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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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* 4 ...

- .-.%. *
- 4.

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m ffiiM~~


.- --. -_

,h A m

country is seat" Abraham UncohlL




IPropane Blasts

Ntock Newark;


IIUWAltE. New Jersey. f% tUannot be dominated. and I am

l:e;ot as yet known,
explosion occurred in '
house of the Warren Peto
Company and giant epl-
of smoke covered the y
d be seen i Manhattan
1ar as the beaches of
ploslon also set fire tO
a of three buildings of
t satlonal Printing Ink
.n ome distance meters

Hope On

Truman Sends

Peace Letter

To ,Soviet Head

President Truman advised: the
President of the Soviet, Union
Mth he believed "that ther,.will
n be war If Russia wou lift
the. curtain and permIt.her
pede to become famlli lth
ljaerlcan dbjective pt "
hf expressed the on
anaL of the United .
Soviet Union hate.* r
loutsire' a permanent pnie.
He said it s a "sacred dty"
of t1. leaders of both gov2n-
menI& to employ all honora le"
means to satisfy the commonn
long ft for peace."
Tr"Mzan sent the message to
the Soviet President Nikolai Mik-
halovilh Shvernlk in order to
transmn the resolution of CC
tress that reiterates the auity
the Unlid States has for a!ihe
the world, includingfhe
Soviesrnlon. The President also
k hat they Viet the Ruplan
ew" ofthe resolutioM of
He stas his' h s -
4, ft t t ,,._t',.....;,,.-..-.

(be freimn 'damage. but my
sp tnat ifMtr it."
. Fire John Weekes
n er of the tanks
hat elibded so 125 and said
there still were about
Ot s I the "name vicinity.
the Ipploatou could be heard 32
kllofters *W .
swaj reported that the fire
edud an SamMua heat and
the town t mps"red
service e remain ona
outide al im twsea
e the ued .o no.
at vtorp nam i

roops PiA


TOKYO, July 7 (UP)-United Nations troops thbr
out Korea were ready today to deal with any miNt
the part of the enemy that might smack of foul ply6
* Throughout the forces of the Allied notions A
spirit of restrained optimism as to the outcome a
ceasefire talks in Kaesong. But even stronger
grim spirit of heightened alertness regardless of tWt.
Miles and miles of tanks, heavy Otherwise the B ARM
guns, light artillery, engineers limiting itse# to
and infantry awaited a possible contact with the
signal to rush ahead northward means of aggreadv4l
on a large scale if the Commun- to wardhig otf iy
Ists tried any tricks. From ,Seoul
tnr firme t tn9

Era Of World Peace
May Begin Now Says
Britain's Afflee
LONDON, July 7 "1
Prime Minister Clement
declared that the termini
of Communist a gresslon in
rea can be the
era of world -peae,
that rearmament is L
At a labor meet.Unit 1 MS-
town, Attlee said "w' V Ae no
eaMtadhngc a guardish of d-
moqracyof the whole world. but
in the East there j Uts a urW-
dian of t a n autorogey.
Wae AI nn, ; t& nermit fren

#gi Air ForGe

.teel out Red podtfaps.
* Te ds werereported
350,000 w ready for am
sault If the ceasetfite
U, officers poting tft-
bu ldp said:
are lust W t1

I* I= Q-W W un ortuna0 6"ut Ptpin
1 ''^I~ lit^ N ja1Orifc fire* : dc '~ pmne gas Is. a u sou t h tee" l to -M eSa
.l k*. at' non- tound-In diluted n s oi .Sroved t"of 1iaW1 plomatl 2 S S s
em ni. It Is sold commerciallyt d oto e p- relations ld ul while a W
,.T i,., .... er. j",,... .. e- toie .r| .H s. brokeml F 0 S tied gas for home use in laes rL o b l e Ia- l A o n il M91OW bati lmt 'ai
Uin kt e VOL'" broke brnese aanT OAS Couni Mees
*Ig* reat s-s ~ no by tht 5,:.ot th r ti On Week Sit tarefar from natu or ma- friendly exchange of ideas and letbe rom

ntia end w thal t aat1 o'et os-ltrk'ed n tm nn, the m Down In Channe bottom o trhe heart o -The Organliation of American states for all the people
ean oerent un- s overnight fro chracter arrived n Cri ve human be ," he conti- States Council approved the world, Including those
try wa being .dra ge wads oing through h. tobal last for a ed twin ieks A, t i AM. July ., (UP) convening of the 2nd Special Soviet Union.

S"-No T ce in Sinnit for Home Front StrSeu

"Untry th western c It R sL, ant-cipfla "hat Congres' e, i nc hdn"1u ( ) x. A bood 1 .cetc
tribute to mune obt. The strikers re ber ofn tobalcat h t or. e Weeksr ui ass e -A m i

ren eh r,. -eotimo. Un-i orbn e i4 is Fd igh to Keep Near -n ormal economy ns aton Tools or
ire. The rua the an rdon fa tthe sea n- Tr nsathatmanyAmer- Session of the Inter-American The mbassado

*The Rastia e Is di ly year old state o mith seris carried In e

solely towIn rd. many rd, a forft of the aea sppl -theitals
SIeaking, to the" saorWar, Wprkenwn "n.eases and a live,,a l n b",eek, line vessel ,"ua saik yeseer- ne Sab ,l a
oue in'acyday.enrt m ngl~f Be know eate the ThefMirstSpecalSesion ofbyanotreques

wag her oWn ttota fs1ens. Conoth o rownterlenome cePt'a aNOTit Here's the firdt of two dispatchers thatV n
S dispute WA wNQTO Jul'u (UP en s in)tr san ludp society d .. oThe wne w e hi w rer he herro warteA
S l te te a e a h osa re ed for, e eorai s W rore a coastal thought Cf future conflict that economic and Social Council transmitted t

sm t -t Uld l t ton. "om emb (NEA-Rords of lhe oatem of we h uewaodhl
onlled the me tate te oeipt eep th- Aotals a o terfeiter radio station which r ed the they knowcan d he use was held here in March 1950 hols the tit of
e as cotmterfw i tinuer 0

wtasog I it0e. s Virginit Hi pB..-bly 'be.,;* ^C: operauo^.^. ,.
ed71 -, -,,JW U b ted tr t "b"be'opaeradtioma- of epo thatwillmot th1sSnat of the rhoteahe most' and Ministers of several coun- odent of the 5e r
"Coany or iext few days e n T he ho ta l A- a "The M'rale of 34th tion of Ostende. e horrifying In the history Of hu-tries hede the government st euvalen t
Theorn, oedn M hdred lnma end t tedStates. icNte eatt momth thnh o o

aHanl: tow conOd a s4t al i- nirla rk (o rket lint ha d. .thar t theAid w i m U it d ih hvn
T 4 M .k 5 ga bs Coy1.,,sons
trute ta o I *e s npeldt 'iln n icwl aepsl tio i la tn sis u niono

an hts Lga n are rush they ever heard America economic system shortages will follow. These are F8e ts being mass produced by North an

Paso to ,rri t e u. ant tbluni o Korea ill e Increased by there are authortative pred- Lo Angmy ti T f Des. efe
risytowasmade.,b4nn .in mt alAplath h aeth
OUP!, o tck U hrlv e t rom
u, o f l ottle ep thee .. .... e T e tefitftindstc .

SCo rt a o th e ome per And durin the next w possible anywhere along t
ter a Theent a a eat February, a man with a On the positive side of the two years s planned to hae th broad perimeter of the o- tempting
no o 'uesaerI ti oa at ops eaicut surneox to dre oad le arSe

trib tto h p l b l oroatnsf t h fn Coren iet rentrlast
e'i l t- ted she witha I F naulrle~ its .pMpt.cIOwN (:)eo em b the mouateon i ns e ohafft

,Theft i sdhi Ya l ti mban,.di akand morph-l eg xils n -oreantherecrnomic ttae od

terna- .encomes b contin e na tdeere onot s
ctofl. ni be e fi- er et ared to the $35,000,000,000. powe. that the Soviets have given up economic
Sstrutorarsirn at one of r cent last B g worry what will their ams of world conquest strengtheM HStfr o ft i eat
Snational note ud tt er. On p th batlon the home front Apr May and June be the on of the U. wth and have sincerely entered nto ally
Sfl t i T tM tcth e tr John of a .000000000 worthre negotiations in orea.exstng n Korea. He enune world p
weFolA 'C.ontr brled.-eek P_ S asof clothit n geddd anas had T set s : **s
"t a Is ed i iint a& h Sen- mt cied DOn GLA aere deiLvered. TAert i us te oait by soviet co L the comon

gnglujiu ig aer to sa'ho at t ta d house- lh ta times more than de- maig tga thatf corner of the In the baid-up of strength in
witnes an a .,it re srvatio i std-thepo loe Iw butnW eps centbott. e th re oorft Correap ornsden, t
y tlomm i .ttetn._ Yokoirotls +:.. .. 1,e W AB Ti Ihrv eIUP m t i g vegt, T i rhe c i ,' cUoma det:yr

to .tior.mplne"wtha Noorth W "1rTreenggge.Teainof-tresoutlomenof
on '.abesn, ehods, Cort- a wnKotiKrea, the economic battle Onn

WOtw thich otel f s adrdle wieeeth ehat
*; X out afst* ." s In hintWt A :1ln t The cot. of livingdIn America Juste emporary u.We tio nh r nA

Mwitnes s' Iaf ynta rte reservation edt Hi-t xttaneIg-to- cent tin te U Norrt -Koreans quantities thewnrthte expert
StTCommitAe e Ta n sd'im Fem ea'u York co airportIa a en AdNT U)- aet Ferary a e man sswint Ony. the shotitages will follow.t o -
hearing 1 0 uae tis told police'Uij. W sAlheouo- the libytee nth mo th ar. comprol c
Noeki.s oVW ht44pt r.,l an t ie t h t 1o O n "ja e of" h wife a year i which U.e ,a .business now findh d t+ ....
"tell S.'owo jAn t ertieto a. neeven e P0 u yI e t sat A r wh il finromU. itself saddled withr haven't f the Un ".
hotetg o t d sh-ML, ;'wtdtn a rush y uppe d fro tensed mob onoboht s ll e e etm pdmohelyearsnofTintenhive
out ae. .. Saptin ao nc-ageslMy 2 of the'United tbelaeved to be caused.a.mijoredasrthout-I lAN Oill HE req u
an inn.uJePam1-40oh oeI*ret&J, weeofe loslty npdci tearetyerh ar ericata
Pamso9. ei 'blunt.".tof Nona. w lb eIncreased" y there are auhthorhtavve prede-cin Los Angeles.o i -
C t0i tOth ie', of centh year. On the Positiee sideortom.per, cent. And during the next ways possible anywhere along the
oram notsaidus R Fe bruary,01a tman S2r&u May atwo years Itnis planned to have the s broad peimeter ef the So- alypgin t tO
texrJohfn f iu "OOaloo. "wTheoriv sthatc stn n oaH gue anwaorld tNhces"emuniaant
Zo o her tt ticket to &-vVe__!WeZervethewifeMW Chou iren and a ledger are factr WhichC OmO wrnse
Ata-n io-othesaler will find from the latest report ot de- cent Wilson reports, dAt le tft could lead to global war. th e o
added. The caa ni Vote 611 thend theooutlookv se U. g. E. Wilon.It reveal, that out.lbwill be required in this "We dare not slascken tia the b
lu p d f o e em a s hprod ufdn ntsemoobiaizfIn ...
Arib=?0n Inopmt.-asm'dofrllhb-oo
tOhastO f -6&red to the t... hat the Soviets have given upenh

-- -- -1--- -ims.ZenI I tent a h mmn D

-- ..-g :o .t..c I I'' ? in 'ht += =c pacit ."d=.Pon-
+ L +_+ ++ a.n.--. "+. loa.m. +. -W do- +



,t .
.: .,? ". *. .;


r, JULY 1i1 '

,I ^, .,,<^,_ ; I*-w- ....
. .". .. ; ,, '



..'*,.***. ._ 4.-4
- I '.>_E


d Sox Drub


To Move Iio 21
I ______, __ ,_ **, '3 .. .. ,' : '- i ': .


is Trounce Indians

&To Jolt Tribe Hopes

By United Press

N YORK, July 7 The Red Sox walloped the
l10-4 for the second successive time at Fenway
nv*v into a virtual second place tie in the Amer-
aoue while the White Sox regained a half-game
finding the outcome of their scheduled St. Louis

r iy in the first in-
chased Allie Reynolds
~shl0ver gave Chuck
runs he needed for
ph against three.
siS the fit~fi
for Reynelds.
.ot schedn ed
m game, the
.roIt gers came
unced the fourth
4 Indians, 13-3. be-
Sain's five-hitter.
b1y Luke Easter, his
Dale Mitchell, his
deprived Cain of a shut-
tn pitcher Bob Lemon,
was chased in a four-run
inning uprising, was
u eal oameent oE d


ar a in even

c 9 'leading odgers.
weduled to play he
ight in Philade pia.
now trail by seven

Larry Jansen, who came on to
relieve in the eighth, was cred-
ited with his eleventh victory
-against seven losses. Lefty'War-
ten Spahn dropped his eighth
aine against eight wins in re-

Four homers helped the 01-
an" to victory. Ed Staky hit
his tenth, Bobby Thomson his
15th Willie Mays his tenth and
Sal Yvars got his first.
The Cardinals dropped furth-
er behind as the Pirates beat
them, 5-1, behind Vernon Law's
five-hitter. Clyde-McCullough hit
his third roundtripper for the
winners. Max Lanier dropped his
sixth game as compared to five
Well Blackwell, though touch-
Cd'for four runs ,and given relief
helpwua credited with his eighth
triumph against seven setbacks
as the Reds beat the Cubs, 8-6,
Dutch Leonard started for the
Cubs and wos charged with his
third loss against sir successes.
Leonard was chased to the show-
er in a two-run fifth inning up-
lising folowing a two-run fourth.
Ranonm Jacksoh homered for the
lo0r4&. It was his tenth circuit

.*' Dodgers and Phlllieswere
ila d to meet at Philadelphia in
a nPht game.

r City Inter-Community

SFourth Swimming Meet

presence of a large
N a company of about 106
tici atedI I n-
g the
i lo July 4. ad
ship meet show
Iptlon betweeft the
res led by Clinton
P eird led by Almen
y Rer City led by Ernest
av Coiner led by Ivan
"and Silver City Heights,
Aston Loney.
features of the day in-,
the outstanding perform-
of Wilfred McLeod "Fish
of the Silver City team for
the most events and also
ed Anderson "Tarzan."
also starred for Silver City

T#e entire meet was punctua-
With thrilling events which
the Interest of the crowd to
ry end. But without the
of a doubt the stellar
ce of the day was the
ton4x109 Free Style Relay
an Invited team from
avo School and a combin-
Zone team. which re-
with a win for the Abel
.the officials present
In Jump who present-
awards. Stanley Loney,
Murrillo, professor at Abel
School. Mr. Sablo and H.
meet was hailed a success
zhown. promise
o the result:
lel 'tyeGroup 4

bia rt (Chagres)
l~bert (Chagres)

100 Ft. Free Style Group I
1. Wilfred McLeod (B.C.)
. Joseph Greaell (C3.)

2. F2n lE (CI
Siph Anderson C.B.)
S100 Pt. Free Style Group 4
1. Wilfred Anderson (S.C.)
2. Alvin Hart' (S.CH.)
3. Melbourne Clarke (C.C.)

200 Ft. Free Style Group 3
1. Wilfred Mellse (S.C.)
2. Alfred Goddard (C.C.)
3. Jose Bravo (S.C.)
200 Ft. Free Style Group 2
1. Wilfred McLeod (S.C.)
2. Edgar Dawkins (C.C.)
3. Cromwell Panton (S.C.)
200 Ft. Free Style Group 1
1. Allan Bailey (S.C.)
2. Eduardo Bravo (S.C.)
3. Ralph Anderson (B.C.)
300 Ft. Free Style Open
1. Wilfred McLeod (S.C.)
2. Allan Bailey (S.C.)
100 Ft. Breast Stroke Open
1. Joseph Gressel (C.B.)
2. Ernest Verley (S.C.)
3. Cromwell Panton (S.C.)
100 Ft. Back Stroke Open
1. Michael Trumpet (S.C.)
2. Victor Lawrence (C.B.)
3. Ernest Verley (S.C.)
1000 Ft. Free Style Open
1. Frank Vernon (C.B.)
2. Edgar Dawkins (S.C.H.)
3. Dill Jones (S.C)
4x100 Ft. Relay (Free Style)
1. Silver City
-M. Trumpet, W. McLeod, E.
Bravo S. Drakes.
2. Silver City Heights.
(Continued on Page 6. Col. 6)


Great White Fleet

Orleans Service


l ...................................July 8
...................................July 9
S Chirqui .....................................July 23
8A. Flador Knot ............................... July 23
(nadig aefrtieratd cChil" and GOneimi cars)

W York Freight Service Cristobal
SCa Cod ..................... ....... July 10..
Ca e Ann ........................ ........... ..July 14
'^,e fork, LA@ Angel, 5a& Crzacees. Seattle
Sad l to New Orleamn ad Mobt
t M i nm m sh* e v Wie aN Sedsl to twelve pn SMlSr)
ds@W sanmeas from crteabal to WeWt CoMt Cetral Anmi-r


Faces In

The Majors




Albrook ...
Linooln Life

The Lincol
Mauricio dow
fifth loss of

Steve Souchck i



1st Race "F-I" Natives-61 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00-Pool Closes 12:45
First Race of the Double
1-Brochacito A. Valdivia 120
2-Fonseca R. Vasquez 112
3-Dapubio E. Campbell 103x
4-Cacique H. Reyes 103x
,5-La Suerte K. Flores 120
6--J. Huincho J. Cadogen 118
7-Jota Jota N R. Gomez 109

2nd Race "F-I" Natives-6'A Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Double
1-Resorte J. Cadogen 108
2-Villarreal M. Hurley 112
3-Embustero M. Valdivia 114
4-Opex A. Mena 104x
5-Hoy es el Dia J. Chuna 117x
6-Annie N. B. Moreno 120
7-Don Sizzle G. Cruz 120
8-Bagaleflo K. Flores 112
3rd Race "G'? Natives 2 Fgs.
Purse: $250.00 Pool Closes 1:45
1-La Negra B. Moreno 110
2-Monteverde G. Cruz 10'
3-Little Lulu B. Pulido 114
4-Conde J. Chuna 110
5-Avivato F. Rose 106
6-Don Arcello B. Aguirre 112
8-Cosa Linda A. Mena 107x
4th Race "E" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 2:20
Qulniela .
1-Pajarlto A. Mena 1041
2-Torcaza.. 1CaAg m
3-ioe Mar J. Bae= Alt.
4-Tap Girl Oa Chanis 10
5-D. Catalino R. Vasques 108
6-Domino Q. Grael 112
7-G. Patricia A. Valdivia 114

5th Race "D" Natives 1 Mile
Purse: $300.00 Pool Closes 2:55
1-Duque C. Chong 109x
2-Black Sambo V. Castillo 112
3-Don Joaquin C. Ycaza 116
4-Pesadilla A. Mena 107x
5--Romantico J. Cadogen 108
6--E1 Mono J. Baeza, Jr. 105x
7-Sincero C. Chong 109x
6th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $375.00 -Pool Closes 3:35
First Race of the Double
1-Flamenco V. Castillo 117
2-Ariopuro A. Soto 110
3-Glory's Ace C. Ruiz 110
4-Folletin G. Cruz 107
5-Porthos A. Mena 104x
6-Choice Brand K. Flores 120
7-Rinty J. Cadogen 108
8-Skyweigen F. Rose 113
9-Gold Cylle P. Ordofiez 114
10- Sandarin R. Vasquez 107

7th Race "H" Imported-6^ Fgs.
Purse: $400.00 Pool Closes 4:05
Second Race of the Double
1-Silver Fox) 0. Chanis 106
2-Costina) A. Mena 104x
3-Alabarda V. Castill6 118
4--(Cobradorl BE.Corcho 113x
5- (Baby Betty H. Reyes 100x
6-Lituana) A. Enrique lllx
7-Uncle James) A. Soto 120-
8-Purple Spray R. Ycaza lOOx
9--Nantago J. Chuna 105x

8th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs.
Purse: $450.00 Pool Closes 4:40
1-Asombro) K. Flores 114
2--Roadmaster) E. Alfaro 110x
3-Hit A. Soto 114
4-Gran Dia J. Rodriguez 113
5-Porters Star C. Ruiz 112
6-Picon C. Ycaza 110
7-Pepsicola A. Mena 107x
8-Tamesis II B. Aguirre 110

9th Race "E" Imported--6i Fgs.
Purse: $550.00 Pool Closes 5:15
1-Delhi 0. Chanis 108
2-Betun A, Bazan 115
3-Tropicana B. Pulido 120
4-Own Power B. Moreno 108
5-Fright) F. Rose 110
6-Gaywood) A. Enrique 117x
7-- Espartano P. Ordonez 120
10th Race "F-2" Natives 7 Fgs.
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 5:40
1-Singapore R. Vasquez 112
2-Aqul Estoy A. Mena 107x
3-Miranda C. Ycaza 110
4-_Carbonero R. Vergara 110
5-Diosa E. Campbell 105x

Juan Franco Tips

I-Juan Huincho Fonseca
2-Annie N. BagalefAo
3-Little Lulu Don Areello
4-Don-Catalino Golden Patricia
5-Blask SBam be Romantico
6-Rinty Flamenco
7-Unsle Jamea (e) Alabarda
8--Tauess II Hit
9S-eta Treploana
le-g1 ee# Aql steay
U Jame (().

New York .
St. Louis....
Cincinnati ..
Boston .. ..
Chicago .. .
*Nirht amm

Brooklyn at Philadelphia.
Boston at New York.
Cincinnati at Chicago (2),
St. Louis at Pittsburgh (2).
(Eleven Innings)
Boston 100 030 000 11-6 11 2
N. York 001 010 020 12-7 13 3
Surkent, Estobk (94, Spahn
(8-8) (10) and St. Claire; Jones,
Gettel (6), Jansen (11-7) (8) and
Westrum, Noble (8), Yvars (10).
St. Louis 000 000 100-1 5 0
Pittsburgh 000 002 21x-5 7 0
Lanier (5-6), Brazle (7), Crim-
ian (7) and Del, Rice, Sarni (7);
Law (3-2) and McCullough.
(Night Game)
Cincinnati' 000 222 200-8 -15 0
Chicago 020 000 202-4 12 1
Blackwell (8-7), Smith (8) and
Howell; Leonard (6-3), Klippstein
(5), Kelly (7), McLish (8) and Ed-
glaze-,(4)-sunday-July 8

American Leqgti
TiMS- Won Lest' Plt.
*Chitago.. ..... 47 29 .618
New York... 45 28 .*41
Boston. .. .. 46 s o .618
Cleveland ...... 42 32 .548
Detroit ........ 34 36 .484
*Washington .. 29 43 .483
*Philadelphia .. 28 46 .379
*St. Louis ...... 23 50 .315
*Night games not included.
Chicago at St. Louis.
Cleveland at Detroit.
Philadelphia at Washington.
New York at Boston.
Cleveland 000 000 120- 3 5 2
Detroit 010 304 14x-13 20 1
Lemon (8-8), Chakales (6), Ro-
zek (7), Zuverink (8) and He-
gan, Tebbetts (7); Cain (7-6) and
Boston ........ 10 11 0
New York ...... 4 11 0
Chicago at St. Louis
(Night Game)
Philadelphia at Washington
(Night Game)

Juan Franco

Muluel Dividends
1-Golden Faith $7.80, $6.40, $2.20.
2-Politico $6.20, $2.40.
3-Bufalo $2.20.
1-Sixaola $7.20, $5, $3.80.
2-Peggy $6, $3.20.
3-Norma $2.80.
First Doubles: (Golden Patri-
cla-Sixaola) $35.20.
1-Miss Cristina $6, $3.40, $2.20.
2-Apprise $2.80, $2.40.
3-Arabe II $2.60.
One-Two: (Miss Cristina-Ap-
prise) $14.20.
1-Manhattan $4, $2.60, $2.20.
2-Rossoning $6.20, $2.60.
3--Islero $2.20.
Quiniela: (Manhattan-Roson-
ing) $17.
1-Silver Domino $4.80, $3.20,
2-Cpraca $7, $3.40.
3-Cheriberibin $2.60.
1-Sun Cheer $6.60, $5.60, $3.80.
2-Poleckas $3.80, $2.60.
3-Gay Ariel $5.40.
1-Prestigio $8.60, $4.40, $2.80.
2-Apretador $5.80, $3.60.
3-Fanglo $2.80.
Second Doubles: (Sun Cheer-
Prestigio) $33.2.
1-Amazona $6.20. $540, $3.80.
2-Mufieco $22.80, $20.40.
2-Proton $4.
Quiniela: (Amazona-Mufieco)
I-High Mount $13.60 $5 60, $5.
2-Coragglo $6.40, $3.60.
3--In Time $3.
One-Two: (High Mount-Corag-
glo) $35U.4.
I-Baby Rol $3.40, $2.0.
3-TWl ab .f ..

ok Takes Lead In Pat

League; 2 Games tn

STANDINGS Balboa Gymnaglim ay
Won Lost Pet. night, while the Albrook Ic-ers
.... 5 1 .33 took over first plain the league
S... .6 by defeating th-Royal edOwn
2 4 .333 team, 78 to 66. It is thea.sond
....1 5 .166 straight loss foa the Sodahen
-- who had been undefeated until
n Life team sent the their loss to the Vaurl0oo squad
rn to defeat for their last Sunday. -%
f the season at the In the first tame, Daowing,
-- Gibson and Brady teamed u to
> score a total of 43 points between
them which was almost enough
to win alone and with the 14
points tossed in by the rest of the
squad easily defeated the Maurl-
ciomen. The first quarter ended
with Lincoln Life Ilading by five
points, but in- the second quarter
I League. the Insurance boys' scored -31
points to pile up a 17-point lead
Won Lost Pet. at half time, and coasted the rest
48 26 .649 of the way to win by an eight-'
43 35 .550 point margin. Gibson, with 17
39 34 .534 points led the scoring for the
36 38 .486 game and teammates Brady and
a .. 35 39 .473 Downing chipped In with 14 and
.... 33 40 .452 12 points respectively. For thee
30 39 .435 losers, Luft accounted for 15 of
30 43 .411 the points, followed by Wentland
ent included. with nine.

In the second game of the eve-
ning, the Albrook Flyers easily
outscored the Royal Crown' team
and won by a comfortable 12
points. Albrook started fast and
had built up a 10-p 'nt lead by
the end of the firgt quarter and
held their advantage throughout
the half. Royal Crown trailed by
12 points as they entered the fin-
al period and had pulled up to
within four'points of the Flytrs
midway during the quarter only
to have Albrook scoredtwo quick
baskets and put the gams out of
reach for the Sodamen. Parsell
continued his scoring sprees as
he dropped in a total of 3 points
for the winners and run his total
to 81 points for the three games
in which he has played. For the
Sodamen, Arosemena had 21
points and Fraser accounted for
18 of the team's total.
The box scores:
Lincoln Life-- FG FT TP
Downing......... 6 0 12,
Kourany, 0. .. 1 0 2
Gibson.... .. 7 3 17
Brady ........ 6 2 14
McArthur, E .. 1 1 3
Kourany, E ... 1 1 3
McArthur, G. .... 3 0 6.
-T ... .. .. ...25r 7 W7

Olhoeft.. .. ..2.. 2 1
Wentland ...... 3 9
Sibauste....... 3 0 6
Luft .......... 5 5 15
Pendleton ...... 1 1 3
Mills .......... 1 1 3
Presho ........ 0 2 2
Hilzinger ...... 3 0 6
Totals .. .. .... 18 13 49
Score by Quarters
Lincoln Life 13 34 48 57
Mauricio 8 17 36 49
Albrook- FG FT TP
Lee ........ .. 3 0 6
Bean.......... 0 0 0
Fraser ......... 0 0 0
Coycault ...... 5 2 12
Ulshaffer. .: .. 0 0 0
Parsell.. ...... 10 8 29
Chambers ...... 0 0 0
DeWitt........ 1 0 2
Bonta .... .... 0 0 0
Sclafani ........6 4 16
Ingram ........ 4 3 11
Muto.. ........2 1 5
Totals ........ 31 16 78
Royal Crown- FG FT TP
Jaen.......... 1 3 5
Sonell ..... 1 0 2
Brindell.. .. .. .. 5 0 10
Castorina .. .. .. 0 1 1
Arosemena...... 10 1 21
Frazer .. ..... 7 4 18
Santos ........ 3 3 9
Totals ........ 27 12 66
Score by Quarters
Albrook 20 40 56 78
Royal Crown 10 30 44 06
Referees: Chance and Telese.
Timer: Baldwin. Scorer: LeBrun.
Two games scheduled for Sunday
night in Pacific Basketball Lea-
gue: Lincoln Life vs. Royal Crown
In first game; Albrook vs.
Mauriclo in second.
The second place Royal Crown
team will meet the third place
Lincoln Life squad in the first of
two games scheduled for Sunday
night at the Balboa Gym. A win
for the Insurance team will place
them only one game from the So-
damen who will be out to end
their losing streak of two games
and get back in the battle for
the league championship. The
second game will feature the
leading Albrook team against the
tall-enders Mauricio. who have
managed to win only one game
to date, but seem to be showing
improvement with each game.
Of added Interest will be the
battle for the trophy to be a-
warded o the player scoring the
most points during the season.
Julio Arosemena of the Royal
Crown team holds a big 31-point
margin over his nearest compe-
titor, Parnell of Albrook, but Par-
sell has only appeared in three
games while scoring 81 points for
an average of 27 points per game,
while Arosemena has scored his
112 points in six games for an
average of 18 plus points per
ame. The six leading scorers of
{he league are listed below:
Aro aMnena (R-C) .. .. 112
Paali (Alb.) .. ...... 81
Capa (L-L) ........ 67
(hKAlb.). .. .. .6 6
e .. ........ I


S Cristobal agal took the lead in
the "B" Leagued game almost at
the very start of the game and
was very far out In front 58-28 at
the close of the game. Eddie
Smith of Ctfjtotal led the way in
scoring witl. Points.
The game 'bewee Orlatobal
High Varsitiland the Margarita
All-Stars Wbh was played in
the afternoon was a close con-
test all the way with neither team
enjoying Iuch of. lead at any'
time. The fa't two minutes of
the ganie had the spectators on
their feet a a one point -lead
switched hands. When the final
horn went off, Cristobal had a
48-47 victory. Manning led, the
scoring for/ Cristobal. wth 1
points and Hall was high scorer
for Margarita with. 12. poInt.
Results of the Junior track
meet were as follows:
40-yd. Dash for boys under 8 yrs.

-e..elds d
_-Y4 D;under 8 yrs.

1--ay Croft.
l-Wayne Bath.
50-yd. Dash for glif l4ll rs.
Time: 7.6 seconds
1-Peggy Roddy.
2-Lydia Smith.
100-yd Dash for boys 13-14 'yrn.
Time: 12.9 seconds
1-Don Smith.
2--Dlck Cunningham.
75-yd. Dash for girls 13-16 yr,
Time: 11.0 seconds
1-Leah Palm.
$--Barbara Prelss.
Standing Broad Jump for boys
10-14 yrs.
1-Bruce Newhard. 7'1".
2-Don Smith; 6'11".
Standing Broad Jump for girtl
10-14 yrs.
1-Peggy Roddy, 6'1".
2-Leah Palm, 5'9'O".
Results of the Junior Swim-
ming Meet held at the Port Ou-
lick Pool:
20-yd. Free Style for boys 8-12 yrs.
I-Ray Croft, Gatun.
2-John Bennett, Ft. Oulick.
20-yd. Free Style for gis -lS Ayrs.
1-Terry Louis, Gulick Hts.
2-M. Hartz, Margarita.
40-yd. Free Style for girls
13-16 yrs.
1-M. A. Brassell, Margarita.
2-Leah Palm, Fort Gulick.
20-yd. Back Stroke for boys
8-12 yrs.
1-John Bennett, Ft. Gulick.
2-Ray Croft, Gatun.
20-yd. Back Stroke for girls
8-12 yrs.
1-M. Hartz, Margarita.
2-Terry Louis, Otlick Hts.
40-yd. Back Stroke, girls
1-Pat-Roddy, Margarita.
2-Leah Palm, Ft. Gulick.
20-yd. Breast Stroke for girls
8-1 yrs.
1-Peggy o Margarita.
2-Terry Louis, Gulick Lts,
30-yd. Breast Stroke for boys
8-12 yrs.
1-Ray Croft, Gatun.
2-Mike Angermuller, Marg-
Diving for boys 8-1 S5.
1-Ray Croft, Optun.
2-Brian Cox, Cristobal.
Diving for girls 8-12 yts.
1-Terry Louis, Oulick Hts.
2--Peggy Roddy, Margarita.


r you orany iwat r im *
fer the ymptonam t f d ila.
Mtrll. beartbumrn bWeM 6
acidity, then by diia---a
Neutract-Put a :011l11S KLs
gle of hot watir .nd r WW
utraedisd it new--m2. uiabS i'r

Newym have r ah
unt a ap



lie H W414~i rip 'is r

7. fl.I


-r- -t

I -

MIto New Orleans via
0 +i G, Guatemala

......(Pam er Servie Only) ...... Jul 1
................................. July t4



Frank Sg'mon,
Ken McGr.gor Cop
Wimben n Doubles

team oat ,-
Ken -b0t Irk
Sturges 8ot A and
Jaroslav Donj of r4yt 3-8,
6-2, -,Sjf, e-g.ftet 'e
d o a b4 1ha l o ilI a
sonsatloM-" batt ]i al-
most two ho
Play ww l but ia
every instance :4 tbdftdual
sets weo* on bV team
serving fist.

The basketball tournament be-
tween Margarita an4 Cristobal
went dedl4edly to Crtobal. The'
"D" Leagute game was the only
one which Margarita was able to
win, with the fi1al score stand-
ing at 20-;,. 1igh sor0rs tor|"ar-
garita W ak with a tal of
10 points. Saso was hgh poit
man for Cristobal with poInts.
In the "C" League Cristobal
downed Margarita to the tune of
41-15. Lihsare and Peres shared
high point honors with 19 and 12
points each for Cristobal andTo-
bin scored six points for Mar-
garita. -

'*-,t '.,4 l[3@ .- d* t T',t "

races. a AAA's in the
kants d an, NaUtfal. Teoir eonleney a
imposig at a but -Ms the league became e I Msned
and the comp tighter tHe popular halef-ile post Joet
much of Its author .
Co uder h owing the fable was w5 a yeaw K
%De t f4fieibetl fourd games in front uthwkittq
w the '~s ot qn top by three.' t-e
the Cards had a lead ora game and a half over th Phils
ulmate winners. #t the finish the Cards had dropp
and the Dodgers, fourth-on thp night of tWp
eliminated intil ~e fna day.* -
Further ;evidence that all that matters l.q where t e ib
stands after the last gaise. played Is to be seen the podags
expriece no 4Z 6 They pact the field on the Fourth. Much
e l mpworantn, ey were first on Sept. ,'But it was the # Mda
Foe played It, aierse. they had comine from behind to or
a pl and wilt.
.1tere wts anr istAce where 'a club had on-fta q<.
days togo .md ,till coU dn't hold a lead. It war naro,
,to 'be sure, but thlfs ,aW discubsim of nmldeason ltida and
portents. An extra aary xaiinple? Not at all. W abou*
TRe So In 14' 7 ''
30 hey took the lea1 W rom the Yankees by a full game mj4 .
0. All they had to doto make It official was to 9Mn me
two remaining games with the Yankees in the -tadlitW. s
ept both. You mny'be Interested In a rehash of t1W.0mft
SThey took four-rn tad In the first game but >d
It. A tie-breaklng hour by oinnUIAndell In the
thee u, wl2 (oe Pie- MBember.him? r
in relief over the la: si IIn &i.Thi tied th ra. Nxt day
waS,8unday. It wa#_ jl ow-otrl-ng for both clubs.
The YAnkeen led going Into Le eighth. Here Jt g cCarthy,
managing the Boaton by th, made a move for wht i he was
fiercely criticized. Unjuasy, 1I thought. He lifted le lKinder, a
reat pitcher. Wth :afla na, foir a pinch hitter who didn't. In
her .halt thi Yanke' got four ,nw. What igaveCthe :aaod-
guesaers a point waa that tbe Red 6ox got three in the -nth to
make it ee .- a development McCarthy could not for~,eel -
Sven If Mader had = p thing no-hit bail I mug$ lunt
McCarthy had to tft lxa, Thlis was not the fourth or fifth InUing.
It was the etghth and the Red ox, running out of time, had to
get a run to tie. What difference did It make i? they-wre beaten
by one run or 10? McCarthy's first and imperative obligation was
to pull even. At that stage he needed ~ ittip, not pitching.
ON, -"STHE, B B VA OF 41
It may even be that the over-all figures At1i favor the mid-
season leaders, But even if they do ou would not want to take
them lelo.y. Recall the Tigers.a ee ei the Fixth or ae Ath on
the PJ1 '44, et they wer t beMten final dl- d
It took an unprecedented upheaval to br this about. The
sw four. nib f B hs und

'One moare'i & S'm t5 dWegs were the pace setters
going up the back atrch, the Ou w fourth in a tight race.
At the finish the Cubs were in front by three and the Dodgers a
distant third, 11 games back. This was the year the Cube took 21
of 22 from the Reds while winning only six of 22 from the runnr-
up Cards. A record at both ends for a pennant winner.
Inasmuch asjI do not wish to have my pres-b cardr ited
up I cannot permit this discussion to end without reference to the
Braves of 1914. This endures as the classic example of the sedic-
tive nature of the July Foufrth fiction. The Bostons came fromn last
place on this date to win the pennant and sweep the serdet against
one of Connie Mackl's most glamorous teams.
They were a solid last, to, trailing the seventh-place club by
five. And, they didn't get out of the cellar until Jul 1, a fait
that is usually ignored when the topic comes up, as it does with
regularly at this time, of the season. They didn't take the lead
until the last week Ift August, and they didn't take it for keeps until
after Labor Day, pulling away from the Glants, the teast they
had to beat from the start.

Accepting passengers for


Wf ..

(Every room with private bathroom
Two luxurious suites available -)

C. B FENTON and Co, lc
Tel.: Crist6bal 1781 Balboa 1065


-.*. .. ,.


moe is baN

r muler.

sv but the brightest of
sharest pairof ye
S savage swing. Muslal once

SChand.Quitting Job Bt Not Baseball;.

Not la Long Enough To Get Lifetime Pass
vr rt BABMON ing,"alessan's On you. partner." W"t and Chawbrs?
1ng. te 11-yearold w-t otnburgh got the better of
SC INNNATI, July 7 (NBA) who built up St. Petelbur, Pla., tt deal. Pollet has been want-
Por9tat of man saying good- as a spring training sle, was to. get away from St. Louis.
bye to.,a 65,000 Job: greeted with: WhenFred .Saigb made that an-
AfteI B. Chandler had signed "They left the gate open. and n0Undement In the spring, 'We
the papers sep- this old pup got in. Al. I'd know have no plans for Pouet as yet,'
a r a ting him your hide In t tanyard." oUllet said, 'That's the best news
ftro the bae"- The man who has been called Iv heard yet.'"
,.c ao m mis- a wonderful guy by his friends Happy aaid this wouldn't be his
stoner's job on and an egomaniac by hit enemies last baseball game. "I'll be back.
Itily 15. he said talked about Cincinnatli' news- IBaseball has not given him a
wanted to paper metn. lifetime pass, he said. "Players
go to the ball "You know, they've been well get one If they've been ip 14
game. to me here. A man couldn't ask years. I was here only six. I have
Happy ar- for better treatment. Some of not played long enough, I guess."
rived at the 'em In New York have been Tobby Rigg of Louisville invlt-
ame in Ctn- rough. They wanted someone e6 Chandler to the Davis Cup
cinnati with his else. Well, It's open now. Maybe matches there. July 20-22.
friend. Ha r r y they can get somebody else.-May- "General MacArthur has been'
Nolan. a hotel be they cant. asked to-be honorary referee and'
manager, an d "The indebm f y I n g clause, has given his consent. We hope
arNppy Ohaler Dick But ler, which protmts e from suit for he'lIbe with us," said Riggs.
one of the commUdsoner's assist- anything that was done while I
ants. was In office is shnlflcant... "I'll be there if MacArthur Is,"
Player and umpires go on ahd 'It means the. owners approve Chandler said. "MacArthur's a
off the field on a runway that of everything I did." partner of mine. Sent me a mea-
pases the commissioner's box. Coveramon drifted to the sage just after he got back."
e first man Happy greeted was trades made in t the National H_ ppy Chandler expected to do
SLukeSewell. League during the eow days be- some fishing with his old friends
"How's everything?" asked the fore the trading deadline. Chand- and political acquaintances.
Reds' manager. ler said: 'I've been In high public office
"I'm all right, partner," said "Who did Pittsburgh get from ontmnuously for 25 years," he
4 Chandler. e gra Sew ell's St. Luis-Pollet? Cole? Hower- said.
shoule~iI both say- ton lla? Wlks? "A burden is lifting."

"Why Blame Platoon Football

0 f -

W YO July 7, (BA) -
P l a State College loins
S th # ranks of critics of
two-.laton football.
It asks the rules committee to
eradliate unlimited substitution.
The Penn State Athletic Ad-
S visory moard also has recomi-
mened to the' NlUonalCoellgi-
ate. Ahpetic Assocation and the
n t3 co rId atrle Coinfer-
Mnce ah rxng practice be eli-
ThissSchool of Physical Educa-
tion men are always taking a
tsho at football, which pays
the freight for everything else.
except in more recent years may-
-be basketball.
in. connection with both the
unit plan and spring drills, the
Penn State board stresses cost,
which has mounted three and
lour times. A ball which once
could be bought for $7 now costs
$20. Shoes that cost $6 now bring
$23. etc.
S If it is the cost of BoiQpmewK
that caused witt*4d budgets.
why blame platoon football?
More kids are playing than ever
before, yet squads do not neces-
sarlly have to be any larger than
they were when substitutions
were limited. Thedifference Is
entire squads running on and off
the field and fewer men spend-
ing most of the afternoon on the
It oasts no more to equip the 18
men on each of 24 company teams
at the United States Military
Academy than it does that num-
ber of varsity players. The sqme
is true of the- Junior varsity.
freshman and 15 house teams at
Yale and Harafd, for example.
Bryt hing ~.gpone up In con-
ection wlthaH ik athletics ex-
cept the priem 4 .t kets and the
S turnouts. ,

Attendance dropping tIn the
east last. fal forced the experi-
mental television program.
Army put in 26 working days of
spring practice in March. Yale's
spring work covered no more
than 16 working days. Spring
practice Is relaxed compared with
that In the aUtmn. If the game
Is worthwhile, It should be pro-
perly played.
Football has the. shortest of all
seasons '- nine games in two
months. Basketball pra c t ce
starts Indoors and runs until
summer. There Is winterinterspring
and summer track and field. In
crew. they just row and row and
Yet those Physical Ed guys are
always taking a whack whack at foot-
If there is anything wrong with
two-platoon football. It will die a
natural death.
For instance, after coaching
for 30 years, and having used
both systems. Lafayette's Clipper
Smith Is convinced that the two-%
platoon scheme does not produce
the best results.
The old Notre Damer would
like to see the rules changed to
permit only one substitution be-
tween plays without penalties or
charged time. Thus. a side would
be able to get a man In to kick or
pass without slowing down play.
I don't like the unit plan be-
cause It deprives the -dqfensive
man of the right to help move the
ball. and denies the offensive
'man the privilege of making a
hard clean Ltokoe.
But I'm also against the old
formula of radiator football. We
have altogether too much specta-
tor sport, like our playing done
for us. I've always recommended
that Notre Dame. for example,
have four or.five teams the
varsity, A. B. C. and D--nd play

for the All-England tennis
championship at Wimbledon,
Nancy Chaffee. Ventura, Calif.
wore a skirt decorated with a
hornet motif. (NEA)

that many games each Saturday.
There are two schools of
thought regarding platoon foot-
ball but no ohe canL argue that
It doesn't get more y6ung men in
the game, which Is the main Idea.

enevriTr> pflina~iTlem.
ArthWrU, Nrt sel-
Ifnnf g MS.:. rou mfablt
OuIND from yoar assist *t
once. ROIND quickly briag fan-
tastic relief i0 you can uitp, work
a~sd itl e so ow
and llv.
ncdisuuli. Get 301OD tedsjr




For A Pe nt Contender

NEW YORK. July (fl *). -
With all the frant1q for
his contract, Ned -
vet apMeaead'almorun-

he: ly
I I. ut
onot a on r^out
of r0vr
"I. baom 'to

Sha a hat."
ren oayler f d the hans
some soy bean farmer of north-
west Ohio.
"If I believe I hav e a UQUwk
coming, I make it in th f
Once I- sign a contract, I
of nothing but pitching.
"I wouldn't pitch abi Mt -
GRVEor better for the and dow
You don't have tobe paid ore right-h'nd teer wh
young Garver long to know why
he wonninegamesmoetween the seams. H
half of -those taken by the Little
Brownies, In the lost third of18 last the curve d er

GARVER bad an eat ouedrtothe e- breaks ide-n and do
tion: Wouldn't he be paid more right-hand bitteer with
by a winning, or more affluent, quarter delivery by he
club. between the seams. He
He'won 13 while losing 18 last the curve sad slider a
trip, had an earned-run-average and side-arm.
of 3 .9 with an outfit tht bag- Ned Garver demonstrate
ged no more than Se lost a baseball em will glitt
seven one-run games, or until setting.
the better-posted fans wonder-
ed why he didn't cut his throat.
"I. consider It reasonable to I
assume that I wouldd have won I i
20 with a stronger club,"'he ex-
plained, "but this year I have mN On
enjoyed the good luck 'that
Stubby Overmire, for example, LONDON, uly (UP)
has missed.,July 7 (P)
"The other clubs wanting me day night Dick Savitt
is proof that a pitcher only has nervous to sleep.
to itch well to attract attention 'lht now the Ora
denvwhere. Right now, the Ora
"I am getting what the aver- Jersey, ntestar is too ex
age pitcher of my experience hPpto wo -about
and ability is paid. Otherwise I H he unTputed ki
would not have signed." ateur tennis because o
Garver was being kept- happy liant straight set vict
at $17,500 a year, it was report- Ken McGregor of Austra
ed. finals of $%1e Wimbledo
competltlin. -
A SCOUT IS BORN Sa.itt'a 6-4, 6-4, and
P. L. McCormick wasn't even taint the cannon-ba
a scout for the St. Louis Amer- youngster from down uz
loans whep he recommended one of the mte d4cisve
Garver. He has been since. year history of the all
McCormick managed a semi- hramlontfl gener
professional team In Fort Way- ourney a te wod1
ie, Ind., 40 miles from thejporn, toery.
wheat and oats farm of Oa re' ns.
pareust, hard by KeNy, a l om
village of $W. Garver had re-
Ned his hlgh school sweetheart.11 e .
*anted to go to work. He wa his chanc leamrdai.
McCormick's third baseman and yer-Qid el graul
outfielder when he wasn't pits down with a bad cae
Ing. court" liters when he
Four years In the minors and leep. All he could thi
Garver was a major leaguer at that coming date' wit
22. fame.
'He Is a natural pitcher who At 5 o'clock Thursday
learned the hard wav under British time, Dick stilv
pressure," said Zack Taylor. who ing the floor of his bL
has managed the kid with the room. even hours .lt
man's head since he became a he made his apmpearanc
bie leaguer. center court amid the cr
"He certainly has gone along standing-rOm-olol-o
with me and the club, pitching 000. Simt was bleary 4
out of turn In attempts to get tense.
us out of a losing streak and re-
lieving. He's a fine pinch-hitter, But his jitte isa
too." moment the match beg
r that, he played like s
OVERHAND TO UNDERHAND Dick's powerful back
Mboregorp's "big-serve"
OARVER doesn't look his five apart. His paying a- d
feet 10% inches and 182 pounds. ots were cranb
He Isn't overly fast, but keeps lines. In the end, It Was
the ball away from the fat of trallan who cracked. 1
the bat with deliveries all the showed that by losin_.c
way front overhand to under- his biggest weapon, thi
hand. H double-faulted flv
He pitches to- weaknesses. A *d .he lost servlqe fl
catches the batter off balance, times.
While he was with San An- Symbolically; Mecreg4
tonio. the former American his back when lavltt.
League Johnnies Whitehead over set and match poai
and Marcum drummed con- uteS after they had sta
trol into his head. Wng. Dick sent a forehi
Control Is setting the curve, sKimming over thtnetji
or breaking ball, over the Dlate the sidelines. Mcregor
when the pitcher Is behind the the ball and tumbles
hitter, grassy court as his tit
Garver breaks the ball both whiled past the out
ways. racquet.

v 1907 more 1907 more

t I

sign, he
Nn to a
a three-
olding it
e throws
ated that
er in any


was too

t New
ted and
ng of am-
f a bell-
ory over
lHain the
t singlesp
1-4 .wi
lI serving
under was
In the 65

1te came
of "center
tried to
k of was
b tennis
was pac-
Idon hotel
er, when
!e on the
leets of a
rwdof 15,-
eyed and

eared the
an. After
and tore
' game

control of
i service.
le times.
lye other
or was on
it 03 min-
rted play-
and drive
jst Iside
dived for
I In the
le dream

1907 more

S1907 mqr 1907 more 1907n more

I 11


PORTRU Irehland, July 7-
)- Mx Faulker, a British
Ryder Cup layer, yesterday won
the British Ope 1i Champion-
ship with a.7.'16Bl score of 285.
however, his victory was not
assured until Arsntine Antonio
Cerds ret ned,W 'a last round
70 score fr an aggregate 287.
Faulkner seemed set for his
first OpM.L Mto :but 'the big
menace at) a the field af-
ter thbe oJl nb scored a 74
In his ia nd.Mfort was Cer-
we4pltenh, whlch came In the
attemnoo, Cerda played with
great deagminatmon and force
after belf four under with five
holes to g and needing a 67 for
the round -to win. However, he
couldn't quite make it.
Faulkner owed his position to
a home-made putter which he
used lke a wedge on many oc-
Bobb y cko wound up with a
total 3. and FraPok Stranahan
with 295.

Raschi's Mean
Enough For Frisch
CHICAGO. July 7 (NXA)-There
Just aren't enough cantankerous
ball player anymore-not In
Frank .11c1 opinion,
The Cub manager Insists that
a players more effective if he's
"Last sprg, we were in Phoe-
nix playngthe Yankees when I
saw Vi Ra ," recalls Frisch.
"He remlnded'me of one of the
meanest guy I ever played a-
ilnst, urt hGrimes. Old
tubblebe rd looked ukse he'd
tear you io two. So does Raschl.
"That's the way to play. Mow
'am down."

Ruel Seeks To
SKeep All Local
Talent Home
CZVSLAND1-JUly 7 (NmA) --
A home-grown ball club is the
im of farm club director Muddy
Ruel of the Indianas.
Declaring that he hopes to sign
every, good prospect In the Cleve-
land area, Rue says:
"There's no earthly reason
why a youngster in tes district
should sign with another club.
Those. talented enough to make
the Indiana can be assured of
salaries equal to. or mqre than
those earned any place else,"

liow To Catch Fish
tot W t Virgi*a

CGet Banged Up
(NSA). -A. B. Chaplin is a
man who likes his fishing- and
he Isn't one to let a little thing
like an, incapacitated arm keep
him from It.
ith his body. from waist to
neck. encased in a cast as a
result of an automobile accident,
Chaplin went to the back wAtprs
of Cheat Lake and cast with his
good right arm. He hooked @l1
bass landing three ranging 1t
9ie from one and a auarter to
four and a half pounds.

,A Z Owner Tom'Baird introduces letters on the t
Negro Kamas City Monarch. Fans see and get letters I
,i*rGene Collins is A, Isaiah Jackson, recruit catcher,

HAL OL FAME-Wii-Im Hx. <*.,, Nm, f'. sM
B rever .fIU e +fan -tsq
ha.,. w hih haw be.n tra -& m ._ m .
Of Fame. The Tudor-type hod" h#4 1 ; x Jfib
ewr. Cane is best knowfter his Prwertt 4tILOf thI e
bletoflan Stake, to be renewed in the Oange
White is its only fotur-Une winner. (NA),

TODAY...or .any SU N-DA Y,

You May WIN $100.00

,' IM .

+ ,. I++



ner of the MONTEZUMA Jackpot on July 1st., -
1951, is presented a $100.00 check by Mr. Laude-
lino Garcia, owner of the Central Liquor Store -
202 Central Avenue where the lucky bottle of
MONTEZUMA was purchased.

Witnessing the presentation is Mrs. Benildo M.
de Zayas and Basilia Andrade, employes of the
Liquor Store. ,. .-.', .**^
'. ,


-t *

4 .. -
*-A- I4*l-..*il

* ;-. C
-!:.*,~z~ ~-

' *1



that speak

for themselves

Last month THE PANAMA
AMERICAN carried 3830
classified ads ae compared
to 1923 In all other daily
papers In PanamA com-
bined I

*^ '*** ;
,. '; .'-

- I-' *'~.*



--- ft.. ,r
',.'- .,

. *t

'- '. **.1
a". *"

,, d


Mdi lOpen





SIike Tasty Breakfasts -
.... p,"'

^ '^ .** ,,% ,i,.. y 'l,.
- ----- ----- -

;; ..- :
'i ., ...

and morning

nm love thrives on breakfast eggs
g sunshine.

'- When a man wakes up In the over low heat. moving the cook-
Saorning there are three things ed portions from the bottom sides
i topes to find: sun shining in of the pan with spatula, until
.'.J window, a tasty breakfast mixture looks thick and creamy.
Aid a fresh-looking wife to snare Sprinkle cheese over eggs and
ith him. continue cooking over low heat
hdere are a few well-tested food until cheese Is melted. Serve at
t that help lead to married once with sauteed tomato slices.
ness. Men usually like fiesh
f| for breakfast. Strong. clear Coffee Glazed Ham Slice
offee. too. Start the day with a (Makes 3 to 4 servings)
Sftakfast like this: orange juice One 1-inch-thlck smoked ham
a' qmbled eggs with cheese. sau- slice. 1-4 cup pineapple juice. 2
lted tomato slices. toasted Eng- teaspoons 100 per cen.t pure ins-
1tBh muffins, apricot jam. coflee tant coffee. 1-2 cup real maple
Scrambled Eggs With Cheese gyrup.
(Makes 2 Servings) Pour pineapple juice over cof-
y. our eggs. 1-4 cuo milk. 1-2 fee in small saucepan and stir
tusooon salt. 1-8 teaspoon dry until dissolved. Stir in maple sy-
ustard, dash of pepper, 2 table rup. blending well. Simmer over
apooins' btltei. i-" cup grated low heat 15 minutes Remove
proee.sed chPee tood rind and most of the fat from
Seat eggs with fork Just enough 'ham. Brown ham slice on both
-' blenc white wlii \(,IK- ,aod 'sides in heavy frying pan. Pour
: lk, s:/., mustard and pepper icoifee glaze over ham. Cover and
.',o egs and beat only until cook over low heat, basting often
eisnded. Melt butter in Ir.ving and turning occasionally, about
* eB; add egy mixture and cook 30 minutes.


Writes a mother- "Our only together. See more of your old
hild, a daughter, was married friends .- and make some new
"J sa than a vearAgo and ,ones Make some plans for the
and her husband are living Tuture you can talk about and
a town a thousand miles work toward together.
us. If you miss having young peo-
ple around, see if you can be a
They don't have money to real friend to some of the voung
t us, and we can probably to some of the young couples
away only about once a year you know. There is so much an
visit them. Don't you think older woman has to offer young
would be wise to sell our people. If she is willing to put
all business and our home herself out to be a friend to
ad go to live in their citv? them.r
After all, she is all we have Above all. If you have been in
n't even think of oulline the habit of writing your
li stakes and following vour daughter how lonely the house
dquihter. If she is all vou have Is without her. how emoty the
I l life. that is a situation a uu days are now that she Is gone.
abetter correct. and similar complaints, cut It
-For she has hier own life to out. You shouldn't let 'yourself
R d now. Her first duty 1i to cast even a small shadow on
-J husband. You shouldn't her happiness. Nor should you
en dream of trying to live the get her in the state of mind
t of your life through her. where she feels torn between
Start living In your own arid her loyalty to her husband and
ve your daughter and her her love for her parents.
band free to do the same. While she is busy making a
after all, you and your hus- new and ocmplete life for her-
d still have each other, self, you get busy doing the
is all that you had when same thing. It can be done at
started out together. Get any age, you know, by anyone
y planning and doing things with courage.

I EOdithYourOwn

Vw"th whit-star owd from
Price Includes your script Inhiell
Heavily plated, beautifully styled...
exclusive "Signature" In Old Company
Plate made and guaranteed by the
Wm. Roger Mfg. Co., Meiden, Conn.
So lovely, you'll want more! With tea-
spoon. you receive list of complete
pattern and prices. Send for this shn-
ning value--offered by...
Kellogg'svAnswr r,best pick'n'choose
fun of all. 10 generous boxes, 7 real
cereal favorites. Grand anytime!

Ssaiters. MEPT. M.1muIaU IBm ilTl
Pl e P ewmd -me ....... "Sigatu" pitter
temapoons with t.fil cdrCi For b unit a" t
of 4 spooM, I endoM I whIt-e~r ad fom
rallogg' wvAmmzr raczaou and 75# to in.
HAM".'..,. ....... ......................


Ssee......... ............ .. *
Iob Er podwInla Candm Zee


Realizing every woman wants to look her best when facing a her portrait-lovely mouth (upper center); and eye.-hadow,
camera, film actress Jan Sterling demonstrates helpful beauty tpa smoothed on with a cautious finger, adds depth and radiance to,
taught her by studio make-up men. A bit of clown white, care her eyes (lower center). She poses for a still picture (right), con-
fully blended along her cheekbones, adds interest to her faeil ifident of her make-up even beneath the g1le of brillian lights
planes (left); lipstick, skillfully applied with a brush, enhances and the searching eye of the photographer's camera.

women, posing for a picture
is one of lies less pleasant
chores. A camera can be a
bugaboo, unless you're suf-
ficiently sure of your beauty
to face the lens with poise
and confidence. Actress Jan
Sterling, whose latest film is
Paramount's "Ace In The
Hole," tells in this exclu-
sive article how to look
your loveliest when keeping
a date with. your photo-
Written- for NEA Serlic
There's something about: the
searching eye of a camera that
makes every woman want to look
her best. This desire for portrait
glamor seems to be universal -
whether it's a graduate or bride
recording an important mile-
stone in her life; a teen-ager
smiling her prettiest for her best
beau; a mother capturing her
youth on film for her children to
remember; or like me a movie
actress posing for stills.
Special effects require special
effort. There arc tricks of light-
ing which every experienced pho-
tographer uses to enhance the
loveliness of his subject-but his
skill alone is not enough. You
must do your part as well, by
choosing the correct clothes and
hair-do and by giving a bit of
extra attention to your make-up.
If you tend to be somewhat
slap-dash about your everyday
cosmetics, abandon this approach
at picture-taking time. A smeary
wavering lipstick line may
nt look too outstandingly dread-
ful as you go about your daily
tasks, ut it'll scream for at-
tention once it's caught on film.
If your attitude toward make-
up is "the less the better," this
theory, too, had best be discard-
ed until after your trip to the
yhotographprs. Unassisted beau-
y which may look fresh, clean
and natural in the flesh has a
way of looking washed out when
exposed to flash bulbs. I
Women who insist upon facing
the camera looking just as they
usually do may find, when their
proofs are ready, that their noses
outshine their eyes or that their
eyebrows seem to have disap-
Preparation for your picture
should begin several days in ad-
vance. Shampoo and brush your
hair so it'll be clean and glossy
enough to pick up highlights; set
it sO It'll be manaeable and be-
coming. Never appear before a
camera with stiff, rigid waves or
tight, new curls.
Experiment with your clothes
a bit also before the day of your
appointment. Choose a neckline
that enhances your face and
eaeck. As a rule, classic styles and
solid colors are best. Patterned
clothes tend to look "busy" and
extreme, last-word styles often
look amusingly outdated within
a couple of years.
As for your make-up, here's
your chance to achieve the dra-
matic effects you may consider
too glamorous for your everyday
living. Studio make-up men men
have taught me that beauty is
often pretty much an optical Il-
lusion based on light and shadow.

Helpful Hints

An ordinary snap-type cloth-
es pin can be used as a holder
for a pad of steel wool to pre-
vent rough silvers of wood from
scratching vour finer tins.
To cln.. plhAtic upholstery,

You can create- your own illu-
sions, with the aid of make-up
You'll need,two shades, one
that matches your complexion
and one that's slightly darker. If
your nose is too broad, slender-
ize It in effect by applying your
darker foundation along the

or too pointed. Angular lines will
be softened by the .resultant
Your eyes are of utmost Im-
portance. Make them look as
beautiful as possible with cor-
rect make-up. There's trickery in
your eye-shadow box. Prominent
eyes can be made to apparently

out their curve with an eyebrow
To give your complexion a soft
mat finish, apply a generous
quantity of powder over your
foundation. But avoid a pasty
look by carefully brushing away
the excess with a complexion
brush or a fluff of cotton..

sides of your nose, the lighter recede when this make-up is
shade in a narrow line along the smoothed on; average-looking Complete your make-upby ap-
bridge. eyes assume a new depth and ra- plying lipstick with a brush. If
dance when lids are glossy and this technique is unhandy for
If your face is too flat and shaded. you, practice at home for a few
broad, create a more interesting days until you've mastered it,
effect by shadowing in' therea ris th. a few deft strokes of Thin or too-fulLps seem pIsaa
beneath your cheekbothe A bit ygr'eye-brow peacflt yt ia hNAly Dle.PAP ,when
of clown white, carefully blended edft rame If(ryout bye, e e y Ya i
upward toward your teroples, will Jst as surely as you make eet- raen or narrowtlhem as neeAI
also heighten the planes of.your tati there are rio straggle brows ed.
face. for the camera lens to jiick up, Here's one final trick employ-
A too-long nose will seen short- make certain also that there are ed by people who face the came-
er if you smooth on a little of no sparse spots to give your ra professionally: Make sure, just
the darker make-up just be, brows an unfinished look. Parti- before the final click, that you
neath its tip. The same rule ap- I cularly is It important, if your moisten your lips so that the ca-
plies when your chin is too long eyebrows end too soon, to round' mera will catch a gleam.

CoNe Caape -

flew J1t tW. eatAer Jatric3 and 2)elain

NEW YORK (NEA) Cot- NEA Staff Writer
ton, the mainstay of any hot
weather wardrobe, is perform- suit (left), one in muted gray
ing new tricks this year. It ombre tones. This is paper-
makes fashion news both in fa- weight cotton, deftly handled,
bries and in design. beautifully detailed. A dress with
Cotton chiffon, for instance, halter neckline has cover-up
is not a successor to cotton sa- provided by a form-fitting jack-
tin. It's just one more example et, thus achieves a suit look.
of the versatility of cotton and The bow that trims the dress
the ingeniousness of the fabrics provides trim for the jacket, too.
people. Designer Adele Simp- Sleeves are worn pushed up to
son uses it in a shadow check just below the elbow.

wash with a. mild solution of
soap and water. Wipe off with
a cloth wrung out of clear water
and polish with a clean, dry
cloth. For added gloss, a coat
of clear leather polish may be
Upholstered furniture repre-
sents a sizable investment and
should be cleaned with great
care. If you are doing the job
yourself. select a good commer-
cial cleanser. Drepare leather
according to directions and ap-
ply to the fabric with an uo-
holsterv brush. Rinse carefully
and let dry. Then brush lightly
with the weave of the material.

A cotton raincoat, in-water-
repellent striped cotton ticking,
is a handy thing for any girl to
own. Summer showers are just
as devasting as autumn rains.
This coat, by, Lawrence of
London, has its own beret. It's
in a blue--and-white stripe with
red velveteen collar and cuffs.
It's pyramided, can be worn full
or belted and has deeply-cut
armholes that slip easily over
summer suits and dresses.

viVomnen 's

t (1V04




-ih c. At o.. .

Doe op "blow his top"?
mom E good ne ws for your
budget. El Agulla-.1 Cen-
tral Avenue has anpouaeed a
convenient 30- week club ilan
for purchasing dinnerware, cr'eW
tal,, l)sbpa and other ite.mL ... for
lovelier, pleasanter living.

,< .

There's Joy in cooking!
COOKING can be more fun
' with modernm tchen aidsl
On the second floor at The
Fifth Avenue Store you'll find
a fascinating collection- of kit-
chen gadgets... everything from
cookie cutters to complete sets
of pyrex and aluminum utensils.
Stoa in and brouse around...
you'll be glad you -didl

for miyg
- Corner o
Street. Ti
Ina blend%
troocal ur
and weft..
ed "in a winl

.,- V

Home... .a e home
RIN cool, refte"lra
breezes InsifT lf. n..
inexpensively, too... b '
Philco Air Conditioner. wi br
yogv select a wiud* suro cpn-.
sole model, these trUn comoae'
units "do things" to hot, stickyI
tropical atmospheres w d ..
new enjoymernr to Uin .
working. Restful comfor, re-
places heat and-humidity nyr
room that has a Philco Afr*' ,I.
ditioner. See them .on 4.a"l.j
.at Omphroy's or Fuerza-.' Li.
- and inquire about thf e as'
L .-*-----." *

I,."- -i-- r t J,

THIS DELICIOUS SALMON MOLD mokes o cool and tempthig waiet dish fa
a summer evening. Preparation doesn't take long and 'if you use piiss'ld
carrots left over from last night's dinner, you needn't even torn on thei
stove. Cool fixing as well as cool eating! Wait till you taste the tartness of n
salmon and horse-radish combined with the soft, shimmering ditdiotC
Jell-O. If you've never used Jell-O in an entree or salad before, gut 'teedaf
to be surprised at the way it makes them twick as good. 'Molds vegetoble*
cr fruits together in a flavorful gelatin base; mikes smooth contraSt to .
the crunchy textures do'ihdbrings re"w interest to their taste and dppeorance.
WHEN YOU WANT JELL-0 TO SET QUICKLY, dissOlvi Jell-O in a.cup of
hot water, then add a cup,. of ice cubes or crushed lie, f ailing the tup WPts
water to make it full. Stir until the ice has melted conlaetely. Whh h you
prepare Jell-Othis way, it sets in about 1 hour. But please note: don't ever
freeze Jell-0.
Delicious Salmon Mold
1 package Lemon Jell-O 4 teaspoons drained a f t4r *i
1 cup hot water. radish
1 cup col water 1 cup flaked canned Alimon
1 cup cold water 1 cup cooked peas, fresh oft
3 tablespoons vinegar canned
4 teaspoon salt 1 cup cooked diced. carrots .,
Dissolve Jell-O in hot water. Add cold water, vinegar, and 1/4 teaspooh -
salt. Four small amount Jell-O in bottom of loaf pan. Chill until Tirm. Chill
remaining Jell-O In bottom of loaf pan. Chill until firm. Chill remaining
Jell-O in another container until sightly thicknened. Add 1/4 teaspoon salt
and horse-rodish to salmon and vegetables and mix very lightly. When rd-m t,
maoning Jell-O is slightly thickened, fold in fish and vegetaoWi'mixttie.
Turn into loaf pan over firm Jell-O layer. Chill until firm. Unmold and'cut'
,n squares. Serve on crisp lettuce; garnish with mayonnaise and iprlgs of *
nursley. This recipe serves 8.
HOT WEATHER. BREAKFASTS need let her help with small' thilgi. Thar
to be as cool and inviting as pos- way she gets a happy picturoeof your
sible and the less cooking, the duties (which will be hers-sorhe day)o
better! cereals fit this learns by doing, and may suipris-.
description, but it's nice to be sure you by using some Imaginatfon of-t
they won't come to the table look- her own. One of the best dishes for
.ng wilted from the heat and "humi- a young beginner is Fudge. There'st
dity. You'll never be disappointed an instant cocoa mix on the" morkd*' -
by soggy corn flakes-if you buy Post called Bakqr's 4-in-1, that ,Mkee*' *
Toasties. They're guaranteed fresh velvety, luscious fudge wifh- almIod
and crispy! Every possible precautios no cooking. It's ready In about' L0
has been taken to see that they reach yninutes. The easy steps ore d te A
us that way. They're protected with on the package there's n6b long .-
three layers of wrapping.. Post's fa- boiling, nothing complicated for the, *
mous Trip-L-Wrap. There's actually youngster who's had no experience
a "Triple your money back" guarar*- with mixing, blending, or controtling
tee on the cover. All this- means that heat. With only o little supef1faito
when you open the box and shake the she'll turn out a plate of fudge thti
golden flakes into. a bowl, they're Will make you both very proulti
sure to'be toasty ond light. Then Itker's 4-in- 1 contains ao special
when you splash ,them with chilled Walter Blaker blend of chocolate,
milk or cream, you have a breakfast id as you probably know Jf you 4
treat that's perfect. Get Post Toostles used it before, makes hot cocoa, fgst*
next time you go to the store. i1g, chocolate sauce and ehdcolate
HOT WEATHER lEVERAGES are ftilk shake. It keeps beautlfuhv. *' 4
very much in demand, too in- Whether there's an eager young coold
doors and out! One way to keep a 0t your house or not,, you'll enj w
step ahead of the heat is to hove ao fe chewy, rich cocoa goodness of
tall. cool pitcher of Maxwell House this fudge, and the ease and speed '
Tea in home handy spot..and the with which it's made.
bigger the pitcher, the better; That WOULD YOU PAY 15# for the *no* '
way you'll be prepared for thirsty *er to every baking question ylQ
guests, expected or otherwise. Don't over wanted to ask? If on expert
worry about serving extras with it Xtld sit down with you and expiin,
like coaokes or sandwiches unless afep by' step, the secrets of Uf r4
you lust hopin to btovd' th' dff pfecrust, mixing cupcake, mlkn
hand. Maxwell House Tea has, such jelly roll, sponge -cake, biscuits, nut
reol, satisfying, rich flavor that it's bread, cookies and mufll 'i1v1 'l 4
enough, just by itself. Your family you artful advice on frosting and dode
will be grateful for thip tasty thirtt- creottng; *show you what pep 9p 4
quencher, and you'll be surprised how use, how to measure ingredients oO<
economical it Is. All tee is cna urotely, how to a yM VW ur
- compared to most other beveraw ,Qw,.y. z a 'c"l'ltle tjme-tbt 4
- but all te a is Wt as en yobl, t for baking, aid 1135 tpt.e rlepe
good tasttrig, as Mfxwol3it 'V fllow yorW, WLsmwl e.W ... $
We think It's the best t" buy th o you think ftJ wort 150? -
Is.'s thim chq youv be
FAMILY PROJECTS IN THE KITCH4 waiting! orr A bakkt thltra .0 p
EN can be good training for yhr i you lessons bu Thowsyapw
rowing youngsters. .port ulrly O u a w ll. ld
tftb girls. When a child expresses Sake You'll I M4 th
IWioety about your dvnrtc routine, coMupon on |

____________________________________ ~. !P~7'~ --

-.. 1 -

1-I -



Portrait.- eauly -

B&e or Cam er" >cre&

" "* I *^ ', t<*-
: : F
'7*' ..

- I


4 1f.y.,^ A ." *. "i ,
f-" t "* :. ,
*' iM -M "* *' .

p2 B1W l's Ofbr.les U1
be, iUt speaker.

ts ata
at the Pen Womr
G llery in the oF
uLVa week will be: Mod-
Wy Loi Heady: Ztes4Y,
1 M Sm.mth; Wednesday,
9dLBS 'Th raday, Evey
i, ene Simpeon
spd1 | orinhe Feeney.

a t 't:30 pxn. the Carib-
V9"b Vil1 meet Ixt*
teJ.W. Inh.
Ingb oat e_ lub. After the bdl-
DUB eng a stamp auction wll

&b nto Meet
Ia Canal Rebekah Lodge
No. LJ.OOJ'. will meet Monday
.at 7:W Im. at the K. C. Lodge
Hall, Balboa.

ret I. Review

*- .. *

SMr. aad Mrs. C. D: DFeoler of San Diego, California,
former resents of Gaqboa, announce the engagement of
their d~hter, Ruby Elizabeth, to' Paul Milton Howard, son
of Mrs. Pau M. Howard and the late Mr. Howard of San
For is attending San Diege Collie and Mr. How-
mi is a student at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles.

S Lt and Mr. ekberg Batertain
Fwr Vslite ,rom. New York .
Captain Herbert F, Eckberg,
US... and Mrs. Eckberg enter-
taiIed Informally Mo0a7y after-
noon and yesterday afternoon at
their quarters oh Quarry Heights,
honoring their house guests, Miss
Beatrice Eckberg and %sas Irene
z EckierO of Lakewood, New York.
The Ws c1 kberg, cousbts of
CataMTe rg,' arrived, retent-
ly r ra visit of evyral .yeeks.
weli rty 'For.
ra wel Party For .

Gtathb Mr. and Mrs. MeOrath en-
tsotalnedeat their residence in El
Cooo del Mar.
Parties Honor
Mr. md Mrs. Alberto Aleman.
Jr. gave a dinner Thursday eve-
ning at their home in honor of
Miss Maria Teresa Healy and her
fiance, Roberto Aleman, who are
to be married July 14.
Miss Healy was the guest of
honor at a luncheon given re-
cently by Mrs. Alejandro Posse
4 and her sister, Mrs. Jaime Cor-
real, who entertained at Mrs. Cor-
real's home in Bella Vista.
l 7---
Friday evening Mr. and Mrs.
Alfredo Fonseca gave a dinner
at their home in honor of Miss
Hqaly and Mr. Aleman.

Miss Woodruff Wins Honors
At Maryland College
Mi3 Shirley Woodruff, who
S as graduated from Balboa High
School in 1950, was on the Dean's
lst both semesters of this year at
Western Maryland College where
she has completed her freshman
** year. She has been awarded the
covt lcbolarship for one year's
ful tuition next year. She plans
to major in public school music
and biology, and is now attending
summer school to study pipe or-
gan. Before smmer school open-
ed saa and herparents, Mr. and
,: Mrs. Barton C. Woodruff, motor-
ed to North Carolina and Florida
to visit friends from the Canal
zone. Mr. Woodruff retired from
service with The Panama Canal
P last year and he and his wife and
daughter are now living in West-
minster, Maryland.
Returnm em Trip
To the Sogtowest
IR Mr. and Mrs. John Fawcett and
their daughter, Linda, have re-
turned to Balboa from a vacation
trip to Texas and California.
Mr. saI Mrs. DIleo
m,a s at Dinner
e Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow Dillon
entertained at dinner last eve-
ning at their home on Mtndl
Street in AneoM. Their guests
were Or. and Mrs. Herbert Drls-
col, Mr. and MrI. David J. Mark-
' uN MiN Dorothy HIay.Wd, Mr.

and Mrs. Leo Kralza and John
Marriage Announcement
Mr. and Mrs. August W. Neu-
man announce the marriage of
their daughter, Ida, to Mr. An-
thony Terracina on Friday morn-
ing, July the sixth, at ten o'clock
at the Balboa Union Church.

H. M. Stout of Curundu Heights
is sailing today for Galveston,

Auto-Ute Company
Names Director Of
Export Advertising
Charles F. Rork, Sale4 Manager
for the Export Division of The
Electric Auto-Lite Company, was
recently named President of the
Export Advertising Association at
the group's annual meeting, held
at the Hotel Shelton in New York
Mr. Rork has been First Vice
President of the Export group for
the past year and has played an-
active part in Export Advertis-
ing for several years.'He is serv-
ing currently as a Commissioner
on the Inter-American Commer-
cial Arbitration Commission.
Mr. Rork is a native of Poca-
tello. Idaho and was graduated
from Northwestern University
with I degree in Foreign Com-
merce. He subsequently spent six
years in India. Burma and Cey-
lon with National Carbon Com-

v'1isn, New ?
FTor A Cmtortable
More Ple-aut Stay
so ConvMenIm T. averytihtn

With mtehettau

S 5.00 TO s 8.00
PFr Spelcal week atim
Write to
a- t Nth stre
N.yof t e NIr..
**jm oa U rieMoey femsonel *S.
TMkt~ iB hem" ~ r *




*' R s -f lh:'.. 0:0 ,.M. to t -.W .

.. l

NEW YORK, July 7 (UP) -
The faithful color reproductions
of the 31 posters of Toulouse-
Lautrec have been assembled in
an exquisite volume. It is done
with tbe fine artisanship pecul
liar to the European makers of
beautiful books, (Paris B*dk
Ceunr, New York).
Most of these posters adver-
tised in the gay nineties the
stars of the amusement places
of Montmartre. The book is a
parade of the places and the
people who made world fam-
ous that sophisticated hunting
ground for vice, wit and beau-
Toulouse Lautrec trans-
lated into art the bottom-
less contempt of humanity
championed in literature by
Baudelaire and Flaubert.
He treated his subjects with
the brutal realism of a revolu-
tionary. the cynical irony of a
frustrated sensualist arid the
poetic charm of a deeply sen-
sitive artist. His mordant line
captured the silhouettes of peo-
ple In what was their most
charcterlatic wea H, t
lan uae l' f6rdeful. It
9 that mea116
could be understood by milloto
His posters planted the seeds
of contempt into the hearts of
people for that sector of Part-
sian life that was most closely
identified with the motion of
the "leisure class." But as the
art fans ahd art patrons.too be-
longed to that class, his posters
became a revolutionary, force
within the bourgeoisie Itself.
His contemporaries reproach-
ed him for presenting a world
of charm and beauty in which
only the men were inhuman.
Now. after two world wars, gas
chambers. labor camps and ato-
mic bombs, some cyntes wonder.
-Paul Moesanyl.

stop worrying.
.l.A UII--I-.I


* I

ian ,i4 mgi
Don't worry about that
first gray strand! Let it be a
"blessing in disguise" a
signal to you to take action
and do something about ob-
taining lovelier, natural-
looking new haircolor! So
relax and let Roux' take
over' For Roux Oil Sham.
poo Tint treatments conceal
every visible strand of dull
or gray hair, give sparkling
highlights and lustre, adds
subtle, nawura.l-ookimg color
that changes your worry to


Caution: me only as diced

-- wz I&A

I he fourteenth art exhibt .
t year to be held at the uU-
S Armed forces Servic Ce -
t4r in Balboa, under the
*bjp' of the Canal [ w Art
*i- e and tbb USO- JWbieO*
Iumy with the work of t well-
known Isthmalan artist, Malcolm
plome of tha pictures reSived
favorable mention at. week
Wb. shown in the Balb oom
at 1 Panama. AddiMb "ai ones
have been added for the ydunR
American's JWB show. About 20


D y

O Bn


United Preu

d ad Young), by. the te
rd Bass is a simple
tful story of life in I
estwy European circua 4a s
tfoU~the eyes of a "
pnitice who rises from .tale
b* to rider, animal trainer and
finally heir apparent to the
owner. It tells affectionately of
the days when beautiful horse
and graceful horsemanship ati
dominated the sawdust shows.
A Literary Guild selection, the
novel will provide many with
a welcome escape from' wars,
shortages and politics....
David Douglas Duncea, pho-
togrtpher of Life magazine,
his put Ms pictures of soldiers
At ite front in Kdrea into a
book called THIS IS WARI
harper .
' --ese striking photos are
mostly close-ups of the facial
!tirdeon of the men who do
actual fighting, reflecting
the agony of the wounded, the
fear, fatigue and sorrow that
are the inevitable accompani-
ment of war. Nearly all of the
men photographed, are Marines.
Duncan, a Marine In World War
II, explains that he "wanted
to show what war did to a man."
His captionless pictures are elo-
Cora Jarrett, author of
GINKO TREE, offers another
unusual tale of suspense in RE-
hart) ........It Is. the story of a
scheming, ruthless, self-center-
ed woman, the wealthy broth-
er-in-law she drives to the brink
of insanity, and the terrible fate
that overtakes her. The novel 1P
m0pred by the author's annoying
0M 4tn. confnn methodl
telnng the stOry in a heroes 11
flashbacks, but has a haunting
Edmund Stevens, the well in-
formed correspondent of the
Christian Science Monitor, has
packed lots of information about
the Soviet Union into the 200
oaoes of THIS IS RUSSIA -
During his tour of duty In
Moscow he had the advantage
of speaking fluent Russian.
Some of his best chanoters are
built' around walks he took
through the citv, talking with
the people In their own language
and avoiding the stiffness that
comes between the suspicions
Russians and any foreigner. In
a brief foreword Walter B.
Smith, former American ambas-
sador to Moscow. commends thp
"accuracy, clarity and depth"
of the book....
McGraw-Hill has issued a sec-
ond edition of ASIA'S LAND
AND PEOPLES. a ready refer-
ence book on a hart of the
world that Is in the headlines
every day. It Is edited by George
B. Cressy. cbharman of the geo-
graphv d,4uartment at Syra-
cuse University. In addition to
the sections on nations which
are ordinarily Included In Asia,
there Is a comprehensive treat-
ment of the Soviet Union. Since
the first edition appeared in-
terest has Increased consider-
ably In Korea and there is a
thorough discussion of the land
that became the United Nations'

oils and water colors will be ex-
Deivalle is now painting in Pa-
ris. where he recently had an ex-
nibit at the Amerlean Library.
Reviewing thle Paris show. the
art critic of the Paris'.editlion of
the New York lerald-Triouane
commented, "Delvalle sees the
subject with, an all encompassing
eye. He points boldly and coolor-
iully. wasting none' of his paint
on fancy detail."
Malcolm. Delvalle was born in
New York City and won a num-
ner of art prizes in schools there
before coming to the Isthmus
with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Delvalle. in 1943. On
graduation SFom Cristobal High
School he received an American
Legion award. during the war he
was active itht the Victory Corps
and the USOr1 1945 he enrolled
at Pratt InstItute, Brooklyn,
where he wast president of the
Foreign Studdffte Association.
Almost twoq.years ago, young
Delvalle salleffor Europe, stop-
ping in the Caribbean Islands en
route. In Paris he has attended
the Beaux Art and Julian art
academies and has"come under
the Influence of the noted art
critic Andre Schoeller. who has
encouraged his work.
The exhibit will remain at the
USO-JWB gallery for two weeks.
A cordial Invitation Is extended
to the residents of the Republic
of Panama and the Canal Zone
to visit the exhibit.

(Compiled by Publishers Weekly)
James Jones.
Herman Wouk.
F. van Wyck Mason.
James A. Michener.
Frank Yerby.
N/ n-Fiction
Jack Lalt and Lee Mortimer.
Duke of Winsdor.
Thor Heyerdahl
Ethel Waters and Charles Sa-

first battlefield. The maR and
lllutrat es are oselet..., r
carQ 'LVI, Italian-jounlist
and painter is' aiso an ar ist in
words, as he proved in his first
EBOLJ. His second book, THE
WATCH, released in June by
Farrar, Straus and Young, paints
more portraits of teeming Ita-
lian life, this time on the streets
of post-war Rome and Naples.
He takes ;he reader on a three-
day tour with himself as nar-
rator, pointing out the sights
and people, from beggars to po-
liticians, and explaining them
with the- Insight of the philo-
sopher and artist..

In The



cut^ Aeceived

Latest favored styles
Junior sizes from 7 to 15
Misses sizes from 10 to 14
and from 16 to 20.

a ray assortment
In cotton.

Maternity Dresses
washable fabric
in fresh summer cotton
different us".

Small sRIA&


; *Irtnl A PupMi


eo, 195, atun Te/eplon .e1

MISS HELEN' VIRGINIA MARTIN, daughter of Colonel and
Mrs. Pardoe Martin of Washington, D.C.. whose engagement
has been announced to Mr. Gerald Sartwell McKenna, son
of Mrs. Harry S. McKenna, and the late Mr. McKenna, of
the same city. Miss Martint is well-known on the Gold Coast
and has been a frequent visitor of her grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. Anthony Raymond of Brazos Heights. She is a
member of prominent families on both sides of the Isthmus.
She graduated from Holy Cross Academy and attended Tri-
nity College. Mr. McKenna graduated from Gonzaga High
School and the Catholic University in Washington. He is
now studying Law at the Georgetown Law School. The
wedding will take place in September.
-U --
General Emilio Dias de Vivar, Chief of staff of the Para-
guayan Army, with the members of his party transited the
Canal to Gatun on the launch "Corbina," Friday, and made,
a tour of the Gatun Locks.
After the visit to GatUn they lunched at the Hotel Wash-
ington and returned by' car to Albrook Field.

The members of the party in-
cluded Lt. Colonel Abdon Calde-
ron Alvarez. Lt. Colonel Enrique
Dazilos. Captain Herldoro Enciso
also of Paraguay and their Ame-
rican hosts Brigadier General
Emil C. Kiel, Commanding Gen-
eral of the Caribbean Air Com-
mand a4.0 giladcer General
Francs A..m Chief of Staff
USA Carib, Colonel Oonstancy
Pickett. Lt. Colonel James W.
Bidwell. Captain Fernando Lo-
pez and Captain Churchville.
Hupp-Paine Wedding
of Local Interest
The following item is quoted In
part from the Tacoma "News-
Was Marjorie Anne Hupp.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne
Hupp, of Port Orchard. Washing-
ton, became the bride of Richard
Bradford Paine. son of Mr. and
Mrs. Howard N. Paine of Hyan-
nis. Mass.. in a ceremony at the
First Congregational Church on
June 10.
"The bride wore a gown of tra-
ditional bridal satin fashioned
with a shifred bodice having a
yoke of net outlined with match-
Ing ruffing. The sleeves were
long and formed points at the
wrist. The gathered skirt exten-
ded to form a slight train. The
shoulder length bridal veil was
formed by two tiers of Illusion
net and fell from a beaded coro-
net. She carried a colonial bou-
quet of white roses and stephan-
"Mrs. Lawrence Sharley. was
the matron of honor. She wore
an orchid gown and carried a co-
lonial bouquet of Esther Reed
"Other attendants were Mrs.
Ray Hupp. sister-in-law of the
bride, who was gowned in yellow
and the Junior bridesmaid. Miss
Lucille Hupp. a niece, who wore
pink. All of the attendants wore
braided taffeta and net coronets.
"The flower girl was IKathleen
Hupp. a little niece of the bride.
Her dress was of Nile green net
over taffeta.


"Mr. Beverly E. McNeil was
best man for Mr. Paine and the
ushers were Ray Hupp. brother of
the bride. Arthur Green. Robert
Edwards and David Clark.
"A reception for 150 guests was
held in the church parlors fol-
lowing the ceremony. The mo-
thers of the bride, and grooa re-
ceived with the wedding. party.
Mrs. Hupp wore a gown of rose
crepe with white accessories for
her daughter's wedding. Mrs.
Paine's gown was of gold crepe.
"The great aunts olfhe bride,
assisted at the reception. Mrs.
Charles Tanner served the cake
and Mrs. Fred Bowdish had
charge of the guest book.
"For her wedding trip Mrs.
Paine wore a neutral tone suit
with red and white accessories
and a corsage of white roses Mr
and Mrs. Paine are now residing
in College Park. Washington.
"Both Mr. and Mrs. Paine at-
tended high school in Cristobal.
She was born on the Isthmus and
resided in Gatun until her par-
ents returned to the States. She
graduated from Auburn Academy
and attended Walla Walla Col-
lege. Mr. Paine graduated from
the Balboa Junior College and at-
tended Massachusetts Institute
of Technology. He is now a stu-
dent at Walla Walla College."
Visitors Leave for States
Mrs. Brittain MacLane and
Mrs. J. E. Daniels of Pensacola.
Florida. arrived by lane Thurs-
day for a short visit with Mr
and Mrs. H. 8 White of Brazos
Heights. The visitors have been
making a tour of the Central

s)how U'penh Jktitc
,. l t
'- & -

FLOYD, la. (UP)-A U-sh
egg was 'rid by a hen beton
to John Warnholtz. He said
egg would just about fit .
two-Inch square box and lto
than one inch in diameter 0
its widest point. The egg hasu


(a ir

can Aavi


in 5 to 2o minutes

...... With

Hair Color Bath

Not a rinse but a lasting -
color bath treatment.
Choose from 12 fashion
right shades



Mrs. Bates Wieman, Mg4:
Open 9:0S am. t :o :0 p.m.
Balboa Clubhoua, upstal.

I '-.

** -^

"*A '*

^ *C
?B "
:* ; s .,
L i





q 7 .-

13 n t r a l uCAv-. A1$

* .,..7; *r

'* 1.J -

A..* >M *1 .f f, '

I .



. ,. % ,, ..

* w-






American countri ea
the Isthmus from 8 JM
They left today by p
tinue their trip.
Former Resident
Visiting Parents
Mrs. John Fisher, of
port, La., arrived recently t
her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Salas of Colon.
National Sojourners Meet
The July meeting of Car
Chapter No. 21. National.
ners. will be held at the
via Officers Club Tuesdap, Jli
at 6:30 p.m.
Membership will be Atre-
this meeting. Each melmbr 1
quested to bring n el
guest. There will be special,
tures and an award for .
son who arranged for *t
eligibles to become m1abYl
the August meeting. -
Colonel Thomas M.
USA. commanding 764Wth
Gun Battalion at Fort D
speak on the Anti-Aircraft
ian Auxiliary Program, -.
Please make' your Z Ue
with W. 0. John Sofka at
Davis Officers Club. or
secretary. Cristobal 1800 Sftr
delicious turkey dinner. -
Rebekah Meeting
The Cristobal Rebekah I
met Thursday evening at .1
Cristobal Masonic Temple, V
Mrs. Percy Lawrance prestdid
The dark horse was won,.
Mrs. Victor Mavy. Jr.. Mrs. B
and Mrs. Bovdston were v 7
for the occasion.
Mrs. Adelle Heath and
Emma Estes were in charge
the refreshments, which Wi
served the club members and G
Fellows who joined the group-'
a social hour.
The other ladles present i
Mrs. Frank Wolf. Mrs. JH
Redmond. Mrs. William
Mrs. Betty Westervelt. Mrs, .
ty O'Rourke. Mrs. Sarah -
Mrs. Virginia Starke, Mi
drea Nessler, Miss race
lams. Mrs. Dorothy Theriot. M
Virginia Craig, Mrs. Bari
Cunningham. Mrs. Letas
son Mrs. Oliver Halloran. M
Violet Deakimts and Mrs. N.

p o m


- .', A'

PE A. 0 1 Ao

Leave your ad with one of our Agents or our Offices

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e* Lose"

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Phome 2.141
f.U Mename" Avg.
Phene 25B-Celft.

NO. west Ib Street

Ne. IST CdleWeb.-Cuee6
C Ne. 1q 15 Co,,t Al mat .-Ced

,* '. .

' y f' ... .
SMinmlnr .,
12 W liN P .
3w eaord.ditlonsd
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Robert Ruark. whose dallv
more than readers.
written a personal ex-
erlence article about hunting
Australia that will aooear in
ihe July issue of FIELD &
r EAM. It's called kMixed Bag
SIs so remarkable, and so
i rent from any huntrng ar-
olde we have ever seen. t at we
Sre sendLnK you the enclosed re-
vrtnt. You'll get a big kick out
f it. and you may be as sur-
prised as we were to learn that
kangaroo hunting can be one of
the most dangerous kinds of
Hunting Is a new facet of
Rpark's personality. He's off on
an African Safari this summer
and next fall Field & Stream
will carry several articles de-
Iorlbinl hi adventures In Kenya
.4d Tanganylka.

w f r al as
>what rae&A
m Os fMiRter h.w As
krsd eh' uio e

*4041 tco Boya Ave
rnl6n R P

0 1Phones:
1002 1003


condition. $50. For details call
Balboa 2-2590.

LOST:-Stolen or Strayed: Large dark
German police dog. Wearing neck
chain. Has wound right forepaw.
Reward offered. Call Panama 3-
LOST:-Stroyed in Balboa Thursday
morning small black dog, white on
neck, terrier mixture, smooth hair.
Reward offered. Call 2-3681.
$5.00 REWARD. June 28th left
a Silver ring and bracelet in Room
201. Balboa Junior College.
Finder, please contact Mrs. 0'-
Toole, 2-1561 or 2-3509. No
questions asked.
REWARD:-$10.00 for information
leading to recovery of red and white
J. C. Higgins bicycle, serial No.
127024. License 1859. S'plen
from garage, house 90-B, New

announced toay nI auior-
Ized the establishment of 18 ad-
ditional USO clubs and other
service programs at various
points throughout the country.
Edwin E. Bond. URO executive
director, said that the new cen-
ters. to be set un near large
military establishment and In
cities with a heavy traffic in
military personnel-will bring to
181 the total number of USO
service units.
New units are to be establish-
ed immediately,- Bond Paid, at
Ozark, Ala., Fort Smith. Ark.,
Hinesvlle. Ga.. Leesville, La.,
and Biloxi, Miss,
Programs at those points are
to be set up, Bond said, by USO
member agencies, including the
Young' Men Christian Associa-
tions, the National Catholic
Community Service. the Na-
tional Jewish Welfare Board,
the Young Women's Christian
Association, the Salvation Army,
the National Travelers Aid As-
sociation and Camp Show*s. Inc.

DDT-Resistant Flies Had

Best Wipe Off That Grin
By Paul F. Blls
United Press Science Uditor

NEW YORK, July 7 ((UP)- and only 10 parts of DMC. The
Science had some bad news for mortality rates, however, were
flies and other insects today, not increased by putting more
It was particularly bad news DMC in the mixture.
for the type of housefly that This, only a small part of
has built up resistance to DDT, DMC was found necessary to
the most potent of all Insect give DDT the extra potency
killers. against the house fly. DMC
DDT now has a partner, an- alone was not fatal to female
other chemical substance that houseflles.
works together with DDT. The
resulting "marriage" of the The scientists said the com-
chemicals gets rid of DDT-re-' nation, wheo applied on the
1lstant fles. The combination surface in field tests, gave poor
also might be effective in kill- results, but when used In a w'a-
Ing tough rats. ter mixture and sprayed as a
The combination was reported! mist, It killed highly-resistant
by scientists of the Technical houseflies.
Development Service, United
States Public Health Service, As for the war on rats, the
Savannah. Ga., in Science Ma- scientists I o u n DDT-DMC
gBldne, official publication of the combinations ma be more po-
American Association for the sonous than either compound
Advancement of Science, alone..
The scientists tried out nu- When DDT first was used as
merous DDT- like chemicals an inseetiidde, It had almost a
with DDT, and discovered that 100 per cent airtality record,
one known as Dimite. with a but as surviving fU ma IMlpUed,
technical abbreviation' of DMC their offspring appeared to de-
appeared to be the best. velop a resistance. hbs. the
They mixed DMC with DDT new oomsostlMn may have a
in varytig amounts. They re- significant Slb, INtMW rid of
ported vry high kills" from a alItypes T lse that
combination of parts of DDT .carry dho1 W *fLI


IlIom Santa Clara Beach Cottofe.
Two bedrooms, Frigldoires Ro k-
oa ranges. Balboo 2-3050.
DIpe. Smach cottages, Santa Clara.
Box 415. Balboa. Phone Panama
3.1877, Cristobol 3-1673.
mmilch's Santa Claro beach-
ottoges. Electric 4ce boxes. gon
s ves, moderate rates. Phone 6.
541 0a 4-567.,

Mom twnleWlWdunfurnlshed part
nt. No. 8061. 10th
New Cristabel. Phone 1386. Co-

R RENT:-For $85.00, apartment
2 bedrooms, livingroom. dining-
room. kitchen, to small respectable
family. Apply Apt. 5, Via EspolOa
106 across police booth.
R RENT: Modern, cool, inde-
pendent, and screened apartments,
No. 61, Fourth of July Avenue,
Miguel Mlve. phone 2-2446.

R Rt-i.Comfortoble apartment,
15 Street, No. 32, San Francis-
co d6 'o Coleta.
)R RENT:-2 bedroom apartment,
nice spacious living diningroom,
Darien St. No. 8, next street from
4th of July Ave.

R RENT:-Arcos Solon. for dances
and parties. Call Tel. 2-2522,
IR RENT:-Upper floor of The
Panama Trust Co. with or with-
out furniture. Area 4.000 square
feet. with air conditioning and te-
lephone switchboard. Apply Pan-
oenae Trust Co. for information.

aikft Shows Sumy

106AslHe SaIk

NEW YORK, July 7 IUP)-
icdb A. Malik. chief Russian
delegate to the United Nations
ho set in motion the Korean
*ace talks, sailed for home yes-
erday with "best wishes to those
ho fight for peace and friend-
hip between our countries."
Amiable and cooperative, the
6-year-old deputy Soviet For-
gfn Minister said he was happy
o be taking his first home
ave. In three years. He was
ccompanled by his wife and
laughter aboard the Swedish
ner Oripsaholm.

The usually bluff and taciturn
Russian told renortera it was too
early yet to tell when he would
return. He said he would like to
prolone his vacation as long as
Top members of the Russian
UN delegation. indludins Sem-
yon K. Tsaradkin, who will head
the group during Malik's ab-
sence, were on hand to see him
Malik said he had only one
comment about his June 23
speech in which he reported
that the Communists would be
interested in ceasefire talks
without political strings.
Reports of the speech carried
by radio and television, Mallk
said, deleted his quotation from
Premier Josef Stalin that Cap-
Italism and Communism could
exist side by side.

Among Malikte baggage were
ten large crates. He declined to
disclose what was in them.
. On June 23. Malik agreed to
speak on the UN radio's weekly
program, "The Price of Peace."
For 131,1 minutes, the big Rus-
sian lambasted the United States
and the UN in his halting Eng-
lish for their Korean war effort.
But as he reached his con-
clusion, with typical abruptness
he revesed his field and an-
nounced that Russia would wel-
come ceasefire talks "between
the belligerent#" with all troops
withdrawing from the 38th pa-
rallel and no political strings

3 S TrvoB Ave ABU i
Office: Tel. 437 Home .3-4617
MOunt Memay ahro Friay
to IS *Jn
Meinay. wee-meay. n.haraa.
Sto I p.m
ant-'ay -@ am e J i

sM i-l TM es se ei.*
me-me 0tftue lg I
9k. J. 9 m U.. veseriw
1- .1 .- S .=


PROF. R 01

Can be ms ban a4
have are 1be.
and Ilr ear.' r
We have a Iv st
of KhniI'-d Ble..

279 Central Aft Tel. -el0.

Mr. & Mrs. Canal Zone:
for carONU Udil CON
111.LUT I Itb:
our ,hmw-rlohm As
Sef e m Usa leM.
TlIONAL 1UPpos ..-ere) J.
F. de ia amn Ne. EAmto IewS
New Telephole 3lU.

lMOedlate ,

Tel, 3-1713
*22 S.. 29th St

Modei UlH Synhroolted
Direct C.Z. Shipments
At Faeory Prle.

Plaq 8 d:, May
i, af,,__

just arrived
Leica lightmeter
Leica tripod
Hector lenses
Leica carrying cases

cmdolnlni mInteuattonal HotelI
or Camera Itore
(Lebby RHoel "El Ranaim")



Phone 3-3344
Pan. ,


"Royal Enteld"


F 069LFG

Just Arrived
Off The Floor Delivery

4-Door edan

2-Door Sedan



senate. "
RepubliUn support for te tax
bill i hop id for.
According to Waer, the
ranking Republica n othe Com-
mittee. Senatorfugene Mdillikin
of Colorado. Is undertld to
have told friends he will fspport
the measure.

C10 Seeks Veto
Of 'Wetback Bill'
On Mexckon libor
WASiaMoaONWfy t'- veto
of the bi (8. ).vekaig the
importation of ex ia., labor,
which Congress p ,ame June
30, Wa asmed t0 Pre-
sident l.flp M -% a' letter
to President Hary 8.ruman.
Murray said the do called "Wet-
back Bill" bill would "intensify
the evils" deplored by the Pre-
sident's Commission on Migra-
tory Labor, and that it Ignored
the Commission's "constructive
program for providing an ade-
quate supply of agricultural la-
bor under decent living and
working conditions."
The CIO oresldent char ged
that the bill, in legalizingBov-
ernment, entradtlng ft legal
entrants: Is "In effect sanetion-
Ing violations of the immigration
laws and encouraging further il-
legal entries." I
Ni W 'itU

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, -
July 7 (UP) Pro-government
legislator Eduardo Colom asked
the Chamber of Deputies to
authorize the isue of gold coins
bearing the picture of President
Juan D. Peron.
The new coinage was propos-
ed in a bill submitted by Colom
to the chamber. Each coin would
bear on its face Peron's picture
and the slogan "A Nation Just.,
Free and Sovereign," and on the
reverse the great seal of Argon-
tina and a statement of its value.
Colom's bill also proposes that
all imports of gold, both coins
and bars, be duty-free.

ConTY ed fTWO)
(Continued from PAGE TWO)

S. Camp Blerd.
4x100 Ft. Relay (Free Style)
1. amp Bierd
Ralph Anderson, Victor Law-
rence, Frank Vernon.
2. Silver City.
Final Analysis
1. Silver City 75 poInts
2. Camp Blerd 3S point
3. Silver City Heights 25 points
4. Camp Coiner 7 points '
5. Chagres 1 point,
Champion team Silver City -
75 Points.
Individuals with highest points
for each group:
Group 1, Frank Vernon 12
Group 2. Wilfred McLeod 17.
Group 3. Wilfred Mellie 5
Points and William Vernon 5
Group 4. Wilfred AnderMon 10


for your

',--f W-|

For Further Information
Pu W3293 or 246-I9

rV ecL,

Bennett pointed
of ethics of the lI
as an example of
has a "very prao
He maid he thinks
mittee can impro
ernmnent morals eo
has Introduced In t
-He recited him d
trate the type of
wht ich l ferua, c(
mjght be useful li

.1t a

31st (ixie)>

Denies Ebbing onr
.0 -
-PORT JACKS0N. S.q., July 7] owew. these le
(UP) A pubne in irmation of. Iattvly small 2
fleer here tedy deled tatmno- B6t said. a 'noj
nl. a "low ebb" andtd that thui. ,.
T ,~the Sytb

men from northern and western
states have alwo gotten Intoe the
division, chiefly through replace-
Ma. W, L. Bache of Vibisburg,

said. This
list a well
lt. ;

US Slashe, Trade Pacts

With Russia, Satellites

The United -States is cancelling
or sharply modiflK iits trade a-
greaments with Russia, Commu-
nist Chinas nd other Iron Cur-
tant natto in cQmpala ce with
recent Congressilon directives, it
was announced yesterday.
The stS Department served
notice it will end the UIt tirde
agreement wththe lovet Union
Dec. 23. with Red Rumana July
27 and with Bulgari t
months tMzo the date tha. cAm-
munist satellite receives notices
of cancellatl0n. The different
date comply wfth termination
provsons of the. various agree-
The State Department has
served the required six months
notice that it will end Its trade
agreement with the Soviet Union
Dec. 23. Trade agreement with
Red Rumania andBulgaria will
be cancelled July 27.1951 and Ju-
ly 5, 15.O respeetvely..
The department will take simi-
lar steps against Hungary and
Poland two other Soviet satel-
lites, unless they agree to dsth.
favoredd nation'' clauses Irosi.
their agreements gRiving them the
right to all tariff eoncessons
granted very other country.
a thaes department rdi-
eared that tarffs. oneoeo is n
effect or planned w il be denied
to all other Soviet-dominated a-
rea, Including communist Cooi-
na. I
The moves wi l ben toyU
between this country a
bloc nations. It wi cancel out
eelproew trade -coneasiton
granted those countries over the
ost 30 years and impede the
Maih abwley-Smoot tarM rat
of 1930 on Comninst goods seat
.to this country.
The net effeed will be to rahie
the price of Communist ood

No iater how kfg you aebeam
erineBaftIb" fzsqat om wi

sold in America. make It hard for
them to compete witb-mllar
products made sere or elseWhere.
This will reduce the flow ot
scarce dollars to the "ovt malnm.
Another effect of the attion
will be a flat ban on mpok of
furs. from Russia and'C9atm*.
1st China. After Dec.
ports of Ruissan erineiOnk
kolinsky. marten, ma' n
weasel furs will stop. Te Ban n
the same firs from Red China
and other Red areas aroutad the
world will go Into effect in about
35 days.
Although the United stat re*
oetved important h ofat
strategic minerals
duots from the Soie th
past, trade with Rd ar jius'OW
comparatively small aid ni

RottsAttoney hml.

PARIS. July 7 (UPM~-t
w 's attorney amd to
t there Is a "posltbiut" the
a-hared movile actress may
hanc her mind and mna wup
with her husband Al, j.
Bartley Cruam. MJ AW
werth's attorney, and Prince
layer.1 hes Trem letM
tanight, an route to Reno erM
Hayworth has ervey the
resdene requirements ur a
eOada divorce.
"After all." Cr Nn said.K:.o*
men always reserve the ri4t tI
chance their minds."
He said botb he and Tem

4 s,~ ~

*1. .*.*~A.

* ..." J *


thIt d


'.L IM *

**J -

-. -.

S*~WDAr ~MUS~PA1 ''. -.

lY IA .MiaR Of P i
T5n4^R t^^ 9^ih


_______________________ t .---.


PW s ouwrT aine .. wa-sWa i Yoms owM6u Bnt.4 s
4~(T UM (.Wfp4~N l 10 ULw T~Pm" wI
A M4lION THis iW? WfPlTr 4 -rUO o hH...-sonotWu BttW we
W5 NvorT o WVO g a aw. 11 N, aM N "uO, w w O.j

.. .I.

.l I


Let's Go!


Pam _'i .rof -" w l' oop ax- W- Mm
bhieA'th I lPMorte CalCbtion tI )a
tfea ed .-, W e ff eeet qf wear tMV uwto
ascerth alti' aterstOta 'of each
gd t G- m the see charaoterIettos' tr qne
, tI r .. left Tght arr.Capt. BNamW .1.
KM/s8| __t e a skt. Rufino anones. Lt. aib.-
a xte at if eh. Cpl. Daniel Ramire z. Pfc. ,;g !
v blf ronictor Otero. 6hoven. Ra front of 1Ia.
Itb bs baek'to the camera Is Pvt. Raftel DelVa1.


j~u.. : .:~

F OUR OFFICERS of the U.S. Army Caribbean, stationed on
the Pacific side of the Isthmus. receive the eagle emblem of
full colonelcy from Brig. Gen. Francis A. March. Chief of
Staff, USAROARIB. Top, left to right: Col Stilson H. Smith,
Acting Finance Officer; Col. Robert C. Miller, of the Inter BOOTS AND HERI
d American Geodetic Survey, and Col. Roland Sigafoos, of the
U.S. Army Hospital. Fort Clayton, and General March. Bot-
tom, General March and Col. Julian A. Wilson, Executive M.1,!W lt4I
Officer, Adjutant General's Office, USARCARIB. Rttot1 'MOI
(U.S. Army photos) LWa' O.

Critlam Auxiliary Program from Btry "B, 903d AAA Batta. m Blo,
lion. tarnlngr, 'left to right, re: 1st Lt, Warren Wheeler. tad t i e S o
I Chief Instructor kptan.eoN.VaAlt, l t Lt. m l Ry Allen a rid
let 'Lt. Dou GrTha. fro-t row, left to rig t, are: 4e1-.
Pedro Alvet g.'t er0o Febo, Bfe. Joe Rome ithl 't.
*r Mu ( l81c. Howar'd c0-we.,' Opp $IIK
,. ."Prce Ch e ''.

n Fr g Ta W. y 7.4- outlaw price rollbacks, o al
a Tr a The powerful Ho are A ttle ulte goods both farm anti d on-
SC. ommitte e indicated yesterday It farm. The shift appeared aimed
Fo t iO will back down enough on its ap- at picking up some consonoer
S'F ut OShD .es ti.-rollback stand to permit some votes in the showdown on the
Nl YhAmesu &e a -At price reductions on n metals and new controls bill next week. CAPTAIN EASY
Sd Ari play an important p manufactured goods. Cooley saidthe committee on-said.
b e a Th the xercsL Amongs the is significant shift by to ex- HrredwithPrice tabiln s azer Move-
TrF ]re Ckez, i-' know" a the*powder temperature the anti-rollback forces came -as chapel V. DISalle on the new for-i th r
Battery adust..e hell on -... weapons will stil ary on the grouange House Republicans charged that mula and will discuss t with him

*eaponswill tioatonedMod.armeradonttfx prkes," he;
Charge 5... Futa quick...Battery of te proectle.on th e round it the Administration ismove feeding the today before making a final de- tRP cfft
right c I aec-t different eome all'short, fires of inflation while President cisipower ton. mark up or mark down C MA
tion t. d'deranet28... and Th e willnowo nude: h Truman Is appealing for stroot press- turin pformulace rollbpatternovided afterM

tlo h tubs to rtain error, mechanical enrr, and re- ure" on Congress, that producers were allowed to VIC FLINT
Number One fire! s rations are caused by wear on er economic controls D. Cooley, D.. cthe world War I OPA la would
With these words the first pro- mt omon othe tubes. The NC, told newaccusations of White figure a "reasonable profit" on ce the
S eraose l than theitht e e powder or the pro c- Hoture C"fumbing" and "wasteful the basis of profits made Int a T VA A
S batone trlt tile may be faulty. Eas inren- offering a price hurled durigmula that four-year base period, probably
te Armyon th Fiel ed ment ofwns" play an important part final day of House debate on an 146-to 194sed Cooley said.
at Fort Kobbe irtrip.The the exercise Among the amendment riddled bill to ex-costs The emocrathe c telegraph move
Wora s were barked by Lt. W. J. knows are:.powder temperature,. telid the Defense Production Act to allow rollbacks on what the
I1* s 4lth6 xecutlve. officer of Able speedof wind, azimuth of wind, until next June 30. The House farmer buys while banning price
batter, upon the instrtion of temperh nature on the ground and will begof manufacturing on the measure cuts on what he ells.
a. John W. vin, battalion at ing enlevatio ngt zones a and Monday. a "reason- n armerw pressure onfix prices," he
plans and training officer, who air density along the ground and In a last-ditch move to get the said. "They have no monopolistic
conducted the exercise, at different elevation z o n e s. kind of measure Mr. Truman power to mark up or mark down
iThese variables were ideniflqd wants, the Democratic Natprev ional prices ling than thke industry."
tfailohnwv(ere 4ubjected'to this constantly by. metro messages Committee telegraphed party The Senate-approved controls
llbrilon firing, operation from Atbrook Air Force Base. leaders in every state urging bill would permit some mnaufac-
designed-to discover the effect of The unknown include: human them to bring "grams roots press- during price rollbacks, provided
wear on theltubes, to ascertain error, mechanical erSor, and ro- are" on ongres nt that producers ong re allowed to VIC FLINT
Sballtic chaacterlstlcs of each xtat plosivn f the erthMechanical Chairman Harold D. CooleyD..charge for increased factory, -
weapon, andrto grotu weapons of error is-the most common of the N.C., told newsmen the Agricul- bor and other costs since the

StIig "erth0e mss Stepin Feochdo Steps Back o he
the same charaterists toget has tree-the powde or Remov- ture Committee Is considering start of the korean war. It s a
*tile may be faulty.-Each incre- offering a price. formula that different formula than that pro- I 7LD VA At I
in one battery.ment of powder has to be perfor- wourpermit "adjustment" of posed by Cooley.C
S(pabret ar "ed fired singly using thwhen manufactured) n n Mnon-fare im
am tn a e such a manner that uniform of manufacturing" are taken in- campaign was aimed at putting
meetordefleca a rttnofa a igr"a'ntoesespaign shenl burning ensues, exertingo' cual to consideration and a "reason- newpressure on Congress to pass
S pressure, n all directions when able profit" allowed,5 a lawm ore to the President's Alk-
it t burns. The committee previously has ingithan the legislation shaping -
Sla "When Lt. Smith d,"Shell backed an amendment that would up n Congress.wenout in an
US L~A u(NoSH2oe ofusedAnca meaningt ~ .~:Back

n farm s 1 sodoienh e fac-dthe 105 mm howitzer. Charge 7 ep in Fef hin en ca thee wee lways tw
has seven powder begs. Remov-
Fn uds ing two bags- mikeai ch 5 e itio e a
iv*" o U, dseg t ctwoa eis one oftseveral t pne be 5" To Hollywoodnus C fairyland
WA8IINoTION.. Jul y (UP)- "delay' and "time." Quadrant 328 By VIRGINIA MacPHXltSUS.ON
Presidet Truman was urged n oth the angle of 1 lett those da Fetchit sighedsite
todaydby then nati to and eleva the establish- o was on to" "You to e to Bu 1
veoa bil a etng Up a overn- Ing the range, which in this cas HOLLYWOOD, Jul (UP)- mch.I never
met a trecruitMe ws yard talowangleof Stepin Fetcht, the ero be- had People never and Ite got used
S .lad workerss for season Jos on traectory. who used to startle the natives t oo many conthim raracts.hrough
mre and .no a ns of hit the target, a vbe t withbs Fetc pink Cad hiacs and rtownn one of his 13 cars. His
erttIg a n of es or probab. t th T e ti $1.000 cashmere suit came back f te w a pink Cadillac GREAT A

CIOPresident Phdit e Uorray the fliers, firing was tr t ns. he oy ruwoo ed. "Those tmo- Snce then hn'no kept eating by ES
said the bill oens athe way forz wo recobservation th left to Hollywood today-ready to work na neon on the OF

i# PSostbsj toedN IT E je a i yIUFF au104 adT Cadtd
a large supply of s"chap"aWr candy right of f I run h itat pou a "But It of town.could always get a
.on farms d In canning fac- ted thareaOf" b e The y comic, bow 53, has And when he wend out in an R0 FORTL
tories.c oftrigonom' nfor- been gone 14 years. He's making open car there were Ilways twa IT OT

S to sddeqH tter) cai 'encu ep omrnnerd p c movi beeaue of d name. I was theagging F1
backWard-lookii emaloyers to n tlon added tri li Th his first comebackI movie witair-andg m F
S continuesubstandardWT0geain le.toU Joan Crawford in "Sudden alone behind-In case it rained.
othin- sbtndI deonstwhich are far and 3t o f o t h Fear." Step rujed in style on a huge
ofa ohich f tred ix rous to p ro 'And the minute the people estate 11111 12 Oriental servants
below the Anierki-n standard ofO mWhich fir"trounda to profit him.
v-....'videanaveragepointo ;tet meagain...,rhetl
Llv e idniam vr e In tavpt snstgroup;, med. I' be 'right back "Hollywoodwas a fairyland in \l
AFiL tPresident allam green lt U tF r where I was In 1 ,27. 1 left it those dayq." Fetchit sighed
Ea" d the exican nationals do When. thefacts are -com- good... I was on top." 'You had to live up to It. But I
5 l W7 taxes. PIIpgeach shine bay In the esonta' be- had a manager and I used to
"This Ith n dlcrhinate. roup bdudkg 36.. of e gan copying his hIs" drawl and sign too many contracts.
agaftt- AhM Scamn wo tersf em -i.ipVWb01cs anwill shuffling walk. pretty son "I f wound up owing
plotred ., large wele agricul- heeWte wespB uutha MWntnt one or wo wereomole pa up 34,~,0. hasn when i went
tare aind mans of hit the i atlt, sad t heew wIN jobs Fetcbit b" his ea. bankrupt." ,
setting sUtanoars of wages or prOably. let these.The th "So I aultt the movie busi-
eI.'enl," Grow t. f ihbalery wifl faors were Js' doln' the outaide working in nightclUbs and doing

w MWte r.abor ties in thply is reel=o-si t(11.0 amua i suc- any mor.," Fthlt admitted
wh~ im 0. S. or is t t i tb 0404 OW. I reab t "People a "But I could always get a job
VIM.. 013.becase ofmy name. I was the
.omirm _448W set sm"iL Bo I first Dig 'l movie star-and

..I .. ,, ."
itI Me....X1atIk~w
'V'W. ,,", AN ,. .- -:
auto it ,W W._hL., ,. .. :: : .
: ... .. : ( ,. ._..-A_ Il, .-, .:- :... .


, wilh


True, Too

*- Growl, the Good Guy

BY V. T. HA"I']


(I THN 0 t*w tat O M %a W
,ml SWo ft0 Ad


,s---=e*Rm -y owUE!


i* lk .

- i

MANUN osnIPL, ,II uti 4ot WAv

WTH' WiLt, WILD-- /


'1"-. *. !

'i y
-1:1 --1 77=

Desperate Remedy



4j T

THhT OTuOnM AipViSac

Rose Will Pinch Hit

?\.M Bl't WO^D\"B 'lt *\M '\W\ T5 ".\.
VWS A Mo. 1AA? O9 t I m
4 AWOL. L.& TS\fMeL'. 1.ttC
=---^------ r-l~fc| ^H*


s Di


"RI," Pi'V "

i "-

led' Bpasts Alan Ladd in Epic

ern Booked Thursday at Central

amid the awe-
fof massive Salt
In Arizonsa. Para-
i ,9%nded," which comes
tral Theater on
FI. has been hailed as a
adventure spellbinder
aqstoe the brilliance of
. natural settings with
en glitter of such too
Alan Ladd. Mona Free-
= Charles Bickford. *
or by Technicolor. the
rock formations, ranged
*' t c "'-

pdint In this .taut acen
rip-roaring Western dra
*ter next Thursday.
MIckford eo-star, and Rti

'Theater Thursday in a sta

-ODA? ifl

1:1 5-3:10 -5:85 10 9:* 0
-urt Lancaster Virginia Mayo
"The Flame and the Arrow"
(In Technlcolorl
All the adventurm and excitement
*VTen within these Theatre wallU!

LUX and (
Close to
And the BeEt Mexi
. in ters!

Mark Slciens Alexis Smith
Rcbert Douglas, In

' Paul Kelly Bonita
"- Oranville, in
Sabu, in
-0m DRUMS"

A Garfteld, en
AUt Powrr"
SE FtO: '

thousands of feet to the tortu- rancher's lovely young deat*-
ous river bed below serve as a I ter. and crossing over to the
vivid background for the als- right side of the law. he rides
zling action and nervi-fraying into Mexico to find the re4
suspense that makes this big- heir to tie cattle empire.
scale outdoor thriller one of the Such is the core of the plot
maior film treats of the year. around which screen writers
Alan Ladd reportedly tons his Sydney Boeh mand Cyril Hume
wreat nortraval in "Whispering have fashioned a high tension
Smith" with this role of a trou- story that tingles with excite-
ble-loving gunfighter who tries ment from the pistol crack of
to steal a ranch by posing as a the opening scene to the final
wealthy cattleman's long lost blasting climax.
son. He abandons the so"' me Ladd is said to handle his
-onr he f-"s In love '**" 'he role with all the vigor and as-
surance that have made him a
top-ranking favorite with mll-
lions of movie-goers, and it
seeips a good bet that he'll be
slated for many more Western
dramas. Mona Freeman, who
has happily graduated from
adolescent roles, shows that the
change was warranted. As the
rancher's daughter who tames
the ruthless gunman, she is
dult and bewitchingly provoca-
Charles Bickford is seen as
the cattleman who turns heaven
and earth to find his minsin-
son, and Robert Keith awDear
as the desperado who Runs for
him. Capable support is also
given by featured players Jo-
seph Calleia and Peter Hanson.

Ricardo Montalban's

2 Weeks With Love

Coming To Lux Soon
Ask Ricardo Montalban to
naMie his toughest screen easogn-
d is thinking over Joseph ot to date, and he will point to
dd is thinking over Joseph 1900 Marion automobile parked
is from Paramount's "Brand- on the set of his newest picture,
ma which comes to the Cen- "Two Weeks With Love."
Mona Freeman and Charles (The shw is due at the L
adolph Matd directed. Theater Thursday.) the
"It took mt e twos weeks to be-
come master of that contrap-
tion," he says, "and I found out
one thing; When they made that
car, manufacturers didn't both-
er much about springs or pphol-
stery. While I was learning to
drive it I ate most of my meals
standing u I"
Getting the Marion into run t
ning order after it was removed
from M-G-M's "moth-ball fleet"
required the services of six me-
chanics, three auto-part experts
and an antique dealer-the latter
to locate usable tires to fit. Plac- I
ing it in photogenic order called
for a painter, two electro-platers,
a leather upholsterer and a j
make-up man. The make-up man
was called in after the car faced i
the, Technicolor cameras. Its
preponderance of bramsiv 4eeptiea i
to reflected light, had to be tonpd w
down with light brunette foun- m,
nation cream."
Montalban, accustomed to un- p
usual screen assignments, expect- i
ed to take this latest one in his s
JANE POWELL come to the stride, even to the costume that
rring vehicle "TWO WEEKS went with the Marion. This con- c
O insisted of a full-length linen dust- t
er which invariably became en- o
tangled with the foot pedals, a n
motoring cap which was in con- a
stant danger of being blown offI a
his head, and a pair of goggles r
which would have done credit to p
the mythical man from Mars. He p
first realized that the assignment a
was out of the ordinary when a F
PA AM ITY trial run resulted in a stubborn
handbrake, a spectacularly spout- H
ing radiator and a blown tire. I
HEI AT ~ The actor discovered early in t
THE TR Lthe game that stepping on any L
unknown pedal could lead to di- C
Precen master. He was considerably sur- o
prised therefore when he muster- c
ed courage to step on a small s
button strategically placed on the F
floorboard. The result was a plea- p
sant, tingling sound reminiscent q
of a bicycle bell. An old hand on sB
the set offered an explanation. p
The bell was used by the 1900 mo-
torist for the purpose of edging P
horses out of the way. Honking a
the bulb horn frightened steeds t!
unaccustomed to such rude noises tl
IM_________on the road. When they bolted on
and ran away, the motorist was ft
CECILIA THEATRES often sued for damages. The d
more musical bicycle bell was a
death in the afternoon.., familiar sound at which a team
to her i" the night!... would pull politely to one side,
permitting the metal monster to

*A Man's Cho


SWonderfnl Musical!


PNrez Prado Dolly Sisters
Mulatas de Fuego, in
Also: -

John Derek. In

With a *prad eslar, lack Dmd
prde- smake the Windwr knot,
a fi ary E um th sting bow
which wwIbs bho latst sob
- as owtilaw 1. XO Radio
Tasanealler is, Z 1 a *Ne

' Love Tem
^ .. *Air, '.~

. *eorni'a n-wt and most torid lore team is JAn Rumi *mld
Rpbwet Mitohum. The dynamic duo, who burned up the celluloid in
REO's "Hi Kind of Wman," anre co-starred atin in "MacWS.a

'Breakthrough 'Due

At Both Tropical

And Bella Vista

- o0 -

A monumental w a r film
through Which is woven the ten-
der strands of romance born
tmid the terrors and dangers of
)attle, "Breakthrough," the new
Warner Bros. picture arrives si-
multaneously on Thursday at the
Bella Vista and Tropical Thea-
Co-starred are David Brian,
John Agar and Frank Lovejoy,
with lovely Suzanne Dalbert play-
ng the leading feminine role.
A salute to the foot-slogging
ntaintr, that fights smet iea
with tank and baxooka, bu.t
mostly with the Garand: ,rift,
Breakthrough" takes a gallnt
latoon, typical of the thousands
n the American army which
mashed its way to victory In
he recent strife through the vi-
issitudes of one of the moat bit-
er campaigns of the war. Shot
n location at Fort Ord, Callfor;
ia, with much actual war foot-
ge worked in to lend the proper
authenticity. the picture has al-
eady been heralded to take its
place alongside the great war
pictures, like "What Price Glory"'
nd "All Quiet on-the Western
front of yesteryear
David Brian plays Capt. Tom
lale, big, rugged Infantry of-
icer, tougher on the outside
han within, while John Agar is
aeut. Joe Mallory, fresh from
DCS. with whom heIocks horns
n Issues, rubbed raw under the
constant bombardment and pres-
ure of day-and-night warfare.
Prank Lovejoy, the sports re-
orter of "Three Secrets," is the
ulet. tough and efficient top
sergeant, the backbone of the
lIt oIuzanne Dalbert who sup-
lies the romance as the fair-
st citizen pleading for her small
own about to be destroyed by
he oncoming Americans. Others
n the distaff side are Army nur-
es and Red Cross girls who are
epicted In their wartime duties.

DAI 61

No production is recent years
has received greater care by
Warner Bros. than this one
which was nearly a year in the
making. Technical advisers from
the U. S. Army were on hand
during every minute of the
shooting to safeguard authen-
ticity. The story Itself was' sup-
plied by Joseph Breen, Jr.. who
as an ex-infantry officer experi-
enced many of the Incidents
seen in the film. In fact he plays
a tank commander role himself
in 'eOr sequence. o- "iak-.
through." ,
I LfW- Seller directed the ac-
tion epic for Warner Bros.

Canal elubhouses-
ri A Air-Conditioned

orL Dj %2:30-

4:25 6:20 8:15
d um ~rs


At In 'I as cunt
Based on' luing Itrue- Ah
dasingA I g 9 g B 5T' b

n e t le of
Man vim vjo fol-
lows l 3)-
als asa t ,, z-
through" ~ n
Fancy wh aV e
crit V as of 0
EWst 1O 0 WAuly wod'I
Porothvy 5rt, th beautiful
ac press who .sore Rn aton
bPa"t hn fe 41, .the
newcomer aeb&0 te in "Op-
eration PatcOc," heed thefea-
tured cast.

On The Records

NBW YORK, July 7 (UP) -
Erroll Garner, pianist, who has
cut records for more than utwo
dozen labels has re-recorded
eight of the hits that have
brought him fame at the age
of 28.
Issued I album form by Co-
lumbia wl4i the title 'aIroll
Garner Gems,' the numbers are
an excellent showcase of his
exciting jass style.
With rhythm Qaomranimeont
by Shadow .Wilson on drums
and John Simmons. bassn Oarn-
er plays "Play, Piano, Play,"
"Laura," "'ody and Soul," "I
Cover the Waterfront," "India-
na." "I'm In the Mood for Love,"
"The Way You Look Tonight,"
and "Penthouse Serenade."
Another piano solo album,
more on the sweet and low
sI4e, has been issued by Dec
ca, featuring Carmen Cav-
allaro on "The MelodIes of*
Fritz Kreialer." Among the
w "mber (are"Capri*ce Vien-
noist" L iebsteid. "Stars in
My ltyes" and "tonhd.lo,".
sic, M-O-M has recorded an al-
bmm of "Misha Novy and his
Velvet Strings." Included In the
types are "Old Gypsy Walts,"
"Weepig Willonm and six other
romantic. candlelght melodies.
Sarah VauhUan asineftaf
Switch hrcy aithst Orches-
tra has one of 4l r beat numa
bers in some tim Witth' (**-
very lfatenatble version of
the old standard "BDOee
Ray Anthony's orchestra bai
ar of good Instrumentals in
'Villa" and "Melancholy Rhap.
r.dy (Capltol).... %e t
Atur (Guitar Booge). Smith
has another of his Wod folk-
style tunes in "Whot WU-.
lie" (M-0-M)....Prankle CarAO
does gome nice keyboard work
on "Plano Polka" (RCA Victor)
....Woody Herman sings "It 1sn't
Easy" with his orchestra (M-0-
M)..The Andrews Sisters do
their usual allek job on "Ootta
Find Somebody to Love" (De-
cO)....Joe "Fingers" Carr has two
more excellent tunes in "'allin'
the Jack" and "It Must Be True" R
Tony Martin sings a nice pair 0
of numbers l:, "I Get Ideas" an t
"Tahiti, My Island" (RCA Vie- ,
tor).. Percy Faith's Orchesstr t
plays "The Wondrous Wo-4e 1.
and "Black Ball Ferry Line'
-David C. Whitney. i
=N&__ H1

...- Added: -


GATUN 2:30 6:OC





*I .

* -.~-~;------,

)* .










With Bin the air ad swnmer a-comin' it's time to tinak O
8gur. 4nnMiller, who appears in RKO Iadio's Technicolor mucals
'Tw Tiekets 'To Broadway," 'keep in good sh~&e by eaerisig on ant
piercle. .'


Jack Carson, about weekly TV
hows for comics: "I'm sticking
o the once-monthly show in the
all. I'm allergic to drafts
through holes In the bead caused
y oomiedans beating their brains
ut for new ideas."
Shelley Winters, about bellev-
ig a o title, "A Good Man Is
lard o Find," She warbles it in
Meet Danny Wilson":
"Honey, good men are hard to
nd-but you can train 'em."
Tim Holt, on giving up west-
rns for drawing rooms:
"I'm very happy about kissing
ie horse and riding off into the
inset. The horse never upatages
Ruth Reman, on the subject of
er mother-in-law, publisher
ordoty iotn: "h e's ote band.
mest wemaa FIeev ei see. I

The box'office block-busting of
UI movies has rival sudi bosses
scratching their head. 0*s 0/
the reasons, beside good commner-
cial films, is that 70 UI players
made stage, TV and radio ap-
pearances in 125 cities the last 12
months to personally "sell" the
pictures to moviegoers.
Marie Wilson, in opera-lenfth
black stockings, short skirt an
peek-a-boo neckline, says she's
no 100 per cent Irma as the car
hop who gets mixed up with Don
de Foe Fore and a couple of mad sail-
ors, Groucho Marx and Bill Ben-
dix, in RKO's "They Bell Sallor
She cooed: "I'm just a little bil
of Irma combined with a es
naive character."
The brief costumes of Marie
and half a dowen other g o '
car hopsin the film has rw
er Irwin .len denying k
fight with the Johwdn 'ng
censors. "But," he w
re-did the costumes a: oip o
times, .f that's what you f .an"
Director Stuart Utle/O-s
Linda Darnell will film'I
day Island" in lush, nevefobe-
fore-photogaphed lo cat lo i
tan Laurel and Olyw H
on a pro$-ahar' ^
There telling about the
de-dah blonde who
. special gift by a i4deLt.Th .


her in

CRISTO B AL Air-Conditiond
I" :1s $a
FWA> TRACT a Jeaw MNa r am um*ikno'
sh2e, mowml -.

' .- .. #7


"-' ,




T -~

.~: !
: ~


h a

Srearme es
^1 I .l I+:^

lej Ad~p-es. Too -d

yaolonl tomarsan -
S-ntremnmiento Ape-
ci a M eltta r u .dort
Ama rlem q- rentes

murouros reponden a un
doe per deia*rofa-
que ha fnaolitado
ierca de eslnti
doo ia&e11'*

[ 0be: tison.o
i onal tomat eunvl
Sentienamlento eve-

WHS~mIs las loiierlte


lax -, ,' ll .

vi Ds.cum W.
vi ** I m~

paz en C


ido husear No estamos dispuestos a qa,

la menes los pueblos scan sometidos '

honrososa dijo H. S. Truwta a regimenes totalitarios
WI NTON sW 8 El Primer Ministro Clemeat Attlee dedar6 qe
Siente alf derrota de la atreaia en Corea puede
ea !!& cree qu*awi'MbA m i<- conmucir a una era de Paz
ea qu, Pee quaM br r-
rr 'i Rusa v u tea OIDRM, llo 8. (UP). -
blo obca mel n u ob'et-i Atee ft lo us qu La Crm Sa- ev
doe tnotsae Munos. de i.s macdceomun"a de So ruta a ca0Us,
ado dmbl6n q.e un 'doe- en Cre pude conducir a unas
ber angrado" doe. deres de ta de paz en el mundo pero
apu goblernos tIear touA previno quo el rearnie es to-. ds eoaferO M0 a rW .
lok ml4ioa "honra. para lo. davia vital. 1 buamo "o Vle Vteu" oqu
ftis a- el "0om0, anhelo de Attlee dijo: "No establecemos partU6 d-e i A el- JJ"ea
upat. u .1Banhelo un patr6n de democracla en to- la mafia= vo ue delM ,a
P ms. n envdtj ,eje a do el mundo pero on- el Orien- ruts hafela9oto, Coas
4Truman onvs6 ov oIaje .l .te elte un patron do auto- pa do fto, b o M U
lPM desmbitjr a uno
M ovlebo1 e.ilk, &I cracA totalltarla. No ro rsoma m enfui
traatrloie un 'Scuerdo unn 6tics. dispuestos a permitir qu nos log Cftn- a l
I reeral am Preldente Truman piddi a ese rgimen". ld Dislto NaaL
de pdos Unldo o todo* s qqu "oe d6 a conocer" el acurto El Primer Minljtro so teftrl6 Seisgd el cum*o IA
puoas del murt &Inlusive (ass a la Ia. a Col a las inminentes negocasclones barco he m a on a M *
do un armistlelo calitaindolas lUas de Ba2 a vo6 a -
a de una sefial eaperangadora de grama d siolM q an'mu1fi
P rt I la paz mundial. ro tenia eaomulaMb 7E O d
V er Aerop erto ig aAgreg6: "La agreal6n actual contr aba fdo '
S.. en Cotre ha encontrado oposi- n.s .
6n, ha sido contenida. s ml .
pe m Aor d e y convicel6n qu e... O. Ditrito nMaSl
n uede cnducir a una era de al bare que eablt i a .
r. UL z P'lia El pren apto de 1 onver- 7 s 0 erhra a Golfite la V
1 IR t*** (loas. a. ) Upitalisar martlI er.
Cosar-'.*-fKtlHKf m.JIJ ClXf 0w*- e A4. i 1

125 ?tanques de gas hicieron

exgit ein a dos Unidos

:-pro p a use i di

U D. Dr. Juan e lalemo, O. taltmtats o e one dendendeo de
G* ILEBa. El Dr. Walo f6o reenthge ea Tocumen per eraes de
i fe crl oOf.t intelectuaesa, entire los euale e so eln-
as -. te y alembr de agrupsloanes p loess
N. Ll 0 ,. a li doe la gamaa., en 1i Legal6 doe Gute.-
,e a Ia. a ai n reprbesn*air e todor los diaris. Ms.
._r el Dr. Arev.alo.ree lb* u M ploma howme eauss doe uestn Unl-
SonanM&ralIa sme deomrrollari ea.d Paorsanfe de naestra prime.
,en tee el Dr. Ar&va r. d Is I alasb

i Campalia a Benemlel de Eua Bblioteca

ap ,izW r-tuia uMW de6n d
dio-teleomanlealose en :
pclimblt doe Chp ,
Ipdeic el Secretarib foreaq
quo me ha contatatdo la Tge*-
cla de una etaci6na de -dic
en eae lugay, por ser un p X0t
de movlmiento.- 7 ser elW "*.ro
de una regl6n qu career Opa -
pletamente de eomuniacslbes
con la capital.
Be eatima qube ,n el Preau-
puesto de ReWtas y Qastos de
l actual a*fiTlnEfa orrepou.I-
diente al tlWnto de OobLr-
no y Justicla, ickdta las
partida para .ider est.s

mp a contact o&a el M
ecto g(eral) de AeronAuti
C civil, don M areo s A AeIlahm
aule incic6 on los a
alsItanteau viale de

emo p uerpa des-
arr adadoe los traba la
experqenciaB recogidas dUranto
mn cbmtruccl6n y algunce otrol
detalM Importantes en la via-
billdm de la obra.
LailMa6n tica estA integrada
por e Ing. Jefe del Aeropqr-
to de WLB Babanas. d40n wd
OdSnora. Jete de la delegaeo,.
por ol Director General de A-
(Pass a is PAim CeL 3)

sJous l titular de Oobienu y
Juatteia, doctor M i g u el AN
Ordfliez, ase0 rdo por el -
oretario del Ib4aterio, don Ar-
omando Moreft.o. y el Ascaot
Juridloo, don rwencisco Canrraa-
co y el Sub-CObtralor Gencral
de la Reptblia, don Eduardo
MacCullough. ,
Durant ela emana pasada ics
Milistros de Nstados ajustacon
ius respectlvos Preaupuestos cm
lu Contralorla General de la
Repblica y ahora, le tooarA a
la ComislW* Legislativa Perma-
L.ente, condMerar los proyeciou
para perfeccionar el Decrqto
L7y sobre el Presupuesto de Ren
tas y OGasta de la actual vi-

quo p tn bow-
be lak Dole pa-
dieron permaneoer al umargq
come testiges jma tentes mien-
tra.el tensao e propmaba.
Loso tanqu eontenan an s
rapano. nMormew lamas de co-
r saranjado se elevaron y se
props on sin poder ser do-
minades y eoamenpbaab ep o n
pretuear nueval ezplolonoes vio-
El luogo reg6 las inmedla-
eiunes de escombros ardlendo y
am dealer soe hiso sentr a dl.-
tani de kil6metfq caCudo
la primers explosl6n volsroa
oeoembroe a eentenares de me-
troe de distanela y los bombe-
ros tavieroe que retroceder pa-

El movimie0 o Internacional de los Sindicalos

Obreros Libres

PARIS, Julio S (M),)La Confederselfdi
International d. Sldiate Obreres Librae
(C.I.S.O.L.), oqueaum wa ua impertaatU.
simo cengrsoe u"l0 en MilAn, ItaliU, d
4 de Jullo, s usa a"ageah sia.c a i qu
con dieeioehq meaes ed adtenh e, @e
par el movtmlets obifto Independleant
para ofoeeer resttenela 'a Is dictaduea
mejorar Ias cemloamoas do los trabajado..
res. KEts robasta eidastra, to misme a
un Pantagruel do' nastres dias, le e0st
proporclenando a 4talt veradderoe moti-
vos d ddeo Ms i *. psgar por las de-
nunciasauoe a d bg haeen de ia C.I.LO.LA
la ridle de MoeL f iuas asovletica 7 las
publieslcaclsoa ael ifera do la UnM6L
Stalls sabe, c M i sin que el mun-
do occidenta4L Q b- t dicatos obrol IIU.
bres cowtituyeaMa. ns e contra Ia soe me
estrellarA 1o flappaiAme belehevlcue, 2t
sus erGamlawtse l bvmyivag se Iman a
la agrosda el gh e eala. Hitler dose-
bri6 oem -sea ade los eobMw do
los palseeo Itadii.le naI sis tfonrmfar
owbr mrml m elaadat ea des
Ube loe. s s amarbchlbot4-
dres delta faudilsly, n el po1pederie do le
eJrclles eaa- Hbayeroa a derrene
a susInm qu ,
d0r 5t4 is us iers belebevidial.

mwre- Old far"e. s abe

*-^ *T '

". 4 -c "
...- ... ., i L

4, -

preocupa a

nan pars traiar un plan estratalo con
objete do lansar maehso podero de los
oberore contra iienes Sleoea el prroposito
de eselavisarle.
Lideres de Ia Federad"a Nortesmericana
441 Trabajo, del Congres de Orgaanssclo-
me Industriales. del Coabrose de SIndica-
tms Obreros Britaleos de la Faenma Obre-
ra de Francis. el Congreso Canadlenge del
Talbajo, asi eome del Congreos de ass In-
durla y del Trabs~ o de CanadA.
Congress Naefal lnadle de Slndicatos
Obrerop, de loo indieat9s Obreros bean-,
.dlnavos y de ventensl i A de delegados
Sameounieroen MiliAn d atA'4 del actual
pera enfreatarse al problmta prindcpsJ de
nuetre tiempe: IS lsa global de Stalin
contra el concept de qAbrtad ue los fir-
masnte de sla Deelarsae do In4ependen-
eis de los Eta4os Uoides emeribleron en
ss bandera beehos Jfronee haee dento
Meteint y eineo alAI
La CJ.S.O.L. so dio eenta de aue 61 me-
whilente obrero toene s dias eoat a-
doe a menoes que totalUtarisme ss de-
rontado, ya so rnt el tWalinimmo, el fa-
Ulanf o e 9 el tmwame.
*& haberse d"oe atlta de esto ha hecho
posibla, per jpSmOW, aue leo .emanistas
is Europ a eldeM M beoteoa los en-
da dera doe le tades Unides a
els Itash, oat s a las dIsposl-
ins de a k s alilA&tle, porgme los
do 14* M bo o is saises del
As~.n e Ia hasd ddo retoenela
~ud r l a Is a owMltase.
a .he iAan el teretario geral de
.i.O. I, J.IOM bremi. temano de
Seemr ntra 61 itarw. hay
Isd la Im 4 mta l MI aowr
S pa y la aanaw t ea. a re-
tambl6 a am m e reve-
Nl de I eampmt Ute pars
h fusadiss, rNeVos6 ue somoevi6
SIa las maus emldas a als nas
"aud eoaLsd.: .wo-
Is miamanCse so eWarg a
-as mM -M Is


Ea el mando actual existen dos movi-
mientos obrarol Internsaeoeales: uno Ubre,
el otro eeelave. Frente a la C.I.S.O.L., quo
no eist dominada peor ninguin goblerno, se
eneeantra Ia Federaod6 Mundial de Sin-
dieatoes Obrero (F.M.8.O). que reelbe 6r-
denes, u ensn la misma admite, de Moseu.
Retas dos poderosas organisselone s e n-
cueotran librando ana encarnizada, sun-
qua poeo conoclda, batalla por controlar
Isa meatea y los eorasones do los obreros
de todas parties, de todes leg eontinentes
de tedes los raises.
ombres astatos y doepladado dirigen
las operaelones de la .M.S.O. En Africa,
por ejemplo, mus agents ban sobornado a
loe euranderoe y esto es b hechoe -,
dandme euenta de que la influencia de lea
msal entire los ldigemma e asenorme. La
CI .L. ha enviado delegaclones compues-
tam do mlembroe deo Ie sindieatoe obreros
libres incluyendo idere obreros de color
do be w ladosUns idos, a aquel continent
rte an recurase, portando el mensaje de
Is Ibertad. En Europa, los propagandis-
tam do la F.MJ.8.O. han ataeao fuertemen-
to el punto d6bil de la deimoerala per
elemple. lea bals Joersales ue perelben lea
ebrre doe Franela e Italla. La C.I.S.OJL.
ha eontestado apo aade I programs del
rMR Marshall y partlelpande el misme,
v proedmedo de hiual mode son el Plan
-*uman pars manemaunar Ii roduaeoei
do earb6a y hierro de Franela y Alemania.
Os lastado a las Naclmne Unidag y a lIs
palsM miebres de diho organism anter-
tvistual para ue syadena eea6oieoamento
a as reroneos atrasdad La CJ..OJL erti
trahJando en favor de uana umal6 eeoa6-
odes ouropea.
Stalin me muestra presoeapade eon Is
C.I.OJL. S8 l s delnbereleos de ota or-
ImildSa (lam euals teearao a su fin el
ide alle, feehsa lraumaete memorable
Is la hteria do la isehb del hombre pwr
Gt. trted, el Dis do la Bastils) tmem
haetifee eeme esaran e lideres obre.
9e mrtseamerles&s, SaMin teandi dMrtI-
aMhe lse ds ase6 d e1a8soss

Hacienda y Teor
Il Departamento d4 Pre ,,
y Radio entreg6 pa p .
cncl6n los sigulet l a mbr
mlentos hechoe per MlnlawI-
rio de Haciendma 7 TesOr:
Artieulo nioo: 3 sao ie "s1
siguientes nombramlentos I -'-
Minlaterto de Racleadm y Te.-
Pablo Arosemena Arang: Ina
pector de Aduasa de PrImer K.
Mercedes P. de BarraDme: *
Inspector de Aduans de Iegait.-
da Categorta.
Diana E. de IcaZ : Qofloial d
Primera Categoria en el AlmA-
c'n de Gobierno.
Pablo Mudarra, Inspector do
Aduana de Primers Categoria.
Julio Laroche: Inspector dO
Aduana de Primera CategoriL ;.
Julleta Arasz, Oficial ed oi ?1-
mera Categoria.
Blanca Roma Polo: Oflcial a ,t G
Segunda Categoria en material&
leI y compras.
Herm6genas Madrid de OI-
hen, Liquidadora en Encomale .
dam Postales.
/ Raquel de Bermudeg, OfLWa ,
de Segunda Categoria en la Ad .
ministraci6n Oral- de Aduan
Felicia Castillo. Archiveras
Tercera Categoria en la I :
cl6n Primera. .1
Comuniquese y Publiquag
(Fdo.) Alelbiades Aw *
El Ministro de HacleadS -
(Fdo.) Vioetr Nat

Las Guadallpaug -

agradecdas per

una cooperin
Las Dannaa Guadalupanas,
eate medio, agradecen oI .
damente la exeelents opf
ci6n de la gran Mins .I.
de los almacengaes Z *5-
B. Maduro, Motta, Rho, M
dam Marcel., Jeannette, Cd0 i .
Tita, I. L. Maduro, Mary Pt-.
son, al Club Un an y a tro "
personal, a las *
dales de los pert6dleoma a i
gentiles y bells aef itM e
balleros de Panami y A
Canal que partlciparoe B
Revista de Modha 7 ntasee i
'.ariedad, a Mrs. Nauon ge -
bard y a todas. aquela .
que de uns manera u
tribuyeron dntirMB
a que el festival
ta& soclacl0n el dia
oarrifntes on 9, ebb
wa na g
*. r 4.

-A .P a'


i i

'.M ^ 1*0 1


marma :d
u .4

.d? .


* *. ^ *^ ^ *'*



Wqr iN --___ __
a ---~ .imrvwr mm.. hr1 io E*1E _____i






'!La comunida4 panamefia ha visto con simpa-
U la el movimiento que existed entire apreciables sec-
tores de la educaci6n y la cultural nacionales, en el
Sentido de que la Escuela Profesional ileve el nom-
bre de Isabel Herrera.
La petici6n nos parece inspirada en profun-
dos sentimientos de justicia porque nadie puede ne-
gar que la memorial de quien en vida fue Isabel
Herrera es acreedora al respeto y la admiraci6n
national, ya que ella fue un claro ejemplo de vir-
tudes y una consagrada educadora de indiscutibles
La Escuela Profesional recibi6 por largos afios
el concurso magnifico de la abnegaci6n y de la
competencia de esta insigne educadora lque dirigi6
con singular acierto este centro de cultural. No se
puede pensar en la Escuela Profesional sin asociar-
la al nombre de Isabel Herrera. Ni se puede pen-
sar en esta sin que surja en la mente la obra que
ha realizado en PanamA la Escuela Profesional
que, repetimos, tuvo en la recordada Directora un
magnffico aliento spiritual y un reconocido sopor-
te en el orden tecnito.
Es muy alentador que en distintos lugares de
la Republica se hayan ofdo voices que rinidan ho-
vmenaje a quien, como Isabel Herrera, dedic6 su
vida a la causa noble' y sacrificada de la ense-
fianza. Las peticiones aludidas revelan que entire
nosotros hay una conciencia colectiva que sabe enal-
teeer la memorial de los hijos de esta tierra que se
han preocupado por su bienestar.
El Ministro de Educaci6n anunci6 ayer, en car-
ta dirigida al Rector de la Universidad de Pana-
ma, que 61 tambiin estA de acuerdo en que la Es-
cuela Profesional se Ilame Isabel Herrera. Es, pues,
de esperarse que muy en breve se realizari este
acto de justicia en el cual estan interesados apre-
ciables sectors de la opinion public.

IX *r,
Esta "Corporaci6n Panamefia de Plape adn y -Fo eno Eco-
a6mico" estari llamada a encauuar e imnu r rpor umbos ra-
eionales y redentores el fluJo de las actldades productoras y
econ6mcias de nuestra Naci6n. Ella requeriri pars mu funclo-
i amiento eficiente 9l oqucurso obvio de ecopbmis s, financis-
tas, contadores, in enier1s, agr6nomos, zo6logp, botinicos, vete-
S MIMnrlos, utristas, etc., etc., to que complicarls su problema de
1lStenicr. Nos pareceria aconsejable pamra u' resoluci6n la In-,
cwrracMf doe do a s dlrectoa rsattlctadj t6enicos y eco oo-
mwta, cen an f mulm inicial d0 enmpisaos administrative.
Si Atarria ampliamente facultada para contratar log clentiflcoos.
1profeslonales, asesores juridicos, agrimensores, etc., cuyos servi-
eos temporales fuesen menester pars el esbozo de la planiflca-
elan analitica y para la elaboracl6n de los proyectos de empre-
sas recomendables.
La Directiva de esta corporaci6n podria constituaire por: un
miembro del Gabinete, en representael6n directs del Jefe del Es-
tado, un miembro de la Sociedad Panamefia de Ingenieros y Ar-
_qltectos, trees directors en representacl6n de la agriculture y
i s.ansderia, uno, y sendos para la Industrla y el comercio, dos
directors de su proplo seno, que podrian ser el terente y el
coordinatorr general do planifilcai6n y fomento". A algunas
rounalones especiales de au Junta Directiva tendrian vos ciertos
'aal t:funeionarios administrations oficiales, miembros autoriza-
4d 6e las entidades semi-aut6nomas, Bancos y organizaciones
eiviaay por ejemplo.
ITm ftondos necesarloe a su creaci6n y funcionamlento po-
drian provenir de:
a) Aprte elbetive initial por el Estado;
b) Emislie de bones internes, respaldada por la rentsa ac-
tual a future de eiertosm blenes patrimoniales que el Es-
Stado asignaria a dicha corporael6n;
I ). Capital o dividend de acecones futuras a que tuviese de-
Stecho por el studio y constitucl6n de empress que lie-
vase luego a la prActica. el capital privado.
U En la formal anterior dejamos expresadas nuestras ideak so-
sl viabilidad de este organismo cuya labor planificadora y
te fomento podria compararse al de brdjula orlentadora de nues-
o eyolutivo desarrollo econ6mico. Hacemos constar, asimismo,
0u isganismos similares aunque Von miras mAs limitadas ope-
ran en otros passes americanos con verdadero buen exito.
S Cantos capitals yacen durmientes y enmohecidos en las
ares bancarias por temor de invertirse en empresas producti-
vas? No nos hemos percatado aun que no serA sino cuando es-
t-die cientifices y econ6micos exhaustivos de las fuentes y me-
4 les de produccl6n, capitales necesarlos y mercados asegurables
den lugar a la elaboracion de proyectos de sensata estructura-
el6n flnanciera que estos capitals aletargados y los millones ex-
tranjeros empesarAn a interesarse en los ramos de fomentos pro-
ductivos y a multiplicar lsa fuentes de trabajo hoy raquiticas??
X -
Expresamos en nuestra tercera. cr6nica que las caracteristi-
Uas eeon6micas actuales nacionales eran el resultado del tremen-
t e lmpacto de los aconteeimientos hist6rlcos di la formacl6n de
sla "ruta" interoceAnica. Y al menclonar "ruta" rememorabamos
Ia ruta colombina hacia las.Indias Orientales, la colonial de la
plata peruana. la del oro californiano, la del Canal francms, y,
Inalmente la del actual, construido y operado por los Estados
S Unideo de Norteamerica, con sus periods alternados de fulgen-
te splendor y remansos angustiosos de penuria.
Ha sido esta construccion y operacl6n del Canal la provoca-
dora del demaforado crecimiento de las ciudades terminales de
Svia canalera, la portuaria Col6n y la eapitalina Panampl. Fue
lumpiraci6n de esta maina obra la cristalliadora de las laten-
teos enerrgias de emancipaci6n political de nuestro pueblo en la
S bella realidad republican. La obsesi6n de la "ruta" fue plas-
mada en el PRO MUNDI BENEFICIO de nuestro emblem pa-
trio y pareci6 Imprimir un rumbo teleol6gico a nuestro destino,
que, en aquel entonces, traslucia como el sempfterno disfrute del
S randal de bonanzas que el transit commercial mundial prodlga-
ria sobre nuestra tierra.
Leoneos de extranjeros acudieron a isa eita del destiny ante
Sheehlso del ore que el norteamerleano voleaba a manos Fle-
as. El dominion de Ia flebre amarilla v la t6enlea moderns a e-
- sn I herramlentas decisivas para el titnlco proyeeto que ela-
| aba brass y mas brazes. Se encontr6 en el negro de las An-
| ilasa a un ser bumano exeepelonalmente resistente sal paludismo
y apto para las rudas faenas tropicales. Con la estruendosa
pompa de salves de explosives, chisporroteo de forjas y fogona-
s.e de locomotoras se anuncl6 al Mundo el advenimlento de una
S ana arterla eomercial... v de una nueva Republica!!!
Li cludades de PanamA y Col6n dupllecaron su poblaci6n du-
te loes cortes afeos del period construction. De treinta, pas6
S-de. osesenta mil la poblaci6n de I oelIad de PanamA du-
r 4 ieola. Florecieron las Industrisa da eenetrucel6n nr-
u iron fisonomia de vastos "camflmentos" de ma-
1 la barriadas del Chorrillo. Marafi6n, Guachapali v Call-
haclnamlento y la promiseuldad sentaron su reales.
qut importabs si el ore rodaba v 8aeo envelvia en onro-
tulbs I- qutm6rleas euforias de leo sudorose y asoleados

Sprlmera ruerra mundial uateutts6 Is importancla estra-
S el Canal. Miles de soldadoe v marines Ilegaron a isa Zo-
@K Car al e lnundaren Suestras ealles eon aim de verbena
MAs ore pars &nuetras tabernas. Mis rental pars el
(Paiasih pIP a t solmna I),

- I.

sisente a las1 nsinIUB clIones uo l
enemigos del interior v a las
coacciones doe afuera y mejor
defendia los interests del pue-
blo y de la Naci6n. El pueblo
habria visto con desconflanza
que los enemigos de la democra-
cla v la libertad hubleran ini-
clado una campafla ditlrambi-
ca parsa el gobierno o Darm el
President de la Repblicea por-
alue eso habria significado que
las cosas andaban mal pars la
libertad v la democraela. Pero
el pueblo puso fe y conflants
en sus diflgentes y el resultado
lo tenemos a la vista. Por pri-
mers ves asat e on este alo a
una transmlidtn del poder de-
mocratico, pacffleas popular,
cona"tltu.eonAl., quo mponde o -
namente a su veluntad. y eon
cual sige paOnslado mpa aean-

de 4Bt ro VOSa donde reside l14
fuent de nueetros males. Al ea
tudiar durante laboriosos memoe
el estado de Is allmentaci6n del
pueblo. de anu indumentarla, do
suns csas de habitaci6n, de las,
medicinal quv pileden mantener
su salud. de au grado de educa-
cl6n v de cultural. hemos podido
macar en claro que s lo orien-
tando nuestro esfuerzo hadsa un
camblo en la estructura econ6
mica, modificando las caracte-
ristleas de nuestra economic.
aumentando y diversiflcando la
produccl6n on todas sus ramam
es nosible conquistar mayoret
benefidom v blenestar par laI
Yo he manifestado repetid
voes qoue ofreceria un r-
ma de oebletneo l peO. Pu
dos aegar boe ag ihmos &*

:racia y la Cons"itud oilt


La era de la Democ

serd mrntenida a i

Publicamos a continues i Jrar SUS onhdiciones de
discurso pronunciado yv camlnar sun mos por la
President de Gditemal l e rg i upiraciones.
lentisimo senior 3JSobo i, dcho que el Ej6rcito
GuzmAn, al asumfirel P l revoluelonarlo merece
Excelentisimo aeftor. .gPresi- nu "lt. grado- Auestraa expre-
de to de la Republikb; Hono- siones aduilrac6n. El Rjercl-
raile Congreso de la Naci6n: to ha ido ncotpptible y por
Honorables Magttrados judi- ello defend honor su
dciales y iunclonarlos pblicos[ calidglLde garanede las insti-
Sefiores Jefes y Oficlales del tucleS itpublica.. de la sobe-
Ejdrcito Nacional de la Revo- rania natlonal, seh granjeado
luci6n; Excelentisimos Repre- el qarefio popular. y represent
sentantes de los Gobtetn a- Son eotas montentos en el Conti-
migos; Pueblo de Guatemala: nelte Americano Ia expresi6n
Me cabe el altisimo honor de ejemplar de lo que debe ser la
recibir del pueblo y de los legi- Instituci6n armada 1 servicio
timos representantes de lI Na- de il Contituci6n, deoB demo-
ci6n, el cargo de Presidente de cracif y del pueblo.
la Republica para el que .ful e- Pero no fue solo Is conjuncln
lecto por la gran mayoria popu- del pueblo y el EJ relto. Sla qt
lar en noviembre de 1950. La mantuvo la democtatla y la dig-
fecha de hoy, que marca el fin nidad national a trav6s de sets
de una gran etapa hist6rica y gloriosos afies y en las hQras mis
political en nuestro pais, inicia duras de la prueba de fuego. En
a la vez otra 6poca que podra grado sumo contribuyeron a ello
caracterizarse por el impulse a el. esfuerzo, la tenacidad v la
la economic national. el mante- personalidad de gran valor hu-
nimiento v ampliaci6ot de la de- manistico del ciudadano Juan
mocracia, el trabajo pacifico y Joad Arevalo. Es a 61 tambien a
la defense de nuestra soberania quien debemos rendir nuestra
national, todo 1o cual es necesa- simpatia y nuestro agradeci-
riamente la continuaci6n 'revo- miento. Estoy seguro de inter-
lucionaria 16gica y consecuente pretar la expresi6n popular sl
del regimen. que inaugur6 el Dr. digo que Ar6valo se va de la
Juan Jos6 Arevalo, Presidente Presidencia respetado y amado
ejemplar de Guatemala y un per su pueblo. Estoy seguro de
gran simbolo democratic para interpreter los deseos populares
todo el Continente Americano. al manifestar que la Naci6n es-
El acto al que estamos asis- tA agradecida de la gesti6n del
tiendo me produce una double y funclonarlo pi~blico, de la lucha
elevada emocl6n. La emociln del patriota. del valor moral del
primaria que stento aIl er ink. cludadano, del trabajo del maes-
vestido con la mis altm magis- tro y de la direcci6n y buen sen-
tratura de las Naci6n, y sla ad- tido del Presidentse de la Re-
miraci6n que, mezclada con le- p6blica que supo mantener la
Fitimo orgullo eludadano, tengo dignidad national e hizo de
acia el pueblo de mi patria que Guatemala un Pais democrAtico
ve culminar boy una Jornada en Io nterno y una Naci6n so-
grandiosI de su larga e infati- berana, respetuosa v reapetable.
gable lucha contra sus opreso- ante Isa conciencia internaclo-
res, la cual supo conducir du- nal.
rante los iltimos els aflos con No hago ninguna ponderaci6n
acierto v mano segura mi ilus- exagerada si express calida-
tre antecesor, el doctor Juan mente que la Ipoca del ex-Pre-
Jose Ardvalo, que uap veS mAe, sidento Ar6valo sert. cicda co-
ha puesto de manifesto en ual t4o pinto de refeiencia de una
recientes palabras, su aita call- riA democratic. en nuestro pals
dad de pensador, (e1 patriots y "n Am6rica, y que Juan Jos6
de cludadano IncotnUptlble. .ArtvalJ serA pafta Guattfala lo
Y es eatse ienthnleto de ad One JuArez y C ardenas sm para
miraci6n el ime e h&ya a reto Udxico, l qquo j.Marti o para
rtrme primer ,la' epoca 1L, I ue Abraham incoln
Arevalo". la ra itms democ-k p&a Ot Z0 EtadorUnldom, lo
trca de nuestro pais y el co- que represent Sarmiento en la
mienzo de la 6poca del respeto Argentina y a la vez lo que fue-
a nuestra dignidad como na- ron hombres de la talla de Mon-
cl6n. Cuando me dirigi al pueblo talvo o de Eugenio Maria de
en Puerto Barrios durante la Hostos pars la oven America:
campafia electoral, refiriendome un lustre americano mas en la
a los ataques y coacciones que galena de pr6ceres democrAticos
ha soportado el primer gobierno del Continente.
representative de la Revoluci6n Pero no o6lo esas caracteristi-
de ottubre y de ls dignidad na-;ican h1 re1BnIdb. gesti6n politi-
clonal de Guatemala, dUie que ca del doctor Arivalo. Su admi-
"Jamas en la historic de Am6ri- nistracl6n tambl6n se ha desta-
ca .un pals tan pequeflo ha sido cado nor la political social quo
sometido a una presoaJ tan di6 impulso a su regimen. La,
grande". Hay p8dq atrlor' que eq lficacise de escuelas, la cont$
nunca con tanto 4xltO ha triun- truccl6n de hospitals, la intri
fado la razs doe un pequefno ducci6n de alumbrado piblico t
pueblo sol p jasianp a6B de los de agua potable alas poblacl -
grandes intereses fincados en nes. la ayuds mondtaria y t6me-
nuestro pals. Y preclsamente nlca a las municipalidades, fue,
por eso jamAs un president y ron no s61o una adecuada res-
un regimen habian sido tan in- puesta a una pequefia part de
justamente villpendiados y ca- las innumerable nceesidades
lumniados' squl adentro y en el que el clamor gefteral v popular
exterior. acall6 angustiosamente bajo el
miedo v el ltigo de la dictadU-
Mentiras de toda lays, ame- ra, sino el cumplimiento de la
nazas y chantajes y hasta la promesa que aquel goblerno hi-
expresi6n soez y mentecata me zo al pueblo hace preclsamente
volcaron sobre nuestro pain v sets aflos.
su gobierno, hacienda blanco es-
pecial de aquel ataque ninnte- Y junto a esta obra. meritisl-
rrumpido y cobarde sobre la ma, se deataca con caracteres
personalidad descollante del Dr. fuertes e indelebles la obra ab-
Ar6valo. Al mismo tiempo se negada, pionera y patri6tica de
trat6 de corromper la concien- la dignisima esposa del ex-Pre-
cia de muchos guatemaltecos, sidente de la Republica, dofia
civiles o militares, para que se Ellsa Martinez de Arvaloc, que
sumaran a la conspiracl6n anti- supo ser la gran compafiera do
democrAtica que se tejl6 pars un gran Presidente. La dedica-
derrumbar a un gobierno. cuyo ci6n de la sefiora de Arivalo se-
finico delito consistia en propi- ra reconocida. valorada V agra-
clar una political que les diera decide por todo el pueblo, por-
pan v libertades a las grande que el pueblo ha sentido entra-
masas y protegiera los intereses flablemente el beneficio que le
nacionales contra los voraces fi- trajo la seflora de Ardvalo a su
nancieros del exterior y los que nifiez v a sus padres desvall-
reciben las migajas de esas ri- das. Las guarderias. los comer.
quezas en el interior. Pero la does. los dispensarios infantiles
acci6n y la opinion populares y las salas de maternidad seran
no se equivocaron. No se equivo- el mejor testimonio de esta obra
caron ni se corrompieron tam- grandiosa y el mejor ejemplo de
poco los miembros democrati- lo que puede hacer una tenaz
cos y revolucionarios del E1tr- volyntad puesta al servcilo po-
cito. El binomio pueblo v ejer- pular cuando verdaderamente se
cito fue el principal factor que ama al pueblo.
impidl6 que la acci6n derivada Tales testimonies, morales y
de la propaganda antldemocra- materials, son los que no po-
tica, se consumara a travys de drkn destruir nl manchar las ca-,
los innumerable complots de a- lumilas v los Insultos prodigadol
queUa conuplracl6n tendlente a al gobierno y a su Presldents.
Instaurar otra vez en nuestro La agitaci6n calumnliosa e In-
pains un regimeln de opreai6n e Juriosa con sus montaflas de
incondicionalmente servil a los papel sert disprsada por los he-
intereses extraflos a nuestra na- chos imborrables y barrida por
clonalidad. la mano del viento. v s61o que-
darAn los monumentos, las edi-
A pesar de la calumnia, el in- ficaclones ideol6glcas y materia-
sulto v la falsedad, el pueblo les del primer regimen de' is
supo ver en el ciudadano Juan Revoluci6n de Octubre. deasa-
Jose Arevalo al mejor defensor fiando cualquler juicio hist6rico
de su lucha y sus aspiractlones. y la rabia imDotente de los ene-
A cada memento contest a los migos del pueblo.
enemigos de adentro y de afue- Y sobre lo much conqulsta-
ra con un apoyo mas firm ha- do ya, que represent poco en
cia el goblerno y con mayor ca- el camino de la felicidad de los
riflo a su president. El pueblo guatemaltecos, nos toca a nos-
se agrup5 alrededor de Arevalo otros eh ef, lturo asentar lar
pornme comprendia que en la bases de una economic naclo-
medida en que mas recios y fre- nal estable v pr6snpera. Buscan-
cuentes eran los ataques y la's do afanosamente en la entraflt
amenazas. en la media en que de nuestros problems, hemos
mas vulgares eran las injuries. llegado a la conclusion de ue
mis duramente resistsia su pre- e een la armaz6n economic
-_J--- -- i- _t- 1 --- -iss .. ... | jj. i 1. Ja -a- -- a& -[W. U --U -a- ..IU-- 15-


mo para
star po-

Nuestro goblelno se propone
iniciar el camino del desarrollo
econ6mico de Guatemala. ten-
diendo hacia los tres objetivos
fundamentalea sigulentes: a
convertir a nuestro pais, de una
Nacl6n deDendiente v de econo-
mia semicolonial on un pais e-
con6micamente independiente;
a convertir a Guatemala, de
pals atrasado -y do economic
predominantemente feudal en
un pals modern y capitalist, y
a,hacer por ~qae esta transfor-
miaclon se lleve a cab e n forma
que traiga consigb la mayor ele-
aci6n posl.t9 deol ivel de -vid
de las grande masa. del PuebI
Para alcanzar nuestros fine
dbemos entonce llegar .a pro-
iucir on Is mayor ProporMdt
f ible los allmentos, la ropa,
Smateriale .de.- co;
articUlos domhstics y los
dicamentos que consume la
gran mayoria de la poblacd6n.
Pero no queremos quedarnos
ahi; ambicionamos patri6tica-
mente llegar a producer tam-
blin la mayor proporel6n post-
ble de los articulos que actual-
pente importamos y a sentar
Ihe bases de una produccl6n fu-
tira de combustibles, energia
electrical, products metalfirgl-
cos y herramientas. Esta political
econ6mica. pues, se orlentarA,
oomo es fAcilmente apreclable,
a producer lo que consumimos,
a exportar los excedentes y bus-
car nuevas fuentes de divlsa,.
a amnpliar v diversitficar la pro-
4uccl6n y a traer a Guatemala
Isa maquinaria, equipos y herra-
mientas necesarios para impul-
mar nuestro desarrollo en las me-
jores condiciones posibles, a e-
4fecto de aue los ingresos de la
graq mayoria del pueblo no de-
pendap de las actividades rela-
dlonhdas con nuestro comercio
exterior, sino de aquellas que
tlenen pot objeto predominant
qatlsfacer las necesidades del
consumo Interno. *
SDe aqui se desprende y es ab-
solutamente claro que nuestra
political econ6mica tendra que
estar basada necesarjamente en
el Impulso a la iniciativa pri-
da, en el desarrollo del capi-
tal guatemalteco, en cuyas ma-
fios deberian encontrarse las ac-
tIvidades fundamentals de la
econamia national. y en cuanto
al capital extranjero debemos
rpetir que sera bienvenido
dilempre que se ajuste a las dis-
tUntas condiciones que se vayan
ereando en la medida aue non
desarrollemos, que se subordine
miempre a las leyes guateialte-
cps. cooper al desenvolvlmlen-
W6econ6 tlco del pais y se abs-
tenga estrictamente de interve-
Sr en la vida political y social
la Naci6n.
El progress industrial y on ge-
neral todo el desarrollo ecop6-
tuico de Guatemala no podra
4*r jamAs una realidad mientras
asbsistan las actuales condicio-
tes de servidumbre en el cam-
v de producci6n artesanal en
cludad. Por ello es que en
nUestro programs tiene capital
Ipportancia la reform agrarla
Sars realizarse tendri que
qduldar los latifundios e intro-
Sir cambios fundamentals en
1 m6todos primitives do tra-
o e decir, hark una major
dtbucl6n de la tierra no cul-
da do de aquella donde se
piantlenen las costumbres feu-
1e e incorporar' la clean t
1H tenisca agricolas a husars
aeivldad agrarla en general.
-La segunda etana de nuetrao
econ6mlco eIs a In-
rialisac6n del pain, quoe W
tank no s6lo a modernizar
roe iqulpos fabrilesa y am
Ia producci6n. sinoe 1 el
lento de nuevas pleata
protegiendo ge:
nt a 1M go
ae is Co grM

vanzado bastante en ese
do. Por lo merin en lo qt
litica econ6mieat se refi
tenemos uns lines co
mente clara de 10 que n
ponenmos hacer; de acuee
lo que marnfestamos dui
campafiA electoral. En 1
de -planifleacl6n continue
todavia durante algunos
a manora de ade al su
efectos el pr6x mo press
fiscal de la Naci6n, emi
mos inmedlatamente alg
las obras aue hemps plar
Pero debo advertir. sin e;
que nuestro program de
no requerirA de todo el e
popular conjunto para s
zacid6n, y cuando d1go
popular me, reflero a Ia
raci6n patri6tica de los
listas nacionales Jos tra
res de la cludad y del
los thcnicos y el Estado,
nes hago un Ilamamien
que emprendamos con
el camino do nuestio cre
to economic y del blenei

les. a
en llti
les coa
do el
los pI
el *%I

sui.- acabm 4

a eatW 1a6t aI lnversial de
paublO y
rd, ea la O elotacn deo
yr alloeatoo mett on dl ex-
tableelrlento de reflnerias de 4
"trlbeo, conwtruiel6n de plan- a
tu eletricas Inotalal6n de
I" ,r1 a W e so I Indus.
tr&equ auC7 yis abrIionclo* me-
S estro prtmA. de poflue-
Sclt eniue quo ta intima e-
to W inula al blma mO u
M distr6lbuelft. De Uw nuo tra
SpolWaU eoao tendeni ha-
la reunacl6a de un plan de met
li lue d el u na e y
pr visa do foMatn elmai que teno e a
el menor li on el i enor edney
ct01bdiCtot-quO qe aiM
fobrab en aus iugIareias ue- vi
S tos otros ena qe acon faa, y IllC
S a promover sla npllael6n do las t
actuales visa de comunlcacl6n penjal
y la fundacl6n de todas aque- mente
Hlas quoe mnpdan el funciona- ley y
mlento de monopollos del trans tad. s
port y facilten el traslado de parac
las mercancias de los centroa de poner
e senti- produccl6n a los cintros de con- vuelto
ue a po- sumo. pals.
lere, ya Asimismo, nos Dreocuparemos tended
mpleta- de orlentar en mejor forms el conspi
los pro- credit. public y privado para ra de
rdo con proporcionar los recursos que les este s
rante la hacen talta a los propletarlos a- ractio
a labor gricolas, a los nuevos propleta-s la den
uaremos rios, a los Industrtales actuales Vallda
i meses, y futures, para contribuir a al- de Gu
rtir sus canzar los fines que nos hemos todo
upuesto propuesto. 51 esto lo estimago por e
prenda- justo, Justo es tambifn que p6r puesto
unas deo part del capital naconal v del I s ra
ilficado. pueblo en general so estime qqe compk
embargo, el EstadO debe obtener. median- En
gobier- to una adecuada political finan- brero
esfuerzo clera, el porceataje de la rents econ&
u reali- national que sea fecesarlo para y tral
esfuerzo que puefa cumpllr sus coin ro- no sel
colabo- misos para con la admirlistra- blerno
capita- oi6n public y ihacer las inver- losami
bajado- stones que por su inaturaleza le movil
campo, correspondent o que por su mag- pais. :
a quie- nitud no pues a lizar la i- poslcl
t ,n,.,i r ctivnn nrlvOL a Ins

respeto abloluto a b- -aSmri
pueblos por la eqitasldad diplo .,
mAtica y comercl aon- tSdalosM
pales, haefendo hosat*r
compromises equntraidog i1
pulmtos a cpntinuar I &w A!
ae trad& dede Ista Jumntri
luclonaria de obkm y '
prolong6 brillantemesse Iai
mlnistraec6n del doctor Agef2io.
Por ultimo, me permlts e4D .
hortar de nuevo a.mlos. eta*
poDularem, a lxs d .t9ntom gredl
pouitios que mantenen vTIV 41
esplritu de ia democrmaea dI
la Revoluci6n de Octubre, ,We
aunen sus enfuerzoa, A u ei
conviertan en -n has apret
de voluntades dispueataI a VW
sistir aB bemb del oorv a
gacriflcar poslciones pMeaf
tam para powder lUbral r
libre de Guatemala d
asechanzas y para cumDilf
6xito y con honor elOwofTO
quO nos han comendado el pue
blo guatemalteco. -
Tenngo-una pro da e
morvenir. Soy ptr niteta len p.
timlst y etoy saeguro de quo
con a yd del pueblo, con la
colaboracl6n d iecto-.
res que qui -l eco*
n6mico, y pal
y con un i v
march r
de Guate

f .. .- -.. .... L&.- -..I .,l



Drew Pearson dice: Los "econ6micos" Congresistas pa0
1 d

t uS VOCOCi0Re5 0 Costa
CORIFOlad(F, per roder con

nunes dltrn an d6nde fue
Sue adquhrieron ee color
'breaene, pen; 14 e6ngresls-
"tas te0tuaron in viaje gra-
ti --pagado por el pueblo-
di dos .semanas a Panak,
tierra del mol. La mayOria de
etes oongroelstas a m evsron
a sus famillas eonsigo tam-
bl6n, a tarifsa redueldas que
s6e sleansan pmra pagar sus
Los excursionlstas del Con-
grso vlajarokn I, lines Pa-
nama -opledad del Gobier-
no de dos Unidos- la cual
opera tris bells barquitos en-
tre Nueva York y 1a Zona del
Canal. Cada barto estk equl-
pado con pisolna y cantina.
Cualquler mlembro del C(on-
greso puede vijar gratis e
is Line Panamsa on s6)e pe-
dirlo. Tambn puede levar a
su famlaisa pagando 9MM per
el viaJe ledondo per pesoona.
Cuatmuler otra persona que no
Sste em partads eon un
congesistt tiene ue pagar
ML, per el mimmo VoIAe.
En la option de ente colum-
nista, la mayoria de los Con-
greaistas trabajan duro Y s-e
merecen unas vacalolnes oca-
slonales. MAi amn, sus salartos
son bajos y no hay raz6n per
Is cual no se les permlta uno
o' dos vajes gratis. Por otra
part; los congresistas que eoee-
tuaron este viale gratis sol lO8
mis bullicilosos exigenttes de
economies. T o d o Indica que
ellos quieren que existan eco-
nomias para todos menos pars
Mias ain el pueble atte-
amerioano tione dkeebhe a
Saber 6meso g a le *
e, deTr per dvF. m W -
barge, lee anebrem doi*
peronas que ac eetia-
JeeltM on el _aye msew
Cagse pam
Idmea ea. S W .uo-
;9o d Is s lr mdo1;
la IN l'A s
de P asenma, Glma e "I
Ys lea Same 1 a Is. 10
ansm, pesn w matIsfew

mlee, -. M

a-- o -
guelets, M&a

le1 pueblo; una nueva 1n
tribuy6 a los tanteos de
de los congrelstas que part
paron en la ditima excutsi
y son los siaglentos: C
sista LUdley Beckwortth, D
crata de Tejas, quien U ev6
salgo a su esposa y catro
jos;, Carl Curt1, Rep blicano
Nebraska, qulen U1ev a su
posa y doe hijos, a pesar
que predica alempre la eco
mia; Thaddeus Machr
Democrata de Michigan, q
viaj6 con dos h os; Louis
IlHer, Dem6crata d Nueva Y
quien viaj6 con, su esposa
dos hijos; Carl Albert, De
crata de Oklahoma, quien vi,
j6 con su hija; Jere Coopo
Dem6crata de. Tennessee, qul|
viaj6 con su cufiada; y Ce
Harden, Republicano de India
Los sigulentes congrestas
lo llevaron a sus esporas: Joh
Beamer, Republicano de Ind
na y gran creyente de la sem
nom ia: Iidore Dollinger, D
crati de Nueva, Yo; Walt
Riehiman, Republeafl de MuX
va York; Harold Ostertag,
publlicano de Nueva York;
Ulam Springer, Republicano
Illinois, y otro creyente de
economic: y William Miller,
publicano de Nueva fork.
Sin lagar a duaMi una re
56n por la enal ecu6 inlei
sum tanteos de pas e e fs efee
tividad doe un arms norte
americana, muy peeo conoie
da, uasda en Corea. Por
guna rax6nq, quo 0e m
expLeado en l4Inyestig
sebre MacArthur,; do e d
nssr esta anna on lam
nmeras etapas do Is guem
masa. A~eelentemeoth, s e
borane a a te- esh s.
l annoaa cian m
to Strlde or ia
sal a no w- y MeI

K e Aeroste l m ai
Ses p"relem, Is ise
SO IL 5iem, to Is OW i
b efeet&.,
R1 fuillmftaisate
dad fabe sabaf |a ll

oe sods

Finalmentk, noiztra political s-
con6mlca Itnmutsara el incre-
mento en el t1treso de las gran-.
des maeas dit. )poblAci6n, n9
q6lo auinumentaio.-a production
en today S dti 4a,para ofrecer
los articul8 a i W -costo., sino
propiciando nz rejor retribu..
ci6n para las grades mayorias
de asalariados de la ciudad y del
campo. Para ello tambign sert
necesarlo incrementar los crUdi-
tos a los pequeflto propletarios,
la formacl6n de cooperatives *
el control sobre la exportacl6n,
importacl6n y distribuci6n de
articulos escasos, con el objeto
de Impedir el acaparamiento, is
easculact6n y el ai a de lovi
precios, politics diri gda a evi
tar wores levailones en
castd da.aI vida, 7
Tales son m ras que ten
utmos pues O
Taturo fcoi
cha sonrisas incrula.a e buatr
# 4.n 1 rorls et '
eando- nos oyen r
grande plants Industriales, de
electrificacl6n y de mecaniza-
ci6n del campo, y quienes sn-
rian merecen una expJcac6n.
No pretendemos ser onotros los
que concretamente construya-
mos una Guatemala industrial
en sets aflos. Lo que pretende-
mos es abrir el camino, afirmar
los cimientos de nuestro t tu-
ro desarrollo econ6mico, empU-
Jar al pais-por el amino del ca-
pitaliSmo. A nosottos s61o nos
ocarA una part de este emfuer-
zo, dejando a posterlores go-
biernos revoluclonarlos el tra-
bajo de Ilevarlo hasta4 1 fin.
En cuanto a la oriental6n so-
cial que le daremos a nuestro
gobierno, estark calqgda en la
realidad econ6mica naclonal.
Las obras sociales quei empren-
damos tendran como fundamen-
to y estarin en raz6n directs
al desarrollo de nuestrp4wrogra-
ma econ6mlco. Zn IfU medlda
en que aUmente y me diversifl-
aue la produccl6n agricola e in-,
dustrial, crecer la rental nacio-
nal y, por consigulente, la poV-
cil6n de ella que debe correspon-
der al Estado. Y 4sta serken de-
finitiva la indicadora do una
regulada distribuci6n de las
cantidades que deberaf Inver-
tirse en actividades reproducti-
vas y en obras de carkcter so-
cial. Debemos entender en ca-.
ridad que nuestro principal es-
fuerzo debe dedicarse al desa-
rrollo econ6mico del pais. pues
de esto depend on deftnltlva el
obtener la mayor canjldad po-
sible de fondos, sobre base 'de
una equitativa y proporcional
imposici6n fiscal, que puedan set
destinados al mejoramlento de
la educaci6n, la salud p6blica,
la asistencia social y las cultural.
Y cuando hablamos de nues--
tros problems soctales no de-
bemos apartar Is mirada de lo1
grupos indigenas de GuAtemala
ni de las necesidades propas de
la juventud y de sla mujer.Den-
tro de la consideracl6n que nos
merece elevar el standard de
vida del pueblo en general,- de-
bemos considerar con culdados
especiales a nuestras mejoreas
reserves, a Ia gran poblaci6n
indigent, v a los j6Venem s a 1a
mujeres on general, come los
tesoros mas precladoA d nues-
tra riqueza humana. Todo lo que
hagamos por Ia niet y I Ju-
ventud y per el culdado e
mujer guatemalteea, de como
en la ralz del problems de oI
grupos atnicom atrasado8. ser
blen poco at contempb no el
largo camino quo noe guda pr@
recorrer para hacer de la I n-
des masas nacloaale, coa ue
rados de hombres v muy blend
allmentadoe, sano,. o. y -MA
El program que Mselo a
nuestro pueblo, para er oema-
- ldo. reaulere., lam oaihMg al-
sgunas conditooM. pr# Op&.
17 rkd usmmu



i EUf uwU -
C- a ionUtuci6n, la
l a La lIl
I n prec,4
nomtrol.r podemobx'x,
ls al asl] b que m ha
Strand e a-n nuoo n
La libor debeA
rse compo a ertas p1
irar y armar complots pa-
rrumbar al gobierno. En
entido ratifico mis decla-
ies anteriores. La Lra do
mocracia y la conatituclo-
id, la epoca nstituclonal
aremala serA mantenida a
trance, pero preecsatnente
so tamblin estamos dis-
rm a splastar para slempre
de la conspiraci6n y el
cuanto al movimlento o-
v acerca de los conflicts
nico-sociales de patrons
bajadoreo, nuestra gobler-
guirk la conduct del go-
i anterior de guardar ce-
enRe la Indlpendencla del
lento Oandlcal do nuestro
y culdarA de mantener 1a
n mas neutral en cuanto
conflictok obrero-patroba-
Menoo que law dos partes
gio acudan al gObierno t-
o solucl6n para sus dife-
So que la magnitude de ta-
nfllcos comprometa Is t so-
Ia o la dignidad de la Na-
e-acte leqriamente la e-
o on lom iels afis ante-
Guatemala aegulra slen-
refugio de los asllado. y
ersegudos politicos.. Gua-
a. que ha venido convlr-
se, en Amdrica, en cam-
del derecho de aslo. ante
avea. eras que cnfronRta.

w. ",, a v viqpyw ," *, '.

imr DQMI~O.AL -

.o, .. .. ..,.
V I~~~il Al4
M3 .
:Wt '"



i I -
Al Ieal .esks de ".AIs-
Iu M 'd" a. lea o4 Meen It
urando z, cim.n "el c.-,
Mntarel de 18 homes vivos'.
e.,pi ldJo, iktelado on u-
. -ta-lau d vSI tatcl& pt'adi-

SiUpas M. enhun eMaa fera hmu-
u o, nuede ontmrse ala
S oftoeRt.Y cuando la excepu6n
S* Oprmdue no rs ta muir dl-
HrtJC ditinguir al hombre nor-
aal, al inocente. entre aguenls
peligroam monstruoa humans.
I n lb hatoria de "Lu Islam
higa ". cabe preuntar: Qu6
denf comet-16 8quer hombre pa-
ra que lo- enterraran en el ce-.

.a _14 de y lnit hicca
.Orans'Humor. deno-
n.a .tS W que us actusct6n
pV dUtU I coleetifv do Ion
misai.. at acclt6n.
Tod is -satuaclones de loco-
t i lohom s sa t elo chlsplnbess di-
me delonn ubrs 1vivostlog tinrevbtas ocurrenclas y
Infant'. hate deo raNUI- =ueL pu rpepeelas hacen de
metido Un YdrS"der C n, 'Cinco Gandes v Unp Chic&"
r can 61,dqbuts eael ctne mext- la msu ansclonal peUcula c6-
c5ano un" s'trelita Que no e mica del afo y hrAn de los
ab una en rna. sino una su-
t6ntcs Edad: ,oclo Satson.
haclendo formidable Inter-
pretac6n. .
"Las Ial s Maria". es xUna
coatoaa pei%*la. f mada Imate-
gromente en el famidao penal
mealcano, y dirigipdao me-
JOa director Astecs: Klb o PtW-
I andn D 'ownts un efuerme
y una mpersoldn del cne an
caitellano. ya quo rivaliza cob
Ila majores produccionea de so
clau aslida do Hollywood.
"LaT IilaA Marias" aer estre- t
nada el Jueves en Eldorado.

jITal vev trebl dmitade
y nob dscnse I* sufidentoel
Muchae geniussqm hanmtlorado imme-
ditawmene_ .*6l .


p .MI4 a m. AuuiU SDUti U-
Debut on eta cints Is mu-
Jok mnA bella que ae a pregen-
tado an la pantalls del cun la-
tiUd: "Laura. Hidalgo. "la or-
quides" comparable a6lo a Maria
F6llx y Hedy Lamarr. *
No deje de ver esta ielicula
verditderamente sensaclonal quo
ie estrenar& el jueves en au
Teatro Variedades.

.c-omos A, mcdip
a. pecioe ua .do d

para today ocasl6n
en models de la, tltma
emporada tamafioa decade
el 9 en adelante.
en diferentea eatilos
y colored variados.

pars NIRAS decade infants huta
el 16 a Dreclos sorprendentemmnte

". 6MMa-a OU"57y7 y (est. a Cls "K")
ablettg bo~s P.M.



situado en el nuevo y modern barrio residential de EL CANGREJO.


.*- *

Y 3051 premios m s.

ESTA E8 LA GRAN RIFA a boneflcio doe la ampliaci6n de la Iglesia Parroqulal de San Francisco de
/ la Caleta y el Seminario.
ALMACEN BE LIMA, SA. Ave.Central y Cille a.No. 24
BAZAR SALAS Ave. Central No. 29-A
OUAtDIA y CIA. Ave. Justo Arosemea Calle 29 Este
GUARA y CIA. (Scmral) Ave. Central No. 104
LA VILLA DE CARACAS Ave. Norte y Calle 13 E. No. 3
BAZAR LATINO Ave. Central No. 48
BAZAR "EL TREBOL" Ave. Central No. 70
BAZAR MOeM*ea EL DAL.O0 Ave. Central No. 6
SMOOT Y AREDES, S&A Ave. J. F. de laOsa 16
FABI 1A DE BAULES Y MALEAS Ave. J. F. de la Oa 22
ASM9.A. Via Espala No. S1
MORRISON Ave. 4 de Julio y Cae "J"
V ELECTRICOS SA. Ave. Central No. 99
NA DEL CANAL Ave. 4 de Jbil No. 3
BLO" Via L Porra y Ave. 2S. S Francisco d b Calt
DomBOSCO Cals3 EL.No. 9
CIS Via Porras y AvMtS&SaFund=cohh i Celik
'AV"B "W -
'*, A,"


MEDIAS ar3 Ow 1.00/

mangia cortua
y larga.
1.5- 2.75

PANUELOS blancs y e coles
1.75 y 2.50 dem

Plaza, Santa Ana Panami

Ropa .
El mis complete surtido do
Tamaios grande y pequfIbs

I. L Madmro Jr.
Ave. Central 100

Scaame h I


OPUS 50- Trop.

3 smWdh, y. Ed.4...
4 ...dn. ~A 4/~
YM ml aklmwJul.g


Repreientantes exclusive para PanamiA
y Zona del Canal.


Ave. Central No. 0- (AntUiau Ferreteril Duqae)

S(Jualo) del 10 al 14
- y l6 1 20. .
de atlnodon !
modero variados.


de aodn u an urm
r tamanoe al eacrer. g--


. Por que no se hace Ud. misma


.L' jel md^fP' y V ewotsad a*" I

Esos detalles de moda quo
traen los vestidos a a r o a
pueden ser Imitados por
Ud. El Centro Singer
deo Costura Ie ensear elof
minimo detail do ello .

Madre e hija hallarin El
Centre Singer de Costura el
lugar mis apropiado para
aprender a confeoo ionar
trajea mientras aprenden.

La Miqulna de Coser que
ha dado servicio durante
10 alO s ft todo el man*

Afls Cetkl 5? Ti &1- uaPmn


Acaba de iRecibir

la mas complete

coleccion de "

in tamafios de 1 a 14 afoe.

Modelos exclusive
de la famosa mareo


en vistosos colored.


e itiia

'- ,'-
*' '

...4; '~,9


n W..,N.
*' .. .
; ;. .. .





. .

19 ULTIMO SALTO, Harry HatrIs,. l JWnete de 30. aoes, -tordillo n a magfifico maito, el ultimo de su
: Al atenar saltar otra vez, el caballo francs 'no lo
ri yy .el jinete o y6 sobre ia ,eptllxadP y muri6 instan-
U"m ate nmte Ila&nirada de 2,0,0 personas entire las cua-
s emcoanatba so y y au bija de trees afos de edad.

La $emana

en .Deportes
., n


.Or guiermo m ol.

BASKETBALL.-En esta semana se iniciar Isa egunda vuel-
ts del Campeonato Mayor masculino...El "Lord Chester seoasegu-
26 la primer vuelta de primer categoria...:Invitado e BSelec-
cionado a sostener Serle en El Salvador.. .Part esta semank se
stouncla la las justas de La SaUle...El seleeelenado
VWOc6 a Albrook Field y se anex6 la series zonelta del 4 de Julio...
Iildos y movidos partidos sigue ofreciendo la just de Cates-
ITrl...El Operten venci6 al Danar y conquist6 la primer vuelta
del Campeonato femenino de primera....Nicaragua interesada en
contratar un instructor panamefio...Inicid su compete a la
Zacuela M. J. Hurtado...Con marcado entuslasmo continue des-
arrollAndose el campeonato masculine de segunda...La Federa-
Cl6n no sanciono al Chester...En Col6n se efectuara siempre el
campeonato Femenino.

FUTBOL.-En juegos de enorme importancia chocarAn hoy en
prbyers Ditrani vs. Pacififico y Anc6n vs. Hispano en el Estadio
S aclonal...Con cuatro partidos seguira hoy la justa de Vista
lBermosa...Empataron Combinado y.pitrani en juego de benefi-
elo...El Feri a sal6 de perdedor en elhcampeonato mayor de Co-
o6n.. .Finaliz6 la primer vuelta de la segunda de la capital con
l Santander en el comando y de segundo el Ambato...El Pacifico
fall6 frente al Huracan...La pr6xima semana comenzar l just
del Abel Bravo.. .En lbs pasados encuentros de segurnda gaiaron
Anc6n Jr., Santander y Ambato, de Panama. v el Argielles, de
Co16n...ElOratorlo sigue ofreciendo seitsa partidos los doming0s...
Ml Ambato acepta reto del equipo Pollcia, ieLa Chorrera.
BASEBALL.-El Campeonato de Barraza tiene para hoy dos
*tractivos partidos.. .Con visible entuslasmo se estin desarrollan-
0O los torneos mayor y menor de li Liga Santa Rita.., En La Cho-
trers chodaran hoy Puerto vs. Balboa y Uni6n vs. Chin para fi-
ptllzar el calendario regular de la Justa Invernal...Las justas
infantiles de. Santa Rita estAn llegando a su-fin...Se pide mayor
onperaci6n en la just de Barraza.. .Varios peloteros paname-
ios eotAn actuarndo en el Campeonato Profesional de Colombia...
Gard 4 explica por qu6 se desisti6 de contratar a otros peloteros
asonaJles para Colombia...Cocl6 ya tiene uniforms para el
pr6ximo campeonato... Se esta arreglando juego con el equipo
S eampe6n juvenl de la Zona.
SBOXEO -EFlpr6xtmo domingo pelearin en el Gimnasio Na-
' aonal, us Thompson, quien dara Is revancha A Leonel Peral-
/ tt.o.Be solctta mayor cooperacidn a los promotores..-. Juan Diaz
II deslati6 de volver a pelear con el campe6n cubano Black Pico,
d0e se medirA ahora con el oampe6n gallo Baby Green... La
Coisl6n professional anul6 los pauses de cortesia... Se anuncia la
pelea de F. Plummer con el norteamericano moreno Eddie Burgin
1 I12 do agosto...En los encuentros amateurs de la semana gana-
ro* C. Heads, A. Lawrence, Luis Hall, R. Langford y A. Otis...
KL rdxlmo jueves comenzarAn las eliminaciones para escoger el
S -ulpo que actuary en los Juegos Bolivarainos... En el program
Qdl ueves la Comisi6n presentarA la actuaci6n de un enquentro
Iatre un boxeador y un tichador.
HIWICA.-Pinard sorprendio y gan6 el Clasico "4 de Julio"
eon la monta de Oswaldo Chanis.. .Suspendidos various jinetes...
Uandwood y Silver Domino ganaron las Drincipales carreras del
p nTado domingo...Vendleron al potrillo Welsh Fox El caballo
X Te Cuesta fue regalado a la Pollcia Las clauses E y G ten-
r .n a su cargo los principales events de esta tarde en Juan
VARIOS.-Decidiran hoy el Campeonato de Softball de los
3obros los eq'ulpos de las Companias No 3 v No 5 en Santa
t...Se inauguraron los Campeonatos Intercoleglales de Volley-
..fe ofrecid homenaje al.gran deportlsta doctor Carlos R.
..Nuestros nadadores ganaron 6 de los 8 eentos del tor-
BO del 4 en Balboa...La lluvia Impidio el torneo de atletismo en
Balboa...Los Campeonatos Junior de Levantamiento se pospusie-
mtn para agosto...Se esta organizando para el 29 de Jullo torneo
'de Atletismo y Marathones ciclista v oedestre...Instituto Naclo-
1 e Ipa organizan sendos programs deportivos para su respec-
tivo aniversario ..El Profesor A. Murnllo dicta curso de atletis-
b en Col6n. Sc pondra en uso el Gimnasio de Barraza Se
fe slaborando en el homenaje a J. Cneca para el 28 ..El Pro-
f Mr Rendoll Gomez esta prestando serviclo> ahora en el Artes v
Oficios...Listos los pianos para el nuevo Olmnaslo del Instituto
Naclonal...Nombr6 Directiva el Boxeo Amateur del Maraflon con
Celab Carbonell de Presidente

Se Juega Hoy La Tercera Fecha

Del Futbol De Vista Hermosa

Say domingo se juega la ter-
ecra fecha de la Liga de flutbol
Es Vista Hermosa con cuatro
i stldO que se celebrarAn en
*eancb de Vista Hermosa.
AinOme entualasmo existed por
eelOe'braca de estos choqu's.
- sM Son numerosoe los f-ia-
gl que slguen con interest ea-
-enot anuncdtolero.
partides anunciados co-

rreran a cargo de los sigulente.
8 45 a m. Lord Chesterfield
vs. Ori6n.
10 15 am. Vista Hermosa vs
Atl6tico Chilene
1-45 p.m. Cerveceria vs. Ju-
\entud Cat6lica
3:15 p.m. Millonarios vs. I-
berico. /

I "Ariso Oportuno"

Es Barato y Efectivw

La Asociacl6n Deportiva Ar-
tes y Oficios "Augusto Brondi"
ha organizLdo como en aflos
anterio'3s un Interesante tor-
neo atlitico deportivo que ten-
dra lugar en el Estadio Nacio-
nal el diL. 29 de Julio, en ho-
nor a 'la hermana Repgblica
del Peril.

Per R$. L.

Universitario: Recuerda qu6 la
Unl6n hace sla Fuerza: Ins-
cribete en la Asociacihn De-
portiva. Haz algo por tu Alma
Nos cabe el honor de ser. uno
de los mas yalentes satienedo-
res, desde esta columba, 'de la'
,nmportaneta de qu lI Univeral-
dad tuviera situnotorem w eper-
rtlvos. "AlrededOr doe 10 tnces
mantuvimos casi diarlamente,
como dijdramos en cr6nica an-
Lerior, un encabezamiento soli-
citando tales personas. Esto lo
seguiremos repitiendo sl es' ne-
ctsario cada ve~z qua hays ne-
cesidad, para contrarrestar a
cualesquier persona que trate,
cn estos moments, de aparecEr
como la inicladora, como sueld
suceder en nuestro medio.
SAparte de todo autobombo po-
demos decir que lo hacianids
porque pertenecemos a la "c*-
aicienta" de todos los cursos de
ia Universidad y segulremos in-
sstiendo, a pesar de que se nos
tilde de enemigos del curso, en
sebalar muchas cositas que son
de importancia y otras coj3
.ue, a nuestro julcio, estAn laue.-
ra de tono. Fulmos duramenute
criticados por algunas profaso-
ras ex-alumnas de la Universi.
dad por haber demostrado el in-
terhs en los instruftores y ha-.
ta Ilegar a decirse que por 4dve
raz6n nosotros los alumnos de
hoy exigimos. Unto cuando ellas
no exigleron 861lamente las pecr
sonas de, un criteria tan mcz-
quino so atieven a opinar en
csa forma, y Io que es mas do-
ioloso aan, personas que se Li!-
dan de profesores y qu e an pa-
sado por esas aulas y que Gon,.o-
cen perfectamente de qud '.ado
celia el curso. No.-e que nm.,-
tios seamos mis Slumnos quL.
los antcrlores es, sencillamculp.
iuc 4cO alumnos que formo!r.os
El seguado aflo nos hemos daac
cuenta que dedicarse al tritet
trabajo de alabar no conduu-e
a nada bueno- Annque se Lc?
por alli que todaria a estas al-
turas abundah qn la
6ad esa clase do alumnus. e>r
otra part, coalq dijerarnos -n
utra cr6nica el afio pasado., a
Universidad con sus quince 3-
hos de vida tiene tempo mas
que suflciente para que un cur-
so como el de Educacl6n Fi.ics
lo hayan enrumbado en una for
ma mas positive y beneficmszi
para nuestro medlo.

En estas competencias, que
ya se han hecho tradiclonales
en nuestro Pais, reUne los
mejoreg atletas de Panama, Co-
16a, el Interior de la Revpblica
como tambi6n de la Zons del
Cahal, disputAndose vallooso
trofeos y premiom donado' por
autoridades peruanas, pantne-
flas, detacados deportistas y
por el comercio local.
Por este nedio damos a co-
nocer a los numerous atletas
que ya estAn -abiertas 'las ins-
cripciones, las que pueden ser
enviadas al Presidente .de la
Asodlci6i. Deportiva Artes y
Oficios "Augusto Brondi", Pro-
fesor Carlos M. Romero S., a
la Escuela de Artes y Oficios
"Yelchor Lasso de la Vega" y
ia entrenador de atletismo Car-
log Beliza:io, al Estadio Nacio-
V Para celebrar este nueto ant-
versarlo peruano, lag Ascitaci6t
Deportiva Artes y flcios "Au-
gusto Brondi" ha programado
os siguientes events: pista y
campo (damas y Caballeros),
marathones ciclistas y. pedestre
PanamA-Col6n-Panama (ClIsi-
co Augusto Brondi), Puente de
Juan Diaz-Estadio Nacional, res
pectivamente, juegos de foot-
ball y basketball.
Pr6ximamente daremos a co-
nocer el programs y el orden
de los events, como tambien
los requisitos para tomar part
en estoa events.

No se sabe an d6nde
se celebrara el VI
torneo Nal. de basket
Por H. Tejada V.
En la ultima reuni6n que ce-
lebro la Liga de Basketball de
David, Frovincia de C'alriqul se
apjob6 impartir.las 6rdenes ne-
cesarias al Federado chiricano
ante la Federaci6n Nacional de
Basketball, para que no acepte
la sede del VI Torneo Nacional
de Basketball Menor en caso
que se le ofrezca. Los miltiples
compromises y el apretado eaoa-
do econdirhlcor del Valle dc laI
Luna. inpiden 4a los chiricaino
aceptar un ofrecmlento de esa
La Provincik sede del Camn-
pronato Nacional de Basketj4l!
cs Veraguas pero el plazo que se
le concedl6 ya expir6 sucedlei.-
do lo mismo con el plazo del
primer suplente que es Panim1
y el Begundo suplente es Daricn.
Es muy pomlble que con tolo
ctos aconteclmlentos, el VI
Campeonato tendrA que volver
a Chltri que lo celebr6 el a.'io
pasado. o a Col6n que segun ;ie-
mus sido informados estA en ca-
,,acidad de aceptarlo en caso
que se le ofrezca. OJala la Fc-
deraci6n de Basketball tome car
La en este asunto recordaiidoa
que este Torneo tiene que cel:.-
biarse en los primeros dias delI
mcs de septlembre-

Le ofrece la oportunidad
do obtener...

Avenida Central 91

* 6 cualquier otro articulo

por medio de un systems do
Cb. el major orgadado aen

___ _____ i ._.



* f" I


Ditrani-Pacfi yAnc6n vs

Hispano En Coit a De Gran

Importancia Par T El Toreeo

ESTADO DE LOS BQUIFOs8 ntrnigan y el Ane6n perde
Ffitbol de Primera m 2:0r"14 Io -Wianoe ne egrw*n eli
Prov. de PanamA unMpeonato pero i result lo
G E P Pts. contrprlo, entonces los an ii-
Ditrani .......... 5 3 0 11 Las paarin al primer lutar, ea-
Anc6n ........... 6 0 2 12 ando al Ditrant al segundo
lispano ......... 3 2 3 -6 pueato a la vez que perdWEls su
Ibirico .......... 3 1 5 7 Livicto; tambtin puede foa=der
Pacifico ......... 2 1 5 5 -n epipate en el copland. Alem
Huracan ........ 2 1 6 5 ;.re que el bitrani embate y el
Dos juegos de enormes Impur- Anc6n triunfe; y cualquLta ae
tancia present esta tarde an el sates camblos puede muce q, 4
L1tadio Olimpico el Campeoft- que 6l'Hispano se jugart i u l-
to de ffitbol de primer divisO.n time. opci6n al suboampeon to,
de la Liga Provincial de Pata- y el Pacifico se preas.tAr :ota
mi entire los equipos: tarde decldido a reMivhdiarbe
Ditrlni vs. Pacifico con. un ruidoso triunfo ,,, )tr-
2:15 p. m. minar con el invicto deV'itru-
Anc6n vs. Hispano nl y mantener sq op6rtthMdad
4:10 p.m. al tercer lugar.
El torneo ase va acercando a Los cuatro equipos ase presen-
sa fase final y los cuatro oAce- taran *hoy con sus lineass com-
nus que actuian hoy cumplirn pleta y ae pronostican dos rc-
su pepnltimo compromise de la fidos 'eotejos, habintione .dado
remporada. cl nombre a estos partidos de
Gran significaci6n tienen los juegos claicos del futbol mayor
iueultados de hoy, ya que al el local.

Organiza Programa Atletico

Para El 29 La As6ciaci6n

Deportiva Artes y Oficios

FACIL TRY ,MO. of Muestrs est TW O fitial de Is carr*Mra en IA cual .-maMuMo BedUIao
en formal reltivwAmaegt feil saobft .tilgO'I Baste Star.

*. 'K.' .'-, ,,. / "'
,.. ... A.

TRIUNFO APRXTADO. El magniflee iiotte Silver Domin6 so
una -e las trOebs eetarales del program hfpleo. En esta mi
da de esta capers en la cual derrot6 a Mosque t6n y Grisu.

Aft:. j'~

ASI LLEGARON. Conduesee por el jiste Osvaldo Chant, so
pasada. Segando leg6 BetAn y tercero Fruta.

cansado por Golden Babe sobre Don Joaquin y Romintleo en
putadas entire naclonales.

r" w "




E ..-8_ '0 So

,i,: '



L- Ism re

MLo equipe- da. e
I No. 5 h Compw 1 W
disp hear ei
de softball del Cuerpeion .
beros en el juelo qwe @eei-
rAn en el Camps da- Aqtita
SEnorme gtmaia MW -
entre los aflciona potL
choque deciaivo, yka 4ueS
equipos ilegarn a lo s
despu.s doe openerr una -'qn
pugna contra los demiA. es-
junt ,' t'; .i
31 juego debe jemotlr',p9W
refldo y se eapersa -.up
duelo entire .jo la.nad 9 un

SEl, ganador de. aete stteuwi
harA. acreduor a un.
fteo donado, por don ,Tam .a-
briel Duque,- sal coma qtpa
premlos adielonales paro, .el
equipo campe6n. r
Tambidn habra premios paru
el sub-campe6n y paras -l*
cer lugar,
B Se nos ha comunicado~que
antes del juego por: el ,-
nato se efectuara un, :pv tldo
amistoso entire do. eq
participaron en dicholtMO,

Inmp s enf sm anspasds en '
gnifca Tlta vemos la lega- te

Los Re=
-Por Humbewtq
He aqui USna. oa1e iw
manda un hipico. ,
Humberto Anmora

S La Idea lanzada por rlto u
Hipicon do traer jinetweaxsan-
eros para montar .n nueatro
imnapa*%G&Otnte .1. ; ilSnleb pdomo, -detuoestra ii .vex
S.r .... .l...uAS que Panamn e parn,4*k;d
de afuera tooo tleie K a rte
soGl es clerte que, .muetasu-jie
aprendicm dej '-aswOai
qe deci; y que cncla dio
de lids ftima letra. ud teo ere
elloe s qo ia e stin, laslfteade
porque no puedent M*y 1 o Mrao
mo con nuestros, aprend oes.
carraras solamepte entire, es.
El p0blico nester c Sado,4e
que ucn nmero pequefio dei ie--
netes monopohlisn a. Sce mreras
todas las jemanas, Atoi.a soe-
guro. de que ai se hact. une ia
rrera en esta fodfma (Ejemplo)
Distnea C7 Fsg. eo,"
Casablanca E. Coroho aa lbs.
Hoy es el -Dia H. Royesi-10l1
I idepoes vert"e!trlun'o a1- Riuita H., Pitit 14W lbs.b
una de las pruebas was di- Arquimedes F Caballero 1U0 lbS
Domin6 R. Ica, 44*-Ibs
Pajarito. E. filvers 107 lbs.
om nt osEstoy tan seguro quo -
o elad eg s apuesta legan par I menos
a los Tres ro OO) dglares
tienqe p areh el hay que ver ao reducide del
lienePara oyeSI lote. En resumidas cuentas-que
las clasificacl6n deo lea jinetes
l l menor aludidos a las entradas do
ol Jue n .w P a puestas y a meJorar l -a P
petencias hipless
De used afeflto y deguro s r-
Los juegos que tlene para h ny vidor,
el campeonato del futbol, de 2a. Eduard% Prado.
qn el ptadilq.. 9pIipico corren .-"
a cargo de los. equipos:
El caballo franeda Ssambre
Iastamder vs Amirles se consagr6 "crak de Is tedhpo*
8.45 am. rada en el hlp6droto de Fran-
cla al idjudlcarse brillmante-
-Y- mente ef "Gran ClAsico Priz
De Paris" La gran pruebat hi-
AlemAn vs Hispano Jr. pica so re aliz6 con sa asiatencia
10.15 a.m. del Presidente de la Rep6bli.
ca, senior Vincent Auriol, y de
Con estos jUegos inician estos su seftora esposa.
oncenos sus compromisos de IR a
segunda vuelta del Tornes de L. A. Vincent fud el que gan6
la Llga Provincial de PanamA iel conueso de pron6aicos de
etapa que debid comenzar ayer la Prensa, el di UV le J~antlo,
con el juego Anc6n Jr. vas Pael- doe 10 carreras acerth T) y las
fico de 2a. (nica que le fall6d efttr6 de se-



-- .-' *

=. -Vv


"'" """""

S. 1 -' '. ,


a on(lyadelfl .

U. (3-3) y McOOUh. Pnd fvnoio de ea o do a J o
.,. le prod.t.e del Peru, en ote r M mn-
ISOat" 000.1 O 11 *: u o lur u Ire y el M oe p do

,(11-7 S a. M l da m A a gran orpre al n
h 000 0i 0 1-5-' 10- a dud el o ,a Puex-raiaid el Clatdeo 4 d qluo". pe-
y.. p ... ... ..a.Bu ageirseer y propletarlo, Sr. Osea hitlIn l tondnjo

.BPe ,p or ets m edio feUlitams Insceramente a Doa Q r Ghlitis,
.@v n 0,l"Ih (a, p i.en, bajeso .unldado, ha mantenldo a Plnod eompltlendo to-

7' dot* dwai'ds.
Wow a (o
Be dutaa en usti~n^^ &h"S ^ ^ VaE' Z. 15 W @5 ^I w1'S ___ conta lea eaapsonetr--p--s.
=luger10i nw r .IA eNtAA R r .ai-gobeft 0 Gonzailez y Felix Frutes candidates
at lo PW MW. ay>. BS rthr lance que dl t-Fw no quedaroa dueeaw us deB307. .. o*
~~an a~ K.16 e~dsr ~c~o d0.u" sas moo-. A ti ei mance Ad,:CiaoenSnL
tfl-As lo'u. J pa m ClIvelandoen arL Lul1 para AAministrador del Estadlo de Col6n
brthi MB~rrM& taM ."uy ; ^^y,'cturia3q~a 5 mn por lo, quo e, *e m. 'usela d en DtoytP -^ "" W Ma T ~
ltall u.eANewe rhte e d brare a Pildefla n Washington COLO'. Julio 8 (For Nando agreghr que cundo leguen al
noer T ao r B.o gran a on Qulntero)-4ftn Jubilo existed pueasto e deoen de today cla-
waod eeii iSne.a a- sveland 000 000 i2- 3 2 entire los d6portistas de la lo- so de preferenclar para tal o
ft.SI cargo ips k sr a. Deti ORNO AL VIUlTO D Ltroit 60 304 143 21 calidad en tno a la noticla cual deports, puss creemos quo
att Ura* e i6prueam Prin- Ell TORNOnAL (-TO1aDELka 201s ,quodha comenado a circular, un colLseo 4e gsa naturaleza s
clpaI'delU NgU m m ogek (7), hverink (8) y He- y la cual aunicla que hay dos ha construlo pr darle cabida
los equitlmd & clas "0"G o. GO o-0. <. ( a)) c andidatos ds fuerza para ocu- a todos los deportedo mixime
hre una d jbaat a do 149 m.- Insrg. par la admtllstracifn del Ea- cuando solo. contamop con un
Wte. EAfloptasems on 5ta pa- tadio deat6 cludad, y ells solo Eatadlo; y ,que 0 vuelvan
i Ao-Alobre. RoadBitter, Hit. Pet An" L & Cattile J quinea, en son de chan- Boaton 10-New York 4. son los condos y destacados eos dima en qua el belsbol era
J&n Dia, Portr Star, Plcfi. Be ha querido opear q' burlande", me edon- deportistas IlUx Frutos y el el tnico deported que tenia la
Tepal Cola y Tameis I. blemsfta respect -a a que a "1el Glmnaip tea Chlcago y San Luja (noche) viejo luchadqr en la lidea fut- preferencia, y on camblo de-
trad6n delolimnamlo e "; y canto dbdo ttadelfla y Washington no bolistleas bgoberto "Rat6n" portes como el balompi encon-
He aqul nueatro',pron6tlcAe: de Ant6o, dconstdido one- y a o er, colocado i che. W ingon no- oonzAlez, perionas de reconoci- traban troplezos a cada mu-
fuerso, grande o pquest. do tpa evitar los .hechaso _____da capacldad an las coas del mento, Ilegando en una ocasl6n
luinera carros: ant0feros, y termnlado por. 81 = tot apntados, eatA, deports; asi que ya sea uno hasta desalojarlo del referido
La Suerte Juan Hulfn.ho Goberno Naclonal. oa y maligmente v* ui.ll A* u otro el Estadlo de Col6n ea- collseo,
da Cartera: na y curria 6sto cuandoa W0 M W tar e buenap manos, y los Todos los departlstas de Co-
An N VillarreL S gn dlenendl a a n de la osuela dede- l in deportletas en general gozarAn 16n eatAn de souerdo eni'que ya
WevesU Carvers: toalt criteru e ento y a do tud So W 0oaO S Ie de mayors garantias pars el sea Frutos o el popular "Rat6n"
Little -LLulu Avivato s par ".itas, able, entrag J desenvolviiilento de sus de- GonzAlez, el Etadlo serA una
.*At Careraa :lo. ml Club fMDe 6, j j 2cobas/ trapead1rers y wW S as V ODOi l portes favorltob. Y ya que se casa para todos, y su cargo se
qomlnr r Tap que ha lua wiIs to, a lo miamos para quo habla de eate par de deportia- extender hasts el punto de
Ointa Carrer: par Iu repa=n, sw flt 1 as responaibllzaran. Coupeiclai Intereoleglaleeg de tas para ocupar la Administra- dictar classes sobre deportees a
". lac k Zfibo Duque unico grupo o Instituqi6n ca- Qpiero 4eclr, pues, que ya ha Veolleyball 1951i Cludad eapital cl6n del Estadio, vale la pena la juventud.
S Snta Caruera: paz de culdaild celogamenie, habido precedenteq funeptes. Is Caleadarlo de Juege-
* Rnty Cholee Brand restandd al tatedo, por ter- uy, probable que los dirigents J" E d i in i ii
I' ftias Carera: medio del Minislerlo de uaca- del Club Social Meportivo eat6n Femenino IPA vs. LIes. E | cl c d IlK olo ils dlI fl(tolI
00ale James Alabarda cdl6, la eapacddea de adiails- muy Intenclonados, derecho que MaeUaline Profeslonal v. Artes En 9 c k W 1. c d M
oatva tarrera: trarlp. En unsa serie s artlcu- no le nieoga, porque .a que on 14 Few. Liaee vs. ProlesIonal LII S A I 1 1
fTll Hit. 1 dzoa per el seoftr Alberto ga organlzacld hay elements I PA s. Institute. u EP af nW ax .l' Cufo y Unlih
-A t fe 6, a qulen' ya se canoce- honradam y valipeos. Pero no Mae. Artes vs. Insutituto
OP Betn bt -on el Deporte y w lA DI compato con allUoa la Idea .de Mascalue JPA vs. Profelonal sBANTIAGO DE CHILE, Julio prendl6 al Imponerse al IColo
weism CaftrCa partamsato de CultrA Fiftea, I d la Adm R 17 Fem. Piefedonal vs. Insti. 7 (Por 0G A. Rolla) Con ce.- Colo por 2 a 1; el conjunto de
BItgapore 2 Dio pgo, s ule dIca a ln to, cuentros cada vex mAs refldos a Universaldad de Chile mejor6
S&T ri d '. M- r M PA vs. Institute y resultados orpresalvos as tA colocAcl6n con au victoria sore
AkaVP O *tA desarrollando c1 19o. campeoi el Wanderens por 1 goal a 0; El
to del fdtbol professional chitc-. Ferrobadmintor derrot6 al Green
M rcilv''pei 5 Y5TL Ianitat o a, taprchindo actualmente do CpUsa r 6 a 2; el conjunto de
primer o a el A Wea invieto-ois a Unves" Cat6lo* .y Ma-
jado I. ][A", la competencia, el Addaz Ia- alanes inemptaron a un tanta,
n o]B vs.alTArtg Itano. y Santlago Morning e Ibertsia
^es ^11 tAw (s 1B VGA, E aS. T&Profesonal Bn uno de los encuentrosw nds tumbien nivelaron acciones a
MAWat slor Alberto ch poque .IA v- Mtat domentados y llamado el clasi-. care tantos.
.0l2 da t- al, e artioules ha mahl- Mas. Arted lacitute to de la Colonias, El Unl6n Es-
o brnec. dd iab .allG o e SIB rm .ea ledbg 3 51 Al tado Ve e entr1art0 aI "A w pafiola y Audax Italiano empa- Con eatos resultados, los e-
s tae de B Peball ae a MUa, ex- local y que may gust 1o o h 31 Fem. Preeal l vs. IPA taron a un tanto an el Estadio quipos so encuentran en las si-
la Lig ant ta, qe re- aa d. ducaln a y har, sin coato alguno para el Ma IPA v. Intitute Naeclonal con una asltencia a guientes colocaciones: l. Au-
de el entualata deportuata TO gran animador l Deporte, eas Estado. Y aunque haya ahora Lugar: QimnasloN Mactional 24.000* personas qua pagaron dax Itallano, 2o. Santiago Mor-
mnb Mue, o en lai s al par- el que la o acuelZ tal com lo manifestacionet de que no eas Noth: Los jUegoas comonarin mas de medio miU6n de pewos ning, 3o. Everton, 4o. Iberia, 50.
tiepah pr6xthaadanents 220 ha b enido hacdendo, sea la asi, 1lo olerto eas que ya ha sid los dias Martes a las 5 de laI en concept de entradas (o scan Colo Colo, Go. Unlversidad de
peloters, en la Catgoriae Me- a ela eata qe tonga a su publicado n la prasa eat t trde y los Abados a las de 8.504 balboas, at camblo de 80 Chile, 7o. Unl6n Eapaaflola y
nor c Mayor, pe enth e ro- c ado eL .i U to .- aseveracl6n, que cre6 iun gran la afiana. por 1 en la bolsa negra). Magallanes, 9o. Universidad Ca-
llahdo con todD hite,- prea- ca, f itlpla"ed=o e revuelo on los circuls soensatos Los torneos se Inauguraron el En los otros artldos de la t6Uca y Wanderers, 11o. Green
UnvdoJS^ tau diaries 1 3l atorided (la D ccn) y y en Io. eduektlvos de la loca- aAbado 7 de Julio, con loas juego Octava Fecha, el Eventon str- Cross y Ferrobadminton.
toleOllampleo y to0 sAbados en por el ex-meatro de Educa6n lidad y di. otras cludaides. Ade- ProfteglonaLvs. IPA
*el Cuidre doeBarranm lasMae nnaesti. Carlos Cilto mAs, sI la Esacuela o encarga Liceo v& nstttiito Mal.
a -la bteia voluntad dl Lie. Cal, que no iotesalta prsen- de la Admilnlstracl6n.- del Olmn.- del Ciraulito Femenino R A M A -
DiW.Manuel IRoy, Jefe del De- tacoin, taitidn. hai luchado pasio, como le corr e, los ProfaTeloa1 va. Institute Na.i C R t G A
pirtamento de Educacidun Fii- tesoneramente ante. lo0 ottos deportistas tendrin od las Artes va. IPA
ce y la Federaci6n National dc despeahos oflclales, pot la e"- garantias para practicar y cornm de los vaow. *
eas-bell. parscid6 del edifilco de lee de- petir, como heata la techa o10 i

Liga a O c El. atido ?o AIn cii&S a Ctel al sehor Chong, qulen todo *n tacer luar 'aIlficonues-
.Comenando lentocanAdlineat la Dte st Uno e 25 cs arrcantiue ( natch)
s" dot ola CalegoS Mosstr lot 1 aodopt.. y I y raet6 : D n tiro c m pati 7 Lorenzo Holder.
{ ss A ^CatoulMeSot ^sdificlo. Yo quOa fite 7 cact6n Pa ica et ap 19po eo r ece Ia dn p poser
Lunes j. Urapate' vs Seaet ho luchedado por 'T Depo~t, sent. -eats Ia ,ver yd a nmenoa en Um 4mpAte con Jack
"Wi.4 Artefly v 6 Ch st comparto easts opl6n por quo realidad, aunque atiora diga el Belar del Peri y Peter Moreno
20 l y IA CAtegr ayer no deseo qu, soe repitan las bo- Club Deportivo y su BeScretario deo Vehezuesla -s tires acumu-
Mrtes Astea -vs GmaBi chornota. accloneas que On ese de Propaganda, qu lai prsen- laron 692 lba. en total. -
30e0 FteRte Patribtle vs edifitelo han cometido lo de- ca del seofr hong u mca- aHolder de PanainA logr6 s6lo
aeg. paortitas anternormente, tales doente pr a 4 d s buevesittentos, en la
VIrne Asteen vs Frents como la converalsi6n del Gimna- o sigulente formal: su primer in-
Patrltleo. aoa en antro do aucledad, o en Y conste, porque as neceoario tento a pulso (Press) con 203' 3
grito de luegos. b en lugar uti- aclararlo, que no tengo ningn lbs., 811u primer arr a n q u a
SLeQ equlpoS nombrados pri- lizado a lag sombras de la otro interds quoe el de preservar (Snatc C0 203 lbs. y su se-
meros son visitantee. o14 par- noche altas horas para esce- el triunto que ban coneguldo gundo y te r (Clean) envi6n
tidot pospuestos por luvia -0 naa Inconfesables. Y digq co- todos los que Intentleron en el 0 con 275 3. 26-bs. para un |
.por cualquier otra circunstan- rtetlda par .loa deportistas, por asunto. y ada personal contra tl de e92 Lorenzo Holder
cta motive, seo celebrarAn que a deportletas sorprendi en nadle, n i aua contra el seflor travs d. o IiSqtadora que a-
Ageha.lgalente,.tempre y cuan esps actltudha en varlas ocaslo- Chong, con quien conserve amit rando sus a ?a Ido mejo- 4
doe Is toque ategoria. Los nes, tenlepdo la necesidad dto tad. aosypasrecods nr pos Ha e- J- ac lo-4
Pomes laIed"*ju egan los liamarles 1 satncl6n.X Y hubo Ant6n, 1951. nales 4aSlinque (S natch) con,
c tws f Babe- -225 lbs. Y 01GeefC. & j.) anvion
eell parted 4 deea COl/p.con /2 l/ b quo ostentaba
i mcol a Is m in s ws | Inus d Wlevenilea. le :- este saervior p r 0rca do 0
ei ftuto. mtuo fKufW M M i UB V r~l~l~o W r fti, 4A Is eiatorla 165 lbs L .' -- -.H -
4l.a^injo l prftwno. i .* .--Tee:a w no reclin naci-vr.^ p t W
ol los Jaeo Paonerianes do, Arcaupa agn no y hace ho- '
ft PUIU fICIDOS JeveayIn m non a nuhento Sontc. u actual
e- to0t6 to a efe- ambsle6 aMo loevantador de HORIZONTAZL.: VERTICALES:
t"a an el B &tae. o OU pPo;o Ldo L L9ON con 5 minutos do aplauss, pa- psaesa eatableber 4 marcas na- 1-Indica repeticl6n.
Mweando a ela 4.00 pa. eon (Cent0n0a01M race que quedaron facinados por clonale en ou' C4 oria. noso- 1-Arbol de madera preclosa. 2-Exclamaclon.
dms1%6n de 9 actors, lapr y POdiremas a nuestru lectores el estilo de eventar 6el atleta tros que 10 WAkn de cerca 4-Demostraclones de alegria. 3-Corcovas.
OUanldo el tempo 10o permits. xcus pr no haber continua- y deo su gran modestia. nsabea ue e fibra para 9-Tercer hujo de AdAn y Eva. 4-Batracio.
__________ do nuettro relato de las Com- Pete George fue campe6n mun- ello, y 6m 10peramos ese dia I12-Roe tido, provincial de 5-Delidad pagana.
tensCl- do LAvatamlento de dial en 1947 ,On eft coampeten- aira WIW` i -plandlrle como Fil pinas. --Posesivo.
Kesa am n .J odNgc.ju glclabacmse consag cos Uen IecO-1hiclinio SINBuenos Aires. 13-Alega, expone. 7-Asociaclon Catolica, Inic.
t DAM 0 t auicclano je ru vantade r dramawo y 4.e gran CUa-Oo 1 ar aS deD Ne-ra 14-Con en o l u-Nombre de munier.
Po iO. caliber al batir eaBclalmen- Patria a&IO f tHmnno de Pa- 21-Tine deudas. o.-Lechos, Inv.
'"M4bAN HtOU O o luntad nos lo ein groIpero te & Ifamrso Tony .Tarlwzo, el nan1A -fazseOA, per haber 10- 23-Tapir caries con ero. lO-Demostrailvo
N 4107-^amM Hur10 l le a a mnw B h icta des do LandAeresub onelT am 4a p 6 tOo0I ON JKWs DeportIVoS 29-Oxida Ge hierro. p-neas que imnen dos centro.
0 GToldenp Wee -categorli Ge d 165 Me. gic Pinamentcanos. 30-Nota musical. IB-Smlmlar, pr6xlmo.
DA ns e5In~ dA 3 3 soni segundo lugfa con total JI31-Powlo. 20-Do vueltas sabre un oJe.
arma clan m undl alde en Ci I ON A YER 3 2-.Cafipeitno inculto. 2 1 Juego do I ich as y tablero.
Holanda in10 a. 34-Letra ceatellana. Pl. 22-Del verbo emitir.
bidn 'en i foug rksoun 35--Preposlcidn hnglesa. 24--Gina. freIna
HI ao N-37-Del verboa batlr. 2&-Cabu des ogenado.
33-Es~tableclena inc separact6n 2l'Ostentaclfn, Pl.
42-RemsevasI Is tierrm can 35-Remover la tierra can an
el arado. arado.
to tA4dd 438--Enpey. roc~un do los infiernos.

del warrueeos
F de viveres.

a domiesica de mujer
eata en la pubertad.

flores blincaa,

-I I
iB w,.- -. ... ;-.
... : .

Dep. Vallarino vs Dep.

y Canada vs Crespo Los

De Hoy En El Base De

Dos comentados partldoa .de
baseball entire los conjuntos:
Vallrino vs Miranda
9.15 a.m.
Canadi vs Crespo
11 a.m.
Ofrece hoy el campeonatq de
la Liga de Barrafs en el eua-
dro del mismo nombre.
En el primer encuentro, el
Deportivo Vallarino buscara co-
locarse en el segundo puesto,
para lo cual el director Pedro-
za utilizara los servicios de su

lanzador estrella P. qC.
pero el Dep. Miranda-1
desea quedarse reza-ad
ra con todas sus fuemN
mejorar su. puntuacl6 y
cohtando parsa tllo 'e
cher Ch6n Agullar. i
En el segundo
Canadlenses y C
frascarAn an uen.e
ya que el ganadwr,
primer puesto a
del Gray. Se oha ti
debido a la mor
encuentro. Man Barker
por el Crespo y CatallI
zalez se encargari di
por el CanadA.

3~9U ~ C~7~

los lideres entire los lanzadores de Isa Liga Nelonal, hoee o -
demostrael6n de las trees elases de bolas que ha d*-
rante-ests temporada y que Io ha coloeado n el prer .
entire los lansadores. Magile pertenede p los a
Nueva York.

Red Pnamenericana

^ *- -*.'-a-st


a viemn

3:30 p.m.



- Un program estelor en la radio favy "

L- a ARedf aname caf:

,l~:.:; .: -I


'* i
*. '*-'


Que la rota a Dopameinto de los CLASIFICADOS--D IL A.

Nuwestr Agenteg o Nuestros Ofi;inuo Io ai M fn:
TeL 2- .. .-o N ..

Aft. 34 i lg.1.




w"No"MA -
s scn i. 11.11 ''

Miseelineas ApartamentO Autom6viles .. eaes RaiesM L
r V DIN:-Cleas, etab o se-re, SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento am itr. SE VENDE: Carro Siudsbaker, CIA. B 4WIVR -4 -. Tel_ .. 41-1 ....1
SaeM ocnesmlede, fin-Tea (Uat6lr no, independiente. Una sofa ec- Champion. 1947, buenos condicio- VINDI LOTIS .. '
iw Pem Ctels N i MI made- maro, garage. Via Belisarlo Prtrsi nes. Aceptomos ofertas arribe &L Pg lMelelo minims 0. .,' r I
I. hyavem .s esIsedes. etc. 168. 350.00 tal como estA en la Em. M-1e l 8.140 ,
SmaM oll mis baels on pea bojaldo. de Nicorague. Via Espalo Lots e oan Colln s y AceduuiS deo .
AIMCIAS GLO.ALES, Vie Te. I SE ALQUILA:-Apartamentos limplos y Calle 51 No. 1. Ponami. la Cludad desde B. 1.00 el ro. Port r .
4 s 1s*bed 1as France. Tel.I y c6modos an Calle I1.. Perejll No. *- AlquiHaenqi equlpa aeoda e o sa
-s. 12. Informs en Io mism a csa, 1 VENDE:-Buick Special Di Luxe movimlento da tierra. .
cuarto No. 1, atrs. 195 ismess uso, 5.000 ml- Alquilaeft Ws a .I.
SE'VENDEN:-MAquinos de escribir JI-A, muchas extras. Llame Fort s Club de tecas. 3 00
nuevas, tipo oficino, a B.120.00.SE ALQUILA:-Apa rtamento. n dos, Gulick 88.220. Jertlus,.3.0y- S
"Paros" Plaza 5 de Mayo. recimorms. ,sala-com.dor. garage. _. Qan_. STANDARr.
SE VENDEN:-Mlquinos cAlculado- lame Tel. 2-1456. SE ALQUILAento Y UIon d a rv eda de Cutr
ras olemonos rnuevas, mArca
"BRUNSVIGA" 8.145.00. "Porrs" SE ALQUILA:--Apartamentos c6mb- Locales -.
Plaza 5 de Mayo I dos, ventilaodos, edificio modern, .;.. SE VENDE: Chalet en San Fron- UN CARRO
-* frente Plaza Santa Ana. Corppoa SE ALQUlL.,:-Local pare eticino. csco. .5,000O.00 primer'pogo, va- TRIUMPH MAYFLOWER
SE VENDE:---Caf6 Nacional en gra- Fiea F. ICAZA, Avenida B 79. arriba del Teotra Central. Ior B.13,00,00, resto en hipo- Sdj de Dos Poergas
no at por mayor. Products Na- -- teca largo plazo cerca do Ia Via Sedan de Dos Poaems
cionales S. A. Tel6fono 2-0028 SE ALQUILA:-Por B.85.00, apar- SE ALQUILA: Sol6n AreOs pr Beliarlo Porras. Andras R. Tho-:
Apartado 1984. Panom tamento de dos recimaros sfai la coue- fiestas o bde. Llam Tel. 2-222. mq. Contador Auditor Comi- UN CARRO P INEL
SE VENDE:-Perritos Cocker Spaniel Pa. Ocurra Apto. 5, Via Espaa SE ALQUILA:-Local pare do s SionstAdministrac 6n STANDARD
A..KC.negrs.9semns re- 1C6frontegaritrpolicaproximadament 600 pes cuadra- pro -Vents Bnes Ralces. STANDARD ae
rdK. sC. noiam 9 ar Albrook 86- fre garita policia. dos, con telofono, c6nftico, $50.00 partado No. 3224, Panami, R. P. h eier dI
;irad26. m A ensuoles, Inf6rmes s telfono 2- SE VENDE:-Cholet en Poltlla, 3 UN PICK-UP eq,-
SE ALQUIL2643, St. Luis Boutin. roedmora, buen veclndaflo, 650S N DllA
SE DE: Madera-usoda para 'TSEDALQUILA recimar a let v incla, 650 deARlD* av
SE ENDEeLOCAL COMERCIAL Edificio metros, primer abono .5,000.00. STANDARD
formaletas, ao seis centavos elpie CuSO modern frente Plaza Santo Ana. Resto n a Caja de Seguro Social. an L e
cuadrado. Plywood de 5-8"8 en, _
tomaoos de 3 x 8 a diez cento- Compaiio F. ICAZA, Avenida B Andrs R, o Conftdor Au- PARA INFORMS ILAME be aa o e2. ,
i Vos el pie cuadrado. Ocurra al1 1EALQUILA:--Cuarto amoblado con 79 editor Comisionista. Admni -a....- -
Y.s e cu.dr'd. ..... .cocina y balc6n completamente -c6rin- Compro Ventos lines
Abattoir Nocional en Paltlla. a kcI Cma Vots-Sne
Abttor N_ conalen Poit..ll. independiente. Calle 45 No. .19. SE ALQUILA.--Piso alto de Ia CIa. Raices. Aportado No. 3224, Pa- a be te10fons: .
PARA EL JAR'OIN: Abonos. hormo- ALUILA PFiduciarlo de Ponam, S. A. con nemi, R. P. 0TRAC",W 6 RT, Inc.I
aRs, insecti'dos, plants, semilos .E ALOUILA.-Cuarto amoblado a sin moblliario de ficina. Area 2-2930 6 161
py ote;. Se matan arrieras, limp cabon lero solo. debuenas costum- 435 metros.cuidrades, aire acon- So permute cuenta con Banco Fidu- i I' W .
lotes ^q icamente, controlan p bres. Estudlante No. 92, Apto. A. dicionado y Central Telef6nica. Pa- ciQrio per case barate en las ofue- !, ,,,slCOR I
tes. Consultos tcnicos. Afonso SE ALQUILAN: Cuortos en Colle ro. infomaci6in acuda 1 Bdanco Fi- ras deo* I iud ad, cuntd a- 1 e__l del 1d51
Teleira. Tel. 3.1593. la. El Carmen, No. 91. Informes d mairos, .4,Ct00.00. odr-Auditor-Comision. ATho-I ,
enIa____________ _mas, CAntadar-Auditor-Comislo- 'A" n P 141 1"lAduNO VN S I
i SE VENDE-Tocadilco marco "Webs-i en o misma cos. NTA nisto, Adminitrci6n Compro. .a N
ter" portable, 3 velocidades, tie- I CS I Ventas-Blenes Roices. Apartodo .A 0 1e 7p4% e ** Iu por-.a..
ne propio alto voz sin usor. Boroto. LECCIONC DEom tios No. 3224, Panari, R. P. !A PA 0 t ITlts Pas Patitl
Tel. 2-2359. Joyeria Hawaii, Cen-. SE VENDE:-Refresquerfo del Te- p an a s lrill ercm
trol 56. lnstrucci6n para estudiantes avanzo- SE NECESITA:-Empleada que sepa tro Tropical. Gron oportunidad. pnds serlete 6 d a In e Cto I ds Ju.. o
Edos de piano. Clasicos, mosico po cocinor bien y hacer oficios dom6s- Faciliddes do pago. Pido infor- l i n9 I lnwIf Inarm. Taimrdeer
SE VENCE: Radios pare models pular y misico fundamental, para ticos. Call@ 52 con colle Ricardo mesien el Restauronts del Hotel I alelrUIe., te1aiati M C
1951, Dodge DeSoto Ply- e~tudiontes de poco experience. Arias No. 22. Ctmpo Alegre. IntornocioaTh- E nmimedsr metal Rauds.Ir.Toumnpuli
mouth. Motors de Coli6n S. A. Studio sde piano Bennett's, Juan ENESITUsop"f -..... e Ma Ul EstOlpiArmnoray 0 llkrpr
Cruce del Tivoli. Tel. 2-1704. 1 B, Sosa No. 9, Tel. 2-1282. SE NECESITA:--Cociners con refe- detodas eIsmss ta2lsOl. 1 L lTegvme. l ooss Ls-ba
rencias quo duerma en el empleo SE VENDE-Aborroteria, prelio aon- F. 4 Exc elvae doe d teSdo b'
SSE NECE TA PERDIDA y ve Tel. 3-0717, altos del Golf. a, pr mo nGE F NOVEY nc. d
S E NE Carreter Ponam Viejo, familiar 12 No. 16, San Francisco. A I0e am3.7 dClWar.
Arosemen' i Arei d C ral 29' 3Arrastr- L-sime irnel 1or
General PERDIDO: Robado a descarriodo: ArosemenW. E or r Te. o et
Perro policia alemin, grande. Tie- SE NECESITA:-Empleada pare of- SEVENDE: Chalet onello 10,a -1 d
SE NECESITA:-Coiera y vorias em- ne uno herida en ta pato delontera cios domosticos. Colla 52 coso 18 Nuto Crist6bal. Informer Fran- t
pleadcs paro e Club Zomby. Tel. derecha. Gratificaci6n, laome Po- Apto. 12. cisco Fragomeni. Tel. 1145-L, mnd
2-0135 namA 3-2579. Col6n.
ii ECESITA: Dependiento quo PERDIDO: Gratificaci6n de 8.10.- cocinr, no: t Prsor a quo mmop It43 Alambre de Bronce 1
hable singles y costellono. Indispen- 00. por informaci6n acerca de una el empleo. Inform en Avenida SIN DIMORA i' PARA MOSUITO
sablr Que tenga experiencia. La bicicleta roJo con blanco, marc Manuel, Ico s o, AlA o l" Casos de Apartamentos. Chalets, en
Modo Americana, Ave. Central J. C. Higgins, No. de serie 127/024 gre. los diferentes sectores do 1l ciudad v .
~c 1 o d gus sn ,AeEA S o a 9 u sNicencio 189. robado d ogaragede -- Ala bre "
Iac AmerNo.n9 r-13,euevo t pS r a 4 0 sLEA lam b re P ; le T r*%
rencias. Mercado Modelo, Colle1 vncil6n de Costa Rica, don Ma- a preci e oulid 2-11156rmse* DE CALLINERO *lr
29 Este Avenida Justo Aroseme- SE VENDE rio Facio y por el Ing. Alfon- 2 de e, No. 1 .
no so Peralta, Decano de la Es- s Al ambr 4 S "y/
. DESEAMOS matrimonio sin hijos, que Articulos d Cas cuela Ingenera del pals Alam Ore CIOn Zoniss T
conozca d-r laborers dmano. APa-SEAdUILA 2 AA
conozca dlcaoreVs mdpo Aan SE- VENDE:-Hermoso mesa pleg Los V isitantes, que departle-E IL *
s' cuidar casa en el Valle de An- SE VENDE:.Hermosa mesa plego- O dp e- A d ori3amdem 2 rued, ,.fel."
t6n Debe tender recomendci6n de le d cooba hechapar Cowes". rn pr breves minutes con re- ar 6Medl s
lugor donde trabaj6 antes. Cia. I alfombra china. Sillo alta pora presentantes de eate diario, in- Cairs A 42Niie:'.2"iims~ i ster,Mll
Dulcidio GonzAlez N., S. A. Fibri- baby. Casa 0552-A, Calls Chagres, dicaron que los estudlos del 'o 1 --- Ch Mod D10
ca do Mosaicos, Ave. Cube No. 8. Ancon. nuueo rou qu s con e ASEl ALQUILA: BonitochaletonveSoaA Al tnm. de
cade Mosoicos, Ave. Cuba No. 8. non truird en Alajuela, a diez m-L B 1 Nivelade 3eiar/dnit delo T03
__ m Nved6_________________ lr doe, cable r,, lit do
]]as de San jose, estn en su Club X, Vista Hermosa, de tres C st .41ypardo a
SE NECESITA:--Secretoria compe- ES UN DEBER SAGRADO fase preliminary. m inuevo ae- bm s sal, comedot rd r en Calle 16 Este No. 4 & ra doCable
tente. correspondence inglks-es- al pueblo ruso. Dijo que 6ete ropuerto star asituado a solo y porch. Teel. 2-1851. Iel. 2.3336 y 2-2988 Cucher6n do uad P &l ms2.
palol v trobajo general de ofici- time "su sincera aprobacio6" diez millas de la capital Jose- "Vendemos arato 3 Pe*rders M*Ios HM
na. Posici6n permonente. Expe- Truman dijo: "Afiado a el .l fina y habilitarA una extensa SE ALQUILA:-Chalet en Via Porrasr S -HY -
riencio indispensable. Escriba: Co- propio mensaje al pueblo sovi^- Area. La pista proyectada aera No. 64. Sala, comedor, porch, 2 Para Vender Mis 0S.gadm.-Trtll dees Harveter
rresponsal, Aportado 494, con tico con la fervorosa esperaiiza de sete mil ples. igual a la recimaroa, 2 servicios sanitarios, le- maca*?clt d
detoalle. ue que estas expresiones pue- de Tocumen y el financlanlen- cuorto empleado, cocino, cortinas A s eneniM a.. NMI, .
dan contribuir a crear una rie- to de la obra eatarA a cargo veneciones, limporas, terraza y ti c5 i, ldea t i dre ,
C, CARRUSEL jor comprensiln de los fines y del Gobierno de Costa Rica. garage. Tel. 3-1863. 1Nue0tros ESPEJOS viemh ;'i i3ead
tebral de la ofensiva comu- propositos de Estados Unidu.i'. Los ingenteros. costarrlcenses I II otel. ElTrrit A.C m nIC.eeisA mpoee
istsi bubiese side rota, isal- El Primer Mandatario norea.- se manifestaron agradecidos pr SE ALQUILA:--ChaIet 'par vace- lce el hotel El Panam t i pulore Caebl
11ertuados gasial-Woopacd6n restadaporICrW
vando miles de vidas norte- uerltano manifestos que los in- ula e ronnltc a Cn 0oga cones en El Voldcn, gas para co- Fiabrica de Espeiom s I ore isoPlant.C. h MI le
; uamerieanas. frtunados resultados de l t a- Js 0 Cnor, chimenea froncesa,a ocomo-C1 c.01 do #A ys. cb.
A fin de resolve este mis- l Ios ultimos demuestran que .s amnericana y expresaron su corn- do 6. se olquil pr semana, mes 1 iaineeddedE S a nes Persons Medale 1
terlo, el Estado Mayor envi6 negociaciones diplomiticas off- place par m o is. Crist6bal, 3-2324 p de 4:30m L DIAOBLO t .A leIlT 1
al expert Coronel C. H. Ro- ciales serAn eatbriles mientras PanatA par intermedie del Di- o, ms. CristobAl, 3-2324 do 4:30 A B TAS OLIITUD
berts a Corea. Este regreso existan barreras ante el inter- don Maror o A. GelabdAeronAut, esta- v6:de3T0 P. m.Cl N. 4 t.M Tonemotenbltros .s
don Maro,, A. Gelabert, esta- | qul.@-do d rsmd do
ee Ia uexplicacion de que camblo amistoso de ideas i ba cooorando cn MISCELAN EA o- .I O SI
MacArthur no habia entre- f,,rmacl6n. "La mayor esperai;za miento tdcnico, Ia reallzacl6n QUIMItLAIEZA ofQ FillI
Dado a los artilleros a usar cde un mundo pacifico reside en de la obra. La misi6n partira CADO EN LOS NA o
Al fulminante. aan Ps deI aI- BATERIAS s, G S a
lBajo el mando del General las anslas de paz y fraterniad esta tarde para Costa Rica. No necesita ser calve, In colda del-T R AS E 50 L
i. sin embargo, el ful- que reposan en el fondo del c- polo se cura pronto y seguro con
dgway, si hdon em araz6n de todo ser humano. A e.I JQuiner. Quiner detruye a cespa, "Eveready"
a Uae delpoderdefuego Truman dijo que tanto el pue- A de Ia Quer hace creer *I cabello. Q." .
norteamericano v la prin- blo norteamericano como el an- saciones es una sefial eaperan- nor so vende en todas las bues A
elpal razon por la cual los vitieo conocen por experiencia sadora. 81 podelmos Ilegar alUi formacias. CLAVOS Aa "El Aviso Oportun
Seiao hban sufrido tantas ba- piopia el horror de la guerra a una solucl6n razonable, hay AVISO_-Lo _nt del ua ________
was. Indudablemente. ha side "aborrecen el pensamlento te esperanza de que Otros pro- trimestre vencid 30 de Jun a ia dos para s A t ,
taMblln una rain per la mu future conflict que sab. blemas dificlles puedan some- trimestre vencido e w 30 del Jun -
eual Malik hizo los tanteos puede desarrollarse por medio terse a discusi6n y razonamien- de 1951 debe saer pagoa del pri- TenemoOS e g e
aihde paz. de las armas mas espantosas de to en vez de la fuerza bruta". mero el 17 dM Julio de 1951.F.PIC
ePd la hHitoria de la humanidad". Attlee express la creenda de H. Lerchen, Municipal Engineer. P IC r
que cuando la potenclas del DUEROS DE LOTES:-Estin at ven- v ZAPAPICOS HI
ii Tr*nta' Pacto del AtlAntico puedan cer el plazo dado por a Alcal-"
reinta p Cias fortalecerse suflcientemente, ha di para limplor su ate. No pa- "Collins"RZ
de Policia. bra una buena esperanza ".e gue multo, nosotros so lo limpio- RUM
Al terminar cada curso los que los comunistas vean la ra- mos por m6dico precio. Servicios
miembros del Cuerpo de Policia ron. de Jordineria, S. A. Tel. 2-1310.
reciben u-i certificado de crtdi- Luego se dir1ig6 I a I -ms R---- CL 0 I
tea d pa la quierdistas de 3 proplo pati cat -tK sf o CLA V O S
des e el iltares.primer dolavque piden Ia atencl6n delb CiSo e -
S l c rearine coh conA ecuncia de nL u ig" provIncIa de aball Ave. Nor NO. 48ACANAlA

la neo ceejores materials d d an. col neP i r isCo ra. Dea amate qise a P a- L L PANAA C ibe 26a-
ontrucci6n y pintu h a n qu d e playa de tua n de lo does dee gas clar6: "NuranatrO reame n i ext or .dra
I rras Sherwin irren tlse poueden Cer clarn ambos ladrn del teln de hie- a cta y enea a e la 't.30 do la-
1 .sde el primer clav l mente a JoM el rro, ha dnos que "els m al d erds-6n en idete en Csl 17 Osdte No. I- Belleza la

pa y complete ic Parfisas Veaeia. en e LUX tedu a y pP o lo a2 o c @i
fiast qu I a caa et6 memento d B primer epo- sino hochO, no vacarmos un li nuevo reprentan de I pertas Operai
su dispouici6n Is sn tra ban en Ce lnar delm ndt humanot a F ed cn I 'ao Rauonsb
stores materials do e l yesa loa6 pRner ed a ao. El Prmer Mnstro rt a los n esenar la c6-n a r e ir EllPNAd Ca r 2'6 "
Dede le e le d Mn- comuttii a c o papar coa .-pT a a 2

otrte 83 Tele 2-0610 ha a
Isd .rink Nord EtT quo h qarectiva, d actal red .o a

tpnm ad ~ iat Reflsine a Rttads Un"-



PAR DE RETES.-E Rey Frederick, de Dinamana.y- eI Ry Jetlo
!de Gran BretaAa, paean en el coche real durante uans pafa B
en. Londres. El monarca danes y su Ireh" "tsiur w Ytts
de cuatro dius ala Iamlla zeSalf .3i


WImo pot
12 plewbras.
por codfa
pfa bra adicional.





=de lo Lemw ,


I ,

. i f -



I~ ii

na de Las Meredea

Quince anios

At t honor
E. de
AoDrm Juliet&
1 *fi seio-"
l91 Correal,

b .. e I

L do

A. 'de .DeIaIs Iaseeds.
ifma Deiwate., con .iev
B a or Vilma Arosenega
S Ivo Acrich. MaruJa Vallarino
Syra Maduro Acrich, Minerra Ta-
lgma;y, Ia agasajada y Ia seiorilta Yila
i-.s --~t / -" : ;to Domy)
. A J -

"e p r o s.1



s o oo a 9oeo0o0oo000o




No se exponga a perder ninguno de
i- sus valoes por incendio1.,obo o pj no
.., gahe, doode los i edrA, cuando plde
S urendaru cn ija de dirsi m n el

-4- -

i '- "- A \ "-

.- I





-: -4

Presentamos un atento salu-
do de blenvenida al ex-presl-
dente de Guatemala Dr. Juan
Jose Arevalo quien llega hoy
a Panama, en donde perman.-
ceri durante varlos dias como
huksped de honor de nuestro
Para agasajar a la sefiorita

Maria Teresa Healy y al Lie.
Roberto R. AlemAn quienes
contraerin matrilmonio pr6xi-
mamente, el seinor Raul Arias
X. y sefiora Marcela de la 0. ne
Arias ogrecieron anoche una
comida ei su reaidencla.
EI el Teatro Naclonal
lta Mesa redonda Panameri-
cana de Mujeres de Panama
ofteeert hoy a las 8.30 p.m. en
1el Teatro Naclonal una velada
llrico musical, en honor de la
Repftblica Argentina.
Cambio de Residencia
El senior Alberto de Obarrio
y sdfiora Rita de Obarrio han
trasladado su resldencia a la
calle 5a. en los Altos del Golf,
en donde se ponen a las 6rde-
*nes de sus amistades.
La sefiora Lola C. de Tapia
ha trasladado su resldencia a
la calle '4 No. 32. apartamen-
to No. 1, en donde se pone a
las ordenes de sus amistades.
Para los Estados Unidos
Despubs de pasar una corta
temporada en Panama visitan-
do a sus farnUlares, regreso a
Nueva York a contlnuar sus
esudlos eL.-sehor Eduardo de las

Gran etaa Ise deseames al
snor Mario Pacio. quien pro-
cedente de San Josa se encuen-
tra pasando various diae entire
Aftiversario de matrimonio
Saludamos cordlalmente al Sr.
Paul Kowalchik y seflora Ani,-
la 0. de Kowalchik, quieues
cumplen hoy arfos de casadob
Celebran en esta fecha el pdi- aniversario de su matria.u- el sefior Mario Luis Romi ro
sefora Beatris Victoria Jd la
0 de Romero.
Be encuentra recluido en i.l
rsidencia por motives de ;a-
lud el nibo Xaxier de la G..r-

La Srta. B a Elisa Barsallo Lombana
Sus padres.Mario Barsallo y Ana Julia Lombana y
demas deudos agradecerin la asistencia al entierro
que tendra lugar hoy Domingo 8 de Julio, a las
11 a.m.
CITA: Iglesia Cristo Rey.

Granos y Erupones de la Piel
a 0-
Con Nuevo
Descubrimimieto .
Desde que so dogeuhrl6 NIxodermo, t *o /
Is f.'rmula do un cos.ooido mddico
omeriano,. no .ton. nadlo Is *Zcus *
aluriA para contlnuer ufrlaudo doI
ran.'s y erupe~onel do Ia pill que r
dffigurnn el rostre q Uln u u AM *UW'S
atrarilvo tles romo csemni. ORno, pllt y bscltndola mia suave. mroA
Barros. Acne. Mancha., etc. No per- .lara y min blanca. n uno o dos di.
mita quo lo U-atErnlOdo Is plel io le dirAe| AopeJo que ha nLtontrado l
hagarn intlrso Intfw'i log dIon -e fn l tratimlonto quo ne piel neceml-
caupen Is p.rdida doe nsum amltae. taba para salararmO 7 para baceria
LmniplPsle plel neo- el mtodo moder- mas atractiva l mirmdade sus aint -
no y cientlfico quo aqul exp lcamo y 0os. Nixoderm ha prod4eldo unia piel
que hiar quoa la fma no dontilne ana y bils a ILmiles do personas do
ponsmndo qu padece Ud. do *luns quienes reetblimos ile~ cartsa. Por
eafternedi. ejeniplo, la Beflora uio Sanchez
... .. no@ ecribo: "Durste I tflo .ufrl
U ..... .sevAi..e. del ardor. pkacu6n y amnm6n do i
NIxodere U an auiOnts emafnt- enoema. Peobl niultttU de trar-
wonte dltinto de tod. los que Uoted lentos in r iultado. Ufi ds o hablr
ha conncildo. Es un nuevo icubrl- de Nixoderm 7 yIo cOwimrid. Calmr6 Is
mlento, no sO grauo. s dA a0n Ms- plckh6n an 10 minutos. Al sifulento
d6n do polvos aI ser allc4no. Penetra dia pude noUar quo mni l omenab&
rdpldamen e por Io pmE i r mobato moJorar. Mu unos dl[ias deampa-
on e cause do Ih larupctDM d Ila pleL recleron la. mnehae 'Wr y ers.-
N udrm continue Intgrdlmjato quo mosM. TdM dale *s or *
oombatn lu feoalm -Maa do dieron muohe los r oo."
mta log quo ymhmg kN des.
ALMA *' ^ t Pida, Nixodrm on Ig ,Scia hoy
S ilmoi Vd=M : R aM Is u-
idr ardoralspsoMlentUo m, i uit orpron-
y e A dido do I-e r sltufaP- LIndo
no ndo NIY d191af m
amacer.. idbO d Mae -
olsueer Iva, b mar-er
S" rhkorvmk I O v eor
".ornsa NI 0kclas 4oan M qi Ires admire-

of1 am5 ~ a

dia Alemm*n. OJalI mejre
Oumplearos de boy
Bra. Carlota Isabel V. de A-
Bra. Isabel D. do Kodat
Bra. Carmen I. de Jimenez
Srta. Isabel Brid
Ing. Rodrigo Porras
Sr. Paul Kowalc'ilk
14c. Victor Mirones
nlfta La Maria Alvaiez Q-.el-
Nifia Arleen Thayer Strunz
nihlo Carlos Miguel de Rux
nilo Raul Estripeaut Barrio%
Nifa Maria Luz Monzd.
Campleaflo de mafAna
Bra. Virginia 0. de FerniaiJez
nifia Jacqueline Diaz D.
nino Frank Morrice III



, I.090 .Kcs



3:30 Ritmus norteamericanQa
3:45 Carrera
4:00 Ram6n Armengod
4:15 Carrera


Monchito y su Orq.
Musica variada
Ballables panamericanos
La Hora Luteratia
Filigranas musicals
Concerto Dominical.
Musica latinoamericana
Musica venezolana
Canciones vanadas
El Discodromo del Aire
Canta Maria Alma
Ballables troplcales
Buenas nocles

6:00 Buenos dias
6:03 Almanaque de la
6:30 Noticlero RPA
fi:45 Musica para el desayuno
7:00 Sabores de mi TIerra
7:30 Noticlero RPA
7:45 Su Melodia Predllecta.
d:00 Fiesta en Manhattan
8:15 La discoteca Internaclonal
8:30 Hablan los Astiros
con AnLinea
8:45 Cantares de Mexico
9:00 Claslflcados del dia
9.30 Dedicatorlas.
10:45 NoUclerc RPA
11:00 El Mundo del Vals.
'11:15 La Noiela Matinal
dramatizaclon RPA
11:30 Cuba. Su Misica y sus
11:45 Grandes Interpretes del
12-00 Serenata Espafiola.
12:15 Notlelero "Sparton"
12:3 Selos de 6rgano
con Lucho Mufloz
1:80 Noticlero Deportivo.
por Gullermo Rolla
1:15 Los Boleros de Moda.
1:50 Cantares de America.
2:0 Noticiero RPA
2:05 Orquesta s de Sal6n
2: Senmdg Musicale
con Anoland
Cort. 1B Aguila Imperial
2:45 Su Noela rao'wlta.
"Entre Narpaies"
corltest de Kelvix
3:N l0Nev"s Rowamtl.
con Ovd4o Rodriguez

de la Mereedes lets, hija de
cuando en brakes de ou abuela,
Brin de Boyd y don Imaeio Fla-
el Rev. Padre Prada.

Nuevo Diputado

Don Manuel A. Donado. qulen
tomo posesion ayer como dipu-
tado a la Asamblea Naclonal, en
virtud de haber sido nombra-
do el titular, HD. Felipe 0. PO-
rez como Embajador en Italia.
Don Manuel A. Donado es fi-
gura prominent del partldo Li-
beral al cual ha dedlcado gran
parte de su vida Le deseamos
muchos aciertos en esta desta-
cada position.

Nueyo -A nte del
BaWeo Aropecuario
nombrado en Col6nu
COLON, Jullo 7. El senior
Rigoberto Nieto ha sido nom-
brado agent de la Gerencia del
Banco Agropecuarto e Industrial
de esta ciudad. cargo del cual
ya tom6 debida poseslin.
Para mayor Informacion de
nuestros lectores. ofrecemos a
continuaci6n la carta que don
Rigoberto Nieto H ha enviado
a esta redacelon:
Col6n. junto 30 de 1951
Sr. Corresponsal de
*El Panama America"
Comunico a usted que por
Decreto No. 39 de la Oerencla
del Banco Agropecuario e In-
dustrial fechado el dia 28 de es-
te mismo mes. he sido nom-
brado agent de dicha Instltu-
cl6n en esta. provincla. cargo
del cual he tornado debida po-
Al agradecerle today Is coope-
raclen que used pueda brin-
darme en beneflcio del comer-
cao en particular y del public

Como bot6n de rosa blanca que abre en la primaveras l
hoy a su s 15 aikos ia encantadora sefiorita Carmen Mi" -:
Rio Vega, alumna distinguida del Colegio Internacional de NoM .
Pars Ia seiorita Del Rio, mil felildades en su bello dia y
la Ipmaculada Ia come de bedliclones. -,
Sus padres, Dr. Belisario Del Rio y dona Hilda Vega de Del
Rio, ofrecen esta noche en su residencia un bufet a las imgas ;-
de Carmencita. El cake confeccionado por las hables manus de
dona Batilda V. de De Le6n. represent una linda mufleca quo
lucir, el mismo vestido de la senorita Del Rio, rosado Huasl6n coan.
rosas ceJestes que harAn resaltar mas la belleza de Carmene*t.


Se hacen objeciones
a tarifas de viajes
de turismo en E. U.
- La Junta oe Aeronautica Civil
dijo que el slstema de precious pa-
ra turlstas a Bur-America ofre-
cido por la Pai-American World
Airways, Pan-American Grace
Airways y Braniff Airways es lle-
gal y debe suspenderse.
Las IIneas ofrecen descuentos
de 25 por clento en los vuelos a
Sur-America sl los vlajeros de-
muestran que han hecho arre-
glos de hotel. excursiores de tu-
rismos y otros.
La Braniff se habia opuesto a
estas tarlfas especlales, pero a-
cab6 adoptindolas en. defenra
La Junta dijo que las talfas
son esenclalmente del tipo de
I"ventle a condlci6n que se hagan
otras 'compras". lo que pone a
otros vlaleros en condiciones de
La Junta aice que "el billete
de precio reducido puede corn-
prarse solo t el Dasajero esti
dispuesto a adqulrir tamblen
hospedaje de hotel y otras cosas.
Esta practlca discriminatorla dis-
ta much del trato por itual a
que el piblico tiene dePecho de
esperar de una compafia de ser-
viclos ptblilcos".

en general.
tirme comro

me es grato repe-
su atento y seguro

Rigoberto Nieto H.

El rugir del enfi6n; el chigf .i
porroteo de las ametralladoru; i
el paso de los batallones y lUa .
descargas de fusilleria ocuoan
alguna parie del tempo en u6
pasan por la & antalla del c J .4
las escenas de Ia gran obra 6inca v
de la Warner Bros. titulada "A '..
briendose Paso". pero tambln ,
se encierra en su trama una no*
vela sentimental y numerosob
amorios frivolos. que dejaran '
gratos recuerdos. David Brian,
John Agar v Frank Lovejoy., en-
cabe7an el reparto de artist ;
en que tamblen figure la fran-
cesita debutante Susana Dal- J
Los Teatros Bellavista y Tro-
pical anunclan su estreno sl- '
multaneo para el 12 de Julio .*. -
Invltan a todos los que tuaten-'i
de la accton violent y el ro-i
mance sentido. a concurrir a ep-
te acontecimiento que ser&
tivo de que el teatro .viat'a4
mejores galas.
"Abriendose Paso" no es ealn-
tcalmeme una uelicula de gUlS- -
rra. sino la comblnaci6n de aun
cesos sensaclonales que diermo
motlvo a la victoria de la liber-
tad. Los critlcos de Norte A6- ':
rica'han dicho cue "Abri6ndose- '
Paso" es lo mas estutpendo quo,
Hollywood ha creado en wts
clase de Droducciones de a .Uito
belico. Es un estreno WarInr '
que se recomlenda como o Ime-

Lea "El Aviso Oportuno" -I

El 'Aviso Oportuno"

"El Mercado Sin Igual"'

Es Barato y Efectiw

"Para el cuidado del cutis-nada mejor

que Pond's"

dice sla fascinante

(.///Wel i G

;Que sensaciun tan grate siente una
mujer cuando en su rostro se revela
toda la belleza de su personalidad! Pars
esto. el efectivo tratamiento con Pond's
Cold Cream piede aytdarla dirmnamente.
Siempre antes de acostarse (y durante
el disa ambn'n) d6 a su rostro el mismo
Iratamiento de crema que usa la encanta-
dora marquesa-de esta manera:
Para limpiar-Apliquese en todo el rostro,
con moumienlo circular, Is ligers medosa
Pond's Cold Cream pars suslizar v deulolar
maquillaje e impureas de I laaborturas de.
los poros. Quitesela.
Para "e.sua ar"-Aplfquese otra caps do
Pond's Cold Cream de la maism manners.
Quftesels. Eato efimua los ditinmos vewiglos
depolvo y del Is tez suave .. ioftida!
Se deleitarI al ver c6mo eose trtamaiento
de belleza Pond's refresca y snaviza Is
piel-la deja mds tersa idivinaI



LA MARQUESA Da 02n-OMD EAVNI. euys holeS lini
grade maundo sodil de Ingiaterra y EF.LU., dicert "T ol p'
ferenocias mpre par la Pond's Cold Crm. -

j ila c. ^" -.': "--

m. Pond '.Cold Cu .
.h1e, e-1

I-ND'S CLD CREAM m.. ...

Es la anterior fotografla vemo ,1as gractosa lftlta Maria
dea Fernando Eleta y dona Miaredes Casanovas de Eleta,
dona Trinidad- de Casanovas, y sus padrinoes, dona Dora
rro Vifa. reelbis fa ag i bastlismales admilnbtradas por

. .

26s=w I


.' ; ..

LDECr LUZ Los trabalos finales de laW fretevi
Juli0o 6 de 1951.
A Am6rica"
era p ana de su muy
o, al igual que en
de la prensa grande
pital han aparecido en
Sv ttinos siea comunicados
M }lamado "Comltd de De-
Seplead dos deo la uer-
Ims", y al cual queremos
r a, ezn nombre del Co-
N alonal Contra el Alto
de la Vida y el Desem-
tn, dado an esta cludad
p n is do un mes, con
teatos genuinos de mis
tt, organizaciones civi-
m oeaer, C ampealnas, de in-
tuaem, de estudiantes, de
dus9rales, partidos politicos,
nt. etc., sin distingos secta-
= r iois ndiscriminaclones de,
ninguna indole.
Cs ntralmente queremos adca-
Nlos alguientes punt s:
1-81 menclonado organismo
empleados, segt n todo lo
ddeo entrever, no es mis que
la moma empresa, escudindo-
tra el nombre de aquellos,
nou den eoan obreros y em-
os panameflos defender de
voraz6n una empress que
s alota a ellos mismos con
S misrrimo a, mlientras,
a los eiudadanos norte-
oanos, por el mismo tra-.
do yloso mismos servicios, sa-
.is ltres, cinco y mus veces
I ms alto. Esa misma empre-
Sha movldo ce lo y terra, con q te
au orq corruptor, para Impedbir a
.qu as organic en An indica-
1libre en organizac6n que
D'ilmente los deflenda tanto en .
Panami como en Col6n. Y cuan-
do los obreros, no reststiendo
te las inJustics,hal desis-ndo Lacrifiea quea ofrecemos nos muestra los uaspectos finales de
fo dlasr utasde los dera- Isra earreters a Juan Diazs, cuyo uso puede ser retardado peor
Mlao las e ry s de p erosa enormes rllenosquhabrft e rj tque haeer e n el ptente de .e
-m ~resa. ta loers ha exp Isado Juan Diaz, el'mayor de todo el proyelto. Arriba a la squler- -.
v olentamente. con o prueba da, el puent sobre el Rio Tapia, ya tero nado, antes a de o-
*l caso d los obrero Arturo enzar l relleno. A la derecha, i s mquina condretera son
sobree el io Juan Dia s, n6tese I altura a Iso ua lrl el relleno.
kM Declaramos entAticamente que
vote omlt6 Nacinal, deflende i dosa erecie ha sido lanzada tereses de alo industriales na-
Sdefender semre los dera- e or la empresa Fuerza y Luz, cionales. Asi, ae nos enocuentra
Sc1te, tanto la Constitucl6n para tratar de desvirtuar las defendiendo a la industrial na-
S1946 vigente, como las de- criticas y ensures justifieadas clonal de la electricidad, del
S los obreros y empleados. part de todo el pueblo. Defen- del azlcar, del mueble, ete, pri-
S to de la Cia. de Fuerza y demos st a today la industrial mero porque signifies el pro-
coMo de las dems ea- national, frente a la compete greso econ6mico del pal, s e-
a$ del pals. no imports la cla ruinosa de los monopolies gundo porque disminuye la emi-
polc i6n aue esos compatriotas extranJeros, que impiden por graci6n del capital que circula

dn yBgun partd CAL1EN tiT c al.l-
opten frente a nosotros, a diversos maneos y artiics.en el pas, tercero porque da
voluntaria o forzadamente. el desarrollo y el progress na- trabaJo al obrero panamtefio, y
2--Es falso de today falsedad clonales. Esa es la posici6n contribute asia la soluc6 n del
qe eate Comit6 Nacional estd de loa elements patriots y problema de la desocupaci6n.
Ssrlendo de instrument aenin- progresistas reunidos en este 3-La aclsaci6n de quae este
guna otra empress industrial Comit Nacional, y result pues Comit6 Nadional. al Movimien-
de la misma Indole. La tenden- que en ello coincide los in- to en general, o la manifesta-
ci6n y al paro civic del pr-
ximo martes dies de Julio, son
c 1"de tinted comunisth", es propa-
H Y ganda baratda ql e sale de la sd ia u
areas de la poderoas empress
Desde lA s 10:00 .. anti-panamefla. Declaramos en-
ofiaticamente que este Comlt
|il /Nacional no ea instrument de
ningon par de ni gruprv poll-
.I Itico, etc. o tmumovimlento de ft.N
unidad national puramente eco -
n6mica y socM rque eati to que preparamos par& el pr6-
"L"E TIcando los problems que ma s ximo martes 10 de Julio, tanto,
sientse cas today la poblacl6ncomo el paro civic, no tienen
de nuestras principles eiuda- otro fin quphacer patented a
de y camos de todo a ainuestro Gobierno que s de ur-
PL comoMson la falta dertrabaJooygente necesidad la r oluci6n de line eonadtori s
elalto coseo, de la vida. en pri-los problemas vitales de nues-
mer tdrmino, tro pueblo, sin mortarr a qule_ Chalet Gbadalad
nes va a afeetar las medidas de Nuestra Sen o
Las armas de quae se vale la que sea necesarlo tomar, s1 se 15 de Julo ha
empresapara defenders, tales quiere gobernar on inters na- Septlembre de

AMALIA AGUILAR nade. Ya el pueblo"panamae tra el Alto Costo de o VidaSeut
flo sabe que a todo el que apro- y el Desempleo, rindan euents
qtesta o reclama un derecho se Domingo, Barris, president; nares de Arias
sle lama comunista. Feliciano Lara, comisi6n de pro-
PEREZ PRADO -4-consideramos quae el ca- y paganda.
pital extranjero debe invertirse .a
en el pals, y ello lo mlramos
con simpatia. Pero que so so-
meta alas eyes nacionales, y SRe ae ia n
no vengan a exigir privilegios La Red PanamrCniona
y a establecer competencia rut-
M A M B 0 nosa contra la industrial naclo- ..
nal. Y con much a ms raz6n, __
C A L I E N T I T 0 a, quea den opera n bien anun a n primerazo
del interbs nacionil, y no cons-
titulrse en un estado dentro
Las Canciones de Moda por: del estado. Todo 61 mundo sa-
MARIA VICTORIA y MARIAEUISA LANDINbeeque, como on el caso con- La direcei6n de la Red
Tn.shan venldo vlolando derechos lograd



La vibrant historic de los heroes que desembarcaron en Normandia y, a
Sangre y Fuego, akanzaron la Victoria Final!

Aclamada como la mejor pelicula de guerra de todos los tiempos!

7,I 1~




mcl6n del Patronato de Juegoe la rita del
apano a benetflio del Santuarlo Nacional
ora de ouadalupe que debla celebrarse el
sido pospuesta para el Domlhgo 30 de

a la personas que tienen llbretas que
semanalmente a dofia Ana Matilde Ll-

ft At
"El IJ


- -.
f.b.I im

d Panamericana con-

ro 6xito mas para el

esentar esta noche a

Una Mujer."

er" es una dramatiza-

igne escritor cubano,

descubri6 el tema do

iso Oportuno del Pa.

Jn dia del mes pasado

'anamericana avis6 a
.x^ -__ ^h bL; -

los concurrentes ue sus sestumUs que nauan e1-
contrado uan diario abandonado... Samuel Cal-

devilla ley6 el aiuncio, le intrig6 el dearrollo

y accion conteald en 6l... y la Panamericana

tione hoy un psImerazol

"El Diario de Una Mujer" ser, dede edta

noehe a las 8 1ie- labios de Amnta Villala un

realidad que captari los cora1onea de ttod


_AWr AMteftroe
Paul Xelly Doita
Granvil)4e *n
"NA. y UAM *khk

Soberblo DIo
M~et W~.-
^ A-v "" *

-eTsaoi a W

RIM40 sow&-lau


Pedro I fA ite. em

.* ,1r

es^^ av 8i'''

"- Te=ble 0,- .'i4"
-W -o virotaA
-1- .


A P*ia



7 I -K 7..

.*..' *-. ,' ~, ,, A&-l

| -un-

YEAtE Om0U Irv -
John Garfielden I
...nw aiIm.ou Bu

.,, 4 p.. ,j -- ," "




* ."*'* *-- \


4 .L..:t4fr **~: ? ,J-. -C

A~4., "1




~g, buyiusg~'

mimi ea~oI.. ~




r ....., JupvU l lu



. *-1L "-- .. .

-A----- *~

A..- CAd

I. .+

. .

v~ ,-** <

. I (. .

-. --.,


w *" 't- ; *-, : ( .



TODAY SIX COLONBLS aretalking eace Ke-
SThMey are talking the peace that may bring to ap
end onf'o the bloodiest wars, for its sie, ever f0ght,
a pe that may resore thousands of soldiers to
*thtr homes. .
S Yet ss ee Is partlealgty hapy. Few hats wit
be threw in the air. The ly whtW e ewb will
be fneetry whistles, ealling onhe new a t to
m at erM l or a war whi"chew Amerileans
~-- can be flaned b by sigAatmes on paer.
T'o these Americans the colonels are talking of peace
r wont .be peace, to end a war that was never
a war.
SMow starts the long worry about where the Russians
-aw going to take the war next.
Siat l. What it is worth, the Far Eastern Reds
1 ed "ihats n Korea with everyone back more or less
'Where they started (except for about 800,000 civilian
's mWltar dead).
Througthe eek the Reds, in the preliminaries to
the peace talks, seeded preoccupied with saving face.
,fWlted Nations Supreme Commander General Mat-.
8 h Ridgway had suggested the Danish hospital
Jutlandia go to Wonsan as the venue for the
Reds, as It to show they were not being talked
ato at g. said no. They wanted the talks n Kae.-
song, which for propaganda purposes they can claim
SIs in outh Korea, though only by two miles.
'?. Ridgway said O1 his emissaries would go to Kae-
-ong b helicopter, or by Jeep If the weather was bad.
~adh t heicopter-lewr R : end them by Jew-
In any ease "to avoid misunderstandings." Also to
.avoid the Ridgway's emnliarles making a more spec-
tacular arrival on the scene than the Reds.
"- Rldgway said: they'lll come by helleopter."
OK,said the. Reds, dretdin there was not much
facee" In It one way or the other after all.
S Todby the preliminary negotiators are expected, to
fix owR Tuesday, or some date shortly after, to begin
the seasefire negotiations Proper..
S. .----- o--
In. an unreal atmosphere., in which both sides claim
St be the victor through having thwarted the ether
.. In its alleged Intention to conquer all Korea, there
Were touehs of reality.
S Dspatches announced the Reds as moving up men
Sand supplies as If In preparation for mounting an-
j, other of their human sPe attacks.
; hUoigh -ensorship f d-em mmantion there was
a reason to Idebt ?U1"--4 watim Xal W4 g .fe
Scomnmander In Korea It. Gem. JAmes A. Van Fleet
S was making is usual 4 dAlMOen s feo umeh an
If the talks break down. I. will once more be "Sec-
a ds Out" In the Korea fi-vht.
Oeaeral belief seemed not no much that the Reds
had been fought to a stprnstill far from It but
that the Russians had de-W ed. with or without con-
suiting the Chinese and North Koreans, that the Com-
munist bloc was paying too hbigh a Price for what
everyone but General M-c Arthur admitted was a
Not only were the Reds losing a great deal of first-
rate Infantry, which doesn't worry those fast-breed-
ing folk too much, but thay were needling the Amer-
,. lcan defense Industry into wholehearted endeavors
* capable eRuli ans a power of no-good if
iand when they decide to stage a full scale war with
the West.
%. The men In the Kremlin do not worry too much
SAbout face In suh tlms. They have a fine sense
of when to cut their loses.
wa Their decision may as likely have been made by
r counting heads on Capitol Hill in Washington as by
h counting graves in wrld Korean valleys.
S. nCongressmen were tumbling over each other to axe
every quasi-wartime control proposed by the Truman
Aided by such a demonstrable fact as the Korean
war, the Administration had managed to squeeze
t through the Legislativemill some twisted splinters of
S.the price and wage controls It considered necessary
\to keep the weekly grocery bill within reach of the
weekly wage packet.
-. When & gap appears between these two simple
Items, the face of Josef Stalin is apt to be observed
Winning through the gap.
UrWed on by lobbies for just about every interest
= put the bearers of the wage envelopes and grocery
Baskets, Congressmen seemed largely to say a plague
f aM these foolish control.
S For some reason, perhaps more concerned with the
assured internal strife of 1952, rather than an ex-
r. nal engagement at an unknown date of Joe Sta-
lin's choosing, Congressmen did not make much men-
t hon of other fervent pl'-ders for controls.
Two such dreamy thew'ists, for instance, as
SGeneral Eleetrie prOeid-at Charles Wilson, and
se-,time president of th- United States Chamber
of Commerce, Brie A. Johnston, now top advisers
and administrators for President Truan n, and
S America.
bloodied fingers in the Irenian pie In truth, the situa-
t hn there was a shade n'- rawf-'oed than those Joe
Vmally deals .in.
On an application brout- i.r, by OGeat Britain the In-
ternati nal Court at the Hague supported Britain's
Point of view so far as to say both sides to the Iranian
dispute should remain calm and see that the oilflelds
po on working while thev reach msme sort of a set-
But Iranian leaders, by choice w nolltical circums-
.tanee, were concentrating on exporting Britons rather
Sti Wn oil.
-.BrItlsh Foreign secreta Herbert Morrison told'the"
-310mse of Commons that th- Irnnien government was
jetetrmined to make conditions Impossible for the




releea Canal Zoners
and smoothly through
Word s expected soon e W4W
bu, already the tepaWn M
almost a certait tnat the 1be5 ,.2 0so lo a
considered the7 % 11 year
relief mesur. Teouse w
hurling block apprewod the bl llast Sat
SLeks RIe Mhe Uttle Ukl bit We
big time, ome July W. a --
5.AW set, admalien g the' to ne Of Ol
have soupe
Finales C tme l
tates wi be IN k A In
Pa. Th0sM the &rst tmne Uth 1
be repreeated,
"I Lave YoQ A Bushel nd a Peck" might well haiei
been the Canal's theme song this week as it came to
the temporary aid of Panasm's rice shrtA. With no
other explanation than perhaps a, rie-destroying
worm that had damaged a a-e pa station In the
Pacora area, Panama was suddenly beteft of Its ta-
vorite staPie. Hpsty arrangemft. with the Canal
made by David Saimdlo, Panama's Miniter of Agri-
culture brought relief in the formi of 200 sacks of
100 Ibs. each t first quality Stateside rice. Meanwhil
PanamA announced Itwas getting more rice
The PanamA Canal issued the statement that ", r'
mal allotments of rice would continue to all retaIl
co.mmissa. stores. There was enough for all o-
rent. uses.
Firecrackers exploded with equal -ost on both se~ .
of the border this Fourth of Jaly as Panama Jed
Los MRtados Unides in celebrating its Inhdesplende
Day. The annual Balboa Stadium program was i
ed with the presence of PresMdet Asibad A -
mena of Panama who arrived with a Canal Zon -p-
lice seecort, as well as other high rankift CanaLAny
and Navy officials. It was. a safe and sane Foith
with only a few minor accidets marring the fei-
vies. -
*Eequiel Lablosa was allegedly lookag for a ba-
sitter. Now he hurled wh haviq. taken a
year-old Panamnan l In his ear ursday eva-
Ing. Claiming that he overpowered ad raped her
when the ear reached a tet opposite t Naval p
ply Depot n Balboa, the grl reported the assault to
the Balb Police who arrested te -yea-old Per-
to Rian, a civilian guard with the Army Transporta-
tion Corps. The primary hearing was set for 0Mon-'.
day afternoon, and Labiosa was released after post-
ing $1,000 bael He denies everything.
Co-workers of the former Panana Air Depot Sup.-
ply Supervisor, Ira G Vann, were saddened this week
when news reached the Isthmus that he had been a
passer a on the il-fated DC- which crashed In the
ocky Mountains; The peane, with 49 persons aboard
en route to dIew York from.San Francsco. left on.l a
"deep gash" at the base of FoOt rague's peak when It
crashed. Mr. Vann is survived by his wife Clara and
two daughters. '
Frederick 0. Whaler, former Canal employee died In
St. Petersbure. Fla., leaving behind many Isthmlan
friends. Mr. Whaler was widely known? as a fishing
and duck hunting expert and had retired in Jufe
Death took its toll of another old-timer. Mrs. Nan-
cy Probasco, who was "Gran" to her wide circle of
friends. The mother of Mrs. Harry Bach of Balboa,
"fpraon had made her home on the Isthmus since
-- o --
Differential the eternal enigma has popped up
again. This week the Navy received an extension of

Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The loss of oil revenues
concerned Iranian leaders little by comparison.
However, the loss of oil revenues would mean the
loss of the greater part of the Iranian government's
Without that .money there would come a gap be-
tween the miserable means of Irat's common people
and the price of the' ,ecessities they must buy.
Through this gap too. from the north, would as
surely beam the familiar, rock-slab features of the
self pro'laitmed father of the underpiw and hungry.
Right American Coommunists presented a better news
story but a conslesably lesser threat than Iran by
going underground. ,. .
Four of them for the understandable reason that
they were due to report to begin, with seven of their
comrades. serving Jail t a..
Four Of them because. as draftees in the F'BI's Con-
mies-for-the-Clin.k campaign, they felt that they too
wero shortly to h- o"t of w.h of the hovstng pro-
blern .
.v % lieu Pf the four e9 aonvietts Federo Jud4e
Svlvfr e Rvw nMWne4 ml|einntlrre "elal"o, -'
-*-'( v ", to, ta, uut|eo eels fOW
aovs. ,s.
FIMo 4 wn m hf 7 --','i.n m the bIil.whlih the qe-
lnR fcur forfeited. Rvsn wanted to know who had nut
un tbhqcasb Prwsmabhly ho t.hfiwht whoever enr d
en,'i"li for the four to i qfql, than to ,.*O.n0o might
CPa A-.nioah tf ,qrk+them away somewhere.
rp-I-' 14derlinod to t#ll.
St. Petprh- r" lo'lAa. had a story about an old
woman who ("PI In a choo At leant. sort of one foot.
in its ahne. '"s about all thev fouMd of her. In a
]charred cha'" ia *n 0+he'wls. ,g ind eosrtment.
Seeto t t' obout 2.50 d to cremate I. h -. the matter wa pftity much a
burning quiel'on. .

^ a:. *..."
^^ i^-* L9S~ ..A ,."^a-

-. .. .r m
[. .- *.,,..

beating KeM Duo",M O V' t ", ..4....S

Manaer Zack Taylorof the
over the Browns and he's told reorters -- -
see fit to change manager, we% do g l'kSom B 0 -,I
er predict Joe Gordon Aow managing terameft-
to o the Paciflc Coast League will eplte Taylor.
Pitoher "ob. eller who also doubles as r PN-
presentative f the-Cleveland Indians hoI
or a change in an American League rulng. .
ona which pemjto Latin American ball papwu W;
play d*r the winter but bars American players froma.'
doing so. Feller. brands the rule groml3naIr" and
asays-he and other representatives wi mull the t .
Uomover hi Detroit next week.
A 17-year-eld boxer fRhting the first bout of lhiM
perdroe d, the ring Wednes.ay night !1
He was M. L. Chandler, Jr.; of Durham. North
Carolina, R na officials agree that he was not knock
ad down by his opponent lB-year-old Ray Tbherre l
of Mount Airy, North-Carolina. ,
Referee Qees DIehl says a glassy.0ook efme I.II
Chandler's eves li the lhat round of his IUhweht.
bout with Therrell... Chandler fell without bMIW.
And Dr. M. I.. F other says death was probably eaused,,
by a heart attaek. -
The baseball world paid final tribute y. 41d 'to1
former Brooklyn Dod-er relief aiteber Hugth Casey.:
Funeral services for -Cawey -- heti of the Io 4 T World"
Series were held at the spring Hill Chapel In
Camev estrua ed wife and his lose friends all said
,Casey had been threatening suicide for the past year,
but A were surprised when he did Oasiy shot him-
self Tuesdav In an Atlaiht botel room.
Another former Brooklvn niteher. K-bW gbe Ild,
"01 tPCe must have had more troubles than anyone
kne ame
Va*ey' tiles iwelhAe# b heat Ba"me1--La'
jUeVaget samai t bhm in a New Yek fVateftv
ml sd.lse tl es fom hbl wife. We wo burled
Ia his native Geor ila b wt e a be get hibas-
MIl *toft wl*h the w**kbea< AU-4taris sa the-
the Atlinta r'aOk4 We VetuiedI to the Crsk-
ers lo t season tr. fl"Wh eat his career.

0t dayikfor payment of the 2% differential to 6

Of the Navy i netrg et0 1W
lie Law No. 70 whleh was. lsa tiU-0 KtO f_.
-to pay the differential Uf days"il= nW r
Sixty holders of the Putree aert, three. 8ms MSr
reelpients and one Sliver Sar holder were aamong-,ie
450 Korean war veterans who transited the Oanal
yesterday aboard the tr&4pUt H W. B .. TlB
returning Puerto Ricn troops a te on the
normal rotation uplanaAr vw w
Dividon has been in KorA e$t=-te
hag disteaw4de itself In *lN f SNamins asI
ght in I .n E" i*o"

.,z ..A-,

U -' *-*~~.

r p



a *.du st have

"* iwustvevws
7 =.l .: ^ 8j I '- II .

Ni, -'"A"" 'W.YER

(MONA finer foodi
are tpday the stand.
ard of qudty hAover
the world. They are pre-
"pared in the most modern
-mann.o, w .-but raian all theanl
old-fbiIoned fisF6r. Five geueradetmp
have poved Monarch fer fmoqb..' tim.
BEST by TEST. There m over 500
Monarch finer foods. At for them in your
grocery store. If your dealer dose not
so&a Mo.amh finer ds, aqt of-

'-. ,

-- T- S 6 ;-


iirr rtr1'w WMCrA

It-s117 isIII

H* -T SE ^
Br ^ ia p 34, In-

^ "' 11' "! 3 '!lax^

. .:* WrWil-CAL
1--Headand 49-0Obf 86--on of 1-Adduce 38-Work ofan
6-Alarm seals Gad 2-Foment arbiter
10- t 51--Small deer 87-Lively 3-Chinese 40-Plant
5o S i2-f pran 89-Pertaining wax dfiease
'15-*Au 63-MMage to a 4-Serch 42 -Une
2-9 54-1elater rose-red into 44-Conclil-
S87-Ilnllet dyestuff 5-Ridge sting
a.-id- 59-rood to be 92-Herb eve 6-Vaulted 45-Fry
remor rechewid 93-Badly or lightly
21--Scope by ruminant 95-Manner arched 46- Shrub
22--Geomotric 60-Acontinept 97-Pigoon roof or 48-Full of
afeurk 62-81nder 98-Inventor chamber rocks
23-Web-ke 368-Syffer of word 7-Fortify SO-Haend over
.* membrane 65-Vitality 100-Tedium 8-Cheek 52--Surpass
j24--ComIng. --speck 101-Gibe 9-Work 55-Utter
to 67-.Become 198-Crtbbage (Phyiles) loudly
settle astne pin 10-Greedy 5-Daydream
in a G6-Onewho l s9-Ipraged person 58-Machine
country (atens 106-Hcnm in 1-New projection
---Stake -frt .,hx. 16--M0 .-12-Bird of 41--Presented
ST7-'lp 741-W Mter 10-Curplis Firida itself
r -t9ps in il-C1 1- lr 13-Disegard 64-Male
a9-- with rattan 115-Point of 14-Imperial' figureasn
Ing 72-t@oratiMe ..itoe? 15-Hasty pilaster
S not 73-Rlpple tratifoh flight 66-Island In
3A Aldqd 74--Maanesla 117-Deposited 16-Solitary Mediter.
"l5-cift -for 17-Pier ranean
porridge 77-Bisrauder copyright 18-Pare 8- Doctrine
32--aull of the 121-Secular 26-Horse d Rodent
54-Na Scottish 122-Of con- color 70- Denary
unguarded Highlands triton 28-Inhume 71-T;n
36-Lowest 78-One who 125-Yielded 31-Eskimo 73-Justify
deek treats 126-Canel house 74 -Having
ofa hjp teeth 127-Childish ivar.) purpose
36-Meager 81-Plexus 128-Swhrt 33-South (Gram.)
9f-River of 82-Animal's 'XO-Eir6 American 75-Crinkled
Switzer- coat 130--Qserved animal fabric
land 83-Brink 131-One 35-Excess 76-Wading
41-_-Corae 84-Gold "unclean" (Pri. Tird
4-.-Dar1 (Alchem.) h,.v.3 .at 7T HMnt

-1 .ab Disjo ai '

S July 7 (UPrY-- Mass
as or elderly, inkidle
lies froBudapet to
rCo t Yrj. auliMbtertu
a ry tince mid-
ay, rer report.
I estmatepiace su

W.V i^^s FoaMy !'rtitP ooh


r estaes placed cte
of uMles evacuated as
tons y
imtd with C
---- way complaintof a
dWSj~w shortae in iBu-
ied^ scarolty of indus-
dity hO bar* a -




A .. '


I- 4**''


84-- Muanulat
-.87 -Incongru-
- 90 -Eat
91- Seashore
94 --Italian
96 More
111- Bay ,r
112- Wdid of
113 -Narrow
214 -Officr'rs
115 -Set in
116 Boil.': l, I
9---OCinwt. ,
fl4-.FuY .
p fa evas atIn groups It no among the capitdt's middip-class
longer considers- pseful or pro- elements whq.have been dispem-
ductive. and probably wiluse the sealed by the Communists and
deportees as farm. workers, several scores are aaid to have
The:dqporttlons rVepoar tdlld- committed suicide.
1y wvae conducted by the securi-
. pole ln a fashion similar to The deportees were said to be
*e UcMation of Jews from the billeted in farm houses and tent
city in 194. around Baolnok and Jazapati and
ordered -to stay within four mile
S a i said families were of their am within
I nf0 rtqeen four, and dix
84 or 48 hours
a w permit-
ebetweep 5 and 1,000
n b aggeto the railway
sS whee they were told the
S would follow by truck. a

'It eoacuees were taken 'to Iew B
Smdnokdbd JAsapati. near the M
1e6l0at fronttier, by train, and
It was reported that the baggage
often never arrives.
o begin deported Include
"pesa former civil servants,
b- widows. former bad- .
ne| 1^1 0. y .... titled ou.-
M w z t b And owners.

* 1

' C

- 1 !-

* "'1"

d'''&, __ I


u Im



| W3C, AND PUULIfthED *y TNTS 'g.
7 mH cT H, I ,
345 MADIGONMIV.. NpEW YORK, (17 ) 0 '.
FOR 944 MONTHS. IN ADVANC9---. __....... 00 D.

-- o -.-
ILIDAY HARV.ST The faintest whisper as It breaks.
rhe Poetry Chap-Book) Yet this two nights ago and late.,
ys we watched the sha- Was as a wounded god, the great
of a cloud. And crashing waves a din of
ider and the sun sound
mountain in the slow- Shaking the roothold of the
thin hours, ground.
d every one Who caff name how water will bWe
A mist of beads on fence and .ree,
beart's hunger on a A shower in spring from evening
r day; skies; .
ach tilted field. Who can say how water lies
ust, or amber, stitched Quicker than mercury to the -
fence and brook, thumb.
s richest yield. Flooding the creek as freshets
e reaper's bldde touched Yet so still on earth's dark face
first stalk. As not to spill a drop in space.
Inhibited skies. CHARLES-MALAM
reversed in silver by the

Soqn da
. 'oe the

t I

Taking it
Before th
* the fi
ao cloud-
SNMo leaf rw

;, wind
Escaped our vigilant eyes.
W;.e tracked the brook by willows
f and the tbnes
Of iater over stones
-And, willow-shaded, watched be-
yond the stream
The former and his team
4 In the slow ritual of husbandry,
Garnering more than he.
(From The Christian Science
.As quietly as hand in hand
The slow tide lies along the sand
And with its purl of waters makes

Herewith find solution to Sunday Crdesword Puz-
zle, No. 280, published today.

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Lt 11AE 07 I 9MRI N
N )srtue byUKin c O PEG SydAt

1 1907 more
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1907 more

(From The Beloit Poetry JournaM
Be in
wth actual grapes
In actual sun: they wilLprepare
you for the wine as if you could
the tast6 before your tongue:
;hey will
prepare you too for raisins
that will be both meat
and sweet when you "
are old at able
trying to recall
the actual

1907 more -


that peak

for themselves

Last month THE PANAMA
AMERICAN carried 3 8 30

* classified ads as compared
to 1923 in all other daily
papers in Panama. com-
bined I


1907 more 1907 more 1907 more


.. .- : : ... : .
These engineering fear tf the W raltr. of UWe ., UVban -.CI pn m.
water With a lenth of -tothlne a ,* n sma eleet .ator o *.. no ,
* buckets. The professors, Hery LUngaar, left. and w M. Owen, got.fl39 a. ,i
old book on hydraulics. They rigged their rope pump h lifts 12. allon of *ar a
minute about 25 feet at a total coast of 08 cents. (.They M adx tee m4.) Pet1a,
above shows how it works. Water elinge to the. ui-bouad t, ht) *and
thrown off when they pass over the toa ptuey. e. 1 ro iaUk It's an IdoM of- ea .
siderable potential value to farmers or soldiers. .

Pearson's M

Drew Pearson says: "Econemiulug" Co Igr
take vacation -on the taxpayers; ] .00i-ee-
trolled proximity fuse contributed tr beaon
feelers; Reserve efftlers' legilatio bMoeked
by West Pointers.
WASHINGTON. They won't tell where they
got their sun tans, out 14 congre~smen took a
free, two-week erulse to sunny Panama at the
taxpayers" expense. Mast of -them brought their
families along, too, at-reduced rates that simply
paid for their meals.
The Congressional vacationers sailed on the
Government-owned Panama Line which operates
three trim little ships between New York and
the Canal Zone. Each ship is outfitted with
swimming pool and bar. -
' Any member of Congress can take a free cruise
on the PanamA Line just for the asking,. He can
also bring his family along by paying $02 round
fare for each person. The cheapest anyone else,
not related to a Congressman. can make the trip
is $288 round fare. .
InW the Opinlon of this columnist most Con-
gressmaen work hard and deserve' an occAsional
vacation. Furthermore they are underpaid and.
there is no reason why they snouldn't be permit-
ted a free trip or two. On the other hand some
of the Congressmen who took this free, junket
are the loudest economy-howlers. Apparently
they anft economy for.everyone but themselves.
Furthermore the takxayers are entitled to know
dollar-fot-dollar how their money is being spent.
Yet the names of thoSe who go on these free
cruises are about the biggest secret In Washing-
ton. No one-on Cap"tl ill seems to have any
idea. B.F. P utdick, cbef of the Panama Canal
.. the to the PanamA
-nd can't remem-
"vice resident of

often who took -
the ls Th e menyLindley
ulc Ta. Democrat, wh brought.along
his wife an r kids; Carl Curtis, Nbbraska
republican w took his Wife and two children,
though he Is always preaching economy; Thad-
de.- Madar.w n.. Democrat, accom-
ahiled bY hltw 0sos: Louis Heller. New York
Democrat, who brought his wife and two ehil-
dren: Carl Albert. Oklahoma Democrat, who
brought his daughter: Jere Cooner. Tennessee
Democrat, who took his sister-in-law; and Cecil
Hardenr Indiana Republican.
The following Congressmen Just took their
wives: John Beapier. Indlana Reoublican; a areat
economy advocate: Isldore Dcllinger. New York.
Democrat; Walter Riehlmdn. New York Repub-
lican: Harold Ostertag, New York Republican:
William Springer, Illinois. Republican, another
economy howler: and William Miller. New York
The ravings of character assassins In Congress
always get a big play, in the press, but the most
constructive part of ahgrep# the chaplafr's
prMyer seldom qeta a ine of coverage. *
7 erm'is a recent prayer by Rev..Bernard Bras-

. .:_ :, -. .. .,,

kamp, chaplain of the House, emphalszhgt bror
". 0 tioit etoral God, our Father, we are aa
turning uno Thee It faith.and in trust for Whu
alone art e source of our Joy and pes e sad
of all wisdom and strength. We cannot get along
without Thee. We lose our way unless we have
Thy guiding and sustaining presence. .
"Thou knowest how anxious and deeply on-
cerned we are about the safety and welfare-:f
our beloved country in these strange and baffiag
times. Again and again we seem to be wander- *
ing in a mnie. We often wonder what a new day
may bring We are 'like -an Infant- in the
night, an infant crying for the light, and with
no language but a cry.' .
"Grant that we may yield ourselves gladly and
unreservedly to the leading of Thy spirit as've
seek to build the kingdom of brotherhood and
of peace and good will. To Thy name, though-Je-
sus Christ our Lord, we ascribe all praise. Amemoa
Price Boss Mike DiSalle was attending a pep
rally to bolster.the morale of his discouraged'
OPS employes., Chief speaker was boss mnobillaer
Charlie Wilson who told the assempled group:
"Mike DiSalle -is. my general leading the fight
against inflation. He's myy umber one general
In this eruipal battle." ,
Which -aused '"general" DitBale to whisper:
"Washington. Is a wonderful place. 04ly..aix
months ago I was drafted. Today-I'm a generaltP ?
Unquestionably one reason for Moscow's peaceO
feeler~ is the effectiveness of a little-known US.
weapon in Korea. For.'some reason, never ex-
plained at the, MacArthur hearings, general
MacArthr failed to use this weapon In. the early
stages of the Korean war. More recently, how-
--er, it liarcaused terrific--ihtnese casualties. /
The weapppl is the radar-controlled proximity
fuse, now no longer secret. This malsing device
explodes artillery shells Just as they hit the tar- ,
get giving them a devasting effect. Previously
shells exploded as they buried themselves in lthe
ground, which- detracted from their effect.
The proximity fuse was used during .the end
of World War HI, but It has been a major mystery
why MacArthur failed to use in the early stages
of the Korean War. If he had done so, the bek
of the Communist offensive might have been
broken early with countless saving of Amerian :
* To solve the mystery of MacArthur's failure
to use the proximity fume. the Petaon sent ord-
nance expert Col. 0. H. Robert to ,re. 6
came back with the explanation that eiaArthw
had failed to train artillery crews in the w.ue of
the fue.
Under eSon. Rfdgway, hower,,_ the ft iM- .
fuse has become the key to American powr
and the chief reason the soneeave ffefrd
such devastating casualdtle. unubtedy also .It
is one reason why Malik has thrown out over-
tures for peace.
NOTE-Illustrative of the Army's present pocy
of admittinig and eor n stakes. MaJ. Gen.
willInit to 18
aragimatew r e I e.- "r
Command ovI rled
- '*-ra

-. L.

* '.3







* : ,. o




know West-
a you have
.soor9"... "I
14tort. "I am
wen applause.

iW .ir. ^ .1^- r*.. '"-

h~Wal: iear, 4we ae
more mneyr to oewkup investiato
| t f l of those who invent
-o -t'.i (A nippinn Cuac

v-t diowl.
to ooftnE

to ~arw K

his lab leadershipi dy ci aa p MAaJ eeWation.
*M0long AMVa Ul=m ata il ifert Own **skther ay
froatbtXC5. ;Thlu a alL tt a t e'e R of the
Aunt te00k boad *V son ward aent to
Lewis th he shold keep his h dff and that "farther at-
ten"t s,-rldol will oat be- toleRated.'
Te- Auto Union's huay flying -squads are ready to take
on any free swinging agents-Lewis "ay deelde to keep in the
field. Inaldentally, -at leaIt one apportant Detroit newspaper
reported that anyone tempted to heckle Lewis on that sunburn-
ed platform lune 23 risked "a goon's blackjack."...
War price chief Mike l 01all has been telling his friends
that he will quit If he doesn't get price rollback power and
that bnly Mr. Trusan can make him chang him mind. Reason
for this is information he has that the unions would take a
ban on rollbacks as a sgn foi a new wage drive regardless of
ha- they t this pat round
This -wdu-set off new price rises ibeaume of- higher labor
coets and M wouia. h M e'4 unch thber e. baseball
meontoner, and i mekt i around Washington that
he ight get the bid... Word ft Inside labor bks. Balle's
prediction. The la aders feelthat-ges must go up since
ath ePlcy of cost .of living itaceases has. practally o Fe-
der.a; poue. .
-, .... '
Fedet- experts report that the test of the smugSling route
for ComnnmeilA- Chinas ophui and heroin into this country,
which we ad traded from "Tlents4 to Ho6ng Xo g to Kobe,
Jah, I through Honollu d San F nc lo. battle and
other West Coas ports. The be i ts*eaked through in vir-
onus guase, ihmo uS of w Wr ag in unmentionable
rubbe rMdt. One zure by ou.tdm_ offIIals- in Honolulu
not too lon agb actually brought to light Communist opium in
containers bearing a Tentin address... ,
Sure sign that the'cosmic ray age has supplanted the atomic
and eleetkonic age is the fact that one out of every four en-
giCeers and sdentisti now work for the government which
hires 90,000 engine .rs, W10 ogal, agricultural and m-
cal spwejaHte, ,woem chestate. ant* phyJicsts... witl
MIR ave before me letoir .tad Je |, I61 written flttj

I today are
, le Mojar,
we t WBoby Ho
*a know who's:

Stage Whispers: The is of SIam wrote-a

is the I
7Wardon. The
v W u Wod~ers Is WWOM-DrWO have fa
:m btaopa i tet *air -ht, ."rhe
-i and L" Itn heard around the world...
l Bynner (the Kjng In that click) says Yul
h nso panyom in our 1ingo. It- n't John. Joe
or Jack, etc. It means Beyond the .Hortzon -
"what yea can't see"... Dalelle Delourne, the
airl who played the saucy, lovely GiGI (in the
Paris play of that name) isll't beina considered
for the Bwav version. aecauie she's "too Frencb"
Jor 4hew 1,rke1,Glb'rt Miller s seeking a girl
for te cief fw. She must not only be saucy
and lovely b0ut 1... Uinterland critics minced
no wordage in -hammerinw a musical rpmed
"These Tender Moments." They denounced it as
dull, undletagulahed, clumsy and trtte.
1t b tiinenmagkicans: reusee Mv Dust" is a
Iqk saong-and-pas show. Red Skelton oanvisms
pt fl into the "Hard. Fast & Beau-

enjoy .tast. reat tales served ' e r t
of Monte Carlo is another Installment about
jewel thieves, who'll never find gets in the plot.,
The, Airiatorata: NBC's "Silver Jubilee" pro*
.vided-a noetalUe throb with Its recorded reprise
of old radio nroWn'ams. Most tov"-hinq (to us)
Was hbad BJen Berne again... The teevy Ben-
ate a tm en-awe done addlets wa linte-"st-
'U,18ta ,S this Good for children viewers?...
ob Oh bilme's Interviews are enriqhtenprs. He
i~ i ." rfleas because tbq ,nierle are .
dlt... rii the eUnras on cheering st d4o
Siu O nM Ht- ho-bimmv. the hoonrp .in mounds
as e ti ; as tho, whoooinvr t noiticplt enn-
veintll... One of the consixentl, .oodt teevy
bows It the Eliert Queen Pt"arir... .T"*k W'rv'i .
"Juvenil JTUrv' 'Tuen at 8:30S p.rp ) f a do"',%
**Ilt hoar... lllibnore reported th Rosp--ar
linen ii version of "nome On-a Mr Wouge" hae
a on ratins. Hilhest of the week... '. nmanwiimmu
vs. Demorar'v wps offered Irn ,A,** '-i. hnilWn
trmoq bn AWr's "R*m- rts We Wptch." 'The Red
peril wa made as simple as a b. c. ... C,: r-a-t.
ftalrwav to tbe Pterq: Rahare t.nnerat'"res
wilted businepe for moet ashws. B"t th-e qirnqh
bits pre Pot affected. The tirkpte In them "or
this 8Tmer) were so3d nut lPet Winter... "Trhe
Moon Is Blue" rpa-bedr finan"'-l heavens. It re-
Vl d its as elsq Iat wepk... The Tmnortanes of
St-"rdant: "80th Centitrv" was ulavir- to c"----tty
inutil its "ApM reslo'nep. It rcseed lP*,+ nl h. .
Theanmfliar story: vien P1 I-rIra le 'rptel *#
Broedwav heeraile Hollyvwood hbod"nn 'oles ""-
hrv.JNow she i t*nklnt a hnlhio" from "O""s pad
Do13 because Movietnwn sent for h.r... Mare'--
lP. Kir-,don, wife of the newstaisn ""--*er" ,n "-q
in a Paris eaberet tomorrow nioht. T at' e ..
ones in a dlav ther-. Kin"don winrq to Fr"M-
to be with her... .'-'-e strjb.rph. --ar.te,,
Fthel Merman (In "'tardam") fl"e', 1 for a'- -
'i', hier shirt while hicv"linQ In the nqr~. ) q
kin who are holy people. An uncle 'q a Cardinal.
The Juke Box: ..w Brnwn (Deqviva & He"-
*"rao" and SP-m ('"PInh") Ilwi bhnve P rel
Part, Parole in "'nd fverv "' r '-"'... GA"-.
la .GObbq' "Gooo4 lorln'n Mr. "rh" (M-=r,";V
Record) landed In the best-seller divlslin 5 days.
ofter release.

worm turned last week. The 8ena :this
economizets had been kicking bureaucrats and manage to keep the populace on edge:
elvl servants around quite a bit. Measures .to fire The Soviet on in n Vienna hs oneneI a chain
10 per cent of all government employee had been .of retail stores. They undersell Austrian stores
enuddered. The vacation periods of those remanU in the other ones by 20 to 25 oer cent.. But ev-rv-
Ing were to be cut. The number of government customer must take away with him a copy of a
chauffeurs was td be reduced. And it was even Cop~ie newspaper, the cost of which is added
that goernmeat automobiles be pat- onto the prie of whatever else is bought. A"d
edbright yellow, so that the people riding n every departing .custooer must sign his nnam on
th eCould be watched more closely. what turns out later to be the old Communist
Whereupon one anonymous, low-grade govern- peace appeal.
mept employee with a senae of humor drafted a Of a more violent nature, Communist vouth
bll o conplee the degmdation. It read like this: demonstrators recently protested the Pranting
SIt ented by te Senate and House Of of more lend to exonnd US. Army of O Crna-
resetativels- of the United States of America tion .instalatios at Salsbure. They handcuffed
in ongreU assenibled, that this Act may be themselves to each other. then nadlocred this
cited as 'The Federal Employes Identification human chair t' the door handle of the aitrian
Act Of 1951.' chancellor's office. It took a blow torch to cut
"SBe. 2. Under such regulations as a be pre- thez~ way.
acribed by the Chief adst .,. A ... ,, and withoun" a -I

wl."t 3.% The privilege of wearing this Coat of
Arms of the Civil Parasite shall be in addition
to, asdi not i1 lieu of. such existing pqrqulitles
-a los of leave. Job insecurity, public didain and
eagresslonal disfavor."
US. Ambassador John B. Blandford Jr., now
estimates that it win take three t fhve years
more to resettle the 870,000 refugees .fthe Arab-
Israeli War f 19S. Cost of the r le nt is
estimated at 6w $150 million, of WvCthe UJWS.
Wes0- to' furnish $50 million in tht next year.
l r roving. Ambassador Blandford re-
SState Department ,post as
.4to lestine relief mission, to become
et of thi resettlement work for the Unit-
e los. The main Job. is to feed. clothe and
sheY e tisee refugees until the ecooamv of the
Mi le East can be developed W proitde them
with jobq, The Arab states still plan to ask for
Tsraell compensation for driving these people

les have wxcorked a couple of
sID la n

- 'i,,'m,,~ '*'~,-'*-'- V

:'" lf a former city editor and col"---'-t on the
New Orleans Stst"".
While he was e-iicized by some cornmenf 'w 's
for having revealspd atomic comb secret and for
writing" a story wheih no other rewsn-ner 'mr-
resmonfdents were allowed to witness. 'wnren-n.
t-tive Hebert nnintq out that he ort4-t-- v--re
rensored and fully elp-red by the At-rnm'i rne-
Co-lmniuimnn. and that he p.-entp-I *- m""--" "or
writing He hau t-ken A front nwitInn that ng
"overnmnwzt offlt-"- sholld aeerp '--" *-" writ-
ing on n>ffiIn,1 .**t
TWUIQrr.I TI,; CIA LOOKINr. n,sacq
Col. Matthew Baird directo- of tr-intn-r for
Central l~tellIte-",e Agency. h'Bs -o" I'-*pi 4
nation-widp eoutlne avAtem t- flnA t-'"ntj," -e-
eruits for CTA wor" Te ha-' locAt#' fr'-mr Armwv.
NpvW and Office of B*.-tewite &erv'r'- intelil---ee
officers Pt some Pq U q. colleges a-,4 -lverr-lfeq.
They look over the ,tyde"t hnaiv I ti- linml-
vear. Coilrsee of st"Av nl sum-""" "m'"rr'"nt
that might heln fit likely cer,'1-*-a for CIA
Jobs may be si oerted
In the senior vear CT4 rrp"""-~ r..-*. t
teams look over the mnot prom"'-'- rmatriall] ;q
the top 10 ner cent of the clpas. T,-o- stidepnq
are then riven a suPclal notltude te'-* 'devie
bv Educational Testine Service at Prinoeton:
Physical condition. .arrssiveniee a. ner'ona1.
ity are also considered Hlivine a &Phi ot =,t Witn
ker Uin't enorWb to eet you mr Fv-"inmant.on is,
nrobablhr U moot tI'orn4r"h ever devised to get .
-topbrafns for a tough job.

? r4 V.:-

r.- .


I T 'l mk. ii ""

- w

Alt;k .-. ..
-. -. ... ., ,, .,
i "i r eo

,- ,

rI4 n, ,on
v%>i~coaMIsjtsli- i 4 oslpihad- u

ter a"u d edeW-
power motor of a nw l f wtaM
roard to life. Th c of off and
man dirc-tly behind the whirl- must be<
Spropeller biade is distorted eebok
S bthe of abe emea let rhid
S alminute adjuinent of the
t eromretor. oB
T. eapeetators ese u as st ei
ceme. bes anah the -
t -ne thbe let:o .-
n o u n -The me n by means o a
| parahuof e rty and I Iuly the cnen

S sh arp explosion heralds the
Ignition of the JATO and tIoe'
OQ-l9 acremamsiraho the catapult
trailing a train of fire.

control tick enCd the fwt p-
RCAT Is airborne. The glistening-
wings flash aunlight-e re swto
gracefully through the air-an -
eluIalve target for eager gunners
e new CQ-19 Is degned, as
Share all radio-contolled ta
plane, to be landed either on
land or in the sea by means of a
parachute released by the ground
*pilot or by automai action in
the event of malfunctions of the
plane or loss of iadio contact.
The little airship carries suffi-
cient fuel for one hour of flying
at a cruising speed of 228 mph.
Radio control is effective for ap-
proximately 5 miles, therefore P2v A.
the operator can lose radio con- U*e
tact in 79 seconds It he falls to lan
turn the plane before maximum
radio range Is reached.


dine Dias doen se'e ga.sielg r i a i
are utuimbage ,a,,,CA

the 0.14. maes aa I s it
%a-M vo e e he aM Indumid by as
stade a"um s at ite waid,

A -e*w l fanturestw
pr the new tansxet

the aatle.w la the y
14. pat 4w.a4 th

tower for the sl-clear signaL

For the Best in Fotos &Features

...It s The Sunday

I 'V I mI Po oi.I .I I..

In.h .ott

I 1C

~ ~ bt ftom.lTh .' T^S-i^L *

t ilt' tMGM per wr to wiBL


', i, o

su b unfa i3
Ile mw b61 I1.tmemoan
she lterL. ThileaNWe
lt terer't blages re bt
*ut *f~bmkl.

TOE DANCERS are adept at
s neakig into he bou"S lae at
Sl~iafte r being out with the
Sboys. They walk eat fe ba l t
Their feet, like truate batesa
s taers, And sometimes t
L asd it from te bartender.


I. on-L w bnefthewt ar

-g woont beck a "a w
U. .

SHIFTERS 'bm stand In one
poSUnia fOr long bamue their
laM hut o .muh. Some haeO
the fts so bad they mpat to
Mew Tok uMt to bua from
subwy apr s L hners play feot-
ball or mournfuly walk o= thir
hbuands. ..

O Mthe new junlor-sise Ufe
Service are two children
S Air Frae BSao, Dayton, O The miniature
avers.jrt built especially or Juvenile riders of MATS planes.
"o gsipd to tilt the earer's head out of water even if
he's unacos lou.

mow always leek Uk are
on thbIr al t .Dr er w e
eften MB Ibrshele )aloptls.
dragla n way tat leaves
td irmt tira.

SAFE Ai OiNDIING OW Pfo. William White, 20-year-
old Marbie'ftice wottded in Korean combat, is calmed by
his wife and fAther after he fell into a lake In Cincinnati,
0 wearing his dress blue uniform. Pulled out by his wife,
White became belligerent with the police when they arrived.
He was charged with disorderly conduct and restating arrest..

at a t*Map Hirr akf. ag.
- ble lumd ^Rhc-~

t -l msprawu -fe a11a-iama
Imitu and __s__Ida "MiW' mfKIr C AQMN h. nu Centurion" a
us'^. at .I.b."m re at.m famous* wMhi the first milmonary of the
Ye awb Soto aghe_ P, Gc"< the GospeL sailed to the America.
off 3Jimim Thi "Centur W ils up the Thames.
.. t_..e t.he* m.. of& to. .~.... Le" a O Ak o 'e Soietys

-n2 LL

Oksana Kasenkipa, above, Rus-
sian school teacher who leaped
from the Soviet consulate win-
dow in NeW York three years
ago rather than return to Russie,
has now won the right to be-
come an American citizen. Presi-
dent Truman signed a special bill
passed by Congress in prs.
Kasekima's btehaef. granting her
permanent residence and the
right to.apply for citizenship..

MERRY HA! HA!-Unique in
this sourpm world is 200-pound
Diek Collie, of New York, who
-1r for a lUvia. Here "Mr.
OWi" demonstrated the rib.,
artt nin guffaw that is the me-
mret of hib ms .


,- T

^ss* 2 4*.


.m o**f .

,mce of


,. % .


' ~ V J


CRUL TO ME? soe/



.. .



* I

.-*^'. ,

I. E .




-. I


~! V- 1W vR2 % i ifo
SVri y FROM Ha M




S.....4" W, se ,,.w
!%D Lao AlM w, ,r wawmr. -
HE LJeH6CWiALY, "-ov wam I~
GOF A gOirel JL? -
'usme MA aiW~. k M6 V 9-27-R~



WE R&D W9VW A ASf/wrS 70Af oW/'
^ wivSmT~edmt.





- I









"for the

I price of~

* '*** -

- *:; '.r*|

1 ^, a., .-1




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,~I. I




* *


. .- ,.
- 1 --




r LJ


* ~J.



R Pan*

- ':

L me t

.. .... ...... :: : .- ..0U--S,;-.. ..S..

for the

price of

every Sunday

El Dollka{
A, "''


E-(tc U6M...l'A...1A

7 ldw. MRA6..,a5T P!
we OR 6 6 OWN... IVA.
E mU... NUIU A f9 100

mEmrCa, kRAG'K P;TerACTrEP LOn
10 *THE DECK', WIEN...

OvH./o0 Q4ctr aF
*--r LINK"/ I ---

riWeY/ GT OeDOe
COUt OF M1ER6...0Crf'
"?B ^. 2







IN, "7
^^B tMoll K

The Suda Ar

, L

Ai" '.

-~ -
~ 4. U~

\ *

Mh 4I~wA~*~I


- I I- II I.

il ,' -' -
." ._ ,: -

mop A "

!AN N W PI ag, -6 1-1I

-. .. 4 -
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Accidenes y ve eoK

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Hoy abemo que los aedentea
so pueden proe nr, que las muer-
tes que eaui ae pueden evitar. *
Que hay algo mai que el simp., S
echo de mor oaltmera ocu-
rrencia del fenomwn... Hoy sa- -
bemqoe *icha cowse mas sobr
lobacoldebtes... :
.Cuando abrimos lom prtia dc
la Policia Nacional. o rogL.ramo
loe archives de la secrOta,0 re-
corremos impefhsadamenti las
paginas de un perl6dieq uns y o-
ra vez apanta la eacena de un [.
acto violent o de un.accidente.
Basta recorrer calls y patios. pa-
ra encontrar vecinas peleando. x X
dicutlendo. Insultando... En las x
plaza publicas, el inoidente ma
Insigniflcante acalora y se vuelca
sobre los demAs la gama -mper-
ceptible de ocultas frustracones
celMble de ocultas tnfrtationes,

SPas mal dadoes d ayer q' hey bo
se prz6oetant e6oo una sombra
jobre miesotroso.. Y no queremos,
Lto nios atrevemos a culparnos a -P
20osbro. mlamos. siempre busca-
nmoe al cordero pascual, la victlma -
prop jciatoria sobre los cuales des-
car;ar nuestra, incapacidad de
reflexionar sobre nuestro ayer y
reconocer que entonces erramos
I1 ,lo queda un camino. volver a-
ris y epetir los pasos corregi-
Oh no!...Nuestro orgullo, el te
M. de encontrarno coq el "ver- ,
dadero nosotros". nos hace inca- -
paces de reajustar nuestras vid ,
y. entonces... Se vuelta sobre'
otroa los fracasom, las enociones,
las intenciopes proplas,... Y de
*esta manero. se vive en un mun- -
dc distinto... La mene
'humana. es la que rueda por los
senideros, como goma tde auto a-
celerado... No camnnan nuestroe s -..
pies, se arrastra nuestra cabe- -
za... Y sin darnos cuents alli, a el 13,5, los uabado;: el 13.6, os qu i g ms elf ten6men o -
la vuelta de la esquina. nos tira- martes; el 12.3, los ueves, y el Al terror. 6tM opeando?...
moe contra el auto o atropellamos 11.8, los mlrcoles. Ala b64queda de erta csu ocul-
al nifo inocente... Es la Inercia Analicemos con mas culdado t, a Ia casm de la mIdula de la
o Ia tosudez del error que o eper- estate datoe. Escojamos el domingo probable pruvenci6l de esmts ec-
petria. es In imprevisl6n que como.centro de fluctuacl6n o de clients, as han laasado abort
converted en modo de vivir.. equlliro. B 1 odurren el mayor anitatrloy pdlojs y no hay
loy sabemos que en las gran- numero de muertes por acciden- dttd que eneontraran la soludin,u
des urbes. en done la Industria tea o violenclaa. CuAntas ocurren puse much ,e ha logfrado ya. co-
asiue revolucionando al mundo, Io doe dias.ants y los otro. tail- meo verema en seulda.
ocurren mai accidents a las mu- to. posterlores a este dia? PrAc- | Los sauledio con el 7$ pmr
jeres obreras. fuera de las fibri- ticamente tgual cantidad: ,2 dtelo de las muertsa ettdiadas,
,as que en ellas v mis on las per eiento ocurren los dims antesloe honlldlos con el .S porclen-.
fianas c' eh culJquelr otro perlo- ty 2.2 r ciento los dot diha des- to y las muertes on accidental do
co del dia.. .Reel desajuste, l s a i. camblo on midreoles 7 tranaportes con el ci.4 pr leto.
irriabilidad de una mente qui no ]uov s 6Io ocurren un 24.1 por representft a jpas el .23 per
podia resolve el problema. It e leto. E que on la agltact6n de clento delao Im rtessaccdentales
ue Ia mente humana es comou n Oad s"emana. n eltrafagr dia- objeto de e atudio entree 1945
Siento ,prviosfnlde......ted monte una Intense .complejtad uns cu ta partly 1 14.3 por
er"roea pasados. de inconformi- de emoclones que eneuentran au clento do esats muertes e debie-
dadeos frustraciones racona- Mximo esca hala el dom in- rft a pleads de animals voc-
liHams enes d analizar.s go, y su decnc haela me- nosmsen nuetropals, unlS.4 por
drda le moniento qu explotsa.. doe ds la semana? eta o a saumorni (al (ovegadeo)
todas ls conclencias Is sguridad La pa. puede o r un fetor u (ul ru y r .om ap .-0
de quo volvelndo a nosotros mis- niporIante, favorite el orot. aI tanIma- y 4rumtes. j S.0
o. bsuwando e nuestros pro- lucha d intereses, el atroitas- ireletoaquenaadUrarMaccidfap-
pios errors y promeu i6donos coa- mentor d l camera. la alimenta es.m
rregirlos en el future, evitamos cl6n. lo problems de Ia econo- Este segundo grupo toan an
caer on accldentes Yen doslcrdl- mi famii ar... Pero por ue el 31.1 pot clento de today esrtas
tos morales de enormes traecen- viernes, ntonces, results el ae- muerts, aon otras peaabras,. do
dan"clas. gundo dia mais ltp?... Estadis-, eada 10 muertes. Y doe nuevQ
ticamente no parece slgniflcatl- miercoeol y Jueves murom medoa
Indudablemente. Ia Irritabill- vo... Lo aora cuando se investiga pleado por a nimales venenoseo
dad e mayor en aquellos que otros factors? Esto lo dejamos a (culebras) y mae muert po es--
se exponen a tales choques o que nuestrosa eol61ogos y palae lonos. ta eausa ocurren dom o (50 de
en 01 mundo fialco han do expo- Veamos qu6 ocurre on-134 eu- las MN) y viemes (45). Ailbad
aer mis su mente menos vgllan- ciddoe, cuyoa diM de ocurrencls a &a 4. lunes 36 yel mates uL
to, au suboonselente absorbent a hemo e Investigad6: De lanes a NSlaodo de vivir. el Utlpo de ex-
hea coms quoe a mueven fiteca- dosinngo. e regltraron -ad: 17, p klue al riasgo? Estas son pro-,
mente an nuestro alrededor. Y es M2. 19. 5, 15, 7 19; eo dlir, irntas paras los estudlooso. y qul.
,NW como on nuestro palte. -por e- viernea tuvo el pico de asta std- a para alg6n estudiante univer-
Jemplo, entire 1945 y 194, el 61 dencia, como e at todo fters laobra sitario que quiera lucirse on auna
per clento de las mueytes por ac- de una lents elabeoraetl6 dt In- ta ei lntr nteud... Soe debe a que
eldentes o vlolencias han de o- times Compljon lue tiendena a loW es-na1o son asgostos? A que
eurrir a los varones. No Imports desproporctod arae precluaumnte la dlUtane entire l trabaio y la
an qu fechsa: Hay una muerte en el dia on que nopareft wrie nvilnduas lejana? Tiene algo
por dia como promedlo por eta s oludcln alguna. que oe con la'iatas de tierram pta-
caue. amilnemos ahor, IS hboml- ra sembrar cars doe la motradt
Centre .25 y 2 9 muertes po men cklos en qgae ta etudo taMabln A sla monte anauclos?
por accident. o vlolecla ocu- ea, poslole: Doe lunet a donsaad, ocuren dentre o eerea de la ca-
ririrn en febrero. maro, mayo. encontramos 28, 27.12. 1 ,16, .6? Gualaca... alto Ideal para Ir
unio, aeptlembre y dciembre: de 42. Aqui Indudablemente la alts a hacer tales estudloa... Y I ea-
30 a 34 en enero, abril, julio, agos- mortalidad de lunes a martes. no cases de'suOero bot6pco y per o-
to y noviembre y de 35 como pro- viene a ser mino consecuencia de nas que span Inyectar r pida-
medlo en octubre... No hay reIla vlolenclas ocurridas los nia an- mentea...
de estacl6n del aho... terlores, sobre todo ese "dia de Y qu6 decimos de las caldas?
Estamos en el tr6plco. no tenemos trointa y seis horts" que es la Contrario a la regla. e1 jueves da
hielo que se congela en el suelo combinacidn "uabado-domlngo." la mayor cantdad de muertes,.
y hace resbalar ni calories que En otras palabras, a part de las pero apeas una mas que el vier-
matan... Es el tr6plco, benigno, doce del dia asbado a las doce de nes y que el domingo. De lam 117
parejo, en donde todo depend la media noche do domingo a ,n- astudiadas, de lunes a domingo
del hombre... nes, e juntan las olencl y as ocurren 14, 16, 10,21. 20. 16 y 20,
Como depend del ser humanro nai mis numerooms los homl- las diferenclas no parecen iddicar
en nuestro tt6plco panamefo, en- eU=- a. nada. Y aqui 1 el problema-fltlco
tonces la muerte por accidents i urn estudlo de 190 defunciones exterior tiene algo que ver: Ya lo
o violenclas ae manifotari en por accldentes en transportes, han observado loe investigadores
clerta forms egun eldiad elaes enoatrames de lunes adomlno: sanitarlos que eatudian la pre-
mana: 1 18.4 por clento de estas 25. 14, 26. 30, 29, y 37. ..Otra venei6n de accidents: Son defi-
muertes ocurriri el domingo; el ves el viernes y el domingo como clendas en lan viviendas, machas
25.7, los viernes; el 14.6. los lunes; en los homicldios. No Indica esto deslgualdades del suelo, deogual-

...a. .MOON..
Bantaios 1f

oo usaqA OW

." Imsr, go
,ma. I-e- U

na el Af0o ofl '
nanvdl 5.0 y maoas
Xas otaw conodcfh did s
vIO nuestruM nO'art co,
cuanto a deft oeaet
acidentes.or poodou A-P'P
0e del Toas Jh W
de novabin 4.0-e 4
tden cn disa en que zia
ombrela TIra ea otn a A o1ut&.
rededor de la familla o ES
3s curioso que mentras en ge-
neral. el 3.1 por clento de,
defunclones ocurteron a ar
og. durante la BMsMaaM IntS
bi6 a 79T de osu d f OMB *
varones,-y n Cannma dIm-
anyp a UK 728. por enpto de va-
rones. daead mayor agspeAow
mprtaUldad .a a maajerta. *
bay algo Iam. las mimcsi -
A- reve.&l eqe los dia_ m1 m -
a a dieron un 4B.9
clanto W4 sauerfs de oe -
de cque oomaredu u au.nA
ride, quoe WS
por elento a r dos~is
Inmedlatamente an~teroueouf J4
pcea" to por los henediatameno
te pwtarteOr
3 86.2 pr ciento de eet-a deo
furdoue oeurrian en mea.tme
un 14 nor .ceento.e lp M!
y Un l.i ea neg .eRdend.
Maes par n eubrlr gmeta
10, ea disminue tantoo
ceno daba'4m por elento MQNIM
oMminertsa por acdldenteby io
aas lUmM a un 54.2M p... ?
l A 01s. Ya_ in ,.
15.6 pot cleat. a q AS4a.k .
Congo de94 & 4
dento d4 todo el. grpo reMo
autopaSa y un R.4 pr elento nm-
men Olinato.
ktmentraa en 1947 hapga UD U.7
de middle. artu ep el
grupo e tatendidE por eatdO ga-
lene L tc al distrbubM de
197, =n a p11 8c1te do
m#dtoa1 lona pat .3 un
27.4 par elema .de eh deatealo-
nes tNron atda pr. ;
n aian4.54J per dlto46e -
eCs forenaes qua-. _tld el
IIU por denteo-de :4as
tuncio aprobddentes o -

6d aqul planteadas a grades
rasgoas .a peoallaridad *d ev-
tsa muertetviolentas'y ae*ant-
les entire IM4 y 1M49. Come ge*
rlatrla, la psvetaldn de -m!.
te a esunnuevo "*
campo de la salubridad. un mini-
co joven tlene'aqul una Intere-
sante especlalildad.
Al aMad'r. puies. te paevo e-
tudlo a la serie por noatlapa.
blWcados, con.lderamonq'4ue
pertamos nuevas Iquiletdes ea-.
veadderos, Iapoantes Intil-
mos problemea d1 Vapal. A 4tme1
gufari mis IoI Nstudito -e'l-
dse 0 uastls, InWeW4al% q.
dan volume, 1 leaa es
estadistNeo san ae. el e nudl de-
ioe paLfteiol. de loe disatet I t
nmoneo ue trman. el-4010, ha
de aodu dole a aportaealoDes aIn
hisnets" Biais tms y. de -
nlante noceslrdd. *


dad en las.aceras y call, ea lo
caminos, en la manera de aee-
modarnat en la Iida e rrlemt" as
Ingenteria del aqseolo ftatl par
evitar que caiamos, sm e am w as
demrumben as coAs A obre am-
tros, para que no nag aplasten.
Bonito tema p ra A Inealm e....
Pero cuando recuMmim a lu
quemaduras aocdosntblu, de lat
91 utudladaU, el ahs. tees i
(*I maxitmop para me
el rote delamomm' el do-
mWeon 13 1, 7 y IS. -.2
cabsolue? I No....
Desculdo, falts do nbra do vi-
da: Aqui elm screte ue aoelOMo.
Mo cuanto a la isumensr o a-
hogado., de lun ea d no on-
contramoa: 45, 37. 65. 4My
59 en la 281 eludla s, AI ti
tmpotate c.usa .4de mets 3or
.accidentes... Flose de minqmne.
Un 3.1 por. dento do satas
muerte se debn a IaMpericlad.
deutdo y quuiaqulmn abuse eant-
S om nmi ds de armsa do ft o
y, por spauesto. de nuseo ea l-
ai deomana.
De I%& 186-defunelones por ae-
cldeteo o vMendsa8 estudldm.
3.4 nothm *dad enemaclsd pe o
un 3.4 por dento o rria en me-
nom de w afo. AntM do eumpMr
mloh ma. lw quoe habkn pads
e1 ad.o 'ulda ioerlaa en en U.!
por o por mbtal came y al
ar a losnueve afiee la es tb-
tal.a- seaoba en 52 ne cleato
mas. Ns deti. ants de e ir
loB 10 a ift un 16.7 per cwt, ha-
bia meurto por accidets ei vie-
lnelds. D los 305 defundoomes
meors de 10 em en tegrupo,
tue por homk M per pl-'
cad s dI animate veneeme. U8
Dpot aeldeat en tmsp 1
por quemaduras aedentso M5
murteron ahogades. 18 en ceidas,
Entre 10 y 19 ates oeurrtI el
15.3 por ciento de ,etas defnclo-
nes. Desus-281 defendona. loe
animals venenoaos cod .6 y lo
ahogado con 5so, tomaren la ma-
yor proporcd6n. Al suble de lo 20
a 29 aftio, la cantidad de deunt-
coneO asciende a 21.4 y a tio e-
no que ver con la distrbudn de
la poblactdn. puesara 1940 era,
aegin tal cenao de 19.1 per eleate
De los 30. en adelante comlensan
a diaminuir, haba 1. paper elento
en loa treat ,9.7 en ls 40. .&*of
lo 50,5.7 en lo 80 y .9 en ma de
70 aftn de edad l.' dfatritbd-



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semdo I';



orme palao Is heka-
u iausle"a e. vbnne so
A hadendo inlom 'indsI
udates. Ionr6"2
a a. pre-

en buelt doe

o --tabeeta m L dS

f" gjut do=ie el hla In&
c jioaetm bfitif M todos
IbM decwodi. P.
Mor reta Informuclim nao tom6 6r
4,,opfea -hDueft N oa reaidar I
ot e'monvendltdtde do a ae-
V" enteat1 of Bcrhween.
so do itee.a me sriial apre -
Saradame ate al lago chwarta-
re ue dIuel oealar la
cas de campo de Schween. Pe.
to no encontr6 a aladie Op ella.
Voltt6 I.nmedlAtawnate I Nue-
-4a To&t, Lfe sperAbt otra-o.

tk e, lut r- oatlreiahio.
i-. QOO n Comor
uscar tta muebtBha h come
i yonYTe en utn cu6eAd cam6

Oue l ~ ia .'ue -ra s edo

aua. gn hilo s Icwd
qni te'nta un gtal t r
S Ste, ard doe kadlocali-

mchachaque- matUl. -.ere I qu
a' Rldfo*ra. 4 m

.Dutbe. eiebita aospecha-r
..mIto miale.. ie:arns 00s
a lehard4 c6 qo vino etrtab

a Righsod cil"r m e tratAba

pomprtw- I

er; q
w ul

uah uat nueavmente

un cieg -Itap o. resolve tras-
ladara a te lh- del lago
Ostrao veez. reai to-
0 e recursamutVpa-
gar el n Tuvo que Iteer el
a Pet, amte go-

imik q Recorede
B rrt.oat o n e. ews. s-
gar 0 e. ns. 3ena-

.18 Ad c bee s ael 29

so tat a mo co~uaon eu largo
"ln 4 a cba n 3 1 ete al YOa-1
mi'eia( 1t'la c as de
i alcures.
Co allslo, Oqeervan-
o Wtdsolo. en ito.d i-
dicat aoue lo hbiutaban do e

mEucho6r cprobar anode per-
teon aScWee&a y Yvowae.
Durante bpa en M
tr6.alena :a to ende jao-
page lamL Dmbee s-eeh4
.-eam*P W- L O

miante at hielM y -ell
.no. td f .n mrMt. Isaero
Ie oal a en erta. De

el ma n6 del .

Mimpopu BRldbard e e

pur 6ad estrote abs 8celB. Pae
aasheen EstAf qhiso eRau
Y* audip 4a b Abitaci v
B 40ft l11monard.
* 9Ae. M"ad d to- I
Dubwe le
0"6 a Ric d cer W;


(2) Leonaard Henry Dubee! (3) Richard Sowmen; (4) el euerpo de Sehween
la pllea eaesontr virtualmente perforado a balaoes.

suelo, mlentras decla: "No me
mates;" Luego oy6 a L ront.a
elwar con tone triunfat: "Ta
verzd, traldrl"'. Olneo detena-s
colen.. uluieron "a estas pala-
Dubee sbrae -iwgo la puei%,
d I aB ltain -ea qme me habia
ref .ronne; ry faraado-
la d rbu la :is 6 sa qon-
teMup t el uerpo de o ebween.
bt4a en sangre. dicd6edole:
ato to.que so e ereeial"
la muchabsa conteruplaba el
euadr-hororludas. Y en aes
m'enita" t ghweew lano6 und
queoa. "Ail, todavia sti vivol".
exluaiii Dubee. Y se puso a car-
a nuevamente el armnna.
"Potr .oIs, LeMarl~". rlt6 la
Joven. ~0o lo matesl"
Pero Dubee, acitadola a un
lado. degaarg& otros sets tirus
sobrf Rjhar.
'C4o W0e nose movers mis".
Q al emrfUar t u salvaje o-
o la pltola ha-
el i p.idi6 inmperioua-
me qta toass, 'para que
sus a a digitales quedaran
Im .' no pudlera denun-
claa1* s. cspromiqeterae".
14 J;vn a nea a s acerlo. a
pe1adl J p e .ntoso que
S- 1tom una
'y IMdI& lea pituala en
e1l4a. LuMe drdigl6 al dormt-

io y rsatr6Ja" ropoy la car-
termes le. "Ofr o tiene
datto d6lrt", 'ezxelsm6 cinilca-
mepte. "CFeriamente no era
muet ip o m rica quo yo".
A cot. nuascln y a pessr de
que e llll deiatedo una te i-
peitad. do ,aue Yvonne salie-
ra con 61 en el autom6vU de
"Adieda znos?". e pregun-
"No o ~r. respond Leonard.
"A CanfA. tal vac. Pe o prime-
ko roregm a Olena* 1aW'".
Cano ieguaron al rio Pau-
4lisasM e SAjM bastnte cer-
d. dla Dubee tlr6 la pns-
a.eL_',unea -pudo ser re-

do te.t .mendo ,Inclusive
iue do gr"-a t&afto para

Unas horas despu6s Ilegaron barra de hlerro que hable lo-
a un rettaurantp cerca de New- grado arrancar de la reja, cau-
ton, on Nueva Jersey. y la oven. sAndole tan graves heridas quo
doeeando encontrar un tes6fono el lnvestigador tuvo que ser Ule-
deade el cual llemar a la poll- vado
fa, pidM6 a Leonard que la de- Pero cuando se lnicl6 la vista
arg penetrar e el cuarto para public del process. Dubee so
seflorm. Pero 61 la esper6 en la present enteramente distinto.
sert.a del aamno. y ella no tu- 41 ver a Yvonne. que fue lHama-
opo rtublldad de hacer la lla- a como testigo. se ech6 a Ilo-
made. Continuaron su camlho y rar coplosamente.
la sets de Is lare Ilegaron a **
Olenrt Flls. 8u defense quiao inaistir en
VaemoL a visitor a tu ma- la teals de que Dubee habia ac-
dre?". le pregunt6 entonces-Y- tuado bajo el Impulso de su pa-
06nne. El contest aflrmativa- sion por Yvonne. Pero eata tesis
monte, y ella proasgulO: "Nunca so v 16 srlamente afectada at
me -ha vieto v no deseo presen- comprobarae que Dubee. asi co-
tartle en -ste eatado do duall- mo habla dejado a su esposa
Rio. To ruego que me permits legltima. habia burladp cons-
arreglarme algo". tantemente la conflanza y el a-
mor de Yvonne. frecuentando It
Leonard aalntl6 y fueron a un relaci6n con otras mujeres. Las
sal6n de belleza cercano. Deade cosas empeoraron para 61 cuan-
alli Yvonne llam6 a Ia policla. do un bestigo declar6 que mien-
o 0 o tru Yvonne pasmab los fines de
Mientras Dubee era arrestado semana eon Richard. Dubee por
y conducido a 1o caroel. various su part las pasaba en compa-
volicias me dirgleron vbloamen- tia de una mujer Ilamada Julia
to a la casa de campo de Smith. a quien presentaba tam-
Schween. Bate. por aunueqto. es- bl n oomo su esposa.
taba muerto, perforado a bala-
zom. Dubee aleg6 que habia mata-
do a Schween en defense propla.
Dubee eonfes6 Inmedlatfamen- pero la declaraclones de Yvon-
to su culkb"ltdad. No' parefia ne le desmintleron. El jurado le
arrepentldQ do snacsdn, sino coralder6 culpable de asealnato
adolorwIdo Idel esden con que Y- en primer grado. pero recomen-
vonne le mlrba desde que se dando clemencla.
slnti6 semula bajo to projeccltn Esto le salv 6 de Isa ens de
de Is pollale'. No habli dada de muerte, elendo condenado a pri-
aiue u Intersm par Leonard ha- sl6in 1perpetua.
bia desapareldo totalmente. Por una coincldencia ciredioa
Una vex en su coelda. Leonard ese mismo dia murl6. en el asllo
se MWo Intratable y en una o- donde habla nasado tanto tiem-
oauslin. sal vitarle el detective po. Johnna Relly. la pobre es-
John DeOHrt. Ies atc6 con una p oas de Leonard.

l Avimso porluno"

aEl Mewado Sin I al"

Es Barato y Efectivo




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.A ofrece el genero de hilo alcol-
chado; ha sido aceptado con un
6xito estruendoso. ..
Este g6nero 4e usa especial-
mente para las chaquetas y se
Suede usar a cualquier hora del
dia y tamblen para ocasiones de
noche: es un acampafiamiento
ideal y de una gran elegancia
para los traces de tarde.
El modelo A que nos ofrece
tiene un largo de tres cuartoa,
mangas de corte raglAn, vuelo
en la esp4lda cayendo por las
caderas. El abrochado de este
abrigo s sesgado. con un bot6n
I eon el duello y otro cas4 en el
El vuelo que Ileva en la part
hayan puesto piezas adielonales
sino al corte sesgado que se' le
ha dado.
(Modelo B)
Sin duda alguna el traje fa-
vorito que se escoge en Paris es
para las tardes. No es n. sastre
como el que se usa por las rma-
1 fianas nl tan elegant como pa-,
ra asistir a un cocktail. El mb-
delo B es negro y v.4 aifteion0 a
en genero de otomin 0 ahtung
de seda. Pero para rno
S nunca se deja el traje to ne-
gro. Este aiodelo esti aihima6o
con cuello y P ilos de seda a
cuadros escoceses.
A pesar de ser un traje de
tarde, no se ha tenido intenci6n
de esconder los botonea gqu a-
Sbrochan el traje de un flado a
,'4 La falda es un poco mAs larga.
que las que se usaban en la tem-
porada pasada y algo ceAlda en
la parte de atras.
Un gran pafiuelo de seda va
colocado en el bolsillo del lado
R derecho de la falda.
ENERO DE HILO C.-Una blusa seniela puede
(Model A. t .unteAe o o de clOtr.cQn una
t(Mo o A uselina colocada
SCHIAPARELLI, que tiene debajo del cuello y anudada eh
Ideas tan originals, ahora nos la parte de atras.

D,-Para darle vida a un nsom- de hilo rojo acolchado, para u-
brero sencillo de fieltr r s su- sarse con un trade de alpaca
glere ponerle alrededor de la niegra de lines muy reotas. .
copa una cinta de gro bordada Bf-Traje de tarde en otomin
con lentejuelas. deo seda negro, en celi y .pu-
E.-Un moflo de flores o fru- "os de rauo blanco bordado qor
tas o tambldn de laqos de tinta hllos dorado. Eti el bolab11 va
es ofrecido con el obJeto de es- colocado un pamuelo grand de
conder el pelo corto que va cre- mtselina -rojo.
"clendo. C.-Paluelo de sad" grfta,
P.-Con el' objeto de que Un uee se- us por debajd d el ueo
cuello estilo DANTON quede bleri de unr blua d6 t blOl, lUando
alto y sin doblarse, se debe abro- atado en la part de atri&. '
char con unas cnta do gro" obs- '-D.--Sombrero de-fleltro blan.
cura con. lunarea blancos. co, cuyacopM va rodeads con
una cinta tambiln. blanca de
TRAJE SASTRE gro con piedras de 4lstittos co-
lores v peria ,
(Modelo G) E.-Moflo de vidletai.
F.-Lazo de data ero 0 azul
El traje sastre de estilo clara- marine co lunare bn6 i, ce-
mente masculino est .completa- rrando el cueMR de un traje
Inente fuera de moda, to mismo blanco.
que ha ocurrido con el~ orte de Q.-Tra estl sat'btta-
pelo eatilo muchahbo:. Lo qe
alahora Ilaman un sastre estlo
clasico es realmente s6lo "'Oeml-
clsico". Tiene la mtsma aend-
llez y la misma apvisa de o-
los verdaderos tracess clislcos.
pero tambin tlene uria detica-
deza muy atractiva. Unos to- -'-
ques de lenceria; -varios botones .
o cuellos grande de pqlau, a-
yudan a dar un alreo m e-

na, debido al lazo ancho que J "O I
lleva debate de la chaquet* Pm
Initando uia blusa. .EIAA
(Model ) .
El traje deo noche corto puede
usarse decade la hora del cock-
tail hasta las fiestas de la no-
chie; a esa grape conyenie nci ae
haya hecho tan popular.
verano se hacen de g6neros miy
finos, queda muy bten amolda-
do al cuerpo hasta las caderas
y estA gracio amente addrnldo
con lacltos de raso o terclojpo,
Las faldas soh de colof diherin-
te y ternlinan a la nmtad de la
A.-Chaqueta corta de 6arfter


lia azul n~arino con -n gran la-
so de organda ...:
H.,-TraJe dIe baie en n usell-
na de sead color malva. con
un gran lazo color p6rpura cu-
briendo el, busto.
Botones de brillan~te n for-
ma de corazs6na r adornar an
traje de creasp6 negre. Mto-
nes do antelope negro b4fd1do.
con brillantes, para a r
fieptas de noche. Un, conjunto
de4 modisto FAt eon falda le
fala y blusa de encaje. e algo-
d6n, .con un forro de col6r ro-
an,;o "up* ,

* 31JLIO 9
S. .... f




I .'


"..5 -,

I. .

*In los tiempos de Caruso,
dice el famoso tenot Jan Peer-
e, cantante de la Metropolitan
Opera House de Nueva York y
qulen aparece en "Notables de
la umsica", la ya famosa pe-
liula quest edtcausando en-
sacl6q, filmada por la 20th
Century Fox; en los tenempo
de OCamso los cantantes se 5a-
Iean con muchas de sus c I-
ejos. Bran comoe niflos m m a-
tdd; a los cuales todo el m n.-
do rendia culto. *
Los e presarlos mufrfan Ca o
ro t lsgtaiut. Hoy las
comas har eambladb y de ello
me alegro, de verdad.
'No creo que una gar5Rota
prilvleglada, don gracioso de la
naturale, sea taan .queo
penMita a un individuo mal
con la suas con rup6n o slt
ella. Los artistas de hoy no so-
lanlente tienen que oer perso-
nas normales, sino tambldn per-
sonas extraordlnarias. Diben ser
abnegados cuando mu trabajo 1o

La alabra de Jah Peer
Seonflrman- en "Notables i
MLslea", doifde vemos qu,
JOe de 4r la vida de los i
da artit s una sere do i
fa faeles son ejemplo de
Sba aslduo y de const
ejempmls : por perfecelona
Sarte. .

alm..: .
mica" =durant-eo ~ mc
tos de preparaden met
de o 'sdeonciletmE, p
la *ft IlaY v N
tb Intio do e 0s r ias a

{wrtaaue o IO ai
buloga, Y eointeitart e
fIero me me dejear
una c e on loe mica
jmM iwrA ejaa -co tlemp
ra laida feuahWWque ah


. S*

.a date at Gil
"k doe WMe, ewpan del B aemiM doe Nedee, de.
:it de M Exdom 90I04 yjla.l 1 EMltol or del
9e6Bno del Cu er DiplOmitl, or Swil Ofrti
(FotoEl Halc6n)

*oir no basta. No oa fati- en un divAn comodo, con lo
u 6tltmeonte, mujer mo- mtembros may estlrados. Bumir-
lerna que aspirle a cautlvar ue en abilutB .nacci6n de re-
con vueatro hechizo. poso, en uaa habltacl6n algo a
No foames parte del grupo de obuurs. Ktar a obswurat ds u-
aw etenamuuente crispadam. ex- na de la costs que mA6 descan-
au aM h twsem d-gestm, y de man at euerpo femenino. no
in k6es; exasjueradau empto Be dlspone e4 tVI po.
ota 1 ojetos ma a snnces s ea bmento
hier. nad-M ddo oveqho, etau en modlo de cauerlu oeupa-
=Ujr -mes ten aaifad4maas cl6n, In conederle it u1 a
at lega ohe. Indepemdlente. No sera o alto
b vad ]a calm: aprovechad meuos p'OlUflea' n as generO-
Al meno Iw tante de tregua a- sas beneflcleso sobre el aspect
cordadq por la yida trepidante exterior de la mujer. Cuando
uo olevamos yi aprended a ma- vayAbi en auto do un lado a O-
eJar el .relajamdento general tro; cuando Ia sodista os ihga
e". dlta detalle, poco aeperar; cuando os est6a ha-
o, es un factor mu ra- clendo manicure", en vfe de
.O en 1 belleza femenma. Imnaclentarse. de agitarsd an el
S Ma el uero m en- aufeto de econulltar ceno rece
tumde abadoaroe por eomple- l el peo y el reloj, de marttllar
to, sin lacer fuerza nl esfuerzo, el po con el tAcon,6 pensando.
ni rilera. con el mnsculo mAs en el atrUo que ox estan cau-
lnignlflcante. s=ndo. bendectd la demora que
Oorrnentemente conse mano Os tmponen.. ,
el euerpo' jemaslado tenmo y.
nusatro m6sculos no tienen Vene :a proporclonarnos un
emitmbre de aflojarse. Mmchas jziw an moment de reposo,
Btrgidpaa no tip- uep Men aprovtehado.
ft a un Bra- loa bao y la plernas,
do do ablpdn durante ceradj loa 00 ooLn abandono,
15 minutMos S dia, se teirpaara cual si, ee lnuto debitra pro-
l Jornpada en exeeleonte stado. )ongarme last Isa eternidad.
Para ello es preclso tenderse ouado debAts astilr a una


Lf CAJA DE SEG4RO SOCIAL recibira hasta las
t a en p-a to, del dia 20 do Agosto do 1951, pro-
pueaa- en'.obre cerrado pars la adquisici6n de pro.
ctP miaaye y frascos vaciTs.
Lo u EiJI.UOS y pliego. de ESPECIFICACIO-
NEg-modrin set bWnidos del departamento de MATE.
todie los dtis,. Aurante laL hor-s hAbile.

rFA y-e A-teri"
l ~e~ de Seg~p SociaL
7 ..4 Jullo doe 151.

L AS buenas cocneras, como
los buenos artitas tienen
necesidad de muchos y variados
fiesta nocturna despu6s de un
dia fatigjite, recurrid al bafio
de ocuda extepdidas en el
suelo sobre una alfombra, con
todos los mdstulos bien laxos y
os oJos tapados con una venda
empaplda en aguea freseac. El
cuerpo en es:a postci6n repre-
enta una coma LInerte y da Is
ibaua n de hundirse on el piso.
Otra IPoultda de reposo conshite
en as iareee sobre. un canape6,
manteaiehdo con una pila de al-
mohads la rodillas en alto y
las piernas colgantes.
La Intluencia del estado mo-
ral es inseparable del bienestar
v del buef aspecto fftco. Un
hombre. gran conocedor del a6-
nero femenino, dice con today
justicia: "Hasta los '25 afios las
mujeres lucen la cara que Diom
lea ha hecho. A vartir de esa
edad tienen la cara que se mere-
Cultivad la calm y el buen
humor, para ser agradables ante
los hombres y todos los series que
os rodean. La c6lera, la. envidia,
los celos, la avaricia y la hipo-
cresia, la falta de suefto
v descanso, los excess en ge-
neral, corroen la plel como- sl
fueran un acido cauStico.

ida, .
,0-4 -- ..

C~TARA upted orgullosa....
r-'tendra menos trabajo... y
dutiante muchos aftop no ten-
drA usted problemSa al respect
1 egibre usted el piso con el
famoso Linoleum Pabco, de los
Philippne Rattan en la Calle H.
esquMa con la Calle Darien. Es-
tos practicos linoleums vieneh
en los colored mas modernos y
variados, combinan a la perfec-
el6n con los muebles tropicales
y se linmplan en "un abrlr- y ce-
rrar los oJos"..

TODOS nos quejamos del calor,
tanto en el hogar como en
la oficina. Con los nuevos apa-
ratos de aire acondicionado
Philco. ya np tenemos raz6n pa-
ra hacerlo. Ests aaratos cuyos
precious estAmnboy dis al alcance
de todoe, suprimen el calor v
humedad de los cuartos en que
estan instalados, procurando do
este modo una temperature I-
gadable. No deje de verlos en
Casa Omphroy y en la Com-
paflta Fuerza y Luz y preguntar
sobre los terminos de pagos.


fiene los

mejores programs


M-INGO;, JULIO 1961 SS.i.mto PAAMA I.A.MCADmiica

* yT^i,-i"! f ^ '' *.i "'- '"



Up 0%711


,r "'
*+ f,


_... ,irtOen JAwando kaz


La Universidad, camino de superaci6n, hori-
zonte de renQvaciones, es y debe ser, continue
tambio en busea de una mayor realidad acad6mi-
ca. Ello se consigue con la colaboraci6n de todos
los elements que conjugan la Universidad. Un
paso que habria de dar mayor altura academica
a los cursos que integran las Facultades podria
ser la revision de Catedras. Nuestra Universidad
que por su juventud no tuvo tiempo quiza, para

-iHersu crteri o respect al proesorado; Urge ,ha.
cer una revision. de las cAtedras'que, por falta de
tiekipo, y asi lo afirmamos, no ie concedieron por
S ofncurso.
Hemos Ilegado en nuestra Universidad a un
grado de importancia tal que es peligroso prepa-
rar ineficientemente para el future a .Jos estudian-
tea. Y... ello serb si hay malos profesores... pro-
fesores que no tuvieron tiempo de cimentar sus
La urgencia de esta mnedida se acentfia ma's.
ahora. Ante la realidad social do la naei6n la
Universidad ya significa un verdadero envi6n para
S la integridad de la misma. *
SY no es por afAn de molestar, que no estanos
en el piano de continues criticistas destructores,
sino porque la Universidad asi lo exige. Hemos
palpado en la realidad universitaria ese defecto que
apuntamos en toda su extension: ]a de profesores
irresponsables e ineptos. Registrar ese hecho es'
deber y derecho de todo element que aspire a
fpormar una Universidad mejor.
a. d. w.

La Necesidadde Filosofar

sCrik aW &

El hombre east hecho de ne-
cesi-"',es: materials las unas.
espiLituales las otras. Las pri-
meras se reauelven en todas las
fcnkCas, las segundas en todas
las artes y en todas las letras.
ltadre, es pues, la necesidad de
eso que Ilamamos cultural. Ella
nos planted el problema, el pro-
thema nos planted su solucl6n,
sAn soluci6n nos da la superae6don.
S Asi siempre ha sdo y ami stem-
qre ser. iEl hombre no puede n)
debe sustraerse a esta proble-
*Atica vital sl es que no quiere
Vlver a la etapa de la horda
En el terreno de las necesl-
dades espirituales ocupa lugar
elevado, de elevada grandeza, la
necesidad del filosofar. Necesl-
dad que es necesidad de pensar,
necesidad de saberse a si mismo,
necesidad de volcarse hacia el
inundo y descubrir los sutiles
resorts que le dan vida v dmeA-
mica. RI hombre: Qu6 es? Ddnde
8stA? Por qu6 es? Hacla d6nde
va? He alli los soportes y la ra-
S6n de ser del fliosofar.
Mas. no vayamos my leJos,
4emaslado y comprometedora-
mente leJos. La filosof*i tiene
sus imltes, y limitados son sus
resultados. Hay que tener pudor
* y serw auto, y no caer en la ex-
cesiva confianza de la ingenui-
- dad. No hay que career que en la
filosofia no hay mis que meter
ln mano v sacar Ia receta Infa.
lble que va a curar todos los
males. Heidegger lo advlerte:
"Es ya tiemrpo de desacostum-
':. brarse de sobreestimar la filoso-
Sft, y de pedirle. por tanto, maa
de to que puede dar". Tengamos
0eo en cuenta. De lo contrarlo
Stodos We camlnos conduclrn al
.tan d4eencanto doe I Illosolia.
S s u subestinlmei6n. a mirarla
con oajes recelosoe y dram tica
Indiferenada. Retornaria el ham-
bre al repuscular regaso del in-
flexible peoltvismo, v on el a-
blamo exabrupto de leyes igu-
"rosa se ahogarian las burbujas

centeieantes de la mis pura
Mas, 1. limltes Insalvables de
la f1losofia no descoloran su ei-
tegoria. Ella sigue siendo sobe-
rans enasu terrepo. como sobe-
rana es la ciencia en eus paree-
las., s.cuestibn de perspectivam
de ubleacl6n.
Quien sl no Ia lomfia Imede
eeal&r al hombreo-4s camwln
de Is verdad. de la vJdad onto-
Ioglca o do Is verdad snoseold-
gica? dn sal no *IUs puede
mos e l~Iar inldad y darl
la polbUllidad de a la?
Quidn puede darle aegeridad de
si mismo, conflanza en si mimo,
fe en sudestino? Al hombre no se
le puede privar de la filotItfa,|
como tampoco so le puede pri-
var del arte. de laliteratura o de
su esplritu inquleto.
Motivan las anteriores cbnal-
derariones la angustiosa DOsl-i.
lidad de quoa en nuestra Uni-
versidad se suprima los curosm
de Fllosofla, 1o cual seria asm-
tarle un terrible xoloe a nues-
tra cultural. En nuestro pal*, on
donde el utilltarismo ve ensefo-
-rea por todos los contornos de
nuestra vida, se haci necesaria
la tonick orientadora de aI filo-
sofia que le de sentido a nues-
tras impiraciones. Per. pars ello
no es suficiente la letura 0e-
pontinea y esporidica de un
curloso intellectual en cuyas ma-
nos cae un libro de Kant. de
Hegel, de Marx de Sartre o de
Ortega. Para ello es necesaro el
estudio sastepatico v eonsecuen-
te de aI fillosotia: beber ota a
tota todo eo ue ellau conitne y
t ld o que ella ede ofreeer.
riooes todo un program, y e
program so puede er re -
do por laI Unlversidad. Y para
que laUniversidad cumpls ecu
tan alta misd6n es neoesaerl
rear un amblante oy
de tar y etmular enos -
o dtntesikc nmp atUtB hacua JaO
estdko filoa6fltees. l M nIxte-
rio de Xducacld6n esti en condi-

vweeo y asgye.


La Fudin hpr de It U. .ve
^. ^ 1-- *.

20 una etadi bitwfl-ca quo
el valor M tptlua de ada ns-
clA~ co maxima claidai.d
e a en el lnivl de ou on-
Uh"6s anteodo, an el de la
nustttueon educattua mia alt:
la UTiveraldad. Las ecueole .
con is univeresdada a- T ae ,
son lbw armaa potentes pornme-
did de las cuale hasts una na-
ci4n poco numerome v pote en
recuums materlalas. npuet, en

"Dn cme v i-
aun edit lo eon lo ta

odeM. embark~ spoon-
trar a permoaas quoe no puWn
ail. Son. unualmeate, aq
del tipo de "peritoa eulturaleC'
que en el curao del afo. no par-
ticipap en ningdn acto cultural
porque ~6te no ha sido oe-
aentado por una ""
mundiaL Igpo
de gentle r-
tco dla Pa-
nami, comparandol In-
genuldad son el de
ford, Heidelberg, il o-
loa. No entlAee i b-
aiveraidedes con nap W t
de mueho a centenart a
untrwaldad oven, de niua -
a6t jgven .en un joveh co0tl-
nente. MNo e isden i.uAni-
roeralad p.nmA, c, a s'ada
Institucidn aoilsuelaimn
blente cuya hue le~a
a8s condleloee ,of
iufe. itc~s y aoc ltu-

clones de eooperar en sta trea
crewapqt ontodap -Is eaii11
,ecundar e de nld6n
filomdflea quobetgan atlorat o-
cacloB v aptitude e1tidas
on el fmdo de1 es pAstu de algu-
ncs estudianteL
22 proeia- eq ipai aerie de
lo que oineihom puedan suponer.
y as ha.e impoltergable A so-
lu6n al es.quo en verdad ume
preocopamos por el aftansa-
miento y d*sa1rollo de ,nuestra
culture. .
\. .' + __

rales son peco verables. Ad,
comparado 3 evakuado err6-
meamente. eonfleman. msa dsw
uenta, la tfalta de la edumomu
ormalu doe eo o minou, eab-
clendo iea uzalwridd nmealo-
sadas o ualgler otra mera-
mentoe "e aouna msnao" no
de BU experenc propt
MI n o no demeao nve rO
WreoD enome que ola M VnIwa
de Pana ble ch dusfate G
broe exivlvmfti
obticuloide eler d ials
quo venmer, vp sePrcatip 4ue
la Unlveraudd de Tansma 0 u-
na universidad de publo, as de-
cdr, doe la uvntud qus luaa era
odlonediclaes econ6iom deavoQr
rabies (los rio envitn a ss
hUms aI extrenjer Im la Tan
nmayorla dolat dta orats-
Ja d ie da para pag r mus cda
nocturnal. No po den Imigl-
nare el afin vivo de euta Ju-
venthd panamefia ue, termbia-
do au trabao diary dedles au
tiempo libre a estudlar y que,
en las hmraa nocturnal las eCa-
le aquellos critleos pasn en
los teatro, fiestas o oen
das llhma. va a la un rlad
par teanzar la educaeal su-
perlor. Y no entlenden quo Is

ford uto em qu gana 53
ltera roptlda e ando .. orgA-
Aamn eat aene, em ue stno
bl mope pomn at, no c eapes
fda qutender e .furt de s
lad/m Inulraota d v a au -U -

.na soeeela, is mis olts, slab
Sdonde s cencentra teoda i vdSu
cultural del pale s p imbolo
de ra Inter raclt esplrtual d
la nalen.
. ste fendmaeno no am neape
On la historta de la nacoMeiS.

PanamA, 27 de junto de 1961.
Seflor Armando Diaz Wong,
Apreclado senior Diaz Wong:
"Actuaidad Unlversltarla", pdgina del Dominical que
ousted dirget, ttene, ei ml htuilde contepto, una finalidad
de superact6n cultural digna do encomio.
Su pagina la leo con sumno nter6s, puea la coesidero
como una oatla espiritial qu" delelts mi tmplitt y a**par-
ta de to comun. Por esto doy a. utedes ml huiillde .vs de
allento y ojal en tiempo no lejano coaechen neriecUo
Quedo de usted stentainente,
Seledald ergulie.
NOTA:--Le DireeelnM do "AetatmMad Wlvwiatl" a-
gnadoe slacemteiate ha" epreaMes e afet*e y adaMsa-
el6a do de a Stedad BeoaMo. So e art revelsa am epirta
mnquit* y afaneo se poeoeeemlo ea M oelt -de a eulMt-
ra. NAm0wM, pt 6P sata iox*,,sekmesu es n e skt em-
peae "4 Omltiar, la a med4 de petMe, es ratvres --
preome de a vida.


jM smelen r centro 0 Jt ,O
gro euMural,.tuente delu ileas .'
humanuistas y demooirtfM y.
mo de. idnde surge la -Ian'-.
guiardia atfletedunl,,es hir.e.
grapo social cuyo derpebo i6 i
so ea estar t frente de la 1
ealn y del tado -- la, *tot_
genes. .- "
In cumplHmlento de stos .*-
bwm Idesrs coaltMe tm-.

bthn a suemteinmdo ats dasoa
evidepels que so tcdenala BP
lt dva emlenmente se 'ylll,
a laI realhet ds et4os potu-- -
ladeo. H ya represents usa
-autorldad dqtlva en lo0 *robel- -
imas eulturaly centle M de
p Ila parte bb n Inw.
tay aw de la JImel&d,.
per lo menoi yf aemgurente,
cm is l tenificael6n de s trm-.
baob Ueqsa aser el tooo aVo
d ON namldri0an lm Iate -
leetMaeso quo proaeta tm-
lIMo riaomne. mab Asoladm d la'
aepfbltca 7. ulmutiassgmea,
ldeaeo do todas las actrMvla-.
itde lturaleW do I=a wfjlM' &
Hoy ya is ha probado, sn duda .
/ua! u d libtal dMi6m- '
! tia y pasa lagram aeayreis
do Ws onque a cret o
IOs manos ideales a = legs"'d a
er ar qua pudramo eawra-
terbul jkejr como la "psrb*-
/Onads W* pulsoi, Ua UM.
vesidad ds Paaam a
coren ml aU a oaw eaR plm*
Waker do I eyw-silwy 7
loft fwwowre an 4ils e .
ma owr ie a rIaH
dad =aoci mra: a q
en I& admtoacOmIn de-ft 4-.
santos poUticom y Mob a
samde, obreu 0 mas

y hbga oadel r r iMa -

n dpets a Univrniad do Pa-
naa6 ha dado f elaruer diam.

*0.'wl- 11 1 t*! 1 *p ,


V. ...



Por Jay G. Haydren
- Puede encontrarsa uLa clave
de la persona que sern nom-
brada candidate .a la presiden-
cia de los Estados Unidoes en
1952, en las reacclones de diem
y ocho destacadoi miambrom de
a CAmara de Repentantes,
divididos por ual entre-. de-
m6cratas y republicanoa, quo
regreasn reoientemente de im
viaje de lnspeccl6n por Eidopa.
81 bien los mient os del gru-
po difieren entire si considera-
blemente por lo q toa a
otraa materilas.alvd o tae
posiblm excepclones, todos es-
tan contests en 4labar al Ge-
neral Eisenhower y el modo en
que Ileva a cabo =s tares de
organizer y unificar las .dfen-
sas de la Europa occidetaL
Claramente, 81 los tresoe as'
td que representan -.Rel -
ne xtere;, 8erviciloa v
do y Asignaclondeo- acepla Is
.opial n de eata r trIstm laI
arte doel Programa de Aruda
Exterior deattnadA a coetear
mayormente el rearme de las
Europa occidental, sobreviviri a

It gran ola de economics que
actualmente inunda al Congre-
Un indiclo de la sagacidad
politic de Eisenhower se titene,
en el hecho de que tanto e
como su Jets d Batado Mayor,
el tenlente general Albert M.
Gruenther, estaban eaperando
en el aeropuezto, cuando los
congrealstas aterrizaron power pri-
merm vea on uelo europeo, a
su liegada a Pa*.. Durante to-
da la perorlnaeSi, todas las
activtidas del Ib Wando. de
Mhnowr "* -abajo, queda-
ron subordnnadas a conteitar a
laa preguntas de los congre-1
stlam y a paostrarles lo que
se est ha e do. Incluyendo el
mas minimo detalle del pro-
yecte de rearm.
Luego de os 7 u es-
tade mayor haber pueto al co--
relente do tedo .a los congre-
dstas,. .sto sm dividleron en
subomfs, cad uno de los
cuales lXvgaal una fae 'de-
terminasda del jperoyecto. Por ul-
timo, -oI el grpo oe reun
con WeMnhower para diseutir el
proyecto de rb ame on general
y en to quoe stafia a le -paloes'
en particular.

DEmSgIADO6-~C:R -e fotofrflia viemos a des infantes de marina geareolmndme detris
de an camt6n. pas los eomunitas 1 mestn dia parando denimasado eerea. Al entire las balas
o*mualftap Uibar por sebre su eabexas. lo in anles de marina se tiran por lnstinto al suelo.

La idea .oeatral que Eisenho-
wer indbiscublemente lea hbzo
ver. a lo congrealstas tue la
de que el mode menos costeao
y mas seguro de fortalecer lam
defense de los Estados Uni-
doe frotme al comunismo, eas el
de proporelonar el equipo que
ha de ser manejado por el po-
tencial human europeo. Log
eongresisa- regresaron a los
Estados Unidos completamente
convencidos de que con la mis-
ma rapidez con que se propor-
clamn las armas se contegui-
ria loe hambres que las han
de manejar.
Hueia deckr que una de las
primers preguntas que le hi-
cleron" al- vlajero que regresa-
ba kl colegas que. habian per-
maneeldo on los oNtados Uni-
fds, fle Is ao podia contar con
ibenhowr para la presidencia.
0t general; admiten elloa, no
lea IndIc6 gran cosa al respec-


to, pero aquellos del grupoken- hower. Esto es especialmente,
trevitLados por este reporter asi por 10 que Loca a log que
profesan career cada vez mas en proeceden del Medio Oeste, que
que Eisenhower se poseulara son mAs de la mitad de los
para la presidencia y obtendra miembros republicans del Con-
nominacit6 de uno u otro greso.
partido. Hay dos factors que estain
IIEl deseo manifestado per los hacilendo que los congresltas
mlembros dem6cratas del Con- republicans vuelvan arm ojos
greso de que au partido postu- a Elsenhower. El primero ea el
ie a Eisenhower es casi unani- temor a que si ellos to rev.
me. Dicen ellos que as el uini- chazan, lo recojan los dem6cra-
co que puede terminar inme- tm.
diatamente con la defeecl6n de Muchos congreslstas del Est@
los dem6cratas sureios y que y del Lejano Oeste contlesan
seria Igualmente acceptable pa- francamente que sus posibill-
ra otras facdones del partldo. dades de reelecci6n serian nu-
Fptre los representantes re- las al Eisenhower se postula por
publicanos la aituaclqn es mais los democralas y Taft per loe
complicada. Conalderando ablo republicans.
los puntos de vista pelUteos co- Y oomo adlo trece senadores
nocclds de loe candfdatos, pro- dem6cratas, cinco de ellos del
bablemente la mayoria de los Sur, volverin a postularse, los
repnblleanos del Congreso pre- repubUlcanos tendran pocas o-
fleran on estos mementos al portunidades de igualar las p6r.
Senator Taft en yve de Elsen- didas con las gananclas.



'n. *

-es Auae*ao Gu s r.ali .ma eatena hr. por.
t-d. 1 tIn de IAr t s.en..u
Cmom ae anunciara, 6sler -Tambl6u me fntede
a anestra cludfd el D aIll4 puss -noto on este hn-
do PanamA, Sr. A _a tir- aba Inquietud on ta td.
o n tue. .... &U
toridades 1 34o olaArgentles
Blanco, done sole did la 6 Wn .." .
'sefior Qapf2& -Vw000-
venidiaL bor '-a.. 'me d-gy- j ,d c-
deade an salc6. togasse- A
prhentantedll mMedo1Pd ai-tI e y C- be.s .turles .
adedi nad nutro a erio- li mer e.hneor cn pala-
dedleado aedlwce~lo, mr
rixAndose, del altema de vid ss se as, nos manifeta
atnthnoi, llei a Is eaunda .eod sl eat as
dneiUco propsito, abIbifndo0a eqe~ mao nltedid or
eplarado per part d oI &o- voigr aldmraeldn pde

d : rS n a e Pn -. e --- p
lectividaufpanamefia 0.btal. pCAsy i Y A ul*br, do te gli

*M anox4 itN-, GOn traou oss
Banta e El .diplamteo .e- na Uderra hrmC delos art
no8 vialta, a poCO 1 H-yd condiclamal elevadas.-
S-e dta p onemos ntendido qu
evegadna, na r otge nd alo e Fisae a la ciudad de-
*ot Ivan
Deehinuaeloneump n asml Bm e

No podremoc permn aooor aCe- d n
Snta ft.e M qu i constAtgn lqa A. ft~erMca a ustd od (or que ti
nos a tan isntoe, ant dan aoe- 8eoqlera e otras -
relent toda you uo tas ad g tieraemosa don liq uar-
del representantll-e doad oa ter heraoncid e al
ei6n quloe ean petenu'onldad y. j enln7
enveadurah 1 ead n. AdloES e or fmaadr t-n cl-

No pdren osa nesatreow reqer- ou- tnsdl eo maa
tial prlvilegtadeoe dentro de isa model, que iOestra maetrea s-
naeiones que o qa Btl trn ae A- ofre a usted todo I1 quo tie-
o ba adlr nom reil ena atl- oero U sol moatdoA erc i-
enienrrto. AIIi le rprendImoas- dB haber conocadore pas

der Julatio tonsdl6 ci ntspeF- br asestaqienos maerginal.. Ml
renter en as ramd EnJoecatodoiquva Aeo es diestlao-e
Moas quepal y otacan personaeI. anc- coema edanado lqu eis-
midenCo etral.prerogreoerl-E -eordeag recorymod que lBr.
cbaaodlendosanuelo6 anrequeiocupacines delsnolefr- Embaja-
Smientos pud.mos obtener dio do e muchai, reolvemos peo-
amiso dectelaraulonels ntren- ne a punto final a Is entrea-
vtea que 1o ident Eiea oie.pto- ta, Non desoepm, da ~ial y doe
fund Ycaptador a peroesonl, ACO- compaant s mientra el N N DE LA BAT -d nte Main d Prim Din d Marl
lI o aoi al hombre quo Intenta doctor Julio Bonamgola, tan gen- ass lrrumpeou Isr ontroe. uns rtins ,do hum. pars pnon'e ~ea eu~b~q.dr Is un~a flora bats-
encontrar allenade las frto~tras aig y o elro. nos Informa so- Its ma Oss In fot6grafo do1 Cuorpo de Mg~i ng ilmeoears dramlitia loowgtala en pions
do a Patrno td Cuisent pue- bre eleu que no itersc m
a Jignifcar e aportamlento e uando las letras del tclado
mientos; solimiamos b toner ealde on am ucas reosalve es P-
cos que flavorazcan al rees- van eneccionando el bIreve re-
reento slempre progreIaC ta -Pde rortaje. recNrdames qud el Sr. .". ,,, .e M.'..
fu pals. Ay aeur.elo Guardna, hu6aprd iaeIho-y.o. .-,,,
-M& b i e l Enoartpde me an hombre sencillo tde &

enon etsterar arende inm deauerhAbita y brko, nos ifrsmabso- U nCr nttgaedlCep oMr'9 I rwJaltgaa ln
dea aritdfcat ut- U ns-tCOW. enoms yereoun. aw. .. &

u, lrcitando nasstraprofaesi6n, l ad e oed fue couandant.o.. .
eomo per cdnti cqr vpr:ou l i de xponene qe has cam
Wlnquietudes deo n un1 -v'.annel Relble-. ..e -e
msento. soleiamos ar tgalsa edo e utro mhelo dso- r
Guardia, nos exlp'ea qut'm~ por do haje cua.'o-moes, IDydma-"

tnPal elude ySnta Fe_ l- o Aurlleo g uardia, reo-
--Mu y acnctglo. lmncartiado inc na homabre sencllo y do
eon oat s teerna argoenina desn hdbitoa soasa euya smabdll-
que Hegu6 a--a plays, me dad base in Al un perfect y
Interest Par concerrla deprofun- dianepeodente de oos varo-
damente ... nes que-acna Ia Regatblics do
--Entonces -- espondemos--, Pananf, famsa yB enel cmtPkn-
o propone visitor s1 palM? donnutero er r su hermoso ca-
--Si. Me propongo visitar, el .nl, .per"el coal paean dlbu-
pais e lntertorizaxme. especial- jando el lenguajo del progress
monte d loks problems do is en oI sul del clelo. lea barcos
tierra argentina y de u ganas-do todas :ls latitudes quo dot-
derna. de alBsidlle e pars tecar loes
-No tIbandonara s a idqa do puerto. doa orbe. Rosario, ma-
conocer tambi~n aus problem ides d alt saLor Embajador deo
soclals. Ins Reptb lea de PanamA. ." .

Se insisted on ue Elsenhower

sera candidate presidential

, ( "

T. -


porque .in.d m
. Reportajes de today indole- C6mieua -Servo --lo seai _a-lI

Noticias de todo el pais y an DO IC"Aa dn301 ,
**'* -( *' ~- *-*T-^A*A< ". *- Afa T ttl *-* **.

im.~ pmwm~

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low, J-tt ., F-OgFaina -r Deporte Cruacaramai- diarlos

o 'l di W A glp p m e laers.

-V*A ... ,-


-- -- .. I


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porque b s
Reportajeu de today dole U.

Notdelas de todo eptA y


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I/ AAfENAZA Af7ARA 006o 8/ NO











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p .-e,.,
, ..-X':'-, -

ii to&s sus lecdores!

Reportajes de today indole Cmdeam Sweicio U.P. de nodeim es Fotograffti Deporte Creigramas diarios..

Nptieim do todo el paI mB DOMINICAL eas imanos co asfemule de inter.

y nl l. l Wcau., n -a s,

-.. ---1l,.E c -isra por uw bar,-,

w>.iM~j w ft co ietu cuorpol

y. aes g O paro a blelo,
.y i abrmos, y das floresm
A m l ludor y ligrimni de' fuego
me I)ueg i en sla earned y en el alma
,y creeoo en tfiaa nada mis, y cresco
oen ver TO qu no airven para nada,
en ntflo epil6pticos y on pelos
de conslatencla d6bll y que albergan
a plojoe y a feroces pensamientos.
Aun derribado por el hacha o rayo -
tu algfiea alendo 6til en invierno
cuando callenta. el hogar del pobre.
Yo, sin embargo, nl deepu6s de muerto
ser otra coma quo un abono para
ea hierba quo crece en cementerlom
y que no at la comen ni las cabras
e, torque posiblemente sea veneno.
Ta mbAntes que eao sueeda Imitard
'tu mnico amor por este auelo nueistro
que algo debe tener de bueno y dulce
para que el mar, en olas y de lesjo,
venga en lengua a lamerlo, deadenitado
S* salplcando saliva, como un perro
": sedlento, amargo, y sin ereer en Dion.
Tambiln yo me hartar6 de s allmento;.
Probara mi alma la comida cruda
que arranco de la tierra y doy Al cuerpo;
no me allmentar6 mis de las nubem
SnI de la esperanas y los auefioe
S que, tanto mal ne@ hacen a lon hombrea;
quiero aprender a soporLar mla peo
sin ninginm otro apoyo que mis permam;
olvldar6 lar cosasque no veo;
.. olvidard el consejo de ml madre
y buwsar6 en la tierra ml sustento.
i' l tal ve una eaperansa creca
d in de mi a m anos y de min penaalento
stlamiga de los pAjaros, del hombre
1 y de la tierra, hasta del mialmeo clelo,
para recompenaarme mis raiees
c* lavade asioromema tierra adentro
y unlcamente, como a t, oh Arbol, -
Sque boy me has dado un eamino con tu ejemp]
" J06 do Jeww- Marth

S ... ." .. ".. *

E I IE 00i T0 C af,

gI F

0-" *P t ..* '; -" '" ,.l ...' '.

S ft0 al .da la
S e6.D aed s d undo i xs ro-
e OU a- e ,vai on.dOw por ga 014
moment en e "ranf a o ado.40.Una6 el a-
pide e Bel vT a la, Primeramntsdo a ps r doerte es.J prl bome
4w Qt" '0 .e df do" a d "te o e-
4ootg" 'a h. lm cam'; --.obre la
a. Orlant aeon un decade AittB la lae. l, Id aiIs, la
oen ca M a. aa ". MnNrood de e mewor dea e In *fender.
M" per, 4d peuando Je rii a _ProvO a -peear de
a & por propt ronto dirds entarde u uut ne orolutlesme du-
O Tela que,. com an a oN- rars e A ed6.a'uid, ja-
das a Ins vm ed *Idtiaenta dita
-tr e ej 4 4Uugs dIn

eaiactdres de obsealoa ha.ta li* ltadas, dt unitr. W., he- m la clariviatash del
v estragoo del amor-pa-*til aobrela 41 ju- de emn doan .w
"i6, eo-stituye,-n embaro1 *damot. eaet* .ain a-
fragmentd que mina iodo Dentro del beo separa brotW el manantlar
foriarA el maat. o de u- hl h r, laytaf ala e _de la Ie. la agonip Sin egimn-
3a vida. la grAtSa tormentoaa cenaib=l a2ea easfdetlsa enr- ago as sOobra. Du bbra no es
de la pal6n..lo Infits a cenar manto eori una sita eLoo de n angr lfese. La
pwa deptro d dosaerias. ao- mntm a e. do ator- m evra op, la sa rica
No areof oue on eZ ait espacl it o i lm ipeWarat v e. de la memorial la en-
tUem que.. a it 6 ea f. a el s. oVuedpler- gendran. -Antes de o.mpak los
nla del sato .pa- to de isp .a dl. _.-r, PrImero. eapitatos eUlls.-tie-.
tuni ente blea dIl- 0 i6 parSIaternallsa a erita. ou co6nluxl6n. las
*adsa pead tmapdoPr" g Pamo 01 a t-etnt. taigtu de o Temps
lteiK) aqul vdo to eehir un oaeulps Ai- Retr e (co o 61 nos
mag conoolds n la la to do no aslatenUta Al de o diee e ta Wetid nlotnes y
mas -tiene quo ver eon el ras- -terMaria. Aftluea -i n -o- .el laguna d e adU eara) done
euiTir eonrico que, deade lego.- a b, deDude de su fraaaso, TA a. ae ondensarin.-4i a* obs no
con el "time is money' aunque. eta coan Robert dq SantLop flera la codesalion 6 isma. el
preelamente. el tlompo de -ofmifto e) amIrelsoaw Oure bloque udli.ansino de transpa-
Preout sea ana contia lnea'Ila dacrtigl6n vivente do Owa ea-. rencia seaultal, pews Wursmi-
aurlfeira. un ffl6n do teoro. re frociltoe por trt4raa ficackIt exubergmtes -- am tfi-
dondd la suceaid6n d hechos e- y por I a". 0 qi6 den- :loao1001 6 teo, deaniefdamen-.
.aepos en eapa" supera e1tA V.tto de la fIs. 6 de-d taen- te .. tel.nee, mno-
parajolae. recordando el famt MoM m0no d- e 6 roAtelmen, Msar omatda I obl t va.
sabaleo de uranio, que. una vat para l-mpre deil eI- Tod, l ra pm .no
Jun uoemunto a eitre l. Isla gres. d 4 f .del .lo a ee t h ,ca
priersa con .a ltm la yIin- aueAose haed mas ao Pah. ia ;= 1, dt Uoeafina que
media. la segusda con la oe- I narrador a n rtante ,e. evomuelna natural-
tava, sla teftera v la primera.... mlttral sant-L M de- mentM. 46*mo -en ema proplo.
circulando por entire tod ellU te a Iteiuldar b~. sige- per. 'dentro doe lo maravilloso, sno
sl miana Sangr dent, Woo Allon- afonsl, no 15 b Ode.o. do tambU. 1'O precltdamnte. de ob-
to, potenal 'dade gl. La ma- -p?'*u. ureBa.ito -MTs ot .tplaeable *y potdae
tl. -d i. pam ponere daleoanaIn Surto '. .e i rm-- A- ostimos
"010 mayo efteadea r menupllO6 u el toibellheo del ".'w@Mivol Bniaamenta soham 'squ humani-
Oe wn de roper- door" I9rsdo l24 da, adi :q uaop redonduAW en-
cMn entn eonuoe a crear iso u e, eoml A&no a'te Id -luo. featraria ondle6i.ndhman ini-
magla que nos subruga y nmo balo la mirada hobste l del'ot opt- di whberatse Ir' .Miar. sa-.--
lhase conapderar con1la misms tarlon del rest I 7d .-ee- pcl e la ,ir*U -. en,
atenelon eplerta con que asi-- tray en1ka Mia'i d i. flu utra. -e-u la g' psq e alsno
Urlamos al dMarro de an he- trash angustioea s 4iae- aprte4*l tuanir aetla-
cebb hlot6loo, pongamnoewor -ca- da ualoacon m lk irell- Udbfd te nlq..'pte'plbate,
so. t pl verlo lad-ntaos..f eas etaica- elal d. w ,_ q m e rerd lece i.l
"pdente, edmo oun calpenasa por..el lado mee_ f era -quode-d.oao l hfoe _rtadose
lemitnUca. ain lo acceiorlto de' aendena l O. RObert e digahO uas de ael noaheeter-
que ,en la Ireadad. en tanto a- Baint-oup, iel angel ruran d e- lwmeamoaomatAimeo.
epntec.Lao oPent to hace l eg a lUempr a J .tser Al gaf de lm Ouer-
8 pmpl Ie Dawtdente, a corriente doe s e,.. Mi to% ntetas la ce-
U4 capt& ies ano fSrte h. toeateshl ag d narot que Proust
sifre la etaiGaS ar e i exoes- rettia -t la-t.. dWA lenaoa do0l eoaciut.o le. U-po. Dort ae *e.ialsK_ m- no dmr6 p uitamis.
eaon, e.onMtono ordeo id P.. )s a1/IdSt b aa3d. aIrM Aambon tenid h t-
de-"O *si-

id colo-
Mran si-

a d nin-
kG~a Df

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L-N J G -. I.

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e o -m rte. de-.
.s .I .4. '.. B" 40 ..-. a. .-..
d ,it .u I L a n W 'q w A
Crt 1. M 1e1s6e. ..

a i' U ea o un I .
1 -1.. a- bl .d .' 0' S a, J _

lmp n u.Ttl.,flOiiOg .WnU.. g*.1 n ie-n F- otdi-.
gra r t erUn -oma u n crio l"t d0 u
dair ni-i a do "i T -. p _

dee 055314 0 ere. a r-e
udl' asaS d tro

sa minor 'v 561
Msj.. del r Idetr .
tarI 1 usoatiec corSWW .I tilnsS m aln arjeeit6-3

mem "a 'e por g a l iku Uan a .M.
m0 ar no. a'- a k rd

ra oeJL f- -.nem Vol. eY
1111 .. .15 ? T WOO uv. iM -
eon.cTun. o urnat ai n l ,.Ur... be l d azB.Bey.

,ig rnlobef-g Wn u- N a is n "r eft di n-.
4,t *u.e 0-O ea" COIM ej&la la .l ... low qq ha, que
5SZera Co-Smen.SAh o im u-t- Ie
Se "Paa n to de io
... shabla re ie. .. u aril ho- ft ml Va r
t"s 6 suefb, de".au Maw.r 0 QUe- 4a I
i do, s u pro- 0.*I-
-a mentor n asd
, o. SdeBtr W lar e in u
nau' eoo a oeaetop desper- ,lrtt- ,
ter na hemts, becho sda. dm- 6 la = dis 1 f"de

1- --
wader Ma o eI.a ms, n M--
U --.misalp di n1m. grab -, .
Nes tt p teg o iWlVeo tt Inil- bl' On 4UNeA mo.
, aMar.. que; .-que,. so ,ro h deo k' mtndo
., ain a de Go erman- te earZl r e d
Ms-" s a.f. g obwse.r por quo f reene i del

Ssu a ims ald BI duar- paubour0r nr. Vein-
miw_ Rnproaan.; r s tmo icinc ,i 5 l" de -,w
nbt.en en Una. d imen- n uerte ,i let de I utxley
diatin en Its I e rtura, do T"fta S1w et dd LudwWi.

.Pnii anIodas, .(ple, ome RBm. -6uasdW ape- a 't er :-h
as homes roubado omI per -
,,es f e ,, vTiew a- I- Paeast, p r moalstsMb. no
,- eta ; q bno el plcer tre. ralh .-do an obrao..
M e-Waine.n dAtpe on- a .- Y -

iLa wtoeiA "a
g Iant R fteDua la eq-

*- ante e .,--'ef-----,- as

6.01P., o r de m
I er ag-ab ., dei lod Iw* hbs
* 0 M ) pragal do


i m a m-
u- que quo-

;u waIw

*- -"Viva So Ctokval6ma"
.u I601S p a u emidaosa y ea1n..!
,td Bt. .\ :iar: s deo mto...t
lRan a Carnava l
1. 11112 ;eao Pat" 110e pS.4 ..!
.y i lmro Todoa aritaban cadd ves mas
adomex t .de Iis Fp A fu rte, ome.nsal e tratara doi e-
ratee- p q 'W mUy noJftrln par ue' log persigulers
quer ln e o depoi~: con au nudoao batdn de Uerrio.
I jdbre el espeetacular Jolgorio.
-Aha. vers.a ,am ...I s dolmado de preanbes se ao el
-Ahera v rds dos .M..:! Arbol vunsa en media de la ca-
lie. atmbollzando la abundan-
Aquel di u4arsndo amaneA eia y la alegria, el conjunto fe-
de etUeaMn atavlado eono un li de t n tempo nuevo en hu-
explorador montaft: cgmSia mlide 6frends a la buenas co-
Nueltal. 'aGbrer de paa y ma- aebas. A su coedora sombra
eheln a la Is tt'as. um sl Ida campesinos de todo el valle.
porro de lea nie use slempren Itelaroan sla mis etruendosa yv
le aoompfteaba ei mn.eowrnrWas fraternal de Ia4 ,fletax.
y al6 duso a caminar ha- Todas las manos repartian pu-
a el ftnd del vadle. fiadorde arroz, harna v cubo
Junt at o i ..Sop de ceam- doaiu i .
t6*tD aduardsbd a Ws mar- Un a tierra no a8 Jueg atL..
cantu a. aedsO baMO d bapds= son do arriba y do
415 Todos I* I av saabw" a0lo, nmbrN y m~ Imne re-
pagar una mul_ ded aW na., vWtue y, vembor i T s mansa-
monedm o realbu s h cmpiunns, uva. peras. aran3aI y has-
descomtmnL~, ~* um6 a saos _pr.dAse....
nrlendo ra m m mien- Catapim...1 1 hablador ta-
tras le ]ecaba eneolas se bal-. Y6 de espalds .son .. 1ha1s.
des de ag rr6n de aguaen Is c ga 11.
S" Zarela habal de ade una
M aga pawrdoa m*A eritIll- tempeatad contra Fernando. 1
ni al quebru e, eq sas carcA- agua eala sobre sum oJogn. iale6n-
Jadas y al detraaran en dell- dole ver estrella y m&nwaU o
cla coquHas por- todo el arcolrls que descorrian gu4 de-
cuOrpo. dos quisquillosojentaaenCe per
-D-nde vea?-le peegunt6 el todo el cuerpo. Era una sensa-
Yejo Ayar Long sonrlendb iun- cl6n nueva. el amor y el aua,
to a m hermoso hija Zarela a'sue miradas ardlentes. su rima
qulen llamaba famularmente, "la burlesea v los arcoirlas eierglen-
nifia de im olo". T. asi era. do de sun man"e mientras el
Dues l6o tenla achlnados v car- eoraa6n ebrlo de feUcldad pug-
&ado&s de sensuallem eemo loe nabs POr altar del pecho.
de 61.... Nadle perdia el buen humor.
.-Voy de excural6n...- le Oon la cars enharlnada y los
conteowe6 Vrnando. vestidos pegadoe al cuerpo era
-loy no pIsede- Ir. porque as blen ftcil tentarse de rlsa...
lS flear del Arbol Yuna... Ven Todo era rise y slegria. Una rise
a twnar 6 deasyemo uco nao- de verdadero osa.. una alegria
otro--e'nuwit6 Ayar Lana. de pAlaros en Is marftana.
Deapuds de un abundante des- Despude de un dia de tanto
aYpuo eon tota.. bhieacbos y lolgorlo. hubo sl atardeer un
Iem. pxo emperolilados breve Instante de recogimlento.
dwILn -fWow-it rancho de don Tibia-omnenz6 a caeirla noche,-
-UMa a user an palo de man- lien de ruldos apenas percepti-
era ar A rh l yunaa: bles, LeJos en la carretera que
b y pals- condueft a la c hdad. saitaba a
s 9 de entra' ae amis- Intermitencia alWg6n autom6vll
tad, tai Mban por e- queosnfaba al k rbol yuna y
legir el rbol mtrnoon-m s bo- sus sabko be ramo., o el galope
11, on o n, t ramas y con moAs de las cabalgatas que oae erdian
frtoow.. A gn ue nb aso decaeron haiav el QgDdo del valle. mar-
nor Angmo. ha t eue ddon Cod elMl- pas de la ta.
a q oe an ea "ceptlando" .Zarpek y-ena e UH
au i ,sn. nm .- tajo v10 T
M Girlosi el vielo rpvorcl6 end l in onas. U o-
up large mostachos. hamlndo pas, es. golosinas frtu-
rasr el aolq p u scra mbMadf tas mano... C. ifbto ha-
e d!oO y set& so bian- ...t Qu pr6xmos
% fndo =arbY S f i d se su s abora, en m dio deo
h :' AM....1 I' s lia is- aq ua comunl6n de aRua.
q ..Jun J ba I "mat bali .n y vino....!
no#' ... La tda del Arbol Yunsa du-
Saodoe e alanuoar bhaea r6 4g 4fs.. Al atardecer del ul-
1. Iet. de los plt ro, quoe Utim lotelo trajo un pato
sgik ft t Matan a los y,.en medio de la calle. lo en-
*gnmt~A. ms lu don Casew vMW con ,a cabeza afuera,
-e ,lSnae Elrancho en buasa le yend6 la vista a unos y otros
*de oorde6n. para lugar al pate decabezado.
Cbn nran eeremonls cortaron a paloRiaplo y a clegae come la
el Arba 8 ranm. temblaban Justicia. .
omo k alis de un pajaro e- Un soplo ancestral de alcohol
o ne a1 golpe emocionado del y hmo e onradaba los gritoa
hot"a aue lban. pulgando en roncos, transformandolos en ju-
.dujndoloo eaet san mu- bilosos rugidoe a azusar al ga-
sonca sebr el tronco.:. rrotero. quten cuanto mass de a-
mortedms nuevu a oreadas cercaba al patQ, mayor regoeljo
as."l hojas sueltas enaan y aMrnte entusipmo provo-
N a S1l .6n quejumbreo cabs. Con alas bajo tierra el
a '. doe.*. aCspy vmus pobre anmal dat w ancUeos.
t resoptld... Cuado el Of ral-
gasy l o tero ''g1" lo heria mortal-
S eta Y me.nt.ecP emt ca ae-
in Plea- venter en a te el a.,
*'lK a~da~ ueftde co- sordseded rt w fl cconu-

- -

- r.


do r m extrA emura

de l _t.t e _Bsup outoafoa fin.
nw: Aj -ee tro ela
drinO los nmacihte eU lose
Sflludo. De entire las sombna
una flautas -lb6 un aire ldeia
pere s Io la r qu vo e
oro3 do Earela:
-Qhatiersa aer plera

paP a eoitI aue to vsa".
Miavtra que el padrino grt-
tabs lo aomtres de lee dama-.
teo, doto dabad un mahetaio
al trolv- y aegulan rnmdando
Inlmntglmente, hasti eue n me-
dio de la emocl6n general, el
Arbol cay6 rendido al ofsrer
-Bravo,- Don Antenor VHIa-
-Viva don Antenor I...
-pate otro aflo le toca poner
el Arbol Yunsal ....
Entre risas bullclosas v en-
sordecedor griterio se precipita-
ron todos sobre los sabroson ra-
moe. Unoa se diaputaban lsW bo-
tellad. troas, loe bizeoche,. otros
Isa frutas...La mitad del acor-
de6n oaued6 entire las manos de.
don Chave v la otta mitad en
lax de Mama Chirre; mientraa
tanto, las "oclosos" lanzaban u-
na nutrida luvia de agua, harl-
na y afrecho sobre loe "usurpa-
dores". 4rgo. rate udur6 la nra-
close batalla campal oor sla po-
aesl6n de los frutos. hasta que
on p Antenor. el nuevo padrino
a quiep corresponderia orgajl-
sar la fiesta del a io sigulente,
sacudl6 sus barbas de. chive y
levant6 su voz, InvltAndolos a
ballar nuevamente al s6n del
arpa y la guitarra.
Con una levita de Rangocho,
colero de cart6n. anteoJos de a-
lambre. verilla y biaotes a le To-
paclo. don Cuspa, el padrino fe-
necido. ley6 el testamento que
deJaba a sun deudos "Io Car-
naval6n". dueao v seflor del Ar-,
bol Yunas ler obra y gracia de
todos los presentes.... Al ter-
minar au lecture. rletdo los
chlstes de aquel alegre testa-
mento que a nadle habla elvl-
dado. en unas angarlilas heehas
con las rams verdes del Arbol
yunsa. transpbrtaron a No Car-
naval6n a la orlUla del rio y en-
tonando absurdas rimse ernte
hachones encendidas, al ]s6n 8M
arpa v la gultarra le arriMtaon
So Carnaval6n tenfa la pansa
v las extremidades lenas de co-
hetes y p6lvora. Apena ardlw
el fuege coaenx6 a saltar come
aUn endemonpldo. hacendo les
mis extravagantes ademanes y
cdniorftones y adoptando lea
mAs InveradmUsl. y rldleulWs
posturas. i ftue el entualasmo
y Il explodf6n de algeria qwe
hasta hubo necealdad de arro-
Jar' nuevos baldes de agua a la
Los nifos gritaban transpor-
tadog de J6blUo. ayra que se eum-
pllerans n en fiestas del afto
-Ro Carnaval6n. nark de as-
--16 CarnavaUlio pat. do
paUllo! .'...
-TrAeme pe ga de to buhw-
-TrAime manuasas....!
V. a ml florist indas....!
-- a ml an pale blasmes.... I
oe fOrm6 una nueva ronda en
torn al uego y todos cantaron
y' dMpamrol hats eue is I Va-
mas d5 eron do aider y ae -
en urn Bramad. de bnae.
t lasr roai on-
.rboLPteaa. .;

M .aadt ei folgorlo, Mouas5. ,
-str- las "e doea -t la--e, .,


. P..

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