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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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ONE WAY..... $148.00
ROUND TRII>.. ..$266.40
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe1' Abraham Lincoln.
Seagram's V.O,
w Entries In Jet Supremacy Race:

THE BELL X-5, first aircraft to feature wings whose degree
Of sweepback mav be varied In flight, has been tested at
Edwarde Air Force Base. Muroc. Calif. The X-5, seen with
wings forward and swept back, is Jet-propelled and capable
of sustained iljfchts for long periods of time. With wings
forward, the experimental craft will be able to take off, climb
and land like any conventional Jet. With wines swept back.
It Is expected to reach supersonic speeds trie- greater the
sweepback. the greater the possible speed. The X-5, devel-
oped by Bell at Niagara Falls. N. Y.. Is slightly over 33 feet
lone, has wlngspan of 82'feet, nine inches, andv is 12 feet
hish, from ground to fin tip.
A NEW G.E. TURBOJET ENGINE, developed by General Elec-
tric and being tested at the Lockland, Ohio, plant, Is far more
gjwerful than its battle-tested predecessors of the same size,
escribed as "an important step in the world race for jet
supremacy," the new J-47 engine will power such fighting
planes as the North American F-86 "Sabre" jet and the six-
jet Boeing B-47 "Stratojet" bomber. Total power of the new
engine is a secret, but it puts out far more thrust than the
current J-47. rated in excess of 6200 pounds,
Engler (seated > advises Alexandria Terry where to find de-
tailed file on introduction, hisiorv and progress of an AFL-
supported bill in Congress. This is a part of the service
which makes AFL one of most effective legislative agencies
In behalf of American people, in the 81st Congress alone,
13 measures of interest to labor were enacled and two hostile
bills defeat'
Senators Fear Sabotage Here,
Revive Talk About NewCanal

Red Tax May
Cut Off Food
Supply In Berlin
BExvUN, 8ept. 1 (UP) The
Soviet backed East German
government has Imposed a pro-
hibitive tax on highway ship-
ments between Berlin and the
Western zones of Germany.
Allied officials here say the
tax threatens un cut off the
city's food supply.
The taxes, were Imposed at
midnight last night, and apply
to German vehicles travelling
between West Berlin and West
All of Berlin's meat, veget-
ables, eacs. milk and other
perishable foods enter Berlin by
The 13 trains allowed to en-
I ter Berlin dally from the West
are unable ts; haul heavier
This new Soviet Inspired
blockade threat faced the West-
ern allies with the possibility
of having to revive the Berlin
air lift.
At Helmstedt. border check
post on the road from West
Germany to Berlin. 400 Berlin-
bound trucks re waiting to be
The- new tax ranges from
eight marks for motor cycles
to 100 marks for heavy trucks.
The tax Is levied In east-
marks (currency of the Soviet
zone i but the drivers are being
forced to pay in westmarks,
which are rouphly five times
the '-'' e o' -astmarks.
Allied military vehicles are
not affected.
Egypt To Seek Red
Aid If Western
Nations Help Israel
CAIRO. Sept. 1 (UP) The
Egyptian press warned Britain
and the United States today that
Egvpt would appeal to Russia for
help should the western powers
aid Israel in attacking Egypt as
a result of the Suez Canal dis-
The press also warned that In
such an event there would be a
roundup of all Jews in Egypt.
Further, if Britain and Ameri-
ca should try to force a way
through the Suez Canal hi sup-
port of the United Nations Se-
curity Council order that Egvpt
should lift the blockade of Is-
rael. Egypt would block that wa-
Starting tomorrow, The Panam American publishing en-
terprise will enter into a new era.
The familiar bi-lingual package of the English-section
The Panam American and the Spanish-section El Panam Amer-
ica have been split and, from now on, they will be sold as separ-
ate newspapers at five cents per copy.
The "new look" has been forced by the steadily rising costs
in the publishing of newspapers, with particular emphasis on
the soaring price of newsprint
The splitting of the two language sections is believed the
answer to the increase in the cost of newsprint
Recent surveys haye proven that considerable waste is
-mailed" in the sale of the two-language paper in all areas.
In the Canal Zone, many customers canvassed have admit-
ted that they hardly ever look at the Spanish section. Conversely,
many Spanish section readers never turn to rhe English fold.
It is anticipated, of course, that some "growing pains" will
be -experienced by the new venture.
Subscribers are urged to stare their preference of papers or
if they desire both, but pending instructions to the contrary
Canal Zone subscribers will be sent only the English paper and
subscribers in the Republic of Panam will be delivered only
the Spanish.
. Our editors will continue to strive for the best and most
complete coverage of world and local news and we trust our
readers, meanwhile, will bear with us in these trying times of
a changing world.
Like the nickel subway ride and the five cent cup of coffee
in New York, the two-language paper-in-one has become a
thiag of the past in Panam.
But, although in separate units, The Panam American
and Ef Panam Amrica will carry on at the head of the field.
26 Husky New Zealanders
Show Rugby Skill In CZ
Hungry Crew
On Freighter
Still Waiting
The hungry crew of the Peru-
vian freighter Santa Monica
must be as badly off as ever, so
far as Is known.
The Santa Monica is still moor-
ed forlornly off Flamenco Island,
awaiting a decision as to her fate.
She has been at the same outer
anchorage since Aug. 8.
Key to her fate lies with owner
Carlos Mould, in Callao, Per.
If they heard from Mould the
Elliot Shipping Co. might take
over care of the vessel, and per-
haps tow her toTaboga for patch-
ing up.
Then perhaps the Santa Moni-
ca could carry the cement cargo
she hoped to take on here.
But nothing specific has been
heard from Mould, and so far as
is known the crew remains short
of food, water, cash and just
about everything.
WASHINGTON, Sept 1 (UP) Influential United
States Senators are worried that the Panam Canal may
be sabotaged in the event of war.
There is much talk here of a second waterway from
the Atlantic to the Pacific.
There is plenty of potential support for the building of
a canal through Nicaragua, or by way of Tehuantepec.
Pear that the Panama Canal,
locks are vulnerable to sabotage j
is driving these plans for a new;
canal some time in the future.
Few senators will give an out-1
spoken opinion of a new canal
This Is not because they have
no interest in the project, but
In elghteen-hundred-and-for-
ty-something, the Church of
England and the Presbyterian
Church of Scotland decided to
colonize New Zealand and carry
the word of God to that far-flung
section of the globe where today
is tomorrow.
To this end, they loaded sever-
al ships with some hundreds of
hardy Englishmen and Scotsmen
who were to be the actual colon-
ists, but they had the foresight
to send in addition some infan-
try units, supported bv the re-
quisite amount of artillery. This
was an anchor to the windward
against the possibility that the
natives of New Zealand. Polyne-
sians of giant stature and war-
like bearing, should not readily
accept the teachings of Chris-
The Maoris, as these natives
were called, took neither imme-
diately nor kindly to the story of
the Gentle Carpenter of Bethle-
hem. They also objetced. and
perhaps in a greater degree, to
the^ seizing of their land by
these holy, bagpipe plaving
white men. or Pakehas. as they
called them.
Thus It was that a period of
"pacification." as the great white
Queen Victoria euphemistically
called it. was deemed necessary
until sufficient Maoris had been
killed to make further resistance
appear purposeless.
When peace was established,
the pioneers from the British
Isles reverted to their true reli-
gion, known as rugby football. It
was from this method of dealing
with an Inflated pigskin that
American football was derived.
Perhaps closer kin to the Ame-
rican game is the version of
Rugby League which was played
" about 28 husky New Zealand-
' ntinued on Pase 6, Column 6)
Copper Workers
Plan Return To
Jobs C i Tuesday
The 8,000 copper workers who
walked out at the Kennecott
plants and mines in Utah, Ne-
vada and New Mexico waited
final Instructions from their lo-
cals today as they planned to
return to work Tuesday morn-
The mine Mill and Swelter
Workers Union called off the
five-day strike against Ken-
necott when it accepted the
country's package Wage In-
crease offer of about 22 cents
an hour.
This has been approved by
the union's wage policy com-
mittee and offered for ratifi-
cation by the various locals.
The Kennecott settlement
was the first break In the na-
tionwide strike of 58,000 mem-
bers of the left wing union.
Reserve Officers
To Meet Thursday
A meeting of all Reserve Of-
ficers both active and In-
active, will be held at the Of-
ficers Club. Naval Station Rod-
man next Thursday at 6 p. m.
Buffet supper will be served;
dress Informal.
This is a Reserve Officers As-
sociation meeting (ROA). The
purpose is to complete details
for the formation of a Navv
Chapter of the ROA.
Screaminq Commies
Drive UN Unit
Oil Korean Hill
8TH ARMY HQ., Korea. Sept. 1
(UP) More than 1,000 scream-
ing Reds firing burp guns push-
ed a United Nations unit off a
hill in the center of Bloody Ridge
north of Yanggu this morning.
Counter attacking United Na-
tions had not recaptured the
ground by late this afternoon.
Counter attacking United Na-
tions had not recaptured the
ground by late this afternoon.
Another Communist attack,
which grew from two companies
two two battalions west of Bloo-
dy Ridge, forced Allied units from
another crest later in the morn-
A determined United Nations
counterattack retook the crest
before noon.
Allied officers believed the
'resh North Korean division fac-
ine them in this area has been
hlfted from the vicinity of Kae-
The Red units previously In the
line here have suffered heavy
casualties in recent weeks.
because the legislators have be-
fore them a great deal of busi-
ness dealing with Europe and
This orientation of their views
would swing rapidly south if
they came to hear of a genuine
attempt to sabotage the Pan-
ama Canal.
Sen. Dennis Chavez, D., N. M.,
said today:
"I believe a second Atlantic-
Pacific route U more necessary
now then ever before.
"It is the focal point of the
defense of the whole Western
"The problem can be put In
one word security.
"If anything happened to tht
Panama Canal where would we
be? We have all our eggs In one
"We could easily promote tht
building of a canal through Te-
huantepec. It is at our own back
"It would also develop vast
areas of Mexico and neighbor-
ing countries, and bring them
a higher living standard."
CZ GIs To See
Hollywood Show
Johnny Grant's Hollywood Va-
rieties, starring Rhonda Fleming,
will be presented twice to soldier
audiences Monday.
At 9 a.m. the performers will
be at Position Eight, Chiva Chiva
Trail, and at 11 a.m. they will
appear at Hangar No 8, Ft. Kob-
The Kobbe appearance, which
will be for military personnel and
their dependents only (uniform
required), was postponed from
Friday eevning when the players*
airplane developed engine trou-
ble en route and was delayed In
arriving at Albrook Air Fore
In view of the successive increases in the produc-
tion costs of publishing newspapers, especially in the
price of newsprint, "The Panam American" and "El
Panam Amrica" shall be printed and sold separ-
ately as of Monday, Sept. 3, 1951.
The retail price of each newspaper will be five
cents per copy.
The Panama American Press, Inc
National AFofL Headquarters
Backs Up Locals of CLU-MTC
ing, chairman AFL National Legislative Committee and a
former Canal Zoman. directs work of AFL legislative repre-
sentatives in furthering in Congress progressive, liberal laws
for the benefit of all the people. He says. "The nonpartlsan
political policy of the AFL has repeatedly proved its prac-
ticability, securing passage of remedial federal and state
legislation, the defeat o objectionable legislation.'1
----- o
Labor Day being a day set a-
slde for the working man. it Is
timely to take note of the oldest
Canal Zone organization inter-
ested primarily in the working
The initials "CLU-MTC" stand
for the "Central Labor Union and
Metal Trades Council." the par-
ent body of 24 labor unions of the
Canal Zone who are all affilia-
ted with the American Federa-
tion of Labor.
For the enactment of its
round-the-year legislative pro-
gram and to fight legislation
considered Inimical to the inter-
ests of its membership. CLU-
MTC often seeks the aid of Ame-
rican Federation of Labor Head-
quarters shown in the accompa-
nying paragraphs:
Quoting from CH'-MTC by-
laws. "The object of this body
shall be to work In the best in-
terest of organised labor and
to adjust grievances which af-
fect organised labor in relation
to wares, working conditions
and allowances of the union
employes on the Isthmus of
Although the individual local
unions were in existence manv
years earlier, it was on March 20.
1914, in the town of Empire that
seven organizations met. dissolv-
ed the old "Provisional Council
of Metal Trades'' and held the
first meeting of the new Panama
Metal Trades Council.
Four years later, on Septem-
ber 12, 1918. the Central Labor
Union was formed so as to have
a central body for those not of
the metal trades.
As time passed and more and
more problems became common
to both groups, they became a
Joint body.
At present these two organiza-
tions operate with one arid the
same set of officers, as the Cen-
tral Labor Union and the Metal
Trades Council of the Panama
Canal Zone, with Walter Wag-
ner. President; E. W. Hatchett.
Secretary; W. M. O. Fischer.
Treasurer; H. E. Munro, Wage
Board member and W. M. Price,
Legislative Representative.
The two officers most often
heard of. and referred to as
"Watch Dogs" are the Wage
Board Member, whose duty it is
to see that the employe is pro-
perly paid In relation to compa-
rable Jobs In the United States
and the Legislative Representa-
tive who sees that Congress Is
proDerlv informed of items that
(Continued oa faga S, CoL )
MAKES KNOWNS AFL VIEWS.WashingtonWalter Mason,
one of AFL legislative representatives, dictates letter to Lil-
lian Holbrook setting forth AFL views on pending -legisla-
tion in Congress. In addition to legislation. AFL LeglaHO.
Committee franfliea many other matters with governmss v

Yankees Increase A.L. Margin Over Idle Rivals
East Side, Wast Side, all around the town they were saying
Billy Graham won the fight. And they could be right, too. It
certainly wasn't a popular decision Kid Gaviln left the ring
with after 15 rounds of blistering fighting in the Garden Wednes-
day night. Most of the cheers were for the native son.
Of this you can be assured. It was close. All three officials
disagreed In particulars and In the Involved scoring system In use
here, the Cuban was somehow deemed to be three points better.
Two officials saw it exactly even in rounds, though differing In
point*. Another saw it nine to six in rounds for Gaviln and was
obviously scoring some other fight.
It was the kind of fight which ruled out dogmatic Judgment.
Nevertheless. I thought Graham had a clear edge. Perhaps I
should confess I do not approach the scoring of fights scientific-
ally. The number of rounds a fighter wins does not impress me
too greatly. I Ignore points completely. The over-all impression Is
what determines my decision. At the end of a fight I feel I have
a pretty fair idea who won on what I've seen.
It so happens In this case I had Graham ahead eight to
seven in rounds but much more Important I had him winning
the big rounds decisively. As I say. it was close, bitterly close,
really, and I hesitate to go against the judgment of such com-
petent officials as Frank Forbes and Mark Conn, who differed in
points, but In my book Graham should be the new welterweight
There are some that hold the champion should not be de-
prived of his title when It is close and officials disagree. In all
other games and sports the champion can lose by the narrowest
o margins. Why not the same in the prize ring?

It wouldn't have been close If Graham, who was born in mid-
town New York and whose saloon keeper dad serves the best beer
In town, hadn't waited so long to reach his real stride. Gra-
ham's equipment is so complete, his Judgment so superb and his
nerves so stable he should beat the likes of Gaviln every Ay hi
the week.
I picked against him because he was Inactive for nearly
a year. With the fight half gone it looked as if this would be
the determining factor, too. Graham was missing often, passing
up Inviting openings and generally appeared to be sluggish. But
presently he began to get the feel of competition again and from
the 10th round on he was in charge of the ring.
Going into the 10th he was emphatically losing. But he had
shown midway In the fight that he had regained his timing.
He was beating the flat-faced Cuban to the punch, outscorlng
him In close and out-stabbing him at long range. It wasn't that
he had finally solved the Cuban's style (this was their third go);
he was merely throwing off ring rust.
Chances are, even the referee, whose card, coming last, saved
the Cuban's title, would have given the fight to Graham if he
had scored big in the 15th. When the bell sounded to start the
round practically everybody sensed this could be the tell, that
this was the round in which Graham could wrap it up beyond
Graham won the round but not sensationally. For the first
time since he had started to come his poise deserted him and In
over-eagerness his shafpshooting accuracy to the head lessened.
Still, as I say, he took the round and a hush fell over the sparse
crowd as the officials' slips were gathered. With the formal an-
nouncement that Oavlln had won an angry storm of protest
followed, and Gaviln was booed all the way to his dressing room.

The boos were directed at trie wrong fellow. Gaviln had giv-
en his best but in the opinion of a great majority it hadn't been
good enough. Gaviln has fine hand speed and an excellent left
and ltwas with these assets he rolled up an early lead. He also
features what he calls a bolo punch which is usually more de-
corative than functional. It's a right-hand swing and last night,
throwlne it shorter, it was effective in the early rounds.
But Gavlln's equipment is not solid and against a well-
round-sd ring man such as Graham Is, or was from the ninth on.
the Cuban is no more than ordinary. Along toward the end he
had discarded the bolo thing entirely. In close he continued to
score but for the most part he was attacking with a long, curving
over-hand right which landed with awesome noise effects on the
New Yorker's back. Amateur stuff.
As for the fight itself it was a corker, one of the best we've
had around here in some time. Like the two earlier ones this one
was what the radio boys call a squeaker. Naturally, there will be
a return. My guess is that it will be the laatv of the series. Gra-
ham has too much class for the Hawk who, despite my ignorant
comment of the other day. has every reason to be so named.
Gaviln Is hawk in Spanish.
Accepting Passengers For

Tel. Cristbal 1781 Balboa 1065
Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Cristbal
S.S. Fiador Knot ...............................Sept. I
S.8. Levers Bend ...............................Sept. 1
S.S. Chlrlqui ...................................Sept 2
La Playa.......................................Sept. 10
S.S. Mayarl ....................................Sept. 14
S.S. Chlrlqui ...................................Sept. 14
'ILadlln atrrlimtoa Chille* an* OtMnl Cart
New York Freight Service
S.S. Cape Avinof ...............................Sept. S
S.S. Cape Cumberland .........................Sept. t
S.8. Cape Cod .................................Sept. 15
8.S. Cape Ann .................................Sept. U
Waaaly SaUtac* lo Nrw tara. L AalM, lu Pranrtara Saatflt
Occarioaal Balllafi I* New Orlran. and Moblla
(Tat S>i I tkls mtvIc. art thalta* u twarrt aaawnaan)
naenaat PraUnl SaWac* (ran CrWtoaaJ U WaM Caaat Cratral *
Cristbal to New Orleans via
Tela, Honduras
S.S. Chlrlqui ___(Passenger Service Only)......Sept. 4
8.S. Chlrlqui ...................................Sept. IS
1st Race "D" Natives 6V4 Fus,
Purse: $300.00Pool Closes 12:45
First Race of the Doubles
1Golden Babe E. Sllvera 106
2Arquimedes O. Alfaro 122
3Romntico J. Cadogen 106
4Slxaola A. Vasquez 103x
5Filigrana D. D'Andrea 120
6Raymond V. Ortega 120
7Duque J. Rodriguez 112
8Tin Tan B. Agulrre 112
2nd Race "B" Natives 4H Fgs.
Purse: $350.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Doubles
1White Fleet A. Vasquez 107x
2Casablanca A. Mena 110-
3Black Sambo V. Castillo 121
4Orlto y Plata B. Agulrre 112
5-Golden Tip V. Ortega 115
3rd Race "E" Natives 4W Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:45
1Pesadilla M. Arosemena 106
2-Bljagual M. hurley 110
3Rio Mar F. Avila 120
4Annie N. B. Moreno 108
5Sin Fin A Venara 109x
6Don Tem A. Soto 114
7Torcaza) A. Vasquez llOx
8Volador) J. Baeza, Jr. lllx
9J. Hulncho G. Sanchez 112
Note: Don Temi excluded from
4th Raee "l"-l" Natives1 Mile
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2:20
1Manolete J. Phillips 120
2Domino B. Agulrre 116
3Eclipse O. Chanls US
4Politico H. Reyes 108x
5 Hercules A. Vergara 117x
6Risita B. Moreno 116
7Golden Faith C. Chavez lllx
5th Race "C" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $650.00 Pool Closes 2:55
1Paragon J. Samanlego 113
2Silver Domino B. Aguirre 116
3Riding East E. Sllvera 106
4Chacabuoo K. Flores 111
6th Race "F" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $500.00 Pool Closes 3:35
First Race of the Doubles
1 -Caribe O. Chanls 112
2Troplcana 3. Avila 120
3Asombro) V. Arauz 120
4Roadmasteri K. Flores 115
5Apretador B. Aguirre 110
6Uncle James J. Phillips 120
7Sismo A. Soto 114
8Pepslcola M. Hurley 120
7th Race "D" Imported 1 Mile
Purse: $600.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
I Cherlberibin V. Rodgz. 117x
2Carmela II E. Darlo 102
3Wild Wire J..Baeza. Jr. 107x
4Avenue Road) V. Ortega 10
5Gaywood) A Mena 112
6Mllros O. Chanls 110
7Clpayo E. Alfaro 112x
8th Race "1-2" Imported7 Fgs.
Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes 4:40
1-Athos J. Phillips 112
2Haste Star B. Moreno 120
3Flamenco A. ngulo U7x
4Bien Hecho V. Ortega lllx
5Armeno J. Cadogen 112
6Dora's Time No Boy 112
7Goylto M. Hurley 120
8D. D. T. G. Alfaro 120
9Don Salomon H. Alzam. 120
9th Raee "1-1" Imported1 Mllr
Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes lilt
1Rlnty J. 8amaniego 120
2Nehulneo G. Sanchez 120
3Mon Etolle c. Chavez lllx
4Bendigo E. Sllvera 110
5In Time B. Moreno 120
6Bartolo A. Soto 115
10th Raee "A"
Purse: $375.00
3Lollto M
5Tuily Saba
6 Don Pltln
NativesH Fgs.
- Pool Closes 5:40
A. Mena 106
E. Sllvera 106
Arosemena 99
K. Flores 108
A. Bazan 124
H. Reyes lOOx
B. Moreno 108
7 Fgs
11th Race "C" Natives
Purse: $325.00
1 Taponazo J. Cadogen 114
2-Mr. Espinosa H. Reyes 105x
3Helen N. B. Aguirre 110
4Mueco A. Vasquez 104x
5Elona M. Zeballos 118
6 Bagaleo V. Castillo 110
Juan Franco Tips
1Arquimedes Filigrana
2Black Sambo Grito y Plata
3Don Temi Annie N.
4Manolete Golden Fslth
5Silver Domino Chacabuco
6Hoadmaster (e) Apretador
7Gaywood (e) Milrox
SGoylto Athos
9Nehulneo Mon Etoile
10Tullv Saba Hortensia
11Helen B. Bagaleo
ONE BESTBlack Sambo.
Texan Didn't Mind
Broken Windshield
Until Cop Took Ball
HOUSTON. Tex., Sept. 1.
don't complain when the home
team makes a home run.
But one Houstonlan had a
right to kick when Jerry Wltte
of the Texas League Buffs poled
his 33rd of the season through
the windshield of the Texan's
new car.
It wasn't the broken glass the
fan minded as mucli as the fact
that a policeman retrieved the
ball before the car owner could
get It lor Wltte to autograph!.
Giants Trounce Dodgers
8-1 In 'Series' Opener
By United Press
NEW YORK, Sept. 1 The Yankees widened their
slim American League lead to one-and-one-half games
pending the result of the scheduled Indians-Browns night
game at Cleveland yesterday by whitewashing the Senat-
ors 4-0 behind the three-hit pitching of lefty Ed Lopat.
The third place Red Sox drop-
ped back five games off the pace
when their game with the Phil-
adelphia Athlelics was postponed
on account of rain. Meanwhile,
the fourth place White Soxwho
are practically out of the fight
for first placeremained ten and
one-half games back by whip-
ping the Tigers 4-1.
The Yankees -lugged out 14 hits
while Ed Lopat kept the Senat-
ors away from the plate. The win
was Ed's 18th of the season
against seven losses. Sid Hudson
was the losing hurler.
Ken Holcombe scattered eight
hits and allowed only one run as
his mates tallied four times on
nine safeties, including Ed Rob-
inson's 24th circuit clout of the
campaign. The win was Hol-
combe's tenth against nine set-
backs. Freddie Hutchlnson was
charged with the loss.
Sal Mage and Don Mueller
combined forces to give the
league leading Dodgers an 8-1
walloping. Maglle gave up seven
scattered hits while Mueller wal-
loped three home runs -his ele-
venth, 12th and 13th.
Ralph Branca, who started for
Brooklyn, dropped his sixth game
against twelve wins. Bob Thom-
son also homered for the New
Yorkers. The Giants also execut-
ed a triple play to help Maglle.
The victory gave the Giants a
badly needed triumph In the
opener of their two-game series
at the Polo Grounds. The win
placed the Giants six games back
of the badlv faltering Dodgers.
Herman Wehmeier of the Reds
pitched a six-hit 4-3 triumph over
the Cubs in the only other Na-
tional League afternoon game.
Cal McLish was the loser.
American League
TEAMS Won Lost Pet. G.B.
New York. 81 47 .68$
Cleveland 80 49 .620 1M
Boston ... 75 51 .595 5
Chicago. 71 58 .550 10'/a
Detroit ... 59 70 .457 224
Washington 53 73 .481 27
Philadelphia 53 77 .448 29
St. Louis. 89 86 .312 42
Night game not included.
Today's Games
Chicago at Detroit.
New York at Washington.
Philadelphia at Boston.
St. Louis st Cleveland.
Yesterday s Results
New York 000 001 3004 14 1
Washington OOO'ODO 0000 3 1
Lopat (18-7) and Berra; Hud-
son (4-9), Consuegra (7), Moreno
(9) and Klutts
Chicago 000 200 0024 9 O
Detroit 000 000 1001 8 1
Holcombe (10-9) and Sheely;
Hutchlnson (9-8) and Swift,
(Postponed, Inclement Weather)
(Night Game)
National League
TEAMS Won Lost Pet. G.B.
Brooklyn 82 46 .641
New York. 77 53 .592
Boston ... 64 61 .512 16'.,
St. Louis. 61 62 .496 184
Phil'delphia 63 66 .488 194
Pittsburgh. 55 Cincinnati 55 74 .426 274
74 .426 274
Chicago. 53 74 .417 284
Mufuel Dividends
Juan Franco
1Don Sizzle $9. $3.60, $2.60.
2Pregonero $8.20 $3.
3Fonseca $4.40.
1Aqu Estoy $10.40, $5.20.
2Tapsy $3.
First Doubles: (Don Sizile-Aqui
Estoy) $52.
1Villarreal $3.60. $2.60.
2Carbonero $8.60.
One-Two: (Villarreal-Carbon-
ero) $30.80.
1Diana $5.60, $6.80, $2.40.
2La Negra $5.80, $2.60.
3Diez de Mayp $2.60.
Quiniela: (Diana-La Negra)
1Piragua $20.80, $8.80.
2Doa Eleida (e) $2.20.
1 Ranchopaja $3.60. $2.40, $2.20.
2Cotillon $3 $2.40.
3Zevelanla $3.
1 Beduino $13.60, $5.60. $5.00.
2Frutal $8.20, $3.60.
3Delhi $4.20.
Second Doubles: (Ranchopaja-
Beduino) $34.60.
1Mete Bulla $13.80 $5.60, $3.20.
2Glory's Ace $7.20, $4.20.
3Alfonsito $2.80.
Quiniela: (Mete Bulla-Glory's
Ace) $23.80.
1Scotch Chum $25, $5.20.
2Miss Fairfax $3.60.
One-Two: (Scotch Chum-'Miss
Fairfax) $57.80.
1Lituana $5.20, $3.60.
2Suavo $4.60.
1Miss Cristina $9.40, $480.
2Guarina $5.20.
Today's Games
Brooklyn at New York.
Cincinnati at Chicago.
Boston at Philadelphia.
Pittsburgh at St. Louis.
Yesterday's Results
Brooklyn 001 000 0001 7 0
New York 122 001 20x8 8 1
Branca (12-6), Podblclan,
Haugstad and Campanella; Ma-
glle (18-5) and Westrum.
Cincinnati 020 020 0004 7 1
Chicago 200 100 0003 6 0
Wehmeier (3-9) nd Howell;
McLlsh (3-9), Hatten and B. Ed-
wards, Owen.
(Night Game)
(Night Game)
The nor/a aqreesjn vi/beys please
'Mr. P.A. Want Ad1 attract
a following
Of prospects mighty fine!
What' more ... he signs
them quickly
On the dotted line!
Your classified ad will at*
tract a parade of good pros*
pects because everyone in
Panam and the Canal
Zone reads P.A. Want Ads
regularly. Try them now
... the results will surprise
of Randy Turpin's first experi-
ences in this country was to
sink his choppers into the ex-
alted hot dog. The British Negro
defends the world middleweight
championship against S u g s r
Ray Robinson in a 15-round
match, the hottest in years, at
Polo Grounds, Sept. 12. (NEA)
Jr. College Issues
Football Uniforms
The Canal Zone Junior College
Is determined to try and field a
football team this year In spite of
all the losses it has already had
to the Armed Forces and Inviting
Tuesday afternoon at 3 o'clock
Coaches Mower and Karst will
Issue uniforms to all college men
that weigh more than 100 pounds
and can run the hundred yard
dash in less than 15 seconds (In
a track outfit).
The attempt to start practice
before school started was in vain
and as a result true college men
are now at least six weeks behind
the practice schedule of the .high
In spite of these many handi-
caps they have not lost the "old
college spirit" and are willing to
put forth that extra effort it
takes to put up a respectable
showing on the field of play.
Du -'8 football team plays South
, Cu orina, Pittsburgh an* Ten-
ne>oee on the road before the
first home game.
Whanavtr th pain of Rhaumatlim,
Arthrltla. Naurltla. Lumbao. Sci-
atica, lift moifUi and wolltn
liilnti maka yon
and awollan
_ miserable, set
_ from your drnfflat at
one*. ROIIIND quickly brinca fan-
taatlc r*llf au you can alaap. work
and Uva In comfort. Don't uffar
BHilwaly. Oat ROMIND today. Cam-.
. The Cardinal,
Cox. (NEA)
MacArthur Only Has To Raise
His Hand To Be Baseball Czar
NEA Sports Editor
NEW YORK, Sent. 1. (NEA)
Gen. Douglas MacArthur can
have the baseball commission-
ship merely by raising.his hand.
Talking with more than e-
nough owners to elect him con-
vinces you of that.
Gen. MacArthur may have
said, "All I'm interested In Is
seeing the young men play," but
for a most logical candidate, the
distinguished soldier certainly
has made a great campaign.
Since his return from the Or-
ient, the three New York clubs
have not had steadier patrons
day and night than the General
and his lovely missus and little
son, Arthur.
And always in the right com-
pany for a man running for
baseball office, that of the own-
The magnates feel that the
Job vacated by Happy Chandler
requires a national figure of in-
presslve reputation. Where could
they beat MacArthur?
They want the new czar to
carry weight In Washington.
Outside of one spot. MacArthur
carries top poundage there.
MacArthur would give organ-
ized baseball what It needs most
a well-balanced firm hand. He
has all the answers, lncludlne
the administrative and baseball
MacArthur has been close to
baseball and athletics since he
was a cadet at the United States
Military Academy, where he
placed second base and left field
m 1901-02-03, and managed the
football team.
As superintendent of West
Point following World War I. he
composed the couplet marking
the entrance to the new gym-
nasium: "Upon the fields of
friendly strife are sown the seeds
that upon other fields on other
days will bear the fruit* of vic-
He reorganized and enlarged
the athletic program.
He asked John McCraw of the
Giants for a smart coach and
got Hans Lobert. the old third
baseman who circled the bases
In nothing flat.
He Inaugurated the series
which each spring sees the
Giants ending their training sea-
son by playing Army on the
Hudson Highlands.
If General MacArthur keeps
going to games, by Sept. 20. he
latest date set for the big deci-
sion, he'll know more about
major-league baseball than most
of its present officials.
Young Bob Carpenter of the
Phillies gave Tom Casagrande
$40,000 to sign because he im-
pressed Scout Chuck Ward as a
power hitter who could be made
Into a first baseman.
Jack Coffey, the old-time
shortstop coaching Fordham,
said Casagrande had more po-
tentiality than any youngster
since Base Ruth.
Casagrande, a big left-hander,
flopped both ways down on the
farm at Wilmington, Del.. In the
Class B Inter-State League, but
he was put back In the box. and
it looks as though the Philadel-
phia Nationals are going to get
their money back. He pitched a
10-lnnlng no-hitter, lost It In the
11th. More recently, he pitched
a seven-Inning no-hltter and
won It. Four of his first 10 vte-
torles were shutouts.
Chuck Ward also signed Rob-
In Roberts, fresh out of Michigan
Stae. so If Tom Casagrande keeps
coming, the old National League
shortstop will be closer to Bob
Carpenter's ear than ever.
Average Breadwinners Take
Over Poloat Swank Newport
NEWPORT. R. I., Sept. 1.
i NEA) Polo Isn't any longer
exclusively a plutocrats' pastime.
Average breadwinners have
taken over the one-time swank-
society sportIn one of Its most
traditional strongholds, New-
port, where it started in this
Today's Newport Polo Club
roster reads like a Rotary Club
muster list. There's not a blue-
blood or stockbroker In the lot.
But there's Joe Ganek. a short-
order cook, and a cop, a water-
taxl driver, a farmer, a dentist,
a plumber and a laundryman.
Ganek, Jack 81egrist, Fred and
8am Alofsln. Frenehy Saurette
and Art Carvalho probably never
saw the inside of the marble
halls on the shoreline drive.
8am Alofsln. automobile sales-
man, says polo Isn't any more
expensive than golf and a lot
more fun.
Most club members keep their
own ponies and are more con-
cerned with the animals' safety
than with their owji. The mounts
are family pets, rubbed down If
the players' children.
The 8unday show of whooping
riders and their hard-galloping
ponies attracts larger crowds
than society polo ever did. Hun-
dreds of tourists and local cit-
izens attend during the summer.
Spectators watch the games,
played on leveled farm land,
lounging against centuries-old
stone walls shaded by big trees.
The club, active practically all-
year round, has enough members
to keep four full teams in the
field. Riders practice against
one another and play long after
the last summer tourist has call-
ed it a vacation. When the farm
ground freezes too hard, they
play on the wide, sandy beaches
around Newport. Only heavy
snow drives them Indoors.
Popular polo is catching on la
other localities.
The Newport club lately has
been able to arrange matches
with opponents from Taunton
and Brldgewater. Mass.
Dog Tired Dave!
David was a busy fellow,
shopping never left him mellow!
Worn out, weary, tired and brave.
Why not read oar Want Ada. Dave?



tfNDAY. EFTEMBEB ?. 1951
WHOOPEE*The am.zlnf White Sox trest every sme like they were In a World Seriei With
"**"" been the least reason for the Chicago Americana' surprising urge. (NEA)
Good Pitching Doesn't End
With Baseball's World Seres;
Texas Faces Best In College
NEA Sports Editor
NEW YORK. Sept. 1. (NEA)
The football season overlaps the
baseball, and good pitching won't
end with the World 8erlea.
Texas tackles the best college
pitching In the country, that of
Kentucky's Base Parllli, Purdue's
Dale Samuels, Southern Method-
ist's Fred Benners Baylor's Larry
Isbell and Texas Christian's Oil
ParUU's passes snapped Okla-
homa's phenomenal victory
skein In the New Orleans Sugar
Bowl. 8amuels broke Notre
Dame's and gave the first tip
that the Irish were In for a
rough voyage, for a change.
What turned out to be an ex-
traordinary Ohio State varsity
hamstrung Kyle Rote, but could-
n't solve Benners' elbow. Bartosh
and Isbell are superior passers
In an air-minded land.
Thus it is that the Longhorns
a" ce a sustained aerial attack In
e freshman year of Coach Ed
Herman Hickman's extracur-
ricular activities are attracting
attention at Yale..
Old Blues believe they have
the squad if they can keep the
poet laureate of the Great
Smokies on the campus long e-
nough to show the boys how.
Commenting on Hickman's
prodigious unrelated outside
activities as All-Star Game
coach, television character and
whatnot, one old grad acidly
"We got him the horses. If he
doesn't come through the boys
won't be to blame."
Clyde Douglas Walker, Pea-
head's Ivy League name, will
have a great deal to do with the
Ells' drill this fall.
He was about as sound as head
coaches come in his long stay at
Wake Forest, is accustomed to
holding his own with the finest.
This appears to be an off year
in the Southwest Conference
and a big one In the Pacific
The latter could mean that
the far west may keep the roses
for the first time since it started
playing house with the Big Ten.
They're giving Texas A. and
M. a wide berth in the South-
west, but a seasoned observer
down that-a-way believes the
Aggies' aerial power and defense
Is as bad as that of the Reds in
North Korea.
This pundit insists that a
league championship for College
Station would indicate that
there isn't a stlckout side in the
Notre Dame once more Is as
loaded as a Texas oil man, but
Frank Leahy has a new crying
towel. The old one was worn out
last season with real, honest-to-
goodness tears.
The manufacturer must be
the same, though. The cryptic
observations are. 8uch as. when
speaking of the Nov. 17 clash
with North Carolina:
"We view the coming game at
Chapel Hill with great apprehen-
Arizona's point-a-mlnute fresh-
men of 194B are Juniors.
Backing them up are members
of last autumn's unbeaten frosh.
This easily could be a young
team with ideas.
Former Army Grid
Star To Enroll At
West Virginia U.
Former Army football player
Jimmy Peyton of Wheeling. West
Virginia, has decided to enroll
at the University of West Vir-
ginia. Peyton Is one of the Army
grldders ousted from West Point
during the recent scandal oyer
University Information Direc-
tor Dave Jacobs says Peyton's
application will be handled the
same as that of any other stu-
dent. The petition will go before
the faculty committee on admis-
Jacobs pointed out that a full
transcript of Peyton's grades and
other records at the Point must
be forwarded before West Vir-
ginia officials can take any ac-
tion. That's the normal proce-
duref or all enrollees.
If Peyton is accepted as a
student, he won't be eligible to
play varsity football until 1952.
That's the rule governing trans-
fer students in the Southern
Conference. However, once he
becomes eligible. Peyton will
have two years of eligibility left.
Another West Virginian who
left the Academy Bob Orders
hasn't yet made an applica-
tion to the University. Orders
aid when he was discharged that
he was considering enrolling at
West Virginia.
Murphy Is Convincing Evidence
That All Southpaws Should Be
Turned Around Or Suppressed
NEA Sports Editor
NEY YORK, Sept. 1. (NEA) When Joe Louta was in
full stride, and shopping for an opponent with whom he could
draw a substantial gate, the heavyweight champion flfttly re-
jected Mello Bettlna.
"I don't box no southpaws." said, the Brown. Bomber, with
characteristic frankness.
"Why should I. and throw
everything I've been taught
out the nearest window, start
all over again?"
After an early and sad ex-
perience, Bud Taylor, the
great bantam of 25 years
back, positively refused to
have anything to do with
young men who fought with
their right foot forward.
"You have to do everything
backwards," explained the
Terre Haute Terror. ""* *u
Irish Bob Murphy is the latest and most convincing evid-
ence that southpaws should be turned around at a tender age
or suppressed.
Trying to cross with his left against Joey Maxim, the red-
headed Mick looked like your Aunt Emmy throwing a baseball.

Bob Murphy
Seven-Man Teams From As Many Nation?
Bait Hooks For Big Ones In Tuna Cup Match
> r >
Doctors Hit The Jackpot As
Rodeos Join Football In West
NEW YORK, Sept. 1. (NEA)
A bunch of the boys are shoving
off for the Pendleton. Ore.,
Roundup, Sept. 1215. which re-
minds Dr. Vincent Nardlello that
bronco busting Is by far the
roughest game.
Indeed, the medicos hit the
Jackpot when the rodeos come in
with the football season. And in
comparison with lootball. saddle
bronc riding and bareback bronc
riding make football's blocking
and tackling look like tiddly-
Dr. Nardiello has been minis-
tering Madison Square Garden
rodeo performers since 1045. In
that length of time there have
been two fatalities in connection
With the World Championship
Rodeo, which runs this season
from Sept. 26 to Oct. 21.
Dr. Nardlello lists the injuries:
15 dislocated shoulders, three
fractured shoulders, 12 broken
and eight fractured legs, two
fractured knees, 15 fractured
feet, 10 torn ligaments of the
knee, six cases of water on the
knee, one spinal Injury, two
fractured skulls. 15 concussions,
two fractured Jaws, one broken
neck, 10 fractured collarbones,
20 fractured ribs, one punctured
lung. 15 fractures of wrist and
forearm. 10 fractured hands and
two dislocated elbows.
In 1045. Homer Cook was kick-
ed by a horse In the wild horse
race after he was thrown. He
was kicked right over the heart,
and the Imprint of the hoof was
branded on him. He died within
three minutes. Thrown in the
bareback bronc-ridlng contest
in 1048. Art Smith died of a cer-
ebral hemorrhage.
The night Cook was killed. Jim
Schumacher was scalped by a
Brahma bull, required 20 stlches.
He still competes.
Manuel Enos was thrown full
force against the Garden's con-
crete wall by a bronc. He looked
dead when brought into the
emergency room. He recovered in
an hour, and left the hospital
because- the smell of ether bo-
thered him.
On Oct. 11, 1948. Dr. Nardlello
treated three cowhands for dis-
located shoulders, which must
constitute some sort of a record
for an athletic contest Stitches
are given from 15 to 20' cow-
hands dally. Dr. Nardiello treats
25 per day for cuts, bruises and
rope burns. Little things like
Charley horses and strawberries,
which hobble most athletes, are-
n't regarded as serious enough to
be treated.
Comparing the virility of bronc
riding with ice hockey. Dr. Nar-
diello has treated lust three New
York Rangers for dislocated
shoulders In 17 years.
The list of rodeo injuries he
compiles, mind you is for Just
the one show and stand during
which more than 200 will com-
pete this trip for $90.000 In prize
money. There are other touring
productions, and Imagine what
the sick bay list is after the
Pendleton Roundup, the Calgary
Stampede. Cheyenne's Frontier
Days. San Francisco's Grand Na-
tional Livestock Exposition and
similar performances in Phoenix,
Billines, Mont.. Salinas and Llv-
ermore. Calif.. at other spots
where the cowpokes ride the
Rough riding is right.
In the ring, left-handers are lust nstursuly awkward.
Almost without exception they develop only the one wea-
ponthe left.
Lew Tendler, the daddy of them all, alone Jabbed effectively
with his right as the orthodox warrior does with his left.
Benny Leonard beat the one-time Philadelphia newsboy by
dropping his left hook over Tendler's Jab, dispelling the popular
theory that the way to beat a southpaw was to lead with the
right, a sucker punch under ordinary circumstances.
Men fighting with their right foot extended have attained
championships, but George K. O. Chaney. the Baltimore knock-
errouter, Tendler and poor Tiger Flowers were the only ones
totally satisfactory.
The remarkable Harry Greb won and lost the middleweight
wreath to matches with southpawsJohnny Wilson and Flowers.
If you want to know what left-handers fighting one an-
other look like, you should have seen Chaney tackle Tendler
and Danny Kramer.
Al McCoy became known as the original cheese champion
when he clipped George Chip for the middleweight leadership
at Brooklyn's Broadway Arena in 1914, but this left-hander
boxed better than a lot of people realized. Johnny Wilson,
Flowers and Lou Brouillard, southpaws, subsequently wore the
middleweight crown, the first named being a Grade A agony
Brouillard. a tough gee out of Danlelson. Conn., previously
had lifted the welter stewardship from Young Jack Thompson.
The French Canadian was outscrambled bv Jackie Fields, who
in turn couldn't fathom the strange maneuvering of still sn
other left-hander. Young Corbett III.
Freddie Miller, featherweight ruler out of Cincinnati, tra-
veled all over the world belting blokes with his one good duke.
Jackie Paterson, a wee Scotsman, held the flyweight foreman-
ship from 1043 to '48 with a southpaw stance.
Men who know anything at all about boxing strive to con-
vert lefthanders at an early age. Most southpaw scrappers, in-
cluding Bob Murphy, tried to turn around, but it was no dice.
The sallorman might Just as well have kept on trying. He
couldn't have been any worse.
Accomplished left-handers are mighty formidable when they
learn to plant the left foot in front, and smart handlers and
trainers know the southpaw runs the risk of being withheld
from circulation.
NEA Special Correspondent
WEDGEPORT. Nova Scotia,
Sept. 1. (NEA)The boys who
go after the big hluefin tuna-
fish that scale up to 1000 pounds
are starting to gather here for
the eighth annual international
Tuna Cup Match. Sept. 12-16.
The tuna cup match truly
rates as an international com-
petition with big game fisher-
men coming from all over the
world to compete for individual
and team honors.
Seven-man teams representing
as many nations Argentina.
Chile, Cuba, the British Empire,
Scandinavia, Peru and the Un-
ited Statescompete for the
team championship won last
year by Chile.
The American team Is made
up of seven outstanding salt-
water anglers from all over the
Captain is Tony Hulmn Jr..
of Terre Haute, a member of the
U.S. team for the past three
years and an All-America end at
Yale In 1923. He is chairman of
the board of the Indianapolis
Other members of the U. 8.
team are Robert Beech of West
Palm Beach. MaJ. Ben Crown-
lnshleld of Ipswich, Mass.; Jo-
seph Gale of New York. Alfred
C. Glassell of Houston. C. F.
Johnson of Hendersonvllle, N.
C. and John Manning of Beverly
Hills. Calif.
Manning is competing for the
sixth time, formerly held the
world record with an 890-pound-
Captain of this year's British
team is the present record hold-
er for bluefln. He Is Cmdr. Dun-
can M. Hodgson of Montreal, a
Canadian naval officer, who
caught a world record 977-pound
tune off Nova Scotia last year,
but not during the match.
Norman Gow of Brisbane. Aus-
tralia, traveled 10,000 miles to
compete for the British. Other
members of the British team In-
clude MaJ. Cyril H. Frisby of
Surrey, Eng Ernest Vesey and
James Pearman. Jr.. of Bermuda
and T. J. Wheeler of Pickering.
Ont. A seventh man Is yet to be
Fishing for tuna in this match
Is done at world-famous Soldier's
Rip about 10 miles out from
Wedgeport. The fishing boats are
manned by three crew members
with two fishermen to a boat.
When the tide Is moving In
the "Rip." the boat speed Is set
to such a degree that the craft
bucks the tide, but actually does
not move In relation to the ocean
The only thing missing at this
great event ar spectators. A-
bout the only people who sec
the match are newsmen, maga-
zine writers and photographers.
You can't build a grandstand In
the sea.
Manv anglers, however, know
Soldier's Rip. Guides take out
port fishermen from here
hroughout most of the summer.
It was here last fall that Gene
runney. former heavyweight
boxing champion, boated a 608.-
pound tuna and described the
battle with It as "one of the
toughest fights I ever had."


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4 cups si/fed flour 3 eggs, well beattn
4 teaspoons Calumet Baking 3 squares Baker's Premium
Powder 1 Chocolate, melted
1 V* teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon vanilla
1 V cups sugar 1 cup milk
Sift fleur once, measure, odd baking powder ond salt, and sift togehter three
times. Add sugor gradually to eggs, beating thoroughly; then add choco-
late ond vanillo; blend. Add flour, alternately with milk, a smoll amount at
a time, mixing thoroughly after each addition. Knead lightly on well floured
booro. Rolf 1/3 inch thick. Cut with floured, medium doughnut cutter. Fry
in decR fot (385FJ 3 to 4 minutes, or until done, turning frequently. Drain
{rtunglaied poper. Sprinkle with powdered sugor. Or dip doughnuts in mix-
ie of granulated sugor ond cinnamon. Mokes 4 dozen doughnuts.
TABLE with a new. easier-to-chew
consistency, these doys. A recent
chong* in formula has made them
Baker Chocolate, capsuled with sugar
in tiny little particles thot burst
when hot liquid is added. It's o great
heip in the morning, when you .can
a little less hard then they used to prepare the children's cocoa merely
be, though they sliii hove that mor- L
velous Grape-Nuts flavor. More then
just a pleasant beginner for the doy.
Post's Grape-Nuts are o health-giv-
ing ond time-saving way to so've
your worries obout breakfast. Served
with'Whole milk or cream, they give
you protein, minerols. precious vita-
spins and extro energy. Good idea
*o jot a reminder about Grape-Nuts
on your shopping pad. if vou're look-
ing for a tasty cereal.
VEGETABLE every doy is o "must"
tor the overoge diet. IA number of
cfner foods ore on the Essentiol list
too. ond to give your family bright
yes and pink cheeks they should all
be in your menus. I Of course the
fresher orid crisper your vegetables
are, the better. Of the three woys of
buying vegetobles from the gro-
cery bins.' in cons, or frozen the
letter seems the best and most prac-
tico!. At leost one brand of frozen
foods, the Birds Eye products, olwoys
give you first quality vegete bles
Quick-frozen ot the very peak of
their freshness and gcodnes. these
vegetables cook in less time, save
washing, trimming and waste, ond
give you flovor and tenderness that
rivof the finest n ycur own gorden
For tomorrow's quoto of greenery,
why not serve a dish of tender Bird
Eye Green Beans? A 10-qunce pack-
age mokes 3 to 4 servings, cooks in
dbout 10 minutes. Birds Eve Green
Beo's corn* in either regular or
French cuts, ond you can buy them
in the frozen foods section of your
grocery store.
the market is Baker's 4-in-l Instant
Cocoa. It makes four different dishes.
Contains a blend of excellent Walter
by adding hot milk. Baker's 4-in,-l
is equolly convenient for fudge, cho-
colate milk shokes. and frosting
Mokes a wonderful hot fudge sun-
dae! Nice to hove one compact little
package thot will do so many things
so quickly..and give you rich,
smooth chocolate into the bargain.
ERATIONS have boosted Calumet
Baking Powder into number qne po-
sition in its field. Our mothers and
grandmothers knew that Columet's
famed "Double-Action" could be
trusted to give perfect, fool-proof
leavening to everything they boked
with it. and Calumet remains ot the
top of the list to this day. Because we
want all of your bokmg hours to be
hoppy ones, we're again offering Ca-
lumet's useful booklet, "Learn s to
Bake," for only 15c. In 80 pages
ond 135 recipes, it covers every-
thing you could want to know about
baking. It contains important ar-
ticles about measuring, selecting the
proper pans, and o complete boking
time-toble. If you haven't a copy, by
oil means write for this booklet. Print
your name ond address on the coupon
below. ond mail it with I5< in
stomps or coin.
Box 893
Ponama. R. de P.
Enclosed Is I5< in stamps or coin
Pleas send me the booklet, "Learn
to Bake" You'll love it!
Judging from the way many
of the 'experts'' sound off on
marriage you net the idea that
for two people to have a hapy
marriage 1* one of the world's
most difficult jobs.
Maybe onejeason why we have
to many marriage failure* today
U that they've succeeded In sel-
ling that Idea to Mr. and Mrs.
Let's unsell ourselves Grant-
ing that a man and woman are
In love when they marry, why
should creating a haupy mar-
riage be such a difficult and
never-ending job?
If they're in love and have the
Stood fortune to be able to marry
each other, why shouldn't they
be happy?
They will be If thev want to
be. If they want a happy mar-
riage enough to try to make each
other happy.
That all there U to a happy
marriageJust a man and wo-
man who have chosen each o-
ther for life and taken on the
responsibility for making the
other's happiness a guiding prin-
ciple of their lives.
The "experts" so often talk
about a "happy marriage" as
1 though it were an impersonal
i thing. It Isn't. It's just two peo-
ple who are concerned enough
I for each other's welfare to be
understanding, unselfish, loving,
honest and helpful.
Is that too difficult for adults
who have fallen in love and
agreed to take each other for
better or worse, for richer or
poorer, in sickness and in health?
It shouldn't be. There should-
n't be anything frightening or
discouraging about such a pros-
The "experts" keep throwing
statistics at us which only dis-
courage us. they keep harping
on marriage "problems" until
j we get to thinking more in terms
! of problems than In terms of liv-
ing each day as It comes.
Let's unsell ourselves on those
discouraging concepts and re-
member that a happv marriage
is nothing more than two mar-
ried people who love each other
and want each other to be happy.
A New Face
Acts on BOTH SIDES of your skin
Yoib face never stops speaking of
You. And it can say heartwarming
thingsif you just let it. Help your
face show you with beauly and spirit.
Always at bedtime (for day cleansingt,
too) do this "Outside-Inside'' Face
Treatment with Pond's Cold Cream.
Mo Stimulationsplash face with hot water.
Cream Cleans* swirl Pond's Cold Cream all oree
jour fce. This solteos, sweeps dirt and mate-up
from pore openings. Tissue off.
Cream Rinseswirl on a second Pond's creaming.
This rinses off last traces of dirt, leases skin lubricated,
immaculiie Tissue off.
Cale) SMmulaMaas Ionic cold water splash.
Tmr/act/t$U/rmk one cUaglov-
ing mtit colour! Lovtly, young Mr,.
Wen Tuca Amor my "Thu Pon
star of caring/or my slum it a joyV
b is not vanity to develop your
beauty. Looking lovely sends a
treno bappinets shining through
your faca briaga the //user You
closer to others.
wntyeur btgjmr of ,Wwy Fonts- TODA YI

omen s

^Desianed J~or ^Mc
S^marl (clothed ^Jo rit Moat ^rrome VKouline
These are fashions that will get a housewife through her busy day
looking efficient and attractive. For breakfast, and for morning
chores, she wears (left) a navy blue-and-whlte striped cotton
shirt and gray denim pedal pushers. She's ready for casual callers
In the afternoon (left center) In a practical green denim duster.
She does her marketing (right center} in a completely washable
checked gingham suit with velvet trim. And when she has guests
in for a chafing dish supper (right), she wears a flower-printed
matelasse organdie that washes like a handkerchief and needs no
ironing. This is a wardrobe adapted to her way of life.
NEA Woman's Editor
the trend has been lately to re-
fer to homemaklng as a career,
the housewives themselves are
yet to be completely convinced.
And small wonder.
As they sit, sipping their
morning coffee and contemplat-
ing a sink full of dirty dishes,
they're doubtful. It's difficult to
feel like a carerlst when you're
clad in a faded housedress, hair
In curlers, shapeless bedroom
slippers afoot.
For housewives are neglected
women. There are clothes design-
ed for college girls, teen-agers,
career women, glamor girls, even
girls just starting to toddle. But
does the housewife rate? No. She
buys whatever she can get and
it never adds up to clothes de-
signed particularly for her way
of life.
She relies year after year, on
a few housedresses, a black or
navy blue crepe for "dress wear,"
a usually outdated coat or two
and some old party dresses that
she wears out in the laundry or
kitchen. 8he Is not offered
clothes that will help her to feel
happy and to look good from
morning to night, for her family,
L/ineSam (yi^iJ
L^otton *J~or C^arlu ^sall School vi/e
Little girls like to look their best on the first day back to school. Here are autumn plaids in cotton
fashions that have a wrinkle-free finish. For the nursery school crowd, there's a red plaid (left)
with minute collar and cuffs and tiny tacks on cither side of the bodice. Gay green plaids (center)
for big and little sister are jumpers styled overall fashion with separate white cotton blouses
Separates (right) are done in blue plaid with scalloped jacket and white blouse.
first dress of the school season
Is best when it's cotton for some
very practical reasons. The first
school days often bring with
them warm weather. So. school
dresses that are cool and are
done In dark plaids that suggest
autumn are Just exactlv right.
The very smallet pupil of them
all can head for nursery school
as smartly turned out as her big
sister. For her, there's a minute
red plaid frock with tiny white
collar and cuffs. Bodice and skirt
are gently tucked. But. most
Important, this Dan River gin-
gham has been given a special
finish to make It shed wrinkles.
This means that it stays fresh
through many wearlngs; doesn't
need washing and ironing so
This same finish has been ap-
filled to a Jumper due for big and
Ittle sister. These plaid gingham
jumpers are designed overall
style, with slender shoulder
straps, tucked bodices and flar-
ing skirts. Blouses, which are
separate, are white broadcloth.
Plaid gingham with a wrinkle-
free surface appears in separates
for big sister. A scalloped Jacket
with peplum slips over a white
cotton blouse that's worn with a
full skirt. Blouse and skirt may
go places, of course, without the
Helpful Hints
Make a portable pin-cushion
for vacation time by sticking a
few pins and needies into the
torn stub end of an empty
matchbook. Fold the cover down
to keep them neatly in place.
Such a handy pin and needle
carrier requires next-to-no space
in your handbag or traveling
Try this trick for a soiled
clothesline. Remove It from its
usual moorings and wind it
carefully around the agitator of
your washing machine. Wash It
in hot soapeuds. rinse It In the
machine, then hang up in its
usual spot to dry.
A once-a-week polishing with
a damp cloth, followed by a
quick rub-Off with a dry cloth.
Is sufficient to keep chrome
metal furniture shining. If com-
mercial metal polishes are used,
care should be taken to avoid
any which may contain a harsh
A piece of charcoal dropped
into bowl in which you grow your
Ivy or similar houseplant will
help keep the water clear and
A good trick for extending the
life of your candles is to coat
them with white varnish. Allow
them to dry several days before
using them. Candles so treated
tend to burn longer, and you'll
also find much of the dripping
Is eliminated.
Herewith find solution to Sunday Crossword Puz-
zle, No. 388, published today.
c A b I S T 0 L E C|H E s T P R 0 W
f X i T T i D A L 1 G 0 R R 1 V E
p + V A A L A T E A D O R O G E E
1 F G AN .1 F V 0 K m D AISIT A R D
1 a R A N E i 1 TH E
c H T R 1 T E \1\ 1 ;d E S T 0
k 0 R A T E 11 K A N E T A C H
u T A u T E T E N E f i P E A
s f N S 1 1 L E L A M 0 N s 1 A S
f L D E R L Y r EL A T E R 0 R N E
linn uaia aam unu
T A LlolNHl A G A S S'EgtfC 0 10 R E R
Fira c U R A 1 II M A R 1 [N A D E
II 0 T A L 1 L Y U E R G Li T 1 P
0 L 1 V E II M A R R Y f 1 C A
K s 1 N ?a ? G E C R Y u o 0 T Y
mcT s E R A ssaP MO N E Y put
1 T ER iT A R L|A|T|E|R|A|L|
i N T 0 R A TO E T A p E CIL A M
t I n. i|s P Ifc R P 1 t vIt-Iv- P
Pssulaiu r Ktm rssvusres
for neighborhood business peo-
ple, for guests.
We have assembled the begin-
nings of a wardrobe for the
housewife. It could be the nucle-
us for a larger, year-round war-
drobe that would allow her to
pay her role with dignity.
Since it's only in illustrations
for fiction that the housewife
breakfasts In a frilly negligee,
the modern homemaker might
like to dress quickly and start
her morning's work in charcoal-
colored denim pedal-pu*iers by
Korday and Helen Harper's cot-
ton knit basque shirt that's
striped in navy blue-and-whlte.
If she thinks her hips would
look all wrong in pedal pushers,
she could choose a skirt.
When the children arrive home
from school for lunch, she can
look attractive In a loose-fitting
duster like the one done by Kor-
day in practical green denim. It
can stay on for afternoon tasks,
keeping her unflustered should
the doorbell ring.
Going to market, she can look
and feel pretty in a checkered
gingham suit with fitted jacket
that has lined peplum interest.
There's a slim skirt with neces-
sary walking width In this Leon-
ard Arkln design. This suit Is
completely washable, like all of
the clothes we've picked.
When guests come In for an
easily-prepared chafing dish
sunper. she can be poised In a
full-skirted cotton matelass or-
gandie in a rose print. A match-
ing stole provides the cover-up
for this Frank Starr design. And
best of all, this Is a dress that
washes like a pair of stockings
and needs no ironing.
Avoid 'Glamor'
Unless Fitting
Having believed from child-
hood that "glamor" Is the only
adjective that means anything
when feminine appeal is being
desrrlbed, many American wo-
men of this generation outfit
themselves in all the externals
of this elusive quality without
stopping to consider how well
these trappings fit.
On a film star, long, flowing,
unconfined tresses and startling
shades of make-up may add up
to glamor; on the average wo-
man they may look Just-plaln-
This doesn't mean, however,
that only those women -with
classically pure features can a-
chleve good lookA You'll feel
that the modern Venuses have
no corner on the beauty market
at all. if you stop to consider the
numerous other adjectivesjust
as meaningful ones, toothat
can be applied to your more
commonplace brand of loveli-
Pick out your own adjective
and make the most of it. You
can be distinctive, chic, stately,
flufflly-feminine or whatever
suits you. It's that latter phrase
that makes the difference be-
tween true beauty and play-act-
ing. You have your own type
beauty Just as you have your
own type' blood; a transfusion
of the wrong type rarely suc-
In abandoning your quest for
Stardust sophistication. In sim-
ply making the most of what
you are you may find someday
that you've stumbled upon your
original goal accidentallyaince
glamor is not-the sum of the
right-length hair and the cor-
rect-shade lipstick but rather a
thing of inner confidence in your
own beauty, backed by external
SEPTEMBER brings happy school days for the young set...
and for the very young, Madge Diez is dreaming up dozens of
happy ideas to delight tiny students when her nursery school
opens next week. There will be arts and crafts... songs... story-
telling time... games... all the things little girls and beys like
to do! For information on hours, enrollment, etc., see Mr*. Dies
House 553 Cocoll or 'phone 2-1931.
Gay school days!
WISE parents know that pre-
paring Junior and Sis for
school Is an important affair...
how they look and dress Is Just
as vital to them as It is to grown-
ups and. school agers love
the grown-up styling of Senior
Jumping-Jack Shoes. BABY-
LANDIA 40 44th Street has
a complete size range of these
famous shoes sizes 8V2 to
12V 13 to 4 and Infant's
sizes too. of course! Jumping-
Jacks are built with comfort
and durability in mind.. .they're
specially designed to provide
gentle, firm support for young,
active feet a--' ~-''lea.
e jard!
FOR the woman who sews,
Z IO Z A O has wonderful
news... the biggest yard-goods
event of the vear is now in
progress! You'll find literally
hundreds of different patterns...
many, many new fabrics... all
priced to save you from 20% to
50%. Remember, Zlg-Zag also
has Vogue and McCall pattern!,
laces, embroideries and sewing
/Vetes. for your
Special 7-50
Imagine a new summer
hair-do... light and
airy as a brese...
at such a low, low price I
Make your
Ancon Beauty Shop
Old Ancon Theatre Bldg.
Learn Shiver's Sewing*t
ITS stylish and sensible to
1 sew... easy, too, when you
have the advice of the expert
TER. October 1st to 6th Is Sew-
ing Week at Singer's. Plan now
to see the demonstrations and
receive Instructions in the ele-
ments of home sewing.
COR those who are not nimble
with the thimble here's
good news! LA MODA AMERI-
CANA 102 Central Avenue
is offering a special 20% dis-
count on dresses for women
and girls skirts and nylon
Elegance economy priced!
IEANETTE the smart subur-
* ban shop in Bella Vista...
right across from the Lux Thea-
tre offers bargains galore
during their sale now going on.
Here you will find lovely dress-
es, skirts, costume Jewelry 'at
prices meant to please even the
strictest budget.
Whoa aisaliiig days and nights tor-
ment you with sbc and bun W
heat rash, priekly seat, or coala, re-
Ueva those miseries with "n".
the aoothinc medieated powaer.
Maxsmna quickly issue aad cools the
mart, itch and burn of chafed sUa
irritations and many minor akia
raahea, on babies and (rown-upe,
too. Mtxaana feels cool wjaa yoa
sprinkle it on helps
hi auli sos moisture, oftaa tea
cauaaof heat raah ard halpe prersat
this eaMaafatt Cost ft Us, Damaad
Each IfVifh Vbur OsVn
Initial 1
with while-star end from
rica Inducas your scriat Inltiall
Heavily platad, beautifully styled...
exclusiva "Signature" is Old Company
Plata made and guaranteed by the)
Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co., Mariden, Cons.
So lovely, you'll want more! With tea-
spoon*, yea receive list of completa
pattern and phcee. Send for this
rung valueoffered by ...
Keilogg's VAKirrr.beet pick V choose
fun of all! 10 generoua boxea. 7 real
cereal favorites. Grand anytime! -.
* >l

' 1
a) I
< V
IVk fia- feas! soj, a C_d Hmfsz3

pacific Society

W 2>hti(a Cafhoum
&m 194 Gallon JJtifdU Z)A. Panama 3-0943
Th honor juejU at th dinner tendered by the Arfen-
ttue Ambassador to Panama. Coronel Julio Lope Munis at
the Embassy Residence i Baila Vista last evening wetM
Argentine Delegation to the Social and Economic Conference.
This dinner was given as a farewell to the delegates, who
are returning to Argentina now that the conference Is over.
Honor guests were Economic
Counselor of the Argentine Em-
bassy in Washington. Dr. Ovidio
Schlopetto; Commercial Attache
of the Embassy In Santiago. Dr.
Alberto Argento; Financial Atta-
che of the Embassy In Washing-
ton. Dr. Antonio F. Caflero; Di-
rector of the National Merchant
Marine, Mr. Jos Barres. Mr. Je-
sus Pablo Arias, Mr. Diego Baa-
monde, and Mr. Adolfo Lacu.
Luncheon Honoring
Miss Raquel Folaiuo
In honor of Mias Raquel Po-
lanco. who is visiting her broth-
er-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs.
Octavio Mndez. Guardia, a group
of friends gave a luncheon at Ho-
tel El Panama yesterday at noon.
Mrs. Buquet Honored
At "Stork Shower"
Wedding Announcement
Miss Eleanor A n n Kuller,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Benja-
min F. Kuller of Margarita, was
married to Raymond Gill, son of
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gill of Bal-
boa on Friday evening at the Fort
Clayton Chape!, The ceremony
was performed by Reverend Louis
B. 8torms, CM.
The bride was given in marri-
age by her father. Her sister, Mrs.
Charles S. Perry, was matron of
honor. Bridesmaids were Miss
Nannette Lynch, Mrs. James
Koenlg, and Miss Jean Dough.
Junior bridesmaids was sister of
the bridegroom, Miss Nancy GUI.
Karen Schmidt was a flower girl.
Mr. John Gill. Jr. was best man
for his brother. Ushers were
Messrs. Leo D. Goulet, Paul ol
Karst, Jr., Charles L. Perry, Wll-
At the residence of Mrs. Henry llam de la Mater, Francis Cono-
Koclunan In Bella Vista yester- ver, and Francis J. Loughran
...-#, .e
Tea September S
.......... >.. .ne Canal Zone
_.inch cf the national League of
American Penwomen has sent
out Invitations to a tea honoring
women writers in the Canal Zone
and Panam. Their Little Gallery
In the Hotel Tlvoll will be the
setting for the tea on Saturday,
from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Featured at the tea will be the
work of Diana Chiarl Gruber,
prominent Panamanian artist,
who returned recently from ten
weeks study on a scholarship
fund from the institute of Inter-
American Affairs.
day, Mrs. Charles Joseph Buquet,
nee Sonla Mary Bright, was hon-
or guest at a "stork shower," with
her sister. Mis Carmen Bright of
Curundu and Mrs. Kochman act-
ing as hostesses
A reception was held at the
Elks Club by the parents of the
bride. "
They will sail on the S.S. Tun-
gus on September the seventh for
California, where they will make
Included were Mrs. Lois Angel- ; their home In Santa Monica.
lnl, Mrs. Paco A!oy, Mrs. Guilla de
Bright, Mr6. John E. Ballinger,
Mrs. Miriam T. Brittaln, lM".
Dave Candland. Mrs. James)W.
Calvert, Mrs. Herbert R, Court-
ney Mrs. Richard L. Dishman,
Mrs. Jos de la Ussa, Mrs. Gordon
Embry, Mrs. Bill Greene, Mrs,
Silvio Hernndez, Mrs. Raymond
Hilton, Mrs. Norman 8. Holland,
Mrs. Donald E. Judson, Mrs.
Charles A. Kadets. Mrs. Juan D.
Malek, Mrs. Anna Mannasakls,
Mrs. Antonio Orslnl. Mrs. Juan
T. Ramirez, Mrs. R. L. Shlrer, Mrs.
James L. Snyder, Mrs. William
Torbert, Mrs. Anna Torbert, Mrs.
John Wainlo, Mrs. Farts T. Walk-
er, and the Misses Mary Lea Az-
carraga, Florence Appln, Nena
Avila, Lucy Barra, Dorothy Lowe,
Mlckey Barra, Anglica Irlbar-
ren Nidia Jan, Gertrude Jous-
tra,'Hercilia Montilla, Acis Roth-
ery, Louise Rowland and Carmen
Sasso-Osorio Engagement
Announced In Costa Rica
Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Sasso of
San Jos, Costa Rica, have an-
nounced the engagement of their
daughter. Miss Vera Sasso, to
Geoffrey M. Osorlo, of Panama
Mr. Osorlo Is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Osorio, C, of San
Leaving on Vacation
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Homa of
Curundu are leaving by plane on
Wednesday for Miami. Tney plan
to spend a week or ten days there
and at Palm Beach before going
north on an extensive motor trip
of several months. They will tour
In Massachusetts, New Hamp-
shire, Connecticut, and Canada
before driving to Hlbbtng, Min-
nesota, where they will visit their
daughter, Mrs. Manuel H. Stein.
Dr. Mastellarl to Address
Nurses Association Meeting
Dr. Mastellar: of Gorgaj Hos-
pital will address the next meet-
ing of the Isthmian Nurses Asso-
ciation on the subject "Tubercu-
losis." The meeting Is planned for
Wednesday at the Sallfish Club,
at 7:30 p.m.
The American Legion has kind-
ly offered the use of their new
home as a monthly meeting place
for a very nominal fee. Members
will vote on tnls offer at the
Tue president of the associa-
tion cordially Invites all graduate
professional nurses on the Isth
mus to the meeting.

^MlIantic S^ocieu
a a a l^ri- "l'l'on l" 'l**1
tSo< 195, Cfa'.un Uiltp'iont yafun 378
Miss Anne Leigh, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Leigh
of Colon, has chosen Sunday, September 23, as the date of
her wedding to Mr. William A. Cardse of Panama City.
The wedding will take place at the Coco Solo Naval Cha-
pel at t::'!u p.m. Invitations are being issued to the ceremony
and to the reception which will be held at the Hotel Wash-
Virginia Wedding
of Local Interest
The r.iarriagc of Miss Nancy
Pearl, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs, Hooson Hogge. of Glou-
cester, Va., to Charles Wesley
Forrest, Jr., son of Mrs. Charles
Wesley Forrest, of Gloucester
Point and the late Captain For-
rest took place In Union Baptist
Church. Achilles, recently.
RUNS IN THE FAMILY Three generations of one family-
grandfather, father and sondisplay their left hands to show the
loss of identical fingers resulting from accidents. John Naibert, 81,
of Cadott, Wis., lost his finger in a pump jack; Alfred J. Naibert,
53, of Manitowoc, Wis., lost his while working at a malting com-
pany, and Albert Naibert, 23, of Manitowoc, lost his finger after it
was crushed in the closing of a door. The men were gathered for
Albert's wedding.
(Book (Bne/s
*\C*uzabeth Dentz' ^aintinai
lace dress over satin, made slml-
tar to that, of the bride.
Hersey Hoogge .of Camp Plck-
ett. was best man and the
groomsmen were Neil Postleth-
wiat and Morris Hogge.
A reception was held immedi-
ately following the ceremony at
the home of the bride's aunt.
Mrs. Stanley Belvin. Miss Fran-
ces Rowe. cousin of the bride, as-
I the Oatun Union Churoh ill b#
raffled Monday evening. All tick-
ets and money should be-' turned
In to Mrs. Raymond Ralph by
Monday evening.
Recent Departures
Tom Peterson, son of Mrs.
Margaret Peterson of Cristobal,
sailed Friday to enter the School
of Government at Beloit College..
Belolt. Wisconsin. He graduated
In June from the Canal Zone Ju-
nior College.
Thursday evening, a large
group of friends crossed the
Isthmus for a farewell party at
the Peterson residence. -
The Rev. George M. Kissinger.' slsted the hostess.
III. pastor, officiated at the dou-
ble ring ceremony before a back-
ground of palms, ferns, white
tlowers and lighted tapers.
For her daughter" wedding.
Mrs. Hogge wore an afternoon
dress of periwinkle blue crepe
with black velvet accessories. Her
Mrs. Robert Hicks played the flowers were a corsage of pink
wedding music and Mrs. Alton rosebuds.
U.S. Forces In Japan
Dropping Ruling Role
TOKYO. Sept. 1. (UP.) The
role of Americans In Japan Is
changing from that of "occupa-
tion bosses" to "friendly allies,"
The final stage of this transi-
tion will come with the signing
of the Japanese peace treaty.
The new role will not be easy
for fome of the old "oceupatlon-
eri'' to play. There already Is
ample evidence that the problem
Is being given top-level consider-
ation In Gen. Matthew B. Rldg-
way's headquarters.
After the peace treaty Is sign-
ed. United States troops will re-
main hi Japan to protect this
Island nation against aggressors.
That is being worked out with
the Japanese. They have no mil-
itary establishment of their own
and fear that unarmed Japan
might look tempting to some
Troops to Remain
Many of the troops now here
as a part of the occupation for-
ces undoubtedly, will still be here
as Japan's first allies.
The official change will come
overnight but the actual change j
already Is in progress.
As occupation forces, the Un-
ited States troops had to run the
show. That was the way it had
to be. The Allies had t,o have full
power over the Japanese.
Conditions will be vastly dif-
ferent once the peace treaty Is
shrned and Japan is again a sov-
erign nation.
In many ways, the signing of
the treaty Is going to mean a
turning.of the tables. The Jap-
anese Will be running their own
country and the Americans and
other foreigners here will have
to abide by the Japanese rules
or get out.
The people who now are big
occupation officials will be able
no longer to give orders to the
Japanese. American officials
here will not have the backing
Louis Bromfield's new novel
Mr. Smith (Harper) puts a seg-
ment of American society under
the microscope and some strange
and unwelcome things come into
view. His main subject is Wolcott
Ferris, a successful business man
approaching middle age with all
the earmarxs of happiness at-
taineda good wire, two bright
children and all the usual mat-
erial comforts. But one day he
realized that something essential
was missing, that his lite- lacked
significance. His self analysis led
him to the realization that he
was trapped by mediocrity and
futility. His efforts to escape
were doomed from -the begin-
ning. Bromfield's probing story
will make many a reader look at
himself carefully in his shaving
mirror as Ferris did that fateful
A classic adventure story that
has been current in England for
the past fifty years has finally
been issued In the United States.
It Is Moonfleet, by J. Meade
Falkner (Little. Brown), the sto-
ry of an orphaned teen-age boy
in the 1750's who stumbles on
the key to a hidden treasure. He
becomes enmeshed with smug-
glers, flees from the law, spends
years In prison and Is In a dis-
astrous shipwreck. The story has
often been compared with Stev-
enson's Treasure Island, and
does resemble that masterpiece
A new exhibition of paintings
featuring the work of Elizabeth
B. Bentz. will be shown starling
this afternoon at the USO-JWB
Armed Forces Service Centet Art
Gallery in Balboa, under the aus-
pices of the Canal Zone Ait
League. The exhibit will run
through Sept. 16.
Mrs. Bentz. wife of Paul Bentz.
Art League at the Y.M.C.A.
Edwards sang "My Hero," "The
Sweetest Stpry Ever Told" and
The Wedding Prayer."
The bride, who was given in
marriage by her father, wore a
town of Imported marquisette
over satin, fashioned with off-
thc-rhoulder bertha and square
1 neckline, fitted bodice and tap-
ered sleeves. A full skirt, with
tiers of ChantUly lace ruffles as a pilot with the Panama CaT
formed a panel down the front nai The Forrests have a wide
circle of relatives and friends on
both sides of the Isthmus.
The bride traveled In a maize
Kelkland Hall suit with brown
velvet hat and matching acces-
sories. She wore a corsage of
brown orchids and stephanotls.
Following a short wedding trip
the couple will make their home
at Gloucester Point.
Mr. Forrest was born on the
Isthmus and resided in Cristobal
where his father was employed
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Hale with
their daughter. Peggy Ann. left.,
for a six-week vacation with hi
(Continued on Page SIX)
Affairs Honor Visitors
and around the circular cathe-
dral train. Her fingertip blush
Armed Services Center during vel 1 was arranged with a bonnet
National Art Week In November o! illusion and matcnlng lace.
OU er vvorks bv Mrs Bentz Her only ornament was a strand I Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Boyle en-
have received awards and honor- of pearls, -. gift of the groom. She tertained with an Open House at
able mentions during previous carried an arm bouquet of bridal
Art Week Exhibits and local Ail rosea and stephanoUs^ showered
Mrs. Bentz has an Interesting

variety in her subject matter,
With baby pink carnations.
Miss Bettv Frances Hall, cou-
Cuhs: 'or the" Panama flower's. i^SS flf- sin ol the bride andI maidM: hon-
0,pany. Is a student of rangements and portraits......\ or wore a gown ollbemP.yel
Canal Company, is a siuoein. ui nmKciuama m put><>>,<. i.-- Kl__-j ,tth ,, th
Robert Brackma. one of the cut-! The current exhibit at the low net. fashioned with off-the
standing contemporary artists USO-JWB Gallery will be Eliza-
and teachers of the United beth Bentz' first one-man show.
States. Mrs, Bentz herself Is '.he As a pen woman however, her
palmings have been shown regu-
larly in the Little Gallery.
teacher of the weekly art class at
the Y.M.C.A. Armed Services
Center In Balboa.
Her painting "Gallitos." receiv-
ed the third prize award offered I -
by the Canal Zone branch of the i open to the public daily from 9:30
^^L^^\J^S^^^^S fcrdl^lv^nvfteVto dresses were of frosteq tuac
SxhloTt held Sv the ( the current showing. | J ^^f^ ^
The exhibit at the USO-JWB
on La Boca Road. Balboa, will be
shoulder neckline and snug bod-
lee. The full bouffant skirt with
draped satin girdle, was caught
in the buck with a bustle bow.
She wore a matching halo and
carried an arm bouquet of laven-
der asters and yellow roses.
Miss Jeanette Robins and Miss
Betsy Hogge. sister of the bride,
were the bridesmaids. Their
dresses were of frosted lilac net.
In many respects...
of thousands of troops to enforce
their wishes'.
For Protection Only
The United States troops here
will be In Japan as friends of
the Japanese, to protect the
Japanese, not make them obey.
Officials said there probably
will be a special indoctrination
course for all United States
troops maintained here in Jap-
an. The purpose will be to Im-
press upon them the new role'
Occupation officials generally ,.;.'~irv between Paul the olde;' now sought as an ally by free
iee} ^}..iw"yt^.K wi'L.w?^ son and Andy, the younger. Paul nations.
iiaci good looks-, poise, and a
knack of getting what he wanted
Neither Man Nor Angel, by
Susan Seavy (Bobbs-Merrill i:
The Brittens were an average
Treaty Seeks To Bind
Japan To Free Nation
skirts. They wore matching
stoles and halos and carried fan
cascades of lavender asters and
yellow roses.
Little Miss Martha Hogge. cou-
sin of the bride, who was flower
girl, wore a white organdy and
their Colon Beach home Thurs-
day evening to honor their
daughter? Miss Ardlth Boyle of
Philadelphia and her house
guest. Miss Dorothy Dugan.
Over a hundred friends called
during the evening to welcome
Miss Boyle and meet the visitor.
Multicolored tropical flowers
were used in the residence and
the buffet table was centered
with a crystal bowl of yellow
WASHINGTON. Sept. 1. (U.P.)
Six years after the Pacific
War, the non-Communist allied
powers are building up Japan as
a sovereign nation on terms of
an unprecedented peace of re-
Dimmed by the years and
events since World War II en-
ded are Pearl Harbor, battles In
the Philippines, Coral Sea. at
Jima. Okinawa,
dustry of Japan to manufac- j
ture, salvage and provide other
help to countries occupied and
damaged by Japanese forces
during World War II.
In contrast to other major
treaties. Japan will be free to
build new air, land and sea
forces. If It chooses, for defense
purposes. It can manufacture
planes, ships and guns freely.
Italy's World War II treaty, for
(Best Sellt
\ HUhosdhtmattaaCnd Nagasaki'.^and '' ZT'oTnn? bTVeXeTta
sons and dSm TtaZ rote bloody Pacific episodes. | her armed forces and listed A WOMAN CALLED FANCY
concern moS^he. ^lS | ^apan. the former enemy, is ft^e amount, of war-defense mnkjerby.
(Compiled bv Publishers'
James Jones.
Herman Wouk.
James A. Mtchener.
Mr. and Mrs. Mason Fleckner
of Balboa entertained with a
Panamanian dinner for Miss
Boyle and Miss Dugan.
The other guests were Mr. and
Mrs. Boyle and Mr. Norman
Surprise Supper for Rebekah
The members of Cristobal Re-
bekah Lodge .o. 2. were surpris-
ed with a delicious buffet supper
given by the members of Cristo-
bal I.O.O.F., No. 2. at their last
regular monthly meeting at the
Cristobal Masonic Temple.
Twenty ladles were present.
The hosts were: Captain Denver
Heath. Noble Grand; Sergeant
Arthur Crandal. Mr. HE. Plhl-
grlm. Jack Williams. N. W. Brown
and O. Simmons.
surface attractiveness to the poi-
son beneath. The story proceeds
to Its Inevitable climax, holding
the reader's Interest all the way.
out smoothly. The Americans
have been very good to the
Japanese throughout the oc-
Millions of dollars have been
spent by the Americans since
the end df World War II to feed
and clothe the Japanese people.
Looking forward to the chang-
ed role of Americans in J,apan.
one officer put It this way:
"I will welcome It. We Ameri-
cans would much rather be
friends than conquerors."
Homenvide Plane Swell,
But Stays on Ground
HEATON N. C. Sept. 1. (U.P.i
Lewis Hicks plans to test his
homemade airplane again some
time, since the first test wasn't
much of a success.
His craft, made of old automo-
bile parts and plywood worth
$40. taxied beautifully to the end
of his farm runway. Then when
he opened the throttle wide, the
prop flew off. twirled 150 yards
by Itself and knifed into a pine
tree. Hicks and the plane stayed
PThe hopeful fledgling had been Inntimerable aspects of war
prepared for worse, however. Be- have been depicted In diaries
fore trying his test hop he no- memoirs and Action and from as
tlfied a funeral home and re-
Seldom has a nalion defeated
In a major war escaped with
Japan's military system to-
day is non-existent. There Is
debate hi Japan among the al-
over whether the
at others' expense. Andy quiet *r penalties. The usual hea-' lied powers over nether the
and honest, saw through Paul's S"M5&.igft fSRl?BnTO Js-SS
.ass"? snaBSftss *js&Ss e
Victor MacClure. a Scot who
has found a wealth of material
for his novels In the Bible, ac-
cepts the thesis hat Mary of
Bethany and Mary Magdalene
were one and the same person
In A Certain Woman (Pellegrini
and Cudahyi- Pursuit of know-
ledge and rebellion against the
hypocrisy of the rulers of the
synagogue turn Mary from a
lovelv. kind-hearted girl Into a
beautiful, sophisticated, wealthy ~*
cvnic with an unearned reputa- j the allied powers,
tlon for wantonness in Herold's
royal court.
ceremonies beglnnlnn Sept. 4.
Soviet Russia has agreed to
attend the meeting, which Is
most likely to lead to some loud
and prolonged wrangling. Am-
erican officials, however, believe
Russia will not be able to pie-
vent signing of the treaty. The
maior western powers are ex-
pected to go ahead and sign it
and put It Into eflect.
Immediately after signature
constitution renounces war and
bans land, sea and air forces.
That Is nol regarded generally
as prohibit ins Japan from dev-
eloping defensive forces, how-
The United States government
favored drooping controls on
Japanese re-armament "after
Communist successes In China
and the June 25. 1950 North
Korean attack.
Further, this government be-
of the treaty. Japan will begin *u,tner '-' ,,., -
t0 '^^/exe'relsed sLT8* "ensi^t*a"alTbec\uVof
controls eixn"c'^d(.f'"c^an^eerWi world opinion, lack of finance
by tJJe upreme commMder oi tremendous losses of
the allied powers the All'|d. World War n lhal cost Japan
Council for Japan and the Fai 0'00 0000(10 ftnd ab0ut 1.800,-
Eastern Commission. I d mlssinR These
However, the clean break w,th lQsses haye deVt.loped a glrong
The teachings of Jesus re- all controls wlU come only *heh .entlnient throughout
deem her and her desperate ^"' Irs ac^ualW ratUv > T&n'ja-! Japan,
fort, to save Him from crucif- ( en actually raiuv u.
lxlon provide an exciting climax
to this well-told talc...
Moracb -Smith
Engagement Announced
Mr. and Mrs. Javier Llorach.
of Colon .announce the engage-
ment of their daughter. Eudoll-
na to Corporal Richard Smith.
son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Smith of Truxton. New York.
Corporal Smith Is stationed at
Fort Davis.
Elks' Movies Postponed
The weekly moving pictures
will not be shown at the Elks'
home Mondav evening because
of the holiday. They will be re-
Cardinal Spellman.
Thor Heverdahl.
Jack Lalt and Lee Mortimer. | sumed the following week.
Omar N. Bradley.
Duke of Windsor.
Rachel Carson.
Visitors at Brazos Heights
Mr. and Mrs. Vereker Mais of
Bella Vista are the weekend
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John
Keinlck of Brazos Heights. Mr.
land Mrs. Mais are over for the
is ratified, these controls will ga^lSSr?ftrSvei
Shee treaty carries these other Sunday on he -gdrl^P for
Mr. and Mrs. Kernlck enter-
Fishing Japan will enter
negotiations with other allied
powers to regulate or limit Jap-
lalned a few close friends at a
served a hospital room.

October 5th
many angles as Mere are au-
thors. One of the most unusual
Is a little tale (onlv 122 Dagesi
under the title of The Unquiet
Night, bv Albrecht Goes (Hough-
t;n MlffHn). It Is the first-pei-
Then Ja-
pan "will have the same lnter-
llled authorities now control
pan win nave ine "". lrad*e. travel, foreign affairs.
naatlonail Btati ',dpe^ and Virtually all other political
dent^ "S^th? sneak attSck I soclal and economic activities of
oVD^Tlt SSf HaVKiith. Japanese. When the treaty
American oflicials expect a| _____________,__
"twilight -one" m allied-Japan-
ese rel.i.i'Mis until the treaty
Is ratified The allies gradually
will ease their controls over
foreign affairs, economic and
selentilic matters, education
press and radio. The occupa-
son story of a German army t,Qn staff neadauarters will be
chaplain who has been assigned
to comfort the last hours of a
voung corporal condemned to
be shot for desertion. The ci'no-
trimmed although occupation
forces will not be affected dur-
ing this intermedia,o period.
The treaty provide., that all
my of language and the simule allied "cccupation" forces will
direct style of the chronicle etch De wnhdrawn from Japan no
an unforgettable picture. First' later lnan 90 days after the
published In German, the book | treaty s ratified by a majority
" of signatory nations. American
land, sea and air forces will
remain, however, to 1 ;ln defend
Japan under terms o' a bilat-
eral security treats Thev will
have no control ovei the Ja-
panse or government.
The major loss to Japan
growing out of the treaty will
be formal elimination of Us
one-time reign over Korea, For-
mosa, the Pescadores. Kuriles.
Sakhalin. Ryukyu. Bonln. Vol-
anese fishermen on the high dinner party Saturday evening
for their house guests.
War criminals Japan a-
grees to carry out sentences
Imposed on war criminals. The
power to grant clemency. re-
Drawing for Picture
at Gatun Clubhouse
The seascape which was dona-
was translated by Constantlne
I Fltzglbbon.
Presence of Mind Saves
Woman From Rattler
DOYLESTOWN. Pa.. Sept. 1.
UP. Mrs. J. Warren An-
ny's ability to keep calm in an
emergency probably saved her
Mrs. Angeny was walking in can0 and smaller Pacific islands.
ihe Allegheny Mountains when; jaDan will renounce all An-
h^ saw a big rattlesnake in her | tarctic claims. The main home
path. Islands of Japan, however, will
not be carved up and dished out
Mrs. Angeny stood motionless t0 the victors.
: nd called for help. A friend Reparations problems
duce sentences and paroles can- ted by Mrs. Floyd McDermitt to
not be exercised except by a-
greement with the countries
which Imposed them.
Aircraft Japan will nego-
tiate with other powers on civil
air transport.
Security Japan agrees to
settle Its International disputes
bv peaceful means under the
United Nations charter.
Japan expects to apolv for
United Nations membership Im-
mediately after the treaty
comes Into force. Its bid Is cer-
tain to meet a Soviet veto.
The "easv peace" plan for
Japan was conceived bv Am-
bassador John Foster Dulles,
Republican assistant to Secret-
ary of State Dean Acheson.
Senior Jumping-Jocki art
valuable friends to growing
feet; their supreme styling,
long-lasting comfort and rug-
ged durability give children
the support their young, ac-
tive feet need Jumping-
Jacks famous flexibility makes
young children fool-core-free-

Sizes 8{I2J; 134
Exclusively at
D (i o y JL a n a i a
7/ it's for the baby, we have if*"
No. 40 44th St., Bell VkU '"
Tel. 3-1*59

Sept. 3, 1951
hot the rattler, which was found
to be 52 Inches long with ten rat-
les said to be the largest satn
hi the mountain in 20 years.
clagued treaty planning will not
impose heavy burdens on Ja-
Piineipal reparations will
be uenved irom skills and in-
Open from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. and during noon hour

' iii
ltalklJLilA atAasestsl
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No. 4 Tlv.ll Ave.
rhnr '-.'?l'l
rtuf tr 1,ft
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War On Sino Reds
tJSfHI In Prooress
lOn China M^laml
Editor's Note: A I'nited Press i
staff correspondent, Shen
Shan, has returned (rom a
five-day visit to Nationalist
guerrilla bases in the Talcheng
Islands a few miles off the |
Chekiang coast. Sben visited
the bases and gathered con-
siderable material little known
m until now.
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' TAIPEL. Formosa. Sept. 1.
|5 rjvar Is still active off Cheklanp,
Thousands of sea-borne Na-
tionalist guerrillas centered on
'Talcheng Island, midway be-
tween Shanghai and Formosa,
'are Imposing a serious threat to
Communist shipping and con-
trol of sea lanes.
The Communists and Nation-
alists are separated by a chan-
nel of onlv 10 miles and small-
cale flghtmr,- Is frequent.
Two waves of Junk-borne
guerrillas under the command of
*laj. Gen. Lu Wei-hslang. one of
more than 20 guerrilla leaders,
made a daring sortie recently a-
alnst the mainland. They with-
drew after bloody battles with
Communist garrison forces along
Wenchow Bay.
a Nationalist warships, plus
korea of guerrilla gunboats,
make the waters off Chekiang
>innegotlable for Communist
hipping. To keep the flow of es-
ntial materials, the -.lnese
eds have dug a canal linking
chow Bay and Taichow Bay
the north.
Despite internal bickering and
lack of heavy weapons, the mor-
ale or the guerrillas apparently
Is high. They receive direct or-
ders from the national defense
ministry In Taipei and conduct
their operations accordingly.
MaJ. Gen. Wang Hsiang-yl.
another guerrilla leader, and
chief magistrate of Talcheng Is-
land, told the United Press,
"we'll hold out here as long as
possible. If the government
launches a counterattack, by
boys will be the first ones to ford
the narrow strip of water to
Burglars Out Of Luck
At Burglar-Proof Home
UP. i Morgan J, Lewis, 49, an
Inventor, has the nearest thing
to a burglar-proof home.
When his family Is at home,
switches In each room can turn
on 17 lights slmultaneuosly out-
side the 150-year-old dwelling.
When they are away, secret
switches trip a gadget which
dials the telephone operator. It
sets off a recording machine
which plays: "Send police at
once. The home has been unlaw-
fully entered."
Lewis has Installed 128 swit-
ches for other electrical applian-
ce* In l-'s r> for 62 devices.
reach the mainland.
Best estimates put the number
o* island-based guerrillas at
more than 6.000 There are at
least 1.000 fairly well-equipped
Most of the guerrilla leaders
have been In Taipei, where they
were taught the latest guerrilla
tactics and political knowledge
Many are returning to their
bases, strung from Tachlu. some
hundred miles south of Shanghai
to Plshan. another 80 miles fur-
ther sbuth.
The Nationalist navy has to
defend Talcheng the sur-
roundlne islands. The number
of warships here Is larger than
that in Keelunk, northern For-
mosa, and battle-seasoned mar-
ines are guarding the island.
Co;. Nsi Yang-chu. marine
commander, told the United
Press he was confident his hand-
ful of men can beat back any
Communist attack on Talcheng
if the Reds do not put naval and
air forces into the war.
Nsu and Wang agreed that so
far Chinese Red forces facing
Talcheng have not shown any
Indications of embarking on an
invasion. They are on the look-
out, however.
GABY. Ind. (UP.I A ped-
iran who was knocked down
by a car landed In jail on ;
charge of public intoxication.
Position Offered
WANTED:Young man or woman
with 2 to 3 yeors experience in
office work. Write giving oge. ex-
perience, etc. Enclose smoll photo-
graph. Address Apartado I 55, Po-
Alaskans Enthused
Over U.S. Approval
01 Pulp Project
JUNEAU, Alaska. Sept. 1.
i UP. i Announcement has
come that the Ketchlkan Pulp
S Paper Co. had been given the
go-ahead to start work on its
S35.OOO.00O pulp plant in south-
eastern Alaska.
To some it may have been
just an obscure financial page
Item. To the people of Alaska,
and Frank Heintzleman espe-
cially. It was the climax of a 30-
vear fight that was uphill all the
Heintzleman. a wiry little bach-
elor who rarely raLses his voice,
is regional forester for Alaska.
He came to the territory In 1922,
took a long look at the 78.500.-
000.000 feet of timber in the Ton-
gass National forest and dedic-
ated himself to bringing in a
pulp mill.
To Heintzleman, the western
hemlock and Sltka spruce that
crew right down to tidewater
on the long strip of U. S. territory
with its hundreds of nearby is-
lands was "a natural" for the
permanent, year-around Indus-
try that Alaska needed so desper-
"Everything Is there." he
would tell anyone he could but-
"There's a climate that Is Ideal
for year-around logging. There
Is cheap log transportation along
protected sea channels. There is
wood for pulpenough wood to
keep five or six mills grinding
out anywhere up to 500 tons of
pulp a day forever."
Heintzleman became a true
missionary for the cause of a
pulp mill. It appeared twice that
he was to see his dream realized.
A large California firm spent
thousands of dollars in 1928 to
survey the area around Ketchl-
kan and Sltka for a plant site.
The stock market crash cancel-
ed the firm's plans.
Again In the early 1940s It ap-
peared that a pulp mill was com-
ing in. Along came World War
II to squelch Hemtzleman's
People Skeptical
It got so people In Ketchl-
kan, Juneau and Sltka would
shake their heads and say "we-
've heard that song before"
when pulp mills were mention-
Then In 1948 the regional for-
"Ster and the Alaska Develop-
ment Board found an interested
listener in the Puget Sound Pulp
FOR RENT:Furnished apartment,
ideal for couple or smoll family.
Beautiful surroundings. Everything
you need. Paitilla Airport. Road
No. 121.
FOR RENT:3 bedroom apartment,
livingroom, diningroom, '3 bath-
rooms, maid's room, garage. Like
new, "Cangrejo" Settlement. Tel.
2-1456. Panama.
FOR RENT:Smoll apartment with
private kitchen ond both, first
chalet facing Juan Franco. House
No. 161.
Lady living alone will rent cool room
to lady. furnished. $40, unfur-
nished $30. In modern oportment.
Campo Alegre. Coll 3-4848.
FOR RENT:First closs modern two
story residence, upstairs three bed-
rooms, porch, etc., downstairs,
sitting, diningroom, kitchen,
porch, office, etc., $170.00. No.
73 Cuba Avenue, Miguel Hive,
phone 3-2145.
FOR LEASE in Colon air conditioned
manager'! office end approxi-
mately 250 square meten of
feneral office with tire proof
safety store-room:, including iteel
racks. Call Panama 3-3221 or Ca-
len 989 between the hours ef I a.
m. te 4 p. m.
FOR RENT:Office or store space
19 x 20 feet, beside FOTO EL
HALCN ot entrance to Hotel El
Ponomi. Owner on premises. Tel.
Real Estate
FOR SALE:2 lots and concrete cot-
tage. Airplane road, Santa Clara.
Call Balboo 2830 or see Dr. Grant,
week end, Ssnta Clara.
1,000 Pilgrims
Meet Pope Pius
(UP)Speaking in a firm voice,
Pope Pius XII today spoke to
over 1,000 pilgrims who travel-
ed to the papal villa here from
all corners of the world.
The 74-year-old Pontiff ap-
peared In excellent health,
heavily tanned by the warm
sun which he enjoys during
his long afternoon walks in
the cloister of his spacious gar-
den. He spoke in five different
languages to the international
The Pope is now holding
three general audiences week-
ly for the pilgrims who in-
creased during the summer
months. He receives them on
Mondays, Wednesday and Fri-
The pilgrims who attended
the mass audience said the
Pontiff's voice was "excellent"
to discount reports published
abroad that he is suffering
lrom laryngitis.
Mabel McElvray
Services Today
The body of Mrs. Mabel Mc-
Elvray will be shipped to Mc-
Keesport, Pa., for burial follow-
ing services this afternoon at
the First Baptist Church in
The services have been set
for 4 p.m.
Mrs. McElvray. who was 64
years old. died Thursday night
after suffering a heart attack
at her home in Ancon.
Thp deacons of the church
will be the pallbearers.
i Timber Co.. Belligham. Wash.
Tie company spent close to
^500.000 surveyinn the prouosed
sites. It decided, to go ahead,
and formed the Ketchlkan Pulp
4t Paper Co.
Are High In Panam
advertisement we received In
a foreign trade Journal:
This remarkable Chlordane Concen-
trate mixed with a full quart of
water makes very effective 2%
insect apray. HeUIIln at SI 00 these
one ounce bottles are now available
13wflS*. ?! onlv H t** <>z
(name of Company deleted In pity I
for a '. ounce bottle
(sorry, we don't pay hipping
in Central Ava. Tal. 3-HI
synchro compur shutter
124 Central Ave.
(adjoining Intern. Hotel)
Tel. 3-1713
22 E. 29th 8t
KEROSENE Mantle Lamp
60 Candle Power ot Modern White
Light. Burns 50 Hours On I gat. of
Kerosene. Uses 947. AIR Only "
KEROSENE. Absolutely Safe It
cannot Explode Requires no gener-
ator or pump No Smoke or Odor.
So Simple a Child Can Operate It
$9.95 Lowest Price
ever Offered In Panama.
Ail Parta Available.
On Sale la All HARDWARE and
- Distributors: -
Coln Bil St. Bilbo va
Tel 303
Panam 93 Central Ave.
Tel. -20S7
Strikes Not New But Took Place
In Ancient Egypt, Records Show
2 Via Perrae (S Vranctace hoi
acrou the bridge on iba right.
Or. i. V ternndn O. Veterlnan
Heara: > m -12 naan 3 D m a.n
Phone. 3-3129 Panam
P.O Ha. air. Panama
(Continued from Page I)
effect employes In the Canal
Zone and sees that no legisla-
tion is passed that would be de-
trimental to the Canal Zone em-
Some past local achievements
for which CLU-MTC were chiefly
or partly responsible, inch-de:
Constant improvement in our
Retirement Law.
Improvement in our Injury
Compensation Law.
Retention of our present leave
Restoration in 1933 of all leave
Obtained 40 hour week at 48
hours pay.
Restoration in 1935 of the 15%
cut In pay. due to the Economy
Obtained passage of Bill Au-
thorizing Oovernor to appoint
Canal Zone boys to Weit Point
and Annapolis.
Retention of the Pa n a m a
Steamship Line.
Exemption of the income tax
.o Jan. 1st, 1951.
CHICAGO. Sept. 1. (U.P.)
Strikes were being staged by
worsers at least 3,lu0 years ago,
according to a University o
Chicago scholar.
About the time of the siege
of Troy, workmen excavating
and decorating the tomb of the
Egyption Pharaoh. Rameses IH,
walked out because their pay
was not forthcoming regularly.
The record of the strike is
contained in an ancient Egyp-
tian memorandum translated
In the current issue of the
journal of Near Eastern Studies
by William F. Edgerton.
Edgerton is professor of Egyp-
tology and chairman of the de-
partment of Oriental languages
in the university's oriental ins-
According to Edgerton the
workers literally went on strike,
leaving their tasks In the Phar-
aoh's tomb in Luxor's "Valley
of the Kings."
When government officials
were summoned hastily, the
strikers responded by saying,
"It is because of hunger and
because of thirst.
There Is no clothing, no oint-
ment, no fish, no vegetables.
The record Is incomplete, but
Edgerton says the workers ap-
parently went on strike five
times during a single vear when
their rations were not delivered
on time or were Inadequate.
Edgerton believes the strikers
may have been working a prim-
itive shakedown racket. One of
their relatives named To had
been appointed vizier to the
Pharaoh and was the second
most powerful man in Egypt.
Edgerton said the workers may
have been putting pressure on
their relative.
They apparently won their
demands each time.
The first notice of the strikes
is found In a primitive frag-
ment of ancient pottery in a
Berlin museum. Edgerton said.
The continuing story was set
down for the record bv an an-
cient scribe and the.mutilated
papyrus on, which it was writ-
ten now is in a museum In
Turin. Italy.
(Continued from Page 1)
ers who worked out yesterday af-
ternoon at the Balboa Stadium.
They are New Zealand's inter-
national representatives off to
joust with the best England.
Scotland. Ireland, Wales and
France can put into the field a-
galnst them. -
The fcame Is also blg-tlme in
They stopped off from the
Ruahine. which arrived at Balboa
yesterday from New Zealand and
transits today en route to the
United Kingdom.
The Balboa workout was to
shakeout the muscles a bit con-
stricted by shipboard life.
Manv features of the gridiron
game are included in Rugby and
Rugby League. Running with the
ball punting touchdowns, goals.
But the differences are start-
No replacements. The 13-man
Rugby League squad goes out at
the start, plays two 40-mlnute
halves right through.
No time out except for out of
bounds or breaches of the rules.
No helmets or padding. Just
shorts and a Jersey.
No tackling or blocking the
man without the ball. This leaves
13 foes free to dump the ball car-
No forward passes.
The few who heard about the
New Zealanders working out yes-
terday and came along to watch
saw something of the game's fast
lateral passing, though the boys
were a bit rusty.
The ground was too hard for
their sprigged boots, but carried
a film of rain which cut down
the sidestepping.
There are some other vaguely
irrelevant details suggested by
the visit of these New Zealand
footballers. One is that Ameri-
cans, New Zealanders and Aus-
tralians fought side by side in all
theaters of World War II. An-
other Is thousands upon thou-
sands of Americans had the op-
portunity of seeing New Zealand
and Australia during that period
of conflict because these coun-
tries were among the principal
bases used by the United States
during the struggle for the Pa-
Several weeks ago, the United
States signed a defense alliance
with the sovereign and free
countries of the British Com-
monwealth of nations known as
the Dominion of New Zealand
and the Commonwealth of Aus-
Those boys vou saw in action
at the Balboa Stadium yesterday
afternoon will be the buddies of
your own sons in the one that If.
coming up with Uncle Joe. Their
visit has some minor importance,
if not beeause of the religion
known as football, at least be-
cause they are your allies.
Spanning the Connecticut Riv-
er here is "The Old Covered
Bridge" which local folks boast
Is the strongest of its kind in
the world. The bridge seems as
sturdy today as when Etnan
Allen and his Oreen Mountain
Boys swarmed across it to meet
a warring group of New Yor-
kers and drive them back to
Albany, N. X, _
AT TOCUMEN AIRPORT, left to right, are, Charles Howell,
Manager of the Panama Dispatch Service, and Agent for th
Area Ecuadorean Airlines; Lieutenant Colonel John E. Lerom,
Chief of the U. S. C.A.A. Mission in Panama; the four train-
ees who left for Oklahoma: Celestino Lamboglia. Diego Hur-
tado,Nestor Bolivar Sanchez, Pedro Cohen, Jr.; and Ricardo
A. Melendez, Administrator of Tocumen Airport.
* *
4 Panamanians Will Receive
Civil Aeronautics Training

Pedro Cohen, Jr., Diego Hurta-
do, Celestino Lamboglia, and
Nestor Bolvar Snchez flew from
Tocumen Airport recently In an
Area Ecuadorean Airline's Boe-
ing 307 alrcrait for Miami, en
route to the Civil Aeronautics
Administration Center, Oklaho-
ma City, Oklahoma.
The four students have been
awarded Oroup-C training grants
In air traffic control under the
Foreign Nationals Training Pro-
gram of the Civil Aaronautlcs Ad-
ministration of the Department
of Commerce which will include
training in subjects and skills re-
lating to the control of air traf-
fic along airways and airports,
classroom and laboratory in-
struction at the CAA Aeronaut-
ical Center in Oklahoma and Is
followed by on-the-Job training-
at selected Federal Airways in*
si a Hat ions.
Successful completion of th
eight-month course of instruc-
tion qualifies each graduate for
CAA certification examinations
for airport traffic control opera-
tor and air route traffic control
ler. Bigllsh instruction, orienta-
tion courses, and physical edu-
cation will be given by Oklahoma
City University.
Transportation for the trainees
to Miami was provided by Charles
Howell. Manager of the Panama-
Dispatch Service. In the first in-
augural flight of the newly es
tablished Area Ecuadorean Air-
lines which will maintain weekly
Thursday flights from Guaya-
quil, Ecuador, to Miami, Florida.
Police Seek Clues
In NC Murder Of
Elderly Merchanl
CHAPEL HILL. N.C., Sept. 1
tUP> A Confederate general's
daughter who came here 21
years ago to study and stayed to
run a fish market was burled to-
day while frantic police hunted
for an informant they hoped
would lead them to her murder-
Officers refused today whether
they had anv Idea of the identi-
ty of the murderer who beat
Miss Rachel Crook. 71. to death
and left her body on an aban-
doned dirt road about four miles
from this quiet college town.
They admitted that they had
found very litt'c- In her home,
her life or the scene of her death
to go on.
Miss Crook's body. Its face
beaten almost beyond recogni-
tion, was found yesterday. First
reports indicated she might have
been raped, but police refused to
say whether an autopsy confirm-
ed that suspicion.
The daughter of Rev. Davy
Crockett Crook, a fighting
preacher who served as a general
in the Confederate army. Miss
Crook was born on a plantation
near Union Springs. Ala. She was
past her 50th birthday when she
came here in 1930 to study for a
Ph. D. in economics at the Uni-
versity of North Carolina.
Neighbors believed she was
well off. although she lived sim-
ply and operated a combination
launderette-flsh marhet-cunos
shop. Sometimes she went from
house to house, selling pecans in
shoe boxes from her Alabama
With the money from her
shop. Miss Crook had attended
the university "on and off" for
years, graduate school officials
said. She had completed all her
work but a thesis for her doc-
DC-6Mckes Forced
Belly Landing In
Mud; Nobody Hurt
A Mexican DC-6 airliner carry-
ing 2-3 passengers from Los An-
geles made a forced landing In
the mud of Lake Texoco today
All passengers and crew es-
caped Injury.
The plane was on its approach
*t Mexico City airport when the
.jilot was forced to make a belly
landing in the dry lakebed. .
To Meet Monday
The Parent-Teachers Associa-
tion will meet on Monday night
at the French Society Hall.
All parents and guardians art
asked to turn cut.
The private school teachers are
sponsoring a concert program in
honor of Teaclier Williams, who
has retired from the staff and
plans returning to Jamaica, hli
This program comes off on the
12th of the present month at the
Jamaica Society Hall.
Atlantic Society...
(Continued From Pare FIVE)
mother In Washington. D.C. and
with her grandparents In Wells-
boro. Pa.
Neyle Theriault. son of Mr.
and Mrs. Raul Theriault of Mar-
garita, sailed en route to Athene,
Georgia, where he will enter the
University of Georgia.
Mr. and Mrs. Arne Zeese left
for a vacaticn at their home on
Harvey's Lake, Vermont.
Miss Paula Dovet daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Doval. also
sailed Friday. She will visit In
New Jersey. Charlottesville and
Richmond. Va before returning
to Longwood College, Farmville,
Va to start her sophomore year.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Deaklns
and children will spend three
month in St. Petersburg and
Tampa Florida.
While they are awav their
quarters will be occupied by Mr.
and Mrs. M. Chadwlck of the
Texas Oil Company.
Colonel and Mrs. William
Knott of Colon Beach, sailed Fri-
dav. They will enter their son
William, in Brown University for
the fall term.
Miss Mary Devine, of the nurs-
ing staff of the Colon Hospital
left for a vacation to be spent at
her home in St. Louis, Missouri.
Dr. and Mrs Samuel Aycock
and daughter, May-Jo, left for a
three-month vacation in the
States. They will visit friends
and join their son who will start
cadet flight training in the near
Visiting in Balboa
Mrs. Lyman Smith, of Cleve-
land. Ohio and Mrs. Alice Clem-
ent of Gatun. are visiting rela-
tives on the Pacific Side o the
if I


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Saturday, Sept. 8
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News (VOAi
10:30The HOG Hit Parade
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1:00 a.m.81gn Off
NEW YORK. Sept. 1. (UJP.)
the face is replacing the form
as the center of feminine at-
traction, according to Karol
Llndberg. beauty expert.
The popularity of the bustllne,
Miss Llndberg says, is on the
wane. As for legs, .she claims
they have been out of contention
for some time.
Miss Llndberg. veteran con-
sultant to the House of Scandla
and quite a beauty herself
says It's about time the feminine
profile got a break. Now that it
has, she says, it will remain m'-
lady's No. 1 point of beauty for
some time to come.
"For the past few years, be-
cause of changes in fashions and
the influence of other factors,
the bust was favored as the focal
point of attraction," she observ-
ed. "Before that, for several
years, the bustllne was de-em-
phasized and legs were In vogue.
Completing Cycle
"Now. however, we're complet-
ing the cycle and going back to
the face and rightly so. A wom-
an's face I believe, is extremely
important in that it tells more
about her personality, her
thoughts and her nature than
anything else. And. of course, It's
the part of a woman that men
see the most of."
Miss Llndberg said faces are
making, a comeback because
women are taking better care of
them than ever before. She said
women were cslng cosmetics
more wisely and spending more
time on makeup.
"Women have learned, for ex-
ample, that when men kiss, they
want to feel the lips instead of
the Unstick," she contended.
! "They have learned to get away
i from artificiality and emphasize
natural beauty the kind of
beauty men most appreciate.''
New York Is Tops
Miss Llndberg. who has been
. touring the country for the past
i seven years, giving beauty lec-
i tures, said the nation's best
groomed women are to be found
in New York, with Dallas, Tex..
San Francisco. Calif., and Seat-
tle. Wash., ranking next In that
She thinks Dallas women
< probably are the "sexiest" in the
nation, while Seattle women
have the most "natural" beauty
and San Francisco women rank
"first in sophistication." New
Navy's "Mighty Mite'%
Through At Annapolis
Slallcup Markwood, Chester-
brooke, Va., housewife who
Joined the Communist Party in
Washington as an FBI spy, tells
her story to the House Un-
American Activities Committee.
During her seven years as an
undercover agent, she rose to
be treasurer of the party in
the capital.
York women are "tops In all
points of beauty," she added.
Here are some of her beauty
Lipstick light in color and
Perfume use discreetly back
of knees, on stomach, ears, neck
and fingertips.
Makeup Go light' on the
bases .
Hair Keep soft, glossy. Use
no intricate hairdos.
Hundreds of Navy men scat-
red through the world had a
I pang of nostalgia this summer
when Tommy Taylor "Mighty
Mite" of the U. S. Naval Aca-
demy, retires.
Taylor Is associate professor in
physical education and training.
Thomas Gregson Taylor, a
five-and-a-half foot dynamo
with freckled face and clipped
mustache, has been with the
academy for 32 years. Despite
his thinning blond hair, he does-
n't look like a man who's reach-
ed the Navy's retirement age
of 65.
He will leave behind a record
in soccer coarhlns that got Him
a "Coach of the Year" award In
1943 and will take with him one
l of his most cherished posses-
sions: a gcid watch presented
I him by a grateful Navy soccer
; team that beat Army in 1944.
Besides piloting Navy soccer
; teams, Including an unbeaten
1945 team. Taylor reigned as
, head of the Plebe lacrosse teams
from 1929 to 1946. The two sports
are by no means the range of
the "Mite's" athletic ability.
The Navy also credits Taylor
with the erect carriage of every
naval officer graduated from the
academy since Taylor joined the
physical education staff in 019.
Taylor chalked up and'her ,
record of sorts during Wtirld
War II. He was called on t di-
rect an exercise program, for
coaches and physical diret ors
who were to become officer
ihe Navy V-5 air cadet tralrtlng
The class included such fig- j
urevas Frankle Albert ot Stan-
lord. Sam Barry of Southern
California and Jim Crowley J.
Fordham. Many of them -wet
men 40 and 51) years old Who
frowned on "exercises."
"Taylor reallv did a fine Job
with us." one of the V-5ers said
later. "Even the old ,. me is look-
ed forward to getting down for
the exercises at 6:30 every morn-
Tavlor. born In Elkton. En-
gland, began his first assignment
as physical education director at
the Canadian Army's gymnastic
school. He went from there1 to
the Mlddleboro. Mass., YMCA;
Pimlico School in Baltimore:
Ellicott City School, Franklin
High School In Reistertown and
Towson. Md.. high schools, all in |
Maryland before he becanJ? a
"Navy" man.
25 Miles On Bicycle
All In Day's Work
MEMPHIS. Tenn.. Sept. 1
(U,P.i Joan Carney, formerly
of Rochester. N. Y.. pedals 25
miles a day on her bicycle.
Joan picked up tht habit at
Columbia University In New
York and when she came here
as an occupational therapist she
brought her bicycle with her.
Joan pedals eight miles to her
job. then bicycles back with a
stOD off at her club for a swim.
After supper, she rounds out the
25 miles.
Joan's ambition Is to sail for
Europe next summer for a bi-
cycle tour of the continent.
Enough To Make Anyone
Faint All Over Again
FORT WAYNE. Ind Sept. 1.
(UJ.) A doctor ordered
Harry Wagner to the hosoltal
when he fainted in his home.
Wagner regained conscious-
ness as two men stood over
"Where are you fellows from?"
Waener asked.
t'halfant and Perry Funeral
Home." they said.
Wagner fainted again
Explanation of Symbols:
VOAVotee of America
BBCBritish Broadcasting
RDFRadlodlffusion Francalse
Air Cadet Lost in Sky,
Saved By Base Radio
GREENVILLE. Miss,. Sept. 1.
(U.P.) An air cadet at the
Greenville Air Force base pro-
bably is still dizzy from a pract-
ice flight.
Cozier S. Kline, of Lincoln,
Neb., not being familiar with the
Mississippi country side, became
confused pn a routine flight and
radioed the base "to help me
locate myself."
The instructor, Don Speed ra-
dioed Kline to fly until he found
a town and then keep circling.
Then Speed asked the state
highway patrol to be on the
lookout for an Air Force plane
going in circles. Patrolmen spot-
ted Kline circling methodically
around the little town of Water
Speed went to the rescue. He
found his student still wearily
and dizzily circling and directed
him back to Greenville.
Frustration In Birds
BROWNSVILLE. Tenn. Sept. 1.
I (UP.) A sparrow kept flying
! against a plate glass store front
: in an attempt to reach a grass-
I hopper on the inside. .....
New Internal Refresher Often
Wonderful After Colds for
that Tired, Achy Feeling,
Nervous Tension
and Rheumatic Pains
Do \*ou or any ..* ,1-cuc, nervous de-
pressed? Are you tired when you g?t up in the morning? Does hack-
ache or roving aches and pains in muscles and joints make it hard
for you to work or get any fun out of life? If so, a wonderful in-
ternal refresher, called Cystex, may be just the thing you need to bring
greater pep, happiness and earning power to your household.
Other Important Symptoms
Symptoms such as the above as well as
Getting Up Nights, Frequent, irritating pas-
sages of strongly acid cloudy urine with an
offensive odor, Rheumatism, Leg Fains,
Swollen Ankles, Dizziness and feeling old
before your time frequently arise from func-
tional irritation. Pains in the groin, hips and
lower abdomen, as well as a feeling of pres-
sure or fullness in the bladder may arise
from the same cause.
Cause of Irritation
A germ known as Escherichia Coli as
well as certain non-specific germs resulting
from colds and other causes may linger in
the Kidneys and Bladdtr and result in so
much irritation that Nature tells your nerves
to send a message to youi brain that the
needs help.
New Internal Cleanser
There is an old saying that "Cleanliness
is next to Godliness" and for better health
it's certainly as important to keep your
body clean on the inside as well as the out-
side. Yes, it's a lot more important to give
your body a good internal cleaning and
refreshing 2 or 3 times a year than it is to
clean your house.
Wonderful Refreshing Action
Taking laxatives merely helps empty the
Ixnvel but does nothing to help clean and
thereby refresh the important Kidneys and
Bladder. In fact, thousands of people are
amazed at the big improvement and won-
derful relief brought by the cleansing, re-
freshing action of Cystex in nearly all kinds
of aches, pains, nervous tension and discom-
fort arising from functional irritation of the
Kidneys and Bladder.
How Cystex Works
Cystex usually works" very quickly be-
cause the active ingredients reach the urin-
ary passages in about 3 hours with these two
important actions: 1. In acid urine it's a
good deal like a mild, gentle antiseptic bath
fot your Kidneys and Bladder washing,
cleaning and helping Nature get rid of
many irritating factors such as non-specific
germs. Then it is only natural that the body
can feel refreshed and cleaned of many


VHitruoo4 Vnitrwoe PHel
central nervous system calms and soothes many aches, pains
and discomforts so that you can relax better and get more
nerve irritants. 2. At the same time for this refreshing sleep and thus gain pep. happiness and the vital
reason Cystex by reflex action through the energy necessary to enjoy hie.
Tired-Worn Out Lower Abdomen
Medically Developed
For 25 years the Cystex formula
has been an outstanding success
over 20 million packages sold.
The Knox Company which has
spent millions of dollars in the
development and "promotion of
quality pharmaceuticals authorizes
the Medical Staff, of consulting
physicians and chemists of The
Knox Control Laboratory, to keep
Cystex abreast of modern develop-
ments so that at all times it will be
hat they consider the safest, most
reliable medicine in its class.
Clinical studies of large groups
under the direction of licensed
physicians show that Cystc: usual-
ly gives wonderful results. For
instance, here are actual cases:
Case No. 9-A. Woman Age. 2H.
Suffered Bladder weakness and
irritation, also nervous tension. Ex-
perienced marked relief from Cys-
tex in 1 days. No symptoms at end
of 7 days. Case No. -i()-A. Man.
Age 84. Symptoms were Getting
Up Nights, pressure over bladder,
strong, cloudy urine, smarting pas-
sages. Symptoms improved after 6
days Cystex medication All symp-
toms disappeared after 16 days.
Case- No. 12-A. Woman. Age 60.
Complained of backache, tender-
ness over bladder, getting up
nights and smarting passages. De-
Ask Your Druggist For
Get Cystex from your local drug- '
K today. Give it what you consider
to bc^a fair trial. In just a few days
you probably will feel so much bet-
ter and then be glad to continue tak-
ing it long enough to prove its full-
finite improvement in 6 days. A!\*
symptoms disappeared after 3
Around the World with Cystex
Wherever you go you will find
Cystex to be a favorite medicine in.
small towns as well as large cities
not only in the United States ancP
Latin America but also in far off
countries such as Australia, Bel-
gium, the Philippines, Egypt, Chi-
na, Siam, India, Singapore, Eng-
land, Africa, etc. Yes, Cystex is
known and praised in more rhant
twenty languages in upward of
seventy countries throughout the
world. Such approval is convincing
evidence of remarkable satisfaction.
est value to you Cystex costs little
and in just a few days it must prove
a real blessing to you. So cheer up>
pep up, clean up and start refreshini
yourself the Cystex way today. S9
how much better you may feel to-

* .omblower," New Warner Triumph
Now Playing at Bal boa Theater
In 194'.. during the dark early
period or World War II. Winston
Churchill, at sea on board the
Prince of Wales en route to an
ocean co.iierence with President
Roosevelt, took a few precious
hours off to read a boo*. It turn-
ed out to be "Captain Horn-
blower. R. N." And therein start-
ed a chain of events that might
be said to find Us climax some
ten vears and thousands of feet
of film later in the forthcoming
prsentation of Warner Bros.'
Technicolor spectacle, "Captain
Horatio Homblower." based on
the C. S. Forester best-seller
novel, and starring Gregory Peck
and Virginia Mayo. Now playing
at the Balboa Theatre.
The Prime Minister, having
been gifted with the book by the
English Minister to Cairo, found
time shortly afterward to cable
him. "I find Homblower admira-
ble.'' Many British commanders
throughout that part of the
world, who were able to pick up
this message on their own com-
munications circuits, were
thrown into momentary con-
sternation, lest "Homblower'' be
the code name for an operation
about which .they had not been
Hall-way around the world, in
Burbank. California, the Warner
Bros, studio executives must
have been equally impressed
with "Captain Homblower," for
the Forester stories had been
thrilling many readers the world
over in many languages. These
half-fact, half-fiction adven-
tures seemed to be an embodi-
ment of all that was great in an
English seagoing officer during
an era when Britannia alone
ruled the waves. And Britain
did have one particular seadog of
long fame who was a special hero
Horatio. Lord Nelsonhero of
Trafalgar, famed also for that
classic signal to his fleet. "Eng-
land expects every man to do his
Perhaps it was Horatio Melton
There's a starlet around Holly-' the instrument won him
wood who's so uninhibited her i first nicknamePiccolo Jim. comes to see her! Her face is her fortune:
oOo Margaret Hamilton, the onetime
Lassie's son. Pal. was in front | Boston school teacher whd be-
of the cameras for his first big
after whom Horatio Homblower
was patterned, for none of the
elements was omitted, least of
all the great romance which each j
admiral experienced with the
lady of his choice.
The results are said to reveal
again the way In which only the
motion picture screen can bring
entertainment to the public on
a spectacular scale. Thus began
the studio's greatest post-war
production! Months of research
iacscd costuming, shlpbuild-
ng set designing, casting, script-
writing, camera tests mid fin-
ally the actual filming, which
took half a year to complete.
To portrav Captain Homblow-
er. Warners selected Gregory
Peck, who came to the role from
some of the most outstanding
pictures In recent years. "Only
The Valiant," "Twelve O'clock
High," "Gentleman's Agree-
ment," To prepare himself for
this role. Peck spent many
months In research and actual
training himself, gathering the
techniques of seamanship and
! swordsmanship under able Eng-
ish officers.
Virginia Mayo, beautiful young
actress who emerged recently as
one of Hollywood's top star3.
Dlays the highly dramatic role of
Lady Barbara, a noblewoman
who lases her heart tq the fab-
ulous captain.
In featured roles are Robert
Beaty. James Roberson Justice
and Terence Morgan, with a cast
of hundreds including Jock Eas-
ton's Stunt Team, an aggrega-
tion of performers known for
their daring, their fighting abil-
Itv and their neck-risking acrob-
The director was Raoul Walsh,
a particularly apt choice, for
among the action films he has
megaphoned are "Along the
Oreat Divide." "Pursued" and
"White Heat." With action, rom-
ance, and sweeoing adventure
in the offing. "Captain Horatio
Homblower" brings this screen
veteran a vehicle made to order.
The story Itself revolves around
the character of the Captain, a
I rjersonally modest man, never
too certain of himself, of his
abilitv to lead others, who never-
theless sails the seas in perform-
ance of his duty as holder of his
King's commission In command
of a ship of the line. Into strange
countries he goes, into battles at
sea and ashore, and finally Into
a romance with the lovely Lady
Barbara, sister of the Duke of
New Technicolor Spectacle
Of South Sea Adventure
Due In "Bird Of Paradise"
movie scene in 20th Century-
Fox's "People Will Talk." Direr-
tor Joseph Manklewlcs told the
doK to snarl. Pal. belig good-
natured, wes having some trou-
ble getting into the mood of the
thing. Manklewlcz looked around
came the movie town's foremost Wellington.
hatched-faced old maid, plays Highlishts of the film are se-
ine role of a rawboned and quence-, involving the Captain's
flinty female of many hard win- home life, the Admiralty offices,
ters in the 20lh Century-Fox the coastal town and
LOUIS JOURDAN, Jeff Chandler, and Debra Paget, pictured
above are the stars of "Bird of Paradise," the Twentieth
Century-Fox Technicolor spectacle which opens Thursday,
uept. 6 at the Lux Theater and Cecilia theaters.
film. "People Will Talk", star-
ring Cary Grant and Jeanne
Craln. Miss Hamilton has ac-.
ports from which Homblower
sel sail into action against
Kaoolecn's fleet.
t the 70 workers gathered a- cumulated a sizeable fortune In' Then the cast and crew travel-
bout. All unconsciously were Hollywood by staying out o led to F anee where i
snarling, trying to helo the dog i beauty parlors. ___
alone. Including Cruv Grant, am1
Jeanne Craln. "Please," said > BvmSS
Manklewlcz. "I only asked the fc* "7 "*"* _
dog to snarl. Not the entire com- $peoks Tonioflt
Over Station HOC
One of James Mason's little
known talentshis mastery of
the flutecame to light during
the filming of 20th Century-
"ox's "The Desert Fox", In which
Mason plays the role of Field j red by J. E. Byrnes. Acting Pres-
Marshal Erwln Rommel. The nc- ident over Station HOG at 4:30
tor kept the company entertain- p.m. today.
; ed between renes with tunes ( Members and interested friends
that took in everything from are asked to tune in '840 on your
Boogie to Bach. His prowess on dial) at this time.
As an added ieature to the La-
bor Day activities sponsored by
Local 900 Government and Civic
Employes Organizing Committee
CIO. a special message to lo-
cal rate employes will be dellv-
led to France where In the au-
thentic locales of the Mediter-
ranean at Villefranche. Ville-
neuve-Loubet and Beauliu. the
garish palace of a Spanish pirate
chief. Hornblower's arrest and
escaue from the French, the
spectacular sea battles of the
frsate. Lydia. with the Spanish
Natividad were recorded.
Two completely rigged and
three nearly coniDlete shios were
required for the production.
These Included the Lydia. a 38-
gun frigate; the Natividad, a
Spanish warship of 50 guns;
the Sutherland, a 74-gun shlp-
of-the-line: the Cassandra, the
admiral's 100-gun command:
and the Witch of Endor. a small
two-masted brig.
The enchantment of the is-
lands, the spectacle of volcanic
eruption and the beauty of Tech-
nicolor in the tropics are the
combined Inducements of "Bird
of Paradise," the lavish poetic
romance emanating from Twen-
tieth Century-Fox and opening
Thursday. Jointly at the Lux and
Cecilia Theaters. Louis Jourdan,
Debra Paget and Jeff Chandler
are starred in the island epic.
"Bird of Paradise," a comple-
tely new film Inspired by the
title of the famed hit play of the
early 1900s was recently filmed
on location In the Hawaiian Is-
lands. It reunites three of the
Drinclpal talents responsible :or
the success of "Broken Arrow,"
stars Debra Paget and Jeff
Chandler and writer-director
Delmer Daves, who directed the
earlier film. "Bird of Paradise"
was developed along lines sug-
gested by "Broken Arrow" In its
treatment of native manners,
customs and culture, as well as
the love story between a white
adventurer and island maiden.
Debra Paget Is again the native
beauty, with Jourdan. not James
Stewart, as the Invader.
From the original "Bird of
Paradise" the final scene, the
tribal sacrifice of a young Inno-
cent to the demands of the
erupting volcano, has been re-
tained, and given the realization
which only the unlimited re-
sources of the Technicolor movie
theatre screen could effect.
Photographed amidst, the
coral, cocoanuts, volcanoes, or-
chids and ple-slze hibiscus of the
lush, sub-tropical Hawaiian is-
lands, with hundreds of natives
employedseveral in important
actinK, singing and danciiv as-
signment"Bird of Paradise" is
reported to emerge an epic Poly-
nesian poem reflecting the cul-
ture, loves, suprstltlons and tra-
gedy of the South Sea Islands.
In terms of sheer spectacle, its
like has not been approached in
many years, and bids fair never
to be again, in view of the ris-
ing shortage and cost of- mater-
Supporting the star trio are
Maurice Schwartz, celebrated
stage actor and guiding genius
of the Yiddish Art Theatre in
New York; Everett Sloane. dis-
tinguished screen, stage and ra-
dio actor who recently scored In
"The Men"; Jack Elam. a suave
new menace of threatening vis-
age; Prince LelLani; Otto Wald-
ls; and Alfred Zelsler. Harmon
Jones served as Associate Pro-
ducer on the film.
Drama of Apache Indian Fighters Versus
Western Settlers Coming To Central Theater
Any truth to the report that
Howard Hughes won't start
"Androcles and the Lion" till
he finds a lion with a 38-inch
bust? r
Wonderful double-bill spotted
on a theatre marouee by Gene
Nelson: "The Groom Wore
Spurs""Operation Disaster."
rPanama Canal Clubhouses SHOWING TODAY!
BA ft 9% ^v A Air Conditioned
/"XL %^Jf\2:00 4:10 6:20 8:30
Set-. Pi., | Ooff Ben Robert w *.;.,i Dm m
MkCI rMr
Diablo Hts.
13 I 05
Pedro Miguel Larilne DAY Robert RYAN
*________Wed "At War With The Armv"
1 \ M B O K Doris DAY Cene NELSON > LULLABY of BROADWAY' Monday 'Bandit King o Texas'*
2-M :M
Thrilling Advenlurel
< k* MIK t UN"
2 w 1:1! vi.t
Robert YOUNG
"Goodbye, My Fancy"
Mon.'.y I.ICKV NICK ( -\IV
\ii-Conditioned) 1M IS 1:11
S?lly rOREST
Technicolor I
Also Show
"Only the Valiant," a William
Cagney Production for Warner
Bros, distribution and starring
Gregory Peck in the role o a
U. S. cavalryman during the
stirring post-Civil War period,
comes to the Central Theatre on
Thursday. The film, from the
bestseller novel by Charles Mar-
quis Warren, covers the dra-
matic period when bloody In-
dian conflicts menaced the set-
tlers of the early Southwest,
and tell the story of one par-
ticularly exciting- episode.
Donning the blues of a gallant
captain of cavalry, Peck plays
the role of Captain Richard
Lance, an officer admired by his
men as a soldier yet hated for
the iron qualities of discipline
which made him a great leader.
When at the story's climax Peck
takes a patrol out In a desperate
effort to save an entire fort from
annihilation, he chooses the
toughest, most hard-bitten of
the garrison, on none of whom
could he turns his back for a
moment. The drama and sus-
pense of the sequence are said
to make "Only the Valiant" one
of not-to-be-mlssed films of the
One of the ablest supporting
casts ever assembled for a great
outdoor drama aids Peck. The
feminine interest is played by
Barbara Payton, beautiful blonde
actress who received rave re-
views for a brilliant performance
as James Cagney's leading lady
in "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye."
Ward Bond, one of Hollywood's
favorite villains who was last
seen as the unscrupulous de-
tective inspector in "Kiss To-
morrow Goodbye," plays Corp.
GUchrlst, a man who likes the
bottle almost as much as he
relishes a fight.
Lon Chaney, son of the late
silent star of many faces, play.i
Trooper Kebussyan, a strong
man with a mysterious past and
dark thoughts to keep It com-
oany. Chaney came to "Only
The Valiant" direct from a
transcontinental tour with
"Born Yesterday." In which he j
played opposite Jean Parker.
Sgt. Murdock, a good soldier j
who would be a better one if he
coul control his streak of cruel- ,
ty. Is played by Neville Brand.;
another promising fllmlte whO|
came to Hollywood from Broad-
way. where he understudied
Marlon Brando In "A Streetcar |
Named Desire."
Others In the supporting cast
Include Gig Young; Jeff Corey.'
Steve Brodle. Terry Kllburn,
Warner Anderson and Dan Rlss.
"Only The Valiant" went into
production on the New Mexico
desert near Gallup, fabled cen-
ter of the Indian empire. There,
under pink sandstone cliffs
standing guard today as they
did during the Indian wars, most
of "Only The*Valiant" was film-
ed in as authentic a location as
it was possible to find.
G..EGORY PECK and BARBARA PAYTON head the dramatic
cast of "Only The Valiant." the heralded Warner Bros, ad-
venture story due Thursday Sept. at the Central Theater.
Ward Bond, Gig Young, Lon Chaney and Jeff Corey also
appear in the film produced bv William Cagney.
Imperishable 'Snow White'
At Bella Vista Thursday
.> -
*f*i -^*;
*A fp m
SNOW WHITE'S preparation for Christmas celebration in the
quaint home of the Seven Dwarfs, deep in the heart of the
forest, provides one of the many interesting sequences 19
Walt Disney's full-length animated feature in multiplane
technicolor. "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" released by
RKO Radio, is responsible for many enjoyable moments for
millions of "Snow White fans. It's due at the Bella Vista
Popular Muslo
NEW YORK. Sept. 1. (UP.)
Decca has reissued an album of
saxophone solos by the late
Freddy Gardner with organ ac-
companiment, "Reveries." The
set Includes eight reminiscent
melodies whose qualities are en-
hanced by the acoustics of the
church in which they were re-
corded. Among the numbers are
"Mighty Lak' a Rose," "Trees,"
"Songs My Mother Taught Me."
"None But the Lonely Heart."
and "Love's Old Sweet Song."
The popular trio, The Three
Suns, assisted by Larry Green
at the piano, have an excellent
waits album for RCA Victor ti-
tled "3/4 Time."
The six melodies Included are
"Waltz Serenade," "Rosenka-
valler Waltz." "Sleeping Beauty
Waltz." "Coppelia Waltz." "Two
Hearts In Three-Quarter Time"
and "Waltz In A-Flat."
Movie fans will have another
chance to sec the classic "Snow
White" tartlng Thursday at the
BELLA VISTA Theatre. Walt
Disney's enchanting "Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs" in
Technicolor, Is with dialogue,
sonta, dances ana a complete
musical score, in full feautre
"Snow White" Is an adapta-
tion of one of the most popular
jstoriea in "Grimms' Fairy Tales."
I First published In the early part
of the last century, this book has
been translated into every civil-
ized language. Its readers are
numbered in the millions. A ster-
ling favorite with generations of
Americans, past and present. It
s equally popular abroad.
Meeting "Snow White," the
dainty, lovable little Princess, on
the screen is the same as greet-
ing an old friend Her story starts
as the wicked Queen, Jealous of
Snow White's" budding beauty,
first degrades her to the level of
a scullery muid Even then the
Queen's magic mirror informs
the sovereign that "Snow White,"
though attired in rags, is still
the fairest In the land.
The palace huntsman is or-
dered to take the Princess to the.
forest and kill her. But he per-
mits her to escape, she is be-
friended by the pitying birds and
animals and finds refuge with
the Seven Dwarfs In their wood-
land home. Thither comes the
wicked Queen In the guise of a
Witch. "Snow White" eats a be-
witched apple given her by her
rival, and falls Into a death-like
slumber. So lovely Is she that the
dwarfs, Instead of burying their
beloved little housekeeper, place
her In a coffin of glass and gold
by which they keep watch. The
tiny chaps have already wreaked
vengeance on the witch, who has
fallen to destruction over a pre-
cipice. Then comes the handsome
Prince, who loved "Snow White"
when she was only a scullery
maid, awakens her with a kiss,
and the sweethearts leave to-
gether for their castle home.
"America's Favorite Marches
is the second RCA Victor album
issued In recent months with the
Cities Service Band of America.
The set includes eight such
stirring numbers as "Stars and
Stripes Forever." "Washington
Post March," "The Washington
Grays" and then.
{Panama Canal Clubhouses
8:30 p.m. only!
New Singles:
Margaret Whiting (Capitol)
and Vaughn Monroe (RCA Vic-
tor) both have good recordings
of the love song "Everlasting"...
Dick Haymes sings with Victor
Young's Orchestra on "At the
Bav of the Rainbows" and "Ta-
hiti. My Island" (Decca"... Gene
Wllllanis does a nice Job slnRlng
with his own orchestra on "I've
Got That Lonesome Feeling"
Frankie Lalne and Jo Stafford
have another of their fine duets
with "In the Cool. Cool. Cool of
the Evening" (Columbia*... Bob
Eberlv sings "You'll Never Know
How It Feels" and "The Beat O'
My Heart" (Capitol)... David
Rose and his orchestra have a
pair of good listening instrumen-
tal numbers with "The Flying
Horse and "Tenderly" (M-G-M).
Doris Day sings "My Liles De-
sire" (Columbia)... Dolly Huston
crips with Woody Herman's band
on "I Can See You" (M-G-M).
The newest bv Eob Dcwey":
band is "When I'm Gone" (RCA
David C. Whitney.

1239 Kes.
en su
Premiere de Gala
a las y St p.m.
Red Panamericana


Vuelve al tapete el Canal por Nicaragua
El peligro de
sabotaje en el
Canal lo motiva
WASHINGTON, septiembre 2.
(UP). Influyentes senado-
res de los Estados Vnldos estn
preocupados por la posibilidad
de sabotaje al Canal de Pa-
nam en caso de una guerra y
una segunda via martima del
Atlntico al Pacifico ocupa lu- j
gar destacado hasta ahora en
las conversaciones sobre esta .
Importante cuestin.
Una Investigacin hecha en-
tre los Senadores Indica que
existe un apoyo en potenci;,
pero no activo en este mo-l _, ., ,' _., "T~"
ment para un Canal por Ni-1 H Licenciado Eduardo Vailu-
caragua de que se habla hace'rlno renunci ayer la Gerencia
mucho tiempo y considrase que del Banco Agropecuario e Indus-
la ruta de Tehuantepec i Me- ] trial despus de una agitada ac-
Gran incertidumbre acerca de
la Gerencia del Agropecuario
Continan las especulaciones
por la renuncia del Gerente
de la institucin E. Vallarno
Los Diputados discutieron las aspiraciones
grupos polticos a importantes cargos
El temor al sabotaje al Canal de Panam en caso de una guerra ha hecho que influyentes
Senadores norteamericanos vuelvan a considerar la posibilidad de un nuevo canal por Nica-
ragua o a travs del Istmo de Tehuantepec. El mapa nos muestra las dos ratas alternativas
a seguir, aunque los dos proyectos tienen muy poco ambiente en el Congreso de Estados Uni-
do*. El canal por Nicaragua tendra que atravesar el Lago Nicaragua, y cables llegados ayer
y hov dan la noticia que los volcanes que abu ndan en esa tana han vuelto a entrar en acti-
vidad. Sin duda alguna, el proyecto de canal por Nicaragua-quedar descartado del todo, ya
que es preferible la posibilidad de un sabotaje que puede evitarse, a la inminente destruccin
del canal por actos inevitables de la naturaleza. En cuanto al proyecto de un canal a travs
del Istmo de Tehuantepec, recin asotado por los huracanes, es posible que quede descartado
tambin, por el alto costo de mantenimiento de este canal debido a las zonas Inhspitas que
abundan en ese Istmo y por las cuales tendra que pasar el canal, y los grandes desiertos que
habr que vencer para construir el canal.
xlco) a travs de Mexico me-
ridional seria tambin objeto
de una minuciosa atencin
cuando se resucite el asunto
del Canal.
El temor de que las esclu-
:as del Canal de Panam pu-
i a la P' Columna >

Aunque tengamos que salir
separados seguiremos a la
vanguardia del periodismo
Comenzando con la edicin
de maana, la empresa editora
"El Panam America" inicia
una nueva era.
La familiar echcin bilinge
de "El Panam Amrica" y
"The Panama American" ha
sido dividida y desde maana
en adelante se vendern sepa-
radamente a cinco centavos el
Esta medida fue tomada de-
bido al ctmiinuo aumento en
los precios del papel peridi-
co, y con el fin de evitar el
aumento del diario a diez cen-
tavos el ejemplar.
Relentes "surveys" llevados
#/tabo por "El Panam Am-
tica" han demostrado oue la
Tunta del peridico bilinge re-
presenta un derroche de papel
en algunos sectores.
En la Zona del Canal, mu-
chos lectores han admitido qua
nunca leen la seccin castella-
na, y muchos lectores de habla
espaola ni siquiera se
en la seccin inglesa.
En cuanto a los suscripto-
tores, se les pide que avisen
a nuestro departamento de cir-
culacin sus preferencias y di-
gan si desean la seccin in-
glesa o castellana, o ambas, ya
que a los suscrlptores de la
Zona del Canal se les envia-
r la seccin inglesa solamen-
te y a los de Panam la de
castellano. -j
Sin embargo, los redactores
de "Kl Panam Amrica" con-
tinuarn con la norma inva-
riable de brindar el ms com-
pleto reportaje de los sucesos
tanto nacionales como extran-
jeros, y esperamos que nuestros
'Paaa i- Pa >i
Designan para un
cargo a Vallarno
y a Heurtematte
For decrete* ejecutivo e'troii.-
bi* al seor Roberto Heurtcmt-;
?Atcinal Embajador de P*- i
ama en los Estados -Unidos*!
como Gobernador Representan-^ de^nts"
,le, en la Junta de Gobernado-
f'Juu 'tes del Banco Internacional de
Rcconstrucjjem y Fomento; co-
mo su suplente fu nombrado
don Julio Weurtematte.
En el mimo decreto del po-
der Ejecutivo fu nombrado el
tor J. J. Vallarno como Go-
bernador, representante de I'a-
nam, ante la Junta de Gober-
nadores del Fondo Monetario
Internacional. Suplente del se-
or Vallarno fu nombrado el
seor Guillermo Endara-
Contina activo
volcn del lago
MANAGUA Septiembre t
(UP) Lea habitantes de la
sla Orne te pe en el Lago Gra-
nada en Ncaraga, continan
mmente asustados por el
volcn Concepcin que ha
vuelto' a esterar en actividad,
despus de haber caosailn
grandes estrago en l2g, lan-
zando grandes piedras lneen-
tuacln de varios meses, culmi-
nando asi una serle de rumores
que se'hablan acallado despus
que el Ministro de Agricultura y
Comercio manifest categrica-
mente que renunciarla si saca-
ban al Gerente del Agrope-
La renuncia,presentada por el
Licenciado Eduardo Valjarm.
o expone razones de ninguna
clase y haste el momento de
terminar las horas de oficina
ayer no habla sido aceptada p)r
el Ministro Samudlo. quien en
diversas ocasiones ha manifes-
tado que el Gerente del Agrope-
cuario goza de su absoluta con-
Sin embargo', desde el Jueves
en que el Procurador General de
la Nacin expres concepto en el
sentido de que adoleca de ln-
constituclonalldad el acto de to-
ma de posesin del Licenciado
pendiente ante el Tribunal de lo
Contencioso Administrativo una
demanda entablada por el Sr.
Enrique Linares Jr. para que se
declare ilegal el decreto por el
cual se le destituy del cargo, cu-
yo nombramiento habla sido pre-
viamente aprobado por la Asam-
blea Nacional.
Diversos partidos polticos se
han estado moviendo en las l-
timas horas para lograr que el
nuevo gerente pertenezca a su
respectivo grupo, pero an no
se ha escogido en definitiva a
qu grupo pertenecer la per-
sona que ha de sustituir al Lie.
En los ltimos dias ha habido
varias reuniones de distintos
grupos de diputados en las cua-
les, segn Informes llegados a
este diarlo, se han expuesto as-
piraciones de sus partidos a va-
rios cargos pblicos de impor-
tancia, entre ellos el de la Ge-
rencia del Agropecuario.
1 pblico en general se da
Irn nunca permitir que su
comercio de petrleo limite
su independencia y libertad
TEHERAN, Sept. 2.(UP) Ipodemos lograr nuestros pro-
El Primer Ministro Mohamed' psitos sin sacrificios ni dlflcul-
Molssadegh dirigi la palabra al i tades. Queremos relaciones a
pals por radio para Informarle; mlstosaa y econmicas con to-
que Irn ha entregado a Gran das las naciones del mundo,
Bretaa su propuesta final pa-! P01"0 nunca dejaremos que
ra resolver el conflicto petro-' nuestro comercio del petrleo
lero y ahora espera la respues-
ta britnica.
Mossadegh pidi al pueblo u-
n y calma para que pueda
triunfar en las luchas futuras.
El discurso fue destinado espe-
cialmente a los polticos iranios
que han criticado su actuacin
en el pleito petrolero.
Las palabras del Primer Mi-
nistro coincidieron con la pro-
puesta de Poloniaprimer pas
de la rbita Sovitica que la for-
mula de adquirir petrleo ira-
nio y fueron pronunciadas poco
despus que Abadan Hussein
Makkt, Secretarlo de la Compa-
a Nacional Irania de Petrleo
Por razn de los aumentos sucesivos en los cos-
tos de produccin para !a publicacin de peridicos,
especialmente'en el precio del papel de imprenta, "El
Panam Amrica" y "Thr Panam American" se im-
primirn y se vendern separadamente a punir del
Lunes, 3 del presente mts. v,
Cada peridico se vender al detal a razn de
neo centesimos de Balboa.
Editora Panama America, S. A.
Finaliza huelga
en Altos Hornos
DENVER, Septiembre 10.
iUP> Sindicato Interna-
cional de Obreros de Minas, Al-
tos Hornos y Fundiciones ter-
min la huelga de cinco diui
contra la Kennecott Copper
Company, lo que prepara el fin
de la paralizadora interrupcin
del trabajo en toda la industria
dentro de pocos dias.
El presidente del Sindicato,
John Clark, dijo que la nula
e solucin de la huelga fu a-
probada por la Comisin de.ior-
mas sobre salarlos del sindica-
to, compuesta por 22 my.embios
y ser sometida a la ratifica-
cin de los 98.000 huelgistas
La solucin fu concertada a-
yer en Washington y el Vice-
presidente del sindicato, OrvUle
Larson, vaticin que la frmula
ser aprobada por los obrero*.
Las eenlaas y el hume que a-
rroja el volcn son llevados
por el viento a una distancia
hasta de 75 kilmetros de dls-
Loa 1.500 habitantes de O
metepe temen que el volcn
vuelva a hacer de las suya
como en 1928, ya que en Nica-
ragua los volcanes causan i-
normes daes a menudo
cuenta de la Incertidumbre que
Vallarno como Gerente del Agro- i Prevalece y son muchas y muy [las amenazas
pecuario, ae acentuaron loa rumo-, variadas las especulaciones que [tas o barcos
res de la renuncia de ste, aun
cuando la CortA*oprema no ha
fallado el urftfl:
Por otra part*, se sabe que est
Habr nueva lucha para
aumentar precios en E.U.
WASHINGTON, Sept. 1 Loa dirigentes del .programa
de movilizacin de los Estados
Unidos advirtieron al Congreso
que se producir una nueva
"lucha" para aumentar los pre-
cios y los salarios, a menos que
se pongan en vigor regulacio-
nes ms estrictas.
se hacen sobre el particular.
anunciara que hoy se firmarn
los contratos con los nuevos
compradores extranjeros para
venderles petrleo directamen-
El Primer Ministro felicit a
la nacin por no someterse a
de "paracaidia-
ie guerra.
mundo libre nos apoyar. No
limite nuestra independencia."
Piensan suprimir
la Presidencia
en el Uruguay
MONTEAD", aeptiembre z
(UP). 9- La mayora del sena-
do uruguayo (colorados), pre-
sentaron ante la cmara alta el
proyecto de ley de reforma
constitucional destinado a im-
plantar en el pas el rgimen
colegiado de gobierno, uno de
los sueos de don Jos Batlle y
Ordez. El Reformador.
La cmara design represen-
tantee de todos los sectores po-
lticos para estudiar el pro-
yecta que establece que habra
un referendum popular el 25
de noviembre para la acepta-
cin o negativa e> la reforma
(Paaa a la f* f Col >
E.U. sigue comprando a los rojos
No hay indicios de que el
Gobierno Norteamericano se
proponga devaluar el dlar
WASHINGTON, sei- e ubre 2. j que tome una medida que lo
iUP>. Autoridades moneta-1 obligue Innecesariamente a pa-
rlas locales declararon quo no ] gar precios ms elevados,
existe el menor indicio de que | Las citadas autoridades mo-
el Gobierno norteamericano se netarlas aadieron que la des-
proponga desvalorizar el dlar, i valorizacin del dlar solo au-
Se cree que la mayora de los mentara el costo para los Es-
rumores sobre desvalorizacln
del dlar se originan en pa-
ses productores de oro, que son
los centros de. agitacin, para
lograr un precio ms alto por
su producto; en donde se adu-
ce que el oro se mantiene a
35 dlares la onza desde el
ao 1933 en tanto que otros
precios han ido subiendo.
Pero como los Estados Uni-
dos es el mayor comprador de
oro del mundo no es probable
El ejrcito Norteamericano admitir

12.500 extranjeros en sus filas
lados Unidos del enorme volu-
men de importaciones que ad-
quiere en el extranjero en for-
ma de productos para su de-
fensa j para mantener en ac-
tividad la economa civil al rit-
mo actuaL
Ellos hicieron notar que los
Estados Unidos Importan aho-
ra mercaderas por valor anual
de 12.000 millones de dlares
comparadas con 840 millones
el ao pasado y 345 millones
hace diez aos
II SONTBOFEN, Alemania, Sept. 2. (EPS)
* L'n ruso, un ucranio, un hngaro y dos
checos han comenzado su entrenamiento
como loi primeros de los 12,500 extranjeros
que sern admitidos en el ejrcito de los
Estados Unidos.
Cinco aos de servicio militar satisfac-
torio y un retire honorable del mismo ca-
pacitarn a estos individuos a obtener la '
ciudadana norteamericana, aunque Jams
hayan pisado el territorio de lee Estados
Estos hombres Ingresan al ejrcito nor- !
teamerieano conforme a una ley especial
recientemente dictada. Por primera ves en
la historia de lee Estados Unidos, ella per.
mi fira ue el ejrcito reclute individuos ex-
tranjeros y ne residentes en diebo pas,
pero ue renan determinados requisitos.
Tras un periodo de "orientacin" en Ale-
mania, loe reclutas sern enviados a los
Estados Unidos para un mayor entrena-
Weymouth. Massachusetts.
Explicaron que los norteamericanos que
ellos haban tratado les haban hablado
principalmente de esos lugares.
Los primeros reclutas estn gozando de
privilegios que nunca se hablan dado a ex-
tranjeros en tiempos de paz. Pueden usar
dinero de la ocupacin, comprar en tos al-
macenes militares, comer en las cantinas
del ejercito y rozar de las facilidades de
los centros militares norteamericanos en
Europa occidental.
La Crui Roja Americana puse sus servi-
cios a la orden de loa reclutas, anuncian-
do que sus empleado* han sido autorizados
para ofrecerles toda la ayuda que puedan
De lo: cinco. Michael Daradan. el ruso,
que cuem veintisis aos, es el nico que
ha tenido alguna experiencia con el ejer-
cito norteamericano.
En 1944 era un prisionero de les alema-
i meses de la guerra form parte de la di-
visin blindada No. 14, habiendo sido he-
rido en un pie. Despus de la guerra sir-
vi como Intrprete durante los juicios
contra los dirigentes nazis y ahora ocupa-
ba igual cargo en la oficina de administra-
cin militar en Dachau.
Uno de loa checos, John E. Foitik. reci-
bi entrenamiento en radar en la fuerza
area alemana durante la segunda guerra
mundial. Ms tarde sirvi en la alta eo-
snisin arlada en Praga. El hngaro, cuyo
nombre no puede darse, fu oficial en el
elrclto de su patria, peleando contra tos
r laos en Polonia.
El ucranio, cuyo nombre tampoc. puede
divulgarse, habla adems de su lengua na-
tal el checo, el polaco, d ruso v I ingls.
El otro cheto "-a un estudiante de mate-
mticas y qui.
Estos noni".. .- srtn epresentativos de los
millares que Vi>r solicitado ser admitidos
ramo su primera Instruccin estara a nes, pero logre escapar del tren en que era en el ejrcito norteamericano. Los alema -
carao del cuartel 77 del comando euro-
peo, baio el coronel Henrv W. Holt.
Les cinco individuos citadee sealaron la
estatua de la Libertad v las ciudades de
Mueva York, Chicago. Bfalo. Cincinnati y
San Antonio como los puntee oue ms les
interesaba conocer en los Estados Unidos.
a un campo de prisioneros en
v pudo llegar hasta las lineas
Utilizando sus conocimientos de ingls
uno de los cinco idiomas que habla con
soltura convent i a los norteamericanos
de que deseaba n" a ellos en la lucha
nes o ciudadanos de cualquiera de las na-
ciones signatarias del Pacto del Atlntico
no son elegibles. Los Interesados deben te-
ner de dieciocho treinta y cinco aos y
tener buenos antecedentes. No es indis-
pensable que sepan Inicies, ya que el ejer-
cito tiene Intrpretes que hablan todos los
II*.. _^_.i.-i J. """ > >- "t-rB u- a ellos en la incoa ; ciu uene interpretes que naoian toa
uno mencione tambin la ciudad de East 1 contra, tos nazie. X durante toe ultimes j idioma, de Europa central y oriental.
89 nacimientos te
registraron del da
22 al 29 de agosto
Un total de 689 nacimientos
' unieron en el pals durai.te
semana del 22 al 29 de Agcs-
lo. mientras que solo hubo 201
defunciones de acuerdo con da-
tes estadsticos suministrados
por la Seccin de Informes, es-
tadstica y Educacin Sanitaria
! de Panam.
Durante la misma semana se j
egistraron una gran can i id. i
de casos de Sfilis cuando su-
bi el total a 230, mientras que
ios casos de Gonorrea subieron
a un totar de 245.
Hubo 59 casos de Tuberculo-
sis y 26 defunciones debido a
dicha enfermedad. Igualmente
13 casos de difteria y 28 cai-os
dr tumores malignas ,
En las defunciones reglst.a-
clas 20 casos se debieron a en-
fermedades del corazn. 36 -a-
os pertenecen a nios menores
de un ao y 22 de nios naci-
c'os muertos.
De loe nacimientos 122 ocu-
rrieron en la ciudad de Pana-
m, y 156 en la ciudad de C--
n; el resto en el Interior dt i
a Repblica, '
El mapa demuestra que a pesar del Interminable conflicto entre Estados Unidos y el mundo
comunista, stos continan negociando con la Rusia Sovitica y sus satlites. Todos los tota-
les en el mapa son para 1959. Checoeslovaquia acaba de condenar a un periodista norteame-
ricano basada en un falso cargo de "espionaje", pero la mitad del balance favorable de Che-
coeslovaquia se debe a las ventas que hace a tos Estados Unidos. Si continan las ventas
con el mismo ritmo que en 1959, este ao los chocos vendern a Estados Unidos 11 por ciento
ms que el ao pasado. Hungra, que mantuvo encarcelado al hombre de negocios nortea-
mericano Robert Vogeler durante 17 meses, ven dio a Estados Unidos ms durante el primer
trimestre de 1951 que el mismo periodo el ao pasado. Las exportaciones a la China Reja
faeron suspendidas en Abril de este ao. pero antes de eso ya habamos comerciado con los
chinee ms que con cualquier otro pas comunista. Rusia, tierra del trabajo esclavizado, le
vendi al To Sam 6,316.000 de dolare: en mercancas durante el primer semestre de 1951, un
aumento de casi un milln de dlares >?>re el ltimo trimestre de 1959.
Ostia, corresponsal de la Pren-
sa Asociada en Praga fu con-
denado a 10 anos de prisin put
Portavoces de la Cancillera
WASHINGTON, 8 e p tlembre
lo. (UP) El Embajador che-
coeslovaco, Vladimir Prochazra,
declar que su pas "no cedr
a presin alguna" en el proble-
ma del periodista norteamerini-
no William Oatls, y asegur que
desde uh punto de vista letal
el caso ha "terminado".
Prochazka formul sas de-
claraciones a los perlodisus
despus de la reunin a puertas
ce-.radas con el Secretarlo de
ado Dean Acheson.
Se intonso que en sa reu-
nin -,<: dur 30 minutos, A-
chesor censur duramente al
Gobierno checo tal como lo Ll-
zo ayer el Presidente rumafl al
recibir las credenciales del en-
viado diplomtico
Funcionarios del Departamen-
to de Estado manifestaron que
Acheson no estrech la mano
de Prochazka y que le entreg
copla de la resolucin reciente-
mente aprobada por el Congie-
30 en la que se pide la suspen-
sin del comercio con Checoes-
lovaquia hasta que se ponga en
libertad a Oa"
manlfestaron que Acheson des-
pus de entregar copia d la
resolucin a Prochazka eenau-
: el "trato Injusto y arbitra-
rlo" dado a Oatls y advirti quo
a tirantez de las relaciones en-
tre Estados Unidos y Checoes-
lovaquia "continuar aumen-
tando" a menos que se pong
en libertad al corresponsal mu**

HARMQDlo AHIA. V ucioj
1DITADO *o* t*
ru.reNo S-0740 ictNTRAi pivda> apartado 'on N- 4
En la semana pasada las agencias de prensa
trasmitieron la sensible noticia del fallecimiento
del Dr. Antonio Snchez de Bustamante y Sirven,
el ilustre internacionalista e intelectual cubano cu-
ya personalidad adquiri hace muchos aos dimen-
siones continentales.
Es un deber moral rendirle homenaje a los
grandes valores de la inteligencia y la cultura y,
por consiguiente, en este caso nos parece de jus-
ticia consagrarle un tributo de respeto y admira-
cin a la memoria del eximio jurisconsulto que es-
cal las alturas de la ancianidad en las alas triun-
fales del prestigio.
El Dr. Antonio Snchez de Bustamante cons-
tituye uno de los ms calificados esfuerzos de la
cultura jurdica de Amrica, porque sta tuvo en
l a un infatigable investigador tcnico y a un en-
tusiasta creador de concepciones doctrinales.
La labor del ilustre cubano se destaoa lumi-
nosa desde la ctedra de Derecho Internacional en
la Universidad de la Habana, la cual desempe
con brillantez durante ms de medio siglo, hasta
en las manifestaciones ms insignificantes del mo-
vimiento tcnico-ideolgico que representa el estu-
dio y las realizaciones del Derecho Internacional
En mltiples conferencias interamericanas y
mundiales el pensamiento disciplinado de Snchez
de Bustamante tuvo felices intervenciones. En la
Sexta Conferencia Internacional Americana cele-
brada en la Habana en 1928, por ejemplo, su capa-
cidad profesional se tradujo en un proyecto que
regula la materia del Derecho Internacional Pri-
vado que luego fue adoptado por un nmero apre-
ciable de pases americanos. Ese instrumento, co-
mo es sabido, se conoce en los crculos acadmi-
cos con el nombre de Cdigo de Bustamante.
En esta ocasin cabe recordar la actitud que
asumi el entnente jurista fallecido cuando Pana-
m se vio envuelta en una controversia interna-
cional. La capacidad de su pensamiento, exteriori-
zada en una magnfica exposicin, favoreci la te-
sis Uttntada por nuestra Repblica. No cabe du-
da que en el debate meramente tcnico la opinin
emitida por el insigne expositor cubano robusteci,
por lo menos en el campo moral, la posicin pa-
"El Panam-Amrica" rinde un homenaje de
respetuosa admiracin a la memoria del gran maes-
tro del Derecho Internacional que tanto abrillant
al foro continental y aprovecha la oportunidad de
esta nota necrolgica para presentar su condolencia
al pueblo cubano por la prdida de uno de sus ms
ilustres exponentes.
Se echan unas otas de cada uno de los rasquitos
que van en la cajita de Kabul, en la palma de la mano.
Se fricciona bien el cabello y nada ms. Este es el pro-
cedimiento tan sencillo para usar "Kabul" para las
Por este medio se -avisa a los interesados que el lia 27
de Septiembre de 1951, se efectuar la licitacin pblica para
la construccin del Primer Edificio de Almacenamiento en la
Zona Libre de Colon.
Los planos y especificaciones podrn retirarse en nues-
tras oficinas mediante el depsito de B /. 25.00.
Coln, 27 de Acost de 1951.
1La propuesta deber ser acompaada con un bono de
propuesta, consistente en Bono de Ca. de Seguros, Bono
del Estado. Cheque Certificado o Efectivo por 10% del
valor de su oferta.
2El proponente cuya propuesta resulte aceptada, constitui-
r un nuevo Bono de Garanta de Cumplimiento por el
total del Contrato.
1Las propuestas debern presentarse en triplicado y en
papel sellado.
Yvette Lpez, llevndose a la
hija de dos aos, deja al esposo
por otro hombre. Una maana
el marido abandonado recibe
una carta de ella. Para qu a-
brlrla? Para orse ddclr que es
feliz? Que no tiene remordi-
mientos? Que slo lamenta una
cosa: no haberlo hecrto antes?
Deja la carta cerrada en la
mesa e Ingiere dos tubos de
gardenal. Y muere. La carta de-
ca: "Perdname, te suplico que
me acojas de nuevo en nuestra
casa y entre tus bracos". .
Un seor ha comprado cien
billetes de lotera. Verifica en
el diarlo los nmeros del ex-
tracto: nada, nada, nada; un
nmero por encima, un nmero
por debajo: nada, nada, nada;
ni un simple reembolso. Cuan-
do ha controlado 09, desgarra
a los cien por la mitad y los a-
rroja rabiosamente al hogar. La
mujer se Inclina sobre aquellos
trozos a medias carbonizados y
hace una verificacin. El lti-
mo, aquel al cual ni siquiera ha-
ba mirado, estaba: pemiado
con un milln.
Un portero de hot*J lleva una
vida triste, en el movimiento de
la metrpoli, en medio de un
pblico vario y flucfcuante, In-
ternacional y poliglota, munda-
no y traficante, galante y feroz,
resuelto y equivoco. Su mujer
le ha abandonado hace algunos
aos: vive en provincia, en el
castillo de un viejo marqus, un
gentleman-farmer que con tus
rentas puede pagarse todos los
caprichos. El marido ni ha In-
tentado reclamarla y alimenta
en silencio el propio tormento,
los propios celos. El marqus,
que ha venido a pasar una se-
mana en la gran ciudad, ha
descendido en su hotel. "S. se-
or Marqus: no. seor Mar-
qus", le dice el portero, que va
no es marido, sino un portero
de hotel, con las dos llaves de
plata cruzadas sobre la solapa
del saco. Llega una carta de a-
quel pueblo de provincia; el
portero reconoce la letra de la
mujer: Seor Marqus, hay u-
na carta para usted". Pero en
el momento de tenderle la car-
ta, saca del cajn una pistola y
descarga cinco balazos sobre a-
quel a quien cree amante de la
mujer. Inmovilizado por el per-
sonal, y mientras se espera a
la polica, el portero abre la
carta. Ya no es un portero de
hotel. Es un asesino. Puede per-
mitirse violar el secreto episto-
lar. La carta era. efectivamen-
te, de la mujer. Deca: "Distin-
guido seor marqus, nada nue-
vo hay para comunicarle. He
pagado los Impuestos, de acuer-
do con sus rdenes: he vendido
los cuatro terneros, segn sus
disposiciones; he hecho repa-
rar la bomba de agua y espero
sus lntrucciones".
He explicado con estos tres e-
lemplos lo que es el kllk, el kllk
del destino; palabra onomato-
pylca. abreviacin de decile, el
gancho que en los relojes y los
campanarios libera un muelle
tenso; palabra ms dura v ms
violenta por esos dos "k" que.
con sus dientes, parecen brotar
de un texto de mecnica, antes
que del alfabeto.
El 22 de diciembre de 1849,
-Dostoiewsky est atado al poste
de ejecucin, en la plaza 8e-
menov, en 8an Petersburgo.
Nueve compaeros tienen la
misma suerte. Un teniente se
adelanta y los sentencia: "La
muerte por las armas". Un po-
pe de rostro grave acerca un
crucifijo a los labios de Dos-
toleswky, un cosaco se aproxi-
ma para vendarle los ojos. El
condenado mira por ltima ve
un trozo de cielo, la Iglesia owe
brilla a las primeras luces' idel
alba. Los soldados se pon
orden delante de l. Golee fle
fusiles que se arman: redoble
de tambores....
Un oficial, levantando la ma-
no hacia los fusiles, avanza con
una hoja de papel. El zar ha
concedido la gracia.
El curso de nuestra existen-
cia, que suele representar con
una linea ascendente o descen-
dente o, ms a menudo, con
una espiral, en una ininterrum-
pida sucesin de kllks Imper-
ceptibles. Un filsofo dijo que,
una piedra arrojada a la orilla
del mar tiene consecuencias en
el lado opuesto del ocano. Pa-
sar por una acera o por la ace-
ra de enfrente puede cambiar
nuestro destino. En una comida
de amigos, un seor que com-
prara una docena de tarjetas
postales habla llenado' once y
no saba a quin remitir la duo-
dcima. "Se la enviaremos a la
seorita X", propuso, y tendi
la pluma a uno de los presen-
tes. "No la conozco", dijo el o-
tro. "No Importa, firma". Fir-
m. Pocos das despus, la des-
conocida telefone al descono-
cido para agradecerle su firma.
8e conocieron. Matrimonio, un
hijo... Ese hijo tendr hijos,
releciones de Intereses, triunfos
y derrotas; millares de vidas,
millares de destinos ban escu-
rrido de la ms descolorida de
todas las firmas.
- v i .-ii en ios kllks de la suer-
tedeca Clemenceau, pero
muchos kllks nos los procura-
mos nosotros.
Y no especifico, pero su vida
ha brindado continuas confir-
maciones. Un da, viendo al par-
lamentarlo Mlchon que. de pie,
ante el buffet de la cmara,
hacia desaparecer en el bolsillo
de su chaqueta algunos sand-
wiches, se le acerc y, con 11-
gerislmos dedos, se los fue sa-
cando del bolsillo uno a uno. a
medida que el otro los guarda-
ba. Al fin, Mlchon, embolsan-
do el que debia ser el ltimo,
not que tena vacio el bolsi-
llo y advirti la broma. Pasa-
ron algunas semanas. A la pre-
sidencia de la cmara se pre-
sentaron dos candidatos; uno
de los dos era Clemenceau. Ml-
chon, que habra' debido darle
su voto y Ao quera drselo al
adversarlo, se abstuvo. Hecho el
recuento, los dos candidatos re-
sultaron con el mismo nmero
de votos y ue elegido, el com-
petidor, por ancianidad. Y,
Clemenceau no fue presidente
de la cmara.
Ms tarde se present como
candidato a la presidencia de
la Repblica. Seguro del xito,
dijo que Briand, por todo el
tiempo que l fuese presidente,
.es decir, siete aos, no seria
ministro. Al da siguiente,
Brlnd, encentrndose con el
lder del grupo catlico, favo-
rable a Clemenceau, le apunt:
Tienen razn. Es un presi-
dente decorativo, y cuando
muera se harn en su honor so-
berbios funerales cvicos.
Clemenceau es divorciado,
ateo y se Jacta de ellores-
pondi Briand. ^^
Los catlicos dieron su vov
a Deschanel y Clemenceau no
fue presidente de la repblica.
ES evidente el kllk? Lo que
le sucedi a Clemenceau haria
creer que si. Pero el mismo
kllk desde el punto de vista de
Deschanel, demuestra que no.
Lo nico que se puede hacer
contra estos estallidos del des-
tino es saber esperar. Algunas
veces actan a. ltimo momen-
to. Pero saber esperar es muy
difcil, se dir, y se necesita
poseer un sistema nervioso de
volfrem y tungsteno.
No es cierto. Hay un tnico
incomparable, que no se com-
pra en la farmacia.
Be Uema Esperanza:
Gran Bretaa inventa
Desde hace varios dias se en-
cuentra entre nosotros S. E. don
Joao Emilio Ribeiro, Enviado
Extraordinario y Ministro Ple-
nipotenciario del Brasil ante
nuestro Gobierno. Antes de ve-
nir a Panam el seor Ribeiro
ocup varios puestos en la Can-
cillera del Brasil en Rio de Ja-
neiro y sirvi varios cargos di-
>lomticos en Alemania, Suiaa,
anad y Argentina- El nuevo
Iinistro del Brasil presentar
credenciales en los prximos
solicitudes entorpeceran de he-
cho este trabajo, lo que traerla
por consecuencia ms demora
en otorgar las ansiadas pensio-
nes a quienes la prolongada es-
pera los est llevando a la de-
sesperacin, sobre todo, los qae,
estn padeciendo de serlos que-
brantos de salud, o estn ago-
biados por el peso de la edad
y de los largos servicios en el
campo de la Educacin Nacio-
No se aceptarn ms
solicitudes de los
jubilados ahora
Desde hoy rio se recibirn en
f1 Ministerio a su cargo ms
solicitudes de aspirantes a Ju-
bilacin y supernumerarios de
Esta determinacin obedece p
que ya se instal oficialmente
el Jurado que tendr la res-
ponsabilidad del escogimiento
de las personas que merecern
el auxilio del Estado, de acuer-
do con la partida que fij la
Comisin Legislativa Perma-
nente de la Asamblea Nacio-
La clasificacin est prctica-
mente terminada y las nuevas
tiene los
me ores nrownas
LONDRES, septiembre lo.
(UP). Fuentes autorizadas
informaron hoy que los cient-
ficos ingleses han Inventado un
proyectil guiado por radio que
puede ser lanzado automtica-
mente y perseguir a un avin
enemigo, dondequiera que ste
se dirija.
El proyectil se espera que
sea probado ampliamente en el
famoso campo "Woomera" en
los desiertos australianos, espe-
cialmente construido para pro-
bar sta clase de proyectiles.
Funcionarlos del Gobierno brl-
tnida han declarado que este
campo ha sido entregado a las
compaas britnicas para ha-
cer pruebas de las armas se-
cretas de guerra.
La compaa de aviacin
"Vickers Amstrong" enviar un
cuerpo de expertos a los desier-
tos de "Woomera" pronto y pro-
bablemente las otras compaas
de aviacin seguirn el paso
tomado por la Vickers Ams-
Fuentes oficiales de entero
crdito aseguran que los planes
de los ingleses de probar al-
gunos de estos proyectiles con-
trolados por radio se debe a
la creencia de sus inventores de
que dichos proyectiles tienen
un "cerebro electrnico" supe-
rior a los producidos en los Es-
tados Unidos de Amrica.
El seor Frank Sprlggs, di-
La divorciada no
tiene obligacin
de dar su anillo
NUEVO MEXICO, septiembre
lo. (UP). El Jlnez Dlstrito-
rlal Waldo H. Rogers fall que
una mujer, tras divorciarse de
su esposo, no tiene que devol-
ver a ste el anillo de com-
El conflicto surgi en el di-
vorcio de Melquades de Baca
y 8ally Jaramlllo de Baca.
Explicando su fallo en favor
de Sally Jaramlllo. el Juez de-
clar: De Baca tendr que cla-
sificar su Inversin en el ani-
llo de compromiso en la mis-
ma categora que las sumas que
gast en flores, teatro y otras
Invitaciones que hizo a Sally
Jaramlllo cuando estaba tra-
tando de conquistar su cora-
zn. La seora de Baca pue-
de retener el anillo". ,
_ ------------l i .
Agregue Cebada patentada
Robinson i la leche y no te
preocupe por el bibern. El
beb la digerir fcilmente
y dormir tranquilo
despus de cada
Hace la luche da vaca apta para tu bab

S Seor!

En estos tiempos casi
todas las cosas
estn muy caras!
PERO... hay algunas cosas que no lo esi y en esto me refiero a los
En POSTURAS e$to significa TROPIDURA ...
orgullo de la INDUSTRIA PANAMEA!
TR0PIDRA es ms variable en colores y matices
y dar a su casa el toque elegante y distinguido!
Se recomienda Pintor Contratista Muy Competente
para la aplicacin de Pinturas TROPIDURA !
Protejamos la industria nacional
Arias y Marconi
ATO. Central #2*
Tels.: S-7W, 3-tM7
' !
Sictor de las compaas de
awker Siddeley, dijo reciente-
mente que los diseos Inventa-
dos aqu recientemente har de
la era de la aviacin de pro-
pulsin a chorro algo pasado
de moda. *
Sprlggs opina que la Oran
Bretaa est atrasada en su
labor de rearme. Pero asegura
que las nuevas armas son tan
fantsticas que solo "un hom-
bre loco puede ordenarlas, pe-
ro que nosotros las hemos or-
El Gobierno britnico no ha
querido dar. ningn detalle so-
bre estas nuevas armas. Pero
as fuentes creen que %
una de las armas que 1 han
dado mayor prioridad Jra su
produccin, es un projMUl "In-
teligente" (rulado por radio que
hace aparecer inservibles a los
aviones modernos de propulsin
a chorro, pues derribaran cual*
quler avin, no importa el cur-
so o la velocidad que lleve.
Las compaas britnicas," an-
siosas de probar los ltimos
Inventos, han estado Impedidas
nor la falta de facilidades en
la Isla, un obstculo salvado
con la inauguracin del nuevo
campo Woomera en los desier-
tos australianos
Lo que tiene que hacer
antes de emprender su viaje.,.


Cheques de Viajeros
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t ^ In
Si usted es prudente, har los preparativos
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TeL: 1-6395
Calle IB atete #
Tel.: 1-MM

840 Kilocyclos

Las Delegadas del Magisterio
en la Comisin del Escalafn
Publicamos a continuacin las fotografas de las Delefadas
del Magisterio Nacional en la Comisin del Escalofn, quienes
fueron electas por ran mayora en las elecciones que se ce-
lebraron recientemente en toda la Repblica. Las deleitada
son, Ruby de Ospina, Elida Wong y Raquel Cohen. La (oto
fu tomada en el acto de juramentacin.
Nuevo tratamiento para cura
de la diabetes descubren en
Inglaterra los cientficos
LONDRES, Septiembre lo.
(UP) "El Diarlo Mdico Bri-
tnico" publica un articulo se-
gn el cual los ltimos experi-
mentos realizados en animales
han dado esperanzas de preven-
cin y de cura, en algunos ca-
sos, para la diabetes.
Los mdicos dicen que es s-
ta la primera vez en que un
hombre de ciencia reputado ha
ha sugerido que la diabetes pue-
da ser curado, una vez ad-
Hay en el mundo millones de
personas que sufren la enfer-
medad, y algunas de ellas solo
Eueden sobrevivir gracias a l.i
isulina aplicada regularmente.
El artculo est firmado por
e doctor Bernardo A- Hous^ay,
director del Instituto de Biolo-
ga y Medicinas Experimental de
Buenos Aires, y se basa en ur.a
conferencia que el cientfico
ponunci ante una fundacin
cubana. El articulo lleva como
titulo el de "Accin de las hor-
monas sexuales en la diabetes
El doctor afirma que la remo-
cin casi completa del pncreas
tn las ratas produce diabeies,
con menor frecuencia en las
htmbres q' en los machos, y utri
buye el hecho a la "influe-nda
protectora" de las hormonas to-
me nlnaa y al "efecto provocati-
va" de las masculinas. Agrega
que las hormonas femeninas es-
timulan la produccin de nue-
vas clulas, para reemplazar a-
(uellas removidas por la opera-
cin, y comenta: "Resulta dif-
cil decir hasta qu punto eita
accin ocurre en otras especies,
y sera mejor no discutir por
atora, si se presenta o no en el
nicamente PAA
le ofrece todo esto
vacaciones on Mxlco
HsU Sptmbrt 30 u.ttd
tM I* oportunidad dt viritar
Mexico por slo B I 507 titlU
de *icuni6n valide par* un
vi redondo -< 60 din.
Los aicos vuelo*
diarios Mxico
y Con!ro Amrica
L* PAA It ofrece el Me
servicio diario Mxico y
San Jet, Mmfsm, Ttjueljal-
pi. Sen Salvador y Guatemala.
7 Vuelos
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servicio "El Turista" para
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Hay servicio "El Turista"
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B/.133 ida y vuelta, y a
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por B/. 210.60 ida y vuel-
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Miami, y usted cuenta
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en toda la ruta.
PAA. he
su-M-r .
Ctataft. i m Aftite t Vbrts a
Pan American
Womo AKMtrs
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Colon: EsW. UU, Tel. 1097

A Gozar sus
con ROPA
especial para la
playa o el campo en
tamao* del 3 al 14
VESTIDOS pira el Sol
Un nuevo surtido acabado de recibir da
.TELAS de Chambray
lisas y a rayas especial para combinar
Plaza Santa Ana Panam
Lo ms indicado para poblados
donde no hoy acueductos.

Se acerca!
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de los Estados Unidos la ltima novedad en
todos los tamaos...
en diferentes colores y
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Para todos los tipos de cutis.
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del Fenomenal


Si Vd. no nos ha.
visitado, venga HOY MISMO
y te convencer de

en Vestidos y Pantalones
jams ofrecidos en Panam.
CRASH "Uno"........5.00
TROPICAL de Rayn.... 7.50
SHARKSKIN en colores. .10.00
SHARKSKIN ..........12.95
BLANCOS .......... .14.00
TROPICAL Lana Inglesa 15.95
RAYN ..............18.95
GABARDINA ..........24.95
CASIMIR .............24.50

Panam Coln


uerto Rico Exponen Sus
ty bn LI 1 orneo Ue

los mtww
en la maana eorttinua-
era vuelta de I* Lt-
a da voiibel era
ntre loa equipos;
rtaer parttie t 1*.
estar a ei
jante* A* futra de
Ty an. harta, k
fie*snen iBTleto. I
earge da loa een-
cata tor-
fecha ae
mantienen lBTleloa. Los fflu-
mSB del Meuriele qua tt-
m*b dos triunfis VU en. busca
da otra ttetorta, pare para lo
tendrn gut Mein* en todos
laa seteles, ya que loa putrto-
autnoa forman uno de loa
M favoritos a obtener
partido* tambin
muy nter asante
phroy. fonda y
van an busca d n
Mmii triunfo, ye que on tu
#t#ut al tai tome reel-
Weree u dtaealabro.
Finaliza Esta Tarde La Temporada
De Campeonato Del Ftbol Colonense
Se entregarn los
trofeos y medallas
Jugarn en la. Dotman
j Paris a las 3:30 p.m.
La Usa Provincial de Ftbol
de COln finalizar esta tarde
ata. Temporada de campeonato
con el ltimo partido del tor-
neo de la primera division y la
entren de trofeos, medalla* y
premios a loa ganadores.
El teto comenzar a las 3.30
p. nv. en el aatadlo colonense
en el partido entre los equipo
Dbaman, que conquisto el titulo
del presente ano, y el Roque,
el nleo encano que logr de-
rrotar a 108 campeones.
JCn cate partido tenemos, a-
dtms, que atar en juego
puesto de mayor goleador, en-
contrndose actualmente em-
patados en el primer lugar, loa
veteranos Tato Prados, del Pe-
ril, y "Pan Viejo" Morales, del
Desman, lo cual Indica que Mo-
rales tiene la mejor opcin, ya
que con slo anotar un tanto
en el partido de esta tarde se
llevar el titulo.
Despus del encuentro, la Li-
ga proceder a repartir loa tro-
feos a loa equipos, y medallas
y premios a los Jugadores so-
bresalientes, estando esto a car-
te dl distinguido deportista,
vicepresidente de la Federacin
Nacional de Ftbol, y hasta a-
noehe Presidente de la Asocia-
cin de Redactores Deportivos
de Coln, softer Daniel Delgado.
Est realizando una ejemplar campaa
tMbian 1 campen argentino de
Ajedrez, safer Goimar
i el .mpeen le'ajedrea de la Repblica Argenti-
. Gestea B. Oelaeer, quien tetare entra nteetroa de
Ycaenela.'ofreciendo a nuestro ajedrecistas uno
Mi's JJeagea celebrados ltimamente, y ea la vis
r amarete, tac alara a derecha. Latear, el maestro Fa-
seym, Deals, Peres elabert, Presidente de la Asociacin
OaJVaaa.; Ftaeetae* Frea. Unce. Berrocal. Orhoa y Santaco-
teaaa-, 'afretada, el maeatra y D. Grlmaldo t frente a ellos
Uare y Tejelra.
'." | '------- --------~"---------1-------------
Fernando Balido Rechaz Oferta
Para Otra Pelea Gaviln Graham
no a motivo suficiente para
realizar Investigacin. Si alguno
da loa representantes de los Co-
misionados en la pelea presen-
tan pruebas de que se tv^v'Ko
mslo entonces ciertamente prae-
ticariamoa una investigacin
pero de otro modo n".

t Peo
g%resfomei cY te Prense i\ uda
Ahora Xld Gaviln cumpli el
MUtiaite de- veneer a Billy Ora-
jWm per* que no pueda dudarse
iajtu^ndlseutlble derecho a la
apeona mundial pase welter,
lar Penando Balido mana-
de Oevllen daspua de- re-
ar la eerta para,, otro en-
,tre per campeonato eon-
ee, Orabam
"tentmoa tala 'meses de pl-
m pare elender el titulo" agre-
ga) Balido" cuando llegue el mo-
ment tomaremos en cuenta las
Cartas t acataremos la mejor
MtJtult tea el eontrarto que
Be* prepengfc ue-J daremos
^SuTn* se atente ^ >:
Md eer lea preteetts. "avilan
inrta haber ganado nueve aeal-
. *m neeetree pena uno de
Va. Jeeeaa del encuentro .
TK^nenager da Oraham pro-
Ma elltetuaiee un taTf*1"*:
eBlBVtVB. Powell miembro de la
Comisin Atltira del Estado de
T Tork deelar eue ea pro-
oua le Comisin no tome
Hna. Bl comisionado
ara declar que eon-
te een Powell respect*
vestitaeion de la decisin
dio tt, victoria a Kld
Powell manifest
4 un manager
F.i conjunto antonero de basketball, Deportivo Regs, viene
realizando una activa campaa tanto deportiva como de
acercamiento y ae ha enfrentado en forma satisfactoria a
equipos de Penonom, Divisa, Santiago y Las Tablas, dejando
siempre en alto el basketball de Antn. En esta vista apare-
cen los jugadores de dicho equipo y son: de izquierda a dere-
cha: i Parados i Tabo Andreve, Pat Sanche, Mello del Rosario,
Camilo Fernndez, Gilberto Bernal, Enrique gamaniego y Al-
berto Chong, representante del equipo; (agachados) Carlos
Camargo y Clemente Ayala; faltan C. Armaez, J. Rangel y
__________________R. Snchez._______^^_____
El Comit Olmpico instituy premios
para el mejor atleta del ao en cada
deporte as como para el cronista dep.
Oavlla conserv el ttulo
mundial por margen de tres
El Comit Nacional Olmpico
en su ltima sesin Instituy
un premio con el objeto de es-
timular al mejor atleta del ao
en cada deporte, asi como al
Cronista Deportivo que ms ha-
ya laborado a favor del deporte
amateur, para lo cual dio a co-
nocer la siguiente Resolucin:
Ei Comit Nacional Olmpico
de Panam
1Que est dentro de sus
funciones no solamentes pervl-
gilar el deporte amateur sino
tambin procurar su perfeccio-
namiento y desarrollo en toda
la Repblica.
Uue uno de los mejores
Imlentoa a seguir para
conseguir tal fin es el uso ade-
cuado de estmulos de carcter
Artcujo 1Instituir un Pre-
mio que llevar el nombre de
"Comit Nacional Olmpico",
eon el objeto de estimular al
mejor atleta del afto de cada
uno de los deportes que se
practiquen en la Repblica y
que estn afiliados a este Com,
t, asi come tambin al Cro-
nista deportivo que mejor hava
laborado en beneficio del de-
porte amateur durante el ao.
Artculo 3El Jurado encar-
gado de la escgencla del mejor
Atleta en loa diferentes deportes
estar constituido por las sl-
Slentes personas. l Represen-
nte del Ministerio de Educa-
cin en el Comit Olmpico,
quien la presidir, un represen-
tante del Departamento de
tiene los
JBsmaaflBM BztJwSCBJnM
Todot nuestros artculos
Chantunf. .......... 7.50 4.50
Poplln............. 8.50 5.00
Seda ..............10.50 5.50
Hile ...............12.95 6.50
Artculos para Caballeros
Ave. Juste Aroaectena 73
y Calla 3:
Bella Vlata Te|. 1-1.13
Educacin Fsica, un represen-
tante de la Asociacin de Re-
dactores Deportivos, un repre-
sentante de la Asociacin de
Maestros y Profesores de Edu-
cacin Fsica, y el representan-
te ante el Comit Nacional Olim
pico del deporte dentro del cual
ser escogido el Atleta.
Artculo 3El Cronista De-
portivo acreedor al premio ser
escogido por el Comit Nacional
Artculo 4Toda Federacin
o Comisin Nacional tendr ja
obligacin de enviar al Jurado
Seleccionado por conducto de
la secretara del Comit Nacio-
nal Olmpico, una terna de
Atletas candidatos al titulo
discutido (masculino y femeni-
no) antes de la 1 p.m. del da
29 de diciembre.
Articulo 5Las Federaciones
o Comisiones Nacionales y el
Jurado tendrn en cuenta pa-
ra la escogencia de los Atle-
tas, la labor desplegada por
stos en el campo deportivo y
de manera primordial la con-
ducta observada por ellos tanto
en el deporte como en su vida
Artculo 881 por alguna cir-
cunstancia, no se encuentre en
poder de la Secretaria del Co-
mit Nacional Olmpico la Ter-
na de Atletas de alguna Fede-
racin o Comisin Nacional,
dentro del plazo sealado el Ju-
rado escoger segn su criterio
en ese deporte o deportes al
atleta que se haga merecedor al
Articulo 7Los Jurados se
reunirn previa convocatoria
del Presidente del Comit Na-
cional Olmpico, el primer mar-
tes del mes de enero.
Articulo 8Los premios sern
entregados el segundo sbado
del mes de enero, en acto que
organizar el Comit Nacional
Articulo 9Los premios a que
se refiere esta Resolucin cons-
tar de una plaqueta de bronce
con su respectivo Diploma.
Articulo Transitorio Es'a
premiacin queda Instituida
desde el presente ao de 1951.
Dado en la ciudad de Pana-
m a los veintiocho das del
mes de agosto de mil novecien-
tos cincuenta y uno.
Lie. Anbal Illueca Sr.
Fue escogido el
personal para el
boxeo amateur
La Comisin de Boxeo Ama-
teur escogi el personal que se-
r utilizado durante todas las
funciones en esta temporada.
Los nombramientos han reca-
do en las siguientes personas:
Arturo M. Fareaux, Simn
Barrera, Jorge Springlers (Kid
Hombre Martillo:
Santiago R Nio.
Adriano Smith
rreglador de guantes:
Federico Fong Jr.

Gil Turner quiere
pelear con Graham
o Kld Gaviln
NUEVA JERSEY Sept. lo. (U.
P.)George Katz manager del
wlter flladellano Gil Turner
declar que a menos que BU'.y
Graham o el campen Kld Ga-
viln se enfrenten a su mucha-
cho, pedir a la Comisin atl-
tica del estado de Pennsylvania
que'se declare vacante el titulo
mundial peso welter.
Dijo haber informado a los
managers de Graham y Gaviln
y que si n le contestaban en
el trmino de 72 horas formula-
r dicha peticin y pedir que
se declare a Turner nmero
uno de la lista de aspirantes.
Turner que h ganado 23 pe-
leas seguidas 21 de ellas por la
va rpida est preparndose
para enfrentarse a Ike Williams
en Filadelfia el 10 de Septiem-
Rubn Aikman. Joslyn H. Eve-
ring, Carlos Quintero, Alberto
Brown. Sherman Brooks Luis
E. Ortiz. Antonio J. Jan (Ne-
gro), Samuel Hart.
Campen de Cuba
har exhibicin en
el boxeo amateur
Mejora pgil que
sufri una lesin
cerebral en pelea
El campen peso welter de
Cuba Carollto Esplrituano se
presentar el proximo jueves en
el programa de Boxeo Amateur,
por cortesa d la empresa pro-
motora de Tito Abood.
Sin duda alguna esta exhibi-
cin ser bien recibida por los
fanticos que tambin tendrn
la oportunidad de presenciar un
magnifico programa el cual da-
mos a conocer en seguida.
Horacio Ransey vs Luia Asprilla
105 libras
Rodolfo Pedroza vs A. Lawrence
120 libras
Vctor Asprilla vs Lus
115 libras
Joaqun Padilla vs Sonny Stout
135 libras
John Burns vs Luis Samuels
147 libras
Carlos Me Intoch, Manuel Espi-
nosa, Luia Quisgard, Luis Hart
El mircoles cierran
las inscripciones para
el ftbol de Chorrera
El mircoles 5 de Septiembre
quedarn cerradas las Inscrip-
ciones para los torneos de ft-
bol que est organizando la Li-
ga Dlstritorial de La Chorrera.
En un principio se haba a,-
cordado cerrar las inscripcJons
el pasado mircoles, pero debl-
.do a solicitud de algunos inte-
resados, la Liga decidi pospo-
ner la fecha de cierre en una
Hasta ahora han respondido
los equipos Argentina, Balboa y
Dep. China de la Categora Me-
nor, y loa oncenos Argentina y
China en el Circuito Infantil;
no se ha inscrito "an ningn
equipo en la categora mayor,
pero se considera que partici-
parn varios en el torneo res-
La Liga tiene acordado Ini-
ciar las Competencias el pr-
ximo domingo 9 de septiembre,
y con este propsito tendr una
Importante reunin el mircoles,
para la cual se nide desde aho-
ra a todos los directores y Re-
presentantes no dejen de asistir
nara dejar solucionados todos
los arreglos de dichas Justas
NUEVA YORK. Sept. lo.| (U
P)El peso medio George Flo-
res que aufri una conmocin
cerebral en el semifinal dal
programa por la discusin del
campeonato peso welter el
mircoles pasado 'ha mostrado
una ligera mejora" al decir del
boletn del Hospital St. Claire
donde se le oper para extraer-
le un cugulo en el cerebro.
An cuando contina en la
lista de "gravsimos" no se cree
necesario hacerle una segunda
Actuaron muy bien en el basket de Catedral
Presntame* aqu al eqslpa del Almacn La Mueca, uno de
los finalista del Campeonato de Basketball de la liga de
Catedral, forreado por, de izquierda a derecha, (parades): G.
Arjona, A. Cohn, O. Correa, el rnaaeota J. Marcum, la madri-
na Rath de Correa, D. Arjona, P. Jan y el Director del eoa-
junto, seor Guillermo Lavayen; (agachados): A. Garrido,
C. Aguilera, G. White, D. Rodrigues.

Se Inaugura Esta Tarde La
Plaza De, Toros La Macarena
Hoy se inicia en cata ciudad una temporada de toro een la
presentacin de este espectculo en la Plazuela "La Macarena",
ubicada en el barrio de San Francisco.
Esta corrida de inauguracin ha sido dedicada al Ing. Nor-
berto Navarro y sern lidiados cuatro toros por los matadores
Nine Ortega y Armando Martin "Armilllta de Espaa".
El espectculo est anunciado pera las 3:30 de la tarde y
ha despertado gran entusiasmo entre lee aficionados a la fiesta
Se descorren maana las cortinas <
de la Liga de basket del Maraen
Maana lunes se iniciar la
Liga Independiente de basket-
ball en el Gimnasio del Mara-
en con un atractivo programa
que ha levantado gran entu-
siasmo entre los fanticos de
esta popular barriada.
De los equipos particioantes
en este torneo el cual debe re-
sultar muy reido dada la cali-
dad de los participante.
Descorrern el teln los quin-
tetos Peso Unido vs Fuerte
Clayton y Tres de Noviembre
vs Joyera El Granate.
Ambos choques prometen
resultar muy interesan
En esta Liga se encuentran
inscritos los equipos: Tres de
Noviembre, Fort Clayton, pep.
Incgnitos, Ingeniera 'Amado,
Dep. Taboga, Mueblera Tuftn,
Joyera el Granate, Pese Unido,
Taller Sousa, Joyera Amrica,
Hep. Jurado y San Francisco.
Sus Nuevas Llantas Tendrn
Es lo que le ofrecemos para su proyecto
de construccin.
Permtanos someterle nuestro presupues-
to o croquie sin compromiso de su parte.
Oficina en edificio Vi lian ue va y Tejeira.
Calle 1$ Este No. 2 Tels. 2-O540, 2-0543
Ingeniero Civil

Sus dientes le permiten mejor rotacin
en superficies hmedas.

t _
fe* i,...'
Para los carros Ingleses en todos
los tamaas
Fabricadas para el Trabajo
_ Diatribaidetea:
Ave. Central No. 14.
H. DO EL, S. A.
Te!. 2-2"66

Los Ejemplares De La Clase
"CT Se Baten En La Carrera
Estelar De Hoy En J. Franco
Maana tambin
se celebrar un
programa especial
La fiesta hpica de este fin
.-de semana se prolongar hasta
maana lunes con motivo de
celebrarse 'El Dia del Trabajo"
ae los Estados Unidos y con tal
motivo se efectuar un progra-
ma especial segn ha acordado
la Gerencia del Hipdromo Na-
En la tarde de hoy tambin
se llevar a cabo una magnifica
cartilla en la cual se presentar
como evento estelar una prue:u
para los ejemplares de la clase
"C", sobre una distancia de
1400 metros y por un premio
de B.650.00.
Cuatro equinos se enfrenta-
rn en esta prueba entre los
cuales tenemos a Paragon, Si'-
ver Domin, Riding East y Cha-
cabuco. Este ltimo ejemplar es
nuestro escogido para imponer-
se, para el segundo puesto Pa-
Tambin presentarn en otra
balanceada carreta los equino?
nacionales de la clase "A".
Competirn aqui: Hortensia
Mandinga, Lolito. Batn, Tully
Baba, Don Pltin y Amazona
He aqu nuestros pronsticos:
la. carrera: Tin Tan-Arqul-
2a. carrera: Black Sambo-Orl
to y Plata.
3a. carrera: Don Teml-Annle
8a. carrera:
8a. carrera: Bendigo-Nehuln-
10a. carrera: Hortensla-Tu-
lly Saba.
Ha. carrera: Helen B-Eloina
Wild Wire-Gay-
Athos-Blen Ho-
aqni al veterano as de la pista Pinard, que la semana pasada
se impuso demostrando grandes formas en el Clsico "Econo-
soc". Pinard aparece aqui tomado de las bridas por su pro-
pietario Don scar Ghitis, quien ha sal ido mantener este
ejemplar por varios arlos entre los mejores de la pista.
lo Semana
en Deportes
por y
' Jlllllermn Kotltl
Dedica su pelea del
prximo domingo a los
Redactores Deportivos
Lupe Pancho, valiente y pro-
metedor boxeador de las 126
libras, que se presentar el pr-
ximo domingo frente a Vctor
Ardineg, en pelea que ha dedi-
cado a los redactores deporti-
vo* de la capital.
La preselection
de baseball ir
a Nicaragua
Por S. H. IVAI.DI J.
Es posible que los jugadores
ms destacados de nuestra Pre-
eleccln Nacional de Baseball
Amateur, sean premiados con
un viaje .a la hospitalaria ciu-
dad de Nicaragua, a mediados
del prximo mes, a sostener
una serle Triangular con el Se-
leccionado Nica, con el fin re
Irlos fogueando, para su parti-
cipacin en la XII Serie Mun-
dial que ae escenificar en M-
xico. Para tal fin se estn cru-
zando correspondencias la Fe-
deracin Nacional de Baseball
Amateur de Panam y el Ofi-
cial Mayor de la Comisin Na-
cional de Deportes de Nicara-
gua seor don Toms Toruno
V. ampliamente conocido por
los deportistas panameos que
han pisado tierras Nicas.
La serie ser de carcter com-
pletamente Amateur, -saliendo
de Panam la Embajada el dia
13. para Jugar el 14. 15 y 18 v
estar de regreso el 17 si no hay
tropiezos de ltima hora.
La Comisin Nacional de
Deportes de Nicaragua correr,
con los gastos de Transporte y.
estada, asi como tambin faci-
litara los gastos que demande
la Embajada. Esta estar Inte-
grada de 22 personas: asi 18 Ju-
gadores, 1 Director, 1 Sub-Di-
rector. 1 Jefe y i Sub-jefe rte
a Embatada.
BASKETBALL.Entra en su ltima semana de preparativos
el VI Campeonato Nacional de Segunda Categora que se inaugu-
rar el 11 en Santiago.. .El Pelimex conquist el Campeonato de
la divisin menor y el Sosa el Subcampconato. ..Implantan dos
marcas de puntuacin en el circuito de Coln...Sin decidir an
el viaje del Seleccionado de Panam al II Campeonato Centro-
americano en Guatemala.. Panam v Coln llevarn sus selec-
cionados al torneo de Santiago.. .Gran actividad de este deporte
en el Darln...Se teme que Cocl no participe en el VI Campeo-
nato.. .Maana se Inaugurar el Campeonato del Maran...
En octubre se espera la visita de dos quintetos norteamericanos.
La Federacin confirm resolucin de la Liga Provincial de Pa-
nam suspendiendo varios jugadores que fueron a El Salvador...
Pelln Prez, reelecto Delegado ante el Comit Olmpico y J. Cen-
teno, como Suplente.. .El ptica Sosa conquist el campeonato de
la Liga de Catedral y La Mueca quedo como subeampen...
Con gran entusiasmo sigue la competencia de Coln...Sostienen
Series los Campeones de primera categora masculino y femenino
i re nii- a fuertes combinados.. .Se inaugur anoche la contienda
del Club Juvenil Internacional.. Atractivos partidos est ofre-
ciendo la justa menor femenina.. .Seis jugadores del Seleccionado
de primera han informado que no podrn asistir a ninguna jira
por ahora.. Movidos encuentros sigue presentando la contienda
Universitaria.. .Muy animadas las contiendas de los diferentes
planteles.. Panam escogi ya su Seleccionado pafa el VI Cam-
peonato.. .Beto Tejada declina honor de ser Delegado de conjun-
to panameo al Campeonato de Santiago por motivos personales.
BASEBALL.El Vllarino se anex la primera vuelta de ta
justa de Barraza.. .Interesantes partidos estn ofreciendo las
roniiendA-aiayory menor de la Ll**Santa Rita.. .El Canad de-
lender hoy su invicto frente al Vllarino en la Liga de Barra-
za,. .. Comenz la 8erie Juvenil de Coln con la participacin de
tres equipos.. .Calazn Hernndez sali a jugar al Ecuador...
Humberto Robinson se esta destacando en el Canad...Se le o-
recen ventaja a la Liga Profesional para la Serle del Caribe...
Los equipos de la Profesional han comenzado a anunciar sus ju-
gadores Importados. ..Selecciones Juveniles de La Boca y Santa
Rita sostendrn serle de cinco partidos en la capital.. Debido a
aificultades en las visas no viaj el Combinado panameo a Cos-
ta Rica el pasado fin de semana.
FTBOL.Finaliza esta tarde la Temporada de Campeonato
de Coln con la entrega de premios v el Juego de primera Dos-
man vs. Feris...El Ambato conquist el Campeonato capitalino
de segunda y el Santander qued de subeampen.. .Antonio
Gramunt, reelecto delegado ante el Comit Olmpico y Francisco
Dltrani nombrado Suplente.. .Neftal Osplno nuevo Presidente del
Club Ancn... Coln y Panam escogieron su Preseleccionado de
primera...El mircoles cerrarn las inscripciones de los torneos
de la Liga de La Chorrera.. El Centuria se coron campen de
la segunda divisin de Coln...La contienda de Vista Hermosa
tendr hoy cuatro partidos.. .En poder del Feria qued el sub-
campconato de primera de Coln...El profesor Oscar Rendoll G.
nombrado* entrenador del Preseleccionado y Temi Molina es el
asistente.. .El presidente del olub Los Millonarios de Colombia
estuvo aqui y arregl un juego para octubre.. .Esta semana darn
a conocer los mejores Jugadores en sus posiciones de la Liga Pro-
vincial de Panam...Con entusiasmo se estn desarrollando las
competencias en los diferentes planteles.. .Delegados de la Fede-
racin estn en David.
SOFTBALL.La Liga Comercial reanud sus actividades y a-
anunci para diciembre la apertura del Campeonato...Los equi-
pos de "La Hora" y la Imprenta Nacional chocarn hoy en el
cuadro del Instituto Nacional.. .La Liga Social contina sus pre-
parativos para la prxima contienda y anuncia que contratar
a los mejores arbitros.. .Con entusiasmo se est desarrollando la
iusta del Fuerte 15.
BOXEO.El Campen pluma Federico Plummer venci al
norteamericano Eddy Burgin por decisin en Coln...el prximo
domingo se medirn Luis Thompson y Chocolate II.. .Se gestiona
la pelea ce campeonato entre el titular Baby Green y Juan Diaz
II.. Se anuncia para el 16 de septiembre la pelea del campen cu-
bano Charolito Sprituano con el local Tilo Despagine.. .Sigue ac-
tuando con xito en Nicaragua Trnsito Kld... Finnegan sali
para Trinidad a medirse con el campen de ese lugar. Boswell
St. Louis.. .Interesantes programas est ofreciendo todos los vier-
nes la comisin de Coln.. .Oustavo Eisenmann. reelecto Dele-
gado del Boxeo en el Comit Olmpico v Franco Icaza como 8u-
lente...Los ganadores en el circuito amateur capitalino fueron
. Moreno, J. Thompson. L. Garca y L. Rodriguez.. .El Maran
Inici su temporada con un atractivo programa.
HPICA.Las clases "C" y "D" tendr a su cargo los eventos
estelares de hoy en Juan Franco. ..Pinard se anex el Clsico
Congreso Econosoc...Esta semana llegar el jinete chileno Joree
Contrera...Sigue obteniendo xitos en los Estados Unidos el Ji-
nete Humberto Alzamora.. Maana se presentar programa h-
pico en Juan Franco con motivo del Da del Trabajo de los norte-
4 VARIOS.Con tres partidos seguir hoy la Justa masculina
de la Liga de Volleyball y el pasado domingo ganaron Mauricio.
Puerto Rico y Derby.. .Gaspar W. Omphroy. presidente de la
liga Capitalina de Volleyball... El torneo de dobles en tenis se-
guir hoy con dos juegos.. .Corrida de toras tendr lugar esta
larde en San Francisco de la Caleta...El sbado comenzar el
torneo nacional de Billar...Se est jugando los semifinales del
Torneo de Golf.. .Maana cerrarn las inscripciones" tfel torneo
lemenino de Golf... Torneo de atletismo se desarrollar hoy en
Las Tablas.. .Luchadores profesionales actuarn aqui...Estn
rracticando con marcado entusiasmo los esgrimistas.. .Aver ter-
minaban las competencias intercolegiales de Volleyball.. .Ani-
mados partidos est ofreciendo el torneo de bolos y anoche se
entregaron los premios del pasado torneo de bolos...El prximo
domingo celebrar el Instituto de Gimnasia y Deportes su XIII
aniversario.. .Tom posesin anoche !a nueva Directiva de la
ARD de Coln...El Comit Olmpico da a conocer las bases para
os mejores atletas del ao y mejor cronista deportivo...La ARD
Ce Panam nombrar su nueva directiva el 11 de septiembre.
Los Mejores
Bateadores De
Las G. Ligas
1(UP) Los primeros
bateadores de las Gran-
des Ligas:
Liga Nacional
Mrjial, (Cardenales) .360
Robinson (Dodgers) .343
Ashburn (Phillies) .336
Wyrostek (Rojos) .325
Dark (Gigantes) .318
Liga Americana
Kell (Tigres) .336
Fata (Atlticos) .327
IVioso (M. Blancas) .326
Coan (Senadores) .323
Williams (M. Rojas) .319
Dos Partidos Se Presentan Hoy
En El torneo De Tenis Spalding
* w v* *
Hoy ic reanudar en la Piscina el toraeo de tenis dobles por
la Copa Spalding, con clos partidos que deben resultar muy re-
idos dada la calidad de los protagonistas de estos Juegos.
En el primer partido chocarn las parejas formadas por el
Tte. Claude Luke-Jorge Motta v. Webb Hearn-Cap. Jim Hamp-
ton. Este choque ha llamado poderosamente la atencln de los
fanticos, pues ambas parejas han lucido durante todas las eta-
pas del torneo.
En el otro partido se medirn: Bill Hele-Julio Pin III vs. C.
Omphroy-E. Omphroy.
i ft //'//'/'
Atractivo programa
deportivo tiene lugar
maana en Las Tablas
Un atractivo programa se de-
sarrollar maana en Las Ta-
blas con motivo de celebrarse
el Tercer Aniversario del primer
Cilo de Enseftansa Secundaria
de dicho lugar.
Esta noche se efectuar un
paseo de antorchas. Maana lu-
nes a las 6 am. se ofrecer la
Marathn pedestre.
Despus del saludo a la ban-
dera continuarn Jos eventos
deportivos con Juegos de basA
ketball. eventos, de pista y cam-
po, tabla Gimnstica. Tambin
se entregarn los premios a los
equipos campeones y jugadores
destacados de las pasadas com-
3DON TEM Torcaza (e)
PEPSI COLA Uncle James
7r-GAYWOOD 8D.D.T. Goylto
8 NEHUINCO .. Bartolo
19TULLY SABA Mandinga
11HELEN B Elona
Chocan a las 11 a.m.
en la continuacin
del baseHM Vftfaza
Baseball dr'-Barrasa
Segunda Vuelta
3? Si^-flte **
ftep. Orar T3 1.M0
Canad 2 t 1.0M
Vllarino ,. 1 .^i .50*
Miranda 1 ~ i .333
Mendoza 0 2 .000
Continuar noy wgunda
vuelta del Campeonato de Base-
ball de la Liga cSc,.Bar,M0a con
el atractivo pappd^, jrore loa
equipos Canad vs,Bjpiarlno,
a las 11 de la rqaiwJjS, en el
cuadro de Barrara/.-.vtV?-
Los canadienses defendern
hov-su,v.toivi*to.v .al b/wior de
continuar en e( gomando, em-
patado con el, Grak, fnlfctias
que sus rivalesi-luVaraij>i para
seguir en la segunda colocacin
con .mejos, puntuaclJW*
La contienda pNMrt$is ms
reidas alternativas/ ya que
ambo? son equipos agueiaridos y
de cofeta. asi {mo se,,n*Bnta-
r jr^ con s\i escuadra cpmpeta y
con el finriev.proposit oeobte-
her' un- .{rlunfb eiarqj^jpere-

- h "uili

v- .*
... .
Maana Lunes sintonice en su rack

.->.,. *v
'no *. "''
, 'v ^ <* ;irtftt
de la Red Panamertca

Cumpliendo su meta en la radiodifusin nacional

presentamos para el esparcimiento y deLle del publico: 5
"Siempre Te Esperare'

Mdridld historia de una pasin redentora
Kadio novela de amores y romances escrita
especialmente para la pareja radial de
Anoland Daz y Lucho Tapia por el escritor
Claudio Lpez Grorming.

Rapsodia Panamea

Una produccin de Emilio Daz que llevar a la radio una sin-
guiar presentacin de nuestro folklore, nuestra vida propia,
nuestra msica con la colaboracin de una Orquesta de Con-
ciertos dirigida por. Armando Boza, las canciones de Catalina
Carrasco, el coro de voces de Lenidas Cajar y la presentacin
de la eximia Anita Villalz.


Que La Ruta Al Departamento De Los CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.
Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas lo atendern:
. .uno por
12 palabra,.
3<* por cada
palabra adicional.
Art. Tfvoll No 4
T*l. 2-2!
P>rqur de I.evrf*
Ave. 4 JoMo
Tfl 2-9141
Ai IbliMM 1665
Tel. USColon.
Calle 12 Oeste No. 5S.

Calle II No. 57. Pinom
Ave. Central 12-170Colon.
Doin. -lieos
SE VENDEN:Clavot. tubera neara.
acero oconjljdo Fix-Tcx (carlea
oiilaacf para cielo* ratos1 mode-
ro, lavamanos, excusado!, ate. *
los piccioi isis bojoi en ploio.
a. Nagondo o Juon Franco. Tel.
-------.----------------- --'----------*-------------
VENDEMOS uno rrtquina cot nue- !
vo da coser cajetaVde cartn coa-1
rrugodo y grapas. Cssj. Dulcidlo |
Gonzlez N.. S. A. Fabrico de Mo-;
soleo;, Ave Cuba No. 8.
SE VENDE:Ropo de etiqueto: 3
trojes'de seora, tamao 14; poro
caballero; 1 .smoking blanco, y
pantalones negros y tambin va-
rios vestidos completos, tamao
SE NECESITA: Cocinero con ex-
periencia y referencia. Debe dormir
en el mpleo. Llame Tel. 3-0405
Bienes Races
Artculos le Casa
SE NECESITA:- Empleoda respon-
sable poro hacer oficios de familia
con dos niitos. Cebe de dormir en
el empleo y es indispensable tral'l-
ga recomendaciones. No debe te- ^
ner compromisos de ninguna close.
Ancn, Zona del Canal, calle dt .
Puerto Bello, casa 427,
CA. DE LEFEVIE Tai 2-3312
Pafo .nidal minima B. I 00.00
Mensual II 5.00
L:ies con Calle' y Acueductos de
lo Ciudad desde B I .C0 el metro
Alquiiorros equipo petado poro
movimiento de tierra.
Alquilamos lotes a largos plazos.
Club re lote-;. B.3.00 y B.4.00
(SE VENDE:Vitrino. oparador, pei-
nadora, estante, comodlta, conti-
no, gabinete de cocina, vojillo
completa y bicicleta. Horas de >
oficina. Ave. Pablo Arosemena No.
SE NECESITA:Muchacha joven yi
de buena presencia poro cuidar de '
un nio pequeo. Ocurra Via Po
rras 218.
SE VENDE:Toller de Ebanisterio.
per rozones viaje. Colle Pedro A.
Diaz No. I, al lodo de la Plazo
42 de alto. Howard telfono Bol-, SE DESEA.; inmediatamente om
boo 3430, calle San Pablo No.
SE VENDE:2 lotes y cosa de con-
creto, corretera Aeropuerto, Sonto.
Claro. Llame Balboa 2830 o.vea
Dr. Gront fin de semana, Sonto
Vendemos madera poro orlo-raso,
pisos o divisiones. Bacco, Cedro Gra-
nadino, bombito. cobrado. cigua
omcrillo. etr.
Vincola Licorera. S. A
Tel. 2-1026 2-1028.
. ,,k; ,. a, ., SE VENDE:La Refresquena 'Peno-
pora trabajar pora dos per- .... ., -Z ,-, ,,
nom Ave. A No. 55, (Ploza He-
rrera) per no poderlo ofender sus]
dueos. Telfono 3-0271, Pana-
sonas. Al cuidodo de nio de 8
oos. Debe hablor ingls. Trobo-
jo permanente. Referencias, 1536
A. Mango St., Gaviln. Area de
Recuerde que en el Almacn MINI I______
ti Avenida Justo Arosemena 91 j SE NECESITA:Vendedor para li*
sigue lo liquidacin totol de lo : neos generales a base de comisin
mercanca a precio costo. Trojeci- Escriba dando referencio al apar-
tos, xopotos tices, ropo interior todo 212 Ponomi
poro nios y ropita pora babies.
----------------- : SE NECESITAFamilia europeo de 4 l
SE VENDE -En el Bazcr Panameo: personas necesito espacioso chalet.
Centrol 78. papci lino de calcar.! 3 recamaras, con cuarto de em-
pora planos, 20 x 36. rollo B 5.00, ; pleoda. etc. Escriba al aportado
yarda 0.50 y papel carbn fino 8 18.3? Ponama
8 1-2 x 14 a 0.01 lo hoja. ---------------------- ----------
Lotes en casi todos los sectores de lo
Urbanizocin El Cangrejo, desda
S5.75 el M*
telfono 2-1215. Panam.
SE VENDE:Un chinero de caoba de
4x7 ,con puertas ojivales y 5
estantes: $135.00 Persionos vene-
cianas, 6 grande-, y 6 pequeas:
$100.00. Un espejo de tamao
natural, con morco de caoba, $10.
00. Hazzord, telefono Balboa
3430, calle San Pobl No. 769.
SE VENDE:Urgente: juego de re-I
cmara completo o por piezas; Ro- |
pero de tres cuerpos B.75.00; |
peinadora espejo entero B.75.00.)
como doble, colchn Beautyrest, 2 i
mesos de noche. I mecedora, B. ;
85.00. Juego recmara de cornos
gemelas. Estufa de gas de cuatro j
fogones con horno y asador, casi
nuevo. Set de bamb. Dems uten-
silios de caso. Vc Espaa 2024.
SE VENDE:Un gabinete de 4 hue-
cos para sodas B 225.00. Un mo-
tor de medio caballo B.25.00. Una
coja fuerte chico en bueno condi-
cin B.85.00. Collc 16 y Calle C.
Tienda La Poroda. Tel. 2-2882.
ce uesinc w j SE NECESITA:Una Dependiente
inQ I que hoble ingle, y castellano, con
buenos referencias. Bazor Interna-
cn diversos tamaos a precies de
gongo. Almacenos Martini. S. A.
Ave. Norte 83 Tel. 2-0610. Ca-
lle Mortin Sosa No. 3 Tel. 3-1424.
SE VENDE: Molduras de madero,
su-rido completo. Almacenes Mor-
fina. S. A. Ave Norte 83 Tel. 2-
06ID. calle Martin Soso No. 3.
Tel. 3-1424'.
RAICES:Tenemos clientes poro
residencias, casas de 2 apartamen-
tos y lotes, todo preferiblemente
en Bella Visto, El Cangrejo, Altos
del Golf y Paitillj. Para resulta-
dos y eficiente e inmediato servi-
cio personaL Mame o Wolff y Co..
Tel. 2-2388, Colle 5o.. No. '22.
SE VENDE:Refrigeradora Philco,
10 pies cbicos, 60 ciclos, estufa
"de gas. Magic Chef, juegos com-
pletos de casa. 2042-A, Curundu,
aona!. Control 76, Ponom.
SE VENDE:Alambre galvanizado de
pas, olombre golvomzodo liso,
olambre golvanizado pora cercas y
mr'la galvanizado poro repello..
Almacene! Martini. S. A. Ave.
..Norte 83 Tel 2-0610 Calle Mar-
tin Sosa No. 3 Tel. 3-1424.
VNDESE:Casa 20 cuartos, fren-
te ol mor. esquino finol calle 18
Oeste. Precio muy reducido, faci-
lidades de pago, por motivos eco-
nmicos urgentes. Llame telfono
SE NECESITA: Joven con 2 o 3|-----------------------------------------
aos de experiencia en trobojo de SI
oficina. Escriba dondo edad, ex-
periencia, etc. Adjunte fotogra-
fa pequea. Apartodo .1 55, Po-
SE NECESITA: Cocinera-orno de
.'.llaves, pora familia orhericono.^Se
necesito references. Tel. Panam
3-3477, lunes, pora el empleo.
SE VENDE:Cmoda, gabinete co-
cina, B.20.00 y B 30 00 respecti-
vamente, colle 3 I Este No. 4,
Apto. 4.
SE ALQUILA:Local para oficina
Arriba del Teatro Central.
Avenida Sonta Clara. Infrmese en
telfono 2-0334.
SE VENDE Tinocos con tapas, de
< 'luirlos
ALQULASE: -- Apartamento claro,
limpio, comodidades modernos. 2
24 golones. de acuerdo con los ^ ALQUILAN:Cuartos. Calle To. recmoros, solo-comedor, porch.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento fresco,
muy cntrico, dor recamaros, sola,
comedor, bolcn, entrada indepen-
diente, verlo Avenida Per esquino
36 Este No. 11. ft.75 00.
especificaciones de la Sanidad.
Almacenes Mortinx. S. A. Ave.
Norte 83 Tel. 2-0610. Calle'
Mortin Sosa No. 3. Tel. 3-1424. ,
Rio Aboio. Coso No. 2560
etc., calle 32 Este No. 33-A. Lia-
~ : me telfono 2-1456.
SE ALQUILA: --Cuarto grande, fres- .. .______________________._______
co. amoblado, entrodo indepen- I ALQULASE: Apartamento moder-
diente, pora persona o prelo sin
nios. Dirigirse Avenido B. No
29, ltimo piso.
SE ALQUILA: Un buen cuorto a
persona o parejo. Llame ol telfo-
no 2 3182.
no, cosa nuevo, sala-comedor, re-
cmara, etc., esquina colle S. Mo-
liono Arosemena. Llame telfo-
no 2-1456.
CLNICA, equipada, altos Farmacia
Salozar. calla 16 Oesta No. 28
SE ALQUILA:Total o parcialmen-
te en la Avenido Centrol local am-
plio (500 M2> recin construido,
con estacionamierfto particular.
Telfonos 3-0338 y 2-3333.
Locol para oficina o negocio en el
Edificio Costillg del Oro, ol lado
del hotel El Ponami.
ROBERTO MIRO 2-32312-1215
SE ALQUILA:Dos locles comer-
ciales pequeos poro tienda, ofici-
na, etc. Calle B No. 21, esquino
14 Oeste, B.30.00 y B.35.00.
Theodore Woll antiguo cocinero del
Restarente Tocumen. favor de
Homar al Tel. 2-3404 ^de 9-12
ALQULASE apartamento comodida-
des modernas. 2 recmoros, salo. 1 a. m.
comedor, meseta, ozoteo. cosa
momposterio calle 9o. Llame t.- RenUn.Cian 0IlCe
lefeno 2-1456.
cr unr r ~ .^ SE ALQUILA:Cuorto amoblodo a 2
tt VENCE :-Ford 1949. en mogn,- ; dQmas mQ,nmonio joven. Tel.
tico estodo. con radio, rele, asicn- jon0 2-C053
tos con cubiertos de n.ln y 4 lian- 1-----_..... ___ ,
tas adicionles. SU00.00 Hoz- ALQUILO dos cuartos amoblados, con L^rt,f^&%*-
jord^ telfono Balboa 3430. balcn. Calle Estudiante No. 144.. i eZ pmer cha.e. en eme d.
5an Pablo Nc. 769. olio:.
Juon France, casa No. 161.
Los anuncios en las
carreteras causan
serios peligros
Chicago, .septiembre 2 >i'i Piensan sunrimir
Los tableros de anuncios ai1
que no haba quorum.
Sin embargo, el bloque pe-
ronista estaba en Buenos Aires,
por lo que las radicales v .so-
cialistas celebraron la sesin
sin ellos, acoidando continuar
reunidos hasta media noche en
espera del bloque peronista pa-
ra que hubiera quorum. La se-
sin tuvo que ser levantada a
las cinco de la tarde.
insecticidas en uno con el
El ouevo Insecticida FLIT, de accin
instantnea y efecto duradero, es He
cudruple accin porque contiene
D D.T y CLORDANO,para efec
tos duraderos: ISOBORNIL y
PIRETRINAS,para matar insec-
tos iostantaneimentc
Si la lata no ren* el sida dito, no es FLIT
lo largo de las carreteras cons-
tituyen serio peligro para los
conductores de automviles, de-
clar William J. Mortimer, A-
sistente del Superintendente de
la Secciun de Caminos del
Condado de Cook.
El funcionario referido expli-
c a la Conferencia sobre Se-
guridad de Trnso que un
motorista que maneje a una
velocidad moderada ha viaja-
do 500 pies durante el tlemyo
que le loma ver el anuncio, y
esto implica un peligro.
An,,que tengamos
lectores nos ayuden a llevar la
carga en estos tiempos de
Pero, aunque saldremos se-
paradamente. "El Panam A-
mrica" y "The Panama Ame-
rican" seguirn a la cabe/a del
periodismo istmeo.
Invntase nueva
puverizadora de
NUEVA YORK. Septiembre lo.
Enrique Marsano inform t,ue
una empresa \orteamerlcana ha
adquirido patente para fabri-
car una mquina agrcola de .su
Invencin por ia suma de medio
milln de dlares.
Aadi que la mquina est
destinada a pulverizar insecti-
cidas y cualquier producto u.M-
mico sobre los sembrados y que
tambin puede utilizarse para
pintar por pulverazacln et .:;-
UITM verticales.
Marsano dijo que est adqi I-
riendo materiales en Estado., U-
nldos con destinos al Per {.ara
dedicarlas a la fabricacin ae
otras maquinaria* agrcola.,.
constitucional, En general se
estima que la reforma ser a-1
nrobnda y en consecuencia re-
'iv*iara el nresidente Andrs
Martnez Trueba.
l'.l Uruauav seria gobernado
ir un eonrejo de nueve mlem-
nrevWto Dor ley reciente.
El consejo a su vez seria pre- por el actual jefe de
Teaemos en existencia:
de toda clase
2" x 6 v 2' x 8'
Calibre 26
jncias Globales
Via Espaa No. 121
Tel. 3-1503
han sueldo en Panam
Anuncio que recibimos en una revista
comercial extranjera:
"Emulsin de Chlordane
"Este nntable Concentrado de Chlor- mezclado con un cuarto de agua
da un roclo mu? efacvo de 2% con-
tra insectos.
"Se vende al por menor a SI .00 el
frasco de una onza, y a los mayoristas
a solamente $6.00 la docena.
Pagamos todos los gastos de
(Tor piedad no damos el nombre
de la Ca )
por un frasco de 5'i onzas
que d UN GALN es
8/. 0.85.
(No pagamos los castos de
transporte. Lo sentimos
Ave. Central 176 Tel. 3-6146
Material Luminoso para
Rtulos (en varios colores).
Tela Metlica de Bronce y
Galvanizada para Mosqui-
Alambre de Repello y
Tubera Negra y Galvani-
Balanzas "Detecto" de Col.
gar y de Platatorma.
Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tels. 2-3335 y 2-29RS
"Vendemos barato
para vender ms"
Nuestros ESPEJOS embe-
Uceen el hotel El Panam.
Fbrica de Espejos
Calle I* Rste No. 4 Tel 22666
4* Tubera ^
I Negra
Precios de Competencia
con el producto importado.
Tubos 4" Sencillos___4.00
Tubos 4V Dobles......4.40
Tubos 2" Sencillos___2.60
Tubos 2" Dobles......2.80
Tees 4x4..........2.00
Yees 2x2..........1.00
Codos x2....... .75
etc., etc.
Tel. 3-1300 Apartado 2029
Gonzlez y Linares Ltda.
La Locera Pasadena
Distribuidores Exclusivos:
A *o ALHXfrEN?cscrro3
** ayo
Persianas Venecianas LUX
a B/.9.S0
Calle 29 E 22
Tel 3-1713
Vi* farra N* 42
tarrada San rraadaca
Or. a. V mande> O., Veterinario
'loras: 6 a ai 12 aa f *.m t p
arlado SIS. Panana. dr P
Tel. Panana I-3I2S
Rusia insiste en que fue su
armada la que derrot a los
Japoneses durante la guerra
MOSC, septiembre 2. La prensa sovitica volvi
a insistir en que las fuerzas ru-
sas fueron el factor decisivo de
la derrota del Japn en la se-
gunda guerra mundial. En mo-
mentos en que los represen-
tantes diplomticos de numero-
sas naciones se dirigen a San
Francisco para la conferencia
sobre el tratado de paz con
el Japn, "Flota Roja", rgano
de la armada sovitica, dijo que
"no fueron las fuerzas arma-
das norteamericanas sino el
ejrcito y la armada soviticas
las que aplastaron la princi-
pal fuerza de asalto del im-
perialismo Japons, el ejrcito
de Kwantung, y por consiguien-
te. Jugaron papel decisivo en el
aplastamiento del Japn im-
El comentario
"Flora Roja" public un ex-
tenso artculo al respecto es-
crito por el capitn V. Nlkola-
yev, quien sostuvo que las vic-
torias soviticas contra Alema-
nia obligaron al Japn a con-
centrar el grueso de sus fuer-
zas contra China y Rusia, pre-
sentando solo "resistencia sim-
blica a las fuerzas norteame-
El articulo decia que pese a
la superioridad norteamerica-
na en la zona central del Pa-
cifico en 1943, las fuerzas de
los EE. UU. necesitaron mucho
tiempo para avanzar.
Nikolayev Insisti varias ve-
ces en lo que calific de "enor-
me superioridad" de las fuer-
zas norteamericanas y rest im-
Sortancla a las batallas de las
las de Gilbert y Marshall, etc.
Proyectaron pelcula sobre
Guatemala en Pueblo Nuevo
En la noche del viernes 31 no, es decir, en la escuela Re- .
de agosto, se exhibi una inte-i pblica de Guatemala, en Pue-lje"6 estft plaza seor Moiss
Recibir hoy las aguas bautis-
males la simptica niita Irma
Thais Garca de Paredes, siendo
su* padrinos el Dr. Alberto Na-
varro y doa A mint a B. de Na-
varro, y por tal motivo se dar
una pequea fiestecita en su re*
sidencia. Nos complacemos en
desearle a la simptica niita
una vida llena de felicidades.
De los Estados Unidos
R encuentra de nuevo enlr
nosotros el conocido comerjlan-
resante pelcula, del progreso
de la repblica de Guatema-
la, en la escuela que lleva por
blo Nuevo de Las Sabanas.
Dicha cinta cinematogrfica.
nombre el de ese pals herma- "> cedida por cortesa de Su
Excelencia el seor Embajador
don Osear Benitez, quien ga-
lantemente la llev personal-
mente para proyectarla en el
Vuelve al tapete
dieran ser averiadas en caso de
i guerra es clave del pensamien-
to en el Senado norteamerica.-
no respecto al nuevo Canal del
Cuando se reanude en forma
activa la perenne discusin so-
bre el Canal, es lcil que re-
sulte el tema principal la cues-
tin de la ruta al nivel del
mar. Pocos Senadores se mues-
tran ahora dispuestos a exte-
riorizar su opinin sobre el
nuevo Canal. Ello no se debe
a falta de inters en tal pro-
yecto sino al hecho de que la
I actual legislatura se ha visto
I recargada con asuntos urgen-
[ tes y obligada a concentrar su
! alencin en problemas del A-
| tlntlCo y en Asia. Las pers-
' pectivas cambiaran rpidamen-
te si hubiera un intento de
! sabotaje contra el Canal de
El Senador demcrata Denis
Chvez, defensor de la ruta de
Tehuantepec, dijo hoy: "Creo
que una segunda via del Atln-
tico al Pacifico es absoluta-
mente necesaria ahora ms que
nunca. Ella fortalecera la de-
enaa de todo el hemisferio oc-
cidental. El motivo expresado
en una sola palabra es: Se-
guridad. Si ocurriera algo ines-
perado al Canal de Panam,
dnde estaramos? Todos los
huevos estn en el mismo ces-
to. Podramos promover fcil-
mente un Canal en Tehuante-
! pee. Esta es nuestra misma
1 puerta trasera. El Canal fo-
mentara el desarrollo de una
amplia regin de Mxico y los
! pases vecinos y proporciona-
i ra un nivel de vida ms alto.
j Los recursos naturales del Ist-
| Lajman, procedente de Estaco
Unidos en donde ha pasado 1...1
temporada. Lo saludamos alen-
Tambin para agasajar a i*
saln de "actos del pfantefedu- seorita Raquel Hernndez lv-
cativo, donde se reunieron cien- i anoo, un grupo de sus amiota-
tos de alumnos y de padres de des se reuni ayer en el Hotel El
familia. Fue presentado por el I Panam y ofrecieron en su ho-
seor Victor M. Garibaldi, di- nor un elegante almuerzo,
rector de la Escuela, con ira-
.es llenas de emocin hizo re-
saltar el adelanto que ha te-
nido en los ltimos aos la
Repblica de Guatemala, que
las vistas que pasaran por los
ojos de los nios los llenaran
de alegra, de regocijo, que se-
rian perdurables en sus cora-
zones, para enviar un saludo
de confraternidad espiritual a
los nios guatemaltecos, con
Fueron heridos en
la China varios
asesores de Rusia
HONG KONG. sepliembre 2.
un apretn de manos agrade- to Su Excelencia, el seor Mi-
nistro dicha demostracin de a-
precio que culmin con nutri-
dos aplausos. Sumamente inte-
resante result la pelcula que
dio a conocer el movimiento
cultural, industrial, social y
material de aquel pais herma-
no, r-uya.s obras son reliquias
de la Administracin del gran
estadista don Juan Jos Ar-
ton dicen que cinco o seis ase-
sores .soviticos resultaron he-
ridos el lunes, durante un ata-
que guerrillero contra un au-
tomvil militar ruso en que
Se dice que los guerrilleros
aparecieron Inesperadamente en
las afueras de Cantn, lan-
zaron dos granadas contra el
vehculo y se dieron a la uga.
pero que la polica inici in-
mediatamente la persecucin y
Con ln atencin fue des-
pedido Su Excelencia, el Sr. \ mat a uno de los atacantes.
Ministro y su distinguida es-
posa, concurrencia en especial I AlfjnjHno tiempo, numeroso
por las maestras Dolores Urrio- cartep anromunistas han
la, Emma O. Rodriguez, Olga
aparecido en diftinto* 'puntos
de Cantn y la polica lm de-
tenido a 60 sospechosos por
propagar rumores alarmantes
L. de Tejeira, Beatriz de Fran-
ceschl, Raquel de Valverde. Ra-
quel de Rivas, Efigenia Ortega .
y los seores Leopoldo Arrocha, entre la poblacin,
y Andrs Frpnceschi.
Con estos actos culturales se
observa las buenas relaciones
de acercamiento que estable-
cen su digno representante de
una nacin centroamericana
para estrechar cada dia ms los

Comit de Prensa
mo de Tehuantepec tanto mi- lazos de confraternidad contl-
i neralea como agrcolas son tre-
I mendos. La ruta Tehuantepec
j de San Francisco a Nueva York
en lugar de la de Panam a-
cortaria la distancia en tres
! mil doscientos kilmetros y
! crearla un trfico suficiente
para que no sufriera un modo
alguno el Canal de Panam.
Quisiera que el Gobierno de
Estados Unidos y Mxico con-
ferenc taran extraoflclalmente
sobre la nueva va".
El Senador demcrata Alien
Ellender dijo durante las pri-
meras conversaciones sobre el
proyecto de un Canal por Ni-
caragua que le Interesa la po-
sibilidad de un Canal sin es-
clusas vulnerable a bombe.
dos y "si pudiramos abrir un
Canal a nivel del mar apo-
yara el proyecto con inters'. |
Otro Senador demcrata Rus- |
sell Long dijo que no observa-
ba mucha presin pblica por
ningn nuevo Canal. Esto lo
atribuye dijo Long al gran
fortalecimiento del podero a-
reo de los Estados Unidos oue
aument la seguridad del Ca-
nal de Panam y al hecho se
que Estados Unidos posee aho-
1 ra marina en todos los ocanos
en vez de la antigua en uno
solo. Seal que la cooperacin
naval de Estados Unidos y Gran
i Bretaa alivi la urgencia del
I problema anterior de rpido
desplazamiento de las flotas en-
tre el Atlntico y el Pacifico< .
El Republicano Richard Ni-
xon dijo que en su estado de
California se est discutiendo
mucho la conveniencia de un
nuevo Canal pero dijo que le
pareca que el inters se haba
desvanecido algo recientemen-
te y que el resurgimiento ae
ese inters pblico depender
del volumen potencial del tra
I fieo entre el Pacifico y el A-
tlntlco. Otro senadores opinan
que la prioridad legislativa al
proyecto de Canal Saint Law-
rence ha desviado moment-
neamente la atencin de la via
entre los dos ocanos que es
menos urgente estratgicamen-
te oue la proyectada termi-
nacin de la carretera Pan-
americana hasta Panam oue
contribuir a la solucin de los
problemas de transDorte lnter-
amerlcano y fomentara el des-
arrollo econmico de toda la re-
gln de Centro Amrica y oue
como Estados Unidos no ar-
vecharon los derechos que po-
seen por medio de tratado pa-
ra construir un canal por Ni-
caragua debe prestarse ma;r
consideracin a la Idea del Pie-
sidente Roosevelt de ayudar a
Nicaragua y terminar la carre-
tera desde Managua a Rama
en la costa del Atlntico.
auspiciada por "Angelini" prsenla:
MAANA alas<)pM
Un programa estelar en la radio favorita-
a (Rea1 &



Informes para esta seccin se reciben en la
rCeaaccin Social
Telfono 3-1059 HORAS: 8:0 a 10:00 a.m. Apartado 134
COCKTAIL.__Nuestro fotgrafo capta a las se oras doa Mary de Ortiz de Zevallos, esposa de
S.E. el Embajador del Peru en Panam y Deca no del Cuerpo Diplomtico, Dr. Emilio Ortiz de
Zevallos; doa Marta Surez de Lpez Murtiz. esposa de S.E. el Embajador de Argentina en
Panam, seor don Julio A. Lpez Muiz; doa Gladys P. de Heurtematte, doa Olga Arias de
Arias, y a los seores Teniente General William H. H. Morris Jr., Comandante en Jefe del Co-
mando del Caribe: don Julio Ernesto Heurtematte v don Ricardo Arias Espinosa, durante el
elegante y esplndido cocktail ofrecido en das pasados por el seor don Ricardo Arias Espi-
nosa y seora doa Olga Arias de Arias en honor de S.E. el Embajador de Panam en los Es-
tados Unidos, seor don Roberto M. Heurtematte y seora doa Bettv de Heurtematte y del
seor don Julio Ernesto Heurtematte y seora doa Gladys P. de Heurtematte.
AGASAJO DE DESPEDIDA. Foto tomada durante el magnifico agasajo ofrecido el viernes
en la noche por la seorita Damaris de St. Ma lo Muller y el seor Carlos Alfredo de St. Malo
Muller en bonor de las seoritas Carlotita Boyd v Mariela Icaia. quienes siguen prximamente
para los Estados l'nidos a continuar sus estudios. Aparecen en la foto, de izquierda a derecha,
el Joven Jaime Cucaln, la seorita Damaris de St. Malo, el joven Diego Jimnez, la seorita
Carlotita Boyd, el Joven Roberto Heary, la seorita Julaine Fog-arty, el Joven Carlos Arias y la
seorita Mariela Icaza.
ASALTO. in grupo de los asistentes al sini ptico asalto ofrecido en das pasados a la se-
orita Elisa Fbrega en su nueva residencia en Bella Vista. De izquierda a derecha, la seo-
rita Emilia Fbrega Goytia, S.E. el Encargado de los Archivos de la Legacin de Cuba, seor
Eduardo Gonzlez Cabrera, la seora doa Olga R. de Gonzlez, el seor Earl Williamson, la
seorita Doris Arias Vallarino. la seorita Elisa Fbrega, la seora Edith Nason, el seor Gui-
llermo Fbrega, la seora Brbara de l.eroni y la seora Irene Fbrega de Jesse.
Vistas tomadas durante la
1< boda del seor Ral Arango
Gasteazoro y seora Carmen
Cecilia Chiarl de Arango. En la
primera-vista nuestro fotgrafo
capta el momento en que los
felices contraventes abandonan
la Iglesia de Cristo Rey, y en la
segunda, aparecen los recin.
casados oompaados de sus
su cumpleaos hace ppo*- ,::~;-
con un almuerzo seguido de ta-
o en la piscina i ..
Panam. Asistirn un grupo de
veintids amigunas de la ft-'
ptica Mana-
La seora doa Benigna de
Morgan ofreci el viernes en la
noche una comida intima en su
residencia, para agasajar al
grupo de sus familiares y amis-
tades que concurrieron a feli-
citarla con motivo de su ono-
J\ U X caoe/lo at color
[V se preocupe. .
Comience a teir
su cabello!
No m alarme pot ese pri-
mer Cabello blanco que in-
discretamente asoma en su
cabeza. El ROUX OIL
SHAMPOO le devolver a
su cabello el color perdido
con un'' tratamiento muy
fcil de seguir. Ya ver
cmo su cabello recupera el
color primitivo, ms una
belleza y lustrosidad in-
comparable ... su preo-
cupacin se convertir en
deleite a la primera apli-
Limpia Colorea .
Es perfecto!
Dtetribuiaoi en la Repblica
de Panama v Zona del Canai
Calle "A' u 3
Tel 2-2971
Buffet Danzante
Para celebrar los cumpleacs
de sus hijos Sal Oscar y Mo-
nica Irene, el seor don SaJ
Alvarado y seora ofrecieron a-
noche en la residencia del ..-
or Mario Guardia y seora en
San Francisco de la Caleta, un
buffet danzante, al que asisti
un numeroso grupo de familia-
res y amistades de los agasaja-
Para- Europa
Por la va area siguen en
viaje de placer el seor don
Juan Navarro y seora doa
Gabriela Obarrlo de Navaric.
Muy feliz viaje y grato pa:n
lea deseamos.
Para Centro Amrica
Despedimos muy cordlalmen-
te al seor don Octavio Mn.;<;z
Guardia quien acompaado de
su hijo Roberto, sale hoy por
la va area rumbo a San San-
vador, en donde pasar una cof-
ia temporada.
Sigui tambin por la va ai-
rea para San Sanvador. el seor
don Edward D> Stone, despees
! de haber pasado unas das coX<'
husped del Hotel El Panam.
! Lo despedimos atentamente.
Para los Estados Inicios
Siguen maana a los E.;tu-
eios Unidos a continuar sus es-
tudios los jvenes Carlos y to-
dngo Linares. Los despedimos.
padres, el H. D. don Ral Arn-i -
fo Navarra y su distinguida se-' Almuerzo en el Hotel El Panam
ora doa Rita Gasteazoro de
Arango y el seor don Roberto
I. Chiari y su distinguida es-
posa doa Cecilia Orillar de
El H. D. don Alejandro Gur-
es Revilla y seora doa E-
a Jurado de Gonzlez Re\-
.'. agasajarn a- su ifjw-Mar.a.
i i motivo de r-ber celebra/lo
De los Estados L'nidos
Procedentes de Illinois y de
r>a;o por nuestra capital en vJ-
' je de vacaciones a Sur Amarice
!c encuentran la seora Lorp
!de Reeves y la seorita Edna
rice. Durante su estada en sta
. sern huspedes de la Profes-
la seorita Mercedes Vargas
Las saludamos.
I De Colombia
gol e; Alimento completo obtenido de cereate
* leguminosas De fcil asimilacin aun
oara los estmagos mas delicados, v de un
poder nutritivo superior a la leche y 1
carne. Especialmente indicado como ali-
mento complementario para los nios, se-
oras en cinta o que lactan. ancianos. y
*ve Central 4 Telfonos: 2-0312. 2-031
I m po rtados
los ofrece:
Tel 1000 Cotn.
nida a la seora doa Maria A-
raujo vda. de Alfaro, quien pio-
edente de Cartagena, Colomo.a.
en donde pas una temporada
visitando a sus familiares, re-
gres a la capital.
Aniversario de Matrimonio
Nuestras cordiales felicitacio-
nes al seor Agustn Alberto A-
ias y seora Ofelina Chiari de
Arias, quienes cumplen en c:a
techa su primer ao de casados.
Guarda cama en la Clnica
San Fernando el seor Callos
Endara. Pronta mejora la de-
Abandonaron el Hospital
Acompaados ele su recin na-
cida se encuentra de nuevo en
Mi rc.-ldincia la seora doa
Judith de Ruis
Abandon la Clnica San Fer-
nando en donde estuvo reclui-
da por varias das la seota
Hosa E. Palacio. Nos alegramos
de su mejora.
Completamente r e stableclda
abandon el Hospital Panam
ia seora doa Catalina A. de
de la Guardia, noticia que ano-
tamos complacidos.
Con el nombre de Eduardo
Alberto reclol las aguas luslia-
ies el nio llegado recientemen-
te al hogar del seor don Car-
los Alberto Chiarl y seora do-
a Estella de Haseth de Chiarl.
Fueron sus padrinos la seora
doa Maggie Quijano de Fer-
nndez y el seor don Jos Rc-
mn Guizado Jr Muchas felici-
dades al nuevo cristiano.
Cumpleaos de hoy
Sra. Mercedes Zubieta de A-
Srta. Nora Vsquez Daz
Srta. Elida Raquel Quitos A.
Doctor Eduardo A. Chiari Jr-
seor Ascanlo Manuel Alemn
joven Juan Blau Jr.
nia Qlovanna Benedetti Ve-
Sita.. Gladys Cecilia Vega
Srta. Ana Ester Franco
Cumpleaos de maana
Sra. Mercedes Galindo de c!e
la Guardlr.
8ra. Rosita Prieto vda. de Vi-
Sra. Cecilia Mndez de Arias
Srta. Luzmlla Oller Arango
SAIZ DE CARLOS. El seor Antonio Cabaleiro Rodrigues
Blanco y seora Maria del Carmen Alvarez de Cabaleiro, en
momentos en que abandonan la Iglesia de Cristo Rey. en
donde contrajeron matrimonio en das pasados.
Srta. Maria Glvez
seor Teodoro Vallarino
seor Henrique A. Arango
nia Mercedes Thayer Gallado
nia Patricia Ferrer de la
nia Manuellta Villarino Mo-
Joven Ral Ernesto Figue.-oa
Se unen hoy con el lazo Ir-
dlsoluble del matrimonio los es-
timados Jvenes Abelardo a-
1 ro Tapia y la seorita Elsa Ma-
Iria Torres. acU) que tenara lu-
gar en la Iglesia de La Choi ie-
rra a las 8 a.m. Despus ue la
ceremonia los padres de la no-
via ofrecern una recepcin en-
su residencia de El Espino de La
Al felicitar a los amigos Abe-
lardo y Els> que entran en un
nueva etapa de su vida, los fe-
licitamos sinceramente desen-
doles que la felicidad y com-
prensin los acompaen siem-
pre- i
^. w*^

Un sueo lo lirassiere!
El Over-lure
Proporcinele a su figura el
suporte que >r ini-ntr. .. el o-
i.orle que brinda el braMiere
Overture de Maidenform! He
aqu diseo 'soberbia: pinzas
diagonales al frente, para e>a
encantadora eparacin nVI
busto, y copas pespunteadas en
la par'r inferior para levante
maravilloso. Descubra hoy la
magia del Overture! Ln sus
colores y materiales favorito".
Los legitimo braiere
Maidenform* v confeccionan
solamente en los Estados l ni-
dos de Aniria.
Hay iin (madera
iHaukti H*m
Imj- tail upo de fi*ii- .
Smtk. .. ,*m iiaWn
- / -. o-. >
TBUVAi lo frmula del maquillle perfecto la confiere el en
canto que aposiona.
TRU-VAl: polvos, compacto!, coloretes y lapice labiales que
otorgan a su rostro irresistible fascroocifl.
Distribuidores Exclusivos
Jos Santander Alvarado & Ca.. 1 tda.
Calle 16 Este Central No. 6

Sigue nuestro
en toda clase de TELAS
Abierto las X U) a.m. r> jsta las 8 p.m. y durante el medioda.

J 'nosotras Las Taqugrafas
en el Presidente el Jueves
' !
' i
La Juventud, belleza, simpata y atraccin de Alma Rosa
Agulrre encontraron un marco adlilr^ble en el tema de la pel-
<;uia -nosotras las Taqugrafas", v por) ello Clasa Films Mundia-
les lanz al estrellato a esta pequea I actriz cuyo temperamento
dramtico queda al descubierto en esta cinta.
"En efecto, Alma Rosa Agulrre brilla como una verdadera es-
trella en "Nosotras las Taqugrafas", ai lado de Lilla del Valle.
Blanca de Castejn. Sara Montes, Julin Soler, David Silva. E-
duardo Noriega v Andrs Soler.
Interpretando a una joven taqugrafa que por primera vez
presta sus servicios en una secretara de Estado, y que en poco
tiempo es atrada por el ambiente. Alma Rosa Algulrre har las
delicias del pblico presentndole la vida real de una de estas be-
llas muchachas que luchan, al Igual que los hombres, por el de-
recho a vivir.
Nosotras las Taqugrafas" se estrenar desde el prximo
Jueves en el Teatro Presidente.
Sara Garca se consagra en
"La Duquesa del Tepetate"
en el Variedades el Jueves
"La Culpa La Tuvo El Otro"
ser exhibida en el Bella
Vista el pxmo. Da Latino
Los teatros Lux y Cecilia
presentan desde el Jueves
"Ave del Paraso"
No hay mejor diversin, ms
sana v provechosa para la sa-
lud, que aquella que nos provoca
sonoras carcajadas, y la pelcu-
la "La Duquesa del Tepetate",
es precisamente de esas diver-
siones de risa incontenible.
La gran actriz Sara Oarca
que tantas veces nos ha deleita-
do con su gracia iniguallble y
su enorme simpata, tiene aho-
ra en "La Duquesa del Tepe-
tate", un papel colosal, nnrv
para ella, pues encarna a una
madre coqueta y supercoqueta,
que toma el lugar de su hija
para librarla de caer en las ma-
nos de un cazador de millones.
Y el tal cazador de fortuna y
flechador de corazones es nada
menos que Abel Salazar. Pero
hay que verlos actuar para com-
prender por qu "La Duquesa
del Tepetate" est provocando
sensacin y lluvia de aplausos
I en todos los pblicos de habla
No deje uster de ver la orml-
! dable pelcula "La Duquesa del
\ Tepetate" con Sara Garca, A-
bel Salazar. Gloria Lozano y
Jos Y. Torvay. y un conjunto
magnifico de actores. Ambiente
de gran ciudad y de pueblo pe-
queo, msica y canciones, en-
redos v aventuras, risas y car-
cajadas. Desde el Jueves en su
Teatro Variedades.
Ms gracioso, mas divertido y i
ms humano que nunca, el,
gran Luis Sandrlni, el inolvida-
ble astro de "La Casa de los,
Millones", "Chinglo" y tantas'
otras producciones,, vuelve a la I
pantalla en la ms extraordl-
naria pelcula cmica de su
brillante carrera y en la que su!
actuacin le ha merecido el j
"Cndor", galardn que ofrece I
en cada temporada la Academia
de Artes y Ciencias Clnemato-.
grficas Argentina al mejor ac-'
Dirigido por Lucas Demare.
el brillante realizador de "Su
Mejor Alumno", Sandrlni alcan-
za nuevas cumbres de hilaridad
en su triple papel de hombre
cnico, Vctor Valds, en el pa-
pel como tia de ste y como
Sinscrato Cuesta el bonachn
canillita que encierra un mun-
do de sabidura en cada pala-
bra que pronuncia.
Secundan a Sandrlni en esta
magistral produccin la elegan-
te Mallsa Zlnl, Alita Romn,
Patricia Castel y Florlndo Fe-
"La Culpa la Tuvo el Otro",
cuarto caonazo argentino, se
estrenar el mircoles, d:a la- |
tino del Teatro Bellavista, ase-1
gurndoles que causar sensa-
cin entre la concurrencia.
Francia se opone a que sea
rearmado el Ejrcito Alemn
PARIS, septiembre 2. (UP'|
El ministro de relaciones
exteriores, R o b er t Bchuman,
prometi a la Asamblea Nacio-
nal hoy que no aprobar la
creacin del ejrcito nacional
alemn, sino que Insistir en
las conversaciones de los Tres
Grandes en Washington, en
septiembre, porque las unida-
des alemanas sean incorpora-
das en "el ejrcito europeo".
A la Conferencia
Schuman esboz la poltica
exterior francesa en trminos
generales en vsperas de su sa-
lida hacia Estados Unidos, don-
de asistir a la conferencia de
San Francisco sobre el tratado
de paz japons. Luego parti-
cipar en Washington en las
conversaciones de los 3 Gran-
des (Estados Unidos, Gran Bre-
taa y Francia), y poco des-
pus ir a Ottawa para la re-
unin del Consejo del Pacto del
"Francia todava se opone a
la creacin del ejrcito ale-
mn que quede a disposicin
del gobierno alemn", dijo
Schuman a la Asamblea que
escuch sus palabras con gran
"El gobierno francs siempre
ha credo necesario tener un
ejrcito europeo compuesto de
unidades carentes de sentido
nacional y este ejrcito estar
bajo el mando del estado ma-
yor de la organizacin del Pac-
Otra Razn Por Que
Todos Prmfioren BudweL.r
En latas y bote-
llas de 12-OZ...
Enlodas partes _
Sirva Budweiser
y obsequit a la
Budweiser es una de las muy pocas verda-
deras cervezas tipo laguer.
La palabra 'laguer' significa sin apuro, sin
atajos. Significa doble fermentacin, no
acida. Significa envejecimiento mucho
BWk lento que los corrientes. Significa car-
bonataron natural... un sabor caracteis-
tico y un exquisito bouquet inigualable a
travs de generaciones.
...Tome Riidweiser durante cinco das.
Al Mito di, tome otra marca de cet-
ru De ah en adtlantc, usted preferi-
r el aabar caracterstico de Budweiser
tuu No hay nada igual... absolutamente nada.
A N II r l S E R 15 l 18 t II I N C .
ST. 1 O I! I 8
'o del Atlntico", dijo Schu-j
Al hacer sus declaraciones,!
que solo duraron 18 minutos,
bchuman, que se ha manteni-
do a la cabeza de la Canci-
llera francesa a pesar de los
Innumerables cambios de Ga-
binete, solicit de la Asamblea
que no insistiera en detalles
cuya divulgacin podan muy
bien minar la posicin de la
delegacin francesa en las pr-
ximas conferencals Internacio-
nales. Sin embargo, Schuman
declar que no se tomarn de-
cisiones inalterables y defini-
tivas en Washington o en
Ottawa, y que todas las deci-
siones serian sometidas a la
consideracin del parlamento
1.090 Kcs
"El Mundo ha sido gratamen-
te sorprendido con la presen-
tacin en la pantalla de "El
Ave del Paraiso". pues no sola-
mente nos ha brindado un es-
pectculo maravilloso que tiene
como fondo la exebuerancia
tropical de los mares del Sur.
sino que a la vez nos ha pre-
sentado una de las historias o
leyendas mis heromsas v suges-
tivamente humanas de los ha-
bitantes de las Islas Hawaii".
Tal dice John L. O'Nell. fa-
moso critico de teatro y quien,
por muchos aos ha dado el es-
paldarazo del triunfo a las pro-
ducciones cinematogrficas. Y
es que El Ave del Paraiso".
presentado en maravilloso tec-
nicolor por la "20th Century
Fox", teniendo como protago-
nistas del portentoso melodra-
ma al famoso actor francs
I Louis Jourdau. a la encantado-
ra actriz francesa Deba Pagel
y al no menos famoso actor Jeff
Chandler, es uno de esos espec-
tculos que hacen poca por su
belleza y por su suntuosidad.
En la presente foto apreos
la encantadora Oebra Paget.
mostrando un bellsimo plato da
fina porcelana de fabricacin
hawallanana, ne el cual luce
sobre la planta habitual de su
nido v tambin do su* -r- >
la bellsima ave del paraso que
luce vistosos plur.:. ,j>. ~.
luce, ala vez. un ode los vesti-
dos estilo "El Ave del Paraiso"
que estarn de moda en la pr-
xima primavera v que han sido
insolrados en la pelcula.
M.ta pelcula se presentar
desde el jueves en los Teatros
Lux y Cecilia, simultneamen-
6:15 La hora luterana
6:30 Filigranas musicales
7:00 El concierto dominical
8:00 Cancionero nocturnal
fi: 15 A bailar
9:00 Buenas noches
6:00 Buenos das
6:03 Almanaque de la
6:30 Noticiero
6:45 Msica para el desayuno
7:00 Sabores de mi tierra
7:30 Noticiero
7:45 Su meloda predilecta
8:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
8:15 La discoteca
8:30 Hablan los Astros
con Antlnea
8:45 Cantares de Mxico
9:00 Los clasificados del aire
9:30 Dedicatorias
10:45 Noticiero
11:00 El mundo del vals
11:15 la novela matinal
Entre dos Amores
11:30 Cuba, su msica
y sus compositores
11:45 El Fakir Urbano
cortesa de La Byzcana
12:00 Serenata espaola
12:15 Noticiero
cortesa de "La Hora"
12:30 Lucho Aiearraia
y su rgano
cortesa de la Fbrica
Nacional de Salchichas
1:00 Variedades musicales
1:13 Los boleros de moda
1:30 Cantares de Amrica
2:00 Orquestas de saln
2:30 Sendas musicales
con Anpland
3:45 Su novela favorita
Un Grito en la Noche
cortesa de Kelvlx
3:M Momento Romntico
con Ovidio Rodrguez
3:15 Mi Vida toe una
El Bella Vista presenta el
Jueves "Blanca Nieves y Los
Siete Enanitos" en colores
Una vez en un largo rato llega a nosotros una pelcula, la
cual es motivo de grandes comentarios por ser tan distinta a o-
tras. y sta es la gran pelcula de produccin Walt Disney. "Blan-
ca Nieve y los Siete Enanitos", que se exhibir el prximo jueves
en el Teatro Bella Vista.
Esta pelcula RKO en tecnicolor es un romance de las Tierras
de Hadas, tomado del famoso libro "Cuentos de Hadas", de
Grlmm. Por su suprema belleza espectacular, su comedia Irre-
sistible y por su gran calidad dramtica, ha entusiasmado gran-
demente tanto a los hombres como a las mujeres y a los nios.
La historia de la Reina malvada, cuyos celos la Impulsaron
n hechizar a la bella princesa y cuyos planes fueron desviados
por los enanitos. leales amigos de Blanca Nieve, ayudados por las
pajaritos y animamos del Inmenso bosque fueron transformador
por el arte mgico de Disney en una de las atracciones ms sin-
gulares que jams hayan agraciado la pantalla cinematogrfica
HOY! Una Pelcula
con el Coloso de la Risa!
"La Ciudad Perdida" en el
Teatro Eldorado el Jueves
El misterio, el enigma y la seduccin perversa de los bajos
fondos aparecen con toda fuerza y vigor dramtico en la vibrante
produccin mexicana "La Ciudad Perdida".
Martha Roth y Roberto Romana, la pareja romntica de Se-
renata en Acapulco. protagonizan los papeles centrales de esta
impresionante pelcula que refleja en pavorosas pinceladas una
faceta de vida de las grandes ciudades.
Msica, bailes y canciones matizan esta cinta de un encan-
to especial y contrastan con escenas de fuerte sabor dramtico,
de honda ternura y crudo realismo que hacen de "La Ciudad
Perdida" una de las ms Interesantes pelculas del ao.
"La Ciudad Perdida" se estrenar desde el Jueves en el Tea-
tro Eldorado.
El "Aviso Oportuno"
Es Barato v Efectim
La Sarle Completa15 Episodios! A Precios
Populara! La nueva y mi emociname
aventura del vencedor de los enemigos del
con el famoso payaso
Julie London Rock Hudson
Jornny Sheffield
Sue England, en
Adems: Don McGulre
Tracy Roberts, en
Robert Peyton, en
Gl( Young, on
Alan Ladd, en
John Payne, en
Buen Humor!. ..
Cuando i u me Quieras'
La Pelea del Ano!
Laurel y Hardy, en
Y un viaje alrededor del
mundo con todos los peligros I
La Hnas. Dolly Garrido
y Pinero, en
Fernando Fernandos
Rosa Carmina, en
Errol Flynn, en
Burt Lancaster, en
El Halcn y La Flecha"
Miroslava Ernesto Alonso
Laura Hidalgo, en
"5 Grandes Y Una Chica"
_yisrj rmosa_
Pedro Infante, en
"Mujeres de MI General"
Martha Legrand. en
"Esposa Ultimo Modelo"
Ronald Reagan, en
Charles Coburn. an
Mark Stevens, en
Prisionero de Guerra'|
Stephen McNally. en
la sqjEJm.-_
"Uaaaas da Odia" 'Tuega del laller*


Supplement '

'- .. H. -
Review Of The Week
p .11 i r
THE PEACE TALKS prickled with warlike words,
while the war took on a more or lesa peaceful look.
That waa the confused score In Korea In the past
confused week, and the world began to wonder what
farther foolishness this hair splitting and face saving
could breed.
After their busy fashion the Reds appear, to have
dedicated their spare time and' energies to reversing
the gambit originally hit on by United Nations Su-
preme Commander General Matthew Rldgway.
Ridgway had Instantly called off the peaces confer-
ence some time back when the Ur.ited Nations nego-
tiators found a fully armed Chinese patrol marching
through the neutral ceasefire city of Kaesong.
The Reds have since paid a sort of compliment to
this wheeze by producing allegations of Allied viola-
tions of Kaesong at an ever acce'crating rate.
It's got now so no one seems to enow which protest
Is being answered and investigated by who.
And liaison teams from each side peer learnedly at
dents In the ground, the Reds contending the dent to
be a vast bomb crater bearing witness Allied perfidy
and Insincerity, and the United Nations team suggest-
ing it might be where a part fell off an antiquated
Communist -plane, there having been no Allied mach-
ines about Kaesong when the terrible bombing was
alleged to have come to pass.
What's happened to the business of trying to set-
tle the cruel, muddy war?
No one seems much to know no:- care.
The ground fighting was confined to a fierce, al-
most private set-to between North and South Koreans
contesting a group of hills now known as Bloody
Ridge, on the east coast.
There were no reservations In the ferocity of this '
action. But It showed no signs of spreading.
In the air the Mlgs were sporadically on the attack.
They shot down a British-built Meteor of an Austra-
lian squadron, one of the Mlgs' few successes In com-
bat with Allied Jet fighters
Air hammering went on at the Red lines of supply
down from Manchuria to the Korean front.
Andrei Grorayko's road show, which has been tour-
ing the globe for some years now, tying up Interna-
tional conferenoes, arrived in San Francisco to go
into its act oh the Japanese peace treaty.
The United States, as No. 1 sponsor of this treaty,
has been protesting that the San Francisco meet calls
for little more than the final signing of the treaty,
all discussion having been completed by the globe-
trotting John Foster Dulles.
These protesta carry In them a seed of anxiety.
Western diplomats are sharply aware that Gromy-
ko's well developed talent for hamstringing confer-
ences would need more than a mere United States
protest to dampen It.
Also nagging at the United States nerves was the
realisation that, rightly or wrongly, a Russian bid to
sell the Japanese peace treaty at a piece of Western
imperialism would be bolstered by neutral India's
refused to sign the treaiy.
The United States has hitherto been less successful
than Russia at exploiting; the affinity Eastern races
feels for each other, spelally In the face of any sus-
picion of Western exploitation.
Early bargain struck over the Japanese peace treaty
was the signing yesterday of a Pa.-lflc peace pact be-
tween Australia. New Zetland and the United States.
Australians and New Zealanders find It harder than
do the people of the United 8tates to shrug off the
fact that only six- years ago the Japanese were the
apotheosis of all that U nasty and dirty In warfare.
The Pacific pact was an insurance for them against
a remilitarized Japan
In Germany the Russi direction was put over by the East German govern-
ment when they clamp-d a prohibitive tax on the
traffic bringing food Into Berlin from East Germany.
They might be Just maneuvering for a deal on
some other Issue.
But they know that with the trans-Pacific Korean
airlift going full blast the Allies probably have none
too many transports available with which to ball out
beleagured Berlin In another airlift.
However, by way of reminder that the Western Al-
lies are not altogether out of aircraft or Ideas a Unit-
ed States Navy experimental rocket driven plane, the
Douglas Skyrocket/touched better than 1,300 mph at
77.000 feet above Muroc lake, a B: itlsh-made Canber-
ra light Jet bomber crossed the Atlantic In a brief
hour less than It takes the sun to get across, and the
new Vlckers Valiant. British-built four Jet heavy
bomber, was announced capable of. dropping an atom
bomb at better than 000 mph.
President Truman gave the rough side of his tongue
to the new Czechoslovaks ambassador to the Unit-
ed States. Communist V'adimir Prochazka.
Mr. Truman as good as told Procha/ka that he would
be wasting his time trying to further his country's
interests in the United States unless Czechoslovakia
first released Associated Press reporter William Oatis,
now Mr 'n a 10-year sentence for espionage.
8ecreiary o 3tate Dean Acheson told Prochazka the
same thing next day.
All around Prochazka Rot very much the back-of-
my-hand treatment.
The Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers Union pulled
Its long anticipated strike in the United States' vital
coooer industry.
With copper a vital defense metal, and supplies so
only Just adequate, the union, more reddish than
coooer-colored, was In a good bargaining spot.
They looked by week's end all -et to get a 15 cents
If < ii Iv pay hike.
The yowls of anguish and ooDreht-nslon emitted by
every too man In the United States defense economy
at the strike waa assurance, if Russia needed it, that
Economic and Social Council of the American repub-
lics came to a close late In the week at El Panam
Hotel. j
Immediate results could not be seen In the mildly
worded resolutions passed by the 20 participating na-
tions but those best informed termed the meeting "a
true success."
For the most part harmony was sustained through-
out the arguments and the very few Important dif-
ferences of opinion were settled without bitterness.
Most of the delicate points on the agenda which
had been expected to produce fireworks finally were
"solved" simply by postponing final action In the form
of resolutions to continue the studies and make fu-
ture reports.
The biggest rhubarb grew from the committee dis-
cussing freight and Insurance rates which wound up
with a resolution saying the rates were apparently
"excessive." The United States didn't like this word-
age and abstained from the final voting. It was the
only such instance.
In Panam this week also it was announced that
Dr. Harmodio Arias, former President of Panam,
would defend his brother. Dr. A-nulfo Arias, also a
former President of the Republic, when he comes up
for trial on charges connected with the bloody hap-
penings of early May.
Ships were in the limelight this week as a coast-
line search of the Caribbean area began Saturday and
all ships and planes were alerted to be on the lookout
for the 28 ft. ketch "Drake." The. missing craft, with
three young Americans aboard, was overdue In Cristo-
bal Friday. U. S. naval' authorities started a pre-
liminary search as part of an aviation training mission.
Meanwhile reports from Washington that a "mystery
ship" was endangering the Canal caused prompt action
by The Panam American which Investigated the "sub-
versive" vessel and found, only 21 Peruvian crewmen
sitting aboard It In the outer anchorage, off Flamenco.
Island, without food, clothing or cigarettes. The pa-
tient crew have been aboard the ship three weeks.
Word of its fate was awaited eagerly, but the owner
was taking his time. Billot Shipping Company who
were Interested In helping out, were expecting the
ship's owner, Carlos Mould of Caluo. Peru, to answer
their cables by week's end as to the ship's disposition.
While aid through the Jamaica Hurricane Fund was
being mustered, a Red Cross Survey Team returned
Monday with reports that things wern't quite as bad
in Jamaica as they seemed. Headed by the Field Di-
rector In Quarry Heights, the surveyors flew by Air-
Force plane and found that no medical help was need-
ed. Pood, clothing and building materials were. Boost-
ed by the Salvation Army, the American Legion'and
other charitable organizations, relief to the homeless
victims was assured. '
Unusual diplomas were awarded yesterday morn-
ing In the Balboa theatre to 193 enthusiastic gra-
duates of the Anti-Aircraft Civilian Auxiliary Pro-
gram. After only a six-weeks intensive course, the
civilians most of whom had never shouldered a gun,
were now fully equipped to step In and.take over (in'
an emergency) an anti-aircraft position In the Canal
Meanwhile In New York, Veterana' of Foreign
Wars Department Commander from the Canal
Zone, E. J. Eglinton introduced a resolution later
passed for the United Stales to provide a nation-
wide anti-aircraft civilian auxiliary program bas-
ed on the roeeesa of the Canal Zone's experiment.
Those of you who will be lucky enough to attend
Army and Air Force theaters over the week-end will
be treated to a bit. of nostalgia. For you will be re-
minded of the USO shows that hit the Canal Zone
during the last war. Now, for the first time since the
Korean fighting, "name" entertainers will cheer troops
with their sags, girls and gallivanting. Rhonda Flem-
ing heads the cast of eight NBC television stars who
arrived Saturday and will remain on the Isthmus
until Sept. 4.
Teachers were sharpening their pencils, and child-
ren polishing red apples in preparation for that old
refrain "School days, school day.;..." For the glori-
ous vacation (all too short for the kids, too long for
the parents) was coming to an end. New school teach-
ers from the States arrived this week, and old ones
flocked back bv olane and boat from the States to
take over their Jobs as educators this Wednesday when
school begins.
Other news In brief: The first meeting of the Pan-
am cual Company Board will not be held In the
Cunal Zone 'as originally scheduled, but In Washing-
ton ... That ole debbll loss of differential loomed again,
but Congress extended the 25 per cent civilian em-
nloves of military services through September.. Mina
Dee Dald her si,500 fine, and soon heads for the States,
as the condition of her sentence required three vears
absence from the Isthmus... The government drop-
ped the charge of "transportation of women for im-
moral purposes" aealnst Alfred Cornelious Lenon and
the SO ver old Pp"manlpn represented by Woodrow
de Cf*ro. was. free.
the richest country in the world is mighty poverty
stricken In some vital raw materials
Next to the cost of living, probably the Issue most
In dispute at yesterday's general elections In New
Zealand was the tough way Premier Sidney Holland
handled the dock strike which arller this year cut
to a trickle the New Zealand-United Kingdom ship-
ping stream through the Panama Canal.
New Zealanders did not seem to think Holland had
been as rough or as Fascist about the affair as his
foes claimed.
They returned him to power with about the same
majority as he held before the strike was an issue.
Sunday American Supplement
tational Golf Tournament got off to a successful start
yesterday afternoon with an unusually large field com-
peting for the many prises at the Brazos Brook Club.
Meanwhile, the semifinal round of the Esao Tour-
nament at the Panam Golf Club will be wound up
this weekend. The finals are set for next week.
The Panam Boxing Commission this week ap-
proved the ten-round Louis Thompson-Kid Cho-
colate II lightweight main event at the Faaaaa
National Gym for Snnday, Sept. t.
The fighters signed to make a weight limit of 1S1
Lionel Peralta and.Beto Scantlebury will slug It out
in the 138-pound six-round semifinal. Victor Ardlnes
and Lupe Pancho are slated to clash In a six-round
126-pound "special."
A four-pound preliminary between Al Marshall and
Melanio Pacheco at 118 pounds will round out the
There's another welterweight championship' bout In
the making following what took- place Wednesday
night at Madison Square Garden.
Kid Gaviln successfully defended his 147-pound
title against Billy Graham. But the uproar that fol-
lowed probably will bring a return bout on Oct. 28th.
The bout was so close that Gaviln won by the
slender margin of three points and the eight-
thousand fans were quick to show they thought other-
wise. Debris poured into the ring, chairs were swung
and one over-excited onlooker tried to slug referee
Mark Conn with a ring stool. Special police were kept
busy as free-for-alls broke out here and there.
Judge Arthur Schwartz gave the fight to Gaviln
while Judge Frank Forbes saw Graham winning the
title. That left it up to Conn who gave each fighter
seven rounds' and called the other even, but favored
Gaviln 10 points to seven. The tuns booed. Gaviln
did a happy Jig and Graham stood, head down, de-
jected. Graham's manager Irving Cohen Im-
mediately protested the' decision to Deputy Commls-
sio--">- Ralph Halnen and asked for an- investigation.
' "-elr dressing mom*, both fighters claimed
*e me nine rounds," said Gaviln. "Sure.
Ivil it. He ased one right, bat I.used two right
and one left. Graham is good on defense, bnt I
beat him.. Bare I'M fight him again," adds The
Champ, "and. Ill beat bias again."
Gaviln now has won two out of three from- Gra-
ham and all three bouts were decided on split de-
"Sure, I'll fight him again," echoes Graham, "but
how can I do better than I did tonight? He started
slowing down In the seventh round and I figured I
w' In. He never hurt me. I won."
Most of the newsmen at ringside agreed with Gra-
ham. A United Press poll of 16 boxing writers cover-
ing the fight showed 13 of them backing the chal-
The customers who saw the fight on television at
the bar and grill owned by Graham's father also
thought a new champion had been crowned. Even be-
fore the fight, the bar was decorated with signs read-
ing 'Bill, The Champ'."
While the fans were watching the Gaviln -Graham
bout there was another and more serious drama
going on under the stands. George Flores, the 20-year-
old middleweight who had been kayoed in the eight
round semi-final, was rushed to St. Clare's Hospital
opposite Madison Square Garden. There, shortly after
midnight, the father of a three-week-old son, under-
went an emergency operation for a brain hemor-
rhage. The latest report from the hospital Is that
Flores 1 In critical condition, but holding his own.
Flores was knocked out at 46 seconds of the last
round by Roger Donoghue of Yonkers New York. Flo-
res landed on his shoulders and onlookers noticed his
head bounced off the eanvas. Oeorgle was taken to
the dressing room where he went Into a coma. Two
weeks ago Donoghue also kayoed Flores in the eighth
at White Plains.
General Manager Hank Greenbcrg of the Cleveland
Indians Is quite annoyed over the deal that sent right-
hander Johnny Sain from the Boston Braves to- the
New York Yankees.
The seven other clubs waived on Sain. Wednesday
and the 33-year-old right-hander, a four-time 20-
game winner, went to the Yanks for some $50,000
and a Minor League pitcher.
"That sort of a deal isn't right." claims Greenberg.
Oreenberg says waivers weren't necessary In the
American League, but they should have been. The for-
mer Detroit slugger- says If they had been, the St.
Louis Browns would have claimed Sain.
"Sain might have a miserable record of five wins
and 13 losses," says Greenberg. "but with the Yanks
batting behind him he's liable to find some new stuff
and come through with at least four or five wins.
However." adds Hank. "It's a consolation to us that
the Yanks are feeling the fear and pressure of the
pennant situation
All Yankee Manager Casey Stengel will say about
Sain Is "He should bolster our second-line pitch
lng, but I'm not certain yet whether ril use him as a
starter or. In relief."
Sain says he is happy to Join the Yankees.
"I like it in Boston." drawls the big right-hander.
"They treated me swell, but the Yankees are a good
team and I'll do my best as I always have."
It was in 1948 that Warren Spahn and Sain pitch-
ed Boston to the pennant The Braves' fans had a
chant "First Spahn. then Sain, then pray for rain."
"Does Sain take the rain with him'" Spahn asked.
"He takes something all right. I rot a funny feeling
without him and I wonder when T'll get over It."

'All Together Men, "Ylppeeer
i COULD IT BE THE CANCAN that made the wild West wild?
! It could be, if it were done then the way these four lovelies
I do it in RKO's Technicolor drama, "The Half-Breed." Left
' to right they are, Mary Menzies, Collen Calder, Jeane
Cochran and Marietta Elliott.
SOUP'S ON!First sound of the dinner bell brings a rush of
I hungry Korean waifs at the Munske orphanage in Seoul. The
I youngsters are seen fighting for first place at the serving counter,
I where their bowls are filled with rice. (NEA-Acme Telephoto by
h ....,_ Staff Photographer Hisao Egsohi.) _j
Monarch finer foods
are today the stand-
ard of quality all over
the world. They are pre-
pared in the most modern
manner... but retain all the real
old fashioned flavor. Jive generations
have proved Monarch finer foods... the
BEST by TEST. There are over 500
Monarch finer foods. Ask for them in your
grocery store. If your dealer does not
stock Monarch finer foods, inquire of:
World's Largest Family of Finer Foods
Distributors in the Republic:
COLON Tagaroptitos, S. A. Tel. 1000
PANAMACa. Panamericana de Orange Crush
Premier Sunday Gross-Word Puzzle
20Ebbing and
'road, ex-
panded lip
(of shells)
26S curve
29Call forth
34Wading bird
41Bar by one'
own act
45City on
46Rasp .
80Fry lightly
61Mark for
68Residue of
76Brine or
77And not
85Size of
Average time (
87East Indian
mass of ice
In broken
92Medium of
107New star
108To the
inside of
109Muse of
111Shell fish
shrill cry
.ol.ti.a: 13 BtMlM
formed by
union of
leaf and
8Red clay
of tropical
16Gulf in
Baltic Sea
34Case of
36 Small jug
46Part of
52In place of
56Capable of
being held
tions of
62Of Induced
surf fish
66Corn mush

68 Except
79Reduce to
soft mass
by soakinj
84 Threatene
87Set of
98Slow, easy
100Term in
civil law
for light
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(Answer tt be found elsewhere in the Sunday American)
Migratory Crop Workers Get
Help From Field Volunteers
NEW YORK. Sept. 1 (UP.)
This is the season for a special
kind of missionary work, in our
own country.
Both paid and volunteer mis-
sionaries travel from state to
state through the summer, fol-
lowing the 2.500.000 migratory
workers who harvest America's
crops each year.
One unit helps start a school
for the workers' children to help
make up for the constantly-
interrupted education such
youngsters always have. Another
group plans wholesome recrea-
tion or brings church services to
the workers with a portable or-
gan and altar accessories.
"There are a lot more migrant
workers now than there were
back in the days when 'Grapes
of Wrath,' was written." ex-
plained Louisa Shotwell. an as-
sistant director of the division
of home missions for the Na-
tional Council of Churches.
John Steinbecks's novel made
known the pliRht of the dis-
placed mldwestern farm workers
who headed west to work In the
crop harvests.
"There seems to be a much
greater consumption of proces-
sed fruits and vegetables, which
partly accounts for the increase
in seasonal laborers," Miss Shot-
well continued.
Her organization sends 200
workers to 25 states during the
summer months. Willys station
wagons, "which added a little
glamour to the units" are packed
wilh everything from first aid
kits to movie projectors to meet
the needs of the migratory
"Some of our girls In cherries
at Sturgeon Bay. Wisconsin, told
me they had 25 of the same chil-
dren that they'd taught earlier
this summer in asparaaus in
Rochelle. 111." the home missions
official said, explaining that
they get used to thinking of the
workers in terms of the crops
they're harvesting.
"The biggest needs are educa-
tion and community under-
standing. These seasonal work-
ers include different races and
nationalities," Miss Shotwell
"We try to get community
leaders to recognize the workers'
problems and work them out
through community facilities."
WIMT 7 SEETfMBER 2, 1951
Suaday American Supplement

t .
.r sk

Telephone Panama no 2-0740 is linee)
Cele Address. PANAMKRICAN. Panama
Caon Officei 12 179 Central Avenue between i2tr and isth streets
Foreign Representative. JOSHUA 8. POWERS. INC.
343 maoison Ave.. New vorr, '.OCAL V All
PER MONTH. IN """' f I.70 2.00
FOR SIX MONTHS. IN """" 0.80 13.00
(From "The Breakfast Commen-
tator" in The Cleveland Plain
Her poet mate in cool respect
Took up his peneil to reflect
On Mary's charms in couplet'
That still defies the siege of
But since male ardor's not in-
For good plain girls with com-
mon sense.
The very best that William could
Was cite a prosy thing or two
About the way she swung the
To sweep Dove Cottage, every
(What else can mean "her
household motions"?)
His mood's far off from lover's
Of Tristram. Antony and Cleo,
Appassionata and con brio.
It's true he praised somewhat
her eyes
As like two stars In twilight
But sureiv it occurred to him
That twilight stars are rather
"Machine," he called his useful
In lines that (if he dared to
chant 'em)
Would scarce call up female de-
Save in "a Creature not too
Vonna Hicks Adrian.
(Apologies to Robert Louis
(From The Atlantic Monthly)
The rain is raining all around.
It falls on field and tree:
It's phony rain and phony
and phony scenery.
Of speckled eggs the birdie sings.
And nests among the trees:
But my own singing yearly brings
About 100 Gs.
Edmund J. Kiefer.
(From The Poetry Review)
If thu havest seorewe. ne seye
thu hit nouht thun arewe. seye
hit thine sadelbowe and ryd the
singlnde forth.
Proverbs of Alfred. 14.
What time the dark invaders
The ranks of Wessex beaten
Northumbrian holy halls in
And the king roamed without
a crown.
Over the hills, beneath the trees,
Rode a rider with flowing hair,
Racing bright-eyed the wild
Spring breeze:
One of those who know not
For he sang as he rode along
Through the dapple of light
and shade.
And this was the burden of his
To the music the swift hooves
When sorrow's yours, the aching
To no other heart display.
But tell it to your saddle-how
And singing ride away.
By bright fen waters rode he on.
"He had nowhere to lay his
But where a peasant's hearth-
fire shone ,
Each evening he would beg his
Blithely beneath Spring's bud-
ding trees
Rode vanquished England's
darling on.
And the birds poured upon the
This music when the king had
When sorrow's yours, the ach-
ing woe
To no other heart display.
But tell it to your saddle-bow
And singing ride away.
George Moor.
(From Northern Review)
If a spirit nightly come
From regions beyond air,
How shall it know its old home,
Descend a darkened stair?
How shall it know if lamps are
How can it surely tell-
By sympathy remember it?
The ancient humble spell.
Of things familiar long before
In the once well-known house?
How shall it pass the fast-barred
Or patiently arouse.
The sleepers sleeping in their
Laid out in level wise
With eyes close-fixed within
their heads.
Unready for suprlse.
Of an unearthly visitant
Attempting to draw near
Who must continue hesitant.
As with a tinge of fear.
In old surroundings become
Through time and distance too,
And by the acid bite of change
Dimmed in the spirit's view?
Though spirit eye may range the
It cannot earthward move
Save on the bridge of sympathy
And long-enduring love.
W. W. E. Ross.
(From Yankee)
Here at the mountain's base
The farms in plotted squares
Assert the green and brown
Of ploughed and pasture land.
Beside a narrow road
That points the way to town.
A small and stcepled town
That whitens hi the sun
For market and for prayers;
The two-fold need supplied.
The road leads back again
To small and plotted squares.
The script is written plain.
Explicit and precise.
Around the mountain's base;
In terms of green and brown.
And six days and a prayer.
To state the human case.
David Morton.
Love is an arc. a bow of light.
Upon a geometric sky.
Where silver cubes do spin and
Within the orbit of the night.
For man this one moon's time
of grace
Was given him to bridge the
This gracious and this golden
That wheels through seas of
depth and space.
Isabelle Ann L. Kfoury.
The rosebush at the summer's
forgets the roses that it bore,
and in a dream of next year's
prepares the cradling twigs once
Summer has also set for me;
vet Time can never quite dispose
of the designs of memory,
which shape out of the past,
a rose.
And winter that is gathering,
will keep beneath a warmth of
my budded hope of a new spring,
and summer's covenant the rose.
Oliver Hale.
In the Good Old Summertime
Pearsons Merry Go-Round
FRANKFORT.Stopping for breakfast at the
Shannon Airport en route to Germany, I was
interviewed by an Irish newspaperman who
wanted ta know my reason for coming to Eu-
Not wanting to tell him about our balloon
project, I replied by citing my No. 2 reason for
making this trip.
"Our Secretary of Defense," I said, has just
told Congress that Europe Is much closer to
war than at any other time. I am coming to
Europe to heck up on the facts."
With this my interviewer let out a bellow of
anguish. ;
What!" he said, in mingled terror and in-
credulity. "Are we going to have war?"
This. I found as I traveled on the Continent,
was the reaction of most people. Nobody be-
lieve there was any danger of warperhaps
because everyone so devoutly hoped there would
be no war.
This can be a most dangerous situation. But
it is a fact. __
The average man in the street simply dis-
misses the thought of war. He's seen enough
of it and doesn't even want to discuss it.
Or if he does discuss It. he points to the
emblems of peace flaunted by the Soviet at the
Berlin youth rally, or to the letter of friend-
ship to President Truman sent by the Soviet
presidium, or to Russia's acceptance of the
invitation to attend the San Francisco Japanese
Or If he does admit the possibility of war.
he is quite frank in saying he will not fight.
This Is especially true of Germans.
It Is also true of many Frenchmen, many
Dutch. Belgians and even Englishmen.
"The United States now has Its special al-
lalnce with Franco." is one frequent reaction.
"It is obvious you don't intend to defend Eu-
rope until the Russians get to the Pyrennees.
' "Why should we have our cities bombed and
beaten up again? Why should we get ourselves
caught in the middle?"
This, it should be noted, Is not the reaction
of government leaders who definitely would try
to swing their countries into battle on the side
of the United States. But it is the reaction of
the average man in the street.
Of course, this is no answer to the question
of whether there will be peace or war. But it
Is importantfor two reasons:
1) It shows how successfully Moscow has
sold the Mea that it is the champion of peace.
And Incidentally it also shows how badly we
have lagged behind in the war of Ideasthanks
In part to Congressional pennv-pinchlng.
2) It might encourage the Kremlin to make
war nowat a time when Western Europe Is
listless and unprepared. ___
To get down to the real question of whether
the Red Army will march this year, my own
considered prediction Is that It will not.
Manv experts will tell you that the Kremlin
does plan tc move in Septemberlust as the
crops are Inwith Tito as the first target. And
thev mav be right.
It is always risky to oredict regarding these
things. ,
I haDpcned to hit it right on the nose before
Pearl Harbor by predicting on Dec. 5. 1941. that
we would be at war with Japan In two weeks.
At that time. Japan was going through some
ohony peace moves which fooled some dip-
Today Russia Is going through the same peace
Sunday Aaeman Spptea.t
They are phony to be sure, but I don't think
they are a blind for an immediate attack. I
diagnose them as a blind for a long-range
buildup for possible war several years from now.
There are two reasons for this conclusion:
1) Unrest is to rife In the satellite coun-
tries lust behind the Iron Curtain. that the
Kremlin could not make war without Wide-
spread defections and revolution' among her
own people.
2) By peace propaganda which may lull the
world to sleepincluding U. S. Isolationists
the Kremlin might take over the Western World
without war.
This was Moscow's hope Immediately after
V-E Day. and there are signs this hope Is be-
ing revived.
I have already covered In earlier columns the
unrest Inside the satellite countries.
This was one reason for timing the balloon
operation Into Czechoslovakia and one other
country at this time.
It is also one reason why the State Depart-
ment's funds for waging the war of ideas must
not be cut at this time.
POINT 2. However, may be an even more
important factor in the Kremlin's strategy
namely, lulling the Western world into a state
of complacency and, eventually, depression so
that it falls like a ripe plum Into Russia's lap
five or ten years henee.
Let's consider carefully and realistically the
situation In which the rulers of the Soviet find
themselves today.
Here are some ABC's of Soviet strategy:
a) They know that in East Germany, Cze-
choslovakia. Hungary. Poland and even some
parts of Russia the older generation is not with
Furthermore, they will never be with them.
- That Is why- they are wooing the younger
generation. That is the reason for the tremen-
dous Berlin youth rally. In ten years these boys
will be dominating large parts of Eastern Eu-
. That is one take in the long-range plan of
the Kremlin.
b) The leaders of the Kremlin know that
the United States cannot or at least will not
support indefinitely the Marshall Plan and arms
to Europe. To know this all they have to do
is to read the newspapers.
They also know what almost every Ameri-
can economist has said, at least privately, that
without the Marshall Plan and our huge un-
paid-for exporte to Europe, the western world
lone ago wouhrhave faced depression.
Western Europe probably would have gone
Communist, and the United States would have
large-scale unemployment.
The Marshall Plan prevented this.
It served as the numo-prlmlng equivalent to
Roosevelt's WPA-PWA days.
It substituted for the huge bond Issues we
passed out to Europe in Coolldge* and Hoover's
The inescapable fact is that we have con-
tinued to subsidize Europe with pump-priming,
one way or another, ever since 1914.
And this subsidy has also affected the pros-
perity of the U. S. A *-
But the Kremlin figures this cannot continue
indefinitely. And iudging from current reac-
tions In the Senate, the Kremlin may be right.
However, without getting Into a discussion of
our own domestic politics, my own conclusion Is
that because of unrest behind the Iron Curtain
and because of a long-range Soviet plan to
win over the nest generation and lull us Into
giving up aid to Europe, there will be no war
m the immediate future.
NOTEThis long-range battle of Ideas and
economy mav put an even greater burden on
American patience. American farsightedness and
American leadership. ;'- _i .
(Copyright. 1951. By The Bell Syndicate. Ine.>
V- '

i r i I l :
Labor News
And Comment
By Victor Riesel
One night last week a band of men slipped-into the ram-
bling almost shapeless Henry Ford plant In Detroit.
Right there began what appears to be an ugly little clvU
For this was the beginning of a showdown on a mighty
Ibsue. There the group of radical union men saw big machines
crated up and tagged tor shipment to other cities.
And toen, the toughest speaking union men inside labor
made a decision. They would not permit the Ford Cor to ship
its machinery from famed River Rouge to other cities for dis-
persed war productionor any production.
Soon, these Auto Workers' leaders from the mammoth Plant,
Into whose historic overpasses and gates there now pour 54.000
men instead of the 67,000 of a year ago and the 80,000 of the
past war, were laying it on the line for ex-FBI man John
Bugas, vice president of the Ford Motor Co.
They would not permit the company to ship its machines
to Cleveland, Cincinnati or Buffalo. They wanted the union's
membership and strength maintained right there.
A big fellow is Johnny Bugas, out of a school that doesn't
get pushed around. He said the machines mould move.
Soon the leftist leaders of the hopped up Ford Local 600
once the world's largest single union and an outfit whieh spent
over $17.000 for transportation, private guards and other folder-
oi just to bring John Lewis out for one speechwere in con-
ference. They were tough.
They voted to strike the big Ford plant, soon to be in
some war production. And thev said they'd keep it shut until
Ford stopped dispersing the machines and jobs. But the ma-
chines moved.
It is showdown time in Detroit, city of so many showdowns.
But none so important as the one which will decide whe-
ther a giant corporation can whip its stuff out where it wishes
-and against the wishes of a king sized union.

Things aren't that tough all over.
In New York, the .AFL bartenders, led by the imaginative
Jack Townsend, decided to give the modern in keeper a long
overdue break. .
Having finally unionized all bartenders into one outfit,
Townsend decided time had come to have his men mix their
drinks scientifically, with dashes of political philosophy, pat-
riotism, and advanced psychology in handling over-imbibed
males and unattached ladies known as barflies.
From now on all his bartenders will go to a special school
in, an entire floor Of the union's new headquartersequipped
with model barand so raise not only the prestige of the in-
dustry but also its profits.
In 12 compulsory lectures and discussions, in classes of 35
bartenders, the drink slingers will be taught in special daytime
sessions: How liquor is made; how to mix 30 basic cocktails;
how to mix unusual drinks; operation and efficient and waste-
less maintenance of bar equipment: sanitation and housekeep-
ing; liquor laws; handling of alcoholics and contact with the
A A people; public relations for the beverage industry; a barber-
shop line of patter on the American way of life; and labor
historythrough films, charts and other visual aids. Says
"We want to run a union of men so capable that the em-
ployers will want to hire us, and we won't need to waste our
time, money and their investments in unionizing driyes. We
can live together. And we hODe to set a national example.''

Within two weeks, the Justice Dept. will move right across
the nation asking regional grand Juries to Indict for perjury
Communist labor leaders who've filed affidavits with the gov-
ernment swearing they are not Stalinists.
The fines run up to $10.000 and long 1all terms.
This is the plan now. If it doesn't happen, there s been
heavy pressure from somewhere. Let's watch.
To spike Sen. Taft's influence, springing out of his ap-
parent campaigning for the presidential nomination, labor lea-
ders in the past few days have been supDlyine information to
Maine's Sen. Margaret Chase Smith's investigation of Taft's suc-
cesful Ohio campaign.
Report is that Senate proben soon will be in Ohio.

Confidential reports to the Pentagon reveal that the Feder-
al Conciliation Service had 23 men in the far west trying to
keep the pro-Communist Mine. Mill and Smelter Workers from
paralyzing the copper fields with its strike. But they were brus-
quely treated by these Soviet-line unionists.
The leftists union, it can be reported, wants the entire cop-
per industry to agree to bargain with it on a national basis.
This would give the union control over the Industry in one
spp<-'r>i bargaining session.
Furthermore, the union asks for 24,% cents an hour in-
crease, thereby seeking to smash the war wage formula right
now. .; j. .
It's all -tied Up in a knot, and considerable armaments and
aviation gas deoends on copper otnut. We're certainly being
polite to the friends of the Soviet. Union Une.

Despite *he AFL split with the CO. national leaders of
both grouos will meet at least once more in Washington this
week at the final meeting of the United Labor Policy Com-
mittee. Both sides will have their ton men there.
The AFIf will say bluntly that it wants a full merger of
the two groupsor no more high command sessions. We may
yet be surprised by the resolta.
Social Notes: The master Soviet spy Sorge used "worn an -
power" in secret operations' which even his own small ring
knew Mttle about.
At least 30 women woae counted by the Jan authorities,
after Srge confessed when he was arrested. All 30 fell in love
with him.
Nostalelc and sentimental AFL president Bill Green sent
greetings to Jeff Davis. King and Emperor of the Tfboes of
America. Inc.. who hold their 43rd annual convention this week
In .Tucson. Arizona. Thev sure pick their climate.
No lonrer is the annlversarv of Lenin's death a grand holi-
day in Soviet Russia. It's been banned, and all must work that
dav. Which ellmlnptes one of the few rest periods the workers
hadand wipes out a legend which long has overshadowed "The
Boss" Stalin.

Pressure from this column has moved the government to
'suggest'' to Italv that it reiect orders from the Soviets for
construction of new marchan* shins which wov id on'v be used
to lug military cargo around the world foT use against our boya,'
,w4 ,1 Ma'UCI/* r*Ai/lAft 1U7
Broadway and Elsewhere
By Jack Lait
Harry S. Traman and Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Jr.... That's the ticket for President and Vlce-
Presldent as at this moment planned and set-
tled In the White House... It has the okay of
the CIO, the left-wing element of the North-
west, the Liberal Party of New York and the
sure nod of the Democratic 8tate Committee
of California, which recently resoluted for Tru-
man on motion of Junior's brother, Jimmy...
The Tammany-Flynn leaders are strong for the
combination... Barkley Is out, definitely, and
he knows It; that brought on hit desperate
unprecedented stab at nomination... One ar-
gument against Truman would be that when
he ends his next term he will be 74. He wants
to offset that with a very young running-
mate... Junior has been In and out of Blair
House, day and night, for weeks, with no ex-
planation of his business there... He has been
active (instead of absent) when Truman's pet
bills were up, and always with the Adminis-
tration... He had Intended to oppose Sen. Ir-
ving Ives. until the VJ. designation was laid
in his lap... He grabbed at it.
operaton which the duchess underwent was not
face-liftIt was far more dangerous and serio-
us than was indicated. Eddie felt she should
have some recreation and diversion.
The film fan Is a patient guy but often is
By hlfaluttn messages disguised In celluloid.
He hikes to yonder film house to escape th
cares of Ufe
And there he Is confronted with a tale of
sordid strife.
In fact, he goes to movie shows determined
to forget
The messages from sponsors on his television
Whether It boosts a brand of beer or plugs
a cosmic plan,
A message is a message to the film on TV fan.
George E. Phair, in Daily Variety.
Trade was uppish in the legit houses last
week, with weather somewhat cooler and more
folks back from vacations. "Seventeen" rose a-
gain, as it has from the day this column went
all out for it. Only one person took advantage
of our offer to return the money to anyone who
bought tickets on our recommendation and was-
n't delighted. Our personal check was sent
for two seats upstairs... The sell-outs had al-
most their mid-season quota of standees... No
openings and no closings, no changes at all in
sight until after the traditional line of de-
marcation between holdovers and newcomers.
Labor Day... Lace on her Petticoat," (Booth,
Sept. 4> will be the first. Must be a period
play. Period.
A High Britisher Tells Me: Princess
Elizabeth and her Duke of Edinburgh cut
New York out of their Itinerary after (he
ouestion was thrashed out in the royal fam-
ily and Queen Mary ruled that there was
no one left in the metrop of sufficient so-
cial status to function as a hostess for 'lie
nueen-to-be. The dowager Mrs. Cornelius
- Vanderbilt is too old and too feeble: she
- did not go to Newport this vear and sees
no visitors. She is a friend of Oueen Marv,
and the only one of her generation left in
what survives of our "society".. The head
of the Oelrichs or Astor families would
nnalifv. but these clans have no heads...
Mrs. Vanderbilt has been hostess to royal
figures... Eddie and Wally ms put no at
the Waldorf, but they are not "reeognired.
There was much talk when Wally kited a-
round nightclubs with Jimmv Donahue. Russell
Nype. et al.. last Winter. She bad full encour-
agement from her husband, who was occupied
with finishing his book... Their historic union
has passed beyond the honeymoon stage. The
Clara Bow Is In an Eastern rest home... A
new law banned slot-machines In U. S. service
posts and clubs. So all the one-armed bandits
in use were flown by the Air Force to Japan,
Guam, the Azores, and other stands outside the
borders, to entertain our uniformed men... Beau
Jack, the Georgia shoe-shine boywho became
a highly-paid fighter and earned more than
$500,000is drawing $55 a week from the Boxers
Pension Fund... The 1952 "Photography An-
nual," the cameraflends' big moment, is out,
with 220 entries, 39 in color.
Jane Widdlund, of Brooklyn, was one of
those American youngsters in the ice-skat-
ing troupe, who were stranded in Rio de
Janeiro, as reported here. She was nmonc
the fir-t to get back, and she writes to tell
me: "Trouble started soon after we got to
Rio... We were treated shabbily all the way.
, We couldn't get ice equipment throueh cus-
toms... We got no pay at all... We were
threatened with beatings if we tried to
leave... All the advance-sale money was
sto'en and our return tickets sold Local
hoodlrms .surrounded us with knives and
clubs in plain sirht, and the airnort was
watched to keen us from escaping... We
got the brush-off at the U. S. Emba \
were advised to ret Jobs and stay there...
Rio is no place for decent girlwe were
annoved and insulied by mashers and
ho- lii-he white-slavers We comnJained
and the nolire told us to stay off the
streets. It's *reat to be an Americanbut
not in Brasil!"
Martin Attlee, son of the British Prime Min-
ister, "'ill soon, mnrrv a girl who works in the
U. S. Embassy in London.*.. Joe rlse of four
Jacks and a Jill, will wed the Jill. Peggv ""ps-
ton. next month... The late Sicilian outlaw.
Giullano, had proclaimed he would marrv Maria
Cvllaki's. But. now Jack Laborn. an ex-GI. says
tv-at will be his privilegein Paris.
Peter Edson In Washington
NKA Staff Correspondent
There's plenty of rhubarb flying In the Pen-
tagon over Marines versus Army Rangers.
Early in Korean war. Army's Ranger training
program was greatly expanded. First fighting
indicated that more guerilla type operations
were likely for war against Communist forces.
A special Ranger Training Command was set
up at Army's big infantry training center. Fort
Benning, Ga. Volunteers and draftees were care-
fully screened and hand picked for the more
rugged physical specimens that could take
Ranger training.
Recently, however, all Ranger companies in
the Pacific have been de-actlvated.
All Ranger personnel has been transferred
to 187th Atrbone regiment.
And the Ranger Training Command will
cease to function as such on Sept. 1.
Present plan seems to be to keep the train-
ing staff- intact, but to rechrlsten it "Operation
HWh Standard."
Its new assignment will be to raise the mor-
ale standards and prestige of th$ entire U. S.
infantry organization.
What this may amount to is making all in-
fantry companies as close to Rangers as pos-
sible. \
Officers and non-coms will be sent" to Fort
Benuing to-take courses with emphasis on spit
and polish, physical conditioning and rugged
field training.
While Army and Marine Corps brass will not
admit It. and while Department of Defense
public relations officers refuse to talk to re-
porters about it. this de-emohasls on the Ran-
ger program may in part be a concession to
Marine ambitions.
The Marines have long lived on the tradi-
tion that they were the original toueh guys.
This buildup has been so well sold that it Is
largely responsible for moves in Coneress to
increase strength of Marines to 400,000 men.
Idea would be to make the Marines America's
first line of defense, readv to take on any
emergencv on a global basis.
Some Navy and Marine officers have tried
to slow down this enthusiasm.
What they fear is that if Marines get too
big, Armv will want to take them over. Thev'd
rather Yr-n Marines not much bigger than prf
Sunday Aaencan Supptaacai
sent force of 250,000, or about oneflflh the sbe
of the Navy.
Holding the Marines to this size and aban-
doning the Ranger program may be a com-
promise to keep everybody happy.
Giving the Commandant of the Marine Corps
a place on Joint Chief of Staff does not have
unanimous Navy support, either.
Some Navy men feel Joint Chiefs is already
one man too bigmeaning that they think the,
non-voting chairman, now Gen. Omar Bradley,
is not an absolute necessity.
A statistical summary of what the chairman
does was recently put out when General Brad-
ley began his second two-year term.
Jn the first term he had. among other thin held 248 Joint Chiefs meeting, made 174 virits
to the White House. 47 appearances before
congressional committees and travelled 140.000
miles, on inspections.
Emergence of Rear. Admiral Arleiph Burke
as one of the too cease-fire negotiators in
Korea has recalled the Washington war over
this brilliant officer's promotion to fla a counle of years ago.
In the summer of 1949. as a Commodore, he
was an assistant chief of naval operations in
charge of the policv division. Known as "3!-
knot Burke." one of his assignment was to
run "Operation 23."
This was a semi-secret shop whos fnetion
was to trv to wreck the Air Force B-"" pro-
This became a major row in the t^nn-young
armed services unification movement
Because of Burse's role in the B-"" onnt-ov-
ersy. President Truman took his name off a
promotion list.
There was such a stink about this, however,
that the President had to reverse his action
and nominate Burke a rear admiral.
A vear ato. he bc-am deoutv chief of staff
for naval forces In the Far East a"'- last May
fas given command of a cruiser division.
/ ~

wr v, .. '*.' r '' y
.1- ".- r:
U.S. Trade With Reds May Top Last Year's-
ON THE SANDS OF TIMERecently discovered ia the rocky,,
hill ountry alone the Guadalupe River near Kerrville, Tex., were
huge dinosour tracks like -that pictured above, dwarfing a man's
hand. It was made, some millions of years ago, by a monster,
called TyranBosaunis Rex, fiercest and moat terrible ot toe pre-
historic animate. From 40 to 60 feet long and 18 feet high, it was
a carnh jtous killer with a melon-shaped head that was mostly,,
mouth an.l sharp teeth. As seen in sketch, below, it walked erect,*
supported 'y it huge alligator-like tail and used its comparatively,
snail and weak forelegs for grasping its prey.
peM7 moatfct
'r P*tt
" "''"
- ".-"
Map Illustrates the fact that despite endless political conflict between US and world commu-
nism, the U. 8. continues to do business with Soviet Russia and its satellites. All figures on
map are for 150. Ciechoslovakia has just imprisoned William N. Oatis, U. 8. newsman, on
phony espionage charges, but half of Czechoslovakia's favorable trade balance is accounted for
by sales to the U. 8. If present rate of sales continues, this Russian satellite will sell us 11
per cent more this year than in 1950. Hungary, which Imprisoned Robert Vogeler. American
business man, for 17 months, sold us more In the first quarter of 1951 than In the corre-
sponding months last year. Sales to Chinese R eds were halted in April of this year, but previ-
ously we had traded with the Chinese more th an with any other Communist country. Russia,
land of slave labor, sold Uncle 8am $6.316,000 in goods durina; the first quarter of 1951, an In-
crease of nearly $1 million over the last quart er of 1950.
sector of Berlin have asked permission to remove this Russian tank
erected as a memorial by the Reds on Potsdamer Chaussee prior to
partition of Berlin in 1945. The tank, resting on a white marble
base, shows traces of pitch from a recent attempt by anti-Commu-
n'*t Berliners to burn it.
HEAD'S UPThey're draggm' out the dragon at Bayreufh, Ger-.
many, preparing for the first performance of the world-famous
Wagnerian opera festival in nearly ten years. Here stagehands
inspect the huge "Si-Tfried" dragon to check for deterioration that |
might have taken place during the beast's ten-year hibernation
* the warehouse. *"""_
> raj
V^f&^*~l.a**~r +mm+;.*** thejMy on. s these pictures testify.
_. ------------ -* "~ *<# **, bus/ s^caavaa, aa me.-it UH.IU1CS IcStJiy. i
n,,".T ."luus,rale ,he Jong-distance piano duel being fought at Frankfurt between James Strickland. I
British champion, and the German title-holder, Heinz Arntz. Arntz, pictured being fed by his wife!'
leads with 201 consecutive hours of playing to his credit. Strickland, right, who trails with 193
nours, is getting shaved as he tries to overcome his opponent's lead. (Photo by NE-Acme Staff
_______________________Photographer Hans Jaeger.)______________________<-
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Sunday American Supplement
..>, '.



The Magic Of The Pollera
Text and Pictures
Why doesn't .omeone Invent a
llera for men?
It's just what we needglam-
orous, picturesque, attention-
getting and yet conservative.
; (The montuno which the men
wear at Carnival is attractive, but
it's strictly a fle-sta costume.)
Recently, a, woman delegate to
the ECOSOC meeting at Hotel El
Panama, told us:
. "How handsome the men look
In their white suits! I wish all the
men at this meeting would wear
white suits because it does some-
thing for themmakes them look
distinguished, attractive almost
She bemoaned the fact that the
American men delegates wore
traditional woolen suits or wrink-
ly seersuckers.
The thought she expressed is
Just what we tlnk a pollera does
for a woman. It's a magic cos-
tume of beauty, enchantment,
and never^ridlng appeal
To illustrate this, we had the
cooperation of Miss Esther
Lemm, of Vista Hermosa. This
just-15 teen-ager is an outstand-
ing student at the Pan American
Institute. At that school she
wears a white uniform with a co-
lored handkerchief (a different
color for each grade) and brown
shoes and socks.
When she goes to and from
school, she looks like what she Is
a teen-age student.
Then, we have Esther in a po-
llera, a, lovely one belonging to
her mother, Mrs. Rodolfo Lemm,
and what a change !
No school girl herea Pana-
manian beauty instead!
Glowing with pride in the na-
tional, traditional costume of
Panam, Esther takes on a new
awareness of her young woman-
hood. She carries herself differ-
ently, smiles with a realization
that here is the acme of any girl's
wardrobe -a pollera.
Costumes similar to the pollera
were known in Spain in colonial
days, especially In one interior
province. They are still seen
there, and In Per and Ecuador,
it is reported.
But we who live on the Isth-
mus consider this graceful, dis-
tinctively feminine costume as
typical of Panam and the carn-
ival. No matter where else we
might travel through the world,
the sight of a pollera would bring
us back in thought to Panam.
With its wealth of Jewelry,
folklore, laces and material and
hand-work, its special shoes, its
tembleques of shivering, scintil-
lating jewels, or fish scales or
cleverly-copied antioues. the po-
llera Is a topic about which Isth-
mian seoras and seoritas could
talk forever.
And the men could watch in-
No matter how beautiful one's
wife Is. she is always more beau-
tiful lri a pollera. Regardless how
devastating the beautv of the
young caballero's sweetheart the
rest of the year, she surpasses
description when arrayed in the
classic pollera.
Now our model, Esther, has
carnations in her hear instead of
tembleques, as seems becoming
and proper for a schoolgirl of
modest circumstances.
The splendor of a pollera may
run in proportion to the worldly
wealth of the owner. After all,
frequently polleras are heirlooms,
handed down from generation to
generation through families,
with all the jewelry and garnlsh-
lngs included.
Some wealthy Panamanian la-
dies are not satisfied with one
pollera. We have heard about the
prominent personage in Panam
City who has had a new pollera
every year of her lifeand she
has had a longer life than the
Republic of Panam.
Some Americans who have vis-
ited the Union Club at carnival
time speak of the overwhelming
beauty of the polleras seen there
and of the beauties wearing
them. We think that this is true.
We also consider that in every
street of Panam, in every patio,
wherever people gather, there are
girls whose polleras have made
them resplendent, made them
"queens for a night.''
It's not the person; It's not the
wealth or the setting or the so-
cial background. It's the magic
pollera that enhances everyone
who wears it.
Whether at home, on the grass
at the Tower of Old Panama on
the steps of the wonderful Bal-
boa statue, whether near or far, a
pollera always compels admira-
tion tor itself and its wearer.
THE TOWER OF Oil) PANAMA rises up behind Esther in this picture, but who has eyes for it?
The' pollera gets our ballot as the clamour costume beyond compare.
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ESTHER in her school uniform plays with her dog and looks
like a schoolgirl. In her pollera, it's something else M"."i,
FKOM CONVENTIONAL school girl to smiling beauty, all
through the donning of a pollera.

THE BALBOA STATl'K on the Maraon in Panama City
makes an ideal background for a pollera.
.- :j_T^*v SEPTEMBER 2, 1951
Sunday American Supplement
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' :S
Como rosa en botn que abre sus ptalos en el florecer de una sonrisa
de mujer, la pollera hecha poema de encajes y de colores circunda los
serenos y altivos encantos de Esther Lemm, que muestra magnfica la
prestancia de las panameas mientr as el tintineo nervioso de los temble-
ques es un dulce arrullo de ensueo s. .

Venta de las Reservas del Ferrocarril de Panam
y Establecimiento del Banco Nacional
fot Antonio Prez Aguirre -
Por lo contratos celebrados
entre el gobierno de la repbli-
ca y la Compaa del Ferroca-
rril de Panana, sta habla con-
trado dos obligaciones precisas:
pagar al isco federal una ren-
ta de $250.000 anuales, que se
distribuan asi: $225.000 para la
nacin y $25.000 para el estado
de Panam, y prolongar la l-
nea terrea hasta la parte pro-
funda de la baha. En cuanto
a la renta anual, se vena pa-
irando estrictamente v figuraba
como una de las entradas mas
seguras de la tesorera; en
cuanto a la prolongacin del
ferrocarril, la Compaa estima-
ba que la obra valdra milln
y medio de pesos v estaba dis-
puesta a pagar la mitad de es-
ta suma, si se le eximia de tal
La fundacin del Banco Na-
| clona!, empresa que la primera
administracin ejecutiva del Dr.
oez consideraba como reden-
tora para el pas y en la cual
tenia puestas sus mejores com-
placencias, fu autorizada por
la ley 39 de 1880 y exiga la
consecucin de un emprstito
extrantero. Cerrada toda posi-
bilidad de conseguir dinero
prestado, por la suspensin del
pago de los Intereses de la deu-
da externa, se apel entonces
al recurso de negociar las anua-
lidades y dems compromisos
del ferrocarril de Panam, va-
lores que ningn gobierno se
hab-, atrevido a enajenar, por
considerarlo como sagrados en
prerrogativas v tambin los sin-
sabores de la primera magis-
tratura del estado.
Entre los muchos comenta-
rlos que se hicieron al viaje del
presidente, sobresala la obser-
vacin elemental de que se hu-
biera asesorado del Secretario
de guerra v marina, cuando ha
debido buscar las luces v la res-
ponsabilidad de los secretarlos
de hacienda v tesoro, va que el
asunto comprometa muy valio-
sos intereses econmicos y fis-
cales de la nacin.
Vencidas sin reparo y mas
Wen con largueza por parte de
Colombia las diferencias que se
haban presentado, la negocia-
cin fu realizada dentro de los
siguientes trminos:
La renta descontada, a la rata
de $225.000 anuales, vala en 27
aos. 7 meses y 12 das que se
fijaron en el contrato la apre-
ciabe suma de $.213.642.
La indemnizacin provenien-
te del incumplimiento de la
Compaa en la prolongacin
del ferrocarril: $750.000
TOTAL: $8.803.642.
Ahora bien. Al tenor de los
dos contratos celebrados por
don Salomn Koppel con los
banqueros Morton. Bliss y Co.
de Nueva York, uno por la ren-
ta y otro por la Indemnizacin,
la cantidad anterior se descom-
puso asi:
En dinero efectivo pa-
ra el gobierno..... $2.445.000
En una renta de $10.-
Estacin El Paraso
se aleg que los contratos eran i permanente crisis fiscal desde
de emprstito y no de venta de hacia varios aos.
San Pablo, uno de lo* primeros patio* ferroviarios
construidos durante los trabajos.
el patrimonio de la nacin.
Conseguida la autorizacin le-
gal necesaria, fu enviado a
Europa don Jos Camacho Rol-
dan, quien adelant las nego-
ciaciones correspondientes con
una respetable casa de Londres,
que exiga que el contrato fuera
aprobado por el congreso co-
lombiano. Este requisito fu su-
ficiente para que en forma
brusca e Inusitada se retiraran
los poderes al negociador, cuan-
do su gestin estaba prctica-
mente realizada, con prospectos
muy satisfactorios para el pas
En reemplazo de Camacho Rol-
dan fu comisionado don Salo
n.n Koppel para que se tras-
ladara a los Estados Unidos e
Iniciara all nuevas operaciones.
Dados los apremios del RO-
bierno nacional, stas se ade-
lantaron rpidamente con una
casa prestamista que era filial
de la Compaa del ferrocarril.
la cual no exigi otro requisito
para la validez del contrato,
que la aprobacin del peder
ejecutivo. En cuanto al des-
cuento de la renta y dems
rondiclones de carcter burs-
til, si hubo fuertes diferencias
entre los compradores y el re-
presentante de la entidad ven-
dedora. El presidente Nftez. que
fincaba el xito de su gobierno
en la fundacin del Banco Na-
cional, biso viaje expreso a Pa-
nam con el objeto de ponerse
al habla con los banqueros ame-
ricanos y despus de allanar
los inconvenientes que retrasa-
ban las negociaciones, obtuvo
ue se aprobaran los contratos
El viaje presidencial se biso
eon gran pompa y aparato sol
litar, cual si se-tratara de una
campana guerrera, en trminos
de ue la cuenta de los gastos
' ocasionados por la nae
eosattlva ascendieron a la no
despreciable suma de $40.000. A
tu paso por Cartagena, si Or. 1
Nez tuvo la satisfaccin de
visitar a su esposa doa Sola
Romn, que no haba tenido
nimo para venir a Bogot a
compartir con su marido las
000 anuales, durante
obligaciones a favor del tesoro
colombiano y a cargo de la
Compaa del ferrocarril.
Adems de las rebajas y de-
ducciones impuestas por los
banqueros, con la negociacin
que se deia esbozada. Colom-
bia renunci a los siguientes
derechos: lo. A adquirir la pro-
piedad y posesin del ferrocarril
en caso de falta de pago: 2o. A
reclamar la mitad de la indem-
nizacin que la Compaa del
Canal de Panam tuviera que
pagar a la empresa del ferroca-
rril, y So. A nombrar uno de los
arbitros que debieran fijar el
monto de dicha- indemnizacin.
Pocos meses despus de vendi-
das las anualidades de que se
habla, la Compaa del Canal
compr las acciones del ferro-
carril y el gobierno colombiano
no pudo ejercer las acciones a
que tenia derecho de acuerdo
con los contratos primitivos.
Durante la administracin del
doctor Zalda. el Secretario de
k> Interior v Relaciones Exte-
riores pas al Congreso una lar-
ga comunicacin en que se es-
tudiaban todas las fases del
problema y se llegaba a la con-
clusin de que la nacin tenia
perfecto derecho a reclamar de
la Compaa del Canal valio-
sas indemnizaciones. La mayo-
ra parlamentaria, formada por
los Independientes, no toma
iniciativa alguna sobre el parti-
cular, porque estaba Interesada
4 en defender los contratos cele-
' orados por el seor Koppel, y
se puso sobre el asunto una
lpida de silencio y olvido.
Alrededor de este asunto se
escribi mucho en su tiempo,
tanto por don Felipe Zapata,
como por otros publicistas, y por
el seor Koppel. Adems, la
Corte de cuentas rindi un ex-
i tenso Informe al Congreso de
100.000 1881 en que se pusieron de pre-
sente las anomalas cometidas
en la celebracin de los contra-
tos y los perjuicios causados al
555.000' tesoro nacional.
Cualquiera que sea la opl-
obligaclones neg- ntn que se tenga sobre tan de-
licados v controvertidos asun-
tos, lo cierto fue que ellos cons-
diez aos ........
El Sr. Koppel y los
banqueros de Wall
Street ded ujeron
por su comisin ...
Por descuento de las
Es decir, que la nacin co-
lombiana apenas recibi la ter-
cera parte dl valor de las a-
nualidades vendidas y una ren-
ta anual de $10.000 por espacio
de diez aos. Para que los ban-
queros y *A negociador pudie-
ran pagarse por su propia ma-
no los honorarios de comisin.
tituyen el primer eslabn de
la cadena de errores y de clau-
dicaciones que dieron por resul-
tado la separacin de Panam.
Del dinero obtenido de los ban-
queros de Wall Street, milln y
medio se dedicaron a la funda-
cin del Banco Nacional y el
resto a gastos comunes do la
administracin, que viva en
A todo lo largo de la vida de
la Repblica, no se conoce otra
negociacin tan torpe yVulnosa
como la celebrada para fundar
el expresado banco, porque en
el laberinto oscuro de aquel es-
tablecimiento perdi el tesoro
pblico varios millones de pe-
sos, que valen muy poco si se
comparan con. la prdida que
hizo la nacin de la tradicional
probidad administrativa de sus
funcionarios. Ms adelante,
cuando se trate de las emisio-
nes clandestinas y de otros es-
cndalos a que dio lugar el use
Inmoderado del papel moneda,
podrn apreciarse mejor los
perjuicios causados al pas con
las actividades del banco na-
El primero de enero de lOOi
se iniciaron Isa operaciones del
flamante organismo bancarlo.
Mas. a pesar del aparato oficial
de que quiso rodersele y de las
garantas ofrecidas a la cliente-
la, el pblico se mostr reser-
vado y- cauteloso y el golpe que
quera darse a los bancos par- previsibles.
brla aconsejado los dos conoci-
dos remedios: disminucin de
gastos y aumento de contribu-
ciones El gpblerno hizo preci-
samente lo contrario: aument
las gastos y disminuy las con-
tribuciones. Al obrar de esta
manera, el gobierno tuvo en
cuenta, no la superficie de las
cosas, sino su fondo. Tuyo en
cuenta, repetimos: lo. Que -hay
economas ruinosas y gastos e-
conmicos, es decir, reproduc-
tivos: 2o. Que en materia de
impuestos, dos y dos no son
cuatro, y bien al contrario su-
cede con frecuencia que dos me-
nos uno son tres. Al fisco, como
a los rboles, conviene tambin
mucho una inteligente poda.
(NezLa reforma poltica.
Pg. 88).
Parece Increble que un per-
sonaje de la fama, la experien-
cia y la ilustracin de don Ra-
fael Nez. que habla desem-
peado la cartera de hacienda
y crdito pblico en repetidas
ocasiones, lanzara conceptos
tan absurdos y contradictorios.
Porque un estadista que pro-
clama que dos y dos no son
cuatro y que dos menos uno
son tres, esta diciendo Un so-
lemne disparate.
Sin embargo, el seor Nftez
sola abusar de la paradoja y
confiaba demasiado en el po-
der de fascinacin que las fra-
ses nebulosas e Incomprensibles
tienen sobre la conciencia po-
pular. Y sin pensar en el por-
venir, mont sobre tan delez-
nables premisas la estructura
econmica y fiscal de la rege-
neracin. Muy pronto, los he-
chos, con su.punzante realidad,
le hicieron comprender su gran
error, cuando ya era tarde pa-
ra corregirlo,. porque la des-
moralizacin administrativa y -
el desastre de las finanzas re-
generativas iban en aumento,
rebasando todos los limites
MI turbulento Rio Chacree ocasion grandes dallos a la* primera
trochas. Viejo puente en Barbacoas.
ntmta terminal, deilado del P***f*eo, en- la Ciudad de Panmm.
tlculares result fallido, pues
mientras el emisor, con milln y
medio de pesos de capital pa-
gado, apenas movi en un se-
mestre $350,000, el movimiento
de los bancos privados, cuyo
capital no pasaba del cuarto de
milln, movieron en el mismo
tiempo $500,000 cada uno. Los
resultados no se hicieron espe-
Sin la Intervencin y la vigi-
lancia de los accionistas parti-
culares, el Banco Nacional no
fue otra cosa que una decen-
dencla del poder ejecutivo, en-
cargado .de saldar el dficit de
tesorera con documentos flo-
tantes de deuda Interna y li-
branza v pagars a corto plazo
sobre las aduanas y las sali-
nas de Zipaquir. Buena parte
del capital, en oro sonante, fue
a parar al bolsillo de los ami-
gos del rgimen, quienes k> re-
ciban en calidad de prstamo,
sin garanta especifica alguna.
A las crticas que los econo-
mistas liberales de la talla de
don Miguel Samper hacan a
la poltica fiscal del nuevo go-
bierno, el presidente Nez
contestaba en el tono dogmti-
co y sublime que lo caracteri-
"La presente administracin
hered una situacin fiscal des-
esperada. Para hacer llevadera
esa situacin, el empirismo ha-
Aterrado con los resultados
de su propia obra, el seor N-
ez dio la voz de alarma al en-
cargarse del poder ejecutivo en
junio de 1887. Contrito y apesa-
dumbrado dijo desde las colum-
nas de "La Nacin", No. 170,
en articulo titulado "El Iris"
que produjo enorme sensacin,
por considerarse como el refle-
jo ms .exacto del verdadero es-
tado de la 'hacienda publics:
"No se puede continuar asi.
La lgica de los nmeros, que
con razn se ha llamado in-
exorable-, nos est diciendo a
gritos que .vamos equivocados,
por no decir en camino de ban-
carrota. A nuestros amigos .es-
pecialmente pedimos cierta co-
laboracin indispensable, que
ellos solos pueden dar y sin la
cual toda regeneracin seria u-
na veleidad o una quimera".
En la ltima frase se refe-
ra el presidente al asedio que
se haba formado contra el go-
bierno para pedirle empleos,
contratos. Indemnizaciones y o-
tros gajes equivalentes por ser-
vicios prestados y mritos con-
trados, que nunca tienen tr-
mino y que concluyen por abo-
gar en la cuna todo principio
vital a que se quiera dar exis-
En este punto fundamental
de la administracin pblica es


Novelas de Misterio que escribi l realidad
NUEVA YORK, agosto 7.(EPS)En la madrugada del 12
ie julio de 1935 el Padre Bonifacio, cura de Moedling. un subur-
bio de Viena fue despertado por una voz de mujer que llamada
a su puerta. El sacerdote se levant y fue a abrirla, encontrn-
dose con una mujer alta y de-buena presencia, de edad mediana,
Ciue demostraba gran agitacin. ji Di
"Ana ha muerto!", exclam ella antes de que el Padre Boni-
facio pudiera decir una palabra. "Est puerta desde hace dos
das. Trat de despertarla, pero no respondi. Muo, y no me
atrevo a llamar a la policial" .2,.e an
El clrigo necesito unos minutos para vencer su sorpresa an
te esta extraa manifestacin. Luego le pregunt a su visitante.
"Y por qu no se atreve?" ...,
"Ana estaba cubierta de manchas negras y acules, y dirn
que yo la mat".
:Miqs"rv"entaAnNo"recuerda? La muchacha que le traje ha-
ce unos das para que usted la aconsejara ...
"Y por qu teme usted avisar a la polica?
"Oh no deseo verme en los con ella, porque una vez fui a-
rrestada, v me echarn la culpa de lo que ha ocurrido
Y tras de decir esto, la mu- al caer de una bicicleta. Y co-
1er se alej rpidamente de la
casa cural. El sacerdote se
qued un rato dudoso, no sa-
biendo qu pensar de lo que
acababa de oir. Y. finalmente,
considerando que se trataba de
alguna persona anormal, deci-
di regresar a su habitacin,
sin dar Importancia al asunto.
o O o
Cinco das despus, a una ho-
ra bastante avanzada de la no-
che, Edmund Luner. director de
una fbrica de pianos, e diri-
gi a casa de su abogado, el
doctor Otto Schef, y le anuncio
que su sirvienta Ana haba
muerto, que su esposa Josefina
habla desaparecido y que l no
lograba encontrar la llave de
la habitacin de la primera.
Los dos hombres fueron a
continuacin a la estacin de
la polica ms prxima, y a-
compaados de varios agentes
regresaron a la casa de Luner.
La puerta de la habitacin de
Ana fue forzada. Efectivamen-
te la sirvienta estaba muerta
y su cuerpo apareca cubierto
de manchas azules y negras.
Edmund declar que haba
dejado de ver a Ana durante
los ltimos das, pero no dio
importancia al hecht), supo-
niendo que estaba visitando a
su familia, residente en una
poblacin cercana. Pero la tar-
de de este da. al regresar a su
casa de un viaje de negocios,
encontr en su escritorio una
nota de su esposa Josefina, en
que anunciaba la muerte de A.-
na, agregando: "No s cul ha-
ya sido la causa. Pero es ver-
dad que yo le he castigado a
veces, porque me eB,-;aaba.
Y ahora pueden crer que yo
soy la responsable".
mo no haba testigos, no pudo
sostenerse la acusacin contra
aqulla. .,
Y ahora. Ana Augustin. la ul-
tima sirvienta de Josefina, es-
t muerta. Su cuerpo apareca
desfigurado. Era indudable que
el fallecimiento se habia pro-
ducido muchos das antes.
El seor Luner v su hija Gre-
ta, de quince aos, declararon
que no haban vuelto a ver a
la sirvienta desde el 10 de Ju-
lio, y que Josefina les haba
dicho que Ana estaba de visita
en casa de una ta.-Edmund
relat que el da siguiente sa-
li para Mauer, una ciudad
cercana, en viaje de negocios,
y que al regresar a Moedling
no encontr en casa a Josefina.
Greta tambin estuvo ausente
de su casa varios das y no pu-
do dar ningn informe impor-
La autopsia demostr que Ana
habia muerto de inanicin, lo
cual caus sorpresa, porque en
su habitacin se encontr una
cantidad de comida. Y no po-
da dudarse que habia sido te-
rriblemente castigada: sus bra-
zos, piernas y dorso mostraban
seales de tortura. .^
o O o
Qu haba ocurrido? La po-
lica supuso desde el primer
momento que la victimarla de
Ana era la seora Luner. y se
dedic a buscarla. Fue locali-
zada dos das despus, en una
tienda de Moedling.
Acusada de torturas y. matar
de hambre a su sirvienta, Jo-
sefina neg, vogorosamente el
carg, diciendo que para ella
Ana habia sido como una hija,
por cuya salud fsica y espiri-
tual se preocup siempre sin-
Ana Augustin (1) T Josefina
Luner (2), protagonistas de la
espantosa tragedia de Moedlin.

Que la seora Luner era una
ama dura v cruel lo saban
muy bien todos, inclusive la po-
lica, que una vez la arrest por
maltratar a una sirvienta.
Josefina era de origen muv
humilde; su familia era pobre
y ella trabajaba en la fbrica
de pianos de los Luner cuando
Edmund la conoci v se enamo-
r de ella. Luner era un hroe
de la primera guerra mundial,
rico y de buena posicin social.
Su casamiento con Josefina dio
a sta una categora cori la que
nunca habia soado. ePro no
pudo corregir su carcter al-
tanero y violento.
A los pocos aos de casada,
en 1928. se vio en dificultades
con la polica por haber casti-
gado salvajemente a su sirvien-
ta. Luisa Neupartl. A pesar de
su prominencia social, la seo-
ra Luner fue sentenciada a seis
meses de crcel.
Al cumplir su condena tom
como sirvienta a Francisca
Greiml. a la cual castig tam-
bin varias veces, acusndola
de haber contagiado al nio de
los Luner de tuberculosis. Fran-
cisca abandon su empleo.
La reemplaz Paula Krenn,
una nia de doce aos. Unas
semanas despus su ama co-
menz a castigarla, acusndo-
la de mala conducta.
Cuando sus familiares deja-
ron de recibir noticias de ella
por varios das solicitaron la
cooperacin de las autoridades
y pudo establecerse que la ni-
a estaba encerrada en su ha-
bitacin por orden de Josefina,
y cuando fue rescatada, mos-
traba el cuerpo lleno de gol-
pes. Paula declar que su ama
la habia castigado con un palo.
Pero la seora Luner recha-
z el cargo. Insistiendo en que
la muchacha se hab"golpeado
Pero el testimonio de-su pro-
pia hija. Oreta, revel a la
seora Luner como un verda-
dero monstruo. El caso de Ana
Augustin pareca algo fants-
tico, pero desgraciadamente los
hechos lo corroboraban en to-
dos sus detalles.
En el otoo de 1934 la mu-
chacha, que apenas tenia ca-
torce aos, era empleada de
la seora Mara Grossaber, en
Mannersdorf, a veinticinco ki-
lmetros de Viena. Luego, de-
bido a aue su patrona tenia
que trasladarse a otro punto
de Austria, la nia pas al ser-
vicio de los Luner.
Las dos primeras semanas
pasaron normalmente. La con-
ducta de Ana era enteramente
satisfactoria y tanto el seor
Luner como su hija Greta sim-
patizaron mucho con ella. Pe-
ro esta simpata no era com-
partida con Josefina. Y un da,
sta le suministr cierta droga
en el desavuo. Como resulta-
do de esto. Ana se llen de
diviesos. Su rostro agradable se
deform. Y al mismo tiempo, su
ama la acus de ladrona v la
castig rigurosamente. Igual-
mente la acus de haber con-
trado una enfermedad ven-
rea, que seguramente explicaba
los furnculos que mostraba en
casi todo el cuerpo.
Todo esto, empero, no Impe-
da que la obligara a trabajar
rudamente, castigndola bajo
cualquier pretexto, aunque te-
na buen cuidado de que Luner
y su hija no se dieran cuenta
de ello. Adems, era sabido que
ambos eran dominados com-
pletamente por Josefina.
El 20 de febrero. Edmund se
dio cuenta de que Ana presen-
taba' en la cara manchas ro-
jas, como si hubiera sido casti-
gada con una vara. Efectiva-
mente, Josefina confeso que le
habia pegado "obligada por las
circunstancias". Luner no se
atrevi a intervenir a favor de
la muchacha, porque tema a
su esposa. .. '
Desde entonces los castigos
se hicieron ms frecuentes y
penosos. Lo extrao del caso es
que Ana los soportaba con re-
signacin. Por qu? Quiza es-
taba bajo el dominio hipntico
de su ama. como el pajarlllo
frente a una serpiente; o quiza,
avergonzada por su enferme-
dad, que sus patronos atribulan
a una enfermedad venrea, te-
ma -regresar a su casa, en don-
de posiblemente se la acusara
tambin de ser una mujer des-
Sea como sea, lo cierto es
que continu trabajando f.n ca-
sa de los Luner, sin proferir
queja alguna. 8u castigo llego
a ser una rutina diaria: Jose-
fina la golpeaba con cualquier
objeto que tuviera a mano, y
al mismo tiempo, iba reducien-
do sus alimentos al extremo de
que no lleg a permitirle otra
cosa que una sopa de cascaras
de papa.
En una ocaoln. la seora Lu-
ner puso jabn en esta sopa, v
oblig a Ana a tomarla. Y
cuando la muchacha protesto,
fue flagelada por su ama.
Ms tarde, sta la oblig, que-
mndola con un hierro canden-
te, a firmar una supuesta 'con-
fesin", en la que admita que
haba sido la amante de varios
jvenes. Y la seora Luner fue
con este documento a visitar
al Padre Bonifacio, para pedir-
le que salvar el alma de Ana,
prientndola por el buen caml-
Mientras tanto, la victima-'
Ha segua suministrando a la
nia substancias venenosas que
le produjeron tales llagas, que
lleg un momento en qu el as-
pecto de Ana, fue tan repulsivo
que hubo necesidad de ocultarla
a los ojos d las visitas. Y en-
tonces fue encerrada en su ha-
Para fines de mayo estaba
tan dbil que apenas poda mo-
verse. Esto le diuria nueva
idea a su torturadora. La a-
marr las manos por detrs y
se divirti en quemarle el ros-
tro y las piernas con un hierro
Candente. Para completar el I
martirio, la despoj de todas stfs '
ropas, v tras de quemarla le a-
rrojaba agua bien fra.
El 10 de Julio, segn relato
Greta, ella y su padre oyeron
que su madre gritaba en el
cuarto de Ana: "Ahora creo que
te he curado, miserable!' E-
llos corrieron a la habitacin y
vieron un cuadro verdadera-
mente aterrador. La pobre mu-
chacha, desnuda y esqueltica,
se retorca en un charco de
sangre, llena de quemaduras y
cardenales. La seora Luner,
con un hierro en la mano, le
daba patadas hasta en el rostro.
Finalmente Dios tuvo compa-
sin de la desgraciada nia v
ante los ojos asombrados de
Edmund y Greta. An* expir.
La seora Luner pareci des-
pertar entonces de un sueo.
Ciertamente, ella no habia de-
seado que la muchacha murie-
ra. No por compasin, por su-
puesto, sino porque su placer
era derivado del acto de tortu-
rarla. Y ahora, al ver el cada-
ver, comprendi la magnitud
de su crimen.
Apresuradamente trat de bo-
rrar en lo posible las huellas
de los castigos, para que la
muerte de Ana pareciera natu-
ral. Oblig a su marido a que
colocara el cuerpo en la cama
y a que, junto con Greta, lim-
piara las manchas de sangre. Y
para Impedir que se la acusara
de no haber atendido a la "en-
ferma", puso en una mesa jun-
to al hecho alimentos y agua.
Y hasta algunas monedas.
El proceso contra Josefina
Luner se Inici el 19 de sep-
tiembre de 1936. Su esposo y su
hija fueron acusados como cm-
Josefina, .trat de hacer creer
que estaba loica, pero los mdi-
cos que la examinaron decla-
raron que era una persona nor-
mal, aunque esto pareciera im-
Luego, al ver fracasada esta
defensa, ensay otra verdadera-
mente fantstica: declar que
ella no haba torturado real-
mente a Ana, sipo que le haba
hecho creer a su esposo qu es-
to era asi, como parte de un
plan para atraerle a la Iglesia
que l haba abandonado aos
atrs. "Le dije a Edmund que no
castigara ms a Ana si l vol-
va a la iglesia", dijo.
Pero esta defensa no fue a-
ceptada por el tribuna'- Ed-
Hlund y Greta, al verse bajo ju-
ramento, confesaron la verdad y
dieron los horribles detalles del
martirio de la pobre mucha-
cha. La seora Luner" se mos-:
tro indignada ante esta "trai-
cin" de su esposo y su hija;
pero ms se Indign, sufriendo
un paroxismo de clera, cuan-
do el fiscal aludi a ella recor-
dando que habia sido durante
bastante tiempo una humilde
obrera. i
El 7 de octubre termin este
proceso, uno de los que mayor
Inters hayan despertado 311
Austria. Josefina Luner fue
condenada a muerte: su espo-
so a seis aos de prisin, como
cmplice suyo. Greta le ab-
suelta. por haberse comprobado
que era una nia de carcter
dbil, 60bre la cual su madre
ejerca un dominio absoluto, !
A fines de noviembre siguien-
te, la torturadora pag en la
horca sus crmenes.
DOMINGO, SPTEteBE -2, 1961 SuDlenwrt* PANAMA tfMMflfc ftom*--^

V *

dlos de otoo. Esta suma nue-
padas con una seri ede peque-
rar mucho desde 1949. Pero en
esta temporada los modistos
han vuelto a Interesarse por e-
11a. Casi han exagerado la no-
ta. Las capas varan en longi-
tud, desdi? unas muy amplias
hasta otras cortas que pueden
usarse a cualquier hora del da.
Para ocasiones deportivas se
ven unas que son ms bien an-
chas, y a menudo plegadas o
de materiales a cuadros blan-
cos y negros. Pero tambin las
hay azul marino o carmes.
La capa para la tarde es ge-
neralmente de piel, en tanto
que para la noche es a menudo
del mismo suntuoso material
del vestido, y lleva los mismos
adornos que ste. o hay duda
de que la capa forma/ parte
inseparable del traje de 1952.
(Model* A)
La capa no ha vuelto a flgu-
\ I mirlo B)
Jacques Fath ha lanzado el
abrigo escotado. Muchos otros
diseadores han seguido este
estilo y aunque los primeros
modelos pertenecen al verano,
la moda se extiende a los mo-
delos de otoo. Esta nue-
va linea baja da un electo ale-
gre a los abrigos y releva parte
del traje que cubren, un factor
que realza el Inters del abrigo
cuando est confeccionado en
tonos oscuros. Al mismo tiempo,
la linea baja del cuello permi-
te hacer un arreglo' muy atrac-
tivo que muestra una fina bu-
(Modelo O
En las "tiendas de fantasia"
de los modistos hemos notado
un nmero de excelentes acce-
sorios, que sin duda interesaran
a las damas elegantes, a saber:
I.Collares de perlas de tres
hileras, con los cuales se usan
pauelos de muselina negros o
de colores brillantes;
2.Una gran variedad de
sombrillas, algunas de tela es-
cocesa, con mangos de madera
que representan cabezas de a-
3.Atractivas carteras equi-
padas con una serie de peque-
as bolsas.
(Modelo E)
Las plumas estn en plena
boga como adorno para el som-
brero. Las flores han pasado,
para ser reemplazadas por plu-
mas de faisn, de gallo, de sar-
za. etc. Por el momento se usan
altas, en la corona, especial-
mente cuando el sombrero no
tiene bordes o alas.
(Modelo E)
El satin negro va a la cabeza
en los nuevos estilos. Probable-
mente porque es elegante y a la
vez. reduce la silueta. Se le pre-
fiere para los trajes sastre y los
de dos piezas. Todos los dise-
os son de lineas simples, para
preservar la elegancia del ma-
terial. Los hombros son redon-
dos. Como adorno tienen guar-
niciones del mismo material.
tiene los- *
mejores programas
(Modelo F)
El traje sastre, que nunca pa-
sa de moda, estar tan en boga
en el invierno como en el oto-
o. Los jnodelos favoritos ton
de lana, tienen falda estrecha
y chaquetas ajustadas que se
abotonan alto. Algunos tienen
una doble hilera de botones y
bolsillos externos.
A) Conjunto de Invierno,
compuesto por un traje estre-
cho y una larga capa de satn
blanco. Ambas piezas van ador-
nadas con pasamanera dorada.
B) Abrigo de deporte, de
color "beige" claro, ron una li-
nea de cuello baja. Se usa con
una bufanda de seda color ver-
de oscuro.
C) Accesorios para el invier-
C-lCollar de perlas en tres
hileras, con un pauelo de mu-
selina trenzado en ellas;
C-2Sombrilla de rayn con
mango de madera que repre-
senta una cabeza de pato;
C-3Cartera de lana, con
bolsas exteriores.
D) Sombrero negro, adorna-
do con una brillante pluma ro-
ja de ave del paraso.
E) Traje de dos piezas, de
satn negro, con adornos del
mismo material en las mangas
y el pecho.
F) Traje de "Jersey" gris,
con una bufanda y botones de
terciopelo verde.
En casa de Jacques Fath,- a-
brigos de noche volviles: un
lado es de ro negro con un
larga bufanda de tafetn ple-
gado; el otro es de tafetn pie
fado y lleva la bufanda con el
ado de gro visible.
En otra casa de modas hemos
visto una chaqueta tambin re-
versible, tipo blusa, de satn
Una encantadora toca de ta-
fetn "abombado". Con ella
usa un manguito del mism<
! Una pequea capa, hecha en-
teramente de plumas de aves-

Elige Directiva la Sociedad de Arte Dramtico
Ka U presente fotografa aparate la nueva directiva de la Saciedad de Arte Dramtica del
Conservatorio Nacional los invitados especiales en el momento en qne el Sr. Mifuel Moreno,
Presidente re-electo, hace usa de la palabra. A parecen de iaanierda a derecha, la Sra. Nati de
Verrara (Tesorera), Srta. Margarita Sevillano (Secretan* e Actas). Sr. Miguel baldantes tVI-
ce-rresidente), Sr. Miguel Morena (Presidente), Sr. Carlos Ivn Ziga, Secretario del Minis-
terio de Educacin; gr. Ramon H. Jurado, Director General de Cultura y Bibliotecas del mismo
Ministerio, y el Sr. Alfreda de Saint-Malo, Director del Conservatorio Nacional de Msica y
Declamacin. La nueva directiva tom posesin de su cargo, prometiendo cada uno de sus
miembros, laborar tesoneramente por la cultura en nuestro pas, sobre todo en la juventud pa-
namea. Acta seguido tova lugar an brindis en su honor.______________^_^_
BAMYI AND1A en Calle 44, No. 40, le resolver-.el problema del
calzado para sus hijos. Tiene un surtido de zapatos Jun. >-
ng-Jack para nios de todas las edades! Para muchachos gra.:-
des en tamaos de 8"2 hasta el 12'/., 13 y 14 y en tamaos para
hitantes tambin, por supuesto! El calzado Jumpln-Jack es-.i
confeccionado para comodidad, durabilidad, especialmente fa-
bricado para que los pies de sus hijos sean en el futuro, pies sa-
nos y fuc-r *!
por muy poquito* dinero. Telas
de todas las clases: lisas, es-
tampadas, sj'.r-. algodones! No
pierda- la vd que la
brinda -7 m

DLBRA PAGET, la joven y encantadora estrella de "Bird of Paradise", de la Twentieth Cen-
tury Fox, en tecnicolor luce preciosas creaciones diseadas especialmente para ella por Joel, de
Murray Hamburger, inspiradas en esta gran pelcula. De izquierda a derecha, Debra Paget nos
muestra un elegante traje sastre, de shantung, de lineas suaves y favorecedoras, muy fresco,
propio para los trpicos. Sigue luego un con junto de falda y blusa para jovencitas por Hor-
witz y Duberman, de tonos polinesios autnticos, su nico adorno es an ramo de flores a la cin-
tura colocado con artstico gusto. last a gran pebcuia se estrenar simultneamente el Jue-
ves en los Teatros Lux j Cecilia. _____________,
POESA de amado ervo
Hay tanto amor en mi alma, que no queda
ni el rincn ms estrecho para el odio.
Dnde quieres que ponga los rencores
que tus vilezas engendrar podran?
Impasible no soy: todo lo siento.
lo sufro todo----- Pero como el nio
a quien hacen llorar, en cuanto mira
un juguete delante de sus ojos
se consuela, sonre,
y las vidas manos
tiende hacia l sin recordar la pena,
as yo, ante el divino panorama
de mi Ideal, ante lo inenarrable
de mi amor infinito,
no siento ni el maligno alfilerazo
ni la cruel y afilada
irona, ni escucho la sarcstica
risa. Todo lo olvido.
porqua soy slo el corazn, soy ojos
no' ms, para asomarme a la ventana
y ver pasar el inefable Ensueo,
vestido de violeta,
y con toda la luz de la maana,
de sus ojos divinos en la quieta
limpidez de fontana....
Es ms fcil encontrar a una
mujer hermosa resignada a en-
vejecer que un poltico resig-
nado a retirarse de la escena.
No hay estratgica ms ad-
mirable que la madre que quie-
re casar a una hija pobre y fea.
Est probado que hay floren
que se marchitan ms pronto
sobre determinadas mujeres
como hay perlas que reviven >
ganan en oriente sobre algunos
pechos. Quin nos dir el se-
creto de estas antipatas y de
estas ailnidades misteriosas?
Nos quejamos amarga y con-
tinuamente de los defectos de
nuestro prjimo. Sin embargo,
sin ellos la monotona de nues-
tras relaciones sociales seria e-
norme. Son' lo6 defectos los que
subrayan la personalidad. Son
ellos la firma de la naturaleza.
Acusan los perfiles, contras-
tan la vida y dan precio a las
cualidades engastadas en ellos.
La paciencia debe ser la vir-
tud ms amada de los dioses,
ya que han creado tantos hom-
bres que parecen no tener en la
vida otro objeto que ejercitar
la de los dems.
* El automvil, una de las ms
bellas conquistas modernas, s-
lo ha servido hasta hoy para
que los Imbciles vayan de pri-
ZIG-ZAG tiene para su clien-
tela algo .su iTcolosal: el
Baratillo de los Baratillos! MI-i
les de yardas de telas con un |
descuento del 2 por ciento. Te-
las que usted puede escoger v
hacerse maravillosos vestidos
Conozca La Vida
Como Verdaderamente Es!
La* ensea nas en lase
cue Lis y las tradiciones han
desviado aii punto de \ lata. LA
Lia posibilidades de progreso
en U vida estn reservadas
para muy pocoa. Un PODER
SUPERIOR capa: de cambiar
toda au existencia esti a w
alance usted encuentra la
Las Enseanzas
Secretas de
Los Rosacruces
le pondrn de relieve el ver-
dadero panorama de la exis-
tencia y loa poderes misterio-
sos que esperan au mandato.
Encontrara usted un media
diferente de resolver sus pro-
blemas personales y un mtodo
sencillo para llevar a cabo la
realizacin de sus propsitos.
Durante muclios siglos el SISTEMA
ROSAORUZ ha creado nuevas VIDAS
con distintas posihilidadea a las muellsi-
mas personas que boy se hallan felices y
Obtenga el "Libro Sellado"
Si usted sinceramente est deseoso de
conocer la vida y loa poderes que puede
usted desarrollar, escriba solicitando este
nuevo libro estrictamente PRIVADO.
Gustosamente se lo enviaremos, si real-
mente desea usted cambiar el curso d*
su vida. Dirjase a:
Escribano CJ.S.
LA m.,i)r mo-^.na se hace su
propia, ropa. Es muy fcil
si usted visita el Centro Sinp.rr
de Costura I De Octubre lo. al
6, se celebrar la Semana de
Costura este ao con ms so-
lemnidad al cumplirse los 100
aos de servicio de la Singer
Sewing Machine Company! No
deje de asistir a ella. Admln: r
bajisimas exhibiciones de bel-
dados, vestidos y lencera. To-
do ello confeccionado con una
mquina de coser v la direccin
de expertas que le ayudan en
todo momento ne i!
Petf.tinJart di U Amliind
rrdlmitUd Koimcrm
LA Mo.......t_..a en .a A-
venida Central 102 tiene un
descuento especial de un 20
por ciento en su mercamvr-..
Vestidos para seoras y nias.
Faldas y Ropa Interior Nylon.
IEANETTE el almacn ele-
; gante de Bella Vista, en
frente del Teatro Lux tiene
grandes gangas en su Venta
1 Especial. Vea los Vestidos.
Faldas. Joyera de Fantasia.
Todo a un precio tan balo que
complace a la persona ms exi-

aperitivos son perfectas.
Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA Dominic.
.mi; 'i
11 lfi)n
Hie >

,.<< f-*f*

__; J^iqen .Jrmando J-Max vVona u =Leonel _/i
ferquon :
Ms sobre el Concurso Ricardo Mir
EXPLICACIN libro en cualquiera de sus gran-
Este trabajo aparece con retraso, debido a que el autor -| Jes partes^H^ aqu algunos e-
trcg los originales a "La Estrella de Panama", diario que no ha ( a) E, autor ablando de
qurido publicarlo hasta el da de hoy. Por esta rason nos he- Phillips Buneau Varilla sostie-
inos visto en la necesidad de recurrir a otros rganos de publici- ne que "Este haba tenido una
tad. Dejamos constancia de nuestra protesta por la actitud de
'La Estrella de Panam".
Ph nama, 18 de agosto de 1951.
ANLISIS | ios Estados Unidos hacen una
tarea gigantesca el tratar de
enumerarlos y comentarlos con
la prolijidad y la atencin que
se merecen. Asi. pues, se ha he-
cho necesaria la seleccin de
las cuestiones surgidas, dndo-
P'~ les preferencia en cuanto al al-
cance y profundidad de su estu-
dio a aquellas que provocaron
mayor discusin y controver-
sia, sin que se escape, por ello,
la anotacin de muchos otros
episodios que contribuirn a
completar la opinin del lector
sobre el "caso de Panam". Ob-
srvese que ya hay planteada
una diferencia fundamental. Ya
del libro intitulado 'Las Rela-
ciones de la Repblica de Pana-
m con los Estados Unidos de
Norte Amrica a la luz del Tra-
tado del Canal de 1903", del
doctor Ernesto Castillero
Juicio General:
Tal como habamos prometi-
do en nuestra exposicin apa-
ret'ida en "La Estrella de Pana-
m '. del da 4 de agosto, entre-
gamos a la publicidad este pri-
mer ariieulo de una serie que
-irn apareciendo durante la
presente semana, en los cuales
haremos el anlisis minucioso
del libro presentado por el Dr..
Ernesto Castillero Pimentel al
Concurso Literario Ricardo Mi-
ro, y que segn su autor es una
obra maestra, ante la cual debe-
ramos hincarnos reverente-
En este primer artculo voy
a sealar lo que podramos lla-
mar las deficiencias cntrale?,
cardinales de. la obra. Dichas
deficiencias pueden quedar" re-
sumidas en los cuatro puntos
lo. En conjunto el libro
constituye una reunin muy
desigual de varios de los pro-
blemas que se han producido o
oue existen an entre Pana-
m y los Estados Unidos, cuya
ordenacin y presentacin in-
dican poca maduracin de un
plan nico. Incluso hay secto-
res del libro que salen del mar-
co Impuesto por el titulo:
actuacin muy Importante en
la preparacin del movimiento.
y habilidad que pas inadverti-
da a la Junta Revolucionaria.
haba exigido y logrado el car-
go (de Enviado Extraordinario
y Ministro Plenipotenciario).
Nosotros no entendemos cmo
pudo pasar inadvertida la ac-
tuacin de Buneau Varilla. In-
cluso su nombramiento, cuando
fue la misma Junta quien lo
design. Ms todava, la Junta
lo design provisionalmente y
esto lo dice a rengln seguido
el mismo autor. Lo peor es que
la Junta sabia bien lo que es-
taba haciendo, pues envi Inme-
diatamente a los Plenipotencia-
rios Amador Guerrero v Boyd a
negociar lo del Tratado, v que
esto se haca para neutralizar
a Buneau Varilla lo dice el mis-
mo afectado...." y en adelan-
no se tratarn los incidentes: te no iba a ser yo ms que un
habidos entre Panam y los Es-
tados Unidos, sino los ms im-
portantes. Pero, el autor con-
tina. Impertrrito, y a conti-
nuacin dice: "He pensado en-
tonces que sera conveniente en
medio de tantos fascinantes
problemas, hacer abstraccin
de uno y exponerlo como ilus-
tracin, desde sus remolos or-
genes hasta su desenlace final,
entrelazndolo, en su orden cro-
nolgico, con los sucesos des-
critos en otras pginas. As.Dues.
escog la controversia de limi-
tes entre Panam y la Rep-
blica de Costa Rica, tema lleno
de circunstancias tan curiosas
como desconocidas, el ms ca-
racterstico episodio, tal vez de
esta historia, porque en l se
puso de manifiesto, en toda su
crudeza, la imposicin de lr<
fuerza sobre todo derecho, a
ciencia v paciencia de la Liga
dadera historia de Amrica La-
tina. No olvide usted, doctor
Castillero Pimentel, que si Pa-
nam tiene su canal, los pa-
ses centroamericanos tienen
su banano, Mxico su petrleo y
su plata, Chile su cobre y su
salitre, Venezuela su petrleo,
Bolivia su estao, y asi sucesi-
Algo ms. An en lo paname-
o parece carecer de informa-
pi doctor Ernesto CastUle-
'entel. Oigamos lo que
i evidente contradiccin
a realidad de aquellos das
Hilero Pimentel dice en una de
las pginas sin numerar, io si-
guiente: "Pudieron ms la va-
nidad personal y la srdida ve-
nalidad de unas hombres in-
significantes que los positivos y
perennes Intereses del pueblo
al que olvidaron entonces v
despusy que la dignidad v '
prestigio de la Nacin que el!
hipotecaron para siempre". L
decir, si es que entendemos nos- de la independencia: "Nadie
2o. En su afn de demostrar i de las Naciones y de la Comunl-
clertas tesis que pprsnal- dad Latinoamericana",
mente comparto el autor
violenta los documentas y cae
frecuentemente en afirmacio-
nes que se contradicen unas con
o: ras, lo que, lejos de darle fuer-
Y al terminar la Introduc-
cin, no sabemos nosotrosni
el mismo autor, ni nadieque
es lo que pensaba hacer. Pero
s sabemos lo que le ha resulta-
va y vigor a las tesis sostenidas.! do: una coleccin no articla-
les quitan seriedad:
3o. Errores histricos de bul-
4o. El autor no sita los fe-
nmenos jurdicos que analiza
en su correspondiente y natu-
ral ambiente histrico, con lo
cual no se llega a una clara vi-
sin del proceso netamente his-
Las cuatro observaciones ge-
nerales pueden ser demostra-
das con numerosos ejemplos
tomados del libro del doctor
Castillero Pimentel. Por ahora
nos limitaremos a mostrar por
io menos un ejemplo de cada
una de las faltas generales que
hemos sealado.
El primer punto, el que sea-
la precipitacin y falta de cla-
aidad en los objetivos es evi-
dente. Ha faltado un proceso
de maduracin de la obra. Esto
est evidenciado por las decla-
raciones del propio autor en su
"Introduccin", en las que de-
muestra incertidumbre con res-
pecto a lo que va a hacer. Oig-
mosle: "En este trabajo slo
pretendo hacer un recuento de
los incidentes habidos entre Pa-
nam v los Estados Unidos, de-
rivados, casi todos, de defectos
del rgimen establecido para las
relaciones entre tos dos Estados
por el Tratado del Canal del 18
de Noviembre de 1903". Magn-
fica intencin. Pero, el autor se
da cuenta de que la pluma '.o
lia llevado demasiado lejos, y
corrige a continuacin: "La e-
norme cantidad de temas inte-
resantes y de acontecimientos
de significacin que caractert-
ran la historia de las relaciones
diplomticas entre Panam y
da de problemas internaciona-
les de nuestro pas. Y esta con-
fusinproducto de la falta de
meditacinse transparenta en
la yuxtaposicin de problemas
v liedlos que van desde lo serio
hasta lo Insignificante. Tres
intenciones: tres direcciones.
Tal es el primer gran escollo
del doctor Castillero Pimeiitel.
Incluso, la seccin mejor logra-
da de todo el libro, la contro-
versia de limites entre Panam
V Costa Rica. Intervencin de
los Estados i nidos (Estudio Es-
pecial', slo en parte tiene que
ver con el Tratado de 1903. (en
cambio, si tiene que ver funda-
mentalmente con nuestra inde-
pendencia de ese mismo ao).
De modo, pues, oue casi toda
la trama diplomtica que pre-
sente ese problema tiene su
verdadera explicacin en ese
fenmeno que se llama Impe-
rialismo norteamericano, y que
el autor no ha tratado serla-
mente en ninguna parte. La re-
lacin que se puede encontrar
con el Tratado de 1903 no ra-
dica en la gnesis del problema.
sino slo en una parte de su evo-
lucin y de su solucin final.
Por otro lado, la Cuarta Parte
del libro tiene todos los ribetes
del discurso politico, tanto en
simple rgano intermediario
entre ellos v el Departamento
de Estado". Bien, preguntarn
los lectores, esta ltima cita es
contundente, y no deja dudas
acerca de las Intenciones de la
Junta, pero no la conoca el
Dr. Castillero Pimentel? Cmo
no, seores 81 la hemos to-
mado del propio libro que anali-
b) Otro ejemplo de la con-
tradiccin hecha sistema: "Sin
embargo, no existe constancia
de que los proceres de 1903 hu-
bieran intentado seriamente y
con la debida energa obtener
una inmediata revisin del texto
del leonino Tratado de cavas
onerosas estipulaciones es dis-
cutible si se hicieron cargo a
cabadad en esos das". El au-
tor, sin el mas mnimo recato
nos dice en la pgina 17 lo si-
guiente: "El Secretarlo los re-
cibi (Amador y Boyd) el da
siguiente. 19 de Noviembre y tos
trat con gran cordialidad y
cortesa. Expresronle con toda
franqueza la contrariedad pro-
fu n<"i que sentan al enterarse
de lo ocurrido v le adelantaron
el temor de que el pueblo pa-
nameo, al conocer el texto de
la Convention del Canal, se re-
sistira a aprobarle." De modo,
que de acuerdo con el auli.
los proceres no se dan cuenta
de lo que significa el Tratado y.
sin embargo, segn l mismo lo
dice, llegan a decir que no ser
aprobado. Quin entiende esto?
c) Pero, hay ms. En ver-
dad, el libro est plagado de
estas galimatias. Veamos otro
ejemplo, tomado al azar. Des-
pus de hablar de las expresio-
nes de exaltada gratitud hacia
Norte Amrica, muy frecuente,
dice el autor en los escritos de
todos los proceres, agrega: "Es-
tas doctrinas antinacionales,
tan contrarias a los ideales de
unidad indoamericana. eran
predicadas desde la alta cte-
dra de las ms egregias funcio-
nes pblicas del novsimo esta-
do. Pero, contrario a lo que era
otros el idioma espaol: lo que
dice el autor es que esos srdi-
dos personajes traicionaron al|
pueblo. Pero, oh cosas de la m-
quina de escribir, oigamos lo que
dice el mismsimo doctor Cas-
tillero Pimentel en la pgina
322: "El pueblo panameo que
accedi a conceder a los Esta-
dos Unidos la inmensa suma de
ventajas y privilegios que otor-
ga el Tratado Hay-Buneau-Va-
rilla de 1903 y que... etc." Nos-
otros renunciamos a entender,
pues se produce el estupendo
fenmeno de que el doctor Cas-
tillero Pimentel contradice al
doctor Castillero Pimentel.
El tercer punto de nuestro
anlisis critico se refiere a e-
rrores histricos de bulto. Como
siempre, y para que el lector
no crea que estamos inventan-
do cosas, nos vemos obligados a
reproducir magnficos pasajes
de la importante obra. No se ne-
cesita saber mucho de Historia
de Amrica nara saber que el
doctor Castillero Pimentel la
ignora. Aqu van las pruebas:
hablando de la independencia
de Panam de Espaa dice: "De
haberse unida Panam a Mxi-
co o a Centro America, su his-
toria seria oscura, llena de las
turbulencias, de los desrdenes,
de las estriles luchas civiles e
internacionales que asolaron y
ensangrentaron a esos pases.
En cambio, como parte Inte-
grante de la Gran Repblica de
Colombia, tuvieron sus gran-
des hombres___ magnifico es-
cenario para su valor y sus lu-
ces, al lado de otros varones
ilustres que hicieron de Colom-
bia v de la Nueva Granada una
nacin ejemplar". En otras pa-
labras, el doctor Castillero Pi-
mentel desconoce que eso que
dice de Mxico y Centro Am-
rica es lo mismo que ocurri en
la Colombia que l llama "na-
cin ejemplar" .La historia de
los pases del Caribe durante
el siglo XIX es muy parecida,
doctor Castillero Pimentel. Slo
para no alargar ms este escri-
to no le traigo la lista de to-
das las bibliotecas donde usted
puede encontrar los datos so-
bre las turbulencias, desrde-
nes, estriles guerras civiles e
internacionales que vivi Co-
Otra muestra de la poca in-
formacin histrica dei autor
se evidencia en el prrafo que
transcribimos: "A la inversa de
lo que ocurre con otros Estados
de la Amrica Latina, la his-
toria de las relaciones entre
Panam y los Estados Unidos
ser una lectura dramtica, en
donde se presentan situaciones
de extrema tensin, intervienen
srdidos personajes d? folletn
y se encuentran desenlaces in-
legica esperar, ellas provocaron crebles, mezclado todo con ras-
una saludable reaccin del pue-
blo panameo que siempre ha
defendido su personalidad' de
hispanoamericano contra todos,
los de afuera y los de adentro".
Aqu ya no sabemos qu pensar.
El autor dice que los proceres
procedan mal prodigando a los
Estados Unidos tantos agrade-
su fraseologa como en las U- cimientos, y a continuacin li-
bertades de enfoque que se per-
mite el autor (contradicindose
a cada momento).
El segundo punto, el que se
refiere a las contradicciones en
que incurre el autor a cada pa-
so, daando su obra, es fcil-
mente demostrable. No tene-
mos que hacer ningn esfuerzo
mental, y nos basta abrir el
ce que contrario a lo aae era
lgico esperar, etc., cuando us-
ted debe decir, doctor Castillero
Pimentel, pero era lgico espe-
rar, etc.. porque esto es para
usted lo lgico usted censura a los proceres por
su arrodillamiento.
gos de desinters, idealismo,
recelos y animosidad exaspera-
da. Porque todas estas pasio-
nes humanas han desempeado
su parte en la tragedia". Dr.
Castillero Pimentel lo que pasa
pens clara ni valerosamente en
esos das de noviembre .porque
la principal preocupacin de
todos fueron las propias vidas
y haciendas y luego la reparti-
cin del flamante gobierno re-
publicano, etc." Esto es absolu-
tamente inexacto. Panameos
hubo, doctor Castillero Pimen-
tel, que se negaron a admitir
las cosas como se presentaban.
En cualquier libro mediana-
mente informado usted puede
averiguar sus nombres.
En cuanto al cuarto punto de
nuestra crtica no es menos im-
portante. El autor no sita los
fenmenos jurdicos que anali-
za en su correspondiente y na-
tural ambiente histrico. Este
defecto general del libro se ha-
ce ms patente en la Tercera
Parte, llamada "El Movimiento
Revisionista Panameo". El
lector no entiende, porque no
hay la explicacin histrica,
cmo ese mismo pas y esa mis-
ma casta gobernante de los Es-
tados Unidos accede a hacer
un nuevo Tratado (el del 3).
Tampoco se comprende por qu
se pudo lograr el desatojo de
las bases en Diciembre de 1947.
S3 autor no distingue lo que
podramos llamar la evolucin
de las tcticas del imperialismo.
El autor ni siquiera parece dar-
se cuenta de que la historia de
la Amrica Latina del siglo
tctx no puede ser entendida
sin un anlisis o una conside-
racin del fenmeno imperia-
lista. Igualmente, el autor no
se da cuenta de que a partir
de la Primera Guerra Mundial
las condiciones de la poltica in-
ternacional han variado total-
mente, con la aparicin en es-
cena del primer estado socia-
lista del mundo, la Unin So-
vitica. Ya la historia de nues-
tra Amrica no puede ser en-
tendida sino en funcin de tos
nuevos problemas que plantea
al Imperialismo la poltica in-
ternacional de la Unin Sovi-
tica. Esta necesaria revisin de
su poltica Imperialista en A-
mrica es la que ha motivado
cambio de tctica del imperia-
lismo norteamericano.
Este mismo defectoel no en-
cuadramlento del problema que
trata dentro del respectivo
marco histricono le permite
apreciar justamente la verda-
dera posicin de Colombia fren-
te a la cuestin de la Indepen-
dencia de Panam, y con res-
pecto al asunto del Canal Inter-
ocenico. En este sentido idea-
liza en forma absurda la posi-
cin de Colombia, olvidndose
de que muchos de tos errores y
desaciertos que l critica en los
proceres son tambin errores y
desaciertos de la diplomacia
colombiana. Hay en este senti-
do una tendencia del autor a
no mostrar todas las fases del
problema. Por ejemplo, el au-
tor hace acoplo de la clusula
da la "perpetuidad" y dice que
esa clsula nunca debi haber
sido aceptada. Estamos total-
es que usted no conoce la his- mente de acuerdo. En lo que
toria de Mxico, de.Cuba, de- fn~imn.o
Nicaragua, de Puerto Rico, de
Guatemala, de Colombia, de
Chile, de Bolivia, etc. 8era
conveniente que repasase un
poco sus lecciones de historia
americana. Entonces cabria us-
ted lo que es el dramatismo de
la historia de esos pases frente
a los propsitos imperialistas de
los Estados Unidos. El "caso de
d> Pero, aqu no paran las Panam", doctor Castillero Pi-
cosas. Sigamos: El doctor Cas- I mentel, es un capitulo de la ver-
diferimos fundamentalmente, es
en su forma tendenciosa de-
presentar el significado de la
clusula correspondiente del
Tratado Herrn-Hav. La fr-
mula que consignaba el Trata-
do Herrn-Hay tambin era en
el fondo una cesin a perpetui-
dad, doctor Cascillero. Fjese
usted que la clusula completa
y no como usted la presenta
en su cuadro comparativo de la
(Pasa a la Pgina 7 Columna 1)


" .
Ventas de las Reservas cM ferrocarril-----
El ferrocarril atrajo hombres y equipo al oran
Corte Culebra, donde el Canal cruza la.lmea
divisoria continental, 1913.
donde se encuentran mayores
discrepancias entre el criterio
con que gobernaron los radica-
les v el Que pusieron en prc-
tica los hombres de la regenera-
cin. Para los hacendistas de la
escuela radical el equilibrio de
los presupuestos y la solidez de
las finanzas era cuestin pri-
mordial e ineludible, porque sin
ese requisito no poda conce-
d decretar erogaciones y re-
partir prebendas, aun cuando
las arcas del tesoro se halla-
ran vacias. Para llenar esas ta-
llas se fund el Banco Nacional
y la institucin del papel mo-
neda de curso forzoso. La crisis
del erario se hizo crnica y
cada dia ms notoria, por lo
cual cuando la regeneracin
quiso buscar dinero en los mer-
birse el desarrollo, ordenado y
progresivo de la administracin.
Convencidos de que la nacin
necesitaba urgentemente capi-
tales forneos para el ensanche
de las industrias nativas v pa-
ra la construccin de las obras
de progreso material los radi-
cales fueron intransigentes en
el manejo de los caudales p-
blicos, aspirando siempre a un
sobrante en los presupuestos
que sirviera de base a cualquier
emprstito extranjero. Mercedi
a esta poltica sabia y previsi-
va, la segunda presidencia del
doctor Murlllo logr llegar al
anhelado supervit presupues-
tal y pudo conseguir los fondos
para Iniciar la construccin del
gran ferrocarril del norte, que
deba comunicar a Bogot con
el bajo Magdalena. Sin las re-
vueltas armadas que indepen-
dientes y conservadores desa-
taron en el 75 .y 76. aquella em-
presa hubiera sido desde enton-
ces una hermosa realidad.
Los financistas de la regene-
racin, con su jefe a la cabe-
za, pensaban de otra manera.
Para ellos, la economa en los
gastos pblicos era palabra ar-
caica y sin sentido. La funcin
esencial del gobierno consista
cados del exterior, encontr to-
das las puertas cerradas. Tuvo
entonces que vender a nrenes
precio la nica alhaja que le i
quedaba al pas, representada!
en las reservas del Ferrocarril
de Panam.
Don Santiago Prez, smbolo.
de la doctrina radical, se haba
granjeado algunas enemista-
des por su celo y escrupuloso1
en defender los dineros del Es- I
tado. Don Rafael Nez, arti-
fice de la regeneracin, no quiso j
correr el mismo riesgo de lm-1
popularidad y con larga mano
supo premiar a sus amisos y
vencer el desvo de ciertos ad-
versarlos. Entre los dos hom-
brea exista un abismo infini-
lo, cavado por el temperamento ,
y el criterio moral.
SIGUE LA FUNCIN.A pesar del tremendo aguacero que est cayendo, los soldados d iae
Naciones Unidas en Corea no se mueven y permanecen bajo la lluvia viendo la fancion riue les
ofrece la Cm Raja._____ _______________________________ ,__________________________
Yugceslavia no cree que
se reconcilie con Mosci
Los Yugoeslavos se hallan
dispuestos a cooperar con
ios pases del Continente
Ms sobre el
pgina 15habla de concesin
por perodos renovables por 100
aos, renovables a sola v ex-
clusiva voluntad de los Estados
Unidos. Ms todava* Bata fr-
mula fue puesta asi, para no
herir los sentimientos de los
colombianos, doctor Castillero
Plmentel. La Intencin de He-
rrn y de Hay fue la de que se
hacia la concesin hasta dia en
que los Estados Unidos determi-
naran. Es decir, esa frase del
Tratado Herrn-Hav se puso
para cubrir la cruda realidad
(de la cesin a perpetuidad).
Por hoy termino con estas
observaciones. Tendremos oca-
sin de analizar Parte por Par-
te, para seguir viendo las ex-
celencias de esta obra "impon-
Csar A. de Len.
Panam. 13 de agosto de 1951.
Por John P. Leacacos
BELGRADO, Agosto 28 (EPS) i
__ En manos de nueve hombres |
de mirada exaltada pero fra-
mente calculadores, que laboran
aqu est el ms poderoso ins-
trumento tctico que los Esta-
dea Unidos pueden utilizar para
probar la debilidad Inherente
del imperialismo ruso. Estos
nueve hombres constituyen el,
"Politburo" del partido comu-
nista de Yugoeslavia.
El conocimiento de tal hecho
dirige la actitud del Departa-,
ment de Estado hacia este
pas. Quines son estos indivi-
duos, cul su punto de vista en
cauto ni occidente? 8on sim-
plemente comunistas que hacen
el juego a los capitalistas mien-
tras loaran reconciliarse con
Las respuestas a estas pre-
guntas son vitales, en vista de
la considerable ayuda econu-;
mica y.militar que los Estarlos
Unidos estn preparndose a
dar a esta plaza fuerte comu-1
ntsta, pero antistalinista. A.
continuacin ofrecemos lo que
ms tchacientes que nos ha
es un resumen de los informes:
sido posible obtener, tanto en
conversaciones personales con
altos funcionarlos yugoeslavos
como por otras fuentes:
La mayor parte de los mlem-!
broa del Politburo vive en una
comodidad burguesa, poseyen-
do automviles, aparatos de la-
t io y refrigeradoras de fabrica-
clon norteamericana. Sus resi-j
dencias estn en el suburbio j
de Dejinje, prximas a la del >
Mariscal Tito, quien ocupa el;
que fu Palacio Blanco del Rey ;
Parti hoy por la va marti-
ma, el Joven estudiante Lui
Armando Lescure, para Bur-
deos, Francia, donde cursar
estadios de Qumica Industrial
El joven Lescure residir en
esa, en casa de sas tos. Buen
viaje y majar I atara le desea-
El Politburo est integrado
por un grupo selecto de com-
paeros de Tito. 8u lealtad es-
t fuera de toda duda. Los
miembros son: Edvard Kardelj.
esloveno, vlceprlmer ministro y
ministro de relaciones exterio-
res, a la ver. que una especie
de coordinador general .de la
poltica y la administracin;
General Alexander Rankovic.
serbio, ministro de lo interior
y como tal. Jefe de la terrible-
mente eficaz polica secreta
(UDBA). Tambin tiene el ran-
go de vlceprlmer ministro; Mi-
lovan Djllas. montenegrino, el
gran expositor del partido, mi-
nistro sin cartera y secretario
del Politburo: Mosa Pijade. el
nico judio que forma parte de
ste, el decano de los polticos
comunistas y vicepresidente de
la Asamblea Nacional. Estuvo
catorce aos en la crcel p M
sus Ideas polticas y fu quien
ense el comunismo a Tito,
Blagoje Neskovic, tambin vlce-
pnmer ministro, jefe de la co-
misin de control encargada de
la poltica activa del grupo.
Tiene a su cargo la tan anun-
ciada "descentralizacin" del
aparato gubernativo: Boris Ki-
dric, presidente del Consejo,
Econmico Nacional y miembro;
del gabinete, ejecutor del pro-
grama que tiende a industria-
lizar la nacin; Ivan osnjak.
lugarteniente de Tilo en lo que
se refiere a la defensa naci-
nal. Tendr a su cargo la dis-
tribucin de la ayuda militar j
norteamericana; Franc Leskov-
sek, ministro de industria, tiene
a su cargo la conversin de! >
programa Industrial a los fines |
militares adoptados reciente-
mente. Los otros miembros son'
el propio Tito y los presiden-,
tes de las repblicas federadas!
El ncleo comunista est
compuesto por los cinco mil ln- .
dividuos sobrevivientes de los
doce mil que lucharon bajo Tito!
durante la segunda guerra
El embajador norteamerlca-
DO, George Allen, nos manifest'
en una entrevista exclusiva su|
opinin de que loe dirigentes,
mencionados estn Irrevocable -
mente decididos a favor le 'a
cooperacin con el ocio
El problema principal M i
reorganizar la maquinaria gu-
bernamental para hacerla
elstica y adaptable para la de-
bida explotacin de los m:tj-
dos y tcnicas occidental?
Alien .maniiiesta que, como
diplomtico, no podra de
una mejor cooperacin Je nin-
gn gobierno en el mundo, pues
los altos funcionarlos yugoe-
avos se muestran decididos en
sus negociaciones, cumplen sus
compromisos y permiten a Jos
norteamericanos viajar y oo-
servar libremente. Pero stos
no saben hasta dnde llega esta
buena voluntad en lo que e
refiere a los comunistas yugoes-
lavos, especialmente los jve-
nes, a quienes desde hace unos
se viene inculcando sistemti-
camente el odio hacia todo ;o
En lo que se refiere a los
dirigentes yugoeslavos, se indi-
ca que su actitud no permite
dudas. Ms enconados que nun-
ca contra Stalin, consideran
que es Imposible llegar a una
reconciliacin con Mosc, que
jams les perdonara su rebe-
lin. El dilema est en ia Ju-
ventud yugoeslava, educada en
el comunismo y que puede sen-
tlrse nostlgica hacia Mosca.
Huchas mes causa asomme, Mares c catata
Dr. Chose
Las Pildoras del Dr. Chase
se lian usado con gran xila Ju-
rante ms de Ires generaciones
ara corregir el estreimiento y
os desarreglos de los rones y el
hgado. Purifican la sangre y co-
rrigen las funciones de los princi-
pales rganos.
De venta en todas la* formara.

Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA Dominical

Sintonice en Red Panamericana
Protagoniza: ANOLAND DIAZ
rear.' voy a recoger a
punta pe esta flecha se mro pe un pe-
DI ESiiZTS-isIllmlhM....,) *oJu4 by Sitflwi Slenj|cr. Inc. ,_ Til I Hlll IIHIII
Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA Dominica.

* r
LA CASA SPARTON presenta en la Red Panamericana
Eduardo Aterales' un hombre sin amor

m PicoUQuiN 10 scei8/o'?" "mu,
Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA Domimt*

I '

el 3 DE SEPTIEMBRE a las 8 y 30 P.M.


el 3 DE SEPTIEMBRE a las 8 y 30 P.M.
JUAN EL INTRPIDO Por Frank Robbins
Para proteger manoy oe:
un arresto eh un complot;
scotty se la -leva a su cam-
po deav/ac/n pr/vado,
mientra s juan pers/gc/e
al ladrn dtsl, strao/var/o.
NO HACE 0^50'
Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA Domnk

Rubn Daro Caries
Hace dos aos al visitar uno
de los colegios de la Capital
para ofrecer al Profesorado que
dicta las clases de Estudios So-
ciales (Geografa. Historia y C-
vica) mi ltimo libro "228 Aos
del Periodo Colonial en Pana-
ma" como material de lecturas
correlacionadas con la ensean-
za de esta materia, uno de los
Profesores de esta asignatura
en forma culta y deferente me
cijo: "Yo no s cmo podremos
i utilizar su obra "220 Aos del
Periodo Colonial en Panam".
pues en los programas de Es-
tudios Sociales no hay un es-
tudio especializado de la geo-
g rafia e historia de Panam.
Los conocimientos que rozan
con este asunto se dan a co-
nocer ai tratar las generaliza-
clones Que se hacen sobre Am-
s decir, los temas sobre la
historia, civismo y geografa de
Pnam no tenian en los pro-
gramas de Estudios Sociales la
preeminencia de un capitulo
especial de la enseanza, con
un horario adecuado como ta-
les conocimientos 16 requieren,
sino que eran presentados en
un plan de generalizaciones que
abarcaba no slo a Panam si-
no a~la Amrica en general ba-
jo el titulo de "Nuestros ve-
cinos de Amrica".
devisado el programa, asi re-
sult en verdad: No habia en
su desarrollo un ndice que ln-
oicara una exposicin progre-
siva de los temas de la historia
de Panam que deban tratarse,
sino que stos quedaban a buen
criterio del profesor, englobados
en la historia general de Am-
V tal desorientacin en la en-
seanza (de la Geografa y la
Historia Patria) no deba ni
poda continuar en pie. afec-
tando en si la preparacin de
nuestros escolares de las escue-
las secundarlas, sobre asunto
de tanta importancia y tras-
cendencia como es la ensean-
. za de la Geografa e Historia
Nacional y por fortuna al fi-
nalizar el periodo de vacacio-
nes del ao pasado se produjo
una reforma parcial sobre la
materia, en, la que se determi-
naron slo diez lecciones, un
bimestre para tratar la geogra-
fa de Panam; explicar la or-
ganizacin de su gobierno (po-
der legislativo, ejecutivo v Ju-
dicial: y exponer la historia del
pas desde los remotos dias de
loe indios, de los conquistado-
res, del afianzamiento de la
colonia: del Panam Indepen-
diente de la poca colombiana
y de la Repblica..
Diez horas de clase para una
materia tan extensa como Inte-
resante, es sencillamente ridcu-
lo a ms de contraproducente
porque estamos dando la im-
presin de que se ha atendido
una necesidad, cuando lo que
se est haciendo es postergar
definitivamente el estudio de
estas materias que son funda-
mentales en la formacin de la
cultura nacional. Hay en las es-
cuelas tal Ignorancia en los a-
untos de historia y geografa
nacional que es seguro encon-
trar tanto en la escuela prima-
rla como en la secundarla a-
lumnos que pueden localizar la
cordillera fronteriza entre Es-
paa y Francia y en cambio ig-
noran y son incapaces d ubi-
car la Peninsula de Azuero en
el mapa de nuestra repblica.
Esta deficiencia proviene de la
forma superficial como se en-
sea la geografa de Panam en
el tercer grado de la escuela
primarla, para luego dar en
sexto grado algunas nociones
sobre temas que reclaman ms
discernimiento y madurez men-
tal como son los que establecen
comparaciones estadsticas sobre
poblacin, comercio, religin.
Inmigracin y algunos tpicos
trascendentes como son los que
se refieren a la Historia del Fe-
rrocarril de Panam, y al pla-
neamiento y construccin del
Canal por los franceses y nor-
Con una base de informacio-
nes tan elementales como casi
olvidadas realizan nuestros alum
nos de primer ao de escuela
secundaria su aprendizaje de la
geografa e historia patria, cir-
cunscribindola a un bimestre,
pues el resto del ao y los sub-
siguientes se dedicarn a un
estudio general de la historia y
geografa universal.
Tal reforma que nos ha da-
do algo mejor de lo que tena-
mos debe completarse sealan-
do todo el periodo escolar co-
rrespondiente al primer ao pa-
ra los estudios sociales (geo-
grafa, historia y gobierno) re-
ferentes, a Panam, pues no
debemos interesarnos por cono-
cer y husmear en la casa ajena
si malamente hemos dado una
vuelta a la nuestra y la hemos
mirado de reojo.
Es necesaria asimismo, que
en IV V y VI grados de la es-
cuela primarla limitemos a una
hora la enseanza de la geo-
grafa de otros continentes, to-
mando para la Geografa e His-
toria Patria la otra hora dispo-
nible. As se podra realizar en
III grado un estudio de la Geo-
grafa e historia de la comu-
nidad en donde se reside y un
vistazo superficial de las gene-
ralidades del Istmo; mientras
en IV, V y VI se presentar
progresivamente la enseanza
particular de cada regin del
pais. las que tienen caracters-
ticas propias, en un plan de -
nidades en que Junto a la geo-
grafa e historia regional se d
a conocer sus tradiciones y cos-
Por otra parte hay educado-
res que consideran que las re-
formas Introducidas en los Es-
tudios Sociales po han corres-
pondido en la prctica a los
principios normativos en que se
inspira esta correlacin y nue-
vo enfoque de la enseanza;
y hasta en la misma Univer-
sidad se ha verificado un vira-
Je de rumbo, suprimiendo los
estudios sociales y retornando al
estudio separado de historia,
geografa y civismo indepen-
Por tal razn, ea el momento
en que se discutan estas refor-
mas fundamentales en los Pla-
nes de Estudio y programas
educativos, dndole la amplitud
que corresponde a la ensean-
za del Civismo. Geografa e His-
toria Patria.
De "Nueva La", rgano de El maravilloso espectculo, tomada
Liceo de Seoritas, tomamos es- del gran diario bogotano "El
ta agradable nota de Mlida Tiempo". En esta ocasin, que-
Ruth Seplveda acerca de la remos reiterar por este medio
presentacin del Ballet Hind, nuestra vos de aplauso para la
our tan grata impresin caus Sociedad Musical Daniel y a su
tn el publico panameo. Por In- representante local Sr. Herbert
convenientes de ltima hora no de Castro, por habernos brinda-
nos fu posible reproducir en la do un espectculo de tan alta
ltima edicin de este su piemen- Jerarqua artstica,
to una apreciacin critica del j. *f. S. B.
De lejanas tierras, tan lejanas
que son para nosotros casi le-
gendarias, nos viene el mensaje
que un pais desconocido nos en-
va por medio de su msica, y
de sus bailes.
' El Ballet Hind ha llegado
hasta nosotros tfayndonos un
mensaje de confraternidad. Qu
puede ser ms verdad que aque-
lla de que la'msica es el reflejo
del alma de los pueblos?... Vien-
do bailar a aquellos danzarines
.nos tenemos que Imaginar un
pueblo msticamente soador;
nos tiene que impresionar aque-
lla mmica extraa y ritual que
sabe darle a cada idea una ex-
presin clara y precisa.
Tuvimos oportunidad de verlo
y admiramos la perfecta armo-
na de todas sus actitudes, los
movimientos, a veces maquna-
les, como los de la cabeza, y
otros, rpidos y graciosos, que
desconciertan por su agilidad fe-
lina. Los brazos se extienden co-
mo sacudidas de serpientes, las
manos se mueven con suavidad y
toda emocin la decrlben per-
Lo que ms nos agrad fu el
relato V ,1a vida del hombre, con
una musicalidad raramente filo-
Nos dejar el Ballet Hind,
pero perdurar en nosotros el re-
cuerdo de su extraa meloda.
Son las diez de la noche en el
Instituto Radiolgico.
En las escaleras, y en los pa-
sillos del segundo piso, las pan-
tallas cnicas de vidrio esme-
rilado, adosadas a las paredes,
proyectan breves manchas de
luz. De .Jando en cuando-se
escucha una tos bronca y sofo-
cada. Un viento callente y sa-
turado de humedad hace ale-
tear los papeles que hay sobre
la mesa de la enfermera de
turno. Huele un poco a petr-
leo,, a pintura y a moho.
Las visitas se despidieron ha-
ce poco pronunciando en voz
ms alta las palabras de con-
suelo t las promesas de regre-
sar al da siguiente, y los pa-
cientes se preparan para el sue-
o o para otra noche de dolor
y tristes reflexiones. Las enfer-
meras consultan de nuevo las
instrucciones escritas-de los m-
dicos, y depositan con cuidado
en el pasillo los floreros que
adornaron durante el da las
habitaciones para suavizar un
poco la frialdad grave y adusta
del ambiente.
En el cuarto nmero cinco,
Regina Lander trata de leer con
atencin una revista: pero no
logra desvincular el pensamien-
to de la intima obsesin que la
atormenta. El tiro; el rostro a-
quel quemado por la plvora el
ojo gelatinoso y chamuscado y
las breves convulsiones agni-
cas Nelson revolcndose sobre la
alfombra. Se siente confusa y
agitada percibiendo en el pecho
y en las sienes- el galope agi-
tado de la sangre, y en la gar-
ganta una seca opresin Inex-
tinguible. Habra preferido se-
guir escuchando la charla de
los amigos y parientes que has-
ta momentos antes llenaban su
habitacin de humo y de ru-
mores, porque la callada sole-
dad del cuarto le da una sen-
sacin de humo y de' rumores,
porque la callada soledad del
cuarto le da una sensacin de
Inmensidad vaca que no puede
soportar. Ahora est ms cerca
de si misma, y su propia com-
paa la asusta. Tiene la cer-
teza de que si su hermana Ju-
lia hubiere podido quedarse con
ella, se sentira mejor. La son-
risa luminosa y ancha de op-
timismo, la voz clida y segu-
ra, y las manos... aquellas ma-
nos de Julia, firmes, armonio-
sas y siempre persuasivas en el
ademn v en la caricia. Al me-
nos, que hubiera podido que-
darse la tia Rosa, tan absurda,
a veces, y gruona: sin embar-
go, cariosa y solicita. Pero Ju-
lia, sobre todos los dems, te-
na en cualquier momento el
extrao poder de confortarla, y
su presencia seria ms eficaz
que las- Inyecciones y las pil-
doras recetadas por el doctor
Vllelo. Por qu la obligaran a
quedarse sola?
Regina busca Intilmente el
sueo. Quiere dormir; dormir
mucho. Dormir, para no pensar
en nada. Para no recordar lo
sucedido: para no ver ms a
Nelson muerto, tendido boca a-
rrlba, inerte, despus de agitar-
se 'en el suelo unos Instantes
con la cara destrozada por a-
quel horrible agujero negro so-
bre el ojo. Para no recordar las
preguntas del Fiscal; aquel Fis-
cal fino y discreto, pero sutil
y malicioso, que jugaba con un
lpiz plateado durante el inte-
rrogatorio... Y la mirada in-
descifrable de aquellos emplea-
dos que escriban a mquina
pliego tras pliego 'y que le to-
maron las Impresiones digita-
les. Dormir, para olvidar tam-
bin la conversacin insustan-
cial y frivola de Ana Maria; el
semblante compungido y triste
de'su tia Catalina y las alusio-
nes malvolas de Laura. Dor-
mir. .. para no despertar nunca.

Con la vista fija en las losas
del pavimento, el agente de Po-
lica de guardia se pasea abu-
rrido. Se golpea el pantaln con
las largas correas que penden
'del tolete, bosteza varias veces
y consulta su reloj. "Dos ho-
ras ms para el relevo", pien-
sa. En seguida, sus meditacio-
nes vuelven a dirigirse a loa
problemas del hogar, girando
en Ineludible circulo alrededor
del reducido presupuesto. No lo-
gra evitar Ja ingrata conclusin
de que despus de pagadas las
cuentas que le agobian, le que-
daran oche balboas para la
quincena. Tres chiquillos, el
menor con alfombrilla, y otro
ms para llegar. Cineo anos en
esto, y sienspte Igual. Deudas y
ms deudas. La renta del cuar-
to, la tienda, el compadre Ce-
ledonio y el cabo Ramirez. Hu-
biera sido mejor quedarse en
Chiriqu trabajando en los po-
treros de Don Juan. Lo de la
Zona dur poco. En seguida se
acab todo. El silver roll, el Co-
misariato, las horas extra, la
plata en abundancia y la cho-
nta aquella de Rio Abajo. Des-
pus... menos mal que el mis-
mo Don Juan lo recomend. Po-
lica... El Chorrillo... No le
quedarn siquiera ocho balboas.
La cenla de la luz de dos me-
ses, v el carbn de lea para
cocinar. I Qu vaina!"
El paso elstico y ligero de
una enfermera marca un nuevo
rumbo a las meditaciones del
agente. "Cunto ganar una en-
fermera? Si mi mujer fuera en-
fermera, podramos estar muy
bien; pero, los muchachos...
Quin atender a los hijos de
las enfermeras? SI me ascen-
dieran, serla mucho mejor... El
cabo Ramrez... Estar Don
Juan bien ahora con el Coman-
dante? La politlca, y este lio
de los liberales... quin sabe...?"
La imaginacin del polica se
sigue deslizando por la curva
de los interrogantes. "Se mori-
r el seor ese del veinte que
dicen que est agonizando? Si
se muriera en seguida, tal vez
habra aqu algn movimiento,
y. esto no seria tan aburrido. Y
la tipa sa del cinco, habr ma-
tado, de verdad, a su marido
como me dijo Jaramillo? Seria
capaz. Pero no va a pasarle
nada. Es de los grandes. Por
qu no estar en la crcel? La
han trado para ac, como-ha-
cen siempre que hay un grande
detenido. Pura farsa del Fiscal
todo eso de la enfermedad. Lo
van a arreglar... son blancos y
se entienden. Para qu tendre-
mos que cuidarla, si no se va a
escapar? Nada van a hacerle.
Dentro de poco andar por la
calle manejando su carro, feliz
y contenta. Siempre que hay
un preso importante lo meten .
aqu en el Radiolgico. Despus,
nada. Pura bulla. Los del Trn-
sito dicen lo mismo. Mucha bo-
leta y mucha cosa, y luego no
pagan multa ms que los chi-
veros. Arriba lo componen todo.
Y ahora sta aqu... Para qu
nos mandarn a vigilarla? Pen-
dejadas. .. Pero el del veinte se
muere con toda su plata. Cuan-
do llega la pelona, hasta los
ricos se friegan".
Al aproximarse a la ventana
del final del pasillo, el polica
escucha atento el ruido de la
lluvia al golpear contra las an-
chas hojas de los tallos y las
recias pencas de las palmas, y
se acuerda de sus noches chi-
ricanas. Lluvia, viento' fuerte, y
el croar interminable de las ra-
nas all en la cinaga que que-
daba cerca del ranchito. Y una
luna grande y amarilla en el
verano. Ahora.-un cuarto muy
pequeo en el Chorrillo oliendo
siempre a gas y a tinacos' re-
bosantes de inmundicia; llanto
de nios, discusiones, regaos y
pobreza... El compadre Celedo-
nio y. el cabo Ramirez tendrn
que esperar otra quincena.'

Sentada en su pequeo escri-
torio de caoba, la enfermera de
turno se distrae un instante
de sus notas al advertir el mo-
ntono ir y venir del polica.
La presencia de aquel unifor-
me, en que se destaca el brillo
de la insignia, le hace recordar
una vez ms a la paciente del
nmero cinco, y de manera ma-
quinal mira el reloj adosado a
la pared. "A las once,'una in-
yeccin de fenobarbital, si est
despierta: tomarle el'pulso y
la temperatura... Leche, si quie-
re, jugo de naranja... y una
cucharada de... Al del Veinte,
morfina. Pobre hombre! Mejor
se-muere pronto, porque...'Cn-
cer, cncer..." El nombre de la
enfermedad y el recuerdo de
aquella enorme llaga ftida, la
estremece un poco. En seguida
piensa que el enfermo debe es-
tar sufriendo intensamente y
que podra anticipar unos mi-
nutos la hora sealada por "el
mdico para la droga. La esposa
del enfermo que le hace com-
paa est muy deprimida. La
enfermera recuerda tambin
que debe Inyectarle coramina.
La llamada de un paciente
Interrumpe sus meditaciones.
"El ocho. Otro cncer. Pero es
mujer... un seno. Quiz se sal-
ve. "Otra llamada luminosa re-
clama a la enfermera desde el
cuarto nmero dos. Un mucha-
cho con fractura en el tobillo.
La madre se pasa el da y la
noche con reclamaciones -ton-
tas. Pero es preciso sonrer. -

Con sensible retraso hemos re-
cibido fraternal carta de Jaan B.
Jeanine, el inquieto pintor pa-
nameo que actualmente trabaja
y estudia en Buenos Aires. A-
compa a sa carta una fotogra-
fa de mural ejecutado en la sala
de 'conferencias del "Institu*
Superior de Filosofa" de esa ciu-
dad y qac hoy reproducimos en
esta edicin de ARTES. LETRAS
y CIENCIAS. El mural mencio-
nado interpreta loa principios
filosficos que conforman tas
"cinco vas" tomistas a saber: El
Acto Puro, La Causalidad, El Ser
Necesario. Los Grados de Perfec-
cin y Kl Orden. Se trata del pri-
mer mural al fresco ejecutado
por un panameo, circunstancia
del mayor inters para el presti-
gie de la pintara nacional st se
toma en cuenta que ha sido rea-
lisado ea el extranjero. Nos dice
,IK)il|W^.PTIBItliBE 2, 1961

Regina ha renunciado a la
idea de dormir sin ayuda del
narctico. El calor le parece in-
soportable, aunque la lluvia cae
con violencia. El acelerado latir
del corazn la mortifica mu-
cho, y "percibe con Intensidad
variable una ingrata sensacin
de nusea. Siente en la "boca
un sabor desagradable, como de
metal, de cobre. Cree que si pu-
diera llorar se aliviara, pero las
lgrimas no acuden. Intenta re-
cordar las palabras de consue-
lo de su padre y la sonrisa ca-
riosa del abuelo, que hizo el
gran esfuerzo de venir a verla.
Pero su imaginacin vuelve al
suceso en un confuso torbelli-
no. La conciencia no ha logra-
do todava elaborar un fallo de-
finitivo, y trata una vez ms
de reconstruir en la memoria el
"Qu decan Julia v el abue-
lo? Y Catalina y Ana Mara?
Y el doctor Vllelo, to Anto-
nia y los dems?". Las frases
escuchadas flotan en la niebla
mezclndose con sus recuerdos
ms punzantes. Por un instante
emerge la voz de la madre.
No te inquietes ms, peque-
a: queridita ma, que todo se
arreglar pronto...
...con el Fiscal... ya se lo
dijo... el forense... si; maa-
na...; no lo compr aqu...
seda natural...
...tanto tiempo jugando el
mismo nmero... lo deja hace
dos semanas...
...pero nia! crisis ya pas... fie-
bre unos das... es natural...
no hay que preocuparse... el
"El accidente; el accidente.
No pudo ser otra- cosa. Su odio
a Nelson, concentrado y hondo,
no poda convertirla en crimi-
nal. Pero... quin tenia en la
mano la pistola cuando se dis-
par? Cmo fu. realmente, a-
quello? .Nadie presenci lo ocu-
rrido, y nadie puede ayudarla
a recordar unos detalles que se
esfuman. Estaba sola, leyendo,
acostada en la hamaca del co-
rredor, como otras veces. Era
una novela de amor... algo
pasaba en un tren; algo romn-
*>**-} .A %
i !
JeaniM ae en su mural "ha
tratad* un contenido filosfico
univenal con la Forma y el Co-
lor, que tratan de responder a la
sensibilidad esttica panamea".
A no tasaos el hecho con la mayor
satisfaselsn y le reiteramos a
nuestro compatriota nuestro sin-
cero sentimiento de simpata y
apoyo sral.
J. M. S. B.
tico. De vez en cuando dejaba
de leer, y miraba las vigas del
artesonado, el balanceo de aque-
lla rama rozando la columna,
y la franja de sol manchada
de pequeas sombras movedi-
zas sobre los mosaicos. Los ni-
os, con la criada, se haban
ido despus de almuerzo a casa
del abuelo, como todos los do-
mingos. Faustina, la cocinera,
deba estar en el patio pelando
un pollo, porque cuando lleg
corriendo a los gritos tenia san-
gre en las manos. Quiz esto
no fuera cierto. Pero la cocine-
ra ola a pollo. Cmo pudo no-
tarlo en aquel estado de terror
y angustia? Tambin vio al vie-
jo Jim unos instantes. El velln
blanco del pelo, la cara negra
y arrugada, los ojos muy abier-
tos y las manos juntas, como
en oracin... Nelson lleg algo
borracho. Menos que otras ve-
ces, pero bastante. Por la ma-
ana haba ido al'Gun Club de
Balboa quedndose a almorzar
- .. .borracho... ya se sabr.-
s: han puesto un cable a Lon-
dres.y otro a Nueva York...
Entr tambalendose un poco
y le dirigi los insultos de cos-
tumbre. Despus pas al cuarto
de bao, donde rompi un fras-
e o una botella de algo. Pudo
or claramente el ruido al es-
tallar el vidrio contra el suelo
y las groseras maldiciones que
...han llamado a declarar
a los gringos... nunca se sa-
be... Antonio conoce a uno...
Despojado de la camisa entr
en el portal con las armas que
haba usado, y las herramien-
tas para limpiarlas, colocndo-
lo todo sobre una mesa. Puso
a funcionar el radio y se sen-
t empezando a manipular una
pistola. Ella sigui leyendo has-
ta que l la llam con voz au-
toritaria y destemplada. Se le
haba cado el cargador y no
quera agacharse a recogerlo.
Por temor a perder el equili-
brio y caer, o para humillarla
una vez ms. la hizo levantarse.
Ya no le importaban los moti-
vos, ni le importaba nada des-
pus de varios aos de soportar
laa vejaciones ms crueles y los
abusos ms Intolerables...
...clmate y no'te preocu-
pes, por nada... todos te que-
remos... todos...
El cargador estaba lleno de
balas. Pudo advertirlo por el
peso, y porque se vea la pri-
mera al extremo del' resorte.
Nejson se lo arrebat brusca-
mente de la mano murmurando
algo, e intent insertarlo en la
culata. Tuvo alguna dificultad
al principio, pero despus lo
consigui. Al montar el arma
para hacer funcionar el extrac-
tor, la pistola qued encasqui-
llada, porque la bala, que no
haba penetrado por completo
en la recmara, impedia jus-
tar el cierre. Nelson mantuvo
empuada la culata con la ma-
no derecha, y con la izquierda
sujetaba la corredera hacia a-
tras. Entonces le orden sacar
la bala. Ella trat de hacerlo,
primero con las uas y despus
con la punta de unas tijeras;
ero fracasaba en todos los in-
tentos. La bala, un poco torci-
da, pareca Incrustada en el
can. Nelson, Impaciente, vol-
vi a insultarla y despus le
dio en la cabeza un fuerte gol-
pe con el codo. Le exigi que
siguiera usando las tijeras; pe-
ro a l se le escurra la co-
rredera entre los dedos y la
operacin se .complicaba. Fu
entonces cuando l volvi el
arma con el can hacia arri-
ba, como para que la bala sa-
liera con ms facilidad. Se pas
la pistola a la mano derecha,
y movi la corredera con vio-
lencia hacia atrs y hacia ade-
lante para cerrar la recmara
y lograr que funcionara el ex-
tractor. AI no conseguirlo tam-
poco, le exigi que sostuviera el
arma v l trat de hacer un
uso ms eficaz de. las tijeras;
pero ella se haba apartado un
poco para no percibir con tan-
ta intensidad la vaharada a-
- Rtanrriti:
tizflXstClb /os filara nenez Lo.
guardentosa, y l agarr de
nuevo la pistola acercndola a
si eon brusco movimiento. En-
tonces, ella se dio cuenta de que
algo se deslizaba rpidamente,
sinti una sacuuioa y. casi al
mismo tiempo, el estampido del
disparo. El tiro le dio a Nelson
en el ojo derecho. Pudo ver bien
el agujero cuando l se levant
un poco de la silla con un ala-
rido de dolor o de espanto pa-
ra caer al suelo en cortas con-
vulsiones. Un hilo de sangre bri-
llante y oscura sobre el rostro
y la boca abierta con amargo
...encasquillada., seno fron-
tal... no hay duda... muerte
instantnea... pobre chica! El
Cuando pudo grita*; grit
hasta quedar sin voz. Hasta que
de su garganta sala slo un
estertor. Luego... la cocinera
que llega corriendo' seguida de
Jim... Por qu estaba en la
casa la cocinera siendo domin-
go... Habra pedido permiso al-
gn dia de la semana? Al ver
a Nelson en el sueio se lanzo
al telfono y despus empez
a chillar. Los vecinos que esta-
ban en sus casas llegaron en-
seguida y se pusieron a hablar
todos a la vez. Alguien la re-
tir a una habitacin donde no
nudo estar quieta ni un instan-
te. Despus, los policas, la am-
bulancia, unos mdicos, los ni-
os, la criada. Un rato ms
tarde, su padre; la ta Rosa,
que sollozaba atribulada, y por
fin Julia con Archie. Al lado
de Julia empez a sentir algo
de alivio. La obligaron a acos-
tarse y le pusieron unas Inyec-
ciones. Junto a la cama, el doc-
tor Vallejo y to Antonio dis-
cutan algo acaloradamente...
.. .cada tres horas... la en-
fermera sabe... tlamina... si;
muy nerviosa... la desgracia, la
Al dia siguiente gran trajn
y movimiento en la casa. Julia
quera llevrsela a la Zona y
se discuti-brevemente esta pro-
posicin antes de rechazarla. A
medio da lleg el Fiscal y des-
pus de algunas deliberaciones
se acord hospitalizarla en el
Radiolgico. Estaba detenida.
...provisionalmente... unos
das ms... se aclarar todo en
Despus del relato minucioso
hecho al Fiscal. Regina crea
recordar mejor lo sucedido. Pe-
ro su conciencia seguia agita-
da por preguntas sin clara res-
puesta. Algo muy confuso y va-
go pretenda acusarla, sin que
una revisin exacta de los he-
chos y de lo que ella misma
haba pensado mientras ayuda-
ba a su marido al lado de la
mesa le pudiera despejar la in-
cgnita. "No haba deseado mu-
chas veces la muerte de Nelson
con intensidad y ansia? No ha-
bra tenido su voluntad alguna
participacin en lo ocurrido?
Lleg, realmente, a pensar que
lo que estaba haciendo Nelson
podia ser peligroso? Tal vez lo
pens. Un, pensamiento fugaz,
en todo caso. Pero, peligroso...
para ella. Nelson poda querer
matarla. Haba intentado algo
peor all en Mxico cuando...
Por qu no se decidi a adver-
tirle que dejara la limpieza de
las armas para el dia siguien-
te? Hubiera sido intil. Haba
empezado aquel trabajo, y de
ningn modo accedera a dejar
la pistola encasquillada. Menos
lo hara pidindpselo ella. Pe-
ro... qu sucedi para que sa-
liera el tiro? Cmo se volvi el
can hacia el rostro de Nel-
son? Quin tenia empuada el
arma, y quin presionaba el se-
guro de la culata en el mo-
mento del disparo? Ella tenia
sujeta la corredera. Estaba bien
segura, porque poda recordar
bien el. roce de las rayas late-
rales contra la vema de los de-
dos. Acaso su mano derecha..'. ?
"Los recuerdos, al llegar a este
?unto. .se mezclan y confunden",
si Nelson hubiera querido sui-
cidarse de manera que ella apa-
reciera culpable de su muerte?
D un hombre como l podan
esperarse todas las monstruo-
La posibilidad de analizar lo
sucedido desde este nuevo n-
gulo la tranquiliza un poco. De
ser asi: de ser cierta esta sos-
pecha, podra seguir odindolo
sin remordimiento alguno y cal-
mar definitivamente la concien-
cia. "Pero era absurdo. Bi hu-
biera querido matarse en forma
que ella apareciera responsable,
lo habra hecho de otro modo.
Adems, siempre que Iba al Club
de tiro de la Zona limpiaba las
pistolas al regreso. Un acciden-
te .. un accidente... Qu pen-
saran los dems? La familia,
los amigos todos, el. Flaca}, el
doctor Palacios y Esther, que
saban...? La habran credo?
Panam, 28 de Agosto de 195L
Carlos Manuel Gasteaxoro,
Estimado Profesor:
Acogindome a los trminos de invitacin de su atenta carta
eon fecha 23 del mes que cursa, me manifieste ratificando los
conceptos' emitidos en torno a lo deficiente para los o1 je-
tlvos de nacionalidad del curso de Historia Patria que *
dicta en nuestra Universidad.
Debo advertir que cuando sealaba la notoria deficiencia
del curso, no reduela mi apreciacin a la calidad del profesor
o la buena o mala sistematizacin terica; pues de leerse con
calma mi modesto trabaje sobre "JUSTO AROSEMENA Y SU
tiende a sealar el poco efecto que la historia tiene como ele-
mento integrador de la nacionalidad panamea.
Por otro lado, para lo que interesa a nuestro pnebl*. no
precisa haber sido alumno del curso de histeria para sentir
sus bondades, ya que es verdad mayor! tariamente a I hombre panameo acusa bastante desconocimiento de a
antecesores y .como quiera que la Universidad LatinnaMericima,
a diferencia de la sajona, tiene como misin fundamental el
robustecer la conciencia cvica de los nacionales; al saiVar
el Ministerio de Educacin y otros organismos y personas se-
rias, las deficiencias generales de los cursos de historia y geo-
grafa de Panam, difcil es excluir de esas criticas al centra
de la cultura panamea, que por lo mismo es mayormente!
Precisa anotar que no fu extraa para mi su contestacin
a las criticas contenidas en mi trabajo a la orientacin gene-
ral de nuestra Universidad en el aspecto que nos ocupa, pera
que Usted localiz en su curso en la parte programtica y es-
trictamente curricular. Y no lo fu porque s que Usted es
uno de los Profesores Universitarios que sienten respete par
la ms alta casa de Estudios de nuestro pas. Me distingue
por eso su carta y siento macho que falte la debida serenidad
que permitiera discutir a fondo sobre las cuestiones planteadas.
Finalmente debo confesar que no podra discutir sobre sa
calidad de profesor de nuestra Universidad. Tampoco sobre sai
programa. Pero en lo que si hay mucio que decir es en le ati-
nente a la disposicin de sus alumnos para reatfoar la tan)
necesaria* labor de divulgacin de nuestra histeria. No me ex-
plico, por ejemplo, por qu los estudiantes de Humanidades
en los cursos de Filosofa e Historia escriben de teda, menea
de lo nuestro; y en cambio los alumnos del Profesor Ernesta
de J. Castillero Plmentel en Derecho Internacional Fabuco si
manifiestan pblicamente, Inquietud por divulgar lo nuestro.
Coa toda la consideracin que me merece un Profesor de
Historia Patria, soy de Usted atentamente,
Se crea ella misma?"
Regina hace otro esfuerzo pa-
ra perforar las ltimas nieblas
del recuerdo y ver con claridad
los detalles todos de la escena.
La sensacin de nusea aumen-
ta, y en las sienes se acentan
los latidos... ...las huellas
estn claras, al parecer... es
mejor rio hablar de eso aho-
ra... la autopsia... la autop-
sia... la autopsia... -
Esta palabra, escuchada poco
antes en su cuarto, le hace ver
a Nelson otra vez. Pero ahora
lo ve descuartizado por los m-
dicos. El crneo mondo, despo-
jado del cabello, y una mano
ensangrentada serrndole los
huesos. Batas blancas; mucha
luz... "Le abrirn el pecho tam-
bin... y el vientre... revolve-
rn sus Intestinos igual que..."
Siendo nia, Regina haba
visto una vaca muerta, atrope-
llada por un camin, en la ca-
rretera de La Chorrera. La ha-
ban destazado tratando de ven-
derla a los vecinos, y el cuadro,
apenas visto, la haba horrori-
zado sin poder librarse nunca
por completo de tan ingrata
memoria. Ahora, al imaginarse
al autopsia de Nelson, la estam-
pa lejana se hace presente y
vuelve a ver aquella Inmensa
bolsa blancuzca y temblorosa de
las visceras, la espantable mi-
rada de aquellos ojos grandes
y vidriosos, la sangre, el olor,
el excremento...
Con gran esfuerzo. Regina
mueve el brazo para limpiarse
el sudor que le corre por la ca-
ra y por el cuello, y una con-
traccin violenta del estmago..
una basca Irresistible, le hace
expulsar por la nariz y por la
boca algo viscoso y muy amar-
go que le produce una dentera
La puerta de la habitacin se
abre sin ruido, y una sombra
blanca se desliza hacia la ca-
ma. La enfermera se inclina so-
bre ella para ver si est dor-
mida, y advierte las pupilas que
brillan en la oscuridad reco-
giendo de algn sitio una chis-
pa d luz. Despus de limpiarla
con esmero, le coloca el ter-
mmetro debajo de la lengua y
le toma una mueca mientras
cuenta en silencio contemplan-
do su reloj de esfera luminosa.
Ciento veinte pulsaciones. A-
lumbrndose con una pequea
linterna de bolsillo, lee la tem-
peratura. Treinta v ocho v nue-
ve dcimas En seguida lo 'ano-
ta en su libreta, y con gesto
afectuoso y voz muv baja le
Cmo se siente?
La respuesta es, apenas, un
Muy mal. muy nuil...
Por favor no se preocupe.
Usted no tiene nada de cuida-
do, bien lo sabe. Los nervios
nada ms. No se deje vencer.
Voy a morirme. Seria me-
jor... por todo. Mucho mejor...
Seora! No diga esas cosas.
Dentro de unos das estar
completamente bien, en su casa,
con los nios. Olvdese de lo
Olvidarme...! Si pudiera...!
Quiere un vaso de leche o
un Jugo de fruta? Debe tomar'
algo. SI no. se va a debilitar,
demasiado. Ya ve lo que dijo'
el doctor esta tarde.
No quiero nada. Nada. nada.
Ponga algo de su parte. Ha-
ga un esfuerzo. Luego dormir
No puedo comer, ni dormir,
ni vivir... Para qu? y Regi-
na se agita en la cama gol-
peando -la ropa con los brazos.
La enfermera se dirige a la
mesa de noche, prende la la
de la cabecera de la cama a
manipula unos momentos con
frascos. Jeringuillas y ampolle-
tas. Despus Regina siente un
leve frotar en una pierna con
la fresca fragancia del alco-
hol; un pinchazo apenas per-
ceptible, un golpe ms bien, y
la oscuridad vuelve de nuevo.
La enfermera le pasa un Iroi.o
de gasa por la frente v por el
cuello, le propina un liquido
dulzn y le arregla las sbanas
murmurando palabras confor-
Ya ver... maana se sen-
tir bien... dormir muy tran-
quila. ..
Por la amplia vf-niana alam-
brada entra una vaga e'nrirlad
y el ruido fugitivo de unas bo-
cinas lejanas que se impone al
de la lluvia. Un perro ewipiesa
a ladrar en la calle.
"Estn saliendo de los cines",
piensa Regina. Y lo Incongruen-
te de sta Idea tan frivola que
acaba de ocurrir sele. la hace
sonrer un poco Despus t ;'1a
de pensar otra vez en su tra-
gedia, pero las imgenes se des-
vanecen antes de tomar forma
definitiva. El fenobarbt'al hace
su efecto.
En el pasillo, el poileia sigue
paseando, y la enfermera, rein-
tegrada a su mesa, lee nn nu-
mero de "pocas" afcrp-ado. ,


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