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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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-- deraW. er
' an at- + e-to r a rser
W Ina l a rqcue ,o ai
iron a a C When te taho"

LANGUAGE P*LEM AT KAESONG '-- The meanti of word
Underwood, U Ninteppreter, worried as he checks with Lt. Col.
Kores officer. ong the translation of what the 'North Korean 11
Dis e over a thuce line was even a bigger barrier than languid

Thursday, this lengthy bud.e acros the Delaware River be-
tween New Jersey and Delaware is the sixth longest span in
the worl,1 Qo ui*g $-mIai, it ends one of the worst terry
bottlenueck in the eastb r main zlorth-south traffic routes.


* p,'~..



at r-*Aet an unaUpected
:r wheel jammed. Twenty-
uD took an hour and forty
O pqdDi. --


.nd g(e country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


5,000r Ecuadorians Cheer
cua -e


wo Former U. S. G

- 2 Agents

Wanted In Italy For Killing

ROME, Aug. 16 (UP) An
Italin court today asked the
Unitd States for the extradition
of former American secret
ae who are charged with kill-
ing t eir wartime leader behind
the nes in Italy.
of these agents subse-
4uetly studied law at Lima, P.-
ru.n d was employed by Pana-
TI court at Novara, Northern
Ita has demanded that former
%Un d States Army lieutenant
AId4-cardt of New York City
an d.rgeant Carl 0. Lodolce of
Roeaster, New York, be extra-
dited and tried under Italian law
for *e murder of Major William
body of Holohan is now en
rot ,to the United States by ship.
Lrwas recoCred from Lake
D@rtlast year with a hole in
thqbase of the neck.
n Iohan, 41-years-old, headed
an"Office of Strategic Services
mi uIn which parachuted into
Itay' behind German lines late
in 1944 with Lt. Icardi and Sit.
Lodeipe as radio operator.
They were to contact guerrilla
partUMlns ir the Pidemont hills.
uTh1 succeeded in making such
cOZtZ I and established thur
aarters it a lonely vii&,
NUOvo, on the' shore at

O to144 ad to a
police r t. Icardi Land -dolce
were playing cards In the then
of the villa with seveWal Italian
Holohan was asleep in a bed-
room, following an attempted
poisoning by the plotters.

82nd Airborne Gels

The loes in tie card game,
according to. the report, had to
go upstair andsklll the major.
Holohan was shot twice through
the head while be was sleeping.
His body was dragged to the lake
shore and dropped into the wa-
The gold, which was to have
been used to finance anti-Ger-
man activities, disappeared.
Both Icardi and Lodolce suc-
ceeded in returning to the Allied
lines and reported that' Holohan
had been ambushed and killed
by Germans. The two American
soldiers returned to the United
SBut the Italian police followed
up the case. and got confessions
from several partisans that Hol-
ohan's body could be found In
the lake.
In Washington the U n ited

States government said United
States Army agents questioned
Icardi and Lodolce In 1947 with
negative results.
The Justice Department ruled
that they could not be tried in
the United States because the
crime was committed on foreign
Icardi stoutly maintained his
innocence In New York.
He said he was not involved
in the killing and said: "Some-
one is out to get me." He said
the Government announce-
ment was scandalmongering.
Icardi has a law degree from
the University of Pittsburgh. He
was studying international law
in Peru a year ago when he got
a job with Panagra.
He was transferred to New
York in May as an assistant do-
ing Spanish translations.

Newcomer Holds Out Housing

Hopes At WI Stamp Ceremony
So -0-

Over 8,000 people packed the
Mt. Hope stadium yesterday af-
ternoon during the special pro-
gram hel4 in honor of Governor
F. K. N&ecomer and Gerge
Weterhnaii on the opening day
Lf the "Meof t 204eI Se e-A
mall stamp eommehmorhtb*West
Indian labor.
Governor Newcomer, address-
ing thousands of West Indian
employes of the Panama Canal
Company, said:
"For two years you have been
hearing that it is planned to do
something to provide a better re-
tirement system for you, and you
have been very patient in wait-
ing for that something to hap-

Knocked Aro d in "A recent communication from
Knoc d A ro u In Washington indicates that the
subject is again receiving active
arli-a M consideration and I am optimis-
olitic that we can soon report pro-
WITH AGGRESSOR FORCES, He went on to explain that the
North Carolina, Aug. 18 (UP)- plan proposes to increase the
Two battling arrnles'stuck a lit- present cash relief payments
tie closer to their script in the from $25 to $45 a month for those
Carolina maneuvers today and already on those rolls.
U.S. forces managed to drive
two miles deeper into "aggres- The Governor praised the work
sor" territory, as they were sup- done by the many thousands of
posed to. West Indians during the trying
Two -battalions of the U.S. construction period between 1904
forces breached the aggressor and 114.
line early in the day, and set
up their forwardmost positions
nine miles west of Fort Bragg
.".near strategic Gaddys Moun- Coaling Satlion

According to the master plan, In CIsl6bal Ready
Aggressor had pulled back dur-
ing the night and the U.S. 82nd
Airborne Division, frontline
troops of the defenders, faced For5cra-ui
(NEATelephoto) anapparently superior force ofGTON, Aug. 1 (UP
Is seems to have Navy Lt. H. G. tanks. The ofce ofthe Secretary of
Soo Young (right), Republic of The 28th and 43rd Divisions, Commerce today announced
aison officer (left) has to say. National Guard outfits from that progress will eliminate one
age. Pennsylvania and New England, of the traditional sights of the
pushed forward to replace the Panama Canal Zone the huge
82nd. Cristobal coaling station which
Margarita's 'New However, maneuvers umpires had a capacity of 500,000 tons
decided the two. divisions were and which had been in opera-
Houses Snapped Up coming up too fast and order- tion for 35 years. The coaling
S nappe Up ed Aggressor to hit them with station has been sold as scrap
On 'Opening' D' air and artillery strikes, shov- iron.
n Openmig Dayis ing them back to where they Estimates expect about 1,500
The nine new houses complet- were supposed to be. tons of scrap iron for U.S.A.
ed recently in Margarita were as- The 82nd, badly punished yes- foundries to be taken from the
signed to Canal orgaaizationl em- terday by the outnumbered ag- coaling station. A similar coal-
ployes this week. gressors, left veteran combat ing station In Balboa was clos-
They were turned over to the officers puzzled at first at its in- ied in 1947 and will be demo-
Housing Division by the cons- effectiveness. lashed in 1952.
trusting contract" pacificc Aggressor aircraft combined
C 6 n s t r auction Cadc1nton, with artillery and tanks knock- It was explained that the
Monday, and were assigned the ed out about 50 per cent of the coaling stations have been shut
same day. division's 714th tank battalion down because very few ships
The houses are located on First and forced it to withdraw 1,000 which transit' the Canal these
Street and Espavd Avenue and yards, days use coal as fuel.
included four duplexes and five The 82nd'finally got onto the
cottages, all composite type cons-1 mountain only because the ace- The National Production Of-
trUctlon. They all have two-bed- nario called for it to be there, fice has requested tensifica-'
room apartments. Aggressor ',was using every tlon of efforts to get scrap iron
these quarters are the first to trick it the book to make its from several overseas centcNs
bt completed in a groip, of 17 attacks seem real. GI's in the dependent on the United States
houses to be constructed under UL.. forces, crouching through Government.
contract in Margarita in the Ca- the hot nfht In their foxholes,
nal's present husi ng program. heard Low, tantalizing wo-
Tie other houses under man' .Vee urgIng them to lay .isan WinS
construction are on Sixth Street. down tbir Sus and swap mos-
-qultoe, dirt Mid heat for corn- Swim
Hitler's Yacht Adds tortanudt nfety W
vT, Defense Scrap P ,'t"Lorel, the elfin voice of
Ti D ense Scrap Fie the ," was a psycho- VER, Englamd, Aug. 1U
BORDENTOWNI. Newi Jere~. logical w weapon borrow- (It-Ugyptian swimmer Has-
Aug. 16 (UP)-Aplf tter'sd fr m t war. In reality, am mmanad was first asbhe
4,000,000 yacht Gram be "Lorelel" e nightclub ain gland to win today's rase
cut into scrap to- Iteel singer J ieatt om a Wo- aow* the ingtihb CaiMmL
fan the Uited deftene man's Army Corps PPC from ( gs reports of rai
pegram. San Jo,. Caift, are-e taoe ports Page


He paid tribute to the high
standards of loyalty and faithful-
ness of this group which contrib-
uted so greatly to the successful
completion of the Canal. n
SWitlh regard to the housing
conditions, governor Newcomer
S"We are now embarked on a
program of new construction
thMO we hope to complete in an-
other five years or so.
"the program will give you
completely new homes at an es-
timated cost to the Panama Ca-
nal Company of about $30,000,000.
"You have seen the beginnings
(Continued on Page 6, Column 7)

AFGE Names New

Group To Discuss
Labor Problems
A new committee to take up
important issues with the Pa-
nama Canal Company Board
when It meets here next month,
was formed during last night's
meeting of the American Fed-
eration of Government Em-
ployes, Rufus Lovelady, presi-
dent announced.
The committee of which he is
the Chairman, consists of the
following members, H. J. Chase,
H. D. Raymond,. Herschel Gandy
and Herb Kelly. They will study
and draw up questions to pre-
sent to the Panama Canal Com-
pany Board which is coming
down next month.


QUITO, Aug. 16 (UP) Ecuador's President Galo
Plaza told 15,000 of his countrymen last night:
"A small country cannot Ie expected to triumph over
another more prepared, but when the moment comes Ecua-
dor will not yield to Peru till the lgst of her men..." Tre-
mendous cheering interrupted his address.
Galo plaza, surrounded by members of Congress, talk-
ed to the crowds in the Plaza Independencia following an-
other parade demonstrating support for the Government
in the Ecuador-Peru border dispute.

Galo Plaza said: "I swear
that for good or for 111, for
triumph or for defeat, we shall
march united the Govern-
ment and the people."
The parade, which lasted an
hour and a half, was orderly.

Peace Talks Go

To 4-Man Group

PEACE CAMP, Korea, Aug. 16
(UP)-The Kaesong ceasefire ne-
gotiators today turned the dead-
locked problem of an armistice
buffer zone over to a four-man
subcommittee, then recessed to
await the subcommittee's report.
The Communists accepted the
United Nations' proposal for this
subcommittee on the 18th day of
deadlock over the location of a
ceaafire-line across Korea, and'
the establishment of a demt4ar-
Ized buffer zone between the twb
This biggest step yet towards
breaking the stalemate was tak-
en at a 55-minute meeting, one
of the shortest since the truce
talks began July 10.
The Reds suggested only one
change in the United Nations
proposal. They asked that the
subcommittee comprise two dele-
gates from each side instead of
Chief United Nations Delegate
Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy
The United Nations represen-
tatives will be Major General
Henry Hodges, 52, Deputy Chief
of Staff of the 8th Army, and an-
other to be named Friday.
The two Communist represen-
tatives are Maj. Gen. Len Sam
Ho, Chief of Staff at the advance
headquarters of the North Ko-
rean Army, and Maj. Gen. Hsieh
Fang of the Chinese "Volunteer"
Army in Korea.
Moscow-educated Hsleh is be-
lieved t6 be propaganda chief of
the political department of the
Chinese Army's Manchurian

Scores of private cars and
busses filled with citizenry
singing the Natic ial anthen
and bearing Ecuadorian flags
and patriotic posters partici-
Ecuador has expressed regret
to Peru over an attack on the
Peruvian consulate at Guaya-
Though Guayaquil police re-
ported no damage was done
Peru protested and asked for
guarantees against repetition.
The Guayaquil correspondent
of El Comercib reports 40
Ecuadorians were yesterday ex-
pelled from Puerto Bolivar, Pe-
ru, by the Periuvian authorities.
Thp 40 included permanent
residents and tourists.
They were expelled without
pretext in this latest deyelop-
ment in the border dispute.

Trial Wtness Says

Cashier's Accounts

Minf Dee, the first Americkan
woman to be tried for a felony nl
the history of the District Court
in the Canal Zone, was found to
be $3,036.90 short when auditors
who had checked her accounts
testified in court during yester-
day afternoon's session.
Two government witnesses,
Howard Sprague and Gregory C.
Carlotto. stated that an examin-
ation of Mrs. Dee's accounts had
revealed alterations and erasures
in both the duplicate and tri-
plicate copies of the storage re-
ceipts issued by her.
This morning's short session
heard three witnesses, Balbir
Singh, employed by India Moder-
na: Andres Ardines of Valencia
and Company; and Jean Chue,
employed by Transportes Pan-
Americanos. This brought to:.
total 13 witnesses heard on the
fourth day of the trial. The gov-
ernment has 47 more witnesses
listed. 1
Mrs. Dee. the former cashier at
the Panama Railroad Comuany
freight house in Panami City is
charged with failure to account
for public funds. The audit made
covered the period from May 1945
to January of this year. The 40-
year-old American is being re-
presented in court by WoodroW
de Castro.

Lone Sailor, Seattle- Bound,

Tangled With C. Z. Red Tape

You hear people talking about
making an ocean trip some day.
sybe you've even considered the
idea yourself. Usually, it suffers
the fate of most pipe-dreams, but
sometimes.. .it comes true.
Frank Jordan, who kept dream-
ing about it for six years left
Balboa Yacht Club yesterday for
Seattle, Washington, aboard his
auxiliary ketch Someday.
Frank is a lanky, clear-eyed
skipper and crew rolled into one.
Headed for a 60-day non-stop
trip, which he's not sure has ever
been attempted by one man sail-
ing alone, he's going direct from
here to Seattle-his favorite city.
"That place intrigues me. It
has something no other Ameri-
can city can boast," he claimed,
before sailing. "Even though I
may run the risk of sounding like
a chamber of commerce. But the
climate there is superb, in any
season. Now you show me one
~fwn like it in the States." I
Comfortably rigged, the 36-
foot ketch has an 11-ft. beam,
5-4t. draft, and even a cozy fire-
place smack up the center of the
cabin. I noticed the marking "B"
and "J" on two bunks.
"They belong to my wife Bea.
and two-year-old son Jeff," he

explained, following my gaze.
"They made part of the trip with
me, from New York to Florida."
According to the doting father
(and show me one who's not),
Jeff is a better sailor than either
of them.
They were just off the coast of
New Jersey when hit by a terrific
gale. They knew that their son
wouldn't be afraid if they re-
mained calm. And so the rougher
the seas got, the more he felt it
was a show for his benefit. Dur-
ing the worst part of it, they
snuggled in their warm cabin.
But meanwhile a steamship in
the area had reported them as
being "held to," with none in
sight aboard. The Coast Guard
sent a four-motored plane, which
came buzzing them in the morn-
ing. But because they're all
heavy sleepers, it took quite a
few buzzes to rouse them. When
they finally went topside, they
could see a Navy blimp hovering
overhead, the plane circling
them. Soon a huge ocean liner
came up inquisitively to their
stern to see if a rescue was nec-
"In all the excitement and
waving, we didn't leave a hand
free to grab a camera. Probably
never get a chance at a shot like
that again the rest of our lives."

The reason his family disem-
barked at Miami was to hasten
their arrival in Seattle where the
grandparents are awaiting Jeff,
whom they've never met.
Frank who was a radar ma
tenance worker for Boeing Ailrg"
craft during the war, wants to
get into "anything to do with
shipping." Although he had done
a lot of sailing in Puget Sound,
this is his first ocean trip.
Had he seen something of the
Canal Zone?
"Only the red tape," he an-
swered, slightly embittered. 1t
seems that sailor Jordan had
tried to mail his letters with U.S.
postage and they were returned
to him.
"I just can't understand it." 1I_
was also put oun. because he found
it impossible to convert his Brlt
ish shillings into money at a
Zone bank. However, he was
amazed at the hospitality offer-
ed him at the Balboa Yacht Club
where he tied up since last Sat-
urday morning.
The Someday has a "sun-still"
strapped over her side amidships.
This is a new gadget used on lif.
boats. It manufactures two cups
of fresh water a day.
But Frank Jordan is still look-
ing for one more accessory.
'If only I had a piano aboard
I'd live here the rest of my lif.1

- --I:i-I i 1 i r : I --


,'-,y I \ .

-- ,' : A ".. 4 *

s .


Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes-Arrivals and Departures


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service


S.S. Chiriqul ...................................Aug. 19
S.S. Flador Knot .............................Aug. 29
S.S. Chiriqui ...................................Sept. 2
S.S. Levers Bend ...............................Sept.
S.S. Mayari .................................... Sept. 14
(Handlnlg Refrgerated Chilled and Geneal Carg)

New York Freight Service Crist6bal
S.S. Maya ............... ............. Aug. 18
S.S. Cape Cod ................................. Aug. 21
S.S. Cape Avinof .... ..................... Sept. 1
S.S. Cape Cumberland ........................ Sept. 9
Weekly Sallings to New York, Los Angeles, an Franelsco. Seattle
Occasional Sallnpg to New Orleans and Mobile.
(The Steamers in this service are limited to twelve passengers)
Frequent Freblht Sailng room Cristobal to West Cast Central Amerleo

Cristobal to New Orleans via
Tela, Honduras


S.S. Chiriqui ........ (Passenger Service Only).. Aug 21
S.S. Chiriqui .................................. Sept. 4

(A Limited Number of Passenger Berths)
S.S. Rouen ........................................... September 10
S.S. Bernieres ........................................ August 23
S.S. Vire ................... ............................ August 30
M.S. Chili .................................. .... .... Septem ber 3
"Llberte" ............................................... August 21
"Ile De France" ...................................... August 29
Passenger Service from CARTAGENA to EUROPE Via Caribbean Ports,
"Colombie" ............... ............ ................. .August 26
Passenger Service to TAHITI & NEW CALEDONIA:
M.S. Changehow ...................................... August 16
Cristobal: FRENCH LINE, P.O Box 6015 Tel. 3-2476 & 181b
Panama: LINDO Y MADURO. S. A. Box 1038
Tel. PanamA 3-1681 3-.191


Accepting passengers for


M.S. "MANGARELLA". .. Sailing 28th August

M.S. "PARRAMATTA"... Sailing 30th August
(Excellent accommodation available.
All rooms with private bathrooms.)

Tel. Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 1065

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attorney (ab.!

everybody lRead iassifeds

Shipping & AirLine News
S0 i

Reorganization of TACA Airways
NEW YORK, Aug. 16, (UP) -
The reorganization of TACA Air-
ways as a domestic United States
corporation has been announced
by President Francis H. Inge in
a program seeking government
contracts as part of the defense
effort, or In the event of war.
TACA has been a Panamanian
corporation until a reorganiza-
tion was voted at a meeting of
the stockholders May 24 at Mo-
bile, Alabama. A spokesman said
the reorganization was decided
upon in order "to make it possi-
ble for TACA to do government
work in connection with the de-
fense situation." He pointed out
that even though TACA stock was
held almost 100% by Americans, it
was technically a foreign con-
cern. In order to get government
work, he said the concern pro-
bably would run into legal trou-
ble trying to prove it was Ameri-
In a notice published by TACA
in New York papers, it called on
stockholders to exchange com-
mon stock (2 million shares at a
par value of 10 cents a share) for
stock in the new company to be
known as the TACA Corporation
under a State of Delaware chart-
Nicaraguan Ship
Transits Today
El Taybak, a Nicaraguan ship
that derives its name from those
of two Naval officers, Taylor and
Baker, is transiting the Canal to-
day on its way to Baltimore. It
carries a cargo of 150 tons of
manganese ore from Puntarenas,
Costa Rica to Baltimore for a
United States government agen-
cy, the Latin American Resourc-
es Developmnet Company. Local
agent for the ship is Paul Sulli-

Panamanian Passengers
En Route to States
Among the passengers who left
last night via Braniff for Hava-
na, Cuba were: Dr. and Mrs. Jose
D. Crespo. He is president of the
Liberal Party in Panama and his
wife, Elida is the new Ambassador
to Mexico. At one time Dr. Cres-
po himself was the Ambassador
to Mexico.
Mrs. Amanda Villalaz, the new
Secretary to the Consul in San'
Francisco is en route to the west
coast to assume her duties.
Crewmen Aboard Ill-Fated
Taurinia Head for Home
(UP) Six crewmen of the ill-
fated Italian motorship Taurinia
quit the sea and headed for home
today after they recovered from
a sickness that struck their ship.
The six were aboard the Tauri-
nia when a strange fever struck it
out in the Atlantic, killing th\lee
crewmen. Two other crewmen
were hospitalized on arrival from
the disease and four others were
sent to the hospital after arrival.
The six were released today
and boarded a train immediate-
ly for New York. They will sail
for Italy tomorrow aboard the
Italian liner Vulcania and vowed
they were through with the sea.
The Taurinia will finish un-
loading her cargo of chrome ore
here tomorrow and sail for Bal-
timore to pick up a load for the
return trip.

Contest Winner Arriving
Saturday via Braniff
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Barbeau

This New Amazing
Cough Mixture Comes
From Blizzardly
Cold Canada
Compounded from rare Conadlar
Pine Bolsam. Menthol. Glycerine, Irast-
Moss and other splendid ingredients
Buckley's Conodiol Mixture is diffte
ent more effective taste oir
action. Get a bottle today take
o teaspoonful, let It lie on your tongue
o moment then swallow slowly -
feel its powerful effective action
spread through throat, head a n d
bronchial tubes. Coughing sposrr
ceases for right away it starts tc
loosen up thick choking phlegmu and
open up clogged bronchial tubes
Now you'll know why over 30 mil-
lion bottles of Buckley's hove beer
ole' In cold. wintry Canada.
Your own druggist has this great
Canadian discovery.

Fruit Express Line


'Washington Express'
sailing on or about

August 252h, 1951


Los Angeles, Calif.

For passage
apply -




are due In Panama Saturday for,
a short atop-over on their way to
Lima, Peru. Barbeau is the sta-
tion agent in Quincy, Illinois who
won the Mid-Continent Airline
contest sponsored jointly with
Braniff Airways. They will re-
main in Panama a few days be-
fore going on to Lima.

sACOsY ON 90Met

Written for NEA Service


4 None

44' ,

4 None
ASl = 4
12 19J 4J 4
48 46 '
4 ~10632
sOUTr (0)
*Q 8
SE-.WvuL '
Wet NeteI. W t
Pass 1* Puass
PaM 36 PM
Pass Pan PM

Opening lead-V 2

Certain hands are types that
every experienced player should
recognize at once. Today's hand,
for example, should be a matter
of routine to a good bridge play-
South wins the first heart trick
arid returns the queen of dia-
monds at once. This gives the
opponents a choice of defenses-
both equally bad.
If the defenders return trumps,
declarer gets a free finesse and
can probably (with normal dis-
tribution) draw the trumps and
then develop the diamonds. Nor-
mally, the hand should then lose
two diamond tricks but nothing
If the defenders fail to return
trumps, South is ready to cross-
ruff. For example, suppose West
takes the ace of diamonds and
returns a heart. Dummy wins
with the king of hearts and an
attempt is made to cash the king
of diamonds.
This attempt fails when East
ruffs with a low trump. South
calmly over-ruffs and cashes the
ace .of clubs to discard dummy's
last heart. Then South ruffs a
heart in dummy.
Now dummy leads another dia-
mond, and South ruffs, while
East discards a club. South now
ruffs a clib in dummy with the
eight of spades and returns to his
hand by ruffing a diamond for
the third time. East discards his
last club on this trick.
South leads another club, but
must make sure to ruff with
dummy's ace. East, left with only
trumps, must vainly under-ruff.
Then South's king of spades is
good for his tenth trick.
It is interesting to note that
South would lose his-ontract if
he tried to ruff with the jack of
spades. East would over-ruff with
the queen and would return a
trump, felling the ace and king of
trumps on the same trick.

PORTLAND, Me. (UP)-Doug-
]la t'orton, 10, and John O'Mal-
ley, t;led the ends of a rope
aroui.d their waists and walked
on opposite sides of this city's
main thoroughfare. An automo-
bile struck the rope, dragging the
boys toward the wheel. Some-
bndiv screamed and the driver
stopped just in time. Neither boy
was injured seriously.

EYE -..


4 0 MOWeaN p>uergw


I ..'7 :*1

-NOT EV1f O1 E.*~a *' .,.. *. ..*>s,;, --,,







Run, Anyway

~W S


Going Native

S1, 'r..

Yes, Indeed

--, --. .- -




CCIT6 .gA e e (ALAoMmTe BIGs- e TR
HOI LIRON! sk-omE*

l o .--- --

'LL W- 6_








SI"---U 6D -- 1, I i II A- ICA Dr I EE PA

actcketer Tells ODwyer Sent

Him O ut Of Sisht At Election

WASHINGTON, Augt 16 (UP) Rocketeer-politiian T
Irving Sheriaon soid yesterday that William F. O'Dwyer
sent him into hiding just before the 1945 New York mayor-
airy election to keep him from talking about O'Dwyer's
alleged underworld connecti6ns.
The burly New Ytokr, to shy .that he revised to let
newsreel cameras or radio microphones record his testi-
mony, dropped his bombshell at the opening of the Sen-
ate Crime Committee's new hearings on the "Big .Town"
Speaking in a thick, confident voice. Sherman gave
the committee a history of his personal and political as-
sociation with O'Dwyer, twice may'r of New York and
now Aminbassador to Mexico,

The story of his' flight from
New York in 1945 was brought out,
under questioning by Chairman
Herbert R. O'Conor, D., Md
Sherman said hd got the word
to get out of town during a din-
ner at the Hotel Commodore in
New York, four or five weeks be-
fore the 1945 election In-which
O'Dwyer, who only recently had
returned from war duty as an
Atr Force general, defeiter Pce-
publican Jonah Goldstein for the
He said the "word" came from
the late Jack Gorrgan, a New
York detective whq was a mutual
friend of O'Dwyer aand Sherman.
"What reason did he give you
for leaving town?" O'Conor ask-
"He said there was going to
be a terrible blast in the new*-
papers and the general didn't
want them (the newspapers) to
be able to get hold of me,"
Sherman replied.
The witness said he learned
later that the "blast" concerned
Goldstein's charge that O'Dwyer
was being supported in the elec-
tion campaign by Sherman and
gambler Frank Costello.
He said he left town with his
wife and daughter the morning
after the dinner, going first to
Salisbury, Md.. then to Ocean Ci-
ty, Md.. and finally to Daytona
Beach. Fla. He said he returned
to New York "a day or two after
the election."',
Sherman, who has been de-
nounced by FBI Director J. Ed-
gar Hoover as "one of the most
prominefit criminals in the un-
derworld and also a very pro-
minent politician in New York
City," said he worked for 0'-
Dwyer's election in 1945 and
raised money for his cempaIgn.
He said he collected four, five
and six-thousand dollar contri-
butions fOr the O'Dwyer cam-
paign, 'especially in the New York
garmnt-. center district wher.*4e
is influatial and passed them on
to O'Dwyer.
But under questioning he con-
ceded that he gave the contribu-
tions to other campaign workers
and could not be sure O'Dwyer
actually received the money.
Sherman acknowledged that he
had dodged an appearance before
the Crime Committee last win-
ter. He said he was "embarrass-

ed" by the idea of "going on tele-
vision and radio" because he has
an ill mother.
In reply to committee ques-
tions,' Sherman acknowledged
that he has been arrested in
Washington and in Hot Springs,
Ark., but he bellowed an outraged
denial when a*ked if he knew
anything about the notorious De-
troit "Purple Gang."
Sherman said that before 1930
he was an "adjuster" for the
American Cloak and Suit Asso-
ciation In New York's garment
center, and in that capacity had
known "Lepke and Gurrah" -
two notorious leaders of Brook-
lyn's Murder Incorporated.
Sherman, said he met Costello
just before World War II when
the big-time gambler was dab-
|bling in a coin-machine enter-

Cub Scout Pack 3
Resuming Activity
Cub Scout Pack No. 3 In Bal-
boa is now making plans to re-
sume its cub-scouting activities in
Assistant Den Mothers and Fa-
thers and others interested In
working in the program and hay-
in their children participate in
"Cubbing" should contact Mr. or
Mrs. James Marshall. Mr. or
Mrs. J. B. DeVore, Mr. or Mrs.
Allen B. Ward, Mr. or Mrs. C.
S. Skeie. or Mrs. I. R. Lanzner.
Mrs. Roy Caldwell. or Mr. and
Mrs. Carl J. Browne.



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Reason..Quick Results!

REPRESENTATIVES of the Louisiana State University, paid
a recent visit, to Brig. Gen. Robert M. Bathurst, Command-
ing General of the U. S. Army Caribbean. Left to right are:
L.S.U. faculty members James E. Armstrong and William E.
Highsmith, with the local L.S.U. acting Administrator, George
F. Matthes, and Gen. Bathurst. The L.S.U. Caribbean pro-
gram has been brought to the Canal Zone, in order 'to offer
to military personnel, and their dependents, an opportunity
to study at the college level.
(U.S. Army Photo)

12 after a day-long sightseeii
area. The scouts were guests
Naval I

31 Girl Scouts

Enjoy Day Cruise

As Naval Guests
Thirty-one girl scouts from
Camp Treble. together with their
leaders were the guests of the
USS ACM-12 (auxiliary mine
layer) on a cruise to the Taboga
Island area this week. This cruise
will mark the close of the girl
scouts "day camp" activities for
the season.
The campers, under the direc-
tion of Mrs. Harold Harstad, Di-
rector of Camp Treble, assembled
at Pier 18 and boarded the vessel
at 9:45 a.m. Assisting Mrs. Har-
stad were Unit Leaders Mrs. V.
Pence and Mrs. M. Brandl and
also Program Aides Judy May,
Alice Hagaborg. Gloria Morton
and Rochelle Stubblefield.
Despite the rainy weather spir-
its were high and the scouts gave
vent to their enthusiasm by stag-
ing an old-fashioned songfest.
After singing such old favorites
as "Molly Malone" and such re-


Negro Sleodore's

Murder Trial Opens

In South Carolina
MARION 8. C Aug. 16 (UP)
-Two officers laestified today
they found signs where a
Georgetown woman had appar-
ently been thrown over a stone
wall into a church yard and
dragged to her death in an
abandoned parish house.
Georgetown Police Chief Fred
INobel and M. F. Cates, State
Constabulary identification ex-
pert, said they found footprints
and a dim trail in the grass
believed to have been made by
the attacker of Mrs. Louis H.
Coker. She was found beaten
and strangled on a bunk in the
boiler room in the parish house
on May 1.
The state called a long list
of witnesses attempting to
prove that 33-year-old Arthur
(Fat Eye) Waitus, Negro steve-
dore, murdered Mrs. Coker.
The victim's husband, a pa-
per mill worker, told the court
in a low voice of a frantic
night of searching for his miss-
ing wife and how he and a
-relative found her about 3 a.m.
on a couch in the boiler room.
Nobel said blood was found
where the body was apparent-
ly tossed over the stone wall
into the church yard. One of
Mrs. Coker's shoes and a stock-
ing was found nearby.
He said he also found tracks
leading to the parish house,
some of them made by a wo-
man's shoe. Gates sail the
prints showed some similarity
to a pair of shoes taken from
Waitus' home.
Nobel admitted that he had
questioned. only three other
persons in connection with the
Waitus was arrested about a
week after the slaying in Fair-
mount, N. C. Sheriff Garris
Cribb announced on May 22
the Waitus had confessed the
The husky tNegro was indict-
-ed in Georgetown but was
transferred to Marion for trial
on grounds he could not get a
fair hearing in Georgetown.

Klan Chief Defies

Arrest Threat, Says

Rally Will .o On

LEESVILLE, S. C., Aug. 16-!
(UP)-Klan boss Thomas I.
Hamilton said today Klansmen
will be masked at a rally in
North Carolina Saturday and
dared solicitor Clifton L. Moore
to carry out his threat to ar-
rest mask-wearers.
Hamilton said there is no law
in North Carolina to prevent
the wearing ot masks on pri-
vat'e property.
Moore, solicitor at Whiteville,
N. C., near where the rally Is
set, said he would arrest every
violator of the state's 82-year-
old anti-mask law "whether
.t here be one or 1,000 of them."
"Let him pop the whip,"
Hamilton said. "There is no
law to prevent you from wear-
ing anything you want on pri-
disembark from the USS ACM- vate property in North Carolina
ng tour of the Tobago Island and the Klan will be in full re-
of the Commandant, Fifteenth galia."
District. The rally, billed as a "special"
(Official Navy Photo) one by Hamilton complete with
a cross-burning, robed and
cent hits as "Mocking Bird Hill" hooded Klansmen and "some-
and "The Thing," the gi rIs thing new" will be held at
launched into a rollicking ver- Columbus County, N. C., be-
sion of the old sea chantey "Blow tween Tabor 'City and White-
the Mant. own" which really set vill.
the nautical them of the day's Hamilton, grand dragon of
active ties t o th the association of Carolina
On the return trlp Mrs. Har- Klans, and Bill Hendrix, head
stad read a message from Forest of the Florida branch of the
Wise, the 11-year-old whose right Klan and Hamilton's ally, will
foot had to be amputated as a speak at the rally.
result of a recent automobile ac- A North Carolina law passed
Incident. Forest, who is a Girl in 1869 specifically forbids any
Scout, wanted to thank the political organization from ap-
campers for the presents they had pearing masked in public. An
sent her and also wanted to wish additional clause would prevent
them a very enjoyable and pleas- the Klan from leasing private
ant trip. She added that she is property and holding a ln masked
coming along fine now and man- meeting.
aging to get up and around quite Clumbus Count is just
well. across the state line from
The campers debarked at 2:00 Horry County, S. C., hot bed of
p.m. at Pier 18 and'it was agreed Klan activities where a police-
that a happy and interesting man with a Klan robe over his
Uniform was shot and killed

month after her automobile was GOSHEN, Ind. (UP) While
stolen, Mrs. Jonn Cowgill recog- Melvin E. Thwaits, 25, serves a
nized it on a street in nearby 10-day sentence for a traffic vio-
Brockton despite a paint job and lation, his car will remain park-
different registration plates. She ed in front of the jail bearing a
called police, who arrested the sign: "My owner is in the county
driver. jail for reckless driving."

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Headquarters of VOGUE and McCALL Patterns

Democratic Chairman Boyle's CourtExcelsior
D oa ii rPlans DespedidaZ
lac' I ..:.L. T._ D. n_.L..J For Cruickshank

Kr. Loa LonLinKS Io De Prrobeu

The Senate's Permanent Investi-
gating Committee was given a
clear field yesterday to look in-
to the connection between Demo-
cratic National Chairman Will-
iam M. Boyle, Jr., and a St. Louis
firm which received $565,000 in
RFC loans.
The Senate Banking Commit-
tee decided to leave the inquiry
up to the permanent group head-
ed by Sen. Clyde R. Hoey, D.,
N.C.. and to offer Hoey its full
The Hoey committee has been
conducting a "preliminary inqui-
ry" into Boyle's dealings with
the American Lit fbfold Corp.
Sen. J. William Fulbright, D.,
Ark., chairman of a banking sub-
committee which investigated
the RFC. lead the drive to turn
over the Boyle inquiry to the
Hoey group.
Fulbright noted that his com-
mittee's funds are gone and its
staff dissolved.
Boyle has said he received $1,-
500 in fees from the Lithofold
Corp. for legal work. but said he
had nothing to do with the RFC
He also said he stopped his law

practice shortly after he went on
a full-time basis with the Demo-
cratic National Committee.
Mr. Truman said recently that
he looked into the case and was
convinced that Boyle did nothing
improper. Both said flatly that
Boyle will not step down as Na-
tional Committee chairman.
After reaching its decision, the
Banking Committee heard RFC
Administrator W. Stuart Sy-
mington, who became sole ad-
ministrator of the much-criticiz-
ed agency after Mr. Truman re-
organized it and abolished the
old five-man board of directors.
Symington recounted the re-
forms he has instituted and said
he has done his best to "conduct
the RFC's affairs in a goldfish
bowl" with "full disclosure" of
all loans.
Luxury hotels and gambling es-
tablishments no longer are get-
ting federal money, he said.
LANSING, Mich. (UP) Mrs.
Millard 0. Johnson found more
than 50 four-leaf clovers in her
front yard. The next day, she won
a waffle iron and jewelry set by
Identifying a tune on a radio quiz


For Ladies For Men



21 Central Avenue

The P.C.Rs, Court Excelsior
will meet on Saturday to honor
R. W. Cruickshank who retired
on July 31 and will leave the Isth-
mus on or about Aug. 25 for his
native Kingston, Jamaica. All the,
members of the Court have been
asked to be present to give
Cruickshank a deserved farewell.

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American League First Division Clubs All Triu
F Clubs All T_.

Braves, Pirates, Reds

Score Shutouts In N.L.
By United Press
NEW YORK, Aug. 16 The four first division teams
in the American League all won last night to maintain
their respective positions in the hectic Junior Circuit race.
The Cleveland Indians, despite NATIONAL LEAGUE
a hitting slump of several play- The Cincinnati Reds blanked
ers. downed the St. Louis Browns the Chicago Cubs 1-0 in a Crosley
9-4 in a Sportsman Park night Field arc-light duel, the Pitta-
contest due principally to a sev- burgh Pirates trounced the St.
en-run spree in the first inning Louis Cardinals 7-0 in an after-
off ace pitcher Ned Garver. dark game, the Boston Braves
The rally was sparked by Al walloped the Phillies 9-0 in a
Rosen's grand slam homer- his night game and the New York
21st of the season and his fifth Giants cut the Brooklyn Dodg-
in the last ten games. ers' first place lead to ten and
The New York Yankees kept one-half games with a 3-1 decl-
pace with the leaders by defeat- sion at the Po!o Grounds.
ing the Senators 8-5 in a Wash- The Reds' Ken Raffensberger
ington after-dark game while the pitched a seven-hitter to win his
Boston Red So\ bested the Ath- 12th game. Ted Kluszewski's
letics 4-2 in a Philadelphia arc- fourth inning homer off Cal Mc-
light contest. Lish was the only run of the
The Chicago White Sox stayed struggle.
eleven games back or within tel- Bob Friend gave up only two
escopic range of the top with a hits in his triumph over the
2-0 decision over the Detroit Tig- Cards, featured by Ralph Kin-
ers in a Comiskey Park night her's 32nd homer of the year.
game I Lefty Warren Spahn pitched
Larry Doby got three hits while I his 14th victory and sixth shut-
Rosen and Dale Mitchell collect- out, yielding eight hits as the
ed two each for Early Wynn who Phillies suffered their fifth con-
won his 13th game by holding the secutive defeat. The Braves' Sid
Browns to six hits. Gordon homered."I
Yogi Berra blasted a homer, The Giants' Jim Hearn was In
triple and two singles and Joe rare form as he scored his firstV
Collins got a triple and three victory over the Dodgers since
singles in a 15-hit maltreat- joining the team, holding them
nent of five Senator pitchers. to six hits as the Giants made itr
SEd Lopat, who yielded 12 hits two in a row on the margin of
himself, scored his 16th victory Wes Westrum's eighth innings
of the campaign, two-run homer.
Lefty Mel Parnell. used a day Ralph Branca yielded five hits
earlier than usual because rookie in defeat. It was Hearn's eleventh
pitcher Leo Kiely was seeing his triumph.
draft board, won his 13th game
for the Red Sox-a seven-hitter th sum Alleya
"'in which he also contributed a n The Alleys. .
run-producing triple. The Bosoxa
made three runs in two innings, The Diablo bowling alleys
then coasted, will be reopened on September
Ex-Tiger pitcher Saul Rogovin 1. They have been closed dur-
pitched a five-hitter to win a ing the summer for rehabilita-
duel from Virgil Trucks in which tion.
both struck out seven men. How- Managers of bowling leagues
ever. Trucks walked five. Roao- interested in using the alleys
vin also scored what became the should contact the manager of
winning run when he walked, the Diablo Heights Clubhouse
took second on a sacrifice then to arrange schedules for the
scored on a double by Nelson Fox. coming year.

American League National Leagut
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.B. TEAMS- Won Lost Pet. G.1
Cleveland. 72 39 .649 Brooklyn .. 72 38 .655 -
New York.. 70 42 .625 2 New York.. 64 51 .557 10'
Bostono. 6" 45 .598 5*'i Philadelphia 57 57 .500 17
Chicago 61 50 .550 11 St. Louis 52 55 .486 18'
Detroit 51 59 .464 2012 Boston 52 57 .477 13'
Washington 47 64 .423 25 Cincinnati 52 59 .468 201
Philadelphia '14 71 .382 30 Chicago. 49 60 .450 22'
St. Louis 34 76 .309 37' Pittsburgh 46 67 .107 27'

New York at Washington.
- Cleveland at St. Louis.
Detroit at Chicago.
Boston at Philadelphia.

St. Loui

-SBoston 120 001 000-4 7 0 New York
'.7'hiladelp'a 010 000 100-2 7 0' Branca
- Parnell (13-91 and Robinson; la; Hearn
'owler A4-9,. Scheib and Tipton.
Cleveland ........ .. 9 Philadel
St. Louis ............ 4 Boston
New York .... ....... 8 Chicago
Washington .......... 5 Cincinnt
Detroit ...... ........ 0 St. Loui
Chicao .. .. ..... ..2 Pittsbuhr




n at New York.
s at Pittsburgh.
at Cincinnati.
Games Scheduled.
000 000 100- 1 6 0
100 000 02x-3 5 0
010-4, and Campanel-
I 11-7 I and Westrum.
.phia ...... .. 0

. O 0
ati ...... .... 1
s ...... .. ... 0
gh .. .. .. .. .. 7









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Opp. Ancon Post Office

Egyptians Lead Channel Swim:

Race By Comfortable Margin

Louis Scores Unimpressively

Against Light' Jimmy Bivins

BALTIMORE, Aug. 16 (UP) -
Joe Louis, down to a trim 203 V-
his lightest since 1941, last night
scored a unanimous but unim-
pressive victory at Memorial Sta-
dium over Jimmy Bivins. who at
18014 was outweighed by more
than 20 pounds.
Approximately 22,000 fans wit-
nessed the ten-round bout which
had no knockdowns and little
damage evident on the faces of
the two fighters.
There was little action in the
first four rounds as Bivins occa-
sionally got in a left jab or a light
right, with Louis content to wait
for an opening.
The first hard blow of the fight
came in the fourth when Lquis
landed a hard right to Bivins'
head then opened a steady attack
that had Bivins in trouble for a
Louis suffered a swollen eye in
the fifth as Bivins scored at long
range. From then on the tempo
increased with Joe having a sight
edge the rest of the way although
Bivins fought back gamely to the
Bivins even took the offensive
in the eighth and tenth rounds.
However, Louis was in complete
command at the end of the fight
and was landing solid blows when
the fight ended.
Eddie Leonard was the referee.
Lee Halfpenny and Bill Ellis were
the judges.

Spalding Cup

Tourney To Be

Hotly Contested

Entries for the annual SpaldingI
Cup Doubles Tennis Tourna-
ment will close tomorrow at noon.
This tournament is expected to
be oneif the most hotly contest-
ed in recent years because of the
mn~ nro-le even distrihnbutinn nf

Championship Pistol Match

Slated For Far Fan Sunday;

Ba lboaNipsA lbrook- Curu ndu

The Canal Zone Shooting As-
sociation announces that their
annual .22 caliber team cham-
pionship match over the combin-
atiqn Camp Perry and National
Match course will be held on Sun-
day, Aug. 19 at the Far Fan range.
The handgunners of the Bal-
boa Gun Club nave been hogging
the limelight lately, and must be
made pre-match favorites over
all the other .competitors by a
wide margin.
Balboa will have at least two
teams on the line for this one,
and perhaps three, as their
shooters have been out in crowds.
Pistol Manager Fred Weljs' only
problem will be what to do with
all of the material he has.
After Balboa, it could be any-
body's battle between the Ma-
rines, Albrook-Curundu and Cris-
tobal, as these three outfits are
very evenly matched as they line
up at present.
The match with Its 60-shot
course of fire is a gruelling one,
as it forces the competitors to
maintain a consistent perform-
ance through the six-ten shot
stages. Many fall by the wayside
over the 50-yard distance.
Last Sunday, the Balboa and
Albrook-Curundu pistol teams
met In a league match over the
Camp Perry course, and Balboa
whipped the latter for the second
straight time. The match would
have been close this time, except
that ammo malfunction cu' down
Curt Peterson's score. As it was,
Balboa won handily, 1093 to 1009.
Fred Wells and Dan Crumpack-

the top caliber players. RA uIIIhPs D AI
The most highly rated teams BV. mbers, Paqueles
so far entered are those formed
by Webb Hearn-Capt. Hampton,
L o Tied For 2nd Half
Lt. Luke-George Motta, Bill Hele- ie fo 2
Julio Pinilla, E. Omphroy-C. *
Omphroy, Croesslyn Guardia-Lead In o Loop
Schay and H. Willis-Angel Del-
valle. Several other Pacific side
teams have been entered. LEAGUE STANDINGS
The Atlantic side entries have (Second Half)
not yet been received. These en- TEAMS- Won Lost
tries must be in before the draw- Bombers .......... 5 1
ing for the pairing tomorrow af- Paquetes .. ........5 1
ternoon. The opening matches Eagles ............3 2
scheduled for Sunday will be an- Rancheros.......... 3 4
nounced after tomorrow after- Balboa Gym......... 1 5
noon's drawings. Curundu.......... .. 1 5
S 1 d | Charles Brown's Bombers and
bCrlehrn omerr ndLarry Jones' Paquetes are having
a see-saw battle for the much
Set To ig I contested second half title. The
Paquetes just beat out the Bomb-
Set night In ers for the first half, an dnow
f *u Brown and his boys are deter-
ifi mince >) get even for the insult.
Thc quotes can credit their
sue' "} the spirit with which
LEAGUE STANDINGS they and to the splendid
TEAM S- on l ost Pt) lead sip of their captain. Lar-
TEAlbr ook 3 1 .750 rv Jones. There is not the slight-
Albrook.. ......3 1 .750st indication of dissension on
Lincoln Life...... 3 1 .750 this club, and they play as a team
Royal Crown .... 2 2 .500 rather than as individuals. The
Mauricio........ 0 4 .000 most regular players on this out-
Li n o... a ai fit are, Larry Jones, Francis Con-
Lincon Life and Mauricio will over. Dave Kelleher, Louis De-
meet in the first of two games eaux,, Ted Melanson, B. Gregg
scheduled to be played tonight in auJennd e ns TurnerB. gg
the Pacific Basketball League The Bombersteam Is made up
while the Albrook Flyers will play of sharshooters and high jump
the Royal Crown team in the sec- in rebound men who can sink
ond game. First game starts at them from anywhere past mid-
7:00 p.m. court and who can quickly set up
Lincoln Life is still tied for the the best zone defense seen in theI
lead in the second-half of theleague. The most regular mem-
schedule and will attempt to stay bears of this team are. Charles
on top at the expense of theBrown. Bert Joyce, Bill Joyce
Mauricio squad, who have yet to Charles Updike. Eugene Richter,
win in this half. Maurici oconti- Ray Davidson, Tom Davidson,
nues to be the puzzle of the Dave Schorr and Dick Dllman.
league as they are unable to win The Bombers and the Paquetes
despite the fact their players are will meet twice next week in
on a par Individually with other gaes that will decide the win-.
teams and the team has man- ners of the second half and pos-
aged to start out on top for their sibl'y of the league.
past three games only to drop ___
behind as the game progresses.
Royal Crown seems to have the Along The Fairways
Indian sign on the Flyers. hav- g
ing beaten them every time they CRISTOBAL, Aug. 16- Women
have played but once and if they golfers are reminded of the
can get their team together P.W.G.A. Tournament at Ft. Da-
should have little difficulty in vis this Saturday, Aug. 18. Teeing
continuing their spell. A Royal, off time is 8:00 a.m.
Crown victory will place them in New golfers are welcome to
a tie with the Albrook team and play and need not be P.W.O.A.
the Sodamen will no doubt be out members.
in force in an effort to win, but Club chairmen, please call your
Albrook has proven tough for all entries to Pauiine Marsh. Ft. Gu-
teams and can be counted on to lick,. 88490 or Mike Kulikowski at
make a determined effort to stay FI Davi Golf Club by Friday.
in front. I The Ladies Isthmian Cham-
The battle for honors in the pionshio will oe played at Pana-
scoring department and for the ma Golf Club in September so
Braniff Airways trophy to be there will be no regular monthly
awarded for the leading scorer tournament until October.
continues to be close as Julio Aro-
semena and Bob Gibson lead the
way with 220 points each. closely
followed by Don Lee with 213. PLAY SAFE!
The six leading scorers to date' When it's Paint .. INSIST on
Arosemena iR-C ...... 220
Gibson (Maur.i ....... 220
Lee (Alb. .. ........ 213 I
Luft (Maur. ....... 177
Brady -L'.. .. .. .. .. 160 T AD T AS
laa.tA tAo.). .. 5 .. 10 WITHSTNS ICA ANS

er led the winners with 282 and
280, respectively, while Captain
Bob Gorder again led the losers
with 272. Captain Billy Jones of
Albrook-Curundu, firing in what
was only his second competitive
start, hung up a very creditable
score of 250, particularly as he
was using a revolver. Detailed
scores follow:
Slow Timed Rapid Tis.
F. Wells 96 92 94 282
Crump'cker 97 '92 91 280
J. Bernspn. 89 85 93 267
A. Turner 99 87 78 264
Team Total ............ 1093
Slow Tinmed Rapid Tis.
B. Gorder 94 92 86 272
B. Jaffray 92 91 82 265
B. Jones .. 92 87 71 250
C. Peterson 95 93 34 222
Team Total .' ........ 1009

'3 -

'*- -'

Pate, sensational all-around
player of Ifill La Bocans of the
Local Rate Little League, who
hit four homers in four trips to
the plate In the second game of
the championship series of the
Local Rate Little League. Pate
won the battihg crown of the
loop with an average of .444
and was second in pitching
with an 8-4 record.

Playground Sports

TENNIS The finals of the
tennis tournament wa sheld at
Santa Cruz, with Physical Direc-
tor John West in charge. The af-
fair was sponsored by the Physi-
cal Education and Recreation
Branch, which gave awards for
the games.
In the boys under 14 years
group. R. Blake and H. Gillings
played. Gillings won by a score
of 6-2, 6-2.
C. Prescott trounced B. Dennis
In the boys over 14 years group,
6-0, 6-0.
0. Griffith won in the girls over
14, beating E. Wilson, 6-3, 6-2.
Junior high school- R. Ranger
put up a good tight to lose to C.
rescott, 6-4, 8-6.
F. Brooks took the high
schools' awards by- defeating F.
Waite, 6-2, 6-2.
BASKETBALL--Frank South's
Cyclonia upset Tom Lowe's Vic-
tor by a score of 32-28. to take
over first place in the Paraiso
Basketball League. Lowe and
South were high point scorers,
with 15 and 10 respectively.
Pico defeated Lake View, 54-33,
to take over third place. F. Alder
was highscorer of the game with
16 points.

Cyelonia .... .. 4
Vkete........ .. 3
Plee. .......... 1
Lake View .. .. ..'

Lost Pet.
0 1.00
1 .730
3 .25
4 .9W

DOVER, Aug. 16 UP)-The
ebb tide caught the group of'
cross Channel swimmers as
evening fell and threatened to
carry various swimmers out to
sea aain. Officials estimated
that it would be almost two
hours before the winner reach-
ed shore.
DOVER, Aug. 16 (UP)- Thir-
teen men ana seven women be-
gan swimming in the race across
the English Channel from France
this morning at 2:31, EDT e7:31
British time) with $19,600 in
prizes waiting for them on the
white Cliffs of Dover.
Calm waters and almost per-
fect weather conditions greeted
the contestants as they slicked
their bodies with grease for
warmth, adjusted their goggles
and set forth from France.
Only a slight swell disturbed
the unusually calm channel. The
swimmers represented ten coun-
tries, not including the United
Three giant Egyptians-one of
whom trained largely on raw on-
ions--took the early lead in the
swimming sweepstakes. Shortly
after 5 amn. (DT) (10 GMT),
Hassan Abad El Rehim, Mareeh
Hassan Hammand and onion fan-
cier Sayeed El Arabi were closely
bunched a few hundred yards
ahead of the other swimmers,
By 10:30, GMT (5:30 a.m. EDT)
the favorite, Roger Le Morvan of
France who finished second to El
Rehim last year, moved into con-
tention and was virtually tied
with the leaders.
Leading the women was Mrs.
Winnie Roach, a 25-year-old
Canadian mother of three. The
rest of the field strung out over a
half-mile arc with Daniel Carpo
of Peri, Argentina's Antonio Ab-
ertondo and Sweden's Lars Berti
Warle ;maintaining challenging
Bnriqueta Duarte of Argentina
was well up with the leading
women. Denmark's breaststroke
Jenny Kammersgard, 32, was the
last of the women t wimpmers at
this point while Ned Barnie, 55,
of Scotland and the oldest con-
teatant, trailed the men.
Each swimmer was provided
with a motor boat and a rowboat
and an official official observer but many
invited t r a n e r s, nurses and
Latest reports Indicated that
250-pound Hassan Hammad, of
King Farouk's royal bodyguard,
was leading the field of 20. His
countrymen El Rehim and El
Arabi were on his heels.
Among the girls the, battle
had narrowed down between
Britain's Brenda Fisher, 23, and
Mrs. Roach.

Cristobal Boys Win
Volleyball Crown
Around 100 boys and girls ga-
thered at the Balboa Gymnasi-
um on Tuesday, Aug. 14 to de-
termine the volleyball champion-
ship, both boys and girls, of the
Canal Zone.
The boys' tournament was
dominated by the Cristobal team
who won both matches with ease.
Margarita won their first game as
Balboa forfeited because of the
inability to get a full team.
Cristobal won their first minatcn
from Ancon in two straight
Same by the scores of 15 to 0 and
5 to 9. Cristobal continued their
championship ways by taking the
final match from Margarita in
two games by the scores of 15 to
8 and 15 to 4.
All the boys of the Cristobal
team were then awarded felt em-
blemrs as rewards for their ac-

Sgt. Lemolne E. (Miserable)
Brown of Fort Kobbe, who is
leaving for the States shortly,
won the combined Skeet and
Trap shoot held in his honor last
Saturday. He broke 49x50 at Skeet
and 45x50 at Trap for a total of
94 out of 100.
T. J. Fogarty was second high
over all with 92x100 followed by
Guy Silva with 91x100.
Skeet Trap
Brown .......... 49 45
Norton .......... 49 37
Frances.......... 45 42
Kueter .......... 42 31
Christie.......... 41 26
Gramley.......... 40 29
Silva ............ 48 43
Cunningham ...... ..44 44
Diette........... 36 24
Disharoon ........ 40 46
Sanders .......... 44 45
Fogarty .......... 46 46
Spencer.......... 46 43
Carter .... ..... 35 29
Marsh .......... 37 27
Thompson ........ 37 30
Taylor .......... 44 39
Almstead ........ 40 37
Anderson ........ 43 39
Foster .......... 43 33
Watrous.......... 44 42
A Skeet team shoot of '75 tar-
gets will be held early in Septem-
ber. It is expetced that at least
four teams will be entered. This
shoot will follow the usual pat-
tern of each club or organization
having as many shooters as they
wish with the five highest scores
making up the teams.
Watch this page for further
announcement ol this hooi.

Alka-Seltser quickly check' acid
indigestion and headache caused
by unbalanced eating, overwork
or worry. Analgesic and slkalis-
ing ingredients work two ways
for effective relief. Have
a supply bandy-always.



Regulation UNIFORMS

Made of legitimate

Priestly Nor'easter
Wool-Mohair Mixture,

Blouse & Slax. .

Shirt & Slax.. .... .



English, All Wool, Green
Elastique Blouse...... $60.00

Pink Elastique Slox..... $30.00


Opp. Ancon Post Office


__ I





One of the slekening by- rodaut of a nastleal eana l
M the Vt rstP affair, isthysteria an a stMs eom nt
voke th very reles to whih the pra ed eU r lo6
hopefully for ufdaee and eorrection.
Prom Washington has come a torrent of windy pro
One of our sterling statesmen, taking the conservative approsa
would merely abolish football at both West Point and Annapo
Another, somewhat less Testrained, would abolish tbe two serm
schools entirely. Still another takes the pious view that th
breed immorality.
And Sen. Harley Kilgore of West Virginia, seems to
that our future generals and admirals would learn more in
grade school for backward morons, since "both the Military ah
Naval Academies are third-rate schools." I do not hio the wl.
formation at hand but it is qqite likely that sen. gore invented
the human brain.
For third-xate schools the Academies hiyve turned out sm
pretty fair Americana, one of whom, Gen. isenhowefr, seen
be rather wel thought of at the moment. And I seem to remnw
ber that a, gentleman by the name of Robert L Leer who w
out of Virginia, by the.way, was. deemed to have better than
average mind. Didn't he head up a university down there af
the Civil War?
There has been such a mad rush to smear our service school
since it was disclosed that some 90 cadets (not all of whom wea
athletes) took short cuts to classroom marks, that a fellow hat
stop and wonder if all the professed shock and ndignation
valid. I do not wish to add to the confusion but them 7re are nr
ways than one to slow up a defense program and undermine
national faith.
One of the foulest charges that has been directed at Wes
Point is that it is a haven of draft dodgers. It is disturbing to
note that even some sports writers, who surely must know bet.
ter, have joined in this disgraceful chorus. The football player,
of course, is asked to bear the brunt of the libeL '
This is so preposterous that it needs no defense. I agree thab
too many'football stars moved from college to the Academies at
the outbreak of World War II and tht a number of them
promptly abandoned all dreams of combat glory the moment the
firing ended, but the-Imputation that this is, o ever was, a prac'
twice is vicious and slanderous.
I would like to know where in the hell this country woul4
have been without the leadership we got from West Pot P anm
Annapolis during the last two wars, and a large part of that wa"
forged on the football field, the baseball diamond and the bas.-
ketball court. This leadership, in many Instances, was far super-
ior to that which came from other sources.
It wua Gen. Douglas MacArthur, whose gifts are certainly
not on the minor side, who wrote: "Upon. the fields of friendly
strife are sown the seeds that on other fields on other days wil
bear the fruits of victory." These words are carved in stone at
West Point. It is a perverse nature, I suspect, that gives me the
thought that many of MacArthur's detractors are enjoying Lthe
disgrace which has fallen upon his beloved Academy today. ,
The rigors of-life at the two Academies are so s*vere that
an ordinary fellow would prQbably prefer sea duty- or the infantry
right off to the three or four year immunity--it that's the' pro-
per word-West Point and Annapolis offers. A fellow would have
to be awfully pacifist or want to play football powerfully bad to
willingly submit to a 17-hour day grind that begins at dawn.
President Truman has ordered an Investigation of the con.
duct of the two Academies. What will come out of it is no more
than a guess. They probably aren't perfect. Few of our institu-
tions are. It certainly Would seem that the present system by
which examinations are held is faulty f not absurd. Akwe know
now, practically any Cadet on the campus ouold find udt by ask-
ing, or even listening, what subject he was going to be quigned in
Any system which und ty .tempts a oul ; 4udett is not
healthy. I don't care how much character a boy poses there
will come a time when playing a god-like role is a strain. All
honor ssltemS are beautiful In theory but unfortunately there
aren't many humans who, are capable of standing up under them,
without the slightest deviylation. The honor system at West Point,
for example, is based on fear of dismissal and that in Itself I
a mockery of the termh. Besides, what's wrong with the old real''
istic method by which a s"demt stands or falls In: cl-room i
the presence of his teacher?
I'm afraid the President's investigation will produce much
pietistical blathering about the methods the two Academies uae,
to attract superior athletes with the result that they may be
abolished. The fact that the same methods are used in practically
every university in the country is ibeside the point. The point is
West Point and Annapolis should make every decent effort to en-
roll the finest physical and mental types available. We want men,
not mice to defend our country.

H^^^^^^^^^~s{- ''T.m.^iiS ;


- _

. ...

, .,,


43Pac ic **.

e. 194 &tea Jh1. ^(.Jt A 3.043

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto F. Chiars of Bells Vista have sent
out invltatioas to the marriage 9f their daughter, Carmen
Cecilia, to Raul Arano, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Itaul Arango
N. of Golf Heights.
The wedding wJll take plaee at 8:90 p.m. at Criste Rey
Church In Vista del Mar on August 20bt.

The Hallorans Are.
Hosts For Cocktails
Commander and Mrs. Edward
Roosevelt Halloran, US.N., were
hosts for a cocktail party at their
quarters on the 15th Naval Dis-
trict Reservation in Fort Amador
last evening.
About fifty guests were present
at the party.
"Despedida" Dinner Honors
Father John J. Long
Entertaining for Chaplain of
Albrook Field, Lt. Colonel John J.
Long, who is leaving soon for the
United States, Mrs. Alfred Ough-
ton was hostess for a dinner in
the Fern Room of the Hotel Tiv-
oil last evening. Mrs. Oughton is
visiting her daughter and son-in-
law, Captain and Mrs. Joseph
Clark of Albrook Field.
Her guests were Colonel and
Mrs. Robert R. Conner, Colonel
and Mrs. Guy H. Goddard, Lt. Col.
Charles A. Le Claire, Major and
Mrs. John R. King, Major and
Mrs. John C. Kelliher, Major and
Mrs. Stanford Otto, Dr. and Mrs.
Richard Osborne, Captain and
Mrs. Lawrence R. Cummings,
Captain and Mrs. Joseph J. Clark,
Captain and Mrs. Robert L. Fer-
guson, Captain and Mrs. James
M.Rodgers, Captain and Mrs.
James Webb, WO (jg) and Mrs.
Joseph C. Kletpner, Sergeant and
Mrs. Harry J. Loper, Sergeant
Morgado, Sergeant Pittser, Cor-
poral Hefferan, Mr. J. H. Jordan,
Mrs. Nelson Randolph. Miss Mar-
jorie Randolph and Master Skip-
per Randolph.
Ambassador Heurtematte
* Honored at El PanamA
In the Bella Vista Room of El
Panama last evening, members
of the Panamanian Loan Com-
mission, who recently returned
from Washington, gave a dinner
in honor of t1e newly appointed
Panamanian Ambassador to the
United States, Roberto Heurte-
matte, who is leaving soon for his
Hosts at the dinner were Pres-
ident of Hotele Inter-America-
nos, Mr. Robert Elsenmann; a de-
puty of the National Assembly,
Honorable Marco Robles; the
Comptroller General of the Re-
public of Panama, Mr. Henrique
de Obarrio; and the former Pan-
amanian Ambassador to the Un-
ited States, Dr. J. J. Vallarino.
Visitors at Il PanamA
Mr. and Mrs, Donald Reynolds
of New York.City arrived by plane
today on the Isthmus. They are
gu sa St l'Patiaani Hotel. Mr.

Reynolds is with the legal staff
of Pan American Airways in New
Mrs. Davidsen is
Honored at Tea
Mrs. Barita Morales Davidson
was guest of honor at a tea given
by a group of her friends at El
Panama recently. Mrs. pavidsop
is'leaving soon with her parents,
the new Panamanian Ambassa-
dor to Spain and Mrs. Frank Mor-
ales for a visit in New York and
Boston en route to her father's
post in Spain.
American Diplomat Arrives
Here for Special Conference
Mr. William Weiland, first sec-
retary of the American Embassy
in San Salvador, has arrived at
Hotel El PanamA for the meet-
ing of the Inter-American Econ-
omic and Social Conference.
Mr. Weiland, a correspondent
of the Arsociated Press before he
entered the diplomatic service,
was here during the Pan Ameri-
can Conference.
Farewell Dinner
As a farewell to Mr. Jaime de
la Guardia, Jr., who left by plane
for Costa Rica last night, Mr.
and Mrs. Leroy W. Watson gave
a dinner at their residence in
Golf Heights.
Mr. de la Guardia will join his
wife in San Jose.
The Richard Londons
Announce. Birth of Son
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs.
Richard W. London of Gamboa
at Gorgas Hospital on August the
10th. The child will be named
Bradley Jack.
Mrs. London is the former Bet-
ty Bradley, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred W. Bradley of Los An-
geles, California, formerly of Pe-
dro Miguel. The baby's paternal
grandparents are Mr. and Mrs.
Jack London of Los Angeles, Cal-
Stag Dinner Planned
For Patrick Henry'
A stag dinner will be held at
the Elks Club in Balboa tomor-
row at 7 p.m. in honor of Patrick
Henry who is retiring as Chief
Engineer, Marine Division. He is
stationed on the tug U.S. Arral-
jan. The party is being sponsored
by the Marine Engineers Asso-
ciation and all friends of 'Henry
are invited. Tickets are $1,50.
Ambassadress Crespo
Feted at "Champanada"
In honor of Mrs. J. D. Crespo,

77-Year-Old Rockefeller

Marries Widowed Pianist
PROVIDENCE,. R. I., Aug. 16 years of marriage. She was the
(UP) -John D. Rockefeller, Jr., daughter of the late U. S. Sen.
77, multi-millionaire philanthro- Nelson W. Aldrich, who left a
pist, was married yesterday to fortune of over $30.000,000.
the 56-year-old widow of an The New York public rela-
old college classmate, tions firm of Lee and Ross,
The surprise ceremony was which handled the details of the
performed in mid-morning at celebrated "Cinderella" mar-
the home of the bride, Mrs. riage of Rockefeller's qon Win-
Martha Baird Allen, retired throp to Mrs. Barbara "Bobo"
concert pianist and widow of a Sears three years ago, made the
prominent local attorney, first announcement of the wed-
Only 30 minutes before the ding in New York.
ceremony the couple appeared The firm said that Rockefel-
at City Hall in person to obtain ler and his 'bride's late husband
a marriage license. They pre- had been close friends since
sented evidence of having taken they attended Brown Universi-
required blood tests in Massa- ty together before the turn of
chusetts. the century. Both were members
Rockefeller, who insisted that of Phi Beta Kappa and were
"junior" be used with his name graduated- in the class of 1897.
of the license, gave his occupa- They and their families re-
tion as "real estate investor." mained close friends.
For her occupation the bride
listed "at home." Three of Rockefeller's six ehil-
Mrs. Rockefeller wore a tray- dren attended the ceremony,
cling costume of navy blue John D. III,. Nelson and David.
crepe and a navy and white hat. John D. III served as his fa-
Rockefeller wore a business their's best man. The bride was
suit. Immediately after the mar- attended by a friend, Mr s.
riage the couple left on a motor Claude R. Brasch, of Provi-
trip. Their destination was not dence.
revealed. Rev. Arthur H. Bradford of
It was the third marriage for the Central Congregational
the bridt, and the second for Church here performed the ce-
Rockefeller, who has spent his remony.
life giving away the vast Stand- The new Mrs. Rockefeller had
ard Oil fortune amassed by his a career as a concert pianist.
father. She made her London debut In
Mrs. Rockefeller's first mar- 1926 with Sir Thomas Beecham
riage to Adrian Van Laar of and the London Symphony Or-
New York in 1920 ended in di- chestra. Later she appeared with
vorce in 1924. Her second hus- the late Serge Koussevitsky and
band, Arthur Moulton Allen, the Boston Symphony Orches-
died on May 6, 1950. tra.
Rockefeller's first wife, Abby She retired from the concert
Aldrich, also of Providence, stage in 1931' but continued an
died of a heart attack on April active interest in musical and
5, 1948 at the age of 73 after 47 civic affairs.

Guard baby's ssiudtv, cafn skin
with pure, bland JMoius's eby OiL
It h-lp prevent dskin cbhag dyne,
,./4 and imitation.

2 At bay's boh tim be sure to as
* tle, fant IJonhows Baby Sap
to ksp baby's skin soft and moh.
ma'm M r-mr W

Ana 1 newly appointed Am-
b*14rs sto Mxico, Mexican
Ambassador to PanamA Eduardo
Mutrllo Bafa gave a champagne
ri at noon yesterday in the
WbWsty residence in Bella Visa
Among the guests were Pana-
manian MinSter of Foreign Rela-
tlons Ignaclo Molino, Secretary
of' Foin Relations Fernando
Aletgr, Heid of the Department
of Protocol Camilo Levy, Coman-
dante of the National Police Col-
onel Jos# Antonio Rem6n, Corm-
andante Bolivar Vallarino, Dr.
Ricardo J. Alfaro, Dr. Eduardo
Bitter Aislan, Dr. Conte Mendo-
sa, Dr. Frank Raymond, Dr. Rog-
noni, Dr. Victor Pareja, officials
of the Panamanian Government,
distinguished Panamanians and
newspapermen from Panamanian
Visitors Leaving Albrook
Mrs. Alfred Oughten of New
Brunswick, New Jersey, and her
daughter, Mrs. Nelson Randolph
of Highland Park, New Jersey,
accompanied by Mrs. Randolph's
children, Miss Marjorie Randolph
and Master Skipper Randolph,
are leaving tomorrow aboard the
S.S. Ancon for their homes in the
United States. They have been
visiting Mrs. Oughten's daughter,
Mrs. Joseph Clark at Albrook Air
Force Base 1for six weeks.
Miss Marjorie Randolph was
est of honor at a dinner on
esday evening at El PanamA in
celebration of her 16th birthday.
Tea at El PanamA
About fifty members of the
Women's International Zionist
Organization gathered together
for a tea and card party yester-
day In the Balboa Lounge of Ho-
tel El PanamA.
Mrs. Rita Duran Hostess
To I.A.W.C. Cooking Class
On the terrace of the home of
Mrs. Rita Dupan in Bella Vista
yesterday, members of the Inter-
American Women's Club were
guests at a typical Panamanian
luncheon. Joint hostesses with
Mrs. Duran were Mrs. Ella de Al-
faro and Mrs. Urania B. de Ar-
Attending the luncheon were
Mrs. Elizabeth C. Kiel, Mrs. Edna
de Mo 1i n o, Mrs. Marguerite
Brown, Mrs. Martha Anderson,
Mrs. Billle Medinger, Mrs. Jennie
E. Stevens, Mrs. Fanny de" Du-
ran, Mrs. Mercedes Lasso de la
Vega, Mrs. Diana M. de Bright,
Mrs. Betty Lou Austin, Mrs. Ama-
lia de Suarez, Mrs. Rosa de Chia-
ri, Mrs. Natalie L. de Rivera, Mrs.
Patty de Kerr, Mrs. Rosita Her-
nindez, Mrs. Maria S. de Romero,
Mrs. Efigenia de Typaldos, Mrs.
Mary deI Paredes, Mrs. Ruth
Townsend, and Mrs. Janet Mc-

Dr. Hubert Edwar&d
Cristobal Speaker

For Local 900
The Crist6bal Chapter of Lo-
cal 900, Government Civic Em-
ployes Organizing Committee-
CIO wish to remind all mem-
bers of its monthly meeting to-
morrow at 7:30 p.m. at the Club
The Guest Speaker for the
evening will be the workers' old
friend, Doctor Hubert C. Ed-
wards, who was recently honor-
ed at an elaborate program, and
received from the Mayor of the
City of Col6n, a Certificate of
Merit for outstanding civic con-

Arrangements Set
For Activity Club
Anniversary Ball
Final arrangements are being
completed for the anniversary
ball of the Women's Activity
Club which will take place at
the Pacific Clubhouse on Sat-
urday night, Aug. 18.
Armando Boza and his "La
Perfect" have been rehearsing
the latest "mambos" and fox-
trots for the occasion.
Table reservations may be
made by calling telephones Pa-
namA 2-4468, 2-1073 and 3-4142.

S s ..

Beauty Solon
takes pride in announcing
their new "coiffure"
Famous Italiah hairstylist
just arrived from Argen-
tine! Specialized in
o Pernmaants Halrstyling
* Cuts Tints
Call for appointment
2-=K, Panam
No. s5 .- 4h of July Avenue

_ .___~_ ~_ --7.,

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BBC-British Broadcast ing
RDF-Radiodiffuaion Francaise

The famous

takes pleasure in announcing
the re-opening of its Cafe
services new and modern
kitchen equipment .
famous Italian dish and other
Italian dishes prepared by
an expert Italian chef
Hancock's Bar
#145 Central Avenue

Scotch Tess Shew

Couny Kids Are

More Intelligent
EDINBURGH, Aug. 16 (LPS) -
Dr. ,. M tole,prlincipal lectur-
er in psyt elo at Moray House,
Edinburgh declared here yester-
day that recent tests showed that
the intelligence of children born
in te country Is higher than that
of children born in cities.
Maxwell ald: "The largest
number of intelligent children in
any social group are not the chil-
dren of upper class parents nor
of working lass parents.
"The largest reservoir of intel-
ligence for future generations, is
to be fqund among the children
of skilled manual workers who
form the largest group of the po-
"Maxwell said the intelligence
level of children who had moved
from the country to homes in
towns was generally slightly high-
er than that of children born in
towns who moved to the country.
Girls frequently did better in in-
telligence tests than boys.
The tests showed the average
intelligence of the child dropped
as social conditions in his home
life became worse.
Maxwell asked whether the ma-
terial and social handicaps of
children in very poor homes
could be overcome successfully.
And yet on the other hand, he
said, there were a considerable

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The World' Most Popuar Nai Poi sh
IL ^ -.- -- --- ____ __ ------ -----


Ex-Balboa Student
Wins $1,000 Award
In Fine Arts
Deon Nielson. 17, a former
member of the local "Parrakeet"
staff, was a recent winner in the
San Francisco area of one of the
Bank of America awards to high
school students for outstanding
Her qualification for the fine
arts award was primarily In mu-
sic and she will buy a new piano
with the $1,000 check presented
by a Bank of America official.
Deon is the daughter of Colonel
and Mrs. Lagrand Nielson, for-
merly residents of Salt Lake City,
who were on the Isthmus from
1948 to 1948. Colonel Nielson was
assigned to Ft. Clayton Hospital.
Besides being a talented pian-
ist. Deon has been vice-president
of her class at George Washing-
ton High School in the San Fran-
cisco area.
Representing this school. Deon
wPs in competition for the awards
with other local high schools and
finally with 117 high schools In
the San Francisco Bay area.

number of very Intelligent chil-
dren living in the poorest social
conditions and a relatively large
number of dull children who
come from homes where good
conditions prevailed.

IN BRITAIN? Well, whatever time
it is, chances are that in either place
or both, families and friends are
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people find a bracing, exquisite plea-
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quet ..and no wonder! Maxwell
House Tea is always mode from the
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ing able to have breakfast with the
family. Too often, mother is out in
the kitchen relaying hot dishes to
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ing! Our grateful thanks are extend-
ed to Post Toasties for solving this
problem at our house. For, since ce-
real-in-a-bowl served with milk and
sugar is a breakfast main dish, we
find that having the orange juice
ready, the toaster on the table, the
coffee already perked, and Post
Toosties ready in our bowls, makes it
unnecessary to linger in the kitchen.
Post Toasties with milk and sugar
provide important protein, minerals
and vitamins including thiamine,
niocin and iron plus delightful
flavor and crispness!
Rich-tasting, fragrant cocoa. .with
marshmallows floating on top. Think
how good that would taste tomorrow
morning! Especially if you use Baker's
4-in-l, the new INSTANT cocoa
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Chocolate flavor in every cup. It's
already sweetened; a patented pro-
cess combines cocoa and sugar in

dus,. nd wtlerprool
w"break*be crytal

tiny hollow particles that burst th
minute liquid is added. Saves sugoa
time and work. You merely put twf
heaping teaspoons of Baker's 4-intn r
in a cup, add hot milk gradually, aon
stir. Baker's 4-in-1 Instant Coco#
also makes smooth cake frosting
chocolate sauce, and quick, cream*
you~prepare Jell-O? The possibilities
seem endless! You can mold Jtj-4l
in beautiful patterns; you corn whiSq
it for a high, thick, fluffy desserts
you con add fruits and vegetables'|l
make wonderful salads. There ar
six luscious flavors to choose froonoo!
Strawberry, Raspberry, Cherry. Or4l
ange, Lemon, and Lime. Each flavor
is ripe and satisfying as the richest
fruit, combined with the shimmerinLj
delicate texture that has made Jellf
O a world-famous dish. To learn thol
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ping, adding fruit, molding and as
on, you'll enjoy reading a 26-po
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P. 0. BOX 893 P-
PANAMA, R. de P.
Please send me the free booklet
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T'ADUTca/af ch

Faltering Philip!

Philip's life is filled with bruises.
Well-worn steps and rugs be uses.
Repairs would leave his home like new
P. A. Classifieds, just the right clue!

U**-41 "



P A& I

__~_ ___ __ ~ __ 11

-,-,,-- IM

sipe, end eme iMees

'YOU'LL FIND YOUR FOOD BUDGET perking up when you buy grocitu
with two questions in mind: how can I use it today, and how can I us
later? For example, you buy syrup to use on tomorrow's hot cakes or wafif
but what else? To make delicious custard, to sweeten bread pudding,a
pie, tc make a wonderful ice cream sauce, to cook grilled pineapple wil
hain? Certainly! And that's only the beginning. Syrup con be a welcome coal
laborator on many tasty dishes if you find one whose flavor lends its*
to variations. Perhaps that's why so many home makers are fond of Lt
Cabin Syrup. .Its rich undertone of maple is delicately blended with the light
ness of sweet cone sugar..making it just right, as a garnish and for cooking
No wonder it tastes so luxurious on your breakfast hot cakes! You'll lov
it in this Ambrosia, too, combined with piquant apricots, lush pineapple, on
Hot Pineapple Ambrosia
3 slices canned pineapple, 1 cup Baker's Coconut .
diced 1,'4 cup Log Cabin Syrup
9 halves canned apricots, 2 tablespoons lemon fuice
Airrange layer of pineapple and apricots in baking dish. Sprinkle with coco
nut. Repeat until all fruit is used, reserving some of the coconut for th
top. Pour on syrup and lemon juice and top with reserved coconut. Bok
in moderate oven (3509F.) 20 minutes, or until mixture is heated and cq
conut delicately browned. Serve hot. Makes 6 servings.

_ -I-


'- U .


v .;1 '" .' .". :154 ^ .'ify '
Pr S '- .. ,* : rt.

111lgf.. F1^r r__* -- -- w~twaM a


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I -

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VyA. Ruth Rogan is taking registra-
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A. opening on September 10. H"--
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Hurricane Dies WASHINGTON, Aug. 16 (UP)- t
The Voice of America said yes-
To Stiff Breeze terd'.y that a Soviet representa-
| S ti Breee Stive has sent a top-secret reportC
to Moscow accusing ChineseX
ear St roi Communist leader Mao Tse-tungnh
;Near St. Croix of deliberately sabotaging Soviet I
interests in the Korean War. I
MIAMI. Florida, Ang. 1 (UP, The Soviet said the report wasI
A tropical storm ttt started written by Vladimir Rogov. chief t
out to look lihe a hurricnn correspondent for the Tass So-
!breezed across the Caribbean viet news agency in Peiping. The
Sea towards Puerto Rico to broadcast said the "topsecret re- t
no ao- a serious threat toport.., was intended only for of-
that island serious ficial Soviet eyes."
Forecasters predict that if Rogov was said to have accus- i
the storm rebuilds to a hur- Ied Mao and his cabinet of "di- ]
ricane this will take place rectly, actively and deliberately
northwest of Puerto Rico. sabotaging Soviet interests in the
This morning the center of Korean war."
the disturbance was about 30 "The report states," the Voice i
miles south of the island of St. continued, "that the Korean (
Croix. campaign of the Chinese Red r '
... --.. Pu forces had been persistently '
Indian D an er slowed down be idealogical de-
Inda tn of ceroso viations in Mao's 'internal cllaue'
-h 1 A which rPvealPd their hostilities!r t

I o Arrive Saturday
The noted East Indian dancer
Irinalini Sarabhai and her group
f 15 dancers and musicians are
ue to arrive by air from Colom-
la Saturday.
That evening they will attend
h.e festival at the Girls Profes-
onal School in Panama.
On Sunday, the troupe will
pen a three-day series of per-
irmances at the National Thea-
er in Panama.
Visitors f r o m Colombia who
iw the troupe there report their
e r f o romance as exceptionally
ne entertainment.
Tickets are now on sale at
ewis Service and at the Nation-

toward the Soviet Union."
Rogov added that the "olain
unwillingness of Chinese Com-
m u n is t general to utilize all
methods and resources of com-
bat was one prime reason why so
many decisive Korean operations
How the report reached Amer-
ican hands was not explained.
But it gave probably the best in-
dication so far of a hoped-for
split between Moscow and Pei-
There have been official reports
that Mao may become another
Tito and duplicate Yugoslavia's
split with the Kremlin.
The Voice. trying to drive at
wedre between the tvwo Red ca-
pitals. Indicated in its broadcast

' E

Phillip Beach cottages, Santa Clara.
Box 435. Balboa. Phone Panama
3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673,.
Houses ON BEACH Santo Clara, in-
expensive. Phone SHRAPNEL, Bal-
boa 2820 or see caretaker.
Special for August. Room with
private bath $35.00 per month,
$20.00 for 15 days. Meals a la
carte. Reservations Tel. Pan. 2-
Gramlich's Santa Clara beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes, gas
stoves, moderate rates. Phone 6-
541 or 4-567.
Panama's Most Popular Residential
and Recreational Suburbian Develop-
ment. Building Lots at Reasonable
Prices. Overnight cabins at $2.00
person. A la Carte Restaurant, 7 to
11 P. M.

Williams Santa Clara Beach Cottoge.
Two bedrooms, Frgi'doires, Rock-
gas ranges. Balbon 2-3050.

Modern tuinished-unfurnished port
ment Contact office No. 8061. 10th
St. New Cristobol Phone 1386. Co-
FOR RENT:-Three-bedroom apart-
ment, furnished, for one month,
near Ancon bus-stop. Reasonable
rental. Available August 24, pos-
sibly earlier. Telephone Panama
TO RENT:-2 bedroom apartment,
living-diningroom $65.00. Key 85
Cuba Ave. or phone 3-0841.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment,
one bedroom, livingroom, kitchen
and both, Frigidaire, big balcony,
very cool. Tel. 3-1648.


FOR RENT: To lady (American
preferred) furnished or unfurnish-
ed, cool room in modern apartment
near Hotel El Panama. Call 8 a.
m. to 2 p. m. 3-4848.


FOR RENT: Chalet all furnished.
c( mpletely new, porch, living and
diningroom, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths.
bnr, garage, in Golf Heights. Call
phone 3-4644, Panama.


FOR RENT: In Colon, spacious
site, centrally located: opposite
Colan Theare, # 10143 Central
Av.'nue. Ideal for business. Inquire
7039 Balboa Avenue Colon,
Mr. Balin, or # 115 Central Ave.
Panamo, "Vilanova."

Sussian Report

.hinese Army

that some of Rogov's criticisms
of Peiping were unjustified.
R o g o v states, of the ,total
Chinese troops assigned to the
Korean front, only two thirds
have been engaged in fighting,"
the Voice said. "The remainder
had been kept in the rear. Rogov
insists that Mao is well aware of
this order...
"What Rogov failed to take In-
to account in his critical com-
ment was that any sound mnilit-
ary strategy calls for some troops
ao be held in reserve else the en-
tire army stands to be wiped out.
But this is exactly what Russia
"Rogov describes the complete
helplessness and utter lfiefflci-
ency of the Chinese supply ser-
vices. He brn'-ds this situation
plan sabotage'.
"Rogov -further comp 1 a 1 n e d
hat grumblings within China
ire increasing steadily. These, he
writes, can be heard quite open-
y. Communist party opposition
o the Soviet course is growing.
"As a remedy, Rogov makes a
strong recommendp.tion that
here be an all-out purge in

CHICAGO (UP) Television
has stimulated the sale of in-
cense, L. V. Radkins, president of
the Hindu Incense Manufactur-
ing Co., declares. "People stay
home oftener and have more
guests in their homes," Radkins
said. "They want the fragrant
atmosphere provided by incense."

Minimum for
12 words-
3o each additional



where the
are priced LOWER
than the cheapest.
Why not save money
buying the best?

279 Central Ave.
Tel. 3-0140.



el very. *
Tel 3-1713 System ToBeUsed
-22 29t StSessi
At E(OSO( Session

in glass, wood and aluminum.
Curtain Rails.
Installed in
any length.

Fade Pro-
window shade.

The new
amazing low
R. A. COWES y Cia.'
Tel. 2-0756 Ave. Cuba No. 67

Tuna Boat Skipper

Drops Dead In Cl

A post mortem examination
this morning revealed that Wal-
ter Albert Morgan, 55-year-old
tuna boat captain, died yes-
terday from shock caused by a
massive intra-internal hemorr-
hage from duodenal ulcers.
Captain Morgan fell down in
front of the YM3A at 4:49 yes-
terday afternoon and died from
what ordinarily appeared to be
a heart attack. His wife, Inez
Beatrice, had been waiting in
a car in the YMCA parking lot
for him to return with a watch
she had given him to fix. The
watch repairman at the "Y"
stated that the deceased had
entered his shop only a few
minutes before, picked up the
watch, and appeared to be in
good health.
Arrangements ha ve been
made to have the body shipped
to San Diego tonight.
Captain Morgan was captain
of the Yolande Bertin, which is
docked at Pier No. 7 in Balboa,
and was well-known in shipping
circles here.
Captain and Mrs. Morgan had
resided at the IThtel Tivoli. He
is survived by Mrs. Morgan, two
brothers, Donr-1' and Harold,
and a nephew Melvin.

My Wife Likes to See
Where the Money's Going!

When women are like that-
we don't mind! Once we grease
your car, you can bank on it
that every bearing gets its
Mhare of attention. Drive in
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smile ... at economy prices!

Colpan Motors

Automobile Row
Telephone 2-1035

The IBM Simultaneous Inter-
pretation Equipment will be us-
ed in PanamA for the first time
during the forthcoming meeting
of the Interamerlcan Economic
and Social Council.
This equipment is a recent
scientific development and was
used for the first time during
the famous Nuremberg trials in
which the Nazi war criminals
were judged. Since then, the use
of this equipment has become
current in all international con-
ferences and congresses in which
there exists the problem of dele-
gates speaking different tongues.
In the United Nations, of course,
where this is a necessity of per-
manent character, the IBM
equipment is used tb a great ex-
Under the IBM Translator
System all translating delays
are overcome. Now, the inter-
preter carries on his job, sitting
in a sound proof booth, at the
same time that the delegate is
speaking. All delegates and vis-
itors are furnished with head
phones and a small apparatus
similar to a portable radio with
which one can, by the mere
switching of a knob, listen to
the speaker himself. or to any of
the translations in different
languages that are being made
by the various interpreters.
This new system is an exclu-
sive product of the Internation-
al Business Machines Corpora-
tion. The IBM is sending to Pa-
nama two technicians to take
care of the installation and
maintenance of the system dur-
ing the period the Economic
Council will be in session.

Puerto Rican Rebel

Guilty Of Trying

Forceful Overthrow
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Aug.
18, (UP) The Puerto Rican
Nationalist leader Pedro Alblzu
Campos was convicted last night
of trying to overthrow the gov-
ernment of Puerto Rico by force.
The all-male jury found Albi-
zu guilty on all 12 counts of the
indictment against him under
law 53.
This law is modelled after the
Smith Act under which commu-
nists in the United States were
recently convicted. '
Defense attorneys have an-
nounced plans to submit "certain
questions of law aimed at annul-
ling the trial."
If this fails they will appeal to
the Puerto Rican Supreme Court.
Albizu, 59. still faces one more
trial under Law 53, together with
Doris Torresola and other Na-
If found guilty he could get an
additional maximum sentence of
10 years.
He has already been sentenced
to a term of from 17 years and
three months to 24 years and
three months for attempted mur-
der and the illegal possession and
use of arms and explosives dur-
ing the three day Nationalist up-
rising here beginning last Oct.
Thirty persons were killed. 51
wounded and an 'attempt made
on the life of Governor Luis Mu-
floz Marin during this insursec-
Each of the 12 counts against
Albizu corresponds to speeches
he made to different Nationalist
a lies throughout Puerto Rico, in
which he all edly advocated the
overthrow of the Government.
The jury deliberated five hours
15 minutes. The trial opened Ju-
ly 30


7-~ .-i

"I am unable to say." he add-
ed. "whether or not this is the
first of a series of acts which
the US. government Dlans to
mark its recognition of the West
Indian contribution to the con-
struStion of the Panama Canal.
"However, I call upon all Am-
eric. s of goodwill present here
.ndT 1ese throughout the
Zone, to ur-e their Congress to
follow-ut' this commemorative
stamp isque with other acts
whidA willecause the non-U.S.
workers in the Canal Zone to
feel relieved of the weight and(
anxiety they now carry around
under the present dJisilitv svs-
tem after years of faithful and
loyal service to the great gov-
A highlight of the program
was the presentation of 24 West
Indian old-timers to Governor
Newcomer, who spent some time
chatting with them.
Bands of the Colon Fire Bri- I
Garle, the US dArmy Caribbean
and Air Worce played during the

_ _11__


..* glossy and healthy
groomed for

Use Bryr ad be of
Imislmmusr vital-iaooin
i- o haoir that hel s
a man to get on in the wrld.
Brylcreem means good prom-
ma---sd clean groomi=, too,
because its pure, natural oill, so
i Jal o hair nd ap, a
ema"uias And Dryicreem con-
no sarc. EnoB Ircreem's
Mdoub benefit of day-los manmart-

cheks Dandruff and gies life
asnd lwutre to Dry Hir. Ask fo*r
Bry.irem.. thie perfect hair-





----- ~ I I

Cristobal T Plans

Varied Pogram

For Task Force Men
COLON, Aug. 6 When crew
members of the U.S.S. Missouri
and accompanying destroyers
dock this week end they will find
an interesting and stimulating
program awaiting them at the
Cristobal Armed Services YMCA.-
Tours through Colon and Cris-
tobal and trips to Fort San Lo-
renzo will be conducted on each
of the three days.
Dances for the crew members
will be held on Saturday and
Monday nights. The US8 Missou-
ri band will play Saturday night
and Gardeners band will be on
hand for the Monday night
dance. I
A table tennis tournament will
be conducted on Sunday after-
noon and the winner will meet
George Carty, Isthmlan cham-
pion. in an exhibition match.
Other programs which will be
featured are a Sunday morning
Java Club with Dr. R. R. Gre-
gory as leader, a vesoer service,
conducted by the Cristobal Un-
ion Church Youth Fellowship, a
Sunday night movie and a Sunday
evening refreshment hour.
Cooperating with the Cristobal
"Y" in this tremendous welcome
are the junior hostesses groups
from the Balboa "Y" and the
J.W.B. Armed Forces Center.
Volunteer senior hostesses from
Atlantic gid. communities will
act as information aides and as-
sist at the dances. The Cristobal
"Y" program Is being conducted
in conjunction with 15th Naval
District and Army Atlantic Sec-
tor plans to entertain visiting
midshipmen and crewmen.

Machine Translator

Cuban Political

Leader Dies On

Operating Table .
HAVANA, Aug. 16 (UP)-Sen-
ator Eduardo Chibas, 43, a,
stormy petrel of Cuban politics
for the last two decades, died
on the operating table this
morning from complications
following an operation.
He had been in hospital since
Aug. 5 when an emergency
operation was performed on
him for a bullet wound self-
inflicted following his regular
Sunday night broadcast.
Chibas, who played a leading
role in the overthrow of-ex-
president Gerardo Machado in
1933, died surrounded by the
leaders of the Cuban People's
Party, of which ,he was presi-
As soon as the hundreds oat
his adherents crowding the
hospital lawns heard the newS
they wept openly over the
passing of the United States-
ed-eated Cuban political leader.
The body will lie in state "is
the National Capitol building
pending funeral arrangements.
Friends said Chibas had beei
discontented because he had
been unable to arouse publics
opinion over what he charged
was corrupt administration.
He had carefully planned his
suicide so the shot would be
heard over the radio.
However his talk had run
two minutes over time, and he
had been cut off the air when
he drew a pistol from his pocket
and shot himself in the abdo-

Pay Car Fodes
From Rail Sur
At Balboa Heights
The use of the pay car at the
Balboa Heights Railroad Sta-
tion on .U. S. rate paydays is
being discontinued.
Sinde early in July. when all
salary payments to U. S. rate
employes not then being paid
by check were changed from.
pav receipts to checks, the
volume of payments has de-
creased so much that the use
of the. pay car is no longer
Regular office hours for dis-
blrsement at the Treasurer's
Office at Balboa Heights will
also be resumed, discontinuing
the practice of remaining opem
during the noon hour and un-
til 5 p. m. on pay days. Regular
hours for disbursements are
-rom 12:45 to :15- -p and
from 12:45 to j:15 p. m.

Duties: Reds Cant

Block Jap. Treaty

WASHINGTON, Aug. 18 (UP) has been. built carefully and
-The United States and Bri- soundly..." ,
tain made, public "final" terms "The- fact Is that there must
of the Japanese peace treaty be peace .now, on the terms
yesterday and Ambassador John which have been negotiated;
Foster Dulles said Russia can- otherwise Japan would, share
not force last-minute changes the unhappy fate of Germany
by sending a "wrecking crew" and Austria" where Russal hag
,to ,the signing ceremonies ,at vetoed all peace settlements.
San Francisco next month. "No nation is 100 per cent
The new 4,500-word treaty satisfied (with the final terms)
draft contains some revisions -and that Includes the United
of language on reparations and States and Britain," he said.
a surprise clause requested But he said that merely shows
by Japan prodding Russia that honest adjustments and
to Recount for 340,000 missing compromises have been made,
Japanese prlsgners of war." Dulles conceded that changes
Btit it 'does not seriously al- announced yesterday In at least
ter the "'reconciliation" princi- six previous treaty drafts are
pies of previous drafts, and not "of a major character."
eaves Japan free to build in- He said they took into ac-
dustries and armed forces with- count the views of Pakistan,
out treaty limitations. Indonesia, the Philippines, Buir.
earlyy 50, nations which ma, France, Belgium, Canada,
fought Japan In World War II' Peru, Chile, Mexico and other
have been invited to San Fran- countries. .
cisco on Sept. 4. But he said India's views had
Dulles. emphasized that they been met only partly.
have been invited "to conclude The treaty draft did not meet
peace on the terms of the pre- any of India's' major requests,
sent text and not to hag- including suggestions that the
gle over revising the settle- treaty formally award the Kur-
ment. lies and South Sakhalin islands
"The Soviet Union has now to the Soviet Union or that
told us that they expect to Formosa and the Pescadores
send a delegation to San Fran- Islands go tb China.
cisco," Dulles said. Similarly rejected was India's
"We are not ybt clear as to plan to give the Ryukyu and
what this means. We hope that Bonin Islands to Japan and
It does not mean.that the Rus- that the treaty not mention
sians are sending a wreckig that foreign armed forces could
crew to try to demolish a struc- be retained in Japan after the
ture of Japanese peace which treaty is ratified.

(Continued from Page 1)
of it here at Silver City and Camp
"On the Pacific Side, it will be
extended to indlude Parqlso, Red
Tank, La Boca and a new town-
site not far fJom Corozal."
Chairman of th? Stamp Ap-
preciation Committee, Wilfred
M. Malcolm stressed the loyalty
of the West Indians which had
relieved Canal Zone authorities
of fears and Worries about the
Canal's security from sabotage.
In accepting a scroll present-
ed him by the Stamp Apprecia-
tion Committee, George Wester-
man commented:
*'1 regret my father's inability
to nave been present here to
share in this unique and mag-
,nificent tribute which has,been
paid me.
"After 40 years of service'with
the U. S, government on the
Canal Zone he has retired at
the measly sum of $25 a month
upon which to exist for the re-
mainder of his life, and his
Infirmity prevents him being
aniong us."
Westerman went on to say
that this was not an afternoon
of special significance for him,
neither was it for Governor,
Newcomer. but qt was an after-'
noon of momentous significance
for all peonies of good will
throughout the Isthmus of Pa-

_t __ __

I_ I r



1 .. ... .. ... LI- : D I. .

0J 1 0.> 1._ : 11. 0 .i r


BOAT,* .. -1 %-U

oWNir *N0 PusLIi0D n II U @ PANAMll MalICAlN PInS. IN.
Souunmn' Iv 'NSL@ON S-I IN ap
n BAUOfe f 3i s ,a il si *s
U ls uIn '. *n m -eoa3s4. Paaii n eP P a L
.14 _*A01ON AVIL. ,AW, Y40t9. 47b 1 .-1
Pm MONT". m -e a.
pop NNW VAn mIN .fVANC. S.bO a4


Broadway and Elsewhere

By Jack Loit
Cardinal Spellman's novel, "The Foundling," has now bgen
quoted in best-seller lists for several weeks. An enthusiast wrote
His Eminence, congratulating him..The Cardinal replied to the
effect that he felt as Willie Keeler, the great bunter, might have,
had be tapped one toward third, and it had hit a pebble and
bounced over the fence for a home run. -
I have bragged in print that there are no mosquitoes
on Manhattan island. That was true when written. But
this Summer, for the first time in more than "99 years,
the metropolitan keystone of the, Big Burg is infested'
with the pesky beasts. There is an epidemic of bites-
ana-lumps...1 remember, when I was a kid, how the
diptera of the culcidae family made life awful, for X had
an unusually potent appeal for the pests. Science got to
work and the New Jersey breeding grounds of the mos-
qutto were drained. But something has happened again.
lay guess is that the huge building projects have ex-
cavated declivities in which rainwater left pools and
there the bussing blood-suckers come to life. Will
Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald the popular early morning radio
and afternoon TV spielers, hive left the hotel which was long
their home and headquarters, and now occupy a lavish pent-
house on upper Fifth Avenue. Reminds me of the one about the
rising young go-getter who would never be satisfied until he had
a roof under his feet.
Babe King, the doll-faced honey who was a pet of the Broad-
way set that gathered nightly in Billy LaHiff's Tavern, died in
a New York hospital, of cancer'...She was the adored of Fred
Perry, gambler-sportsman, who in the Texas Guinan era proudly
displayed her in the lively places and expressed his rating of her
class by showering $500 tips around-not only to captains and
waiters, but to bus-boys, .orchestra-leaders, hat check-gals, en-
tertainers. 'He carried a sheaf of $500 bills in one special pocket
for this sort of largesse. Now I don't even know what's become
of him, any more than. I do what's become of those swift, in-
sane speak-easy nights. But' I cannot forget the smiling face of
Babe, and how she lovel life-loved the life.
Ethel Merman's estranged husband, Bob Levitt, sustained a
broken back (triple fracture) in an accident In Colorado.
Marlene Dietrich, who was decorated by France for
her war work, waited four hours at Newark Airport In
the oppressive, thunderstorm humidity .-for a plane to
take off tor Rochester. Drenched and soaked In ankle-
deep mud, she sat for 45 minutes in the desert-hot plane,
waiting for other flights to clear.....All this discomfort
because she refused to disappoint the Eagles' conven-
tion, at Rochester.. .Marlene's appearance there assured
the Bunyon Cancer Fund of another $200,000, maybe a
million, because the Eagles pledge to make it an annual
event...Marlene is the foregn-born star who went to
war zones and other lonely troop places ducked by many
entertainers-Iceland, Greenland and the Crystals, which
you can look up on the Arctic map.
Rosemary Williamson, the showgirl who made headlines by
accepting Cadillac and minks from playboys now in the clinks,
has forsaken the chorus to study dramatics. (A comedown, as
Broadway views its society.)
No more females permitted on the Federal cutter that goes
down the Bay to meet the big ships at Quarantine. An eminent
.wom.ti on .special pass for&oW to get tuily dressed, and when the
choliuy waves upset her, the reporters and the sailors rot a
You can buy British pounds here for less than
the $2.80 pegged value. But don't mail them to England.
'The notes have a wire, about one-millionth of an inch
thick, sealed in them. British postal inspectors run In-
coming mail through a detection machine which rings a
bel like the one at the entrances of Alcatraz. Currency
In envelopes from abroad is confiscated.
Out yonder on the western trail the story teems with animation.
The U. S. Marshal tangles with the guys who robbed the railroad
Until he suddenly forgets about his legal occupation
And sings a sweet romantic song without the slightest
-George E. Phair, In Daily Variety.
Christmas in August: In the Cub Room Sterling Noel the
editor, and Yul Brynner, the actor.
John McKlm Minton, the Long Islander appointed by Gov.
Dewey as chief special prosecutor for the State Crime Investiga-
tion Committee, who closed up Saratoga, is referred to up in
that section as "Bad Minto.".


The Mail Box is an open torum to, readers oa th Panamo Ammrican
Letters are received gratefully end ore handled in wholly confidentol
Itf ou contribute o lettoi don tbe impatet It it doesn't appear the
rext day. Letters are published in the order received.
S Pleaose try to keep the letters limited to one paeg length.
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspope, assumes no responsibility fe'o totements a0 opinions
ixptessed in letters from elders.

"CAN WE HELP YOU, en who are not watchdogs bu
MOD-DOM?" who are interested in helping ev
Balboa. Canal Zone ery woman who walks in there t
Mailbox Editor find what she needs. Women wh
Panama American can smile and be pleasant an
Dear Sir: have nice manners.
Would you be so kind as to While I'moon the subject o
print this letter in your mailbox dresses, there was a notice re
as soon as possible? You will be cently informing customers t
doing us women of Balboa an Im- buy all our dresses dor the yea
mensurable favor. in June as that was the only tim
Come on you women of Balboa, that the commissary could bu
demand better treatment at the cotton dresses In the New Yor
balboa Commissary Dress Sec- market. Why, I ask, can't th
tlon. Don't you hate to have to go commissary Invest a few thou
In there? Even if you just want sand dollars more and really ge
to ioo' ..round you feel as If you stocked up for the whole year?
have eyes on you every second. What else can we wear here bu
I'm afraid to even touch the cotton dresses? -They would b
stuff. How can a person shop in sure to sell this merchandise and
this atmosphere? That section especially if It is sold at a reason
has got to be improved. In the able prices,
first place you never can find Now that we-have t o pay in
anything decent at a reasonable come taxes and can't get to th
price. Why? Haven't you noticed States to do our own shopping, w
the classy numbers the supervis- demand that the commissary
ors and some of the cashiers stock up on women's cotton dress
wear? That's right girls-they get es and have a wide variety.
the cream of the crop. don't mean the old stand by witl
I wouldn't be surprised if those buttons down the front either.
sections are solely patronized by Now come on. you commissary
commissary personnel because officials, give us kind, considerate
frankly they never have anything personnel please. You don't need
left for us common customer.' all those girls to check the cus-
This feeling I'm telling you about tomers as they go it either. Bad
has been mentioned to me by atmosphere... .Rela and let us
other women and It sure is a sad feel that we are welcome.
state of affairs when the only Please Mr. Edita,. ewry won
pace we have to go to buy clothes that I have said Is true. wHoprin
to put on our backs has this kind you will print this real sopn. .
of r'i atmosphere. Tank yom.
We need new personnel. Worn- ., Nothing 31 .ear
w ^ -, ^ '.?".* ^-*' "* ^ '* 'v



- f


,-P. -, v,,AqM


.By Victor Riesel
It's "lghttimne over the. dock
Only. an occasional crackin
wineh or the tugging of wrIst
thU wharf ropes is heard
t. giant luxury liner Is he0
last after Its run from Italy an
the Me9lterranean.
A lone sailor shifts his gel
from the deck to his should
Md walks to a waterfront ren
dezvous. Apparently, a seama
is about to flop for the night
Actually a $500,000 load o
"junk" dope is on Its lw
to the school kids of the oOun
Sometimes, this "weed-
hound" or courier walks
down the covered gangplank
with a folded newspaper or
a crudely bound package.
But whatever the smuggling
technique, it's a handful of
seamen on the Italian run
who sneak -in most of this
nation's debilitating heroin,
Bob Moser, crusading coun-
,.-el .to the Senate Crime
Committee, tells me.
He's In New York putting th
finishing touches on Sen. 0'
Oonor's probe which fades awa
in three weeks.
But It all won't go well fo
tbq government. Once more it'l
be revealed that while on
agency, the wraithy T-men
chases the weedhounds and th
couriers, other Federal divisions
unthinkingly perhaps, get th
habitual smugglers and eve)
sex fiends back on board ship
It will be big Joe Currai
who'll point, the finger righ
back at the government.
Curran's followers In the CIh
National Maritime Union are br
the Italian run. And there are
few amongst these sailors whi
rn 'a ""package" or wait until
the swaring, searching Trea
sury men: have long left thi
liners, before taking their opi-
um-packed gear ashore.
Curran, testifying voluntarily
will reveal that the NMU's cons
titution calls for automatic ex-
expulsion of any man convictedc
of narcotics charge tfor sell
ing, smuggling or sniffing.
But Big Joe, in that strange,
salty drawl, will ask, in turn
"How can the union keep the
convicts out when those expel-
led are sent right back on board
by the National Labor Relations
Board operating on the theory
that 'every man has a right tc
his old job'?"
In Curran's fils is the record
of one such habitual offender
who joined the union quietly In
1946. Two years later, he was
convicted and expelled from the
NMU for smuggling.
Down to the NIRB and the
Coast Guard he went. on
board he came and the unior
had to sit back and watch hin
ship out alongside legitimate
union men.
What Curran will demand, he
says, Is a centralized informa-
tion service so the government
can Inform the seafarers' unions
of habitual criminals.
Then never again will there
be the spectacle of a smuggler
being expelled before a mass
meeting of 2,000 men and then
reappearing on board ship with
all his papers intact. They've
had just that trouble with a sex
fiend, too.
All the seafarers' unions,
AFL and CIO. have ship
committees which are warn-
ed to keep sharp lockout for
dope runners and work close-
h/ with the Treasury Dept.
But no one talks about that
out loud. This is a hundred
million dollar racket. The
Treasury men are under-
staffed. And nobody wants
to tip their hand.
At the same time, Paul Hall's
Seafarers International, the
AFL union whose men are
aboard freighters on the Medi-
terranean run, ahs been con-
ducting a campaign to teach its
sailors the grim effect on kids
this dope has which they may
be asked to "carry" in a pack-
age as a favor.
Hall ordered a series carried
In his union newspaper, "The
Log," because many of the sail-
ers aboard the slow moving
cargo carriers were far at sea
when the crime probers reveal-
ed the widespread use of ".funk"
among the nation's school age
Meanwhile, most of the coun-
try's entertainment union lead-
ers have spent time this sum-
mer trying to help crack the
ring which moves the "junk"
after it gets past the waterfront
on its way In from Lucky Lu-
clann's depots.
From dapper, little ex-
vaudevillian, Jimmy Lyons,
leader of the American
Guild of Variety Artists
Eastern Legion, went warn-

ings, not so long ago, to per-
formers in all resort areas.
They were told bluntly to
alert local police or state
troopers the moment they
were approached by the iti-
nerant dope peddlers. These
special "salesmen" are dis-
patched by the mobs which
don't like to lose their trade
during the barn and straw
hat revue season.
All this the union chiefs will
tell the crime probers when the
Senators ask Why there's no
crackdown on members. There
is a crackdown. But some Fed-
eral agencies just won't permit
the goons to stay cracked. The
government ought to get its
agencies working together.
(Copymrtqt il1. Post-Hull
Syndicate, Inc.)












'PANAMA'S DELGATION .to the 2nd Extraordinary Session of the. Inter American Ecohomic
and Social Council which met this week to make final plans for the conference. The dele-
gation is headed by Minister of the Treasury Galileo Soils and by Comptroller General Hen-
rique de Obarrio. Left to right are: Prof. Jmillo Clare, Dr. Ricardo J. Alfaro, Prof. Max Aro-
seamena. Dr. Georgina J. de Lopez, Foreign Minister Ignacio M. Molino, Miss Carmen Miro, Sec-
retary General of the Conference, Comptroller Obarrio. Minister Solls, Eduardo McCullough,
Mario de Diego, Camilo Levy Salcedo and four others. Principal delegates to the convention
also include Julio. Heurtematte and Dr. OScar Muller.

Private Builders

By Peter Edson

WASHINGTON,- (NEA) The Atomic Energy -- the banks -
Commission has had plenty of troubles in pro- from FNMA.
viding housing at its two huge plants near But the law
Aiken, S. C., and Paducah, 1K. making advance
This fact illustrates the need for government substance of t
defense housing legislation now before Congress. wouldn't take t
For the private home builders in spite of AEC was and
all protests against government housing have ment towns on
completely failed to do the job at these two It wants its
sites. and permanent
Atomic Energy Commission Is an old hand at neighboring toi
this public housing business. Ga., and Paduc
AEC has three "company towns" Los Ala- But the prob
mos, New Mexico: Richlahd (Handford), Wash., fire and police
and Oak Ridge, Tenn. It will probably have to Something ha
hang on to the administration of Los Alamos, authorized the
because of security controls., tractors, to but
But seven years of headaches on the other men, half on gc
two have made the AEC commissioners most American Tra
anxious to get out of the landlording, sewer." to see if it cou
school, fire and police department business in tablishment of
order to devote full time to the much simpler The DuPont '
business of making atomic bombs. Savannah Rive
When South Carolina and Kentucky expan- they would gua
sons were planned, AEC decided it wouldn't cles in return fi
get caught this time by company towns. What this ex
It would leave to others the problems of hous- what men like
Ing construction workers and permanent plant Mr. Foley, and
operations force. left in the bull
First Housing and Home Finance Agency Ad- of New York, h
ministrator Raymond M. Foley was asked what
he could do about It. While the tot
By law, he reported, his powers were limited, been estimated
He could make surveys, and did. ed bill now befc
In the Savannah River area, his agency re- will meet only
ported 3600 housing units might be needed. At It would pro'
Paducah, the figure was 1000. gage insurance
The Housing agency relaxed credit curbs for provide $150 m
new housing for sale on these areas. Rental veterans. It w
housing credits were relaxed to a degree, on thorization for
lower priced units. areas, but only
It was thought this would provide the proper time to refuse I
incentives for private housing. But nothing A $10 million
happened. ed to acquire
Early In July, AEC field offices began to get avoid land spec
rumblings about housing shortages for construe- lina.
tlon workers. For construct
So a second stick of candy was dangled before cities streets,
the home building Industry. A $350 million re- $100 million In
serve was established In Federal National Mort- vided.
gage Assn. This was for the purchase of mort- A new Title I
gages from local banks for programmed housing II would giv
in defense production areas. Insurance instes
Even this didn't do the trick. The excuse All these lure
given by the birtlding Industry was that the the private hon
banks wouldn't loan them money unless they defense workers


could get advance commitments
specifically prohibits FNMA from
:e commitments. The sum and
this was that private industry
he risk.
still is anxious to avoid govern-
government property.
temporary construction workers
labor force to find homes in the
wns like Aiken, S. C., Augusta,
ah, Ky.
lems of added schools, hospitals.
protection were acute in all.
ld to be done. At Paducah, AEC
McGraw company, general con-
Id 1000 barracks units for single
government property.
.iler Coach Association was asked
ild do anything to stimulate es-
trailer parks.
company, general contractor at
dr, worked out a plan by which
rantee to pay rentals on vacan-
or control over tenants.
operlence proves, If anything, Is
Senator Sparkman of Alabama,
a few rugged individuals still
iding game, like William J. Levitt
ave been Insisting all along.
tal need for defense housing has
at 50,000 units, the Senate-pass-
ore the House of Representatives
about half of this demand.
vide $1.5 billion worth of mort-
for defense housing. It would
million in direct housing loans to
would provide a $75 million au-
government housing In critical
after private industry had had
to build needed housing.
revolving fund would be creat-
sites near defense plants and
culation like that in South Caro-
ion of needed community facil-
sewers, schools and hospitals -
grants and loans would be pro-
IX like Title VI in World War
'e builders 90 per cent mortgage
ad of the customary 80 per cent.
s are considered necessary to get
ie building industry to house the

Matter Of Fnct

By Joseph and Stewart Alsop

WASHINGTON. --' Some of the most brilliant tary power begins to be restored, our basic stra-
men in the Defense Department are taking a tegic concept should change also.
hard new-look at American strategic planning. The fact la that our war strategy has rested
'They are beginning to ask themselves whether squarely on population bombing.
our basic strategic concept the way we in- To put this ugly fact bluntly, our willingness
tend to fight a war if war comes should not to use atomic bombs against the largest Rus-
be recast, root and branch. sian population centers, In order to cause enor-
A nation's war strategy must be based on its mous civilian casualties and thus to disrupt the
actual military situation. Soviet industrial and political system, has been
Since the Korean war began, our real mill- the heart and soul of our war planning.
tary situation has been rapidly changing. This strategic concept, however hideous mo-
Consider first our situation in terms of con- rally, has been wholly correct, since this willing-
ventional military strength. On July 1, 1950, we ness has been the only deterrent to Russian ag-
had nine under-strength divisions a mothball gression.
Navy; and a 42-group Air Force masquerading Yet its weakness is very evident.
as forty-eight groups. Population bombing precludes that alliance
We had an alliance with Western Europe with the Russian people which such Soviet ex-
which was a fake 'alliance, since Western Eu- sports as George Kennan consider the real key
rope could not be defended, to victory.
By July 1, 1952, we shall have the capacity A war which ended with the great cities of
to put about fifty extra-size full-strength divi- Eurasia or even only of the Soviet Union -
sions into the field in the first year of a war in ruins, is not a war which could properly be
about twice as many as could be shipped said to have been won.
overseas in one year. Population bombing is the most "economical"
We shall have a Navy which should be cap- Use of the bomb, since the bomb so used Is most
able of dominating the seas absolutely, a strong efficiently destructive.
Naval air arm and a powerful Marine Corps. But since we are becoming very rich In ato-
We shall have a 95-group Air Force, and mic bombs, the question is beginning to be ask-
whatever the precise outcome of the present ed whether we cannot afford to-be "unecono-
air power dispute, the Air Force will then cer- mical" in thel ruse, provided always that some-
tainly be scheduled to grow rapidly larger, thing like a real power balance in conventional
All this gives no grounds for complacency, arms is established.
The balance of power in conventional arms is The planners are beginning to wonder whe-
still certainly with the Soviets. their our exclusive emphasis on population
Europe is still, as of today, almost certainly bombing may not be a hangover from the time
indefensible, when we seemed permanently condemned to
hopeless weakness in the conventional arms,
Yet the planners, rightly or wrongly, look for- when a limited atomic stockpile was really all
ward to a time when the balance in conven- we had.
tional military power will be at least partially They are asking themselves whether warfare
restored. and when Western Europe will have a might not be returned to the battlefield, where
really serious defense. it belongs, and to the area which directly sup-
Now consider the second category of power ports the battlefield.
atomic power. 'Might it not be possible to hold population
Here very much greater strides than is gen- bombing in reserve, as an overwhelming reta-
erally realized have been made. On this point liatory weapon, to be used only in case of ato-
it is well to tread lightly. mic attack on our own great population cen-
But It can be said that the American atomic ters. and those of our allies?
potential, by July 1, 1952, will be so great that Might not bombing priorities be assigned in-
c.tomic bombs can be regarded as more ex- stead to enemy air fields, atomic plants and
bendable than the planes which carry them. stockpiles; to relatively isolated critical Installa-
Nor is this all. For the first time, because of tions like hydro-electric power plants and oil
significant reductions in size and weight, ato- refineries; to lines of communications and mi-
mic bombs can be carried in light planes, or de- litary installations behind the front; and to
livered by guided missiles. heavy enemy troop concentrations?
This means, for example, that the Navy can These questions are being asked only very
now for the first time deliver bombs even from tentatively, and it is easy to find reasons why
the lighter carriers, and that Air Force delivery they should be answered In the negative.
is no longer confined to the strategic bombers. But it is well to remember what we so tragic-
This in turn means a greatly increased ato- ally forgot in the last war that the aim of
mic potential, because deliverability is just as war is not confined to simple military victory.
important a factor in atomic power as the size A war based essentially on unlimited popula-
of the- stockpile. tiori-bombing simply could not result in real po-
In brief, our real military situation is certain- litical victory.
ly changing. And this is why It is good that these ques-
And the best men in the Pentagon are begin- tons are being asked, however cautiously, In the
ning to think that at least at some time in the Defense Department.
future, when the balance In conventional mill- (Cepyright, 1951, New York Herald Tribune Inc.)

.11. IW DtmW PiA SON f

Drew Pearson says: Taft and MacArthur forget
mily feud; Mrs. William Howard Taft's book r
details; President Taft was exasperated by discourl
of Gen. Arthur MacArthur.
WASHINGTON.-One'of the strangest political allnen
modern history is that whichthe Taft forces believe thowJ
Just about completed-between Sen Robert A Taft an
Douglas MacArthur.
EvWaler since SenatorTaft called on General MacArthur at is
Waldorf shortly after his return to the United States, TaftofTe.,
have been working on a plan whereby MacArthur would thro*
his weight behind Taft for the Presidency. This alliance Is .now
reported all but signed, sealed and delivered.
What most people don't know, and apparently what Senator
Taft doesn't remember, was the bitter feud between his fatlier
and MacArthur's father on exactly the same showdown ithrt
The feud was so hitter that when Lt. DouglasMacArthu
received his diploma from West Point, he refused to shake hand
with William Howard Taft, then Secretary of War.
Taft had come to West Point to hand out the dIptnl&t.
Young MacArthur, now so friendly with Taft's son, accepted:w
the diploma, but spurned the congratulatory handshakes othne
Secretary of War, turned on his heel and strode over to
beside his father.
Mrs. Taft, mother of the Senator, tells most of the store
her book, "Recollections of Full Years."
The elder Taft was appointed by President McKinley 5 S
Commission to establish civilian government in the Philip
"General MacArthur," Mrs. Taft wrote, referring to the alter,
of Douglas (he was then commander in the Philippines), "eeme4'
to resent the advent of the Commission and to be determined, to
place himself in opposition to every step which was takes&by,'
them or contemplated...
"Their reception was so cool that Mr. Tatt said he almos*,
stopped perspiring. There were few Filipinos to be seen, and a*
General MacArthur's reception to the Commission was anywtf
but cordial or enthusiastic they began to feel a discomftfnFt ,
sense or being decidedly not wanted.
"If they had any doubts on this point General MacArthur
soon cleared them up. He frankly assured them that he regarded '
nothing that had ever happened in his whole career as castle:
so much reflection on his position and his ability au their ap-
pointment under the directinjoynof the President p.
"They suggested that he could still rejoight e In considerable
honour and prestige as a man at the head of a division ofmore
troops than any general had commanded since the Civil Warhdeie
that he was, moreover, still enjoying the great power exalto l *
Executive of the islands.
"'Yes,' said he, 'that would be all right if I hadn't been ex-
ercThey aften so much more power than that before you came. as to what
hereupon Agur. naldo'sft gently reminded him that he continued ee
exercising that power for about three -weeks only and add he-
hopThesd he hadco noditions become, Commission that time, so habituated the
situation as to prevent his a appreciating thunderather exalte-oi

within n which thore woughly to police the Islands
"They afterward folly to trust exchanged some correspondence as to wehast
powers each did have, but they seemed to have dsagreedro
the first." trustworthy.
The Commission POSD CONSTABULARYish municipal goern
Describing Aguinaldo's rebellion, Mrs. Taft continued:
"These conditions led the Commission to think the time hadfirs
come to organize a native constabulary, under American offde upon
with which thoroughly to police the islands.
"But General MacArthur did not agree with them; thought
stances of where those who had been armed as scouts had..t pml
en entirely untrustworthy.
"The Commission proposed to establish municipal govern- v
ments wherever ondtins made it possible and among the firgo on and
things they undertook was the framing of a municipal code upon
which to base such governments.
I "They sent this to General MacArthur for his comments of, buth
comments consisted of a rather pointed intimation thated ml
itary rule was still in force and that he thought they were nv..
eral years ahead of possibilities, but that they might go on and "
amused had the general executir municipal code would not det b-
him in any action he found It necessary to take at any point
where appt was in opewas nration...
"General MacArthur continued to resent the coming of the
Commission and to consider himself personally humiliated bMr
their being appointed to divide his power.
"He was still n command of almost ut seventy thousand me
and had tnot herald executive control of a large civil force, but
this, apparently, was not enough.
"The tone he adopted in his correspondence with the Corn
mission kept them in a constant 'state of controlled anger," Mrs
Taft wrote.
"The general objected to almost every suggestion put forward
by them and did not hesitate to tell them in plain words-thatr
he did not welcome advice from them concerning military or any
other matters. It was really a very difficult situation.
"The Commission thought General MacArthur took an! en,
tirely erroneous view of the attitude of the Philippine people in
general, and that In everything he did he moved with an ex.
asperating slowness.
"They wanted a large native constabulary which they knew
could be successfully organized and relied upon to render great
assistance In the pacification of the islands. He did not agree
with them and held the matter up for many months.
"He was not in sympathy with any move they made, and him
greatest cross was that he had no power to veto their legisla-
tion. He saw military dangers in all manner of things without
being able to state just what they were, and he was always call.
ing for more troops, while the Commission was entertaining
hopes that It would not be a great length of time before a large
part of the troops already there could be recalled. I find my
husband writing at this time:
"'General MacArthur, knowing that we differ from him am
to the conditions of things in the islands, makes it a point to
send me an account of each disaster as if it vindicated his view.
This Is not the spirit of a man who is likely to succeed in giving
energy to a campaign which will bring about successful results.'
"We were sorry to note that the election of Mr. McKinley
and the consequent establishment of the American status in th
Philippines did not change the military attitude toward the
manner of solving the governmental problems.
"The Commission was definitely pledged to the rapid adjust-
ment of affairs on a civil and generally representative basglgat
the military authorities still maintained that military rule wold
continue to be a necessity for an indefinite period." *
Finally Taft was appointed civilian governor of the PIlU .
pines, replacing MacArthur, who returned to the United Sta.
Regarding this, Mrs. Taft writes: S
"We heard later that letters had come from companions t
his on the ship which said that he very keenly resented the f
that the new Governor had not seen fit to mention him "
pra se in his inaugural address.
"Mr. Taft said he was very sorry, but, in view of the. re -
tlions which were known to exist between the military governunm
and the Commission, he thought it would have been very dIM.
cult to find the tactful words which would have satisfied .
general, and in uttering which he would not have stultified hi*
Mrs. Taft, however, was mild compared to other historic
Herbert S. Duffy, in his book on the elder Taft, says:

"Exasperated by the discourtesy of the military man,
finally, reminded the general that since his authority in
Philippines dated back only a month (he came on the fifth
May) and expressed the hope that the general's brief enjoy *
of his position would not hinder his appreciation of the exal
post he would continue to hold, despite the arrival of the
"During the Spanish occupation the governor general
always lived in the palace of the Malacanan. And when the s
ericans captured Manila, the commander of the army had
lished himself there.
"The Filipinos had thus grown accustomed to regarding
resident of the palace as the head of the government.
believing it unwise to disregard the Filipinos' Ideas or
whenever he could conform to them, Taft suggested that
MacArthur relinquish the palace to him.
"The military commander was not hospitable to this idea
consented, in fact, only after orders from Washington.
afterward, however. General Chaffee succeeded General
thur, and another minor cause of friction was .limlnated.W
(Copyright, 1951, By The Bell Syuleat, lu.

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a '' ..:

2So4, i .nn N.wad (fo r r,. Na7 4)
ety 5ee Box 242, ga t eeJphon Gatun 47

cye, My

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. ,,L,.... \ 'f ..y ., <. ?.


Miss Lotty Stevenson of Coco Solo entertained with a
e'4autifully appointed tea and gift shower at the home of
' her parents Mr. and Mrs. Elton W. Bell of Coco Solo Tues-
.4ay afternoon. The party was given to .compliment Miss
. Ann Rose Leigh of Colon, who wedding to William A. Cardo-
se of Panama City will take place in the near future.

An arrangement of pink carna-
tions centered the tea table. Miss
Blanca Beverhoudc was awarded
a prize as winner in an interest-
ing game that entailed the use of
.Miss Leigh's engagement ring
and the ribbons which were used
on the many gifts which were
'presented to her.
Those who attended included
Mrs. Gilbert Solas. the. Misses
Thelma, Olga and Irma Leiona-
'dier. Misses Nancy and Vilma
a.sso. me Misses Thelma and
]krcilia Herrera. Miss Lucia Nino,
Miss Yolanda Van der Dijs. Miss
SCllette Perret. Miss Vilma Rosa-
fta. Miss Maria Tagaropulos,
Ses Yolanda and Blanca Be-
t houdt. Miss Yolanda Herrera,
W .Jane DeBovrie. Miss Marga-
Mt-Barcenas. Miss Frances Jeri,
lsAnn Marie Henriauez. Miss
Margaret Dagnall. Miss Molly
Prancey and Miss Marta Van der

Spending Week at ,Santa Clara
Mr. B. Donald Humphrey of
New Cristobal and his son Donald
have been guests at Santa Clara
this week. They will be joined
during the weekend by Mrs. Hum-
phrey and Donna.
Miss Carmen Calogne Wins
Door Prize at Benefit
The award of a weekend stay
at Hotel El Panama, which was
offered as a door.prize at the
Benefit Dance which was given
at the Hotel Washington Satur-
day evening by members of the
Altar Rosary Society of the Holy
Family Church at Margarita, was
won by Miss Carmen Calogne of
Music for dancing and for spe-
cialty numbers was furnished by
members of the Rainbow Ramblers
Orchestra. well known entertain-
ers on the Armed Services Radio
programs. The affair was a huge
success socially and financially.

Mr. Artnur Bahlquist won the
Mr. DeLong to Attend $25.00 war bond which was of-
Bon's Wedding fered to the winner of the Bean
Mr. Guy P. DeLong of Marga- Guessing Contest.
Sa left by plane early this morn-
.. from Tocumen Airport en Mr. Joseph V. Dignam served
Ievte to Harrisburg. Pennsvlva- as Master of Ceremonies for the
AU_.. He will attend the wedding evening's entertainment. The fol-
tf-his son. Guy DeLone. Jr.. to lowing program was presented:
L Nancy Engle of Dalmatia. Miss Loretta Voight, tap dancer
The wedding, will take place "Texas Toe Tap"; Mrs. Frances
paturdav. Mrs. DeLong and their Schmidt "Hawaiian Hula" with
st.. Robert. are vacatic.aing in Mrs. Faye Wheeler doing the vo-
the States with their son-in-law cal accompaniment; a square
and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. dance number with Ross Cun-
Depoen. who will also attend the ningham, as caller, and the memn-
wedding. Mrs. Deopen will be re- bers representing the Margarita
membered as the former Miss Square Dance Club: Mr. and Mrs.
Dorothy DeLone who resided on Herbert 0. Engelke, Mr. and
the Isthmus in 1944-45. Mrs. Ross Cunningham, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles H. Bath, Jr.. Mr.
* ACnd Mrs. Brown Entertain and Mrs. Jack' Taber and Rich-
at r inner ard Haynes.
?. % and Mrs. James Brown of Prizes were awarded to the fol-
Ga'",n gave a dinner party at lowing: Mr. Jack Reillv a case of
their home Wednesday evening liquor; Mr. and Mrs. David Cof-
that was arranged as a bon voy- fey and Mr. Charles H. Bath, Jr.,
age Darty for Mr. and Mrs. for spot dance prizes, chickens
Frank Wolf and Captain and Mrs. from Downings Farms in Las
Mowry Dunn. Mr. and Mrs. Wolf Cumbres; the specialty dance
will leave the Isthmus for a va- prize was won by Mrs. Herbert
cation August 31. Captain and Engelke and Mr. Charles H. Bath,
Mrs. Dunn will leave on vacation Jr.. a figurine from Surany's;
in the near future. Other guests Captain and Mrs. Samuel L.
Included Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Brown as the best dressed farmer
Pate and Mr. and Mrs. Robert and his wife won a Chinese vase
Maynard. from Maduro's.
---- Varied-colored crepe paper
thoinas Hushes Returns Home
Tomas Hu'hes, the son of Mr.
and Mrs. William E. Hughes of!

Markarita. returned home by
plane last week. He has been at-
tendinc a baseball camp in Mer-
idian. Texas.
Cristobal O.E.S. Club
Meets Tonight
The Cristobal O.E.S. Club will
met at the Cristobal Masonic
Ten -le tonight at 7:30.
M 's. Margaret Crone. Mrs.
June May and Mrs. Matilda Nee-
ly will be hostesses for the social
hour that will follow the business
meeting. All Eastern Stars are
Captain and Mrs. Dumbauld
Sail Friday
The commanding officer of the
Naval Hospital at Coco Solo and
Mrs. Carl M. Dumbauld with
their- charming young daughter,
Miss Joan Dumbauld and their
son John, will sail from the Isth-
mus Friday, aboard the N. S T. S.
"Gibbons." They will visit the
Eastern States before motoring
to Corpus Christi. Texes where
Captain Dumbauld will be sta-

streamers and hundreds of ba*l
lonos were used to decorate thUe
ballroom. Mrs. David Coffey a:d
Mrs. James Reccia were a-'
chairman of the committee tha
madd arrangements for ,
dance; Mrs. Earl Mullins was
charge of the sale of tickets al4
the advertising; Mrs. Earl A. 't-
er was decorating chairman Va(-
Mrs. Cyrus W. Field was I*
charge of plans for entertain.,

released by the secretary-general
of the United Nations in New
York are these photographs of
two of eight designs selected for
the first UN postage stamps to be
issued this Fall. The UN build-
ing design, top, made by Met-
ican artist Leon Helguera, will
be used for 1%A-cent and 50-cent
denominations. The "Peace, Jus-
tice, Security" stamp, below, de-
signed by Netherlands artist
J. F. Doeve, will be two-cent
and one-dollar stamps.

Wody, Agatha Reed's wiex-
cracking secretary in The The-
ater Guild's p r e s e n t a t je n
"Goodbye, My Fancy" (DiaMo
Theater, Aug. 22 and 23),. is
played by Jerry Barone, a gal
with a sense of humor of her
own. o
*Jerry is a newcomer to Isth-
mian audiences-she's only
been here a few weeks.

Rebel Veteran Dies;

Now There Are Nine
BONHAM, Tex., Aug. 16 (UP)
-"Uncle Hade" Whitsett, 103,
died yesterday and left only
nine of his fellow Confederate
veterans still alive.
Joseph Haden Whitsett ,had
been one of Texas' three sur-
vivors of the Civil War,
The other two are Walter W.
Williams, 107, of Franklin, the
oldest living Rebel, and Tho-
mas Evans Riddle, 103, who lives
at the Confederate Veterans'
home In Austin.
Whitsett, blind, bedridden
and almost deaf, lived with a
niece, Mrs. Zora Arledge. He
died of natural causes ag-.
gravated by the scorohilg. Texas
heat of the last two weeks.
Born in Glasgow, Ky., on
Sept. 18, 1847, Whitsett had
lived in Texas since 1853,
He joined the Confederate
Army in 1864 and served with
Shelby's escort of the 2nd Mis-
souri Cavalry.

Mary Br gbanqw @ takes the
part of Mi. the
"perfect" ali Mry, is
a teacher of e ngti4our-
nalism at '. M ,euhooL.
She Is a rau'j lmbia
University and did JoImalism
work in the Jokrnali bpart-
ment of Stanford Unhrlty.

Dr. Pitt, the physics.profes-
sor, Is played by Thomas R.
Tom lived In England 35 years
before coming to PanamA. He
is now manager of Curundu

Cana/ C/lu iouser

U T ToIts La CRAWORD's I Showing Tonight --.
Sy 3:00, 4:50, 6:55, 9:00 p.m. WANNA RELAX??? ... GO TO THE MOVIMSIII

UyB AL O A w o,,
Air-Cohditloned BON YiRAY
S :15 Friday "8IBA"s
S. Friday "mRIDE FOR SALE"
S I i' PEDRO MIGUEL "(*rlday)
S^l': C 0 N V I C T E D"
B N G A M B 0 A nsrO n0 oAsoI
,o.. "MR. MUSIC"
Si-*7:5 only! ** "BELLE OLD MEXICO"
... .. ...ED .

HOLLTWOOD, (NBA) May- who peere# at her wistfully p
be It's he influence of old mov- ~th stumped latejihe baI ceat Ia,
ies o nTV, ad thn again maybe her leg cas ,
it Isn't, but KolVwood' reaching' "May I tell y something, Miss
back into the files fpr tricky tags Gaynor?" he asked a he fum-
for the new face crop. bled to close the door.
The trend's already started at "Of course," amiled Mital, ar-
20th Century-Fox, where a bub- ranging her plaster of paris gsam
bly, survey, stacked, slant-eyed on theseat.
lass born Mitul Oerber Is now of- "You'Ve been my favorite,'?
ficially known V Mitzi Gaynor. murmured themyopic hack. "ev
S Any day now 1 expect to hear er since I saW you. in 'Seventh
about Hyman Farrel, Dolores Heaven.'"'
Kiball TYenou, BesseMae Negri,
Esther Arbuekje, Betty Banky Mitzl waved to'23 actors, dl-
and Oscar Talimadge. rectors and cameramen, got buss-
Not to mention Piper 0ish. od in a fatherly fashion on the
Those monikers on the mar- cheek by a producer and pushed
quees may drag a lot of old-tim- aside her rare roast beef for a few
era who wept through "The Birth seconds to, pose with a young ac-
of a Nation" away from parlor tor named Robert Wagner;,
screens. ,Then Mti looked at some stills
You never can tell. of herself wearing tights Inher
I asked Mitzl Gaynor, who was Lotta Crabree role ln "Golden
g 0 in g "HI, doll," and "Hi, Girl." \ .
sweetie," to everybody In the stu- ''Somebody commented that
dio comnmissary, aboplt the handle Hollywood was. in for a'cycle of
switch. shapely dolls parading around in

Mital giggled:
"I signed my contract as Mitzi
Gerber and the name was fine
with me. BRut one day I was in-
formed tft the NewYork office
didn't like the Gerber. They said
it sounded like canned baby food
arid pureed liver."
"Then th locked me into a
room with 'a lot of publicity men
and the fellows started going
through the phone book for a new
last name. They'd say, 'How does.
Mitzi Pomaerantz sound? Or
'What about MitzI Pilsudkski?' I
was dying. A couple of days later
my telephone rang.
"Somebody wanted to speak to
Miss Gaynor. I said, 'You have
the wrong number.' Then the
voice said, 'Oh; No I haven't! This
is the studio, publicity depart-
menti and -you're Miss Gaynor
"After Janet Gaynor?" I asked.
Mitzl held back a merry ha-ha
and said that more funny, killing
things had happened to her since
she became Mital Gaynor.
Like the day a waitress ap-
proached her and asked:
"Is it true that you're the se-
cret daughter of Janet Gaynor?"
Then there was the time she
broke her toO doing a ballet num-
ber .in "Golden Girl," the picture
that's supposed to zoom her right
up there with Betty Grable and
June Haver as a musical comedy
Miti--who's all'of 19 "but I
feel like an old bat"-had to call
for a tagj to take her home. She
drew a nearsighted cab driver,


skhi-clingag -ights. -
Marlene' Dietrich was encased
like sasagte.ln, "Chuck-a-luck,"
came the Information, and didn't
Lillian Russell and the belles of
her day wow the boys when they,
squeezed into their tights?
I asked her how it felt to be
starred after only two movie ap-
pearances in "My Blue Heaven"
and "Take Care of My Little Girl."
She didn't say, "I'm simply
She turned her. clear eyes on
me and said:

Men andl womeLn, e"rvous nd fretul,
uly, i.t at ol 0 aWitued. nim
plenty ofiron, nd:te sooner they heed
lt advice th6 better.
In every one of tte million of cells
that niake up your body. Itou- plays an
important ImPt -Yoeur neurvt' sy stem
your blogd. In act your whole body.
must have A sufficient upply of iron. or
wariness, nervouasnew S a general
run-down condition is ure to result
rerrizan-the new combination of iron
and other strengthWprodue s- dispen,
sed at drug storg. to a blessing to a
men, and women *ho are weak. thin.
nervous, timid and lacking in vigorous
You can obtain tFerrian at all good
drug stores.

That Every

A Fine Picture

o B

* u I! ~ bbaMml 1*-------0--W *-d-b-. RWU-^ g-^

MVIU L. ROs pr wnt




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Sheriff in the West I.

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with Robert Montgomery Leslie Banks Felix Aylme

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I Panama



.- ; j..,

I'm a-ry adrk ha
detomne how the water

Leon Wyockio t;nd a dead o-
topusin the Grano River, more
than 1,000 miles Vroi the oceOn

creature got into the river.



'. :'
-. -,'.
V -

P ,onaii acc delrs y l aif pait

Red Panamerickna

'd construccl6

Via 9sat

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530i) vftesWa~ ebzi~~1"

--~~ AMA R. P.. *uvg AGST 16 1951..; .

Muri anoe en laa

mesa de operaciones

el S<

inador E. Chibhs!

* *^" *

Despus de! luchar entire Ia vida y. la muerte por
.vrios dfas sufri6 una hnmoragia y f4e so.
metido a una operaci6n urgente

A' AANA, Agosto 16 (UP). El lidr, 4d Partido del Pueblo
Cuaano (Ortodoxos) Senader Eduard ChMtba de 43 aAos de edad
I uns de las figures mAs discutidas -de lis ta eUbana duran-
to -la dosm ltimas decamas, muar6 on la mesa do operaelons
eusando la ceelana luchaba pr salvarle is vtda.
e Seonador ChJlba ae encontraba hospitaliado desde el 5 de
Ag6 e udo tavo que ser iometide a u perel6an de emer-
genela desum6. de que el discutido Seaador trat6 de quitarme las
vid haeiendose un disparo en el bajo le ntre al terminar su
oitnumbrhda charla radial en le e studios de la CMQ.
:Chibir, qolen jug6 un papel important en el derrocamiento
del ex-Presidente Gerardo Machado en 1933. muri6 rodeado de
Ia dirik entes del Partido del
PueblO Cubanpe dAel cual era s
Tma. proto Como los cleat,
t o adherentes, hombres y
A f quo me so eneentraban
al hospital supieron ia
ea comersaron a laoratr sla
o del dirrgente o litico e -
.medistamente se answ
el eadv sse eri trats&
apl Cpteflo NAmnal H e
Ide rmaneeerAo en capilla
toe hasta ue se o ham n to-
de Igm arrexw. amr e entl-
ChiWia l ealen debl6 cumpuir 44
&60#I4pui6almo s6 &e Agoeto,
1gadu6 s nIs Universddad do
W IM el Wst do d Nueva
1J* do un t el*e ro Cu-
l ml wniCblbf fui Pre- I.
Is. idad Cubans
Ysi d@ l ta= orga- Senador EDUARIIO CE IAS
o lesl o r eultural.s.
Is .6fea do Maehado, Chibia fu expulqad de Is
L oe La bans y durante los seis alheAs iguates has-
dprrutsd9 varies vee s per Machado y ebliade A saa-
Sereslsadeo a La Hleans.eon Agesto de 193 Chibias
desetacads e IA revue olt otra mr do,
ean Is eonspiradi6n roveluenar e-
C O1ies MM Uel d% "e.m ,,qlm

'il h me du urnoeuantes m a ,s
0 tits l rompBi6 a e do
e e ax la doe varlarYm. de
14Md N4, andorau Gn e al p -q
se faYVidto del GoblernT. Hn s Cb
e n 1947 y un alo mks tarde erm6 au ope
p ao Cuabano (Ortodozeg) del a eMsra lde te
a loma del partido de om lAs era "VeGenma
de oChibAs aegurane eae ast de edlM6 sauidarse
e conretar los cargo do maversali6n do fondos
de *Mecaela, Aurdella i St behs G.
clMa.iente en l uideidlo 1 Ianers que et
e al a re per i radio. Ir6naleamente, euande 6edte
n ean l haelPndosse lego el disparo, ya los estudi ha-
ga-eb ._l I' I transm isln debmdo a qe el prognac ma so babia
etkadildo o mna u te ua nade do lacostumbrado.
Desafs de star luchando entro Is vida y dI muerto durante
v nres disa, Chibasufri6 una hemorraia anoceh y fu6 someti-
do a sna mueva operacien que no pado salvarle Ia vida.

Un ome naj ede character Nal.

se nnde a ia memonia del

ExP esidente Rodolfo Claiari

Con motivo y del d clmo cuar- del dia se llev6 a cabo Ia
to, aniearo del fallecimient regrinacin a la estatua de on
del *t eiduto de Ia RepA- Rodolfo Chiaili en Aguadulce,
b sic da Rtolfo ChMari, ei hacienda uso de Ia palabra en
Club de Leons de Aadule, este acto, en representaci6n del
instituclones civicas del interior partido Liberal el doctor Oc-
y de la capital y representan- tavio Mindez Pereira.
tea de los partide politicos y A. -las cuatro de la tarde se
en especial el Partido Liberal levaba a cabo en esta cludad
National, rendirAn boy un gran- una peregrinacl6n a la tumba
dioso homenia]e de caricter na- de tan distinguido ciudadano,
clonal en Ia cludad de Agun- el Licenclado Victor Florencio
dulde y en esta capital, a la Gaytia, president del Directo-
memoria de tan uiclarecido clu- rio Nactonal del partldo Libe-
dadano. ral Nacional har& uso de la
Lis actos se iniclaron esta palabra.
Diafitna eon una solemne misa "El Panama Amdrica" se une
oticiadO en la iglesia de AgVa- en esta fecha a este singular
die, mientras en todas -Ns homenaje de reconocimiento a
Ileakss do lI capital se cele- los mndritos de tan esclarecldo
raron actos nalmlares. A la 11 VarS6n.

iFuncionarios del Gobierno

esf n violando neutralidad

Mis refgWlados de

Pdo Ia~mAyeron a

*ITOCOL3I. AasIte 16 (UP)
-- db Poiaco
os samM4 o h ans e
.1 tgs do
But, Ua lkft -

El Secretario General de la
Presidencia, don J. M. Vacrda,
declare en la malana de hoy
que hay varies funclonarlos del
gobierno que estan Violando la
neutralidad political en la coal
ha insistido el ExCelentisimo ae-
flor Presidente de la Reputblicas
al usar el tiempo que paga el
Estado para hacer propaganda
political y hacerse eco de rumc-
res sin tundamento.
Al referirse a su vlaje a Cus-
ta Rica dijo quo habla Ido a A-
suntos personales pero que el
Zncargado de N asocs lo habia
luformAdo a Is Cancilloeria de
aquel pais, oportunidad que a-
pNTech6 para ceversar con el
miumnte de la IR*ptiea Loon
o Late, extraoflcialente,
"A e*h

En manos deun


la paz de Corea
ft l' D% ANZADA, agotd
I6. P). Los delegados co-
munslata a las conference pa-
ra el cose de fuego en Comes
acptaon propues do las
NacioeP-i. Unidas pars entregar
Is cue-sMn del estableclmlnto
do la ka neutral a un sub-
contr ipar que trate de ,h-
contrarle oluci6n. ,
El sub-Comit6 comenzart a
trabajar mafiana a las once de
la mifanan y las negoclaclones
prnclpales entraran en receso
hast: tanto el sub-Comitt ha-
ga aus recomendaclones, A Pe-
ticln de los rojos el sub- o-
mit6 estara compuesto de. dos
delegados de am bos bands en
vez de un;, tal como lo ha-
bian propuesto los representan-
tes de las Naclones Unidas.
El Mayor General Henry Hod-
ges, sub-Jefe del Estado Mayor
del Octavo EJdrcito y otro de-
legado mas que debera sernom-
brado, representaran a las Na-
clones Unidas en el Sub-Comi-
t6. Los representantes rojos se-
rAn el Mayor General Lee Sang
Cho de Corea del Norte y el
general Hisle Fang de los vo-
luntarlos chinos.
Los comunistas aceptaron la
propuesta de las Naciones Uni-
das como la mejor soluci6n del
"impasse" provocado por el es-
tablecimiento de una zona neu-
tral divisoria en Corea.
El jefe de la delegaci6n de
las Naciones Unidas, vice-Almi-
rante C. Turner Joy quiere que
la zona neutral sea establecida
en las actuales posiciones de
batalla, mitntras que los co-
munistas la quieren a lo largo
del Paralelo 38.

Predos y Abastos

hace aclaraclon a

re_el, preclo del puedo
malosiestar lo aguiente:
lo.--HIauts hortdo l so han
recogido algunos dato asotre las
produce aluno precos del caf6,
a fin de qu la Juntps de Aus-cafe,
tea pued formarse Junta, d juco
sobre el particular;.
2o.-Los cafetalero nmaclona-
les no deben alarmarse, y deben
seguir con el mayor entuaiasmo
el cultivo del caf.. La Direc-
ci6n de Preclo. tomar las 'me-
didas mAi convenlentes para
incremental la produccldn del
cafe, consultando al m is Imo
tempo los intereses de los con-
3o.-No se tomarad ninguna
medida con preclltaclO6n, ya
que 6sta solo puede traer per-
juiclos; por lo tanto la Direc-
ci6n de Precos consultari am-
pliamente a todos los sectores
Interesados antes de tomar una
Juan Alberto Morales,
Director de Preclos y Abastos

Fuqeron capturados

ayer dos pr6fugos

por la P. Secret

Varias detenciones hizo la Fo-
llcia Secreta ayer en la tarde
encontrandose entire los detoni-
dos dos pr6fugos de la Justicia.
Maximiliano Rivers, (El Cho-
Io) fud capturado despuMs de
tener various meses de encun-
tarse pr6fugo. Rivera estA a,-u-
sado de ser el autor de vailos
robos en la ciudad, entire los
el cometido contr la I "Casa
Sparton". Tiene pendiente ade-
nmias una condena de trees anos
de recluslrn.
El otro detenido, seflor Enri-
que Hernandez, tiene una con-
dena por cumplir de 9' aflos, ha-
bi6ndose fugado de las carctles
de Santiago de Veraguas y Pa-
nama. EstA acusado de ser el
author de robos en PanamA y en
el interior de la Repfblica.
En la misma batida dada a-
yer por la Polcit. Secrets caye-
run varlos menores deo edad a-
cusados de former part de una
pandilla que se dedicaba a ro-
bar autom6viles en la cludad y
lievArselo a las afueras para ro-
barle las llantas, radios y de-
mAs articulos de fall venta.
Entre ellos as encuentran C.r-
ios Alberto G mes, de 17 afios
y residents en Peblo Nuevo No.
49, y Secundino Cuadra, 23 afos
resldente en el Ingenio, Pucb!o
Nuevo, quienes Coafearon f-r
be autores del robW de un ca-
rro ford de prodletodad del seftor
Molads del Rio, *t4dole Ils
liantas. el radio y veWiendo la
articulos robados al seflor Ru-
b#n Augustus Carrington.
oe de(16o l qalnte jI Jo-
tm-su hlI cte

Proyecto sobre regimen de los

municiptos presentarad el Gbno.

Sera enviado en consult a los

Gobernadores el que fue vetado

durante la legislature anterior

Un nuevo proyecto de ley sc-
bre f6gimen Municipal serA
prosentado potr el Ejecutivo a
la Asambles Nacional 'en los
primeros dias del mes de octu-
ore, aegun Inform6 el Ministro
de Gobierno y Justicia, doctor
Miguel Angel Ord6fiez.
Con objeto de que este pro-
yecto consulate los intereses de
las ditferentes provincias de la
Rep6blica, se enviarAn a todoat
los gobernadores coplas minid.-
gtafiadas del proyecto que fi.
vetado por el Ejecutivo en la
Legislatura pasada, para que en
reuniones con ,los lecaldes y
personas prominentes de sus
respectlvas provincial 1o discu-
tan y lleguen a conclusalones
que seran compiladas por el Mi-
nisterlo, para estudiarlas dete-

Luego de esta compilacion, el
Ministro de Gobierno con el A-
sesor Juridico del Ministerio
prepararin un anteproyecto qi.e
sera estudiado por el Azsesor
Juridico. do la Presidencia .Xzc-
tor Ricardo J. Alfaro, con el fin
de que esta leglslaci6n qucde
lo mis perfect possible y xca
una garantia para la comuni-
dad, segun nos explic6 el Minis-
tro Ord6fiez.
Agreg6 el mencionado fuicio-
narlo que aspira a que con la a-
probaci6n del mencionado esta-
tuto juridico, terminen los c..n-
flictos que han surgido entree el
estado y los municipios y entire
estos y los alcaldes, por falta
de una ley sobre el R6gimen

Acusados de inconstitucional

.nombramientos de gerentes

de las instituciones autonomas

La demand fue presentada ayer ante Ias Corte
Suprema por el abogado Francisco Fil6s

El abogado Francisco Fils
present ayer en la tarde a la
Corte Suprema de Justicia una
demand. de inconstitucionall-
dad de la toma de posesl6n de
los lseiores Max Arosemena,
Gerente del Banco de Urbanisa-s
0o"n y- tb4abltaciJn' Mario de
118is a a lbre

rio 4 ndistrial; Manel Sols
P., Gerente de la Caja del de-
guro Social y Pedro V. Cedeflo,
Gerente de la Loteria Nacional
de Beneflcencla.
Alpresentar esta demands el
Dr. Ff16s sostiene que la Corte
debe decretar la ItIonstltuclo-
nalidad de las repeetivas to-
ma de posesl6n;, rque esos
nombramlentos no han sido
prevlamente aprobados por la
Asamblea Nacional y por lo
tanto-dlce el demandante-los
poseslonados no pueden conti-
nuar actuando de acuerdo con
la Constituclin Nacional.
En apoyo de su demand el
Dr. F116s cita los articulos 144
y 167 de la Constitucl6n y el
hecho de que en el caso del

Tiene reunion hoy

la Academia de

Medicina de Panama
Hoy jueves 16 de agosto, a las
ocho de la nodhe, tendra lugar
en el sal6n de actos del Insti-
tuto Gorgas de esta cludad, la
vig6slma-octava reunl6n cien-
tifica ordinaria (trig6sima-cuar-
ta reunl6n general de la Aca-
demia Panamefla de Medicina y
Cirugia. El program cientifico
seri el lsiguiente:
. 1-La exenteracl6n ocular y
la pr6tesls con material acri-
lico. Dr. Esteban Ysern Cer-
2-Experlenclas clinics con
una nueva preparaci6n insuli-
nica, la insulin NPH.50. Dr.
Rolando A. Chanis.

En Septiembre

nomibramiento del Dr. Public A.
Visquez para Magistrado 'de la
Corte Suprema, esa alta Corpo-
raci6n declar6 inconstitucional
su toma de posesl6n porque le
faltaba la aprobaci6n de su
nombramiento por part de la
Asambles Nacional.
a.Xf .demandas rt acogida
a(er mfplno y repartlda al Ma-
istrado -nrique Gerardo Abra-

Se sigue juicio en
la Zona contra una
cajer del P.R.R.
Mina ee, la primers mujer
norteamnericana en ser juzgaaa
por un delito criminal en la
historia de la Corte del Distrito
en la Zona del Canal, tenia u-
na diferencia de 3,036.90 dilates
en su contra cuando los audt-
tores del Goblerno revisaron sus
Los testigos del Gobierno, io-
ward Sprague y Gregory G.
Carlotto, declararon ayer en la
Corte que al examiner los libros
de la Bra. Dee encontraron &l-
tecraclones y borrones en las co-
plas duplicadas y triplicadas de
las libretas de recibos expedidos
por ella.
Durante la audiencia deo oy
declararon otros tres testif6,i:
Balbir Singh, empleado del al-
maCdn. India Moderns; Andrds
Ardines de la firm Valencia y
Cia; y Jean Chue, de Trauis-
portes Panamericanos. Hasta a-
hora han declarado 13 testigos
cn cuatro dias y se espera que
declared otros 47 m ras.
La Bra. Dee trabajaba como
cajera con la Compafila del Fe-
rrocarril de PanamA en las o-
ficinas de dsta empress en la
ciudad de Panama y no pudo
responder por los fondos a.u-

se iniciaran

Un cicl6n


a P. Rico
MIAMI, Agosto 16 (UP)--Un
cicl6n tropical con vientos de
14S kil6metros po r hor azot6
el extreme sur de la isla britia-
*nica Dominica a 1,560 milas al
este-sudeste de Miami y conti-
nu6 en direccie6n que amenaza
a Puerto Rico.
A las clnco de la tarde el ob-
servatorlo meteorol6gico loeali-
z6 el primer huracan de la tem-
porada en la latitlud 15,3 norte
y longitud 1,3 oeste euando pa-
saba sobre el extreme meridio-
nal de Dominida pero no habia
notiolas de daaob a aquella re-
ti6n montanosa.
El cicl6n avansaba a raz6n
de 25 kil6metros por hora con
fuertes vientos medidos en
"mas de 145 kil6metros por ho-
ra" segfin le observatorio de
San Juan.
El anuncio dice que "se eape-
ra que el huracin continue en
direccl6n oeste-noroeste duran-
to laI pr6ximas 12 a 18 horas,
posiblemente eon algun aumen-
to de intensidad".

Se celebra esta

noche festival

de los casados

Hoy en la noche se celebrari
en el Club Unl6n el "Relnado de
las Casadas", festival que han
organizado Los Miuras con el
fln de recoger fondoag para el
Orfelinato de Malambo.
Durante esta fiesta, la coal
seri amenhisda pot las orques-
tao de Anglr Jampe, y de UlljA,
se efectuar Ia l cinnacl6n de
8. M. Maritiza I, Reina del Car-
navalito del Club Unl6n.
Todo el ptiblico estA invitudo
para que asista eata noche al
Club Unt6n, pudiendo adquirir
su boleto, al preclo de B. 1.00
a la entreda del Club.
Este boleto dara derecho a
.participar en la rifa del gran
premio de entrada que ha dedi-
do la Comsibin de Turismo: "U-
na semana de vacaciones para
dos personas (pasajes, comida y
hospedaje) en el Paraiso La
El voleto valdra tambidn par
100 votos para elegit la Reina y
a esta se le dara magnificos ob-
sequios de nuestros principles
A "El Principe Consorte" la
Casa Durin le brindara una ca-
Ja de whiskey Bell's para que
festeje el aconteolmiento.
Be ha anunclado ademas un
magnifico program de varie-
dade.s y el compositor panaine-
do Victor L. Cavalli authorr de la
Cocaleca dedicari una nucva
tamborera a la elegida como
Reina de las Casadas.
Inusitado entusiasmo rcna
para esta fiesta a la cual se rci-
vita a todo el piblico para que

La Secreta inicia

batida contra los

que fuman canyac

La Policia Secreta Inlcla cam-
pafia en contra de los fuma-
dores de marihuana, de acuer-
do con declaraclones del sub-
inspector jefe de esa instltucl6n,
Capitan Pedro J. Pdrez. .
Anoche se d16 una batida por
los barrios de la ciudad y se
detuvieron tres personas que se
dedicaban a fumar la hierba
denominada "Canyac".
El oven Alfredo Herrera, de
25 afios de edad fue detenido
por los alrededores de Avenida
B y Calle 20 Este, despues que
varlos detectives lo encontraron
medio dormido en el zaguan de
una casa, con una colilla de
marihuana en la boca y various
cigarrillos en su poseslon.
En Rio Abalo fue detenido
el cludadano de Honduras Bri-
tanica, Teodoro Castlllo, cocd-
nero de 32 anos de edad y re-
uidente en Calle 4a. No. 42 60,
Rio Abaon acutadon de Eetar

Pr6xlmamente serAn abiertos
en el. Hospital Santo Tomas,
cursos de post grado para los
medicos, segun inform en la
mafiaa de hoy el Director Md-
dico de esa Institucld6n, doctor
Luis D. Alfaro.
La solicitd fue formulada
por el doctor Alfaro al Minis-
tro de _rabao%, Previsi6n So-
cial y alud Publlca, Ing. Juan
de Arco Gqlldo, quien despudsj
do entrGroTM con el Contra-
lor Genewal de Ia Repiblica, ac-
ceadi a la, pstlean.
El primer en Ilegar a nues-
tro pa a ditar el primer cur-
so, soer el doctor Robert Ge-
rave, especlalista en neurologia,
de la Univentdad de Duke.
quien estari aqui en los prime-
ros dis. ~l me de septiem-
bre. 1 A srgdo enmo sera dic-
Lado par a doctor David Barr,
Drofegor Msdkuna Mterna en
la Unl t M ddCosm .IL

Varlas personas

son citadas a

Is Fiscala la.

XI Fiscal Primero del Circuito,
Licenclado Alejandro Cajar, so-
lilta a las personas nomiRra-
das i continuacuin que as air-
van pawr por la Fiecalia.
Orluls Ramos PFres; Ceaaiea
Sanguiln. HatUe Jones Prattae
o Matte Jones Blackman, Ela-
dl* Palma de Almengor, Victo-
ranm Sanchez, Maurelto 8in-
cbB y Regino Ltnares (a) Oiua-

Ecuador hace un

llamado al A.B.C.

y a los EE. UU.

Son los pauses que garantizan el protocolo firma-
do en Rio de Janeiro -

QUITO, Agosto 16 (UP)-Los
garantes del Protocolo de Rio
de Janeiro, Argentina, Brasil
while (A.B.C.) y los E. U. reci-
bieron un memorandum del
Ecuador que les indica que la
accl6n agrealsiva del Perfi se si-
gul6 realizando los dias 11, 12,
13 y 14 de Agosto.
La Cancilleria del Ecuador
tambl6n renov6 a los paises ga-
rantes la invitacidn a fin de
que preaten colaboraci6n para
la solucl6n del delicado caso
mediante la actuaclon de sus
Adjuntos Militares en Quito y
Lima para que stos investiguen
meticulosamente los hechos en
el lugar de los sucescs a la ma-
yor brevedad possible.

. WASHINGTON, Agosto 16 (U.
P.)-Las autoridades de Estados
UZidos dijeron que tienen "en
active consideraci6n las peticio-
nts de Peril y Ecuador de me-
dlaclon en la actual dispute so-
bre la demarcaci6n de la remo-
ta frontera selvatica entire am-
boa passes.
Fuetites informadas manifes-

taron que no se duda much*
que este pais acceda a uniriA
a Argentina, Chile y Brasll on
el ofrecimiento de mediaci6z,
Las cuatro potencias fueron
pombradas garantes del Proto-.
colo de 1942 mediante el cual
Perui y Ecuador soluclonaron as
conflict de un siglo de dur.-
cidn sobre fron" ras.

QUITO, Agosto 16 (UP)--t
President Galo Plaza, al dirl-
girse a 15,000 ecuatorianos que
se encontraban en la Plaza 4 de
la Independencia anoche, des--
pues de otra manifestaci6n pa-
tridtica en apoyo del Gobierno
del Ecuador por la dispute fron-
teriza dijo: "Juro que para el
blen o para el mal, para el
triunfo o la derrota nosotros
marcharemos juntos-el o-
blerno y el pueblo".
Varias veces durante el dis-
curso en el que Plaza dijo qpe
"no puede esperarse que un
pals pequefio triunfe contra
otro mejor preparado, pero
cuando el moment Ilegue Ecua-
(Pa.a a a rt'a h. col < ,

Problems de Transito

He aqui uno de nuestros prin-
cipales problems de transit
en la Avenida Central. Cuando
se decidi6 converter a nuestra
principal avenida en una sola
via, fue con el objeto de apre-
surar el transito por dicha via,
ya que la calle es lo suficien-
temente ancha como para per-
mitir el estacionamiento de au-
tomoviles en la mano derecha y
permitir que dos hileras de au-
tos se muevan simultaneamen-
te. Sin embargo, segun lo de-
muestra la fotograffa, a nues-
tros conductores de vehiculos
parece no importarles much

la conveniencia de esta medida
y en forma de filaa de indios'
transitan por la Avenida Cen-
tral ocupando un solo autom6-
vil los dos carries de la ave-
nida. En otras ocasiones -y es-
to sucede a cada minuto-, con
el pretexto de que la calle is
de una sola via, los autos .ae
pasan los unos a los otros por
la derecha y en muchas ocasio-
nes cruzan bruscamente de de-
recha a izquierda sin tener ea
cuenta que el reglamento 0*
transit prohibe esto claramen-
te. Debe suponerse que el ct-
(Paqa a la PAe 6. col. 7)

La Sociedad de Ingenieros de

Panama protest por actitud

del Concejo de esta capital

Es por la destituci6n del Ingeniero Municipal, se.
Aor Francisco L6pez Ffbrega

fumando marihuana. La Socledad Panamefia de PanamA decret6 la separg
Cerca del muro de Balboa fue generous y Arquitectos aprobo cion del cargo de Ingenlero Ma-
detenido el senior Dionisio Diaz anoche la siguiente resolucidn: nicipal al Ing. Francisco 14,
Martinez, de 33 aflos de edad y La Socledad Panamefia de pez F.
resident en Calle 12 de octu- Ingenleros y Arquitectos declara 2o.-Que el Ingeniero Fra&-r
bre No. 4, quien fue sorprendi- que velari especialmente por el1 cisco Lopez F. ha informado a*
do por varlos detectives en los cumplimiento del decreto ley esta sociedad que en ningjtt
moments que encendia un ci- que reglamenta la line de moment su actuaci6n al fren-
garrillo conteniendo marihuana. constiruccl6n de la Avenida Cen- te del despacho del cual se
tral en el caso especifico de- le acaba de separar ha sido
.lV,. .r*nunciado por el Ing. Francis- tachada de illegal, inmoral 'o
CtRCUACIONPAGADA coLp F. deflciente; y que elunico mq
La 80cledad Panamefia de In- 'tivo de disgusto de algunos coa,,
DE AYER MAS DF genieros y Arquitectos. cejales ha sido el empeofi d%
CONSIDERANDO: Ing. Lopez de hacer res et
2 9 0AA lo.-Que en la noche del 14 a line de construcci6n tlJal
224r00tV del me en, curso una' eseaa e Ip la ley.
mayoria del Consejo Municipal I ras a ramg Colu. ma cm


los Cursos de Postgrado en

el Hospital Santo Tomas

P AIA, I. P., AGOSTO 16, 1951



. ***.. ^ ~b4.Lj

Il C arru3el


brew Pearson dice: Taft y MacArthur se olvidan de unio
enconada dispute entire familiaso el !ibro de to seiora
de Howard Taft explica el caso; los MacArthur pare-
ce que quieren estar par sobre el powder civil.

mas extrafias alianzas political
i-ace varies imeses publicamos en esta colum- en Ia hiorias modeernaador
na un editorial con el tilulo que precede. Conside- Taft screen que hanr ogrado,
ramos oportuno reproducir los mismos concepts, y el General Douglas MacAr-
ya que desafortunadamente la situaci6n no ha va- thur.
riado en lo que concierne a la estabilidad en el nador Taft visito al General
Pais: MacArthur en el Waldorf Asto-
ai ria poco despues del regreso de
uobernantes y gobernados, letrados e intonsos, este a Estados Unidos, las fuer-
cl hombre de negocios y el ciudadano humilde, es- zas d Taft han estado traba-
jando en un plan para que
tan acordes en mantener que el pais necesita ur- MacArthur apoye a Taft en la
gentemente atraer capitals para contribuir a su campafa presidential. Segun se
desarrollo econ6mico. En efecto, se han preparado firmada, sellada y entregada.
planes y programs, se han hecho studios y se Lo que la mayoria posible-
han dictado disposiciones legales que tienen esa fi- mente no sabe, y aparente-
mente el Senador Taft no re-
nalidad. El estimulo que siempre se ofrece es el de cuerda, es la encon da dispu-
las exenciones de impuestos durante un period de ta entire elepadre e Taftpoy
el padre de MacArthur por
tiempo. exactamente la misma causa
Iiuede afirmarse, sin embargo, que tal incen- que a Kdisputa entire Truman
y Douglas, la autoridad civil
tivo, aunque puede en ciertos casos producer algfin sobre la autoridad military.
resuitado practice, no es determinante. La estabi- La dispute fue tan seria aue
lidad social en el pais que reclama inversiones ejer- cuando el Teniente Douglas
MacArthur recibio su diploma
ce much mayor influencia en el inimo de los queen west Point. rehus6 estre-
se dedican a aconsejar a los capitalistas para el char la mano de William Ho-
ward Taft, en ese entonces Mi-
desarrollo de sus negocios. nistro de Guerra.
Se sale que el capital busca la mejor manera Taft habia sido invitado a
de obtener ganancias. A primera vista, puede man- West Point para hacer entrega
de los diplomas. El oven Mac
tenerse que se produce mayores utilidades don- Arthur -ahora tan amigo del
de estas no tienen un gravamen muy elevado. Pero hilo de Taft- acepto el diplo-
ma. pero no acept6 el apret6n
oit) factor de much mayor fuerza que el de las de manos del Ministro de Gue-
ganancias es el de la reducci6n o de la eliminaci6n rra, di6 media vuelta y se fud
de 'os riesgos de inversion. Porque, en el ltimoa parar a
ano: isis, poco o nada se adelanta si temporalmen- LA HISTORIA
te hay utilidades y surgeon luego incidents que La seiiora de Taft, madre
hacen decrecer la inversion misma. Con este razo- del en su aobro, "Memorla histde
narfiiento, que esti dentro de la 16gica del sistema largos atos".
cahrtalista, ya que el capital se distingue princi- uece nmbrado per el PresTaft
pa ,nente por su timidez, se ve claramente que la dente McKinley en una co-
est~bilidad social en el pais que quiera atraer ca- cer el Gobern civil p en lasta
pit 'es constitute un aliciente much mayor que Filipinas.
la reducci6n o la eliminaci6n de los impuestos. Dice la senora de Taft: "El
Ahora bien, si Panama esta empefiada, como General MacArthur (padre de
Douglas y en ese entonces
sin ( uda alguna lo esti, en fomentar su desarro- Comandante de las Filipinas)
lo, lia media primordial que deberia aooptarse parecia que no estaba muy
Ipcontento con la comisi6n Y
pace r ia de prcriover, por encinia de todo, est(ba d'ispue'o a oponerse a
esa estabilidad relative que por regla general es cuaiquler medida que 6sta to-
indispensable a todas las actividades humans. "Fulmos recibidos tan fria-
Claro esti que no es que se pretend la ina- mente que mi esposo dejo de
mo- idad o la inercia. Lo que crea la alarma son sudar. No so veian casi fili-
0 s cambios bruscos, muchas veces impensados, sin quo e el General MacArthur Ie
r 6n ni concerto, en los rumbos que sigue ci Es- aenias comisian ue des to-
ta T-,en sus instituciones, en su legislaci6n, o en su bros de esta comenzaron a
manera de aplicar las eyes. Son los vaivenes in- entire come que no los que-
colrerentes de las decisions judiciales o adminis-
"Si es que ollos abrigaron
tra ivas los que contribuyen a producer la intran- alguna duda respect a esto,
quiiidad. Son las amenazas impensadas e intrascen- el General MacArthur muy
I 1 pronto los sace6 de ella. Mac
denies de paros o huelgas de trabajadores o de Arthur les dijo abiertamente
profesores y estudiantes las que a veces mantienen qu nunca eon su carrera ha-
bia sucedido algo que le hi-
a !os inversionistas a la expectativa. Son las de- ciera mnas dafio a su position
:mo-traciones irrazonables de inconformidad de hoy e el nombramlento de
C(omisi6n par el Presidente.
*por lo que ayer se aplaudid las que en cierto modo "Los comisionados le dije-
'tienden a fomentar el temor. Son las explosions ton que el todavia gozaba de
exageradas de demagogia las que Ilevan consigo nr dea ser ei hombre bai j
germenes de confusion. .,y, comando estaba el ma-
Pareceria acaso dificil evitar las consecuencias
perjudiciales de situaciones como las que se dejan N N 0 L
insinuadas, pero ello no es asi. Si se conoce la cau- LI L
sa del mal y si hay la firme determinaci6n de ex-
tirparlo o de aminorar sus efectos, la tarea es re- (Pabco, Certainteed y
lativamente sencilla. El panameiio se distingue por Armstrong Congoleum)
su intense patriotism, por su sincere y vehemente
de-0o de que el pais goce de relative bienestar. S- EN ALFOMBRAS:
lo falta que pongamos hombro con hombro en la 6' 9' ....... B,'. 3.98
lr -ia por la rehabilitaci6n national en que esta- 71' x 9'. ....... 5.48
m-s empefiados. 9' x 10o' ....... 7.48
S19'x12'......... 8.98

Deje esas preocupaciones para nosotros, diganos Anicamente
a d6nde y cuando desea viajar y siga la vida normal hasta
el dia de su partida. pues los pormnenores de su viaje los
arreglaremos nosotros gustosos. sin costo extra para Ud.





Avenida Central 91

S. A.

(originalmente establecida en 1865)




Apartado 2140

Avenida B 79

Tels. 2-1913 y 2-1916

yor numero de tropas desde
Ia guerra civil, y que todavia
gozaba del powder de Jefe E-
jecutivo de las Filipinas.
"Si", contest MacArthur,
"eso hubiera estado bien si
yo no hubiera ejercido much
mas powder antes de su Ilega-
"Entonces, Taft le dijo dl-
plomaticamente que 1 solo
llevaba tres semanas en el
puesto y no creia que en ese
'corto period se habia aces-
tumbrado tanto al puesto que
no podia apreciar la impor-
tante posiclon en que queda-
"Mas tarde, Taft y MacAr-
thur tuvieron un intercambio
de correspondencia en cuan-
to a los poderes de cada uno,
pero parece que estaban en
Finalmente, Taft fue nom-
brado Gobernador de las Fl-
lipinas, y he aqui lo curioso.
Escribe la sefiora de Taft:
"Durante la ocupaci6n espa-
fiola de las Filipinas, el 0b-
bernador siempre vivi6 en el
Palaclio del Malacanan. Cuan-
do los norteamerlcanos cap-
turaren a Manila, el Coman-
dante del Ejercito se estable-
cl6 alli.
"Los fi'ipinos se acostum-
braron a considerar al resi-
rente del Palacio como el Je-
fe del Gobierno. Por Io tanto,
creyendo que era poco sableo
irrespetar las ideas de los fi-
lipinos en cuanto a la pro-
piedad. Taft le pidi6 al Ge-
neral MacArthur que le en-
tregara el Palacio.
"El Comandante Militar no
parecio gustar much de la
idea y consintio solo despues
que Washington envi6 orde-
nes precisas sobre esto. POco
mas tarde, sin embargo, el
General Chaffee reemplaz6 al
General MacArthur y otra
causa de friccion fue elimi-
Esa es la historic de la
dispute entire las families de
Taft y MacArthur.


en calidad de trabajo


Office Service Co.
Calle 5a. No. 28
Tel. 2-2391

f9AutA os08 0. In 1,

Tods su ropa de color refleja colored Condum usated stet paeieso autoad- .
Svivo$ &Iws ser lavada con Rinso- EL ^hAlUvii, caps de radir mi do 11 km pot
m res aat a Rns e-- EoL ,m ade. prom-
y nu ropa bianca es tambien de o L WMWI litro do gai adocdada prome .1
ma blancurm. La rica espuma de DE 1ON51 md, absertat Pal qp eld
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Smuciodd do minrsd ompema ceairUesT.TipoAvi<6,jCamGee. Gu
ripida-cosmu m uavidad emtra-
ordiari. Pam un lavado mWs ftcil l. A --u, S..siiE = a ite i
y pan reamltadM mAs limpios y muas ':
-qje, nplke Lmpre Rinm. AITES K M m K Tm. PE P H TM FLim-l Ami AM S Mm Mm

todo su lavado (Amecidu Nu.)
x- a,%4. Tel. 2-1790 Gr.ce Tivld




- st. A ''~7q

Calle = :
de Lesseps




*I <. ,*-

quV hb+o Jpolo.

R Henry Jarvis Ray1 n m"

Panameicana fundador f I

1.090 Kcs del "New York Times" |
3:30 Don Qu tero de primer orden. Bu maces-
3:30 Don QuAkero txfuee c6lebre Horaclo Gree-
dramatlzaiden key. Pero ste so neg6 a au-
3 cortesia de Aena Quaker mentarle el sueldo a 20 d61a-
3:45 Cuartet o Mayo res semanales y Raymond se
4:00 Notern anto pas6 a otro per16dico, per cin- U t6nkao ,fI
r Nt e los' Almaco d6lares nes. All contrlbu-
cortesyadoe 10 oAlmancenesi y aIaornlzacl6n de Ia 4uso-P MP oo
"Pereira" el cated Press. Asesorado por lRAi
4:15 Dedca l Hobras George Jones, otro ex-colabo- DELGADAS
5:45 DrVcula, El Hobe a de oree ley,'Raymond con- Uf t
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dramatizaci6n RPAnabl a e
6:00 Vibracionhes del r N a a undacn del
6:00 Vibrachones del sire "New -York Times". Segfin 61,
por Nacho Valdr un buen periodista require una
6:15 La Novela Admiral _onstltueldn como la del Judlo
Eduardo Arenal"s praa, coa padi e Judion
Cortesia de la Muebleria urranit blena io o encla tan in- E
Casa portion" COnA irable como el campo
Casaportonde acci6n del mismo, y una re- -
6:30 Sucesos do Ia lwn anidad itone0a
6:30 Sucesosdraniatizaci6nl manidad sistencia fisica capaz de emular
6:45 Sus canciones preferidas dInla cualqu er victim de y Ea m de
cortesia de la Floristeria ilt aconhtituel6n pfopiamente a-
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y su o6rgano vamente y escribia sobre pro- nera de sonar. Obteaga& an i far.
cortesia del Ron b a ae r nacl. un frasco oriffgial deAe(t
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7:15 Lazos de Odio En un inconcluso edificioneo- concepts resultaron prictica- L p rimeri, aueaedn o* o
dramatizaci6n, cortesia de yorkino, de "piedra arenisca de monte acertados: hacia 1865 la ,t M acacionea,. as eovos
Cigarrillos Camel color pardo rojizo", una noche circulacl n del "New York Ti- dr quo sau piel Peda S mobar
7:30 Paginas de Amor ei de d eptimbrede 18r1, un In- mee" era ya de 15,000 ejempla- tr o sN esUatao Soral.'"
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dramatizacim, cortesia de dividlo cencefio escrdbia rapi- res. Conoci6 algunos Exitos po- sameralsa Moons eun antispti-
El Agulla Imperial damente a Ia luz de. una vela. liticos, aunque su nombramien- so 400s ponetrante, quo -20 man,
7:45 La Voz Emoctonal Be lamaba Henry Jarvis Ray- to de minlstro en Austria no n o e t* q .U M
rde Betty Wiliamson mond y su prisa se debia a fue ratifleado por el 8enado. l at actorio&
cortesia de Rhoda que tenia que lanzar la pri- Una noche de jnlo de 1869 u- :
8:00 El Diario de una Mujer merad edicldn de un nuevo dia- fr16 un ataque y fallecl6 al dia
dramatizacl6n, cortesia, de rio. Las notlcias no eran muy un ata.e y aeci al ia __.
Almacenes La Aurora abundantes: el president de
8:15 Dos canclones y un poema los Estados Unidos Millard Fill-
y Anita Villalaz Nueva Inglaterra; Jenny Lind AVISO CONCURSO DE PRECIOS
cortesia de Max Factor iba a cantar en Rochester, y A
8:30 Presentacion personal de en Francia iba a haber elec- La Socci6n do Materiales y Compras del Ministerio
Los Kikaros clones. Pero a la mafiana si-
9:00 Mujeres Entre Rejas gulente, cuando el periddico do do Hacienda y Tesoro reeoibirk propuestas cerradas has-
dramatizaci6n, coitesia de Raymond apareclo en las ca- ta las nueve on puntO de la mafiana del dia 17 di +los
Casa Angelint lies de Nueva York, con sus la del d
9:15 Los Trovadores cuatro pAginas y su precio de corrientes por el suministro de COMESTIBLES VY MA.
Romanticos un centavo, se inici6 un nuevo TRIAL DE ASEO PARA USO DEL HOSPITAL SANTO
d0o Galante capitulo de la historic del pe- D AEO PAA DEL OSITAL SANTO
9:30 El Hit Musical de Hoy riodiamo en los Estados Unidos. TOMAS.
10:00 Los Panamericanos Ese dia nacio "The New York.
10: 15 Fra d cia su msica Times". Las esp.cificaciones serAn entregadas a los h- te
10:30 Varledad musical
11:00 El Cancionero Nocturnal Aimn para muchos empleados resad6s durante las horas habiles do oficina.
11:30 Musica sin palabras del "New York Times" -conti-
12:00 Buenas noches 'ula "Time"'- Raymond es solo JOSE AROSEMENA 0.
---n retrato que cuelga de una Jefe de Materiales y Compras
MASANA VIERNES pared del d6cimo piso del edi-
ficio del prestigioso perlddico
'A.M1. estadinense, que ahora est it
6:00 Buenos dias siendo distribuido copiosamente,
6:03 Almanaque de la por la via area, en casi todos COe la apicacion de
Panamerlcana los paises americanos y en mu-
6:30 Noticiero RPA chos europeos, con alentadora i t conoci -
6:45 Mtisica para el desayuno oportunidad. La figure de Ray- OB Utlmos COnOCI-
7:00 Sabores de mi tierra mond ha sido un tanto opa-
7:30 Noticlero RPA cada por la de Adolph Ochs, mientos sobre recau- .
7:45 Su melodia predilecta tercer propletario del peri6dico .
8:00 Fiesta en Manhattan a partir de 1896. Con ocasibn .. n a h
8:15 La Discoteca de este significativo centenario, Chutae, nCueRO i ak :
International Francis Brown, redactor del "N.
8:30 Hablan los astros Y. Times -cabsa d- ded4 la, a expexrin / O
con Antineaof .b de l n*
8:45 Cantares do Mexico publicldao l libro "Raymond of K
9:00 Los claslficados del aired The Timep', un aaslonante en- mItC
9:30 Dedicatorias sayo biogriflco. in el cual se .
10:45 Noticiero RPA demuestra quo el "Times" ha 'ra clase, Po4 em o
11:00 El mundo del vals prosperado' par su politicala de
11:15 La Novela Matinal pulicarmodazuortdon- ofreeerle Lai..o.. do1. F
Entire dos Amores cias. Raymond era un re recere tra jo .
11:30 Cuba, su musica y ,
sus comnpositoresA Re nslruc10ra an ul, 'l..
11:45 El Fakir Urbano 3:60 Momento Rom. ntico Recr
(control remoto). Cortesia con Ovidlo Rodriguez ,
10de la Empresa Mayo 3:15 Entre dos Amores Ave. fPeru No. 7 Te. No.2-04W6
12:00 Serenata espafiola (grabacl6n) *
12:15 Noticiero 1.
cortesia de "La Hora"
12:30 Lucho Azcarraga
y su 6rgano
cortesia de la Ffbrica
Nacional de Salchichas
1:00 Variedad musical
1:15 Los boleros de moda
1:30 Cantares de America
2:05 Orquestas de sal6n
2:30 Sendas musicales ..
con Anoland .
Cort. El Aguila Imperial
2:45 Su novel favorite
La Bien Pagada
cortesia de Kelvix

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n0mndo. Recientemeute on Nash Am-
.* baseador realia6 132,5 kim pot hbra
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Mds Moderno del Mundo rn.-...d o.
de 1951. Vp ac6moaCoastrucida
Airflyteleoftreeeated shor mayor
,egurida y econemie ayis empecio
.irier. Vea usted p ,r qud, d-spate
deia guerra msundial, las veatas de
." losauavitesNashsubieron alma

de que el autom6vi anuev&ane rsted
.- .compreo o deje doblemensd~ieaeo.
Anzes decidirse, huga usal f 'in nie
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* COe It nueve y nwraeIlas Leva-
*A9mrosle .a*mcan,usted puede
6 .'*cr e culquie monmento-se
enasrva ea as despens. frews y, Men tri aenmna. Con
@ a nueva levdura granulada, de
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* tusted bqnea en cas, tenga a la

mano una proviusin pMar varia
mane. Comprs hay on 1 leds kis
S.veI Levedaot SS"' de a,
de acci6n ripida.
1. Ia polverem o an O tibia.
2. Ik deja repua- 10 minutaL. Lueo -
ta. D espud de duuelto, un paquete qui.
valee a uas pa stilUad levadura camprimid.

'fi7o ori simpr e tw #s... ormei cuando se I k mft

absorb el sudor
y es
(No es en talco)

rnja con

Se propuso la creaci6n de .n CARTAS AL DIRECTOR
*m ae L Sa ldad en los Pueblos de
sub-conmte para que estudie *.deAgoo.. de 1951
sefier Director:
SEs de lamentar, sefor Mae-
Ia zona neutra en Kieso'ng tor, que. la verdad no se stra
poner en su lugar, en esta 6poca
Las delegaciones no estAn obligadas a ..aceptar las en que necesariamente dccven
recomendadones del Fiab-Comiti ser vmalordas para bien de la
ccmurddad en general,
BASE DE AVANZADA, Corea, bos bandos para asegurar el Motlva eats exposicldn, la de-
agosto 16. (UP). Las Nacio- respeto de la neutralldad de clarIc6n hecha en "El Pana-
nes UVldas,-.en un nuevo An- Kaesong y que investigue las ma Am6rlca" el lunes 13 tiel
tento para evitar el olapso de violaclones que sean reportadas. present mes, por el Honorable
law conferenciks para el eese de La propuesta de las Naciones Diputado Don Gustavo R. Du-
fuego en Corea pr.opualeron ei Unidas para el nombramiento rAn,: qulen afirm6 de manera
nombramlento de *:n stb-Comi- de un sub-'Comlt' que decide categ6rica "que hace mas t c o-
t6 de dos hombres qUe decide la cuesti6n de la zona neutral cho afios. que no va un Inspec-
la localizacl6n de la zona, neu- vino cuando la conferencia se tor de Sanidad a los pueblos de
trial para el arthistlcio, eneontraba totalmente estanca- la Costa Arriba y que en otros
Los comunistas pidieron, y da y en peligro de fracasar del iaacen tres".
lea fue dada, una copla escrita, todo. Es de lamentar que el D.pu-
esperfndose que damn su con- El vice-Almirante Joy dijo: tado Durfn larezca de Inforaies
testaci6n en. Il onterenia d "Hemos estado en un "impasse" fidedignos. Aplaudimos -el el
mafiana a Is na de Ia tarde. durante muchos dias debido al Diputado Duran el interns por
Los puntos principles des I punto dos de la agenda. No hacer algo en blen de la coiul-
uleesueon estamos progresando nada con nidad y en particular sobre los
guentes: Ila actual line de procedinlien- moradores de nuestra Costa A-
1- Los cotnunlstas admitie- to, por lo tanto recomiendo que t1intlca. pero es el caso que Si
ron por primer vez que los Cada delegac6in nombre un de- el Diputado Durin. se acerca a
bombardeos aereos y navales de legadO para former un sub- nuestra oficina, situada en los
los aliados tenian gran efecto Cemlte, que camble puntos d ae e IaGobernacion, e l
en la accl6n milltar. vista sobre el punto dos de la hubleran proporcionado los d.-
2) El jefe de laI delegacl6n agenda. Cada uno de los dost o n-esariosa fi de c ueno
de las Naciones -Unidas, vice- delegados tendra un maximo to. necesaro"s a fin de quo no
Almirante C, Turner Joy recha- de dos o.islentes, incluyendo los hublera pasado por Ia pena de
z6 sumariamente la protest co- int6rpretes". incurrir en un lamentable errnr.
munista de que los aviones alia- Joy dijo que ninguna de las La, Costa si soe encuentra atL
dos habian violado la neutrall- delegaciones star a obligada deSnida asta doe e Inspectrlai-
dad de Kaesong. por lmplicacl6n u otra forma.a gualmenedad puede aendera. a-
. 3) Joy propuso el nombra- *aceptar las recomendaclones del mente, d a Seccion antin'a -
miento de un comlt6 de am- sub-Comiti. Irica, dependencias ambas, ie!
Ministerlo de Trabajo, Prevision
Social y Salud Publica.
IfirIl iif illT TM EIIf ,g El suscrito en Marzo de 19A.
HIEuO RAS' iSIsORITAS! (10ME B hizo un recornido desde Mar!a
1 rU C Chiquita hasta Santa Isabel con
el prop6sito de inspeccionar uc-
NIIIIOAF CA SAM S bidamente-a los pueblos de la
Mu w U uw w.UCwHUw U Costa, inspecci6n que motive un
informed que fue remitido al in-
"CIERTOS DIAS" hecho famoso por eao. mediate superior. En julio de
del n. 8i se toma con regularidad el eite afo se acaba de visitor a
dat icl p Comuest Pinkham-contribuye a todos los caseries que compo-
s trt fuonles per6 un ayor rested ales tras- alDistritode Portoe en
dicos le hacen sentirse nerviosa, tornos. esta es la clase de medl- nen al Distrito de Portobelo en
Intraiquila, de mal humor y can-. camento que usted debe adquirir. donde fuFron administrados-tra-
Bsdaden"esos" dias?TomeelCom- Son miles las mujeres que has tamientos contra parasites ins-
puesto Vegetal Lydia i. Pinkham declarado que les beneflca. Me- testinales a mas de cuatrocien-
para alivlar tales sintomas. e ha rewo probarse, no cree usted? tas trelnta personas y lo Ial-
S mentable en todo esto es la po-
COMPUESTO ca cooperaci6n que se presta a
VEOETAL DE este servlcio. En consecuencla,
estliiamos que el Diputado Du-
Sran ha sido injusto para con la
labor que se viene desarrollancdo
en blen de nuestra comunidad
y en particular en alejados pue-
blos de la Costa, donde pueden
tEstimonlar si efectivamente
Shemos prestado a la altura de
nuestros esfuerzos un servicio
f iciente, humanitario y pat~i6-
"Agradeclindole al sefior Di-
rector, la publicaci6n de esta a-
claracld6n, se suscribe su atcuto
Elias Valverde
Inspector Sanitarlo Provincial.

SPies QUe

s i il

W~-N .

g" ^n. ,

Para que su nifo est6 contento...

C6nservelo c6modo, libre de irritaciones y
salpullido, espolvoreandole Talco Johnson.Es
Especial para su delicada piel. Puro, suave y
refrescante, el Talco Johnson es tambidn in-
TALCO superable para adults. Proviase hoy de una
m latita.

sa Le major para *e nio... Le nwer pare uted

uS eno oa ,j

rAq,, f,.enei La flothicia abet A ia !

Acabamos de desempacar

unao atractiva coleccion de




Como no se ha visto
en Panama
por much tiempo!

Y lo mds important
es, que mantenemos
los precious del aio
pasado, a pesar de
que ha aumentado el
cost de production!

Encontraran muchos
preciosos models en
telas de calidad,

DESDE 7.95

Mas de trescientos
models diferentes!





par a qu nlo Informran quo
sovieticaS Rumentaron las pa-
trullas de vigilancia fronterlzas
"para impedir que los visitan-
tes Ilevaran a] sector cciden-
tal sus noticlas no censuradas,
estan libres de racionamlento,
de restricciones a la locomoci6n
y nue gozan de mejor nivel de

Surildo cmplelo d/

Articulos Para Perros

a Collares

* Cadenas

* Bozales

Plato* para comida
Peinillas Cepillos
V gran variedad de Juguetes

/-ara Regalo3
Ave. Tivoli No. 16
Tel. 2-3807


triunford en su prueba


Se pone de manifiesto farsa

del festival de la Juventud

Comunista en Berlin Oriental
WASHINGTON, Agosto 16- ce el doxumento, "los visitan-
(USIS). La propaganda co- tes extranjeros son representa-
munista esta dando una "lln- tivos solamente de organizacio-
preslon extremadamente lta" nes de frentes comunistas con-
.1 presentar a las delegaclones parativamente pequefias de los
al actual festival juvenile en paises libres"
Berlin Oriental como represen- El comentario de la prensa
tativo de la "juventud mun- de los Estados Unldog sobre el
dial", dice el Departamento de acto de Berlin lo compare con
Estado en un studio sobre ese otras reuniones juveniles ce-
pcto. lebradas en el mundo libre, co-
"Excepto en el caso de de- mo la Asamblea de la Juventud
legaciones de los paises bajo Mundial en Ithaca, Nueva York Dr. Ruben Puerta Salazar
Ia dominacion comunista", di- y el jamboree de los explora- quien realty sm tstudioa de
pre-mediclna en Ia Universidad
de Tulane y se acaba de gra-
lQue brillo duar en is facultad de Medicina
,iaenen tsiWSd .. de Antioqula, Medellin. El Dr
/ Fuerta Salazar estuvo hasta el
Saio pasado prestando serviclio
Sen los Hospitales de Colombia.
li Vo does reclentemente celebrado
000 k en Austria. El Times-Union, .de
1 Rochester, Nueva York, dice que
VS v "la esperanza del mundo estAr
i t eate en la juventud que los delega-
dos a Ithaca representan".
I\ set Al destacar las dlferencias
mi ^ssU BeOW 0 9\p. f entire Ia propaganda comunis-
p pot i\aasts *IT" _w/_oy ta y el manejo del festival de
peot^a -'C, w-...o......,. Berlin Oriental, el Departamen-
to de Estado dice que "a pesar
Sdel nfasis que se puso sobre
los aspects culturales del fes-
tival. el prop6slto que subra-
Sya la gigantesca reunion es
100% politico". Agrega que se
esta dando asimismo la falsa
impression de que esta reunion
comunista tiene lugar en todo
i .No solo se circunscribe el fes-
.lrival al sector sovietlco de Ber-
al~~~~~~tasaal^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ I q*_^iBBBBB~~lHlBB..^lf^ inn{.*i-*.j^ --




Hepodido mantenerme 30 dias si d gracames i
beber en perfect estado de salu tr-dogribe
abqeresprsa saire purt, fresco, filtrado,
de Au l omY a ndnarouoD7RE P.
unidad de Aire Ac di URBANO.
Usted tambi6n puede disfrutar en su hogar o su ofi.
cina por s61o unos centavos diarios de esa tem.
peratura fresca y agradable, propia del campo. Insta-
lar un Acondicionador de Aire




4 -'


I- r

"----- ..... PAGINA ST




*-r -




I i P N A M A A i~~ tI ~ ? A U ~ ~ f i 3 W A ~ R T 16, 2*5

Affi ~LJJ T


9-Santa, Abv.
12-Agrupacion Catolica
Regional, Inic.
14-Articulo, Abv.
15-Para guardar ropas.
20-Planeta del sistema solar.
21-Nombre de varon.
22-Repetldo, provincia de
23-Valor Nacional, Inic.
24-Nombre de mujer. Inv.
26-Materia que despiden los
28-Ruta o camino.
29-Parte delantera de las
31-Lo que hacen los polls.
32-Gorra military.
33-Hijo de Adan y Eva.
35-Escuela Pifblica, Inic.
37-Planta hortense.
38-Region de Austria e Italia.
40-Remedara. Imliara.
44-Arbol de madera muy recia.
45-Signos fiduciaries.

I a t ie .s

4 *. i(lgrdimnte

S4fUPi De RMESFO n. NIFi40 Medi, table.
a ia tablee do ANACIN g. un
'' *4- Ie elivior6 Isma y scura-.
"Wu ANACIN, por 4 d' ngredient oes.
fief OQuinln e recomendado
per los dices pare los resfrios InfantilI.
Tong *Il*mpre a mane ANACIN I
cos r... domel., ew e l-I el.
tebre y rv rie
El c.lwneo diferene
que ol dolor le p.e fin

46-Tratamiento espafiol.
47-Cause dolor.
49-Rio de Siberia.
51-Montafias de America del
52-PeLici6n de auxilio.

2-Humor acuoso de la sangre.
3-Sucesi6n de los sonidos
de un acorde, PI.
4-Vara alta.
5-Fruto de la anona.
7-Nota musical, Inv.
10-Vehiculos publicos.
11-De atronar.
16-Epoca mahometana.
18-Metal precloso.
22-Nombre de un principle
ruso, apodado "El Terrible".
25-Zonas de la tierra.
26-Del verbo leer.
27-Adverbio de modo.
28-Del color de la violeta, Pl.
33-Traspasada por el agua.
37-Lechos para reci6n nacidos.
40-Entregueme, Inv.
41-Masa, cosa grande.
43-Cludad de Italia.
48-Articulo indeterminado.



tiene los

mejores programs

/ VENGA a reir, a go-
S~ zar y... despues; a

VEA A...
"MAMBO No. 8"

Socledad civic

celebra fecha de

su fundacl6n

DIVISA, Agosto 16 (Correspon-
bal) La iaociedad Santa Ma-
ria Progesista celebro su pri-
mer aniversario de fundada. el
11 de los corrientes con un acto
civico social de gran trancenaen
cla en la fundacion y prop.ositos
de dicha institucldn.
Con asistencia de todos sus
socios e invitados se inicio el
acto hacienda uso de la palatra
el actual Presidente de la aSo-
ciedad, y el Ex-Presidente de la
misma, quienes tuvieron voces
de estimulo y de firmes pio-
w'esas para llevar avante su bo-
En el moment de la tribune
litre hicieron uso de la pala-
bra el Ingeniero Angel M. Ca-
ruzo y el Profesor Hildebrando
A. Luna R., para agradecer la
hionrosa invitaciln que se les
hacia y a la vez estimularlos
cn la mission noble que ya *ie--
vaban Iniciada desde hace doce
ineses y que en los afos venide-
ros podrian cristalizar en ;c.x-
ildades muchas de sus aspira-
Reino en todo moment la ca-
maraderia, clausurindose el ac-
to con un brindis y un buffet
que la Sociedad hizo a los aois-
Esperamos que todos los bue-
nos hijos del pueblo de Sar-ta
Maria respalden con sus accio-
-. a los rocins de esta socie-
dad que esta llamala a perdu-
itr nacer progresar mas a Wu

Lea "El Aviso Onortuno"

Ave. Fco. Boyd No. 4041
Col6n. R P.
|1002 1003
Todo Inspecconado
por el
Departamento de


Se funda en Veraguas sociedad Eqdipo do. basket
de Ant~n .enlo'
Aarfoecuaria e Industrial con. al dos Tabas

partiipacion -d

DIVISA. Agosto 16 (Corres-
ponsal) Importante reunion
de caricter agropecuario e in-
dustrial se efectu6 el domingo
ultimo en Santiago con rejac-
sentaciones de los 11 distritos
de la Provincia Interesados en
el impulso de la agriculture, g-a-
naderia e industries relaciona-
das con estas ramas.
El primer objetivo de dieha
reunion fu6 fundar una socle-
dad a la que designaron "02o-
cledad Agropecuaria e Indus-
trial de Veraguas", cuya direc-
tiva qued6 integrada asi: Pre-
sidente, Don Waldo Arrocha G.,
Secretario, Jorge Alcedo y 'ie-
sorero, Don Cesar Fabrega.
Los fines y objetivos princl-
pales de la Sociedad fueron ex-

Realizaron lira

graduandos de la

escuela de Divisa
DIVISA, Agosto 16 (Corr.s-
lcnsal) Interesante jira rea-
izaron los alumnos graduandos
de la Escuela de Agricultura en
compaffia del Profesor Jose de
la C. Paredes, en la que Vialta-
rbn la capital, la cludad de Co-
Ion y -la pintoresca isla de Ta-
Segun las Impreslones que nos
han manifestado de la expe-
rienclas directs que han adqdt-
rido en este Importante vlaje,
recuerdan las visits al Exce-
lentisimo sefior Presidente de la
Repfiblica don Alcibiades
mena, al Ministro de Agricuitu-
ra, Comercio en Industrias, Irn-
geniero David Samudio, atl il-
nistro de Educaciln Ingenlero
Ricardo J. Bermfidez, al Ex-Pre-
sidente de la Repfiblica doctor
Augusto S. Boyd, quien duran-
te su administration construy6
c inaugur6 el edificto donde
funclona la Escuela de Agricul-
tura. al Banco Agropecuarlo, la
Biblioteca Nacional, los eoleglos
sccundarlos pdiblicos y privados,
ci Matadero. el Akbbattir de Pa-
nama y Col6n, varias fabrica4.
el Summit, la Zone del Canal,
Mindi, etc-
Con esta excursion de estudio
los futures Peritos Agropecu.-
rios han tenido oportunidad de
ampliar sus conocimientos en
varios aspects de sus cuseso
teoricos, que les sera muy ftil
en el future.

2:30, 3:50, 5:25, Y:15, 9:00 p.m.

an %I V ii0 0 a nx= Ia

I 1 Distritos ANTON, Agosto 16 (Por A.
S.... -.,,-... ",,,o Ga Datskec-
ball de Ant6n se Impuso en re-
Sv- os nor el senior Arrocha y fildo partido a un quinteto re-
los tecnicos del Fomento Agri- presentativo de Las Tablas, en ue Veraguaa que estaban juego celebtado el domingo u.-
alli presents, deatacindoac el timo, por anotacl6n de .34 a 32.
problema de impulsar pqr todos
los medios posibles la prod.c- Los antoneros fueron invita-
ci6n agricola, pecuaria e Indus- dos cordlalmente a la ciudad
trias agropecuarils que la Pro- de Las Tablas con motive de ea
vincia de Veraguas puede ofre- inauguraci6n de la Liga de ese
cer como las celebres hamacas sugar .
tejidas de Rio de Jeafts sy La El choque fu presenciado pr
Mess, los sombreros blacO. Elcheque fu6 presenciado por
Mesa, los sombreros tcblao. una enorme concurrencia que
batas, et. etc se d16 cita, en el OGimnaslo del
En vista del entuslasmo y los ciclo secundario de Las Tablas.
sanos propositos que animo a i,',.
t'dos los presents se e.sprra Los antoneros fueron bhim
que esta sociedad sera de gran atendidoa por los miembros (dI
valor para levantar la economic la Lisa hna vez terminado el
de la Provincia de Veraguas. partido.

Dar6 conferencia
en Divisa el Sr. H 0 Y
Eduardo Healy Jr. 1:15, ,
DIVISA, Agosto 16 (Corres- 115, 3 :00, 5:05, 7:10, 9 p.m
ponsal) En la pr6xima se UNA PELICULA PARA
n. dictara una Importante co- UNA PELCULA PARA
ferencia en el saldn de actot ide A LOS HOMBRES!... BEL
la Escuela de Agricultura el r. LILIA PRADO *
J. Edward Healy Jr., Vigepresi-
dente del Chase National Bank,
segun se nos ha informado
El sehor Healy quien 'hace dos
meses dict6 una conferencia so-
bre el desarrollo agropecuar.o
(,e nuestro interior a base dc la
ayuda bancaria privada con la
Intervenclon del Estado, fue in-
vitado especlalmente por los a-
lumnos del III Afo de la Escue-
la de Agricultura para que les
viniera a dictar una confercyt-
cia, Invitacl6n que el senior H..a-
ly galantemente ha aceptado.
Proximamente avisaremos dia
y hora de dicha charla y a la
que esperamos asistan maestros,
agricultores, ganaderos e indus-
trlales de estos pueblos circun-
Nosotros que hemos leido con
tcda detention la conferecia
que dicto el sefhor Healy en Ju-
nio pasado, seguimos recordan-
do con frecuencia sus filthnas
palabras: "Si yo, extranjero,
tengo esa fd, por qu6 dudan us-
tedes? Quienes estamos ilusis--
uatedes o. yo? Meditenlo, seio-
res, porque el momento- do las
decision se acerca". Ojal que a
cstas alturas, las decisions de
muchos de nuestros capitalls-
tas y por que no, millonarios,
se haya tornado: invertir capi-
tales impulsar la ganaderia, la
agriculture y en las industries
que de estas actividades se de-

ODIARLA .. Era No hay otra
impossible, quererla...
jugar con dinamita, COn Ostos rai
toda Ella... era un de-
licioso atentado con- .vw luAd n L J AMI

tra la Ley!...


aLa Rutena a u' r ctont

Initituto De Nutrition De Centro Anteric y Panama


proveerle a l*a poblacione. ,
Los habitant"e de uestas lti-
mas reglonSe muestran uln lto
porcentaje de boolo que,, coals*
te princlpalmenote en el aumen.
to de tamaflo dIe a I'gUlmdula tU.
roldes. En caso de qua os ill.
mentos y el agua quoe s toman
en una regi6n seen muy pobres
en yodo, pequeA canutidades
dc eate mineral suftciestewrpara
prevenir el bocio se puede agre-
gar tambien al agua o a sal
que consume Is poblacld6p y u.
sando en susm detae a Iiatos
que se han encontrado ricds en
La inicidencia do-boclo en re-
giones de Europa, Asia'y Am6-
rica aparece mis alta dutrnte
la infancia, adolescencia y em-
barazo; pero puede observarse
en cualquier edad y sexo Cuan-
do la defilcencia del yodo es se-
vera puede resultar' en sordtra,
lalocea, abortos, partoa prema-
turos y aufn en su forms mAs
several, degenera en cretinlamo.

Se ha encontrado que el yodo
es un constituyente esencial de
la secrecl6n de la glAndulas ti-
roldes, y que el funcionamiento
moral do esta glAndula de la
presencia 4s ese mineral. La
cantidad total de yodo presen-
to en el organiscno e muy pe-
quefas, ae considefa alrededor de
25 miligramos. En la plants la
cantldad es relativamente in-
fima 10o cual hace que la
ficaci6n y dosificacl6n de este
factor sea un problems dificil.
La sal en el mar, y por con-
sigulente la brisa y el aire, cor-
ca de las costas son ricos en
yodo; esa sal del mar cuando es
lievada a 'tierra por el viento
enriquece el suelo aumentando
el contenido de las plants en
este mineral: pero esa sal al aer
preparada para el consume do-
m6stico ha perdido casi todo su
yodo. Las regions surtidas con
ayuas pobres en yodo tamfi6n
produce alimentos pobTes en
yodo y no constituyen una
fuente natural suficiente para

'7-q&. GRAN

CHULA PRIETO Luehando nor el amor de


whta dle1&u^i~Wt


Si..J.: J A


Distribuidor on Panama


Colle 17 Oeste No. 71




Minerales: Yodo

NUEVA ConstrucciOn "Flex-Arc"
. 45% mis fuerte on la zona do
EXCLUSIVO "Heat-Vent". dejo
quo la Ilanto respire; corre mis fresco,
NUEVO Coln y Ferro ,. protege
contra magulladuras.
EXCLUSIVO rodamiento "Saw-
Tooth". Paradas mis seguras en
pavimentos resbalosos.
Sumelos todos juntos y Ud. veri por
qui estos rasgos NUEVOS y EXCLU-
de SEGURIDAD Seiberling la
mejor llamnta que Ud. puede comprar.


I aim | u 2






IA PANAMAA AllgCiA BDIAr10 nfilbW ilasts






- .-. VOIN

~.3,AO~S~Q 16, ~N1 ~" U.. ?ANARtA AMERICA *IANh f~fl3WW3X13 I..




en 20 minutos-

So arantiua quoe u *utomv il oh-
tendri* elAbudo on ca t mroi rolu-.
ciento y psrdublse queo j i ham.l
tondo, omplMoodo CAR-S0L, tune
innovaci6n. Unn o do 12 afis puoe uMdo
encerario como un professional o 20
mninutoe. CAR-SOL Johon's protego es s s
*I color y ilaWuporficia del autohm6vil
do la inclemncis del timpo. Prid-
mero limpiar *1 auto coo CARNU
joihcWnt. EAtend $OL, liquid caroso quo y ffcil-
mmonto del frsco. PFw luoh o ligo. -
aents un paio- y ya 3 t. Compro

NOM9RE .......... .... .......... ....
DIRECCION .. ........... ...........
Recorte **te cup6n y envielo hoy mismo a la direcci6n
descrita para que pueda pnarse el "TESORO RON

I I(o Lomds
S.xqusito son

I cualquir
comidal I

TinMds: 1:15 3:00 50Q.- 7:00. 9,:00 p.m.





A LAS 8:30 P1



Amenizodo por ARMANDO BOZA y su Orquesta

DE I *00


SANDRA Ex6tica Rumbers
REINALDO e ISABEL Pareja. de Bailes ~Internacionaler
ALICIA RODRIGUEZ La Vos quo Aearicia
EL TURCO ALI Humorists.


Club de Entrega
Al Suscribirse.




A LAS 5 Y 9 P.M.


de los famosos artists c6micos dcl cine y



V* #

En la pantalla: FORMIDABLE DOUBLE!
con Sofia ALVAREZ y Fernando SAN CRISTOBAL



Estreno de Fin de Semana!
1:15, 2:51. 4:52, 6:58, 9:00


Oe las tinieblas

de una vida truncada
... iNaci6 un AMOR

todo passion y sacrificio!

_ .$ O WNp PrM-oapRlOuSr-fty S iteir

Hoy -LUX

Tandas: S:n, 0 :8 8:,0 :NUp.m.

Cudil fau la
mentira de '
Harriet Craig?

esta formidable,
en uno de 10.
c i n eo mejores
drama del aflel



con -
en -


Edward G. Robinson Peggy Cummings Richard Greene
"ESTE MUNDO ES MIO" (Operation X)

"Ave del Paraiso"
(Bird of Paradise)
Louis Jordan
Debra Paget
Jeff Chandler

(Father's Little
Spencer Tracy
Joan Bennett
Elizabeth Taylor

La historic de
itna vidal
Pier Angell

La grande del
Mario Lana
Ann Blyth







vs Walcott

-Y -
Los Marineros Mis
Detartalados del Mundol
en -
Los Grandes Peligros do la CasU
de Animales Salvaeje!

-- ---- ----- I. -. -.. ..- -... .*-. -..^ -- --.- -- --- ... J r --- .

-- ~- ;' --..



i mmtI

J i I



_ Im i i I




I -

4k-. ~
i -.



- ~ 1 .



Que La Ruta Al Departamento De Los CLASIFICADOS DEL -P. A.

Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas lo atenderin:

Minimo por
12 palabros.
3 power coda
palabra adicional.


ENECESITA:-Buena lavondera-
planchadora, venga de 4-6 p. m.
Ave. Balboa # 45.

SE NECESITA:-Empleada paro que-
haceres de cosa, con experiencia.
Buen sueldo. Colle Colombia # 20
Apto. 4, frente Porque Urroco.
SE NECESITA:-Una empleada pa-
ra servicio que duerma en el tro-
bajo. Ave. Manuel Icoza 18 Cam-
po Alegre.
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera y una car-
guero. Ave. Mexico No. 1.
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera, debe dor-
mir en el empleo. Buen sueldo. Co-
lie 51 caso 5.
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera que sepa
su cficio. Debe dormir en el em-
plea. Calle 50 Este No. 48.
SE NECESITA: Carguero con re-
ferencios. Buen sueldo. Avenido
Chile 24 bojos.
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera que sepa
cocinor, gocq de buena solud. Ca-
lie Jose de Son Martin (50) No.
SE NECESITA:--Empleoda pore ofi-
cios domesticos. Debe tenor refe-
rrncies y dormir en la casa. 1 12
Via Espaoa.
SE NECESITA:-Buena cocinero con
recomendaci6n. Colle 41 No. 19.
Tel. 3-0405, Ponom-.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada pore el
oseo que duerma en case. Inutil
presentarse sin referencias. Calle
50 No. 22.
SE NECESITA:-Empleado con ex-
periencio poro cocinor, tiene que
dormir en trobajo. Buen sueldo.
Acuda calle 44 No. 37 Apto. "0".
SE NECESITA:-Empleado paroa ofi-
cios domesticos en general. 8.20.
00 mensuales .Francisco Fil6s No.
2. bojos, Vista Hermosa, 7 p. m.
9 p. m.
SE NECESITA-Empleado competen-
te v con buenas referencias, debe
dormir en el trobajo. Pora in-
formes dirijose a Ave. Cuba No.
58, Apto. No. 7.
SE NECESITA:-Empleoda paro ser-
vicics domesticos, que duerma en
lugar del empleo. Familiar peque-
o cde tres personas. Son Fran-
cisco de la Caleta, Ave. 2a. No.
11. diagonal contina "El Rancho

Articulos de Casa
SE VENDE:-Colentodor para agua,
, outomtico, de gas, 20 qolones,
buenos condiciones, B.60.00 Lla-
me 2-2761 durante horos oficina.
3-3398 despuks 7 p. m.
SE VENDE:-Un estonte de niio, 2
cueroos, gavetas en el centro. Ca-
lie 48 No. 27-A.
VENDO:-Barato. refrigeradoras 25
o 60 ciclos, sofi, oparador y otros
articulos. Colle 4 ',2 caso n6mero
20-A, Nuevo Crist6bol.
SE VENDE:-Gonga! Cama grande
con colch6n, B.15.00, chifforobe
chico, B.7.00. Call@ 39 E # 7.
Par motive de vioje se venden dos
juegos de recimaras, un juego de
sola, juego comedor. set de bam-
boo, estufa de gas y demis acce-
sorios de coso. Ocurra Via Espaina
SE VENDE:-Mesa de caoba, conopi
grande, mesa para ti, alaceno. me-
sas esquineros de cooba. Meno

maneo. Articulos vario. T ambien
juego de comedor, B.25.00. Colle
de uno via hocia Quarry Heights,
150. Tel. 2820 Balboa.

SE ALQUILA:-Local pare oficina.
Arriba del Teatro Central.
CLINICA, equipado, altos Formacia
Salozar. calle 16 Oeste No. 28
SE ALQUILA:-En Col6n, espacioso
local cintricomente situado en
frente Teatro Col6n. en la Aveni-
da Central 10.143 propo pora ne-
gocio. Raz6n Sr. Bolin, Avenida
Balboa 7039 o en Panam, Vilono-
vo. Avenida Central 1 1'


Ave. Tivoli No. 4
Tel. 2-2291

Pr uo, do Lemape

SE VENDIN:-Cl ets, tuberie negra,
ceore ecenalede, Fix-Tax (cert6n
sisleder pers cilos reaos) made-
ret. levomanos, excusade. etc. o
Ies precies mis bajes en plaae.
So, Ilegendo a Juan France. Tel.
SE VENDE:-Zinc 2 x 6 y 2 x 8 del
$0.40 a $1.20. Madera de $0.04
a $0.-06. Ave. Central 275, Ga-
rages Gonzalo.
SE VENDE:-.aontas usadas para co-
miones, autom6viles, "todos tami-
ios." INTRA, Ger6nimo de la
SE VENDE: Piano nuevo, motive
vioje, mayor informaci6n Holame
Tel. 3-3482.
SE VENDE: Maquina electric de
coser en perfects condiciones en
B.50.00. Avenida Federico Boyd
No. 1, Apto. 1.
SE VENDE:-Planta electric "0-
non" de cinco K. W. en perfectas
condiciones. Ocurra Julio Anzola,
S. A. Ave. Norte 38 Tel. 2-3206.
SE VENDE:-Sierra Sin Fin de 16"
marco Walker-Turner, motor 2'
H. P. 60 Ciclc:. Muy poco u~o,
estS coma nueva. Precio barato.
Telefono 4-339 y 4-279, Zona
del Canal.
SE VENDE:-Duronte Agosto solo-
mente, motors de gosolina Inter-
national pare fuerza motriz, de
1 -2"-- 2 -2 caballos de fuerza con
25C0 de descuento. Compoaie Al-
faro. S. A., Avenida Per6 No. 28,
SE VENDE:-Por falta de espocio, se
venden: una refrigeradoro de ex-
hibici6n de 8-pies de largo, B.350.
00 v una refrigerodora Tylor de'
6 puertas, today de porcelona, en
B.300.00. con compresores eh per-
fectos condiciones. Calle 8d. No.
11, horas de oficino. Cio. Inter-

Ave. 4 de Jullo
'el 2-9441

Ave Melindez 10.S05
Tel. 2=6-Col6n.

Bienes Raices
CIA. DE LEFEVRE Tel. 2-3332
Pioe initial minimo B.100.00
Memsual I.15.00
* Lotes con Calles y Acueductos de
la Ciudad desde 8.1.00 el metro.
* Alquilamos equipo pesoao paro
mevimiento de tierro.
* Alquilarros lotes a largos plozos
* Club de lotes, B.3.00 y B.4.00
VENDO:-Juntos a separodo mill6n
de metros cuadrados. 1 ) carrete-
ra Tronsistmica. 2) Logo Got6n.
3) Providencia. Information 4 Me-
lendez 7044. F. Carnet, Tel. 1262
B, Col6n.
SE VENCE:-Mctivo de vioje, cha-
let de 3 recamaras, 2 boaios, cuar-
to empleoda, porche adelante y
atras, garage, 600 M2. En Peno-
naome. Entenderse con Doctor Men-
Fresco, c6modo y con distinguido ve-
cindad, es el chalet de 3 recama-
ros, 2 baaos, aguo caliente, etc.,
situado sabre late de 800 M2 en
Bella Vista, Colle 47, No. 19. Su
precio es reolmente halagodor. Pa-
re cito de inspecci6n Ilame el 2-
2388 Wolff y Cia. Colle 5.,
No. 22.
SE VENDE:-Cholet, amplio, c6mo-
do, 4 recamoras, solo comedor,
porch, servicios modernos, garage,
etc. en late de 3.968 M2. Buenos
vecinos y lindo panorama. Tiene
hipoteca de B.5,000.00 y se vende
par B.20.000.00. Situodo en lo
Ave. C6rdoba. Agencio Thomas,
Bienes Roices. Ave. Central 259.
Tel. 3-1069, Aptdo. 3404.

SE ALQUILA:--Cuartos independien-
tes con servicios sonitorios, para
caballeros, matrimonio sin hijos.
Colle H No. 49.

nocional de Lueros y Piees. A viso Judicial
Josi Domingo Sate
METALES VIEJOS FERROSOS Notarin Publico Segundo del Cireuit, de
Se recibirin hasta las 10 y 30 de Panama. con Cedula de Identificaei6n
In maonoa del 10 de Septiembre de Personal Ndmero 47.2175.
1951, propuestos sellodos, que soe .r mediC e la E scrAtuEI ra P6blia
cbrirAn en p6blico, par aproximada- No. 1047. otorgada en la Notaria a si
mente 2,714 tonelaods nets de me- cargo. loa eetores GUILLERMO KAM
tales viejolas ferrosos, que hay que WONG Y ALFREDO MICHAEL MUtS-
CHFTT, ian constituido la Sociead (Co-
destinor a los Estados Unidos. Se ]le.tiva de Comercio Limitada. denomi-
puede hacer arreglos pare Io ins- rada "Kam y Muni-bett. Comaniia L.i-
peccion, comunicindose con el Co- mitada'. (cn ,Iomiiilio e la tCiuudad do
Dotoz del Patio de Material Viejo de Coi6n. pero podri establecer agencia.
Ba lb a aI" ,, ] i 2 Balboo "(Secci6n "1"), te!efono 2 quiet part de la Republica.
2720. Se podra conseguir la Circular Que el capital cial e de Venta No. 4, en el lugor indica. BOAS fB.1. 000.00) aportado por el so-
do arriba, o en el despacho del Su- .io Guilirmo Kamrn Wng. ,uisen Meri el
perintendente de Almacenes, Bol- Mu pheta. el 'ocio industrial con picr.
boo, telefono 2-2777. ,ho a ner 0ioio capitalista ii dertrr
~- ------- --del plaza de ocho mese, ienntadoc des-
LA COMPAFRIA DEL CANAL DE do costa fech.. Ilegare a cubrir el rin-
PANAMA OFRECE EN VENTA O na por ciento is0r) del. capital
EDIFICIOS Que soiiedad se dedicear al neguiro
Se vende al mejor poster los edifi- ,l repreentaciones de casna comercia!es.
cios Nos. 788. Balboa. 905-C, 922, nacionalen y \xtranjrvm. agenteo do S,-
924, 926, 928-C y 930, La Boca; ur a la importaci6n y exportacinfi de
mIr(iaderi!, p a t o mpra y venia do
518, Anc6n; 636, Balboa; 536 y biene, rairen, a today cla e de oconisio-
540. Red Tank. Se recibirin pro- ,ry a Iexplotaci6n de todo nogocio
puestos en pliegos cerrodos, en lo 1-t,
oficina del Superintendente de Al- .e I dminitdehi6n de la sci iedsd
macenes, en Balboa. hasta las 10 y ,nmntp noienes tendrian el uao do I
30 de la maoana del 29 de Agosto firm .ocial.
de 1951, cuoando se han de obrir en Que el firmino de durai6n de la So.
public. So pueden conseguir los for- iedad ser de cinco aho,. prortogia-
ble a voluntad de lo amarten contra-
mulorios para los propuestas. con los tantes que forman la I ociedad. termino
pormenores completes, en los ofi- qie comenznai a cntarse de In inscri -
cinas del Superintendente de Alma- ,i de la Sociedad en el Registro Pu-
cenes. Balboa, y en las de los Admi- pedlido n d' Panama
nistrodores de Casas en Balboo i hfeeo (:fi dia doi mcdeo de Agoito
Heights y Pedro Miguel. de mil noverientn ,.inceonta y no
SIr -- (19 1). Entre lines. El socio industrial.

Botes v Motores

SE VENDE:-Plonta electrica, como
nueva. gasoline, se puede usor
kerosene, 2,500 watts, 60 cicics,
115 volts, venta. borate. Telefo-
no 4-339 y 4-279, Zona del Ca-

SE NECESITA:-Dependienta con ex-
periencia, que able ingles y cas-
tellano. La Mcda Americana, Ave-
nida Central No. 102.
SE NECESITA:-Lovandero-ploncho-
dora. Pago rmensul. Son Fron-
cisco de lo Coleto. Telefono 3-
SE NECESITA:-Caso de dos pisos
o casa grande con vecindad cgra-
dable. Llame 5197 o 3140.
SE NECESITA:-Un buen zetocador.
Fcto Bennett, 181, Avenida Cen-
tral, Panama.


Por macho que sea el tempo quo
ao hays r *tdo autriendo plcua6n a
eas. do oermo ,u o trfa erupelones.
I& primer. apllcai6a del altamente
sastive unafiento Kosene hari
eawsr Ia terrible pieaa6a y m.lestar.
v despui de poce dias do Untarse
WI unOlonto dsapareeran a *r np-
el6a 7 ls spuracl6. r Is plel quo-
iarA ans. limpta y terse. Durante
muchos alaos uzagiento Kosen* he
propeorelonado blenetlar a inlllarel
quo mufrfan de nana rebeldos be.
rroe. ecema y otrras erupcionu do
I& Dial. 0os Invledletest de ste re-
Wedlo Iea iltatneat eanattivo y calI.
mamte y nunrie dejan de prodpitl
I. bueen @forto. Do v"es a- sdM
SaorM 5

Joa* Domingo Solo
Notario Piblico Segundo

Red k diamericana

tiene los mejores
1) e T a n aI

* La mais econ6mica,
fuerte y practice
para cualquier uso.





Cia. Cyrnos, S.A.



Call. 12 Oeste No. 55.

Calle "H" No. i7, Panama
Ave. Central 12-170--Co162



ALQUILASE:-Apartomento, comodi-
dades modecnas, 2 recimaros, sa-
la-comedor, etc. calle 32 Este No.
33-A, 4par B.70.00. Llame teli-
fono 2-1456.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartomento- c6mo-
do y modern en Avenida Norte
No. 41. Informes en telifono J-1
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento fresco,
muy cntrico, dos recimaros, soala,
comedor ,bolc6n, Ave. Peru, es-
quina 36 Este No. 11.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento en Rio
Abojo No. 2192 "Edificio Son Jo-.
so". _
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento, 2 re-
cAmoras, solo-comedor B.65.00,
Have Ave. Cuba No. 85. Telefo-
no 3-0841.
SE ALQUILA: Moderno y fresco
apartment, 2 rec.maras grondes,
solo, comedor. Cuarto empleadoa,
etc. Colle 40 E No. 13. Precio B.
80.00. Llame 3-3959.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada pare ofi-
cios domesticos. que duerma en el
empleo. Calle 52 No. 5, oporto-
mento 1.
ALQUILASE:-Apartamento 2 reca-
moras, sola, comedor, meseta in-
terior, balcones, azotea, tins loa-
var, limpio, cosa mamposteria es-
quina care Novena, Avenida B No.I
23, par B.60.00. Llame telefono;

BERNARDO, Sal6n de Belleza, edi-
ficio Costilla del Oro, al lado Ho-
tel El Panama. Telifono 3-4740.

SE COMPRA:-Un cami6n de ostacos
do dos tonloades del eAd 1946 o
1947 que at* en beenes condi-
ciones, preforible morca Ford.
Lleme 1 to*Ilfone 2-2040 do 8
a 1.


SE ALQUILA:-Cholet grande, tres
recimaras, porch, cocina. Pantry,
solo comedor, cuarto y servicio po-
ra empleada, jordin grande. Calle
9o. Paitilla. Novedodes Harari,
Central 72.
SE ALQUILA:-Cholet recien cons-
truido, consta de dos recamaros,
salad, comedor, cocina, lavonderia,
garage, dos porches y dos servicios
sonitorios. Urbonizoci6n el S. A.
S corretera San Francisco. Pora
informes llamor telefono 3-1554.

Hemes reboelde dristicamente nues-
tees precious an todos los cerro*
usados. Vngsa y mirelos. Agencies
SE VENDE: Comi6n Studebaker
nuevo a precio cost. 1 1 2 tone-
lode Tropical Motors.
SE VFNDE:-Carro Cadillac 48 en
perfectos condiciones. I'-ne te-
lefono 3-2184 2-1075.

Reporaciones De Corros servicio
inmediato, cortesia y preceo m6-
dico. Trabojos garantizados, Tro-
picol Motors.

SE VENDE--Camioneta Ford 1949
en excelente condici6n, Tropical

SE VENCE:-Dos Ilantas nuevaos 750
x 16" ocho lonas, marca U. S.
Royal, sirve poro outo-bus y Co-
mando. Precio reealado. Vea Sr.
Young, Tropical Motors. Avenida
Nocional No. 31.

OPORTUNIDAD! Adquiera Packard
1948, sedan, 4 puertas, en per-
fectos condiciones, con cuero. Par
motive urgente, solo $1,200. Si le
interest lame a Tribaldos. Tel. 2-
0870. Ponama.

SE VENDE:-Comioneta Hillman, 4.-
800 mills corridas. En perfectos
condiciones. Llome 2-9040 Ponce
de 8:00 1:00 P. M.

5 tonelodos, modelo 1947, exce-
lentes condiciones; I GMC 2 I -2
tonelodas, tipo armada, 10 rue-
dos, model: 1942; Intern..iC-I
nnl. 2 1-2 tonelades modelo 1947I
chassis largo; I Internarional 2
1-2 tonelodas. modelo 1947 chas-
sis court, 1 Mock, 5" tonelados,
modelo 1947. excelentes condicio-
nes. Solicitor informed* laaondo
&I telefono 2-0610.

g Preaupuestos de
Ci tsl Ave Central
Cwrf Us S Tel. 2-2Ts


Mantenemos una venta de
ganga de articulos sobre exis-
tencia donde las MEJORES
PINTURA6 se venden a los
mis hajqs preelos.

Por qua no atorrar dinero
comarando lo mejor?

Ave. Central 279.
Tel 3-0140.





Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tels. 2-3335 y 2-2988
"Vendemos barato
para vender mas"

Nuestros ESPEJOS embe.
llecen el hotel El Panama.
Fabrica, de Espejos

Calle 16 Este No. 4 Tel. 22U6M

Felpa Mineralizada
Roja y Verde

Felpa Negra
de 15 y 30 Ibs,

Clavos de Zinc

Balanzas 'Detecto'

Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48

Persianas Venecianas LUX
a B/.9.50


Calle 29 E. #22
Tel 3-1713

L6mporos f
Con 60 veils de fuerza de luz blane
modern. Permanece encendida 50,
horas por I galon de Kerosene. Toma
94% de AIRE y solamente 6% do,
KPROSENE. Completamente regura-
no exolota ni necesita generador nt
bomb No produce humo ni mal'o
olorex Ex tan 'encilla que un nlf
puede prenderla Nunca vLita en Pa-
nami a Preclo tan Bajo
por s6lo...B/.9.95
Tenemos todos Ios Repuestost
De Venta en today, las FFRRETEUIAS5
Distribuldores: -
Col6n Calle 9 Ave. Balboa
Tel 303.
Paneam, Ave Central M
Tel. 2-2087

Mas refugiados .
Los refugiados fueron detenl-
dos por la Policia micntras las
aitoridades decide sabre e,
caso. Al medio dia de hay la
tinbarcacl6n estaba todavia en
el puerto Karlshamn.
Los 12 mariners del bairc-
minas polaco que se amotinaron,
hace dos semanas y Ilevaron el
barco al puerto sueco de Ysi~cd
el 2 de Agosto, recitieron el Il-
nes ultimo asilo politico.
Las autoridades tambien in-
vestigan todavia el caoo de o-
Lros cuatro polacos Incluso uIra
muchacha que huveron a 3'e-
cla el 3 de Agasto en un avibn
que robaron.

El Fiscal Primero

pide q' se enjuicie

a D. C. Charlery

El Fiscal Primero del Circul-
to, Licenciado Alejandro Cajar,
pidi6 el enjuiciamldento crimi-
nal del sefor Domingo Cuelo
Charlery, tie 49 aAos de edad
y resident en Calle 25 Oeste
No. 80, acusado de violacion.
De acuerdo con la denuncla
presentada, se acusa al seflior
Charlery de haber invitado a
la ofendida a su cusa para ayu-
darla a buscar un apartamento
y quo al encontrarse solos. .ste
saco un cuchillo y la viol6 ba-
Jo *menazas de hacerle un da-
flo mayor.
El sefior Charlery a su vez
niega las acusaciones de la o-
fendida, hinsatiendo que el acto
se llev6 a cabo por voluntad
propia de la joven. Le tocara
al Juez Quinto del Circulto co-
nocer de este Juiclo criminal.
I aL


Preclos de Competencia
con el product importado.
Tubos 4" Sencillos ... .4.00
Tubos 4" Dobles..... 4.40
Tubos 2" Sencillos.... 2.60
Tubos 2" Dobles...... 2.80
Tees-- 4x4.......... 2.00
Yees- 2x2.......... 1.00
Codos h x 2....... .75
etc., etc.

Tel. 3-1300
Gonzalez y
La Loceria

Apartado 2029
Linares Ltda.
- Pasadena

SRifles de Balin

Moa'co "Daisy"

desde 2.95

Tenemos eo existencia: I




de toda clase



2' x 6 y 2' 8'
Calibre 26

Agencdas Gobaes
Via Espaia No. 121
Tel. 3.1503

Las cripepm .. ppara
el torneo Javmlt de
basket mw cierran nauiana
La Liga JUvenil de Basketball
ausplclada por el Club Inter-
nasconal cerrari sus Inscrlpcio-
nes mafiana. 8e ban tscrito 5
equipos eon la-mayor faltabdo
uno para completar el cupo y
son: Dep. Dadma Casa Egeo
Comanannte ltem6n Plaza 2 do
Bnero Dep. Cornejo.
En la menor lo han hecho
los equipo.: Jardin Ensuefio
Parmacla Chu, Dep. Wolfy fal-
tando un equipo para completar
la n6mnta.
Los f preprsontantes de equl-
pOs quedan ltados para la reu-
ni6n ordinarla del Club Intar-
naclonal en los altos del Jardin
Balboa el sibado 20 a las 4 p.
m. vara fijar Ia fecha de inau-
guracl6n y los equlpos que ju-
garin ese dia..
Varias casas comerciales nan
donado premios, como el alma-
c6n Pinocho que regalara un
trofeo al equlpo campe6n de la
Mayor pr6ximamente daremos
a conocer las personas que han
imitado al Pinocho,
Los lntcresados en participar
en esta Liga pueden sollcitar
inforpiWcl6n al Sr. Calandre en
el Banco Nacional o a Ratl Fi-
gueroa en el Instituto Nacional.

Problems de
rril de la derecha debe ser usa-
do por los autos comerciales o
que no vayan de apuro, y el
de la izquierda por los que va-
yan con un poco mis de apu-
ro, pero slempre sin violar el
limited de velocidad. Ademas, es-
ta prohibido terminantemente
el estacionamlento, o parade
para descargar pasajeros de au-
tos en la mano Izquierda maxi-
me cuando ya se ha establecldo
un Area de estacionamiento a
la mano derecha.

La Sodedad de
3o.-Que es de todo punto de
vista inaceptable que un pro-
fesional a cargo de funciones
tan dellcadas como las del Ing.
Municipal pueda ser separado
precisamente panr tratar de ha-
cer cumplir la ley.
lo.-Protestar e n 6 rgicamente
contra la destitucl6n sorpresi-
va e injustificada del Ingenie-
ro W6pez Fabrega.
26o.-Prohibir a t o d o s sus
miemnbros la aceptaci6n del
puesto de Ingeniero Municipal
hasta tanto el Concejo logre
fundamental ante esta sociedad
i la destituci6n del Ingeniero L6-
pez en razones de moralidad,
legalidad o de .incapacidad pro-

So.-Hater u llamamlento a
todos los profesionales del ra-
mo que no son miembros de li
Sociedad Panamefia de Ingentie-
ros y Arquitectos a hacer causa
comun con ella en este asunto
de vital mportanclo para el
libre'y honest ejercicio de la
4o.-Remitir copia de esta Re-
soluc6n a Junta ta Tcnica Na.
cional para los fines que juzgue
Dado en' la ciudad de Pana-
mai a los 15 dias del mes de
agosto de 1951.
Victor C. Urrutia.
Secretary general,
Edgardo Carles.

Fueron capturados.
ven paname-so Roberto 0. Bur-
gos. de 22 afios de edad. y resi-
dente en calle 16 Oeste No. 51
tcusado de ser la persona swue
rob6 un radio para carrb'y un-'
escuadra calibre 25 proptedEd
del senior Javier Vos.
El joven Burgos niega los car-
gos que se le imputan; pero e-
xiste el testimonio de various a-
gentes de la Policia Secreta que
el acusado trat6 de vender ,os
articulos robados a varies p-r-
sonas en la ciudad.



Dep. Podi ......NL i
Dt. Ce!tulla .... 5I
Abel Brave ......4 1 *
AiMnueias ........26 5 4
PansaA Sporting g0 0 I
Los equlpoa. Foche Arguelles
y Centuria conservaron as po-
siciones en la vanguardia del
f6tbol mIenor de Colf co d sn
respectlvos triunfos 6btebldos
Alttmamente en la cancha dcl
Estadio Colonense. .
En el primer enduentro el Fo-
che super facilmente al-Ama.,
zonas por 5 tantoa a 0, anotan-
do E. Cabrera y Roy, dos oales
cada uno, y Roberto Holland
uno. En esta forma el Toche
continuta invicto en el puesto
de honor.
En el otro partido, el Centu-
ria, con un juego efectivoe logr6
un merecido triunfo p6r iuatro
tantos a cero sobre el Abel Brie.
vo, que -desilualon6 con su mo-
desta actuaci6n. Par los gana-
dores anotaron Bruno tres soles
y Berrio uno.
Por incumplimlento fue retl-
rado aet torneo el Panama
fcporting y en consecueuenc
pierde la rianza.
Los proximos juegps son:
Agosto 19
Amaiuonas vs Abel Brave
Centuria vs Foche
Agosto 26
Abel bravo vs Foche
centirsa vs. Amasonas

El Tropical gan6 en
bolos y boy jfegan
Pinocho y Entrometidox
(Torneo de BOik)
Dep. Morris ....... r 3 .750
Cafe Dria ........ 10 6 .631
Seleeta .............. 9 7 .56
Tropical ........... 8 .500
Pinocho ........... 4 .500
Bntrometides ...... 8 C .5"
ktoyal 4 60-....B C .
Optiea n a ....... 5 7 .410
Taller Soma us...... 10 .37
Nevt .. .. 9 .20
Dia a-dia se ven en el Torneo
de Bolos "Jatzen" mejores jue-
&as, coma el que se presn%,co
anoche entire los peliculeros del
Teatro Tropical y los cafetale-
ros del DurAn, sallendo victorio-
sos los peliculeros por 3 a 1 y
colocarse asi en el cuarto lugar
del torneo. Esta noce se en-
frentan los narizbnes del Pino-
cho y los Entrometidos.
La puntuaci6n individual do
anoche fud la siguiente:


Teatre Tropical
161 155 17a. 94
189, 12W 165s 46
104 166 144 414
149 146 174 469
160 A137 155 452
763 796 816 2375

Cafe Durin
Padlla 142 141, 47; 430
Novey 201 151 161 513
La Guardia 15 1 19l 16? 41
Diaz 146. 133 157 436
Romagosa 169 173 179 021
810 719 806 2389
Handicap 6 6 6 18
816 725 812 253

Ecuador hace
dor no cederA ante el Perui f 1-
no hasta el itimo hombre". el
President d u 6 interrumpldo
par entruendosoe aplausos.
La manifestacl6n que comeu-
z6 a las 6.30 de la tarde y ter-
min6 a las 8 de la noche, so
llev6 a cabo en orden., Gran
numero de carros partioulares
y buses lienos de ciudadanos
cantando el himno national y
portando banderas de Ecuador
y cartels participaron en la



1090 KIcs.


1090 KIcs.


_ .



"Simpson Board"

4'8' B/. 1.92 hoja

4'xlO" 2.40 "

4'x12' 2.88 "

Calle "M" Final
Tel. 2-2121


present a...



un hombre sin amor.

HOY ALAS 6 y 30 P.M.



- -


-- --- --


- I


I -

* >.. .*- \ *- wt

1: .

s rm. Al oo s- r. l -

. .s'1, i .,.:. j ",1 .




"; ?', *...'/ -: :
., .'* : .WT" -Y "' "/

i aci nS cia


I ToTelefad .14T
COWoida en El Panaa
SS.E8 el BEpbajadd de Pa.a-
ma en los Estado& Unidos, aenor
don Roberto M. Heurtematte.
fub agasajado anocbe top un&a
comida en el oCM El. Panama,
ofrecida por el seftor don Hen-
,dlque de Qbarroo, .QootraIraOe-
neral de la Repibica, el nefior
.don Roberto E.enmann, Presi-
dente de Hateles. interamerica-
aos,. el HD. don Marcos Robles
y el Dr. J. J. Vallarlno.
EstAn circulando inytaclones
para un cocktail que. ofrecer
el Agregado rcon6mco. doel ts
Embojada de los Xstdos Uni-
Sdosn, sefior Louis C. Nqlan, ma-.
fiana viernes 17 de agosto de
S6.30 a 8.30 p..
El Lic. Mi.guol J. Moreno Jr.
y seflora -Oraclela Gastetazobro
de Moreno ofreclerop en dias
pasados una comida informal
en 8) resldencia en El CabgreJo,
en honor do la sefioritaCarmen
Cecilia Chlari Orilac y el- Jo-
ven IaFl Arango Gasteazoro,
quienes contraerAn matrlmonio

.- k Ea%- -Ktf W *^Ji ''^

El Saln de Belleza
anunela con placer a su
distinguida clientela a su
nuevo peluquero
Italiano reclen llegado de la
Argentina, de fama mundial
especialliade en *
, Peawntee Pelnados
*! Cortes 0 Tintes
Pids su cfta: Tel. 2-3316
Avenlda 4 de Julio No. 5

BORAS: *I a iM B.

La eIo Nora P. de oott
aa hjara aon una oena ti-
i ein la acuela ~Prolestona
done ba celebrando Ia Se-
masa del Mat. a loe Maimbros
d el insttt-j0 de ReldcIones In-
teram ylcaa Re rntantes
dei Punto 4 ean Pam.
Compremaloi Matraimnala
In sI residencia del HD. Raul
Arango N. y sefora Rita Oas-
teazoro de Arango, durante una
reunion de caracter familiar, se
anunci6 el martes. en la noche
el compromise de matrimonio
de su hija Rita Cecilia Arango,
con el caballero Carlos Sosa Jl-
mnez, hijo del. Sr. Jos6 A. Sosa
J. y sehora Eala J. de. S sa.
TFllcltamos cordialmerite a tan
simpatica pareja.
Amrrero e
Con motivo de su pr6ximo
matrimonio, la sefiorita Sixta
Carries sera tagaajada boy con
un almuerzo en el Hotel El Pa-
nram por un grupo de sus amis
La sefiorita Malva C Galindo
ofreci6 anoche un buffet en su
resldencia a u" grupo de sus
familiares y amistades que con-
currieron a felicitarla con mo-
tivo de su cumpleafios.
' El sefltor Efrain Mir6 Ouardia
fui agasajado anoche por un
grupo do sus aminlgos con motive
de su pr6ximo matrimonio con
la sefiorita Sixta. Carries,

*, Corenael6n de la Reips del
Caruavilito del os Estudlantes
Se. Inlelan .esta nocho con
gran entusi no los festejos dei
Carnavalito Estudiantil d e 1
Club Uni6n con la coronacion
a las 10.00 p.m. de la encanta-
dora soberana, sefiorita Marit-
za de Obarrlo El.rman. S.M.
Marltza I acompafiada de sus
edecanes, los jovenes Henrique
A. Arango y Carlos de la Osna,
serA coronada por S.M. Aurita
I, Reina del Carnaval de 1950,
quien IrA acompaflada por el
caballero Ricardo M a d,u r o.
AcompaflarAn a la gentil Reina
como damas y caballeros de su
corte los siguientes:
ChII Garcia de Paredes-
Nicky Boyd.
Ida Va7arino-Diego Jimdnez
Rita Jim6nez-Roberto Cu-
4 al6n.. .
,Viola. Icar-Dr. Carloes A,.
brega. ., .
Teresita Paredes-Toflo Stagg,
Ana Cecilia Jimenez-Rodol-
fo deo Obarrio.
Rita de la Guardia-Gabriel
de Obarrio.
Ida Boyd Chapman-Ricardo
- Arias.
im l I I ii

Ramona Henriquez de Figueroa
.y dem6s. deudos
Agradecen por este medio a todas sus amistades
por la asistencia a los actos piadosos en memorial
de quien en vida se Ilom6

(q. e. p. d.)



Aumenta el trabojo
para los obreros nacionales.

En todos los MUEBLES de CAOBA
fabricados ppr obreros del pais.

i miMEBLERfl


ad 134 |
Chela Campagriani-Ricardo
Ai ~Jne. i
Clarna Arango-Rend Ortllac
Marlela icaa-Canos Alfre-
do ba. r.tai.
4armen de la Ouardia--Gas-
par uarcia de Faredes.
julaine ogarty--amune Cu-
u I V!allarino--Lall F*btega
iou L.eignaaier-juiio iopvA
Alca ae la Guardia--taul
Maria Isabel de Alba-Javier
mewt, Isabel Arias-Jos6 R.
de Ia Ltuardia.
Isabel Burgos-Rodolfo Estri-
WtO"y Reese Pezet--IvAn R(-
Rita Simmons-Stello Matu-
01 Club Miuras
ki ulub Miai us extended una
coralal nvitactlO al publico en
general pars quo aslaia ai tes-
.ival estan oclte en el Club
Unwn, con el fin de recoger
rondos pars ayuaar a los ninos
del Otfelmnato de Malamoo. Los
boletos de entrada s6lo cues-
tan B.1.0o y como premio ae
entrada Ia Comlsl6n de Turls-
mo oosequlara con "una sema-
na de vacaclones para dos" en
el Paraiso La Res nga en Ta-
boga. Ademas, con ese boleto
poura elegir a la Reina db las
Casadas, y presenciar la regia
Coronacl6n de 8.M. Maritza I,
Reina del 'Tradlcional Garna-
valito Estudlantil, Dos drques-
tas amenizaran el acto: la de
Angelo Jagpe y la de Ulloa.
Pars los Estados Unidos
Despedimos muy cordialmen-
te a a sefiora Rosario Arias de
Galindo, qtten acompafiada de
asu hija Carmehcita, parten hoy
a los Estados Unidos en donde
pasarAn una temporada.
Para Centro Am6rica y M6xico
Siguen hoy por la via area
para Mexico, en done fijaran
su resfdencia, el senior Hernan
Porras-y ablora Marltza Guiza-
de Poerras, MW, feliz vlaie
Grato paseo Ie deseamos a la
seflorita Magda van der Hana,
qOiienf sltu6 por la via area
para Ban Jose, Coata Rica.
Aniversario de Matrimonlo
E0 para nosotrox motivo de
sumo agrado fellcitar cordial-
menj t, ,TQAs-om Guardia-
y 619 iefa brEga de
Guardia, quienes cumplen hoy
sus Bodaa de-Plata.
De los Estados fUnidos
Nuestro cordial saludo de
bienvenida para el eflnr Julio
Ernesto Hdurtematte, quten pro
cedente de Washington, D. C.
Ieg6 anoche por la via area.
De Sur Amp6rica
Grata estada le deseamos al
sefior J. H. Mosely, Vice-Presi-
dente de la Compafiia Ameri-
can Foreign Power, quien pro-
cedente de Venezuela, se en-
cuentra pasando various dias en
el Hotel lI Panama.
De Centro Am6rica
Tras tna corta temporada en
Ban Joe 'Costa-Rica, t gres6 a

.. delicioso

con sus







Quien seri la Reina de las Casadas

ULTIMA HORA! ULTIMA HORA! Una nuevaoys tamborera
seri dedleada Bot Victor L. Cavalll (auntor do La Co-
caleca) a Is REINA DR LAS CASADA8!-
de whiskey quo reolbhrj *I PRINCIPE CONSORTE,
Como regalo do Is Cam DURAN!,
sabe pUro no lo dice, quien seri la Reins do las Caa-
das, QUIEN????? a ^veriguarlo todos, TODOSI
Todos asistiendo hoy, esta no-
Ia capital ei Dr. Pedro Calin- che, al Club Uni6n.
Ayaysyayl Qud noche sera la
do. Lo saludamos. noche de hoy. Una llena de
De Cuba alegrias, una Hens de maravl-
Be encuentra de nuevo entire Ayas I Reina Maritza
nosotros despuds de haber p Ayayayayl La Reins Maritzs
sado una corts temporada en trlla (el diablito un Tun es
La Habana, Cuba, el Dr. Oscar poeta como quo a T rimo er-
L6pez F. Nos es grato darle la poetan, como quin Ton prim on) y
bienvenida. Jas damas de au corte seran ra-
If ----- yos de lunal
Enbormo AyayayaylI Y... qud luna la
Formulamos Votos por el que brar esta noche pars la
pronto restablecimieneo del se- fiesta!
nor Carlos P6res, quien se en- Ayayayayl Y... el diablito
cuentra recluido en la Clinica Tun Tun anda mis loco que
San Fernando. de costumbre pensando en la
Saegria y en el maravilloso pre-
Cumpleanos de Roy mio de entrada Vacaciones Pa-
Bra. Marcela Arias de Alva- ra Dos (y el diablito Tun Tun)
re;Calder6n. en el Paralso La Restinga que
Bra. Delvina Ramirez de Diez ha dado la Comisi6n de Turis-
Srta. Vilma de la Lastra mo... y en el concurso de gua-
Dr. Tomns Guardia. yaberas!... y en la presenta-
Nifio Gabriel R. Sosa Oar- ci6n de los ganadores del con-
cia de. Paredes. curso do bale del Teatro An-
Nifio John T. Fogarty Jr. c6n... y en el tttatttaratear de
Flor de Maria Vald4h. Angelo Jaspe y en el oooaaaear
Ide Ulloa... y en que esta no-
Cumpleafios 'de Mafiana che, es la noche de noches en
Bra. Graclela Gasteazoro de el Club Union.
Moreno. Ayayayay!. El diablito Tunm
Sra. Yolanda Sosa de McLeod Tun todo lo sabe que el que
Sr. Leopoldo Arosemena no va al festival de esta noche
Nifla Annette Gerbaud L6pez en el Club Unl6n tiene quo ser
Niflo Antonio Stanziola de porque algunos do mis compin-
Obaldia. ches de all abajo, envidioso de
Nifia Della Magdalena Val- ver al diablito' Tun Tun aqui
dn Vega.

SKLiM', s ). Pars y a *.. l n
KLIM a -m' uerve aim refrajrsel 6m
KLIM -* s*epre do aellded mmfoe no

SKLIAM St xcelnfe t
rpme el nino
en su erecimiento
Pars syudar a los anios a desarrollar huesos
fuetes, dientes anos y maisculos firmes, cona
Ia enerfia y el vigor necesarios pars sus estu-
dios y juegos ... no hay una leche mejor que
i Leche KLIM.

KUIM .um te ; vloer ..itrmve d.os le
plates coclados
KLIM so r.a ido par. eas amo.t- e
KLIM pre y sgura.... evase*d per
I so procedimlenfe especll
SKLIM *s4*Iaborede balo el mds estricto

Gran surtido de

Cestalria francesa"

* Todo el surtido de venta en luegos completes
y on pleas sueltas.
* Puede ir hadendo su juego poco a poco

.# am Rean/as

Padres de fao la

del Institute Nal.

se reunen m ana
. Por este medlo rgcmos a Uds.
la asistencia a la reunin extra-
ordinaria que celebrara el Club
de Padres de famlila y profeco-
res del Instituto Naclonal el
Viernes 17 de Agosto a lan 7
Como puntos principals tilta-
lo. Auxillo para el Comedof
2. Exhibicl6n de una pellcula
de coarcter educativo.

arrba, se lo ha impedidol
Ayayaylay... Pero loans otros
diablos no saben, que con el
diablito Tun Tun ni los mismos
diablos pueden y que todos! to-
dosn todosu los panmesc*n y no
panamefos pero que son como
sl lo fueran, IrAn neta noche al
Club Unl6ni
QuIeren que lo diga quien
sero la Reina deo las uasdas...
a las 11:30 pin., hora on que
se comerrarin a um#so, los
dir6 en el Club Uni6n I
AyaayayI! OWmo, pero c6mo
gosa el diabllto Tun Tuml

Victor Cavall
El conocido compositor Victor
Cavalli, (autor de la famosa
"Cocaleca") dedicara hoy en la
noche una nueva y slegre tam-
borera a la Reina de las Casa-
das en el festival que se cele-
brara en el Club Unio6n. Ha es-
crito la letra para esta com-
posici6n el seflor Le6n Quesada.
Se invita a todo el pdtblico
para que acuda a este grandlo-
so festival que ha organizado
el Club Miuras a. beneficio del
Orfelinato de Malambo.

Des6rdenes entire

los comunistas en

Berlin Occidental
BERLIN, agosto 16. (UP). -
Varios millares de j6venes co-
munistas invadleron Berlin Oc-
cidental y lib rar on batallas
campales con la policia de ese
sector, tenlendo 6stos que usar
cachiporras y mangas de riego
para obligar a los revoltosos a
retroceder hasta el sector so-
vietico desde tres pumtos muy
separados entire si, en donde
trataron de hacer manifestacio-
nes "pro-paz".
La lucha callejera se des-
arroll6 en dos puntos del sec-
tor norteamericano y uno del
sector frances.
La policia calcula que en los
disturbios partlcip6 un total de
unos 6,000 j6venes. En el sec-
tor frances se calcula que solo
participaron unos 2,000.
En un barrio del sector fran-
ces varlos centenares de j6ve-
nes llegaron preclpitadamente
en un tren subterraneo del
sector soviltico como refuerzos
y atacaron a la policia por la
espalda cuando esta empujaba
a unos 1,500 hacia la demar-
caci6n. La policia se defendi6 vi-
gorosamente con cachiporras.
En estas luchas Intervinleron
600 policlas especialmente en-
trenados. resultando cinco poll-
clas heridoas.

El concleo de hoy
Program del Concierto quoe
ofrecer las Banda Republicana
maflana Jueves a las 8 pJ.m., en
conmemoraci6n del aniversario
del natalicio del Oral. San Mar-
tin en el parque de Santa Ana:
1-Marcha: "La Cancl6n del
Soldado". Serrano.
2-Obertura: "1812".-Tschal-
3-"Per I c 6 n Argentino". -.
Fracasli. ,
4-Tangos: "La Cumparsita",
Matos Rodriguez; "Melodias de
Arrabal", Gardel.
&-"Fan tasia Nacional". -
8-Dana: "Luces Paname-
flas" Cajar.
Himno Argentino.
Hinno Nacloral.
El director,
Eduardo Charpeutler H.

Jo le gustaroon meior los

ricos melocotones BIRDS EYE?


"Desayunos para la Salud"

oaun ioa t&

AW Aigum.I...............p W m
IW Air ImAS.. ..p. h; 1Nds I *b i*
w -- ,i I It -I I

"Nuna one que un polve faced

pudlera ser

ftn halagador"

Ila seflora
de Nicholas R. du Pont,
enta y desead damna de
lasociedad nortesaicana

IL polvos fciadles no son
todos igualea! Para probar
positivamente un polvo facial
no lo mire en la caja-imirelo
en su rostrao Ahora-los Polvos
' Pond's contienen dentro de su
textura un ingredient nuevo

que espa wrce wuformemente el
matiz par realzar los tons
mds delcados de su tez. Di"r
buye las mindsculas partdcula
de colorido ., que se adhierm
a su piel con diAfana suavidad.
ICompare ousted! Siga elcon
sejo de bellezas de fama inter-
nacional. Observe lo suaves
y halagadoree que lucenI J
Polvos Pond's on ma adt(


En sus Manos Adorables

esti la Suerte de Ambos

Ud. puede cautivarle el coraz6n
con unas manos adorables, a las que
la Loci6n Jergens ha dado
suavidad y frescura de petalo.
Apliquese la refrescante y suave Loci6n Jergens.
Note iqui pronto la piel la absorvel Jergens contiene
dos ingredients usados por los mbdicos pars la piel,
a la cual dan suavidad y protecci6n contra el polvo,
la sequedad y el clima.
De pies a cabeza suaviese con Jergens .. En los codos,
los brazos, las rodilUas .. Come base de
los polvos. Jergens mantiene el maquillajc
fresco mas tiempo. i Comience a usar
Jergens b oy mismo!

Apartado 322 PanamAu

Y Jergem Inse OCfre
Otros 5 Embelocedomr..

C*- Pedd--*^p


J^1" ,t, ,,' li .


se complace en anunciar la
reapertura de sus servicios
con nuevo'y modern equlpo
de coclna pars brindar al pfi
blico el famoso plato Italiano:
y otros platos italianos pre-
parados por el expert cocinero.
taliano traldo especialmente
de Italia,
Cantina Hancock's
Avenida Central No. 145





. ,* .... ..



Valientes Pugiles Participarfn .. El

H Va ++iga Proi "
l a n 1 A eentn ,, borta"re A *Beto Tejada nambruxAdo Jet .D
al trldo &e cras del VI- l Camponato,. y ele" a I
-_ J_ _____",________ __ dromo de.~a ermao, Yatast aen
POli( otrlllos. Loa Direcrea ,de la Lig Pro. *mU
Orcra U P umm Defiende su inkvto Partids Presnta En cEsa '
l Campeen F. Plummer o n eel boxeo is afiaos .-Presena Sa jamcoo.u,'_n

Ofrecera Una Exhibicion amateur capitaio echa El Basket Menor De Colbn istar eenie o da a
Lu B a I r. ayer rnca l v eJo Paleron h o. eso e "ad para or
Sestio de los nechos de mayor ocupar el arg de Director del D
'---- c B ^ H H ,Hoyeontlnuari el toneo de Pastor Raa -pojr 4$4a 40. .reonanoa de noe0tro turf La"-seletondo Menor querepre-
Un program excepcional pre- exhibiol6n del campe6n Naco- ball de la Costa AtlAnti- En otro do o tidos el Sa polla de otrio ha Idoi a nami eael VI Ca 8 reer
entara esta noche la Comlsi6n nal de Peso Pluma Federico aI con tres partido entire los Jos6 se Impuso al Baicuela Re- el piAm .peledafo de la e3cale- p ato NAclonal o e Basketball a todos lo
capttalina de Boxeo Amateur en Plummer, que ha despertado p- ^ equipos: ptblica de Bolivia po44 a 31 ra ClsIa qua recurren los Po- Menor tue m celebrara el- pr6- 411 11 lit"t "a _
el cual lucirAn sus habilidades Inualtado entuslasmo. y los Blere a Dep. Piles duacto ra lcoopu os, y ea por imo m i n Santiago. cJueve atrrs,.oeg.
dentro de las cuatros cuerdas A continuaci6n damos el pro- IMillonalrios vs Pastor lan* por 34 at ello queoa ritna nominal -re- Para par el eargo de De- en el local del b, fj
figures prometedoras en este grama de esta noche: Chesterfield vs 10 de' ye l 31tra .1 ombrma de los cam- legado Jefe, nombraron a nues- ae tratarAn amunto
arte. PRI vs San Blas La Lt 4_i b. indado mag- peones o todoa los afoa Xi ro ompafero Humberto Teja- tea para la bueB a
Juan Moreno, uno de los pli- Heraclo Ottis vs Sonny Stout nificos chQU, y.:e organiza-, presented -tene en Yatasto .'u dr eata entidad.
giles mis destacados de estas 135 libras En 'e Juego celebradp .e imar- dore- s .-40"e lh..lto" todo 10o representante Iis excels y'.B Un total de 20 adore n- Citan.
file tratara esta noche de con- -- t_ _n la noche el quintdeto de- possible p0rat 06ti depor- pocos e ctpttcbs pudleron o- -egra1 la P 2l0eleolo, que fud consocio i l AIIs'.
seguir su cuarto triunfo conse- Roy Lanford vs Ch. Anderson portlvo, Cervantes derrot6 te en la cLudatd d e Coln. venerse ante la evidencla A- ioid r el Anotador Ofl lal entrenador del
cutlvo por nocaut frente al des- 126 libras--- r prioridad dpmostrada en toBO CSarlie Varde, por lg airbltros menr "eatleOri -y
tacado boxeador Eduardo Gri- --i- moment par el notable hijo ge .C6sar Boto y Manuel Cargaloe, que a. Ie N.
mas. Moreno esta 'considerado Eduardo Grimas vs J. Moreno S aT Sellm o Maant n el recorrldo -1 cronMita deportiv Carlio Px- cargo sl M4bll-
como no de los prospects ms libras Illl de la Importante carrera y op- Jomo y Beto Tejad. Comildona- pars quoe
sobresalientes de la amateur, y --- peelai4nene en el moment 4de o del Basketball Menor. La Pre guntta qun as. M
es una figure popular. A. Lawrance vs E. Torreglosa | las dticones, donde nmostrqe Selecl6n mo a s la sigulen- 4 inual t s .
AdemAs se vera en acci6n a. 120 libras iVLerte e am bin Bh K ilth superior a* *u coetanios, ftn4ll- to: tuado u B f
Horacio Ottis, quien ha -sldo ----' zando may P c odo y con amr- Darlo de Le.dn del Lefevre. que no codpea n -n Il
clasificado como el future cam- Ernesto Taylor vs Juan Chacon i NU EVA YORK, Agote 10 (U. y televisif~"i dta a reciu- po margin reapeoto de E ,xtrtat h Pedro Slmpaon y Edgardo n aslatqn u la Ia
pen d los pesos ligeros. Ottls 120 libras u .)-1 4m-undo del baseball con- dar d l "ndo de que it vencido inmedit White del Peimex. data di dmid l .
tendra esta noche como contra- --- memora*hoy- uev el mercer baseball 'datiade a syudar a y lo au victoria conael y Leonardo P eres y Tofo Riv- as ha t q t g
rio a Sonny Stout. Sustitutos: m aniersriode amnertede un los nist .. ai tlmv n era e ho y ho yn el ng, Luti P6res del Rebelde. drastles a da que~epre 1*
La cartilla es bastante atrac- Tony Shaw vs D. Brathwaite JUAN MORENO n ortar Bab t El Witlos ?s rocla. niico. po de 1'36 paras 19 Humberto Henriquez, Abel articuloa del Eatatuto
tiva y se ofrecera ademas una Roberto Diaz vs Tony Elias Joven boxeador amateur del de Bambinom" ralecis": Babe .- madouth El i e th'' en tproca- .ormochea y Jtan Diaz del Op- tea a tas deb as
Darlin, cuyas 1atuaclones e laA I -cMr l 6 de t*er HaW lD1i en los a in n etin Ies eomIa
tin resltando satisfaetorl; ms- se gata d e 48 en usn un retldeo uelor en el de 10 b a ta no Oonzilea y Martin ria laeotlI
LE Uleportiv Estaci6n 5M e Coron A radpeoestando s atca od e19arn un hospital saiguen teis0 Ad nortramei So den elttra en asmdoe ama B0 e t ) rdel CJLrOa eta. actly aW la do a
L e n rtio E tasi Sel Coron n cuentrau etla ont de n esta ludad. i canos coat,Delaware, Ca-pebrea del hipodromo, Bla del a ntla el iadl,
So tolas consecutive ylctloo t he Hloy en los terrenos4. u base- rolina delNbr te, Alabama, Con- e U naCnal d dos afTr David P l 1 r EdrolbblAi tm o ha et aopa
toroo oA h )E uut iy n hebail4 de las o randes r bas e necticut, Rhoe Island, Ohio K mana i Tully naba Win rre, Ch6t AQ.ilar y ado cendode pde. d dolicu-l,
Sn e n na emnt peel en r lcuerdo del hombre que l ^Arkansas^, Virgi Occidentalas;fuCyrada por el seolor By ad Ctenai, direta
ANTON, Agosto 16 (Por A. Chong).-EI quintet Deportlv P o ,a 0su to de ese deported. Adens ha- El dia tambiner I aiconr Marrin en Cerro unta. Chil Luis rfGl AIe Jr. ha std ercl o ie r
Chong se coron6 campe6n de la Liga de Basketball Distritorial S e p SI l ii a, bra various programs de radio morado ee Jap6n co don ardo A l rlnd rdodetar
de Anton al derrotar en refido juego at fuerte quointeto "Inge. p-. l* Ceiconla a pncd. a. ual Is A est, e u ly .a
nilero Regis" per anotacl6n de 48 a 41. 1.eld0--.31 Pre-Belacolenado lciarlA ded-daa.
Los pupilos de Samuel Correa tuvieron que lucir en todos los p licula do la plia emplare tendon
omentos de este partido para poder salir airoses, ya que los El perten n ivelo accoones enele m a cornando .a rr
Intenleros hicleron todo lo possible por evitar la derrota. d,&I s
De ests manera se hizo acreedor el quintet "Estaci6n" a un V f vsCh re sW he aqui sue-nombres y susd-ro-l-
bello trofeo donado vor el Departamento de Educacl6n Fisica. La comentada pelea que.sos- del basket femenino aI t iU nfr anpectivos pOo
tuvieron el ex-campeon mun- Los equipos Operten y Ches- ron un refido duelo desde el 1--Lolit 108.1i'bras
Dea I dial de peso pesado Ezzard Char terfield, ganaron aus compro- comlenzo del, partido, logrando 2---Amazons 108
E i n O e S r02 l i Caimpeonatlles y el nuevo titular Joe Wal- misos de anoche n el Gimna- los actuales "calapeones" la 3-Doli Pitin 108 .i .
d cott, csei repetida hoy eila I sio Nacional en los juegos que mejor part mediate enceste 4-Tully I aba 11 .
pelicula que exhibe el Teatro ofreci6 la Liga Provincial de de Ceelltb.'Williams. Fraser con 5--Mandings 106
fcate or e onCecilia. Basketball. 14 puntos, Williams on 13, P6- ,.pont ._ _C e_10-
d -1 e ". C -ateg ra di COIi n Todos los detalles de ese en- En elprimer desio el Oper- rez con 11 y Smith con 7 pun- ANA
cuentro y el moment ,aiu m- ten empat6 el comando al On- tos fuInr los mejorea de su COMPRE...
E nante en que el veteranos:Wal- nar en la contlenda mayor fe- equlpo. -
-Por CAALTA-- iambin el Ditrani por Panama cott despacho a su Jove ival menina al imponorse al Carde- La ofrecera el a bad'o '
ESTADO DE LOS EQUIPOS p el San Jos por Cniriqui. para arrebatarle el titM ;' se nas por 44 a 27. 1Pud triunefo el jue entire los equipos Bamrn O IA 4
Ftbot de Ceol6n El Torneo Provincial de Col6n aprecian claramente en ests re- en el cual las ganasdoras demos- y Mauclo y el laues jugarin :
la. Categoria continuar, para decidir el sub- licula que ha l uamado la a~er.- traron gran auperioridad ante Chesteiield frente al Bam en
G. E. P. Pje. Campeonato y el proximo do- deportistas y piblico en general. sus contraries, que dicho sea de a iay let rente MOSrI IA
Dep man ... 5 0 110 mingo jugarin Dosman y Dep. ci6n de todos los aficionados, paso jugaron un basketball de .celona e la menor asculina
Dep. Feris ....... 2 0 4 4 Feris. baja categoria. Judith Caballe-
Ati. San Roque ... 1 0 3 2 El calendar continuar el a li ro con 17 puntos, fu6 la ejor
26 de Agosto con el juego Feris de su equipo, mientras que Bru-
F1 conjfinto Deportivo Dos- va San Roque, y el Campeonato Wnilda Cooper lograba 10 pitltos
de .itbo de Primera Categoria con.el partido Dosman vs IBan JSwae l. pa cm isi de Slar se unda emitod *e .. -
de la Liga rovincial de Col6n Roque. v er flcari el mi roles a ias 7. 00
al 1 riunfar 'Itimamente y con p. en *1 Gimrasato Naciftl. Is "vu&.-r e
facllidad sobte el Atldntico San cflis d los EU En el otro partido celebrado
Roque por 6 tantos a 0. d el Chesterfield venci6 en el il-
l base de Barraza TN HILL, Msachus-timo seagundo al Carts Vieja por
El veteran "Pan Viejo" Mo- e sets, Agosto 16 (UP)--Dos pare- 59 a 58, ambos equipos etabla-
ralele toc6 marcar trees tantos 0 as femeninas pasaron a los se-_
Y loi otrod fueron anotados por "mifiales del campeonato na-
Steward, Horshan y Roman. Ie uclonal de dobles de tennis antes A *1 '
FG esta forma alyDomanIleVSde que una intense tormenta '. plmndl ya
tocari defender los colors co- valari obligara a suspender los juegos.
lonepses en el Campeonato Na- 'laUn rayo caido durante la torH- ra E f
cionl de Ffitbol de la divlsi6n mental d16 muerte a un hmbrepm Fag
mayor, que comenzari posible- El Deportivo Miranda partio que ae encontraba alrededor de p r
mente el 16 de Septiembre en el por delante en la apertura de clen metros de la cancha nime- uo n es,,
Estadlo Olimpico, participando Ia Segunda Vuelta del Campeo- ro uno del "Longwood Cricket
Barraza, y ademas se desquit6 los encuentros de la tereera -El Administrador G eneral de
del Crespo. al vencerlo en esta vuelta de dobles masculinos de- los Atl6tios Gde Piladelfia Ar-
ocasion por 6 carreras a 1. bido a la tormenta. thur Ehlers critico vigorosamen
Sets imparables pego cada Las estrellas japonesas Goro t 0el "plan" del propletarlo de
* n equipo, cometiendo dos errors Fujikura y Fumiteru lakano y les Carmelltas de San Luls Bill
los Crespistas por ninguno de los norteamericanos Fred Fis- Veeck de atilfr 'managers
M" sv el lanzador ganador y Tufion patados a tres Juegos cada uno equipos de baseball so enfren- .
el perdedor. en el primer set cuando se sus- tarin en San Luis el 24 de Agos
Esta tardo prosigue la just pendl6 el encuentro, to.
to eo de tenis deBarraza con el interesanme Las favorites para ganar el...
Hasta mailana a entire Las equip ndGray torneo las norteamericanas Shim
Hasta mahana a mediodia se y Vallarino, quienes van di.- ley Fry y Doris Hart vencieron
recibiran los nombres de los puestos a rendir la gran batalla a sus comrtriotas Helen Rib-0 A ,
qDe oeseen participar en los para obtener la victoria. hany y ltd Sullivan por 6-2
Dobles de Tenis del Torneo y 6-4. Las britAinicas Joy G.le
Spaulding. que se inaugurara el Mottram y Pat Ward vencieron
domingo entrance en Ia can-;N m rire a snorteamericanas Barbara lt
cha de ]a Piscina Olimpica.n iNOmbr sKDirectiva mbrell y Julie Srapson poraY
Bien equllibradas han queda- Km-5 y 6-3
do on esta ocasi6n las parejas Ia comision de b oxeo y- .. .. T
participants. lo que pronostica m"rr. n dagre diyptshiper idcam .-
Ima contlenda refiida e intere- amateur de Colon MOquinas Engrapadoras '-:e. e tomae quo produ.en el
sante y entire las parejas ins- *.o m ea ,ue.M ANANA
critas se encuentran: W. Hearn- Nueva Directiva tieno Ia Ca- BOSTICH mar entam pesoeoara
Motta, B. Hele, J. Pinilla E. mLsi6n de Boxeo Amateur de la mejor fabricada! comlda, medlo Vane de agua ca-
OmphroYihy,C..Omhroy, CDeGUar- Col6n, figurando en ella entu- iente conto.lendo una cuSharadita
DeovOm oe. G siastas y conocidas personas del do NUUThrACID, podrian on .vl S B .Lr
dia-Schay, H. Willis, A. Deporte colonense, ocupando los. 5.000 xrapas por 95 -o*o timoo m ..mld : YuA.
cargos, Federico Fong G., como ma do ia IndisastIdp blida.
Para Presupuestos Presidentee Jorge A. Gregoire, eontedo vain. ag o haradlte a.
de Pintura Vicepresidente. Luis Garay, Te- aaNUTRAID ro-t -eate dyas
sorero; Benito Charris, Fiscal; darn neutrdaadosO O te oeot e de a la
1lame a Marco A. Mendoz-., Secretario. wa ru. aradan n qt. f-oted
Vicente Parada v Vocales. Jeramias Montema- SOYS SRYNIT INC. obtendr. rbpld e a rt d oUrIa
Pintor Contratista yor y Justiniano Rodriguez Jr. Ave Tivoli No. 16 ae eo atonmeta. ..
Avealda Peru Ne. 11 La nueva directive ha comen- Ao.T1o1-D no as un laxeata
Tel. 2-2512 zado a laborar para rendir una T em mur asradable at paladar y
satisfactoria labor. pued. obtbnoese a eanaqutor "ar- *

$o-O-, Los incoioarables K.KAROS *

UR Y desde los estudlos de la


pa Viaj o Red Panamericana

para mayer prieteoWidl do o aIte o

Apar ed 1913, PANAMAn


* I

I -- ~

.3 "1


'; 4. *, "- ";"
* 4 t *"'''
1- f .'






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