Bryesn(TV, 43"14 8233
Q .---ol-el: -Triuakh$280. cano. V. Ortega 11 Zdo rticl, .trailing Twin City ,
CrIuinlials4 Bla6 ka.u --- gEast) C. Igles! il2 by one gaMe before game time, -r Pl tbt Il ft, we ih tC* s th t
nk.r T RC 1 V., ~,handing City (M)antM16.1ae oth

{"' 2 S 11 $4.20 i am'guuliT. edrano 106 hurler. Cds r Ieyes, out of the (T IS..Bll Cor
Oise-Tw : B. ... ..A Aguirre 18 bothx I n the third inning after tag m ost Gat...C... '

3 0 0. 2110ntheAtlntic Sid
a. -2b..I. a 0 01
hI~r 3hdmuls,. .b. .. 18 0 6 3 0

om.ilew-- .A Saa -I- a0
.A... s, rf 2.. 2 .1 1 ,i ..
jet C. 1-
-P. .iai o a ,,n+ d, ,2" L

c .'

*'- :.. u .4. .4 ':- .. ." :.'-. 4..S.-, -
'L:.j J -'' .' a4 : :. 2-;% .-. :.u. N..g
.. +- .., ,.. -- -. A..A + .,lk S ''a n .s.. -,-..'q t,, a.. k M.
... ... .. .... ""-" :+" "' '" "" u '"" ... :" + "" ......."" d -- "' "' ""

. -. --h a. -




. .t.oer -isn't :..-':-
r ',
MM ii E B

tt. ^y' jr**y T-T---i'."c ^ j^-y *3H->'Ti^
ego ?l!BIf~*LEE rn SP'~ fl

ToMk A lotte debn But mI have no con-
on. NO rs was Iten neoounp with say n hcah tart- a e i
n that theo give w4 in aiers ad t fothig to r I've
m" the-bqateIwV had weshady deas Id never
i. o t u~~ eotun bi U hismve bee mixed up u nythn,
,.g i Sfd Aipper.--. demands.d ia wrong."
...blie bearing tob mip known etc, who iS yean heaving ro
the tad he eans for this e.r In a I o wh game has man- wasnt exacta
Was 018nnotgoem* bea ft. aget"sh boxerS as bautmp
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ik a _aDoft Fill Ideft it I mesasulet ampt n ow s
to tthe irst to the run down 6 VWo ~uit anyt hing ar. Law ondis. s i erted he In Butil
s apld I arr tested an gry7 d0 and What want to RAow is, why *M "st like to hn a bitterness w
"- "i ,bleh whener nte the h ant' b w SIou" terorial actin
t- gad TV ,rr- and eliminate the hoodlum .- right. tols no attempt towel
fo.trpeu, the New York commisalon whiteWlth Ketchumn. B If the ment t
S i. a p tol ot .n-NWp Ta i MA r WAY has compiled a "kickout list" re- commf.glon has anything on ree- t tUr-- E ported to include the names of ord st himt should be dis- Impotant
p narts tng ue-taltsn r p baby, s net gping 20 managers and second with closed e proper light would tl- herm.If
do't uCryl ton. -tig- i. e t in shady connection But by cloak- lumAse a lot of boxit's dark acrimtnous a
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iri l famous ,. c emid M nold Me t and_ eems s .lde Bob ro In need rtttl 1 helped~ rimo e A. B. Chad le or stance, the autocratle may.

*V t~t en ir an---- t hmake t c .lub"n Bk e Gia ts' Ace H urls 19 S oreless Inni
rAge R N. <" "i 8 when Bk.d he hd h, t&ch and b e y e oe en ha ever refund.
Pred) ,nt John C. ths the se h n v Infield. --. S l a h e Hits Sr In i o nn if
It all gas up to a -big t ati whenhe tagged thei ay outb matter. c eChicac g h school. .
thlike n the eate er's s o a b flo By bTEf SNIDEI series tnd a total of 20 lenknge reason toney." he .i.
V. 7Wakefield is realiein just what he alo- RUnited Pes. Sports Write without walking a man. two years then. 11f
-II I-o -io t 1?I p by ag i ma h Jlia IB o ". was strictly a nobody make as much as I
.n for ZQUIW. j.Se. u'w Wt/ e NEW YORKi .. ,,o, March w 9-Bfum- In -.until mid-1950. He the Giants In flv. thni
,-. "4t. "B ,A1f n "WITCRPmNs ball's 'Mr. ero" at It again ps noo wane e eve wu her ,I r
it"," Law" at re m"tenntswihe th rlg" s n ddur the wartime man-power pitch.s"- r
P u zz le rn o he rmndo ith h wth# orelenntto pinch. nobody caned w.hen he .ie a to be
tCe e h t t, his credit So f ebti*hlon games, lumped to the Mexican League1 ltgut so Sal
fdf, .nh f trom the d yran ' swarthy 881 ote ew in 15.1eody Bgrd uc wen-a
t7sim ply ttl the r.tght- n3y. r so_ m- York Olints apparent is set to he retuaed in t he spring of 1950..
smitaui l, h So By f le wha a slly h a hae ht d hold. to and hae thSe yefnoer rpe or, al ewen da ber. T is was he ws e arry on at the same od tnd-- on Ju 21 deatl o yeare Leo whs gan s
wef) his -dir "so-t" uy thise tie second ,l lifT. in my, Iield. mP V and may be hadldg for his Du rochet yanked him out of IF wells hs
Learri But there are seYfftl | mov a rn beaiss d greatest season as a major league bul obscurity, made he a 4ieiKrn: -
c.t.a uld he be Uatisfied If it 1. that have .made itlmaeo slblet tht. pnth'p ri srta retern sheer desperation lofter iVy aed GSIaturl 1
ladt W bi ned tw o be opeang day i the ne a ,del0es, t et the bfu Ih IM o t, which in bme t.oe gpnt right-hander of t he the Giants had dropped.. 13 ou.t gh Maml
Ii mlke tipal r' Ceapmn IboNnrii 5 set." the% bin dlf sg.Je was playing da olGiants, a mar of many nick-of 1B,.and said to Sal: "Lake bh70 ab a l
,itrihe ,h -o ,e knew e -f ewasfo-e',e Blo e, to. be e -e ets the .bs, L., manager ran nasaeI, earned "Mr. ,ero" in 1950 charge." t
zing tolInetp him team Iwe iitaW .thi a .gpike tlIn to jet Ia re and t w ben he hurled 46 runless In- Knee that vote of co0ln- "He's got three curve
drun ft the bjeirno9, StankI* hatd en ae-t put *j*o a ltlfefr. Ti o kthe Roy- nings an eeiwithl, fouriput- denee, MaSle has been base- sand the ts Of.s
n,: lle cstcar Let% But l 1 tl wa," iddle ,tether in more .Jhan s mon* U M? _.* UM notIons of te of Crl 1ubbel|e s ll-tme bll most dowl" M re froher said once...-
Etia~reen coth Cn answerd.":atura, v.C to o I trn. mare haao-hhave had he not record. the _i ..h bs etferesl ant r s w, -
t Canal- ote have eve thhig setld,; .. ..h o a .l the,,, alo ean -m se .. I t
ad b7 ...S e K.,s s tric.t _+ .
Sthi inte. i5 I'd play ey es, si, i's till my r .a e I Baer" and wan ao rdat
..tehulatr Infield today aa prob- Ip. 4n. a th I4 ec cr Sa aS "Ma lie the Mail- and finished o50 with v-
pEaby "ia l o eld. -le nwlt 5 cnea U ,- .e .. Atlanta. lgsp" ur tb ute to a gy tries and orhefMex19 s0 e aw
uw r .y.rd I tble a. oeul ied oea, big ts DM tN .do. nod, you can do Whou fo am' r breed 23 and fout a lat year aH tho
l l.t. t" Fl la. -,A--- P.,is,,n. .t h. ." ', -f, ,t n ,e-" ,"- S ". P,,-a d ol ostsi-lat earasth
u TyRttrFlab. u o a ander a pile of m sfe t ne. G ants swept to the p ennant.
r oftue aln nll faeldl Io_ 8t Mag luis has ppa eye on a 25- NearIng 3 Meo ly figures he has
MY K to~tp ~ Bta rr toitners, htvt he yone it IiN 19 g amae ienand mrly s sand three or four more years lefto,
eCatdly le l*h enr481%1d i-firftrt egi l-meh
= r9 d because ahe ceatex- As t ed h at h ve e bep lasle e it Ine pitchpta st there- about that ep s de.
anntl reteor et adnat theado the u t o p tu aled straight "I tet dwn tsha e fr oe yourotme
&ap foribraking camp and 8 hanehas denonstfMt-
Sat liIda phase ofl t o he hisnto od w to ttnptt o himself when thngtl and Iosted ty twhn odnthe'oo cttee V of
t OttNiw4sat. er 4Tcel t4Lafuetn s thseno Cerens-m,
Sn e ard 3I u t to mk the mgra nat frst, the
tohbne seduls." adddle replied A. o O ta -Q w e oIn pit e das oob-o, e
pt diteto .ph Ch. unerhote aIoroeaueabointnIflVi O Mh 1 eiu.hlau h
a kidRk Harns Juot t outisa .d ..nend aas tank s d ea fr ingp on th owe ar club and get yo
rPOIse l IL-. 1952 SI46 aalUo's abity to country' a ver-crowdeda, Uaidsoto figaI aotile yo're
Sa nk, gll lreen nesd gra. Ing tifoursome a head to
a romk, ir h9It was .ib ,ebo the maor. The PS. A teaching comlt --e move on. W in Io.t coie' your es horses will rse *f Whith team pos the The big boy froin Nantioked says one of the chief causes attn to Soot, you're all reedy

w. eew hih of 101 p highest batting. average in Iig Pa., started spring trahsing in 'the five-hour roun those days and set..te
S aOi.t 1 and up ly .t legue fhistoe great style e t e t- t, I i n the type owo pi on untIl the t
I" .I condi-tiIon after a reek mf t i =enu te before seleatGng the Tho a to the greens as
noreaef TH 1.ln- well as 1K CTYfairways. Dope
ett =m thLa p inht0.'ta8t.a .hppy4yogrnew h o ts formare lftd dh your otdsndby*our
Q. What pitcher thad the long- Steve was hitting t ewFbfll anolfas hae bfoel9en2 hf t ate make the shot a.
t 't tbree-ye ld events te winning treak In modern and fielding -with- .o IuMAt least two othet pasib-ltl e soo a ranurn. Don Ilo
let of them all ill 191 Tht hand in od to a slump that saw hi ould be used at first bIs or In u've t and don't stand

riala take for trotters. A. Carl bbell, who won 14 getting only one hit In 1 tns the outfield. Puttg at er around ute en f ing
Aaug b at uosen. 7.6 t i etluight ever two seasons, bl attt and going irto the ploat 18 I mean tho e abenching wol Asn tg f whe gt"e f on
dayrM last 16 in 13 and his first eight sr it times without a saft. as and thatr
e with "" p leo e at the F19ue. y Lu observers were ready to ATenbe cosdert10S S -.
.a adawsnactivr pU ea- quit on steve then, because he fa0tpotential "M oly Cit out thA practice stings
St ied tt Q. What I the bet pinch-hit- frequently has shown tend arned something about batt They w your e m
4 atd hlntt4. tint record Ian .thea history of the to gult on himself hen th ings lastseason and bIosted l s$ yrs h arm than good, the o mla
rcr orbTOe Lit- ws to bean t hliBe manaswer. cnld (good f a shoettop nowAdays) arhas, whe,0give ou ton argke-
e- Giant' seceta weapon. Ue pinch- dotrmine iathe fallow do- smass end. golly Is a m atrs- dt h a tip *w
1, 6 tSW 3 i l ie made Into the n^t the ahr- Bs, imsing ty pei of pltay. o w. tthe one codree.

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If atmer ApetI l7 yst Thavot received your new Directory and yua r telephone number ala and the four play- 1ildte., &wyDo
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-. T..,. ,

"'Let the people know the truth an! the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


. ',



Divisa Farming Center Points

Panama's Path To Abundance

By LOUIS BROMFIELD have already produced remark- "
able results in bringing the sta- AUTHOR FARMER LOUIS
PANAMA, March-Considering lion back to life and usefulness. BROMFIELD visited Panama
the small size of Panama, its re- It has the backing of the ex- this month heading a group of
sources and potential wealth are isling Panamanian government United States farmers who
prodigious, and has planned a program were on a tour of South Amer-
Where the cities now import which Is economical. practical lea. The tour was sponsored by
as much as 90 per cent of their and progressive. Braniff Airways.
food, the country, under a pro- L has avoided the wasteful Bromfield wrote two pieces
per modern agriculture, could nonsense of JNRRA which sent ofPanam. s
'eaily feed Itself and export nonsense of JNRRA which sent od Panama. These are being
mough food to feed two other American tractors wholesale, at widely, distributed through the
nationss Its size with a total in- a time when American farmers Bell Ayndicate.
tome from agriculture of per- could not get them. to rus in This Is hi second pece
amps $as much as 10 millions a countries where the fields were
r .s .too small to permit such me- great plantations have shown
Tndoubtedly in the high moun- chanizaltion. the way to the immense possibil-
tains there are many valuable; The Arkansas group is work- cities.
mineral deposits. ing In terms of the country and Perhaps the finest of these Is
--Living standards,. Incomes and,the people and it does not be- called Estrella, founded with
archasing power could be rals- lieve, as do many light-witted Panamanian private capital and
11 immeasurably. bureaucrats. that mechanization operated by three vigorous and
'!The solution lies In education, is the salvation of the world, able young Americans.
'ew methods, government co- It recognizes that in coun- It produces as much as eight
ieration and perhaps above all tries where living standards tons of refined sugar to the acre
Vapltal--that precious invest- are low and food scarce, me- ta gold mine. operates a huge
ment capital, like water on des- chanization could mean only refinery and a dairy of several
ert sands, which the American, misery and revolution by hundred cows where crossbreed-
d-casshainsuchquanti- throwing large semets of the Ing of temperate zone breeds
tCt Cnhich has t one cenlt,, poorer element out of employ- with the local cows is producing
blue billions. meat. remarkable results.
Here is where the United States The group at Divisa is already One has only to look at such
government's Point Four pro- working on irrigation projects, operations to understand the
comes in, the program de- tests of various seeds and varle- possibilities of wealth that
signed to help such countries to ties of tomatoes, rice. soybeans, could arise through modern
develop themselves with moder-,corn and other staple crops. agriculture, adapted both to
ate aid from the American gov-! It is working with little ex- tropical conditions with exist-
rtiunent. -. penditure of money and a great ing low living standards.
The program has only just be- expenditure of intelligence, de- Throughout the Southern hem-
nun and the results remain to be votilon andi faith I

g --e ... To a great degree this has in- r sure
Having already seen its opera- fected many Panamanians. -L
Stlon in two or three countries. ALthough much of the Pan-
the writer believes it has great amaaian lowlands are dry dur-
potentialities, with any sort of Ing the winter months. the pos-
proper management. sibllties*of irrigation from the
To date it has developed few constantly flowin rivers om- s Expes Am
et the follies and useless extra- ang from the high mountains boh
vYanneb whioh marked the are immense, n producing both
UJiRA program of aid, but food and fiber. PARIS, March 29 (UP).- An
there has been some boondogs Here and there, one or two attempt will be made soon to
Sanpoine.prity In thecaseof lift the mystery enveloping the
hordes of government L r aJ A rotten hull of an 18th Century
bureaucrats galloping through ,xlI L brig buried deep In the sands
these eountries with no appmr- and mud of the Se ine estuary
out purpose other than that of la.- and believed to hold untold
touristouating before return- Am a$ a1 riches, including the famous
Ia to the U.S. s t diamond necklace of Marie An-
eThsee outings cost the taxpayer jd sl u" i toinette.
between two or three thousand VBasing their plans on tradi-
dbllars for every tourist bureau- tlon and written evidence, a
crat. French company rushing to
On the other hand, here and VHNNA. March 29 l -French company itios rushing to
there, projects have been estab- Rudolph Slansky, former chief ompletin an on hh
isehed on a sound basis with of Czechoslovakla's Communist t hopes will lift from the bt-
great possibilities, party now under arrest as a tom r ue KSing Louis im and
One of the best of these Is "traitor." has accused Czech Mra e AnKinete aue said an
the Panama Agricultural Cen- President Klement Oottwald of have nt abroad before heir
tr at Divisa, about 140 miles "negotiating with rightwing heads rolled under the gullo-
inland from PanamA City. Here socialist parties" before Corn- tine l0 years ago.
under Point Four. the center, hunists seized the government A team of experienced Breton
erbhich had become very nearly in February. 1948. according to divers located the hull of the
oriwbund, has received a shot "Interreport News Service," run ship at Qulleboeuf in the Seine
to the arm from a group of by refugees. estuary and marked it with
able and enthusiastic techni- The report quoted "highbuoys Soon they will et a bi
eons from Arkansas State Czech rightwing Socialist re- diving bellwith a pressure
clleultural College. fugees" as the source, and said .chamber for their exploratory
.th them, working in pairs, the accusation had brought descent
me a similar group of well- preparations for SItnsky's trial
-tained and intelligent young to a standstill. sI us D .
igamanians. Although the report offered U Womenin Provie
Together the group has begun no proof for the statement, an S
*ork In rehabilitating the sta- observer here said Oottwald Sc ol rships For
'aon, setting up experimental was considered a "moc'rate"
afrk and bringing young Pana- Communist by most non-Com- Foreign Students
ns both from city and ru- munist Czech poltcans and The American Association of
districts to learn and put Into that he was prime minister in University Women Is provIding
twice all the. knowledge and 1947 when the government un- grants for education and ad-
of the New Agriculture. anxiously approved Czechos- vaneed training in the United
e group has been at work lovakia's participation in the States for 52 women from 14
since December 1, but they Marshall Plan. countries..

- a f

f4 gca u g tfadpui9MCGs(WAYn
^aas abl MIS( iar N~iws~fTY
feor owe *t llM o- vayGWeNe! "Blgnatue" is aquisite.
buvy silvmrwea you'll be proud to own. Old Company Plate
made and guarsaed by tA Wa. Bogrs Mfg. Co., Mteide.,
Cem. With spems, yes upt eapste peas list Ad priam
sewd today for this beautifI valu., sared by...
KelleX' Vmurv, tedpick'a' celss packsgw-lOrNtus
born, 7 asoel favsites! ,

11aft MN.-a, aulig4,
sii a" mow
lam aw asm

ig ge ....................I.. .....o"
okk ..". -......... ......
na_. -- .b...s

it 'V

sphere there are some hunde .
of millions of acres which
not only produce great weaI*
under proper management ti
produce food which lies at thV
root of so much trouble in tt b
modern world-food which catO
create health and contentment,
stop unrest, lead to education
and growth and develop a sound
economy for every level of so-
The undeveloped possibilities
of the Southern continent are

cia Smnugglrs

Aiding Reds With

Stolen US Armi
OKINAWA, March 9 '(UP) -
United States Army officers alid
today that organized smugglers
are attempting to supply the
Chinese communists with Uhli-
ted States weapons and ainmui-
Itlon stolen from United States
bases on this island.
The investigating division of
the Military Police said 70,000
rounds of ammunition crated for
shipment were found in a raid
on an Okinawan household.
United States officers aid the
Okinawans were engaging in
smuggling not because they were
anti American, but because
smuggling is much more lucra-
tive than any normal island

The large cache of carbine and
pistol ammunition crited In Jap-
anese candle boxes, was discov-
ered buried under the kitchen
floor of an Okinaws house, wiLh
more hidden under lumby aid
debris In-the backyard.
One and ie half tons of me-

The athorties said the metal
was probablyy scheduled for
smug.lfng the Chinese main-
land, where the Chinese Reds
pay high prices for such mate-

Isthm wn Nurses
To He4r Lecture
On'Poit 4 Here

The Polit Four Program in
Panama wi be the topic of dis-
cussion at. he next meeting of
the Isthmian Nurses Assoola-
tioh on Weeneday in the Paort
Clayton HoeVital auditorium.
Ouest speakers will be Dr.
James 0. lwVtnsend, chief of
the Institute W- Inter-American
Aflairs and Miss Charlotte
KICrc, nursing education con-
sultant to Panama under the
State Dopatent Point Four

Liberian Public
Relations Officer
To Visit Panama

blN. Helle Rodge, Public Re-
latins Ofloer of the West
Afrian tenpulic of Liberia, Is
choduMe to arrive here shortly
for a rUt with the Panama
LIPtPlan alaaing Assmclation
sof UMo14 ding to intloma.-
tlon n olud here today.
Mrs. Netd arrived in the U.
S. lMt Thui day and will make
sMlssi.Ats there before cornm-
Ing to Pnama.
Nor vt here also wlU be
SponMwd bdy Dvision 244 of the
U. N. 1. A..

Kama Students
PaeMA US Paper

9emai students In the U

to the =amelms hest 6
UnteI Sates and XraM
have .gi their Uw to
"-21 Kmvrean tonwag
i..-p- u monthly
at the V

orYu ng desig"=

.jSim:"-'^ B

(NEA Telephoto)
tUE MADE IT Joseph RichArd, 51, and: his arthritic wife,
,sflind, 40. arrive by plane in Lo AngeMs where they Will
4tles their new home. Richard set out to push his wife to
3AR..Angeles in a wheel chair froMt their hoate In Coinecticut,
gtf ot only 200 miles before an anonymous New York woman
volunteered to pay their plante1are,

* .v.


- A.* "
9' i^ ^ u ^ --=- -- k

(MiA Tolebot
SUES FOR SLANDER hSen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R..W.)
.studies his law books in Washington, D. C.. after announe-
ing that he has filed a $2,000,000 libel and slander suit
against Sen. William Benton LD.-Conn.', author of a Senate
resolution asktrig an Investigation of McCarthy's fitness to
remain in office. McCarthy said he will serve as his own
lawyer in the case.

9 Crashed Fliers Stranded

On Drifting Arctic Ice Floe

POINT BARROW, Alaska, Mar. Iand light, the radio taken from
20 (UP) A daring flight will be the fuselage of the damaged
made tomorrow totave nine men plane and campaign tents spe-
laelated since Thllfrday on ice cially built for the Arctic region.
flees some 400 miles from the They also have enough food to
North Pole. last for three days.
The nine men were left strand.
ed when the laidlag gear of the The greatest danger is that the
Navy plane tn Which they were floes are brealintg up and .will
traveling was dpaaged during a not permit planes to land near
takeoff. them.
No one was lfttbut the plane
suffered severe amges, and was "Te stranded party has oeen
red Naval establishments at Pointt
The group, comprised of two Barrow and Kodiak.
civilians aRd sevew Navy person-
nel. was on a mdIsrio to deter- a |
mine the possibility of establish- Negro Baseball
ing a polar station for meteoro- IP |_ -
logical studies In the Arctic. O yer rVin
The men have about 1,400 gal- o o r Iut u I
Ions of gasoline to use for heat Honored In U

Tokyo PoeRais

swinging rmesi,.rluiag the total
seized In two days to 198.
. Authorit es h aitds on U197
Cole raid agat a idyommund
Saturge hideout 20 aes complete
sUeos estd pit a Mend to mCot

wngng etl, r take three
Athrties a ntraeds o 1,97
ng vU cludin Je

foud do:eB-'
bame RRAN e..I.


Monte Irvin, American egro
star baseball player of the New
York Giants, has -. honored
for activities "ouatfWdag It the
forward march of Amelican de-
mocracy." He was aoe of the in-
dividuaals d tO $ tie 151 Hon-
or Roll of the CIfcago Defender,
a U.S. Negro newspaper. Irvin
played an ImportaMt role in
helping his. team wio the Nation-
al League basebaU pennant. He
also souhtf B seat in the Kew
Jehey State.Tegslature, Ipt was
defeated by another Negro.

Glider Crew
ClebnusTo Hre
Rehd 440 Ft.


..a Nw Yv d Law

Your flight by pressured Speedbird
saves you days of trawling tiEmii-
extra time to do and san more on bud.
ness or pleasure.
You rela in dcep-seatei comfort, La,r
joy compimentary meal and= meWJ'"&
drinks in flight high above the wedi
No extras to pay not even a tip-
for attentive BO.A.C service.

B0 A. C takes odar ofyw

I -- '- '*Weiss flaw '^

1g.,. ;!


1 ."
amen *


r .


'Si. LU~.
* ~A .iW' '4 *trO a,~t 4..' ~
- 44 ~ *~~*.'

~ 2 4


,!. .*0

I ;

" i'



0yySp6ebi a &d to


71P'0'** ~r

F-.LT.;- .

1~ 7

:-' J-
^ t


SI I,. --,


L ,.

? do -' hl f

m. .e *



ji r sl frw t ,e .

iw on n hm r yt M as mn


e i~yaiVItI
sW Mnharn

a te ve thgf i tot,., hd~x
I. E lpy ManrWawue
9f emp

Aef (Otw OWqi N
br, a M
an lr.* llftt Mt,

ILIwas -
hL1geM V.?
V -.'-rr44 .
v o1.Iti4^









bWB =tn I

It Ia


.5 -

s Yeu Of AsLMe wse

0i l 0 W7 ,*' a1a" -- C u
*Mwf &WN, MA O atll w lm mOw
S .. i,., .a se waMlV oiaM .

it u e i sros


,t~nZ-ul,* *fti uij i),.

ZEE.- Pri4w
Th4# MW ail Jmo i- ,Mn
_.' i e w.l

?'auem t AWH

f 19

haw- 44m
aTour pwan t e t
mb flMo mImat id It N".
n ,. dml wn>.> im a

m irWrLt!

. 'r-

Word Alkcemy.

P t.w A ot & IE umat w at
well-taow inn ovit tar have bi-
it w wln lp lw is.
late.i. & .ias twi,
*ma, ll ft"R.
t ll.WMo f-olm.
IL 5 a n som awt

R r wolw.,, ,, -I-S, i

is si. ie oa

.thw. ,whees

7 ,

I *l~B

aw wkt" Mn ua s

Snea" s.nw ed faI.lw
miaag let ers Flo -xamuip, t
,io ee r the anwr Bveflt,, Gm,
Io 8t. .m ""tap i A rl661

* .S Y ..." --.

At o +'I 1T m "m-'

. S Y Wba< "
*IV. .. m. Tqijh '
a 6' .
a..,,l^W T^~v~ -.**r*^w^^p ^

4 -% : .,

9' i' ."." -
.,: '^






>* -.4

> ~ -i

flh ,
_' 'no -
'+i .l" "-- .-"

- It K. *'-., -
.*J,~ 'a

S '- ,pe-

lh .fst -

1. t

t' t


lb... 9,

=-,at so yebw.
,, .. .. "." .' .'-*
r-. l bh HH m.
tip" ms

ndi w mt

wit potfd weapon


U~# -.


-. .TY.* .J&4. & 4.'

SP.- -,...
a-. -jf. ..-.*. pe
..VB'.t. -v:*.

., -..,-*-*-,;.t
;'- .,; "."

. .
C.' '
*.- ...(- -f" y

L .1

* '4a~

**--r.-- ******- ;

.:.--f, .

* t




^ MINAPPY LANDING is ahead for this cowboy as he and his bucking bronco part company
='Z1ring a few seconds of fast action at the Fiesta de Los Vaqueros rodeo in Tucson, Ari.

-, '.S

NEAIN THE SAIMW of a .e he r ,. AHb M t!"k .0
Berwyn. Ill., adds her own 'type q( em6r to g igrird
Tower Isle hotel -on shore oT Jamnaies, lrt4sh West Idies..

i.~me; C

. fK6oPNt rehearsal of Iis de Paia (left)' and Myria Leuinger on New Yorks Wal-
-arf Towers is for Carfoat'.CaWita l-whith askslholney for cacel cputer in SotAhi Aumcw

l aBrMT


IN o4 Whte house moves ahead as world
ate sjway. Hall entrance off the main

r go about aeonsruCting.
m Pennsyaftia avenue.

auet goat0 rie




. -^l


AL. -..-". "
- r -'' --'C.

j;. .~.:.-



.4 f.
I. ,

mR~e~ timla S LU4

Cibs.; us u wonl

ou were unumslty hot Thursday console "or
rAtl that n tllyour grandthl dre it w
os a e M rhing Sty with W wthUewt h a
running up to a.8, highest for Marh l47nt for .
The Air Force was alrted thism weekIn ate
mu wren m nr eoere se, Iy on e
,ot a ro'Fih tsaOfV wth e te
61nedthe mqe % t C uadroto e
athesquadron 's ablt tasid dpa to
A real rescue Was carried opt then a
was brought to a tospitalftro.s
by a Grumman Alba tross
And another mercy mission wonas. A
air waves as a haOA radio oe t
land was able to treat his in lel t ad h
vice offered him by a Gainboa octdr ovet an alma
teur station in Oqmbos.
A cool breeze was felt this k emanating from the
National 8tadium- as e45 kate p titMH tee
q*iowhaving brought their own Ice a igmac .
Th9a machine freefes the portable a rink i
12 hours, after which the rink As proteeted t t
sun with plywood and canvas.
The "Holiday Ion Ice Show" plans to give 20 per-
formances over two weeks. e
On the PanamA side of 4th of AW1 Avenue, thoewmas*
ands of dollars which had been fi'ont for over a yeat
went into circulation on Friday when the Panal A
Trust Co. resumed operations.
The bank reopened wlth A57,123 In eash, to pay I
all of its depositors,
During the first day of business this was depleted I
by $60,621.38 draw by depositors.
Bank officialste said the ran of Withdrawals which b
th exiedd failed to develop. (
"'Ie deletion was lessened srnoewhat by deposits
tol ing $22,318.93.1
Bad 'weather swept some pets of the Intelret
during the past week causlg thorsas of dftllso s
worth of damage to creps a d hemes. Ne less of
biue was recorded.
First town to be bit Was La Mess, Vragts,
which exuerleneed a hllstorm, bhtleane-4ke
winds and an earthquake.
At lffast 20houses and the village chureh we i
unroofed during the hour and a balf the break
weather lasted
The next day another storm struck the province of
wVr",vas. This time the blow fell on Caftanas.
Rnoft ps again flew before the fZrce of winds of
lhlreane intensity, but the damage was not as great
at it bad been in La Mesa.
RH orts reaching PanamA City fram Puerto.Armuel.
le l said the hafistorms which hit La Mesa Tuesday al8
caused considerable damage to ahtieult Land Co. ba-
nana lentatlons In Puerto Arme A estimated
Ton o0 terns were said to be damaged. -
U.S. Point Peour officials here teaSi up .a little
matter this week whenI t recelwed l reply from the
Penam government which absolved PanamAnsas
who met Point Pour jobs from having to renest per-
a -io.n from the Forein o hal O
I government resolution said Panat has a "mu-
tua I interest with the U.S. r t in the deve-at
lopment" of the Point esar
The Suprema e Coama Ct aod Pto Amull amn
I%*srd4letem wblch hae tAm rol ProMeed nuole

MeUsMU M a
Se m e sai t tos e
i-s a s weor w hens I r evdt r nepl om e
h Re asPoi& was A 'win.
A lsAn f ram t al efwsdh death d David A3.I
.Ue. Castillo. 41 sar last week U- ai, an-I ,""
when be rargedw tioh saando aluu, at. -. *o

l teires a t me lS ahe e
Ah S W thet

*4tI r4.I h-: .- f "i-At

.. N i
,erlaf.t,, ,,



at le

.- i,.f ".,; -


, n
R t" 9

t b Mm --,r *



,J ,w
: .:,


.. '*'

I, :

, -' ::

if 1 ".. ." .

; j^^-WT

U, t-


-$ '!




TRf BMLINq It matters not If the worat has
comeq.and your dreams hve
When the weather suits you not, noSt c ae rite h-
Try smiling: But what a~re doig -ew?
When your coffee isnt hot, th ibabe
Try smiling.
When your neighbors don't do
right, What monument shall you erect
Or your relatives all flgltt. To e l Oblfvion's lethal scheme -
Sure tis hard, but then you Wta death his customs shall
might- co eeet,
Try smiling. tAid terminate this flee tin g
I dream?
Doesn't change the things, of Build not of stone, for tone i
course- cold,
Just smiling; \ Anl heartless. thru Time's
But it cannot make them worse. detthess reign;
Jukt smiling. No tenderness doth mortar hold
Where memories S1ah to li
And it seems to help your case, I again.
Brightens up a gloomy place; Build not of tyranny nor greed,
Then. it sort o' rests your face--- Nor blood-drenched garments of
'Just smiling.i the slain;
-Amer. Buld not of mothers' tears that
WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? The safety 6f their n In vam in.
It m-ttlers not If you lost tbheBuild not of precious stones and
t;u and were badly beaten. gold.
For such as these beget bt
It r 'rs not if you failed out-: strife;
Sin the things you tried No lasting grandeurs these can
; I hold
It I 'rs not If you toppled j Will worthily reflect your life.
I r,'i from the azure heights But build of honesty and grit,
o blue-- ,With eonadloueasne of virtue'*
But what are you doing now? might,
With force of wisdom, grace of
It matters not if your plans were, wit.
foiled and your hopes have Determlnatlon for the right.
fallen through; And build of courage, worthy DRLgW
It matters not if your chance, deeds,
was -nolled for the gain -lmost With selfless service to your
i view; kind;
It r *ir net If you missed the .Yes, buld of thoughts for ethers'
.oal, though you struggled needs. I W
tiave and true- Adorned with cheerfulness of moit i
But what are you doing now? mind. aides
Thus thr the aes shall rnrve I tPo
It matters not If your fortune's This mmanme* t you've bulded
gone and your faie has then, ."
withered, too; Your lnadit self kept ltill aliTve
It matters not If a cruel world's Within the vifg souls of men. erni
--""n be directed straight at I F
S.; --eUryC CC. bmC a elm h

CtSl i^fl- irf

DI ON TwI1 S b ADt Mr em.
'ft ONt vWA. IN AVYANC -

p ;

Ai. .

u fit lft I

Herewithl and mliomn t9 Smlsy Croanword Pu*
dc, No. 41, publmid today.

&ite' "wt."*i

it to COnMeny, se- an t
W him long Sob wa
._-P o be l. e. aF53
arn make u *a wq_ y0aft-l:-

!W' t: -

2-- W flOWUSIf l




.C. FU YLL OtE NltlSr

*"-r .i' -

r.. *.!B

I- ...- -.
"-"-4 '-.1



I ~__ _

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* *I 'r .

-' 'I

&*A-*' .
.T LL ---K
Ok..7 aii



wvsmwaivsm I




Awl; p .

;.. -. <

'''I '

- .-- .


, .t

tert unBdpnrtem by
Ralph M .ldamer

".. When The Pahama American
3'enwtly printed an eaolulsve
i 'h te mothballed
e88 = being towed
tSrough the Panams Canal by
t .ive ts, considerations of se-
eurity kept much- Information
from being included in the cap-

'- Now.-the world can know that
the Boston, together with the
raiser Canberra, which followed
it through the Big Ditch a few
days later, is slated to be conr-
verted Into a guided missile ship.
These two cruisers will be the
first drled missile ships in the
U.S. IAvy.
Until-recently these two heavy
.scruers were part of the Reserve
Fleet at Bremerton. Washington.
They will be converted at private
shipyards on the East Coast. It
was while they were En rotate for
the conversion that they transit-
ed the Panama Canal. "dead" in
the water, with no propulsion
and mothballed en toto.
One authority said ft took 25
days to tow these cruisers from
Washington to Balba. One
Navy tug had each eruiser In
tow, and there was a third
command tag In charge of the
:; Going through the Canal. four
Panama Canal Company tags
assisted each Navy tug. Strange
to relate, the cruisers actually
were. locked through alone. At'
S Mirfiores Locks, the cruiser was
nudged into the chamber by the
.five tugs. Then the electric tow-
ing mules maneuvered her
through the Locks.
,1. At the tar end the Boston was
i picked up oy the live tugs who
had tranrlsited on the ether side
in the parallel set of chambersal
Weighing 1,00 tons, and
measuring some 660 feet, the
Boston was an awkward tow to
twist around the channel from
Pedro Miguel to Gamfboa. She
was a "celear-Cot" ship, which
meant that nothing else was al-
lowed to pass her in the Cut
where the channel was narrow.
Some a the sharp bends in this
section caused the five tugs to do
some expert work in keeping the
future guided missller-on target.
While conversion will probably
Tesult-in the loss of some of the
present armament of ntme $-Inch
guns, the gilded missiles a TWM
'rovie a new and potent punch.

eM I t a s e s oint ue ts
'manpas for Suwt7y by
I- 1 f.) D f ns

- .
1.,'r- *


cn*w* hctst op;~mihd e b
Tk u m$ s.
AgOMW^4. Asy

. .. '- .

; -

we 'a ~
2- ~-VC'?
~ *~4'
4 *:
~ ~ ~ *& *~



.t o om m p l .I. -..
^rl-. p 1 -p-r l '^_'- ~

A- -

II$1s",' a .

. f:-. ,,

'* A



lac..; 1

- -, .* ..
-. .. .-

-N' dftr

!: .... ". ,7..
.... .-.t
S. ,.

,. .. -. ..: ,.

W,' -
3. ., ,








9f M 7 b i, L

I- 4 ~I* E


icy~_. ~


1' .^

St:. .

( "- .. ..'
*.. -: -

_;-.'! .. *

1,.,* :;


" i:

:. .

I- ;,.. .
.'-.-.. ,
a ",' -,


>'.' '* .*

\ '*-:

,1 '3 -

* **- '. -

- ~ L -

~L~aca~=l-...,r; I
..-. c
'- ': '

CI W- *
-CC-: *I :'
.~i_.. i~- r


.* *

L : -.: -



4 -


* t


~~' '


Bb~ 1"'~rl'




~jpJt~'fr i'L~


S -. -. '* "
= '. -. ,- :. -. o, o 4.' '.- .. .-

r.-, *n
*J .+ .*-rr

^ ^ 7I-: -.." ." .. .
N .-.. ,',. ..- : N..;

WAR ---.--. -. .. .

i .-* .

, <
-, ,... -

= -* ''-'?

'* : L

: i.

.' '< .-


-1 :..

1. .

i | "
. .'

,, ', ,, ,
a ". ,-' ..-* *;


," "*'

?. 4~
, ; ,' ,. '
r, *:*. .. ._

Ik *

. ,,'> ,. .. .

'. '
S., .

'- '." *
_' .

,,,. :

[.- ',, ,' .
' i = .

= ''
S, ? ..*

t. '* '

i. '* "*-'

- "*a s:*:;

;J:*' ."
^< Is;L




-;-'t-' U *~~CP -~YalrP~ii*r~~lZrLE -
- -..-- 9r. -'- 9

8..:; 00

r r' t. '.
*. a' '.
: '. '* ':. ^ > ..< ^ ;



' .



z -
~t '


z -



- r i. .

:. "a
v S*)

*i'n *

> i .. ..* i* '
i;;"i! 5"

,, ,

. ',' .
.I" ;

.i '


)C ` 1%

*0 r.* *r

., ri


I "'-* 1





.'- c~,


11 B
\. -m

'.' '*',

*,' ,. o '
1;. *Vs
." /


* .- .. .

~ ~a~s~*11

rlC~Hrc~--s~l~~~ -----~ ~------~- *' -

rwm -- ---- -

: r


.' ihrp~tt~'

~z :

E r,

. I

1 m in-ilim

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