The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Labor News o

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There wer68 d~e ju '"
watched the stel wtoes bury '
Brosoway and Elsewhere room 'il^ J-'l"" ',b
l V uw y da WI their dead--oh ao MtAhy lvi- "
nations and w are on
By Jack Lait that sultry Slib ib n the
year of the bloody y Ittle Steel
So Strikes.
CA38 aEIND CONCEIT even men hUd been sieved
ta ttrde they are called "vanity publfhers." These are by bullets a by ptro r-
Which manufacture books tr those o all to let them hI a ft o '
by standard Companlal...The manlslcripts arC often were d.
dogriphls of people who have suceesded in some spectaliz- becm1
lk o life na, teetefore, thing the world Ia interested in became a 1
they are and how they dim it....I rteelve doena of these, loar Iand .lJ H I
tae I banh n "outlet." And the authors (who have usually bui the y '-
k known to the world and that will brihl about a miracle-- Stbddly, It en 1ufter
t their works will become what the industry calls a 'sleeper" auditorfuIs la st rfday,
sucess beyond logical bxpectatAons. some of s knew tMt *te
VaoriOU dodges are contrives a9 hide the obvious fact that were *d rri thLf tI\
Sboks are paid for by well-t 'ao egotss. In one instance d JSane hay, ar g~~ t
covrd that the top vlce-pre 4ynt of a canning compn a o. Into th t, too, went
Svoracea a **publishing houst' tfor the single purpose of the era of lO8V W eoMffea-
.ryyInrl phony Inprint on h*s llfe-Stor between covers... tflon by machfte pt and
Sbar the true, Irank notation, "piYatety published," at tear as. We efie i w. .
ited edition." The cost in each tasthnoe tuns from $2,600 u dead wh'vn e aw the Ie
pendng on the she, engravings aiM ddboratehess of the btnd- spear carrers oftfte rres-
L ga...In some case the things 1it fit Lice~ by persons wno tible steelworksta' utdoi \
nnot alford such An outlay, who plange atl the funds they hhVe end the imamovable steel
can raise; that is most olien true on Collections of poems. industry sit and iten to fil
CIO leader PWitp Mrt ay
The system spis over, also, 1,186 musk. For every one who lash the worlds Ikst po-
13ks he can write a book or supply Intriguing "cop'" for one, lerlul corpowte uescatives
are thousand who know thy Ca Write songs, a convictifl for two aWo aist tftad l
which the publishers do not share I latter years sheet-music of lancers or tfboht*e gun-
ty production has decreased and privately-made records have nera and 4 ft1 i bomb
Its place. Disc-jockeys are Iiouned by composers and throwers, t9he 4o uru1 rMa
6tA to spin their unsponsored Vpattirs. were econ0 ft, aattlybsts,
pIbe p itblyfft men lad rnd
thei ad pohlt of all this that ner, in my experience, have I couneeis.
Sone case where, in boot mus ic, sih.a yenture has Nowhere alle "M It hap-
through and found a p l*de, s m u not sinCe p.
sponsored its favorites.T, w nms o.S true tsle It began qult 'hn CIO CIO
*hiah Works were battered rdA t, sheIlvdbd otten, but Ceoune Art steeped -_ ----- ..
waBmed through and elitced. JMa I B6t recall any that t tthe pohiom i d14ld: I -
not pas through prof"sWlogsl Ma.d. "W all know T M u. Mrray.
Thjudgmeat of publishers 1i tallble. There Is not one, In tde say il ite th n rs r C h m ber
tid, whose failures do not eeed his hits. Often they ac- 1 of his stae- 0
material in which they have no falth, to keep presses run- m t. This Is pft oa demo- t A A
or to "round out" catalogues, or, somewhat like ethe ama- cradle pt de By BOB RUARK
for "prestige"-to demonstrate that they are not low- ratc P'cesm a- eat de-
SSo it isn't that they eliminate the deadwooa by superior mn T y White-htre urra
11t Is rather that if a pubh~EUchi has a chance uieul The whlte-harled turray ,Sd
It is rather that if a publeti n as ach ace withi who still leads l lW Y l~ of Mr. Whittaker Ing that Abe Ltne6n wOuld havr been rOud th
gFve It that chance--their oga arlrtich, selling with who W hi,, hPe P ltq' d bf. th
ahkags e deals in which their bg numtters are mt rchan- pie truly love, b tfeart im Chambers, sld t, Is entrancing This is hefit t i .~
an aement that he dar will take a few of the seA anidsld In that Seot- readt4 so5 it U as The at- crle m ~7
a nagble copies; and the very resda. iie name olba uish blrr of hIs: urda EV I hes ehli i iht--one of the The wrges MOlW.iiime', horrid sb f U r$n
hduse, without which reLaflers ai Olonftdmelc i "Not or the p cr et- Great aBoos or the. e Pette, as The P, ee rl cinch toli
In a rift or any acrimony the The Pot me b n oh his e-
p ut. s ." says, the tr__ dimensite _of the ComMnunlrt qes. Chu
oamtlmes these "regalau" alo Isse books and Then he let the steel indus- To sm t hae AnOti me tat M. m ar
STey lo hot call the money, paid itry h t. Chambers la 8 yor the a he caused n aybe th
itm It a "minimum guarantee," with the vs 10 that He Caursed it executives his kids, that h sated h& titser. Ied his mo- fttt
aqeed the origlinU costs the conventional royalties wiL now sitting lst ten feet fr their and had a brother ashd who ilt- omo d t al
B t. But they never do. There Is nothlnlnderchauded about him quiet. thoughtful men, L ad himself because he ftund ift wpo i ld. a
tract. It means only that the pubr does not think mostly of a new generation I h&v aIso S The Post paid Mr. *I supplte hto a
bhste property to it v int it; and that% the author d.ob. fta attempting to provoke a Chambet prs a P w tar aiu memoirs on his er rain at a .01
agh books ate advertised the house 8aos not pay; the teel strike. thm .itImh te row n hiscsbdoked rei n ae aa
iHe N lashed them with the J Tofnd R B the mhanetd fi
LT *chg th they we l urdob-ledR lnr-eaft abrauu a be I tIM olobe(i *
a r nle d co 'Vso copies n 1% sent to lIm*tedCi to %Ghotn i) r MrwiM o
industries or gronta as hih-grade paoahotlon matter. his Itl but f s Ii
:M21S lane d bS ilrbads finance such vnatures most of the return of the umwian. mant tr
y. Tho~e who prepareand write them are patd flat liberal They are afraid that the uSe Apart fMR ffitIaNGol that he be e
I wrote several whe I was young-one, strangely for me- of munitions may gain be a C oIU in0t1 in ItheU beeaue m ws ll .
the history of perls. brought into play. sick at Wtb w 9rld s andd to vidleatly rbd ttd 1tW
who f e ture Later John A. StephensU,in a cdoa t tSs nt ta a
Some songs art igued, too, to please singers who feature 8h. Steel vle-presldent, anappeid to t 1 ui a what west bf6 g 4 W, to beeom
of a company and thus "plug" tem. Even more common pbck with: w eaao to hs b M e t hi i oot boo
t t publih by band-leaders, to "ut th n" col- "Tht's all in the past It isM t. t at (k ll i
os and credt them with part or even full authorship Of poppyenck, bolderdesh. demago- a- h e eeo, l ~wa nnt
evenM ItC them "a Pcs" of a Whole hab ,m o comn- gie and regrettable that M ur a m b" anm as mad as ah se dAAs elter ie thr 8d a
sofme o Stck. S uch asucih r fo as isshoruld bring p suetin L^Mma Eu I 8hmd fe lft teAart
vanity a song can be nd" ly by perform which happened I3 years ri ar he moral )on the be ett y e et
This came angrily after Z ar a v, v M Wnabi e t M s lba Whit a either, lmW. tta
11 To pt MUM yTu gMAUMs OWN COLUMN Murray had listed, company by Mne. he abandon t ag not hlh
Tc i _-- m Company, those which had p"- I ubt his tortured soul uffer e t tWurned histI ET
S A chased hundreds of thousand s e became a member a the eOsf-40 d ars. The stuff hits @lm rep et-
Sl B fi dollars worth of tear ad hol of on 6-was Coumle, He~m : % u ane.
iiI f l 0 A stckening gas, machine tuns, i tured, he says, and torture Is hrld p I* ITWas unable to d nmat
V meln s. .. n, o sr PIs.M s. am unIitons, revolvers and black- aMmoswio rbvaes I I soured on hitlf a a
Sh Se 0B-purchases made by per- from a possible refnineaentt abi ii f M rfa9l|SeMob a
Lw onBs^ weem"ed P MAN .t an h oil onnliel executives lonUg iB he has not ntffered oE IWn he was plot a
I** Isnto o-- b t- it I t mt e e bone with their jungle polled srtt since he hit thoem n ty his own kids and
V" see1L. O n6e e *1 ^** Swl a Then Murray turned to a Dbo onto his two-hotse ftrm U. 'a B plumb shame a Mr.
uu evs eVN ?_ S ll o n nin. onvel omn tittin over en th I, g Hs 5 chamber' loud I O e
to Mg ftM 069.**. Py^^g.*1*1^**"1*'-**?"" ANSi Industry side. 00". on. __ way be a M ]uddls.m
This nespi M -SM- HmpeuiU bla go t Vlens "A good friend of mine. _jPrgab tsr' rd t e surt et bt ownee vu' tar a
J-LarkintM. vi7ce-presi 'I Psl-u' h-anos to give ht. i be na" *t" u91jt blautp"
I e.d m.iess a *-debnt of the Bethlehem Steb l arn Dohanoa-t give tM M i o a rl-saw u .
WaA-T l WATION Ot QATAT Corp., is busting hi britch--.
,AMAT O n :, to conviNew Atnc thomic Esti
Does any one know what hapeP d to all the plans for con- Df tb tion Boart A
M ofM the 4-ft i qtn s to -Iamuly qtrh and the evt-r be flonationary to grant It-
dy the, iZ SB to 3or 6 family, that artases to workers. But ix
ad 60Ai 4i* a|1980 NP. Larkin received 4 l l
AH t eth W ifi ua was dreamed up, it w I o n ncrerae of T80.794 on h ,

Idt .leaty of psIble 11 U IB Use Murr I's sallies fll d i Aash.8ul2s te
-g 10 l4sild looford to it mt outh o thedown an loe tB1 -d A
l ou t and It at too nduf steel comp- anyd ex1ut t Ul ted State s o ve ruttt Ib Or
t tor another pipe rdaeing. At who sd won lry 3 Aht svtt r
iml Iarb money Ofth going to w snt o the ex-ir corporati ongehasu. it u ttes. Taen s melta^nr our c~

S. forwr d llto todo bt bOrut of h c ardboard p o fte, oa. e ao, Iaihe plm e id *
dral ao o. .heiL- mpirC 1 ?d liAet sao n oltr a4rraf t

Mld., but the emnlo in te l power income rlsetl wll It was unveiled ,- a tIight tts 1 '"; rpe "l a a t b .
thB e 4-caf M dml s house a morroa lis s the nation's between a ,
yer s ', a dnireblre houses Tw ta o ce 0 "Well. I'm cnovedcl o to e~um im.ot ntrsl,
t lows unolaer there," a sMurry Cre awars quit had eOugPf L Prte
^ ^ ya-, much more .tSFl^^^ ^; ^^^^
I w vi mere o Pndto, i pedhimon. wa lage o to acb but eali It es

willt ns o doubtob. b e s the had aoargo have been ___Iales
ftdon tEmpi rommette, Jotn reet and__
to jbnn with ms u ov e ild of cour.e, just 1ote warn
r t oaure ptp srld to m m e wen 1then P

that e. the a~th nru e .u b e

Atkins" looft lia f an PAM& the coms- & ie
IMM inge o UffIM I*Wg -- BWs my J ohnb
rtotal uenon

I, -urth ym of a='alla
S-elN I U*ul S toMC Ii t", tkt

@ve saellgMmmrts
AW 7w A ws Mx 11Ybwb" -and" ISLI~

seem a Ir SMes
Mdsci amp

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Iray to ni
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,;~~~4~l~c~ 41Pe411~


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an. .aO aWi
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Ite. t c ruv

Is. ~t w lr
Ieat tIeturna te
tu d tjn Brthot i

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for thli was.
ten. SaM arn r9n a

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of dism
,U L-
Sfor I

ind aow S
two moe dtl
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am of
MMd Ofr

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iefl board ovest
on Serv se
su tG e for reistit
ttft granted a sSt
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er U- 4 *fltS
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aaAr,.'. J .

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MIm loarful us ulr. -..

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*mvvw-wiwdk- ;Was
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- .-I, -... ... .-.. ..,

Caro and Freight-Ships and Planes- ArieI

& Ai N w

anqq w M1 UIM I uV--
atlnal airlines Reduces S.S. Aseent
L I to New York Fare Adapee Passener List
0.35 Effective Mar. 1 Frederick Rothe. vice presi- '
able sources today reported dent of the Linea Sud America-
that National Airlines are offf- na who has been spending a
ing a reduced fare on their DC-6 short vacation on the Isthmus. Is
non-stop flights between New among the passengers scheduled
York and Miami. to sail for New York Frida a-
The one-way fare was former board the 88 Ancon of the Pan-
l $53.35. and effective March I ama'Line. He is accompanied by
the new rpte will be' 43.00 for Mrs. Rotle.
the same trip. A total of 187 passengers is
National Airlines 1t one of the listed on the advance passenger
co tecin carriers of Pan-Ame- biIt, which follows:
'ic Airlines in MiaTni Tor New bi. and Mrs. Edwin Adler;
Yo sahd olnts on the alt Mre. tmd Mrs. Arthur P Allen:
o(lareftte I.. Anglin: Mr and
.... Mrs. Solon Baker and son: John
7g6 rut s Due J. Batn: Mr. and Mrs. Clar-
S a s y fn A- Batlett; Pfc John C.
A he.,erulse ship. the, leuw B of.t'-*Mr.. and Mrs. Leopold
AM erd arrives it Cristobal HBletiahr Fred J. Blohm;
ear Sui% v morntt and 75i1 Mr Zad Med ta s Bossard: / )
passengers will go ashore to visit Mr. and Mrs. Joe7 .Burkett and
swots of interest on both the At- two daughters: Mr ',and Mrs.
lantic and the Pacifc aides. The neth Burcham: \u st in e
Caribbean cruise. bpassred f u
the American S5press Company, r, ia t Mrs. Keith .'\Cairns
is handled locally by the Pacific and htiethter; Mr. William A.
Steam Navigation Company. The Clark: Mr. and Mrs. Nat COhen;
tourists sail Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. John H. Colby: L.
0. Connelly: Mr and Mrs. V.
baseball Offidals R. Despard. Jr.; Mr and Mrs.
Arived Here Yesterday V. R. Despard. Sr.: Miss Eileen
r Caribbean Series DugaI; Mr. and Mrs John Dur- /
In Panama this week. it'll be fey: Mrs. Marion J. Fabrega and
"'uno! dos! tree trlbes--you're son, T. ... .. al. .
out!" Irving D. Gelles: Henrv J. ew. M mNfu. h
While grounds ke e r.s Oriefer: Mr. and Mrs. Horace
throughout the Vnitte. stat W Oooch, Jr.; Donald Gordon: Mrs. ~"hnt R I'
eye their diamonds for,p1rl*(j Svhr ia M. T. Greene; Mr. and Why not wffWml? I'm g
Kfomlt thousands of red-hot Mrs. Walter Hains: Mr. and
Itin Fri ican basbaall Sns are Mrs. hilUli A. Ile. .r.: Miss
lathefIt 'In Panama t fo, he ~~SL alligant Miss Marion U
fourth annual Caribbean Onhm- aSn: Miss Harriet ealaband; flCOA tt Her
lansalp Serlces bekrlnlins today. MU.s. O'race Hendrickson: Mr. rPuc wr" HC I
Top teams from Cuba. Panama, lav Mrs. Harry Hollub: E. W.
ftero Rico and Venezuela are JatnR : Miss Esthero Johnso n: mL.;e ;i M l t.
eMp thnt. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jones: Chritian Ed atio
Mrs. Mary June.
isbol" played in the series Mr. tad Mrs. Raphael E. Kal- -
enough to attract foul vin: Milt Stella Kazanowska: A number of rasolutons urg-
of the National Aesoei- 8gt. le L Keatts; Mrs. ing more aROeW support to
o Professional Baseball uya nBI Mr and Mrs. Per- r
.wh arrived bv Pan yLavne: Mr and Mrs Jack Christian education and youth
fan World Airways from Leo;Mrs. H. Grant Leonqrd; p t nms weren approved here
anama yesterday for anlrs. WalterLister: Mr. at the 32nd annual cnvocation
Sthotand Mrs. Benjamin Lueis: Mr. of he Episcolial Churdh in the
S h tk and Mrs. Benjamin Lueh Jr: Mr. Panama Canal.Bone missionary
and Mx's. Town Lynch. Jr.: Mr striaA-
t i are Oeorge *. Trautman and Mnc L. -,-eAdams Mr district.
of ColMbus. Ohio. president ofa0d Mrs. Lew W McIlvalne: The convocation also was
tion" coarses ^ a ........: Re,
the association; Oharles A. Miss Lucille Mahonev: Mr and highlighted rwih Bison Re-
Rurth of New Orleans. chairman Mrs. Charles Marten: Mr and g9lnld H. Gooden's annual ad
Of te executive committee and Mrs Lew Maner: Min Ei' n- dress and the election of Rev.
Sfdent of the Southern Asso- beth Maer: Mr. and Mrs Hal Lemuel B. Shirley as clerical e-
te n : Herman D. White'of Eau Mullen: Miss Margaret Mor- legate to the triermial conven-
ChSre. Wisconsin. an executive an: r. and Mrs. Joseph Mur- ton scheduled for next fall in
camlttce member and president: ,Boston, Mass.
' he Northern 'Leauie and Ro- The convocation was held in
i'UWi ;. Winch of Colmnbus. pub- Mrs. Beulah B. Newlin: Mr the Cathedral of St. Luke. An-
rel rlto director of the asso-iard Mrs. Harold Note; Mr and con, 'all day Saturday, with
ion. TT1i' wi"es are accom- Mrs John W. Ogr: D. and Mrs Bishop Gooden pr4stdUn. ThI
vl'e t'rm. Sewall Pstor; Mr. and Mrs. Ev- Btshoa also was e W t
*r. 'r-t, dved-nn--iretp.e r| aknr:w .8-4a1. commIona serv t. ft
-wii UTil"'.I 9t1t*' bfreb'n rothy Polansky; r. and Mrs. t hdt p-DcaeUd lttt y staSh.
ta d'rrvi ocr. t, M e'. Harry Preais; Mr. and Mrs. Re-. Eighteen dleognea, f~ d-'
With the asseiaon 're lding; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick ti'ict officers and 36 lay de-
Iss. Rothe. Mr. and Mrs. Same E. legates attended from the local
SScbhmeltser: Mr. and Mrs. Leon parishes and missions, as well
They are Dr. and Mrs. Chaun- Sherman: Mr. and Mrs. Morris as distant missions in Western
vBurke of Birmingham Mi- Shue: Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Sie- Panama. Northern Colombia,
rn: Mr. and Mrs. Mark 1ler; Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
ler of Lima. Ohio and Mr. Splerman: Mr. and Mrs. E. The Rt. Rev. David E. Rich-
Mrs. Goodloe Roaers of Ward Stearns;
aie,.Mlhilgan-. ._ Miss Lena M Tamke; Mrs. I -
The offiialse'and Ana ill re- pSuline Van Leight; Mr. and,
by PAA Pebrui y 27. Mrs. erglus Vernet; Capt. and
Puerto Rico's entry tn the Mrs. Louis A. Vigglano and
lonship series flew to Pa- daughter: Mrs. Roscoe C. Ward;,
a aboard a special Clpper Mr and Mrs Louis Welnstein:
t Sunday. They will fly home Dr. and Mrs Hyman Wohl; Mr. I
27. an dMrs. Clarles Wood.
At the conclusion of the tour
Feb. 25. Raul Arango..presi- .
t of the Caribbean Baeball Not Ready To Quit
federation. wil present the
ern an-elaborate trophy ARRE..Vt.. (UP--At 82. Ma- "
baseball world. auno ts b- ning for re-election. Asked if
r J. Taylor S qf ,t this would be his last term. the Woer love is bitn, mnrige
uls. M4isourt. Uw b l oeto0CearUn: replied, "I'm not' usually on eye-oper
floah to.Pallm b*. sure.", -


;' .


AND '.r

A Sr4 ..urew -
VWghJV j

i7"-^iA.A. .


.M i11n1iii i (


going to be datedtLa~

Urged to Supp

iAt Covocatbe
ards. Suifragan Bfsh the
I diocese of Albany. New N rk,
attended a a special "tt i d '
addressed the convocal. Bus-
hop Relhrds served rtkoua .
sections o this mtssoN dim -
trict as a prbtI.
During his annual sdr.l
Bishop Oooden reviewed th
work. of the church and occar- tO'TS AND fl01klb,
rences in coVrae of the ; .'
year. He also announced t l
appointment of the Rev. Mool-- MR. .U
trie H. Macintosh as Archdeacoh 11 W
of NioRagUa
The Vbry Ret. Raymond T. |
Perri. Dean of the CathIdral o
St. Luke, ANe ,i M elected

Meu ha diocusan oussed eonR
the matter of Christian educa-
sae, from which it was decided
to u#s the Mbesneager," montar,'
)y Inhuine of u hes ftrret, P
G fore othe clase o the con-
And on of resolutions e beted M
MINA-M vsd to Goyernor and Mr%.
Ljz1. Newoemer, Mr. and -.g o '
05neeman Cook. Bishop and n
lade. Richards, and the radio
Stations and newspapers In the aaWI A
MUtcn. a diocesan missionary
once, fully attended, was decided
In St. Paul's church, PinseS
Cy, on Sunday night. This

AMrs. tDean Ferrois to p and c
E"etrictl -llit.ericy."
4@plritual illiteracy." ^ ^* /. SH


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When You Tell

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u tl Artetoea a5 N* Enjoy a vocelrt ,
*"I..A' I 'JT l r cano, :f
!t' A.LE:-,Refrl-gator.- Westinri.ePe rso
a. 2 cycle. orcelain inside Servi l PersOnnel andd- .II B-' ,
ad o*sto, 8650 ash. H (us 602 U.S. Civilian overnmenl Emploaye Su OF 'M
X iMc n Blvd foot C1Sced1 Rd. niw esed ar through Mnn ai d
-'-- iowrsuun rm e e thll morning for
" 'T SALE .-2 1.2 year old 60 A I aa I irran. arrived
,. c,. Montgoanry Ward washing Fort WoVth. TTos PANAMA CNALCrace Airwyl ,
$6:5'r:hile. $65.00 1402-D, $al- Aldo Direct OFFERS STR UCiu R i
gca Pb. Automoble For sale to the highest btder id
3 h6rs;.J 1ga3 pe:e set euavarian e *ro @fWojae Sealed bids will berecv In the FOR RENT
Chln dra ei, 348 -e 96'. geen flr m fice of the Superimndent o IstSt
c-rCh, ihode9. glassware, daybed t.unol apmatiuly i Storehouses at Balboa utnll 10: V. Phone 3 -t ..;
--verch ihoee, gE asswarU.A M. February 25, 1052, when FOR RENT:4" W F .rkO V
cushion floor a ,ves, mpc.llmp -. r i MA they will be opened in ubhc, Form hou in "El C F NO Y
Ch1alrs set IOf shlveS, mi l AgyUgOgMOtILl of proposal with full particulars sible family. 3 ae.ntrMFi51.5- I rn
nous househo'd sites. smay be secured in the offices of livingroom. dining eM
A323. Superintendent of Storehouses, Bal- garage and car, epaciu .- Adrooek ltA '
SALE--5 ccle 9 cu. t Fri. FR SALE:-1950 Oldsmobile '88 b and thq Housing Manager at for children to play, 11i1 week took
daire GC-d condtaon. 833-H. 2 door sedap, Hydramatic and r*- Pedro Miguel. 2-.1109 Panama. Ask r LUX eI nations for
-!Iboa Rood dia. Excellent condition. Call Bol- training in rA1
boRodboa 4437. FOR SALE:-Wi sel $200. Black. ruling from
.OR SALE-3 piece davenport Din- for $150. Must be applied on FOR RENT:-FumlsheMd osncrt VENETIAN United Statll
S able vanity with large ir- OR ALE:- ck 1949 Chevrolet sale of new Oldsmobile. Call 4- bedroom chalet, *nmoderri bleh lowers a '
-rar. Night tables. 25 cycle refri- Coupe Sedan. 17.000 miles, ex- 492. ment. in Arroijn I mles 1t BLINDS Cuts a&e to 19 years aul
r, 2 years guarlnte. Ken- excellent condition, latest table m- P-hilips Pl i l
burner toarvs comblnaoton del Zenith Rodio-Record Changer. PANAMACANAL r. Philips Ple. t he educational
Vr""8 r Immei|fate^;. f stoahigh school eOdUNa'
;. and storaqe Chandelier. 60 cycle, all speeds, never used, OFFR "PZI iX- Im t nt to a high chool C
,. Tl chine, Universal motor. almost IQUIPMENT PTI."' SUC.8173 L! lul comtn ple oi t i
54' b T .dro Mauel4- cNiw Home prtable sewing m- VUl AN IWLINi s F R N**i.D "
5 .- new. Phone: Army ICurundul Sealed bids will be renIved until AP 23mlLs Bl. f 111 iore local ex
A 83 -. 129. 10:30 A. M. February 26, 1952. lulc M tl,
FR AE-.Er 947FSAoLE 8fo24rdv 24.600 po pounds of ALHAMAubsequtly,
f",'m AL FOR iSALE-Earlv 1947 Ford V- for concrete. "Pornol*" lu.oted at e Me furIfhW1 wn"m-ii Mwill e fo&Trai ng
-" R--fea! 8 Sedan, blue color. radio, heater. M5intenane Divilliaf Ys in Ca. Mint. MANAMAI ItkV Air 3r1v0lKg o
E,,1 E0;^ efoa? s*s a 13olor d rE
M dew sat o ves. good tires 5775. nat Street, Cristobol, and C6rOa t St. t office PUi mand, Set Air rc B
:--Bulldingr. 8 op0rtnoe are 0 Ttcne Na 375 alboa; 4 Bowling Alleys, -ctaMTe". C l,
icn. ro. ,ooeomo =e"0. ,aof........... .aro. thts.
iA4 muely. Easy payment. For 20 Bowling Balls and 20 Beilin FOR SALE: -- r-C1 I y11: Urewery. oi6e2of yeas
1mtKon see Mr. Fibrego per- enclose Cosmos. Autoroblle Row Pins, ten, located ot e Gymn- apartment. Easr ie rent t Sell Abbatelr, B U el bt
.ly Nc. 18 EC t 29th St.-ee. 19, will solve your Auto-Problem. lium at Gamboo. Fbr Inf6rmotion dollars per mnwi. Apply at IO tWo yerss COllet
7l n.ooIS 5 p. m. Tel. Panama 2-4721. Open all and inspection of te admixtufr lombio St. No. 3. Hiopenio' i T1t. 3-411 10 an 3ccedited ltitut
1 !d eaF. c"a ny on Saturdays. contact Mr. Gondy, hbbo, tele- Bella Vista. J* t @lainry The cntng
Shone 2-1672. or Mr..J. J. Car- --'---out to Inreal t,*
S'AN TED oWANToR TO O Y 3 CARS CASH ruth, Cristobol, telhltion 3-1228. FOR IR NT MODERN FURNITURE ui tlf the Ar Force
WA T Cnly 1949 on: 4 door Chevrolet, Far informotlon and Inpection of r ogra ot
l ," Codge or Plymouth. Not duty paid, the bowRg alleys and q erit RI t t eogi wi .
WMinI ose them 4 to 7. contact M..W. M. CIrrthoe ot oly a the w r
To rent vacation quart- ALVARG M Hofel CGe boa. telephone 2-3427 or 2-11 R RENT: Mo1rn unfum1 rnd ffBt ifnitd wta A1W u1
l mearlean couple. no chil- PoelIM.W. or the Supervisor at Gomboa u duptex in El Caonglo. Apply redy n the T ill W
Phone Balboa. 2-3294 t- t leierse 6-144. Id 34, 39 Shtreet. *o to ying ii enft C@lb
may be obtained from the abovq -lft. Civilians tn the CaUal sane
it Offered E w L sources, r from oce of S. FR RENT:-Nlicly furished: large, within th ga S11At1 San
s Of re inendent of Stoehouses. Bbo, cool, clean room, ood mlh" 1 H i i i neigh at lt itl *- h U
fr-- Dssmaker t mak telephone 2-277. Vborhobd; all modern coenVni~ A I"eY low Il thi' A
rsdsmaker pmak -l- To mor eeouplr or iua beh- Lor I t tOWr 1
ies for Once re:ital laor. Peru rm W 65. Lower-l a,-&aktwb ftlfltt
my before noon. 5711-D, FOR SALE:--Sound portable -prlect- I Peru AW.m N. .5d Lw inraa r W 1A '
o.i. _.or 6I mm in.' cycle. use 002 for o
if t IIfon a Curundu, C. 2. POR RENT: Fumilhed room. of-rl

Sltltnfu fn wl i" abot l a ermae pl.pon r in- house 0763-C, Wllamison Ploae. aS (
expe;.ence and references, to sexual Intercourse today y w alba.
1359. Aon. C. Z. tentatively set to begin at 10.
eD-----...-Q ea. m--taFORb blfm Jat. 10 FORSALE 1939Oldsmobilk. Ze- WTU : Frn bw ft 46 A
ED:-Qu;c. presentable, bi- nith table radio with 45 R. D. M. FrnI___
-I secretary for immediate A defense motion to throw record player and records, also two or two room apartment In reetl.- 1 S U0 (U'P)-h e)
on. Must have good com- out one of the 16 counts in the bicycles. 24 Inch. 2-1335 or denhl section. Phone 2 W-4906,- .a.o l r IO t,2ll
ial experience and be Pan- indictment was dismissed yes- 5177 Diablo Hgts. Pink Breeze- m p. 12 p. wm. 2 5. a tt
cl ifieris Plee oiply in ter4ay as a term of criminal way. house corner Morrison and rora to 47 iWmh o A tho mn
l giving full Informatioa n court opened here. Davis. r oJro I a --1 tod Se tlllt orfe rim g li
age. eperence and reiermr
to box 1399 Ancon. C. Z. Aeuben L. Irby. 37, Sumter PANAMA CANAL kAI~P Y morrow
... .. County Jailer from Jan. 1947 OUS MISC. ai i sw. The tie= SW morral
until he was ilred last April, is c Oe SALE, thn paroled t0. Md4ate area
SI U C b chr&rgd with 16 violations of Sealed bids will be received until w knocking out r and t
the civil righ ts of 15 prisoners 10:30 A M.. February 25. 1952. IMr. lri g111714 Blellil. h.W portatloa t tranrd-
Weekly D nce by b ratings, tor.tules and other for r Socrete mixer located at Cris- 80 t0 clek in the ing some Wn
A r. HIs tobal Storehoese. storage batters 2 m eV S re at Corosal, 1i- ehoul r I.o a drftl ---
-Aated at Sect.on "K". Bbltbo.e 1 $ k for $30 and a cer-. Maine
The indictment says th.' a!- Storehouse. washing machines. sowr- I merit Tuesday fi n. The co t. Cwot t
ole Bight" Cdbof tW ter toercing the woman ll ,r.- ing rachline. outboard motors. tin,. 0. C-IowaMy, U 1BA h M g PeM o aluS.^l
.k.A has @ndd 1 somaner into Inteicourse, Irby .mtth machines. hand drill, forge, POrtrmster, for a strous gcel-
lsrvtatibn to ) R ve her drugs to "sust53 an holn tl. lck. acetlene flood ligh), which is saving the l** a cOW
drIts 1to Wm aboLrLon." office safe and hand winches per year. mu ita .
dame las t the erted at Secton "I". Ba lboation which Mrs. were sweg Iw i5
r. tin e ats BThe count charging sexual in- house. For information and mitted simplifies the waves. "
tercourse and aborLion was the tion contact Storekeeper, Ctris-, the Army commit The o
r we ilud e W .t .U Time- -t phone 3-1256. Foreman. Se to requisition iie t
$In. w1 y wIegdim refused to throw out. t' n "K" telephone 2-1465 and ft I ft OARTIS cold isltor* and 10,% bI[]

im the c t ng chgd off a e of Superintendent of Store- u teletyped tO wi hold hom bhd Woin wtiuii iie dr3i4n
a r twamnAi and thot he andtd u mplo St. Btelephone 2a2777. B. eeR the noah yste sbe7in7 h.lrr*
111 Inm ft two vmer to a chslrs wWhe IN hiller the |"tnew system till, begi- af-
fe a t thearm with a strap, s FOR S FORone-ga ll on I o COpy 3, on a te .im t d

I L ctios or the Ars be at
p br tt ownoather prisoners to pmr tI es with plsttic rew-an amp. IiS s orad i e tr P n ma virtue i .
4011111 US.won n the betm illipelr. Us Gonod condition. Colt ce l whed sup liesan a
NAMOm oft their bodies. ,146d2. that tphhe- to y0
ft hia's F. b criahta c Cia, a. S. F e 9t1rih 1iy o, $75.nd .
t Sand so". hIr. 7thargcrry&MI d ra d rs,. l o4.00. Hb fil
a of oneyeare WS a fin D .fi mpie St. Balboa 2-3Will Wil l
of fonIA M eachCCount.stite
ed to earn cash m04r01,al
A* the 2 grewutfhe LOST & FOUNDi dewhich bt-i

oa mlii j U r4 on anota tr e~ f LOST- -One string green bd I am tself and su d
111 S llAw aUsoe5mp* O rt of Colon Lottery Offine. C!!iat
Margarite 8208-6, Cristobol 5 isatlvCthi a a"JIMMY41110 110111"..

-M. wil l c i.**g
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SamBargain Sme

a o.l ~ The Biget f it L ,

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al.u Ite"L" 20 iUsi ub I D 2A

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tor p Ou V. ,

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house showi "Distants Brow,
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ub a Slight Favor


ellout Almost Certain Homa Maintains

or OpeningDoubleheader Bowling Lead
-- !In -Major league
Cuba rules a slight favorite today to cop the fourth To
ribbonn asebll Ser:es. t t o e
A poll of sports writers predicted close, hard bat-. Tle H. I. Noma o. kelters,
for the honors but the team, according to the ex- pehnnat allbt i s e vn d

*1, Cuba; 2, Puerto Rico; 3, Veneatela; 4, Panama. eour-poin Oe1 e tem rd s
The series win get off to a bangup start at 6 to- snatched f'or last AP
ithl the opening doubleheader slated at the Olym- htuse lane f rm h d Bros a
Sodium. scIntet to maintaf their present T' Confederte d
Officials said a seHout crowd was "practically as- lTe ent left, and Migub
va iantly, and led s both he tMike) of the Havana the
uba tackles Puerto Rico, last year's champs, in the first d a cond b held last nit t
r nd Venetuela, the only team still to win the but combined pfesry the ,onrdo r f The.Panama A I adion to
Homl team ste aa a m etx io n to
ship, takes on Panama, 1950 champions, in the lmpom asne tcd vi orma he dAmericane iten e Ican0 e ttle
game. the first game 901 to 826. the t on. lm nea
S second 9e6 to 880. and the final ,aent at New
pharles Gorin, a Boston Braves The Cubans also have two oth-8 971 802. adllt top ew
vI>Rutpation player, will open for er former established big league| Meanwhile, the second place _._nsom In the y Ln
et Rico on the mound htars in their starting lineup in Max R. wempel team also wound l tourney at o
inst Jack Collam of the Hav- Lou Klein, former Cardinal, and up with four points against Lo- Cas Sched leA ton agt
ana team, who Is also the prop-Johnny Jorgensen, former Dodg- cal 595, NFFB, running a total o Cerds, ho. .
Rty d f the St. Louis Cardinals er third baseman of 2808 to 2a65 In total pinball ; rgentne p.
Bot hurlers are lefties. In addition to these topnotch- against their opponents. ---- Ing de Vicen
In the secondgame Panama ers, the Cubans' lineup wilbe The gashuser the Fuer-i td llaru 20 te o patpate
will send Dave Thomas against rounded ouL by the cream of the a y Lu also toa r points u0amen
Venezuela's Johnny Hetki, a for- native Cuban players such as from the fadng4tl Au Sig- Cuba vs. PL erte ico The two pros are r
mer Cincinnati Reds pitcher. Amor6s and Formental. Catcher nal team, when Thomas ran a Ve Aires to Pan
Hetkl is a last-minute selection Andrdp Fleitas and left fielder 612 series, Jam ison Venezuela .Panama )
Venezuelan manager Joe Casa- Pernando Dias coriplete the Cu- wt 598 and a i.lgh ame. Mexico City bl .
nova had originally planned toban starting lineup. The Ary u te- Toruary 21 I t Me5s.
start "Carrao'Bracho tonight. y 0o2 ) e to sVenezuel 52)ba.
-. stave of he f v _0i --.
Angelinn, thrdanama vh rd8,V RiCO we ak
lace, dropped to the Bewers Ta
alce M.htinza 'rary 22_
|tesm~but took -to bo ZI sl tsri^ ^ g i Sr ,- rt.^
positidnnno bAn Venezuela rto Rico
S had highqAse of the eve- Lo PaInama vs
nim with i3 wb l -as high!a v
Ssere with 11 65 Salturda, February 23
The teams all retained t a-heir r wilht eagi -
caption of the SmefllMar-
tai team, w M t Intoa se- Panama vs Venezuela r
venth place ttie Local 595, heInft TWteams
Stnd a t l hee team. Suudl y, Fe bra ry 24 3LEAGUE A 'M T. r
are as f : W. L. Ave. Cuba vs Venesula t 0" sialm .

Max pel aSn 58 26 907
AlAn ......45 890 Monday, February 25 7ub aoter
u ....... 45 ago 3 1'
ia rnal. .. 8 8i Puerto Rico vs Veezuela 1 ieh, p t'
.A... oyd .m.thers. .. 1 862 CubIbal U*S =
SERTaAs--WI bvg lma Lo_ .E.... 8 8- 8P- ;.
o M ....Is be i port ant Almranates W t. 8 56S First game starts at six 'cEock. No inning of Itu onseo 4*M. .. a.
r= aea or oi p.l pI aTon te 2 il- bne te r e- -aig bowers In te fist game will sPtart after 8:a15. Last team named i
t Mae In th I Puerto Ri.o will be bnking league ae: a
gameof the series. heavily on the promaing eorn Gamesa Averle is home team. o ete: see.... 1 .6
Ctoasilence the Cub=in bias. Ay-, 1--Baeer. .... 195- 5 7.
Vair Sfa Yankees teal m aupe a'n., '9Tn2. 2- nfelke. .1. 83 187- 7

Vs '.... .o...ta os ma e e 1 services of, .thine ttksh'01016*r Nbe-. BI MS
lint third baseman-I
-a W is nursing V 6-Flebrk. .. 120.V
l o. was In- er" -" e 18 0 188-22 t l a e
one'of the Yankees' eM ag on .. 68 4w-- L e ( At B**** *p"". 1^|..
Satera Joe Ttnainesl 9-8teahens. .. 25 1890-21 9 AMlEl Sthet CneDMOL Few *oa Hornets win""tB r
tir -e i P n e O e ... .
ThiW eJJ p o, u p Mal ee .. 1 80 14--B 8 MAORS lt WenLost ea l t In 1e a 1al oa
The riNM eille b "tfire* dt aMeN rs w 7ts hae 8 a1 .:50b b de Teo forged n th bem
oa by Ed Naeville a the Kteam as ma et tn heea Results of last night's play: .. 1 ... a s an- ae .
seo, a *rd unt aAst, at vi' tm a. I. HOMA CO. Mas Ma le. 2 2 .5a110 aKaMti vmee =H Sh the
mead ad Fah Austoin, a re- o s de lebark 179 19 12- 59 to Te 1 17.00 a-n t get IB t of the last in-l of he l am s

o Ye tb td u nd o A nf f M ady .. 193 260 1 2 ? beham.bel the got1I n t ro lesoVat s r 0 0 A a '* *;*l ^
ee Xat Whotop. Ho m wever gtme m Frorhesr 16 21- 6ag wWLh the a en be-t tIubheO43 FiOinort SdOu to her'
r Yankee out field ded on t ol 1. 209 27 184 210- l- t ga Wn Lest Pet.-holy vl. ig ..T.. A18 to 51W Lt her's ife I
ee ct. ohnyKropf inh DleLners RaPayne. 189 201 140- 530 0its .. 2 1.006 wasmand an Over 5 me-,t it the Balbon
SJohnny Kropi in center ago Ia Best. ..166 203 192- 561' a Q .. s50 e IW t third. B. a scofes were par crow.
Jim Cronin in right. --ug--- ld cbs. UBB.gS 2 1 2 h "a not --a lvo at ?hs writing. t Brewer horw-o
Spower-laden Cubans m pect to i Ot" tor big Totals ... 901 9 9 r l-20 Cu.00ntvhie erat this wri. e 0 tee
condition at the Pan series BOYD 0BROS. Mules 8, Mu 7. 3alor fLe the Gatun season defeats I to 0
ideal for their da stHaas L Morton.. 171 2171 1 --1 55 wornes 3, TIg Gat es cha d up first win with an i ithe In iraUte
tars uch aR s Berto Dale ngnchg who asbee Dalley .. 181 177 15-49Gators 10, Cubs 1. of the Pa Mta-t the Cris- men, who ho thsam e r*tMorW .wd amm fgg
Amor. and Pedro Fr- managing Z owen.r 183 170 168- 521i toal Cubs 0 3.. e sames a amThe h Lan er 878 S e
Great success since the ho spitl Melanson 14 143 --- 9 The Margarita Mules score ed an ci M 0 two in wit t Bt
a former maJr leaguer, nation of Al Kube Schneder 145 173 152- 40 upset last Saturday by hiding I4 fro ever, e he
ebrillian star he oce nue to mane the PanamA erbon ------ 182- I2 the Margarita Mustangs their, M, '- five runsole Wae I l e
tis still a dangerous long throughout te seres. ICub Totals 8 8 82 t defeat of the season. The a runs Ino t
Sitter.a t a patient at Sarnto m Total ...8 880 802- 1-08 u angswere leading g ing i n- ti e to ma s
MAX R. STEMPEL to the bottom of the fift Ining 18 le were never ag W
Wilber 175201 151- a score of 7 to 5. Pitcher able toh OI B TOaT
Marabella 193 201 207- bel then got into trouble by 1" ain n m a mMT
l a11 Coffey 169 168 211- 8IW the first three Mule t- Whe aor w,
L ineur Colston. .. 177 198 215- wX10 tbi 3 who consequently all cr=os- Qsi.b.. A3 R PO Aainstagl A Z & p if a rjdtig LLs 40 at to
Balcer. 180 165 19- ll egtheu late on passed ball and ... .. 23 0 0 0 O FsuraM s ava nas
... ..o -rr ? e pc A.d.. ws. ,o 245 2a2 .690 w m@ a s a ti h i .
FIRST GAME Totals 8694 3 d 0-1 chs .. o o o Ira a t- .amld pad$bes
the winning run came in wil 0 0 0 0niu Am tsa
Bll^ S EO GAME AoeLOCAL 5s5, NrFB two fat so It was an2bod '8 bSr i S o 80 J S '. ia (pa i li 'il Rico Ps Cuba P a Mal, e 16S 141 s18-- all the way to the 0 0 0t tt... .. 1 0 0 0 .

Mrquez ek Lou Kle__.._ in S Zebrock 19 21 143o ~PWnnn 175tce 48E la .2..", --2 0e1 .I t h e r ePlt
Keley ... 125 1,18N w out seven itt was s in .. .. 2 10 10 0 bu s iib -J
k Dittmer 2b Johnny Jorgensen -2b McCarr'gher 179 212 208t sevndw tter s.oru ef* L K..l.. W p 1 0 0 0 0 BrUm 31188 .uSSR tegS'
tor Pellot lb Edmundo Amor6s rf lady 197 160 1- Wmbel, the Mustang hurl- ,b .. 1 0 robm Wiit
Clarkson Sb Bert Hass lb Totals .. 863 8 573 8-2 @eght arc e only nin e hf1 Tesrldsi. Ma. .. 01 4 12 1 2 13 f tggo om hinin
Deal if Pedro Frmntal of o. A.G L5a t c:AB R I at9e A 139 22 156 R POia Ay Bort .n R1O tt3h. '53
Olmo rf Vernon Benso Sb Kupnmpp. 156 180 152- 37iW. elndez, 2b. 2 2 0 1 1li"'sf-, .. 1 0 0 11 0 Th 1Pel se*m:

e*Almendro ss Andrbs etR TC/ Andrews. 245 221 169- m D. lb.... 3 1 2 b .. 1 204- Co a|,.. 4 1I-*
p i "Jrh, .. .. 2 10 8 1 1 1 O b si n 1 .I i i O 1 .. *.
SECOND CAME ALMACENES MARTIN ,lf .. 1 2 0 0 S 3 0 0 0 O ar ... I S
A. Damlan 491 214 167- E I 'ig h d, rf. .. .. 1 0f1. 1
H. Damian 159 191- -- An
sresho .14 171 175 I 9 t~la.........20 8 5 15 6 -M ,rt. .r g g -g5
Cr eFoe JabWh4WNGS- AB RO A est as will be Totals. .. .3 5 SR 191
Mozzali lb Joe Tuminelli 3b To 727 824 855-30 I, French, 2b.. 2 1 2 1 1 5 follows:
eiCr. Gloin lb 3 1 2 3 U. Margarita GibheM....43 AR NR
o Finol if DaleLynch if atephen..180 186 173 4 1m rt Caover, C.2..
SJohn K f Thomas. 203 223 156- WeTore.3b. 3 4) 1 0 0 DefeOax, C. C_3 1917v
$GE~10 0 CE .011lrp aio 9 7 a- il r. .4o o e... n.,,- ..s Les

Anderson c Eddie Neville lb horrs ....15115. f.. 1o oo; s- s c. ...0. s0 -*rh,2 j j
Olivares 2b Ray abek e .. 16. 91 11-5- IeWkins cf 2 0 0 0 ,De wo a mer, a ,1 I&
Hetki (R) p Dave Thomas (R)yp Totals. .89981 10 1 1. 0 o "ml i
S... 1 1 0ST AU 0 1 et.of np. ..3 ... i I
Saylon. 16 195 1D- Tabl .. .. .. .24 7 9 14 4 EN- Totals .....SS3 \
Hudak 169IN 3 nC rlstobal, the second lans} lil ..I
STANDINGS It. Scoti ... 4 .667 Shattuck.. 157 1 6 m l rt t ghessd .
D. Lamhley (NO)... 5 6 .625 Cooley .134 1465 mI- Bre
Won Lost Pet. W. Howard (RD .... 5 3 .600 Madeline. 174 1 18 16- G2-lBe ., .
3 1.00 Tucknall (QM) .. I .800" "' B .
SOffice 3 0 1.00 A. Foster ICLO) .. 7 .583 Totals 7W I -- I
2 1 .67 E. ds (C .. .. 1 5 .556 ..--.
.....2 1 .0 R. Dmba-.(AW ..L f..
SCe 2C s .. .552 1 N7 S S Toni s T B
1 2 2. A. Perm (L .... .. ec this'. dI ,bAIDrm
.12 2.: 333 A PS.tarana )*.:I f A LeagueGa m. -i.. c l wasif
1 s 0.. carter '(0 m ) .. e 4 .500i" b-w
M.4 3 C.Jordan tCl),,.. 4 .500 Sports ... ... ........... we wH t e rei
S. B (I ... Tonight's
R. J .. rA29 Twilhbmt gu-i o $1 M flob A...
S p l :.N A. .- ..,. 7 3 .429 b Stadi.. ,
mAwa.. M.MidN". K .. .. .429 amA-
III ..- 5 F N. nMs ., 1 3 .429 b
.W. 8 .An .
A -' ,4 .. 't 8 .42 a .
se4 14 43a Awle

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I A L .
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.,*,- -i
i a r W 7r

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.W ,, ,, *..

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9rWi O* *W *W
*j .. ..**
I r ti ..* <

Iss n. -a a. in.

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aI M. :..
V~alm .. .. .


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r. s -4
IS /* ?


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: L~'~s~~E~i.r
'~' :'-lr -.1
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L :I. ~Y


2:7.7 .77*

.5 ~~ 6

LiY:: i5-I~

,. .

nw .


taz' Beliefs

iMlANTA, Feb. 30 (UP)-
y Piedmont Cpoege voted to-
_. to accept'a controversial
t and .a trustee resigned
oeng that the donor em-
Screeds "like thos of
nr and the kNazl state'." .
'i board of trustees l the
l arts college tn the North
~tla hils decided to eon-
s aeceptiftg O a month
e the Texas Eduatipoaal
a. after a stormy sesso

tried to r au na anr amt
OS Misp, M s* oWhed
-a"fs -hub ift
panes aear omop. nhe

Sthe money comes with "no
ms attached," said A. 3].
t, the cha ian.
Ia Josephine Wilkins, a
Promptly resigned and
d. a statement denouncing
time of the Texas group
e 'arpmse of the fund. ahe
s financiall assistance to
'k colleges, universities
lthar educational mediums
eti g the perpetuation of
ttutioaal government."
bleduder of the fund, how-
,a -a made perfectly clenr
meiota pamphlets his
m 'eotfsttuonal gov-
': Mad ina methods for
itng At," she added.

can be a subtle thing," abe
a'of the initial

.t 'adebnrabgmwer y e a
It o m It serve ws. an
mf for, attempts to
Iise al I nteity.,"
'e Influence of a contribu-wi
Uk cern be a subtle thing," she

Salb money views.

to use the established
.W use the he


-. .

tPa the
"Lee thc. people ACnum Ai

i. fwrm~w l BAR

FAWAPL~ ~lk, ~~%,,3WftBOAY, U

SCorporations Ju

Like Sleight Of I

WA. HINQTON, Feb. 20 (UP) President .ver on, play
-Sente lanestigators were told moet 'ing
yesterday that a firm headed by law par H orr ha
former Rep. Joseph E. Casey
(D-Mass.) was offered a $450,000
"present" for three surplus
tankers by a Chinese company
which failed to get ships di-
rectly from the government.
Willam A. Leece. investigator
for the Senate's Permanent In-
vetigating committee. aso tes-
tiled. that the University of
Chicago invested $15,000 in one
of Casey's "get-rich-quick" ven-
tUree and sold its interest less
thah three years later for $420,-
The committee put Leece on
tbhe stand to unravel the cor-
to mane through which
and his associates made
S .arofits on the operation
S of eight surplus tank-
en It from the old Marl-
tiae o0*pbobon.
The ftm made $3,250,000 oh
an or investment of only
SLeem mi N 1s. Olga Konow,
New York tanker operator, of-
fered tle OCMey firm a $O45000

ta-ter.. iB., cmpamr td-
the a romr dr n thw y 6bIM for a
ean in. three surplus
read ad n tor the 'tao- *OU t M INN"e S
Leece aid Mrs. Konow made p so m a
the offer fn a telephone cU to pd lp a t g
Casey. iec6gsd Suttw, and Wflec hl h
He also tesfled that $MC00 lcose to a Nrooklyn po iWo stKtlp ft. 1
eventual .labs paid 0 doe of ,
the C mo Ia tWOk. th *sb ( .
At VW kus be AWSOny
and htis' mootm had ps t A- "'
lMrs. Knwret. le I
broker for

from lli,
time efse. ,I. s __
The 6omft*t' Was told pe- WEW ORK, Feb. (P).-_Alrict ttri
viously thato fewbod Morris, L osb tr a to link wI lse .
2L_ LV L

I o otl for the .1
SlMion of youth."
i ke as a added:a "M- murder, a

uve-sr tveltpn ed of kinR two hueb. a3
Mi. geff aw 01-- A J oiatl M-year-CMd
'w*,ittoday went on trial lor
ber Ufe as a mnae murderer, ac-
Bv-muan Inripstlr tta .ow of kfkig two hu8bandi.
i had recomntided .that mr own mother and father and
i trmuse take the Ns eight other relatives asd friend
L Ulo no @omSud in the pant 3 yeas.
ta19 4If found lutR.'. Mame Ma-
i.9unmer of Bmiukm, ria Easnard ean th&s estened to
rmU ofi btl a on the
ttt, bd tt three. adame emard i haged
lm ira iamm* mjunwith leeding lethal d0rn e r-
Fme was Inm-amttl sni to W2 penones bUtwea S
i w d IlIn plot toIto -
tfifth ws "a Ittl hney and property vlWd at M0-
u"I 0on," fra -I
rp SliSm.^t L S Detaiped OB suspicion uafr-
,m nioso ut der 0 months ago. Mail l
iad~th3~ss t7 WBi5bw Bard denied Lay uira ltT-d
a e i re, exhumed body ad
-tanted 'them fn triple.
Md KJ HuaMrud The nolicn tMo hupiuasond
after the wrhand hbuaS.
g'"s 1 Iar tober'u147. nEdilln 5tileNk-
g it~L1 A.4t-MJ e 1two yam ip
cr ola
of am- oumathuIM r- -,

~(UL ,CP) deceased bwlth msl ,e be
f Irt toa3My friends followed Ihd.d
PIa'he police amid each
add tmme brought fedithg adrrdo ia
.M Ma d E Utah sn to ownertn om W m pro
9a drpas $m B Wt. pertry.
iN-muy .bb Wa She was murder-
dnt her 3firf0st wa Ml.
kh fcl w' Then she waM ao -
AOA TIDES duan h B S
Sher. mother, sefM bId aoW-
lmiany. Web. 1 sti, her own father,
1o I wf a retired balpr who -ed his
in. :40 pan. estate to the eair la Mhi
.r ar m. own aidow.

.4- .5 i'


ij nelLinesin.


f Shc

the hard-
S ionalist .
r. Karl E. M a ?I
ARiard M. NIxRtP
ded earlier
to testify .
ngthat the Mb y
Sup a number of "a
h committee must
their they were.
ansfer ownership of
ireigners without .the
I the Maritime Comr MO
4 required by law.
Mandt said there in no d Ut
hat one of the reasons for
establishment was to "'
Morris is president and Wa-
on is secretary of COiina Inter-
watlonal Foundation, InS.,
-on-profit educatitab l instttu-
Ion which held 'e- rol of Unit-
li Tanker OCt., amed a sub-
=I firm, both fnunautd n-
S.-t by ftd of tle CnV -
Leece testified Mat 06"_ T4l r"-
i the Martft Oilm--l
thet tankeM In.tb wt eort
me, 0fe oS
.,h 'atio r.' '

.A -

f l ,h wPsm^' \l!
0 *H B*ihqI

had ien lit
two aen..

--., --

S-MeUn to me it Ml TMle Atate said it. wald au
a robbery i Bo eto yn s-, t
after the master inl I tt Wm maarmred
poloe say is "withoUt ee' ,., .
ie underworld pleaded W .
it to a i 4,000 New k ew ,00 NW o .t
holdup. o
ton, a thin little man, en-
court on tiptoe.e moved tn
wrly guard had a g0ap
gck of his waistband aa faci loe qfoapn-
t lifted Sutton off the eo men from Wah-
Sdirected him Into other law onoeent
ed courtroom. Concerning the Br
least 1s detectiVE, a =and other cra an.
nmed ipence- and fhie i, whether he la
Shards were Beg inks holdup or the.
goartroom eo" _ery authourites a
S on the New Tu i nt Sutton to
rt for h co p l ttone md for the rdn
I from rating 'himL G It
sa yrlilnal In the t i a authorities nt
nay his three prison r breaking out of
he is the- world 's n 1947 while
dLty Jt soW-yeear term for
ai" tired and harried,
ieded innocent to York has first alt
That took $8,0t0 because S utton aawel
IandUtcturers t of an "escape rrwt
Land City, in O. I in 1i wIW
PearTk manner and rving a term for
robber after'hewas pretty hoDeless."
ookiyn street asked how hisse
n trhis automobile -i have got me
,than pay $1.50 to haeb years."
e n e he figured he should
on wore a blue p six months.
i suit, red sweater a inevitable that Button
shirt for his court apper- be a prime suspect in tme
I .. olduhp -areot
a you i a position nto .ta the history oft.
Ue "Judge Wl*ll miy ceuia' s ,yI
adhed. tUIRM hiss Stb OT
i," Button answered. A hA t robbery bmtI .
onds are withheld by f ik ou l nea i o.1-








a .e of the besrt-
mkm eolUttue j
known as "tM maW
biM of the many dlUtti
auned in his life of
'Iemy part in the 3a
Tr men and police weren't

r6r r

-4 `4*

I hfag

Sa aew-


i V pro-

iim t by

t. there's

iWa tho

L d-

Air W.

AA ;. .p

wir s

FrI~PBm 'dl
i~lnn &h ,


wbm MY,

We in uls ar

at a iges,.I
aboi lu M e
Oten. a t.. .
. rfcja'Ijr t -


p ~



I` -

- .l.l-. .i




~ .~I

" -r



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