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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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WestPointSummons Wayward TOKYO, Aug. 4 (UP) Genral tth
SUnited Nations Supreme Commande
advisers into urgent conference here today.
I I It is believed the Korean ceasefire negotiations in
UOtS In e iScandal Kaesong may have reached crisis point.
.By MIL6TON RICHMAJN stem yesterday ordering the as "severe" and said he "deeply special instructions from Washington.

btae for "final processing.," was ordered by Secretary of the Point to the y an d to an the na- that the armisticee along the 38th
sme of the 0 dets sed Army Frank Pace, Jr., with the tion rests on the unwavering in- rallel
of aminatn cheating in rhe a of President Truman. toe rity of Its graduates
ateat stnd are at -. surprise nation stunned n senators who met with Collins The Communists refused even to examine a map the
o ident Tman present the M dal of Honor tot aaHenry A. tHAm Othe e aes iand thentaon. Te saidnthe he eat wpar of United Nations team showed them renn their
-.UmI^eH, o IfH. ~~M C m as the first Marin th award for fr "aMpS. Most haveji. wUorHouser sa Mr. Truman "giant ompr Acy" among cadets frts ogt areemntoe n a trune oie
of p oram to right President Truman; Mrs. Commiskey holding Henry, from home leave. Was "very much n ocrned.z' which began two or three years forts to get agreement on a truce
ppt m t arlh P a- o i fte re nt rumblings from Radio Peiping.
at Te Cmm ms saying that bi st This Red radie o said that workers
o, ea nve1k.Y an o P n e h e dr e t K e n g ceon North Korean army contracts
LLedhl- er tise a on ounned e txanat Pointb taetird bnt lW were "forging ahead with their

KAn undt set hns shea uot aanlrt decisioneto o eA t a ommaheir quotas

thea s i of oMdplesdon t to r s .m theaal the aU a a R mu nists ar e counting on another

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miJ ithfernpient; .otno jaa he ielon gflthiAr yws op..tialliy os thequstion tootthers aTAntoArm cm ol n n t a o v thneoe Hur throg the b iseri
A. 1 mghty footba lltem4 0 advae brefi frM Geae wtcomiry sioed Ari Und as lne should e real the rm8h pa

Slt eeiup its 150-ear-old f wte oaneed b Col Are eb Coliers no ae 4 of the st r ar w negotiator

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m whesab id by anine u ine rvehestigation of all Cadets a t West Point take their Ns ar he
w let tohe Aipotw atl0mus o (eAm West Point athletics iunoder examinations by'asectiond but allth reiin-efe the Roe said theydt coulde

Ssway. oses t s getay thae oth questions. o win be ungom beo Auc
Sor Collins told the awmaker that Underthe honosystem, er thvee a e e ea

un Toy theA Amy Cfootball n t vm-e o icue fdoonrg of th em ta too aken, and exami- A Tth aat em

i rvi e rai tr ic. the nation for thei past nation k pledged not to reveal r e to n h i led atlon t h
Ser ineor praet tr lly wiped the quest s to othes re C nis raton
cdft m. t and iau aednsa to *as (5 'gs 5was a ie p er las igtdnev aet to piset a e
Ssa an de- tnn Ps outop The a" con a piracy" ta er io hac lg the fbtte

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m -r1 11oonhO th Ats n b d e D ent, but said t ha the group to the next far t ve

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Airwat-mnitarsat4hreceird nny byed Ee t rsof-t first a ed seond One Senator who heard Col- C tis negotiators
u e left Toeumen Airport-at1:00a.m.-eneMiami n l (setn o ors& Ad 1uniors) lins' report e the er d s n sh uaid they co
t on asive via Havana at thMia- "who have been pronent in va- leaders of the plot were member T fih ao 1 int rdes han the a
mim.Intent monaA slWrt e :tm0 .outactivitiesngnclund, varsity of the football team, and that (UPs o- The eMY nstes, KroaAgothrew o

im r fights wereF o amr batal." l ie d in they actively s recruited bright their biggest artillery barrage rallel. gtosalelle

e pride Braniffs a d e e ted ions nations lines on Unitthed Nations e central
triecoMia Ntlcoatal IesC bi+ was tLieafrsntlastnight.b "lpe Comvrmui propa-
fro"MAmio -hard Pny eai

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1!as f o ufM
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mAAGrA. mctaroua.crnL Po le 4.h rc* or.n uA d erscored United Nations tiairg ictIedIl onry whi iene te Ingn
Coe onthe new Srvtong paess JW of the et e mn c ning dos a- Byr o e do years Go n rei Mthasnew tey a vore mate o ncessios"
lItawa .- ml 'f -ph0a iar r iw
g oPaonroa h o Reiayand artillery fire. front.h e Unite d Nation s
-tery'eforeeletltassifiedeoithr Setmentiemployes by

id y t me the House Civl Service ommttee a wording to word v b ua.m. today. ti- United Natios haemars nsh-

tit oto onGh ry received tod an y by E. Hatchlt, n ecrets dri e ong ea andse theat hfe oone she o
velet hmioibaar Union-Metal Trademys Council.y For five hours and 1 r minutes cateduns a be lng o n-ot
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oWrist flghtsperwe& Bare tS specifically included itn the pay boost were sll Dis- tceeds mhel es t t o t hau- e of Vrl Te
n lw20ithismorningee B ranif m o -c retih bhombrh toayin r d today asednt he 1 eover da t thibler es timo the United Na- Joy ad theis fllth arallegdta
bmRt o presidenthofo the PpamaarThfe p-tr of my hepingt a of Co ssbi firemenSteachers and policemen. Parol- insuwr atacn Th United Nations autlin
s Utercontmnental"1".olerkl o lecthis bid s o $700 riser had efe ooye s, ties as hor lo nist thopa

to e arrsv vient r u over th o or any 10:50ea munist firepower since their straw dma canv they ront-
-cahe first Southbound Braniff MAJOR GEno I. Md Nrth P ole t heeri otenset wor ing United Nationsfc l tlat ing er ite ind
ue menn tfthwe ne riesdt WHITLOCre w n humar odiy Wg Mmers o ual n commanders General Matthew they hadiemad the neins
lt peansd lhen t e w h .eti n A rmy iand of th Ui, e at o r m ac in cov ered the r Trmno e the shut- R idgw ay' s report to the United United Nations uarte e
rinn e ta ied byBaleftMiamiRat:5 ,Miley, y oradnd fro airbans, Alase o nant bcau s n h Nations y that the Communisa t bot e that the oN tes orn
,T2ION LE --ToemSenateFhnce Committee arrive In Rio tonight 4O0, thus H G a by toe De- have been building up their forK- negotias

saugurpt.Bigadierter l bxrd "athout t 1ryingr to hr d
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n l2bteC tadh Ineotutl Of"samsles to nro"c hghisr i dintudhat twson Miami and RIO.c......:continued tooclogrmove t 38th parle dem
M i ev t ee ate aJMa- m nt( P)O chArng. tt c n -- The tema uply rofhadsof n- ort r er tthe s p esent e b at -

-wnhye nde ralc c d the Otirtor are speliranll Aus ePove The United Auto Workers Union creased on the Westrern f dont to- titude to ice t n

m carrierairlinsseric be- Taioningn Ir vi n Norcth Poltes wherecondnitihistflihtons t ci u p l a U i a
'''othis morning were nedri lum- H a t -A British bomber today finr cm asvstttc lna- Joy and, i nei
wesrt, statesiandenht f th e 1 post en snga ssiofd Ioai onTe Ua W o ed th teovher n ign g bradtari Tti e rto the arnoit

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FeemoersqofpLdecnlral Serviee Iet u rhe o uae to Fairbans ce M ane bo aoe t tl Un nia

open the sides of thelong dor- overseas ,vithrthe Armt pn soan attack, or In ferrying pla s British brewer whose three kids yachting at weekends. Yacht-

SS E--;NorthNKorean tGen. Nam 11, head of theComt- a cosguina volcano yester- rh luheeU t-urnY tUit toh Europe and NorthAfrican More and more Englishmen were Kathrine, Winnie and ing's what Eddie and Dennis
ast cease-fire negotiators, clamps his teeth around a uni- day ending ter crash- when returned t the United bases by the polar route bound for the South Seas are Charlie. used to do when on holiday
qe ciaret holder as ne arrives for a 'session In I fesong. ering dow Inundating the small hitting on the simple way to Eddie, the skipper, was an from their fishing boat.
' There w~ no aign of a break In the deadlock. Pacfir an undatcoastortf Po In December 141 he was U J iu avoid the shrill foolishness of accountant in England before Eddle is the only married
-The town was reported virtual- assigned o i4 U. Armed e K w pa-senger ship, deck games, the World War II. During that crewman. There is every chance
.The town was reported virtual. ass ine..Armedand that ga ling proviso about scuffle he commanded a Royal that when he arrives in Tas-
.uiok ,iesM Man' Army, AF Enmyployes' l deoe and casualUes were FrCeil" AIts, l e., and inp-W NO r l wearing shoes to dinner. navy minesweeper operating a mania his wife Dorothy will be
e earthquakes whieavy. rocked Chief of't General NO iW They take themselves across long the Burma coast. The already there swinging an axe
n Dif The earthquakes which rocked Headquaters t the oceans by yacht. desk job he returned to did in a bush clearing, or other-
CO ~( 4 nke' Differential the area early this mo ng were: fc Area.r i is e Non eommialoned offleari The latest craft so to do not provide him with the fresh wise carving wealth from the
+T-m to d c k one tn he d oioe of g ion d. "r l? in thethe45t ReconnassaneBatta-hI M shoves off from Balb roa tomor- air and variety he had grown wilderness
4 ro A cracks on the ide of the volcano. ocdbeed lon at Port Amador s row bound for the Marquesas, accustomed to. He quit, joined Why did the trio leave Eng-
ddt ay7 inactive s s ce 185. tDeputys keral ingr held their parademi 4000 odd miles and perhaps 50 up with Dennis. and became a land This nets no speclfi
S__ at moeito Pa.Payment of a salary differen- s The waters from the lake in HeForces, regarding the inclm r d or more into the Pacific. fisherman out of Christchurch. answer except that there seem-
tP.s to Army civilan employee. the crater of the molttin tumn- Pacfie. 16 a be- their bravely losd They are ddie Mossop and Dennis pre-war was a den- ed to be no vast Vistas of op-
Of t ARIAhas eun ex. bled down the cracks and sub- ca, bf Staff, the mud. Denise Turner, both of Christ- tal mechanic. Through the war portunity stretching out in all
* 'l thme hri, tendwed- .g nhe. mouth of merged the town, the reports eneii aSupreme For the first Utime church, Hampshire, England, he was a coxswain on army directions.
i Anugt, D to a mueage said. Comat Btd e-A Pow- were resent as observer Ma~ Bill Bartlett. of Reading, motor boats. Out of the army Specially vtstas featuring a
reced trou e a ent Disrupted telephow and tele- era In ber. 'he Reviewi Party Berkshire England. he tried two years bricklaying, bit of fresh ir and sunhie,
aed of of the A rmy by.- iAYa ers, graph lines prevented comanun- 1947 hel of of the Battalion Their final koal: Tasmania. then got himself a fishing and the pleasure of listing the
S I fn UA. ArIo caon wth the str hea*- thmag p t. RlPo .M/.t. MH BUM. Their trsty ferry is the ketch boat. lineage of a disagreeable boss
Siel- fP a otio ie lsoated tI 1 : east- 8a Aug tt, M/t. eaiutKnnth 1 itwlnchar, w.hch brought Bill was a British Overseas to his face, then alamming the
SAsl mw nm c ,rn shore u of point e1 tr an d M/AtL. i here from Christchurch Airways Corporation operations door.
d Isa__ia aae which Juts out oS thet and In Mbut three and a half planning officer before the Seems the Labor Department
S N 'LP a toe iragua Into t. R t f t at. war. Then a navigator in the doesn't let you quit when yo
SB4enT. 0 g thV 'T A Ua -idg to the name RAF's Bomber Command. Af- feel like It.
am.. r+?I* hIi", o o.onN Wen. rof i [ the ant, except that be- ter the war he returned to What vlast otir n Ti *
..._ +,. ,,.. pop.. b.. sa aector WiSforeA.ddle bought It about four BOAC. (Conned nn Patle4 Us f
.., -. ., .. ..,., ,-

* -I" m

'- .


eS PM 4Sf n Al -AN O3mEPtil

- ~ ~ ~ ~ '.--,--.' ..

iCargo and Freight-Ships and


Great White Fleet

New.Orleans Service


i i s,1









, .

* *


Puerto Barrios, Guatemala


S.. Chiriqu ............ ................ Aug. 7
S.S. Chiriqui ........ (Passenger Service Only). Aug 21

S Yetherlmnds






DELFT ....................... Aug. 13
HYDRA ........................... Aug. 17
LION91.........................Aug. 21

INO .........................Aug.
DELT ................:...... ....Aug. 13
LIONEL ..........................Aug. 21

INO ....................... Aug. 1

BREDA ................... ......Aug. 11
BENNKOM ............. ......... Aug. 31
HERSILIA .......................Anug. 3I

"K.N.S.M." CRISTOBAL, 3-1210, 3-1218. 3-1219
(Passeger And Freitht)
(P'asseaers Only)
BLOR AGENCIES. BALBOA: 8-411 l(Freigbt)


B.S. "SANTA MARGARITA" .... Due Crist6bal, August 8th
B.S. "SANTA ISABEL" ............Due Crist6bal, Aug. 15th
6.8. "SANTA LUISA" ..........Sails Crist6bal, August 6th
8.S. "SANTA MARIA" ............Sails Crist6bal, Aug. 13th
M.S. "COASTAL NOMAD" ..........Due Balboa, Aug. 5th
*S.S. "SANTA JUANA"..............Due Balboa, Aug. 13th
S.S. "COASTAL NOMAD" ........Sails Crlst6bal, Aug. 5th
*Balboa Only.

Crist6bal 2144 2135 PanamA 2-0556 0557 Balboa 1507 2159

Samuel Smug!
Samuel Smug is smart, 'tis true,
IU yen were hbe, yo Would be too!
6aM "an always find good buyer.
Bi seeRet is to advertise!

S.8 Leverm Bend .................... ......A .
8. (Ihriqul ................ ......A.
8.8. Chiriqui .. ................ .........Aug, 19,
B.S. ByfJord ... .... ....... .. .......... Aug. 25
(tmflabt t(tefigetod Ctlf06e alt OGmwl Ca )

New York Freight Service Crlst6bMl
S.S. Cape Avinof .............................. A S
S.S. Cape Ann .........................I...... A. ,A 12
S.S. Cape Cod .............................. Aug. 13
S.S. M aya ................................ .....Aug. 26
Weekly Sallngs to New York, Leo Angeles, SIa iranetsco. Seltle
Otesleual Salisnp to Now Orlansu umd Mobtle
(The steam i i Uithis voioee me iaited to mtwetl* tp 8)
Ifequeat freight Saillags frm Ctstobal to West Comml Ceatrtl Atnertl
Cristobal to New Orleans via Sails


NO IXTRA COSTI Ask for the
large Scott's Emulsion package
ontauig ia beautfl tablespoon.
Obutaimnable ia ix atactive colors.
Them give yow& family d Ciea-
ti0e, vekama-tih eSod'toaic every
day, as esay doctors ecommeod.
Mat'U seI have a longer and

rNdbieeK I I U:


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L ....N& ,,' om __ We
L &eemulw As#owa
^*W^| fl- { -Il

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--'--- -- -- -

Planes-Arrivals and Departures FRadioPrograns
-Me. .I "IYour Community Station.

The Pacik Steam C I..ny .. .. HOG-840
Royal Mls ULd. W- 'G "w. -
M.V. "LOBO" ................................Aug. 21st W 3:4500-Mucal Interlude
HAVANA, NASSAU, BERMUDA, CORURA, 4105 QJm 6:15--materworks from France
SANTANDER and I.A PALLICE (0 m) 6: (olk Son.

TO UNIltD KINGDOM DIRECT 7:80-4:ptO Review
M.V. "LORETO" .................................Aug. 8th 7:41 A M esslon
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ........... ........Aug. 15th 8:00- rel U..A. (VOA)
Passn Pas Pan 9:00-RaOdlUnlversity (VOA)
TO NORTH PACIFIC PORTS pan 9:1-lt p Club (VOA)
S.S. "*ESSMORE" ...............................Aug. 14th Oad00t lIe-t 10 9:80-RaoAN Amateur& Program
S.S. "LOCH RYAN" ...............................Aug. 18th :4 (OA T) of Dy and
TO UK/ONIlNENT When you get a bad result in 10:00-Hotel LPANAMA
S.S. "DALERDYK"** ............................Aug. 7th ordinary rubber bridge you can 10:30-The HOG Hit Parade
S.S. "PAMPAS" ..................................Sept. 7th often mumble an e that will 1:00-The Owl's Nest
*Accepting passengers in Pirst, Cabin and Thll.l Class sound plausible. In tournament
"Superior accommodation available for passengers e dayproved y w t a aens, y
All Sallingo Subject to tChanee Without Notice when the ame-eatsarre handled Tomorrow. Sunday. Auguut 5
PACIFIC STEAM NAV. CO Crist6bal, Tel. 1654 1655 by othei players. A.M.
FORD COMPANY Inc., Pauama Tel 3-1257/1258: Balboa 1950 For example, today's hand was 8:00-Muasieal Interlude
- played in jteam match. In the 8:1 -ewieel U.S.A. (VOA)
first room East put it an overcall 8:80-k mpi of All Churches -
S of two cull OUtf. promptly 9:00-I4 1 AUDITORIUM OF
doubled and East took a loss of Tun An
800 points .9:15-Good Neighbors
Sh pp ng & A' 5 e s "Very unlucky," said East. 9:3 on tudlo Melodies
S._^. B"However, the cs teaU are that ( ae)
the snAe t:ft will happen at 10:00--n the tempo of JasM
Ferle Agent Leaves sAil for London. She is carrying the other table. If they don't bid 10:80-Your American Music
On Short Vaeation refrigerated goods. clubs there, South will get to 11:00-Nationsl Lottery moott
Nigel Anthony Simons and wife three no-trump and will score and Paredes)
Gladys left aboard the S.B. Be- 1toaagitata" to Transit 800 points. 50 iy bid Won't cost 1115-The Bacred Heart Pro.
lla Dan yesterday. They will va- Caal Monday more than 200 points -. if that gram
cation in Buenos Aires. Simons Over 400 passengers will be glv- much."
la manager for Fernie and CoMn- en shore liberty 8uinay after- 11:80-Meet the Band
pany. Mrs. Simona. the former noon when the Rangitata docks A nice try at an excuse, but not 12:00-nvitation to Learning
Oladyl De La Guardia will spend In Balboa. The New Zealant good enoudli. In the other room (VOA)
some time with her father Who is Upping Company's ship is East did not bid clubs. But West p.j.
the Ambassador of Panama to headed for England from New made the killing lead of the ten 12:30-Salt Lake Tabern a le
Argentina. Zealand. She will transit the Ca- of clubs anyway. His reason for Choir
nal Monday morning, the choeie is quite instructive. 1:00-The JO Stafford Show
"Corinthle" Due Sunday West had one of the most 1:15-Amierlean Chorales
W. Andrews and Company, lo- hopeless ha ds eeV rheld on land 1:.30-Rev. Albert Steer
I cal agent for the Corinthic report Braniff Visitors or sea. HeRS 1ew that he couldn't 2:0-Opea and Syi-p ho n
she will strive Sunday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Don Grete will fly beat three no-trump unless his Hour
L from New Zealand. Bound for In Thursday from Buenos Aires partner had a very good nand. 4:30-What's Your Favorite
London, the ship carries over 90 to spend a week in Panama vis- Why hadn't Eastbid If he had 6:00-BC Feature Program
passengers who will be permitted Iting friends. Grefe Was named such a fine hand? 7:00-American Round table
to disembark in Balboa until new Manager of Braniff Airways This was to core of the prob- (VOA)
Monday morning when she will for Buenos Aires recently. lem. East t ave bid with 7:0-Through the ISportglass
.............. .. a good hand and a suit that could 7:45.--adio Varieties U.6.A.
be shown at the level of one. East 8:00--port4 Roundup and News
Segrega Facilmightbe aaid to bid If his Only (OA)
Segregated Faciities Blam ed ensuit would have. to be 8:ls-Report from Congrtem
shown at the level of two. This of (VOA)
course, wait exactly whait had 830-Al e fro0i Amerlca
For,,Nehroes' B f Sg ed.Inshort, West reason- (VGA)
r Neg Bref Sch edthatthe contract wasproba- :-Unted Naton Review
-. o bly unbeatble unless his partner (VOA)
had a good lub suit anda hand 9:30s-xeerptgs from Bug Cros-
COLUMBIA, &C., Aug. 4-(VP) remain in school through the that wasjuab short of aate bid.- byrlhow,(TO) A
i-President James M. Hinton of 12th grade is a "challenge" to When West led the ten of elubs, 10:00-Amerlcan Si mphony
the South Carolina branch pf the South Carolina, East signaled enthualatlely 11:00--s8iOff
NAACP said today segregation with the seven. South dued. E xlaaatl of Symboel
has "robbed Negro children of "South Carolina should meet and West o pIaued the suit, Bas VOA-Volwoft America
those facilities that white chil- the challenge and then compare put uand th on BC-Brsh Broadeatintat
dren enjoy." the records of th rlces," he with t ht C i
In a letter to State School Su- said. Co" *9 t d R-RD 0dt WanistM
perintendent Jesse T. Anderson, lopin either h .r diamonds.
Hinton lited three reasons why The state has embarked on in either case East bound to
he thinks few Negro children re- $75,0 000 school building pro- gain the lead, Whejreupon his
main in school through the 12th gram designed to equalize Negro clubs defeated thle o"tract. _
grade. school facilities. This result madthe ftinrst ast
Anderson ha released figures player look pretty nic,. He had
to show that only s3,400 of 65,088a ot 600 ont, ant his table on
Negro studentswho entered the cads te thher room. 1p
first grade in 1938 were in thethe other room.
12th grade in 1949. r y, c APER BY THE DOZEN
Hintonsaid the schooldstrlct Toes and Feet M HIS, Tenn. (UP)-Mrs.
of the state have provided little eFeetEv one of the dozen eggs the ,, 964 IM
gro school children. He said white ere an Je Jr o a b argal .
bus equipment is valued at $2,- noweesm en, chmste at atti _-t-I___#-
000,0 and Negro equipment at cost. the w1do se to a A" p .
Hinton alo said Negro schools IMU t ft 06 i We. fWtufty pmf llH lD
less than 300,000.vr uHl p Your Piles
have few facilities enjoyed by that the tdi tett ImW1nt1609116 a .* w s
whites and pointed out the value n a short tiy ee you are rtrt umerflh- Bt u to te uttr ll 11. IiPIU 1
of White school property i s$74,- o arr, tt, %fi Rhriu n 'I&n C "u p .,
owipo tobI Chnarond. Upo population Cha n sro M
for Negroes. Ybu can obta i Moowe's a eas dW siwoulen tissues., a. Hews an
And he said many Negro in the I0 betuw. t eny atthetS a
schools have Only one teacher. drug store. It eae to t aro.'-a oL W yon Vr 0
SrHinton told Anderson the small In an"y of ,At at I tl l Olted AVs WI w be'M I
number of Negro children that *" .. ...........i .



Made of DurIble Plastic


Ihtilution Guaranteed by the State
Pays 2% Interest Anuafly on Savinpi AccooaeI

We make loans with guarantee oh first mortapg
or other seourities. .


2s5c. s. $1. and $S.

deposits ore accepted thru a period
of 48 weeks.
Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewlry'and
dooumints. in 4 different sels.
111 Ot CBl Ae at St. a, t R W
eomea of "ttret. t 7tlh u
Mttaescw. Sub-Mamaget.

Prom M Sam te nlt Pm.

iase National Bank

of the City of New York

sources over $S227,000,000.00

General Banking



ret SJeHi tnr.fim g tIumportr amd Exports

3 '

* S
5'..... -




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,. "I

If you've losit It or you've "ud !
If you'd rest it or you'd sell-
Tell th6 people all about It
P.A. CLASSIFIEDS' buy as well

m .. .. .




.-- ,- ^>,- .


. s." ,,'." 8'L.'. *'* ."1 /- 'r "' ""- "r-ar "''* **l' "" .,

i, .n, Cani daign Lambasted BSolons
.." t M. rT. ,A71 I,.".
h Art .. kaithe 1i49 law th is bAa ig n m to u e ost u spo-

,, I1J- iT 1'1* utM rt a mebrothku leoSe raas deetrucrtite- WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 (UP) -odThf Senate Elections rhee srse fundanen.
h for bufegt bo6kmakers the use of who cor- WASHINGTON, Aug 4 (UP) The Senate ElectionS bly submit it to the full senate, tic of some of Butler's support
i -he n- am cationsurt dton Subcommittee yesterday scathingly denounced the "Jekyll- group, said he wil submit a in- tal American principles.
of i.Mds. K S rom Peninsuni Teeone po. Hyde" election campaign of Sen. John M. Butler, R., Md., ority report. It said Butler knew what wasM
el hit ,the fa- e mo r ma lhr e-heabh ohf UE on ad called for drastic revision in election laws to prevent Wesily the r r cmiad n a er g onWe e unde e a
p rS .'t at the ap moved from pbookie spotters' uch tactics in the future. the subcommittee took note of stlnng laws. It added, he had a
Shc ah ou id sh er' h t campaign "abuses" in other elee- "moral responsibility" to keep
.- Ale an o in sh ack outside Sunsahie Park The subcommittee's unanimous report did not ask tons-abuses which it said "are his campaign managers "above
S:" r__ ?olt. Attorney General Rb d Er- for Butler's removal. But it urged legislation which would reaching alarming proportions"- the low level of'exploitintl the*
to 9 ylli g for new "clean election" doubt' as to the loyalty and *
i jdrhe anther .or the ,-- to Continental Press Servie in ,Sle "defamatory literature" in their campaigns. The group denounced the tac- dinfg."
S i2? gaw o JaS l Der'I agl SieuM C uamen, wn New York for leal amln i t also recommended that other Senators not only
i eeiI o rwas charged h vi- those directly involved in the campaign be made sub-
t nd She a the ajct to expulsion if they are found guilty of practices
TArM e e e unS ns h tuona on v urio- showing them "unfit" for their senatorial roles. Jl T O Disco t ON
w if n a WItl BQ *abj,' grounds." The phones in the,* ../
Tw I h .m p 5am ab ack, the petition said, cannot The subcommittee's hearings Ihy, of making "an apparent will-
l e b d m andll be ched be termed "private wires" de- disclosed that Ben. Joseph R. Mc- ful and knowing misstatement of Crystalware Chinaware Porcelain Chinaware
lasta even T he y 6 court W; o Y report.
agib s e8 W b .u i W h l e t h r poth lb C a r th ys d R ., Wei.. p la y e d a p r o m a m a te i a l f a c t ."
the tg th a, t t heInent art in Butler' campaign. Figuring H ehold Ornaments
Woot But Juce R. .. Chapman, McCarthy's office supplied mate- Such an accusation could be iines ho Onaments
e 's bok. S Be I writing the high court's oeon. ra for the tabloid used against the basis for a prlury case a- Costume Jewelry, etc.
lo.n bworep roulst ists Canal i S aid the legislature intended the Butler's opoent former Sen. galnt Surlne. who the subeom-
tm e blue eo f fo r the Pahlfln tede act to crack, down on dissemVna- Mlard E ingsD., Md. mittee said testified he know- -
s hi p to Atlantic tyelamn should be mall tion of gambling data "on the IMnlarly res l ned from the FBI For one W k ol
pe eepho r owned to Mld Cal- part of telephone u atilties." McCarthy promptly accused when in fact he was fired.
with an houer houm. "The legislative Intent is the the subcommittee of "white- While the group did not make
with ane sfhaRoulder polar star by which courts must washing" the cher.e' ..r"4 e- their specific "misstatement"
~ian d r a. i a Wife a Pg Honored e guided, and such intent must ganst Tydlngs was a "good loy charges against anyone, there
S td Ge at Laeheo At erKeo Diner be given effect. even though it American' in sls a...Intuf was considerable conflicting tes-
long mpitta wetre o~ er In o 1Me. J J United tst Mr.. Jennlson. Sr.. of Betan may appear to contradict the McCarthy's Red-in-gov er n- timony during its hearings- a r r s l
organdy-of the same clo Ja r Pan and Mrs. AEkigo, California, entertalnad strict letter of the statute," ment charges last year. principally between William H.
dress, and she art&ed a ouqu J Mrs. Ilisa withi.dner last evening in th Chapman said. Fedder, a Baltimore printer and
of mixed flowers. Mlaita de, yeart5tten gave a PFer L Roo of the Hotel TITollU He bitterly assailed the two Re- McCarthy's aides. I t
S acha her Madence in e- l her granddaughWte Volcan amp Sc t e pubicans on the subcommittee- The ubcommittes report, was L A
-The brides Ml Jea1V.ll V TVtsdta( Mis Tllyn Jennison and her nsobrt drcksonN.J. signed y Chairman Guy M. Oil-
Evera in blue and Mlis ,- fiance, L. Oilmer Young Wag- g ac nd Margaret Chase Smith, Me., letter, D., .. and ens. MikeMon-
Walah, slater of t bride i sau iaet goner, whose wedding takes place D U but added he was not surprised roney. D., Olka., ThOmas C. Hen-
wore eyelet-embroiderd Fo an d V aw* d ,S Iwand h. ih vealng,g and their wedding 11 D* at their actions. nings, D Mo. Hendrickson and ....
d 'gown. m lo with erock- r. aMr. .CenhethNewland pa.. tee guests attended d es w cts er a he said. "they went Mrs. Smith.
the and very bbiduat ,.:klrt.A oe m othe ver the week end the diner given after the re- on record last-year approving It now goes to the Senate Rules
the btlddals bad gd res^idmM w on Diablo =earal. Group on trip .from Cnal t'ydings' whitewush and con- Committee of which the elections b
to mt their gowne eestwere ne ol Camp emnin me for getting rough group Is an arm which will proba-
io thehe s Volcan climbed El Baru, Osi- 'with Commnrlnt."
r, nhbouquets o, Mrs. Abb ir qui Province' this week. R~ketm This referred to a GOP declar-
.Mr..Robert Poh ws .est L Mr .oi ennison, J. mountain peak,. were answered McCarthye'soo tactics which Hen- JUST RECEIVED
and ofshers wsreorMr. Ernest US?- er. ray.. J---AsT REnCEIV.EDSn
M. and Mher. Roert r. es, de resfor th-y et arlesMrW ea cts by boys who' remained in caMip. drdckson and Mrs. smdth -e a-ie
ger and Mr. Robert o t J Amera- on Capt. eCharles Wht- The unit returned via Boquete. mong others- tagnsed. IOr your
S a -- 'dho". "ber Bullock M This is th largt nmtbenr of ~ The subcommittee recommend- t

wihauS'D!h Dm 3leko direction of R. M. Jones.'has m thorities for study and appropri-e Oc ,fAter
In Truman-D uglas Feud al oreastl fo at ct ion r n por OVERS
o givnfftoeeve-ansigned, e .t e, for camping adr er the boys U DeSCORE PADS
WASHINGTON, Aug. 4 (UP)- fougls told the United Press d hsrle are enjoying an active out-door Woten' Activity Club PLAYING CARDS
dressad$ben trta u hat J ohn LMre.. of a ompr..omisde l a stfevtesuppger t theipogam.

Prmident Tr ian's teB t thas. : et oa th.Naval Reservaiion Among the people who have Anniversary Dance Set 'KEM' PLASTIC CARDS .
made a myWthricns r c .ner to- has t e n e ...o mye. He- rt e ..vlsited camp this year are: W."w
day which Senate d rs alld atde I that"star on my pres- nr dd is the con- R. Price, Local Council Presi- Invitations are being issued COME NOW
abid for pe l *Wh .iMHtis. ent mSinX J ion d the Naval dent, L. W. Hesrne, Trodp $ by the Women's Activity Club C n G M
Douglas, DXll., in histeud wit The W apeculaon i in- tpital at Coco Solo. Committeeman, Vincent Biava for their anniversary dance
the Whitel, ii isW. tlnpiteh T.ethat nie gso"Bae Past Council President, Carl R. which will take place next Sat- LtewiS t C e -
judgeshitppolntn.n. e .,h.partn sought the C. to HoMt ,.; Newhard .AbIantic District COomn- urday, Aug. 18, at the Pacific
Alnl that bseide nat itr nitlattc e in th Ar hibt day aitteemA .. ~n, dhfarles Whi- Clubhouse. 4 Tvol Avenue
face-wtas Deputy Attorne Th members of the .Caal taker, Aer can Consul in Co- Armando Boza and his swing Oppoite Ancon P.O.
General Peyton Ford asked l t t Dot l. .anid he Wh Zone Banch of the Natioqal on accompanied by his wife kings will furnished the music. I ON
gotn a one-w. po tponemen o HouSe. Leagp of st.l ttCa n elpenwoen nd rei ghters. Many added attractions are be- i
efsTrnatdmer. yt s sanm ttaUA 'i theswsedow. il e... tsest the oe- r. i loy ill letullyrn trayk oin prepared to enbance the
S n Jone,, Corlnelius I. H$ tDGu- tpor tr run es revealed that ot et of an handtOt ounn m i Ao 13. celebratIon.whch helecio
1ton. Fl Wrad first tr V-ed-.-ie vsen--ro' get ,roin 3:3"0 pm... 5 L0t o p .m at. ...
thu I nth ati of oa v n t r s o our (oWi do pay"
tidem -ilO wthe.-gAdiPeonra i eon, IMan, u,, Tivl of ee Ben-
,-, mthem c il adt (ow i Uo ,t i -. T^ ^. m .W l! II A liK w fa ,fi.ili"
giveMr. Trumsnachancet1w.irwk the itngon eaforn dpon, 'e'lv'e'RYse r it e ,h Ms A v ,.,,T is rfre t, ao Blt.G Pr
out a compromise with Douglas. When this failed, tord made the e ao st an k veh t. A New Shipment
Tha se Mr. Trumaf =s re eque thielf. Also o edi r pa L a hr rlhin
tionof Joseph J. Drucker, wboi McO!ttht and Ford the bate tables the work of ere- A pt m ewner'i-
Doughla opposes, anid substiute White lro as to confer with Mr.o d egre ta a p la o i is ded a ewelerslc*
Benjamin $. Epstein, whom Truman after the postponemebt o '5ter colors by Sara.' Frpe-k .
Doga s r s u wesoas-d IL Jenn ison -' Pyl of Wtsbin ttactics pen- ich*H e
Sm n poio o it ini w i"ld e man se ti n the lad Fine Bone China
rington appointment and drop oddconfirm tHat. Mr- T.imu (5 Sat the HStel
ut thpersons6;neer- e4inbtde
his fight h behalf of William didot know t the postpone- ars ited o had th
S the White House pro taly o die yridg. r .n t MORE VALUE
announced thAit Prosndent,.t smt rdbbser believed tat lFORce,
man had nothing to do with the the whole "pea e'm movettent had w-o-e '- -"-- i
sotpo n.t Jamdsdad W eferr' to tehre let" be- ..
poneacete A I t ub atd o and Bird Studies LESS MONEY
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.= -a .*' e m.



fanama Chosen Site For Nt ar n
S" I 111 1 W I AL

i Colombia Accepted As New

Member Of Baseball Group
Panom6 today was chosen as the site for the fourth
"Latin American World Series" and a petition by Colom-
i b;a for acceptance in the Caribbean Baseball Federation
was accepted in principle.
The delegates from the four members of the federa-
iion Panam6, Venezuela, Cuba and Puerto Rico vot-
e l unanimously on both counts at the second session of
the Congress being held at Hotel El Panama.

The next Caribbean series will
be held in February at the Olym-
pic Stadium, the seating capaci-
ty of which will be increased to
14,000 by the construction of a
Grandstand section directly be-
hind home plate.
Eric Delvalle. owner of the Cer-
*w.ceria Club and Panama League
pCresentative at the congress,
accepted the proposal for Pana-.
as the site, pointing out that
.te Panamanian Government
already guaranteed its "full-
,t assistance" In making the se-
s-a success.
,orTMe proposal to accept Colom-
,l as a new member of the fed-
't}atlon at a later date was ad-
3ced by Puerto Rican delegate
ifluardo Santiago after a long
.debate as to whether or not Co-
."rInbIa was "ready" to enter the
'Cuban delegate Emilio de Ar-
S had held that the Colombian
hitue should be shelved until such
gtfne as that country proved itself
A'on the baseball field and eco-

B Santiago argued that the fed-
gtration should encourage the en-
..try of any other Caribbean coun-
.-trv into the group.
"To show we are in sympathy
.th this view," he said, "we
atHould throw our doors wide
' The Puerto Rican's opinion was
seconded by Panama and Vene-
zuela and then the Cuban dele-
,.gate announced that, rather than
*.cast a dissenting vote, he would
;"go along with any proposal in
-this direction.

. Word was also received from
Mexico that it, too, desired to
2',join the federation and Congress
*president afil Arango said Mex-
lwisi-poaition would be considered
bat the next session since that
..' country was unable to senda del-
.'egate to the current meeting.
The congress will be brought to
a close with the final session at
'the hotel tomorrow morning.

Sports Briefs

For the third time in nine
months, draft officials have de-
cided to check Mickey Mantle,
baseball's rookie sensation of the
spring who now plays for Kansas
Mickey, who played outfield
for the New York Yanks before
going to their farm club, has
been ordered to report on August
20 for another physical. He'll
check in with draft officials at
Miami, Oklahoma.
Mantle was turned down twice
before because of a bone infec-
tion in one leg. It's believed the
new call came because of low-
ered Army physical standards.
"I'm not going to let this up-
set me one bit."'Mantle told his
mother in a telephone conversa-
tion. "If t have to 'oime hack
to take another exam. Okay."
Hospital officials in Boston say
that American League Umpirq
Jim Honochick won't be able to
call "Play Ball" for another week
at least. They say it will take
that long -and maybe longer-
to check Honochick's kidney all-
--n00-- -

The recent basketball scandal
at Bradley University won't stop
the Illinois school from con-
tinuing a "Full Program" of in-
ter-collegiate athletics.
Bradley's board of trustees say
it will be "sports as usual" even
though seven of their basketball
stars have admitted taking bribe
money to "shave" gambling
points in games.
The trustees have asked the
school's Physal ..ducption De-
partament to take new steps in
keeping gamblers away from
athletes. The board promises to
increase its i,4tr-mural sports
program so mnore students canr

Local Rate Softball Champs

: Groom For CIO Championship

* Softball managers are groom- The schedule follows:
;ing their all-star teams for the Sunday, Aug. 12, 9.30 a.m.-La
.1CIO Softball Championship Se- Boca vs. Silver City, at Mt. Hope.
,,ries that will get under way. Sun- Chagres vs. Santa Cruz, at Santa
,e-day. Aug. 12. Cruz.
40 All-star men's teams, repre- Wednesday, Aug. 15, 4:45 p.m.
rentingg Silver City. Chagres, -- La Boca vs. Red Tank. at Red
,wanta Cruz, Paraiso-Red Tank, Tank. Silver City vs. Chagres, at
.nd La Boca. will participate in Chagres.
Sthe round-robin series, the win- Sunday, Adg. 19, 9:30 a.m. -
',tWr of which will receive a cham- Chagres vs. La Boca, at La Boca.
1 p1onship trophy donated by Lo- Santa Cruz vs. Silver City, at Mt.
goal 900, G.C.E.O.C.-CIO. Hope.
;i Each team is allowed a roster
.~f twenty players each of whom Wednesday, Aug. 22, 4:45 p.m.
iLust have been a registered play- -Santa Cruz vs. La Boca, at La
r of the league conducted by the Boca.
playground he will represent in Friday. Aug. 24. 4:45 p.m.-Red
e series. Tank vs. Santa Cruz. at Santa
Protests will be handled by a Cruz.
-rotest Committee, composed of Sundavy, Aug. 26. Q.30 a -- Best, chairman: Sidney Har- Silver City vs. Red Tank, at Red
wood and Arnold Dorville. Aston Tank.
O!M. Parchment will be the direc- Sunday, Sept. 2. 9:30 a.m.--Red
: tor ol the series. Tank vs. Chagres, at Chagres.
o I

Distributors: CIA. CYRNOS, S. A.


A.L. I


Powells I

For 1st 1

In the first game a power
Westinghouse squad defeat
808rd "'" Battery 84-44. W
Inghouse just about had the gE
sewed up at the half as they
by the score of 41-16. Arosem
was high point man for Weti
house with 19 points.. Kraft
high man for "D" Battery w

was given by the Biddy Lea
from Cristobal and Margarita
a thrilling contest Cristobal
heated the Margarita five by
score of 15-13. Little Pabon of
Cristobal team scored 7 point
The evening was high-ligh
by well-played ballgame betw
the league leaders. Caribe
Powells. The first quarter
closely played, but from there
least assure themselves of a
for first place. Dick Sullivan
Powells was top scorer of
game with 13 points. The gi
was given an added spark
Manning attempting to pass
Anderson under the basket, p
through the hoop for two po
from half court.
The box scores of the games
Powells FG FT PF
Sullivan .. .. .. 4 5 2
Manning .. .. .. 4 0 5
Bailey .... .... 2 2 2
Anderson .. .. .. 4 2 4
Brady ........ 3 2 2
Simons .. .. .. .. 0 0 2
Bryant.. .. .. .. 0 0 0
Smith .. .. .. ..0 0 0
Wilson .. .. .. ..0 0 0
17 11 17
Caribe FG FT PF
Simons.. .. .. .. 2 1 4
Hall .. .. .. .. 2 3 2
Capable .... ..1 5 2
Hooer .3 0 3
Smh .. .. .. .. 2 1 1
Welch.. ......1 0 1
Gibson .. .. .... 1 0 2
Oelhoft.. ......0 0 0
Moser ........0 0 1
Pescod.. .. .. ..0 0 0
Swearington .. .. 0 0 0
Highly .. ...... 0 0
12 10 16

Lam .........
Tom L........
Ibafiez ...... .
Arosemena ...
Magdaleno ...
Salas .. .. .. .
Castillo .... .
Tom N. ...... .

Kraft .. .. ...
Tishuk ...... .
Zurbrusg .... .
Wood ...... .
Carrol ...... .
Bianchi .... .
Lambert .... .
Meyers ...... .

3 2 2
.5 1 2
5 1 2
. 9 1 2
. 6 0 1
S6 1 0
.2 0 2
.3 0 1
39 6 12
.8 1 1
.3 4 2
.1 0 1
.2 0 5
. 0 0 0
. 0 0 2
.4 1 0
.1 0 1
19 6 12

The exhibition game:

Craig ....
Garcia .. ..
Crawford ..
Palumbo ..
Burgess ..
Sasso .. ..

French.. ....
Wetzel ......
Gibson ......
Rankin ......
Dider ......
Bennett ....
Price .. .. ..
Bath ......
Sanders ....

.. ..0 0 0
....3 1 0
... 0 0
.. ..0 0 1
.... 1 0 2
.. .. 0 0 0
.. .. 1 1 0
.. .. 1 1 1
6 3 4

..0 0 0
. 1 0 1
. 2 0 1
. 2 1 1
. 1 0 2
. 0 0 0
. 0 0 0
. 0 0 0
. 0 0 0
6 1 5

When it's Pfapt INSIST


Skin Sore
Dl'S It itchingf D a. im.
a i ll k l 1% 1 ,A e
o.P.t... N.... Eg fle your
gr'M d iSEW
That is why NIxodem ickly m
)our akin soft clewr, mooth and
tractwiv. Gat NIx derm from your dr
siut today-" M1 how much betir i
akpn s a4 pX f9~ mums.

league Waxes Hotter As ".

indans Close On Yanks

S NEW IW Alg. 4 (uP)-Tht
Amerkmm L*1gie gat 1 ascram. )
.f t.,C ariD bled up again as the Boston Red
Sox and Cltoltnd Indians cut to h o
the New r ak 4r4 cr 0

rful .* T Up to 1I Thr er Rm tO V t gh

eln- Atlantic Loop- a ght t e ne.a meo a- f M a
e- Prcifc Hoop iLeaguet th reerh t danenfie and eoi orngl a" o ) yt g6 ,.

wfs- 0 pinIad l tic, -. in a IthPo,
,th Shibe Park gw...0 sne aPu-hg a ht contest behind Dempy, neither he r vol wouMce (t
the LEAGUE STANDINGS should be a closely contested af- Me, e arcf r eight-hitnter. hin t ti I c _mpIhl for yer. an wIrth
(Second Half) fair. e t ru n w y about the title begin o "ked aro und hda 7y rear t.
STEAMS- Won Lost Pt. Albrook has been defeated The Ch White Box beat subjection to competition. .
wu Albrook .... .. 1 0 1.000 three times in a row by the Royd the Washlngl Senators, 7-4. In There is. of cours-e p sola even for .thb -r of
e ljeiola Life. ..... 1 0 1.000 al Crown team and are deter- a Griffith o are-light con- action by htn to and Charles do not mt
d Mauricio.. .... .. 0 1 .000 mined to win, but they eel the test and*4Ma ow five and one- actl Jtiotn i 15p, we bon't to wateh KB&[d until tlidn.
the *oyal Crown .. .. 0 1 .000 absence of Carl Paniel ad un- halt ga"i. away from first place. 5 NOB *S OT ., A iaa
the The Pacific Basketball League les thela the gamee ofW "akes- r rn i S sahn-E,.d fr 6,
: wola re efd ftor Walcott's abrog saon

Sourt. The openincoln Lgame willteam thcore the firs in the race or the onran- Jinhing t ed ae s e-htca. im e a h O l hi tr o v a i
n have Lincoln Life vs. Mauricio and wil bea tryep to gete b Git h= aclrtcn-acinbmacka f Srin firs win of w., *^ O"tt'. -t
and the- second game wi feature into the puight up a t ,n1 hist of boxing htt for the heWWht title t
at Ateabrook Flyers against fae theo pFlyes. d.. 0 nt oh ie c ormw lw asruns fea off se rdeen ya mweidl titrorLn
tlhinahaldlobherfor nhehgneamPO--ra t e,0h=e 1 -1,
i Rol tCownteasm r. Julio.he Arosemena tes leads the 1 eag ton, in Boirse inat with a g ro of .00 at the tandem
ng first-half play and withea the oLee (Alb.. .. .. ..o.. 16 the second innnl wthen McDer- regain tte middleweiaht title will en t a heane. .

P addition of a couple keyof players Parsell (Alb.).. .. core but Bob th ted hs -run Orde are coming in for bl oo w of 10 and 200 tickets. S all

1 have made themselves contend- Brady (L-L) .. .. .. .. 128 foot homer intth centerfie wonder that with this ready-made attraction, -Torrl is content
erfr they defeatecond half. This game Luft Maur.) ..up.... 126 bwi acherafterthn Goodman hito l Walott tor th e heavyweight tile away his amden

tand Buddy Roiup h.ut led. Mc- N. J., Lellar. ... .
e 10rown team last Sunday and are two points and if expectedDermott also wsngled rinothe Rernd oS e agend'by a m idlw t t.
Sdetermined to be nox ight for ulo a tough fight for the hon inal tlly in thend sixth. RABBnnn PUNCH ENTR e DDLEWEIGlTd RobTION
havi Lecona Lifehonors,.Mau-iors.dwrlbuedtryomgtog otrbackdWaleott
and tea inde ondtrataedintfeiur but otet h the Belgih at txeePoo wief heenJoy theofi flrst stiMYsut aroud J W

game against Albrok that throm behind to explanhxrtettr foo densta Int o Yankee stadium or a clean m.,iondolar.
Snot be the easy mark forth Arosemeon a walkthe Larry at with a gro of 400000 at the and omhin
n t-half play and wnd AI Rosen'inlesplswhowR McDer- regain tr middleweight title will Ati a oan.
have made themselves contend- Brady ....doubl.. .. 128 foot h r into e toeat the fouleder that with this ready-mae attractionit orrs content

SAthletics. tAs soon as w eotheracad flown back to New York, Ray
e fr the second half. This game L s a rediter ood an to let Walcott tore th e t e a ttributed tilh awayd i h ad o
h A o somer i ra Leyayer aw toa andthe eighth after simr Valo and re laer.e Gene .end .

7 Gug Zertls singled but Early Redhas develop atrained altuo 1etwn Ro
he foofinal tally inon at re ABBIT PUNCH ENTeRa pMo LEWEIGHT S TI AIoome

te0 defeagte r on RoSyGibsoms .. 1in thoe eighth on a walk Larry Accorying to Nat a cme-on for te he first me ga o t e
0 trotn S u4 a .A4 a i tointnt 46 ep At eDoby's and AloWhite singles p lus who saw Ray loset t o Randy, Robinson accused Turpndy's c haIn
0 hldehto h iatg 4h ob Kennedy's doubnthreele t beat th e fouled him of th Nw Yorly with the barr ton rule pnth
4 Chicago at Washington (N). Bston at Ch It Athleti. certaioon that when adhe wo oback to ew tr fork tay
rCleveland was credatited Phildelpha. Brooklyn at natclaimed the tteent attributed to him and aid he had no

TMmerican League t herte ighth aftert.l 1aa atrdin will Geneed adt ts o

BDetrontat 6ten.1 N o ew York. 5 47at .5 1om ()eanc Reds bm t.I the rabbit punch. tow much tthat hurt tm?
Sevel aodk s61 3e .61o nt Phil adyelphia at 1MSe r ot h. "nt"towthe tubl, B Wn Id te r n.h thesrdin the retun ht in iotednt
112 Chicago. n 45 .Tn h5slm t. Louis 47 49 .490 12 1a Stew maint al etWal t t*tavtrle a
0 DeAtroit.T 45 52 Fai4 w ayston 48 0 .4791e a e tWSeto Thiumy e jus a o e-o foprth e Rn Rit

120 Washington 44 6 .440 7 Cincinnati 46 52 69 1 E tt t of t downed the New York pof'R cants, ae
30 B4oso i'teT0e00 0 90 -4t B in a poin th rk n e h o the is
TNew York 080 000 0x-as8 8 2 BMkfoErd 1g-9) x o Cayaothb. Thpeacreedadin
SChicago at Washington (N). Boston at Chicago. Burgess theBoston Braves, 2-1, at The next PWA monthatly the twour- on No. 5. Silvan climbed the tree,
Cleveland ley Fat Philadelphia. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. NATIONA nament will be at eport Davis, t in l he warotchnd agand with her o
8- Detroit at Boston.Nworatt.M Yo kat (N). Tet th the rabbit punch. How much wnb that hurt oimr?
S t Lo itwiAk. Philadelphia at Pitt. 8. favorite bgh. Booklyn Dodgen made the pr4
11 res, 7-4, in a orotes Field a ghr- in teen ladco s appeared for of the day.t
12 SrOND GAME Boston 010 da rk otthe Jl o inls toun meg t at a uai w
13 St. Louis 201 000 100-4 9 Ii T A pi m
4 New York 060 000 0x-8 2 Brooklyn 4 aGrace Dehlinger won low grhess Insted f the regular turn

5 conewYo.1 (000N020-1 2n at4; Cincinnati ........ 5 eltHank Ciwardscore rom Wdth 9I. Mtllh e ma mmoad andeh eatt in ehas cM br, th e
6 Byrne (3-5) and Lollar; Rashi Minner 5-0 ad third Boas with the run that Wr- The next PWGA monthly tour- on No. 5. Siva climonsd the trei ,

4 Wiesler I0-1). Overmire, Kramer, New York .4 the Doder The o rs took a with T7'. played at thePanama Golf uo
S6-6e and Berra. Louis y Feld and the Philadelphi lva carpent ers will ball went in- All in ts roth, annvied wi enter,
4 Alane lea and atr to the I Aough and lan. n. favorit e you at Forthe prize.

S NIGHTGAM Philadelphi GAMES rates, 7-4, i i n a orbes Field at er' Nineteen ladl appeared for of the day.
Boston .. ...... .. .. .. 5 oi nrg .... Th... .._s. ts.... 4 ua wilatndb Ca mesnboa.

1 Cleveland .. .. .. .. .. .. 3 He t ook over the command of The Cardinals drve ramelow gross Inste of the regular tourna
0 Detroiw 9 A6 B osto.n 4 Mll.4 Ha01unoond and moat In eteber, ha Ltade
2 Wai 4 5 A69 I theidbaewithitherWI thtbt Mrs. Klevan tied for a low net Isthmeaet C p-ond ship will e
Philadelphia Overmire........ 2 a gasoline supply company wner al e ot th b. played at the Panama Golf
h and Berra.iiCamp Gorda n Gebargat in Februad to i re all ther the ba ad invte ter
T ANIGHTSGAMES C T A GAMIs a P n to the rgh and landed In a tree ee you at Fort v

Chicago, .. .. ..... 7 ary, 1943, and sailed overseaS eighth inning, giving Barry Brs-
TP Washington .......... 4 with the company in November, eheen his seventh etTnry to the
0 1943. He was stationed in En season.
7 A gland first and landed in France
0 on the famous "D" Day, June 6, MagUe led 1-0 going into the
0 seaJ UVA iC 1944. He fought in France. Bel- Cardinals'elfghth h*e thelat- E AMI FAT
2 glum, Luxembourg, Germany, ter club went ahead on a deun
o Austria and Czechoslovakia. ble. by Red Ssert, two
3 FORT GULICK,/Aug. 4-Major walks and singe BoY GH Te d w AA
3 Joseph J. McCarthy. Chief of the Major McCarthy is entitled to Scheffing and olly Huma L
USARCARIB School's Food Serv- wear the European-African-Mid. then Stan Muslal tripled with
15 ice Division, assumed the duties die East campaign ribbon with the bases ammed to eap the Ha i
of Secretary-Treasurer of the four battle stars (one each for rally. ,
Fort Davis Golf Club Wednesday Northern France, Ardennes, the
TP morning. Rhineland, and Central Europe) Robin Roberts survived a four-
0 Major McCarthy -a native of the Bronze Star, the Army oE run third inning to beat the Pl- |Md ONAC fin a foods
2 Richmond, Virginia- was educ- Occupation (Germany) ribbon, rates for the fifth straight time are tod t stand
4 ated at military preparatory the American Defense ribbon, this season and win hia 14th are today te stand-
5 schools in rNew York and Con- the American Theatre ribbon, game. Fourth mRing in t by ar of qUality all over
2 necticut. He joined the Army as and the World War II Victory Eddie Waitkus, Richie ibur, tl
0a private in May, 1941. and the Medal. Del Ennis and Dick.St ler gave the world. They are pre-
0 following year was sent to Of- the Phillies their winning mar- pared in the most modem
0 ficer Candidate School at Camp Major McCarthy, a bachelor, gin.
0 Lee. Virginia. He graduated as a has been in Panama since Nov. Paul Minner won his fifth Lame aler...but retain a the real
-- second lieutenant of the Quart- ember. 1948, and at the USAR- m the Cubs downed the Bra s. t ... na retato t s
13 ermaster Corps on July 15 1942. CARIB School since March 1949, Vern Bickford was the loser in fllavor. Five generations
this pitchers' battle. have proved Monarch finer foods... the
Atl tiC Pcific BEST by TEST. There ae over 500
Pkcifsc Mosarch under fods. Ask fore in your
Cr icke Coucil $rp7 sDr. If your dealer does not
To Meet Tomorrow st Menu er foods, inquire of:

Representatives O Te Pacifte
Cricket Boar d. the Atlantic
Cricket Council. La g a C.C. andtf
C g usiie C.C. are aehedglesd tamest
at Mount Hope Sadsmi, Sneday,
Aug.7 5,lmediately after ee tir-
0 1nihefaeotuests"DmacyJune,_in of the Atlnemd1to ihe
0a C l .riccket prbedSntesolsatch.

U The meetin has een called to
m COPIO mI ake flnal plans or the Pia Vl i I&A iM
of the lsthmian Cricket Chum- nnw r
L; f uyIonahip Seriest between La Boos w -y
P. C., Pacific side champloWs, and i i n the Republio:
hou ,2 -. ._ .cket .w m m CI ', rTa qIms, S. A. Tel. 00
le*- lanic Crcket Legue.

eS. ____ '., HOM D.,IVERY Tel. 3-!1 ,
.my, Aatg. 12

* *

___ __



-d~ ~

"-. ..

' M mis__ mn


She wuas beo I
elms of 1-0 fo ltaa it"n
in tfe Can1al 6 Wloe er
Mr. Kro ~ered with th
WerdWar t. He vwas grades
V* s fity of Nebraska, was 0i
Sea1 t year. od Is now
with the Ca .a l 5o ehos Ia
No date has been set for i

Boa Voyage and Welcome
Party at Cyc pSolo
Mrs,. FredWroble of Coco Solo
entertained at her home Wed-
nesday with a Bon Voyage and
Welcome party. The party hon-
ored her house guests Miss Ber-
nice Borowy and Miss Bernlce
Wojeck who are returning to
their hbme In Chicago and intro-
duced Mrs. R. K. Griffin, the
wife of Lt. Commander OGrify..
andMrs. Paul CrIy, the wife f
Lt. (jg) Curry who have recently
arrived on the Isthmus.
The guests list Included: Mrs.
T,. L. jaaty. Mrs. W, J. Cottrell,
Mrs.-J., B. Danly.,-Mrs. C. B.
Diehl, Mrs. L. J. Ducote, Mrs. E.
L. Foster. Mrs. E. L. Hamon,
Mrs. W N. Moriek. Mrs. L. B
Jennings. Mrs. F. A. Kraft. Jr.,
Mrs. R. Kelly. Mrs. C. L. Lucas,
Mrs. R. O. Ray. Mrs. F. C.
Roepke. Mrs. R. L. Smith. Mrs.
Maybelle Thompson and Mrs. G.
L. Wallace.
Luncheon Party Compliments
Mrs. Wolft
Mrs. Frank Wolf of Gatun was
thb' guest of honor at a luncheon
which preceded the monthly
meeting of the Woman's Auxil-
iary of the Gatup Union Church
Thursday noon..Mrs. Wolf plans
to leave the Isthmus for a vaca-
tion August 31. Mrs. Golf mre-
seated Mrs. Wolf with a gift of
crystal from the group.
The luncheon tables were de-
eorated with pink and blue hv-
drangesa. Mrs. "pLon Theriot
and members of her committee
were in charge of arrangements.
Those who attended included
Mrs. William Badders. Mrs. S.
B. MauldinMrs. Mrs. Raymond
Ralph. Mrs. J. A. Cuenningham.
Mrs. Leon J. Egolf. Mrs. Howard
it. Harrie. Mrs. Ralph Oraham,
Mrs. George D. Poole. sr.. Mrs.
Fred Wllloughby. Mrs. Leslie
Crtoft. Sr., Mrs. R. L. Penning-
ton. Mrs. Benjamin Brundaie,
Mrs. Elmer Stern. Mrs. Lucy Al-
lenw, Mrs. Howard Munro. Mrs.
Arthur Oaggott, Mrs. Walter
Watts and Mrs. C. V. IIheldegg.
Mr. and Mrs. Howe to Make
Home in New Ham oshlre
, Mr. and Mrs David P. Howe
of Gatun sailed aboard the 8.8.
Panama yesterday after twenty
eight years residence in GOttun.
They will be greatly missed In the
Gatun Community where they
have contributed greatly to
church and commwi.ty !ife.
"Morn" Howe. as sheis affection-
ately known. will be especially re-
membered for her work at the
U.S.O. Hospitality House where
she was "mother" to hundreds of
veterans of World War II.
Mr. and Mrs. Howe will make
their home In Hampton. New
Min Conner to Visit
In Gatun
Mims Collfn Connor arrived by
plane Thursday from Florlda./She
w'l be the guest of her uncle and
aunt MIr. and Mrs. L. L. Bar-
field of Gatun.

Word has been received en the
Isthmus of the marriage of Mise
Audrey Marilyn Deonidt to Mr.
Rabert'L: NOtt", T4 1 0 w
to* wim in To. ew York an

I" DeSmIldt I the ount
daughter of tb Nv. and n .
Lon S. eSnddt of Troy e.
DiSmldt served the Gatun Upkon
V a -t0o for leftrl r



1B "* P d f

1B HOLLYWOOD -(NEA) The I don't mind cheesecake," she NOW PLAYING
Thit rU% be lbong It hew Faces dot.hlps me N PA G
NaFaesAoi "s .... e m ONTEVII)O, Aug. 4 (UP)-
J0,1 W11168e Anderson, ? nour l Plans to abols the president- Youll have a wonderful time with

hisor first fuhum. oa h me a. Th rcmre (In Technicolor)
N h !9eb t she'd two major p0 al parties.
m i.t gIto 3Jwo a Wtract to get it. Congressional passage of the MIDNITE SHOW
the Secretwish C* too anr, all required conati mWkimend- I P.M.
H I^ ^Bml MH K rs s _a eenred a,,ald,"-tvett 01"d.,"do you mert p t =lrodas "pnMe
S t tary took meai years to get rtil been wat for all my tlordo Par- Holwood's mt beautiful girls..
over my Dixie accent," groan life?" ty and the Oppoittion's Nation- In the Screen's Gayest. Raciest,
What paAIZ, rtI rope1 i n fl .rupm are beating at War- the conreoe ote.Tehiolor:
ate'e- s parof ?IThe dtherebees aWa-hsv roe f au of A Romantic Comeies
name in M teAle Mfte ar M-o clicked In "I provieslgtigtjlo
and "The Klue Vel.," bt t will W a &oeisdist for the FBI," the p oed eral Councdil
soon switch his handle to mes and will o hit the screen will be the aori y party l nW
^n e to avoid cog=uWMt again 'In ee oC Anmn." A tal- and thm trfe t he minority.
auch other movie Anderonas ft m ef saw him in a college On the btsk of 016tton re-
4tuchard, Warner and OW. Day ad was bowled over whOU turn, in recn y ars ti" would
'His Alster is actress )ikxy An- he mid he wasn't sure about ge a ioaaol t jn[f e c unci
Thee person, wanting to be a movie star. to the mod t left-ocentter
aed l "r never told people that I Colorado and the or- W K END
wto a r o eRe was her brother," Jim says. "I onalBap sure. le told me: ity to the coservaUve Nation- NEXT WEEK-END
ther a tomi t felt it wouldn't help me in el- Ia4l ruia Wt team In Glen- alists. Tops in Suspense and Unconventional Twists!
to about lywood." dale. ?'lTe 4 y. ook at me and "STATE W
SPr 8tablaton r,', o tarl'" The eerl Council is sche- Doula bnk Jr
c tod..Meet bright-eyed PoUJ Jrsolr,41 ,12 0d u tbo e office March- i-A with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
tha l Peope t 'm going Among the great nation dramasofthe year
Sof e Gibson to make the grade as & to be great l to them, 'How passed the. tnal a-
act outhe requests wit a mre-enouh actress. you kow I i going to be amendment by that date.
said prev th at ling and car-spills for Greer Gar-. JafGofiee Warner's proudest ofe Presddent n AsA
,T a almost c a edat fhto-r 9 son, Bette Davis Paulette God- entry in the New oes 3proces- I tO h rulb t which e lpires
mon In dard and Jennier Jones, wes ston, talki ng M *r e esent ex-
der the new a et ncan gped to do her rough-ad- JAvet .hb ad Ja e first at.-ecutl pre ably wou[Fd 4be ehos.
n s aly Fore1 yn r stunting In '"iWeSt. $a treated a W onas a Broadway l.enai of c9fncil.
na e4 n et he Bow *\-r ""
b", ge fu f t nifman took one look at Ppay con- ade her ow without o system rom 1919 to
pr u Ford asked for in -, ulaing the crew by cheon g to- mu ln as er r beint at.o e t for t 0 time n the
rese g from 4.85 pr.bacco and gave her a fat part. In ea She's Western em pre. The sys-PANA C
A W R C en t o04 It# M ercury line to 10 3 4'ti m 've eversionenate-k ie k in g sTeerraob t he
poiltan ne. ting," groans Polly. "I said W ...l r bth t couil andne
,n andthe mike kept Beet-red Is the color for 19- Congress and a generalTHEAT
Thefirm also asked for a 934' its eeth and snapping at me. year-old Jawnee wisn hee's asked ,m bly to adopt a new consti.
G per -sent itnerease on Fords and almost told Mr. Wellman, 'This is to comment on being chosen one tuton.
t f Mararita nanoaee the. .a 905 percent increase on Its for the birds."' Of Hollywood', 10 i".t beautiful
S oditf bane to N ar W ,g O l al te Will Polly go on with her act- dolls by Tony Beauchmp, pho- Salvation Army
of Mrn -a-veyV...ieth.... in. g career? tographer husband of Sarah '
bras hike on. it Chrysler line. 9.... "I'm not going to pusht any," Churchill. Dd on
both sde per nt on its Dodge line, 0.67 she levels. "If things happen, Ill LUX HEA
Sw. as graded with the per ent on its Plymouth line o along with it. I like jumping The lady wrestlers are being F .:0
I sad Is new astet andtu 9.74 per cent on Its e ut of windows and failing off challenged by Hollywood. Hour New FrNw Organ...O..
Sot line.thorses a lot better than acting." The first bare-knuckle fight It's DANNY boy... In it wonder world of fun of a.... st. e i a.t- te o ffial told reptortersd as *tbetterdan siethe rt irM ."Wrestarde Te neo a opo H R VIE.. R"

Change of sesadeaoe tThat. toe toatlons wgthnth .o B2~.t d who de sud. sus :
eMr. and sta. Jsiams da o"-. Sto flacks dng up a p betwee hair-pullag stff-" Idere ia denly this week rtion Army of Panama T
Balbo have Changed Yvette a her birytheday s t as wheis pered. Ln newco TCyoDhasa o | DANNY K --GR.E TIERNE
deuce from Balboa to quarters la,0. RFps'.... si1 ... *, r L fornsne t a nClr
10 In the .Fort De LesseU Area. P *- bbeyed eautyrsned by Ut, rogeis M arilyn dl n- the a or the MOCOry Service for theoix
Mr. and Mrs. enneth New- the Italian sweetheart rani tlwar e new organ has been Poston a 0 N TH R I I E
established residence at the Ho- ammedfe "Te Wome." weterwe rtomor Msadegh toldrow I T
tel Washington, New Cristobal a closed session of the Iranian .O
M A* .IetShe's no stranger to the sound adthe fisicufs, Thib te 4I on- -" On, -r sa S< Wd- i V
charnge Mof day fothastages." gairIiin.e"m111 oI99 theal s-ervceNf a l "I fl ELteER AL' -" .

10 In he Fort De LesseSenate that negotiations with the 9-yn-laterletwe of weeks a pttpe on their

Mr. and Mrs. Whigam 4 Brltish government mission en C D D P R IoE I
Galed FrIday route here would not affect is 'T he IMea itro
Mir. and Mrs. John Whigan of determination to carry though T DIonMO WN N UNof1 Tin
lotun sailed aboard the p8.. the natlonalizati o of oil fields. R E D U D R I C ES TODAY TOMORROW A 1 "s e B T O GUN
Panama yesterday. They Will visit With lsrs in his eyes, and his and MONDAY
with friendss and relatives in Ir- voice uavern, Mosadeg h said THE I
vingthi, New Jerey for twe I, an' naI bought to a0, on m ADJES.DJRESSES, BLOUSES, A GREAT DOUL CE RtOIN T E TR
months. atocomplete end the 4 years of oil "No One Ever Saw Such Wonderst
gt 5 at 2:9 pm.Itis concession. He pledgedhe would SKIRTS, LING1RiE, B SCew70 ORANGER D
Mrs. Surse Taylor "resign rather han tack s down SKIRTS, LINGERIE, BAGS. St ar t GRANGER. SDAaora KEUR.
to Arrive Monday from that gain." 1 "KING SOLOMON'S MINES"
rs. Bur pJ. Taylor tAdon h- A British mission headed by w oOOy | DNW
ta.. tan e e Lor d Privy eal Richard Stokes For one week only I .
Red'Cross in Cristobal will r- was expected to arrive here by i
.R.R. shipCtoal. Mrs T y- Mssadegh was leaking prim TR 0 Pc _A, --
lor has been'away for the past arily for the bene ft of the ex- B
two months. treme nationalists among the T BOUT OF THE
Senate's members, who feBr he ROBINSON vs. TURN
Youth CIneil to maygive in to the demands of
Meet-Snhday the British. He said "I give my Ass: Lew Arr, h.
There will be a meeting of the assurance that as lo atm O N A s Lw Ar
"Youth Council" at St. Luke's Ca- Premier, no stepsm 's illb enC O 0 L O N "LEAT ERNECKS HAVE LANDED"
thedral Sunday afternoon, Au- prejudice the Hnterest o f he na-
gust 5 at 2:30 p.m. It s hp tio. sha de el nuh NCANTO THEATRE CAPITOLIO THEATR
taht as many young people Will my office if an attempt is made Dvid 5ian John Apr John Wayne
attend as ran. Please notify t. to take advantage of the situa- .i... in Robert oo)hn M Jhn ry Wiyn
Luke's Cathedral if transporta- tion and deprive the nation of its i ATHROUGH "THET
tion from the train will be need- rights." 0a/ ( MIa I OUSQ lr '.rTH lR EXPENDABLE"
ed. Final plans for the Youth .9anca |aaau h se O Also: Doris Alyo
Conference will be made atthis. Mossadegh thanked the "untir- HGordon MacR. in Als e Powell, in
time. Ing efforts" of W. Averell 1-.arr--Showing Tonight 0.- i ,i .1'Th Ir "ln (' "TEA FOR TWO" ".TWO WV FS WITE
man, the United StOte mediator, -S.n.M AR.IJM Y-WSonU(inUU.. .. ....LOVZ"
miss 5atiftl to who had succeeded In.bringingL EAWIELA -- .";'-".-w THEATRE VICTORIA
ail F Friday the British and Iranian tge- WARN an S E Ai TIVOLI THEATRE VICTORIA THEATRE
Miss L. Satriale of Cristobal their for talks on the bitter ol -A0-AFO RD -- Al o: -E
will be among the passeners pute which had completely cut Doris DAY Gordon MacRAE Lat ,nKingofForest Rang ""

Dr. M' -Thew mI Alson he fun

a et Panama C ity, will ben the gues "t 3 a Dr s f t m r
pastor at the Qatun Union

Church u__dy at o M A EL RANCHO cn fix lun! UWl

The regu iDOrly t f n Tated meetingI I
will be. he at the Cristobal "Do Crobe T iceer

Special Cocktail Prices. .5t

* Manhattan

* Martini

* Old Fashlon

* Frozen OAlquri


1-. ; -

Fruit Supreme an Maysebluae
Pare WOungt
Pate do l OGresm on Asple
Consomm" with Verlceli
Calf's Liver 'Saute with Bacon 1.00
Whole Baby Corbiu la
Minute ......... ....... i. 1
chutlBy Petteas Creed uas
Merenge Glace
Coffee Tea Bee

_ ~~L~LULI

_.. ~~. ._..,.I-

, bdowiladimmkol





I.- .:

TUr (..U.. --, mDIPRNDlmT,

.''*- .. .

',-, ,j

- ~AT~4t~

IUSE .^Sf SfV fyE
-n R n~ *^y~"^n^MEs'D-~k

Leave your ad with one of our Agents or our Offices

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Photer 9- .'1

Parque de Lemepl

Wo. 4 Fourth of July Ava
Phone 2-9441

I0.0.59 1Melndez .Ae
Phone 2.?3- (nl6n


"BARGAIN! Leavng. L.v.ngroom. d.n- FOR' SLE--Trucks- One GMC. 5
ingroom, bedrcom set Nc 19 I :r., 1947, excellent condition
46th Street Apt I Tel 3-3392 I GC 2 1-2 ron. Army lype. 10
"---- i heel'. 19-42 One Internathcnal
BARGAIN! Furn.aure. pieces or set 2 1-2 Ion. 1947. long chassis In-
IMohcgan1i. 8 cubc t Norge tprnao,cnol 2 1-2 Ion. 1947. short
Refrigeral..r ?200 b .rn.r I:. cha".is. One Mack 5 ton, 1947.
, Hand woen wool rugs Sler Tone! excellent condition Telephone 2-
' Rado $20 IcabinEt model'. No 0610. Panama
18. Boyd Ave Tel 3-
i,. 0543. FOR SALE -1950 Mercury 4 door
vi_______ _--- 9.000 miles with rad-o $1.750
'FOR SALE:-Leoing lithmuc. Me- Phnoe Corozol 85-4269.
tal Simmons bedroom, 2 mahogany
parlor room set, kitchen set, plants. FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet Bell-
Westinghouse 7 ft. refrigerator Air, Power Slide. One 1948 Nash
" porceloin cabinet 25 cycle, radios Ambassador 4-door sedan over-
-r tcdio testers, porch wicker set drive. Gotun 5-126.
S''Radar & Electronic Courses."
'Miscellaneous, silver jewelry cost REPLACEMENT PARTS CUSHMAN:
;"ri price. House No. 1, Melendez will receive new shipment of parts
- "Ave. between 4th-5th Sts. Cristo- on Tuesday August 7, Cushman
bol 3-1232. Agency Tropical Motors.
- POR SALE:-Easy Spindrier washing FOR SALE:-1933 DeSoto, new 550
-' mach-ne 60 cycle practically x 17 tires. $75.00. Can be seen
A'ew 544-A, Curundu Heights, across from Gotun Post Office.
Phon e 83-2114. FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker Regal
I .a l

FOR SALE:-Porch screens 9 ft. win-
S*ow shades 54 in. carpet sweeper,
eiL..4mall chest drawers, electric clocks
-Z 4R5 cycle youth bed and mattress.
:-C"'Misc. household articles. 5433-A,
Ii ..Diab'o.
FOR SALE:-General Electric four-
-' ,,Jburner stove, excellent baker, very
good condition, practically new.
.. 'Con be seen Saturday morning or
all day Sunday at House 2321-B.
.'Giontractors' Area, Curundu. Phone
so PAD 3285.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse washing
m.a*. ochine only $30.00; seven 54 x
,i aluminum blinds. 25 cycle, 7
X_; -*. Westinghouse refrigerator.
.* ..0584-C. Mindi Street.

J.f.OR SALE:-Awnings, canvas with
S. iron frames, 5 for $25.00. Beauti-
ful carved camphor chest drawer
combination, $90.00; Singer ma-
j chine foot model. $35.00; Framed
b' tapestry size 52" x 71", $5.00;
Framed tapestry size 27" ,x 60"
$3.00; 3 wooden window cornices.
.50 cts. each, used curtain rods.
odd pieces of Chino and glass
; ware perfect for buffet suppers, odd
tables, need painting. Silex Coffee
A. 4bker; above priced, very gheap..
., ;.Hpuse 779-D. Tavernillo Street,
all day Saturday or.. Sunday,
FOR SALE All oorcelo.n refriger-
atcr. 15O 0 0 large and small dry
closets, desk Chna closet, tables.
chairs, and m,scellonecus house-
hold goods. House 601 A, Ancon
,FOR SALE -Refrgeroior 25 Cyl. 9
- ft 3'"ears quarartee on New unit.
._..-small 25 C,I washing machine,
kitchen metal too cobinet, single
"bed compete double spring and
mattress. Odd Sl-.elsei Call 25-
... 3674.
--FOR SALE.-All porcelain. Westing-
,, house 8 foot Refrioerator. $125.-
00. 1 Studebaker 1950 De Luxe
Champion, Storlite coupe, $1,500
00. Phone B1Ilboa 3193.

De Luxe, 4 door sedan, $1,900.
Call 1 to 6, Curundu 3194.
FOR SALE:-Dodge Army Carryall.
House 98-C, New Cristobol, one
block of Roosevelt Ave. between
8th and 9th Sts.
FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4 door
De Luxe 1,600 miles, rubber un-
derseal. Tel. 83-4176.
FOR SALE: 1941 Chrysler, New
Yorker, 4-door sedan, in very good
condition. Phone Coco Solo, 36-

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Foreign woman, English
speaking as housekeeper, care
small child. Must live in. Apply
for interview Fuller Brush Store,
No. 18 J Street, Panama.
WANTED:-Good cook.. Must have,
references. Do nof apply if not
competent. No. 75, Peru Ave. up-

A substantial reward will be given
for the return of a Diamond Pla-
tinum Ring and a gold ladies
wrist Watch lost at the Tivoli Ho-
tel about two weeks ago. Abso-
lutely no questions asked. Call
telephone 3-4304.
TEN DOLLARS reward for return of
kit of tools in block case marked
G. A. 0. No question asked. Orr
4 Limon St. New Cristobal 3-1862.

Jobs Offered
WANTED:-Four young ladies and
young men with advertising ex-
perience. Apply American Protec-
tion No. 47. Apt. 23, Central

p 0 s 1Avenue, Panoma. In Colon 6th and
La p, Fence, Palms Balbo Ave., Colon.

:Mit Pavement;
Wind Blows 35 MPH LESSONS
-i::t was blowing up a storm this Modern Swing Piano Instruction for
e4,.rning at a rate of 35 milesgn beginners and advanced students
hour in the Canal Zone. In front Fees moderate. Bennett's Studio.
gaWfthe Balboa Police Station a Juan B. Sosa No. 9. Tel. 2-1282.
,Ig0et light globe blew off the
while In the area of the Fir
"A-eball Park, the heavy canvas F St Hurricane
,Ternee was thrown into the park- '
,tgsection In frcnt of the Corn- To Open Season
missary Annex.
.-4everal palms fell down in the Roars In Atln i
tJjlway of the Port Cantain's a t
Jdtice, and police were called toMIAMI, Aug. 4 (UP) Aor trohe
clear the way. Ancon wasn't pical storm origin 4 (atUPing in tro-e
exempt from the short furies of
ghe would-be storm when a limb South Atlantic roared north to-
ot a tree shorted thecurrent af- day far to the east of the Flori.
-oiw-it hit some electrical wiring da coast.
Near the Police Station, and a
section of Morgan Avenue was Hurricane forecasters at the
Wtrlcaded until It was cleared United States Weather Bureau
C palms. here said the disturbances were
centered about 225 miles south-
n east of Bermuda at 6 am.
ST H URSDAY! I It packed winds estimated at
60 m.p.h. near the center. Gales
'r _\ I extended 80 to 100 miles north-
:- 11 N I~ A& I ward from It

,! 'I" !MAR!L Imtl PEYTTL

No 55 Wei 1th Street

Minimum fai
12 words-
le each ad4ltlonl
s'ord. W
-. .. .

No. 57 "H" Streei-Panama
No 12.179 Central Ave.-ColLm.

Do you bey o drinking problem?
Write Alcoholics Aionymem
1Bo1 2031 Ancon. C. Z.
Bids w.II be received in the office of
the General Manager, Commissary
D.,i.,on. Mount Hope, C. Z., or
SJpply and Service C.rector. Bal-
boa Heights. C. Z., until 3.00 P
Al Thursday, August 23, 1951.
when they wIIl be opened in public,
for the sale of 20 Holstein heifers.
r., four lots, from the Mindi Dai-
ry, Mount Hope. Canal Zone.
Fcrms of proposal with full par-
ticulars may be obtained in the
office of the General Manager,
Commissary Division, Mount Hope,
C. Z., or the Supply and Service
Director, Balboa Heights, C. Z.


FOR SALE: One Single Wheel auto
trailer, one table RCA radio, one
25 cycle, 9 foot Westinghouse re-
frigerator. House 813 1-2 Empire
Street, Balboa. Phone 2-1361.
FOR SALE: Very cheap. National
cash register. "Sanitary" meat
grinder, 600 Ibs. on hour. Freezer
suitable for restaurant. Ham slicer,
gas stove, 4 burner and broiler. 4
Neon lamps, 48", 3 tubes. Ist St..
No. 7, Vista Hermosa. Tel. 3-
FOR SALE:-Piano Winter Spinet, 18
months. Cost $850.00, now $475.
00, Q St. No. 5, Apt. 12.
FOR SALE:-Fine-bred Puppies. 10
weeks old. Vilor family. End of 9th
St., Burrioda Ponomi America,
Lefevre Park.
FOR SALE:-Car radio for 49 or 50
Chevrolet. $50.00. 1424-C, Carr
St. Balboa. 2-3530.
FOR SALE: Amateur Transmitter
all bands. Phone and CW 813 final
will sacrifice $300. Also Collins
75A-1 receiver. Tel. 3-0993, Pan-
FOR SALE:-Corr.merciol Refriger-
ator. 12 holes, 2 temperatures,
operate on one unit, completely
overhauled and rebuilt, SAS Cake
Shop, 224 Central Ave. Lux
FOR SALE:-Baby's crib, Simmons
spring cotton mattress, baby's pot-
tie seat, Eastman 8mm movie ca-
mera 3.5 lense, all in very good
. condition. 8185-A; Margarita 3-


FOR RENT:-Furnished rooms with
porch and kitchen. Apply Chose
Bonk Bldg. 1 1th. St. Bolivar
Phone 233 Colon.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room, spa-
cious. Private entrance. No. 5. Da-
rien Street Apt. 4. opposite Pan-
ama American. Tel. 2-3189,
FOR RENT:-In Bella Vista, nicely
furnished room, independent en-
trance. M6xico Avenue No. 69,
near 43rd St.
FOR RENT: Clean, comfortable
furnished rooms, maid service.
Centrally located. "I" Street No.
5, telephone 2-1541, Panama.
FOR RENT:-Nicelh furnished clean,
cool room, meals available. Bella
Vista 46th Street. 18-A upstairs,
phone office hours 2-1693, even-

Special for August. Room .wah
private both $35.00 per monih.
$20.00 for 15 days Meals a ao
carte. Reservations Tel. Pan. 2-
Williams Sonta Clara Beach Cottages.
Two 'bedrooms Frigldoires. Rock-
oas ranges. Balboo 2-3050.
Phillps. Beach cottages Santa Clara.
Box 435. Bolboa. Phone Panama
S3-1877, Cristobol 3-1673.
Grortmich's ,- Santa Claro beach-
cottages. Electric Ice boxes. gas
stoves, moderate rates. Phone 6-
541,s 44567.

Modern furnished-unfurnished aport
ment. Contact office No. 8061. 10th
St.-New Cristobol. Phone 1386. Co-

FOR RENT:-Best small apartment
value In town. See it and compare,
no obligation, Poitilla Airport Rd.
No. 121.
FOR RENT:-Beautifully furnished
oportmenf, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths.
best neighborhood, Bella Vista,
from September Ist, for 4 months.
Tel. 3-2009.
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom apartment,
recently built, maid's room. "D"
street "El Cangrejo" Tel. 3-0460.
FOR RENT; New, modern, well
ventilated, and screened apart-
ments. Anson Avenue No. 61. Ml-
guel Hive, Phone 2-2446.

FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
one bedroom and bath, Belta Vis-
to, 45 dollars, with, Frigidaire, 50
dollars. Tel. 3-1648.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished apartment
near American Embassy. Two bed-
rooms, livingroom, diningroom,
balcony, Peru Avenue. Corner 11,
36th St. $80.00.

FOR RENT:-Two bungalows. Three
and two bedrooms. Sobanas road.
Apply at 810. Tel. 3-3041.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-Leaving soon. Will sell:
16 foot boat, grey inboard en-
gine; 16mm movie camera, pro-
jector. Call S-325.

WANTED to exchange. 60 cycle
General Electric washing machine
motor for 25 cycle motor. Phone
WANTED:-English flat saddle or
McClelland,' English preferred.
Phone Balboa 2307, Lewter.

WAiiTEoQ-1-2 ton pick-up Good
condition. Call Monday 4 to 6. Cu-
rundu 2208

Weill a aB ** a..

ng 3-1789. zabe Philip

Florida's Bookies Will Visil Truman

Lose Out In Private In Late October
e WLONDON, Aug. 4 (UP) -
Racin Wire Case Princess Elizabeth and Prince
Philip announced today they
TALLAHASSEE, Fla., Aug. 4- "have accepted with pleasure"
Some 500 Florida education lead- an invitation from President
ers recommended today that the Truman to be his guest on a vt-
State's schools adopt their own sit to the United States this
civil defense programs and be- October.

gin teaching students how to take
care of themselves in case of at-
omic attack.
The educatorstn concludino' a

five-day conference on citizen-
The- storm which shows signs shio education and civil defense.
of becoming the first hurricane called on Florida's schools in
of mIe official season. was mov- these Iroubied times to teach the
iie northvxest at about 201 m.p.h value of honesty. Integrity, self-
It was exp-ctea to pass to the reliance, tolerance and loyalt,..
east of Bermuda.
Shiping n th

Shipping inm the

for S1800.00
S1700.00. Ca
1411 afte

area has been

will sell for
ill Cristobal
r 6 p.m.

"YI iei uUri way u Oife is Listrit-
ened by apathy, Indifference, and
even disloyalty from within and
by an alien tolltarlan force from
without, it Is imperative that all
our resources-especially our sys-
tem of education-be mobilized
to meet the threat," the teach-
ers' report said.
In the teaching of civil de-
fense, the report said. "the use
of fear as a motivating force
should be avoided."

An announcement from Clar-
ence House, residence of the
young couple, said they would
visit Washington October 24 to,
The trip to Washington will
fnllnw a store tour to Canada.
It was not yet known whether
Elizabeth and Philip will visit
any other American cities.
It, will be the first American
visit lfor both Elizabeth, 25, and
mother of two children and the
30-year-old Philip, who has just
given up a sea career to help
his wife in her rigid rouMne of
public ditties
Eliabeth was only 13 when
her parents. King Ceorge and
Queen Elizabeth ate hot dogs
at Park with the late
Presidi-nt Roosevelt during their
pre-war visit to the United
B h e once told American


where the
are viced LOWER
than the cheapest.
Why not sa*e money
buying the best?

279 Centra] Ave.
Tel. 8-140.

16 mm Sound Projector
Revere .. $229.50.
(adjoining Internatiw al Hotel)
and Cameire ite
(Lobby Hotel i gM un )

20 Tivoll Ave. Apt. 1
Office: Tel. 2-3387 Rome: 3-4'
HOURS: Monday uhni Friday
S to 12 'anm.
Monday. Wednesday, Thursday
8 to 8 p.m.
Saturday 9 am. to 1 p.m.

KEROSENE Mantle Lamp
60 Candle Power of Modern White
Light. Burns SO Hours On 1 gal. o
Keroseqe. Van S4% AIR Only %
KEROSKEN. Absolutely Safe It
cannot Explode. Requires no gener-
ator or pump. No Smoke or Odor.
So Simple a Child Can Operat. It
$9.95 Lowest Price
ever Offered In Panama,
All Parts AvallWe .
On Sale In All HARDWARE aid
Distributor: -
Col6n 9th St. & Balboa Ave,
Tel. 303
PanamA 93 Central Ave,
Tel. 2-2W87

,J4. glass, wood and aluminum.

window shade.

The new
amazing low
R. A. COWES y Cia.
Tel. 2-0756 Ave.Cuba No. 67

friends how she listened enth-
ralled to her parents' accounts
of that visit, and ever since it
has been her dream to make the
trip herself.
Today's announcement said
the couple would stay at Blair
House in Washington as guests
of the President.
"T h el r Royal Highnesses,
Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of
Edinburgh, and the Duke ot
Edinburgh, have accepted with
great pleasure the Invitation of
the President of the l(.ilted
States to visit him in Washing-
ton from October 24 to 26., it
The visit will give the Prin-
cess an oppo. unity to renew her
acquaintanceship with Marga-
ret Truman. whom she met
during Miss Truman' recent vi-
sit to England.

OSGOOD, Ind. (UP)-A house-
wife threw some cherries that
had spoiled Into her chicken
yard. Later, she noticed the
chickens staggering around and
apparently dying. She ran to a
neighbor's, who told her the
chickens were drunk.

4 ^^----

From Madeira. 38 days across
the Atlantic to Trinidad. On this
leg, fearing hurricanes, they
were hove to a total of 100 hours.
It was early in the year for
hurricanes, but their barometer
was dropping, the radio was on
the blink and the skies held all
the portents.
They later found the barome-
ter was on the blink too. Most
of the hurricane portents stem-
med from a big volcanic eruption
in the Cape Verde Islands.
Because they could not pick up
time signals on their radio and
their chronometer was not all the
navigator of the Queen Elizabeth
might wish. the last fortnight a-
cross the Atlantic was sailed on
dead reckoning
The weather In the final week
permitted only one sun shot.
Yet they were only six and a
half miles off course at their
Trinidad landfall.
After lust under a fortnight in
Trinidad. and 10 days sailing.
they were two and a half miles
off In their Cristobal landfall.
The Katwinchar has spent a
week at each end of the Canal.
Her crew proclaim the hospitality.
help and kindness they hav4 re-
ceived to be indispensable.
Their radio is more or les re-



mmumb. .

stored to health and happiness
So tomorrow they thrust off
on the longest haul of the trip.
They have .provisions and water
for 60 days. besides a water dis-
tilling equipment which will give
them more if necessary.
Originally they planned to go
via the Galapagos, but the Ecua-
dorian government wanted 15
dollars to permit them to land,
there to take on water.
Explicit though Informal in-
structlons have been issued by
captain Eddie as to what the
Ecuadorian government may do
with its water.
From Nukuhiva, their Marque-
sas mark, they hope to sail down
through Samoa and Fiji to Syd-
About the time they arrive In
Sydney there is a big yacht race
from Sydney to Hobart (Tauma-
nia i.
They hope to take part In this.
maybe win it, and so draw Tas-
manian attention to the fact that
they've arrived, and now how
about all those good jbbs in the
land of opportunity?

Happy Harvey!
Relax Harvey, all Is well,
A Job you found, as we ean teat
Our Want Ad you answered to a
n e pedent. wit ..
Soon you'll be president. widt In






1-11; ;-. ---


_ -- _



'US a epns

Aviai(i Cadetol

Training Program
The Bureau of Naval Person-
nel has an oukced that the Na
val Aviation. Cadet program
suaDended -tfr civilian candi-
dates since October, 1950, Is now
reopened for .men between the
ages of 18 abd 24.
Selecteea will be ordered t(
flight training for a period o:
18 months and upon satisfactory
completion of this assignment
they will be commissioned En-
sign In the Naval Reserve oi
Second Lieuteant In the Ma-
rine CorpI Reeve. In order tc
fullill requlwei nts for the Na-
val Aviatott Cadet program
candidates unlUt be unmarried
and muqt- agree to remain un-
married until commissioned
They must.also have completed
a minimum of two full acade-
mic years aatisbactbrily at an
accredited college or university
Local aspirants to the Naval
Aviation Cadet Program are In-
vited to visit the Naval Re-
serve Section at Fifteenth Na-
val District Headquarters or to
call Navy 2263 for complete In-

(Continued from Page 1)
students to' feed them the exam-
ination questions in advance.
An Army spokesman implied
that the 90 cadets facing expul-
sion Include some who gave help
as well as those who received it.
"The giver of improper assis-
tance is equally guilty under the
honor code as the person receiv-
ing assistance," he said.
Officials at West Point sa l one
unidentified cadet disclosed the
existence of the conspiracy.
What the honor committee
found shocked Army officials all
the wayup to the very top. The
investigation was taken over by
the Army Inspedtor General and
finally by a special board, com-
posed of retired Federal Judge
Learned, Hand, retired. Lt. Gen.
Troy H. 4idleton, president of
Louisiana State University, and
retired Maj. Gen. Robert M. Dan-
ford, former commandant at
West Point.
The board recommended unn -
nimously that all of the cadets
be expelled and Collins, a \vct
Pointer himself, Indorsed the
An Army spokesman said that
any of the cadets have the right
to demand a court martial, but
most are expected to accept a
"general discharge" which is
neither honorable nor dishonor-
Such discharges would prohibit
thpm from ever being commis-
sioned as officers, but still leave
them subject to the draft.
A selective service spokesman.
said any cadet dismissed from
the Military'Academy before gra-
duation is liable Jor Induction.
Just like any other youth in the
draft age bracket,
The Army was not able to pro-
vide figures immediately on pre-
vious mass expulsions from West
Point, but officials said there
never have been more than "a
few cadets at a time" dismissed
before. Present strength of the
Academy is 2,520.


(Continued from Page 1)
mania? No riches expected,
perhaps some job linked with
yachting and the sea, fresh
work among new friends. And
more room for body and mind.
Eddie and Dennis began
planning the trip about last
October. Bill joined in a bit
They sailed from Christ-
church April 15, then finally
left England from Falmouth
April 21
SA fortnight's sailing found
!them in Madeira. There 'they
remained a fortnight, took on
stores, and were clnarmed by
the courteous demeanor with
which the local merchants
bilked them.

rape to carnal knowledge. Rafte-I
punishable by death in North Ca-
rolina, carnal knowledge offenses
by up to 30 years in prison.
The jury's verdict was "a di-
grace to the white race," Judge
Grady said. He doubted whether
another trial here would bring a
conviction and said he told Soli-
citor E. R. Tyler: "I would move
it out of the county to get a jury
with sense enough and character
enough to dO the right thing."
Newsome's attorneys said they
were considering asking for a ha-
beas corpus, but have made no
move to free the heavy-set, wavy-
haired prisoner yet. Tyler said
he wbuld draw a new bill charg-
ing Newsome with rape for pre-
sentment to the October Grand
The jurors themselves thought
their verdict "exactly jupt."
"The Judge and the :solicitor
advised us along the lines of the
law and we followed their ad-
vice," said J. P. Wheedbee, a mer-
chant, "No other verdict could-
have been returned under the
County Clerk Arthur W: Greene
said Grady's "tongue lashing"
stirred up resentment here. The
Negroes were upset about the
verdict, and the whites about the
judge's denunciations, he said.
"We don't expect any trouble.*
Greene added. "The relationship
between white and colored people
here has been Ideal for many

BASKING IN 1-Ti SUN and the smllesg
Cpl. George Relah, left, and Cpl. Jae RS
at Hotel El Panama's outdoor swimminR
was chosen as the USARCARIB "Sldier i
selected Cpl. Relsh as his companion for th
El Panama which goes with the "Soldier of.

MRS. ROBERT ENGEILKE zeros In on a clay pigeon at a local
skeet range as 1set Lt. Alder P. Bettl coaches her on the 1
amount her "lead" should be. This Itring is in connection
with the Antiaircraft Civilian Auxiliary Program (AACAP)
currently at the half-way point. The civilian volunteers are
becoming increasingly interested In. this training program
which is swiftly moving to the climax of graduation exercise
on August 28th, according to Maj. Manning E. Hutchinson,
Officer in Charge of the program.
(U.S. Army Phot)

Elderly Judge Outraged

As Dixie Jury Frees Whte
-.... O. .,




WINTON, N.C.. Aug. 4 (UP) -
An outraged old judge ordered a
white -man acquitted of a morals
charge involving a 15-year-old
.girl back to jail yesterday on a
rape warrant for the same of-i
fense, declaring bitterly he was
"ashamed of my state."
Eighty-year-old Judge Henry
A. Grady, the oldest Superior
Court jurist in North Carolina,
furiously 'denounced the all-
white male jury which acquitted
Frank Newsome, 45-year-old ten-
ant farmer's son, and said if he
had his way "none of them would
ever sit on a jury again."
"The evidence was overwhelm-
ingly In favor of the state. The
verdict was based solely on the
fact that the prosecuting witness
was a colored girl and the de-
fendant a white man." the digni-
fied. white-haired jurist said.
Newsome, married and the fa-
ther of three, operates a delica-
tessen in Mamaroneck, N.Y. He
was arrested last June and
charged with attacking Hattie
Louise Hoggard.
The slim, quiet Negro girl told
officers Newsome hired her as a
baby-sitter while he was Visiting
his father here. and raped her
five times at her brother's home.
A Grand Jury from this rural
northeastern county, whose popu-
lation is 62 per cent Negro,
changed the Indictment bill from



-.... .~:, : r~:;:~~ ,

'. f


I "a4 1 4 %,u


,,, ,JackL i

M PNi **adam office has nO desk, One of tin richest lus
SSen nenherg''offiloe ha an acre of desk..
M. -w now of e paper.
.TO E se

as crowded out of "ou"h PaG".. But so was the unpublished
ly Jack Laot

Walters plays it'o and ten... t- e revue,"wo or the
ho few years k, the has nore was brushed of t rby the critics
.J,.But~n gartenhamnhr of ae as an acre of desk..t
Sht..ut tody's No. 1 behindt- bigaradesk a bi"Hfont.. High The
; -1enirght editor at the. Journal-Am ble andmaries again any

', e New T okets Treview of "ho We Bot" Cot os that Abut
Gau 1..rr .s m Was d Born T.he a t a not aln the siture
....Oette to tinDan," ,from "f.s-and r' (outp t eta-tloler)
crowded., o o oh A itio".,,But sowvas -Wempublished
BoM1re& Hmm~ersfein sont, "The Loveliness of ZventW'....CY
Ate plays t' ow and tlien...In the revue, "Two for the
no Lto oew s Mak, the more wag brushed off by the critt
naoth g...But today's No. 1 ht1V parrader, "How High The
Moon," came from thit debacle.
l n w e Its you $5 for a meathful of the 100yI-yr
,-" a umervela dy at the Stork Club,..The trade
-a tr h te = t0n awoatl cable and moteOwSve
"dexend TV to the West Coaot eo or sabut
1. r... to Ai T a& T., the earliest poible


By Joseph and
WASHINOTON.-There is, for the first time,
solid evidence of serious trouble between the
Soviet Union and Communist China. The most
recent sign of trouble occurred when the eight-
een slogans approved by the Chinese Politburo
for the Chinese Army Day on Aug. 1 omit-
ted all mental% of Joseph Stalin.
The omission is universally interpreted by
the expe s a an open snub by the Chinese
Communists to the Soviet dictator and thus
to the Soviet Union. Its significance is pointed
up by the fact that Marshal Tito had -his
first warning of the Impending storm when
his name was omitted from slogans in the
Moscow May Day celebrations.
But even before this matter of the slogans,
there was extraordinarily significant evidence
of p bible discord between the Russian and
Chinese Communists,
This took the form of seven long articles
by leading Chinese communist party function-
aries, published in July on the occasion of
the party's 30th anniversary, and forwarded
very recently to the State Department by
the American Consulate General in Hong
These documents point directly to a number
of coneluslons, of which the most important
may be summed uo as follows:
Mao Tue-tung, Chinese Communist leader,
considers Communist China an ally of the
Soviet Union.- but an independent and co-
equal ally.
Moreover, far from contention himself with
the role of a. mere satellite leader. Mao Tse-
tunR considers himself the ecual,. and in an
ideological sense the superior. of Joseph Stalin.
The possibilities of trouble with the Soviet
Union in this independent stand of the Chin-
ese Communist leader are very obvious.
Here are some. but by no means all, of the
Iteina of evidence which lead to this con-
First, of these seven official articles, four
make no mention of Stalin's name whatso-
ever. This In itself is enough to prove that
Mao Tee-tung's China is no wholly-controlled
satellite on the eastern European pattern.
Second, the deification of Mao Tse-tung
has been substituted in China for the delf-
le0atlm of Joseph Stalin.
a an rtiale- by the Vice-Chairman 9f the
Pd-mot. DOament, in which Stalin's' name
SMliW sed., Mao's name ls used forty-seven
w aalway with.the same breathless adula-
ti surrounds Stalin's name in the So-
1tn J tn Or the European satellites.
Th M CCoimmunist exhftat1tfie appear
at the nde t a number of t-l ticles., but
i a litenie t change. The punh line is
l.-'M"LftU thbe Olorious alnt" but "Long
P .. TS-t a .e1-1 at. er~aiWer and.
sai W_ cena popl' revoltltonI"




(iter AMeselis fa on -eeeof.
Wa :oae -Lee, Bo& M I
be, 01 the Americat hs MC
V:w Artists, isub fti
r i o aday as specWal t

MW.yORi Billy .Masik
onee told me no actor
jloin untoi. "It isn't art "
he aid. "Unions are for lab-
Speople who dig ditches.
O 'Uan artlte. You should
have ajar dust in your eyes and
muuil u your heart."
J believe he meant It siae-
lI. He liked actors. He use to
say, "To me actors are lke
people. But the chorus girls
fn 9hi theatre were -working for
fifteen dollars a week. even
:a's a week, four shows a dajY,
five. on Saturdays, forty-five
hours of rehearsals, no con-
tmts, no security bond, supply
ur own shoes and keep Mll-
It's tough being artistic n-
der those condi onLs W
wants to know from stardust In
your eye when your feet hurt?
Twenty-five per cent of. our
wki salary was ald to ua-la
I.O.U.'s signed by the manage-
ment. I don't know what the
other actors did with their col-
lection of I.O.U.'s, but I used
mine to plug up the rat hol-
in the dressing room. That WM
in 1633.
In 1934, a group of unhabtl
burlesque actors Zormed the
Surleque Artiste' Association,
Two months later the varlet|
actors formed their unlont later
to be knows as the American
Outld of Variety Artsats the
lirst strong union of vaudeville
actors since the White Rats.
(If you think Rats is a strange
name for actors to choose for
themselves, just spell it back-

- ~-

~.1~ '

time Is No-en I1..... An exteole of the able from
JashgenvUJ .tj. mU4nt t ot Vdue unl neat February or
Marelf.r t, it" em operate soutBeound, only; can't
n .... it's not known whether they can trans-
.b '9 to from Miami next year--4r
h" t decade.

S JWW'ete the least loss of th top 10 radio shows to TV-in
fihe topTV t. ies...Network officials y this means a great
.y TV onoes -have their-. radlos on Sunday nights, at nine.
Bi. Bibg el are surefire at the movie box-offices. "Bamson
i Dlla" h bh hAs e* dubbed i the trade a "Beriptural
ten"), bn a mop-u Snuck's "David and Bathliheba"
inCll 4nL a tunte, (Had n0 e there Was p much sex appeal
U the 1Tet ht1) "Qu adle" will be up with the big ones.
:ten a so-s tallo, vlola," will reap much than it sowed.
At those t 1weet run of "Carusot the Music all nabobs
thought they'd never aain house such .a "Man-Who-Oame-to-
Die~r" sticker. But-Show Boat" broke its record and may
tflve it. The three new trends are religloso. solid musibals-
%hd Martin & Lewis.
A four-hand "natural" was dealt at blackjack (21) in the
Wagnon Wheel ialopn and Oambling Hall at Statellne,. Nev.. on
July 22. The three bucking the house and the dealer all turned
up aces-and-faces, Bennie Bentham handled the deck. It was
a stand-off- by house rules. A professor of mathematics, up on
computations and permutrations, tells me odds against a Tepeat
are about a mllona to one.
Gus Lesnevich, ex-light-heavy champ, starts hts own diO-
jock show on WORt Aug. 11. He is the first rin-master with
his own program. Gus will stress his interest in kid welfare, to
which he has long been devoted.
At least two other Informers, beldes Bill Drtury, the
"brave bull," have been assassaited because they were in
Contact withbe the' Semate CrlnS Committee. The moat re-
cent killing was In .Tex. Both bad bee. ftaiget by,
*mneqne on the Isdde. Bel. o'Conor did net notify the
FBI br other enforcement officials that the murdered
menp1 vet- preparing o crow up the dope meb.
nJ~lph Kett veterann Chticago thetreman...And JeCIc
s wr vt hab# legrdphgd bP 15 _d ow os
Dragonette is writing her own, "The Odyssey of an American
Artist"... Friday eve has been -penciled In" for Ward Morehouse.
the B'wav critichronicler. to plaV the title role in "Clutterbuck"
in the Wee Hampton (L. 1.) Playhouse. The character doesn't
speak a word until after the final curtain. A different celeb will
appear in it each night.
Henny Youngman sends me a fulsome notice by.Herb Bau,
of the Miami Daily News, on his Jesting at the Nautilus, and
ad*s: "I would blush-if I had blood '
Beverly Hills vital statistics show the richest city has 124
men to every 100 women. But-what women


And besides that, aurn it, I like to shoot
birds. Who can eat a lion? Whoever heard
of a bird charging you from 10 feet? Birds
you don't have to walk after. You just leap
out of the Jeep and, pop them as they fly off
the road.
If you are a real pot-hunter you loose off
into one flock of canga and there is 400 buck's
worth of Twenty-One Club specialty flopping
on the ground. All you need is the glass to
put the flesh under.
But the White hunter and the gunbearers
are not pleased. They are, serious chasers of
difficult game, generally over the sides of
sheer bluffs that make Pike's Peak look like
an anthill.
They find no pleasure in sport unless they
walk 10 miles and get trampled by. rhinoceros.
They resent my preoccupation with birds.
The natives think I am completely nuts, be-
cause they deal in bulk.
Harry Selby thinks I'm nuts, because any-
thing that can't kill him right back bores
The outfitters think I'm nuts, because we
send In a fresh order for shells for the shot-
ty-gun every 10 days or so.
But I notice, too, that everybody who thinks
I'm nute is awful eager to tear Into a chunk
of cold guinea-hen when lunchtime comes'a-
round, and nobody has been observed chuck-
ing any Frankolin to the hyenas.
Still, they have rationed me on the bird-
shooting. When we load the jeep daily for
whatever we're after, I look pensive. "TakA
shotty-gun?" I say in my brief Swahili.
"Hapana shotty-gun," says Shelby. "Not un-
til after we shoot the three-toed unicorn of
the Mrs. Gray's lechery. Then you can shoot
the shotty-gun."
It seems a poor way to treat a man who
is paying for this shinding, and when you
name a lion-slayer Bwana Bird it's a double
insult. Especially .when they gobble all the
white meat and leave .you the legs.

Of Fact

Stewart Alsop
Third, all credit for the Chinese revolution
is given to Mao and the Chinese Communist
party -throughout the thousands of words of
- text, there is just one formal and wholly
parenthetical bow to the contribution of the
Stalinist regime.
For example, Chu Teh, army commander-
in-chief and one of the original Big Three
of -1hinese Communism, writes a history of
the victorious Chinese revolution In which
Stain's name is never mentioned. The Soviet
tnion tis referred to by Chu Teh only once,
as having participated in the Moscow Confer-A
ence in 1945-at which time, significantly, the
Kremlin- had agreed to support Chiang-Kai-
Fourth, through every paragraph runs a
strong note of fierce Chinese nationalism-
orceisely the kind of nationalism for which
hundreds of European Communists have lost
their lives,
Again and again this note of "the great
new China," a China at last free of foreign
domination, crops up. "The Communist party
of China," writes Politburo member P'eng
Cheng, "is also most thorohghty and resolute-
ly patriotic."
Finally, and most significant of all, Mao
Tse-tung is pictured as a, new priest of "Mar-
zist-Leninist science," a higher priest, by im-
plication, than Joseph Stalin himself. Mao's
great new contribution to Marxist-Leninism
has taken the form of "Mao Tse-tung's theory
of the Chinese revolution."
This Is described as "a new development of
Marxism-Leninism... of universal significance
to the world Communist movement... a new
contribution to the treasury of Marxism-Len-
inism." This theory is both political and mil-
Itory-but, significantly, more military than
Endless tribute Is paid to "the magnificent
art of war of Chairman Mao," while the Chin-
ese Communists are rather vatronilz3ilv In-
structed, in a single sentence. "also With an
open mind to study the advanced military
science of" the Soviet Union." Real Soviet satel-
lites are not encouraged to study anything
about the Soviet Union "with an open mind."
All this can be misinterpreted. It does not
mean-necessarily-an authentic Titolst China
is it orspect. nor ever tat a Titoist China,
acting on "Mae Tse-tung's theory of revolu-
tion" should give grounds for complacency a-
bout the future of Asia.
But it does mean that Communlat China's
rulers have served clear notice on the Krem-
lin that Communist Chila will not be reduced
to the submissive status of a &uronean satel-
lite without a fierce struggle. For reasons
whieh will be examined in a stabsquent re-
port in the- soace. this la a deyeloeont Of
very great historical Importance.



The Manl Sas so seeas eem es eeedsst el Ti SmMe At~ethea
uHele se *eeele gustelee3N end tes bemded Is e ih*dll seelthseet
sn mel. l "IiaI4
Il see seekelbte e teae deal e e iutestm W deseee't seet he
ast s. Lefe eIet aUft tei 11ed o Imtled e-es IMebed." f
Pns 4toi kaeef db leoeesteee s Wet
Ideatly et teote writeis a held lI siteu( t
This mewspes meunsa eseonsibillh t** fe oeteemens owlnnoms
,ueeMsed l- ee s eM Ss iese
mBPLY TO 1MR. OLDTMER trying to do away with when they
set up the bdah system. Perhaps
idtor: these thieves were just ptVht peo-
The Panama American ple who only had 60 cents be-
Dear Madam: tween them and starvation and
You stated in your article that 50 cents wont buy a five dollar
Toumeif and a few of your "Old- book.
CImer" friends do not want the But why kid ourselves; I can
cash system in the commissaries. see that the cash system is really
Perhaps that may be true but disrupting your mode of livig, so
don't you think a little consider- as a favor to other r who are will-
atiLon should be given the few inR to live and let live, why don't
who are not old timers and have yov make arrangements with
not been here loni enough to ac- your other "Oldtimer" friends to
cumulate a source of wealth on take the next boat out of here.
which to fail back on. I and my Don9t YOu think it's time you
family are just a few of the peo- people woke up to the fact that
ple who would like to see the you are hot "Indispensable" but
oommiasaries convert to the cash "xpenddable."
system entirely due to the fact A Digasted Newtimer
that our previous years were -
spent in the States where they HOW ABOUT LOMBARDO?
have suah things as Income Tax, Dear Sir:
Hlih Rental ales Taxes and a In answer to 'PrOud Rebel'-
hiyher cost of living. My wife and I came from Why
YOu say It is easier to pay a North of the Mason-Dixon Line
ten dollar grocery bill with a book and Atways enjoyed a good heal-
than it is with cash. Perhaps I thy mixture of 'American' music
an hard headed but I can't see till we got down here. I certain-
where waiting in line for a booK ly agree with 'Rebel' that every-
makes it eslier than just paying one should have their share and
for the $10 worth of groceries no one group given preference.
with a ten dollar bUl. Changes are However, I cringe at the e
your groceries will cast ten dol- thought of turning on our radio
tare and five cents and you find without first checking on the ra-
..rUel running back for an- d&0 schedules. Who knows? I
other five dollar book when a lit- might Inadvertently let in that
tie Jitley would have done the popular walling rebel-Roy Hic-
trick. cup singing that current favorite
That a of aoOrue what would mountain tune, or Hank 8now-
sound loal to te but then a- still threatening to keep 'Movin'
Laine maybe vyou rint your own On' and still dinR nothing about
an "latimer" Y n oti tns I ra about 1 mmi-
iW O I lt=to to e buy tWa of s o a .alr Program de-
'i,3dle4 O i ad d or dlcated to *tWto or uy
I ma___ a eg Priadi.


CAMP MO-WA-MBU. Tanganyika. The
native boys who look after you on safari have
one bad habit -before Very long they give
you a nickname. A gentleman of generous
proportions may wind up as Bwana Big Belly,
or instance, or a man who drinks too much
may be forever known. as Bwana Ginny-Bottle.
I started off swell. The tentative name was
Bwana Simbambill-White Master Two Lions,
a noble name if ever I heard one. But my
secret vice came to light, and I am now either
Bwana Canga or Bwana Ndege. The first
means Master Guinea Hen. The second means
Master Bird. Neither are very complimentary.
It is unfortunate that, even in the presence
of large and dangerous and glamorous game,
I/am still a compulsive birdshot.
A birdshooter is incurably addicted to the
vice. He will stop mining gold or chasing
women- tb go and bang away at birds. More
divorces are had from bIrdshooters than from
any other kind of ornery husband. A bird-
shooter .is generally no damn good, and is not
to be Crusted.
,So here I -am, in a welter of game with
teeth *and claws and fangs, just waiting to
be reaped. I might add herf that- the average
native employs oh this Wafari will eat from
eight to ten pounds of meat a day, because
he doetm't get much- red meat in the cities.
It's up to the Bwana to keep the camp in
chacula, and here is this one, who started off
so bravely, out plinkine guinea fowl, and sand
grouse when there is a 600 pound topit asleep
behind every bush.
But the thing is that Africa is the Daradise
for the birdshot, too, and breast of guinea
fowl eats awful well. So does lesser bustard.
and and grouse, and there is a noble fowl
called the Frankolin which is as big as a large
chicken and which is pure white meat clean
down to his ankles.
I aim to import him to America and ruin
the chicken industry, but not until I've had
a glut of him here.

Today actors belong to
many unions, but it Isn't
easy for an actor to be a
good union member. The
Reverend Father Comey
summed it up very weUll
when he said, "You per-
formers have one major
probem.V Your stock in trade
..i solely and strieiv. your
individuaIs m..Vet it s your ,
strength and at the sam
time your wekfess, because
as soon as you form a union
Vow are running headof -
Into a struggle to submerge
your. individualism in a col-
lectivw *fbolt. Because you
have a union you have corn-
mitted yourself to work for
the common good."
The actors who listened and
knew the truth in these words
included Jugglers and Swiss bell
ringero...Don Francisco, a wire
walker; Russell Swann, a ma-
gician; Joe Smith of Smith and
Dale: Billy Taft, an Ice skater;
Jackie Bright, a comedy auc-
tioneer OGeorgie Price, a mimic
and singer; Dewey Barto, of
Barto and Mann, and, of course,
our President Gus Van. -
There were exotic dancers
too, and M.C.'s, clowns and uni-
cyclists. It was the annual Con-
vention of AOVA. Fifty actors
from every branch of our busi-
ness had been elected as dele-
gates by our membership of al-
most 25,000 actors who believe
our only hope for survival is in
our "togetherness."
We meet again, this year, In
Detroit. Our elected Chairman
might be a hooter or an acrobat.
he might be a bil star or one of
our little acts. He'll know Par-
liamentary procedure and fol-
low it very carefully, but some-
times Cushing's Manual takes a
helluva beating. We use all the
right words but they come out
sounding more like the back
room of Gus and Andy's restau-
rant than the House of Par-
Our Director of Welfare is
Margie Coate, a comedienne. At
one meeting she stood up to
speak, and after twenty years
of fa@"ng audiences, she faced
this group of actors, her own
people, and froze.
*I'm no good at making
spe~hes," she mumbled. "I'm..
well, I'm a comedienne and
what I have to say isn't funny....
It's serious." A vqice called out
from the floor. "Talk actor talk.
Margie: we'll know what you're
driving at."
Margie talked actor talk and
there wasn't a person In the
room who didn't understand
her. In our own language, she
presented one of a hundred
problems that only actors know
about and only actors who are
working together for the com-
mon good of all actors can do
anything about.
Most of the delegates have
been in show business for
many years. They know con-
ditions as they were before
iw had our anion. They re-
member those times thep
sat. stranded, in a deoot
,naftinO lor the guy with the
little money be who never
did shows u. They remem-
ber the unpaid hotel bills
and punoaed-iut meal tick-
ets, t h e .flthy dressing
rooms and unpaid salaries.
None of us want those days
back again, ad we certainly
don't want our children, and
the young people growing up in
our b us" to go through
Maybe If we wok bard enough
for the right to each other.
actoM wl not a be Ake
people, but will U ike people.
1Om'7~,Z-rNu u
-7 .*


tic Class of '51 .

~L. *

r I



ItAl ni lt

I- 1=

... JPA



* -- --

Brave Birdman


Drew Pearson says: Chicago Tribune wants defense .ax
benefits on printing plant; Air Force worries about Navy
sniping under new Navy secretary; Big Busihetr'-
"bureaucrats" lobbied for controls.
WAS.mNTON. The tax gravy pased out by the Truman ,
Administration for building defense plants is so juicy that e*
the anti-Truman Chicago Tribune want to get in on. t
The Tribune, believe it or not, has applied to the National Pro, .
duction Authority for special tax benefits, for building a $2,022,.
285.17 enlaremeit of its composing room, engraving room, prese-
room and circulation room.
This seems to be a long way off from mobilization. Yet a re-
quest was made to amortize this new addition to the Tribune plant
in live years the same benefit given to mantlfactulers of gun
tanks, airplanes, and war goods.
In a way you qan't blame the Chicago Tribune for trying to
horn in on this tax gravy. So many companies, have applied for
it and got way with It that It's become one of the biggest
giveaways of mobilization.
However, the Tribune's reasons are interesting. It stated Iz -
Its official justification for the tax gravy that the newspaper io
dustry has been accorded a special position relative to other In .
dustries since 1789: that newspapers were considered essential
industries in the last two wars; and that the press is the -nly
daily medium that can be used to explain and Interpret coolt-
cated governmental regulations.
Finally, the Tribune justified its proposed tax benefit b S
stating that each day it carries a large number of classified helm.
wanted ads, and, by so doing, it is, ,n effect, maintaining an active.
labor market in Its columns, thus helping the defense effort.
What Col. McCormick apparently forgot, however, was firSM
his two long editorials warning newspaper not to become obgat
ed to the government.
Second he apparently fQrgot about the Chicago Tribunete- .s
cord In printing the entire secret mobilization plan of theg o, 6
Army one day before Pearl Harbor, and later printing infqrma.
tlon about the battle of Midway which, according to the Navy,
tipped off the Japanese that we were breaking their secret ode.
A special Grand Jury was called to prosecute the Tribune,. -t
the action was later abandoned. .. -
NOTE-Another company asking for special tax benefits to
the oeberg Paper Mills of Green Bay, Wis., which considers 8olle
paper essential to mobilization. It asked for tax alnortluation ohi
$1,000,000 for buildings and machinery to increase its mandiuf o
ture of toilet tissue. Both this and the Tribune's application.;weer-
Defense Mobilizer Charlie Wilson, who used to be head otf .SUM#
General Electric, and Eric Johnston, who used to head the'U A
Chamber of Commerce, are certainly getting a reaction fromwthip'
old business friends.
After Wilson's radio-TV appeal for price control, Congrei '
man Jesse Wolcott of Michigan angrily stated: "The posItion at
the Republicans is being badly misrepresented to the country-by
bureaucrats." ..
To which Rep. John Rooney, the sharp-witted Brooklyalte,
slyly replied: "I wonder if the distinguished gentleman Meuans1
those two wellknown bureaucrats, Charles'E. Wilson, Just remtl*
p resident of General Electric, and Eric Johnston, former head
the U.S. Chamber of Commerce." '
There was acid in the voice of the usually unsrffled WOl4fr .
as he snapped back: "I say most decidedly I very definitely h D .
them in mind."
The Army and Air Force are keeping a worried eye on
new Secretary of the Navy, able, astute Dan Kimball. They figure*
that under him, the recent cooperation they enjoe uad *
straight-shooting Secretary Matthews and the lateAdmral r
rest Sherman may go to pot.
Both Matthews and Bherman played ball with the Army sad l
AIr Force,, and the two rival services hope It will be the Sa-e.
under linlba l,
However, they can't 11elp but remember how Oedrie Warth%
operating- under the protection of KIAbmlais office two ye a Ors .
tried to cut the heart out of the Army and Air orce.
Wo0th was revealed as the spreader of a poison prpa
memo claiming that Secretary or Air Symlngton ordered
bomber because of personal or monetary gain. This vious
Was completely exploded.
Meanwhile, a deluge of other propaganda, aimed
the Air %rWoe, emanated from right under-the nose of -D~l
ball, thed Under-ecretary of the Navy.
Chief master-mind of this campaign was Admiral Arthur 21-6: .
ford, at one stage reported under consideration by lmaball to b :e
chief of naval operations.
One incident indicating Radford's feeling toward the other
armed services was his hiring of Lt. Sam Ingrim, a Naval reseT
let who wrote the Admiral a letter castigating the Air Force.
Ingram immediately got a call from Radford, who asked him
to drop in for a personal visit. The visit lasted two houri, and
ended with Ingram's being placed on permanent duty to turn M
charts and cartoons against the Air Force. His salary for th
year of sniping at another branch of the Service was paid for'
cy the taxpayers.
Sen. Matt Neely, the plain-talking West Virginian, was ridlas
in a Senate elevator. ,
"How long will the Senate stay in session this summer?"ms*k-
ed the elevator boy.
"The whole summer," replied the frankest member of th(4S
ate. "The old windbag are afraid if they go home, they won'tae
their pictures in thepaper." QOT TA
It will come as a surprise to good old Bob Taft a stanch-Con*
servative, that he sla getting to be one of the mosi widely quoted
Americans in the Communist propaganda network.
Here is one interesting quote from Taft picked up by 1., *4
monitors who reported that it was used by Soviet commentator
Leontyev in all tongues to prove the peaceful aims of the U.M,
as against the belgerency of the U.SA.:
"It Is no longer possible to deny that this (Atlant) DpaWIb
become a6 tool of the aggressive policy of the United Stat.n
tain and France. ......
"At a recent speech in the United States Senator Taft opnly
admitted that the Atlantic Pact is an outright military al&lWe
which would produce an armaments race and that such 'r s.
had always led to war."
(Copyright, 1051, By The Bell Syndicate, Ino.) ok

I e 503 more 503 more 503 more T I


-J- ~


- i.




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none 5-W55. a.m.
S .8.30 Broadcast on tiOK. HP5K VINCENT'S
--.'4f Sunday Scnool Panama,
HUg V Vorsbip Service. Sunday Masses: 6:00, 8:30 a.m.
i, ChrlsUan Endeavor Holy bays: 6:00. 8:30 a.m.
I iti Confessions: Saturday-3:00, 5:00, 7:00,
.bRev tien Bell. Pastor. 8:00 p.m.
Se_ 3-1498 Before Holy Days: 7:00, 8:00.-
Bible School. Rosary every evening: 7:00 p.m.
C 46Worship service and Church-time B
ga0 Youth Fellowship. Rio Abajo
Sunday Masses: 6:30. 8:30 A.m.
rHE PACIFIC SIDI Benediction: 4:00 p.m.
shensa Holy Day Masses: 5:45 a.m.
Balboa Road at San Pablo Street Confessions: Saturday-3:30, 4:30 p.m. -
Rev Alexander Shaw. Pastor Friday after Miraculous Medal No-
Sphone 2-1486, Ofc, Phone 2-3236 vena. a 7
1:3U C nurch School. Free bus service. Miraculous Medal Novena-Friday 7:00
9:30 Worship service and Church-time p.m.
Yo.utp eRosary: Monday and Wednesday-7:00
youth Coigregaptonr p.m.
4,10 Chi Rho Senior HI Fellowship
Po00 Post HI Fellowship ST. THERESE'S
.:30 Service "Centered Or Song.' Sunday Mass: 7:00 a.m. Holy Day Mass:
h-bas ,6:45 a.m.
services min Gamboa Civic Center Sacred Heart Devotions: Friday 7:00
e Rev. Raymond A. Gray. Minister p.m.
phone 6-130. Confessions: Saturday-3:30, 5:00, 7:00,
9:00 Sunday School. 8:00 p.m.
'i30 Worship servicee Rosary every evening except Tuesday at
ph rln I"letet 7:00 p.m.
*20 Church School.
ajs a,. ..,' .I "'P. COCO SOLITO PLAYSHED
73 t ,.pels Pastor. Rev Wm J Finn. C.M.
Sunday Mass .............. 4:45 a m
600 a M.


10:3 !am
.JWB Armeo
forces Service
Center Lbrary
Balboa. C.Z
Your invitatioV
to liberal
,' **** talon.

: 6.ptist
1'Pp--- a Baptist. Prayet Meeting 5:..
. mLOWivule Service. 9:30 a.m Divine Sei
NS@ .15 p.m. and Serving o l The Lord
0 aI both Services Sunday School
8 T 4aptist. La Boca, (.. 4. vivus4e
II 00 aOm. and 7:30 p.m. Serving
ard's Supper at both Services Sun-
l.y School at 3:00 p.m
.* pg Hope, Chiva-Chiva, C.Z... Divine
Services I11 00 sm Sunday School at
Rev. S. N. Brown, Minister
.afemsus, C.Z., Uiv:ne Services at 11:00
and 7:30 om with Sunda v School
ev. A. W. Croo..k. Minster
St' A alo R P. Sunaas School at

Building 305. Bruja Road
Rev. Paul C. Bell. Pastor
.'fft Every Sunday 5..
day School .............. :45 am.
-=Wtnll Services ........ 10:45 a.m
a"Vlinnt Union ............. 6:00 pm
aesmching Services ......... 7:00 p.m.
Z erhood 7:00 p.m. every Monday
week Prayer Service 7"00 every
es-innea eel' l

627 Anc
D. rawel "B
.Ikoau Church
41Fith a welron
sday Schooi
1ing Worsh
eptwt Trainin
0 ypgellstlc Ser
':iM.S Bible S
tvemay Wedne
. N 'MsI Brotherh
Monday i
'Iolivar Aver
-* CrLst
Rev Fred
"Your Invitl
School ..
p .

below ar
Canal Zone
tMaof Pa




Holy uay Mass ............. '.: .
Sunday School ............. 8:45 a.m
Services Thursday nights ... 70 p.m
Contesidown before Masa.
Margarita. C Z
Rev William J Finn CM.
I.9:15 .. .. .. .. 9 :]5

New Cristobal. 4th. & G St.
Pastor, Rev. Vincent Ryan, C.M.
Sunday Masses, 7, 8 & 10:30 a.m.
Weekday Mass, 6:30 am.
Sat., 8:00 a.m.
Holy Day Masses, 6:00 & 8:00 a.m.
Confessions, Rosary, nightly 7:00 p.m.
Sunday School after the 8 a.m. Mass.
Miraculous Medal Novena services -
Mon. 5:00 & 7:00 p.m.
1st. Sat. Devotion, every 1st. Sat. after
Bolivar Highway. Gatun, C.Z.
Pastor, Rev. Francis Lynch, C.M.
Sunday Mass, 8:00 a.m.
Weekday" Masses, Thurs. 6:30 am.
Sat. 7:00 a.m.
Holy Day Mass, 7:00 a.m.
Miraculous Medal Novena service -
Mon. 7:15 pom.
1st. Friday. Confession, Communion,
7:15 p.m.
Confessions Sat. 6:30 & 7:00 p m.
Gatun. Near Locks
Pastor, Rev. Francis Lynch, C.M.
Sunday Mass, 6:45 am.
Weekday Masses. Tues. & Fri. 6:00 a 9n.
Holy Day Mass. 6:00 a.m.,
Miraculous Medal Novena service -
Fri. 7:15 p m.
Confessions Sat., 7:15 & 8:00 p.m.
1st. Sat. Devotion, every 1st. Sat. after
Margarita. C Z.
Pastor, Rev. William J. Finn, CM.
Sunday Masses, 7:30 & 9:30 am.
Holy Day Mass. 6:00 a.m.
Miraculous Medal Novena service -
Mon. 7:00 p.m.
Instructions for adults Fri. 7:00 p m.
Confessions Sat. 4:00, 5:00 & 7:00 to

0 -
thi in the Canal Zene. and the
Colon, Republic of Panama, on-
men and women of the armed
irs. friends and strangers.
anama American lists below, by
of worship and othei regular ac-

ations ate in alphabetical order.
time. Denominations having only
sted under "Other Churches And
:luded for servJces at Army posts.
t and chaplains are asked to in-
sdoy noon at the latest of any
y's church page.

r Irsi 4. hurch ol Christ, Scientist Crlstobal
13th Street & Bolivar Highway
Sunday 11.00 a m Wednesday 7 30 D.m
Sunday School 9 30 am
Christian betence Soeiely. Gamiboa
Civic Cer,:er Building
Siida1 II 30 am Flstn & Third Wed-
ie".a v 7 30 p m
Siir.l,- '". rlir.,.l 10 15

the Rt Rei R. Heoer Gooden. bishop
rhe Very Rev Raymond T Ferris, Dear
7 30 a m Holy Communion
9 30 a m Cathedr:l School
10 45-Morning Prayer and Sermon
iFirst Sunday of the month Holy Com-
nmuilon and Sermon i
7 00 o m Evening Prayer and Sermon
3rd St. near G. Navy
Rev Milton A Cookson. Paslor
Holy Communion 17 30 a m
Church School 9:30 a.m.
Morning Prayer-Sermon 11:00 a.m.
(H.C. first Sunday in the month. I
Young People's Vesper Service 4:30
o ni.
Wednesday. Holy Communion 8:30 p.m
Choir Rehearsal' 7:30 a.m.
A House of Prayer for all people.
Church of St. Andrew
riie Rev Gideon C Montgomery
Rev. M. A. Cookson, Chap USNR
Holy Communion 7:30 a m
Sunday School 9:30 a.m.
Public Worship 10:45 a.m
(H C. first Sunday in the month.)
Young People's Fellowship 4:00 pm
Choir rehearsal Wednesday evenings
at 6:30 p.m.
Women's Auxiliary 2nd and 4th Thurs-
days at 7:30 p.m.
House of Prayer and Fellowship for all
Good Shepherd
The Ven. A. F. Nightengale
7:30 a m. Every Friday; Mornine Pray-
(H.C. 1st Friday.)
St. Simon's Church: Rev. D.A. Osborne
10:30 a.m. 2nd. and 4th. Sunday Holy
Communion & Sermon.
10:30 a.m 1st. and 3rd Sundays Morn-
tmg Prayer & address.
3:00 pm Sunday School.
5:00 and 6:00 p.m. Youth Organizations.
7:30 p.m. Evening Prayer and address.
2:00 p.m. Service at Penitentiary Every
tth Sunday.
7:30 p.m. Tuesday Girls Friendly So-
7:30 pm 2nd. and 4th. Thursday
Woman'. Auxiliary.
Gamboa Penitentiary
Holy Communion 4th Sunday 2:00 p.m.
St. Peter's Church
Rev Lemuel B Shirley. Priest'
6 a.m-Holy Communion.
7 a.m.-Choral Eucharist and Sermon
10 a.m.-Morning Prayer and Church
5 pm -Holy Baptism.
7:30 pm.-Vespers and Sermon.
Communion Tuesdays and Thursdays.
7 a.m., Wednesdays and Fridays 9 a.m;
Girls Friendly 6 and 7 p.m. Monday, 6
p m. Tuesday; Vespers nightly at 7. ex-
cept Saturday Compline 7:30 p.m.
St. Margaret's Chapel.
Margarita Hospital
The Rev. M A. Cookson
Sunday School 9 a.m Evening Prayer
1 00 o rn.
Church of The Holy Comforter
The Ven A F. Nightengale
Every Mondap 8:30 a.m Holy Com-
Rev D. A. Osborne
8:00 a.m. Holy Communion 2nd Sunday
9:30 a m Sunday School.
5:30 p.m Evening Prayer: 2nd and 4th
Monday: 7:00 p.m Youth Meeting
Wednesday: 6:30 p.m. Girls' Friendly
Rev D.A Osborne & Rev CA Cragwell
11:00 a.m Holy Communion and Ser
,'non 1st and 3rd Sundays.
11:00 a.m Morninig Prayer and add-
ress: 2nd and 4th Sundays
3:00 p.m Sunday School and Baptism
7:30 p.m. Evening Prayer and address
2nd. and 4th Sundays.
A. F. Nightengale, B D M B E.
and The Rev Rit? Reginald Atwell
Venerable Archdeacon
6:041 am Holy Communion 9:0(1 a nr
7 .IMI n m n i nennn nrl CSrnnfn

'8-00 p nm. 7 .., ,... n r v ,, -,.nn .....-
Colon, 10th. & Broadway Colon. R de P
Pastor. Rev. J. Raymond Maohate. CM. (Opposite Hotel Washington)
Assistant, Rev. Robert Vignola. C M. The Rev Malpert J Peterson
Sunday Masses. 5:45 & 9:00 a.m. ST.B Rector
Weekday Mass. 5:45 am. UNDAYS.
Holy Day Masses. 5:45 & 8:00 a m. 6 a mA Holy Communion
1st. Fri. Masses, 5:45 & 8:01 a in. 9Sa m. Choral Eucharist and Sermon
Communion. 8:0, am. 10:30 a m Church School.
Bp unions:un 40 pm. o7:30 oam Solemn Evensongl & Sermon
PT1S11 CHUtCH Miraculous Medal Novena services VEDNESDAYS:V
Heights, C..Z Wed at 6:15 & 7:00 pm. 6 am Hol Communon
on Boulevard Novena of the Sacred Heart, Fri. 7:15 6 a pm Holy Communion
Bcala et p7'31 pim Evensong and Sermon
Balb a Heighti p.m. 8 30 o Adult Confirmation Clas.
Balboa 1727 Confessions Sat, 4:00. 5:00 p.m & 830 om Adult Confirmation Clas
away from nhome-- 7::0 to 8 00 p m. ''HURSDAYS:
se lust as friendly' Sunday School. 3 00 p m. 5 om Prayer Guild
Discussion Club, Young men of Parish
I deeby Pastlu Sun. 3:100 p m. 'RIDAYS:
.. .. 30 a m Tr,ltructionis for adults seeking know- 8 p r Children s EucharIst
ip ......... 1U 45 a m IeIPd- .f me C..i,th-,l.i Ch thuI-. Mu., & 7 30 n m Chir. Practice
g Union ... 6 3b o m Tn.ri, ". 7 15 pr.. ATL'RDAYS
vice ....... 7 31r o m I- S. De..t...r every 1.' Sat bfier 10 am Children s Confirmation Class
itudy M.11 7 30 oam Compline and Meditation
lay ..-.... i u o m
n month i Jli or, ir.ter si.,ii C Z i tGeorie's Church
SAPTIS'I CHLJILH Paj'..r R-R Ha'.m..r.d Le.s C M i aiun. C Z
nue at 121h SIreel Snar.., M,..-e 4"a & 8 1.11. ni jRe Solonmonr N Jacobs
obal, C.Z a eekoa.'. f. i") a rT Sunoays.
L. Jones fai.oi Hol D0.. M- I.' '0 & m 10 a m i 45 am Church School
ltion To Worship' Sunda% rli ..I 11 ,,) a ni 9 45 a m Morning Prayer
......... 9 45 am Miraculr.uj MedAl N.'.-ra s;er ,,e i10 01 m Hol'. Eucharttl and Sermor
......... i I 0( a m Tue 7 Oa u i, luesdavs-
......... .. 5 Ifi om i BnIri.' sur. 4 (n i.m I 0t a m rioly Communion ........... 6 30 pm Confe'-.or.s .,,r 1 j l, 1 'u m & 7 0& .), On ard Saints Days I
iThurs i 7 Jli pm to 8 00 p r. | Wednesdays.
lnsiructi...,a Ini ajlulr. Tues & Fri J ul oprI Evening Prayer
7 30 p i,. on oam SI Vincent Guild
l S I1 al Det,or,',n e.-, 1.l S. i ,ir a u 30 m Chnir Rehearqam
t l IC M.i.. rhursdays:
e the Cailroic Churrre- OUR I.ADY OF GOOD COt'NSEL 'Church of SI Mary rhe Virgin
e and thoue in the ter C.,inbo. C Z | Hei Soiomon N Jacob.
nama and Colon wui.,.e Pastor Rev .Cr,..rie. Ja..r.'b CM
e primarll Engliilh- Sundav Ma ie- 7 110 & h r ., n. Sunday:
these, the Cathemral in Weekday Ma sr- 6 30 a 1.- 6 45 a m Morning Prayer
Cathedral of lie Im. Holy Day Maasa 5 45 & 6 .0 a m I 00 a m Holy Eucharit and Sermon
ion in Co arina num- Miraculous Medali No.eni 'ert ce 3 Of o m Church School
thes in bOth rilies we'. Tues 7 00 pm 6 00 p n Eveniln Song. Thursday
eaking vw'torsa houcrn Sicred Heart Noiera *Pr' ,cr Fri f, 7 00 a m Holy Communion IAlso Holi
ns are o'.rnarily isia. p rn ). and Saint Days
Confessions Sal 7 00 p m 7 30 o m Evening Prayer Fridays
i- i Sat Deionun eer. Ist Sat afier 5 00-600 pm Prayer Guild
A'la, 7 30 pm Choir Rehearsal
MARY'S 8 30 o in St Vincenl'p Guild
Balboa IHonlv Communion at 10 45 a m on thr
5 .5. a100 10 00 II 'i Christian Scientist JO om SolemnEvenon
6165. 00. II 10. 11 55 LCHINTINT tIi.NtLIE I ILt-K It.A i Chrlsloether's
'iirst Churelh of Ct',ri. Srerienlli Apra.' i Re' Antonto Ochua
trdp.-3 30, 5 00 om 58 Anrmo Bailevara 7 .11 a m Choral Eurharist
Thursday fuo First S uda II 0 redn..a> 8.06 p.m I lu 10 a m Church School
*so pJ. 1 Suadajy Scel si0 a.m. c 6.00 p.m. Solean Jvsymong. ...

Thursday and Holy Days U.C. 1:00
Wednesday end Holy Days 8.30 a.8d
Holy Communimon.
tFirt Sunday of every month.i

Jewish Welfare Board. didg 192-X, La
Boca Road, Balboa. C.Z Rabbi Nathan
Witkin director.
Services on Friday. I 3W pim,
(See also Ustungs of Jewisn shlvice
under Posts. BaUM and Siadons )
Congregation Kol Shearlth Israel. Ave.
nida Cuba and 36th Street. Bella Vista
Panama City. Rabbl Harry A Merfeld.
Services on Friday. 8 o m

-"The Church of the Lutheran Hour"
I1. T Bernthal. Pastor
830 Balboa Rogd. Balboa
Sunday School and Bible Class V a m
Worship service 10.15 a in., '"Come rhou
With Us and We Will Do Thee Good A
friendly welcome awaits all visitors Pot.
tuck suPper s.ecnnd Sunday each month
6:30 p.m.. game night,. fourth Sunday
1:30 p.m The Service Center. opera Wea-
nesday through Sunday. extends a cor-
dial welcome t all military oersnnnel


iBritish Conference-
Minsuster ev. U lieroert Moon
9:00 a.m. Morning Prayer and Sermon
3:00 pm Sunday School
4:00 Mens Meeting
7.15 Dm Evening Prayer and Sermon.
7th Street and Meltider Avenue.
Col6n. R.P.
Rev. Norman Pratt, Minister
Sunday Services at 9:30 a.m. and 7:15
p.m.; Sunday School for all ages at 3
.m. ,
Monday 7-30 o.m.. Weekly Prayer

Siver City, C.Z.
Rev Norman Pratt, Minister
Sunday Services 8 a.m. and 5:15 p.m.,
Sunday School for all ages at 8:30 p.m.
Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting.

Posts, Bases

And Stations

Sunday School .................. 9:15
Morning Worship ................ 10:00
Sunday School. Bldg. 154 ....... 9:00
Morning Worship ............... 10:15
Sunday School ................. 10:00
Morning Worship ............... 11:00
Bible School ................... 9:45
Morning Worship ............... 10:45
Youth Group ................... 4:00
Servicemen's Hour .............. 7:00
Morning Worship ............... 10:45
Monirng Worship ................ 9:15

Daily Mass ..................... 7:30
Sunday Mass ...... ........... 9:00
Sunday Mass ................... 1:45
Sunday Mass ................... 10:30
Daily Mass ..................... 7:30
Sunday Masses .......... 8:00 & 9:00
Sunday Mass ................... :45
Sunday Mass ................... 9:30
Daily Mass ..................... 6:30
Sunday Masses .......... 7:45 & 8:45

Saturday ....................... 5:00
Saturday .... ................. 4:00
Thursday ...... ................ 7:00
JWB. Balboa. C.Z.
Friday ...... ................... 7:30
Protestant Worship Service ...... 9:00
Sunday School .................. 9:00
Morning Worship ............... 10:00
Sunday School .. ........ 9:30
Protestant Worship Service ..... 11:15
Sunday Mass .................. 10:00
Sunday Mass ................... 9:00
Sunday Mass ..............s.... 9:00
Tuesday ....................... 7:00

Other Churches

And Services
Apartment 1 Lux Building. 34th Street
PanamA Monday; Lectures and Dis-
cussions 8:00 p.m.
Church of Jesus Christ ot Latter Day
Saints (Mormon) Balboa. C.Z.
Sunday School 10:00 a.m.
Services 10:30 a.m
At JiWB Armed Force Services Center
on La Boca Road.
0851 Balboa Road. Balboa
W Harland Dilbeck. Evangelist
Telephone 2-3602
Bible Clases thr all ages .... 10:00 a.m
Preaching and Communion ... 10:45 a m
Preaching and Communion .. 7:00 am
Bible Study ...... Wednesday 7:00 pm
Ladies' Bible Class Thurdau 1:45 o.m
ChLuRCHr O1 C'HKIST-Old rtslobhe0
re iee-t in the Amerlcar Legion Hall
in fior.! ol the Cluohous
Morring Worship 10"45 sm
Ladeip Bible S,,dy at Gatun
Phone Getuu 416 oi Ft Gullclt 309
Cranuain William H Blabt
Sunday Schoai ................ 3'4
Mornir.g Ilorship .. ............ II 0
Young People' Service ........ 545
Evening Worship ......... 7'00
Prayer Meeting Thursday .. .... 7:00
Chnir Praclice Wednesday at
7.00 am and Salurdav 9J0 am
St Raphael The ArchanAel
11th 51 West No I

Holy Eucharis- Sunday f '130 a nm.
Tuesday, Wednesday. and Ithursdave
6 30 am
Sacrameri ol Unction IHeeting Ser-
vice, First Sunday of each month at
7 30 om
Mount Hillbeih C'hritlla Ch rCh
Panama. R P
Rt Rev T James. D D Bisabop
Morning orshiD at ....... :W 1 1 .m
Holy Communion at ........ :30 am
Fellow-hip Wnorlp ..... ll. am
Bible Reading at .......... $ O am
Divine Service at ......... TI S om
Sermon at ... ........... 8'*0 m
Hlyv Connmunion at ...... 9'0 am
Balab.-i-4madr RoaE USL Club
VeaMp Se3vice at 6.j5 p.M t&u .

S i .. ... ... i ....

i... .. ;:'


a 7

11 -_



Let's Be Calm







Royal Raiment

What's This

I.? ,^ 6OALAL B.Ai.. a El I La. '.'.'.a '5,''. n^ ,V.n\kn'.'n ^'WE *
COM%1G6 Wt PsO AW'. A'T K -MMMM% LAW INV\.' oV0.' WSi 1M 0
sommoufm. 004



* r



Wonderful Suds


Pe N.ANS.O WIN UD, Mr t.

0360"v-- FI

I ), _"; _s~_ -.- I"rzFoR

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dl.~~- 'L~'LI' --~i ~~l~l~lr~ I-:TC~


... .. ... .. ...._i,

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* #

A*TR66-T CORNE-R6, MV -%


~'i*I~ ~,1

-- rty :l .. (. .- '

*, JUAN ,._.

Jfb Prrniwnmrirrmn

et *..... ....... -


'" -' ^




S..; l qf qm,.pRiw ,aMMu r u. .. i M muDmrnu -MarBLww -a/m l& 16 yw& *T au MUE LOB nE mUAU OUULTAN W- KJ TelCfono 51
Ii;" BMPL -I- .AAP. P, A O, ,1951 NCO CENTER
lili v wdi PAiA i 5Ai'"'T *.i *'A. *'1 1 1

substanciales se


i Ley E rg nica

Sneociaciones de paz

a aa un punto critic

dway convoco a su Estado

Mayor a una conferencia con

caricter de urgent, anoche

L W &omuanta5 diseartan tOa posibilldad de una
.fmula de transaccl6n que .rompa el "impasse"
TOK0, agost 4 (UP) URGErfE-EI Oeneral Matthew
J. kd"gwpy, Coemadante Supreme de las Naciones Unidas,
covoc6 a~ 1is fmhuo de s Eltade Mayor a una oGafe
rea orgeate nowhe y se cree qae las negociadoniespara
h 6W- deo feop eCorea han legado a un punto criti6o.
E' ei l M de qe ees possible que Ridgway baya
6m 9, eta cadurencia el recibf instruccones especia-
kih ..ahIangto. Ridgway convoc6 la conferencia a las
:94 a moche del sa bdo horara de Tokio) y aqu6lla
'umns caa ata ul enlcer adml Fdodmugo.
SAV Agos to
delft Agoaso otras armas, pasaron a unas
a(a a;8 s sconfetenca par o- Pow ardas db el cartel nqu
a e en scartanld today .i la ,elegactdn de ]as Naclo-
Suns 6ramsula de d iUno M. Los delegados co-
u ,al prom vocaimd "un ta prometeron hacer
V rRAMV quae r4P e l E n Unii estlgal6n.
o. erse g~ncos lon cotas accedlrton a
.dd ......a ... tra el establecdento de uaeing
die qu e NamK0b zons .ne I ral. Ft! l u
1 nuitmndIM 1w negociacilonefsla

a yp .n ,opunito. K ,e coel uncado ,do pa Nacio
a c t as tableaa nes Unitas dice aqu I inotran-
Aftutral a IQ largo del sigente posiclon comunista con-
do"*B J de la N M tra el establecimlento de un1
dog dje 151 NaO- zona neutral an otro lugar que
dice quo Nam II, no sea el Parallo 38, opaca as
7 lmrm i-pocldn comunita s epperanzas de P" n Cores.
e .testmadin a uas p reun- Las Naclones Unidas nunea
. t4h r q4uea Ie l eiho el Vice- han becho ppblico la locaUla-
4ant Joy. Nam I1 rehn6e cidn exacts do la zona neutral
a examiner 1 snmas de dPrOlputa poar Io delegados
E ,, dipueta. A p4ar del aliados, pero soe presume que ea-
~mSI ftd eisgadob 41- tat IcalizUada a unac 47 3l-
_opv rVouabe a reunir mafia- las al norte del .Paralelo 38".
a t e de oIs manfla Sin embargo, existen seflalea
rne I areunl6n, JOY. au- de que Joy y los demAs delega-
Aloa goimuntasa de ter dos han exigldo el estableci-
sft'Iao-sl neOUtT. *'ae- nmlento de la sona. neutral mu-*
dedor edo-Aauemn. Uo que cho 6mis al norte, basados en
,,Uha comppia de osoldados co- que la superiorldad .naval v
m3un 'ta tA ado marte- area allada en Corea debe setr
los, gr pada! Tries, piatolas y tomada en cuenta.

P goranftizar Ias cormpras

de unas casas el "BUR" pone
en circdilachin formuldrios

dec At de ls a ta d
urban nsaJua Dims ctn-
titu" a arantia
,.m Nii hestrt.'
Puedan tenderr
WaE" | "a dicho ef sub-
geren 4 ano de Urbaniza-
clYn y RehabUltaql6n a uno de
nuesa redatares, al pedirle
gte IOormcl acerca de las
TImdn a del- -ormulartio que
he confeclonao pra
sem 1e -por lM InteresaddA
on often cAAo en la Urba-
-ni"ac 46 d S a Dia.
I ub-GOerente sigui6 expl-
'ca oqe el nuaevo aatema pa-
ra a44lcar 'cams creado
per so4R p aipo ls pun-
,te -, e.mtnandosue as& el
fiftmas de "seoteos" que pue-
de fIwrecr a personas menos
nocetou j4U da viviendas que

En efecto, el formulario que
se da al asplrante de compra-
dor de las casas del BUm es
lenado por empleados de la
proplas ofleoina del Banco -
planta bajA del edifcio prin-
cipal- a fin de que no se omi-
ta nlngn dateao informaol6n:
luego el formularto- pass, a un
funcionario del Banco, quin las
estudiar y clalflvtI de a-
cuerdo con la puntacil6n que
hays tenido el intewado, te-
liendo en cuenta sus condielo-
nes econ6micas, sociales, mora-
les, el nAmero de famfliares y
Personas quo viven con el pe-
cionarlo, etc. En esta forma,
termin6 dicendo el sub-Geren-
te Sucre, no hbabr discrimina-
el6n en la adjudlcacitn de las
casas del Bancoe y, te cumpil-
ri con su altsa misl6n social en
cuanto al intrincado problems
de nla vivienda.

-I -4 .
Et Panagm se efectuara la

Serie ie Base del Caribe
LA ,MCrwida aqui acept6 a Colombia
o a i e =unor" SaOtimp, a-
del ospt6 a sm .-
Sle de idsom del Ca.-

%. a 11 19NOsa m us-d
I*o-mu. m de-

amd Sl

n sla mfiana de boy per
medio del Deereto numero 34,
firmado per el Presldente de la
RepObiaeW fu6 designado e| Ll-
cenelado GOEalim Soius, Mius-
tre doe KeIda y Tearoe, 4a-
S(e evacante por *e-
nau I -s dodo Vilt Naval.

evs Wledowleaetes In-
.L e sabree I al fembra-
ita del L1eenel Gali o
S para ocupar tx Carters de
seleada o v # Oabinete del
Presldento. t JAeolMiades Aro-

ia cascabel muere

despus .de murder

a up sO e Texas
SAN A TC10, Texas, agos-
to 4. (UP). Una culebra cas-
cabal qued6 mUerta despuds de
order a Demetrio G6mez.

G6mez, :empleado civil de la
base area dr KW y, AdJo que la
cascabel lo habia mordldo en
la plerna, entrando luego en
convulsiones pars morir a unos
15 pies de 61. G6mez no aufrlo
efecto alguno.
G6mez explic6 el caso de la
sigulente manera: "Yo soy el
jefc de un taller de niquelar en
la base area de Kelly 'y por
lo tanto tengo que estar ma-
nejando grande cantidades de
clanuro de sodio, el oual ss un
poderoso venenO. Ml cuerpo es-
tA tan Ileno del veneno que
poco a poco me he vuelto cast
inmune a sus efectos... pero
la culebra no".

Un cazador se hiere
en accident que
ocurri6 en Chepd
En un accident que casi le
cuesta la vida el sefior Nistor
Sanchez, de 365 fie de edad y
resident en l poblaci6n de
Chepo recibi6 una herida de
bala en la pierna izquierda.
De acuerdo con declaraciones
hecha .a la Plia Nacional, el
aefior Snchez regrea2ba de ca-
cerio con su tfle I clibre 22 y
at Ir a colgarlo de- uh clavo en
su casa, se trab6 el gatillo en
el clavo dia8prandoe el rifle.

Begun el dietapen mndico, el
sefolr 8BrcbeM presents, una
herida superficial en las gem-
tallas entrand4 y slojindose la
bala en l& plate izquicrla.
En otro a v e tut ocurrido
ayer, el Joven U .Montf-
ro, de 21 afsi ds clad y resi-
dente en Blio lnricci n
de La Chorrne, ntrli6 erida
en los dedos do la mano Is-
quierds, al .dlQiraumte el rifle
que IUevaba.
De acuerdeo O dclaraciones
Sntero be i cuando
rasal6 el WSu 2 qu
.. m. *. t

.1 -*-I"



La "Parke-Davis" utilizara la Zona Iibre

EN LA MARANA de ayer fue firmado el contratoe secrito entire la Reptubles de Panama y Is
firms Parke-Davis, per la eusl soe autorsla a dica firm pars que nastale sus oficinas y dep6-
alstos n la Zone Libre de Col6n. La anterior fotografia registrar el moment en que el iseior
don Eduardo Castaflo Catlilo, en representacl6n de la Parke Davis pone su firms en el contrato.
Por el Goblerno de PanamA flrm6 el Ministro de Agrlcultura, Lomerclo e Industria, Ingenlero
don David Samudlo. A eate acto asisti6 el Preal dente del Consejo de Economia Naclonal, Licen-
elado Galileo Solis, qulen fue escogido en la maf ana de heoy para ocupar la Carters de Hacienda
y Tesoro.

fl ic. Eduardo Vallorino

present danucda contra

el Ing,, Enriqlee Linares Jr.,

El Gerente elBanco Agro- Brin recibi6 un cheque por
pecurlo oe hdutid ral, Eduardo 48 balboas, el senior PFcots
Vallarino, present ayer de- clbi6 un cheque a su favoi
nundia ante el lscal Segundo 4A2 mientras que l
del Circulto, Licenciado Dario Naktro recibi16 400,14
Sandoval, para que se inicie concepto de vacaciones. La
una investigatcin con relaciln iuncia incluye Iguahnentb
a unos chequdt de vacacioes sefior Villalobos por haber
pagadoa en fav*o de various erm- cbldo B. 303.00 por iun
pleads de ega. lnstltucl6n. do vacaciones.
Begun la dennucia presents- L a seflores mencionado
da por el seftor Vallarino, el la denuncia, dice el Ger
Banco Agropeiuaro extendi6 .no tenian derecho a cobras
varies cheques ea concept -de caciones en efectivo sine
vacaciones proporcionales a 18 mes de descanso con su
meses de trabao a los ores efore pesto que solamente debec
Enrique Linaresa Jr., Teodoro garse vacaciones en ete
Brin, Encarnac6in Picota, Hector cuando el empleado tiene 4
Navarro Jr., y Victor M. Villa- cho a ellas por haber seW
lobos, sin que eqtas personas tu- once meses consecutive.
vieran 'derecho a sueldos por mAfien estos cheques girad
vacaciones. favor de estas personas, di,
De acuerdo con los cargos del gerente, no se descontaron
Gerente Vallaripo, el sefior Li- cuotas reglamentarias a f
nares cobr6 U- cheAue por la del Seguro Social y el Imp
suma de 981,72 balboas, el seflor to sabre la Renta.

i reiO
ir or
a de-
e al
r re-
s en
x va-
e vo
oas a
ee el

Sobre las condiciones en que

trabajan sus empleados deben

declararempresas comerciales
En tal sentido expide comunicado la Inspecci6n
Provincial de Trabajo

Sobre la obllgael6n en que es-
tin las empress comerciales de
informar a la Inspeccl6n del
Trabajo sobre la condition de
sus empleados, este departa-
mento ha expedido el siguien-
te comunlcado.
La Inspeccl6n Provincial de
Trabajo, por este medio, advler-
tea los patrons que el ar-
ticulo 46 detk.Decreto-Ley nu-
merp 38.(de Wde Jullo de 1941)
no ha perdido sau vigencia, ya
que el artieulo 836 del C6digc
del Trabajo Io incorpora a ese
satatuto laboral y por lo tanto,
ellos estan en Ia obllgacl6n de
cumpUr lo qui'diapone el men-
clonado artieulo 46 que en su
part pertnepkt dice: -
'BerA obligaen de toda em-
press comoerel4, agricola. in-
.dustrial o d cualquler natu-
raloeta que fnmone en el pals.
=pre dtar declaraeibn a l
c d i nuizsul6n Obre-
ra dd idlefto de Agrlcultu-
ra y imelU .taSbre las condl-
.onM. h q s' prestan sus se --
vTig- telda lam oaireros y em-
0 direcci6n. Etats
Ificari4n 1
estado civil,
Mai l as de trabalo
e a& s'alario que
we" 'fMda o deo ms. Ca-

da vez que haya un camblo en
este personal o en su planilla
de pagos, debera ser comunica-
do a la Seccl6n de Organiza-
ci6n Obrera. La omisl6n o falta
a estas declaraciones seri pe-
nada con multa de velnticineo
a cien balboas (B.25.00 a B.100.-
00) .o arrest equlvalente, asn-
clon que sera impuesta por cl
Jefe de la Seccl6n de Organiza-
ci6n Obrera".
NOTA:-La Seccl6n de Orga-
nizaclin Obrera'es actualmente
part integrante del Departa-
mento del Ministerio de Traba-
jo. Prevision Social y Salud Pli-
Hecha la anterior adverten-
cla. se concede un plaza de
quince 15) dias a partir d& la
fecha de este comur.lcado., paiR
que los patronos que no lo ha-
yan hecho cuplan con estos
requisites legalese
Col6n, 2 doe Aoato de 1951.
GmeiLer- arris G.
Inmpectw Pivlncial
de Tra~ao.

D A' s.Of

frontera de

BELGRADO, Agosto 4 (UP)-
Se han anunciado oficialmente
que los Rumanos mataron de
un tiro a un guardian fronterizo
de Yugoeslavla ayer cerca de
Hetin y que *tro guardia Ytu-
goeslavo result herldo de bala
el miercoles.
El Ministerio de Relaciones
Exteriores de Yugoeslavia env6lo
una nota de protest a Hun-
gria y Rumania en la cual se
acusa a los Rumanos de haber
provocado 53 incidents fronte-
rizos y un numero no especift-
cado de violaciones de la sobe-
rania area entire el 27 de Ma-
yo al 15 de Julio.
La nota dice que las violaclo-
nes eran mayor en un 90%
que las del afio pasado cuando
los Hungaros cometieron 200

Designada Junta

de Contabilldad
Por decreto del Poder Ejccu-
tievo No 180 del 10 de julio de
1951 se n o m b r 6 la Junta de
Contabilidad que despu6s de ce-
lebrar sus elecciones ha queda-
do integrada asi:
Guillermo Samuel Young, C.
P. A. President
A. D. Melhado, C. P. A. Vice-
Hector Marciacq, C. P. A. Se-
Agustin DeMena, C. P. A. TF"-
Galo Rodriguez, C. P. A. Vocal.

Se quit la vida
con liquid de
matar arrieras

Tomando liquid de matar
arrieras, se sulcido anoche la
oven Ceferlna Garibaldi, de 24
alas de edad y resldente en Li-
dice, Jurisdiccion del Distrito
de Capira, segun informaciones
dadas .a la prensa por la Po-
Ulcia Secreta Nacional.
La oven Garibaldi tue traida
IL Hospital Santo Tomas en es-
tado inconsciente por mlembros
de la policia de Capira, don-
de se le di6 tratamlento de
emergencia, falleclendo horas
Beugn declaraciones hechas a
la Police Secrets, la joven Ga-
ribaldl Ingrid una gran canti-
dad de liquldo de matar arrie-
rae sin que hasta estos momen-
So me span las causes quo
mot vron ot decil6an.


Se fija un limited de treint

bls. para pensions de vejez /

e invalidez que son irrisorias
Se rebajari de nueve a seis meses el tiempo par#-
tener derecho a prestaciones por riesgog
de enfermedad

Mejoras substanciales se han introducido a la
134 de 1943, org6nica del Seguro Social, do acuerdo c"I
los studios realizados en el proyecto de Decreto propao
rado en la Presidencia de la Republica y en el cual hap
intervenido el Gerente de la Instituci6n, Licenciodo ,Aw
nuel Soils P., Ticnicos del Seguro Social y otros represem.
tantes del Gobierno Nacional. Dicho proyecto quo ser6
enviado la pr6xima semana a la Comisi6n Legislativa Pa.,
manente paro su consideraci6n establece las siguientel
modificaciones y mejoras:
VEJEZ E INVALIDEZ ner derecho a la prestaic6n pol

8e fija un minimno pars las
penalones de Invalidei y Ve-
Jeg de B. 30.00 mensuales.
Aetualmente se pagan pen-
slones irrigorlas de B. 5.00 pars
Vejez y B.5.65 pars invalides.
Con esta media me beneficla-
rian S308 pensionistas, distrlbul-
dog asa: 214 de InvallUd y 94
per Vejes.
Con el fin de facilitar la re-
habil/ael6n, de a4uelUos a quie-
nem e supede as pension per
haber reeuperado ma del 5M
por leonto de la capacidad do
tmbJo perdida, la Cai4 etes-
-w 10ta un aSo el pis;. do-
an*... el anal pd ef"Unmuw
-s que# 9 anse Q r-pd -
Saflo *l son hombo y 55
afoi si son aujeres, Ta Caja
lea pagar la pensl6n hasta mu
muerte, conslderandoloe pars
estos efectos come pensionados
por Vejez.
Se faculty a la ajas pars es-
tablecer servlclos de rehabilitas-
ci6n y prevencl6n de Is Inva-
El tempo de empera pars te-

entermedad me rebaja de 9 Ni
Ben a 6 meses.
El tempo de protecelin, 1
rate el cual un asegurad U
sante mantlene mu dereaho-
la atencl6n midica se *e eiI
de 2 aS 3 memos.
Se crean nueva.s poublldal
de inversl6n, eome son:
1) Adquliei6s de tmd
para urbanlzarjb y j
ons asegurao s, al
eonstruocl6a eventOul d 40
en dichop. totes, pa I:ta
of," r1w.-&A l

So do tfl"
formnlar -
nuales de o
al Plan Gen]
Se ftijan por
lea en relieol
de las Inversi
tipo de Inyv
tules de Is de
eata iq

El Ministro Navarro d

el personal al service

Ministerio de Obras P

De acuerdo con Decreto 170-A
del Ministerio de Obras Publi-
cas, dictado por el Presidente
de la Rep6blica, ha sido desig-
nado el siguiente personal al
servicio del Ministerlo:
Las personas cuyoa nombres
no aparecen en el present De-
creto, quedan de hecho sepa-
radas de sus cargos:
(de 2 de agosto de 1951)
por el cual se nombra el per-
sonal del Ministerlo de Obras
El President de la Republica,
en uso de sus facultades legales,
Articulo lo.-N 6 m b r a s e el
personal al serviclo del Minis-
terto de Obras Publicas, asi:
Despacho del Ministro:
Juana Ampudia Ch., secreta-
ria del Ministro.
Lucila Suirez B., official.
Remiglo Flores, conserve.
Despacho del Secretarlo:
Eladio Pdrez Venero, secreta-
Astrevia A. de Black, esteno-

Di6genes A. Oun
Italo Jose Zappi,
Ella B. de A
Carlota Jaramillo
ni, estenomecan6gr
Nelda Arce, arc
Pablo A. Beitia, gOi
Carlos Sols, s
Francisco Bena
nocturno del Pal I
Valentin A gull
porter mensajero.
Anacleto Reyna, pg
Mateo Almanza, as
Rosa GonzAlez, as
Ignacio Calder6n,
Andres Fil6s, as4
Seccion de Plantas e"
nes Electricas y Ci
Empresas de Utif
Ricardo A. de la 0
Doris Yolanda VA"
(Pass a Ia PaH. .

La Federacion Internac

de Directors de Perik

investigara lo de La I

GINEBRA, Agosto 4 MUPI -
La Federacl6n InternacLonai de
Directores de Peri6dlcos pidl6
hoy a las Naclones Unidas que
lrvqstlguen el clerre del diarlo
argenUno "La Prensa" de Bue-
nos Aires. Jacques Bourquin, Ge-
cretarto General de la Federa-
ci6n. present la peticin& al
Consejo Economico y Social a
nombre de la Federacl6n.
La Federacl6n sostlene que
c, cierre de "La Press" y o-
tros peridileos argentlnoh r3-
presenta una grave vtolacl6n de
la liberted do lnformacida Ia

cual estA garantiand
Liculo 19 de la DecI
versal de las Dereleb
La Federacgl t4
ne que la UbertUe
cl6n esta U
delegacl6n de
present al so
Argentina en la'
Zte Ubertad d
prob6la -i-T
Agreg6 que
favor de l:
versal de o .
he-o lu

A ~




, I


finial.TZ U
a Juan PTI

[ JiM .rica



*- .

~ ,..
*'4*, ** *... .4' -.
-- *' ***-~
.0 C *** :-- .~,2. -.. :.

Ivn d-

i N SUb TALLERKb ITUA00b fE, lSTA C ?0O. .;ALLI H. NO. 57


En nuestro editorial de ayer comentamos Ia I
necesidad de reintegrar al interior de la Republica co
a los miles de obreros que, aprovechando los afios ra
de bonanza, se radicaron en las ciudades de Pa- Ie
nama y Colo6n, los cuales sufren ahora las graves el
COtsecuencias de la crisis econ6mica y, sobre todo, tr
el desempleo. el
L6gicamente se comprende que no es tarea ab- A
selutamente facil lograr que, despues de various d,
afos de vida mas o menos c6moda por las ventajas Io
y atracciones de las ciudades terminals de Pana- c
mi y Col6n, las personas aludidas regresen al in- r
terior para dedicarse a sus antiguos trabajos. No P,
obstante que en las dos cludades mencionadas el ne
desempleo se agudiza cada vez con mis intensi- i
dad, y que en las faenas productivas del campo pue- p,
de enconfrarse la soluci6n al problema, habran mu- .e
chos, muchisimos, que se resistirin a regresar aca-
so por razones de ordpn psicol6gico.
Pero el hecho de que exist la posibilidad de Ie
ese criteria refractario al proyecto no quiere de- m
cir que no se pueda transformer esa mentalidad s
mediante una campafia propicia y, sobre todo, prac- Pa
tica. Se necesita estimular la vuelta al campo a e,
travis de diversas formas, fomentando la agri- de
cultural y, en general, todas aquellas pequefias in-
dustrias que puedan realizarse en el interior del q
pals. pi
Esta labor necesariamente tendria que star a es
cargo del Gobierno Nacional en estrecha colabora- Pe
eiln con otras instituciones del Estado. Seria, pues, In
ipuy convenient, que se estudiara la posibilidad de d
h ihcrementar las actividades aludidas en el interior pa
Olara el logro de estos prop6sitos. ci
Parece casi impossible que dentro de la orbita
del future inmediato, se puedan producer aprecia-
es oportunidades de trabajo en las ciudades de ui
anama y Col6n. De manera que, si continue esta nd
ensa cantidd de personas sin trabajo y si se es
t eni permanecer en las mencionadas ciuda- y
pesar d6 la ceircuistanyia anotada, el pro- m
tornara cda dia mas grave. nt
64 dicho ayer, con la vuelta al cam- r,
t^ r fh da_*fstos obrero, no m
i rara encontrar trabajo para ellos, a
nfoma national recibiria un gran G
e nuevos y halagadores rumbos
panamefia. T
i M eal ieqa que sus barcod de guerra
6nII el solo Impiden el paso de "car-
gamentos de importancia bdli-
gplo ca. El pesimismo de las delega-
clones sobre la posibilidad de
de Suez un acuerdo "fuera del Conse-
de Suez jo" se evidenci6 cuando el de-
legado del Brasil, Joao Carlos
UNIDAS. agosto 4. Mufliz rehus6 aceptar la peti-
Sdlsputa sobre el cion de various miembros del
cio al Canal de Consejo de que realizara ne-
Sdestinada a que- goclaciones "particulares y ex-
el6n debido a 4ue traoficiales" entire los delega-
te Egipto no eata dos de Israel y Egipto pars pre-
acer concesiones, y parar una formula que permi-
parece probable tiera el paso por el Canal de
ecto de resolution Suez de los cargamentos de pe-
ante el Consejo de troleo destinados a la refine-
btenga la mayoria ria de Halfa.
Mufiiz. quien en varias oca-
cto ordenaria a E- stones ha medlado en algunos
suspend inmedia- problems dificiles, declar6 que
medidas que im- habia rehusado aceptar la pe-
pasen por el Canal tici6n porque no creia que fue-
ques que conducen ra possible resolver esta cues-
Is a Israel. Egipto a- tldn en los actuales moments.






Sde escoer el personal necesario para la Secrets-
Seaund Seai6n Extraordinaria del Consejo Inter-
o Economico y Social se recibiran en la Direcci6n
istlea y Censoe de la Contraloria General solicitudes
B para los situientes cargo:

Meoanografa Jefe
Meeanografas (Espaioel)
Moeano6rafas (Espafiol- Ingles)
Mecan6grafa (Espafiol-Frances)
Mimoografista Jefe
Mimeoraflistas Ayudantes
Official de Documentos
Tradeatores al Espanol
Traductores Il Inlde
Traductor ml Franeds
Ofleial de Transporte

teresados deberan presentqrse porsonalmenl en-
y 1:30 P.M. y se Ips eoneede plato hta el 9 de
a la presentael6a de la Illeltud corrempondiente.
ekretlaria General.
4, 31 doe J1U1 de 1951.

ew Pearson dice: El
ciorse con las conc
trucci6n de sus nue'
lsones gobre impuestoi
adminlstraci6n de Tru
prob6 para benefielar a
nstructores de fibricas
a beneficiary a los cost
res de fabricas para la
nsa tan jugosas que h
periodic "Chicago Tr
e", enemigo de IA adm
ael6n quiere particlpar
El "Tribune" creanto o
t hecho su petition ant
utoridad Nacional de
uccion para que se le
edan ciertos beneficios s
s impuestos en la const
on de un edificio de 2
5.17 dMlares para sus t
e de armada, grab
rensa y circulaciOn.
Aparentemente, esto no
e nsda que ver con el
rama de movllizscl6n.
embargo. *e hizo Is ptl
ira amortisar Is const
6n de estos talleres en
Saflos, el mismo bone
ue se le concede a los
ricafntes de caftones,
ies, aviones y oteos mati
e bilicos.
En clerft formal, no p
os culpar al 'Chicago
mne" pars tratar de obt
tos beneficlos. Tantasa
afAts hban hecho petlel
-y han side aprobsada-
to soe ha convertido en
e los relajos de la me
Sin embargo, Ia raz
ue expone sI "Trlbunfts"
nteresantes. Expone en
iticl6n que la indlatria
odistlea tiene una pos
special relative a las
ndustrlas desde 1719; qu
eri6dicou son consider
ndustrlas emencialesf; y
a prensa es eol unio m
larlo que puede ser u
ara expllcar e interpr
as complicadas reglame
ones gubernamentales.
Al final, Ia "Tribuna"
iflcs su peticl6n para c
er lOs beneficios espec
eclarando que todos los
Ite peri6dico publics Un
umero de avisos clasific
al hacerlo osta, on of
nanteniendo un mercado
o0 de empleoa en sus eo
as, ayudando de esta m
i al esfuerzo do la defe
Lo )que A Corell M
ick olvidom sin embargo,
iero, fue su largo edit
dvirtiendo a los diaries
o se sintieran obligadc
Segundo. oue el Chi
tribunee public en su
dad el plan secret de
ilieacl6n de Estados U

en calidad de trabai

&( Cgurru301 CARTAS AL D ..TOR aTmp.

e WASHINGTON 60= 11010"a.A;

"chicago Tribune" quiere benefi- Sr. Dreet n .rien aqueo 4 a.0uto, r- '
esiones de impuestos en I cons- s .uran moJar agnoScero qu l
vos talleres. Senior Director: Los Vidriat muy cars meses un prorama p lra ario- O '
Rogimosle le di cabida en el y *ee4nOmiras quel1 rar dobo1etos N oW v 3_O
con- un dia asnte de Pearl Har- tan prestlglado parlodio que mimo "Unqaee aueno tie- pomos B 1. r a i...
que bor, 7 mnA tarA e una infor- usted dignamMteo' digot, para ne y py 1S lo muAhaohes deseublI6 la .w._t s I54
mnan macif asobre Is batalla de expresar nuestra"a m8t 0eA i0a lots romea lnn pdloetao, me- hace lita 7 y w0 a. Isa- .
los Midway, que sogn Is Annrm- protests por e ftorm*& n que orserf ia dtnero on to de cs teao do elu M 3ll N ut-ed o
pa- da, advfrti6 a los Japoneses etn revisando los autom6vl- ilantas o llenar el tanque de culs en $40,000. Para la perfo- ..... .
rac- quo nosotros podriamos des- les en esta cludad por la Ins- gasolna, Ia cual tamblin esta rael6n me requieren dece di,r o-- una
de- cifrar sms claves secreta. El peccl6n General del Trinalto. muy cart. como tdrmtlno medmo. tr edo.'Is0"c
asta case fue levado ante an Gran Be les esta oblilando a to- Ylo peor de todo esto as que La profundidad media d l s.
ribu- Jurado pars enjuicar a sla dos los propietarios de auto- e nos d un plazo some a o M d mR i" Iis- Tribuna, pere mas tarde se movies la oloaacldn dO Vidrios fuera Msunto- t solar y ha-Ic. Sor S bm l UaO qu s*I
en abandon la sccl6n. que le hacen falta a is puer- cor boteUlla. Ce .rocas eS S a e 1 p a0 .. a .i,
tas de Cdta.. Que revso Usantas, quo revi-sopo t de A 6 eo 0 -
Sboo FRANQUEZA SENATORIAL ta l d en .senor Director quo sen motoro, quo e anto. tl s sa rqep a
re El enador Matt Neely os autos de alquileor n.cesiten luces, eta.,qua .todoe tio limados note 1 ntratistas, baj e la a -o iosa on 101 mo auac.t
Pro- El Senador Matt Neely, de .tales requisites par u pue- ma i m t quo los e no ea
con- Virginia Occidental se encon- dan circular, per o no ay mo- A radecla dOa n u e vamente vIgIlanca loandonIS F, M. il notPdItu
obre traba en el elevator del Sc- tivos para obligar a lot prople- se dlespiden do e ulsted, Ty Inpeat deo sla roserv p qruo 61 ldor. Mulu.
ruc- nado. tarios de autos particulares a Carlos Cencl petrolera naval. r pondra l does
'022,- A~gunos do lot p n su pd
'Ile- "Qu, tempo van a sesionar tales medidas. .cessie bvnmdo leerls amdo htaln p cufnt.n p t -, o o,
Sds, anadoro. durante elT n Los autos son prticulire, y lol Argiles .halst.a.10^. 0. 4. Inv-
ram?"n pregunt6 el ascenm- conforloe ialos arroo 0- ex1 5-li. .
tie- rista. ,* tents, Isa Armada rcibe 8-9 del TAE AROPULOS- .
pro- "Todo el verano", contest e l la crisis petrolera petr6leo obteftdo en clerta s-
Sin el franco Senador. ",Est es ,.,- na i 4-5 del precedents doa I BnV J o. U40
le6n charlatans tinenon miedo de | |tr q:1 Af lmd tr O r le el I
truei qu aise van psa-s I n se reactvan vanos a t o n-.
fln- no aldrin sus retrates d es reaCan J dlO e a laf s en els ncun-
t"elo log pori6 u". t .bX l1l*'a 40-O. 100 8 IO
n o020os etroleros en EE.UU. -LdH. E Pwaics
l a- fezrs et#s10own- ym en tot m sui
od-. tra conferenacia de Oa., .. d, ino m#s. b16 16 MANT9 ILLA
lde- i Por BiU luntoul xlatenclas do oett l s calculfta mnten on condlilon1 uue: 0tr cn r c d
Tri paz se plan enter (N. A. N. A,) qe valen 40s m m il mon doe pmtite r oem oL RIW LA W
tener 1k it..... / fr d6lares, Y On l eotofio s *o as- ouler ttlomt& 'I tat u", -
onem PakStin y Ia Inda EKHILLS, California, Aos- tutruirAuna planMts parsa I lpro- an poducireo ata n / Tod aTaI
one ... y l a Indi to 4 (EPS) Los conductores ducci6n de olina, que cos- mil br llu ar, o Ias maaa I u to ,toS
uno KARACHI, agosto 4. (UP). I us po blldad do us ract oi a- ta ro n 7 medo de d i de lia 5tu1 "--do.4
vill- El Primer Ministro de Pakistin, niento de Is gaoblina, et i.- La d ts pla..t tr-lo.I
Llaquat Ali Khan reter6 u ran s in dud mi tranquil as de m ent millonsal do
ones invitaci6n al Primer Ministro conocer I& actividad quo o sv ple cdbi.os diAnlos, .lo dust "e-
s n dar vena a eJawaharal Nehrut esarrollar on I enorms le- presents cuarnts y gelnio .
p- a p r o re'venga a eas capital serva petrolrAq t is armada gtalones do.e lUna,. uar* y. liS~ITUTIO ACIOJNAL DB PANAMA
ei a conferenclar sabre Is paz en- de los Estsdos nidos tien a- oaho mRi on do propaneno,E
IC6 tre sU rpectivos pais.O.
otras Liaquat All Khan declin6 Is aul, coCrlCId s ltambi n pot pel velntisels il gallor do butano
e 10 Invitaci6n de Nehru de visitario imbre do Teapot Dome. y quince a AValO -ie IdITAoION
d en Nueva Delhi, pero en au re,- bitano. DE UW
one puesta no reitera su cendici6n sep ti mbr. pr6ximo, lo i La plants saor construld, do
e*dl anterior de qua la conference asinstalacon rtal mod e ta ne o L ltai6n par I co nstruco6n de 400 silt-
isado de paz debe ser precedida pr a d case pa- Podri duplicar su producl6n.
det r el retir de tropes de Idia rde ra dextraer tr6lo dean teri- Pero ella r events s6lo utin pupitrea oide p*mpuests par el pr6xlmo matt 7
enta- la frontera de Paistn. r ,o 000 acres, cuyas e-I use del ampi o adup- do aete. Los pleg crrd bern reos
El Primer Ministro de Pakis- ttido pen la Armnsa e haoso .
tan dijo en su mensaje a Neh- ru: "Par la pas iris hasts los afios. Otra' do ellas as la ex9io- DIreol6n del plantel ia mis tarlar a la 11 ah.l ,del
S -- -_..... ... confines de la tierra. poro es raci6n do nuevau sOns. pAr, Iheronqu so p diap d ''-i
viaJe a Nueva Delhi Cad e del ubsurlo Ls puebas t el los sobres ya la a djudioI6n 'orrpnonMt
eal que used decide, amenazar la caso is leva a cabia de acua.r-
t e. Nestle dice seguridad do Pakistin". do con las autorida.s navales, PanamA, 3 do A st doe 1961.
r NKdy I& Standard Off Company do
gran Laaquat All K/han relten ta CaliaArniada quo tioen dorochu a
ados, propuosta a Nehruy dice q 1l&a tercer parto do Iis reselan s M
recto, u plan o rde t su ars e h .
ac- "Retiro de las fuerzas do am- s prforacones m hd
lam- lJd"bas parties a sus aconteeimlon- que alnsat m is do. ts2 i1
ane-. to do tiompo de paz; arroelo cdosezaits metro, ha sid he-
nsa. pacifica de.Ie cuostida do Ca- cha t 0n UI punto lassradi l Us
Co Pchemira; cesacidn de Is propa- Carna. Los pana -atn-
pr- gands hostile; y doolarac idn e plan prforaciones muh as-
orlal 9PP" quo ninguno do lo don psi. yorrU, 1 nsa bests deastr@
que ses invadiri el territorio del ml- qunlOntoe me60.
os al otro". La Armada hn e w rva

nidos Hasta lsa dies y treinta minutes do Is maana
del 11 de Agosto pr6ximo so rcibirAn propuestas en
*I Despacho del Cerente d Banco Agropeouario s
Industrial pars el suministro do:
10.000 quintales de arroz pilado.
SirvIo coi;
EVERREADY de NESTLE El plieogo do cargo y ospeoiftcaciones podri obte.
jo Chocolate con Azlicar nerseo oualquier dias hibil en oW Banco Agropecuari e -
y Leche Industrial.
Se prepar 1 i Instante
en Is tasa. PanamA, Agosto 3 de 1951.
k LA



La RIFA de un VIAJE A EUROPA que voriflos *l Comli
National Pro-Bibliotecas y que habia side fijaa ps V l
5 de Agosto, ha sido pospuesta pars el Domingo 7 do Ofta-
bre de 1951 lo qu se avisa a los fenedores doe 1 ieAM
para lot fines consigulentes.
It benevolencla de los favoresoderes de la biblioteas do
la Republican y les suplica excuses per la modida qM% so ha
visto en la necesidad imperloss de tomar.

Panami; 31 de Juli do e l51.

I _- I


So complace en poner a la orden de su nunmrosa
clientele, su nuevo itinerario a ls
provincial Centrales

Por s6Io B. 5.00

', .'. 'i '..

iQulere usted viajar eon ft~ URIADf.
ATLAS Ie oeftwe tode tog,.. y alg0b n4
s** Ilnatas ATLA& dg b 1, .I
llanta" viej- y y4quealU llaQ* "
da m=a por *a At91 AS ... ..,

*lipsssy + '-,,^tA

Sale de Paitilla. ..... 7:30 a.m.,

Sale de Aguadulce....
Sale de Santiago .. .....

8:30 a.m.
9:30 a.m.

Sale de Chitr.. .,. 13100 a.m.
Llegs a Pantilla. ...... 12:00 m.



& CIA.

Telefono 3-1337 Aeropenot PaidUa
en Santiago llme Il Aeropueno
en" Chitrd lame sl Jor *- Beiy





I -.



Pf ,v "-.,. \.-, S

C -


*- .I *_E AAAaC 5,f0I3PEII3FG ,,it

CO n:thamikes at mnAs oe

r ime.anCl C. wI
I ,.A..A.I ..
,' .. .. .
BT LMO.. AoAt 4 (JOB)
Sde~r~tiv nea. a" -
naf ep la etapa de _a hera-lo-
n.._planop, 8ueola .gt *
y hj,'Artalado yi w t ir-ia-
*n ,ugtrla h6tcas .n plan-
t a ibterrAneas. .
I"a suecos, tadiglonaJltoe
tle' ae 4d.. perfeta
cuena de10 peligroas qu eW
su pituaei6n geogrAfica n-. ia
uttria fria entire la I& n
Bov kties y e mando qb. T
no ha deamovilTzao Sus a -i
pa de 4 efomsa civu, organ.a-
dos duraate la segunda ae
mandial. JEtudaron culdqa:-
nmnte lo reaultadas de o cx-
pertmentos normerplanoas von
rOyedules amos al' o
c efectop de ioq botrdeos
mreo contra las cludade. eu-
rapea durante cntra Lodres. Ya
bani egido a la conclusl6n do
de la poblacl6n civil uede aer
bidamente protegit dise-
fando entonces de
eno~qes refugios en 'tOda. us
clud des, con capacklad .'pra
proteger a 750,000 personas, man.
de IS dci ma part de la p0o-
blta6.dil pals. *
A.n Etocolmo est Pa en. ga-
trucci6n echo deo eat6o reu-
go,' qut en tieinpos de. paz
seran usados para garages, al-
ntacenes, etc. ContoMnme al ro-
grama adoptado *1 gobierno
pagarA doi, tercio del poto y
s., comunldad bepoficcada el
ae tereio. ,.
program sueco ha siido
p ades, y 1contempla la ons.-
R 6 -de refugios almai es
.vpractlcamente todas las ef o-
die del E! 'El'gralp b r
d% Shtocohno, .' paul u. Bp: -
tom", alqulla como bodebas
*uas los refuges' conitrUbst
p0r el goblefrio debajo de 'su
edificlo, lo cual eneuentra .re-
vikchoso, ya quo. eatando el cei-
tado almacnft -tuado on. mn
pi(to, commercial excelente; pero
cqgestionado, no tien- ca Po
para- extenderse lateralniete:
,`Los refuglo. suabterraneos es.
t1i acondlcionados en tal-for-
nm que pueden aervir taMnblin
camo hospitals de emergencia.
aUn. hotel quo va a ser qons-
trlo, oen EItoolm&. co a-
patfdad para deos mfl quin:
tas personal, seri totalnmte
aubtorrneo. EIn cLso de nece-
sidad, podran refuglarse aii
dot. m ilpersona. En un ,-
ragep tambin, sub
podrAn refuglarol!t" eciete
Subcia l ra que sus rfit-
gios' sutraneos sean no' s61o
loS.aaifbrft del mundo, Sino
tas I i los mis baratos, debldo
a itdebajo del suelo extite
u'i&fenorine capa de granlito.
Lo"refuglosf on construidos en
est roca. re1ora ea con acero
y prmig6n, *..i.a l.o.ruLn-
di'deo doce metros, aprona'
da dete. El cost de construc-
clnm' calcula entire cincuieta
y ase7 ta d6lares por persona,
11~ ~ ~ = I i i \t"-

i0 *w

rn&i aovn.



-. S..-

-. w~ w ~ w w w w in-in -w w

en losa refaglos mil anplem, y
de clm oan aquellos que requip-
ren mths traltajo.
DeWmo'del hospital Bodtr, que
w .e9uIm gfandd de mtocohMp,
j ham eeaavaddo esatsacmiba albergar a mAs. de
tree ml paalenta. Eate .hod-
tal subterrAneo, qu p fu pa-
nua4o on 1M, esti acondlcio-
nadio de modo qup puede soste-
nerve durante un mes sin syu-
da alguna exterior.
Dodo hace diez afADo. lo due-
fio de edlflcios residenciales
suecos, han lid0 obligados a
conatra r en ellos refugios sub-
terraneos allalares a los usados
en Oran Bretsafs 'durante la
guerra. Actualmente hay mA.s
de quince mnl de estos refugios,
con eapacidad para cerca de
un m6lon de personas: pero
soe cree que spenas un centenar
de ello resistirian on ataque
Y dudede hace doce afos la

Venezuela esti

otorgar n ievai

a petroleras e:

Peor A. d: Montmoresey
NUEVA YOtK, agosto 4. -
(S). '-- Venezuola no solo
no ha pensado en nacionalzar
su Induktria petrolera, cuyo des-
arrollo por einpresas. britAnicas
y norteamericanlas ha dado tan-
ta proesperldad al pals, sino que
estA dippuesta a otorgar nue-
vas concesiones a las imiwmas
companias en 1952 y 19a.
E t declaracion tla sido he-
cha por el sefior Loscher-.Blan-
co, delegado de Venezuela al
-congreso petrolero de La Haya,
y ex-Mnistro de su pais en
SEl -sehlor Blanco manifest6 que
la prosperldad produced: por
la explotacl6n de los yacimien-
tos petroleros en su petria ha
permitido el desarrollo de otras
indutrias, y aludl a las- si-
guientes obras que se estan
ejecutando alil:
En el rio Caront, una com-
pjdia -canadlense estA-Instalan-
do una gran plant par la
producci6n de aluminino que
costari cien millones de dola-
res. Esta plantsa usarA el gas
tR us e ahora se desper-
'd cia '*n ag mpoe petrole-
ros cercano. B uxita que
necesita la comprltha oem-
press en las GuayanIa.
E e r prinoco ,se at i
YconttuydO, un oastema", de
drenaJes'y 'control de inund -
clones que.. permitirk- utilliar
una. gran e aO.ci6n do terredo
cerca de Oludad Bolivar para
fines agricolaS,
Un important canal eat*
siendo conatruido entire el Ca-
ribe Y 1,WA- Ma racaibo, qae
permitiri I.Witrada a 6est a
barcos "de hata 25,000 tonela-
Un sector 'del Orinoco,' de mAs
do tresclentose i~6metros, esta
.slendo dragado (desde San Fe-
lix al & iar pars que puedan
navegarlo los barcos que reco-
gerAn minerAles en los dep6si-
tos que la Utited States Steel
Company tiene on Monte Boli-
Las -declaraeionet del senior
Blanco .cbnstituyen la primera
negative eicial acerca de los
recientes rumors d4e que Vene-
zuela intenitaba acionalizar la
industrial petrolera..
SLs reiervas petrolificas ve-
nezolanas u e conslderan.las mia
importantes del mundo, despues
de Its de Texas. Be. calculan en
8,500 millones de barriles, y de
ellas, el sesenta por ciento per-
tenece a empresas norteameri-
apasa y el cuarenta por ciento
a compalias britinicas.
Como punto de. comparaci6n,
lam reserves petroleras, on Ru'-
sia y sus satilites se calculan

ndw fe baue a ha venido alen.
do daMcstrallzada. asi como
Inatalad en plants subterrA-
nO. Lta duaAom de ftbrlmas
in' Iegalmeite obligadoa a
puministrar refugios subterra-
new paer todoa sus empleadbs.
14 mip i.Mportante de las
fAbrica asubterrAneas ce. ls de
la saAb Aircraft Co. en Linko-
A. #,, balo una capa pro-
ora de granito de mas de
trelata metros de espesor, se
produced los aeroplanos de
combat 3-29. que recorre seis-
cientas sesenta y cinco miUlu
or ,hors y es uno de .los me-
Jores del mundo. Mas de 'un'
mllar de obreros de ambos
sexos trabajan alli, rodeades do
todas as conomodidades posibles,
inclusive asire acondicionado,
La fAbrica Bofors, que pro-
duce cafiones afitiaereos y otras
armas, tiene grandes talleres
subterrAnebs desde 1945.

i dispuesta a

s concesiones

en seol millones de barrles; las
de Arabia Saudita en nueve mil
mnllones de barriles, las de Ku-
wait eon quince mil millones de
barriles y lao de Iran en diez y
seis mil imillones de barriles.



1.090 Kcs
3:30 Sonora Matancera
3:45 Carrera"
4:0 Orquesta Almnendra
4:15 Carrera
4:30 Maaica venezolana
4:45 Carrera -
5:00 Musica varlada
5:15 Cmrrera
5:30 Ballables 'panamericanos
8:3 Ramdua mieal
r7: Orande otganuitas del
.7:15 El Piaa* Maifleo
7:30 Nuestros artists
-7:45 Acordes porteflos
3:0 El Hit Par#a*
98:t Miktca tpic't panamefia
*30 ]El Carrualide las alejria
:W La Zamsia del Skibado
10:00 A bailar
10:45 Boleros favorites
11:00 En el mundo de los
12:00 Buenas noches
8:00 Buenos dias
8:03 Almanaque de la
8:30 Valses favorites
8:45 Ritmos del Norte
9:00 Delicias tropicales
9:30 El Concierto Matutino
10:00 M6xico y su mUsica
10:15 Espaflolerias
10:30 Concierto de la mafiana
11:00 Sorteo de la Loteria
11:15 Wilfredo Fernandez
11:30 Musica varlada
12:00 Musica de salon
12:30 Ritmos ballables
12:50 La Fleeta Hiplea de Hoy
narrador Eduardo Molino
1:00 Estampas mexicanas
1:15 Carrera
1:30 Panchito Rizet
1:45 Carters
2:00 Cancionero de la tarde
2:45 Carrera
3:00 Acordes porteflos
3:15 Carrera.

Todas prefierent

Sso 0om a -ll-uh uge *a .... es.
we I. pul.damu.u Np ICAFi e el

.. i a*-, ...* .-. I -*

41AAAS l been dul .*.* ^ .*"*.^*^


Brosil proyects et
d sarrollo desi
Production en E.U.
-';UEVA YORK, agoAto .4. -
,( 8 *1-Una actitud m qa jd -
*nctiva hacia el capit ex-
tranjero y la promutfaelon de
leyes diseiadas para atraer la
exploraci6n y desarrdoll b sus
Juentes de petr6leo, tendria
gran alcance en ayudgar at 5-
su en su crecimlento induItriA
setgn Joseph E. Pogue, eopwtO
international en petroeo.
Pogue hace ver en Un folleto
Stitlado "Oil in Brazil" quo" a-
quel pais produjo el afio pasado
pdlo 1 por ciento y refin6 d61o
4 por ciento de su iequtaito
manual de petr61eo de 9;500 ba*
rriles al dia. Puesto quo las
Importaciones de petr61leo son
pagadas con las exportaclones,
de cafe, algodon y cacao, 61
explico, la tendeneia en dete-
nor los precious de eatos pro-
ductos de exportaci6n resulta-
ria en una disponibilldad re-
ducida para intercambiarlos
por importaciones de petr61eb.

Predicen que, habr
gran escosez'de
splasticos en E.U.
ST. LOUIS, agosto 4. '(XNS).
Los programs de expan-
aiones de plants, ahora en
progresso, indican que no habra
una escasez signlficante de
plasticos para fines de o1951 6
principios de 1952, indic hboy
ilea James R. Turnbull, gerente
general de ventas de la divi-
sion de plasticos de Monsanto
Chemical Company.
Turnbull dijo que ahora'pa-
recia que las ventas totales de
materials plasticos, que al-
canz6 aproximadamente a dos
mil millones de libras en 1950,
mostraran un aumento. El re-
calc6 que muchos de los prin-
cipales productores tienen pro-
gramas de producci6n en gran-
de escala disefados para satis-
facer la present escasez y
proveer espacio para los ma-
yores crecimientos de la indus-

El primer Congreso
Internacional de
fuentes petroleras
LISBOA, Portugal, agosto 4.
(XNS) La Camara Interna-
cional de Comercio que sostuvo
recilentemente su junta annual
en esta ciudad, anunci6 hoy
dia que el primer congress in-
ternacional en producci6n, se
llevara a efecto este afto en
los Estados Unidos, comenzan-
do el 19 de Soviembre.
SBajo- el asptlio de la "Eco-
nomic Cooperation Administra-
tion", el Congreso incluira 300
duefios y directors de impor-
tantes organizaciones Indus-
triales del extranjero.

ILevanladas do Nochel
Audo a sus ihiones
ourpo humse no s d.hbace del
mzoeo do c"dog y dowprdlcioo vaw-
noou do la sMnro, por medlo de low
nuvT mllonoes d.dlminuto n tubog o
flltros de lou rIloonM. 1I eato Tvenonoo
de los rinfones o la Tilsa o acoen
sutrir eon levantadas nocturnal, ner-
vlooldad, dolores 4o plerna., ojeras,
lumbagco, doloreI do ai. ooyunturaI,
acidsx o ardor on oa conductor., de-
bido a Ia. necldad do estimulanto
Uuigroo, pruebo Cyotx,
DehbAIas del cdo erico v los
venenos con la recota midica liamado
Cytoxs qUa s aun diurttloo oetir.u-
mto d n oi rifonoo y puliatlvo par*
ta Irritacl6n funclonal a It, vojiga
via urinarlasu n extado do acidez.
Cy, tx tisfacorA a uttod completa-
wnte y iol 1& medelna que usted
*ecoslts. P ia cystex hoy misme
Cystex -or

fmeso. Moy IMu,. C.-
Ijo ,ipldmoato a Is wMihetd
pW *b. O *MtIm*** -" .
ma. kfrs, Ivfmambus, swam. II.
m6 y cwdqus

mmos. Fcil de dogWk. Indleede
Pr so IIgus, psm Ad ftlls as
"mOW N mop m. Sabvea do voi.
Us, cholate y aramd..A4dsen,
les dalm keldo o tple**o me
S" owe*., whill y shselots.

d pt Us
Soe mted loews Us

qSi "sMMa N mk

insecticides en uno con el

El a evo lasecdcids FLIT, de d66a
iasua...e* y efewcto duradero, es de
cuiAdruople acci6a porque conteom

El pueblo


LCtDRES, Agosto 4 (EPS)-
El dexpacho de cuatro destruc-
tores~ brltAncoa al Mar Rojo
e apresamiento de dos buques-
clate na petroleros polacos en
Sunderland- y la actitud fuerte
del gobieTrz' britanico hacia
Irn en eladiQn con la dispute
en torno a las propiedades pe-
troleras britanicas en aquel
pas, hatt ado acogidos con
genaerl 'atifacti6n en la Gran
Bretafla, d6nde se habia sen-
tido un citma de inquietud ante
la deblldad del gobierno labo-
rfita y it consecuente p6rdida
de prestigio en el Levante.
En este pals hay un viejo
dicho, aplicable' al tipo de di-
plomacia que el Levante en-
tiende, que dice que "dema-
stadas chispas original incen-
dios". En otras palabras: las
pequefias naoiones del Levante
no d6ben salirse con las suyas
La Gran Bretafla se mues-
tra complacida del viaje de
Averell Harriman. a Teheran
porque demuestra que los Es-
tados Unidos so han dado
cuenta perfect de que la con-
troversia por el petr6leo de
Irin no es tan s61o por dife-
rencias de opinions entire e
gobierno Iranio y una empress
commercial con todo lo grand
y poderosa que sea sino tam-

hyd o b ws M r pridl-
iurw Ss w-
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DD.T. y CLORDANO,pare efec.
Mi du aidMo ISOBORNIL y
PIUTiASN pm amanr imsc-
IM ibiauhaineace.

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__~_ ___ ___~_ __ _I__~~ _I___ ____~_

^ El buen





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1 1 Bretauna y. hia prensa Ic'J
ha h.'ho much por ,f
de Gran Bretania ae, h
ran Dretana d1 cIs lanioticla: ia prensa bdit4
', J se ha mosLrado much j.
"- s r interesada en el Abordd

su political en Irann .Rach "bgios
blen una, diaputAfundmental diplomAtica, fueron los em- hecho cuatroestrcud r
entire, doa naclndi que puede bajadores britanico y norte- cho cuatro dnatructor anvi
dar origen. a difioultades utter- americano. e l h I ad do r".ono "d c
minables. Se tiene entendido que el) Mar Rojo. Estas cuatro
apresamiento de los dos buques- des navales, 'Chquer' .
En este pala se sabia decade ciaterna polacos se debio, has- as'" 'iva,'lrous"',qy '
, hace uempo que Rusiar so es- ta clerto punto, a presionea ion destructores mode
taba tomando gran interest, norteamericanas. La embajada 1 800 toneladas, con una
cleadeo un seguhdo piano, en la norteamericana en Londres es- da00d do 35 nudos 3
e dispute por el petr6leo trano. tuvo Insistiendo durante algun pco m no u dos, -
I U1 goblekno britainco, aunque tiempo on el perjuicio que re- poomj a. e b n,
ino 1o expre able tamnente, sultaria de entregar a Polenia segrbldad impedirn a
tiene prueaos de queMoscui ha esas dos embareaclones tan va- ori.. .'w ui os a-d s
l estado hacienda eonregas de liossTanpronto como lacorbetas de a arm
.dinero al patido del doctor opiAi6n priblica norteamerlcana
SMohammed dossadegh, primer tuvo noticias de que la- Gran P tre AI-
- minfatrot ranio, para desarrd- Bretafia habia construido dos
e liar su campana al tiempo u qe buques-casterna para un satre- Is ..a t Al Prs d "
retenia los onuctos que enviaoa lite ruso, se produjeron en los Snt. T cbhu io
a al partido Tudeh (comunista Estados Unidos manifestaciones emspirar indit$a
persa) para mantener en la re- de protest. I OI "o lInsta Uh s l0a
taguaraia este sector de la ma- La confiscacl6n de estas dos' toms .mno eo- HaMl'Jc
qumaria political rania. r embareaciones por el gobierno .. on 0s f arme, s
S Certam o ha manente, ha manteni- britnico ha sido recblda con S S e .. -
do tan en la retaguardia que clerta indiferencia en la Gran
durante los mottnes en Tehe- q..
ran a la llegada de Harriman .
a so permtlt6 a los nacionalistas C TIl A P IINT rtfnS
e apalear a los manifestantes
. que enarbol4ban la bandera del ACTUALMENTE ENO
partido Tudeh. Queda por ver W4U
* en la forma en que reaccionar
e Rusia ante el acuerdo que se Im -AIA Fl I
Sefectue en Teher n st es que RLAJAJS DE PRECI S .
d se efectia alguno en virtudL
Sde los oficlos e influencia de
e Hasta ahora, el gobierno bri- CARTERAS, ROPA INTERIOR
tnico no ha querdo etir n. o o a i ermi .i / .tr
1 opinion sobre este asunto, pero PARA SEORAS
a los observadores no se mues-
e an muy entuslasmados con
la getone llevadas a cabo r A A semiana nia n
en Tehrn por Henry F. Grady,
embajador norteamerlcano,-y yea PIA R ISE
Sir Francis Shepherd, embaja-
dor britianic. Es ma, en Lon-o
dress se dice que los dos mejo- B 1 S.
res m#dicos que estuvieron asis-
tiendo al primer ministry Mos- I 0 L O *
sadegh durante au enfermedad CO LO N

Apruoen un nuevo --"
Para cltrdels
vo alfabeto Braille uniformes
para uso de 5,000,000 de ciegos PRESUPUESTOS
en el Medio Ortente, Sudeste
de Africa y Asia, fu6 aprobado
en una conerencia celebrada 0
recienentente e n esta ciudad ,-O structorat
bajo los auspicios de la Or- ', |
ganizaci6n Educativa, Cienti- M.
fica y Cultural de las Naciones
Unidas (Unesco).
El alfabeto, que represent
el trabijo de delegados de 11
nacionei, algunos doe ellos cie-
gos, reemplazari a mas de 20
diversos sistemas Braille, ac- TEL. 2610 S.
tualminte e ab uso :en eaas re-
gLones. El1 nuevo al abeto Sr C E
de cerca el inventado por Lus ,
Braille en 1829 y que consta

Los funcionarlos de-la Unesco
sefialan que, Como resultado de
este acuerdo, aumentara 12a
cantidad de material de lecture
atil para los lectures ciegon de SGUE TAN
estas regions del mundo. El T 4AC EN18"
acuerdo de Beirut, que deber l
ser ratificado por los goblernos
respectivos, e as el resultado de
cerca de 18 mesee de ,discusio-
nes y trabajos preparatorios
realizados por la Unesco con el
prop6sito de crear un alfabeto
universal en Braille pars el uso
de los clegos en todas las len- Buen hik Escoces
guas.BuenW isy Escoci
Tomaron parte en la con-
ferencia de Beirut representan- J
tes de Ceilin, Egipto, Africa ,NWw
Septentrional Franc6sa, Jorda-
nia, India, Iraq, IrAn, Libano, JAM, ebw & s a am k iky s. E wm .M ,d
Malaca, Pakistin y 8lria. __., ...

inA~m~ A iW~4*

-- -- .

U, a llMA AMUICA DIABIO 1XD11331U*L --_


1-Dios romano del ht
12-Remueva la tierra
4-Animal con plumas
--Dominar, vencer.
- bro sagrado de lo
l-Asi sea.
.- %ioajo6n.
I--Ave cubana de plum
3 el. verbo acodar.
7- PBlaOin de Fillpi
--Ciudad de Italia.
0-Caso de pronombre
1-Valle de Espana.
S2-Rtlativo a las mue
lruro de .sodio.
'-orta de harina de
-Relativo al coma.
eder, acceder.
*inturones para po
-Ayve dombstica.
2--Nhmbre de mujer.
4-Metal precioso.
-Del verbp salir.
-Articulo, P.I
-Circulo oredondel.
-Del verbo rematar.
,-Ocilpe dado con los
- rininet allmentilt
O cdano.
-Terhinaci6n verbal.
verbo sacudir.
-- japonesa.
S-- 0llo Atbi.
6---' atreve4.
S6n do Frnela.
~No lbre d un cac
uesta de un astro.
=.apals Oon agui
.ombre de varon.
* OiJsrns5 futra.
. aeh~ci6n del olfat
: anquilos en cain
-Vva aeca.
-Machucar. aplastar

60-S COL


con JO
Un Solo Precio
a rI
I Tb|^ -- ... .. k "-

-C.GRAM A -'

Sde a s-JsesIa

*___. (S. A. N A.) I
k0U, Atopto .4 (015) nbr, .M
Los comunistas aseuran que Cincuenta ril personas son -, y om

E.U. usari trop.ipeauesass deportadas de Hutgrla por i

para que luches ui na Corea razones polticas e arma fir" "
Per :F Falk o f 61 ftadp do pd s c6n FRANKFURT, Au (VIP ) edad, mAdre 4.1 exallalce de dL. onM ea o
(N. .A.) 406t W;Ijgbta n&4 jor Lob exlades- hgA on r- tudaptretmuel- ooI
oMW L detielciln co- maron que el 81giUar0 r dn un- d e1
l' OIo I O, Agoato 4 (hP8) ma 1; uest*a, o gria ha Inicido I S4bortaon rasArk
Las estaciones de radio co- u ant current fI de de "element 1M Itd b6" dc asefl t 8d e"a sa bdiW I
muniStas del Asia estAn diclen- dt- |onesa let cornea- pueblos y ~lide* 61 iarlior, a- ahf l fa ottt tM
do costs tan extrafias, que no ni d p. de uear n- demAs doela deportecoanto en I: e Ian mUliU.6 ea- lt
puede saberse at en retldad tt j r, y e o itldo nt;a de residehtes n Budapect. m aIIn la reJ e pr, dica n al lItf
plnsan 10 que exprean en uBs ur musho ailw- 11 lUa priaivd& Y
trasmisiones en inglds, chino 7 5o a rt i16 send a gue ra Dijeron que hate pocai se- A pua poi e ett. o a 10 Hi
coreano. lP lo tto, as natu- nianas el Gobierio Inc6 la ex- w9U tlandt rect=tanPloue t pari tds
Un tema parcel ser el fao- o que Corea tome pululon de lot IlAltif. "ku- reYviMatlas. ani OMM
rito en toda Ia pe rhhn nd oeuaoaon te dks',' Jubilado y snclano.que q. i, a Sffi
emana de Pekito a cngonsiAen U, s 16n usna Afiad er tinonque raYA han idea 'Ionre lta I y hombrea Uiberale de r
41-Artr Del sbecre:lon ]. taio Unitado ae- i ". So paaadeo Bbp ha- portaldo =la ball ue hl de oresis- ls t a tt rmano Br
ogar. --edrda anua d lngitud, tn hacienda ofrthr d en pan talei srstb io ntante dos tas est erendo en sus Vle i 1 W en
p53Nota musical.soque no pueden conqu itar ientr a ren ent u "Indeseablns y quttlada e i asuntos lWar,. bio (U:ci qn tek
s -t a Corea declar6 "D- s eged obr er u- au tn to .

OLCION bE ATk ranty el o pasadode-lo Bata .,ta Ati tI goeslavia, cuinya bid era Keatnd es ito dde la sbe6n te la* ne o *I

,.-Isa ddeaeUnide perdteron una phrt Egigttia tine W41r6do 181 mil habit dk- A Aala- subc de monopolies de nacion etra era que temen mldfqueni a.Je
con el 47- Iep et ln del sonido. ung esti depuest elo doa delaa eha saon s qom a- las deportado le p candy KIt- l b C A ltlnr declarO t tes a la hambr liberal ap e ee l I

ra muy ft i rlda amenta cada dinorteamert ean. an una que e tiene grahtades d udas 'stbrerprrbtill ha h 1re libe feS
4-A rtl to qu ot voluntaria t S los p"c rt ho pu-Declararon tqd eadtnte el ac- cl6n e tei dentro de l base La oranisone obrer

,,, MU cda vez menoq. La faltn de mfo n mente 6cupads pt tops hun- dsosiaonea Itales contra t eo. lus dbs fiae de opellen, l aln que los ) dt*
9as l-Ar M. Del secretario 6n e tado Mar- l06. flO pSaras ao a e ha rati adoy cea ballot q uo t o otres -K l oHatt, Le man- el cro a,.iyr.
opAlmonu ira las et constante deportai6n t nid lus tags tet In6 rn Arlendo en sus r fcanos 16i m

lshal ticularmente en cuanto a loe s tAr osam n rcjeron qlue I* 5O-Actr. shall an rmai en tales trs- n l u otora d1 uo ea de q las ore nndeseableW' do Is aluddu de asuntos n
m3_ har qu s qUo"lagautotids- wbre-rna tmfIergbmnemhu- ai b d fa u4
dl--oo& mnicdal. ..Mk sOov oita aed la Ta. trtn aB enoi ciiltrI asl au sd-Iedr dgo e u1s fo4i "er a Ker a l 0* m .teinr i dt dao-ate ]. d aI 'in iars e la cut 1C e
coV01N E lrante el aro pasado, lom Eots- de i ead in emor- dSe sr lavia&, ukaoblieerid1 bi n de a id ct elnde nelIrM en lm !. h
dos Unidos perdieron unit part e piden a iu pinblo ampuestoi do P1 milhabiti. ta la del- subctsIn omt ld monopolos de naciones extra eras quo emen o lquln vl
S el mismo que del occter, nando arda y dieJnoto; c u epr se e In- I CAenel s e present Hoy tes a reb i l6nI jo ap e la interps ro i a cap n d
nas muy considerab deo n u rcbo; fian talesto uguerra, don- tensificaron hce co y quo a- quo fats kieshwipdilaSo altu&- tetprrbtntl- 1od0 ili t

lrl" \CHIRIQUI YdSUS\ 'naffili .." ?"stua" '" iralrit,
as a talr implement rn pra ervr como aleis cugen id t prictca- el6n fsti1deitro delos La oard s toneobrers y ta i uy ponb Qu lorlbe la uti.

aat cubra ve lo preparataToa de eno el eMontlto M iOganmon.tue --^tropihWn-dil-lodg iiith alecontra t--usda enoi y d lelo a et6 prdhIbte o manteto ti ta to

DEPORTES otra agrealo. ;'ea .d peb r pferm tapnae- 1 u Jriode de t, oe- pderio addo Japdai_ pen6
nas. eles Lar lu fst air tuer as laoe, no- Aen tatoQ hay ceica nopollob.llEa conraPYU1N e to Hat a oct te- crliod ci aVA rAdf

Per NAMci QUiNTERO Otra truamlslbn curlosa fu6 preparai~n de las furtaa de a trbI* ht afet- dn io Par a io
la hecihant por la estacl6n de a repdeblic" ellfutl. M A uO iiATf Y uncTIVir 6- ca.neo dibilsfF
area; el Con la asistenproblemsa de ereenm- ioe.l erri OtroMEeIbre del sub-comit6, 1 Ja plodlfeicaeoll ful- mericanos ot

tl l mne n cts e ahors no e 11111r abrd e ade i r l Pde l rad rupon qnd niA la^d I la d unM us rdn la s dfr d *.
udiosplazar las baas en Corea par- s fugitosd udaestdi- repr tAte ina en Pormot a nte Patrick Hi- .l eitAlki. ram enter al.

a. Important reuniticun con e l f b ardean Poena cada dia. o 0 can b o ha ovuelto t- I I 6 to
ade hacer el nombramcan os ut o- otora "rein d D u e eeaodf lio tlo Siu-i Por ud ,- ""
n oficiale, es critieo"., po s uj apontesa e 1 p uir- otoy prea d t la fublo" y eocA* t em q m ig ayores m tuntl es, iaulae en it tdi
que hde velarqu-y prourr el primerPu b cldb lotirigenittieerte, i ao1 6ua domde A ton d sn 6 en. n O enA LEr" ?St n urin tie'le ua
engraddBmlento de la caude- crtte un er eta forma podr 1n Naone l- i fa el tratadO de p fies del 1M6linesde
haciai t, vrdmors 'In av mrtn+ merteoadaSixnitanraI t neendor tie aril perha s pu r ido al-'dCoraiIia ls-dn s
dial es a solucipen de la conf- o a no abandon sUA fuos r eddor d 1 i p enas e igual c a no q rletan 0tis Obniaio n i o tclt dcAl
coreanodec". oncepto deddefensa, reschinos lemor de s dtdy set c s tlt oen derno e- en s ole h _
paz de los comunstas no piden a su pueblo quol- do- portadas. Las u dl subeomt Y i e lr o par I mtli
-ra To -.t. .H d u&o&ozola n i b1t I-r-nb *oE rse rA | c u t
vadora so pregunten Usilo co- da peitlmergeica. Iina nt omilSu re iLn y e' pf"to en

o deu t d u s d dn m e l d 8nAo y t ~ rf l u M b1i Wc in-J a p o i t s -
CHIRIQ lUI Y SUS munitas no rstin usando ean- los lstladtlantesnquo sie padLraci6n serM el Preior- r ea ps- omisv enicde con ria.e'
o to esa pl al eimplementt ren par servircomoficialeLugenla Sia ai ad doIeor sdente tan. Mor 0 asI nbe
tinoparss dcubre este lo Compreitartio d, qued en, 01 ej.rcito, .Agr iEapdo qu.oG. *ae Oi oo Q a on q ruo m Mnr Ia u

*Kondo inteoradn de l lnte a I e "AaEe VEGTALtftl
DEPORTE iotra e agrul nn. n es deber patritleO do t0das OO0$00 #. 0 riXododtrel ao I ltn rC i dlsI
Per NANDO QIN'cRO Otra trasmirsli6n curlios fui lrepa ftanndelsa cn uetuas d EL "AVSO0 PORTUNO"ti aft t. inAentocIe e a-
1 FNATn de Ml he apo re p ar d"t un eaAd.n dea ee de Psl
Con Ia asistenca ia d numero- Pyodgyam Ia v t "A oi ra doe lam dsES Y Yn i.ot EFECTt NAIB '. .pce parecen olvi:r i a i

nrro ttcion hia que el UEna iluldi a DVENTURE nl mtiteu eness.* oIu-
Conr dportista v lo Redacore conersacon are1 s tregua, Ade aAs, per diament *Ia *

Dpomr tr.o do Cijoard, e e utie. pro- t do Pek demands, Isater- 406p-ilo g 6nelpl Ma Su rte I
Dtportlvos de Chnrlqui, se efec- posicldn pars abrir nooetoaclo- aliMiAscid do "Ia ocupacl6n nor- psemo de1 I Pote d. na
lImportante reuni6n con el fin bardean Pyongyam cad& dia. ezs cmiioo no ha vueltO en- ar aobel6n finai, tA 1 d" 4i
de hacker el nombramiento de, st bom barded 0 el m ds vio- cinir tudn rtet de qt difli. *
un Cotiit Deportvo Provincial oenstoue hays eiaToi e- n lnt, ita"t t deul
S U enadeintod e1n e tqasa farms podriISn ]atione it51f3tt
o deportiva Ot todos los aspecite, conseguir terminoss m i favo-n 0andifin n onu r0Aenrmar4
adems que se dice quo ce reb es al tumpendersO las hor qiuOixee, U1daofmtt.1 d l W
Comitd ehr 1 coordinidot y tilidades". VI RIS +Uir Ndm:ddIntitb nndel 1ore- a +
fiacalizador do todas Il's actfvl- I0MiNIS- idente Thian y del illt"
adess depaortivasd I fantvin Por el Ir Fr].a ostacl6n L T CLOAR or .1bleOoo aue I ciME
I ATom6 oparte en 1 reuni6nn elc tramtu qo sued anaortAe a ..eL- cT Yo Llonest Chasn fado y latefi- t A p
enthusiast deportista y Presi ra, o e pie haLUaE_!_ cado 01 trtkdo e pat.
dented del Conselo Muniqipal, tnstlcado ans terrible bbm- Grandloso DoblO k6isama"
sefiol Jaimi Aiaguizola y 0 vi- bardeos, es algo quo eccapa a
sitador de Educac16n islca, Is a 69ca. occidental. Una peliculs humlina, liena NO
Manuel Hurtado, y deapufs de demelddlft y ttU.,lEIMINE
ha. explicar los motivos el Dr. Car- Tanto Ia estacl6n 46 Pyong- dmeos .l AfVENTUE n :
tinos de este Comit6, quedaLS- 8RIN AS
do Integrada de Ia itldnte 'tAEITE"TOALvIon
Secretarto, Miky JarWii!o; LSCREEN Ovu1v6 4 lok pAbOllO *u
DSOS FRENTE A REN! Esta directive tiene daticter p01m1tiv. v Ier, hlo nslos iu
provisional y so oe eta quo el E MILIA 0011ADVENTURE pOMflev6tl.ri,hlyin ldo.
Commit trabajari t udo. _.. miyte rdlol, *sWtAoiS

memoriales ai Miniltro Navarro-No es OBAoN! T--No IOlkmithA Or ofdo la
GlWDireetet Gtaeral ietEdu- Es un p OdUot0 deo d@44.,hdaoon 0.
eliti cU*alt, mntis tledior

Q5 a ttfilb Adetu44eto I. M do-
con TIM HOLT te fla u *1 tlo01bita FWli08

"', mmm D adeihottt

:I9.P~P~~t~- i i ,II

The Chase National Bank

of the City of New York

Total de recursos: m6s de B .5,227,000,000.00

Transacciones Bancarias en General

No' Espiecialisxmos en el Financamiento de
Impurtaciones y Exporaciones



FtldAdo en 1904

'jleIafitca: IA1iCONAVL
tuii.": mere 78I Panama
el~e .: ti,'$i-I1, -N I .-23, 2-.9M4 anuida
Ag oloi) On los siguiente lugaret:

Ootrspeil&l* 1 IA prinelpales plazas del Ixtirler.
gsti a e4ndoeJlones do prostar toda class do
.sWelt6 bhtneriles.


Efictuamos opersel E6 pot 4A de
primers" hspWsb

0Dp6sitos semanales de B/.0,25; B/.O.0 1, ...0
y 6/.5.00, per un parifd6 d curntreltloho (44)
oelanve .

o Lans 12:30 p. c: csados: .m. 12 m.

8 A.m. A 12:30 p.m. U~bados: 6 a.m. 1 12 m.

0. A. D ROUX,
m le' w -r.

i Sow


- c--. --in--


,* *-

J al

vl I




MKA: UuliADOIm ... L PAllilAtCA DE LOS RONI...!


reduce y Almn.

'. ,..?^

-. .. --.- -. .- -. ------ --.-- I

_4 Noch -1 I p.m,

Y taint iit rdimance y alegria!


tUn peltcula Mexicana
en este Teatro!...
Una pelieula extraor-
S en
kA LhIrlj^

Una plUn d0bbcada que
reta a Ia fVt4as del Des.
La peUll de la que Ud. ha
oido aier tlat... Bobr



La MIWlot PetteU d#e OGUet dC TOoW Ota TsP
Cmn AttnticoaNeenas del t -e .'O*p 1 -.I


....;,,Ame firs

i, i ***.. .. ......... o ..* II eA'.

6 :00 y :00 P.M. 3 s00.6s00-9:00 P.M,

De La Mejor y M6s Cotizado
Bailarina del Cine



Y la actuati6n Musical de
la Super-Orquesta de




En la Pantalla:
Apasionante... Voluptuosa... Sugestiva...!
Toa LANEGRA f Crox AL.ARAb ,
Rubin ROJO J. M. Lihares RIVAS
En la Historia de una amor que desaffa la Vida...!
Un Amor que hiere...!


Sensacional Acontecimiento.


La limitada capacidad $il Teatro "MAYO" y el interns
por presenciar el eacierro del mundialmente famoso
Fakir "URBANO", en su ataid de vidrio, es general,
armonizando ambos extremes, el Teatru "TROPICAL"
brinda su comodidad y capacidad a tan formidable es-
pectaculo y lo prograina dentro de un Show colosal,
de las 7 y 30 p.m. en adelante del Martes 7 de Agosto.

El ataod done "URSANO" se exhibir6 en el Teatro
"MAYO" durente 30 dias y sus noches, despu6s de
haber sido encerrado el Maortes 7 en el gran Show
del Teatro "TROPICAL" ser6 puesto bajo Hlaves,.
lazos, acres y. sells, por las siguientes personas o
sus representatives, Wealores: Alcolde del Distrito, Jefe
de la Policia Nacional, Jefe de la Policia Secreta, Di-
rector del Deportathefto de Censurd de Espect6culos
Pidblicos, Director del Departamento de Cultura y Bi-
bliotecas, Pr*sidentt del Sindicado de Periodistas,
President del SindiGote de Radiodifusoras, Gerente
de la Red Panamericad, Humberto Ballestas y Nota-
rio Tercero del Circuite, Carlos Crismatt, que dar6
fe del acto constabhndo el peso exacto con que inicia
su sobrehumano aybno, el Fakir "URBANO'.
In el show: Raoil LAPOR-
TE el contante de moda y
su gran Orquesta Tipica
Argentina "Melodbos del
Plata", "DILLMER" el ip-
genioso vontrilocuo, humo-
ritot ilusionista con sus
genlais "Yenadncio" y


*. 60 cts.


30 cts.
30 cts.
20 cts.

Ademis: -



I.a* W4r *Muicalt Dobledlite Solblal.7.
BDanny en un ion n S ika paIstil
oASNY KAv .-. aOstS 9nts1t C ilv, m

CENTRAL | 1.4A L$ : -
James CAGoMY Tfrg"i lATO i
Doris DAY, *a

'Invaii6o1 de West Point'

Ningunos ojos habian contnthplado tanta
maravllas ...
Stewirt GRANGER Dtborah ItIS. do


David Brian John Agar
Ad as: Dogl Dry
t obinsow

Burt TUeaster. fln
AdIema: Lw ogart, en
Ram6nvArmid rig John A
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Que Ia ruta al Departamento de & i CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.

Nuestros Agentes o Nuetres Oficids lo atender6n:

Av Tivol w 4
TOL. -ml

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Doraistico MiscelAneas
SE NECESITA -Empleado con expe- S VENDIN:-CIlew. himklroi .er.
riencsa v buena apar.enc.a paro ecom *eeledI*, FPi-TaX Iiart6
clicio dome6ico Buen wueldo Ca illede paet ds cim es) mde.
lli 52 No 8. Apto. 4 ra levemime, s M-isde., tc. *
le pruifa m as hbale uan piae.
SE NECESITA -Buena empleoda. AGINCIAS GLOIALE. Via Ilps.
dormir en traba.. Buen Calle Colon No. I Apio 2-C, se- P-150J.
gundo piso. La Pollero -
SE VENDE--Mis de 500 %ar.edodes
SE NECESITA:-Errpleado que duer- de plants para jardin o macetoa.
ma en el empleo. Calle 34 No. 17. Se atiende los domingos. Via Be-
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera competen- lisario Porrasy calle 10a. No. 1.
te, Pensi6n Julieto, Rio Abajo, pre- SE VENDE:-Bicicleto H6rcules de
guntar Bodego La Luz. segunda mono en buenas condi-
SE NECESITA:-Una bueno cocine- cionesb telsfono 2-0510 en dias
ra con referencias. Justo Aroseme- _____ _
no 120. SE VENDE:-4 vidrieras nuevos de
coobo. Acuda Bozor Panam, 104
S. NCSITA:--mpleed que Ive Central u oficina Agencia Michel
y plenche bien y duerme on el Smhbon, Avenida "A" y call 70
mplee. Treige referencias y yen- Panoam. Col6n, Tel. 1386.
g de o I 3 p. m. Avenide Balboe a__ -
No. 45. SE VENDE:-Piano Winter Spinet, 18
SF CFCTA. kA.-. ........ I meses. Cuestoa B.850.00, ahora B.

Ave. 4 do ain
TILd. 2-41

Ava M t "
TOL lr--1

Bienes Raices Apariamentos
CIA. DI LFIPVRE Tel. 2-4l32 SE ALQUILA:-Aportamento tres re
VINDE LOTS cdmaras, tries ba6os. 2 porches
Page initial minime 1.100.00 Llama telfona 3-1618.
MueMal 3.15.00
* Lbtes con Colles y Acueductor de SE ALQUILA:-Aportamenio moder-
Ia Ciudoad desde 8.1.00 al m'eio no, con a sin muebles .Una reca-
* Alqailamos equipo DMeodo Opa r mara. Via Belisario Porros 168.
mrvm'iento do tlerru. SE ALQUILAN: Aparrtomentos
SAlqu~barnos d lots s 0 za.40. cuortos: Inf6rmese ofcina Gelabert.
* Club do alos. .3 00 y .4 Jor6nimo Osso No. 10.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartomento en El
SE VENDEN: ,, Carmen, Avenida o. Cosa No.
Lotes on "El Cangrejo", desde B.5. 8 Tln fon No. 3-0482.
75 M2. Tombien chalets en Ia Ex-
posici6n, Bella Vista y El Cangre- SE ALQUILA: Apartamento en
jo. Excelente oportunidad de casa Avenida Central 74. Informed te-
dos opartomentos bien situoda y lIfono 3-0088.
produce buena rent.
ROBERTO MIRO 2-1215 SE A.LQUILAN:-Apartamentos am-
plios, cocina. solo-comedor, una
VENDO:-Lote de terreno de 7,000 y dos recimoros. Cdlle 7o. No. I1.
metros cuadrodos en Curundri, lugar Lefevre. Informes Apto. 7.
donde quedara la nueva Estoci6n.
del Ferrocarril. Iriformo: Lic. I. SE ALQUILA:-En El Cangrejo, calle
Lopez Grau, Telkfono 2-2944. D, cerca del Hotel "El Panama"

i i --I vniia ocinera. 475.00. Calle Q No. 5 Apto. 12. portamento de solo comedor, dos Acero y I ...
Debe traer references. Si no o- 475.00.Call Q N 5 Ato 12VENDO-Media ccin d I Galle recmars y garage. Ocurra a la ACerO y aut i0 *-
noce su oficio no se present. A- SE VENDE MUY BARATO: Ma- de Chorrero, include ed;ficio de Colle del Etudiante No. 124. Sra. Piatura, Esmaltes y
no erU ocoi ne"Saitary"Li.- En:- de a de Rusc o m ao tel.fono No. 3-3685.. Bap1ices8S s d 1 COtt ia d
venido del Per No. 75. ltos. i uina Registradora "National", un concro, doy facililaes de page. de Russo a telfoo No. 3-3685.
SE NECESITA: U na lovander, con mooedr 60 pro-2:944 Lp r e:SE chela 'a. 6pALQUILA: Apartamento, sfam Fe,,, ,, ,Yo a y.
n.anchodoro, Colic 50 (Josh de con caplcidad rc 600 lbs. par comedor, porche, recimara, gara- PCereeria m8ue Y FABRICAVJON NACIONA
SE cTANo N (os d or. 1 Congeladoro procpi pora SE VENDE:-Kiosco "Co6n Prospe- ge, terrozo, cocino, cuorto emplea- "Corbin"PCALIDAD e O Ve CO m08 0)os -
SanMartin ___o. __0. __ restourante "Freezer", cortadora ro situado calle 11, Domingo do, rimparas y venecionas, 65 d6- PRUIRA
SE NECESITAN: Dos empleados do jm6n, stufa de gas 4 fogo- .iInformesollimsm. Co6n.A.V6r dIpE Co IApeteni
una parao cuidor un niho otra nes y plancha. 4 lAmparas "Ne6n" -Da I s C lores, Via Porras NO. 64. Tom- .RD, MI c eproductoimportado.
trabajo general de csa. Deben 48" 3 tubs. Para informed: c- SEALULA 0 SEVENDE:-Chlet vici, lida privad Telono e om a u .... 4
ormir35 Este Noo. Referencias Call o e 1a. Vista Hermosa No. 7. To- 3 recimoros. 2 porches. Avenida 1863. A Tubes 4"'Dobles......4.4
7 Apto 2 fono 3-1468. 3a. y calle 7a. San Francisco. O- tlTubes 2" SeIcIlos....2.60 'iir :IM rL oA Pi, )e tnrmlnoa algo fsak por in
currEsteNo.No.58.2.bes2" Dobles...... 2.80 o'er liguiats, ruse Ia sefiors V. r.
V N SE ALQUIAcurra Avenda 3. No. 58.PERDIDO Calle 16 Este No. 4 Taes -- '4.. ........08 0 Pler des^ Rambi,+, EL Yatea, rusaa ore VI
: a SE VENDE:-Lote de terreno de 1932 'Tels. 2-396 y 2-2988 Tees 44 .......... 1 Ilversi.a N..e CoaNbi. A T. Yartders, a A res sr l -
Motocileta M2 en via Blisario Porros, cerca Espl6ndida gratificaci6n sera otorga- "Vendemo. barato Codes.- x 2........ 75 ( A. N. A.) r e iAc a a o r
EILL.Cse Pa entrIda del Golf. Para mayor in- d6 ofque regrese una sortija de pars vender mis'a N-ee.UEete, UEVA YURK,.AgObsto 4.(WS) du~ido por los pe;'6dios de u- "
SEMoca'Hrl E ALQUILA:-Caso en Pasadeno formaci6r, lame Tel. 3-2081, Pa- platino con briiante y un relol pul- Tel. 3-13" Apartado 209 -- A10go a'como 0una conmo- 6 raises stt0e Ria.
SED VENDE Motocicleta "Harley- calle de seFNbrega No. 9, doF nama. sera de or o de seonora perdidos en ,c.6n ha doAprovocada rentV a m onocmieatto n
Davidson" 51. Tipo 45 completa- 'recimr -sofa, comedor, ser-I- ofeHctel Tivoli hace dos semanas. FUNDICION INDUSTRIAL etrha sides dpr td en lA sq Vm oe* n A
mente nuov 1200 milos. .600. rcmaras, sol, cmedor seri los Tenemos exactamente el tsairtO IDS TRA lca
00. Colle 50 No. 36. Tel. 3-475 cios modernos. .60.00. Tel. 2- SE VENDE Restaurante con mo- ose har0n preguntas. Llame to- I oZlez y Linares Ltda. Ci ot sitea na entreis- "cum Vorbt ", tra4s cido
-- -- 1488 3-2030. derno equipo, estilo Parado., si- lfono 3-4304. VIDRI que Ud. necesita! La Loceria Pasadena La de. la North American News- tso. He aqul sus pnrrafou per*
SE ALOUILA SE VENDE tuado en Ia Avenida Central (Ca- Fiabrica de EspejOS paper.Alliancet en la cual yd In tent :
SE ALOU I LA SE VE lidonia), se vende o orriendo par El Minist ro I voa ba Ia conveneneia, de un argument del clentifico
Cmoarto Arttivo de viaje del dueno. Llame i r E L D IABL 0 .laje BteLaooai parI. b.- a que de ear Iacer
C,,artoArtiulo Sde 8 Cas2-3404. nografa. A !l "; a n iefJr ent, nt,+cu t s. ai desplemen ti
SE ALQUILA :_- Cuarto bien amo- SE VENDE:-Gango, motive viaje. Josefina Perigault, esten6gra- .#4 Tel. $-e0 itercolgid. un verbal, a implemente i
blado. entrodo independent. Ave. Juego sola. comedor, recimara. SE COMPRA Valentin Gonzalez, Inspector particu6Marc "D J hdnncn t ldad, est
Mixico 69, cerco calle 43. Calle 46 No. 19, Apto. 1. Tel. 3- de medidores electricos y deM rc "D iP a 'd a, r yo2
SE ALOUILA: Cuarto hombre o 3392. SE COMPRA-Pick-up 1-2 ton, bue- gas.o,. ded A'l n i
muaer solo. Avenida Norte 38,. iz- SE VEND:-2 c mas-cuns d co- nos condiol nes. Lime Lunes 4 a DeArte de Deno F a d d a t f or

SE ALQUILA:-Cuorto sin myables 2-504. SE COMPRA: Sierra o eje pa Roberto Lpez brega, nge- Roj er
n-ra hombre sp!omente. Estudianto SE VENDE:-Muebles usados de solo, cortor madera hasta 12 pulgados. niero jefe. I e q e mao
82 comedor, comas, mesitas, etc. Pre- Telefono 3-2214, Ponama. Hortensio Garrido, official de r afte ESTOCOLMO, agosto 4. (UP) cone s mor
l os reads Ocurra Avenida -requisiciones -Los trpulantes de u n.barre- trminoJo
Cuartmebado ra olhombre solo-8. Ps 87 O Av COMPR:-Lote de terr Ceno de 60 Gady C. deollins, esteno5 Los tOIriu ln te5sde s bdr:yen tsrmsnao rsstircalo
mente. Colle Colombia No. 8 hectareasen Chepo, debe tender mecano6grafa. de 15 y 30 Ibs. 1 minas pMlacp Be amona 'nleno s5gptfiadsrle q
aoprtamento 5. ,- SE VENDE:-Refrigeradora, buenos frente a la carretera central. Porao Arturo H. LeConte, archivero. dOfi A. l, lcon esrn dujernIsduable que I las I ,l
SE ALQUILA,-Cuarto amobldo pa-- condiciones, B.50.00. Escritorio 7 informes: Lic. I. L6pez Grou, Jos6 A. Berrio, porter. porsus proplaos medios .o ta e.i oontribuclone hechan a pl
ra hombre soldmente. Colle Estu- gavetas, 2 extensions con silla, Telefono 2-2944. Secci6n de Coastrucciones: L V-s de Zinc tin perto del Sur de bios qce-vhacbI las han daidt pund .
d:ante ,7 Apto. 5. B.60.00. Belisario Porras 83-A. Jos6 de la R. Eraso, superin- Tla a e kie J en done pidleron asilo bl.c oa on lO alnd
__ Tel. 3-2082. e.Lendente en PanamA y Darien.. LI05em we ista giFeiad:s p ol oco m u e n ron lo aise uem com
SE ALQUILA: Cuarto amoblado --- -- E ALQUILA JulioSandoval, superinten- El bremiass
Av-nida P---... Lefevre Ernestc celano B.50.00, "closets" peque- Locales Z6simo Guardia, superirLiten- .*IERR vistado frente a Ia. cost& -sue- dende el punto de t de is
pen ome. 8.6.00 par serano. SE VENDE Refrigedoa atoa epa- deten Cim G serten- B lanZ8 D C0 HIERRO DE encontrab dearnado tue a- de d
Lefevre, cosa 32. nos y grondes, eescritorio, ormorio E -dente en Coci, Herrera, Los cadl aiasmaeer horas p acl6o yla l aicla til-
--" .... chino, mess, sills y articulos deoE ALQUIL,:-Lo oe par. sf iin Santos y Veragues.. Al'ie's f puer, precedido pea'mihl--bar .tll, polcs y eqn6ml,,. per-
SE Cuarto moado caso. Casa 601-A, Anc6n Boule- orriba del Teotro Centro lAntonio Gonzez Jr., super- AlmacRomero de Armada d ue- enecen a EFUERZO.aae grupo".
Amplio hqmbre solo. Entroda in- vard. -CLINICAequipada-altosFarmo Intendente en Chiriqui y Bocas l pent6por prop to e I que dice s
dcf.ndiente, calle Darien No. 5 CLINICA. equipado, altos Farmocio del Toro Cla penetr6 por sus propose me-. to lo qe dice la eca
Ato. 4 en f-- Panama Ameri- SE VENDE Sooazar. call. 16 Oeste No. 28. Setci6n de Disefios: Ave. Norte No. 48 dios en el puerto de Ytad. Yartseva. He dqu1 ml cntet-,
ca. Tel. 2-3189. S V Ponaorr Ernesto de ia Guardia IIIH ar- CL A V OS -Im rn arineros apotinados emdl- 6n:e
r-- ---- rso dela Guardia III, ar- jeron al captn del barremi 1-Aunque abogad ncesan
SE ALQUILAN:--Cuartos amoblodos. Autoiioviles ISE ALQUILA---Locol grnde sin co- quteo. nu sec que hab enerr-fementeor la crean o dop
rIne"Arturo L6pez W., arqultecto. de toda COlas dQ a. ,dez pliciales dela na- ci6n do un Idiare pars ci 1As@
Precios especloles por ouinceno PARTES PARA CUSHMAN espera lumnas, edifco de concrete, es- Dailo Martez nenieroe- TAXI t d a ,dlez fcals dela na- cin dea a e
mes. Pora informs dirijase a Pen- RTES PARA CUSHMAN esperomos peciol como paro taller o sociedod. structural. Matez ingenero es- AI bajo cublerta y quc esa- I r cina nca se
sin Panam, Colle 6o. No. 3 r recibir un embarque nuevo de re- Paoro informed lame 2-0144. Alfonso Regis, ngenero de RADIO ba pernecer e ueia rdo el mo nica bae.
Guztmer. De 8 o I1 o. m. o 7 puestos el martes 7 de Agosto -a no Reg ne r d oflerler de la Polecia y en realrdadc hemsei1aido l es-
p. m. en ad.eante. AGENCIA CUSHMAN Tropi- ampo e las Provin Cen- O MAS PUEDEN VAJAR ZINC Armada de 8ue manfesta erado com ae
pcl1Motors. __JliMa lbI2CIdn que ano aabian, con [acti- didato, aT extreme de. dtrlc 1
on | oou. SE NECESITA Julio Mora, dibujante. 2 TAN BARATO COMO tud cuintosde los23 marine- eo a
S* SE VENDE:-Studebaker 1950 Re- GeneralEdwun Diaz, dibujante auxi- ros a b d 0del b gual bP en uentoa ete
S Jl al De Luxe. sedan, 4 puertas, B. erliar. 24 Horas Tel. ACANALADO prticiparon n l tr cal y motn
S d u d1 900. Llome 1 a 6, Curundu, SE NECESITAN: Cuotro j6venes, Cun din os sServicio Pan. 344 agregaron que 6 y hablan pe-g tado n e nli sabr,
AVISO D REMATE 194 ____ ambos sexos, experience en pro- Caros Brandarls G., sub-jefe 2' X 6 y 2' X dis u en l pi
l uscito. dertario del JuzgaDo S SE VENDEN CAMIONES: GMC paganda. Americon Protection. contadr. ..
undo del Circuit-dePanam. en fun-SAvenid CentraNp toegUs, talano, rso y Japon.
clones de Aruscil Ejecutor. at pblko. 5 tonelados, modelo 1947, exce. Avend Central No. 47. A Leopodo G6me Mercado, a- de disefis. 2- Los domas airdoeuropeo
ACE SABER: s lentes condiciones; I GMC 2 1-2 23,Panaom. Celle 6a. y Avenida sistente de costs. Octavio L6pez W., dibujante @jb pr mis de los hora
oe cidan e 27 d tonelas tip rmada,10rue BalboaCol6n, an Col6n. Julio Krauss, registrador de structural. terns, y erdltes al. de btant d mundo; dllois. i,
donl^ ; odos, model 1942; 1eInterno-yDer.e- e
n**o "'Guardia, Cit., A. contra dal. 2 1-2 tone!adas model 194 SE NECESITA:-Co1651so, estilo Emma Salabarria, operadora Manuel B. Molrado oe 1na P., ingenep de teIp.. r tper da tlnrnnr-r
tivo pp esue to por a do .ed d dena mi-B tte y .i & rosccP r
o Aroerena.o se ho seildo el da chassis argo; Internacionl 2 con tre rec2-1609 tegoriqu tenga. a- Francisco CaropresBenvenda Kaw o, mecan6- rar d a mq d copiat m

ra Seceian A ituo n Chiibr D- --- PatroClniO Vives oprdr dco divonario aban lo Ingl. Y los espa*ut d + ioH e
eintiocho (2n1 de Lnto pr6nmino pr 1-2 a SE NECESITA:-teComboo r motor de tabuCaron de2a A cdgur tiabld nJanme Ls boglia, mec'nico avro s-i N 1a21 peAae de lpnloeeen e nn i y los ci peanos, ienen ua
a delo bienes que ontinu ndora Gner Eectric, 60 Mack, 5 Betty Barahona, operadora de divi 3-1651.ionartndivisio. paro, B. 350.00. perrSlente) buena m, ev
se irdican. pertenecientes &I derandado: mnodelo 1947, excelentes condicio- T Euniia Salabarria, operadora Manuel B. Molina P., ingenle- Se ettableseelladere a Ia so l clt
c 273 D. 17.059.MEDIDAS: Nortt folio ns. Solicitor informesIlaando s ra solicit de rvicios de una Perito de tabulaci6n de 2a. categoria. ro divLisonario, B. 350.00. Tel. 3r pr encio, ctrtagnealea y
440o de Tonimoo :urde Seci6n te Ia tefoo 5772-0610. ercanti pora coses e 4 a 6 Audia V. de Cu lla porera- Rodrio Moreno, ingenero d- an elitar del sarrac uenos. De modo qae n
Pro C iedadProvcae P ri, Ofc VISITE NUESTROS SE NECESITA: -Joven monicursta Tallres: jefe. dante constable Panama edsa e as dede los n6rdaqucad
DRADOS (ePbJ.o, qu consist ALMACENEteS PRIMEROenIatarde. Para min s informed dora d tabulaconos R D e la- vionar de, B. 350.00.NarcoRosas dante con- s e s al r n m e ntrevsta habl dq
do tereno itarcad OCHENTA Y SEo S 2; d.e me or Tel. 2-1609. S e goia sec Humberto Cron o, efe con- table, Aguaduce an contrbuones. Y los espa-or
B s (.c .; t. daoo ms 50 Chiib, Dde co-- Patrocina A. deVi Bethan, operator de co dvislonario.e. Juan BS Ibarra adante con- exit e o isL' d o ia I doeuropeos a la

Fin No. .057. insct. oo FRECEMOS: sn v School, Justo Arose- nomecanografa. Heraio Vllalaz, ayudante table, Dav i e i ol a cvlzal n, desic r "n6rdc
trito y Pron cial de Panami LIN)- l men No. 58ECESITA:-Cmbir motor d o 2a. T orre, depachaia. Jaime Laboga, ecicoAndr6n, almacViaEsa r couota- a al M nm p u n a zaoos", ni inglesea' t
Gener62'Electricd60 e- reJaBDmlz tn p:Esa*.a ha s oe buenamericase.
: 7: tee s : me' laora General Electric, 60 ci- Betty Barahona, operadora de divislonarlo.Qad sq idnreurpelrmeho l4n r odos lra se
262t Exte; ratio D Y Oe: to: lote, 273 C III ptabulac6n d 2a. categoria. Le n Gonzilez, mecinico di- Tel. 3.1.0en

27 tro. E0 1nDA metror y ot Atos c ____orloosor de lod ene2 cicl.a Te. 2- o e p oe deo anr B ma eps mil el Ta r melN De aod uarae caor
27 Mtro 0 C entimet.s y O Se clon Guardians efrte dey Juan R. Ramirez, agrimensor ~er osal hbern uml- puede habar eta, estenoe a a excuse, si es
mtro.. SUPRFICIE 1 At, MILn D'- VISITE NUESTROS SENECESITA: ElectrJovn manicuristal GTal ner al de Asule. no Alvarado .ante contab e, le e o t el n aIee do

dos. Cole 21 Este No. 3, Panama. Emilano Fibrega, jefe alma- Juli Jmnen- yes nombres no aparecen en el .
CTENTOS C!NCUri NTA METROS CUA- qu sepo ing y qutro L quier I Ca trlos R. Diez, efe de Ia o Secci de Costos: a roe ,udan
queor cntast sloPepoSt t iCanstes:es{yaiuesRoais, era bd Velac o ne, y 55 si hlera.r mmo. 3--w En ml entrevista habl6 do
.vnlo, catat. i.e CALODAD SUPCEERIOR opreder arn armos oes So peoago dsci6. eld Humberto nal, of cal omableAguadulce.s (Et I sentroduce WElnras dnuop?
Las ..: 7 r potr admii- O Re CO de ComisAanatosna A. do Bethancourt, este- table. ofal. DJuanB. Ibarra, ayudante con- tar i i ui lo e ..Ia ee r i
s26n del e'o 4tdod. S ServiciionSchoo, Justo Ariobtsdee-t de:_"_ld"_191.""
"Fi..o. 17.057. iscrit &I r,,oi oOFRECEMOS: J n rviSchool, Carlo Arii nomecan6grafa.J Heraclio V IIalaz, ayudante table, David.t dia ,,,+ ., .... al .er or.
eo d mPo 7 t. n ENTREe l A PU JosU LLuis Torres, desspacha- contable. Alfredo Andri6n, almcen stat, cuota s a ud.e de l n u A Ianon l

fPtaedai del Tribunal el cineo por cle.n Agosto de 1951, ,par la vet Jefe. Inventarlos y estadatica., Alptes
d d). ro lbe td .mte. deI20MnovllsHosstenencuatrdor de carrots. Ayal, Ingenlero Juan B. Dominguez C., tene- Panama.stro de Obradad se ,u aos S

de Registro Pbl*uo.,Que conli:tae en l S.orne M ube Btita, d ede de herreI-Idr de lbosfe de -....ventaro C a
de-eo Aa renn PI o HodBatistajesdoLheore- dor l libros. o EVita A. do Esquivel, y dan- cer oc Lt-u.U aeitan per y e tiws -ei trbalos -

SRoS Nou.r-steF *r euuchaon l vodeCualquier proue d trabo- teria. Jesus Ma. Alvarez W., jie chadorr Matias H rn ldez. tenderel res Al e ead raa y

later report hjxt harer la adsudir- detailes completos podran obte- 81lvia Baenz estenomecan6- Campo An Panama. I
.lote43 te. ote t A.e Norte 83 TeEI 2-010 en ofics a cdeas. enudentraFlorencit Herazo, jefe d tiempo y planllamns. constable er Bourdett, me.e tres .mier-el del ag e m a. r l...
S- A:.) g.e de.r., o.A S ,. ALTAe dALIDADnmp:eo. ar on rao esd, onetaretror de cmp on Abadule f

c etarie d Jurdo dr Ciruie dc Tel -1424 del Cmnare err d dCl Supmv & de personal. Jullo ii Diaz, contable de ea u, _,-
troam Ee 100 r Sros v Oerte. 100 c ioccn rector, Balboa Seee: campo e "d. -

c- --. r l e AREN TA de .V end carg on op-o itelrl e yas u a _e. __ e_ __e loR o .o_,_ _-.le-
III -kS 11.1.0). C cagoA y BAi- s Construcciones: Jorre I. Barnett Articulo 2o1.LaB Cu- 5ele lU1 esto. :; "' ,
.ds. C3lle 21 Este No. 3, Ponai. Emiliano Fabrega, jefe alma-J -Julio Jimunezeyos nombres no apa ecen.en el
Seriri do babe Para el rentate de aIs Nuestro Lema es: cenista-distribuidor. '-. Jorge Zarak, jefe de almace- presente Decreto, quedan de
Fitnesi is.ante wi~rinll]a de C|EN- So recibirin proouestas en Ia oficino Pablo Velasquez, almacenista nes.. beeho separadas e lelma 7 El Paa/lam AnIEgl P.?
TO VEINTISIETE BALBOAS (B.51.;.. CALIDAD SUPERIOR del Geronte General de to Division
00). Qu esa et valor catastral total de de Comisarietos en Mount Hope,
[as 11iamsa: y sens poastures admioC n lAscanlo Arosemenr, ayudante. Yell. Villarreal, ofictal. DaO'en it cl=t. I'' ya'-
Mo.E ltoqua cubran tas daos caras SERVIM ESMERADOlEba Moreno, maa. Carlos Rodriguez Lopez, oft- mA, a loa dos dies delme d411 ,
I11rt.1 do eao cantidad. & Service Director, Balboa Heights- SeCin de Catin: cial. agosto do 1951.
Para habiitors. coao NTTe-A PUNTUAL host las 3:00 p. m. del 23 de Antonio Henriques, Ingellero AleJandro Cu6l1ar A., jefe de 7ib aufn
eretarifa del Tribunal el elneo par cen- A djefe. inventarios yestadistica. .+
to (5%'1 do Ia base delremote. do 20 novillos Holstein en cuatrongeeia- zurotdoeObra s
at reymnelo as ,enoIdeL Ca nal Agustin R. AyaladL e, neteniero- raiscot Ferreiara, .ouza,b2a- Mi2is
Hasta e las cusro do to tirte deI Aad iotes. en Ia Lechera do Mindi en asisfente. yudlamz del sle de Inventarlos NeS Nild

Sm 7 repaja ha1ts.hae~r ia djudicls- detalles womvletos podrin obte- Silvia Saenz, estenomeca6-icampo en Panama. R
.L imejor poatar Ave. Norte 83 Tel. 2-0610 nerse en Ia of.crno del Gerente graf. Carias'A. Saimir. contableRed
Ff 27 do Jdllo de I General en Mount Hope. Zone Tom as d e en j uu .
Fda.) i Ktrdo Srruso. I, i Calle Martin 8osa No. 3 i Tom. s Francesnhd, registrador Jde cmapulo ACL adulce d o. .S
berbtaria del Juxaadu del Cirsuita do Tel. 3-1424 S rcanl.aento, dBl uoaHihsde personal. Jio constable de"
Z~no del Cana. Fernando Royo A., IngenlebO" w ..A almL
I ......% --- .. "' .*. "- -L .


Mantenemoas una venta
ganga de articuloa sobre ex
tencia donde Ias MZJOR:
PINTURAb so venden a
mia hajos predloa.
Por que no aborrar dine
comprando 1o major?

Ave. Central 279.
Tel -140.

Articulos de Zapateri
Tuberia Negra y lOa

W --asusteca. tecft a en

Uladas sayda par 1bm-r doa ptifttualra
cabo un detudio co d e gi, en la.
S 14 eCO0nna1 .-- ldo M lbliem 11 t 't
Sarteis. Ias :-M rCI.
at t ^ "&lSS~a~lS ,14 ric
,curea natmrar I I*. adl6n. hatlano
m' u .trr ie de i*i' gaT pn f. p' e
IA J' n cn de AU~- Otros expetos de -I AO
L6mparas m.ento y AtYoln y "Agri- ron oiladoe luego a t
cL utnr (PAO), Puo a l. dis- studlar en el teup J
SA L AD I N 0 del .ohMmo de Haiti bUldad- 4 levar i
S S N o Mal doctor Enest Thempqop de l reoad
de de KEROSENE con MECHA la UrIvernldad do Ye, conal- I Inforne .eu ettor.
.derado unta autoridad an ra- son. A todo., 41 proye
xiB- Con 60 vlea doe lier de lu blanea mo doe lad4! aS Sie i *sc iultuc rlM
S oders. I sme toncendi.5om0 de 1a regi6n-*t, C Wit exezlaew Uno de lO..
los 9.wdA 1 y l mne.t% T dolas 1 divereas recommedaelones de la o AO, el doctor LI A.j
KIAOBLNEC. Cpletamente eura- hech a en N' Informe por el earg6 de ia realllci6n de'
bno emb.t o mia pomlo niu.l docto-. 'Thonmpon ae dest.a ela primeros experimnmtoa oab
bombs. No prlofq homo ni malop
olore. Es, tan Imalque u niO de una p le ablica)6n d baz te del prograzide t
ro pued prendwerl. Nunes vista n Pa- mj0itodos. rael desrrolo de t6cnca de l
namai Preo u Bo pJo laFieultura en X. na ga. d,
Pr aSo*..B/ pecasdor aatln o os- a oblerno de Ialt :ini

S *.. C=l .. y. ftumbra .alejarsmte n Ia p0 e la l ue $10,000 r
?"" De n s. ws s e uestallAscostis. No eni ayes ;
r MOMILKMiAS. cador en el Md- D o d
peacadores prefestonals I" jan f t
WONGCMANG, S. A. groedel pueblo do 9alti no ls rdaduel c
S Tenliendo en cuenta la prc- dlrecd. dpr
S Fonadin Ave central a tica de lnundar campos dedl- otorg6 tambrn d6
a .2S7 cado& al cultivo del arrow y la que funPlonarios.
II, 1 presenola an el auelo de Haiti dilran hacker via
de paquefia Jagunas pantano- los E I B tadoe
VIM .'A, sas en terrenos poco favora-e
.- _- | bles a Is agricultura. el doc- nocf w.elram o. .



Minimo pot
12 palabras.
3 por cada
palabra adicional.

eCal. s OWe N.. IL

UM I"W' No,. 57
Avg. Cm11 i2-i1T-C*olt

I ,,.;-_;_____~__

I "*** ,

' ^?



k ---- 4*_ -_

__ __~ __ _

- -

- YV4~

. ."Nu.C K08"

6.- ^

^ -.;1
' .

no Swt HAfb SS 6 14 1 ...

Dra enaj de *s t
tmm6 469 FA,-

e t_ ..

e slenaa 7


ar a t atlo A. de
i0lad n motve do do u pr6-
*Se a -in stadoe Ulu-

ar35 &is I
A^---^kA lR ft5s---- e--

amele 46 a'I"

o e1l fin do aUrt a las boda.
de tv MrM i'tk I|hII ,
res healsi1 ftO Jos as Oosta
2046 -n "Co. -d'e
ifron~aciP Ole d< ^ l'

ElDr.-. CoTte Me zia

Ginec6Iogo y Cirujeon obt6trico

Atiende de 'nuevo si Copultorio

Chiico hoi~ l.~ernodo

De 3:00 a 6:00 p.m.

Por cita prtvll.


30 de descuento

en todo nuesto asurtido de
FIGURAS, etc., etc.

Por st mana inamnte



Delicioso y

Siempre fresco!


Rico mumt de Virg
nla ble& tvtado y
Siesae en latwe c.

opmerva M FRES.
MRA. -

. 4 la ld o p& 'da as r


Le demeiaos un


*"s Unms
at soienlor Josb
vWlan hats -bw

f twaaa en la cause

Del i taduo Unidge
Waledams al sefior Antonio
M.' Alt m quren res6e de su
0 d o ,d ngoc-o por loe

eD od haber paudoe ima

fetiorDbgra Alvarado de Motte.
Eos 0n& i
t ndo a ploume el hogar del
otwr Juan kAomena y seiores
laMaaits Carbone de A-
rooam-w Ita. I&leada do un
otgte vwudo al mundo con
a In Clinics Man
SnAMS.vuestraVSL felicitaclo-
mpara to. dicohs padres.

Abondona el Hospital
La fiora Loretta de Korch
qbandon6 el Hospital acompa-
lnad de su recl n nacida.

1efoa )ia -,Shrman
Manuel oMrlque Quliano
Nlo iimO Orillsb Arango
ifis 'Irma Ocafisa Arosemena
Wifts Xenits Ouardia sco-
fiery. L

Ci p)a6o A de maana:,m
Ieflorm Marts de Pool de Pa-
ors 4
t. Nbo%4 Ohs-
Selorlta Doris Aria Valarino
i 1flor Carlos Alberto Chlaw
ielaor Carlos van der iKns -

Sehora Haydee vda. de Ro-
Castellano: (Principlantes)
Sefiora Bbel Icaza de Garcia
de Parede-Zo ma&rtes de I a
10 a. m., a 1tartir del 31 de Jullo.
Seflora Yolanda Camarano de
Sucre-Los nma'te de a 10 a.
m., a partir del 7 de AAxoto.
Iensl (Principlantes)
Beftlors Nedelea Stevensona-
Los jueves de 9 a 10 a. M., des-
de el 2 de Agosto.
Befiora Corinne B. de Robles-
Lo luns do 10 1300 a a. m.,
a partir del 6 de Agosto.
Soera s Urania Brid de ArsAz

vera-Los viernes de 10 a 11 a.
., a partir del 3 de Agosto.
Befiora Ursula de Ventura-
Los mi roles en la mafians a
partir del lo. deo agosto.
se anunclaran mis tarde las
classes de confetdcln doe olle-
Las perionaa lnteromdau pue-
den inscribire llamando a loX
teldfonos del Club: Paoinm
2-0518 y Balboa 3485, o a Ia Pre-

=e ,agu"0 uon AplUo o."
fto Dltaante en el (Itab 45

m k a ,opowtunidad pa d-.,

la ia que Die deorrane sobre
S tbendelones a travis do -
laros afios de vida.

sidente del Comit6 de Edues-
ci6n seflors Abble Ltnaes, al
tel6fono 3-0443.

En las primeras horas de la
mafana del jueves dej6 de eis-
tir an la ciudad de ChItre la
reosWtablo matrona y trenc de
loorabl e amiUl, dofta T611-
ia Peralta de Correa.
8u .pello constituy6 un& .vi-
va demorstracl6n de afecto do
sue famlliares y amistades. rn-
viPaos nuestra expresldn de
Iondolencia a su espomo don
Bnamacl6n Correa, a uS hi-
JO' Virgrilo Correa y mra. Pru-
dencia, vda. de Rivera, Ruben
Oorrea P. Cecia Correas 1., Pa
blo Correa P., Entarnacedn Co-
rru P., y Bra. Nuclides Correa
P. y Bra. Te6fila Correa de Pilni
Ita, a sm hermana Amalla yda.
de Corro -y a la Famllla Pe-
raita Correa P.

East National City, Califor-
fia hacemos legar nuestras
.s- sinceras felicitaclones al
hor deo don Armando Vgle.
y. Oeneraro Contolla de VI-
a euyo hoar soe vi6 ale-
,do con el advenmlento de

to, .Mcto
Un nuevo embarque do
Poroelana Fina Bone China


tu o de Flores

Cada diseflo seti firmado por
su author.

La melor fabric en el mundo
de eote tipo de vanilla
dsde 1801.
exclusivo de

Ave. TIvol 14 Oale del Fronte
PanamA Col6n

Un md io ftla det acer eliudt lt ipsos

Ceo*sv loe pie do mceale, lin6lso
SJao madofa lustroses y rluelstentos con
GOLO-ATJaisoam rFadNIsim do usr.
sMta splicamla ... ase. am veiae minor.
Sta...dal a ploINalMbIamambcmb
LO-COAT ash Ann hdwu t
mowmsbl. Amsisuse denam pa el s
ples, & lilmpirlo, no pierdeh lur, ni deja
huWla. Para maper conamau compare ui
tb o vnds. PUS boy mmo e pul
Sdor bwpermsb QLOCOAT.

de despedida d Mario Vilar

Ayr nooe J eoupao. delleron eeda na o ta Ia alre... y dare la d4esplda e las
nPresa sa Nrto Viar... y eso him toddo n grade. liM, Jolorio, bael y alegma hasta re-
VrM. n aIs ote ge spublicamsd apareo6n de kqulerda dereeha: (de pie) el Lie. AndrS
CrWid, Hanuodlo Spencer, Victor RuiS, Tits Quintero, Serglo Gonsalez, Carlos (Chato) do Ia
0o, orgalsador del agasajo. Jorge amire Betty Wlliamson, Rafael (Cuty) Ja6n, Maida
Rivera, ilvla lores, Armando Dias Wong, Jofs A. Calar, Bleardo Llnoe, Jos6 Font y Rosita de
Fent, (eon eaelllas) Martin Castro, el agasajado Marto Vilar, Selan Ramdeen y Guillermo
Rella. Deseaeos today clause de buenaventuras y 6xito al eompafero que do nosotros se des-

mna ainceras felicltaciones a
losa esposos villegas-Centela.
QWloee Anos
Celebra hoy sus quince afios
la simptica sefiorita Betty
Louise Flatau aproyechada a-
lumna del bala High School,
hia de don John F. Flatau y
Sra. Mae de Flatau.
Con tal motive sus padres
ofreceran una flesteclta en su
Nuestrao sinceras felicitacio-
ne paa para dola Olga Oeneteau
de B611z quien cOlebra un afo
miA de vida hoy. L& seftora de
B1ez acabs de regresar de los
stados Unid8 ack paftlado de
ou espoAo y Ad rifl Anel I.

A r
Con motive de cumplir sels
ailos, se ofrecera hoy una pifla-
ta a la ninfa Irma Omaira Hen-
riquez, detacasda alumna de
primer ado. La feltamos.


qu tiene los

prmeores proI ramas
,t t i* 11. i i .


ei vi je redondo a
tar fa dem e c urlei6n

valid paura 60 dfa.
Miam Kih tcu n h
y elU1 U o i l otve en Is reI. am
preu1 dsa ete los p1, Plo ias sa

nteie. Or Isle

Entorese del econ6-
mico servicio yEl

Turista"t... con
cinco vha elos sema

nalsa i amir.
El vurnelo nals de

-.12 -1/2 horas...
o ervicio DC-6 en to
arifa de ecut on
Miami Kingatml

NuOvee Orloean

Entresa e a l0 del con6-
j~eidte* -t** *M p


l MucReO.PAA.hh

PwiUe Na ,v1M

C dMlfU,ML

------W 'U I w

S.- _., 4- .

Political agraria para ayudar

a los pauses no desarrollados

contemplan los Estados Unidos

WASHINGTON, Ago0to 4 -
(UP) Functonartos informa-
dos dijeron que la political s e
Estadoe Unidos sobre reform
agraria en los o aikes de poco
desarrollo econ6mico, que 5es-
pert sea expuesta al ConbeJo
Econ6mlco Social de las Naclo-
nee Unidas, contempla la ex-
plotaci6n de las tierras de la-
bransa por medios modirn-s
para aumentar su productl-
Dijeron que Estados Unldos
no cree que la divisl6n de !as


Ud. piede mus VIZ-ZAN-Ds
con sadsfaccl6a y conf& a,
porque aunc te despradai
Ess atrcdva pintura no o
esparce ni endurece.
Adquiers boy Ia do su mats



grande propledades en los pai-
ses poco desarrollados consutu-
ya una buena solucl6n del pio-
,blema. Explicaron que es de
muchisima mas importancia sla
hatroducci6n do nuevos tips de
semillas, recoleccl6n modernade
las cosechas, metodos de elabo-
racl n y conocimientos tdcnicos
sobre c6mo obtener el mixinmo
rendimiento doe la tierras.
Algunos funcionarlos dijeror
que la. rehabilitaci6n de la& tL-
rras y la colonizaci6n de las ixi-
mas en Estados Unidos conbLi-
tuian un buen ejemplo de o
iue el Gobierno de Washingtun
propane sin caricter oflcial a
algunos passes.
Las obras de irrigacl6n g 'A-
droelctricas costeadas por el
Goblerno estin ponlindo en cli-
tivo tierras que antes eran ,i,-
productivas. Los agricultores que
sc instalan en 6sas "tierras re-
habilitadas" estin limitados a
propiedades relativamente e-
quoflas- 160 acres cadas ma Al
mismo tempo, son axeborados
por Ingenleros agr6nomos bre


, 1p,

o il*o.

... Y c6mo cantr yaI
i No es de extfAar 4t e e tin camadm
estos pijaros a todo a1: Son felices y
no poque titen Seaills pmO
Pijaroe "Prench'". Mis so podift
desear ningAn ca to .. doce o ng-
dientes sabrosos y probidoes n cads
paquete, escogidos pare componr us
elimento perfects entl equlg sdo; y,
em ,sdfd6, u-sum Uata eapeM, quo
COutitn 948ullos qupaos Mi mOMu
eM aqulM, pi so dn -pm .de,
waoSw. uun ()

Disfrufe de moments

Inolvidables .....

en el lugar apropiado


TODOS 109S DOMINGOS de 12 a 3
Informal Suave m6sica. mejor compafla...
Ambiente de total alegria
con gente conocida... y cocteles
como s6lo 9l Rancho puede hacerloal

C.ocgeles, Precio Especial... 254

* Manhattan

* Martini

* Old Fashion

* Daiquiri Helado

Supreme de Fruts al Marasehino
Puri Washington
Pate de Pole Gras en Aspice
Consomm6 con VermicelU
Higado Saute con Tocino .. 1.00
Parguito a la Minuta ....1.50
Papas Chantilly
Petit Pols a la Crema
Merengue Glace
Cafe T6 Cerveva


-- -- --- ---- --

--- -- ----




- ,. --,?


I '* ""

,- .-- -, '- '








I OMos venido observando que
mnucha reaidentes de la Repiu-
a qeJan de la falts de
ero d l alto cost de la vi.
h en razdn en parte por-
Sell fundamentalmente es
. IPero no tienen raz6n por.
e muhos de ellos despilfa.
las pocas entradas que tie-
nen. Asi hernos vista muchass
voces que Invierten sus dineros
en mercaderlas de ningdn valor
y menos utillidad. No vaya Ud.,
dlutinvuldo lector, a ser uno do
las, Aproveche su dinero y ml-
a bU tempo con exactitud.
Cmnprese un reloj ETERNA.
MATC que slempre le repre-
senta un valor Intrinseco y le
marcar& el tempo exacto. No lo
olvide, los relojba ETERNA no
Ie pueden fallar. Son los mejo-
res automAtico del mundo; Ue.
nen mayor proteccl6n y preci-
sl6n. No vaya Ud. a perder su
empleo, su clta de negoclos o
do amor por un minute de re-
traao. De ello depend su felici-
dad y usando un reloj. ETERNA
su felicidad estA asegurada per
alta precisi6n en sus movimien-
tps. EscoJa el suyo hoy mlsmo
y ero eorno pueda en Wa
Calle J No. 15, 'Panama. Sucur-
sal: Ediflclo del Teatro Alcazar,
las cosechas mis adecuadas y
los me)ores m6todoe de culLi'o.
Los funcionarios hicleron n1o-
tar quo en Am6nrica Latina nay
grande extenislonea de ticrma
de labranza de propledad public.
ca y particular que pueden set
cxplotadas en f o r m a sinlr.


I I 14L~

A O O -- *A A RAfir
*'; i *


.. .,- a .f.- *c. -.- ,"_
Cometad Ma ati~nCiclils Se 'orr

corridor De

Ion y Regreso

Mariana a las cinco de la ma- rrera con una vuelta y media a
flana partira la clasica mara- la pista.
th6n ciclista "Augusto Brondi", Todos los atletas deberan pre-
una de las pruebas centrales del sentar antes de la carrera un
program atldtico que se ce- certificado mddido debidamen-
letrari en honor a la hermana te extendido, requiasit indias-
Republica del Peru. pensable para poder participar
Los mejores pedalistas del en dicha marathon.
pais participaran en esta gran Entre los inscrito,- tenemos a
cairera que tendra el largo re- los sigulentes:
corrido de Panama a Colon y
regreso, y que se consider co- Club Ciclista "Argentina"
mo la prueba mas larga e im- Alberto Cruz, Eduardo Smith,
portante dql deported ciclista. Miguel Allax. Pedro Reyes Jr.,
Lntre los participants se en- Beraldo Garcia, Armando Gon-
cuentran miembros de diferen- zilez, Ricardo Stevens.
tes clubes, los cuales estan bien
preparados para cumplir esta Club Cicltsta "PanamA"
larga etapa. Kenneth Williams, Luis (Chi-
La marathon se iniclara en el no) Williams, Hassan Williams,
moment que el Ing. Ernesto IRobert Grosa, Victor Grosa,
Enrique Argote, Director de la Alfredo Lyne, Oscar Lyne, Ha-
Escuela de Artes y Oficios, haga rry Makintoch, Hallan Kelly,
1 disparo reglamentarlo. La Wilfredo Williams.
partitta sera en la entrada del
Estidio Olimplco, los pedalistas Club Ciclista "Davemport'":
deberip seguir por la Carrete- Ricardo Caliendo, S a b i n o
ra Transistmica hasta la entra- Gonzilez, C a rlos r Thompson,
da a Co6on, Paseo el Centena- Marcos Dominguez, Flavio Espi-
rio, Entrada a la Avenida Boli- no, Ernesto Sllvera.
var, Salida de Colon, Carretera
Transistmica, A ve n i d a Jose "Artes y Oficlos"
Francisco de la Ossa, Entrada .Juan Ivaldy, Braulio Sanchez,
al Estadio Naclonal por el por- Cisero Ivaldy, Domingo Sfin-
ton trasero, findlizando la ca- chez.

SMayores anoiadores de los campeonatos

prov. del basketball femenino y masculine
Jugadores J C FI FE FP FT PTS.
J. AroSemena, (M).... 17 120 111 92 33 4 .332
C.. Cellis (B)......... 17 131 *97 61 38 1 .323
R. j.aen (B)l......... 17 78 141 87 60 5 .243
R. Santos (Chi....... 19 94 76 44 39 8 .232
A. i razer (Ch)....... 18 79 66 71 37 2 .229
C. Williams (Ch..... 19 89 91 43 48 3 .221
E. -;onell (Mi........ 17 79 99 48 29 0 .206
F. Tonm (Ch ......... 18 80 75 37 36 2 .197
S. -onis CVy ......... 10 47 53 33 22 1 .127
G. Ouiroga (CV) ...... 8 51 53 23 24 3 .125

. Jugadoras J C Fl FE FP FT PTS.

J. Caballero (U10)....
H. E oinosa (D)......
. Coher (qSC)......
R. Herao (Di........
B. Reye$ (MV).......
. Ch"a ( )........
Cel. s MV).......
0. Yai (U10).......
F< OrtM (SCJ........
J. Cafilsales (D)......

. 35

-VIA*: .Incluye los juegos celebrados el Miercoles 1 de Agosto.
Silgniflcado d las abreviatumas: J Juegosa, -C -_ CanAtas, FI -
'Faltia Intenrtadas, Fe Faltas Encestadas, FP Falta$ Per-
-. sonales, FT Faltas Tecnicas, PTS. Puntos, M Mauricio,
CV Carta Vieja. B Barn, Ch Chesterfield, U10 Oper-
ten, D Danas, SC Cirdenas y MV Malta Vigor.
Panama, Agosto 2 de 1951. .

Humberto E. Tejada v.,
Compilador Oficial de la Liga
provincial de Basketball.

Slebra boy su 13o. aniversario

l C,,h Penortivo Santo Domingo
*Hoy ce;ebra su 13o.'Anlversa- Presldente; Enrique Donado,
rio el conoeido y prestlgloso Vice-Presidente; Hermllo Ochoa
Club Deportvo Santo Domingo, Secretario de Actas; Victor Bel-
y con este motive tendri esta tran, Secretario de Correspon-
noche un gran bale en, su te- dencla; Diego Sanchez, Tesore-
rraza de. calle cuarta por la; ro y.Fernando Ochoa, Fiscal.
popular orquesta de Angelo Jas- Al felicltar a los miembros
pe. I del Deportivo Santo Domingo
en au 13o Aniversario, los exci-
Ademas esta noche tofhari tamos a que continue por el
poscsi6n de su cargo la nueva sendero que se han trazado,
birectlva del Club. la cual esta deseAndole .xitos en sus activi-
formadX por Ips conocidos de- dades.
portistas Antonio Racines como

C.driqui escogio

su nreselecci6n

Derrotaron los

Dragones al Dep.

LUCHADOR Y CAMPEON DE DISCO. Mostrando en su rostro el gesto tipteeoe et h
res, Giuseppe Tosi estableci6 un nuevo record de disco en el Torneo Atl tleo AmMe
brado per la Asociaclon Atltiea de Londres en el Estadlo de White City. T'sl nuia
groteseo Kesto al dar la v&efta para lanzar el disco y lo suelta abriendo la boca, p*n
zar uu tiro. de 175 ples y 10 pulgadas.________

Social Deportiva
Nos complace-
" .'"i-B, 'B mos en feliei-
"' slasta deppr-
t I a t a Neville
' ."I..B Gittens por ,u
cumpleaios q"
celebr6 ayer.
!'I ,* Gittens es
-.". mlembro de la
Comision Nal.
Sde Ciclismo de
la ARD de Pa-
nama, uno de los mis decididos
propulsores de las actlvidades
deportivas y organizador de
compotencias atliticas. Con mo-
tivo de su cumpleafios, sus nu-
merosas amistades y deportlstas
le ofreceran esta noche un
agasajo en San Francisco.

El darienita Juan

Moreno esta invicto

en el boxeo amateur
Una eacasa concurrencia pre-
sencid el program de boxeo
amateur celebrado el jueves il-
timo en el Gimnasio Naclonal.
El pfigil del Darl6n Juan Mo-
reno mantuvo su invicto en 3
presentaciones en las filas
amateurs al derrotar por deci-
sion a Gregorio Villarreal.
En otra de las peleas intere-
santes el campe6n gallo Luis
Diaz se impuso a Victor As-
prUa, eampeon mosca por deci-
sion en un combat emocionan-
te da campana a campana. En
los dems encuentros Ruben
Andrade venclo a Toty Elias
por decision;: Ernesto Taylor a
Ernesto Ruiz, y Tony Shaw a
Alberto Lawrence por puntos
Las casas comerciales que con-
tribuyeron con esta funci6n
fueron la Arbiour, Joyeria Ha-
waii, Ron Montezuma y Central

El Azeca Jr. vencio

a la Barriada en el

base do S. Rita 10-6


-Categoria Mayor-
Segunda Vuelta
G. P. Pje.
Danar ............. 3 1 .75C
Cirdenas .........,- 2 2 .50C
M. Vigor ...........1 2 .333
Operten ........... 1 2 .333
Juego de esta noche
8.00 p.m.
-Categoria Mayor-
Segunda Vuelta
G. P. Pje.
Lord Chester ...... 7 1 .8
Dep. Mauricio ..... 4 3 .600
C. Vieja ........... 4 3 .600
Dep. Barn ......... 5 4 .556
Partido de Hoy
9.00 p.m.
Por Humierto E. Tejala
Tres partidos de basketball
se celebrarin esta noche en el
Gimnaslo Naclonal bajo los
auspicios de la Liga Provincial.
Inauguraclon de la Justa Menor
de Basketball Femenino
A las 7.00 se dari comienzo a
la apertura de la contienda de
la Liga Independiente Menor
Femenina, cuya Presidenta es
la distingulda seflorita y desta-
cada basketbolera de la cate-

La Selecta triunfo6
anoche y mejoro6
colocaci6n en bolos
Torneo de Bolos
Cafe Durin ..... 7 1 .875
Morris ............ 7 1 .875
Pinocho ........ 5 3 .62r
Entrometidos ... .5 3 .62Er
Tropical ........ 4 4 .500
Selecta ....... 4 4 .500
Royal ......... 3 5 .375
Optica Sosa ...... 2 6 .250
Taller Sousa .... 2 6 .25C
Novatos ........ 1 7 .125

de basket mentor Granfllo por 6-2 ESTAOE LOS EQUPOS La Impo
de basket menorI Baseball de Santu Rita r6 colocac
El Dep. Dragones de la cate- Circuito Menor los equipo
. COON, 4 de Agosto (Por goria Mayor de la Liga de Base G. P. Pje. "Jantzen",
Nando Qulntero)-En la illtina ball Amateur de Santa Rita, st- Dep. Scarlets ...... -... 5 1 .83? vatos por
ec' on de la Liga Provincial de guld aumentando ventaja en el Dep. Dragones Jr... 3 1 .731 ,resultando
Chiriqui quo preside el depor- iegundo lugar al veneer ayer en Dep. Aracelly ...... 3 2 .60P anotador I
tista Carlos M. Jurado y con el Estadio Olimpico ante regu- Dep. Carlos Eleta .. 3 3 .500 serle de 4
asisteneia de todos los repre- lar concurrencia l Dep. Gra- Dop. J. Granate .... 3 3 ._9
sentantes de los quintetos all- nillo por pizarra de 6-2. Dep. La Barriada .. 3 3 .50C
llaos a dicha Liga s escogi El Dep. Dragones seresent Dep. Azteca Jr. 2 3 .400Wright
la preseleccion de basketball, con su esouadra anemica solo: Dep. Granllo Jr. .. 0 4 .000 Rennert
con el fin de entregarle al en-I pudleron ligar 3 imparables a Cucal6n
;-dor Donaldi Vincent pata II- ofrecimientos dc Daniel Zur Estafindose 11 bases, ligand Moreno
qua la someta a practices y lue- do) Montilla, pero aprovecharon 10 Imparables, entire elilos cohe- Chiarl
.qu eL debidamente la se-,los 8 pecados del cuadro inte- tes de double detonacion de To-
leac (,n qua ha dc defender lo, rior p'ra anotar sus 6 carrerns. fain Cordovez y C. John y opor-
'colr-es de la Provincia del Va- El Grpnillo nor otra part tuno relevo del artist H. Bris-
Ile de 1a Luna en el mnradmo, conectd 6 imparables a los en- sitt en el 3r. acto. el Azteca Jr.,
Campeon to Nacional de Blon- ,io delr machi B. Valdes: que vencl6 por 10-6. en 7 actos a La* De Jann
cea ) que tendra por Sede la For cansancdo cedio la caja en Barriada. ayer en el Estadio, en 1 Roux
ciudad de Santiago de Ve ra- el 60o. a P. Zeballos. los grani- la continuacidn del Base Me- Raudales
gurs en el mes de sep'iembre ll)ero recorrieron mal la; bases nor de la Liga de Santa Rita. De Mena
Los s udores escogidos son y defendleron mal la victoria. Con esta victoria los indlos Olsori
los siguenes e os son El martes entrante los Dra- pasaron a mejor pcsiclon. estos
ones se lue-an su opclon al usaron los serviclos de los lan-
lilo Garced. Cornello Garces. Campeonato frente a los ounte- zadores Fablo (Genlot Crost- Handui
Lhilo Garce-. Wenceslao Gon- ro< del A7tecs. en el Estadio waite que le dej6 los ofrecimien
zalez v Arnulfo Rincon del CheP Olimpico a las 4.00 p m. tos a Brissitt en el 3o. por can-
ter;oZld. AnLon o Palaclos. Ch ---- sancio, adjudlcandose el match
go Jaime Candanedo Este result el finico partidu
y Jurr. Gomez dei eulpo PR1: Dh A AM I AI r del clrculto Menor que juega
Te'iman Frank y A Martineo I %E flMIA1 L IAnA, 7 actos en dia de semana, gra-
del Boquete: Cublla Villarreal clas a la labor desarrollada por
por Concepcl6n: Lucho Monte- 6na Iel Arbitro Jefe M. (Sabloi Scan-
negro, Pao Rodriguez. -Colacho l Gl!C I05 tiebury. El Sheriff con 3-3. C.
Almengor, Pablo Pierce. Neri John 2-2, E. Green 3-2 y V. L6- PR
Eapla o y Josl Maria Jilmnez mpinrP r 0eor0 ma ez 4-2 reaultaron loB meJores INDU!
del eqUtpo Ginger Ale. IhIJI maImiters del juego. -

ortadora Selecta mejo-
ci6n en el estado de
s del torneo de bolos
al veneer a los No-
la via del blanqueo,
o 0. Moreno el mayor
por los ganadores, con
144 159 155 458
146 156 124 426
138 132' 105 375
187 162 166 495
146 150 164 460
741 759 714 2214
147 130 142 419
97 140 122 359
132 103 137 372
103 97 106 306
107 121 92 320
586 591 599 1776
cap 12 12 12 36
598 603 611 1812



gotia mayor femenina Olga Ya-
Las colonenses del Malta Vi-
gor invadiran despues, el "floor'
de nuestro Gimnasip Nacional.
para medir fuerzas con el Oper-
ten, equipo date que se encuen-
tra en la cola empatado con
sus rivals de esta noche. Las
pupilas de Pindl Perdomo fue-
ron las ganadoras de la prime-
ra vuelta del Torneo y hoy lu-
chan por empatar el segundo
lugar al CArdenas, tenlendo el
Malta Vigor igual pretension.
Los dos ocupantes de la se-
guirda colocac en el capeo-
nato de la. categoria aA#n el
program de esUta nacIonde
se espera ofrecertah ~ fildo
.Aotejo. El gapador d o de
hoy se colotad a do
uter mientr q
b bajara al s6tan
. Pindi Perdomo BRo-, arbi-
fran el primer Aueqo, *a y
Bula el segutdo y Pndf".Per-
domo y Bula el tercero.
Los Inspectores de -puertas
serin Zeballos, Camafo y E.
Arosemena.-Los anotadores se-
ran Sarmiento y Coutte Jr..-
mientras que los cronometristas
saran Mena y Aizpuru, Cardalea
es el arbitro suplente.

Se aplazo para hoy

la series de temis

entire Cuba y Canadi
MONTREAL, Agosto 4 (UP)-.
"Lo que es igual no es ventaja"
dijo el Dr. Juan Weiss uno de
los miembros del conjunto de
tenistas de Cuba que se medirA
con el Canada en la 2a. vuelta
de la Zona Americana del tor-
neo por la Copa Davis al alu-
dir ayer tarde a la suspension
de los individuals hasta hoy
debido a los torrenciales agua-
"Nosotros estabamos listos
para iniciaxr el torneo" 'afiadi6.
Weiss "pero tambidn lo estaban
los canadlenses".
Los visitantes contra quienes
las apuestas se cotizan 3 a 1
alientan la esperanza de qua
haga calor hoy para que el tor-
neo puedr comenzar sin mis

La just de basket

de Los Santos se

inaugura esta noche
Esta noche sera inaugurada
la Justa de la Liga de Basket-
ball de la Provincia de Los
Santos con la participaci6n de
8 ouintetos.
Esta Liga esti dirigida por
la directive que tiene como
Presldente a Julio Arosemena,
Vice-Presidente. Adjimiro Ve-
larde, Secretarlo TomAs A. Capo
y Tesorero Guillermo Grimaldo.
Los equipos que tomaran par-
ten en la just son los sigulen-
tes: Caft Pavin. Los Santos, y
Eastreria Chitre de Los Santos,
Santo Domingo. Sesteadero, La
Palma y Paraiso; relna gran
entusiasmo entire la fanaticada
del aro por presenciar los jue-
gos de Ia Liga que prometen
resultar interesantes.



Chocao en ia apertura
Elecogasi y Nehi

Esta' nocel se -enaugura la
contienda de la Liga Femenina
de basket nmenor con una sen-
cilla pero alficativa ceremo-
nia en el Olnnasio Nacional.
La aperture de la just me-
nor femenina tiene gran sig-
niflcael6n para este deported que
ha decaido bastante entire las
damask, y es por esto que este
acto ha levantado el interest
de los fanaticos que esperan
que de eios equlpos salgan lan
futures defelaoras de nuestros
El conocido, deportista Jose
Antonio Checa ha sido escogido
para lanzar Ia primera bola del
partldo que correra a cargo de
los conjuntos Nehi vs Electro-
Este eirculto continuara el
domingo con el choque entire
los equipo Malta Vigor Jr. vs
Taller Sousa.


En reunl6f Informal que se
celebr6 Il mediodia de ayer en
el Despacho .del Departamenth
de Educacl6n Fisica, se cambia-
ron Ideas entire los represen-
tantes de Ia Liga Provincial de
Basketball, FeJeracl6n de ese
deporte'representante de Edu-
cacl6on Filsica y del Comit6 Na-
clonal Ollmpico,-sobre el caN
del vlae de un grupo de canas-
teros a 31 Salvador. En la reu-
nl6n esWvo en prepresentaci6n
del ComftU Olimpico el Presl-
dente Anibal Illueca y Guatavo
Elsenmean; por la Liga, Ger-
minal Sarasqueta, Maximo Rios
y el suserito; por la Federacl6n
Orlando Esplno.-El Federado
Espino dijo que la actitud del
President de la Federacl6n,
Sp. Ram6n FAbrega, fu6 a e;-
palds de esa lnstituci6n y qu
no contaba con el apoyo de
elloi. BS le entreg6 una, copia
de la carta que-el Sr. Fabrega
envi6 al Comit6 lien
Fed=r ac-6n ,-.x.
S concede o ,
el vlaje. La Llga envrt a la
Federaci6n para su aptobacl6n
copia de lo resueltd por eta

He aqui nuestros pronosticos
hipicos para las carreras de
mananaa Domingo en Juan Fran
la. Luck Ahead, el lote debe
quedarle chico... Fonseca,. con
el conejo tendran que correr
duro para ganarle;-2a. Stella
judguela que repite su triunfo..
Don Pitin, esta es la carta bra-
va;-3a. Timias (e) la triple
entrada es nuestra escogencia..
Tully Saba, la native dara que
hacer a estos iancos;-ea. Te-
travera, despues de su carre-
r6n pasado gana... Flamenco,
puede salir en quinieia;-5a.
Royal Coup, por algo pidleron
que lo subieran... Rathln Light
por el tiro estara en sla plata,
6a. Battling Cloud, se impone
con el Tanque...Gran Dia, no
muy grande nada;-7a. Chaca-
-buco, este vendaval clerra du-
pleta...Parag6n, no bajara de
aqui;-8a. Gaywood, este es el
mis fuerte del lote...Hechizo,
por su nombre quien sabe;--
9a. Miss Fairfax, la lin10 la se-
fiala...Cotill6n, esta adquirlen-
do formas;-10a Casablanca, la
mejor del lote...Mufieco, se
acerca el dia,-lla. Mr. Ripino-
sa, ganari ahora.. Golden Ba-
be, esta durando algO.

%hbresw m
1 ltons almorranasiim e&us&
"*pm"On, hbemerarml& *imtnae in-
terna o externa, no siat sa m nuul
sin probar *I Chinarold. gn o aM in.u-
to *Ia Chinaroid pritlpis & eombati
.8 alnmorrana. do trwemanerai:
1. CalmA 1l dolor y I& coma6% Ayu-
Sencoger Ito teaJdg s Ioloridom 0
bfianladoo. A. Ayuis a ostrlUw
membranas lrrttada& slIselteo
hinareld eabn bomes h mi

1JVWt ATtAAADI. ate Zkon %
s 4 b t ga en el enOne |
t i ad f l ra =uus en rMgsr,

El Gobemador De C


-Por H. TEJADA V.-
Para el lunes a las 11 de la
mafiana concedi6 el Excelenti-
simo Sr. Presildente de la Repu-
blica, Don Alcibiades Aroseme-
na, una audiencia especial a la
Comisidn del Comltd Nacionml
Olimpico, que en uni6n del Mt-.
nistro de Educacio6n visitarA
nuestro Primer Mandatario, pa-
ra establecer claamente sit Pa-
namna podra ofrecer en e-i Bo
de 1954, los VII Juegos Centro-
amerlcanos y del Caribe, de los
cualeas e nuestra Republica. Se-
de. Tambiln tratari la Coal-
sl6n don et Preatdente de la Re-*
pufiblica, de qu .se vote'un:crd-
dito auplemeritarlo para' que
Panama pueda asaitifr a 1o III
Juegos Centroainerticnos Boll-
varianos, qua tienen como aede
a Venezuela del 5 -al 20 de .Dl-
clembre del present afio.-

La Comisi6n que visitara al
President de la Repuiblica la
componen, el Sr. Ministro de
Educacio6n Prof.. Ricardo oBer-
mufide, el Presidente y Vice-
Presidente del Comite Olimpico
Anibal Illueca y Pedro Julio
Pdrez, en uni6n de Germinal
Sarasqueta, Fellpe Clement y,
Gustavo Elsenmann, Delegados
de Tennis, Golf, y Boxeo ante el
Comitd Naolonal Olimpico.
Se confia que el Presldente
de la Republics, Don Alcibjades
Arosemena solicionari nuestra
asistrencI a los Juegds Boliva-
rianos, asl como tambl6n que
nuestra Republica- pueda ser
scenario de la presentacloi de
los VII Juegos Centroamerica-

nos y del Caribe, b prueba* ,
de gran 'a portl cia enP lo
anaaes DepOrtWo' Centroame-
ricanos y del Caribe.

Coailtlundo aon rs. activI.
dades el Club lDepoiMtlo Social
Om0.n otre eatas noche u_
grat balle ieri b Pacific Club
House (al lado del pkrque Do
Leaseps) 7 al cual gt;An invi-
tads to os lafll t a estas
acUtvidades: coBiOW I las s
p.m. y sbrA aneMado. Ipo I
Orquesta de 1b oEbrbanfh Pas.

El Club D1.4 Pacifice
ofrecera atractiva

El Clu=, Deport0vo 0aeico
ofrecer manal n Jateemn-
te prog d cie;en el To-ea
tro CC con el pppM6to do
levantar. fdos plra 'C sdlmtl*
tag actiid ea. :
Peliculas aprop para tn-
fios y j6venes, cor y rvl"t
forman el program que Deo-
menzar a las A ....

&lie In I or" "
A a






/ ., .
, 1. ,
... t ..
-M '. *' -*- ...-, ...
..Ei t t. -- ** ,a^ i- *- r' ..=. : -.. T.-.-

Tendra Un Re

Panama a Co]

Como Comisionado De

WASHINGTON, Agosto (UP).--El ob abbr4r del
estado de Ohio, Frank Lausehe. insilnu desp6dea uns
viilta a Isa Cams a uen uoe futuelwrion ftlN&, L a
Majores de baseball Ie s an prlpauet@ 0. 1 o ; '.0-
misiado. _.... a
gferms autorlzada comentron. Ia isibttl ad quo
Lauscile hublera twatado con Truman so**t_ .10e ts@
que odria 'tener en la nstuateina poiUsa O Ohi M e-oar-
go de Comtisionado de baseball .
Los propletarios de los elube do e do-ii,'
s reuuiri en Nueva York el Mart b lS PP 1'
tar sobre el nombrmmlento de Mo Ade .,,W'
Chandlr, queim reamni6 el 15 d

uEl Lnes S Etew

Panama Presentarilos.PMKia

Juegos Centroamericanos

a -.I.~%







_ --- -- --r-



Atractiva Es La, Jornada

De Basket Que Se Of rece

Hoy En El Gimnasio Nal,


S. L

I -

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