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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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STEtN Aug. i$ (UrP)-4tn .d.r'y.Se
Rickrd Stokes detty warMe jwthet it mosto ,cept. his
eiWpoOat conuqpromi propslI Mttjli theAndo:
laiu eoat r bu face c l r m ipt. negotim-

in ied me ,.W .e W lid "I III t 'o repeat
*hat I mint kod on the princiiI, of My. i-point pro-
.p4sa, as they are the hwt enfr we 'cu mike. I have
.W ulternatift." f
'" He aded thatJitfhW i lwi-., of- ePre wage, now ff
ared jo e t a th dm- '.e mid.e e
-the oyutdtha h f thear t _..lho
mo -to eti ita haY d left. The
w ith- tednin
o' "m-. ,* ---t5t!,k'o
p t.O' f rk, iibo of the i h uali and, ch
vftt ra It tieti.o

Iriu~~~~nt. Mit ifnbe an
-vclUoln og th#eront

8d. a ran8 had tn-

do don

Youth Swo s',

-D m"
having attficl W.g
but on t"ie omer n._h.I
serious acam out of his ceing
and awall i a utre
Doctors dtbat
pieces of m had
stomach and intesMtln" tot
causing David any damng.
In this way David lpved to his
play aja at wb t he beard
ws .truq. cU eh4w4 dhe bades
Into small bts it w .allnt hut-
The bo. ftere6,i cuteathi
the mouth buVwht 1 l7 both-
ered him ret the _3Ptl
of penicillin., with mh d rs
put Ia thePace wRhet 1 hae to

w Sc&Red

-Dipolomat. In Waebtoi on
qnUoluate tbat Cmcltosalf a
wait temnd t Jap so Se.e
Tiatyafere to boter o
,t .and P 1 efforts i blo
e pact.

'hese offtciab ad the e
prcidati certain
6 9bi du dre that POld
Jid'te to a.te.n n ta

Attendance of three Comzpu-
nist natloa promises a' full-
; e Red amtmaC oa the treaty.
S ommunisu t deltega s alo
,t:M ted to join In the M d
at 'ed China be invite .
Poland's deciUon made It cer-
tan. at lesst 40 nations would
attem f. .
A hbet naton, tihe Unt
Staes still hopes the'onf cee
wll end on Sept. 8 as-planmed.
The Communists have had
advance, notice from President
Truman, John'lm ster.Dllel, the
State apartmentt and the Voica
of America that thy will fMlI to
bl fte treaty..,

Medico Wbo Gave Ovtrdoses

'Tried To o" e rth; h W i

M L. O. N 8,. -. 18 N, wi L o r A-I
said tdy _t sM 0tUr- 1M4 a .t of
rar" f fatal o f touti es in ,
the w rto tWq ln- Michale *k4
Sf my. 2,bad
The U-yarwold r;erchphy- IIl*p e*t ^
Siclan $poke as Coosa'r in on -. .c h ja
Iverson prepared to -e tQveneth
n InquMAt Intp th e of pocher D l, ..
ack lifford. 30. MUD owr,_y "'ve all w wL an.
at-th e te UnrBy ef tt-td to doe
PuI Dota, and ie," b
Pe 2 8. a school'tmu the T toe
o f { the doctor.'I ab athd t o oe-
*i ,today p o 8vur~AflP. search oecaieIt th are
Studg.t ia-d o many

shy.e osaid a

sldeoag* -abeSenle ftu.
a. who do. o .hu is 11 year
i Mtchal$ 9a 4thatn e thread,
berl N^Hefi~fToo t atBy u

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the trua

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- Abrahim Lineoln.

,+.'AN.M. A. '

".;. .,-" ,- Ha. v. '

7'.iii ek' .Wjh Heav


~.r; .e. I

h Leaves. re t
-/''k,. r .
1C airport
( -4o i 1. *. -have bea"n -"rett-r. a b|
pilo" llbt "tpoW yj|c naican met
otrtaclog that ^i.~~ave Precisioni
nwM, It h* Je. fal- uure the Volit&-. It 1W d

!I :,Wigi'T
e rned,-a
laoucment b-
MMltU Colela.
WOr. bthe .

a ascertaliedi
dv Norton., Chief of
Foy of Miami. sad
xpectnt the -burfane tO
In an east northbaD VtU
Ion and .reach
ula tomorrow.
gain Wilford Salter, wiot
Pan American Airwa.x 1 -
Jane. sent the 0o= 1in.
ie after flying ovea CIMt

set'rlee ,d tgnsive damage.has b n
= -- .+ --------

e us. aI iiltl
w ba lmlashod T V V.
ewas t -* AH
S, the Meteorod-
e eW ie th hurricane it Urinalni
the'rr ,a Paris," theat yI
SLibre headlined
troupe of 16 dancer .
ternationally a
will pea Iin Panam Mn
| I u i iloarllpttertonlht
ann Tuesday, and is --
to p ase local audine
s M a of India's mom. Ia-s
France, Aug. ou. t pe began air l, in
SNegro an F rLday when M-u D6s*-
SBecet. y any, secretary to Mdisp a-
6i man b rabbhi f-rrived, to ma..prelim-

SftI oo- ur ar .,,6of
we tro h Indian
A p- or were classlcl rt, has won wide
Ues, ad the acclaim in all parts of the world.
M I-' and chamin- TeA program at the National
P and wine f d like water Theatr i expected to include
"as Git everyone tI hls Rivie- such'dances as hnrta Natyam,
ra folned the.oL the centuries-old sacred temple
. Hutndrds of laiasts" dance of the south of India. This
fromthe'Pari4 lefl ank traveled number symbolizes the funda-
bert for the occaioa. French mental elementa-' he dance-'
movie stai y contribute their it emotion, nielodW-'Ld rhythm.
and there were even four white The word sat *u, the mean
bhu tor pull weddt carriage ing is conveyed by gestres, the
-but the bride and groom chose emotions by expreoln, particu-
a cbnverirle larly of the face and eyes. while
Bi l e 5eit ilslai b dJ Germs- all the while the rhythm is kept
S T.T Bsa, engaged by the ft .
ht t drifted apart. D h arrled a Another number in the reper-
frpeehi aun ll. Fre, il4ho e was toire is the kathalall. or dance
rtei dUdir. uC m eehet drama which dates back to the
ga11tin IA Aer l kor ca and 16th century. It a one of the most,
dld ak u9p their 23- highly developed dance tech-
fear-old pt.mM, niques of ndlIa. As all East In-
. Predt4Hamic a4 stAr MUltin- dian dances, it t ccsists of two
euete inctan .eri"eyor Charles parts, pure'dade- depicting the
on" .wete witan fpr the beauty ofoes and Interpreta-
Uride and Mrs. BBWMe Blum tive A -xncctprexesaig the mean-
rd. WlBati-,Batys U.S. Vice ing of the songs.
ohasa l In M2rsUe'.-lgeared for Tickets are .on safe at Lewis
9lehe.t .Mayor Jean Rambaud of Service and the National Conser-
Antilbes. per.oimed t ,eceremo- vatory, Herbert De Castro, of the
by Daniel M ic Society which is
rtbe" rrfiV.Aftst aQf King sponsoring 'the performance, has
Farouk of .3 jM Fashion announced.
Designer Mag1 -cheered The box office at the National
oh couple. Theater will be open Sunday,
French i. .Mtnd Le- Monday and Tuesday from 10
*Mah ,o wc't ~iglU*ed as a a.m. unt4l 12; and from 2:30 p.m.
WaItf o wJ to" of oow- on till curtain At 8:15. Prices will
hx1s.a 'mi *snotor" cyplsts. a be $3 for downstairs seats and
tompavy oti'r.aA y colon- box seats: $1.50 elsewhere.
l %t akft en and Mrinalini Barabhal and part of
0bwlhw smuWl .paade.. New the troupe appeared in their cos-
.SiS pk tioztn twith- tumes at the Corn Festival of the
RAW- ..;.' -,' LMceo de ;eaorit & last night.


cause4 in m Uton. The port
zone hu alffd gRreat deal
of deatruCt1W. U&ata have been
smashed fd ertturned. The
airport hi .sf"leed extensive
damages and tI Installations
were praotloajl demolished.
There are zo Atllations work-
ing at th#, ."

Younl Reds

Wear r s,

-21Ld., AW.38 (cpn)- Col-
umns of y ng Q0ununlats en-
tered Granid; ft In east Ber-
Un last night 1* t concentrated
test alnat te western po-
_e who 4y 0d of "attack-
ing" deEYo6r Ra Communistsa
several days Wp,
Over 75 yolft men wore white
bandages to ese the multitudes
against the "1I, "risi" of the
westerri police. Young men in
blue shirts arr0ed and lined
thqmnelves a u in lUtary fash-
ion until fivt Athe afternoon.
They erected a sate stand with

The plaza wherb they were deL
monstratW i n the side of the
Preeh a ecor'Wllh is united to
;he Soviet by Behomerstrasse,
Wg of the prinpal roads in
..The Soviet aide kept watch on
* men. An Air Force helicopter
wth an observer abrd flew

Comftanist songs and tocrowc
began 4o shout "go away North
"BadagMed "heroes" were oc-
cupyla the place of honor, ewv-
eral Ilng, and others leaninl
on crutches.
Chf of police of western Ber-
lin swid his forces were ready to
Stop Whatever new attempt would
be made to enter their sone.

I Reveals v Nw

Onifo HasIen

Yellw Fever Cure
t r WNGTON," Aug. ill
(i-- uV S. Army Medical
V authorities announced
-r that tests which are
nott ct completed seem to
in te that a new drug
calXi "prnimaquin" may pos-
*iky effect a rapid cure for
Y3o1w fever.
Maj. General George Arm.
=t O.e Chief of the Army's
Corps, while making
.,announcement, added
Results up to how with
ijwifgiuln are "perhaps the
m -st efficient way of treat-
'o atof yellow fever of any
know drug in use at, the
preet time."
S(W tor's Note: Some of
the sps being taken in Pa-
pama toward world control
'f fellow fever are outlined
.f the magazine section to- I

200 Delegates

Arriving For


Panama was making final pre-
parations today for the second
extraordinary session of the In-
teramerican Economic and Social
Council which Is scheduled to get
under way Mobinet afternoon.
Appruopmatelys 20 legates,
madentf whom have already ar-
rived, will take part in the meet-
ing which will be opened at 5 p.m.
Monday at the "Aula Maxima"
of the University of Panama, with
the attendance of President Al-
ciblades Arosemena. the members
of the Cabinet and the Diploma-
tic Corps.
Pdiffesident of the Council Jorge
MeJta Palacio of Colombia will
address the opening session in
the name of the 20 nations send-
ina delegates to the conference.
The real work of the meap-ng
will not get under way UntU
Tuesdretary morning when the in-
egates will most likely be split up
Into committees to discuss the
different points on the agenda.
Thee committee sessions will all
takeHplace at the 17 Hotel El Pan-
ams where the different confer-
oncerooms will take on the ap-
pearacF of a little United Na-
Uonal gmeral assembly.
A' il Secretary of State in
kf n~ Af-
ZIdj Over the United states
He (ad the 17 other V. 8. dele-
gates were scheduledto leave Mi-
ami fer Panama last night. Their
scheduled arrival here WasUJ2;35

Beryllium Ore

Said Found

In Korea

KUMHWA, Aug. 18, (UP) -En-
gineers and Allied intelligence
officers were looking today for a
truck carrying a light load of be-
ryllium reported in the area of
the old base of the Communist's
"Iron Triangle." They suspect
'that a rich mine was located
near Kumhwa.
Beryllium. a bivalent metal
with a tensile strength ten times
greater than steel is a vital ma-
terial in atomic research. It is a
member of the magnesium fami-
ly. but weighs only half as much
as an equal volurpe of aluminum.
It was believed that when -un-
covered, it would prove to be one
of the richest mineral, deposits in
the world,

Arti ,.

TOKYO, Aug. 18 (UP) The Comm"ptI..
back at attacking United Nations troops todoy. ,
ing their full strength into heavy artillery and
on every front. -'
This counterattack on United. Nations tmaei 6
of Kaesong was backed by 75 PondA ef mortri S!t
83 millimeter guns. In one hour, they also hit heSl.j
against North Kumhwa troops which were about+. I1
meters northeast of Hwachon.

About 25 kilometers to the west
in the region of Chorwon, they
firell 125 rounds. More than 176
rounds were fired against Allied
positions northwest of Yonchon
which Is to the north of Seoul.
United Nations troops encount-
ered difficulty in capturing a hill
in an attack on northwestern
They were repelled twice, but

Black 'Market

In Meat Draws

DiSalle Ire

the third ascent, made s
intense enemy fire of sma
and mortars, was supeFSt
they forced back the MR4
hwa, the old base of the I
angle, is under constant ob
tion, and sporadic at
of thie hinese who hbay
pied some of the territory
. Naval forces of the UhM
tons continue to bombin
positions heavily ont bpt
and planes, axe attaoek
rior, central supplies and
Ing 'toads.

The Air Force re@ve
this was the first erial'
fince July ll.. A

RP Detree Pitds

President AlbtaeI
na and Finae r
Solls last night lg M4
Presidential Ore I.
te~h into th* P' n
I1 iVI"n, IVo

-. IA



Price Controller Michael V. Di- |
Salle ordered an Investigation of
growing beef black marketing to-
day and threatened to throw the
enforcement book at the meat
Industry, if necessary, to stop it.. 1
The price chief announced he
is sending enforcement teams \
and meat experts into the field to
inspect plants which havt been I
slaughtering abnormallyy high" x
, rss of. l

ment action" will be taken
agaInst any slaughterers caught 0
violating beef price regulations t
and added that he is asking the d
Justice Department to give top b
priority to prosecution of such

DiSalle went into action as a
result of what he called "grow-
ing indications of maldistribu-
tion" of cattle supplies, meaning
that beef is moving into other
than normal channels on its way
to the black market counters.

t.n suiJp .eWtWry. was acq
Drafted andd app.oed by the
blnet lte last mbl'.
The formal sign1h oJ tho
tree was held uo by t* Cal
oriels which cropped up at
same time and resulted in
resignation of then Ministe
Finance Victor Navas.
One impo C&nt point of tbq
:ree prohibits the registry bx
nama of any vessel whose
vious registry has been canec

He said he has received "num- by any other government ma
erous complaints" from packers ber of the United Nations
that they are unable to buy cat- transporting Communist oar0
tle at legal ceiling prices. He said Type of cargo the Panin
he suspects that some price vio- ships are forbidden to carti
lators are outbidding legitimate war material, or contrabaud
slaughterers for cattle and are designated by the United
"Extending their operations far tons.
beyond normal."
"Thia situation threatens to a t Ia i
move the available supply (of olocau lSt Rani
beef) into fewer areas where
higher-and illegal-prices may Thru Downtow
be obtainable," he said. D w l
DISalle added that there is
some Indication that freight al- o'oa Sect n io '
lowances which may be added to c -
ceiling prices In eastern and -far I -
western cattle markets are too BOGOTA, Aug. 18 (UP),)
high. A violent fire broke out iq6.
"As a result," the price chief the heart of the city at 13L
said, "cattle are being drained th&L afternoon. '
from the midwest to the east and Firemen from the national
far west." eorps rushed to the seeae la
Only last week, DiSalle chal- an attempt to put out the
lenged industry reports of fire which had begun to
spreading black markets in beef spread. From all indication
and asserted that if the meat it was threatening to de `,
men had any evidence they had stroy the entire commerciSt
not shown it to him. section of Bogota.


I-i'; ~

he Drink and Out Again, With a Week-End Warrio
St s is record i telse drmtic pic- (center picture), you might have supposed that would be all fo' the resrvo
Lt. (j') W.,.; mlison, N tr. kit, Temlinson climbed out (right), hit the water, and was picked ,OP
IfS?-2 g UmLimaaist bMet inbrmd, six minutes after the crash. The destroyer USS Peny"tes- .
WNWle. --.C. ...C.. .. -
.. +-..g l -. -(U.S. Navy ph"as frNom "... .

*- ..-". *

, '.



i I




ar ma -- ,w = a~

IJ~J~B:~~1 ~r~1" ~trl




1 '*





^ *, -*

,AT AO".

- TWO ....


- -*" A..7


by Sunday's


! Putting one little word after another and whatever became Of 1st Race "F-1" Natives-6% Fp.
the White Sox? It just wasn't in the cards for Paul Richards' wheed- Purse: 275.00--Pool Closes 12:41
up team to go all the way with that kind of pitching. With more First Race of the Doubles
A than two-thirds of the season gone only one of the staff, Billy 1-Fulmine o. Sanchez D ls
IPierce, had racked up more than 10 wins. There's something more 2-Fulmine G. ancher 115
than an outside chance, though, that they will come up with the 2-Don Catalino M. uerr. 114
league's laeding hitter in Orestes Mlioso, their first such since 3-1 1T an IgeC 115
S' S when Luke Appling set the pace with a demure .328. And would 4-Risita C. Iglesias 116
not this be the first time a Cuban ever, led either league at bat? 5--DonJoaquin C. Bae za 114
One of the most startling upsets In ring history occurred 25 7-Pregonero 0. Grael 110:
t years ago when Gene Tunney stabbed a ring-kusty Jack Dempsey 8-Peggy H. Reyes 103l
In 10 'rounds to take the heavyweight'championship. Four
.; i er champions were upended that same year. Jack Delaney beat 2nd Race "E" Natives Fgs
. Paul Berlepbach for the light heavyweight title; the great Harry Rse: $2500 Pool Closes 1:7
GrOh:lojat his middleweight crown to Tiger Flowers, who thus be- Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes .1:
w came the first Negro to hold the title; Pete Lauo took the welter- Second Race of the Doubles
weight crown from Mickey -Walker and Sammy Mandell became 1-sEl Maino J. Ruiz 114
.th new lightweight king by beating Rocky Kansas on points. 2-Torcaza A. Vasquez- lO10
Curiously this year has followed the same attern Five champions 3--Volador J. Rodriguez 116
have been unfrocked and the smart money will be riding against 4-Golden Faith C. Chavez 107x
Joey Maxim when he defends the light heavyweight champion- 5-Tap Girl A. Mena 108
dhip against Spuds Murphy in the Garden next week. When old -Sixaola C. Iglesias 110
man Upset takes charge he doesn't fool. 7-Hercules D. Tuon 107x

I'm about ready to give up on the Red Sexmy spring'pick to 3rd Race "C" Natives --4% Fgs.
win in the AL. I refused to go for them for three straight years Purse: $325.00 Pool Closes 1:45
when the dope made them the favorite but I believed they had One-Two
ked up enough extra pitching In Scakborough and Wight, plus I-Mr. Espinosa) H. Reyes 103x
M Woermott's improvement, to wnIn a league which did. not offer 2-Grto y Plata) C. Yeaza 118
too much opposition. I wasn't Influenced. much by the addition of 3-Proton A. Valdivia 120
ioudreau aan Inspirational factor. It has been my observation 4-Filigrana C. Chavez 105x
ithat these take-charge fellows lose much of the orce when their force when they 5-Raymond A. Enrique Illx
do not play regularly and lack authority. When the Red Sox fail 6-Eloina G. Cruz 114'
win at home where the friendly left-field fence is their 10th, as
well as 11th and 12th man, they are -doomed. It now appears
strongly that the championship lies between the Yankees and the 4th Race "F-2" Natives--4o Fgs.
SIndians with the schedule favoring the Steaigeleers who are at Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2:20
mhome most of September. Qulniela
u 1-Aqul Estoy A. Mena 119
Whether the Indians make it or not, Hank Greenberg has 3-Caciue 0. Cruz 119
demonstrated that he is equipped that he is equipped to run the front office of a 4-El As D. Tufion 11lx
major league club. There was some doubt about this when he 5-Hechicera A. Valdivia 120
took over after the departure of the the flamboyantly successful Bill -Tura 0. Chanis 116
Veeck. Indeed, I was told a the time that he time that the New Yorker was 7-Callejera J. Avila 120
practically forced on the new Cleveland owners by Veeck who
malde the retention of Greenberg a stipulation in the sale agree-
.4i t, Information which I was never able to verify, by the way. th Race "C" Imported 7". s.
all the moves Greenberg made have had the mark of pure Purse: $650.00 Pool Closes 2:55
us, notably the sale of Mifioso to the White Sox. But the fact i-Alto Alegr-e o Sanchez 107
teDnains the team is up there and the customers are coming out -Ridngt Ea rilefla 11
that's what they pay off on. There s no reason why Green- 3-ardig East C. Iglesias 11
el should not be a success in the front office. He has presence, 4-Pamphlet 0. Chanis 114
ofiurness sense and enterprise, and having played the game from 5-IPamphlet A. Can 114
Swe sand lots to the main tent he certainly ought to know play-
Tnl ability. 6th Race "F" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $500.00 Pool Closes 3:35
It is conceivable that Greenberg's success with the Indians First Race of the Doubles
may have persuaded Walter Brlggs to entrust the operation of 1-Frutal D. D'Andrea 112
athe Detroit front office to Charley Gehringer. 'm Just guesinger'm just guessing on 2-TheB. Road M. Hurley 118
This. Briggs seems to move on impulse at times. There has not 3-Carlbe K. Flores 114
e0nm any great stability In the Tigers' front office since the death 4-Balota C. Lino 115
'of Frank Navin. One front office head has followed another. 5--Incomparble) A. Bazan 115
Gebringer was a surprise selection. It even seems to have been 6-Honey Moon) A. Mena 111
a surprise, to the old Tiger second .eman, who when inter- 7-Delhi C. Chavez 105x
viewed, aanltted he wasi't exactly *i what his 'duties were to 8-Guarba C. Rulz 114
resist of., He s. heaBpo- 1mlws experience of. any wiqd as -La irta G. Sanchez 11.
mbasUl ezeItN TA rGnS q y.g i*s I praettial ibamball 1-UlEJames A. Soto IW.
AMxla and he dema'Sf i t tohe eno TiS W gers to count up to 10. ---
fact Is he's been a successful businessman In Detroit for 7th Race "D" Imported--67 Fgs.
some time now. 7th Race D Imported-6 Fgst
o e w Purse: $600.00 Pool Closes 4:0&
Second Race of the Doubles
Ruth Montgomery in the News points out that when cribbing 1-Cheriberibin A. Valdivia 120
was uncovered in the class of '29 at Annapolis the matter was 2-Polzorazo V. Ortega 112
*aot permitted to become a national scandal. The offenders were 3-Mariscalito R. Gomez 108
mset back a year and allowed to graduate with the '30 class. She 4-Curaca M. Arosemena 112
Ladd: "Of all the lads who cribbed and were allowed to finish 5-Mr. Foot) A. Bazan 120
In five years instead of four, every one is now a coonnel in the 6-The Dauber) C. Iglesias 103
Irines, or a captain in the Navy and and all have brilliant war 7-Carmela II Dario 108
records. One, a star ex-football player, is serving today with the 8-Wild Wire J. Baeza, Jr. 104x
Joint Chief of Staff in the Pentagon. To his credit are a silver
tar, the Legion of Merit, a bronze star and a Presidential Unit 8th Race "-2" Iported7 Fgs.
Citation." This is an incident I hadn't heard of before. This ex- sth Race "1-2 Imported-7 Fgs.
football player's views on coach Red Blaik's efforts to get the Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes 4:40
erring Cadets an honorable discharge from West Point would Quiniela
make interesting reading. Maybe one of our Washington news- I-Purple Spray K. Flores 120
men can get him to talk. 2-Mete Bulla J. Chuna 115
S. 3-Cotillon A. Soto 120
Lou Nova's wife wants a divorce from the old prize fighter 4-Alfonsito C. Ycazat 120
because he put his bare foot in a lemon meringue pie she'd just 5--Beach Sun C. Ruiz 120
baked. That's the trouble with women: They can't stand realistic 6-Bien Hecho J. Avila 120
criticism. The University of Michigan is spending $100,000 on 7-Ranchopaja V. Castillo 118
study to find out why men prefer blondes. What makes this 8--Cost na A. Mena 115
tem unique Is that it did not originate in Washington. The only 9-Allinomas 0. Chanis 120
iway you can lose your money in Saratoga this month is on the 10-Arabe A. Valdlvia 112
hoses but fortunately this doesn't require too much Ingenuity or
effort. The Chinese at Kaesong seem to be under the Impression
fts a cease-talk affair. To Mr. Durocher's expansive wardrobe has 9th Race "I-2" Imported-7 Fgs.
been added another coat of whitewash in Arthur Mann's new Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes 5:15
bail book. There is this to be said for the Dog Days: You One-Two
n't meet many people suffering with chilblains. 1-Charles S. A. Mena 119
2-Zevelania E. Darlo 110
1 1 r -3-Nav. Trail H. Alzamora 114
Sk 4-Baby Roi J. Samaniego 120
h 1 71 .* i 5-Yorgo A. Vasquez lllx
i V A, l t6-Interlude C. Chavez 16x

vefryoy ---,1

7-Tetravera u. iglesias 120
8-Gay Ariel R. Vergara 116
9-Islero M. Hurley 119
10-Glory's Ace T. Medrano 121

10th Race I-1 Imported-61V Fgs,
Purse: $375.00- Pool Closes 5:40
1-Lituana A. Enrique 108x
2-D. D. T. 0. Chants 111
3-Picon A. Valdivia 120
4-Flamenco J. Cadogen 115
5---El Mago) T. Medrano 120
6-Goylto) E. Corcho 106x
7-Bendigo J. Avila 120

llth Race "B" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $350.00
1-Batan C. Iglesias 111
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3-Golden Tip A. Valdivia 115
4-Taponazo J. Cadogen 108

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ONE BEST Black Sambo

Sam Brfck, hockey manager, is
the finrt Michigan State etter-
winner ever to major In home


Lemon As

Raschi Raks U|
'- O C P-r
By fiemted Press


NEW YORK, Aeg.: iS The Cleveland hfd tns and
New York Yankees continued tied for the American Lea-
gue lead today after 1cinlIg 7-0 and 5-1 victories over
the Chicago White S wnd Philadelphia Athletics res-
pectiVelyV .
I. Bi Lemon turned in the kalsomining ]ok for the
Tribe while Vic Raschi gave a good four-hit performance
for the Bronx team.

The Indians pounded out 17
safeties, including two homers by
Dale Mitchell. Ken Holcombe,
who was lifted after the Indians
scored their second run in the
second inning, was the long
hurler. Harry Dorish finished lor
the Chisox.
The Yankees gave Raqchi all
the runs he needed with a three-
run rally in the fifth. They add-
ed single runs in the seventh and
eighth to 'make things doubly
sure. Alex Kellner was the losing
Despite a homer-hitting spree
of five roundtrinppers by the
Detroit Tigers, the St. Louis
Browns trounced the Bengals
20-9 as the latter club enjoyed
Its best day at bat for the sea-
son with 18 hits.
Pat Mullin hit his eighth and
ninth homers. Dick Kryhoski his
eighth, Vic Wertz his 19th and
Gerry Priddy his sixth li vain
for the Tiger cause. Hank Arft
blasted his sixth homer the
only one the Brownies got: Ma-
honey was the winner and Mar-
lin Stuart the loser.
The Boston Red. Sox and
Washington Senators were sche-
duled to play a night game at

The Chicago Cubs trounced the
Pittsburgh Pirates 1-15 and the
Cincnrmati Reds edged the St.
Louis Cardinals 1-0 In the only
National League games played'.
The Brooklyn Dodgers,- New
York Giants, Boston Braves and
lPhiladelphia Phillies were sche-
duled to play night games.
Lanky Ewell BlaekwelL was
given a one-run lead by his
mates in the first Inning and
he made It stand up as he lim-
ited the Cards to six scattered
hits in a red hot pitching duel
with Harry Breeheen.
|The Reds got only seven hits
;af Bree men's slants. The win
*as the pth for Blackwell.


American League
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.B.
Cleveland. 73 '42 .635 -
New York. 73 42 .635 -
*Boston. .. 68 46 .596 4 2
Chicago. .. 63 52 .548 10
Detroit 53 60 .469 19
*Washington 47 66 .416 25
Philadelphia 45 73 .381 29%
St. Louis 3.6 77 .319 36
*Night game not included.
Philadelphia at New York.
Boston at Washington.
Cleveland at Chicago (2).
Detroit at St. Louis (2).
St. Lou. 003 501 (11)0x-20 18 5
Detroit 202 301 1 00- 9 12 5
Stuart, Whit (1-4), Borowy,
Hutchinson and Ginsberg; San-
ford, Mahoney (2-2), Paige and
Cleveland 111 000 040-7 17 1
Chicago 000 000 000-0 3 3
Lemon (14-9) and Hegan; Hol-
combe (8-9), Dortsh and Sheely.
Philadelp'a 000 100 000-1 4 0
New York 000 030 llx-5 9 0
Kellner (7-12), Scheib and Tip-
ton, Astroth; Raschi (17-7) and
(Night Game)

National Leaguc
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.B.
*Brooklyn 7 4r .646 -
*New York. 66 51 .564 9
*Philadelp'a 57 58 .496 171
St. Louis 54 56 4A91 17
*Boston 53 58 .477 19
Cincinnati 53 61 .465 20'2
Chicago. 51 61, .455 211'
Pittsburgh 47 89 .405 27 !.
*Night games not included.
Brooklyn at Boston.
New York at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Pittsburgh (2).
St. Louis at Cineinnati (2).
Chicago 405 001 001-11 15 0
Pittsburgh 000 040 010- 5 10 0
Kelly (4-1i, Leonard and
Owen; Pollet (4-10), Walsh,
Werle, Wilks and Garagiola.
St. Louis 000 000 000-0 6 0
Cincinnati 100 000 00x-1 7 1
Brecheen (8-3) and Del Rice,
Scheffing; Blackwell (13-101 and
(Night 0ame)
(Nights ms)

Kelly, with relief' help from
Dutch Leonard, was -'the winner
of the Cub-Pirate game. Howie
Pollet was 'the loser. Ransom
Jackson and Hal Jeffcoat lead the
15-hit Cub attack wj,". their 14th
and third homers,. Ralp.Kiner
blasted his 33rd of-the season for
the losers,

NO GAME--Dick Pedrotti con-
sidered the weight of a hand
grenade and a baseball at Fort
MacArthur. Calif., where the
third baseman and Pasadena
City College's Western States
ference champion enged
In basic training. His mitary
work completed young Pedrotti
reported to the .ed Sox' San
Jose farm club. The Boston
organization paid him $75,000
for signing. (NEA)

In Ihe


Fight Dope

The powerful International
Boxing Club may come under the
Congressional microscope.,
Two senators--Herman Welker
of Idaho and Harry Cain of
Washington-have demanded a
Senate investigation of the IBC
to learn whether it Is a mono-
Walker 'calls the IBC a closed
corporation which controls pro-
fessional boxing in most major
American cities.
"It has a nearly wide-open
field," says Welker, "and as a re-
sult of the monopoly it exercises,
the boxing profession has reach-
ed a new low." The Idaho Relub-
lican mentioned the recent foot-
ball and basketball scandals,
then added that he believes these
sports are-in his words-"much
cleaner, much more wholesome,
and more competitive than the
professional sport of boxing as
conducted today."
Both Welker and Cain charge
that the IBC has kept light heav-
yweight Harry Matthews of Se-
attle from getting a shot at Jbey
Maxim's title.
The International Boxing Club
says it will give the theater-tele-
vision treatment to the New
York middleweight title fight on
September 12.
At least 11 theaters In eight el-
ties will show the Randy Turpin-
Ray Robinson scrap on Its
screens. The fight will not be tel-
evised into private homes.'
Light Heavyweight Champion
Joey Maxim of Cleveland says if
he gets by Bob Murphy in a title
bout at Madison Square Garden
on April 22 his next bout will be
in London. Maxim says he prob-
ably will defend against Don
Dockell of England next January
or February.
Cockell sails from England to-
morrow and will be at ringlide
for the Maxim-Murphy fight.
Nothing definite about the
Londo fight, naturally," a
Jack Kif manager of the
s an be announced usmt
bests Murphy."-


DIVIN OI t^oy Cam panella, left-.
as theD mtcher made the U on
bets e I an attempted to sore
Car flo threw to Jackie Ro

MuaW DIvends

Juan Frnco

1-Juan luincho $7.80, $4, $3.
2-Luck Ahead $3.40, $2.40.
3-PoUtlco $10.60.
I-El In dit ).40, $2.80, $2.20,
2-Campesiao $4.80, $3.
3-'Cosa Linda $4.20.
First Doubles: (Juan Huincho.
El Indle) 13.80.
1-Don TemI (ran out of betting)
2-Villarreal $8.40, $2.60. $2.40.
3-Fonisea $2.40, $3.20.
4-Ecllae $3.60.
One-Two: (Vilarreal-Fonseca)
1-Conde $5, $3, $2,00.
2-Diez de Mayo $2.60, $2.80.
3-La Negra $2.60.
Quiniela: (Conde-Dies de Ma-
yo) $4.20.

1-Tamesls II $13.40, $5, $3.20.
2-Silver Fox $3.20, $2.80.
3-Dofia Elelda $2.60,
1-Roadmaster $7.20, $4.20, $2.1
2-Pncel $3,$2.20.
3-Coragglo :$2.80.,


1-Sismo $4.20, a, ao.
2-Nijinsky $4.40, $30.
3-Scotch Chum $6.00
Second Doubles: (Roadmaster-
Sia mo) $16.84; -BRoadmaster-
*Mis Fairfax) 6.80.
*Miss Fairfax sratched after
Sixth Race.
l-Grisu $31.40, $11.80, $5.20.
2-Sandwood $10.40, $6.60.
3-Gorsewood $3.20.
Quiniela: (Grlsu Sandwood)
1-Baby Betty (e) $6.00 $3, $2.80
2-Callmedear $3.48, $2.40.
3-Hob Nob (e) $2.80.
One-Two: (Baby Betty-Call-
medear) $44. %
1-Tully Saba $4, $3.40.
2-Mandinga $6.00.
1-White Fleet $3.40, $2.40.
2-Bagalefio $4.


1~ ,-

Compared WithA (

Football Recruiti' qs1

N O.- 5 ,. .
NEW YORK, Aug. 18. (NEA)-a e

All of 24 youngsters visited.the
Hudson Highlands this summer,
took a cram course to prepare
them for the entrance examina-
Seven passed.
Five matriculated.
In the more recent years, from
eight to 11 squad members ap-
nually have been obtained
through a special program.
What proselyting! Why, it's
pauper stuff compared to what
goes on at nearly all institutions
playing major football.
President Truman and other
Investigators who have 'vastly
more important things to attend
to should take a look at Michigan
State. East Lansing snared every
all-state lad in Michigan this

Every big-time coaci In the
country screens 300 or more high
school players, frequently begin-
ning, in their sophomore year.
How many do you auppose Frank
Leahy looked at before the curb
at Notre Dame? No coach has-

Venetan lnds
Made to order, repaired and
refinished. Estimates given.
TeL 53-L 280 7th St.
Col6n, R.P.

school In Pennsylvania, this
young man was called the Blairs-
vlfle Blisard.
Take s gander at Paifi c Coast
Conference rosters. A University
of Washingtor t ial prepped at
Maiden, Mass., High.
A many- as 90 asholareshs are
not uncommon at many ls,
the young warriors qualifying
through extra-curricular.ae4l-
The freshmen at many schools
far outnumber the Military Aoad-
emy's entire suply of football play-
era. Ohio State, for instance,
suits 200 freshmen each fall.
There are several handpicked
teams. When P4ul Brown took
charge ift Columbus In 1941, he
was quoted as saying that his
first 45 ftesulnen would con-
centrate on lerningf-as offense
aloae. -
b Army makes ag one for
merely and legitimately making
West Point alluritg to a measly

Silence Is Golden
During Rh- xLs
NEW YO .nAug. 18. f)
When someone's intoust an
umpire, it's best to just sit and
watch-a4 Roy Cam a.
Conni Ryan was "bei n to
Fuank' risiol about. a 51to
"You big, blindly i
blank," shouted the Reds' 0ofld
When the umpire feignpd In-
difference, the Dodgers' catcher
"Frank, you heard what the man
said. Does he get away with It?"
"Butt out of this," sealed Des-
col, "or I'll throw you out."



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%7 ,.






', ,.. _.. .;" -

i-r- .t ''r rJ


* ;

- .

. WIM77jyv.T 71.

himself in position to achieve his one remaining baseball ambition,
J to- wbi World Sr a game, Bob Feller hitches up his paAt. With the ball behind him. the
d. dis great .f itbaper -leahs forward foa'Jim Hegans sign. The one-time Iowa farm boy

SHoly Cross Grid
Card Reads Like
U.S. Geography
WORCESTER, Mas., Aug. 18.
M (NBA). Seven sections of
the country are represented on
SHoly -Cross' 10-game football
schedule this fall.
From New England are Har-
vard, Boston College and Brown.
New ,York City provides Ford-
ham and New York University.
Upper New York State, Philadel-
phia, the middle west, southeast
and south are represented by
Colgate, Templ e, Marquette,
Quantico Marines and Tulane,

Senators Tender
A Bill To Detroit
-Tit for tat is the Senator's rule
-off the field, anyway.
Detroit's Freddie Hutchinson
gave vent to an explosion of tem-
per after being knocked out of
the box at Griffith Stadium,
kicked a trash pail to pieces in
the visitors' clubhouse.

JIU-JITSU --Dodger Catcher'
Roy Campanella looks as if he's'
lbout to flip First Baseman Gil
Hodges. intro the boxes at EUr
betg Field. Actual e 'two
were 'gin after BI igheiey's
pop foul which dropped in front
of them during the series with
the Giants.... (NEA)

The Senator's management
was inclined to overlook the In-
cident until someone recalled
that two years ago Sam Dente
smashed a water pail in Detroit
and was billed $4 for It.
The Bengals are in receipt of
a $12 tab.

Lemoons Shirt Toil
Is Secret Weapon

CLEVELAND, Aug. 18.- (NBA)
Joe Paparella had a novel rea-
son for calling time out the last
CHESAPEAKE CHASE time the Indians played at Fen-
way Park.
GISON ISLAND, Md.-(NA) "What's the matter?" asked
Skippers from eight nations Cleveland pitcher Bob Lemon as
ill compete this year's Star he arbiter made strange signs
Class sloop world championship at him.
races on Chesapeake Bay. .Tuck in your shirt," yelled
Umpire Paparella. "It might
bother the Red Sox batters."


P 'I

4'*s a .

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Old ads disappear! !!

Reason.. Quic Results

* f

,. .

- -....i.^

conccals the grip and ball as he begins the wind-up, rears back, the ball way back and out of the bat-
ter's sight. He lets go with a three-quarter motion, follows through in position to field the ball. He lost
a two-hitter and was knocked out in World Series starts against the Braves in 1948. (NEA)

Durocher Hops Up Robinson And Dodgers,

Which Is Very Bad For His Giants' Health

S BA Sports Editor
NIW YORK, Aug. 18. (NEA).-
There are numerous reasons why
the Dodgers took 12 of 15 games
from the Giants in making a
shambles of the National League

The Brooks pack power all the
way down the line. There is no
oasis where opposing pitchers
can rest and doctor their wounds.
The Superbas make the big
play, throw and relay that kills
the other side.
They set traps and other blokes
fall into them.
But much of the Polo Ground-
er's trouble with the guys from
across the bridges can be attri-
buted to Leo Durocher's feud with
Jackie Robinson.
The sight of the dandy little
manager lfts Robinson to his
maximum effort, and the Brook-
lyn club goes right along with

Robinson is one of the mighty
few ball players who can inflame
himself to a height beyond that
given him by his superlative abil-
He is the only player who can
destroy the enemy single-handed
after leaving the plate.,
He is the linchiest and most alert
player of the game at the plate
and on the bases, where the re-
markable second baseman is In
full control.
On base, he instinctively knows
lust how far he can go, just what
ead he can take, when to move
and get back.
Robinson is a doube threat,
because when he is on base the
pressure on the defense is even
As extraordinary as he is. Stan-
ley Musial of the Cardinals, for
example, has to be pushed around
the bases. Robinson propels him-
self. The late Bill Robinson de-
scribed the UCLA alumnus well-
Ty Cobb in technicolor.
Relations between Robinson
and Durocher must have been
strained to say the least, when
the Lip led the Dodgers.
When Durocher moved to Har-
lem, he put his hands around
his head in the coach's box to
indicate that Robinson's was
When Robinson ran up Sal
Maglie's back this summer, Du-
rocher called it.a bush trick.
"If it was," replied Robinson,
"I learned It from a bush man-
Anyway, the two dislike each

Hornsby Heads Back To Majors,

Where There's Plenty Of Room

NEA Sports Editor ,

CHICAGO, Aug. 18 (NEA). -
Bill Veeck offered Rogers Horns-
by the management of the
Browns, but Emil Sick. the Seat-
tle owner, wouldn't let the Rajah
Seattle says the greatest of all
right-hand hitters will next
spring again take over the St.
Louis job he once held.
More interesting is a report
from San Francisco that Horns-
by will manage the Yankees next
This comes from a close friend
of Casey Stengel.
Stengel can have the Yankee
job as long as he cares to and
doesn't finish out of first place
too often.
But the inimitable 0' Case is
62, a millionaire, and his health
hasn't been too robust.
If the fuseless Bombers once
more bounce down in front, it
wouldn't surprise those close to
the situation if Magician Stengel
called it a career.
What better time to step out
than after winning three straight
is as many outings? He doesn't
figure Gto do much better.
Those who knew the conserva-
tive Yankees of Ed Barrow's
years might be shocked at the se-
lection of Hornsby as their field
marshal. Rog. whose career be-
came on the checkered side when
he started playing horses, has
been knocked about no end.
But the naming or Hornsby
would be no more unusual than
Del Webb choosing Stengel.
Until Stengel put, the Yankees
back on their pins, the frustrated
dentist was regarded as little
more than a baseball comedian
noted for laughing off bad clubs.
The fact was that until 01'
Case hit New Yorkee, he never
had a good one in the majors.
Owner Webb is a far westerner,
likes western ways and people.
He watched Stengel in Kansas
City and Oakland, knew right
where to turn when it was time
lor a change. To date there has-
n't been a flaw in the contract-
or's judgemeltt.
What kept Hornsby out of or-
ganised baseball for ome years
had nothing to do with his abil-
ity. Horsby's one glaring fault
was the pOnies and what they
led to.
He antagonized owners with
his drive.
At 56, Hornuby has mellowed,
and the b k cq s ahead
of "the,
The BWah i S of .b u-


Oil MeDongald
PRIZE PUPIL Freshman in-
fielder Oil McDougald, leading
the Yankees in hitting, was fur-
ther developed by Rogers Horns-
by en Beaumont. (NEA)
with the 'Yankees' Beaumont
farm last season, where he fur-
ther developed Oil McDougald,
the versatile freshman luminary
of the parent elub. He has turned
out many fine players. Jim He-
gan of the Indians among them.
Now he has Seattle out in front,
and other youngsters ready for
big time. Owner Sick was assured
of a profit by mid-July.
Returning to the major leagues,
Hornsby would further exLend
the present managerial pattern.
Stengel and then Charles Dres-
sen of the Dodgers came from
Oakland, Paul Rkihards of the
White Sox from Seattle. Stanley
Hack Is ming up from Los An-
geles tO hndle the Cubs Joe
Gordon ha done an excellent job
in Sacramento.

It would
aRosm tsm

a pleasure to see
by back I therma-
I a-eom for hi

other, and Robinson goes wild
against the New York outfit.
In the first game of the last
series between the clubs, Pee Wee
Reese and Robinson launched a
double steal. Wpa Westrum threw
wild to third, the ball going out
in left field. Manager Charles
Dressen signaled for Robinson to
stop at third, but the large piece
of flying ebony sped right
through the traffic light. In his
haste to head off the daring Ro-
binson, Monte Irvin threw wildly
to the plate.
In the second game. with Sal
Ivars catching, Robinson dupli-
cated the performance behind
Duke Snider,
With the hit and run on. Alvin
Dark naturally figured Robinson
would hit to the right side, so
the shortstop moved over to cov-
er. Robineon promptly poked the
ball right through the hole he
This could go on and, on, but
by now Leo Durocher undoubt-
edly realizes why Connie Mack
and other American League man-
agers warned their hired hands
not to make Ty Cobb mad.

Faces In

The Majors

Meyer Bids For

Hard-Luck Title

(NEA). No wonder Russ Meyer
is so ill-tembered!
Well on his way to the hard-
luck championship of the Na-
tional League, the Phillies' right-
hander dropped nine decisions-
six of them shutouts. He's lost 1-
0, 2-0 and four 2-0 games. He
pitched a one-hitter against the
Dodgers, and lost, 2-0.




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off 4th of July Avenue on "H" priced at the French Bazaar's with talent is, of course, New- also record at nome.Use tho
Street) is proudly displaying a cosmetic counter. York. But it's also 0 must. It's little acecate or tape recording
large new shipment of lamp the place where all t he breaks are that you can play back, tti&y.
42ades. It's wonderfully easy to VILANOVA 115 Central Ave- to be found-radi0, stage, tele- Listen carefully to.. pitcluand
give your home a "lift" to nue has the gayest, most vision and the agencies. phrMsing. Listen objectively fj
achieve the decorator effect you colorful collection of olayclothes This is the study (above) In This Is opposite w ll (above) I arrived in New York with .e and favors.
strive for when you have such they've had in a long time. the two-room apartment. Color of study. Blocked doorway has $200 in my handbag. I wouldn't And, above alla an' ttst
variety in color and materials to Shorts, blouses, skirts. the new is dingy tan, blinds are shabby, o ne seless shelf, i eyesore, advise anyone else to try that. self It you haven'tgot io.
choose from! mesh blouses for a most corn- grill is ugly. Pale blue vene- Same doorway (right) has be- For one thing, the cost of livigtlen I mentioned, you
plete, most be-charming play- Stian blinds (right) are matched come useful bookcase and Isohigher byf ar, ns w than It was firsttoa o e, yoW'l e u ther
time wardrobe. to walls. drapes are in Peru- cabinet by means of simple when Ibrokein.For nther s tyou ow o e, yuor
when t bhad -in For ohel e youer own voitething.ydQn ha,- CTd
-- ---vian print. Woodwork is white. carpentry. Walls are pale blue.a o whad a family to help me over, reI the el things yo otrna3It 8,
V the' rough spots. Not every hope- learn the olies ehat yowl lie,
BY GAILE DUGAS deeper shades of the -coral and changed to any degree they liked. The saimIe job was transform- ful singer can cu .n he hell B stBudying B.r qwn v,.
NEA Staff Writer brown. It wasn't necessary to use a dell- ing the blocked doorway in theo a fa |y. you| l avoid e ng a
To create still greater contrast cat process involving a dash of study into bookshelves and cab- In New York, the big est pit- an inspiration, but c
NEW YORK-(NEA)-The big- and to provide a feeling of light, this anda drop of that; he fol- inet. The first step was removing falis thephony agent. The town a deterrent. There are few ces
guest problem Ronnie and Bob they picked pale blue with touch- lowed a clearly-indicated but a single shelf that existed, t fll them. Thesare theown a dre
Wacker had to tackle in making es of white for the study. It's win- flexible paint recipe. next spacing shelves from top to is full o them ee are the on record of way sing raI h
a dark, shabby two-room apart- dow, like those of the living room Once he got started, he discov- bottom of the door. The bottom singeroplwho with an ro-boUnd con- so-and-so.
Sent into a home was the living fronts on the street. This meant ered there was a great deal of half got cabinet doors and the tract giving iernothing but en-
room. Even in the bright sun- that drapes here, too.- must be patching and plastering to do be- study was ready for a paint job. couraging words in retrn.These In pckgyour matel
: ^": light, the room was dark. The full to insure privacy.., cause the walls were in poor ingt f
troublesome factor was the dark- For the kitchen and bath, they sha e. But. since repair work was contracts-only hamper the n sest to ay with the ted n
r rowin pFashion-wise..budget-wisel reen paint trmertenants had chose pale blue, too, but in a essential to a really good aint haer sine no other ikagentto an tru Sing tunes h
ZIENCASKI captures pe- plashed on the wals. shade a bit more turquoise than job, hedid it. Hefound that two Masses s handle her. She's kely to find heard and wants e
D nality as wallurs likeness HE French Bazaar in Colon The problem was to find a color that for the study. (Ronnie coats of paint were ustright to her caree at a standstill. pulr un and
in his portrait sketches Ju- has a chorus of answers to scheme that would lighten the yearns for red towels and a bath cover the dark green completely. ev- si brad n til r
S ra s es the question "What shall I room, a color plan with which mat.) The total cost, including mater- There's a third pitfall, that be- special material until you're so
r. before his firstjust- the t th have just they could live. They thought it as fo repair work, was100 gins as son as you decide to established asa singer thatthe
mi.-Pop" haircut Sis... when wearn In fact, they have justr the y l l. ethey t itc T t c i sing professionalldy.m How do you
e-Po" haircut Sis. when mar solutions to would be simple to find one. But Bob rolled up his sleeves and Before he painted the study, he sing professionally. How do you public will take it ro
woe "-pigtails"... priceless wupacked 300 smargts ttsti oecwtsa
te you'll che for your problem! Everything from by the time they had finally set- set to work. Because he was liv- turned carpenter without previo- -e Irer T the n r ienceM
r us little as $. u See Dzien- noon frocks... all featuring were just. barely speaking. on a cot) as he worked on It, he "It Just takes common sense," ,i,. igtoge chance.a whev yot years eat r u r'
-at -t Rancho d-ring the styles with a flair for flattery! They had to have colors that iked a odorless, paint.cmadec'he explains. "You have "t cogvlater. Incdoing this Iy it deiy can l de i '
Ich or early evening, hours And... brought to y ou at Won- would be warm and byKeystoe Corp., that ure carefully and watch out sd BY GAYNO MADOX vep style ad get rid osome You need one ast th t'
Shone Panama -0553. derfully low prices.. from $7.95. light in the winter but that would would dry completely overnight you don't hit your thumb instead B GANO DOvele nd get someou on
o hone Panama not turn the apartment into a He found, when the paint was of the nails. For a simple job like NA Sta Wit r of that nervousness that agues. help along. That's o-
crackling oven in the summer. mixed, that shades could be this. that's all it takes." As a nation of meat eaters, we all singe for always. Yo' I do ope y have lots of
They discarded colors so rapidly get most of our -i cessary a-
that they had to begin all over mounts of iron from the meat,
and work slowly forward again. wi n in our menus. However, current
The scheme they finally picked I e high prices and local shortages
w was coral. yellow .nd brown. P 0 Owig have largely changed Qur maals.
Sa c- r They wanted a pale yellow for JO-Meat doesn't appear as often on
Srthree walls and the ceiling, doors ourtables as it used to.
and woodwork; cocoa brown for 0 Therefore, the homemaker.
Siel e e offr w it t thle fourth wall. the one with the must get more iron foods into .
*n1p and menu oen fireplace. For contrast, they 1951, more than any other year i her daily menus. TheL foods high
would use coral as an accent note in history, is a year wish fashions '"- in iron concentration are .beef
in the drapes and slip cover for that will show off a woman's liver, molasses, oatmeal, apricots,
B3T AWFAST WAFFLES GET A NEW LIFT when you add Grcpe-Nuts Flakes the studio couch.heur e.Fas Ion isshoun li beef kidney, driedpeasandbeans
to the batter. Makes 'em crispy and light, with o pleasing malt flavor. This This. they felt, would give the sheaths, decollete necklines, and eggs. Particularly rich
recipe calls for buttermilk and soda an old-fashioned secret that many room the right sunlight quality, shorter skirts and smaller waist sources are liver and molasses.
Cod cooks usetogive woffles and biscuits a special made-at-home taste, with enough contrast in the lines. l Eatliveronceaweek.ononnr
ehas two tricks mcke considerable difference in the finished product..- A woman's figure must be love- For E a y-t roneday "week.lfl,

new, t different. and vastly y enjoyable waffle. And they ive you good bol- lier than ever before. The fashion it. Fneor day-to-da c i rn oas- -
once; combine cereal, eggs ond buttermilk in one dish. ave this recipe for M tht hes to cover her to-use source of available ron
next Sunday morning if you want to, but don't itlo thn that to legs and full skirts to deceive l molas-uses. Usrce tof avails "naturalon
it!,And be sure yuu uF- Post's Grape-Nuts Flakes, so the flovor and crispness For Best Wear her hip is gone. The new skirt, ela e sugar In brown e. Uet nfarfl V V r
st'these waffles will ,e perfect. in almost all variations, fits swett" inrplac iofsuardin obr
Buttermilk Flakes Waffles snugly around the fi ure from blers.
Buttermilk Flakes Waffles Th 's thin bt lint waist to hips. This sim, tight Form the habit of stirring two Yr w selp le on evry pee
(mokes 3 woffles) There'stsomething about glint through down pastthe thihs. or three spoonfuls into the noon- "8ignatur'! is exquisite, heavy
and glitter at nine o'clock on line is sometime t he pst followed e or three spoonfuls into the itoon- Bigware1oqboltown
I cup sieted floured o g olks, well beaten a a dreary Monday that sets on Because of this fashion accent, time klass of milk, es. init leed Campy rplat d toa OWn.a
te aspoon sola I cup buttermilk or sour milk edge the teeth of most employers, the dea th a ind ire, .kfast hot cakes. ol-ee se
teackl alt h u nta 4 tablespoons melted butter The same thing holds true for dle e roblerrin mthehaswes is also good in a variety of tdo e Wfg o.
Scup Grape-Nuts hrFlakes 2 egg whites the other hours of the daythe controlled wi th a girdle designed desserts gingerbread, ginger- Maiden, Coun. Warith so you
p ecifically to do the most for 10 snaps, pumpkin pie and other lt omp lptternlistVWnd
Sift flour once, measure, add soda and saltand sift again. Add Flakesand aun s of ie lweek. 19nt 51 styles. Playtex recently in- such traditional sweets. s d today for this beautiful ue.
rni well. Combine egg yolks, milk, and butter; add to flour mixture, beating the place for the new metallic troduced the "Fab-Lined" Girdle, bia'- -by... -
orLy until smooth. Beat egg whites until they will hold up in moist peaks. the e rth e eall a garment which solves al l the Panned Vegetbles
Stir quickly but thoroughly into batter. ake in hot waffle iron. Serve with fabrics' unless they're very re- girdle problems in the fashion P Panning is a quick and easy, dme packl-10ewos box
a obin Syrup Makes three 4-section woffles, strained indeed. Particularly are picture. It's the first all latex -of-stove way o cook many
U MAY WANT TO SUPPLEMFNT oo end an added pitcher of milk or extolh beye i po re e leam girdle with fabric on the skin- vegetables. It's thrifty of food lunch or per. -
hr wAfes w bconTsTliOcs, h cmptIoulda ebeudncery hofkh t nin g gold has been spread liberal ie an lee outside. -1 values, too, for the vegetable is
rewofdt dists c w tit b o s bic, pe r wud ck eu udeesskorwp.. iuhst erheemraround on a floral print that's All this, without a single ream, Ye'-shaaI cooked and served In its owni r li
saa suges on the side; but with or put a bowl of Birds Eye Strawberries already full-blown and opulent- stitch or bone to add e ftra bulk Otrdle juices with just enough fat to
.without o meat supplement, no wof- in front of him and he'll be perfectly looking, underthe slimmer9skirt.eIt's.alpo
cots Cande of syrup.T And because enjoy strawberries: They make beau- at their best for evening or late sosmodeto thlyandhold tha n figure re s ""ereas oan. 6ing re ab-
sit s amo wrth eatong wthnout a noe a scbouh of ctherm t wayodrss uto h artinot w hichaar m ut e really madeo tmoohld tand hol thelfigure a fo pa ae cb-l
much depends on its flavorr, you'll tiful sundaes, heaped deliciously on atronwar, mustblbeecho ssienin e rrow etri -
wn't let ya.u down.- like Log Cbin. o breakfast cereal; they make with extreme care Tif you are s i m td aime the 'db "L i drr sid pps frspoi ve r
tivretos Log gosin f 2ar i o m ets .thewe ore w of planning through the day dle gives all the freedom of ac- ng.,. r rre eardo
brker re disrete is mori es tha pe omts qickites on hesoe a fwhei wTh are available a number oton a lind orement you get with o e geth en greens that are abundant "p-
sgr cane an othey s, pckge of Birds Eye Strowberries Of subtly-treated metallics, such And how wonderful it is from Lined" hurdles are sold at lead- For each quart of t e

ed richly with the darker, more pun- LIKE THE BRIGHT paints on an the shiny new trend, it's best to H ut ontse sdbe oahid m b
dlculWith the melted butter and offer, with their exquisite flavors, to this type material. RU T* I Ln lehav

A'= milk shake after school, a tasty send you, at your request, a 26-paes -'-- say to him. It has become an ef- .

chocolate eggnog at breakfast or booklet dedicated to easier, prettier fort to try to make conversation. Then you can tell a funny story .
mid-morning, o cup of worm cocoo meals. Complete with pictures and "I'm not sure that I blame him instead of a tale of woe. Mr, .A. Want.Ad
toa help relaxation and sleep at bed- charts for recipe variations Isuch "I'for thnot suFor I have a suspicion i olloof a tale of woe. 'Mr A
lime; all these can provide on im- os adding cream cheese or fruit), the for this. For Ihave a suspicion n are the habt of tn -
port*nt Plus to keep their vitality booklet includes a number of articles that maybe I HAVE. grown dull If you ne aIn the habit of think- b ieh( ,ioIoiin .'7 j
hig. You'll find on excellent energy- on whipping Jell-O. makina designs, and boring. But what Can I do In of cooking as a dreary busi- O d O"W 'mr.Osn
bllder in a product coiled Baker's how to add fruits r vegercb' about it?" ness of having to get three meals
Sr4akfast Cocoa. It's riche, than the to make gornthe for orv d,h Vc a day, try planning some unusual ign
suol kind of cocoa, has ot least m.ght like. and Pa,tv Rec. e Ideas COLD WAVE You can do two things. You menus. them quickly
22% cocoa butter conteri I'- oa for occasions Hailoween and ,a.- can make the effort to et a few Ol
file chocolate, makes mnk d.nks lentne's Day The bw'. let ,s ,ee new interest in your life-active If you've been used to sittingOn the dotted linel
te especially ood and prcv.des so you've everthma to co S il / 50 interests, things that you can do around until others th ught of
itportont protein, vitarr. ns cd m- the coupon below for ,,ur c.p,, "Sia .50 that require a new skill or put including you and your husband
1Irels aker's rteakfasit Cocoo it n~agine a new summer a neglected skill to use. In socil plans, start making M m Your classice d Wll at *
i at most vronerv coanle. s ,t FRANCES BARTON hair-do l ightend some pla on your own an d C ,tru I paralde o" d pros.
grocerdoesnthoe it. Q,, h,1 p 0 BXOX893 -yas breeze .!.W
1g ii it for vou. Recipes icr ,t i pcnama R de P at uch a low.ow i, lpriDon'tyopick something jusnt be- drawn others into them. p.cts because oevryie I
= uses are on the lsisen dme:a dpr cause you think Itemight impress
F u onh poTRA. Pes Magc. cfke your your husband. That won't work. Se for a while how many and the
DIRFULLY FRESH STRAW- APPOINTMENT Choose something that really in- thin you can do differenUy tZo reads PA. Wat A
w Comet your kchn n c NomesAsr I terests you. so that you'get a lift from the wy you have been do- as S.. hh 7M
-wraped box wth the nameI out of accomplishIn It. In them. Try this for sever-l -. V rwI l
111,11, 111:40cover Thev'ril,,ripsn1 That wil add some ittto your m m and eIfyout don't
that oare oalrready c lcond Address 1N' -t Incidentalyt your l a pon pluas4ied
rW lovr th i ________LOIn HATiAN. uu personality. yo. do. you 3. -
,.. anythingO Amen .. Te hrbe- "Ip-- O T3r n l 0K S B I th t rylook- u4eW y will "

^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ .. .. &*.* *-* *- -"t- **- ^-. -

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n. Ir r g-ly atten tube bfd ONORB MISS SA3U4EAUA LF taltia. Uloa rk, erah
?'rs lo sIrft rp Helen K o 'Mr. .an .Mi- laee. E.ft New Cristoba arranged a Ledi, Wale Cme, t rWa,.
o beet mae !w t.ehooul ar M aepbot their daughter M, 242a a e ..
XIwasgewf on the s eessAoU ef her sixteenib birthday Edai r M iss i ks
Ssetet rLa t e August 2. A ta. ae hunt preceded heo fo rs AolnaaSgae i
Sve ftic p" N a U.chels at the oe bffet .aper whieh was rYed M hamu am te the anSo Juit Meeks .da
t% Om' P "' day "g 'ne on, IIe '1 s esIIn of he rr I. i r h da II Sa t d "

t ~ entsIn Panama for .pie. Da n, wa" enjoyed during the evening of Warrant Offlee and
h.. M or ty lanastfriends of the Cari-colored balloons were sinus- Thursday evening. The party was Kerds Me of-n

i' 1ied at t*e l SA banquet aloom of the temple and which has just been finished for compan- led .ei a r.
a I 'i 1t Hont I or ed c andles lighted the beautifully the use of the children. Those will be enrolled in the Pre
it eEAp ap d a- at the TIa ll decorated birthday cake. a who were there Included Howdy r hospital School of Nt
_a'. 'tpd Mrs, Leon Guests at the party included Bailey. Eric Daniel, Jack Wil-lott, North Car
s Anutiot Ip 'sr5ni't eaterdiy b0r Ibetrlki aan Mrs. e1elen Ka*r, Barbara's, brother-in-law and loughby, Bruce Smith. Arthur Miss M k twa graduated r .
toFierto Rico. hoareleaving soon to make sister, M. and Mrs. Caleb Clam- and William Lawrance, Diane Crstobal High co w
1 eir hoi es In the United Stater Tuent, her bioth(r and sister-in- Hannigan, Rachel and Rosalie clea of 19c 0 in Jrune and ,h
h o Sae dr .Ma; Ann Del.aMatern and her law, Mr. and Mrs. George Egolf. Radel. Refreshments were serv- be tn wo
Welland, t e-d ter, MTs. LoisBate gave Mr. and Mrs. Harry golf, Mrs. ed and Bames were enjoyed dur- Rba A bfor Orderad
r ofI -Amercan Embss a dcheon at the Hotel. TIvoli Alice Clement, Mr. Richard Egolt, ing the evening.
.U Lrt"Ior, left by plabe yeterday doo Mr. and Mrs. eor e D. Poole, a
-," ti Salvador after Sr.. and the Misaps aoberta Wil- Bowling League Dinner ,I
o db fw days on the lath-, Mins I iSlontr Gs. LTA OVER i flAIff---) l public dernu lStrlan of the Avro Ilams, Mary Ann Hannigan, Lols Held at Coco Solo
Of ter-Jin ca onwiththeI d Lantet n honor of Guest Delt 707T research plan seeiN here in flight, w.-iveln recently Schelde g. Dale Robertson, Mar- Members of the Mixed Bowling
Sp clal Ctr- are B aloHo l a o- oty Lancaster. wn hoR os S is f tng at Dunsfold Airfield In Surrey, tngland. May experts of aviation tha Graham, Marcia Rabinovitz, League met fr dinner Wednes- e
leti .s cal Confere t, oroty Lan terg wtho s varte g s ap iy future mtlltry and commercial. j he will take.e Carol Newhared ,Jeannine Nix. day evening at the Coco Solo OfJ-
S- hlt He wa s. M guest'st t Hotel T here t river was halesa for delta- ngI shape, dleatted y need for c ery heavy loads Kathryn Daniel Di ane Dare, Do- fliers Club. Arrangements for the
of:%be lljm s Unth river wag hotes s for re delta-w ng apedic h altetud-y s.. ne ra Welhc, Sheila McNanee, Ama- dinner were made by Mrs. L. J.
c0 oi rmS- ad calbn at the Hotel. Pvolt s ..... "a Cruzey Nancy Kariger, Karen Ducote. After the dinner party (Compi4,d by PablAhers' WB *lAyD
co qulwtomed b a r Guest at El Panamsa yesteaandaoonal. *Stroop, poda Jenkina A lice Han- election of officers were held. Lt. Fletion
ut.6ne hundred Mrs. Rhoda Schwartz -of New nigan, Janice Rankin, Mildred Commander Fred C. Wroble pre-
ter re at h unrdYork City is spending a (ew days Ineri|ed. with the guest of Marquard, and .the Messrs. Ed- sided at the meeting. Newly PROM HERI I TO E .RNI
uests "ri rsen t the lun- visiting in Panama. She is stay- honor were' Mrs. Margerie Bel- uo O rte ward Stern, Leslie Croft, Norman elected officers are president. Lt. James Jones.
t,.. ,Ing at Hotel El Panama. four, Mfsw Helen Cleveland.,Mlas i, I "Zuerberegg, Bill Roberson, Keith Albert Davis; vice president, Mrs. THE CAINE f UTINY
General and Mris. Mo.nrris -InesHarris, Mrs. Howard Tucker, MoumbloW;, pn Klassm, 4selie Robert L. Schueffer; secretary, Herdlian Woek.
vete cOloia Of M rs is West-Stragusan Nuptials Mrs. O.'H..Bkandon. Mrs. lraink i -ha---t-"_ ._ Rinehart, Duke -.LoFrncd, Bob Lt. Robert L. Schaeffer; treasur- THE FOUNDLING
Olvln a7. in 4onor of at' Sacred Heart Chapel Smiley, Mri. Louis Barker,. Mi3s By United Press -,later Hehry and 40bert Law- er, Lt. W..D. Ronayne. Clrdinl pllma".,..
chief WljloMrthe Armi4orees. MssbRosta 8s trdgman, daugh- nr- 001, Miss Mary MAW -i race BobBaley, -s TKhan P c walatali- RETURN TO PAviIit "
ofoinble laiMer- endrs to f JMr. a a Mrs. A an edr A. ad Adews T K inghorni. aul Wellman,.:Anaoe au nat, oe eatalinas NAel McOinn h, tea mwhich was captained Mlhen
a.laral4 id aIlvs Petri of ansma.see was married to -.h-haI.c-mpl-t anther Mr e t h AnStewart Bowne, Lem Horne and by Commander Schwartz was A WOMAN CALLED FANCY
staf. ei-lef ,. ill P. West ry stylized though enteanin merican hoolmoarm invented Jimmy Morris. hisawdteam included a trophy s.E. H. Ha- PRUD NEWrby f
Gribben .tn ,.ierl bi laem H. t e Chapl o thsae Sacred Heart att khl tery himelstor lical novels The ysoll M ta finger painting.2o years ago be irs tn e included Mrs. E. H. Ha- PROUDs NW As
der n e Father Mcr.hae We handrsAdamsMontMrs.bertSchaefferr
i. M #IndMrs.'s Morris In- Anodn'. Father Michael Wye H ut~u for. this coming w~eltress (Doubleday). The plot rt cause one.,-f her small pupilM
were )hstsfor a dlnmsr at Al- pesfp 4 the ceremony.tithe C141rHaee threw a tantum Have Guests W. E. Sands, Lt. J. 0. Ellis, Lt. 0. THE TROUBLED AIR
brook d Force Base .Offn erThe bride, who wet given in h Of the e Nato nA aeearer f frontier .t il e rMrttr m. and Mrs. Willeigp Ad- L. Wallace eHigh average pries Irwin Shaw

brtoo bord s thinc- FThe whilliar l tj a pw ho cs geti evwn hr 1utanwart 2 homb iucaMrofrotie knif e thr M ra s L M W a l S
Club last bVeein. acoers were marriage by" her fatlr er, wore ma en P I tLague In the Hotel Jame n Bow ie who Wde def o Ruth FaiMn aw dnow teanch- am ofra H aigbts, enter- Were awarded to Commander
laid for twentyrane. gown of white nylon net an id lace t be Mnday, Birdie Heng Alamo. The ato ng the-ar a et during the tailed Mr. and Mrs. E, S. Whit- Schwartz and Mrs. H a m 9 n.
o. iwiht a full circular ballein a wi- te say. Bellamy Laatz: for good hot-weathe t rdln Swummer at.nns Mass., taid man as helr house guets .fnr Prizes for the highest game ON TI
Maia&bt 6f the Colomblstn sklit. Her shoulder length veil Wbi Le Alfaro; Thurs- ne si it s spr hkled wth finger palt ie ted from one several 0daysMthe es iert party a Mrs en W atonLt Albert Dav- d .
Chaisw itaff-blpreent were act- was held. n place by tiny orange A taoMub -La atz; Friday. eDot and fights and with BowSe'dlovs of her expe ance, while she was Chiefof the Pubho lite it y depr rt: and Mrs W. Schwartz. Major Wh
"ea-- omarudantb of the- ,Army. blossoms. She wore white lace Mallon -Ad Saturday, Amy er- affairs with quite ahdl e meant for the Uekited Fruit Cand Hamonsd ad Mrs. Wroble won te the JcL ta dL e r
Inooa arlsoematriee, tna. t.ed pins bouquet I. wh te r a eres tied l uhimrent eihhl e ngton afature Bwoe ..a.She w. ~ S' bsc r.n p any in -New York s he d przerthe high set.
.l0 CIrmoR.Ospina chiefnitttat the gow and car- taMA. V h belieeshe m to AplttGoa o M M M r o
U.rrey Stervie.t. aeLt' .f P-h orn.eaIa i te.4." aind or Amer ica Mrs. Whitman arrived ot he m rnThO who attendedthe affair Duke of Windor
OAiW use oo~e oArefhilla' nd with l satin -tebbon. ers r iorn elia Reimer. The second novel of. the. i i dren n theu family of a day. They will leave from Tocu- ianluded Commander and Mrs. J. A SOLDIER'S ToRY .
I A. b1*ilel Abrto B ead a. h glsh author William ansonm, Italian pris ~h iled hils o a ly men AirpOrt tomorrow en route W.Schwart, Lt. Commander and O r N. Bradley .
r*aro' The sw ello alw a The Face Of Innoera n e seat .o he would le rn t c play with for Santa Marta, Colombia and Mrs. Fred aWroble, Lt. and Mrs. HIrO
ak"e arsy Oler, F o we rs l fouom ud in ln rt. Brace). e otab hes hi es other child will return Qn thp 20th M Agust 0. L. allsce t. and Mrs. W. E. Ethel Waters and har
rtP .ri .... esTFL erntede e Class r sa writer of p r eruption and sub- t c .. and w ll said for New York aboard Sans Lt. and Mrs. Michiael Lea-nnedy s
art .ena .l rlos owe mt teh r tire w it.. The story tells about a "He was a problem child all the Parismina. by, Lt. and Mrs. W. D.Ronayne,
fn -iffIr edaa- .tm rLt.. and Mrs. H. E. Walther, Lt.
JaiS- and hs apta i o- n- Hcm bs vacation spent by right," Miss Shaw recalled. "He Deaert Party Henors and Mrs. L. I Duote, Mrs. Rov
pan e ra t. Hatd LWlShmere. .hrott h nm mr.ur and his -bride on the coa st of was so used to attention he did Ta s ropuos Sitoers N el en, Mrs. Earle Foster, Lt. Imoo
r. wi.l V southern France in which the to se krwa n't know hoe to share anything." trte Miss i thea ana o Ne a n ,Mo r s.u J Ea E ller, Majre nd B
H ors, it w ll. h p y .an official -i ln ln -deceives her husband ll ai A te Miss Vilms Ros ania of Colon and Mrs. J. Ellis, Major ah
visit to Ai uo heelsbw-aolou tertahte d with a dessert party Mrs,. D gene L. Ha mon, td o an Ms
C stoa od. t l fPu- fl pils of Ms. Pat Motgan's ing Mrs. H. 1. Hemal., Mrs. W. love affair by the expeie n o One day, she s. aid, the y at the home of her par dents, Mr. bert. D and CO and Mrs. R.
CW .~Fnl N lower Arrangement Class will A. L Snhsay and Mrs. Ana Fabre- telling him so many lies; aind scratchedhis Sl iangeor. His re-
istage a- aoilorful flower. show to ga. Hostesses are headed by ars. letting him o see through then tion to the sight of hi ibloo and Mirs. Jhi6 Rosanis iTburseay L. Smith.
S morrow t th Balboa YMCA. Cf t. Van dergrlft, chairman. thai t m h believes her merely to was teyical ofi attitude.a evening. The party was given- as
a uristo, RY church ast, eve-. The. clam is completing a series A e o serving with her are Misses be an innocent romantic. How- "Hurry," he -odemanded of his Helen, and May Tagariopulos wh .Sn in St Lo is
IrMis S lt Car daut thter t sictiO n which were C Heuo matte, lena barrio. ever, it isn't the plot but the teacher. "Every minute I bleed will leave next week to visit n Mr. E. C. L troop of Cristobal
iolr. i 'Mrs, Ruben- Dart o 4. c planned during the va- Thelma Carrize and Ileana BRo clever r dalogues which make there you're wasting princeL s bloodrie ae e o is.. lef t by plane early Thursday,
aes ed to frin atn period for mothers a alon with Mrs. Maruerte book...- "Aw nu," sad one Aer- Those Included with the guests morning en route to St. Louis, ATAANTA BRAND
".,o of r. and te e .ea gedaughterse. o Mrs. hl e. gasker, Mrs. t can pup of honor were Mada Van Missl, where his son, Ged,'
M : -r Miro. Theeremo evety-e women and girls Evelynlnick, andMrs. Russell A Henry James reader that. Miss Shaw said. shetook the der Hans, MissLine errera, is serouly In ahospitalthere a offered by
nV~bs performed by Father 10- from Panama and 'the Canal Nelson. provides an over-all picture Of young noble t the bathroom and Miss Yolanda Van der D iJ, of Mrs. $troop Is visiting Mr. and
rez*tno-.Idua4t Zone are enrolled inthe class.- Junior Hostesses who will serve the author's work Will appear oni-Anstructed 'him to apply same Panama City, Mrs. Laurettclo Mrs. E. C. Stoop, Jr., in Gashes, T
ar Pfor lee de roawddiengut aburtin. i Mthens.VGg be orltblee dem oens r"anr htsn Hwohs thn ei. Ja n, Mrs. gilbert Sols Mrs. who have just announced the RU LO
the bide's rents; thein brie- h public a winvit ed. e Schorr, Betany Christie, Elizabeth Librar series The Portable Then the telephone rang and she Samuel Foreman, Miss Mar&ar birth of theIL hired daughter In
e ii Arentl .r Te ine. nHowse, Judy Lindsay and Blanca Henry James.- It e ontainR s i a lefto ethim alone. When she rettorn- ti Ba trenas, Miss Lucia Nino, Gorgaka Hosital. C
gr'ed M* e dt .' This. Fl qwer Show is the tarVo. ts tions of shooter fiction. o riUchAM et, the child had smeared the 'Mis Giarolay0Pss Lot- -o r eIxlpHLe Col i n
-Mra,. .L ari Poezteo Dr. eleventh show promoted bs the A cordllA Llnvltatalwn is extended travel and autobiographich .writ.- medicine in patterns all over the y oteveno, Msons T Frances Geri, Moss Comber, Visiting "oo emiJVas w.
G-Mrs. ld.4. r ..o B oa.YeCA at d under thpro nto the public to visit the Flow a erninandhletter besides some les- o war nw d .voe ha loe tr her, MiStnsnta Mir.anctes Grln axnde tng h
JloA Mr d. Mrs. .',e 0"01 10 pm gu ll Me. rMe' 8uhow.starting at- 4 p.m.sernownwritings difft t hheI iB oMissaritd Yola~Bever- MMis Barbarat Comber of a
m au a l'., rlJ.kL' V abia. b a blyassisted yby 'Mrs. Louis g ros Mohr-at i obti, ee ewhere.. h"
SMr. and Mrs. J Through the medium of he And I don't care what y d houdt, Mis Terese Bryan, Miss Juan. Plae, Balboa, who is visit-
1Ra trlml4o. e andprevious classes, several b un- h IETr 2. Maria e bis Neioet CareCd a CoIlettn Perroet, Miss Ann Lelgh, In her mother Mrs. Teresa Com-
Giveh In arr l ago by. her a- dd won have learned how to .. The dt stard the choo. the Misses Thelma and'Hercua br for the summer, i spending e -
t n aie i e lan oein more tha fe years will eacher to thinking about tce Hrrra, the Misso s Lile, Onga, the week end a h e guest of Miss
thor, th bxde arsorga gown of make attractive displays -with It's never any pleasure to see apel~l o hls, fall, unwr c.,the title rlesue chirn get tohel and Ir a elgnsi r oathe wen Ann N dwas atun. Mtiss tfMs-
e o nhe;cInh alf r n l thln Ne y -etwhd ar d--fk w ith the rlr fir- rthe, hMes ofhit pb a ren,.M s -M ek s o ema ry Moortat mero "
ye. In half an hour' cdn-h Spark of. Life (A Cthn-Cen- smearing things. Why not paints Misses Ann MarieoandlJudydHen-.ewhard aro
with a fitted bodie, high neck- fruits which arelljbOte. ersat an get even tury-Croft)The-a g they culdnarwith their n eiquez Misse thiquitarcIbafl , e ss adae
line,. lolg a- e* s ani fffant f The Orikodf'laus member. will the most light-hearted acqiain- many in the-:Los-ing; eeks Of, ers!:" "Yolana Pena lqrera. Miss Tits lege of Education a tGreeley.
akdtt l i, a- rAng be Jidg n e eneralclas- ta-ce to wearing a goomy- ok WorldWir .lTe heiso ndown;
Her-t1WW4tarer- 4eu h i"F bf- aflcations, tIe. cut floors,. fruits ',You can't look anything but. only, as -509. gicmarque -1 the au-- -After nOanv months oj experi- auarola, Mises ERosario and-ele-
Welaufasteed-sto -haceltnshndyo a re hr te.eer ma Lara, MltIEvelyn Fran'kelnStephen Livingston Celebrates
ilfudbn W '* fastened. ) :A -lace and vegetables and exotic-dried id ieyong-faced when you are talking thor of Ali- let q t -itWestern -rient tbfind pigments harmless Miss Rae Melhado, Miss Carmen Third Birthday
, cap.- she ari:abouqutet arrangements.' to her. It wouldn't be appropri- Front andArch Tmnph... to- the skin. she and a chemist Ducruet -and Miss Electra Rosa- Mr. and.Mrs. C. F. Livingston -
of *lta -, ".. Horticultqr exhibits a'op- ate.:c a s cu.l ame Up with the first finger nia..... ... of Fort Oulick entertained with'
Maula.k ti~tiu Mail&MaILulea tldnal.'Dlqphys for lsp es rea- For Mamie wants to tell you Good "ed for adlted me hs, a t. She tw own ;-patent Mrs. Dem6stenes vergara- as- a birthday party at theFort-Ou- r
Vslds ,were. 1qar irl.o..rmn, o4su will.-b.'n exhltbit iyoit all her troubles. The'children are by Dr. Sara U. Jotdan and Sheila othe lusive'formul& slated the hostess, with serving. lik Officers' Club to celebrate
bearers Querube del Roo t beo-- tobe.petlt:ve. Thetew$ll be little demons. Her husband has Hiben -(Dubledj)is;a cook- MISS Shaw said neivA of her the third anniversary- of their
rioap -del Crmen'Arias. three prizes awarded i each of always done somethlnl that gets book containing 500 reClpes, for flnegr-Oalntingkspread andiwhen Luncheon and Bridge son Stephen's birth. Green and
Ua Go M Garcia. Jr. the three.-uhe a classes. dnor- her started on how Inconsiderate person suffering from stomach the international ducatid n- Given at Brazo s Heights yellow decorations were sed on
ed the ablementi willbeglveltooth- or extravagant, or whatever. men ailments. Harold W.Ross. editor gress met In Nice, Frce, 1 Mrs. John ernk of Brazs the refreshment table and noise-
rings, aridt ae -r ofrshrers nalannie
dried it ,4easeil bfe 2 o aedledatt ome disutptolays before -.12 noon after tired. EyeO.rything has, been so t--eintroduai tl.okwtIan Ineuto-which de-bridge atHegunc lueod ab eautiinfuley deoraterd cakeco-xHr
oHf THEE bridge party. Her guess included beautifully decorated cake cnl
oVkrents i41 9a whichthe judges will make the hectic. sclibes himself as a "duodenum- Ml s haw. daughter of ai mm- Mrs. Anthony F. Raymond, Mrs. tered the table. Mrs. Thomas F.
Ofstht.e.hyrh rich
r m% rs.`Mirq will 10:30 p.m, Tea will be served by quaintatices. -.- art method. She's written sev- Fritz Humphrey, Mrs Rafael De- a song lest. O
make U .. i n h fi l ella Vista. a committee from-the class from You'd think from listening to gulde to'bir hunting will eral. books on the subject and Boyrie and Mrs. Frank W. Scott. Those who attended Includedi
leim. 4 tbo' p.m. Winning awards Will her that she really had things be publihed tby nop on Aug. eo(ittnugs to lecture and teaqh In Jackie and Boy Demico, Miguel 8o4n you'll be president, wait '3
be presented by Mrs. Morgan at tough. 20.-t it 1. ttrgu,, .,ay. NeWYork, at Cape Cod atd- on Party Given to A. Gandia, Jr.: Marcia Kennedy. see:
.r orseralRobertU.5 .m But the strange thinis-she P. ollAnd. It Oyers all. Amer- 6.Initiate Rumpus Room Betty LaBacz, Janice Laiche,
Bathran laideCaptain T. e "Special Planning Cam- doesn't actually. She has a hus- Icaps gm birds -and describes She slld she was particularly Ralph Bogg, the son of Mr. Louis, Dorothy and Yve nd
V. ,n" ho 'arrrlvd 'here mittee" is madeup of the follow-. banal who gives her. If not every- all models of ahotg n and which interested o ina finger painting and Mrs. Ralph Bongg of Gatun green. Jimmy Ma n, David Mc-
thing she wants, at. least every- to use for what. tDucks, geese, for emotionally disturbed you.4--entertained with an informal Crackin, Eddie, Dale and Bobby
thing he- can- afford. including phexsthtsaidge, 'rinare sters. She works with several party at the home of his parents Meeks*, Rosemary Montgomery, ,
.11.1.her own wayv.In- most .thlns. discsAed along wIth tales of the .-Uh*atrlsts in the field.,

S^A ',. A Ar JOAN CRAWFORD had her moments! your most clinging clothes. It hasn't a single seam,
.- MADELEINE CARROLL w-,s good! sh baie ,
JOAN BENTZ is terrific! stith or bone washes in seconds, dries .
S. (and so is the rest of the cast). miraculously.
-at-800,2- AT BOTH STORE -

'Ne S21 CeMtral Avinee Ne. 5 TveH Avenue
'PP-.t Tikkets $1.00.-on sole at: T as I.S TOe .212 --
SIAB O HUEIGHTS CIUBHOUSE lobby oag, 3a Bt 0 wto. ow ..p M.. artO ou s
;, -. .. --l Friday th"6uh Tuesday e eveningss Aug. 17-21 'rk A.
tobw ..5 sth ewAame-iow fn h ho th:00 p r oand FELIX B. MADURO, S. A.
:..*. -^" At-the b office on the ts of rh production. "
A, nhts f th pro

i.' ":
S.-. _...':*

- U1 -. -
* -- .. --
-. ,-- -

- -. ,
i:. i^i*-- ^ \- ,.~~lA

-- 'pP ~---:.. tc-~- -,- -

~_____1_1_ ______ ___



I _

~L ~ L-~C


, -,.,4 -- --- f


AG ......


y.v Lit
* -- --.-.=. .. .--.--, -'. fl

Leave your od with one of our Agents or our Offices

e4lwae Ave*


Af)R SALE:-Two sets (2 setees and
S'4 chairs) recently refinished Gua-
lt'molon furniture. Aluminum
Venetian Blinds, 4 54 x 72
ip. I 36 x 72 in. 20 in. Boys
ycle. Electric clocks, lamps,
losswore and many other small
Isehold items. 220-B. Ancon-
f shbowl. Tel. 3201.
SALE: Bamboo livingroom
Wite, mahogany diningroom suite,
) dio, lamps, rugs and various
Voter household itqms. 1401 -A
rr St. Bolboo.
SALE :-7 Venetian Blinds, $10.
00 cash. 1 Zenith radio, $40.00.
'House 822-B. Empire St., Balboa.
-SELLING OUT:-Household furnish-
t1 fings at moderate prices. Via Espa-
f< ia 2024 (one block from Juan
FOR SALE: Ten Venetian blinds
for porch and laundry room -
upstairs, 4-family concrete apart-
ment. Telephone Balboa 3173.
FOR SALE:-Or trade for 60 cycle
refrigerator, ironer (25 cycle) :
bookcases, work bench, Rttoan
table, mahogany wardrobe. 365
France Field. Phone 37-8-8731.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany cedar-lined
chest; General Electric porcelain
7 refrigerator, 25 cycle ond porch
glider. House 5251, Apt. G, Dia-
FOR SALE:-1948 Coldspot Space-
master, 25 cycle. 9 cu. ft. refri-
gerator. $175.00. House 5341-D
Davis St.. Dioblo Heights. Tele-
phone 2-3471.
- FOR SALE: Laundry tub cover,
matching breakfast set, venetian
blinds entire house, mahogany
corner cabinet (large) all for 4
family concrete. Hazzard 769-A,
Balboa, Tel. 3430.

FOR SALE:-One Philippine Rattan
mahogany diningroom table and 6
chairs, like new. One Hermes Baby
Typewriter. House 127, Pedro Mi-
guel. Phone 4-485.
:FOR SALE:-Bamboo furniture setee,
S. 2 choirs. Ottoman, 24" round
.,,." table, 2 end tables, nest of tables,
spring cushions, A-1 condition,
j $200.00. RCA Radio-Victrols con-
Ssote Model and records, 25 cycle
$75.00; curved glass China closet
$30.00. Westinghouse refrigerator
-. 9 cu. ft. 25 cycle, $75.00. Christ-
.mos tree ornaments, tree stand,
6 strings of lights, wreaths-trim-
mings white fence, the lot $5.00,
Curve Awnings iron frames 5 for
$15.00; odd pictures and kitchen
ware. cover for wash tubs. $1.00;
eletcric kitchen clock, 25 cycles,
$4.00, carpet sweeper, curtain
-c'" stretchers. lamps, open book case,
" s' tep ladders; Electrolux vacuum
-"'clean, $25.00. Sunday, Monday.
* '-Tuesdoy, 779-D Tovernillo St.
V.-I ---- -

503 more

503 more

Ne. 4 Pew*th of Jo Ave
Phone t-#441

1.-- MelMade Ave.
PhemI U--Clel

FOR SALE:-Trucks: One GMC, 5
ten, 1947, excellent condition,
GMC 2 1-2 ton, Army type, 10
wheels. 1942. One International
2 1-2 ton, 1947, long chassis. In-
ternational 2 1-2 ton, 1947, short
chassis. One Mack 5 ton, 1947,
excellent condition. Telephone 2-
0610, Panama.
FOR SALE:-1947 Nash-600 Club
Coupe, one owner, 16.000 miles,
imitation leather (plastic) uphols-
tery. new tires, less than 1.000
miles. 220 B. Ancon-fish bowl. Tel.
FOR SALE:-1947 Oldsmobile, 98
with radio, 4 door sedan with seat
covers. Tel. 25-3157. R-3--C,

FOR SALE:-1951 Kaiser 4 door De
Luxe, excellent condition, must
sell at once. Con be financed.
2070-A, 4th St. Curundu, phone

FOR SALE:--Chevrolet, 1948 Fleet-
line Aerosedan. Excellent condi-
tion. $1,050. Can be seen Sunday,
5516-A, Hains St., Diablo, may
be financed.

We have dredicelly reduced prices
on all Used Cer l Come in and
leek them ever. Nesh Agency.

FOR SALE :-Trailer, 2 wheels, elec-
tric ironer, cheap, Box 52, Curun-
FOR SALE-49 Ford Coupe De Luxe.
splendid condition, radio, seat cov-
er, $1,200. Hazzard 769-A, Eiul-

WANTED: To buy Diesel engine
any condition, any horsepower 45
to 120, C. Z. 2-2367 after 4 p.

WANTED: To buy Wedgewood
China Pattern 2768, white embos-
sed Queensware. Col Balboa 3276
evenings, between 5 and 6.

Four American adults need two bed-
room house for next two years.
Prefer unfurnished, in good loco-
tion. Phone Curundu 5197.

Real Estate

FOR SALE:-Two bedroom, concrete
cottage. Santa Clara, completely
furnished, electric Ice box, gas
range, terms. Phone 6-541.

Try the small but mighty want
It's the wonder selling aid
Gets results so fast, so cheaply
When you want to sell or trade!

You'll agree P.A. Classifieds are
SUPER, too, for buying, selling,
renting, trading, hiring or what-
ever your need Is I

503 more

503 more

503 more

503 more

No. U WetW Ithb Streel

Mnim words-or
1* each additional

ao. T "H" teet-Pan5m
e. 12.17 Cetral AWv.-Co es.

Oe you have a ddnrkiag pmpbeml
Write Acehelics Aameymov
Bex 2031 Ance. C. L.
Visit Bernardo's Beauty Shop, "Cas-
tillo del Oro" Building, opposite
Hotel El Ponama, Tel. 3-4740.
For professional advice in color
schemes, interior decoration, stores
arrangement. Call 3-3587, Pan-
SUMMER SPECIAL Cold Wave, $7.50.
Why have a home permanent?
.with inadequate facilities, no
certain finished look, and no guar-
antee when you can have a
professional one complete for only
$7.50! It will lost longer.. and
look better! These can be had
Monday thru thursday. Make your
appointment eorlyt Tel. 2-2959.
Balboa Beauty Shop. Open 9:00
a. m. to 6:00 p. m. Balboa Club-
house, upstairs.

FOR SALE-Ecuodorian straw ham-
mock Store "Eugenio Chan," 13
St. E, Panama.
FOR SALE-1951 Mercury Sport Se-
dan with many extras, 4,500 miles.
Best offer takes it. Zenith "Glo-
bal" portable radio, $25.00. One
Bell & Howell model 70- .de 16
mm. movie camera with three len-
ses, W/A F:2.7, 1"-F:1.9, 4",
Telephoto, F.4.5, with De Luxe
carrying case. Just returned from
factory check and overhaul. An
excellent buy for $400.00. Tele-
phone Balboa 3069.
Vfo, Smith-Corona standard type-
writer, like new. Various radio
equipment. Phone Balboa 2-3173
after 5 p. m.
FOR SALE:-Bond Saw 16" Walker-
Turner, wood and metal cutting,
electric plant 2 KW 115 Volts,
60 cycles, electric glue pot, 36"
bench sheet metal rolls, 2 cylinder
LeRoi gas engine 7 H. P. All in
A-] condition. Seruy level, Tri-
pod and Rod Young & Sons. Tele-
phone C. Z. 4-339 or 4-279.
MOTHERS, for children's wear -
infants to 4 years visit BABY-
LANDIA, No 40, 44th Street.
Bella Vista. Tel. 3-1259. ("If it's
for the Baby, we have it"!)
FOR SALE-Small tome saddle brok-
en pony, perfect for children 5 to
14, 3-1563, Panama,
FOR SALE:-Wurlitzer piano, up-
r'nt modPl. Adjustoble window
louvers. House 818 Plonk St.

Negro Stevedore

Faces Mandatory

Death Sentence
MARION, S.C., Aug. 18 (UP)-
An all-white jury yesterday
found Negro stevedore Arthur
(Fat Eye) Waitua guilty without
mercy of the slaying of a George-
town white woman. The death
sentence is mandatory.
Waitus. was convicted of the
murder of Mrs. Louis H. Coker
last April 30. Her strangled and
beaten body was found In the
boilet room of an abandoned a-
rish house the next day by her

Panama's Most Popular Residential
and Recreational Suburbian Develop-
ment. Building Lots at Reasonable
Prices. Overnight cabins at $2.00
person. A la Carte Restaurorat, 7 to
11 P. M.
Williams Santa Clara Beach Cottages.
Two bedrooms, Frigidaires. Rock-
gas ranges. Balboao 2-3050.
PhillIps, Beach cottages, Santa Clara.
Box 435. Balboa. Phone Panama
3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
Gramlich's Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rates. Phone 6-
541 or 4-567

Macdern furnished-unfurnished Ipoat
meant. Contact office No. 8061, 10th
St. New Cristobal. Phone 1386. Co.
FOR RENT: Apartment in Bella
Vista, two bedrooms, livingroom,
diningroom and kitchen. Call Pan-
ama 2-2064.
FOR RENT:-New, modern, venti-
lated, and screened apartments,
furnished and unfurnished, # 61,
4th of July Ave, phone 2-2446.
Miguel Hive.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-25 Ft. auxiliary sloop
with Nylon sails, cypress bottom,
5. H. P. Kermath, water'ooled,
single Cyl., direct drive with clutch
and reverse. Excellent shape. May
be inspected and sailed at Gatun
Yacht Club on a week-end. Coll
FOR SALE: During August only,
McCormick Deering International
gasoline engines 1 1-2 t- 2 1-2
H. P. with. 25 % discount. Com-
patfo Alfaro, S. A., Per', Avenue
No. 28, Panami.
husband and officers.
The jury returned Its verdict
against the 33-year-old Negro
after two hours and 13 minutes.
Judge 0. Badger Baker told the
jury it could return a verdict of
guilty, which would carry a man-
datory death sentence, guilty
with a recommendation of mer-
cy or not guilty.
Waitus had pleaded innocent to
the murder charge but George-
town County Sheriff Garris
Cribb testified that Waitus had
signed a full confession of the
crime on May 21 after first try-
ing to pin the blame on another
Waitus said he was beaten and
blackjacked into signing the
statement which was later read
to him as a full confession. He
also denied he had tried to link
another Negro with the crime.
Cribb and Deputy W. E. Carter
denied that Waitus had been
beaten. They arrested Waitus on
May 10 in Fairmount, N.C. Wait-
us said he was not near the scene
of the crime on the night of the
The state introduced a plaster
cast of footprints found near the
scene of the crime and said they
matched cleats on a pair of shoes
found in Waltus' home. But a
Georgetown cobbler said he had
put similar cleats on many pairs
of shoes.

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279 Central Ave.
Tel. 3-0140.

Reflex Camera $.. 49.50
List price ....... $475.00

Camera Store
(Lobby Hotel "El anama")

L U X tiss
Immredlate cer
Delivery. anter
Tel. 3-1713 zyn
22 E. 29th St. clir

KEROSENE Mantle lamp sio
8O Candle Power of Moderm White c
Ltht. Buns 50 Hours. On I gaL of use
Keromtne. Uses % AIR Only the
KEROSENE. Absolutely at* It sur
cannot Explode. Requires no gener- .
ator or pum. o oke or Odor.
So Simple Child an Oprate it nec
$9.95 Lowest Price em
ever Offered In Panama. ber
AU Parts Availate, state
On Sale In A HARDWARE and anc
FU6 NITURE Storme ara
Distributors: A
Col6n Sth St. & Balbo Ave. per
Tel. 33 me,
Pa-amA 93 Central Ave. dle
TeL 2-2017

aS Via Ponr (8. faMneico Rd.) ing
aeroems the bride on the right. st
Dr. J. V. Fenind U Veterinary sto
Hnrs: ma.m. 12 noon p.m. .m dig,
Phone 3-3129 Panama
P.O. Box 915. Panama. cas
k froa

Dozen Field Grade

Air Force Officers

Gain Promotion
Twelve officers of Headquarters
Caribbean Air Command at Al-
brook Air Force Base were noti-
fied last week by Headquarters
United States Air Force, Wash-
ington, D.C. of their promotion
to the next higher grade.
Advanced from lieutenant col-
onel to the temporary grade of
colonel were: Lt. Col. Albert A.
Cory. Albrook Base Executive Of-
ficer; Lt. Col. Paul S. Deems,
Director of Materiel; Lt. Col.
Rollo O. Lawrence, Jr.,. former
Inspector General recently re-
turned to the United States; Lt,
Col. Wilfred B. Newman, Deputy
Chief of Staff Personnel; Lt.
Col. Sydney T. Smith, USAF
Mission to Paraguay; and Lt.
Col. Harry L. Waesche. Assistant
Logistics Officer of the Caribbean
The six majors promoted to the
temporary rank of lieutenant
colonel were: Major Virginia A.
Hardy, CAIrC Staff Judge Advo-
cate; Major Michael J. Quirk,
USAF Mission to Bolivia; Major
Carlyle R. Smith, USAF Mission
to Peru; Major William A. Stry-
krer Office of the Inspector Gen-
eral; and Major J. L. Jarnagin
Commanding Officer Flight "B",
1st Rescue Squadron; and Major
W. 0. Brewer, Commanding Of-
ficer, 1806 AACS Group.
All officers were advanced in
grade by direction of the Presi-
dent of the United States under
the provisions of Section 515 Of-
ficer Personnel Act of 1947.


Iy ~*:


Total U.S.

857,2M '


Church 'membership in the United States rose to 85,706,280 in 1960, a record 58.9 pert. centiof
the population. This was the report of an annu alsurvey compiled by Christtan Reaild ma-
gazine, on which the above Newschart Is based. Total membership was almost $*,000ti0yer
the previous year. The Methodist Church, with 8,935,647 members is the largest-'Pottmtant
denomination, but fastest growing.Is Southern Baptist, with 7,079,889 members, the sarvey

Medical Science May 'HL e

Jew Weapon
rnlted Press Science Editor '

EW YORK. Aug. 18. (U.P.).
Medical science may have a
v weapon against disease. It
substance known as trypsin,
enzyihe from the pancreas.
lore than a year ago, the sub- *
nce was found to have some
ue in the destruction of dead
ue in the body. .... .,f
roday, the belief is growing .., .
t trypsin may have more val- .. -
than was realized at first. ,
s a result, the Armour Lab- :
tories is sponsoring a con-
ted research program to de-
7mine. definitely the medical
I surgical values of the en-
ie. Some 75 physicians and
lics are taking part in the
n nature, the Armour scient-
i point out, trypsin is part of
pancreatic juice which breaks
vn the protein of food into
upler chemicals for conversa-
n into tissues and energy.
mne of the first reports on the TOUGH B
of the substance came from that must
department of experimental Judy Ann
gery at Ohio State University, her through
ich found that it could destroy .
erotic or dead' tissue fit th
ly. I't was used In tube os: a .....".
pyema, a complication atu- '
culosis. Lo l
Previous efforts to use the sub- 'J I
nce had failed but Armour
dentists form of the enzyme .
d many of the unfavorable 'Big
actions disappeared.
.s the Armour scientists ex-
in It, the subtanc which WASHING
y call try ptar desgnd to WASHING
form a "chemical debride- urppe
nt," or removal of debris, as open arms
anly as the surgeon's knife admittedly
Despite I
do it, but with no deptruc- small black-
n of good tissue. Ad ao the W
Such results, it was explained syma of the t
their, are possible because the making a hit
stance can distinguish be-' where dema
distinguish -alive but
eDp living and dead tissue. Itng, reports
ects only dead tissue. graphic Socr
-oOo-- Like a pro
s one scientist pointed out: in his own
Thus, while the surgeon often has been sl
perly removes some sound tis- the New Wc
to make certain of prevent- the New Wc
infection or gangrene tryptar i
ps when the dead material Not slow
That is important In such however, hc
es as a leg amputation after fulrespect
st bite or serious injury, when own terms
ptar sometimes makes it pos- cousin of th
e to save enough of the leg -csphitis
permit wearing a prosthesis -roams the
tead of crutches for life." numbers. P
amusing pet
thedral Jammed serving' as
destroying i
iV U1arl Imnaral and as a fur

Eu.1 I I i3 iU1111igl
(UP) Grace Episcopal Cathe-
dral atop Nob Hill was jammed
with mourners as hundreds paid
their last respects at funeral ser-
vices for Publisher'William Ran-
dolph Hearst yesterday.
As the Right Rev. Karl Morgan
Block, Episcopal bishop of Cali-
fornia, commenced the services
promptly at 11 a.m., the presses
and all other activities at the late
publisher's afternoon newspaper,
the Call Bulletin, were halted for
five minutes of silent tribute to
the "chief."
The bronze casket bearing the
body of the publisher, who died
Tuesday, had been carried from
the chapel of Grace into the ca-
thedral nave for the ceremony
after having lain there in state
for the past two days.
Hearst died at the age of 88 at
his home in Beverly HUla, Calif.,
after a series of strokes which
had kept him bedridden for many
of the last months of his life.
Among the mourner. climbing
the steep hill to the stately ck-
thedral long before the services
began were many of the man and
women who rode to prominence
as writers and newspaper execu-
tives under the tutelage of- tle
man who was credited with deve-
loping much of modem jotrnal-
Mrs. Hearst and the liediate
members of the Reast famU sat
in the front row of the athedral.
During the final er, she r-
mained kneeling while the con-
gregation sat with heads bowed,


Against Disease

REAK-Smiling through her predicament, a urokenIleg
be kept in tension for five .weeks., is two-month-oad
Gilpin of St. Paul, Kans. The baby's -mother, carryl-
their home still covered with silt from the recent *ood
slipped and fell, dropping the ciTd.,


y Amercan Shunk Is

Hit In Europe's Zoos

TON, D. C., Aug. 18.
is welcoming with
an immigrant who-
-is a skunk!
his reputation, the
and-white wood pus-
estern Hemisphere is
t in Continental zoos.
and for his presence
deodorized-is grow-
the National Geo-
Aphet without honor
country, the skunk
)w to win friends in
world lands of -his or-

to influence people,
e commands a fear-
, .arid dictates his
of peace.
lit the bushy-tailed
e weasels and -minks
nephitis to scientists
U. 8. today in large
)tentially a friendly,
. he is far more be-
n harmful to man,
a nemesis of crop-
rodents and insects
bearer of increasing

Although he owes -his life And
liberty to skill in chemical War-
fare, the skunk ts tiot a- bully
with his weapon. He keeps about
six repellent charges in two sacs
beneath his tail, but- generally
uses them only in defense.'":
If the crisis is great 'both sacs
shoot the acrid liquid at -hcee
the streams meet and Way like
an atomizer over a totsiderable
area. Single jets from o0o sao
can be tht'own ten to 151teet.
The odor can be dteted at
distances of a mile or more.
There is soroethingaf the gn-
tleman in the skunk's ise,of his
defense-arsenal. Well In aidvace
he gives warning to the enemy
by patting the ground, his-
sing, and clicking his toeth. Just
before the attack the tail pivots
high in the air.
The ten species of akunk which
range from Hudson Bay to Pat-
agonia very in size, color, and
markings. But, since all poses&
the same olfactory powers, they
are remarkably similar in per-
sonality traits. Fearlesamies haS.
made them placid, deliberate an-
imals. slow to anger and usually

(- lBJ'C phot6 \
KOBEAN PUSLE This North Korean guard seems to ha '
had enough of the ceasefire conference stalemate
with head in hand on the conference house steps in
The negotiations were recaidtpending the report of a t1
S mnan subcodulttee ozthe armistice buffer z"na.


that speak

for themselves

Last month THE PANAMA
AMERICAN carried 29 1 0
classified ads as compared
to 2407 in all other daily
papers in Panami com-
bined !


- ---i-- --- .~e *-

'"t r



- -- --



':0.. .

,'*. *~"~~:
-.,, '.~. 2

~'' I

vat SUNDAY lkguoiCM

" ..'k --. *- "

Your Community Radio Station

I O G-840

*! S^yA.. g .

8:-gn On -Musical Inter-
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9:30--Londi 8tudlo Melodies

10: -In th empo of JA :
. 10:30-Yogr Ar cpn Musitec
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,* 11:30-~ the and
12:00-Invttatlon to Learninj
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Wbhows (VOA) .
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8:00-News and Commentary.
S Raymond In (VOA)
8:- I.-Platter Parade (VOA)
8:45-Battle Report (VOA)
9:9Q-Stoy U.S.A. (VOA)
9:3Q-Commentators Di g e s t
,- (VOA),
9:4"-Sprts and News (VOA)
10:0,- The World At ypur Win-
dow'(CBB -
11:0--The Owl's Nest
Midghbt-Sign Off.

Transocean Cable Lines

Link The Free Nations
WASHINGTON, D. C.; Aug. 18. land, Ireland. Parts of that
.- In the col war of inter- line are still in, use.
continental radio jamming, one Between 1870 and 1930 the
path of Anttarnt communications world's submarine cable system
between free nations Stays o- expanded from 21,000 to 358.00
pen, protected by the ocean nautical miles. World War n
irDhla j, brought sabotage or neglect to
.* many lines. Oft present mileage,
This is the century-old sub- about one-half is British oper.
marine cable system, tying New ated. Less than one-quarter is
and Old Worlds together with American controlled.
thin copper-hearted strnpds, '
the nervous system of inter- New coaxial cables make It
national trade and statesman- possible toetrasm0 t as mny
ship. as 4w words a mitas' (2,4*e
letters) by indleate teletype
The North Atlantic alone is writers and relay equipment.
crisscrossed by at. least 19 such '
cable links, the National Geo- Scores of messages are sent
graphic Society says. All told, simultaneously, in both direc-
underwater cables cross more, tions, over a sihlile l-n&. & dany
than* 400o0 miles of -the wet- cables, however, are 300 or more
ter parts of the world. years old, and can handle only
Three cables span the Pacific, about 50 words per minute. Un-
Two follow a parallel route dersea repeaterss," vaouuq-
froin Vancouver Island in west- tube amplifiers are now be-
ern Canada "down under" to Ing installed in older lines to
New Zealand and Australia. boost their capacity.
From the Canadian terminus
to Fanning 'Island In mid- Submarine cable i thin,
Pacific Is the longest single ca- usually lss than an nch In
ble jumu in the world, some diameter In deep water. It
3,600 miles. thickens to three or four In-
The tarn of the century ehes near sho herwhere there
saw the layinr of the only are hazards from chafing,
cable that exists even today trawling or ships' anchere.
between the United States
and Asia. Standard 3.15-inch c a b e
weighs 19 tons to the mile in
This line, going by way of water. Twenty miles or more
the Philippines, includes the of such line may be suspended
second longest single span, In the sea while it Is being
stretching 2,670 miles from Mid- laid. but once down, the cable
way to Guam. Cut for security hugs the ocean floor.
purposes just before the Battle
of Midway in 1942, the link Enough slack is left in new-
was restored in 1945. ly laid cable to make sure that
it will not hang festooned from
Transatlantic cable service submarine peaks and break of
was nurtured by a farsighted Its own weight. When a break
.financier,. Cyrus W. Field. He or fault does occur, shore sta-
was aided by such men as Samn- tions can track down the point
uel F. B. Morse aMid Sir Wil- of trouble, usually to within
11am Thomson. Despite repeated half a mile. Special cable re-
accidents and failures between pair ships find looso ends with
1857 and 1865, a lasting cable great, five-pronged grapples.
was finally laid the year after They haul un the line, some-
the Civil War ended. It con- times ftom three miles down,
nected Heart's Content. New- and splice nations together a-
foundland, with y lentia Is- gain.


- F'

t uesday, Aag. X1

On Alarm Clock
', -M In Salon
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S Day (VOA)
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:'0--Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:40-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off


Operator Spurns That Be Bop Stuff

"PIQUA, 0., Aug. 18. (U.P.).
Robert Bubp, program director
of radio station WPTW here.
h ,a glass eye. Therein lies a
tale of difficulties in Florida.
-Bob often signs his name and
refers' to himself simply as B.
Bubp. Folks around here are
used to it but in Florida It's
While fishing in Florida, Bubp
broke his glass eye and sent
his wife a telegram to airmail
his "spare,"
"I want to send a telegram,"
he told the Western Union oper-
ator by telephone.
"Your name?" asked the
"B. Bubp."
The disbelieving operator
askek him to repeat. Bubp did.
"Don't you be-bop me." she

said, starting to hang Up the
Bubp finally convinced the
operator that was his real
"All right." she said. "Where
do you want the telegram sent?"
' "Wapakoneta, Ohio."
"Wapoko-who?" demanded the
operator. "Now, enough's e-
nough. Goodbye, sir."
"No, wait" cried Bubp, "That's
the real name of a real town
in Ohio. I live there. Honest. My
wife is there, believe me."
"All right, sir," said the skep-
tical operator. "Your name is
B. Bubp. And you want to sent
a telegram to Wapakoneta. Now.
what is the message."
"'Please send other eye in-
"Oh, no, you don't!' shouted
the operator as she hung up
the receiver.

Chinese Reds Disclose

Anti US Hate Pattern
HONG KONG, Aug. 18. (U.P.) "Before a trial Is hold. it is nec-
A Chinese Commlnist hand- essary to find out and cultivate
book published in Peiping ad- the active elements and typical
mits that mob trials of so-called characters In accusation meet-
"counter-revolutionaries" are in ings. These should be'persons
reality carefully staged to arouse representative of those who had
mass hysteria and hatred of the suffered the most at the hands
United States. of American, Japanese, or Na-
The realistic account, en tionalist secret agents, landlords
"How to Hold an Accusation an
Meeting," shed much light on "These sufferers should be call-
some of the callous and cynical ed for a good talk before the
methods now being employed by meeting Is held, to arouse their
the Communists In China. It positiveness in making accusa-
was re-published here in the f- ptis, to acquaint them wai h the
ficial Current Affairs Handbook. method of accusation and w to el-
The instructions showed that: metd fcutiars d to
1. There need not necessarily lminate their fears.
be any connection between what "In accusing the United States
actually occurred and what ac-and ccusJ n oh Uited States
cnd Japan of atrocities, inter-
cusations are made against the ludes of emphatic speeches are
victim, necessary to stress the fact that
2. Witnesses are carefully American imperialism is brutal
2. Woahinesd beforehand as to what refullybut fragile... Moreover, the de-
coahey must say n publicas to what ree of tension should be proper-
3. The passions of the mob yd t.
should be played as dextrously as "The accusation meeting (de-
a violinist finge aring a string scribed above) was conducted In
4. All accusations must be three stages: teson first pre-
"concentrated 6n 'American Im- three d ,t slightly slackened,-
perialism, the implacable enemy and fint s slackened
of the Chinese people." and finallyresumed.
The instructions said that in "In this way, the masses can
certain cities where American be stimulated right from the be-
troops had been stationed dur ginning, then slacken somewhat
troops had been stationed during to allow time for Ideological fer-
the second World War, "accusa- toalowtime fo ideologncal fer-
tiop of U. S. atrocities should be tene again so that the feeling
made." tene ain so that the feeling
of Indignation can last until the
Where neither American nor end of the meeting and forever."
Japanese treep- had been accu-
sations sboula be based on al- How To Keep Cooler
legend atrocities by Nationalists, b 0 lem p oolb r
lanlords. "espots," and so forth. With Electric C -
The Instructions said: lWith FantricF rn

Man's Mule His Own
In Tenessee Law
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug.18. -
(U.P.J A mule may be stub-
born and ornery, but he has been
given legal status In Tennessee
Circuit Judge John M. Kelly
ruled that a Unule and wagon
coulti not be sold for debt.
'F. L. Cabbage lost his mule
and wagon when they were sold
to jfy offa $11? judgtement
whumn a s19 court had
aw de to a Knokvye garage.
Cabbage 9peuled the case and
Judge KeR y rt d that the mule
And w among personal
Dropr .whkh wre exempt
from a o private debt.



PITTSrIELD, Mass., Aug. 18.
- (UP.). The General El-
ectric Co. says the way to beat
the heat with a fan is to aim
it away from .you.
Put the fan on a table or
shelf and switch on the cur-
rent. The fan, blowing away,
causes the air to travel in a
circular motion around the
room and only a gentle breeze
reaches you. That way you are
refreshed without being chilled.
If the fan is pointed directly
at a person, the rush of air
causes loss of body moisture
and increased heat. When re-
tiring for. the night, aim the
fan at the ceiling and it will
keep the air circulating and a
comfortable night's sleep will

Where 100,000 People Meet

Wednesday, Aug. 23 ,
;:00-Sign On
6:00-Alarm Clock Club
7:30-Morninr Salon
8:15-NEWS (VOA)
8:30-Morning Varieties '
1 :45-Music Makers
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11'00-News and off the Record
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12:00-News and Luncheon Mu-
12:30-Popular Music
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2:00-cross Country U.S.A.
2:15-It's Time to Dance
2:30-Afternoon Melodies
2:45-Notes on Jazz
-3:00-All Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
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4:00-Music Without Words
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4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:00-Lean Back and Listen
6:15-Evening Salon
7:00-Our Mutual Friend (BBC)
7:45-Here Comes Louis Jordan
8:00-NEWS and Commentary-
Raymond Swing (VOA)
8'l5-Twenty Questions (VOA)
8:45-USA-The Continuing Re-
volution (VOA)
9:00-Jo Stafford (VOA)
9:15-Radio Forum (VOA)
9:30-Commentator's Di genst
9:45-Sports and Tune of Day
10:00-BBC Playhouse
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off

ThaSiday. Aug. 23
A.M. '- -
6:0 -A 0m lock -Club
8:15-NEW (VOA)
8 510-Ore*1 Quilt
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2:15-Date for Dancing
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4:00-Music Without Words
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6:15-Eventing Salon
7:00-Make Believe Ballroom
7:45-Jam Session
8:00-World News (VOA)
8:15-Cross Country, U.S.A.
8:45-Jam Session (VOA)
9:00-Meet. Eleanor Roosevelt
9:30-Commentator's Digest
9:45-Sports Tune of Day and
News (VOA)
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Take It From Here (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-Sign Off

Soviet Grabs For Oil

From Satellite Nations
LONDON, Aug. 18. (U.P). tons of oil yearly must exert on
Russia is hungry for oil. the Kremlin's planners.
About half of the modest out- Russia's own total current oil
put of her European satellites is production is at the rate of 37,-
being carried away to the Soviet 900,000 tons annually. Her efforts
Unku. to step it up have not had much
Russia. master of the oil in- How It Shapes Up
dustries behind the iron curtain. The picture in East Europe's
is taking the entire surplus of oil industry:
eastern European countries as 1. Romania-Largest oil pro-
"repatriatiohs" or exports, to ducer' in Europe and now claims
supplement her own tfght supply an annual output of 5,430,000
of petroleum products. tons. Her industry is dominated
A survey by the authoritative by the Russians. About two-
British Petroleum Press Service thirds of her output Is exported
showed a total satellite produc- to Russia.
tion of between 8,000,000 and 2. Austria-Oil production this
9,000,000 tons annually. Fewer year is expected to reach 1.800,000
than 5,000,000 tons are left for tons, all of which is in the Rus-
the limited and rationed dom- slan zone. Only a small part of
estic demands and their expand- this amount is released for Aus-
ing industries, trian demands.
The remainder is seized by 3. East Germany-Almost all
Moscow. plants producing oil from coal
Experts viewed the disclosure have been taken'over by the US-
in the light of the current An- SR as war reparations. The out-
glo-Iranian oil crisis. They put is approaching the 1,000,000-
pointed to the "magic attrac- ton mark. The main plants still
tion" which Iran's 31,000,000 in working order are the hydro-



Friday, Aug. 24
l:00-Sign On and Alarm Clock
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6:00-Lean Back and Listen
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7:30-Sports Review
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Raymond Swing (VOA)
8:15-Musical Notebook (VOA)
8:45-Facts On Parade (VOA)
9:00-The Jazz Club (VOA),
9:30-Commentator's Di g e s t
9:45-Sports and News (VOA)
10:00-Piano Playhouse (VOA)
10:30-Time for Music (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
1:00 a.m. Sign Off








Your Friendly FORD Dealer

Is pleased to announce that we have obtained a limited number
of the famous Ford-O-Matic transmissions. This transmission is
optional equipment on the Custom Fordor, the Victoria, and the
convertible models. Ford price ranges in the Canal Zone from
$1760 to $2270.






4-. -. .
4 .'.-.;

',I 'm..

to Promr .Ims
lio Proll rtm


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* *: ^' ^M White Fleet
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Ilk ...... .................... sir. 2t

... ... .. ............
C: Sam A l ive
a N .e *5. e e. An

Tefa*, b ~ MUS, Hso w" u. Ceint

8M. C l ... ........................

c a wet o 5A I. L 1 p6LgN 19'.


.- -- Ni ,, [


. .PAO

Saturday, Aug. 25 Sy
6:00---Sign On-Tle Alarml \ I,
Clock Club
7:30--Jazz SalIua
8:15-NeG s e VOA1 .
8:30-Morning Varieties
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2:30-Afternoon Melodies
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3:00-March Time
3:15--The Little Show
3:30-McLean's Program
3:45-Musical Interlude
4!00-Music For Saturday
4:30-What's Your Favorite REEL TALENT-.Fs thing I
6:00--Guest Star ity was only one of the reason
for 17.year-old Esther Beck-i'
6:15-Masterworks from France stead being chosenSport Fitr.
(RDF) ing Queen of Long Beach, Calif.o
6:45-American Folk Songs The others are obvious. She took l
7:00-Gay Paris Music Hall those four big albacore, largest

8:00-Newsreel U.S.A. (VOA)
8:15-Opera Concert (VOA Aern os s
8:45-Battle Report (VOA) fBh., Atom mas
9:00- Radio University (VOA)
9:30-Radio Amateurs Program rT om p th I ie r
9:45-Sports, Tune Of Day and SCHENECTADY, N. Y., Aug, 18.
News,(VOA) --tU.P.).- A giant 70,000,90_0-
10t:00-HOTEL EL PANAMA volt atom smasher for use in the
10:30-The HOG Hit Parade fight against cancer is being
11: 00-The Owl's Nest shipped to the University of Cal-
1:00 a.m.-Sotsi Off ifornia medical school at San,
Explanation of Symbols: The atom smasher, known as
VOA-Voice of America a synchrotron, was built by the
BBC-British B r o a d c a a ting General Electric Co. here with
Corp. f unds provided by the Atomicu
RDF-Radiodlffusion Francalse Energy Commission.
ent estimated t s described as the first of
generation plants at Boehlen, its-type for research on hd1h-
Le una, Troeglitz and some as -energy radiation n the treat-
thers, ment of cancer.
4. Albania-Produces nearly Developed originally for nu-
half a million tons of oil and clear research, the synchroton U
ships: almos', all of it to Russia. described by Dr. Ebest E. Charl-
5. Hungary-Still below her ton as "a tool which offers tre-
wartime maximum production of mendous possibilities" in medical
wartime ermani u rdcton th d t e of research.
1,000,000 tons a year, which was Iat ri e tha
boosted under .Hitler's orders "It will enable th physician -
The present output is estimated to explore the therhpeutc er-
about half that figure. A special fectiveness of X-rays with ener-
fuelsaving plan is aimed at hold- gies far beyond those produced
ing down consumption at, home by conventional X-ray generat-
and a prdortwon of the low yield ors which have alrady.accom-
Is exportedd" ihdport e xcelent esults In the
treatment of cancer, he saitd.
6. Poland-Lost her Galician re a T te r distribution eof X-
oailfields to Russia. Plans crude iray enes rody bsorbaned Inrtete p.-
oil output of some 400,000 tonss body changed markedly
by 1955. Production from various with lrge changes In voltages of
former German-built coal-oil the X-rays Used, Studies of doses
plants is about 100,000 tons. at various depths Indicate that
Imports Needed fr each voltage there Is a par-
Polanmd's epmos aeed a ticular depth at which the rayl
600.000 tons, and about half of athia i
that has to be imported. Czecho-
slovakia and Bulgaria, too. need as 4,650,000 tons, and the differ-
some oil from outside resources. ence goes to Russia.
Over-all oil production In the The various national economic
east European countries behind plans provide for an Increase of
the iron curtain reaches at pres- the total oil output to a- igure
ent an estimated 8,00,000 tons, of between 13,000,000 and 14,000,-
in addition to 1,000,000 tons gain- 000 tons, between now and 1955..
ed from coal processing. Experts consider that.goal ta a
Total consumption Is assessed unattainable.,1A ,

-. ~: k4~.1'



--~ ~

I-. *... uuumaw~ AIWU4*~Oi~ ~:


'You're In The liavy N

vo Due at Lux Witii C
^-*-*"^i- mMse~ m -- B m I

A; "UNIFORMLY" HAPPY COUPLE are Gary Codper and love-
ly Jane Greer as they co-star in 'i .entieth Century-Fox's
"YOU'RE IN THE NAVY NOW." *Gpeni'ig T'i rsday at the
LI1x Theater. "YOU'RE IN THE NAVY NOW" mirthfully deals
with an experimental sub chaser which nearly drove its crew
. and the entire navy crazy. Henry Hathaway directed.

JOAN BENTZ as Agatha and Richard Lanzner as Cole in
The Tiiheatre Guild's "Goodbye, My Fancy."

*PUT THEM RIGHT OVER THERE," orders Miss Shackleford
of two handymen. Left to right are Mary Brigham, Ken
Millrd nnd Clemente Aseron.
.. '.

TWO OF THE PROFESSORS at Good Hope College. MiF.
Dirdeshaw RAdela BeLtist tcacl':s physiolo',y "'nly now they
tea it sex hygiene") of il tl _:.':! Dr. iui I i'oi Gireevyl
teaches physI'cs only -on.' :: ics he coc'n't -- ".-.), :rnes
I talk about other thiml s. Tne dailv yI' .dlue- -- the atom
bomb tne world."

ow' Is Snafu

:ooper, Greer

A behind-the-scenes glimpse
of what the United States Navy
is and does furnishes the comedy
and excitement in "You're In
The Navy Now," Twentieth Cen-
tury-Fox film starring Gary
Cooper and Jane Oreer, which is
coming to the Lux Theater on
Thursday. More particularly the
picture concerns itself with the
Navy's "90-day wonders" and the
the struggles with a top-secret
pro.cetele tried out with sub-
cha ers in World War II.
Gary Cooper, who returned to
the studio where he played his
first movie part as a cowboy in
a Tom Mix picture for $10 a day GLEN* FORD, RHONDA FL
because he took extra falls, has respectively portray a rugged
a tailor-made role. As an en- and a quick-thinking secret ai
gineer who has never sailed a outdoor adventure, "THE RE]
ship he is placed in command is coming to the Central The
of a new style of submarine chas- direc
er-the fastest thing on the
seas-except that the mechan- *
ism of the ship is so mysterious R e h
it keeps exploding. And the
crew, composed of a group of 'Redhead a
the screen's top character ac-
tors including Millard Mitchell,
Eddie Albert, John Mclntlie,
Ray Collins, Jack Webb, Richard
Erdman, Harvey Lembeck and F are F
Henry Slate, is also a "90-day
wonder" group, knbwing prac- -
tically nothing about the sea.
This gives rise to a continual A gorgeous rehead, a rough
series of incidents that are both and humble cowboy and a sharp-
screamingly funny and tensely shooting secret agent are three
exciting, of the major ingredients in Par-
Director Henry Hathaway and amount's "The Redhead and The
Producer Fred Kolhmar took Cowboy," which opening Thurs-
their company of players to the day at the Central Theater. With
Navy Yards in Norfolk, Virginia, a brisk, suspenseful plot, sweep-
for the exterior scenes for the Ing spectacle and all the action
picture which give it an au- that the most avid adventure
thenticity that has been corn- fan could ask for as additional
mended by the Navy staff in constituents, this outdoor epic
Washington, D.C. Scenes also adds up to an unusually exciting
were filmed at Hampton Roads piece of screen fare.
and on Chesapeake Bay. Cap- This rousing film pulls no
tainn Joseph W. Lomax, who punches as it depicts violence,
skippered a subchae'r during love and intrigue in a historically
World War II was the technical authentic saga of the Old West.
advisor for the Navy on the The New Mexico Territory is the
picture. An exact replica of the locale and the period is the final
PC1168 used for the exterior year of the Civil War. A net-
scenes was reproduced at the "* re-nprate Confederate
Twentieth Century-Fox studio agents Is working to undermine
for the interiors. .1 war effort, and the

Guild's 'Goodbye, My Fancy'

Opens Wednesday at Diablo

"Goodbye, Mr. Fancy", the Miss Birdeshaw. She becomes
comedy success that combines a changed person after Agatha
laughs with bright ideas, is to turns a tea into a cocktail par-
be presented Wednesday and ty. Adela did. a lot of theatrical
Thursday nights at Diablo work during, her college days.
Theater as a Theatre Guild pro- Douglas Johnston, Assistant
duction. The show starts at 8 Director of Community! Ser-
p.m. vices, plays Prof. Dingley whom
The ::ey figures in the come- Miss Birdeshaw has admired,
dy are Agatha Reed, the forth- mostly from afar, for years.
right Congresswoman who faces Llona Joan Sears, well known
up to her past when she re- on the Isthmus for her danc-
turns to visit her Alma Mater; Ing and her nursery school
the college head who's become work, is Ginny's roommate.
a yes-man for the trustees, Dr. The other college girls are
IMerrill; the dynamic camera- nearly all really college girls.
man who's been in love with Ann Henriquez is a student at
the lady from Congress since Mt. St. Vincent, Barbara Com-
they met in wartime, Matt Cole. ber is Colorado State College
Other important characters of Education, Molly Francey at
are the Congresswoman's wise- Southern Methodist, Jean Cap-
cracking girl-Friday, Woody; well at Syracuse University, and
and Ginny Merrill, the pre- Judy Crooks is a senior this
sident's disillusioned daughter. year in Balboa High School.
The cast of "Goodbye, Mr. The other two actors are Cle-
Fancy" includes Joan' Bentz as mente Aseron, a student at the
Agatha. Joan has spent two Citadel, and Ken Millard who
years at Northwestern Univer- works for the Panama Canal's
sity School of Speech, one year Electrical Division.
at Canal Zone Junior College, Gene Simpson is he di'"""'r
and one year at Western Mary- of "Goodbye, My Fancy." She
land College. was graduated from tme ..-
Adolfo Arias Eipinosa, Dr. vienne School of the Theater
Merrill of the play, will be re- in New York and has had many
membered for his excellent per- years experience in little theater
formance in "Dover Road." A- work.
dolfo has done much stage,
screen, and radio work. He has
written plays and articles. He
has been a diplomat in Lima,
Peru; manager of the Coca
Cola Company in Panama City,
and now runs a men's shop, U i
Richard Lanzner, Steamship I I W OOD
Ticket Agent for the Panama
Line, plays the part of Matt By ERSKINE JOHNSON
Cole. Dick was born in New WASHINGTON, (NEA) Pres-
York City, was graduated from dent Truman and daughter
Cornell University with the Margaret, I can personally report
class of '28, and arrived on the today, could do mighty well in
Isthmus in 1940. Hollywood teaching movie stars
Jerry Barone, a newcomer to the ABC's of a press conference.
the Isthmus, plays the part of I've seen them both in action-
the wise-crftking Woody. Jerry Margaret in Hollywood a couple
has done operetta work in New of months ago and the President
ork. here in Washington. They're a
Jinny Merrill is played by a couple of smoothies, oo z n g
Canal Zone girl, Elaine Lorn- charm, wit and fast thinking.
bar.. She is a college senior in With the exception of Carole
the play and in real life is to Lombard, I've never seen a movie
be a senior at Mt. Holyoke star more at as than Harry and
next year. Margaret while facing a press
Ellen and Claude Griswold, mob. But privately, I can tell you,
husband and wife team, are Harry says Margaret handles her-
portrayed by actual husband self better in a press conference
and wife Sylva and Bruce Car- than her old man.
penter. One of Sylva's interests And now that I've met and
is golf and she is president of chatted with Mr.President-I was
the Panama Women's Golf As- introduced to him following his
sociation. Bruce is manager of weekly press conference-I've got
the Balboa Branch of the Na- a flash for Hollywood talent
tional City Bank of New York. scouts. Meeting him informally,
Thomas Greevy is Dr. Pitt, he has the personality of Clark

called by Agatha a "weary lib- Gable and the charm of Errol
eral." He hails from England Flynn. Or, as the Washington
where he did a lot of dramatic news boys like to put it. "The guy
work. He was a member of St. has political sex appeal."
Catherine's Dramatic Society, There may yet be hope for the
the Catenlan Dramatic Society, untangling of Washington .red
and the Shavian Society. He tape if the District of Columbia
played one season with the traffic-lllght boys are ever given
Alexander Repertory Company Ine eirpq of government .
in Birmingham. They've just built the most a-
Tom came to the Isthmus in mazTng traffic circle in the na-
1948 and he is now the man- tion-featuring 85 synchronized
ager of Curundu Clubhouse. signal lights-and it works like a
Mary Brigham is the indom- Swiss watch.
inatable alumnae secretary, Miss Half a dozen streets and ave-
Shackleford. Mary is a teacher nues run into the circle and the
of English and Journalism at compass-boxing auto and foot
Balboa High School. She re- traffic merge and unravel on cue
cclved her M. A. degree at Col- from the 85 signal lights which
umbia University and did work indicate left ard right turn-,
in the Journalism Department stop and go and. for peaoej. lanis
at Stanford University. "Walk" and "Don't Walk" You
Adela Bettils I the fluttery have to see lt to appreciate ILt.

EMING and Edmond O'Brien
cowpoke, a mysterious redhead
gent in a fresh and fast-paced
eater Thursday. Leslie Fenton
* t

Martin, Lewis Put om. To Rout AIk Zi

In 'At War Wth The Army wt Babo
Dean Matin and Jerry Lewa IIrma Goe West," are on thseilioe 4 o2lape ..1ig, Jl4
hailed as the' pvest and aga in their latest a~aring week with lhter.
funniest ieYanit terYthelb tehied. Paramntmt's "At W t Songwitet Maee David mall
sensational romarWce$ In "My I th The Army. Jerry Lvingston bav provided.
Friend Irma" and "My rind NOW playing at the Balboa lbriht an lively ora that glves
S"ThIeattl I'th'nmaddeat ouS mar- ae nm a oan ce to dimlav t*h

On The Records

NEW YORK. Aug. 18. (U.P.). -
Percy Faith and his orchestra
have a new Columbia album
'American Waltzes' which proves
that Vienna i W't the wurce of
all three-quarter Atime melodies.
The eight. iunes included In the
album e erawn from Broad-
way muiicals and from folly-
wood films. They include "Car-
ousel Waltz," "The Girl That I
Marry," "Valse Huguette," "I'll
Take Romance," "Waltz in Swing-
time.'" "A Kiss in the Dark."
'While We're Young." and "When
T'm Not Near the Girl I Love."

nd Cowboy'
"Favorite Polkas," a Decca
album, features fbur bands, each
playing two gay polka numbers.
Sfl Lawrence Welk's Band plays
S C r"Champagne Polka" and "Home
Again Polka." John Wilfahrt's
o Band plays "Repeat Polka" and
"No! No! Polka." Jolly Jack Robel
situation is further complicated And His Band play "Jumping
by the activities of renegades, Jack Polka" -and "Golden Gate
outlaws and deserters from both Polka." Harry Harden's Musette
sides. Orchestra plays "Tinkle Polka
Into this seething atmosphere and "Pizzicato Polka."
of terror and conflict rides Glenn ----- I
Ford, a lone horseman who lives Dick Lelbert has a new RCA
by his guns and his wits. Ac- Victor organ muice album in'
costed in a saloon by Rhonda "Radio CMty Recital." Six num-
Fleming, a beautiful and myst- bears are included, among them
serious redhead, he follows her "Meditation," "Largo," "The
into a back room and finds a Lost Chord," and "Aye Maria."
man lying on the floor with a
knife in his back. Ford is ac- New' Singles:
caused of the murder, and when Bob Crosby and Jeanne Gayle
the girl makes her escape, he have a pleasant duet on "I'm
fights his way, out of town. He Waiting Just for You" (Capitol).
catches up with her the next day ... The old master Bing Crosby
and together they seek out the has an even better duet with
secret behind the intrigue and Betty Mullin on a pair of wed-
bloodshed that are plaguing the ding songs "With This Ring I
frontier. Thee Wed" and "Here Ends the
Alternately hunted and hunt- Rainhow" (D e c c a)... Harry
ing, the two are joined by Ed- James swings out on "Whep the
mond O'Brlen, a special Union Sun Comes Out" (Columbla)...
agent. and before their adventure In the .spirit of the hot sum-
la concluded they have fought mer weather Gordon MacRae
and ridden through a blazing sings "On a Sunday at Coney Is-
succession of episodes that serve land" (Capitol)... Allan Foster
as a high water mark In Western sings with the Art Mooney hand
entertainment, on "The Song Is ended" and
As the rugged cowpoke who "Maybe it's Because" (MGM)...
finds robust action and romance Freddy Martin's Orchestra has a
in the Badlands, Glenn Ford relaxed instrumental version of
turns in the top performance of "Clair de tune" (RCA ViCtotr...
his career. His portrayal of a Owen Bradley's Band has some
man fighting for his life and the good dance music on "Black Ma-
beautiful woman he loves is real- ria" (Coral)... Perry Como's
Istic and exciting. Edmond 0'- latest pitch for a hit parade
Brien acquits himself admirably number is "There's a Big Blue
as the fast-thinking agent who Cloud" (RCA Victor).., Kenny
4elps uncover a ruthless band Gardner sings with Guy ti6fmn
of renegades, and Rhonda Flem- bardo's Band on "Evertrue Ever*
ing, sulfurous and appealing as more" (Decca)'... Paul Weston's
the redhead, gives a spirited and version of "The Morningslde of
polished performance, the Mountain" ought to do well
Produced by Irving Asher and on juke boxes (Columbia)... The
directed by Leslie Fenton. "The Rampart Street Paraders have
Redhead and The COwboy" goes some enjoyable ragtime with
into this reviewer's book as one "The Rhythm Rag" backed with
of the top celluloid adventures "Papa-De-Da-Da" (MGM),
of the year. David C. Whitney.

rJet escapade of them All. The
screwball comnas are cast m two
trouble-maginglawkho unbjec.
the army to' the"iteet test if
has ever known. Before t W *
hitch Is through, there ii talk of
adding a sixth side to the Penta-
gon building to deal with their
hilarious mimadventures.
I Le"drt, thq unttttin*i W (Awn
whoas ,,leziblej )faci
4qesi1WK^19but spe4wo6rds,
pla a tattered private withi a
1% sense of duty and alow IQ.
Martin, the haidsome ba e
wtth the 'free-add-easy maimer,
is a raik-cotsolous Tergeant who
keeps one eye on the girls ahd
the Other one on Jerry. Together,
they are Ald to'rolick1-hroduh a
series of asldspllttIn_ dompoica-
tiong that leave their command-
in officer tottering on the thinkk

tamed vocal style Amnga
grL want to leave f me. ai
Poll e4en. who ak) her il
debut in this wild comedy
army life.
Martin arn LewU l ave an off-
haid spontaneity to s eir Gomedy
whrh is refreshlngiy natural.
As A matter of fact, tis Irrepret-
sible 4_q& W.tbe orxONt aal'
bing pair in the bumnes.3 ania
th improvisee uproarious rout-
Inft In lea time than it take
to say Joe Miller. Several of t1t
sida-splitting- scenes that yon
wil -see -In "At War With
Army" were qetually unprepared
and unrehearsed_
Produced and written "tr tl;
scrIen by Fred F. Finkelaof.e,
thit film was directed bY H
woe. **

JERRY LEWIS, as a bedraggled private with big Intentions
and aW loa I. s left holding th bag inY." thia se feW l'
Para ndut's 'AT WAR WITH T ARMY." the new Martin
and Lewis cofiedy now at the Balboa Theatwr ./





__ ~--.~ ----- --L

.- ", l --

IlK; "~


& ,-

I1+ ;'--t"y .- ,
- l'.r.>. ... .j ?, 1 .

i .. '... "., .t
i "^ -- i -.'. -. ,,; .: *.
m '." : ."' "
.... .,.... ,:.! .. : 1

F- ~ .

"' r *. *-d -w e '

-. t i ;/ ., *, ; ,
.";:. ,S i


e l


1I, 151


ifl#oi; 4 iati 18 m*eses

eot d ,, 1 R.... a
4perhela ,d la ui

_rD ..UU I:


nacieron en



S. "
I.- "'- -"

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1 IL_~ __ _~_1

I -- Iq I -, -

* 1u .J-t .

regstrare bejo 0owta bndera
. RCE M I LONES ES E N RUSIA Las enfermedades del corazo,.

U d* ertwar ot i la pulmonia y lat uberCU i51S
cam -del entt y ou que e. r

SArom a le i so a u K- "p is Pop=o
noot jutls ni po al s pEn los zltimos dies yor 0
el n a Mrada ev luis nte a- -. meses transcurridoa deade ene- NAC "IH oNTO lela te ,
os teoe10u8 do ls del1 a nt i ,t ro de 1950 hasta Julio de 1951. DEWUNCIDNZ 7.151 s.1te lal oagr n d SQuo 01 Goblerno a. aam A naci eron en PanamA. 37Ao44 pcir- Defuncloneu 1 m u 1Q25 1
#B"a. n1. lota xt 7 '"m wer e e"udo, / n "k bones y mur leron 5,se o ui h na 7Def
a, N i.o e aew 6~- -_o08 eu nharar pot cuado .s m-e- n informado Isa Secel6n de Bloea- Tuberculo o 571 .
-' n u eo glo e mr as ala- Sce a .. 0~" tadistica del Departamento r To rna 275 1
UV 1 a ici^ 1 comb r lu arresi6n .I ace- 5dvo s p e Salud Piblica Malaria e00 f8
inrc l ", or 10 ton s En los detalles suministrados Cainc e r
hrt o t o rso observe que la muertes dpo a- Cora.6n de
i utI eave prname I dque Vi fee-ones el coraft son Ila sna- Pulmonla a 2t
So I e a. s'am er que Ic yor causa de mu et, sigulendo Diarre nteritl e 6 .
Sd ue, it de l. c hi do I r e .I a u' lmonia y luego Ia tuber- Prim er efos y d 960 1 3
ddlnifflo do Ia9 la:na Is-oi nA&Ic e -* -ulos. Violenccs Y
N1 Xcuadro parcial de los na- Parto y puekpWro
: s propun a laRorrobla O dats a sus sarelt 19es1 a
A tn h 19. unUP).1 Ki -41/mr*on los sigulentes: ta junE o y n provilia.
4, raentara por donde restaran lo
StanLa Sociedad de Ingei s mae
..- Consejo MAniW ipa1

r e s dr esda 4, r e de a perseddedrUnin a Soviotioa, qut comprend la sext prt de arre. lar
ardar .on t e desn* t- nr rs rs a y Kenrnla d 4eo- us-slr c ad rerow e olyasenA

+ampaa e e ,ftrroo ,e-. r t n l a. en ,t1m entide o e p a r tt p Leha ow nnlo le UIomeba m osduoade lre la enr.
rmnt e 7l p t. dd br-sD l do ~a Fd eraci6n ortwmrTecana doea TrAjo, qmuestr it ooal n do aas Areas -aH anoda duo trabajos for. El Honorable Cosel o Muni- na n drante Ie dlna ud fina
eaf i doAg e el Arta sds la C a- B a erecia daos r Po* for El Honorable Barros M uni- l ay
ie in e Ir a talen ro l e in n u- hados a rne t rdae p or i s "GULAt -.-oficin do tra je pN .forze I Soviet. Los simb elos do I &l hoz y la pmartillo ian-a deI ngna i Socied a u a dean t r u
O. n*l njont..n'70 ifi a ntemalad & .... F .. eflor ida Hand pagenieras y al e s-ltad ome ht
pe trradoa repre sent los mpan o o* soncentthwl6n individuenles, pr ioretlnefi n j .pointos negrqt repretentan las e normes Areas quitectos, blic en forma o
l M el .rtr&en 4 la '-,R M enam n la s cuaes sirve ls 4 isioneros do la ,dtULAG._ do al pequeot lo otJ del mapa, Ol ha oild impossible mostrar todos Que Hasa c eel a o na reu- Pdt n o M i

f e .1__ iUea d4a 1b mha ceelbroado noreu-.P dt1 e.Ldee d ue lp radla"tun il .. 1 0 "S-fa S _u. u. genera de a- -eado re,-r--e--(-I-.-------o----o---
.u In,,one. ..- 6 0mto lpde con. na trai-n ,d at nLAo ni6n n centre ComiAlones de am- do PanamA
0a iniotne do- niw oa a do In T campos do con a'n do ULA. e ntidades Parn ae s is Pra ilar
n s.4o qd6 los .i o le mia d o _nt ..deluoldar el problema plantea- Pdte.o s Comlaide ue a
rtron o1a io le aIsAr laaeparaci6n del Isnd. d IngenloieoSdros y Ig Arqutteet s.
r e evidadsV E LUOi -ones M municipal del Distrito Capital. Panama, agt 1 de 1.

.-e.-o-rse e n .31. c.. 0 ee l, bellor ve "st^^rt e^^dl lw^ w ^ cie rmcnncrnnoc...n. .......n.
aC. a prear a Paaa prop ulsi6n a ,Corro a sus saIdlies Educaci6n asigna las escuelas
-a00 ir rar l. s ndonde prestaraon servic.o los,

25000. b erasde I)DT h qre or *i bod Osa fuerza :do Infonrmal6n maestros r cin "-n --
.. ..of "' dft" ec oab*rdadelbre dtis. ue a .e l a Ie nimer eaorn n .l d .s
eA a __.- pc rce lllelet^^cn 1i2all'^ quMaeseteuer tftr ria i ededAldmeeBtandor Ao e bltioded cuinAqine praldos o

Ssa t r aro e o o cie n t Ma P eao a es -
sRim d i S ilhdba eti a nentl a nd. 6.1r eeodieo La o main den l RNiiTaI I .en Alra, or.tlls *li s*. esuel. yUo o no |au do en la g acuelas sc a dondesv WNtrsHIN nasto 1r -
lorn6e, sn isqu a "o InforIi tamo, loIrI doMa -4 er rdeana ug.e.. ?r.odea e avia as d.. ..u.
Maqiad a el ps ins scpv oden tude e q o tnl.ier t poaru c 1ra .y To e- o u n Mainezv Pars las aos

,-al3hns oaS6 e .s Republrios do i- Sobe-o Ar r i t Nl, de 1dle bla bs ta envi la s NOro o ntr uela dReotblr deNiha cgu cr s t- cwi.dao mnUl
doiS rgJpv etpr iror dOm* ferea.w 5taf5 dor rI haBJ ds qur anao nocel eeguisaI 1: rd o"rdlMinsa trono e l Paedoao ,o pasitsade s-i
Sib di no 30ao0.1ra Is 3qu lp ibpras l *4tincsric lu a raedier ue is radger la- Sop a eo o en t Mt s e oplet den ch orr a coea do ayo d on o Pn as do la Pena a AS o* Ia
i_ Ma uddo ]a-s e pals..l ... t4 d of n pas c ,- dog e quoe.. l og_ s luar ess BOnaaturaA-e dnA.r
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qunien d ,osejo cobsnom o ...b 1 be 'edo r en e n o e cio ene
ra ..r aftIsp asf c ii Wa rrn, WOig, o'n'mnAsesfuon1vLuta I.&. st am s --" ira,'. dPoes dar a- o o c enalld r n i.oldada o t a N ado U
%CW ",ie int e srd'hus""prabdcdu o elesp otde tie"-cone sisgoede wi1a1or n. ans erdatoe ,omnaruoma oeb .. ela par-asTU outd o qu s o benlae aldrfial C. de niu, par Iae d e de ,
< blon etnce ananbovrew ame-l..'Too'i o la,.mm f Mddi" "dede I&r onard nac tal crsn Aeuo Rtelcald. delDsu o nadicas- de 11te nr, o del 1tad do

.. .rralIm*rinfdm st, ran r d rra rel o a mie noarad ,eslu-eo a Le d 9
Rtica g o25..00-1ibrd as do ra 2.00-ireans delntreloo,, ms .,Is rtdiesS d oe 1 wogli en de. Si u se4N o fun'O .l o qloch. / d ea merancO- mb le et. Pasot e o I e Pt. 12 e el
c o -lofSinl o Is. sd nei e ps -e T..r .I llur lanr. dire q 43qu s od baa Do -eS e riulasae M .na o casa de ,aye deteia-mNo vbt1o o
Ier aed ical crosaIus Ice .au oannooarltaodolloslgcmras t.GoIFEBRia..Pars..o.n.t.Asmen
" est quodBemiansl iscnkctriai-osa IstuMmarlaria Ond .10rIAL 901W3 'L b e, Unene Iarl a u tearden d
al tt sillaeeeI'l respte Para rantido qua al-oftP)l '0 lueogrde period
anoalphoain. erennsci ufO'I sor, e1 s dhpro-
A edJet de I& a n rll "d-021Aa e lim t a d u eas Ot d c lu obep digle r las
S dem l so a hm brespimmers d o a ed o bovisA -e l nendoi a quean-e To e ne ndenorqecamp
reunlftbi6n as d C ones ejo Ecic dspu di e is buelh dis randos W est fe obstOmea hllo*felrra de a ndarapoer el
a porer eefeeto'wis a Paray o m beno e algustoa or dnC. deesDoriazaParaalaodogol pen
I... a1drecer- qe modoauae l th11-rgente miece odad slradcitn el csbsfl o vmieve7 *'at del r isIrq1Ui1or icis ones viente s, ha stan ahorae

drsoen ids t ao el suienrte omuncdo cua sedrstau a m erar en re-

~.*3~L. :;Cll


... ; t*^ *^,"


.... -- ".-K = ;'. --- r
:o: M... -bW
i ys-S .c^ ^^g ~ ''i "
fifB r''^'aid d

- .'\f 'H"*T "f re '

om CrBasz~


' -

,. N
... .-.u

. 3I- -,, '- 7

-. -. -



P.rAI *i4

Del desarrollo de las conferencias que estAin
llevindose a cabo en Corea, entire epresentantes
S de las Naciones Unidas y del regimen invaor co-
munista, se Ilega a la conclusion de que estos l-
times estan empleando lo que podria llamarse tAc-
ticas dilatorias a lo largo de todos los :debates.
Cbmo es sabido, desde que se iniciaron estas
conferencias ha habido grande dudas acerca de sla
sinceridad de los comunistas. Se ha creido-y con
bastante 16gica- que fnicamente los rojos han tra-
tado de conseguir a toda costa una tregua para
el mejor logro de sus planes militares. Sin embar-
; go, las Naeiones Unidas no han querido, a pesar de
,tantas y tan fundadas sospechas, asumir la respon-
Sd sabilidaa de negarse a discutir en torno a la posi-
: bilidad de un armisticio, y han concurrido a la
* cita por encima de los temores mencionados.
Todoe parece indicar-que los delegados comu-
.nistas han Ilevado la consigna de detener el curso
-normal de la conferencia, teniendo culdado de que
{ sta no clausure. Asi se ha visto c6mo los repre-
Vsentantes de las fuerzas invasoras han empleado,
-.como decimos al principio de este comentario, di-
',versos subterfugios que constituyen tUcticas dila-
'torias para mantener en suspense, por decirlo asf,
Dlas actividades bMlicas en el frente de Corea.
Esta actitud ha sido tan notoria como notorias
han sido las manifestaciones hostiles a la idea de
. buscar la formula de una just y legitima paz pa-
ra el Lejano Oriente. Las demands comunistas,
;como la de la llamada zoia neutral, estan conce-
: bidas en tirminos il6gicos Si se toma en cuenta
, que en una cuesti6n de eta naturaleza no s6lo hay
: que satisfacer los deseos y defender las posiciones
de una de las parties. La propuesta en referencia
Ses, naturalmente, inaceptable para las Naciones
SUnidas que tienen el deber supremo de defender
: la causa de la soberania de la Repdblica de Cores
Sdel Sur, la cual quedaria totalmente amenazada
de acuerdo con lo propuesto por los rojofS,
N6tes e e, a pesar todo, los e unistas,
cuando y l4~i4 etaaItente ia mlag0ensi6n do-
S finitiva de la conferencli en vista de su actitud,
abren el compis nuevamente para dar margen a
otr% debates, cuyo desenvolvimiento, a no dudar-
-'lo, favorecen militarmente a los ejcrcitos invaso-
Xres del comunismo internacionaL



800 Nlinos de Panamb y la Zona

del Canal Solamente
Deben tener todos los nifios su cuadro pintado
i al natural, por el Pintor DZIENCZARSKI.

Precios desde B/.5.00
Estudio: Ave. M6xico No. 69, Panama Tel. 3-0553





Todos los tamafic
par a autom6viles

Distribuidores: -

Avenid Central No. 14

TeL 2-2766




Pr6iamnate. a t
Red Pmmeric.

I- AA- I MZJSI 7uJ ---

4.d a t lra t a ae vafu %

Si n6is -delJdesarrollo denuestra

principal idu#s demuestra que hay

campo para 20 illones de baboas mas
eqnsumo hoy dia estA calci a- 85.00 como promdlo, tendremos
do en tres mil reses anuales. que la Industria fshadera recl-
Las halagadoras perspettias bira alrededor de .L500.000 por
del future de la ganaderfa en afio en au mereado principal. 81-
nuestro pals, conflrmaddU por a esto se agrea, quoe el Abba-
Ila fuerte inversi6n 'de personas toir puede ablaat or en adici6n
vinuladas a actividadea saro- a esta cifra, .an.cntldad igual
pecuarias en el Abbateir Pad- a los barcos en t2tadIto por el
mi, 8. A., el cual so eapera que Canal, por sa talte~a modern
Incle. actividades en el pr6xi- de matamusa y rfrinracl6n. de-
mo mes, el cual tiene capacidad bemos pensar queo I ndustria
pars 80,000 reses. por alo, per- ganadera tendra marlen de ex-
mite pensar que nuevas oportu- pansi6n de otros B.3 00,000 a
nidades comerciales se le pre- las entradas nklibnales.
sent a la industrial ganadera
del pals. I hecho d e qte on Panama
Shoy cuente cosl un modern
En efecto, la capacidad de Abbatoir yl linveral6n calcula-
consume de las cludadts de Pa- da de B.10,000,000 en la gana-
namA y Col6n con la Zona del deria, sugilre que para el in-
Canal, que series el Ares de a r- terior, esta Industria, que es su
viciQ de Abbatoir, *leg hoy a mayor fuente de enitadas, en la
40,000 roses por aflo. alculan- cual una rea se paede conside-
do que una res en pie, cuesta rar come ai Tlfe. bono de in-
en esta Area, a vrecioa cont-n- version que corrientemente se
lados por el Gobierno, ed de B. hace on ia ciudad, invita a in-

La Industrial Gan9pro-
bablemente una de a, l mi
fuertes del pals actual ie, i
se tiene en conalderaclin los da-
tos preliminaries del Ceos do
1950, de los cuales se deduce que
mas de B.40,000.000 estan inver-
tidos en las misma ent nuestro
Nuestra wanaderia ha pasado
por muchas vicisitudes en el pa-
sado, con altas y bajas en dis-
tintos periods. Deade el naci-
miento de la Repiblica una res
en pie valia alrededor de B.20.-
00 y fue sublendo en tal forms
que para la guerra mundial
primer costaba B.100.00. En
1925 nuestro pals perdl6 el mer-
cado de la Zona del Canal; en
donde se decidi6 comprar *ga-
nadto en otros passes. El dose-
quilibrio producido por esta me-
dida en nuestra ganaderia fue
tan manifesto, qu e pars 1930
se podia comriar una res el pie
hasta por B.50.00, con lo que se
fue produciendo paulatinamen-
te un abandon de las erias, db--
generaci6n del ganado, etc. A
partir de 1932 los goblernos se
Interesaron en respaldar 'y fe*-
mentar las crias de ganaderia
en una forma s6lida, fijando los
precios en pie y al deal.
Durante la Administraci6n
del doctor Harmodio Arias as
llevaron a cabo gestiones on las
cuales se le demostr6 al Go-
bierno americano la convenien-
cia de comprar y abastecerse de
products nacionales pars ias
Zona del Canal en vista de una
possible eontiends mundial, que
dificultars el abasteciiiento de
otros paises a trav6s de los ma-
re. Desde esa dpoca is politlea
y prActica ha sido de obtener
hasta donde fuese possible cer-
ne de producci6n naclonal. Du-
rante la guerra, el golpe rudo
que habia recibido la ganaderis
por el 20 obllg6 a nuestra Re-
piTblica a importer 18,000 reses
en -i asfto y la Zonk del.Canal.
15.'100 reses mas. Desde el aSo
de 1939 hasta el de 1940 hubo
necesidad de importer ganado a
nuestro pals pars matansa,
cuando la evolucl6nt lenta de
cria y produccl6n de ganad6, lo-
gr6 alcanzar el consume naclo-
nal. Esta escases de ganado y
necesidad de importarlo, trajo
como consecuencia sla limita-
ci6n en la matanza por niedio
de reglamentacionea, con el fin
de protege Is cria lmpedir laI
exterminaci6i incrnsclente de
una industrial quo es uno de los
pilares de nuestra economic.
El 'resultado de todas estas
medidas de fomento es que el
sacrificio de ganado en la na-
ci6n ha subide de 45.000 reses
anuales hace veinte ailos a 70.-
400 reses en la actualidad. Esto
represents un desarrolla inuy
paulatino, lo cual lndica que
debe darsele mis vigoroso estl-
mulo en vista de que la capa-
cidad del mercado asi l0 permi-
te. El mayor sacrificio hasta la
fecha tuvo lugar en 1947, al fl-
nal de la II Guerra Mundial, con
mis de 79,000 reses. de las cua-
les 11.000 eran obtenidas en
mercados del exterior, no obs-
tante que no fue el aflo de ma-
yor importacl6n.
El reglamento de matanza,
pars el fomento de la ganade-
ria, ha llegado a controlar y fl-
Jar un minimo de 700 libras de
peso pars el ganado que se sa-
critique en. las ciudades de Pa-
nama y Col6n n el resto del
pals se puede sacrificar hasts
terneras. relacl6n con este
reglamento, es bueno observer
que en c regions del pals,
debide il estragos causados
por el abadMOW en las gpocas
del ato $ Sha ikermitido el de-
sarrollo de o, tanado criollo
oue sun .desputs de cinco aflos
d e ria, o0 llege a las 700 libras.
Se entlende que el Gobierno
National estA discutiendo un
plan por el cual se importarA
ganado de eria para mejorar la
raza y ertadlear el tipo criollo
Begun los datos preliminares
del Censo de 1950, el pals posee
574,928 reses y si se piensa que
el gandd6 en pie cuesta actual-
mente alrededor de B.35.00.
nuestro pals tiene invertido en
"anado alrededor de B.20.122.
480. Come sabemos que part
crier y mantener una res se ne-
ceslta una eantldad de terreno
eouivalente asl costo de la res
misma, la "pver6nln ha de su-
bin otros veinte millions de
balboas. o10 cual da la Imoortan-
te csira de B.40.244.980. invertt-
dos en ia tndustria ganadera
en nuestro pals.
Comne aetualmente se sacrl-
fica en el pals alrededor de 70,
000 rsese anuales, es decir. alre-
dedor de un aumento annual de
2,000 reses aue corresponde al
aumento de sla poblacl6n, sin In-
cluir It Zona del Canal, cuyo


El anAlsis quimico de ewte
polvo, dice el doctor Kerr, ha
establecido quest e una forms
de uraninita, una comblaci6n
de uranlo y oxigeno, quo ordi-
nariamente ocurre en iertos
cristales, mezclada cop elemen-
too como plomo y t6rioW So cree
que la pechblenda, IH substan-
cla de la cual se extra. mas u-
ranio, es una formal lgo aitc-
rada de uraninita.
El misterlo polv' negro en
cuestl6n ha sido hallado a cq'-
siderable profundidad. An Ua
deposito de Colorado ,estaba*-a
mAs de trescientos metros di. la
superflcie. Los ge61ogos cretn
en 6pocas Oembtas ocurrieron
grande cambios en esas pte-
fundidades come resultado de
la soluci6n de la uraninita en
agua callente.
Este polvo es escepcionalmon-
to rico en .uranio puro. Su ha-
ilasgo tiene enorme importancia
en lo que se refiere a revelar la
historic geol6gica de los d pO,-
sitos de uranio. Y puede serylr
tamblen pars descubrir ott.s
dep6sitosode este mineral, que
se ha convertido en uno de los
elements de mayor importan-
cia strategies.

Creada una patrulla area

civil que cooperara con el

ejercito de Estados Unidos

ActuarA en caso de una guerra: para colaborar Con
la defense del Canal de Panama

Una important reunion se
llev6 a. cabo en. la mafiana de
hoy en las of icina de la co-
mii6n Nacional de Defensa Ci-
vili coni'el objeto de crear la
patrul1. Area Civil de Panama,
la cuAl.oopetsrAr cotfet EJdrcl-
to NIq americano, W efemna
del Ca It' do U PatA en easo
.de Gueras. Esta r muhl6n fuI
presidida pnr el CapitAn Wal.
ter D. Robinson del Civil Air
Patrol de ld EE9. UU., estacib-
nade en la base area de Al-
brook. Despues de un cambio de
Impresiones fue nombrado el
personal de la patrulla Aerea CiL
vil cuyo Jefe at el Sr. Marcot
Mirknda quien Wudra el range
de Mayor del Ejrcito de los E.
UU., en cuanto Washington
apruebe los nombramientos que
,e hicieron hoy, pues cad. unk
de las personas nombradas ten-
dra un rango military en el ejer-
cito Amerlcano. El seflor James
Pmlth. fu6 pombrado Capltan
EJecutvo, Matcos Gelaber Di--
recto. d9l Departamento de Ae-,
ronautica Civil fu6e nombrado
Capittn Comandante de Eaeua-
iran. Las siguientes perxdnas
fueron nombradas asi: Lute A.

Con Ia aplical6n de
los hltimos conoci-
mientos sobre recau-
chutaje, nuestra lar .
ga experiencia y con
materials de prime.
ra case, podemos
ofreterle trabajos garantizados.

Recom niS clora NaIclal, Silva S.A.

Ave. Peru No. 7

Tel. No. 2-0406





icm ft. r em...


DAvIM: '

m I CA&

. .. a. 5se. Ls.&

Fil6i CapitAn Administrative;
Ant6nio de Reuter, Comislonado
Natlonal de Defensi Civil como
Capitan Oficial do Unidad A6-
rea Alerts; Laurence. Brdece,
SOficlal del pernoni;
Vi9gr Ichaustt. Tenient Od
, cial de Operatonea; A. MartJ-
nei Strrnca, ASo Tecnlc -i
Ia Defena ClvI c0eo Tenoente
aslstente de la Unldad Adrea
Aloerta John Ridge, Tel enter
Oflciat de Abasteclgento: Oul-
Ilenrm OonzAIlz, AtriSbtaciamt
TWenico de 06 lftbMS, ftdtu
rangoSubtonleo ptw- -I dt
Pubilcldad,' OuilenietMo' Vaer-
hans, Capitti Oficlai de wtig
nieria; Carlos Fajardo, Subte-
nient e Oficial de Finanaa; Co-
mo Medicos, el Dr. Luis Carlos
Prieto coni el rango de Mayor
, rl Dnctor Adolfo Arias coa l1
rant de CapltAn.
Ax la reunm6n asistieron ta-
giEn los a1ladores Mateon M.i
William Brow', Enrique C6aih
Man, el solor Ricardo A. Mod .
tares, comllonado Jefe dei Il-
rsa to d Panama y Tomi 1 A
irast a ia l>'.n n Co 1)t-I


o./ -09.- re

veM r enztre pa aveInt
manb alcanmsr is
meta ddi.&bator.
al a, dW e p 0m00ten s b
sairkfo. an*' de 70,000 rem,.
es b wlo q.fndreflios que sua-
mfhenits m-nsAdo en pie
y doa~~^ uMtaos potrefMo
cib l s qM 000 reI

erzi(a en quo nues-
wtro 6iot tnquen el
fomrdoe um tria q,
afect a .a cludadans. u
repro F ma a lnmv eh cu t* Ind Iustrta znoa
quo j~ma, en estas morme-
toa dlflfles para los inversI'r
nistas represents una deseablo
Las 574,M8 resae informadas
en log date preliminares del
Cenad de 190,. demuestran que
la mayor cantidad de ganado
se eneuentra p .la provincia do
Chiriqui, al cual esta aportan-
do 171,9 unidadeta y la siguen
Los Santos con 115,780, Veragua
con 107,46. Hrrera con 78,-
340 7 Cool con. 54,736 anima-

lb' ~` Ii

(PacW Crtainteed
Annstcong Coagoleum')

71 x 9 ... 5.48
9'x-0 ...... 7 4r

Adomi : LOsA IA.

Avloa Central 91


f e formada por ProfesOm L
oere so ir *r I al int
teit de Mducacl6n part pe-
arMtxr e Iro.l_ que .Iw
m E r ..s in f te _

L oa potlelonu tm
a apwraclones ai:
l. --Aclraql6n de nuestro ita-
t*o dentro de- la Let. r-
I W& ad l Ramp, que ads:
dice do nosotros.
_-que "e nos reeonoc s 01
oto ,d., et de sualdo por an-;
d o) n las mismas con-
N- a o lo d
doceste- Repblca..

tta la esos e, te~o
de Tefes y, Aistcuteitn,
S o cual *e ina mistrado de
eurdtr t0dos loo Jefes de
rTaier. '
& as, hora de ue e I dU
an a esps ldbea, no
"1 J4 n qui ef- ,ucaoures
Sue' reunen lob mismno requl-
to de idoneldad y condlclo-
ne0" ftlcas y morales que son
roirjuridos pars ser .ste de ta-
ller, que deben i~dea, cuase
te6ktcas prAceta, qute debeu
asatir a los Conselos de Pro-
fgores y, forna part. de las
QMmntas comlslones, pars pros-
[tar su asporte ftUood en sl mar-
cha regular j0ogrisivae no
esvan repaldao, poIr is LAy.
.Addmis hay que eatudlar- la
actual -ituaclon ec6n6mnlc;O pa-
r' compptender que el sauldo
q pereiben no aloasam a aa-
tuac~r lra, n'ecesldades elemen-
talde la vida. (Clen Balboas
y de eo 1.L que _es doeducenr nm-
udetsobre oa rnti yula1u6-
o Seguro, Social, y quedt.

ee. general d


S eft

Si Seflor!.


1Deat s mauera Ia ecoowmia macwd i e f 'otelce
y p mayor mimero do mls couclodadano obthaei
mepees y dinero parsa tender a sus necidadest .




Protejamos la indutr aional

C 0 M --R-.4-

Ard y M. e- ,



F Barrest

SVajLAl A f. A CfAt
8216 wVA 4 o" A4A


~__II ___I_


:00 Buenos dial
,R SA Nm mq 6
1:00 Suenaag dim

7:48 au melodf redileet
8:00 nest on Manhattan

8:46 Cantares de MxicoM
9:00 Los glifleado del sir
9:30 Dedlatoris
16:45 Notieewe
11:00 El. mndo del oalt
11:15 La novel matlnal
Rtu Im Ame a
11130 Coub, au mEsica
11:45 L fiakir Urbane
(Control reb)ote),
cortege do a Is t
12. tyo. -

y mn orfan.
corteosia de Isl fabric
National de salchlchu
1:00 Variledad mu l
1:1 o bolero os
1!0 CaI wmdo rio
2: P r4ui' deo

.-. &ImLQ anIs oe
cortesi de Kelvix
:0. Mlmeato romieAties
con Ovidlo Rodrgri~
8"5 16 "tde Os Amaoroa

asi reducido el salarlo a la sa*
dica sums de NOVENTA T

ut eon la. -
/t p 1obi9mat de tpo0rtsanct vt-I
tel ars e GU d ms del l
y educadoae csW de ok Iro-
f mAn -" Rwu fa hillAaLn i

I n I

- -- ~Li. _T------ -~ ------; ----~ .

Nuevos yacimientos de Uranio son

descubiertos en. Utah y Coorado

WASHINGTON, Agosto 18 -
(EPS) Una nueva forms de
uranio, el mineral esencial para
It producci6n de energy% at6mi-
ca, y que aparece on la forms
do un polvo negro, ha sido ha-
jada en los estados de Utah y
Colorado. Su descubridor es el
doctor Paul F. Kerr, un geolo-
bo de la universidad de Colum-
bia, Nueva York.

* .~~5w~ -




GALO. PLAZA: 'mposible dormir tranquil con vecino tan inquieto.

Gran Bretana est& alert

por la p
,. F.Por H. J. Sargliht
LONDRES, agosto 1 (EPS).
- La propuesta rusa en favor
de un. tratado antibalico fir-
mado jpor los Cinco Grandes,
ami como el empeoramiento deo
Ia situaci6n en Egipto, han
mnantenido alert a todo eli
mundo en el Ministerlo de Re-
~$c$one E xteriores, done ha
abido pocos funcionarios en
uso de licencia.
* Existed el convencimiento, no
a61o en Whitehall, sino entreI

las personas mejor informadas
de Inglaterra, que el president
sovictico, Nikolai Shvernik, no
propuso nada muygnuevo cuan-
do sugiri6 una reunion de las
cinco grande potencias para
discutir un pacto de paz. Esta
sugesti6n es la secuela 16gica
de la campafia de propaganda
rusa, que ha eatado en vigor
durante cast d9ce meses.
Se recuerds que Andrei Vish-
insky, el Ministro de lo Exte-
rior ruso, propuso primeramen-
to el pasado Septlembre en

de paz
Lake Success un pacto de pat
de cinco potencias. Nada suce-
di6 entonces, y oen la prima-
vera sigutente los rusos revi-
vieron la idea, respaldandola
con todas, las armas de pro-
paganda de qua disponian.
Lanzando una mirada retros-
pectiva a las sugestlones de
paz en las Corea hechas por Ya-
cov Malik a fines de Junio, y
teniendo en ouenta hasta qu6
punto cedi6 la actitud del go-
blrno ruso para con las naclo-
nes occidentales este verano, el

paso dad er a1 pe
fisme ,aoUveltcd' M e4uM 3u-
e Jomprem, auntue 't!Il,
,p--u esperanzai de quA ,*
mismo condusca a nada. M I *
peeula grandemente eA opatd
al motivo qua pueda haber do-
tria del paso dado por Shver-
nlE pero nadie, hasta ahora,
Me explicarlo.
6C parte de esta nue
pwMjea rusa, ha llegado a Lon.
dru informacl6n en el spAd6
oe que Mosac le ha dicho al
Partdo Tudeh (Comunltta) del
IrAn qu6 proceda con calma y
que no meta bulla con sum con-
,SWlat. "El desarrollo *4 otta
nueva poltica russ, qu stabe
c a apaciguamiento, so est
i lendo aqui con lintr.
La otra cuestl6n, que despler-
ta un poco mis de atencidl
que de costumbre e sla rsatiUvA
a las relaciones angloegipclas.
BRtas han estado empeorando
en los ltimos meses y los pin-
chazog administrados por iglp-
to np han contribuido a _oe-
La sltuaci6n esti liegando a
an punto culminante en rela-
cl6n con la accl6n de 'gipto
al Imponerle un bloqueo par-
i0al al movimilento marjtimo en
el canal de Suez. En Inglaterra
existed el parecer de que Bgipto
esta actuando con deliberada
fanfarroneria, pensando que
puede valerse de una pOtencla
contra la otra, mientras tiene
el comodin, on forma de Rulsa,
en reserve.
Eate parecer estA apbyado por
el agresivo discurso del Minis-
tr de 10o Exterior egipcio, Ba-
lah El-Din, quien dijo en el
Parlamento de su pals que
Egipto cancelaria bien pronto
4p tratado con la Gran Bre-
tafia. Este tratado dispone la
presencia de tropas britAnicas
en la zona del canal de Suez,
asi como la administration
conjunta del Sudan por hrWGran
Bretafita y Egipto. Tal como. e
estan .desarrollando las cosas
en el Cercano Oriente, puede
darse por sentado quo la3 tro-
pas britinicas no abandonarArn
la tutoria del canal, y que la
Gran Bretafia no permitira qua
Egipto se apodere del SudAn.
Los comentaristas de Lon-
dres, que coriocen los asuntos
del Cercano Oriente, no pre-
ven grandes cambios en el do-
minio del valle del Kilo, aun-
que conflan, no sin razsn, en
que pronto camble en part la
absurd situaci6n que le per-
mite a" Egipto controlar el trA-
fico en el canal de Suez frente
a la desaprobacl6n- de todo el

dada detalle de su viable fa PAA reflejo ia
experiencia do coas un cuarto do siglo complaciendo a los mds
*xigentes iajeros del mundo enter. d

Pm Pm *Aml a ias Ies r -dW a proyectar ft
vlsae a cualonera de Jo.' plEm y colonial mn lo. ists
don&d ity Ceso do Iw p uaes quo le ofreosa.

Al subir a bordo de un Clipper* de la PAA ousted
qumdaa enntado enseguida con el cordial re-
_ciblmieto -con todas las comodidades qu e I
rodean. Durante s vuelo, Ud. no puede de ar
de percibir las miltiples atenciones relaciona
con el esmeradce servicio --el anhelo de todos
peor hacer que su viaje sea algo. memorable.
Estudiando continuamente aun Ios mis pequeflos
detalles que cpatribuymen tanto a que su viaje
aS&eose mis agradable... encaminando su pro-
grama do entrenmmiento hacia lograr complacer
Sno simplenmente satisfacer a sus
ran American ha Iegado a establecer un ervicio
ua s tradimd y del que todo su personal se
senem altamente orguloo.

A H.UU. *

m .y $""g..e lrv l-clerta habilidad
pare an sus deseo y necesidad
-to qua hce que KM v/a6 quI aevan
aics trash aflos viajando vuelvan una y otra
vez a volar por la PAA. Usted dempre me
iente bien recibido a bordo de un Cipper
de a porq -n r ,dd ustod

Lto ceOdM.Mn le CNppe m
tomb"l a ms d "M. Un al.
muerzo ligero en un corto
vuelo es pparado con el
mismo esmero qu la magni.
fica cena complete con que
usted se deleita en un viaje
de un contiente a otro.


Pm ads, Vife g ms APnO do ViNo o e:






celeste, y blanco
en rosado,

lisa y a rayas-36"

Plaza Santa Ana PanamA


ESMALTES en todos tamaflos
y colors.
PINTURAS pars hierro
Pinturas de Aluminlo.
Plateado Dorado.
Acelte de Linasa.
Secante Removedor.
Adelgazsate Minlo rojo Barnices Pinturas pars capotas.
Pinturs especial para pizarras AguarrAs 8611slotodo..
,amlua Espitulas.

Ave. Central No. 20 (Antlgua Ferreterls

Aicabados de


de 1 14 oaos



DESDE 3.95

de Maoiana y Torde

* Modelos Exclusivos

* Todos Colores

0 Todos Estilos







de algod6n
en todos colors


Smuy frescos!

I. L. Maduro Jr.
Ave. Central 100


El ron que

es simbolo de


re Suavidad exeeple.
Exquisito aroma
Delicioso abor
Madurado en cs0com
de madera

-l -- ...
Desapo por supuestol
r Si El Ron PURO de CollCa

Siempre PRIMER




que Ie brinda las facilidades modernas
para aprender sobre la costura casera.

Avenida Bolivar 7085 Tel. 148 Colhn
Avenild Central 97 Tel. 2-1565 Panama

.7 RIM -- -3 '

~ ""'~' '-'-'-"~- --- --- --e -- L- -

--;----~~-- -. r I


-- -

-~;= --- .

_ ;---- -~e~l-~ c-- --


' Continua la
Venta Especial en
* PETICOTES de soda fria con en.
eajes, de............ 1.95 a 2.95
* PANTIES medianos y grande -
3 pares por...... ........1.00
* VESTIDOS finos a preclos com-
pletamento econ6micos. *
* MEDIAS finas de Nylon do la fa-
mosa marca B.F. 15 denier,
51 gauge ............ par 1.35

1 A

..... IC -. .. ........

Inaugura Hoy

Dos Carreras Estelares Se

Presentan Hoy En J. Franco

La Semana

en Deportes

......... por .U Wff K t O-A--uto
0 -
BASKETBALL.-El equipo Lord .Chesterfield gan6 el Cam-
peonato pasculine de primers categpria...El martes comenzarka
an serle final por el titulo de segunda categoria...Escogida la
pkselecli6n de segunda categoria de la Liga Provincial de Pana-
mi con Cholo Garcia de Director.. .En forma reftida se estA des-
arrollando la just femenina de primera...Crece el entusiasmo
por el VI Campeonato Nacional...Combinado de Basket escogido
par los redacteres deportivos se medira con el Chesterfield...
Humberto Tejada sera el Delegado Jefe de la Delegacl6n de Pa-
nam al VI Campeonato... Animada competencia estAn soste-
niendo los quintetos de la justa de Catedral...Se informa que
un equipo de Panama viajark a El Salvador a sostener una series.
Gran program preparan en Santiago para el VI Campeonato...
Los eigarrilleros ganaron serle en la Zona...Nueva directive de
la Liga Trecina con A. Russo de Presidente...El equipo Aguilu-
cho gan6 el torneo interno del Instituto Nacional... Anton ven-
ci6 Las Tables por s6lo dot puntos.. .Se proyecta efectuar un
: Congreso durante el VI Campeonato Nacional...Felix Sousa es
el nuevo Presidente de la Liga Catedral...Cocld Jugari en el
Torneo de Santiago... EscogidAs las candidates para el reinado
del VI Campeonato...El Deportivo Estaci6n conquist6 el Cam-
* peonato de Ant6n...Bam y Chester viajaran el pr6ximo fin de
stmana para jugar ep David.. .Movidos partidos esta ofreclen-
do la just femenina de segunda.
FUTBOL.-PanamA, como Campe6n Centroamericano, acep-
t6 participar en el Torneo Panameritano en febrero del 52 en
Santiago de Chile... El Dosman se asegur6 el Campeonato de
primera de Col6n...El 16 de septiembre comenzaran los Cam-
peonatos Nacionales en el Estadio Olimpico...Reformaron el
calendario de la just menor de Col6n y hoy jugarAn Abel Bravo
vs. Foehe y Centuria vs. Amazona...Se install el Congreso Tic-
nico pars resolver peticl6n de la Federaci6n...Estuvo aqui el
Delegado de la Federaci6n de Chile, sefior Carlos Dittborn para
invitar a Panama al Torneo Panamericano...Deportivo Alemn
y Anc6n Jr. ganaron los pasados juegos del torneo menor capi-
talino y aoy chocan Ambato vs. Anc6n Jr. y Santander vs. His-
pano Jr.... Con el nombre de Atl6tic0 San Francisco se fund
Club... La primer de Col6n ofrecerA hdy el juego Feria vs. Dos-
man...Frente a los mejores euadros del mundo se mediri Pa-
nami en Chile... La. lluvia impidi6 el pasado domingo los juegos
de la contienda de Vista Hermosa, hoy se ofrecerin cuatro par-
tidos... A Panama Ie tocarA con Chile inaugurar el Campeonato
BASEBALL.-El Crespo gan6 la primer vuelta del Campeo-
nato de Barraza...San Miguel empat6 la aerie al veneer al Abel
Bravo y hpy decidiran la just en Col6n... El doctor Alonso Roy
sera el Delegado ante el Comit6 Olimpico.. .Movidos partidos
sigue presentando la just infantil do Santa Rita... La Federa-
ci6n no dara permisos 'por ahora para efectuar jiras y jugar en
el exterior...La contienda de Barrasa ofreceri hoy los juegos
Gray vs. Vallarino y Mendoza vs. CanadA...Hoy ipiciara prAc-
ticas la preselecci6n.. Con gran interns se estin desarrollando
los circuitoa mayor y menor de la Santa Rita...V. Clarke, esco-
gido pars el juego annual de las estrellas de color...Forman aso-
clacion los anotadores.
BOXEo.-.l pr6xitp domigo leard el. caipe6n ederic
Plummer con e nortfamericaen 6 die Burgin en Coi6h...D.
Pero at pide entrenad6r de boxeo.."8p hacen gestiones par
presenter' auil pgiles militarea...En los encuentros amateur
.do lcasital ganaron Juan MoMeno, Horacio Ottis, Chico Ander-
on, Daniel Brathwatte y Toti Elias...Be nombr6 nueva.Directi
va en el circulto amateur con jederico Fong de Presidente e
intici6 u labor con un balanceado program.
hIICA.-Esta trade 'so correri el Clsico "Cuerpo DiplbmA-
tico" con la participaci6n de 10 caballos...Varios jinetes sus-
pendidos...Nuevamente eUti dando aus impresiones el colum-
nists hipico H. Alzamora... .Varios accidents de jinetes se han
registrado 1ltimamente...Dictador, gan6 la estelar del pasade
domingo... Be sospecha que arreglan carreras en Juan Franco.

VARIOS.-Se inaugurara Torneo de Volleyball con cinco e-
quipos Juando en la apertura Mauricio y Derby...Tamblen se
Inaugurara hay en la maflana el torneo de Dobles en Tenic...
ain resolve aun los Cgmpeonatoe lntercoleglales...Con todo en-
tusiasmo se est& desarrollando la segunda rueda del torneo de
Golf...Se esti organizando campeonato national de Billar....En
studio proyecto de presupueato para 4os juegos centroamericanos
del 54, aqul...El Comit6 Olimpico deulgnarA a los mejores atle-
tas del afo...Igualmenta designara al redactor deportivo que
mis hays ayudado a la causm deportiva amateur...Los cursos
necturnos tendrAn ligad deportivas.. Las Ind6mitas nombraron
2ueva Directiva con Lastenia Fl6rez de Francisco... Se inciaron
las organizaciones pare el pr6ximo campeonato del softball so-
cial ...Anotadores y San Bilas jugarin softball a las 2 p. m. en el
Bazar Franc6s... Felipe Motta. Indicado para ser reelecto en la

Continia hoy la reilda lucha de los

punteros del fitbol menor capitalino

Fitbol de 2a. Cateqoria
Prov. de Panama
G. & P. Pt
Abant*e. ......... 1 17
Santander ........ 7 2 1 16

TqafuitvyIm, SLA

AlemAn ........... 6
Anc6n Jr. ........ 6
Bispano Jr ........ 3
America ........... 2

3 2 15
1 4 13

La refilda lucha que estAn
sosteniendo los punteros del
Campeonato de Futbol de se-
gunda categoria de la Liga Pro-
vincial de PanamA, prosigue
boy en el Estadio Naelonal con
los partidos:
Ane6n Jr. vs Ambato
2.00 pin.
Santander vs Hispano Jr.
.3.30 p.m.
Los ecuatorlanos del Ambato
ue marchan en el commando
deflente'n' hoy u -colocaci6n y
tendrAn que extenders a fon-
do, ya que sus rivtles del An-
c6n Jr., necesitan ganar para
mantener su opci6n. lo que da-
ra lugar a un eocuentrQ refii-
En El otro partido, el Ban-
tander lucbara para pasar al
primer puesto o empatar el co-
mando mie4ras que el Hispa-
no Jr., se empeftaria en obtener
los dos puntos para finalizar
con mejor puntusi6n.



mejores programs


Gran duelo se

espera en ia

Clase T'"
Los ejemplaes, de. ., .last
"C' se enfrentaran en el, even-
to estelar que se celebrarA esta
tarde en el Hip6dromo Naclo-
nal sobre unA distanrciq de 1400
metros y por un premlo de
La prueba se presepta -bas-
tante refilda ya que competirAn
ejemplares de la tall de Alto
Alegre, que esta atravesando
por magnificas condicione&. Ri-
ding East, que su triunfo de la
semana pasada Ia indica como
una de las favorites, Parag6n
que es uno de los contendores
de culdado, Chacabuco de par-
ticipar sera el gran favorite de
la carrera y pamhplet cuya Alti-
ma actuacion lo indica como
uno de los principles ejempla-
Como es de hotar la prueba
debe resultar blen refilda y no-
sotros escogemoz para ganar la
la yegua Riding East.
En otra de las .pruebas de la
funci6n hipica dominical se en-
frentarAn los ejemplares de la
clase "D" sobre un tiro de 1300
metros Competiran aqui: Che-
riberibin, Polvorazo, Marlscalito
Curaca, Mr. Foot, The Dauber,
Carmela II y Wild Wire.
He aqui nuestros pron6sticos:
En la primera carrera, Risita
y Tin Tan.
En la segunda carrera, Gol-
den Faith y Sixaola.
En la tercera carrera, Orito
y Plata y Raymond.
En la cuarta carrera, Tuira y
Aqui Estoy.
En la quinta carrera, Riding
East y Pamphlet.
En la sexta carrera The Bath
Road y Caribe.
En la septirnma carrera, Maris-
calito y Polvorazo.
En la octava carrera, Purple
Spray y Cotill6n.
En la novena carrera, Tetra-
vera y Baby Rol.
En la d6cima carrera, Pic6n
y D. D. T.
En la unddcima carrera, Black
Sambo y Golden Tip.

Mra exhibkl6an el

juevesel boeado

Eddie Burgin
El boxeador de color Eddie
Burgin dark una exhibition el
pr6ximo jueves en el Boxeo
Amateur aegun ha anunciado la
Comislon que rergia este de-
El program del pr6ximo jue-
ves es bastante atractivo y nue.
vamente se presentara el desta-
cado peleador Luls Samuels
quien se ha acreditado sus tries
ultimas victorias por nocaut.
He aqui el program:
Ruben Andrade vs L. Maynard
105 libras
Manuel Padilla vs 8. Haywood
147 libras
Alberto Tern vsA. Lawrence
118 libras
Luis Samuels vs Alberto Rios
147 libras
Beau Jack II -T Clifton Innis,
112 llbras
Luig Quisgara vs Stevin Perry
Manuel Portillo v 0. Caballero

, Verdaderamente


Proximamente en la
Red Panamericana

M "2 '

Mauricio vs. by en la alert ra y

despues jugaran D-764 y Pueto Rico.

El Lic. Roy lanzari la prira bola

Grand entusiasmo reins entire
los fanAticos locales por la
inauguraci6n del primer cam-
peonato de Volilbol qua se ini-
cla en nuestro medioi hoy en
la mafiana en la cancha de la
Piscina Olimpica.
Fste deported que desde hacia
much tiempo no se praqticaba
en nuestro medio a alcanando
en lob Altimos mess gran po-
pularldad y por lo cual ha des-
perthdo inusitado interes la a-
pertura el citado torneo.
Cihoo equipos participarAn en
esta liga y les tocara abrir los
fuegos a los conjuntWs: Maurl-
cio vs Sastreria Derby y Bateria
D-764 vs Puerto Rico.
El otro equipo participants es
el Deportivo Omphroy.
Distinguidas personalidades
de puestro mundo depot[vo
ha 'sido invitadas' a esta regia
intitguraci6n. El Lic. Manuel
Roy, Jefe del Departamento de
Educaci6n Fisica le tocari lan-
ar lia primers b0ol del *Juego
inaugural. ,
He aqui las n6minas 'e los
equipos participants:

Sastreria Derby:.
J. J. Saint Malo, Ricardo Va-
rela, Tomis McKay, Fernando
Lasso, Geraldo Lynch, Azael
Paredes, Victor Ortiz y Oscar
Puerto Rico:
Carmelo, Rivers, Victor Ger-
main, Victor VAequeit, Fellz Mar
tinez, Josa Martinez, Felix Mo-
rales, Matio Rivers, Francisco
GonzAlez, Fransco Feliciano,
Josd Rodriguez, Osvaldo Santos,
Jos e Santodomi go, William
Brindell (Managerr y- CAndido
Ramos (Coach).
Deportivo Omphroy
Elias Arrocha, Jaime Ayala,
Silvestre Brewster, Reginaldo
Matthews, Carlos Mezquita, Ra-
fael Mezquita,. Luis Narvaez,
Gaspar Omphroy, Earl Omph-
roy, Carlos Visuette, Norman
Williams y Ram6n Young.
Miguel Capriles, Jorge Soto,
Just Bprrios. William Sheo,
Ricardo Qule Jr Manuel Soto,
Mario de Obaldia y Stanley

EL OTRO FELLER. Bob Feller da una leccl6n a su peque-
fio hijo de enatro afios de edad de la forms como debe aga-
rrar el bate cuando se le lanza la bola. Las ensefianzas del
padre deben resultar muy buenas. Feller abhora mismo enca-
beza la list de los meJores lanzadores de esta temporada
con 18 Juegos ganados.

Anotadores y S. Bias se miden hoy en

el 2o. partido de la series de softball

Los anotadores y el San Blas
se miden esta tarde a las 2 en
el cuadro de Santa Rita en el
segundo partido de la series de
softball que estAn sosteniendo.
Los anotadores de beisbol ga-
naron el primer juego par 9 a
5. done, Toffito Gordon fu6 el

Por Luis Farrugia
Final: "Beorocal-Farrugia"
Blancas Negras
R 5 A R R 2 A R
C 3 D P 3 A R
C 4 A D P 5 C D
P 7 A D
NOTA:---Jegan las blancas
hacen tablas.
A los ejidrecistas de la cla-
ses "B" y "C" del Club de aje-
drez de la Sociedad Cubana de
Panama, dedicamos este intere-
sante final para que lo estudien
y manifiesten por escrito. por
que es te6ricamente tablas.
Los anAlisis se reeibiran has-
ta las 8 p.m. del dia 31 de este
mes y serAn sometidos a la
consideration de un Jurado
compuesto de 3 ajedrecistas de
la clase "A" del Club. El mejor
trabajo de acuerdo con el fall
de este jurado, sera premiado y
publicado en esta misma pagi-
na deportiva.

MONTIVIDEO, agosto -
(UP). Be agrv6 el confllc-
to del personal de 6mnibus de-
partakentales afectando ahora
a alzeaededr de 1,500 obreros. Al
paro se pleg6 el aindicato au-
t6nomo del 6intbus que se ha-
bia negado a cooperar con la
UOT --comunIsta--- en la huel-
ga declarada el dia domingo
por tiempo indeterminado.
Ahora el paro se ha extendi-
do en sefial de protest por el
laudo del consejo de salaries,
pues los obreros consideran que,
no ganan el alario minimo
existence en otras parties.

lanzador ganador, de manera
que si hoy vuelven a salir alro-
sos, se anexaran la competencia
Esto significa que los michis
necesitan ganar para nivelar
las acciones y mantener su op-
cl6n al torneo.
Ambos equipos han practica-
do satisfactoriamente y se espe-
ra un refildo cotejo.



1170 kilociclos





MusiCA N,

GORSEWOOD SIGUE DESTACANDOSB. Esta composlelon trifles tomada per naewtVOo.f.
t6grafo hiplco nos muestra lament las partida y la liegada do una de las preba loI--
pales de la funcl6n hiplea celebrada la semana pasada Arriba podemos notar 'a SaLdw4o
en el comandO cuando los caballo habian reeorrido 200 metros. Pero en lo finales ia pro-
sent6 como un ciel6n, el engreido del dtud Cantagallo, Gorsewood, y gan6 sobrado demos-
trando asi su gran elase. ,

RESIDA PRUEBA. En esta vista podepmos aprelar el final n e*I coal
Riding East, gauia.Pda Oatasio Iglesias, a Cheribeqibin y MariscaUto.

"-"-- ....'.. .. .... .'"-

me impo la yegua
*' .

UNA CARRERA DUDOOA Est s ee i final de la proebs que so calific6 dudoes y n Iactal
fu6 suspendldo injustgennte el caballo Microblo, canador de dicha carrera. Microbi, %one
se puede observer, se Imposo per an euerpo sobre Pamphlet qu Ileg6 segundO. En el tercer
lugar arribh Paragn. -

Inleresantes c IReflidos Juegos Presentara Hoy

La Liga.De Futbol De V. Hermosa
ESTADO DE LOS EQUIPOS ppr el Vista Hermosa -y "Ju-
Equipos J. G. E. P. Pt ventud. La present tempora-
Lord Chter ... 4 4 0 8 da esta resultando muy refid
Vista Hermosa 5 3 1 1 7 y se espera que en los finale
Juventud ........ 2 0 6 a lucha sea mAs emocionant%
Chileno. .4 2 1 1 5
Millonarios .....: 4 2 0 2 4 Los otros juegos de hoy es.
Eva Per6n 3 1 2 0 4 tarin a cargo de los equlpos
Cerveceria .... 3 1 1 1 3 Vista Hermosa vs Eva Per6rn
Lurad6 .......4 1 1 2 3 choque que promote alternate
Arsenal....... 1 1 3 3 vas muy interesantes: Orl6n vs
Ori6n.n 3 i 0 2 2 Millonarlos y Chileno vs Juven.
Ib rico .......... 0 1 2 1 tud
Parque Lefevre 5 0 0 5 0 a

El Lord Chesterfield se uga-
ra hoy su invicto en sla Liga de
Futbol de Vista Hermosa en el
partido que sostendrA contra, el
Arsenal i
Los cigarrllleros se mantienen
Invictos 'en 2sta just, seguldos

Pra Prt.espuesm
de Pintnra
S flame a
Vicet.. P.afpda
t4 -


Dep. Foche .......... 5
Dep. Centuria ..... 5
Abel Bravo ......... 4
Amazonas .......- 2
Panamia Sporting 0

Dos partidos que deberin re-
sulmtr refildisimos ofrece esta
tarde el Campeonato de lFtbol
menor de Col6n entire 16os con-
Abel Bravo vs Foche Arglielles
1.10 p.m.
Centuria vs Amazonu
2.30 p.m. .
El Foche defiende su invicto en
el primer puesto frente-al Abel
Bravo oue buscarb empatar el
primer lugat con sa rivales de
En el otro cotejo tenesoa que
el Centuria tratari de pu8ar M
puesto de honor o par Io me-
nos empatar esa eolocacl6n
mientras que el Amasoxtas lu-
chari para meaorar puntua-


1-TIN TAN' Futtltba
2-VOLADOR () Seaola
S--RTO y LATA (e Prot6n
4--OPIDN o ., ..,,TArs


E. P.Pje.
1 011
0, 1 10
1 2 9



oirece noy on ,vun

el futbol de segunda

Fitbol Menor de Col6n

" '.

~sm sarnmsr raa


_ ___~ ___


. 4'.



I i

. . . . . ... '--.

Tv W

li -- A.'


/ ~v~-

'4 %
PA45~A ~W







ltenas"ix a priitn de- ie I Utgas de veolibol
di'i i g U~Iuu isu de" Dana-m&.oI -me.sparUdos en l or
S A. eq0. d&isWf eul. do K tia k Heron vito-:
? 1 _.ect'.1,- a64O trsadlent, ..1a l.a_ de voliboil
*d Jon, t--mer_ sob-. Ita afteultad de Medic ina p r.
I a, l~l .15 at 11. Mientra sue en basketball, mna-
.im. a aoi Faquad de AdmininLstracl6n Publica

SCarpio cruze d Canal d la

Saha mediante gran esfuerzo
'b.VER, Agosto' 19 (UP) tuvo entire los nadadores quc 1-
.DaawCrplio .del peru fue ob- ban a la cabeza hasta llegar
-~6' lA-un- d.tdo ajlauso cuan- a la costa britanica.
.t-0f tedFogg tijo tJAspodrh cx-
As spr urode nt o B 700qu cu- plicarme como pudo mantener-
nel sIao d MancA q n c se nadan-lo tanto tempo, le-
I zoch el-i vI*nesa enIanma(A- ro l1eg6 '6a punt6 dclsivo de h1
tr iorga'nhiad v '~Pr el Daily competencia exactamente couio
9._ayo habiamos prayectado. Esta-
w4. -. ba- a pocos metros .detras c.l '
Ia 'amilgos de Carpio dicen francs Rover le Morvan, que
qW ^ aplauscale fu tributa- iba a la cabeza en ese momen-
mOk% el'grap valoti deinostt'a- to y junto a los egipclos. Ha- MAUL 1NFANTIL. -- Mi
dueir el nadator perUano en biamos proyectado que Carplo; de Brooklyn, ensefia a los peq
lai apce h la competeolcla. debido a asu gran vigor para C'er- Unidos. la form como debeni
C p 'sufr la dlstensi6n dal minar podria en un esfuerzo fi- pervisor del Programa de Acti
eWw del echo durante les. nal ganar un cuarto de nulla Infantil de Baseball especial 1
pArctas cuando ae "preparaba e. distancia a los demis corn tear la bola y su colocaci6n e
pay4m.a competencia ,y sufria petidores. Pero cast perdio el
fu ijtge olores.antes de corea- c9nocimlento debido a dolcr
sr 4'.crtuzar el Canal. Su en- que sufria cuando trat6 de a-
ttftd r om ogg dijo qui, e cer un esfuerzo mayor.n r n A r
do4& b]hzqo. extremadarcnte Comprendia entonces que se oIWI r
l I Y que Carplo tuvo qse ilequrriria cast un milagro. ;.-
Id. epaida durante cier- ra legar a. la Costa Britiancr.
*. 1 0t't i kias tarde que pudo na- personas que iban- eh nuestro
t dor an nu etllo natural. Autes bote rogaron a Carpto que se
*. de la tempetenela se conldera- ettrara de la competencia pcro
ba. que et peruano podia jorv- el. peruano convendldo de que
< pandfr '.on uh grann trfunfo. se' ttataba del honor de su pa- IIn vJ0
C on pi'rtos do natacl6n iqele tria', rehus6 darse por vencico
vh'id a4nte el period de Yd llore, cuando le -vi llegar a LIGA AMERICANA
p t5 4Ieton tue ganaria la la eLtrtda de la Battia de Do- Cleveland ....... 73 42 .635
Ai .Q, pot lo menos: ter- Ver. Daniel hacia esfuerzos he- New York ......... 4Z .Ua
a ketrd on tres primeros.. holcos en la lula contra la x-Boston ......... 68 46 .59(
Z^Dpio .Carplo favorite a4ui marea y solo podia valerse de Chicago ......... 63 52 .W5
,O.;' mu moa6estia, admi6 un brazo. Pero logr6 10 que s Det ....... **...53 60 69
"un poco de suerte" -c- proponia". X-.W5hnhton ... 47 66 .41
i 11na buena lucha alos Carpio estab muy deprimido Flad illa ......... 45 73 .381
'A p nadelc grand do- y .dtm bia desea l taut$ San Luis ........ 36 77 .319
I que sufria Carpio se man- triunfar por el Pers,". Jfeios de Hoy
S, ,:' ,.- ;. ', 0. Flydelfia en Ney York.
cofian n que la nueva Comiion Cleveland en Chicago (2)
Na od i dir una provechosa labor etroit n an Luis (2).
_roveh aResutados db Ayer
-- o -- Detroit 202 301 100--9 12 5
San Luis 003 501 llx-20 18 1
-4~; or A. CRUZ- nimidad fue rechazado por to- Stuart White (1-4), Boroway
dos los ciclistas y por los miem- Hutchinson y Ginsberg. Sand-
bebido a los esfuerzos desple- bros de la comision present, ford.
g dos por varlos cielistas de la por no ser satisfactorio para los Mahoney (2-2) Paige,, (8) y
Liudad capteat conio de la clu- intereaes de los ciclistas y ade- Batts,.
dad de Colon, el. ftor Direc- r as por ser contra producente.
tor Oeneral de Bducaci6n' P%-- E] senior Director de iEducacion Cleveland 111 000 040-7 17 1
ct, Lie. Manuel Roy, nombr6 tn Fisica, Lic. M-anuel Roy, tarn- Chicago 000 000 000-0 3 3
comizJn national de cicllamno, bidn manifesto que no conviene Lemon (14-9) y Hegan. Hol-
gIf.e qued6 intrada por los desde ningu. puntc de Vista combe (8-9), Dorish y Sheely.
ftilntea tabllieros: Herbert que, los Club eleven en los su-
Dvenport, Clifford Bolt, Noel cesivos nombres de personas, Filadelfia 000 100 000--1 4 0
Bll,' Mianuel Fernindez y An- por el echo de que aparentan New York 000 030 llx-5 9 0
tobiio DamlAn, Neville Olttena, ser protesionales, segin mani- Kellner (7-12), Scheib y Tip-
Osvaldo SAnchez, todos ellos fest6 tambidn el sefior Cliffort ton,, Astroth. Raschi (17-7) y
ampliamente. conocidos en el Bold. Berra.
sector dportivo a excepcl6n de _
Ids seflores davenport, Fernan- En esta reuni6n se decidi6 Boston y Washington (N).
deg, SAnchez.y 'amlin, los de- Que el pr6ximo martes se reun- y ngn
mIa'Seflores fueron reelegidos y ran nuevamente en el mismo LIGA NACIONAL /
espertamoo que con la nueva klgar y a la misma hora con el x-Brooklyn ...... 73 40 .464
sagtre que se ha inyeetado a fin de elegir dignatarios, para x-Ncw York ..... 66 51 .564
esta comisifn, produzea frutos asi encauzar por nuevos sende- x-Filadelfia ......57 58 .496
anos para en d6e lo; mucha- ros el deport de los pedales San Luis.......... 54 56 .491
chos pedalista's que dia a dia con mira a establecer el triun- x-Boston ......... 53 58 .47
va 'tomando ambiente en todo fo en las pr6ximas olimpiadas. Cincinatti ......... 53 61 .
el pas-. Queriendo saber nosotros la Chicago 51 61 .455
Cola mira a una platica emi- opinion del senior Presidente *Pittsburgh ....... 47 69 .405
3ie6itemente deportiva, la nueva Cliffort Bold, cual era su modo x-Juegos nocturnos no estan
comist6If se reuni6 e eni Estadio de pensar acerca de los miem- incluidos.
Nacloal el dia 15 de Agosto, en bros recien nombrados por el
l-d0tde asistieron destacados ci- departamento d e Educaci6n, Juegos de Hoy
clihtas como los aeflores Luis contest que no veia ninguna Brooklyn on Boston.
(Chino) Williams e Hijos, Pe- objecl6n, ya que su interes es New York en Filadelfia
dro Reyes Jr Beraldo Garcia, trabajar en favor dei deported y Chicago en Pittsburgh (2)
Emilio GonzAiez, y otros cuyo que consider que los nuevos San Luis en Cincinatti (2)
helmbre se nos escapan de la miembros se lo merecen por ser
mnente. personas trabajadoras, caballe- Resultados de Ayer
ros y apaos para former parole Chicago 405 001 001-11 15 0
'n esta reunion informal se de la comisi6n Pittsburgh 000 040 010-5 10 0
Ueg6 a tratar sonheramente va- Kelly 4-1). Leonard y Owen.
rios puntos, entire ellos de que Nosotro. los oiclistas, espera- Pollet. (4-10) Walsh, Werle,
se pliensa establecer un veo6- n.os que la nueva colisi6n Wilks y Garagiola.
droaio movible para las pr6xi- cumpla su cometido para que
tht -olimpiadas que van efec- el deportL de los pedales logre San Luis 000 000 000-0 6 0
tuare ',en el pals, pero por una- un puesto de avanzada. Cincinatti 100 000 00x-1 7 1

BAU8. ft atleta frame C ean el amu- Mna seeleate s e
Wt @ftr I aedrs a' tesnk asteu nfrsaeem y brittides. .racs
S- -- -.--. .-
-~ ..~, d

ckey PMcConnell, qulen fu6 ttairthde los "seouto6e de los Dodgers
efthop jugadores de Ia Liga lmfantil de Baseball de los Estados
eager el bate para conectar u -bunt. MeConhlU es ahora sn-
vidades de los J6venes de Estad o Unidos, el cusrincluye la Liga
para muchacnos de 9 a 12 aios. Los ninios aprenden asi a ba-
en el plato para una mayor efectividad.

Se fund Ia asocaci6n de anoladores de

beisbol con Jorgedel Cid como president
Los alumnos del Curdo para Vocales, Rafl E. Figueroa
anotadores de Baseball, en su Guillermo koila.
pooposito de continuar activos
mejorar sus conocimientoe y Como Presidente Honoralo se
cooperar en forma efectiva-con nombro al destacado deportista
este deported, resolvieron fundar y Profesor del Curso, senor Gri-
la Asociacion de Anotadores de maldo
Baseball, quedando constituida Igualmente se nombro una
la Direcviva Provisional eon los Comision de Estatutos compues-
siguientes deportistas: ta po Raul Figueroa, Antonio
Gordon Jr., Carlos Durant, Sa-
Presidente, Jorge del Cid maniego y Andres Ureria; esta
VicePresidente Julio Marti- comisidn se reunir el proximo
nlez P. martes en la noche.
Tesorero Santiago Cajar. | La proxima reunin de la Aso-
Seeretario Actas Jose 1. Agli- |lacion oendra lugar el mierco-
'jir. les en Ia noche en laI escuela
Placal Liberato Saavedra,. .Manutel Hurtado.

Arbiros de reconoc categoria han sido
contratados para actuar en el 11 torneo
Centroamericano de basketball en Guatemala

GUATEMALA, Agosto 18-El
Comit6 Organizador del 11
Campeonato Centro-americano
de Baloncest esta laborando
activamente para ofrecer este
certamen internacionaf en for-
ma lucida y satisfactoria.
Para que los arbitrajes del
certamen sean una garantia
para las Delegaciones de paises
hermanos que concurran, el Co-
mitd Organizador ha contrata-
do los servicios de cuatro mag-
nificos Jueces de reconocida
categoria y Miembro de la Aso-
ciaci6n de Basquetbol de la
Uni6n Atlitica Amateur de los
Estados Unidos de Norteameri-
ca; son ellos los sefiores: Vin-
cent de P. Farrel, de Newark,
Ohio; Hickman B. Duncan, de
Nashville, Tennessee y Paul M.
Scott y Leo Schults de Moline,
Illinois; este iltimo ya bastan-
te conocido por haber visitado
los paises Centroamericanos en
compafiia del conjunto femeni-
no "Stenos".
Como pelota Oficial se ha a-
doptado la "Wilason" Top Notch
Los trofeos para los equipos
Campeones y Subcampeones de

Tendri reunl6n el 21

la 'ARD' de Panama
La Asociacion de Redactores
Deportivos de Panama reanuda-
ra sus reuniones semanales pa-
ra cooperar mas efectivamente
con las distintas actividades de-
portivas, considerahdo los im-
portantes compromises q u e
Panama tiene pendientes.

cada rama (Femenil y Varonil)
y para los Campeones del con-
curso de Tiros Libres, anexo,
fueron pedidos a Belgica.
Las Insignias, Distintivos, Me-
dallas y Plaquetas conmemora-
tivas han sido suministradas
por la Casa Huguenin Freres,
de Suiza, y asimismo ya han sl-
do ordenados en alta lttografia,
los Diplomas de partlcipaci6n
para todos los asistentes (dele-
gados, Entrenadores, Competi-
dores, etc.)


tiene los
mejores programs
atal~fte He Wita

para las
Como que es la

En esta forma, la "ARD" de
Panama tendrA una sesiol el
martes a las 7 y 30 de la noche
en la redaccidn de este periodico
y se encarece a todos los miem-
bros tomen nota de esta cita-
ci6n parsa ue asistan sin fal-
ta y se puedan tratar los Wva-
rios e importantes asuntos que
se presentarAn.

mals-reu y uasiM'dlad.
Las Pildoras del Dr. Ch.b e
se han usado con gran 6xite du
rante mis de tree generacionwe
1i pars corregir el estrefirniento y
pr os dearre*reglos de los riiones y el
higado. Purifican la sangre y co.
rre la funciones de los primes
pa1w 6rganos.

"'" *** -D' a w o n o d s In s a r= f
?:' A .: ."-D."; A.,sa.d. u- =/ .J


*k- e trsita ri 0* -L 0

I I _

CARTA HOY Es el de Dobles yjuegan las parea
Maduro -,Fisher vs. Hearn Hampton

CiOLO N EN SE El Torneo de Dobles de Tenis las parejas que terminen ep el
Sse inica hoy a las 9 de la ma- segundo y tercer puestos para'
E* -* flana en lacancha de la, Pisci- los jugadores destacados, a la
na Olimpica con el partido en- pareja que realice el mejor par-
tl e las parejas tido, etc.
G. Maduro-M. Fisher El Torneo continuara rpaiana
p sido d a bo ._w -vs- lunes a las 4 y 30 de Ia taxde
Dd O 0W. Hearn-Cap. Hampton en el mismo lugar con el juego
pefidw do anIsa Esta comentada y esperada J. Pinilla-B. Hele vs R. Gard-L,
S cormpetencia de doubles promote LaMotta.
en Ia usla o a, resultar muy Interesante, con
a a juegos refidos y movidos, ya El encuentro del martes esta-
El Campeonatulo Ftbol Ma- oque estan inscritos los mejores a a cargo de: M. Pereira-V.
El Campeonato del tol Ma- Jugadores d esta actlvidad, Pascual vs C. Guardia-G. chayy
yor colonensetiene para esta ormando parejas que deberan El migrcoles chocaran las pare-
tarde el partido entire los once- render actuaciones lucidas. jas, G. Midence-Ardelll vs C.
nos Deportivo Ferls y Dosman 'Un total de trece parejas se Omphrqy-E. Omphroy.
a las 4 p.m. n el Estadio de han inscrito para disputarse el Las otras pareJas Inscritas en
ln smn a t- ello trofeo Spaulding; ademas a competencia son: G. Motta-
El Dosman ya tin sgura- a Comisi6n Naclonal de Tenis, ILt. Luke, K. Young-Chadwick,
radio el titulo, pero Ia lucha a cuy o cargo se encuentra esta D. Halman-. Pinate. H. Willis
continue por )a dispute del sub just, ha consegui2 o various pre-rA Dclvalle y F. Hladcy-H.
Campeonato, y el juego tiene m ios de casas comerciales, patra'Spaulding.
gran importancia para el Feris,
donde el triunfo le mejorara
enormemente la opcl6n para res i r dent
lograr el segundo puesto.
El Campeonato inaliza con rese te
dos partdo mm d y lea tocara
jugar al Ferls y San Roque el -
26 de Agosto, y el iltimo cho- n Em ic Cuerio
que correr a cargo del Dosman lDipa co
r. Griso se impuso sorpresiva- sd; mas atas Gordewood se
mente en el clasico 'Cuerpo Di- mantenia a la expectativa. Asl
as f cnod de tlu. plomatico" celebrado ayer en el transcurrIo today Ia carrera has-
co Kll Fl61 Club Hipodromo Nacional sobre una ta Ia curva de la milla para
Sdistancia de 2.100 metros y por entrar a Ia tlerra.derecha cuan-
M 0CA!I Sw Dlas un premlo de B.2.000. do Grisi ataco con energias al
Dep. oc I n El exemplar del Stud All Ba- punter y asum el co ndo
SbA poco cotizado en las apues- ara abrir tres cuerpos de, ven-
umerosos deportistas de San tas aprovech5 una buena par- taja y se puede decir que. desde
tiro d ta da y el bajo peso que cargo ese moento galoo hasta el
nPas se han agrupados yian sobre sus lomos para ganar es- tronfo, Sandwood ocub6 la se-
fundado el Club Deportivo So- ta prueba clasica en honor dellgunda colocacion, Gonrewood
cial San Blas con el propusito Honorable Cuerpo Diplonimatico terccro, mientras que Dictador
de mejorar sus actividades en acreditado en nuestro pais. el gran favorlto ocupD el .'cuar-
estos aspects. Gri part en Ia segunda to lugar.
Como Presldente de la nueva colocacl6n gulado por el jinet Grisu pag6 a vapador: Ia. su-
asoclaclon fu6 nombrado el en- Emilio Dario, Sandwood tom6 el ma de B.l.4Lv. y la quinielA. con
tusiasta y conocido deportista commando desde la salida y abriJ Sandwood reparti6 la sUim de
Hortacio Kelly Fil6s. un cuerpo de ventaja sobre Gri- B.145.40. ,
Un extenso e interesante plan ...
de trabajo han proyectado e.-
tos entustdstas "machis" cuy R dPa
labor tendrA que resultar enPanamericana
positive provecho para su co- R P .a a
El San Bias tiene hoy dos
compromises, uno de softbll he l+b
en el cuadro de Santa Rita
frente a los Anotadores de bcis-
bol y el otro en el cuadro per
Fort Kobbe contra los Diablos mej 'Ores pylogramal QG
de San Francisco de la Caleta, ,
ambos a las 2 de la tarde. r -o 7 .

_ __



i)om slticos -
SE NECESITA:-i2na empleodo paro
cocinar. Avenida Chile No. 16, al-
SE NECESITA:-EmoDeado paro cfi-
cios domnc:ticos. Debe tender rfe-
rencios y dormir en lo cosa. 1 12
Via Espaia.

Arlicuilos d( Casa
SE VENDE -Juego de sola de bam-
boo luego comedor cacba, radio,
larrparcs, allomhrc y vyor or-

SE VENDEN:-Clavos, tuberie negra,
ecero econaledo, Fix-Tax (cort6n
isledor pore cileslo roses) made-
res, lovamenos, excusadoe, etc. a
too precious mis bojes on plaza.
iA., Ilelando a Juan France. Tel.

SE VENDE:-En Aguodulce, sal re-
finada, blanco, tres centesimos li-
bra, empacada sacos de ochento a
cien libras, Solicitela Braulio Co-


Bienes Raices
CIA. DI LEFEVRE T.I. 2.-3332
Pego iniceal minimo B.I00.00
Measual B.15.00
* Lotes con Calle4 y Acueductos de
la Ciudad desde B.1.00 el metro.
0 Alquilomcs equipo pesado para
mcvimiento de tierra.
* Alqudlarros lotes a largos p4ozos.
* Club de lotes. B.3.00 y 8.4.00
Lets de 730 M2 en "El Cangrejo".
Sector poblado y cerca a Via Es-
paio. Oportunidad. B.5,500.00.
ROBERTO MIRO 2-3231-2-1215

ticulos de caso, Llcme Carr 14-01- Cascs VENDE--Restaurante "Car, Dia
A, Balboao aS SE VENDE:-Restourante "Cafe Dia
y- Noche" calle 25 Este No. 1,
SE ALQU A ALQUILA:-Chalet dedos rec- por informes en el mismo restau-
SA Q UILA moras en la irtersecc;on de lo rnto
Carretera de Pueblo Nuevo y la Ca- _--
Locales .rretera Boyd-Roosevelt, casa 4036. SE VENDE:-Directamentee, sin. in-
....-. por B.70.00. Ocurro a Quijano, termediario, espacioso y elegant
SE Al.QUILA:-Locol parn oficina Coale 8a. No. 15. residericio de 4 recimaros, 2'ser-
Arribo del Teatro Central. -- -- violas sonitorios. 2 porches, solo,
SE ALQUILA:--Cholet recien cons- comedor, cocina, pantry, patio in-
CLINICA. equipodo. oaltos Formarn truido, consta de dos recimarasI o de maicos, corredores,
Salczar. co'le 1t Oeste No. 28 sale. comedor, cocino, lovanderia, rt dempleado con su servi-
Pan :rn, garage, dos porches y dos servicios oarto de empleada c Tervi-r
sonitorios. Urbanizaci6n el S. A. cio, avoderos y garage. Terreno
SE ALOUILA:--A porter del 1o. de Sa. corretr San Franiz cisco.1 Par 500 M2 en esquina, frente al Co-
Sptembre d locaes por o- oreea SanFrancisco 1 legio Maria Inmaculada, cerca de
ci: os en to- a!tos de la Cia. Cli- -- comisariatos, botica, iglesia, hos-
rrntizadora ol lado de Villanuevo SE ALQUILA:-Cosa residential am- pitoles, parade de buses. Ultimo
y Teleira Cio. Ltdo Colle 15 Es- p!ia y fresco con jardin, 3 precio B.30.000. Tiene hipoteca
te Nc. 2. Tel 2-0540. ras, soloa, comedor, oficina, goro- de B.10.000. Avenida Justo Aro-
S ALQUILA:-- ge, cuarto para empleado, patio semeno No. 79 y Colle 41. Soli-
SE ALQUILA:- gronde. A dos cuadras de Cristol cite informes en la mismo coso.
Lce-l paro oficina -eqocmo y apor- Rey. del Hospital Santo Tomas yi-- -
timcnto de dC s reclmaras en el de la escuelo Maria Inmoculdao.
Edificio Ctilla lOro, at ldo Avenida Cuba No. 73. Informes llo-Magalanes
ci-l holel C1 Pnomnm Miguel Hives, telefono 3-2145 yI v vbU l
ROBERTO MIRO 2-3231--2-1215 2-0159u H
o oSECOMPRA 2-0159AQ A es el gran juego0 del
SSE ALQUILA fbo chileno oy
SE COMPRA--Motor Drsel en coal- 6bol chilen\ h\
qu er ccndici 6n. cualqu er rcba- Clt arts
I1- de fuer-ra do -4 a 120. 2-2367 ___________ SANTIAGO DE CHILE, Agosto
Zono del Caonal. desouds 4 p. n. SE ALQUILA:-Cuarto para hombre19 r G. A. Rolla Jr.
S-- solo Tel. 2-2376. Colle 5a 30Otro e los randes artidos
SE COMPRA:-Un camni6n do astocas 6utimo piso. Precio B.12.50. tl olo g pronesonal hileno
d qudos tonelods dt en buenos condi- tiene hoy con el comentado es-
1c4s prqu ferible mabu ca F.od M ISCELANEA nerado coteJo entire los fuertes
cL', pre.feribleon. 2-2040 de ELANEA y populares conjuntos Colo Colo
a,. E. *a re|fone 2-2040 d 8 ...o._ e ,y Magallanes en el Estadio Na-
ERNARDG, Sal6n de Bellezo, edi- clonal.
ficio Castilla del Oro, al lodo Ho- Esto dos oncenos han exten-
tel El Panami. Telifono 3-4740. dido su nombre y fama por to-
rea a una --do el continent americano y
Cupas, Jefe General de Propa- La popular REVISTA PARA TI que Europeo, especialmente el Colo
gancia de la comi.ion de Defen- pr falto de papel no se recibia Colo, y estan considerados co-
ga de civil a i e Defen- en contidad suficiente poro sotis- mo sol6das columns del balom-
La Patrulla Adrea Civil, ten- facer la gra demand, ahora se pie chileno donde han realiza-
dra otra important reunion el puede obtener sin dificultad en do campafias, ademas que Le
pr6ximo sabado 25 de los co- cualquier puesto de revistas de to- encuentran entire los mas popu-
rrientes a las seis 16) de la ta'-> do lI Reotblica. La REVISTA lares de esta actividad.
de en el Aeropuerto de Paitilla. "CARTELES" esta o la venta nue- Este juego entire Colo Colo y
reunion a la cual se invita a vomente a 8 20 en todos los pues- Magallanes es otro de los Cla-
todos los pilots que quieran tos de Revistas de to Republico. sicos del ffitbol chileno, y por
ser miembros de la Patrulla Adquiirald hoy rnismo al nuevo el entusiasmo e interest que es
Area Civil Panamefia. Drecio rebajado. visible en la ciudad, se espera
o___ --- tro lleno complete en el Esta-
Educaci6n asigna ra de Chorcha. di._
u ign Aleida Elvira Mufioz, para la
gua. escuela de Battin. ipara la escuela de El Cacao.
Otilia Maria Lezcano, para la
Provincia Escolar de Code escuela de El Paraiso. Provincia Escolar de Veraguas
Hermel Fernandez S., para Daisy Franceschi, para la es- Raimunda Valderrama L.,pa-
la escuela de San Miguel. cuela Antonio Jose de Sucre, ra la escuela de La Peana.
Angelica Maria Soberon D., en reemplazo de Beatriz J. de Ofelina Gonzalez, para la es-
para la escuela de Las Barre- Ureta. cuela Isauro J. Carrizo.
taF. Aleida Garcia R., para la
Josefa Eneida Guevara Rive- Vilma Bianco, para la escue- scuela Pedro Arrocha G.
ra. para la escuela de Las Ba- la de Chiriqui. Martha Gonzalez, para la es-
rretas. Elisa Isabel Bouche Q., para cuela de La Pefia.
Otilda Maria RodrigueZ. pa- la escuela de Bajo Boquete. Aida L. de Fabrega. para la
ra la esci-ela de El Chirtf. Clara Serrano, para la es- escuela de Quebrada Honda.
Eugenic Gonzale,. para la cuela de Santa Maria. Rafael Serrano. para la es-
escuela de Ola. Sofia Vasque7, para la es- cuela de Pedernal.
Carmen J. de Rudy. para la Icuela de Solano. Aida Mercedes Avila, para la
escula de Rio Grande. I escuela de La Mesa.
-d R Provincia Escolar de Herrera Ricardo J. Bermudez.
Provincia Escolar de Colon PCarmen D. de Bravo, para la El Srio. del Ministerio,
Temistocles Henriuez. para escuela de Las Palmas. en re- Carlos Ivan Zufiga

,a........- u i mau I emaulao ode Jacta Rosa Val-
Gloria Burke, para la es- des .
euela de San VicentedePauol. ..
cuElba d Vicente de Paul. Anastasia Aurora Mitre, para
Elba Judith Avara. para Ia escuela de La Pitaleza.
escuela de Puerto Piln. Yolanda Rosas. para la es-
Provincia Escolar de Chiriqui Hasteia Caastillero, para la
Juan Rafil de! Valle. para escuela de El Limon.
maeFtro de Educacion Fisica en
la escuela de La Pitaloza.
ere. Provincia Escolar de
Delmira C. de Hurtado. para Los Santos
CI escuela de Doleauita. Nirolis Pimentel V.. para la
Conrepci6n J. de Delgado, escuela de Rio Viejo.
Para la escuela de Orilla del ---
Nelcy Guerra de Pitti. pri, Provincia Escolar de Panam*
la escuela de Capacho. Paula Ramos, para la escue-
Berta Tulia Morales A.. para la Cerro de Cama.
la rcueja de Gariche. Felicidad A. Dominguez Alba,
Sccorro Maria Sanuur. para para maestra de Ingles en la
la cuoela de La Union. escuela Simon Bolivar.
Cr' tobal Sanche. para la Jilma A. de Leon, para maes-
escU::-, de Horconcitos. tra de Ingles en la escuela
A' iles Vasouez. nara la es- Reoublica de El Salvador No. 1.
cuel de Rio Sereno I Enriqueta de Castillo, para
Ev a Dalys Cabrera. para la la escuela de La Campana.
ascuPla de Plan de la Gale- Judith E. Salom6n Victoria.
^ --"~-^ '^- -- *^ -- *^- .i *^ -


"Simpson Board"

4'x8' B 1.92 hoja



Calle "M" Final
Tel. 2-2121


J erdaderamente


Proximamente en la
Red Panamericana

U Presupuestos de
Casa Muller, Cuarto 18
Ave. Central. Tel. 2-2672

Piensa construir o

reparar su casa1.

Nosotros Ie facilita-
remos los mejores

Materiales de


Pinturas de

y todo lo que Ud.
necesite para su


SE ALQUILA:-Apartomento fresco,
muy cintrico, dos recimaras, solo,
comedor ,balc6n, Ave. Peru, as-
quino 36 Este No. I .
ALQUILASE:-Apartamento dos re-
camoras, solo-comedor, limpio, c6-
modos, coso nuevo, calle 32 Este
No. 33-A, por 8.70. Llome teli-
fono 2-1456.
ALQUILASE:-Apartomento dos re-
camoras, sala, comedor, 'tinas la-
var, limpio, etc., casa momposte-
rio. Colle 9a. No. 17, por B.60.00.
Llame telefono 2-1456.
SE ALQUILA:!--Moderno oportamen-
to de dos recimaras, solo-come-
dor, garage, etc. por B.90.00 en
los altos de la casa No. 15 de la
calle la. Perejil y otro en los ba-
jos de la mismo caso de'una recak-
mora por B.60.00. Ocurro-a Qui-
jano. Calle 80. No. 15.
SE ALQUILA-Primer piso arriba del

SE ALQUILA:-Moderno epartomen-
to ce dos recAmoras, sala-come-
dor, tuarto de empleado y garage,
en los altos de la casa No. 38 de
to calle 51 Este. B.85.00 mensua-
les. Ocurra a Quijano. Calle 80.
No. 15.

SE NECESITA:-Para los pr6ximos
dos aocs. Casa ce 2 rec-moras,
preferable sin muebles, buena ve-
cindad. 4 norteamericanos adults.
Llame ol telefono 5197, Curundc.

5 tonelodos, modelo 1947. exce-
lentes condiciones; I GMC 2 1-2
toneladas, tipo armado, 10 ru**
dos. models 1942; I Internioe-
nol. 2 1-2 toneladas model 1947
chassis largo; 1 Internacional 2
1-2 toneladas, model 1947 chas-
sis carto I Mack, 5 tonelodds,
model 1947, excelentes condicio-
nes. Solicitor informes Itamondo
al telifono 2-0610.

El parldo comunista

puede quedar fuera

de ley en Alemania
BONN, Agosto 18 (UP)-Un
portavoz oticial dijo que es po-
sible que el Partido Comunista
sea prohibido en Alemania Oc-
cidental como resultado de las
amenazas expresadas por los li-
deres comunistas durante el
festival de las juventudes rojas
en Berlin.
El portavoz dijo que los lide-
res del Gobierno estan estu-
diando la conveniencia de dicha
prohiblcion despues del discur-
so pronunclado por el jefe co-
munista Walter Ulbricht, quien
exhorto a las juventudes rojas
a que prepare planes de sabGo-
taje contra los planes de rear-
me alemin. Begun el porta-
voz, el citado discurso pone de
relieve la amenaza que repre-
senta para Alemania Occidental
el pequefio pero sumamente pe-
ligroso Partido Comunista Ale-
En otras fuentes se serial6.
sin embargo, que el partido no
puede prohibirse hasta que se
establezca un tribunal constitu-
cional en Alemania Occidental.
Los jueces para dicho tribunal
posiblemente sean nombrados

Los rojos entrenan
paracoidistas para
luchas contra "NU"



Mantenemos unt venta de
ganga de articulos sobre exis-
tencia donde las MEJORES
PINTURAB se venden a los
mas bajos Dreclos.
Por que no anorrar dinero
comprando lu mejor?

Ave. Central 279.
Tel. 3-0140.


en todos tamaios


Aceite de Linaza


Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tels. 2-3335 y 2-2988
"Vendemos barato.
para vender mis"

Tenemos exactamente el
VIDRIO que Ud. necesita!
Fabrica de Espejos

Calle 16 Este #4 Tel. 2-2600

Alambre de Bronce
para mosquitos

SMachetes Collins

Clavos de Zinc
de 2"

Platos de Carton

Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48

de MIAMI en vidrio,
madera aluminio.
l Rieles de abrlr
cerrar par par
para vitrinas.
La nueva
a precios
bien bajos.

R. A. COWES y Cia.
Tel. 2-0756 Ave. Cuba No. 67

Persianas Venecianas LUX
a B/. 9.50

WASHINGTON, agosto 18.- 19 M enerales.
El servicio de investigation mi- Industrias
litar norteamericano ha sabido IIanamericanas
que los comunistas coreanos es- anamericaus
tan siendo reforzados con pa- E Calle 29 E. #22
racaidistas chinos entrenados Tel 3-1713
por los rusos.
El entrenamiento se lleva a Se da information
calo en Kalfeng en la provin- rS e & infOriCioB
cia de Honan, bajo la direc- cl6n beneflciara al mayor nd-
cion .de oficiales rusos. mero de alumnos possible pero
Se sabe que ya han Ilegado a tenemos que ceflirnos a las dis-
Corea los primeros dos mil de posiciones de la UNICEF que
esos paracaidistas, que han sido recomienda dar no menos d e
incorporados a las fuerzas "vo- una onza al dia a cada nfio
luntarias" chinas. de ese grupo limitado y que
Mientras tanto, las autorida- no permit dar los products
des militares norteamericanas mencionados a personas alsla-
han dictado medidas para apre- das sino a grupos de estu-
surar el entrenamlento de los diantes a los cuales se les pue-
reclutas, debido especialmente a da hacer un studio.
que se esta enviando a los Es- En nuestras bodegas tenemos
tados Unidos un gran numero apenas el numero de barriled
de veterans. de leche que necesitamos para
Los funcionarios del Penta- el afo escolar en curso. Apro-
gono sefialan que la experlen- vechamos pues, eOha ocad6n
cia adquirida por 6stos en Co- para recomendar a los direc-
rea es muy vallosa y que mien- torea que al hacer la reparti-
irat mis veterans puedan ci6n no den menos do una
traerse a los Es ados Unidos, oana de- d t10a y 113 de oca de
mais ripidamente podri realt- margarine a' cada alumno.
zarse ei entrenamlento de oos Jefe del Pro de Allmeftuelis
nuevos aliados., A U t aUs *use

Hoy se Inaugura

Ia Urbanlzaci6n de

Juan Wiaz No. 1
Roy domingo a las nueve
de la mal,=iana, sera la inaugu-
raci6n official dI la Urbaniza-
ci6n de Juan DiMaa No. 1, qup
adelafita el Banco de Urbaniza-
cl6n y, RehAbflltacltn. A eate*
acto concurrrit el Excelentisl-
mo sefter Presidente de la Re-
puiblic, el. Minlstro de Pre-
visi6n Social y Salud Pfiblica,
el Gerente del fanco de Ur-
banizaciui y el Ilustrishmo
Arzobispo de Panama, quien
bendecirn la nmieva urbanlza-
El sigulent6 ei el program
1-Pleza musical por la Banda
t ^ ..l14~j-


.. ... .. ..AGO O 191,

No se present ut idforme

official so re at aUdiCIa

en elcaso dicr.LMa cAzt

WASHINGTON, Agostq 18 .
(UPM La Comisf6t del S eia- e' t
do que Investigo la destituelon cdal. =1i
del General Douglag MacArthur poditl K
de nsu cargo en el attremo -*
riente decidi6, por l ~voto do- rat I
tra 3. abtenerse de preMntar at t u la, .
informed official aobre 14 ati- po d
dienclas que celebr6 por eatiniat. Moar ia
que ello 61lo servria para "rea- me eon! L. u
uida, la acre controverao", duxamit a P tsI
Al President de la Comisln;. ber .dtd= IN
Richard Ruuaell, dujo quo ads- por su p
ma stemia qu .. ..ualquler -n ora- Orient,...y I d

m enuome berspoUuj av i e Iweque ata
2-Discurso del Ministro do tar lax negoelaciones de Corea clusions, a qe l1
Trabaj0, Previsi6n Social y A4- yla firms del tratado de paz ria" en Ia audien
lud Pufiblica, Ing. JUan de Are con el Jap6n. das. '"
3--Inauguracl6n Oficial de t
Urbanitac por el seflor P r-
sidente de la Republica, Exce- La ta lntA ran ei
lentislmo Aleibiadea Arosemena. J u t a Ili r lI c
4-Bendicl6n de la Urbani- .
zaclOn per el lustristmo Arzo- ia :.L
bispo de Panama. Defense re i con
5-Palabras de agradecimlen- I AO e
to por el Gerente del BUR.
6-Pieza de musica.
7-Brindia a los invitados al UIa proposic n e e
actor y colocaci6n de Ice tagf
individuals por las. emplea- Se trata de la que sugeri la unificaii
das del Banco de Urbanizacl6n. U gea a u isu
8-Himno Nacionai. Fuerzas Armadas de las Repiblicas America"s
WASHINGTON, agosto 19. entrevlsta con la Prenat un. -
Firmado el decreto (UP)- Los fuuclonarios de da, sugiri6 que las fueraau qr-
FirmaI& Cel Gcret0 l Junta Interamericana de madas unidas de las 21 a epl-
ta o Corea del Norte, asi como Defensa han recibido con frial- blicas Americanas fuertn a-t.
el transport de materials b6- dad la proposicl6n emitida por bastecidas con armas igualas y
licos a cualquier puerto o cos- el Presidente de Nicaragua, A- que a organizacl6h y proer -
tas del Asia que se encuen- nastaslo Somoza abogando por dlmlentos de los dierepte -e,
tran bajo autoridad o domi- la unficacibn de. las fuerzas j6rettaosr.. .uese.i
nio de los gobiernos pro-sovie- arimadae. del. bemisierjo bajo el za dijo' 4tue s
ticos. mnidoe de un ta*t4~o Mayor podiaa.ser d!t
Entre las sanclones aplica- Coa4uto. tdo 1 ay
bles estan la perdida de la Un fuetite autorizada dijo Lot 0 fiale
patente para las naves que lie- que Ia prooia dOn "no armo- diado lsp
guen a puertos que se en- niza *on nuestras ideas". Agre- fensa
cuentren bajo autoridad o do- g6qith -abria difloultades .e,*., enetonaro a
minio comunista. Los barcos dented" ei el abastecmentom i Ut al dudar
que lleguen a un puerto ex- adnminstracion y mando. Lue-. be la Idea de ,
tranjero con materials blit-' goditjo clue estos factored eli- serTando las .i. i
cos seran obligados por el C6n- mitaban la posibilidad de que ae han encpn.
sul panamefio a descargarlo pudlera- uuniffearse lam fuerzas do -naciotes te'
inmediatamente. En caso de mftnfttes del hemisferiO. mental ent la ta
que el barco zarpe sin permi- ft Oeneral 8omota, en una nizar un ejeit'to

so del uonsul se cancelara lW
patente Inmediatamente.
Cualquier nave a la que se
le haya cancelado la patente

Via Perm al*. 42
o. J V eranuler ,. Vt'tnarl
Honras: 9 g.m. 12 GL m i--.
&artado ll, PUami, doI P.
Tel. PanuaXi S4I

I Tuberia

Precilos de Competencla
con el produeto importado.
Tubos 4" Sencillos....4.00
Tubos 4" Dobles...... 4.40
Tubos 2" Sencillos... .2.80
Tubos 2" Dtbles......30.8M
Tees 4 x 4..........2.00
Yees 2x2..........1.00
Codos -' x2........75
etc., etc.
Tel. 3-1300 Apartado 2029
Gonzalez y Linares Ltda.
La Loceria Pasadena

RIes de Balin

Marco "Daisy"

desde 2.95

I Tenemos eo existencia:




de toda clase



2' x 6 y 2' x 8'
Calibre 26

S reune la pxma. Labo

semana Ia Liga

de Softball Social

La proxlm ssemana se reuw n
lo- directors de la Liga So-
cial de .Softball, seg-tn nOs in-
form6 un vocero de esa agi'u-
Uno de los puntos a tratar en
esa important reunion, es so-
bre la fecha de aperture de ins"
cripciones, en vista de que los
propios representantes de ciu-
bes se muestran interesados en
que la proxima contienda se i-
nicie lo mas temprano posib'e.
En los circulos softbolistkos
de la Social, se comenta con in-
sistencia que aigunos de sus c-
tuales miembros seran reelegl-
dos, principalmente su preed-
dente, don, Felipe Motta,
d. registro por violacl6n de las
disposiciones de este decreto, no
podra ser abanderada nueva-
mente. Tampoco se concedera
abanderamiento a ninguna na-
ve cuyo registro haya sido can-
celado por cualquier Estado
miembro de las Naciones Uni-
das por causales iguales a las
establecidas en el Decreto.
El mismo decreto contiene
una larga list de todos los
materials que se considere.n
estrategicos o belicos y que no
pueden ser transportados en
barcos panamefeos a puertos co-
Como habiamos informado a
nuestros lectures anteriormen-
te, este decreto se encontraba
listo para su firma, pero de-
bido a la salida del Minis-
tro de Hacienda, don Victor
Navas, la firma del mismo fue

El juicio
Las critics hechas por Ste
fan al process que tuvo lugar
en la capital checa el mes pa-
sado y el veredicto de 10 afros
de prison para Oatis fueron
transmitidos por radio hacia
Europa en un program de

de la Zd
CO)LON, ag- to.:, (
mercio de Col6n aeshi'1
gido en esta minsma f.
Organo Ejee.tlvq con ,1
que ase relellva fav
pidamente ia pe!t o. cha
o laborato rip r ,
or O''xtblPO'e0
dad un centro de d1strtb
de antibi6ticos. baje el aia-I
ro de la ley 2V de '1 de dt-
ciembre de 1951.
Esta ley da facultades al
Organo Ejecutivo para celebrar
contratos con empresas extran-
jeras que deseen establecersp
en la RepIblica de Panaa,
con el prop6sito de exportaf
o reexportar today clase de pro-
ductos, eximi6ndolos de todai
clase de impuestos.
Laboratories Pfizer vendria
bajo las miismas condicinesa do
. Gillette Export Corporation,
firm que fue la primera ern
aprovechar las ventajas de la
ley menclonada. '
El estableclmiento de estas
empress extranjeras trade co*
mo consebuencia empleo a mui
chos- obreros y oficinistas, .asi
coma la octpaci6n de I10c a
que hasta la fecha se encuki'-
tran desocupados debido a Ja
poca actividad commercial. V
ilegada de representantes ': "
t6cnicos de esas empresas con-
tribuye tambien a realizar el
valor de la propiedad inmute-
ble, la cual confronta hoy dis
series trastornos.
Por todas estas razones y cob
miras al resurgimtento ecor-
mico de la ciudad de Col6n, es
de esperarse que la resolucifAt
del Ejecutivo no se hara is-
La CAmara de Comercio da
Col6n ha pedido permiso on
la Alcaldia Municipal para dje
el domingo todos los estabte-
cimientos comerciales de e*S.
ciudad puedan abrir con mto.-
tivo de la llegada del Missort,.

Se aumentar6 en el
Peru producci6n de
caucho anualmente

La Voz de America. El discur- WASHINGTON, Agoato U -
so de Stefan, quien es miem- (UBIS) Funcionarios del D*-
bro de la Cimara de Represen- rtamento de Agricultura de
tantes, fue difundi4o en ingles 10 Estados Unidos anunclatui
en la. propia voz de Btefan y hoEy pan a una an ex-os
sero traducido y radiodifundi- l spa unaran e x-r-
do par& los oyentes checoes- pansl6n on Ia stembra do ired-
vac los entle de caucho "hevea" en el P4-
lovacos. ^. rf con la mira de liegar a pr-
En su discurso, Intitulado ducir unas 24,000 toneladas do
"SVoboda va a la careel", Ste- caucho seco anualmente.
fan dijo: El plan ha sido trazado P99
"Un studio de los anales del dos especialistax de los Eata-
juicio del corresponsal de la dos Unidos y colaboradores pC-
Prensa Asociada William N. ruanos. Los t cnicos de EstadOs
Oatis por el gobierno comu- Unidos son consejeros del .-,
nista de Checoealovaquia prue- blerno peruano en lo related
ba fuera -de today duda que to- al caucho hevea, en el program
do el process fue una come- del Punto Cuatro.
dia y una farsa. Nadie que va- la cdave del plan para elevi
ya a rendir testimonio obvia- a produccidn de caucho de a-
mente preparado y ensaAdo te po que en la cstualidade
do antemano, podia career de 1,500 toneladas'anuales, w
verdad que Bill Oatls fuersa l- n mtodo el cual s pro-
pable de nada quo no futersa SUn dueu trboe tqu relaeu&l Id.-
tarm de r lt=L. d.e o S m a SA
-Losadom y periodistas de tratie plg6n que ,_
todo el mundo doben tomaro L
cutdadoes notas de Mto lante- 4I4v o
to comunslta doe ew cl ana ud guerra mundlal., el-
profealun que durante tanto Pear en el cultivo de oagto.
tiempo ha sido guardiAn de la boles en u extaenalb6nado
libertad en el mundo. Los pe- de 6,000 acres, aegdn' *.t, i
riodiatas del mundo libre estin peruan o-norteam-
prestog a darse uept= ml fttU to eftij' An
so yttre m 400 At .
ber expner Mt V pArON L tmr de TinW M do -- -""-


I-: -~~ :. J'


ooMINO, AGOSTO bl, 11M '

In 'iforleap3T 5 i plmn' e ediben w

redaocci ocla,

inanfaE SAL: 8parimde 134

TB -i :Apateee aqui ta n Brupo .de -ea agstentes al ti que, en honor de a gsefiorita Sixta Car-
les, ofrecio en dias puasdos en su residencia I& sefora Maria Luina de Carles, phra despedirla
de ansu vida do soltera, La sefiorita Caries contrajo matrimonio el sabado 18 con el caballero
VEfran Mir6 Guardia. '

/R,, ls Nero- S
V.da lr Jhefin

E ta tq 41, a las 6,.q j farAn amor eterno en la Santa lglp-
'IdBo Cirt Rey,.Jos distlnguldos j6venes, sefiorlta Italla Scheffl-
1 diNapoll, hlla del senior Constantino Scheffino v dofia In-
2lIaeulada .e Scheffino, y el culto caballero Francisco Nero, hijo
dt don Giu eppe Nero y sefiora Elisabetta ae Nero.
La novia lucir* un' traje de encajes y tul, adornado con cuen-
tas, obra de las Aiglles manos de la sefiora Carmen Lynos. El
0 VIo sera de tul de ilusln. sostenido puor una diminuta corona
de azalares, completando el atavio nupcial un ramillete de lirios.
LPa novia entrarA al temple del brazo de su padre, precedida
or sus damas, sefiorlta Ida Scheffino, Dama de Honor y las
sefloritas Olga PulUlce, Carmencita Matteo, Elma Silvestri, Rasl-
ta Martino y Margarita Latorraca. Las darnas serAn acompafia-
das por los caballeros Nino Scheffino, Francisco Pullice, Josd
Matteo, Juan Martino, Antonio Alessandria y Domingo Latorraca.
Regara flores al paso de los novios la niflita Yolanda Pullice
y IlevorAn la cola del vestido nupcial las nifiltas Maria Teresa
Donad o y Ada Yolanda Grisolia. Portaran los anillos y las arras
los s iftos Orlando Vecchio y Gianina Guaragna.
La ceremonia sera oficiada por el R. P. Isaias Riera. Seran
los padrinos el senior Paseual Russo y sefiora Maria de Russo.
Despues de la ceremonia los desposadpe ofreceran una re-
Formulamos sincerds ptos por que la dicha sonria siempre
on el hogar que ise inicia h~oy bajo tan bellos auspicios.


Las Maravillosat
niedias Ny, lace"
I moldean y realzan
-a belaea ___
de sus piernas -S

Nuevos y sugestivo --
colores, creaciones

I Berckshire t
*"Nylace" de BERKSHIRE es I famous media nvlo .
punto gaudado de mdxima duraci6n y finjara.
Reading, Pa., U. S. A. _
Los Moyores Fabriconaft de Medios "Full-Fashioned'
D-amoe "m em eluament nen:I
.e weata esedstmamente en:

Sir mat .a. An.
Bain X F6xM B. Moadreo
Nl*tf 1. L. Madm.
oq ITTr : La tMaumLaa

uasr Fransme
Loar Paru
L L Madrie

En htonbt del Excelentisimo
senior Presidente de la Repuoll-
ca don Alcibiades Arosemena y
su-dlatingulda esposa doaa IIe-
liodota A. de Arosepiena, ofre-
cerin hoy una espl6ndida re-
cepci6n el Comandante de la
Fuerza de Cruceros de la Arnia-
da 4de los Estados Unidos en el
Atlintico, el Comandante del
15o. Distrito Naval y el Coman-
dante de brucero de los Cade-
tes, a bordo del Barco de O( utrra
"Missouri" en el Muelle 9 de
Crist6bal, Zona del Canal, de
4:00 p.m. a 6-n" prm.
El senior William Caldwell, A-
tachi de la Embajada de los Es-
tados Unidos, y la. sefiora de
Caldwell, agasajaron anoche al
Vicepresidente de la Republica
de Costa Rica, doctor Alberto 0-
reamuno Flores 'y sefiora Mary
de Oreamuno, con una elegant
Fiesta Infantil
Aunque tarde queremos fell-
citar a la gracidsa nifilta Yo-
landa Oiler, hija del senior Ho-
berto OJler y sefiora Stella Lin-
do de Oiler, quien celebr6 su
cumpleahos 'nace unos dias y
con tal motive sus padres la a-
gasajaron con una alegre fikt.a
en donde no falt6 la tradiclo-
nal pifiata.

a su alcance... con

de .

Curvas francamente hermosas
... soporte soberbio... acentua-
ci6n definitive de la figura...
;esa es la belleza de usar el
brassiere Allo-ette, de
Maidenform! Pruibese heoy el
'Allo-ette ... y comprobara que
su figure jams se vib tan adu-
lada! En sus colors y materi-
ales favorites.
Los legitimos braqsieres
Maidenforn" se c e nan
solameqte eo. ot Eatadws Uni-
dos de Ameriea.
asesa6a41m U.9L1 t1OF.
Ilay un brauieCe

pra cada Upo de ignral

TE T JUEGO DE CARTAS. at sefiora Gracielela Gasteazoro de Moreno ofreci6 el viernes en
su residencia situada on El Cangrejo, un esplindido te seguldo de juego de cartas, a las seofo-
ras- que concurrieron a felcitaria con motivo de Su onomastico. De isquierda a derecha, las
sefioras Lola Elvira de la G. de Porras, Delia Dies de Novey, Mariel de la G. de Novey, Gra-
dela Arosemena de Moreno, Irma Strunz de Vallarino, Olga Arosemena de Alemin, Dora de
Jan6n de Lanzner, Nena Villegas de Paredes, Graciela Gasteazoro de Moreno, Abigail Henri-
ques de Delvalle y Marta Jimenez de Morrice.


- I *

COMIDA EN EI PANAMA. Foto tomada durante Ia comida ofrecida por los mlembros de la
Comlsi6n del Emprestito, quieftes regresaron recientemente de Washington, D.C., en honor de
S.E. el Embajador de Panama en los Estados Unidos, senior don Roberto M. Heurtematte, en
agradecimiento peor la ayuda y cooperaci6n prestadas a esta comisi6n durante su estada en
)a capital americana. De izquierda a derecha, el H.D. don Marcos Robles, el Dr. J. J. Valla-
rino, el agasaja-:o S.E. don Rbertoa M. Heurte matte, el senior I. Roberto Eisenmann, Presi-
dente de Hoteles Interamerica*os. el sehor Hen rique do Obarrio, Contralor General de la Re-
de Romero. Formulamos voLos
por su pronto restablecimlento.
'Guarda cama en el Hospital
Panama el doctor Harry Mitten.
Complete restablecimiento le
Abandonaron el Hospital
Acompafiada de su lindo prl-
r~iog6nito se encuentra de nae-
'Vo en su residencia Ia seiiora
.4 4 Emilla de Alfaro, esposa del se-
', fior Jalme Alfaro. Una vez mas
.felicitamos a los dichosos padres.
Completamente restablecido a-
bandono la Clinica San Fernan-
do el sefilor Carlos Perez. Nos a-
~. ... "legramos.

ALMUERZO. Celebr6 el 12 de los corrientes su onomistico
la graciosa nifia Miriam de Mena G., hija del senior Agustin
de Mena y sefiora Josefa G. de de Mena. Con tal motive
Miriam reuni6 a un grupo de sus amiguitas para ofrecerles
un almuerzo en el Club de Golf. Aparecen en la foto, de
izquicrda a derecha: Augusta Trute, Oderay Paredes, Vilma
Ponce, Mireya Ponce, Maity Mendoza, Irma de la Guardia$
Magda Cedefio, Marta Chanis, la agasajada Miriam de Me-
na, Marisol Arosemena, Teresita Bernal, Reina Dolande, Irma
qde Hoyos, Mayra Samudio, Ivonne Rogers y Marianela Ocafia.

mafiana en el Hotel El Panama
y las agasajaran con un al-
muerzo con motive de su pr6xi-
mo viaje al exterior.
Participaci6n de matrimonio
Circulan las participaciones
para el matrimonio de la sefnu-
rita Carmen Cecilia Chiari 0-
rillac, hija del senior Roberto F.
Chiari y sefiora Cecilia Orihac
de Chiari, con el caballero Ra:11
Arango Gasteazoro, hijo del H.
D. don Rafil Arango Navarro y
stfiora Rita Gasteazoro de A-
rango, acto que se verificara cl
sibado 25 del presented mes a
las ocho de la noche en la Igie-
zia de Cristo Rey.
Exnosicion de Flores
El lunes 20 de agosto tendra
iugar en el YMCA de Balboa u-
na bellisima Exposici6n de Fio-
res. La exhibicion estara abir-

ta de 4:00 a 10:30 pm. La se-
flora dofia Joya de Molino, ,,-
posa de S. E. Ignaclo Molino Jr.
Ministro de Relaciones Externo-
res, la sefiora dofia Elisa Maria
L. de Heurtematte, la sefiora
Mary de Newcomer, esposa del
Gobernador de la Zona del Ca-
nal, y la sefiora Dofia Helen
Eckberg, Presidenta del "Car-
denas River Club", serviran te
y ponche de 4:00 a 6:00 p.m.
Cada socia debera exthibir
arreglos: 1. Un arreglo de fic-
res; 2. Un arreglo de frurtas y
vegetables; 3. Un arreglo exo6ico
Opclonal sera un arreglo dp
p!antas. Estos arreglos deben
ertar listos antes de las 12 riae-
ridlano y los jueces presentaran
los premios a las 5:00 p.m.
Sufre quebrantos de salud en
.n residencia la sefiora Gloria

Aniversario de matrimonio
Nuestras felicitaciones para el
senior Richard Novey y sefiora
Cecilia Morrice de Novey. quie-
nes cumplen en esta fecha 12
afios de casados.
Celebran hoy el primer ai.i-
vcrsarlo de su matrimonio el .r
George Berman y sefiora Dcra
Aleman de Berman. Nuestras
cordiales felicitaciones.
Celebran en esta fecha el pri-

FIESTA .INFANTIL. Momentos en que el ninio Jonn *'.
Fogarty se apresta a romper so pifiRta durantt la simpatica
fiesta ofreelda por sus padres, el senior John T. Fogarty y
sefiora Lily de Fogarty, con motive de su crimpleafios.

mos a la pequefia Montserrat.
Eara el Interior
S 'hia.,i:l'r s a la sefiora Sarita
vda. de Carreira, Presidenta del
Comitd Pro Santuario de la Vir-
gen de Guadalupe, quien sigci16
para el Boquete en donde pas6-
ra una temporada.
Para los Estados Unidos
Sigulo por la via area pira
Miami en donde se reunird co.b
sus tios, el nifio Samuel Hoage
"Cortds. Muy feliz viaje.

$ '*, ", -. .,W i ,
Felicitamos a la graciosa nl-
ffita Ana Dolores Arenas quien
eumplio en dias pasados el me-:
jor de sus dias. Para ella y su'
padres el seinor Celso E. Arenas
y Sra. Rosa P. de Arenas, nues-
tros mejores deseos de felicidad

mer aniversarlo de su matrino-
nio nuestros buenos amigus,
Pascual J. Briones Jr. y .seflra
Yolanda Chanis de Briones
Hasta la ciudad de Nueva York,
lugar de su residencia, haccnios
ilegar nuestras felicitaciones, i
deseandoles que su luna de miel
sea eterna.
Cumpleafios de hoy
Sra. Julie Smith de McGrath
Bra. Maria Elena Vald6s de
Sra. Juanita B de Sanger
Arta. Gloriela Calvo Neira
Seflorita Marta Eugenia Cam-
pagnani Tejada
Srta. Gladys Preciado
Srta. Vilma Lara Herrera
H. D. Raul Arango N.
nifia Maribel Galindo Navarro
nifio Jaime Ortega Cucal6n
nifio Antony Sevier Boyd
Sra. Estella Lindo de Oiler
Cumpleafios de mariana
Sra. Sonia Guizado de McNatt
Sra. Rosita Vives de Garcia de
Sra. Teresita Garcia de Pa-
redes de Guardia
Sra. Rita Elena Brid de Dui
Srta. Rita Mercedes Correa
Doctor Ricardo J. Alfaro
Sr. Efrain Mir6 Guardia
nifio Alejandro Gonzalez Re-
En el dia de ayer celebr6 su
primer afio la graciosa nifia
Montserrat del Carmen Arose-
mena Olive, primogenita de .os
esposos Jorge Arosemena y ,e-
flora Marina Oliv6 de Arosen,t-
na. Muchas felicidades dese,-'

Fuera canas con "Kabul


"Estoy enamorada de la Pond's

Cold Cream"

dice la C

jEs tan ficil conquistar amistades cuando
se liene un rostro bello! Para que sbl culis
luzca siempre cncantador, comience hoy
mismno a dar a su rostro esle tralamienlo
de belleza con Pond's Cold Cream.
Siempre al acostarse-asi como durante
el dia-cuide st rostro como lo hace la
cautivadora condesa. aga to siguiente:
Para limpiar-Apliquese ep todo el rostro,
con motimiento circular, la ligera y sedosa
l'ond's (Cold Cream para suavizar y desalojar
maquillale e impurezas de las aberturas de
los poros. Quitesels.
Para "enjuagar"-Apliquese otra caps de
l'ond's Cold Cream de s mismsa nianers.
Quitesela. Esto elimina los iltimos vestigios
de polvo y deja la lez suave initial!
,.Verdad que es maravilloso lucir un rostlro
fresco, radiante sentirse la tez tan
suave, tan tersa? iNo omita un solo dia
el eficaz, tratamiento de belleza Pond's!


I.A CONDESA AIAIN DE LA FA1AISE. mirmbro prominent
de is ocdirad pariiewnre. l ene un lef nacarala-"Estoy co e
vencidaderque Pond's I meirjorcrems par& mi cuti6"-dicetail

, "'T- 1 .o.:( i:4i I Oh1tenD hoy
r I l II.-d reos mo
/ I Pond'. Ctold lCal

Crv uimpidevra e t-1

. I ,

..- ..L.

S0 U X si#gnica

cate//o de color

No se preocupe. .
Comience a teffir
s1 cabello I

No so alarm por ese pti.
mer cabello blanco quo in-
discretamente asoma en su
cabeza. El ROUX OIL'
SHAMPOO fe devolvera a
su cabello el color perdido
con un tratamiento muy
fhcil do seguir. Ya verh
c6mo su cabello rqcqlpIeraj
color primitive, mAs una
belleza y lustrosidad in.
comparable sq preo-
cupaci6n se convertira en
deleite a la primera apli.

Limpia ... Colorea...
-.Es perfect!
Distrlibuidor en la Repfiblica
de Panama v Zona del Canal

Calle "A" No. 3
Tel 2-2971

*1 ---

--- ---


A.InmA nIfnl

Un nuevo xito de 'Eldorado'

es el proximo estreno de

H"Por Querer a Una Mujer"

Qu& no hacen los hombres cuando quieren a una mujer! Y
euintas cosas se hacen per quererlas! En esta pelicula, tanto
Pedro Armendartz come Tito Junco, Ilegan hasta el paroxismo
per el amor de Rita Macedo.
"Por Querer a una Mujer", es una historic que cautiva, con
music alegre y canciones deliciosas. Una gran pelicula, en fin.
-son un trio estelar insuperable. "Por Querer a una Mujer", seri
S-estrenada el pr6ximo jueves en el Teatro Eldorado.
Ofrecemos la fotografia de Rita Macedo, en la expresi6n de
una de las escenas del film, cuando replica a Pedro Armendariz,
,dilciendole: "Si todo eso lo haces per mi, pero ml amor vale mu-
w ho mis".

La Warner Bros. se apunta

oiro triunfo con "La Fuerza

Silente" en el Bella Vista
Para mantener en alto las banderas de ia ilbertad en los pai-
sea libres do la tierra, fue necesarlo que la formidable batalla se
diera desde el fondo del mar hasta la altura de las nubes. Por
eso es tan terrific el capitulo de la historia que se perpetua en
el nuevo drama de la Warner Bros. titulado: "LA FUERZA SI-
LENTE" en que John Wayne, el actor que masi dinero Ulev6 a las
taquillas del mundo en el anio 1950. se levanta mis poderoso que
nunca come la figures central de esta gran pelicula en que much
de la accion es tomada de los sucesos que alternan con la bellisi-
ra Patricia Neal en las impresionantes escenas de este drama.
que se estrenara el pr6ximo jueves en el Teatro Bellavista, cuan-
do la aeci6n ruge, el romance impera y el interest se mantiene in-
tensamente, porque el conflict bilico esti colmado de fuertes
impacts que mantlenen las emociones vibrando en todos los co-

SBordo" y en la que actlua en
Bordo el panel estelar femenino, la
encantadora Jane Greer,
e Gary Cooper, qulen desde ha-
ce tiempo viene cabalgando
exitosamente en la cima de la
fama. ha realizado con esta
su setenta y cincoava pelicu-
la y constitute un nuevo triun-
fo en su. por todos concepts,
impresionante carrera artistica.
Per o, pese a los brillantes
triunfos de hoy, Gary Cooper,
modesto siempre, recuerda abo-
ra que la fama le sonrie, sus
tribulaciones de ayer y sus du-
das cuando era un nobel ar-

Gary Cooper, el famoso galan
de la pantalla, se ha anotado
un estruendoso triunfo en el
nuevo papel que le ha asig-
nado la 20th Centary Fox, en
la preciosisima y chlspeante co-
media titulada D i s loque a

Cuando por primer vez se
dirigi6 al Oeste, desde su na-
tiva Montana, Gary aspiraba
ya a ser un artist. Por corto
' lempo trabaj6 como un dibu-
jante de mufiecos animados
(cartonista) y luego como di-
bujante de historietas en el
periodico de la ciudad de su
origen; pero un bosquejo que
present a un Editor de Arte
de Los Angeles le dl6 la su-
gestl6n de que regresara al
Su trabajo inmediatamente


"Balarrasa" 'es una pelicula "Espe.ti.timo modeOlo'sei

espanola que presentara muy exhibida en el Teatro Bella

pronto el Teatro Presidente Vista 4 pr6ximo dia latino

Dentro de poco el public pa- dos los publicos donde sea dada La comedJi la4 a divertida, mis final y mais original que us-
namefio podr admirar una ex- a conocer.
cepcional realfacl6n cinema- Protagonizan a 'BALARRASA' Ied Jammo hays vl o es ESPOSA ULTIMO MODELO", protago-
tografica, "BALARRASA" (Con el indiscutible gran actor dcl nizada por Ia bselli a Mirtha Legrand, Is inolvidable estrelis
las Manos Vacias) que servira cine hispano, Fernando Fernan de tantas peliculas de jerarquia, y Angel Magaia, el distinguldo
de legitimo orgullo a Ia cine. G6mez, quien cumple una labor actor criollo.
matografia international y en que Io coloca en primerisimo Que de los y situaclones picarescas en eatas media delicioss
especial a la industria fimica lugar entire los me ores actoresd y risuefa eque a sarancarle sonoras careajadale ohbara pensar
espaihola.6contemporaneos, Maria Rosa dos veces en la seriedad del matrimonio .
paola. RRASA" c ontempo Delg ana Stein a Rosaren Alclente especial pars las darhas refinadas son los 18 modeloes
valioso y audaz, que se enfrenta des, Eduardo Faardo y Jess exclusion que Lerand en esta t y que causrn ami-
carts da cara con I herei hi- ATo RASA". m "ESPOSA ULTIMO MODELO" es el segundo canonazo argen.
pocrita de nuestro tiempo, qui- "BALARRASA", un impresio- tno en ,el dia latino (mlercoles) de su Teatro Bellavista.
tandole su mascara galante pa- nante y alecclonador especticu- -, ,set li ,,_________________________
ra ensefar los terrible pellgros lo cinematografico se exhibiri
que oculta. De acci6n intense y pr6ximamente en el Teatro Pre- LA FIESTA DEL CORAZON DE Cad e parag....
apasionante, la pelicula estA sidente en pre-estreno con to- MARIA EN SU 8ANTUARIO aU.ete paraguayo
llamada a obtener un rotundo dos los honors que una pelicu- NACIONAL
ixito entire nosotros y ante to- la de categoria merece. Como preparacl6n a la fies- S estrello a y 6er
ta del Coraz6n de Maria que se
fue como vendedor de anunclos celebra el dia 22 de agosto, .... de r a -
para una Agencia de Los An- A en el dia de hoy se solemni- cerca de maracay
geles. En este puesto tampoco AC ETILL .zarn las mls con bellows can-
di6 resultado, pues su natural tos y p ezas de 6rgano. CARACAS, agosto 18. (UP). -
callado, resultaba todo lo con- La isa de 9.30 Sera armo- Se estrelld un avi6n military (n
trario del hombre conversador | tl nizada por el mejor organlsta los alrededores de la Escuela
que se necesita para powder ven- panameno, don Avelino Mufoz; de Avlacl6n de Maracay, p1-
der anuncios. Pero Giry en- y la Misa de 10.30 sera canta- loteado' por el estudiante de
contrabao en realdad, obre el P .) as -f. da por el Orfe6n de Santa Ce- aviacion paraguayo, Fdlix Da-
trabajo pars sus grandes as- r" cilia, que at naei6 pars el San- mian Chamorro, integrante clel
piraclones y decide poner todo tuario Nacional hace dos a- c u r s o primarlo de aviaci6n,
su talent artistic frente alas Refo introduce al pl fios, no quiere pasar estas ties- quleir realizaba un vuelo de a-
camaras del cine. dRe laormascueintrla duc Mdas al plan tas sin cantar lo mejor de su prendlzajeq
de la Escuela do Medicina. Pese a que el aparato qued6
"Introducirme en el cine, no Plan de studios pars los dos repertorilo. so- completamente des aparatoz, ued
fue ficil para ml" -dice Ga- primeros aos de Medcins T odas estas novena con tradi- Chamorro solo sufri6 herida
ry Cooper-. Y en efecto, el Adoptado por el Cuerpo de lemniza la Novenas y avceari y ves en la oara y golpes si
gran actor, se sintio en los co- Profesores de la Escuela de clonales cantos y av ermonias Y ees en la ar y golpes
mienzos feliz si podia colocar- Medicina, en su sesl6n del 7 con los instructivos sermones inmlrtancla.
se en primer fila entire los de agosto de 1951, en uso de del Padre Carmo Colto L' nal las 6.30, alas 7, a las
encnase e alia del Nuevo Coleglo La 7 las 6.30, a las 7, a las
extras de laa peliculas. De en- las atribuciones que le confiere Cap del Nuevo eg 7.30 y a las 8 a.m. La prime-
tre los extras lo sac6 un pro- el Art. 50 del Reglamento Ge- Salle. es eldia ra misa sera celebrada por el
doctor independlente y le di6 neral Universitarlo. El mircole 22, quo esi a Excmo. sefor Arzobispo de Pa-
un papel destacado en una pe- Primer o de la en ta s ant elebrarNacio- nam; y todas las misas serin
licula del Oeste, y asi fue as- Primer Semestre mis en e armonada pr conocdos co-
cendiendo hasta alcanzar su Anatomia Humanas. ros.
consagraci6n definitive y triun- Histologia (general) y Em- claol. El mismo dia 22, a las 7 p.L,
fal con "Adids a las Armas", briologia humans. Fisiologia (especial). saldr de la iglesia de Cristo
"Por Quien Doblan las Cam- Parasitologia clinical. Farmacologia y Terap6utica Rey la imponente procesiar del
panas" y "El Virginiano". Introducci6n a la MedicinA general. Coraz6n de Maria para dir
"Disloque a Bordo", una co- (Disertaciones CUnicas). Introduccl6n a la medicine se al Santuarlo Naclo l lc di
media con fondoa dramatic, es Segundo Semestre (Disertaclones clinlcas). de se renovaria la coniagraciL
la tercera pelicula naval de Anatomia Humana. Psiquiatria (Psicopatologia). de las famillas a tan maternal
Gary Cooper fuera de las 75 ..Histologia (especial) ..... Corazon.
peliculas anCerora de ltambns 75 Bacteriolo ia clinics. El present plan de studios
pelicula primers que ha or echo parmb Introducc a la medicine empezara a regir a partir del
la primera que ha echo para (DRsertacions Clinicas octubre dc l15 con las
la 20th Century For bajo la (Disertaciones Cinicas) lo.iguentes ubrmod.1ifi951cacones tran-
direcci6n del aclamado Henry Sgundo air -litorias:
Hathaway. Segundo eric Sitorias:
Primer Semestre Primer afol
______________ _Segundo semestre EXITO EXITO!
Anatomila Humana. Anatomia humana. EXITO! IEXITO!
LLEGA UN EDUCADOR Anatomia patol6gica (gene- Histologia (especial) y Em- LA MEJOR PELICULA DE
ral). brlologia humana. TODOS LOS TIEMPOI
CARACAS, agosto 17. (UP). Quimica m6dlca fislol6gica. Parasitologia Clinica. "EN L
Invitado por el ministerlo de Fislologla (general). Introducci6n a la medicine "EN LA PALMA
education, llego el doctor John Introduccl6n a la medicine (Disertaciones Clinicas).
A. Hannah director de la Uni- (Disertaciones Clinicas). Psiquiatria.
versidad de Michigan. El visi- Psiquiatria (Psicologia mndi- Panama, agosto 7 de 1951. DE TU MANO
tante declare que permaneceria I ca). Por el Cuerpo de Profesores
una semana en Venezuela y Segundo semestre de la E. de M.
viajaria luego a Colombia. Anatomla patol6gica (espe- El Director Tandas: 10:00 11:30 1:16
till__III___ 3:10 5:15 7:05"- 9:00


Vo ha) nnda iguanl... absolr'amente nado.


*- .Q aO. a O i

S_ l l1q tflJII

"La Danza d- -a

exhibida en el V ieddes

desde el pr6xmmo mv .

"Oansa del Fiuo", 14 1&ufi
da pelicula ariatls a, cend bsa
vna ida de mupjr, mlida
sn ombra decade un twfsto e-
p 4odio e sm nfanels, Inotengi-
fleadas despuds pot. a Influen-
ela que sobre ells eerce Ia mud-
esic perturbindola iental-
"Dansa del Fuego" tiene urna
linoe dramatic que no aban-
dOna en ningfn memento. Trsm-
sa sobre el ya seMlido destloal
de ona mujer, el cuadro de
hambres que ,I desean, de poli-
cias que la acorralan y de unas
parttura musical ".Dsna ri-
tuAL del' faego", de Falla-que
a obsesioa. Insinua sobre e-

,in, e 7, 1 lnme, e.l
% a del Fueo" Sp
extraordlnarla granseis re-
016 soet premier de 1o -
mia de Arteo CinematoMIleas
do Anetina, entre *llo o
la major pelleula del s a-
nil Tnayre come el me 4 di-
tbctor, Amelia Bence, IA *tajor
actris principal. Alberto osau
6I mejor actor de repato
* "Dania del Puego" se 9stre-
nara en el Teatro Variedto ee4
jueves, donde tender ustm Is
oportundad ,de admirary a-
plaudir las grandes proddecio-
nes del eine orlollo.



,Ois'oque a

El micho de la Red Panamericana lo
tienen asustado los ensayos para es.
coger el elenco de "UN GRITO EN
LA NOCHE", la nueva series que pre-
sentarin pr6ximamente. Dice el mi-
cho que si esto sigue asi que se cui.
den los Samaniego con sus ruidos.
Va a volar el pelo.


. ?.

, ,
t. .-.+ "',


HIGH IN THE JUNGLE CANOPY "-- the treetops you look down on from a plane sci-
entists erect platforms' where "human bait" traps jungle mosquitoes for laboratory analysis.
Object of the mosquito-trapping program now under way in northwest Panama and southern
Costa. Rica gather data about the insects who transmit yellow fever from one jungle ani-
mal to another, and sometimes to human beings.
(Photo Courtesy Dr. Harold Trapide)
(Story on Page 7)

A sugn, Supplement

1 4

woompowm ...........

U...-'R ,-" e .....' e

-.'Review f

FO T TR.FIRSTW time in te hiAtory of the U.. S.
District CourtHIn A Mc, an American'woan is lac-
Ing ao jury. o a felony cnarge; While. Zplans were
bussing with anticipation,, ten men ,and'-two' women
were being admonished constantly throughout the
week not to discuss the, trial with any outsiders and
to keep an "open mind." They- were Mrs. Emma
Trower, Miss Florence Peterson, Alfred Veilt, Fred Lee,
Francis Feeney, Prentiss Combs; Rooert Worstey, Mer-
le Piper, Wilhliam Jaftiay, Preston Trim, Jr., Walter
Dryja and Arthur Cottoni, the twelve jurors whose
job it is to decide Mina Dee's fate. Proceedings our-
mig the week were highiigiited by the revelation by a
Canal Inspector that so iar over $3,000 is unaccount-
ed for in the Freight house cashier's books.
While 40 government witnesses marened before
Judge Joseph J. Hancock and told simniar stories,
Identified worn bills of landing and original and du-
plicate storage receipts, tie ueienrtant wao is charged
with failure to account ior public funds sat caimiy,
almost stoically and listened.
Defense Counsel Woodrow. de Castro was laboring
under a handicap earlier in the week wnen his wife
was seriously ill requiring. nis nightly vigilance. 'To-
wards. week's end petite Assc. DistricE Attorney Kay
Fisher, also under a heavy sLraln as the case began
to shape' up, was revived from a fainting spell, and
,sat through Friday's session, doing her part in the
government's case.
rOnly one more witness will be put on the stand by
Asst. District Attorney itowland K. Hazard instead of
the 17 more originally scheduled. Judge.Hancock rul-
e4 that enough' witnesses had oeen heard on tne
question of refunds. Jurors must have silently agreed
after listening to tedious, repetitive testimonies where
witnesses said /they never received any refunds from
the cashier or the Freight House.
-- o --
Philatelists eould add one more new stamp to their
collection this week as a Iff cent Canal Zone postage
stamp went on sale commemorating West Indian labor.
In the construction of tie Panama Canal during the
years 1904 to 1914. While over 8,000 jammed the Mount
Hope Stadium to hear Governor F K. Newcomer of-
fer praise and encouragement to local raters, Geor-
ge Westerman, well-known Panama journalist point-.
ed out that his father; who had 40 years service with
the Canal could not attend because of disability, and
mentioned also his retirement "pension" of $25 a
month. The Mt. Hope program climaxed a week of
observances held by civilian and military groups and
brought with it new hope for West Indians in the
matter of better housing and improved retirement
T --- -
The second snake-bite vie amn in three weeks was
on the seriously II list in Gorgas Hospital Saturoay.
He walked four miles looking for help after having
been bit whie hunting. The victim, a 21-year-old Am-
erican, Carol- B. "Choppy" White. killed the deadly
snake which was identiled as the fer-de-lance and
gave himself first-aid treatment. The other case of
snake-bite, a Panamanian woman, had her left leg
amputated, but was otheL wise in good condition.
LaborC grOts this week were awaiting several,.
administrative changes. Central Labor Union and'
Metal Trades Co nell members would vote tbis
morning for a preside. t to fill the unexpired term,
'while the Ameriean ederation of Government
:Employes announced the formation of a new 5-
man committee who a Iald take up important is-
sues with the Panama Canal Comnpany Board
when it meets here next month.
While Panama's Distrit. Attorney asked, to indict
ex-President Arnulfo and 15 others for murder,
several ex-Cabinet Minis ers were this week released
on $1,000 bail. The political prisoners had been held
since the May 10 violence s and bloodshed.
Panama was dusting off her official welcome mat
this week as delegates began to arrive from countries
South of the Border to attend the 2nd Extraordinary,
meeting starting Monday of the Inter-American Econ-
omic and Social Council at El Panama Hotel. Over
200 delegates, newsmen and families were expected
to remain until early Eeptember, the date the con-
ference is scheduled to adjourn. An IBM Translator
System will 'greatly facilitate and overcor-ne language
barriers as delegates wid be furnished head phones
and by a switch of the knob be able to hear either
the speaker himself or a simultaneous translation.
For the first time, a woman will preside as Secretary-
General. PanamA's well-known census-taker, Mss
Carmen Miro has been named for the important post.
At the same time it was learned that the Interna-
tional Consultive Conference of the Hoof and Mouth
Disease would also convano at El Panama, beginning
-- o --
Erroneusly reported a3 a new ease of yellow fever
In Panama, it was discioa?d that the patient was a
Costa Rican living near the boundary line, who had
.been taken to the Alm'cacte Hospital in Bocas del
Toro. Three other cases r'por'ed from Costa Rica have
speeded up the country-wide vaccination similar to
the one carried on in Pr"mi. last year.
-_0 -
One more automobile collision wlas added to the
continuing wave when a bus,. drintn at a high speed
landed several passengers in the hospital.
Other news in brief... Captain Walter Albert Mor-
gan, 55-year-old tuna b It captain dropped dead in
front of the YMCA thip week whilihis wife sat wait-
ing for him in the car*... A reckless driver.who fell
asleep at the wheel wrecked a ohiva, and landed
three passengers in the hospital 'while his load of
chickens and pigs, from the interior of Panama
scrambled to freedom... A Costa Rican stowaway was
sentenced to 30 days in jail and repatriation when
he was apprehended on the 83 Ancon... And an
American employee of Gor"as Hospital Mrs. Beverly
C. Dilfer, was minus a c'r when her 1949 Chevrolet
was stolen and found with badly smashed grill and
fenders in the interior.


w0 ,
TiS WENK WAS a wary.round iJ the 715r,
In Kaesong the ceasefire negotiator t .
deadlocked upwards ot a fortnight, hleJ
deadlock over to a pubconsilttee.
As the full confereine bad achleedt nol te
subcommittee could searely achew' '.
In Iran the coaxing of President, ,"m ift' elaw.
envoy, W. Averell Harriman brought' th. 1b l ..
gerly together with the Iranians again -t. resume the
oil negotiations. I
Fanatical Moslem knives, sharpened perhaps a Rue-
sian-supplied grindstones, promptly persuaded -the
Iranian negotiators to scuttle again from any posi-
tion mildly suggestive of compromise.
In the Berlin rally of East German youth th ousads
of" blue skirted youngsters came through the Iron
Curtain to have a look at West Berlin. All bt a few
went back again.
Though Berlin's brightness aud plenty, pellsh-
r.'. up a bit for the occasion, was an eyeopsenbw Lar
the Easterners, the youth parade they stipa wit"
from 300,000. to 50,M non-Ruselan marube' ,
janping for Joe was something of ap eyeh-soner
for the West.
Over the week, Cold War points were about evep.
o -
Chief United Nations negotiator United States Vice
Admiral C. Turner Joy pointed out yeaterds( that
there was no modem precedent fo- truce neotatons
between two fully combat-worthy forces, both apar-
ently convinced that it can hand the other a licking
any. time the word is given to go.
However there is a modern precedent, for leadlock-
ed talks with the Reds.
The precedent Is that the Reds can outlast the West
for patience at just about any conference table, any-
where. o
Red-nosed Migs came streaking out of Manchuria
again yesterday and took on United States Sabres for
the first time since July .11.
On the ground"a decent saied battle was blowing
Undoubtedly the Reds had .plenty of fight left in
them enough to keep the United Nations foieew
But to risk a full-scale resumption of the Korean
War the Chinese and the. North Koreans need;
above all a guarantee .that the arms will keep conm-
ing from Russia.
If RItla is not dispeoged to sink mch farther
eqralpment lat the eomparatively pelttle atf-
fair in Korea, when there are sueh fish as Tito to
fry, the Chinese and North Keresae at Kaesmng
have every reason to buy r te, by dangl ig the
prospeet of peaee before e aft"L NatimsM.
In Iran Britain's Lord Privy Seal, Richard 8tokes,
produced a plan for the management and .market-
ing of Iran's oil'which seemed to pay reasonable res-
pect to Iran's national pride, and at. the same time
ensure efficient production and distribution to the
But even to talk to Stokes brought down cries of
"Traitor" on Iranian Premier Mohamed Mossadegh.
Iranian nationalists seem bent on a kind of econ-
omic harakiri for their country. With- the combined
blessing of fanatically religious Muslems, and fanatic-
ally non-religious Communists, they are prepared to
illustrate the point by assassinating anyone less strid-
ent than themselves in anti-British denunciations.
The grating of a dagger being whetted on his
front doorstep came more sharply to Messadegh's
ears than the well modulated reasoning of Stokes
and Harriman.
The Defense Department called two former OS0
agents murderers, and shrugged .-bat nothing much
could be done about it.
The denounced murderers had also been known as
such for a couple of years, but the Defense Depart-
ment had never thought to tell anyone about it till
an Italian Civil Court asked for former Army Lt.
Aldo Icardi and former Army Sgt. Carl Lodolce; to
try them with a couple of former partisans for the
1944 murder of Maj. William Holohan behind the Ger-
man lines in Northern Italy.
Holohan commanded an 088 group which para-
chuted in to decide which partisan groups were caus-
ing the Germans most grief, and so deserved arms aid.
Holohan carried a lot of money how much seems
disputed by all hands.
Holohan, a staunch Catholic and hardly dis-
posed to the Communist partisan terms could not
speak Italian, and appears to have been an odd
man out in a party whose mission it was to fade
into the Italian scene. He had more formal ideas
on discipline than went down well in partisan
.Icardi, then 23, spoke perfect Italian, moved among
German units as an Italian, anti decided that the
Communist partisans were doing the most effective
He wanted to get. the arms to them fast. Holohan
insisting on holding off while he thought it over.
Partisan out fits'then were not disposed to pausing
for scholarly thought when it came to getting arms.
So it was decided to poison Holohan. He didn't die
right away. The partisans and Jeardi and Lodolce
thereupon drew cards for who should shoot him as
he lay ill.
Acco.'iing to the Defense Department, Lodolce did
the shooting.
Holohan's body was dumped Ir. a lake, a report
radioed that the Germans had ambushed him and
the mrsslon continued its work under Icardi's leader-
Icardi appeared to have carried out his behind-the-
lines assignm-nt well. It is uncriticized, and he was
there a long tim..
But Army investigators got Interested in all the
money he had after leaving the Army.
Both Icardi and Lodolce now appear beyond pun-
They have fr-yable discharges from the army,

Innat eaei. A4FppNIm

* I'

w ~ 'WS
- .. .


~'2 ~

~r ~.

ihe-J-t rafU zm ,.fz ), bM b Joe hkd.
miji .d 1Oth?4 is-"Pth
to the L 1ob.j5 l 1
blow The Win -the gh straight Loui om1
comeback march since 5 e lot to a Charles
September. *
*Ls scaled 0S and one-half pbubds, the loV
, sincee 1941. Bivine weighed 189r- d oauarter.
Therd were no kndke wn aria the t1ht. And 1
ohly mark wa carried, by. Lota, who a. a s
lu*m over his left eye, Loi.s I.& later In.his dream
roiom that the low weht proba~l .1akened hi a
A)t reenwood d Yno ok, lightheavywei
cante der "IrishP'o luD. aWehot nd
cottar as he eet for w e With Joey Ma
In 11ew Yo.M. ,n e e .has not
against MAmiL But mention Otthews a
Bob's red ,ha start bstIa. Matthws, who bi
Murphy li.-larcn, says he deserved .te title
Instead of Bob.
It"Matthews." uarts lary. "Or oodn figslh
ex*bto a shot at the g Ihy, he asDethi
Sbut a. syntt e eate
Me *f1 me? And Matthew. W offered
he turned It .*... .
Murphy IurL worried because. az4 In the ea
favor se (at 5-to-9).
"Odds don't mean a thingg" vss Murphy. "I'm U
Ing In there with one Ide khbek ie. at andt-
tWe title. I bhae nothing aant Mfn, but
ring, my one Ida Is to t-r the other guy apart."
The Quee Mary steamed out of outa
ngland Wednesday and one of the passengers ,
Middleweight ChampDin Bandy Turpin.4 The
Negro will meet a tobtnon on September 11 In
return bout t Iew York. Turpin took the title
Sugar Ray last month In-London;
Turpin told newsmen he felt tine and was co
dent of bringing the Wle. back wit hit. Randy '
the farewell celebration' last night was. -more e
hausting than some of the fights. I've had."
Turpln's sparring partner, Mel Brown; i st
behind in England Just so the Champo won
lonesome, Brown sent his pet monkey, Ciey, ao
on the trip. Between Charley the mokey and 4
comic books which he reads at every ptuity T
pin figures hell have no worries abou
Randy took the salUtu je the Queen Mary in a
And the crowds lining the docks cheered. -Tug.
whistles blew. But through it all Turpin at in;
ship's barber shop getting a hair cut.
In. the White House at the ball parks on
sandlots it was Babe Rutl Day Thursday.
From President Truman down to the kid with a
tered gove and dirtstreaked face the nation took.
out to honor the third anniversary of the death of
Bambino. It was shortly after eight o'clock at
in 1948 that the Babe died of cancer In New Y
The king-of the golfers Ben Hogan has
ed to retire temporarily from the tournament cire
perhaps until he defends his Masters' title at Aug
Oeorgia, next April.
It's not only that the terrific Texan is tired a
still recovering from that auto acidentthat alm
killed him. Income tax must be. another' reason.
winning so muce money and making so much mn
by giving exhibitions at J1,500 per show three or f
times a week, that he's going to take it easy.
He can do that, too, off his winnings in the
Golf Tournament which ended Sun ay at Chi
Ben picked up just for appearing. And he won fi
prize money this time a whopping $12,000 -
Ironically, Ben was pulling and honestly p
for his buddy Jimmy Demaret to win the big p
Demaret led Hogan by five" strokes going into
final round. But Ben's six-under -par 66 beat De
ret who soared to a 74, by three strokes. And'Dem
had to settle for five-thousand dollars.
"I was pulling for Jimmy," Ben told newsmen.
the locker room, "but that's the way this game
Hogan's $12,500 dollar purse in the World
makes his tournament total for 1951 $20,000. And
played in only a few tournaments because of
aching legs,.

and with these passed beyond the.Army's control.
The killing was not in the United States, so is
yond the jurisdiction of United States courts.
It is doubtful whether American citizens can
extradited for trial in Italy.
It is also doubtful whether a great many oth
wartime deeds, both in the line and with the pair
tisans. would look wholesome if displayed before
peacetime populace conditioned to look on Ja
walking as quite an outrage.
o --
Civil Defense in the United States took a
back when Congressmen refused io vote funds for
project because the planners had advanced no
ence. beyond startled cries about Russia's A-bomb
compliehments, at as to what they were going to
with the mnney.
Not that it was suggested they proposed perso
to pocket it as fares to the bomb-proof hills.
In .a wek. which amounted to a drawn round
the Cold War the Senate MacArthur Investiga
committee came un with it.s verdict.
In the domestic Cold War that raged over'the
Arthur firing, there would, be no declsif6n.

4%^^U K

-r IW UALFlr'i A new Oommni st salute, an "over the
head double handclaip," emerged from a three-day, Red-sponsored
' "Pee Crusade" at Tehran, Iran. Here, a member of the "peace
crusaders" shows a crowd-of demonstrators .how the handclasp
works. One Iranian suggested that the salute was "copied from%
S{ r an Amerloan boxing noyle."

e:1 wre e w weIt * *

SMa aorCabe

STransfers through

The National City Bank,

of New York

If you wish to transfer money abroad, by
mail or cable, call at the nearest office of the
National City which offers you thefacilities of
its worldwide network of branches and
Businessmen will find very useful the many
National City services which its experienced
stalt takes pleasure in placing at your disposal

1 -as 9v ow wide ,1 ."



Balboa Panama Cristobal
+-- ma -- t o

r r i' i.. ... .. .. I -- .. U > *
-. ."+ a + a 4 ,+4
. "^ ":" '-.' .9-^ 'i-*' i ^ .- .' -"- J "'"
^ ^ r ~ r?1^ ^ .^



THIS IS REALLY "SBI STEEL'-This gibat steel girder, large t single shipment ever to be han.
died 6y the New Yqrk Central Railway, occopidd three l at ars for Its trip from New Market, N. J.,
to New York Ct~y. The. girder weighs 107 tons, is 153 feet, seven Inches long, andI 11 feet, ive Incheas
high. It is the first of three main girders to be used to build I parkway bridge ever New York Cea-
tral tracks at- Woodlawn, in The Bronx. -


. .I

'... 9 -
V. :oo. .-.I r I 1 I
1o5 44 4 e mn

a -a, da e- ---P r
a. a + -- -v ----

cs-t-Io nt N -V0I pal --

--4S t -eiste Ofmo s -Tu 4-Oresiln956--

1-Wan a -Ow--C-ar o -d-r-ingnd -Wr

Etoer in1in, 8D'les flax
Si -4 --it, h11 -1 -
-- -a 1 -

V' :' ,g ; __'_ vi u ,
o a .- r "--d 4-- -n t-
2--411ortetl Vesl. olnt--!]&i~r 1o7Sor1--9mrlln --adf

I fo li t m e im- -rising -

-Tlae 72-BriPkte ai7- n mo11-Japanoowe 43-Gumrotion -Hardment
-of *stock ma-goftce* poli*-*ehd ct 2--3ve 44-Ninae .1 mineral
1-AMssat glRr m17-Whitlw feet hey h-Prepare
Ao art,"e l--W er 5-Vioent particles flaxe

eeAner 1-PassageVi"-Fatofen.
7-Restoride -Cne M P- effort 45-gapo 8tI-Fatally
-- Wa-6 to **7 6-B-Joor 47- pes 1 *1-ProtecUn|

2044-So41ithl -Nonmetallle 1I-e a 7-bottomed 72-Stoep 113-Pock2-Moet
71-Wane -O w element 12-Poind boat descelnd or ca-Whirl
0-Deorati vee 9Cold thn,-Oaorial 10-od for 76--Helmet- 11i--rodunds

33-ager lab91-Authority bearg 37--inort of shaped o7-aure
24- e -Narrow way 8lll-ore riddlth 4-phat which 120-Mea aof
ad --Object piece at stfp 12 E and 39-Part of 7 mpartPlanter wood
*_-wlt:,l. .71-Chet sei i .-l1oat loader circular 101-Formal
-Dngravd 72-Criork easi 1mortnee motion sorrent
Averpon ne 7t-Molee tolto:73a4-Drbute b i e -Wager 103---Conquer
(Ans-Oraty 78-Type of belt und elsewhoat 12ere in-Ove the Snday erenr

34-Wadn*Mird porno. Sl!-Warm IS--nutem n 6-Bow 197-Marine
2l-Oseck. of-wheel tlUreuglly W-Pasai e 64L--lIt fims.
37-Restore 83-Convex 13*-Settlpment 17-Love to 6--Suppert t@6-Irdquos,
-0-With- curvature In excsm 8--ngage 1S0-Streamlet

44--ach' 85-Nonmetalle 123-Sea bcd bottomed* 72-8teep 113-Pocket-
47-Isand in element 124-Pointed boat descent or cane
Medlter- 87-Margin 12B-Certain 30-Stretch declivity 114-A chalce-
ranean 88--ndigo- 12--Wriggling 32-Variegated 73-Caze dony
48-Motet plant 127-Having 34--plral 74-Wrong 11---You (Bib.)
SO--corative 90-Cold thin, sharp 3--Later 7--Helmet- 11--Founda-
paying slab *1-Authority tone 37-Sort of shaped tton
51-Poison 92-Narrow way 126-More riddle part of 120-South
62-Proportion 93-Upright recent 38-Sh--n calyx American
53-Object piece of step 129-El~b and 39-Part of 77-Planter wood
55-Dreg- 95-Color flow mortise 79-Ca sorrel
Avewa Uie fe olf M: 71 -7fltff-DIstwibu by KIpg 1gArg 5a*eeIl

(Answer to be found elsewhere In the Sunday American)






S-ua -I Amcane Suppkleaweai


OWN= ANoo Pu Ros T as.
HARMO4blO UIAS, Edito .
*7. H STREET P 0 GSx 134. NAMA, I. o p.
345 MAoISON AVE.. NEW YORK, (11t" 4 t,
PER MONTH. IN ADVANCE -, 1.70 6 2.8


The litt
And do
To sho'
Say tho
The mo
Amo, ai
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I admire
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Rat of
Front 1
Hind, le
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But nol
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No te dt
For this
Latin, y
See Th<
t What a
What a

S Farewe
You ha
and we
Your Ri
your za
S you la.
and the
You br


RE NOTES FROM AN to the heat of our summer a soft
UNNATURALIST Spanish breeze
from the hills of Andalusia and
The Atlantic Monthly) the high Guadarram _
POINT OF VIEW and with kick of the Jota -the cool
le bat hangs upside down, Pyrenees.
wnside up the possum.
w a smile they have to We'll remember your costume,
wn, the dark and the colorful,
ose who've run across 'em. the shawls and the lace and the
BUNNY whispering guitar.
tto of the rabbit? your delicate mockery in the
mas; amabbif. Cafe de Chinitas.
BACHELOR your songs and your laughter
small scale from old Malaga..
re the snail:
s no spouse You danced to our royalty and
house. the Lord Mayor of London,
A, OR JACULUS JACULUS flamenca, fandango, and the
Sjaculus, classics of Spain.
g miraculous: Now farewell and adieu, but this
a sort. good wish take with you:
egs too short, Sefior and sefiorita. soon come
gs too long; back again.
ier wrong. Peter J. Henniker Heiton.
angaroo, -o0o-
t for the Zoo. IMMANENCE
ow to class him: (From Sonnet Sequences)
we pass him? I am the sea. mysterious and
u MIDGE deep;
eum Black billows break the confine
s noceum- of the shore
you know: In spume, hump bison backs
oreau. again to gore.
& blighter! I am the sea, serene, as kind as
biter! sleep.
David M'Cord.,
-o0o- I am a mountain, lording eagles'
m The Christian Science Within hell's fires fluidify the
Monitor) core.
11 and adieu to you Blow off the top. extravasate the
anish dancers, score.
1 and adieu to you dancers I am a mountain, waiting in the
m Spain. keep.
ve conquered all hearts
h the snap of your fingers; I am the wind and wain, sun's
hope very soon you will fecund light,
me back again. Impinging ether waves from stel-
lar space,
omance of the Gypsies set A blade of grass, an oak, a water
stalls caravaning. sprite.
ipateado made tap-danc-
slow. I am the Milky Way of spangled
ssoed the pit with your lace.
nce of the Necklaces A tiger prowling in the jungle
en with a leap and a stamp night,
it go. A particle of dust, divine by
ought to refresh us Seville grace.
d Granada, Mark S. Reardon 3d.

Herewith find solution to Sunday Crossword Puz.
'ie No. 386, published today.


E TA I S R N kl IM
Distributed by King FeatueS2 yndicate

Samuel Smug!

Samuel smus is smart. Uts true.
If you were be. you would be too!
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HOW ARE THINGS IN KAESONO?--ateh upne news 'frai e Esen i i e-Imu S
negotiations are these Yank infantrymen, members ofa recollimfl ie btm w eda dJust p,,
UN troops storm and capture "million dollar moumtbale'in Central Korea. Thq b^l"' .tud ubyr
the GI's in the face of heavy machine-gun fre, took It name from the ad~ill a worthy -
UN ammuon spent on s It before It fea (N&-Acme Telephoto by Stafhotogqphbr Walter Les.)

earson's Merry Go-Round
o -

WASHINGTON.-That shiny new Cadillac
presented by the Elks Club of Houston to
General MacArthur when he visited Texas
still isn't paid for.
The bar cost $5,700 and the Elks, in their
enthusiasm, figured the money would be easy
to raise. So they presented the car to Mac-
Arthur and figured 'on paying for it later.
When the last appeal. for fund was issued,
however. MacArthur's popularity seemed to be
on the wane, and only $1,286"of the $5,700 was
in the Elks' kitty.
Here is the letter sent. out- by Phil Ham-
burger, chairman of the MacArthur Gift Fund,
Houston Lodge No. 151. Bob Elks:
"You doubtless are familiar with the fact
that during General MacArthur's visit to Hous-
ton he received as a gift from the Elks
and friends a black 7-passenger Cadillac se-
"The purchase o0 this car at a cost of $5,-
700.00 was undertaken by members of the Elks
and friends, and at the present time we have
only raised $1,286.00, and since we are in need
of more funds the purpose of this letter is
to afford you an opportunity, to be listed as
a contributor to the gift fund.
"The ownership certificate to the car will
be forwarded to General MacArthur along with
an appropriate scroll bearing the names of all
contributors, and the list of names is being
closed out when the amount of $5,700.00 is
A little more information has leaked out re-
ozarding the huge speculation in rye, and the
sudden reversal of the Agriculture Depart-
ment's ban on Canadian rye.
An offer of a million dollars was dangled
before Ralph Trigg. formerly in charge of all
rve purchases, if he would buy Canadian rye.
Trigg said no.
Ikwever. last spring, after Trigg got out,
his policy was reversed and the U.S. Govern-
ment bought up a large quantity of Canadian
rye mixed with U. S. rye.
It is now learned that two senators pre-
sured the Agriculture Department to bring a-
bout this change-Young of North Dakota and
McCarthy of Wisconsin. both Republicans.
Minnesota's two senators Humphrey, De-
mocrat. and Thye. Republican sat in on
one meeting regarding rye. However, they at-
tended at the urging of McCarthy and did
nothing more than put in an appearance.
Senator Young, who comes from a big rye-
producing state, wanted to ban rve imports
from Canada altogether.
Since Canadian rye was already mixed with
American rye in Northwest grain elevators.
however, Young agreed that the government
should buy this Canadian rye in order to
reduce the surplus.
By getting rid of the surplus and by ban-
ning future rye shipments from Canada. Young
hoped to create a better market for American
rye farnmers.
It was McCarthy. however, who constantly
telephoned and heckled the Agriculture Depart-
ment to reverse the ban on buying Canadian
He not only called on Secretary of Agricul-
ture Brannan, but was continually in the A-
griculture Department's hair until it knuckled
under and began buying Canadian rye.
McCarthy's intense interest in Canadian rye
Is a nuzzle.

Furthermore, the million dollais dangled be-
fore Ralph Trigg and .the ntultimill6on-dollar
corner on the rye market, cdooBd i- by the
big speculators, alsi remanits a ghystry..
NOTE-McCarthy has. hot specc4lated hi -e
commodity market under -his;own, aim se-Binc, "
the 1947 Senate investfgatlori of the ,omModity
market. Previously McCarthy had speculated
chiefly in butter.
After the 1947 investigation, however; MeOar-
thy struck up an ipTeresting friendship with
Ralph Moore, the-specplttnl partner of form--
er Senator Thomas of Oklahoma.
It is significant thatMobr6 has been. -as-
sociated in the rye market With. Dan Rice, one
of the biggest speculators in Canadian rye.-
Claude Carter of Harlingen, Texas, went to
Paris and London this summer to keep a date
with Winslon Churchill.
.Mr. Carter lives down near the Mexican bor-
der; a long way fr9m there to London, but
some years ago when' he was president of the
Texas Bar Association, he met and entertained
Winston Churchill.
So the distinguished Britisher told him that
if he ever came to London, he should look
him up.
Claude Carter never forgot that invitation,
and apparently Mr. Churchill didn't either.
For this summer, wearing his broad-brimmed
Texas hat, in London, Mr. Carter called up
the ex-Prime Minister and was invited to dine
at Churchill's club
Carter tells how he wandered into the writ-
ing room, snitched some stationery and wrote
his Texas friends from the club of the ex-
Prime Minister.
Later at dinner the guests started discussing
which, of Churchill's many famous speeches was
the greatest.
Most. agreed that it was the "blood, sweat
and tears: fight 'm on the beaches" epic. How-
ever, the gentleman from Texas interposed this
"Winston." said Mr. Carter, "you made the
greatest mistake of your life In that memor-
able speech. You quoted from many great au-
thorities, including the beloved Kipling.
But you missed by a hair's breadth the on-
portunitv to have made the greatest speech in
all English history and literature."
"Why?" asked the puzzled Churchill.
"Because you could have quoted from the
immortal Shakespeare. You could have used his
great line from King John 'This England
never did., nor never shall, lie at the proud
foot of a conqueror.'"
Churchill seemed to like the suggestion, said
he wished he had had Carter as his ghost-
writer during the war, even indicated that the
only neonle who conceivably might ever con-
r-uer En1i-nd were Texans.
For years. the big bull voice of Bill Langer.
North Dakota's earthy senator. has been bel-
lowing in the Chamber demanding that the
Sstate Department name an ambassador from
his state.
When Thomas E. Whelan. a North Dakota
business man was nominated to be U. S. Am-
bassador to Nicaragua. the rangy Langer rose
to his feet.
Across the aisle. Sen. Bill Benton of Con-
neeticut mildly remarked:
"Now that the senator has achieved his vic-
tory. I trust he will snare us. his daily oration
on the ability of North Dakota's citizens. I'm
sure we're all familiar with the subject.
With. a broad grin. Langer nodded to agree-
(Copyright, 1951, By The Bell Syndicate, In.cj


Sunday Ameian SupplemeD


ta.. ~ -
'I **~, ~

:- ---- -; ~-*** 3' l

W99". -

T ..'. ...
* -:2 .- *- *

' -- 4 -, .
. --, .
r s-; 5: :' -.? *". *

* -*:. "' "* :. : '

Aid d-,' khave been acting on he "Advice~-of
some et braintrust.
Just .expert put in. front of the President a
document pe. .vth san to enttnue selling Amertcan
merch t .at lea year worth of Persian lambe.
Sit, rhiwere banned wftM suchb nfare last
j month, are iat items uch ermine, fox. bol-
insky, mari, .. rt and weael, ft worKttr and long-
shoremen indignantly i mo -
bo, there are still blQodv Amerlqan dollars going Into the
Soviet war chest. Won't Mr truman look again? ;
And the stuff gets past our longshoremen because Metrie
Olde England Permits It nerclnts to repack the Russian slave
labor -furs In London, ship theh. to Montreal and truck them
down past the AL's Longshoremen, I'm told -by labor leaders
who've Just been. meeting in that Canadian city.
Looks like Dan Tobin's Teamsters had better take over where
the dockwallopers were forced to leave off...
Watch for the wage control system to break wide open ln
the next few. months. Unions will demand wage increases rang.-
ing from ten to 12 dollars a week.
And wage boss Eric Johnston and jovial. cupidish price
chief Mike DISalle, have told Intimates they will definitely quit
in 90 days.
J hnstop plan. new ventures. He'll probably leave the mo-.
tion picture Industry asr well... .
Most colorful effort to work out wartime wages will unfold
Aug. 21 and August 22 in New York when spokesmen for big
league baseball and other sports argue for unlimited rights to
pay the athletes what the market demands.
Dr. "Curly" Byrd, the quixotic John Kieran, and great old
Ty Cobb, panel members, have summoned major league players
and management to come and speak their piece probably at the
Bar Assn. Bldg. here...
Sometime after Labor Day, the House Un-American Activi-
ties Committee will .hold open Hollywood hearings to kiss the
movie colony goodby.
According to present plans of the probers now in filmland.
the Committee will then write "The End" to the story of weird
intrigue there which began in 1934.
At that time, the Soviets sent in two'agents to organize a
writers' group from which to launch the' long drive for control
of America's 300,000 entertainment-workers.
At least 160 Communists will- be named, in line with cur-
rent strategy. It will be shown that all but a few are finally
out of 'the industry, and that the producers have set up their
own "police" system...
Meanwhile the dynamic Senate Judiciary Committee In-
vestigators are preparing a startling report on Communist In-
filtration Into radio and television...
Manpower experts deep in the Pentagon have completed
plans for a 4,000,000 man army this next year... and are be-
ginning to discuss ways of preparing the country for an even-
tual "peacetime" 5,000,000 man force sometime In 1953. '
This year the AFL readers are grimly serious about raising,
an $8,000,000 political kitty, and will so tell their 600 top leaders
at the Federation's annual convention in San Francisco next
Sept. 17.
The money will be used in chunks right in the Congres-
sional districts-and not in the presidential-race.
There seems tp be no doubt that many of the second and
third string AFL leaders are now conferring with Republican
Congressmen in Washington and' district leaders in some in-
dustrial states.
Whoever the Republican presidential candidate is. hell have
the support of a powerful section of Western teamsters, construc-
tiop workers and some coaldiggers. But the CIO is closer to
Mr. Truman than ever before. -
From Teamsters' leader, Dan Tobin, last week came another
startling blast-this time against labor leaders who take en-
ormous salaries.
"I am ashamed that labor merLbelieve they are big men be-
cause their membership in convention, or otherwise, raise their
salary to the same amount that was received by the multi-
millionaires whom we have been denouncing for years... When
I read about labor men getting $100,000 a year, I am just
wondering if the nfen of labor are not losing their self-respect,"
Tobin said...
Those Congressional investigators had better get out to
war-working .Detroit fast. Sections of thb Ford Local (CIO). In
bitter opposition to Walter Reuther, have invited the- Soviets'
champion, Paul Robeson. and the man who most successfully
organized a pro-Stalinist political machine. ex-Congressman
Vito Marcantonlo. both discredited in labor cicles, to speak at
and entertain the union picnic there this week. Who're the
real bosses there?
And now we know why the. mad comedians, Martin and
Lewis, ive up $3,000 a night fees and knock themselves out to
entertain union groups.
Both madcaps once were good undon men-Dean Martin
having sweated it out in a Steubehville, Ohio. steel mill, pay-
ing dues to Phil Murray's Steelworkers.
And. rubber face Lewis picked un a few dollars stacking un
dirty dishes as a full fledged bus-boy, a member of an AFL
Cooks and Bakery Workers local.
Apparently the death threats are more frequent at the Auto
Union headquarters than have, been revealed. Now late word
comes that others besides the union chiefs-just key staff
members-are under guard, along with their wives and kids...
(Copyright 1951, Post-Hall Syndicate. Ie.)

fryoJy aO a sfe

a' .. '. -J

S. ad -Th~l e sa led to a new
ii .i tI, 1h1 .two acal sell-outs
o empty seats, but their standees dwin-
Td. The ory show to rise was "Seventeen,"
which went up $2,000, a robust showing in
view At .the weather and the fact that "no-
body is In town." Over-an, the B'way live
.t e. played to two-thirds of capacity, and
'he. weaker sisters registered less than half
their full box-office potentialities... No open-
ings, no closings.
At Littleton. Colo., the- racetrack (the
Cenennnial, I believe) offered a luxury car
as a prise to anyone who- would pick all
even winners in as many racs in one day.
; Well, it happened... Bat tlie phenom was
rated a professional gamer, So there
couldn't be too much hoopla about the
award. And, besides, he owned a new car
of that same brald... to he was quietly
slipped a check-r-something like $5,500.
"Hello Sweetheart" (which was his favorite
greeting) will probably be the title of the
biography of the late Al H. Woods, written by
Ratol Kettering, old-time Chicago. showman
and newspaperman, in collaboration with Rose
("Queen of the Klondike") Woods, the widow.
She could be the basis of a movie or book,
alone. But her story, combined with that of
the fabulous showman, promises to be a dilly...
Woods,was my friend for many years. in New
York and in Chicago. where he built the the?-
tre named for him. .He rose from the 10-20-q0
melodramas manipulations were colossal... He
died destitute and, forgotten.
Rose was a big blonde whose Klondike back
around blended easily and smoothly into
Woods' life. She was rarely seen in cafes or
even around, playhouses. But she 'was Al's
partner and guide. Her Wall Street operations
ran into tremendous figures. She had access
to all the money he made. and with It she
jumped to the heights and dived to the depths
of the market graph. Though conspicuous in
appearance, she kept out of the limellaht.
After I mentioned her a few weeks ago. I got
numerous communications telling me she had
died long ago... She is alive and vigorous,
and has just finished the first draft of the
book with Kittering in Chicago.
Danny Cox tenor Wherever vou are phone
John O'Malley. Murray Hill 9-3933. N.Y.C. He
has a Job for you as a result of a line in
this column.
Writing is an Infection, not a orofession...
Rupert Hughes. now 78. who doesn't need
money. and who has attained' about every goal
an author can score, is working on four books
and a television program.
And I, doinr six columns a week, editing

o t-L41

a big daily and Sunday newspaper, and'
knocking out a fiction story every week in
-the year, am itching to get at my next
"Confidential" book... My collaborator,'Lee
Mortimer, returned this morning. He has
eased the whole nation and Its possessions
beyond the borders, and has 3,000 pages
of notes to be classified cross-indexed and
digested. Then we will decide what the
next title will be... It will definitely not
be "Hollywood Confidential." We had a
contract to do that and we bought It back.
Hollywood Is fascinating, but not impor-
tant enough... In fact, no city can follow
Washington, .Chicago, and New York. The
next one may be regional or it may be
"U. S. Confidential"-but if it is that,
what can we do for an encore?
Sophie Tucker has a protege, ro'i Sava'e, a
handsome, young singer. (Oh. no--'-'s no rom-
ance. Soph is washed up with that stuff, no
matter how hard she sings about itR) The
movie studios are scouting the youth. But
Soph booked him for a year or so around
the nightclub circuit, opening at the Fair-
mont Hotel, In San .Francisco. La Tucker has
ruled out pictures until he's offered a fat
contract. I've head Savage and -t predict he'll
make it.
Shubert Alley, that fabled short-cut behind
the Astor Hotel. between 44th and 45th Streets,
was closed to traffic at midnight this morn-
ning for 24 hours. Like Rockefeller Plaza, in
Radio City, it do-s that once every year to
proclaim and sustain its status as privately
owned. (No one is ever Pllowed to n"rk a car
In the Alley except Lee Shubert, the Man Who
Owns Broadway.)
There will be a picture based on the life of
Fannie Brice. Joan Davis mav play her... John
Fevmour and Abbie Lewis, who do leads in
-Pob Monroe's network dramas (in which the
be and the she are married or will be at the
. end of the continuity) proved life is onlv a
reflection of drama. They did marry... A Bos-
ton lawyer is now No. 1 man with .Todv Zeirl
er. of snortscaster Mel Allen's staff... Ji.anila
I-Tall, the original "Bloodv Marv" of "South
Pacific," headlines at Lou Walters' Latin
Carter for four weeks be-lnninp tonight...
The Dick Bigelows (she was the wealthy Mp.-
issa Weston) deny they're "separated." But she
lives in New York and he dwells in Texas. You
find a l-tter word for it.
In "Quo Vadis," the film, Rori"ns plav
barnipes. This was startlinrt to Fco*s and
tbh'r loyal descendants, who pelted MGM
with nrotests... But research brou-ht forth
sonmethibn not known even in Glasgow-
that Julius Caesar's invaders, before the
birth of the Christian era, carried pJners
who introd'iced the inst#-*ment to the bar-
barians of the British Isles.

Peter Edson In Washington
NEA Staff Correspondent
---k0 -----

WASHINGTON- (NEA)-It never got out, but
Illinois Democratic National Committeeman
Jacob M. Arvey was given serious considera-
tion for one of those three Illinois Federal
judgeships "nominated" by Sen. Paul Douglas.
Boss Arvey had backed Senator Douglas for
Democratic primary nomination in 1948. a-
gkinst Truman administration opposition. Dou-
glas won.
Arvey was known to want the judgeship,
thought he heads a flourishing law firm in
Chicago. He resigned his Cook County De-
mocratic machine chairmanship after the 1950
For Senator Douglas to back Arvey for a
judgeship would have been natural.
But in the end it was decided this would
look too much like political' debt paying. He
compromised by picking Cook County Circuit
Court Judge Benjamin P. Epstein, brother of
an Arvev law partner.
The men Senator Douglas finally backed
were a Catholic. a Jew and a Protestant. This
was to -keep all religious-political factions
The Illinois Bar Association finally backed
two of the Douglas candidates. William H.
King, Jr., and Judge Epstein. President Tru-
man and Senator Douglas agreed on the third
mair, Joseph F. Perry.
- Truman's other two nominees were Circuit
Judge Cornelius J. Harrington and City Judge
Josenh H. Drucker.
Secretary of the Army Frank Pace once came
home to find his wife and daughter Paula all
tied un over Miss Pace's homework in ar-
Having been a Director of the U. S. Bureau
of the Budget. Secretary Pace took over, In-
tending to breeze through the problems.
At the end of an hour. he took his coat
eff and at the end of two hours he took
off his shirt and really went to work.
Next day he asked how the teacher had
felt. about having all those problems solved.
"Oh! Three of them were wrong." said Miss
Paula. "but the teacher said not to feel too
badly about it. They were really) fourth grade
ooblerns. Pnd not third prade"
There's something missing from the usu.l

SUNDAY, AUGUST 19, 1951.

advance stories on American Federation of
Labor's annual convention. It will be held
this year at San Francisco, opening Sept. 17.
Normally, about now, there would be rumors
about President William Green retiring. There
have always been such rumors for the past
teft years or so. But not this year.
The 78-year-old union leader, who has been
A. F. of L.'s president for 27 years. still loves
his work and is hanging onto it. And the
younger men behind him have apparently
riven un hone he'll ever oult.
Washington's press corps is rapidly coming
to recognize unsuspected talent in one of the
freshman senators. Herman Welker of Idaho.
Here are a counle of his gems, from a re-
cent speech on the dismissal of the cribbing
West Point cadets:
"I know how easy it is to make mistakes:
I know how easy it is for young men at West
Point, from 18 to 21 year of age. when it
comes to the ridiculous thing called the honor
Then this' final paragraph. printed verbatin
in the Congressional Record: "As a produce
of competive athletics shudder to think what
America would do without intercollegiate boot-
Defense Mobilizer C.- E. Wilson finally got
away for his first vacation in four years. Ever
since 1948. the former General Electric presi-
dent and Mrs. Wilson have rented a house on
Long Island for two weeks in August.
And for the three previous years. something
always came up which made it ne"-ssarv for
him to cancel his vacation nlans. This years
het decided he lust had to et some rest.
There's growing speculation amons- veonle
who follow atomic energy matters that the
Russlan "atomic explosion" of Sentember. 1949,
was not a bomb at all. but a premature, un-
controlled or accidental blast.
There is no scientific doubt that this was
an atomic blast.
But there has been no such tindisnutfble
scientific evidence that the Russiass have had
a .second explosion in the intervening two


.-r ..:A .'. I. -' w..-.- -

j* and Elsewhere

Sumnky AmeIcn Supplement

Stage Performance. m

'The West Bank Recreation
Program was climaxed after
seven weeks when the children
delivered a stage performance at
the Cocoli theater over the week
end and displayed their arts and
crS fLs in the Cocoli clubhouse.
The West Bank program was
parL ol the, overall program of
the Canrl Zone. for which a cen-
tr1al fund of $4000 was provided.
Of this sum West Bahk was allot-
ted $290. gained $179 more from
registration fees, plus more from
With raw materials needed
from the States, a phonograph
for roller skating, costume mate-
rial and lesser items for the arts
and crafts classes. Mrs. G. H.
Davis, chairman, paid for every-
thing needed and still had a sur-
plus of about $50.
Over 40 volunteers, mothers of
S the West Bank children, helped
Mrs. Davis, herself a volunteer,
with a program that was enjoy-
able, instructive and creative for
the more than 150 children parti-
cipating. From nursery age to
teen-ager they were kept busy
with arts and crafts, skating,
barn dances, sewing and singing.
One of the outstanding phases
of the program was the tour
which each group had. The nurs-
ery group, pre-school age and the
Indian group, kindergarten and
first graders, went to the zoo at
Curundu. The second graders,
cowboys, were entertained at the
Panama Riding Academy. The
farm group, third and fourth
Readers. saw milk processed at
Ganaderia Industrial. The fifth
and sixth graders, the Panama
group, toured the Panama Mu-
seum. For the teen-agers a trip
through the Canal was planned,
ond for any children missing
tours of their own group, a trip
v. as planned to the Corozal Bak-
_ch of these groups worked as
a unit in the arts and crafts
(,'.ss. making appropriate cos-
t. mcs or utensils utilized by the
ratives or profession that they
.died. Those in the farm group
ma<'e mailk pails and those ani-
mal figurines, those in the Pana-
ma group made native dresses,
the montunas and montunos, the
Indians made costumes a n d
wampum belts and the teen--
agers textile painted skirts which
they made themselves.
Each group had its own exhibit
at the Cocoli clubhouse from
noon, Friday, until after the
stage show Saturday and all cos-
tumes made were worn on the
s' age, where each group also gave
a separate performance. The
Nursery group sang, "The Muffin

Wearing shirts and dresses which they made themselves, Wilfred Martinez, Joanne Barnes, Edith Estrada, and Lem Kirk-
land (1. to r.) pose for the camera. The shirt is the montuno, and the dress is the female counterpart, the montuna. -

Man"; the Indians executed a
scene from an Indian camp; the
cowboys sang "La Raspa" and did
a Mexican cowboy dance;. the
farm girls put on a Laundry Davy
sequence and a square dance; the
farm boys sang, "I Want to be a
Farmer"; the Panama group
danced and sang "Panamefio";
and the teen-age girls performed
an Argentine square dance.
Following the performance of
the children, spectators saw Walt
Disrey's "Song of the South."'

Each child went home with a
plaster of parls figurine made by
himself, and some of the older
ones kept identificat ion and
charm bracelets they made. Oth-
er things made during the pro-
gram were: scarfs, aprons, purs-

es,' crayon drawings, ash trays
and boleros.
Mrs. Davis accorded high
praise for the parents who helped
in the program and she showed
her appreciation after the stage
performance by presenting each

volunteer with plastic earring
and pin sets made by herself. She
also thanked Mrs. G. O..Parker,
coordinator of all Canal Zone
Summer Recreation Programs,
for her aid in making the West
Bank program a success.

Dressed In cowboy shirts and neckerehiefs that they made
themselves in the arts and crafts part of the West Bank Re-
creation Program, Lynn Botimayer, Claude Sessions and
Marvin Metheny (I. to r.) work on "wampum" belts.

Lorraine Parker, left, watches Jean Winlecki spray fluff on a plaster of parts figurine as
Claudia Davis pieces together a balsa-wood airplane. The girls, preparing for the program at
Cocoli theater were wearing dremes they made themselves for the occasion.

For the Best in Fotos & Features

.It's The Sunday American


- Ams -m


r^ ~e T8ST^MJA

f,, '


IL I .- I No

Abot M:onkeyo

SMEDICAL MEN seeking data on the incidence of yel-
low fever among monkeys and bthersnmll jungle animals
must" perform their autopsies in the field. Here Dr. Her-
bert Clrk, Director of the Gorgos Memorial Laboratory,
prepares to take a blood or liver specimen from an animalJ
shot in the interests of science.

MOST OF THE FIELD TRIPS starting from Gorgas
Memorial Laboratory set out via airplane, wind up on
horseback or on foot in rugged wilderness. Here Pana-
manian Technician Ratibor. Hartmann, left, and Director
Clark, pause for a breather during a jungle trek.

COIBA ISLAND the site of Panama's Penal Col-
ony was also the site of a research point for scientists
looking into the transmission of yellow fever by mosquitoes
who feed on jungle animals. Here a member of the scient-
ific party takes a cayuco taxi to come ashore. The thin
line of trees between the sea and the mountains in the
background is mangrove swamp.

' Mosq.uitoes... and Men

This is a story about monkeys,
squito and men. But wite
ieome into it, too.
night a**, if you have anr
healthy W hite mle arorm tRV
Ites. yp can probably sell the.
Research to the selentsts
Panama who are trying to beat
thetriple play from the moikec
t' mosquito to man. .
When and if the triple play
ork* tlihe tnd man comes down
with yellow jack a dangerous
d sometimes deadly disease. 86.
.ha scientists will also buy your
ektra monkeys for third-deo
Aeo -prilling on the secrets of the,
Medical men would buy mos-
quitoes too, if the insects came
with the right pedigree.
SBut for the most part they
have to go out and catch their
own. Oh yes, there's sometimes a
"Male Help Wanted" twist to the
medical detective problem for
which the Pan American Sanita-
ry Bureau and all tropical and
semi-tropical American Repub-
lics are seeking an answer.
People get paid. actually, for
serving as human bait for' the pe-
culiar types of "treetop" mosqui-
toes who live their lives in the top
branches of the tallest jungle
trees where they feed on passing
monkeys, squirrels and o t h e r
climbing animals.
Men who take jobs as human
bait don't find the work exciting,
but they do say its a lot easier
than hoeing a corn patch or dig-
ging a road. (They are always
w-ell-vaccinated against yellow
fever and never come down with
It themselves.)
Based in Panama, tlehind the
dignified white columns of the
Gorgas Memorial Laboratory AT THIS ROAD SURVEYOR'S CAMP' some six miles
on Just Arosemena Avenue,
the scientists who work cease- outside of Almirante in the Province of Bocas del Toro, a
lessly on problems of tropical
medicine plan and perform re- Costa Rican lineman was taken ill with yellow fever last
search that spreads over a wide
office of the Gorgy as hMemoril April. His was the last case of the disease known to have
Institute of Washington and
has only a nodding acquain- been contracted in Panam6. Scientists explain that it is
tance with Gorgas Hospital in.
Aneon. in camps like this newly cleared areas in deep virgin
Dr. Herbert C. Clark, Director
of the laboratory, himself heads jungle that yellow fever is most likely to jump from
many field trips. His most recent
safari was into rugged jungle moneys to man if the man has not been vaccinated.
country of southern Mexico where
several of the monkeys shot for
analysis were found to have been
yellow fever victims at one time
or another.
Scientists lean more and more
to the belief that yellow fever has
been a common disease among
monkeys for centuries. What
they are seeking to find out is ex-
actly why and how the disease
seems periodically to "jump" to
Many valuable facts are at
hand. Almost 100,000 mosquitoes
have been trapped at jungle ob-
servation posts in the Panama a-
rea alone in the last few years
(some are metallic in appearance
with iridescent wings.)
Hundreds of thousands of Pan-
amanlans, Americans and others
have been immunized. Mass im-
munizations have now started in
Costa Rica. Efforts to control the
deep-Jungle menace are being
taken in Brazil and Ecuador.
Long ago, scientists learned how
to control yellow fever in cities, JUST ABOVE TIDE-LINE on the beach at Coiba Is-
and prevent its reaching epide-
mic proportions anywhere.
But there are still many links land the monkey hunters and the mosquito hunters set up
missing in the full story of why
after many years absence a few a scientifically planned field camp. Every health precau-
cases of yellow fever will appear
among farmers, woodcutters and tion is taken for the personnel all of whom have been
To tie up these missing links, vaccinated against yellow fever. Ice to preserve the spe-
and form program that may
eliminate the disease for good cimens is essential on most field trips. Dr. Clark is getting
and all is one of the big dreams
of the men of science who work
to keep the Western Hemisphere on animal brought in by a shooter.
safe om the honkey-moquito All Photos Courtesy Dr. Harold Trapo o.

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IDAY :KW(UST 19, 1951

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JNDAY, AUGUST 19, 1951






h,. ~
1~V~'~ J
*~III~ ~ I
Pr -~


AI 1j FM



Envuelta con alegrfos de mujer-y ritmo de tombores el alma
ponomefia se levant entire la armonfa de nuestros boiles ti-
picos como un grito vibrante de fe y esperonza. En Ia risa de
estis damos y estos hombres la image de la Patria parece
tener flocin pernne.


F PANAMA, L. r., OMaNGoo, AMSrTO. 19 ,


. ...W-^P-



Bames legalep
Con fecha 14 de junlo de 1940
el Goblerno Nacional puso en
vigenca la iLey de Seguro So-
cial Obligatorlo y el 10 de fe-
brero de 1944 se promulg6 su
feglamento. La Ley se. reform
posterlormente por Decreto de
* de abril de 1946.
* En el mismo afio de 1944 se
decret6 zona inlelai de apllca-
ciln del Seguro Social Obliga-
torlo la region' comprendida
dentro de los limites territoria-
les del Distrito Federal v los
Munlclplos Petare y Chacao del
Distrito Sucre del Estado Mi-
Por Decreto de 13 de diciem-
bre de 1945 se orden6 realizar
los estudlos preliminares y los
trabajos preparatorios requeri-
dos para establecer el regimen
del Seguro Social Obligatorlo
en los Estados Zulia, Carabobo
y Ar gua.
' El 17 de octubre- de 1947 se"
e-tendl6 la aolicacibn del Se-
guro Social Obligatorlo al Mu-
.nlcinto Mpracav, Distrito O1-
rrrdot del Estado Aragua, y el
27 de septlembre de 1949 a La
Victoria en el mismo Estado v a
las narrooulas urbanas de Va-
lencia y Puerto Cabello en el
Istado Carabobo.
Por Decreto de 23 de noviem-
br' de 1949 se orden6 la reall-
ract6n de los studios prepara-
torios necesarlos nara el esta-
blerimlento del Seguro 'en las
'cludpdes de Cumnia. Barouf-
simeto. Son Crist6bal y Clu-
dad Bolivdr.
Por iAltimo. en Decretos pro-
m/lgados el 27 de abril de 1950
se extended la aplicaci6n del
Seuro a los Municiolos San
Sebastian. San Juan Bautista y
Pedro Maria Morantes del Dis-
trito San Crist6bal del Estado
Tachira. oue forman la ciudad
lde San Crist6bal. y a los Muni-
rnioos Bolivar. Santa Barbara.
Chinuinquira, Santa Lucia, Co-
quivacoa y Cristo de Aranca
del -,Ditrito Maracaibo del Es-
tado Zulla, cue forman la clu-
dad de Maracalbo, v se orden6
1. realizaci6n de los estudios
recesarlos para el estableci-
riento en las ciudedes de El
Tigre en el Estado Anzoitegui,
Acrrigua v Araure en el Fstado
Tortuquesa: Carinito y Quirinui-
re en el Estpdo Monaas: San
T.iine en el Ratado Yoraeuy y
Cablmas en el Estado Zulia.
Naturailea v fines
de' Seguro Soelal
El Seguro Social en Vene-
uela tiene como carscteristicas
la' de indemnizar los dafios
cue puedan sobrevenirles a los
trabsjadores per raz6n de ac-
eIdentes y enfermedades profe-

base econ6mica estA a cargo del
los patrons, de los obreros y
del Estado, que contribuyen con
los gastos de administracion,
equipo sanitario y de primer es-
Desde el mismo moment en
que se promulg6 la Ley del Se-
guro Social Obligatorlo, todos
los patrons y trabajadoret del
pals quedaron sujetos a sue dis-
posiclones. No obstante, la es-
tructura de un organismo de
este tipo no puede llevarse a
efeeto, sino por etapas sucesi-
vas, debido especialmente a ra-
zones de orden tkenico: admi-
nistrative y actuarial. De aqui
que en estos inomentos hayan
en Venezuela unos trabajadOres
que gozan del 8eguro y otros que
no reciben sus beneficios; los
primeros son Ida trabaJadores
que prestan servicios en empre-L
sas domicilladas en el Distrito
Federal, los Municiplos Chacan
y Petare del Distrito Suere del
Estado Miranda. La. Victoria y
Maracay en el Estado Aragua.
Valencia y Puerto Cabello en el
Estado Carabobo, San Crist6-
bal en el Estado Tachira y Ma-
racaibo en el Estado Zulia. Es-
to no quiere decir que los otros!

sionales o por causa de enfer- trabajadores del pals esten a-
tnedades que no driven del bandonados a sus proplos recur-
trabajo o de maternidad. La sos, pues la Ley del Trabajo ha

Social Oblgatorio De

I .--L

Los fines especificos del se-
.guro son los de proteger a los
trabajadores de los dafios de to-
da especie: fisiol6gicos y eco-
n6micos. que sufran por causa
de accidents. erkfermedades y
maternidad. Esta protecci6n se
realiza por diversos medios
prestaclones en dinero, medi-
camentos, hospitalizaci6n, ope-
raciones, curas de reposo y to-
dos aquellos que contribuyan a
compeniar los perjulilos sufri-
dos por los trabajadores por
causes de tales riesgos.
Beinef0le0 espeeiftle que
reeiben hl trabajadeuem
Enfermedad MaternMad--
En los cases do enfermedad el
trabajador tenara derecho: lo.
A solatencla mkdica, quir6r-
lea y farmac6utica deade el

Sqk-men MAMA AN- -

demnizaci6n variable de acuer- noviembre de 1950 pagd por
do con el salario annual de base. serviclos medicos y operaciones
A esta misma indemniszadln mayors. y menores. la suma de
tione derecho el asegurado el Bs. 6.144,053.26.




NOMBRE ...... .......

DIRECCION ............................. *

Racorte east cup6n y envef". hoy mirnso a It direcol6n
descrita para que peda ganarse el "TE80ORO RON-
I II II I I I ll lI [ L I II


-* primer' di de enftermoded y.a coy I at. de
huts patu uelas. e- Jisu de
zardn tanto los amnegulaoe o- a eapead
mo sus famililares., 2o. A ws as.a de 5 por.
dewImalsaeI6n para el -
adot. cuando quede I E ie n as ie hido
do rs el trabaJo, durnite partial nO-manor
,abt semanaM aptrur 4e1 citeo, Vel amgwUlr rA -
iii dia de eneradoad. Xe- recho a una rentaUirfI
ta IndemnIzalon aria di a lap dos teroera paq las
1. .10.0 bsata cauidad on que e
2.200I tambtin semanales, reducido el salarlo manual.
a.-cuerdo con I&la le de o -
que gana el asegurie. Cuando el aga o- 0ede
Invalid per cause de -
Sin los c4sos de materildad to o antermedad proflsoual y
habri derecho: lo. Para la awe- no Dueda poverse, eonduelre o
durada o los mlembros de la efectuar los actors prtnftlcaes
mlla del asegurado. a eulda- de la existenAla tendrA de-
-dos de higwlne pre-natal y .-a cho a la mitad doe aIs rents de
aslstencia obstitrica. 3o Part Incapacidad total no mpyot de
Jla asegurada. a una Idueanil- Ba. 2.409.00 ni "Inferior a
macln diaria equivalentt a la Bs. 600.00, por aflo.
de enfeimedad, on lam semanas "_
preceentes y en las aesi poe- '1 el saegurado queda ineapa-
adores al parto, cuaned no *- cdtado totalmente tender" dere-
fectda trabajo remunerado. cho a una rents equivalento a
la dod terceras parts de mi
Los mlembros de la fam sla salarlo "anqal .de base.
del sMegurado, pars los efectos
-de estas prestaciones son: la l fallecimiento del asegura-
mujer del asegurado, sea no m Io tanto por causa de enterme-
c6nyuge; los hiloie legitimos, dad-maternldad oomo por ae-
paturales o adoptivos hasta los cidentes y enY tnedades pop-
diodlocho afios de edd y tea feionaler, easuara una Indenm-
demAs personas no mayors de nizacl6n funerarla de Bs 300,
dcictocho aftos, lUgadaa s a- que se pagarAn a la persona
aetgurado por "parenteieoe dentro que hays aufragado los gastos
del euarto grado de consam*ti- del entlerro. 81 restan exceden-
nidad o segundo de aflnldad, tes, so pagarAn -a los miembros
alemoure que vivan con 61 y a son de la. familia del fallecido.
L~s recurios del aeguro mon-
mtest de tria7e y taienn total:
eAtom casos el asegurado tender o.-Pia el aflo
.dereeho: 10. A aslatenela isadl.' 1-19491 Ba. 31.683,7034
Ca,. q ulrrgica Vy farmae6tlka 2o.-Para el aflo
deode el moment de' pod.eir-
consagradoe entrehO dpose.o- asee.l daflo hasta el restableel- 194 -1980 38.56,00.40
nes la Teoria del rieqgo profe- Miento de la salud o la eonol- So--Pars el a&o
sional, wsegn la cual todae los daei6p de la herida. L n data ie
accdentes del trabajo y las en- Incluye la adaptae6n de apa- m 9-0-l1 47,42,A00.O
fermedades proteionales deben ratos de ortopedit y
ser indemnizadas per el patro- So. A una ind6mnl4cifon a Hay que advertir que eon las
no y al efecto, dicha lay etas- dinero. semejante en dursetn esantdades .epresdas atiede
bleee una categoria de presta- 7 cuantia. a la que psap en a los gastos'de adnisttraealM y
clones variables entire la simple el seguro de enfermedad-mi- al. page de prestaonea. -da-
atencl6n. midlea y la suma de ternidad.
quince mil bolivares, *segn la to eadp-do lo presupieat
gravedad del dafo sufridd. despu6s de asI rvelad is respectivs, tne alguma due-
semana, el .asegurade ma- U
Dentro del campo de apliea- nece con un apine sad de, renacit on el gasto real.
Cl6n laboral del Seguro seex.- ganancia mayor de 5 po elen-
eept6an temporalmaete, maen- to, teadri dereebo a ans. Is- IV.-De noviembre de 140 a
trash se estableeen lasm medldda
y eondicionem bajo la euales
quedaran a ogurados obligato-
riamente: los trabajadotws a-
gricotys pecuarls' les tra-
baJadores a domailo, cuyas
condiciones de trabjo no pue-
dan -slmilarse a ia de los tra-
bAadores ordinariwe loe tra-s
*bajadores dom6atlcos;. los tra-
bajadores temporeri'e, es decir,
squellos cuya prestactOn de ser-
viceos es accidental; los traba-
jadores que proeatan serviolo a
varios patrons; las personas
que reallcen o hagan laborers
.en servicios o establechmlentos
p6bllcos. No satin asujetos al
8eguro las aue ejecuten traba-
jos ocaslonalos extrafios a sla
empress del patrono; y los
miembros de la fammilia del D-
trono dentre del cuarto grado
de consanguinidad y segundo de
afinidad, que presten sus ser-
viclos exclusivamente por cuen-
ts del patrono v vivoql bajo Au
mismo techo. Los trabalJadores
cuysa remuneraci6n normal ex-
ceda do nueve mil selaclentos
bolivares no tendrdn derecho al
seguro de entermedad-mater-








, Lf.- z a'

,1 >- -*

. ~-~# S

-Noel f A b !o rea --.

tentare1t64# m's?4u
a #On, ious,, ib, quo p .
condado K Ient,- ussaointle .w aWes
S dress. .
La regularidad de esta visits au a ufaa repu a e a -tis
plicable lnterrupet6n el 9 de Julo de I 0 ", d horit-e t
la tarde transdurrieron sin que llegaran la aeora Fisaher y L
hija. Y la sefiera Qibb, no pudiendo conteI ,,1pactioMe k -
decidi6 enviar a su mayrrdocno I caue do si hija en .buce 4
notlclas. Aunque no era nervio, deaomra de sum famUilltms
le causaba clerta Inquletud, .papUseOt oetrr A 1o4 dias ,n1 qur
los nazis: atacaban a Inglateerft con si aTlonea .d bombardeo y .
aus proyectiles d*rigidos... Y na b liomba nialem a iabian caldo
jperca de Oakland House, la tmtne dsed.
'El mayordomo e d Mo61ia dr#AteU1emp SU distl.
realdenciL de I&s *f.z ar rd.t U p LU *c- .
aituada a un kill .,ro. me, mi~ .e cop .idto, I ...
tendon. House. Y xI. A losftnese
me a ell sufrl6 unes a.0 MIrna, noocultab
Sdiatancade apUerta rio su eaperana de que volvieran
de Is casa, estaba tendida c. a reudnlrs..'
euerpo de unsa muJer, terrible- li seeAor Flaher s. eneontraba
monte ensangreadi. en ms flOnc 4parramore, en Bl-
4noment : Erap dadive de cuagdO ocurrl6 Is espantosa
S Charlotte Laaunde. Is' mvie n-trage de Mstfield. Inmedta-
st de conflana de la seinork nItSamd tBe a, .

por un ba-.t dispara-do a queo- I e eesclareciminto del cri-
a l ordomo, otroftUndamen- I l seor F lsher ea una- per-
Ein ealonador moeste espec- sons, de b renes antecedentes.
1 teulo, fue ed innte Pero Is poliul .deatubrl6 cier-
buses de -laI lcia, regresandoI hechog ciooe relaclona-
.oco despuas en compafida de do$ "c~r i*MOldres, qua-
ficlal W. C. Cook ymdo o tre am M on fa ten .n de le inves-
Eatos. hol cn o io lu de sAve sera la sefio-
desto o trn gb:parie ra Florence. ablhAdm, iy 6ata b-
;tetv d n por me t de n agenael

t dnti mue tires. LAf oj r
eif n g n.euhi ma rd .e los .e hbln de e e mt

Sboles, de 1m "1. a i.el su.n estnoraen d
l..mor .. leot, ifoe~Oan en' ealldad
La lor isHer presebn- -Ma, '4. lH .Ransom:
Stabshu, o gangue led stro pn. L Feered ue r mr erna e L
p iuebes est ie f a d u a o o tant, u eu

A esoare dl'e '-den ducs-a eUodrdadem Lady cIr CorPau
a, er0 e.. dto. tt a, rc.t vl..Iom hae nouril O a hi-
o f- e emuante l stia..e '- 4d 1 abfl e~n ldbo met 1
.s Iuerpos de las tires mu-scona la defiora Rman im con gran
as,s fueron r dcogidos traslada. rpeto y no deando traslucir
a Fisher presentaba tres bT-ae t .. '" f I l '

S azos en la cabela; 4u hmla g-ai s I a srnestvadorp &Ues r
bn.mero, en el u r ecbo y i sir- ntas~i e otra sorprsa cuado esrgnc d l d u r h
venta, uno equo te deotroz el I bsupleren gue la ora. Florence 'tnd pc ti u
opeta,. '* n e..e a de Iu conmrianda, que ell. c- t
A pesar m a desoAren de .1ho eaJ esi reaUldad Lady Iris Corn
casa, era evidence queo el robu ealla-West, hui natural de undo
Tods los objetos os. laIs conao desde muy ntna ra1
l eoyas, dinero y doquientos ide culdado de upg matrnolento po-
-las vhictmas estaban en las a- bre. lo. ai ufforda quo actuaron
S. etas en aue emat otiun. soba- gudardarlos. mOnmalis-Weat. selgun pudo Westergaard, un aleman de al descubrlrse que Fisher hftbia
L. o anico extraorlnarmi- qu establecerse, habr a uerto a o- buena presencia, que deseaba obtenldo poco tiempo antes u-
ne encontr6 ie, unfr6a bilicleta co, ". casarse con ella. Pero para esto na p6liza de seguro de vida con-
omaun, hpyabe sa- esl ared. mY o eltleio sos hechos l cobra-, era necesario que Dorothy se siderable, cuya befeflciaria era
dposteror de-la casa. Esta bid- Iron sutt[ iriortancia cuando, divorcara y ella no deseaba Helen. Si Walter se reconcilia-
.. clet a.egun pudo constare nro sou etidos a n riguroso inte- hacerlo, quiza poer motvos re- ba con su esposa, era legico su-
S.perenecia a nnein smiembroj rrogatorlo. .los Gutilon rd confe- ligosos, quiza porque en el on. poner quo ca mbiarta el nombre
de la tamiia. FiSher ia doe su aron su parentesco n la s do segua amando a u soso de la beneficiaria, ue pasaria
servicio domrsticp. i en ra Ransom y revelaron que y esperaba reconciliarso con oc. a ser Dorothy.
-aste detalle cobr6 gra irm- ella les habla colocado en la Al estallar la guerra mundial, Y cuando un registro practl-
portancia cuandoWilnliam mith cam.del seflor Fisher para que Westergaard lue internado co- cado en la habitaci6n d Helen
Tn joveno veelnot, inform a Ia le esaparan. e Con qu6 objet'? m enemigo; Walter acostum- produjo un guante de cuero a-
peolcian haber lVsto. ese mismo Con el .de impedir la reconci- braba visitar periodicamente amarillo, compafiero del hallado
'dea. nocas ehoas antes del des- l oiaci6n de Ate coq su espos. su ha Fred Anna, y de este Junto a la casa doe ls Fisher, asi
acubrlmiento de los cadaveres, -o o mode las relaciones entire los como la escopeta de Frederick,
.suna muster qua vlst.o edo tra- La tragedia comenz d ae pa- espost vorlvieron a hacerse cor- no cupo ya dude de que ella
Le Joasculino.e montaba la bcte- racer sobre aun tuevo fondo al diales. q la Joven hacia cuanto era la victimaria.
cleta en cuestlrn. Esta muer pa-lonstatarse queo la bicicleta a- Ie era possible per impulsarles Peri Helen afirm6 que era
S recia drigirse hacia la residen- t bandonada frente a sa casa de a a n reconcillacin. inocente, declarandeo qoue aun.
ia de los Ftsher loi Fisher en Matfleld pertene- Fue entonces cuando ocurri6 que era qlerte qua vivia con
Otros vecninos onfirmaron el cia a Frederick Guilford. Este la tragedia. Fisher, y esperaba easarse con
relate de Smith, agregando ha-I declar qua se o e habia obse- o 0 o al cuando se divorciara, jamas
her visto a la menlonada mu-t quiado a la senora Ransom- Con base en los antecidentes habia pensado en hacer al sl-
ier en otras ocasiones. Y slem- si hermana-y que e1 no o vol- a' que heoes hecho referenda, guile a Dorothy. y mtucho me-
pre pareca star vilgilando la viv a ver. "1el fiscal del condado orden6 el nos a Freda Anna, con la ctial
casa doe lasefiora Fisher. i El- miumo Guilford Fdeclar6 arrested de la sefiora Ransom, simpatenaba much. La oven,
Era Indudable. pues, que tal luego qu msa hermana era unas acusndole de aurora, directs o dujo Helen, ynstaba ctid aceguna
Spersuona tenua- alguna conexi6n experts tiradora, practicandoa. a ndirecta, del triple crime de e freuencla Ia l tna CdITaore,
Sepi el triple crime de Crit- menudo con una escopeta que Crlttenden House. y sus visl&escoipeta cmFladin a
"'. tendon House. Pere su identidad 61 poseia. El process se inlci el' 7 de ella, Helen, tan6.ceauo a Wal-
-' M ua t er dtfef, de establecer: Y la situac nzi s a co mpice6- noviembre siguiente. El fiscal tecr. "
Ninguno de .lo oue la habian o quaeas se aclard mUs blen-i sefla, que Helen era sla (mica Pner jas declaraclones de
Svst- pa esar en bicicleta podia etuando lo s ivestigadores su- persona que tenia motives para Jessie oGuUford caisron peor
precisar aza faccones. Y el r e- peron, peor a aeftr ra Glulford, desear tn muerte de la sefiora tierra todas esmta ndpteas de
t hiculo no revel6 hulas digita- que en reanldad Helen Hansom Fisher, que se Interponia como inocencia de l* qe ti. Ransom.
Slers. guaiee marillo tampoco era la amante de- Fisher. otataculo poderoso en sus pla- Esta, confury es _ete, dedico
.... bfre6 huetia o marcas esae- 31 matrhmonio de _ste ,coR mes ar casarse. con Walter, varlas memansi anterlores al 9
clatiou. udeaha orentar las .oroty Sades MbI resultas- Bn u tu a s muertet de Freda de Jullo a apres pdo a manejar
lnVestigaeloaume d la mpolicia. do e In fraao, debido a in- Anna y de la satrvleta Char- la escopeta y tAmnien la blel-
6 o o0 0mptlbldid de c-sacteies;jtotte .Launders, probablemente cleta de Wedei*.L. DUO, ado-
La r snora. Fisher estaba ae- perp ,anoque aeparados, los -oo- abbi adh e motlvada por su mas, que en DrthyIe.-biyttu .He-
perada, peser no divorlada, de Iposa 6iguero. miantenlendoa ntezito delprotuger a Doroth y, len saiF6 tempdand de Carra-
as esposo Walter -Lawre-nce lacioes tmlsftbo s. Lard ctora wal echo' de que Helen quiso more, pidlendo a su madre y
a Fisher, editor de una revista Fisher sabia que Walter vivia eluminar a los testigos de su hermanos que as algulen lee
e obn"a.utoga6vUlls n Londres. He le Raoamem, y ella, a snu -crimen. preguntaba alguna ezs que ha-

bla hecho ella ese dia, le contes-
taran que lo habia pasado en
la casa, sin salir a ninguna par-
te. Luego tom6 la escopeta de
Frederick y vistlindose de hom-
bre sal6 en bicicleta, indican-
do que se proponia cazar cone-
Jos. -
El juraao d(1 su veredicto el
12 de noviembre, tras una deli-
beraci6n de media hora, decla-
rando a Helen Ransom culpable
del asesinato de la sefiora Fis-
her. (Conforme a la ley Inglesa,
cada crime tiene que ser con-
siderado separadamente). Y con
base en tal veredicto, el juez
John Tucker la conden6 a mo-
rjr en la horca, fijindose el 23
de diclembre para su ejecuci6n.
Helen se desmay6 al escuchar
esta aentencia.
, La defense apeld de esta sen-
tencla, sosteniendo que la sefio-
ra Ransom estaba realmente
fuera de su Juiclo al cometer su
triple crime. Como se habia
supuesto. intentaba nmatar solo
a Dorothy. pero Freda Anna v
la sirvienta Charlotte trataron
de impedirlo y entonces dispa-
r6 sobre ellas tambi6n.
Esta apelacl6n fue aceutada, v
la muerte fue con-
mutada por la de prisi6n per-
petua en el asilo de Brftdmoor
para trIminiles dementes..
AL eompletarse el expediente
de Helen se .etablecl6 que su
afirmac6ln de qtfe era hUja de
Lord CdrnwaWlli-West era fan-
tasia. y 4ue en realidad -su pa-
dre fue Frederick Guilford. unf
pintor de retratos que no logr6
aIcanzar notorledad y que des-
aprecl6 : laterlosa'mente, sin
dejar el enpor rastro. Este de-
taIle habiIat aecld9 de impor-
ticlas. tn yverdad, -i no hublera
4tdo .qtfr preilaann pra ob-
tener la conIrftacn de la
sentencla se aleg6 que Helen
era la hija demente de un pa-
dre loco tambien.


DOMINGO, )OOT-O A 19" 1 'Ipt o PANAMA MICA'I e Oiul

1111 1 ~"

I .

B: I



- ,.e


(Modelos A y A-I)
La reciente colecc|in de Jean
]Desses cortiene algunas Ideas


interesantes y ttiles. Especial-
mente atractivo es su vestido
Capa-Delantal (Modelos A y
A-i). El primer arreglo consis-
te en un simple traje de ma-
fana, compuesto por una blu-
sa-camisa de mangas cortas y
cuello Peter Pan. La falda es
estrecha, de alpaca. La sobre-
falda, que da el efecto de tu-
nica, es del mismo material.
El segundo arreglo, que es el
ilustrado por el modelo A, mues-
tra el traje cambiado por la
adiclin de un delantal de quita
y pon, que es tambidn del mis-
mo material que el traje. El ter-
.:er arreglo (Modelo A-1) mut-
tra el delantal transformado en
uha capa, al dArsele vuelta.
(Modelo B)

La blusa camlsa clasica casi
no se ve ya; los nuevos mode-
los son de lUneas muy femeni-
nas, amplias y de ornamenta-
cl6n simple, preferiblemente
en plieguea Las mangas son
largas y muy ajustadas.
(Modelo C)

Maud y Nano estan exhiblen-
do models de sombreros espe-
cialmente disefiados para dar
un toque elegant a los traces
de tarde. El modelo C., por e-
jemplo, es hecho de satin, fel-
pa o fieltro suave. Asienta muy
bilen en la parte posterior de la
cabeza, dejando el rostro ente-
ramente descublerto. Los ador-
nos se colocan a un ladoly lle-
va un velo como complement.
(Modelo D)
Los estilos de trajes de saco
oscuro que ahora so mues-
tran son miuy convenien-
tex para todo tipo de mujer,
tanto para las j6ve&es como
para las que ya han dejado de
serlo. Aunque de liners clAsicas,

son clertamente atragtivos. Los,
preferidos son los que llevan
argas mangas reglan. El mode-
lo D present un efecto de do-
ble solapa, creada por dos hl-
leras de botones; el cuello estA
bien cortado y es realsado por
un fondo de satin pAlido. Una
faja delgada adorna la eintu-
ra; la falda es muy recta, pero
estA adornada por tres volantes
de diferente ancho en las ca-
(Modelo E)

La crinolina de antafio sigue
siendo deomoda. La mayoria de
los trajes que la requleren son
blancos, que la crinolina mol-
dea como an guante. Los hom-
bros quedan descublertos. Las
amplias faldas son de vario.
materials vaporosos. Como en
los dias de nuestras bisabue-
las, algunos models, Uevan nu-

WASmb I C. Uim,
bre 23.

La pobre

no usa


merosas enaguat o refalos de -D) Traje de saco, ,a-al~aca
volantes. La part superder del azul marino, con botoone de
traje conslste en un corpiio concha de nAcar. 3N foado-del
muy tallado. cuello eas d ae tin -aul M fldo
La popularidad de estas gran- .B)' Un magnihleb. ,rae de
des faldas es ta pronunclada noche, Alsefiado po.r &anm, do
que hasta la atueta de strena till blando con unm dplat .de
que se e ocaatonalmente es a- satin blanco todo eordado en
dornada con tunicas o delauta- oro y pequenas Waa .
les pars romper la severidad
de las lines y dar una impre- LO QUE IEMO- VISOT KN
sl6n de amplitud. PARI& KSTA SEiMANA

A, A-1) Conjunto de lana,
consistente en un corpifio blan-
go y negro, una falda negra
estrecha y una capa de lana,
que puede usarse tambiln co-
mo delantal.
B) Blusa eamisa de crepe
blanco, adornada al frente tbn
grades pllegue:. .
C) Traje de satin negro, 4-
ra a tarde; con 14 border forra-
do en 'satin blanco. 'De.un ladQ
lleva un adorno -de plumas de
galo y como complemento tiene,
un velo negro con puntos v(rdes
de chenil.

Jacques Path exhibe on traJe
de tul azul marino, mU s.y aho,
que se usa con un abrigo selto
de 'satln amul con O *.rs "y fo-
rro de satin r-s=do. c-uelio y
los putfos.del abrigo s6n'de plel
de vision tefidd de' uul Este
traje es para reun2ionc intimas.
Escarpines. de charol,-ris.
Para m omldas suntinOs:; tra-
jes largos de "Jersey" blanco
con double estola de tafetif ro-
Jo y verde.
En casa de Piquet, an con-
Juntp deportivo, compuesto por
uira falda dq franel* r-,bklsa
de shantung, dorada y abrigo
de tres cuartos del miamo ma-
terial que la blusa.

I ,





/ p

CornA aretlTm -s perfieeas

Iupemeo PANAMA AMEICA minw






quae reselve todos. leprob.e-
miM planteados i ,.figrs Se-
menlam per Isa n ai. Es. IS prA-
mera de todinge Jajas con t-
Jido en el lado ae ha*e on-
tacto con la ple- y lstes en el
exterior, si oe s~urs ni bale-
nas- que hasan bulto bajo la
falda mis estreeha.
Ademas de star hecha para
mbdelalF y .s#teaer s figure
suavemente la falda "FAlb-
Lined" dan todaa Ubertad de
acoi6n y Toimlento de que mse
disfrutanrah sin usar faja al-

Es la puntualidad condicl6n
indispensable para triunfar en
cualquier empresa.
Deben las j6venes ser exac-

Festival de Berlin

prep6rase para el
proximo Septiembre
BERLIN, agosto 18. (USIS).-
Se espera que el Festival de
Berlin que debera tener lugar
Sdel 5 al 30 de Septiembre, or-
- ganlzado por las autoridades
* del sector occidental de la clu-
dad, proporcionara "prueba 1-
refutable" de que Berlin esat
al frente de la lucha contra el
dominion y la opresi6n comunis-
Esta es la creencia expresa-
da en la edici6n de agosto del
Boletin de Informacion, revis-
ta' mensual de la oficina del
'Alto Comisionado para Alema-
nia. El autor del articulo es
William Keefe, subjefe de la
secci6n de relaciones publicas
del alto comando de Berlin.
] Dice que se pOreparan importan-
tes actos cUlturales y recreati-
vospara este festival de 25 dias.
Keefer dice en su articulo:
"Preparado por las autorida-
des de Berlin occidental duran-
te casi un afio, el festival de
Berlin esta recibiendo apoyo
moral y financiero de la AIta
Comislon Aliada. Los berline-
ses confian en que este festi-
val dara respuesta conclusive
a esta pregunta; Que es hay
Berlin, culturalmente hablado
BUENOS AIRES, agosto 18. -
(UP). El ministerio aerondu-
tico fijo several restricciones a
la navegacl6n area civil en
14 zona pr6xima al Gran Bue-
nos Aires -y declare Zonaa res-
,,tringida" a la zona que une
*jas localidades de Gualeguay,
San -Antonio de Areco, Merce-
des,, Cafluelas, San Vicente y
La Plati.
Igualmente ha quedado pro-
lipido.a todo avi6n civil, acer-
,cnea, a las cbstas del pals, sal-
vo en casos especlales, previa-
mente autorizados en el res-
pectivo plan de vuelo.
Los pllotos civiles que no den
estricto cumplimlento a esas
decisions, seran obligados a
aterrizar por los aviones de pa-
trullaje de la fuerza area ar-
gentina, y los que no obedez-
can ese mandate, serAn derri-

S. .-...

. La tfaj. Fab-Lite" son
vendidas en tas principales tien-
d y san eosto es solo de $5.95
y $6.95.A


tas en sus compromises y citas,
concurriendo mas bien antes
que despubs de la hora conveni-
da en cualquier acto de la vida
El "hacerse esperar" ya no es
de buen tono. Ha pasado de
moda como tantas cosas utiliza-
das antes por la coqueteria fe-
Es una cuesti6n de urbani-
dad impuesta por ell modern
concept .de la camaraderie y de
la amistad.
Los hombres y las mujeres
conviven hoy en un mismo pla-
no, acercandose espiritualmente
cada vez maa.
En las cosas mas elementales
de la vida, en casa o fuera de
ella, debemos darnos cuenta del
valor del tiempo, y ser puntua-
les con los denmas.
Ser puntual significa respeto
y consideracion. La mujer que
quiera captarse simpatias olvi-
de el terrible defecto heredado
de sus abuelos y nunca se haga
esperar deliberadalnente, ni fal-
te a compromises contraidos.
La mujer es reina. Y alguien ha
dicho que "la puntualidad es la
cortesia de los reyes".

CeIebr6 su Cwnpleaifos

Aunque no es tarde, presen-
tamos en estas columns el cIl- la encantadora y virtuo-
,a seftorita Flor de Maria Val-
das con motlvo de haber cele-
brado au anomAstico, rodeada
de aun familiares y amistades
deseandole para el future eter-
na dicha.


Deade la Iglesia de San Vicen-
te me Ilega evocativa la vibra-
ci6n de su campana de oro. al-
garabla de notas prendidas en
los peplos impalpables de la
brisa qde pasa: campanita que
hoy trae en su ausica notas
tristes, parecen lamentos de
conciencla cludadana, gemidos
de protest ante los colosos del
odio, la intriga, la injusticia y
la falsedad, en esta hora de tra-
gicos desequillbrlos, esta hora en
que los hombres del materialls-
mo estAn enfilando caftones,
prendiendo hogueras en con-
clencias estrafalarias, para in-
ducir por medio de ellas el sa-
tanico veneno de la discordia;
hora en qu'e las espadas salen
relumbrantes de sus vainas para
perderse en los vientres de los
Inocentes, de aquellos que no
pudieron asomarse a las venta-
nitas del clelo para cubrirse en
el resplandor de la Gran Mise-
Almas campesinas que van
presurosas por los senderitos a-
manecidos en laderas hfimedas
de rocio; almas diafanizadas en
el consorcio de sus huertas: con-
viviendo con los hermanos coli-
bries sedientos de las miles
que los Angeles ponen en los ca-
lices policromos en las silentes
noches lunares...
Ahi los hermanos bueyes al
descansar rumian bajo los fron-
dosos naranjos coronados de aza-
hares, hacen de las frondas un
porno de fragancias; ahi los
hermanos perros atuzan la cola
en serial de asentimlento y la-
dran en las noches oscuras para
ahuyentar los malos espiritus y
poner en guardia a los amos...
En esa pastoral quietud siem-
pre se oia el canto de los zor-
zales tristones y melifluos, se
oia el bullanguero parloteo de
los pericos en los guayabales
cercanos sugiri6ndonos algara-
bia de mercados...
Ahi en esa paz se vefa las ga-
llardas muChachas moliendo el
maiz; esas mozuelas de caras
augelicales de ojos verde esme-
ralda, canturreando canciones
buc6licas que aprendieran de los
abuelos, en las veladas veranle-
gas cuando iban en romeria de
fiesta a visitar al santo patron
de su iglesia...
Ahi donde antes reinaba la
tranquilidad, la paz era envuel-
ta por los rezos sedosos de to-
dos los labradores: patrons y
mozos cbnvivian en una socie-
dad semejante a la de la Arca-
dia de los reyes pastores... Pero
un dia asomo l4 cimera de un
casc6 y apunt6 un fusil, una
detonacl6n rompt6 el silencio
patriarcal de aquel valle y una
mancha bermeja profan6 la tie-
rr-. de aquellas frondas perfu-
madas; rompl6se el anfora de
aquellos corazones dejando es-
capar la esencia del amor; re-
bosandose en cambio de veneno
y de odio a los uniformes...
Esas almas dulces y transpa-
rentes se trocaron en timoratas
y espantadizas; fuese fermen-
tando en sus conciencias el Ill-
tro de la venganza; olvidandose
de sus.ganados, de sus naranja-
les, abandonaron los huertos;
las muchachas no canturrearon
mAs las buc6licas canclones: aL-
prendleron en cambio, a tem-
plar los arcos, aguzar, las fle-
chas, taquear y dispfarar las es-
copetas; aprendieron la safia


"Chil Ca 1

ES de sabias amas de casa elegir las pinturas Tropidura, para
protecci6n, para belleza! Visite uno de los convenientAiXmc,-
te sltuados Almacenes Tropidura en el Estadio 0 en la A' -
nida Perd No. 11. En ellas encontrarA una gran selecci6n y va-
riedad de pintilras para el' interior o exterior, esmaltes de acaba-
do perfect, y Volvetone, para el interior, en tonos de ensuefio V.
;to que mias le gustara son sus bajos preclos! Tropidura es es-
pecial para los tr6picos! No se enmohece!

carski en el Rancho durante A1
lunch o temprano en la -oc e.
y si quiere lame at tei6foao
.. 3-0553.

MUEBLES Filipinos Rattan (a
una euadra de la Avenida
4 de J-ulio en la Calle "H"), le
ofrece una preciosa exhibiclon
de Pantallas acabadas de lle-
gar. Dele a su casa un toque
de distlncl6n en el decorado a-
hora que tiene una enorme va-
riedad de estilos y colors para
poder elegir!

DZIENCARSKI proporciona
personalidad y gran parecl-
do en sus bosquejos: a Junior
antes que le corten su cabello
igualito a su papi... a la her-
manita cuando usaba trenzas.
Recuerdos inapreclables para
dias futures. Todos estos re-
cuerdos pueden ser suyos poar

QUIERE rejuvenecer? La cr-'-
ma "Jole de Vivre" (de hor-
monas) le ayudarl a recuper i
ese cutis juvenil, con s6lo aplt-
carla por las noches. Esta cr?-
ma maravillosa la puede adq;i-
rir en el Bazar Frances a an
precio especialisimo.

VILANOVA-en Avenida Cen-
tral 115-acaba de recibir el
surtido mas bonito y alegre cie
ropa sport para sefioras: blusas,
shorts, faldas: las nuevas blu-
sas de malla tambi6n, en fin,
todo lo necesario para un guar-
de ropa elegant.

destrozadora de las garras de
las fieras hambrientas y vivie- EN el Bazar Frances, de Col6n,
ron como tales desde el trAgico encontrara used la res-
dia en que asomaron por sus puesta a la eterna pregunta:
huertos los hombres uniforma- "Qud me pongo hoy?" No en
dos con cascos relumbrantes en balde han recibido 300" solucio-
sus cabezas... nes para su problema! Desde
Eso es lo que Iloraba la cam- Vestidos Sport hasta Vestidca
panita de oro de la iglesia de para tarde y noche. Todos bo-
San Vicente aquel dia... nitos y que le favoreceran nw.-
V. Avendanio Moreno, M.D. cho y al magnifico precio dei-
Julio de 1951. de B.7.95.


IDebe Modelar su Figura

S&gin la Nueva Moda? -

....MINGO, AGOStO 19, 1951

Supeeoto PANAMA AiERICA Dominica

Aparatos que vienen funcionando desde la

fundacion del hospital, haee mis 'de.

ruarto de siglo, se resisten a seguf p-res"

tando servicios y se despedazan poco a poco.

El Hospital estai'a punto de sufrir la para-

lizaci6n del servicio de ascensores, cocina

y lavanderia.

La Cocina antiquisima se niega a prestar servicios.


La Caldera de

la Lavanderia que
resistir mas.

tampoco puede

* *

Seran equipados various departamenlos del Santo Tomas

La Lavanderia, esta reparada con pedazos de alambre.

La psicologia de nuestros go- asi como esta muchas otras de temente funclonaban bien, con-
bernantes se oriental siempre I Salud Publica que seria largo tinuaron con sus mismas ma-
hacia la erecci6n de obras des- enumerar. quinarlas, como ei los afios y
lumbrantes que obliguen al ciu- Este es el caso del Hospi- el uso no exigieran un cam-
dadano a buscar inconsciente- tal Santo TomAs. Se constru- blo.
mente la placa que indique y6 la obra deolumbrante; los Y tomo la vida, comenzaron
quien fue el autor. edificios que en una 6poca fue- a sufrir achaques, a resentir-
Asi vemos que muchos de ron calificados como de "ele- se y a provocar gastos y mas
nuestros mandatarios, no bien fante blanco", surgieron y fue gastos en reparaciones. De na-
han llegado a la Presidencia equipado el hospital lo mejor da servian los lamentos de los
cuando ya estan buscando una que se pudo; se asignaron a Superinteridentes, de los ofi-
obra publica que inmortalice sus secciones m6dicos eminen- dales subalternos, del Jefe de"
su nombre, antes de enfrentar- tes y comenzo a marchar. Contabilidad que registraba los
se a los graves problems que enormes gastos que estas mi-
confronta la Republica. Era en el primer decenio de quinas de la epoca del doctor
nuestra vida independlente y Porras provocaban. Ellas de-
Tc Pas razon por la cual la institution principle a dar bian rendir mas y mas porque
no se ha trabajado en el al- sus frutos, a tender enter- no habia dinero.
cantarillado de las afueras de mos, a rodearse de una bien La etelna
la ciudad con el empeifo con cimentada fams international. Pero lleg6 el moment en
que se ha laborado en otras Pero aquellos departamentos en que" esta situatl6n se plante6
obras, aunque se sabe que va donde el medico no exigia me- en una forma urgente. La co-
a beneficiary a millares de per- Woras, aqnellas cosas que no cina "diesel" que atiende las
sonas que pagan impuestos. Y estaban visible, o quo aparen-uecesidades del hospital, ya no

podia mis; anunclaba el mo- para que los motors satisfa-
mento en que se dafiaria total- gan las exigencias del pfblico,
mente y ni las reparaciones para que no se detenga la mar-
que a diario se le hacen la ch ade ese servicio tan ur-
obligarian a prestar servicios. gente en el hospital.
Es una cosa anticuada, que Tambibn planted el problema
por todas parties indica su le- al Gobierno y tampoco se le
gendarla edad. El personal de puso atenci6n. Ahora tenemos
la cocina trabaja con grandes uno inservible. Y alli esta el
dificultades, y a cada momen- problema; enfermos de grave-
to temen llegue la hora en que dad que se deben llevar con
no se pueda seguir usando. toda prontitud a la sala de
La lavanderia operaclones, esperando que el
La lavanderia, denuncia otra ascensor que esta en- el filti-
situaci6n atroz; las mnquinas mo piso y que viene atendien-
ha nido quedando fuera de do las necesidades de todas las
servicio y por consiguiente las salas league al primero.
otras estan con el trabajo su- Pero esto no seria tan grave
mamente recargado, hasta el como que ha habido momen-
punto en que hoy la lavan- tos en que ambos estan dafia-
deria trabaja veinticuatro ho- dos. Entonces, el problema es
ras para poder tender a las mis serio. Hombres que no
exigenclas del Hospital Santo pueden caminar; impedidos de
Tomtis, el Hospital del Nifio y hacer esfuerzo alguno para au-
el Retiro de Matias Hernda, bir escaleras, condenados a Ju-
dez. gar con su vida o a ocupar
Los mecanicos del hospital personal que se necestta en
estan parapetando la finica la- otros menesteres; porque 185
vadora con alambre para que deficiencies de un aparato que
continfie trabajando. Pero ya no es un lujo sino una nece-
no se ie puede exigir mAs. sidad en hospitals de la talla
Es necesario que la lavanderia del Santo Tomas asi to han
del hospital cuente con el equi- exigido.
ponecesario, que garantice un El doctor Alfaro. que dursnte
lavado aasptico y complete. A- muchos afios ha trabajado an
hora, solo mediante el ingen- ese hospital, que sabe de bus
te esfuerzo de los trabajadores, necesidades, al encargarse de
se logra satisfacer el servicio. la Dlrocci6n Mdlica. se d. 6
Peroi y ya lo ha dicho el icuenta de la situaci6n, y co-
doctor Luls D. Altaro, Director menz6 a laborar para que es-
Mddlco del Hospital, ha de lie- tas cosas fueran remediadae.
gar un dia en el que quede- Visit al MinistrP de Prevsio6a
mos sin maqulnas para lavar Social, Ing Juan de Arco 40-
y la situacldn se nos va a lindo, y le plante6 el proble-
complicar. Es preciso, urgente ma; 6ste 10 plahte6 al Oon-
dotar de las maquinarlas ne- tralor y luego de una entre-
cesarlas para el lavado del vista que fue seguida por na
hospital. visit del Ministro del Has-
Los ascensores pital se acord6 que era newe-
El problema de los ascen- sario que el -lstado .bicera mV
sores es tan grave como los esfuerzo y tratara de. c-Oprar
otros; durante veintkilete afios el equipo que hacia Ufalt Pv
los ascensores han estado pref- ra salvar asa las necesldaded
tando serviclos a los millones del Santo Totial.
de personas que han coneurri- Y mientras se espers quo
do a ese centro de salud des- aurtan los trAmites loeales, el
de su fundacl6n, ya en calidad personal .subalterno "del hospe
de pacientes come doe Wsi- tal y el mismo doctor Alfaroi
tantes. estin rogando porque los 0 ie-
Al principio eran una no- ose cacharros que hay on M5
vedad. La ultima palabra en cocina y la lavanderia, y el 0a-
esa material. hace 27 aftos. Pe- censor Anico que sirva ahora
ro el tiempo los ha ido domi- en el Santo Tomis, reestan
nando; se ha hecho mil cosI hasta su desplazamiento.




_ ~,._ ~

D -*Uiriyi^ .... ado SUla, W ~on JLeof Frefgn~n
4n 2' n- o "t on ..--

l*a Novela Importanca de Is mces indigenas americanas
(wen. o Ia rgina utwria) en enriquec i .to del idioma espaiol
ziac y a de ampoasla'
sUperfcie del liar. El viento se O! iMe s F. Ced.i C
Sdeat6 con fuera del espeso Cen
tajidede las as..-. Don Sr-
nesto se retired press de una La lengua do hqy, ha dicho conocer la preciosidad del idio-
gran agitsaiwn... Ab* sS BoU Ruito Joni Cuervo, reposa so- ma espanol propugna por un
quedaban 61 y Io0 trees vI- t b I',, e fu ndanmeto de- la lengua cambiq total de 61l tradticldo en
tis qulenes are5lan- habern do .ser. Al nacer la recibimos una len ua nueva product de la
ctmtnado0de 41 vaho e l- en W .-arto punto de su process "transformael6n progresista"
ra .. e ontoce ltda I J tdrlea y on ella reclblifos gue del idioma espafiol realiza-
do "el oentIS5mbLq l moldes e- quoe va- se, el hombre americano. Este
provocaciones a t b.a de owos nueatras Ideas; ceece- criterlo de Esteban Echeverria,
Puerco"... mo. y I uamos en coming con fue acogido co= calor por otros
--Me parece mny L e 47411q aks coetAneos y. cerrado escritores americanos, princl-
haya estudiado te oso nuestio aje, aigue ellU por su palmente de Argentina. Y por
a Historia. Qude gnra scieS cauceo stam tm 'a<-". ello OGutirrez, por esos afios,
a teistoria la D nso ha rseme 1 poblem de idioma espa- rechaza come vejatorio para
interpuesto hu platura. ta o o 61 en Amrica, planted en sus un escritor americano. el diolo-
stau labidn me a e rifttdo comtenmos una cuedtl6n politi- ma que le reviste, a .justo titu-
que used siarla a fosem e ure c mia que un asunto lingfiisti- lo, acadimico de la Real Aca-
dileecidr par e co. Con las guerras de Inde- demia Zpafiola. La actitud de
recorder que ss .asO de His- pendencia, i es verdad- 4ue el esto< dos ailtores argentlnos
torla eran muy s nteresantei. -new Mudoa se emancipa-po- debe ser interpretada como
Muy interesante liticamete de Espaha, en el product evidence de la acri-
M-No, iu Vat re. 0 "C- a"eeto diplomittico contlnua tud que el recuerdo beligerante
-No, qur va! -n- repuso "Ca-iendo flel a Ia netr6poll his- de las guerras de Independen-
beza de Puerco" con cautela pans. us anslas de libertad, cia mantenia en el hombre del
al contrario, si era la material sus furlosas arengas revolucio- Nuevo Mundo: pero cuando
ue menos me interesaba... narias, su disconformidad ab- mis tarde se reconoce la obra
So mir6 recelosamente.-Y la soluta con el estado de cosas de Espafia en America, v el
unica que no conoeia a fondo. imperante, fue exteriorizada a hombre se encuentra ante la
Es extrafio que se te haya ol- travds de los Inquietos escrito- realidad Incontrovertible de que
dado eso.cuando era tu case res de la Independencia con- no todo fue malo durante la
bresalias.. I a en que so- Juntamente con los preceptores 6poca colonial, de que si hubo
resalias... de la poca, quienes pusieron en Espafia quienes se intere-
-Pero claro! -exclam6 Emi- su arte v su ciencia al servicio saron en levantar el nivel cul-
lio decepcionado- si hasta 6ra- de la lucha por la emancipa- tural y spiritual de las tierras
mos rivals por culpa de mi ]ci6n political. descubiertas, de que hubo, a-
aficn! El prata Morgan, por Terminada esta sangrienta dems, leyes e instituciones que
Y lo condujoaltemapara arre- epaca de la historic america- trataron de favorecer la raza
pentirse en seguida. ie6rcoles! na, el hombre de este Contlnen- sometida ponilndola al mismo
como sabia el desgraciadol El te deja Ia espada y toma la nivel del hombre europeo. las
e cambi era u oantfpluma pars pelear entonces en hispanofobias desaparecieron
en ctmab eratnc enorantea el noble campo de la intelec- serenando -a todos los espiritus.
en eocl tea. Enrtones emez6 a tualidad. Sin embargo, el re- Es entonces cuando Ricardo
el licenciado habilidosamente cuerdo sangriento de las gue- Rojas, comentando estos hechos
se le escabullia.-No lograba 'sa- rras de Independencia hubo de dice: "El error principal con-
carlo de sus casillas. Acudo crear en algunos espiritus re- aistia en ignorar que el conoci-
,hasta al insult director. beldes, una injusta hispanofo- miento de Espafia y de su Ido-
-"Cabeza de Puerco"! -le bia, traducida en abominio to- ma le es necesario a Amrica
grit6 de pronto y con voluptuo- tal a todo lo que fuese creacion para la afirmaci6n de su sin-
sidad vi 6 com esa cara repug- o tuviese relaci6n con la ma- taxis del barbaro con la vida
nante palidecia; ero ni ain asi dre Espafia. Claro estA, que tan progresiva de las lenguas y la
aceptaba el reto. Entonces acu- caprichosa actitud tenia que renovacion de sus formas est6-
di6 al expediente desesperado encontrar una valas infran- ticas. dentro del propio genio
de los celos. Con el mayor des- queable en lo que al Idioma es- idiomatico, sin lo cual las len-
caro comenzo a enamorar a pafiol se referia. Porque des- guas caen en el empobreci-
Lolita. Piropos llenos de pican- defiar como incompetent, co- miento. en la corrupecin, en la
te. de gracia indecent. La co- m o objeto de desinteres y a- muerte".
lera empez6 a dominar al maes- frenta la noble lengua de Cer- Ahora, la fusion obligada de
tro. Cuando ya estaba maduro, vantes, constituia el mas ga- la lengua maternal con la for-
extendio la mano y le roz6 el rrafal de los errors. De ahi ma dialectal americana tue
pecho a la chica... Un pufie- que Esteban Echeverria en su carcomiendo cada vez mas la
tazc lo alcanz6 en la frente... famosa r6pica con-AlcalG Oa- casticidad del espafiol, en A-
Otro pufietazo... Rodaron por liano. lo reconociera y le dije- mdrlca. Agreguese a esto aue
el suelo... Oruesas palabrotas se: "El jinico legido. que los los conquistadores traian dos
Ilenaron el aire mientras se in- americaios aceptan de Espafia direcciones idiomatlcas dife-
corporaban... Mididndose con porque es realmente precloso, es rentes: la proveniente del ba-
ojos v ounios crispados se acer- el del Idioma; nero lo aceptan gaje cultural de las classes so-
caron... El solt6 la derecha, a- condicldn de mejora, de ciales mas elevada intelectual-
pero Bague la esquiv6 con un transformacidn progresiva, es mente. y la que se alimentaba
gesto sorprendente e inespera- decir, de emancipaci6n". Estas en las entraias vivas de lo po-
do de la cabeza... Como un palabras de Esteban Echeve- pular. Ambas tendenclas, la
professional del boxeo hizo que el rria nos demuestran claramen- cult y la vulgar, se enfrenta-
golpe se verdiera en el aire... te el deseo vehemente de este ron en la zona linguistica ame-
El viento aument6 su veloci- author de lograr una emancipa- ricana con nficleos lixicos abo-
dad. La lluvia caia ahora con cibn tan integral de Espafia, rigenes--tales como el guarani,
furia casi vengativa... Otro que ni aun el idloma -det.a el quechua, el araucano, etc.,--
pufetazo lo alcanz6 en el men- salvarse de esta absurda pre- en los que se entremezclaban
t6n... Era lo filtimo que recor- tension. Por ello, a pesar de re- las corrientes de numerosaos
daba... vocabularies y dialects aut6c-
Abrumado cerrn los ojos Len- Jurisconsulto, v haber escrito va- tonos. Asi naci6 de tales con-
tamenteael suera lo Pis. e- Jurisconsulto. v haber escrita va- tactos, un caudal ldxico sin or-
diendo. Serian las tres de la rics li bro s sbre mateconias jue- anizaci6n gramatical indepen-
tarde. Las tres de la tarde...! a, u obranosemencionase- diente, pero de importancia
En ese moment el reloj pu- riamente en nuestra Facultad de verdaderamente singular. Mds
blico di6 tres campanadas. Una Derecho. Con todo y haber escri- tarde todos los pueblos euro-
sonrisa dolorosa le entreabi6 la t sbre y representa peos vienen a esta tierra de pro-
boca: "Serian las tres de la tendencia utilitarista de Ben- misi6n v se confunden con los
tarde cuando mataron a Lola" tham entire nosotros, en la fa- hombres de Am6rica. Con las
y volviendose sobre el costado cultad del mismo nombre ni si- jergas gringo-criollas, convive
derecho se durmi6. quiera se le menclona, y much el lenguaje americano conver-
---------menossole dispute. tido en verdadero espanol de-
Debemos reflexionar serlamen- formado.
Justo Arosmena' te sobre este aspect de nuestra Es un hecho comprobado que
vida snacionl. Y a Ia Universi- los pueblos conquistadores evo--t
(Viene de la Pagina Literaria) dad Nacional, especlalmente a ln lucionan en su lenguaje mas
Facultad de Humanidades. cabe aprisa que las naciones seden-
mena, que s6lo provocarL medi- la tremenda responsabilidad de tarlas y pacificas. Espafia, al
taci6n entire los que tienen la o1 que esta ocurriendo con la o- diseminar sus hombres por lasn
fortune de conocer su obra, pre- bra del lustre istmefio. tierras americanas, tuvo que
cisa que los intelectuales. y es- -oOo- acoger millares de expresiones
pecialmente los historiadores pa- REFERENCIAS: inesperadas, que eran necesa-
namefios, enderecen una acci6n "Juste Aresmena".--O. Mendes rias para la comunicac6ln in-
seria tendiente a salvar la obra Perelra. ter-social a que obllgaba fa
del jurisconsulto llustre del pe- "A Treselentos Afios del Discurso existencia n6made entire gen-
sado manto del olvido. del Metodo".-D. de La Rosa. tes desconocida, con vocabula-
Que cada vez se siente menos "El papel del Individuo en la His- rios aut6ctonos y vida earac- b
la presencia hiat6rica de don toria".-Plejanof. teristica en amblente de natu- s
Justo es verdad que nadie niega. "Apuntes de Clenclas Politleas". raleza Insospechada. Los espa-
Con ser todo un buen formado -:-Jos Isaac Fibrega. floles, como conquistadores ter-

Controversias Universitarias
De un tiempo a esLa paite se ha desatan, en
la Universidad la aparici6n de una series de hoji-
tas sueltas que Ilevan an6nimos unas, firmas res-
ponsables otras. Los an6nimos, que en la Historia
siempre han sido disfraz de espiritus pusilinimes
que se escudan en el adjetivo procaz y en el verbo
de satiricos rastreros, parecen ser en los filtimos
tiempos, en la Universidad, emulaciones burdas de
los militants de la politiqueria criolla que pugna
por inmiscuirse en la diaria- vida universitaria.
El panorama que se nos present .con toda es-
ta cadena de insultos altisonantes que traen los
mencionados an6nimos en la Universidad es de-
primente. Parece que se olvida que somos riosotros
los universitarios, los que la Patria ha dado la ta-
rea indeclinable de instruir a los demas y dar ejem-
plo de civismo, cortesia y honor. Quiza los que
se hayan dejado arrastrar por la corriente san-
guinea de lo malo que en ellos hay-todo en la
vida tiene un fondo bueno y otro malo-no se ha-
yan percatado del mal que produce a lo que tra-
tan de remedial: la Universidad.
Las teorias political creemos, son o tienen en
si todas, un algo verdadero, un algo positive, es-
pecificar cuil es la mejor no es tarea de las au-
las universitarias, porque ello seria inmiscuirse en
lo mnis sagrado que el hombre tiene: la libertad
de pensamiento. Y esto se aplica tambidn a la re-
Nosotros, que nacimos cat6licos, que nos cria-
inos cat6licos, quiza no poseamos en el mismo sen-
tido militant, la religion que algunos han tratado
de imponer por m6todos poco recomendables en el
medio universitario. Cada cbal es en sf responsa-
ble de su individualidad, de su propio yo spiritual.
Si vivimos en la Universidad como estudiantes y
no en una palestra political o en un campo de pre-
paraci6n espiritual-religioso, estamos actuando por
caminos errados. Si vivimos como militants de un
partido politico o de una creencia religiosa defi-
nida, caminamos entonces por senderos que la Uni-
versidad no es la llamada a sostener. Es necesario
percatarnos que esas controversial que a diario
surgeon en el medio universitario son incontrover-
tibles con nuestra misi6n de estudiantes. Un C6di-
go de Honor, no escrito, nos obliga a respetar la
opinion de los demais, a polemizar si las circuns-
tancias nos obligan con un sentido de responsabi-
lidad recto v nunca utilizando medios ruinosos.
Quizi el ardor de la sangre juvenile se desca-
rrie a veces, pero ahi esta nuevamente ]a respon-
sabilidad hist6rica que nos asiste- el estudiante
universitario es quiza el future dirigente en una
sociedad que se rija por los mas altos valores-y
no dejarnos Ilevar de los moments. Meditar en
ello haria much mis bien a la Universidad. Per-
demos el tiempo lamentablemente en discusiones de
caricter vacuo e insultos procaces cuando podria-
mos aprovecharlo en mejores y mis enaltecedores
menesteres. Y si lo hacemos, por lo menos hata-
moslo en un plan academico, aprendamos algo de
ello, y no nos odiemos los unos a los otros. Y si he-
mos de ser enemigos, cuando ya todos los demas
m6todos se hayan agotado, seamoslo honorablemen-
te, con dignidad de universitarios.
S* a. d. w.
minaron por imponer su Idio-
ma; pero ello se realiz6, no sin ces indifenas que enrlquecie-
antes perder la lengua mater- ron el idioms eslpafol, seria oi-
na algo de su tipica modalidad vidar los elements basics del
y ganando una terminologia habla nuestra, y a la posture,
rica en termlnos de nitlda pre- ponerse fuera de la realldad
isin y en morfemas de gran p ofrecida por el medio circun-
cisi6n y en morfemas de gran dante americano en ]a manifes-
contenido expreslvo. Asi, pues. tac6n de amer literature en to-
la raza conquistada di6 vallo- taclon de la lteratura o en to-
isimo aporte a la lengua del do lo que se reflere a Ias manl-
conquistador, hasta el punto de festaciones intelectuales de la
iue querer despreciar estas vo- lengua espaftiola.

SuPmleeto PANAMA AMERICA Doiinick




LA CASA' PARTON presentaen I R
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Suplemento PANAMA AMERICA DouaTk1y

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ANGLIJ, present de Lunes

a Viernes

p. nm.


PRODUCION: de Emilio Diaz


SGrai9t. PANAMA AMERICA Doomiuica


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If, --

DOMINGO, AGOSTO" 19, 1951i


en Red Pcn






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SunWcaonmzo rdiol de HOA dJ
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Por Frank Robbins


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Sobre Jos Asuncn a

"Vetif itrAjeudt de *d..A .....
.... .rseapd vies as veiup La reyolul6qntB.Irjrt de me-
d tmdlem s odem -**- ilaq. creaa rO ,Va 7 no
lraelpo..." par otr, r m a 1s
'" ..m Moldg que le atabau a lo clA-
S VI nalo y ma una cmam.ip que s
*^ ? ____up iveraluu al Qul@
S --- ate aA44re4d pe 0-
Xa na amena eharla, entire ptritua? y armonmosia arqita u-
,sAnmanoes da ,la nanle ra, ase8 opilnon de Men]ndes
l .a ehabe l I .W. de ro- Pelayo. l A.OIA ca origoal, ,Ai
MMnMt aSl oj at por qud re- tUl6n evolutiva. de su ento
S..ea. m -saauoa o.hancl6n ailva, ca el ieflna.l.ento noyedo.
0l 1bardb eolom lano que. tanta produce. deh.tro de un moMde
,eelebrtdad "alcans6 durante so esenewalmenIth castle yes noto-
S exd$toencla accidentada y que ver- raimente espeApl. 8dt Ialo. den-
S d en 'sus veraos todo el acer- a oen moaivoe renoidores., pue-
beo de mu melancoia. Silva fuG de ublearse dento, de un neoro-
uidn despertara en "nuestra ju- .manUclsioa subjetiv do rara
S entud, con la ternura de sus ver- ca>ldad sentimental. 81 much
PP m. Un fervor haqla i ioesla ro- asiml6 de France teudla auave..
a atc trnpordor, como la meaura,. A. emooIfl es a~ a de
mtsuk dce Straw, a Jardines de iuna escual y do mna 6poca. 6u
n genesdesco cldnocda rrer novedad-exgulalta proviene o sa
de los aos no ha podido borrar cIncepto personal de la bellesa
de nue4tra menLe muchos de sus y del arts quoe o aepar6 slempre,
melores veraos. espiritualmente. de lo terrenal y
,, "1o l-vuear. Rompid con todas las
Silva regres4 a Bogota de un traOieIones .del paado a fuersa
fructifero vlaje por "ropa rnAs de "querej verlo, oirlo y adivinar-
.e meno eo 1886, .cu4ndo la ca- 10todo ...
y, uts estaba aun turbada pr la
. uencla e ao oritas de Victor Noet tb fu6. publicado por
I Iugo y L$martlng. Llegaba el primer Ye oen Cartagena, y
S pot- de ra naarg&p"a embe- marc en 1 llrlea amaerieana un
S om n Iteratura rancega de ri- de reAovacl6n po6tlea y un
Stemp co un. bagale de re- mdulo verbal diferente:

.. adisma culture. Haba inti-
': ado con Verlaiue, 'Gonegurt,
S. Cattle, Mendds malUlo Zola y
S oda iesa consaeJacft, de literq-
toa y poetas qe dieron lustre a
la Francia de tes del aiglo XIX,
Sse encontraba en un ambiente
6riollo formado'dpor otra conste-
laeldn de hombres de letras,. tal
ves muy superior a. la que deja-
S ra en Europa: Jos~ Mnuel Ma-
rroquin, tiguel Antonio Caro,
Diego Fallon. Jorge Isaac, Anto-
o Jost Restrepo, Rafael Nufiez,
* Carlos Martinez ilva, Salvador
* Camachb Roldifn. plimaoo Soto
Borda, Rafael. pombo, Baldome-
ro Sanin Cano, Jullo Fl6res. Jos6
-Rivas Groot, P6rez Triana, para
no citar ottds muchos-que hcie-
ron brillar el rombre de Colom-
bla en el firmamento de America
como una nueva Atenas.

La influencia .de la cultural
francesa si marc en Silva de-
S rroteros filooaficos, pues un cO-
mentarista de la .poca hace no-
tar que un articulo de Teodor de
"Wysewa, escritor francs de orie-
S en polaco. sobre el- tt6sofo ale-
mAn Nietzsche, publicado en la
Revue Blue de Paris, y algunom.
oescritos de 6ste que Silva recibia
|r peri6dicamente, fueron causa que
ocaslonara en el alma sensitive
del poeta aquella amargura in-
S terior que se fuh percibiendo en
sus producciones y que poco a
S pdco lo fueron acercando al mas
allA; pues hizo sobre la obra de
Nietzsche observaqiones profun-
das y acertadas. "La clase a que
uno pertenece esta determinada
por lo hondamente que puede su-
frir" -dice Nietzsche, y. segfan
esta doctrine. la evocaci6p del
hombre, su mis alta distinci6t y
ennoblecimiento, es el padecer.
S oetas amargas est un- dant de
S BUyva hacia un mundo que no
I, comprende. hacia uria huma-
hidad que se divierte nilentras 61
Sure. En esos verso Silva es'-
cancI6 la amargura del que a si
mismQ se llamA "el eruclficado"..
g En la obra po6tica .del bardo se
va haciendo visible un hAlito do
S amargura, uina Admiracl6n por
S lo gnoto, que va abriendo cauces
de deeseperaci6n en au' exquisite
S sensibilidad.

Devora libros. Toda la litera-
tura francesa de oos siglos XVIII
y XIX le as conoclda 1o mismo
que la obra de olos nejores lite-
rates, poetas y pensadores de la
peninsula. Lee al o lasicos grie-
ges y se famllriania con Ia histo-
ria politiesa, artistica y iteraria
del mundo, en todo 16 que asta
tUene de trAgica y deo bella. Sin.
embargo, la Inel de sus verses
tiene amargor de hastio. Canta
a la luna como lor ruiseflores...
a la luna palida cuya luz parece
'bafiar su atormentado espirltu.
"El sllenelo que erese... La brisa
*s besat ls ramas...
- e lres qu" e tel aibiMa bLa .
ie Is hIs quo el paaje bafia.-

Amr, omn. eite det6" alli el
mamurni to hhM s1 de trirufe
Sy recos a abs!"

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m6 Ia me)ilia cutfaotaet .W, -. .. ...
Ay...I_ t e ro v Ti.. ..n ,. ,
- 'a *,n- '- &a o la A. *. .. .

enormef viomucn puao inc.p-lO --- "o u con .pa- Jilds --~refu-
,"Una people rar~e porfin.Con'paada vacilan- -,. iWI4Z=J t ` sl., y
tes encamhinde al -excuaado. .atrm a, ... 7! oydrea- -
Una tookhe'toda lena de murms- Depus de- lr s peg mo E e- r
una sangguejla a la plumsa del dosles te, tz Y p ate de pru t ,e -e
alas lavatorio. senate la m n a. de a e- nbre*naiprepa. .I -
tura en la reaenclOfn de nuesua ra rda rp, eh... -asombo. I
Una nehe,.*.. De Iueve on la ,am, taf de patrit Q p e a o...
ordenar lo. receardos,'las ige- anggo amrldo...? a talo de, l oir. bo-
En "Lua de luna" se retrata el nes que desde todaW las dimen- -Pue. no me parcel tella de wthsk, ... *.
alma del poeta, es elvivoesaiejo stones de nu cerebrO6 aturdido -4~ eo 6 lOe &ece.. .? ee -- T ota bo'ellaA w his-
de mu vida social, arlAtocratica- convocaban el bochorno., 8. eso ta de acuerdo on to que aabo k ealUel .. .......
como asU porte varonl, es mis- eraI o malo e sus rraheras.. ddeci? -Otra botea. ..?.... ..- -
ma vida que paseW y aint16 entire no star seguro 51 dia sigulete -- NO Sofior...l a 'a j ..
"escenarlos de rublo 0hampag- del orden en quoe as darolla- -ypor qu, #l puede sabersae --Qu i mporta '.testa .no-
ne. de- perfumes d floreis abler- ron lo acontfeemlqtoto.Prnero -Me towaiarl uD par de dis5 cthe o hay .na. remadlo que o
tas, de girar de desnuda espa- 61.. no, 'so en.. egu.da do eFplQarselo.Poro.rdeauaneno J. .. 1
das, de cadencias del vyale que la... o al s.r"A.' fdlano dflj conocemos suieientemente y 'm*, q tlpo di pintura ha-
mueve torbellinos de tules y ga* quo... No, peroa ei no 1o dijo tieo .muoo que ini labale ce uIted? -pregunt~el ireo-
* a..." fulano, tno zutano o engano.., pro la impresn de ua dista. .
y 61 cuntlt6... qu6tl 16 que inm e r m -To no ... oha.n au po de
Para deadicha de la Ulteratura onteqt6o... i o ne...pero, no, ~ ted... .U.ii.(utal Yo.. tura 2
americana, a .obra de Silva se At 61 n habla Dich9 eo, .. pAo flltpr d4eatcao a quien todos .e i ln te. ..
nerdl cai' en au totalidad cuan- bleh a I1-m6 qua... pro no. tam- aupo ien una- gran ultra, ex- ..peroj iii. tendencla- tie-
do naufrag6 el vapor "America" poco.... ioa mi11 que .enredo! prsaarse contra la cultmara...
en que el bardo regresaba a Bo-a l e ocu i a yeces haber hecho -8- un problems de defitl- ngunal.t A .*lo ..deo que
goti, despuds de haber desem- today clause do estaupiece en oa cltin.-e trata de ver nque .en- tiesdo eas hadca la pintura en
peoiado.en Caracas un cargo di- Juma, y no guardar mis recuer- ttende,pr culture, o de qu e da- nl t, *, -.% i6.
plomitico--el nico que obtuyo do que un eritienloto .de culpa- s de cultural se habla. Me temo -iQo anacroniaopefrabIu us- <
en su vida., La prdida de sus biUidad. In otras ocas ones no qpe nue~trag cultiras estOn on ted doela- intura 4Omb6a- 1Iue- 1
veraos. y manuscrlttd en prosa habtf lecho nada; pero la sen- las antipodas... I Le quV es cul- ift na diosa, -una &personiflca-
que 61 asintlera con todo su ser, ,scil6n de culpabiUlad, no era tura para tlted, no to es para mi ci6n.- Es usted .un poco hel- i
su vida accidentada, mortificada mena intenaa que a' hublera co- y viceversa. nico... ..-.... .. .- :
slempre por una situaci6n econ6- meotido un crimen. Pero ahora no -aletmpre crel que habia aua -Un poco noJ Del ttodo y aus-
mica que los corroe como una l1- era se e el caso. sol cultura... da. .1 ,Porqme no buseo ni la <
cera maligna, acercindolo mas y tabs justifloado. Las pruebas so --No, senior pClertos aspects serenliad -ni la .a.ddt.. R.n
mas hacia la desesperaci6n, fue- amontonahan punzantes, ardoro- de mi cultural, le pareceran a us- cambio lo amliol. -enso to- 1
ron factors paeponderantes en sa en tod la extesai6n de au ted.mafbten pornografig... do con auns mirada. ai pen-
el suicidio del poeta, a los 31 a fo organismo. Los ojoa negros, la -No .e entlendo, Enaile... amlenito .terrlblemente sanacro- t
de su nacimiento. Sobre el motive piel desollada.... -NI falta (quiehae,..I Bles..... .. .. .... I
real de su muertk teji6 la male- mtnpes& en el enouentro eon el -Tal- yes za ae expllcara un -Me wparce ouat,..a CoAtra- C
dicencia de sus coterrineos una maestro y Lolita. Conversaron poco mAs... dice... .e. ... a
negra leyeada que muchos bl6- amigablemqnte en aparlencia. En -Aunque me expliqu6 per en. -o:mIiportal ..
grafos han querido destruir. "Pa- eso se acerc6 otra mujer... pre- tero, used no entendiri ni me- -....
semos esta dollente hoja que ml sentaclones ceremonionas.. Rosi- dia palabra... .
ser' atormenta, que mil suefo a- ta ae llamaba.. tenia un brazo -Hotnbrel ye no me tengo por tJ
congoja" -dice Valencia en su un poco encogido... escribia ver- tan'bruto... "J-a-dJ, S4 l
poema de despedida al suicide. sos.. versos malialmos... la in- -No a._ trata de natellgenela,
Como el poets argentino Leopol- vito a ballar... se le pegaba mu- 0smo de IOteasidad emoclonal y S. .. 3 .d .....
do Lugones, amigo y admirador cho, It frotaba la cara con sus, vital... .1; t] ; oa. lop .aoMng(
de Silva, este se sinti6 solo y, meJillas audorosas... OJos lan- -Naturalmente, as que hay El mismo non-far-ninte Si
slendo de un temperament sen- guldos lejanos... A la. tercera problemams -ubjetivos que a to .
sitivo, vi6 alejarse de su alma pleza e dijo que se sentia can- melon estAn fuera Adel aleanqe mientras que& las pana
aquella voluntad de vivir que sada, que le hieiera el favor de de ml cerebro pDero ea ouaato musiealizan 1, rm del t
constituye lo mis sobresUliente aeqmDpafarlala a casa... CamI- a la cultural, existen normAs u,
de la obra filoeofica de Schopem- naron porla calls que relum- obletivaa. que vpueden unifdrar .. ,,.
hauer. Asi se explica su temprano braban con destellos de marfil una discuasin,. Por Mes-de' alaceru
y voluntario viaje de un mundo baJo la lunallena... Se detuvie- no Ydy a enitrai en aaude- .
que lo recibl6 con las cariclas de ron ensa .puerta, conversatdo... Zas de orden t .etoeo. OGran el Ci e .abre .sq .mUmUO,
uns aurora interminable.,. T1a rdecit6 con vos de alboba unos cant aad. de edo res S dij:era .as alms, -apla
Veraog ae ad recofdab. Lo exazainado et asut1tQ. PeSd S -
Diaa antes de su muerte visit mr6 at o}o. nto nte, aban lrse de euna .cult u nae.seial Alguien, 'al slo, hye. Bac
al Dr. Manrique. su m6dico y a- donAndoe... stabn' tan'pr6-. o dop culture .ualverial. l -,.
migo. A instancias del poeta el ximos, que cadi uno setia la propio Nietgache 4 ~aulen.ha- .._ .
clinico- dibuj6 sobre la pechera resp acelrtadads l tfd... ce semp6 olaedi el epts.- Nad page d. Anlingo
de su alba camisa el sitto exac- So acercaron mais todStia.. B c 'e sau. de sa eruatl iw tlruncu4o-- Cal las -t-iras i
to de a ubicacld6n del coraftn- beso era inevitable..'. Con 1 ca con us am ef lm*vo p l n4 e 1aliIco .- 1 -i n
ta! ves no qulso destromars os entrcerrado," ejlih 1e ofre- s ut ra alesna; ,ueve e nIn.a e 18a
cabema quo habia- penado' .tal- 4 Is, bca... af- .ea MnAi M sts atravat ean e mS Van d ,- en
tol... Be levant y Vylsati6O como ridicula, ppr .I.. Pero e1 & e to id ..a.,r, eam an -
oars concurrir a misa. Mas o me- reaccido6 stiempo.:. lHund6 lo_ hast ad" ideSa s y
nos alas 10 de la maflana ee dis- pulgareu de ambas m anoh en sus seo compren le, e Vuelvo -a verte. un do
par6 el tire que d.ebis transpor- or jas, agit6 las on._n- me. rI.eo. P atleos l Ia .I.A o. e
tUrto hadis Is eternAdad. Ii humo viadento, de le 6 is. --*- W a es.i-ta '
del di paro form 6 uns nubocita., lnt a... La mucahab le did "1a do I .... dr ui. AI P -rndarte mis
t *iSa quo fu6 poco a poco dial- ama rsidc -boteta lT i AS 0".d tintirismo, etc... POdrka c i-rle cUaud& mot"is en168sC
.b..dose en la estancia com 0el ea .I casa Uena d* e tg nx-. aa doe.ena d -nmabres-ss do
ltlapoa-tasero del poets. Tal ves Stone el m6 .61,.elo te0 aflnes:. I" es .
qe oy6 lai carcajada de la mu- 4iteotamente.. No... AtAse Ste- 4-No Va eaatAa -e tampb o.
mas cuando ia Muerte recibi ee tuavo en laiWntina de Chw& a 1- 8 .o .e pUrt 'e A tr *leg
cuerpo cansado d e star de a- pararae-_b lamparao... Doe ,rue- -PorfTr... -elt6 q me da tu6 reeerdo st
.nort ... do peiogrlpar... de ha-' e en e cal tuvotra lga y,: r.m' ue- em ... :o .,
ber saboreado todos los place- A4rt& conversaao- eco. "Cabs- u1ent- JW2 .. 1 P
res. .. '"La 1n no vertia Us ll a do e Pusco" y Leilta. Aiu1en -tLeas io perda. Anque -. di gS am
an msaid raye le alargo .una m r i ... IXB afadl9o S utea Beima" U eS
minutoedecosnUwM6,.. Ot4."enAatinates i.dt is Ab
Asi,la sombran de su uerpo. er m..A (De. a4 dian asuo e &a 3W .-
y de au' unieron pa.n ep. umd de todo)..-.. 1 a4 w p" Skaowt.. a te- tes ni'. ..
olempr, ome ...a'a Sml doctor Pala m Mt -' '-
bra larga... p gite*us 41* a sH a 1s poede w ..-. ..

. .



g-o'd .. .
-'. .p ^ J

- ~


I ~-+ -

-El ] m M,
sido wam D
pulera de ol 1ugkre
pensandoz i o 0 t
aterrtp I
do. e*st jei..." *
cl6n ineditale to**rA
-Carambhl Atambil
ted oetal -
-La de poetaSv in
lo de pinat e -.
-Eso ea digeutible..
-Clare qge il, pe-o
discuto... .-* :
-No 10 dispute y a l
Ro es dlieutibl. Qul
-Ya pvea la -4e-ta
Dueden duUamirse .t
Ahora aflrmo uta o
mente. 81 ateld no ae
bpinl6n ma. 1lllA.-nate
yo no voy .a -vrder c
en damokatcseboe 'I
_-61 todos'fuOu c;6
no habria prolie "-
blez-: pa o W ads
bre es li dlsain A
todos luenm ahbora: i
ted, usted se la "i a
cuttendo. 'Me 0 rece q
trata usted os de' sin
I se. de oer telrto...
S-Soy distinto lor i
to y pot credmfieto;
se trata de ter isi s
trata de otr- cola.:;.
-De qud cot?
--No e Ila digo... t
-Hombre. sat Wted
ce n no ohay form
nbe vodamis-entLeider
-Yo no me qWaero
con listed! I
-CarambaI y qu6 t
quiere entonces?
-Pues toeiar uno+ t,
ustedes, 'y para eso no
cesidad de legar a sli
tendimlento... "
-Pero, t e eg1 8.
tendimlento los trag
mAs agradables.
-Los tragos son a
de todas manbrasa .
-Eso es cirto, E3
Chocaron 16t vaeos.
taba entantadta. Coff
se subl6 los 'panteii.
de Puerco" Abtia la
eae moment6
-Emilio slempre fu#


gos son, iguales.
sin. remedy,
ias matinales

es y criadas
8saz sendllo.
a c mias billo.

(o. Este es an dia
a loteria.
n desfiles.

domingo. Entonces
ijos bonites.
is quknieuaa

agre cuando siento
su terneiua,
mor empie,..

D etriq KI0


S sU: prsencia
.. .. : -". .. "A ir "

. we mr on q.uas ebra no a l grade
-- ,a- ,m.A.D-r '.Ag... 1a 9 .e Ce 4ean
PP a p1 Ak. e nuestr ru-
YOM .. oto e Iobra mde l
*ky reiu.t 1. 0-..4-n C _aV de parpdi4ma nsa

iteresaate -qee M
de nwtev. iL t
ra con eatm ii,
idos eoa:M

radt12inm1 .. .1 1 ft..aiaIaoes. -1 .
ta dpoea. to God-y w '-asclauriKwU, &3MIS -hmt
in... e ia ~ i te 6< A -de. nuevo .el-ctor Pabfs -
emwre ha; memps dl ga t p an- qup .ited. M hubleera reTdQ
ia uanl.' -podre h,,aer V obra pn -an leio COMO ete. -
demnes serit., a -El nx-3 -1 pOgae* tMD -
die ye-as "' -UbPea-b4 ha eatogldo? no arferia f(ata done n tree
oj os mn .-TYo: -he.4elado comer por to perntiies. Para mi. -t
lia emo- completo. hab a et .hueito de 1s eset&4a0loe. Adore Ati :sal-
el aelma. lit suatte 4. al alm Abora made y m)l, ene hdescavt.ada:
en es'us- -me akw JaI s.obuas. LasA o- man. negna, mals aegsB Il*ema
S bras.ule m ol alt Cuando e m- 'de vd4a ya puro. SI1 wa t
elide on- be i A eaomerA a al Bi la auItum4=a O lR Me
mizma. Pa r -o me urge rea-- e *1 nlado do eA- fumat
* lI.arme '1, painter,a no L en mig sred A ego am refrit
yo no- lo pintra ntea: ino en t hab6A f. d QU
tiw .ra, ._ su"e wortaMd .os. .
S-eMmber- no .pao h!. u mu lrpo --.Lo twimmN me.or abo-
a lo--en- cuerpo ... I rx. He'-znmlanado sau palabras"
.--No 10 ~dpno muy ,blen; aWoa .unait- vav uI despite de
en .que pero sua r r revela usba 4- haber visto'S eNuadr...
at oa08. frlmlento pftuudo y alAero. -Hy acttude de actltudeal
mencill-. No. u pIhtura no. reo eme aeA La am1 e e4o Be FpQen s
Depta una una.buena pintmra y Us'*4 er- m6vIlvw ntimoes, a ~-e e ebm--
d.. PerO done; pro con tou h .din- proenlble: also la amit que as
el-tiempo plejldad no ~aude hacer puede adoptar ae sirvI6ooto
ara con- vrdadedro Urte. MR ((ib taria ver trge. Ineltnando un poco el. va-
un .euadro auyo. so mletgi el cdrelo e ubniedo
- ,-- Xn eg :Uda lo- ver!l -g-it6 a-ue abi8a 0t sewla. 're Ia me-
SEillo ladlitido levantAndO sa. ent Io el amor
eblmla de la mest. A Mandea zanca- cuando -s logra delfiear hasta
ei.n da alr corrlendo. h f fdid a su el puAi -406 noir laterfier con:
.unque casn. Todol guedaron a ombra riuestrd funuo mee mnMtale,
COMo. Us- a puge"au ducir unoa obws gran-
A'a C- --ro que se-Iefud It. ma- d do yerdad. Eato lo Wedeade
&X .. qe no, ?rmnent--Wo PbiezL. Nues- hace muqcho e Ba,..
milarzar- tro "Gelo'" se ha .ofendldo mor-. LolUt -s0 mir6 teda ewen-
i.. n talinented.- dida: ; T
cW ren- pear haoew?-In- --8i. el amor ea to mda im-
Vere no quir,1.Princent; Def.rnos plan- portante, oue hay- en el'-mundo
as&... Be tados? -'*' ... --dUio-- a todos loe grande
-Bee muohacho eati tan to- hombreg los ha iasptrado en su
to 4ue ew -capag de haber Ido obra. 'Ahi tioen a Abelardo, a
a busear uno oe "u cuaidros Napole6n, a. Eapropeeda...
m6 me di- -sostuvO Dague. -No me reterla a ea clane
Ade oue Efoctivam nte, quince minu de anor... I -I interruimpi6
.... tos ma4 tardf e Prae-nt. Emi- Emillo eon .deidn.
enten ter t0nba Aido ba el peso Fud etontofeis tOe e oeult6
St o ro*de asu "Pocomia1". LLa 6 con_ la luna. Bapeooso nubarrones a-
eM o que tra Ia pared an dondJo daba pelotonaron el clelo. UR viento
_r .. 1 lus de lleno e nity6 us helado.reeorri la t4rrama estre-
hay ne concontertulo a' aodirart. stoS mecdndolos. II mar _emD6- a
-ty e-" Beso acercaron col 0 una sonrisa Inquietarse y mnillio taMt.
ngf. en- burlona en 16s labio ue --E- u as Io. maravllo de
rI6 casi en seguida a -a vista Oca -tto-. L variabilidad
iu -n- del cuadro: TodbO quedaron faa del tempo no permit tener.a
as serAn .cinados con esa prueba de pe. sus habitantes un -caracter ho-
ricia, de sufrimiento y de exal- mo 16neo,
gradables tacl6n. Pastron minutes de in- Don JBrnesto hep suan parl-
tolerable sifenclo. cLon en. la Ieerta de la can-
niuo. Sa- --Retiro mis palabras, loven- tina. j.eno. de alboroza Em io
," exclam6 Princent al cabo con to inst6 a ae se unlera at grar-
Lolt v e- o Krave.-Es used un gran .. os. trags s suedleron
disimulo pintor! BE-tA plandOL usted- ua o n mayor rapids. I doctor
"Cabeaa terreno -ue nos eat& vedado a ab < ase re r6. Slo aouedaren
b.ok en nosotros.. Princent, abea de Puerco",
--Que Ie esti vedado a todo don ..n.eto Llita y .l. LaI
en mu" el mundo y Emilio miro- con luna uumin de nueve la es-
curloeldad el rostro descom- cena. -
puesto de "Cabeza do Puerco".. Aqui mpeosaron a vaeilar -los
que reflejaba las maa opuestas rseeuerod. Lap palabras se on-.
emoclones. Estabs tentado de tremesclabaa. Los acentqeimlen-
decirle: 8e reconoce usted? Pe- tos no 'guardabair una coatl-
ro dulcificand6 en lo possible su nuidad temortal. .ntrocerr lMos
Yvoz le pregunt6: ojos... D rodato n .latigazo
--Qud,;e kreee, maestro? e territel ie la.der6 el ala. epn-
sliente used brgullosoo abo- tAndos e ih la cam3a paVe los
chornado de au discipulo? 010- oJs o t al-t en buaes de-.
--Orglloso, Eamilio, no falta- sesperada de st tela. Dies minb
ba .mra! Veo. que -has llegado Qu haib hia bel.?... Qud locu-
muy lejo... ra imperdonable...!' PorewR aho-
Pero podia, notarse que to que a 0Io reordaba nebulokam.en-
mns Jo siombraba no era el te... M whisky hiso suMbr de
cuadrb mirnmo, .Iino el allencloso teno dcuaoln... Princent
Shomenaje de admiraei6n de dos to 0contradecla eon vehemeneac
personas a quliena.'tenia en el y "Calbe de Puereo" Lolita
mas alto concept. Que los doc-s o miraban furioiamente...
stores Pablez y Princent se mos- -Usted e un megalmanol
traran tan impresionadoe por Un vatildoo-...1 gritaba el
eso que -tenikn enfrente, le pa- petodist-w- Se Imagina que as
Srcia absurdo. lMpo lble. No po- ointura "ea 10 mas. L lmortante
dia negaraq aue eass figuras, que hay en eune munde...
esas luminosidades fosforecaen- --Le voy a demostrar que no
te, -llamaban con fuerza la a- es cterto... I- habia vecifers-
tencon; pero de ahl a aprobar do 41 ,u vez y Y .Mei'va ilk
ese furor de locura, habia un TrWstabiltandeo Ite168 hta el-
buenr trecho. 6 leo. o toma6 op wa manes
Seas -Qud medlo em ee, -. pre- Eiuit y. ho 0 roJ6 eon vWln-
Runt6 Lolita con ]a maxima ano- cd a L-or-Mrabre la eabema de a
oportunldad.-Acuarela? aeom bants .l mar. Un eewo
Emilio no pudo contener una de.L- horror. LoUta nm .swo Ire-
carokaada: ntlCa. in-ebadr eo sle e con
-No. e 61e... verdoa fofeouemda mebre laom
-nB extraflo. m1lio0.- d aijo AM eM SPdaS d de on. V
el doctor Pablet decade luego 3meande t1.meainente. dea-
yo aoy un ofno n roftn on pintura; parele e el d 'del mar...
pero nunca a haba vito soa 8se de6 ar Ma ta. emams
efectos de luz nl e eolores hundlendo el rostre en Ia al-
tan brilantes on un euadro at moiada, eftall6 en MUeese. LoN
6leo, oEp se debe a LIa form de recuerdt ,volhian do Dueve con
combiner lo colones o a la pre- mayor claridad. 3 sLataJe ma.
S.psracl6n d5 It tt?. p? pones a.teMan.. Orwo (masn -
981 -A la pstrsaeM nde Is toe- bw W c wa ls]a, ]ISo...
Ia --onto.M mn .o I he luvia Pemm d a rti me brt
puwto. uMW baW de tmuperf e .oon I umnfroe aI lee1 ds.
CVara que Ia Mcfegeois do lee -IP"a Valea 1

wvfr .U I WUbeO C
A*~ant enmera tn-ratr. a co,4aP1eoem do
d6 .0 *9 l sl te maor mdidad, pedeme
lenagua. Ua..e, .s cos- concurr en que la mINor forms
t$*D)M, ?- tie- Aprecwe i Vigenelsi btWes
0l6 l m. 6 la oar dlp. ua rmM G hiw
rP eenete. bre;'. en .la frecueneIa dO
vin "-acer eonsde- et as.. a. Asi teneOeo.que Je-
Ifi 416SL0ee6n11 r5isto .t iSyoeado a eads. rat0 .
nop b8v rio replan- I0-ib* o qe Boliva. Marti. In-
toe do e .h t6rica p- seileros, Napoledn y treu.q
namefianada t a de ublea- dejaron protundsa huellas on la
cimn alt e nieslrq pro- histora de la humaiOlad. Y, ae
homlBr a. t cots que al- fornn, ef torno de eON, .e5eqe-
canAzt OtL l t dhtlt6orla ;. la, del penaaniento eumilteao
Sa. .' aAn w.. acepc.6n. D~ alli cue ae hate de boliv.-
mbAos I1a stiterpretacl6n rmo. critlainblsn oyesistn ten-
de I%0 1oWZrto: con tnl- denelas martlaabS, mapoleOiea4
mo d oriMir W. etividad ete '
.del pres future. So dea Pero se habla en Panam&; as
deJ maUp34trtor la d4 a iot cntrok eulturaJes de mayor
't..t co0.p rdo permenorl- t ota, dde moralflameo e Utiw m
maGo de v crounstan tO e don Justo? 7TleAe rOSy0 m-
que o a en mporta portands pmara los -Mbierales do
mo lnve"ro per oaue resuitap to los ttempoa el peaineenR-
infttilia mp enwader el devenlr foilo6flco de d on Juate? Se
do nuIt obles.conbee ilquleras Is swa de don
DeOade el nSomento en oue He- Jsto9 Nada d o antewr1* ennt*
gel le (o eartcter Interpretatvo cdestionado Jonenn respueste a-
a 1loe etudiqs hlt6rleos Wev6 flrmtiva
6atosa Ia categoria' de dentift- Los -biratos de Jsto Arm-e.
cos. y .d0de entonce todos 10 &en aptn si ne dlo pa ~,p.
hlorsores rnreemplron I a a pIdesdcl homb y) ,br,
metodo doe narfacin y simple N exiStl an en eaimlekto e-
recuento put el dlal6etico.uo 1rib de au obra Juridlea. me-dtd*
conduce neceariamente a la de- tesoll6. eg o pthlfnde eaten-
mostr*secu o comprobaclon de o I dido aIduleraa intents Un
tWiap precohoeblda. .. exalcaen at la tendene.t iaa-
I, X historia eacrita en eta. for- nifl vald B veesa ea en denofir-
Sma coansttuye un eietento agin- ma roni paed6enmos. -Oedgee
tinante de a naclonalidad; y p ello a exesa modeostia- a.
Sego, log paies que ase preocupan mor a la critical? 8uO tendenela
por el fortaleclmiento de ella, federilista denotaba teconasten-
. uiatematizan su. estUdlo de ma- cla ideol6glca vista dead el An-
nera que den.a los eduandds una gulo independentista;, '0 r 1e
nool6n determinada de la adtua- eontrarlo denotabasagaeldd po.-
cl6n de los hombrea emlenatesy litic? .
de, o oaXceao que hacen patria. ouando no se haea el estidlo
:l papl- del individeO ew riguroaamente hist6Tice-eiemI-
a histerla: co de la obra -e don Justo; di-
La variacl6n de criterio hlstd- ficil sera que la Juventud pman-
rico planted una Intereafnte di mefiay latinoomericanal*itmen
cuIn eptre los mai eminentes por bandera.
fUiolosa historiadores de la -
*poca hegellapa y pobt-hegella- Replantee de la problem *idt
na. e trataba deseaolver la--al- bhistries paname: .
gulente cueist6n, que anim queda Cuando en un .pais e declara,
en ple: Oail ei el papl' del In- desierto el primer puest6en un
dvtdio eon a histeria? Cncurao Oficial de
n nuestro pais, quae sepamos,- mbtlvos suficientes para prCte -
no se ha suscitado estas;tcusl6n parse. ..
en plano de mayor seriedad. l Surge por tanto Ia llaoieM
inico caso que recordamos fu la -necesldad del replanteeoo M pr-
discusi6h entire .Dl6gones de la bleM6itles hst6riea n eWra. Por-
ARosao y el prof. Brndto J Casti- que esta comprobatdo mpla-
liero, a :prp6aito del enjuicta* mente, que la aist 4te adep-
ihlentO que este iltimo bacla de tada por nuestros oitpriadoies
la personalidad hist6rica de.Vic- de nota no conduceO ;1 robuste-
torlano Lorenzo. cimlentode nuestra neionalidad,
SSoe dispute' al abordar el terns Tan rica, que es la historic pa-
anterior, st la-historla esproduc- trial, y no -ha sido sMo hiaee es
to'deloa.hombres, o al elhombre de unos aflos a eta patte quo
a6lo-act6faseg6n.las circunmstan- en .1 Univertdad se.da
Selas que por lo tftnto Sace la so especial de ella, baitente de-
historta begun la ltuaolones ac- fectuoso por clerto. s,
tuanto oen au medio. De alli que de las escuelgos ecundatiMa y p-
Bolivar, Martl. Sarmiento Juarez, marlas, en donde sin exa-
Justo AroseMrena, Totnms Herre- ci6n de ninguas claue,.6 acm d
ra y otroa, tenganrelevanci.hisa- .coronacl4n de Na *opi TO a.S
t6rica,-no por sus mnritos intrin- conoctdo que Ia actuacl6ade Vic-
seco. aino porque les toc actuar toriano Lorenzo en ~uptra_ hit-
i tun momento en que se dieron torla. Hagase un cernse etrM oI
Its ctreunstanclas uficlentes pa- maestros y se veri con 4deOr .
ra demostrar aus cualidades de desculdo absolute one acit ein
-ho4t-re-guias de -lo detinoe de el ,noitmlento doe la htora d
9S1p pueblos 9'wu elase. las relaeloaes de Panas con I
VgeaeIa hsttirica de Estados Unidos, pMr ejemplo.
J3sto Arosemens Nuestro descudo ha side ta
Entr el matM6n de cos y pronunciado que a pe sr de re-
hombres de dpocas acterorea, clbIr de Bolivar el adriletiUvo asAS
hay clerton 'heehos y habresa'beloe sobre nuestrq papA- O*n MI
que me diataran aeAtre los denies blatoria ameilcana no homo 1o-
p reunir on sl uhaidades nque grado seatener eag polclo6n; 7
O ditln n g ene olaentacon nos contentamos -cn rpetr, ya
del Curo de fla itoria. sin miates casl, que "TTmamA es
E s hombres pasan a la hta- el puente del mrnndo y eorason
toria, como cdminmente se al- del Univerao". BI dia que sme di-
ee. Y su obra airve eom- idea- eccione eate concept, re verA
fuer en la- actuael6n de clertos cuan odra ss Ia realldad.
xrupos que reaultaron boneflela- D.jemoa anotar. .aqu1.i-jaut-
dnpp u hacer-aocial. .c.o Incomode. que _nMO-
"npbrita dntacar4ne da Aomor rit encrta eaunria do tipe taml-
p.tid1lacldn et favor deo to ma- liar. Be not. esta lendencla on
soaufrdtau, mayor populaeidad; cad a.una de laso obras de hisle-
elto a denomlna, vigenola bt- nra -rpatrlia que tenemoe. Slempre
ILe.. el m-lnmo'estilo vdcio doe emocedn.
I Jto Aroemenaq ms uo ejonm- popular e. Inexzstenela de jul-
plo g uda doe hta qut punto se clock analitleos. obre Ia obra en
ulente Ia influencia del otbio If del Indlvidjuo hhltoriado.
cunfldda ste no actuea formal Y don Justo Arogemena ha au-
mi.tante-a favor de unat caue frido de eata bhistoria famiHar.
Sdeterislnada. Per ew sla Juvntud panamcmna en
Indepenidlntemente de io que au gran mayorla nq aOPb que *1
el "odWlduo eh pi1 repreoenta. Ia era anti-clerical ottodoim, que
hktori*. elge.-queq o.a tun- era anti-.Ul.tara. i.ure nis:a-
.-IV a8o.raa O qAt.. .t ,Ito E. 0 Ia.(f q dvtud..u n.eore. 0a-

tt y.. mucha. .-, to (po- ( A a PAfiit 1 Cel 1)

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- 'A.

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