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"Let the peole the truth and he country sfle" Abraham Lincoln..



PRESIDENT AC DES AI)OSEMENA officially welcdnes the delegates to the Second Extra-
ordinary sessiof the ZterrAmericatn Economic and Social council which opened at 5:30 p.m.
yesterday i tWatlanal University of Panama.

session other nt- n Econo d Social Quncuwil
at 60 p.m. at the NltIoAil University o~ Pan ama.

Foot, Mouth Dseas

Conference Convenes
Panamanian Minister Of Atrti- sional chairman, moved that the
culture, Commerce and Industry rules of procedure be approved.
David Samudio officially opened On a motion by Cuba, Samudio
the First plenary session of the was elected president of the con-
Regional Consultatlve Foot-and tference. Other officials are Dr.
Mouth Plisease (Aftosa) confer- Alcibiades Arosemena, Jr., secre-
ence at.the Chamber of Com- tary general of the conference,
merce building this morning, and technical directors Carlos
Approximately- 33 delegates Urrutia and Alberto Federico de
from 12 countries were in attend- Alba.
ance with delegates from France The agenda of the conference
and O4temala still to arrive. was a&proved with one minor
Represe tatives from Canada, change-that the recommenda-
Costa RPeica, Cuba, Doninipdan re.- tons to be made by Panama be
public. El Salvador, Haiti. Hon- accorded first place. The ap-
durad Mexico, Nicaraguas Pana- proved agenda reads as follows:
ma and the United states were 1. Cooperative action between
present at the conference called the countries in attendance for
by Papama. Also included were the prevention and control. -
delegates from England and the Panama Engineer David Sa-
Netherlands representing their mudio.
gespettive territories situated in 2. The actual state and danger
the Caribbean area. of foot-an-mouth disease in the
Americas Dr. Keith L. Keste-
Carlo Quintero secretary to vey Chief- of the Veterinarian
the Minlterbf Agriculture, dellv- Services, Food 'and Agricultural
ered the welcoming address fol- Organization of the United Na-
lowing which Banmdio, as provi- tions.
3. The Pan American Foot-and-
Mouth Disease Center Drs.
l 'a a Benpjamin D. Blood and Ram6n
ft D" f Rodriuez.
4. Quarantine Regulations -
Canada Orlan Hall, V.S., D.V.
& Methods of Diagnoais of Ve-
The case of the Government of secular Diseases Ervin E. Elch-
the Canal Zone versus Mina Dee norn Director of the Pan Am-
entered its final stage this morn- erican Foot-and-Mouth disease
ing. Jurors were told they must center.
remain together until they reach 6. Modern Methods of Combat-
a verdict ing an Outbreak speaker not
The court recessed at 12:20 p.m. yet announced.
after hearing summations by As- At the Second Plenary session
distant District Attorney ow- (Continued on Page 6, Col. 5)
land K. Hazard and Defense
Counsel Woodrow deCastro. Miin ilomat
This morning the twelve jurors
In the case nvongthe Ameri- R .
bait.freight house cir charg- Brother R
ed With fallure to account fully
for government funds, listened to rom FO i
Instruction given them by Judge
Joseph a. -ieaE LONDON, Aug. 21 (UP)- Alan
Previously, memes of the ju- MacLean, younger brother of,
ry were allowed to go home for missing diplomat Robert Mac-
lunch and After each day's ses- Lean who disappeared with uy
sion. Burgess May 25, has reigned
Today they were warned not to from the British Foreign Office,
comamntcate with anyone by in which he has been a temporary
phond or 'p. officer for four years.
U. 1. Manu l Peter Brennan Foreign Secretary Herbert Mor-
was t ;td .accomnQO y Hrion stressi d that the reina-
them to ch day. tion did not Implicate MaeLn
They were due br return to the In his brother's dlspearance.
part ow-"' and was not fogr ecuriqy reasms.I

Army Sentries Check
t. Gulick Traffic
Al Day Thursday
Army sentries will cooperate
Thursday with Canal authorities
in a traffic check which will be
made on the Fort Oulick Road In
connection with the proposed
new townsite of Margarita.
The check, which will begin at
six a.m. Thursday and continue
until 6 p.m., will be made by sen-
tries at the Fort Gulick gte. It
will assist planners for the new
townsite to obtain the volume of
traffic, the times when traffic Is
heaviest, and the type of vehicles
using the highway.
SThie traffic study is being made
by T. D. Lewis, one of the town-
shte planners who is-spending
several months on the Isthmus.
The cooperation of the Army sen-
tries has been arranged through
Lt. Col. F. G. Steiner, Provost
Marshal for the Atlantic Sector.


EC SOC Group

Price, Reserve

Tampico Battens Down

As Blow Hits Yucatan

TAMPICO, Mexico, Aug. 21 cent of Jamaica's banana crop, a
(UP)-The 130 m.p.h. hurricane major source of Income was de-
li roaring across the Gulf of Mex- stroyed.
Ieo towards this port. About 30 per cent of the Is-
Oti cials fear the loss of life land's other crops was ruined.
may be great in outlying areas Rock slides caused by the storm
whe poor communications pre- have choked Jamaica's roads and
ve the warning of natives liv- railways, ,dealing a sharp blow to
flimsy huts. the tourist trade.
reds of Tampico residents Thousands of homeless persons
are 1eady sheltering in church- are bedded down in churches and
a"d public buildings, other available buildings .
hurricane yesterday caus- Hollywood movie star Linda
ed enormous damage" to the Darnell, on location with a prit-
200-mile wide Yucatan peninsu- ish film company in northern Ja-
la, Which separates the Carib- maica, has cabled her ex-hus-
beat sea from the Gulf of Mex- band in Hollywood that they are
leo. all safe.
At least one person was killed,
scores. were injured and hundreds fim na ke
of homes destroyed. r an M ake
* (flcials said "there must have
some lives lost" in the n- 1
5or of the province, the site of S Z f
the ancient Mayan civilization
but "so far no reports have come
out' because of damage to com-
muftications. 'all Sept. 6
However, they said the toll
would be less than that on the ,
Island of Jamaica, where damage WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP)-
wae estimated conservatively at Pusident Truman today ordered
$50,000,000. and the death toll Is draft age U.S. citizens in the
up,to 115. PanamA Canal Zone to register

Westhge forecastPe waaid
be would bflidj
at sweeps aetos
t Gulf- and might have frIrngp
effects On the south coast 4f
The INIal Air Station at Cor-
pus ChriW has flown 22 planes
inland to Waco.
A partial electric service was
restored today to Kingston, Ja-
maica, for the first time since
the hurricane swept that island
Friday night.
Power Is rationed to. hospitals,
refrigerating plants, pumping
stations and newspapers.
Between 70 per cent and 80 per

Body Found Floating
In Manzanillo Bay
Near Colon Beach
The body of a middle- aged
colored man was found floating
in Manzanillo Bay about 25 feet
of the shdre of-Col6n Beach yes-
terday afternoon.
It was immediately transferred
to the Col6n Hospital Morgue,
but is as yet unidentified.
The body was clothed in khaki
trousers, blue and white checked
shirt and black slippers, and was
believed to have been in the wat-
er about 36 hoUrs when it was re-
m o v e d. A 41-pounid concrete
block was secured to the neck
by a short length of rope.
After being viewed by a coron-
er's jury, It was transferred to
the Gorgas Hospital laboratory
for an autopsy.
Col6n polic have no report of
a missing person meeting this

fore me araft for the first time
So Sept. 6.
.similar .order for Guam was
-litt the smne tim.
The, orders were carried in two
ptoclamations printed in the Fe-
deral Register.
The proclamations said all men
between 18 and 26 must register
at the newly-organtied selective
service systems in the Canal
Zone and Guam between 8 a.m.
and 5 p.m. Sept. 6.
All others must register on
their 18th birthday, or within
five days after.
Selective Service officials here
said the new draft system in
both the Canal Zone and Guam
would start start classifying re-
gistrants immediately.
They will probably be given a
quota to fill when the Armed
Services Issue their October call
for men.

China Deals

Body Blow At

Peace Hopes

TOKYO, Aug. 21. (UP) Red
China dealt a staggering blow at
fading hope for a compromise in
the Korean truce talks today by
saying bluntly that an agreement
was "impossible" unless the Uni-
ted Nations accent the ;8th par-
allel as the armistice line.
The four sub-committee meet-
ing at Kaesong have "failed to
make any progress" toward
breaking the deadlock, the Peip-
ing radio said in the first report
from either side on them.
"If the American side stubborn-
ly adheres to its unreasonable de-
mand for plunder and rejects the
just and reasonable proposal of
our side, an agreement will be
Impossible," the voioe of Red
China said.
Even before the new propagan-
da blast from Peiping. the Kae-
song talks were near collapse
from the impact pf Communist
demands for the 38th parallel and
a harsh protest against alleged
neutrality violations.
"Because the American nego-
tiators obstinately persist in their
unreasonable-demand for a mili-
tary demarcation line and de-
militarized mont north .of the 30th
pralleil-deep tht our positions,
11anik for the past set
enr 1[g have tailed to mn*
(ContinUed on Page Column 4P

New Choplain,
Judge Advocate
Headquarters, USARCARIB, Ft.
Amador, C. Z., today announced
the appointment of a new Chap-
lain and new Judge Advocate for
the command.
The new Chaplain is Col. Har-
old H, Schulz who replaces Chap-
lain (Col.) Edward T. Donahue.
The new Judge Advocate is Col.
Ashton M. Haynes, who is replac-
ing Col. R. H. McCaw.

Gifts Arrive From Far And Near

As Royal Princess Comes of Age

CRAITHIE, Scotland, Aug. 21 (UP). Britain's Prin-
wess Margaret received "happy birthdays" from all over
the world as she came of age today at Balmoral, near
Parcels, telegrams and letters Inundated the Royal
Post Office staff.
Margaret revelled In tens of thousands of pounds
worth of gifts.
The King and Queen jointly gave her a Daimler
The King alone gave her a string of pearls and a
pair of turquoise bracelets, while the Queen gave her
diamond earrings.
She got a diamond tiara from her grandmother,
Queen Mary, and a mink cape from the Canadian cadets
of St. Johns. 0
(A story of Margaret's first 21 years is on page 8.)

Riot Guns Subdue Women Desperadoes

In Alabama Pop Bottle Prison Break

WETUMPKA, Ala., Aug. X3
(UP) Riot gunfire today sub-
dued four women desperadoes
who used pop bottles to over-
power matrons at the Julia Tut-
wiler state prison last night and
fled in a commandeered auto.
Cruising police fired their riot
guns repeatedly to halt the
young women as they sped
though Dothan, Ala., some 125
miles from here after they
abandoned its driver on a lone-
ly road.
Mrs. Edwina Mitchell, prison
superintendent, said the women
overpowered and bound three
unarmed matrons one at a time
to obtain the prison keys and
fled before an alarm could be
Four other women followed
them and hailed rides with
passing motorists who did not
recognize their blue prison
garb, she said.
Two of these fugitives were
captured near Tuskegee, Ala,
one returned voluntarily, and
posses combed a wood behind
the .prison for the eighth as-
caper, a Negro woman.

The four ring leaders .found
Alvin Turner, 42-year-old sales-
man waiting outside for his
wife to get off duty as a prison
matron and forced him to drive
them away at knife point.
"They jumped in my car and
put a knife to my neck," Turner
told authorities. "They stuck
something In my back. They
wanted me to drive away fast."
He said one of the women
later took over the wheel and
put him between herself and
another woman in the front
seat, keeping him covered with
the knife so be could not hail
three highway patrol cars.
He said the women later took
over the wheel and kept him
covered so he was unable to
hail any of at least three high-
way patrol darn which passed
as they sped toward the Ala-
bama border.
They circled back, however,
put Turner off on a side road.
and sped through Dothan. au-
thorities Aid. Truer said they
decided aft* a debate not to
tie him up, and he walked to
a telephone.'

Police Capt. Ed Terry and
Patrolman Hugh Johnston said
they honeycombed the car with
riot gun pellets before the wo-
men Would halt.
1Sheriffs deputies and state
troopers scoured a heavily-
wooded section behind the pri-
son for the remaining fugitive,
identified as Elizabeth Williams,
alias McClain, serving 218 years
on various robbery charges.
Mrs. IMitchell said the wo-
men brandished empty soft
drink bottles to prevent outcry
as they tied up the matrons
and took their money and keys
but did not otherwise harm the
She said a prisoner listed
as Bobble Reese caught a ride
with a passing motorist but
after going a quarter of a mile
asked to be taken back be-
cause she "just realized how
foolish this was."
She said a "great many" cf
the prison's 197 inmates could
have escaped before Mrs. Pearl
LevWl, the first matron over-
powered. could free herself and
spread the alarm.

-.-y,. .-1

She said the four leaders
lured the other two matrons
into traps by sending them
messages by other inmates sum-
moning them to the matron's
She said the four captured
at Dothan will be charged with
robbery and kidnapping in ad-
dition to escape, which alone
could add a year' to the sen-
tences they already are serv-
fhe four were identified as
Smokey Patterson, 24, Joan
Read, 18, Maybelle Gothard,
19, and Mary Lena Wagner, 25.
The other two. captured after
they caught rides to Tuskegee,
Ala., were listed as Mary Ellen
Mapp. 18, and Pbggy Hopson.
Mrs. Mitchell said a prelimin-
ary investigation Indicated the
matrons were In no way negli-
gent, and she praised Mrs. Le-
vins as "the most courageous
woman I've ever known."
Mrs. Mitchell did not expect
any move to arm the matrons.
who serve as the only Inside
guards. There are armed tower
guards outside,





Delegates to the Inter-American Economic and Social
Council's second extraordinary meeting got under way on
a business basis today. at El Panama Hotel.
Following yesterday's formal opening ceremonies, this
was "organization day" for the representatives from the
21 American republics.
Business of the morning was devoted to Committees
One (Price and Reserves) and Three (Transportation).
Afternoon sessions were with Committees Two (Materials
in Short Supply) and Four (Technical and Social Coopera-
Yesterday's formal opening was attended by Presit
dent Alcibiades Arosemena, members fo his cabinet, mem-
bers of the Diplomatic Corps, and other high government
officials of the various republics.
The subject of prices and reserves is expected to
hiahliaht the conference.

* I

Solis Elected

To Preside


More than 150 of the Western
Hemisphere's best authorities on
social and economic affairs met
yesterday afternoon n the "Aula
Maxima" of the University of Pa-
nama for the opening plenary
session of the Second Annual Ex-
traordinary meeting of the Inter-
American Economic and Social
At the end of the day's work,
which consisted of the opening
session and a closed meeting of
delegation chiefs earlier in the
day, the Council had elected as
President of the meeting Doctor
Galileo Solis. Panama's Minister
of Treasury and chief of delega-
tion; had set up four working
committees to span the six items
on its pre-arrknged agenda; and
had fixed September first as its
target date for closing the meet-
United States Delegation Chief
Edward 0. Miller, Jr., Assistant
Secretary of State for Infer-Ame-
rican Affairs, was elected First
Vice-President of the meeting,
and Ecuador's Delegation Chief
Doctor Slxto E. Duran Ballen was
elected Second Vice-President.
Doctor Milo Berchesi of Uru-
guay was named chairman of
the first committee which will
consider agenda item nuthber
one on prices and monetary re-
serves. Joaquin Meyer of Cuba
was named chairman of the
second committee to consider
materials in short supply. Al-
fredo E. Hernandez of Costa Ri-
ca was named chairman of the
third committee on transport'
tion. Jose Romero Loza of Boli-
via was named, chairman of the
fourth committee which will
work on social cooperation,
technical cooperation, and on
the program of work for the
Council for 1952.
In addition to the formalized
and unanimous election of offi-
cers and committee chairmen,
delegates and observers at the
colorful opening plenary session
heard speeches by the President
of Panama, Doctor Alcibiades
Arosemena; Doctor Jorge Mejia
Palacio, of Colombia, president
of the Council: and Doctor So-
lis, who is considered by his fel-
low delegates to be one of Pa-
nama's leading economists.
Delegation chiefs to the meet-
ing agreed to divide into the
four committees which met se-
paratelv today and continuously
thereafter until the final ple-
nary session which has been
tentatively scheduled for Sep-
tember 1.

Egypt Planning
To Encircle
British Garrison
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt, Aug. 21
(UPi The Egyptian Ministry
of War and Marine is planning
to the encircle the British gar-
rison in the Suez Canal Zone
with a string of observation
It Is believed Egypt will restrict
the movement of British troops
otuslde the zone.

, 1 -

-, Li






q ...

Chairman of the Council, Dr.
Jorge Mejia Palacio, of Colombia,
referred to the issue in his ad-
dress at the opening. He said:
"The problem is difficult as can
be seen from the report submit-
ted by the Ad-Hoc Committee of
technical experts in banking that
met a little over a month ago in
Washington but there is always
the possibility of finding solu-
tions when one is motivated by a
sincere spirit of solidarity and co,
operation such as shown by Pan-
Americanism, *many of whose
principles seemed unattainable
when first stated but which years
'qter were so firmly impressed on
the American caslience that to-
oay tney are unquestioned d..
mas of the system."'*
Melia Palaco pointed out thtb
during thelast World War Latn
America delivered aw mter
and food without receiving l*
mediate compnea atlon in mer-
chandise due- t h the scarcity of
manufactured goods. When the
supply was able to meet the de-
mand, however, foreign exchange
had lost the purchasing power 1t
had when it was received so that
the estimated net cost to Latin
America of postponing purchases
was about one billion dollars.
Argentine Delegate Dr. Ovidio
Schiopetto, counsellor of the Ar-
gentine Embassy in Washington,
also commented on the problem
today. He told The Panamr
American that he held little hope
the meeting would provide a sol-
ution to the inflationary dollar
payments by the United States.
Schiopetto said the recent
Washington conference failed to
find a solution to the issue and
he thought it would be difficult
to reach total accord here be-
cause so little time has elapsed
since the last meeting and be-
cause so many of the same dele-
gates are attending this meet-
"However," he added, "it Is al-
ways best to try and progress in
these discussions and atempt to
reach an agreement satisfactorY
to all."
Panama's President Alcibiades
Arosemena, told delegates yes-
terday he was sure the meeting
would produce "a formula from
which more effective coopera-
tion among the peoples of this
hemisphere will be born."
Speaking in the auditorium of
the University of Panama, Pre-
sident Arosemena added "it will
riot be possible for our peoples
to eajoy true political liberty
as long as they suffer unjusti*
flable privations inconsistent ,.
with their dignity as human
(Continued on Page 6, CoL 80 .

New Credit Union

Appoints 3-Man

A nominating committee was
appointed last night at an orga-
nizational meeting of the newly-
formed Army-Navy-Air Force
employes' credit union. It is John
Gibson, Richard Kelsey and Ho-
bard McConnell.
The meeting in the Curundt
Civic Center, submitted the pro-
posed name of "Government EmI
ployes' Federal Credit Union" for
approval to the Bureau of Federal
Credit Unions.
Nominations for officers will be
submitted by the committee at
their next meeting Sept. 10 at
7 30 prm. in the Curundu Civio
Officers will then be elected for
the balance of this year. A Board
of Directors will also be elected.
All employes of the Armed
Forces are eligible for member-
ship in the new credit unlon If
they are U. S. citizens.
They are urged to attend WA
Sept. 10 meeting.


* !~i iANAM4 :


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Depa


Great White Fleet

NI 4


New Orleans Service

S.S. Fiador Knot ..........................
S.S. Levers Bend ............................
S.S. Chiriqui ............... .. ...........
S.S. M ayarl .................................
S.S. Chiriqui ............ ...... ..... ..... ..
(Handling Refrigerated Chilled and General CMr

New York Freight Service
S.S. Cape Avinof ........... ...... .....
S.S. Cape Cumberland .......................
S.S. Cape Cod ...............................
S.S. Cape Ann .............................
Weekly Sailings to New York, Los An'eles, San Franets
Occasional Satllnpg to New Oreans and Mobtli
(The Steamers In this service are limited to twelve pa
frequent Freighl Sallings from Cristobal to West Coast Cei
Cristobal to New Orleans via
Tela, Honduras
S.S. Chiriqui .... (Passenger Service Only) ....
S.S. Chiriqui ............... ... ..............

The Pacific Steam Navigation Cc
Royal Malls Lines Ltd.
M.V. "LOBOS" .........................
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ...........................
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO"* .................
S.S. "TALCA" ......... .........................
S.S. "CUZCO" .................................
S.S. "LOCH RYAN"** .... .. .........
S.S. "LOCH AVON" ............................
S.S. "PAMPAS" .............................
B.. "DRIlA" ................................
*Accepting pa ngo in Flsrt. Qabin and-Tbl
**Superior aefommgodation available for asme
All sailing subject to change without ni
PACIFIC STEAM NAV. CO., Crist6bal, Tel. 11
FORD COMPANY Inc., PanamA TeL 3-157/1258:



(Every room with private bathroom

Tel. Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 106

accepting passengers for

Los Angeles and San Fran

m.s. "AJAX"

Tel.:: Cristobal 1781 Balboa 1


FOR mi&ded
Is your akin tender, dry or oily?
blemiahed by unsightly pimples, bl
rash? Cuticura Soap was peiaUy s
-am well as for everyone with n
who'd like to keep complexion prol
C umsamgmt and al wc J madw
udp raeve irrit~u.
se. mips.. mild, neutral. a- ath-e
aMauer w. th world over.

uI a I At O 0 rOUR ACI AND Ail

...Aug. 21 .. i Li
... Ang. S31 AST 'Fun 'rrIT., RMVICS rtwalrw=
...Sept. 14 (A Limited Number of PasenSer Berth"a
...Sept. 16 TO EUROPE: \
S.S. ouen..................................... ...... Septem ber 14
pb._ S.S. Port En Bessin.................................. september 15 FRECKLU ANDU RiND L
risblS.S. Bernlere .......................... .................... August $T1 Sr 9r ASIDS, TiMP / EMs oW. .LLATTEND
Crist b l s.V ......................A.......ut....I............. A 0st, 80, p /
.. Sept. 9 M.S. Chill ............................................ September 3
S.Sept. 23 "Ile De France" ........................................ Augustlg
"De Grasse" ............................................. August 30
o. Settle Liberte" ..... .................................... September. 7
Passenger Service from CARTAGENA to EUROPE Via Caribbean Perts:
sse ers) "Colomble .............................................. August 2
S"Hawa anam: anker" DO A S.Port Li- BoxLtd. hp1038
Arrives Tel. PanamA 3-1683 3.1691
..Sept. 4 h* e i

"Hawailian Banker"' Port Line Ltd. Ship
Arrives Today Arrives Tomorrow TLOOMAN AuEADAND TO MAKE IT WOK 0
The Hawaiian Banker, a Mat- The Port Dunedin, 'a British ANOWAYO D'-M I rILL IMPRE r 7%"S
sen Navigation Company ship, ship due in tomorrow afternoon O .OUR ISE BY BELYN
arrives in Balboa today, carrying will berth, and take on bunkers HASQTA TE SKULL WrH
a full load of cargo and pineap- In Cristobal. She is en route to! OMETIMEE,*0 AN'CUFFS
1540 ples from the Hawaiian Islands New Zealand from Canada, and NOT -
to the United States. Local agent carries several passengers. W. An-
is Norton-Lilly and Co. drews Is the local agent. .
VICES "Hawaiian Citizen" Curacao Water Shortage
STS Transits Canal To Be Eased
Due in Cristobal at 8 this morn- The Cistula, due today, and the
A ing, the Hawaiian Citizen Is car- Lagenfield, due Thursday, will
trying a load of general cargo for anchor at Gatun Lake and fill up *
CHILE the Hawaiian Islands from the on fresh water destine for Cu-
United States. It is also a Matsen racao. They belong to the Anglo- S
Aug. 24th Navigation Co. ship. Saxon Petroleum Company and
,..Aug. 25th are. arriving without cargo in or-
INGSTON Ask der to return to Curacao with as 10 M
IN T HoMlyr oes A much fresh water as possible. W. .. ..... ....... .....
UNA, Andrews, local agent, stated that
Front ,.n n in Tro s due to the lack of rain there, Cu- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hey,I,
roAt L irhoop racao suffers fresh water short-
.Aug. 25th ages frequently.
To Informal Parley
Aur. 28th 8TH ARMY HQ., Korea. Aug. "
.Sept. 8th 21 (UP) For three days Unit-l "% 1%
RICA LINE ed Nations patrols all along the it
Korean, froht have been receiv- ...
ing mysterious letters proposing
...Aug. 21st that United Nations and Chi- ."
Aug. 25th nese frontline units arrange an JACOBY ON RIDGE
u. 25th Informal armistice themselves
while the ceasefire talks con-
Set th tlnue at Kaesong. By OSWALD WAtCOBY |e for N
.Sept. 7th The letters are in h, un- Written for NA Service
..8ept, 27th grammatical and awkwa rdly
I -0a1 1 c"- mpedo hav b jeft inad-
ngers fneOf the oULt gwhereNOIRTH
entra United Natlonpiprob would" 16Q 67
tl~e*. find them, or have been deliver- 10 08
154A- 14 ed by Korean farmers who asp-' K K5
Balboa 19M proachedt he. United Nationsa .. .
patrols under a white flag. 84
Addreoed to "Americans and WAi', BASt (D) CAPTAIN AST WaS hon
British officers and men" the 6852 6 AKJ93
handwriten letters are practic- VK VS 7 4
ally identical. *AS v1 *762 ON ...YOU CTM \ THI03Sw CONFIRM V11 ou n
LINE They My: OJ92 'Q10913 IMaiM y MSM1uom KOeKIR CM o
1) The peace talks at Kaesong sUT SURPRISE, MI. THAT McTIOS PLANNEp T w MM l TtHA
have been going on since July 10 .A McKS 1 V QCS ROLSQM ivWA T lst N"LTEC
DR: but soldiers on both sides conti- VAQ 6 02 4 DOWN CRtOOHN-
2) To eliminate needless ca- A 4
sualtles the United Nations and W v
Communist frontline t r o o p EW vuL
should talk to each other; N-S 40 part score
3) When the United Nations East South West North
and Red forces come into con- Pass 1 4 Pass 1 4
tact they should wave white Pass 2V Pass 26
flags as a signal that they are Pass 2N.T. Pass 3
ready to talk; Pass Pass Pass
4) Replies to the letters should Optning lead- A
be sent through Korean inha-
bitants of the frontline areas,
and should include any ques-
tions or demands for assur- "Second hand low" is a fairly
ances; good general rule for defensive
C. 5) At a time to be agreed on play. If the declarer leads from VI TINT TIe Get
delegates of frontline units his own hand or from the dum- IC FLINT
55 should meet In No Man's Land my and if you are next to play,
as a "friendly party." each side it is usually wise to play one of--
to guarantee the other's secur- your cards. PLU- WHADOAYA WHAr A
ity "on the basis of military There are dozensof situations THAT THINK. TV .w M
honor." to try to stop all fight- in which you must break the Ple-1R, s.R DOIN '
iN ing possible. rule. For example, it may be vital -TUD T|
for you to win a trick rather
partner. Today's hand is a case
in point.
West opened the ace of dia-
monds and continued with the
cisc eight of diamonds. How should
cisco ideclarer play the hand?
When the hand was actually
played South saw that the de-
fenders were threatening to take
all of the trumps out of dummy.
This would prevent him from
ruffing a club.
The best chance to preserve the ..._ .
club ruff was to win the second
Trick in dummy with the king OUR BOARUING HOUB3. with MA OS 'USUL
\r eof diamonds and return a low .. Sa
INC \\i A L club at once. This gave East thea .. .;
INC.n chance to be a hero. He should r A ICe A M z 'eau, si
.065 he could lead a third round of LF-ONCE NO0ED A 66-1,,.3 D "'aS FUM I
trump, so it was vital for him OL Pth) OEF 1'N ALAPA4O6 CATrCHit4 'SM!
-$ BE! g to win whatever club trick was ,ISt..0DS -! MY 'V@ rMIA 90
*MAIIIR surrendered by declarer. F:IEDS. "
Actually, East played a low lifoRROWEDMY )-C A ST $1-j 4
mmmmmmmne club---just as most players would. EG.IPMCNT IF OY
SGA eW EIjy a fragran.t heart cup This was what South had been fpTA o~s u T AT M t

. superb blend of choice Ceylo W to West. LINE!E.TY A
Now the defenders were
as India teas. Available also through. West led a spade to
South's ace, and declared took
Oceasionay In tea bas. the ace of clubs and ruffed a
made fo~ee '- ten of hearts and let it ride a-
ormal akia. round to West's jack.
blem........W est led another spade, fore-
* t4 iLL. could draw the last trump. cash
s wa, ,d fe easI l [ the ace of hearts and give up a
IJ second heart trick. Nothing could
m .. bals stop him from fulfilling his con-
i-cL ini... v tract with the last trump and
I IVUV DAYt the aueen of hearts. I ., '7

DIAl" s If East had managed to win
the first or second club trick -
he could have led a third round A t
of trumps. Then South would r P irwf
,1-- have lost the club ruff. falling ISTER ,.
one trick short of bla couract. -


wt -Mas

e One!

71 -



SVrT g-TIME. I Ev sseeJ )I tC'rT WJT ITrr
dO.NTL. U&Ke T WSrrV A LOCOeP 'cCH THisHoo&
1Ltc- -




.*, ~



- .*..*

. ".

He.asos idt min oCh e Prerer gamblingIne states where ItoI s.y
^ iP/latW Cre Gam e s L e serve"i"ce which pply h It'. a deliiou beverage
Cut JUt LPIJJ racing and other news to newi-
t papers and radio stations and the i jh contains no essmulant
Smenewspapers and radio stations t help. you enjoy a restful lee
i WASH To, Aug.21 (UP- The group Is considering the themselves would be exempt, it's prepared right in the cup
The Seate Crir Committee's crime committee' proposals for Coy agreed with the Crime with hot water or milk
Sn o lantto-w.tvoe oBmunlcatlons striking at Interdtate crime and Committee that, illegal gambing T
esd" .a t, .- n taautde n m on uttbi n dol- gambling. oo "constitutes a menace to the well
Solar was reject- The crime Investigat' prop- being of the United States. which and ry l
WASHINGT6N Als i21 t Trum s ed y tei mmunica- osal was in a bill recently intro- must be dealt with promptly, A
Se MA tons yesterday as duced by Chairman Herbert R. vigorously and effectively."
W -red ConrS gIiI b st UW "ust;unasi .t ctua." OConor,. D., Md and co-apon- "We cannot understand." he
Continue its b d oe o te it A rUnion e. t Thee ad urged Con- scored. by the othir four commit- added., the logic of trying to deal
reersst f i ( greas to law requiring a tee members. with the situation by means of a
reverses iseLf O ofrT s U oncd .le IT wan d b federal r the interstate The nfeasure would mike It a cumbersome licensing wy stem
peace A. y *' ee t, r I S transmiaston or tting informa- crime for anyoeie to send across which sl alien in all respects to w
"if the gCo vernment A *the-fso it IA t l wan*ts t W tion. state lines any data about horse well-established c o n c e p t s of
Mr. Trumansns mesn, e .on, ene sm I or dog racing or bettingni fotma- common carrier regulation." -*ab'n
progress toward peace", Mr. Tremt o soin 'a aoIuecial mes- -- But Chairman Wayne Coy tion about othet sparn eVnts He said the measure is too com-
sage to the legilters,- "it can stop flouting tihe authority WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 (UP) Members of thffe Con- stood fast ot the FCC's own anti- without a license from he com- plex to be enforced and ontains
repy t otheegt~ rsi,,-rend to.her thrie- Wh l lNAu. 21m)embers ot..the ,m n.Russ n. hndsg blna pr6grm. mission. so many loop-holes that It would
of the United Nations. gresional Atomic Energy Committee told the House yesterday -It c for a outright ban. Under the ensure, the com- be "an inappropriate and nef-
In an obvious reference to Korea, the President sug- thatRussia has bigger A-bombs and more of them than U. S. or criminal penal- mission would. .e required to necal method" o racking
defiance of the United Nations. They did not give the sourceof their information, but it bets, odpaid In races.
He also said the Kremlin should stop subversive move- is known that the committee f recently received a new and omin- position in a letter to Chairman Gr d L
ments in other countries and he alleged Russia to be 'ous report from the Central Intelligence Agence on Russian A. dSnC. Johnon, R., ol., of P Y X IAD rd I
* more liberal Wnth fundamental human rights and join "in bomb production the Senate Commerce Commit- I
good faith" in 'seeking real disarmament and control of Civil Defense Administrator Millard F Caldwell referred
atomic energy. to the aune report in testimony before the House Appropri an atomiatk "can be enor-
"Such acts would do far more He said the policies most likely tons Committee released last week. with foresigh and prudence."
than any words to show that the to curb'Soviet aggression are the He said it calls for "drastic" changes in U.S. civil defense He said Congress "should It's years ahead of another irdle!
Soviet hflon really Wants peace," United Nalionslaction oi Koreao-bt brtsuppoetdthesciviisdnf.nse
the ati th really wants peace, n s te hat h r e plans to prepare cities for attacks by "heavier" weaponssi than e no on th book o"e A d
"Unless we have concrete cvl- Mr. 'Truman especisly. urged else we should decide that And thaos because the New Playtex
dence that the ovietUnon has Conress o store the 30,000, somehow our approach s wrong,
in fact changed its policies. I 000 ou e cut In- appropriations Deapite Caldwell's warning, The only official who has and start fresh.' FAB-LINED Girdle has all the famous
cannot advise the Congress to for the voice of Ameica because the house committee slashed ever used numbers in discus- FABire a al e famous
change the policies of the United all possible means should be used Cevil defense funds nearly ** ing the subject was Chairman
ate tocarry the American message per ent, from $535,000,00 'to Gordon Dean of the Atomic Playtex figure-slimin power and
otat through the Iron Curtain. ,thath. Energy Commission who told a .
Mr. Truman sent his message Mr. Tru ma sent the original Reps. Melvin Price, D., Ill., news conference some monthly
to Congress along with the recent onesln resolution o and Henry M. ackson D. ago that "15, 10 or even 5 A- freedom of action plus fabric next
reply from Soviet President Ni- friendship to. Shvernik with a re- Wash.,oth members of the bombs" in Russian hands
ola M. Shernk to a "fred nat th t be distributed to the Atomic Energy Com ittee, would be too many for co- to Your Skin. So cool, so comfort
ship resolution" adopted bif Con- h dvlet people. opened a fight on the House fort."
gress erlier this year. There was no ell y for a month floor. yetrday to restore the Price said that eveiy f the fabGirdleikea,
Mr. ruma said he will repl and the Soviet people were not civil een tunds. dangerof multiplee dro at- able! And like a Playtex it
to Shvernlk's letter "in the near told of the American action un- Warning that anyone who ig- mic attacks is discounted, Ame-
future. I shall ask thatmyreply, tilAg. 7whenMr.Truman re- nore the danger of the atomic rian cities have urgent rca-
like the Congressional-resoilton ceived a belatedVeply. attack is "living in a fool's par- son to prepare their civil de- w hes in seconds, d e in a as.
be made public in the Soviet Un- The President said yesterday adise," Price bluntly told the senses.
lon," he said. that he thought one reason the House:c Single drops one A-bomb i l
Soviet government finally per- "Russia has more atomic per city woul4 cause 126,- A-
The Celf Uxeeti eniamha- snittmed tpublictn of the reo b6jubs than we expected and IN casualties In. St. LouIis, Ti t
sized that the Soviet reply 11V" lution was the they are bigger and more po- 1)1,000 In Washington, 154,- In slim Godenube
"no assurance that there will be Voice of America ladbroadcast tent than previously believed." 00 in Chicago, and 20,000
anychae In the hostile and the text contitus, dil He did ot elaborate on his I n New York, h s e a ei.
expansionist PQlft of the 80- ins theat xistence of the electifying, one-sentence report For other major cities, hee5 AND
lietter Uno whih now -threaten met, on Soviet atomic output, Said, the casualties to be 01- wTA?
world peace." Ev en though an official oviet ut Jackson said each .ntel- tced from single Abomb
relwworldas Published aidc-by-side gen report received in Wash- bursts are:- Detrolt, 11,00;;
He said the Kremlin also could es in, te i g ves am I ttl e darker oston, 165,000; Kans as ity
help overcome the free world's President sal4 It inarked "a step of the Soviet atomic stockpile. Seattle, 59,000, San Francisee,
doubts bout its peaceful iten- forward in the struggle to pene- "It s just plain indisputable 74,000; andLos Angeles, 3
tons by making "constructive trate the Iron Curtain with words that the Soviets are the 0.
contributions" toward peace trea- of truth." tU. tat he ovi n the 000.
contributions" toward peace tria and of truth." atomic weapons business on The figures reflect the poiu-
ties with Germany. Austria and Mr. Truman urged Congreasto a big scale apd wit every lation density persquare mile
Japan. pa the full $115a,600,000 appro- 4ay and week that passes. in the various cities. L P ARI SI
Russia has blocked alle rt ration for the Voic of America they are adding to their stock- Price's estimates were nota-
to write an Austria treaty andis because he said It is essential to pile," he said bly larger than the casualty aM113 CeWn r A
expected to try to block a Ja- open up all nosaible channels of Price said the "tough facts" predictions previously used by
anese treaty at the San FrancIsco communications, make it plain that Russia has civil defense officials, and ap-
conference whichtrts Sept. 4. "If the Congresa expects to be enough A-bombs to blast U. S. apparently took into account the
Germany is hRpelessly divided successful In the battle for men's cities with "multiple drops" "bigger and more potent" size
into East and West anId there is minds. It must support a sustain- or several bombs per major now attributed to Soviet A-
no chance of an overall treaty ed and consistent campaign for city bombs.
there that purpose," he said t. He did not give any figures, Earlier figures had been based
The President said shvernik 's The Shv ternik letter and the re- ut a District of Columbia civil on A-bombs of the same des-
lettr ad te accompany re- solution first were made public defense official told a House tructive power as the "early A All
ution of the Soviet Preidium pon their delivery to this coun- c ttee recently that he has models" which demolished Hiro- 1 AICl A lenuC WOU I SaV-
^ larFly s _er o and misprepT5' .t Lt. 7. w I i fi now shima ard fagasAkl, Japa
n",,.r+ r : O1"The UnIQ states l ii
uentlyA," Mr. TuW nml t both to the HO ae ae d this in- improved on those o an
said," urge that the Congress Senate to make doubly s t s formatiop from "peroa stwho is now mass-producing bombs
igove ahead with the great pro- country practices what It pftac have seen classified reports, in- from six to 10 times as power- TA
gram f national security and s. eluding members d ngress." ful.
world peace that is now before The Soviet reply was a general- No responsible federal official It is also working on a hydro- .
It." ized peace program which the ever has estimated publicly the gen superbomb which could be
Russians have spread around the size of the Soviet atomic stock- up to 1.000 times as powerful.
e. risl Teachere world on several occasions before. pile. Jackson said casualties from
Cristobo l Teacher
Jaoes E. Stearnsis. aa
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FORT DAVIS, Aug. 21-James il L I. 14' f I L *
tearns, a major in the,
Any Reserve, today began a f batter had
two-week tour of duty with eeAe h e z ply
Headquarters, 764th AAA Gun, T I Mquezic We o d *
Fdrt Davis. Major Stearns is M a ch
regularly eploye an a lan- su and dinner jackets! worked and the misse pit
Major Stearns was bornand A NEW Ballga e isover. whara
reared in West Palm Beach, A NEW, excluSive
Florida, and has a Bachelor of -
Science degree and a Master of Thrillin S
Arts degree from the Univer- *EE -ue.D
sity of Florida at Gainville.ust as You Could Never Tell About a Ball Game-
During world ar II he serv-You Could Never Tell About Life-
ed in the European theateroforrwA E

a s assistant c ommanding off-me B
fllowig a. long llness. feature found only ine t-
FuMarnerdil Tonorrow Just as You Could Never Te to fall About a Ball Game-
Fusince 1926. services for James G.
his WCallender, 1027 E. allender; a wi- W i.iA d i e v er Te A br L e
at St. Peter's Church in Bal-

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+\ .s.,= .,, -Opposio Anoon Post o ,, "

'-; 4. ". :

. ..


Take One Game Le


Swimmers Splash To Eleven

New Records In Gamboa Meet

Before the capacity crowd that
attended the swimming meet
sponsored by the Physical Educa-
tion Branch, 185 entries vied for
individual honors at the Gamboa
Pool on Aug. 18
The meet was featured by the
close racing in most of the events
and the number of records brok-
The following contestants be-
came eligible for the record board
at Gamboa: Larry Siegel, David
"Sundquist, Ann Magee, Janice
Malone, Laura Walston, Beverly
Crawford, Camille Ellis, Sandra
McKay, Estelle Davidson, Lloyd
Henderson, John Snodgrass, Les-
lie Henning; John Magee, Jeff
Goodin, Bob Connor, Joan Ander-
son. The results of the race were
as follows:
40-Meter Breaststroke (boys 14
and under). Time 29.7
1-David Sundquist, Gamboa.
2-David Otten, Diablo.
3-Brian Cox, Cristobal.
40-Meter Breaststroke (girls 14
and under). Time 52.1
1-Beverly Crawford, Gamboa.
2 and 3-No entries.
20-Meter Kickboard Non-Swim-
mers (boys and girls 5 and hnder)
Time 36.4-New Record.
1--stelle Davidson, Gathn.
2-Marcy Wood, Gamboa.
3-No entry.
20-Meter Kickboard Non-Swim-
mers (boys and girls 6 and under)
Time 26.0
1-Helen George, Gathn.
2-Fay Appleby. Gamboa.
3-Rusty Field, Margarita.
20-Meter Backstroke (boys 12 and
under). Time 14.2-New Record
1-Lloyd Henderson, Gamboa.
2-Bob Barnes, Cocoll.
3-John Bennett, Margarita.
20-Meter Backstroke (girls 12 and
under). Time 17.6
1-Joan Anderson, Gamboa.
2-Ann Field, Cocoll.
3-Lynda Cunnlngham, Gatun.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 7 and
under). Time 16.5
1-Gerry Crawford, Gamboa.
2-Dick Able, Pedro Miguel.
--James Wood, Balboa.
20-'Meter Freestyle (girls 7 and
under). Time 18.5
1-Charlene Morency, Gamboa.
2-Jean Walker, Cocoli.
3-No entry.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 10 and
under). Time 13.5
1-James Pederson, Gamboa.
2-Bob Barnes. Cocoll.
3-George Cotton, Gatun.
20-Meter Freestyle (girls 10 and
n under )5rime 1w.U P R.
1-Edith McNeil, Balboa.
2-Sandra McKay, Gamboa.
3-Alice Taber, Margarita.
40-Meter Freestyle (boys 14 and
under). Time 24.3-New Pool Rec.
1-David Sundquist, Gamboa.
2-David Otten. Diablo.
3-William Wetzel, Margarita.
40-Meter Freestyle (girls 14 and
under). Time 29.5-New Pool Rec.
1-Laura Walston, Gamboa.
2-Marie Jenkins, Cocoli.
3-Emily Riley, Pedro Miguel.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 6 and
under). Time 21.4
1-Lee Henning, Gamboa.
2-Terry Slaughter, Gatun.
S-No third entry.
20-'Meter Freestyle (girls 6 and
under). Time 20.2-New Pool Rec.
1-Leslie Henning. Gamboa.
2-Jean Walker. Cocoll.
3-No third entry.
0O-Meter Freestyle (boys 9 and
under). Time 13.--New Pool Rec.
1-John Snodgrass. Gamboa.
2-DaVid' Browne, Balboa.
3-George Waldron, Margarita.
20-Meter Freestyle (girls-9 and
under). Time 13.0-Tied Old Pool
1-Judy Phelps, Gamboa.
2-Mickey Walker. Cocoll.
3-Diane Hickey, Balboa.
40-Meter Backstroke (boys 14 and
under). Time 32.1
1-Bob Connor. Gamboa.
2-Jose Blackburn, P. Miguel.
3-Bill Wetzel, Margar!ta.
40-Meter Backstroke (girls 14 and
under). Time 37.7
1-Laura Walston, Gamboa.

2-Susan Hale, Pedro Miguel.
3-Sandra Keane, Margarita.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 1 and
under. Time 11.2-New fPoj Rec.
1-Larry Siegel, Balboa.
2-Don Ryter Gameboa.
3-Chyck Jenkins. Cocoll.
20-Meter Freestyle (girls 12 and
under). Time 13.3
1-Camille Ellis, Gamboa.
;-Rebecca Able, Pedro Miguel
3-Wendy Cotton, Gatun.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 8 and
under). Time 15.0
1-Dick Henning, Gamboa.
2-George Cotton, Gatun.
3-James Ward, Balboa.
20-Meter Freestyle (girls 3 and
under). Time 17.0
1-Kathleen McConaghy, Bal.
2-Danlelle Harned, Cocoll.
3-Charlene Morency, Gambos
40-Meter Freestyle (boys 13 and
under). Time 26.7
1-Bob Connor, Gamboa.
2-Ed Cunningham, Margarita.
3-Brian Cox, Cristobal.
40-Meter Freestyle (girls I1 and
under). Time 33.4
1-Miretta Cheek. Cristobal.
2-Beverly Crawford. Gamboa.
3-No third entry.
20-Meter Breaststroke (boys 12
and under). Time 14.5-New
Canal Zone Record
1-Larry 81egel, Balboa.
2-Lloyd Henderson, Gamboa.
3-Harry Keepers, Gatun.
20-Meter Breaststroke (girls 12
and under). Time 13.6
1-Camille Ellis, Gamboa.
2-Sandra Keene, Margarita.
3-Geraldine McGriff, P. M.
20-Meter Freestyle (boys 11 and
under). Time 12.4
1-Don Ryter, Gamboa.
2-Fernando Gulot, Cocoll.
3-Jeff Slaughter, Gatun.
20-Meter Freestyle (girls 11 and
under). Time 14.3
1-Joan Anderson, Gamboa.
2-Ann Field, Cocoll.
3-Lynda Cunningham, Gatun.
80-Meter Relay. Freestyle (boys
12 and under). Time 55.6
1-Gamboa (Snodgrass, Peder-
son, Ryter, Henderson).
80-Meter Relay, Freestyle (girls
12 and under). Time 58.6-New
Pool Record.
1-Gamboa (Joan Anderson, C.
Ellis, J. Malone, S. McKay),
3--Pedro Miguel.
80-Meter Relay, Freestyle (boys
14 and under). Time 46.4-New
Pool Record.
1-Gamboa (Sundquist, Magee,
Goodin, B. COn or.
2--No other entries. -
80-Meter Relay, Freestyle (girls
14 and under). Time 65.5-New
Pool Record
1-Gamboa (A. Magee, J. Ma-
lone L. Walston, B. Craw-
The Gamboa participants made
a splendid showing at the meet
by capturing twenty-four first
place awards. Balboa, Gatun and
Cristobal followed with four, two
and one winners, respectively.
The timers were Coach Palum-
bo, Cristobal; Coach Lust, Mar-
garita; and Mr. Connor of Gam-
boa. Don Connor, Helen Edwards,
and Bill Beal judged first, second
and third place, respectively.
John Pettingill. Director of
Physical Education and Recrea-
tion, was official starter, and
Paul Moser, coach at Ganfboa,
was clerk of court. The announc-
er was Mr. Magee of Gamboa.
Mrs. C. J. Connor, Virginia Ryter,
Mary Dillon, and David Hender-
son worked at the recorder's desk.

Hit tFood Pressure

eart. ha short bruL -
dIaitlon, peitation, and woell -
aMkla, you can get almost Inataut
relief from thee danerous nmp.
tome with i"YNOX Ask
chemist for YTNOXtoiayan
Me D ea wer few

Upsets Feature First R und Eddie Burgin Gares Winsl

Esso Golf Tournament Pfy To Arrive Fow
Io V Ide Ha 1 / ".. "

5*5,1:^^ ~ l \4 ^ First round mathelis on all l N1W YOMI Aug. 21 The lhdKi uisub&1i ur.
Battlefield, nall Of Fame flightswerstgedsatarady Hatd-hIt UP ddie ourginW et t t ^ hesoterI 54j.
8d&i eaF e. ..eHard-hitt pan gddletdurm dk, 00hd4A

Virtually Tied In Scramble t ulI7 f .ereg nl g gro* *

For Top 3 Yeear--Old Hono- -rs t'caaleitm-
ilusicker ac n the nthiete fight Theewashi ut thofoehioa n*le dtl *i n a th

I -0-

NEW YORK, Aug. 21 (UP) --
The scramble for three-year-old
racing honors is virtually back
where it was before the spring
classics. Battlefield and Hall Of
Fame are running a neck and
neck race for division honors.
Both colts came through with
expected victories over the week
end. Battlefield won the historic
Travers Stakes at Saratoga
Springs, N.Y.. while Hall Of Fame
racked up the American Derby
at Chicago.
The win for Hall Of Fame was
worth more in the bankroll de-
partment. The Greentree Stable
colt earned more than $61,000 in
winning the Derby at Washing-
ton Park to run his earnings for
the year to about $194,000. The
Travers-though rich in tradi-
tion-paid $15,000 to the winner.
That pushed Battlefield's win-
nings for the season to $149,000.
The win for Hall Of Fame is his
fifth straight stake victory. He
also won another of Chicago's
major three-year-old races, tak-
ing the $100,000 Arlington Classic
last month. However, it was tough

Amerkan League
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.B.
Cleveland. 75 43 .636 -
New York. 74 44 .627 1
Boston. 70 46 .6083 3
Chicago. 65 58 .547 10
Detroit 56 61 .479 18
Washington 47 69 .405 27
Philadelphia 46 73 .387 29
St. Louis 36 79 .313 37

Today's Games..
Washi gton at CevrIl (N).

Philadelphia at Chicago (N).

Yesterday's Results
FIRST GAME (Twilight)
New York 000 -000 021-3 8 1
Detroit 011 110 02x-6 11 1
Lopat (10-7) and Berra; Trucks
(0-7.1, Trout and Swift.
(Second Game)
New York .. .......... 12
Detroit...... .... .. 5
Washington ......... ..3
Cleveland ............ 5
(Only Games Scheduled.)

Sports Briefs
Officials of the Pro National
Football League New York Yanks
say they are definitely lntere.ted
in Al Pollard. However, the for-
mer West Point halfback hasn't
been signed to a contract yet.
The University of Wisconsin
has accepted an invitation to
compete against Louisiana State
University in the Sugar Bowl
Boxing Tourney Dec. 27. It will be
the first appearance in the New
Orleans Sugar Bowl Tournament
for the Big 10 university. LSU on
the other hand, has won the last
three Sugar Bowl boxing meets.

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S. A.

Across from El Rancho Tel&. 2-08265, 2-0826

going for awhile in the Derby-for.
Hall Of Fame.
A virtually unknown colt fresh
from the allowance ranks gave
Hall Of Fame a run for it In the
stretch. It wasn't until the final
strides that Hall Of Fame pulled
clear to win by nearly a length.
The story was much the same
in the Travers, where Battlefield
had to go all out in the stretch to
beat Yildiz by nearly a length.
Jockey Eddie Arcaro sent Battle-
field after the front-running YII-
diz at the turn for home. The two
colts went at it head and head
until the final yards when Bat-
tlefield took over and crossed the
line first.
The question as to which is the
better three-year-old-Hall Of
Fame or Battletield-may be set-
tled next month. They both seem
certain to return to New York for
the $20,000 Discovery Handicap
Sept. 8, and the $20,000 Jerome
Handicap Sept. 26. Hall Of Fame
already has beaten Battlefield
once-in the Arlington Classic.
Another win for the pride of the
Greentree Stable would all but
settle the championship.

National League
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.B.
Brooklyn 74 41 .4AS -
New York.. 68 51 .51L1 S
St. Louis 56 56 .500 1 6
Philadelphia 57 60 .487 18
Boston. 54 59 .478 19
Cincinnati 53 63 .45? 214j
Chicago 51 63 .447 22%
Pittsburgh 49 69 .416 .26!

Today's Games
Pittsburgh at B aste.).jN
St. Louis at Brooklyn (N. '
Cincinnati at New York.

Yesterday's Results
(Postponed, Inclement Weather)

Little League
(Championship Series)
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet.
Ifill La Bocans. .. 2 1 .667
Twin City Rookies. 1 2 .333
4:15, Tuesday, at Red Tank.
Ifill La Bocans took a one-
game lead in the championship
series of the Local Rate Little
League by shading Twin City
Rookies in a classic, 3-2, forty-
eight-minute thriller, at the La
Boca Ball Park, Saturday.
It was a pitchers' duel all the
way. Pedro Wellington, stylish
southpaw, started for the victors
and electrified the overflow
crowd wit ha brilliant no-hitter
for four innings. Weakening In
the fifth frame, Wellington was
relieved by Robert Pate who got
credit for the victory. Fireballer
Ramon Jimenez went the route
for Twin City Rookies.
A highlight of the thriller was
the big league umpiring- display-
ed by Technical Sergeant Fred
Roberts and Master Sergeant
Marvin Metheny, on whom the
critical fans showered as much
praise as they gave the crowd-
pleasing little leaguers.
The box score follows:
Twin City Rookies- AB R H
A. Titus, lb .. .. .... 3 0 0
H. Gillings. ss-2b..... 3 0 0
R. Jimenez, p ........ 3 0 0
H. Holder., f-3b .... .. 3 1 1
R. Molinar, 3b-ss .. .. 2 1 1
L. Blades, c .. ...... 2 0 1
R. Blades. rf-2b.. .. 2 0 0
C. Garnett, cf ........1 0 0
G. Moreno, 2b ........1 0 0
R. Samuels, rf .. .... 1 0 0
Totals .......... .. 21 2 3
Ifill La Bocans- AB R H
R. Brown. 2b ........ 2 0 1
I. Lord, 3b........ .. 3 0 1
E. Best, ss...... .... 3 1 3
R. Pate, If-p ........ 3 0 0
L. Ifill, c.. .. .. .. 3 0 f0
G. Payne, cf ........ 1 1 0
C. Caddie. if ........ 1 0 1
C. Layne, rf .. ......3 1 0
R. Inniss, lb. .. ... 2 0 1
P. Wellington, p-If.. 2 0 1
Totals .... ..... 23 3 8
Score By Innings
Twin City Rookies 000 020-2
Ifill La Bocans 000 21x-3
Umpires: F. Roberts and M.
Metheny. Time of Game: 48 min.
(Championship Series)
AB H Ave.
Carlos Caddie (I).. 8 5 .625
RobertPate (I) .... 0 6 .600
Earl Best (ID.. .. .. 10 5 .500
Raul Molinar (TC).. 9 4 .444
Herrick Holder (TC) 10 4 .403
Alfred Titus (TC) .. 11 4 .304
Ram6n Jlm6nes ITO 9 3 .33,1
Carlos Garnett tTC 6 2 .333

Dave wesiman over will.cnmitt
An the first flight, and the de-
feats suffered by all three De la
Only eleven players defaulted
out of the total entries in the
four flights.'
Dicky Arias beat Dic Dehlln-
ger after being dowa on the first
six holes.
Doc Mitten won by default
from Jimmy de la Guardia.
George Riley had an ailing Er-
asmo de la Guardia four down
on the first nine. fMiamo, who
had been ill for three Weeks, was
forced to quit and lose bydefault.
George, Who shot a 3T for the
first pine, continued with anoth-
er group and turned in a 36 to
give him a 73 and the lead in the
first flight for medalist honors.
One of the outstanding.
matches of the day was down
in the third flght where Jim
Ridge shot a 7 but lost one
down to veteran L. S. Bubb,
Bubb shot a 77 but managed to
eliminate Ridge by birdying
two of the lst ftor holes.
Ridge's 71 *as. of eurse, good
for medalist honors in his
Capt. Dave Stanley defeated
Matt Shannon by five holes.
Jim Riley downed 0. Busby.
Johnny ain scored easily over
Jankus by 6 and 3.
Dave Westman scored over Bill
Schmitt 3 and 2.
Billy Beeson, the 15-year-old
making his first start in an im-
portant tournament defeated
the improving W. LeBrun,
Percy Graham whipped Felipe
Clement 7 and 5.
Harvey eall won over Mc-
Caughey by default.
Rend Estripeaut easily trounc-
ed L. W. Prince, who stopped on
the 14th, while Rent turned in a
Gabriel Galindo won from Paul
Engelke 2 and 1 after being down
almost all the way,
"Rey" Vald6s edged Maj. Barr
one up with a 79.
ja Brai defeated.. Sn9th
Lul Arango, after tying with
Robbie Robinson, finally beat
him after another 18 holes.
L. Halley edged Ernesto de la
Guardia III by the scant margin
of one up.
Frank Raymond defeated Geo.
Engelke. R. de Mena defeated
Fred Hunsicker, Frank Morrice
defeated Rogello Preciado, I.
Golden defeated Brack Hattler,
Archie Byrne defeated Al Saarin-
en, Thatcher Clisbee defeated
Hick Smith, Stan Brown defeated
Miguel Moreno. A. Carrizo de-
feated E. L. Hamilton E. S. Bubb
defeated Jim Ridge. E. Powell de-
feated S. F. Griswold, L. Fleming
defeated J. Hinkle, R. Watson de-
feated S. M. Ives, Tony Miranda
defeated B. Hattler, Jr.. Fred
Gerhard defeated J. J. Vallarino,
Jr., Paul Baumgardner defeated
D. House, Bob Medinger defeated
Bob Lawler.
B. Boxwell defeated D. E. Dean,
Paul Moran defeated Manuel
Guardia, Paul Fulks defeated
George Dilfero, George Novey, Jr.
defeated B. Elich. J.F. de la Guar-
dia defeated Bolivar Vallarino,

Hit it Agia!

Imeasoe fns say a fast workout with t6e
punching bag makes you fat fitter, lek
better. And speaking of workosts-the
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NEWI For cream tonei fans .

RIVE 10e:6 P.M. TUUDAY. *

Joiner ia B.rgia's co-manager.
If the pSlae gets In on sched-
ule toalght 6urgMi will start his
final workout preparations to-
morrow at 'the Colon Arena.
Thursday he will work out at the
Panamls Gm tor the benefit of
fanam City s.fa.
Mea nwhiloeesl champ Fede-
rico Plumner-who meets Burgin
in a ten-rounder at theColon Ar-
ena Sunday night-has been se-
riously gobig about the business
of being in the best possible
shape for this important battle.
A win for the eibgated Plum.
mer will boot his international
rating considerably and will un-
doubtedly open the doers of the
biggest United States fight cen-
ters to him,.
Also putting "heart and soul"
into his tne-ups is Joe Andrade,
the Chorrillo Bembardier, who
will be making his first appear-
ance ef thq year. Andrade is
slated to clash in a 135-pound
six-rounder with up-and-coming
Carlos Watson.
Andrade's last bout was against
Beto 0eaatlebury who snapped
his unbeaten string of 14 conse.
eutive wins. Seantlehbery, how-
ever, has been on the skids since
then-he lost his last bout to

Santa CuNz Sports

The Santa Cruz. Round Robin
Tournament first activity spon-
sored by the recently formed
Santa. Cruz Tennis Club, got un-
der way last Saturday with five
matches' played and one won by
Eddie lllott, in an endurance
test, outlasted Antonio Jean-Ma-
rie 10-1, 6-0. Jen4Marte slowed
down to a crawl, the second t
after a torrid first set.
Randolph Layne dowpe6 Geo.
Walthe, 7-5, 6-2 in the second
match of the day.
Louis Walker smashed out 6-0,
.62 sets to whip John Springer.
In the day's only split set
match, James Rogers came from

M. Zomby defeated Paul Frane y,
Agustin de Mena defeated M.
Dearest, A. CUrtis defeated D.
Olsen, D. Kenna defeated Mike
Byrne, R. Jones defeated C. Paz
Rodriguez, E. Halligan defeated
Al Sears, W. T. Eason defeated E.
de la Guardia, Jr., Carlos Arose-
mena defeated Max Heturtematte,
R. Billings defeated Lionel Moses,
W. 0. Ford defeated Roger Wil-
liama, R. Bennett defeated S.
Players who won by default will
be eligible to qualify for medal-
1st prize on their second round
play this week end and because
of this reason medalist honors
have not vet been announced.
Pro Anibal Macarr6n handled
all starts and scores by himself
And has done a clear and neat
job in deciding all the controver-
sies during the matches.


Wu .ola&h9

yao sJAft#a
.'^) J4flW Swift'.

*yw. /


Olves your hair that CLBAN*OROOMID LOOK.

Te- were the o9ly games
pla In the WhJoj leagues yes-
terday. The Brooklyn Dcdgers-
Braves game at Boston was rain-
ad out.

Dale Mitchell, Al oten. Bobby
Avia and a ry pn all hit
homers off ienator starterr Dick
Starr to account for-all five In*
dian rumn. 'Roq'l his 21st
of the season, c e o.with a man
-on base in the firstftnlng.
The aIndias' Mike Garela-
rapped for 12'hits inoludtg a
bases empty home ran by 1die
Toet-was toeth with men ea
bases sa he recorded his Ith
victory of the i0-- agaiPt
eight defeais. oi walk
none and struck ut six.
Tho, Indiana' victory, which
openEd an 1.8-ame home Atand
-was their 42nd in 58 games at
Municipal Stadium.
Trucks had a shutout until he
weakened with noe. out in, the
eighth Inning of the opeer 'nd
Trout irthed I to save the
victory, ld Lopat Lu tievitctim
of the Tigers' eleven-hit attack
which included a homer by Pat
Mullin and three hit each by
Don Kopoway and Oerry P iddy.
in the nightcap, lefty Joe O0-
trowskl- battered ten hitMe behind
robust hitting. support to record

behind to beat Fernando Qibs,
1-6, 0-1, 1-3.
The, final and most exciting
match of the day went to-Dap-
per Dan 8mythe 7-1 and 6-4 over
Victor Noble.

Tommy. Joshua copped the on-
ly defaulted match over Stanley
Officials were Robert Joseph,
scorer; ddie Jones and Calvin
OoodlngI l nemen.
The ext scheduled matches
will be held Sturdsay and Sun-
tay. An o nvitation is x
tende tot i enm. fas.

run third.
The Yahk rolel iera hor-m
ered seagh game whlg the Tig-
ers' ve Bouchock got a pircult
blow in the second game.
In exhibition games tihl0ving
major league toms. the ltta.
burgh ltes edsed the ita
Retlox 8-a 2nd toU .-
Phlleis whipped the BAMe ore
Oriole'a of thq Internatlonal
League 2.

Gimbo To Hld
Jlunor Men's

Golf Tournament

Harry Hart. bchirsmn of the
Gamboa Oolf Club tourniment
eonmmnttee, announced the d4.
tails of Gamboa'a* JunlOr Men's.
Tournamet tW be held for school
boys through 17 years.
As previously indicated in The
Panam L Ameriean, the tourna-
e= wiU be held IGn GaImboa with
medal play qualifying round and
match Wday in flights with priem
or trophies to be awarded for
each flight.
The qualifying round will be
played Friday, Aug. 24, F rst
matches wll e played Monday
the 17th quarter final the '8th,
aemlflnas the 20th and finals,
Friday theS31t, No play is saced-
tied forth 30th.
All boys who are family mem-
bers of any-Canal Zone or Pan-
ami club aes t#fted and urged
to oter the.fturnament. AlJ the
tUu of te OaVmbei' tub
N1l~be"iit-t "t 4tlpOMtl'ang
e- +Ape. eas ,aarkg
tkg arnwp1



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a colorful, handsome



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our own tailor shop
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of only

y o**ado and ge .
Coo/ and porl *

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PANAMA S & 71 Central Ave.
2*t1 3l PaamSi
COLON Op .tIe L. stall





iarewqy wkfs pRI pitbAfM

A WNCmCa stiA for Mnr. Philip D. Coates, wife of the nw Albrok BUse Commander,
aWa atte4sE kFt~ afternoon by 180 Juests at the Albroag Officers Club with muaic
fined 5A3C PicTuredP the l new Commandert's and the hostesses for
he o 4ft to rt sr, M. N. rs. Berijamin Mrs. Albert J. Brown,
rs. Lwet o Mr. m11 C. Kiel, wife of CAirC A general. Mrs. Coates
and Mts. v .u*ett. reek A U Photo Lab,)J

mM4 SACaI40h4
Pact 'Societ lo

194 B eAsiht, Panama 3.0943

i Fqa = as pSlipON D S NT BHildebrand and Mrs. William 8.
N Tg+ N WEEK McArtor.

The *r9 aof the Pana delegation, Minister of
Tteasmuy u= 014fa4e te, olls osand Mrs. Soils entertain-
ed With a reception lat n t for the delegates to *h *-
endi etraordluy O the onmle and Social Council.
"A'At Ki Mete *igoai e th. reception which was held
In the Balbo* room agd adjinitg tefaes eof the Hotel El
Panma. Orgaa and violin mule was played throughest the
evening and an elaborate bUffet was served.
Among the guests were mem- teas for a baby shower and lun
bers of the diplomatic corps, cheon in the Fern Room of thl
members of the. Paamanian Hotel Tivoll on Sunday nero
cabinet, high officials of the Pa- honoring Mrs. Beverly Paonessl
namanian government. high offi* Other guests were Mrs. Charle
clals of the Pantnlam an courts, eal, Mra. George Herring. Mrs
members of all the delegations to Milton- Davis, Miss Betty Jan
the conference, members of the Kenealy, Mrs. Martha Hayes, Mr
Panama National Assembly, well- Joyce Thomas, Mrs. F. C. MUle
known buieiessmen, high rank- and Mrs. Helen Williams.
Ing officersof the Army and Na-
vy .high officials of the Canal To Attend School
Zone, prominent members of Pa- In Penbaylvania
nama society and their ladies. Miss Janet Childres, younger
4 daghtqr of Mr. and Mrs. Joh
Admiral ad s. ledsoe H. Childress of Balboa will enro
Hwopp Ad al way& in school this year In Latrobi
The honor guest at the lunch- Pennsylvania, where she ha
eon given by commandant of the been visiting this summer wit
15th Naval District, Rear Admiral her sister, Mrs. John Zito. Mi
Albe.t ML. 'lTdsoe, U.SN., and and Mrs. Zito are former rea
Mrs. ledoe yesterday noon at dents of Curundu.
their quarters, on the Naval Re- Mrs. Childress will sail Augul
sevatci in Balboa ws Corn- 31 on the 8.8. Cristobal for a&
meander of Crulser Force United extended stay in Pennsylvania
Sates Atianti Fleet. .ear Ad- Mr. Childress will join, her late
SanrIl.1MAl..3B-s BBlWaP-,UlkA W1;. -

Included with gu1 t of hon-
or were capmanding officer of
the U.S.8. Missouri, Captain
George C. Wright, U.S.N., chief
of staff Cruiser Force. Captain C.
R. Adams, Destroyer Division
Commander, Commander C. B.
Jones, Commanding Officer U.S.8.
Vogelsang, commander B. H.
Smith. Jr., U.S.N.. Commanding
Officer U.B.S. Steinaker, Com-
mander W. Hunt. Jr.. Command-
ing Officer U.S.8, H. J. Allison,
Comihander H. R. Nylund. U.S.N.,
Commanding Officer U. S. S. Bor-
delon. Commander K. W. Hines,
Commander-in-Chief Caribbean,
Lt. General William H. H. Mor-
ris, Jr.. and Mrs. Morris, Chief
of Staff of the 15th Naval Dis-
trict, Captain L. E. Cole. U.S.N.
and Mrs. Coley, Dr. Edward 8.
Castetter of the University of
New Mexico. Dr. Samuel T. Ar-
nold of Brown University. Dr.
Tracey E. Strevey of the Univer-
sity of Southern California. Mr.
Earl F. Littleton of Tufts college,
Dr. Donald Mallett of Purdue
university, Mr. Alfred B. Sears of
the University of Oklahoma, Mr.
P-wl L. Trump of the University
of Colorado, Mr. J. B. Jackson
of the University of South Caro-
lina, Miss Cecl Heurtematte, Mrs.
Julia Halloran Malone, Mrs. Gar-
land and Commander and Mrs.
R. W. Carter.

Wedding Anniversary Dinner
for Mrs. G. L. Johasteo
A surprise party in hoeor of his
wife and In celebration bf their
30th wedding anniversary, was
given by Mr. C. L. Johnston.
manager of Standard Oil (Canal
Zone) company at Balboa, enter-
tained members of the family and
a group of friends with a dinner
hi the Bella Vista room of Hotel
El Panama. last evening.
Farewell Luncheon
at Hotel El Pananma
A group of friends of Mrs. Car-
los Bleta and MISs Ana de la
Guardia gathered together for a
farewell luncheon in their honor
in the Balboa room of Hotel El
SPanama yesterday. Mrs. Eleta
and Mrs. de la Guardia are leav-
ing soon on a trip to the United
Mrs. Paoneses Heanred
at Shower and Luneheon
Miss Patricia Kenealy was hos-




The Leig, Or Ar e *
Luncheon Honeor Guests
AA a farewell to Mr. and Mrs.
Leigh R. Cramer, who are lev-
ing for a two-month vacation In
the.United States, Mr. and Mrs.
Bruce H, Carpenter gave a buffet
luncheon In penthouse of the Na-
tional City Bank in Balboa on
Sunday. Thirty-five, guests were
present at the luncheon..
Mr. and Mrs. Cratuer, accom-
p"anie by their daughter. Miss
Anne Cramer, are sailing this
evening aboard the S.S. Talley-
rand for New York.
Visitors Honored
at Buffet Supper
In honor of Miss Beletha Pro-
jen of Honolulu and her sister,
Miss Olga Frojen of New York,
who are visiting Captain and Mrs.
Amiel Winterhaller and Mrs.
Blanche Winans of Indianapolis,
who Is visiting her cousin. Miss
Sue Core, Mrs. Christine L. Tull
was hostess for a buffet supper at
her residence in Ancon on Sun-
day night.
Amador Wives Club to Give
Lunche a and Card Party
The Port Amador Officers
Wives Club will give a crasy hat
luncheon and card party on
Wednesday, August 22, at the Ar-
my and Navy club. Bridge and
canasta will be played before the
A door prize will be awarded to
the wearer of the craziest hat.
Hostesses will be Mrs. Alvin R,.


or! AC r se o

l td m LI ma nou* a t
Saoa. Otloi uriS wlSapte l 1o
yourgee, Leg In the Uldei

tronger, bettw r In l wayr : L H1lp

fc se~dine 3toq U*aaa*y am

Dance for Poise, Pleasure &t race
Learn to Dance with

Tefchiag at the Batboa VMCA
i tions for September CAuns
TAkem Now. Cal: 2-175t

Summer Recreatjon Volunteers
Plan Luncheon at El Rancho
There will be a luncheon for
the volunteer workers of the.
Summer Recreation Program at
El Rancho at 1:00 p.m. on Wed-
nesday. The luncheon is plan-
ned as a "dutch treat."
Reservations may be made by
telephoning Mrs. G. 0. Parker at

Legion Auxiliary to Meet
This Wednesday Evening
The American Legion Auxilla-
ry, Unit I, has set their monthly
executive meeting for Wednesday,
August 22, at 7:30 p.m. at the
American Legion Club In Fort

Your Community Station

SWwee 100,00 People Mes
SPr events
Today, Tuesday, Aug. 21

3:30-Let's Dance
4:00--Radio University (VOA)
4:15-Promenade Concert
4:30-What's Your Favorite
6: 00-Panamislca Story Time
6:15--Eveing Salon
7:00-M aster of Ballantrae
7:30-Sports Review
7:45-Jam Session
8:00-News (VOA)
8:15-What's -On Your Mind
8:45-Time For Business (VOA)
9:00-Symphony Hall (VOA)
9:30-Commentator's D1i g e st
9:45-Sports, Tune of Day and
News (VOA)
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
Midnight-Sign Off.
Tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 22
6:00-81gn On
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-News (VOA)
8:30-Morning Varieties
8:45-Music Makers
9:15-Stand By For Adventure
9:30-As I See It
10:00-News and Off the Record
11:00-News and Off the Record
11:30-Meet the Band
12:00-News and Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:15-Personality Parade
1:45-American Favorites
2:00-Cross Country U. S. A.
2:15-It's Time to Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Notes on Jazz
3:00--All Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Aittle Show
3:30-Collector's Corner
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-French in the Air (VOA)
.4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:00-Lean Back and Listen
6:15-Evening Salon
7:00-Songs of France
7:45-Here Comes Louis Jordan
8:00-News and Commentary-
Raymond Swing (VOA)
8:15-Twenty questions (VOA)
8:45-U.S.A. The Continuing
Revolution (VOA)
9:00-Jo Stafford (VOA)
9:15-Radio Forum (VOA)
9:30-Commentator'A D i g e s t
9:4c-Sprta and Tune of Day
10:00-BBC Playhouse
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off.
Explanation fat Symbols
VOA-Volce of America
BBC-B r i t sh Broadcasting
LDF-Radtodlfuslon Prancaise

MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM J. ALU "'r Sln above imme-
diately following their mreent w 4i IgJtnadbr chapel.
The lovely Mrs, Allen is the former M Schnidper.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Ich0i|dr of Balboa.
The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs.i Wlter J. Allen
* of Balboa.

Funeral Services
For Z. J. Jones,
Set For Thursday
Funeral services for Zachariah
J. Jones, who died Friday, will be
held at the Sacred Heart Chapel
in Ancon at 9:00 a.m. on Thurs-
day. Burial will be at Corozal
Relatives now on the Isthmus
are his wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones
and Mrs. Agnes Jaslnowski, sip-
ter-in-law, from Arlington. Vir-
ginia, who has just arrived for
he services.
The remains of Mr. Jones may
be viewed at the-Gorgas Mortuary

between 8:004a.n. and 8:45 a.m.
on the dayot'the Ofuttferal.
Active pallbearers will be Ame-
rican Legion' members and hon-
orary pallbearers will be dock
employee and the members of the
Elk lodges.


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itn 011Talks

-J1akdown Over

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LONDON, Aug. 21 (UP)-Prime
S"'Minister Clement Attlee called an
: emergency meeting of his Cabi-
" net here tonight to plan Brit-
lin's next move in the rapidly de-
Sterioratiug oil dispute with Iran.
In Teheran, the leader of the
ritisha negotiating team. Rich-
, I Stokes. withdrew Britain's
St-pont proposal "for solving
S"te crisis.
SThis withdrawal, which fore-
Shadowed a breakdown in the
talks, was explained from the
4 British Embassy in Teheran as
"Mr. Stokes, following his dis-
Seussions with Iranian Premier
Mohamed Mossadegh, has with
deep regret come to the conclu-
"laon that the Iranian Govern-
Sment is not prepared to agree to
any arrangements under which
te: 2,600 British technicians,
S-* 'hose conVinued service to Iran
was ad earnestly asked f or by
Iwadegh, would be prepared to
S-remain in the industry."

SlJamiican Victims
't-rgently In Need
SFood, Clothes
S'.'.JI'he Birtish Legation has re-
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[, d Cross In Jamaica that this
an zatlon would be very
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e'sgthing. hurricane lamps, pal-
Iirsses (small mattresses), and
,The cable was in response to
an inquiry sent through the net-
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(Continued from Page 1)
beings." The complete text of
the President's speech follows:
"I consider it a signal honor
that a congress of the magnitude
of the one that is today beginning
its labors should be held in the
Republic of PanamA during my
administration. I am sure that
out of the deliberations that will
i take place here, the studies on
which progress will be made, and
the matters to be scrutinized, will
come a formula from which more
effective cooperation among the
peoples of this hemisphere will
De born.
"The people and the govern-
ment of Panama have welcomed
the choice of our country as the
seat of this especially important
meeting, and have made and will
make every effort to be worthy
of this distinction by offering
their whole hearted cooperation
in making the work that begins
today wholly successful.
"A specific duty of the Econo-
mic and Social Council, an inval-
uable agency of the Organiza-
tion of American States, is to aid
the governments by providing
them at their request with tech-
nical services. The council as-
pires to promote the economic
and social welfare of the peoples
by offering them comments and
suggestions from outstanding fi-
gures versed In the various
branches of human knowledge.
"It is unnecessary to emphasize
the exceptional importance of
the meeting now under way. The
economic and social progress of
the American peoples, and espe-
cially the progress of those liv-
ing in countries whose industrial
development is in the incipient
stage, is an objective that it is im-
perative for us to attain if we
want to make democracy a per-
manent way of life in this hemi-
sphere. It will not be possible for
our peoples to enjoy true politi-
cal liberty as long as they suffer
unjustifiable privations incon-
sistent with their dignity as hu-.
man beings. True political liberty
must necessarily be based on ec-
onomic wellbeing and security.
"The agenda of these sessions
contain basic points for the a-
doption of a cooperative program
for improving economic condi-
tions in the American countries.
No purely national measure can
be adopted today without the
consideration of its ramifications
and repercussions. The problems
that every one of our countries
faces as the aftermath of the last
war can be solved only by wide-
spread and firm collective efforts.
Hence the vital importance of
this meeting and the hopes that
all America is placing in it.
"As Chief Executive of the Re-
public of Panama, I have the
high honor of declaring this ex-
traordinary meeting of the Inter-
American Economic and Social
Council to be open. May I offer
you my best wishes that your la-
bors will be fruitful for the future
of the American peoples."



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Visiting Educators

As Naval guests
Ten officials from various col-
leges and universities lrthe Uni-
ted States, who are 'guests of .the
Secretary of the Navy aboard the
U.S.S. Missouri. viewed the Isth-
mus yesterday by air.
Upon completion of the flight,
which was from the Atlantic to
the Pacific side bf the Isthmus,
the educators were the guests of
Rear Admiral and Mrs. Albert M.
Bledsoe. USN, Commandant Fif-
teenth Naval District, at a lun-.
cheon held in honor of Rear Ad-
miral James L. Holloway, Jr.,
USN, who is Commanlder Cruiser
Force Atlantic. Fleet as well as
Commander Battleship Division
Two and Captain George C.
Wright. USN. Commanding Offi-
cer of the "Big Mo."
The distinguished educators
included Dr. Edward F. Castet-
ter. Dean of Graduate School,.
University of New Mexico; Dr.
Samuel T. Arnbld, Provost,
Brbwn University; Dr. Tracey E.
Strovey, Dean of the College of
Letters, Arts and Sciences, Uni-
versity of Southern Cdlifornia;
Mr. Earle F. Littleton, Chair-
man, Department of General En-
gineering. Thfts College; Dr.
Donald R. Mallett, Assistant Di-
rector of the Office of Student
Affairs, Purdue University; Mr.
Alfred B. Sears. Chairman, De-
partment of History. University
of Oklahoma; Mr. Paul L. Trump,
Dean of Men. University of Wis-
consin; Mr. Clarence L. Eckel,
Dean, College of Engineering,
University of Colorado; and Mr.
J. B. Jackson, Dean of Men, Uni-'
versity of South Carolina.

Sub Sinks Fisher
Off Nova Scotia
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia. Aug. 21
(UP) The Royal Navy's 1,620
submarine Artful, sister ship to
the Affray which sank in the
English Channel earlier this year
with a loss of 75 lives, sank the
fishing vessel Edith Eva in a col-
lision about 70 miles off Lock-
port today. There were no casual-

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ment. Contact office No. 8061, 10;O
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diningroom, bedroom, terrace, got-
age, maid's room. Via Porras No.
64. Tel. 3-1863.
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Miguel Hive.
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St. No. 17. Coall 3-4227.
FOR RENT:-Modern 'two bedrooms
apartment with livingroom. dining-
room, on Rochet Street and Tivoli
Avenue No. 12. Telephone Pan-
ama 2-1032.

FOR RENT:-Furnished room with
private bathroom and entrance.
Kitchen privilege. 43rd Street No.

FOR RENT:-New chalet, completely
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bedroom, maid's room. garage,
$17500. Telephone 3-4644.

(Continued from Page 1)
any progress," a Peiping broad-
cast said.
The broadcast was the first
word from either side on the pro-
gress of the Informal discussions
between the. second-string truce
teams at Kaesong.
The Pyongyang radio said the
United States was trying to "bar-
gain" while the Reds "demand
that they abandon their foolish
plan and get on with the talks on
the basis of the 38th parallel."
The tempo of the fighting in
Korea seemed to reflect a dwin-
dling faith in the armistice talks.
It was "business at usual" as
usual before the talks began. with
the United Nations pressing a
series of attacks and the Reds
counter-attacking stoutly.
General Nam's protest over the
killing of a Chinese patrol leader
and wounding of another soldier
inside the Kaesong neutrality
zone Sunday was the stiffest yet
composed by the Reds.
He has rejected Vice Admiral
C. Turney Joy's reply that a
preliminary report does not sup-
port Nam's charges.
Nam "demanded" punishment
of the men who did the shooting.
He "demanded" a guarantee that
it wouldn't happen again. And
he "demanded" an immediate
and satisfactory reply.
When Gen. Matthew B. Ridg-
way made a similar demand of
the Reds over a neutrality viola-
tion, he suspended the talks And
some thought it likely that Nam
would follow Ridgway's example.

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Af Parit Avlable- .. ,i
On Sale in All BARDWAUR and
ODistrlbutors; -
Col6n 9th St. Balboa tve.
Tel. 3,
Panam -- 93 Central Ave.
TeL 2 2087

(Continued from Page 1)
which convened at 2 p. m. to-
day, Samudio, as head of the
Panamanian delegation, pre-
sented the following 00omn-
mendations for the cooperative
prevention of the entrance of
aftosa into any of the countries
at the conference. He' called for:
1. A complete exchange'of In-
formation oft all matters relat-
ing to aftosa among the various
2. The drafting of a uniform
import law concerning material
that mWr carry aftosa, and that
it be adopted by all countries.
3. Everything possible be done
to train personnel in all phases
of aftosa work.
4. Technical personnel and
equipment to be made available
among all the countries.
5. A common fund to be es-
tablished to be used by arly
member in case of necessity.
6. All of the countries to sup-
port the idea that if an aftosa
outbreak should occur that it
be combated immediately by an
efficient recognized method to
control and eradicate the dis-
ease as quickly as possible.
7. That vaccine production,
distribution, and price be con-
Following Samudio's recom-
mcndations the conference was
divided into committees to stu-
dy the recommendations, and
develop a complete resolution
which would be acceptable to all
delegates for approval.
Observers from the Food and
Agricultural Organization of the
United Nations, the Organtia-
tion of American States, the Pan
American Sanitary Bureau, the
Caribbean Commission and the
C al Zone were also present.
anslators, secretaries, and
supervisory personnel are being
furnished by the Army, the Air
Force and the Canal Zone to
lend technical assistance to the
Capt. Roe in Hospital
After Heart Attack
Captain Samuel Roe, com-
manding officer Of detectives in
Cdstolda' is In Colon Hospital af-
ter sua erinR a heart attack In
his home. He was admitted to the
hospital early Saturday .;norn-
ing and.his condition today was
reported as the same. He is on
the seriously ill list.
Captain Roe has been a mem-
ber of the Canal Zone Police
Force since 1913.




Ne West Europe
LONDON, Aug. 21 (Uf?)-The
Russians. have shifted hundreds'
of Jet fighters Into East Ger-
many and are preparing air-
fields within easy bombing range
of Britain to handle strategic
bombers believed capable of de-
livering atomic bombs, reliable
sources said today.
British Intelligence reports
said that runways of former
German airfields a r e being
strengthened to bear the weight
of the Soviet TU-4S, a Russian
copy of the U. B. B-29 superfor-
A few of the Soviet-built
four-engine bombers have been
spotted over Last Germany in
the past. Butr sources said the
new reports were the first indi-
cation that jhe Russians may be
planning to base them there
The Inormants also said that
the Rusaans have deployed
masses of their'MIC-15 jets in
Communist Germany and com-
pleted at least one underground
factory equipped to build the
speedy fighters there.
The German plant at Herold,
near Chemnitz, Is an extension
of the underground production
program being carried out in
Russia and would be relatively
safe from western atomic coun-
terattack in the event of war.
they said.
The sources said the Russian
move made to meet the in-
creased number of U. S. combat
squadrons being sent to Europe
under Gen. Dwight D. Elsen-
hower command and the step-
ped up rearmament program of
the West.
A flight of American F-86
Sabrejets is scheduled to arrive
in Britain. The American-built
fighters have proved more than
a match for "the Saviet Migs in
the warover Korea.
A marked increase in Rus-
sian jet fighter activity over
eastern Germany has been
noted recently by western of-
ficers in Germany.

Local 900 to Hear
Annual Reports
At Meeting Tonight
Balboa chapter of Local 900,
G.C.E.O.C. of the C.I.O.. will
hold their first monthly meeting
under their newly-elected offi-
cers, at 7:30 tonight at the Pa-
cific clubhouse.
Reports of the first annual
meeting 6f the Local will be giv-
en to the employes of the Pana-
ma Canal company. Army and
Navy and their families who at-
tend. ITh addition a movie short"
oa kW educational filrm"willU be
shown through the courtesy of
the U.S. Embassy.
Local Teacher Attends
Mathematics Institute
DURHAM, N. C., Aug. 21 -
L. G. Woodby of Balboa is at-
tending the eleventh Mathema-
tics Institute at Duke Univer-
sity, it was announced here to-
day by Professor W W. Rankin,
founder and director of the Ins-
105 teachers representing 23
states and the Canal Zone are
registered for this year's ins-
titute, planned to help the
teacher make mathematics more
interesting to the student.
Woodby, on the staff of the
Canal Zone Junior College, is1
a study group leader at the ins-

A1/ A





with every alignment job









_ __ ______

HNRYS F. VCICE 8, left, former Atlantic Bide eiforter for
The Panama American, who returned to 'the Isthmus to
handle the US State DepartmentsVinlormation program on
the ECOSOC sessions, chats with Elbert F. Nufer, vice-chair-
man of the United States delegation, center,, and Roberto
Heurtematte, right, Panama's' Ambassador to. the United
Vicenus first came to Panama In the Army during the
1930s. From 1986 to 1938 he handled news coverage from
The Panama American's Colon office. He-left here to join
the United Press 4attf in Buenos Aires, later transferred to
the Office for Inter American affairs and then to the De-
partment of State. He is covering the conference for the
Voice of America and the US Information ServIde.

Tuftion Students

Need Contracts

Before Sept. 5
'ui0tion students for Cristobal
orp Balboa junior or senior.high
schools who attended Canal
Zone schools last year should
have tuition contracts signed
for the coming school year be-
fore the opening 9f school Sep-
tember 5.
The contracts should be sign-
ed by parents at the office of
the high schools.
Parents of elementary school
tuition students who attended
Canal Zone schools last year are
asked to call at the school their
children. will attend on Thurs-
day, September ,to sign tuition
Other students for whom the
payment of tuition is required
should make application before
the opening of school to enter
any Canal Zone school.
Applications will be accepted
on the Pacific side of the Isth-
mus by the Ditettor of Ele-
mentary Education in the Civil
Affairs Building, Ancon, On the
Atlantic side. these applications
will be handled at the Cristobal
High School office.
Tuition wL be charged for'at-
tbndfnce In'Canal Zone schools
for'all children in kindergarten'
through grade 12 except; those
who 'are dependents of Canal'
Zone residents and dependents
of active members of the Armed
Forces, or U. S. citizen employes
of the Armed Fordes, the Pana-
r"n, Canal Company or Canal
Zone G'overnent.
Tuition rates for all students
except those in the categories
listed above will be: $190 per
year for students in kinder-
tarten through grade eight and
$275 per year for students in
grades nine through 12.

Group Meetings
The Magnolia Square Dance
Club will holds its regular meet-
ing tomorrow night, ARg. 22, at-
the Pacific Clubhouse. Thurs-
day, Aug. 23. will be practice and
visitor's night. ;


- ------- ------- -

_ 1 i


Margarita i Close

Summer Program

This Week End
SThe summer recreation pro-
gram closed last week in most
Canal Zone communities and will-
be completed this week in Mar-
Displays of the arts and crafts
items made in the summer class-
es were held at Curundu. Ancon,
Cocoli, Balboa, Pedro Miguel, La
Boca and Cristobal.
Children who took part in the
Balboa program, as in some other
communities, were taken on trips
near the close of the summer ac-
Arts and crafts classes at Bal-
boa painted cans for flower con-
tainers, and made hand-painted
ash trays which were given to
Gorgas Hospital.
Children in the summer pro-
gram at Curundu made a puppet
theater and puppets to be given
to the tuberculosis ward at Gor-
gas Hospital.
At Dighlo Heights, where there
were no arts and crafts classes,
the summer recreation commit-
.tee funds wer, ued to permit
children horseback. rides...'
.The Bal irj grA oalosad. last
,Tuesday, when the children were
takento. the Diblo Theater.
Children in the summer pro-
gram at Ancon also had a movie
and popslcles for refreshment
.when their summer's activities
closed Thursday.
A display of arts and crafts
work done in the Curundu pro-
gram was on exhibit at the Cu-
rundu Theater over the week end.
Other arts and crafts displays
for recreation programs were
held at the Cristobal, La Boca,
and Balboa Commissaries, and in
the lobby of the Civil Affairs
About 1,500 children were en-
rolled in arts and crafts classes
in the summer recreation pro-,
gram, about 75 per cent of whom
completed the summer classes.

LT Nwo-NN*1
-l.$ "t
Lu ,b


. -. N' ..- .r ir..

a". no '

.. as *

Broadway and Es re

ByJock LAit
Id -
Lverybody, it seem, has a word-wot the-aoohmn. When word
is a variable, Irim utter dam"atlaf.
Naturally, flka who are lt with fth W deterna.
tion., who uncover the tyewt or the then
sit down and omunlo withl brl re in some form or
other extrem-atq, e4pen emly or momAm ,
They eiteran something e the arw e
by powerful persuasions, or they are oviwut'ed wth the poI-
bility of "talking back" to one they visualln as a mighty man, who
can say whatever he want to and scatter hia statement to mil-
lions, while they, votoeles, bhave Jst as muh right to hout, but
no medium whereby they can reach the multitude.
So they teU me iff. -
From a typographical bone to an opinion on International
economics, they tak t issue .with me.
And someare so tt2htl,
The afrount of lit genee that t attred th61gh. *- r
country is massm n. I have a whelef e repet feer Amerlan'
But, of course. not al who raise thre-cent rhubarb, or even
the airmail special delvey protesters., ar sane and 'enaMsble.
I suppose each of us ha his pet grouch and gripe, and type
seems to aggravate It. ,
Contrarywise, m npy others shower praise on the printed word
far beyond Its poie Wtre merit. Again they are Impressed by
type, overvalulin ideas which, it they heard them spoken. would
scarcely generate paegyric.
Then there are the cranks-the ones who brush off anything
written, but who rush at the columnist with plans and licitations,
thinking he is rich o mighty or soft and simple or all of these.
This week I had a registered letter from a womar in Florida.
The opening sentence was:
"Wire me $12,000. A cheek will not be acceptable. And It
would come too late. I must have the amount by Monday af-
ternoon at two."
She proceeded to set forth the proposition, summed up fit was
five single-spaced pages lone) about like this:
She had an option until the day and :prelae 'hour quoted, t#0
buy for the amount stated a house
Tt hdri been hei mother's; the writer had spent her childhood
there, had married and nioVed a*ay.- but was now a widow and
ye '
She described the tree-t nd the. shrubbery and the garden In
dizzying detail. the itlation the view. the perfume of the meg-
bQh.j was niot trlyng to sell me. the property-no. she wanted to*
buit and occup It .
For the $12,00' (neo mention of .telegraphlie, trabsmu -e
charges) she would give me all rights to the Stoy et 0 life.
What It entailed she did not attempt to even. llnt. Marb she,
had run out of paper.
That story. she did s;y was in three "wrappers," typewritten,
on one side of the paper.
Professional writers Opend lifetimes gathering tactsW ai com.
posing books out of their own experiences. And of these, one in
perhaps 5,000. eains $12,000. ,
This woman could not even write. a coherent letter, Onk into
which she surely put what she thouRht was hti .e' btefort
Ard she wa* net eran. I get plen -t o e- mu$eauea i
phyehos. No. this, poor lady spaerely t.eW she hal UIM
worth of story, Thoh she bd lee than no -abfty at tt
forth her ideas, shetIoght she had a valuable talo.-beeas
it was what had happened to her.
Amateurs so ofttn think that way.
The kitchen ipald who has been necked by the butcher boy is
certain that her eqotlonal adventure surpass the tragedy of Ju-
Set or the tit tpa'ot CInde..rel. "
As Ithti dOf it; most of thI:letters that have poured In on me
through the many years.were sparked : by ,fustftonls--inferiqity
complexes of suppressed-,tdividuel n a .
The sonawki-. "eop-fightin- Against what they think is
power; the extravagant pr ketown .that -rame *
lusipn; infantile projeeen of inane biog p matter
wild reach for reeoonation. money and Ja #9e h to~ et
their names In pVa when so.d. jud e mt l .t'hem
they are not of publicM ntret; hopplrtleeVlyoaern m aens-
takes, a traisoreee otothe fundaiutl athnese-pot wlwhi
the weak little rant belts the lfuskj bully auoaBd aan na04 e
him holler uncle.
All that doer not mean that I am contemptuous of, my fellow-
citizens. It is flattering: tn have roof that they' at least read. the
stuff. I can assure you plenty will read. this-and rush to call me
names and demonstrate to me how wrong 'I can be.'


The Me si iea aen pe fem to medern of The Paeme Amet1ee
Letters are **wIv)d .atefullh end aem handled le 0 Wh.l eaOidsMeurs
It ou ientlbte to a tIt dea t be ua~ti81 0 4 deest sppe e
oext day. Letters on pubtlhed In the *rdee esves.e
Please byto koee the le*tneo Shlted to em et .mI l
Idenity oft left writes eId i trictest cerfidm,.
This newspope essumnes r*peMsp i l t feo pseemaft is eplales
vtptessed in letter from mdeu.

Editor of Mail Box
Panama American;
Panama, R de P.
Dear Sir:
This is a reply to Nothing To Wear. and I hope everyone
who read her letter will see this one.
Anticipating a trip to the States in the near future, I have
been a steady customer of the Dress Section 6f the Balboa Com-
missary for the past few weeks.
I now have a complete wardrobe including, cotton, voile, silk
and pure linen dresses. Colors are varied as are the syles.
Suits and blouses and one hat. All the very latest style and ot
a well known "Name-.Brand."
As to prices, lqt NTW look in any one of the good women's
magazines and compare prices of the "Nelly Don" dresses, aid'
"Pacific" suits Just two. for example. She will be amazed at the
difference in the States price-and the Commissary prie. And
can a pure linen dress be purchased any where for $17,O ???
Lutiher go into Panama (and I hope you will not delete this)
.shops and compare the prices of the same 'Name Brand" clothes,
with the high duty added the States prices.
All the sales people In the stores In the States 'mre COM.
PELLED to dress well and look CHIC or they would flad them-
selves replaced by those are. It tIs very good advertisement for
the sales Supervisors to model the" clothes sold in the- Coamis-
sary, and I am sure they have no more, choice than I do.
As for the so called "Watchdogs" In the Balboa conmmlsary.
has any one told NTW that the Customers are. the one who
forced the Commissary Management to put them there. Does
she know, that customers have been known to out fancy bckled
from dresses, likewise buttons, belts, flowers and to put a dress
under a dress, smear with lipstick and tear dresses gettnx ain
and out of them???? I am sure the Management would nmuh.
rather NOT have to have the "Watchdogs."
If NTW would try going in without the proverbial "Chld-
ON-Shoulder" attitude, tell the sale peop J T what he wants
and JUST how much she cares to spend She will ftd them moet
helpful and wlling to serve her.
I enjoy shopping in the Balboa Commissary and find the
Management most willing to cooperate in looking Into any legdo
tisate complaint I would report .
'A' Featty to Wear.

I I fl "Iu III IaI sI 11

B~xn I


j (k'mment jA

Pop *IN MONTM SM SWT"Amf .O 'O ,

that Jq h Lewis alght even re-
join the AyL Itn am Ranelso
- where he left them four
years so ate I in them
a men Just
"necs wh agw e over."

(CopvrIlht fM Poest-Bulln
Sdm t JW-.)

They 't Hold Water

' '. r' '

bV Victor iiiel
Drivn wvat somewhe, stea
la bb oar. ZohnL, IawItekw9 k
N y ~ ewhle back In
VA oai xted lbr
Z s oncebpmu r
Uf mtWoAet a new war, etwMee
the natn's two giant oeall
-at'of millions of woat
ther or not the sha
-maned lWader of the eane-
c oa diggers knows it, U
b mWa for Wyomuing's cral
bi' I bean offered as evmide
of what te CIO chef y I
a a oh Mr. Truman and the
lanehing of a new Republican*
labor analiment in
n CIO circles, it ist w
.oearged that much o the
Smotoe for the AFL's de-
struction, this wee, of,
isbor' Joint high command
S ttonin&f appear entlyl
smoothly in Washington for
4 yr,. Is a desire ol some
powerful APL leaders tol-feo
S -wit in swinging label's
atoe to the G.O.P. ndi't
yeag. ,1
As-evidence of this renewed
friendship between the Ap, and
John Lewis, who launched his
wtlial career as a Republ a
or- chief, the CIO people
point"to what happened I the
'now controversial International
anil-Communist labor parley In
Milan last month..
There. the highest AFL .ead-
ers, suddenly and surprisingly,
maneuvered to rehabilitatel,
John' L. Lewis' International re~.
nutation, according to the 010
leade who. are still pubUly
silent although obviously .p v-
ately hocked by. the 's
abadonment of' them at the
very moment when it appeared
that all American labor would
VswnQ into the 1952 presidential
campaign under a spedal su-
preme political' command.
The AF'A support -of Mr.
Lewi* surprising because ,U
9the1 ast four years he had not
exactly side-stepped any chaniice
oinult them came, at the
ndtof a meeting of NorthAme-
riseW labor leaders who we
delegates to'the Milan: con-
vention of the Internationtal
onfederation FreeTra
It was',a meeting called to
deide, which American labor
leaders would speak for 'Canaa
and the U. S. on the Cotfede-
ration' executive board .
It WU all; but over .
Then, quickly one of the 1(
Worked' leaders thee, .
old l Meh, a great and
mewha$ legendary
Jon wL Leo. Alm
.But there were' only four
plates to be filUd. two from
Canada, two front the U. S.'
And Bill Green, and-Phil Mur-
ray were already In.
Powerful 'support unexpectedly
came from thej national AFPI
leader j' the 'oon. Suddenly,
It was afarenktthat.thi would
me ~either dump Phll Mur-
ray as one of the spokesmen of
American labor in this vital
world- council or enlarging the
North American delegation.
In the chair was Vtor Reu-
ther. He ruled the-nomination
out of order, saying that this
would mean changing the Con-
federation's constitution. Such a
change regIed four or five
days notice.
The AFL men were truly an-
gered at this, blow to Lewis'
prestige. And they said so -
,All this much to the amaze-
ment of the-CIO leaders, one
of whom asked, "why all this
fuss over Lewis?" fe got no an-
A month later, the AFI high
command btoke with the CIO
and Philip Murray's lieutenants
pointed to the incident as evi-
dence of a reconciliation be-
tween the Federation and John
Lewis' Miners.
The CIO chiefs, speaking priv-
ately In the absence of vaca-
tioning Philip' Murray, said
they couldn't interpret all this
in any way except as a political
maneuver designed to be as
much a war on Mr. Truman as
upon themselves
.The pointed out that
there was .no longer any
doubt Miide libor that Mr.
Lewis' foree would attempt
to smash the national De-
mocratic machine. They said
that they had evidence of
second line 'of command
AFL labot leaders in the east
consulting lith Repubhlictn
state officials and Con-
They averred that a strong
Republican bloc now existed in-
side the APL and they named
"Big B ll" utcheson of .the
Carpenters, eo Me ~y, na-
tional Secretary- rer and
the highly Influential Western
Teamsters' chief, Dave Beck, as
leaders of this labor GO.OP.
And they said that this Inner
coalition, tied up with Lewis,
would make formidablee, am-
ply financed political machine
net year a national block
which would break up the solid
labor front wh had fought
for the Deasrat for exactly'
0 v ars.
lme lea believed

COLe' OPpIcin 1 I70 COI

Social Nit


., NW YORK. A gu ho Is slmmi n g and got' more or l respectful audience from
Ii Europe has Just preeed-teannual eport the local correspondents in Rome.
.9 Master Charles Luano. the. expatriate emi-. Charlie Lucky Is a man of deceptively meek
der-commander, pimp, ad drug peddler, z mien who looks rather like ,a nice uncle and
the Alst seems to be tla:Old Charlie is as wh ols quiet and well b Vhaved except when he
nocent as ever. And por,-too. Reduced ,to- is having a business asoclate's feet burned;
Pesury. t I..... He Is known In the mobs a a "good kid," a
Iis to coummen4 the rpr of z free spender, and a kind friend to helpless la-
ho takes the trouble to spde up a bumle dies.
Lucky, but I would also like t condemn the He also Is supposed to know.where few po,-
dintflidatlon of a thut'by allowing.himself ser. litical bodies are burled and that I am in-
inlu speech in print. lined to doubt. '
HOw the -mechanics which sprang him. were
If you are In Italy an interview with Luant aligned will always be sonethlng of a mystery,
Is roughly ad difficult toiecbleve a an interieW but if there was business done to earn him a
wit.ha press agent with a torch singer to sell. graduation cet tflatd it was probably worked
And the s1. gis roughly the ame. on higher level than LUDl0o himself.
"I am- innocent." the man ya. "I wul rob- ,The point I am trying 'fdr is that Luclano
bed. I never had nothing' to di with the pkoetl himself is no glamor figure, ho colorful crook,
tUtion business. Dope? .otrors! Where did I no nothing except A n bum.who probably
stan Costeo? Whic Costelo, he ae engineered a doen murders in his time, and
wit Abbtt? I Am being perseauted., r a who certaInly wa.h tet of the bi nar-
beln crucified. Me. a war hero.' (That he cotics trattfflo rom' .
wa in Dannemo all duri~ the war seldom in Burop he Us atlta tpr tut
cornet'uPio)' tion through his cer
.. expatriate cre .
He was eagerto too. eager to be friendly. Hees thought to have a heavy thumb in nar-
eager, to. do" anything that- would semint-square coti still, and he strei In't poor.
him away back home. Frank Costelle .took hima suitcase full of
I didn't figure that an interview Ipso- scratch when he was thrown out.of the United
fact .thaotwould -Improve either the quality of States, and another heavy parcel was handed
current literature or the moraldigestion .of the him in Cuba at a, later date.
nation. Meanwhile somneof our more colorful crooks
It Is possible to deal with proven crooks with- ocasonally fid excuses to go abroad, possibly
out drinking' with them or whipping out the for business cosforences.
pad and. pencil to ask them to comment on I dislike seeing Luciano Interviews In the pa-
thir early, mipent, lives. pers.
Through some poon of the pre L ano I much prefer a simpler technique., which is
is:graduallthe proportions of a mar- to ignore the scoundrel except on such occasions
tyr, sort f mlsuladerstood boy who pines for when you .wish to live him thrown out of
the land he love and lives a life qf hawd-scrab- wherever' he Is. or cause him an unpleasantness
bling boredom In Italy, when he is not being which Is the right of all such scum.
sorely persecuted. After all., t.there was much Justice around
. I remember at one time the hoary old high- he would have been unpleasantly' dead a long
binder even went so far as to hiWe Gen. John time ago, and a cement sack-suit would fit him
C. H. Lee's former press agent to clean him up, better than a halo.

Matter Of Fact

By Joseph and Stewart Alsop
WASHINGTON. During the last month, the the Senate Foreign Relations committee and a
Capitol been the scene of an astonishing partyof Representatives belonging to the House
reversal of form. Foreign Affairs, Appropriations and Armed Ser-
In mid July, the Congressional wise acres, vices committees
gloomil headed, by Senate Majority Ernest Mc- These men, bringing back the word, have
Farland In person, began to predict the most' greatly worked upon their colleagues.
drastic cuts In the President's $8.5 billion re- 69 have reports of the General's attitude
quest for military and other foreign aid. through more public channels, such as his re-
Compared to the Senate, Lizzie Borden with mark that 'the Republican-isolationist project
her axe was said to be a mere molly-coddle. to, spread the foreign and military aid outlays
The outlook was genuinely ominous. The es- over two years was a plan for "getting half the
timates of probable "economies" ran from $2 force at twice the expense."
billion to $3 billion, which would have repre- But the really remarkable demonstration of
sented a spectacular American retreat from for- the magic of the Elsenhower name was given
mer American.policy. by none other than Sen. Robert A. Taft of
This in turn would surely have caused the Ohio.
British to retreat from their 4.7 billion pound Although not publicly committed, Sen. Taft
defense to the earlier and much easier had himself been a member of the "make the
3.6 bMltn pound program. money last two years" group. He was, Indeed,
The French meanwhile would have comfort- expected to be a leader of the economy bloc
ably fused to tackle their explosive manpower when the floor fight started.
program. Taft's political advisors appear, however, to
There wold have been other "economies" and have pointed out to him that If he took this
easy negligences by' our other allies. customary course at the present Juncture. he
In short, by setting a bad tempting example, would be accused of crippling Gen. Eisenhower's
the Senatorial "economies" could well have effort.
brought the whole Western defense program Therefore, to the astonishment of almost ev-
crashing down In ruin. eryone in the Senate, Sen. Taft came out pub-
Yet util very recently, the most expert Con- licly against any slashing of foreign military
gresslonal observers continued to Insist that aid. Military aid constitutes the vast bulk of
withope of peace in Korea the*-ar, nothing the total appropriation. No huge savings can
would dissuade the Senate from a tremendous' be accomplished by the cuts Sen. Taft continu-
hackinaand chopping operation, ed to advocate in overseas economic aid.
NOW on the contrary, the pophales run all Hence .in effect, the mere name of Gen. El-
ththe her way. nhower has driven Sen. Taft to change his
No awe than routine cuts of from $700 mil- mind and abandon his usual allies.
lion to :biglion are now expected and these There hate also been other, less'oappetizing
were of course allowed for in advance, when the tributes to'the Eisenhower magic In recent
appriation requests were compiled, weeks,
In short, we are to go forward with the task -One such was the remarkable perfc mance of
of rebuilding the strength of the West. instead Sen. Taft's busy lieutenant. Ben. Owen Brewster
of hurriedly retreating from I-t on the first of Mline. who returned from Europe to an-
whisper of good news. nounce .Publicly that the General was an "In-
In Dart. of eour, this reversal has occurred dispenmable man" on the other side of the At-
b 8e ae good news has not been confirmed. lantl., and to .Dp the word in priva that
Thee no peae In Korea yet the hi hly robust EIsenhower helt Iall-
n prt aSI, the first emotional response has jn sadly and fast.
died down, and Senators and Representatives Thepain truth Is that while Gei. k., shower
have had time to look at the real facts. Inspir reset and affeetio amonu m. ., mem-
t It i) difficult to avoid the conclusion, bers of Conress'asamong the vas majority of
no W e Iee that the really major Influence Amesimaathe mere thought of him reduces Lhe
wo to bri about this surprising Con- Taft-Ites to a Jelly of terror.
Srevra has been that of General of Tha reason i simple enough.
the Ap'*"ight D. ElsenhoweLr. In onress and out of Congress. the want of
-nm1" oxt omistlganl s the great lead h tn these Iast yea has produced the
mas e Bp Mtes and DmWata genuinely ato hynerbolcally e ssed by the poll-'
a" 56, wumat to giv O Heenhoer telaWho sad bitterly. 1 feele as though I
whatemr he 6eeda to do his Job. were bing nibbled to death by mice."
He has explained his needs convincingly to Elsenhower Is the antidote to that disagree-
two onmmiaslnal groups a. ub-committee of able menaatikm.

Ne' .

^ J

-MERRY- 0-0

Drew Pearson says: Psychological warfare, to s, *
must offer something to oppressed peoples; Exper
in penetrating Iron Curtain via balloons is i
Soviet rulers fear contact of their subjects with
world. i
CZECHOSLOVAK BORDBR.-The current experinWnt '
etratingthe Iron Curtain by balloons may be a gresat-i4ceS0i
it may fall. It is too early yet to say. ,
But the Important thing is that it's an attempt by ,pris
Individuals under the free-enterprise system to try out
methods of psychological propaganda--or call It peychot
warfare if you will-which governments will not and perha
not tackle. .
Today the State Department's propaganda effort is se. iBaQ
hamstrung by Congressional penny pinching, while the Ame 1.
military men who now dominate our foreign policy beliewse
the only way to stop Russia is to have more and gger
They have little faith In psychological warfare. -
Accordingly, the National Security Council has ruled
strong appeals to the people In' the Iron Curtain ountrssi
revolt, sabotage, or disrupt their Cominform governments. I
Yet psychological warfare to be successful must offer .'-
thing-a chance for freedom, for Peace, more food or
of oppression.
American propaganda frequently fails because It offers nof
The citizen of Czechoslovakia is not interested In heWhA I
forei n radio broadcasts tell him the Soviet system Is evik.
fa knows the Soviet system is evil; what he wants tohe
from the Voice of America are ways by which he can throw-U'
the yoke of oppression.
Such advice under the National Security Council's 0PM mn
policy cannot be given officially.
Meanwhile, Soviet psychological warfare offers excilteAfit,|'
Intrigue, revolt against colonial oppressors, and nose-thui
at bourgeois masters.
These are some of the reasons why private individuals tfl'*
this experiment of trying to make the Iron Curtain a lace c
Personally I am convinced from my last winter's study O .
Iron Curtain countries and from other information thatlIs ;S I
the atomic bomb but contact with free peoples that the
fears most.
The unrest of Soviet peoples is Stalin's real Achilles' m.L' :*
He's not worried over American air power-great as It Is-UC
even over new atomic weapons, but he is worried over the gett i
dislike of the satellite and Russian peoples for Moscow's ,W'-
ular regime. '
Therefore, it we are to win the subjugated nations o w- t8ta
our side, we must fnspire them, encourage them and abo*"1- |
kep in contact with them. .
It was because Stalin mortally feared such contact tit .het
erected the Iron Curtain and It is to hit this Achilles' heist.004
a group of private Individuals and organizations, hag'". ,.i
launched messages of hope, friendship and encouragements "
balloon into Czechoslovakia. -
The people who had the courage to sponsor this pro-i:j
the American Crusade for Freedom organization, the Inter-Erl
ican Federation of Free Trade Unions which has been f
Communism throughout Latin America, veterans or p 4
war chiefly from Belgium France, Holland and Italy, the
Federation of Women's Clubs with 5.500,000 members in 00lR te
the A,FL. Trades and Labor Congress of Canada, the, Cd
tries plus another five and a half million in the United
nadian Congress of Labor, and the International Federation V..
Free Journalists, comprising about 1,000 newsmen exiled "
Soviet countries.
The chief dynamo in this Intricate operation has been. AWtU
Washburn, loaned by General Mills of Minneapolis to the
mittee for Free Europe which has done such an Important .o, *
beanin broadcasts into Czechoslovakia and placed the
Bell i p Berlin last year. '
Harold Stassen, who heads the Crusade for rtee0.,
helped to mastermind the operation,
'At-the-initlbattltonr launching from Mtunih. Oeroum y,
Bolesmaw Wler2blanski- of Poland, George Jonescu of the4
manians Federation of Free Journalists, Frau Lotte Stoelhr of -
many and Mrs. Robert Taylor, both of the Federation of Womp
It is considered especially significant In Europe that
balloons are being aimed at. Czechoslovakia after the lmprisea
ment of William Oatia and that among thely sponsors are
Federation of Free Journalists.
Hither to the United States' official policy has leaned towal
paying virtual ransom money when Its citizens have been se
by the Cominform.
Thus,-important concessions were given to Hungary to obtati
Robert Vogeler's release from jail.
However, it Is now realized that the more you pay out In
concessions, to the Soviet the more Moscow demands in ransgl
money and the more it Is inclined to maltreat American citing*
and to increase the blackmail demands.
America's cracking down on Czech trade is an IndiciaU
of this new stiffening of policy by the U.S. and the cu=ni
balloon operation supplements it. ,
This'may help to show the Cominform that, instead of takin
the abuse of our citizens lying down, we intend to retallt
Around Europe-Germans crowd around the balloon
convoy when it sets up operations at night like kids wa '
circus wagons unload at home.. .One trouble is to keep the
from smoking when near the hydrogen tanks...Radio Free"f-p
rope, operated partly by Czech refugees in Munich and flnancid.
by the Crusade for Freedom, has poured a daily barrage of"mis"
sages to the Czech people giving them the story of friedIft*,
balloons...It suggests plastic pillow balloons be used foifT'o0
containers... Leaflets are found inside the pillow balloons
they settle on the ground... The large rubber balloons bUi at
30,000 feet altitude and the leaflets inside them are scat
gradually to the earth. '.rs
(Copyright, 1951, By The Bell Syndicate, Inc).

-m .:ul

* 71t'_


* ** A.n ANed ar (or ,. Nfl.
Ao 242, gatun tele/ponse atui 472

Rear Admiral James L. Holloway, Jr., United States Navy,
Commander Cruiser Force Atlantic Fleet, gave a dinner party
Monday evening aboard the USS Missouri. Admiral Hollo-
way, former Superintendent of the United States Naval Aca-
demy, Is the originator of the plan to train midshipmen in
variouss selected colleges and universities.

IUs guest list for the evening
Sided the Governor of the Pa-
Canal and Mrs. F. W.
Newcomer, Lt. General and Mrs.
W. H. Morris, Jr.. the Governor
of the Province of Colon and Mrs.
AgWtin Cedeio. Rear Admiral
4nd Mrs. Albert M. Bledsoe. Cap-
tain and Mrs. Lyle L. Koepke,
k,. and Mrs. Walter Hunnicutt,
00 tain George Wright, Captain
'Ijarlton Adams and Flag Lieuten-
ant Commandex George F. Brit-
n' net.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Raymond
Sailed Last Night
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Ray-
mrond of Brazos Heights, sailed
.1*lat night aboard United Fruit
Company Parismina en route to
.new York City. They will visit in
New York and Washington. D.C..
:hlle they are away. They will
turn in six weeks.
Department Members Visit
Auxiliary Unit
The members of Nathaniel J.
& en. Unit No. 3, American Le-
n Auxiliary met at the Legion
-11 in Old Cristobal Wednesday
e jIing. Visitors from the De-
nLmen, Panama Canal Zone
y were present included the
Imlartment president, Mrs. Pat-
'Ryan: the first vice president,
Louise Griffon, the Depart-
It Executive commltteewom-
dl rs. Lydia Nadeau. the De-
'Mtrtment secretary, Mrs. Abbie
delasure, the Historian. Mrs.
' itce Gorvapp and the Chap-
M'r.. Mrs. Lucy Dewey.
S..Asocial hour and refreshments
were enjoyed after the meeting.
Bingo games were played and
plps awarded Mrs. Lydia Na-
dem, Mrs. Patsy Ryan, Mrs. Beth
Smith. Mrs. Colleen Marsh and
Mrs. Harriet Johnson. Mrs. T.
F. McGinn was in charge of ar-
rangements for the social hour.
The president of the unit Mrs.
Cleo Barr presided at the business

Captain and Mrs. Allan and
Jean Elizabeth will sail aboard
the Cristobal on Friday to vaca-
tion in the States. They will visit
relatives in Lon" Island and re-
turn to the Isthmus in two
Bingo Games
at Margarita Tonight
Bingo games will be played at
the Margarita Clubhouse tonight
at 7:30.
Mrs. Hallett and Daughter
Mrs. C. F. Hallett an4 her
young daughter Judith Ann re-
turned to their home in Gatun
yesterday. They arrived on the
Cristobal after spending a three-
month vacation in Massachu-
setts. Mr. Hallett and Carlton,
Jr., returned from the States
three weeks ago.

Progressive Circle to
Meet Wednesday
The Progressive Circle of ahe
Cristobal Union Church will meet
at the home of Mrs. William
Clute in New Cristobal. She re-
sides at House 49 ona 3 Street.
Entertain Visiting Commander
Ur. and Mrs. Harvey Sauter of
France Field have had as their
guest the past few days. Com-
mander Harvey R. Nylund of
Lynbrook, Long Island. He is Mr.
Sauter's nephew and is Captain
of the destroyer Elllson which is
attached to the Atlantic Task

Michael Morrison Has
Fourteenth Birthday
Michael Morrison of Gatun ce-
lebrated the anniversary of his
14th birthday at the home of his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. John M.
Morriso.e with a party given Sun-
day afternoon. His guests were
Bobby Williams, Jean Shumate,
Jack Willoughby. Jeff Slaughter,

Jay Cunningham, Eddie Law-
Jean Allan Celebrated rance. Raymond Croft and Ralph
Seventh Birthday Sunday Boggs.
Captain and Mrs. Robert A.
Allan of New Cristobal gave a Cristobal Emblem Club
birthday party for their daughter, to Meet Tonight
Jean Elizabeth Allan. on the oc- The Cristobal Emblem Club No.
casion of her seventh birthday 52 will meet tonight at 7:30 at
anniversary at their home Sun- the Elks home.
day afternoon. The children at-
tended a matinee after eating O.E.S. Club Meets
birthday cake and ice cream. Tonight with Mrs. Harris
The young guests were Carol Members of the Gatun O.E.S.
Lee Turner, Patty and Ricky Club and all Eastera Stars are
1Madl, TBo eddes, welcome to attendd the business
S ky Eter.. Jonny j~ Wall, and social meeting of the club
-Bill HitcokBu dy GBAoway which will be held at the home of
Of Balboa; Irene and I~aleen Mrs. Howard R. Harris of Gatun
Cox, Kate and Margle O'Brien. tonight at 7:30. Mrs. Howard
GInny Roscoe, Merilyn Smith and I Munro and Mrs. Frank Wolf will
Garden Gietz. assist Mrs. Harris.

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McLaughlin's Returned Aboard
SS Cristobal
Mr. and Mrs. William Mc-
Laughlin, Jr., of Gatun and their
son Don returned to the Isthmus
on Monday. They have vacation-
ed in Bernardsville. New Jersey,
for the past two and a MIl
Mrs. Jones and Young
Son Returns Home
Mrs. Frank A. Jones and her
young son returned to their home
In Fort Gulick after a stay In the
Naval Hospital at Coco Solo. The
baby has been named Michael
Harry Jones and was born August
Mrs. Fahnestock Returned
Sunday Evening
Mrs. John M. Fahnestock of
France Field, returned to her
home Sunday evening. She re-
turned via PAA from New Or-
leans, after visiting for two weeks
with Captain John M/.Fahnes-
tock, who is on vacation and with
other members of her family In
Gulfport, Mississippi.

Over 3 Million

Alien Reds

New In U.S.

- Democratic Senator Pat Mc-
Carran said here today that there
may be from 3,000,000 to 5,000,000
alien Communists and other ille-
gal aliens in the United States
threatening the country's safety.
McCarran said: "This alien In-
vasion is potentially more dan-
gerous than that of an armed
At the same time Senator Her-
bert O'Conor charged .that Cuba
is one of several assembly points
for illegal immigrants and a hot-
bed of Communism.
McCarran is chairman of the
Senate Internal Security Com-
mittee which is conducting an in-
vestigation of subversive aliens.
McCarran's committee came to
these conclusions:
1) The number of illegal aliens
entering the United States is in-
creasing. They include stowa-
ways, deserting seamen and
smuggled aliens. Among them
are militant Communists and
members of Sicilian bandit Sal-
vatore Giullano's gang.
2) There are an estimated 250,-
000 illegal, immigrants in New
York City alone, but hitherto
such aliens have not been round-
ed up unless complaint is filed a-
gainst them;

3) Some 500,000 aliens trying to into the United States illegal-
ly are arrested on the Mexican
border each year;
4) On orders from the Justice
Department the New York Immi-
gration Office arbitrarily closed
out the investigation of from 50,-
000 to 70,000 cases of illegal En-
try with only cursory examina-
5) More than 2,000 aliens are
under investigation "looking to-
wards possible deportation as
subversives" and about 1.200 dis-
placed persons are awaiting de-
portation for fraud or criminal or
subversive activities.

Hic ,Hiker

GAFFNEY, S. C.. Aug. 21
(UP) It cost Thomas Phil-
lips $10 in magistrate's court
here today for thumbing a
ride in the wrong car.
Phillips flagged a county
police car on the Spartan-
burg highway while trvingp to
get to his home near here.
Officers gave him a ride.
but not home. They jailed
him on a charge of drunken-




We Present Our
Selection of 400 Day
Anniversary Clocks

Each clock is
guaranteed because it is
verified and oiled
before delivery.


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Legion Head Cocke

Doubts Perfection

Of Stalin's System
LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. 21
(UP) The -history of the
world has proved that no one
system of government ever has
been "a cure-all," said Erie
Cocke Jr., national commander
of the American Legion, yes-
"When 13 men from the po-
litburo in Russia, no one of
whom is from other than peas-
ant stock, attempt in 34 years
to change the entire world,
something is wrong," said
He said the'175-year-old U. S.
republic still is trying to "iron
out the kinks". in its system of
"We admit we are not per-
fect, yet Joe Stalin would have
you believe that in a shorter
space of time than it took our
Founding Fathers to form the
greatest constitution in the
world, they have the panacea
for the world's troubles."

ss Mar grt

s t Bir da

i*- ~ I

H.R. H., Prince

COjebrating 21
--, ..... a
Printl Margaret, second
daughtFoof King George VI, ceOe-
bratNr 't21st birthday today.
fShe*i fourth in line of suceas-
slon to. the British throne, att..
Prineg Elizabeth and Elizabpt@'
two yo waters. .
tIf it a true that intimate
clation with events of world-l
importance helps to mould ch
acter, Princess Margaret should
have a good deal.
The people of Britain, who have
got to know her well since phe
undertook her first public duty
at the age of 15, have long de-
cided that she not only has ple.
ty of Jhe kind of character the'"
most approve of. but also la '
real person, as distinct from a'
Born in a castle ... Glamis, her
mother's ancestral home in Scot-
land, and living for most of her
life In castle or palace; descend-
ed from a long line, of powerful
monarchs, Princess Margaret
would, in another age, be regard-
ed with that sugary seental-
ity, that breathless awe which
denies to royalty the human at-
tributes of other beings.
There is nothing of this in the
attitude of Britain's people to the
King's younger daughter, for,
though lacking nothing of the
unpompous dignity which is her
inheritance, she is to them a real
They have taken her to their
hearts as a warmly human, fun-
loving girl, as well as a Princess.
When World War II ended,
Princess Margaret, well equipped
for her opening career of public
duties, began to reveal the grace
and charm of her personality. -
Launching ships, attending
youth organization events, see-
ing Britain's legislators and law
givers in action in visits to Courts c
and Parliament, attending race I
meetings and theaters, the bal- s
let, cinema premieres, dancing
gaily and skilfully at fashionable a
restaurants, she became a fami-
liar figure. c
Her taste in clothes, keenly in- r
dividual, began to Interest worn- e
en, an Interest now at its peak. b
Her appreciation of popular I
stage and radio entertainers and
film stars; her pleasure ih "hot" a
music as well as classical; her I
trim, diminutive figure and
warm, often quizzical smile are
topics of friendly comment a-
mong her father's people.
No less respected for her qual-
ities of mind and sepse of duty
than her sister. Princess Marga-
ret is regarded by the ordinary
people of Britain as being just a
little bit more full of youthful
zest and high spirits.
Many stories, most of 'them
apocryphal, circulate about her
mimicry and satire of pompous
dignitaries, soulful crooners and'
gushing types of women.
Some are true, however, for
Princess Margaret keeps her
bright eyes wide open as she goes
about her country and like any
other young girl with a keen
sense of humor she likes to share
a joke with her ,family and
Whom she will marry is. In

"We had to make our own way
and we didn't know what agents
constant speculation her ap- were. Ah, how we tried to get our
pearance with a new escort from faces into the camera when the
imong the young men of her ac- star was being photographed! We
quaintance unfailing gives rise to received $3 a day and lunch. Hol-
a new crop of rumors. lywood Boulevard was a wilder-
But her father's subjects are ness of empty lots and trees. A
certain of one thing, that the half hour would pass before an
man she marries will be measur- automobile would come by.
d against the qualities of her "I was an extra when Rudolph
rother-in-law, .the Duke of Valentino was making 'Blood and
Edinburgh. Sand.' We extras worshipped this
For Princess Margaret looks man. Because my father had been
admiringly on the happiness of a bullfighter, they permit~pd me,
Princess Elizabeth's married life. an extra, to-help Valentino dress


.00 I'

I .
In hs torero costume. It was my and I t
joy to look at thin man. He was th death. 'wa
sonethlngi "
"One day tlh Lky ranch lover.
there w" hfet a0a te s- ,rtu h aa
S and I w hurt. aleti Rardo Cart., hed
opened a b of wlne for me. It Antonio 0
was a do&l t aluti Yle d RmwuT
Fiteir a mutofrvm to a bleeds, bout t W
Inf extra, but I have a great me- fear that the public had resd
mory of It- Latin.
"Starsb liad greatnee then. I
had been an extra in one of Bar- They asked me to ehu b
bara La Mar's pictures. When she name to George Adam .a r4.
died, I droverto the mortuary in fused. It souwde lae atMipadei
dendale. It -wa raining like of the United _tates.o it wa as
Hades, my friend. Barbara's face Gilbert Roland that I was starred
in death wah like a doll's face. finally in The Roe of the Gol-
"I loved her, because once. she en West.
had smled at me and I had felt "I was under contract wit
ecognitlon from her. o I waited NormaTalmadge t United Are
'ntil everyone had left the room tista.
A ~ ^ .

bert Roael ghtened the belt
'around tUWe arlMo waistline that
most movie rofle boys would
give their teeth to own, And
said that would be glad to
talk about the old days Holly-
"And wh my friend?" he
shrugged..'Tho were wonderful
days. "I do not know how this
story began that I do not wish to
speak of the-past. I have heard
it said by peple, of course, that
I must be W ears old.
"Perhapj this bad story has
something. t do with the ques-
tion of my .ge. My friend, I do
not care bhe od people think I
km. I will tll you. My true age is
45. I wa is than 2, a boy very
mature fw his age, when I played
'Camille' en the screen with Nor-
ma Tamade."
The star'who threw mom, Aunt
Hattie and Coust Mamie into a
tizzy back In the era of the
Charleston and Michael Arlen's
"The Green Hat," and who's do-
ing it -ll over again almost a
quarter of a century later in "The
Bullfighter and the Lady," began
to spea quietly, almost rever-
ently, f yesterday's Hollywood.
"I remember the days when I
was an extra. Now extras are dif-
ferent. They work and call it a
day. But we had inspiration! The
extras I remember were Clark
Gable' Charles Parrell, Janet
Gaynor, Richard Arlen, Loretta
Young and Don Alvarado.
"I remember a beautiful extra
with platinum hair who walked
around so gracefully. Her name
was Jean Harlow.

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* .. '1'. .-

.-, *:

Princess Margaret wore a
blue taffeta dress with red spots
when she attended a recent
concert given by representa-
tives of the Commonwealth at
the Victoria League. Chesham
Plae- o. ndons

The Bout of The
Walcott vs. Charles
Michael Redgrave, in

He just couldn't keep
Larry Parks Barbara
Hale, in



____ ___ _____ ______~___~_ ___ ___________~_

,4" ,WARD BOND. Wtiifln .dPin b
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.01 j^ Eb- 01... 2a .. .. ..

;d p Paiiqrracwo


-vltbHibmuu WI~fgdr.': .. r -- -__I~-IIIII1~11111111


W G&NCIAS H't, '
Spinal -Lega
a Juan rra

" ANAMA. R P. .AflS. OAGOSTO 21. l51 CINCO CBNTsh8Dz0.

la ue necesite ayuda puede
na n que necesite ayu

dentro de los vaivenes de la


political internal


* A ~ A..

aMillr ardab larado inconstitucional Una frmulade Djo aer en su dscurso e
Millerguarda resetva obre *KIso mnla Presidente dela Conferen'cia
rurPresidente ela
el establecimledodebasessobeS Soil u eetiva
establecimientde bases ecreto Ley Obre oial a al hablar ante los delegadoI

ilitares en paises latinos ., se espera ahora
Ayer mi.o fueron designadas Us Comiiones que Fue el que srvio6 de base al Lj Wr und = 8 Extraordinari luo st sc d
desarrollaran el important temario de Ia ferencal ia re Aaal a "u. e conosoc, el Mintro de qual6n.s en
Conf-re eL al Se..o Soial ferencia Hacienda y Tesoro, Lic. Galileo Cuando los iarlaclo es
ConferenCa 'reSim en interior para separar e Solis enunci6 los propositos ba- rata de camblo exterior de
_gie a m l i nmadnmC *W sicos de la reunl6n, y de su dis- moneda de un paia se produce
*sUl"r .hIH IVie curso deatacamos los siguientes po raccln deliberada de su G
Sst a T l r "Estoy segare d que de las concepts: bierno, esta acci6n, q' no tenen
el etableelmlentp de bases m- -pertantO temirso que qnu.edon ha traido la siglente carta ven a efcto, de las estudis de la agenda de eata sesl6n ex- bucar un beneficio flnanoleg
lUtam ern terrltor4I latlnoame- lte radi ti~la I m aLen ,. ntc qu el Licenciado Didacio u81- que e adelanten y de lau eon- traordlnaria demostrando eatAn en el mercado internaclonal, o
ricamps" deciar6 syer a ue e- Comtmi6 dePWrociy MReservas La ,Corte uprema de Jus- presentes todos los miembro v~e era nvid al Minhmtro de Pre- probAciones quoe s eoteeten, la clara concepci6n de conjunto siona, necesariamente, el con
resntante do "El Panama A- Monetartus, doctor Milo Der- ticia resolvi6 medlante fall comilon 61 eatima quc e is6n social: habra de emanar una f6rmula que de los problems econ6micos latlvo perjuico en la economy
mnica" el sabseeretario de ts- chqld, elegado del Uruguay; dietado esta maifana que es ordinal 4o. del articulo 182 de PanamA, a oato 21 de 1951 que d6 naeimlento a Uas co- y sockles de las Americas, tienen de las otras naclone a cuys ea
Asates Latinosine- Coumi6a de Materiales EaS- ineiatitucional el Dereto Ley la ConLstituc6n Naclonal,.quie- Br. Minstro de Trabajo, *peraelan eeon6meas mna eoee- los hombres en cuyas hibiles ma- pensas aquel benefico finance
rmno s dsor Ed- s oo, doe JonqJ Meyer, dele- No. 21 de 25 de septlembre de re decir que deben estar pre- Previsl6n Social y Salud tiva entire los pueblos de este nos estA el maneoo de los asun- puede producirse.
warSd Mier, al ir itW- do 4 C ; Comin de 194 pot medio del cual se re- mentes todos los diputado de Pblca hemisero", manifesto el Pre- tos del Consejo. Esa agenda, mis Pero, cuando esas fluctuacio
gade sabre l sa gestiones nor- Trap e, do redL Heyr- fo a Le Orgonica del e- Ja Comisl6n Legsldatev Perma- Sefior nCtrlar Mntro: ldiet do Ia Repibls on q enunciacl6n de tdpicos es- en el mercado monetarioeotr-
tado o obre in para o esti la nI d Cst Riea, o- gura "Y us no fue acorda- nente. La Corte Suprma de Justi- discard de blnvealds a l peciftos para ser consideraqs jero ae produce por ra6n d
teamertcanta parsa detrar tas n sid e CtW ica, y do me iante el vot unniMpe lI pronunclamlento de a cia, por senteoct de esta mis- delegates a Ia Segunda Sesi6n en una sesi6n determinada, po- n6menos no controlados por
i Cmportantes sdmas votaas per 1 n JodRopero Lo eiga de Ia Coanis6n Legislatlva Per- Corte Suprema de Justicia obe- ma lecha, scab de declarar Extraordinala del Consejo In- dria er tomada como una age- Goblernos, elas demueatran
SCongm de u pa ara l d Jo or Los, dgao manente, en violacln del or- dece a demand que ue pre- inconstitucaial el decreto-ley teraelano Econ6mice y o- da permanent, porque cada uno gun ocurra una alza e una
defense del Continent. de Bolivi. dinal 4o., articulo 162 de la entada por el doctor Francisco nfmero 21 de 25 .de septlem- elal, en el aet inaugural o- de eos cinco puntos envuelve un fortalecmiento un de
S soenr Miller tu. elegide a- Constltuci6n Nacional". El Ma- A. Fil6s, en el sentido de qu~ bre de 1950, expedidd por el lebrado n el al Maxim de problems de Inagotabl impor- tac la economy gender
yer en med de plaose ge- aana Is 10 y30 y gistrado ponente de este caso el decreto que reformaba 1 ex-Presidente Arnulto Arias y Isa Uniersidad Naelonal. tancla cuya consideraci6n, estu- pal eya moneda t
nerales, vicepreldente de la come prinmera fai de la Con- fue el doctor Erasmo de Il Ley OrgAnjca de la Cat de Be- su Gabinete, por medio del El Prsidote de l Bepdbl- dio y polucl6n no perder nun- La mater pra y lo
Mda. reunl6n del Co eJe .co- ferenoia os no6uti y Social, se Guardia. guro-Social y medianteel cual cual se me separ6 arbitrarla. ca de.tce6 la Simportancia et- ca actualidad ya que ae tatsa de ctos eseamos, segundo puntod
6nomaco y Soetal Interamnercano reonl6 ft Comai. de Preclos En el fall a que hacempa fue separado de su cW9a el mehte del ejercicle del cargo eepclonal doe a reunion Ml- problems en evoluci6n incesante la Agenda, son la m6d01a
y a proposleloa nuya presilWA eser M etaa premldl- reference .malva .su voto el Ma- Lic. Didacio Silvers, era t de Gerente de sl Caja de Se- iada. ayer, manifestande que coma es Incesante el desenvolvi- de los problems de rod
aIs Comimian de Traipoerte el da ~ ree.F dOto Ble serchest gistrado nriq~re Gerard tonatttuacenal, porque n oha- guro Social y ms yombr6 part I'ninguna medlda de orden ns- miento de la vlde misma. y consume, y s61o medante
delegade de Costsa Rca. deoLAl- 4 de .prtntes braham4, pues considers qU bla aldo aprobado por odot reemplatarme a asillo Ford, eional puede toemarse con pres- Cuanddo de preels y reserves reklaci6n clentifica internac
fredo E. HKdrnides. minister e nWiddm y r om neS as aunue el dereto es to con- lo miembros de la CoO1 quien fue austituido par Cri. elCndenci. de sus enlaces y re- monotarls se trts, material sta nlmente balanceada, por
deaomis y Ha onda dise pals. as del CON tn-tucon porque no estavlterIO (Pa a Ia Pa. 6 Col, (Pass a la s t. 4. Col. rcustones i n del primer r puntode la grarie ex l
Degpuns do leo dieiruoe Innsa- dieta s pe onre. Is tflanz pars mks adoaunte asegurar today lam. relaciones econ micam i curios na turalen y el aar
goni prpnuei ado ctr oinn de ato y eoa ar a on Is otsba- uo "lte problems quo Cads y flnancierd entran en juego. I des ai ca yo ae m
XWMas reaense 32 at-aLoYa ,dielm de's Agropecuarin-ptr a
do la y er ij ued aore l e nolash elM ido amotioda sW ei W UA uno de nueises conrn- dltrios uo on i ias tan idipenabc
So u ea, ea l pedon rse lvea l un igno de c mbi a& entrar en i l fort alci l anto del
S do i-aae t a eontra eleina

| upropma tec aam y.,rcoa reeo Im s,-as- c a

dennrede la r -l vna e e r
En la os da e6n plensala cin
ron quo tuvo lugar etse tarde mento poar un rsoenneido mi- 11
do Idmerica6or, renlc6 la imponerenc"d Vinal190 dIs recoDr.4 qste b N 5ida d tres he un tal de caf g
en el edifo d Is Co maa i toda eflintt ro Ine lS co nle ra Poaode ln la
mbio de inme r mac;n en to- otinferrncan dd e1 rdac et aro B 10oor 0

dbgional uoele Fiebro Ato s, el o tand ropndo comaione q .asble. Tomando uns gran cantidad El Gerente de Cea Instituci6n interpone uuna acl c
to a idd estsraulo,1- reouome Pouicnina en el Hossi darodoprene dtcnnattrat ed oder ntcnm aar-
todiendo una electv pnreore cncia q oldn ib~ uelo dur Tosed ayor el seflor Tomae Zfiigae ere-el cr ln E ni e n re
do i s ntrad16 de ual fer at- ishe anacd n contra I o te L nG e lMoren o, do 71 add o edad, y el Sub-Gerente Teodoro Brin
mecn uesa3l a ptanop- Al lau re de laroos o Pr d d lsoltero y residonte en Call 19
cia hodo cop oab Itr cln d Ntro Soduste bis No. 5, do acuerdo con Fua presented hoy un d- El Banco Agropercuarpo o nt
i ano-noaorme recsbido en ii-a Police nunci pa dsalco en e Banno. n chequ a favor de s n tialode
btan n o iddSecrets. Agropecuano pr B. 21.000 ate Sotl y Cia, pr 21.000 blbo
d fo eaConado eon ltlun las declarciones for- Fiscal Tercero del Ccuto, com tipulaba el control,
dao ase. etalc on- rnla cioneIaanermuladas n as Guardia d a Licenciado Vanor Belldo pr asta te moment hber
troa doIa I unitore osal La CondelCribc qoman deulin qrPolicia en l Hospital Santo ic OlGerente d e eade Inmtitucln, d bdo nngn ca
lpo Davindocual a-hastue. 24doag soo uodTomts, el meot r Moreno t ue no- idor eduardo Vallarino. el Fiscal de turno ha r
de IafntouyquodeIatsIcyseadop- yIscueacirscdotra Is st-Mdnt dlorenonde7nmdelrteicladalm dnoce nl QUO habis
tossoadeaa p dostaleos pauses.3 d UasdltcosendIcecn Elo lCcp9
uome haatodaIs opasnAlida, sr andosanno etcln ao 5urleand catuerd conors Enrique Llnares Ugeren- quo inic la nvestigai6n
Social dirige lo DeletadosCoonseptuoso diurostorltoIicn scn, qufre ndo 1mn tl&e- tP odel Ba co Aroectasri rosnc
par entrenar personal en to- Eatados Amern canoe, la Oftci-los objetivos fumdamentales de la Conf erencia y qu publicamos en informa- ne en est do delicado. sin ao-Teodoro Brin exiubgerente, de
das los aies do it lucha con- nsa Snltaria Panamericana, la berse hta shorn el motive do haber expedido una orden doC
tra sasftosl. eyaf los pa yIes _Coml.6n del dCaribc y de l- y ci6n que aparece en otro d I ar de .desta misma edicin, otsa feateal decision. compra do_3000qunytal..gdo qa-

proporcionen sus equipos y per- Zona del Canal, fue inaugura-
sonal tienico a todos otros da esta mafanana por el Minis-
paises en cualquler emergency. tro de Agricultura Comerldo
5--El establecimiento de un e Industrias, el Ing. donDavid
fondo coming para uao de cual- Samudio.
quier miembro en case de no- Alrededor de 33 delegados del
cesidad. --Que todas las na- Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Re-
clones respalden la idea de que pfiblica Dominicana, El Salva-
cualquler brote de fiebre ato- dor, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico,
Nicaragua, PanamA y los sm-
tados Unidos estuvieron pre-
Va" o u OS sontes hay milentrua -e caps-
ban los delegados de o'ancia y
a PanM Guatemala. Tambl. n hubo re-
d l Pana prexentantes de Inglaterra y
Holands, que tienen terriltorlos
ac d s de h rt Don Carlo Quintero, ee.reta
rio del Ministro de Agricultu-
ra, dirlgl6 las palabras de bfen-
El rbubgerente del hotel "El venida a los delegados, despuis
PanamA", senior Ricardo Manuel ~ ', ;* a -aru.., -. : a)
Diez, vrcsenti hoy denuncla an ______
te el Fiscal Segundo del Circul- .
to, de que 40 empleados del Hace a laraclion

hotel se dedicaban a sustraer
alimentos vy scores de los dep6-
sitos mediante el soborno de
los guardian nocturnos del ho-
De acuerdo con la denuncia
9resentadA par el sefor Diez,
& rendi del hotel despldli
at mefpr Jorge EBnique Barrios.
tomador de tempo en el hotel
y -te en epresalia .denunci6
at detective encargado de cul-
dar el hotel la combinaci6n
donde eutaban e-vueltom a tne
gran eantidad de empleados.
A una sealn doede se lam6
a tod los am npleados de ese
establipmilento as pudo cons-
LatarA, r dlara6n del senior
Harry RPid. tmpleado de ia co-
einaa, k W ins S M Oreut em-
pIndsw abl 4mavieltom en li
"r i Mr l a* I N G ,
S ab L m p, de l o iwss
ha -lad do
do, '"i -. !

- ICC. -,^17y~l

sobre patents
Flavlo Veli*squez
Damos a la publlcidad carta
enviada por -on Plail Velas-
quez Jr., Becretario de Comeit d
e Industries, al iMario La Hora,
sobre notice s pareclda obve
la expedicl6n de unas Ucecias
pars 1f pesca.
PanamA, 17 de Agosto de 19el.
Sefor Director do
Se1or Director:
Agradecerd a Ud. la pubi a-s
clif do t carts, que ha ao o
moUvaft por i* fla mal a-
pMeldfs .aN oedo is ek-
d d ko dto "c kr-
tas Aeffiiawgw
per t ario la i
gOcrotaria de O l.e i on
per)fillligerh l.44

A una velocidad de130 milla

se acerca al puerto mexicano d(

Los empleados de
ia Imp. Naclonal

suspended hudga
Se solucion6 hoy mismo la
huelga de la Imprenta Nacio-
nal cuando se orden6 el page
a los empleados, que recibl-
rian sus cheques a la 1 de la
Los empleados se lanzaron a
la huelga despuds de producirse
un impasse en el nombramien-
to del Director de la Imprenta
que impedia hacer las planillas
de empleados de la Imprenta
El cease de la huelga se pro-
dujo cuando el Secretario del
Mlnisterio de Uducacln. Li-
cenclado Ivan Zu1lga, y el Je-
fetae Cultura y Blblotecas. don
Ram6n H. Jurado. me resen-
taron a la Imprents Nacional
y llegaron a un acuerdo con
los huelgulitau.



- "I-

Cientos de residents buscan

refugio en edificios pUDblios

y en las iglesias de Tampico
TAMPICO, Mexico, Agosto 21 que se extiendan hasta la costa
-(UP)-La oficina del tempo baja de Texas, mientras que en
de los Estados Unidos ha anun- dicho lugar se ha dado orden de
cdado que el huracAn que aMot6 que los aviones pequefios no to-
Jamaica y Yucatin, se mueve men vuelo.
a una velocidad de cerca de 14 Las plantaciones de guineos y
millas pdr hora comao a 240 mi- los ricos campos de petr61eo
Hlas fuers de la costa mexicana de Tampico fueron barridas por
en direcci6n oeste. el huracan y se teme que haya
Los fltimos datos revelan que afectado el sur de Texas. Los
el huracin ha causado 115 habitantes de la costs tejana
muertes en Jamaica y en la pe- no parecieron preocupados, pe-
ninsula de YucatAn. En camblo, ro la Estacldn Naval y Airea
las autoridades mexicanas han de Corpus Cristi no permit laI
anunciado qu eel huracan oe siUfa de 22 aeroplanes hacta
scerca al puerto de Tampico a WACO. Texas. El curacn ha-
una velocidad de 130 millas por rrnA Mrida en aIs provineit de
horse a travys del Golfo 4d YucatAn ayer, arrasando con
M6Xico y ae teme que perezcan las gentes de sus hogares en los
much personas en las areas alrededores de Mrida, aue me
rurales an dOnde Ia comuniac- Iv6 recibiendo imicamento
cl6n n 41lell y no se les puede vIantos de 75 mUlas por horse.
avisar 4 ~gilo que corren en gn Jamaica se han hecho re-
sus cas di palmas y bambea. p raciones en las lines elctri-
Cientoa do residents de esta ca. pero se han hecho racio-
ciudad boa boscado refugio on namlentos a las plants de refri
los edifteai pblcos y las Igle- oraci6n de los hospltsles, de
*mlas. pri6dlcos v de bombeos. LOs
Be eIper qqe los vintos tuer- Alculos mas reclentes de Ja-
tes s etkUenoan hasta 75 mi- mica llegan a 50 millonee de
Uas en ua semireirulo al norte d6ares y entire un 70 y 80 por
y afstm a Nautlr-Tuxpan, sa llepto de .as plantaclnes ,do-
our do T A'ple. Tllburones .y JVidas. asi coma o el par mn-
ui M awIm Me tems^ de otras coecba&.
'*': i& -'. -s', >," .:. -'S "Pf .... "* .'-



~ ~4I



--- ------ --------- nirm otio y yaa, ue n ". i
esta ciudad, sin haber sido en- ar
tregado el caft a pesar de ue nara eX 1ibi10'n W1
Sae adelant6 la suma de 21.1G00 *
's e / ciclo n balboas coma pago inicial.
n el erente delBancTrabajos Manua
-e T c rnAgropecuarion, senior Eduardo
Vailarino, los mehonca sindicados La Escuela Panamefda do CQ
e T a m p ic no tenian ningn derecho de gos ha escogido el dia 11 /
ordenar compras sin ometerlas septiembre para la exhibit
que se hara de los trabas H ,
a licitaci6n, mis cuando, esta qu soe hando los trab p
c--pr----u--ba-un total do 13.3.- confecclonados por los ciogee
ufr fIpra smaba uns total de 1-que atienden esa instltucl6n, en
aare de opr -Calle 13 Oeste No. I.
Sure quemaduras a e en comprDe acurdo con la decla-
e' et I mada por el sc or Teodoro Bn in clones del senior Andr Crm-:
en e toma o fijaba el precio del quintal a bal Toro, el public esti c0rT
en el estomago a 5.20 balbos habndose co- dialmente Invitado a esta -
prometldo el banco a pagar le- hibici6n, donde se podra apfi-
estallr gasolia to blboas pr quintal como pK- clar los llndos trabajos manual *
aivgo parclal hasta tanto se rezl- les que hacen las personas pf*
Por alumbrarle la esposa con biers el cafe. vadas de la vista.
una lampara de kerosene on
moments en que se dedicaba a *r
sacarle gasoline a su carro, y Un terremnoto estremec1i -
el estallar el combustible se W l-,
encuentra recluido en el JIospi-
tal Santo TomAs sufrlendo de l a d Hi
serias quemaduras en el est,6- OI
mao, el agrcultor anamefo asde Hawaii y ocason
Triano Nicolas Striche. de 41 a-
hos de edad y resident en Chi-
libra, m do. dnChi: dafmos en area de Kona Kailuafi.
libre, casa No. 78. OS &0
De acuerdo con las declara- HONOLULU, agosto 21. (UP). blor, pero que los unicos
clones dadas a la Policia Se- Un terremoto "por lo menos fios habian sido algunMos Pl
creta par la victim, ste se tan g r a n d e" como cl que rotos.
dedicb can n poo precede las erupcl6n del vol- El departamento geodisio S
dedicaba a sacar un poco de can M un a Lo estremeci6 form despues que el te
gasolina de su carro, pero co- la tsIs de Hawaii y las islas parece tener su centro "en Wa
mo estabs la noche bastante exteriores de la China Hawalla- gun punto on la veclnd&.'4
ur decid edrle ayuda na. I temblor se registr6 a las s Bl, de Wwi.
osu sdecid6 parsedue trajera 12.57, tIampo hawailano de 6.57. land F. White, observaPdor A
u esom para doe le trajerne c Un temblor tan largo y fuer- do la estaci6n good6idesa 4
una IAmpara de kerosene y le to como los estremecimientos costa dijo que habia Ae d
alumbrara pars ver c6mo salis a riginales registrados en el ob- grande como el que precodP
Is gasoline. servatorio magnitico de Ia cos- spectacular erupei6 del
ta y Isa otacidn god6sica de na sLo en Jun)o de 190.
Coma os de imaginarse. la ga- Honoalulu a rmVtr6 a las 731. HONOLULU, agosto 21.
solana se inflam6 hiriendo al Los omllemdoe del Hotei Vol- El terremato en HawUAi
solina e nlam6 hiriendo cn miraron hadca el volcan a6 graves da o ,a*
sehor Striche v sufriendo 6ste Mauna Loa. James Tao dUl tiendas, segn so
quemaduras de primer grado on quo no haMs mignos do activi- un radio inte ps
el est6.mago. dad voinica a 7.1. Tao o ado b.
"oV" us vient ter pIl lea- m ,Koma

---- -,1--- .----.----

de V
coM f rDCCU_

.- 1















Incluyanse en nuestro gran

Que van desde BS. J00 i 200 Semanles.
Fs st gran oportunidaa de poseer los ulttmus "hits" batiables
V toda la claae de musica que su espiritu desee.
Cia. Cymos Cyrnos para Regalos
e. J. Freo. de las Ouass al Ave. Tivell Ne. Is Tieli TeL 2-1783



SCar Recluido en una camn de Sala Foster

de WASHINGTON inc6moa ael Hospital Santo expiCa Pnme
P r REW PEARSON TomAs el Padre de la Bandera h
Drew Pearson dice: La guerra psicol6gica, para poder to- por doctor. ii ob a
r 4.C...exito tiene quo lofrecer, algo o los pueblos oprim- tar o21
EDITOA PANAMA AM~ICA, e. A. ner ito tiene que ofrecer, go los pueblos oprm Postrado en tlecho de do- .ade gqu
PRIADA-, q AR. 134 dos; el experimento con globor es important. lor, he Visto hoy S Padre de I ell tamento de
IESTA IA EH otamento7
mra z-074o scart, evAcn, Anao polr No. 4lae Bandera oNainal don Ma-p a.i.6ro de :
ENa .uS rALLEb .STUAO. D asT. Can. ca. N. .7 EN LA FRONTERA CHECA psieol6*lca de los uses ofre- nuer Pre delet l Jd9 at Rep bica,
,,,,___,___ ,_________- -- El actual experiment de ce exeltacion, Intriga y re- de PanamAi m
penetrar la cortina de hlerro volucl6n contra los opresores Una enta y dol roaa 'ener- fo
LA CONFERENCIA SOBRE EL PROBLEMA por medio de gobos pnede colonales, y los amos bar- meda le Mten. priao1rohe hae
S ser un exito a un complete gses. ya cerca de dos meses, en una en la validez l ta dtl
fracaso. Es demasiado tern- inc6moda y calurosa sala del ,M..Pam .1 e to 511imO
DE LA FIEBRE AFTOSA .ao. .pa radera TENDON DE AQUILES Hospital Santo sala del V1 l o do-
prano Para decir nad. en-d d TEDO AfUIL
-Pero o ms 'imrtnte e N N Hospital Santo Tpr Vae tti" d r nbndo
Pero lo ms ortAlli sure con today resig- nado. Su filod fta qMidt-l
Hoy se inaugural en esta ciudad la conferencia qa eas un ltento del ho- Estas son varias d las a n n sus males al l re a
nternionalrelacionada con las medidas preven- bre bao c slatea, de 1-I None, per I que Ion consider 1c lancompreS6n de etae "h 10h
tern ional relaertad e comero para pro- duos privados han lievade a muchos hombrea que po tie- ra tu6 ad sada pS n u
tivas que deben adoptarse per los gobiernos para bar ceros mtos A pro- ca el eperimento pars h- nen en I fe o. dosn emt hor t a
paganda psicol6gica --o us- cer de I cortina de hiro Seu rostro es eonjunto de .coun mo ru .o. 1 tato, :0 Novels
prevenir la propagaci6n de la fiebre aftosa, esa memosla guerra psicol6gica- una cortina de encajes. bondades. La plda cabeza se debes hacer del Jp6n rauestrqa
terrible enfermedad que aniquila la industrial ga- Iscual los gobiernos no pue- De acuerdo con mi expe- destaca de tre as banca amigo." e ort
den. llevar a cabo. rionleia personal, estoy co sAbann- e a s 1o env lven ha- s gYna e$jl 4 o~0 jW so C"
sadenas quo' 1 e.vAelven ha- n ngut',p
nadera. Hoy dia, los esfuerzos del vencido que el Soviet tome ciendo ms inipresionante el ha motrade ut an gcro, :
Departamento de Estado se mas al contact de los pue- marfil de Ua cara; sus ojos, a con Is vefda eomoos Es- crtE..s
El esfuerzo que se esta realizando con esta encuentran anulados per la blos oprimidos con el muodo cobijados bajo las gatas am- tads. coa el tratAdo que winh- .
falta sIe condos, mientras que llbre que a la bombs at6- paradoras.- Todo 61, e una es- Of.. .W Jj..: lo '- .- H
conferencia debe merecer el estimulo colectivo de Ion mIlitares norteamericanos mica. tampade reu 61,nacina Japn. :0
en que dominant nuestra politic s La inquietud entire los pue tampa de resgna i6n.-
todas las naciones que comprenden la trascendenq qeromnnuesainca bl bi ajoul bota rus es el Conmovida hasta el fondo de de'En vez de ifn 1Atlgo, el trata- ortei deT Ron
cia del motive que ha reunido aqgu a representan- manera do detener Rusla verdadero tendon de Aquils una vez m la sagrada his- d eo e ln r emedlo plvara I S he- a e
te de diversos pass. A veces no se comprende ea e con mis y mis grande de. Stalin. u torla de u aer. No tuvo la ticdo de Perl arbor,
htes d edirsaspases.Aorend canones.l Stalin no entapreocupado hijos de care y Sangre, pero d eaeneaun to tan revolucionbro de re
today su plenitud la importancia de ciertos acts c guerra psicologica, 'pa- po el poderio areo note engendr6 limb6lnca de Amador mel censmo mito. 7:30 f
cuando no se les vincula a temas que puedan de- rapoder tener xito, debe americano, ni per In armas la patria, el pabell6n blanco, l
ofrecer algo, una oportuni- |at6micas, pero si estKi Pr- rojo y azul, que ampara la her- 1oCEritiet.alae r a
sarrollarse dentro de las elegancias de ia oratoria dad de libertad, pa, mis co- ocupado per el descontento a nat, p ia r confuso s anecd6tico.ias Ein ri que al 7:45
o de las disciplines del ,pensamiento en funcion mida o elfin de Ia opresin. qe existed entire los pueblos de dos mares eternos aumbra- Gquerid pderado amigo, g a- ra adoel rm
La propaganda norteame- | satelites y ruse per el Im- dos por las dos resplendecien- dre de la Parra, a la que dste tado. a en un homn corea! Ge Rhoda
cireadora de modalidades political. Pero esto no quie- ricana fracass a menudo por- popular regimen de Moscf. te s estrellas, nort esn de dre de la atria, a la q teadoso. Ba S buelo fuh Jb .14uu
re decir que no debe ponerse &ifasis en la necesi- qu no ofrece nad coesio. or tanto, sis sot o tino. fliz memorial re- L ra d a rtida sue- ta JTdea8 do
dad de que se erradique ese err6neo concept, ya vaquia no esta interesado en clones sojuzgadas, debemos cit6 los versos queo aflos ha, de- me esfueran a archar, otidanas de BenJamin Harrisont.Era unto :lnos y'-un s
que existen numerosas cuestiones de orden tcnico ec a atransmisione nspiarla, darles valor y so- ic6 a abanderS. Ungid al sar d que uao l aebr oo nt n i
ueexit umrooradales extranjeras que W bre todo, mantenernos en al r de ocien euadtl
que afectan de manera absolutamente decisive la dicen que el sistema sovie- contact con elas. fadoa mlia y yo, icos hospital, estreho, inconfortablelesiarotestante a que prte- Pos
suerte econ6mica de los pueblos. El problema de te* es male. ss. o Fuer ese te e St- is de aquella brilliant ic raltur intnigua moo entd mant eo 1 d, 8u3n erd- t
E sabe que el sistema so- Fue po ese tem quSta-, una infinita pena me em- dero 'iudadano del Mundo", tal S:31 Ao
la propagaci6n de la fiebre aftosa es uno de esos m ittco es malo; lo que quic- in sergl6 su cortina de hie- y era a a eposa a qulen barga. como 10 e a U nletO. T
ue demandan una actitud de permanent vigilant re escuchar de la Voz de rro. Y un grupo de individuos dirigia sus ojos a Veces llu- Dejo ba los dos ancianos ve-u eorteSauade los eiupcrrlly r
e demandan na acttud de pemaente iglan- Amries la Iforms cmo organzaeiones privadas s minados con fulgore de aomnerables solos. El, en el lecho padre u astor r- u tre
cia para prevenir ese flagelo que en muchos paises quitarse el yugo de Is opre- han unido para pegarle a brosa vitalidad. Ella recibia de sus dolores, sofiando on su bitearo en Watertown, N Ie- rt
ha pro d i l .d i |,om si6n. Eso consejos, bajo la Stalin en ese tendon de Aqul- el homenaje de esta ofrenda vida de sofiador, con la espe- v& York. Su capacidad como dil- ramizacis Angerteh a
ha provocado incalculable desequilibrios econmi- present polities del Consejo les, enviando mensajes de patri6tica con dulzura mos- ranza de que su existencia no plomAtico 0le vene de herencia, 8:15 Los C Ange
co 0 deo, Segurldad Nacional, 'no esperanza, amistad y valor tr os co saempr, com-acabe, pue ha de realizar una porque u su abuelo, queen ne-
p*dn dare olialmente,. per medio de globs a Che- prensva dvlnamente hum- ltima area beneficlosa para goc6 el tratado de Shimonose- o aate
Consciente de la intensidad de esta cuesti6n Mientrar tanto a grr coelovaqua. n y bnegada. mla patra, ella atenta a todo I, entire Ja6n y China, 90 i M de oy
___ __ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ __ ___ __ __m ovalmento o desoo de su com- Curio.am3nte, fu6 onto trstado g lo l m
"El Panama-America" se ha ocupado en otras opor- Mas de una vez, en el pe- pa^ro, syudindole en todas el Sq e aboeli la Independencia 10:9 Msos 0 dste el hotel
td.nidades del asunto, destacando la necesidad de cADTAS ho de esta nobilisima matron, nuindoa e en todas sus atlic- dea ea, ed m a lo Japoneses pe
prmover una acci6n colectiva de part de los go-o de Pr6cer, oatr6 en su clones morales.., ua ore y peninsula manchU d:15 ~ y
Nieros para hacer todo lo possible por conjurar En est senc6adaremos eabidaa todas aquellas cartas calor,dulce resignaql6e. ame to nerne; ue parar- rana e ieo -Tnung y adem, 10:00 V adclma
e giraye pliroque que sa nos dlrlaanuaebre t6pls de interis rener&L Nada induce vlendole de estaomectder ellos; pues pose a edlc na fuerte indem-n11:00 10:3
el grave peligro que amenaza la industrial ganade- que no san Imaslado, extensaa. forma, que las garras de una miserable e lnc6moda estancla nici6n en elective. 110 Mn pala urn
r cruel enfermedad e tienvven ahora los dos, hay 11
Srrotado. Solo sulne aga-d alli ternura, paz y amor... Cuando apenas tenik de- 1:00 Bueni.noches
rSY cEn today I a reverence ,a quy 1nueve-stio, Dulles fuoee12
En la administracin pasada en Panama seA ticas. Las aceptamos com es- Habl6 sin tregua. Relat6 ha- Y can toda reveren qu nue Dle fu sec MANA ICOL
n ada enANTO TOMAS timuo para r meo. P- aas, rememor6 horas de glo- ditan mi repeto d- rio d dlea chi
adoptaron medidas adbcuadas en este sentido y el, 1951 s deseariamos que esascr- ia y moments de' angustia. d. n ino haci stao Le 4n co ria do e Pa la
Ministerio de Agricultura, a cargo entonces de sefior Director: la verdad, era un fluj de emociones do y con respeto pero con fir- aguerrIa untl drvat6 como ofs- 6:30 Namei
don Ricardo Arias Espinosa to una plausible n-Estamos seguros de quei Durante cerca dcuatro ho- meza lea sefialo un deer: El cal e eestado mayor :4 Mla d
tervencion habiendo estimulado nuestra Republic tado una ca several con- peonal de 'LA ieros del ceso de oirse en la aloa del uede ermanecer en el estado president Wilson en la confe- 7:3 Noteclero
ccnYiIoa a l erI ta elrHospital de L ER hospital. ,en que so encuentra.. ren paz do Vrsalls, en 7 melodic predlecta
la idea de constitufr una unidad de tipo internacio- lla rec a inisr ptra. ael abolo de paz e Verae en Sa
y logre adoptar medidas prudentes para preve- Una. de lao primerar idas ot A e l i m esal Pal e debe elmolo 1919

ir, hasta done ello sea posibaele, esa enfedrmedad u to um ue hs dil pm de a los y talonto eree U oni, ir el Snado :0- Eldodl va
que tantos desastres ha ausado en otr paises. gurar amentacn adecu hacerda y confrontaon n sobreteresante oraci6n, tude La nov matal
asta contra ]a fiebre aft signcicns en iderartoe j~c lhacimante quao quo me T aat6, ost am o a nebNseln udeb e Jla lUdAl a t .1 ss
aacl6n ds I o qu a go abiqegada con 1. l.....
Pma c nai -ehoer cahora, altgderl o indefeitP01' (* p iiide m45 par
Oear i qd a esta conferencia que se inaugural il-econdma. de.. Hos. l o mir l er. sio emoian. pars
Ra- ,-gc ue esm n t o a aqnclsironsa, d pae utr i e a s c nusnda u H eo m yo ton idntensdad o a r Aa enferm eras i t :01. C sus d el sire.

Cler~ra. e~pu Ica tuvo que hacer ingentel sa- mjor servicio a los paientes se viene realizando en nuestra historia veridica de los acon- qeor coarto de ao boy i ogre adoptar medidas prudentes para revear- medianta de ua preriEdidr as a de salud. tecrados mlentos ue dieron lugar a e nedos espe scanl s n que snvet6 la dextitudn del co.didatorie
p racticas diettcas y una me-co nimo nnobr Diretor con today la Independena y despr general Douglas McArthur de Mao
tesir, hasta dond enfermllo sea od sible, esa enfermaltdad qu to os a asur u han getado M. duras ri un hquech ovia espuen a Dis a dlos n vi vete votos

ooperacind de las comunidades campesinos que ra olo s 1 das ca s de "I5LA Medico cBu Emilia.u tens Es desubera e n y nnna 1:01e 1 d deLa Hora"
que tantos dsastreshacausado enotros la labor sobre la forma como i6n se tratde a Adnistrador read de fillac6n, t acnuas, velar r1 de di la udencas que celebr6,.por1:15 La matina
ta recorder o qu ella signfi en Mexico para los ente parmos poenfermos. Y etamosseguo tambn que termina. No es porque de noche, parsl mr que mp s ri ara s r
S le ordad es can eiadA pesar doalimtacrnes de que "LA HORA", con today hubiera fatiga ni cansancio en rd de su extenca dmsluxe ela

&igenuO hace que el campesino oculte sus anima. tddos los c lrdadanos tiesen El president de la coaisl6n, Naional de salchicha
star de acuerdo en Ia terrible gravedad qu en-econ6micas del Hospital, no i I ; pero emoci6n. conell y ahorrar lanto tem- 0 a musc

fes^~~~ in fectados y ll~aega hasta ver en el agent insp- tecunendn1icm eleei uTuaqil laauBlrfdTed
ola propaacin de la en No ha sid posiblda esumn elistrar s LA DUPLICADORAoHe vivdo con ntensidad prano a esa abngosoda 1at. WAHIN N, agosto 21d y s copotor

termedad algo asi como si tuese uin enemigo. pital que no se tome tenien- prime 4 colored. (UP) -Las autoridade0 6anta- Corea y la firms del tratado 2:30 Sen1aasicalea
faterra. Esa Rep rnoblica mde M i c h e dirent rren, ni hay disposn que viene realzando n nutra hitora veridica de los acon-naqu pr acompaae (UP el nforme ofal, 2:4 no ak Urita
rificios pars combatirla, meiante una tarea ar- medante una revin de ia- primer casa de saud t ientos que dieron ugara r a de ria los ie ro de la detitucin delo Un rtt e la Noch

ES de0 ? OC~O la de ese piais lograron Un esftler" ta el mejoramyento de los ser- Ao Deulna" indican que esta pccdc drian presenter individualmen- coredia de 1elvix
o extraorydinario yno desde luego, sdificumamente me- vicios. oLt urdl Dols A dea Independencla y 3n despr a -el e -o
to que conjure aquel peligro inminente que No s u del erco on ern tar a a Bcago en el Extrem audiecias. 12:00 S nata pfo
amenazaba no so a Luxico sins D. Alambin aro, M.D. Ni un hecho olvid6 en su ente, de per nte vot P.M
En el hospital se lbeva a Ca- Director Medico religin, ni un fast sBees-Idc ti en c rne Yr
pr n las comunidades cm sias qu, bo una vigilancia contant Domin Diaz. cap6 a recuerdo, y con se- sentar el informe official sore
r ignorancia, no s prestan facilitar a labor sbrelaform como se treat Admitradr lasauden que br,. por
e las autoridades on esa campaia. Un egoism a los enfermos porque Juzga-rEd oulo na n estimar que 6oerv par y 6gn.
genuo hace que el campesino oculte sus anima- tods los ciudadanos tileen E president de I comisi 6n,

Eln lp resmdente der n is com NacOonal do aclSs
S infectado ylega hasta ver norecho a exigir eien- \D I Is m moni mla que cu iquier 1:1 ole d md

^ D B .l te atencin ddd oma enqet m1ddca. s e q O. 7 In-O
e nectade aht aeen deIagenti m ecs Aforme que soerindiera podria 1:31 Catasd Amrca
ctor qu lucha contra la propagacin d a n- ~No hay medida enu el Hos- LA DUPLIADORA QUE NO USA TINTA WASHINGTON, agosto 21. afectar as negociaciones d 2:00 Orqt do al6
fermedad algo as come si fuese un enemigo. pital que no se tome tenien- mprime 4 colores. (UP) -Las autoridades sanita- Cores y a firms del tatado 2:30 Sendas Muale
do en centa los interests de itencla permanente de occesoro ras del Ejdrctto de Estados U- de Paz con el Japon. con Anoland. Corteia d
Afortunadamente, con Ia debida cooperacion lon pacientes que alli concu- Pida una demostreel6ni nidos Infomaron que IaS prue- La comial6n decid16 que, en El Agunla Imnoriai
ternacional, el gobierno d Mxico y los dirigen- rren, ni hay disposici6n que bas llevadas a cabo con ura vez de rendir el informe official, 2:45 novels favorite
no tenga coma meta immedia- nueva droga Ilamada "prima- 'las miembros de Is misma po- Un Grit Is Mooho
de economic de ese pcia dis lograron un esfuer ta el mejoramiento de los ser-quin an que sta deo derian presenter individualmen- cortesla d evix
zo extraordinario y, desde luego, sumamente me- viclos. condtituiro Una ripida cuR ie nlidas en Ms actas do ban 21 ,to3
ritorio, quze conjur6 aquel peligro inminente que No somos alarglcos a las g'H-E l.Depa dlo,-audiencias.
laro n del Ejmurcito, Mayor Oeltral

con is "prrmaquind" pemrnteu Con la aplrcaci6n de -
.~~~~~~~~~~ ~i ,' oadnedla16 '6.aiAe euNo e.N.200
II.... ........

I *"' .-.


- l, ; -, .. : .U..- .
.* '.*. -. M ,

I P*
-. .4-6, a.- -

ma Ir. -
lea6 el fin ae sgiy, y eoe 61 nueasu oda en los vestidoe de baf io tdimeno. Al ver los ves,
tide. do baoe quo se Maron emanw entonce nos explHeamos per ua@ el sliulo muri6. Con la
Stayor part deoi-s o erpo eblerto, fa tdma elegant de essa poca ba a hacer conquistas a la
plya Por supuaest.POAe lo j6venSe de daO entonces pobelan ana lmagafiaeln may desplerta.
Solamenite por curosildad, vamos a aalhsar un es vtido dbafo do 19W piesa per piesa. A la
iaealda ve o : muodae deo esO tentoees y nos proegunta6mg oe6m haeian las damas para
ewarse la cabosaT Pero no hacia filts, ya que muy poco se median at afua. A la derecha ve-
i q la part pipal'del caje. Tenia las mismas formas femeninas que un taxi de la 6poca.
Por utiumo las pieriep, completamente cubiertas per una ospecle de "bloomers" y media ne-
gras y munches vee poer sandalius.






Ifnicara14 a vis colos. ,
y estupenda



con e

El uevo I cicida FLIT, de acci6a
inaitines y efecto duradero, es de
cuadruple acci6n porque ontime:

D D. T., y CLOtDANOpsrat
efeo duraderos.,4SOBORNIL
y, PIETRINASpara matr
mseco ssissantaineamente.

Hearts, enterrado
en Beverly Hills
BEVERLY HILLS, California,
agpsto 21. (UP). Se verifica-
rofi los serviclos funebres del
publiclsta William Randolph
Hearts, en la Catedral Episco-
pal de La Gracia, asistiendo
millares de personas de todas
las esferas soelales, incluso las
autoridades y altos funclona-
rioe de la prensa. Entre ellos
se endontraban el gobernador
de California, Earl Warren; el
president de la United Press,
Hugh Baillie; L. B. Mayer, jefe
de los studios de cine de la
MGM; Charles McCade, editor
del diario "Mirror", de Nueva
Y o r k; periodistas, escritores,
productoret, actors de cine,
Despufs de los servicios a
cargo del reverendo Karl Mor-
gan Block, el f6retro de bronco
fat colocado *en la carroza ft-'
nebre y el entierro march
hasta el cementerio de Cypress
Lawn, donde el finado fue se-
pultadq al lado de sus padres,
el ex-Senador George Hearzts y
Phoebe Apperson Hearzts.
Acompafaron el feretro los 5
hijos del finado.

-- Sintonice y Escuche -1

E 50to


pr6ximamente en la

-Red Panamericana-

~ ,q

* P&NABA 4MEWA mi~ppD

mo orad
tuto de


peligro" ie uat Guerra 1,, a1

es hoy mayor que hace i
r' Anthony B. ----
nistro de Rencl ea I ." O d :. a '. '
(N.A.NA. r Tal co saafirmaAnthitY.Nden
f, ago 'i 21. (B8t). ". '
or principals I Ex.i stro1 de RR. ..e.a

Ia ,Unlversidad de Denver, 01
ex Ministro de Relaciones ax-
terlrems de Ia Oren Bretol~.
Anthony Eden, tuvo unaL, te-
resante conversaci6n con Pal-.
mer Hoyt, director del darlio

Muy pronto tendri el
Ejercito Americano
artilleria at6mica
NUEVA YORK, Agosto 21t -
(BE). La artilleria at6mlcat
seri una realidad en un pot-
venir muy cercano, segfin do-
clara un articulo del semmana-
rio "News Week", en el cual se
afirma que el departamento de
defense procedio ya al oniayo
de algunos de estom obueao en
el campo de batalla y que cler-
tas parties de estos obuses 0-.
tin en construccl6on.
"E1 ejercito norteamerica to,
dice la revista, ha elaborido
un plan de formaci6n y equi-
po d6 las primer unmidades te-I
rrestres at6micas er la historia.
de la guerra modern. La arti-
lleria at6mica darea a lesEs-
tados Unidos un arma qtoe lea
permitiria contrarrestar el po-
derio sovi6tico en fuerzas te-
rrestrea y blindadas". .
Segun el mismo articulo, los
trabajos emprendidos por el de-
partamento de defense en 'el
campo de la defersa contra
proyectiles radiogulados eWtAn
prtcticamente terminados y e-
ta defensea estaria garantlzada
por otros proyectiles radioguia-

Para librarse de un catarro,
GROVE! Millones que sufren
O dreafriadoe isirt nootradb
p' ?proloy decre alivio to-
mando Bromo Quiniuna Grove
al primer sign de reafriado.
Calms el doloc de cabels, re'
duce la fiebre y actda como
suave laxantm. Pronto les
vfctimhs gonardi de franca
mejoMa. lnoista n Is legtima


UNGUENTO PAZO para las al-
morranas-otro product Grove.
C. Gon/alez Revilla A Hnos.

-oM f

... saludables...deliciosas...
alimentoe de calidad insuperable,
envasdos e. plemna madturez. Mis do 500 Con.
serves Alimenticias Monarch: frute, legumbres y
can ... con todo su sabor y con todo ma valor
nutritive original. De venta en todas las tiendas
de comestibles.


ran.Bretafta en una entrevista



estamos d sempacaudo

S IAmipras de pie de bronee......3. "W
aInparas de mesa modernas... .10.W
LaiparaS lPra reoimaras, d*ded 3.75
Limparas de bridge...........11.95
Pantalla oa todos olor,,s y os-
tlo deaed.................. 0.-

Toallas en co.ores MAR.
rEX ................1.95
Sibanas en celoros
Fundas en colores
Toableroscromados, desd. 11

Cetnlmas para reasar, dae... 4.d
Drapes do eretona fina......... 95
Caastam s po roa sucia........12.95
Sobroosmam do plaUstt, d... 7.M8
Zapateras doe pau .......... 1.s AIRs
FOAM ................ 1430

00Um. T deo plmoba *an
SCeM T 1000, y .... ....... ...
m~rm~ emen uuqlu JJ tso n.p o m "

ii ~q -:T, oo,'y I! .. -. ,.,,.,.,.:

.1 ii 5_-i~ 1 I


Senadores de ELU. se oponen

a la cesi6n de dos islas a

Rusia al firmarse tratado

I Lf ...

*t i, '^ '*

continuaol6p damos el texto mundo hi~lab de elA, y las no-
de parse de suM declaraciones, licias relativam a ese conflict
on referena L importantes aparecen eqp grande titulares
topicoa en los diaroa. ,
La prgunta qpe mas preo- Be me ha .preguntado acerca
cupa a muc as gentes hoy es de la situacion' econ6mica bri-
la que se reflero a cual sera el tanica. Debo dealr quoe el golf
significado de la contestaclon que nps separa del .d6lar esta
russ a la carta de president ampliando#e otra vez, porque.
Truman y a sla esoluci6n re- tenemos quo-pagmr mis por las
clente del Congreso norteame- materials prias qu e obtenemos
ricano. Es, por--supuesto, mu' de la rona del dlnar. Acerca de
dificil saberlo. Es clertamente como podria remedlarse eato. es
un hom*be extraordinary el uni tea que entra en la po-
que pueda detlr'que le es po- litica.
sible leer el pensamlento de los ,
rusos en up moment dado; Igualmente se me ha pre-
pero creo que .uno tiene que guntado cual es la actltud del
aplicar el mitodo que sugeri pueblo britinieo haas el Con-
la otra noche, as decr, no a- solo de IurodLa y el movimien-
bandonar un. movimlento pop- to en pro unlticaci6p eu-
que no sea particularmente ropea. Estsa "e o cuitPti6n
prometedor.- Hay que probarlo may comp ca ara n monostr'
y explorarlo, .Pero lo esencial como es abldo. cterto mo-
es que miqYtrAr se hace esto, do, creo que a jiuOdad atlin-
debemoe contlAuar armando- tica a *que peftoi O e 0s par-
ns. Lo ftata fS A distraernos te d, nu"f om d id[d4 do
el prop6site fundamental de nacione. No. cto que podamos
nuestra political unida, que es former Iparte de unat alianza
el de negociar. lerido fuertes. europea qe exc uya esta! co-
munidad de xtcloneks britini-
Podria interprbtarse la ma- cas. Pdr lo tapto, sl lo que
niobra rusa como una intento- se quiere ,ormar e una "fe-
na para dividir a los aliad s deraci6n" europ a, no de eamos
y convencerles de que el Soviet coitrarlar la Idea, pero no po-
no es on realidad tan hostti a demos comparttria tampoco.
ellos como es 16 quiere hacer __________
aparecer? Pudde ser ai. Los
ruso esti ha. ol i--do todo lo-
quo puoden pe me dividirnos. De 4
oeto podemoa star sexguros.
Cuiles son lo ni4todo a exactos
que siguen en lo que sme reflere
a las negoclacignos de Cofea,
no lo s6. Si tRuala esti tan por. denostrar su. nu-
va actitud, hay mtuchas for-
mas de hacerlo.
S egIn se me dieo, en los Es-
tados Unido se ree que en
Europa existe unA conviccl6n
[,cadA ves mayor de la necesi- .
dad de. unidad k que me refer C
en ml conferencia.- Creo fir-
memente que es asl, y que con-
forme crede naestro poder mi- R
litar crece nultra confianzas y
I de to4y Europa accident '
Y al msumn tioempo aumenta- A
rAn detris de la Cortina de
loerro los es uearzo por dete-
neor el crecimiento de nu utro -
poder military. Son coas que N N
van Jn.tasi NN
q 'ue aqui se hace a Gran
Breta y otros aliados de los A
Estados Unidos la critics de
que ro han tomado suficlen-
tenmente an serlo la guerra de o
Corea, abemos por supuesto,.
que los norteamericanos llevan
el maybr eso en I campafia,
pero as sabldo que nosotros te-o HR A"O S
nemos -tambin much otr'os
peso-s sobre nuestros hombros.
La campafia malaya o*- algo'
much mis grave de lo que ge-
neralmente se considers y tie-
ne ya tres ailos. Tenemom una
diVisi6n on Corea; por eupues-
to, es poco, en comparacit6n. IMPrta ,es
con las fuerzas que han lie-
vado aIlli los Estados Unidos. T,
Pero nos damos cuenta porfec- vP
ta de lo que esa guerra signl- REPARTO A DOMICILIO i
ficr En Gran Bretafia todoolL .. ..". .

Per. Edward J. Michelb n
WASHINGTON, Agosto 21 -
,EPS). Una nueva tempes-
tad senatorial se clerne sobre
el proyecto de tratado de paz
con Japon, en relaclon con los
articulos del mismo que ceden
a Rusia, de modo permanent.
las islas Kuriles y el Bur de
Esta ceai6n esta sefialada en
Ia seccl6n 2-C del capitulo 11
del proyecto de tratado prepa-
rado.por el embajador especial
John Foster Dullesapara la con-
ferencia de paz. que se reuniri
en San Francisco. el mes proxi-
mo, y a la cual los rusos, con
general sorpresa. han anuncia-
do que asistiran. Se tenia la
impresi6n de que finalmente lia
Unl6n Sovletica no iba a ha-
cerse represenLar en dicha con-
i ,Senador "Arthur V. Wat-
kins, republican. mnembro del
bloque que sme opone a can dis-
posici6n,. se esti preparando
para lpohar coptra la. plovisi6n'
del tratado reference a ella.
Watkins'. die quoe de lo que
se trata es de.rgtiflcar el pro-
.tocolo'secafto firmido en Yal-
ta, ejp el/cUal Fe f entonces Pre-
sidente ,Franklin Roosevelt y
el primer 'l ministry britanico
Churchill acordaron ceder a
Rusia las Kuriles y parte de
PeSo, dice, este acuerdo nun-
ca fute ratfflicado por el Sena-
do de los Esta los Unidos, que
e8 esl anico qua tiete. autoridad
para sanclonar finalmente tal
clase de convenlos. Como lo de-'
clar6 una vez James F. Byrnes,
[ex-Sec86tatlo de Estado, en 1946,' el protocolo de-
bi6 haber sido formalisado por
un tratado. Begun Byrnes -a-
firma Watkins-. se tuvo por
enteridido que el convenio era
simplemente un acuerdo milli-
tar, apjeto a negociaciones pob-
teriores para ser debidamente
Incluido en un pacto, que seria
sometido al Senado.
Watkins manifiesta que tanto
l como muchoes otros senado-
res se oponen a entregar a Ru-



XI v stldo perfect, fabricado en Estados Unidos
especialmente para nuestra clientele de PanamA.


Ropa Interior
Camisas de Etiquets,
Camlsas Sport y Camisas
corrientes..Ropa Interior..
Corbatas.. Paftuelos..

Hechas en Cuba, de crte perfect, telas
garantizadas, a precious desde B. 7.50

de Soda pura, de Rayon y de Lana. En
las marcas
"Gallieni" "Arrow"
"Reporter" "Wembley"

Batas para la casa,

Zapatillas de cuero,

Paniuelos de Hilo,

Correas y Hebillas

Caklcetines de Nylon y de Seda...

Pijamas "Pleetwoy"...

Vqstidos de Baino "Jantren"...

Afhitworas Electricas "Sunbeam"

Perfumeria "Yardley" y "Dunhill"

Portfolios de Cuero...

Maletas pora Avi6n...

"La Mejor Calidad al Mejor Precio"

-*' .. i- *. ._*-_________*

* 6

_ _I_ 1 _





I -

5.'' I



sla posiclones de tanta Impor-
tancia econ6mica y estratftica,
como las nombradas, situadis a.
corta distancia del territorim
proplamente Japones.
Las Islas xurties, sefiala el
Senador por Utah, estit situa-
das en la ruta que une a Alas-
ka y Canada con Siberia. Chi-
na, Jap6n y Filipinas, ruta quo
ha cobradu much UltportanclL
con el desarrollo de las comU-
nicaclones areas. Ademis, tla
Kurlles suministran bases at-f
areas desdt las cuales podria a&
,lacarse Alaska.
Por otra parte, es sabldo qu.
en Shakalin existen enormel
reserves de carb6n, mis de tre.
mil qulnientos millones le to-
neladas, segun los ge6logos. .
ademis. ese territorio producs-
en gran crntidad maderas. aO
bonos, granos. hierro y petr61
Las reserves petroleras alii
estiman en trescientqs millonet
de toneladas. Esta es ]a zor0n
petrolera mas important at
Este de los montes Urales.
EL Senador sefiala que mien,
tras el tratado de paz con Jal
p6n permitiri a los Estados U-
nidos mantener bases militareb
ali, y tender tropas en terrtto-
rio Japon6s, al mismo tlemnu
Intents permitir que los rusol
obtengan y fortifiquen islas eos
trattgtcas a menos de seisclen-
tas mills de distancia de Tom
klo, en donde estaria la prin-
cipal base norteamericana, l4
de Yokosuka.
"Esto clertamente me parec%
un contrasentido, decade e pun"?
to de vista de n estra defenaa"I.
dice Watkins.


--' S


i PANAMA aium* BM jgun'

1L .r- --~ -- -, -. A~ --- --u. ... I .----- -r -j-

'a Duena fialrccon j

nstituto De Nutricion De Centro Aemica y Panamw ,

"Minerales: Magnesio, Zinc, Manganeso

. y Fluoro

E1 magnesio es re'ativamente
abundante en -musculos y hue-
wos, pero alOn no se conoce uW
fuael6n. La interrelacion entire
41 calco, fdsforo y magnesio es
Hluy compleja y un trastorno
en el balance normal puLde
ausar contdiciones patologica3
El magnesio esta alstribuldo
y suflciente cantidad se Ln-
cuentra entire las alimentos ve-
gettles y animalea por lo cual
no es necesario poner atendoun
On el consumo de este mineral.
Ei zinc se considers como r.le-
mento esencial al organism sin
haberse establecldo sun cual es
is funclin flajolglica que de-
sempefia. Aparentemente es un
component important de in-
aulinu, -pero deficlencias en el
hombre no se han reportado.
El manganeso es sin duda e-
sencial en el organism pero no1
hay evidencia que se haya en-
contrado deficiencia de este mil-,
neral en los humans; sin em-'

bargo se han observado algunos
trastornoo en paclentee cuando
cun cantidades excesivas as les
ha adminlhtrado en forms acci-
dental con fines terap6uticos.
El fluoro es un constltuy ute
normal de los huesa y7 del ca-
wnalte de los dientes; seo sabe
que tambi6n un exceso do fluoro
ez el causante de lam manchas
que aparecen en el esmalte de
los dientes permanentes de los
niftos. El fluoro contenido en Ia
a4perficle de la tierra y en el
agua, varia grandemente de re-
gidn a regl6n. El porcentaje de
caries en las reglones dohde la
tierra tiene suficlentes fluoro et
muy bajo y eate soe debe el
gran nfimero de experiments
lievadas .a cabo entire varies
grupos, sobre la posibilidad de
reducir el numrero de caries par
el mdtodo de aplicacl6n .dlr,:c-
ta de fluoro a los dientea, o a-
dlci6n de fluorM al agua potable


1-Arna antigua.
5-. Movlmlenti al andar.
12-Provincda de la India.
1 --Fj'lIdo taiponderable.
-MAsienot. deo un prelado.
1-A Vuelto a mojar.
'tS-Que contiene arena.
20-Zona Aut6noma Colombia-
na, Inic.
21-Terminaci6n de diminutive.
22-De forms liquid.
S2--Relativoe al Amazonas.
' --Apocope de santo, Inv.
:;3-fcontrarlo de buena.
Ss--jios escanclinavo.
$4-Ftligado, cahsado.
3 --Ande, recorra.
3?,--Rio de Francia.
)S--Madera rosinosa que alrve
para alumbrar.
44-~-Vtlla de Espafia.
s7-Del verbo tomar.
S 4-Pleza de armadura antigua.
50-Paraiso terrenal.
5l-Nota musical, PI.
,2-Se atrevan.


I Di .ene rLpidamente, sin
pligro, el sudor.
2 HRee decaparecer inmedia.
somente ( olor del sudor.
8 Le ofrece complete pro.
teeei6n do uwn a "r dia.
4 No rrita la'piel normal-
puede usarla a diario.

53-Del verbo osar, Inv.
1-Uva seca.
2-Region de Francis.
3-Raevoluclonario irlandea.
4-Del verbo amenizar.
5-Individuo de cats oria.
"-Quo no creek en Dios.
7-Hijo de Noe.
8--Ecritor espafol del siglo
9-merpiente venenost sur-
10-Numero, Inic.
11-Cocino en secu.
17-Onomatopeys del ladrido.
22-Aceptarian, obedecerian.
23-Eapaclo do tempo, PI. Inv.
25--Sgno ortogrtfico, Inv.
26-Igual al 30 horizontal.
27-Nativos de Alemania.
32-Apellido de un escritor
34-Habitaites de la tierra
con relaci6n a otros.
35--Rio de Alemanla.
37-Vocal, -PI.
40-Animal parecldo al ciervo.
42-Letra castellana, PI.
43-Emiti6 senidos.
44-Rio de. Espafia.
45-Remueve la tierra con el
44-Gorra miltar.


[ MI

5 No mancha ni dafia la
6 Nunc -i seca ni se pone
arena, some los dsodo.
ranteo ordinarios.
7 No e lassoe, ce deavanece
comeo aold cream".

- :01


Abera cuando ya todes lNou 1efdstas que fuOerM a I-
cas del Tore a la Coeforeas O odo reo, has terua
nado de escrlbr sue imlpreioi y ya el public esabe at
o menos come so dearreoU aflquo, neootreo v aos a .4
qu6 fu lo uo sueedid an sla irs, con perd6a doe tode h
personalidad eae ceneurrieron.
S -

Ira el sabado en la mahianat
y en el carro del diminuto Go-
bernador de Veragues, Don Pito
Murgas, nos dirlglmos al Aero-
puerto de Tocumen. Habiamos
sido invitados a Is Tercers Cxn-
ferencia de Gobernadores que
con tanto tino ha iniciado el
Ministro de Goblerno y JusUcia
doctor Miguel Angel Ord6fies,
qua tiene como fin primordial
estrechar los lazso de todas las
provinclas, y dar idea de eatos
a los gobernadores de las dite-
rentes regiones del pals. Coimo
la conferencisa ba a ser en Bo-
cas, los puestos habian sido pe-
leados porque en verdad todum
querian tener la oportunidad de
observar tierra tan rica come
feraz, donde *e observant los pa-
noramas mas hermosoa de la

Deadela iUegada al aeropuerto
nox dimos cuenta de que el gru-
po lba a ser de lo m asimp.-
tico; habia de todo como en bo-
tipsa; atletas como Manolo Va--
rlas el famoeo exbasketbolero y
professor de JEducacl6n Fisca,
quien venia con cars de juea
de pueblo, parece que trails vi-
vita unsa do esas goma que le
agarran a uno 'en Panama y
quo por miA que so hace no se
waede cortar, Estaba alli tam-
Ib6n el diputado Guillermo Ju-
ad-' Belles, el cicerone" de la
delegacin, quien so perdi6 des-
de que lleg6 y no apareCib sino
il regreso; Gil Blas Tejeira, con
la pluma de Silvio Pellico a)
bolso; Chal6n Pinz6n, que se
habla erigido en guard espal-
da de Pito Murgas; Julio Arose-
mefia, el modest aimo goberna-
dor de Los Santos; el6 beat Vic-
tor M. Alvarez de Chiriqui, DWn
Aquilin o Tejeira el hermano de
Gil Bias, quien no so le despe-
gaba ni en el avi6n. El espiga-
ao Gobernador de Colon don A-
gastin Codeflo; 7 con a prusa
de aiempre X e.n plan de im-
priulonsr, ap 6 sr rprnt1, el
uenjamrn Oo nadores,
don Hpmero VelAsques, quien
venia acompaflado de au Jefe
politico el inimitable Norbcrto
Navarro, quien, a decir de 61
mismo venat a refrenar a Hu-
mero paras evltar se deobocara
con su acostumbrada violencia.
Es que Norberto estA en todo
"Y que pass, el Fat no lilega, el
Ministro de Gobierno no* ha de-
jado en tierra, quo papa". Co-
ment6 algulen. Pero una perso-
na aue no sabetmos si es cm-
pleado de la Cops, dijo es que
el viajs tuvo sus inconvenien-
tes; como el avion solo tiene a-
sientos a los lados,*surgi6 la c.l-
ficultad de que no so pudi.ra
mantener a nivel en @l sire ai
el Ministro subia, debido a su
voluminosa contextura; y para
evitar un accident que acaba-
ra con todos los altos funclona-
rios del Ramo, se acord6 que
Gelabert se lo Ilevara en un a-
vion especial, donde lo pudie-




ran poner al centre, y1~ohb
colocar trees mAs a los dow, y
ast no habia peligro de ua d-
Complacida con la I i fWiA-
dl6n la comltiva, a -laeuil a
unieroh Luciant, Aril ,01ro, el
fot6grafo Werrer Gamb*s .y 7o
sallmoa.del aeropuerto.
Habid algunos goberamdoaes
que Jame habian subido a un
avl6n, entire ellos Pito Meras
y JuUto Arosemens. natrmn
recelosoa miraban l0 que, otto
haclan, y todo estuvo de l t Un-
do. Antes de subir, por supuepto,
much fotografia, polieul, Lto..
Cuando descendimos ddp- a-
viln, nos esperaba una poquefia
comitiva; estaban alli el gober-
nador Don Basino Duff y e1 ca-
pitan del Puerto don cef~trno
Maceo, el Jefe de la Cops don
Ram6n Palacio, y otrox altos
funclonarios de la provinols.
Al instant los aoord"ea 0 v-
na bands de musicos- atreavrion
el espacto; los bombers *e di-
rigian al aeropuerto, no a apl-
gar ningdn fuego sino a teolbir
ia comitiva. Venia tamebist el
personal docent y los edu ltr-
dos del Priher Ciclo, gran n~-
mero de pdblico y el IScretarlo
del Ministerio don Armando Mo-
reno Guilldn quien habia Ido a
organtzar la conference.

Eston puscandso

Volcin Irichas con

fines especulatlvos
DAVID, Agosto 31 (Cerreipn-
sal) Infonnaclones prOce0dn-
tea del Volcin dan cuenta de
quo moradores de aqUellM so-
nai ettin pescando trdchao con
fines esapculativos se con eora
que los criaderof do truchas so
hicieron con fiWes de straccii(
y deport para, el turlamne y e
pars l venta sin control 40 la
pea e quo 8e logro efectuar, co-
w.o asti ocurriendo.

Lot "RIbeID"

4 V

I PANA pare dintfs mu01
il IImrplot y 4#06$...
*** ... pueslp m lipi n Mwo
mejor! Por eso contribuye a
conservarlos e a .. Pe "so
debe used acostabnw i
nihos a cepilla lo dioNm
Sdiarino cam Pu"s nDl Ipt.
Sus bor difuMea* a*JMp
nin mreftgeBJ1

Recuerde: in Ia veynd do
Ws Crel, nma1 1
n ent, niftld 6 -f W iqeqa
hg padso srolr r eo' *
cent. 4il IPens.


HKuO Iis

se nmo ta e S is su ipu-
blieloue6n It4 6lame:
PanamA. 20 o AkAWo de I951
Minstro de oReletMt V Tuoro
E. 8. D.
oenor tMinhstei
Los qu6 iu1 rbC, veeinos
de.La Lai, dto &o an
fPlix, provcls 49 .Chtlqut, ie-
ainoa ante UMd a p dirleg por
cate medto quo Il dAsMpco a
su dipgo ergo, dikte una rejo-
luOil6 por .IA f*l -as Muale la
No. 6d 4e1 16 d i goto clual,
en Ia que so Autkft ll 4.eor
Jos6 do kW Santoa RodG'igue. a
ecflcar ea un lote on la piuza
public do LM Lh41A. Stftdion-
Co a solllMid e di0ho ignor
hiclera con W o0 t, bace 1,t-
oun tiemlp. Pade tambibn
qua ae p6 t 0bao, en iul lorma,
la o Mi do itt n lu plo-
a pa r dioa lugar y
aS Me oualquoert onstruc-
el6n an lUt cIftdaas plma, pars,
aora y pa 1I t#tu puss, es
e0s An t LmuUdad- quase e
vine ometotlndo a fte cun-
El lots on tetferaeis tiene los
alguiento* I)tlo ro. Net'r: plaia
publics; Sur: -Cali plblica; Ls-
le: calie prlneipl 4dl pueblo;
Ouete: plus *eat- aetoa .iI-
uei'os bon exaotmente loa .qut
el aefAor 6drigmues n 4u1 me-
morial indict,, osfittendo, por
rasonea. qa desconocenios,, las
celloe y piay pO= bltca existen-
tea dead la fundacl6n del
Al .hacer ets sollcitud tene-
mos come ftundamento el he-
cho de quo con la adjudicaka.,
de se lots y eonstrucel6n en el
enismo "e perjudlcarAn los Inte-
reaoe de 1 t vclinoa de Las La-
jaa ya qua 61 ornateo de la pu-
bmiacon soe yen ria avoIente a-
fectado. Adtisa de eoat, aeriae
loalno itr ja dposle1n leoail quea
prohiBe cfttruir en eile* y


Ante. a us m de Turno h
puM r U uneia do malver-
saea de o t, la alcalde
de OhM A, o Toaain Du-*
ran dGte ooantra el sefia
F7= Moran, Presidento
rdel Ma elpal de oA
ditlitr ,
NOM Is denunola prsnta-
da,el Oasoen Municipal O
Una paVtld por 1,O.75 bali
pnar VM e0Wmue e0 de la 0'CO.
rm e do Clb la. con-
f-coion de 1me .HM o,
De acuerdo. n las declare.
clones 40 la fSflons Alcaldes
Oh'ame va es sonstructores y
encarad 4e los trabajos de lad
corregidui, se han presenta-
do a &mo'Ien a.sobrar per lo1
trabaJle de.lo-. coitructi6n del
edifao, quea Nedobe quo no ie
le. 1an tb. o loi honorarlo8
co-,oflpo idl4entg.
Cteroa de Ortesa,
Alcal de hame que el I- M
nero corropondlente reposaba /
en podcr .el 8ator Presidente s
del Contjo Municipal y quo este t
ha oob o cheques sin ha-,
ber pahd loo honoratios a lu
pe? n,1 que eonstruyeron la
conrrldirl, como tampoco so

hay el prdoedente do la nelati- nt
va que so 1t di6 al seftor D6me-
trio Clcehaco Jr. a la solicitud
qu h ite en elontido que as le 4
adjudicta el mismo lote quo a-
hora quiere.60cupa el sofior JO-
46 de 4 ft Antos Rodrigues. A-
lmnno se a 6stableol6 quo no
daebis recaustrUae ua ocasi c
uo teolnas do eate lote y lfuera
tImbin de la lines de oone-
trucolo, sN edifia6 hacd ocho s-
flos me o mieno y eluyo duefo
actual e- el aflot Julio Pe a ,
quien el aefor RodrigUez men- a
:ons oomo collndante on el anai s,
moral q0e envi6 a eO, au del- f1,

An ia 4egurldad do quo usted
sabra atendor eutato antes d-
ta pgtic16n, quedasmo del sefior
Ministry Ahuy itentamete.
Buyo Besfuros mervidores .

I tu:

HOA 10ook"

---.. +

t de muya FA n-

SDAVID, Aosto 11 (Co"repon-
Sal) -. Pro1is. do 0ugaba so-
,ul est, -turor noelApu te d ISOuiae
F tr muieres a e Ilr sBitI nB.

.tea.Ij a

+ : 20 (Cbjrxt-
N powal de "La
Se epcl6n denutn-
It el. p1io stado de los
180toe sore la carretera Da-
4 COtpt6n 1I quo ofrece a$-

7d6 oeto i tra seoii a deza-
rmonas qua 6 odupan dir-

8Prn eso,r Que tijtarmbn -d 'th
toduc al pau aiBenast
fonltldos w lofpl. Lam libi.
tieas triaani talts de turti
expedios por Iai. atoridide
toppectiv r6 cuyo veAfol
hliento flallC *l 20 de lod iW-
6e encuentran baho las 6*de-
nerodel Alcalde de Oqer6on t
cutadai do haber vlMAo el De.
t tlo deli. to noWlerabra
de 1I46 y el Deem L 57, doel
Otttro do Aloat ost, re
hlitiracift y mrlidad psu

Su emisora favorite

present esta noche a las



1' :U

11W 1230

6 a .-r' r m ,

._. ,' _. "



un program m novedoso

masico do. Avelino Mufox


y espere /a Ilamdi en su casa

un fremendo, "JACK POT"

animado pot Maffihez $lanco


dmos I" todiM di a

Red Panamericana

___ I

0 1) o I-, o

- *. ; *'

,'-' -

-:''* ~~r3;yi-



MIes do mjrs mr conemringsmw k

. p. I


-Pa m 'e -- w

. 4

411s~u Si*I.g etsa 3

- ss

Im...oF. r u lr.. .
4 AI Club VBn*.
MS Jar at u t~.~uiroao
I' s"ut litaides, la ae-
O.-ft OaBma M 'de Enda-
Oft mtatarde un d en

aaq~ 41 asi. alrrn sa .
14iMtf Alt CUIa A at 4epelir a la sofora
freli aye'n a iu es Ning alb ardee Johnaton, qulen
sltuada en los Altos del Oolf. guso pr6xlanunte a lo as-
.qsplndfdo almuerso al quo taos unldol, la aefiora An-
,riron lnyltdau un nulmenao tonlt .l ly 4 do Borchard Is
dUpo do 8Is amittades. agagao el domango en la no-
Seti sU residencid en La Club de oi reetA teon -n butfet y Jegoo
La *dfioras dfia 0eelliia d e cartM. fv ademtsi infla-
Otuardiea de uP'bt afrto *ddo un q tie o grupo do Us-
un *1bhumr en 61 ClO amistadei .

ye~v4rWelt... ? jI pw
a^ / *^ ^' .


IOMM l# ae d Scot conisiltdo ua
cucbhutatds. Obunible *a Wsil
ac4ctv olorw. Y easeai dc a
m Cmiia Aidom lN dkaies *olfs
alieaddo, riaco o v6iages -
parado ciiiaoe. bgs
dedo r is.
^^*^&NAS adsi^^w ^"*-^irt^viq
1* TO14 w f ~ a a fn f

DIpeoim O eordialments a
8. el fbajador do Pana-
.a en Colqmbiab senor don
C Ir"o LM6pg. brega, quien
0Mi por a via area para
fota. Fohmulamos nuestros
i porque tensga el mayor
zxito en aus delicadas labors.
IP Estados Unidos
PuO fals viaje deseamos al
ashor Leigh R. Cramer y se-
flora Margaret de Cramer, qule-
nea aseopaftados de su hija
Anne, embarcaron boy rumbo
a Nuva York a bordo del va-
por "tally Rand", en viaje do

Paa Europa
Orator paseo le deseamo ial
teor Juain Manuel Berroca, au
eoflo RHlda F. de Berrocal y
ta n o. Ju an Manuel Berrocal
Jr., que nes siguen a Europa eon
vlaje de recreo.
DOw- ts tades Unides
Ptisentamos un cordial salu-
Sde ivilenidaa t la seflora
Oda Schwartz, quien proce-
dente de Nueva York, se en-
cuentra paando varlos dia en
la ciudad, hospedida en el ho-
tel X. Panama. /
No$ antlclpambs en saludar
al aflor Juan Ram6n de Rotux,
uiden se esper league maflna
a la pital depue s de hobAber
Wtaninado brillantemente us
studit0 de I-genleria Alfarera
en lb Un*erlsdad dle Artes,
De Centro Aii6rlca
Despuds de, hAber pasado tUna
corta tOmporada do vacaciones
en San Jos&, Costa Rica, se
encuentran de nuevo entire nos-
tr lt inora Ilena Castro de
Atrown y u nlfia Marcia. Las
SaludamOt atentamente.

Del Interior
Baludamino al seflor Emanuel
Lyons Jr. y saflora Mary Mor-
gin da Lyons, quiepes han re-
*reakddo de EVale, en donde
pcatona unos dias de deacanso.

Le damos la blenenid al
seflor Timothy L. Woodruff,
quien regresa de su corto via-
je de negoclos por Nueva York.
Aniversariot de mltrida on
Felicitamos cordialmente al
senior Paul Durdn y sefiora
'anny J. de Durin, qUienes ce-
lebran en esta fecha su ani-
versarlo de matrimonio.
Cumplen hoy u09 de casa-
dos el doctor O britl Bosa y
sefora Elida Garoia de Paredes
de Sosa. A las much felit-
taclones que reciban, unimos
las nuestras.
Fue soihetido a ligers inter-
venclon quirurgica ayor en el
Hospital Santo Tomis, el nfio
Alberto Calvo Jr. Probta mejo-
ria le destamos.
Cumplesi de o boy
Bra. Sofia Hlbert de Wolff
Sra. Brna de Casab6n
Sarta.Bert id Dutary
St. Olmedo Fabrega /
Sr. Juan Josi Garcia
Sr. Stanley Linde /
Nifia Maritza Diz Ramirez
NifIo Manuel Francilco de la
Guardian Wise
Ninfo Enrique E. Kraus
Cumpleanoe de waiaisa
Bra. Fulvia de Merel Murt
Dr. Narciso E. Garay Preciado
Sr. Jos E. .hrman
Sr. Carlos Oralll
sr. Jq" Domingo Solo
fo Richard P8e cott Novey
Niio Francisco Antonio L6pez
Nifio Carlos A. Eleta Boyd
Niflo Rent van Hoorde
Cumpli6 afios ayer la sefiora
Judit. Vasques de Lawson.
Hasta San Antnio, Tojas, lu-
gar de su rsidencia, ,hacemos
llegar nuestras cordiales fell-

Se encuentron e l Hospital
Santo ToaAs, donde fue some-
tido a dellcada ntervencion
quirurgica don Marco A. Aro-

-W":9d- d
mig I^.udV^^.d-^^s


us uZ LA assUIA -LA pequefia i UIjadutmm, de 1I aftko
de edad, aparece aqui jun$o en su padre, 1 doctor Peter Lind-
strom al iegar a bords del "Queen Mary" a Inglaterra, a donde
MP1 va a visitor a so madre, 10 actris Inrid Bfrgaamn.
semena, por cuyo pronto res- nor del saflor Bonifaclo Pereira
tablecimiento hacemos .nuestos y seflora, quMen partira hacia
mins fervientes votos. Barcelona, Epafla, a ocupar el
-- delicado catgo de C6nsul Ge-
Bienvenida neral de Panami.
Nuestra mds cordial blenve-...

nidt para las distinguidas ats..
floras Ana Fung de Him *y
Margarita Fung de Tam, quil-
nes se encuentran entire nos-
Otros procedentes de los Est*-
dos Unidos y Centro America,
por done hicleron un recorrl-
do en viaje de vacaciones.
El sefior Manuel Burgos y
seftra ofrecieron ayer uqa o-
mida en su residencia an ho-

Ayer ajust6 un Afto mAn de
vida la graclOsa niflita Catita
Molyneaux, vayan para Catita
nuestras sinceras felicitaclones
y que Dios derrame sobre ella
todas us bendicilones.
Nuestras mejorts felleitacio-
nes para' 1 el nio Eusebio Rios
culIen celebra hey su cumple-

do Luxe

dlujo a su UMu, y su
prcio nos a an lujo
ICutex de Luxe Nail Brilliance as
uns revelaci6n! Tiene todas las
Lcualidades de los esmultes de ufias
mls daros a macho maens precio.
Equisoit frasco con comnodo aplica-
der, como los mdis lujoss aipl(tak.
I eosLdite pemaname bellhi'ao dfis
S*diai.Ni 4tgrlet nii so desprande.
No ikrit U pieL .Novisimos e ia.
tereuantes matices.
Quedatr at ed admirda cn e
Cl tJ T de Luxe

Esmal do luje un prtecid no doa I .




Une de los e to popu-
lares mAs intmwante, para
escoger la mejor voa mascu-
lUna de Am6rica, sera puesto.
en march inmediatamente, ba-
jo los auspicloa de trees gran-
des compafias, la Coca Cola, la
Panagra y Ia Metro Ooldwyn
Mayer, en combinacl6n con el
estreno de la superproduccl6n
de la Metro "El Gran Caruso"
y como una contribuci6n elec-
tiva al desarrollo de la cultu-
ra artistica de los pueblos Ia-
El ganador del concurso que
sera escogido entire represen-
tantes do 21 i S32 aflo de to-
dos las paises Latlnoamerica-
nos de Argentina a Mexico, re-
cibird como premio una beca
para realizar estudios muslca-
es por un afno en la Scala de
Milap, Italia, con todos los gas-
tos cubiertos.
En cada uno de los paises
americanos se efectuarAn eli-
minatorlas para la escogencia
de la mejor voz. En Panama
habra dos elimlnatorlas prell-
minares. una en Col6n y otra
en la cludad de Panama. Tres
representantes de cada cludad
participarin posterlormente en
la gran ellminatoria final que
se efectuard en esta cludad el
3 de octubre.
En esta cludad se efectuaran,
aslmimo, las finales pars es-
coger el representante do Pa-
nama y Centrq Anerica. La
escogencia sera hecha el 10 de
octubre y coAcurrhrian las me-
jores voces do las hernmanas re-
pjoblicas c e n t roamericanas y
Con el estreno de la pelicula
"El Gran Caruso", el 18 de oc-
tubre en Rio de Janeiro, se
eacogeri el ganador de este
gran concurso de proporciones
continentales que ha side or-
ganizado con el objeto de ln-
crementar la cultural musical
americana y alentar a miles de
amantes del canto con la mag-
nifica oportunidad de perfec-
cionar sus estudlos en una de
las academlas musicales de ma-
yor preatiglo etri el mundo.
Proximamente so publicaran
completes informaclones sobre
este concurno.
Datos sobre la pelicula
"El Gran Caruso"

Con el mis grande conjunto
de famosos cantantes jamAs re-
unidos en una pelicula, "E11
Gran Caruso" narra la histo-
ria de una gran voz, la del in-
mortal Enrico Caruso. Protago-
nizada por Marlo Lanza, Ann
Blyth, Dorothy Kristen, Jarmi-
la Novotna y Blanche Thebom
y otros notables cantantes co-
mo Teresa Celi, Nicola Mos-
cona, Giuseppe Valdengo, Lu-
cine Amir y Marina Koshetz
que aptIeecn elt series opera-
ticaa. EA 6t; maestra mhusi-
cal Technicolorr) trae a la pan-
talla una historic tierna de
amor y muchas de Its can-
clones mundialmente aprecia-
La pelicula esta basada en la
biografia de Caruso escrita por
su sefiora Dorothy Caruso.
Entre las obras musicales de
la pelicula se Incluyen las arias
tan conocidas como: Aida, Ri-
goletto, La Tosca, II Trovatore,
(Pas a Ito Pag. ,. Col. 4)






lo encontror6
solamehte en



B. 55.00

NOrthool Ie brinda algo nuove
para *I sol es aIs maravillosa
Agua, bobidas euaves -htsta el
caf--so. delizan obre a tola
como por magia! V6ala comp-.
rela No hay otro vestido Igual!
Y .. es much mis frosca .
tiono un 34% do porosidad!


t. *|fi ffr ^<^

El Capitfn Gillrr

asumn6 elimand o

el penal de Coli
En ceremonlo efectuada.en la
Colonia Penal de Colba el Ca-
pitin Juan A. Souza entrego el

mando de ese centro pVti
C1ttn 3olvar Oultldrrm.C
M apltan Sousa. qople 11
nido realdlando inteAns labor
la l1a, fud trasladado a Ia s
dad dW PanaIM, despu6s
J Wl aeto etuyo present,
w8#$tario del Ministerio
ArMiado Moruno 0., quien
g16 la obra realMda por el*I
reoter Salonte.

Actualidad Argentina

Encaron los Bancos Centrales la Realidad?

De nuevo sobre el tapete de
la opinion pgblica las relaclo-
nes econ6micas entire los pal-
sea de nuestro Contlnente. Co-
mo slemprc, ECONOMIA Y FI-
NANZAG procurarA ser "retle-
o flel y obletivo" de los aeon-
teclmientos de actualidad mis
slgniflcatlvos,. ulicAndolos 16-
gicaments en la perspective
que correaponde.
En efecto carece que coco a
poco van teniendo principle do
ejecuclon alo.jnes de las --n'-
raciones formuladas oficial-
mente por la IV Retnl6n (.on-
sultiva de Cancilleres de laS
Repiblicas Americanas, reali-
zada en la Capital de los Esta-
dos Unidos de Norte.Amdrica
entire el 26 de Marzo y el 7 de
Abril del corriente asto.
No deelmos que o e cumplan
a nuestra enter satisfacil6n
todos los propdsitos quo sirvle-
ron de base maniftlesta a la
gonvocaci6n de la citAda con-
ferencia de Ministros de Rela.
clones Exteriores; pero, peor lo
menos vemos que algo se va
haciendo en el sentldo de arri-
bar a Ia conalderaci6n espe-
cializada do algunos proble-
mas concretos que for man
parte integrate del complejo
de cuestiones involucrtdaf eh
el intercambio comercikl y f1-
nancierb Interawmerlcato.
Se trata nada men6 y nada
mAs, que de la reunl6n d6 De-
legados de los Bancol Centra-
lea de los passes del continen-
te, iniciada el 16 de Julio en
Washington, de conformidad
con lo reoomendado per la Re-
sOlUcit1 XVII de la reforida
Junta ,de Cancllleres.
En el namero 100 do Econo-
mia y Finanzas correspon-
diente al 17 de Mayo pr6limo
pasado, como nuestros lecto-
res habituiles aabe, se publl-
c6 el texto integro dr las Reco-
mendaclones aprobades por la
aludida Reuni6n ConmulUva de
Ministros, entire los cutles fi-
gura la mencionada R ftlu-
ci6n XVII que at ri ere *a
Bao epe titulo general, di-
cha Resoluclfn abarca diver-
sos t6picos fundamentals, co-
mo los control internos para
evitar la inflacl6n; 14 coatul-
ta reciprocal previa la &flja-
ci6n de precilos, sal comto la re-
consideraci6n de atos; la im-
posicl6n de los controls de
preclos tanto a lo de las ma-
terlas primu como a los de
products elaborados, power una
part, como a los products de
Importacion y a los de expor-
tacidn, por otra; la adaptici6n
de tales controls al principio
de trattamento naclonal y de
naci6n mik ftkvorecido; la
convenjeneia de estab 1 e c e r
una relacidn equitativa, en el
comercio internaclolal, ehtre
los preeios de material primas,
articulos alimenticito, mate-
riales estratdgicos y los precious
de products manufacturados;
las medidas de estabillizaci6ni
de precious contra la smenaza
de inflaol6n. con miras al
mantenitniento del poder ad-
qutlitivo de las monedas de las
Republicas Americants y los
Ingresos reales de su pueblo, yj
la convocacd6n por pare del
Consejo Interamericano Eco-
n6iico y Social do unt re-
unl6n de t6cnic6s di lot Ban-
cos Cintral6s. Te o r e r i a ,u
otros organismoi fiscales copn-
patentes, para que en colabd-
racl6n con los organitmes a-
(D* Ia Revista "ICONONIA IF

proplados y entidades e*pe4l
llsadas de Il Naelo e Bions
hagan un estudlo del problems
relaclonado bon el mantMtf
m!er.o del powder adquUlIte
de sue mon das, a u coao de
lam reservna monetarsu, fo-.
mulindse .recomendit0 o n es
pertlnentes a los oblernas d4.
o% Estados Amerlcanos.
Quiere deer pues, que n ii
programs de laborers del C98
sejo Interamericano Eeonntia
co Social Ie lie16 el turn a 1
Junta de'reprententesn de la
UBneos Centrales, con el ob~
to segfan los informed d-
cable do estudiar los pr#*
close. la distribucl6n de mate
rHales ecaos, los transport
y la amen2za de la infsiis,
de conformidad con los t imi-
nos de Ia Renolucl6n XVII i.
lIV Conferencia do Canei-
ElegLdo el doctor NUio R. Bnr-
cheaf del Uruguay, para pre.
sidir a reunion de leo teAl-
co0, 4ebemos subrayar qua 16I
diintes de la minia no 16
qu"aron cortls en l diaeur-
is4 fte tuanto a ena*r lr
imp6rtancia de la MIAtm. 1
doctor Alberto Lltrau Codar-
o, Director General 46 Ia Or.
ftitacd6n doe Etatdo Ai*.Mi
canos, par orejLpl6 h a o
cl que 6e *repfrat U a
detallado tindfentte at lt 1 -
ci6n de: problems quo UL-
niatro di Relaciones
res enfoceron de mn tra -
neratl. 1 doctOr d lebrai
Accioly, de Basll, PrOWb
del Confo de la Or
cin de Betado-Ano
aSver6 um el plan oo6
foramulado on Is rlae4 r ,6 l0
delead* o iguaWi esolm
tandea los program
cos y millltaes. or a t,
el repreAeintnte Gde lo bta-
dos Ubldo, softer fPrnk mou-
thard, mianifest6 en sun ot
tunidad stU d~seo do qub la
conferenla llegara a uns ecf-
clusl6n pronta y flis.
Un dia bast6, sin embargo,
pait quoe so puseta ent n-
cia It flexible oo
1IA autoridades de W I -
ton a. acordar girantiaa
sentido d que maM
intaetA el p6dr r
lap r etrvas
liMos i )r 10s
riotans, dpidb .tU
situaci6n de eOmeridi
ce, eatoneet, qu se
en ie temnpera Onto q r-
valeei6 durante la
guerra mundial, as deOi
los d6lare6 dvendaidoes
exportaelonei de Ame iI
tins estarin sujitqw a un i
g u r a desvalorizaci6n cB e
eOnsecuencia de Ia in
alas de preltos on le
Tt6 suf!clente esta 6t l na -
Cativa de l Uni6n, patr ato,
mar que la suerte ade 1 conf
renei4 d4 tecnies e tbba C-
ohaa di4d8 el princlpid. PW
10 fundanlntal, Jo qu e intdie
sa Al porvenir ecoa6iteto d4
nucttka palaki. a a I16 M i-
cli nimitte aplstado per i
Yi ven nuestr i lector a
hasta qui punto Be A hld
juttifetda4 las pr4 ae t
d aoeenomia y Fintnzas
respoto a esta elie doe -
unlon6s. El caso concrete 6
nla naitiva estsdountdB6
con relaci6n a la galkntias
iolicitadai sebre el pohtr I4-
quisitivO d6l d61ir, vi A a co-
*INANSA*" oe -MO*es AlA )


no deberia preocuprw
No y ay quoI psor wlco n v"ls, es aporwtaeost
anustioes. e~ .sr)tiibe d"4 do"Ms *a ie n 4*
tiese Vd. Polvoes aikto &A PIO'n 8p ki' *04. .d 44
modriu do tedas parts 461 1M11 4 e0ywobdi q ii.
pIlves so. nsuvisudor t rI6tbieat esau d i1 b ui
homor a cua u de Ia dealstIs y. Gfe t dJ. wo A9of LA4

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SNo May Mejor Via Para VENDER, ALQgIU., COMPRAR t.k

SQue La Rta Al Departaimqto LDe, l CAS ADOS DIL P A.
; i 1

SNuetres Aentes e Nuestrs Ofici~u Ik ,eider6: iper i d ad les o.
n. o 3 3134do 19, b .c..d de Ga r
me -por cd o o s Lil BOTICA CARLTON .y oMA AWMwCA to ..t oGo
12 polebros. decrtot 0o 340 de 10 do'e" r optrePA ?

.. ^ ,ebrero ( l 0. 'ft Ondtl yb "P- .-

SE NiCESITA: Cuena emapleead. DIi VNe-Co.t le r HINe CTA. D LinIV.- T.el. P ANAMALrQUI ,lpartAme.tq fero,. --- -, *-. ri, v., pero las os rai6no p a-e ct ento ndep slte;. gh
5,Coll No. 39. 3l,.anoam. *fr4 lleiFi.Ty (eet- YiND LOTIS ..1 r.e?;cim re os racieods, hole. r el me-oamlento y d1earro- 6 and a lJc meena toa 1p., *
SE NECESITA--Empleoda que sepQ Ue,.ud | -J, rcen i 1, Alquiql ,e euil a'o 3 8,6 (qo s Nuo. Il* Rangg de amrtnfclttg l exgI-. uelv rFeertr. 1n as allh ,ir'd tl di 1

poco brna e ad.ncio, d. LTTel..-c. : mcvinnto de aA tir. "sAer l m te lerl 't 0aA O ,,. gd al e Uki~~J trd phi0Iftoa us-

3-pto.- No.- 7. --. d in c--^ --Boyd IiA Ai. sa s sart meto tos l0m I ,, f uia de I Pa* b- are Hl bl y Mma desuo el
S NECITAi:-Lvondera-plancha SE' VENDE: A-' Mquinos de esrcribir S V N.. ,Slr,. Ilpio, tc., ao sa mompQsfE Gac s La eme, L ocon- u p11m y plane Impuelto, respetlo. ean R
ddro. San Fr-n-rskto de la Coleta. Royal, Smith.,Underwbodq exr:tlen- Lae de -/30 M en "El onglrejo'. :r k Cli'; 9e. No. r7 ,por 8.60 00. he. da, Cahl0lesis*Rat, ions' y Ma-" el Interns, stando despud de re-
Telfono 3-2541 tes cendiciohes. Pr 'o' medico. Sector pioblidb y cerc "a Vie FG1, ide tefl6fono 2-1456. h oo b m h o rodechmIan- senter el r
SE NECESITA:.-E..p:eada ue dluer- rdoia Carlos. A. Mendoza No. 66. SgFia. Op tunidrd N 1y :5,500.00.oe c> p^ t. *, a n ac? c d pr
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ma en casE. Calle 47 0este No. SE VENE:-En Aguedulce; sol re- MO curt. Inf6rmesne"Oficina SGe-1 .o '2 1 dearollo cl6n 6ea que Iea lr rs
D71, opartamento-3, finode. blonco, tres centbsimBios. l. rt"ertnimde. l Os No. C I A Lu p o m uo- dl or M o del
SE NECESITA:--Cocinera con expe- b'ra; mpacada scos de ohentoa, Se arrienda p se vende cnmtina Los ; 10. -. r O ri-o de ConmeTrtio. '
C~oltc Rio04i.39 ar No. .Pmdo I- majo r lento, _y, 1 x (i n gr".o 4o1k. r 'ion s* 40iro-mau

SE 'iaRicaoA arila no a mericana. .libras. Solicited B.elio. Co.Palms 00.. e Nov. # 9. Tel-. o bOe.-Pr,-l dielo Ul, Sam ide 3.-Coms

po Alegr, bus verd rut 2.E: Rdi 5 tubs G. E. SE Aborrfri Lo Prefridad calo 1t66 N 1 6 de p rdosd Ae abog do i- de loa ele
inr. Acuda. VmodelEso mesa ppinadora caoBo SE VENDE: Dos letes -Aude 450"-M, F NoAr 8 r-efda, nc edii 10 r o. co a cnlnacip delas eci de Ea
S.NECESITA:--Coci4era competen- tor 25 s H: P.,. contiguous .inr Poitilld. Pretedo: y P I HR e ter dntateente a Mintro
Sc.urra colle 7 Estr .7. ,ie Mi 0599, nc6n. clidodes de pigo.' reitaor o mplio, modern, index. a- taas.presnte "la S en E ania e p
co. CNTRAL N RAIC p Vi Belisrio rrs dodeJrtseconeda, he hecho
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera con expe- Via EspaiC l NA .31. Tel. 3-45N I 168. Vi e lor rrs do tre o m e r. edd ber a todos que prcedeme
riid paro 0rmir enel em SE. VENDEN:-Trojes bellisimos de Ing. Dem6stenes Vergara. G--,r-ao----- del hsombe, medionte "isa con la mayor d,
leo: buen suldqse a Ave.nida Mex, muer sp onoles induces. Pro- SE ALUILA: Apdrtnto, a aplia possible de plble y que l a d

co No. 11. cios pare disfrao. Recin Ilegodos .c6modcr, porch, .recdrara, terra- 0o a mPrl rebca s exptden tan aofdt
SE NECESITA:-- Muchacha jovanc de Espno. Hotel C-lombia, ciur- SE VENDE:-Dir.cfamentee, sin in- taa, lrr.e ,cuoo emplodo. Vip A ie s La abetrut y d rt iLa des a
.g.lacci ..La DohometLa taoc doWh9Ado u d

e^ bun erinia r u o 33 termediarK;, epaciosa y elegante ". PdrraS # '64.. etIfono 3-1863. dPubl rdr Son F-h-eoA: Roysidncia de 4h racnm oas,'2 11.45040,
dr uena no.218 Via Beliscri vioas onitrios, 2 porch s, slso, SE. ALQUILA--Primer piso.oarriba del fuRaInRdAeui or esu de a O ir ce esln?
Porras, San Francisco de la Cole- SE VENDE:--Durante Agosto solo- comedor. cocino, pantry, potio in- Bozar' Amricono, Avenida Centrfl nore'I? teo aeI dYMoiss r eent dent-rrola- do tempo.
T, ta ment, motor3e de gosolina Inter- terno d mosaicrs, corredrime, 71, Panomi. Entenders2 con 1f S4r. i h reomtda imones de P &nam io or e" mre de la
Sadtnatiolr, pSar fuero motriz de d c 70art de erplddo orbu 'su servi-s PorMa."toari prci
SE.. ,ndCarlos- A. Mendoza No. 66. Opartunidad.10-.5,00.00. Sn Scincuc doer .tedictd'

SE NECESITA:-Empleado poar ofi- 2 cabs d fr can ctio,'lodder0 y ara. e Po recma. consideac 6nstas medidatopnada o
Sc:cs omesticos y una muchacho 25% de descueto Compaia A- squin, frnteq Co-o SE ALQUILA:-C6modo ventilado A. La agenda comprende:lo. Act- a ode lr a rsnUo ies d a l la
p~ra cuidar ni~or. Floristeria San- faro. S. A., Avenida Pert No. 28, egso tMri. Inmculad, esrco de aprteten cola 44 No. ces o reenc6 n on e unac mudi uanoaed iadeun
pi, tales, parade de buses: Ultimo "ynio dTe.aO rs cntro d am. 0 EcsoY de poduccu6n y de lo Dasado Il puse en eu co-
SE ALQUILA SE DESEA prcino 30,000. Tisee Shipote SE A QUI0 :--A tamento opro- vede aca d
.riECEIAp oa miiaer icn e .edrcien Jibros .10.000, AvendI Ji3usto A# pi.-do Idl'uauoic'na oN soln de m9Ta- ,tii- per l r

carsemena No. 79 y Caile 41. Soli- das: Esquina calle 29 y Avenida Keith Kestevey, Jefe de los Ue us po es on6m- Arsbien dbsus d ente
Cl uarti Scnora educado,: spa ol e inglis ono- cite infoes en la mismo cas. Cb L telo 08 N ESPEJQOLAS :b serictve la Or- et o n rarse uted dtl.
SE ALQUILAN:-Cuartos amoblados. rrectomente experiencia tienda y Srt. Arios an el d. ganlzal s y agri- l d d Oe
o hiAenic.g e, l mor sitio hotel, debsea 'colocars. Escriba A- VSE V NE -TAborr or Lo Prei tel Ef Poria. caturl Naleno n y oaroll go e i ea' e tfall de os
s llr.Colle 9o. No, m. ns mod ALQUpe Articulo de CLa. en difici.o e"Muller". C eRo. a0 am ..o y 6 eonS beabad
i ----- ----------- JC ALSUILA --------- ------ ch. y vroa ioo,, ,2. LI. EL DIB driguez; 4o. Regla de cuarea- programahdlo hvr 1
;P ,mu. be-n; cu--z 1 ^.
t,-seria.conbu"srufrencas. Motor 25 cicas.t-H.oPo mdbtoati en deinftlbae d'
crrade yrco7 Etenra. nee- ratio. curr despjs u5 P.M. Co- 2,50 r r, oneor, fetS=- SE L-UILA"---.A.ortamento doeraafo -EloIts, Trdo' O deu- aldoecretarlo e qobrn
_ente__ore__r__n__o tIe Merdi-0599-Y, Anc6n.cdd .4e,44in-read e -,,e lua -de ah d a ne e zoa luh -

SnECEos. Av-ni nea No. c9. 'timon e.- bomb'. Va. ELspoDoI 2034.r unC c;Sn.. y btita d.dos .- doto WA". ae A r' atooiqurreres
SENi0S. (AI [Ado de* la te). SE ALQUILA:--helet ec cons- --- -:-- mros n plant boi., modeCom *eo
.SE. ------. truido, costa de dos reArmaas. SE VEND: .. T Mluino STinr con ve ntildos.' y Inral de IpdntCfonam!etenp tf odete
reh, par or sala, comedor, ocina, Idvonderia. motor, pr motive de viaje. Calle B.45.00 y 8.65.00. Telefono 3- A mbr e B n emerel curo *ro e. it de c6n toa m dore a. roce.
S buen suedo, AvenidMxi- mujr ,espote, andluces. Pro- SE ALQUILA:rbnizaci6n el S.A.Apdrtament, pae osuo I uo I dcaenrldo-medlati Is ac so tdo an eI

co No. 11. c iors parretera o Sane ranciso SE AQ UIrecLAra prte mr ril To ria e-"' s -l solqu les e
ro es Cdereinformestar telC siad.donosid 3-1554. d e .uee deo Cmres-

E lA. P javen,. Hotel Coombi, prcUcSE VENDE:-Estuf omantos, sicro o, large rto emp id Via olrnalados aza ab lbdad de v ta
dE, lets. OieMd-L. Mdure, Ce- madores, homo, B.50.00. Barrio- Loyales De all /le nnguna naci6n que c n eIlotoasonJeturtB ce Ai.e-
o bUe. Mn. 11 Aexpen, 277, Pa SEtALQU LA:-Csa residenciol3m- da Vista Hermos 605. e E 3 o 6 .S oiS a necIite syud y slatencs, pue- dan ser pcajudiciates tan- a
der un ni. 28 y f reo con jordian, 3 recam- SE AL.QULLA;--ocal pare oficino. d da desperar que Otas le man od- i certona I co o et
ras, soloa, comedor. oficina gore- Arriba del TeItro Centrat. ABRICACION NACIONL o a no crea, dentro du Aons como a la honest
Se COMPRA=-CORA de produc- 9e, cuarto para empleada, pftio a SE NcECESITA csale.-eudatosFrc \I7 ACA=iA cOoan porsuaaeade Admaistramn de la Secreta
ti6n nocion, ol exclusivomente. en grande. A dos cuodros de Cristo o ,tor. co, pntr patio in- B mercano, A d Contra rACAiasOs ri de Comercio mi creo.
tcuntqu, contiddmo B200.00 lmo Rey del Hospitol Sonto Toer- do General cSloar. collE s oi este No. 28 d recetena durante Un largo period, fuerla De usted atentamente,rc
onelod de 2000 ibras nets deon escuela Maria Inmoculadoe f mon el produetiCportado, del alcance de h veleldad o fal- anevo u
Ten limpia y seca, puesto y pesado Avenido Cuba No. 73. Informes SE ALQUILA:--o Tubas 4"SneUe.l 4, t de constanelta y firm de m e J
SE NECESITA:-Empalode a parad oe- P1--2drcobalns dorfeerzacan Cidodo garoe.suesrrvi-I'jbeIWOmm capr ubnamense s merdondur

n nuamestrplont.s de la cadad de Miguel Hives, telefono 3-2145 y La Joyeroa Amrica necesita agents Local par, of cina 0 negocio y opor- b 4"Dobl regimenes gabernamedtas Srio. de omercio e Industria-.
Ponomi.-CIA. PANAMMA DE 2-0159. vendedores de club. Se compra oro tuament de dos recA5maras en el! P ASn TLas 2" agnendba eno ..e .I td0Aer- del alosahces dq la inestabi- l
SACTi.S, S. A. Coirretera del Ae- vieo, frente Parque Lesseps. Edpifs:io Casfld at d, ol lod Tbos 2" Dobles .... d de los hombres digentea; y logreros tan comes enida
rpuerto. Tel. 3.1371.. tn EcPsnem a ex4 rN v del al cancv de la resaten ne las latitudes; y, sobre todo, fuera
to F Ae-nda 4 ,dlo 61.. AniaoSO hir-iciall U N Ita-n vendedor con delhhots Eto Pdim 'l5 vne s .-3335-'.2-39 c1 control doI& de f tereses dreoos y de del ucsnce d,]o< vapulsens de u

experinci 6.30,000. etioner i or ROSEIRTO MIR ta 2-|2|1-2-121. ve- 2nd croasdrxr f.. 040sadra l t nterns".
.rrS eriecE dB..10.000. Avenida Justo A ro wee or o "0 todoar--I Ii...-:::. oala de t a iti

0.15 pI libra neta en cuouier EDICTO EMPLAZATORIO "T Fue el Samt SirVIO n eaatc'a d e dc.ior D de ea b -
"artidad. entregado en la ciudacd El Jue- lPrimHeoMunicip.l SE NECESITANo,--Dos hombres con l Av Norte o. Tel. 3-13ra i Apartade D9. e "
de Pam t. Se odvierte qu se re- de Panm, por medu de este edicto, referencias y buena presence. Co- Legslative 2 y Aven idae. Keith1.4oN Isty,OA l V eiclo ea n E UT lDAD
chzr todo sebo de proceden- eaPAZo oings: clie 6., Ave. Blboa. American a Cuba. Lamenunode los f ono 2-082

cio extronjera o todo sebo nacio- Ay 6or Crui. Ram6 r. a syprs Protection, Col6n. ceptos emitido lobre el fallo (uloZ iusaleZu y Linares Ltda.
Sil que haya sido mezclodo con d edrie, cuyo piradero e- dis. dice quae elibersaamente se As o e L ocei satlesai-is l '
cqstraniero. CeA. PANAMEIA 'DE tal .e desconoe pare qu. dentro deb SE NECESITA-Dependienta de bue- ha absenid el tribunal de
ACEITES, S. A., Carretera del Ae- trmino de treints die. contedos 1r- na presencia con experience, que mencionar 10s antecedentes his- PERSIANAS MOVIBLES 5 .. C LUI Of 00 4 U V CllvAf05
ropuerto, tir de la altime publicdac6n dE est* hoble ingl&s y espatol. Inutil pre- t.rdcos en relaclon con el pre- de MIAMI en vidro, ,
d ociudd. Edictno s present a Tribuna) por t senterse si recomendeciSn. Lo cepto .bajo. examen porque en modderra aluminio. '
pr edi oe podado debidaente Parisicn. Avenicda Centrol, 113. los anales respectdvo no apa- fle s de .... S
MLISC ELA E A 0o,.tituideo. h.,.r .u. aber..ero.o. -rect COmeltariOS que pudie-1
sin lla.'Colic 9a. No, 9- enn nm Juicio oteutcoo Hipooormio que SE NECESITA:oan: oportunidd de. ran revelarel del R Io br > cn y d suctiS

..'. contra.el h. preTentado el sofor Inocen- a mrtpliar slds entrados vendiendo re- Const'thyente sobre el mismo. y carrar plrJ' M r 4; "
Slaje Espec.ia de fin de semona e cio jimArnet. f iCJgrodors, radios, lava.dors, as- No esta demas observer, "sin Cotln jes tper. .ra.ualmnta
S Cortageno, Colombia. Ida y regre- B le advierte l s.or Orlui. lamao osrticulos a bs de embargo u n el articulo co--
ufgryndrse y frescountrodsindepen- Casas5o ten eremdiboOiSnt'Aarg0l.aaie 4,triionor-r...

soe poarB.27.00. ld a A oreo sT 24 r g .im n d o e r- com itn.Acud Mueblnra sC.otrnesoon ddnte1 ln dS 1a, ordinal 25, den 01 o

r ^lagro. demanda. ohora se EI Jun. sideran opticociones per earta. Es- min, lo cual qued6 modifi- VIEN ECIo'AN e e
uedos. obtAvener sin dificu!tod e n .) crn .. ribt a R. Revllo, Aprtdo 532, ado en el caara y etirdo de que era I COES
piso. o(Ate( a doe taS tadSerete). )conE ArLnULA 1ioe nn c rns- eo, A d 2, cede en plantd .odeur dit.Ue.todO10aue

cualquier puesto de revistcs de to- l erermaro s, indicando idioms, edu- indlpensable "el scuerdo", me a preosdient
d la Repubca. La REVISTA (comedr. ccn AiLap i cacion, e.45ri7nci, references, di.ficcn fa.65.00.Tdrable a la thesis b bd en- bdajos. r, o
CARTELES" esta o la venta nue- direeci6n, eded'y detalle datos per- aceptada en el presente fall"'. ---- T -.8. L C am one a
me garage.udos porches y dos servicios motao. N r m.2,egoio CleyOa1De70s m del progrma e

deoRevitoas is. aF npbccaI El Ao a.luEl 2o ireui se.c rl R. A. COWES y ia.. cn 0 L Camoaet
S prclao rteb oI,*$maje SE VpENDE .recI SE VENDE -Estufgascutrr. Co qu HIERRO DE-.
osa. ud ModuroCe- LuLm:resi6eint AarO vsorne. 8e.50.00.Barrio- DlaS elle qunn necen.- c REFUERZO rd la CARR de o,-
r.OMPRE. d< A,.j.Bdrn de la Cru. T.d _hi- ._ ,-ad iBlri k Nel co.- perras Venecianas IUX $ del ca o
S,1 S. h dto. 11 Apad da27to7.cua- p' SE VENDE-Por H mosotive de avmoe.M tet e C lleptnss ces vin bi y it ..*-0 -laseentos e interior larables.
ri a y fresco con j rdin:- N 3 recoma h 4 puertas, boratE. Me- a.iQULLA;-Locbre el para oficin de r-aesorar que tasle

COMPRA -COPRARoproduc-ge, CUaro. aremp leada, ptieo- ad tr ental.n CLA V. O P OTENO y ECONOeilA de eomustible
.at ra oSE.ND EC ESITA CLINICA.o quipdo, altos miF -eaavosde Zinc .DE n por u mautolac, d Cm- rcbta, mce

ce eento elCd eunto" n **dos cua ras d ? gWsmitC oj i-de 41"a r -] ain-
^SEAOI > a.^^ ^^ S, S ia Salazar,, call#s1an S te No. 2s: ua ", de tods lad !U190 p ioi .doicasu
audcontiad 8200.00 Ito Rey, del Hospital Santo ToI.d D A y t, C tA0 agei ,anes dO el atrro de a tamplacer y
d *ou, ,00 abiertreta sseeei.inos.- Motvo vicje, uendo Pckard Clipper, tbaeneraldore. Prei e Cls do Clae et U. ca d an aoro ,
tYenrlimpia y eldrepuesto V pesadaf- AvenidaoCuba9No.a73.dInforomesescon aLelAd c-mle a Tel. 3t1c1*des cnstencls oyfvrmnatdo

n p brarnt&e 0o, feca en dquA e eaei6 u Teatro EncAnto.e. ee eeee lT s ll .
". sA aaers do, os jeisnion SE VEND l:-u-bea rre uik 47, infor- sla ', a .. 4.0
SdO tr.a, em r eera t2-0159. n e vendedores di club.So colmprArreortotTubes2"Snc.llos..m 2 12 O s ds deI I nesoPeBtacta -e
o m,., d..A... t, o eo re "D del Ar-"viel'o, frente Poagerque Lessoops.,ifircioeCs th '-l-,dii ro, at lodeL os de CTb s2 ..".peimr'""."

.- ue comp reBcan s, o tar a de. c.o" SE VENDE: r-.^ B ck'u'.4- se n.4 A 0 AL PUBEICO I en e I r o so.
,.,ro* ,or =, Te. ...111n..,.. ..o. ... puertes od., d e7l, cel o O / Ldelaoe des Comr o ... .
B, _. B 1.92 hoja ._ _r *_ 1. Ionts nueves, cstado balance, cu- conos.2"Dorbd.d 2. -o que r d3Carso
rou I re Te con dd hotel El P d me nuevo. rdeso. cub-4 antes ......tabece el r2.eAlo Tde dell san q8 os l
i 4r ca STDa B.. D a rticu experi0r dcia. Dme tel6fenon 3-33t8 -r C6dgrRo de Cam t.a231-2-o eal .Ph2.vIsmera del C r- s do
0.15 to libro nt n. C.. u 3102 y 3-1310. Sr. Byd. u e tc. etc.Ag t
azri' 2t88 d BENo D. CORDOBA. Na.> Jab C. P:I- _I., Ave. Balboa. American Cort1pe eno a Emdlloa con-E -. .,
trnJero. CIA. PANAME. se,.onoc. par SE ECES e bu- ha batedo el tribunal do U estabolebnoeto e .,

Per manto me GJa 41 presute edictc- Notaris P del01Dis4t dnmao s
A U L a" r ta"ts .e ia Selrear. edt Phsuestoos d de Penao"T. o No. 2". que funelo.-
TribunSl her nueve do toito de roslla l-W'. M a-ar:do con la Paten- '.
ov emaoto u ela do- ..a.. uo m cap& PINTURA taRcdlto e tou dNo. 2150. en Rio 2 -15"...
del mamo Ms e enrega a dispealel6a del ,1 No. 2217.
S"J Final , pra .. ~i~"par m bli a .s-. U ait 1 Gle 1 .1
El MeIfM Jun Agait0 0d 91
rds AU D. OIDSA.
J C .. -n. C. ptjA.
---- --- .---- -----.


- tPA A KaB

J' S| .. "
' '' ; '. -."* i .' -l '' : ;
-'., ': "'- .. .
', 5 .. I,, ^ ^ .

, ^ ^ .. :. .. r,, .
;~ PJT : ,7.,,. r& 2JT. -,''. ... ,
_'.,. ..b. ., .' 1.,; -, L '-" r91i t l l '
-.- --. ..,-..,.-, .. -. .- -- ,1;64 :





'- ,.

El Baikefhall Menor

N che Su U ltimo

SawvL.PehmelyBaJk.vsYOy Luz cow V hlea

Sdos pri"ner.Ajueg.- kSerie

.... ...Por BETO TUADA deAi's qu so miden con Pe-
UuWllw y sa.amia w *A euu O de auerta de'l Tran "Spai~fas a. cblep o de Teals. y La sere final por eItlo de dro ini Luchoe Mata, Ed-
Wthalfts)u SM iMA & g s .- (fond.), qulees eskretbail mascullsoft- Plnz6n .' lo0s dGeisGPelt-
Irarne stslmme uuedam a todo *I coeje. vinll. W comensas% ,ats 000mex. L
en 0l Qlmnasio Nacionel cott BafIr.w Fls. ouem Lau
dow Importantes desaflos, to- Cerrando e ma de es-
1?mdo parte en esta s*rle pls. ta fecha se, o m Barn Jr.,
jmienz Hy La Seie Extrua n su campaa bcadoo eculpos.a o : queo en i temporada regular
Sa olx, Opntics oss, a lo perdI6 un juego y Fuerza y
*ean va 0on a a Bam Jr., CarY s lets y Luz que fall doe veces. Un
SIU U WB ario. gran choque as pera entire es-
Nil V obbol Intercolegial ^^ f-^ rX^et 0 ^~^1^R^^
equipos que romperAn lou tos doseau"ps, encontrlndose
esta noche son: on la n m dna de los "eldotricos
Cometenceas. Intercole- mer partldo de la oSeri extra e. tr CA Rp. m. rtUa CM a ar, Danisse-
de Volleyball so reanu- tna pa decidir el Campeo- Ete primer ue rve omo alts, Cho alun y demand
de jWelCaiim -teprimer mae sre L asso, i11w 001116n v domis
244=ats tare, al co 5, en el nato del Circulto MacolJUno y para iniciar a serie final que maiden fuerae con Terry
nao Naconal con el odr- median fraklos nuto ando usueras los qi- urns, Weeks, Palmer, los her-
S del Art v Ofictos e Instituto OpticaSs,que Ot 6 mano ood Manuel Con visMe etmlam I
M ie Ncn us ocompromls reila- Cardales y pe Perdomo se- Olimples, yqui niostraMos
DMi *XblbI 6 1 01 ni-otat eiue w arip rofeso- on forms invicta.y alei ran los darbitrosdeste Intere- Ia lnsqulerda) que debut coni
Snal qu jugtra ei aeslbadteao- enIsE e sufri6 dos derrotas. En sante uego. IA serie final pro-, j6venes deportista, qulaes
bmum mJ klafMA m2nal qeon1 ielrdedor del- e n-IS del 9 oss votes seguir ma ana can -c Juegolug



Inicia Esta

hSussmo se inmaur d.1 torneo de volibol

aaugar6 el Tornee Social de Volleyball en la eancha de la PisUla
i an aspect del partldo Inaugural entire el equlpo Mauriole (el 04
n una victoria sobre el Sastreria Derby (derecha), esimpuesto pOr
ofrecleron dura resistends a sus exptrimentidos rivaled.

I Dntro dobouancho Diaz, Abel Hormhe entre Centnaro frente al
El tercruego de la Sere. sei Hl iquL El Capen peso E Barn Conquist El Sub
d realiaA 01martes 28 de aterMonaTo MKanJr.
SVni proxima semana, y chocaran
I% Profoesonal con el anader
1 boxeador de color Eddie del partdo de esta tarde.
04g9A dar una exhlblci6rn el 1Camseonnato del 'Circulto
p* ao jueyes en el-eoaxeo dfemenino tambl&n se encuentra t
Am.ater seg un ha w a rnceiZadosla pndiente y el pr6ximo a&bado ner In n o n 1
C09Mei6a que regtia este de- se mediran Proftesonal vs. Ins- P E n ul
pramadel pr6ximo joe- tas necsitar ganarpaa Dobles Por La Cop eSpaulding Vener Al (h eser Anoche
4 btante atr"aUtlY9 fune. empatLar el priner lugar al Li- El Campe6n peso welter de
ete M presentlao r el desta- ce manteteraoi la opin e-I sta tarde contin i torneo de teals doubles ) por 1 C Cuba, Charolito Spirituano, ha it un juego modesto logr6 B McCleod 1 0 0 2 2
neh e iado us tames&I e t utulo, ya t rque en e rasc CoIT ha esidocontratado r ele conoci- sie nliu m lSubcampeotato del
na. ~ r es s o. M .Schay. dpro a Tio Basketball may or masulino Totales: 20 37 21 12
10 r.. o a ,- ocaut. rra resolve e ampeonato. r a o an sao, a pars e t tener Unacaeriden-s i mponerse I ChesterfieldB no

0u Je Ibra Depore de rl *lo 5 :.lto eoc %%se ar n ndo e n re l ea el e c n o d
v 1pWeso gallon 418 libras), qlre n asrejas: G. I ddence-Ardoillivs. C. OmphroydE. Omphroy. El campe6 ubano pelear prendian atropelladas v so co- L. Ortega
Mn 147el Pdilla vs S. Pywood rentr per Primera es el Juge celobrade aver so Impuo Ia pareja format mafana en la noche en San locaban a escasos puntos de e- P. Quintyne 1 0 0 1 2
1_lr LiLOS Reyes oh esta nueva temporada del Bill Hele-Jullo Pnillsa a R. Gard y L. Lamotte per anotactin do Jos6 do de osta Rica, frente al Ilos, pero volvian los ganado- C. Williams 3 4 3 4 9
Alberto TaA.Laweonecrboxeo afielohtdo frente a su to- e destacado y conocidoe pdgil tico, res a sacar margen con atina- A. Smith
b to 118 libra s -P O Humberto Alasnora- cayo Lawrence, en una pols Tuzo Portuguez, qUI 1e das reacciones. El Chesterfield 0. P4r e 3 0 0 5
1 itay comentada. anuncia como campe6n centro- actu6 en este juego como ju- A. FraIers 1 0 0 4 2
147 lbr o diLo s prneyete s seomos rrra Rie, pete neuentlro siendon ni la muestra de quel
-4iba ganaron estate pasado fin do se- COMITE OLIMPICO dies aalto, no star on juego Chesterfield que en dias pan- Totales: 1 18 1 29
eu Jalk '1 vs lten I" mana" ueron siguetilteso.: e r.U rsi eTendriesta nodhe, a la8 el titulo del costarricens. d mesaso titular cape.6n Su Dr
114M. 12vli fh Fon baWhCIt Flosas 'conX Iio' Se argatna rsna wzI boreunidn en Is Oflolna, del Do- Edep columns corno Tom y Frazer scans s(i.s.
S.112 libra White Flieed, Stxaolay Batan,; partamento de Educacl6n Fist- En otra de las peless del pro- fallaban. Williams era un ho- fle (2)-ubsttuones (Bam
sttto --- 0. Chants con Tin Tan, TAme- D flfiAh sa para tratgr y resolve various grama de boxeo de mafliana en rror yv ai sucesivamente. He a- 7, sterfield) 9-Arbros
W stut s: ste p II y TuSra; C. Rums con peonato e UI n auntos de Importancla, por 10 Costa Rica, pelea el camped qui elcuadro de anotacl6: Manuel Cardales y Germn
oManuel Port s 0a Grto y' CBa.y I'yLucidas rultr;nlislppeles liuea e plde putntual salstelicia tico peso moses. Turquito Fara Roa; Anotadores: Coutt Jr'
ter Caywood. Y Uin, A, A.Botd .. -,cn..arlqAram u lmisde
nl rlov C l ero: 'aA. ox o En Antan "llonel .limie- dodgeg_ _p Cuus o rL r b mbs
Scon Bismo; A il I cn de 8 vuel L.Rio' 0 0 0 0 0 N al.

Por CflImCA Cuerio5 Dlipltflc)' A. a ona sista pueblo 'un cameoneato ae a oe a a rede d P ao para campaAtf W .n 8 1 1 2 D
Purple Spray; J. Saman-igo caNn lon del destacado boxeador m onte a Francio Aord n deln ran litnter qu o tratar oso A ew an 0 11i 2 26i
El inter6s por el boliche entire Baby 801 y M. Hurley con The national Sim6n Vgigas, hoy troe asalto5 on una lgran pole os solicits 18. asisltncla do. todos R. Jahn 11 8 2 22 R amOR.9+
a so und Cone Bath Road lcar sorpresa al derrotar a duardo LIGA PROYINCIAL I E canada y Mranda R. Blades 0 6 1 1 1
cuando s fund6 el ongreso as. uWeather, subcamI6o ncioal FUTBOL .e

pInters onao sM r e He aqui una cr6nica respect Be inicia asi en. este pueblo de peso per lo. 'e La dog deo Panam rocuerda hoy el IiVC.O Tendr lUo l IS
St. Louis en la primavera de al jete chleno Jorge Cont- un deaenvolvimiento deportivo Deb a ven asaones no a ut s s directors y repre- .
S1917 se inscribleron 8 equi- tando en u patria con gran t desplagando el Club Social y to Tur Ralon i enen- turc al st oncla a las 7:45. S do infor- s aarrA r u o a
pos de S mujeres cads uno, 1 xi to: Deportivo antonero, al cual per- tarse Ralton s y Marcial ent a o, las :45 e I nfor- ESTADO DE LOS E4UIPOS n e
qupos doubles y 24 ndividua- tenece tambin el ex-campen a person ne. lugar e nuevo local de la Baseball de Barraa
es., mtentras que ern el a do de TambiP n ae rayaron dos, Mar- Sim6n Vergara. pars pelnear con Jone. luar en el nuevoda lB. Segunda Vdelt rms mo. lid AnIN ai -
1942 se icribleron 1900 equl- quech6 y el "panameno" No. 85, altos (cerca de Cale 15 G P Pctje. r
de 5 mujeres, 2,250 equi- Contreras Mientras se adelantan los pre- iral XpeCUctalOs O r Este). asDep. Gray 2 0 1.000 .
pos doubles y 4,399 individuals. parativos, los miembros del Comislon de Clellsmo Miranda 1 0 1.000 ANTON (Por Corresponsal de- P Do h
Estas inscripciones represen- Aparte de los dobletes que se Club antonero se han dirigido e Chou de entire Pide a todos los Comslaionados Canada 1 0 1.000 portivo Chong).-El Club Social _________________
tan 26 EstadOs con un total de anotaron Manuel Quesada y al Licenciado Roy para que les e interesados la asistencia a la Valarino 0 1 000 y Deportivo antonero solicit en 1
187 ciudades, participando ese Ramon Cornejo, sua colegas facility el ring del Oimnasio S Mr n l reunion de esta tarde, alas 6. Mend 0 1 000 dias pasados al Miniatro de 0-
aflo un equipo de Panama. Antonio Marchessine y Jorge del MarafM6n por un mes, mien- orr afolO9 tucna del Estadto Olmls Crespo 000 bra Pi ass Ingeniero Nor- d
, ELTorneo "Jantzen" contina Contreras tambl6n consigule- tras se construye uno aqui. pi. ya que se procedera a nom- La contend d Baseball de berto Navarro, una o dos ca- AUTOMOTO
bn todo exito, encontrandose ron dos victorias en la jornada ESTADO a b LOS EQUIPOS b1 ar la Directiva de la Comi- la Liga de Barraza seals para sas de la base de Rio Hato, con CONCURREN .
en el. comando actualmente el hipica de ayer. Dep. T orne de Bolos sl6n. esta tarde el partido entire los el fin de acondicionaria come
hilllp Morris. .... a Junta de Control .DMers 10-.- .6"813 Anotador- de Baseball equlpos Canada y Miranda. una casa para los deportistas. y. *1
SMarquecho llev6 al triunfo a J nt r a6 Darla 10-a .637 La Comtsi6n de Estatutos de done ambos conjuntos lucha- a
0 d i ers dnuestro favorlnto Fantasma Oris 1 n &a p lin Sliect s 1- .8s00 la Asocisacin de Anotadores de run pare continuer invicto en El Ministro cedi las casas
IA AO y a aau Paulo en la primoae y ud JUegO B aCCe1 o 'i -7 .52 Baseball se reunirk esta noche, el commando. demostrando asi au interns por -- U P$
leV uTn s s eptlma carreras del Club Hi- a sol a de un 1 co Troplld 9-i a las 7.30, en el luar conocido En el partido anunclado pars las obras que beneflcian al in-
nci --L nPico, mientras Contrpras que & 80UCll G I BIpIco Tpca l e-1 .4 ,ara terminar la labor enco- ayer, el Crespo volvi6 a faltar a terror de la Replblica. El edi-
n n A VI estaba corriendo con gran 6xi-. Pnocho 7'-9 .437 mendada. su compromise, acreditHndose el ficio ser acondiclonado con u-
n to en Panam, a done volvera La Junta de Control de Jue- Dep. Royal 6.-10 .375 Basebal de Barrasa Deportivo Gray el triunfo por na terraza, un sal6n para se-
I i uy pronto, gano con Lozanjo gos no accedi6 a la soicitud Taller Seosa 6-10 .375 Pide a todos los directors y forfeit para quedar en la pri- stones y otras habitaciones mais
Al i A V n Ana en el Chile y on la tarde con presentada por el hipico Eduar- Novatos -1 .187' representantes la aislatencia a mera colocacl6n cn dos vie- Los trabajos, Begin eo nos ha
1I idWw V inI Soldado en la u~ltima carrera do Diez Y., quien pedia que se La Importadora Selecta ven- la reunl6n de esta t oche, a las torlas sin derrotas. informado, comeniaran en el
ode dAia. Ile reconocieran parte del dinero ci6 anoche al Teatro Tropical 7mi0, en el uingar de costumbre En los encountros del domin- curso de esta semana. gracias a
.ESrTADO 1E 0 Se EQUtnOSd- que gasto al comprar al Hipo- 3 a 1 para quedar solos en el para resolve varies asuntos de go el Gray le gan6 al Vallarino la cooperaci6n aque presta el In-
cEqapw J. G. E.oP. Pt dromo Nacional un caballo Ique tercer puesto del torneo "Jant- importancia. por 3 a 2 y el Canda se impuso genero Regis.
rd Chter. .. 5 .5 i 0 10 e esta volviendo a la vieja result enfermo. de acuerdo con zen". J. Icaa con serie de 504 al Mendoza por 4 a 0. ,
Vista Be'moa. '4 4 1 1 S costumbre de dem!rar los ca- la siguiente carta: rue el mayor anotador.
.1uentud .. 330 0 ballots en lad gatera mientras i uLa puntuacln individual fue do m.entras que los Opticos lu-
Cahihno .. S& 3 1 1 7 levantan bandera no estamos IJunta de Control de Juegos.- la. s iente:J charAn par a subir lnt s en do
Mileonarios 5 .2 1 2 5 de auerdo con esta demora, ya Panama, 14 de agosto de 1951. IM1PRTADORA SELECTA lugar, aunbue par s elos ten-
Bra Peran 4 1 2 1 4 que con esto perjudican a los Seiior Eduardo Dies Ibarra, Cucal6n 119 1 150 4 443 rn que blanquear as n- t I
ecereeia 3 1 1 1 3 ejemplares que llevan el maxi- Presente. Rennert 140 146 167 453 oe. oO -e elif O u
isaurad6 .. 4 1 1 2 3 mo de peso. Seoior: Wright 159 167 168 494 J- c s u 0
Arsenal .... 6 1 4 3 --- Hago de su conocimiento que Morieno 137 149 143 429 COSfl o ort
l e6n 4 1 i 3 A la Junta de Control de Juegos Chiari 135 139 161 435r
cri 4 01 3 1 Al ejemplar "Sandwood" es en su ses6n del dia 10 del co- i ... .
PArue |ftr.. s I O 5 I mrey prolChble que se 1o lleven rriente, se enter de l u solid- '00 751 813 225 7 3S6I lif l m
-E on0eno Lord Chesterfield a correr il HBpdromo de Ca- tud para tender una opcld6n en Handicap 21 21 21 63 EL SACO u,- -w- a p* *.
epnserv6 a| Invicto en la Ligs races Venezuela. cualquier remote que haas pr6- cow y marui6fiUmd sas," de D. ATTLA IANn
de Futbol de Vista Hermosa, El potrillo Wel Fox se en- ximamente el Hip6dromo Na- 711 7l72 844 2317 r i de tar M e a l PANABANA aAl en" ew-
ad derrotar al Deportivo Arse- central nuevamente trabalando clonal, hast e la suma de B.500, TEATr O TROPICAL tr I n pot ecilltarq u PANABANA d tson e.i .ta, cib,
nal por anotacl6n de 5 goes en la cancha del Hlp6dromo. por haber adqulrido used otro Stagg 133 173 137 443 y "ntOsa" hI pi l s oyof tat 6r0p0o hdi d Gctmer
8 1 _.PPt_ animal llamacal "Puntal" en di- Rico 100 139 170 409 ionic ad rd2do ho do capR g
El segundo choque de esta .... cho Hlpdromo y haberle re- Luly 127 15 155 431 Aora ustedpede"esoar" u Excusividad os. Noha .6s quo
jOrnada futbolera dominical fue sultado enfermo. Icara 171 171 162 504 pied a la vez que so afenta. Puede Psaameifa me. jucno de eion paae 4a
dedicado ai Licenclado Hello- n a p Rend 134 150 131 415 obtmner afeitadas a rns de pie).1 c 6o debe hundow0ea
doro Pattio, quien did el saquc A A lteN Sobre el particular alento _1 na tida., que ucen maejor--y l B un motor. Son los
l$1celal. t dlcho J luego se Am- 1R manifestarle que no puede ac- 65 788 755 2208 mim tempo hacor que sam pit oreco bujtas d oncndido
t eso el Vista Hermos al Eva ceder a su so'lcitud. El partido de esta noche en 0 a el effect beP dl oodMau kmve o -ura qu la ud .
r e 3en rdo lan por ano- ene 10s used atstee n a n Mats coIivi p d a l red avila substacI s que ynda udo.'
Ln e tere.r Juno los Millo- M-inisro de Haenda y Tesoro. Morris Opts Ss. dond los osrvarlapec ano
Syrlos P e2 OrInn empataron a me 4f85 pr0orama5 president do is Junta de cigar s tratarin do an-. dau or tre.
tanto, mintras que en el Control de Juegos mentor la ventaja en el coman1- '1 1to 10C3Ilo od d s
par do el Aitltico ChI, N 3J qo eonimse E o de A moede e eo5 13 16a. e a
Iri .-. ._ 131 le n._ m d propiedldes aa 0'de hecbo en nuestros
pe.5tis pbel que la sanoldsm 0 ta71eres do sastreria
EL CeroGldCUnd dale2O li z- "s-' -
UMpIE eIs&ER psVV.Oe. iko S eaw .iYrs6oB' 17.0 *'

ElIsRIEde ar t&y e25Se pruebs uno y sale con 61 puesto. f
', W ------M CANABI-I S ..--- -. Predilw M. M
U MtR icl Ile'111 2 4 el a la. do ueu r eamssits. OPu
.. ,d : a URs. ." I -' I '"-i.0
++',n -e ec_ ugoInM11-MnitodeHcenayTeoo"ori o
4, .,esd-n_-_d__, Ju ta-de cg.. .m t---ar .d. au- del.-912.el.ri., e..,ar.....eje. po m,-r Is..+s an el.alto.0 co. .us.UA.oftl

'4.' 1

A.-' 'R -

'Atift- flA-mb ml at

0 al



' \





," 1.

's ,- P ,, ..

- -- --- -

,'i AGNA OCHO j-~-


:,! .Halde remedio
A vcontra el reuma
LONDRES. agos:o 21 'SE,
SEl consejo de investigacio-
t es m4dlcas aniunci6 que ha
descublerto una material llama-
da "hecogenine", element ba-
sado en la Cortisona y que
sIrve de remedlo para las a-
fecciones reumaticas.
El anuncio del descubrimien-
to apareci6 en el Libro Md-
dico. Las experienclas que se
han realIzado hasta el mo-
mento han sido altamente sa-

Chocan dos trenes

electricos ingleses

NEWCASTLE, agosto 21. (UP
- Dos trenes electricos, qu
prestan servicio entire Newcas
tle y los lugares de verano d
la costa oriental britinica, cho
caron en la estaci6n central d
Newscastle, causando dos muer
tos y 23 herldos.
Una multitud de espectado
res aterrorizados vieron al trend
procedente de la costa, qu
entraba en la estaci6n, choca
con uno que salia para aque
destino. El motorist del trei
que salia result muerto al ser
aplastada su cabina.

IPida las
cosas por

su nombrel

i pimenu hmr |aste-
lo, pi da Polvo de
Hornear Royal e in-
sista en estenombre...
porque el prestigio de
Royal se presta a mu-
chas imitaciones. Por
eso debe exigir Royal
en su famoso boteci-
to rojo.


a las 2:45
aed Panam



te en

* *

_-_--_EN EL
er Doble Extraordinario!
11 Cartas ponzofiosas que stem-
n bran la duda y la incertidum,
r bre en una comarcal
UNIDOS FOR LA FE.-Una enorme cruz se eleva per sobre el Es-
tadlo Olimpico de Berlin durante un.festival de la Iglesia Evan-YST
g6lica, al cual asistleron mis de 300,000 personas, todas unidasI T
por la fe.



A fiery redhead, action-loving A una mujer bella y ambiclo-
sa no se le promote nadal
cowboy...and a sharpshooting
secret agents "AMBICION de UER"


I .

El "4 o Oportiuo'

Fs Itarato V"fecti27o



. I

W4A 4






Joel McCREA Wlarda K EN)RIX
co bn o RUSSELL- Jokn clINTliiEoJnette NOLAN /
Argumento y guin do HAROLD SHUMATE DIrldkd por HUGO FREGONESE


lotS W LE'T



La Pelea del Afo! La comedia mis divertida!
G I ________Larry Parks -. Barbara
..r. Walcott vs. Charles Hale, en
Michael Redgrave, en FIEBRE"
"AYenturas de Jennie" (Emergency Wedding)
iPElICU ,.
Tandas: 1:15-3:10- 5:15 / A .. '
7:05 9:00 p.m. 9 DIVERTIDA ,-.'
Recomedamos que se yea
desde el principal.

Y la MUJER tampoco es
cobarde para defender al GA -
que ella AMA...

Ml r Mi d i *ell
Eddie lbert
-John Mclntlre
Rdy Colins
Producida per
010qida po
Henry Hathaway
Richard Murphy

I'Ae del Paraile "FL PADRE FS "La Veuganiuz d e EL GRAN
(Bird o. Paradise ABUELO" Monoecrtidt" CARUSO"
en (Falher's Little (Sword. j le to- Technicolor!
Technicolor( Dilde d) ,aie") L.a pellcula del
can con IEn Coloreul Afo!
SU IN DOMABLF I Louis Jordan Spencer Travcy con
L ALM A HUMANA AL Debra Ps Joan Bemeti rntrUo de Maro Lan
DE N D !Jef f Ch=nd ler zab~leth Ta3,lor vevnturnal Ann Blyth

* *



Pero habja que ver c6mooaclnabli ella... O6mo cosia..
C6mo limpiaba... y viefAste Ut. se morirA de xisa con*


^ 9el Exito
Nini Marshall


350 |

Ay, Amor Como
Me Has Puesto
en -

Una pelicula diferente...
Tan encantadora como
la ingenuldad...
La rebeldia y la belleza
de una muchacha que
no sabia que es amor.
Rosita Arenas
Domingo Soler
Carlos L. Moctezuma


- En el estruendoso Wxito c6mlico del Cine Argentinol -

La pelicula que es el dialoque y donde luce la LEGRAND
18 Modelos de lujo para regalo de las damas y admira-
clon de los caballeros...!



aisterN a do In &a.da
laws" s quo atrona
t mundo con sus

o,,,.I__. p.,.,, bWARN

Ae.nds: WIcarg euiavea ui

uredrie ?reh ElinsLa
l aSudtao ColbCrt
"El Signo de La Cr


nd1 Un eWttkmmdo



SLa c.aza hmnana mA rclonal d '
todos oa timtpoalp
-, en .T

La historic de trece.
soldados herolcos I
con, -
A Las 5:00 9:00 p.m. WAHOO1
B.115.00 en Prentiml
* "EXTORSION" (Shakedown)
con Howard Duff
Brian Donlevy
(Tight Little Island)
con Basil Radford
S Catherioe Lacey
S Amalia Aguilar, en
Wkfh- 1rern noe.n

.Virtlnia Mayo. en
Wayne Morri en

ino l a II II -A ,
Ge Nn eraltt, en


Alas 6:00 9:00 p-m.
George Raft, en
-"Hagan Jueo, Seiores"
Bur|sa Mardish.
--- 6
James Masorr- Joan
Bennett. en
Ademns: WlUlam Bendix. en

El Vencedr to Gamn T
"Afertunado em el Asse

-Victor Junco Antoalb Usd
"Cinco Rostros de Mujer" "L SEWuASTA"
ArturoI eC[Cadova

Jullin Soler.r U Cmadrill Dl
"EL QU MI IO bo' ( 1-2)
Maria E Mgrqus. n on LAGW

*cuAmoO UN UMo

6 ,.ip


* 7.



.5:..,.; -

_ __ __ __ ____L~__~____


L1~ -< )rL



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- '-11



rOSi .f0Tr

'" :".. -..'" "'

,- -,.;-. ..,; -- --..







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mil 1.

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