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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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th an1

- Abraham Lincoln.


i .!



Far Nort

..... 0 -...__

STOCK HOLMV Aur. 3 (UOP-Pour lUsh refu#es--
thi ml On* a m an lM out-if a "flyiuu juk
yaJ here tody and asnd ke4 t.poticel sylum.
They hoa. jaut made 4 aswrdcus four-hour zigzag
flight a rlst the southera la0tr.
The refugees' clothes-wem soiled and torn. The re-
volvers they carried had been'-fired several times,
They said they had "eliminated" guards watching the
plane, after crawling up behind them on hands and knees.
The plane, a fantastic single-
englned mere o p o f sev- t fmi lM
parl t.,M 0 watfrft_ had at

vHkg- at Bull'
MOiM Malmo they
meond gratp of
Sto. ceae ,unde.
lleKan w n a days.

a new re-

t i asylum ex-
'wanted for q~vR

- s-'air re leMs d that a
w *tae h their ht She
d A the jiuae ripped open
ap one of We n was almost
iwept away'-efore the others
could haul him back into the
At dne*U0%they thought they
gaw a ffiWrd" plane, o 8 t
coased their own rattling Mn-
cOv up to eo feet and h d In
The name of a well known
Pol ftyilng:club could be seen
on he aemPa plane.

Moring Fined $50,
Jaied-Ten Days
On Seeding Count
A United States Marine drew
1a l 1d -Jl sentence and a
fine, ttt morning In the
Balboa M state's Court for
ft was Arew Pal Pom-
pura* seeo x Speeding offense.
.O O, th .tmrge bf carry-
01 a l1>ft was fined $100,
r41014 a 14 dy suspended
sen oe aU.O was put on a
year- probate.

e~"s W *** -


04at Xerlp to demonstru&tegpr
Wf9lal4 opeSnlgof a 1S-
day' pe of E"SV!CJl-
mdists. Cs for S w4a, but
Wuth meKtings wer already
jader wvfy teday.
f gntic demaifratlon,
possibilities of border
.. Cootamult Uilrd-
ert" 'wet Berlin came as
e s-We; relations in Oermany
*a'* to 4evel reminiscent of
the dayir mmediately preced-
ing the BeSuII& okade.
The Wenern a&His have'clamp-
ed an eeohomic blockade on
Communist ast Germpany in re-
.tallatIon agaimnt Soviet restric-
tions of traftf between -eBor
and West Oermany.
bet Beria police are said to
have orders to keep the CoUmun-
lit youth delegates from vetlne
Wst Berlin, le shop window of

Those attending the rally in-
clude-25,000 foreign delegates and
100.000 Western Germans.
AlUied troops are being held In
readiness, but no serious disor-
ders are expected.
Alert Communist police today
patrolled .the remaining 36
streets linking East and West
Berlin. The remaining 154 streets
linking the bleseted city have
been barricaded off.

, F atly Rejects Russian

Clait ror 13 German Ships
N.Aug..3 (UP) only bot .Th are
UBttil ates told Rnla Oay Iasu oerman coastal
today It w, refuse to hand steaumer'M ad f1hlB ve-els.
over 1 3 Gm German ships and are under" U. 8. eontl in
claimed by t4 Soviets under a German North Sa and Baltle
three-year-ol plan to divide ports.
uOnOnmer NA, merchant fleet. The move followed Predent
.T rVenh to share the Truman's m ent Wed-
1oer .enem fleet was drafted neaday tht t rIff reduction be%
by Amerrican British and Rtp- nefits will bemiuSended toitas-
sli shippi4 experts in De- hia and its satellites. These and
member. 1947/ Government re- other actions appeared tp ignal
Dpreantatives Id not take art. new "ret-tough" attitude in
ThIs govern ent. In a brief the cold war.
$nd rid n said it has de- Department spokesman
ided. agaloua carrying out the Michael J. McDermott said dv-
L. i note maid that sion of the Gernan merchant
B lae v was drafted by fleet was to be preceded by a
shipl rn la rather than three-power alreemert on
the overnmqfat. It I nd bind- German economic reuiremeu*.
But he said Uo-tt had broken
iWU 'th es mand o4her minor up the allied trl at y
.ee 2-a--tiamns were in Gtermany a td atM mda
off1d"by W Depart- big-poWer ideptei6 oq 4eco
0 te on a red needs Im poS9o
p. I *. cold.' war de- The th Powe a rea
the years-4ono have A divid bout. U
IN payment Was of a ida& l A


I II .

1it gWles to deter-
Do5ii.l, advantage of
weoe dherly port that
for northern teWC
Le Pauma Line Is nOW
c ng to an tOiU
A The Pansna
present studies
I advantag-1
iii hr other harbor
port lain^
S. r Nuw-
Slto ilt the quest.
I Directors.
complex nature
ve k presently be-
ke t any definila
'be at an early
ritho 0 uch more de-

wupamu all
s4 fthe press
c I spl pere
tlr eeo~tnuod'i
t bhose port
taine of th4
th AtlUantic
r .- m ovfg
sotfth'ardto P
IMA".t Uirtf. ,

Sthe initl4i
tudles will in-I
il questions pa
f New York a,'
with calls 1W
thern port tf
on schedu
ster m ini
delphia, Bamel
some o
>khtl*.. mm*f---

tS avantf .
tent of ppn and con-
venience to Canal Qovernnient
employee on the Isthmus.
The question of changing the
present Panama Line schbdules
tnvolves any knotty ijelims,
Some of'the factors Iblf d'are:
1. Port facilities and eets for
pilotage, wharfage, t~evedorlnng
and cargo-handlint Ouilpyent.
2. Assesslbllity to thb4rliclpal
purchasing centers tor' suppe
and equipment rwqW S, by the
Panama Canal Compai
3. Ral way con= to the
various orts.
4. Costs of the operat6b of the
steamers on longer or shorter
5, Ecorlomy in otpeation of the
Line's home office It: the Vnited
States; and. .
6. The efftlncy in trm por-
tation services for employes and
their 4familiea to and from the
Canal Zone.
The questions of making sche-
duled stops at some southern port
and regular runs to the West
Coast have arisen on, many pre-
vious. occasions. Numerous re-
quests have been made by port
officials for Panama Uine serv-
ice to ports along tie Atlantic
seaboard, the Gulf Coast, and
the West Coast."
Small Tropical Storm
'Brewing.In Atlatic
MIAMI, Aug. 3., UP)- A small
tropapl storm with -0inds 4bout
50' m.p.h. was found ln the At-
lantic today about 50 0 miles
southebit of Berluda.'-It Is ex-
pected to pass Bertn nsd late to-
morrow. -

J Pay Boost UN Troops

liminary O.K. Seize Heights

A pay bill to provide d $400 received from WaVhington added
increase in pay for all classified that a recommendation of a
,employes was reported favorably Senate sub-colittee for an
today by the House Post Office 8.8% increase was to be consi-
and Civil Service Committee, dered today by the Post Office
auarding to word received from and Civil Serviif Committee If
N national Headquarters of the group approve the 8 8% bill,
American Federation *of then it will go;o the floor of
government Employes. the Senate for 'tlon.
fus Lovelady, President of Because of tr difference be-
OE- in the Canal Zone, stat- teen the twd- versions. the
M that the bill, which would House increase: of a flat $400.
apply to firemen, pdloce- aTd the Senate versionn of 8.8%,
aten and school teachers, will It is believed 'that conferees
Iow go to the floor of the from both the -House and the
house e for action. Senate, sitting together would
If the bill la passed, it would iron out the di erences.
mean a $500 a year increase for No-final actio" is anticipated,
civilian employes after the 25% however, until the end of this.
us' been added, and would be month when if is hoped that
.rttoactive to July 8, 1951. Congress will have disposed of
Jhe bulletin which Lovelady the AppropriattL s Bill.

Carriers Will Be

,IkboW of Navy,

rscnaebr States
wfluuV'W.- Va. Auw I (UP)-

tte Atlatic ead
quarters office he' yesterday to
await Senate conft gtlitq of his
appointment to scceed, the late
Adft. Forrest P. 6tMjistn. He told
reporters in his con-
fein*o" ttere- would be no
changes in top-drawer Naval
policy wf-heth iOk oxMr.
"The Navy's job cantt be per-
.formed without a adequate air
arm," the new chief said, adding,
that President ruman agreed
with him. He is "fully aware of
my great responsibility," the
salty, -year-O sailor said.
Fechtefir sa$d he learned 'of
President Truman's decision to
appoint mwhenhe was Invited
to lunch with Navy Secretary
Dan KimbaU. ,Afterward at a
White House. onference he and
Mr. Truman Uisssed the Navy's
task !'f the present world sit-
uation in grea d etail," he said
Vechteler ha. been. scheduled
to be supreme commander of the
Atlantic Pact Naval Forces be-

US Assert Soviet

Scrik ices People's

Wf are to Power
O.EVA, Aug. 3 (USIB-The
vastrL goverunlIt consistently
fjw the po of sacrificing
to b ld taryd ea
hIeaw.lnd=Aky,AccatC Wr&
lter btachnig U. S. Deputy-Rep-,
reneztative to the United Nations
Economic and. 8odil council.
Kotschpig made the statement
before tfe Social Committee of
ECoa here, replying to 'the
clal9i by Soviet delegate V, M.
Zonov that.the United States and
oher ee countries were sste-
niatically lowering standards of.
The ascertainable facts outside
the realm of Soviet propaganda
disclose that lhe. Soviet Union
has always relegated the people's
welfare to a minor place in com-
parison with investments In.L ar-
maments and heavy industries,
Kotschnig said.
For example, he pointed out, in
1949 Soviet private and public
consumption (g r ossa national
product minus investments and
military expenses) amounted on-
ly to $00 per capital, which wasL
less than in most European coun-
tries and only one-seventh of the
U. S. figure.

fore he- was chosen to succeed Another index of Soviet atten-
Sherman. He said he felt Adm. tion to the welfare of its peoples
Lynde D. McCormick, vice chief is the amotint it spends on social
of Naval operations, may be and cultural projects.
named to that post, In this respect, Kotschrlig said,
Soviet per capital expenditures in
The salty, square-jawed admi- 1949 were about $65, as against
ral, who dislikes ceremony, an- $161 in the United States.
sweted reporters' questions from The Soviet Union claimed $30
behind his hue mahogany desk. per capital for education, com-
In Washingft n, Navy Secreta- pared to $43 spent in the United
ry Dan A. Kimbaln said Fechteler States. Social Security expenses
was a "good working fellow on a in the Soviet Union were $20 per
team" who would help the unifi- capital. The U. S. per capital fig-
cation whichi' Sherman did so ure was $57, which does not In-
much to bo. elude the private insurance held
"He's always been for carriers," by millions of U. 8: citizens.
Kimball aid. "The carrier is the Such facts as these effectively
backbone of the fleet like the bat- dispose of Soviet efforts to belit-
tleship uied to be, azd he knows tie living standards in the United
it. He 's a heck of a good man." States, Kotschnig declared.

b of the Santa Fe Railroad W6as In
struck ty the mllion-doalig .deg

w'. "6

Near Kaesong

8TH ARMY HQ., Aug. 3 (UP)-
United Natons fighting men
stormed and captured strategic
heights south of Kumsong on the
central Korean front today In the
face of CormAunist macHinegun,
mortar and artillery fire.
At midday United Nations in-
fantrymen captured the heights
known as Million Dollar Moun-
As they Inched up the slopes a
fleet of Shooting Stars plastered
the Red positions with napalm.
For two days before today's
final attack air and artillery
bombardments had been hurled
at the hill.
Some 53 Invader light bomb-
ers of the United States Air Force
smashed at Pyongyang last night
In one of the heaviest raids of
recent weeks.
Bombing through clouds by ra-
dar they destroyed big supply
dumps and left parts of the city
in 'flames.

Dr. Teeters Heads

4MW ogy Grup

An outstanding criminologist
and sociologist, Dr. Negley K.
Teetersi is due to arrive in Pan-
amA via air tonight on a special
mission in connection with juve-
nile delinquency and social as-
slstance. He will be accompanied
by 10 social workers and a pro-
bation officer.

Dr. Teeters and party will be
met and escorted by a group of
Panamanians who have pursued
this field of study In the States.
Among them are Dr. Clara Gon-
zAlez de Behringer, Dr. Camilo
tJustiniani, Jose M. Fatndes,
Francisco Cornejo and Guillermo
A special reception in their
honor will be given and they will
also be entertained by the Asso-
ciation of University Women of
During their short stay in Pan-
ama, Dr. Teeters and associates
will visit the CArcel Modelo (Pan-
ama's jallJ and also the Gamboa
Penitentiary. l
They plan to leave Sunday
night to continue their trip

CZ Autoist, Cop
Join In Kill;
Victim: Snake

A confessed killer turned him-
self into the Balboa Police sta-
tion last night.
"It's still there. I ran over it
near the Labor office on Roose-
velt Avenue," he gasped.
Sgt. Hatcher followed. the
criminal to the scene, and found
the victim, still alive, up a
tree. He fired two shots and it
fell to the ground writhing in
The reptile was a six foot
3 inch long boa constriltor.

PEACE CAMP, Korea, Aug. 3 (UP) The United I
tions team at the Kaoesong peace conference is apparenmJ
demanding a truce line far north of the present battlefro
A United States Information Service please in To,'
said the United Nations is asking for the truce line t .1
about halfway between the present battlefront and t
Manchurian border.
Meanwhile in Kaesong reports come from both si'
indicating that a compromise to break the nine-day ste"-
mate may soon be in sight.
A break in the deadlock, which persisted through .r-
day's talks, seems imminent, one way or the other.
The U. 8. information see
Sr release went to the Jape
press two days ago, but on l
British llBombe day was translated in TekIt
It said: "The I- Ited Na Oil
Forces now control the sea alU
air up to the Yalu River lide.
Can 10 -Omh

Flying 600 MPH

LONDON. Aug. 3 iLPS-Brit-
ain Is developing a jet propelled
heavy bomber which reportedly
can drop atomic bombs while fly-
ing faster than 600 m.p.h.
This four-Jet swept wing A-
bomb carrier is namedI the Vall-
Shortly after reports that Brt-.
ain hs c rIf 4h er o w a

still secret.
Henderson also disclosed that
British designers have produced
the world's faster fightr plane.
He said he considered British
policy as regards light and heavy
bombers has been justified.
"ThI)e Canberra is recognized as
the outstanding light jet bomber
in the World today. The first RAF
Canberra squadron has now been
formed and a large number of
squadrons will be formed during
the next twelve months."

The Canberra is also being built
for the United States Air Force.
The new Hawker-built fighter
which successfully carried out its
first flight recently Is designed
not only to deal with any bomber
likely to be In service for some
time but to be 'faster and have
higher performance than the
Russian MIG-I5 and the Ameri-
can Sabre.
Former Jap Island Site
Of Heavy Red Training

SAPPORO, Japan. Aug. 3-
(UP)-More than: 10,000 Soviet
air force personnel and para-
troops gatrisoning Sakhalin Is-
land just north of Japan are
undergoing vigorous training
daily, according to a Japanese
who fled the Island in a motor-
Rescue Searches For Two
Missing Navy Jet Planes

Two United States Navy 'et
planes have been missing in the
Mediterranean since yesterday.
Seven planes, including an am-
phibian from the 9th Air Res-
cue Squadron, are searching.

"The United Nations Army
now controls the terrain n a
line running generally from
Kaesong in the west to a point
nearly 50 miles north of the 38 ba
parallel on the east coast.
"Therefore the military de-
marcation line should be half
way midway between the Yal*
Tumen river line (Manchu t
border) and the present battle
This would place the arm x
tiUe line p e by

"of the prall eo. the WeSt.
.ach a lin wou1 d be

United Nations troops have
not been that far into Gom-
munit territory since las I
The Information Service re-
lease sKid the Korean demfll-.
tarised zone should be establish..
ed on a basis of existing mill-
tary conditions, and must ,e
such as to make difficult any'
preparations for a new militas
offensive by either side.
The Communist army ope'Il&
its aggression from the 38th
parallel, the release said. .
This fact alone showed tatlsh
the creation of a demilitaryd
zone along the parallel was nt
suitable or satisfactory.

Repeatedly since the Kaes43g
talks deadlocked PyongylMg
and Peiping radios havpy bn
building up the idea that the
United Nations demands *b e
completely unreasonable.
Though the present battlfef
has been virtually unchas---
for weeks the United Natl
censors have never permitted
correspondents to say exactly
where it is..

It seems likely that a c p,.
promise might be reached o0 a
line below the far north
proposal, but still north of the
38th parallel.
Communist newsmen in Ka-
esong told U~nited Nations news-
men that reliable Red source#
had disclosed that the United
Nations team was proposing a
truce line far north of the pre-
sent front.
Asked about this, the United
Nations briefing officer hoe
said it concerned a substantlvl
part of the negotiations, n
that he could not comment.

Prison Bars No Ja il To Cons

Who Took Revenoo ers' $25 00

(UP Twenty-five convicts at
nearby Ralford Statt r, ,.
ry had a $2.500 fling on Uncle
Sam in the prison canteen by col-
lecting refunds from phonv In-
come tax statements the District
Revenue Collector disclosed to-
"The ring Is smashed," Collec-
tor John H. Faha announced. But
most of the convicts didn't seem
to mind being caught. They had
been sent up for long terms any-
way, and they had spent all the
Income tax refunds.
"We recovered nothing," said
Homer T. Jones. chief agent of
the department's intelligence
Jones explained the prisoners
ent in false withholding receipts

along with their 1950 income tax
returns. The Internal Revenue
Bureau promptly mailed income
tax refund checks ranging from
$50 to $125 which the convicts de-
posited in the prison bank and
The blank withholding tax re-
ceipts might have been smuggled
into the convicts from the out-
side. but they also are readily a-
vailable by writing to the Inter-
nal Revenue Bureau. Jones said.
The prisoners' plan to pick up
spending money was uncovered
by prison officials who became
suspicious of the amount of tax
business being carried on behind
The Internal Revenue Office
thanked prison authorities for
their cooperation but said in-

come tax auditors would have
discovered the ring eventually
just as they uncovered a similar
situation at Arizona State PriMU
"'There's no chance of thefotM
being caught." Jonea nsad
He added that "a few shodrt-
term prisoners tried It too. ad
I think they'll be sorry."
Those convicted of defrauding
the government may have to
serve another five to 10 years aI-
ter they complete their State a-
Apparently their failu e
discouraged other onvl.tW -
revealed that he has eu'-
checking various other aM-
of prisoners to obtain
from Uncle Sam.
explain what other

~- ~

ji g' 'L

ILt .-
? ". \. ,.

.- .... .i..' V 'l ," -" -


ry i We"


4 Poles




S a
,. t



Cargo and Freight-Ships and Planes- Arivals and Departures


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service

Shipping & AirLine News

7 6 L. '1 i ,
- .. *
t -' -

'" = .

4 a

r~ TEA? SF3tJN~

Yeo Got HaM?



'I U
1' S
* a'








5. Lovers Bend ............................. Aug. 3
Chiriqui ................................ Aug 5
Chiriqui ...................................Aug. 19
S.8. Byfjord ..... ..................... ..... Aug. 25
(BandHial Refrierated ChDed and Gemwal Carge)

New York Freight Service Crist6bal
S.5. Cape Avinof .............................. Aug. 5
8.S. Cape Ann ................................ Aug. 12
8.S. Cape Cod ................................. Aug. 18
S.S. Maya ............................... Aug. 26
Weekb) Imn go New Yor5k. L* Anseles. S a rdanesieeo egnt
Oeealonal Salllnp to Mew Orleans and Mobile
(The sleamers n his qrvlic at*e wanted to twelve oseseet
nrequ-ea IretXbt Salltng from Cristobal to West Coast Cenirat 4merics

"Nicoline Maersk"
Leaves Today
Local agent for the Maersk
Lines, Fenton and Company, re-
port the departure today from
Balboa of the Nicollne Maersk.
The ship, with 12 passengers
from the Canal Zone is headed
for San Francisco. Among those
aboard are Mr. and Mrs. Emilio
BelUlno and son, Mr. and Mrs.
Robert Graham of Gatul and
Mrs. Amanda De Guillen of Ni-
caragua who had visited her
daughter in Panama.

Grace Line Ship Due
at Canal Mouth Monday
The Santa Lqisa arrives Mon-
day from Valparaiso on her way
to New York. Panama Agencies,
local agent states the passenger
ship is booked full with 50 aboard.
She will transit the Canal and
remain in Cristobal several hours
on Monday.
Isthmian Steamship Line
Revives Age-Old Custom
"Ships and Sailirf." F popular
magazine of ships and the sea
contained the following item of
interest in its current issue:
"In keeping with the age-old
custom of the sea, sealed bottles
containing messages will be
dropped overboard during the
next several months by the cap-
tains of 28 ships of the Isthmian
Ste amship Line en route
throughout the waters of the
As each of the 28 ships of the
Isthmian Line arrives in New
York, the master of each ship
will receive a case of bottles. with
bottle papers which he will fill
out and insert within the bottles.
Then as the ship travels between
ports, each master will drop bot-
tles at predetermined points,
The bottle paper which is
printed in English. Spanish and
Italian contains a message telling
where the bottle is being dropped
overboard, the date and the name
of the ship. Bottle messages often
travel thousands of sea miles and
as eaoh bottle paper is found,
Ships and Sailing magazine will
send copies of S&S for one year
to the finder in any part of the

son; Mli Eileen Bleakley; Hen-
I., -. iu.caer and George P.
"onneau. Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Bower
and three children; Mr. and Mrs.
James Cocoros; Mrs. Mary C.
Coxe; Mr. and Mrs. Charles K.
Cross and two children; Mrs. Isa-
belle Cunningham; Mrs. Ferne
Deming; Mr. and Mrs. Herschell
W. Dempsey and three children;
Mrs. Florence Denson; Mrd. An-
ele 8. Douthe; Mr. and Mrs.
Rodney B. Ely and fo'- "rh*'"-ni
and Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Ev-
ans and two children.
T'is- Marion Farrow; Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph T. Gartoh and two
children; Miss Elsie R. Graham;
...r. ana Mrs. Roger C. Hackett
and daughter: Mr. James C. Ha-
gerty; Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hall;
Miss Evelyn Hampton; William
Hannigan. Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. Al-
cide R. Hauser and three chil-
dren; Miss Rosemary Henderson
and Mr. and Mrs. Theophil F.
Hotz and daughter.
Miss Josephine Jamison; Mrs.
Anna M. Jones; Miss Helen E.
King; Miss Sylvia Kohn; Sgt.
and Mrs. Michael J. Kulikowski
and two children; Miss Bert Le-
vy; Richard Lopp; Mrs. Florence
Maeurer; Mr. and Mrs. George L.
Maloy; Miss Mary E. Mayer; Mr.
and Mrs. Russel C. Melssner and
two children; Robert Mikola and
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. Mundt
And daughter.
Herman Nicolaus; Mrs. Made-
lne T. Oakes and daughter; Mrs.
lena Patti and daughter; Sfce
and Mrs. Paul F. Pease and two
children; Paul C. Parry; Miss
Concetta Pizzine; Mr. and Mrs.
John J. Prill and four children;
Felix J. Rabito; Mr. and Mrs.
Cecil M. Reese ahd daughter; Dr.
Charles Reitall; Mr. and Mrs.
Edwin L. Roades and Mr. and
Mrs. Warren B. Rogers and two
children and Henry H. Ronge.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter T.
Schapow; Richard J. Schneider;
Mr. p"'' Ar- '-- '-. ,'- 1
two children; Mr. and Mrs. Will-
*ac and son; Miss
Augusta Selligman; Mr. and Mrs.
._ .,:. i.,epnenson; Rev. and
.Mrs. Alexander H. Shaw; Fred
Sill; Leon K. Sparks; Mrs. Sylvia
J. Stoute and Gene Strugatz.
Mrs. Marion Taylor; Miss Eve-
lyn Terenzlo; Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
A. Thibodeau and son; Benjamin
L. Thomas; Dr. Maurice B.
Thompson, wife and four chil-
dren; )r. Wad Mrs. Alfred T. Veit
and Oakley. L. Vest.
Mr. Herbert D. Vogel, Jr., Dr.
and Mrs. Adolf G. Wagner; Mrs.
Anna Weltl; Miss .Tesie '"
Miss Virginia B. Willett; Miss Do-
rothv Winter: Miss Jeanette
Winter; Mrs. Frances D. Wheeler
and two children and Dennis 0.
White and Miss Florence A,



MA"YU IT* A .7
FIlGH4T! q Q



1W M6506 SEWTl MS A$ A,
COMe m4 HOMe IT'6
16 Y O STILL GCoAt 1


)AIh Notes

~JW'T *TSP 1* A FMTh G4.05R, A
L6uIe Is Cudeos

JU*T S.p IW A Mm o.o*M,


BY LESLIt tua~S&


=I* X E MiOOYw MIT 10 i
^aKSe1Wir' N N.* -

M- if

SH V -
-~ I-a.
woD comt



. .-. -

.q.'a-,. .a

New Suit .


* T C H AP
it SAJWy

Cristobal to New Orleans via
Paerto Barrios, Guatemala


.8. Chiriqui ...... ....................Aug. 7
.8. Chlriqui........(Pauenger Service Only),.. Aug 21


Apartado 1913, Panama


SS Cristobal Arrives Monday
The S.S. Cristobal is scheduled
to arrive on the Isthmus Monday
with a load of 183 passengers.
Among the passengers are:
Rodney B. Ely, Chief of the
Surveys Branch of the Engineer-
ing Division; Roger C. Hackett,
Dean of the Canal Zone Junior
College; T. F. Hots, Principal of
Balboa High School; the Rev. Al-
exander H. Shaw, pastor of the
Unlcn Church at Cocoll; and
Herbert D. Vogel, Jr.. son of the
lieutenant governor.
The complete advance passen-
ger list follows:
Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Alexander;
Mrs. Elinor D. de Alvarez and
daughter; Captain Paul W. Aus-
tin; Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Baker
and two children; Arthur Ban-
den; Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Bar-
low and two children; Miss Gene
Babber; Paul L. Beck: Mr. and
Mrs. George W. Behmke; Mr.
and Mrs. Walter E. Benny and

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De.m. ocrac P a,y ,.
Amue* q .r..
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if he used his post to 'peVd fence" in connection
WirdA l t JidL" i-V .,*I
ri P rgag Ii tS.n m sd n- m m 1yr
tic tiK wh t ie aotiM Uthis 'creepi moral deteribrc
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The St. Louil Post-Dis*ftchsle 1d .Soyle was pai
$a,000 by the American U. th, .f. p. ftpb the printtin
f&m received the RFC loan whict'ed meen turned dow
three imes previously. Boyle dmniedoi y wr9g-doing.
"Either Mr. Boyte is guty ort "ot .t da .N s
not guilty," 'yrd saidn a state- =n-itt f hne the Vi,
ent. "te he peddeddod his Nt l Cors PshoulI
influence i' hO did ot." UnUt its oWn lnvestigatio
"If Mr. Sojla-s chairman or Ti; Chief Executive mW thi
while he *wanu er two man ma s up to the o
In th Deriocratic National tneg ? S. Sen. J. IIli
Committee r d oom saenSa.FUI#W1D., Ark., chairman c
tin 0reetlIv ort. 'irectl for the eilate's RFC subcommittee
influemp te'h C,' he hold hasa recommended that the aez
iTnmedft..w. as ehai- Imant Investigating committee
san. 0, oo, the com- take u'the ease.
Saees shembled and Cih an Cyd eR. Hoe. rD
mr. Bo$Yle Should be dismissed." N. C., aid he has ordered
Byrd, an old foe of the Pros- preliminary" inquiry. He sat
dent's. said Mr. Truman has he wants to wait until a Sa
Louis grand Jury completes It
---examintion before starting
ierting that Boyle i
"one ot the most powerful
S men In Wshington," Byrd
aid he has information
that appointments of rFC
ACOY0 M1 *of* wer e"cleared"
tWsgh t b e Democratic
.. ttya operatlang head.
'" R.... RFC board of :director
3B? OSWALD 'wiuabolished redfently flollowin
'Wrkitten Se...r A tS "4 chsiiktlons that the big lendin
;S& ` wa f oat- of au "in
So the White' a6us. W. Stuar
MOR vmitngtoit ni is single RF'
..i 5 4 administrator.
t *AQ5' Boyle *1 :i th? 8
SST 1062 attorney in early 1949, before
WEST EAST(D) he took over the Democrat!
K 6J3 chairmanship. Shortly after
SJ873 J 95hiring him, Lithofold receive
*107s52 m K I the first installment $80.00
98 s A*KQ7I -of Itts $85.000 RFC loan. TIl
.*A Qr Post-Dispatch said Boyle
SOU'R monthly payments started soo
6AQ 9 72 'afterwards.
V K 104 Byrd said those "who wiel
Q 4 great" power must keep their
4J4 bandi-elten if a democratic na
SNS vul. tion is to 4AWvive.". While Boyl
at sqath Wost Nt 1 is not a government official, 1h
14 14 t 3 continued, his Job makes hit
Pass 4 'P o Pa, "the patronage dispenser for
Pars Governinent employing 2,400,00
Opening lead-# 9 "The n Ltim ho a come,"
I : Byrd .si. L A 'when this.
** --- ,erl moral deteriora.
..'.. O .*...' d'-," tio,. *aWashington must
outx're a^. and ot-J -ate And'those guilty of
said West sadly as South caught sato acts must be expwelt
his, singleton ki g of .trqmps. and punithe e
south grianed cheerfully, for Byrd said he served for 1
West was just expressing his dis- years on the Democratic Na
'appointment.t ~hat South had not tional Committee and no ns
tried the trump finesse. tonal chairman during the
'Actually, declarer had not time came "under criticism fc
pekeed and had not made a mir- peddling his influence."
aculout guess. .He had merely Boyle agreed- he served. as at
made the right play. Let's start torney for the comRany, but nc
from the beginning and see -Why in matters connected with th
his play ight. RIC loan. He said he ended hi
West o the nine of clubs, service as counsel "hortly af
and Eastrcotinued the suit unttl ter" becoming oexcuttve direct
South ffed the third round. tor of the committee in Apri
South then'laid down the ace of '1949. *
spades, dropping West's singletOr
The conga tet was now honp,otf C
course. South drew one more
round o truimps and eventually
gave up a diamond trick, making '
.South Id not know that the
king. of spades'was going to drop. IW I
He was, however, quite safe even
if East had started the hand with CIUDAD TRUJILIO, Aug.
king-small of spades. (UP)-Julo C. Ballester, secre
For example, if the ace of tary general of the Dominica
spades caught only low trumps, Workers' Federation charge
South would try the ace and king today that Cuba's Income fror
of hearts. If the Jack dropped, sugar exports is used to finance
South could cash the ten of the "most powerful Communis
hearts and could later discard a Party in Latin America."
diamond on dummy's queen of Ballester charged that Cuba:
hearts. union leaders' protests against
If the jack of hearts failed to the new U. S. sugar act were
drop, South could lead to the "crooked political maneuver
queen of hearts, trying for a 4-3 intended to sustain Cuba's pri
break In that suit. if that didn't vileged position in the Ameri
turn up. South could ruff dum- can sugar market.
my's last heart and lead a trmp Cuba' newuotugar act redurica's i
to the enemy's kings quota of America's im
if East had the king of spades, ports jnd ncreses, the share
he would then be forced to lead a of the t onti ean republic
diamond, giving dummy a free Perian', other countries. Th
finest. (Any other return would hanounge' abaCn ee hotlyde
allo- umm to ruff while South ouhed' 114 oade'.
discartied his losing diamond. In ohargetpim C aion's favorde
short, the contract was ubeat- sttiorl In the U, marketi
able If East had the king and one the p had made available t
What sipde. "certain elements" the fund
What West had the king of used to promote abortive at
ades? If it happened to be sin- tempts to invade this country
leton. South's play would catch There have been two such at
ft. If It were doubleton, a spade tempts since 1947.
finesse would lose anyway. In one case, Cuban author
South wouldhavebeen set if he ties broke up a sizeable am
had tried the spade finesse. He phlbious force which had as
would have lost a trump trick, sebled in the Cayo Conflte,
and then sooner or later he would area of Cqba.
have to give up a diamond trick. In the second cas, an invad
I I I I % ,.

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The SB-year-old mortician North, ex-business partner of
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ed o. strang ng.Mrs. Betty Al- mitted bein with Mrs. Aibrlt-
britton, 57, while paying a ton at the time of her death.
friendly yisit at her isolated But he said he thought she died
country ,home near Prostproof of a heart. attack.
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mo i" MEN 1a



UCA A ..., .... .


Tightens Again


Red So*,

lnBdians Gcd


Indians Win Night Game

While Tigers Blank Yanks
By United Press
o -
NEW YORK, Aug. 3 The American League again
became a free-for-all as the Red Sex downed the Browns
in a doubleheader at Boston 12-1 and 11-6 while the pace
setting Yankees lost 6-0 to the Tigers in a Yankee Stadium
That and the Indians' 5-2 victory over the Senators
qn a Washington night game left the Yankees only one'
game ahead of the Red Sox and lindians who are tied for
second place.

Tiger pitcher Hal White was
given a 2-0 lead in the second
inning on Johnny Groth's dou-
ble, sirngles by Hoot Evers and
Don Kolloway plus Bob Swift's
Infield out.
That was all the margin he
needed. However, the Tigers add-
ed four more in the eighth after
rooike Art Schallock went out for
a pitichhitter and Frank Shea
took over. Bob Cain relieved
White in the seventh.
In the opener at Boston, big
j Walt Dropo-back from the
minors-collected two doubles
and a single to set the 14-hit
pace. Johnny Pesky got his
third homer of the year and a
single while driving in three
Rookie Charley Maxwell deliv-
ered his third pinch-hit homer
in two weeks to highlight the
second game. Maxwell's circuit
blow came with the bases load-
ed. Catcher Buddy Rosar drove
in three runs with two singles.
A tremendous homer by Larry
Doby and Steve Gromek's four-
hitter featured the Indians' vic-
tory over the Senators. Doby

Sweet Revenge
Brooklyn- AB R H PO A E
Furillo, rf 5 3 2 5 0 0
Reese, s. 4 4 3 2 2 1
Snider, cf 5 1 3 3 0 0
Robinson. 2b. 4 1 0 3 2 0
Terwilliger, 2b. 1 1 1 0 1 0
Pafko. If. 5 0 3 0 0 0
Thompson. If 0 0 0 1 0 0
Hodges, lb 4 0 2 7 1 0
Campanella, c. 4 0 0 6 0 0
Cox, 3b. ..... 5 0 0 0 0 0
Erskine, p 5 0 0 0 1 0
Totals .. 42 10 14 27 7 1
Pittsburgh- AB R H PO A E
Castiglione, 3b. 5 1 3 0 5 1
Nelson. lb 5 0 2 11 1 Q
etkovich, cf 40 0 3 B 0
Kiner, If 4 0 1 1 0 0
Bell. rf 3 1 0 2 0 0
Oaragiola. c 4 1 1 1 0 0
Strickland, ss .2 1 0 2 3 1
Basgall. 2b. 4 1 2 5 3 0
Friend, p. .. 1 0 0 0 2 0
eHowerton. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Queen,p 0 0 0 '2 1 0
f8affel ..1 0 0 0 0 0
Walsh, p ... .0 0 0 0 0 0
gReiser 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 35 5 9 27 15 2
Score By Innings
Brooklyn 202 301 020-10
Pittsburgh 002 100 020- 5
eStruck out for Friend in 4th;
fGrounded out for Queen in 7th;
VStruck out for Walsh in 9th.
uns Batted In-Reese 2, Pafko 2,
MetkOvich, Snider, Basgall, Rob-
inson, Hodges, Garagiola 2. Two
Base Hit-Hodges. Three Base
Hit--Basgall. Home Runs-Reese,
Garaglola. Stolen Base-Reese.
Double Plays-Strickland, Bas-
gall, NeLson; Terwilliger, Reese,
Hodges. Left on Bases-Brooklyn
9. Pittsburgh 6. Base on Balls off
-Friend 3. Erskine 3, Queen 1.
Struck Out by-Erskine 6. Friend
1. Hits and Runs off-Friend 9
and 7 in 4 innings; Queen 2 and
1 in 3; Walsh 3 and 2 in 2. Win-
ning P it c h e r-Erskine f11-8).
Losing Pitcher-Friend (4-7).

blasted a home run over the
public loudspeaker address sys-
tem platform 408 feet from home
plate. The platform is 35 ieet
high. Doby hit climaxed a two-
run third inning rally.
The Indians scored three runs
in the first inning'to give Gro-
mek a fat eariy lead..It was his
fifth win of the year.
Jim Busby's homer with two
out in the tenth gave the White
Sox a 4-3 victory over the Ath-
letics in a Philadelphia game.
The triumph was Randy Gum-
pert's eighth of the year. The A's
had tied the score in the ninth
on an error and four singles.
The Dodgers stretched their
first place margin to ten full
games-the biggest of the season
-with a 14-hit 10-5 victory over
the Pirates at Pittsburgh.
Pee Wee Reese. started Carl
Erskine off ahead with a two-
run first inning homer. Reese,
Duke Snider and Andy Pafko
each made three hits apiece-
Pafko driving in four runs.
The Pirates' Joe Garagiola also
The Cubs took the odd game in
a five-game series from the sec-
ond place Giants, topping them
6-3 at Chicago behind Bob Rush's
four-hitter. The Cubs' Ransom
Jackson homered in the first in-
ning and the Cubs clinched
things in the seventh with four
runs, two of which Hal Jeffcoat
drove in with a single.
The Phillies- had another late
rally against the Reds, putting
over five runs in the eighth on
two-wilks and four hits to win,
7-5, at Cincinnati. The Reds led
5-1 at that time. Bill Nicholson,
as a pinchhitter, dove in two
runs with a double and Andy Se-
minick singled in two more.
The Braves led the Cardinals,
7-3, in a St. Louis night contest
in the ninth when play was sus-
pended to permit the Braves to
catch a train for Chicago. The
gami will be resumed Sept. 13.

Little League
(Second Half Standings,
TEAMS- Won Lost Pet.
Twin City Rookies. 6 3 .667
Ifill La Bocans.. .. 4 4 .500
Mt'cello Gamboans 4 4 .500
Fergus Cubs.. .. .. 3 6 .333
Twin City Rookies. Local Rate
Little League team from Paraiso
and Red Tank, clinched the sec-
ond half-season title of the Lo-
cal Rate Little League by trounc-
ing Fergus Cubs, 11 to 4, at Pa-
Monticello Gamboans, who
meet Ifill in the final game of the
second half, have already won
third plaec honors in the final
half. If ill and Twin City will hook
up in a best three of five series
for the championship of the loop.
Monticello will tackle Fergus in
a single game for third place
The championship series is
slated to get under way at Balboa
Stadium, at 2 p.m. Sunday, Aug.
11. with Ifill facing Twin City
and Fergus Cubs tangling with



1st Race "F-V" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: S75.00-Pool Closes 13:45
First Raee of the Doubles
1-Embustero J. Baeza, Jr. 117x
2-Tuira M, Hurley 115
3-Opex B. Aguirre 110
4-Bufalo A. Mena lO1
5-Resorte J. Cadogen 114
6-Danubio G. Cruz 108
7-Cafetal H. Reyes 105x
8-Carilimpio H. Alzamora 120

Znd Race "F-i" Natives-6% Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Brochaclto E. Silvera 106
2-Don Sizzle A. Mena 114
3-Sixaola R. Gomez 111
4-Hoy es el Dia A. Angulo 108x
5-Torcasa J. Rodriguez 115
6-Pregonero 0. Orael 115
7-Eclipse J. Samaniego 115

3rd Race "F-2" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:45
1-Cafiaveral B. Aguirre 118
2-Exito J.Samanlego 115
3-Singapore J. Cadogen 115
4-ZCampesino G. Cruz 11S
5-Miranda H. Reyes 117x
6-Tapsy J. Baeza, Jr. 116x

4th Race "E" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2020
1-Rio Mar G. Ramos 107x
2-Domino B. Aguirre 112
3-Annie N. B. Moreno 112
4-Gold. Faith A. Valdivia 114
5-Volador J. Rodriguet 120
6-Manolete V. Rodriguez 106x
7-Sincero A. Vasquez 109x
8--Tap Girl A. Mena 120
9-Bagalefio C. Iglesias 110
10-El Maio M. Hurley 120

5th Race "B" Imported 7 Fgs.
Furse: $750.00 Pool Closes 2:55
1-Dictador A. Soto 122
2-Montielito A. Valdivia 117
3-Gorsewood V. Ortega 112
4-Sandwood A. Mena 110
5-Fair Chance B. Aguirre 113

6th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $450.00 Pool Closes 3:35
First Race of the Doubles
-1--Sun Cheer V. Ortega 112
2-Apretador J. Baeza, Jr. 107x
3-Caribe K. Flores 110
4-Scotch Chum E. Dario 102
5-Prestiglo A. Soto 117
6--Beduino E. Silvers 109
7-Sismo A. Angulo 109x
8-Levadura R. Ycaza 105x
9-Flambaro B. Moreno 110
10-Nijinsky D. D'Andrea 115

7th Race "E" lmported--64 Fgs.
Purse: 5550.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
1---ans Souci A. Bazan-110
2-Polvorazo) V. Ortega 120
3-Uncle James) A. Soto 114
4-Milros B. Aguirre 118
5-Galante II K. Flores 112
6-Riding East C. Iglesias 120
7-Asombro A. Mena 104
8th Race 'I-I' Imported-6 Fgs.
Purse: $375.00 Pool Closes 4:40
1-Jepperin A. Soto 120
2-Bendigo J. Ruiz 120
3-Rossoning K. Flores 110
4-Dofia Eleidai M. Hurley 110
5-Cobrador E. Corcho 104x
6-Gold Cylle H. Reyes 106x
7-Haste Star C. Iglesias 114
8-Bien Hecho B. Aguirre 115
9-Mete Bulla J. Chuna 106x
10-Costina E. Dario 111

9th Race "D" Imported-I Mile
Purse: $600.00 Pool Closes 5:15
1-Mariscalito Jose Rodgz. 112
2-Alto Alegre B. Aguirre 120
3-Tropicana R. Ycaza 104x
4-The Dauber B. Moreno 112

by .

Dan Daniel

WASHINGTON.-Concerning hearings I K three Mil TavOI -
y Potsistonal baseball, under way by thin rHue of Represent-
aties Committee on Monopolies, EimanSul Color, Brooklyn,
ehalrman, there is widespread misapprehendeis.
SBaseball ii not being investigated by the# Ho0, The major
leagues- are not under federal indictment u violators of anti-
trust laws. No punitive expedition is intended, and the Oeller
group disclaimj any determination to dig out evidence which
would dictate adverse reports on the bills, all of which would
absolve baseball as a possible infringer of inter-state commerce
Thee hearings, which may last two months, will explore
every phase of the professional game, from the much-debated
reserve clause to the price of hot dogs and beer In our ball
As the committee listens to innumerable witnesses, with Ty
Cobb in the odd role of leadoff man, in Room 346, in the old
House Office Building, it will be assailed by many temptations,
common to all such expeditions, to go off on detours for the
There will be constant invitation to pry into matters which
do not properly belong on the committee's agenda. It may be
induced to set itself up as a federal institute of do-gooders for
baseball, and waste a lot of time on crackpot crusaders.
Baseball has gone into the hearings with the support of a
lobby of some 20,000,000 American fans. They want the national
pastime to go on, unrocked, unmarried.
If changes are dictated in the legalistic setup of baseball, by
all means, let's have them, once and for all, with the intent to
help a public service and a public institution., But no harass-

The hearings seek definite information on two major ques-
tions. First: Is major league baseball Big Business, or is it a
sport? Second: Is the reserve clause necessary for the conduct of
the professional game?
As an enterprise which represents an investment of some
$100,000,000, in sixteen major league clubs and nearly 400 minor
organizations, professional baseball certainly is quite a business.
As a competition which excites and tertains millions of
devotees, and merits outstanding attention in our newspapers, as
a drama which features thrilling individual and team achieve-
ment, baseball emphatically is a sport.
It is my judgment that the sports angle greatly discounts the
business side. Wall Street has yet to match the World Series, the
steel business hasn't yet produced a bunch like the current White
Sox, up out of nowhere, and the clothing industry hasn't given
us a Ted Williams, a Gil Hodges, Bob Feller or Preacher Roe.
On May 29, 1922, the Supreme Court of the United States,
Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes writing the opinion, ruled that
professional baseball was not inter-state commerce, and thus was
not subject to anti-trust laws.
"The fact that in order to give the exhibition the leagues
must induce free persons to cross state lines, and must, arrange
and pay for their doing so, is not enough to. change the char-
acter of the business," wrote Justice Holmes.
"That to which it is incident, the exhibition,: although made
for money, would not be called trade or commerce in the com-
monly accepted use of those words. As it is put by defendant,
personal effort not related to production is not a subject of
Despite radio. and television, what Justice Holmes and his
associates held in 1922 still covers baseball today. It is predo,
minantly a sport, and is entitled, to recognition as such by our
As for the reserve clause, which gives to a club the right
to the services of a contracting player for the year following
that covered by the agreement-baseball wunld collapse with-
out it.
It has been pointed out that the tmvies ma tg their, busi-
ness without the legalistic gimmick which has left baseball open
to attack in the courts.
The fact remains that those who blast the reserve clause as
"peonage" know very little about the.way baseball is conducted.
It is conceded that major league baseball could not survive
for long without the minors.
How long would the minors be able to continue without a re-
serve clause?
How much money would a big league operator, or an Inde-
pendent minor league owner, be willing to throw into a minor
club. or devote to the education and development of a minor
player. If property rights in players died with the year's con-
That there are certain injustices in the workings of the re-
serve clause is admitted. I believe there should be a board of ar-
bitration, both in the majors and the minors, to adjust salary
differences between players and managements. No club should be
able to. keep a player out of work through injust operation of
the reserve, clause.
But the reserve clause itself is absolutely essential. The play-
ers will admit that in the hearings here.

5-Balota J.1 Alamora 112
6-Cheriberibin A. Valdivia 120
7-Mosqueton A. Soto 114
8-Fright E. Silvera 104

10th Race "H" Imported-1 Mile
Purse: $400.00 Pool Closes 5:40
1-El Mago) T. Medrano 110
2-LaconicQ) E. Corcho 109x
3-'Coraggio C. Lino 120
4-Tamesls II B. Aguirre 120
5-Bosforo 0. Ramos 103x

I6-Rinty A. Mena 115
7-Mon Etoile A. Valdivia 110

11th. Race "F-2" Natives-7
Purse: $275.00
1-Fulmine C. Ycaza
2-Ttin Tan B. Aguirre
3-La Suerte A. Vasquez
4--Vllarreal J. Avila
5-Aqui Estoy E. Campbell
6--Pon La plla F. Avila
7-Bijagual Jose Rodgz.


COBB UP-Ty Cobb, one of the
all-time greats of baseball, tes-
tified asthe first witness before
a House Subcommittee on Moh-
opoly conducting a "friendly"
investigation of the sport. Cobb
said baseball, to survive, needs
the "reserve clause," which
binds a layer to a club for life,
or until he is sold.

White- (Washed)

Detroit-. AB R
Lipoi, s. 5 0
Priddy, 2b .-. 5 0
Kell,3b 4 0
Souchock, rt. 3 0
Wertz, r. 1 1
Groth,. c 3 1
Evers, If 4 2
Kolloway, lb 3 0
cKeller. .. 1 1
Kryhosk, lb 0 0
Swift, c..... 3 0
dMullln 1 0.
Robinson, c 0 0
White, p .. 3 0
Cain, p.. 1 1

1 3 2
2 2 4
0 2 3
1 0 0
0.0 00
1 0 0
1 2 0
1 8 1
1 0 0
0 2 0
0 6 0
1 0 0
0 2 0
0 0 3
1 0 0

Totals .37 6 10 27 13

New York- AB R
Martin, sa... 2 0
Woodling, If. 4 0
Browh, 3b 2 0
DiMaggio, cf. 4 0
Cerv, rf.. 2 0
aMize ..... 1 0
Bauer, rf 1 0
Collins, lb. 4 0
McDougald, 2b. 3 0
Silvers, c 2 0
Berra, c '1 0
Schallock, p. 1 0
bHopp ... 1 0
Shea, p .. ..0 0
Kramer,p .. 0 0

1 2 4 2
0 2 0 0
1 0 3 0
0 3 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0
1 11 2 C-
0 3 2 0
0 4 0 0
0 1 0 0
0 1 1 1
0 0 0 0
0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0

Totals .28 0 3 27 14 3
Score By Innings'
Detroit 020 000 040-4-
New York 000 000 000-0
aHit into doubleplay for Cerv
In Oth; bCalled out on strikes for
Schallock in 7th; cSingled for
Kolloway in 8th; dSingled for
Swift in 8th. Runs Batted In-
Evers, Swift, Keller, Mullin. Cain,
Lipon. Two Base Hits-Groth,
Cain. Three Base Hit-Souchock.
Sacrifice-Groth. Double Plays-
Priddy, Lipon, Kolloway; Priddy,
Kolloway; White, Lipon, Kollo-

Juan Franco Tips
1-Resorte Embustero
2-Pregonero Toreass
3-Tapsy Cafiaveral
4-Annie N. Bagaleflo
5-Gorsewood Fair Chance
6--Flambaro Caribe
7-Uncle James (e) Milros
S-Dofa Eleida (e) Haste Star
S-Mariscalito Alto Alegre
10-Corqggio Mon Etolle
11-Tin Tan Villarreal
ONE BEST-Uncle James (a)

American League
TAMB- Won Last Pet. G.B
New torh. 17 A19 -
Boston 31.m 1
CU1eland. 6. 39 ." 1
hleago... 5 4 .554 6
Detroit 4 51 -. 14/
WUu mt'44 5 .445 17
Ph dlhia3 3 1
St. .L .31 7 .6 %
Chieage at Washlagton (N).
Cleieland at Philadelpbia (N).
D94aft it Beten (N).
St. LAui at New York (I).
in T GAM
St. Louls. 000 000 010- 1 8 2
Boaton : 023 230 20x-12 14 2
Widmar. (4-9), Mahoney and
Batta; Scarbosougl (8-5) and

St. Louis 000 000 C0-- 6 10 1
Boston 300 040 40X-11 14 2
fantord (2-7). Mahoney, Palge
and Lollar: Stobbs (9-4), Taylor,
Wight, Kinder and, Moss, Rosar.
Detroit 020 000 040-6 10 0
New Yirk C00 000 4lo0--0 3 3
White '(1-2), Cain and Swift.
Robinson; Schalloch (0-1), Shea,
Kramer and Silvera, Berras:
Cleveland ............ 5
Washington .......... 2
NIGHT GAME (*Iniungs
Chitago .......... .4
PhPiadelphL .. .. .. .. 3

way. Left on Bases-Detroit #,
New York 8. Base on Balls ff--
White 4, Schalock 3, Shea 1.
Struck Out by- Schallock. 3,
White 3, Caln 5, Kramer 1. Hits
and Runs off-Schaflock 5 and 2
in 7 innings; Shea 5.and 4 in 1;
Kramer 0and 0 in 1; White 3 and
0 in 6 (pitched to three batters in
7th).; Cain 0 and 0 in 3. Hit by
Pitcher-by White e. (Martin).
Winning Pitcher-White (1-2);
Losing Pitcher--phallock (9-1).

NaUehnal e '
TEAMS- Won Loot Vet .L.
rooklyn. i -
New York. 5l 10
Philadelphia e n .'i Mij
Boston. 46 49 .44" 17
St. Louis 4. 46 .49A 1
Cincalnat 4, d I .466 6M
Chiato. 41 t .- U
Pittsburgh 49 59 Z M4
Boston at Chliago .
Brooklyn at Cinolnnat (N).
New York at St. Leau (N).
Philadelphia at Pittsburgh (N).
New York 110 000001-3 4 0
Chicago 200 000 40k-4 9 1
Jones (2-8), Spener alid Ws.
trum; Rush (-6) an4 Burgess.
Brooklyn 202 301 020-10 14 1
Pittsburgh 002 100 020-- 9 2
Erakine (11-8) and Campanel-
la; Friend (4-7), Queen, Walsh
and Garagiola.
Philadelp'a 000 100 051-7 14 1
Cincinnati 109 301 000,5. 0o
Thompson, Miller ll),'.bn-
stanty, eintseiman and Semi-
nick; Wehameler (1-7), Raffens-
berger, Bmithitand IH O L
(Called n 9kh to allow Boatot to
eatch- tran.)
Boston.............. 7
St. Louis 3
St Louis .. .. .. .. .. .. 3

ribbons for all* makes of i4-
flee and portable maehne-,
adding machine roli, car-
bon paper, typewriter, cov-
ers, folders guides, index

16 TivoUl Ave. Tel. -$.S91






4th and 8th RACES


5th Race
Purse: $750.00






"B" Importeds

7 Fgs.

Pool Closes: 2:55 p.m.

. A. Soto


A. Valdivia 117

. V. Ortega

. A. Mena



B. Aguirre 113


5th Race

"A" Importeds

Purse: $1,000.00

Pool Cloes: '2:55 p.m.

1. PINARD ............. Josi Rodrigues

2. WELSH LOCH ......... .... C. Icasa

3. RATHLIN LIGHT ....'... J. Samaniego




4. PHOEBUS APOLLO .. B. Moreno 119

5. ROYAL COUP ............. V. Ortega



1 Mile I 7th Race


1 Mile

Pool, aCloi: 4:05 p.m.


1. NEWMINSTER ... B. Moreno 120

2. CURACA .. . R Y a
3. GRISU ... ................ A. Sooe


4. PARAGON .......... B. lAguisre' 11
5. CHACABUCO ............ M. Hurley 112
6. MICROBIO ................ Flores 120


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No. 71 West 17th Street Tel.. X-173, i-1726

1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES

For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the


Purse: $650.00

"C" Importeds


U s .. .


V -- A._ I



F ~ JC~ ~i


M. AAMAms iumakn l IUImm a DAIL!T E nwSPAEM

ear 0

Next I.tin Amer n, orl

Sere Sled, r Panama '

.The Caribbean I Congro opened at 3:3 this mor
lU at h Panam a i M ptmamm that the
net '"Latin American World Seris" w taged at Panama's
Obvm e Stadimn.
Sale DlvallsU, owner of the GOrvoerla elab sad the Panasam
Lete rerentaUte st the Conres Mald e had higlrhhapM
that aIll rannements would be completed for holding the mite
h er sine the Panama Government had already gene on reord
ai %omicng Its uWpoS. p o
President of the n LeaLso e, l Arange N., opened
tOdfar' s 4o by weleomin the various delegate and epreeed
the hope that the meeting wuid/be broughn t. a suceessful eon.
cimsion. ,
Roebet L Finch, Aeeretary of the National Asociation of
Minor Leaguae followed- with an address m ea4ssoelatbon Presl-
dent George Trautma and sa d he looked forward to the play-
ing of the rles nla Pansama next Februay.
Carlos Delvalle, seeretary-tressuaer of the 16oal league. de-
lvered a financial report of the'last serl~ In Caracas.
As the Conress opened the dloeateso present were from Cu-
ba, Puerth Rico and Venesuela all ,members, of the Caribbean
Confederatien along with bservers from Colombia who are
expected to join the organ Uation. Also present was Robert L.
Finch, seretar of the National Assoclation of Minor League.
The delegates are: Emillo de Armas y Martin, part owner of
the Clenafuges Cuban League elub, Jesus Corao, Jose Manrltue
and Jose Rivero of Veqeseula; Rafael Ramos Coblan and ]duar-
do Santiago of Puerto Ric: Juan GonzAlez Cornet and Nicolas
Rossala of Colombia.
* Newspaperman Miguel SchulsoU accompanied. the Colom-
At noon the members called oi President Alciblades Arose-
mena, then went to the Ppnama Golf Club where they had a
luncheon at 12:30. The Congress will be continued tomorrow.

Sugar Ray Robinson Greeted

By6, 000 On Return Home
JW. ORIKAu & .(SaWI--The flected Robinson's confidence
big city showed yesterday it h a about, the Sept. 12 match in the
big cher for a loser as well as a Polo Grounds, New York.
winner. The New York mayor desgrib-
More than 6,000 New York box- ed Sugar Ray as "temporarily
ing fans were at the pier when the former world's middleweight
ex-Middleweight Champion Ray thamp,"
lobinson stepped off the "8.S. The doctor who attended Rob-
Liberte." And they gave the man Inson during his European trip
who lost his title in London last had several explanations for the
month to Rn Turpin such a upset loss to Turpin. Dr. Vincent
noisy wel-'home that New Nardiello, a New York Athletic
York policbld quite a time of Copnimssion physician, said Ray
it. It took 406of them more than was stale for the title bout.
45 minutesto move Robinson and "Ray was about five pounds
his party to the 12-car motorcade underweight for the fight," said
which was waiting near the dock. Dr. Nardiello. "And he was worn
Robinson, dressed to kill In a down because of eight previous
saffiron-sMt 'with broYr ck, bouts in two months and 15
was visibly shaken by the wel- nights of sleeping on trains."
come. And Sugar Ry' told the
crowd: "It'll be a different story Robinson promises to get plen-
when I fight Turpin again next ty of rest before the next go with
month." Turl. Ray says he'll open a
Ray admitted he took it ,t, irnring camp at Pompton Lakes
easy with Turpin in the el Iy Ir New Jersey on Monday or
I round and pjmised, "I wpn't Tuesday1-He'll rest, rough it a
I bt lwFwrake,." .- ,. bilt;-uit-Aug. 21."*at'e the day
I yq,3|uyJq Imnpelliteri re- hell begft 'sertous training.

LOOK OUT BELOW-Al Rosen of the Indians slid safely into
second bae with a steal as Second Baseman Jerry,Coleman climbed
a ladder of air in a vain attempt to pull down Catcher Yoai Bfen'ap
throw in the big series at Yankee Stadium. (NA) 4

verI boJy r adoI a I

Meet Scotland's

Favourite Son C

Born 1820-
stiL going strong

The fishionaMe drink eve'ywhrI
JOe WAALK 00 S3 LT"., S.i W*b, ODhm n~fl.MgTj=

I ngre Underway Here

Baseball Club Owners Ready

To Select New Commissioner

B *Ivwoy Iwvo

ii il Yomr
MEW TORK, Aug. 3 (UP)-The
nter of the International
ioxl m Norris--says it
look as there won't be a re-
match iat wen Heavyweight
Champ J WAlcott and znard
bar uO year.
N= says, "Walcott and his
maamcer have many reasons for
wishi-g Vo wait until next year."
It's' b Ve vd one reason Jersey
Joe wants to hold off is so he
can lecture to the youth of the
nation on the benefits of clean
Nli rrs says there's nothing de-
finite yet about plans for the sec-
ond fight between the two heavy-
weights, but the situation may be
cleared after another conference
with the two managers. Norris
says the fight probably' will be
staged next-June if it's not held
this year.


S Of
The Ancon "B" League assured
themselves of representing -the
Pacific aide for the Isthmlan
championship in the Summer
Recreation Basketball League by
defeating Balboa 37 to 33. The
Ancon boys haven't been defeat-
* dso far this year.
The Ancon five got off to a
fast start and maintained a Wom-
fortable lead throughout the
contest. The half ended 22 to 17
and the third and fourth quarters
were played hard by both teams
with Ancon playing a tight de-
fensive game and using a slow
freeze for the last four minutes,
emerging the winners, 37-33.
Lambert Montavani and Geo.
Lederer once again displayed
their steady game which has
contributed greatly to their
team's' many victories. "Morty"
Morton came through with 11
points which proved to be the
game clincher,
Eddie Napoleon, ace forward
for Balboa, with 16 points and
Rail Swali with seven points,
were high scorers for the losers.

Ancon- FG
L, Montavani.. 1
G. Lederr.... 6
K. Menzel.. 2
Hf. Raybourne.. 0
J. Gkzorla..' 1
D. Lomedico .. 1
R. Fgel...... 0
D. Morton .. 5
Totals. ...... 16
Balboa- FG
B. Napoleon. 7
L. Charles .. 0
R. Swalm.... 2
H. Pescod .. 1
Perantle... 2
Gibbs. ...... 0
Huff........ 0
Sanchez..... 0

Totals. .. ....12 9 11 33
Game Officials
Timer: R. Bacot; Scorer: N.
Reyes; Referees: G. Downing &
H. Phillips.

Fight Dope

Former Heavyweight Champion
Joe Louis, fresh from a decision
over C6sar Br16n, says he will
keep on the comeback trail.
"I can't say how long I can
keep on," says Louis, "but I will
tell you this. I'm going to keep
fighting as long as Joe Walcott is
champ. He's older than I am."
Louis scored an easy win over
Bri6n Wednesday night In San
The Brown Bomber pointed out
that there are some oldtimers at
the head of the division right
now, But, says Joe, some up and I
coming youngsters have bright
"I think Roland LaStarza,
Rocky Marclano and Brl6n all
have great potentialities," says
Louis, "and may someday hold
the championship."
It probably will be at least a
year before Louis gets another
crack at the title. Walcott is
ready to start a tour of the Unit-
ed States, South America and
Europe before defending against
ex-champ Emard Charles next
June. There is a chance Louis
and Charles may meet this win-

/& /4hL

Complete asmtment ot

I Tiveol Ave. 2L 3-WM ____I
I .-ii ,. i .

NEW YORK, Aug. 3, (UP)-
baseball club owners finally have
met a date when they'll meet to
name a new Baseball onmlms-
lsoner. .
A four-man committee which
has been screening candidates
for the job A. B. Chandler quit
last July 15 under pressure has
asked owners to meet In1 New
York next Tuesday. They ll do
their pow-wowing in the plush
Waldorf Astoria Hotel, starthif at
10 o'clock In the morning.
One member of the screening
committee Phil Wrigley, own-
er of the Chicago Cubr- says the
-owners are in "general unanimi-
ty" on the type of commissioner
they want. But that's all Wrig-
ley would say.
So the speculation about base-
ball's next. boss grows. Names
mentioned so-far are Ford Frick,
the National League president,
George Trautman, president of
the Minor Leagues, James Parley,
former Postmaster General, Gen-
eral Douglas MacArthur and J.
Edgar Hoover, boss of the (0-
It's believed that the current
congressional investigation of
baseball and its reserve clause
rule hastened the owners In
their hunt for a new commission-
er. Some owners feel the game
needs a single spokesman to re-
present it at investigations and
In law suits, several of which are
hanging over the sport.
Since Chandler stepped aside,
baseball's executive council has

/Mr 1^t


Along The Fairways


The Hao Tournament, an annual affair started back in 1938
) by Cy Helm, has developed into one of the most attractive
tournaments presented at the Panama Golf Club.
This year/the Esso Standard Oil and the Papama Golf Club
take pleasure'in announcing that the XIV annual Esso will be
an Isthmian Invitational Tournament. The idea was advanced
by Cipriano Paz Rodriguez, Manager of Esso In Panama, who
believed that all Isthmian golfers should have the opportunity
to win the beautiful prizes that have just arrived from Peru.
In this, the Board of Governors and members of the Panama
Golf Club heartily concur, and an Invitation is extended to all
amateur golfers to participate.
Old timers on the Isthmus will remember when Cy Helm,
President of the old West India Oil Company, and quite a golf-
er himself In those days, got the idea that a golf tournament
to 1e really popular should give everybody a chance from the
crack player in the 70's to the duffer who prays for a par.
In the old days Esso had a large staff and many of them
participated in the yearly tournament until the war came on
and the Main Office moved to Havana. Many Isthmians will re-
call players like Woody Ramsey, then General Manager, now In
charge of Latin America with headquarters in New York; Paul
Anderson, Lawyer; Ray Farmer. Comptroller; Scollay Moore, now
President and General Manager of Esso in Central America:
Bob Caldwell and Johnny Johnson now In Trinidad and Rio de
Janeiro, respectively: Ellis Arrington, Harry Corner, Eyre Branch
and Don Antrim, all now in New York In different key positions.
Later on, new groups of Esso officials and also golfers par-
ticipated in the tournaments sponsored by the Esso organization.
Bill Lacey, Don Carlos Dunaway, 0. H. Boney, Ray Collete, Har-
old Numo, Dick Horne, Richard Brunnn and others.
Since those days the Esso has been played as an annual af-
fair, continued by Bill Lacey after Helm's departure, and final-
ly taken over by "Bulla" Rodriguez.
The Esso 'Tournament will be only 18 holes. Sixteen will
qualify for the 1st and 2nd flights, and 32 will be entered in the
3rd flight. Eliminations will be played, one round per week, at
the time the players choose. If there is no settlement between
opponents the official starting time will be 9 a.m. on Sunday
A unique twist has been decided upon for awarding the me-
dalist prizes, one for each flight. The qualifying rounds of Aug-
ust 11 and 12 will be played only to place the players in their
respective flights. Medalist prizes will be awarded on the play
in the first round matches.
This means, of course, that every player to be eligible must
sink all putts. This should be very interesting as the golfers
must strive for medal honors as well as match play. Many a
match will be lost by a missed one foot putt that would or-
dinarily be conceded. This will prove that conceding putts is
a very foolish practice that should be eliminated from golf. Ev-
erybody can sink a one foot putt in practice but tournament
golf and. money golf demand control of the nerves that some-
limes rebel and cause those missed putts.
The EsUp Standard Oil voices the hope that every golfer will
enter this tournament and at least try to qualify for one -of the
flights. Everyone has a chance of winning one of the beautiful
and valuable silver prizes which are on display at the Panama
Golf Club.
The Panama Golf Club wishes to announce that the course
will be open on August 3rd to all who indicate their intention
to participate. Entries can be made at Panama Golf Club office.












One Burner ........... $3.M

Two Burner ........... $535

PRIMUS .................. 2




(Pabco, Certainleed and Congolemv)

6' x 9' .......... $3X

7%'x 9' ........ 548

9 x 101/' ....... 7.48

9'x1? ......... 898









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e.. 4 Feurth of July Av&.
Phobe 2-9441

t.M9 Mel4ddes Ave.
Phone Z25-Colda.

Household Automobiles
i RGAIN! Leaving. Livingroom, din- WE HAVE taken in too many used
.ingroom, bedroom set. No. 19, cars end must sel. et'a los!l Prices
;46th Street Apt. .1. Tel. 3-3392 below the average TRADE-IN
value. Many makes and models.
Fd' SALE-Bamboo set, 9 pieces, 5 Financing vae i I a b I e. NASH
' h chairss, coffee table, end table, ma- AGENCY.
Sgozien rack and ottoman. 612-C,
Cocoli. FOR SALE:-Trucks: One GMC, 5
ton, 1947, excellent condition,
FOR SALE:-Washing machine "Eo- GMC 2 1-2 ton. Army type, 10
25 cycle refrigerator "Norge" wheels, 1942. One International
R5 cycle, all porcelain. Fan 16 2 1-2 ton, 1947, long chassis. In-
Ech, 25 cycle, Phone 2-34234 ternational 2 1-2 ton, 1947, short
-Mbioo. chassis. One Mack 5 ton, 1947,
excellent condition. Telephone 2-
S SALE: Electric stove, "Gen- 0610. Panama.
&I'al Electric" of 3 burners and
'en, E 3 months of use. $150.00. FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury 4 door,
,.Call phone 2-3008 from 7 a. m. 9.000 miles with radio. $1,750.
: t 1:30 p. m. or Quarry Heights Phnoe Corozal '85-4269.
82-4277. FOR SALE:-1950 Pontiac, low mi-
FOR SALE:-Bedroom set, glassware league. Phone Balboa 3607, Diablo
etc. Fort Gulick 544, phone 88- Fire Station.
862. FOR SALE: Barginl Packard.
FOR SALE-6 piece white duco wick- 1951, Ultramatic Drive, 7,000
er suite with cushions, 2 Rattan miles, white tires, as good as
-'Ttcasionol chairs, Electrolux vo- new. See at Nesh Agency or call
'""cuum 750-B Balboa Road. 2-1790 for demonstration.
BARGAIN! Furniture, pieces or set. FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet Tudor
(Mohogany) 8 cubic ft. Norge $895.00. New tires, 27,000 miles.
Refrigerator $200. 4 burner rtcve Telephone 2-3775, Balboa.
Hand woven wool rugs. Silver Tone 97 d o o
"e R'dio 20 (cbinot model). No. FOR SALE:-1937 Dodge, good for
18, Federico Boyd Ave. Tel. 3- transportation or for use as a hunt-
0543. F going car, fair condition, $85.00.
S- ___ Vic Melant. House 1573-K, Bol-
FOR SALE:-Leaving Isthmus. Me-1 boa.
tal Simmons bedroom, 2 mahogany .----- Chevr- e -
parlor rcom set, kitchen set. plants.FR :C
S Westinohou.e 7 ft. refrigerator Air, Power Glide. One 1948 Na'h
Wet t v aio-bn n riio Ambassador 4-door sedon over-
S porcelain cabinet 25 cycle, radios Ambassdor 4-door sedan over-
radio tet-rs. porch wicker set drive. Gatun 5-12"6.
"Radar & Electronic Courses." FOR SALE: Opportunity, owner
Miscellaneous. silver jewelry cost leaving country August 4th. must
price.House No. 1. Melendezll now, 1949 four door Sedon
Ave. between 4th-5th Sts. Cristo- Packard, green, duty paid, while
bol 3-1232. tires, seat covers, excellent crooi-
FOR SALE:-Wicker rockers, glass t;on, only 12,000 miles, $1,400.-
bureau tops, electric victrolo, un- 00. Coll 3-1975 from 9 to 12 and
finished venetian blind slat-,, 3 ft. 2 to 5 p. m.
S stepladder odd pillows. mi-' 110o REPLACEMENT PARTS CUSHMAN:
nous ort des. Howe 128 Pedro will receive new shipment of ports
M:guel. Phone 4-474. on Tuesday August 7, Cushman
FOR SALE -Easy Spindrier washing Agency Tropical Motors.
S machine 60 cycle practically FOR SALE:-1933 DeSoto, new 550
S new 544-A. Curundu Heights x 17 tires. $75.00. Can be seen
Phone 83-2114. across from Gatun Post Office.
I FOR SALE:-Porch screens 9 ft. win- FORSALE-1950 Studeboker Regol
0 dow shad-s 54 in. caoet swe-per. e Luxe, 4 door sedan, S ,900.
2 .-i!l chest drrwers, electric clocks, Call I to 6 Curundu 3194.
Ss 25 cycle yo,_'ith bed ond m.ttre" -
Mi'c. household articles. 5433-A,
t Diab. Hein Wanted
FOR SALE'-General E'ectr:c four-
burner stove, excellent baker, very WANTED:-Foreion woman, English
oood condition, practically new, speaking as housekeeper, care
Can be seen Saturdov mcmn n or sma'l child. Must live in. App'y
e cll day Sunday at Houre 2311_-B for interview Fuller Brush Store
Contrntter-' Area, Curundu. Phone. No. 18 J Street, Panama.
PAD 32P5.
PAD- -2,5 WANTFD:--Housekeeper ccok and
FOR SALE:--Wet;ini'ouse woh;no. Inundress for three. Mu't speak
machine only $10.00; -"ven 54 y\ Fnolish. References. Sleeo out.
fr) aluminum blinds. 25 cycle,. 7 1531-B Calabash street, Balboa.
ft. Westinahone refrigerator.
0584-C. Mindi Street.
FOR SALE:-Awning. renvos w:th I FS S O N S
iron frames, 5 for $25 00. Beauti--
fu rorved co'r-hor chest drawer Modern Swing Piano Instruction for
or-ibinotion, 91.i"o- Singer ma- ,beginners and advanced students
chine foot mode'. S5 (00 Frr-"' Fees moderate. Bennett's Studio
tmoe-trv size 52" x 71". $5.00; Juan B. Sosa No. 9. Tel. 2-1282
Frrred tapestry size 27" x 60"
$3 00:; 3 wooden wndow cornices
.50 cts. each. ufed curtain rods I OST & FOUND
odd pieces of China end g!o-1
wore perfect for b:tffft ,o*er A btantial b
tables, need pointing. Silex Coffee A substantial reward will be given
Maker.-o' pr'-ed. very cheao for the return of a Diamond Plo-
House 779-D. Tavrnla Street tinum Ring and a gold ladies
Hou e 779-D Tav rn llo yreet wrist Watch lost at the Tivoli Ho-
tel aboui two weeks ago. Abso-
SFOR Alu 'ely no questions asked. Coll
Sr A telephone 3-4304.
P001 FataetP TEN DOLLARS reword for return of
kit of tools in block case marked
FOR SALE:-Two bedroom, concrete G. A. 0. No question asked. Orr
cottoae. Santa Cloro, completely I 4 Limon St. New Cristobal 3-1862.
firnlshed. electric ice 1-ox. gos
range, terms. Phone 6-541.
ra t ..Panama Merchants

I [Give Binqo Prizes

TIr For Air Force Aid

As Albrook's 1951 Air Force Aid
Society Fund Campaign went in-
to its final two days. Major Earl
S Leaser announced that several
\units have made 100 per cent
S, A bingo party is planned for to-
,' morrow. Units who have made
returns include: The Medical
*\ Squadron and the USAF School
for Latin America, each had 100
H .,, Haenny. ,e per cent contribution while the
S"~ 776th Airt Force Band at Albrook
had 95 per cent contribution.
r Rexaa Harvey. all Is well.
obyeta found, als wecantell At 7:30 p.m. tomorrow the
A final day of the drive, there will
SOur Want Ad you answered to a be a grand bingo party at the Al-
,"T." brook Base Theater. All gifts
4, -* which will be awarded as prizes.
-" een you'll be president. wait 'n are being contributed by local
s ee! Canal Zone and Panama mer-
Schants. Latest donations for the
bingo were received from I. L.

No. M5 Went 12t teeth.

12 wetde-
3e eaet adtonal

#.. ST "W" strelt-Pami.
No. 12.378 Central Ave.-CcM,

Do yvu. ebvea d dke etpre*fmt
Write Akeholis AmanymeMe
Box 2031 Anmen. C. 2.

Bids will be received in the off
the General Manager, Comm
Division, Mount Hope, C. 2
Supply and Service Director
boa Heights, C. Z., until 3
M. Thursday, August 23,
when they will be opened in !
for the sale of 20 Holstein F
in four lots, from the Mind
ry. Mount Hope, Canal
Forms of proposal with ful
ticulars may be obtained i
office of the General Ma
Commissary Division, Mount
C. Z., or the Supply and S
Director, Balboa Heights, C.

FOR SALE: One Single Wheel auto
trailer, one table RCA -radio, one
25 cycle, 9 foot Westinghouse re-
frigerator. House 813 1-2 Empire
Street, Balboao. Phone 2-1361.
FOR SALE: Very cheap. National
cash register. "Sanitary" meat
grinder, 600 Ibs. on hour. Freezer
suitable for restaurant. Ham slicer.
gas stove, 4 burner and broiler. 4
Neon lamps. 48". 3 tubes. 1st St..
No. '7, Vista Hermosa. Tel. 3-

FOR SALE:-Table model radio. 5
tube General Electric. Mahogany
dressing table. 1 -2 H. P. motor
25 cycle, 1-4 H. P. motor 25
cycle. Table all steel 5 ft. Cnll
mornings or after 5 p. m. 0599-
D, Mindi St. Ancon.
FOR SALE:-Piano Winter Spinet. 18
months. Cost $850.00, now $475.
00, Q St. No. 5, Apt. 12.
FOR SALE:-Fine-bred Puppies. 10
weeks old. Vilar family. End of 9th
St.. Errriada Panama America,
Lefevre Park.
FOR SALE.-Assorted lengths used
flexible rubber hose, 1 1-2", 2"
2 1-2". Best offer. The Texas Co.
(Panama) Inc.
fOR SALE -Home study piano ins-
truction book. for modern swing
music !Price $2.50, Bennett's
S2.50. Bennett's P;ano Stiid'o.
Box 3142, Panama. Tel. 2-1282.
FOR SALE:-Cocker Spaniel. No., 11
Fir-t Street, Parque Lefevre. Tel.
FOR SALE:-Piano upright Grand
small modern. Gas stove, four
burner, uoholstered livingroom .set
(3-pc.) baby stroller. Phone 916
FOR SALE:--Car radio for 49 or 50
Chevrolet. $50.00. 1424-C, Carr
St. Bolboa. 2-3530.
FOR SALE: Featherweight Singer
wingg machine, one month old,
S140. 1 dress from small adjust-
able. Call I 6:30, Curundu 3194.

FOR RENT:-Furnished rooms with
porch and kitchen. Apply Chase
Bank Bldg. I lth. St. Bolivar'
Phone 233 Colon.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room, spa-
cious, Private entrance. No. 5, Da-
rien Street Apt. 4. opposite Pan-
ama American. Tel. 2-3189.
FOR RENT:-In Bella Vista, nicely
furnished room. independent en-
trance. Mexico Avenue No. 69,
near 43rd St.
FOR RENT: Clean, comfortable
furnished rooms, maid service.
Centrallv located. "I" Street No.
5. telephone 2-1541, Panama.

Maduro, Jr., of Central Avenue,
Panama, a $25 gift certificate. A
man's dinner jacket or two wom-
en's celeyonese skirts from the
French Bazaar Tailor shop. From
Sam Friedman's a $50 gift certi-
ficate. A bottle of exquisite per-
fume from Casa Mottas. Mauri-
clo's, a ladies white blouse. One
electric waffle iron from Pemco's.
A table lamp from the Electrical
Service Company. Two cases of
beer from the National Brewery
and from E. 'O0. Hauke in Colon
an inlaid coffee table.
Donations for the bingo are be-
ing accepted by Major Earl Lea-
ser at Albrook 4147.

for $1800.00 will sell for
51700.00. Call Cristobal
1411 after 6 p.m.

Gramlich's -- Santa Clara beach-
tottaoge. Electric ice boxes. gas
stoves, moderate rates. Phone 6-
541 or 4.567

tice oft
., or Special for August. Room with
,Bo[-, private bath $35.00 per month,
:00 P. $20.00 for 15 days. Meals a la
1951., carte. *Reservations Tel. Pon. 2-
public, 1112.
eifers, Williams Santa Clara Beach Cottages.
Zone Two bedrooms, Frigidaires, Rock-
I par- gas ranges. Balboa 2.3050.'
n the Phillips. Beach cottages, Santa Clara.
nager Box 435. Balboa. Phone Panama
Hope. 3-1877. Cristobol 3.1673.

Modem furnished-unfurnished port
ment. Contact office No. 8061, 10th
St. New Cristobol. Phone 1386. Co-
FOR RENT:-Best small apartment
value in town. See it and compare,
no obligation, Paitilla Airport Rd.
No. 121.
FOR RENT:-Very cool ohe bedroom
, apartment' for 2 persons or married
couple without children. Via Es-
paia 2021. Telephone 3-0749.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished two bed-
rooms apartment. Elevator, garage
new building. Ave. Justo Aroseme*
na No. 97, Bello Vista.
FOR RENT:-Smoll furnished apart-
ment, with Frigidaire, for a couple
or bachelor, Bello Vista. Tel. 3-
FOR RENT:--Beautifully furnished
apartment: 2 bedrooms, 2 baths
best neighborhood, Bella Vista.
from Seotember 1st, for 4 months.
Tel. 3-2009.


FOR RENT:-Two bungalows. Three
and two bedrooms. Sobanas rood.
Apply at 810. Tel. 3-3041.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-32 ft. cabin cruiser. A-
1 condition throughout, sleeps 6.
large mechanical ice boxes, run-
n'ng water, gas cooking. Fully
equipped. Ready to" go. $2,600.
Telephone 83-6257.
FOR SALE:-Leaving soon. Will sell-
16 foct boat, grey inboard en-
gine; 16mm movie camera, pro-
je.ctcr. Call 5-325.

WANTED to exchange 60 cycle
General Electric washing machine
motor for 25 cycle motor. Phone

Jobs Offered
WANTED:-English speaking young
lady for routine office work. Nice
appearance essential. Write to Box
1833, Panama, giving qualifica-
tions, experience and salary ex-
WANTED:-Four young ladies and
young men with advertising ex-
perience. Apply American 'Protec-
tion No. 47, Apt. 23, Central
Avenue, Panama. In Colon 6th and
Balboa Ave, Colon.

Gates of Giant

Shasta Dam Open

To Irrigate Farms

SHASTA DAM, California, Aug.
3 (USISJ The gates ol this
giant ciam on the Sacramento
River were opened yesterday,
sending tons of water southward
to irrigate thousands of hectares
of farmland.
The opening of the dam, the
key structure was the I'rAt step
in the functioning of the Central
Valley Project ot Water Control
and Electric Power Development.
Tomorrow elaborate ceremonies
will be held at Tracy, a town
southeast of San Francisco, to
signal the official opening of the
project. There, a pumping sta-
tion will begin to lift water 200
feet from the river into a canal
which was built to carry water to
the lower part of the state.
Engineers from. various parts
of the world have been invited
to the ceremonies at Tracy.
The project will furnish hydro-
electric power to pump water for


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279 Central Ave.
Tel. 2-0140.

(Lobby Hotel "El PanamA"

20 Tivoli Ave. Apt. 1
Office: TeL 2-387 Home: 3-4M7
HOURS: Monday thru Friday
9 to 12 .m.
Monday, Wednesday Thursday
to 8 p.m.
_Saturday 9 aj. to 1 p.m.

KEROSENE Mantle Lamp
60 Candle Power at Modern White
Light. Burns 50 Hours On 1 gal. of
Kerosene. Uses 84% AIR Only 6%
KEROSENE. Absolutely Safe It
cannot Explode Requlres no gener-
stor or pump No Smoke or Odor.
So Simple a Child Can Operate It
$9.95 Lowest Price
ever Offered In Panama.
All Parts Available.
On Sale In All HARDWARE and
Distributors: -
CO76n th St. & Balboa Ave.
Tel 303
Pasnam 93 Central Ave.
Tel. 2-2087

24-Hour Phone

S a n a Ia c
Fat-Free Powdered Milk
(fortified with Vitamin D)
Fe arm Fresh
S9Touches only
stainless steel
in processing
9 Dissolves Ins-
tantly in cold
or eice water.

On Sale In P.C. Co. Commissaries.

a million acres of land through
the valley, even as far as 500
miles away.
The project is the culmination
of several years of joint effort by
California and Federal govern-
ment agencies. The first unit now
in operation was planned by the
Division of Water Resources of
Oalifornia, and constructed by
the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
at a cost of some $400 million.


On Deer's Side
dreds of children booed as Will-.
iam C. Sullivan. SPCA superin-
tendent, carried out his job.
While the youngsters watched,
Sullivan was forced to destroy a
125-pound doe which jumped
through a schoolroom window.
Potent Even In Death
Lawrence Kraud, a policeman,
used a dead queen bee to corral a
swarm of bees massed on a fire
hydrant. He put the dead insect,
which had been killed by a .'ar.
into a cardboard carton and the
swarmkig bees flew in. .

DUE IN PANAMA FROM MEDELLIN on August 18 is the world'famous "Darpana st dan
Dance Troupe" which will give several perform ances here. The troupe has traveled over
South America and has received tremendous ovations for its East Indian ballet 3bad 'n en
tirely different choreography from the ballets of Russia or the ,west. The toupeI.aIt vIht?
via Panagra and PAA. (Panw !hot#)

New Pllkc Affairs

Officer aEmbassy

Is W. Arey, Jr.

William 0. Arey, Jr.. today as-
sumed his duties as Public Affairs
Officer of thLe United States Em-
bassy in Pa amna succeeding Jo-
seph J. DIempey who departed
from Cristobal this morning a-
board the 88 Panami. Dempsey
is scheduled to have -a two-
month vacation Itn the United
States.and then report to the De-
partment Of State for his new
Arey; his wife and two sons ar-
rived in Panama last week fol-
lowin g t vacation in the United
States. Previously, he had served
the post two and one half years
with the Public Affairs Office of
the U.S. XM a In Bogota. Co-
lombia.. -

Arey, Is a adilye of North Car-
olina. He was graduated from
the University of North Garo'-ia
in 1939 andAifrom June of that
year until 1941 worked on the
staff of the Shelby (N.C.) "Daily
Star." From. 1941 to 1948 when he
was appointed to the Foreign
Service of the Department of
State he was general manager'of
the Clevelaid Times Publishing
Company, commercial printihg
plant and publisher of "The
Cleveland Times". at. Shelby.
During-World War' II, Mr Arey
entered military. sevlte ara pri-
vate in the Uj.,Air Forces In
1942 and was released as a first
lieutenant in 1945.

Local Raters Seek
New Students For
First Aid Classes
CRISTOBAL, Aug. 3-With the
completion of first aid classes
that were in operation in several
local-rate towns, efforts will be
intensified for the purpose of en-
rolling new aspirants for first aid
training. The new drive will get
under way within the next two
weeks, when instructors will be
available to conduct classes.
Recently, Joseph Bryan, who
had completed his first class in
Red Tank, found forty qualified
students at the Pacific Club-
house. This was the largest num-
ber of students to have been
qualified in any one class since
the inception of first aid train-
ing in local-rate communities.
Classes were organized last
month by Raymond George of La

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No. S3 North Avenue
Tel. 2-061
No. 3 Martin Sot Street
Tel. 3.1424

).:,. Jt ::>t: *,- ..
LT. COL. ERNESTO DELGADO, left, Chief of the EcqacJqIan
Air Force, is greeted ,oy'Brig. Ge. G Em) l C. Kiel ComandJn
Gehnral of he 'Caribbean Air command, upon s airWvat a ;
Albrook' Air Force Base yesterday.. Durrng his v1*0l trg sthe
Ecuadorian Air Force Chief will make a tour of 4i1rtc fa.
cilities and the USAF School for Latin America. wheea'he will
receive first hand information about Ecuadorian tLudenta
attending the school. -". .
(Official USAF Photo):

Deepfreeze Wedding Plan

Causes Judge T Ponr

, KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 3-- But Bozeman added. that he
(UP)-A Korea-destined soldier would withhold a final decision.
and his 15-year-old sweetheart until he had studied the case
agreed yesterday on a legal but on its merits. A court order s1
kissless wedding to replace a required for such a marriage,
mock ceremony that landed the even with parents' consent,
"groom" in jail. But they im- when the girl is a minor.
mediately hit another snag on Betty's mother approved and,
their wrong-way road to rom- in fact, arranged the marriage
ance. terms by which Carmon would
Knox County Judge C. How- not live with his bride before
ard Bozeban indicated he might he went overseas, Would i!ign
not consent to the marriage of her an allotment check and
Pvt. Thomas Carmon, 19, and would give her the right to, eek
the girl unless they show "just an annulment If her 0ove,toole
cause." before he returns.
Normally, the only "just
cause" in such cases. involving Meanwhile all charges were
a minor girl is pregnancy, the dropped against Carmon. Terry
jurist said. An examination af- Brite, 19, the other "groom"'in
ter the take marriage and mid- a "double wedding" last Sun-
night ."honeymoon". showed day night, and against Roy
that the girl, Betty, was not, Arnwine, 17, who posde as
pregnant, doctors said. preacher for the farce.
Carmon and Brite had been
Boca, Morris McLean of Silver charged with Violatink the age
City and Josnua Tull of Red of consent law and Arnwine
Tank, while William Gordon and with abetng them. Families of
Godfrey Aires of Chagres are un- both brides declined, to prose-
eowA preparation for follow-up romance Ihas not
Walter Alleyne is making plans materi ed between Br and
to open his second class at the night-year-old bride for a
Cristobal-Colon Baptist Church Canight.n, Betty and etty'
Carmon, Betty and Betty's
while Joseph Bryan i8 mother conferred with L Atty.
his third class on the PacificGen. Hal Clements, Jr., anthe
side Amother's conditions of( marriage
sp b FostAid Progbah besng today and all parties came out
sponsored by the Civil fehse smiling.
Department of the Canal Zone. "'They plan tQ marry but
There is no charge for enrollment It ..wvll be a platonic marriage
and histrdctidn' Thote Whb hAve until he returns from military
not registered as yet may mrake service and she finishes her
contacts width the instructors schooling and they prove them-
mentioned in each town, for per- selves worthy of each other,'"
tinent information. Clements said.
At the same time, Garmnon
Run Down ly Drunk was let out of jail.
KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (UP) "He didn't have to marry her
Drunken driving sent E. J;,Hayes in order to Q ftfee" C.ements
to a hospital Vith a fractured said. "But they agreed upon
knee but there were ho vehicles their expression of mutual will-
involved In thd accident. Hayes' ingness to take each other for
said he was on the sidewalk when better or for woree"
a drunk, unable to steer a That left it up to Judge Boze-
atraight course, tU into him. man for the next move,






. .

.:. ._-.-

S. .

; /


- '

** i %

? "

also includes Db(G AR
from their own stock. .

Small Gift Items etc., etc.


*' :"_



RWMMinaest. at the
- Has builhes meeting
&e6eoM the afternoon
ape" taa hd bingo. ,

.~i 'yI"9



randMrs. C. A. M. Mon- Mr. .and Ma. Thomas A. On R E OF
Unto of DI blo Hefhts have re- andtbi David, sailed today i fsI O
at at Malden,
o 'atty at 91 to pend three ( a
.F" ." "- "i M U !

Aftr her stay' i dl, nd I w



dgt at. &:308at .th L&a. Boca
I- lli. There will be a short ...
SoYs-Sl S 1Stevens a d
S. M al Velasques,
nts Ur k aInd. their JTr. of P. ama. announce the
Ssure to se that their ment of their dauter,
aas i.tlme to aultXt 0Ma VIquez, R.. to
rd No. 6 (Juve- Robert A .pOne, son of Mrs.
? P n.h Mt v"tt r 0 thftib f Lewiaburg,
MW Maw M Ve V anqu13 b a graduate
r .. ... i Cy lleg in BDo-
gotA, Colo*ibla. Her. face was
educated i the schools of Pul-
S .ahboma, Tennessee and Ui now
.M. .TT S 'Sergeant in the United States
and SPRINGS. ',. .. 0t -
DGET- PRICES! npbeen- s Mt.

NOW Medical miracles have
$ cut polio deaths in bef injast
S Otwo sort years! A tacking-
$32oo A
N U chair bed savesyoung victims
AND uP from living entnbment in
IEY CAN BUY1 an iron lung. The nightmare
of polio deformity is being
licked with revolutionary
new bone surgery.Raad John
Lear's story of the latest
medical progress that will
ES RE help doctors help you and
IEI oi your children.
' PIHONES:' 2-18 ..
. .. .2-1855."- Inh Aug.4*hlw*,NOWON SALE


- IT


Dog Tired

Dave !

, a ,



David was a busy fellow,
shopping never left him ukellow!
Worn out. weary, tired and brave.
Whyb not read our Want Ads. Dave?

of Marema m1 a-7 ar-old
teaher, ou ..-i al- road near
Tallahaiee. e amid thy had
made a mslode pat because
they had gone deeply In debt.
Rutled e ad be I'wa s able
to conm~ suicide and fled af-
ter shooting Miss lDears.
The fugitive said he went to
Alabama, thon to Tenhessee
where he got a Job on a farm
at Nrin. He told the state at-
torney that he finally decided
to hang hiaoUl fbecaund he
"feared they would fin4 me at-
ter a while.',
HeROSAmto *ar
SAN DICO, CaULf. (UP) -Ma-
ry Carillo Is 103 yeradld and her
friends were alarmed when she
had a hert attack and was taken
to the hbltal. Their alarm was
short lived. (he was released 40
minutes after arrival. Doctors
said her heart alowed down but
didn't stop.

heu it from ht .reof toap YTO
In yl Yoe'vlre neavdl uIYeVre gbhi e
diamond ringll Such en mwet k eia
nly tei nesi diamond i wrthy '
fiO m 1 OMAttFor e6 chol ....
for uot voel e... for equally
diamonds veit wur oare.
$ 50.00 up
Pa PlismUte Perfectio*
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No. 6 Tivoll Ave.

has purchased Casa Grant... in order to expand merchandise
DAGMAR lines and display facilities.
All Casa Grant merchandise
must be liquidated within the next two weeks.





rNTRAL AVE.;A 2 .. S.

,i d ri.



ft w(t H le UVl p

" --- *M--. *-*

'S. .


Flyroyif afor

',i ? ": 5f o ./ p.n
sceooo.g. 2phene t^n 472
^"--^" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ d~ !*-----iii f------

i lt EN JIK GHT ,.
T. .T. X"elbrlght of Maaritar it
Sbuffet party at their residence last fE fr
of the Engelbrilght-Dunn wedding. after
rehearsal Coca Solo Chapel.
ds of Miss Dorothy Engelbright and her fiance,
.'-Mr. ftne Dunn, are Invited to attend the wedding at the
le Obhapel, Saturday evening, August .fourth at six
1 6etah. and the reception which will be given at the Hotel
Spahitaton immediately afterward.
SThose present included Chap- sy Maedl. Miss Judy Malcolm and
lin W: w. Winter Mrs. H. B. Jeff Slaughter had dinner with
;'" AL, Miss Beverly Lindstrom. the Crofts and attended the mov-
Joyce Hawthorne, Miss ies afterward.
'Jetlt .Mcloaren. Miss Grace
imtis. Miss Rita Howard. Mr. Golfing and Dinner
aMMIMrs'. John Harris. Mr. Geo. Party at Brazos Helghts
SOnleyr Mr. Herbert Busby and Mr.L. Healey of the S.S. Pan-
M Karl Moulton. ama had Mr. and Mrs. Reginald
Armstrong and 14r. and Mrq.
A2-d "At Home" Max Welch as his golfing' and
i Balboa dinner guests at Brazos Brook
aKmong the friends who attend- Golf and Country Club Wednes-
e e 0 "At Home" given by Ad- day evening.
W Albert M. Bledsoe. corn-
!ws4Wlt of the 15th Naval Dis- Note for Members of
tl at Balboa and Mrs.- Bledsoe, Rosary Altar Society
oi.Wednesday evening were the All members of the Rosary Al-
0 .growr of Colon. and Mrs. Au- tar Society of the Church of the
~tlne Cedeflo. Mr. and Mrs. Holy Family of Margarita are
VW=liam -. Adams. Mr. and Mrs. expected to receive Communlon
At lto Tagaropulos, .Mr. and tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.
Mrs. Walter Hunnicutt. Col. and
Mrs. Leo Hunnlcutt. Mr. and Mrs. All members of the Rosary Al-
Albert Delsz, Mr. John T. Olan- tar Society of the Church of the
e!.,Ca.ptaln and Mrs. John W. Holy Family of Margarita are ex-
iAbiMrson and a group of officers pected to receive Communion to-
aadietheir ladies from the U.S. morrow at 7:30 a m.
ltMll Station at Coco Solo.
Mr. and Mrs. Koerber Sail
OVWOer Party Mr. and Mrs Wdlter Koerber
(tfdn for Roberta Williams of Gatun sailed aboard the S.S.
Miss Roberta Williams of Ga- Nicollne Maersk Thursday after-
tuM*"wa" the honored guest at a noon. Mr and Mrs. Koerber will
party tgien by her parents. Mr. make their home In Grassvallev,
a&fl'%. George Williams Thors- California. They have contribut-
day ev*nJng on the occasion of 'ed much to Isthmian cqmmunl-
bhr l2tt birthday. The party was ties through their church work.
l' at the Gatun Community paintlpR and photography.
f e andt the guests enjoyed
a'iWt ner roast and outdoor sup- Departures Mr. a nd Mrs. C J Genits of
'Tilhe gAest list Included the r Mergaritasailed aboard the "Pa-
iMt ILois and Diane Scheidege, nam.?" this p.'"n- ..
Ci Newhard. Barbara Egolf, spend a month visiting in New
Mrth Graham. Marsha Raoi.i- York after which tie e
SDiane Dare Carol George. will return to the Isthmus and
frts Vabhdergrift, Dale Robin- Mrs. OGenis will visit with rela-
son, SheUa McNamee, Mary Ann tives in Minnesota.
ang,Allce Hannlgan, Diane Mc- Mr and Mrs Frank J. Locher
Cared. Dora Welchand the Mes- of Marqarita with their children
rs Keitlh Mournblow. Bill Robin- Gree Stephen and Frances, sailed
son Leslie Croft. Robert Lnw- aboard the Panama' today to
rapc., Leslie Rinehart. Vernon make their home in Detroit, Ml-
Want. Albert Ridge. oEbby clean. Mr. Locher has resided
SpAighter, Carlton Hallett. Duke 'here for the past eleven years and
LeFranca. Noel McGinn. Ebbit Mrs. Locher has been here four
Steam. Danny Kissam and Tho- ears.
lJordan Bingo at Brazos Brook
Little Theater to Cast Bingo games will be played to-
"Heaven Can Wait" night at Brazos Brook Golf and
ixMmbers of the Cristobal Little Country Club, beginning at 7:30.
Theater have chosen the 3-act iThere is a jackpot of $200.
comedy "Heaven Can Wait" as --- production. Mr. John Baked Food Sale
lng*ood will be the director and at Gatun
try-outs -wl be held at the New Members of the Woman's Aux-
Cldstoball Scout Shack. located in iliary of Gatun Union Church are
back'of Cristobal High School sponsoring a Baked Food Sale in
Gym Friday evening tonight at the lobby of the Post Office. Sa-
7:30,and also on Monday evening, turday morning. August 4. Mem-
The casicalls for 7 women and betrs are urged to bring their bak-
11 nere and'anyone on the Atlan- ed products and everyone Is In-
tib $tde that 1a interested in any vired-to attend.
phase of the production are in-
vlted to attend, Members of the
A'tned Service's on the Atlantic I
Side are especially weIcome. s
New i*eptrs Introduced
atMorning Coffee -
The M.C.O. Wives Club of Fort
Gukek gave a mornlne coffee
party to Introduce three new
members; Mrs. Joseph Wasuleski.
Mrs. Jerr White, and Mrs. Cal-
vin Krurnsick. R d
The party was held at the
home of the president. Mrs. Paul-
Ing Marsh. Others present in-
cluded Mrs. G. D. Smith. Mrs..
Wlham Bell. Mrs. Arthur Cran- tWm eV mVr
dai. Mr. Ernest Beck, Mrs. .amw w rwsie9 r
W. lni Elingsworth. Mrs. W. D. 0 b'.
O0lwin. and Mrs. Henry Copare. *I" OW kw rhn .mb.d,.. ,
,TJW mentally meeting of the fdpby, 1,q. n, ,, ,
gf V wll be held Tuesday even- ew,-pkuasd t1y su-muotiL
M at 7.,All members are cordial-
lytivlited to attend.
Raymond Croft Has
lth Birthday
*Mr.. and Mrs. Leslie Croft of Ave. Bolitar.7.IS Telephones: 4.- 14
Otun entertained at their home COLON. R. de P
t the occasotib of their son Ray-
mond's 12th birthday. Miss Pat-
S .. .tp

..Thanks to delicous Clapp's P
CLAPP's FooDS are so tempting
Ibabies en/Io eating them ... so
,nutritious, they grow up strong
'wand healthy.
Yes, CI.AP's makes only baby
foods. That's why CLAPP's knows
what babies like-and what's
good for them, too! Mother de-
jend on CLAPP'S, and doctors
'everywhee recommend it. Re-
..mamfar, o~ doctor i the final
'sd~w Anv fewd4n your baby.
; CzarF's Pacws aronl one
'of the 19 delicious varieties of
cbopped and strained fruits and
vegetables prepared by CLAP'sP's
for Xy r baby. All are mtaty, nu-
tritioes, and economic. '

'r 94 '


I;, 'I.
m6AW~"W 41-..

J. B. Dorows at Santa Clara
Mr. and Mrs. James Boom
Dorow and daughter Laura am
spending a short vacation .
Santa Clara. .
Mr. J. Paul Sidebotham wvl
assume the managerial duties At
the Cristobal Branch of The Na-
tional City Bank of New York
during Mr. Dorow's twb-week ab-


* JUNIER. Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
of Panama, a son. July 27 at Got-
gas Hospital.
TROTMAN, Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
of Rio Abajo, a daughter, July 27
at Gorgas Hospital.
SANJUR, Mr. and Mrs. A. of
Panama, a daughter. July 27. i.
Oorgas Hospitalf
STEWART. Mr. and Mrs. L. O.
of Rio Abajo, a son, July. 3T'at
Gorgas Hospital.
ZEPEDA, Mr. and Mrs. i. of'
Panama. a son. July 29. at Gof-
gas Hospital.
LAYNE. Mr. and Mrs. Q A. of
Red Tank, a daughter, July.0 at
Gorgas Bospital. !.. ,
WILL, Mr. and Mrs. I. W,. of
Cocoll, a daughter. JTulyO at
Gorgaa Nospia&l. '
BARRAZA Mr. and Mrs. Juan"
of Puerto Pilon, a son, July 30 at
Colon Hospital.
WALLACE, Mr. and Mrs. Ala-
nic of Silver City, a son, July 30
at Colon Hospital.
OIRALDEZ. Mr. and Mrs. Car-
los of Miraflores. a son, July 31
at Obrgas Hospital:
BENITEZ, Mr. and Mrs. Carlos
of Panama. a daughter. July 31
at Gorgas Hospital.
BARRANTES, Mr. and Mrs.
Julio of Panama. a daughter,
Aug. 1 at Gorgas Hospital.
HOPE. Mr. and Mrs. Claience
of Gamboa. a son, Aug. 1 at Gor-
gas Hospital.

Marriage Licenses
McKENZIE. Emeria. of Oam-
boa to BOWEN, Iretta, of Pana-
KAHN. Harry Lee. of Fort Kob-
be. formerly of Sandston. Va. to
RIVERS. Julia, of Rousseau.
ANDERSON. Leopold, of La Bo-
ca to INNI8S. Dorothy Irene. of
La Boca.
WAGGONER. Gilmer Young,
Jr.. of Corozal to JENNISON, Ma-
rilyn Anita, of Balboa.
CHANIS, Leslie. of Fort Clay-
ton to GILMAN. Patricia Lee of
Fort Clayton.
FUNLOP. Stephen. of Curtndu.
to Webb, Lucille Markuson, of
Diablo Heights.
MAXWELL, Kenneth Eugene.
of Fort Clayton to COLON, To-
masita. of Panama.
LEE, Glendall Raymbn4 of Cu-
rundu Heights to GIRALIEZ, Ol-
ga, of Panama.

ANDERSON. Susan. 54. of Pan-
ama. July 29 at Gorgas Hospital.
LEWIS. Matilda, 83 of Panama,
July 30 at Gorgas Hospital.
DEL CID, Bernardo 9 months
of Colon, July 30 at Colon Hos-
HUSHING. Irene M. 54 of An-
con, August I at Gorgas Hospital.


4 ,-.-:_ :_-'

? I .


work. "' I
Arranigments art be lpiAde
by cooperation b"f t zhe
Flbrida Street Agr ft nbI
the Eva Peron Sat nd-;
tion. ..
. Voters in outlyn ar eai "''o
ill.. e some of -the e's
accomplishments .In.-. va -a
i ,. ..

$IRCn, -

,n -

Ynr. Ture

I Ofi V L

BRA -Pad*jffjDI



bra W nh.
nyl on.lehqe the.
bra, it shop the bo m
6 ln. ioveiyer curva, pvidf e
gsroceful upif, p"*ents eg..
in 'th girdlefi sit. s l.
S." W end slenddcelzo the ips.

: tiIe ml:
FitjL.MADUSO. S.A. Ista. : O7UIA DE N AYaM (David)
CHZ MARGOT MIM IA ) C D (A_. dulge)
MOTT PanamiA. C OM) II (l ).
Al-ts: InRVIG ZA? CO., A. Tel. .-3MS nmm.

-. .. : .. -;r -
.* ..* ..
,- ,. -. ..
S. ,' -. .'
-' .. ": -...
S .'. '" "11 =.'. .. .. .
, -i % s- ... ;t .,.

.L.' ,...: -" ** .
i ^ *. **, ----- .^*.. -
/^ ...: ..- -**c^

4 7;
^^" .' **, >1 11 "' A',-- -*'?,
*~ .y t*J "*'jr*- ^ .?w

, ,,


f .

I'. t"

-~ '%



.: .. .- -' -.

in. o wetake pI$%"
fi. ., '

m 'offari g ew .4 A qp I ...
". ,-.. k.* e i 'I. ,

Starting tomorrow SATURDAY far one waek'bnly


Nylon lHos ... ......D.. .....a e .si sOe s e

Fine f ...

Fine Silk 5-ps ... *.. ,.......... ... ..... a e
ersey Half-Slips ...... .. .. .. .
Silk IfIE IIS .... e. .. ....,..., 5 @ > .:
Nye S a ~* a a* 0 r W *e.5 *.r.

Cott Zl.0ticU0.-e. -4--, .'e. -,*- 6 10 '""41
00I 'i W A. w. e .* .. *

Ralneoatq .. .. ........ e ..a a. .....-. .
Fine Black Panties ....... ..........; ... .. .
Swim Suits, from ... .. ..... 5.95
Si& Nightgowns .... ..... .,..a. ... .. 2.95
Cotto* Houoecoats, from. ... .'. *. ,.* 3 ,
Shower Crtains .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .. ..
Driw (Slightly Shopwdrn) ............ aa.
Cottou Drwes., from .. "- ..... .. *
R yon e from . . s
Evening prses ................ ..... e .. *

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Bow Ties . . ... .
Rayon SportShirts (Small She Only). ..........
Fine Undersbirt8......... .. ... .6 ... *
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs ........' '*56
Fine Sox . . .. .


Silk Panties for Girls

. ." .-.. .'. .6

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SAC. **

Girs Pajamas ................
Boys' Pajam.a ................
Boys Undershirt. ..............
Boys Shorts, ....... ... ...
Tepns Shoes (for Boys) ........
Girls White Bags ..............
Boys Sweaters ... ...
Babies Shoes . .
Children's Sbx .. ...

S U,

- L9 *.



30%0Discount.OM AL

CryttOliuer Chinaare Porcemu 9iiwrs

Costt'uueJtnlt' etc. '.

JO t6s8 C

- C

-T.y .. --,.. *-. T ,.'"-
t" ^ -" ." *" -" *. -'":/ ', c "^" .P r, ;.
i .'-. ,:,- ', ', '. .. -' .-y ^ -* ,
"- .- t- :- ,."-- : .., '- ** ,. "'-., :,.-*-:.. '--.. l .-.-
S- -.
=o -r-.. '4""-WW.I. .1 J -" .T -.
.,. AL. '.,, :. r ;,,, ..:-. -L ;.

\,r .i,

9 A



e :

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SA.a S L b- *.

. .. .. ... ,

t *a -.-- .- --mmil6mmim

* '.

. At ,




*. -,, -. '- 5
; -.- ,.*- ',, 1 ".,- ." 'ri r ..-r -B, ,.- ... .....- !.^
.. =^ .." '^ "-. 'y i f- ,* ., ,-.*' -'; .- --. --. *< -, '* *
.MO ,-"' W.'.

ByJ. adt

tell you.
No weader Mewnwa .hMELMAs th& .-A *,
teir eyes h ewe m the ..I- gi, gwermt t

Ka3ho. n.r .eei gurCiro 's (o
wood, t, ,zero ;e. _'_r therp than on
their m lorable mr iamlle a .w' w o .n ..Norman Rover
took' up the holdover option 01iht.. Even Charlie
Morrison of the -Moembo (dtht's Ub- sayto s the act is
better than th6, i MaPW .E Wa as, book in the ine
at "Two on the l." ge thn rdly wears Wkse a
brooch) from her kid 1ottrt .r n.h r Street.
despite' all the man1 ho M f bu is5 No I,
if ou ask the mro r twa y'A 1Art, of the most beautiful
Weoro of them all was with her hubend the Cub Room 5atur-
day after midnight: Mrs. ,William R i s. tf the Eldorado Towers.
The ,kind of face you can't stop Jovia.
O eS e, res. who dope pubi rela orh rie
tree countries su bling their youth at Cornell University this
eektht tWhen yolub "00 delegt"A m Mayor ImpeUltter on the
City Hall steps today. IntrodUm,40 b W,. Mreo Auguste. Joseph
ieter, who's a mayor tpo,-busn Me U.. e,1 the population 10.
1" ddD norms the man who' l atosl ours act before ypl
i at at. '6 'lo "See ,wa St e ate. thanr u embarrass
thftr *k8e probably du" t -l'w Abqut -it. we are omlttin.
Sbett#r., ..tha in' use peuswa on Mr..-Ilausde "to gv.e.a
partr for the I,--t-oeicW' 'leP.- The ftoo is
that the-,tark Club "1ab. dX. of toosi an-
.. of, shw. it.U., ,g n he m 50
W '-*bill. oying, "ee whaNt .wae- m .rIy

emw..AU ae muIenI .e **** *_. "
threw Wbe seeNm l gifR 14 Vs1, of the rAM.d-
Wma iTMhere et fpqeaR(tAWI TV) Aug. 1, 1
Maty' e M .were eakm i our bbad& over Bill Roe's ."lstde
91 it," which he publicly penned. ..The incident was getting some
dignity via the Silence Is eot--n process, but Billy Roe can't
eot-slaiply has to get bh name in the papers. He arues that
nobody was there and coAldn't. have heOrd him utter those ap-
palling quotes.. .The Lindy acro4 rebuttals: "Maybe so. but
those words .couldn't come out, of anybody else'4 mouth. They're In
Rose''- Individual nimitable-style."
ety Forsilag, who resigned at radio TV editor of NeMwkeek.
planned to go to Majorca Antil after New Tears, but she will be
t aide to Charles Under ,. the CBS eae who just shifted to
ANC...Love flash in obak, o rved on a s e. e ce wall:
"lutHe ayden loves Oeorge Jean Mayden".. ,m K-a nowa
i Las Vegas lind. Got 'bored with..thb n .run of "eonts Prefer
Slondes"...Personal memo to a, *Motan which had various
NBeadway stane to chat over its mites .t eenlMt gUpst Jokefys:
After inviting Tul Brynner. t "'Th* ligag, nL." 'to je with
friends, 'they aUpped ha bid news or nearly O..;Aftt.
Inviting Diosa Costello from "South lacfle", .1Jbesuse ol-
umalst put the pressure on) they handed b I a ta-W.
Whatkind of a new con-game i t ? .B'demmid d. the
show. pay. tw ne. But Dioa Is still ou t A blOUe naiek,)
*Je "jN etu gel IM atigt* q _e Roo te. '
Miske Dine (BIatt) f 1 e...Cad-
maiP n-ek A ro d .o j
represeutlmg Uitm WitrSmt on ite rtbighto j f s O.'The
Feoul dng." Coul dr'-ahamvn e aal eeouh pt h...00 f
the axtesnm0 te sf, iEg de a .tbo.,eJ M e .elMm
In the Fotey Squafre deJ eul tse i thaty dmlgy
find out what a 0 .f 01 ee -d= e tr lel e m
yea we ing s. wh i w w tot G
swauMiat Florida uu:- "M 2 efenlm. a'me n- anpa l
M -ll dt. pnt u seds a-h W : .
How mash did Sen. Tobey get tor voidi at i re beg
used on T ad TV and fralleri for oluat s "''M WhIstle at, aton
Falls"?... A oolpmn-uame praygufm of 'the Troalh&i sidbte. who
couldn't burn up his meoney f eku.h witroun :Lifthu hat-
a pe :s ad a _n w.

,I .A315_ WI

The man es I s q %e t Im 't oetdsn e" ait *amei AmeneWm
LsM me. -eiWid seewis o mw m h"iwet oe e s el essmqib

V-ea pbMorese a NeNWVa eee- It "f-I 1ee
* sp ne bees rie bIs Nked @e@ea
noI a" e fto Mm- es -Mfm ft"e w splle

Malu Box Editor.
Oer Sir:
The lal rte maplo es connected to the ferry te this
medium of pyf tSibute to the lai Lee P. alt, ferry boat
captAin. who 0ucm wd recently to heat jta....
w.epassing ccasim.4 ned hIoi0w0 a BI S va phemuse be
had endeaed hisef las. .:In :hs w Ml wtmu the leal
rate workers. hP wASf Lw aWOW.ere.. Prel.d Me an4 sefsh-
n werw not part of his I : : ,
captain oelt ams a -a t eMid be aigbeed by his
lqcal rate aj tie uualw he Wie had
and w willing to help *A O t
sm ut of hs irjawa iipre at tab.
the_ 1.1aqajM i 1- An"

r. *

Mi" am t oywMrtntJ* ] I r
h et rising, more jobs,
itd *r i e for the ultimate
consumer. If it pays off for
a.rl s, It Fsa off for
I feel that our gamble with
with the future Is desirable and
ld fMat vital, for It is essential-
ly -an Investment in creative
And every contribution to the
betterment of mankind on this
ont has Its origin in creative
kinng of some kind, wherever
and.-however done.
The jspcda kind of creative
thought we are underwriting Is
called "research," which is to
that It 'Is a organized ef-
rt O reawq ur understand-
Ing of the fer9oesof nature and
to utilie them more and more
for our benefit.
Apd remrse h if It is to hae
ea4ings. must of necessity e
directed toward creating things
rfo the triate convenience,
comf rt n e o ft people. '
It 1s pa10 that the seed 'of
:,, haye. their origin In
thim arch .labratory, Thoes
sedtit Sr tIe (and many
ar Ot) *Inrl bu ht to ma-
turity by our Indtrial nurse-
ryjain, thIe fruit of the. tree dis-
tributed fir and wide.
And, if I Mmay prolong the
analogy, the soil hat in this
country has giveh 'such bounti-
Ifl harvested s the atmosphere
of freedom _ii which the urge to
produce Is applauded, :encour-
aged, and rewarded.
I think the resi s of this
fertile process have..been, up to
now, self evident. The startling
increase in our living standards
since the beginning of this cen-
tury Is a development of our
own times one that we have
seen flourish before our eyes.
We eat, better food, wear bet-
ter clothing, live In better
houses. The standards of even
the most American home have
chlitbed upward tedly. We
work shorter hours, wit less -
tigue and Improved health.
Our children g oCn to high
adhool and college where their
grandparents.were out in the
world at the grade school level.
-These gains have been possible
only because as A; nation we
hav* nurtured' the growth and
development otf our industrial
strength.. ...
Lsbor, c&plta and manage-
,ament have Joined forces In a
production cycle that h a a
brought astonishing results.
More and better goods for imore
people has proved the most re-
warding coursj for all three.
And it is the production re-
.crd4 of this trinity, centering
upon the.. prOducts of the re-
seqarch laboratOries, that has
fostered our ,social enlighten-
ment. .
We could.4eor eaAmplf.
outlawing the -.hour shift
r,-4 t; sif-.4m' week at any
time in or ltor. Until
recent yearS. hoinever. we
S "d not hma afforded the
Joe, in prudution such l-
auotton wol brine.
Only the introduction, of mo-
dern machinery, 'developed by
research and largesealse n-
vestment. gave any realism to
the ideal, by enabling the Ame-
rican workman of today to pro-
duce many times as much goods
as his grandfather did two gen-
erP lorbs ago.
In similar fashion, peasantry
on the farm was banished
when the iron plow and the
reaper replaced the hoe and the
cythe. and when the tractor
came along to lock the stable
door." .. .
Today's woman's life ti made
easier and healthier simply
through revolutionary develop-
ments In handling foods, mak-
ing clothing and providing fIa-
tAfty needs.
With bread deuveed to the
-door, wate.rin".1 "M the

- -

*^-7)p Uati- P*AWe


"o p

CAMP MTO-WA-MBU. Tang lylka. Can-
sidering the somewhat rlce0lous eMa Wth
which we amassed the ,lc ba.. t,, rhino
seemed a cinch. Also INthe b, auu
antelope with long, needle lo Wv.
Ocinlty o: Lake Manyra. h Tan
wn 'supposedly boiling-with both Faro, which a
ihlpo. and Chorga. Whh ie s ,I ,.
I-expect I was sort of0ug. % X 4 n b MUM&-.
ated tWo Iops and a l Iopard three d Th "
leopard wa very special, oheoad there isn
Autrire count who ba-W Lbesm usnEu t ouet
tke' 14. y tao' get a looArwnd' sad 'i.nOtl
gae ,"- lti .' T omy.
S5 Wtebuck., eland. eve '.dg| were
0i 00 f for the eoard, bok,. the'b ,
lrld w short of official peelpton 'and by
not m1ueh. '" .' .. .
SI u s nt a week arom d, the -,. -
anw :havTeA't fired a shot Iat' or
i-ai', veay pai'slt .- U pi j l ,
Ha. 'noaS33'tp W

thi oryx I 'never hot. and a
than Of' all he beautiful
the bok of AalnWr lorry. the. ammiabe
trtdk. I asievef Worked so hard for aytblg in.
my -Il before
Harry Selby, my roe sional hater,. ~a I
wea upD and out of camp every d:y- at dYr
break.; We. got home at p.m.., iname we
neverSpped working until thIe shooting 1ght
was gone. '
Jessica the: Jbep averaged as hunded melle
day over acridly' dusy plain and nearly impas-
sable swamis we gat stuck in rivers. We clim-
ed minor mauntalns. We stirggled through
swamp oase and high cane and crawled on
beles. ..- -
Ithink we ttd.and stalked about 1 rhino.
aItogether. Te were either cow with calves


W IN TON. In the bakaroad of te
battle bethtes President Tnri .'Truman i ad
Seli. Paul Douglas over the llnois Judgeshipe
is. something far mo re nterestin and sgii-
cant-wan appears on the surface.
At.first ,luft It would seem that Truman
simply took a wholly gratuitousana Ponl ally
stupid slap, at- a- major Fair Dea supporter.
when he obr*omrecedent and refused to nenmi-
nag the Judgo e Douglas wanted., -
f act, .Truman's move is almost certainly.
shrewd bid for sure support from the crucial
liuoais delegation at the 1952 Democratic coCn-
vesitlop '
The eA iut Truman wants mthe Sr .oAPPOt
of a ef deletation which bae istint-
ly did not have in 1i4 o is rather o InoulP.
Truman. fully intends to run again. Indeed,
*he virtually said at much in a recent enflversa-
iton wti,' Democratic Sen. Tom Henings of
M)rQuri. W'Nald Bennings that heshoped the
Missouri t~ oat wouaSominisate and elect
in the 195m Sematoral race "somebody I can
woitrk wilth." '
Thw nIplication is obvious; Truman himself
exPect to be nominated and elected W 1002.*
he connection between the Illinois judgeshlp
row and Truman's 193 intentions is. moreover.
very close.- lbe Judgeship fight It a part of a
bitter struggle for power which I4 now going on
within the Ch eago- Democratic machine, a
strUtlnI whIch Truman has a major political
On e sfte of the struggle ois Jacob Ar.vey
Chicago's Democratic political boes. Arvey, who
is a god cUt above most big city bosses, is in
a senw the political godfather of Sen. Douglas.
whose nomination Arvey put through In 1M4.
Arvey bs'V ,e n the past one of the Demo-
oralc porty's uisat panjandrums, and perhaps
the most powerful machine poltliclan. In tLhe
.- ML .howwver. he made the. stake of
JuAmingth Itrcks and backing Dwight D. Kl-
enho .for .the Democratic nomlatIon, as
did Se. Doula. In baking ibower. Arvey
d Aot enden r A selt to President Truman.
who naundouey fads this s ort o abortion
*ot l xcuisableIn a machine politician than
in M an-lM DoM l
d TO W rwr b hold on the Chicago ma-
WM And now. A vey sto most

W bo s.ra U we hank,
fight be rgfie Abrve


* ,



or young bulls with negligible horns. The two
bootable animals we found. outsmarted us
tWie. All we reaped was charges from angry
ales who resented our presence and revered
In immunity.
The oryx was nearly nix. fled to God know?
where from the long grassed. The two little
bands we found spooked and took off from a
thousand yards The lone bull we stalked on
foot was never under 00 yards from us, and in
thidk cover. Haana .
' You could feel the tenslon mount. Adam and
tidogo, the gunbqaere. and Chebani, the car
boy. were up until one or two every night,- after
hunting hard all day, cleaning guns and repair-
Ing the ravages of rock and swamp on the jeep.
d by's eye. turned blood-red- from dUst and
su and incessant chaff from ,the grass he
Whipped Jessica through. My face peeled twice,
and permanent Charlie horses stabled In the leg
** Wetd traveled toe sWruel. days over de-
sert. Uh and mountain to gWt to. fts pofu.
daon o 'pume wheer there was no profusion. We
even had tostalk a Tommy ram, usually amen-
ablt. to belt over the head with a broom, as
if 'e were a kudu or. a bonRO in order to get
camp meat. '
The whole capi became infected with what
is knoWn as Faro-,tis., We would be met in the
black dark by the whole anmg. whose faces drop-
ned a foot when no double horns were visible
In Jessica's vestibule. ven Juma, the factotum,
would speed U off in the chill dawn with some
crack a.out "Tonight. Far6 soup." Hapana. We
ate Ptulatawny, courtesy of Mr., Campbell or
,nally we quit. Even the beasts we had been
seeing disappeared. The 18 mile. two-hour-plus
drive alonr *Manyara's shores and the searing
wastes of- high plains became unbearable, be-
cause we knew every bump and pighole. every
thorn tree,and donga by Intimate, painful name.
!0papa raro. But just wait 'till tomorrow.

Of. Fact

Stew t. Alsop

Already Nash controls nearly half of Chi-
cgo 's Democrstlc wards. In other "weak" wards,
the ward leader are sitting o the fence, un-
til it becomes clear who is to win the battle.
But. they are showing increasing signs of mov-
in- eorl.Wrc Nash .
T6us Nsh to by no means a bad bet. to dis
place Arvey. 'And President Truman ha l now
bet, souarely in Nash.
SThe judrsldlp row really centers around one
.of .he there threevacant udeship. For is va-
cancy, Douglas proposed the able, non-polUtcal
Wl ulan H. King Jr.
Douglas did not consult Arvey In advance -
he t by no netans "Arvey's man" or indeed
anyone's man but, Arvey loyally backed up
NA's candidates, on the other hand, is Corne-
lius Barrington, 'an amiable-.but by no means
noa-p ltical lawyer. Harrington was actually
hroased to TrubiMa by a major Democratic
contributor and Presidential acquaintance call-
ed James B. McCahey.
But there has never been any doubt that
argton is a Nash man. And When Truman
distoearded the unwritten law that Senators
Should have the right to propose Federal Judges
In their states, and sent Harrington'% name to
the Senate. he wan serving notice that he was
baking Nash against Arvey.
No doubt Truman had his personal reasons
for tht public slapping of Douglas and Arvey.
STruma has never liked Douglas. whom some
if those in the White House entourage are fond
of describing as a "damned Intellectual." He
has liked Douglas even less since his part in
the RF.C. investigation, and since Douglas call-
ed- for Eisenhower's nomination on both tickets.
And it must have given Truman pleasure to
slao back at .two men who had left him for
Eisenhower in 1941.
rut It. would be naive to suppose that Tru-
rAn. a professional politician to his fingertips.
was swayed entirely by personal pique. For
Truman cannot be sure that Douglas and Arvey
will not again leave the Truman reservation in
And whatever the immediate consequences of
the Jqdgehi, row, Truman can now expect to
have the full support of the powerful Nash
roren 'atthe tMS convention.
Obviously, moreover. Truman would hardly
have backed Nash so openly unless he consider-
ed Arvey a waning and Nash a rising power -
a Trumaon may well be right.
For Oew reasons, erhau even more than
Tua remark' to Oen. Hennings. Truman's
B|the 1 2inole Judgeahip ight sa" a reat
f bhlIm tntentions, fo' 152.
_MML( erk Tsid TTcbune 1e.)

.. J- : ,

Drew Peere my: Fnr o em Mive a important quetie
Senators match wit with Greek qum ; Repubbke s
Ftestd AcMhon m ,ry cstff.
W WAM M ?TON.- eta r ftrae of Spa" rippedd tw e
te9t h hnts w.hen e US.. tors iatervwed ~ im..
MWdrid, which the Ad ialeiation aspar nty dfnt
reeua when they embraced Fr = o so earny r ieciutly.
First, France refused to M e an commitment on aui
lpa&ldh troops to defend W te m surope.
Second hf imadeI ho oemaftm enst to reetore civil liberies,
including freedom of re oult. worship .
The senators trl, liudIB the. laterview with France, wad
algh ight by theIeorlw diplomacy of Sen. Alexaa ..?.
y of Wisconsin, rankng RepublIesa om the Foreign Relattdf i
Committee. who boomed out to the Spanish dictator,. "'ri'--,g
we're with you 100 per ceat." '".
Wiley also reached around the baek of King Paul of
to shake hands with Mrs. Jack Peurifor In -mn a way that
bumped the ing on the back. The reason he did so, X *'
the enial Wisconsin senator, was because he wanted to
the King on the back. 'i '-
Wl slapped so many European books that senate W
Gillette. oft Iowa and Brien McKMhon of Conneticeu elte d-
on eah de when they were ushered in to ee the -
"we grabbed his hand to keep bhim from apf- t ,
on the back," McMahon explain afterward. .
Franco's revealing statements Came in answer to questi e
by Gillete and Sparkman of Alabama, after Franco boasIfMt
tha he could mobilize 2,000,000 men in case of war with RuauM q
"How many of those two million would you commit to thei
defense of W-estern Europe?" Senator Gillette asked. :
Franco talked back end forth to hb.s interpreter betla
answering. Obviously it was a ticklish question and in the e"4r,
the dictator ducked. I, .
"It Would depend on the conjecture of events," the Inter.-
preter finally replied.
Neither Gillette nor the other Senators knew what .
meant. 8o Gillette tried again.
"Would you be willing to commit one soldier to the defqxn4'
of Western Europe?" Gillette pin-pointed his query ,
Again Franco conferred with his Interpreter. Finally h.
interpreter replied: "The generalissimo has already answ4g'g,
that question."
The senators, remembering that the Spanish Blue Di q
wheih fought for Hitler on the Russian front, had over 30
cent desertions, came away not too optimistatic about mailt'.
help from Franco in case of war. .
The other significant Franco answer came when' Alab&aaW
Sparkman observed that one great American objection to Fra
was chat "in Spain the ordinary freedoms are denied fred "
of speech, press; religion, and the right to free assembly." .
"I would like tosta that the very term freedom .is rela.
tive." Franco replied- "It means different things in dlffe9nt- '
countries. In Spain during the last 13 years we have been. In
a state of turmoil.
"Under' these conditions it became virtually impossible' to-
maintain the so-called freedoms. There has had to be someW
curtailment. As time goes on, we might be able to remove swHoA
of the curtailments." !.,,
It was considered significant that Franco declined to make"
any definite commitment on civil liberties, though President.
Truman, in OK-ing the new liaison with Spain, had demanded
that Spaih permit Protestants the right to worship. .
In Greece. the Senators enjoyed a buffet supper with KXa
Paul and Queen Frederika, and before the evening was
were calling the Queen "Honeychild."
She brought this on herItf by asking Senator Sparkn '
what state h was froe. When Sparkman relied "Alabasa.p.
the Queen told how she had asked the same question oftan
Ame.ican officer in Germany, who rqplied: "I'm from Aabamae
honey, '
i,. on. ytroubk Is he didn't far enou," ag Spark
man. "He soW have called you NoneychUd"
From thep, on,'the Queen 'of' Greece was jokingly c .14
"Honeychald." .
The Queen showed that she could be Just as quick with
pun as Sarkman. When she started praising Ambassador PeurN i
foy, Sparkman broke' In to say: '
".Dd you know Mr. Peurifoy learned his uS and downs ag
an elevator, operator in the Capitol building 15 years ago?"
"Now," retorted the- Queen, "he has- purified Greece.
Most embarrassing moment of the trip happened to Sen-
ator Wiley. He was delivering a toast to Member of' Parliament
in London's Westmnster Hall while Parliament was in 'session.
In the middle of his -tbast, the roll-call bell rang, and the mem-
bers rudely dashed from the room.
Several Republicans vigorously came to the defense of Sec-
retary of State Dean Acheson when party leaders moved Inside
the sbcret OOP caucus to oust Acheson by the backdoor .method
of cutting off h!s salary. Chief Acheson defenders were Mrs.
Frances Bolton of Ohio. James Fulton of Pennsylvania, Jacob
Javits of New York, and Donald Jackson of California.
"Lets not make ourselves foolish by hitting at Acheson is
this beekhanded way," Rep. Jackson warned his colleagues. "Airo
I see it, this amounts to legislating in an appropriation bill and-
may even be unconstitutional." ..
"I don't believe that this Is the way to do it either, but oW.
policy committee is for the resolution and we ought to suppoIt
the committee," argued Ohio's George Bender. "It's the only war:
we have to indicate now we feel about Acheson."
"Yes we ought to take some poeltive action," insated li
Charles Woeven of Iowa. "It's time we. made one of these Repub.
lican 'Onferences amount' to something besides a lot of ta.
"Well, I oppose the resolution and am going to vote against
it," objected James Pattrson of Connecticut. "If you are
going to institute removal proceedings against Aeheson, then' he
should be Impeached; provided we have the evidence, in th,
regular, legal way. .
S "I don't like the backdoor approach of doing things."
lARps,. Xarl Stefan of Nebraska and Marguerite Church 9L
Illinois. pointed out that the resolution, sponsored by Rep. John
Phillips 9f California, had been changed so many times .
couldn't- bem sure what it means.
"Ir wat to hear the debate on the floor before making
my mind," declared Stefan. "If this- resolution endangers
Voice oV America, I'm against it. The Voice cold bp
coordinated, but I don't think' It should be -cut any more.,,

.(Ceopyright. lIl, The Bell Synd"ate, o.)

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and it sold immediately in St. She found out her whereabouts ground" to escape. atomic at- course, the c leases never mater-s l. t, l~..
Louis. She also began the fad of from a note that was smuggled a or ews tack. m.
interviewing celebrities on her out to the British zone and fol- Noling thkt Momo claimed Mag W, who has a l pX cr tion and that stffIn t-, Ms 9t-"
pgram which caught on rapid- lowed it through. She notified (Continued from Page 9) he need money tq' bribe nal record and has served se- tornhave been able to d T '
lY tionwde recognition came brMayort o ssser one ing to all people, We cannot public office the committee eral prison terms for fraud un- anyone else who ever maw or N HE RIVIER
.!7sticnwide recognition came broadcast to his sister "Jenny, Ing to all people, we cannot said in a fomal'report: der his real name of Samuel D. heard of him.
wien as airplane crashed in St. what do you want to do, come to lose sight of the means through "If the victims of this pre- Muasman, admitted most of the When Senators contronted
Louis. During her morning America, or stay in Budapest?" It which they will come: produc- posterous scheme had not been charges. But he defended hbln- Mason with the fact that-even
broadcast, she reprimanded the was a tense dramatic moment tion. expansion, development -__If the "leass" came through-
newspapers for plastering the ac- over the airwaves. She cried in-. growth. his scheme Involved briber, he .- T- a _,
cident all over the front page. .to the mike "I don't want to go No social or political expe- replied: 154 ,0 V.hf I 4 o-m .
"After all," she pointed out, "if back there, I'm afraid of the Rus- dient, however plLusible, will do 'What's V9* With thav?"
you look on the inside of the pa- sians" and at that point they the job. When we take from
per you'd find that more than were cut off the air. Peter to pay Paul, we will in the
tce that number died in auto- long run rob both. -.
mobile accidents alone." Kathryn is a woman of her We have a great future ahead
Small wonder then that the word. Before she left for Italy, she of -us in this country. I think
aLtline company expressed their promised the head waiter of "21," our industrial research can pro-
gtefulness to the tune of offer- -a famous New York nightclub duce benefits far beyond any-
l=g her free passage to wher- -that she would deliver a small thing we now know. To my way Air Con
ever she wanted to fly. That package to his brother in Italy, of thinking, our economy Is a r
Week she was beseiged with air- "Think nothing of it," she assur- long way from maturity. It GUNS"
plane trip tickets, and as a result, ed him, "it's as good as done." should be able to carry our TOM 0 ? O W !
another idea flashed in her head. But to keep her promise, she grandchildren as Why not continue the broadcasts hitchhiked for three days, arriv- us as we are ahead of our own A GREAT DO
world? Within a year she had San and delivered the goods to an There is one requirement, OGRAMf ver sLw u wBi
flown 100,000 miles, interviewing overwhelmed lad. however, that stands as an ab- ..b!.
both famous and obscure names solute essential if we are to ac- rn""_
in the news, and won for herself Miss Cravens is leaving this compliuh this purpose. Since the
the tag of "Flying Reporter." morning. "I've had to reinforce nation was founded we have en-
This Cravens gal is extremely my energy," she said "to go on joyed in this country a political ___
outspoken. She credits many tour with my book all over the environment which has be*n
other female correspondents as States." congenial both to scient.elc
being better trained in journal- achievement and to commer-
Ism, but "I guess I was just an Her parting gest "I'll send cial development, .
aetress with asi Idea." you a copy when it comes out, not Freedom of thought 'and-THr BelT o. THE T
Perhaps her searching interest that I think you need it." action necessary to, re ROBINSONvs. TURPIN

dlspenasbie if the abstract )
conclusions of the labora-

aree g rulli g i g ts accomplishments. Industry must
f .you are feeling run-down. Get up Laborato of Los Angeles, aflfornla. continue to be free to grow and
tlgn, or suffer from Backache, strong Is now he ping thousands to revitallsoi expand, and to harvest the

ftism, Leg Pains, Swollen Ankles 1. Helps kidneys clean out poisonous
ouy urine, Murnls, Passae, eu" kiney actin in hese psiUi way: fruits of its successes, .ust as .M A .TT._.. -Ao.
rvousness, Dizziness, and feel old acids and purify the blood. 2. Combats it is obligated to take its losses. *S
ore your time, kidney trouble may germs In the urinary system. 3. Booth- ThUS, it Seems to me, the I L ST..... k v
the cause. and calms irritated tissues.
Wrong food and drinks; worry, colds tex is ow imported b leading l.l Threghd t e me A lso T -
Or overwork place a heavy strain on druggists, o there is no need of any- plieit. Through then-methods.As-w--"N,
our kidneys so that they function suffering m Bakache Gettin we have advanced. Through Doris DAY Goriest M]A '
prly and often may need help to Up Nights and the other symptoms these methods we can Continue In a
properly purify Your blood aed maintain mentioned above without the 9ieneflts
Lsth and energy. of this great medicine. to advance. Nowhere else In the I 1 "Ea .
Revitalize Your Kidneys Get ystex from your druggist todai world has any other method "TEA FOR TWO"-
A fast acting Internal medicine called and see how quickly It helps put lee ever offered anything like that IN WlCrWV TICQL t F
%ystex, developed by the Knox Control on the moad to better haltI, good a bet.
." ""' *| -------------------------------------------------- I* ': '' :*i^ .' ...' :^ iii:i / ;^ ijl'l;'trfeL ,: +: ^

TONIGhT IN PERSON STARS Tenor and Master.of Ceremonies. o ?

TA:4IMES The Sensational -Raymond Bourne Trio Ata e LOYAL. RAYMOND

DIRECT FROM New Swnglp. Stir w' D

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TGA T 11 I

alof *, U O.L *

r dlf44ebivg~O el entr ron&r^ JEl Gabinqte aprobarl hoy el

SDecreto sobre Seguro Soi

Sep de S gro Social pago mi e Establecen el plazo para que Fe una explosd6

a]a rce mil bis. por eqtuipo presentedn a la Asamblea Nal. Ia que hundI6 a 1o

Sica .e.tal que no fue el noeubramiento de Gerente lancha u1rar"
L"a a i -.ftaa en epresala per la .c o o. ., I COO, atosto s. (AM)..-- lg
44,_ re"aI ataFManuel iSsoin e uenao do lera1! ms-
co realteManuel So present hy a i l dEs poble que el lunes sea llevado a la Comisi6n l en causado pr l e*
.trno la denuncia corretpondiepte par a s- o haboGre como e lati par su consideracin uela causa del bun-
N "1O .U- ..' bloqueo" tablecer responsabilidades F"ilonario laciones Pi- miento de la nave de
Sbl de la bjada de los toneladas de propedad o -
9" I' ,. .t ~- l"oan. d-oMn e Manuel olil P., vO blboas, con noventa r id .Unidol Am rica en Esta tarde quedar aprobado patron, uno de los obreros. y nor Israel Brbrager, "Mr-
Sa do el ComeIO m n de I < Cala del Segaro tp cent6simos de bali. (B. Panma, auced do en ese car- por el Consejo e Gabinete el uno de la banca. mar" avaluada en B. 15.000, que
a l, ej_ t'_ _. j^"A-1Z.. S fon6 eats maian a 4,X9.4). Este cheque Ue co- go asefor o h J. Dempsey, Decreto ley reorganize el Estas elecciones sern regla- reataba servco de cabotaje en
gal h8 1 Is M M prensa qu habia presented bro pr el Dr. Julto. E,Boyd, qulen sall6 de Crist6bal esta Seguro Soc establece el mentadas por la Caja, pero se as slas de San Bias.
i de on6mico de Ale- aut el Eseal del Circulto do a tOombre de Serviclos m1aAna a. bordo del vapor Pa- tiempo dr te cual debc e- dari preferencia a las organi- t. h i i di .
STm -J.n del tno penal una de- It, en l Banco Naclonal, el dia nainA, de la Linei Panama. El jercer sus unciona Gercnte zasiones gremiales. Este hecho ocurr6 el d
am O s o ass nm : tram eldoctor Junlo 35 de abril de 1951. sefor Dempsey paar dos me- do esta ltltui6n. Con respect al nombramien- de jullo, cuando la ^Miranat
Sd a b edra a la sOR f e tente en loslgnlaa a- d) Cheque Io. 51158' irdo sea de Vacaciphj en los Esta- En l a sl6n do ayer el Ua- to de oGerente de la Caja de Se- _do la lla on
S. -..-: po aa Ca de Seguro ocal da Unidos y terinadas lstas binete apro)i6 24 de los sete:.ta guro Social este debera ser cn umbo aria tola Pn, co
O plO l e e UCUe O Ul M to Social pa- el 24 de abril de 1951 (n6tese sir al Departa~nto de Estado articulos y hoy alas cuatro e vlado a la Asamblea dentro de earganto de cocos, co,
qoe regulabs el 1l1 i e 1 entire am- t A al tci6n paa. que la fecha ha sido alterada) para tomar posi6n del nuevo iniciara una nueva sesl6n para ;os pr6ximos sets dias a la apto- B 5ann0 0.0.alu.
<^no so a8la z o hDneprs- -ptnra f.1 Banco Na d er cio nale oq do aprobar los articulos restants. baci6n del decreto si la Asam- B 1500000
bagi t 0 ei g explr5 a ti oe, ., represeBo Pant- a, p el B surao N oeal El ioq Ar y Isu esposa Se espera q ue el lunes de la pre- biea estA reunida y dentro de Afortunadamente no hub o
)i7t lae XJI-equeso o. to m nvcintos se na y y'sus dos hi0 o, lligaron a es- sente semana, el proyecto sera los cinco dias at su lnstalact6n perdida de vidas on este ac-.
i la m l ~, y. medlcament aU balboas, con cuarenta y cin- ta ciudad la semana pasada, enviado con carActer deo urg.n- est en recso .d .n en e ual re sudaro
tah o ,~ e ro cibidos por la od ce nt6oimos de balboa (B. despus de haber pasado sus cla a la ComAstn Ldeglaia p os aunque no e graa
SqgI aa acepi6n de 561.4). 1teu e alVoaecidh 1es en lositados Uni- Permanente. eAntes de que sea aprobado pr el primer ndo maqtt.
O lta y agrg-arOn q a cntidd rPO" eu pars Cllnl, ica dental, brad por el doctor Junlo E. dos; Anteriorment el s effi or Entre los articulos aprobados la Asamblea, el nombramiento to de r lpua6n doe ~uve
mdiee j ,, w. s."a^fs r g'' dot '. r uma que pasa de B. 14- oyd, a nombre doe 4rvicios Arey prest6 a clos durante ayer figure el que crea la Jun- tendrA carActer provisional pe- que servia la lancha.
d, o., ua ma.--- ie-- .-- -ea.. -I.... o.... .. 51041, gtae, en el Banco Nacional dosaOS aflysy my i n la Of lcina ta DirectvOfica ta Directy e y qestablece que es- ro todas las actuaclones del ge-
f a4B aO q Orden l dia 25 d as bril de 1951. de do Ilaciones Pft lca de la tarA presidlda por el Mini.tro rente saern .vAlidas. i o. , .. i041K girado .4) Chequo No. 49132 ardop Mitbalada deolc Btados Uni- de Trabajo, Ptrvis6n Social y En otro de los. articulos se ex-
Ito dO l r i paor a d t Bguro Social a per a Caa de Seguro oc do on BogotA. Salud Ptblca quien solo tendri cluyen le la obligacl6n de pagar QI e l
Si nera etre er I r d mrcl Dentales, 1t 1 da enero de 1951, a favor Ar- s oriundo de derecho a voL en las delibera- Beguro Social a los empleaos
AmupIw ,4 ,Il *eiif &I 'm P pr a mua do u- Naclonal de. sal nmAe Carolina del ft ort. A gradud] clones" Eata iedida, segin se domtemicos y a los eventuales. AIf' A c l A l
ta l a Qar o da .an o. pmr Unaiers dld Carolinon nos nform6, fu tomrada para Se establece aslimlmno el Segu- diiulew l
A- cincuede nta Pca n- d)0s0 c) o misul del Norte en 4l. y desde el dar la mayoi autonomia possible ro facultative para aquellos gru*
Sa, c. 4,9365 000.00)o r e dct e mes de junlo de ese afo hasta a la Caja de Seguro. pos de empleados que quieren SCU-ia mn
Ba e o eldoctor IL 1941 tabaJ on l ru~ 6n del La Directiva qedarA integrada que leas cubran mayors rniogos
*,f l i tU|ropa PIbda par clrado n ctor al enor e Bancoro N" ," Dally Star" de Shelby, Caro- por un representante de los ew- Tambl#n se ha establecido el
pre da 27do e nelina del Norte. De 1041 A 1948, pleados publicoa, uno de los etn- seguro familiar, el cual sena ie- COLON, a oto ( ).
-ie L D. Doen t lsa, eS ent2e eSoli pide pid cuando fue nombrado en el pleados particulars, uno de los glamentado por la institueiod. En esta cu ad so ha.m4k4
# 0 ikd b 1951. dtan a quo d so t Servicio Exterior deL Departa- e nun o
-I rda o dape no dot inetado,, tue gerente ----- co nsegu.contruco6e
TtalitevstarminadaBoen- fu o. TInuevo e lo par Ia sel
S"i' I[M -' do, .nblnng Company emprea ,
R; U'9W1 5M -" '. sido alto=arq CROW..e..a. ..ones po-.La' a oA c" oe .
-5 ,tAr" Q autor Ir o OGuerra
jSo- M

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t9 con

~woM ~jS w&~. S. ~

w W-' ,W t p werg e *I ceI mr f go on Cor ..erm.I rba o
ao ne soIgr6progroso olgunohacia una 1ofuci6n ocop-
ii C m1& TUlkMi Iarite maaa Sltable del segundo punto deo Ja ageda. Esto es l. octvo U iin d,
S' .' I' l l dia que s comunicado de los Nacions Unidas inform
0s .9 08 dOas 3Iea*0s I i ,no soe ha logrodo progreto lguno sobre la demorco- dkl Ierl
"emitir6 a: T "ila a _,.et .' "- 66n douna zona neutral on Cored.
m ri alTribT m ant op.,elMWat asAs pe- c..I a Lrsesi6n dooy dur6 dos horas y cincuenta minutes Am Aiuer M
ietes junto con u opin6n ,.fiasc! CIGISIRM Iru con un receso do 17 minutes. Ag, *
S.W BIl ,? to 3 (UP) e curso del presents me El Vaquon DiU remi- En los circulos Intelectuale bid o r de a re- torque los rejaos qtaleoen estn- gar en la Univertsida d-
pa de erem a perfeccionarA I a sumaria de tirA su opinl6n fiscal l tribu- se deci on ia mafanan. de ,y Debido a i s ue los r blea- torque lea iss qufoern esta- gar a segundive donierendo
I rFislr ei1 r decrg oo Atr e sqle rdo m prI delo na eatrsoe C e e entroasCores Comunista dtingido epoitor. j
Fiscal Pr o a anluRejasemp
Subo presdldo pr eRe- eedlalo el d e Jtcae Va- to Lnte a tengan -Bandona, quien a o l sRicardoA.nim i Tri6, ia- s de mands, CPe qomnits* S on aY selriSun d. do c ho- tericerso, Uc
Pamoenotf tr a@ta endley .quez Dlsu. "adelant las in legaiones re- Solarte6" ante de la era en la enal repltl6 ns de- ,...,,,a., .. ,.Ah-l
edbia ido ganiSdo p ar el cono- neutral sea o stbTosd 1&

La Camera prob t del lones ren la a Repblt "ParDaeerado condelaaconeos sea cnlona r panadefo Pyongyan7, Guler largodel Fa 3-vieja El General Nam 1, Jotsdaubr i elegane t m
at1s o deoa. gA ln .6n- nla e grndCi do n enhetoz, B, squl solameo- le onuitaelstpba Conres dlegaln cortunl mita, ontest6 damentales t ooqus dl
-- -resdido-p-or- el e- a oslo fie .L H- qie que el Begundo PremToLrco- declardoIn hSaleCdo n fasis oun ae on ael6n c emds oha a en Para hoy ha sidoal.
U q iu la- tI"ea 'd ais tura. rresponde aant doctor Erneto Ca- el Comando I etlas N aeion one cuerdaderamente mi Ia tercern conforenca dLel

=lo aalesu!it Agi5;Iad Il.. an- tilleroP. Uni no ^ sre e tirrld e a L cencd Agular, Agular 1%caslee-
do one i I l e1. :e n 'o 'B e u l o, as ata es- El tercer premo la nove los oos un nue-or c io
Ia se 000 .4.equ oca.ona.. nt01e ,na._ Vudlan o '0~l q con el seo l dabsI al doctor Renato 0- ye propuesta do transaton,-. ,--- a P lge d oorL ctaorMa.inM,
-q ouez Dis..dl" 1*un wia "objeto dw -b1Ur Ir Iavista zores, mientras quo 1 tmdo alnas ueo
o tiqo p1ar1 4ea d .o.. resectiv +o. t1l a la pO- premilo di poosia so ase ii a'ls Ieocomunistas pueden esatr L. conzerncia menc an&t&l
srNOoe U Otl pra c l adtaruer ale dgudo I. "Ien s..ioe.- eaeusa1 doo..lo sin- un estudiante del Instuoeyto dea- espera nde nuYs instrucienes21 Vlce-Alminate Joy nr6 Objeto d lurosos a
:soodoest reIaeda n. '&Mid.l. l "Pamrvs- .icados. -de Ii semas-clon al- Adts esle vari s pre- public, tantopaora fne ma l
a Co .clorlas.qd int6n, a Pna entr~lte eltirc is soi- ptnle .conunat.". ..unta. aGeneral -Nm 11par& Aguilar Machado como pr.
a dotodon tewl p- En os se sabe M011IW Joy jcl a ei6 is l6n con una "ostableeer Is, actitud do Is, do- fondabirosdeico doC
.AL. i=iu bean-lteroupq!a, o' d+- Ha- be quo e1 eundo Peomio eo- eramn haedo uaa eg6n counisthaeba un Para hoy ha stdo an
jobclO ac- ,- e tura- rresponde zl doctor Erneato Cas- que el Comande do lamoNac.iones
it.ove] teop no so wtaia de Is armlstio ve idadermmente mia tercora conerencia del
esiC~qd~~~id -7 ctualee poslolones do dofensa lit y 01 consigubonto case por titulo "La Sociologis Fran-
..(Peas la PAg. 5, CoL 7) ca"

elinte'cia juvenile aqul
Dr. Tea acopafiado de once trabaja
ra em el an el pas tra dias

nmim Jstf do a
armam i. iiu.


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,~?3Z~ ~

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psr &I Alm
.mr.A. J&

YP-lP ..da, n" do 0 sentenclado a 5
clon de la Junta do pro-. .
1tot. pr

durant e souon .4, j s-s
mo por un S e de
Oft tarado 4mpo .1 -d
untda t&ewoln Uto de eatafa yaprOp I_
amo a deblds l ocka en
I Joyerfs "MIamI 7 *1l .
tor aspar Octsa io llm,'- l
y 4om informaron del JiAag
qunti.nsl Che,.r,
'' +. a 'A NOW ; -.m ,,m ,,
am V- v... I1 FS
.., Noose

ne SanciOneS a MaeStrOS Preparan los Estados Unidos

I etudian enEduci 6n plan para contrarrestar
-0 .escasez mandial de petr
Diez y nueve empress petroleras que opera
r r de extranjero firmarin acuerdo cooper
WASHINGTON, agosto 3. ten los esturuos -de &a
p(UP. -El Ooblerno aprob6 un doeninguno dec10
mptitud, prostituad6 st as ustilzan Plande 1 e5 ps petrolersn tados Unido .
.I hs |id U S *0 Inorteakerlcana que operan en El plan ceaprmnde #"il
1.M-Al rel- eg anjero para contrarres- otras cosa, el amentIe i
S y9H Ulah I papel qlie regalan tar laesases mundial de pe- producc6n de petrOcl,
2* 11 T tr61eo causada por el conflict Isla Barhbln, Cauqd*
ha~ oJha sido euaa. a p pre- Una. gran semwse de papal er en l p ancperavo. fue sia rak, Kuwailst.,
i a que emitan Opini6n esta en las oflcinas y tribu- aprobado por el Director de la nea, audi Arabia y i
; nales del Palacio de Justicda, Producel6n pars la Defensa, mento de la elaboracldn do
Parm @ld8r' A uca- verbales o escritas, ad egn declaraoalnes hechas a lelschmann por reco- ductos reflnados eon
W dm se ha multas, suspensn y duta- este diarlo power empleado de mendacl6n del Seeretarlo de lo todos de los slgatente
.trl| ^ 6decre- cl6n. .' e las: oficina. Interior Oscar chapman. Argentina, Colombia,
e +_lM_.ib a maes- Arbiculo 2o.--Son d e Conforme a ele plan ae con- rt, Australia, Isia BrhS K
M y lP repieosl6n verbll o ilas A pesar de que shaeh soeUa.- cederL hnka da a enm- gica, Antlla
/ .i ic y" sigulentes: do en innumrabl% oeasiones press q cooperen para que d, Dinama ,.
-9 Ministerlo de o bleamo y no ebt f I uetas Il dhsp- Alemania, Inag'
(ie a) e fremeh S: tia'aq p oars nqagela pa- .mclon & d ly contra trusts. Veneasela, It ,
S" 47 or- ; !5S 3ee-es A de s" su o nmtaro firmsdo na deT,
ole ele teoda s n sr me resr teoiprel.
cg WSlgS I&Direse doPetrcleo In-
.ln..a .roeS o e defo
3. 35 ie de oneto T o ,Ir IE
1eLm ?a- -

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aNmwMoob ARnuIA. mc

tCa de W NTON
.. -BPp hp IU#ARS SOK

I. a.


Drew Pearson dice: Franco e mue r msmivy en km cues-

'ii. a"740 eM TRAL PIVADA) # A *AD Po TAmN: r* 14 tones mos imporrunti;,
m m C .IA *i I aTU0ADOe SN 55Th CluA B0. CALLS8& N$. 7
ow 1 U* V^i" D*** **"* ,'" ,_,,,, ,*O& ,a ".-que Franco quiere coopere
e~qulv6 dos cuestiones bpeor-
tantes dnando nueve 8enw*
INAPLAZABLE res do Estsdao Unides l .
trevistaron en Madrid, las
No se puede negar que el pals confront en la :uales parses quo is anmlae.
etualdad una seria crisis econ6mica, la cual pa- en cuenta cuando abra6 A
reee, desgraeiadamente, que va progresando en Franco tan ardientenato.
proporciones peligrosas pars los interesee del pue- Primero, France re hus6
No panamefo. eomprometer el use do trope
(u panameo. Oespalolas para la defense do
Uno de los aspects fundamentals de esa cri- B1ps Occidental.
sis lo eonstituye el desempleo. Es, pues, urgente, ea- Segundo, tampco mas em-
contrar el modo de detener las consecuencias de es- Crtdmes cU ei ineo, e isela -
ta situacd6n. El problema, a no dudarlo, es algo betad de culto.
complejo, pero ello no quiere decir que no pueda El viaje de los senadores, in-
solucionarse mediante una acei6n permanent, tie- cluso Is ntrevsta con tran-
! nica y patri6tica que tenga por objeto hallarle s- frenable dipstlomacia deula I-
lidas adeeuadas al asunto planteado. dor Aiex taner Wiley ubw
co etin, im portante .R ubl lca-
Es evidente que, con motive de los aftos de la noen eco lion
recin pasada bonanza, miles de habitantes del in- tador espa foi: "Franco, nod-
terior delIt Repfblica acudieron a las ciudades ter- otros estamoscontlgo elento por
minales del Canal de Panama con el prop6sito de i
trabajar y, desde luego, de vivir con mayors co- tWley ta bln trat o es-
modidades. Durante ese tiempo, la permanencia de Peurifoy por sobre la espada
esas personas- generalmente obreros campesinos oen taorma dereciactu-
en la capital y Col6n no signific6 ningin pro- ba al soberano. Wiley expi6ed
blema porque, come es sabido, habia en este sector que16pehabia hechoey n arede
de la Repfblica grande oportunidades de bien re- paIda.
munerado trabajo. Wiley palmote6 tantas espal.
nnrd tb das europeas que los Senadores
Pero es lo cierto que en la actualidad han de- Guy Giette de Iowa y rin
saparecido las principals fuentes de empleo para McMahon de Connectl et ae
todos, especialmente pars los obreros, y esas mi- dia cuando fueron a visitor al
les de personas venidas del interior se encuentran Papa.
en Panama y Col6n sin trabajo y, lo que es poor "Tuvmos que apstenerleo us
todavia, confrontando los inconvenientes de un ni. man Parau a enoal e-
vel de vida much mis alto que el del interior de clar6 despu6a McMahon;
la Repfblica de donde vinieron. AYUDARA FRANCO?
De lo expuesto se desprende que es necesario, Las declaraceonea de Fran.
cosi imprescindible, que se reintegre a las distin- cvineron re puesta
tas provincias interioranas esos contingents corn- Gillette y Sparman de Ala.
imUesto a en au mayoria. por campesinos, los cuales bamrn, despu sque Franceo i
se encuentran padeciendo los rigores de una preca- dos millonde qu hombrea en
*6nmi ca. ao de una goruw co rnuRnsl..
rit situackin econ6mica. "cuanto dOe so s o milloa
Como es lo6gico pensar, el nivel de vida en lap e h oe u
ciudades en los campos del interior aei t much de'ouropn4s P.
! mis favorable para el- trabajador, espectalmente gunti el ssdi Glette-
b ,ircaunst daes como las actuales. De manera que Franco estuvo hablande con
sou lntrprete on large rato
erit staiente beneficioso part las personas alu- antes de contestar. Parece
A- ^-3,aa^ ^vW~Ad

d tidas regresak a lo lugares de donde son orunuas.
SSe'trataria, pricticamente, de la vuelta al cam-
po, eit donde se halla el porvenir econ6mico del pafs.
Con ello no s61o se lograria aminorar las demands
de trabajo en las ciudades de Panama y Col6n, sino
que, la economia national, recibiria un gran im-
pulso ya que quienes regresen al interior tendrian
que dedicarse, en la generalidad de los casos, a las
aetividades agricolas que, como se sabe, represen-
tan una perspective halagadora para el despertar
econ6mico de la Repuiblica.

I Contento?

St ,, Seior!

Tengo dinero para comprar alimentos para mi familiar
y para pagar alquiler GRACIAS a Uds. -
los panamefios que
Proved Empleos al Pueblo Panamef!ol


S-Ave. Pt. N e.
Ave. Central 7 Calle "U" Telh 2-4 1 5& 2-MT2 Ave. Central No., 12.10T
Toltfomo: 2-#7U Telnfono: 1M7-L

Banco de Urbanizaci6n y Rehabilitaci6n





Construccion No. 30-B

Hasta las 10:30 del dia lo. do Septliombro do
1961 so recibiran propuntas para Is construcel6n do
15 cuas do venta on Isa Callo "San Lorenzo" do Ia
Urbanizsei6n do Vista Hermeos.
Los pianos y especificaciones podrin obtenerso on
la Sub-Gerencia cualquier dia hibil, modlanto un do-.
"plte do B,'. 25.00.

El Sub-Gereate, ANTONIO J. SUCRE

" p""yg !m"mw y so ciwre

OSt JP als" VC
i ge sm6 i ", em-
memos alati -
udt omttmdieoa i bquo
Fran e uime deoir. 3atmes
Glute trate de nute a
smpygwmter UN aexaR pa-
ya de Gnlette.
Otra vou Franceo efoem-
46 oeen tIt6rprete. Final-
mV t, e iaterprot deoar6:
UB1 Oea-ftluimmo ya haot-
tostado a prerunta".
e auadeom, reeordande
qo jt Ortossn Asul 1*6 pete
&I lade do Hitler en el
te'ruse, tauvo ms do aus 0
pr eslointo de detortwe, _n
a Mautleron mu y ptlrtnst
des to da mltear q Fran-
Ce peds dar en ease do Una

La otra repiesta digifiea-
tiva *ue d6 France fue ean-
do el Senador rparkman do
Alabama e notlltw quo uns
de la prandes ob)eioeles qu
tiens el pueblo norteamOrit-
Sconmatra Frasne squo "en
bpIa w o hay libettade, li-
botad de palabra, prona, re-
16n y el dereche do rounir-
*e Ubremente".
"Qu ero deelarar que el
malmo tirmineo 'brtad" s
rettve", c-ate"t Iran Co.
"ULbertd quiere deei dt.e-
route eoe a a en d tOer ,
Plses. 6I nMpOa d4u1ate o1
1ltimos 12 aflo heam rVIVtdo
en un otado deIngitud.
eaja m eeandlelen e ha
hoeheo eai mpoible mants-
nor Ue ilamada lbeortade.
Hemot- tenid quie rMetr tehr-
la. A medlda qua* el tioeO,
pa,, qut"s podriso afloiar
algMaa do estas we tioloe
Lou Sonadoros ee
es uW-tm,ae a lO' 5 .iOR'l,
Proldinte Trusta, a& apW-
bar a, nueva allanas een E-
pafia, exl6 quoe France e
oterme a los roetestaNtes o
llbertad d cults.


Sin eml i fiarm m eonica do
Ui td b 9M utiaar

CON D8- 0lt "-.u' dr luMa r
(EPs t- f ta.
do)-!E z* 86 'am a
defraudAf yt e84ad 2-
mtarn e y 1r 6 uWea e*o/Oa re S eam ha-
mica doe L m, t ir- eMr tn
me an gui M W 66 qu -KMaI d.i-l0n2 ti A, 4 lB1U0
nuar ayudsiado at oMro an- lu naaf o t
Ceonall, o*n u lueAt e6htra pumbU l 0 el pmdat0 TrF
el comW nst6, man .Itt--e-e aoMi LI
Dewey no 1-be iado la fe A" TA
er comO n- eral at crn- [ a Ja
na Libre, s (is 'oO 9pr- Mq o1 14"00'Mo n In to Ma
|ects, menc p o quodj g Uen r. > 6a. u t e gn l s c tron aopfe a
1s0 eobM A 6 dnusnera- v r e"l6k --" MR 1 6tra- --- o-n
lisimo oes. aa .e ptestados qu-a .iitAdo, 781 800e0
hm f-i'quo. hiR,. uu d y ,' | d ie s 0e-
A 0ob0 Orgamsaci ton dMet N- I~ iendsdl tura
buys a empuur eo C oDr1 pAiA*d Aidpu be**
naclone I b.del Aundo la .-. -n avr-tof
tare&a dOe .ha & a. tra &dft 4 no opr l-
cortma do hleorr del XKrml .z.. ." Su ndid 1 W-
EI OobeOnuar iSM Qu L..L- r s uarprndldo M 30.
clao de quo lM lSa uos r qua t pt m i #.
seon dxar mrn, i euN mxtromas e l. ue .S 8 1e0y .-
si quieran quo #I 8ol6emern- doen qu tiLnC bhiat Llhr
cionS1aita Mino 4s&4. Ac iii eranS.o b l a *Io lO
letargo, abhimono -u atado moBoda _rlens. i >-
mental doe t'"W0 ',qw hay quo blerno stim troaa s so
nacer, quo 10 ho again o oros', dot MA det dianari. u d t
y se revlttaeo y eonvwerta en do 2 8onsa Pero OMt.ZQtUO
una potent* oftl ac6n MnI ceotshar ms pr pios .g..tai
tar. y bucrlof cO puedan .aM
Tal. ves Is tl. A manent de Por indpeacl6n de o p r -
lograr ous- iona que 10o asta- nontntes id e J6rito nore
dos Unimdg aUmmMran la ros- ameroano o6n Formotsa les i
poneaaboaA to- daoe Aacqrse soldadc O na onaIUt ll, 'l
cargo do China Libre per cm- lda npertl-oeall.s da SO-
pleo, y ra a y aultrar Mentarne do .- BUS.aaM ptar
Su Muorala il y Mton- Scry s5 ..i a i
trirpr p ato ro vit ids eco- masoV 0ottlm'l&M
n6mlea. adicionf
Tal proposicl6n encontraria nle
probamenteo uatet oposclion Algunso doe _mM soldAdO4 -
tanto do part del 8oblerno ac- tain ta d6t OIs la .elt
tual a1 W& afti0n como de ealorit. aoeiariaal
parts d4e C hin b, o ta m qu no ioPmuenf, opo
v Sao 4t biduntoa lnetra de tua.Imientao e t eoas n .
lograr qua *I gooerno. snao- eielot dmlitasl'a quo 4420
nalatst so eonvf1 osn ouerka mote. Un bu o i soldado fi
potent*O en eIrada for con- ingerir por 16 mao" 4,16 ca-
etoner. 1l expa6aln del comu- @aiamn; 1. Sida
mifla.; do ChinaA6d ibr a -om
Hay quieno croewn' quo China miendo, s oamente. Is.
Libre reoblria- con benopli- Mayorisa d stax 9ilo g
cito unas trews guerra mun- doe Star-y no 4 plrl5a quo
dial, -on la ermncl de quo as- fortaesa Cor .
ria 4a l tleo meadlo an vir- La China ,0 o br. n -
tuA rpe6q el gobieeo ndo- fuorso por aprSfti. iA*tu-

j .A ..'.
~ .4

w .rv G. .




Uniqu Irr *.....* 3. $

B *a's 0*000*a e'eo* 5 k
PRIMUS seco ee , Ce ee


So complace en poner a la orden do su numerous
clientele, su nuevo itineraio a los
provincias Centrales

Por soIo Bi. 5.00

Sale de Paitill.. .. 7:30 a.m.
Sale de Aguadulce. ... 8:30 a.m.
Sale de Santiago. ..... 9:30 a.m.
Sale de Chitr. ...... 11:00 a.m.
Uega a Pantilla....... .. 2:00 m.


Telifono 3-1337 Aeropuerto Paitilla
en Santiago llame al Aeropuerto
en Chitri lame al Sr. Jorge E. Berbey

pera limpier *I euto, wcme
base do polves y par* aue.
vizar las nnone

S LA venmtaja de la Coma HINDS
MiW y Almeodrasu a qu m s
re@ma de belleaa euda at ce*lt d6
la car, la aame yd I upo.
Gd, aeisu8ulide, lia$A Ia
pi a enaado y la sii.b,a ada4
uana eeelente bane da poloa.
UsNis simple y mamssegs os sods
omrOen asoa ea wi

mN ..
sai-.d" -

MU11A do an VIAJI A 0tt0PeA o 4t1 y -- alukla ii4st te |R O
S d6 Afreto, aids te a mM ldat f e *I aM a -s.
Sde 181 quo so -yla k *,. Iemrew < s b btektow
paM le fleAM ceulgl-et. .t.
Sbernovelaeli do Ino ff4oeode *de I" laMdo 4*
eu-a sidad B ifis de tent ,.
;%"M 31 ot S aodoML

Colgate-Palmolive-Pet Colmpety
AVI$A a su e tida dlli"tla e haU
trailadado *e *ofi y ydep6fs t
Aveaida Juto Arsuarei y Call* 2 10 e
Nueroa Nm derm d& Teif iebt s

Nagetra die oia iaM I-

" L*am 0*

I -V-

), s

uteed y Amurtroi*


rSxy 0...:.B/. 3A

7' xV ......

Vx lO ..' ,





mou de aluminno y enozada

L CMstaleria Lu mpar

Miles do articulos umUas


20% AL60 %

*s~sb ste veu~ta ~gjg~V

* -. *~I~-- ~t---V~




i 1



* .

N..' '


,I UganTrA ,,'5,
j*a -y t*9- **
11VAeMin~ MA b

'oense 35 a ]as do a rtou

a ( mat a W S w
S Linares Ltda. Para rta iodu

tria de capital pandmefio, .4f
ande o rd pjaameato .^ PINT TURA
que luborvienen SO obrerouS-oM UTILES papa ARTISTA
Sdel productO ode "o por
Smaterla prima mnpla4 me / *
obtiene en 1ft ReWicobL. 1 ^,- "

'- t 5 nd t
e to a ms to

ials. La producA n de eta in-
tri p efat a st de no- Ac Tt an meloP
wAa-dea n tod anat saon- "' "
vdaloes nectesoalrde Co plr Yc .rd.s
i | reslatir imaiquler ezi men

rit/to de la demanda. "Entre .
ado sattenfactoriai b e *ln

tofladna pimens s.row.

d que uan c vy at 1 a p ri 4M b16ab
n prrio lctan ci r
Ak-r we uero

A ocialhn rdo- i
pr a n ron e6n

lo as einurados. a& n
Mas necesara ns aheen icas
reatir en dl 'vyaer a pmendr
d eguro Socil su cdudem a dent Cre ma talKolynneuti
a r eta. rD esr* nsu reaglan bhaq

sAe C atefdido in demora s n dm. YKol

smo e e bllar dntu .

1ropiezos. ......... arIo n dientes. ..

Estox d6cu Ptos seran anim
mas indispensable ahora que se
llevan a cab tciertas reformar
En Ia trafIitO6A4 de los setvi-
tlos m6dicos necesitados pot los
-._ -. ys

Jiahe. de

* AASTde.BAf4O
material de toalla, en colored
surtido y todog
10 liauou. -"Af
manga Corta y Larga -
v i 4lt% T_&

de a



59i ^, cartera hace _ a ocupa. el carfA
de la UNESCO.
nulOen aaba 4?
a..,'rl odo como Oobetr-
de eracruz. reemp
i Allooma Onso. qulen renun-
B do meneses.

Jusca bonita

i. Chawmbi

aso y Flc

\ i. y F '

Av. 6ent
Cuartel de



AT, ; L '



todo el dia..,

y a Cuadros.




ral #108 Tel. 2-3418
los Patrones VOOUE y McCALL.

Sl I

etn ._desempacando

Coiorm: Ros., Csleate, Mel6n,
Verde, Aqua.
Tejia: 32 Masta 42.
Especial 12.50 a 14.95
Rosado y Blanco.
Tal as: 7 8 y 9.
Especial 1.15 a' 1.35

Aveaida Tivoli

Coatirna con maucb
Nuevas Especialidi

Acabmn de kH

/- -

Helena Rubinstein
Nuevoa Colores.
Tallas: 8 al 10%.
Blanco y Rosa.
En Jersey Van Raalte.
Tallas: 32 al 46.
Especial 2.95

En Blanco, Rosa y Celeste.
TanHMt 32 al 40.
Especial 7.95 a 9.95
STllas: 32 al 42. E
Especial 1.65 a 1.95


k -


Debl rsq- o .nrMal iCom-
pre A q&y. fuslo ;
KOLYNOin cow
:~~~a .* r a' '

DE BAj90 "
en lo 61itimos estilos
y 01015al DPt'.
Algod4n., Sda, Ray6n -
en p yl 1oa iyn, Arodn,s
Nylon y Ray6n.

. -, ^ ""r.1^t.. .1






, .fI


Piqud fino do algod6ni* ,
a cuadros.
Ray6n finisimo, floread
en colors frasoe ,
de ditima moda
A un Precio Especial,.

- desde 10.95a 17
Precio de venta regutrr
desde 17.95 a 29.95

"DAN ,

on c rtoe di 3 a 5 yard&t


de e 6 yd
Esto si es Ganga!
7.95 a29.95 ,
Preclo regular
29.95 a79.96

54 x 90 para camas do nOl
fios y para camas sencitla4

ahora 2.50
81 x 90 para cama doblei

) ahora 75

18 x 36-para la cara
ahora 45
20 A 40-para el baeo

ahora S0


SUrM= h"mCa
AwbeY veGMM l~w I


I I .

Oe"l A Onorf'



PXS~ 0'

-' U ,

-. ., ,. *' ... .pB'~ai ae. ... .yf
.'? t. +:'-,-- n. -
,. .....;, +* *^ -
.' ..+'* .'-*'' --t.r.,. ,+ .\....- ., .. ,
m, l ., ,-:. u c. +,*****j' li~.tia niJ t. m mm m :,-.<.-. ..

*bsequie un Bu
as del Tort"i 3S de julio at
1 11.
fftor Presidente del
Cqneejo; Col6n, Reptiblica dr

S uraole nbs brinde sus Lut nos
0 tclO para soliciltar por su iiuyv
SdJno conduct a la CAmara E-
diIc(a que Ud- preside. que r.L's
ayude a engalanar y honrar
nuestro Parqde de Bolivar en
0ta cludad, con un busto del
Gran Lbertador.
Por fuentes que nos nier:pn
enter, credit. hemos sido iir-
fo!rado que la M.unicipal.,:.d
de Colbn .a recibldo del Gob :-
2lO de Venezuela una eqtal 1i
pedescre del Libertador Sihion
Bolivar y que el busto de c-te
etimlo americano. que osteria
en el paseo Juan D. Arosem ina
sari obsequlado a otra clu,;ad
de la Reputllca. en dondt sp
haya honrado el nombre de o-
la.confraternidad y estre. ha
relaienr que han existido eittre
las provinclas de Col6n y Bocas
del Toro, me han inducldo a pe
dirle a esa Hdnorable Camara,
que cimiente con mayor fuerza
sun esos lazos obseqlu ndoiio-,
para nuestro humilde raiue
Bolivar, el busto en refereinia.
Sera motive de inmenso 1e-
gocijo para el Dueblo boca tore-
flo poder cumplir iai con una de
sus mAs cars aspiraciones c;ual
6s ostentar un busto del Gian
Bolivar en su seno, y mayor Iu
honor todavia, que la fuent a.d-
quisultiva part de esta Honora-
ble Corporacl6n de Colon, para
can la cual tiene ya contraidas
multiples deudas de gratltur.
En espera de poder anuncitr-
le al pueblo bocatorefio la g:a-
tao n tic ia en future pr6ximo.
riugole me consider del Hono-
rable Concejo de Colon, un a-
tento, servidor y amigo,
(fdo.) Basilio Duff
S de 30 de Julio de 1951)
Por el cual se pide al Mtni-
Slpto de Col6n nos sea obsequia-
do el Busto del Libertador Si-
m6n Bolivar que se encuentra
@e el paseo Juan Dem6stenes A-
S.0emena de la cludad de Co, n.
S l Consejo Municipal de Boras
del Toro
CONSIDERANDO. el Mtnictoio de Col6 n reL
(*4t 6 deo' lr-;n fp V.-"P- '
f Ob estatur pedeatre del LI-
S.brtador Sim6n Bolivar.
tQue exstilendo en el paseo
ol*an Dem6stenes Arosemena en
ciudad un busto del Liber-
aor, y I como en esta ciudad.
State un parque que lleva el
hombre de Parque Bolivar,
Que seri un orgullo paras la
Cludad de Bocas del Toro, el ad-
qulrir un busto del hombre niAs
lustre que ha tenido la A-
S Que sen motivo de orgulluo
tambien que el Honorable Con-
sejo Municipal de la ciudad de
Col6n. estuviera a bien, obse-
q"lar a nuestro Municipio el bus
St que por tanto tiempo. no s'-
1lmente embelleclo aquella c;u-
dOd sino que hizo resaltar y e-


Devuolve a los cabellos su
primitive color, hayan sido
istos rubios, castafios
o negros.
No es nocivo No mancha
Es un product de calidad.

usto de Bolivar
levar las multlples facetas; del
Gran hombre, Blm6n Bolivrt,
padre de la llbertad americana,
1. -Pedir, comb en efecto p;c-
dimos. al Ionorable Consejo
Municipal del Distrito de Colon,
r.os sea obsequlado el busto dbl
Gran Libertador Blm6n Bolisar
4ue se encuentra en el paseo
Juan D. Arosemena en la c.u-
oad de Colon.
2- -Antlclpar nuestras
expresivas gracias a los Honro-
rables Concejales ese gesto de
gran carifo y deaprendimlento.
Dada en la cludad de. Bocas
del Toro. a los treinta dias del
waes de Julio de mil noveclentos
cincuenta y uno
(fdo.) Jose F. Lpez
ufdo.) Maria C. de Dia:
Bocra del Toro. Republica de
Del 28 de Jullo de 1951, poi la
cual se solicita el busto del Li-
bertador Simon Bolivar a, Ho-
norable Conmseo Municipal del
Distrito de Colon, para colocar-
la en el Parque Bolivar dc la
ciudad de Bocas del Toro.
El Club de Leones de Bccas
del Toro, considerando:
lo. -Que en la ciudad de Co-
!6n ha quedado sin uso un bus-
to del Libertedor Sim6n Boli-
var, con motivo de la donacion
pjor porte de la Repilblica de Ve-
nezuela de una estatua pedestre
a dicha ciudad, la cual fue de-
velada recientemente en solem-
ne ceremonial;
2o -Que el Consejo Mui!st i-
pal de aquel Distrito esta facili-
tando para donarlo, en gesto
justiclero y altamente civico, al
lugar que mis m6rito pueda ha-
3o. -Que en la ciludad de Bo-
cas del Toro exlste el Parque
Bolivar en el centre de la clu-
uad en el cual no existed monu-
mento hist6rico alguno a pesar
de los esfuerzos hechos hiasta
ahora, especialmente en el sen-
tido de obtener una estatua del
40. -Que existed en el Conce.lo
.dc Col6n buena voluntad para
server a esta ciudad, hermana
en sus penalidades y en su po-
4 cl6n gtografica dentro del palsI
5o.--Qtue nada seria mis j3s-
to y digno del busto del Gran
Libertador, al bajarlo de su pe-
destal en la Avenida J. D. Aro-
semena en Col6n, que donarlo
.1 Parque Bolivar de Bocas del
lo. Solicitar al Honorable
Consejo Municipal de Colon, de
manera muy respetuosa y cn-
carecida, se digne donar a la
ieudad de Bocas del Toro el
busto del gran Libertador cn
2- Solicitar a otras entidades
come el Consejo Municipai de
Pocas del Toro y a la Socecicad
Bolivariana de esta ciudad, que
hagan identica solicitud al Cun-
tejo de Colon y
3- Enviar copia de este docu-
in en t o al Honorable Consejon
Municipal del'Distrito de Coio'i
por conduct de su HohoraIhtl
President, para su considera-
Dada en Bocas del Toro a los,
28 dias del mes de Julio de 1051 I

LA PALMA. Agosto 3 (Corrcs-
:.onsal En este lugar sc na
destacado una terrible pc t e
que esta acabando con los crli-.
deros de' gallinas. La
uad. causante de las muertc- de
un gran numero de aves de co-
rral. es desconoclda per e.stoa
lugares, ya que los sintomas 'no
.on de enfermedades conociuas.
Uno de los crliadores mis a-
fcctado, por este terlble mal. es
l joven luchador Julio Cesar
Salazar, quien en una semana
ha perdido mis de veinticonco
animals y se encuentran en
estado bastante mal una cantl-
dad superior a los ya muertos.
El joven Salazar envi6 al Df.-
partamento de Agrlicultura. dos
de las aves afectadas por la en-
fermedad desconocida y estas

fueron examinadas por los ve-
torinarlos de d I c h o Departa-
niienlo y le manifestaron, no co-
nocer el origen deo sta ni Lain-
poco Aa mla ama peste, motive
cste que tiene alarmados a Io0
criadores de aves de estas re-
glones por las perdidas que cs-
ta enfermedad les ocasionaria
al llegar a sus criaderos y no
tener los medicamentos para
Los criadores de gallinas de
estas regions, esperan que p:cIn
to is les envie a estos lug.res
un veterinarlo pars que lea lC
las recomendaciones y les incdi-
qaen los medicamentos que han
de suministrarles a sus aniun-
les para detener la peate y aca-
Lar can ella.

La visit, que hzo Sherman

a Espana incluia un studio

para reorganizar su flota

Por Edward J. Michelton '
3 (EPS) En relaci6n con la ',il
muerte del Almirante Forrest D P T tac
Sherman, jefe de operaciones DEPOR TESI ie
navales de los Estados Unidos, n Por NANDO QUIN'IERO a;
se ha anunciado quo su mislon Pre
a Madrid incluia un studio
para la reorganizacidn de la Con el prop6sito de colaborar L
flota espafiola, la creacion del deportivamente en todo lo que est
servicio adree naval, la mod6r- pueda con nuestros hermanos
nizaci6n de sus bases para jub- de la Provincia de Chiriqui ini-
marinos y otros proyectos de clamos hoy esta column con el
ayuda naval y military. nombre de "Chiriqui y sua De-
Un alto funcionario del do- portes"' la cual apareceri en es-.
partamento de marina tndica te aereditado Diario, gracis. a
quo Sherman habia cpmpleta- la gentileza del Jdfe de esta PA-*
do los informes acerca de sus gina Deportiva, el conocido de-
cpnversaciones en Espalia, para portista Guillermo S. Rolla, asi
dPr ol den aj Truman ylCos como tambidn con la decidida
i delo. d Myo r y entuslasta cooperaci6n del
sos informes reelan que amigo y colega de Chiriqui
Espafia tiene seis cruceros an- Delgado P.
ticuados, que deben retirarse ,,. i
del servicio, y veinte destruc-
tores que tienen que ser moder- Con todo entuslasmo dentro
nizados, Necesita fuerzas a6- de la familiar deportiva y las
areas que puedan opera decade bells damxitas de a Sociedad
bases terrestres, ya que Espafia Chiricana, sigut el desartolle
no tieqe portaaviones. Igual- del Reinado Deportivo que bajo
mente heceslta artilleria, aero- los auspiclos de la Liga Pro-
planos, "jeeps", material ferro- vincial de Basketball y los
viario y embarcaciones guarda- miembros de la Asoclacion de
costas. Redactores Deportivos de Chil-
A camblo de esto, esta dis- riqul se lleva a cabo en David,
puests a conceder a los Esta- certamen en el cual se encuen-
dos Unidoa cuatro aer6dromos tra a la cabeza la simpatica
y tries bases navales. sefiorita Elba Ramos.

El Concurso do Precios que so iba a llevar a cabo
el 15 do Agosto del afio en curso por SULFATO DE
ta purificadora de DAVID, ha sido pospuesto para el
dia 16 de Agosto do 1951 a las 10 a.m. on punto.
Jefe de Materiales y Compras.
Panami, 30 Julio do 1951.

Se habla en Chiriqui de las
gestiones bien encaminadas pa-
ra las presentaclones de equipos
de basketball tanto de la ciudad
capital como de Colon. Se dice
que de la Capital llegaran al
Valle de la Luna los quintetos
Deportivo Chesterfield y De-
portivo Barn y que de la ciudad
de Col6n viajarin las bellas in-
tegrantes del sexteto Malta Vi-
Se agrega que las gestiones
las hace el Presidente de la Li-
ga, el Dr. Carlos M. Jurado y'
que la fecha de las presenta-
clones seran a partir del dia
24 de Agosto.


tiene los

mejores programs

1. 4 4 .-


I '4.*


Rodeada del. arl doe s fa-
miliares y a nistades e umpe
hey un afio m= de vids la cult
Srta. Magdalima Ponce, mloin-
bro destacada de la Soeletiad
Civica do Chjricnees. Alas iu-
chas felicltaclones que roeblira
boy por este motivo, unimos las
nuestras muyi sineeras.

Suspendense fueros

a un Parlametatrio


I n .u se

I pVt*iis arroz
L soa grftorea ochlrica.ou
han Ur d Presldente dc Is
RepblUo. abxor Alcibiades Aro-
ScmCDI, an Obutanitcado relauio-
nado con Is. importaci6n de
El pomuleado dice asi:
Excelent ito, efor Presldeorte
de la Reiplblca,
Don Alelbladis Arosemena
&_timidft "eor Presidente:
Estimamc que '36,000 quinta-
les de. arrqu .pIgdos al exterior
satisfacen It necesidades na-
cionales hpata tanto nue.sra
cosecha U114al mercado.
Basamos- npstra olicitud, en
queola coefba oemehzara en los
prdximos qulce diits. Pedir I,'S
arroz al existijero seria arrt-. -
nar las esperanzas de los aUri-
cultor-s. II

Agradecenioa su intervenCeldn
en este importante problema ya
que used esta Interesado en el
blenestar naclonal. '
(fdo.) Guiermno VillegasCa.r-
los Arosemmsna, Virgilio Vergra,
Mlfredo MachaTmyiaya, G rmi
Quintero, La Pnlato, Amlbroslo
Arauz, PFortbo Semudio, Mario
01. Ve Autllo Dies. Juatn M.

SCuyo, Argfentin A l J' r etor Qintr, Ja- lCnc
:- v i..IHver Contre a, Jos Bass, Te- wlwubmn
MENDOZA, 'Argeizina Agoato cuitores. o, y dePronol
UP) La C"ii a Provincial e vultoreS. .. 3S-puaveO
Diputad0o suspeno Ips pri- 3--So
egios paramenttart rlDOpru- iechas per el doctor SierrAlta 8s-H.
do doctt OQulllermo : -Pera en una reunion de los Radicalts ?-Alto
rralta, qib.k ha aldo llamado el 8 de Abrll. Iterralta ea el 11- 3-Del ve
luicio acuaaft0 do desacato al d'er de la minotia del Congroso. 3.-Tleont
esidente, 1 ". :Tod9s lo diputados .Radlco- 4L4Q *ln
b los abandonaron el reointo ln 4Meow
La acci&~ det Tribunal tcuyuano ~fial de protest antes de qua
t basadft" et declaraciones so efectuara'la votatcli. 47-Que ti
,-- 45-Anima

1-Yunque deo iplatros;
4--Trnsito urbano'
12-Articuleto, .
13-Personalje mitol,6lo.
15-Raza de pnuapo, p1.
19-Vapor, Atv.
22-Ilos otros.
28-Rece, mn.
21-ebida aoh6lica.
30--Natural de Arabia.

~ *'-~~
~ ~.



althr y pian8ta
nbrr >elativoe 1i.
p algges seasul6n.
Irbo reir, Inv.
intmnlent. ,,P1,
Lene dulzura.
I con plumes.
ad de nivel.
rbo ocIar.
tipico cubano.

1-Tejldo tramsparente.
2-Ave corredors.
3-Na de Salamanca.
4-Abr] in rnaau
nritmta, Inv.

7:- m '::.7'i -
2-Del verbo career.
21-Parte a cantidad fja, Inv.
kBft,; -r, *
25-Tonto, Idlots. ,
'7--Rmuemvaa..a tlrr- a con M
S arado .
34-4ue noerp- on Dieso *
$sOde + Vt .. I
,3t--Hjo. de ". dat ya.
3$-X a bollas son clnpo.
4O--enmana, religloaa
41--1astia. ,f ,
ff.Motvlm rto Utrtalvltrio l
4*-Sacesdote heorea
4t-Duracl6n eterna.
4 a%., purpants.
.* '. .* ^.i

A I, ,~^BH H^-B^^^^^^^^^ VI
1t 1 t




"El Ranchero

CANTINA FLOTANTE-Si unted is a Puerto Bice, puede tomat-
se un refresco mientras permanence en el agua. Esta "Cautlns
Flotante" presta servlcelo en las playas de Puerto Rico y lo ba-
filstas ya no tendrin quo salir del agua para tomar un peV1An
refrigerlo. Pronto la tendremos en Bella Vista?

El Vigor R. taurao y

Glandulas RWuvenbds
Noy ya no hay motivo alg uN uersuuy n O .
coog tiu autriendo de rded 4 vlt- nutvo o
gos y con un CUoTPO dbil, do ot*e- de r r-taumier -la0W, 11
sadad y depreuln .ues n medico Varke, ha aido prO4kB4
amerieano ha dsecublsrte o mana pnera onas *a lo r
r ypoa y ffel d f p aner { a aw s aora veaat i "7
mals. boticas. Varke har que
isto decubrlmlento on format d on dW eigr
tabletam fAille do tonar y abKoluta- a U
ment tInofenslva. hace lnnecearl 9SOkO
lag op4aolone, glandulares, oay a Iw*Ku t
dande a miles do personas vtajdad v VM
y vlgor. Obra directament obre I -_
glindulaay nervios. i Epoco tilempo e W De VrW y Siw-
Ud. ud notar iontUr quo reMtaura I

El maravilloe RCA VICTOR de 3 bandas que capta
today As as taMines del munda mientras s- aa
minimum la Ispderosa bateria que ca

AVE. CENTRAL. 29 T*l.: 2-2566 y -64

6Qqtb@'~ ~4~ABA








o 12 Ilb.

a -23v

Ivory a 8&



a 112 Ilb.

PANTALONES finos para
Caballeros a r- 4.87

AVENA a .. 23 .



-yv .

fios oa -

PANTALONES pare Jivenes

- TOA. .

p. par m s 5f

GUAYABE r' Niios .85
para ruug. 1.37




Piden de Bocas del Toro que

el Municipio de Col6n les

~ -

Peste que est& acaba do con

los criaderos de gallinas se

esta propaganda en La Palma




P +

~1 .. .-

.'. 1


T .... r. i+ + ,,m o
r + ;.*: pt + ^.'-

rki~ ..




*i. .

VI3~MP~ LOSUtO 3,'1WI'

F -M ] ,- *N
,....' rttfa'iM 'tllitt.n,

Im .nfivumsa p S ets seeOO recibmemk la

k e daccidn SoAda/
Tel l 3S.1NM -ORAS: Sgis a l os a.m. Apartad.
t- i< ,.' ***


."L ." ". ..
.:., .. ., ..ea ,.9 .V-! -..rn ...... .. .. ...13 m


I saofiora Ireint de Wiley,
"Peode 8.I el Kmbajador de
ba. 1M ~ f Unidom, sefidr Jr
c fud ga
aye ala of do
* per la aefiora ilsa Maria X.
de eureatematte an au realden-

Cmida en e Cleul6- t
E,, honor de 8...1 el Wnitro
del .Urugauy, aefior G'3'MVo V.
Re$ Alvarez, qulan 1e lt'eiea-
temente a Panama, el.Q C p
Ot.1s de Uruguay, Dr.*
dr y a ora Alda A.
Sde frecleron atoche
centro cial. r
centro social.

;a Oetorm At l P :de bles
ofreci syeru u idmuerzo en'
honor de la efiors .-Olad P.
dea leurtematte, quiexa-. *rc
bintc de Washington, as "-
cu de vista en" n a
oapit,. _
Comida .*. '
Para giu& a un grupo do
sus amitiada, ;el -Dr. Octavlo
M6ndes Pereii. 7 seflora dofia
LU. Quardia dl .M6ndez, ofre-
dieron el Ml0 en la noche
una comi.a au residencla.
Otdrey de har Kle ny se-
U'il noche un cocktail Wen
Hi yedenct al qoI' fuerbon tpe-
vftadot los famlliares y un pe-

COO N gran 0t+
.Coiati~'~s con gran
iuestro Coiosal


No pierda esta oportunidad!

SABANA S............
deo puro hilo
FU N D A S. ...... .. ......
do puro hilo


20% descuento ea otras mercancias!
* Vetatas a contado
* No so admiten cambios ni devolucion.s

1. I !, Maduro Jr.
AveMida Z.aral No. 100

o 134

iquefo r Qo de-. us
I Alee del C.LM.


El Club Interamerlcano de
Mujeres, tepdr pata las soclas
un almuerzo ei el Clubl de OIlf
el msiroples $ de Agosto a'las
12.30 pJm. e ruega a las per-
son* lAtteeadas en Jugar car-
tas deapus, del almuerzo lle-
var sus proplas barajas y lipl-
e-s. El valor del tiquete serA de
B.I.5. Las reservaciones pue-
den hacerse llamando a la se-
flora lta Maria E. de Heurte-
matte al tel6ftpo 3-0566 en Pa-
namA, o Is sefnora M. Z. Step-
hens al tel6fono 2124 en Cu-
rundi. Las soclas que atin no
han pagado *us quotas pueden
hacerlo en la entrada.
Aativemari4 de Matrimonio
Saludamos cordialmente al se-
Aor Ojrto Hausmann y sefiora
Winifred de Hausmann. quiezies
eumplen hoy 16 aros le casa-

macia Managus
"Acompafiada de su nietecita
parti6 hoy para Managua, Ni-
Caragua por la via area, la
sefora dona Francisca B. de
Calder6n. Al despedirla .e de-
seamos feltz viaje.

Invitado a Universidad de
Chicago el Director de La
Prensa, Alberto Gaina Paz

mra prmdal-W
oblerno fra
SPARIS, AgoSto S (UPO u,.iu-,
rice Petach, design&6.d c ,
aente del Consejo deIf.ilucS,.
tendri qite lbrar una rela bA-
llla para poder organkir unl
gobierno de coalicl6n centrilta
qi ponga fin a la. drizi t-
feal el pals, la cual n"n-.
s6 hace 23 diss- L
Poco despu6s de media noLhe,
Petache dijo at PresidentW -VAM.
cent Auriol que hoy pediri a la
Aiamblea que le apruebe co.o
Presidente del Conse]. 4fS Mi-
nlatros. **
La perspective de que conLt-
ga los 314 votos necesarios es
buena, pero ae dUda ,qvt te-bns
6xito en la tarei de tp tar two-
werno ...
Petsche, tiene el proyeq 1 de
pasar el dia preparando in diS'
curso en el cual pedirA para
Francia un nuevo GobIet*O iuNd
dd a Ia naci6n una voz *.ld.Oai
Fn los asuntos munitOle en
in omentos en que sof t..*irlte$
!as decislones acerca et,rearme
uleman, las bases norteameilc.z-
nas en Espafta y 'la guerra en
El dirigente conservador de
55 afos decidi6 presntar su
canhdidatura como Presidente del
Cbnaejo de Ministros trash. un
canblo de impreslones Mue tuvo
ayer con los jefes de'los g stin-
tosnpartidos centristas. Ftos te-
'iblerop con frialdad el progIa-
mxa aue como f6rmula de train E-
Lacci6n present Petsche, p8ro
ectc espera que si los soclallasLA
decide entrar en su GabjnAte
los otros partidos centrist se-
gpiriman el ejemplo.

al lo. de eotubre.
Se h4 nunciado que el doc-
tor Gazinz Paz llegara a la
Universidad en la barriada de
Eyanston er las afueras de
Chicago en laW mafiana del sa-
bado 29 de septiembre proce-
dente de Nueva York, como in-
vltado del presideute de la Uni-.
ver.ltdad, J. Roscoe Miller.
El doctor GaOna. Paz pasar*
la noche del (Abado en la re-
sidencia de Miller y en la tarde
del domingo presenclara la ce-
remonia de iniclaci6n en la fra-

I El Dr. H. Conte Mendoza
Ginec61logo y Cirujano Obst6trico

Atiende de nuevo su Consultorio

Clinica San Fernando

De 3:00 a 6:00 p.m.
Por cita previa.

Coleccionistas. Incliyanse cn nuestro gran
Que van ddesde 00a 2oo00 Semanales.
Es su gran oportunidad de poseer los ultimos "htts'j bailables
y today la clase de musica que su espiritu desee.
Cia. Cymos (yrnos para Regalos
Ave. J. Fco. de a Omsa #1 Ave. Tivoll No. 16
Cruce Tivoli Tel. 2-1793

ernidaad periodiatica Bi g m a
Delta Chl. El lunes el doctor
Gainza Paz visitara las escuela.
de segunda ensefinasa en"
barriada de Evanston y verAt
los estudiantes en sus aulas, A
las cuatro de la tarde pronan-
clari el principal discurso
su visit a Estados Unidog eh
un acto organizado por la Unli-
La North-Western Unlversity

invit6o a) doctor Gainza 1
para otorgarle el doctorado"]
norli causa" en junio pasa
en una ceremonla en la qu4
mismo honor le fue contel
al Primer MinLstro del Cans
ft Lairent. En aquella 0
sl6n el exdlrector de La Pr
sa de Buenos Aires se exci
eapllcando que no podia vI
Wr Estados Unidos por el A

I tt I Fil|


SUYA CON BI. 75.00
CLUB: B/7.50

Y 2-1 835






libra 120

Frijoles con Puerco Iota
Aceite Botella - -- --
Cebolas.._. - - libra
Avena 20 onzas - lata
Sopa Polio 10 onzas - -
Guisantes "Ruth". - -



Pasta Tomate-

. I ota

Aceite de Soya "Roberto" 1 gal6n. Iota
Caf6 Dur6n, Sitt6n, Molino Criollo -libra


Mantequilla "Mariposa".. -l. ibra 700
Leche Evaporada. .- -. - .Iota 18
Fosforos- -. .. - paquete 100

Bacoloo- - - -libra
Papel Higienico. - -.rollo
Sardinas "Del Monte" 15 oz..- -
Jugos Melocot6n, Pera, Albaricoque 12 oz.















Iota 11W
Ajos- - - libra 200

Jabon Lavasol.- ---

lbs. 3.90


- 21/2 lb. 2.05 1 lb. .84










.- .1.*


- ~. ~.'4

Solas o acompafiadas
*< '- .1 .






+ i'i


'roz Extranjero -
iucar de Primera. - -
acarrones "La Reina" -

Jab6n en Polvo




3 paquetes. -

Agua Estrello- - -
Limpiodor Farola- -- -





r- r "*

.CIHICAGO Agosto 3 (UP --
doetor. Alberto Gainza Paz,
ex-dlreetor de "La Prensa" de
Luenon Alres, sera invitado de
h or de la North-Western U-
niersify del 29 de septiembre

.led Putamenicana
tiene los mejores

K, 9

- .

- -.- -L -- .

- 1

,IIU. .,AR.-CA


MIniem per
12 pelmbrMs.
3 per edei .
pe labre edilenew.

SE NECESITA:-Empleedo con expe-
riencia y buena poariencio para
ofi io domftico.-4unn sueldo. Ca-
Il* 52No.8. Apto. 4.
SE NECESITA.--ueri 6tocinera. ex-
perienclo, buen.sualdo. Colte 37
No>T1, 2.06 p. nm. en adelarn-
SE NECESITA:-Buena cocinera con
referencias, debe dormir on el trc-
baje, magnifico sueldo. Consulodo
General del Uruguay, Calle 32 No.
SE NECESITA.I---ueno empleado,
dormir on trabojo. Buen sueldo.
Calle Col6n No. 1 Apto. 2-C, se-
gundo piso, Edificio La Pollero.
SE NECESITA:-Cocinera con refe-
rencias, inutil presentarse sin ellas.
Buen sueldo. Informaci6n Avenido
Central 146 Sastrtria Hollywood.
SE NECESITA:-Cociner 'co perter-
te, Pensidn JWlita, Rio Abalo. pre-
guntar Bodega La Lu. .\
SSE NECESITA:-Una buena cocine-
Sra con references. Just Aroseme-
Sna 120.

'S NICISITA:--mpledl a par' liram-
pier y eeomeder Ia case. Debe der-
mir on eo fmplee y der reforencios
doe am iltime tre .je. Vioe' o 5
7 p. m. Ave. olabea, case 45.
SE NECESITA:-Magnifica cocinera.
Debe traer referencias. Si no co-
noce su oficio no se present. A-
venida del PerU No. 75, altos.
SE NIECBITA:--Eripiada para ofi-
cios domisticos, con experience y
dormir empleo. Avenida Cuba No.
12 opartomento 19 y Ave. Cuba
* No. 58, apartamento 10.

i Artieulos de Casa
SE VENDE:-Motivo viaje, muebles
berates, :articulos necesarios de
cqsa. Avenida Justo Arosemena 90.'
SE VENDE:-Gango, motive vioje.
Juego sola, comaedr, recarnra.
Cale 46 ,No. 19, Apto. 1. Tel. 3-
3392. 0
SE VENDE: .-Sofi com, couch, came
Hollywood,,lamparas de pie y me-
sites chinas. Calle 45 No. 19.
SE VENDE:-MAquina de coser Sin-
ger peso- liviano, un mes, B.140,
un molded de.traje, pequeho, Q|us-
table. Llaie' I 6:30, Curund6,
SE VENDE:--Muebles usados de sole,
comedor, comas, mesitas, etc. Pro-
cios reQolados. Ocurra Avenida
Per, 87,.
SE VENDE:-Estufa electric "Ge-
neral Electric" 3 quemadores y
homo. 3 mess de usa. B.150.00.
Llame at telifono 2-3008 de 7 o
m. a 1 :30 p. m.
4SE VENDE:-Refrigeradora, buenos
condiciones, B.50.00. Escritorio 7
gavetas, 2 extensions con silla,
SB60.00. Belisario Porros 83-A.
, Tel. 3-2082.

(SE VENDE:-Colch6n, reloj elictrico,
seof de studio-, lovadora electric,
* moeses, tablo edo planchar, zopatos
7-AA, crticulos de case. Ave. Mor-
ian 862, Balboa.

SE VENDE:-Copas de plate pare
Cocktail, Vivo y cremos, juego re-
cimara comp!eto. Vitrina y Apa-
rador, Estufa de Gas, comas ge-
melos, serviciO porceloano pare do-
ee personas, cantina portitil, c6-
mode pare nifies y gabinete de
cocina con tope de porcelana. Ave.
Ecuador No. 14, altos.
^ --- j i -----

La sesore ESMIE se pone nuevamen-
to a los 6rdenes de su clientele.
Celle H No. 11 (ALTOS).


SE ALQUILAN:-Cuartos omoblados'*
Ave. Anc6n No. 71, altos.
SE ALQUILA-Bonito cuarto en cha-
let en Vista Hermosa. Colle 60.
No. 3, informer, bajcs.
SE ALQUILA:--:-Cuarto a persona de
buenas costumbres. Calle 5a. Nc.
36, altos.
SE ALQUILA:--Cuarto amoblado in-
dependiente, escalera prvado y
b* olc6n. Celle 45 No. 19.

ALOUILA :- Cuorto bien amc-
blado, entroda independiente. Ave.
Mexico 69, cerca calle 43.
SALQUILA:-Cuorto amoblado pa-
re homnbre solomente. Calle Estu-
dilnte 77 Apto. 5.
t ALQUILA: Cuartos ampl.os
frante al mar., Excelente vecinda-
rig. Inmedata Estoci6n Buses. No
5 primerse scalere. Plaza 2 de
SAlQUILA: Cuorto omoblado.
.Amwl, hombre solo. Entrda in -
Amndlliente. calle Dar.6n No 5
AS J 4 en front Panoma An-r,.-
eL. 2-3189.

m5lclo uLaws




503 m 503 mis 503 ms 503 ms 503 m


'Las Cifras

.1 hablan por Si mismas

IJ0 El me pasado EL PANAMA
AMERICA vendi6 2910 avi-
sos clasificados, cifra no
Igualada por los domAs 0
diaries do la ciudad qua,
combinados, vendierbn so-
lamtente 2407.

503 m 503 m 503 503
503 mas 503 mis 503 mis 503 mis


m VINDIN-C Ies, em haruo gmoe,
0im0 a ene1wtd, P1i-Tea (m tn
IslW de pise eO.s IW eem mo de-
e4. hove aa s PsOde O& is o
*a. liegende lm Funo. t)L

SE VENCE:-Piano Winter Spinet, 18
mess. Cuesto B.850.00, ahora B.
475.00. Calle Q No. 5, Apto. 12.
SE VENCEN: Cachorros Cockier
Spaniels finos, Porque Lefevre co-
lle Ia. No. 11. Telifone 3-2662.
SE VENDE:-Llontas usadas pora ed.-
micnes, autom6viles, "todos' toma-
ros." INTRA, Ger6nimo' do la
Os so.
quina Registradora "Notional", un
molino para moler came "Sonitory"
con copocidad para 600 Ibs. por
hera. 1 Congelador propio pore
restaurant "Freezer", cortodora
de jam6n, estufa de gas 4 fogo-
nes y plancha. 4 lamparas "Ne6n"
48" y 3 tubas. Pare informes: ca-
lle 1a. Vista Hermosa No. 7. Te-
16fono 3-1468.

SE VENDE: Motocicleta "Horley-
Davidson" 51. Tipo 45 completa-
mente nueva, 1,200 mills. 8.600.
00. Celle 50 No. 36. Tel. 3-3475.

SE VENDE:-Autom6vil Buick Special
1948 en muy buenas condiciones,
4 liantas nuovao, radio, recihn pin.
fodo. Muebleria Tuh6n. Telifono
3-0048, Panama.
SE VENDE:-Dodge Sedin 1948,
perfectas condiciones. Escoffery.
Tel. 2-1452 a 3-0927.
recibir un embarque nuevo de re-
puestos ei mortes 7 de Agosta
cal Motors.
SE VENDE:-Studebaker 1950 Re-
gal Ce Luxe, sedan, 4 puertas, 81.
1,.900. Llome 1 a 6, Curundu.

SE VENDE:-Verdadera gongo, carro
Oldsmobile modelo 1947 en bue-
nos condiciOnes. de cuetro puertos.
can radio. Preclo B.850.00. Colle
44 No. 30 altos. Telifono 3-0925.
SE VENDE:-Panel Chevrolet una to-
nelodo, 1949, en muy buenos con-
diciones. Cia. Alforo. S. A., Ave.
Peru No. 28. Panama.
SE VENCE:-Carrc Buick, sedan, 4
puertos model 1947, color negro.
llnntos nuevas costodo blanco, co-
mo nuevo, radio, cubre asientos.
Uome telifonos 3-3338 2-
3102 3-1310. Sr. *oyd.

SE VENDE:-Ganga oportuno, sol-
go de vioje el 14 de Agosto, debe
vender inmediatomente Packard
Sedan 1949 de 4 puertas en exce-
lente. condiciones, 12,000 mills,
verde. cubre-asientos, Ilontos blan-
cas, derechos pogos. 8.1,400.00
ULome tel6fono 3-1975 de 9 B, 12
y 2 a 5 p. m.

5 tonelodas, model 1947, exce-
lentes condiciones; 1 GMC 2 1 -2
toneladas, tipo armada, 10 rue-
des, modelo 1942; 1 Intemrnocio-
nol. 2 1-2 tonelados model 1947
chaisis largo; 1 Internaclonal 2
-2 tonelodas, model 1947 chas-
sis cortu I Mock. 5 toneladas.
medolo 1947, excelentes condiclo-
nes. Solicitor informed Ila.mndo
al tel6fono 2-0610.

Bienes Raiees
Page lfalkl mnmlae 1.100.00
Memul 3.15.00
a Lotis on CoHls y Acunduef do
la Ciudad dsde B.I.00 *1 mo m.
* Alqulpe upo sed pae
riovilmlent de tien'u.
e Alquilanmas t a laop@ plazas.
* Club do lotes. L.3.00 v B.4.00
SE VENDE:-Lote de 1668 M2. en
Vista Hermosa, Colle 5a. Ideal pa-
re fibrica. Aceptp page initial,
resto hipoteco. Informed: Edificioo
rilvez, Avenida CeMtrol, 202. Pi-
SE VENDE Restaurante con mo-
derno equipo, estilo Parade, si-
tuado en la Avenida Central (Ca-
lidonia). se vende o arrienda por
motive de vioje del duero. Llame


SE ALQUILAt.-Local para oficino.
orriba del Teotro Central.
CLINICA, equipada, altos Farmocio
Solazar, collar 16 Oeste No. 28,
SE ALQUILA:-Local grande sin co-
lumnos, edificio de concrete, es-
pecial como para taller a sociedod.
Pora informes Home 2-0144.
E VENDE:--Motivo viaje refrigera-
dora B.60.00, estufo de gas B.
40.00, mesa de comedor plegoble.
B.10.00. Calle 40, No. 13, Apto.
4, Tel. 3-1574.

Aviso Judicial
El suserito, Secrotaric del JusSado Be.
&undo del Circuito de Panamar. an fun-
ciones de Aluacil Ejecutor, aI piblico,
Que por resoluci6n fechada el 27 de Ju-
lio de 1951. dictada en el juicio ejecu-
tivO pinrputot pow l aooledad denori-
nafa "Guardia A Cia., S. A." centre
Jods Arosemena. se ha esfialado el dia
veintiocho (28) de alosto pr6ximno par
nue tenga lugar la venta on pfbliea sou-
basta de los bienes qua a continuaci6n
eso idiean. pertenocient&e a demandado:
"Flnea"No. 17.019, inscrita al folio
440 del Tomno 4%1 de le Scci6n do la
Propiedad. Provineia de PanamA, Oficina
de Refistro P6blico, que eonsiste on late
de terrero mnarcat con *I No. 263 de
la Secei6n A situado on Chilibre, Dis-
trito y Piovincia de PanamA. LINDE-
ROS: Norte: lots 264 y 266: Sur: lote
262; Este: rulle D v Oaate; lots 273 C
v 273 D. MEDIDAS: Norte 02 metro
*60 -Ocntimetros Ouri 80 mttrao; ite:
27 metro 50 centfmetros y Oeste: 50
DRADOS (,250 M2)". Eatea fine tiene
Sin valor catastral de OCHENTA Y SEIS
BALBOAS (B.86.00): y
'*Finea No. 17.057. inIerita at folio
250 del Tomo 427 de la Seccl6n do 1.
Propiedad. Provincia die Panama, Oficine
do Registro Pdblico. quo conslsite en late
do terreno mareado con el ndmero 2,3
C de la Secci6n A situado en Chilibre,
Distrite y Provincla de PanamA. LINDE.-
ROS: Ntrte, calle F; Sur. call* E; Fte,.
lote 24a y Otote. Iot 146 A. MEDA-
DASt NortO, 13 metro SUT. 5 men-
tros; Este, 100 metros V Oeste, 100
2.500 M2) Eat* fine tione un valor
catastral Ide CUAKENTA Y UN *AL-
BOAS (2.41.00).
Soervi d& bate' era .* rma t* doe la
fincas onti d aceritas le *ma de CIN-
00). qu e o *I valor catetrel total de
las mismas y rsrin poItuea admist-
ble la* *ae euben laa doe treer*e
parts do eas eantidad.
Par hablltarse come osuter me To -
qaflore eonslanar prevlament ean ha S-
rietarila d*l Tribunal el eineo par Cis-
so 5%) do la base del remote.
Hast a Ih cure i do Ia tardo del die
IndiePdo pam el Mte ae admitlran ela
pro aesta quO se hlsoerea r sde O* *a
hoM e adie)ante e so uchAri laI pu-
Ja r trpujas h uals baar la adjudies-
elii al mejor pester.
PaeomA. ?7 de Julio de 1951
(Foe.) Eduardo Feres MartiMI.
fecretrlo del Jungado del Cirealst de
ae fie eosepia do- u oral.

csm as a" I" a

@* M 's."ig$L.

SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento tres re-
cAmaras, tr*s baios, 2 porches.
Llame tel6fono 3-1618.
SE ALQUILA:-Aportomento de dos
recimras, garage, elevodor. Ave.
Justo Arosemena No. 97, Bella
Sf ALQUILA:-Apartamento moder-
no, con o sin muebles .Una reci-
mora. Via Belisario Porras 168.
SE ALQUILAN: Aportomentos y
cuortos. Inf6rmese oficins Gelabert,
.Jr6nimo de la Ossa No. 10.
SE ALQUILAN:-Apartamentos am-
plios, coclno. solo-comedor, una
dos rocimoros. Colls 7a. No. 1 b
efevre. Informes Apto. 7.

PERDIDO:-En la Iglesla Cristo Rey
o an el Golf Club ei Domingo 29
de Julio de 1951, un Crucifijo de
fillgrono de plato. Grotificoci6n.
Telifono 2-1897.
PERDIDA--Perrita uichicha choco-
late oscuro Ilomado "Boldina",
gratificaci6n. Favor do informer a
Avenida Nicanor de Oberri.o y Ca-
Ile Ricordo Arias. Tel. 3-1393.
Espldndida gratificaci6n seri otorga-
da ol que rigrese uno sortija de
platino con brillonte y un reloj pul-
sero de ore de seAora perdidos en
el Hotel Tivoli hoce dos semanos.
No so harin preguntas. Llome te-
lIfonb 3-4304.

SE NECESITAN: Cuolre j6vones,
ambos sexot, experienciao en pro-
pogondo. American Protecion,
Avenida Central No. 47, Apto.
23, PanomA. Calle 60. y Avenida
Balboa, CoI6n, en Col6n.
SeAora solicitae.serviios de unoa Perito
Mercantil pars closes de 4 a 6 de
la tarde. Pare mis informes lie-
me ol Te o2-1609.
SE NECESp- i r motor de
lavadora noW. Eilettric, 60 ci-
clos por unf d 2, ciclos. Tel. 2-

COMPRO Reicille. loc. doe ispere
Sbslete. Pag le I mjorese precls
doe plea. OM mMd L. Meaduro, C-
lie B. No. 11 Apertedo 277, Pa-

TALLER Auto EI6ctrico "Purrie".
Vende, cargo y report boterias usa-
dos. Calle 21 Este No. 3, Panama.
Matamos arrieras, arreglamos jardi-
nes. controlamos enfermedades y pes-
tes de plants y c6sped.
Calle 34 Este, Edificio Lux
Tel. 3-1593.
Se recibirin propuestas en la oficino
del Gerente General de la Divisi6n
de Comisariotos en Mount Hope,
Zone del Canal, 6 en la del Supply
& Service Director, Balboa Heights.
haste las 3:00 p. m. del 23 de'
Agosto de 1951, pore loa vento
de 20 novillas Holstein en cuatro
lotes, en to Lecherlo de Mindi en
Mount Hope, Zone del Canal. Los
formulorios para los propuestos caon
detalles completes podrin obte-
nerse en la oficino del Gerente
General en Mount Hope, Zone
del Canal, o an Io del Supply &
Service Director, Balboa Heights,
Zone del Canal.

Tenemos eo existenis:




de todadlase



2' x 6 y 2' x 8'
Calibre 26

Via Erpla N. 121
TeL .1iI


Mantenemoa una Vents do
ganga do articulos sobte exi-.
tencia done lax MTBORIS
PINTURAS o vendtn a ls
mAa thjoa prolodm.

Por Qu& no anorru dinero
comprando lu major?

Ave. Central 279.
Tel. 4-0140.,

LES de I/2, I y 2
toneladas, coo sus


Calle 16 Rate #4
Tels.: 2-3335 y 2-2988.
"Vendomee barsto para
vender mie."

Duran Kai Lucen Mejor
Cwle l 1afte No. 4 -- Tel. t-mS

Felpa Mineralizada
Roja y Verde

Felpa Negra
de15 y30Ibl.

Clavos de Zinc

Balanzas 'Detecto0

Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48

Con 00 velas de fuerza de luz blafle
modern. Permanece encendlda 50
hores per a el6n de kerosene. Toma
04% de A&IE y solamente 6% ds
KEaOSENE. Comploetmente 'seura-
no explta t neceslta generador nt
bomba. No produce humor ni malo0
olore. Es tan encula alU. un "Klo!
puede prenderla. Nunca voa 1n rea-
a a Precio tan Baso
por solo610...B/.9.9S
Tenemes tedoe lea Repuestosl
De Venta on todas las lRa3tEUIA"
Distribuidores: -
Cel6a Calle 9 7 Ave. Balboa
TlM. 3e.
Fanama Ave. Central S
TeL 2-217

de MIAMI en vidrio,
miaders aluminlo.
Rieles de abrlr
y cerrar par&
pars vitrinas.
La nuevs
a precios
b5esn baJoJ.

R.- A. COWES y Cia.
STeL 8-0754 Ave. Cuba No. 7


tiene los


Avtt Judicial

Xl asocrlit Secretarlo del Justsdo
Primero |l cipal de Pansma. en fun-
elones 4 Auacil EJecutor. aI ptfblico,
Q40 per reoluo1n do fecha veintitua-
tro de Julis 4e este Aho, dietada on el
Jucleo ejeeutlve propuesto por "Goardia
& Cia. 5. A.' eontra Enrique NAies H.,
so ha aeflatda aI dia veintid6s de oags-
to venidero, pera eue durinte .as* hora
hibils tenaga luer el segundo remAt*
del carro autot14il Coup6 marc Bulak
40 .pe0lal, motor 48841414, con 4 l1an-
ti on mal *stado
serv4ri de a14W dtl remote del ca-
rro, 1 umaa da doielentos veinticinec
balboo (B.2S.OO), sums en qua fAt
avaluedo e1 carao y serin ofettas ad-
mislbles la qua cubran Ia mitad del
avaldo, por tratarse de segundo remote.
Htat ias cuatro do Is tarde del dli
del remote o aceptarin )as postures y
do aab hore on adehatne hatst quo el re-
oj de as' cinco do I& tarde 0t escucha.
rAn Is puj"t y repuja., adjudieAndolo
*el carro s m*jor poster.
Pari habiltarae comeo postor -s re-
quiare conaIgar prnvismonte en Il SO-
cretaro. del Tribunal el cinco par oleon-
to del avalio.
Panami, 27 de Julio de 1952.
(1de.) P. A. Alipd.

En Ia ediel6n de hoy viernes
de La FatrelSa de Panama apa.-
rece Ia celebrael6n de un pat-
tide de football entire la Uni-
versidaL de Panama y el Insti-
tuto Panameacano, que se efe.-
tuarA eats tarde a las cnatrb
en el campo de Santa Rita.
La Aiiaol6ln DeportIva Uni-
versltaria hao saber queo no
ha tenldo eonoeimlento de Invi-
t*ci6n- formal, come mixime
organle to deportivo en la Uni-
versidad tal come lo establece
nuestro EItatuto. Si persona al
guna ha eonpertade partido al-
gunoa notlfilcamos que ninguno
de los jugadores que Intervinle-
ron en partldos officials eomon
repreentantes de'la Universi-
dad tienen eonocimlento oflcial
deo tal partldo. ]or tal motl-
Ta, el e one qUa pUpsant
ests tarde no ueqt ol-
cialmente a Ia U(Vldddas, d.
PanmAmi. .

Precios de CoeImetenela
con el product ipagtadie
Tuboa 4" Sencillo ... 4.00
Tubos 4" Doblee......4.40
Tuboo 2" enell... ..2 -
Tubos 2" Doblee...... 35-
Tees- 4x4.......... .0
Yees-22.......... .6
Oodos- 1 x ....... .75
etc., etc.
Tel. 3-1300 Apartado 229
Gonzalez y Linares Ltda.
La Loe la "Patedna

SRifles de Bihl

Marco "Dais"



* La mas econ6mica,
fuerte y praitica
para cualquier uso.




Cia. Cymos, S.A.

* COaN

mejores programs 1


Q I. n ta *,I awitaeiitom don l CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.

Nuestros Agont" o OEcinmes Io atenderun:

batoIMlos:. -
Art cuit .ia-oa n uales ie
destltucl6n: .
a) La e k hbLtuall
i1) .BReine t I as cau-
als de tr&ia de tiulta.o
at 6n: .
c) LJtwber actdo iolignos de
su,.roesl6n: ,, 1 .
Sd ..-rlo6t it"! 1,u r1omose-
xualidad donprobada;
e) Ineptltud;
f) Abandono del cargo.
Articulo 7o.-Para oe un
miembro del personal docente
o administrative de Ios plante-
lea pre-primarios, prlnarlos .0.
aecundarloM de la RebibI ea sea
destituido por cualquIsrPi de las
cauas quo slie esurt en el
Artioulo anterwor,..6 C*proce-
derse conforme a batoslcio-
nee que continue ,e AztIculo 133
de la Ioy 47: Of$nt e Edu-
Articulo 80.-LasB anciones de
que trata el present Decreto no
oodran apllcarse sin llenar an-
tea .los requisltos que estable-
ce la Lev.
Articulo go.-Las atribuciones
para imponer sancioves disct-
plinarial correspondent a los di-
rectores de las escuelas, a los
Inspectores Provinciales de E-
ducaci6n y a los functonarios
que tienen funciones de direc-
cidn en el Minlsterio de Edu-
Articulo 10o.-Los directors
de: esouelas podran imnoner
mlita hatt por cinco balboas
(B, 5.00) y suspensions basta
nor tre& dias, los insoer.tores
haEta por diez balboas (B. 10.00)
y "woensiones hasta por ocho
(8). dlfi. y el Mnistro, el Di-
rector General de Kducaci6n y
los directors de Educaci6n Pri-
maria y deeundari. multas has-
ta par diez balboas (B. 10.00) y
suspensiones hasta por quince
(1) dias.
Articulo ilo.-Una falta no
podrA ser sancionada cpn mis
de una media disciplinaria ni
por mis de un superior a laI
Articulo 12o.-Los funciona-
rios que no tienen facultades
part importer sanelones, podrin
presenter su queja bien docu-
mentada ante el inmediato su-
perior del infractor para que

S ,.

aero por i on vl-
Trie o # aBM>W4l son.

do pretaonetesor 0 aar

en pedblco a ti auba"terno;
1) ifM pr-bgar ao lamgi- -
ntais W Mtorvl iMW A -m
8ui1r of rew pWas;luma
j,) Provoesr diortOi con ;oe

k) A.nestar oq r t4ullisr
en publico s n *Untttemo;
1) TIntrdpsr o hactr af en-
tarios contra un cntpaflero de
a) Obligar a lo alumnus at
allAtil 4 a ctot rellloioa de
cualquier clase;
n) IVntair a loa alumnos
park eral aios peraonaleu don-
tro de Wu oa aLs habi. "
a) Todai a lu fta teves quo
afecten l disciplna y organl-
tacl6n del "soemia;
ArUiilo o.-.on eausles de
ta de codaptablln dad c lapro-

b)multa oi stud oen ln asdut prhoi
o dqune adora;
) as to Indebold a los pa-
dreg do fAU -la dql.ugar; ,
d) Impocsi6n de diaust os
milla o con lon coMpaAeroi de
e) Marcada e ins utente fal-
tas y co de palabrns nlaurio-
ra Inherentes al cargo.
Articul4o pe-ron causale doe
multa o. suapoensn bAsta por
quince dor: erruo o sub-
a) Rtncldenca los cualqulmnos a
ra de las causales de repren-
b) tom1riaguez pnblica;
c) Llevar bebldaa espirituo-
as ade la escuels, sean cuales
fueron saniactos qucia o cele-
jod) dIPart cl6n de castigo
corporal de la lrntos de alum-
noa y uso del perabras injurlo-
'as para eiloso
a) Los irrespetos. manifieioB
de palabras o por escrito contra
lo superiors jerarqulcos o sub-
f) Insubordinaci6n b rebel-
5) Incitar a los alumnos a
actors indebidos;
h) Deahonestidad on el ma-
nejo do los fondos do sus alum-
nos, de la eacuela o de cusl-
-quier organftacl6n social o cul-
1.) Participaci6n en el mant-
Jo de cantinas y de negocios
refildos con la moral;
Articulo 5o.-In los casos de
suspensl6n o de ceneolacl6n
temporal de la licenla de oif
ilmbro *el personal docente o
administratlvo do lon planteles
vf efte'do li .e00bkca, el fun-

terales. AMortunadamemut no
hubo desagracas p6raonales. qu
lapmentar, pero a pesar de
so planes nueamente acpr
mismas depreaMgladA. repara'
clones. '1 .
Los mestro padres de ita-
milla y estudtantes y amtgop
de esta escuela, estin dispues;
too a no perXn!ttr quose hagail
reparatiomie, 'A Abar de
cuales eite ed4Ulco continutria
ilendo un cntanto pelgro p1*
ra la seg:uldad de alu muos I.
maestros. A eite 6eet0 lnpbtet
en que, ea delnoUdo. el edilcl
y construldo uno lnaefe y y 4
este clamor 186 geompata I
cludadanIa colonese,

Espera la ca1lsib

de Ia Cims dails

sobre las 6, L s,
-El f.redeute de l-V 4 M a-
Olonal Ford Frick diJo a Ia sube
comtsil deo la fi ara quT .*a-
ta investlgando sl existen prac-
tleas monopollzaddro n pe ba-
seball que las OGrndol Lias.
%cept4rn 1n su aeno p l Liga
de _la Costa del P5f1Ico CUeI-
do la noveh n que la IntegraM
crean que lt~I'tasAt 066o.
Frick hiNe ea alrmaacldn

'Sl les eximlmdj" _'difob Ceelli
a Frick mtedes tdtn que fee
rientar su pensa i oi Uste.
def no puede "manftnf r uftl deo
minio complete par' determine
nar qle Lita 0 ,de 'eatiiOrIa
de las mayorea. Bu pendan,4so
de decir que solo habri Oran*
des Ligal ai aWte :tiel M ia*-
sippi". ,
Celler dijo a los'representan*
tea del baseball pur pentea en
la vista -qtte as den prisa en
propoeioanar a la subcomil6n
lot dato. prometidos sobre loe
salrltoi que se pagan a los pe-
ot Vos, ganan te, loa novel.
=n-ii y "sobre el s ei. e nequt-
o5 fiIncas" que ;a;toeen ol
las Gr de Ligas.

Tranelwera paor

uqegos deo baseba

Company y el Bo o &yn,. anun-
ciaron que del 11 d* stosto al'
de septlm.bre se tramsmittUr
or televIsion "en.c0or" tr.e
egos' de base bal desde Bbo
etts Field, Brooklyn.

Veinte Naciones

Inscrtas Par P

Torneo Cicta
MILAN, agosto 3. (UP). a
FederaciOn ciclista iaana ta
nunci6 que veinto 'itanmes A
han inscrito hat& rpar
participar ewnal- e o h-
tenac0lonal de ciclamo quoe .
celebrara aqui desde el 25 do
agosto al 2 de septiembre.
Intre las naclones particle*
pantes se encuentran Venezue-
la, Estados Unidos y Yugoes-







.. ...
.L, '

S (todo to potuado dbMm

QiuieA a un ,me i

plantel eduAtivo.a

- I -




S 7. I


ta dopla. e. ar e

Fr mefa o A& ean. per iFo dio de
J ia-ly slItiatel
i Alo 31(I) a la ift no idebe er subeUti-
-.lwiu tio at Mtldo maLyo, que 1k accl6n nkilitar
Q-u.. rtfs u ooffml ua4is.A*&a neomarls.
S"k aIrt 1 e infonne dice que los dMi.-
Idr l o genm r |aot oomm "t i tn catU-
n etr e ie m de NZIolea3o mulavldo a u rtddo pa ra
Spaio p.r mt. At qif Ile dedlquen us vid als d-i-
L "Nai tltne j y.461- rrocamlento UeIdl del Ooblerno
altoat", eleeto y sou sbe que ban etsa-
t ei u l feto. w sobre la bleldo. unas tfohs para oeva. a
kueltno ,de .t D cabo una revoluel6n por mcalo
tmqnto sde tido A 4 quae de 1a fueam, ialneolarmo y a-.
mtel iotnto role y s ti*et- teshiatet.

Nuevo "a entador reactor"

de nergia at6mica ya esta

isto pars tuncionamiento
WAMiNOTON, D. C., Agotoa micos aumentarAn en un ciento
L (UBl) -"' El primer fCaunUll-. por. cinato.
oarer ,reactovll 't6mleco-a s i
o tiotamlentO el DUio el aeflor Dean a los pe-
cuitl IrA ante de un mea, so- riodlstas que ha habido nuevas
gin ha declarado Gordon Dean, mareas on la produccl6n de ar-
Preaidelte de la Comisl6n de mas at6micas e incremento en
Aniergia At6mica le los zsta- la freeuencia de las pruebas
dos40 nidp. at6iulca.

'Un "i'lmentador reactor" es
,Juna nqutlna construlda para
loucIr mas combustible at6-
hco, que el que consume, quo
a la' ez genetra enersia elc-
trYca til, explic6 e seflor Dean
,en una reuni6n con lam perlo-
.di* a, reclacoda con pu-
blicsci6n .del egundo informe
semitnual de la Comisi6n.
p1jo que ha de transcurrir
VYm nates iteit. a de que
puedsa terminalae st el all-
munzador a ela xzit o. 8 10o
&ni, %41ij, 0lo .ecuroa t&t6-

Deflendee de mos.
cargo l Emnbajador
Dwyer de Nueva York
,. y. Agoato 3 (TP)
-i nSmbalAdo1 de Istados U.-
al.A, wl O'Dwyer. exalesa-
,. de Nneva York' d1jo que el
t recent informs, ae quo abiRa
transferido una carti de cr6edto
1o7T un mill6n de d6larue de M*
lkdc a in banco de Nueva Yo-k
,1 "untf m tir a bominabl'b

'ln delakholeh oihado in"Wain-
iton dijp er quie *l1 ttaalkd6
4? %lac a1 de iftdto se habia
fieSdtado shtes de quoe-O'DWyer
&e presentara antes l0 investi-
. 4aores del Senado sobre .el c
len en .Mato paaado y que .u6
canceia!dti cinco dials .d. ues..

pe &vouseo iamo? Dosambm

Amelllf bPt mb a lecho do
-iMmi deusgA6 do otels a amad!
Pn*b t*WOM Is Ctom AVOW do
Ao..#.1a ori..y wllf..ytms.


Be ha realizado progress ha-
cla el perfeccionamiento de a-
vionet y submarines de impul-
al6n at6mlca, diJo Dean, quien
declln6 decir cuando podrian
estos estar en funclonamiento.
Mi Informed indic6 que ha sido
esta'bleelda "ia factibilidad te6-
rica de los vuelos impulsados
por energia nuclear .

eiidente 'Trman fiF

"de mala gana.. project

ley que caific6 de ineficaz

- 3I Premdente TruWilan ilrmi6
el proyecto de ley de regulacldni
ecomd1ml e que Wtu aprobado co-
me Ifraula d' transaccl6n por
cl g R inmedlatamcn
tc delr6 que era "en extiemo
Ineftli" en l batalla contra la
i1 r.idente., "de malt gana",
pef "Is la oslaac6n a lua 7 de
la neehe 4e ayer y emltt6 una
deolaetn6 noiWlcando al Con-
reaS,' 4QU" tInuarA aboguaido
por medld e do regulaclin mAs

XI Primer' Magistrado dijo que
hubilera ,vfltado el proyecto deo
ley pero quo decidi6 flrmarto
delndo a que prorrogaba la re-
jlalel6n de los alquileres, art
come l autoridad del Oobierr.o
obre la producci6n de materla-
". y la yud a a empresas ded!-
cadas a trabaJos de la defense
naeional. La legislacion anteilur
eaducaba ayer a media noche.
Dijo el Pruidente: "Con Wta
;egislaclan no pedremos manto-
ner los precioo bajos y peulrd
al Congress que la enmlendc de
manora que tengamos medidas

regiulEdoras adecuiadas".
Declar6 Truman quo l0UKio t
que li nueva legilalolU peralU-
Uri el aumento en lm timg
y el costa de la vida, SA te-
eserio compensar 6ato eon sa?.
mentos de salarlom.

E&pide comu&icsdo
la Admiistraci '
Gral. de Adua.
"La Admtalntracl6l CUe3a
de Aduanas hacee abl *Ioa
mereco y aZ pfiblico ;n4i, -
ra. quoe lat llquidaclojea G
Aduana del Expreso A he;
chas entire el 25 doe jto 61e
temo y el cinco de aiolt0 mn
curio, quedan exone-a del
reoargo por haber 'erma6-
do cerrada d1cha o 1ildn
motive doe l ful6n eon A-.
duana de Bncomienou- Posta.
li, por razones del Pro wupu-
to de Renta. y. O astc ,e .a
actual vigencia',. .
Joa6 Ouleurmo Arjona,
Sub-Administrador Orol. do A-
duanas, encargado del de$pacho

fL ortalcase oman do

a ^ran Vino Reconsluyed




Puede orde"ar la suya lIamando al telifono 3-3022

as U.. oara a un
profanl national
t1 doctor JoSph Reiss, di-
r doe la National Hygienic
4O e Wuashington, D.C.,
Ua al dotor Oaspar Blo
r iwl que ha sido elegido
mleitndo er osi socledad clen-
tIia en h or a su tratado
bIr 1 'Moilidad de las Bd-
r ane ". El doctor Bllo
de e dante los aftea
i 147 rmer malstente del
ft Bern1ard Gindes, actual
Ptmllldlte de l Asoclacl6n de
'l*qulatri de los I atados Uni-
d Tambni oonaultor del Co-
Uepe y de la Pier-
Sohool of Nursing de Los
LAn l. MClornia. Tambln
d ferenbas en la Loml-
ta Medical College, on donde
ett elenteweinte graduado el
Andico panauefto doctor Hom-
Anteriormente el doctor Bilo
Mf6ndes eatudl6 t6cnicas avan-
ladas bajo los eminentes es-
pcilalstas doctors Clyde L.
Ollmett, del Canadi y Marko J.
Petlnack, de loa Estados Unl-
dos y tanbi6n bajo el Inter-
aaclontlmeinte conocldo doctor
Oeorge Starr White, mlembro
dIel onsejo Mdieodo te IUni-
versldad de Cornell y de la
ltoyal Society de Londres, sien-
do este oltimo eonsiderado co-
mo el mAs avanzado exponent
de l nueva filosofia m6dlca.

Alm ac n

Avenlda Central 114-A y
Calm 1i Este
A Precios Muy Especial
Acabados de recibir
para Sefioras


Finas de Nylon
desde .... .

desde .

. 1.95

de Nylon
desde 98c.
d Fines
desde 90c.

para NIRAS
dedee .

.. 65c.

para NI1O8
dedee .


Finos Americanos
"Tip Toes" de tac6n'
Cubano. Rebajados
de 8.95 a 5.98
-Aproveche to Graon-
que este fin do semana
les brinda.


Avenida Central 114-A y
Calle 19 sate

* WILDROOT, censrve Il co-
beaol ben pinedo dumante
eto *I die.
* tNo entien. greae ni klehe.
Conoion lanoline.
*mst6 aegredbltem*at

4*ls msd econamlco.








Al cumplir trece arios de vida comrcial,
nos complacemos en ofrecerkle
grande y isenmacional-


en todo nuestro extenso surtido de articulos
para sefioras, para caballeros, para nimos .
y novedades en general.

Per mm smma i niicmmit, .mt" iS"iu siba


Media de rayon finals. .......
Medias de nylon.............
Panties finos ................
Peticotes muy finos de seda .....
MAedlo Peticotes de Jersey ......
Medio Peticotes de Seda. ..
Peticotes de Nylon .. .
Medio Peticotes de Nylon ..
Fajas ElIsticas "Van Raalte" .
Camisones de algod6n. ........
Bed Jackets fino ............
Capotes para lluvia...........
Panties negros, fino. .........
Vestidos de baiio, desde........
Camisones de seda ............
House Coats de algod6n, desde...
Cortinas de bafio .............
Vestidos un poco manchados....
Vestidos de algod6n, desde .....
Vestidos de ray6n, desde .......

Vestidos de noche. ..........
Todo nuestro enorme surtido

. . 950
......... .... 0.92
. . 0.75
S. ... .. 2.95
. 1.25
. .. . 1.9
. ... ... .. 4.95
. . 2.95
. . 2.95
. . 3.95
S. . 2.95
........ .. 1.95
. . 0.95

. 2.95
. . .. 3.95
... ......... .... 4.95
. . 1.45
. . 3.95
. . .. 6.95
. . 995
Ie vestides acabodes de

recibir a precious sumamente rebanjdos.


Calzoncillos finos..........................
Corbatas de lazo. . . .
Camisas Sport de ray6n (tamasfo pequefio
unicamente) ... .. .. ...........

Camisetas muy finas ......
Pafiuelos de puro hilo .....
Media muy finas .. ......
Encendedores ...........

. . . .




Panties de seda para nifias......... ..........
Pijamas para nifias..........................
Pijamas para nifios ........................ .
Camisetas para nifios.........................
Calzoncillos para nii o........... ... ..
Zapatillas de caucho para nisfos ................
Carterap blancas para nifias.............. ....

Sweaters pars nifios .........
Zapatitos para baby .......
Media de ninfos............
Cristaleria, Vajillas de losa
Adornos pars la casa, Joyeria,


. . W O .
y poreelamL Fitlras,
etc., etc. 40% deaMtot



.. .. :;


!kommmmm I


i i i

,* i




* ,. i ',.'



E Presidente Truman pd6 .

p....h adicional para .arT eesb

braceros mexicanos a 'E .Uos.., .o.
(UP) Los san rIo*
WAMSINOTON, agosto 3. gan a un acuerdo s bre la trul- control de precious e fs e 11
(lP).. l Presldente Truman da de trabajadores me~cnk a tran pasradps par re* blc Dit
h\ pd ldo I Congreso una par- Estados Unidos 3a -baj ar diuvla depan t clones Ia 4.
,tida a i06nal de 6,500,000 do- en tempos de coeam I dos me establezan nuoa prevt
lares para syndar a traer ira- passes comenzaron di el r topes de eacrdo con Ia Iueva
bajadores mexicanos a los Es- asunto recdentemente -en,M6mx- ley sabre control de preoalmos .
U-vs a Uados y evitar las en- co. cual afectari prlnetpulmente Is .
trada UIegales, ha anunciado comida y los p utomoviles nue-
l. a Casa Blanca. I Truman soli t6 rectntemen- vos.
E dinero se destinaria a los te una partida adilcie l de De acuerdo con 1 n oueva le il,
servicios de Inmigracion y na-. 26.485.000 dolare ppra 'De- los precios topes de estos ar,
turalsacl6n del Departamento partamento de Tra ao e ins- ticullos debern ser u amentados
de Justicia, si el Con reso a- I talacl6n con el egan- 1= de entire el cineo y dies por ciento
prueba la solieltud y sf los go- Itrabajadores mxto aos. M-PPe- en septlemnbr
bler: o de Mdxlco y Estados Isidente habla indnaddo qqe el Xity da .l d
Unidos legan a un acuerdo so- mejoramlento del istema esEta
bre la traida de trabajadores necesarlo pae a benefidl y a- En oct$bre s van su. .
mexicanos y Estados Unldos le- tisfaccl6n de lo dos pdlises. E ote r e sr c
.4. a reunir en E. U ,t. ,
Lt. U0 'lTES SE ABREN PA O.-El Cuerpo de Infanteria de Marina dispara los lanmadores den e
conetes norteamericanos. Ios cuales pueden vomitar 18 cohetes de una sola vez. Estos Infan-a n
tes de marina disparan contra log comunistas en retirada en Corea..t d*d a ea n fl L
NUEVA YORK, N. Y., agosto V pah al e .
I Los Tig te.nir Termin6 el eslado 4 3. "GXNS. M s do 700 tmun- an s I-
MEOI ESUL os Tigres d clonarlos de anunclos se espera l one a1 I .s.
,'" qu-atuendan a Ia Tercera Con- moamo e a la I ont-
d e g fa ORe venescl6n Internaci onale AAnun- Pi S. *a ; *
AP/ARIEeC muc ias cars nuevas dede guerra enre de I a l.a ot
EE UU Alemania E o present an Pg Nueva YOrk, agim o rd de-rem
on el af 152intermedio del gran concurso de anunciado hoy di..,
mambo .ue estA Ilevando a cabo Be esperan gran4 delegolo-
WASHINGTON, agosto 3, en ,el Teatro Encanto la escul- nes de la America Latina y de
DETROIT. Agosto 3 (UP)- (UP. Una resoiucion adop- tural y ex6tica'ballarina cubans Europa, incluyendo editors, o- del4 mil milones
Ch r'+es Gehringe- dijo que el tada por la Camara de Repre- Miriam Giftes, field intirprete peradores, de estaclones de ra- y
ema con los Tisentantes ecara a formal ter- delritmodeo moda, elmambo, es- dio .y deo tele~isi6n y funclona- P 'I r "
roema con la novena toda i- minacion del estado de guerra pectaculo iste oue se ha eonver- rios de agenc%5as de anunclosY I IS, fr a l Rto 3.
e co Alemania el cual ha pre- tide en el a popular y conu- asociaciones. Posiblemente los ( Lasi de a ro1
re"o d rahab'aroe puesto vieja su evalecod
Sbitadarente. valecido desde el 11 de dictem- rrldo de Panama. Armando Bo- principles oradores sean un Ford d Franca, alcanzaron
bre de 1941 zaysu formidable rquestatie-proinente editor de la Amri aio paado 14,04,9,223
S Gehringer quien a sido no-ne a su cargo la responsabilidad ca Latina, un proiedente de una anco, comparados co12,24.,
S~ bradoGehrin Gr quene ha side los La Camara aprobo por una- musical, actuando come anima- compaftia de avikel6n europea 12 elbaan ndi
brado Gerente Genal de lo n dad a eslucion y la envoy dor Olndo Guaragna. Ademids, y ,un alto funclonario del o lf dlaeel daoa1e ad ae
,.al Senado para que tome ma se present el coUntinentalmente blterno de los Estados Unidos. Cmpaeia. + "
r el primero de octubre afir or acci. La reolu cin e na famous ventrloco e lusionista Mis tarde sern anunciados los product principal e
Soue coo resultado de so e una peticion q hizo el Pre- "Profesor Dlmer" quien har nombre y demLs pormenores, Ford de Francia s el auto
Fe vern agunas caras nuevas sidente Truman, la cual dice: pasar n rato agradabtle a a e- Los edtores y Jefes d.e aun- m6til d oeho ellndr oIlamad
tn la novena la temnotrada "Esla accion dara al pueblo norme concurrencia oue asiste al cos de otaos pales ue est~.n +Vedote. ET informe tt qu
Sr6::mna. "No ae cotejado las alemaln una nueva demostra-Encanto todos los viernes interesados en tender, pieden e eonstruyeront 20401 vehleo
Slis de los ugadores" afadid cin de nuestro deseo do ayu- toobtener invitac iones de Expertd los comparados con a nt,232 e
l"y no s6 quien es qui6n. Pero darlo a reLornar a la comu- ,News Service o de la Export el Io psao.
los fanaticos von siempre carasI nidad de las naciones libres delu e sn g Asciao de 20
nuevas con buenos ojos y es co- mundo. Representara otro paso VeseyostreetpNew York,dque Ofieneso 0facili o-
algunas en 1952." ce a la restauraci6n eventual de _..... E. U. esarrolla v.. ve A2
MARCA ^ EG la independencia alen)ana". eLn Aro Sile '1slJ
taGeringer r cordo d qu elo eha es LA GUERRA Y LOS EXPLORADORES-A pesar de ]a guerra, es- labor e Rc a millones B nk a
to r d bbLtos j6venes exploradores de Corea posan para el fot6grafo para "enCRica +s'de*97
I I I 4 acemdiez afios "y en realid'. Circular' hoy la demostrar que hays guerra o no ellos siguen su labor. I WASHINGTON, D. C., agosto vendi6 Doug EV O,,
cho contact con el denortc **3 (NXS). El doctor ErnesL 3' (NS). -. Pla .ie la
por lo que tendra que estudia 0o otUniversitaria esfuerzo por el grupo que lo la- tegrado por Leonel Ferguson, W. Laake, veteran entom6logo ~n s o isel S I e S formacln de. a orgniio
Nel asunto detentlrsmente ated bora por dar a conocer la dc- vises Chong, Isaias Garcia, del Departanmento de Agricul- 0pars la com yi64
de decidir que cambios se Aparece hoy nuevamente 'Voztualidad universitaria y el pal- Daniel Bravo y Armando Diaz tura de los Estados Unidos, ha SANTA MONICA, Calif., 3 de de. acclones ..n el.I ue
NP Is &rAn 4.. efdecdtaran en la novena de Universitaria' con nuetrido ma- pitar de sus aulas y su inquie- Wang, se retire de la direccion sido nombrado para ayudar al Agoto (XNS)-Reflejando 'la anunciado ha~ n.I. e
SM .rhi* UrG..c...a .. Detroit. trial y articulos de fondo pr tud intelectual. Este grupo de dl period univorsitaro para Goblrno dol Costa Rica en l celerac6nen la poduc
profesores y estudiantes en un la Facultad de Humanidades in-lo dar oportunidad a nuvos va desarrolo y utilrzain d cti- entregas militares, las ven tas poration y el Chal
etasd la glas n ani r r af t nueCa Ue I
presa periodistica. tosanimaleos. l nmbramien netao s de la Douglas Aircraft Bank La c e adin a mull-
es hecho cooperativamente con Company alcanz.roz a i 7,208-r cpal der o vcrito pa inte-
El nuevo director Rubdn Luis la Administraci6n de Coopera- 0 1ids ternletifn roest He 1os
Garcia, afirma sin embargo, cion Econ6mica del Departa- l de Mayo de este aftr. del Brasil
que contarA con los salientes mento de Estado, a pedtdo del un thifrPit A los aclo- E Love
colaboradores de "'Voz UnIver- Gobierno de Costa Rica. Est6 !.DonaldoW- ul"las. Vr, lt e ,4 del
sitaria". se esta llevandoza efeoto,.4onji de la cqmpafia, "dic tional ~Bnk y Da R
una part del o programaA del as ventas auqw t fn h r tm1bi4n un a pr
. Punto Cuatro del. Gobiern d $400.000.000 so ri f Vii- 'd l d hase, es t n
Lea E Ai p los Estados Unidos para &p. .. i de 57.13.029 para el pe- de aneoro dtseutli
rc.c....... Lea "El Aviso Oportuno" partir la informact6n y ~xpe- r,0e correapoindients do ur on t. n gruo de banper r
.ses. *ai,:tms ridades gurbefllistamnar
... que Berent ., t..e-p
GOCE USTED ...r qi'i, es

de los Saludables Rayos del So! iet' n e
de establbcer "una dorporaci6
bramilera quo se dodique al n
goclo de acjiones y otras cte
vidadei financieras en ese paL

aI mata Jpa .r .1

SLos destiladores 2te mdel

de whisky escoces)
m s antauos Estee e el mis elegance y s.eguro de todos
mas antguos (Arriba) El los convertiblen conmtruldo.. Cuando luere
I Cu(Arribo) Na S d mn hate frfo, basta tocar un bot6n para convertirlo
iei m undo ner*i'N h "'e en un sedoi abrigado v *"fortable. El Nash RaiLbler
(Abajo) Lo Camioneta un nuevo record estableeido en 1931 en la Carrera
Nal Raombler de Economla Mobilgas de
litro de gasolina. Personae qte
Sco do ,u rid. a oed in-
dustria, escogenpore oua'
ted les hojas ms tier.'
nase de code mat.. fPo
ese se Ilame "Tender
syne Leaf": "Hojae' Tierne".
La lereg e selecolon se

Pida en las buenas tien-
De ttenr en paquete o'
.. ea el autintico vehiculo
Jog Hde doMe utilidad! Elegance sedia deportivo
a,<-_ EL AMBASSADOR EL STATESMAN .cara de m pgao ofr"e.te. T bmiun den

|EL RAMBLER contrc6n Airyte. completamente libr"
de r idoa. Veng mutd y emt duza eli
'o ..Los Autom6viles Mds Mod ernsO &Del Munde Nl:amblnhr de a pr erenci.

,,ti tCIA CYRNOS, S. A.
_'_ T 7(Agencias Nash)
Tel. 2.1790 Crct Tid ....-'




- ".

, "" ,-'.

"' +* .y
W&M -,

II "

* ~.*r~*IJ .~


~Iel-'.. sS
S ~A4*~ .5 f

-J .L~" *'~~


iA4 -'
I -

* K

9 ,.- -- '! 'V.{

*f '_,' .4.+ _\* >" ''.-

do veanlse y aI Em
fla D'Onofrio. tL
. .*

a' l inuMrat oeian w ohm l 4 .4


Ab Aleofrwi & e:1 m **sm. s. bliss
Ed LUUaaaF doed a c*'eran la ails-
t sa a sete aetlo Ide lI a
. Pansmi, Agete I, 1381.

!V odo a
Sto de b lag @

4 I ; nan 't-- ma-
Ro! oasunu seordidle.sslir-
A. a la arI 8 nur
[a- I (- ma aquien aso
MoL .p hilita Nitasf r-.
'l U _l Bantiago de Chile
rlede I ,paser unsa lar
t .mpoad s lado de .u hLj to

e-M U. -mda2e0nides
m e o ayer de au tem-
a .dvaaeione pasada on
|1 yim idas el seflor Al-
bertK de la Ouardia y seforu E-
ludamo cordialmente,.

Un o darl ali do para el st-
Ar Hg Qonsale s y seaors 14-
1rtrestomn de a corto paseo
1p9r fa0 JoW. de Costa Rica.
. Abaad Wa el Hotal!
IDeur de haber pasado VA-
rl*a dm recfUida en la Clinica
San Fernande, as encuentra de
nuevo pn ,a* reudencia la se-
ra Ma60rita-sde Dubols. Nos
/ n las prtoneras horas de la
ma1ana do boy fallecl6 repon-
Uinamento en eL Hospital Pana-
mi el ilUtMo Juan Lnrique Js-
coake. fn et s hora de dolor t
Panama Amdrica present a*u
> muY #n4A cop4olencia a bs
paMt, ieTor m4s H. Jicome
y s06oA Dolores de JAcome, a
- su abuela,, seflora Olela D. vda.
(de Jicome y demise famlliarws.
PrvAentmsos nuestra condolen-
cia astefor Hector Valdes, al
.seaior Aatono Alberto Valdd. y
Mw. JiaL-deo Valdke ml .efior An .
SB4uei 'J. -y'a eflora Jucna
SVaMls de auere; al soaor Car-
los Felipe asllna y Mpeora Leo-
I nla lVaIdda de oalin a -s ac-
A forNina Dutari 1Va. de V.I-
dis, por el sensible talleclmi:n-
to do au hermana does Herme-
linda VaIdda de Agullera, acae-
cido ayer en el Hospital Santa
Tomas .

d du" dta de doa albaela. (Juammoo preguntaron qur hacdan, unor
d* ladrilla." El tro d o: *MEt contruyendo una Catedral."* a d e atmo- dc~otu o .
e *arec&; .vcces que los menesre d de ca son dmasiado
Sr ra "nbilidid y el fine ,a1tri a Ie muy ita. .r
i iJrn m gusto femdinos.. "mieninos ... laatde p_ u
I o lu m a Mo, de bdn gntio y do a oopciacidn. en curss amo- 1 iC en la pera. TEhe endma loN
SnIL (n d ir lonnawlo Ilim hombrm v las m11111 lawe o a do.el a.
rae del iBliaa. .." I'o. Co prccao fauliar t*,I l" "a', l .a ...

.esMfr 1m uray"w ea ald I e e y t hana sal. In b aif, as
d* lag sm3ias lunas l na i s elat1ia aA l lAd"
persnal... a 1a md9 ...a c I nAt puedO coM ttriAA'*f Z
I a suar cl emanto de u11 Iemapidad. .CuAnum conas '"
h* que edes. assafiso lehkcu) s nlaxemif m_-'-. A -l l w
Mr.I"fra" ',y mi q "uiin .poseci? _- la V.Sr
anc~hes. des t'Wuh no w crcuen. [7af uraf as to M. fr udie -i-en
arma etdl duc;:d: poe Aa unted quien- .... .- r r i--o. Ps. ---s-- my pmiy dam A
alglno e -,nuwlo a a e&t). mi Iecr.- .1 T dte fresh ". weM tm do
tana: ilia se emvars por complacr a used Es. lech eamporada. agrqhalule una btn dtam e o sus-
aiba detalmuaklo be-. l e nie drua a- Betty. 345 ti|uya et uviMeato em tiche C eonuda 0 pD-
Wla.uon AIqdke. Ilth ,loar. New York 17. e. Uisd laM. jmta qw ao JxLL*O ee
| N-w h ter c haslm-AudIs Mu arim5 wais h w emL,
a wag de "oar ubando tas.# farf- m& L1 ,kuh a Mmf r o0I ( rn pnmdlaBa
I I'arIJw o s rkIm I fc pr v mr Win ISme p-r a 1I
.a. 4huar mcarlaral cr c ,8 pq i La ; dip psM a p IeMdat
r.,.. by U ya d haour as

ie a. nt.m pAm... unaa m--

:t BL "Peti lM o al pnbrwm. Pa t m-
W MMI "do 101- go le w ad--o- de T"
'.4 1 M liM m \ CA mIN. L Mey de lt l
rm. Un hlke ac lSO aeol de Plate aMpilmi r a1411 ag pow es, O"e uB ON I

t .

ra. Oarlota Fierroe vl. ,de
e'fier oy Alftroe ,- ,
Erts. Lastenia Cdrdo ^F6
nbi.e JtUlo larroche'-o ;,
Mtriam'B. Bibauste M

Cample"oso de a sa i
ira. Maria Ehrman ;,-
atoe Manuel Enrique QuiJl4)q
nifio Jaime Orillac Arango
inla Irma Ocafa AroMamen
nIha enita Guarda Eatoucry

Tel. Aptdo. IM
CumaBlesaos. de hey
nn eStS focha celebra un iat
msde vi4d. el conocido p eri-
ldltsaeflor don Esteban L
I !tt la cludad de .Puerto
Arm tells, en dopde r..lde, 10
haeemos libgar husetras Im
ceras telicitaclones y nuestrost
deseos porque o strute do todo
g6nero doe tllldadeso

La iMoorlta14 Yplanda Va-
lie. ftela lhe. naales. A
las muchas eIcltacnes que
reelba con tal motive, le ha-
[cema legar jal nunatras muy
ilacera#. -

A las muchas fellcitaciones
que rolba hoy vlernes con mo-
tIVO dde sugar n ao mis de
vida la simpatloa seflorlta Mi-
riam M. Mlzrachi, hija del se-
"or don Elias Mizrachi y se-
fiora Rosa de Mlzrachi, agre-
gamos las nuestras muy sin-
Tambibn cumple aas hoy el
jovencito Joaquln Vdlez, hIWo
del seflor don Carlos Arturo ve-
lez y sefort Rosa Vald6s de
Volez. Plooenoi fellcitarlo con
tal motlvo.
Aniveraaria deold *r GIoGo
Natestto att*'to3. cordial sa-
iud' di f Rtc1 ; -.uestros
muy editing L ntg ami.js, don
,u Ibaezy ae Slo% AlOa-
lieuz,-qubenS Aes dia
16. do log cerrltsl clebraron
34 a60is de
Tambin feat ejaron un aflo
mis de' uni6n matrimonial el
dia 10. de iaosto los esposos
doctor Eldiberto Orimaldo y se-
fnora Beln.-Sotsaza de Orimal-
do. Pare ell.0 nuestros salu-
Aunque agao tarde, hacemos
i1ever nuestras felleltaciones al
Joven Ricardo n M., qulen
um6 u n8o de vda l
primer del prmente mes.
JTAmp |.j s" ty elici-
Sdo1 ow- l'al preosnte
Md. 4s Cuevas.
gar '' 0Wgga lacuionem en
dond4Mi~i, ^Is lbeos lie-
Sa P e dampatulaclones

A bilento
e el dia ky-de Julio ale-
raI el hogar do o ps.esposos Wi-
uam oboert Herron y senora
Olgj Dedlgo de, 'erron ]a lle-
Illia & mundo del pequefto
_lllam, nacid0o en el. hospital
mador GuOrrerq.. Nuestras fe-
Hn-aclones a le venturosos pa-
dreo -. .- .. -,.

F8thial bailable
Cbntfndan los p r e p arativos
para el reglo ball qu el, Club
Oe Leones de Colon ofreci ma-
fina asbado en los salones del
uij oe 0 Ixtranjro* a bene-
ficlo de la Cruz Rola Colonense.
aEte festival bailable ser ame-
nizado por la conoolda orques-
ta Tropicana y la entrada cos-
tar& un balboa por persona. Ha-
bra grande sorpresa, revista y
premlo de entada que consis-
ur en uin viaje de jda y vuel-
taa la hermana Republica de
Costa Rica. TodoI' estIn Invi-
tados .. .

Pues*tmwes naetam doP09IM
prmppdacon auaoloolwcalioi-
to amnto d mo otam, y dormi
come uo lird6l POSTUM no con-
ven" 'baibn. Compre
PoTUM hoy mismo y
disftrkW do an aue4o i |
traoqlot i.




Suaves Como
la soda

-. ~.. r~


rrera en el nar desde el aflo de
1916, fecha de au graduaci6n en
la .Academia NaVal de los fsta-
dos Uhildos.
Tambina Ia dirigido varlas
classes deo naves y durante la
Guerra Mundial No. 2 fu6 Co-
mandante del grupo de anflbios
que Uev6 a eabo la invasl6n dw
las islas del Pacifico que esta-
bcrn bajo la domlnaci6n del Ja-
p6n. Desde 1945 ha desempena-
do cargo como Asistentes Na-
vales en el Departamento dc la
Marina. Entre sue condecoraclo-
pes tiene la Modalla por servi-
cios distinguidos en la Marina,
la Medalla- de Serviclos del E-
jercito y .la legi6n de Merito.

Subcomiti de la
del Representante Republicano
Clare Hoffman, quien critic a
sus/colegal por "abogar por I&
eoonomia y despuhs realUar
viaej a expenses de loa con-
Mientras tanto, un porta-,oz
de la Oficina de Estabillzaci6n
de Precios dijo que el aumento
de diez d6lares por tonelada de
papel perl6dlco ha sido reall-
zado pqr la Crown Zelferbach
Company de San Francisco es
Be supo que otras cutros -em-
prexas han pedido que bSe les
p i'mlta aumuentar los: precious,
atoqpe no s'se reel6 su cuantia.
portavotz d&t Oficina de Es-
ti lzabi6n d que la Crown
Zilerbach liab cumplido con
lap dlsposicioBo legales y que
teoia d e r e c ho a aumeitar el
poelo. .


tiene los

mejores programs

KYEL PICCADtLY un was an
tenrestea. me moeSw. 0mm-
vnae nt a tod m do tra-du- l t.
lbtel modrno. MO ea.iart, todas ean be-
Ao y radio. Televtsl6n. Dpto. RWfiol.
zcolente reftaurants an el Botel. Cot(f
ahop pars dsswunsr pPa m lmuor. ce-
mid., ena y Cocktail Baot, d ftas
trio i artste s.namCsuw-a.

~WAIUTWON HO1W~ ueLw am.

oerd o lus mal do O
moenoo. CoceI o elsit. ra o, utulilfian
euS1.50o. Ipto.. ded" U800A. Pre-
eMa. nalslml ~ usli.o iepecl. ea

reats aPenoll. Sl "sBus. .a4s -
raI6n do lu l laseons ta salrales r empr
13200 habiLaoionu con hlAo priTvo. f,4.
asoU corrmlsN haolsa. IWaVIDOR Proclas
died. 54 ... y NO extril impledeIe do
bablia m. idasI st tenderln prn mlnte
U a6t. trneualo, famll.r. fSlah priviee.
SIMAL B persona fna d psonsM.
ApM. d I1, I y I cusnw. Oran iomcto
per aMUSUa a BusaM. DeparUmSo oNps-
Ad a ou doe Ar. Miriaa mPtrml. CaMe-
ralltr FULTONIL TeI Ta I-I1l.
Jo APT. HOTEL, Mssat. a t resd.
sesd IS AMICAL C T. Ak e 1 em-
re doIs lekn. himpun. Aptes. d 1.1
martie esM coelfialis r h7oe privais. Um.

Lrm. OMuth
sA amt

us n
mekadff C
pnmda. DeTi
*l U u.l

...h6 am-

Sa.m iN a.
wr on- 6n-

h k""*.
,A, lA"&.

i u, p r 1 -


aIi amusm-iaN. sripin
&Ium. sI Its 1I te. Oonile at lI
Ii dMiVaMld. CWIrtoiM mi .- W-
sxi ie4 p.. a. s.1. Ta S ampt..
Me =oof. tMs Vrotml No* Tekr".

at., mm w T"e eOe9s. deivts
slaeI. Tea MI. ts. AT.. m.ows Mol
hao. s mso s -edom *e.M. 0. do s ed
47.M. Tls*16a. e laMs seeM4.

RmeML IlK, m w. a m. IN b-
td mai sIeam.. ma mdtd en &Tl
soo'B. TSm owass"m t e". dme,
ia. c E. diam&SSi Dl ddliln -

HOL ...LU MM. .w S.- s.
eo1ra6n i TuaI5 Eqft. RAA@i CIW, I.
An. iB U UIA. Dgal orua ie r -r
=a m =po tl. Or1.ans. we."
Ould os new Tort. 3s oba MmLl
HOTELOMlIN wiimm aa m..A
=a cad r ue Otfml. w do
a QiAt& ATMlmida V ceFMt i.mprae.
Mqlafl mi hNlaade smisblaioi. Dee-
do $SAO be"o.

II 3l. CfA Md P q -tra. 151..
uraL. C0Satae ussr ea Sa*s prsaSe.
AIPrt- emes Hilmton. a prnoes

p AMd. ar reerami o CaNe: 'OWR -
sum.on., mf wei6I doTlm UrSII 1 ,
T e P a- A esiol te, e s iru -
bw r -A itio SagS W
Imam v Ua oS1 @a pis twb
rrii--d-" r as" 4. Mimr--
mtis. p te. Is t" *I
me. one 8S -- rt.rrr*.
Upagiem aWmMets emep. d *es asd mi-
..s.. O, ..znc." wTWk -

Pmn"do e as Ceou mEad d sls -
S*eetom.a.?aS imdoS umTats O-
WM Ib- wi a sm. Miua.imaea des-
to4%dos" mouuolgooto d

BROIJ T=HOTEL., imU2.v.*2.O &
Sal., t Tobwsi.Ia. aslo f M ut rvilmmed
C 0822. L ChtwhuowamUf :sa teatmad
'Wit.. AmbI*b 'Ial-eomwinse..

B-tRE O&EL, s* t.a an .dras -
i SisatL Ae im Ia lamedee pria. -
Ia.. s P. ft ot A.tam -

Mets* Umus i *s a U $14.

isKIamemes cm mfr~, ai.stmadm. P V
sa. isis ~wsa. ~ heMs impalal.

I 5 c 'L n m.s LI-
dn amse o mt-gem *. rsI l er ld.
.... s r 2n ,ama IN e ables am"l.

lvd. m ei. sI Bm.adnum .ltUUal -.
re Mir. ears siadis eui.

T moI, n ". -de .
flt m. m.b4.a.
rIcw. m.e-

ar. is wMA Cmra i te eI,.

mOe ais a ,m lino. MIMsdoI.

A" *Nwass
!.. a. S-
sen as.e musse

IsIL 1
a i o-
I pl a*
6.0 W rpu~msba
L mw~mmL m

- 1te-4 del CarnavaUto Estudisantl, seorits Mlaritu do
,eft~tt a ft Ceela Jim6nes, Ida Boyd Chapman, Rlts
Ie 4J6VeM Carloe Alfredo St. Malo, Diego Jlmines y NI-
Ns lie wOWIP, earreras y diveriones, organlsados per
as del Ik leraouerlcano de Mujeres pmar el ran
Lt1 o*y dark derecho a i n Undo premi o d
; y pai timblen al 6xito de eote festivaL






: I -,- --, --- -- _- I- 05






I m i .. ...


.," < -..;-.- ..,.

IV& al c

a usi.h.. s. .. ...6 wuonsda W
IIsmi -d *I for..W mrk i iL w do d

de tI oeseatrmlat 91 toeurge MwAte g. Warab 3a M a p
w'I.P e ss.g to *d.t 5 iellia "At-


Actualidad Argentina

(De la MIlsta "CU-rtiante" 4eS oeds .Ali.)

an su mensaje al Congreso manifestando quoe Ul t_ pi-.s
Naclonal, al declarar augp. experimentalSe' iMI.eum-
rado el 860. priodo or io plndo l l p
de aealones, el Presidente doe li sent, I.
RepIblics general Per6n, wa-a. .las
nifest6 que los legisadores y apm ., : caps-
el pueblo sabian perfectSamex- ceo vter f tods la red
to blen cuales fueron lia lu- nail do eergta elletries.,
chase del Justlciallsmo, pere Impoulbl result contulgna,
oue n ea oportunidad prefe- ev l breve epacI de tA no-
ri hablar no del dolor de las ta,,todoa l heeha os crt
batallas sino de las victoria, sla enunciados on el menaae, m
cual abarca los doe aspectos nuoabe pear por alto reff.
fundamentals del mOTmlen- r4aa tales tomo la0 que g*
to que 61 encabess la s grado t a 0 yoaclminto earb* -
za dsa nacl6n yr1A oleldad hifoMUM do Me Turblo. done
do\ lo argentlnos. Revel6 quo me hala la bas do nuestra
en 194I y 1949 -el palm h ia dependenola en mater
auperado, 'por la pevlsionba mOo combustibles. Au
adoptada una er econ6- conlderablement el
mica dfiell y stitnrm6 q Is de petr6led y denaott. -
Argentina no tione problems naclonal an un 98 por c
econ6mlco 1ue la qu to, hablindo side
cional es extraordlnarimente on o el 82 prcleotte
mayor quoe an 1946 y que, en sumlnlsatro. E lai
un pals hoy mab rico que yer, mercial sla produccfn
la riqueo. est' mejor distrt. pedltada a1 coinsum%, a
bulda. seal6 luego qe hace tando todae las. a rts
cinoo aios a producc69 agro- voluMen. -n cuamo'
pecuars tab on manos ex- porter defenddo
tranjeras y que obora, Inten- clos reslatr6 auent ae
samente fomentedd. ouentsa com los te a
con el amp o edito del an- dos 32

Luego de referirae al creel rallascf6n d los
into deo I colon aci6n, at- cme aGa D afas p 1f
b16 coteC del avance o4idU21 no cenmioroi a pe comn,
fu siblesinsacc., .iesan .ue
no pars 01 puo 9 ff rc <
dI I culwds=_ ISr Umwe_
falta db d s. rea6 que El cret mlento del te
actualmente con el MIntSoa.n, y la etteacla de la Plots i
mero do obreros s produce eante del Estado, los ben -
mias porque los eabrerol, sabre clo determinados per el .
los que no peas ninumsa clause tittto Argentino de Promoel
de explotadi6n, tabajan oe- del Inteacaniblo, el saldo I
or. Acerca de%,3F6dktto t)0.. T1rabl0 de1 Cemrelo exterial
trial Befial6 io en 1 ,4 ftb eha p6rnitldo el ere eim i
de 4,414,000 Lp anx o t4 de las reserves de oro y
en 1950 la cfSd U via, y aIs consoervacldn de a
-Des. l mim= o creeIm*enta e baje mivel e. mtterla 1m -
en loe otrot factor opor6 tva, constit aen otros delo
en sla mineria, ovy r u enunclados el mensaje owr
ae realisa sin la intervnt6n los que se comprende, a Is I
de Intermedlaritos cat"o, de clfraa Intergiversables,
Centre 1040 y 1150, la enri que se bass la actual px
el6ctrioa nerada asumen o rid d argentina y de oue m *
3,320 mlAone do I.lovaU or. ha aide poalbie p lrt eciolr
horse a 5,000 milones. Procis- todos lou 6rganos del goblefio,
m6 en eote sentido al general realizar innumerable obrs
Per6n que on cinco afon su p6bllcas, elevar el nivel de 1V-
goblerno ha realisado ma s da del pueblo con el manI,.
obras hidrkullcas y energ6tl- miento de salaries Justo y
cas quo todos loe goblernos permitir que sea el pueblo
precedents juntos. Dedle6 to- mismo el que, con el sobrant
do un capitulo del mensaje al de sou riquessza, contribuya a
descubrimlento argenitine de creacd6n y elsostenlmlentoi
energia at6mica controlable, Importantes obras sociales.


*4 ~ .'.*~ ~

p ** A

AM .
- .,- -
. i u -...






F F- 4.

~b~i luger et si
4bId. Oh*o

* K5iana s reaiufida el cam-
*.spnato de fitbol de Begunaa
'.nCatno ia. do la Liga Provincial
4* i Panama eon el':juego entre
.rloa eqlipos Ambato Hjmpalno
.Jr, a las 4 de la tarde en el
Justadio Olimpico:
Sin este e-jcuentro los ecuato-
rianos trataran de alejarse de
aus rivals en el prtn.r ppesto
"inintras qlue los efpatoles rar.e-
noresa lucharAn par. ascottar Ia
ventaja de loa punteros. Servira
',de Arbitto Harmodio Savin.
:: -domingo se efeettiarak ':n
l pajt14p de-la just. xlebldo
a i eiL'tuadro del Egtadlo e'-
ltarl ocupado dicho dia en la
mrifLana con ei tornety de aile-
tismo. El )uego seialado eslara
1 cargo' del eantander y Anion
Jr. a Ias 2 p.m. y servira de ar-
ltro ( ast6h de .Le6n-

Joe W kott Hara
jina or Paispes
i NUEVA YORK, A(gio3o .(UP)
,-E1 campe6n mundial peso ope-
sado Joe Walcott plensa reall-
'zar varlas pe!eas de exhibicion
*'en todt ~ a lpas prnpales ciuda-
des sudRiecricanas segen anun-
Pcir*u manptPer Felix Bochicclo.
Dijo Eoch!ccio que .i cam-
peon h.ri j::a por varias clu-
dad:.s del interior de o1s Esta-
dos Unidos lle-ando hasta., la
COsta del PLcifico. De alli se
embarcarO nara Suramerica.
Despub de la jira que tomari
alredeeibr de in nIes marchara
a Europa. DUio que los'planes
del viajc ssi c'.mo lIs fechas y
lugr *e- do l,,s ex'-:":.iiecones se
dec!:liran de acrc o ccn los in-
forr'"- ,(-r sc. reril.,0' de, ls re-
pro n'.e' 'cA.-A'r!di sin em.
bar, qrp" e''a ue \Wa}('oit,
inlc'-'r'.' i ,jira du 0 rib'el1i
en t Flt :-rior, (W'ci nis W 'pdedor
fel 15 ":de septt!'mbrt* saliendo
I r -"" entiepari S uramerri-
-' -s *d(t Octubre.


ChanceEn (

que t luto- urln h a
do en Juan Franco reap
mafiana en el cotejo eito
.anclerra la cartla hipi
se celebrarA en el vioji
Este event pars lo eJ
res de ia clase "B" ten
recorrWio de 1400 metro
caballo del pueblo pai
una prueba dificll ya qi
dra contrarlos coma
wood y Fair Chance que
ran de arrebatarle eir tr
todo cost.
El defensor de lon colo
Cantaclaro es nuestro a
para ganar esta cArrela
eot l atravesando por
s mere for mas lo qu
dilea com uno de los n
ligrosos contendores, T
Fair Chance es de. cuidai
sus ultimas- presentasi
eatalogan come un rival
mar en cuenta. Complei
1ote Dictador, que muy
puede dar Ia agrn aorp
He aqui nuestros pron(

Satisfactoria resi
ha exhibici6n de 1i
que dieron en Ri
Interesantes y satisfy
resultaron las exhiblcion
ofreci6 sla Asociaci6 tde.
does de Panami en Rio:
Los conocidos luchad&
Cedefio, L. friedman, C.
do y A. Aldrete rindiern
labor que mereci6 lam i
I clones dIe lo numersom
i tistas que se encontraba
greados en dicho lugar
Debido al ezito de esta
biclones.a Is Asoclaci6n -
chadores dark otra 'pr
(i6n en el ninaie lugar
deIcl dos semanas, adem
est' n6- proyetaindo ; exte
a otros lugnres del Inter
mo Apt6n, Penonon0i, Al
ce, $antiago, ChitfE, ot

;, *' )^ ',

+/ +/ 3'7 '
del n( .4h
en ..

S & rPanama


Pidc su Pizzse Fvorit. "

Titintin dtl Hi.'o,
S Aradibble Arbion'e,
y *I ri;3..e la M' eno'. *

5:30 7 p.r.i. Lunge a V;ernes
5:30 8 p.m.


. pq,.

Prr P-
dae uo,-- I s terAms- u ESTADO = U-OD ej

6iaiI no d0o dpdrder. lu .Voll eyba 110 ftFrA
e tien .. "'.. ,d .-
mpe- S lap t ca a, Profesional ... ..... ... ... ,1" -
do un y Golden th"ter6 D_ Manul Liceo ........." 3"dade
os y Rl nn li Qul -.-Generadoe VdUi Instituto N3bl.Si.l *..o. 0 3
&or prd r t e saa rle Panamerileale ........ 3 ha inform O
u ten-wModtu es nh.-"'Wde'i-elsun hi-
Gorge- I xta.e.-- --- .. .. ..I d* biller y deaoa .. ..h .
Gorse- It!n Isf xtes'ion'I'A _CImt-pIo a' .1t4 tuAMprI ho 4. s
trata- p)bde sorpre"Tr.' t-10 r Prov1elas, para Aries ................... haer iif h a hibiclones con el yri6.De
iunto oortedon -' ,1 ,y,, re, l.s- Pro ional ........... camp .e.tro patio p'ara tola'..- D1-
on. ..e, e Instituto Naelenal .... 1 2 sal d t u habilldade ctama r R'tonfe
ores del pD la saptima iarcara Unole S1 pasaports de lOs Panamerlan ........... 3 en e lar. i0~1S a c put- pte Rit
scogldo James debe 1anSI Milhp"c. s aSSSS_ ptte en E l- to ,& auara trees dias y sf S' 0er
ya que i ro ,' .< uei, e oe 1,ra lo Las Competencis Intrcole- van Is W i minadas a" geas- yial .'I fde vuto I tf.hl&. l
e l In- _P i a del de fliketball maftana con R cktro artIdosn"Nea iatinton f uertesd re
,, rin debe x bar. .asteMStar P --" a* o a O entre a equiop"s: d en .Y ,,ml.k. 1 to

'ress ragle s nust ogi T- S ec enn el 'I", p ARThS ,wt. NAL NUWVA K11, Agosto S (T. o Yalqui de ^tevs York conecta5?do 14 5i leael
ea I ni oe nv a.. carri ra (Mo-Ir hiff del ye yat I in a- LIC O P>- PmOiONm, vendieron ol ar 4 Detro. vencle- yendo ""'p "R poi.,-.

6tucos: L dieb egat'i auII ardnro fa dlo Ca- ron po 0 Ie to ne eo d Wee Ru
o-- mi|ne debe galoprlos. Aqul ] a mlembre Tortes, ogro Proteslonal vs Panaerieano mepltaa y enviaron a Jackle [~ O White blanqu 6 ,del Duke -~.ta b"-
ll toy puede sorprender.. 3*1e ilerai.. pasaMetea a Del Circulto Mascalino Jansen a mn equlpo tinca enn gK I a e1 Snu ms tlee a"na d UAW
ones, o. Sador. El primer Juego deberA co- de a n rneroBob Ca problem, siita--Ybl White Jackie M.n a ttetae Lo&
UC1 a 'Dp L t termi- menzar a a.8 y 15 d la ma- y al lanzador zurdo Bob W0es- wto e $sre en el aap- ea16i e'el patgar de liMo
et l Contender O fana en 'el Ot io Nacional. ler. o e ep:-adJ "on lai lie- derecha tuio uI Nste. OI
Omar *. i.t rc aquf nuestro- pron6sticos El estado de. lo equipoa nS Los Carmueitas enviaron al ti t A. M Aber lat Juero eur elsHs do aeu. mI0
CO I O para n: ndca la a. de eatos mamo tipo a Kan City as a bateado e tmer latilnare ando.
ictoras i Resorte, a pesar de su encuentroa dn Liceo y Pro- pere conaeando au opcdn so-. gen.N'o Pero cain fm. .
te que EstcIesor pe Anton, afd ad gana, Opex nunc] eesiDonal ae diputealn el comap bre asr ar jugatdor del "ngol poed"6 Iopp qo -,ino tamn ogu r Cubs dl" ,
d e y d I o ih d r ce n an a-a0CI-sped 1

~n to ncon 8dO Pre aA*gan, O nuc osn ersobh ,Cbl __izo- dmco l de mllye ea e hit te_* m

Lucl1a- rde,. eideaculdarme;-2a. Pregone- do el InatitUtb Na. y cl Pan cuadro Tom Upton y al- se1nd I m .co l| Qt .! l -
mar". o AiM.a lt (Correpon r D .o .o ,gusts par repetir, amerlcano luchar anm.or entrar dor Lourtmtet y vendlron a W l. Ds- .aientoa _.o6o', .efI-
tar ANTON ga trn r.I cIn.sit6 r
res 4. i saD-Loa pupils del Lic. .oli- EbPIipe, *u anterior la gan6 i- en Ia columna de ganadores y dioha al lnaE dlr .BobBob PU p 1r1m hlTa y pono .ch6 c.non a loa G1O L.... is 1oa
Lucan to to, jugand. m baket [i-Sa. Cafiaveralt, "tJ.y pus- deJar la retguardia en, el cir-[ Hogue y a Jigador del feuadr n _i s o batea *dre nu r- Yotk oo ane Lial
. una -, al-tac-, idi anr, batiron M Cel o aquf. Campealno,. el buchi cuito femehtno. En los varones Kermit W hal l S o,1. ueq .Yanquir que raB a 2. Rt .iojle. .'. i.
lerit. inito Dor "tai6 4 dado; -a edeeridera Coen ha 91,atado bate .ndo at 'dw hitoS. Watn eJ 11. tT0 hit s0te Alv iWn u
depor- por anotaei6n de 25'a a21, enI a uu meonto a otro etalla u colocaclin y el tnvicto, y los la Asoclacln AmelcCna un/ n os-y. ory. j oulg. lc M' ontae s. uv lt l-
n con- Liga debasketA e, mte lurar.noieor. aa Pr larpar y- la ma- otros ConJfuntos trataran de promedto dn .354 con; 350a ljO-/ otrQl6mpon eose.1 ellelf|ia- d JonMs ,del b ]o, ,.. n-
0a ehis agfl Ahsal con'ma punt Oa tIrda4;-5a: Faoir Chan- orar poalclnn. fleao yquo carreI e. 9 al el s. W utr c am r l p lapii.
SeL- u l mao anodor de l c ionda u a, sand- Weler ha ego e d d ead qu
de L- nadore y po los perdedr wood por r descarst no Los eqlupo ose : encuentran en dicha Liga y ha perdido s MJ'l n.,e.eL p:UL e e a la S p fero aEcsf inSag opli4ab-
enta- des mo Frnandfz ga p ganar;-6a. Caribe blen acondlcioados y se pro- pero ha abanicado a 137 bate*- EnsLgnen ri.l t0 r dcalreS M ,sm
Aes qn- 'Se tseeaAdesa en au anterior, nostican movfdis y reflldos jue- a dores. ,L PhleSia de Giladeldia Si- D. lad el
a2 qe L o embro. de, la -Lga *e.a. Pre^m~gm .Inea ne pas ganar; l s -gOS. -
nerlas tan eseadd6 eI trofeo que cl 7 a. b- orazo e ar levanta- el h l .
lo co- Li. Manuel ROy. Jefe del De- PVoMrol por jcete puede
treodul- partameryo-deuacU6n isCMat Citc, teneneDlenque ne- uobredrn el dpuoto -di
m prometi. para-el totrrieso. Jl"'t"Pp -- obePn "-eou etdoo "d
"bon;-s. ng pueae are de de n id ed. de Pe me NOTCIA SENSACI tAL
"..dl LOU- lpunasa punta. Alto Al7gre. no la m h odo resa a _
,m'..dos .mu, di1dgrn nada,--iga. Tame- tratalr r dno, ; -. D--
ne, ora o, no deacuile qa uS- i de .e mar elp loio r- B O *tu ERh : 1
.. ao or te n rmal;- doa. m Tin n l ab te m Tan, el revlobbn o Lto.l ns.;.e M ~ntir vi
omicop en er. epfte c na o e les a delb l r"one-. d
tranLTeaet por este medlo, y. de mai 4C2r- R I WA SEkMANAL de Bs. TA C
....CITAI.OOessFTIVA nyy simpatiSAy f dge&res, de1 f'-a l
FI, BA SEB$ALL d.p0rte .e los hieir.; lo ms-.por daB/,1.0 eo ,
taen el sdalo d.n Recree de V-t5A doWManuel Roy, CO ted compre a pa gUeA ... ar Caae@
I m,-e erveceri aonal a' R ahs 7d mo jefe del eepartamento do ej p aconal .eaas .t3on o dosLcsc Fiica y a suts mine- Aefhs`ari.a ,t.I Tlaaq ft ,.&I
p sm.eparo atal. epe : a.l daton colaboradores; a lo8 en- mfsainonn A""
lo erad see especialm tusiaatas much aches que prte-Prhw1tod
iLEMEntr n. Alonso Roy, Arturo del Valle, arana Asociaci de Croni.s"-o.
Lo i dIE ardo Lbsui, li erard- Amo- De,#port vos; a los members d*:
Deber de aijatir a dlcha reu- vantamlento de Pesas y al pu-' 0m 1 r Jo PlEZAS SUELTAS "
LAnn los aspt qu hcieron bllco on general, a una po COL iEESPINIVANESSMi
P 1eticiones parw fDir ct~r y Asis- tvnte seai6n que se llevarA aa H
A atente de da -leccin que no8 cabo el proxin domingo e CICLETAS INGLESAS CONDOR.
"- den motive de la celebraclon de la mafana en la oficina del Esta- I e h '"
Ul OZ XII erle. dio Olimpico. _t J u m il O r it J r b a il o e o r
Tambibn a 1Ma jurados Blaa '\ y m n I o r t C .U S m/s1 < Santaclara y Oerardo Budd .l 8eflor Revello comentara .. ,^ .+

CLUB DiE. f- AcIpICO q' se agOitan en estad actlvidtde.s se
Recuerda A ,wto ssi- ptdan nportar luces sobre eat /. r
Srs l \ e a. o siim-p' qu l Departamento dewS
Sde eata noche a a 7.45 en su ls. muhachoa de la prensa, /
local de .i a AveIkla, Central; puedln dar los consejoea qo d- J i' O LO .
ent re lea punts, r e ren dir n1- c0nialde ren op'ortunos, y DLO d qt -n: que e? 1
f Irormede Pa funcipn de cine que fino de cuentas cel pblilco pue-. VACIDAIDi PAGO SI -_i p.,te*. '
se orrecera el' domingo en la da otr el mejor tetigo y Jusm Avaidf -C It a LB CeLTfet ..Mt ,..
._ ._ mariana en .el Teatro Cecilia. en ctao deliberaciones. .. .... n



5a. Correro
Premio: B/ 750

r"B" Importodos 7 F
).00 Pool Cierra: 2:55 p.m.





4. SANDWOOD ............ A. MMN. .110

. FAIR CIAqICE .......B. iw 'A *
3*-mB ^ *. .





So Carrera "A" IpItdos 1 Milla 7a. Corna "C" Importads- I a
Premio: B/ 1,000.00 Pool Cierra: 2:55 p.m. Prenozt / 650.00 Pool (arn: 4I* "

1. PINAR .. ........ Jose Rodrigues

S2. WELSH ............. C. Icala



3. RATHLIN LIGHT ....... J. Sammie eo 113


4. PH .EVS AFO.. ..... .. Morinmo



~~0 4 ~- U ~ .. F.


1. NIC 4IN ST.R ........ .w.i ,. .ore oro"
.* d.nK CA s.ees.ALY* ..,' R. *a

S. .. .. .' A. Solo 1.3

G co ............. ai a 1
tf^/CO ,....,.....e,,.*.^ J _.

~t. .~

t.. I^L^

s ',t o[
,. ^ ;-

1 'k, ~


; -{\
! ,

la. y la. 6a. y 7a.
A. y rla

Para la comodidad de
nuestra clientela opera.
mos. ahorstanto en el
en el "SAVOY"'.

1. DICTADOR . A. Soto

2. MONIELITO ............ A. yldi
GORSEWOOD ............. Or
3. GORSE WOOD ............. V. Ortega





. +,

- =z

*~:;;* -.:

WUWDiUI'13 >o~ --VT--. -- -~ -- -
'1- ~-~v'


S.-- .. .-. .

.. : :
.j ; qI r:',!
,Bee ...; .
. .L..... 1
. ....... | |
Ir........1 -
dE 3

,i;s 2... A 4
iela 2...... 1 5 .
ou, -: I I5 -W
JuO.w .. .1ts aseho
P; 4 .m.

'LA j"MtA menor do., Baket-
" ball outaonna sta- noee eon
2Walo Naclonal con tries in-

Card Darn ....... T 1
Dep. Morris ....... 7 1
Pnoeho ............
Eotrometidos .--.... -
Tropleal ............... 4 1
Royal .............. I
ees ............... 3 6
T. Bousa .......... |
Nat ......... 1
Seleeta ............. !:4

y quoe teel e 30 a1 a trenSaels.R Y

En Un Ambiente De Optimismo

y Comprensi6n naugur6 Sus

Sesiones La Con d. De Base

Par 3. NUv3Z 3.
a is manWs de hoey me efec-
tq6 lia *el6n Inaukural do la
oanfedeacl6a de BasebaU del
Caribe, con Ia aiastenels de De*
legados de les palsm que la-
fouman en is, ien.-

.%WtEA w RAM r do dollem Panmia, Cuba, Puerto
dfSdd.I i nI RICo y Veneoels Tamblin es-
-f ad! dreactoda, Costa B mo" e-,,ols osperLndo Is ropre-
mi.ntraquoLContra- mti6n d M Potlcopnt ingreIen
SS O a ORION I& ConJodersel6n.
8'0Ip sAW, umiple u ltimo La representaci6n do e Na-
dm del. clcdaro con tional Association d E.U.A. es-
UM IaU mcotproml co,.mOos tavo a eargo de Robert Finch
ql que tiene true al .Or I n De quat me diri loa i Delegadoe
paw el 8sma, seria el primer png darl9e un aaludo a nom-
P lpo que logra au- claUSca- bre de diehs entldad ass, como
OB pari l series final en su do Geo. Trautmian.
L. .. de di oe,inaugural
i aN vs REBEr. d e part del Presideate de ia
an. st4 eiOntr reaparecO Coe veai e, Sr. Rial Arango N,
01 Aleman Jr., que t-ne % ,.j en el que dej6 etorever la po
-_ I -.... 1-.-.. 1.......... _"t n l u e6 e lae e s

mo sn 'At~tOet ty Etzhu
Oord6n, que por, eatar actual

IG md u a e'uooho, to
O c? LEOU-W'A1lAm

*la- =ftva 11 por W titulo.
Id "4 Wiran los
bitroe, Velarde el anotador
Oroel *I Cronometrbta.
DI lunoa jueg ,.a cot
; nuar la juata Carlos Eleti
SCentenario a las 7.00 de lai
-. she.
'. --TORCAZA Zixa
3.-- Y Cafiave
S4-41L AIWOO Golden FI
i9-.ALTO- ALZaqRI Marisao
K ntt Mon Ut

La cree modsrei
do dio dIffplem
pore I. foamHle
ente^.rs ,

Nuljdad 4 0quo nuestuw palm
oaufrmes teire, el Cuarto Cpm-
petIrt P eional del Caribe,
bieima mb ,de Isa palabra Os
VW.peJtateo de las otras -l-
as elores, Emillio de Armas,
por Cab&, Juan GonzAles Car-
net por Colombla, Ramos Co-.
bi po Puerto Rico y Erle
D a sO pr Panama.
Tan pronto -o termin6 Is -
ld6a, leg Pelepadoe se dirille-
ron a Iga relencias de I Re-
publlea a prsbentar su Saludo
II Enm&._ Softer Presidents de
In Rep*bleas, Don Alcibiades
Armoeainaa, quie ha promntido
today la cooperad6n del Gobler-
no Panamefie para que nuestro
pals pueda 'ompir su compro-
mile de celebrar el pr6ximo'
Tornoo doe Baseball Profosional
del Caribeo. La sesones prosi-
guen masans' on el Hotel El

a Z Rmueluei jos dictaia pr Is t (revlool de saAetbaf con
moTvo ,del ecto d indlqelplans 1 del lpO XMIudnLM :
a y 1.) Que eon motive do uns Invitacidl que exteodlera Is Dl-
no- reein oe Dportm de El Saly dot a a~tsitro ComitA
National Ollapleo, con el objete, jAe di6qte enviara un
equlpo peanOmeo de Basketball, dg de merementarnes
Sn i elebraoln de as Fiestas Agostamas an San Salva-
pex 2) Quo un gru. de Federadop de Basketball sOtuando en
ola forms I m le ente rresponsable y sin laportaries un
eral pisee con el e nmmens.dao que .e haetiaiul Basketball
faith 7 al deported Palamfo en general, planaros y iUevaron
ood a IS M dad t-oxeurml6n con un grupo de doepuhs e in-
iglo capscitao n Gareg oniendo on pe llo I .Preotigio
Smaondal del B etbmU Pnameo ganado eon tantaI lU-
Lbro chain y uerlfloio
dor 3) Quo Is Liga Provinceal on reunol6n con Is Federsi6n le
luto expo elatamente las razones por lams cuale s oponia
oWe Z aje y qu hueron oncontradas correctas per leot mlem-
ran bro de o Federaed6n
4) Quo e a parlo eeUlimnar per' el blen del deported Nacio-
nal del a*A de alunas Comisiones y Federaliones a oeso
1lementeo 'dline e inoompetentes onyas funciones pa-
S reblera qu fueran Anleamente estorbar y quo ocupan
puestos A1o deben or desompefiadom por leonas de
S / mayor emapaddad y eon SanosI prop6sitoi deportlves,
1) Sugpender eum en ofecto aoupende a partir de esta fe-
os eh pr Uo mAo a lou. Jugadores Bernardo G6mes, Rub6n
HerIrT, Antooio Catorlnas, Gaspar Sures, Mario Micol-
Sta. pisafo Goa Marcos Agullar, Marto Gareerin,
ml r Belrlo, come tambimn al Director de disho Selec-
elonado y emal.qles otro eugador afiliad. a isa Pro-
vial d Boketba. e se eneuentre en dieh r.
) Denunet* ante el Departamento de dueea y
I it ant. el-i olt Nelevpal Olimpleo, est. m rusooe cri-
men emedo ntra S reglamentael6n departva vigen-
te, per algmno alielbros de la FederseldO Nacional de
Ia;koetbal eon el obJete de que lea Imponan Is mnel6n
i reelda t peaI o Is swponsl6n Internaclonal de per vidae
pans los p .edoent del Combinade quoe o eneuentran
ca Sanal w -Sai: ::
2) Duner iblmen ute aeto que deilee amuhoe de
Is loedad do algune dJlentes deportlves.
Da sm a a I dote me.,de Juo :. 1

d I. quiossu


oan todo 6xito,
* diO a m~sr~d.

Ot'6el ares

.do lON equip4 ue
Smueho que hacor. e l 1
H W<o en este tornmea41Wt
a, levarse el trofeo a".
El estado -de los .*5.
9l alguiente:



Desde quo el Royal o w6
paquete por cads ".pl*V1 qu1 s
bhicera, los Jugadorei ehan
mpecialisado en los nltimoe
Juegos en hacer todoi lo
"plits" qualee quedal.
Hemes tenido ewuouetsleato
que no habrA -ellehe easI I e
ema BooUarianos, poro m.aS
euando termlne e) toW-
neo, se haran lax Idu ulas
para Hevar un equip, a NMel-
so 0 Costa Rica.

Spoial Deporfiva
Nuestras felleltaciones
la slmpatica niflita Aids M.
Satizabal, hija del entuiasta
deportista y amigo Manel A.
Satizabal y seflora, por *u cum-
pleahos quo celebrara maiaa.

El Gray Ie gan6 ayer
al Canada por forfeit
en el base de Barraza
El .Deportivo Gray obtuvo una
holgada victoria ayer por 9 a
0 en la junta de Baseball .e BB-
trass al ganar mu juego con-
tra el CanadA por forfeit .,
Con este resultado el Gray
qued6 solo en el tercer puesto
tilpntras .que el CanadA I nque
moatuvo au colocaci6p en. el co-
mand 4tdminpy6 puhtuatl6n.
El Calendar sefiala para el
t no y an d vs. rep .

Extensai lras
harmn eq de
fltbol argentinos
BUEMOS AIRS, Agoato 3 (U.
P.)-El empresarto futboulstco
Alfonso Donosa revel6 que los
primeros equlpmo de Boca Ju-
nior y el Indepondiente reali-
aran una extenI Jira por va-
rios palsae extraneros.
Donoaso anticip6 que el Inde-
pendiente lo hara en Mexico,
San Salvador, Costa Rica, Gua-
temala, Habana, Honduras y
Ecuador. Luego as presentari
muy poalblemente en Lima. E1
Boca Juniors Visitara EIpafia,
Italia, Portugal, Bd6lgica, Portu-
gal, Suiza e Inglaterra.

Posemntaosmo aui a los mlembros de la Delefga16n Colom-
bisa. a las reultones de Ia Confederael6n die BaR ball del
Ckribe, 4-o visen con la Intenec6n de soellotar el Ingreo de
diho s a an Ia sConfederaci6n, y sond, de quleoWda a dore-
h, Miel Sehuon, de la Prenea Colomblsna; Don Carlos
3leta, a1it dIrlente del baseball profedoal wanaIme6o; Gon-
aJ Cornet lado; u eufiada, Sra. 4d Nuania, y don
.. cola Rosania, Deleoado.

Con el e entire Pacfko e Hispano

ain d l Domingo el C eoato0 del

Ftbol mayor de a la Provincial

Con el juego entire los equlpo portincla pars las puhtuaciopes
Paciflmo e elpano finalizara el do ambom oncenom, especlalmcn-
domingo en la tarde en el Es- to para los pacitftai quo logria-
tadio Olimpfco el Campeonato ran terminar en mejor posicl6n
de Ffitbol deo Plmera categoria si sale -alrosBi..
de la Liga Provincial de ra- Tanto el Hispano como el Pa-
nama. clfico termlnan hoy sus pricti-
late es el 1timo encuentro cam, eaperandose quo rendrftn
del calendario d0 Juegos, y a&n- unsa satisfactoria actuaci6n pa-
que au resultido"e safeetarA lai ra quo ofrezoan un interesante
primeras colocaeiout", es de Im- encuentro.

de en el

m de Sata Ritesti acarg

Graniklo-Aracey y Dr*anes-Gram

Oranillo Jr. va Aracelly y
Dragones Jr. vs Joyeria Grana-
to es el double juego para manfa-
na del Circuito Men6r doe la Li-
ga de Baseball de Santa Rita
Ln el cuadro de Barrasa co-
menzando a lu 1.00 4.h.
El Oranillc Jr. actualmente
ocupa el a6tano de la Justs, pe-
ro sus derrotas no han dismi-
nuldo el animo de sus jugador
res, y en cads partido ofrecen
fiers reslstencia a sus contra-
Tambien se exhibiri
la pelicula de la plea
J. Walcott-E. Charles
La pelilcula de la comentada
pelea de Campeonato Mundial
que sostuvieron Jersey Walcott
y Ezzard Charles. ser& exhibida
en el Teatro Cecilia dentro de
dos semanas.
Como es del conocimlento de!
pilblico, el veteran boxeador
de 37 aftos, Joe Walcott, 1 qul-
t6 el\ titulo mundial do peso
pesado a Charles, derrotAndolo
nada menos que por nocaut en
el asptimo asalto.

rasoma Qo Puas hi
Los 40 Amos Quo NHa
Perdido El Vigor yLa
Io. u sjwMy to .bom. paulorMsms
es hombrem, quo mousntrn quo otip uo dI-
SIdo a la tmde y pi oddiw-
etjo o do Is oituhu oaaon6imlaa. tio-s a to
mao urn rmeodo quo, aunquo nco, a po.
No bay aumidad de quo Ud. plda Is
-poq ~ E Wt rrm. 5w
MI c a TIa a iuadi o ln h miss do
gpmoaaoa qo han uonatraxdo -a ft ms p
IZAN-_Pc. nta .. ds do msdiluasst
*Voytn boy mim a Itso0at deo mnIL
mdad y pido u frso do FSRRIZAc--d
mew foam do hbio saesMl d..._k

HO Y alas

d e la noche

Sigue el EXITO!!





Cuba y -d Canad Produce: Emilo Diaz
Inklan boy serle
por ia Copa Davis

MONTR AL, Agosto 3 (UP)-
La vuelta semifinal de las eli-
minaclones de Is Cops Davis en
la zona amerlcana entire Cana-
dA y Cuba cometsar hoy con
do s encuentro:' tndividuales:
Lorne Main contra Jose Aguero
y Brendan Macken contra el
Dr. Juan Welus.
Aunque los canadienses son
favorites por 2 a 1, el ealt&n
del equipo cubano Eric Williams
declar6 que los representantes
tenhticx de' Cuba estan "pre-
paradoes y dispueste a luehar".


Present: Angellni

--Un program estelar en la radio favorita- -

Red e anamencana

rios; el Aracelly que march e' .
segunda poslcl6n es un lpphUM
duwo de roer, por lo cual se_ ..
notica que este Juego roultaI .
reffido de principio a fin.
Dragones Jr. march en.g k
cbmando del circulto con W.
descalabro en su contra, slende
,91 equipo seftalado para adue-
farse del cetro de la Menor?
Peto para mafiana tlene un eft.
trario peligroso en los mara&o.
neros de ia Joyeria Oranate q"a
copatituye un equipo blen ace.
plado, pero por falta de alan-a
dores no han podido rendir lo
quo de elloa se espera.

con Vrf lis

Fricci6nese viorosamente la ca-
beza con VITALIS durantl 60 m.
gundos y p6inea bisen. Es eft
forms, ademiA, se previiem la
*equedad. Higalo: Ustod tiM
la diferencial


. Use VITALIS. ISIO, potque
VITAULIS Ie dart a au peinado una
elegant y cautivadora apariemiak,
que le hart obresalir entire tods.
IApliquese VITALIS y confirme
maravilloso efecto que produce!

fdme&"6v mpoe










ARMONICAS 022 0.43 0.69 1.49 2.69 S25
GUAYABERAS DE NYLON a.....2.60 2.95


--I~., .*,--
*^.v. ~ ~ .f. *5maja,'^ -; ...-


.re i

Precedent saludable s, la Liga Provy.
e Baet su replucio6
S- .:- Tr 4L"' I J. I '


, +. .

...Pain We i e r y t9
sa...PwMe i esory *Ibelow


. I

. ".t .'

S .". t Al'A, AM'CA. DIo


- -- -- ~
I _________________________________________
~ -

IZAN LA BANDERA-Todos estos soldados quieren participar en
el acto de izar la bandera norteamericana en la cumbre de un
cerro que acaban de arrebatarle a los comunistas de Corea.

HOuA 1090 HOW 1230

Radio Panamericana

'3:30 Don Quakero
dramaLizaci6n, cortesia de A.M.
Avena Quaker 6:00 Buenos dias
3:45 Cuarteto Mayo 6:03 Almanaque de la
dirige Rend Santcs Panamericana
4:00 Noticiero U-30 Nniiro RPA
cortesia de los almacenes :30 Notiero RPAel desayuno
6:45 MPsica para el desayuno
Pereira 7:00 Sabores de ml tierra
4:15 Dedicatorias 7:30 Noticlero RPA
1:45 Dracula, El Hombre 7:45 Su melodia predilecta
Vampiro- 8:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
dramatizacion RPA 8:15 La discoteca internaclonal
0 8:30 Hablan los astros
6:00 Vibraciones del Aire con Antinea
por Nacho Valdes 8:45 Cantares Jde Mdxico
6.15 Canta Carmen Negrete 9:30 Dedicatoras el ar
6:30 Sucesos de la humanidad 10:45 Notieclero RPA
f:45 Sus Canclones Preferidas 11:00 El Mundo del Vals
p. cortesia de la florlsteria 11:15 Mambolandia
- "ValvAn" 11:30 Cuba, su mfsica y sus
7:00 Lucho Azcarraga compositores;
y su 6rgano 11:45 Grandes int6rpretes
cortesia del Ron del mundo
Cartatesi ela 12:00 Serenata espafiola
1:15 Lazos de Odio P.M.
dramati7aci6n, cortesia de 1I:15 Noticiero
Cigarrillos Camel cortesia de "La Hora"
12:30 Intermedio Popular
7:30 Paginas de Amor 12:50 La Fiesta Hipica de Hoy
dramatizacion, cortesia de Loc. Eduardo Molino
El Aguila Imperial 1:00 Estampas mexicanas
7:45 La Voz Emocional 1:15 Carrera
de Betty Williamson 1:30 Aires colombianos
cortesia de Rhoda 1:45 Carrera.
8:00 El Diarlo de una Mujer 2:00 Cancionero de la tarde
dramatizaci6n, cortesia de 2:45 Carrera
almacenes La Aurora 3:00 Acordes portefios
8:15 En Voz Baja 3:15 Carrera.
con Anita Vlllalaz
cortesia de la muebleria
La Europea
8:30 Variedades musicales
9:00 rMujeres Entre Rejas
dramatizaci6n, cortesia de
Cra Angelini R
9:15 tos Trovadores LA RED
Romanticos L R
duo Galante
9:30 El Hit Musical de Hoy
10:00 Los Panamericanos
10:15 Francia y su mnsica
10:30 Dramatizacion BBC PRESENi
11:00 El Cancionero Nocturnal PRESEN
11:30 Misica sin palabras
12:00 Buenas noches

Orandioso Doble Programal *:
Una pelicula humana, llena -
S de melodies y ternura!
PROouccIONEs sPADA 3. o09
4. S 1.. PsrETA A "CAR



Aaemas: -
Una divertidisima comedian
romintica f




. ARTADO 1121

NOMBRE ................ .. ...............
DIRECCION .............. ..... .. ...........

Recorte este cup6n
descrita parg quo

y onviolo heymismo 4 la direooi6n
pueda ganarse *I "TESORO RON

Los 3 Primeros Capitulos de la Sensacional Serie:

JON H A L L, en




I PRECIO: .25 -

Tandas: 2'" 'FIPP 7:00 9:00 p.m.
v7r'TTAITT I .

Las Bellezas do 1p Meca del
Cine. to
Robert Cumming&

Una pelicula que golpea en las puertas del destino
de cada uno de nosotros!


rA HOY A LAS 5:30 P. M.



- de -



P. M.

PROF.. DILME-Ilusionits .y lsuo.
UM GAMCB6-Ex6tica s Cabans
n ) PaLntala: UN 0RAN't "

MCaUe 13 Este

*3 hlaio de la
Tola. Mambol
'S *


... .y i T i'li .".~ -y ,iif|-r :

El Ci mi "'o
__ __ __ __f,_ t

*. i
, .

.5.. A* 'v~
~ ...

',P. 4,+S ii
e= "< "

*' ', '' ''.. :


&: -'

r; :* I

F ^

La vibrant htutoria de los vallentes que 4esembarcando en
NormaudNc a sangre y fuego alcanzaron la victoria finally

la fVIaEi c A .. .
IR EI. VEA, ).,.!., ,.

Aclamada como e
uejor pelicula deo
uerra de todos los
Con escenas autia-
tleas del desembax-
co en Normandfal

.i ll- ARNER ROS'."lr A

AdemAs: Una Deliclosa -Comedia en TECNICOLORI

r~~oA Ltux -:,Li

La .rN. Man at Doblnamnte Sobm hFajj
M.. -,i man= doable po i..

,, a a' -A #.
faita^..j~iTapl~fi"'* s,

(TEA 0on

uHOYt! seUEi.itWe

kE Point' QE iA

Es La Mejor y Mas Cotizada
Bailarina del Cine

A las 6:00 y

9:00 P. M.





J. M. Linam RIVAS

Rn la Histerta de un amor deafta la
Un Amer itwe...


Ninganos ojoa habli oobtoemplado tes
Smaavllum ....
Stqw. s ,t.twm ANGXR Qtw K'Ul ,a

lB+BBB l V A R I*-DA '
Af 1.

T, mC, VA IpaA lph
LOW L Lee -E5"
Afa an ior -"I AEO

as la Pantalla: Victor Jerry,

Admao. :JaIk L'A e
rred I cMurray Clare
Trevor. on


'Buenas Noohe, MI AmO'"
AA A !Di, i. Y SI 1Ji GM

"s$LOME "
A LdenM: -"

M E A IS & A

r t

NinWi Mahball, as
Alants: Maria EsX y


-K OMf

* (41*


*. I fL *-

.. ..." .- .- -, : -- e- ::--+ --,i" -" ... -*...- : -
.; *-' L... ". .?. ..X ,, J+: .. '.". .- .

.... =., d;. ... '-,+ +^~*
** +. : .* -.-- .
-,: **^{ *: y3 ^f -. C
.. '.4 .
... .-,_ L.,. f -. ,k.i- /.-

DOMMfO. -A lIs Ia a.
Preentaql6n ts qalt lt ta I
y V etratose


-II I -.


N i- ltN fil


As-Mr -N
* tnr* j
, ni

!3 tl *6 ; r-

c'lYo* i w

-- -- --

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