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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SAl. IN Am, OVA o 1. 2400

W alter Winchell

In New York
f% %,d I' I'i

gab on the shooting of oelety-lawyer S. Rosenblatt:
aM y no one frm the district attorney's office or police
Jm 'hfm lt the hospital since the would-be assassin shot him
k eL". That he did receIve a threat (in May 1951) a month
k client, the Morgft heiress (Mrs. Satterlee, died. Hap-
Iat his office. A socially registered kin dashed into Rosen-
'ssanetum and, waving a finger in his face, shouted: "If
!1n't quit this case, you will regret it! You will be destroyed!"
All that talk about $250,000 as the asking price for Willie
atlsun's life story is exaggerated. The price is considerably less
several mags and syndicates have already rejected it...
l~fit is a bubu on page 231 of "Mr. President." Mr. Truman's
PInte mispelled the name of George M. Cohan... The Na-
It Airlines crash at Elizabeth will have a nasty aftermath.
of the survivors will claim that doctors hired by the air-
) llimized their injuries... Beatrice Lillie Is another virus

N lew that Linda Darnell has her divorce the local lady-
will give headman Bob Leavitt Insomnia... Veronica Lake
she has more fun reading about the various people "she will
when she acquknes hers... John Roosevelt is another who
NOWfm with the "planted" Items. ]e Is happily wed and preo-
I to flatten the phony responsible. Knows his name... Jay
and songstress Claire Hopan eloped to Las Vegps...
M eale suspects many of the peculiar "incidents" during
4uar were not "accidents"... War Correspondent Peter Ka-
has quit UP for Collier's.
-" 0-
'Phil Loeb got only half the reported settlement when -The
B "' haa to drop him from the cast... Maestro Buddy
ose Mrs. left again tis trying to forget her with Rose-
for the Runyon Cancer Fund in the Mar. 3rd Cong. Rec-
.Oary Morton, the comic, and Susan Bernard of the Latin
have it!... Jeanne Tyler quit "Two on the Aisle" for Flo-
where Virgil Moore is.
- Mty Mutton will do her trapese act (from the DeMille film)
Palace. Tie theater paying for the Itsurance... In the
Abbott & Costello film (about Capt. Kidd) Abbott gets all
leet. That's their new arrangement. Each gets the profits
lit.ost plotures... Probably the highest paid rtdle nd
s aIn town i. Bob Daymes. Does 11 hours weekly. His
to Inaese this year will be $15000... The revived
AlaKg" rehearsals will start after Pearl Bailey gets her
divorme... Two actors, Robert Toms eand William
have forsaken the uncertainties of B'way for the per-
enley of Wall St.
A. B. Herman, the executive director of the Republican Nat'l asked: "How does the election look?"... Be re-
Td ht has the city machine vote and he can deUve. it at
H convention"... "But what about Elsenhower?"... I re-
Sto do business with the machines and no man can.~in the
ency without, machine support. Willkie tried, bo. 'at
't happen again!"
S ak about sit Job. Dorella Morrow '.d
has played the role about one-thbjCJ.a JaJ4
ay bant been able to take a wpe..
ofn f fr the hotels at Miami Leeh...
will gio LI U St. Cyr her first lead... 'the
%bews continues .lght. The only three cleaning out their
mIadk are "King." Guys and "Joey." All musicals...
of No Return," "Mrs. MeThing," "Jane," "The Shrike"
cameraa" have only a fIr eall.
PNite tielsen surveyors of radio and teevy programs published
note the other edition, to wit: "None of the numerous
made recently to favorite' shows and pertormera took
bile Into account." NieeMn tlun halted the "People's
"(higst ratings which _Inude Jack Benny, Amos 'n'
Ed TAeater, Suspense, Smcouts and this Sunday-
M.a. Hrlene Dietril 'broi .every record at Chicago's
4hen she made a personal appearance with "Rancho
aik,'_" The queue starfd every 7:30 a.m. Terrific Left
ing| war goh.*0on over at Equity, again...
4200ltt;kle" the ItalUan m ei, has been clicking big in the
S otJse-ies' for almost 2 yeas. The other day they decided to
ovcr the U. S. Dstributons cabled to Italy for the
When they arrived the Custom Inspector rejected them as
.-. sag here!... Cary Grant has 3 grand in the new
S. ;;-bt to igypt"... Patt Page continues in the high
SlIe'est platter, "Come What May," is In the Top Ten
I y. ear 9th smash slase "T.nesssee Walkt... One of the
...Ai bank sRot owners i dodging process servers. Many of
Itranod wife, starlet' Terry Moore, have Ironed out the
agr segment, with none of her suitors being thrashed as

bat remarkable suicide shot of the chap who jumped frton
qmInKgton Bridge tLffe made It the Picture of the Week)
oilsk'd by the Mirror's Bob Wendlinger. It landed In evwey
SMf: and paper In the land. Bob. a part-time lenser, Is
t i-U e asignments.. The rumor (published In various
1b) that the man who dropped the A-Bomb and BNinhima
mdn -d' a monastery s baseless. He is Maj. Tom Parrgday,
S41tombardier... The MM movie about that flight, in-
Iull, will offer little footage on the bombing. It wll con-
Fte on the eoatpftions that developed in the life of that
Wil ot.ol. al Tibbets.
antil you've witnessed Johnny Ray the" baby.
d ewious (3 shows a night seen at the Copa) when he
isort and hair eout Inaa frensy. Plus. real tears. Out t
Sent wild with him, they report... Ann MR5r0.n,
ha "Stedl Town," gives a legon to the sweatermgis on
gor ... RBeeently the Tevy. Actors' Unionesaid Ou at
Sws. shUld noet pay seenmmisalossim to agents. As a
m twill bother weaIblg wok for them t n ept In are
'W-they have to trude- the weary Broadway oVegs
v... ley Xain tho mt beautfaml Iii inNcW.
is ego, in now the most ditto hatilak at 'oiV...
CASOn uO W 4t? DpOrtig r HW. bS TaubU aW W
4BW a 1tim: "*ba I taied to toto to bertad s dl id
-t or b dMb t? They looked at tr
Ofne of Mo t sn a'a mn be already '- med
mEW~a Cu~) with 7-G... A group of A ubIlbm
U-Nuniesfawe my wurrie aouttheir bie* w I
a-sAI RTM Wasug0Sw.

Labor News



By Victor Rield
"Not even a Communist would'
use his mother to cover up his
operations," a naive viewer ot
Paramount's exciting new mo-
vie, "My Son John,' said the!
other night at the preview as!
we discussed the unmatchable
acting "of Helen Hayes and Ro-
bert Walker.
They're on the screen to-,
gether in a dramatic scene in
which the Communist agent ap-
plies psychiatric pressure on
is mother to drive her insane'
so her evidence won t convict

HInow wrong the viewer is. I
know at least one sueeh Stal-
Inist operative who 0 he- Jhe
siate t 6 bb =00 As a
cover up-and to a old
lady on a wse'y Sjniteton
way around the wor to s N -
the Union of SOviet Soclallst
RepubHles. Ahm~edq he6's a do
toach operatfie wM holds I
noting sacred and wh0cagea e
out of tt Y fou k in- ,Tmmtist.
League when it a etbhe
greatest pilee of mature
was something called 'My
Father Was A Liar."
Sure he's Lough--comes ri ht
out of the ring which a ate ed l
secret blueprints of t he forti-
fications and construeto oo
the Panama Canal.
I It's allin the proper military a
records. No guess work here.
His narmedepending on the
moment, Is Irving Charles Vel-
son, or Irving Shavelon, or
Charles Wilson, amo others.
His current address 11 98 Bed-
ford Ave., Brooklyn. His phone
number is Ingersoll -141M. I
His Job now Is running some-
thing called the C Mnttee to "ot .... .. ..... *____ .
Survey Trade Union Conditions

machine today inald the USA. C h c k
In less Aesopian language,
Tovarlsob Velson now is weavr- Sy 8r0 tllH
ing in and out of odr key Ira- lt O 0 VAIN
dustrial centers as a profeselo-
nal pled piper for the K'rem-
lin. He's iudng American war NEW YORK. Mr. Robert Taft, of the Do- The Dan'l e B e. tmara was a real cute idea, nce tu .one ow and its tru- i.-uliten Taft, has lfst besen-Dbodrved whet wS riding et aht *tciine
culent transmitters which then under a 7-gallon Texas sombrero as he in- doat to u eese it O5 M W g t
broadcast the "fact" that Ame- vadea the state of Texas. that .aI i poon" label on him.s ut,- Mr. Ke-
rican working people can travel I trust it will not be considered unduly testy (auvert Movini lAteo tie stand amaso
freely throughout Russia to see Ih I venture the faint hope that there will be no de. ft inu s on his oble w l-to callft
for themselves how peaceful lt a minimum of emphasis on local headgear this to
alJl is this side of Korea, ofseason, as the boys range the nation in search bm a fvortie to sm th
Nobody knows 11 -laid desire to ap- t te ttral t l lt wft .
Since this Velseon JVilso pear in outlan sh L .v
Shavelson is right -now woong sepet heart of t-,, wi av t ei
war workers out of their jo Wender wIther r 1 .-
for these junkets on one of their childh
whnic he sent his mother to AunhtoHanna disc
camouflage It as a sentimental Show,'Voltician a
journey of Inocents abroad, he muu.t ft for the lg oi 'pg hw -b". bed,. .
eager to see their old ho e- Mr. Instafte, a e a"- beolook
steadas this is the time to man, .just not .wi gIta
trace his history for all to for Tamt p-fluery. Cla_.oft
know. It tae a special -W6 I
SThis man, who refused to ever the usM o"ere
deny at a Senate hearing thatWldier old 20 4Gary0 0 trs ,
he was chief assnltant to Jay Taft's I *t aod of puddhr-dy, 2le hired mla are
Peters, once one of the Soviet would o in -69 Winston cowboyss w ha
spy masters In thle country, sqtar IibbwlerL." ,, -
began his pro-Stelinist activity I alt oar wh K remember the p ain. .4f type castiaV at6 4t--
in the Young Com ist circles expr Mr. Cea nCoolidger hs hersfly oa m
lbeh us. lnt inndian. ar be*an. W een recently a twa vat o h-Do

In those circles he was
known as Charles Wilson.
There, and then, he befriend-
ed a chap by name of Ro-
bert Osman, who later went
ltoe the Army, soon to reach
his proper level as a corporal
In the divisions guarding the
Panama Canal. One d4y In
13NS, Osman received a let-
ter from his Comrade Wil
- saying, among other de-
tafla that a man would telem
phone Osman shortly. A uma
telephoned shortly. Hs name,
was Robert Gordon Swits.
Soon thereafter Osman was
court. martialed and convict.
ed of passing military blued
prints of various Panam
Canal fortifications and other
defense plans.

That conviction was later re-
versed for reasons which can-
not here be revealed but the
fact remained that the defense
plans did fall into the hands
of Robert Gordon Swits ope.-
ative in an International Com-
munlsat, py ring later exposed
In Paris.
The late Mr. Switz had higher
contacts than the corporal -,
but the corporal stupidly per-
nitted himself to be used.
He was cleared of evil In-
tent through the persuasive
Inlus of Louis Walman, who
oathem Communists, but didn't
want to see another Dreyfus
case develop out of a soldler'a
When confronted with Part cG
thia story some IS ,ea. later
room. Velson WUson S
son refused to den t W
was Jay Peter's rieht band mm
in placing men In ti i.aMd
ts tVaele H a

wiseB is r xs.> u

Wu 6tto w eM
w".AN in. _-a

nt. *-a- .-t land the
NobodV ot Indiana look chic in eagle W rfo i rM, full grows,
knots. adl 1 have seen some Indians wh wouI w et.
have ~a wed more at home in a liftopp TM Mr. Kefauver h.i"
thn a 'olter's tail feathers., Inew the test runs
Somehow the dignity of man vanthw w 4etl aspirant larIel M M
bte slap. % low-comedy lid on his skltaL ,en 4r 8 OthI in the M. 4
thboeth .eRi'd suddenly 4trippad h1m .~-ta Il hime hrlg. At te AJ
ut goo. 40" and s lam a
W s have ever been markh g A M promising I
b W own. and this ain't the yt d been dressed a a natt
dMo 4 v ote-huntlng. Mr. Taft weuli d, Al seasona. and eB Ia. eam
eldm bhe would t look y it grows
%* aA -waster sqtuashlab hie ara. S may ae 1,t pesi it this
as W ee ex-Presldent Hoover fa without turning t t
eto .... and 1'amferely h, .
wmtinds me that one'alpes W I We got a long I
W flM-flushed from his triumphs in lIw .ig ahead of V i.l-
e ,p will gradualy allow hi M eop Wt breros and Ini IV
beme to le fallow for the meths to gins leases us from a
tpa four years.

SidesteRng Taxes

W*DINOTON, (NEA).-A country
'ai a Uteb two-by-four coteic
himt of T'as s one of the I
fut- i secelerated tax amortina
Uter I national defend aronum. ,
w..* system, .
nommunity wdelU b "inSghcr
h h.e, he Aldbllt s
sag water apply with rutmee i
I. m neighborhood. TbWefore, i5W5a.,
, axU write-off. .
I a ~otoole1o to hi ai catimui S .
t"Gmes. he doctor tqaped I.t.
bw ban f_ w- hd ,the B j
be used "tor'

35 l3 10-ed to
wu nothins m m ,tb= ,
w^Mifl M to- Wd lBk
Nfs~siii wwa rou^93-i~ffi '*~fll~u~i wSAX~ss~sis9

head of the diRiAa, I. tr to .wak
maty f of tasm f tL u t.

I t"V^jMM





R11 5 ses on -r n i ,.
; IfWKBHa WIS 1-ltb

mn wuw

1UB* am ou

wiftch is the
out that the
even though

-. ..


one of the
nations l or
ht amt &



F--,r ar
sk 1

a ;


7 cm !0o-
- G



.* .

*' A. %


lAw atMaaue a

D.The montOahly Z eS tigg atitnothentrish
soon d qtheaCoeo Sld Ofl Whya
SMrs. L .emrs .
-U- W hanel t~ jt 4etctnn of ocoffee.melr
U~~~~%i Altar~d.Nt~dk
(at~t ~j. es oup uebsted at iftithmoRol$
4 3M.r 0. .

am, siree t l l oh eI- Ia tins of Bin .
.......ret:"."rh nw *=1. .rea ftys P'm I tw e o by plane d Ceo't ive.

rora ; utf, ISM-.a St wh.P ik- be held W'iA

hai g other now iSZtd of #Su elmerman
n Abdeigh t o m Ivis D o r I aleectin ohe of tut

,.h o .,drosMrais of the io ld R ..ei Wlth M.the ti
.The -0.. ..tTheuftsi u l

en to.Mr -'Of tlcee e .tos i. fine, her. Fp t ,lu ma the resident. Mrs. .dy who r t) U
It U uehoff

oft o you're ,O tn wfb her ra lded rat thbq n ltThy rI. Ki=kas enter- tob.l hib plhaied Ola
A ClogIt.P thn be: Mrs. lvp Ithcook of tan th a party at noede timing
rw =cheemapeiuton. Massx whoseis Yt- her residence toe- Mfter thtuntill d
to Md nfl'o rea~t asseot willa CCad ODstow a mlerttyanvsrytiee.

ae seesst, I aour wife w. g her son and e-tW~-lw, lebrawte y -niverr ten eAn.
re UtInt. ..... md n.i" J marriak i. and Mrs. _R. N tch- The were: Mrs. Modes- All ladies are requ
D o I t .t.eM, haveIn theHenry A of beyI

.n, $" Mitmsi. taumibSV.0 p eek: Mr. 3.o G teharbr, bringthruielawath
,Lo hor.k tl eS l ap F or daH. Pl-n
i ,om h irms.d.erao lr oeheg t4 :- w! Rs

ma i n ,tno, .ill .--',the a-re ,t,. M r. I.GM S.*.Jr ,o0ii..
....',e..t lS RuIbe. eryo fnatdont ea,

Fo nTraten Mssge h i l. hte, ol leavn soon for
"wn dn a C j w in sa a ye ri Cw ae ore .aoth hos I e
mh.:or 1do de S &w owtmee t fot rs ftofreLtdand Mist!. theeWin

Py, in wo ibs m l her Mrs."e a. % ttOrn Mrs. Swoloeu
e..LtmC K ,- t S SERVICESr.WAI ttheq!eoiL lso306s
-- A E CleatU1 11Mr. t ,.

Lw Will ben araiY THaEsBS-hPA Tt"""oMea-alt fC
bees ottes. phapsT t I.. 'el ys foii president of

elrlyo .1|t?5~8 an t W trad!mrmrs t ilw -lnllot t ..s,_ale.apE remetheetate
rl ft"'aha Tue Iiiietgm and a-piny cfeefl. Ne ldls n hes ationbwh o Iyanv rsaryton ~ T

a.or fndji0jWae introduced att
bV r.l 1ene lMrs. a 3. a rtterson. Mr.
Lube wC!e Mr n he'.iWere:. T E B A, .. C r, Mo. T.ds. .p

VI Or~obu inlqii u I t, Leol ts.e i~ e11iii n &ii] no I lie m in of Fraes. Pli. lwtrltI t. dy full
aemtolrho As mlii a-' d ce Ao0e S At 54J5_75Ok;trs0 W.
idrn irc pFlrd.wo Wf Mrs Ih e b *

for r, rs. R ** ***,*ad
......' h".ve3w e nb Cry e A l.sda
/~.e titles. to live'ver

*ta pe 1- really worlde.1 ,stV Vg, Pastl d at..
hav. s Va __..e A g.wltui .
Krem-.SI troop nlewan a=ust-e~u bit nasoHsuee
Seth repthsntsase#dsp1s0flmliu was
meiWll e avil P no atJu ThompIF$aodton JMes PaulA
R.InStis atl &bcnd thsow with amale solans. l A staed
t-Vnvre hp o f~ t WW IflaresItoue t t etn
rib. IF_ tea Patterson, RrK

1$' WEEK
, f : _

Csara= -de ar

f.acn Mrl

I... VallarinftoWtRdip
art lAm c c ra um

L r-

gNsed.H yD. ch 83 N1orth

Mr. 6d f r*sh_ .c

. and

.rme c. NoW, C. .
a Mr. oe0 ,". Xubn,
rO. W. W. Strvda& L. R.
Pratt. Mrs. Cl014.M 1eW .
,re. L. 3. JeriiU. .. -F.'
ctndw.Mrs. D. p aeI.
Mit. Cj4. O. al s.Ms. i i.a
aceyv. Mr. LH,- tChandler,
Mr.R. F. r TiBr:.w R. R. i
.lith. MErs. PS Moore,
Mrs. Paul 3. FItc. Mrs. W .E
9mpson,5 Mrs. W. .: Sands,
Mrs. H. X. Wlthw, Mrs. W. D.
Rontve, )Mrt &. Dueote and
Mri. F. IS tSBAtip.
rfatn Cos.
a". go VIVO"
q'uos .dlqlinClub
llde t iI l ance
enStfftt0S9 R bimroom
eft .6 n.
Thlti, _tildance_

. ... .


T .- O



- .IU R ,"
*I '-
* -- /L %'*t^

Picnic On SuL4y
Waf and Junier h
the. Batlo YT.M.C.A. re phi
Southig o 8an y, t car
'lara beach.
The trio Ia psland to zos
modate 1i o li 'II f


tv, ott mt wt.w
* mnw ler


- ***-. .

heated at Genredo Orisi 9i. CmC-
SAlbgre, near a. El Spiel.
i buy yew. Imky Slebt for
o. pen Dvr nbd Mt "

t the 2nd- prime llet t C uo
t he 3rd prime .'e 4 o'e0 .

'. r'. .,'' ..-. 1.- '
Mauch ..

A4 47.,u4

-n L. iu66i6t.C Dr lr. Mrs
wllard. Mk. led I t. thel
TLa Crob, Mr. sa-t ls. Clyd
oelsar. Mr. antd en. Keith
tane. Mr. and MA&. A. L. Io-
san and Mis Ivi D Castillo
and Mr. l. waf ga unt* t the
Hotel W fS.i...-. I
Tea t e plR f elo@-,I
baltMb4t MwSIZtre ba p Mr.'
l-B^^^-W--- ^*^^^

nected wiMth the i oy
scouts, mamma I-t gamassO
In COtun "pd it AtfM. 4-i
ated in T M NW e re-
quested to met atl AelSW. te-
ifht at 7:3l

Lt. and lM. GorW Nene-
dy arranued &t fL thtle t
bflonr thr d twl. M On
ar fourth birthday w -
The Whims whgo attgrtd
we. etf and Btru e .w
miwm. Chae an"a" Junmw





Cable just Received: '


-isa -'
a- I

A, -,

0 -"

World Mb s OOMEGA sm, Iiaft-
oend adNS.m pr dastce_ pnr i
new observatory record at GCe-n
Fifth record id ea"= years Af
Jion toomftt U*mu leadma Swho

Chs. P

A. !~4- )

I' U

--7 W
.,-, ; .^

I .L


M I f%".Wb- -


t ,

3t1 9AM

pia t Fre t-Ships and Planes-Arrivals andW

i~* '~&~~*
~ -~.

& AirLine News

States Lines Distinguished Serv-
Ice Medal; New York State Con-
spicuous Service Cross and New
York City medal for heroism.
The commodore, who was a li-
censed pilot and flew his own
plane when he was ashore, made
the headlines in a different field
when he was requested by Ame-
S lia Earhart and agreed to take
charge of navigation and radio
operation on her first attempt to
circle the globe at the equator.
On leave from his bridge. he
made the first leg of the flight
but an accident in the take off
a.t Honolulu made it necessary
for the plane to be returned to
the United States for lengthy re-
oairs and Cantain Manning had
to return to his ship before the
second attempt. on which the
plane was lost

S 1oARRY MANNING Commodore Man n I n g won
America's first argument with a
I yeaus Commalnder German submarine, before we
N1aComUS Liner entered World War 11. An enemy
on 'M Finr red craft halted the Washington with
Jh M. Frankn. rids PbeangerdboardningJuly
of the United State. Line s.hi a 000 passengers aboard in tuly 1
- bounced the appointment of1940 and signalled its Intention
'0arry Manning who is oommo-I While passengers were being
dore of the company's fleet. tol ...." P^ cree he
eo and th company's fleet, to ut into lifeboats by the crew he
superliner United States largestood by the blinker flash hing
and fastestpassenger vessel ever forceful messages to the captain
bul In this country when she fesubmarine finally
alls from New YorkJuly 3 ,ton ught bet.. ...... ......h.plan to
'Wler maiden voyage toHae re and h sinkthe Ialiangt fier F'
The 90-foot vessel is now in converted intoE a Navv transport.
montrtUin oat U and Commodorea Mannin.e who
tlhe Newport News ,Va 1 Shlp-Jheld a Lieut. Commander's com-
udinm aeDry Dock Com e an mission, remained on the ship as
ards. She will hae aico mo- navigator and participated in the
i for approved imately evacuation of the last war refu-
.aumengers a g w ees at Singapore under a hail of
CommodoreManng.ho islJapanesebombs
Years old is one o the e From early 1944 unil he as
p 1apmnaters o hins generationn T ele as erda f mhc l he -
'who began his rereer cI wa e ed ina lIne Co nh
After graduating ,from ths la-imre M nin ere -
l us New York State school hipi dent of the United States Marl-
portin 4e ar4 n the olned Thi tme Service Radio Training Sta-
Sercan barque Dirieo as an a- tion at Hoffman island
S-reaman and rose rapidlyI The commodore's most widely
:oroUg the .r of M'ad-known exploit came dn Janua .he
f' t o 1the range Io ont 29 when as chief officer of the
S128. at the age of m31 old America (ex Amerikad he
1ince then he has com made d the lifeboat which
t of America's greatest liners, rescued the entire crew of 32
lauding the compare's presentdhalf frozen, exhausted men from
shipAmerica. arnd the Wash-Ithe sinking Italian freighter Flo-
on and Manhattan each inlrida in the center of a whole
e time the country's largest gale. and through sleet, darkness
-From his early days at sea he and mountainous seas. a feat.
Shad a career full of high ad- in which was considered atthetime
ture that landed him on front l'one of the finest pieces of boat-
Ces a number of times He haiImanship on record
red prominently in daring! The manner In which the res-
courageous rescue that won!cue was effected was used in the
innumerable honors at home IUnited States Navy textbook of
b abroad. seamanship.
uLrnong these are the United! Three years later he corn-
gold medal for life saving: manded the lifeboat which re!-
ulrer of the Order of Marl- Relchers forced down in heavy
ywrnmetit medal for life sav-j
g; Lifesaving Benevolent As- Commodore Marming Is alrea-
ation gold medal; United dv at the shipyard where he will
remain during the final stagr. of
construction d outfitting.
.,, L=W anr..= n. -=:I I

,w moiuim or eaurumy in
FALSE TEETH Iult To Injury
psleasant way to overcome ,I
disloafort FASTLLEH. an MILWAUKEE, Wis. 'UP. A'
powder sprinkled on upper prowler added insult to In ury
.wet tot159 th firm. so. when he robbed the American
thq'-e ore eoa It's Le gon post in suburban Shore-
Dow ,not @ouy eekswood. He broke open the coin
entur mthol rAStboe ont a cigarette machine with
S ..the post commander's gavel.

Wrn.4 WELEKKN Flammeti

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Two Outs

STime between
3 Burmese

26 EyeglasMg"t
28 Suits of
playing cards
31 Elderly mnta
32 Tdiest
33 Card suit
34 Protects with
85 Ceremony
36 Spanish hero

52 Force air
through nose



PANAMA "HPC 22" 2506 Kcs.
ON 2110 KCS.

1200 to 0400 G.M.T.



There's no need to wony ov
bottlre-feding if milk is mdl-.
fed with Robinson's 'lamt'
Barley. Baby will then dW(Wgt
itso eadilyuilnd WA
contentedly after
^ every feed.

Makes cow's milk right for


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PrIse-lnalapi numbers of rmasrdfty'l cAt drawia ware old: The firtt. Meond and third in PanamA.
The dine hundred whale ltMto eding hin I a d si t Iaoil M in e a O sm MIin PItrp- M e St M es (tM.)
The MO. tkt e 4n pa. s waic npl the Wo m rte "a" md "'"
Sigtli. w: ALMS &Q Sf Oweremw of te PeWflue of PkinauA.
M; Ar6I; A*"fO0 b selw ntutive of the iwlry of TroWsury.
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about cheesecke In Krut:
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It's Tripl Srength
Loomm Thitig Up
It's ditffu.rnt- l taeo m aTWin
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ducktev's Caneld Mirufw "*
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. ,d .

You Sel em...When You Te" 'em thru P.A. Ca

I eave your Ad with one of our Agents or our Offices inu No. 57 "H" Stfreet
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon .,.... .. s...S...
Lewis Service Salon de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store ,;, "jj, i:r
w Ti l .f S Phone 2-2281. and v55Wes 12th Street 1 9 m e endezl Av -Phos e 0 1
Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Propaganda, S.A. Minium for 12 wt led.,.g l. ue to I .....
SFourthof July Ave.-Phone 2-9441 *3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3190 HonB" Street2 2 corner Estud e adtihd 6U tee -
We., ... a. "e. Bad thiv
Po n. on the goe rn~s ~~"onikri

.' Householri ltlntr.n'.";iI De vu hev i .sbdlg p bleam Gramhlch's Sont ta PROFESSIO to before their ent
Houuehold P.rneldi n Wri AleliMon A,-f ctge. EElctric ie bt.u esl 1 ,Therewe*, I re mt! ,wiO re a dtot2'4'.te r
FOR SALE: Refrigrator. "Fgii Ser.ce Peronnel and C ,vilian 0 l e me. a e. stoves, mod.ers i tU. i. We hive everVht.&ti n t t Iii t. "d .
daire." oil porcelain, 7.4 ft 60 Government Emploves The best advice for your health is r 4-56. tto
c/cl". Also "Tappan" gas stove. 4 be safe Th- best aadvi.e for y. health 9h : "t ," P i t
c rne. A so Tapt nt s s toe. 4h -5 bar sour automoble Fn in to stop thinking So take my ad- PhillipL Oceafnii t g toi keep' th
months old. eKcel:e. Ir nistob Fnon vice on let me do the buying and Clara r o m 435 bibf. and garden beuMMliI ItaI Ipl of V H'ft u..t otfh i ,W '--
Tel. Ponoma 3-1743, 2rY d St. Government Emplo,: Finance Co selling of your automobile All a u-h P Pnam 3-7a I3'. 137I.. To operate the d
No. 5, Apt. 3. after 6 00 p m. Ot os Jchnsa n, next door the Coco Sra oat the Ponamerii arani to staff the 4 ra t eh ti4 tt1th
S- .. Fort Worth. asColompany cool El Valle and enjoy nPi'A -h Parf atletrips in KOre4', 0tas entmort
FOR SALE: 6 burner gas -toe. new office a o FORSALE Fiestas during the comnlg week. Hose lnw..O baers were on duty. .Sed tB t
aGood condit-o,. n7 0 Tel Par. No. 43 Automeble Row A Willams ~an Clme e PencmR FertA.i catteen s*eiice itbIY "t
ame 3-418-4 Net door to the Firestone Bu.'ding Woi bdrams or C igr aFit~os raye rs Weed ser. v which Ie th i .ttt C.onit'f. l"
FOR SALE -Special for *Aimy .fa- also through sour auto dealer _iseueu gas orngwe. Be o 0F= Ir'nklers elde ap through I.
milies' used fun. ..e '" t b ... We save ou none on FOR SALE: Smith Premier type- ty per lonn fle a
prices. Try u and be convinced. Financing and nsurc.:e wrr, 28 inch carriage, $2. 00 I FOR RINT GEO. f'. NOVEY, INC. etr ni 1
Economy Furniture Store.. l 2.l4. alo direct loonl on automobileF Apply "Clo. Ger.l d. Sr'egure I IS t"B6 t 9ti
2-13 Bolivar Ave. Phone 91-. AGENCY DEHLINGER A."..1Plk Hermz MiItm. tuf" M otCrralAve. I ,,t rm Noa Ier
fon ainum .al o rCmPhonetR-4984mM-4985or*i9 C
FOR SALE---venet.on bhlnds, forpr. F"-4984 -349 FOR SALE: Record Playes 78,FOR RENT:--Unfurnished 'n __ at Pu8n. i _-t
4 famn.,1, al inum., also fits 2IAC-nI:,7, Crn O. AL.trob-le Row RPM 25 Cycle, $20. Tel. 2- i s A 151, the25-'t cib?1 8 'oinldsy S
family. 611-C. CocfH.sA 29.willsolve our Auto buyingor 3298. 14.B. Far Fan Golf Heights Area 151, nstll
S-L-sellng Problem Tel Panama 2- R -- T r e rooms. 2 baths, maid's rob ,' L U X0d,000 sonetd ,- An id t
OWicker furntLure gnnersprir.g "ghnuts.
Wcker furn.ure Innerrbedroom apartment, liviln-drn-i Tel. 3-1201 afternoons. VENETiAN e the r ordnthe for orean h eet iand
oRSALE on hna I 7 Open L i, onSaturdays FORRENT-ToresponsIbc VENETIAN refwork for the oedteofhRed this week it will mE
Scouch t rye N.w -icne rC SALE -1-19 Ch:.olct -1-door ngroom. kitchen, bathroom, mods FORRENT:-House in Arijn o C8 letle Amorraijan onh of t least .i .' .
electric 12 tube De Luxe Ploa,: w ,r covers Low room and garage East 51st Sb farm, water, electricity. I qufre BLINDS iRedCroi hashandled more tian ttOn even it the tt .O -ll "
orado. 4-Pece RaMan. GIde, Fold-I m~ eqe Brand ,,e, r res Phone No. 20. Call upstairs. No 68 West, 17th Street *st. million dollars wOt of relief grpup decides tOe
Sporch-creen er- 83-2292 FOR SALE- Ford Custom. 4 ment 6. m edliate es for refugee. Iofthistke de ine.
Smas return lorefdtud.Double' Te sse-toK ENT r,. 3m eas up
mabed r burr, tre includingg D beC.-. TROPIC 7 "PI..S i door sedan, practically new car.tto Detlwu 3-co: d insisted ofb dleand a f bA.HtaliuW.d semsiah would m
cho.r potted plarinj Aum-,-um Siner S. M Convertible take FOR SALE -9 ft freeze box, Adeal '2 E. 29th t. soceties from all ove the world ft m.0W to Slouw to
Venetian blinds nii. m;cell.lo the famis o.r0 d n t for fishing boat. gas motor. good -----Ar__ _ent_________ _1__S B_.
73R io ro e .Pda ,- Hro uu he a m cn en condition "15B. Cuun_ Hgs. AL AM A a1ve made donations of yain of sttd
neous household Ho 1.e tOpiC Se h ?.'r ,'". ,D at ye '___ _u_ g "LA
17..n Ro GI r, 'e c FOR SALE-Singer sewing foot m Modern urnlA, uurnlshT rt. PANAMA BR AIKRSN. Ud the American Red in a teegra to V chor- itl r"-1. -
relephone 4-. chrme,pian pg rew gfar -oirnGtIlCroin contributions were Junior ma Nathn Velnslng w
F~re a lbor D- 4 b e- doublthbed.Sim.t. ..Ncew80aCr 11.istob al .Apply 3 -ly with s e d ttle 4
Selephon S4---- FO ^SALE.: .- O,, oboe,76 u, Pe ... 5,s te ^eer"c o. Ho'e El mR. suple conalatlng o f qs..u, o: d the 8 *
H-l.craomr. D- Lu door Se- stove, double bed Simmons gil s1tact office 8,61 Oths Street.6 Nw Buying: Int w'ilesa Hotel cloth n gor chUdren and educ- The wItatt i '
AR L lan bloai E,-x-,r r ondfton bicycle, stroller, baby crib. Phone Cr'tabol eCnW a86 Co5h. and Ahbetor. tton equipment. unpreoe6ed Imti iA'in e
SSAhrc,.9,ou, Jc,,. S9 916. Colon FOR RENT:-:-4-room apartment Seli est ad An Amerlax Rede Cross ad- erten an FLh C long: n .ttila i
Relfi E.laslu srec,. Bolb-, phc,, 2965 be- 9th. St New Cristobal. Apply 8%063 Fuer y Lu (' err" l) vime la working closely with c thse tin i l"ito am-^"
anear hlate "'e bnd cne cnd after 4 5 bFOR SALE Apt. I. phone 1225-J, Colon. Tel 3-471 180 i" !? ? IM 11111111111M,
FOR SALE.-A icncre h:ue of' ...moeFRAE Ctge t rebu nd revitalize theli
fcur apartment" ,er,,: tf 3 jM o c1n particul r ey arl0e iad:.
strAct ;An Colon No rbermedia- I Sedan. 4.000 1,is, excellent con-a FOR ALE -Cushn SScooter ,$ z Terms availab le, forinfos eon.' MODERN FURNITURE he r tsorana. t
str. in Phil- d on red leaher unolster. 00 Apply "Cla. General de begu- Phone 6-441 Cills. il1 Red Cross. tiln M -d mtnd u V
tries. Price $10.0(',0 00 D PhI- Per SiO UNDciieql maV!e o ff,"r A torn] f"n' 4" a 'W
sBo 1107. Crti-Leo fr Ste moe olfel. ros. S. A." Plaza Herrera. Pan- FOR RENT:-Unfurn shed 4 bedre omi be A total Of 1.0 prisoner-of- n s
FR SALE _____"_.__r,.__vam__ 0oto w. ", war food packages anld 15 camp h or four 4tys
Tel 25-3298 '4-B Far Fan ama. apartment, excellent for school.ateFar tae- In advasife14

Ytour Community Station equipped ihensed. 300.00. 34, whte spot an forehead. Lost FOR R 1 Casu ---- C itiesii of the otIan COn iu.- l i, U
apdro Micue' orea El Coco March 13th RE- RnAIW ., flict hM CO bi
SA --- I -_-_____ WARD. Call 3-3136 or bring to fct wh
ouat.h o- 9or breakdown Oea op No I I, 7th Street. FOR RENT--Furnshed room. 45 St. IV sTA .NT ed from vou r m p t.n
i bp-h-wy. HaIe sour engi.-ne check N- No 34 Phone 3-3921 a-Fret Powdr M lk through the Amerlian Red Cross his telegrat tQ tW**
Ored oureexert mechanic. Tro. L E S S 0 N O S WANTED II2ff% aI V D blood program in tIhe- United rr 1
. a i 100.000q PuplM.lilloaprioner WANTEDotr fnd rwha55 e r a en an.66 wage mto-
mls S1, Piano playing taught, begTnners lt dlh O o
Presents Position Oftered advanced Bennett's PLano Stud,. MiiF a elhENup I-NO alm-- tai hWed
BilwnguNl Panar.7Sran w Fh business WANTED:-Speed-boat hull (vlfth.. ytTJEJI"Cw4, 3 10 S 4111R0M
Sbihay. Wrte apartado 1890. iout motors not over 22 ft. long. "
S Today. Monday. Mar. .' Panama. stating .age education .u ul d I. Phone Cristobol 3.-1941 P a'r.. FB 'UM
f m.M exper encb and o taring salary de- 369-B. to M
3:SU-Muslc tur Munduv .ired -__WAE 8hul OI liUit
4:00-Music Without Words -_ W BANTEr :-Apartments of 1, 2 r ate hat i e n
4: Pe-David Rose shn w ied3 bedrooms in Vasto Hermosa, Snon- 'aSoe.ates%

:00-L nda's First Love FC.a Newcobue A third man involved in the f-Sre. o 5 lonu L (
Allaro. WerstehapsoBadge1890 t Motor? notomerl22ft.A long .r4.

T :1-Evenin Salon g( .ul Ra was In the Balboa Jail this morn.f- hiAb IuP th ti i repli
.MO-TBi Croov ahow a n ig s l nd bail was set at $500. 14. L. STONE from the 'Titn 1i1 wre be- co .
7:304--Sponrt Reviett e C s rod I rl V He is 32-year-old Panamanian bIrk i sought teisaY ltL ,l t uil
5:00-Nes annh Cossead Marcos Gabriel Rice. chased W TWn Nre nel piesg erda th e r a jtu- dm e .e b
8:00-News ana Commentary. with with burglary of House 313 wall stown O., I;
:15--Hails oR vs VOAt ed as a part oo a rally o al the red on Feb. 22 i the company ing offered for sale by the Ave. Cl Tel. 457 iaulbreak. shbat 5 e e sthl nesday tmU' the t iwll
3:45--Commentators Dluest Girl Scart troops on the Cana of w o younger Panamanian : Canal opyu ailreda,. shtd e Uter at euto a le
id S O M Sanl Hamilton prs- who also ace burglary charges on 00,910pounds of non ra or movther on I e
:00--Our Mutual Friend (BBCro K. Newomer. wiKNe of the Oar- i .v 2.1944 nettlofder- -Bobp357.l. o
-Symphu Hl VA dentor of the aGirnal Scout Councl were alreadycase is pendingued until to- ous scrap will be opened April Tiial Pale n C h e repte la from twee o ofter lae T ',s
T la presented the award and a bout omtin of 0 bal meanwhile the 1 the t ame offlee of te upeinhone 2--51, wan anod lidte t the agolnbs o-ta .ato pe s
1h:00-- Theow BBd a ur Sthoe h Girl Scout r mother two. Ralph Robinson. 19 t ales; cast ronbrake shoes at 1- ain estimated It t follow the pattern t by otet det O
:.M. 0 In the CAnl Zwn e M agistrate's Court. S emp .ron and soft steelI. bushel *o hr ae at least one ele iims. What Toij w JlWltbe
:rn0-O-S Alarm Clock Mrs. Newcomer, wh o also fae burglary charge on iceaneounds cat on- anE' |on mto and pgsig y two to lts i n their L 'The btdhe, st ll- Wa Wit M ItW -.W
Ia o nat or the Gir coint Council- were already In jail pendn thealleable a stings; man- tpwll be opened Apre e said s the nto U. 8. steel at dath on upon d fd w A
Presented the awards honored a bforu postn of 500 ball each. St saee fc hea a aener were I l that the terro mannt the POg u

eMho8 0Aror mher rutnn won rkh ieu nr Gmrell dhst iron brak i' r: Reebli hovestee l iemn wil aihpt House hada aA to J
." a otr carnata e on--one three cases come to- errors scrap Include l s r. r oR tIe i t h e u s t ee feo;tehtt er nmbnl i .o _'pit0 .
-Hawll e aofn V~i E d uas a par t ofhorallyTWO l a nde lotsEof scrap metal 7thlStpee at steelbushel- i .ms tTwoo j
1M M Alar Cloc i the CbnL MavrstFtrateran Court. g- bycellO aReL oso ast ire uaoea- a dil b eakb t rbt w e to l o npl io Ato. "un get CIt bit .la
-: O0- Mirnds i F rind ,. r u Newcomer who is inter- r m l lable tas Ins anie l esad sa Arc tie of a ha o iat il 1
C:1u-Obf The Record .Contodi Thi e fun is al be .en to the .l t brap; yellow brasa iltngs; i ng a prjonr po e w ere ste i h C. o j

1 :30-Mee] the Band inlnScotofntheaUit Stein.M rs te condenser tubee; bu.i 1n1 1 Worth Kora .Ated g. a e. 1s a 3aid the. i reie ss I I Sl UIh v eiG iM n2m
:05-Lunche lon Music throutstand extension in of thert \ sa1 adopper wistre mscel;laneous l l aold ter. 'durlc meng--i t pt i.
S3:-Popular Music Scommemoration of the 4Ithm ano te cut s radiator; d O S g Chne t i f
3:46-.Hawatian Harmonies ,pr.t everalyears. itrooprasd .Oateel popeller shaft; rW-Wli rand0idM. vr a ten ts i eithe-qtlbewobkera re dW& a main, is comWpelled_

S :o0-News versar o Girh l cohutCnl wea aS { i AKE ipe .n th dn reclaimed lead; and s rtel".iwlo ntdAier In the prison. lel Tue r ae re al r
Iel-Otd th.e rod ten tb 700 pople.r every b- ,a o stee l s Pand armorde. medI ptesaeofc were "Phone umrp-4 51 wal. a i-t to ound s kot
S 00 ew s Frndh Fnd. The amount of m: soft Cut01red bra11ossn; Korea. March avo theeUKaaatas tonfi. f i .
10-..fresaer 06.44 Cas c r. le ted. wme IsIn isd fauceets: S3BSra. sttruce eo otia- tIIIn-r- S- nt"de TII ti i

*ed owo ove dCla ro bra te ron7:0pism lihr o af thoan oA th cae _to e th b m 3 Al.ed truce neh
Alar-O. S .A. and may Alven ran ovdt or B t e t, a J A vi Pl
15-BTenthe Ralon l T bodf'rr foot. Everybody will sny A dance to raise funda fo r the i rarin i
11:20--.Meet the Band fh' Scouts of the United States brassonse spinningsr ta bhieav iN, woUth eWa n dlIt S't s -I udth eIifT1.iae .ae .lveII stl1asm. It O IhId-
32:30-News to promote world frrendship bron.e ingsrandObAsethwj itb l autsebalm
: -R-Luncheon Music you raouh etension of ibe dive the lc-rat e legislative fund will c as tand. ath o-rw 'n.B V *
S :i:I0i..-Popular Musit Scomutemoratin Tor tIh n-t in eeld u radiators; dirty ngb taC apeun Wen, iul1,. -
.*...aa-irPORTEVuy ale wil befor deseeralryy to cosntna tdselc abarkwofstrie.anmo a N
u-I ,D Call From Lea Paul Junta Meet .w ic usat- Unried i; taees for tllothe- ---o the captured ing crat castMed the a,.doare
a.1-sa ote ViPam Tome morw Night ,b7 ,Bsto of the atlootroop ad rep t, hat a.1-37 .su;ndrmr.. Gf .ita l.t a"
Sl 0--It 8tar Concert ail The JunLa Femenhia de Bene- / soner amm IkM Ad" .LUp I out am"! sI

U PRSR.VE ry.pd.ym m Iboise In Gamboa neat aturda 'U~ 13m to ah- w l_! .

5-4111 ession a good driver, however, ye t It was announced today. teams dsurtg a "
--- ews and Commenlary must be a courtesou dia.r. -M Boa's S"Bono r" erch-
TheJo afford Show Courteous driven a s M esd has. been engaged to pr.-

1952 t a.......
.* i*cA. : d We ridiA xt s Os.E.. -..

*a. w s Mth G rantontN t! W-
a--gg..- -NO ....x ...- .".
In..a..O..JIM ft *
,-.... .- .. ... ,';.-- .... '.-' I l '.-):,,f



~-"-"-.. --U-



(mSt T '" : %""
n, .V w. ,

hic Twittll?
.< -- *^ t. :. *

4 ~ ~, 11

ri. *:..9:. 4ft1..- S. ..nn -

z~iir, t

!:~u4. I

i i .md ft. l d
0 I e ftt of a- mm

2 Te Amndireu routOt 3ra- oftr nfa

rthodk filanis
jt Club las-
hed a acant
N Panama In

p a d the
|R enableso
S I by the
I had wound


L:ewtr ........ 1%
Dlbo -D haMa ........ 3
f W tney ........ 2
Judson -Toland ........... 3
Mlb ftr ..................... 3
Harls Thompmn ........ 3
Bihop Durham .......... 3

'e ,,"

Mteud In
Act eame t
tihe bacon. ,
In anothofl lit jB
which had tr.
thing ,..,:M
FortDais '

atwrett .....,
Robinson O ldi ...... "
Halley I a .........
R -ey a Kn ,,....,....
Ith- ..... .
Flaming ............
Garriel .................
Beall Prinoe ............
Gordon Mra ..........
Hinkle Gra ". ........ .

Xillikoak er ......
Hayden t t..........
Wood SOah ..............
Cruim ........
Hurdle- I bm *..... '
DeBral- ......
uMitchell Achuita ..........
Rutluid Lao .........
Wiggp. ato ........

Tim Ftl
__o_ ." .. .-/


5. ,.'! "

iRb ..I...

I BM_| r" t ". ..'



Lisu Lteders

k"' r... 4 0
I ,. .... I .

..ID *

e It s t

o 5 ..* O

.. .. ..t...

-- -,


~ t ~

. .. dil

S.. .. 43 3
t:.* *- ;

a, .. 1a
M- 8*-

Ii..i...iiB W g
. .. ..


,0 0-

P 46 I .
the 9"e

of so W

..w ..


a cftn Zone In treln"
eboauWlPIe won be wi-or

Colle W.s, th 7 91
nothing at sat
to win. T hlgh s Zomte4 1ad
In seonft alace rioht ow MAut If
they k t r Sied oW. UN the
Oreen w ey ewii tW
the *aut htfd the VWU.
Crit5l clinched e
Fridayw t t
6-1 vioy over BalboaUf
he two-bE pitching of ToP 7
ughea. Talmadge StW. leithe
gers' 1-Wlt attack a dou-
ble and a oeine r i r Wt e to
the plate,
Tomorrow night it lt be

. 'Bbo of ,C.
uqof f.C. mary a

n ht wi findt wy,
Selmse ut the
both wM be-r
tan m*Ad 1 Iftl
IF A. a hoe tee has
extended an Invitation W~I LUr.
tie Leaguers on the Pueit side to
be their guests at thk final a.ei
| the season.



JanellUe batck
R hLeirad I


Jean Ladd. U vw
Lucille BlmaeLs
Millie amwnmG,
These matches m,
ed before Sunda M1i
The winners ai 1
weekly LadIee eW t
Thursday, which was
flrney," '.wei:

gra House, netal
Jerry Hughea HI
ris were tied tu

were tta loc...
The regub
Ment t* TBdag
TIU be d bUa "b


Cwm :N0wMQI
.5r ___4

RIOR thI.w pftct after-dMa.e
N-l1!^ n*.^

~i. ~..

~, ~S M -

9. isp~j

* : .' V .


S ,_ :- .--

. y-

, '-.. y -

* .-. .- .-; .-

:_* .." ;- -

fo ..-


.".,.%. .,-", -'.
%'4" .

.. I..




lopUS Boxing


In Law Clinch

NEW YORK.. March 17 (UP)--
Tt'e Government filed a civil an-
tt-*'ust suit today a~ginst the
Th'ernwtioal ro--'- Cl'ihs of.

"Let gi-nh pe-,p know :the t*vk mft th e couvldt"



^'^ .* ', .

Nt~v York and Illinois, charging
thim witlh conspiracy to mono-
lie professional chtmpiornhip
uts the United States.M i ht A
Named as defendants were IBC
of, New York, Inc. and TEC (of
Illinois. which are separas A cor-
porqtions with the same officers.
MBndison Pmnuire Garden Corp ,R
ne D. Norris of New Yorkesream l
ard Arthur M. Wlrtz of Chicro
we'- al^o npned. NnrrIt Isprest- VWA7 INJTON Malch 17 'UP, begin hearing on the Reserve sive tours of duty w6i I J 50,000 young men were ted
d ft, of IBC and Wirtz Is h1l -Chairman Carl Vinson of the bill. He said the hearings will ed forces in the mei a '', In September, 1960, attd i
chief Paor!ate in the operation House Armed Ser\!.:c'. r'ommlIL- start as soon as possible. The latest annOi ,.JIt October. 1950.
of numerous arenas and promo- tee has appeal-.,l to mTe ..rnate Meanwhile. Defense Secretary; call is for 10,000 mea filt l. In addition, me In 'the1
tons. to clear the way for another Robert A. Lovett reported that the smallest mnuaber toW 40th, 43rd and 45th Natin= l
House test on UMT by stream- the armed services will need a ed in many month. Guard Divisions soon will t be t-
A Federal G-and'Jury Invesqi- lining the military reserves, it "substantial" numnoer of menj Present at Of ting out to be replaced by v tm-
gtnir noferI-on] box'tr re- was disclosed today. this year. indicating a sharp, services is ,1 T%'teers and draftees.
com'me-d^d the "restraint of In a letter to members of the step-up in draft calls this isim- The goal 18 3,?7,_00 1 .-
trkde" suit two weeks aqo after Fenrte Armed Services Com-n mer Many draftees
f-", i: nr --itment to Jude mittee, the Georgia Democrats s the Korae w
W9lfam ondy. ,urged swift action on the PLovett's senri- tr*nl- repttooutr t oon th K WaPlkStl
House-approved Reserve bill, .... ...r'i "'vtwOiyear ttgithe
'rT'e n u Tr si, i ,j before we again take up Uni- period through last Dee. 31 said!t .... t. e.. ". ..
lt-t Orto'ier. o.-ra nn."ed rhnit3 versal Military Arainin. t. hatr'min man .,ower re- -- 10.
wV:,'T--e- o-0 ,'1- era r mQdl- Questioned byva reporter Vin- qo"rements Jremain 'ubstan lIji W
,w".--e- "-o- t -em m Son inSisted the Ietter doei not tHal during 1952," and he prom-. W IWWO 0401 |uw i, 'i,
w"-'-ht r sIn i'ar :y dommt him to tr vto ph UMTsed to continue off"t "for prUo- l Upp rW Co
R ,.. .e o, oii- through the House this session. eedures providing g~ reater equal- t PFsh,
T. r "ve.rnn...t com t n t t there have hbe n Psi stfl ity of sacrifice-td ilimiting nthe gn Weaereo.d, ecet*
ner'fle-/i ch. ,rres the de- ieponrts he will make the effort recall of reservists to the abso- Over 00lpeople c manager of Cemento, 8. A. h
fr'n. ," h e.onnif .--vt o Iwnich has advance approval lute m;nimum. second UtInal fish revealed plafts of the co Ilp l
e- 1.--. n'"ete trm the pro- from House Speaker Sam Ray- arge ltt s ew re- dayr of LOdy l U .flto increase the products
r***i*?r of n*orq l h'- burn. rnzOa will be -eeWWPe r ace tt of ThderaI Panamanian cement by nekAy 1
?r" o. rfr',n. *"'f-'rion Pndi the lack of an over-,.l reserve native duty r ne. 195, ws de ted t pece .
Ir- lon nt"nra rirht% In such Jprogram was one of the chief ar- and to make -op loins due to was
e**"Ieate. Iguments raised by UMT critics expiration. ofweW. eats and i v ttali '1 at e annn mentew s a
They Pre al- r' ,'-r-d I'I i- when the House voted 23f6 tno 162 other attrAl h e to neamerlny 40 vitlng members of C
.tpl'il'-,-cehitrl' eor troets fromI earlier this month to' send the samid. .-- .Engtneersof..' Z Amnerlc. i o
eh-mplnnt Fn legdrlni contenn- training bill back to the Armed "Cansequently, the great maj- n thei met- Engineers of the CAnal Zone.
'* in rIvce Committee. ority of our young' m-will i ne '%bef$6 p
er Ii lO r tor w*i- hr d ons. Seivce CommittePe. ota o m w .se .: The grouyp which included re-o
r-lIrllr- 'I-te f a- "'Ion or eaaruy cottrlnue Bserve exten- rt *" o.pM 1 o The group wmih included re-
taing'part in title fights. The peservebin wouldtdi.oatnt iv on y a
Ircservists into three groups--the"-nDivost. aat
"'"e silf at*ted the derer sn" ready. standby and retired re- sonee of its president, Hoa We
obtih1erl exelleIve moof P11ser'ves.;. Claire, was led by A. L. Hart-
o a pxer in ewYp The President could call up Well, vie-pre t, and Pat
'lo Prerns I~n New Yrk.the ready reserves after leclar- D-M t W .,-*"
C'eto roid othe- lar-o eittes 'ing a national emergency but rag 0D for ..A.4vTt
for the e'hibititi of titl- hodutqi only after Congress decided how Adbv 12d0"1.. 1 V
*nMi amnutred an" elImin!u""'the, many men to allow him.IOf Ge
Torrtament of Champions. Inc. Standby and retired reserves A.
in 1949. ,rthe leading eomr1r'lni' would be called to duty only with
ptraOter of cliampi on s h i p the consent 'of Congress or upon M a'e1m'~a going
matches. a declaration of war. Wret, f 'lh
old youths would take six months A iL tuafOf
military training followed by
seven and one-half years in the
ready reserves.% a
his letter, Chairman Richard
I I. Russell (D., Ga.) announced ..'-
that his enatee Armed Serv.-
lees committee had agreed ta a .Jlt L

RAN (above, completes a three.
year tour of duty as PIO offi-
cer of 15th Naval District this
onth He will leave for Chi-
caso to assume his new dutles
as officer In charge of the Na-
, v's Fleet Home Town News
-enter at the Great Lakes
S bse. He leaves March 27.

1290 Officers To
Be Ordered Into
Medical Service
WASHINGTON, March 17 -
The Department of the Army an-
nounced recently that 290 offi-
cers of the Army Medical Ser-
vice Reserve will be ordered into
active military service in July,
F Included in the group ar 135
. nhvsicans, 135 dentists and 20
"veterinarians. Quotas have been
I assigned to each of the six Army
areas in the continental United
.States. as well as U.S. Army, Pa-
cific. and U.S. Army Caribbean.
The Army said that physicians
nd veterinarians will be selected
'entirely from the Volunteer Re
Serve, but because of a shortage
:of dentists in this category It
a ",' p i, Apalmay A mjt#za

may e necessary to call so
-dentists from Inactive Reserve

i. 4to C h

--Four .persons, IM Negroes,
Were baled to 46 b eany to-
,day w ca t'l.nWhich they
were lIlig rac*4 through a
fight, ifhed 1bnt a semi-trall-
er truwl, nd btp!t .nto flames

work at La
ance and, ti

k .... ...... '.'

Treaisury Set H
JAbOt. Is=.-. Mach 17 pauseI
uIJP u u iH*'-tongwed Uuy 3. other
cain .Bt= r up six pM .o. Tr.
"ouftie euxilene" tod s
a. sM W 8anptotaka either

her eqp oreaade-against
.. ,,
to -

'ina Werb~n sp. io" es ofthe mi
..An A l w eme rzs d beyond recog- 05 e. the m
ON OPPOSITE ST I6E .- lte to the i.A. b tnphanty over ni
Malik makes an lroit yes as he S1oclle gj id thtt the car "mawt near ta dam of awards I
fernard M. BaruQoh;, 4 ttesman, at m how b smot nAbout 70 or ore75 1e contest aponsore
of the new 'UN Lar New Ydrk. n o ur" and that they by
iuch designed the Jao Ltom control, d ao aA kutity of whisky and preo aeasL. here- yesterday
wnich the commsablaO eted 6to base tat 40 .beer bolin the rear of the Mrs. C*I arded a plane f
and the plan has draw ruussan opposWfllot. gutted ao the .T"Piegep

Two C Presidents Speech

. "

.Unitd press 10-Year.OI
S -" '" *' i
NEW YORK, March 17 IUhnet hlsg _,mfm 'tper, 6-yer-o
Highlights of PoegIdent 1' VWetUment, must ie OpNIted i student at the
man's 15-minute addraeu to t* t te ansaw o0 tne omi giaip i SchoolS. laboertWOf
28th annual convention aOrf h 0,. gBOLeas nuflaer et awM- i te Look Hav.,
Columbia Unlversity jScholog$ = The Sermon on the Mount .a CCeg,
a &dM a9 rbac mOm -codis Is do taa060 1wo heard Pres.
Russia "The i9aOaW oi oMers as you wowd .lw. s'SlWmal's peeedh.u.
ppallganda tays tot eW r o unto yOU"." nt ofthe
the wo4*ld. That just t .lsidency "Ynou know .te. l~,WLe WUft Corp.Is a W-
We know the lt go I t' ~tAi itaI'm In teoua. It., vs .m. l"ae CaMi pg," hl s
Is a mena =o us ou d ~ A L u you unay.en, ai.= Mewne = I,
free worldI. That is W y'nb i m nte wheWI JI ,u'g a
bu''ding up ours 'u.Iitaot", ; y e eou tnar. Prrfs.a qqUin5
tMare"t^ 0'tsVe^ Lhenue mum. ina etedogeM..
courage them from em roue. Mt PR ER
against us and the %rce Nsw "It'S the duty of
Foreign PoNey ,"We ts o see 1.nai. me no a a W YIMR March 17 .(JP
Isolate ourselves. The- w t rut h, and the t m ht Chie"s
keep our own country a 11e d "BHan to i
and proslTous is to 4 o oed as the Prod-
and develop prsperlfy ., ag us me puc.
rest ,of 'the w 'wie pVi UI ,A t .al ,,h4.Ii'sme into the.~
goods. *ust ,of t."
friends p~ .. mo ,if t a .- mit e .
War W iO& PO beast Awe b1
one of ow p' at ,g am I. pg. wa hO
identi.. SS 3 7 11S Ilmeg a* UPC *tw
that If we atii: twe&*l ptmw wAa ri' a- a rultni
what he see'4l I. Chearli m tanB. lth% *th
LeaM of It late prm
Ier tal~ I NAoi r ivew other .|s 4.-

iwin. not
after is
reX *




cate nhkr Mik oounry own 1w.- "m ,W
newspaper lahse tiSTP rJ Wft A r
al to pay =cl ecutity ts.
"Sicayo dogs. Mt kyiS. fit"
she dtclaremd. tea 11.

my home 'and rant 1 Y t.. aN W
ness. tt me tin ja 'lym ,

Usevr collect I
I O Cain,
date for

d Tommy

wu a 4 flop of colo and
Was a rit with aMres.
i ik t ; *
. aleIAn E l es-u -fn with

ewft'4 vbtmaa a- taftd-
Mad 4 a Wlad t M

"e aan&


*9a ot wt the flm at-3

id- Amol.ftfUn
ui $Aeg

2' A.^

by Alantmn..
cin m lilk,
M I M. KAI (eml.e VI
Temp1rn.y Cds.d &a Co. Lea




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